March 22: Bored?

Day 19

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If you want to insult God, tell him you’re bored. It’s one of the greatest insults we can give to God. And we hear people say it all the time, right? “I’m bored.” Maybe it’s a kid, or maybe it’s a teenager. But in our hyper-stimulated, hyper-entertained culture, it seems to be that even adults are bored more and more.

When you think about the idea that God has given you life, this incredible planet, everything and everyone, and every possibility and every opportunity that exists at every single moment of every single day, the idea that someone could be bored is an insult of staggering proportions.

For more than fifty years now we’ve been struggling with the idea in our church—particularly from young people—that Mass is boring. I think increasingly that message has evolved for adults, being so much more sophisticated than children, who will now say, “Well there’s nothing relevant in the Mass,” or, “ I don’t find the Mass relevant.”

Has the Mass become irrelevant to modern people’s lives? I don’t think that’s the problem. I think a lot of modern lives have become irrelevant to the Mass.

I think that they are two worlds sometimes colliding. You have the world of the Mass, which is the world of God and which is stimulated and perpetuated by God’s worldview. And then you have the life of modern man, which is obviously clashing with that in some way for people to think it’s irrelevant.

The problem is not that the Mass has become irrelevant. The problem is not that the Mass has all of a sudden become boring to more and more people. I think the problem is that our lives have become irrelevant. Our lives have become irrelevant to God’s worldview.

Our lives have become boring in the modern context because we’ve lost whatever it is that makes them unique. We’ve lost whatever it is that makes them handmade. We’ve lost this great yearning, this great chasing for the-best-versions-of-ourselves. And I think a lot of our lives can fall into the trap of being generic, being mass-manufactured.

So, the Mass remains this great call to sabbath, this great call to step back, this great call to reflect, this great call to think more deeply about our lives than our culture will naturally challenge us to think. And I think that if we find the Mass boring, if we find the Mass irrelevant, that should be a sign of alarm bells.

When we go to church on Sunday, it is impossible to be bored. It’s impossible to be bored if we go to church to listen to the voice of God in our lives. I think very often we go to church and that’s not our goal. Very often we go to church and we don’t want God’s input in our lives. And I can imagine, if you’re going to church on Sundays and you’re not interested in doing the will of God, and you’re not interested in listening to God, and you’re not interested in changing your life how God would like and invites you to change your life, I can image that would become boring. Maybe even worse than boring, maybe even annoying.

When I disengage, when I’m a little more disengaged at Mass, I’m probably resisting God in something, in some way, somehow in my life. And when I’m resisting God on something, guess what? Yes, I disengage a little bit at Mass. Yes, I get lazy in my prayer. Yes, I get lazy in my spiritual reading. Yes, I tend to focus on myself more and become more self-interested and more selfish. And I become unhappier, because when we resist God, we resist happiness.

“To say we are bored at any moment in our lives is a massive insult to God, but to say we are bored at Mass takes the insult to a whole other level.”

Matthew Kelly, Resisting Happiness

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To say we are bored at any moment of our lives is a massive insult to God.


If you are ever bored, look for a way to get outside yourself and serve others.


Lord, open my heart when I go to Mass this week. Help me to discover your recipe for happiness and peace in the Mass.

Today’s personal reflection features Dynamic Catholic team member Luke Kozak. Luke is our IT network engineer, coming to us from Manhattan, Illinois. Luke served as a lector at St. Peter’s Cathedral in Rome, has four younger sisters, and led a trip of 80 people to Prague.

What is your favorite thing about the Mass?

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  • Ed

    ite thing about Holy Mass is that time period immediately after Holy Communion when the priest sits down and Jesus has been placed in the tabernacle. That brief time of quiet reflection when it seems as if time stands still. And then, the entire assembly rises to their feet and the priest reads a parader which usually is the last reminder to me of what has just taken place before I go back out into the world with every intention of serving the Lord.

  • Mary

    Thank you Luke…that is an awesome staggering thought…to be joined in prayer around the world AND in communion with all Saints…I eagerly look forward to blend in prayer together at Mass tomorrow. (Thursday’s Mass is my gift to me to be with Him in a smaller, more intimate time.)

    • Heidi Johnson

      I, too, am staggered by this thought. I think it is so neat to be a part of the Catholic Church and be connected to people all around the world. My favorite part of massing is the offering of peace and the connection to others at the Mass.

  • Michelle

    My favorite – The knowledge that we are connected to all Catholics when we are at mass including those who have gone before us and are now a part the communion of saints. I think about this connection to friends and family who are gone, and am comforted by this connection. I lost my sister almost six years ago to breast cancer.. .and feel blessed to know that she is a part the communion saints and with me at mass.

    • Lea Novak

      Yes! I never truly realized this presence until I heard the CD “7 Secrets of the Eucharist.” A very powerful CD, with lots of great insights, that I for one hadn’t realized, even though once presented they were “of course! How could I not have seen this before?!”

      • Michelle

        I have this CD and am so glad you reminded me of it. . .I’m going to listen to it again on my way into work tomorrow. Thanks Lea!

    • Susan

      That is so beautiful and so true! I’m sorry that you lost your sister to that dreaded cancer. Your comfort in the Mass and the connection you feel with her during Mass is something I will reflect upon in my prayer life! God bless you!

      • Michelle

        Thank you, Susan! God bless you also.

    • Mary Hallinan

      Yes, I agree with you Michelle that my favorite part of going to Mass is the feeling of being united with all my fellow Catholics. It comforts me especially if I’ve had a hard day at work or at home. I feel we are a family whether we know each other personally or not and I have made many friends by going to Mass. Also, the songs we pray lift my spirits if I am down and some of them make me automatically think of my dear departed Mom if they were also played at her funeral Mass.

      • Michelle

        Music is that way for me too. My sister loved the music also.

  • Karen

    Through Him, with Him , and In Him … when the priest lifts Jesus and says this prayer, I imagine the roof coming off the church and all of heaven coming down to join us all in one, holy communion as we all (in heaven and on earth) sing Amen! It’s powerful.

    • Bonita

      Ah yes I so agree.

    • Kj

      Beautiful imagery!

    • Marsha Mohan

      It is very powerful, joyful and spiritual…understanding we are all one with God and he within us🙏💕

    • Ann

      Wow… you just gave me a wonderful new vision for next week

  • Ellen Spaeth

    I love the moment when the priest holds up the eurchirist and says “Behold the Lamb of God, behold him who takes away the sins of the world. Blessed are those called to the supper of the Lamb.” I am in awe to be in his presence and to know I’ll soon be in communion with Him.

    • Sam Jones

      Great choice, Ellen. My favorite is immediately after that when we proclaim, “Lord I am not worthy that you should enter under my roof, but only say the word and my soul shall be healed.” The centurion’s proclamation that defines faith.

      • Margie

        I love the centurion’s declaration too. My dad was dying of cancer and I used to pray this during Mass: just say the word Lord and dad shall be healed
        He’s no longer with us but I know he’s healed

        • Joann Schlosser

          That is so. True. My husband is gone now and the mass is when I feel so close to him we always were there together he loved the mass. Joan Schlosser

          • Dorothy Huebner

            I also feel my late husband’s presence at Mass. We always used to hold hands during the Our Father. I feel him holing my hand when ever I am saying the Our Father at Mass.

          • Lori Grajek

            I love that. Thanks for sharing!

        • Andrea

          Thank you for this. I hadn’t thought of my mom as being healed now, but she truly is. That gives me joy.

          • Gumbo Lilly

            Andrea, I asked for healing for my son(45) from colon cancer. He had a wife and two little sons ages 7 and 10 when he was diagnosed. Two years later…. God did heal him….(.just not the way I had in mind.) He took my son home….completely healed of the ravages he suffered.

          • Marilyn

            Lilly, you have opened my eyes to something that I’m passing on to my younger sister who lost her 36-year-old daughter, leaving behind a 2-year-old daughter and a 20-year-old son. The grieving will not stop, but I think the fact that a healing took place might comfort her. After a very troubled life, my niece had finally found her soulmate, her faith, and her calling to become a nurse. She had a cerebral hemorrhage and died so suddenly, no one had a chance to applaud her, but God certainly did know he was taking her home after all her struggles. Thank you for your perspective, and I know your son is also at his rest.

          • Lori Grajek

            I’m so sorry for your loss Lilly. It’s great that knowing he’s in heaven gives you peace. I’m thinking about this a lot these days also as my Mom died this past Dec. She’s finally at peace and without pain and sorrow!

          • Margie

            Hi Andrea, read Isaiah35:3-5, it is so encouraging. Bless you

        • Diane Grohn

          Margie, I lost Mother to Alzheimer’s and she also suffered with wet and dry Macular degeneration and went fully blind in one eye. I was relieved that she was no longer suffering and in Heaven, but I did not think of her being healed. What a great thought.
          I do think she is an Angel watching over her family and grandchildren.

          • Margie

            Hi Dianne, read some of these verses. They are encouraging. 1John3:2-3, Isaiah 35:3-5, 1Cor15:35-58.Bless you, may your memories of mom be sweet

          • Diane Grohn

            Hi Margie, Thanks for the readings. I wrote them down.
            I do have many sweet memories, Mother was very sweet and generous.

          • Margie

            Dear Dianne ,my dad died in 2007 so I treasure my mom even more now . She’ll be visiting me for 2 weeks in April. I feel that I want to offer those 2 weeks up as a prayer for your mom and your family. A prayer for God to touch you and keep you under His mercy.

          • Diane Grohn

            Dear Margie, Thank you your prayers are appreciated. Sorry your Dad passed as well.
            I hope he had a peaceful passing. My Mother passed in her sleep was reaching out for something. I like to think she saw God and reached for his hand to Heaven.
            My Father is physically ok just cannot compete in Senior Olympics anymore, due to a fall last year at the Boat show. He is going to attend with friends he knows for 40-50 years that my parents socialized with. This will cheer him up though many have passed overtime.

      • Rosemary

        Sam, that is also my favorite part. It gives me comfort to know that I’m not struggling for salvation alone, I have someone much stronger to lean on. Jesus offers me peace, acceptance and forgiveness for my humaness. He has my back in every way.

        • Rosemary

          It gives me hope.

      • John Behling

        I always modify this prayer: “Lord, I am not worthy that You should come to me, but only say the word, and I shall be healed in body and soul”

        • Lisa

          I thought it was powerful when they changed the wording from “my soul shall be healed” to “I shall be healed” some years ago.

        • Fay Walker

          I say that also. When I was in fourth grade I received my missal and that was written, to be said after the consecration. My missal is over 55 years and I still bow my head and repeat those words. During that time I was taught that Jesus is there on the altar in flesh and blood. It is the most sacred part of the Mass. I taught my girls that this is the most sacred and important part of the mass and feel Jesus’s presence with them.

          • Connie Bland

            Beautiful i Feel Jesus with me more at that time He is previous to me

          • Grace Nelson

            Fay Walker, I also learned those words after the Consecration, have struggled to use the ‘replacement’, but can say both!

          • Lori Grajek

            I’m a relatively new Catholic. What do you mean? How was the prayer different years ago?

          • Kathy

            I have always felt Gods presence the most at that point of the Mass. It’s beautiful and personal.

      • Kelly

        Exactly! And he knelt when he said that. That’s why I feel compelled to kneel at that point also, even though in my diocese we’ve been instructed we don’t have to.

      • DanaMari

        Love these both as well as the Lord’s own command – “this is MY Body, take and eat” and “this is MY Blood, take and drink” Jesus made/makes it personal – it’s not just random – it’s HIS body and blood that are food for our journey home!

        • Connie Bland

          Yes i agree

      • Donna

        Yes, that is such a powerful quote and so healing for us.

      • Kathie Brater

        I love this too, Sam. A reflection that I am a sinner. I am never worthy, but God loves me just the same. I am honored to have Him come to me and heal my soul every time I receive.

    • pat thompson

      I love this part too.

    • Sam Jones

      Ellen, pardon my aside, but your last name is unique. I had an old Air Force buddy way back in the ’70’s who had the same last name – Rudy Spaeth. You wouldn’t just happen to know of him?

      • Ellen Spaeth

        Hi Sam. No I don’t. But there are a lot of Spaeth’s in our city we aren’t related to at least that we know of.

    • Karen

      That is my favorite part also! To gaze on the Lord and know that it is truly Him!

      • Connie Bland


    • David B


    • Lindsay

      Beautiful. I joined the church two years ago and hearing “Blessed are those…” that first time was humbling. I’m hearing it in those same ways now as my son approaches his First Communion.

    • Daniel Kessinger

      This is my treasured moment of the service.

    • Bridget Chukwumah

      Lord have mercy on us. Christ have mercy on us. When you are deeply sorry after saying the I confess , the importance of God’s mercy weighs heavily

    • Connie Bland

      the Eucharist is my favorite part of the mass

    • Mary

      This is also my favorite part of the mass and I love the way our current priest holds the Eucharist with such reverence as he says the words.

    • J Schodron

      Absolutely that is my favorite part of the mass along with the lifting of the chalice of his blood.

    • me2. I often go to the 5pm mass on sunday right as the sun is setting and sometimes the light hits the eucharist just right and it’s just beautiful.

    • Beautiful! At that moment I like to say Jesus, I believe help my unbelief and the unbelief of my friends and family!

    • Laurie

      My favorite word of the entire mass is the word “Behold”.

    • Mary Brennan

      “Very nice Ellen” I am with you!

  • Terri

    My favorite part of the mass is the offertory, when I offer to the Lord, in the form of bread and wine, all of my attempts, my failures, my successes, my heartbreaks, my joys, my longings, my thanks. And They are accepted by God, transformed, and given back to me as the life-giving body and blood of Jesus. It is the pure grace of my loving God placed in my hands.

    • Lea Novak

      Beautiful. Thank you for sharing this.

  • Ann G

    I have two favorite parts of the Mass:

    1. This “dialogue” with the Priest:
    “Lift up your hearts”
    “We lift up our hearts to the Lord”
    “Let us give thanks to the Lord, our
    “It is right and just”

    I visualize lifting up my heart to heaven, giving myself to God, to do his will, and to show my gratitude.

    2. Consubstantiation and Communion
    Powerful moments.

    I will add that today’s video was a jaw dropper: being bored is an insult to God…..whoa. Wow. Never thought about boredom like that before!

    Have a great day!

    • Dorothy

      I agree with you that these are special moments during Mass. But I need to ask you where “consubstantiation” came from. The Catholic word is “transubstantiation”.
      By this we mean that even though the host and wine still look, feel, taste, smell, etc. after the priest says the words of Consecration, their “substance” (whatever it is that makes bread bread and wine wine is gone and what “makes” Jesus Jesus is now there.

      • Sylvia Macheski

        The word ‘consubstantial’ came into the Mass in the third edition of the Roman Missal when Benedict was Pope. It replaced the words ‘one in being’ and it describes the relationship between Jesus and the Father.
        Goggle it for more information.

        • Prolifedem6M

          Actually, “consubstantial” is a transliteration of the word in the traditional Latin as used in the Tridentine Mass.

      • Mary W

        I think “consubstantial with the Father” in the creed means of the same substance. Transubstantiation is still the miraculous change of bread and wine into the body and blood of Christ.

        • Kathiehc

          Yes, One in Being with the Father!

          • Kevin Duggan

            Exactly, the words it replaced. “One in being.” Which make more sense to me. But they didn’t ask me!

          • Genny

            My favorite part of mass is the consecration of the body and blood of Jesus who died for my salvation, I imagine angels and Saints singing praise to Him like Saint Faustina used to see at this sacred moment! I love the Our Father sang as community, thanks to all for sharing your views …we are very blessed indeed!

        • Maria C

          I have a question, but please don’t judge me by it. When it is said during the mass that the bread and wine become the body and blood of Christ, does that mean representative of, and not factually? I have always had questions that no one can seem to answer for me. I’ve been told I’m a terrible person because I question things. I don’t question to be argumentative, I just want to understand the meaning of things that I hear or read, not just someone’s interpretation of what it means.

          • Kim

            Maria, great question and one of the biggest mysteries of our faith. The bread and wine actually become the body and blood of Christ while still retaining the appearance of bread and wine. It still looks like bread and wine, it still tastes like bread and wine, it still smells like bread and wine, but it truly is the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Christ.

          • Jacinta Freeman

            Hi Kim, Maria, yes the bread and wine, in all appearances, looks physically the same, but it is the Lord. I am always amazed that whichever church I go to, wherever in the world I am in, the host tastes sweet to me, and the words of scriptures come alive: “I would feed with the finest wheat, satisfy…with honey from the rock.” (Ps 81:16)

          • christine

            Oh Maria, always ask questions! How else would you get answers! I wish you had access to a Catechism of the Catholic Church (# 1374 I hope you read also 1373-1378. You might prefer to read what You-Cat has to say about the Eucharist, You cat is the catechism for teens) or to St. John Paul’s encyclical Ecclesia de Eucharista. You are on line now and you can find both of these on line.The bread and wine keep all the appearance, taste, smell etc,(the Church calls these the accidents, not in the sense we usually use this word, but in the sense of accidental or nonessential elements) but the bread and wine truly become the real Body and Blood of Jesus. You might want to google Eucharistic miralces to help you believe this fact.

          • Karen Kotzbach McCreary

            Christine, the reference to the Eucharistic miracles is an awesome response . So glad you thought of it !!

          • M. Gina Little

            I have been a Catholic since the cradle and I continually have questions about our Faith. As I grow closer to God, it causes me to reexamine things and I always feel naive. I love listening to the Busted Halo show. Fr. Dave answers “questions of faith” and I always learn things about Catholicism. (There is a website where they post some of the responses that you can look up.) I hope your question means that you are starting to break through the resistance in your life that causes you to hold back your questions! Bring them on!

          • Gloria Sullivan

            Dear Maria C: Congratulations on questioning everything. It shows you are thinking – that your faith is maturing. Corinthians 13:11 – “When I was a child I thought like a child…when I became a man, I put away childish things.”

      • Karen Kotzbach McCreary

        Dorothy, read Barry Dupre’s explanation. It is spot on , too .

    • Marion

      I agree… I always say how can someone be bored when there is so many ways to volunteer Worrying is also an insult to God. Your not trusting him if you are worrying

      • RHWofPA

        My priest did a homily on Worrying and Despair. If you Trust in the Lord, you should not worry & despair. The most sobering question was when he asked if any of us had ever gone to confession and asked for God’s forgiveness for worrying and despairing…because that meant we did not trust Him. Of course, I don’t do his homily justice but it was powerful, and those four little words became my mantra for this Lent. Trust in the Lord.

        • Karen Kotzbach McCreary

          RHWofPA, holy cow ! Now I have another one to worry about ! Sin to tell in confession. A ;weak attempt at humor ; even if it is true . Thanks for the great comment .

      • Margie

        I say to my students if I happen to hear the ‘b’ word.. If you say that you are bored then you are saying that you are boring. They don’t like that

        • Louise

          Amazing! I used to sat the very same thing to my elementary students and I use the same phrase with my grandchildren. Get outside yourself and you won’t be bored.

        • Gloria Sullivan

          Dear Margie: How enlightening and such a reflection! I, too, will use this and pass it along when necessary. We are responsible for ourselves and if we are boring, then we do play a part in that status. I, for one, am never bored. There’s always so much to do. One just has to be aware. I may be tired at times, but never bored. Amen!

    • Kathiehc

      I don’t think I’d ever heard the word, Consubstantial, until it got added to the Creed.
      Easy to switch that word with Transubstantiation!

      • Barry Dupre

        Hi Kathiehc. These two words are not interchangeable. Especially when pertaining to the Mass, our Lord, and the Most Holy Eucharist. In Transubstantiation, the bread and wine are changed in substance into the flesh and blood of Christ, even though the elements appear to remain the same. The Eucharist and our Lord Jesus are one and the same in substance after the consecration of the Host. He is not simply present “with” the Eucharist, the Eucharist is the real presence of Christ, body and blood. Consubstantiation on the other hand means “with”. As in the Nicene Creed; God from God, Light from Light, true God from true God, begotten, not made, consubstantial of one Being with the Father. Meaning “one WITH the Father”. Hence the Trinity; “One God in three persons”. The Father is not the Son. The Son is not the Father. The Father and Son or not the Holy Spirit, but these three natures are one God.
        Search this title in YouTube: Trinity – Fr.Barron from Catholicism 3.
        By Bishop Robert Barron. Though we can’t fully understand the Trinity, this is the closest analogy I believe exists.

        Enjoy the intensely intimate relationship of communion with our God, Lord and Savior, Jesus himself in the Holy Eucharist as often as you can and Watch God’s Grace flow!

        God Bless You!!!

        • Barry Dupre

          I should have put ( ) around (one in being), I was rushing to get to Mass at noon!

        • Karen Kotzbach McCreary

          Barry Dupre , Thanks for that great explanation. I gulped as I read the prior comment and wondered how was I going to get my PC to cooperate through that . It has a mind of its own today !

    • Jo Ann Davis

      I love those times, too. Just one correction, Ann G., it is called transubstantion. Consubstantiation has an entirely different meaning than what happens during the Consecration. I think you meant to say transubstantiation, which means the bread and wine become the Body and Blood of Christ, under the appearance of bread and wine. Just wanted to clarify that for others who might not know. God bless.

      • Kathy MYny

        Jo Ann,
        I too wasn’t sure about “transubstantiation,” so I looked it up in the Catholic Catechism. 1373-78.
        I especially like the quote they have from St. John of Chrysostom which says, “It is not man that causes the things offered to become the Body and Blood of Christ, but he who was crucified for us, Christ himself. The priest, in the role of Christ, pronounces these words, but their power and grace are God’s. This is my body, he says. This word transforms the things offered.”

    • Barry Dupre

      Ann, I believe you mean Transubstantiation. Consubstantiation would be of Lateran doctrine.

      May God bless you and keep you;
      May He make His face shine upon you, and be gracious to you;
      May the Lord lift up His countenance upon you,
      And give you peace.

    • Barry Dupre

      I agree! I Never thought about boredom like that before as well! But it strikes me as Oh! So True!

  • Doug

    I’ve never enjoyed the mass more than I do now. Becoming intimate with God, having complete faith and trust in God, opened my eyes to every detail of the mass. When it was once boring, I now look forward to each Sunday, holy day, etc. My favorite part of mass is the Eucharistic prayer. For me, it sums up the whole purpose of being.

    About 3 years ago I befriended a small Presbyterian church, here in Charlotte. I was fortunate to have 3 different hour long chats with the pastor. It was that pastor who actually provided me guidance on how to achieve the level of spirituality that have now. Catholics, sometimes, get some ribbing about how we fail to pay attention to scripture. In fact, I remind them, that over 90% of our mass is scripture based. That being the case, and after attending a few of their worship (in addition to mass), I asked the pastor why not more scripture in their service. (She takes verses from a book in the bible, reads it, and then bases her sermon on it.) I’m not critiquing her service by any means, but she can’t hold a candle to us Catholics.

    • Jeanne Server


    • Delia Shuert Kavanaugh

      Just another aspect of Bible study that has brought me greater appreciation of our Catholic faith, the Mass is deeply rooted in Old Testament Jewish tradition. I have found so much of the Mass right there in the Bible. We are truly joined as a people of faith going back to the beginning. I find it all fascinating and inspiring.

    • Janet Marusiak

      I agree and I have a good friend who is Anglican and he gets upset with other Protestants who do not respect our Blessed Mother as they should. she is the mother of God so why not honour her. She is the perfect disciple of Jesus and stayed with him to the cross. She is our Immaculate Virgin Mother Mary, she is called Blessed. The entire Mass is scripture and in Revelation. Did you read Scott Hahn’s book, Rome Sweet Home. He was a Presbyterian Minister and was drawn to the RC Mass and eventually became RC and drew in his family and he lost some friends but they too came along later. Very good book as I had left the RC church for a little while, the sin of Relativism but I kept searching for the Truth and that lead me home to my Faith and RC church again and I have been fulfilled and at peace and ready to do more. HIs will be done.

      • Doug

        In defense of Protestants, many Catholics don’t do a very good job of expelling why we honor the Blessed Mother. For example, some still say we worship her when they should say we honor her. sister of mine, only speak of her instead of Jesus…thus allowing Protestants to think that Mary is on the same level of Jesus.

        I once heard a Catholic on the RCIA team claim that Mary wrote the Apostles Creed. As a sponsor I immediately turned to the candidate and explained that her claim was true.

        When asked, I explain our honor of Mary is much like me honoring the mother of the person asking the question about Mary. Then they get it. That analogy has never failed.

      • Janet Marusiak

        yes, thank you for reminding me of that. I think when they see us using the rosary as we meditate on the mysteries of the gospels they feel we are worshipping her like when we gaze on the cross of our Lord or wear the cross but it is a tool to help us pray the rosary and next to the Our Father, even Pope John Paul II said once in his letters that it is the second most powerful prayer we can pray. We honour her and do not worship her for sure. thanks

  • Bryan Cunningham

    Once I have said Mass in the day I am sorted and will cope with anything that comes my way. My main spiritual anchor is celebrating Mass. I can be distracted sometimes even get annoyed but I can honestly say never bored. God’s gift to me at Mass is that during that time I am brought into his presence. Nothing else matters. Thank you God

  • Kim

    🎶 These are my favorite things:
    1. Gospel readings
    2. Responsorial
    3. Homily
    4. When we share peace with each other

    In all these instances I hear God talking to me through others, and Mass is not boring to me because I find peace when I go to Mass.

  • Michael Baur

    My favorite thing about the mass is that no matter where I go to mass. I am getting the same message. For instance m fiancé and I are going to Jamaica for our honeymoon and I love knowing that i am getting the same message that I would be getting in the US

    • Kj

      I know, right? My husband and I were in Germany in 2005 and even though I couldn’t understand all of the homily, I knew the parts of the Mass because they are the same everywhere!

      Enjoy Jamaica! My husband and I had the opportunity to go there three times and it was a wonderful experience!!! You will love it!

      • Gabby King

        Amen this is one of my favorite aspects of Catholicism. If I am traveling for work or with my husband and kids the mass is the same. I always point that out to my kids (15, 13 and 11) and remind them that no matter where they go in the world find a Catholic church and you will feel like you are not alone and you are home!

  • Sally McEachen

    My favourite part is the mingling of the water and wine. “By the mingling of this water and wine may we come to share in the divinity of Christ who humbled himself to share in our humanity”. The whole story, right there. I learnt about this from the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, which is the most wonderful way of teaching children the meaning of the Mass.

    I just wish those words were heard more often as they are often inaudible or lost under the offertory hymn.

  • Suzy

    I love the final blessing. Many believe the priest is giving us a blessing. We forget that the blessing is from God, father, Son, and Holy Spirit! I feel the heavens opening and God gesturing a blessing on us all. I bow in awe of this amazing gesture from God.

    • Margo

      Good point! Thanks for reminding me. I cannot think of a favourite part of the Mass anymore than I can say I have a favourite food. When people first enter, take Holy water, and bow before Our Lord with respect, then the Priest enters in wonderful ceremony, We raise our voices together in praise. The readings with the responsorial singing, I could go on and on. All of it is uplifting without being secular “just be positive.” I feel cleansed, heard, understood, refreshed, renewed, and most importantly connected and loved.

      • Marilyn Russell

        Margo I feel the same. The Mass speaks to me in different was everyday. From “I confess to Almighty God” through to the “Glory to God in the Highest” the”Creed”, etc. etc. etc. May God our Father be praised through the Mass. Amen

    • Lea Novak

      Yes, there was one time when I felt as if His hands were on my head during the blessing!

  • Renata

    I love seeing the procession of people receiving the communion.

    • Janet Marusiak

      Yes, me too, it makes me smile and I pray that each one gets a special blessing as they receive Him at that moment in time.

  • Scott Cummings

    The Eucharist. I love when we say, “Lord I am not worthy that you should enter under my roof, but only say the word and my soul shall be healed.”

    • Delia Shuert Kavanaugh

      As I was reflecting on the Mass this line was the first to come to mind. O Lord I am not worthy. I will never be worthy of God’s gifts and blessings, but thanks be to God He gives them anyway. Help me Lord to treat those I see as unworthy the way you treat me.

      • Lea Novak

        Hear! Hear! Well said!

      • Susan


    • Diana

      I agree. I put my hand on my heart when I say this and I truly believe he forgives me of any transgressions I have, right then & there.

    • Cheryl Biermann

      Me too!

    • Melinda Laird

      Me too!

    • Carolyn Orsi

      It’s the same for me. I find that these words are very comforting to me.

  • Jeanne Server

    Holy Holy Holy I feel and visualize the Angels and Saints and all in heaven praising God, and also this is my body and this is my blood which I have GIVEN up for you, I feel such love, and emotion I can barely keep my tears from falling, to realize he suffered and died for us! Then receiving the Eucharist is such an overwhelming power of love my heart and body feel warmth and his presence in me.❤️

  • Holly Lanford

    I love praying the Lord’s Prayer and holding hands with those around me.

    • Laura leah Yarbrough

      That is a very powerful prayer and I imagine all the people in the world saying the same prayer it is a universal explosion of love and strength!
      Peace be with you also warms my heart!

      • Holly Lanford

        My family has been blessed with being able to travel to different places around the world. We love going to Mass wherever we are because of the connection we feel. Even if we don’t understand the language we always know what is going on…it is especially powerful
        Praying the Lords Prayer!

    • Christina

      I also love/loved this. Growing up in Denver we would hold hands with the person next to us, if we knew them or not. But I now live in Miami and they don’t do that here. I wish they did, I miss that.

  • Coletta

    All of it! I haven’t been able get to Mass for several months because of surgery, time spent in a nursing home and at home for rehab and recovery and the winter weather. I’ve received Holy Communion from Eucharistic Ministers and read the Scriptures and prayed at home but I’m looking forward with joy to finally getting to Church this weekend. I’ve missed being present as part of my parish community and participating in ALL of the Great Prayer that IS the Mass. All who can attend regularly are truly blessed!

    • Michelle Stewart

      What a great reminder to those of us who have access to the mass, how privileged we are. May God bless you with a speedy recovery.

    • Jacqueline Shukla

      prayers for a speedy recovery

  • Beth

    The whole thing …if i am engaged. About 4 years ago we had a priest who loved the Latin Mass and said it for daily Mass. When i went at first it was anxiety provoking because i was lost in the Latin. Then one day a visiting Brother led me to a worship aid that equated the priests every movement to a moment of our Lord’s passion and death. When I engeged my imagination and walked that journey with Jesus in the Mass i fell in love with the Mass in a whole new way. That beloved priest has since moved on but the esperience has changed my understanding and participation in the Mass. If i was picking a moment though it would be the elevation, especially when i am aware of the peek into the eternal world that happens during the liturgy of the Eucharist …..the beautiful company we have in the comkunion of Saints!

    • Linda Meuth

      Beth, can you recall the name of the worship aid you mentioned, thanks, Linda

      • Beth

        It was a little trifold paper…..I will see if I can find a reference for it. If not maybe we can exchange emails and I can scan it. May take me awhile to find it:(

        • Linda Meuth


        • Steven Hotho

          Beth. I’d like that “aid” also. We attend a Latin Mass once in a while in Little Rock and although I grew up with the Latin Mass, I find this mass difficult to follow. (I’m Emma Lou; not Steve.)

  • Bill Hohlfeld

    My favorite part of the Mass is just prior to receiving Holy Communion, when we pray that despite our unworthiness if Our Lord says so, we are instantly healed. That reminds me that God’s love is unconditional and is always available to me.

  • Susan E

    I have several favorites. I love when everyone prays the Our Father. All hearts as one – praying together as God’s children regardless of where people are in their faith journey or in their life. Also – general intercession prayers….when there is a moment for the intention held in our hearts. This is a moment where people – again regardless of where they are in their faith journey are talking to God…and this gives me hope. And finally – as others have mention – “Behold the Lamb of God”

  • Tracey Burroughs

    When we offer each other a sign of peace. It truly warms my heart and soul. Peace in Christ is what all are seeking. This tiny prayer to one another brings each of us closer to that happiness. May Christ’s peace be with you today and always.

  • Cate

    My favorite part of the mass is receiving communion knowing this gift is feeding my soul in ways I can’t even imagine. The spiritual uplifting through the songs or a good homily run a close second in lives at mass. The opportunity to lift up with others my prayer intentions

  • Laura

    I like the profession of faith. It centers me. I also like seeing all the different folks from all backgrounds and races and thinking, “I am going to be with these people forever in heaven.”

  • Aida

    I love when we sing the Glory to God in the highest, when we pray Our Father together and when receiving the Eucharist accepting him in my life, being open to his love.

  • Adele S

    I love when we all hold hands and say the Our Father, and then we say “Peace be with you” to everyone around us. I go to a Christian club at my school and we usually pray for each other’s prayer intentions, and this is the closest thing to that kind of prayer we seem to get in the Mass. As a person with chronic anxiety, it’s an incredible thing to know that there are people who wish peace for me, and likewise for me to truly wish peace on other people. These simple actions are community-building, while the rest of the Mass is more personal and reflective, and I wish the Catholic church did more prayer as a community, like the early Christians did.

  • Pat Dodd Polito

    I so love the Mass. I love everything about it. United together as a family parish community, celebrating in the Eucharistic Feast, listening to the word of God . Worshiping & Praising in prayer, in song and going forth in Peace to Love & Serve the Lord! I can’t ask for a more perfect way to start off my week.

  • CathieHeenan

    My favorite thing about the mass is receiving the Holy Communion and praying as I receive it.

  • Elaine G.

    “Lord, I am not worthy that you should enter my roof, but only say the word and my soul shall be healed.”

  • Sharri

    Thank you all for your beautiful loving words concerning the mass. You have led me to a thankfulness this morning that fills my heart. May God bless all of you today as you serve Him.

  • Kraken

    The part between the beginning and the end…

  • Alice Ann Hengesbach

    As others have written, “all of it.” The Mass when celebrated means I am actively seeking God in community. My dad was a career Marine. He went to Mass in many places. The Mass he celebrated was the same Mass I celebrated. I so enjoyed Luke Kozak’s comment and have found this truth to be large and comforting … we are universally united by the Mass.

  • Mary B.

    My favorite part of the mass is when I hear a moving homily! Too often, the homilies do not peak my interest or affect me that way, and that is when I feel like the mass was boring! I am going to try a different approach and be more focused on the scripture readings and my relationship with God at that moment! I very much enjoy attending mass in other parishes or when I am away on vacation – this gives me a real sense of unity among my fellow Catholics, and I feel excited to be in a new place but yet feel at home! For those of you who live in the New York area And want to experience a truly moving and extra-ordinary experience I wholeheartedly recommend going to the “Underground Catholic”! It is held the first Saturday evening of every month by the Franciscan monks in the church Of “Our Lady of Good Counsel” in New York City!!! The monks sing and meditate, the lights of the church are lowered and it is illuminated only by candlelight. Confessions are heard and afterwards the congregation is invited downstairs to enjoy the various singers invited that evening – very popular for the young, but certainly welcomed by young and old! I guarantee you will not be disappointed!

    • SanctusSanctus

      Jesus Alert: another case of feeding the people with the Word of God prior to the Eucharistic meal and holy union with Our Lord! Thanks!

  • Veronica Rodriguez

    I love the feeling I get from the moment I kneel in thanksgiving for my presence in my Father’s house to the absolute joy I literally feel when I’m about receive the body and blood of Christ!

  • Juanita

    Saying one is bored is an insult to God. Yes!!! Finally someone can say a truth. I have always disliked the term, and always tryto never allow the thought to take hold. Find something to do. Prayer….short one that takes you away from the thought. Do something physical, perhaps something you don’t like even. No matter what,you don’t have to stay in that spot. God provides so much beauty. Look for something good, wherever you’re at, and voila, God will present.
    My favorite thing about the mass, changes one week to the next on Sundays, and should I have opportunity to attend during the week changes.
    I am a lector, and sometimes when I read for the congregation, I want to say listen to these words! God is here with us speaking these words, getting you ready for the preparation of the Eucharist. I am also a Eucharistic Mininster, so on those special days, I am so thankful and listen carefully at the consecration. I attended mass some years ago at a Charismatic seminar, and at the consecration the majority of attendees, were praying and singing in tongues, and it was something I had never experienced. It was unlike anything I had heard before or since, and it was like the angels voices were present, so quiet, yet I was hearing heaven. Unforgettable!!!

  • Cheryl Mayola

    I love singing the songs of praise

  • Linda

    (This is video is my favorite so far.) My favorite thing about the Mass is receiving Jesus – my One hope to make it through another day. At that moment, it is the best place to be on the entire planet. That said, there are times when I, as an adult, can still claim to be “bored” during Mass and I think this video just challenged me to truly try harder to be present in each moment of the Mass. I am a sinner who needs to be more grateful for what God has provided for me.

  • Mike

    The healing aspect of it. I love the response, “Lord, I am not worthy that you should enter under my roof, but only say the word and my soul shall be healed.” I can almost feel the healing manifesting as I’m saying the words. I don’t think I could receive communion without them.

  • Daniela D.

    It feels powerful to see all the people surrounding me at Mass, it feels like we are the army of God all reunited under the same roof to worship our Lord. It always makes me feel hopeful, like the world is a dangerous place, but we are there to make it better. I love to take communion, it moves me to tears. The growing warmth inside my body keeps on inundating me way long after Mass.

  • Mary Kay Arroyo

    i love everything about the Mass, I am energized when I look around the church at all of God’s faithful. I pray that no matter where each of us are that day as we engage in the sacred mass and that we are aware of the spirit and hear the Lord call to his people.o himself.

  • Lisa

    My favorite parts of Mass is the readings and the homily. Especially the singing of the Responsorial Psalm. When the organ plays and the Pslam is sang, and the congregation responds in song, I feel the emotion, I feel God’s presence.

  • Suzanne Cayen

    Wow how amazing are these descriptions of how mass is such a blessing to all!
    My most intimate moment is when I receive the Host and return to my seat, I hear Jesus wisper to me “I love you Suzanne”! I feel his presence overflowing in me with his Holy Spirit.
    What we do after mass while enjoy our meal is discuss the readings and the homily and have a great conversation to how to apply it in our lives.
    In the french mass booklet “Prions en Église” cthere is a part at the end to challenge you to follow through with kind actions relating to the gospel of the Sunday Mass.
    Que le Seigneur soit avec vous!

  • jesspinosa

    I am a crybaby, especially when it comes to God. Some hymns drive me to tears. When I am in a particularly helpless state, saying, “Lord, I’m not worthy…” Imagining adoring our Lord, together with myriads of angels and saints during consecration. Praying the Our Father with the whole congregation.

    Except when the good padre is obviously just winging it or ad-libbing his homily, Mass is never boring. It sure is so disrespectful to God to say Mass is boring. The other cop-out excuse for not going to Mass is equally offensive – “I am too busy.”

  • Clara Turci Depko

    I must say the music there is something that touches my spirit to the point I feel God and the tears flow. The love of God pours over me with the music. Some songs I want to dance in the spirit some I cry. But the music is the part that stirs my spirit. The music is not always moving to me it depends on the church and the songs. However, there is no music at daily mass so I think what really draws me to mass is the Eucharist and being in Fl. on vacation the church here offers the wine at all the masses. At home our church does not have that but when I find myself out at other churches some do offer the wine. There is a power in the Eucharist a healing power that many people do not take advantage of. “Lord I am not worthy that you should enter under my roof, but only say the word and my soul shall be healed.

    • jesspinosa

      Clara, I’m glad to know there is another crybaby in our little community, not just me. ☺

      • Clara Turci Depko

        There is something in the spirit that is moved and the love of God is so overwhelming I can only cry with that love….

  • Jeannie Joyce Connor

    I love the songs and singing at Sunday mass. I always say singing is prayer times 2. During the Gloria ( which is not sung at Lent) & the Holy Holy, I feel like the roof opens up and I am singing with all the angels and saints. There usually is no singing at weekday masses but at our parish mass is usually in the chapel and I love how it is a smaller congregation Andy it feels more intimate which brings a great peace. I sing for the Contempory Choir twice a month and I feel so filled with the Holy Spirit, it is overwhelming. Love bring joy to the congregation and live the graces I receive too.
    Of course I love the Consecration and Consubstantiation. The Sacrifice of Jesus is made present at every mass – we encounter the REAL PRESENCE of Jesus on the alter; the bread and wine are changed into his very body, blood, soul and divinity. And then we get to receive Him in Holy Communion. This is breathtaking. Amen!

  • Ethel L

    Mass! I love everything about it: the singing is “happiness” itself- couldn’t help dancing a little bit 😀, the community prayers, the communion, the sermon, the people, etc. I feel recharged after the mass.

  • Marie Paschke

    My favorite part of the mass is when I have the privilege of being a Eucharistic minister. I look into my fellow parishioners eyes and know that I am giving them Jesus, healing and peace. It’s so awesome!

    • Karen in FL

      Absolutely! When I return to my seat, I am often overcome within the privilege I’ve been given.

  • Cynthia

    So many things I love about the Mass. One thing I treasure is that it is said all over the world every day. It’s like participating in a rolling tide that washes over the earth in a continuous prayer

    • Linda R

      Love your imagery! This is so true.

    • Phyllis

      I love all of the mass but for me its the songs – I feel like I’m really talking to God and really in tune to Him and makes me feel at peace.

  • Jack

    Feeling our Lord’s presence and knowing his forgiveness and love.
    I think this may become my Best Lent Ever. Thank you all for sharing your faith and your love.

  • Richard Stanzel

    Bored at Mass…what a powerful video! I realize that all I have has been given me by God; my talents, family, opportunities, faith, even the difficult challenges God has put before me for my growth… That I can go to mass and thank God for everything, talk to Him about my concerns, my needs…overwhelmed with gratitude for EVERYTHING. To be at mass, to be able to be in communion with Him and thank Him. Well, it’s just overwhelming that one can be bored. Is being bored a lack of gratitude?

    • Lea Novak

      I think Matthew hit the nail on the head–being bored is a mark of selfishness, or self-involvement. And yes, I think that tends to go along with ingratitude…

  • Diana

    I love the way Father Freddy holds the host up. He holds it out to us & moves it from side to side. It’s like here take this it is yours. It makes it more personal for me.

  • Dave

    All parts of the mass are very meaningful, especially receiving the gift of life through the Eucharist. But the most important moment for me is at the end when the priest or deacon says “Go in peace to love and serve the Lord”. After the weekly spiritual “re-charging” I receive at mass, God is calling me to action to love and serve others.

  • Lisa Fuetterer

    I love communion best because I am truly with Jesus. Those moments back in the pew, eyes closed, kneeling in reverence, I am with the Lord and I feel it with every fiber of my being.

  • Rebecca

    I have two favorite parts of the mass. The first is the homily. The priest at my church is very good at relating the readings to every day life. This makes it so much easier for me to understand the readings. It is so powerful for me to hear how I am connected to the readings. The second part is the Eucharist. It is so meaningful to receive the body of Christ. I recently became a Eucharistic Minister. Being able to give the body of Christ to my fellow parishioners is such an honor.

    • Mary

      A good homilist is truly a blessing. When you find that a good homilist is saying your Mass, it can feel like a home run. A good homilist can connect with the generation that feels “bored” by Mass. Seminaries need to continue to teach the skill of a good homily.

      • Diane

        Totally agree with this. I tend to not pay attention when it’s a poor stated homily. We had a priest at our church that gave the best homilies. It made mass that much more enjoyable

    • Lea Novak

      Yes, a good homilist is key, and I think that seminaries are working on this. I also wish that priests whose primary language is not English could get speech therapy to help them speak English more clearly. That said, if I really focus, I can understand well enough to get some good points out of every homily. Our foreign-speaking priests have all been good homilists, even when they have a heavy accent…that is to say, the content is great, even if the delivery is not.

    • Nancy Engler

      Msgr McCarron gives excellent homilies. He shares personal experiences and makes scripture come alive.

    • JJ Roon

      I wish more priests were better at the homily. they repeat the story–no insight. We had a young priest at our parish for a short time this summer and my husband and I enjoyed his homilies. Unfortunately, the pastor didn’t appreciate him so he was reassigned to the Trenton Cathedral, I heard. We are thinking of visiting other parishes in order to find more insightful homilies. We joined the present parish since it had a Polish background but this Christmas the newish pastor has seemed to lessen that influence.

      • Chelsea

        When I was in college, my priest would always talk about his own life, not how it pertained to the Gospel reading. I found another church after several weeks of this.

  • Alex

    When one of my favorite hymns is played. I always flip through the music quickly before mass to see what to look forward to. I usually tear up if I hear On Eagle’s Wings, Be Not Afraid, etc. The words are so comforting.

    • Mary B.

      My favorite too!!

    • Jim Marks

      Glad to know I’m not the only one who tears up to those songs!

    • Tom Wdowik

      I totally agree…and would add “You are Near” as well. I especially enjoy hearing my daughter sing harmony to the songs as she stands or sits next to me at mass. Music plays an integral part of our spiritual journey at the mass.

      • Susan

        I agree!

    • Melissa Schmidt

      When we sing this hymn at church, I find myself humming it to myself throughout the rest of the day. It brings a very peaceful calm over me.

      • Christina

        Same!! What a wonderful song to have stuck in your head, right?! 🙂

    • Lea Novak

      Oh yeah! Those are great, and they do bring tears…

    • RHWofPA

      Here I Am is one of my all-time favorites, such a good reminder.

    • Carol Lundberg

      TWO of my very FAVORITE hymns as is “Let there be Peace” and
      “Love you and you are mine”…tears AND chills…

    • Gabby King

      When I was little and didn’t want to sing my mom would always say to me, “he who sings prays twice”. Even though I can’t hold a tune I remember this saying and sing like I should be on the Grammys! Now I say it to my kids and they roll their eyes, just like I did! 🙂

      • Christina

        That’s great! I think I will do this to mine as well 🙂

      • mistymama

        Wow this saying brings back memories for me. I attended Catholic high school and was a member of the Folk Group and Chorus. The director, and also my English teacher, a nun, always would say that singing is praying twice. I also never forgot this. I am not a great singer but I have always had a love for music, so the hymns are one of my favorite parts of mass.

        • Rose

          I also have not been gifted with being able to carry a tune – and singing anyway is my way to return my voice to the Lord, (Just kidding but my mom and I always laughed when I said that.) “Folk Group” – have not heard that in awhile – but the 70’s was when teens were getting involved through those Masses, “Take our Bread” – etc. I remember classroom masses in high school and I think that is what kept my interest at ages 13 and 14 when everything was “boring”. I don’t feel that God gets insulted with the statement of being bored. I feel he realizes it is a person’s way of saying they need and want him to fill that void (emptyness) in our life but don’t yet realize it is our thirst for God. My favorite parts of mass is at the beginning when we collectively are forgiven for all venial sins. Also, the calling of the Holy Spirit in the consecration and when I feel “heaven meeting earth” as I say. We then are one with everyone who went before us when we receive Jesus in Holy Communion. That is the only solace with all the losses of those who have loved us, we loved when on earth. This love remains forever and the only “thing” that goes to heaven with us! Blessed Lent !

      • Prolifedem6M

        Our former pastor in one of his first sermons as he took on our parish said “God gave you the voice you have. It’s time to pay him back.”

    • Nancy Engler

      I have always loved “Let there be peace on Earth.” Let it begin with me. And Prayer of St. Francis.

      • Heather Moynihan Johnston

        This makes me cry every time! It is such a powerful song.

    • Christina

      Same!! On Eagles Wings is so special to me. It hits me hard every time I hear it. Reminds me of going to mass as a little girl with my mom (who passed away) and dad. It will always hold a special place in my heart. Be not afraid and Here I am Lord are also a favorite of mine.

      • Chelsea

        After my stepmom had her miscarriage, the church offered my stepmom up in prayer. They sang “On Eagle’s Wings” at that mass. I was only 7 or 8 when this happened, but I definitely tear up when I hear this song because of that.

    • pat thompson

      These song all have an impact n me, also Let There Be Peace on /earth and Prayer of St Francis!

    • Mitch

      I just teared up when I saw On Eagles Wings. Best song ever!

    • Darlene Matteucci

      When they play those two Homs it reminds me off my fighter who passed three years ago and it makes me cry so I understand your tearing up.

    • Kathiehc

      Oh, Yes, And I’d add You Are Mine & Though the Mountains May Fall to this list!
      I love congregational singing, lifting our voices, such as they are, to praise, thank & beseech Our Lord as His chosen people! And when those songs stay with us through our day we get another great gift because we are singing God’s Word! The words of these hymns are all from scripture!

      • Darla Chilson

        I agree also, there is something to be said about a congregation full into song it’s very moving to me. My absolute favorite is “In Christ Alone”. The lyrics are captivate me, I cannot make it through without a dry eye.

      • Rosemary Kissel

        Love reading everyone’s comments, but your favorite hymns compelled me to write. I’m blessed to play harp at the 6:45 Mass for my parish, and try to find the songs appropriate for that day’s readings. Then I pray that the music will reach those who hear it and make a difference in the Mass for them. I know it makes a difference in the way I participate in the Mass. (Making notes on everyone’s favorites.)

    • Marsha

      Both are very special to me as well. On Eagle’s Wings was one of the songs we selected for our wedding almost 28 years ago. Also played it for my Fathers funeral. Both have such a special meaning and more of the than not, cause me to pause and take a deep breath.

      • Elaine Cooper

        We selected this song for my Dad’s funeral just 2 mos. Ago. God bless both our Dad’s. I saw an Eagle yesterday. I hope you see one today. 🙂

    • Beverly J

      I also flip through the music before mass and those very songs will cause me to tear up also.

    • Lynne

      OMG – I love that too On Eagle’s Wings – that was my Mom’s favorite too – She has also passed away. Seems like evey one sings loader

    • Elaine Cooper

      My mother and I fight tears during her churches, after communion hymn done by the choir at Our Lady of Peace 🙂
      Great choice Alex

    • Jo Ann Davis

      I love that so many are moved by the music because I sing in our choir! My husband is not Catholic and he always says that Catholics don’t sing. It does my heart good to hear all of the positive comments about the music. I have learned so much scripture from the songs we sing. Many people don’t realize that so many songs are taken from the Psalms and other parts of the bible. Learning them is a way to learn scripture and have it in your heart all of the time. During the day I sometimes hear something in conversation that brings the words of a hymn to my mid and I just start singing it. I love when that happens! I can “bless the Lord at all times, His praise ever in my mouth.”

    • Tom R

      I can’t carry a tune even if I had a bushel basket. God gave me a “lousy” singing voice (I was booted out of the choir in high school when my voice changed), but it is the way He wanted me to sound. Maybe it helps Him recognize its me.

    • Deacon David Krob

      Hymns can be a very powerful prayer. In praise of our Lord and God, how about How Great Thou Art?

    • Mary Helen

      My 2 favorites!

    • Judy Stenzel

      Alex, I do exactly the same thing! So much of the music is so meaningful to me! The songs you mentioned always bring tears to my eyes!

    • Lin

      I too love the songs. When my Dad was dying of cancer my Mom, who was caring for him at home, and I had a big fight about telling him it was all right to let go and go home to God. It was Sunday, I lived far away and had planned to go home at night but now was determined to leave right after Mass. My husband & I are Catholic?, my Mom is not. I went to Mass and the 1st song they sang was ” I have called you and you are mine” I don’t remember ever hearing it before that day though I have heard and sung it many times since. It spoke to my heart in such a way I felt like God was right there comforting me , praying for me and with me for my Mom, my Dad and me and guiding me with what to do. I went back to my Mom after the Mass and made up then stayed til night came before heading back home. My Dad died the next week. My Mom had done such a wonderful job taking care of him for 21/2 months.

    • Catherine Simone Mason Puglies

      I absolutely love singing to GOD. I am a horrible singer, but I know GOD doesn’t care

  • Angel Schneider

    Where should I begin?! The music 🎶, the prayers 🙏🏻, the readings 📖, the Nicene Creed, the sign of peace ✌️, the consecration, receiving the Body and blood of Christ…it is every bit of healing and beautiful! I do not know how I lived before discovering Catholicism!

    My greatest struggle today is developing that love ❤️ and respect for the Mass within my children (ages 5 and 13). They constantly fight about going, saying it’s boring and they don’t understand what anyone is saying. It’s a constant battle, one that hurts because the Mass is something I treasure so deeply.

    • Colleen

      Your 5-year old is almost old enough to take the Magnificat for Kids magazine to church every Sunday, that was a God-send for my children to help them follow the Mass at their own level and yet have some Catholic-related activities to engage them during the homily. Very inexpensive subscription and so worth it.The 13-year old you’ll just have to push to go as that is a teenage common rebellion. Try to attend a mass with contemporary music, and maybe they will also find lessons from the magazine.

    • Maribeth

      My kids learned early on to never say the B word to me (bored, boring). If they did, I would come up with a list of things to do – from let’s straighten up your room, to read a book, to let’s do something fun. Looking back I think that spending time with them was what they were looking for. Sometimes really hard to do when you’ve worked all day and there’s dinner, dishes, and laundry. Helping kids focus at Mass is a challenge. Whispering things to small children like find things that are blue, count the candles, or look Father has his dishes helps give them focus. For older kids, maybe before Mass, explain one aspect of the Mass-the idea of bringing all the good and bad from your week and offering it to God at the offertory, trying to find the connection between the 3 readings to discuss later, or that other people have burdens and they may need our prayers. The DVD “Understanding the Mass – A Kid’s Point of View” is good for kids. it is used in our Religious Ed program. Ask if it is available to borrow in your diocese. Hope this helps.

  • Martin Hanson

    I return to my catholic faith approximately 8 months ago. At my return to Catholicism I struggled following mass for both daily and Sunday service. Through my return, I have started reading the Gospels for the first time. I addition, I’ve listened online to various priests homilies and lectures about the mass. Recently, as part of a ministry that I volunteered with, I attended training that detailed every section involved with the mass. I found through this education that I now enjoy every moment of the service. I look forward to going to mass, and can’t believe how quickly that the service is over. It was through education of what the mass is truly about that I feel I’ve become a better Catholic!

    • Lea Novak

      Yes, if people really knew and understood what we have in the Mass, our churches would be full!

  • William Guglielmi

    I don’t believe that I am bored at Mass but am somewhat distracted at times. It is difficult sometimes to remove outside pressures from one’s thoughts. That being said I find the Lord’s Prayer as my favorite part of the Mass–even when distracted. To me it is a comfort to know that throughout the earth Catholics (and other Christians as well) can, and do, petition the Father in the very words of the Son. It is to me a outright manifestation of the universality of the Church and the unity of its people. I understand that the Eucharist is the essential essence of the Mass and happily accept the mystery of the Real Presence but find the simple prayer of the Lord to be the most comforting aspect of the Mass.

  • Kathleen Spector

    Holy, holy, holy Lord God of hosts. Heaven and earth are full of your glory…
    When I say these words, I envision all the angels and saints proclaiming the words with me in God’s presence. It is heavenly to be on earth and at the same time to experience heaven!

  • Cathy

    I find great peace in the prayer before receiving the Eucharist, “Lord, I am not worthy that you should enter under my roof, but only say the word and my soul shall be healed.” As well as the prayer after receiving the Eucharist, “May the body and blood of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, bring us to everlasting life.”

  • Sai

    My favorite thing about the mass is to listen and learn about God’s message. He wants us to love ourselves, our family, our friends and neighbors and especially to love him. I seek for his wisdom to be at peace, to be happy for what I have and to have compassion for others. I always pray to our Lord Jesus to bring my family closer to him, to appreciate him, to thank him for his sacrifice for us and never to take him for granted. We must have faith in him that we will be ok no matter how much we struggle.

    Amen 🙏

  • roberto santiago

    “This is The Lamb of God…” For a moment I’m breathless, God is in the priest’s hands! Who are we? Who am I that I can see and feel and taste Jesus? There are all these feelings mingling in my heart, my soul, I’m humbled, sorry, forgiven, awed, hopeful, but most of all loved. I feel His love coming from His body wrapping me and our entire community, embracing us in light.

  • Joe

    There He is. Right there. Physically, emotionally and spiritually. Jesus Christ, God. I am looking at Him. His Presence is here and now physically. Look at Him! Touch Him. Taste Him. Eat Him. My Lord and Savior! That is my most precious moment of the Mass. Even Angels, if they were to be jealous, would be jealous of us receiving Him this way. This privilege is for us.

    • Nan


    • Colleen

      That is beautiful! Thank you for that stunning reflection that takes whatever boredom out of Eucharist and puts the love and honor back into it! I am NOT worthy, but so very blessed and should never take Mass for granted. Fill me with your presence Lord forever.

    • Lea Novak

      This made me tear up, it is so powerfully said! Thank you!

  • Vince

    What I like about the mass is the participation through song and the liturgy of the word which is always right on in our parish. I have always enjoyed singing at church and to this day get it why are hymns are decided on by the liturgy being done on any given Sunday. The participation of our parishoners makes my Sunday mass so much more enlightening and fulfilling.Many parishoners have expressed that the hymns along with our great homilies really make it all worth while. All this makes it a prayerful event for our humble offering to God. It keeps them coming back each Sunday and at special masses during the year.

  • Alexander DiMercurio

    The kiss of peace….& then receiving eucharist, and the prayers that follow which include the initiation of Jesus entering into my heart and the sharing of this fellowship with others.

  • Mike

    One of my favorite parts of the mass is to look around and see all of the people who are there. People from all backgrounds, cultures, careers, ages, sinners and some saints in the making. Some I know, and some I will never really know. But for those moments we are together we are one, singing, praying, thanking God and asking him to forgive us and help us. In communion with each other.

  • Kathleen Cranford Kelley

    I love singing “The Lord’s Prayer” at Mass. A sister once told me that singing “The Lord’s Prayer” is praying “Twice”.

    And I love to greet others at Mass with the “Lord’s Peace be with You!” I love to see them smile! Their smiles are like mini blessings from heaven!

  • Nan

    WOW! Mind blowing reflection! This is so powerful and rejuvenating! Personally, I have never been bored in my life because God has created a fabulous and exciting world and given me a body and mind with which to enjoy it. But the comments about the relevance of the Mass were so on point for me as I have had my struggles with bringing more contemporary music in to the Mass to “catch” some of those young people and those who have disengaged. But now…point taken, Matthew Kelly! Thank you so much for this timely and powerful talk!

    • Nan

      And, oh, I forgot…my FAVORITE thing about the Mass is hands down the Eucharist. Our priest recently quoted Mother Theresa in a sermon…”Look at the Crucifix. It is how Jesus loved you then. Experience the Eucharist. It is how Jesus loves you now.” Wow. Just wow.

  • Nancy R

    Aaaa, okay, this was a hard one for me. Today will be the first morning mass I attend. In fact today will be the first mass I attend for some time. I’m very excited to go! After reading what others wrote, I realize I will need to observe the mass with more passion and imagination. I’ll have to get back to you about my favorite thing at mass. 🙂

    • Donna C

      That’s very exciting and wonderful! I’ll say a prayer for you that you maybe feel God’s powerful love, and experience mass like never before!

  • Adrian

    Again reading the comments are a major part of The Best Lent Ever for me. Today was no exception. Reading the comments once again made me realize how each of us see situations (in this case the mass) through our individual experiences and relationship with God. Almost every part of the mass was mentioned as someone’s favorite and how each response was describing a relationship with god. It helped me to see how my relationship with god may be different from those around me and still be meaningful and not boring!!!!

  • Michele

    Beautiful! This should be a homily at Mass with students and parents who are “required” to go to Mass. Luke’s testimony just made today’s reflection even sweeter.

  • Julie

    My favorite part is the singing. Sometimes, the hymns chosen speak to me. Sometimes, I’m a robust singer in the pews. Sometimes, I weep while singing a hymn and don’t know why so I’ll contemplate the lyrics. (often times, verses from the bible)

  • Allison Ketchand Dreher

    It changes depending on the day. Sometimes it’s standin up and singing alleluia before the Gospel- I imagine welcoming King Jesus in our midst in the Word of God. Other times it’s bringing the gifts forward and I imagine myself bringing everything I have an am to God to be consecrated for holiness and given to him in submission and love. Another favorite is watching everyone receive Jesus and recognizing the He knows their need and can meet them there to fill it up. I love Mass 😊

  • R. Formano

    My favorite part of Mass are the minutes before when I either, pray, begin to focus, and prepare to lector by making sure everything is in the right place. I’m telling God that I’m ready, even if the human aspect of mind-drifting should occur, I try my best to always be and feel “in the moment” because any aspect of the Mass could move me, change my thoughts, inspire me, and make me pause to forgive not only others, but also myself.

  • Amanda Gartner Batinich

    This has truly been the best Lent EVER! Thanks to Matthew Kelly ~ My favorite part being listening to your CD’s in the car with my grandchildren 8 & 5 years year old and having them say to me “This guy sure knows what he’s talking about!” They are listening all the time and them listening to your words if the best gift I have been given and have given them in a long time! Thanks so much

  • Ann

    My favorite thing about the mass is knowing that Jesus is fully present in the holy eucharist and He is there for us no matter where we are at in our lives.

  • Robin

    I love that the Mass unites all Catholic believers all over the world, and that the ritual and the readings are the same everywhere. That is really powerful to me and emphasizes the universal nature of the one true church. Also, coming from a Protestant background, I LOVE that when we recite the creed we can boldly proclaim ‘one holy, catholic and apostolic church’ and really mean it. The same creed may be said in Protestant churches but there always seemed to be some embarrassment in invoking the word ‘catholic’ … but at Mass it is truly true!

  • Roberto Sanchez Mejorada

    A special moment is when we pray the Our Father, the universal prayer that Jesus taught us and right after we celebrate the peace that he left in the world and we share that peace with everyone.

  • Kathy Pichler

    Knowing that each and every person at Mass is part of the BOdy of Christ. We are there because we are broken and in need of His live and guidance. We each bring our sorrows and joys with us, our sins and accomplishments. Yet, in the eyes of our Lord we are all the same and come together in Him and for Him to worship and lay our sins at His altar in prayer.

  • Jennifer

    I love the fact that we are a whole community of people who, despite the days before or the future plans, at least for that hour, stand on common ground physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually for a common purpose: to worship God and give thanks! We all put aside our differences and come together. I also find so much power in the last words before communion, “I am not worthy, but say the word!” We are not worthy, but God heals and provides! Amen!!!

  • Mary

    I am humbled when asked to serve as a Eucharistic Minister at our school Mass. To offer God to the children and families we work with daily is so exciting. To share our faith with other pilgrims on this journey toward salvation is awe-inspiring. I love Mass.

  • Gramma Price

    My favorite thing is that I can place myself (symbolized in the small amount of water mingling with the wine) on the altar with the bread and the wine and be changed too! The bread and wine become Jesus and I am right there with Him! And of course this nearness is emphasized when I receive Him in Holy Communion. There is no better place on earth than to be with Him.

  • Virginia Hajovsky

    My favorite time is during the Eucharistic prayer when the Body and Blood are elevated and we are told to do this is remembrance. At our parish the altar servers ring bells during these elevations. I know from visiting other parishes that many don’t have the bells. I always ” hear” the bells in my mind and heart. I understand that before Vatican II that the bells were rung so the lay people would know something important was happening

  • singit1

    My favorite thing about the Mass is that no matter where I go to church, Mass is the same. The music may be different, the homily will be different, but the structure is the same. It is comforting to be part of something so universal.

  • Angie O’Mara

    There are so many wonderful moments of the Mass, from the praying, the singing, the readings and the Gospel and listening to God’s word for us in the homily. My most favorite part, is when we tell God we are not worthy to receive Him, but only speak the word and we shall be healed. How truly loving God is to give Himself to me, a sinner, and renew my soul and life with Him.

  • Michele Burns

    I truly love listening to the Gospel each week. I listen for something new about Jesus and His people because there is always something new to learn about Jesus’s life. I also love hearing the priest’s message after the Gospel and how he believes the message was meant to be interpretted and how we should go out and live. The priest at my church invites all the children at mass to come sit at the altar for the homily and gen preaches to them for most of the homily helping them to learn the message of the Gospel in a much simpler way. This has opened my eyes to the simplicity of Jesus’s mission for us: to love and serve others as we would ourselves. And what a beautiful message it is!

  • Dorothy Cabral

    The music is my favorite thing about the mass. It crabs everyone’s attention and gets them to refocu, it always coordinates so beautiful with the scripture. I love to hear and see the congregation all singing and this to me is a gift, a different way of praying together and sharing the word of the lord.

  • Janet Marusiak

    Janet Marusiak, I love the Mass and even as a child I loved the Mass but when I left church, I was not in an environment to dwell on anything I learned or felt. Since I became a reborn Catholic I am never bored at Mass and I love it so much, why don’t I make an effort to go more often. Resistance. Yes that book Resisting Happiness explains is fully to me and I have been going during the week now and still making excuses like to today if I should go to the Mission again tonight like the weather is going to be bad. I can find a drive easily. I will admit that sometimes during the Homily I can start to concentrate on one thing or something that confused me or did not hear correctly and I do not get to listen to the whole homily and I get angry at myself for missing something when I hear others laugh for instance and oh I missed that.
    I wish tht I can put up my hand and ask the pirest to repeat sometimes but then how many may do that but I still wish that was an option at Mas to make it less frustrating when I am stuck on one thing. I guess then it is good to have a pen and paer to write that down and talk to him later.
    Mass around the world so many going on every day and “why” we may ask, to keep the world from falling apart and allowing the evil to take over and God would never allow that to happen.

  • Janice Hozella

    My favorite part of the Mass is without a doubt receiving our Lord in the Eucharist. There is no greater love. All glory to God!

  • Michelle

    After my special needs younger brother passed away, I remembered the part in the movie the greatest miracle, where heaven and earth are joined at the consecration. So during the moment of consecration I am ecstatic because I picture my departed loved ones and myself enjoying God’s promise that we will be reunited. If only for a few moments here on earth, but then for an eternity in God’s love and peace.

    • Felix Magloire

      I’m glad you brought up the movie, “The Greatest Miracle” After seeing that animated movie, the mass will never literally be the same for me. Every mass is a new miracle!

  • Janet Marusiak

    Forgot to mention my favorite part of the mass and it is the central theme, of the Eucharist. When I walk up for the body and blood of Jesus, and say my “Amen”, I believe, I feel I am in heaven with Him already and thank Him for being able to be there and receive Him body, blood and divinity inside me to make me stronger and to grow in holiness for Him.

  • Ana R

    For me Mass is my weekly homage to God! I remember from my teenage years going by myself when my family where taking the Sunday off and stay home, I walked to go to Mass… now that I’m more in love with God I enjoy the Mass very different, I sing in the choir and from where we sing we have a view of the whole congregation and our priest pretty much from his side, so at the time of consecration we see it from behind and at that moment I offer my communion for many, especially for souls in purgatory, when Father consecrate the wine into the blood of our Lord I look up as seeing His blood coming down to cleanse our souls and make us be better! Even though I’m double tasking at Mass I really try to put my soul singing and honoring Him trough the second part of the Mass!

    • SanctusSanctus

      Jesus Alert! Please pray for my family! You’ve got it….

  • Maggie Corson

    I’m blessed to attend mass at the cathedral of the Diocese of Metuchen. The music ministry there is amazing. I love the post communion meditation. The music director takes our worship to a whole other level. It’s beautiful

  • Rachelle Gray

    My favorite parts of the mass are the Eucharist that sustains me, the Lord’s Prayer, and the music that fills me the with Holy Spirit

  • Laura Lamplough

    My favorite part of the Mass is the transformation of bread and wine to the sacred Body & Blood of Jesus Christ. We get to behold a miracle each Mass. It takes Faith in God to experiance this Wonder. It always fills me with such Love, Hope & reverence!

  • Kim Anne-Hashoian Smith

    I look forward to the part where the priest grants us peace and frees us from sin and anxiety!!!!!! Love the music too!!!!!

    Priest: Deliver us, Lord, from every evil, and grant us peace in our day. In your mercy keep us free from sin and protect us from all anxiety as we wait in joyful hope for the coming of our Savior, Jesus Christ!

  • Susan Geisel

    Receiving Jesus!

  • Eduardo Hoover

    The Eucharistic prayer for me is my favorite part of the Mass of the which I pray in silence to God over and over, “Hear this prayer O God, this wonderous and beautiful prayer.” It brings me to such awe for the entire consecration in light of Jesus’ passion. I am transported to the foot of the cross with St John and Mary the Mother of God and all the heavenly host, I’m made one with the great cloud of witnesses. I could not receive Jesus without this experience and Communion would be absolutely nothing without it and I ask that part of the Grace I receive may somehow be imparted to my friends and family who can’t share in the Eucharist because of their faith or belief.

  • Jennifer Walet

    My favorite thing about the mass is how, once we really start paying attention, we can hear how it tells our story, the story of God and his people, his divine plan, of God’s endless love story calling us to himself. I began to experience this more profoundly after participating in Best Lent Ever last year and reading Rediscover Jesus with a group at my parish. I began reading the daily mass readings each (most) mornings along with reflections on them from a couple different sources. The mass tells our life story as God’s people, it unites us outside space and time with our Lord and his ultimate sacrifice which humbles and inspires me daily, it calls me back into right relationship and right living when I stumble and fall, it reminds me I am not alone on this difficult path toward holiness and heaven, it gives me the opportunity in community to raise my mind and heart to God in sorrow, supplication, praise, and thanksgiving. Most of all, I not only get to receive our story through hearing, praying, and singing with other believers, I am privileged to receive our Lord himself in Holy Eucharist as often as I commit to attending mass. Sunday mass orders my week, the daily readings order my days, and the abundant life giving graces I receive make my heart overflow in good times and in bad. Over time, participating in the liturgical seasons and the life of my parish in the pew, as a lector, and as a volunteer provides a rhythm and wisdom and peace to my life in this chaotic world we live in. The axiom “you get out of it what you put into it” is most certainly true. Preparing the readings ahead of mass, listening carefully and contemplating deeply every word that is prayed and sung, understanding the full meaning of the title “the holy sacrifice of the mass,” continuing with the discipline of attending, participating, taking in everything on faith even if you’re ‘not feeling it’ … this approach allows God’s story to permeate my life, to sink deeply into my bones, to seal my identity as a beloved child of God who speaks and draws close to his children in myriad ways every day, but most profoundly, his story becomes my story, our story, when I fully embrace the gift of the mass. It is never boring for me, and my challenge is to help others grow in their understanding and appreciation of these truths.

    • Janet Marusiak

      wow so beautifully said, thank you !

  • Karen in FL

    As a reborn Catholic, who took so much for granted in my teens and 20’s, thankfully I now find that I love Christ and our faith more each day. I am a Eucharistic Minister, and what a privilege it is to serve my fellow parishioners The Blessed Sacrament! When our eyes connect, I see a real understanding … they KNOW that this is truly Our Lord! If the choir sings a particularly touching (often simple) song as I return to my seat, I cry tears of joy at what we’ve just experienced.

  • Kathy

    It is very difficult for me to narrow down what my favorite part of the Mass is, as integrally every aspect that is woven into this special celebration, I love. However, if I had to choose one, this would be our preparation for and receiving of Jesus’ body and blood into our very selves. As we prepare, I pray that He would penetrate my mind, my heart, my soul and my very being. Come Lord Jesus, come.

  • Lea Novak

    It changes…recently, I have particularly felt it when the priest follows our “It is right and just” with “it is truly right and just, always and everywhere, to give thanks…” Always, that is, whether times are good or bad, and everywhere, we can thank God for what he has done for us (particularly his gift of himself In the Eucharist) and for His providential will for us, which will be done, to His glory, always and forever!

  • Debra Burgower

    When the priest raises and lowers his hands to initiate the transubstantiation. Love it

  • Marianne

    I love the responsorial psalm “If today you hear his voice, harden not your hearts.” Every time this psalm is sung in mass, I feel like God is directly speaking to me, telling me to open my heart, mind, and soul to him and his wonderful plan for me. This simple psalm challenges and encourages me to be open to God’s calling in every aspect of every day.

  • Kathy Folcik

    The transformation of the host into the Body and Blood of Christ. God gave me the gift of tears at various times during the Sunday Mass. I was told it was a gift as each Sunday I become over whelmed by one thing or another. Whether it be me missing my mother and family; or the happiness, awe-inspiring feeling that I got from God’s gift to me of a “journey” that I am still on. Amen

  • Gretchen Sanders Cetti

    Years ago I was in Paris. It was over a weekend so I wanted to find a church to go to mass. Even though I do not speak French I knew exactly what was going on, the prayers being said, and the moments of importance because this mass on the other side of the world was just like the mass at my local parish. There was such a feeling of peace and familiarity that mass is the same everywhere no matter the language and culture that it is being said in. I love that Catholicism feels like one big family in that way with the mass.

    • William Guglielmi

      My wife and I had a similar experience last summer in Zanzibar. The Mass was in Swahili.

  • Debbie King

    Life is never boring – it’s messy, it’s complicated, its quirky – but it’s never boring – ever and always it’s a gift – a gift that should be unwrapped and examined and made use of to inspire beauty and goodness in the world.

    Worship is never boring – it is steady, consistent, multi- sensory – but it is never boring! Ever and always it is a gift – a gift that should be opened each week and used to strengthen us to meet the messy, complicated, quirky gifts of life!

    Thank the giver! Enjoy the gift!

  • Robert St. Peter

    Excellent talk today Michael. Great point to bring up. For me, when a priest is not a good public speaker, and thus the homily is not something one can easily connect to, boredom can occur. When I was in college, I went to a Sunday evening mass. I got there a lot earlier than I thought I would; about 20 minutes. I sat in the quiet of the church and felt incredible peace. I was trying to think of what to do with all that time to keep myself from getting bored. I decided to do the three readings and see what the mass was to be all about. I found myself very interested in each reading and how the three tied together. I was amazed at how those readings spoke to exactly where I was at in my life at that very moment. It no longer mattered whether or not the homily was “good”, as I already had the message I needed. I began this practice and have kept it up all these years. It does not matter if the priest is a good public speaker, as the readings are so powerful in and of themselves, I am never bored at mass. This practice makes every mass enjoyable. You are right Michael, if we do not get incredible spiritual uplifting from mass it is on us!

  • Debbie King

    When the body and blood of Christ are elevated, my soul immediately utters the words, “My Lord and my God, how great thou art!

  • Heather

    I have a two and three year old and we try to explain the mass to them. This has made me love the Eucharistic prayer in a new way. When the priests lifts the Eucharist and they ring the bells my three year old says yeah and my 2 year old says lift up lift up! To see things through the eyes of a child.

  • Brian

    The small little prayers that the priest say during the preparation. Only the alter servers may hear them, I find if I really try to focus and hear them from the pews, I tend to focus better and not get distracted. My favorite as father is washing his hands at the alter he will pray: “Wash me from my iniquity, cleanse me from my sin. (Psalm 51:2)” I try to repeat this throughout the day as I wash my hands. One way of bringing prayer into your day.

  • Sherry McCollum

    The minute I walk into church proceeding up to the altar and looking up at Jesus nailed to the cross I get a sense of spiritual awakening. I love everything about the mass especially the homily. I just love hearing Monsignor speak to us through Jesus and sometimes he will tell a personal story about his family which makes it easier to relate the stories to your own personal feelings. I also get a chance myself to lector and when I am on the altar speaking the readings from the ambo, I just feel so warm and inviting to the congregation. Being a Eucharistic Minister as well, gives me purpose that I was called to give out the host where I am stepping in Jesus’s sandals and I couldn’t be more proud to say I love mass and everything about it.

  • Dana LaCombe

    My favorite part of the Mass is when the hymn “ONE BREAD, ONE BODY” is sung during the receiving of the Eucharist. It gives me great joy realizing that I’ve just received Jesus along with all of my fellow Catholics!! This is one of my favorite hymns, & it’s also the favorite of my 13-year-old daughter. When she looks at me & winks while we’re singing this amazing song, this is what makes being Catholic so special, & so right🙏🏻

  • Bill

    My favorite part of the Mass would be the beginning when reciting the confiteor and receiving God’s grace when the priest absolves us from our sins. I feel strengthened, renewed, and participate more fully in the Mass.

  • S. Lynn, CSJ

    The moment the priest bows in reverence, holds his hands over the common bread and wine and invokes the God to send the Spirit to change the common into the real presence of Jesus. I am in awe that we are present for this moment of miraculous creativity as the trinity comes together for us; just as they joined for us at the creation and the annunciation. Wow!

    • GPri

      What a great comment. I’ve never considered this aspect of Mass-I feel so humbled and honored to be present during this.

    • Denise Gengler

      I also love this part of the mass and bow with the priest as he brings his hands over the bread and wine and asks God to send down his Holy Spirit. Once I actually heard a whooshing sound at mass during this part of the mass and felt the presence of the Holy Spirit!!

    • Pauline Jackson

      Amen. I am always in awe that I am witnessing the very moment that the bread and wine are changed into His body and blood.

  • Mindy

    My favorite part of mass is when we offer the sign of peace to everyone and the pray we say right before we take communion. “Lord I am not worthy that you should enter under my roof but only say the word and my soul shall be healed.” Those words have such an emotional effect on me every time I say them!

  • Michelle

    When we all join hands to Pray the Our Father. I feel connected and united to everyone in that church. Right after we share our signs of Peace. You see smiles, people hugging, shaking hands, there is a true sense of community.

  • Wilma Jones

    Mass has always held a special spot in heart although I don’t go as often as I would like. As a child I was Albee to attend mass every day before school began. As a grown up I can only attend on Sunday.
    Because of my earlier practice of daily mass when I’m at mass I feel like I am home. I feel like I am seated before the king, the Christ, my brother and friend. I Ali feel the presence of my heavenly family , the angels, saints and my family members who have gone on before me. It is like a` family reunion.
    Loving this best lent reflection s .

  • Janet Fuja

    The words of our profession of faith in the Nicene Creed sums its all up for me. What I have learned in my life and and the belief that hopefully one day my resurrection to the life of the world to come and meet my creator and get own on my knees to thank Jesus for His ultimate sacrifice for us.

  • Diane S

    It is the music a lot of times that draws me in. Of course, those songs mentioned, Be Not Afraid and On Eagles Wings, both played at my fathers funeral are beautiful, but I also find America The Beautiful just as lovely and that too brings tears to my eyes. I notice when any patriotic song is played, usually at the end of mass, most people stay and sing it and unfortunately a lot of other songs, they bail…

  • Danny

    As a Music minister I concentrate on the music but over the last few years I concentrate on the words to the songs I have chosen and look for the same messages in the readings and in the homily.

  • Joe Russell

    I would have to say my favorite part is seeing God work through the father. At mass, every time the father speaks I feel like it’s God talking to through the father to me. Helps me realize God it’s always around and knows what we need in life.

  • Gerard

    I attended a speaker at church a few years back. Joe Scheidler, one of the leaders in the United States against abortion, spoke about how he gets up everyday and fights the evils of abortion. He pointed to the words in the Mass after the Our Father that give him comfort. “Deliver us, Lord, from every evil, and grant us peace in our day. In your mercy keep us free from sin and protect us from all anxiety as we wait in joyful hope for the coming of our Saviour, Jesus Christ”. ‘Protect us from all anxiety as we wait in joyful hope’…these words (although they have been altered in today’s Mass) resonate with me. My mind can be drifting at Mass, with all my worries and anxieties, and these words remind me how much God loves me and how I should put my trust in Him.

  • Denise Guidry Mouledous

    I love when the bread and wine becone the body and blood of Christ!! This is the great mystery of our faith. My second favorite part is when we confess our sins to “almighty God and to you, my brothers and sisters”. What a humbling experience!

  • Jane Dembitsky Owens

    My favorite part of the Mass is the consecration. When the priest elevates the bread and says “This is My body which was given….” Jesus gave everything back to the Father so that we might have forgiveness and ever lasting life with Him. And He let His precious blood be spilled that we may be washed clean. I look at the Crucifix above the altar and thank Him for the sacrifice that He made for me and all of you.

  • Donald Marquez

    I have definitely had moments like Luke, perhaps during the Lord’s prayer or at Communion, where I thought, “Wow, this is happening all over the world, in multiple cultures and languages.” I think my favorite part is at the beginning when we are first gathered. There is so much anticipation there.

  • Kevin McGraw

    I attend daily mass and it is far from boring, it’s a great way to start my day

  • Joyce

    The mass hasn’t always been spiritual to me, call it boring if you want. Since I’ve become a senior I have been trying to get more out of mass and I’m finally getting it. God, it’s all or nothing, He is all. At mass, at home, in the car, or just doing nothing. I pray everyday for God’s help Save myself.

  • Therese Mancuso

    When finding that I am disengaged, I still attend Mass because I know it helps my guardian angel to recharge her battery and keep me safe.

  • JayAW

    I disagree with Matthew Kelly to some extent about being bored at mass. My dad used to fall asleep during the homily and I’ve seen people over the years doze off as well. Is it because of being so tired or is it because the priest is a boring speaker? Outside of mass, we live in the real world and some priests don’t know how to bring the mass and the real world together. I for one am tired of all of these religious missions asking for money at mass, especially when a priest that’s asking for more money admits that he pays $75 per month for cable TV and he has to get the sports channels package because he needs to watch March Madness basketball. I thought priests take a vow of poverty but yet they can afford to pay for cable TV because they have a college basketball addiction? I’ve never paid for cable and it’s lucky if I watch more than a few hours of TV each week. So Matthew Kelly needs to take a good look at where the church and the priests are failing to reach people and then review his assessment of people being bored at mass.

    • Kathy

      I feel compelled to reply to your post, but I don’t know what to say. I am sorry you are so angry. I recognize it because I have been there and it is a heart wrenching place to be. I will pray for peace of heart for you and for the ability to forgive. You are loved.

    • SanctusSanctus

      This is a case of “starvation” for the Word of God”…. There is a cure: pray for priests. It’s my understanding the archdiocesan priests do not take a vow of poverty. Franciscan orders do take that vow. Read my other post for today. God bless you for your efforts to be genuine here and I’m praying for priests with you my friend. Renew your understanding and motivation by viewing EWTN and transfer what you learn there in your Church at Mass. It’s what I found useful and it really worked because it’s Holy Spirit engagement.

      • JayAW

        If you read my post, I don’t have cable TV and EWTN is only available on cable, am I correct? Also, whether a priest takes a vow of poverty or not, in my view, paying that much for cable TV each month is a waste of money that could be used for other religious purposes. There’s nothing wrong with watching a game, however, when you feel the need to spend extra money to feed an addiction, that in my opinion is falling to temptation.

        • kimisu

          A friend of mine told me a couple of nights ago that her husband owns the TV set in their house so she watches EWTN on her computer. So there must be a way to access it other than through cable TV.
          Also, priests are human, too. They have weaknesses just like we do. It’s not necessarily addiction to watch basketball playoffs, just what they deem important in their lives. I have cable TV yet don’t participate in anything March Madness except tangentially (newspaper sports pages or nightly news program) but I don’t begrudge my siblings who love all things college basketball and who even participate in filling out boards all in good fun in an attempt to predict who will win it all even if they’re almost always wrong. We all waste money in ways that make no sense to others.

          • JayAW

            So let me ask you this, if a priest is human too, as you put it, why does he have the authority to tell people how to live their lives? Because he went through the seminary and was ordained a priest? So a priest can preach about people not living their lives in accordance with God’s laws yet because a priest is human and was ordained then that’s an exception? I agree that priests are human and are just as susceptible to sinning as anyone, however, priests should also practice what they preach and not be attached to sorely things, like which team wins the basketball game. Again, there’s nothing wrong with watching a game and being appreciative of the athletic talents given to them by God, but to pay money because you’re attached to the outcome is where I see it as a double standard. That $75 per month that’s spent on cable TV could buy a few meals for homeless people. And like me, having a $15 antenna gets me the network TV stations and I can watch some of the games for free.

          • kimisu

            Does a priest really tell us how to live our lives? Or is he actually the vessel through which God/Jesus speaks to us?
            Basketball is not a year-round sport. Your priest is getting more out of a cable subscription than just that. I don’t know anything about your priest so I wouldn’t know his habits or addictions. It may be that he just throws good money after bad and he’s a wasteful spending fool. Or it could be that he makes a choice to have cable TV in his life and chooses not to have excess food, or spend money on good shoes, or chooses to donate half of his salary to worthwhile charities. I can’t and won’t cast judgment.
            Keep up the good work on being mindful and not wasteful. Would that we could all endeavor to be mindful.

        • SanctusSanctus

          Oh I am sorry you are not able to catch EWTN on TV due to the cable costs or whatever. We’d probably agree that the holiest priests are those living simply, in poverty and obedience as Jesus did. That poverty would apply to myself and others too. We become “empty” of the material stuff in order to permit room for the “indwelling” of other spiritual gifts. There are plenty of holy persons with lots of material wealth, but I believe you are pointing out that those in the role of truly representing Christ, (in particular a priest) would have more credibility by accepting poverty of materials…. Have a great day my friend!

  • Elaine Michaels

    I have 2 favorite parts of the mass. The beginning of the mass, where everyone is welcomed to pray together. The second is the blessing at the end of the mass. The priest is sending us on our way to do good things.

  • Jacob

    After the reading the gospel. The priest/whom ever do the speaking, they would break down the different reading of each and bring to home or to the heart. I always feel a great connection of what I am dealing with even it not me it is more about my families or friends. I like the mirror images of the reading to everyday lives.

  • GPri

    As a convert to Catholicism the Sign of Peace was the moment in which I felt most included in Mass (before I could receive the Eucharist). That remains a really special signs to me as it’s such a powerful reminder of how we are supposed to treat our brothers and how to SHOW the word of God toward others.

  • Margie Suarez

    My favorite p art is the consecration. I feel such a closeness to God.. And this prayer, ” Lord I am not worthy that you should enter under my roof, but only say the word and my soul shall me healed. I believe….”

  • Sandra

    I love the Mass! Hard for me to separate what I love most, but it has to be the Consecration. The prayers are beautiful and reverent–the Confiteor, the Sanctus, the Creed…The young man has captured my feeling, as well…the connection to all others around the world, to God and the saints, the connection back and forward through time! Just saying this makes me love the Mass more.

  • Clare Hickey

    While I have enjoyed, and been triggered into deeper thought and prayer during this Best Lent Ever series, may I say that today’s message is so far, my favorite. Both Matthew and Luke struck something in my head, my heart and I hope, my soul, that really really resonated. I will take some time today to reflect more.

  • RHWofPA

    Not to be crass, but I always love it when the priest says at the end of mass…Go out and preach the gospel, and only when necessary, use words. I enjoy those words so much, not because it is the end of mass, but rather because I have been charged to do the Lord’s work. Who can say no to that task?

  • Cheryl Biermann

    I love the unity. Just think, we are united and Jesus is really there! We are united with everyone around the world participating in mass, all the angels and saints and JESUS is really there! It is mind boggling.

  • Jody Herr

    I’ve only been Catholic for 17 years, but I still get chills, sometimes choked up, when I watch the slow procession of people, from every walk of life, walking towards the altar to receive the Holy Eucharist. I used to whisper to my kids, “This is my favorite part!” The young, the old or handicapped who need assistance, people from all parts of the world in communion with one another. It’s the most beautiful way to witness Gods peace on earth.

  • Cindy Metallo Hall

    I think the idea about being “bored” as a massive insult to God, is a concept that could be made into a powerful movie that could change the perception of God and the Church for many people. Excellent video today. Thanks!

  • Adriana

    My favorite moments are the Eucharist and when I hear my favorite hymn One bread one body. It gives me chills and sometimes I tear up.

  • Carolyn Brauer

    My absolute favorite part of the mass is when the whole congregation says the Lord’s prayer aloud. I close my eyes and I feel the words “Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed by thy name….” rising up above the earth into the heavens and into the universe and joining with all the saints and angel’s voices praising God. It is a powerful moment and I find myself wondering, what if the whole world could join as one voice and say this prayer together? Imagine how powerful this would be?

    • LosmanPO

      I love it too. I noticed a couple of years ago that people at my church stopped holding the hands of other parishioners during the Our Father. They will still hold family members hands, but not the people right next to them. I have tried on several occasions to reinstitute this habit because it was so powerful to me and made me feel even more connected with the church. I pray that every church can restore this connectedness.

      • Carolyn Brauer

        I have liked holding hands as well but I noticed that this seemed to drop off when cold and flu season hit. The seniors at church seem especially cautious. I cannot blame them. Their health is more vulnerable with age. Whenever it can happen; however, it is a beautiful thing!

  • Grant North

    This prayer used to be prayed aloud in the Mass. I miss it: “Through the mystery of this water and wine, may we come to share in the divinity of Christ, who humbled Himself to share in our humanity.”

  • Mary

    I love everything! But I’m always touched when the Priest in his prayer after the Our Father says, “look not upon our sins but on the faith of your church”.

  • Sue

    I love the ritual of the Mass. I love the Eucharist prayers. They are beautiful and uplifting. I love being able to fully participate and be present in every moment of the Mass, ideally, though I sometimes I fail.

  • Nancy Engler

    I enjoy receiving the Holy Eucharist and feeling so special and honored to be part of the family of God.

  • Amanda Davis

    Church hymns and “peace be with you”!

  • SanctusSanctus

    BOREDOM stemming from a lack of FAITH. Faith comes from hearing the Word of God. Just heard an 18 minute homily on EWTN TV by Fr. Mitch. I’ve never been to a weekday Mass that went beyond a 2-5 minute homily. So my theory is people are STARVING for the Word of God. The lack of FAITH is evident in the empty pew. In Mass we “re-enter” mysteriously the Eucharistic Sacrifice and become sanctified by this “marital union” with the Bridegroom. We are the Body of Christ. Watch an EWTN Mass and see up close what happens upon the altar. You will be overwhelmed with the Holy Spirits’ enlightenment and transfer all that in person at your next Mass in your Church. Ponder: “I have love for your Church O Lord”.

  • Earl R Quay

    “Lord I am not worthy that you should come under my roof but only say the word and my soul will be healed”.This is for me the moment of personal reality check in your love relationship with almighty God. You admit unworthiness and prepare for the presence of God, within your body, the dwelling of the Christ in the most complete form and presence. The knowledge of unworthiness removed in never ending love. Thank you Jesus, Amen.

    • LosmanPO

      Earl, there is a peace that settles over me each and every time I say those words. It’s as if my mind, body and spirit are becoming fully prepared for what we are about to receive.

  • DF

    I love church songs, especially the ones already mentioned along with Amazing Grace!!

  • Mick Peterson

    BY FAR—Matthew’s best inspirational presentation ever!! Short, sweet, to the point and powerful! Only boring people know what “boring” means. If we get bored, then we are boring….not the label I want for myself. We must get our minds…and hearts right.

  • Joanie

    Mine – after the Our Father when the priest says, “Deliver us Lord from every evil and grant us peace in our days.”

  • Sandra

    And the readings! I love three readings on Sundays. We are filled with the Word!

    Following up on my last comment, the Mass is timeless. When we are there, we step out of temporality for a moment…What a blessing!

  • Auster24

    This doesn’t take into account the oratory weakness of many priests who lack charm and personality. I am all for paying attention at mass but it helps – SO much – when there’s an effective speaker delivering and commenting on the gospel. It’s not accurate to say that the boredom I sometimes feel is entirely on me. Mass isn’t a solitary act of one human being.

    • SanctusSanctus

      I’m sensing another starvation case here as well; read my other post today. Faith comes by hearing the Word of God. We must pray for priests to study and prepare for a homily that reflects their efforts to feed the people’s faith. On EWTN, a homily is carefully planned and thought out as evidenced by the quality, which is usually 15 minutes on average. We pray priests make this transition; they are accountable to Our Lord.

    • Sandra

      Also priests who seem to lack faith and reverence. Which is why I attend Archbishop Chaput’s weekly Mass in Philadelphia. I know that it’s all the same. God works through it all. But being human, I need to feel inspired by the celebrant.

  • Deb Jurek

    the incense, candles, the beauty of the church. It’s like a little bit of heaven on earth.

  • NE_lady

    My favorite part is the readings + homily. I think of it as a time to get my nuggets of truth for the next week. Or something to work on in my life to make me a better Christian. I should probably be doing more reading or personal study, but I rarely make time. So I look forward to the readings and homily as a time to get more info on the straight and narrow path.

  • Teresa

    That’s a tough question! Gathering together, praying together – for each other, scripture, homily, hymns, Eucharist, sharif a sign of peace with each other. I can’t find a single piece that is my favorite, as each one is precious in its own way

  • Judie Stang

    I love the universality of the Mass.Wherever we travel, the Mass is always the same. Even if the language is different, we know what is being said. This is so comforting.

    • Chelsea

      My dad went to church in Asia, and one of his coworkers asked him how close the Mass would be to the English version. He didn’t believe my dad when my dad said that it would be 100%, except for the language.

  • Mitch

    One of my favorite parts is when we ask for forgiveness from God in the beginning of Mass. “Lord have mercy, Christ have mercy, Lord have mercy.” I basically tear up or cry every time because I am truly sorry for my sins and feel that I’m not even worthy to be in the presence of God. But I know he forgives me and wants me to be with him which makes me even more emotional because even though this happens each week He always takes me back. I get to feel that love He has for me each week and it truly is overwhelming to know/believe how much He really loves us.

    • Brian28

      Love this! I love this as well because it re-enforces that I am not struggling alone

      • Mitchell

        The struggle is real. 🙂 And there are many of us out there.

  • Angie

    My favorite thing about the mass is when the bread and wine are transformed into Jesus’s body and blood and also listening to father’s homily.

  • Karina

    My favorite part of the mass is looking at my children participate and Listening to my 3 year old sing the Alleluia 🙂

    • mjtav240

      So sweet – just got a tear in my eye! What a beautiful image that is!!

  • Sandi

    Watching the communion line. Realizing I’m part of this parish community. Noticing a parishioner who has had a new baby, or someone who now walks with a cane, or the kids back from
    College. I pray for them. I remember to check on them after mass or I miss them because they are no longer there. This coming forward to receive our Lord is also a statement to everyone in church that I’m a Christian and I believe in Jesus Christ.

  • Clare

    I went to mass last night. It was the weekly healing mass on Tuesday at 7 pm at my parish. I had never gone. Each of us went up and had holy oil placed on our foreheads and hands after the priest prayed over each of us. But, what was so special to me was that the last person in line placed holy oil on the priest’s hands and forehead and said a prayer over him. It was beautiful and I had never witnessed this! I cried. I cried because it reminded me that this amazing priest was just like me….and it reminded me that Jesus is just like me and that I can journey through this life seeking love, prayer and faith.

    • Joyce W.

      Clare, that would be my dream for every parish, a regular healing mass, and I especially love that someone also anoints your priest. I came from an Anglican church where there used to be a healing Eucharist once a month, and when I converted 12 years ago, I couldn’t very well just up and say that we should have healing masses, when I was a newcomer. But I am sensing that the time is coming to broach the subject, especially as I have found an excellent book on healing in the church library, and it was written by a Catholic priest. We need to pray for our parishes that healing ministries will come into being, especially now that in our post-Christian world, doctor-assisted suicide is promoted and even legal in many places. This topic is particularly timely for me as I was praying about it this morning and considering that healing should be part of evangelization or re-evangelization.

  • Cathy Fullan

    I have two favorite parts of Mass. The first is the Consecration. I am 51 years old, and it was only last year that it hit me, that it really hit me, that when I witness the Consecration, I am witnessing a miracle. Every time I go to Mass, I am able to witness a true miracle. That kind of blew my mind! My second favorite part of Mass is Communion. Being able to receive the body and blood of Jesus Christ is the without a doubt the most awesome part of my life. I am beyond grateful for the honor.

  • Marguerita Guerra

    I love everything about the mass. My husband and I have traveled all over Mexico, South America, Europe and the Caribbean. We make sure to go to mass wherever we are vacationing, and mass is just as beautiful in other countries! I worked in public education for 28 years and for 28 years at mass I would ask God to allow me to touch the childrens’ lives. I couldn’t have made a difference during the week without attending mass on Sundays.

  • Joyce W.

    I love all the Mass and look forward to going. I like to take an active part, singing (which I love) the hymns and responses, following the readings and prayers of the day in my missal, listening attentively to the homily. One part which has great meaning for me is listening to the people around as we all pray the “Our Father”. It is a very special reminder that we are all one family of God.

  • Kelly Fisher

    I love the mass…one of my most favourite times in a mass is when the people pour their hearts into worship…when they truly sing and praise and open their hearts wide. And then, they are waiting more eagerly to receive Him. I love the worship that opens our hearts to HIM. His offering is always the same: total and all that He is and was and ever shall be. Our reception…well, our ability to receive Him is equal to our ability to open our hearts to Him. With wide open hearts, I believe we can receive a greater portion of His Eucharistic fullness.

  • PegM

    My favorite part of the mass is the priestly prayer – “Through Him, with Him, and in Him, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, all glory and honor are yours, Almighty Father, forever and ever, Amen.”

  • Brian28

    I started doing the Mass Journal from Dynamic Catholic and it’s been wonderful. It really has become my favorite thing about the Mass going into it and seeking where God is trying to speak to me and writing that down. I find that I’m more engaged that way.

    I know it’s not in every Church, but on Sunday mornings I have been leading our Children’s Liturgy of the Word. We do as much as we can to have it mirror what the adults are hearing and learning about downstairs, we keep it as close to the structure of the Liturgy of the Word as we can. I teach them about the Mass in little ways throughout so that they understand more of what they’re seeing when they attend Church. They return for the Liturgy of the Eucharist.

    Seeing the Children really grasp for the first time what’s happening in the Mass is truly incredible and is one of the highlights of my week

    • LosmanPO

      Brian28, I started a Mass Journal too, which has allowed me to really absorb and retain the message better. As suggested by Matthew Kelly, I also pray that God will reveal to me at least one thing that I can put into action each week. The readings are so much more powerful when you take the time to reflect on them and on what they mean for you in your life at that particular moment of time. In addition to the daily readings, I have also started the habit of reviewing the upcoming Sunday Mass readings each Wednesday. It gives me more time to reflect and focus on God’s work in my life.

  • Mike

    The most beautiful aspect of Mass to me is receiving the Eucharist. What a gift! I usually tear up after receiving the Body, Blood, Soul & Divinity of Christ and am almost powerless to hold the tears back. Once I truly understood what was happening on the alter I could not imagine a greater gift and one that is available for me to receive each and every day. It’s life giving and so humbling. Have a great day everyone!

  • Ma

    I really like Luke’s thoughts about how connected we are has Catholics; that almost ever second of the day there is a mass being said somewhere in the world! How blessed are we! One of my favorite parts of mass is holding hands during The Lord’s Prayer… again connected.

  • Beverly J.

    I look upon the mass as my one hour of the week when I am at total peace with God, communicating with only God. I have always found it to be my most peaceful hour of the week hopefully with few or no distractions. I feel like for one hour of the entire week I can separate myself from the outside world and focus totally on the gifts which God has given me. Participating at mass also reminds me that we are all God’s children and equal in His eyes.

  • Tom K

    ..”Lord I m not worthy that you should enter under my roof, only say the word and my soul shall be healed…”

  • Trudy Ray Parmarter

    My favorite part of the Mass is the music, vocal and instrumental, from the clergy and the congregation. When we sing in church I picture the angels, saints, and loved ones in heaven singing along with us praising our Lord and Savior. This sustains me as I find myself humming the hymns and sacred responses as I go about my daily life.

  • Pat

    Grateful that I can lay down all those I pray for on the Altar of Intention and know I have placed them in Gods care. This part of the Mass gives me much comfort.

  • Filomena Dias

    I love partaking in the mass! Especially the Eucharist!!! What an awesome moment knowing that “Jesus is present to us at the time!!! I’m always so touched by that presence of our Lord!

  • Paula Stone

    Blessed is He who come in the name of the Lord hosanna hosanna on high!

  • Steven Sisman

    One of my favorite parts of mass is listening and being present for the priests prayers, all of them are meaningful and fit in to the whole of mass. I also like it when I learn something I can apply to my life through all of the readings and when the homilist connects them. I also like saying the “Our Father” like I mean it with others as a community, especially “thy will be done” and “deliver US from evil”. I also like receiving the Eucharist and the quiet time after to pray for my loved ones.

  • Jennifer Kay Baker

    I love to genuflect and bow. I feel like it is my body and soul in harmony acknowledging My King and my role as his humble servant. It is like my body reminding me of my being’s purpose. It feels humbling and empowering all at the same time!

  • Danny Marks

    My favorite of the Mass is the changing the water and wine into our lords body and blood. I always like the action taking place at that time.

  • ErstwhileHere

    The Mass is so beautifully amazing! 🙂 I seem to always realize something new at Mass in something we say or do. My favorite part is when the priest holds up Christ’s precious body. I feel a rush of love and wonder to know who He is and who I am and that I will soon be in communion with Him. The Mass is very humbling and at the same time spiritually empowering!

  • Elaine Cooper

    The sign of Peace. Since I was a little girl. Another humans smile has always melted my heart.
    Peace be with you all and have a great day. (BIG SMILE and a NOD, and a HANDSHAKE…..LOVE ME)

  • c kennedy

    My favorite part of the mass is when we sing Holy, Holy, Holy! I think of all the people here on earth singing it at the same moment, all the angels and saints in heaven, all adding our voices to the glory of god. Often brings tears to my eyes.

  • Cary

    My favorite part of the mass is the Eucharistic prayers that we all pray with the priest because they help me orient all my thoughts to God and help me to show my kids where I (and they) ought to be focused.

  • Laura LaDue

    My favorite thing about mass is that wherever I go, it is the same. Every mass follows the same prayers no matter which church. That gives me a sense of community. I love that if I’m on vacation, I can find a place that feels like home.

  • Jennifer Haeussler Brewer

    I am struggling with picking one part that is my favorite. I love the whole thing.

    I love having my sins forgiven at the beginning, I love hearing the scripture readings, I love the music, I love being in community with other belivers and I love the Eucharistic prayers and consecration.
    If I had to pick one thing, I guess it would be saying the Lords prayer in harmony with everyone at mass.

  • David B

    I have several favorite parts of the Mass. however as I think of this it is when the priest hold his hands over the bread and wine offers the prayer saying something like and don’t quote me “as Your spirit comes down like the dew fall”. The other is Behold Behild the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world.

  • Jan Deitering

    I love the reception of the Eucharist and knowing that if I am truly present that I have just said yes to the physical presence of my God and Savior into my very being.

  • Dennis Salemi

    My favorite part of the mass is when I can receive JESUS ‘s body and blood! It gives me the chills !!!

  • Colleen M O’Neil

    There are two priest in my parish. One is quiet, not really shy. He has a childlike manner when giving out The Host. I watched him. He has a glint in his eyes and he has to keep stepping back because he moves down the aisle while doing so. The other priest is not so quiet and he’ll say so himself. He likes to walk around during his Homilies, sometimes comes right up to you and say “isnt that right Colleen”? When there is something specific going in my life, its like he knows through his Homilies. I find myself crying. Mary, Queen of Knots, I heard for the first time last year. Sung by a woman with the most beautiful voice. Just stunningly beautiful. Not a dry eye in the Church.

  • Karen

    My favorite place now starts when wine is poured into the chalice showing Jesus ‘ divinity and water to show His humanity. That was pointed out during a children’s Mass and for me from that point on I have been drawn in.

  • Susie Caughey

    I love when the priest says, “Behold, This is the Lamb of God in your midst. Happy are those called to the Supper of the Lamb.” I am overjoyed to be present at the Liturgy. I am indeed super happy. I feel so close to the Lord at this moment and I know He will become an even greater part of me when I eat His body and drink His blood. As I receive, I always say, “Jesus, take charge of my life. You alone know my path to happiness. Please lead me there. I love you.”

  • Pauline Overholt-Tait

    My favourite part of the mass is when I join hands to the person beside me and we say the “Our Father” united together. If you are alone in mass or don’t feel comfortable extending your hand to the person beside, just opening your hands, palms up gives an incredible feeling. The power of prayer in groups lifts my most darkest feelings.

  • Mary Helen

    My mother taught us that being bored was something that intelligent people never experienced. I love this explanation even more!

  • Teresa Filipski

    There are many parts I love about our masses. when we say the our Father and my family hold hands. When we are getting ready to receive Our Lord and pray, tears just flow down i use to get embarrassed and i would be like Lord hold back those tears and of course they aren’t :). but lately I let them flow , though sometimes i am not sure why i am crying , God is Good. Tears are for cleansing , my husband cries as well. Have a Beautiful Day All. 🙂

  • Karen Kuehler

    During the Creed, when we acknowledge that God gave us His Son. That moment when we observe His gift, given through the Holy Spirit upon Mary. The gift of precious life and hope for the whole world as we bow in gratitude and reverence. Veiled in mystery, what a moment when life for the Church was created.

  • Deb

    As the priest raises the Host during Consecration, I pray, “Sacred Body of Jesus, bruised for me, I adore Thee, have mercy on me.” As he genuflects, I say, “My Lord and My God.” (I overheard an older gentleman whisper the words of St. Thomas–years ago.) As the priest raises the Chalice, I pray, “Precious Blood of Jesus, shed for me, I adore Thee, have mercy on me.” Followed by, “My Lord and My God.” It helps me refocus on the miracle that is taking place during the Consecration.

  • aatencio

    My favorite thing about the Mass is that feel watched and listened by God.

  • Amy Reinhardt

    When I was younger, my brother and sister and I would complain about going to Mass on Sunday. We’d complain about how long it was, etc. When we asked my dad, “Why do we HAVE to go to Mass?” My dad looked back at us and replied, “We don’t HAVE to go to Mass, we GET to go to Mass.” He explained to us what a privilege it is to spend a solid hour with God, and how one hour isn’t a lot of time in the span of 7 days. I’m 23 now, but I’ve always remembered that conversation. I enjoy attending Mass now that I’m older and have a greater appreciation for what we’re celebrating. If I had to choose a favorite part of the Mass, I would say the quiet reflection time before Mass begins. I enjoy getting there early when the church is still mostly empty and having a conversation with God. My second favorite thing is the music. I used to sing in a church choir, so my love of belting the enchanting lyrics to praise and worship tunes never faded.

  • Paul

    I am always awed by the presentation of the body and blood of Jesus Christ having just been transformed from bread and wine. As many other prior posts have noted, I also am appreciative of our ability to receive the Holy Eucharist after humbling ourselves by letting the Lord know we are not worthy of His gift to us. Very moving!

  • Kathryn Satko

    The music, followed by the readings.

  • joe

    I love to watch everyone receiving communion. It is when I feel most united with everyone at Mass and a connectedness to Christ.

  • Anne R

    My favorite part is when I hold the Eucharist and eat if it. That is the one time where so am physically touching heaven.

  • Kathy

    My favorite part of the mass is the chalice is raised. To to me is the time of the mass that I am totally one with Jesus. He gave his life for us and is still, after centuries, giving us his body and blood. Even if I may go through some of the mass not totally with it the consecration part of the mass always draws me back in so when I recieve his body and blood I do it with exuberance and a feeling that all will be ok because I have the Lord in my life. It, to me, is the most sacred time of the mass and should draw all of us in. May God bless everyone today.

  • Pete De Maio

    One of my recent favorite parts of Mass is wishing each other peace. It’s the feeling of being connected to all of those around us spiritually as a parish community. My wife and I have 6 children now and watching them as we all kiss each other is so cute. The baby walks up and down to kiss her siblings so there’s about 50 kisses that go on within our family. People around us always smiling to celebrate with us the beauty of our family and love happening inside of God’s house during His Mass. Pretty special…

  • Clair Sirofchuck

    I’m an altar server in my parish, which I love because I feel that it has helped me to pay closer attention and have a better understanding of what happens during the Mass. Trying to think about my favorite aspect makes me realize how much I love about Mass! I especially like the homily, which I feel almost always seems to answer some deep down question I’ve been contemplating for the past week. I also really love the closing prayer, especially when the priest says “Bow your head and pray for God’s blessing.” I feel so empowered and safe after the closing prayer, ready to go out and face the world again after a peaceful hour in God’s house. And when everyone holds hands at the Our Father, even when they don’t know each other, I feel so united and it’s a wonderful symbolism of how we are one Church, one Body in Christ.

  • Sharon Rasmussen

    My favorite part of the mass is two fold. After the consecration, I pray for all families and Christian churches globally, for those who are suffering and need healing, comfort and mercy. This is followed by my prayers for those who have died including all who have died in abortion & terrorism. Then comes the Eucharist where I get to give myself to God and He comes into my heart to love, heal, guide and strengthens me to stay faithful to Him. I need to be connected to Jesus because without him I can do nothing. I don’t ever want to lose my connection to him ever🙏

  • Debbie Brush-Garcia

    Wow I love the thought that we are praying along with the saints. I love mass and I first love the consecration and then a good homily. When I was a child the priests came to our classroom and said mass. That was when I really loved it. Up close and personal. Too bad they don’t do that any more. Thanks for this Lenten series.

  • Shannon Brown

    I love to hold hands with my family during the Our Father. It makes me feel so connected.

  • jerseyangel

    I do appreciate our Mass. Sometimes I appreciate the repetitive nature of the Mass and other times I find my mine drifting. However, by nature, I don’t like anything repetive. Send me to a dance class, and I love exercise. Give me 20 pushups and forget it. I try to say the Rosary and sometimes I can get through it but mostly it is a struggle. I do enjoy an interesting and inspiring homily. I have come to the conclusion that this is the way I am designed. So many of you are so in love with all things Catholic and I so admire that. I teach high school and have a large Hispanic population. Many of them are of some form of Protestant faith. The Catholic faith is doing more to engage the youth in the last 15 to 20 years and that is great. I so admire the absolute faith of some of my students. My protestant students really have a heart for god and show it. My Catholic students are very hesitant to talk about God or their faith. The Protestant students are actively engaged in church activities such as classes such as teaching them the guitar, playing in their church;s Christian rock band. They have many types of community building activities for youth and adults. I know we have activities and outreaches at my Catholic church which I do participate in. But they have rock climbing for adults, weekly bible studies with meals, etc. I know we are not suppose to be entertained by the church, but I do feel we live in a different type of world. Many are living far from extended family so community building activities and social events are important. I actually recently joined a women’s group and I heard the President say they don’t want things that are too spiritual or people won’t come??? So I guess what I’m saying is that if the Church wants to keep members they need to continue to expand the community outreaches for all ages and populations. Going to Mass on Sunday is beautiful by itself, but it has been my experience that people want to be more actively engaged in their faith. I know this goes against many opinions but this is what I notice and see.

  • Kathleen Johnson

    I love all the music – singing is praying twice! Our choir tries to match songs to the gospel message and can be very meaningful if you really listen to the words. When you sing , you are really participating in the celebration of the Eucharist and can’t help but feel lifted up by sharing with your church community.

  • Nathan Hall

    “Lord I am not worthy to receive you under my roof, but only say the Word and I shall be healed” I converted yo Catholicism, and this phrase (back then it was just “I am not worthy”) used to bother me to no end. I thought who are you to tell me I am not worthy?! Even after I converted I would not say this part of the mass. Then one day it hit me that, in comparison to Jesus, I am not worthy! Each time this is said it is a reminder to me of how big my pride can be when I think only of myself and don’t think about Jesus, and how much more I need to do and grow to be more like him. We will never be like him, and only through his grace will we ever have the strength to act and be worthy of bring with him.

    • Seeker

      What a profound insight, Nathan. Thanks for sharing it. Good day, good Lent!

  • Tony Pantera

    Making a joyful noise unto the Lord has always been my favorite way to pray the prayers at Mass. That is why I have been choir for every church I have been a parishioner of.

  • Mary

    My favorite thing about the Mass is after receiving the Eucharist the feeling I get. Kneeling afterward and praying I feel the struggles in my life being lifted and the mercy of Christ fully entering my life. The strength and renewal that the Eucharist offers is such a gift that He gives us at Mass.

  • Jacquie McMahon Schweikert Wal

    In my church (and yes, I am a little possessive about it), mass ends with all the children who have not received first communion being invited to the alter for a blessing. Newborns are carried by their parents, and toddlers run down the aisle and launch themselves into the arms of the waiting priests. The sheer joy that is brought to the congregation, the priests and the children represents the transformative power of of the mass to me. Crying children on their way down the aisle smile broadly on their return. It is the opening of the heart and soul, the presence of the Holy Spirit, and the reminder that it is up to all of us to share the experience of mass with others that springs from this simple ritual that deepens my understanding of all the other aspects of the mass.

    • Sandie


  • Christine

    My favorite part of the Mass, which I try to make sure I do not miss, is when the priest says, “Lift up your hearts” and we say “We lift them up to the Lord” As I learned in a recent Bible Study, this is the moment when heaven meets earth and we get a taste of our heavenly kingdom. We are at that point joined with our heavenly brothers and sisters in the Mass. Awesome!

  • Tiffany Rupp

    That’s harder to answer then I thought it would be. There are numerous parts of mass that I like.

  • Julie Concannon

    I love the great Amen. The idea that there is universal agreement in the church and constantly throughout the world at that point in the mass gives me such hope and great joy at that moment…every time.

  • Sandie

    “And to YOU my brothers and sisters, to pray for me to the LORD OUR GOD” …I always turn and look around when I say this, as if I truly am asking the congregation to pray for me as well as me pray for them!!!

  • Bobby Orr

    There are so many paryers said years ago by the Priest that were said in Latin and later in English aloud that are no longer said aloud. “Lord may you be pleased with the sacrifice we offer you with humble and contrite hearts”, “Through the mingleing of this water and wine may we come to share in the Divinity of Christ”. Older Priests at times will offer these prayers aloud; for me the Mass is a journey from preparation to the miracle and being sent forth again.

  • Lucinda

    I love when the priest says, “Jesus said to His apostles, ‘Peace I leave you, my peace I give you.”
    I just think it is such a beautiful gift.

  • Carmela Campanella Douds

    My favorite thing about the mass is that there is always a gift for me personally while I’m worshiping with an entire community.

    It is as if you were to go to an enormous Christmas party and at a certain point, the host/hostess gives each person a gift that was to be opened. Some gifts were small, some were large, some oddly shaped, but all were beautifully wrapped in the same way. Some guests, however, are unimpressed with the gift because they can’t perceive the value and they don’t need another trinket! They casually leave their opened gift sitting on a table at the party. Sadder still, some people look at their gift and don’t bother to open it at all; it doesn’t appear unique, just a party favor. The most incredible thing is that each gift has been chosen to be exactly suited to each guest.

    How insulting to the host who had gone to great trouble to prepare the food, the gathering, the gifts. Why did they go to the party at all is the question if they were going to insult the host? Do they believe only big gifts are valuable? Do they reject the gift because it comes in the same wrapping as all the others? Are people not really sharing in the festivities of the party because they have somewhere better to go? Another party, perhaps?

    The mass is this party, where the host has gone to the ultimate trouble to prepare our food, and our gifts. The question is, are we taking the gifts given, using them, and accepting them with love and trust. I ask myself am I going to mass looking for my gift? It is there. Open it. Cherish it. Use it. It will bring us joy!

  • Melissa

    As a faith formation teacher I have the kids read find the Gospel of week and read it aloud..before mass and we ask what is God saying to us? classes are usually in week afterschool or night. Because the classes are not on sunday parents choose btwn mass or class and usually class wins. So i dare to say 90 percent of or ff class doesnt go to mass. Would be nice if we had childrens liturgy mass so all students participated. Some parishes do this. Jesus is not boring His word is so relevant now as it was then. The Bible is the greatest how to book. The Eucharist is so powerful and necessary to give us strenght as faith formation teacher we need to strive to make this known and by Youth masses we can deliver this message allow Jesus to do his transformative work within each of us. Should be universal. . Youth centered masses part of faith formation each wk. Because we are losing our youth at mass.

  • Kat

    Just say the word and I shall be healed.

  • Joyce

    It is hard to decide my favorite part of The Mass. I’m currently doing a Bible Study called The Eucharist and it relates so well parts of the Old Testament to the relevance to the New Testament and the origins of our Mass as it is celebrated today. Last week we studied about the road to Emmaus and the origins of the 2 parts of The Mass..The Liturgy of the Word and The Liturgy of the Eucharist. The more I learn and understand the history and universality of our Catholic faith I more “caught up” in the whole Mass.

  • Mom916

    I love when the priest holds up the body and then the blood of Jesus during the consecration. My priest elevates them longer than any other. I always pray the same words, “MY LORD AND MY GOD, MY ALL, I TRUST IN YOU, YOUR WILL BE DONE, I LOVE YOU TOO”

  • Patti Barrutia Watson

    Whenever I receive Jesus in Holy Communion, I imagine myself as the woman with the hemorrhage who reached out to touch the tassels of Jesus’ cloak and was healed. I ask Him to heal me in that moment when I receive Him, and He never disappoints!

  • Mog

    My favourite parts of the Mass are the consecration, believing Jesus has really & truly just been transubstantiated( if that’s a word). Then when I am privileged to receive Him in holy communion. I just shut my eyes & am hardly present, just drifting off in His arms. I really dislike coming back to reality, I would just love to stay there. I would love silence not hymns after communion, but that’s where I happen to be at. I love hymns & singing, but feel if we really knew who we were receiving, we would all be prostrate on the floor!

  • Pattie

    I am sooooooo thankful that I have done Bible study for eight years now, and I truly understand the mass. I am 74, and have always loved the mass, it now has sooooooo much more meaning to me Amen

  • Shyne4god

    I First get in the church and knell down by our Blessed Mother and Pray the Hail Mary. To her I Love that ! I Love the homily ! Also love the Music ! As well as Lord I lift up my hands to give thanks and at that moment I think of all the things I am Thankful through out my week ! The offering cause I am so thankful that I can participate in my titheing and so proud to do so ! I Love when they priest says ” Go in Peace to Love and serve the World ” And most of all receiving the Eucharist !! So for me I can’t say their is a favorite part of Mass !!

  • LosmanPO

    A few years ago, I experienced exactly what Matthew Kelly was talking about. My life had become irrelevant to God’s worldview and I stopped attending Mass regularly. I had lost myself in the busyness of life and lost focus on God and His purpose for my life. In those unhappy and unfulfilled moments, I was not able to see that what I was actually doing was resisting God and my own happiness. But, God pursued me relentlessly. Because of my stubbornness, He really had to strip me down before building me back up. Recently, my favorite part of the Mass has been our homilies, especially during Lent. My church has been blessed with a priest that has the gift of relating all three readings in powerful ways. I feel instructed in the Word and enlightened by the way he connects us to the message and to God. Because I am focused and engaged at church, I am fully prepared to receive God’s message and the Eucharist.

  • Minerva

    I view at Sunday’s mass as having a dialogue with God. The readings most of the time console me about something hurtful that happened to me in the past week or ‘instructions’, what the Lord wants me to do for the coming week. Especially the songs, I found them very powerful and love to sing like if nobody was there but God and I.

  • JayAW

    Another thought I had, when Jesus was in the garden praying, he rebuked the apostles for falling asleep. So his immediate followers were also bored and couldn’t keep their eyes open. Boredom isn’t a recent problem then.

  • Judi lucas

    When I enter church and juniflect and enter my pew and get to my knees, pray for those I love and those I know that are in the need of the Lord at this moment… I feel connected and can dedicate this next hour to focusing on my God, my thankfulness that I am here and He is in my life. I pray that others will obtain the peace I have found in my faith. It’s the connection at this moment that is my favorite.

  • Anne McKnew

    I especially like the readings and the homily, since this is hearing God’s word.

  • Maria Michelle Swing

    I like the homily. I want to understand God’s word. These same readings that I have heard my entire life so far haven’t changed but I have. For better or worse my circumstances have changed and I get something I had never noticed before and I want to confirm that I’m not misunderstanding what God wants me to take away from his word.
    To be someone’s daughter/son we hear the readings one way; to be someone’s wife we look for what affects us in our new role and then to have children is another perspective. Empty nesters have needs that they want to be addressed as well as the seniors. I have been amazed that those same parables we have heard since childhood still apply no matter the stage we find ourselves. Thank you Father.

  • Seeker

    One of my favorite parts of the Mass is in the Eucharistic prayer: “Welcome into your kingdom our departed brothers and sisters…” At that time I whisper the names of my departed loved ones. Alas, the list of names grows with each passing year. But I find great comfort in knowing that my ancestors have joined the Communion of Saints — the departed followers of Christmas throughout the ages.

  • Patricia

    I love when the priest is giving the Eucharist to us. When he says Body of Christ to a hundred or so people I use each Body of Christ I hear as a prayer for someone in need. ” Body of Christ — heal or have mercy on ,,,,,. “. It is very comforting to know that I can join other people to the Body of Christ in such an intimate way.

    • Robert Stanton

      I love the deep feeling of forgiveness and acceptance that I experience right before I get up to receive the Eucharis after saying “Lord, I am not worthy that you should enter under my roof, but only say the word and my soul shall be healed”

      After receiving holy communion I return to my seat with a deep sense of love, warmth and acceptance that literally makes my body tingle.

      I have since become an Extraordinary Minister in my parish. What a blessed way to be of service to Jesus.!!

      Thanks be to God

  • Toni Duffy

    Some Sundays. Especially children’s mass Sunday. I go to another pariah. I know it is selfish but i see happy families. And i dont know why God has kept this from me. I dont want people to see me cry at church. I used to see all the families. And cry. Ans ask God not to forget abour me. Then think i was being selfish.

  • Maria

    My favorite thing about them is is the consecration and the fact that we all participate in it and also because I am a Eucharistic minister I get to participate in giving out the body and blood of Jesus Christ. I feel very honored and blessed to do so.

  • Dale R Evans

    I love the rhythm and predictability of the Mass. It steers me away from the staccato experience of objective reality, transports me into the subjective realm of our Lord’s presence and infuses me with the power and beauty of our tradition.

  • Jude Hessman

    The music! It lifts me out of whatever I’ve got to deal with!

  • RAB-G

    I love the PEACE & JOY that fills my heart whenever I’m in church. To me, the ritual of the Mass will never grow old.

  • Paul muller

    Favorite part of mass. Realizing heaven and earth are joined praising God together and having my wife who is in heaven close to me again

  • Catherine Simone Mason Puglies

    My one of my favorite things about the mass is hearing the words of JESUS and then the homily afterwards. The homily brings clarity for me. Our priest is real good about making comparison. One Sunday was about pray and how we treat GOD like a coke machine. We put in our prayer(money in coke machine) for a certain thing (coke cola) and we get mad when we don’t get what we asked for. Instead we get what GOD thinks we need( Diet coke). I like this because he brings it to our everyday lives. He has backpack Sundays for the kiddos once a month and brings it down to the kiddos understanding.

  • Phil Warwick

    My favorite part of Mass is the quiet time our priests insist upon immediately after distributing communion. It is one of the very few times during the day my soul rests quietly with God, surrounded by the love and support of our community.

  • Sarybel Velilla

    Hi everyone!
    One day, as I was standing up for communion I imagined how every single host held by the priest is Jesus’s beating heart and how, in this very humble small piece of bread he was giving himself to every single person standing in line. Then I looked around and I couldn’t see one person walking but Jesus in every single one of our brothers and sisters. It made his sacrifice in every single mass much bigger and special than ever before.I can still see it on every mass. God bless!

  • Patty Carr

    great message today. Such valid points, I ache for the people in my life who don’t “get it” or are so distanced from God that they are missing out on the best relationship of their lives. I’m certainly a work in progress myself. Thank you Matthew for the reminder of how blessed I am to be Catholic and that I get to attend mass and receive the Eucharist every week. I will strive to never take it for granted.

  • Lilia

    I especially enjoy and look forward the youth mass with a children’s choir. My spirit rejoices with all the hymns, I’m truly in the moment throughout mass.

  • Frank Forest

    The Eucharistic celebration

  • Greg Wagner

    The Mass is where heaven and earth meet! I heard the word “bored” didnt exist until the industrial revolution! My fav. part of mass is just before i receive Jesus and am proceeding toward the altar and I focus on our very large Crucifix above the Altarto remind myself who I am recieving

  • CSL

    I know God to be creative and very unboring but we folks sometimes need a tap on the shoulder when we are boring. I would not chase away a potentially valuable nugget of insight if someone were to let me know I was boring them.

  • Sharon Callon Schwartz

    Absolutely everything in the Mass brings meaning to my life, prepares me to receive Jesus, and strengthens me to share Him with others. I just love being an active part of this unique dialogue… even when my part is as a member of the general assembly (not serving during the Mass in a ministry role).
    It is quite easy for me to become distracted or dissatisfied with Mass after serving and coordinating ministries for years. When this happens, I now close my eyes and listen carefully… and God always removes the distractions or converts them into joyful bonuses.

  • Estelle Palmer

    It is easy to get “disengaged” at Mass when the celebrant insists on using a language (Latin) that is NOT understood by the majority of parishoners. Yes..when I attended Catholic school the Mass was entirely said in Latin..we never understood it but we went………..The people at Mass cannot participate if they don’t know what is going on, what is being said and certainly young people will be resistant to coming back!

  • Pat

    My first thought was the same as Sam’s. I think it is so awesome that God can forgive us over and over, week after week. Truly amazing! I do however enjoy the music and like Alex and Christina the hymns can bring tears to my eyes. I often think of my Mom who said signing is like praying twice. God loves to hear from us whether we can carry a tune or not..

  • Kelly

    My favorite part of Mass is the Hosana. Ever since my belved Dad died, I am very aware that this is indeed where heaven touches Earth! We are singing God’s praises with the angels and saints!

  • Carol Rosenberg

    Received the eucharist…….reconnects me and humbles me every time. Enhances my love and gratitude to Jesus.

  • christol murch

    When I worked 12 hours a day often 6 days per week, I dreamed about going to Mass every day. Now retired, I have that luxury. I am never bored while at Mass.
    What do I like most? The consecration of the bread and wine. During the consecration, thank Jesus for being present and calling me to be in His presence. I feel so grateful to God for the gift of faith, that Christ is really present in the bread and wine. It is also at that time that I thank God for the priest who consecrates the water and wine.

  • Rosie

    Actually, I created the opportunity to attend Mass today for myself and found there were so many parts of the Mass that are my favorite. Of course, especially focusing on the Consecration of the Mass is a favorite, but as I listened, forgiveness is mentioned so many times during the Mass in so many of the prayers that also uplifts me. Being sent forth after receiving the Body of Blood of Jesus is my responsibility which I take very seriously. How could anyone be bored???!!!

  • Dan

    My favorite part is when I hear a saint either my Dad or someone else singing the Sanctus with me. My Dad wasn’t Catholic but he is now! He died almost 14 years ago.

  • Karen Scicluna

    Great video Matthew! Many of us can be accused of tuning out occasionally or even finding parts of the Mass boring so it was good to hear this insight. When speaking with Teens or Young Adults – who are the ones who often claim boredom as why they don’t attend Mass – I urge us all to use Matthew’s approach as explanation and be careful not to sound like we are criticizing people – you will only further alienate them and ultimately miss the opportunity to make an impact. It’s all in how you deliver the message! Well-done Matthew!

  • Prettymom Volpe-Avalos

    My best part of the mass is recieving jesus. Just waiting for that moment when you go up to recieve his body and blood. The way it makes me feel.

  • Taryn Macary

    I have six favorite parts of Mass: crossing myself, the homily, the Lord’s Prayer (especially when I say “Thy Will Be Done,”, when I receive the Body and Blood of Christ and deeply pray with Christ, singing (especially during Lent when the Latin parts are a part of the Mass), and our priest’s closing thought for the week.

  • Gloria F Torres

    My favorite, of course, has to be receiving the Eucharist, but there is another special moment in the mass that always moves me: the acclamation of praise-singing Holy Holy Holy. I relate to what this young man, Luke says about joining with not just all of our world, but with all the saints & angels in heaven. I usually close my eyes & picture this beautiful choir, including my parents & all other loved ones who’ve gone before me, singing along with me, giving praise to our God. That’s a Holy Spirit moment for me!

    • Singer

      “Blessed is he who comes in the Name of the Lord…”
      While Jesus is primary, I recently have begun to think of all those who have led or lead me to God. There are the throngs of people who shine forth God in the world,
      ” in the Name of the Lord.”

  • Kathleen Henshaw

    I have never really understood being bored. I have seldom felt that feeling and when I have, I quickly find something that fills that need. There is so much to do in life. I have been accused of being “too nice” because it has always seemed to make me happy thinking of others. I hadn’t really realized that until now. I have recently returned to the church and I have to say that the favorite part of the mass is the presentation of the Eucharist and then, of course, the humbling yet exhilarating aspects of receiving the body and blood of Christ. Personally, I do not find anything boring about the mass…it helps me remain outside myself, focus on the suffering of Christ. This past Sunday, I was in great pain while kneeling, but it came to me the suffering Christ experienced during the crucifixion…physical and mental. It made my pain seem small in comparison.

  • Barb Stuart

    Hello everyone.I think the Mass is a tapestry of hope, and love of strength,of all that is in all.The whole meaning of life and being. It isn’t about you and me but about the Almighty.What He did for me and what He wants me to do.

  • Glen Arcalas

    When I am at the mass I can feel like there are things that purposely try to distract me from all parts of the mass. When we are experiencing the consecration of the bread and wine to body and blood. I not only get a sense of the change I feel like I was called there to witness Jesus sacrifice himself and ask myself what have I done to our modern world to make a change.

  • Lisa

    I used to go to mass every day and every day I would make some small sacrifice somewhere. When I got to church, I would mentally lay that sacrifice on the altar and when the priest lifted up the bread and wine, I imagined he lifted up my sacrifice to God as well. This made me an intrical part of the mass.

  • mary

    Love to read the comments! it just adds greater meaning to the days reflection! Thank you Everyone!!

  • DG

    This issue of boredom, whether we like it or not, is one that is very real within our church, especially with our youth and many cradle Catholics. As a catechist and music director at my church one of the big issues we are struggling with in our area of the country is adults who were poorly catechized and then are unequipped to educate and nurture this area of their children’s lives. And, one of the greatest holes in their understanding is the importance of the mass. While I agree with Mr. Kelly that boredom may point to selfishness when one has a full understanding/appreciation of what is actually going on around them, many don’t. The sad fact is I know many who are walking away from their faith and they are finding Protestant churches that meet them where they are and have a “relevant” experience. So the real question is how do we help several generations who are operating at such a limited understanding of what the mass truly is, experience and know what the mass really is? Please know that none of my comments are meant to be inflammatory but instead to shine a light on a crisis of faith that so many of our brothers and sisters are in. Would love to hear any and all comments. Peace be with you all.

    • Lisa

      We go to catechism when we are kids and by the time we are adults, we don’t remember why we think certain things about our religion. Then when a non-catholic tells us something about our own religion, we just believe them. We could say, “I don’t believe that so, therefore, my religion couldn’t be teaching it,” but many don’t think that fast on their feet. What our church has done is get good speakers like Matthew Kelly to come. This attracts quite a crown from miles around. We also have periodic classes offered by a priest or some other knowledgeable person on bible study, apologetics, etc. If you invite the teacher to give a sample talk at mass, it will usually have a good turnout.

    • Mark Pautler

      DG has stated the problem well. We need personal and communal conversion. It takes no more time to celebrate Mass well than to do it poorly. I am most grateful to the dedicated ministers, especially in music ministry, who do liturgy well. This comes from conversion and draws the community to conversion. We get nothing from Mass when give nothing.

  • Mary Rhodes

    My favorite part of the Mass is the consecration when the priest extends his hands over the bread & wine, blesses them & the bread & wine become the Body & Blood of Jesus…I remember each time what Jesus has done for me & I am so grateful to be a part of this beautiful sacrifice of the Mass. God bless all who share their thoughts here!

  • Lisa

    My favorite part of the mass is the music. When I sing I feel that God is speaking through me and in me. When we really focus on what the music is saying, it brings the mass to a whole new level. Music is my favorite part of the mass.

  • Joseph Lori Augusino

    Yes, this is exactly the conclusion I have come to and have been struggling with. Society, including family, does not support us in this. They just want what meets their agenda, what they’re comfortable with. Not with who or what you want to become – what and who God wants you to become.

  • Lynn

    I had to think which one would be my favorite..I have several. I get the goosebumps when the alter boy/girl carry the crucifix in and priest enters! Saying the Our Father together, it brings me to tears it is so beautiful! And then how I feel so thankful to say, ” Lord I am not worthy that ….”.
    My heart is sadden when I hear my own family members say they are bored at mass, they don’t get anything out of it. I pray for those (in and out of my own family) who have left Catholicism to go to the “feel good, mega-church”… I don’t know how to get them back. But I pray that they come back and just maybe by living my faith (trying to) going to church might get them thinking of returning.
    Thank you DynamicCatholic for this series during Lent. It has been a blessing.

  • Richard Alt

    My favorite part of the Mass is when we join hands and say the Our Father and then wishing all the people around us “May the Peace of Christ be with You,” And then receiving the Body and Blood of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ!

  • Andi

    I love the Gloria. I feel like I am in heaven together with the angels and saints and my sister, who passed 2 years ago, praising God before His throne!

  • Mary Lou Martin

    I also get goosebumps when the entire church is singing the Our Father together and we raise our hands and everyone recites, “for the kingdom, and the power, and the glory are yours, now and forever, Amen”. I get such a great feeling of comfort and love every time.

  • Larry Renner

    The readings always seem to speak to my heart in a different way and challenge me to be the best person I can be. Often they speak to be about a current situation I am encountering in my own live and help me to understand it better and allow me to forgive or handle it in a different way. That being said I am a musician at heart and always find the words in a song or it melody to lift me up and help me with my day and the days ahead.

  • Melanie

    My favorite part is the moment of Consecration. Just as the woman with a hemorrhage touched Jesus’ clothes and Jesus noted that power had gone out from him, I feel that any intercessory prayers uttered at the moment of Consecration likewise “touch the tassel of his cloak.” I, too, am in awe of such power and love.

  • Mary

    My favorite part of the Mass is singing with the community! At daily Mass, when we don’t have a cantor, it is sometimes awful,especially when the priest chooses songs the community isn’t familiar with!(Not everyone can read music!) I know God doesn’t care how we sound—

    After I read, “Behold the Mystery ” by Mark Hart, I have a greater understanding of the Mass. The alter, the prayers, and even the priest’s gestures can be traced back to the Bible!
    I feel lucky to be Catholic!

  • Lisa

    Luke makes a good point in saying that he was challenged to really listen to the words. Once a priest said mass with emphasis throughout. We were all astonished by what we heard. At the end, he said “I didn’t change a word.” All that had always been there. Afterwards, I had to really listen carefully to hear some of the things I was astonished by. Yes, they are there. Perhaps, it would be helpful to read the mass at home just to ourselves. Then we would see new things.

  • Leticia Cauble

    My mother taught me to put my petition as the priest lifts up the Eucharist and the chalice. That is my favorite, communion! Being one with God amazes me. Our Most intimate moment with him.

  • Susan B

    I love all of these reflections. This one with the comment of Luke Kozak reminded me of a dream I had a few weeks ago. In the dream I was at Mass and sitting.In the front pews that are frequently empty, were all these women, some that I recognized. All of them wore white blouses and light blue sweaters. I thought this so unusual. When Mass ended, suddenly all the women were gone. I realized then that I knew a lot of them and that they were all deceased. I woke up and wondered what this dream meant. I felt immediately that these women were the communion of saints. The whole communion of saints is present at every Mass along with our guardian angels. Unseen does not mean they are not there. Then a week later during the homily, Father mentioned that Catholics leave the front pews empty. I smiled to myself and wanted to say, ” Oh no Father, they are not empty. They are filled with saints.”. I

  • Daniel Kessinger

    Please read the The Holy Mass explained to Catalina by Jesus and Mary. It was given to me when I returned to the faith, and it changed my life and my experiences at Mass. It is what changed my heart to know that was the true present of Christ on the altar. Praise Jesus Christ forever and ever.

  • kinderkumu

    As I contemplate my favorite thing about the Mass, I just can’t pick one part. I enjoy going to Mass because it fills me with peace, it strengthens me to face any challenge I may encounter throughout the week, and it helps me to refocus on what is most important in life, God and family. I would have to say my favorite part about the Mass is that no matter where you are in the world everyone who attends Mass is attending the same Mass as me. So when my daughters (who now live on their own in another state) attend Mass I too am attending Mass with them.

  • Christine Schmidt

    Thank you Matthew and Luke for these important reflections. My favorite part of the mass is a good sermon. But even if the sermon is lackluster, I actively listen to the prayers and I’m deeply moved by my personal prayer after receiving Holy Communion.

  • Tammy Kimbrough

    Luke, in his video above, perfectly described what is my favorite part of the mass as well. The fact that we pray for the living and those who have gone before us – and that all of the saints and angels are there in communion with us – takes my breath away every time. ♥♥♥

  • Leah Levitt

    I was taught when I was Orthodox that there is no time. That literally all the Angels and Saints and Dead are there with us at Mass. I like to close my eyes when the Priest is holding up the body and blood and imagine myself surrounded by the Hosts of Angels and Saints and the Dead. This makes a very beautiful experience. I cannot imagine being bored doing this. This said I think boredom at Mass is also a result of not understanding what is happening and the significance. Our Parish had a several week class on the Mass. it was well attended. I know it made the Mass more meaningful to me.

  • Patti Grunkemeier

    I love communion and met the Lord through it some 40 years ago! My husband and I were very involved in the church for about 10 years and then through a series of events, started going to non-denominational churches but I always felt as though something was missing. That something was communion and the sacraments. There was always a longing to “return”. Last July I was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of cervical cancer, stage 4. I was put on palliative care. One morning I woke up feeling overwhelmed and very emotional and what I knew I wanted/needed was prayer for the sick and communion . Then , I knew everything would be ok. Long story with the providence of God clearly involved as to how I connected with my local priest (I hadn’t attended a catholic service in years ) but he came to my house and after a short discussion time, prayed over me and gave me communion. He also gave me a scripture and told me he believed God had healed me. It all was very comforting and I felt such peace after that all was “ok now”. I had so much prayer, good thoughts, etc. going my way it was unbelievable. In January I had a pet scan and surgery in February. Both showed the cancer GONE…words of surgeon . I praise God all the time for my healing and have returned “come home” to my local parish and am finding such peace there . And communion is so special! I love every part of it! And..I wonder…a lot as to why I was “spared” but trust God will reveal that along the way.

  • Jennifer

    My favorite part is just after receiving Communion. I walk back to my pew, kneel down, and I don’t think or even pray, I FEEL. I feel and taste the host in my mouth and as I swallow it. Once finished, I feel different…new. Almost excited or complete, like a burden has been lifted off my shoulders. I feel like Jesus is within me now and there is nothing he won’t or can’t do for me. Even if I go into Mass grouchy, my mood seems to change after Communion.

  • Jane C

    I don’t think I can narrow it down to just one thing! I love that I can go to the Mass in any language (even if I don’t understand the language) and still understand everything!
    I love listening to the Word of God proclaimed.
    I love the Gloria and Hosana….both beautiful prayers (songs) of praise. (please smile and be joyful when praying or singing them!!)
    I love the offertory and thinking of all my intentions going up with the gifts and placing them on the altar for God.
    I love the entire Eucharistic prayer and imagining all the angels and saints around the altar, like in the book of Revelation, rejoicing as the bread and wine is transformed into the Body & Blood of our savior Jesus Christ!
    I love the Lord’s Prayer and sign of Peace, and most of all…
    I love the moment when I receive my Lord, Body, Blood, Soul & Divinity and spend quiet time with him following communion!!

  • Mario Cannariato

    The understanding of Jesus’ suffering along with the realization of the centuries / Millennia that this conscration is in front of me is unbelievably moving each time I witness his body given up for me. Amen……

  • Sarah Rohrabaugh

    I love receiving the Eucharist and praying, thanking God for the gift of His body.

  • Pearl Brown

    My favorite thing at Mass is the homily and most of all the Eucharist these mean so much to me

  • Susan Wallace Hall

    I like the phrase “I look forward to the resurrection of the dead and the life of the world to come.” It makes me feel good to know that I will see my parents and others again.

  • Judi Schwab

    My favorite part of the Mass is the Consecration. To receive the Body of Christ is God’s perfect gift to us.
    The Eucharist nourishes every part of my body and soul. What a blessing!

  • Gloria Dozal

    The greatest moment for me is when I receive the Eucharist, that moment is a moment that nobody can take away from me, the moment when I share my body and blood with Jesus Christ. Is being two in one, knowing that I am not even worthy of His royal presence in me.

  • Gail

    I love it all! It all has meaning.
    I think those adults who are bored might not understand the Mass.
    I was told that when we say…Holy, Holy, Holy Lord God of hosts, heaven and Earth are full of your Glory, hosanna in the highest… the angels are saying it with us.
    I imagine all of God’s children and the angels standing before him singing this in beautiful union.

  • Chelsea M

    This is an interesting video, and one I will remember during Mass this Sunday. We have one priest, and then we have another who fills in for him every so often. He sings 98% of the Mass, and I have a really hard time focusing because it drives me crazy. It’s also difficult when I love the other priest so much, because he is the reason I started going to my current church.

  • lbam723

    I’m enjoying the Homily as it relates to me, often is engaging and interesting and the journaling Matthew Kelly recommends helps me focus. I did get bored a lot at mass throughout my life, but the listening and journaling gives me that center that I needed. I’m a deep thinker, but a slow processor and its given me a newfound appreciation for both the thoughtful and quiet times during mass.

  • Ed Graveline

    The Eucharist- which is the source and summit of my life.

  • lbam723

    Now I’m able to play the first but not the second videos on my phone. Bummer.

    • Ginie

      Go back to the e-mail, start as if you are going to go on and listen to the first again, but scroll down to the second. I’ve had to do that on my Mac.

  • Katrina Hazlak

    Is it bad to say when my son goes to children’s church? I love my children and Mass, but lately I feel more focused on keeping them still and quiet than focusing on the actual Mass, like I used to.

    • Stephanie Espig-Jarvela

      No it is not. It is the cross we are given as parents. I remember those days. Very stressful but you are teaching your children the faith by taking them to mass. It will get better!

  • mrstag

    My favorite thing about the Mass is the consecration when the bread and wine is transformed into the body and blood of Jesus. This is the most important part of the mass and the main reason that we are there.

  • Becky Woods

    My favorite parts of the Mass are receiving Jesus in the Eucharist, and the Psalms and readings from scripture.

  • Ted Leon

    My favorite part of the Mass is when the priest lifts up the chalice and bread and says “behold the Lamb of God, behold him who takes away the sins of the world, Happy are those called to the Supper of the Lamb. Totally new topic: what is written on the gold framed picture behind Matthew?

  • Judy

    I want to say Liturgy of the Eucharist since it is the culmination. However, I really enjoy Liturgy of the Word. I like to read the Scripture readings before Mass, and at times I sense God winking at me, or a situation I am going thru at the moment. Then, when the Lector, Deacon, or Priest is doing the readings, I can listen better. Because of an eye disease, I have trouble with concentrated focus…cannot look in one direction for long, as in minutes. Mass, sadly, is the worst place since we always are looking at the altar area. (Not cool when there are multiple, blurring images of the people, the Host, etc., or halos above heads with no hair). My eyes are closed during 90% of the Mass, so reading the passages before Mass allows me to listen without focusing on the words but rather then messages.

  • Lorraine Dunne McCormack

    I love the consecration. Each Sunday a little something different is spoken, but for me the concept is always the same. Here comes Jesus! Just for me!! He has always loved me so much that he is coming to me right where I live to help me be stronger and more connected to Father God. I also realize that Father God has loved me so much, too, that he sent Jesus to teach me how to be closer to Him. What an incredible miracle and sign every single time at mass. Wow. Thank you Father for loving me.

  • Shirley B

    Two favorite things about the Mass for me is that first, I can receive the body and blood of Jesus Christ everyday and second, the Mass is universal meaning I can travel anywhere in the world to a Catholic Church and celebrate in the Mass even if I don’t understand the language. I can follow along in a English.

  • Frances Deneen

    My favorite part of the Mass is when I am able to receive Holy Communion. I feel that is my strength for the day!

  • Stephanie Espig-Jarvela

    After receiving Jesus in the Eucharist I walk back to the choir loft to sing so I don’t have a lot of reflection time. One day the Holy Spirit helped me with this quick prayer after receiving I pray; Dear Jesus please fill me with your Love, Mercy, Will, Peace, Healing, and Grace, amen. I use it all the time now:).

  • Susan Starr

    My two favorite things about mass are: (1) the homily, and (2) experiencing the quiet connectedness with God when I hold the hands of my girls and let Lord’s grace fill my soul. I often find myself weeping tears of joy because I absolutely know I am in the presence of God.

  • Scott Sowers

    Think about this. Take away every “thing” you have and who are you? You are a naked person standing in the wilderness. Sound familiar. We’ve come a long way and yet we haven’t gone anywhere. Bored? No. Rejoice people. I like it when father proclaims the “Mystery of Life”.

  • Mary Edwards

    I totally agree saying your bored is a very selfish act. On the other hand, being depressed and being stressed are caused by something going on in your life that is out of your control. This is when I turn to God and asked for his help. It always comforts me. I still always say “Lord I am not worthy” because I will never feel worthy of his mercy, yet I always pray for it.
    This is why the Eucharist is my favorite part of the mass.

  • Mercedes

    I enjoy taking the Eucharist, to be well with God is to truly live. I recall a time when I was living in sin. I was faced with the decision to hold on to my pride, selfishness, and guilt or accept God’s mercy to be one with him again through the Eucharist. It was when I went to confession that I realized how the enemy had a strong hold on me. I had believed all his lies that I was a failure and far from Holy. When I attended mass that Sunday I took the Eucharist and I felt God’s love and fatherly embrace, and an urgency me to share my story. The Eucharist saved my life! To be able to take it I had to fight the enemy and die to myself. It’s not about what makes me happy anymore. It’s all about serving my neighbors and pleasing God!

  • Connie Wax Crosbie

    My favorite part of the Mass is at the words of consecration or transubstantiation when the priest says this is my body in the words of Jesus I always remember that in that very moment I am at the Last Supper. I imagine myself present at the table and Jesus is talking directly to me. I’m always struck by this amazing gift of love

  • Judy Schultze

    Great choice Ellen…that it’s mine as well. Mass is so beautiful.

  • Michael Ennis

    I believe that my favorite thing about the Mass changes with whomever is saying Mass. I expect that what I truly love is a great homily. When a priest takes the readings and applies them, not only in context of the times, but in context of our current times, it really strikes a cord with me. Then there are priests who truly love to say Mass. They actually seem to glow with holiness. We had such a priest as pastor for what turned out to be too short a time, but if he were assigned to a fairly local parish, I would consider switching.
    God Bless

  • Tara McDonald Ortiz

    Receiving and distributing the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of our Lord, Jesus Christ

    • Tara McDonald Ortiz

      And. “Lord, I am not worthy to receive you
      But only say the Word, and my Soul shall be healed”

  • Linda Keefe

    Communion because Jesus is inside of me.

  • Amelfis

    The moment the bread and the wine become the body and blood of Christ🙏🏻. My husband was married before and we waited 10 years to be able to receive the Eucharist again. That fasting, for so long, made me even more appreciative of the present we receive from God in every mass. Was extremely painful going to mass without communion for such a long time.

  • Frank J. Boos

    One of my favorite parts is at the end when our priest says “Go, our Mass continues”. It is a proclamation that we are to take what we’ve received in Mass, the body and blood and love of Christ, to the homes, streets and communities where we live.

  • Karen Kotzbach McCreary

    Second grade first Communion preparation, we were taught to say, “My Lord and my GOD” at the consecration of the bread and at the consecration of the wine, “My Jesus mercy.” Those little phrases and the consecration bring tears to my eyes . That is the “bomb” for me; as I sit here in tears trying to keep this machine working . Works every time ! We are there witnessing a miracle ! How can you be bored at Mass ?

  • Cathy Juley Ledvina

    I love to sing and so, when I can offer my voice in song to praise our God, that is my favorite part and when I feel the closest to God during the mass. So often, scripture is right there in the song and it brings something different to mind each time that I sing. God speaks to me through music.

  • Prolifedem6M

    I like to watch the procession to the altar at communion time. All these people with a relationship to God expressed in their reception of communion. Each is unique. And yet, we all love the same God, each in our own way. I feel a connection with each of them.
    I love the privilege of connecting for a brief moment with these friends and strangers, offering them,the host or cup as a Eucharistic minister.
    The Lord is there for each of us to receive, even the bored,

  • LJ

    Impoverished and alone is not bored. It is a reason to desire unity, only we do not understand unity.
    We have a great need to realize that a spiritual war is on, in family matters and businesses matters. Mass is Gods family only if he matters more than anything else and that requires both strong relationship and trust.

  • LJ

    None can come unless the Father draw Him. That is communal, from the heart just as the old Teresa saw Him I/you must.

  • Therese Pribil Sprinkle

    I am too busy praying for all of you to be bored. When I am at mass I feel closes to God.

  • June

    As I am in line to receive the Blessed Sacrament I say: “O my Jesus, forgive us our sins, save us from the fires of hell, and lead all souls to Heaven, especially those in most need of Your Mercy”. I started saying this quite a few months ago as my prayer for all my family members who no longer attend Mass to receive communion. They (and all of us, too) are most in need of Christ’s mercy.

  • Karen Kotzbach McCreary

    CynthiaHellsten It doesn’t sound like you could possibly be bored but I get it . You are where I was more than a few years ago . You have a LOT on your plate and if you need to take it down a notch or two don’t think it will “ALL FALL APART” ! I did and it didn’t ! LOL .I signed out of a few things and everything was still AOK .Everyone was better for it ; especially me . Surprise, surprise !

  • Gene Turner

    My favorite part of the Mass is the fact that I have such a history with it. when I was in college I tried to find other churches which were more “me”. After not finding one I came home to “OUR” church. I got so involved that I was singing in the choir and eventually started working with youth. I love our church and can now see that the Church was what was missing from my life then!

  • Barb

    I love singing the Holy, Holy, Holy, when the priest asks us to join in with the angels and saints in heaven to give glory to God. I imagine joining in with all my deceased relatives in friends who are in heaven; I raise my arms in praise and sing Holy, Holy, Holy…..

  • MurphsLaw

    Praying during the Consecration, focusing intently enough to put myself with Jesus in the Upper Room on that night. And it never gets boring…..
    “This is the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world. Happy are those who are called to his supper.”

  • Ginie

    Oh my goodness, I cannot pick a favorite. As Luke spoke about the connectedness of Catholics around the world I think about how many times I think of my family abroad at Mass. I love the liturgy of the word because it is of God-Father, Son and Holy Spirit, but I love the liturgy of the Eucharist because it is Jesus’ gift. I time when we offer ourselves and receive Him….

  • Stephen Mateka

    My favorite part of The Mass is The Consecration. Witnessing bread & wine becoming the actual, real, honest to goodness Body & Blood of Jesus Christ overwhelms me every single time. Then, I get to receive His Body, Blood, Soul & Divinity. Mind blowing!

  • Barb

    I love singing the Holy, Holy, Holy, when the priest asks us to unite our song with the angels and saints in heaven. I imagine my deceased relatives and friends in heaven, joining in with them to praise God. I lift my hands in praise and sing Holy, Holy, Holy

  • Jimmy Smith

    I agree Ellen it’s like I can feel Christso presence I also like peace I give you offer one another and sign of peace

  • MiElWo

    I loved this video and keep looking at the text of one part in order to quote it and I feel like its missing a word. I feel like its saying what I think but when I read it its missing some linking words. It just doesn’t read clear to me. Can anyone help straighten out this one passage? I think it means that if we answer that call… we will think more deeply about our lives than our culture outside mass will call us to think. Something I reflect on often. Does that sound like it hold the same meaning as he intended when I say it that way?

    “So, the Mass remains this great call to sabbath, this great call to step back, this great call to reflect, this great call to think more deeply about our lives than our culture will naturally challenge us to think.”

  • Rich kelly

    Immediately after praying”Lord I am worthy to receive you but only say the word and I will be healed”, I pray the Act of Contrition ! My wife said she has been doing this for years and I found that it helps me to prepare to receive the Eucharist!

  • Michele

    Hum .. tough question! I love hearing the homily. I love being with a group of people all striving toward God together. I love getting to sing, and lift our voices to God in praise. : ) I love receiving Jesus each week.

  • Mark Darrow

    The ability to receive the living sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ. It wasn’t until recently that I truly understood and believed that at Eucharist, through the intervention of the Holy Spirit, that the bread and wine truly become the body and blood of Jesus. Of course I was taught this and prayed the prayers during Mass, but once I really embraced the truth about the Eucharist my excitement for receiving Communion became real. It amazes me to know that I receive the same flesh and blood that the Apostles received on Holy Thursday. Pretty awesome…

  • Kelsey Dusenbery-Graves

    My favorite is totally different than what everyone else has been saying. I have always loved singing in church. But I think my favorite is when we sing The Our Father Prayer. I like some of the other songs but singing this one always gives me chills and reminds me many great things in my life

  • owjw

    Luke touched me deeply by mentioning that no matter where we might be at Holy Mass, how we are so unique in that the Mass is being said for the universal church. That means us!! I need to remember that when I attend. And I need to pray and ask my Guardian Angel to help me to not be distracted during the Consecration! I can’t believe how often my mind wanders.

  • Jonathan Nelson

    My favorite part of the mass is the homily, when the priest informs us how we can put the teachings of the gospel into our daily lives.

  • Lydia Ross

    When I fail to attend Mass for some reason I feel totally lost. I feel like I have lost my compass. I love the consecration of the bread and wine into the Body and Blood of my Saviour.

  • Renee

    I enjoy the praise music It also makes me feel very close o my deceased mother , I can actually hear he sign some of her favorite songs.

  • Carol Robbins

    Through my teaching career I heard many parents and students tell me they were bored. My comeback to that statement was if you are bored it is because you are not participating in what it going on in the classroom. I gave the same answer to people and CCD students that tell me mass is boring.
    Are you listening to what is being said , do you follow a mass book are you singing the songs with the cantor??? Listen with your heart and you will never be BORED!!

  • LauraLynn

    I am with Luke in the awesomeness of our Church and its presence in almost every country and major city on earth.. When I studied abroad in Europe many years ago, it didn’t matter what country I was in on Sunday; I could always find a Catholic church to attend Mass. And though it was in a different language, I could follow the Mass, and I could say the Our Father with my brothers and sisters in Christ albeit in English.

  • Marilyn Davis

    After receiving communion. I imagine that Jesus’s blood is flowing through my veins, healing me spiritally, physically, and mentally.

  • mercyme42

    Each part of Mass has held a special moment for me as I try to open my heart and mind to the Lord. But the most consistent favorite time is at the Consecration when I feel as if I could place every burden and petition for my loved ones directly into the hands of Jesus as I offer myself in adoration to Christ my Lord and King. What a privilege to be able to attend Mass.

  • chibibarako

    This is partly the culture. We’ve been conditioned to think that something has to entertain me, or impress me, or move me. We go to Mass because it’s for God — not (primarily) me.

  • Shirley Mott

    Mass 8s the ultimate prayer. When I hear the readings, I place myself right there whoever that person is. Like the Woman at the well. Wow-can you just imagine how she felt? Totally blows my mind.
    I always repeat with the priest every word when he does the Concrecration of the bread and wine. We are about to receive Jesus-oh my gosh, what a gift. I always say the act of contrition before I receive and I am so ready to receive Jesus.
    I remember when I was in Catholic school, a nun told us there so many angels around the altar during Concrecration, they are wiggling to just catch a glimpse of the miracle. That’s how I feel at every mass. I don’t want to miss a thing. We are so blest to be Catholics.

  • Charlotte

    I love the homily and the Consecration.

  • Nancy D.

    My favorite part of the Mass is the sermon. When a priest or a deacon can translate the three readings and apply them to our every day lives, is wonderful. This is one way that I know God is speaking to me. There have been times when I needed an answer or needed to know that I was thinking about a topic in the right frame of mind, I would go to church and listen to the sermon and my prayer would be answered. I doubt myself many times and need reassurance, and this is the place where I can get that.

  • Cheryl Beseler

    I recently had the opportunity to visit the country of Colombia, South America. While there, I was amazed at the spirituality, the open doors on churches and the presence of God that I could feel with me. While on this trip – 8 days, I attended mass 3 times – once at Monserratte, overlooking the city of Bogota, once at a resort in Santa Marta, once in the center of the city of Bogota. My favorite thing about mass is watching the priest – and understanding, no matter what language the mass is being said in – just exactly the miracle we are part of… the presence of the Lord in the Eucharist – and we are all invited to be united with Him!

  • Francine L Spinner- Kelley

    Read Revelations and if you can do a bible study from Jeff Cavins about Revelations it will reveal to you that this book of the bible is about the Mass and how heaven and earth are united and we live in heaven in the moments of the Mass. My favorite part of the Mass is the receiving the Eucharist and also giving the Eucharist to others.

  • Joyce Lamb

    I love when the priest makes the sign of the cross over the bread and wine and says: “let Your Spirit come down upon it like the dew fall” and it is changed into the body and blood of Christ. I can imagine His Spirit doing just that.

  • MaryAnne Casaul

    My favorite thing about mass is receiving our Lord’s body in the Holy Eucharist. What is so amazing to me is how we as catholics have the opportunity to receive Him everyday if we want to by attending daily mass. It is so awesome that God will avail himself to us as our creator and become part of us to heal, console, counsel, love and work within us and we can get all these gifts everyday by receiving Him into our bodies as nourishment not only physically but most importantly spiritually. He feeds our soul.

  • Dolores Rufenacht

    My favorite part of mass is the readings from the old and new testaments and hearing the priests interpretation in the Homily, also the opportunity to recieve communion. If I am not able to recieve communion I do not feel like I fully attended mass.

  • Jim Hron

    My favorite part of the mass is receiving the Eucharist. I always feel unworthy for such an honor and of course I am unworthy. But I want to be worthy and this challenges me to become a better person a better image of Christ.

  • Angela M. Williams

    I believe it is all pretty amazing when you reflect on it. At a time centuries ago, when people couldn’t even read the Bible – the tradition and ceremony of the Mass, and receiving Holy Communion, attracted hundreds of people consistently. This legacy continues to present day. Because it is the Universal Church – the same Liturgy of the Word is said every week in every Catholic Church on the planet – you can follow, and participate, no matter where you are, what language you speak, or what country you reside within. Something pretty non-boring, and unique to our faith – I have been taught 80-90% of the Bible is covered in Sunday mass readings in three years; and the daily mass readings are covered in a two year cycle (although some of the genealogies are omitted). Catholicism is a faith focused on receiving God’s Word in scripture.

  • Trish Matta Melnick

    Singing “The Gloria” is one of my favorite parts of the mass. Knowing that I am praising God with all the angels and saints, it feels so amazing. Receiving the Eucharist is the best part, knowing that Jesus instituted this so that we could receive Him and he can be present to us each and every day. He is always there to receive Him….physically.

  • Tim

    I know that I am a sinner and so I always find the Confetier Prayer very comforting. “I confess to you Almighty God and to you my brothers and sisters” calms me and helps me feel much more connected to the people with me at the Mass. Once I’ve completed it I feel grounded and ready for the miracles that are about to happen to fill me up.

  • Maria

    My favorite thing about the Mass is the fact that no matter how I feel or if I get distracted, Jesus is always physically present right in front of me. It’s hard to wrap my mind around it, but I remember the passage from John 6 that describes why we believe it is truly him. It helps to know that Jesus actually said this in order for us to believe that it is true.

  • Theresa Manjarez

    I can hardly wait for father when he says the sermon I don’t understand the Bible tryed to read it several times….but that’s okay because the Gospel is from then father explains everything he puts it into perspective and he puts it into everyday life I like that a lot need it a lot 🤗

  • Niove Candida Rosario

    Other than receiving our Lord during communion, singing is one of my favorite parts of the mass. I have been a member of two different chorus and I truly enjoy singing. Singing elevates my soul to God. Some of the songs will make me cry; most times tears of joy because through songs I get to feel the happiness of his presence during mass. I smiled when I read Matthew’s account of his childhood as it sounds like our family. My children asking if they have to go to church. Our family always sitting front row at the left-hand-side of church. I do hope my children will one day look back at those moment as special

  • Patricia Tersigni

    When I go to mass, I do listen to the prayers and my favorite part is the music.

  • Mary

    I am a regular Eucharistic minister at my parish and feel blessed to be able to share God’s body and blood with those in my parish.

  • Agnes Brett

    The Mass is beautiful! I feel somewhat sad when it ends because I feel such a closeness to God when I’m there!

  • Pam O

    During mass I feel the Holy Spirit taking hold of my heart and building me up for the final moment of when I am able to receive His Body and His Blood. During the Consecration of the Mass it’s like the Heaven’s open up and all of God’s angels, all who have died and all of my family who have died come together at Gods altar. I generally get emotional and when we say the Our Father Who Art in Heaven my heart open’s up to receive H
    im as unworthy as I feel. When we pray together as a community I don’t feel alone. Jesus is calling me up to His altar. The moment His Body touches my tongue I am in Heaven. I love our beautiful and Holy Mass.

  • Gaby Wilson

    “Lamb of God you take away the sins of the world, have mercy in us.
    Lamb of God you take away the sins of the world, have mercy on us.
    Lamb of God, you take away the sins of the world, grant us peace”

    • Della Nestor Garrity

      I love The Consecration and Lamb of God petitions especially grant us peace.and the final Blessing .

  • Helen

    I thoroughly enjoy the Homily after the Scripture Readings! Our Priest does a wonderful job explaining and relating the Scripture Readings to our daily lives. It opens up my mind and my heart. It makes me think about how God wants us to live out our lives each day. But first and foremost, the most important part of the Mass to me is the Preparation of the Gifts and the Consecration of the Eucharist. This is very real to me. I want to fully participate in the partaking of the Body and Blood of Christ. I need Jesus and the graces I hope to receive in Holy Communion and in all the various parts of the Mass. It is my strength and food for my soul, as I begin a new day, a new week.

  • Dina Torstensen

    The Eucharist is the source and summit of the Mass, but being a minister of the word/ lector, the readings and my favorite because of their teaching and the Lord speaking to us!! When I proclaim the word at Mass I put myself in the setting..

  • Marlene

    The first thing that comes to mind is the Gloria because during Lent it is gone then at Vigil it comes back with gusto. I am a recent convert and at my Easter Vigil confirmation i remember the childlike joy when I heard it again. But the Gloria is not at weekdy Mass. So to truely answer the question I would say the best part is the prayer.” Lord, I am not worthy that you should enter under my roof but only say the word and my soul shall be healed”. Faith and joy in the Lord. What a precious gift we have in the Mass. This prayer give true healing.

  • Christine Overkamp

    Meeting the people next to me in the pew. The sign of peace both at the initial greeting and again before Communion. There is a connection that seems to pull people together in the special space, this special prayer time of the mass. I find it even more uplifting at a daily mass setting, different group but still people in love with God and all that is has done for each of us and continues to do for each of us. Bored? Not EVEN!! Thanks for another great sharing today and God bless all involved in this ministry.

  • Suzanne Baltz Glasco

    I enjoy the whole mass but of course, the Eucharist is the most special to me. I was not born a catholic.. I started attending catholic church with my late husband 34 years ago. It wasn’t until February 14, 2001 that we had our marriage blessed in the church, and I had all the sacraments. This was the happiest day of my life to finally be able to take communion with my husband. We enjoyed going to church together very much. He would always hold my hand and put his arm around me in church. People always used to comment to us how wonderful they thought that was. He was brought up in a very religious family and while he was in Vietnam, his family prayed the rosary every day for him. He was a POW and had a lot of problems with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) until his death in 2008. I still feel his presence in church with me and know that he is there with me. The night he left us to go to the Lord, we had most of his family at the house and had just finished saying the rosary, when he passed so peacefully. I will always remember his faith being so strong. I try not to miss mass because it gets me through the week. Our priest is wonderful and gives a great homily. That’s my second favorite part of the mass. I enjoy it all! No way am I ever bored!!

  • Ruth

    As an elect there are many moments of the mass that I miss right now since we are dismissed before communion. I am looking forward, of course, to being able to receive, but I miss the smaller moments of mass too.

    Singing with the choir (especially since there are no hymns before communion to be sung), sitting with my fiance through mass, praying the Our Father with the congregation, watching people receive, getting a blessing, and listening to the prayers trying to catch at least one new thing each week.

    Of course, I get blessed as a catechumen each week and get to share with the other elect about the readings, but what I love about the Catholic church is the community aspect shared by Luke and joining fully into that community is what I am most excited about this upcoming Easter.

  • Gloria

    I love the Consecration and it is the most sacred part of the Mass but I also like saying the Creed and really thinking about the words and what we truly believe as Catholics
    Praying I am not worthy that though come under my roof also has such meaning to me–I truly am not worthy but I am reminded that our Lord only needs to say the word and my soul will be healed–very powerful

  • Trevor Pelkey

    There are many things I love about mass, but I must say that my favorite part of the mass is when I receive the body of Christ. I love the peacefulness that overcomes me as I go back to my seat and get on my knees in prayer. This has always been such a powerful moment in each mass for me!

  • Glen

    The gospel. It is beautifully written and timeless.

  • Peggy

    My favorite part of Mass is the offering of the Eucharist, that is when I feel the closest to Our Lord.

  • J Schodron

    I returned to help serve at the alter. It has been many years since I served during grade school. As an adult and serving it is even more amazing being up front and center. More emotional now when the priest is holding up the body and blood of our savior. Makes me realize what was given up for us. The ultimate Sacrifice.

  • ascolta912

    I love when the priest holds up the Body and Precious Blood of Christ during the Eucharistic prayer. In the parish to which I belonged for many years, the whole congregation would join hands across the aisles during the “Our Father” — so moving! At my current parish (different state), few people join hands although there’s still a strong feeling of community in general.

  • sandra digras

    The word of God and the wonderful homilies our Pastor shares and of course the Eucharist and my partaking in the bread and wine all go to make up the parts of the Mass I most find inspiring. I sing in the choir so the songs we lead the congregation with lead them hopefully to better reflect on the readings.

  • Sherry Catanese

    I love the consecration and knowing the altar is filled with Angels adoring and the thought of each person at mass with their guardian angels beside them. How unified with the
    Lord I feel at the holy sacrifice of the mass.

  • Judy M

    For me, the high point of the mass is when the priest holds up the consecrated host and chalice and says, “Through Him (Jesus Christ), with Him, and in Him, O God, Almighty Father, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, all glory and honor are Yours, forever and ever.” Amen! But my favorite part is actually receiving Him. But the part when I feel closest to Jesus is usually during my silent personal meditations when I return to my pew and kneel after receiving Him. I feel so blessed and humbled that the creator of the universe has loved me so much to come to me. I think, the woman with the hemorrhage just touched the hem of your garment to be healed, but I have touched You!

  • Ann Albosta

    It struck me many years ago in my early youth that the gorgeous stars I was admiring on a clear summer night were the SAME ones seen by my pen-pal cousin, a Capuchin monk in Gethsemani, KY.
    The very same thought occurred to me during the election. All those attending Mass w/the thought of bettering our country & finding a good leader to do it were too saying prayers at masses everywhere. The same thought w/praying for an end to abortion. We all prayed together in different churches, different times/places for the good of all. The mass is our catalyst, and our medium.

  • Francis Iawphniaw Kkngor

    When the Priest prays ” Look not on our sins but on the faith of your Church”.

  • Beth O’Shea

    I love the entire Eucharistic Prayer and consecration…I just feel so drawn to God the father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and All the ArchAngels, Angels and Saints at that time….It is the most sacred time of my entire week…the connection that strengthens me for the week to come!

  • audrey deskar

    When the priest holds up the bread and says when Jesus was at supper he took the bread and broke it saying this is my body given up for you. I put my hand over my heart and say I believe Lord that this is your body and when I eat it I will be closer to you. Help me to be more like you. And I do the same with the wine. Lord, I believe this is now your blood, and when I drink it I will be closer to you. Help me to do your will.

  • Therese G Upperman

    Walking up to receive communion and singing and looking up at the cross. It gives me the deepest thrill. I also really love singing the Gloria. It gives me the deepest joy ever imaginable.

  • Arthur Brown

    I never get bored at mass because of my thoughts at mass are the gift that God gave me. Christ death on the cross and the resurrection of Jesus who has taken and continues to take my sins from me. If you think of it this way then you know how can I be bored. The preparation of the Eucharist a gift to help me remember God love and the gift of redemption of my sins and has given me salvation at the cost of the Christ dying on the cross.

  • Debra Kyser

    I like all the liturgy of the word with all the scripture readings and when we receive Jesus in the Eucharist the best. All of it is beautiful and has a rhythm to out lives.

  • Deb Haglund

    My soul soars when I get to praise God through song. The music in Mass also helps me to remember the scriptures read that day.

  • Libby Miller

    My very favorite part of any church service is the music we offer up to our God! I am sixty years old this June & my parents raised me & my eleven siblings in a very religious home. We attended Parochial school the majority of our education & mass was either daily or weekly my whole life. I can honestly say that the Holy Spirit inside of me responds in a miraculous way whenever music is played! I truly feel on fire whenever I hear or join in on any & all music I hear! The Holy Spirit arouses me in such a way that I find myself humming or singing the music I heard at church all day & even into the week! This will never change for me!

  • I love communion. I know we should be praying but I just cannot help but watching all the people going up to receive the eucharist. There is just something so powerful in the crowds.

  • jddimi

    As an Extra Ordinary Eucharistic Minister, my favorite part of the Mass is being at the Altar and the Priest holding the Body of Christ up for me and saying those exact words, and I get to say AMEN and receive Jesus. Then I get to offer Jesus’s body to everyone that comes up for Communion. I thank God every time, that I am so honored to be able to give Jesus to other’s. I thank Jesus for dying on that cross for me, for taking all my sins away, for forgiving me and still loving me so much even when I am still a sinner.

  • Virginia Abbruscato Cambalik

    My favorite part is when we sing alleluia before the gospel.

  • Samantha Duggan

    At the moment I think my favourite moment is hearing the words …”that, by the help of your mercy, we may be always free from sin and safe from all distress”…. I want so badly that those words would be true for me and all people …. free from sin and safe from all distress… it’s such a beautiful image.

  • Jeff Jennen

    Every bit of it from the penitential right through the liturgy of the word, the consecration, our opportunity to receive Jesus Christ to the final blessing. Love it!

  • MaSungula Poppy

    this prayer:
    “Lord, I am not worthy that You should come to me, but only say the word, and I shall be healed in body and soul” and when we greet each other or shake hands ‘Peace be with you!’

  • Judy Tobin

    The Our Father

  • Faith Clark

    My favorite part is the homily. I take notes and the message is my mantra for the upcoming week.

  • Frances Tooley

    For me, my favorite part of the Mass is usually the homily. More often than not, the priest’s words help me to better interpret the readings and always have a tie into what I am needing spiritually at that moment.

  • Bethany

    My favorite thing about the Mass is being a participant and not just an attendant!

  • Jennifer

    My favorite part is the Bible readings, and having the opportunity to focus and listen closely to each one.

  • Stan Kastelic

    I am often moved when there is beautiful music or singing. Too often that is missing at many Masses. Catholics are usually behind our Protestant brethren in that regard.

  • I will plead guilty to being bored at mass.
    A frequent sin I confess is “Lapses of focus” during mass; I think some of it is me, I may have some sort of ADD/ADHD-type condition.

    But I would say may favorite part of the mass is the community. The idea of knowing that I am with “My People” in a way

  • Meredith

    I love the thought, as expressed by Luke, that the mass is a constant prayer for the salvation of souls (living and deceased) done with people around the world. I love the quiet time following reception of the Eucharist when I speak with God (as friend and guide).

  • NancyB

    The Consecration and Reception of the Holy Eucharist!

  • Carmen Daniels

    My favorite thing about mass is offering the sign of peace. I love having the opportunity to shake others hands. It is refreshing to know that in that moment we are all one and that none of our difference matter.

  • Jeanne Valiquet Schultz

    Receiving the Blessed Sacrament, Jesus, coming to me

  • Emilie

    Our church sings a “song” before we recieve the Eucharist: “Lord prepare me to be a sanctuary, pure and holy, tried and true, with thanksgiving, I’ll be your living sancuary for you.
    It reminds me that I am taking Jesus into me to carry around. I need to be there for others when they need Jesus.

  • Paula Hecker

    There are so many favorite aspects of the Mass that it is hard for me to narrow it down to just one! That is where I get peace, mercy, and strength. However, when the priest elevates the newly consecrated Eucharist, and I can behold peace, mercy, and strength, it is a moment of epic wonder and joy that I can proclaim Emmanuel, God is with us! He is keeping His promise that He would be with us to the end of time! Wow! Then I know I can trust in God, and surrender my whole life to His will!

  • Kim Bordelon

    I don’t have just one,the time just before mass starts ,getting ready for what God is going to say to me, sharing his words with others, eucharist of course, I have his body and blood in me as I go through my day, the scripture, what a wonderful enriching time the beauty of Catholicism is pretty awesome.

  • Tina Xinastle

    I was always told that singers pray twice. I believe that music has the power to lift our souls to God in a marvelous way. I enjoy singing with the choir at Mass or listening to the beauty of the music from a pew. I can hardly imagine only having low Mass with no piano notes or organ inspiring us. How different it would be if we never heard a voice raised in song. . . I am grateful for the music which compliments the Mass so beautifully.

  • Gretchen Scheid

    I am most moved right after receiving the host. It is so evident then that our union is more than mystical and more than his being “close” but it is truly a physically union for 10 minutes or so. It is so easy to talk with him then and know that we are one.

  • Jennifer Mercer-Alter

    The Eucharistic Prayer — when heaven is brought to us on Earth. With all the saints.

  • Melissa

    The Eucharist … He is present at every Mass! I am on a pilgrimage in Rome and every day I have been so blessed with Mass. I realize just how true that there is a Mass every second of every day somewhere in this world. The Mass in Rome is the same as Prague or Paris and the same as New York City and even small Sidney, Ohio. Our Lord fills our hearts with peace and joy … how can we be bored when we immerse ourselves in our Lord, Jesus Christ!

  • Susan

    Wow, it is tough to pick a favorite part. Every mass I might be in a different place in my life where a part of the Mass that affects me is different from Mass to Mass. When I am really happy, I love the Our Father where everyone says it holding hands and feeling a sense of church family. When I am struggling the centurion’s proclamation hits home.
    If I am guilty of sin and feeling it, confessing that in the beginning of Mass calms me. All in all Mass is my favorite part!

  • Diane Myers

    Thank you Luke for what you just said, I never thought of praying that way, what an awesome thing to be a part of

  • Mary Swanke

    I love the concecration, He is truly present there with us. I would like to shout, look, He’s here.

  • Janet

    This question is a little off the norm of this discussion, one’s favorite part of the Mass but this sad incident will be in my heart whenever I pray and especially during the next Mass I attend in a day or so. Today, friends lost a two year old who just over the weekend had an upset stomach that quickly became intensely serious and today, the little boy went to heaven. My grown daughter asked me, with tears and a breaking voice, why does God let things like this happen? How in the world can one answer such a question. When a child dies due to violence, it is easier to undertand as there is evil in the world. This little guy just became very sick, very suddenly and the family is totally heart broken as are all their friends. Can anyone answer my daughter’s question? Why does God let things like this happen?

    • Peggy

      Janet, I am so sorry to hear of this recent heartbreak. Many people turn away from God over a tragedy. I hope your daughter does not do this. I hope her faith is strong enough to get through this. I hope your friends’ faith is strong enough to get through this. There is no answer to why this happened, no human reason, only divine.
      I believe that God doesn’t make suffering but He allows it to happen. Why? Because He loves us so much that He wants us to join in HIS suffering. It is a difficult concept to understand and certainly now is not the time for the parents or even your daughter to grasp it. In time they will reflect back on this past weekend and want answers. They may see this death of their precious child to be a complete loss, as something they will never get over. They may blame God. But this is an opportunity not to be wasted. It is a time to come closer to God. God the Father mourned over the death of His Son. Jesus mourned over His own suffering because He was human as well as divine, so He hurt …a lot. The disciples mourned the death of Jesus. They thought everything Jesus said and did was a waste, a lie. But what happened on Easter was triumphant, glorious, We too will be glorious with God one day just as your friends son is with God in glory today. (This is not to say that we should tell the parents their son “Is in a better place”. Many people say this, it is not comforting right now,)
      When we suffer we need something to hold onto. Our family and friends are often not enough. But we can always turn to God. He has infinite love and wisdom. Suggest that your friends and your daughter turn to God for the answer. It will take a while for them to understand but while they reflect, God is never far away.
      I think the best book and movie I ever experienced was “The Shack”. This will also help them know that God loves them and is never far away. I will be praying for the family and you and your daughter.

  • Dorothy Infante

    My favorite thing about the Mass is the assurance of God’s embrace. As a great sinner, I always feel that my sins are forgiven whenever I hear Mass – the Christ on the cross is a constant reminder of His greatest love for me and for all, and that no matter what happens He will never forsake us.

  • Ann

    The information can be found on the Love and Mercy website
    God Bless

  • Nicole M.

    Ever since I was little I have loved to sing. I love being able to sing the songs every week. Most of them are pretty much embedded in my memory. Now that I am older, I try to connect with the words. I try to sing them as a prayer and truly fall deep into what I am singing.

  • Susan

    The communion of saints is my favorite. Not only are all the angels, saints and the Blessed Mother, but I visualize my grandparents too. I find it very comforting to know they are there.

  • Diane Grohn

    Thank you Amanda Marie I will look on Utube as well.

  • Shonne Farrell

    I’ve grow to love the Mass. In it’s entirety. How can we separate the music from the liturgy; the consicration from the Holy Eucharist? All of our prayers join those of the Church Militant as we pray for our families, countries, the world as whole. May the graces of the Holy Mass fill your hearts with love and peace .

  • Elaine

    Participation and praying with my fellow Catholics and being a part of something larger than myself. Simple yet so powerful. Of course receiving communion and taking God into my soul and asking him to work through me is what I gain the most happiness from.

  • Bernadette

    Just sitting quietly in the church pew before mass begins – I feel so relaxed – I don’t have that feeling of peace anywhere else

  • Mona

    I can’t remember the exact words but during the Our Father when the priest says “protect us from all anxiety as we wait in joyful hope for the coming of our Savior”. I live with terrible anxiety and that always helps me.

  • Emma Spaulding

    I have never thought about this question before. I guess I would say going up to receive the Holy Communion which is now the body and blood of our Lord Jesus Christ. That is such a special moment where I get to receive Jesus in me and remember all that He did for me/us.

  • Katie Linkhauer

    At the end, when the priest declares the Mass has ended and tells everyone to go in peace, I do my best to earnestly say “Thanks be to God”. It’s a thank you for bringing me back to the Church after a rough patch in my life and for giving me another week to live life and do His work.

  • Cindy Leslie

    Thank you Matthew Kelly for reminding me that when I’m bored turn and be with God and pray and listen to Him.

  • Alice

    I like the introspection about if we are bored at mass, our lives are becoming irrelevant from Matthew Kelly. Wow I have heard that so often and thought it myself at times but I push against resistance and go. Even getting there, I leave better than before I arrived. Now I really want more thought into it and really think about LISTENING to the voice of God. I loved Luke’s favorite part of the mass, praying with all the Catholics and Saints. Never thought of this before but I will this weekend. My favorite part of the mass is communion – I feel we have a piece of Christ in us and we are sharing his body and blood. I also love the ending, go in pease and serve the lord.

  • Sarena

    My favorite part of Mass is the offering of peace we give eachother.

  • Susan Budak Runne

    I have two favorite parts- I find saying the Our Father together out loud very powerful. It reminds me that Jesus gave us this prayer. I love being Eucharistic Minister because I feel like when people accept the consecretated host I am helping God spread love.

  • gcmyers

    I recently attended a Latin Mass at the Vatican, and the Sign of Peace felt incredibly powerful there, knowing that I was surrounded by people from all over the world, and wishing them all peace. It was amazing, and I never felt anything quite like that before.

  • Kitty

    I love all the parts that include the changing of bread and wine to his body and blood. Also when we pray “Lord I am not worthy…” and “Behold the Lamb of God…”. These have always had a lot of meaning for me.

  • Andrew

    My favorite part is the Eucharist. Ever since I was little there was always a sensation that I got when the Priest held up the Body of Christ. It was almost like I could feel the transformation happen. I would get a little short of breath and I would get a tingling feeling inside my chest. As I got older and started to move away from God, that feeling started to make me feel uncomfortable, because I knew I was moving away from God, and that reminder of Gods power challenged me to stop moving away. Its been a long, long time since I went to mass on a regular basis, but every time I go I still get that feeling. I’m trying to find my way back home. I know what I have to do. The answer is simple, but that doesn’t mean that it’s easy.

  • Jesse Bourque

    My favorite part of the Mass is the time between when I receive Holy Communion and when the Priest and Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion close the tabernacle. That is my time to reflect and be alone with Jesus; whether there is the quiet shuffle of feet down the center aisle and back down the sides or being washed in the Eucharist song, it is my time to feel the presence of Jesus’ body. I just had a though: the closer I sit to the sanctuary, the more time I get to spend in that reflection…

  • Michelle

    My favorite parts of the Mass are the ones that we sing. Not just the hymns, but singing the parts of the Mass. This is odd when I think about it, because I’m usually very self conscious about my singing. In fact, when I was a child, one of the nuns listened to me singing with the class and asked me to “please just move your lips”. But, somehow, singing the parts of the Mass, which my church does, engages me more and makes me feel a part of the whole.

  • pat m

    the best part of the Mass for me is the “buildup” to receiving Communion, the acme of bliss in the Mass, the truly life-giving part of the Mass.

  • Rose

    My favorite THING about the mass is community, being Catholic and knowing I am part of that large community. Part of a truly special group. Part of Christ’s church. My favorite PART of the mass is the Intercession Prayer. Feeling the power of so many voices joined in prayer for others needs. Often times the Homily is a favorite part too for our parish priest does an excellent job making the Word relevant to today’s world and to enriching me spiritually.

  • Drew Grahek

    My favorite is the Profession of Faith. To me it is the single answer to the question “what do you believe?” It answers absolutely everything about that question precisely and succinctly. It used to be a rote recitation for me, having rediscovered Catholicism, I now speak it like an oath.

  • Sally

    The Consecration is my favorite part of the Mass. In preparing for First Holy Communion the Sisters of Mercy taught that this is the holiest moment of the Mass. We were meant to pray “My Lord and my God; My Jesus Mercy”. Because my father had died less than a year before my first communion, my mother asked me to say a special prayer for him on my first communion day. It was my custom to do this upon receiving the host but it has moved to praying for him at the consecration – together with so many other loved ones. I also pray for them when the priest reaches that point in the Eucharistic prayer. At the Consecration I also express my gratitude for being cancer-free for nine years and for having been given to my loving parents.

  • Lisa

    ‘Lord, I am not worthy to receive you but only say the word and I shall be healed’ brought me to tears every, single time. I am still a little saddened that this response was changed to state, ‘Lord I am not worthy that you should enter under my roof’ as its wording doesn’t have the same emotional impact to me but the deep, spiritual reflection is the same as I prepare myself to accept the Eucharist.

    • Linda Carmelle

      I feel the same and miss it a great deal too. The new wording disconnects it all spiritually for me.

  • lizmvr

    I never really thought of the Mass as a constant prayer throughout time and around the world–that is pretty cool! I think my favorite part is when we say the Our Father and then right after that, the priest asks that God take away our anxieties. For some reason, that part always sticks with me. When I pray by myself, I find myself going back to that part of the Mass. I think it’s because I do feel that worry takes my focus off of God and off of trusting in Him; so, asking him to keep us safe from such worry refocuses me on His Will.

  • Lori Grajek

    After reading a number of the comments it occurs to me that maybe why people get “bored” with the mass is that sometimes we forget to really THINK about what is being said. We’ve heard the words of consecration so many times and the Our Father we may forget how powerful they really are. Next time I’m going to try to be more mindful at mass.

  • Mari

    I went to mass this weekend. I was so touched by the sermon. Our priest talked about having spiritual eyes. Such a good reminder. To remember that when we are blind spiritually, we are missing out on food for the soul. He posed the question, of what is worse, to be blind physically? or to be blind spiritually? Lets take a deeper look and grasp what we can do to not be spiritually blind. Amen.

  • Bibi

    Love the music the joy in sharring peace to each other and most important the eurchirist at that moment we all become one in the body of Christ ❤️ The ultimate gift of Love

  • C Jay Poli

    I have to agree with Luke. At a young age, he was blessed to come to the realization of just how connected we all are because of the Mass. I was in my 60’s and had to travel to spend time with family in Europe to have this great epiphany that no matter where I was at that time, I was hearing and saying the same readings and prayers, worshiping in the same way as millions of other Catholics through out the world. No matter how far from home I traveled, I’d always be at home when at Mass. How comforting, how spiritual, how wonderful is that!

  • Jenny

    Thankful for these messages and the people willing to sacrifice to make the message availed to everyone. Thank to Dynamic team! Thank you Matthew.

  • Jim Crants

    I don’t find the Mass boring in general, but there are definitely more and less engaging homilies. Our regular priest tries to be Garrison Keillor delivering the news from Lake Wobegon, which results in a homily that’s as muddled and directionless as daily life. He has a pleasant voice, makes funny jokes, and tells interesting anecdotes, but if he’s making any links among the three readings and daily life, or if he’s giving us any instruction on how to live as Catholics, I usually miss it.

    When he’s away on a trip, though, his cousin takes over. His cousin makes very few jokes. He tells very few anecdotes. His voice is high and plaintive and not very pleasant at all. But in every homily he delivers, he makes it very clear why the three readings and the Psalm have all been put together in one Mass, and he concisely and directly explains what all of this should mean to us as Christians.

    I get bored by the priest who tries to entertain us. I’m riveted by the one who tries to teach us. Which I would say confirms rather than refutes Matthew’s point. The Church doesn’t need to find ways to make the Mass entertaining. It needs to ensure that the Mass is the Mass – that it connects us to God rather than anesthetizing our swollen egos like everything else in our culture is built to do.

    • Linda Carmelle

      O My Gosh Yes! Amen!

  • Caitlin Lowery

    What enjoy most during mass is the beautiful music that we sing to God. Songs with meaning, they help me understand what the readings are about while I happily use the voice God gave me to sing my heart out to Him.

    I also like the homily because it helps explain the readings and Gospel and applies it to our lives. I love it when the Priest relates it to something we’re familiar with, such as, Charlie Brown and the Lion King.

  • maryann

    i think the homily is the time to connect the reading(s) to our lives. A family friend who is a priest told me that one thing all the readings have in common is that they are about love and everyone can relate to that.

  • Janet

    My favorite thing about the Mass is the reality that Jesus is actually present and we can talk one-on-one with Him.

  • Anne Marie Davis Chang

    Just being there.

  • Vivienne

    I had to learn not to be bored at mass after listening to one of Mathews tapes!I go to mass to participate in the sacrifice: as if to entertain God ,not be entertained: l go early,sit at the front, follow the readings/ homilies and sing with whatever voice the lord gave me that day and usually leave renewed and peaceful and share the theme of that day with family or write it down.
    If I don’t participate , I get distracted and bored!

  • Carolyn Flynn

    I had a beautiful moment this week. As I said my Rosary, I apologized to our Blessed Mother when my mind wandered. Very gently, She replied, “But I am still with you.” It made me think of the patience of any mother when her children are not always focused as planned. We stay with them. So those times of mind-wandering, or disconnect, at Mass are something to work on but, when they happen, God also stays with us. My favorite part of the Mass is the beauty of receiving the Holy Eucharist. Yes, God stays with us.

  • Joselyn

    The unity of the church. Knowing my family in South African is hearing the sameness message. I wish I was bold enough to discuss it with them when we Skype/FaceTime. My absolute favorite is the reverence of the entire Catholic Church to the body and blood of Christ. I have attended other Christian churches and that’s when I first realized how impactful the Eucharist was in the Catholic Church.

  • howdoulikethemapples

    Bar none, the Consecration!!!

  • Mike W.

    My favorite time of the mass is just as I approach the Eucharist. I feel the awsome presence of Jesus which I am about to receive. It brings me close to tears.

  • Linda Carmelle

    I work a full time and 2 p.t. jobs.My husband works 1 f.t. and 1 p.t. job ,but no matter what we make time to go to mass every week and give that hour or 2 back to God.Sometmes since we work so much we must travel to other communities to celebrate the mass ,based on the time we end our work day.Its a blessing knowing that no matter where we go the Mass is universal and the elements are consistant. Mass is never boring when you travel around.
    For instance the Gloria is the same,but the melody used to sing it is vastly different. The church itself may be very modern or old world traditional.The readings and Gospels are all the same but your homily is based on the priests interpretation and life experiences. Some churches I enjoy going to more than others,but its a privledge to attend every week.God gives us 168 hours each week and Free will to choose what we want. But isn’t it perfect yo give back an hour or 2 to God each week?This concept was introduced in a church bulletin several years ago and if we didn’t travel from parish to parish I wouldn’t have that knowledge. Mass is never boring and always interesting when you travel around diocese and parishes=)