March 27: Attempted Murder

Day 23

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You probably don’t like being lied to. Most people are not that comfortable being lied to. Most people wouldn’t say, “Oh yeah, I don’t mind if my friends lie to me. I don’t mind if my spouse lies to me.”

It’s interesting, I think, to see how casual our relationship is with the truth sometimes. And of course, like anything, it starts in small ways. We think, “Oh, just a little lie here, or a little lie there.” And then little by little it begins to unravel, and we end up with a really casual relationship with the truth.

Of course, that’s where our society is right now. And worse than having a casual relationship with the truth, we actually live in a culture that’s trying to murder truth.

You see, the culture hates truth. The current culture doesn’t believe in objective truth. What does that mean? It means that the current culture doesn’t believe that anything is true for everybody. The current culture is preaching the idea of, “Oh, well you’ve got your truth, and I’ve got my truth. What’s true for you is true for you, and what’s true for me is true for me. You live you’re truth, and I’ll live my truth. You do whatever you wanna do, and I’ll do whatever I wanna do. You leave me alone, and I’ll leave you alone, and we’ll all live happily ever after, in our own individual truth.”

That’s nonsense. It’s absolute nonsense. Some things are true for everybody.

In a culture thats trying to murder truth, one of the casualties is wisdom, because truth and wisdom are intimately connected. Wisdom is not the amassing of knowledge. Wisdom is not even just an elevated form of knowledge. Google doesn’t have any wisdom. It’s got all the knowledge in the world, right? It’s got all the information in the world, but it doesn’t have wisdom. And the reason is because wisdom is truth lived. Wisdom is actually not knowing the truth, but living the truth.

So as our culture tries to murder truth, guess what? You see a lot less wisdom in our culture. And if there’s no such thing as truth, as our culture would like you to believe, well then there is actually no such thing as wisdom: You’ve got your own truth, and your own truth equates to your own wisdom; I’ve got my own truth, and my own truth equates to my own wisdom. So really, if everything’s wisdom, then there’s no such thing as wisdom.

And of course, the biggest practical casualty in this war against truth is the good decision. When you look around daily life, you don’t see many good decisions being made. As our culture tries to murder truth, wisdom becomes a casualty. And as wisdom becomes a casualty, really good decisions become a casualty.

Our culture doesn’t believe that there’s any such thing as a great decision. Our culture believes there’s no such thing as object truth. And if there’s no such thing as objective truth, every decision becomes equal. Some decisions are better than other decisions. Some choices are better than other choices. What makes them better? How closely they align with truth. And decisions that align with truth, well that’s wisdom.

And so the great challenge for you and me on a daily basis is to align our lives with truth, to reject the causal relationship with truth, and say, “You know what, I’m gonna take truth seriously. I’m gonna start to speak the truth in all situations. I’m going to start to live the truth in all situations.” Even in the little things that seem insignificant, because they erode your relationship with truth.

And as Christians, we’re called to have a serious relationship with truth. We’re called to take truth seriously, not just to have a casual relationship of convenience with truth.

“We cannot be happy separated from the truth; we cannot be happy in a world of lies.”

Matthew Kelly, Resisting Happiness

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Our culture is trying to murder truth.


Give truth a place of honor in your heart, mind, and soul by telling the truth. Next time you catch yourself about to tell a lie, pause. Ask yourself why you are lying.


Jesus, I know you are the way, the truth, and the life. Inspire me to speak the truth, live the truth, and celebrate truth.

Today’s personal reflection features Dynamic Catholic team member John Sherman. John is our director of development, coming to us from Chicago, Illinois. John produced the first hypo-allergenic baby shampoo, hiked part of the Appalachian Trail, and tore his achilles tendon twice—in the same leg.

What does it mean to give truth a place of honor in your life?

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  • Ed

    Giving truth a place of honor in my life means being mindful that Jesus is the way, the truth, and the light. the first truth in my life is that everything good that I do depends on me being receptive to doing God’s will. I depend on Him to guide me and to strengthen me to do His will.

  • Lynn Nguyen

    To seek truth in my day to day life. An easy way to do this is to ask myself if this is consistent with God’s word or not.

    Also to live out truth in my life. As I’ve grown in faith, I’ve become more and more sensitive to times when I’m not being honest… little things that we don’t think about, like speeding, telling white lies, saying that I’ll do something and then not do it, taking a 5 minute longer lunch break and not making up that time, and being honest with myself are just a few.

    In order to give truth a place of honor in my life, I have to seek out and live the truth consistently.

    • Lynne

      Thanks Lynn – I am guilty of this also – thanks for putting into words for me.

    • NancyB

      Well said, Lynn. I need to reflect on my less than truthful opportunities. You made me recall that there is truth in things we do as well as the words we speak.

    • Rose Dorsey

      Well said. I also try to live truth out in my life by inviting the Holy Spirit to fill me up. I then become sensitive to His presence. When I do that, it’s like my conscience has been heightened and any untruth or sin is pointed out like a bullhorn that absolutey cannot be ignored.

      • Shana Quintero

        I like that, ” invite the Holy Spirit to fill me up”. Awesome advise. Thank you!

  • Angie O’Mara

    The truth in my life, is Jesus love for me and all people. Knowing, having, and receiving His love is the greatest gift of life. It is much easier to be truthful in all things, than it is to be deceitful, for who are we really hurting besides ourselves and the Lord.

  • Jeanne Server

    Giving truth a place of honor in my life, consistently reminds me to do everything in his name and for the glory of Jesus Christ, whether it be to overlook an unkind comment, lovingly prepare a meal, smile at someone, make the effort to go to daily mass, pray the rosary or spend a few minutes talking with someone who is lonely when there are a million other “things” I could do…to SLOW down in this life so I may do the things Christ wants me to do to be a better ,loving, compassionate person. All for him❤

    • Mary B.

      I also want to SLOW down and enjoy my life so I can be more conscious of becoming a better version of myself!!!

      • Kj


      • DanaMari

        AMEN to that Mary B!!!

      • Jeanne Server


    • Michele M C

      Jeanne – what a great example! This is very much St. Therese ‘s “little way” which is the day to day and moment to moment Christian life.

      • Jeanne Server


    • Ronda Jewell

      Jeanne, well said. Prayers for a beautiful day.

      • Jeanne Server

        ❤️😊 You also

    • Marilyn Russell

      I was in the company of a beautiful Christian Women with her Grandchild when an unkind word was said by a gentleman who was angry because he had to wait, according to him, for the elevator. This beautiful Christian woman said” Sir, you need to talk to God about your anger”. This was a beautiful learning moment for this gentleman and for myself and for all who were in the presence of the woman.

      • Lea Novak

        Wow! That took courage to say. Good for her!

      • Joanne Melear

        That’s a wonderful example of faith in action!

      • NancyB

        I hope I have the courage to say something like that in a kind way, and, if someone has the courage to say something like that to me when I need it, I hope I have the wisdom to hear them. Thank you for sharing this.

      • Margo

        I hope that I remeber to say that to myself the next time I lose my temper.

        • MaryB435

          Me, too!

      • Jeanne Server

        Wow, that was a true Christian ❤

      • Debra Kyser

        That was a great story to share. Gave me an idea what to say to a person that angers easy and cusses a lot.

    • Darlene Matteucci

      I love your analysis and what a great way to live Jesus.

    • Midge Barger

      AMEN!!!! I so agree with you Jeanne. Doing God’s will; not mine and making Christ the center of our lives.

      • Jeanne Server


    • Shelley

      I so need to slow down in life. Praying I’ll get there!

      • Jeanne Server

        Yes! Me too❤👍

    • Cindy Leslie

      So true Jeanne. I also want to slow down and be and seek truth in everybody even though others may not like it. Offer it up! 😇

      • Jeanne Server

        👍 Amen!

    • Elizabeth Brumann

      Giving truth a place of honor in my daily life reminds to do everything in his and for the glory of Jesus Christ which means I can overlook an unkind comment and I can prepare a meal with love and I can smile at the person and I can watch the mass on television and I can sped a few minutes talking with someone who ls lonely and I can slow down in my so that I can do what Jesus me to do in my life and to cope with my struggles and arthritis and be a better loving and compassionate person to others.

      I listen to Jesus so that I can help myself and do what is right for me and to address my needs fears worries and concerns and convert my life over to god. I can give myself some perspective of my life and what it means to give my life to god and to have a higher power in my life. I can use that time to better understand the fact that I have a learning disability with ADD and to understand and acknowledge and accept the fact that I have mild arthritis and to learn how to live with deal with cope with manage it take care of it . I can learn how to live life with dignity and accept the fact that it is here and there is nothing that I can say or do to change it. It is what it is and it is always going to be a part of me for the rest of my life and I just have to make do with the arthritis. God wants me to learn how to live with the condition of arthritis and just accept it and to do whatever I can to make life better for myself and to learn arthritis management. It is about adapting my life to the arthritis with the help of god and to make the best choices for me to help me become a better person. It is about me accepting the hardships of life and not to run away from the challenges of life. I have to acknowledge and accept the fact that I have arthritis yes I have arthritis. Yes, this condition is here to stay with me for the rest of my life. It is time for me to plan my future around this condition. Yes, I accept the learning disability with ADD and the arthritis and the leg cramps. Yes, I accept my disabilities and this is my life. I acknowledge my conditions and situations.

      Lent is a spiritual journey that lasts 40 days and it is about abstaining from negative thoughts feelings opinions thinking view perspectives it is about becoming a better person. It is about preparing for Holy Week the week that leads up to Easter. It is about getting closer with god and having a relationship with god and letting god into your life. It is about letting god lead me and guide along the way on the journey of life. It is about letting god heal me from any aliments conditions and forgiving for my sins. It is about letting go of the past and this is my past I am sorry for everything that I had did in my past and for all of my bad choices and decisions and for the person that I had emotionally abused me mentally abused and took advantage of me financially and for wanting to kill this family and I am sorry for using the word kill. I would like to acknowledge the fact that I done things to Sean and Sean had forgiven me for it in the past. I am sorry for desecrating the basement and for all of my unacceptable behavior and for not being honest to mom and dad about what was going on in their house. I had a problem with stress, anxiety, mood swings emotional breakdowns and throwing spells and grief. I am sorry for throwing things at you that was wrong of me to do. I am sorry for the drinking that had almost Sara and I had made my mistakes in my past. I am sorry for demanding money from mom in the past. I am sorry for not listening to mom, dad and Margaret and for getting back with Sara which was a huge mistake that I regret now and that will never happen again. I release the people of my past that had hurt me really bad Andrew, Chris, Sara, Tara and I release Sean and myself from the past. I now have a online friendship with Von and I have found my meaning and my purpose and my calling to help my family and to be closer to god. I have now writing a new book in my life because now I have arthritis. I don’t blame anyone for the arthritis and I have made the choice to accept the condition to live with the condition to deal with the condition to cope with the condition and to manage the condition and just let god help me.

      I release the knee problems which had consisted of bursitis torn minicus, irritated knee cap and cartilage weather sensitive knee and the shift of my knee. I release my all of my past and all of the problems and the challenges of the past and all of my mistakes errors and shortcomings debt and fraud and abuse and trauma and the assault of my sister at Golf Mill and the traumas of my dad’s drinking in 2010 and 2017 and the trauma of 2011. I release the old self. I release the acute stress and the panic attacks and all of the anxiety attacks. I accept the arthritis and yes I do have it and it is a daily struggle that I have to deal day after day week after week and month after month and it has lasted for 1 year. It is not an easy condition to live with it is a struggle just to do normal every day things such as taking care of Cat Bert and Jimmy and to clean the house and to cook and to vacuum the rugs and the stairs and to make my bed and to clean my room and to go up and down the stairs and to go to church and to have fun and culture and to have a life. I have accepted the treatment plan from Dr. Meyer and the once a monitoring of the arthritis and ways to help myself.

      Yes, I have mild arthritis and leg cramps. Lent is also about prayer fasting and almsgiving and about finding meaning and purpose in life and forgiveness, mercy, compassion and reconciliation and about doing act of charity and kindness and helping out the family and conversation getting closer to god preparation for Palm Sunday and Holy Week and the lead up to Easter. It is about going to mass watching the mass on television everyday reading the mass in the magifcat and the daily missal and the bible and praying and meditating on the mystery of the rosary and the teaching of Jesus. It is about building a relationship with god. Lent is a spiritual journey that lasts 40 days and it prepares us for Palm Sunday and for Holy Week and Easter the resurrection of Jesus.

      • MaryB435

        I’m praying for you.

    • John Garrett Munro

      I think when we as Christians talk about our faith and what we should be doing, a lot of it is just talk. I have tremendous respect for you, Jeanne, for giving examples and consciously following through with actions.

  • Doug

    I can’t believe the timeliness of this message!!!!!!

    I scroll through Facebook to catch up on my family and friends but I also take note of people’s intentions. Of course, not always good and country to God’s plan…which is the truth. On Friday I wanted to write a second post about following God’s plan/word/truth/intentions.

    Lynn’s comment is right on.

    I am deeply saddened when any denomination is pro-choice, supports the union of LGBT, and anything else that is contrary to God’s intentions. I never judge…ever. I love and pray for all. Catholic wise, it really came to light in yesterday’s mass that I attended. There are so many Catholics that don’t ‘get’ the Eucharist. They can’t possibly believe that the Eucharist is the true presence. When asked, I’ve told people that perhaps it might be better for them to seek another denomination rather than disrespect the Eucharist.

    The fact is, and I speak to people about it all of there time, is that all one must do to understand God’s plan is study the 10 commandments. If nothing else, reflect on the 2 greatest commandments. I’ve never found an “except in the case of…” as an addendum to any of the commandments. Thou shalt not murder! Abortion Thou shalt not steal. The pens from the office. Thou shalt not bear false witness. Lying, rumoring, ripping someone apart verbally , etc.

    I took some time, 3 years ago, and studied the 8th commandment, Thous shalt no bear false witness. Once I really understood what that commandment was all about, it completely solidified where I should be as a person. Since my epiphany I do not have the ability to comprehend why people do the things they do, in contrast of God’s plan.

    God’s plan: It’s so easy to understand, but difficult to follow.

    • Jane Deutschlander

      Our goal is to strive to live truth. However, I will never proclaim to live in truth everyday. I am human and for this reason alone I will falter. I am so grateful every day that Jesus Christ came to Earth to die for my sins so that I may have eternal life. Yesterday’s readings in mass were very powerful… The blind man recognized that he was blind and Jesus brought sight. The Pharaohs could not admit nor see their blindness and Jesus called them out on it. We are all sinners and at some time we do not live in truth. Therefore, I will not judge others, I have not walked in their shoes. I will reach out to them with love and compassion – I believe they just don’t understand. I am glad that they are in church attending Mass otherwise they wouldn’t have the opportunity to grow in faith. I pray that they recognize truth so that they can find true happiness.

      • Doug

        Jane, I’d like to re-phrase. I’m also glad that people are in church. But if they don’t give reverence to the Eucharist then they should rethink why they go to communion. You see, they may not believe they are receiving Jesus…just a wafer. If Jesus was present in the flesh then obviously some might believe in His presence. Just like Jesus told Thomas in the upper room that blessed are they who believe and have not seen.

        I agree…no judgement. Never! I do proclaim that I will do the best I can to live the truth everyday, reminding myself that I cannot be perfect as Jesus. However, I can be whole and complete with God and pray that I can be the best person I can be.

        • Joanne

          We just have to continue to model that reverence so others will learn and begin to see and understand. We must proclaim the truth with love, and sometimes we’ve don’t even need to speak. Our example is enough. I do think the church does need to do a better job of teaching what is going on when we step into the sanctuary. First and foremost, I think our children need to be taught about the importance of their relationship with Jesus. We can’t love and understand the Eucharist if we don’t love and understand Him first.

        • Janet Marusiak

          Hi, I have the same issue with people not showing reverence. I see some of the teenagers just walking up like well and they wear short shorts and dress like and wander where the parents are as I could not even turn my head around in church in my day or I would be scowled at. Catechism teaches them how to receive Him but somewhere it is forgotten or some do not get to Catechism as I never had it as a kid. I think, I have to let go of this as it is the heart the Lord looks at and we can’t see the heart. Those that do not believe, it is only a wafer to them, they will not receive the grace that comes with Communion so they are the ones losing out. I think it is up to the priest to reinforce this, especially during funerals etc. when other faiths’ are present. How else will they learn if not educated. I have heard too that some religious do not believe in the true presence so it is something that is frustrating to me and may always be so?

          • Joanne

            I think teens deserve a pass. God knows that this is a confusing time for them and that they will, with Gods grace, come to know and understand. As an EM, if I see irreverence, I gently correct or I look upon the host and them as Jesus would look at them, with love and compassion and with passion I say “the Body of Christ”

          • Doug

            Agree. If our youth seem not to have reverence, we have to remember that the parent has the responsibility to teach them. But, at least they are there.

          • jerseyangel

            I am so happy when I see the youth in church. So many drop out. They are learning though.

      • Joanne Melear

        You are so right! It’s easy to look around church and think negatively about the ones who come in late and leave early, the ones with disturbing children who do nothing about it, the ones who wear short shorts or something else that’s inappropriate etc. (My mother would say of such people ‘Where is her/his mother!) When those thoughts come, I remind myself that only 1/3 of Catholics even attend Sunday Mass – at least they’re here. We are all a work in progress and we all did things in the past that we wouldn’t do now. The next step is to pray for that person, because everyone is carrying a cross, longing for something and/or hurting inside.

        • Duscha Ross


        • Lisa

          Yes! We are all in that biggest room in the world – the room for improvement. Or, as they say, “God isn’t finished with me yet.”

    • Catholic in Missouri

      Doug, can you give us a little more about what you learned about ‘bearing false witness’?

      • Doug

        I’d be glad to. For a long time, I understood that lying and starting rumors were the only two things that I could be guilty of. But when I read scripture, I realized that I was fooling myself. So I began reading books, 3 written by a protestant minister. I noticed little hints that the 8th commandment covered much more than just lying and rumor mongering…which I definitely had been guilty of. I also realized that just thinking of someone in a negative way, especially when it was none of my business i n the first place, was a sin I was committing.

        If my wife begins to say something negative about someone at work or a neighbor I now say that it isn’t God’s intention that we speak ill of people.

        Then I had to get past being concerned what people thought of me. It raised contempt in me for the person that might think I was a dope.

        People might still think I’m a dope but it doesn’t matter anymore. Gosh, I hope that answered your question!

        • Catholic in Missouri

          Thank you! The ‘none of my business’ part is a really good point to display…

    • Joanne

      God bless you Doug for proclaiming truth. We all
      Come to Mass with our baggage and brokenness. So many don’t understand it, yet, that is ok. It is their personal journey and between them and God. It is the job of those who do understand to help others see the truth, but a soul will learn when they are ready willing and able. The crosses people carry can be the obstacle to understanding. I’m a Eucharistic minister and when people are walking up the aisle to receive communion I envision everyone carrying a cross on their shoulder. It’s not my job to judge who receives and who doesn’t. I can never refuse anyone. So when we think of human beings and souls like that, I think we grow and compassion for those who don’t understand. I only came to understand it more fully as an adult in my 30s.

      • Susan

        How profound. I too am a Eucharistic minister and I love your analogy. Not sure I could do that, I think it would make me want to cry every time. Thanks for your wisdom. I believe God has his way with all of us in his own time, we have only to accept it. Have a Blest day.

      • Kathy

        Doug, I was in a lay ministry class several years ago. One if the first things I learned, and will never forget was shared by our teacher and priest. He told us of his most profound mass moment when he realized he held the Body of Christ in his unworthy hands and shared it with the Body of Christ before him, who’s hands were open and extended. This really touched me. Regardless of where we are at in our walk, the truth is we are all a part of the Body of Christ.

      • Marsha Mohan

        Beautifully said… God knows our hearts and the crosses we bear. Judgement is his…not ours. God bless everyone. Make it a wonderful day!

      • Euge

        Joanne, I love that vision of everyone carrying a cross! I guess we all need some compassion! There is so much we do not know about people’s lives! Thank you for sharing!

        • Genny

          Joanne has great points of view I am also a Eucharist minister and I have to tell myself many times it was the body of Christ I was holding and I was not to judge anyone who received Him. We tend to judge others as if we are the best Catholics, we forget that we are sinners too making mistakes day and night and just trying to be better for Jesus who saved us all. Only in heaven we will see perfection let’s remember this…we are pilgrims passing through! Thanks for sharing everyone’s points of view enlighten others!

          • Shana Quintero

            We are”pilgrims passing through” I’ve heard it said that our time is nothing,short in comparison to Eternity in Heaven, God willing. As we are just passing through, being Christ like to give our hearts to Jesus Christ. To spread his word, his love.

          • Diane Grohn

            Genny, Nice line “Pilgrims passing through!”
            I like to tell my father only dead people are perfect!
            Imperfect defines humanity in all of us, as we have free will.

      • jerseyangel

        Thank you Joanne, we all are on a Journey and each one of us is at a different place on our journey to Heaven. Just as the song says, all are welcome, all are welcome, all are welcome in This PLACE. Not just the spiritually mature. I, too am a Eucharistic minister. I always am praying for each person as they receive. I love your visual of each person carrying a different cross.

      • NancyB

        Joanne, I truly love your vision!

      • Doug

        I agree totally, It isn’t our place to determine who receives or not receives. We become the judge that God has commanded us not to be.

      • Duscha Ross

        Joanne, your post is so touching and speaks to me at my core. I would like to walk more as one without judgment, because with pride came the Fall, and we leave ourselves open to the ravages of a judgmental mindset when we forget that we too are sinners. In memorial of the great saints who have come before us, I am working daily to try to remember to celebrate the mortification of the self as an appropriate sacrifice worthy of eternal life with our Lord. Blessings to everyone, and God be with you all. Thanks always to Matthew, for this gift of community as we all reach towards our Lord.

      • Shana Quintero

        Really beautiful image, to think of the church, people carrying their cross when coming up for Communion. What a beautiful privelage as a EM. God bless!

    • Erin

      I’m not sure I agree with the solution to people not “getting” the Eucharist being that they should seek a denomination where the Eucharist doesn’t hold the same truth. If an adult is at a Catholic mass, I hope we can assume that they want to be there. If they want to be there, I believe we should encourage each other to seek the truth that is in all parts of the mass, the Eucharist being the culmination of that truth. We should point each other to resources that can help as explore the Eucharist. If people in mass are struggling to believe that the Eucharist is the true presence, the subjective truth of culture is obviously playing a great role in this person’s faith. We should help each other, not tell them to accept this resistance to truth and move on to another religion.

      • Doug

        Very valid points Erin. I’m speaking about the minority who “just go through there motions” of being at mass. Some refuse to accept that they are a tabernacle of our Lord for a bit of time after receiving communion. When they immediately leave after communion is what concerns me. For example, do they think by receiving communion is something they have to do? I think you would agree that is for the wrong reason. As a Eucharistic Minister, there was one time I went to purify the ciboria and one had a good bit of broken residue from the wafers in it. The deacon at the mass failed to purify on his end. When I approached him about it, he told me that he thought he’d let me do it. I felt it was nonchalant of him. Monseignor agreed.

        All said, that is between them and God. There is no judgement on my part. I have a daughter that is Catholic but doesn’t go to mass. I suggested that perhaps she might try a Protestant denomination to get back into the spiritual swing of things, but at least go to a worship of some kind.

        • Joanne

          call your daughter back into the church, don’t push her away. Jesus is there waiting for her in the Tabernacle. Instruct her with love ❤️ You say you don’t judge, but that is all I hear as you pick apart what everyone is doing wrong. Father Larry Richards cautions so strongly against that trap of judgement. The devil works on gaining souls that way. If we reject and push away those that do not understand fully or who have I forgiven sins, the devil would grab all of them and there would be no Catholic Church. I do hope you have a change of heart and that you become a living witness to your love for Jesus Christ that those who do not understand will want what you have and come to Jesus in the Eucharist fully receiving Hos grace with a clean heart

          • Doug

            Joanne, I find it difficult to explain, in writing, what I mean to say. I certainly am not pushing her away from the church at all. All I’m saying is to do something that will rekindle the spirit. I agree with you completely. Jesus died for all, not just many as the Eucharistic prayer states during the transubstantiation.

            I’m really not sure where you determined negativism in me. Plus, I believe my heart is fine, because God comes first. (Have you read any of my other posts?) I do not get upset as I used to with the reverence not shown with the Eucharist. I am ac tally saddened, just as God is saddened when we commit a sin. I don’t see Him as an Old Testament God.

            I didn’t come up with the idea of perhaps a person trying a different denomination. I once heard our Monsignor give the same advice. The Catholic church is centered around the Eucharist. That’s what differentiates it from other faiths. If a person doesn’t by into the true presence of the Lord, they should at least try to strengthen they’re spirit. It’s great if they continue with their Catholic faith. But at least do some kind of worship on Sundays. I’ve attended worships in a Presbyterian church, in addition to my Catholic mass. The love they have for Jesus is on par with Catholics. They just don’t bowline in the Eucharist. In fact I’ve had some protestants comment that if they believed in the Eucharist, they would prostrate themselves knowing that the Eucharist is the true presence.

            I’m not sure how you worked the devil into this. Are you implying that other faiths are insignificant? That doesn’t seem right.

            Anyway, I always welcome feedback and the challenge. I wish you nothing b ut the best and God Bless you for your faith!

          • Joanne

            Doug, i certainly don’t mean to assume anything about where your heart lies, I guess from what you wrote it sounds like a lot of finger pointing at what everyone does wrong and then saying you don’t judge and they should go to another church sounds contradictory. Maybe I’m interpreting incorrectly. Nothing “wrong” with other Christian faiths, they are our brothers and sisters in Christ and maybe attending another denomination would lead to seeing that the Real Presence is missing. i just feel that if we are proclaimers of the thruth and the real presence, we should evangelize in a manner that continually invites back to our faith. But I understand your points. Not trying to argue or judge you, truly, just dialogue.

          • Doug

            Joanne, I feel badly. It is so difficult to sometimes understand the message being shared. I obviously didn’t do a very good job and I’ve also put you in a position where you apologized. I should have never done that. God Bless you for calling me on the carpet. I need these kick in the butts to keep me on the straight and narrow.

          • Joanne

            Doug, don’t feel badly, It’s all good. We learn from each other. Your witness is powerful and your expression of humility above is a beautiful example to others. God bless, peace to you. We share this journey of faith as a community of faith. Where I lack, you pick up the slack and where others lack, we fill in. The Body of Christ, all parts of the one body. May all of our prodigals return to the beautiful Jesus in the Eucharist! Praise God now and forever!

          • Joanne

            Doug, Lol! I just realized this reply was in response to another Joanne, not me. Ugh! Thread is hard to follow!

          • Arelia Yanes

            I totally agree. The devil is always looking for souls that are suffering this way. I don’t agree that Catholics that are just going thru the motions during should seek another denomination. Our God is merciful and full of compassion and love for us. I was one of those Catholics that lost her way but my God patiently waited while I found my way back into his arms. It took years but I did come home just like the prodigal son. I now can tell you that I’m hard at work at being the best catholic I can be every day so that I can continue to praise and walk with Jesus until the day He takes me home.

      • Tina

        I agree with you totally. It is very sad when Catholics are poorly catechised. We should all help as best we can.
        Even Heaven is trying to help though all the Miracles of The Eucharist through the centuries. Even today, one I am deeply touched by one on youtube
        is:John Paul II witnesses The Mitacle of The Host: ( Julia Kim. Naju. S.Korea). The Sacred Host is seen to turn into Flesh and Blood in her mouth. A paediatrician present said the flesh was like a child?s heart.

    • James

      Doug, I appreciate your thoughtfulness and strong feelings expressed. I personally struggle some with the LGBT comment. Particularly the L&G. I am aware of very little in the bible about this and what is is primarily old testament. There is probably more telling us not to eat pork. I also, thankfully, hear little about this in my church. I think from a truth perspective I try to fall back on what Jesus said in Mark, when he was asked “which is the great commandment in the law?”, Jesus answered, “Hear, O Israel! The Lord our God, The Lord is One; Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind”, before also referring to a second commandment, “Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.” So I guess I will do my best to love the Lord my God and my neighbor as God made him. That being said, unfortunately our society is suffering greatly from the exploiting of God’s gift of sexuality in all communities.

      • jennifer

        I personally struggle a lot with the LGBT comment. I believe
        that it’s not our place to judge others. I also thankfully attend a wonderful Catholic church which is accepting of everyone. We now have three gay men who are Eucharistic ministers with me and one is a sacristan. Our priest and therefore our parish, is amazing and a wonderful example of tolerance and acceptance which, I believe, is what God truly wants from us. But…I know that not everyone agrees with this, especially people who don’t have close friends or family who have suffered from the stigma of being LGBT. I believe they would be less judgmental if they did!!! Thankfully, our world is becoming much more tolerant of these issues, and I’m proud that many Catholics I know are doing the same.

      • Doug

        Thank you James for your reply. I love everyone no matter you they are. I don’t judge whether LGBT is a sin. What I do struggle with is the fact that God created us and He makes no mistakes. He created a man to be a man and a woman to be a woman. That is difficult for me to argue against.

        That said, I still love them. I have a nephew that just entered into a union with his partner. If invited, I would have come to thew reception and celebrated with them. Unfortunately, someone mis-represented my beliefs to him. I was saddened by that as he and I had a super relationship. I have a Presbyterian pastor who is a friend of mine and is very progressive…including pro-choice. She’s a wonderful lady and a very loving pastor.

        Regarding scripture, perhaps these verse will help. (There3 isn’t much, but 3 I’ve come across.)

        1 Timothy 1:10
        Jude 1:7
        1 Corinthians 7:9
        and I live by James 4:12…There is one lawgiver and judge who is able to save or to destroy. Who then are you to judge your neighbor?

        God Bless you James.

        • James

          Thank you for sharing Doug. In reviewing your recommended passages, I came across the following from a footnote in 1 Corinthians in the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops web site: “The Greek word translated as boy prostitutes may refer to catamites, i.e., boys or young men who were kept for purposes of prostitution, a practice not uncommon in the Greco-Roman world. In Greek mythology this was the function of Ganymede, the “cupbearer of the gods,” whose Latin name was Catamitus. The term translated sodomites refers to adult males who indulged in homosexual practices with such boys.” There were certainly some practices to condemn in the ancient world as well as today.
          I think it is too easy to pull out the “God doesn’t make mistakes” argument and use it to support your view. In yesterday’s gospel Jesus explained about why the man was born blind. In that case it allowed Jesus to perform a miracle and get people to believe in him. Today we still have people born blind or gay, and this gives Christians the opportunity to love them anyway.
          I don’t know why this topic has become a hot button for me. I guess I just think that there are so many other evils that we should be working against that the, what I would call, inordinate concern over homosexuality just weakens us.
          Just my thoughts Doug. May God bless you too.

          • Doug

            James, I did a lousy job of expressing myself. In no way do I believe it is a sin to be gay just as it’s not a sin to be stupid at times…like I was here. I was speaking about the action, not the person. I need to pray and get my head on straight. I apologize for going somewhere I should have not even attempted to go. Thank you for that.

    • Nancy

      This video was the best so far for me, individually. When I have questioned the veracity of what is going on in our country right now, a fellow Catholic said “Haven’t you ever lied”? I was stunned that he had no caring of whether we have been given the truth of late. Just my thoughts.

    • Dale R Evans

      I like your comment. I would just like to add a thought. Most people in our culture are driven by deep need. We know it is a need for God, but most others do not understand they are needy. So they strive to be special in ways we often find disgusting. The problem is they cannot accept God unless they know God loves them. That is our responsibility. We are obligated to communicate the love the Holy Spirit and the forgiveness of sin and an invitation to be “born again in water and Spirit.”

    • Lisa

      I have discovered that there are Catholics that really don’t know that the Eucharist is Jesus alive. They learned it as a child and maybe didn’t understand it then; or if they did, they forgot. As adults, they had random conversations with non-Catholics and so believe the Eucharist is a symbol in our church also as it is in other churches. I have told priests that at least on the Feast of Corpus Christi they should remind everyone. Some agree and some just reply that it is a matter of faith given by God. I agree, but it is easier to be open to receiving the inspiration of faith if you have an education that supports it.

  • Heidi Johnson

    Giving truth a place of honor in my life means watching even the little things and being aware that there is the truth, not just a truth and remembering that Jesus is the way, the truth, and the light. Obviously there was an issue with truth even in Jesus’s day for Him to say that He is the way, the truth, and the light (perhaps those need to be capitalized for emphasis…)

  • Mike Fery

    TRUTH produces PEACE, PEACE produces ONENESS, and TRUTH, PEACE and ONENESS, produce ABUNDANCE! Have a great day! Love, Michael

    • Susie Avril Glascock


    • Teresa Glenn


    • Joanne

      “Oneness” or unity is what came to
      my mind as Matthew was talking about our society murdering the truth and having individual, personal truths; we will never have peace under those circumstances. Everyone cries out and stomps their feet based on their own truths regarding religions, political agendas, racism, sexism, homophobia,etc., but if everyone recognized the objective truth that each one of us are children of the one true and living God, that we are all brothers and sisters of one large family, I dare to say, peace and true unity would reign eternally!

      • Kathy

        I try to remember that Satan is the father of lies. I am feeding into his plan if I’m not scrupulous to the truth. I try not to unwittingly play into his hand.

        • Janet Marusiak

          yes, and the more little lies you make and I have been there, it seems it gets harder to get out of the habit until you go to confession. In the past it would be so that you felt further from God and then I thought I was finished but God is so merciful and so happy that back then I finally understood that and so if I lie now I get myself to confession right away.

        • Joanne

          Yes, we never compromise on the truth, ever. We are called to spiritual works of mercy, which is to “instruct the ignorant” but we always do it treating others with dignity and come from a place of love and not judgement. That is up to God, not us.

        • Joan R

          Thanks for bringing up this point!

      • Jean

        How right you are! Seems like an impossible task but a task worth pursuing day by day.

      • Lea Novak

        Yes, even when we quote sources in public debate, there is division, because they will not accept the truth of our sources, and we know that their sources are lying by either leaving out parts of the story or by distorting the facts, or by outright changing the data to fit the conclusion they want it to support.

    • Martin Tousignant

      Truth and wisdom are worth the price, but expect your life to become much more difficult once you pursue them seriously.

  • Alice Ann Hengesbach

    When I wonder “what should I say?” I remind myself that there are three options: tell the truth, tell the truth, tell the truth. Enjoy this 24. Blessings.

    • Karen Kotzbach McCreary

      Alice Ann ,hey, you forgot the fourth option…….just tell the truth ! Hope you at least smiled. *_* 🙂

      • Alice Ann Hengesbach

        LOL!! Sense of humor: THE best!

  • Judi Muniz

    This is it people this how we shall live God thank you for this message this morning it’s getting me closer to being happier it taken 20 bricks of my back I’m seating crying my eyes out you are so powerful thank you dynamite catholic team

  • Susie Avril Glascock

    Giving truth a place of honor in my life is the ultimate respect for Him, those I love ( family and friends whom I know) and myself.
    This makes me think of wanting it more for someone than they do…. Lord I lift up this day in all I do for those who cannot see the truth may they open their ears, eyes and heart to You and help each one of us to speak the truth at all costs knowing you will be there to support us. Amen

  • Nancy D.

    I try to live the truth every day, but I know I falter. Whether I am trying to protect myself or others, I know it is wrong not to tell the truth but I still do it. When I do tell a lie, I feel guilty not only because I deceived myself or others, but I have hurt God. Moving forward I need to continue to work on always being truthful no matter how hard it is for me to do.

  • Eduardo Hoover

    On the subject of wisdom and truth I think of the Cheers character Cliff. He would spin bizarre plausible half truths and facts to create a story to make himself look wise. The truth was everyone thought him a fool and the only one who beheld him as wise were his own eyes. In an attempt to deceive others we deceive ourselves. I image Pilate had to deal with this a lot in the Roman Empire and quite possibly because of the Mythology and philosophy of the time as he said to Jesus, “What is truth?” Today it is as confusing with jargon, “Fake news.” What is truth then? For over 2000 years now we’ve known Jesus is the way the truth and life and verily I say no one can go wrong submitting their knowledge to this fact.

  • Rebecca

    To me it means honoring God. When we tell a lie, even a small lie, we are disobeying God. In order to become closer to God, we need to fight the temptation of the devil and always tell the truth.

  • Liz231

    I don’t really start ‘truth’ conversations but when I hear someone saying something that is not true, I will try to kindly correct them. One lady said to me that she thought gay people were fine, it didn’t bother her. I said no, no, if we loved/cared about them, we would want them to be in heaven some day and so we need to pray for them. She hadn’t thought about it that way so maybe God, through me, got her thinking a different way. We can never let untrue statements go w/out saying something.

  • Daniela D.

    It was never so clear as today’s reflection the why our society is collapsing, and we are very busy trying to love everyone in their uniqueness, but we are not defending the truth, the one and only valid truth: There is no salvation but through Jesus and loving your neighbor as yourself means to show them and teach them that truth and not letting them live their lies.

    • Margo

      Easier said than done. Many are able to justify their sinning ways.

  • Jacob

    Truth in my life mean love and goals. It I keep hiding from the truth. I will never see my goals. I will only have the lie, which will lay down for my future. The goals in life will happen go for my goals and see my real goals.

  • Clara Turci Depko

    I find it difficult to be around people who lie. I have been friends with people who lie for no reason and it makes me more aware that telling a lie only hurts your credibility. I must say I do find myself telling a lie when I don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings but I will work on that.

  • cheryl oscar

    Truth means embracing and living all God’s ideals and His purpose for our lives. It means embracing the power provided by the Holy Spirit and not sucombing to fear when telling the truth may mean a conflict with a boss, a friend, even a pastor or priest, knowing that whatever the consequence, God will never leave you nor forsake you.

  • Nancy

    One of the ways I stand up for truth is to participate in prayer vigil is outside of Planned Parenthood. The world has lost one of our greatest truths, the sanctity of all life from conception to natural death.

    • Rosie

      Nancy, what a great truth you show others!!!. God bless you.

  • Jeff K

    My focus on living in truth has me dwelling on the mentioning of wisdom in today’s message. The definition of wisdom is the quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgment. And the soundness of an action or decision with regard to those three concepts. I can honor God today if I can honestly say wisdom was my motivating factor when deciding which path to take.

  • Mike

    For me this morning it means finding the courage to have a very difficult conversation with the person I’m closest to in my life about our relationship. Please pray for me (and all of us) to be strong, clear, loving, non judging while strive to be truthful and wise.

    • Maureen

      I am praying for you Mike that your conversation will be loving and truthful. They always go together!

      • Mike

        Thank you.

    • Joanne


    • NancyB


    • Carl

      I don’t remember where I first heard this, but my wife and I use it and share it with the engaged couples with get the privilege to work with in our parish Pre-Cana program. When there is a time/need for a “difficult conversation,” invite Jesus to sit with you. It is pretty hard to say hurtful things when we picture Him sitting there with us!

      When two or more are gathered in My name…..

      • Linda Carmelle

        excellent advice!

  • Rosie

    Lots of people are embarrassed by their faith and how it preaches the truth. I, at one point in my life, was not ashamed but didn’t want others to know how my faith was important to me. But was it?…. It took time to know where I was in my life and how important that truth and faith was to me. When I got to that point, I no longer looked back but only wanted truth in my life, knowing that ultimately, this is how I wanted to live my life and how proud I was to be able to share that truth with everyone I meet. Until this day, I am proud of the truth in my life and pray that I may be able to bring others to the truth as I was.

  • Dale R Evans

    I think the heart of the problem is humans need God whether they like it or not. If they don’t acknowledge that need they subconsciously conspire with others to create their own absolute to fill that need. Thereafter the population group thus created strives to make their delusion the only acceptable definition of reality and the foundation for human interaction. What actual follows is denial of truth and an increasingly violent demand others appropriate the behavior to make the false god a functional absolute no matter what the cost. The ensuing self destruction cannot be prevented. It is exactly the condition of the American culture.

    • Kj

      Wonderfully put! I think you are on to something…..

  • Mary W

    I’m reminded of another pro-life person who said “It’s a baby if you want it, a fetus if you don’t.” So many refuse to see the truth that life begins with conception.

    • Kj

      Wow. That comment by the other pro-lifer makes one think….

  • Nancy Britt

    I think, too often, people tell “little white lies” as they are sometimes referred to and it becomes habit. Then, eventually, these people become numb to them and feel that it doesn’t really affect their lives and over time, they start telling bigger lies, become numb to them and before you know it, the lies grow exponentially. It is so important to remember that all lies, no matter how big or small, matter and are not the way to the Lord. I am going to try to be conscious of all my words and if I find myself in a situation that I feel the need to lie, I am going to try to think “If this was Jesus in front of me, would I still say it?”. I hope everyone has a blessed day!

    • Kj

      Thank you for sharing! Extremely well put!!

  • Elaine

    Ditto Jeanne…I couldn’t have said it better myself.

  • Sherry McCollum

    I tend to think that living truths in my life is leading by God’s example. When I am speaking truths, I am inclined to live a happier life and lies just get in the way of becoming a better person which fills me with guilt and shame. Who really wants to live that way, I don’t. I am so grateful for Dynamic Catholic, these lessons have made me appreciate everything around me. I was in church yesterday and I spoke to Monsignor and I told him that I am having the best Lent ever and asked me if I gave us chocolate for Lent which I knew what he was asking me. We were talking about the videos and how great they are and that I am praying more and just a more happy person. He just thought that was so wonderful. Thank you Dynamic Catholic.

  • Jovita

    It makes me feel complete. Only God’s truth brings me that kind of peace. Making choices that are aligned with choices that Jesus would make allow me to exist in relationship with him regardless of what friends and family think. So long as I honor God’s truth, I can experience that peace. The problem I see is that many have no idea what it means to be in relationship with Christ. If only a little bit of time was spent each day with Christ then it would be easier to have that moral compass that speaks the truth into heart.

  • SanctusSanctus

    After experiencing betrayal, Truth (Jesus) gave us a reason to Trust. I’m thinking of times of betrayal and lies which have lead to distrust. Fortunately in the Holy Sacrament of our “Confession” or “Sacrament of Reconciliation” I can actually think ahead about being truthful in order to not have to confess a non-truth. This sacrament for me has helped me to not lie. Feeling accountable to my priests, I am more aware of not wanting to lie. I know I can ask for forgiveness should I slip up. Jesus is the Truth; Jesus I trust in You!

    • Carlos

      This is very insightful. Reconciliation, especially regular confession, makes us so much more aware of sin. I feel this awareness acting most powerfully through the Holy Spirit. I openly want and desire to give truth a place of honor in my life, but I also acknowledge that the flesh is week. By opening up my heart to Christ in my daily life and through Reconciliation, the Holy Spirit can work more powerfully in my life so that I can listen, hear, understand and act when it is time to make a decision to tell the truth.

      • SanctusSanctus

        I love going to confession. Keeping me “honest” and “humble”…. It seems as a special discipline to focus on what I need to do to improve my relationship with Our Lord and my family. i have to chuckle at how many times I’ve probably been confessing my family members sins instead of my own! Of course a great priest re-routes me to focus on my own sins!

  • Theresa Trella

    Listening to Matthew’s reflection, it hit me that “casual” is the root word in “casualty”. The casuality of wisdom comes from a casual relationship with Truth (i.e. being so open-minded that your brain leaks out).

    Truth is an immovable, glorious diamond, and we are specks of dust floating around it seeking to reflect a small aspect of it in our lives. That is the truth of relativism: that we only perceive, comprehend and apply a small part of objective Truth.

    The Lie is when we look to our own speck as the totality of truth and deny that objective Truth exists. We float aimlessly and bump into the other specks to prove we’re right.

    Wisdom and peace come when we anchor ourselves in the fact that there is Truth, while having the humility to let go of our monopoly on it and be fully open to seek it with all our hearts: first in God, but also in the specks of others. Another fun word-play, lol: specs is short for spectacles, or eyeglasses; if we seek to see clearly, life is spectacular😉

    • Kathy MYny

      I like the way you talked about truth. “Specks”! For sure we are. But even though little we are capable of grasping the truth and making it part of who we are to God and to others. Matthew, what an awesome reflection today.!!!

  • Kathy Conowall

    Thank you Matthew and John; these videos were gripping. I’ve often wondered: if in every conversation, alone with ourselves or in the company of others, we had to premise what we are about to say with the words “the truth of the matter is….” how much more likely would we be to obtain wisdom? It’s much harder for me to ignore the truth when I first have to say it out loud. It is a blessed day indeed!

  • Carol Donaldson

    Truth brings peace to oneself and is the foundation for building strong lasting relationships with everyone we encounter!

    • Mary

      Very well said Carol!

  • CathieHeenan

    When I was growing up, my grandma lived with us. She was a Good God fearing woman. One of the things she always used to tell us was ” tell the truth and shame the devil ”. I don’t lie, I tell people that all the time. My grandma told me not to lie, so I don’t. I have lost some friendships over it, but I know that lying is wrong so I don’t do it. As Martin Luther King said ”and the truth will set you free ”.

    • Sam Adams

      Sometimes the truth IS hard to tell, especially when it will hurt one’s feelings. But, thinking that I am shaming the devil (I just love that) will make it easier for me. Thank you for sharing your grandma’s wisdom.

      • CathieHeenan

        Your welcome, I enjoy sharing my grandma’s wisdom.

  • Linda

    Giving truth a place of honor in my life has caused me to sometimes be praised and sometimes to be verbally attacked by those who are steeped in our culture. We have to be ready to accept that if Truth will be in a place of honor in our lives.

    Truth is a hard pill to swallow. Sometimes this means we look at the truth of our personal sins and are afraid to deal with them, but when we look at the truth head on and work towards living a more sin-free life, then there is more peace within.

    I believe the Truth of the Catholic church is heading towards a bigger clash with our culture and that some of us, like those in the middle east, will be martyred for speaking the Truth.

  • singit1

    I’m just like John. If someone asks me a question and the answer isn’t going to be a good one, I just can’t seem to lie. It shows in my face, it can be heard in my voice. So I’ve tried to develop a kind way of telling a harsh truth. It’s not easy, but I know it’s better than lying.

  • Clare

    I wonder if the world’s view on truth has been the catalyst for this epidemic of ‘fake news?
    I try to live by one truth and that is Jesus Christ but we are being bombarded with so much rubbish on an hourly basis, it is hard to decipher truth from fiction.

  • Roxanne Lynne

    I believe my truth is being the person I was created to be by God. I do not try to please others by being who I think they would like me to be. I look to be around people who accept me as I am, no matter what society is dictating that we should be.

  • Stephen R Grove

    Giving truth a place of honor means following Christ. It means placing the Trinity above all, including religion. It means living truth in the only way possible, in daily consult with almighty God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
    Giving truth a place of honor means knowing God anew each day in the inseparable wisdom of faith and mercy. It means living the Catholic faith of all people who seek God’s truth beyond the limits of their individual human education and experience. It means waking daily to seek, to know the Christ who lives in you, Christ Jesus, eternal redeemer of us all.

  • Maria

    Sometimes speaking the truth requires having safe people to share it with-even one person who is available in this very busy world to listen without judgement and pray for you so the truth can set you free. I believe true healing starts with speaking the truth to God, yourself and others. When I am afraid to speak the truth, I have found a way to help me do so. I start what I am going to say with ” To be honest …….”. My whole relationship with God was restarted in a deeper way because of what the Scripture says about worshiping God in spirit and truth because I truly believe that with God I will always find and hear the truth I need to hear to live a life of peace.

  • Robert

    Loved today’s talk. But the “your truth, their truth” thing had me bogged down a bit.

    After further contemplation I reached what might not be PC to say, but we’re all grown ups here:

    The real Truth = right
    The convenient truth = wrong

    We make choices between right and wrong.

    We can put some lipstick on those convenient truths we choose in our lives, but it’s still wrong. Yes I understand (and often frustrated) that one can google a supporting argument for any “truth” we want, but strip off that lipstick and be honest with ourselves if it’s a right or a wrong.

    • Lea Novak

      Yes, I think even all the great divisions in Christianity came about mostly because someone didn’t like the truth…it got in their way. And that is still happening today, God help us!

    • GG

      A great way to explain it with truths… This reminds me about the abortion issue. Some say they would not personally do it and yet they also support the right for women to make their ‘own choice’. How can abortion be right for one and wrong for another? The real truth is not the ‘convenient’ truth. (These words come from me in which I am a woman.)

      • Joyce W.

        I often wonder how much women are influenced by the pro-choice activists to shout their right to be able to decide if ever they find themselves pregnant. The pro-choice activists never say, “oh, by the way you might find the process dreadful and be consumed by guilt afterwards”. I recently looked at a website which does a good job of explaining the options available during pregnancy – bear and keep the baby, bear and have the baby adopted, get rid of the baby. There was a very straightforward video in which a doctor unemotionally describes exactly what happens during an abortion in whatever number of weeks the pregnancy has advanced. I think the intent is to allow the pregnant viewer to learn the truth. It would put many people off.

        • GG

          Another thing that is not the real true is this: pro-choice people don’t seem to think of the UNBORN CHILD’S RIGHT to walk this earth as they do. Their body is no longer just theirs. It is shared by another human being. Just as someone has NO right to kill a child outside the womb, they have no right to kill a child in the womb. A woman is made different than a man. The womb is a gift. As any gift, we have the responsibility to use that gift in a good and true way. People who support/ encourage a friend or family member to do it are also not following the true truth. Adoption is a good thing to consider. The mother is thinking of the child and giving life. She will never regret it.

          • Joyce W.

            What is really remarkable is when a pregnant woman is injured or murdered and this leads to the death of her unborn child and then the law considers that child to have been murdered also, and yet murdering a child through abortion is legal! Also, there are legal issues concerning the right to dispose of frozen embryos, but not concerning the embryo in the womb that is destroyed through abortion. They can’t have it both ways. An example of truth being modified according to convenience.

          • GG

            Excellent points. Totally agree.

    • Carlos

      Robert, the question that came up to me is what is the motive for having “my truth” or “your truth?” It appears to me that relative truth is created for a purpose and that purpose is to self-justify one’s actions or decisions. If one can justify his/her decisions based on his/her own personal truth (opinions or emotions), one tends to wash their hands of the negative consequences that come about by their actions. To me, this relative truth is a selfish way of not taking ownership for one’s decisions. In an attempt to avoid feeling guilty for what they have done, people use relative truth/self-justification so that they can sleep at night.

      • Robert

        Yes sir, well said. As I was writing in my journal later in the day I came to a similar revelation. My path took me from a perspective of how can one know the real Truth when there is so much info out there and no real way to distinguish which are truly factual and which are not.

        But that is bs. We know which is right and which is wrong most of the time, we just need to be honest with ourselves. We cannot choose for convenience or self justification. And if we are truly confused, then the answer is to turn to our God, our faith and reflect and eventually the answer will become more obvious.

        Thank you for your insights.

  • Elisabeth

    For me it has meant addressing it in the big and the small matters. I have to be wilIing to speak up for the truth even if it is uncomfortable. I also have to be truthful, not just with other people, but with myself. I have to constantly be aware of my motives when I act. In the past, an outwardly “good” action might have been done with less than good motives. On a lighter note, it has meant even checking myself when telling a story. Once I made the decision to truly honor truth in my life, I realized how much I exaggerated- just to make a good story better, or a funny story funnier. Those actions had to change – to be truthful means to do so in alll matters. The great thing about honoring truth? Your life becomes more simple and you are closer to the person God intended you to be.

    • Carlos

      Elisabeth, well said. What is it that is within us that pushes us to constantly exaggerate our stories to make our lives look better then they are? We all have run into this situation. We are telling a story and then suddenly something pops into our head that would make this story soooo much better. For what seems like a split second, the Holy Spirit reminds us to stick with the real story, but resistance and our desire to please others takes over. Honoring truth may include both listening to and responding to the Holy Spirit as we are directed to the truth in these moments.

  • Tina

    Ever since I realized that Satan is the father of lies, I find it horrible to tell even a small lie. I feel giving him a little finger gives him the opportunity to not only gobble up ones hand, but one`s whole self. One gets caught, like a fly in a spiders web.
    Thanks for this reflection and all others during this Lenten retreat. Real help. God Bless u all.

    • Lea Novak

      Tina, that’s an excellent way to think of it. That will be helpful to me in the future!

  • Miriam

    I agree with you Joanne Amen

  • Barb Stuart

    good morning, we don’t give truth the respect we need to do. Saturday, I was on a silent retreat for several hours.Then I stayed for Mass,the people that came into church started conversing as if they were in a grocery line and showed no respect for anyone else.So what I am saying, is this, we all need to remove the opstacles when we come to His house and give Him our attention.

  • Louise

    What a great analogy Paul used when he told the Ephesians to put on the armor of God. He even puts that analogy in the same order as to how the Roman soldier would put his armor on. The first piece was to strap on the belt. Paul calls this the belt of truth. This piece of equipment of the Roman soldier was what held all other attachments of safety for him. Paul calls the belt of truth the word of God. The only universal truth today, just as in Paul’s day, is holy scripture. We must be in the Word. We must not only read it but study it to know what God’s truth is. Only when we “gird ourselves with the belt of truth” can we fight Satan who is still alive and kicking in our time just as he was in Jesus time.

  • Deborah

    I do believe in speaking the “truth” and have been accused of being incensitive. It was suggested to me that I should soften the “truth”. But to do so would require a “white lie” (a lie told to avoid hurting someones feelings). To be honest, I have tried this and people just don’t get the message. It comes out as saying what they did or said was OK and kind of justifies bad behavior. In my mind a lie is a lie (even white lies). As a sin is a sin. It still discolors the soul. My sister gave me a wonderful example of this. If you have a piece of white bread (a clean soul) and then spill a little pepper on the corner or better yet, throw the bread into the garbage… then ask someone to take it out and eat it they will say. Yuck… that is dirty…. the response is…. well it is only a little dirt, the rest is still clean so the dirt doesn’t matter. Not so… Truth is the way to go… giving it in a loving and respectful manner. I hope I am making sense as this is a topic I believe is needed in this world. Thank you Matthew Kelley

    • Lea Novak

      Yes, the place where I have trouble is in speaking truth to tho who disagree and keeping it loving and respectful. I tend to get defensive, and then sensitivity goes out the window!

      • Deborah

        I have been there many times. I have found that when I have spoken a truth that hits a nerve with someone else… it is obvious that the Holy Spirit is convicting them, but the evil one is also on attack because he does not want that person to move forward. Not an easy situation to battle until I remember that I don’t have to battle. I did what I could to speak the truth and then place it in Jesus hands. I am not always successful either. I sometimes feel I just have to convince them…. but I don’t. I try to open the door and trust God to do the healing.

  • Peter

    I lied twice this morning about my golf score. How pathetic is that? What does it matter whether I get 5 instead of 4 or 6 instead of 5. I am totally ashamed of myself. Will God forgive me? Of course He will. I’ll do better next time and no need for fibbing

    • Joyce W.

      Peter I just had to chuckle at your confession. So very human! At a deeper level you might ask yourself why you lied about your golf score. Do you really need to make yourself look better, when you are loved so much for exactly who you are, whether you have a good day or a bad day at golf? Enjoy your golf and remember that someone else may also be struggling with their score and they don’t need your excellence to compete with! God bless.

  • Janet Marusiak

    Truth, Wisdom where has it gone? Relativism has taken over in the world; what is good for me is my truth they say. Don’t preach to me. I am glad it is good for you but this is how I want to pray and to worship my God. I thought there was only One God. I thought we all are to be communion with one another as one body. I too can’t bluff anything or I laugh or whatever as Truth is very important to me. My past relationship ended because of lies and finally admitted it was all lies and I had to follow the Truth of stepping out of this fake relationship that was based all on lies. It was hard but I felt so free and living a life of authentic me and free to be me in all aspects of my life to put Jesus first in my life and love Him. I am not worried if someone calls me a ‘religious nut’ as I was in their shoes one time in the past too. We all plant seeds of hope in people and those who even lie all the time would prefer to talk to us that tell the truth as it gives them peace.

  • Magalis Muniz

    Giving truth a place of honor in my life, means being honest about how I feel about things. Letting people know where I stand with certain issues that I believe. It also means letting people see who I really am without being afraid of people not liking me. Stop being a people pleaser.

    • Lea Novak

      Ah, that’s a difficult thing, to stop being a people pleaser! I hadn’t thought of that in relation to Truth, but now I see the tie-in. Thanks Magalis

      • Magalis Muniz

        You are welcome. 😊

        • Magalis Muniz

          This is something I struggle with. I want people to like me so sometimes I find myself saying yes to things that I know are wrong. In the end I feel terrible and wish I was stronger.

      • Arelia Yanes

        People pleaser….was guilty of that in the past but now I only want to please God with my actions and faith. I speak his word to anyone that wants to hear.

  • Mel Babin

    Take truth seriously….that is a great piece of advice. I will try harder each day to master this concept. Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth and the life.” John 14:6 If we want to get to our heavenly Father, it is through Jesus. Thank you Matthew for reminding of where to go for truth and wisdom…

  • Kimberly Trapp

    Giving truth a place of honor in my life means not just speaking the truth but living the truth. It means not only living truth outwardly, but inwardly. Speaking truth to myself and to others.

  • Marie

    Truth and wisdom do go hand in hand. This message could not be more timely for me and validating my intent to speak it tomorrow evening. My mission and I have chosen to accept it is to stand up in a situation tomorrow and tell the truth in room full of people who don’t want to understand it or contend with the truth. Please pray that I share with love and compassion. God Bless you Mathew! My husband is reading along side me now every day and these videos are fantastic.

  • roberto santiago

    Giving the truth a place of honor is giving Jesus a place of honor in my life, for after all he is the Truth. I absolutely despise lies, when someone lies to me I have always felt like they are slapping me on the face, and I imagine us doing the same thing to our Lord when we lie. We can see the effects of lying on a big scale on all these corporations that “cover the truth” to save a few million and end up paying billions for their lack of decency. What a sad and chilling state of affairs that in our nation, and other parts of the world, this behavior has become business as usual.

  • Milton

    WWJD……..when teaching my PSR students I tried to instill in them that when making decisions, always ask yourself…What would Jesus do in this same situation? Jesus’ response will always be truthful! Be truthful just like Jesus!

  • Michelle Ardini

    I wish that everyone in this country could see this video because so few people honor truth. For me, Jesus is the Truth and everything I do should be to honor Him as God. If you believe that it is ok to tell little “white lies”, than you don’t truly understand truth.

  • Robin Taggart

    Truth is I’m struggling again and I need serious prayer! God’s truth for me and my life.

    • Trudy Ray Parmarter

      Praying for you Robin. God’s peace.

    • Carlos

      Robin, I will pray for you and for God to answer your prayers to help you in your struggles. Trust in Him and be faithful. God works for the good of those who love him. He is working for your good at this very moment.

  • Michael Baur

    Giving Truth a place of honor in your life means that you should not be afraid of telling the truth. People should take pride in telling the truth.

  • Kevin Clark

    Humbly speak the truth, be slow to anger and not too quick to judge anybody. Especially, people who are trying to come back to our church.

  • At the center of secular humanism is a lie. That lie is that Truth is Relative instead of Truth is Objective. Without Objective Truth, there is no Wisdom. Without Wisdom, Wise Choice becomes impossible. Without Wise Choice, Civilization itself quickly becomes impossible.

    And then you get Europe. The Catholic Thing had an excellent article today on the downfall of European Humanism, and how the disconnect from Objective Truth has led to collapse and populism.

  • RAB-G

    Some times people that I know don’t tell the truth because they want to feel superior. If only they knew how much this hurts and that some day the truth will surface. What goes around comes around.

    • Jo Martin

      I hear what you are saying. Scripture tells us “speak the truth in love”! If someone who doesn’t know you tells you the ‘truth’….well it surely isn’t out of LOVE! I hope this makes sense 😉

  • Peggy

    How powerful today’s segment was for me and yet so simple: truth + good decisions = wisdom. So I feel that if I live with that equation daily how could I not be a better version of myself.

    • Ginie

      Well said Peggy, make it an equation that is we learn, live and respect…and we will be a better version of ourselves.

  • Kaprenaud

    Wonderful topic today!

  • Betty’s Blessing

    The old dreaded “gossip”! I try my hardest not to gossip. Being in an Administrative Assistant, all the admins go to break and lunch together. I learned a long time away, not to join the group and try to stay away from the gossip. Something I need to work on harder. Like they say there are 3 sides to a story…. his side/her side/ and the truth. When you focus on only the good of a person, all the negative is washed away. Keep praying to see the good in others. Be humble and kind.

  • Mario Cannariato

    I pray that Jesus continue to show me the truth that I may have a place of honor in my life. Knowing that Jesus is placing kind words to share with someone when they are down or doing something for someone when they are down is the truth.

  • Kurt Hertrich

    By the grace of the Lord I manage to be a very honest person, telling the truth always. When I say I’ll do it, if it is humanly possible I will. The problem we live in such a culture of lies, especially in business dealings, often people don’t believe you when you tell the truth, sometimes people think, nobody can be that honest. Of course our role models, politicians, even some priest, lying is a way of life, very sad, the only thing I can do is pray for them

  • Maria

    I heard a story in a homily once. It went something like this:
    A ship is in the middle of a storm in the middle of the night. It’s so dark that the only way to see other ships or boats is to look for the lights on them. Someone spots one such light in front of them, coming closer and closer. The captain talks into the radio, telling the other ship to get out of the way. A voice from the other ship tells HIM that he should change course. The captain refuses and insists that the OTHER ship change course. However, the voice calmly but persistently repeats his request. Outraged, the captain yells that he’s going to run over the other ship if it doesn’t move RIGHT NOW, but the voice kindly replies, “With all due respect, Captain, if you crash into me, you’re the one that’s going to sink. I’m a lighthouse.”

    So what does it mean to give truth a place of honor in my life? I can begin to live with peace in my heart b/c I know I can trust myself again.

  • Amy Reinhardt

    You have to have a lot of courage to tell the truth sometimes. Sometimes we’re scared what telling the truth will cost us. Will we be judged? In my life, lying has become second nature. Sprinkling in little white lies when I’m too scared to tell the truth happens more than I’d like to admit. I won’t go as far to label myself as a pathological liar, but I should have a better relationship with the truth. I think the braver you are, the easier it will be to give truth a place of honor in your life. Today’s video really impacted me, so I’m going to start praying for a decrease in little white lies and an increase in truth telling.

    • Lisa Allen

      Amy, you summed up my thoughts completely. Truth and wisdom takes courage and consistency, wherein lies can become an easy way to take the spotlight off yourself and “fit in” to groups. I pray too for the Holy Spirit to guide my journey into complete truthfulness and wisdom to be the best version of myself to fulfill God’s image of my life. Amen. God Bless you, Amy and others, in similar struggles and paths in their lives.

    • Carlos

      Amy, thanks for sharing and I would hazard to guess that there are more than a few of us who are experiencing the same things in our lives. From a young age, we learn that when something goes awry telling the truth may lead to unwanted consequences. In fact, we generally know what those consequences will be and so we try to avoid them at all cost. We just never seem to grow out of this bad habit. As I grow older, I see the wisdom of taking ownership for my decisions, facing the music when things don’t go the way I wanted them to go. We all need prayer for God to give us the strength of character and the confidence in ourselves to do what is right and just.

    • mjtav240

      I appreciate what you’ve said, Amy!! Truth is hard, and I have found myself hiding behind half-truths and white lies for many years. It’s time to get brave and “face the truth”. However, what you said about praying to decrease the number sounds like a good place to start. I will also try to “crowd out” the falsehoods by “crowding in” the truth more often. I think I can do that!! And as an aside – it’s not the outright lies that I’m thinking of. It’s the little things we do that we know are not completely honest: Ducking out of work a little early, taking private phone calls at work, saying nothing when someone starts to speak badly of another person, etc.

  • cherrywilliamson

    I interpret this message as there is always a right and a wrong. Wisdom is always making the right choices in your life. Godly decisions!

  • Colleen

    The Truth as set out in Resisting Happiness has brought my sister back to Confession and Holy Communion after 20 + years.

  • Tricia McCaffrey

    This reflection really spoke to me, especially after the readings from Mass yesterday. Living the truth for me isn’t just about not lying, but being strong in my beliefs and living them in a way that speaks my Catholicism out loud.

  • Tami Bowen

    This is a very important subject in my life right now. Relativism has affected my family is such a negative way and truth seems to disappear. When I try to speak the truth with love, I am shunned for not being tolerant and accepting of all. Matthew’s comments about each person having their own truth is so very real in the world today. My heart breaks because this attitude is hurting my grandchildren. My constant prayer is that God will guide my children back to Him and away from the world.

  • GG

    In the abortion issue, I wondered how to explain how wrong it was. Some would say it was wrong for them and yet support women to make their own choice which was supposedly ‘right’ for those women. Wrong is wrong. There is only the real true truth here…. A convenient truth there is, but not the true truth. Mathew Kelly gave a great way to apply this to abortion. I am a woman and my regret is not standing up for this true truth when I had several opportunities. I was worried what people would think of me, which is not acting on the real truth…. So with God’s help I will stand up next time to this truth.

  • Ginie

    I nearly lost a job in a dress shop when I was younger because I refused to tell people they looked good in clothes that didn’t suit them. My boss didn’t fire me because two or three clients told her that my being honest was a reason they would be back. They didn’t buy something that didn’t good on them but they came back to buy what did. I am not perfect, I’ve stumbled frequently, but that was one of the best examples of truth telling I could relate from my own life.

    • Joyce W.

      Good for you Ginie. I was once in a store years ago and saw a sales clerk encouraging a plump little woman to buy a mustard yellow coat with a giant fur collar. The style was dreadful for her and the colour even more so for her complexion and hair. I wish now that I had had the courage to intervene!

      • Ginie

        Joyce, it’s really not good for the business ultimately. Someone figures out they were pushed into buying something not right for them and learns later how poor of a choice it was, they may bad mouth the store and cause them to lose business. Honesty is the best policy and truth may be awkward but in the end…the truth sayer is doing the greater service.

  • Diane

    My youngest daughter is a liberal. I am conservative. We cannot talk politics and she is very sensitive. In my early years I was a Democrat but with Roe v. Wade I left the paty. This was the beginning of wisdom for me. During a recent visit my daughter brought up her liberal ideals and I finally told her I could never support a party that condoned abortion. She became distraught and took my truth
    to mean I didn’t support her. Living my truth has meant a division in my family. Jesus said in Matthew 10:35-38

    35 For I have come to turn

    “‘a man against his father,
    a daughter against her mother,
    a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law—
    36 a man’s enemies will be the members of his own household.’ Living my Truth means I must love God more than my daughter. Painful but I can’t in all good conscience live my faith any other way.

  • Richard Cieslinski

    TRUTH.:. Jesus said I am the Way, The TRUTH and the Life: Matthew you hit it right on the head. The culture has NO TRUTH!! Everyone has their own version of the TRUTH. Even the TRUTH has a version of Itself because the individual’s perception is different by their upbringing, environment and friends. Lately even Religions have their own version of the Truth. Some kill for their religion, some change practices for their religion. Some Catholics believe it is ok to have an abortion. We know that the TRuTH is not to have abortions, but some self proclaimed Catholics believe it’s ok. Eucharistic: Only 17% of Catholics believe it is the True Body and Blood of Jesus. Lanciano Italy Eucharistic Miracle!! Look it up. When we have Catholics bowing to Culture instead of Jesus in the Eucharist, you are right we have no wisdom. The Truth is in the new born baby. You see the MIRACLE that God has blessed you with. That baby is a miracle and if you have ever seen a baby born, you know 100% of the miracle. This is TRUTH!!!😄

  • Joyce W.

    I think that there are times when we keep silent and allow untruths to go unchallenged, and this condones the lies. We can also write the truth, and I have sometimes taken the opportunity to write to the local paper in answer to a letter which perhaps unintentionally, distorts the truth on an important issue.

  • Paula Hecker

    A question that I often ask when I am confronted with a different opinion about the truth of a particular topic, especially concerning the faith, is this, “Can something be true and not true at the same time?” This one question often opens up a window for dialogue after it has been given some thought. Saying you have your truth and I have mine is essentially saying something can be true and not true at the same time which is not possible. This thought provoking question illustrates the relevance of truth. It is a non-threatening, common sense question that opens up a path of dialogue.

    I find that the hardest person to be truthful to is myself. Sometimes I only want to see myself in the best light, but there are times when I need an objective second opinion from someone I trust to help me see things from another perspective other than my own.

  • Kathleen Cranford Kelley

    Pontius Pilate asked the question to Jesus, “What is Truth”. As it turns out, Pontius was staring The Truth right in the face and didn’t even know it. Jesus Christ proclaimed that He is The Truth in John 14:6: Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father, but by me.” So many of us believe that what they think is the truth, regardless of what God says in His Word. Our ego and pride are so big that we have convinced that we are telling the truth. Bottom line “God is the truth” Before we speak maybe let’s first think what would God say.

  • Paul

    What it means to me to give truth a place of honor is to put it ahead of everything else. To make it a focus in your daily life. Many times when I lie , I feel bad about it afterward and when I think back on it , it usually was such an insignificant thing to lie about in the first place. I pray today that I may become more Truth and Wisdom oriented. I need to understand that when I think I am lying to the person I am talking to, I am really lying to myself and to God.

  • LJ

    We need to live Christ and do not. Jews had a concept that God was one, God is one. Daily Mass shows me that rejection is a problem there. A bigger problem against Truth there is legalism. Lack of personal growth hurts each one of the members, causing division of all sorts. The problem of the “Catholic church” is generational. If we are illiterate then we are doomed to repeat the same mistakes. Remember that the Jew left a crack for the stranger but we Catholics do not receive anyone who is different from us. Prayer is a duty and religious is personal, orders are unwelcoming, their using a number so that they may have more bang for the buck. If you are young they want you. What about the value of the human persons spirit?

  • Trudy Ray Parmarter

    “A man is never more truthful than when he acknowledges himself a liar.” – Mark Twain My prayer today: Dear Father of Truth, please help me to focus on the “less than the whole truth” statements that I make everyday because I am so concerned about what others will think of me. Give me the courage to speak your truth in love. I ask this in the name of my Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen

  • Janet Revheim

    My son likes to plan out his entire day ahead of time and becomes frustrated that I will not commit to his plans, even though sometimes I follow through with them. For me it is important that I do not commit to plans that I cannot guarantee, for it would be dishonest. It would be more peaceful sometimes if I would just appease him, but integrity is one of my top values and something I seek to sow in my children. Living an honest life for me is being the same person at home that I am at church. The same person online that I am in person. For I was told as a child who we are when we think no one is looking is who we really are.

  • Tony Pantera

    Unfortunately I am very good at bending a story to fit my needs at the time. This serves me well when I do a professional story telling, but has hurt me otherwise in my life as I so easily use “alternative facts” to solve this problem or that. It took some bad outcomes as a result from this manner of living to help me finally follow a path that embraces truth no matter what I think might be the consequences. The trust in the truth I have now always surprises me in wonderful ways.

  • Alice

    Wow, just as John said today, when we resist the truth we resist God. I guess that is what it means to me. To give truth a place of honor in my life is to trust God and live the “truth”. I keep thinking what Matthew Kelly said in one of the videos. When you mean “no”, you say “no”. When you mean “yes” you mean “yes”. It’s about being authentic. Love today’s message.

  • Toni

    What I worry about in today’s world is that if we don’t agree with the other person’s truth then they call us names and try to destroy us. That is not even allowing us to have our own truth and them having there’s. I pray every day that the Lord’s truth will reign.

  • Pat

    I grew up in a family that lied about everything. I did the same. When I came to having a serious relationship with Jesus, I realized that I really did not know who I was because I lied and justified so much of my life. When I lie, I move away from who I really am and become part of the lie….not the truth. Of course, confusion sets in. When I am truthful, I receive clarity and am at peace with who I am. I find it amazing we are provided with so many personality tests we can take to tell who and what we are….with truth, we should already know.

    • Margo

      I am still a failure at being an instrument of God’s will.

  • Mary Dean

    I am confounded when I attempt to discern truth for someone else. I can only live in accordance with Truth myself. God is the way, the Truth, and the light. I believe in God. I believe Christ lives in me and is manifested to others through me. But God’s truth is greater than I will ever be capable of defining let alone comprehending for someone else. Who am I to judge?

  • Maggie J

    How to give “truth” a place of honor in your life– a powerful question!
    Stay connected to people who honor truth , speak truth, who honor God, who honor the gift of their lives, and who serve others….. May we be wise in the process of discerning and accepting the truths in our lives and in the lives of others. It is a daily challenge and yet God is with us…. how fortunate are we!

  • Marie

    Here is a thought, replace the word “TRUTH” with “GOD”.

    • Margo

      Marie, I was thinking of how I could word my comment, and you said it perfectly. I get into so many discussions” about just about everything with people. We dispute the authenticity of our facts and their sources. In the end, we see through a glass darkly. God’s will be done.

  • Carlos

    Matthew’s comments about today’s culture murdering truth were very enlightening to me. I have noticed many people using the term “my truth” lately. This statement is normally used when someone is trying to justify their own selfish actions or decisions, usually ones that had negative consequences. By using this statement, they are attempting to avoid taking ownership of their actions, effectively washing their hands of the situation to make themselves feel less guilty for what they have done. Such self-justification is very harmful to our society and I hope and pray that we can reach more people with Christ’s message of truth. We need to hold on to and value truth, to face the music and take ownership of our actions and decisions whether the results are good or the consequences are bad.

  • Eugene Randy Day

    However one of the things that comes from Wisdom is discerning “Truth” from “Beliefs”. I see part of the hostility in daily discourse is people confusing their “Beliefs” with “Truth” and therefore have no compromise. And although I understand with Mr. Kelly is referring to by “relative Truth”, wisdom helps us to distinguish between the two.

    • Doug

      I absolutely agree with you. God’s plan, His truth is so very hard to accept at times.

    • mjtav240

      I love this point you bring up, Eugene!! I find myself doing this all the time- confusing belief with truth!! Unfortunately, I have to discern MY beliefs from the truth. When that happens, I try to ask the question, “God, what do you say about this?”, or as cliche as it has become, “What would you do, Jesus?” Ultimately, it all comes down to the first two commandments, as has been brought up several times today.

      • Margo

        Interesting take on this. My beliefs are pretty set. But my truths change all the time. I bend my personal truths to myself. “You are beautiful,” when I feel ugly. “Don’t worry about…” when I am so worried about it. “Don’t judge,” when I feel compelled to judge. I recently had a very painful argument with someone I care for deeply and have to try and put it in a perspective when it hurt so much when they resorted to calling me names. The truth is I am angry and hurt by them. But as Matthew Kelly said in an earlier video, God sees other possibilities for me than being hurt.

  • Mike

    Sometimes emotions distract truth. In my life sometimes because I don’t want to hurt someone feelings I hold back truth, not good. Truth may hurt however it blossoms because it loves. Jesus is truth, sharing Him is being truthful.

  • Doug

    My post really got challenged today. I welcome them as it gives me cause to back up and reflect on what I posted. I just want to speak the truth and I pray I do that everyday. I pattern my life from a couple of verses from scripture.

    James 4:12 There is one lawgiver and judge who is able to save or to destroy. Who then are you to judge your neighbor?

    1 Corinthians 9:16 If I preach the gospel, this is no reason for me to boast, for an obligation has been imposed on me, and woe to me if I do not preach it!

    In addition Paul speaks of feeling that he is the least of the saints and apostles. I don’t remember where I read it but there is a verse where Paul questions, through humility, whether he is even qualified to teach the word. I ask that question of myself every day.

  • RAR

    The acronym of WWJD still helps me give truth a place of honor in my life, I try to ask myself this question before responding and acting. I’ve got a WWJD keychain, a WWJD bracelet to help remind me of the importance of my actions. Because I noticed someone else living this way in the past and noticed the peace and happiness in their life, I wanted that for myself. So My goal is for my actions to be noticed by others around me and want to try to live by the same standards. Living by WWJD— it’s a goal I can only try to achieve daily and yes it’s hard, I have to not get frustrated with myself and depend on a clean slate daily.
    Believe me my actions are not always perfect but if I can notice when they are not and make corrections to try be the best version of myself and let that be noticed too we can all grow and learn from it. It is all definitely a work in progress…. I need WWJD, the crucifix, the Ten Commandments and frogs (fully rely on God) all over my house to bombard and remind myself and my family the importance of our decisions. 🙂
    Thank you to everyone who responds to the posted questions, I’m learning from you too. And thank you to Dynamic Catholic and Matthew Kelly for the program.

  • Cynthia A.Orosco-Wakefield

    The paragraph where you said the culture each live their own truth, I bet actually saw some faces in my mind’s eye of some people I know. It really summed up the what has happened to some. Why they live a life of lies with no wisdom .

  • Scott Sowers

    My father once told me that it was too hard to remember your lies and to always tell the truth because you will never forget it. The topic of lying reminds me of the commercial where Abraham Lincoln’s wife is looking in a mirror and asks him if her dress makes her rear end look big. He pauses in horror and finally says, “Well maybe just a little.” Of course she storms off in anger. Have I lied? Yes. Have my lies hurt anyone? No. That’s the human dilemma about lying. Do we lie to avoid hurting someone’s feelings, maybe keep them from doing something wrong or do we tell the truth and hurt their feelings or make them angry? Do we lie about our age, our weight, how we’re doing, our feelings, our taxes, our income, why we’re not at work or the hundreds of other day to day issues we face? Where do we draw the line when it comes to lying? Do we draw it at little white lies or big life changing falsehoods? There are so many opportunities to lie now days. The truth is the truth and a lie is a lie. Easy to say, harder to live. It’s up to you to decide what side of that line you want to be on. In today’s insane world, there’s “fake news”, “alternative facts” and just plain lying outright. Who do you trust to tell you the truth? Who do you believe in and who believes in you? God? Do the best you can to be honest. So, next time you’re about to lie, pause and think about it, just like honest Abe. It may not be what you want to say or may not be what they want to hear, but at least it’ll be the truth. And you what they say, “The truth shall set you free!” God bless.

    • Linda Carmelle

      Yes ,my husband has a title at work,given by his co-workers, Honest to a Fault. They are only half kidding,but I do like that trait ,its refreshing in this world!

  • Laura LaDue

    I have always had a problem with lying. I could never do it. I’ve always said that it hurts me more to lie to me than steal from me. Nothing is a greater compliment than to call someone honorable or trustworthy.

  • CSL

    I’ve noticed a trend and it is this- people parading their opinion as ‘truth” in regard to matters that are superficial and subjective – In matters regarding taste (whether it is in the arena of clothing or dining, etc..),if I am asked for my perspective, I tell the truth by stating that it is my personal opinion Some people tend to jump on a moral high horse by accusing others of lying when they don’t conform to their personal preferences in these matters.. I honor the truth by not putting too much weight or focus on what a person wears or eats. In regard to matters of the heart, Jesus asked the Pharisees which was easier for them – to tell someone they are healed or to tell someone they are forgiven? They could do neither…..they did not have the truth of their own human vulnerability in their own hearts.

    • Stephanie Gardner

      I have to agree with you about those that confuse truth with opinion. My personal experience is with a coworker who is unable to tell the difference between the two. If my opinion isn’t the same as her opinion, she will argue that I’m morally wrong on the subject. I often leave the conversation at this point by telling her that it’s my opinion, she can respect it or not. Unless there is going to be an adult discussion on the topic, I will not get into an argument about “alternative facts”.

  • Maryanne Sockey

    For some reason when I’m struggling with problems I keep them to myself until things fall apart more and more. I don’t want to bother the people around me who could help me but recently issues with switching doctors and my insurance being troublesome finally came out into the light of day, and my sister who I work for finally made me tell all and with her help I’m finally sorting out how to proceed forward with my various issues such as getting my new doctor to continue my prescriptions, getting a better insurance now that I’ve lived out here in Texas long enough to get local insurance, and so on. I think if I put truth in the center of my life I will face up to myself when I need outside help and come to my family sooner, rather than procrastinating because of feeling that letting the truth out will make me look like a failure or an idiot. Getting the truth out always resolves things better, but somehow I always unconsciously fear it will make things worse.

  • Kathleen Cranford Kelley

    Abortion has come up as a topic for Truth. It has been suggested that some Catholic believe it is Ok. It’s NOT. The truth is that it is killing unborn life. PERIOD. However; the Truth is “God is our Judge.” Not self righteous, pretentious individuals who
    judge others! I was one of those individuals, until I heard a poor girl calling the Pro-life Crisis Line disparate for forgiveness for her abortion. We have to be truthful to ourselves and stop judging others.

    • CSL

      thank you for sharing this – If anyone of faith is going to protest at an abortion clinic please hold a sign that reads thus: “Dear Mom – if you need any financial, housing or emotional support in order to keep your baby, I am here for you!”. The truth in love….if I do not have the faith to lift a burden, I will not impose one on another.

  • Gerard Stachnik

    For me, I feel that I want people to believe that when I say something it is the truth. Especially when I tell someone I am going to do a particular thing. When children start to point out that “you said…” and then I don’t keep my word, after enough times how could I expect them to recognize the truth coming from my lips. It starts here for me and reaches into all aspects of my life. Anything I talk about and promise or say. This is truth to me.

  • Judy Twomey

    John, just have to say, my granddaughter did torn AC twice in the same year! (at 14 years)

  • Taryn Macary

    I can agree with so much that has been said, and I have also faltered a great deal of the time. What initially came to mind was my personal drive to accountability of my choices, whether in the past or quite recent. We so often manipulate ourselves and our emotions to do/achieve what WE want, or respond in hurt/anger to another without understanding the “truth” within ourselves. I do spend time with self-awareness of digging to get to the truth of what the actual truth of my feelings/actions were (sometimes sinful actions of the past or present). I believe that getting to the point of recognizing the truth within (below the layers) is a personal accountability and a place of honor in my life.

  • Michael Lennon

    Hard to believe, but this might be the most important BLE message yet! Wow! Both Matthew and John zeroed in on what I believe is the great “plague” of our culture…being casual or even in denial of the truth. I confess, as I reflect, that cultural reality has affected me to some degree as well and I was sobered in a “fear of the Lord” way to do an inventory today and to push into our Lord Jesus more intensely the “THE TRUTH” in this or any culture my life and any human life. God have mercy, grant me grace and courage to walk in the Truth!

  • Deanna DiLorenzo Powell

    To assume that we have the fullness of Truth is extreme arrogance. We see only partially even with the best of intentions. Walking in Truth requires Love for God, humility and a desire to please Him alone!

  • Agnes Jackson

    Hearing so many opinions today, it is good to be able to the word of God and the Gospel’s of Jesus for the truth.

  • Paula Stone

    Excellent Dynamic Catholic!

  • Jimmy Smith

    Yeah I have noticed that since I rejoined the church I am more sensitive about telling lies and also swearing I don’t want to do anything to offend our Lord Jesus

  • Renee

    Truth is everything. If we don’t have truth what do we have? Honor, dignity, and being humble are the essence of our Lord’s teachings. Aren’t we called to model this and reach out to others as our best selves? One time I defended someone from the gossip of others. This can be difficult, however, because you don’t want to judge. You are also laying your reputation on the line,
    however, we must continue to follow the right path that the Lord has laid before us.

  • Cheryl Biermann

    As I get older, I notice I have a greater appreciation for truth over what others think of me. I also struggle just as much living truth as I every have, I guess it’s that pesky, resisting hapiness again.

  • Trevor Pelkey

    Giving truth a place of honor in my life means telling the truth even when it is most difficult to do so. It means accepting the consequences of the truth in return for the greater good that it brings to my life.

  • DanaMari

    Really like this one because it reminds me (as Matthew said in his video) how easily little fibs/white lies etc can snowball so quickly into a pattern that is considered normal. Sometimes I’m caught between wanting to be truthful, but christian as well – so I often ask God to help me to say what is in line with His will, in the most compassionate way, especially when I know from the get go that it will not be something that everyone agrees with or wants to hear. I often pray in the morning for 4 things – the wisdom of Solomon, the courage of the apostles, the humility/compassion of the heart of Our Lady and a heart as merciful as the heart of Jesus. I figure equiped with these 4 things – no matter what I face during the day – I’ll have the “tools” to handle it with love.

  • Joanna Balaski

    This reflection is very thought provoking for me. I agree with Michael that our culture does not believe in objective truth especially when it comes to faith. People who are devout in their faith, believe that their faith (religion) is the only true faith, and therein lies the problem with there not being an ‘objective truth’ with respect to faith. Although I try to live and share the gospel, I know that I will not always be able to (in fact rarely) convince someone of another religion or belief to conform to mine. So what to do besides praying for unbelievers? At some point, all I can say is that ‘we agree to disagree’. If Michael could also comment on this, that would appreciated. Thank you. Joanna B.

  • Joanna Balaski

    OOps! My apology to Matthew. I meant Matthew, not Michael. I am having too much on my mind these days.

  • Steven Sisman

    Honoring truth means being aware how I’m perceived by others and tracking what I do/say. One way I do this is by having friends who are not afraid to tell me the truth and vice versa. Whenever good friend of mine John Cecalupo and I get together, one of us usually remind in a general sense how we as humans judge others based on our actions, but ourselves by our intentions which can hide the truth of our actions/lies. That helps.

    To show Him honor my goal is always to have my intentions and actions/words aligned. So in addition to checking myself with good friends, I also purposefully place myself in systems (processes) that force me to accept the truth about everything.

    For example joining weight watchers and going to weekly meetings instead of doing it from home is a good system that won’t let me lie to myself. It beats up my pride and honors truth.

    Being true at that 30 minute WW meeting a week helps me look at all the other areas of my life where I want to face the truth. I.e. Did I spend enough time with my children this week, how about my wife. Did I learn something new at work, did I workout as I wanted to, etc.

    It becomes a way of life. A pride beating system of discipline for freedom.

  • Susie Caughey

    When I was little, I used to lie a lot. It’s a smart thing to do as a kid to avoid getting into trouble. 😬 (At least, you think it is.) I believe it was one of my top 3 sins I’d confess at Confessions, if not the 1st. I thought I was a really good liar until one day I realized that I didn’t even know when I was telling the truth. My mom said to me one day, “You’ll never get caught in the truth!” That was my eye opener. I began to see that, in telling the truth, I was liberated and really did not get into as much trouble as I had made up in my head. My mom disciplined me but in a way with mercy and compassion. To lie lost its entire appeal. Thank God for my mom’s wisdom.

  • lizmvr

    I actually went to Confession a few weeks ago and told the priest that I don’t feel happy because I know that I’m not living an honest life. Little lies, especially those of omission, add up quickly and really adversely affect my happiness. I know that I need to be more honest, tell the truth even when it seems easier to let untrue statements slide or be left unsaid, and not act in ways that give the wrong impressions of what I think is right and acceptable. I think I need to be more aware of the untruths that crop up in my life and actually stand up for the real truth when the little lies pop up. I do know that I need God to speak through me and give me grace to act as He would have me act in order to really show wisdom and truth. I know I’m personally too scared to speak on my own when I’m really thinking about the truest things to say.

  • Lilia

    I park my car in the drive way at home, it’s a fairly new. Yesterday after church walking up to the car I notice a scratch on the rear bumper. I showed the damage to my husband and tried to figure out how it happened I don’t drive very much. Disappointed my car was damaged I let it go, there was no point in ruining my day. About an hour later my husband mention that he might done the damage a couple of days earlier trying to drive his car into the garage. My husband is bipolar and struggles with anxiety. I could see his anxiety level rising, and was very remorseful over damaging the car. He humbled me because he could have kept it to himself instead of acknowledging the truth. In his daily struggles he’s able to live the truth. I am so blessed to have him in my life. I need to focus on showing him kindness and love to help him keep his anxiety at bay. Please pray for him and his daily struggles.

    • Jennifer Martin

      I’ll include him in my rosary intentions today. Your compassion for his struggles is inspiring.

    • Lilia

      Thank you Jennifer

  • sharon

    Before speaking, I try to ask myself…”Is it true, is it kind, is it necessary?”

  • Simone

    Truth is always better because one lie leads to another and another…

  • Glen Arcalas

    Living day to day truthfully ties very closely to what we value and when God is put in things we value honesty comes forward and we are able to recognize life as a gift. Sure we have been conditioned to think we will be happy with certain amount of “likes” we get from a post. or if we have a certain car or job. Truth is when we start to put real life effort in living and life we start to see where we are and what God has given to us for the day and how much better we can make it. not by material but the connections we nurture and build even with people we don’t know or even like.

  • Marianne Heinzl

    I don’t want to be the devil’s advocate, but—I find in caring for my husband whose failing memory due to Alzheimer’s Disease I must lie to him when he wants the third or fourth glass of juice because he sees the glass he just drank from. One cannot argue with his delusion. I have to say that the juice, milk, or whatever is gone, that there is no more. I have been trapped more than once trying to convince him that he just drank 2 or 3 glasses, He responds either, “I did?” or “No I didn’t” and then he becomes angry and aggressive. I cannot confess that that is an untruth.

    • Margo

      What an awful predicament!!

  • Judy

    What it means to give truth a place of honor in my life is…
    Peace, transparency, no need to cover my tracks, or remember that lie or fib. This is extremely hard since there are times when it’s better for the person asking to not know the unvarnished truth. Only Jesus knows the unvarnished truth. He doesn’t use touch ups as photographers do to enhance how things look. To make something a place of honor is a big deal. It requires careful handling at all times. Am I worth it? Yes. Is my relationship with Jesus worth it? Absolutely. Confession is where all the truth can come out. Without judgment, I can be absolved from my sins and lies. I think the two, truth and confession, go hand-in-hand. I want to make things right with Jesus.

  • Victoria Lozano

    I can relate to John Sherman! I grew up with my mom saying that she hates liars; and in appeasement to her, I didn’t want my own mom to hate me, so I never lied. Anytime she knew she needed the truth, she could ask me. Now as an adult, I catch other people in lies and tell them it’s directly offensive and disrespectful.

    Ah, to honor God is to honor the truth! I love that!

  • Pearl Brown

    To give truth a place in my life means a lot to me. It means I can relate to God honestly how I feel and pray with my whole heart and put everything on the table with God as He is all knowing

  • Clair Sirofchuck

    To me, even when it’s difficult, giving truth a place of honor in my life means not lying or twisting the truth. Lying never does good, and it can often lead someone deeper into sin. The only exception that my parents taught me was called a “white lie,” when you give someone a compliment even if you don’t really mean it; for example, if your neighbor gives you a gift, you should thank them even if you don’t like it, or if someone is feeling down about their appearance, tell them they look beautiful, even if they really don’t. I think giving truth a place of honor can also mean evaluating what you read/hear in the news, or what others tell you, about anything–especially people–and form opinions based on your first-hand experiences or actual facts. So many lies sweep the internet and are shouted on TV, and I feel that it’s really important “not to believe everything you see on TV or read in the news.”

  • Clare54

    I remember when I was a little girl and figuring out life I would hear from a parent, grandparent or aunt or uncle, “don’t believe everything you read”. I also remember being told that it was ok to tell a “white lie”. Kind of confusing for a young girl. So be it, the excuses were introduced, the justification’s in my action’s began and not trusting other’s in their word’s was created in my young mind. When the impact of lying became apparent in my life was when I caught my parent in a lie or someone else had to lied to me. Being lied too didn’t feel so good. Unfolding all of this in my life has allowed me to be a stronger woman one who has been challenged to always seek the truth in myself and trust the truth. I have matured spiritually and pray to be a forgiving person. I believe we are all a work in progress. I have discovered that the only truth is in God and from God the truth is written in the Ten Commandment’s.

  • Mary

    i want to live truth as the Master(Jesus) lived truth,for he is truth,only when we welcome truth dose it have power to color our lives with honesty!

  • Christopher Jachulski

    The truth in my life is that I’m a compulsive overeater. If I don’t use the 12 steps and tools of recovery as requirements for my abstinence I will go back to weighing 315 lbs like I did in the past. I am a compulsive overeater living in the solution, reasonably happy joyous and free. That’s my truth.

  • Art evangelist

    To give truth a place of honor in my life means to BUT GOD FIRST, in EVERYTHING I DO! To really LOVE all whom I come in contact with in a way that is gentle and kind by sharing the gifts God has given me.Through my artist skills I pray Jesus shines through for all who gaze upon my artwork and murals! I pray Thy Will Be done as it all unfolds!

  • Colleen Braun

    I have never been able to lie! I just giggle and blush so it just was never a comfort zone for me!
    I believe that God is the Truth and Wisdom and He gave us the 10 Commandments, when I follow them I know it is a sin to lie and than I am hurting God!
    My grandmother use to say you have to tell ten lies to get out of one so speak the truth always!!! She was full of wisdom and truth a great role model!

  • Suzanne Beurer Nader

    There is a saying, “The truth will set you free.” I believe this is reflective of Jesus’s words, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.” Jesus lived the truth, by example when He walked this earth and taught others about love. In so much of our modern culture, true love is missing. We need to take time and bring Christ’s presence to others. Sometimes that means we put our own agenda aside and really listen to someone who needs comfort, and compassion, or simply our undivided attention.

  • Dorothy Cabral

    Choosing to continuously ask myself “What Would Jesus Do” (WWJD) is how I give truth a place of honor in my life. Everyone is faced with temptation to lie, to take the easy way out, to make excuses for our inappropriate behavior or actions. Society, commercials, and peer pressure all stress: your number one, take care of yourself first because if you don’t nobody else will!
    Well a very wise man once told me to always remember to live my life by “thy will, not my will”. And that’s when “WWJD” became a way of life for me and I passed this on to my children and grandchildren as well. I advised them when faced with temptation to always stop and ask yourself “What Would Jesus Do” in this situation and He will guide you to make the proper decision no matter what!

  • Ruth (Cole) Wegscheid

    My husband sometimes tells me that I am “Honest to a fault.” I can relate to John Sherman and do not play that game very well either. On of the hardest things I ever had to do was when I was working on a weekend retreat that some of my friends were attending and I had to not let them know I was going to be there. Those “white lies” were nearly impossible. I am grateful that from a small child through my life now, I truly have been blest with the grace of “giving truth a place of honor in my life.” There is no way to be “honest to a fault” in my estimation.

    • Linda Carmelle

      Amen! My husband too has earned that title among his co workers and I within our family circle. At first I did feel that way too,but after readung other posts and hearing ‘”truths” from other view points I can see how its possible to be to forward and lack finese in stating the truth at times.

  • John Bridges

    Truth means walking the walk with Jesus

  • Peggy Rowe-Linn

    In my profession it is exceptionally hard to do. I’ve been an attorney for more than 30 years and each year I find it more and more challenging to be open, honest and frank with opposing counsel. I think that moral relativism is at an all-time high in my profession and it is exceptionally discouraging to me. Occasionally, I meet a fellow sojourner looking for the way, the truth and the life of Jesus Christ. You can then have an open and honest discussion about the probability of settlement, reducing attorneys fees and getting to goal for both the clients. Giving truth in a place of honor in my life has become even more important the older I get. Without truth, what else is there? Christ is the ONLY TRUTH!

  • jim

    truth is a game changer, lying is a game destroyer

  • Arthur Brown

    What Matthew Kelly has said is right on. If you watch the news someone always has a different truth on the matter. The problem that we have in society we don’t set down examine all the facts and why someone believes the truth of what they believe. When is the last time someone set down with you and you examined both sides of the issue to find out the truth. Everyone lives in sound bites now days and it depends on what sound bite you get could lead you down a path that you think is truth when it is not or it is a lie. I pray for wisdom everyday in every decision I make from the time I get up to the time I go to sleep. I also pray that all of you that will have a great spiritual journey with God, Christ, and the Holy Spirt as we are so blessed that we have Dynamic Catholic and we have the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ that has, is and will continue to take away our sins and sinful nature when we fall down. But the awesome thing is that He is always there to pick us up.

  • Nicole M.

    I am one to tell little lies here and there. I feel like those little lies have a continuous build up throughout my life. A lot of the lies have to do with my past. I want there to be a way I can wipe them all clean without causing hurt to anyone else. I want to become closer to God and in order to do that, I know one of the first steps is to tell the truth in every situation and aspect in life.

    • Ginie

      Nicole, start by asking the Lord for help in being truthful in all things. If something is brought up about your past, you just have to admit having made some faults in your youth and you are working to reform your life and your way of dealing with things-that now The Truth is of the highest priority. I’m praying for you.

  • audrey deskar

    What does it mean to give truth a place of honor in your life. That is easy for me. I am a Catholic Christian which means I am a follower of Christ. So what does being a follower truthfully mean? It means I pick up my cross everyday and follow in the Lords footsteps. Jesus is the way, the truth and the light so I will follow him and his teachings. Live my life according to scripture and do his will.
    Let my actions rather than words, show his truth and wisdom. Let me never boast but for my Lord and savior Jesus Christ.

  • Karen Kotzbach McCreary

    Having truth as a top priority in my life means I can put my head on the pillow at night with less to have to tell God I’m sorry about. Then there’s always less time in the confessional . That’s a winner !! If you tell the truth , you don’t have to try to remember everything you said . There is only one answer : the TRUTH ! Love.

  • homesteadmama7

    As John spoke about playing a game which involved bluffing & how hard it was for him to bluff, I thought to myself how easy it is for me to bluff, to lie, when playing that type of game. And then I thought how good it would be for me to make a conscious effort during the remainder of Lent to tell the truth, even if it means losing a game of bluff. That would be giving truth a place of honor in my life.

  • Joey Ah Sam

    My favorite saying from Mother Angelica is, “Always do what is right in the present”. By doing that, and following Gods will for our lives, it will bring us to the full truth.

  • Babciamel

    I have been thinking about this for the better part of an hour. I struggle with truth in my life on so many levels. That being said, I feel the best way to give truth a place of honor in my life, is never forgetting that I have a Heavenly Father who loves me unconditionally. He sent His Son, who willingly died a most gruesome death for me. The Son, in turn, sent His Holy Spirit to be an ever constant reminder of these truths.

  • Toni Duffy

    It is facing the truth I will never marry. To understand that God sometimes at least for now. Says no. It is having to let go another dream and hope God doesnt forget me. For now truth is pain. And the darkness. And has been painful for years. I hope i pass this test. Cause i dont know how much more i can do.

    • Gabriele Family

      Toni, I ache when I read your post. My parents separated when I was a teen and divorced 14 drama-filled years later. It impacted all 4 of us kids. I knew I wanted to marry but was a serial non-committer in relationships. I wasted time and hurt many people, me included. Some years later, things changed. God’s grace, talk therapy, and the right person eventually afforded the gift of marriage. There is always a plan, always have hope.

      • Toni Duffy

        I have given away what was not love. To many men who could never love me. They even told me they did not love me only what I could give to them.

  • Jim Bahen

    The TRUTH would be that NO ONE unless they are PERFECT can get to Heaven without the Salvation of Jesus on the Cross !! Perfection is only by God’s standard NOT ours !!

  • Alison Granny Duke

    Living truth is something that I have strived for for nearly ten years after Domestic Violence situations. My prayer every morning is “Lord open my eyes that I may see the truth and my ears to hear truth. Open my heart to receive it by faith, Renew my mind to keep it in hoe. Surrender my will that I may live it with love. Remind me that I am responsible when I hear it. Help me desire to obey what you say through it. Transform my life that I may know it. Burden my heart that I may share it. Speak now Lord. Give me a passion to know and follow your will. Nothing more Nothing less Nothing else. I feel often very tense in my stomach when the truth is not spoken or I am on edge with the feeling. Praying and looking for God’s guidance is paramount to that.

    • Patri

      This is beautiful, thank you!

  • Shimmer

    I needed to see the truth that I am being called to slow down in order to live truth and wisdom in my life. I am experiencing hip pain that makes it difficult to walk and am getting depresed because it is slowing me down. Duh!!!😌

  • Really

    Giving Truth I’d calling Right right and Wrong wrong apart from friendships or affiliation.

  • Sal_DItri

    Great message. Would love to have Matthew on our radio show in D.C. – The Grace in 30 Radio Show 96.7 FM

  • Michael Ennis

    They say there is always three sides to a story: our side, their side, and the truth. I can tell you from my lifetime of experiences that I was always happiest when I told and lived the truth. They also say that truth is easier because you have to remember lies.
    God Bless

  • Mary

    We get so many lies coming at us from all directions and there is a lot of ‘judging’ going on. All we can do is pray for them and hope they find the right path. I am going through a rough time right now and just have to remind myself that I am a child of God and he loves me so I am worth something.

    • Linda Carmelle

      There is a difference between discernment and judgement,sometimes we have a problem and the situation becomes blurry.Thats when we need wisdom to know the difference. I think we can spend our whole lifetime trying to attain that level of wisdom and discernment. All we can do is focus on God as the way the truth and the light to help us advance as far on that path as possible. We will never equal God’s understanding,for we are flawed,sinners,we have a human nature,not a divine nature. Lets all keep trying to be the best version of ourselves and hopefully we will advance as far as is humanly possible before reaching eternal lfe.

  • Kathy Jordan

    Edith Stein said something like “he who seeks truth seeks God; even if he doesn’t it.”

  • Loy Lobo

    I sent this link to my girlfriend when she was suspicious about somethings happening around me.
    And now she thinks “I’m a habitual liar” because she believes God’s providence made me send this to her and this video proves that. How can she change the truth!

  • Debra Kyser

    Makes me think of the bible verse – you shall know the truth and the truth shall set us free. We need to have truth to be able to set us free of whatever it is that we need. We need to come to Jesus for that truth as he is the way the truth and the life. He will show us truth in different ways when we are puzzled about something. It’s having the patience to wait upon him to show us the truth. We are an instant society and want things right now. Some things in pertaining to truth are not always black and white, there is a gray area. That is when truth gets hard to discern.

  • Emma Spaulding

    Besides respect, being honest/ telling the truth are high on the list when it comes to making new friends, and or looking for someone to date. Truth is such a strong word because it can either make or break a person/ relationship. I value truth/honesty so much that even my sisters have a hard time telling me secrets because they think I will tell our dad once I see him. For the most part, that is not true. But if that secret is harmful or needs to be told, I will tell because I do not want to get in trouble for something that I knew about, but told to keep a secret. Truth does have a special place in my life and it plays a big role when integrity comes into action. Going along with that, Truth means doing things for the right reasons and always putting God first in your life.

  • Dominique Kohlenberger

    oh do I love this! Thank you Matthew Kelley.”Wisdom” is the “truth lived”…. it s values and integrity!

  • Loy Lobo

    I sent this link to my girlfriend when she was suspicious about somethings happening around me.
    And now she thinks “I’m a habitual liar” because she believes God’s providence made me send this to her and this video proves that. How can she change the truth! Probably this is a testing time for us, Lent. May He lead her to the truth and trust.

  • Shonne Farrell

    I have to confess that I have a cronic problem with lieing. It revolves around my poor opinions of myself. Itry to make myself look better by imbelishing my history. Since reading “Resisting Happiness” I have been working on thinking istead of lieing. I go to Reconciliation frequently and pray frequently for God to give me the grace not to lie.

  • Ruth

    I do not believe in objective truth. I also think that using the word ‘culture’ as a blanket term for the many cultures that exist on earth and accusing it for the murder of truth is reactionary. Catholics have a culture and as the comment section shows they are not trying to murder anything. Instead, each of them is searching, in their own way, for ways to be better versions of themselves and to follow Jesus’ path towards compassion and goodness.

    Sometimes, following that path becomes a little difficult. Matthew talks a lot about looking at each moment as a decision to be made. Not all of these decisions are between inherently good and inherently bad things. Some of them force us to make choices that we see as being bad, but by grace and faith are turned into moments of learning and better understanding. God is not truth, he is not found in objective rules, he exists above truth in holiness and goodness. We should not strive to be objectively truthful (which can lead to a lot of finger pointing and being ‘right’ or wrong’) we should strive to be good (which encourages complete compassion).

    Wisdom is not in knowledge or in truth. It is humility. Humility of understanding that there are many paths. many questions, and many answers and understanding that no one, especially yourself, is able to say ‘objectively’ which are the right ones. That is what God is.

  • Mary

    Life is never so black and white. The truth is not always the truth. Nor is the truth you feel always the truth of others. Moral of the story is when you speak, speak what is true to you but be very careful that when you speak your truth that you are not intentionally hurting others with your words. Your truth might hurt someone and at times that is unavoidable, example breaking up with some, leaving a marriage, telling your kids that eating to much candy will give them a tummy ache, …etc. The truth at times is never easy to hear, but I would rather someone not tell me the truth until I am ready to see it on my own or hear it. The truth always finds it’s way, never force it upon others.
    Don’t just emotionally vomit on people around you. Your truth might change. So think before you speak.

  • CB

    It is harder and harder to know the TRUTH anymore within the Church even!! — the culture is exactly the same as he describes. Depends on which priest you are talking/listening to, depends on what part of the country they live in (Seattle, midwest, east coast…) ! depends on the community the priest is from (Jesuit …)! and people decide that if they don’t like what they are hearing or the answer they receive, to just move on to another mass, another priest until what they hear agrees with their own truth! How are we as parents supposed to help our children navigate through the currents of everyone else’s truth to help them understand THE TRUTH? It is harder and harder to know the TRUTH these days in our own Catholic faith! because everyone has their own interpretation! Any advice?

    • pennyd


  • Barbara

    I equate truth to peace and happiness. As I child I remember lying about breaking a window, denying that I broke it. I’ll never forget how I felt, sad, depressed, guilty. I did not ever want to feel that way again so I always tell the truth. It’s that important to me. Being untrustworthy is terrible. Once anyone has lied to me they have to re-earn my trust, The basis of love and/or friendship is trust and deserves a place of honor in our lives.

  • Carrie MacGillis

    I’m behind but catching up on videos. Thanks for making these for us! I this issue of truth is a huge one affecting our society. It is something for me to ponder and really think about. I think I’m a truthful person, but I bet if I think about it more I will be able to grow in this area.

  • Barb L.

    Wow. Thank you Marilyn for sharing that inspirational example!

  • Sarena

    I have taken some job surveys, which ask you to answer honestly. They give you some questions about yourself-like, do you get frustrated when you have a lot of work? (not an exact). I get very anxious with these applications because I sit there and I answer; brutally honest, and I’ve failed many. That’s so sad. I’m not a perfect human being and I know I may bluff a smidge about why I was late or couldn’t attend an event, but I really don’t feel good about bluffing anything. I feel unclean and guilty about it, so I would really rather not.

  • Alcide Bouchard

    Giving truth a place of honour in my life means that I face reality, I face consequences, I take responsibility and face God in all circumstances because I know from experience that I can trust Him. Dishonesty leads me away from God and away from my neighbour. I know from experience that if I lie, in that moment, all the efforts I have made over the years to become honest is suddenly reversed a little.

  • Gabriela Moran Sandoval

    This really spoke to me. I strive to make myself happy and to do that I’m trying something different to reach some goals and it has really helped. Self motivation and self inspiration is so hard especially when you’ve been through a lot and feel stuck from where you have fallen. Last year was super hard on me and my family as we lost my dad 8 months ago. It’s easy to forget all the potential you have to make your life as great as can be, but that’s just the way life is. Through all the hardship, God has taught me all about wisdom by living the truth. I’ve never in my life have felt like I’ve had so much wisdom. This new year has taught me so much about my life and myself. It’s as if I’m finally starting to get to know who I really am, which I believe is one of the hardest things to figure out in life. I’m starting to unfold into something new and it’s making me become a better person in everything that I do. I am more careful about my decisions and wiser in my thought process. It’s amazing to see just how much I keep learning to be my best self with every experience that I encounter. I’ve realized that it’s okay to be under construction as long as I’m doing something about it to improve myself when in the past, I thought there was something wrong with me. I feel like this is God’s wake up call for me and He is leading me the way to better things. I have Him to thank for the greatest empiphany of my life.

  • Richard Strand

    Wow, this one really touched me. Truth is so very important in our every day lives. Thank you Mathew for bringing it to the forefront!
    Richard Strand

  • I am really late on this. Perhaps because I was put off by the title a bit.

    But I consider myself a person of the truth–at least as I see it.

    But I think the inability to accept truth is why the sacrament of penance is so underused–people cannot accept that they are sinners, but accepting that is what can set them free.