March 20: An Unconventional Education

Day 17

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God is constantly winning you, and building you, and sending you.

God doesn’t say, “OK, I’m going to win this person, and then I’m going to build this person up spiritually, and then I’m going to send this person out on some great mission.” He’s constantly winning, he’s constantly building, he’s constantly sending.

He’s constantly teaching us so many lessons in order to win us, and build us, and send us, but he does want to send us. He wants to send you out today to be his ambassador. He wants to send you out today to do some work. He wants to send you out today to answer some prayers.

You see, wherever you are right now, all around you people are praying to God. They’re asking God for this, they’re asking God for that. God wants to use you and me to answer many of those prayers.

We can answer people’s prayers. Not independently, not on our own, not like we’re doing it instead of God. God is doing it through us. God wants to use you to answer people’s prayers. As we become more spiritually aware, we become mindful of this. And as we scan our community or as we scan a situation, we realize, “OK, God might be wanting to use me to answer that person’s prayer.”

I have a fabulous friend who has suffered an awful lot in her life. We used to go to different places, and I would always notice that she would always end up talking to the last person I would expect her to be talking to. This happened a lot of times, and finally I said something to her. I said, “You always seem to end up spending the whole party talking to somebody that I would never even put you in the same room with.” She said, “You know, I’ve suffered an awful lot in my life, you know that. And one of the gifts that God has given me through that suffering is that I have learned to recognize when other people are suffering. People don’t have to tell me they’re suffering. I can see it, I can feel it, I can sense it. And one of the things I like to do is walk into a social situation, scan the environment, and work out who is suffering the most and just befriend that person for that time.”

I thought to myself, “Wow!” That’s an incredible thing.” That’s an astounding gift. It’s a beautiful way to approach life. It’s a way to answer people’s prayers.

For me, is it different? Are her gifts different from my gifts? Yes, absolutely. Are my gifts different from your gifts? No question. Different. But we all have this ability to collaborate with God, to partner with God, to answer other people’s prayers. And that is, I mean, that’s an astounding thing. That’s an incredible thing of beauty. And I think something that is very, very exciting and something that is very humbling, all at the same time.

So let’s get out there today and answer some people’s prayers.

“We can learn more in an hour of silence than we can in a year from books.”

Matthew Kelly, Resisting Happiness

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Life is always teaching us lessons.


What lesson is God trying to teach you through the experiences of your life at the moment? Reflect.


Jesus, your grace is at work in my life. Increase my awareness of how you are working in my life and what you are calling me to do in each moment.

Today’s personal reflection features Dynamic Catholic team member Grace Smith. Grace is our receptionist and comes to us from Rochester, Minnesota. Grace has three younger brothers, loves to hike and paint, and is certain she would be satisfied eating tacos every day.

Have you ever thought about being the answer to someone’s prayer?

Let us know in the comments!

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  • Michael Baur

    All the time, I try to be the answer to someone else’s prayer. I love to sit down and talk to people and let them tell me their problems. I love to listen to them and try to help them in any shape or form.

    • Ma

      I love this thought Michael, and I also know while I’m trying to be the answer to someone’s prayer, they are answering mine too! Create a blessed day…

  • Ann G

    Interesting concept…

    I try to be the reason people smile…

    I try to be a blessing to others…

    I try to bring joy and light, hope and laighter…

    In a round-about way, I think that is being an answer to someone’s prayer.

    I certainly recognize, eventually, the people and situations God placed in my life as an answer to my prayers!

    And now, I need to think more about how I answer other people’s prayers!

    Quite an opportunity!! And a privilege too.

    • Doug

      I love your posts Ann. I look forward to them each day as I really enjoy imagining how much of a wonderful person you are. You must be a spiritual lightning rod to all of your friends and family. God bless you!

      • Ann G

        Thank you, Doug!

    • Anna Brady

      Ann, I bet you are answering someone’s pray. I believe just smiling at someone having a rotten day or wishing them a good day. It seems small but I think it helps. God Bless You

    • Kathy Anderson

      I too like to bring happiness to other people. I haven’t ever thought that I was answering someone else’s prayer, I just feel that my role is to be a listener to others when they feel a need to share.
      I think I need to spend some time in quiet reflection considering this question.

  • Doug

    A total stranger was the answer to my prayers on 12/20/2012. He approached me and told me that Jesus had told him to tell me that “everything is going to be alright.” Those few seconds were the happiest moment of my life. What I’m most thankful for is that I believed him and didn’t simply shuck him off as some weird-o. I knew, right at that moment that it was, indeed, a message from Jesus.

    There are so many wonderful comments on here each day. So the question is, how do we know that Jesus isn’t speaking through us to one another? I know that I am, to the best of my ability, spreading the word to let everyone know that everything is going to be alright. The moment changed my life. It didn’t matter if I had not recognized Jesus’s message in the past. What mattered is that I recognized it this time.

    Please know, from the bottom of my heart, that once we all put our complete faith and trust in our Lord, that everything will be alright!

    • Jane Deutschlander

      Beautiful and so happy that someone reached out to you and changed your life. And even more so that you are now reaching out to others. That is how we change our world – one person at a time… God Bless.

    • Susan A.

      Thank you Doug. Your words lifted my spirit. I do get inspiration from the post that people share but never thought of them as God speaking to me through their words
      Thanks to all you who take the time to write.

    • Nancy R

      Wow Doug! A powerful message that will help us all. Thank you!

    • Christine Hendriks

      God is always working in our lives whether we know it or not. Sometimes we have no clue how we have made a difference in another’s life. I try to remember to pray for God to put those in front of me that I can help and I can do His will not mine. 🙂

      • Lea Novak

        What a wonderful way to think of it…I often ask God to help me bring His love to those I encounter, but never thought to ask Him to “put those in front of me that I can help”… Putting it that way moves self to the background and others to the foreground, and all in the context of God’s will be done!

      • helena handbasket

        The “Prayer of Jabez” is my morning prayer. “Oh, that You would bless me indeed and enlarge my territory. That Your hand would be with me and that You would keep me from evil so that I may not cause pain.”

        “Enlarge my territory” is often misunderstood as asking for physical riches. It’s not. Jabez was asking God for opportunities to serve Him.

        • Mary Detert

          Thanks for reminding me of The Prayer of Jabez, Helena. I said it everyday for several years, and am not sure how I got away from it. I will begin saying it daily again because of you.

        • Michelle Guzzetta Pescatrice

          Thanks for sharing this prayer. I am adding it to my daily prayers. What a wonderful way to begin each and every day of blessings.

        • Susie Avril Glascock

          Helena, I have recently pulled that book off the shelf and have been praying that prayer, I wonder, why now… It’s been sitting there for so long. It speaks volumes to me.

        • Debra Kyser

          Good idea of prayer of Jabez being your morning prayer. Interesting what you said about enlarging our territory, about asking him to increase our sphere of influence so we could touch others. That is what it is all about. It is not about making us rich, but making us accessible to others needs. We do not want to cause pain, but decrease it.

      • Karen Kotzbach McCreary

        Christine Hendriks Not knowing if we’ve made a difference in someone’s life is why we have to be Jesus to all we meet. I really try to do this .Sounds so easy but… you know the rest . Happy Lent !

    • Nancy Gonzalez

      Thank you Doug, you lifted my spirit as well. Please keep me in your prayers, God bless you!

      • Doug

        Nancy, I do pray that everyone will experience the same stress free, worry free, and fear free life I have. You are definitely in my prayers.

        • Elizabeth Brumann

          I would like to pray for this family and for a stress free worry free and fear free life.

    • Debra

      Thank you, Doug. That is beautiful and you are so right that we need to put our complete faith and trust in our Lord.

    • Gina Lynn DeLucia

      Doug- I had the same experience ( while I don’t remember the exact date) I was in church, head hung low and crying…I was in a very difficult time in my life. During communion a woman ( I had never seen at church before) walked by my placed her hand on my shoulder…I looked up and she said” I don’t know what you are going thru…but you will be ok, all will work out” Her smile and touch were soft and reassuring. She reignited my belief and faith. BTW..all did work out.

      • pat thompson

        When I read this, Gina, it was as if I had wrote it. The exact same thing happened to me many years ago after the death of my husband, I was so lost. Perhaps is was the same angel.

        • Gina Lynn DeLucia

          Pat…I hope that I have and will provide the same comfort I was afforded that day. Hope all is well in your life and you experience God’s blessings continually.

      • Mary

        Hi Gina – I had the same thing happen to me. I had lost my job and was wondering what to do next, Someone from my church stopped me after mass and said she was sent to deliver a message to me. We had not met before but I know God was speaking through her that day. And I am eternally grateful to her for listening to God speaking to her and following up with me. It changed my life.

    • NancyB

      Doug, I think God is using this forum to speak to us through each other. Thanks for asking that question!

    • Kj

      That was incredible! And to think that you were so attuned to God’s love, that his grace allowed you NOT to look at this person as a “weirdo”. Thank you so much for sharing!!!

    • Todd Wilkowski

      Doug – Thanks for sharing your story. Such a powerful testimony to how are God is alive in our lives! He doesn’t need us to do His Will or praise Him but he gives us the privilege of doing His work on Earth. Bless you brother and be a blessing to others today, T

    • Celeste Landry Ragas

      Thanks Doug! I think your comment is spot on. When I read the “Act” part above regarding what lesson I think God is teaching me, I feel that it is patience and trust. My husband and I will soon be empty nesters. Our last two kids will be going off to college and we are trying to buy a small house in the town where they will be. I am concerned for their safety and well being, will we find the right house. Just as I thought about all of that, I read your comment. So I do believe God is speaking to us through these comments. Thank you and God bless you.

      • Anny Nunez

        Celeste, as I read your comment, immediately came to my mind, something that I just realize recently. Almost 12 years ago, I left my hometown to go to college and even though i was not into prayers or trusting God my life, all I have ever got has been blessings, everything that has happened to me, even my bad decisions God have made it a blessing for me. I told that to my Dad the other day, and he said to me, that since the day I was born he’s constantly praying for me, that he has trust my life to God, and even though he has not live with me all this years, he’s constantly praying for me, and I truly believe that’s what has shaped my life, that through all his prayers finally I open my heart to God and said yes to Him, surrender my life to Him. I am eternally grateful to God, for giving me such a wonderful family.

        I guess, what I want it to say is, that no matter where you are or the distance that separates you from your kids, put them permanently in the hands of God, give them to Him, that there are no better hands to rest, from experience. God bless you.

    • Joyce

      I’m finding God more each day through everyone’s comments. Thank you all.

    • Anna Brady

      Thank You Doug for sharing. I’m so glad that person reached out to you. I’ve heard it said that we are all going through something or have something going on in our lives. Sometimes it’s easier to get through it. Other times it’s nice to have someone reach out and tell us it’s going to be okay. God Bless You

    • Constance Griffith

      What a wonderful message Doug! Thankyou for sharing. We need to hear this and act on it more often.God bless you.

    • Nancy O

      Doug, that is my exact story too except it was 7/16/13. I’m now in a position to help another experiencing the same difficulty that I faced. The face, soft voice and compassion of my ‘angel’ is with me always and I pray to be a vehicle of God’s love, mercy, and compassion to others, especially my young friend facing a substantial prison sentence. I sometimes doubt my abilities. Your message and many replies have helped me. Thank you for sharing everyone. Peace be with you all.

    • Mike

      Doug, that was wonderful. Your comments really made my day so thanks very much. I pray each day to “be what others need WHEN they need it” and not to overlook opportunities to be an answer to a prayer. As others have stated, just smiling or simply opening a door for someone can make a difference to those who are having a difficult time and help them to realize there are others who care about them. Thanks again Doug!

    • Jackie made me cry with your beautiful wonderful and inspiring! Both the videos today were surely meant for me..😊 Yes, we are giving each othermessages from God or Jesus whatever you believe everyday. Today is my special day..I have heard what the messages are for me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!❤️

    • Christiane

      I had a smilar experience on the steps of St James in Medjugorje. A person who had traveled from Germany to visit with her friend in our group sought me out all day, not realizing that we had taken a trip to visit Mostar. She persisted until she did find me leaving the church that evening, said she had something to tell me from God, and proceeded to sing to me “I have called you by name” and concluded by telling me that I was not to worry about my mother, that it would be OK. And that came true. I was able to move my mother to the US to live out her remaining 9 months of life on earth with minimal worries, especially the financial ones. My life changed pretty dramatically these past four months, and each step my mantra was “Jesus, I trust in You.” And still today I say that, after moving away from my beloved parish, my many friends, community involvement, a PT job that I loved. Thirty seven years was the longest I’d lived anywhere, and my roots ran deep.I am still trying to “recalibrate” from this change, but I know I’m in good hands!

      • Kelly

        Christiane, why did you have to leave? That is so hard! Regardless, you are bringing with you your faith and love that you can share with all you meet. I think you will be a blessing to many! God will be with you!

    • Tracy

      Thanks Doug so much for your words of encouragement and hope. They were exactly what I needed to hear today. God Bless.

    • Michael Lennon

      Great word, Doug! Thanks!!

    • Patricia

      God bless you, Doug. He has. I am so grateful for you and each person who shares on this site. By taking the time to share our trust in God we are indeed ministering to others who may be touched and, it occurs to me, we are ministering to ourselves by affirming our beliefs in writing.

      • Genny

        Hello everyone: my prayer is a beautiful psalm !
        Let your word God, be a lamp at my feet, the light at my path”… I also ask to be the light to others, I know it is the hand of God, the angels, saints and mother Mary …I definitely trust God’s guidance and blessings, thanks so much for sharing! Genny

    • Pam O

      Thank you for sharing your story. It’s a true testimony of how God uses us as instrument’s to reach other’s/us! Sometimes, we all need a reminder that everything will be alright! I know I need to hear it, so thank you! God Bless

    • Lori Grajek

      That’s a wonderful message Doug. Thanks for sharing!

    • Bridget Chukwumah

      God is awesome. I was going through a tough time with my business and had run out if money and food. A friend called to inform me she had gone to the farmers market and had a crate of fresh veg for me. Another friend called and had purchased prime cuts if beef. I even had enough veg to share with my neighbours. Now when God asks me to help it even call people I try to do it more often than not as I have been on the receiving end.

      • Doug

        Bridget, what started all of this, my epiphany, is when I was just getting ready to receive my last unemployment check and still didn’t have a job. I was in the pits financially. But one day, as I recalled all of the bad times, I realized that God had always been there for us. I decided that day that He was getting 100% of me…no questions asked. 9 months after that, I received my message. God Bless you.

        • Arthur Brown

          I pray everyday for those who have nothing that God will share His love, compassion and truth with them by the Holy Spirit. I try to include this in my daily prayer so that God can look down and send someone to be with you, to share your disappointments and to provide a friendly face as a friend of God. I wish I knew why so many are homeless and feel defeated by life when others have abundance and can’t even share. When I see a person in need I speak to them and see if I can give some moral support or even at times financial support. I remember last July in Oregon we stopped a rest stop and there was a young woman there and the temperature was up there and she had a sign out asking for help. I spoke to her for a few minutes found some extra water and some oranges we had in the cooler as we travel and gave her a few dollars. I also saw many individuals that would not even say hello or recognize her. What a wonderful place this world would be if each one of us if possible to help one or two in need and tell them God loves you and God bless you. Your story brought back memories for me. I hope I will continue to remain in this frame of mind not to judge why they are the way the are but to help as Jesus has directed us to do with what means we are able to assist others. Thanks, Doug and God bless you on your daily spiritual journey and I hope things are going well with you. I am a Dynamic Catholic Ambassador and have two extra books I could send you if you would like them. Rediscovering Catholicism and rediscovering Jesus by Matthew Kelly. Just write me back and give me your address and I will send them out to you as they don’t need to be on my bookshelf when someone else can enjoy them and help someone to strengthen their faith in God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

          • Doug

            Thank you for your reply Arthur. What a great story you shared. I great everyone with respect and compassion…especially those who are going through difficulties in their lives. I just care so much. I must confess, however, that I am less tolerable of the affluent, the elite.

            I , too, am an ambassador and I have the books you mentioned. Thank you for your offer. And thank you for your kind words. God Bless you Arthur.

          • Arthur Brown

            You are welcome and I glad you are an ambassador and maybe both of us and others that help promote the Catholic faith and the love of Jesus Christ we may help change others lives for the better.
            God Bless you in your continue daily journey with God Christ and Holy Spirit

          • Gloria Sullivan

            Hi, Doug: Your comment about being less tolerable of the affluent, the elite: I think they need a great deal of help because they are misguided or poor in spirit. We reach out to the poor because their needs are obvious. Yet, the person next door may be suffering in some way. My prayer is that those who receive a kindness – those who say “thank you” or not – pass along that kindness to the next person and so on regardless of affluence. Be the change you want to see.

          • Trinka

            In my opinion, there is a difference between the “affluent” and “elite.” I am not here to argue or pick fights, but I was a part the “affluent” group before the economy tanked in 2008. My husband and I gave to many charitable organizations, drove Honda cars that are 10 years old, and participated in many community service opportunities with our children. We attend church every Sunday and are active on the pastoral planning committee, and when my husband was asked to join the Knights, he had to tell them he was not Catholic (he since has converted). We were fortunate that when he lost his job, we were OK because we had lived on a budget. We have cut back on our charitable giving but still participate in community service because we know “doing” is just as important as “giving.” Sometimes we wonder what God’s plan is for us because we thought we knew. We know money is not the answer but still worry when we are afraid we may lose our house if we cannot pay the mortgage. We both pray daily with our children and know God has a bigger plan for us.

          • Gloria Sullivan

            I agree with you Tinka. May good fortune arrive early at your door and stay late. Slainte!

    • Fran

      Thank all of you for the wonderful and inspirational comments. They have lifted my spirits. The Dynamic Catholic program is a true blessing.

    • Maria

      So true! Thanks for sharing

    • Carmen Villalba

      I so needed this right now! Just a few minutes ago I was stressing about a big test I have coming up and all of the assignments just piled up and just about suffocated me. When that happens I need to remember that’s it’s going to be okay and that God has bigger plans for me and that in the entirety of eternity this test is not going to matter. I also like to (if I remember to!) before i write or speak (especially with faith and when I am frustrated) ask the Holy Spirit to speak/sing through me. So beautiful! God bless

      • Doug

        I am always so happy when my story can help someone. Shame on me if I didn’t share and I guarantee that God would be very disappointed if I didn’t.

        For me, it could be finances but my faith and trust in God is that if He wanted me to live on the street and spread the word…I would do it. His will be done.

        You brought up a very good point. I was always impulsive and words would begin leaving my lips before I had put any thought into them. Got me in all kinds of trouble. I have learned to be patient.

        You are in such great control by realizing that the Holy Spirit will guide you too be the beautiful person you are!! God Bless you Carmen.

    • Delores


    • Amy Rose

      There days and moments when focus on the important things gets away from me. I feel the little insignificant “stuff” takes presidence over what should be a priority; listening to my husband or children tell about their days over trying to get dinner on the table. These could be the time/moments that I could answer their prayers and they could answer mine. Dinner can wait…. .practice this prayer-ful time.

  • Jean

    I think many times we are the answer to someone’s prayer and we don’t even realize it.
    Often times giving a smile to someone you are passing on the street or a helping hand in a brief encounter can be an answer to a prayer.
    Of course there are the more deliberate and direct times we are the answer to someone’s prayer, but don’t overlook the small things. I dedicate this day to trying…to hoping I can be the answer to someone’s prayer today.

    • Mary

      I agree that we don’t even know when we are the answer, it just seems so right at the time.

    • Nancy R

      Thank you Jean, this is great!

    • NancyB


    • Barb Stuart

      thank you Jean,We need to keep our eyes up when walking to be aware of the people around us.I too, hope to be the answer to someone’s prayer.

    • Kj

      Exactly! Blessings to you, Jean!

      • Jean

        See, right there I felt your prayer for me! Thanks!

    • Jeanne

      This reminds me of something I read earlier this year. In my words, I remember it as “our smile, our actions, or our words may be the only sermon someone hears today”. This was profound and has stuck with me. Just as someone doing something so simple to me is my prayer answered (whether I am aware of it or not), my actions can also be the answer to someone’s prayer. Thinking like this can make everything a prayer.

    • Marianne

      Thank You Jean for the prayer suggestion! I love this! I am going to make this a daily prayer!!

    • Christiane

      In the words of the great Teresa of Avila, Christ has no hands, no feet, but ours. John Michael Talbot put that to song so well. I like to listen to that song and make my prayer to be His feet, hands, mouth, eyes, and ears, to be better attuned to His promptings and to the needs of others. My life has changed pretty drastically in the past 4 months and that opportunity is mostly at home now. But when I go out in to stores, the post office, the medical office, or restaurant, I make it a point to look at the name tag of the service person in front of me and address that person by name and thank them, ask how they are, whatever. I pray that in doing that it’ll help them to know I recognize them as a person created by God, not some nameless one there to simply serve my needs. It’s a small thing, but just saying “Thanks, Jennifer, have a great day” at the postal clerk will bing out a million dollar smile.

      • Lea Novak

        That is such a great idea! I’m going to try to remember that…I’m really bad about names, so this will be a challenge for me (such a small thing, to be so big a challenge).

        • Christiane

          I didn’t say it was a challenge! Have to make the effort to look at those name tags. In the absence of one, I’ll ask for the name and pray to God I remember it if it’s complicated!

          • Christiane

            oops, I meant to say “I didn’t say it was not a challenge”

    • Mary

      I have often thought that a smile is such an inexpensive but significant gift we can give another person. I love to connect and smile at persons when, as a Eucharistic Minister, I share my joy at giving the “Body of Christ” or the “Blood of Christ”. I feel blessed! I also love to show my respect for all those I meet, but especially those who may feel marginalized by calling them “Sir” or Mame”. I do hope that that may elevate their feelings about themselves and who they are.

    • Karen

      I agree. Sometimes people we talk to once say what we need at that moment, and I’m sure visa versa.

  • David B

    I too strive to be an answer to someone prayer. I often think if I can make on person smile today or ease on persons problem it’s a good day. My trouble becomes do I answer that prayer for my satisfaction or the other person. Today I will seek to be the answer just form them.

    • NancyB

      Good reflection,,, who will I do it for today, me or the other person. Thanks for sharing that statement.

  • Lynn Nguyen

    This reminds me of the story from Rediscovering Jesus (If I’m remembering right). A blind woman who owned a fruit stand, after having it knocked over, prayed for Jesus to help her. When a stranger stopped what he was doing to help her, she asked him if he was Jesus. As I count my blessings, I pray for God to use me to bless others, to be an answer to someone’s prayer. What an amazing thing, to share acts of kindness to where someone mistakes you for Jesus. I pray that this happens more and more around the world, until every single person has encounters with Jesus in their lives, through someone else being an answer to their prayers.

    • Linda

      Thank you everyone for your insights and compassionate feedback…’s Lenten reflections truly touch my heart because I always begin each day hoping I can be a light in someone else’s darkness…we just never know how God is connecting us like a patchwork quilt stitched in His love! It makes me think of how when ever we hear a “pay it forward” story how blessed we all are to be a witness to such kindness and it reminds me to try in my own way to bring joy into someone’s day even by way of a tender smile.

  • Jane

    God puts us where He needs us to be. I try to be mindful of people and try to sense if they have a need, and many times that need becomes evident through conversation.

    • Mary

      That is so true Jane. We are His hands and feet and eyes.

    • SanctusSanctus

      Jesus Alert: may we be obedient to His placement of us to get the job done! Have a great day!

  • Ethel L

    Being selfless helps us spiritually. Every opportunity I could, I would be the answer to their prayers. Serving the underserved/ unfortunate neighbors, just makes my day! Has been assisting multiple homeless/ impoverished communities since I was a kid!Now my kids are doing the same. It’s unbelievable how grateful I am!

  • C McKee

    Just as teachers often don’t know the lasting impact a comment to a student may have on his/her life, neither do we know how much impact we have when we make an appreciative comment to a cashier, begin a question to a store employee with “Excuse me, Sir. Could you please…”, or simply smile at people we pass. Small loving actions reflect God’s Love for us and we have the privilege to pass it on.

  • Jane Deutschlander

    I think there is nothing more fulfilling and heart-warming than reaching out to people in need. I am blessed to work in an inner-city school. The children I work with come from severe poverty and are very broken from the hardship and violence they have encountered. Yet they are so loving and beautiful. I strive every day to reach out to them with love and let them know I am there and I love them. The love and joy it brings me, I feel, is ten times more than I give them… They literally step out of line in the hallways to give me hugs. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to bring God’s love to them <3

    • Pam Olivieri

      And that is exactly why you are at that school. You may be the only person that shows them love and hope. It touches me to hear that they bring you just as much love and joy. You are a true angel.

  • Cate

    I don’t often think of myself as being the answer to a prayer but more of a support to that person or situation to help them get to the answer. Whether it’s being in the right place at the time, praying for them, a good listener, or helping in some way. I think iI have to think about the concept of being the answer more it feels different then being a support.

  • Sally

    This reminds me of Saint Francis prayer “make me a instrument of Your peace .” I pray daily for God to use my hands for His good.

    • Don

      You are indeed an instrument of His peace. Please continue.

  • Bryan Cunningham

    A retired headmaster from a local primary school visited his old school on a regular basis to help out. He was a good story teller but you did not always have time or inclination to listen. The present headteacher was having a bad day and thought to herself, Jimmy not today I am not in the mood! But he hoped his head through the door said goos morning and that he couldn’t stay but on leaving gave the through-away line: “You do not know the good that you do.” He was an answer to prayers on that day letting the headteacher know she was an answer to many peoples prayers. Great

  • Clara Turci Depko

    Living in Atlantic City, NJ our church is in the middle of the city and the opportunity to help people is daily with the homeless that sit in the back of the church on cold mornings trying to keep warm. For a year we had one woman there daily in her early 50’s each day I would ask could I do something to make your day better for you. One cold snowy Saturday evening walking into mass I did not see her. The church was empty due to the weather then my husband pointed out this person wrapped in blankets sitting in the pews. I walked up and saw it was her and asked are you alright she informed me she was cold, she felt and perhaps I could get some of the church people to give money to put her up for the night at a motel. After mass my husband and I put her in the car found a place for her to stay and paid for the week. We went back on Monday with some supplies for her food, etc. She was a different person she was glowing and looked so different. That was over a year ago she has since moved on to another city. We have tried to help her but she has mental problems so all I could do is give her some money, supplies and take her to buy clothing. I know I answered a prayer the day we took her from that cold situation. I find myself praying for her and all the Valerie’s living on the street every day. I like to ask our homeless can I do something to make your day better for you and when they look back at you with the look like you really care. Now I don’t always give them money I take them next to our church and buy them food. If they are a woman I will buy them a gift card at that store or give them cash. I think God puts me there for a reason and I must be aware of those in need and perhaps to help answer a plead or prayer.

    • SanctusSanctus

      Jesus Alert! Loving this antedotal: you met Christ and served Him! Lot’s of homeless would love to be picked up and taken to a Catholic Church Fish Fry this Friday!

    • Karin

      I was touched by your story as I was brought up in Ventnor and I am familiar with the churches in AC. Do you mind my asking which one? Ventnor is NOT the same – and I understand that. AC is really going through tough times with the casinos closing and so many losing their jobs and homes. I hope there are more folks like you who are willing to reach out and help those struggling. You are an inspiration! Thanks for sharing!

      • Clara Turci Depko

        Our church is Our Lady Star Of The Sea. The parish merged 2 years this coming July and we now have three churches. Our parish is poor. Our catholic school OLSOS is the last catholic left on the island. As poor as Atlantic City is we still have a school. My husband and I married in 2009 I lived in Ventnor at the time he lived central NJ we moved to his home and bought in 2011 in AC. It was after that my husband felt God told him to help his school. Funny we did not know this would be the last school left. Instead of helping one family with the tuition we started Depko Family Foundation which helps families at Our Lady Star Of Sea Regional Catholic School in AC with the tuition when they cannot meet their obligations. It is only 4 years old and last year we were able to have 15 students transfer to our school because of the transfer assistance. We try to help those in need we were placed in area of people in need all around us. We only need to walk down the street or go in or out of church to find them. You find people begging all around I don’t give me I ask are you hungry I will take you and feed you when they say no I know they want the money for something other and I walk away. To see those woman who live on the street and they are not young and take them to the 7eleven store and say buy what you want and they are overwhelmed for they never were able to do that. What do I spend not even $10 and does it make a difference yes. I don’t know how much of a difference I know that for an hour or perhaps a day that person feels better. But God has put me in a place that I walk among them so it is easy for me it is a way of life I need not go out of my way. I see them in AC and say for the grace of God go I.

    • Don

      I read your lovely account from my family room in the Colorado mountains. As you can see, I get up early each morning to savor my surroundings and the many gifts God has given me. Your encounter with Valerie impacted my thinking a great deal. You have indeed touched many people’s lives with your kindness and thoughtfulness. Please continue.

      • Jeanne Gross

        Tears fill my eyes with the beauty of these post. Thank you, Jesus!!

  • Nancy R

    I think about being the answer to someone’s prayers all the time now. I’m becoming more aware of my gifts to reach people and be a comfort and I will try to use these gifts to serve God more often.

  • Sherry McCollum

    The company I work for does a lot of charity based work for the less fortunate. We have company wide events to raise awareness that I just could not begin to list but I devote my time and energy to one in particular. Every holiday season, we prepare for what we call Sponsor-A-Child. Basically, we are sponsoring children that are living in foster care, group homes and some that are with families that are low income that really have nothing to look forward to for Christmas. We work with the regions children and family services where we basically grant their wishes for Christmas. It is truly amazing that we can give up a little bit of ourselves to make someone’s holiday so much more brighter. And I do believe that we are the answer to these families prayers and I also believe that they are extremely grateful. And knowing that I can give back to them in their time of need makes me feel like I am striving to be a better version of myself.

  • Nancy D.

    Yes, I think about being an answer to others prayers. I absolutely love this idea; God working through us all. It could be something as simple as saying a prayer for someone or providing them with words of comfort. And I don’t always know that I have done something to help someone out, and I don’t need to know. I just need to continue to try to be there for others.

    • Chris L.

      I agree that we don’t always know or need to know if we have done something to help others. I think not knowing helps me to keep trying to be the best version of myself. Some days are more of a struggle than others that is for sure!!! Best Lent Ever is wonderful as well as reading all the posts.

  • Rachel Gilmore

    As a human service worker. I am the answer to people pray. The reason is I give them the support and services to make the successful in this society..yes it is very hard to have certain businesses to accept but that is where I give them a lesson and then they can’t believe how much this person gives. It is amazing of how much I get a hug or thank you. But then there is other days that the person is down but I give them a smile to get through the day..

  • Mary

    I pray that I will do what God wants me to do when I am to be the answer to someones prayer.

  • Mark X Kathy Helmuth

    Good question. A real challenge for me. I need to be open to the leading of the Holy Spirit!!

  • Lisa

    I have been working in substance abuse facility for the past 16 years as a social worker. What a blessing it is to help struggling people and their families when they are in such need. The rewards are plentiful! And yes there is sadness and death. But I believe that everyday there are moments when I know that I was used as a force of hope and inspiration. People ask me all the time, “how can you work with alcoholics and drug addicts?” And I think, I wouldn’t want to do anything else! If anyone is here today as someone struggling with addiction, or you are a family or friend of someone struggling with addiction, my prayers are with you. There is a solution! You are not alone!

    • Susan

      What a beautiful vocation. Your message is powerful and full of truth! God bless you god your amazing work!

  • Ana Cecilia LaluzArredondo

    When we open our hearts and let him in. We begin to die to self and he begins to transform us.

    • NancyB


  • JoAnne Collins

    I believe that we all can be an answer to each other’s prayers if we but stay open and let the Holy Spirit work through us, Try it you’ll like it!

  • Karen

    This really makes sense to me since I can “”see & feel” when people need comfort….and I usually connect with them and help. So many times in my life I have helped people and they have said to me….”I’m so glad God sent you to me!!” When I give over my love & caring The way God has shown me…it comes back to me tenfold!!

  • Judy Miranti

    I suppose I never thought of it this before. Now, that I am, I pray that I will be the answer to someone in need. I certainly have been the recipient of other’s prayers, and I am so grateful.

  • Rita Gahr

    I feel the same way here that sometimes we don’t even know we are there to answer someones prayers. I set out everyday to say at least one nice thing to someone, most of the time it is several times a day. Sometimes it is just a simple hello or a small conversation. If someone is short on bus fare giving them the additional they need. If someone has a puzzled look asking if you can help them. Just being nice.

  • Paulina

    I agree with all these beautiful comments. I know that the people I encounter each day are the answer to my prayers and I hope in return to be the answer to theirs. There is a lot of goodness in this world and if that would be our focus imagine the effect it would have. I always try to tell my children that most everyone has good in them, its our job to search for that.

  • Waiting Patiently

    I like the idea here, but at the same time I feel so unworthy to be the answer to someones prayer. I guess I don’t want to be an answer I just want to love and I don’t want to think about what “I” can do. I want to be able to let those walls to crumble down around me. If God wants to use me, okay that’s cool, I’m 100% all in. He is allowed to take and use whatever I am and have because at this point in my life I can’t imagine living without him and I realize now that I have no idea how much I owe God for all the amazing things in my life. I guess I don’t want to be an “answer” because I don’t want my ego to flair up again. I just want to be a loving, dutiful and open child of God. I love these videos because they are filled with hope and honest beauty. I am hoping that I can get to that point someday where I radiate that hope, honesty and beauty.

    • Kenny Robbins

      I love your comment. If I were having your thoughts I’d say it is important to pass on your blessings but it is your “I” that can choose to add love to them. It’s both-and. Peace!

    • Laura leah Yarbrough

      Release the ego and open your heart. You are worthy and you have gifts…

    • danap

      I feel the same …I pray to be a “conduit”. To be His hands, His feet, His voice…. so he can work through me to do what He needs to do. I pray for that wall of ego, thoughtlessness, and self centeredness to crumble too, as not to impede His use of me. Have a blessed day!

    • NancyB

      I appreciate your honesty. It gives me much to reflect on today. Thank you.

    • Doug

      I felt that way for a long time. Ego v.s humility. I learned that when I share my story it is in the most humble way. If someone feels I am on an ego trip of some kind, that really isn’t my problem What helped me is when I read where Paul told us the we have range authority to spread the word, just as the Apostles did when they left the upper room. The caution is not to be authoritative like a Pharisee. I believe you are on the cusp of being able to share your faith and I recommend you just let flow. God will show you the way. God Bless you.

    • Kathiehc

      By our baptism we are anointed priest, prophet & king (steward)! One way to look at this is to say we have each been given a mission, and many times that mission might be to be the answer to someone’s prayer!

  • Mary B.

    I definitely remember this message from last year, “Rediscovering Jesus”! I wrote notes each day so I could remind myself of how to become the best version of myself!
    Simple prayer – Jesus, teach me to recognize the opportunity for everyday miracles. I really don’t know whose prayer I can answer today. I pray that the Holy Spirit will reveal that to me. I pray that Jesus might open my eyes and heart to see people as He does. It’s amazing how many people I could touch or help if I was more aware. Lord, help me find those people, and help me be the answer … the right answer … to someone’s prayer!

  • Karen Buitrago

    Thank you Doug.. I have enjoyed reading your posts and have felt uplifted by your words. God bless you all! This Has been my BEST LENT EVER..:)

  • Rebecca

    I have anever had an encounter like this. At least I was not fully aware of an encounter like this. I pray that I will be the answer to someone’s prayer.

  • Daniela D.

    I believe we all are the answer to someone’s prayer. I recently participated in the “Called and gifted” workshop to discover the gifts I received from God, after the final interview my sponsor told me to pray for the chance to use my gifts in the way that God intended for me to use them, allowing people in need of my gift to come to me and find comfort. I think being somebody’s answer to their prayers needs to start with our sincere willingness to be there for them.

    • Trudy Ray Parmarter

      Thank-you Daniela. Your thoughts were an answer to my prayer. I retired after teaching for 32 years. When I was teaching it was easy to figure out how to use my gifts for God to be someone’s answer to prayer. Reading your post has made me realize that if I have a sincere willingness to be there for others God will direct my path. Thank-you again for blessing me.

      • Daniela D.

        I am so glad, you made my day! Blessings.

  • Marykay

    I have put my faith and trust in God and work at going that extra way, extra prayer for anyone that needs it. We have a daughter who had many many problems. I had to let go, let God be with her, protect her, lead her. It was my faith and trust that let me do this. I know now she is with our Lord and I also know that their were those messengers along the way, that gave her that smile, that hug, that help to get her through an hour, a day, whatever. And I thank each of you for being there for her as she was for you. God Bless.

  • Julie

    This reminds me of Matthew West’s song, “Do Something.” All this despair going on in the world-why doesn’t God do something about it. He did-He created us.

    “If not us then who?
    If not me and you, right now.
    It’s time for us to do something.
    If not now, then when
    Will we see an end to all this pain?
    It’s not enough to do nothing,
    It’s time for us to do something!”

    It’s become my “theme song.” I get chills and know God is speaking directly at me when I hear it. We all have different gifts. All of us can help in some way, shape or form. He’s calling me to help end suffering due to poor diet at both ends of the spectrum and everywhere in between. I’m not sure of the exact path, but I have to trust God. I can’t explain it, but I know when He lights up the next step and when I’ve taken it. It’s this all encompassing joy, excitement and peace. Do I feel worthy? No. But I know He will guide me and work through me every step of the way.

    • Leslie M

      Hi Julie, Thanks for sharing today. I’m going to search for this song. … I love the words you wrote, *when He lights up the next step.” I will be watching much more closely now. 😊 …bless you! 💜

  • Maureen

    I attended a currsio retreat a number of years ago. At the completion each participant received a crucifix. On the back are the words “Christ is counting on you” I will carry it today when I visit my grandson who just lost a friend to an overdose. Please pray for all who are grieving this loss.

    • Patricia

      Maureen, I am praying for you, your family and all that are suffering this great loss. Peace be with you….

      • Maureen

        Thank you Patricia! It means a lot to me!

    • Susan

      God bless you for the comfort you give to your grandson and all those who grieve. De Colores!

      • Maureen

        Thank you Susan!

  • Stacia Schumacher

    This is one of my favorite concepts! I like to call it ‘Let Jesus work through you!’

    What a great series this Lent!! L💚VE it!!

  • Alice Ann Hengesbach

    Frequently … and it has been a two way street! Angels walk among us.

    • Karen Kotzbach McCreary

      Alice Ann Hengesbach Talk about surprised in the Spirit !!! Alice, I remember your name from OH . Can there be two with the same name ? Or was it your Mom ,family etc. ? We lived in Eastlake, Mentor and Burton . Now we are in TX . This year it will be 37 yrs. at this address. The longest anywhere. I can’t believe I’m seeing your name and beautiful comment . Yes, angels do walk among us , even if you’re not who I think you are ! Happiest of Easters ! *_* K

      • Alice Ann Hengesbach

        Karen how very wonderful and kind for you to remember our family. The Hengesbach’s were in Mentor from 1937 until 2004! I am “Alice Ann” and my Aunt Alice taught first grade at Royalview Elementary in Willoughby. She also produced and starred in “All God’s Children” on local television in Cleveland. I graduated from Mentor HS in 1967 and my sisters followed in 1968, 1970 and 1971. I live on the Outer Banks of North Carolina : )

  • Joanne

    I don’t know how to be a prayer for someone..I don’t get out much right now to get to help others..but I will be mindful when I do go out to see if someone needs a helping hand or a smile. I hope the Holy Spirit will give me direction.

    • Laura

      I understand that situation. I try to offer my prayers for someone, if I can’t be with them physically. Spiritual good works help too!

    • NancyB

      Joanne, even praying from home for someone may result be the answer to someone’s prayers. Jesus does something, if you will, with those prayers of yours. God Bless you!!

    • Susan

      God bless you for committing to keeping you eyes open today. Someone will feel God’s love through you!

  • Mick Peterson

    What if some youngster walked up to you and said, “I want to grow up to be just like you.” Would we be leery, proud, or scared? We touch so many more lives than we ever think possible. Like Alice said, “Angels walk among us.”

  • Jennifer Haeussler Brewer

    No, I haven’t thought about it
    But, I have a rocking chair in my office. People would come in, sit in the chair and begin telling me their problems. It bothered me at first because it was keeping me from my work, but then I realized, these people needed someone to listen to them.
    I guess I was answering someone’s prayer by being a friendly, non-judgmental person to listen…

    • Arden Howey

      Your co-workers experience a “Knowing” that God is listening
      when we use non-judgemental listening and allow prayer to be more personal.

  • Laura

    I truly believe God puts people in our path. 5 years ago my husband suffered a massive stroke while traveling on business. On Easter Sunday about 3 weeks after the stroke I was feeling lonely, overwhelmed and isolated. I was staying at the rehab center because I felt I needed to be close and home was several states away. Tom was still barely able to sit by himself, much less speak or even take care if his basic needs. I’d convinced him to go with me to the cafeteria so I wouldn’t have to eat alone. It was his 1st adventure there.
    Once I got him settled at the table with his tray of soft foods and thickened liquids, I ventured into the cafeteria line. As I made my way back to the table, I noticed the couple sitting nearby. In their case the wife had had a stroke 2 years earlier. They came back to bring flowers to the nurses on holidays.
    As we said grace I felt their eyes on us. Then we stared chatting. It wasn’t long before they joined us at the table. We swapped stories. They gave me hope. Yes, life goes on and can still be filled with joy despite new normals. We met many times during our 2 month stay. God surely put them in our path that day.
    I pray that He may use me to help others too.

    • Marilyn

      Hi Laura: Your story is so touching and I walked in your shoes, so I am today thinking you are an answer to my prayer because you brought me back to the journey my husband and I took when he had
      his stroke 30 years ago. His many hospitalizations and final three years in a nursing home created a new family for us – all those we spent our days and nights with as we sat vigils with our loved ones. This family unit still sustains me as we pray for and with each other. Today’s message from Matthew is so personal and I’m praying for everyone who is putting their thoughts together on this page – Jesus is
      right here with us. Thank you Dynamic Catholic for inviting us into this community.

  • Andy Hovey

    I work as a physical therapist. Working my weekend job at a nursing home, I met a patient who is struggling with a Stage 4 cancer, and is terminal. We worked on getting them stronger to do even the most, per se, mundane movements, that many of us, including myself, take for granted. I wanted to empower this individual, not as their therapist for the day, but as an ambassador for Christ. They did well, dug deep, despite their pain, which was inspiring to me. This individual is dealing with a lot of relationship pain as well, estrangements with loved ones. This individual is now moving to hospice soon, as there is no further interventions deemed to heal or cure this person. I feel compelled to further engage this person and help them know that God loves them, and wants to be in relationship with them, even as their last days may be upon them. That their life has meaning, even if they don’t see it themselves. Please pray for me that I will get outside of myself more to follow through with this mission.

    • Linda R

      Andy, your message touched me as I have several older relatives who are estranged from family and also ill. May God continue to provide you with special strength and empathy to deal with this dying person. I think it’s wonderful that you are willing to share Christ even in that person’s last days. It’s never to late to hear about Jesus!

  • Jacob

    At work or after the day was over we were at a gas station and I notice someone didn’t have enough money for a drink. After I got my stuff and walk out I saw him sitting in the truck. All of a sudden, I realize I have a card for a free drink. I knew I wasn’t going to use it so, I decided to let him have it and get him a drink. I never though of being someone prayer. Maybe it was there but, I never saw the sign. I will be to worry or stress over my problem that I don’t see someone else problem or stress in front of me. It probably all around me and I just don’t see it.
    I will try to be someone prayer. It that mean sitting with someone at lunch, who it by their self or seeing someone don’t got the money for something they need.

    • Susan

      Good for you! Jacob, keep looking for the little ways to reach out! You are Gods beautiful child!

  • AmyGrace

    I have been a Dental Hygienist for 27 years. I have had the privilege of working with the same group for 26 of those 27 years, and in the time I have been able to form connections and special bonds with my patients. Not only am I able to help them physically with their oral health, I was able to recognize very early in my career, that this is also my ministry. I am grateful to God that He gave me this gift to actually be present to my patient’s emotional needs. Sometimes people come to me and they are afraid, or ashamed of how they allowed their oral and overall health to decline. Sometimes they have an incredible joy that they can’t wait to share. Every person and visit is unique. During treatment and sometimes after, we sit together and I listen to their concerns, worries, challenges. It’s their story. Sometimes we cry, we laugh, we pray, but always share. I am so blessed to be a part of a group that understands and cares so deeply and has fostered this need in me to nurture and comfort those that are in my care. I love my work, and I am grateful that God gave me a sunny personality and a great light to shine! I am blessed to sing His praise every day and be a blessing to all of those around me. Sometimes the smile on your face is the only gift you can give, but what a difference that can make!
    Thank you for allowing me to share my story.
    Have a Blessed Day!!

    • Susan


  • Kathy

    I really haven’t thought about how I could be the answer to someone else’s prayers. But I would like to share my daughter’s experience. My daughter (age 29) is a recent cancer survivor and has dealt all her life with other medical issues. The cancer diagnosis really hit her hard, spiritually, emotionally and physically. She’s angry at God, but knows He did not do this to her. She questions the “whys” – she’s too young, why her, etc. She tells me cancer is constantly on her mind, will it come back? I’ve been praying for her to St. Padre Pio to intercede – to heal her physically, spiritually and emotionally. Last week she went to a conference in her profession (she’s a music therapist). She met so many wonderful people that offered love, hope, help and advice. She met other cancer survivors who talked with her. She talked to people about her profession and was she in the right place. She came home so happy! Right away I told her that God put her in that place with those people to help her on her journey, and it was an answer to my prayers. So from now on, I’m praying God will put me in the situation to be an answer to other people’s prayers, whether I know it or not. And I’m offering up a prayer of thanksgiving to all those beautiful people that gave my daughter what she needed. God is good.

    • Susan

      All the time! What a beautiful story, Kathy. Your example and support has been an amazing way for God to work through you in your daughter’s life. Sometimes God just needed us to be the finger that points the way. Your faithfulness is inspiring!

  • Angie O’Mara

    One day as I was waiting for the bus, I was doing my prayers and reflecting on my life. A very small woman, dressed in black, approached me and told me, ” Jesus loves you “!! I had never seen this woman before although I was at this business stop every day at the same time, and knew the people who waited with me for the bus. This day it was only I waiting for the bus. Her message really touched my heart, for I was not feeling good about my relationship with God, I thought I was unworthy of His love. I never saw that woman again, but her message has always stayed with me.
    Jesus, I love You, and I need You so very much.

    • Doug

      I used to think that if I ever saw Jesus or, at least received a message from Him, he would stand in front for me with all of his glory. In my case, the message was delivered to me by a man I’d never met. There’s no doubt in my mind that what you needed to hear was the message you received…from Jesus through one of our own.

      • Angie O’Mara

        Thank you, Doug, I’ve always felt the same way, God sent this woman to me, when I needed Him the most!!

  • Be totally trusting that God will work through you. Be totally open to whatever blessing God will serve up through you. This is hard for many because human nature, it seems, wants to “know” that we have done our job. We look for signs. That could be the look on someone’s face, or someone saying thank you, or how someone shows their gratitude for the help. Try overcoming this. Just be trusting and open. The opportunity will present itself, maybe in a way you never expected. You will “know”, because you will be inspired inside, you might have to choke back tears, even though you may not get the external reward/verification. The person you touched may never cross your path again. You may never “know” how much of a blessing you were to them. You have to trust that God’s blessing flowed through you and is ever more a part of that person’s life. So you just smile inside, say a prayer of thanks, and move on to the next Blessing your will be.

  • NancyB

    My first reaction to Matthew’s video today was that I want to be like his aunt and find the person in the room who maybe needed a friend. I then listened to Matthew say that his gift is different than his aunt’s gift….that is different than my gift. As of today, I will add to my morning prayers a request to God to open my eyes to the moment I encounter someone who needs an answer to their prayer using whatever gift God’s grace grants me that day. Another step on my journey to becoming the best version of myself. Amen.

  • Beth

    This one is a tough one for me. Our little family does the church thing, we teach faith formation, do ministry, etc….God has been helping me to realize I have approached “doing good” for self validation. For many years I have done such things because it “makes me feel good/better”….and since I had this awareness of “me centered giving” I began to feel like a “fraud”. Gently and consistently, God has shown me this selfishness in my life. It has been totally an internal shift. I believe that on the outside it looks like maybe I am “doing” less but on the inside I can trust that my doing is for Him and “the other” not to “make me feel better”. Today’s question makes doing His will a little less mystifying. I rarely think I hear His voice to guide my actions, but by living in the moment and being “other focused” in the awareness of being an answer to another’s prayer maybe doing His will might become a more intuitive process for me……I totally love being able to think out loud here!

  • Kathy Pichler

    We never know how or when we are an answer to someone’s prayer. God works through each of us and we need to allow His Grace to flow from us out to those we meet. That smile you give to a stranger may be the one thing that gives them the courage to get through the day, the difficult meeting coming up, the bad news they just heard. A good morning or isn’t the sun nice today in a casual conversation may be the only time a person has verbal contact with another person that day. Jesus told us we met him in the stranger we fed, clothed, visited…

  • Karen in FL

    I have been blessed in my life and smile easily…and often! As I help distribute Holy Communion at Mass, I smile and look into each person’s eyes. What a great feeling it is to see them light up and smile back! I am sharing Jesus with everyone!

    • Maureen

      That is a blessing. There is a deacon at our church and when he serves Holy Communion, I honestly feel I am seeing Jesus in his eyes, and smile.

    • Mom916

      How beautiful! You are being a light for Jesus.

      • Karen in FL

        It took me a while to get to this point…and for that, I thank God! I was away from the church as a young adult. I thank Him daily for not taking me before I could return.

  • Maureen

    How appropriate todays message is. At times, after the fact I can see how I was an answer to someone else’s prayer, which is always mind blowing because I know it was not me but God, and also I had no clue I was helping them. (being clueless is kind of common for me) I often feel I have the St. Francis prayer backwards. I am looking to be consoled rather than console. Looking to be understood rather than understand. Looking to be loved rather than to love.
    I have been Blessed to have others around me who have answered my prayers, and I don’t know why I am so resistant to sharing my light, using my talents, listening to God and answering others prayers. I do not want to focus I what I cannot or have not done, as I believe that is resistance. Resistance to what path I am suppose to be taking to help serve.
    Please today let me put all the lessons together, pray often, be in the moment and be the answer to someone else’s prayer.

  • Margie Suarez

    It is an amazing feeling when we allow God to work through us. I love when God works through me and I don’t even know it, and then the person I’m talking to become full of light. I feel the grace of God working and I am left with remnants of that grace too. I walk away thanking God for that opportunity. Feeling the grace of God is a taste of heaven itself. Recently someone told me that I had the heart of Jesus. I was embarrassed that they told me this, because of the sinful life that I once lived. I wanted to run and hide. God is always ready, and willing to change hearts, if we but turn to Him and in turn we can become His vessel.

  • Sandra

    Really beautiful message that helped me quite a lot today. I will pay attention to when God wants to use me to answer someone’s prayers, as well as when He is using another to answer mine. I think this happens more than I know. God is good!

  • Mom916

    I am retired and dont need the money but work retail for 3 reasons. I can smile and be friendly to customers who may be lonely. I may be the only smile they receive that day or maybe that week. I can also help coworkers who struggle with everyday life and need a word of encouragement now and then. And lastly, I use my discount to purchase items for others. It may be maternity or baby stuff for a pro-life center or maybe for a young girl from the church who lives with her grandmother and wears old and soiled clothes and light jackets in cold weather. I also purchase little gifts for people who I meet along the way, receptionists in doctors office, etc. I don’t know if these people see God working through me. What I do know is that I see God in them because “The King will answer and say to them, ‘Truly I say to you, to the extent that you did it to one of these brothers of Mine, even the least of them, you did it to Me.’

    • Euge

      How beautiful! It seems like you have your own ministry going on! GOd bless you!

    • Shyne4god

      Thank you for this post ! This has put a goal for me when I retire I love using your discount for others ! This is definitely helpful ,

    • Suzanne L

      This is a beautiful story about what you do and why. Thanks for sharing it!! Bless you.

  • Todd Wilkowski

    God is ready to use us today. Are we ready to listen to his voice and direction or will we let resistance win because we are simply too BUSY with our plans or schedule to hear Him and respond through His grace? A friend once challenged me that if I’m too BUSY, then I’m “Buried Under Satan’s Yoke” rather than taking on our Lord’s Yoke, which is light and not burdensome and allows us to respond to His Will and plan for today. I’ve found as I open my day in prayer and specifically ask God to open my eyes to the opportunities He has all around me, surrender my daily schedule and plan to His and give me the grace to respond to the promptings of the Holy Spirit to act, that He does miraculous things and allows me to be the answer to someone’s prayers. Open the eyes of my heart Lord, I want to see you in others today and please let me know be good BUSY to be Your hands and feet in their lives.

    • Stephanie Rodriguez

      Wow! BUSY. Yes. Thank you for sharing, Todd. God bless you.

  • Diane Nichols

    Grace, you delivered one of the best talks I have listened to on Dynamic Catholic! I would love to be the answer to someone’s prayer. I think I may have been a few times to my children at different times in their lives whether they knew it or not. I believe Jesus does speak through each of us at different times through life because we are here to help one another. Thank you for sharing your story…I truly enjoyed it!

  • Magalis Muniz

    I never thought about being an answer to someone’s prayers. But I guess I have when my sister was going through a divorce I was there to listen. People have told me that just by being in the same room, I was answer to their prayers. My husband always expresses that I make him calm when he is going through something. It makes me feel happy to know I’m a comfort to him or to a close friend.

  • Gina

    I believe by reaching out to others with a kind act regardless of how small it may be is God’s way of touching two hearts. One may never realize the impact of a kind gesture to another person. I pray for my own spiritual awareness so that I may impact others to see God’s light.

  • Me

    I wish sometimes that I would understand God better to know what to do and how to solve a difficult situation for someone. At this point it is someone as close as my oldest sister. Her son, who is my godson, is getting married and has completely shut out my sister. She and her husband are having such a hard time agreeing with that marriage, although their future daughter-in-law is a lovely catholic girl. So much has happened I think that destroyed there trust in each other within my sisters family, that they don’t seam to be able to fix it. I wish I could fix it!! I pray that the wedding at the end of April will be joyful , I am trying to just put it in Gods hands , but I am also asking him to tell me what I could do to end my sisters pain and aggregation.

    • Marilyn

      Hi Me: Your story his a nerve with me when you said you wish you could “fix” the problem. We are not always the fixers, but in my prayer experience, my answer comes when I pray to the Holy Spirit to put the light on the right path for the situation at hand. Hopefully this will give you some peace.

  • Alice

    I hope I have been the answer to someone’s prayers. I like the thought that we can be the answer to someone’s prayer. People need help at different times. I want to aware of who God wants me to reach out to and help.

  • Deb OHara Rusckowski

    Beautiful!! We all have different gifts—but let’s get out there and answer some people’s prayers! Mathew Kelly is a real gift! Love his books.

  • Tricia Wickers

    I had a powerful experience as a Eucharistic minister one day in a intensive care unit. A frail woman was asleep in the bed so I asked the woman in the chair next to her if I should wake her for communion. She told me her mother was dying and could not swallow. I started to leave the room and something made me turn and ask the daughter if she wanted communion. She did and hugged me afterwards. she said that she had just told God that she could not do this alone and I walked in. I stayed with her until her brother arrived.

  • Betty

    I have the honor of taking Communion to a few shut ins in our town! The comments of appreciation I get from these people! They think I have made their day where as I feel they have made my day! All is possible through God!

  • Donald Marquez

    I don’t know if I ever thought of it in that context, but surely I have felt that in certain encounters, God had placed me in the right place at the right time. I have sought to be an “answer” in obvious places and situations–perhaps with the homeless–but often the most genuine encounters have been when I didn’t expect them. And maybe those were the times when I really was an answer to someone’s prayer. Or maybe they were the answer to mine and I didn’t even know it.

  • Debbie

    Many years ago, I was 25 y/o, recently married and diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, I use to spend time walking in a mall to get out of my house. I must of looked sad or lonely because an make-up associate stopped me and said I looked like I would like a make over. As she put make on me I told her my story and she said I had to get up every day and put my happy face on and I would be able to deal with anything God planned for me. Now, 27 years later I get up put my face on and smile. Sure my MS has worsened and I have had tough days, but I count my blessings, great family and friends, and get up everyday thinking she was the angel God sent me to deal with this disease.

  • RoseP

    I’ve been following the discussions here but always resisted joining them until today. I’ve prayed to know God’s will for my life, but didn’t hear an answer. Today I realized that it’s not one big answer, but many small answers every day. Thank you!

  • Eileen Rohr

    This week was kinda rough, mom fell and broke her wrist. It was Thursday before I got out of the house with my son who has multiple disabilities. He was being loud at Walmart. Lots of people were looking at us, not all of them were smiling. When I got to my car, a woman came up to me and pushed a wad of cash into my hand. She said I want to pay your bill today. I started to protest, then realized what this was and just gave her a hug and thanked her. I really didn’t need the money, but I really needed this kindness of a stranger who was acting in the place of Jesus to me.

    • RoseP

      Thank you for accepting the gift this woman offered. It was probably the only way she could think of to help. You realizing that her kindness was the real gift was a blessing both to you and her.

  • Cheryl Chalfant

    I believe God uses us to answer prayers in ways we may not even realize. Sometimes though, he gives us glimpses.

    About ten years ago, my husband made a spur of the moment decision to clean out our garage. He came across a pair of crutches one of our boys had used after a sports injury and tossed them into the garbage can. I am a reuse, reduce, recycle kind of a person, so I pulled them out with the intention of posting them on Freecycle (a web community to post items to give away for free). Well, with one thing and another I didn’t get around to posting the crutches until a few mornings later. I opened up the website and the first listing I saw was a request for a pair of crutches. I was stunned. I responded to her request with ‘You are not going to believe this, but I got online this morning to post a pair of crutches.’ She was a single mom, with a son who had sustained a sports injury, and she couldn’t afford the crutches he needed for recovery. She was stunned.

    We both recognized that God used a series of seemingly unrelated events to answer a prayer for a pair of crutches. How wonderful to be part of his plan. How beautiful to know he sees our needs and lovingly responds. How wise he is to reveal glimpses of how he uses us to do his work.

  • N Courie

    I know others have been the answer to my prayers. A few months ago my sister passed away. I was having a very rough time accepting her death for multiple reasons. About a month after she had passed, a casual friend from church, Jeff, who knew my sister had passed, stopped to ask me how I was doing after mass. I started crying again, and told him the whole truth of it, much more than I am sure he was expecting to hear. He waited patiently for me to finish, I know the Holy Spirit was with him and he answered my prayer, as soon as he spoke his thought about my sister’s death, my heart was stilled, my soul at peace. God answered my prayer through Jeff. I sent him a thank you note, for allowing himself to be an angel here on earth! What a blessing. While I am still saddened about my sister, I am not sorrowful, there is a difference. I have since tried to listen more to others in need to be their angel on earth.

  • Caroll

    i suffer physical illnesses most of my life. Lupus tormented me for number of years. It was under control for quite sometime, but lately it flared up again, it gives me pain in my joints, and I could hardly move nor do things. I was in pain lying on the couch this morning praying, instead of mourning and complaining to God. I praised him for all trials and graces that he had given me and helped me through. Through my illnesses, I learned how to care, love, concern, support others, above all, I learned how to appreciate every little things that he gives me. I still take things for grounded sometimes, but I still pray for transformation, so that I could be a better person that he wants me to be. God answered my prayer today. Thank you Lord.

  • Susan

    It was three years ago. Mom and I had a deal if it was raining she would not go to Sunday Mass and I would buy the paper for her and she would watch the Mass on TV. My husband watches out the window on Sundays and informs me when Mom passes the house in the car. It was not raining and she had not passed for her 10:30 Mass. I thought maybe he missed seeing the car. And figured I would call at noon when she returned from Mass to see how her day was going. But a voice in my head, GOD, prompted me to call her about 10:45. She answered the phone saying “did you get my call, I need you there is so much blood”. I ran to get my husband and we ran for her home next door. She was lying on the floor next to the phone blood all over the rug and the bathroom. This medical emergency could have been so much worse, but God took care of us all that day. So grateful for Mom’s recovery and the gift of her presence in my life.

  • Debra DeMers

    For the last few years, I have been making prayer shawls, for various occasions….. sickness, death of a loved one, marriages, new parents, new Grandparents and birthdays. Sometimes, it’s a member of someone’s family, that I’ve never met, but heard of their misfortune or something happy. As you knit the prayer shawl, you pray for the person you are making it for. The recipient, is usually overwhelmed, with appreciation. I feel so blessed to be able to do this for someone that may need a little bit of hope, love and prayers. There have been many a tear shed.

  • Mario Cannariato

    Through my parish I visit an 89 year old man named Frank that simply needs companionship once a week. Frank has expressed to me many times how he relishes our talks. Knowing Frank for eleven months let’s me know that I have been chosen to answer Franks prayers.

  • mistymama

    A few months ago, my hairdresser, who I also consider a friend confided in me that her daughter had been raped, many months ago and that now she was suffering from a serious eating disorder. She had hit her lowest point and was at a treatment center over 2 hours away. This woman was always so upbeat and it broke my heart to think of her family going through such a difficult time. I asked my husband, what could we possibly do to help her through this besides praying, which we did and still do. We decided to prepare food, enough for a few meals so that while traveling back and forth to visit their daughter, for a few days at least, they would not have to worry about cooking or what they would eat. My friend was so appreciative and thankful. She had said in all her life and career that nobody had ever done something this kind for her.
    I truly believe that my husband and I were the answer to her prayers during such a dark time. Just doing something so simple can make a profound difference to someone going through a hard time.

  • I didn’t realize how I’m not deliberately trying to be the answer, to serve God’s will as his instrument of peace. While I am always looking for small ways along my day’s path to be a positive encounter, those ways are based on convenience rather than deliberate planning, commitment and determination to do so. That takes a greater focus on listening to God in silence to hear His will for me.

  • Maria

    It was announced in the Sunday mass that our associate priest is being transferred to another parish. I just thought about helping him transfer his things and sending him off to make sure he was in a good place. I talked to my husband about it that he might need a bigger vehicle and we agreed to offer our truck. The next morning I called our associate priest and he was surprised and happy with what I offered him. He told me he had been thinking and wondering where he could get a bigger vehicle to transfer his things and all of a sudden I called him offering our truck. I felt really good like God made me an instrument to help Fr. at that moment.

  • Elaine Cooper

    I’ve always helped anyone in my sights who is full of sorrow. It breaks my heart, this Valley of tears. Always did. So I became an earthly Angel. Because of not earning money and always placing others above me getting a job , after we raised our 5 children. Husband has had it with me. If I don’t stop, abandon my mother and work full time. Then I’m not a contributer to my husbands burden he said. I guess I was wrong. 36 years of marriage are now on a thread that’s unraveling fast. He told me I had his blessing, helping my parents and others. Money has won. There should be enough Angel’s to take my place, helping the down trodden. If I continue I lose my husband. I don’t even want to pray today but I’m going to force myself too. I forget which saint said, when you don’t have a half hour to pray, you need an hour. … I may need knee replacements soon.

    • Jo Martin

      Elaine…”give us this day our daily bread”! I have no words , however, I pray for God to send someone to answer your prayer today. Peace be with you.

    • Sue

      Praying for u, Elaine! Your husband wants to feel loved and important, too. There is a balance you can achieve. You married your husband. He does need you. I am very active in my church, also. I always try to give my husband equal time. We all want to be loved and feel important to someone. Remember what you fell in love with in your husband 36 years ago. You can do this. It can get better. Let your husband know you don’t want to throw in the towel. Baby steps WITH GOD. Ask God what HIS Will is for your marriage♡♡♡+++

      • Elaine Cooper

        Thanks Sue, it’s been a very difficult 5 years. He lost his mom and we cared for his sister who has a brain injury, she is now in a group home with other young women like herself learning to be a member of society. My brother died from lung cancer. After that, then dementia overload forced us to place my Dad in a dementia care unit. I never wanted that for my great Father, it killed me. The guilt. He just passed away Jan 20th I miss him so much. Mom lives alone a state away, the running is killing me. But I committed myself to them. I can’t quit now. It’s led me to doing art with seniors where dad lived. I love them so. It’s a dream volunteer position for me. Now they want to hire me. It’s a great opportunity to do something I love. But the stress at home has been difficult. Another argument this morning emptied my half full glass. I’m filling it back up, to the top. Thank you for your words. They helped. I do believe God has plans, it’s just hard sometimes, being the sunshine in others days. I get doubts. I will hang in there as I always have. Thanks again.

        • Sue

          Oh, Elaine, u have been through a lot!!! I am sorry for your losses and tough, tough struggles. God bless you! U have been the answer to many prayers. I am praying for you that whatever happens will be the Will of God.

  • Ann

    I struggle with pride, so God, in all his mercy, does not let me see when I have been an answer to someone’s prayer very often. When I have been made aware of it (from the person I effected) I NEVER remember actually saying or doing whatever it was. God works that way in my life. He allows me to create ripples in the pond of life that I live in, but makes sure that I know that He is the one creating those ripples, not me!

  • Melissa

    If you want God to answer your prayers sometimes you need to be the answer to someone elses prayers…a speaker at our church made this statement and I will never forget it.
    Once I in Adoration I was praying to be healed from an illness. I was so physcially sick. When I came out of Adoration God had placed in my heart after helping one little girl that was poor and getting bullied in 5th grade bc she smelled. Dad was in jail mom was not paying attention.we gave her some gently used clothes and toiletries, and a note to tell her how important, smart and loved she was through a school psychologist friend at her school. The little girl was so happy she wrote a beautiful letter to us, she called me step mom in the note her name was francesca. after that in Adoration I cont to struggle and pray for healing of my illness God prayed back to me plan to help inner city school kids wrote a proposal created a gently used hand me down sytem of clothing that gets collected 2 x a yr at parishes washed by works of mercy group and sorted delivered right to the school aged kids.we have served sinced 2012 about 1200 kids…
    When I prayed what to name the program…The Good Neighbor Program was prayed into my heart.
    I am doing better.. Still suffer physcially from an autoimmune illness,
    However God works all things for the good. Sufferring and Silence are Gods vehicles in which His Will and our joy our found. So you are right Matthew we always need to be the answer to others prayers even by just by our presence of being there like Blessed Mary at the foot of the cross for one another.

  • KT

    I volunteer in the jail ministry that brings God’s word to county jail inmates. When we come to visit, they say “church” has come. Isn’t that amazing? They call us church–God’s gift so we’d know we are never alone and He is always with us. One of my biggest lessons in this was to realize they aren’t simply inmates…they are God’s children, who sometimes have had rough lives and made hurtful choices but they are wonderful, loving, and loved. I asked God to use me to answer some of their prayers. And in his generosity, He used them to answer mine!

    • Kevin Clark

      I’ll pray for your continued ministry to others. You are beloved.

  • Mike

    I can see other people who come into my life as answers to my prayers. But this reflection made me stop and wonder if I have ever been an answer to anyone else’s prayer. I hope I have and I hope I will in the future.

  • Martha

    Same thing as why was I there at that exact moment when someone needed me to call or stop by. It really gives you an overwhelming feeling. You know it was God putting you there. It happens to me quite often. Then. Sit back and know it was God in His plan for me. Thank you so much for these awesome videos.

  • Kathy

    I was having lunch with my grandchildren at a fast food restaurant. In the table across from us I heard a man talking with desperation to his mom. He was from out of town here for a new job. He had a check from back home but no one would cash it for him and he needed the money today for his hotel bill where his wife and child were staying. This was Saturday and his new job started Monday. I heard the amount he needed and I just happened to have that much in my wallet. I don’t usually have that amount but I’m sure God was there and sent me to help him. He was so grateful and I think it was a good lesson for the children to help someone in need.

    • Della Nestor Garrity

      How wonderful you were to that person. I find myself feeling someone needs to talk just by seeing their expressions and I might casually ask” Are you OK ” and then frequently they respond what is on their minds. My family asks “Why do you talk to people all the time”……… Well’ that is why. My prayers are for my family, friends, neighbors, and for those who have no one to pray for them etc etc.. We all need prayers. I also like to pray to my Guardian Angel and implore the angels of others to help and guide them through the day. God Bless Matthew. the DC group and all of you are praying this Lent.

  • JayAW

    I was fired from my last job almost six years ago due to office politics. The one bright spot was that a co-worker contacted me afterwards and told me that he thought it was total B.S. and he confronted my former boss about it. But he told me that I always did great work and he appreciated everything I had taught him over the years and that I could use him as a reference. Even when a really bad event happens in your life, it’s a bright spot to know that someone actually appreciates you for the help you gave them.

  • Lynne

    My Thanks to all of you that post daily – you do make a difference to me. Blessings & thank you.

  • Constance Griffith

    When you find yourself in the position to help someone, be happy and feel blessed; because God is answering that persons’ prayers through you.
    Remember: Our purpose on earth is not to get lost in the dark, but to be a light to others, so that they may find a way through you.

  • Scott Sowers

    There’s so many different definitions of what a prayer might be: guidance, peace, health, needs, wants. love, friendship, happiness, success and list goes on. In today’s high tech, high stress and low morals environment, folks have so many things on their hearts and minds, they don’t take the time to pray and too many of them don’t even think about praying to God for anything. They are just so out of touch with their spirituality that they don’t take pause to realize that prayer is not just for the bad times, but you can pray even when things are good. The great thing about being open to talking or listening to people and sharing from your heart is that you never know when you have answered their prayer. Even though someone says they are “fine”, there might be something that you say or do that will touch that exposed nerve that needs healing. I have to believe that. Other times you may cross paths with someone in need that asks for help. Hopefully you have an answer or can help them find the answer. The best you can do is to be yourself and let God lead your life and you will touch hearts. Real quick. There is a young man here at work that rides the bus and walks to work every morning. He lives at home and has had a tough life living in the projects. He’s always smiling and happy. He has issues, but he’s trying. He talks a big game and acts like he’s a bad dude to other employees, but I think he’s really a good kid. He was asking people if they had a basketball. He asked me and I told him I might. This was on my mind off and on for about four days. Yesterday I went into the back room of our garage looking for something and found three old basketballs on a shelf. I thought about him, took one down, aired it up and tossed it and a small pump in my truck. Today I walked down to his work station bouncing the ball. He turned around, smiled his big smile as I tossed it to him. He looked up and said, “Thank you Jesus!”. He did not thank me, he thanked Jesus. I guess his prayer was answered. Is that cool or what? I laughed, gave him the pump and went back to my office. I may have never gone into that back room until football season if it wasn’t for my wife asking me to do some off the wall chore in the yard. It never ceases to amaze me how God works. God bless.

  • Susie

    On May 23, 2016 my family experienced a significant house fire. It was around 8:30pm at night, our
    3 children were asleep in their beds, my husband was sitting on the couch watching a Blues Hockey Playoff game, and I had just came home from work and started doing the dishes when we heard a big bang.
    I walked into our family room to ask my husband if he had dropped something and he commented back that he was going to ask me the same thing. We started to investigate what it could be and I smelled a faint hint of smoke, so I returned to the running dish washer to see if it was that but it wasn’t. My husband went to the garage door, opened it, and jumped back as if an intruder was coming in, but it wasn’t that. Rather he screamed, “FIRE, GRAB THE KIDS!” I raced upstairs to wake and grab our sleeping kids. I went to the closest room that I could
    get to, which was my 4 year old son’s room and he was dead weight and I couldn’t grab him and attempt to grab another child. I left his room and went to our youngest daughter’s room, who was 22 months old, and grabbed her while yelling “kids get up, there is a fire.” I returned to our 4 year old son’s room now and he was awake enough now to jump into my free arm as I was carrying my daughter in the other. I went to look for our oldest son now, who was 6 and he was not in his room. I panicked not seeing him in his room and started to scream his name. He had already ran down the stairs waiting at the front door to exit. During this time my husband called 911 and our neighbor, since our garage was close to their 3 year old son’s bedroom, and he was even trying to figure out a plan to potential put out the fire. What seemed like multiple minutes to get everyone out to safety was probably a matter of seconds. For whatever reason we aren’t sure, my husband felt the urge to open the garage door as we were making our way out of the house. He knew that air would only fuel the fire, however logic was thrown out the window. I think he thought maybe he could put it out himself. As the garage door opened and
    my family stood across the street, my heart sank when I saw it was my husband’s car on fire. I knew car + fire = boom so I took my children and started running down the street as far as I could for their safety. Just then a couple and a teenage boy ran out of their home because they saw the smoke elevate to the sky while they were sitting on their back deck enjoying the nice weather. The father and son ran to our house to help my husband, while the wife invited us into their home. I sat on the kitchen floor of this women’s house holding my 3 kids repeating these words, “It’s ok, it’s just stuff, we are safe, and our parish community will take care of us.” I couldn’t let go of my kids, I could barely move or think at this point. I pulled myself together long enough to borrow their phone to call my parents. In the calmest voice that I could I said “mom, it’s Susie, we are all safe, but the house is on fire.” I could only imagine the fear and panic that I just cause my parents. My mom was
    babysitting and in the middle of giving my niece and nephews a bath. She screamed to my dad who was in another room exactly what I said and before she got off the phone with me my dad was in his car driving to my house.

    The teenage boy returned to his house and asked if he could help and take the boys upstairs to distract them with a video game. The women encouraged me to let them go and that they would be ok. My daughter was too young to understand what was going on, but could feel my emotions so when the women offered to hold her she wouldn’t release her grip on me.

    Multiple minutes have passed since I heard the sirens of the fire trucks arrive, my boys were safe and playing upstairs. I asked the women if I could leave them with her so I could see the outcome of things. She was more than helpful easing my fears and reassuring me that everyone was ok. As I was walking up the hill back to our house I saw a familiar silhouette, it was my dad. He raced down to meet me and grab both my daughter and I to embrace us with tear filled eyes. He walked us the remaining distance back to the house and told us most of the fire appeared to be out. I learned from my husband that the fire jumped from his car to my van. Both cars
    went up in flames and eventually created an explosion as well. It took another hour or so before we were
    able to go in to the house with the fire fighters. During this waiting period I took the kids from the safety of my neighbor’s house to my dad’s car in order to get them to my parents’ house. The kids saw the
    multiple fire trucks, the fire fighters, the neighbors and bystanders who had gathered out front. This scene was
    difficult enough for them to see, I am thankful that we were able to go inside and I could spare them the scene of the house in full blaze.

    After I got the kids settled at my parents’ house, I returned to our home and discovered more family members had arrived to help and a good friend from our church who happened to be playing cards at one of the fire stations who received the call to help.

    As the night ended and morning came the list of things to do overwhelmed us. The mantra that I was
    saying as I held my kids on that kitchen floor started to come true. “It’s ok, it’s just stuff, we are safe, and our parish community will take care of us.” The outpour of love and support humbled us beyond belief. We had people dropping off clothing, car seats, strollers, shoes, toiletries, gift cards, etc.

    God was showing us His love by sending us all these amazing people. He was giving us hope and reassurance that we really were going to be ok. The house needed to be completely demoed down to the studs and rebuilt, which took 7 months to do. We stay with my parents, which was the best possible solution for us. It was not an easy time, but it was a life lesson and it only strengthened our faith in God and the community.

    Going back to the neighbors who ran out of their home because they say the smoke from their deck. Being relatively new to the neighborhood, we met them once and waved at them as they drove by. We were not aware
    that they were members of our parish until we saw them the Sunday after the fire. I was struggling fighting back the tears all through Mass and right before Communion I had to take my restless daughter to the back of Church. As I was singing the Communion song and rocking my daughter, I spotted a familiar face who was smiling at me. It was the teenage boy who entertained my boys so I didn’t have to worry about them. At this moment a peace came over me and the tears I was fighting back flooded out of me. It was a God wink that he sent this family to be in our lives. Over the course of the summer we ran into this family more and more. This teenage boy was a life guard at the pool we did swimming lessons at. Each time the kids saw him they would ask to play video games again with him. It’s amazing to look back and see God working through this situation. If my husband didn’t run back in to open the garage to allow the smoke out that family might not have seen it from their deck and came out to help us.

    Throughout this entire experience I have learned a lot about myself and the strength of my family. God works in mysterious ways and “It’s ok, it’s just stuff, we are safe, and our parish community will take care of us…….and so will GOD.”

    • Kevin Clark

      God bless your family

    • Pat

      Awesome God experience. So grateful for the safety of your family. So grateful you are centered in Christ and know what was important here. Blessings to you and your family, and all who helped you, especially the sweet teenager.

  • Kevin Clark

    I met a lady that changed my life at the beginning of lent. I was about to leave my work place and Michelle approached me thinking I worked for the government. She asked me if her kids where ok. I said” I don’t know but could surely pray with you for them. She wasn’t asking for money, she was just a lost soul that need help. I prayed with her and listen to her story for about 1 hour. Most times people just gave her funny looks and mocked her when she went down the street. Today and everyday i pray for the safety of Michelle on the streets. Prayer changes and moves throughout us every day.

  • Nancy

    28 years ago, our only son was instantly killed in a car wreck when he had just turned 23 and about to graduate from college. It was emotional and physical pain so severe I never knew existed. Many people reached out to us answering the prayers of many for us. After a couple years of wrestling with God and the pain… my husband and I began reaching out to others who had lost children or spouses. I’m sure we were then answers to prayers for them. Seven years ago I with other bereaved friends started a bereavement support group that is held at our church. Now, husband died suddenly from cancer 3 years ago. Another terrible pain I’m having to learn to live with. It helps to continue reaching out to others and letting them know you will survive… it is like the lady Matthew spoke of who recognized the pain. I know the pain of loss and try to help others as God sent others to help me.

    • Deb Daly

      Nancy, I am so sorry for your pain and loss. I’m sure it is such a blessing and comfort to others that you reach out and help them in a way that only someone who has been through loss can. God bless you.

  • CathieHeenan

    I try to be the answer to someone’s prayer by greeting everyone I meet in a day. Someone could be feeling a bit down for whatever reason, and I hope that when I greet them, it brightens them up.

  • plhAngel

    When I was a small child I was once a “messenger” to answer a prayer for my Aunt. My brother & I had picked some flowers (weeds?) and were taking them to my Mother. He gave his to her, but something “told me” to give mine to my Amazement unt. She started crying and hugging me. I didn’t know what was going on, so my Mother explained that my Aunt had prayed to St Therese of the Little Flower to send her a sign that her son who was scheduled for open heart surgery would be alright. (He came through fine.)
    I’ve always felt grateful that God sent that special message through me. Now I think I need to work on listening for those “whispers” that He may be sending to me today.

  • Donna

    A few years ago, I was blessed to go an a mission awareness trip to the Philippines with CFCA. The Catholic organization has been renamed UNBOUND because they wanted to reach out to all people in need, regardless of religion. At that point in time I was sponsoring an older woman, Gloria, and a young college student, Anacel. My daughter was sponsoring a young man, Levi, who was just finishing his training to be a chef. We had been sponsors for 15 years. We had exchanged pictures, letters and prayers, but had never met. When our group arrived, the whole town lined the streets to meet us; it was an incredible celebration of love. Fellow travelers remarked that we were being treated like royalty. I replied that it felt more like being treated “as the answer to prayer.” How easy it is to ease the suffering of others by donating a few dollars a month. During that trip the Lord opened my eyes and softened my heart. I understood that there were no poor people, only wonderful, talented, loving people who were unfortunately living in poverty. I met one of the founders who was from Kansas, his motto was,”live simply so others may simply live.” The experience has changed my life. If you have an extra $35 a month prayerfully consider being the answer to someone else’s prayer.. Anacel is now teaching, so I sponsor two young girls from Guatemala. Gloria is in her eighties….always looking for my letters. My seminarian, Armando will be ordained next year. My daughter now sponsors a little girl, in hopes of taking her own daughter on a mission trip. I am so grateful for the realization that whatever I have has been a gift from God. He meant it to be shared with the rest of His family. Praise you Lord for all of your Blessings!

  • Laura LaDue

    I never thought about that way but I tend to gravitate toward those who are lonely and hurting. I figured God put me there but never thought that it could’ve been their prayer. What an inspiring way to view those encounters.

  • phyllis marino

    I have just returned from working on the team of a Cursillo weekend! We shared the love of Christ with 29 beautiful women. A few of these women had never been to reconciliation. With our encouragement they spoke with the priest. For one of the women it was her first confession! How awesome it was to see the peace of Christ on their faces! I witnessed many miracles during the weekend, all accomplished by the team being Christ to these women. We are His voice, His hands, and His feet.
    Phyllis Marino

  • jerseyangel

    All of you have such beautiful stories of being Jesus to others. I can’t stop reading them Some of you have been able to do big way and most in small ways but really impact others. Such a blessing and inspiration for today. Thank you

  • Rosie

    I have been blessed with the gift of taking Eucharist to a homebound person for the past 6 years. I was asked by our deacon if I could visit with this woman. As time went on, she shyly shared her life with me, telling me she was not Catholic, unknown to me and the deacon too (and here I am taking her the Eucharist). I approached my pastor and asked him what could be done. He quickly told me to catechize her and he would take care of the rest. This woman was already catechized. She still had questions but she listened to Mass every day on EWTN and she prayed the rosary each and every day. She is more Catholic than most Catholics I know. She does evangelize her family and tries to share with them the gifts she has been given. Shortly, after I met her, I was also informed by her granddaughter that the woman who lived with her is not her sister, as I thought but her partner for 44 years. They have a civil union. She was so nervous that I would stop visiting her and bringing the Eucharist. As it would happen, her partner now would like to become Catholic also and we are working on that with my pastor. She tells me weekly how much I mean to her (she calls me her rose and she is my thorn). I have been blessed to have met such beautiful people, including her family. God put them into my life as well as putting me into their lives (with total acceptance) of who they are. I believe we both are answers to each other’s prayers.

    • Maureen Daniels Ceglia

      Rosie your story made me cry. I think because God’s unconditional love for ALL his children sometimes overwhelms me and your post brought that home. Thank you for sharing.

      • Rosie

        Thanks Maureen. God is good. He has a special plan for all of us. God’s blessings to you and your family. Rosie

  • Colleen Braun

    In 1996, I started a new job and as I met one of my new bosse, I was made aware that one of them was going to need my help, I knew God was talking to me and I knew everything would be revealed in Gods time!
    In 2000, I became a manager and was still pulled to this other manager and it was revealed to me by her that she’s had MS since 1980 and was getting weaker!! Her mother had passed away and she needed help with her aging father!
    I moved in and took care of her father and her and since he passed in 2005, I have been talking care of her! She has been bed ridden since 2014 and I know God has used me to help her find Him!
    In 2003, she converted to become a Catholic!!! My mission here has been to show as many people as I can that we are soldiers of Christ and I want to save as many souls as I can for God as I walk this planet!!!
    I tell everyone Jesus is my BFF and Mary is my second BFF! They have and will always be with me no matter where I am!! I pray I always do His will and always make Him pleased with me!
    Please pray for me for patience and guidance to always do Gods will! Thank you 💖😘🙏🏻

  • Joan

    I recommend reading a book called The Prayer of Jabez. It is all about letting God work through us. When I was at a particularly difficult time in my life, I was on my way back home to a very difficult situation and I said to my husband that I just couldn’t do it anymore. That it broke my heart. And right there on a rural highway, exactly at that moment, I saw a billboard with a big picture of Jesus with open arms that said, “Jesus heals a broken heart.” It gave me all the motivation I needed at the moment. I call it my billboard moment. God is here in the world, communicating to us, often through other people. We can all be the person He works through. That is what saying the prayer of Jabez is all about.

  • Peggy Pigors

    I received an email this morning from a very talented Sister of Charity who gives workshops all over the U.S. and abroad. She had come to our parish in January to do a workshop for us. She is so very busy that I didn’t know if she could come. When she accepted, she just told me that there was something about me that she just couldn’t say no. A few weeks later, she asked me for ideas for another day of reflection she was doing at another parish. Today, she asked me to pray for her as she goes to New Mexico to do two retreats.

    As I listened to Matthew speak this morning about praying for others and being used by God to do this, I was reminded how no matter how successful we are in life, praying for others is indeed a gift that God wants us to share every day.

  • Pat

    When i was young, God bestowed grace upon me to be a real Martha. As I have gotten older, He has drawn me to a Mary role. I have somewhat struggled through the procees because until now, I did not recognize its function, which is to pray for those whom Our Lord impresses upon me that need prayer. God, help us to do the things we cannot do for ourselves. My brothers and sisters, we never know when Our Lord is looking at us through another’s eyes and they are lifting us in prayer.

    • Lisa

      Thank you for saying “God bestowed grace upon me to be a real Martha.” People usually forget that Martha was serving others. She was a good person.

      • Pat

        I think she was too, Lisa. She was a server. Mary was a listener. I hope to find my balance between the two.

  • Ginie

    At the end of 2015 I was growing dissatisfied with my life, my loneliness, feeling cut off from my parish because I have limited free time. Being a primary caregiver means that I am home with my 43 yr. old son, who had a Traumatic Brain Injury in 2010, afternoons, evenings, nights, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays. We hire someone to help by driving my son to transitional and speech therapy but the rest of the time he is mine-I retired early to do this. He’s angry at God so taking him with me to church is not a pleasant option except for lenten fish fries. I can leave him alone for short periods, but I need to make sure he has a meal, at least one he can microwave and is not acting in a pre-seizure way. I make no promises to attend anything. If it’s not a work day I can get some relief from my eldest son or my daughter (who has a daughter with Epilepsy).
    Well in my loneliness I volunteered to host a Small Church Community in my home, that way if a care helper canceled or Erik wasn’t physically ready to go to therapy my group and I could still meet. I ended up hosting and leading the group-training was during the day while my son was gone with the care helper.
    In the Original group we saw the hand of God in the who was together…. Myself, a person raised in a bi-cultural home, a retired teacher, a widow of a non-practicing Catholic, a mother of 5 adult children, a caregiver of a person with a brain injury, and a sister to 9 siblings: one brother who lost his leg due to a motorcycle accident and a sister with heart disease, who lost her leg to diabetes.
    First member BC: was a retired teacher with two adult children-she raised her children Catholic on her own as her husband left her, she is a bit older then me but was also raised by parents from Europe we were both from large families and lived in very tight living quarters growing up.
    Next MD: was one of three, raised in tight quarters also and married a non-Catholic, some of our experiences with our spouses were the same, our strict upbringing was also similar, mother of one child who was murdered in a store robbery.
    DD: mother of 5, who was all over the place feeling like she had to do everything for everybody-but neglecting her children because of over involvement with “good” activities for the church making up for the time she wasn’t active enough. In many ways she reminded me of me in my younger days, she was raised in part by an Italian Catholic grandmother.
    MH: a care receiver with a brain injury due to a tumor, she like my son cannot drive, has trouble focusing when there is a lot of talking going on and occasionally expressing herself clearly-except in song-she has a lovely singing voice and helps her parents with their care of her elderly grandmother.
    BM a dad of two daughters, a convert to Catholicism, has a sad family history prior to learning about God from his foster parents and meeting his saintly wife. He’s a bit rough around the edges but loving and caring of his “ladies” the rest of our group. He is a diabetic and has lost some toes, he has heart problems…..
    In so many ways we were finding connections to each other, our sessions have slowed down but we call on each other for prayer support or just to get together. Health issues on so many fronts have made it difficult to meet and two of the original group left after the first session of SCC but we adopted another -also raised by parents in an old style Italian home. Some of the group was freaked out about how our lives had so many connections but came regularly at the end we all wrote each other letters. With each letter I prayed deeply writing an outline of what I thought I needed to say, then I prayed some more and noted what I felt God calling me to say. For DD, I wrote a letter saying how I saw myself in her and when I was hyper active in the Charismatic movement I learned a very important lesson of prioritizing for GOD not the church. I told her that I learned that I must ALWAYS put God first, my husband second followed by my children, then my parents. After that I had a responsibility to my church, then my job. I added a bit to the letter and then was afraid to give it to her because I thought she might find it judgemental and that’s not what I wanted it to be I wanted to affirm her love for God but give her insight to what I saw. She took my letter and read it during her prayer time and called me. “This is just what I needed she said, you opened my eyes and God has convicted me. My business is causing a rift between my husband and me and I am neglectful of my own children because I’m spending hours at church doing for others. ” She has thanked me many times since I gave her that letter last spring. I thank God I gave it to her.
    I am close friend with BC and invite her to my chair yoga and to the pool for exercise while Erik is in water therapy. She needs the exercise and the socialization as she lives alone and is aging and I enjoy and need it too.
    This is so long but I couldn’t figure out how to let y’all see the connections we had/have as a group.

  • Christopher Young

    When we accept the challenge to be the answer to someones prayer we are often led to strange places where we never would have dreamed of “hanging out”. Over ten years ago God led me to follow Mathew 25:36. Although I have few talents, I learned that God does not call the qualified, He qualifies the called. When I go into the darkness of prisons, it is not me but Christ thru me that brings comfort to the incarcerated. All that I am supposed to do is to “Listen, Listen, Love, Love.) The last ten years in prison ministry and my experiences there have brought me to the closest relationship that I have ever enjoyed with my Lord and Savior.

    • Samantha Stevens MarLett

      I love this “God does not call the qualified, He qualifies the called” that’s so powerful and true! God bless you and your ministry!

    • Lisa

      He qualifies the called. I like that.

  • Debbie Miller

    I was on my way to work last year and had a heavy heart about so many needs in the world. I asked God to let me be his hands and feet that day. As I got out of my car a woman drove up to me to ask if I worked there and did we allow people to use the showers ( I work at the YMCA). On any other day I might have explained that our facility was for members only and gone about my day. I looked in her car and realized she was living in her car so I invited her to come in as my guest. She was able to shower and groom in a safe place taking all the time she needed. Several members spoke to her and commented on what a sweet person she was. They did not know her circumstances. Another Employee realized her situation and they had an amazing conversation about God. This woman facing extreme hardship expressed her faith that God would work things out. She was an amazing witness to me!

  • Tony Pantera

    When doing something for someone, directly or indirectly, there is a feeling that can’t be matched. Today’s reflection makes it even more so, when remembering that someone’s prayer has been answered by my actions.

  • Michael Lennon

    This “Best Lent Ever” (BLE) 2017 series is most certainly God-inspired. How do I know that? Well, each day, the result of the messages from Matthew and one of the terrific DC team members point right to God, right then – and with and exciting desire to be and do what I just heard. In fact, each day BLE message HAS been an answer to prayer for me…helping to bring me closer to my Lord and King and to behave more like the Jesus of the Gospels.

  • I have though about it. I also think I have been an answer to someone’s prayer (sorta)

    • Kathleen Henshaw

      James, I’m sure you have been, not “sorta.” Open yourself to it and pray about it. I know all too well that God stands behind us and encourages us, even if we don’t believe. He does not give up and even when we resist, we still become an answer to someone’s prayer.

  • Kathy

    I was in the pharmacy about a month ago and saw one of the technicians getting a big bug from someone in the pharmacy and I could tell something was drastically wrong and that she was very, very sad. I went home and thought about her and started to pray for her. About a week later I went back and there she was with her eyes just misty but trying to do her work. There were about 5 different people that could have helped me but it was her that came. I knew her name was Kim and I told her that over the past couple weeks whenever I came in that she looked very sad. I told her she could just tell me to leave her alone and not ask questions but she didn’t. I knew that face, as I had that same face when I lost my husband, I told her that I had lost my husband and if she ever needed someone to talk with I would be happy to listen. I guess she had a few extra minitues and she told me she lost her son the week before at the young age of 23. My heart just broke. Losing a husband is hard but I can’t imagine if I lost my son as it might be a loss that I wouldn’t be able to look as like I did when my husband died. It would take me much longer to accept it as he has a wife and two beautiful children. She said they didn’t know why he died and they were still doing an autopsy but her eyes said she knew what happened. I was so thankful to God that he had me go in that store that day where I could talk with her and start a friendship. I pray for her and she prays for me. I babysit my 6 month old grandson daily so I try and take him in so she can see in his eyes what love really is. Its amazing to me how God puts us in someone’s life when you least expect it and leaves you feeling that nothing is harder than the loss of a child.

  • Kathleen Henshaw

    Interesting….I have noticed for a long time that I suddenly jump in to help people…in the grocery store, department store, hospitals, wherever. They generally do not solicit assistance, I just suddenly have a “push” or sometimes a “shove” to help them. The reason this seems so strange to me? I’m a shy person; I have gone most of my life trying to avoid contact and conversation with strangers. Also, this has happened even while proclaiming I did not believe in Christianity. The Holy Spirit has ALWAYS been there, encouraging me to do God’s work. I understand more these days than I ever have; I believe more than I ever have. Yes, we are here to be the answer to someone’s prayers, even if we choose not to believe that is the case. I have become more open to listening to the messages I receive constantly from our Lord.

  • Cheryl Vanderah

    As I think back to the year 2001, I know that God was working in me and through me. You see, we were expecting our third child in June,2001, but found out at a routine ultrasound in Jan that our baby had a fatal birth defects known as Anencephaley. Through lots of prayer and a second opinion, I knew in my heart we would carry Isaac full term even though the end result would remain that he would not live after he was born or could possibly be still born. That year is when the growing happened in our lives and people around us. I prayed for someone to come into my life that had gone through an experience like this to just share my feelings with, but God had been preparing me for other ways which took place after Isaac was born which was putting a couple in contact with us that was expecting their first baby which just got diagnosed with the same birth defect as Isaac which is 1 out of 10,000 babies are born with and also an isolated situation which no genetic reasoning of this happening. Wow! I thought how do we help a couple that is now going through what we just went through, as our hearts are heavy and grieving. You got it, God helped carry us through with meeting this couple just a week after our loss with Issac, open heart, mind and spirit turned out to be the most defining moment in our lives. Strangers to friends to say the least, as they had their son Owen on Aug 10, 2001 and Isaac was born June 8, 2001. Pretty amazing how God can work to help others in our time of need. We not only got to be a part of Owen’s birth, but Ron and Karen became our next born daughters Godparents in Aug 5. 2003. To say God is Good and always has a plan to do good in our life is to say the least, but although this is a long, but much short version of our story it doesn’t end here. Ron and Karen were then blessed with 2 other children Hannah, now 13 and Benjamin Isaac, age 10 now. We remained close family friends now which has lead me to the next part of our lives which took place this past fall in early Oct, when we received a phone call from Karen’s family letting us know that Ron and Ben had been in a car accident the night before on their way home from a scout meeting and Ron did not survive. He was only 46, a great man, dad, husband, friend son, uncle Godfather, etc. My reasoning for wanting to share this whole story is because to think of the lonely and hurting and praying for that right person, people to come into Karen and the kids life as that great reminder and love of Christ. Thank you for taking the time to read this as its just a glimpse of God’s great love always at work around us and through us. Please take a moment to pray for this family. God Bless and thankful for this Lenten site to read daily.

  • Taryn Macary

    I pray that I am the answer to the prayers of others. What I do know is that the Spirit moves me to respond many times. I have had a very hard life (relatively speaking), and the experience of my own pain is a source of compassion for others. I am called to reach out in love and tremendous empathy, especially where I know the deep presence, consolation, and joy of our Lord. I lost my 26 year old son to suicide two years ago. When I see posts from online groups about the death of a child or the loss of a loved one from suicide, I feel the grace to express great compassion, but also remind them of the beloved still adoring us all the time, and the joy of their embrace within the arms of Christ. I believe that true empathy/compassion can be a bridge to opening up a sorrowful heart to the joy of God’s grace and love.

  • Mary

    I recently returned from a trip to Ireland as a chaperone with a high school marching band. One of the other chaperones is a devoted Catholic who was apprehensive about going on the trip because she attends daily mass and would miss mass for the 8 days we would be gone. She prayed everyday to Jesus to send her a priest on our trip. And He did! At one of our out door performances, a monk, who is a brother and a priest, chose her to stand next to and talk to during our performance. She said she just trembled because she knew God answered her prayers. She asked the monk to bless her and he did. When she shared that with us at dinner I almost started to cry as I am now. It is so amazing to see such faith and to see that God truly answered her prayer. It makes me want to deepen my faith so that one day I can also hear God’s voice. How neat that this story fits so well with todays reflections. God bless you all today and everyday. May God answer your prayers.

  • Jacqueline Shukla

    I was at the grocery store with my children when they were in their early teens. As we got into the car after shopping, a woman approached me and asked me for a specific amount of money to help her pay for gas (or maybe medicine, I have forgotten exactly what). It was something like $12 instead of a round number like $10 or even $15. I looked into my wallet and I had EXACTLY that amount of money. I asked her if she had prayed about this and she said yes, and I told her how I had that exact amount of money. Of course I gave it to her. It still gives me goose bumps to remember this. I think I also taught my sons a lesson about charity that day.

  • Patricia Norris

    There was a gentleman at church in the same kind of situation, having lost his wife a few weeks earlier. After talking to him and sharing prayer, I found out that he was the father of the girl who had welcomed me as a new student when I moved to this area as a sixth grader, almost fifty years earlier. I had spent the night at their house on several occasions, and eaten dinner with them. I greet him every week with a hug, and it is wonderful to see joy on his face again.

  • Glen Arcalas

    At a young age because of my family dynamic of being labeled “broken family” I could see the people who have made a difference in my life. With that awareness I felt the need to do the same for others. Growing up for the most part of my life was shy but there are many a times I noticed just saying hi or smiling changes a persons day. Even for those that might label someone else as bad or different they too could use little conversation or just a little smile.😄

  • Gina Del Vecchio

    I loved this video today (Both Matthew and Grace). I too seek out those who are suffering and it is one of the most rewarding things in life – to be the answer to someones prayers. Maybe even the answer to a prayer that they did not even consciously realize they were praying. I’ve been in that state many times in my life and angels have found me.

  • MaryAnne Casaul

    I’ve never really thought about being the answer to someone else’s prayer. I’ve had certain situations happen and at the end of the situation the person I was with has said how thankful they were for my help. I always give the glory to God for His divine intervention because I know I can do nothing without His help. I truly believe God uses us for others and sometimes we aren’t even aware of it.

    • Lisa

      “Mostly” we aren’t aware of it, I think.

  • Patricia

    I often pray that God will help me recognize him in others I meet. I never thought about the fact that I might be someone that God might work through for others. I pray that I will be open to his will for me

    • Lisa

      God is happy with your prayer. Give Him your day and He will work miracles – you might even notice some of them.

  • Pam

    When I get down and out, I think about an old photo. I was a new mom, we were struggling financially, my husband was having trouble finding work, and we were about to lose my father-in-law to cancer. All of my dreams and hopes seemed impossible. It was Mother’s Day and my husband took a picture of me and my new daughter with a TV in the background. (These were the days when you had to wait to get your photos developed.) When we received the photo, our mouths dropped. On the TV, with a black background and white letters, it said, “Believe it or not, someone is looking out for you.” We searched for a commerical that had those words and couldn’t find one. We decided that even if the words were truly from a TV show or advertisement, it was definitely a message from God or a loved one. It has been 22 years and it seems like yesterday. And yes, everything does work out. Someone was looking out for us!

  • Crystal Dasburg Marchand

    I haven’t really thought about being the answer to someone’s prayer. I like to help people and get to know people that I meet. I guess I just hope in some way, at some time, that I was where I needed to be for someone who needed God and I got to be His instrument.

  • Connie Regener

    Here is a prayer I use often: Lord bless those whom you are saving today, and if no one else wants them, send them to me. Then stand back and prepare to receive.

  • Kathy D. Smith

    I’ve often called it an “intuition” inspired by the Holy Spirit, but yes, my gift is to sense when someone is having a difficult time & to reach out to them with a note of encouragement, a phone call or visit & so often, I’ve been told by those people that they don’t know how I knew that they were needing someone to speak hope & encouragement to them. I know that it was God using me to be a gift to them. It’s not my doing, but when I respond to those “intuitions”, most often they are received with appreciation & for that I thank God. Help me to be an answer to someone’s prayers today, God.

  • Sally

    I remember when I was the answer to someone’s prayer. It happened last summer when we were visiting my brother-in-law. His neighbor happened to stop by and we got into a discussion. Through the conversation, I learned that she was going through some of the same situations with her teenage daughter that I had had with mine. Mine had mental problems from being abused and deserted by her mother at an early age and ran away, got caught in shoplifting and spent time in jail and a group home and would never come back to live with her family. While her daughter, who was raped by a church person, was still talking to her mother and they were in therapy she was still worried about what was happening and the future. She was so grateful to talk to someone who had gone through the same thing. We ended up talking for a long time and even though I couldn’t give her answers she was grateful to have someone that could really relate to her situation. While she was Mormon and I am Catholic, we both were sure that God had brought us together at that time. I also told her to rely on God to help her through this situation as He had helped me get through mine.

  • lizmvr

    I think I would be happy to be the answer to someone’s prayer, but I do realize that I don’t really know that I hear God speaking to me or working through me. Right now, I know a friend of mine is struggling with alcohol addiction; I think he lost his good job, though I know I don’t know his exact circumstances at this point. I worry that he’ll lose his life to this addiction, but I honestly don’t know if it’s better or worse to reach out to him. I’m not really worried about rejection from him in his current state, but I worry that maybe I’ll trigger his drinking more. I don’t want him to feel worse when he realizes that I know more than he probably would willingly tell me about his current situation. I don’t want to be an enabler either. He’s a good person; he just doesn’t make good choices when he’s drinking. It saddens me to think that he’s hurting so much.

  • Paul

    I could not imagine a higher compliment than being the answer to someone’s prayers. I have thought about helping people, as a way to make them and me feel better. But I haven’t considered the fact that I may be the answer to their prayers. Each day since beginning this Lenten program, I have worked on becoming more aware of what is happening in the moment. As I reflect each day on missed opportunities, I am more eager than ever to ensure that I do my best going forward. There is no way that I would want someone to pray to God for help, and I am able to help them, and miss the opportunity to be God’s servant here on earth.

  • Fran Barten

    I sat on the grass beside my dear husband’s fresh grave, tears that wouldn’t stop, A friend noticed me there, walked down the hill through rows of tombstones.. I did not hear her coming. She stood beside me, I felt a hand on my shoulder and Jesus lifted me to my feet and hugged me. . In silence, Jesus told me everything would be alright. Now 11 years later, I find myself drawn to people who are suffering. One example of this gift happened on a recent trip to get groceries. Encountering an acquaintance in the grocery isle, I say,”Hello, How are you doing”, and after listening for half an hour and crying together, I ask if I can pray with her right there by the Cheerios. I ask for Jesus’ blessings on her, and say ,”Everything will be alright”. And my children and grandchildren are waiting for me at home, wondering why it takes me an hour to pick up a box of Cheerios. I pray to be Jesus to all I encounter, and let God move me. I thank God for my grief and trials and may I learn to love Him more.

  • Lisa

    I went into church one day and was depressed. I told God no one loved me. He told me I had family and friends. I said yes but no one else. He reminded me of the time he sent a priest to the Adoration Chapel when I asked him how to get a medal blessed. In my grumpiness I said “How hard is it to get a priest to come to church.”
    A few minutes later, a woman walked into church and asked me for a dollar. I said I didn’t have a dollar but would she take a five dollar bill. She said boy would I. She then looked at me and said I’ll sit with you for a while. I didn’t want to talk to her, I wanted to pray, so I asked if she wanted to pray the Rosary. She nodded yes and I began. She knew about a half and Our Father and none of the rest of the prayers. She gasped with shock at each announcement of faith, then hope, then love. (I didn’t want to say charity for fear I would give her offense). After a while she asked me if I wanted to go to coffee. I said no and she kissed me and said I love you.
    When she left, God said “How hard is it to get someone who doesn’t know a single prayer to come to church.”
    At that moment, I knew God had kissed me and said I love you through this woman.
    So, I guess the moral of the story is, God can work through anyone. Just be a good person and go about your day, He will find all kinds of ways to work through you. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you know.

  • Milagros

    We have a friend who has been struggling financially. She is a woman of strong faith. When she speaks, you hear God. Recently, she was called to work in a retreat. The cost is a little over $100. My husband and I anonymously paid her retreat cost. When the priest told her that her cost had been paid, she cried with gratitude. I know that was weighing heavily on her mind. We didn’t want those who were going to the retreat, to miss out on hearing her speak because she couldn’t pay her way. God works through her and He worked through us too.

  • Carl

    To be an answer to prayer means we have to actually approach people and not be those who hang back and think “Someone else will do it”. Reflecting on the parable of the Good Samaritan helps me to understand this. I recall approaching someone who appeared distressed and asked her how she was doing and asked if I could pray with her right there and then. I’m sure it made a big difference to BOTH of us. Imagine if we could all do this in our church, communities, ..Wow

  • Caryl Sinnott

    Once we were on a road trip and I had the two youngest children in my car. My husband had the two older ones in his car. We didn’t all fit in one car. I had a tire blow out and my husband didn’t notice. I put the hood up and we said a rosary. A man stopped to help but my vibes were afraid. He went back to his truck to get tools and another car with a family in it drove up to help. I asked why they stopped when they saw we had help. They said they passed by and had an overwhelming feeling to circle back and help. Together the men put on the spare while the children and I waited in 2nd man’s car. When they finished I paid the first man who stopped. The second man with his wife and baby, said he was going to follow me until I met back up with my husband. Which did happen shortly. I to this day feel like they were the holy family. At the least an answer to my prayers. I hope I have been to others.

  • Lisa

    I can’t really remember being the answer to anyone’s prayers; but, periodically when I am praying, I feel called to bless someone in my prayers. Later, I find out their child was in the hospital or their house got flooded, etc.

  • Deb Durrett

    Wow! A powerful story of acceptance over rejection with Will at the bridge. I’m praying for God’s guidance in that I might be a light for him even more each day.

  • Cathlynn

    I commented several days ago about my son going to jail and being on the street with mental health issues. I was in a bad place…several of you responded to me directly and offered prayers. You were the answer to my prayers…my son called me the next day to let me know he was voluntarily in a mental health inpatient unit for the next few days. Praise God your prayers were heard and mine answered. He is being discharged today. He is in another state and I don’t know what will happen next. I love my God and have faith in him. I believe the Divine in each of us reaches out to touch the humanity in others to connect through love. Our God is a God of relationships and is Love. That is what it is all about. Thank you for your prayers and love.

  • Jo

    Well I follow Dynamic Catholic on many things, so I’ve definitely thought about it before when I hear the story 🙂

  • Joyce

    I’ve often heard the statement…” You may be the only Bible that some people ever read!” Food for thought for us all as well as BIBLE..Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth!

  • RD

    I think the whole world is looking for meaning/identity, acceptance/love, or forgiveness/mercy, depending on the day or the hour.

    When we show others that:
    they have worth/belong to God’s family;
    we accept them, even in their imperfection/care about whatever they are experiencing;
    we will show forgiveness of any kind or we will compassionately stay with people for a moment in their suffering. . .this is answering prayer.

    The secret is to take the time to be aware of these needs all around us; to get out of our own egos and experience the others sharing our paths; to think through a situation and rather than be offended by a behavior, try to see if the root of that behavior is a wound we can help heal, or at least pray earnestly about. These things do not come naturally at first, yet with God, they do become a new way of living.

    We constantly have to renew our minds to continue to think in these ways. Lord, thank you for the season of Lent that re-focuses us. Answer our prayers, and then use us to answer still more prayers. Amen

  • Michael Ennis

    Many years ago, a friend and I were hitchhiking and we got a ride from a gentleman in a van. Several years later, I picked up a man hitching. He said he just needed to get to work. As we approached, the employer looked very familiar. I asked the guy if he remembered picking up a couple of guys a few years back and giving them a ride. He said that he did. I told him I was one of the two guys. It’s funny sometimes how karma works. We shook hands and wished each other a great day.
    God Bless

  • Lori Grajek

    Grace’s story brought me to tears. I have been blessed to help a couple hurting people in the past. When I was in my 20s once I was praying in a park and reading my Bible and I sensed God urging me to go to a house near the park and talk to the lady there. It was a strange request. I didn’t even know who lived there or what was wrong. Thankfully I listened and obeyed God’s urging and I was able to pray with the woman who was deathly afraid for her husband who was having severe issues with his heart. Imagine my joy that I was able to bring some hope and comfort to her. That was almost 40 years ago now. I long to get back to that place of listening to God’s voice but I find it difficult to sit quietly. Maybe I”m trying too hard. Do any of you have any suggestions?

  • Pearl Brown

    I never thought of being the answer to someone prayer however I would like to be from this day going forward I will try to be praise God

  • LJ

    Well it would seem that God is happy today on this 1st day of Spring and so am I. That is really good when people are kind and God is King. Happy and Blessed Spring to you.

  • Amy Reinhardt

    I’ve thought about how wonderful it would feel to be the answer to someone’s prayer, but I’ve never had that experience… at least to my knowledge I haven’t. It’s a lot of pressure if we’re constantly thinking about trying to be the answer to someone’s prayers. I just try my best to be a good person and be kind in my daily interactions with others.

  • Trevor Pelkey

    I have never really thought about being the answer to someone’s prayer. I have helped other people, of course, but I have never thought of it this way – of being an answer to their prayers. This is definitely something I am going to think about more on a daily basis, so that I can take notice to these people and truly help them.

  • christol murch

    Any time we help someone else, we are an answer to their prayer or other’s prayers.
    The Gospel reading today at Mass is about how Joseph did not make public Mary’s pregnancy
    because he had a dream telling him that the child to be born was not the result of her relations with a man
    but because God had intervened in her life. Joseph was told in the dream to marry Mary and call the child
    Jesus, the savior.
    The angel’s delivery of the message in a dream must have been an answer to Joseph’s prayer. After all,
    they were betrothed. He loved her. He must have felt betrayed. He must have been quite angry. He was going to
    divorce her, make her transgression public. Joseph must have prayed and prayed for an answer. He got it.
    Joseph’s change of heart was an answer to Mary’s prayer. What Joseph did for Mary and Jesus was an awesome
    answer to prayer.

  • Justin Spector

    This is such a beautiful story Grace. It made me think about all of the people we tend to walk by and not acknowledge who can be such amazing people!

  • Karen

    A total stranger answered our prayers on 12-27-12, when his family donated his organs to my husband, physically saving his life. So may others offered prayers. We now answer questions and have have volunteered in this area.

  • Shanna Kreps

    In 2015, I was struggling financially, mentally, and emotionally. I was so down on my luck because I couldn’t keep a job with my anxiety disorder. At this time, I was not practicing the Catholic faith. I had kept in contact with the priest who had confirmed me in 8th grade, and we met weekly for almost a year. I was leaning toward coming back to the Catholic Church, but had so many questions.

    When I met with Fr. one week, he handed me an envelope. I said, “What is this Fr.?” He said, “Open it up.” I opened it, and there was a check for $250. I said, “Why are you giving me this?” He replied, “There is an anonymous group called “Father’s Friends.” They donate any amount they can give to help support those who are struggling financially. Someone turned your name into the group, and here we are.” I immediately started crying and thanking him. I was unable to pay my rent for the month that this check had come, and I was so thankful that God had provided for me in a time that I was unable to provide for myself.

    God led me back to the Catholic Church in April 2016. I am attending the parish where I was confirmed, with the same priest still presiding. I received my tax return check today in the mail. While the amount of the check doesn’t even compare to the amount that I received from “Father’s Friends,” I feel called to give my tax return to help someone in need, just like me 2 years ago. I want to be a part of an answer to someone’s prayer.

  • Barbara

    I always try to be in the present moment when interacting with people. Our amazing God of surprises lets me know by a person’s response that I was the vehicle of His love. It makes me smile deep in my heart and say thank you, Lord, for allowing me to be there for this person. What a fantastic blessing!

  • Lisa

    This one is difficult, heart-breaking. I had a co-worker who was prickly. We weren’t friends, occasionally we would share conversation, usually she would be complaining of something or another and I would try to listen. One day, she looked like she was having a really rough day. There is only so much conversation you can initiate while on the production floor. She had injured her wrist previously. I smiled, “Hi. You look like you are having a rough day.” She shrugged and kept walking. I found out the next week that she had committed suicide that night. Could I have done more? Was I supposed to? Or did I do what I was supposed to do, but she couldn’t accept it?

    • Linda Carmelle

      I’ve learned over the years that people who truly contemplate suicide don’t draw a lot of attenion to themselves or cry out for help. They plan quietly,the execute it with precision. You couldn’t have known. Now what you can do is pray for her soul,as she made a judgement call mistakenly.Pray Eternal Rest Grant Unto Her O Lord, and Let Perpetual Light Shine upon Her. May She rest in peace! Have a mass said for her too,you may not have an answer for the questions,but you still may be the answer to her prayer. Remember the Lord hears the cry of the poor(for her that may have been poor in spirit) Blessed be the Lord!

  • Charlette Opper

    I heard this somewhere, probably reading, maybe Saint Mother Theresa. We are Jesus’s hands and feet on earth. And I guess we could add, His voice. We need to be Jesus for others.

  • Katie

    Several years ago, a lady approached me and asked me to “give my Life to Jesus”, I replied with a smile that I had already given my life to Jesus, we two strangers hugged & after we departed I felt serene & at peace, something I had hoped for. That lady was an Angel sent from Jesus, that I do know.

  • Judi

    Off topic sort of. But I wanted to say how much I enjoy the little videos from the staff. The camera catches them “in joy” before they begin to speak. I look forward to those few seconds! It’s an amazing Grace.

  • Shane

    Grace is the cooliest

  • Mark Darrow

    Grace, thank you for the wonderful story. How many times we pass by people less fortunate or in some form of unseen pain without a smile or a kind word??? Your story has me looking forward to the next encounter. I will acknowledge them and say a prayer for them.

  • C.Michael Hoff

    It was 11:30 at night, in Harvard Square, 1988. I was finishing up a paper at Kinkos, a printer/copy shop, for my class the next day. I had been working inside all night, and when I came out to go home I noticed my bicycle was missing its front wheel and seat and a few other accessories. Boy was I angry. I jumped up and down, held the rest of the bicycle high in the air and cursed the thought of the vandal who stooped to such lowness. Boy was I angry. But then, as sudden as it came, the anger left me. Something quieted me. I thought: “That’s now how Jesus would have acted.” Then I thought, maybe the person really needed the extra cash. Maybe they were desperate. Then I felt at peace. I took a deep breath, hoisted the bicycle on my back and started my five mile trek back home, resolving to think of it as helping someone in dire straights. I was about to cross the road, when suddenly, a Honda Accord whipped around the circle, a man opened his passenger side window leaned over and said, “That happened to me too. Hop in I’ll give you a ride home.” Talk about a wild ride starting with shock, frustration, anger, then peace and a brief thought of helping someone else, and whallah, a stroke right from heaven, coming through a complete stranger, touching me in more than just the convenience of a ride home. I’ll never forget that act of kindness, and its timeliness, for as long as I live.

    • Kathleen Cranford Kelley

      Wow! Sometimes when we think the worst has darkened our path Here Comes the Sun

    • Ginie

      What a wonderful person to save you from a long walk carrying the remains of your bicycle as well as your copies. I am glad you were blessed with some good that night.

  • Tina

    After my experience, I believe, that God speaks to us even through His littlest creatures.
    During the 9/11 terrorist attack on The World Trade Towers, I heard a fireman tell about how during the rescue, he saw a cat running in and out of the still burning ruins. Each time she came out she had a kitten in her mouth. She was badly burned after saving all of her ( don`t remember the number) 6 or 7 kittens. He was deeply touched. He saved her, took her to the animal hospital for treatment, then adopted her. Kittens too fared well.
    His big tender heart touched me deeply as did the cat mother, who went through fire prepared to die each time for her kittens. I`ve always been Pro Life, but now the sadness of many human pregnant mothers, so callously getting rid of their unborn babies, made me more committed to their saving

    • Marise Petry

      What a beautiful story. Thank you for sharing it.

      • Tina

        Thank you Marise. It was their bravery and courage that inspired me to want to save lives and from eternal fires.

  • Dominique Kohlenberger

    Through my current profession I am able to help people who suffer from chronic disease and help them turn their health and life around so they can enjoy life at its fullest again. I meet people daily and I see their pain in their eyes for fear of suffering a heart attack or not being able to be there for their grandchildren. They don’t know how to make a life style change by themselves or have tried it over and over and have failed many times. These are people of all ages and all social back grounds. Even sometimes affluent people who just have lost hope. I truly believe that God has guided me in this direction in order to do good for others. Yes I do make a living with it but I meet the most incredible people and I wake up every morning with joy and high energy , ready to answer someone’s call to transform their lives and health.

  • Kathleen Cranford Kelley

    Grace, I was driving to work when I heard your story. It truly touched my heart. I even cried. I know I have passed-bye people less fortunate or in some form of unseen pain without a a kind word. But after I arrived at work, I actively made it my mission to make someone’s day. Thank you Grace!

  • Kathy Smithberger

    Several years ago, my son was a Freshman in college and his girlfriend was pregnant. The relationship deteriorated during the pregnancy and he was not allowed in the room while she was delivering the baby. Instead we waited in the waiting room with the couple they had chosen to adopt the baby. While it was very hard for him to not to see the birth of his little girl, he was able to get to know this family that would be raising his daughter.

    Two days later, I had the blessing of dressing my granddaughter and placing her in the arms of the woman that she would call Mom. At that instant, I knew we were being the answer to so many prayers. While many would say this should have been a very sad day for me, I will always remember this as one of the most special days of my life.

  • Rae Mims

    I do not think I have ever saw myself as being the answer to someone’s prayer. I have had others who came into my life and served as an answer to me. One day a coworker just came in and gave me a hug – a big, long hug. Now, I’m not a touchy person. But, that morning, I really needed it and I just let her give me this hug. She said she just felt like I needed it. I also remember a time many, many years ago. I had an interview for an internship while I was in college. This was in Washington DC and I was feeling pretty good about it as I made my way underground to the Metro/subway. There was this man, who seemed blind, who was standing at the end of the moving stairs. I was feeling pretty good and I put some money in his cup and said “here you go.” He said “thank you and I hope you get that job.” Now, even if he wasn’t blind how would he know I had just been in for an interview. I was wearing a suit – but so was everyone else heading out of work and onto the subway. You never know. Oh, I did get that job.

  • Elizabeth Riley

    I keep thinking that in some small way I am the answer to someone’s prayer. They may not know that they are praying for something or someone to be there for them but just being a part of someone’s life can be an answer to prayer. They may not be religious in any way but having me there to share with them what can and will do for them by the way I am so filled with joy can bring them to Christ can be an answer to prayer for them.

  • Judy

    I have been the answer to someone’s prayer. Most recently, helping my daughter in her time of need. I’ve only been back home one month now. For 11 weeks I was doing for my daughter and her family what she could not do, in a small town eleven hours away. She was having a difficult third trimester, and has a two year old daughter. Her husband is a long-haul freight driver which means he is gone driving for 13-14 hours a day. My daughter needed a nanny, cook, maid, grocery shopper, errand runner, etc. Thru it all, God blessed me abundantly with an over-abundance of energy, stamina, peace, endurance, and perseverance, to carry out this act of service done from the heart. Plus another beautiful granddaughter.

  • Ginie

    I became the facilitator of our Small Church Community, it was a surprise to me as I had volunteered to host the meetings in my home. We were a small group of six and got to know each other well. One woman in our group was obviously overextended and was constantly stressing. At the end of our first semester we were to write letters to each other telling them what we loved about them and what we saw in them.
    I wrote D, that I saw a vibrant woman very involved in church activities to the point I was worried about her. I told her she reminded me of the younger me and I wanted to share with her an important lesson that I learned. I told her that I learned that we had to prioritize our lives, that I learned this when I was hyper-extended in the Charismatic Renewal back in the very early 80s. I wrote that we needed to put God first, our spouse second, then our children, then our parents. I offered that if we asked God to bless our marriage we should work with Him and our spouse. I was hesitant to give the letter, but her response was, thank you. I needed this, I needed someone to steer me differently. She still thanks me as she says that I helped her save her family. She has cut down what she does, prays a lot and seeks God’s guidance and she and her husband work and pray together to be stronger in God’s presence.

  • Mary Blair Cunningham

    I strive each day to reach out to someone, even in a small way. Sometimes just a smile is what a person needs. God works through us and wants us to comfort others as He has comforted us along our journey. Our test can become our testimony!

  • Cindy Leslie

    I thank God for the people in my life weather it be family friends or people I don’t really know. They were some of the answers to my prayers.

  • Peggy

    I do believe that God is always working in my life and I pray that God is helping me to help those that I can.

    • Arthur Brown

      Often I use to feel that way. Now I spend time in the Bible. I help at the monastery I go to mass at and do bible study with the Benedictine Monks. I have also learned to reach out to other people and the most important person is God. I thank God endless times a day and ask Him to give me direction and wisdom in all that I do. I find myself now able to have enhanced my faith and I know now that in the past when I felt like you do is because I had to open my heart and search for his guidance. My God Bless you in your daily spiritual journey through God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

  • Ted

    With three items to check out I found an almost empty register during busy times. As I glanced at the cashier I said” do you go to church?”. I’ve never ask a stranger any religious questions before in my life. She just looked at me in a strange manner. Then I said ” Hope you reach out to God” then wondering why am I making a fool of myself. Tha young lady of about 20 starting crying making me wonder what’s wrong with me? She said ” I have a difficult time going to sleep at night because if there is a God and I don’t go to church then I’m going to hell” I explained that those were not my words so it had to be God sending you an answer. She continued to cry and check my three items while all this time no one was behind me in this crowed store. I told her to listen to her heart because she has definitely been chosen. As I left she smiled and said thank you. In my mind I thought don’t thank me thank God. It just lit up my day for God to use me.
    Ted from Spring

  • Marise Petry

    Have you ever thought about being the answer to someone’s prayer?

    I never thought about it, but I hope that I have been sometime in my life. I do try to anticipate other people’s needs and fill them as I am able. I try to be present to people. I hope that being with me, people feel acceptance and can find peace, or excitement, or laughter, or whatever they need to have that day to make it better.

  • Sarah

    My husband lost his job in November. We have 4 children. 2 in college. We are so scared. My husband is in his fifties. I can see how scared he is. We are both trying so hard to trust god is going to take care but fear can get a grip on you. Please pray for us that we find a job soon.

    • Arthur Brown

      I will put you on my prayer list. Can you provide me with his name. The only thing I ask is that when he gets a job you let me know and I will kept him on my prayer list. I also have a gift for you. I am a Dynamic Catholic Ambassador and would like to send you and your family the book called Rediscovering Jesus by Matthew Kelly. All you have to do is send me your address and I will send you the copy to help you with your spiritual journey with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. I pray everyday for God to comfort those who have little or nothing that God will show His love and compassion and His eternal truth to give them wisdom in their daily lives struggles. My prayers are with you and I will pray that the Holy Spirit will touch someone to give your husband a job and bless you both in your daily struggle that you are going through to day.

  • Jean Walton

    Grace, you are an inspiration! I long to really get to know the many “unfortunate” people on my route to work. I pray for courage to open myself up to truly being Christ to them.
    God bless you!

    • Shirley Mott

      I totally agree. What an inspiration to us.

  • Jean Walton

    On Ash Wednesday, my family was at mass and we were listening to the homily. I asked God “who have I helped today”, then I immediately saw a “lost” man aimlessly wondering around the church. I realized quickly that God had sent him to me to befriend. I invited him to sit down with us for the rest of mass.

    I found out later that everyone else in mass was afraid of who he was and what might happen. But fear never entered my mind, because in my heart I knew God answered my question and sent me someone to help.

  • Denise Vega Ruvalcaba

    I have never thought about being the answer to someone’s prayer. I try my best to offer others what I can but I think this is a reminder that perhaps I can be doing more to really be the answer for others and bring them the good news.

  • Sue Ondersma

    Yes. I believe I am helping someone find peace by encouraging her to read the bible and contemplate on the verses that are specific to her needs.

  • Theresa Kernisan

    Yes , I’m a respiratory therapist and I work at a nursing home as my second job because my husband died and I have 2 kids. Needing the money I did what I have to do. Well I became friends with a woman who’s husband has locked in syndrome.
    I’ve helped her with many things from driving her 40 miles home , to stopping by and seeing her husband when she can’t and taking her to the general hospital when he was rush there one morning bc I knew she was scared. It was heart warming to me.
    Thank you God for putting these people in my path so I can do good and feel better. Bc I always felt my life wasn’t good.

  • Stacey Symonds

    I would like to think i am in some sort of way everyday and that someone is answering my prayers as well….we pray for each other….and that’s the wonderful blessing of it….a smile, a word, a gesture, an ear; some wonderful way to realize that someone is watching out and taking the time to care….i always request in my prayers that God watch over anyone that is going through a tough situation….and blanket them with his grace, mercy, and hope….

  • Kathleen DiMenna

    Yesterday, after listening to and watching Dynamic Catholic I went to the gym. There I saw friend of my son’s. who said, “Do not tell your son that I told this to you, but your son is really working on finding the right partner because he wants to be able to have a child that will be for you a Grandchild. This I knew was one of those moments that was a message from God. I have had this in my heart for so long. I really want for my son and my daughter to find their partners so that they may experience God’s love through marriage.

  • Debbie Maurseth Ishii

    We used to fly hang gliders. Years later we received a call from a man we met through hang gliding. He called to thank us for changing his life. He said he had been headed down a dark path and our friendship and seeing how we lived our lives turned him around. It was a blessing to hear that. We had know idea, we just enjoyed his company. We never know who’s watching. Just living our faith can be someone elses answer to prayer.

  • Sue

    I really liked reading how so many of you have reached out to helping others. I will never forget the time I stopped to help an older woman who was walking in the cold pulling a suitcase,. i was on my way to visit a friend & give her a Christmas gift. I pulled over & asked her if I could give her a ride somewhere. She was so grateful. I loaded her suitcase in my trunk & we took off. She said she was a missionary going to Africa & she needed to get to the church in Bowling Green, MO. It was only 30 minutes away from where I picked her up, & yes I would take her, but first I had to stop at my friends house & tell here I would be late. She said that was fine. When I stopped At my friend’s house her husband was home & did not want me to help this woman. My friend insisted on going with me. She gave us cards with Bible verses on them,then, when when we were almost to Bowling Green, she wanted me to stop. I insisted we were almost there & I would take her to the church. She got very upset & wanted out at the next cross through to the other side of the highway going in the other way. I did. Got out and unloadedf her suitcase, & then she ask me if I had any money I could give her. I gave her the 10.00 my husband had given me for gas. My friend was furious! She said I had just been conned! I didn’t care, God knew what I had done , I always heard, it could have been Him. Unfortunenatley she had a reputation for working the highway conning people like me. So I always wonder, was I an answer to her prayers or just another “mark”. I really don’t care, God knows where my heart was.

  • Peggy

    I volunteer on a helpline. We usually get the same familiar frequent callers, but today a woman called crying hysterically and saying she couldn’t take it anymore. She was sitting on the floor with pills and a “bottle” next to her and she was going to just end it all. Suicide calls are rare and they always rattle me. But this time I felt such calm and it came out in my voice, my soothing questions and desire to listen. I felt a presence on that phone that I never felt in my 21 years volunteering on the helpline. The caller and I talked for awhile and I heard a small child in the background. I suggested she hug the child and think about what we talked about, how things won’t be alright immediately but that there was hope on the horizon if she could just hang in there. She stopped crying and said she would not try to end her life without calling me or the crisis center first. We ended the call by me saying “God be with you”. It just came out of my mouth!
    It felt like we were talking for an hour, but after she hung up I saw it was a mere 7 minutes. God was there for sure both in the room I was in and the room she was in. God sent that child to her when she needed to see her most.

  • Susan Budak Runne

    I love this one! The videos are terrific and the comments made me cry!

  • Frank Weaver

    wow some very beautiful stories about your encounters with Jesus, the Lord answered my prayers with the wife I have beside me. I asked I received. I didn’t see it right away. in fact i ran away at first but came to my senses. She has helped me become closer to Jesus. In everything I try and realize it’s God who’s will be done. not mine and Ask and you shall receive. I know it’s happen to me so many times. and Doug you correct once we put ALL our complete faith and TRUST in God, that Everything is going to be alright. It’s going to be tough at time we just got to keep climbing that Mountain.

  • Nicole M.

    I would love to be the answer to someone’s prayer. I think I’m more afraid than anything to reach out to people that I don’t really know. I try to reach my students everyday not knowing what their home lives are like. If they are having a bad day, I try to be their positive. So with that, I ask God to give me the courage to be the answer to someone’s prayer.

  • Babciamel

    Although I have helped many who were in need emotionally as well as financially through food banks and Catholic Charities; the emotional, is the part that usually gives me that warm fuzzy feeling. A couple of years ago, an old friend was losing her husband to a series of strokes and brain cancer. Though we had not been close in years, for some reason (some reason being God’s direction) I started going there several times a week, just to visit as they could no longer get out except for Dr. visits. I didn’t realize how much the visits were appreciated until the day he came to the front door to greet me and gave me a hug and whispered “Thank you for taking such good care of my wife.” She told me later that he never went to open the door for anyone.; that it was the first time since his latest stroke and that I was very special to him. When the chaos of his final days was upon us, I accompanied her to the hospital, helping by taking notes about what she was being told. Then when we would get back to her house, I would rewrite the notes without all the arrows and asterisks, so she and anyone else could read them and know exactly what was going on. After he passed, I continued to visit her daily. I would go through her mail and write out checks for her bills, keep her company during the time frame that they would relax together, and run an errand if needed. She told me that she had ear marked $1000 to treat me to something special of my choosing. I never chose. I told her that I would rather wait for my reward until I got to heaven. It really frustrated her. After about a year, I started tapering off my visits. Many times when I would drop in on her, she would look so surprised and say, “How do you know when I need you?” I would tell her that God sends me. To this day, she will tell people how “out of the clear blue sky, after years of little contact” I came into her life to save her, and that I was her personal angel. Many times I told her how humbled I was that God chose me to be there in her time of need. It was a good year and a half of my life. I think I gained more from the experience than she did. I am still humbled when I think about it and thank God for deeming me worthy to do His will.

  • Patricia Ferry

    Yes I do experience being answer to someone’s prayer regularly. It could be a message coming out of my mouth or an intention I suggest for my yoga classes or the sequence I teach. I feel lead by power greater then me.

  • jim

    yes, everyday I hope I am the answer to someone’s prayer, and everyday, I hope for someone to be the answer to my prayer.

  • Emma Spaulding

    I do not think I have ever thought about this question. I know once people get to know me, they realize there is this positivity about me and caring spirit that also puts them in a better mood. Most of the time when I help people, I do not know the full effect of my generosity towards them, but I know deep down I made a difference. I do believe I have been an answer to someone’s prayer, but no one has come out and said that to me directly.

  • Bud Abraham

    What a wonderful thought, “being the answer to someone’s prayer.” At Bible Study last night we discussed Matthew – Chapter 26:31-46 where Jesus talks of doing something to the least of my brothers you do to me. A powerful way of understanding that Scripture reading….

  • Karen Mason

    This program has been the answer to my prayers. What a wonderful reminder that we are God’s hands and should make every effort to listen to God and answer his call to help others! Thank you so much for this program and all that you do! And thank you to all those who share their experiences! It is making this an incredible experience for me: the “best lent ever”!

    • MurphsLaw

      and just wait until December, the Best Advent Ever is no slouch either ! LoL
      All great stuff from Dynamic Catholic.

      • Karen Mason

        Thank you!! I look forward to it!

  • Kim Bordelon

    I pray that I can be the someone that shares how much Jesus loves of us with someone today ,Help me Jesus…

  • Susan

    I believe God send us angels all the time.

  • Betty’s Blessing

    I am behind on reading, because I have been under the weather. I have never thought of being an answer to someone’s prayer, but trying someone with kindness and compassion may lead to that.
    I decided for Lent to hand write a personal message to a different person each day to let them know how they inspire me. I wanted people to know their actions are noticed. The 2nd person I gave the note to, emailed me and said you don’t know how much your note meant to me. I will always treasure it. Later in the day, she pulled me to the said and said I have been praying to God. Your note was the answer I was looking for. THANK YOU! Just be humble and kind and you can touch someone’s life so much without even knowing.
    Random Acts of Kindness – pay for someone’s meal, drink, whatever. Make someone’s day better.

  • Steven Mielke

    Doug, We had a very similar experience. On November 1st, 2014, my daughter was driving to see us. She lives out West, but was at convention several days before. The reason she was coming in was that I had been diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer and I was scheduled for surgery the next day. She had to return the car at the airport and we were going to get her. As she approached the clerk at the counter, a lady named Bessey asked her why she was bringing back the car here rather than where she rented it. My daughter explained that I was scheduled for surgery, no other explanation, and she was here for me and especially for my wife.
    Bessey reached across the counter, grabbed my daughter’s hand and said, “Don’t worry sweetheart. the doctors are going to remove the cancer from your Dad’s pancreas and he will be alright.” My daughter had never said what type of surgery or anything about cancer. It was definitely a GOD moment for Bessey and my daughter.
    We have held onto that and 2 1/2 years later, I’m cancer free and loving my life and all God has done for me and my family.

  • Sarena

    Many times, other people have been angels in my life through smiles, a nice word, a kind gesture, etc. Sometimes, for no reason at all I get an overwhelming urge to say or do something for a stranger. Sometime this year, I was in a grocer line and a woman in front of me seemed to be having a hard time to gather the money she needed. I didn’t have much myself and she had one or two items, so I asked if she’d like me to cover it for her; i didn’t expect to be paid back. She declined saying she’d just needed to grab a few items and wad coming back later to finish up shopping anyway but she thanked be for being so nice. After that, when i walk into the grocer i get smiles from cashiers. I felt good, but more importantly I hope I was able to brighten another human’s day. Another time, I was with my Mom and found a plastic gold charm bracelet on the walk. The thought came to me that this item could hold a very special meaning to someone; a sentiment, so I took it to a senior home nearby and told them about it, then posted about the lost item. I got a message from a girl who’d lost it and was thankful to get it back.

  • Marilyn S Manion

    I just listen to this video on answering someone’s prayer. I have experienced this many times, but it really hit me on Friday morning when I had baked a cake for our Fish Fry at church (which I do every Friday in Lent) and when I walked in, the gal in charge nearly hug me and said I was an answer to her prayer once again because they didn’t have very many items. That made me feel so good that I told her I would be back with more. I immediately went to Sam’s Club and purchased 48 cupcakes with the cutiest butterflies on them for spring. I can’t begin to tell you how good it felt when she saw what I had done. I am sure it made her day brighter and it definitely did mine.

  • Linda DeFelice Jeal

    This is a great way to live life. When we turn our sufferings into someone else’s happiness by reaching out to them and doing so from learning from our sufferings, we are following Jesus. What a way to live our life! Truly happy by Jesus’ teachings.

  • Michelle

    I haven’t really thought about it in just that way before. Sure, I’ve helped people when I see the need – family, friends, strangers. I’m not the most observant person in the world, so I am probably missing more opportunities than I realize, but to think about the fact that we are the answer to people’s prayers is an awesome thing.