March 17: Falling in Love

Day 15

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My kids are little and just getting into life, and school, and things like that. One of the things I’ve thought a lot about, maybe obsessed a little bit about is, how can I help my kids learn to love learning?

As I’ve sort of gone through my own life and my experience in different scenarios (lots of experience in church and churches, lots of experience in companies and the corporate world), one of the things I’ve realized is that being a continuous learner is a massive advantage in life. Being a continuous learner makes life more interesting.

Being a continuous learner is completely wrapped up in becoming the-best-version-of-ourselves. Because when we’re constantly trying to become a-better-version-of-ourselves, we need more input. We need new input all the time. We need new insights, we need new awareness, we need new ideas that spark different behavior, different desires.

As Christians, we’re called to be ultimate people of possibility. We’re called to be people who believe that things are possible, people who are filled with a fabulous hope. And I think in order to maintain it, you really do have to be a continuous learner. And in order to grow spiritually, we have to be continuous learners.

People who are satisfied with what they already know, people who are sort of entrenched in their own opinions, tend not to be continuous learners and also tend not to be growing spiritually.

Do you love learning? If you don’t love learning, I want you to think about when you stopped loving learning. What happened in your life around that time that caused you to stop loving learning?

I want you to go back. I want you to trace it back. I want you to think about that situation. I want you to face that situation, however difficult, however uncomfortable, however painful. I want you to make peace with that situation, and then decide not to let that situation rob you of your future . . . and start to learn again, start to be a lover of learning.

It’s a beautiful thing. It’s something that just breeds excellence and helps us become the-best-version-of-ourselves. And when we fall in love with learning, we fall in love with life in a completely new way.

“Fill your mind with thoughts of God. Spend your days thinking about things that are good and true and beautiful and noble, and you will become good and true and beautiful and noble.”

Matthew Kelly, Resisting Happiness

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Wherever you find excellence, you find continuous learning. They go hand in hand. Wherever you find that continuous learning is missing, you find mediocrity.


Do something today to stoke your love of learning.


Lord, inspire me to fall in love with learning. Help me to fill my days with you, and with things that are good, beautiful, noble, and true.

Today’s personal reflection features Dynamic Catholic team member Lindsey Paris. Lindsey is one of our mission partners. She comes to us from Booneville, Indiana. Lindsey was known as a backseat driver as early as preschool, absolutely loves sending and receiving mail, and hopes to grow all of her own food someday.

How has continuous learning made your life better?

Let us know in the comments!

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  • Ed

    Continuous learning is like the pilot light of our old gas furnace in the home of my childhood. God is the energy source. The pilot light enables the home to be heated so that we can endure the chill of winter. And with that little bit of comfort I grow and mature. The little bit of time put into continuous learning enable me to stay rooted in living for God versus engulfed in the discomfort of worldly ways.

    • Marilyn

      Wow – you really did put a great perspective on learning and I appreciate your poetic explanation of God and His light. Thank you.

      • John Kearney

        I agree!!! Great analogy!

    • Chuck Havers

      Ed, right on point, make sure your pilot light never goes out, even on those windy days😇

      • Lea Novak

        Hear! Hear! As St. Paul said, “Pray constantly!”

    • Ann G


      This is a beautiful analogy!

      Have a blessed day!


    • faithnhope

      This made me think of a Bible study I went to last year. I learned so much that I didn’t know! I’m 56 years old and went to Catholic grade school and high school and still have so much to learn about God and His plan for us. Mainly what I picked up from the Bible study is how often God has reached out to sinful humanity. And He still does this because He loves us beyond all comprehension. But He desires our trust and obedience in return. Our God is so great!!! We don’t deserve Him (I know I don’t!), but He doesn’t give up on us!

      • Elephant

        I have been studying the Old Testament this year. I read about 5 chapters a day. It is amazing to me how many times they turn from God and He always brings them back through His love and then there they go again. But aren’t we the same way? Always looking for something better or putting God on the back shelf. And His love endures forever! He is such a faithful, loving God. I am so grateful He wants me. God bless all.

        • Carolyn McDonald

          Back in the ’80’s I had a non-Catholic colleague/work friend who was a born again Christian who suggested a great New Year’s resolution: to read the Bible cover to cover as a goal for the year. I happened to get sent on an overseas assignment that year for the consulting company I worked for. I was single and in my mid-20’s at the time. That reading experience became my comfort when I was so homesick living 3000 miles from home and family and getting used to a foreign country. I learned so much and really gained an appreciation for the Word.

  • Michael Baur

    About two years ago I switch job and I am learning to become a licensed Optician. I love learning about the eye and how better it works. The more I learn, the better I can help my patients

  • Pearl Brown

    I love learning about the Bible I always did since I was in grade school back then we had what was called Bible History which was my favorite subject. Since then I have gotten away from that however I do plan on starting to learn it again by ready a passage in the Bible everyday

  • Doug

    I was a total screw up in high school. I was having too much fun to study and it showed on my final transcript…straight D’s in my senior year. No college for me. But that didn’t stop me from learning and wanting to learn. Example: although I was never anywhere near a C level position I subscribed to the Harvard Business Review for 2 years. Most articles didn’t pertain to me, but I still learned a lot. I learned how upper management thought and did get some god ideas from it.

    Enter the bible and my Christianity. What was once blah and had no meaning became abundantly clear that I wanted to learn as much about God as I possible can. Once I had my epiphany, scripture took on a whole new meaning. What’s pretty cool about the Best Lent Ever, I get to learn from you all. God Bless

    • John Kearney

      Hi Doug, I like how you think, not letting those grades hold you back from learning. I also had an epiphany moment, it was at a Confirmation retreat where I was part of the adult team. My first experience at a retreat like that was a real eye opener. You learn and are inspired a lot from hearing about other people’s journey with Christ. I would encourage everyone to find and attend a retreat, many of them also have for sale books by the top Catholic writers like Matthew Kelly, Dr. Allan Hunt, Curtis Martin, Dr. Scott Hahn, Jeff Cavins, and Fr. Larry Richards. The last retreat I attended was a Cursillo retreat, it was very good.
      Happy St. Patrick’s Day and God Bless!
      PS Bible study groups are also a great way to learn more about the Bible and the teachings of Jesus.
      PPS It just dawned on me, many of these authors books can be purchased on Matthew Kelly’s website. The coffee is just kicking in!

      • Susie Avril Glascock

        Thank you so much for sharing more author names, I too attended a few retreats over the last couple of years. The best thing I could do for myself. I am now participating in the Mariam Movement for priest prayer group. What an amazing time spent each week..
        Happy St.Patrick’s Day!

      • Doug

        If or when your parish offers it, plan to attend a program called Christ Renews His Parish I attended mine 2 years ago and loved it so much I volunteered to be a team leader for the next one.

        • Karen in FL

          Since you mentioned CRHP, I’ll join in…I went to the first weekend for women at our parish (we now have had over 20!). I had been pretty introverted, but found my hand in the air, volunteering to give a talk for the next weekend. When a team traveled to put on CRHP at another parish in our diocese, I went, and was a table leader. Again I was asked to be on a travel team, as an invitation helper. Each of these experiences helped me to deepen what CRHP teaches us. I always recommend that people dip their toes in the water. You will not regret it!

          • Doug

            Excellent Karen. I went to mine in 2015. It was only our 5th. As I said, I volunteered as a team leader and was asked to give a talk about Christian Outreach. As you well know we spent a lot of time planning it…10 months worth. The women had a great turnout but we only had 12 men register for 2016. I belong to St. Matthew in Charlotte. As of this moment we have nearly 10,500 registered families (the largest parish in the US), which means there are at least 5,000 men. We had to cancel. It’s so sad that out of 5,000 we could only get 12 to register.) Most of the same team came back to plan for this year. We are praying that we’ll be creative enough to come up with a better plan for recruitment.

          • Michael Coons

            Karen, don’t loose hope. We are preparing for our 22nd CRHP weekend. We only have 9-10 men. We thought of cancelling but our priest said the most amazing thing. “1, 9, 25″ It is a about saving souls and if it happens to be just 1, it was all worth it.” CRHP changed my life, my married and how I treat my community.

          • Doug

            Michael, that was the problem. As much as the pastor loves CRHP, he decided 12 wasn’t enough. We were extremely disappointed. This year will be different.

          • Bill S

            Doug, I certainly understand your frustration in not being able to recruit from such a large pool. We have similar issues in my home parish. I have attended two CRHP weekends, my first back in 1983, and then again in 2007. I am not sure what everyone is so busy doing these days that they can’t carve out a weekend (heck, it’s not even a full weekend) to spend some time with Jesus and growth and learn with a group of men or women who have the same struggles with daily life and their faith. The best pitch I ever heard was from a CRHP Team Leader who gave the Top 10 Reasons for Attending a CRHP Weekend, a la David Letterman. It was humorous but cut through all the bull.

          • Karen in FL

            Our parish is Our Lady Star of the Sea in the St. Augustine (FL) diocese. CRHP has been a wonderful addition to every parish it’s been held at! We sometimes have low response to enrollment for the men’s weekends, but the more men who go, the more they speak about it to their friends. A certain number is required so that there are enough to put on the program for the next weekend. That is a wonderful experience, believe me! God is ultimately in control!

        • GladeLady

          Doug, I totally agree with you on thr CHRP. Best retreat I ever attended. Don’t short change yourself people. If your church offers it, join it. My husband had just converted to Catholicism and attended it. He was so impressed. We both ended up volunteering to help lead the next ones which proved to be even more inspiring than the first one we attended.

      • Elephant

        Down here in Texas we have the ACTS (Adoration, Community, Theology, Service) retreat. It is a weekend retreat men or women that goes from Thursday evening until Sunday morning Mass. It is a very spiritual retreat and has brought so many Catholics back into the church fully participating. It was designed around the Cursillo but with the idea of bringing it back to the community. It strengthened my journey so much and in participating in these retreats I have learned we all have a story and we all struggle. It is nice to have “Sisters” to share this with.

      • Lisa

        I saved your list. Also Fr. Jim Nisbet has great scripture study audio tapes. He is the one that claimed he could find God’s love in any part in the Bible. His study of the Song of Songs in particular really make you fall in love with God.

    • Ann G

      Hi Doug,

      Thanks for linking this topic to the Bible.

      I completely agree and I think it’s waaaay cool that you read Harvard Business Review!

      Have a blessed day!


      • Doug

        Ann: Did I say read? I should have said I just looked at the pictures. 🙂

    • Joyce W.

      Doug, I did try at school but emotionally I wasn’t well equipped in high school to do my best and I never had further formal education either, apart from the odd course taken for my enjoyment at night school or a few years ago in college summer programs. Yet I think the ground work of my schooling was enough to equip me for learning throughout my long life, and I have a thirst for learning! Like you, I love learning about God, and especially about my adopted Catholic Faith, and about my fellow posters here. God bless.

    • Lisa

      My dad dropped out of high school because of the war. He is now 90 years old. As long as I can remember he has read books. In business, he read every law pertaining to his business as it came out. He read the classic business books. He also read the bible cover to cover. He subscribed to newsletters. He ordered a list of words one year and decided he would learn the meaning of a word a day. In later years, he discovered University classes on audio books. My new son-in-law likes the Learning Channel. In short, there are so many ways to learn and so many things to learn about.

  • Arnetta Berkley Jones

    I find joy in learning new things. I’m in awe of what I didn’t know. I take the phrase “I learn something new everyday seriously. It’s fascinating to find out some new fact.

  • Beth

    I love to learn how to do new things. At 49 i learned how to approach training to run 5k and running brought with it a new reliance on prayer🙃. I am learning to draw and paint right now through videos (great courses) and surprise, drawing and painting bring a unique awareness of God in all beauty…as i study an item in nature to draw/paint. Of course reading spiritual books broadens my understanding of God and my relationship with Him… learning about the communion of saints….wow what a beautiful family of God ….that really changed my life! How uplifting it is to reflect on the power of learning! Thank you for this question!

    • Ann

      Beth, I’ve had a similar experience. Due to some health problems that doctors could not find the cause of, I began reading everything I could about the human body (endocrine system, metabolism, etc..). I was able to determine the cause of my problems (mostly stress), and in the process of learning, became even more in awe of God’s creation. It’s absolutely amazing how interdependent all the processes of the human body are…when we are in a place of balance (homeostasis), everything works the way it should. But when one system is out of balance, it pulls the other systems out of balance. Amazing!

      • Lea Novak

        I love to think about how great is our God, and how wonderfully intricate his creation is! And then I get so frustrated at the hubris of people who think that they know the whole answer to a medical problem, when they only have one or two puzzle pieces. Then they throw the balance even more out of whack that the original ailment did! I have some dear ones who are struggling with the treatment to prevent breast cancer from recurring…they have been put on a medication that completely removes all estrogen from the body. The side effects of this medication are unbelievably bad. I can’t believe that this is the correct answer to the problem of estrogen-dependent breast cancer. It isolates one factor, when there are multiple factors that fit together like a finely tuned machine. Oh well, please forgive my rant, and please pray for both those who have been diagnosed with this cancer and those who are looking for treatments and cures!

        • Taryn Macary

          Lea – That can be so terribly frustrating and painful. I am so sorry for what you are going through as you see your friends struggling with the side effects of cancer treatments. I am going through this now with my niece who has breast cancer, horrific side effects, in and out of the hospital. (We live states away) Our greatest witness to God’s love is prayer and His will. Keep His heart close. Many Blessings Lea!!!

  • mrcpuhead

    I love the analogy of stoking a fire, as continuous learning is just that. This is especially relevant to me, since I often struggle to get a fire going well enough to burn for a while without attention. But once it does start blazing really well, its so satisfying. Such is the impact of seeking out learning opportunities in my life. This takes so many forms for me: reading, watching TED talks (my current passion), taking classes for professional development, formal career related training, my graduate studies, or…hopefully coming soon, learning to play guitar or another instrument. From a biological perspective, think of learning as exercise for the brain – if you don’t do it continuously, your brain will atrophy…not good! Love this reflection!!!

    • Elaine Cooper

      Great reflection. I volunteer at a dementia unit. Keeping ones brain sharp will not go so well after the fact. Dementia will steal the smartest persons knowledge no matter what. The human brain is a powerful thing to enjoy while it still functions well. I also am going to learn to play an instrument this year. A Eukalaie. Then I’ll play it for the seniors. Brain exercise is every bit as important as physical exercise. Possibly more so in my opinion. Good luck to you and I with our studies.

      • Elephant

        Elaine so true concerning Dementia. My mother-in-law was relentless doing cross word puzzles everyday. She was very good at it. Now she has dementia and can barely remember her children. It is a sad thing, but makes me realize what a gift the brain is and how we should utilize it to its fullest while we can. God bless you and your work.

        • Elaine Cooper

          When dealing with Dementia the best thing I learned is, don’t try to orient them. Little wite lies to keep calmness helps them when needed. Instead of being sad, do something that will make them feel good in that moment. A hug ,a song, a stroll, a cupcake and a smile 🙂 It’s true sadly, soon they will forget possibly you or what you did, but the good feeling in their heart sticks. Doesn’t matter that they forget what brought the good feeling. Only matters that the feeling stuck. Better to have a warm heart than a frustrated one. God Bless your family and mother in law. It’s a very cruel disease, cruelest on those who care for them, not the person suffering from it. Good luck to you. I lost my Dad just 2 mos ago to old age and Dementia. The best gift I gave him was myself. Education on handling and understanding the disease is better than letting “it” handle you. Have a great day.

  • Linda

    When I was a teenager I had a poster on my wall with red “He who is not busy being born is busy dying”. That’s how I feel about learning – unless we continue to learn we are not growing , we are dying. As far as my faith goes , I know if I don’t learn on my own I’m not going to get it for my parish because we don’t have any adult education. I also learn a lot from watching EWTN. I also get book recommendations from friends and I love to watch informational and educational videos on YouTube that are related to my faith and other things that are important to me.

    • Linda

      Correction on my above post should read “which read” not “with red”.

      • Merry Mayo

        I absolutely loved the saying of your poster “He who is not busy being born , is busy dying”. You have inspired me to make a poster like that and put it up in my home. Thanks Linda!

      • Lisa

        There is an edit button at the bottom of your post. I didn’t notice it at first either.

  • Susan E

    Awesome message today! I took notes so I can reflect on this one today. I work in a community college and sadly – have noticed lately that several of my colleagues – despite working in the education arena – have stopped their own continuous learning process. Students notice it and tend not to sign up for those courses. These faculty are also a bit cranky. And I now know why. Instead of criticizing them in my head – I will pray for them in my heart.

    • Lisa

      Yes, those who learn something new all the time are more excited about life and therefor make better teachers. Who wants to learn something from a teacher who thinks their own class is boring.

  • Susie Avril Glascock

    I remember specifically in grade school when I shut down the will to read outside of mandatory school work. Because of this I wanted to be a an Early Childhood teacher. I have taught Kindergarten for the Diocese of Orlando for many rewarding , wonderful years. After twelve years of catholic education that is where my heart was. I wanted to give each child the love of books and reading. Then God took me on a different passionate route, as a mom of an Aspergers child I began to read furiously as much as I could to understand this 14 years ago. Today he is an amazing, faith filled young man who has taught me more than any book or class ever could. I am so grateful for Matthew Kelly and the staff of Dynamic

    • Prayers! To me Special Needs children are really just children who provide Special Needs to the beautiful parents 🙂

      • Susie Avril Glascock

        Well said, He is amazing!

  • Liz Ware

    I was a terrible student when I was in high school and even in college although I did manage to graduate in 4 years it was not a true acedemic learning experience. I did learn a lot, but not from the books or classes so much. 🙂 It was not until later in life that I truly started to love learning. Now I read a new book every few weeks, and I am even getting some certifications for my business. I love reading spiritual, and self help books. They make me grow more as a person to be a better version of me

    • Doug

      Like you, high school academics not so hot, but I do feel like I have a Masters at UHK. University of Hard Knocks.

      • Carolyn McDonald

        Love the analogy! I remember one of my professors at UIC (many, many moons ago!) saying that going to college is about teaching you how to think and solve problems for the real world, and that just because you complete your degree with certain knowledge or skills, you’ll always need to continue to grow and keep on learning.

    • Stanley Elfrink

      Same here, Liz. In HS and college, I managed to pick up a few things and get a diploma but missed out on a ‘real’ education. That’s changed and the fire for learning is burning hot at 57 yo. It’s never too late. The tough part is not looking bad and knowing I missed a lot of great opportunities.

  • Karen

    As a retired teacher of exceptional education (children with disabilities) I know the joy of seeing a child learn something new. My favorite poster in my classroom was “Success Builds Success” (it showed a bunny climbing a ladder…one rung at a time). My students learned things slowly…baby steps but loved to learn since we celebrated our success! They use to look at me at point to the ladder….knowing they took the next rung on the ladder. Where does your ladder lead?? My ladder leads to heaven and I learn more and more about my God everyday…baby steps for sure but I’m on my way❤

    • Denise Barbieri

      I love your analogy! Thanks for that image.

      • Karen

        Can’t you just see us taking those rungs…up the ladder….one at a time? I can👍

    • Eleanor

      Karen, As a parent of an 18 yr old daughter with Down syndrome, I love that you used the term “exceptional” education. Usually when I see that term in regards to education it is for the “gifted/intelligent” students. Thank you!!!

      • Karen

        God placed me in the best career teaching my students with exceptionalities. I loved my students and taught many children with Down’s. God gave me the gift of seeing their “possibilities”…NOT their “impossibilities “. Always loving & blessing them & their families❤

        • Ma

          I can only imagine what God and your exceptional kiddos have taught you Karen, you are truly gifted and used your gift exceptionally❤❤

        • Cecilia

          Great! We should look and feel for all the “possibilities ” not the “impossibilities” with everyone. Thank you for the reminder.

      • Susan Amann

        Eleanor, as a parent of a child on the autism spectrum, it is not hard to see my child as exceptional. So very often she shares a view of the world that opens my eyes to a new way of seeing. I’ve not met a parent with an exceptional child who has not experienced this gift. God bless you and your exceptional child!

        • Eleanor

          God bless you as well Susan. Yes, Katie has taught me so much and I love how she looks at life!!

    • Prolifedem6M

      I teach adults to read at our local library. Some of them have been high school graduates who don’t know how to read, I am struck with how exceptional they are and often, how smart they are.
      Think for a moment how smart you have to be to negotiate life without being able to read and, for some, not to let anyone know that you can’t read. There is so much closed to you when you can’t read. Yet, these folks negotiate those challenges. They truly are exceptional!

      • Karen

        Thanks you for sharing your talents in teaching & showing people the wonderful world of reading the written word. How blessed they are to have your teaching & guidance. They are blessed📚📚📚

        • Prolifedem6M

          Thank you. It is a rewarding experience to see a student grow in his skills and find out how much more is available to people who read. Your local library may have such a program. I highly recommend getting involved.

    • Beverly Hoeflinger

      I loved your comment baby steps for sure but I am on my way, I feel it too, one at a time.

    • Christiane

      As Christians, we are all “exceptional children.” Our disabilities come from our woundedness, our pride, our detachment, our sloth, our procrastination, our lack of patience, etc… etc…. We do grow by baby steps on that ladder to heaven. And my experience is that exceptional children, such as Down’s, have the advantage over us in climbing that ladder to heaven as they lack so much of our baggage, us “normal” people.

      • Midge Barger

        I love what you said; Christiane. That really was so insightful and I spent 30 years as a Registered Nurse and I loved caring for not only my patient’s physical needs but also their emotional and spiritual needs. We truly are God’s “exceptional” children. God bless you and have a blessed day.

      • Jennifer Lind Bourgeois

        Christiane, that is an awesome analogy! I’ve been wounded sinful, prideful… name it! Reading good spiritual books, the Bible and rich in history are helping me to grow.

      • Maria Michelle Swing

        Loved your concept that we all have disabilities from different things that we’ve experienced. Some of the bad things do paralyze us, create baggage, and stop us from learning. But with God’s help, his healing touch, we can drop that baggage and begin again to love learning. Thank you, Christiane.

        • Elizabeth Brumann

          I love your concept because I know that I have a learning disability with ADD and this disability did stop me from learning about who god really is and I had learned that god does not judge or condemn anyone and everyone is their own person.

          A disability does not define a person their and their personality is what defines them as a person. I have a physical disability mild arthritsis because this condition is teaching me how to cope with it deal with it and manage it and teaching me ways to take care of myself and to help myself. It is about learning how to do things for myself and to be self sufficient and reliant and to work with the tools that I have and there is nothing that I can do to change the fact that I had been born with learning a disability that I have been living with 37 years soon to be 38 years of my life and to work hard at whatever I had chosen to do with my life and when I had gotten something I was always proud of myself. I did not let the disability define I let my hard work and determination define me. I was so glad when I had mastered the smallest things and I did not let any obstacles or roadblocks get in the way of learning.

          Living with arthritsis is something that I have to learn everyday from self help and care to management to doing things such learning how to use the walking stick to learn how to walk to using my right knee to doing rehabilitation for the condition I had to learn about the condition. I had to research and understand the condition because this condition is going to be with me for the rest of my life. I will always be going to Dr. Meyer once a month to have him check the condition to make sure that the condition does not worse and I have to home treatments on it. I have to learn how to take care of it and cope with it live with it and manage it.

          This disability does not define me instead it inspires me to learn more about it and to gain more insight and understanding as to what having mild arthritsis means and how it is going to shape my life and future and to help examine my goals, objectives and future plans as to what is going to happen to me as to what the best direction for me is in my life. It is an examination of my life and it is about it is about learning about myself as a person as to what I can and cannot do and it is about overcoming obstacles and roadblocks and not letting a disability define me as a person. It is about learning about myself and getting to myself. It is about mean gaining an understanding of god and how he helps people out. It is about me learning to walk again with the help of god in my life.

          It is about being strong and determined and not giving up and just keep hanging on. It is about the willingness to work hard and not give up on yourself and to let god help you and to guide me down the adventures and the journey of life. God is giving me a challenge and I have to accept the challenge and work towards the goal of getting myself better and making things easier and better for myself. I am being called to help myself and to take care of myself and to do what is right for myself. I am being called to be a hard worker and a fighter and not a whiner or a quitter and I am called to examine my life and too gain knowledge and understanding of life and its many situations. It is my turn to embrace the arthritsis with dignity and grace and not to let the arthritsis define me and shape my life and future because I am the one that shapes my own future by the choices that I make in my everyday life.

          My future is my hands and I control my own destiny not the learning disability with ADD and not the arthritsis. It is how I handle the condition of arthritsis. I am more then mild arthritsis I am a person of god. God is calling me to be a better person and not just disabilities but to be a person to work with god because anything is possible with god in my life god is my father up in heaven. I am hard work strength persistence determination and courage. I am called to be calm and relaxed not to feel stressed out worried nervous concerned anxious or afraid I am called to be brave and strong. I am being called to be my own person. I am not a disability or a condition I am a person with a heart spirit and soul.

          Lent is preparation for Easter lasting 40 days from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday and to prepare for Holy Week by abstaining from negative thoughts feelings opinions views attitudes and behavior and it is about establishing a relationship with god and it is about conversation by reading the magifcat, watching the mass on television prayer fasting and almsgiving doing acts of kindness and charity reading the daily offering and reflection praying and meditating on the mysteries of the rosary going to confession going to mass reading the daily missal reading the bible forgiveness, mercy compassion reconciliation helping others being nice to others and saying nice words and thoughts about others and encouraging and motivating and just saying an uplifting thought for the day. It is about becoming a better person that can kind meaning and purpose. Lent is about preparation for Easter and the resurrection of Jesus and reflecting on the teachings of Jesus.

          • Kelly

            Wow, Elizabeth! You say a lot here. Thank you for the beautiful sketch with words! And thank you for the inspiration!

      • Karen Kotzbach McCreary

        Christiane, I couldn’t agree more about the exceptional children with Down’s or any other problem like that having the distinct advantage over us with all that baggage that we bring to every situation. My heart skips a beat watching these children learn the smallest thing .The joy it fills me with is indescribable . Pure love ,God’s love, is always all over their faces ! Thank you for your comment . Wishing all on this journey the best Lent ever.

      • Therese G Upperman

        This is right on task, Christiane. I know of a special needs child that smiles every day. Even when I am in a foul mood, i cannot be sad around her, because she is happy to be alive and loves being in school. I learn from her that life really is pretty simple– keep learning, keep smiling, and keep going, because something wonderful is just around the bend.

    • Tina Karl

      Karen, as a retired teacher, I also shared your passion. People remarked that I was “special”, for teaching children with special needs. I always felt God gave us all special gifts, and I was so fortunate to share mine in that way. I’m sure I would not have had the patience to work with a room of ‘gifted’ students, and my hat is off to those with whom God shared that gift!! He helped me see the inner strengths of each child and I can’t describe the joy I felt when we celebrated the smallest of steps together!! Thank you for the idea of being patient with my own journey in life, and a reminder of how wonderful it can be to celebrate the smallest of steps!!

    • JillWe

      Beautifully Said!

    • Carolyn McDonald

      Karen – you are an absolute angel. Thank you for your inspiring comments!

    • Jim Ziegler

      Well written Karen.With or without a disability I think we all need to take baby steps and to reflect and enjoy every rung we take because this is no ordinary ladder it is the “Ladder Of Love”

    • Dana S.

      Karen, when I was 4-5 months pregnant my first little girl died in my womb. We buried her next to her brother, but the beauty of what you just shared is that it brought back a memory I hardly ever share. Our 4 year old son Noah was there when we were about to put her casket in the ground and he asked me to open it because he had something for her to take to heaven. I asked to have it opened and I looked at what Noah wanted to give his sister Emily. It was a picture he drew of a ladder and he told me she would need it, to find her way to Heaven. What a work of love you have dedicated your life to. Every day I learn from my kids in Heaven and those I am still blessed to hold every day.

      • BettyBee

        Dana, God has obviously blessed you with very special graces to be able to deal with the losses you have had. And little Noah’s gesture is nothing less than Jesus showing himself through the wonder of the thoughts, words and actions of a child, from whom, I dare say, we learn most of our lessons. If we could only hold on to that childhood wisdom and the no barriers relationship we have with God.

      • Kris

        Dana, Thank you for sharing. My daughter in the last year had two babies die in her womb at one at 20 weeks, Peter, and one at 22 weeks, Clare. We are still dealing with the pain of the loss, but reading your words has helped me have hope that we will get there. Clare and Peter are in heaven and we miss them daily but know they are the lucky ones. It is just hard to see my daughter , her husband and her two other little boys suffering the loss.

  • Nancy R

    I left a job of 19 years so I could begin to live, love and grow. I have since been soul searching and living life more than ever before. Opening myself up to new experiences and learning. I’ve been discovering so much about my children, my marriage and the world.
    My 13 year old daughter is making her confirmation in April. This has been a learning experience for me. To be present and experience this process with her has been an amazing journey.
    Dynamic Catholic is helping me with my spiritual journey. It’s feeding the sprirutual emptiness I’ve had inside for so long. This is a new and exciting learning process for me.

  • Chuck Havers

    I was so excited to receive today’s Lenten message from the Dynamic Catholic team about the value of continuous learning, something I have personally believed in very much, in both my professional life AND my personal life. To my new friends, I urge you to make this a cornerstone of your life and the lives of your children…read, read again and read some more and make reading scripture your first lesson. 15 minutes a day will astound you with it’s impact and then share what your readings teach you with others. Also, no advertisement is intended here…read Mathew’s book Resisting Happiness, it’s a quick read and will impact your life!!!! Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone!

  • Sherry McCollum

    I have a love of reading that I have learned from my grandmother; when I was growing up, she was always with us for Sunday dinner and when dinner was over she would just sit and read a book and I guess I started mimicking her way of relaxation and calmness. Now that I am older and hopefully wiser, I read all the time especially in the summer where I could sit on the beach and read all day. At this time in my life, I am still reading and learning but this time it is all about my Catholic faith. Last night my son came to me and said he is questioning his faith and my heart just fell. Being parents, we can only hope and pray that God will lead him to the answers he seeks.

  • Lisa

    I always want to remain teachable. It keeps me humble.

    • Kim Burrell

      Me too…….I love what you wrote…. Thank you

    • Jean

      What a great statement! Thank you. Remaining teachable opens so many possibilities.

    • Mary

      Thank you Lisa, humility is a tough one for me and remaining teachable might help.

    • Kathiehc

      Someplace in Scripture we read that humility must go before wisdom!
      In other words, humility has to clear out the “ego-issues” so that we have room for Wisdom to come in!

      • Patricia Kirner Baker

        So true, Kathiehc!

      • McShrek

        Truer words have never been written

      • yo__hi

        “When pride comes, disgrace comes; but with the humble is wisdom.” Proverbs 11:2

      • yo__hi

        “When pride comes, disgrace comes; but with the humble is wisdom.” Proverbs 11:2

    • Mary Jo Wilder

      I agree!!

    • Lynne

      Well put Lisa – to remain humble is a gift.

      • Karen Kotzbach McCreary

        Lynne, yes , it is a gift . If we are truly humble we are “about” the truth . Think about that for a moment . You can’t have humility without having truth. This was taught to us when I was in a small Catholic girl’s college many years ago .It was at a spiritual retreat we had once a year .I loved that lesson. Accepting a compliment should be responded to with , “Thank you. “, not a denial . The priest used the line ,”Oh , what , this old thing . I’ve had it for years.” when someone says what a pretty dress that is . We are denying that person and making them feel possibly foolish. By being humble we are seekers of the truth and in God and His infinite wisdom, grace, and love , we find ALL truth . Every time I hear a discussion about humility I think about that lesson and it becomes more and more precious to me . I’ve never heard another talk or lesson about humility and truth ever again by any teacher or priest. When we finally get this all figured out , then we’ll have a pinch of wisdom. I really love this discussion .

        • Lynne

          Thanks for sharing Karen.

    • Carolyn McDonald

      There’s a basic tenet I learned in some leadership training I took about 10 years ago, where their basic premise is the “Compassionate Samurai” where we seek to create a world that works for everyone, with no one left behind. Your humble, and remaining teachable note reminded me of the basic tenet of “Beginners Mind”. The idea is we should approach all learning with “Beginner’s Mind”– being open and humble enough to see there can be always be more to learn, even if we are the “master” in a particular subject (or not!).

  • Latifa

    I am like a small child when they discover new things. I love reading. I love to learn to new things. Reading more about God has made me a better person. It’s brought me closer to him.

    • Lea Novak

      Me too! I love fiction books, but you can learn a lot even from those–you can learn empathy for others, since fiction books usually give you the thoughts of the characters along with their words and actions, and you can learn about other cultures, since the authors usually do good research while writing, and you can learn history, and even a little science (one of my favorite subjects). My husband used to ask me how I knew all these odd little bits of trivia, and was shocked when I said I learned from reading fiction!

      • Latifa

        I’m a non fiction reader. When I was younger I use to read fiction. I use to take one or two days to read a book if it was interesting. When one reads you learn so much you become one with the characters. I’m trying to teach my kids to read more. God bless

      • Joyce W.

        I agree, Lea, you can learn a surprising amount from a good work of fiction if it is well researched. My husband and I both love to google and learn more about the things that we have come across, both in fictional books and also movies. The key, of course is the quality of what we are exposing ourselves to, but thankfully there are some wonderful writers both Christian and non-Christian who can set our minds towards lessons from history, or the marvels of science and God’s creation. By the way, I have just finished reading a marvelous biography of St. Marguerite d’Youville by Sister Rita Maguire, which has taught me a lot about life in early New France as well as about the saint herself.

      • Jennifer Martin

        I am typically a non-fiction reader, but have challenged myself this year to alternate between fiction and non-fiction. I’m enjoying letting myself “indulge” in the fiction, and am also learning that I can learn from it as well!

  • Delia Shuert Kavanaugh

    I tell my children the day you stop learning and growing is the day you are dead. Perfection is not for this life. Mistakes are at the very core of our learning. My life has been full of them and I have spent way too much time repeating some of my mistakes, but in time I have grown tremendously from those mistakes. Reading has been a huge source of my learning process from The Road Less Traveled by Scott Peck to Rediscover Jesus and others by Matthew Kelly. Bible study has been awesome in my life. I’ve learned so much and it has helped me understand so much more about the Catholic faith. And the best part, is what I have learned through those in my Bible study group. I’ve met some tremendous people of faith and have grown from their sharing. I don’t ever want to stop learning! Lord help us all find joy in leaving!

  • Mike

    For some, learning is a lifelong struggle. The mind can be slow to assimilate new ideas making lthe process of learning not fun, and even troublesome because of the temptation towards discouragement. Eventually, a love for learning can take root. But that doesn’t make the process any more enjoyable. I’m speaking from personal experience and now watching my son go through the same. In the spirit of praying constantly, as we heard in the video a few days ago, will you offer your next act of intentional learning for the souls who tend towards avoiding learning because it is so difficult and frustrating? Be assured of my prayers for all brothers and sisters that your continual learning is put to good use for changing our culture to one of life-giving love that brings God’s light into the world.

    • Catherine

      Wow Mike, what a beautiful reminder! I have always loved reading, yet 3 of my 4 children struggled immensely with learning through the written word. Frustration and discouragement were a daily reality especially during their school age years. I encouraged them to listen to good stories and use whatever technology was available so they could get to experience the value of the lesson while continuing to work on improving their reading skills. I used our parish library and would borrow tapes or cds of talks and books and hopefully led by example that like any other hurdle, difficulty reading doesn’t have to limit your possibilities.

  • Kurt Elward

    This has helped me consider how I can regain the love of learning about God. When did I become tired of really spending time learning to love God more, what His Word means, what living in His Will entails? When did I become too familiar with the superficial “awareness” of Biblicla stories and stop reveling in the wonders of his creation and the Lord’s plan for my life? When has just getting the daily list done become the way I gauge the worth of my actions?

    I am inspired by this message to refocus my prayer on the wonder of God and the ways He loves me, to read the Saints stories of their love for Jesus and really try to learn the joy of their love for God.

  • Kathy

    In High school I did what I had to do to get by. Never took the time to really learn what I was being taught. And know fast forward in life. A couple of years ago I started daily readings from spiritual books and recently starting reading a chapter in the bible most days. this has helped me really learn and understand what God is telling me. On days that I don’t do my readings I can tell that something is missing. Thank you Matthew Kelly for the “Best Lent Ever”. God Bless!

  • Sue Neumann

    As a teacher I love learning! And I love sharing what I’ve learned with others. My most passionate teaching and learning comes from my faith. I have participated in numerous retreats, diocesan leadership courses and workshops over the years. My current journey has me beginning the Catechist track at the St. John Bosco Conference in Steubenville this summer. If you ever have the opportunity to attend this 4 day conference, DO IT! It has inspired me and helped me to deepen my faith. In addition, I get to hang out with Dr. Scot Hahn:)) who John Kearney mentioned below. Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone!

  • Brittanie Stevens

    I’m 1 year new to mommy hood and it is fascinating how God created our minds. I see my son soaking in everything he can, minute by minute. Everything I say and do is now under a microscope and it has made me more conscious of my habits, good and bad, and how much of an effect they are on my little guy. Learning new things brings peace and joy to my life. I, much like Lindsey feel enriched by reading good inspirational, faith-building books. They help me to become enriched and renewed! Happy St. Patrick’s Day Dynamic Catholic Team!

  • Mary B.

    I am not a reader and I think one of the main reasons is that I don’t find the time in my day to dedicate to a good book. If the weather is nice I’d rather be outside and at night I prefer to watch tv! I would be the last person to ever bring a book on my vacation, whereas many of my friends read 1-2 books while they are away! After yesterday’s passage from the book ” Resisting Happiness” I wanted to challenge myself and read Matthew’s gospel in its entirety, just as Matthew Kelly suggested! I was amazed at how many stories I knew from attending church all my life ; I definitely had my favorites and ones I still cannot seem to interpret! But at the end of it, I was able to admit that I enjoyed it. I skipped my daily gym time and used my whole lunch hour to read but I felt good about reading the Gospel and I will definitely try and continue with the other Gospels! Learning and relearning things in life is truly the key to continued happiness and satisfaction! Thank you Dynamic Catholic for this eye-opening experience!

  • Eduardo Hoover

    I love the Catholic faith because there is so much to learn about the saints, the church fathers and the Catechism; the why we have such Traditions. It is seemingly never ending. Protestant church have Bible study and good preaching but never go deep into the christology of what we believe; thank you YouTube. I am genuinely happy learning the learning that brings me to the fullness of the truth.

  • Nancy D.

    I absolutely love learning. I have taken classes on drawing, arranging flowers, and desktop publishing as well as college courses. Now, my focus lately has been to learn more about Jesus and the Bible. I feel like I can’t get enough. The more I learn about the Bible, I realize how difficult life was back when it was written. I feel very fortunate to be living during this time and in this country. Happy Saint Patrick’s Day.

  • Anne Milburn

    I am a high school counselor and I am continuously learning from my students which brings me such happiness. In return I am constantly seeking new ways to help them succeed in life. Old and standard ways don’t help me grow or my students. I must seek the best way to help my students individually. I share this with my colleagues whether they are Catholic or not because this speaks to everyone.

  • Mick Peterson

    Each and every day, we choose…to get better or get worse…there is no standing still, and this point especially comes true in the area of learning. I used this bullet point in my thrity plus years in the classroom, and it still holds true today. The only difference is NOW it pertains to me.

  • Matthew asked us to think back to when we stopped learning. For me, I didn’t stop learning, but I did stop being prescriptive about my learning. It was when I jumped in that wheel, you know… the hamster wheel of chasing dreams, that turns into chasing money, that convinces you that you are on the right track…busy, busy, busy. I am fortunate that I was raised Catholic and parents who sacrificed to put me in Catholic schools. The Grace of God showed me (ok, well maybe God whacked me upside my head 🙂 that prescriptive learning for me as a whole spiritual person was critical to an inspired, beautiful life. Now reading the Bible is not a separate “reading” activity from the business side of me, or the personal activity side of me, it all blends together into Ginger, one person, one child of God. What a privilege.

    • Roberrt

      Thank you for sharing Ginger. So true and insightful. Made my morning and will remain a smile on my face through the entire day. 😎

      • Thanks for the feedback Robert (is Roberrt a typo?, Just curious) 🙂 Can you imagine looking out into an office and seeing a bunch of wheels rolling around!

    • Elaine Cooper

      I don’t think anyone ever stopped learning, they just fell asleep in class. Remember the kids who slept in class, drooling on their worksheets, haha. Took a few naps myself. Even when we sleep the brain is still on. God’s most interesting creation. Luck of the Irish to ye on this fine St Patrick’s day 🙂

    • Gail Williams

      Ginger – I can identify with what you have written, it is so true! I was in that “wheel” for a long time – I joke that I cannot remember 15 years of my life…..I missed “the ordinary”. Finally, when I slowed down, I realized how much I needed to grow spiritually. I hope young people can figure out how critical spiritual health is sooner much than I did!

      • Agreed! I am working on my kids now. I remember the day when I felt like I could see the wheel from the outside and I was OUT/OFF!!! It was the best feeling! So liberating and peaceful!

  • Ana R

    I have to say that I’m so glad for EWTN, because since I started to watch it I have grow and learn a lot about our faith! Now I love reading about saints and many other things about the church that I never knew before and that have been helping me to help friends that have doubt or can’t understand things in their faith journey.
    Then coming across Dynamic Catholic also had open a wider window for my learning. In January a friend gave a copy of the book 4 signs of Dynamic Catholics, excellent book by the way, and I presented to my Small Christian Community group and this month we are going to start to discuss the book to put it in practice and hopefully make a change in our parish!
    So, you don’t have to learn or memorize the whole Bible, but take it little by little and put it in practice!
    God bless you all

  • Sharon

    I love learning. I’m 58 years of age and finished my second master degree in December 2016. Currently, I’m a student at Georgetown University studying Cybersecurity. Unfortunately, I do have family and friends that don’t understand why I’m still in school. Most of them are high school graduates. I do enjoy reading a multitude of different topics from spiritual to any topic in the non-fiction category.

  • Rebecca

    I never really enjoyed school. I’m not sure if it was because I didn’t enjoy what I was learning or because I had a hard time retaining information for tests. It wasn’t until my Junior and Senior years of college when I enjoyed school. I was finally in classes that were focused on my major. It has only been a year since I graduated college but I’m finding that I want to learn even more about marketing and graphic design. I find joy in learning about these topics which have make them more interesting.

  • jesspinosa

    A few years ago, a friend gave me a Kindle Fire. With it, I am able to load as many books as I want to, almost all of them spiritual in nature, and I do not have to break my arms and shoulders carrying them wherever I go. With Kindle, I am reading the writings of St. Augustine, St. Thomas Aquinas, Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich, St. Benedict, and so forth. Some of them are heavy stuff, others not so (I love G.K. Chesterton’s Father Brown mysteries). I love going back to my favorite classics, Imitation of Christ, Story of a Soul and Abandonment to Divine Providence. And so I learn much and enjoy much. Who could be a better teacher, mentor and inspiration than these Catholic writers/superstars to make me a Better-Version-of-Myself? At my age, mental exercise is very important, and reading these books, I must say, is equivalent to hours of Pilates, except that the mind, not the body (although it is important, too) gets the workout. Having said all these about Kindle, there is no experience better than opening a real book for the first time, smelling the smell of ink, feeling the smooth texture of the paper, and anticipating the adventure waiting in the pages.

    • Linda Carmelle

      Aaahhh Yes REAL BOOKS ! What an Experience=)

  • Jean Walton

    This reminds me of the scripture message in Revelations 3 that talks about not being lukewarm. Be hot or cold, but not lukewarm. A call to wake up, listen, to hear His voice and open the door.

  • Waiting Patiently

    I used to hate learning, and that is another story and shall be told at another time, but now my love for learning is exponential. There are days that pause and recoup, and then I will plunge full on again. Time is a big factor, so Ive learned to use my breaks at work wisely. I started using my time in the car more wisely. The thing is I schedule it. Without scheduling my learning time I wouldn’t spend any time on it.

  • Eileen Harrington Gallik

    I would love some book suggestions from Lindsey.

  • Kerry Roach Elson

    I completed the Strength Finders survey and found learning was one of my strengths. I find that learning focuses me on moving forward versus getting stuck in what is not going well today. Bible Study, especially the weeks that I led the study, provided an inner peace that can only come from God and the Holy Spirit.

  • Sheri CW

    This focus/discussion could not have come at a better time! This is the second time reading this book and I know it won’t be the last! I’m 56 & planning on retiring in July from my current job in an elementary school to start my own business so that in 10 years I may really enjoy a true retirement dream of volunteering my services to others & travel. It was a HUGE decision but I did it and am finding going back to school very difficult. I prayed and prayed yesterday with tears in my eyes and frustration in my soul for clarity-that I made the right decision-that understanding the material and application of the material will come to me. What an eye opener this morning! I believe my prayers were answered. I’ve no doubt that I may still struggle but with all the support I have – I can’t fail! I believe this may be my favorite chapter of the book. God Bless everybody…

    • Elaine Cooper

      Good luck to you, dreams should only die with us. Age is just a number, it’s very true. I’m 54 and also moving on to new chapters. The best books are, our own. A good author continues to write until their final breath. Your inspiring. 🙂

      • Sheri CW

        Thank you Elaine! What an awesome way of looking at my journey! By the way, Cooper is a family name on my father’s side!

        • Elaine Cooper

          The Coopers run a muck all over the place, very common name., but we are quite uncommon as individuals 🙂 barrel makers in England, is the legacy. It’s my married name. I consider the world my family by any name. God bless both our journeys.

  • Gina B.

    I didn’t love learning until I was an adult. In my child’s mind, “learning” meant sitting in a classroom all day, going to a place where boys would tease and girls would judge. Learning and school went hand in hand, right? If you are not the “strong” personality, school can be the death of learning! My childhood was not bad or ugly, I had a wonderful family and we were very involved in our parish community, but love of learning, that we see so eagerly in our toddlers and younger children, was squelched at a pretty young age. I did great in school and “learned” what was required by the testing standards, but I began to LOVE LEANRING as an adult! When I became a mother I was thrilled with all the books I could learn from; Understamding the woman’s body through Natural Family Planning was fascinating! Reading about the benefits of nursing my children, teaching them how to cook and bake, growing a garden, raising our own little animals and then adding bigger ones, milking our animals, using whole food to support the different systems of our bodies, became a real joy! I have become more and more in awe of God and all the gifts he has given us through my most recent “learning” stage, the essential oils in His creation! I love to read books that encourage me in my faith and help me to grow closer to our Lord and his beautiful saints! I love to read and understand so much more today than ever before! I am so grateful to God for placing this desire on our hearts!

  • Daniela D.

    I think all of us doing this Best Lent Ever program are continuous learners, because we chose to expose ourselves to something new, and not only watching the videos but also reflecting on the words. I feel we are doing what God expects from us, one step at a time. Blessings.

  • Adrianna

    Growing up I have always loved to sing and play piano. Music has always been in my soul, however I decided to persue my Dads business (a design & build firm) I love it. I still enjoy singing & playing piano. I attend choir practice for our parish every Tuesday night. This past year for my birthday I asked my husband if I could go back to piano lessons. Everyone else’s response was: you already know how to play.. Why do you want to go back? I wanted to continue learning about my love for music… And hope to play for the parish one day on the side of my career. I will never stop learning new sheet music. ❤️🎹🎵

  • 13footballmom

    I did not enjoy learning as a child, formally. School was an extremely stressful place for me. I suffered terribly from separation anxiety from my mom and around 5th grade, started being bullied. That went on for about 2 years. For me, school was not enjoyable. I am now a teacher. In school every day. And you know… terrible experiences in school have made me a better teacher. I never want a child to feel the way I did and I give it my all to make my students love learning, of all kinds, every single day. When my students are sad that the bell is about to ring at the end of the day to go home, I see God’s grace. I learn new things, every day and I am very thankful. I am learning to love learning more and more each day, along with my students. What a beautiful gift from God.

    • Margie Suarez

      Thank you. We need more teachers like you. Being bullied is never fun. My little grandson has been bullied in school and it scares the heck out of my daughter. We don’t want to tell him to suck it up and we don’t want him not to know how to deal with the situation on his own. Well, my grandson came home and was telling my daughter an incident that happened at school My daughter was so angry and said, “That little jackass!” My grandson who was 8 at the time turned to her and said, “Mom, is that really necessary?” Which was a teaching moment for my daughter. Being open to life experiences is learning.. Thanks again.

  • mark wollney

    I struggled with Mathews ask today, when did you stop “loving learning?” , you never stop. In my eyes there is book smarts and street smarts and you are exposed to learning moments everyday. So as I sat here, read the discussion thread, trying to figure out what it meant to me, it finally hit me. Maybe my learning moments should be focused on something else, maybe my learning moments should be helping someone else learn, maybe i wasn’t “listening” to what i should be learning today. I am excited to see what God has for me to learn today.

  • Kathy

    Out of 8 children I was the only one not to go to college, not because I wasn’t smart enough, but because at the age of 18 I was finally out of the clutches of my very strict father. As we talked this week about good and bad decisions that was one most certainly in the bad decision catagory. All it did was make my life much more difficult. While everyone else passed me by in jobs, which I usually had trained them for, because I didn’t have that piece of paper, the DIPLOMA. I did well in every job I had from making donuts to being a teacher at a Pakistani Embassy school when I lived over seas with my husband. There what mattered most was what you knew and how you could apply yourself. Teachers were held in very high esteem there as education was a must. I went to night classes for accounting and many other certificate programs and always ended up doing very well but those people with that piece of paper always got paid more even if they did less than I did. I never blamed anyone but myself but in the end it made me try harder, learn everything I could to move me up in the ranks and I had that one quality that a lot of people didn’t have, I loved to learn. My grandson , who is 4, had to have an interview a month or so ago with the kindergarten school to see if he knew enough to go there before turning 5. I helped get him prepared, flashcards after flashcards and he viewed it more as a punishment rather than learning. He excels in everything he does and is very smart but the material he had to know for kindergarten was over the top and that’s when I believe kids can lose their love of learning. I certainly didn’t want that for him so I made a game and reward system out of it and he passed with flying colors at his interview. He was back to loving to learn. I think that love of learning is such a part of your spiritual life that even if you didn’t have higher education you could still have a full spiritual life by learning from God. I am trying my hardest to instill that in my grandchildren, not because I want them to go to college, but because I want them to have a love for God that only comes from reading scripture

  • Deb Durrett

    As a child I struggled with school learning dealing with reverse dyslexia. As a young adult having been given the tools to deal with it upon discovering the word I found it fascinating & captivating. And of all the things I read I find God’s word less confusing and enjoyable to dive into any time. I’m so grateful for those who helped me deal with how my brain sees the written language so I can enjoy many things, top of the list is His word. His provision has also given me the gift of writing, which would be less attainable without help early on from my Mom & several teachers along the way. So blessed!!

  • Sharon Hawk

    Learning is a joy. The challenge today is that there is so much good information out there that it is difficult to choose what to read. Also, setting aside the time & managing our time so we are still in our life & our relationships. “Resisting Happiness” has been a good choice.

  • Elaine Cooper

    Most of my adult life I’ve aspired to be on the game show Jeopardy. If you think you know enough, watch Jeopardy. There’s not enough minutes in a human life to prepare you for this game show. Trivia games make you want to know more. There’s always going to be a category you didn’t consider. Better yet, share something you know with senior citizens by volunteering in an assisted living community. You will be suprised how they still thirst for new things. They will also share with you something you did not know. It’s a win, win situation.

  • Julia Oaks

    This is so true. Learning is powerful. I especially love what Matthew said about learning more about your faith. I am studying the bible in depth with the world geography and history during that period and find the facts, archeaology to be very interesting. So much to learn and to understand. The early doctors of the church are next on my agenda. You are never too old to learn about your faith and to read the Word on a daily basis. Thank you Dynamic Catholic for another great posting.

  • Kathleen Cranford Kelley

    In the Bible Jesus is referred to as “Teacher” In Proverbs 3:1 “My child, don’t forget what I teach you. Always remember what I tell you to do”
    I encourage you to read Luke : 10:1-12 17-20 What message did it teach you? It put a smile on my face today!
    PS Don’t forget the green! Happy St Patrick’s Day!

    • SanctusSanctus

      The Luke 10: 1-12, 17-20 is about disciples being sent out to the towns…. their names were recorded in Heaven. (I guess I learned that evangelists have instructions from the Lord, some protective measures to take in being minimalists….) Thanks and what did you learn that put a smile on your face today?

  • Joanne

    I don’t like to read… learning that way is very difficult for me. But I love to learn new things. I am a licensed veterinary technician and I love to learn new things at work that will help animals…I use to love to learn new crafts but not so much anymore. So as a 61 yr old female..I have to rediscover loving to learn…iim trying to read from a spiritual book everyday to learn about the lord…and have to find the joy of loving to learn again…

  • Adrian

    I love reading the comments everyday from all of you, they are as interesting and insightful as is the message from Mathew and the others. To be it seems to be a real blessing from God to hear the thoughtful insights from others as we try to learn through experience, study and community.

  • Barb Stuart

    Good morning everyone.I remember when I was growing up that you lived near a church and a library.These were the two things in your neighborhood that were important.I loved to read and worship.I still do and learning and sharing our love for the Lord to the person next store and the unborn child keeps us on our knees and our hands folded pointing to His Presence.Peace and love!

    • Jeff K

      Great comment, The library is as important in my life as it ever was. At least once a week I go there, sometimes not knowing what I intend to find but being surrounded by so much potential knowledge is uplifting to me.

  • Sharlene

    I lost my zest for learning and living when my best friend died…and I’ve yet to find it. I used to do crafts and needle work, but have no desire for anything now. Not even a Sunday mass. How bad of me.

    • Joanne are going Thur such a hard time..I’m so sorry for your loss. Your not bad..just really sad. I am recovering from ovarian cancer and have not wanted to read or learn much except I want to learn more about God because he has been there with me everyday..I never realized how much I didn’t know about him and my religion which makes me sad…I hope you can start going back to mass and to feel Gods love for you to help you get Thur this very difficult time for you….

    • Dorothy

      You’re grieving the loss of your BFF, Sharlene…I know, I am too 🙁 Be tender with yourself. Try spending time in nature, or just look up at the stars to remind yourself that we are meant for more than this world. True love never dies! Life is everlasting 💫💜🍀☮️

    • Margie Suarez

      I too just lost a best friend in Dec of 2016. Grief has a way of zapping the zeal out of life. However I feel more drawn to God because of the death of my friend. God is my refuge and my strength through this sadness of mine. We should busy ourselves, our minds with spiritual matters, reading and grow during this time of sadness. I pray that your heart will be filled with joy for life. May the mercy of Jesus rest upon you.

    • Jeff K

      Maybe this storm that you are going through is God’s way of encouraging you to share something you used to love to do with your friend with somebody new.

  • Barb

    My second most favorite daily subject! I see the imprtance of learning at work and at home every day. Those that feel they are done needing to learn (old enough is usually the reason)! have a seriously lower love for life which is sad. You’re never to old to stop learning. If you think your old enough to shut off learning, you’re taking the excitement enjoyment and fun out of your life.

  • Kathleen Michelle

    I teach high school and this is a great message for them. They always question why they have to take classes that they are not going to use after school.

  • Jan Onnen

    When I first listened to this I got sad because I believe totally in being a continuous learner and over the past couple of years have lost my desire to read books and learn new things in my industry. I’m nearing retirement and I’m tired of studying investments and reading boring financial books. So, I just stopped. But, then, I realized that I replaced that boring reading with learning more about God. I’m reading the bible, doing devotions with my husband, reading Mathew Kelly books, listening to the Best Lent Ever video’s all to give me a continuous education on our Lord Jesus Christ. I have a lot to learn about this subject and as I reflect on what I have purposefully done over the past couple of years (in part due to this series) I am thrilled that I stopped being a continuous learner for my job and started my journey of being a continuous learner of Jesus Christ.

  • Stacey Symonds

    I was a returning adult to college and I received 2 degrees…first one in my family to attend…I received a 4.0…not because I had to, but because I loved to learn and being an adult you look at life in such a different way….my children saw my love for education by watching me with homework, studying, and really applying myself….I will alway be a learner no matter what the subject….and even though I feel like a toddler with the studies of God….I will forever ask questions, test opinions, and cherish my knowledge.

  • Anne Brady

    Since retiring from teaching this year, I have found lots of time to spend on my spiritual life. I go to Daily Mass and I watch and record a lot of EWTN. I have learned about so many saints and martyrs and it helps me to try and live a more holy life . I have been especially inspired by Women of Grace with Johnette Benkovic. Her weekly speakers have opened my eyes to so many things spiritual, and I read lots of their recommended books. I have learned so much about Our Lady and the Rosary, which I enjoy saying every day. EWTN has also given me insight as to praying to the Infant of Prague, and novenas to Saints for needs of myself and others. I am especially happy to learn all about Purgatory and about the importance of praying for the souls in Purgatory. I can go on but thank you for Best Lent Ever, which is empowering me to want to grow and learn even more.

  • Angie O’Mara

    I love to learn, and each day brings a new experience or lesson learned. I especially like learning more each day about my faith, and Dynamic Catholic has taught me so many valuable and wonderful lessons. Thank you, Matthew Kelly, and Dynamic Catholic for quenching my thirst for God, and His people!!!

  • r j

    IMO, too many folks equate learning with school. Learning for the joy of discovery is the key for me. God Bless.

  • NancyB

    I am blessed with the gift of a need for continual life long learning. As a child, our mother required daily reading during any day we did not have school. We had a quiet hour to read, even before we could truly read well. What a gift she gave us! I share Lindsey’s sentiments even now in my 60’s. As I’ve gotten older, I crave to learn more about our Lord. I am grateful for this gift. Thanks God and mom!

  • Donald Marquez

    How does that quote go? If you’re not learning, you’re dying? There’s truth to that! I just know that it has made conversations more interesting. Kind of by accident, I have become part of a daily group text with three fellow parishioners–all of whom are half my age. Their love of learning, their knowledge, their wisdom inspires me to catch up! (I hope they feel the same about what I have to offer–which is life experience and my witness.) Each one offers something different: Liturgy, Catholic Social teaching, ecumenism…and each day, from those conversations, I grow a little more each day.

  • Susan Horak

    I am 70 and my continuing learning has to do with animals and training. I have trained and showed horses and dogs , raised show rabbits and now at 70 I have 3 chickens and am learning all about their care. My dog and I are possibly coming out of retirement because the sport we love has add many more challenges that will become effective in late summer. So I have many more things to learn and teach my wonderful dog. God gave me a deep love of animals and lead me to start my pet sitting business. I know in my heart this is what He put me on earth to do and it requires a great deal of learning daily. My animals and those of my clients’ give me great joy. I hope I never stop learning!

  • J Schodron

    Always amazes me how much I don’t know. I am reading all the time. One of my favorite sayings is, if you always do what you’ve always done, you will always be where you have always been. To move forward we all need to study and that includes growing spiritually. Reviewing the catechism of the Catholic Church now during lent to renew my knowledge about the church.

  • Lea Novak

    I remember when I read “Theology for Beginners” by Frank Sheed…it brought me so much closer to God, and gave me insights on the Trinity that I’ve never found in any of the other books I’ve read. I am constantly finding new insights in the spiritual reading I do. But talk about resistance–it’s always easier to pick up a novel than a good spiritual book!

    • Pat

      Great book!

  • Jacob

    I love to learn new way to be social. I always try to make new friends or talking to my grandma. I learn everyday the true meaning in my friend. I talk to my grandma every week because she someone to talk to. I learn by talking on the computer, on the phone, or just at the local restaurant. When it come to Jesus, I learn to overcome many different outcome on life. He did too have obstacles going through life. I feel like I got many to come my way but with family support as well as my friend I’ll get through as well.

  • Jeff K

    I recently did a personality test and found out my number one trait is ‘Learner’. Today’s message has reminded me that God not only wants me to use this blessing to acquire knowledge, but also to share what I have learned with others.

  • Mary Kay

    I love all the comments. I am curious as to what books you might be reading now that have help you to grow. I love getting titles of new books that challenge me to grow spiritually as well as mentally. Blessings to all.And I might add on this day – Happy St. Patrictk’s Day!

    • Rosie

      Mary Kay, Traits of a Healthy Spiritually by Sr. Melannie Svoboda. We have been reading this book and sharing at our staff meetings each week. There are questions at the end of each chapter which help to make one aware of the trait in our own lives. They are short chapters so focusing on each trait is easy. If you’re not looking for a book with deep theology, this one is easy reading and very deep at the same time.

    • Jeff K

      The Goodreads website/app is a great way to see what others are reading.

  • helena handbasket

    Growing up, I had an aunt who was Martha Stewart before Martha Stewart became famous. While she didn’t go to college, she could bake and decorate cakes on par with a five-star pastry chef, sew with the perfection of those who work for high-end labels, tat handkerchief borders that would make your head spin, landscape like a master gardener and paint her house better than any pro — among many, many other things.

    These skills, honed on her own, made her invaluable to her immediate family and all of her relatives. She was the epitome of a competent wife and mother and asset to her household. The curiosity/practice/perfection she invested and achieved in so many areas inspired me and my sisters to see that we could do anything as well! Now with YouTube, we have tutorials on everything! We don’t even need to leave the house.

    Not long ago, I heard someone almost brag that she “didn’t cook.” (What, you don’t eat?) Another person said they “couldn’t” cook. To which, a bystander replied, “If you can read and follow directions, you can cook!”

    There’s no excuse to not fulfilling our potential and using the talents He has given us!

    • Elaine Cooper

      I agree, great post. I used to reply to people who asked did you go to college? I’d reply yes, attended, The University of Hard Knocks. Now I add I’m attending continuing education at the University of…. U Tube. God Bless your Aunt, every family has an Aunt Martha haha, we all want an invite to Thanksgiving dinner there.

      • RAB-G

        Hi Elaine, I never did like it when people would ask me . . . “Did you go to college?” A dear friend told me to say that exact same thing . . . “The University of Hard Knocks!” I taught myself many things through the years that most people wouldn’t even think of learning. Reading is an excellent tool 🙂

  • Rosie

    Working as a Faith Formation Coordinator in my parish, I have a pastor who loves to teach and loves for his employees to learn. Right before he came to our parish, I had started a certification process only because I had heard he was headed to our parish and it would be best to be certified and pursuing education in some way. I had decided long ago, that I wanted no more school. But….since college I had completed an independent study program in my medical record field. However, once I moved on to working in the church and started the certification process, I realized how much I did not know and how learning improved my ability to communicate with parents and children. I have now completed that process after three years through the University of Dayton and I can say at times, it was exhausting. Now I wish to continue after a little break to continue reading and learning about how I can best be the best person I can be and guiding others to that goal also. It was a fulfilling and rewarding process.

  • Danielle Sikorski

    Most of all it has helped me to improve and become a better version of myself. I try to learn in all areas of my life both professionally in a career and in personal life, relationships with friends and family. The internet and technology is a great free resources to learn. I also have blogs that i write in to talk about my learning experiences. At the beginning of the year, my high school friend challenged me to a 30 day challenge in which i would do some new activity each day and blog about it. Those 30 days, i felt excited each day to do some new activity and write about it. It has helped me ro keep a positive view of life and always looking toward the future

  • Alice

    Matthew Kelly asked if you don’t love to learn – when did it stop? It’s crazy but I was in an advanced math class in 7th grade. The nun was also the principal and missed many of our classes. I struggled with math in the upcoming years as I missed the entire 7th grade. Many times I would try to memorize versus learn. I carried that over in high school, college and work. I was successful at all but it sure took the fun out of it. I recently remodeled our home and I pushed myself to be involved in every detail possible. I learned a lot about the house and it was rewarding – I need to continue to think about situations and ask myself – am I learning or memorizing…(going through the motions) Stop, breathe and LEARN.

  • Amy

    I love learning. Sometimes it can be a challenge like trying to learn to golf or paint. I enjoy both immensely when things are going well. It’s when things aren’t going well I have to push past that negative impulse to give up. Just being able to do that is success in my book.

    And I thank God I have the opportunity to do both.


  • Mary

    I am embarking on a new career and currently working on a masters in college administration, an online program. In my undergrad, I did not really get an education, I did get a diploma. Now I am savoring every word I read. And I am doing very well in graduate school. I am reminded to read the Bible and other great holy books. I can re-read some of the holy books I have and they mean different things in different parts of my life. When I am in school though I need to strike a balance between intellectual and spiritual.

  • Kathleen Cranford Kelley

    I was given an angel in 1st grade. Her name was Mrs. Essman. I couldn’t read, so instead; I became the class clown and spent many hours in the corner. My teacher discovered I had a learning disability, dyslexia. She took me aside and taught me to read thru memorization and association. I still don’t like to read but…..I do and I
    am a Masters degreed professional. Thanks to God for bringing an angel into my life. I read but I have the greatest joy of learning by other’s examples…… Ms Essman!

  • Peggy Rowe-Linn

    Continuous learning (study) has given me a greater devotion, love and relationship with our Lord. The more I learn about him, the closer we become. The more I learn about him, the more I want to know about him; this includes me wanting to know about all of his brothers and sisters (the saints). Like any relationship, the better we know each other, the more deeply we fall in love. Falling in love with the Lord each day makes my life richer and far more interesting. Hopefully, I am becoming the best version of myself (a little holier each day). Thank you, DC!

  • Imelda Artunduaga

    Thank you for Sharing Your experiencia.

  • Mary England

    Can I just say how much I’very enjoyed the “adult” feedback and I’ve given up on the FB thing, I’ve never had much enjoyment of its mindless content. Thank you for this forum!

  • Pamela Urban

    Growing up I was far from the best student, with the exception of Biology. I worked in the medical field for 5 years and those 5 years taught me a lot about life. About 10 years ago started studying the Bible with Jeff Cavins and the Great Bible Adventure. Ten years later my thirist for more knowledge of God, His Son and the Holy Spirit is a blessing in my life. These blessings have overflowed into our family. Because of Gods blessings and knowledge of the Holy Spirit I am not the same person I was when my daughters were growing up. I am far more full of understanding, patience, holding my tongue, all of the various virtues our Lord wants us to have. I am daily becoming the best version of myself, because of striving for more knowledge. Thanks be to God!

  • Prolifedem6M

    I have always loved learning. I remember as a six-year-old wanting so much to learn to read, I saw my older sisters reading and wanted that. I have been a continuous learner ever since. Thank God for that. It has brought so much into my life, particularly in the way of understanding. For me, not to learn is not to live fully.
    My mom used to yell at me that I always had my nose in a book. I still do. I must confess that I sometimes use reading as a dodge to avoid what I really should be doing.
    There is so much more for me to learn and so many sources to learn from. We can learn from the cleaning lady as well as from the professor. Being open to learning helps us discover the best ways of doing things as well as the insights of a Thomas Aquinas..

  • Geri

    I can always remember my mom saying….as long as you have books….you are never alone, you can go anywhere in the world, and you can open any door you want. I grew up with books… My kids were raised with books…their reward for good grades was a trip to the book store to get their own book and I think I had the only kids who I would catch them up at 2am….reading…and this was in middle I can’t imagine not wanting to learn. I always said…I could be a “professional” student.

  • Lisa

    I did not love reading as a child. It was very difficult for me. But some how when I turned 16 I read a book over the summer and fell in love with reading mystery romance novels. Then when I hit my 30’s I had a spiritual awakening and found the true mysteries and romance in learning all I could about Jesus. Like Matthew I have my top 30 list that is ever changing. When I finish a book I like to ask the Holy Spirit what book He wants me to read next.

  • Mel Babin

    I loved to read as a child and as an adult, but life gets in the way sometimes and takes us in another direction with our time. I am inspired by these two videos to now carve out the daily time to read again. It needs to become a habit just like exercising and eating right.
    Continuous reading and learning new things in our spiritual lives can invigorate our faith and love toward one
    another. I am going to try to inspire others to read as well. Thanks!

  • Larry Dunleavy

    On this topic of learning I am enjoying immensely a class on “Classic Christian Works” I’m sitting in at the university where I teach engineering on the opposite side of campus. We are reading and discussing Christian writings from first century to modern times. Amazing stuff, but truth is truth and its awesome to dig deeper into how it has been written down over the centuries by various people who like us are trying to understand this infinite God with our finite minds. One of my favorite quotes is as follows ,

    “On a certain day a pearl I did take up , my brethren; I saw in it the mysteries pertaining to the Kingdom; Semblances and type of the Majesty; It became a fountain and I drank out of it mysteries of the Son.”

    St. Ephraim the Syrian (Mesopotamia, 4th Century)

    The “pearl” could be the bible, but it could also be every different thing we do that brings us closer to “the Son” in church in fellowship and in prayer as well. Yes learning is good, but faith is better.

    • Ruth

      I would love to take a course like this! Can you share some of your favorite readings? I am always looking for new fiction (novels, poets, short stories) that have strong religious discourse or themes in them.

      • Larry Dunleavy

        The text book is an anthology by Alister McGrath (full ref below) and is an awesome into., as it includes excerpts from many greats , sort of a teaser, but enough to make me want to put on my “bucket book list” the plan to read in entirety St. Augustine’s Confessions” and “City of God” , Thomas Kempis’ “Imitation of Christ” , Pascal’s “Pense’es” and St. Ignatius of Loyola’s “Spiritual Exercises” among many other “pearls”. Here’s the full reference: Christian Literature: An Anthology, A. E. McGrath Ed., 2001 Blackwell Publishers Ltd.

        • Ruth

          Thank you! I have added the book to my wish list. =)

  • Paula Stevenson

    11 years ago, I became a part of a network marketing company. Many companies engage members in personal growth. The one I’m a part of, our owner is a Christian, and we often hear words of God in her ( and many of the leadership ) messages. I started reading again and often listen to recorded books while driving. It has changed my life. It’s a way of life. However, last week I just got a question from my daughter that asked “. When are you finally just going to be happy with who you are?” Beautiful daughter. I’m blessed and a child of God. I’m happy to be the best version on my self for Him , for your dad,for you, and the grandkids. And for me! ( and the world)

  • Nancy

    Karen I too am a retired teacher of exceptional education! There is no greater reward than to watch your students be successful! They also helped me want to continue to learn!

  • Marie Starns

    My continuous learning has been in the way of a women’s Catholic Bible study in my local Church parish. As a cradle Catholic, I read the Bible, however I never studied the Bible. I have been in my Bible study group for eight years. Each year we study a different book of the Bible. We alternate between the Old Testament and New Testament. In addition to using the Bible for this study, we also use the catechism of the Catholic Church. This has not only taught me more about my faith, but it has enriched my life immensely. Also through this Bible study we have many women who tell us that this Bible study has enriched their lives because they have grown in their faith but also in fellowship with the ladies they meet and share with every week. I feel like my faith journey is learning about the word of God and will not stop until the day that God calls me home.

  • Mike

    From the time I was young, I have never been a great reader. This is a problem because I do love and believe in continuous learning. Although I read more now that I have done in years, most of my continuous learning happens through listening to a variety of podcasts and books or lectures. I feel so blessed that our technology has made it possible for me, and others like me who aren’t great leaders, to still have the opportunity for continuous learning.

  • Ruth

    I have always been a good student and, for a while, I thought I would take that skill all the way to getting a PhD. However, when I started my MA in English I realized that I didn’t want to make a career out of doing research, writing, or teaching even though I was good at those things. I had lost some of the personal joy and inspiration of learning to anxiety about ‘being good enough’ and having a job. I wish I had been able to transform my mind to focus more on the knowledge I was gaining and discoveries I was encountering, but I was too consumed by the work to actually focus on it.

    Now, outside of school I am trying to rebuild my confidence and learn how to love reading and writing again. I am trying to read a book a week, follow the daily bible readings as well as my personal bible reading goals, and write more. I hope, one day, to figure out what I want to do with my life and have the courage to pursue it to the end, but I know that in order to do that I need to refocus my mind away from cynicism and anxiety to curiosity, wonder, and courage.

  • Cathy Taylor Flynn

    Continues learning has brought me here. I look forward to listening to Matthew Kelly and to listen to the second speaker whoever they may be. It started with Rediscovering Catholicism. Our Parish gives us books at Christmas. I have started searching for good authors like Matthew. I’m now reading Scott Hahn and taking a course called The Bible and the Sacraments with Matthew Leonard as the presenter. I encourage others to read and to join Dynamic Catholic. I feel much closer to Jesus and His mother.

  • Paul

    I absolutely love learning and could spend all day in a museum, or on an educational tour of a city. But I realized when I started participating in this Best Lent Ever program, that I never applied the joy of learning new things to the Bible or my faith. For the most part, all of my knowledge has come from the education I received in Catholic elementary and high school. I followed up on Matthew’s suggestion to read the Bible, and I started with the gospel of Matthew. In the first chapter, I already learned many new things than what I had imaginged I would. I ask God to continue to encourage me to spend a part of each day learning new things about my faith.

  • SteveVH

    The 23rd Psalm has always been a favorite of mine, to the point where I memorized it a number of years ago. I thought I knew it pretty well and have even used it as a theme for a presentation I did once. But I recently found a “new” old book by W. Philip Keller called “A Shepard Looks At Psalm 23”. Keller is a Christian writer and speaker, but at one time early in his adult life, he was also a shepherd in East Africa. So he reflected on the various versus within the psalm from the perspective of how those things actually played out in the life of a shepherd and his sheep: their timidness, their intelligence, their total dependence on their Caretaker. It was amazingly interesting and gave me a fresh, wonderful new perspective on a long time favorite passage.

    I think we have that same kind of opportunity in so many areas of our lives – where we think we know something really well, it would most likely benefit us to take a fresh look at it.

  • Bethany

    I can’t imagine living without learning something new as often as possible! That’s the greatest thing about being Catholic– there is always something new to discover about our Faith, whether in practice or in history. I converted in 2004 and have been truly fascinated by everything! My children are now in college but learning with them as they were growing up was so much fun for me. Now they are among the most interesting people I know! I used to teach art in the public and private schools, and I’ve been doing graphic design and illustration for 27 years but my first love is children’s book illustration. I took it upon myself to learn how to do that and now I am fulfilling what I know God called me to when I was just a child. I would love to use my talents for the Church in the future with my illustration. I’ve already been a catechist, infusing art projects into lessons and imaginary play and loved it! I always say I will never “retire” because there’s too much to learn and do in life! I’m also a huge, huge book lover which probably goes without saying! ;D

  • Dale R Evans

    To me there are two styles of learning. One is the structured learning we experience in school. The other is unstructured learning. Like a kid asking questions. Often too many questions for the busy adult. Or the young man or young woman who has experienced the deep contradictions of war and is not allowed to talk about it without being labeled as having Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Often our quest for structured learning is a way of avoiding thinking through unsettling events and experiences. But I think pondering things we can’t explain, events that were scary, or people that were offensive takes us deeper into the heart of God.

  • Frank L

    I think question to ask could be more “how do we love to learn” on top of “if we still love to learn.” For me, I think I learn best and love to learn through discussions or even debates with others, listening, reflecting, teaching, and coaching. I love to learn about my faith through prayerful reflection; my conversations with God and sometime yes even debates with God.
    One way to look a this is what do you love to do? Certainly if you love reading, then you can learn from books. If you have a hobby you love, you could learn by trying something new or meeting with others who also enjoy the hobby. If you love youtube, then instructional videos might be for you. If you like parties, then you can learn from others’ experiences. What works for you?

  • Leonard

    As I child when I did something wrong my father always instilled in me that you never call it a mistake. He would always say “The mistake in not learning from it!” In life and in our spiritually when we see our wrongs and shortcomings it is an opportunity for us to learn how to become better versions of ourselves. One of the greatest sins we can make and don’t often see, is to go to bed as ignorant as we woke up.

  • Laura LaDue

    I have a passion for learning. This led me back to school and get several degrees. Because of that, I now work as a private practice counselor helping others who I wouldn’t have been able to help without the degree.

  • Philip Petitti

    I used to love learning as a child. As I grew older drugs and alcohol robbed me of that desire to learn. 15 years ago I overdosed on heroin and my brain changed. I am easily confused and find things harder to comprehend. I need to take matthew’s suggestion and go back and deal with the day I overdosed and even though I have been clean and sober now for 15 years, it still scares me.

    • Sharri

      Phillip, I pray that God will renew your mind. Keep learning and loving Him, because through Him is peace, and He makes all things work together for good for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose. Romans 8:28

    • Susie Caughey

      Matthew 19:26 … Jesus looked at them and said, “With man, this is impossible but, with God, all things are possible ….
      God can make all things new, including your brain. “Jesus, I trust in You.”
      I will say a special prayer for you when I go to church today, Philip. “Do not be afraid”.

    • Joyce W.

      Thank you for your honest sharing. God bless you and heal you from the effects of the past. He has certainly blessed you already in that you have been clean and sober for so many years. I pray that you will find ways to learn that work for you. God bless

    • Debbie Maurseth Ishii

      Dear Philip, We have all made wrong choices that have caused us to fall short. You inspire me with your courage! God’s arms are around you and as you read here we will all cover you in prayer.

  • Maria

    Ever since I started spiritual reading on a regular basis this year, I’ve noticed a profound difference. It’s easier to find contentment. I become more eager to face each day and its challenges. There have been hard times, but I feel stronger in my resolve to hope because of what I’m reading. I have a stronger desire to know and love Jesus.

  • Donna Dansby

    The word striving might denote “we” can work for wisdom…
    2Timothy 3:7 “…always learning and never coming to the full knowledge of the truth.”
    We must learn of our creator, In Christ, “are hidden ALL the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.” Amen

  • Geraldine A. Aspen

    For me (late sixties) learning has a continuous presence in my day. I read a lot and tend to read all kinds of books and publications. I am currently reading Lenten spiritual works. I also enjoy reading about the lives of the saints. To quote Mother Teresa”We can do no great things-only small things with great love.” Try opening your mind to the possibilities you achieve through a love of learning.

  • Michael

    Thx MK and LK. At 75 I’m still learning, especially His will. TYJ

  • Peggy

    I can see now that by participating in “Best Lent Ever” I am participating in continuous learning. This has help to to realize that when I joined my Bible study group and other groups I am choosing to continually learn and grow.

  • Julie Concannon

    I have been tagged as a continuous learner my whole life. I have lots of degrees to show for it:-) But let me tell you the most fun I have as a continuous learner with my children. I read their books that they bring home from school:-) When my 2 teens went through Confirmation, I read their book by Matthew Kelly (thank you very much) and was completely renewed in my own Catholicism. Sometimes adults forget how to learn, and what joy it can bring you. My kids remind me each day with their enthusiasm and their joy of learning. I gain from them and they gain from me. What a great 2-way relationship for continuous learning!

  • Kain

    I once saw learning and education as a means to an end and this belief led me down a hopeless path. I didn’t realize the limitations I was putting on myself when I set this belief in my mind. I didn’t realize that holding this attitude about learning, I was setting myself up to constantly feel unworthy and not good enough, because, of course I couldn’t be the best at anything without being open to learning more. I began to doubt myself and judge myself negatively when I didn’t know it all, and this created an atmosphere of depression and anxiety. Now I know that this was a limitation I put on myself because of my attitudes. Now I have a different view of the world and myself in it. I see that we are all on our OWN journeys and that part of that journey is discovery. I no longer view mistakes as personal failures but as opportunities for growth and this has allowed me to acknowledge my human imperfections and has provided the strength and awareness to forgive myself when I make mistakes and to be mindful of the bigger picture. I believe that this awareness has made me a better parent of my 3 children. I am able to view them as unique individuals with unique learning styles and unique talents and interests instead of comparing them and judging them against the other for what they are not. I believe that when we embrace our lives as our own personal journey of discovery and acknowledge that God has made us just as we should be, we free our minds and spirits and can fully experience life at its fullest.

    • LosmanPO

      Thanks for sharing your story Kain. Very uplifting!

  • Susie Caughey

    I have to say I learned to love to read again after being recommended “The Shack” 8 years ago while attending a Cornerstone Retreat in my Parish. I felt I could even taste the food they were cooking in the book. It also helped me to really comprehend The Holy Trinity so completely. Then, I developed a love of spiritual reading which elevated into a love of a committed prayer life and now daily Eucharist. I feel slowly I am becoming a better version of me and I continue to hunger to learn more. I am fascinated with my faith as well as digging Jesus.

  • Agnes

    If one is open to the Spirit one is aware that we are always learning. Just living life to the fullest is learning. It does not have to be with books necessarily. It can be every day that we meet the day and it’s many challenges.
    I am 81 years old. I have learned many lessons.
    When I was young I read a poem Called. I walked in the school of sorrow. The Master was teaching there and it goes on. In 1982 we lost two of our sons ina car accident. The poem became a living lesson.
    So what is my message to you on this Lenten journey. Don’t run away from any living learning. You just might trip but the Lord will catch you inHis arms.
    Happy St Patrick’s Day.

  • Karen Shannon

    Thank you, Matthew! I do love learning! Thank God for this gift! I believe it is also closely connected to wonder. And, I think you’ll like that the quote for day that I received in my daily e-mail from Goodreads is:

    “Living in that childish wonder is a most beautiful feeling – I can so well remember it. There was always something more – behind and beyond everything – to me, the golden spectacles were very, very big.” Kate Greenaway

  • Lorie Heyn

    I had the opportunity to retrain for a career after being laid off from the newspaper for which I had worked for eight years. During my time at the newspaper, I had learned a lot – the things that one doesn’t learn while getting a writing degree. I learned how to understand community and local government, and the value that a local, real newspaper plays in the community. When I retrained, I chose a science field, exercise physiology. I took tough classes, chemistry, exercise physiology, physics, biomechanics, but I learned so much, not only about the body and how it functions. I learned how to “think like a scientist,” and I learned that from a person of faith. I learned to ask questions, to seek to discover, to enjoy the journey of learning. As an adult in my late 30’s, I think I was able to appreciate even more the things that I didn’t appreciate during my first go with college.

  • Mark

    I feel empty sometimes, those times of isolation, spiritual desert, Dark Night. When I reflex on the times that I feel “On-Fire” it is in the times, or after the times that I have engaged with my faith, or with my group of men, Cursillo, Men Ministry, Knights, CRHP you name it. There is always learning when we come together, or when we reflect on the time we come together. It may be a reading, or a book we are sharing or even a real life struggle. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, I learn best from my failings, so yes plenty of opportunities there.

    • LosmanPO

      Isolation and loneliness are tough, but we must always remember that we a never truly alone. God is with us and in us. We all make mistakes and can learn from them. I too have felt this emptiness you speak of. We have God sized holes in us that only God can fill. I tried for too long to fill them with things and distractions. They never fulfilled what I was missing. These holes still aren’t filled completely, but the more I focus on God and place him first in my life, the more I sense these holes being filled.

  • Tony Pantera

    Continuous learning is what ultimately drove me to my career. When at college, I couldn’t decide on one field of study, as they all appealed to me. Becoming a teacher has made the last 38 years of my life rewarding and satisfying. It has not made me rich financially, but I am rich spiritually for it. I am a lifelong learner to this day.

  • Shyne4god

    Continuous learning began for me about a year ago ! I wasn’t a good learner in school but Now I wake up every morning earlier than usual to read scripture and oh what a beautiful way to start my day !! How has it changed me ! Let’s put it this way I now want to start my day learning because I am more calmer , I am learning so much about God and my purpose here on earth ,I have a peace within my heart !! So being 55 now my learning is only going to get better and it’s now something I Love !!

  • Junnie Winters

    Oh my! I think she was reading my mind, or we’re long lost twins!

  • Debbie Maurseth Ishii

    I have learned so much about Jesus through working at a homeless shelter and the food bank. I get the opportunity to see the face of God in His struggling children. Every moment is an opportunity to learn. I do study the bible but I think it’s important to remember we all learn differently. I love to read, but retain information better by hearing and doing things hands on.

    • LosmanPO

      Very good insight. This is an area of my life that I need to work on, meeting people where they are in their journey. I’m sure I will learn just as much or even more than they would learn from me.

  • Emily Caba

    I wish i knew what great books to read. Recently, I discovered that in order to be a good writer you must love to read and learn as well. Are there any suggestions of good books to read?

    • Tom Feidt

      For me to find a good book, I ask God to guide me. There is a book store that is jammed packed and maybe even messy. But I ask what is it you want me to find? After looking at 10 to 15 books, and if it the title or something in the forward or on the back cover that piques my interest I remember that. I always pull the book out and put it back right away. Then when I’m ready to leave, I feel I’m guide to which one or two I should get. That process never failed me.

    • Rosemarie

      How would you like to read something different, enjoyable in a different way. There is a book called “God on a Harley” by Joan Brady. It is a Spiritual Fable, a really good story. My counselor suggested it. It is a quick read about learning to love and accept yourself. I enjoyed it very much. I hope you do, too, if you decide to read it.

  • Aaron

    Good morning, I wanted to share a couple books by name that have been wonderful for me in my journey as a Catholic Christian who joined the Church 7 years ago. The first is “Why Do Catholics Do That” by Kevin Orlin Johnson and the second is “Four Witnesses: The Early Church in Her Own Words”. Like many of yall, I enjoy learning and the process of educating myself on Catholicism has been really enjoyable. My wife, who sponsored me in RCIA, found that she learned quite a bit about the Church through these learning experiences as well, though she has been a member of the Catholic Church her entire life. Have a great day!

  • Kathleen

    Continuous learning has made me more patient, more tolerant, less judgmental. It helps me make better decisions, keeps me open and growing, and wanting to learn more!

  • LJ

    God is a lover who is not in a hurry. My arrogant person hood, and wants to handle things have proven to be no match am I for the one who has said: “eye hath not seen”…we have cast lots, it has been said. How may my boast in Him be accomplished, today other than living today in gratitude for Him who lived and died for my freedom?

  • Carl

    I love today’s message as it reminded me of my father. One of the most important lessons he instilled in me was the notion that I “can learn something from every person you meet and every situation you encounter. If you didn’t, you weren’t paying attention or looking closely enough.”

    This was reinforced years later by a supervisor I looked up to. One day I made a comment expressing the wish to someday “have all the answers” like she did. She stopped in her tracks, looked at me, and conveyed how her prayer for me was that I NEVER got to feel that way. She added that the older she gets, the more she has learned just how much she DOESN’T know and that if we ever feel that we “have all the answers, we stop growing.” If that were not enough, she tacked on: “Besides, who wants to be around a person who thinks they know it all?”

    This approach to life has helped me learned things I would have never learned. It has also been extremely beneficial when encountering people that might be a bit “difficult” to deal with. Some how, they become less so when I identify what it is they bring to my awareness and add to my perspective. I believe that this at least in part – is how God works through people!

    • LosmanPO

      That was some sage advice from your supervisor. So often we can be prideful in the knowledge that we have obtained, but true wisdom is acknowledging that we don’t know everything. That is God’s kingdom, not ours. She is right people generally do not enjoy being around someone who thinks they know it all.

  • Taryn Macary

    My reading…. (and I have never been an avid reader ) the only books that I read are spiritual books. These bring me such tremendous joy, such peace, such awareness, they feed me. There are many ways that continuous learning has made my life better but I would say this is at the forefront.

  • Elaine

    As an adult I returned to school and graduated with an associate degree in early childhood. It most definitely enriched me and gave me knowledge and confidence to re-enter the business world. Today I continue to have an open mind and love of reading.

  • K. D.

    I love to learn something new…but often let the cares and needs of my day get in the way…Our spiritual muscle, if you will, needs exercising… I try to always be in a Bible study and or prayer group, with others who are striving to learn and grow their faith. I regularly watch videos online about anything I am interested in, it sparks my interest more…then I search out books on the topics that jump out at me and share what I learn with others.

    I also learn through older, wiser people who have experienced God working in their lives…I sit at their feet in a way, listening to their stories, asking questions, seeking truth in how they have come to recognize God and what they have taken away from their encounters with Him throughout the years. God uses others to reach us, to touch us, to energize us and our faith.

    Our church has a growing group that gives weekend retreats once a year, for women one weekend, for men another…we work together to offer these to people needing growth in their spiritual lives. We share our faith through testimony, we sing, study and learn about the sacraments, share wonderful meals prepared for us….God works through these strongly…He touches hearts…we all learn new truths through those who He has placed around us and He fires our love for Him, for learning, for growing in our faith together and individually…I am thankful for this richness in my life. It is beautiful to watch others’ faith light up, to allow God to work through you for the good of others…that is truly when I am happiest.

  • Barbara

    Ever since I was a little girl I loved learning. As a teacher I was always promoting the love of learning and pushing my students and myself to read and learn more. At first, when I watched these videos I thought this is an easy task for me! On further reflection though, I realized I am not always focusing my learning on things that will really help me become the best version of myself. For instance, I will read about the latest political scandal and search for the latest update on the scandal. Instead, I should be focusing on those things that will make me a better person and help me make good choices in my life. For example, the issue of the refugee crisis weighs heavily on my heart. While I pray daily for the world to treat all refugees with kindness and compassion, I have not read or researched enough to know what steps I can take to help with the refugee crisis. I know I can’t solve this global problem, but I’m sure there is something I can be doing to help at least one refugee have a better life. I can research what organizations are doing the best job at helping refugees and donate to that organization. I could find out who I need to write to in our own government to promote fair and just laws and treatment of refugees. As a result of today’s reflections, I am going to try to focus on learning that will make me a better person.

  • I feel very blessed that I’ve maintained a love of learning since childhood. I nearly lost it in graduate school, but thankfully that didn’t last! It’s a special joy to learn something new — whether a new skill, fact, or insight.

    I think people associate “learning” too much with bad experiences in school, or they never learn to love reading for one reason or another. But there are so many ways to learn! There are online video courses, audio courses, local workshops, books, AUDIObooks…something for everyone!

  • Michael Ennis

    Continuous learning has always been integral to my life. When I am not engaged in continuous learning, I tend to get in some kind of trouble. Even at work, if my job becomes too routine, I get stuck in a rut. But give me a new responsibility, or a new way of doing the same thing even, and it’s ‘game on’. I find it easiest to grow when I am continuously learning.
    God Bless

  • Brian Brady

    Thank you Lindsey. I also love to read. One of the best ways I learn though is from my mistakes. Jesus forgives my mistakes which leaves me free to keep learning (the hard way).

  • BJ Jarvis

    I am alive today because God has sent down an Angel from heaven to Protect me or just watch out from my stupid mistakes. This Angel has opened my eyes to God. Pretty scary when you were raised with Satan as ruler. I’ve been a Catholic since April 11, 2009. I try to thank God Everyday and be all for him but. I just…Maybe need more .My Spiritual Director, my Angel who has been my roommate and BFF for 10 years this past January. Maybe the little push will be the Cursillo at the end of the Month. I do love God. Thanks

    • Barbara

      So glad you found the Catholic faith.

      • BJ Jarvis

        Thank you

  • Kathleen Spector

    Reading the writing of the saints, such as Frances deSales has increased not only my desire for living a life of holiness, but also a deep understanding that doing so is possible.
    Continuous learning broadens my awareness of the possibilities in my life and in the lives of those I love.

  • Jennifer Haeussler Brewer

    I consider myself a life long learner. I have earned may degrees because I love to learn. I also teach (to earn money so that I can continue to learn).
    Some of my favorite activities are bible study classes, catholic small group charismatic movements (I am a Cursillo member) and Alpha.
    Learning is a passion. It is when I feel most alive.
    I know that God created everything, and so by learning more about the world, I feel like I am learning more about what God created.

  • Carlos

    I have thought about continuous learning a lot, because it revealed to me how God can change our weaknesses into strengths. I had a very embarrassing and humbling experience in 6th grade. For some reason, I could not figure out math word problems involving percentages. My math teacher at the time was also the school’s baseball coach. One day he took me aside in an attempt to get me back on track. He lost his patience with me and for some reason he called me an idiot for not understanding something so simple. Of course, this made me feel terrible and I even cried because of it. Although I didn’t know it at the time, God used this moment to light the fire of continuous learning in my life. From that day forward, I had an unbridled passion for learning. This weakness became my strength and led to successes in high school, college, and my careers. This passion that God instilled in me allowed me to navigate a 20-year career in the Navy as an officer. It also allowed me to become an electrical engineer. But most importantly, I still seek to know as much as I can about God daily through spiritual reading. I don’t know where I would be without this love of learning, but I know that I would not have been a better version of myself.

  • jerseyangel

    I love reading the Bible and other spiritual literature. I so enjoy Matthew Kelly’s series and always feel sad when they are over. I have bought some of his books, and I enjoy them, but not the same. I have been to so many Bible studies, and some retreats. They all help me grow in my faith and relationship with God. Lately I have been feeling that with all of this learning, I should be doing more for my faith. I do little things now. When my kids were growing up, I taught CCD which I loved. I need some other outlet but because I am a high school teacher, something that doesn’t take up too much time. I am praying that God leads me where he wants me to serve.

  • Anna Krystyniak

    I have always been an active learning but seems like it has been pushed aside for now as I stay home and raise my kiddos. But as I focus more on the church and God, I can say that is my current learning opportunity especially since I have been away for so many years.

  • Toni Duffy

    I like to go on field trips. Like we did in school. Yesterday I went to one of the old California Missions. Sat in the quiet church. Went outside watched kids on their own field trip.I think I learn better not from books but from life. Reading is sometimes difficult for me

  • Kaz

    I stopped learning when i finished 4 years at College, as i considered i had got information overload and my brain needed a rest.
    Since then i have coasted in and out of learning and only rediscovered learning, now when i have more time and am retired.
    What a waste of good opportunities to be more knowledgeable about the world!
    Goes back to one of Matthew’s statements a couple of months ago, “Time is a precious gift, so precious that God dispenses it to you one second at a time. Don’t waste time.” Absolutely brilliant!

  • Kelly

    I am a first grade teacher and so learning and the love for learning is obviously a huge part of my daily life. I have been taking a class about “growth mindset” in the mathematics classroom and just last night, a group of teachers and I were discussing a growth mindset vs. a fixed mindset. In a nut shell, fixed mindset is the assumption that learning is easier for some people or that some people are born ‘smarter’ than others. Growth mindset is the idea that you might not know how to do something YET but you can learn. And brain research is truly beginning to understand that the brain has huge plasticity. Or that the brain can definitely grow. And research has shown time and again that people who have a growth mindset and believe that they CAN learn something – can and WILL learn. While this class was focused on growth mindset within math, I was thinking about the many areas of life where I need to cultivate a growth mindset. And after watching this video, I was reminded that learning about my faith and learning about the love of God is something that I have a lot of room to grow in. And I can.

  • SanctusSanctus

    Being a continuous learner keeps me open to others’ ideas and experiences. I learn from others that which I may never experience; travel as an example. Internet access has permitted me to learn from the writing of Doctors of the Church, other writing of saints. Regarding Matthew’s question, perhaps the only time I lost “love of learning” would be those times when it was “forced” learning. There are probably times when those were short-term experiences, of limited value, and if it was important material, it was probably better left to another opportunity where I as receipient was more “ready”?

  • Teresa

    Continuous learning, yearning and seeking new knowledge is a powerful addition to our lives. It reminds us that the world is also changing and evolving. New knowledge, and/or perspectives, of so many things provides us wisdom and knowledge to try to understand changes in our lives and in our world.

  • Amy Reinhardt

    I’ve always loved the idea that as a human being we will never know everything. There is endless knowledge to be learned. We will also never be perfect, but it’s the opportunity to improve ourselves that pushes us to keep trying. I enjoy learning something new while conversing with someone. This conversation not only grants me new knowledge, but builds up the other person’s self-esteem when they realize they just taught someone something new. It’s a win-win.

    • Lisa

      Yes, the people in here are really lovely.

  • Victoria

    As a college student this idea of falling in love with learning makes me take a deep sigh. My job right now as a student is to keep learning and my professors are constantly teaching me new things in my field of study. Although I take a deep breath and sigh at the thought of learning some more, I truly do hunger for learning more about my Lord. I want to know Him better. I want to find new ways to grow deeper in love with this Jesus who has consumed the desires of my heart.

  • Leah Levitt

    I love reading. I now am reading spiritual books. I am always amazed at what I find out I don’t know about Catholicism. We as Americans are cursed with I want it now. I don’t need others to help me learn. I can learn to play the guitar in one day and don’t have to practice. We reinvent the wheel because we’re not willing to admit anyone else knows more than us. We devalue learning. So loving learning also needs us to admit we don’t know it all. Spirit growth stops when we stop learning. We as Catholics are so lucky we have centuries of spiritual learning. Don’t let the Devil take this from you. If we don’t take the trouble to learn about our faith we lose this battle. Ignorance robs us of our ability not to be lead astray. I find the more I learn the better I am as a Christian. The rub is to keep doing it and not to let resistance keep me from doing this. I am as guilty as anyone to get to busy to learn.

  • Angie L.

    Thank you Lindsey! I have to admit that it’s been within the last few years that my love of learning has been reignited. I know it’s my fault for letting housework, running kid’s, volunteering, etc. get in the way, but since I have all my children in school now, I seem to have more time to devote to spiritual reading, attending biblestudy with parish friends and participating in this Lenten program….thanks so much for helping make this my “best lent ever”!!! May God continue to bless Dynamic Catholic!!

  • MaryAnne Casaul

    When I am willing to be open to God’s word in my life He has shown me through his word, whether it be a passage from a Gospel or a psalm, direction, wisdom, compassion, love. I am learning everyday how to become a more patient, kind and loving person.

  • WisdomSeeker

    I chose my User Name, WisdomSeeker, many years ago and continue to love it to this day. It reflects perfectly my daily desire to seek to grow in Knowledge, Understanding and Wisdom.
    At almost 59 years of age, God continues to prove to me that regardless of how long I live on this earth there are new discoveries still to be revealed. And when I am guided by the Holy Spirit, I will ultimately find the answer I seek OR I will have peace for those things that I do not yet understand.
    Learning promises to keep me curious, more joyful and a better vessel through which Christ is reflected.
    I am always so THANKFUL for those who share their knowledge which enhances my experience of life. There is no way that one person can ever “know it all” and so, we SHARE, blessing each other’s lives as Christ desires.

  • Ssamaca

    Happy St. Patrick’s day!!! He was 72 when he died, and never stopped his work and seeking new hearts to win over to God. What a force he was.

    I think the biggest challenge is continuous learning for seniors. Children have a natural curiosity. Good teachers bring that out and inspire a love a learning even for children with physical or mental challenges. They have a burning curiosity.
    As we age, however, it’s easy to lose that desire, especially in a culture that does not value its elder’s opinions on anything. Our youth equates knowledge with technical skills, like how fast you can text etc, and not the content of the text itself. So after a while, some older people who don’t see any future in the workforce, or at least one limited to minimum wage mindless work, don’t see the need to build their skills. They can basically do what they have to do with their eyes (and mind) closed.
    Balancing this is that God remains immutable. No matter how we reach out to Him, whether by smartphone, prayer or even thought, God is there. He does not judge us for our smarts, only our hearts. And the message does not change, the Scripture does not change.
    This can be a trap, I know. I think Dyanmic Catholic does a great job of engaging seniors to think about things they take as a given, read and learn new ideas, even if we don’t feel like it. Thank you, DC.

    • Lisa

      My dad is 90 and a continuous learner. He does it for himself I guess, because he doesn’t seem to have any great desire to share. Even after by-pass surgery his mind is active and he doesn’t sit down much. People don’t like the opinions of seniors because they are often too eager to tell you what to do. Then there is my dad who never want to tell you what to do and I really wish he would.

      • Linda Carmelle

        My Grampa only had a 3rd grade education,he wasn’t allowed to continue on in school. I believe at the time he had a learning disability,but there weren’t any programs or legislation to allow for all children to receive an education either back then. The thing is it NEVER deterred him. He learned to read by attending chrch,focusing on the Bible ,such as reading Psalms,Gospels,Proverbs etc. He had the richest prayer life of anyone I know. He helped to give me my strong faith foundation. He was always able to solve problems and created his own inventive solutions for fixing things. He married ,had children, grandchildren,was an active member of the commnity serving his country during war, and belonging to the Maria S.S. Lauretana Italian American Society for our Blessed Mother. He was truly a child of God with the most remarkable commom sense and Faith I had the privledge of knowing and being his grandaughter. All with only being able to attend school to the 3rd grade. He passed into Eternal Life in 2007 at a little over 100years old. I accredit his influence with my love of learning today. Thank You Grampa for giving me all you did<3

        • Lisa

          Sounds like a lovely person.

  • Della Nestor Garrity

    I am so honored to be able to read the remarks/statements of the people who communicate on this site. You seem to be so kind,patient,and loving with your students. It is so beautiful. Thank You.

  • Peter

    I taught for 30 years and I can honestly say I learned more from my students than I think they ever learned from me.

  • Donna

    I was reading earlier today about how people struggle reading and comprehending the Bible. I too had that problem until I realized I had the answer right in front of me, my sons “Student Bible for Catholics” that was laying around. It has scripture on the left margin and easy explanation of what’s really happening on the right side! Now I love to read the Bible!

    • Lisa


    • Lisa

      I encourage people to ask the author when they don’t understand something. For example, God if it is the Bible, or the saint who wrote something. It is really incredible when full understanding of some little part suddenly hits your brain.

  • Ed Graveline

    When I had my miracle back in 1975, I decided to start reading. About 33 books a year, mainly about Catholic teaching. Apologetics, Church history. and a few on economics since I was a business major at NAU. But they helped me learn my faith and helped me go out into the streets with St. Paul Street Evangelization to give out 8,000 Rosaries, 11,000 pamphlets and 2500 Miraculous Medals on the Strip in Las Vegas. Every weekend for two years. I am now doing the same here in my small city of Sierra Vista Arizona. Oh, and I have read the Bible about 12 times and the Catechism of the Catholic Church 5 times. Pure genius that Catechism is.

    • Lisa

      Miraculous Medals on the Strip. You must have gotten some odd looks and some really funny comments from people whose minds were on something totally different.

  • Diane

    Prayer, reading good books and listening to good talks, going on retreats keeps my mojo up! I find that when I don’t, I truly do atrophy. I close in on myself, have nothing to share and don’t participate or engage with people. And when this happens, I don’t hear what God is trying to tell me either.

  • Fr. Michael

    I would have to say, that as I began to explore the possibility that I had a priestly vocation, it fueled my desire to know Christ better. Each and every day I set the goal to come to a deeper awareness of His Presence in my life. I have been ordained 13 years and each day is an exciting adventure where I am challenged to learn and grow while helping others to do the same.

  • Trevor Pelkey

    Continuous learning has helped me throughout my years of high school in getting more out of my education. I have observed firsthand that the key to truly learning and remembering things for the rest of your life is to find meaning in the material and have a genuine interest in it.

  • Mary Brennan

    I tried to learn as much as I can about our Catholic faith I tried to read good spiritual books listen to Great teaching “EWTN”as I get older more more I want to learn, I did not have this as a child now that I am somewhat homebound I am reading so much more St Catherine of Siena Father Gallagher’s book Discerning of the spirits desolation and consolation, the Enduring Heart by Wilkie Au, prayer life it is good, we can always do better,Jesus comes to visited the Eucharistic King and for now a person is getting me to Sunday Mass, Monday evening Mass,Novena ,God is so good thank you for your teachings Happy St. Patrick’s Day ☘☘☘💚😊🤗

  • jim

    Today’s is St. Patrick’s day, and I read he wasn’t such a big fan of book learning, although he had to do his share to get ordained. I am pretty sure his learning only kicked into overdrive when he became a missionary and left the books. I love reading spiritual books, and profit greatly from them. But when I think of the most important learning in my life, it has to do with experiences, some of them very difficult, which I did not enjoy. The death of my 8 year old daughter on a playground, the problems in my marriage, mental illness and addiction in my sons…. some tremendously joyful… hearing the gospel proclaimed by missionaries who were living it, oral catechesis leading to discovery of beauty of our faith and the Christian family. I will never stop learning from books, but they can be an escape for me. I find the challenge for me as far as books/media goes, is to work at substituting media that helps me in place of things (on tv, etc) that are just time fillers and empty entertainment. Real learning is entertaining in deep way.

    • Lisa

      Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Unlike tv, you can’t share a book. Or can you? Once I read an entire book to my husband while he was sick. Even years later, that story is special between us. My daughter loves to “read a book with me;” but what she means is that she gets and book and I get a book and we sit together. I like it too.

      • Linda Carmelle

        Yes,when my husband and I were dating we spent hours reading to each other,taking turns with paragraphs and pages. We also learned alot about each other as we commented on those books ans sparked new conversations and ideas.=)

  • Kathleen Riling

    I love all these wonderful comments. I recently took a job where I get to interact with people in a memory care environment, many with Alzheimer’s. I learn so much from them everyday. They bring me so much joy when I can make them smile🙂

    • Lisa

      Once I met a neighbor in the park. She says something to me and I reply. She says it again and I reply the same way. She says it a third time and I reply the same as before. Then she looks at me funny. Was that the right thing to do or how else should I have handled it?

  • Robert Mersberger

    I believe the key to learning is trusting and praying daily to our heavenly Father,His Son and the blessed Mother. When we do this we are opening ourselves to constant learning and understanding. Daily prayer helps us to become better an stronger people and in doing this we will become the person God calls us to be .

  • Cheryl Beseler

    I returned to school as an adult – three separate degrees each about 10 years apart. The first time, my children were in elementary school – they would watch me study, go to class and set goals, sometimes they even went to school with me. The second time they were in high school – we all graduated in a row and I watched them go on to their own advanced educations. I was at a Catholic University and my son chose the same path. The third time – a MA from that same Catholic University – I had grandchildren attend my graduation! Continuous learning took me outside my comfort zone – expanded my universe and made me look at myself and the reasons why. With each new step I found myself looking more deeply within myself, my relationships, my faith. As we understand more of the world around, as we search for answers, as we explore the ideas of others – we grow personally and realize there is so much to be excited about. I pray that my example and the excitement I found continues to be passed on for the next generations – we are never done learning, each day is a lesson – if we choose to pay attention, ask questions and explore!

  • Lisa

    I love to read and learn religious material, especially the writings of Anne a Lay Apostle, but I am challenged to put those things into practice. It is also a challenge to understand things from Jesus’ point of view. For example, why are there starving people in the world? Jesus tells Anne that he has provided enough food for all his children, but greedy people take it. I was unable to understand this for a long time, but today in Adoration it occurred to me that we send rice to starving people and then buy rice in our grocery store that was grown in that same country. We have had 2,000 years to figure things out, but still we have so many things to learn. Here is another one: Anne asks Jesus why He didn’t help her with her children even though she asked Him for help during the fray. Jesus answers, “I cannot get in front of you and your free will. Next time, go into another room and give Me a moment to place peace in your heart.” Boy we can all use that! It’s that free-will thing. Gets us every time.

  • Arturo de la Cerda

    I’ve always love to learn. When Fr. Kelly asked in the video to think about our most unforgettable moments I automatically thought about the 4.5 months when my father was terminally ill. Those were the worst months of my life, but I was eventually was able to accept it and make peace with it.

  • jim

    Thank you to all the wonderful people at Dynamic Catholic, YOU make the world a better place

  • Judy

    I have been a voracious learner my entire life. I believe God made it part of my DNA. Learning on a personal level has helped me grow from beyond the confines of a dysfunctional upbringing, and to shatter those age-old behaviors. From a spiritual level, I cannot learn enough…I need to learn more, to grow more, to build up my understanding of what God has in mind for my life. I do this by spending time each day in my green prayer chair, being in a Bible study, going on retreats, connecting with my sisters in Christ. There is no ceiling in learning. The only barriers are the ones we place upon ourselves. I chose to not have a ceiling on my learning.

  • owjw

    I can’t imagine not wanting to learn about new things and/or learn more about God and how to grow closer to Him, but I do think most (or at least many) people think they’re too busy or make sure they’re too busy to seek to know more.

  • Elizabeth Riley

    I’ve always enjoyed cooking and getting my hands dirty in the kitchen. Finding new ways to improve an item like a salad has increased my enjoyment of cooking and of being in the kitchen. I’ve gotten plenty of compliments in various ways of how everyone has loved my cooking which has only increased my desire to find ways that would improve an item.

  • Anna Brady

    I love to read and have loved it from an early age. When you read a book it’s like opening up a whole other world. There’s so many things that you can read about and learn about. You can learn something new every day. My youngest son was very good at hiding the fact he couldn’t read. It started with spelling words. He had them memorize, in the order they were on the list. I worked with him and he got better.

  • Dorothy Infante

    I value education and learning so much, although I wasn’t a smart student I firmly believe that I will grow professionally, personally, and spiritually if I continue to grasp my love for learning. A year ago, I decided to go back to school for my master’s program, I always wanted to do this many, many years ago but because of various circumstances, I put this aside. Now I am halfway through my MS Psychology program, hopefully with God’s grace I would be able to finish early next year. Going back to school while working full time is not easy, while working M-F from 8am to 5pm my day starts 6am and ends around 11:30pm or sometimes later than that. I don’t have my weekends as I devote majority of my time doing multiple pages paper and other homework, not to mention the domestic responsibilities I have to do on the side. Why am I doing this? I have a good job, where not only is my source of income but also a place where I can learn and grow. My desire for learning is the sole reason why I am doing this, my brain may not be capable of absorbing the lessons from school but I am learning so much about life and the world, that to me is more important. I am also very privileged that my school is a faith-based institution, which for me is good because not only we are learning academically, the professors and the learning platform encourages students to engage prayer into learning. School may be tiring, cumbersome and stressful but at the end of the day, the learning that we can get from it is all worth it. This is also my way of encouraging my nephews and nieces to value education and focus on their studies.

  • Mari

    I agree, reading is so inspiring. I read on a daily basis. Books, the bible, websites, etc. Every time I feel sad or distraught with the troubles of life, I read and I always end up feeling refreshed. People often ask me if I don’t get bored of reading. I don’t. I find that reading has become my therapy. Reading has helped me to foster my relationship with God. Very powerful.

  • Rae Mims

    I have always loved to read. I guess it was being the child of a librarian maybe. Ever since I was very young, I loved books and learning knew things. I guess that is one of the reason’s I like being a lawyer, I am always learning, always researching. I think it makes my life better because it makes me more worldly and therefore more understanding of others and their viewpoints. It has made me return to my Catholic faith and truly learn – via being a teaching assistant at CCD, via religious books and conferences, via being a Eucharistic Minister.

  • Vivienne

    I learn easily by action,i am not a big fan of reading! I struggle with that, however I make every effort as I try to deepen my faith. I will rarely miss an opportunity to attend a lecture.
    I am currently attending a nondenominational bible study group because it fits with my work schedule, we read the Bible together and discuss!
    Is it ok for catholic to do this ????

  • CathieHeenan

    My one passion is photography. I am continuing learning new ways to photograph God’s nature.

  • Fanny

    Today’s topic made me realize that learning has been by my side most of my life. As a senior I decided to learn computer science and it has helped me with my lessons and translations. I am retired (partially) and I have taken Bible study. What’s next?

  • Barbara

    I have to admit i have drifted away from continuous reading. I do remember, however, how refreshed I felt reading daily meditations at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee. It was a great way to start my day. The last several years I spent a lot of time “putting out fires” with a sick daughter and husband who both passed away. I became preoccupied with care-giving and lost sight of “feeding my soul.” I was “too busy!” Thanks for the reminder. I plan to start the daily meditations again, remembering how refreshed, good and noble they made me feel. God bless you

  • Kathi

    I really like where Matthew said that when we’re trying to be the best version of ourselves, we constantly need new input, new insights and new awareness. New insights and awareness might shake us out of our routine ruts and motivate us to change – for the better!

  • Angela M. Williams

    I could be a professional “continual learner”…I loved to see the excitement of my own children, and in all children, when they receive their first library card and can read their first books. Or get through a set of flash cards (alphabet, numerals, or equations)…I became an elementary (pre-K/K) religious education catechist because I like to share my knowledge – and in turn I have received so much more back that has helped me grow spiritually – particularly from pre-K/K religious education attendees. Continuous learning keeps you energetic, progressive, innovative, committed and inspired.

  • Zoe

    I lost my love of learning & school, in 3rd grade….when I had to REPEAT it. My FIRST 3rd Grade Teacher ~ Mrs. Baumann ~ was so sweet, but….I had a chat with her one day, after school, about my problem with “day dreaming” (I used have have petite mal seizures!). I DESCRIBED the problem for her ~ I COULDN’T HELP it! ~ and unfortunately, because not enough was known about this sort of thing at the time, she didn’t understand or know how to help me. When I had to REPEAT 3rd Grade, I got a HORRIBLE “teacher” and she effectively KILLED my love of learning, and it all just snowballed from there!

    The WORST “teacher” I had, was for the first half of 6th Grade! She was OBSESSED with Billie Jean King, so much so, that she actually looked almost IDENTICAL. It didn’t take me long to figure out that the ONLY WAY to get her help, or get on her “GOOD” side, was to like TENNIS, and worship HER, as if SHE was Billie Jean King. I refused to suck up and be one of her sycophants, so she singled me out and bullied me. She was threatening to hold me back ANOTHER YEAR, and make me repeat the 6TH Grade, too! My Mama was forced to MOVE us, so I could transfer schools.

    I have struggled JUST TO SURVIVE, for YEARS! I have struggled socially and financially, and have had extreme difficulty, maintaining gainful employment. Now, THANKS BE TO GOD, I’m 54 and have an OPPORTUNITY to return to College ~ a GRANT! I will go back to College the 1st week of April! I am EXCITED! The past is buried. I’m planning to be SUCCESSFUL!

  • Mary Aguirre

    I was born a cradle catholic that went to church just for the sake of going. I returned back to God when I lost my mother in 2009; I have started reading again, being involved more in church activities and just feel like I can’t get enough knowledge of Christ,,,,there are many things I don’t understand and have so much to learn but I look forward to this new knowledge and the peace it has brought me thus far!

  • Arthur Brown

    I always told my children and other young people in my life that even when you graduate from school you have to continually learn everyday and constant learning is like going to school for the rest of your life. You always need to learn new things. When you cook, gardening, building a project, financial planning and learning to be the best version of myself by learning other things that will help me learn to do them better or at least be able to do things as I get older and have to learn to manage my life in a better way. This goes along with being a Christian and learning what Gods wants us to do with our lives. If you don’t believe me then ask someone that is older.

  • Kathleen Riling

    Lisa, I always just answer the best I can. I often just smile and say, I will find out for you. Ever situation is unique to each individual. Kindness seems to work for all.

  • Karen Kotzbach McCreary

    When Matthew asked when did we first love learning I smiled. I don’t remember ever NOT loving learning . My Dad would read the “funny paper” to me when I was 3 +4 yrs. old. I’d crawl up under the paper up onto his lap and wait for the cartoons to start when he was at the end of the paper . I went to school and hated having to go home . My husband has described me as a permanent student . I will always be one . I took it as a compliment whether he meant it as such or not ( probably the case) . I went back to college when I was in my late 40s and it took me 8 yrs. but I got my little French degree and I was on Cloud 9 ! I have read and own hundreds of books on every subject . History ,literature , geography etc. There is a whole section on WWII and the Holocaust . A full shelf of spiritual reading that was read in the 70s added to and then NEVER read . I am stunned at my truth . If I’m awake there’s a good chance I’m learning something but it may NOT be the right something .It will be baking , a free magazine from the city or something mundane . National Geographic is my favorite . Nature and Nova favorite TV programs . There I do find God . But why am I not reading one of my beloved Bibles ? I am truly thankful for Dynamic Catholic and my 2 best Lents and 1 Best Advent . The Bible will be next to me tomorrow ! I already moved my New Testament there to start “Matthew”. Read the lesson for the days , celebrated St. Patrick with family . Reading will be later today. 1000 thank yous…at least.

  • Carol Carpenter Lichten

    Continuous learning has opened my mind to understanding how the brain works and how trauma affects my students’ learning​. I become more loving when I understand the lives of our youngest and most vulnerable children are at a disadvantage because they live in dire circumstances.

  • Jesse Bourque

    I recall making the comment to a group of people that I was saying farewell to, that we are only growing when we are learning. I know that I am the best version of myself when I am immersed in learning, whether that is learning something new about my job or learning something new about my faith. It gives me hope to carry on through the adversity of life; I know that whatever I am learning about is developing a new skill that will make me more successful at becoming that better version of myself. The magic comes when I internalize the information, make it a part of myself, and then pass it on to someone else. Seeing someone else’s success happen indirectly as a result of my learning is an awesome experience.

    • Ethel L

      Couldn’t agree more with you Jesse!

  • Jo


  • Sarena

    I love that there is always something new to learn and I embrace learning new things. My firm belief is that life is school and we go through these grades. God is our teacher, and sometimes we do not get the lesson so He brings it back for review, or pop quiz if you will. We take what we’ve learned from past encounters to do better or help someone else. We grow because God always tends to us, watering, weeding, and fertilizing our lives and enriching us with the knowledge to be our best.

  • Ethel L

    Education does not start nor end at school. Life itself is the field of continuous learning. Every day I open my heart to learn old and new experience. It delays my DEMENTIA!

    • Jo Martin

      Your comment has inspired me!!! Lord help me discover the love of learning again!!

  • Lise Arseneau Lee

    I have learned so much from the series of videos, however this lesson has touched me the most so far. I am a returning Catholic and owe much gratitude to Matthew Kelly and his team. His books have been a great encouragement to me as I rediscover my faith. Blessings to all of you and please continue this great work.

  • Sue

    I love those “aha!” Moments. They encourage me to keep digging for more golden nuggets. I converted to Catholicism 40 years ago. There was so much to learn. As I progressed, I wanted to know it all. Of course that is impossible this side of Heaven, but I continue in my quest. I love being Catholic, and appreciate the endless learning possibilities.

  • Carol

    Absolutely learning is growing. I’m checking out information every day on my iPhone. Your never to old to learn something new. I’m starting Spanish & good spiritual reading listening everyday is so important to grow. It’s stimulating makes you feel alive.

  • Steven Elton

    I believe nothing can be achieved in life without learning. Life long learning will noy only feed your career but also your spirit! OK, have to go read the next chapter in my latest book 😉

  • pat m

    I finished university in 2012 at 70 years of age, but thought that I would keep taking courses and learning for ever. My university lessons taught me that there is more to the world other than in my own limited work experiences. However, I never did go back to taking other courses. Instead I got very involved in the Catholic Women’s League, Dynamic catholic , novenas, women’s bible study ( a forever learning experience), and other Christian faith-building activities. I have deepened my faith and closeness to God immensely, preparing for whatever time I have left in this life. All my prayer and other church endeavours just seem to muddle-up together. I pray to have the courage to find another topic to study and finish!. And to be able to stop and listen to God.!

  • Nicole M.

    Continuous learning keeps me on my toes when it comes to my teaching job. I am currently in a first year induction class and I honestly treat it more as a burden than a good learning experience. The thing is, every time I go to class or do an assignment, I’m actually fulfilled with everything I’ve learned and I’m excited to go try it in my classroom. I need to treat these learning experiences as well as spiritual ones as gifts from God.

  • Debra Kyser

    I developed a love of learning while homeschooling my children. After i taught them, i went back to school myself and earned a Bachelor degree in Social Work. Once i got into the school of Letters and Science (and finished my general education classes my Junior year, I became an honor student. I graduated at 59 yrs. old.

  • Mike

    Thanks I will look up the series. Another person I have discovered and listen to is Fr Mike Schmitz. He produces podcasts and has a YouTube channel under the name of Ascension Presents. He referenced father Gaitley in his podcast last week.

    • Joyce W.

      Thanks for the tip. I have bookmarked Fr. Schmitz page of Ascension Presents talks. I have come across him before but didn’t note the name.

  • Magalis Muniz

    Continuous learning is like seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. It has open my mind and I see things differently. I’m starting to see my purpose in life.

  • Therese G Upperman

    Without continuous learning, we become stale and stop radiating the love of Christ.

  • Babciamel

    At the age of 36, I began my college career. In high school., I did just enough to slide by….and some of the time it was a very slippery slope. Being in college as an adult awakened a side of me that I had never known. I remember, to this day, the first new word I learned as a college student. At first, I thought: “How stupid, why didn’t they just use a simpler term?” Imagine my surprise, when about a week later, I used the word during the course of a conversation. That one word, spurred my interest and excitement in learning. Learning begets learning, one might say. So it goes as well with God and Spirituality. The more we search, the more we knock on the door of learning how to live our lives according to God’s will; the more we crave that learning and the more we pray. I so need to reawaken that burning desire to learn the will of God in my life.

  • Sherry Hayes-Peirce

    Matthew Your Work to Provide Us With Holy Books to Read is surely Blessed By St. Padre Pio who said “I am horrified at the damage done to souls by their failure to read holy books.” I am so proud to be a Parish Champion who shares your many books and CDs with souls thirsty for holy books to read. The words I just finished “Resisting Happiness” and starting “Everybody needs to Forgive Somebody”. God Bless the work of Dynamic Catholic!

  • Cindy Leslie

    Reading and playing the piano did help me with my learning disability. My faith in God and Church and also my family helped me grow and learn in a holy and positive way. Thank you Karen.

  • I don’t like reading..well I don’ have time for it so I listen to podcasts and watch youtube videos to help me learn.

  • Karl Kern

    For those who crave knowledge about the life of Jesus, I very highly recommend the writings of Anne Catherine Emmerich. I can’t say enough good things in this little space. Do yourself a favor. Look up her story and the writings attributed to her visions. One of her works is a 4 volume set “The Life of Jesus Christ and Biblical Revelations”. Get it on your Kindle and keep it handy. It is absolutely beneficial to have read the New Testament prior to embarking on these, but not critical. Enjoy the ride!

  • Eugene Randy Day

    I love learning, have almost a maniacal passion for it, because Frankly I don’t like anyone to know something I don’t, as long as I can learn what they know. It’s not that I hate to be wrong, but I hate to be wrong when all it took to be right was to learn something new. I Constantly seek out people who know more than I do, and try to learn from them all I can. I really live by the motto “If you’re the smartest person in the room, you need to go into another room”. I know my motives are going to sound horrible, but the end results Have served me well.

  • Emma Spaulding

    I love to learn new things. Like most people I would guess are more eager to learn things that interest them and that is true to me. I still find it hard to concentrate on learning something when I find it pointless or boring. But learning about children, music, family relations, or even God, I will put my full concentration into learning about that subject and find joy in learning new things. Since being at college, I have learned so much more about God and all the wonderful things He as done and that has made my life better.

  • Kitty

    I love learning. When I retired from teaching, I wanted to retain an interest in learning so I started taking online courses through EDX. They are free courses from Universities like Harvard, Norte Dame, and many other prestigious colleges. I took a course on the teachings of St. Paul and the beginnings of Christianity. It was taught by a woman from the Harvard School of Divinity. I also participated in an online book club which covered a lot of classic literature. The reason I mention EDX is I hope other people will become interested in these free online courses. They keep ones mind active and can be audited.

  • Bobby

    I love learning too. It took me a few years into adulthood before I figured out that I love to learn. Sadly, most of my life I felt stupid — I had trouble grasping concepts — focusing on things was difficult. I’ve always wondered if I had a learning disorder. I’ve learned that I’m not stupid. The way I actually learn is different and unique to me — I’ve also learned that there are few people like me. I love research — and have become an avid genealogist. I love story telling and connecting to my past and those that walked before me. I am different — and proudly so.

  • I gre up hating school, and reading. But when I got older I Egan to read books and my mind and my heart was opened up by them. Now I read and write. I love books and learning now! Thanks be to God and my mother’s prayers!