March 11: Get Busy Living

Day 10

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When I was a kid, maybe 9 or 10 years old, I used to be in this choir at school, and we used to sing at funerals. We used to sing at funerals all the time—once a week or something we’d be singing at a funeral.

For some reason, it really had an impact on me. It really, I don’t know, it just sort of put in my mind the idea that life really is short, we do all end up dying, and we’re only passing through this place.

We are pilgrims. This is not home. We’re just passing through here.

It is easy to forget that. It’s easy to get caught up in life and forget that this, all of this, is temporary, and we’re just passing through here.

Some people might say, “Well that’s a bit dark,” or, “That’s a bit grim,” or, “That’s a bit depressing,” or whatever. But I don’t feel that way at all.

I think that it is actually very, very healthy for us to spend some time thinking about death from time to time.

As we make this journey toward Easter, and especially when we go into Holy Week, we will spend some time thinking about death.

The Church, in her wisdom, will challenge us to think about death. And there’s another instance of the genius of Catholicism, because when we think about death, we actually live differently.

When we come to church, God tries to rearrange our priorities.

When you read the Gospels, when you read the life and teachings of Jesus Christ, it is impossible not to have to either accept the Gospel, or reject the Gospel. And in accepting the Gospel, what happens? The Gospel wants to massively overhaul our priorities.

When you fall in love, love rearranges our priorities. Thats what loves does.

And when you think about death, death rearranges our priorities.

If you knew you had three years to live, what would you change on your schedule this year?

If you knew you had three years to live, what would you change on your schedule this week?

It changes things, doesn’t it?

And so from time to time, it’s just really healthy for us to think about death.

“The reality of death rearranges our priorities.”

Matthew Kelly, Resisting Happiness

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It is healthy to reflect on the fact that life is short and we are all going to die.


If you died today, what would you wish you had done differently? Reflect.


God, I can lose perspective from time to time. Help me focus on the things that really matter so I can get busy living!

Today’s personal reflection features Dynamic Catholic team member Jack Beers. Jack is our First Communion & First Reconciliation team leader, coming to us from Washington, New Jersey. Jack is a twin, has announced half an inning of a minor league baseball game on the radio, and hopes to one day sleep under the stars in the Grand Canyon.

If you died today, what would you wish you had done differently?

Let us know in the comments!

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  • Usi

    I definetly would have spent more time with my family! Thinking about that made me cry. It will be one of my praying priorities today, to find that more of time for those I love so much, because — you never know what will happen.
    Thanks, for helping me get deeper into my faith, I have been looking for something like that program for years, asking several priests for help. Thanks!

  • Jerrod Smith

    The advice from Jack’s father is powerful; imagine living life, day by day, simply for the joy of the “game”! That is how I want to live, realizing that my time here is limited.

    • Kathy

      I had cancer a few years ago and I think what I relearned during that time is that I needed to pray more. As a mother of 5 and grandmother to one, there are many joys in my life, but also some grave sorrows. I daily turn my wandering loved ones over to the care of our Blessed Mother and all the saints and angels. I also ask the Lord to put a value on my suffering because I sure don’t see the redemptive piece in it myself. Ultimately I choose to serve my loved ones in both prayer and deed,even when there are no good feelings involved. I fail often at being obedient to the Lord, but the more I pray and listen to HIM, especially to HIS word, I am strong enough to serve HIM.

  • Mario Cannariato

    If I would die today I would have wished that I hadn’t waisted so much time on the petty distractions that kept me away from God. I know now that Jesus was always with me guiding and loving me yet I didn’t open the door to let him in so many times.

    • Joanne

      I have been diagnosed with 4 cancerc. The last one ovarian and I almost died. It was only by the grace of God that I am still alive ocarina and in remission. It’s scary to me to think about dying. I would miss my “earth” family so much. But I am trying everyday to appreciate everything I have…and to let God more into my life.. like you I have to open more doors for God to guide me

  • Chuck Havers

    This a simple question for me, if I could live my life differently I would make some simple but some significant changes: I would do a stint in the military, increase my volunteer work with the mentally handicapped, played all 4 years of college baseball, spend just a little less time focused on my career and a little more time with my family and lastly placed Jesus as my number 1 priority like I do today. But the life I have lived is the life the Lord has laid out for me to live so hey, like the tee shirt says, “Life Is Good!”

  • Pearl Brown

    Pray more and be more attentive to others needs

  • Ethel L

    If I would die today, I would call my siblings and give them hugs. I would pray more, create more memories with my children.

    • Gay

      That’s it in a nutshell. I would spend more time with my kids, grandkids and my family. My mom asked me once if I was going to remember that my house was clean in a year from now, She said “but you will remember that you spent time with your kids”.

  • Cristina

    Having just been healed from breast cancer, I’ve completed a year of Deep reflection on this exact question. I’ve realized the importance of setting prioritirmes for each day. I’ve also realized that it is not healthy to always put others’ needs before my own. I must take care of myself, spiritually, physI call and emotionally in order to be able to care for others. It’s the idea of “put on your oxygen mask first, then help the person next to you.”

    • Lori

      Congrats on your healing!
      I love your “oxygen mask” words of wisdom. It’s so true– especially for women. When my three children were young , many times I used to feel overwhelmed with everything that was thrown my way
      ( school committees, being taxi to all etc)- it was not until the last one went off to college that I started doing things for myself. I wish that I had realized that taking care of yourself is as important and regret not taking the time to do so sooner.
      It has made me a less frustrated and focused person.

    • Jacqueline Shukla

      Cristina, I also wish that I had taken better care of myself while I was taking care of my children. It would have made me more patient and a better nurturer. My struggle has been to learn how to be kind and patient with myself. I also have found that putting God first helps me to live a life of love for myself and also for others.

  • Jean

    If I were to die today I would say all the uplifting things I am thinking, especially positive things to specific individuals, so they would know how much I value them. If you love somebody, tell them and tell them often. ❤️

    • Karen Kotzbach McCreary

      Thanks for the reminder ,J ean. I DID start this a few years ago after one diagnosis and it is amazing how wonderful it feels ! I end all my “real” phone calls with an , ” I love you.” and I write lots of notes and letters to friends telling them what they mean to me , how much I love them and how important God is in our lives . I don’t know who loves the notes more ,my friends or me . It is such a good feeling to know you are putting something nice in a friend’s mailbox ! It is just God’s love at work . Now I just wish I could do it with the regularity I used to . Oh, the dragon of resistance needs a bit of a slayin’ , I’d say .

  • Rachelle Gamblin

    I would have joined the Church sooner. I was confirmed into the Catholic Church in 2010 and have been on fire ever since. I was involved in choir, appointed to parish counsel where I was elected chairman, I was involved in a capital campaign to raise money to pay for a new religious education building, co-chairman for the games committee for the annual Fall Fest and best of all was asked to become the RCIA director. Now I spend my time working with the candidates who want to come into the Church. I try to share my beliefs on what I think it is to become Catholic and how our parish is a parish of family and community. After Easter Vigil I encourage them to find a ministry or two they want to belong to. The biggest thing is to stay involved in the Church. I wish I had started sooner.

  • Michelle Black

    Worry less pray more. Not just love but…Cherish my loved ones. Enjoy the beauty of nature.

  • Annie

    The question shouldn’t be “what would I have done differently ?” but rather ” what could I be doing differently now so today is better than yesterday?”

    • Susan E

      Thanks Annie, Great way to rephrase the question! I will ask myself this question today.

    • Karen

      So true Annie, what could we do today? Why not start new everyday and try our best!

    • Mary

      I love this Annie! You are so right, thanks for the perfect question.

    • Jennifer Lind Bourgeois

      I like that Annie! Because its not too late!!!! I’m a convert and have been married 3 times. My children are grown, none of ten in the church. But guess what ITS NOT TOO LATE! I can do things differently now. I have 6 grandchildren who I can influence. I have time now to pray and meditate. Gos is using me in ways I never thought possible. Every day I find I can live differently than the past! Life is not perfect. But God has made it perfectly OK!!!!

      • Cathy B.

        Amen!! I so appreciate and relate to your message. I have decided to follow Jesus…. No turning back!

      • Faith Barton

        Thank you for sharing that! We all need a little positivety in our lives. The enemy tries to make it so hard to live with joy.

    • Mary

      Annie.. I totally agree with you as well. We are to learn from our past and move on. I lost my husband a year ago and find still find myself asking what should I have done differently that would have made our lives together better. Your advice about what we can do in the present to make our lives better hits home to me. I’m glad I am reading Resisting Happiness and being part of this journey with all of you.

    • Brian Chadwick

      I had a similar thought, but then I realized that the reason to think about what I would have done differently is so I can start doing differently. I think about dying so I can start living.

    • Sue Hess

      Agree! I look back at the way I prioritized things when I got married & raised my children and realize those choices affect your life. I did not put God first and when I did start back to a more faithful life, it was a struggle to admit those choices were not how Our Lord taught. It was very difficult to learn as an adult rather than a child that only He should influence our decisions. I tried to blame society’s moral decay only on others but my choices directly influenced all my children and those close to me. We are all a part of society responsible to each other. It was death of one of my Son’s that really made me start reflecting on how my choices may have changed even that. I look at our life now and try to remember the Merciful Father has forgiven me and I can’t take back those effects. All I can do is help my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren by example and prayer. Helping them to look to God not just in prayer but in learning through His Word. We Live to Die in His Glory!

      • John S.

        Sue. Your post hits home with me in some instances. I too wish I had been more diligent in raising our daughter who is now 22 and cohabiting with her boyfriend out in Colorado! I do blame partly our saturated immoral culture for why she’s living this way, but also not doing the best we could at making living our faith a higher priority in our family. We have a 13yr old son at home now, so hopefully we’ll do better with him. With that all being said, you as well as myself should not beat ourselves up so much for things we should or shouldn’t have done in the past. Ask God for forgiveness and live in the PRESENT moment NOW and carry on!!!

    • Antoinette Milano

      I thought that also Annie! There’s “should of, would have, could have” but what about in the here & now. I think his father said it best… PLAY IN LIFE AND MAKE IT A GAME!!!

  • Michael Baur

    Part of me does not like this question. I was taught to live life with no regret. Why worry about the things In the past. There is nothing we can do about it. No one besides god know when you’re going to die. We need to look at the we change now in the present and what we will doing in the future.

    • Elizabeth Brumann

      If I were to die today I would have no regrets because death teaches me to rearrange my priorities in life and that life is precious and value able and by enjoying each new day and getting to know God and his plan for our lives it is about living the gospel teachings of Jesus and Jesus is about love and forgiveness. The greatest commandment of Jesus is love one another as I have loved and be kind to others, I would change my schedule and give it god and put god on the schedule and let go all of my past and all of my shortcomings mistakes and faults and self pity and all of my negative thinking thoughts and feelings and would enjoy each new day and what it brings and I would work towards the goal of making it to Holy Week which leads into Easter the resurrection of Jesus.
      I would put Jesus on my schedule and reading the Bible so that I could learn more about the life and times of Jesus and understand more about the stations of the cross. I would spend more time watching the mass on television, reading the mass in the magnifcant and the daily missal, praying and meditating on the mysteries of the rosary going to church, reading the daily offering and the daily reflection. Nobody knows but god as to when god will call you home and we also need to change what we have in the present and what we will be doing in the future and preparing our futures. I would make more time to help myself and my family and to add purpose and meaning and perspective into my life. I would look for what plan does god have for me. What is my ideal life and future and what are my future plans for myself? How am I going to navigate through the journey of life and prepare myself for my calling with god?

      Lent is a spiritual journey through the desert and it is a season of change growth and improvement love acts of kindness and charity helping myself and others dedicating my life to god and getting closer to god forgiveness mercy and reconciliation and purpose and direction and a clear path to god. It is about charity and giving one’s time to god and kind works and finding salvation. It is about getting to know and understand yourself. It is about self discovery and change. It is preparation for Easter. Lent is about prayer fasting almsgiving and abstaining from negative beliefs and views and misconceptions it is about getting to know god. It is a season of spiritual change and growth and conversation. It is about converting ourselves to god. It is not about negative thinking it is about positive thinking and a closeness to the lord our god. It is about 40 days from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday. It is about 40 days of self change and conversation and spiritual growth getting to our Lord Jesus Christ. It is about a relationship with god. It is about letting go of the past and working on a good future and making yourself successful and happy. It is about establishing a friendship and relationship with god. Prayer is conversation with god who is there to help us out in the journey and give a clear path and direction in our lives. Prayer, fasting, almsgiving mercy forgiveness reconciliation preparation for Holy Week, Easter conversation closeness to god and love of ourselves and others. Peace mercy reconciliation and forgiveness of ourselves and others and letting go and giving it to god.

    • MotherGinger

      The point of the question is not to beat yourself up over what you would have done differently, but to use that as a lesson for going forward, to live life based on the things that really matter. It’s not to make you moan about the past, but simply to look at the past to make a springboard for today and tomorrow.

  • Linda

    If I should die today…..I would wish that I would have spent more time in nature because that is where I often experience God. In general I wish all of us wouldn’t have to work so much just to pay the bills – we lose so much of our life on earth in tedious things and in jobs we hate. I also wish I would have become a vegan years ago.

    • Jacqueline Shukla

      Linda, I’m a vegan, too. I became one out of my Christian beliefs. I think that living this way has enhanced my ability to love. I’m happy to meet another vegan here!

      • Linda

        Me too…another vegan, another Linda…for me it about peace and treating all with kindness, including animals.

    • sudster

      thinking the same thing right now, its 18 deg F out wind chill -3 and I want to walk in the woods and look for geocaches. Where I want to go has no trails to the find, but I miss being out there. I love the local reserves and I do feel closer to God when I am in the woods. The beauty of his nature all around me is overwhelming. Winter, Fall, Summer, or Spring ( we have all seasons in New England) is so surreal .

  • Peggy Ann Foss

    This question makes me realize how important it is to be obedient to the Holy Spirit, instead of always worrying what others might think. Be passionate in what you believe in and live each day like it’s your last.

  • Karen Guye

    I would worry less and enjoy the gifts of friendship and love of my family and friends more…and I would pray better.

  • Cw

    The challenge is to live rightly for those we love and God, because in the end that is the only thing That matters

  • Suzanne Boag

    I’d wished I’d been kinder. We’re all just walking each other home. And I want to leave this earth knowing I was a force of good. That I brought peace and serenity and goodness and comfort wherever possible. That’s really all we have control over. And I fall short of this often right now.

    • Susan E

      Thanks Suzanne for reminding me of one of my favorite quotes. Especially pertinent to me this week.

  • Cynthia Wildermuth

    Wanted to thank Annie for her post I liked the way she posed the question which I intend to work on daily.

  • Grace Cintron

    I would go to retreats more, increase quality time with family, friends and relatives. I would also evangelize more locally and do mission work again with my friends from the parish and family.

  • Mary

    If I knew I would die today. I would make sure I have said I love you to all of my family, and friends one last time. (If ) is such a little word but packed with so much meaning. We get an (if ) every moment of every day. We have free will to change and to do things differently. I always need to remind myself that our God is a living God and lives in the present. God helps me to be aware of the things I have said and done that I could have done better. I acknowledge when I have not been the best version of myself, ask forgiveness, make what amends I can but then move forward keeping my eyes fixed on Jesus. I try to stay in the present always because that is were God is, not in the past or future. The Lord will help us transform (if) we allow Him into our lives, hearts and souls.

  • Mary Charlotte Shannon

    I wish that the things I am doing today to mend my soul I had started a long time ago. There are still things to do. At 75 believe me when I tell you you do think about death a lot. Time is fleeting!

    • Clara Turci Depko

      Its not how long it takes to finish the race its about the end. The bible tells us that. You can have the same blessings if you came to the Lord one week before you died as if you lived your whole life with the Lord. He holds back nothing from us and gives not more to others he shares equally with us all. I think as we get older we seek a deeper walk because we become wiser. This lent and for the last 6 years I have been searching for more deepness with God. I hope to empty myself so I may be filled with the spirit perhaps this lent

  • Little Lamb

    I ask myself this question a lot before I begin each day… “If this were my last day on earth, how would I live in these next 24 hrs?” First and foremost…. I spend time in prayer, usually 30 mins in Adoration, followed by daily Mass, and then pray the rosary in Eucharistic Adoration with a few members from my church followed by the Divine Mercy chaplet. Now, I am ready to begin my day! What usually follows is a typical day of homeschooling my youngest child and tending to my daily responsibilities around the house. I live a very simple life. But, when I consider each day as if it were my last, I live more fully for the moments, engage more intentionally with those around me, and am more willing to accept whatever God may allow to happen to me with more peace and resolve, knowing that He is sovereign and orders every breath I take in for the day!

  • Liz McGinnis

    I would be less critical, less judgemental and less jealous. As humans, I feel we sometimes fall prey to societes standards. I am working on going out of my comfort zone — not worrying about what people think. Somehow I see things in a critical manner. So, I would live with a lighter heart, and not worry about impression management.

    • Lynn

      I can relate, I worry about what people think. I know that alters my actions, it puts them in the center and not God. I like your term impression management! I am gonna work on that but also live with more outpouring of love, and less bitterness, jealousness and anger. Thank you for your post. Have a great Saturday !

      • Liz McGinnis

        Thanks – you too!

  • Latifa

    I would have converted from being Moslem to Christian sooner. The last four years has made me calmer, love more. Being patient is one thing I have to learn. Right this minute I am so overwhelmed with love and forgivessness. My life is not easy but I tell you with Jesus I’m good. God bless all of you. 🙏

    • Caprice Towne

      God’s timing is perfect. Celebrate the love and joy you have today and not the regret of what could have been! You have always been loved by God but now you KNOW it!

      Blessings in Christ

      • Latifa

        Thank you. So true. God is great. God bless.

      • Paulette

        That is a great thought, “you have always been loved by God but now you KNOW it!” thank you.

        • Andrea Leos

          I agree. I love that saying! “You have already been loved by God, but now you know it.” This totally speaks to me. Thank you!

      • disqus_bxxZoaB4YQ

        To share my faith more with everyone.

      • Michelle Guzzetta Pescatrice

        I love this thought and try to live it – you’re right – God does not wear the same wristwatch that we do.

      • Linda Maldonado

        Amen. I totally agree Caprice.

    • Pat

      What a blessing you are to yourself and others now that you know God’s love. Enjoy where you are in your faith journey. The past is behind you enjoy what is to come. Peace and Prayers

      • Latifa

        It’s the most amazing feeling ever. God bless

      • Julia Christine

        I’m proud of you and happy for you. Grace feels so good. I hope you are able to reach other Muslims for Christ. My sister converted to Islam about 16 years ago. I pray for her often.

    • ChrisKo

      Welcome home, Latifa!

      • Latifa

        Thank you. God bless

    • Susan


      God has blessed you and all of us with the gift of faith. Our job it is to take it and run with it. Be the light that you are and others will see that and be blessed in return.

    • Ed McCarthy

      What a beautiful testamonial, I will pray for you, God bless you.

      • Latifa

        God bless you too

    • Lori Lefor

      Welcome to God’s church
      Live each moment that’s what we have.
      Trust in Him
      Prayers and Peace

      • Latifa

        Thank you. God is great.

        • Lori Lefor

          🙂 All the time

    • NancyB

      God bless you on your journey. I think I ‘converted’ from being catholic to being ‘CATHOLIC’! Praise God!

      • Latifa

        God bless

      • Pauline Jackson

        Such a great description, Nancy. I don’t have all the caps yet, but the font is changing.

        • Sam Adams

          Pauline, that is a great description as well. My font is changing, too!

      • Mike

        Beautiful shooting out I AM CATHOLIC! The best part is that people witness my actions and have told me how nice it is to meet someone that does not just talk the talk.

    • Renee

      Can u share a little about being Muslim versus being Catholic and how that makes u calmer?

      • Latifa

        Being Moslem. Was being trapped. A woman was to be subservient. We had to pray at home. Never heard the word that was said in church. When you on your period could not go pray. Moslems believe in The Virgin Mary. They believe that our Lord Jesus is a prophet. We were brought up yo be petrified of God. Growing up was even scared to think because I was brought up God would punish me. The day I decided to convert was the best thing I have ever done. My dad was not happy. If I lived in the Arabian countries I would be shot to death. The day I got baptized and confirmed I cannot describe the joy I felt and still feel. I’m like a small child hungry for Jesus.

        • Toni Shea

          God Bless you and thank you for helping us to know you and love you more!!

        • Arthur Brown

          Thank you for sharing and may God be with you daily as he is there for you at all times. I am just curious of how you found or who introduced you to God, Gospel and Jesus Christ through the catholic faith. God bless you in your daily journey with God, Christ and the Holy Spirit.

        • Karen Kotzbach McCreary

          I really love you, Latifa and I wish we were neighbors and friends . We have a beautiful parish and right across the street is a beautiful new mosque . I am so happy to know you could be sitting next to me , loving Jesus , rather than across the street living in fear or maybe even “stuck at home” . I am so happy you wrote your comments .They have brought tears of joy to my eyes. Believe me , we are ALL like “small children hungry for Jesus.” We are supposed to be ! For such is the kingdom of heaven. ((HUGS )) for you !

          • Latifa

            Love you too my sister in Christ. God bless

        • Mike

          Ooo Latifa, I just can’t get enough of your testimony. God has chosen you to share his love with others in the Muslim church. You are a Catholic Soldier and will save many from opression, and to the true live of God. No women, child or men should ever feel fear of God. Join our church, Holy Family in Ca, Here your home!

        • Janet Dimitroff

          I have a sister who was raised Catholic and become Muslim about 30 yrs ago. She was blind to who Jesus really was and is and didn’t know the bible well enough. I am doing the Nineveh 90 praying for her conversion back to the Catholic Church and her 9 children. I wish I knew how to speak the truth to her so she would actually listen to it. You are blessed to not have been in a Muslim Country under Sharia law. Thank you for your story and the hope you have given me, that all things are possible with God.

          • Latifa

            I will pray for your sister. She is missing out on our Lord. I cannot and would not be able to live without the Holy Communion. I feel and know Christ is present. God bless you

        • Renee

          Thank u for sharing. I never know what to believe with so many religions of the world. I am very much Christian. But I often wonder if I was born in another part of the world into a different religion if I would ever care to leave that religion. There has to be good and bad in every religion. But hearing this from you helps me to understand a little better. I wish more people like you would continue to share with someone like me. Thank you. God’s blessings to you and continued love to you and your New life.

        • Jim Crants


          Renee asked the question I was wondering about.

          I left the Catholic Church about 20 years ago, and coming back has made me calmer, too. In my case, I was an atheist or agnostic for most of that time, and I felt great pressure to make my short, insignificant life consequential to the world. The world was the only thing I knew existed, so it was the only thing that mattered, and if I wanted to matter, I had to matter to the world.

          Since you’ve undoubtedly never heard of me, you can see how that went. I have lived most of my life like Jack Beers on third base, so scared of failure that I’ve kept myself from succeeding.

          Returning to Catholicism took the pressure off. Now, I only have to discern and follow God’s will as well as I can, knowing that God is merciful toward human error. I can play for the love of the game instead of playing not to fail, to use Jack’s metaphor.

    • Anne Mason

      Your post was so beautiful and from the heart. It’s true that life is not easy, but with Jesus, we can do anything. God bless and keep you and yours. A*

      • Latifa

        Thank you. God bless you too

    • Kathy Worland

      God bless you!

    • Casmir Nnaemeka

      What matters brother is your conversion not how long. But I still understand what you mean.

    • Maria Thall

      It’s never to late, you made a good decision, Jesus will walk with you and lead you on the right path, many blessings on your new journey.

    • Ray Towle

      Wonderful post Latifa. I have found patience to be a byproduct of peace. That is to say, when you are at peace with God, your family, your friends, and peers – your quest for patience, or for more patience, drifts away as does the morning fog or mist, as the son rises; it was there, but now it is gone. My prayer for you Latifa is simply, “Peace be with you.” Ray

      • Latifa

        Thank you and Peace be with you. God bless

    • Mike

      Latifa, glad to see you found your way to your CATHOLIC home. I want to share my story of Patience. I went to confession and somehow I asked the priest to pray for me so that I can have patience for those around me (family, children). He then looked at me in a calm voice, but straight into my eyes, and asked “how many children do I have, siblings, and n laws act”. I counted approximately 20. He then looked at me, and said, “Do you realized how blessed you are” and reminded that for evertime we cross a person’s path wether loved one or friends we already have the virtue of patience, we just have to put it in practice. I’ve been given 20 loved ones to practice it and teach it to my children. That moment it clicked and started crying, because for many times my children only learned the frustration and angry side of me. I have been more aware of that and trust me it is not easy but am more aware of how to try to address issues. Last, remember the rule keep God as the center of your world and everything else will be small and easily dealt with.

    • K. D.

      and God bless you….

    • Connie Bland

      god bless God loves you

    • Cindy Rodriguez

      I have a friend that wants a better relationship with God and she was born and raised Muslim. She has confided in me. What advice would you give to someone like that?

      • Latifa

        Hello. If your friend is serious. Take her to your the Father of the church you go to. Ask them do they have conversion classes. Let her explain to them she wants to become Catholic. She will go for classes, will get baptized and confirmed. She must want God to be part of her life. Has she gone for Mass to feel and know she really once this. When I was going through all this people said I was going through a faze. It’s four years later and I’m closer to God that you won’t believe. If this is what she once she must know it won’t be easy from her family and the Moslem community . They going to ridicule her and be down right nasty. Just tell her that God is full of love and He will be with her all the way. In my case I was divorced my three kids decided on their own they want to convert and I thank God. Hope that helps. I will pray for your friend. God bless

    • Mike

      Thank you for your thoughts
      I also wished that I LET God into my life sooner. I know my life would have been a lot fuller.Thank you and God Bless all of u

    • Kathleen Henshaw

      Bless you Latifa. I was Wiccan for many years and just recently returned to the Church. It is a wonderful feeling…we are blessed with a loving and forgiving God who has always been with us, every step of the way.

      • Renee

        What are the differences between the two?

        • Kathleen Henshaw

          Wicca is polytheistic. I followed Hecate, Pan, and Danu as well as the Morrigan. Wicca believes in causing no harm to others, they work for the good of the world and earth. I just found I am truly a believer in the One True God and Jesus Christ. In many ways, all people can be both “witch” and Christian. Follow the Christian faith but so many say using natural healing, herbs, energy and meditation are ONLY witchcraft. I believe differently. If that makes me a witch, then I am a Christian witch.

          • Lisa Klembara

            Interesting. Using the medicinal qualities in the nature that created are witchcraft? Everything was created by God. And in his infinite wisdom he created healing plants. Welcome back to the Church!

          • Kathleen Henshaw

            Thank you for that response! Many have told me that it is witchcraft. I know the difference now. It took me awhile to realize, but thank God, it was too late.

          • Babciamel

            Kathleen, Welcome to the one true way to everlasting life. We all, as well as all the angels and saints, rejoice at your homecoming. Isn’t it true that Wicca is matriarchal and its followers worship goddesses? This, of course, is forbidden by the very first commandment. My son was involved in a Wicca group. I was devastated when he told me. I was paralyzed and afraid for him and myself. I could not seem to act on those feelings. God sent people into my life to help me cope as well as act in my behalf. One person went to the college to report their recruitment that was taking place under the guise of a college sponsored “Paranormal Group.” Another person read and researched and met with my son, two other Wiccans and myself to intervene. Today, my son is agnostic. I see that as a step in the right direction. I am confident that, in His time God, will bring him back to the Truth.

      • Constance Griffith

        As a child I was a Jehovah’s Witness, no choice. After I got married I never had God at all. What I did have was a bad marriage, divorce and hard times for years. At 45 I got saved and join the Pentecostal Church. That wasn’t fulfilling at all. I went from church to church, never finding God. I stepped away from the Church thinking there was no God.
        Two years ago I met a dear lady who became a dear friend and invited me to go to church with her and I did. Today I’m in RCIA and in four weeks it will be official, I will be Catholic, and I’m praising God every day! Needless to say, but I’m going to say it anyway, ‘what I would have done differently?’ become Catholic sooner!

        • Leah Levitt

          I too was very elderly when I found the Catholic Church. Late sixty. I can truly say when I officially became a Catholic it was the happiest day of my life. I have never regretted it. Please keep learning after you come into the Church. Go to retreats. Join spiritual reading groups. Attend one more Mass a week. Volunteer to serve your church as a Lector, usher, etc. it will make a huge difference in your spiritual growth.

        • Linda Maldonado

          God’s time is perfect.

    • Barb

      God is blessing you Latifa! The calmness, love, patience, learning to forgive — that is all Christ in you!! NO, life is never easy, but with Christ walking with us — we can do all He asks of us. Welcome Home!

      • Latifa

        Thank you. God bless you

  • Linda G

    If I were to die today, the only thing I would have changed is that I am just learning who God really is in my life. I would have wanted more time to fall in love with my Holy family completely so as to have passed that love more perfectly to my children. I would have loved to have learned years ago how to love through Jesus’s love. But I am so thankful moving forward I still have time to learn to forgive and love unconditionally. God is good and Our Mother Mary the best.

    • Mary B.

      I agree with you! Even though I was raised Catholic and attended church my whole life, I never had this profound faith and trust in God! I wish I could have felt this way when I was raising my kids, I would have definitely been more relaxed and enjoyed every minute without worrying or being uptight! Thank you Dynamic Catholic for this epiphany in my life!!

      • Mary Evers

        I feel the same way Mary, about raising my kids differently, being more relaxed with them, less anxious and upset. But hindsight is 20/20 as they say. Maybe I had to go through all I did in able to get to the place I am now?

        • Rose

          I agree that I would have been more relaxed raising my kids and not upset over things that really don’t matter in the large picture.

        • Mary B.

          Absolutely!!! I have no regrets – just wished I could have enjoyed it more!

          • Lisa Bales

            I have young kids now and work hard at this, ladies. I am glad my journey into my faith has started while they are young and can benefit. I’m sure my mom feels the same way you do! Thanks for sharing!

      • Denise Bartolo Shelle

        I was so happy to read your post, Mary. I am a cradle Catholic and we raised all 4 of our kids in the church. After listening to Matthew today, it really struck me that we are all pilgrims on a journey, right? My husband and I tried to do the best we could with what we knew then. I believe one of the most important things we can do as parents is walk the walk…our kids watch our every move! I try to pass on faith filled articles, quotes, etc. to my adult kids and pray that they grow closer in their relationship with God. I believe praying for them is one of the best things we can do for them, don’t you? And also we shouldn’t be so hard on ourselves about the past because we can’t change it!

        • Julia Oaks

          This post really hit home for me. And I totally agree. We cannot change the past where our kids are concerned. I pray to St. Monica and St. Augustine for their intercessory prayers and always trust in the Lord.

          • Karen Kotzbach McCreary

            Denise and Julia , really well said and I do the same for our 5 but most of it falls on 4 sets of deaf ears. St. Monica needs overtime pay at this rate ! I do love that we have her although at the time , she must’ve been in her own agony as some of us are .And now she’s a saint ! Hang in there Mamas !

        • Linda Bratcher

          Well said Denise! I’m the same way with my adult children.

        • Lori Lefor

          They will continue to grow from all they see each of part taking in your beautiful example of marriage

          Live each moment
          Prayers and peace

        • NancyB

          Good point, the past is in the past for a reason. Moving forward this second is what counts now.

        • Linda Van Orman Freeman

          Yes! Walk the walk! When I lost my dear father almost one year ago, I was struck by how much he accomplished in his 81 years yet never seemed to be in a hurry. He loved God (he was a Deacon) and his family so much — and we knew it. I realized right then that I had to get moving myself, and I needed to really get involved. We are all on this journey together. Love one another….

          • Bobbie

            Your father was such an amazing man- whom I loved – his gift of listening and encouraging have remained with me and his never hurried demeanor had such an impact on my life Miss and pray for your Dad daily It was a gift to work with him

        • Molly

          I agree with you, Denise. We, as parents, need to walk the walk as you stated and pray for them.

          • stefani kemp

            Life in the spirit seminars! check it out changed my life, baptized in the holy spirit .

        • Ida Tropiano

          My husband and I could ditto this post! We’re learning the most spiritual impact we can have on our children is living the example and to continually pray for God to draw them into a loving personal relationship with Him. Relationship with God is lasting and true as each person finds their way to faith-centered life through inspiration that resonates with them. We are so grateful for the wonderful work Matthew and team are doing to especially meet young adults where they are – this is an answer to our prayer for our kids on their faith journey!

          • peggy

            I certainly know that our two adult daughters who were raised as Catholics and in the Catholic schools through high school are still an at risk generation. Shortly after they were on their own ( the year they both got married) I found Dynamic Catholic. What a total blessing!!! Learning to pray more and be the best version is the best example my husband can continue to give to our daughters and their husbands. I am so grateful that God led me to Dynamic Catholic.

        • Gwyn Krstich

          You said this perfectly. I too share what the Holy Spirit is putting on my heart with my adult kids. I pray for them all the time and so wish I had the faith and love of Jesus Christ I am learning now. I wish I could have shared this journey with my late husband. I can only imagine the conversations we would have shared. All the tears and understanding we would have felt. So I do this now, with love and compassion for my loved ones who are in Heaven and my loved ones on this earth. The Joy we receive from our Lord is like no other…..Thank you Father.

      • Milton P


      • Bev

        You said the exact words I was thinking. My kids are now young adults and I think I can still have influence over their decisions. I too wish I wouldn’t have worried so much and just lived. However, life is a journey and it’s important to start where we are and do what we can today! Thanks for your comments!

      • Genny

        I feel exactly the same way thank you for putting it into words !

      • Kathleen Lindsay

        I think I spent way too much time worrying about little things that don’t really matter, when my children were small. I am trying to focus now on the big picture and including God in my every day life, not just for one hour a week on Sunday. I think this Best Lent Ever program has been very helpful and thought provoking.

      • Sue S.

        Mary, your response fits me to a T!! I was also raised Catholic, attended Catholic school through grade 12 and always attended church! When raising my 2 boys I spent more time on worrying and making sure everything was right instead of using my faith in the Lord. Now that I am in my 70’s, I have finally learned to let God work in my life, to talk to him when I am happy, sad, confused or on top of the world. I now know God, and have let myself see him working in my life!! Do I regret not learning this earlier, yes, but it is never too late in God’s eyes! He has been with me always, loved me always and forgiven me over and over. So happy I have learned to LISTEN!!

      • pat thompson

        Mary, I feel the same way about raising my family. I feel at times I didn’t spend enough time just enjoying them & less time making sure the house was clean.

      • God’s Child

        I too would have raised my children differently had I been closer to God, as my best friend, while raising them. Not worry so much about doing it all right, just loving them, as God loves me.

      • Marianne

        Mary B I agree with You exactly! I have always been a people pleaser, I need to be a GOD pleaser! Thank You! and God bless!

        • Mary B.

          What a great way to put that Marianne! I want to start being a “God pleaser” too!!!

    • Lori Lefor

      Congratulations Linda on embracing the fullness of God.
      Peace be in your heart and love will become perfect for you.

      Thru Jesus prayers peace and live each moment

    • NancyB


    • Jackie R

      Yes I hear you it amazing when you truly have an intimate relationship with Christ in away you wish you could have had it earlier but god timing is perfect I am the clay he is the potter and am beginning to realize he has been preparing me my hole life for where I am now and I live to love and it’s not always easy

    • Pam

      Wow! Profound words. Yes…. and to pass all this on to our children would be a priceless Gift.
      Thank you for sharing. You have brought me to tears.

    • Ana

      This is beautiful! Brought tears to my eyes! All that time we have spent worrying! If only we would have known Him better, we could have been TRUSTING instead!

    • Anne Mason

      Beautiful! Thank you for sharing. And yes, God is so good and Mary a role model for all of us.

    • Mike

      Somewhere in my (our) upbringing we missed the importance of finding or really connecting with God, but he never left us. We all have to just let Him in to our lives and see how beautiful He is. I would like to share a recent story I heard on Immaculate Heart Radio ( If you have a smart phone or ios you can download the app and listen to it). The message I received that day was, if we attend a service, mass, wedding, baptism ect. Then leave the service feeling emptied or dissapointed not learning anything from sermon, the priest was boring ect. Then you attended church for the wrong intention. The main intention we go to church is for us to Worship God during that hour, if the sermon was great then you got a double home run. If the readings or music moved you then that’s another home run, goal…. At this point of my life, now I attend mass with the mind frame of Worshipping my Savior. You won’t believe what has happened! Now receive more messages of Peace, Love and from God!!! UNITED IN CHRIST!!! So I make sure I tell my children to say a little prayer prior to entering the service, asking God to send a mestage of love in any way during the service. Most important is that it is their hour to really Worship God and to meditate.

  • Margie Suarez

    The important thing to remember about the question is that many of us reading this will probably Not die today. So we look at our past and see what we would have done less of ( social media) done more of, (Spend time with loved ones). If we don’t look at our past life with some regret, then how can we look to the future to do better? Regret is a reminder to do better. If I were to die to day. I would tell my kids I love them. I would want to leave a message of love on social media and let everyone know that life is passing and go love .. Just LOvE.

  • Julie Phillips

    I would be intentional about telling my family, friends and those I might have an influence on how proud I am of them more often. And I would find more ways to be extremely generous in giving of my time , money and talents without judgement.

  • Janet

    I have had to answer this question many times during my 21 years battling cancer. I’ve been blessed with a very strong fath that has got me through this long battle. I’m now in stage 4 and know that how you treat one another is the thing that matters most during this life. Even when I’m feeling my worst I try to be kind.

    • Mary

      I’m sorry for your long battle with cancer. Your attitude is an inspiration and a good reminder that we always need to be kind because everyone is fighting a battle we know nothing about.

    • Mary

      Janet, I will pray for you as you continue your battle.

    • Ronda Jewell

      Be strong. It is wonderful that you have the Lord with you on this journey you are on. Prayers for you my sister in Christ.

    • Lori Lefor

      Hi Janet
      I was at stage three cancer, hugs from a sister in cancer.
      Lost my mom 3 months after my diagnosis to cancer one year ago.
      God calls us all home when he needs us.
      It’s been said that the closer you are to God the more He kisses us with things like this.

      And it’s not what to change
      Its living each moment because that’s what we have is each moment.

      This is not my first brush with God’s call back to heaven…my third. But first with cancer.

      Yes we can see the past, not hold or create the future, only trust in Him in the present moment.
      Blessings and prayers.

    • NancyB

      God Bless you!

    • Anne Mason

      Janet – Prayers for you and yours from another who has been diagnosed with breast cancer twice in the last 12 years. <3<3<3

    • Karen Kotzbach McCreary

      Janet , that is the absolute best ! I try but often fall short . I’ll pray for you . Please do the same for me .The one thing I CAN say is I never forget to say thank you for even the smallest thing . They have a way of being the big things sometimes in God’s grand scheme . It is all in His Divine Plan. Love to you .

  • John Cahill

    In short, I would love like I’ve never been hurt & dance like no one is watching & sing like no one is listening, also pursue my dreams and do work that I love.

    • David B

      Thank you John. That is so true

  • Susan E

    Great prompt today. I love reading everyone’s responses. I see myself in so many people’s comments and it further reminds me of how connected we all are by the thread of our faith and humanity. For me? I need to breath more and think less, worry less and pray more, More importantly I need realize that time spent with family and friends is important. I have to work two jobs – but not get caught up in working so hard I miss the point.

  • Kathy

    If I would die today, I would not think so much and try to analyze every situation. I would stop worrying and enjoy what God has given me. I would cherish the time I have with my family and friends and learn to bring God into every part of every day and thank him for every situation no matter what. I wish I would have started my daily prayer and stronger faith earlier in my life.

  • Nancy R

    If I were to die today, I would wish I lived every day like it were my last day. I’d wish I would have played for the love of the game and not like I needed to make it to the finish line and win or with a fear of the ball. I’d wish I would have taught the same to my children. I will work in showing them that now by example.
    God I can lose perspective from time to time. Help me focus on the things that really matter so I can get busy living. Amen.

  • Julie A Nelkie

    I heard it presented as what would you want written on your epitaph. How do I want people to remember me. It’s a tough question.

  • yvonne

    I would not have fallen away from God so many times so I could have been a better example for my husband and and children.

  • Sherry McCollum

    This is a really tough one for me. I don’t think I would change anything but the chance to be closer to God. I have the love and support of a loving husband and family. I would just continue to pray that my family would be able to survive and live happily without me.

  • L Davila Pombo

    I have learned how short life is, whether it be our own life or that of a dear one we love. My mother was at deaths door 1 1/2 ago with cancer and God graced me with more time with her. Today she has been living with my husband and for 3 months in Florida and i have embraced this time, have put myself aside and have loved her, laughed with her, and spend quality time with her. And the first thing i thank God for everyday I pray for his mercy and for giving me the greatest gift in the world. A little more time with my mama. My mom will turn 86 this year, she will be going in for her first Pet Scan end of this month since completing her treatment and be it God’s will what the outcome will be. I will always be eternally grateful for this precious time.
    If i died today, i wish i would have been a better disciple. Wish i would have found my sweet Jesus along time ago instead of 10 years ago.

  • David B

    I talked to my only child, my son, last night that when I die he get all that I have and that everything I haved work for is his.
    So if I knew I was going to die I would be more bold in the things that I want to do. Wether business, volunteering at church, camping time with family. I would dream bigger dreams. Love more than other think is possible.

  • ML DeFilippo

    The past is behind us. The future has not come. I try to live in the Sacrament of The Present Moment and leave the rest to God.
    Sounds simple; but not always easy!
    Mary Lou

  • Waiting Patiently

    I have made a TON of stupid mistakes. I often walk through life thinking, “How would my Grandfather or Grandma have dealt with this?” My grandparents died when I was kinda young and kinda too stupid to realize the wealth of wisdom that they had from living long loving lives. So, I started keeping a video journal and I plan to pass it on to my kids so hopefully they don’t make the same stupid mistakes, and if there is an ounce of wisdom in my brain they might get that too.

    IF I DIED TODAY, wow, well I would regret that I hadn’t interviewed my parents on video so that I could know their full history and experience and had the ability to share that with my kids. This is something that I have always wanted to do, but I keep making excuses why I can’t ask this week. With a recent loss of a loved one and these videos, I might just have the guts to learn something and do something valuable this week. Please pray for me.

  • Christine Overkamp

    What a powerful presentation to chew on this morning. If I were to die today, I would be ready to spend eternity with Jesus and all the saints who have already joined that choir in heaven. I think my last priority before I departed would be to tell my children and grandchildren that the best is yet to come and to know that I love them. I would embrace my husband and tell him that I would be waiting for him and that I would be with him during the days ahead. I currently have a plan to write love notes to our 3 adult children regarding the gifts that I have so enjoyed watching them open and share with others….the GIFTS that God has given them. I would encourage them to pray DAILY and to receive the Eucharist and if they have not been going to mass, to consider giving God another chance to enrich their lives if they just turn to him in all matters. I have learned over the years that prayer and humor go together and it just sometimes feels good to sit back and laugh at some of the things that I have done which may not have turned out so well but no one got hurt and I moved on. I am so thankful for all the challenges, good and bad, that have crossed my path. The root for this thankfulness is that I ALWAYS knew and felt that I was not alone, God was with me every step of the way. Thank you Mr. Kelly and your team for sharing this awesome Lenten series. God bless you and have a super week!!!

  • Cooper Remkes

    I think that the question today is not about considering our regrets, but rather recognizing what the best version of ourselves is like ,as opposed to the actual version of ourselves, and really working hard on a daily basis to close that gap! What has worked best for me is when I take a few minutes at the end of the day and do an honest examination of conscience, or the prayer process as Matthew Kelly calls it. When I do an honest examination, it helps me pinpoint some of the areas that I would like to do better tomorrow on, and it gives me focus and helps will be what God is calling me to be.

    • Mike

      I love your comment about regrets. I agree it seems like a waste to go back and worry about things in the past that you cannot change. Seems more productive to learn and move forward with the new knowledge. Thanks for the reminder.

  • I would have learned to trust God’s plan sooner!

    • Alicia

      I have to agree. I have wasted a lot of time worrying about things and events that I couldn’t change. I also spent a lot of time worrying about what others think, trying to make my life what I think it should be, and conforming to the world’s standard of success and where I should be. It is only as I have gotten older that I have learned to better appreciate the great gifts that God has made it my life and began to place trust in his plan rather than mine.

    • NancyB


      • Doug O

        Keep repeating the Serenity Prayer

  • Maureen

    I would worry less and trust God more.

  • Denise

    In my daily work, I am faced with death of another nearly each day. Often I am asked, “how can you do this?” Strangely there is a from of detachment, where I think about myself as separate from those I serve, yet in my daily prayer I know the reality of the human condition is for me as well. What would I do differently?? I am hoping I am now doing it, starting each day with more gratitude, finding the purpose for each day, asking God to guide me….I agree with another post, I cannot change the past, not even God can do so, but I can change how I let it influence today. I can choose today to be different, to be aware of my faults, and to work on change every day to be a better me, to live as Jesus asked, to be in service of others..that is my prayer. Prayer is my vehicle to get me to allow God to take over and guide the days, what I need to do differently the most is to say and MEAN it, ” thy will be done”

  • Becky Lutkus

    I am a type A mom, teacher, wife, – everything! I wish I did not have to make everything perfect always! Others do not demand this- I do of myself. I wish I would just let things be what they are- just accept what it is and not ” make it better”. “Come Holy Sporit…”

  • Cate

    I would live life without the nagging feeling of all the things I have to do and enjoy each moment. Really be in the present moment and enjoy it with the ones I love. I would also probably wish I had done more for those in need.

  • jim

    Death certainly brings me to reality and puts things in perspective. The death of my daughter in 1989 woke me up and began to prepare me to receive the gospel. Everyday, there is some ‘death’ in my life. I complain and wish it wasn’t here, but this video and my history remind me………. wake up while you can! I am fortunate to have these events before the final curtain call.

  • Gabino Barrera

    Having lost my father when I was 15, I believe too many things are left unsaid. I really try to spend quality time with my children and live my faith out loud so that when we enter “The Valley of the shadow of death.” They will know that we are not alone. God is with us. Feed the spiritual, more so than the physical by spending more time in God’s word than in the gym!

  • 4kalger

    If I were to die today, I would wish that someone in my family would finish the books that I wrote. All it lacks are a few photos and a better biscuit recipe. I’m anxious that it won’t sell well, I’m nervous of the lack of acceptance by others. Thanks for giving me renewed focus and letting me quickly see just how important this is to me.

  • Mary Joseph Schultz

    I believe in the Sacrament of the Present Moment. It is all we have, this present moment. No guarantees for the future and the past is done. Awareness of now is key to me.

    • Paul

      You are right Mary! We may not get a chance to correct the mistakes of the past, or another opportunity to help someone who is need now. Pray for God’s help to strive to be the best version of yourself that you can be.

  • Jacob

    What will do differently? I would give more to my families and Friends. I will be more vocal. I am fairly quiet. I don’t talk as much. I should start for conversation. I think I take not talking for granted. I don’t chat much with my families or friends. I need to talk more to my dad, mom, sister, brother. I always don’t take a risk because I am too scared of what people will think of me. I don’t go out because I am scared to make friend. I just need to be myself. I don’t need to stress out about that too.

    • Donna

      Jacob – I believe that God created each of us for a purpose. Those of us who are quiet may have been created to be good listeners. Don’t beat yourself up for being who you are.

      • Jacob

        Thank you !!
        This one thing I needs to work on. I always beat myself up but, I needs to stop doing this.

    • Kimberly Yokopenic

      Don’t be afraid to reach out to others. I am the same as you afraid of rejection but I’m learning that God is always there for us and he wants us to reach out

      • Jacob

        I understand thank you

  • Sharon oconnor

    I would regret not caring for my retarded brother in my own home where he could feel my love for him every day💑

  • James Dacey Jr.

    My precious wife (Christine) of 30 years passed away Nov. 26, 2016. She had suffered from lung cancer for 5 years 6 months, we knew from all our research that anyone with this disease who made it past the 2 years more than most likely wouldn’t make it past the 6th year. She and I talked about it frequently and she and I and our 5 kids lived and loved each day as if it were her last. We said I LOVE YOU MORE! We were more attentive and passionate and forgiving MORE! We always hugged her every single day MORE! We knew any day could be her last with us. We valued that and so did she. The morning she died most of our kids were there, she looked me in the eyes and said, “Jim, I’m dying!” and laid her back on the bed and we did all we can to revive her. But it was time for Chrissy to go HOME. She was peace. And in some ways so were we she was no longer suffering. We miss her horribly still and always will. Thank you Matthew Kelly for this wonderful Lenten devotion, our family needs this.

    • NancyB


    • Mary Jo Carroll

      God Bless you and your family, James. We can all learn from you and your experience as you faced Christine’s illness and passing so lovingly. I have faith that she is at peace with Jesus but still loving you and your children every minute of every day.

    • Joyce W.

      My condolences, James. You are a very recent widower and the pain must be acute even though you know she is with Jesus. God bless.

    • Anne Mason

      James, thank you for sharing your deeply personal experiences. I am deeply sorry for your loss. Chrissy, you, and your family’s strength, courage, and faith are an inspiration. I pray for Chrissy, you, and your family. That the Lord will give you supernatural strength and courage. God bless.

    • Karen Kotzbach McCreary

      Thank you, James, for this beautiful sharing of a truly beautiful and “happy death” as I pray through St. Joseph for daily . How fortunate you were to have the loving moments your family had . You will be in my prayers (and your family) the remainder of Lent and beyond . I really wish my family would wake up . I’m not going to be here a lot longer. You are loved and have been hugged .

  • Barbara Eberts Colgan

    I wouldn’t change my life because it has made me appreciate what I have and focus on good. God has always been there to hold me up and brought me through some devastation in my life when I wanted to give up. Life is a journey. Progress not perfection❤️

    • Donna Melton Reed

      I agree, Barbara. I’ve experienced a lot of highs and lows and know that without those lows I would not have enjoyed the highs so much. Those experiences have shaped me into the person I am today. I am not perfect by any means but I am happy with me as of this moment even though there is always room for improvement. Happiness is a journey not a destination. There is something to be learned everyday and I pray I’ll always keep my mind open to receive what God and others try to teach me. I do feel very fortunate to have had God in my life for as long as I can remember and truthfully believe I’ve had a personal relationship with Him for the same amount of time. Something I would probably change would be those times when I felt that my faith was not as strong and I allowed worry to overtake me. I am so thankful that His light would shine bright through walls of worry and He’d show me how to let Him take on my burdens. I am blessed and I am thankful.

  • Karen

    If I would die today I would wish that I would have went for things in my life that I wanted to be. Perhaps joined more clubs ect. I love to sing but never even gave it a chance to see how good I really could be. I also wish I would have became closer to God in my younger years as I am joining bible studies and learning more about my faith now and I feel so much better myself and helping others. But the way I see it, better late then never. As I move forward I can try to be that person now. Thank you God for everything in my life.

  • Diana

    I wish I would have taught my girls more about having a relationship with God. I taught them to go to church & pray but I didn’t talk about getting close to God & wanting to go to church. I just think as you get older you start thinking more about death and really wanting to go home to heaven.

    • Ronda Jewell

      Diana, could not agree more. If onlies are not something we can change. I wish we could. I pray for my sons and their families everyday. Like you, I took them to church but did not instill in them the love of Christ. As at the time I was also going to church but it was as I got older that I myself developed the deep abiding love for Christ. If only!

      • NancyB

        Me too! Hopefully my example now will help them see the wonder of God sooner than I did. God Bless you.

  • Eduardo Hoover

    No one is promised tomorrow. I am trying to get my family ready for my death and I think it is healthy for myself and eventually for them too. Jesus tried to prepare his disciples for His death though they would not hear it even though ancient scripture spoke of it. I have already chosen my requiem Mass music. I have a place to entomb my ashes and insurance to cover or reimburse the funeral expenses. It is time to update my will. Why am I so ready? I have lost two wives and I plan to meet them and be like the angel with them praising the Lord. Outside of this I live my life as normal. I have no foolish bucket list as I focus on the crown of my reward to which I have no merit.

    • Karen Kotzbach McCreary

      Eduardo, I too have things lined up and I really love the phrase, “foolish bucket list” ! I will try to focus on “the crown of my reward to which I have no merit “. By working at it a little harder I may achieve a deeper level of peace .I believe having things ready helps with that too . Good for my family as well . God bless you !

      • Eduardo Hoover

        Thank you Karen and may your days be long upon the earth and kind to you and your family. God Bless

  • Mike

    I can relate to Jack. I worry too much about insignificant things and making mistakes. I am in my head way too much rather than just letting go and trusting that God will guide me through this life.

    My wife and I are living with aging and failing parents. It’s a constant reminder that we are just passing through this life.

  • Cara

    Amen!! I too, think too much and its amazing how it can take you away from beautiful moments. Here’s to living in the moment!! ☀️❤

  • Barb Stuart

    Good everyone, you all are very wise and wonderful people. Learning to forgive and love unconditionally is not easybut, there is always a but, knowing that I want to be closer to God, here and now, puts it in its place. The bounce in my step is alittle more and the love in my heart for us all is alittle more and the smile on my face is alittle bigger. Time is what we have no control over and I need to keep stepping closer to God. We are so blessed.

  • Richard Cieslinski

    If I were to die today…. Reflection on death… Some people FEAR death, some people are looking forward to life after death in heaven. I’m somewhere in between. Our lives are to be celebrated each day, live it to the fullest. I love my children, family, friends and when I’m with them I have such joy. When I think of death, I don’t want to know the day, the time or the hour. I believe that you should should make experiences and memories with those you care about. Material things used to matter to me, but as I get older they matter less and less. Travel and teaching my children the value of God’s creation and the beautiful countryside is what I hope they will remember about Dad, when I’m gone. A good friend just passed last week, and I had her on my mind to call for about a month. I didn’t make that call, and she passed. Call someone today that you haven’t called in a while. Tell someone you LOVE them today!❤️

  • …..

    I agree with Annie.

  • Marguerita Guerra

    Ernest, my best friend, before he died told me to live every day as if it were my last. So thank you Ernest I try to daily.

  • Kenny Robbins

    Today’s message makes me think of a friend who goes to daily mass at an assisted living facility. She says it is especially uplifting and Grace-filled to be surrounded by people with no agenda at all but their relationship with God at that very moment. All else in life has been cleared away and they reallly only have time for God. They are free to be with God.

  • Rebecca

    I wish I would have spent more of my time helping others and really taking time to slow down. I feel like my main focus has been on what I can do to help myself. Even thought my mentality of helping others has changed, I wish I would have come to this realization sooner. I find myself having a hard time slowing down and enjoying what I am doing. When I am praying, I find myself getting sidetracked and thinking about what I need to do at work or what I have to do next. It has been hard for me to forget about what is happening in my life and forcus on God and his beautiful works.

  • John Mirand

    Probably wish I had spent more time with my mother (my father died 7 yrs ago) and I probably don’t see her but once a month or so.

    • Kathy

      When my boys were little I told them that their hugs and kisses were everything to me.
      Now they are grown and have their own little boys. I still find joy and now comfort in their hugs!

    • Anne Mason

      At least you now know that you should spend more time with your mother. Now it’s just a matter of doing it! I lost my Mom when I was 19 years old. She had suffered for two years battling breast cancer. She missed my wedding, the birth of my daughter, and so many other important moments in my life. How I wished I could go back and spend even one hour with her again. Same goes for my Dad. He passed when I was 31. I thank God that I had some of my adult years to get to know Dad a bit better than Mom. BUT I still wish I had him too for just one more hour. Don’t waste time. I regret my decision to do everything else except spending time for those I love(d) so dearly. God bless.

      • Karen Kotzbach McCreary

        Anne Mason ,the similarities of our stories is a shocker . Only I was 21 and my Mom was alive for our wedding . She died 7mos. almost to the day after it . I was pregnant with #1 .What I wouldn’t give for that one more hour, etc. My kids have had me (74) and Mom was 47. They all know I’m sick and have been for a long time but now it is almost over and they haven’t seen me in some months except my 2 girls who really do “get it”. They will have years of needless regret but you can’t tell them anything . At least you had some quality Dad time .My Dad took off after my Mom died and was never the Dad I knew after that . Even though he was 68 when he died I hardly knew him. He had 5 uncles and an aunt that I never met or knew anything about . I’ve tried to change a lot of things for our kids but always wish there had been more when they were younger . But it is NOW that counts and that’s all any of us have. Dynamic Catholic is helping all of us with all of this . How lucky we are to have this forum . Love.

        • Anne Mason

          Karen – Thanks for writing back. Yes, our stories are similar. And in more ways than I had previously shared! I am a two-time breast cancer survivor and have one grown daughter (28). She has cut off all ties with our family. There is no good or apparent reason, but this is what she has chosen to do. I haven’t seen her in over a year and even at that, it was so difficult to hold any meaningful dialogue with her (always looking down at her phone with one foot already out the door). So sad since I waited two years before getting pregnant with her and I functioned as both mother and father for her even before I divorced her father and all the years after that time. But, the good Lord knows the entire plan whereas I only see a tiny glimpse of what He’s doing. Every day I place her in the Lord’s hands and ask for His protection over her. Will be praying for you and all your family. God bless! <3

  • Alicia

    Something that can bring this question into glaring reality is the unexpected, sudden death of a loved one. It is just over 3 years ago now that my brother in law was killed in a hunting accident on opening day of deer season. He was only 52. That death has reverberated even now through the family. It was a stark reminder that I do not know when or how, but one day my life here will be done. That event changed my way of viewing a lot of things, and has helped me to better appreciate each day.

    • Mary

      I lost my 67 year old brother to a sudden heart attack 15 months ago and the impact of his loss has changed my perspective on life also. I have never felt that type of grief before even after our parents died. The suddenness of it was overwhelming. However it has brought about a closer relationship with my sister-in-law that I may never have known. I consider that my silver lining.

  • Mary

    I wish I would have listened to my mother sooner and started reading the Bible and growing in my faith. She was a great example and never gave up encouraging me to delve deeper into our beautiful faith. Once I joined a bible study group it just clicked and I now spend at least an hour every morning praying, reading and meditating. Before the Bible study group I frequently had this restless feeling that something was missing and I wanted more from my religion. Now I thank God every day for leading me to that group.

  • Frank

    Accepting death as part off life and sharing the good news of Christ with love to all we meet beginning now at this very moment is the best option for we’re told he will come like a thief in the night. Blessings to all!

  • Sarena

    I look at life as school. We have different stages of life and many different lessons to learn. Sometimes, we don’t get the lessons so we get a review. When we die, we graduate to Heaven. God is the ultimate teacher. He is always teaching us and guiding us. It hit me one day that instead of focusing so much on material things here, the focus should be graduation. There’s so much to learn.

  • Anne Kennedy

    I would wish that I hadn’t wasted so much time trying to make a career and spent more time trying to make a life. I would wish that I had worked to find a way to live the gospels in my life every minute rather than just thinking about them at prayer time. I would wish I had been bolder in my faith.

  • Darcy P

    Today’s personal reflection from Jack Beers hit me hard. I definitely am in my head too much and try to anticipate life and I feel like I need to be perfect and know all the right answers. I am a Special education teacher and anticipating the needs of my students and staff is always at the forefront during my school day and beyond. I think it is like this because I want what is best for them and I am always afraid of not knowing the correct answer or what to do in a certain situation. Being this way is a double edged sword…it certainly helps me be a good teacher but it hinders me from truly enjoying my students and staff and ultimately carries over to my home life where I find myself acting the same way. If I knew I was going to die soon..I would teach for the love of teaching and be a wife, mother, sister daughter and friend for the love of my family and friends and ultimately God.

  • Scott Sowers

    By God knowing us before we are ever born and having a purpose for each and everyone us, if I died today, I guess I would not have done anything differently. Hind sight is always 20/20 and dwelling on what I would have changed really plays no part in what I do going forward. I have said, as do many people, boy if I could go back to being eighteen and know then what I know now, I would… I think I just need to take what I know now, based on all I have been through in the last 60 years and continue to use it going forward. Hopefully I have filled many of God’s plans for me and have made some positive differences in people’s lives. When you’re young, immortality is not at the top of your list. The older you get, the closer you get to God because death moves up the list with every passing year. I’m not afraid of death, but I’m just a little afraid of how it’s going to happen. If I died today, I’d be dead and two things will happen. I will go to hell or heaven, preferably the latter, and I hope the people I knew will miss me for all the right reasons. If I must to say what I would have done differently, I would have followed my own advice to others. God bless.

    • Kate

      Totally agree. I sometimes wonder if I would have followed my own advice……. But as you say hindsight is 20/20.

      • Scott Sowers

        Besides, what knowledge and wisdom would you have gained without your past?

  • JayAW

    A guy that I grew up with committed suicide several months ago. From what I heard, his wife told him that she wanted a divorce, so he swallowed a bunch of pills and ended his life. I hadn’t seen him in 28 years since we graduated from high school and he went into the military then lived in a different part of the country. But hearing about his death hit me pretty hard. I just couldn’t imagine his choice to end his life like that. Life sometimes doesn’t treat people fairly and it’s very tough not to throw in the towel when something devastating happens. I guess that life is both a blessing and a curse because things happen in life that can break you, like it did my childhood friend. I can’t judge his decision because I don’t know what he was going through. He must have been feeling an incredible amount of pain. All I can do is pray for him and the family that he left behind,

  • Maddy

    Jack thank you I have a new mantra ” play for the love of the game”! I will apply that to everything . Please thank your dad

  • Angie O’Mara

    What would I have done differently, if I were to die today? I always taught my children about the love of God, and the Church, but did I teach them enough. I would show them how to fall in love with God and all his wonderful gifts He gives to us, teach them the love of the Holy Family and all that they mean to us. Dynamic Catholic has taught me the meaning of my love with Jesus, the Father and the Holy Spirit. These are the things I want my children to fully understand.

  • Aileen

    I would make absolutely sure everyone in my life and everyone I met knew I loved them and that love NEVER ends.
    And I would sing at the top of my lungs and laugh harder than ever and hug tighter. I would see God in the pots and pans as well as in the sunset and stars. I would smell as many roses as I could. Literally.
    And I would make my own arrangements so the people I love could just grieve when I left this life in peace. I believe thinking about the possibility of our death helps us to remember how we effect people in life and death. And maybe will give us reason to be less selfish and more compassionate. Every word could be our last! Why make it about anything else but pure Love???

  • Cherise

    I would have chased more of my own dreams. Maybe tried a professional stage career, traveled more. I would have taken parenting a lot less stressfully and enjoyed my children more.

  • Elizabeth

    Matthew’s words that we are all pilgrims passing through, stuck me. Through my father’s long illness and death, I learned that we are kept here for God’s purpose, so I think I would make the statement more often, “Here I am Lord, your servant is listening”.

  • Maureen Gomes

    I Thank God to be born to a mother such as mine.Mom had 10 children.The loss of a baby girl & my Dad at the age of 30,Mom continued with faith & made sure we all made the holy sacraments & mass on Sunday,no matter how hard she had to struggle with all her ups & downs.Yes i have drifted but my love & belief in God & all the blessing He has shower on me.Yes i went too Mass from time to time & Pray i,m once more home again.& start my day with thanking God for another day too do better.Time Warner channel 97,i can pray the Holy Rosary & Mass before going to work.I so enjoy Best Lent Ever & thank my brother Gene about the program.God is Good God is Just God is always watching over All.Amen

  • Becky Jaracz

    Every day I live to do His will, to enjoy His gifts. A purloined woodpecker just stopped on a tree outside my window. A beautiful creature with the sun shining thru his red headdress. Joy and peace is what I feel as I gaze on this bird. Grateful to God for allowing me to live for ” the love of life”

  • Laura Kloss Marcheschi

    Worry less. Live in the moment, for sure. Put down the phone and be present to other people.

  • Daniela D.

    I would have nurture my spirit instead of my body, I would have started every day in prayer and finish each day with adoration.

  • marge

    I would worry less and have more trust in God as I do today.Praying always has helped me in my present day living. Knowing that God is in control and never fails us. God does draw straight with crooked lines if we just TRUST Him.

  • Annette Cherry

    While I do agree with Annie’s comment about the phrasing of the question, I think part of the point of wording it or posing the question the way it was presented was to help bring about thoughts to help us get to that question in the end.

    If we think of things we would do differently, in my mind that quickly helps to bring to the forefront of my mind just what REALLY is important to me. Point out what I need to focus on if I have gotten away from those areas in our daily priorities. Maybe help someone remember why they started doing something to renew their focus in that area.

    To me it said, what would you regret if you had limited time? If you would regret it why aren’t you doing that now? If you are, how can I organize my daily time to continue to make sure it stays a priority. If I am not doing this in my daily life, how do I need to change my priorities to change this? What do I need to focus on to make my life better each day?

    I would like to pose a question that I think may help someone when they are evaluating their time. If this only speaks to one person, then it is a portion of my time well spent today. I have lead a time management seminar before that several people have said helped them with their focus.

    Write down what are the three (3) most important things in your life. Church, family, etc. Now honestly assess your past week. Does the way in which you chose to spend your time reflect what is most important to you? Did you pray? Did you have dinner with your family? Chances are most of us feel short in one or more of those areas. Then that is where you need to reorganize you days in the week to come. Do this every week. Take a personal inventory. Not to get down on your self, but to point out where you need to focus daily to make the next week align with what is important in your life.

    We all have the same 24 hours. For my example I use three 8 hour segments of our day. Some people allocate more; others less. In a day, we typically have 3 segments: sleep, work, personal time. So if one-third of your day is spent at work shouldn’t you enjoy it because that equates to approximately one-third of our lives. Same with sleep. So when you truly break it down, we each have approximately 8 hours to focus on what we consider to be our most important things. Now remember eating, drinking, showering, commute time, grocery shopping . . . All of that comes out of your small one-third.

    So similar to Annie’s question, what are you going to CHOOSE to focus your limited resource of time on today and tomorrow and next week? Time is a commodity that no man can buy more of. Man must choose to spend each minute wisely for that minute will never return once we have spent it. We can only make better choices with the next minute we are blessed to be given our Father, who is the only one that knows when our daily allotment runs out.

    Best wishes to all of you that read this. I pray that we all choose to spend our time on the path that the Lord has for us. To see what he needs for us to do to be that piece of his glorious puzzle. To have the strength to do as he wants us to do.

  • Annette

    I also feel the same way about my relationship with Jesus now as compared to 25 years ago! I knew Jesus then but now I truly have an amazing relationship with Jesus! His love for me was revealed to me and accepting that love into my life has truly changed me! I am blessed to live my life with Jesus leading ever step of the way…through good and difficult, He loves me and will be my guide.

  • Regina kruzich

    What ever our answer to this question ,” what would I have done different? “, and I have many answers to that question in my 66 years of life, all I see is how God has transformed me with his Awesome, Everflowing Mercy and has given me the grace to understand others who have experienced the same challenges in their lives.

  • Andrea

    My mother was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer last year. We have taken aggressive measures to keep her tumor at bay. She is doing fine right now and some survivors can live up to 5 years. It has completely changed my perception of life and how precious it is. What I value and consider time well spent has changed. My additude regarding small tid bit things has changed. I think we cant appreciate life sometimes until we know what we can lose. But this process has made me think very much about death the journey and the destination.

  • Deacon David Krob

    My mother died two years ago. After she died, I prayed for her and for her glorious coming into the kingdom. But then I realized that I had never really prayed for her when she was alive. That may sound strange, but I realized that I was caught up in the everyday living and did not take time to offer those I loved up to the Father for his help and protection. I was too busy living the everyday. Since her death I have tried to change that. Each day I offer one of my loved ones, by name, up to the Father and especially to the Holy Spirit for his help, protection, guidance and ultimately for their welcome into the home that is awaiting all of us.

  • C.Beans

    Gosh! I hope I don’t die soon. I feel like I have so much to do. I just have this yearning as I’m in the trenches sojourning to create/invent something new but I can’t put my finger on it yet. My biggest challenge today is letting go of my kiddos(a Deputy, a College Student, and a High School Student). I just finished reading the book “Hungry Souls” by Gerard J.M. Van Den Aardweg…it really made me think about what state I’ll be in when I die. So it catapulted me into a mode of looking at my past that I have to atone for and the now to move forward becoming God’s Best Version of Myself. Easier said than done, Right? Then God plants a book in my hand “The Energy Bus” by Jon Gordon. My new vision is… I’m the driver of this bus with God at the wheel loading as many people as possible to get to heaven! Smiles!

  • Jeanie

    I wished I would have gotten more into serving god. There was so many times I wanted to get involved with my church. But I always was so busy in my life I never did! But I promised I would someday! And now I serve as an EM! I love giving the bread and blood of Christ. I am so happy that I am now involved with my church and God! I am blessed for this gift to serve God!
    My parents when I was growing up was involved with church, they set a foundation for us kids! I ask myself why did it take me so long to get involved? But it was time and the busy society we live in today! But I finally put God first and it is awesome! Make time for God!

  • Mel Babin

    Even though I am a cradle Catholic, I wish I would have had a strong conversion or stayed much closer to my faith when I was younger. I made many mistakes. I have confessed my sins of the past and have a very good relationship with Jesus Christ today. I don’t second guess my journey. I think I came to be where I am because I am to help others in their journeys now through listening, example and prayers. I ask you to pray for my husband and three sons…for their conversion back to the Catholic church. May God bless all of your in your journey.

    I really enjoyed this second the most of all the second video messages. I can relate to it because I had a lot of deaths in my family and have thought many times over the years about death and it’s effects.

  • Jean Walton

    I learned at an early age to “die to thyself” by the example of my amazing mother. And from my father to “live while your dying” because we are all on this short journey of life as we know it here on earth. I think I have done a decent job of passing this on to my children, but if I could go back in time, I would not have worked such a stressful job when they were young. Life on this earth is way too short to not spend our priority time focused on our everlasting life!

  • Geno

    If I were to die today, I will remember the words of Jesus. He is my good Shepherd. He gives me life, He gives me light and life, the hope of heaven. I will fear no evil. His Spirit is with me. I will tell others about God’s amazing love shown by Jesus on the cross. Regrets? Wished I told more people about Him.

    • Lori Lefor

      Amen to this
      Well said
      Thank you

  • Suzzz

    OH, there is a lot I wish I had done differently in the past, BUT if I knew I had a few months to live, I would do nothing differently except spend more time talking to God…….. anticipating meeting him face to face. Of course,
    I would update my will, etc. but otherwise I would live as I do now.

  • NancyB

    My regrets are many from not being a better daughter, mother, co-worker and wife to not being more active in my church and more nurturing of my Catholic faith. But I now live, continuing forward to be a better daughter, mother, wife and Catholic. Our Lord has my attention!

  • Joel Schodron

    When I was diagnosed with cancer I thought about this a lot. It really does make you realize how short life is. We are here as stewards of this earth. I now try to focus more on my kids and living than on work. Enjoy each moment, we never know how much time we have left here.

  • Mirna!!!

    I grow up as catholic but I never grow up spirituality until I was hit hard by katrina huracan. I learned that God had a purpose for my life. Now I said: why I didn’t know more about you God ” than God because you take control of my life!

  • Jean Walton

    I was just reflecting last night how rewarding it is to want things of this material life and then not receive them. It is a joyful sacrifice to be happy with where I am and what I have. And the most important thing I have is the love of God and the promise of salvation and everlasting life.

  • Denise Slowinski

    I wish my husband and I would have talked about death. Two years later, I’m hoping that I am doing what he would have wanted me and the kids to do. We were to busy living life and not thinking about death, he was only 53 years old when he died. My encouragement to all couples/families is to talk about death and find out what your spouse would want you to do. Also, make sure you both have life insurance. God Bless you all during this Lent season.

    • Lori Lefor

      Prayers and Peace be with you

  • Stacia Schumacher

    Jack’s video made me cry and I will continue my reflection on two things he mentioned in particular – am I ‘playing’ not to make a mistake and am I giving my best to everyone/everything I do? Focusing on these questions will definitely help to make me the best version of myself! Thank you Jack!

  • Dorothy Cabral

    Wow if I would die today what would I have done different! This really has been a question that has been on my mind since my diagnosis 10 months ago and I keep running from it, avoiding it, hoping it would go away.
    There are so many things I feel I would of done differently and now I realize I can’t go back and change them, I need only to recognize them, achkowledge them and make changes were I can and move on and live the rest of my life being the best version of myself!
    I do feel however that there are some things I need to share with my children so that they may make changes in their lives and see the importance of using their time wisely and spend more time seeking
    Jesus in their lives now because he will bring them eternal happiness. Avoid the materialistic things that society pushes on us as ways to achieve happiness, spend more time together as a family, put God first in your life, make prayer part of your daily habit and do it has a family, live each day to its fullest without any regrets, always give up your troubles to the Lord and ask for guidance and he will show you the way.
    I am so grateful I found the Lord I only wish I had found him earlier in my life, but knowing he is right by my side and spending personal time with him daily helps me to live my life now without any regrets .

    • Lori Lefor

      What is your diagnosis? (I am a cancer survivor / battler)
      I have been with many family members thru death…
      And it is has beauty even in tragedy
      My mom was the best example of faith life and death
      She brought 25 priests (including her son a priest my brother), 2 bishops, and about 250+ together at her funeral

      This was the most beautiful (besides Pope St. John Paul’s) death I have experienced

      Live each moment of dying with God and it will be passed on.

      Prayers and Peace

      • Dorothy Cabral

        Yes my diagnosis is cancer. I thank God I have a very spiritual family as well, including two aunts that are nuns. My grandmother raised 11 Children on her own and she always was very devoted to God , she passed fro cancer ad her death was such s beautiful celebration of her life and the passing on to her eternal home.
        Thank you for your words of wisdom may God Bless you as well.

  • John Bridges

    I wish I would have married a Catholic.

  • Lori Lefor

    Hello everyone
    So I commented already to dome replies to this question…and what a beautiful discussion

    I see from the brush with death (3 times) there is only to live each moment each moment is a teaching / learning moment
    And what I have learned from Saints and death is if we keep choosing God it reflects God
    If others see God …. well we have lived well
    Be not afraid
    Thru Mary to Jesus
    Peace to all

  • Peggy

    If I were to die today I would of wished I had more patience with my love ones. I would of wanted to have spent more time on developing and maintaining a deeper relationship with
    Our Lord and the Blessed Mother. I spent way to many years thinking I could control and
    solve all the problems instead of praying and knowing only God has full control.

  • Kim Langham

    I would stop worrying. I have been fighting this battle for years & cannot get out of my one head. I just lost my mother, my best friend, from cancer a few months ago. I am more lost then ever and God seems so far way. I am tried of letting worry/anxiety/fear control my life. Life is way to short to waste worrying & unhappy. I am hoping that this Lenten journey will bring me some peace & happiness. I’m keeping each one of you in my daily prayers!

    • Lori Lefor

      Prayers and peace be with you.
      I too battle the battle.
      One month after my battle my mom was diagnosed. She died 3 months after (this is one year now)
      They are helping us from above I do believe

      Hugs my sister

    • John L. Kemmis

      Today, you can stop worrying. Sit back and listen to the Holy Spirit. Change your lifestyle a bit. Say, take up a new hobby. Having zero art experience, I plunged into pastel painting last year. And I haven’t looked back. Well, maybe only for a moment. He is guiding me, and He is guiding you. Thank you for your prayers, btw!!

    • Victor Frauenfeld

      Kim, I pray that you keep reaching for God’s peace. You will achieve it. He wants you to feel that peace. You may not feel it now, but don’t stop asking for it.

  • Barb

    I teach 3rd grade PSR and each year I say this will be my last year and each year I sign up again. That’s God in my life!! I teach the kids to know that Jesus is with you always. And teaching PSR just brings me closer and closer to God. We must set a strong example that’s what not too late!!

  • John L. Kemmis

    I wish I could spend time with my friends, individually that is, and tell them, “I love you.” And then sit with them and listen to their story.

  • Trevor Pelkey

    If I died today, I would have wished that I expressed my appreciation for my family and other people around more, that I tried harder to acquire the knowledge that was being offered to me through my years of school, and that I was a little more selfless.

  • Judy

    If I knew I was going to die soon I would also want to stop worrying and fear about what others think so I can experience the happiness God wants for me. Since a devastating divorce 4 years ago (after 25 years of marriage) and the recent death of my mom, I feel so caught up in sadness and “wishing” my past was different. I pray every day for the heart to realize how precious I am in God’s eyes. I trust God knows all and will lead me to peace. Thank you all for sharing your beautiful stories.

  • Clara Turci Depko

    I think I would ask forgiveness again from those who still have not forgiving me. So why cant I bring myself to do it now? Why cant I reach out to those who have a grudge toward me and ask what I have done to offend them?

  • Mary Jalove walker

    If I died today what would I wish I done differently? As I pondered on this tears started to form and a peace full feeling came over me. I felt a sense of comforted as I started to write down a few things I wanted to do differently.
    Ask for forgiveness from the people in my life that I hurt their feelings and did not realized how much it affected them. Change my jealousy, anger and hatred to a happier feelings. I would ask God for his forgiveness for how I felt that he dealt
    me a rotten hand and there were times I was angry at him for dealing this life situations. I blamed him for it. I know now that it is not his fault it was my fault on the way I interpret my life he gave me.

  • Sue Pastorini

    I wish I could have stayed home as a full time mom especially when my children were too young for school. I’m a nurse and many times was stressed, exhausted from trying to do everything I felt I had to do, both at home and at work.

  • Maureen Ashburn

    I would have spent less time worrying about people at work and my career and more time developing my faith and family. I would forgive faster and tell my children I loved them more often. I would let them know what they mean to me and how awesome they are!

  • Patrick

    I just hope that I would have a priest by my side to give me confession and anointing.

  • Joyce W.

    I love what Jack Beers’ Dad told him – “Play for the love of the game or not at all”. I’m sure a lot of “shoulds” found their way into my long life, and these got in the way of really living. I don’t want to spend time now looking back over the past as I need to focus on the now. I’ve had my three score years and ten so I’m into “gravy” now. Having lived in the same small community for over 40 years, I got to know a lot of people and a lot are no longer with us. In recent years death announcements have shown up on post office, drug store and church doors, in threes and fours some weeks. We are an aging community. Many have died who are younger than me.

    Like Matthew Kelly did as a child, I now sing in the funeral choir at our church and the sister church in the next parish. Some who are not Christians might find that depressing. I find it rewarding, to be able to pray and sing for those who have passed over and for their grieving loved ones. A few years ago I even chose the hymns for my own funeral, then added suggested readings, and put all this with my will. Morbid? Not at all, it’s going to happen one day and I might as well have some input! : )

    If this suggests that I am in a hurry to die, I am not! In spite of some depression and the aging body and its quirks, I prefer to hang on here for a while longer. Not sure if I want to meet my grandmother’s record of 100, though!

  • Fr Elias Dcunha

    Yes, if I died today…Good question. Firstly I would have asked forgiveness for my past sins and secondly I will ask the Lord Jesus reach out to the needy.

  • Dan Telford

    Just reading many of these post makes me want to throw my arms around you guys and gals. It seems we live in some interesting times and your stories and comments are extremely inspiring. God Bless

  • Ginger

    I would have been a better catholic by attending mass more frequently.

  • Doug

    Simple Answer: Put out more and take in more. Put out more to others: my time, knowledge, experience and money. Take in more of this world: go on Pilgrimage, go and experience more of this earth, so I could frame up and put out more.

  • Kathy

    It’s amazing to me that this question came up today as I go through the 8th anniversary of my husband’s sudden death. It’s as if God planned this question directly to me today as I’ve been asking for peace. I think about this question and that when someone dies suddenly they don’t get the same chance as we do today. If I knew I was going to die I would have better prayer sessions and not allow a distraction so I would go to the Adoration Chapel more where the complete silence would help me concentrate and be filled with God’s love. I would talk with my son and ask him not to grieve to much and think about where I will eventually be in heaven and have total piece and ask others to pray for him to have peace that surpasses understanding as that’s what God gave to me when my husband died. I would sit down with my grandchildren and work hard to make them understand how important it is to have Jesus in your life and do it over and over again if I had the time before passing. I would help people see the importance of belief and that they could see it in me. Finally, I would work harder on visiting the sick or troubled to help them have peace with the Lord.

  • Angela Young

    Videos stopped working. Can’t watch anything. Tried on iPhone, Desktop PC and two different web browsers.

  • Dorn Roche

    If I should die today, I would like to accomplish this before I go. This is God’s way of making me think about what is import in my life today. I’ve have a group of disabled individuals who I’m curling with today and I’ll do it with God in mind. You made me think about my priorities.

  • Jean Walton

    I am having Humble and Kind by Tim McGraw sung to my children and grandchildren at my funeral. Great words of wisdom to live by. Check it out.

  • Christine Suller St Onge

    I would of loved myself more, not worry so much. And listened to my heart more.

    • Sandra


  • Syd

    Death is powerlessness for me and it gets really bad when I feel there is nothing in the world to identify with, nothing true or valuable. This powerlessness will bring about feeling of insecurity and my ego mind will want to find security or power. In the process of dying it feels like nothing left to which I can attach myself. It is threatening, unpredictable and dying ultimately feels meaningless. Death is darkness to the body, a tragic end and something perverse and dark. Death will also create this struggle between various pairs of polar opposites: between identification with others and rejection of them, between love and hate. Death is intolerable because to believe in something I cannot understand is an enormous stumbling block
    Because of my many deaths, both physically and egotistically, there is a point death builds trust and then there is serenity. This serenity feels like just a place to begin, rather than an ending and offers a great peace. It also seems like the heart of faith can only begin after feeling cut off from life itself. Faith becomes this powerlessness and feels like a black hole draining whatever life there is out. It is hard to shake off feelings of hopelessness and yet the void, nothingness and emptiness becomes okay. To me this is the heart of Jesus’ teaching and it sure has no social reward, just the emptiness of dying, and faith makes it satisfying.

    God calls it good and I call it nothingness in hell. The strange part for me is faith becomes this light in this darkness.

    • Sandra

      Interesting. I don’t much like death. I ponder it often as I get older. That I will one day not be here on this amazing earth is breathtaking to me. And equally shocking is the loss of my family of origin. Wish that I could get a re-do with them, but I would probably still be a twerp!

      • Syd

        Yes, Sandra, it is all “shocking” and for me this connection with family is gone and I am now too overly sick for church, so it is also gone. The body is naturally resistant to death, but faith/courage seem to draw on the essential qualities of strength and support. It is like a physical emergency happens and we draw on this tremendous support, no fear, and the soul appears to become imbedded in the unfolding of the Divine Will. The strength of the soul appears beyond any beliefs, any doubts, or anything learned. Then death feels like walking off the edge of the earth, falling, and yet faith makes it okay. Forgiveness also seems to be part of death. It seems the hard part for me is death feels like nothingness, as family communicate I am nothing. Faith, though, is beginning to counteract the terror and despair, even feeling like the sun is coming up from within.

        You probably did not need to hear any of this, yet it helps to write it out and make this leap into the unknown. The unknown offers this inner peace and it will make you want to fall into the Trinity, which is a new family. From this I believe you will feel this deep appreciation what your family offered you, both the good and the bad. Then faith becomes this actual support and you are a part of it even now. So to me, the essence of dying is faith, becomes this living Presence and for some reason it becomes this faith which is unharmed. Everything I am writing about is toward your faith, which appears alive within you, and a supportive Presence. The actual support of your faith appears real, solid, and vital for all of us. Thank you.

        • Sandra

          No, Syd, this was good–difficult, but good. Thank you for sharing so deeply. I hadn’t realized that you were so very ill. I will pray for you and keep you in my heart. Although I have often pondered death, it has never seemed as surprising as now. I think that it’s true: as young people or healthy people, we sort of think, in our heart of hearts, that we’ll go on forever. Then come the losses. . . and we know in a kind of bone-chilling way that we won’t. This is played out regularly at my office. Some people are having babies. They are in the thick of life. Others of us are calculating when to retire, how long we’ll live to break even in the Social Security game. It’s very sobering. I have a serious bucket list now–a plan like I’ve never managed to have before. I pray that I can enact it. But who knows? When I was young, I never thought that way. Sometimes I imagine myself as a very old woman in a home. “How can that ever be,” I ask myself? . . . Anyway, I will remember what you’ve said…the process that you’ve described, and arriving at the “faith that is unharmed…the sun coming up from within.” I like that. God bless you, my friend! Sending you much love through cyberspace.

  • Phyllis Deville Dykes

    I would spend more time trying to find God in everything. I would pray to God to be more like Him so that I could me my best me for Him. I live to serve a loving, forgiving God who loves no matter what. I would try to remember that everyday and share that love with whoever I come in contact with.

  • Marilyn Russell

    So many beautiful statements and they touch my heart and soul. At the age of 75 I often reflect back on my life and there are many choices that would not make now that I did make then, but our Father God has certainly been with me through all my choices because He loves me, always has, always will, and He leads me if i let Him. Even when I think I am doing His Will it may not be true. I know that He knows I want to do His Will. May God continue to Bless you all on your journey.

  • colleen

    Having an “invisible illness” (a chronic illness not really visible to others) in the last few years has taught me compassion. We never know what other side may be going through, what burden they may be carrying beyond what we can see. I wish I had come to this realization sooner, but with whatever time I have left in this world, I plan to be more compassionate to others, and to teach my children (and hopefully grandchildren, etc. someday) to love this way, too. Thinking about our mortality is a great way to reshuffle our priorities. I also want to spend more time in prayer and living my faith out loud to set the example of what life in Christ should be.

    • Syd

      Your compassion appears to be teaching you serenity also Colleen, which is a good living response to your illness. My disease is also hidden, mixed in with cancer, and many other fine dying body parts. .

      • Karen Kotzbach McCreary

        Spot on Syd ! Well said .

  • Wilfred Gienger

    Here’s another insight. Everyone remembers the story of St. Charles Borromeo and his game of chess. When others were saying what they would forthwith begin to do if they knew they should die within an hour, the saint said he should go on with his chess; for he had begun it simply for God’s glory, and he desired nothing better than to be called away in the midst of an action begun for the glory of God.

  • John Lilley

    I try to live my life always understanding that tomorrow is NEVER promised! So I make sure my loved ones always know how much I need them in my life and that I love them for who they are! Never take a love for granted!

  • Denise Smith-sonnier

    I would have made my Cursillo years ago. Taking part in the Cursillo taught me to be accountable for not only my soul,but the souls oy children. It opened my eyes to the responsibilities I have as a catholic. It makes me want to live a more Christian life. I pray daily that God places it on the hearts of my adult children, that they may find their way back to Church❤

    • Sandra

      What is Cursillo?

      • Denise Smith-sonnier

        It’s a 3 day short course with God, put on by Father Ted Broussard in south Louisiana. I don’t know that it exists in any other state. Some people think it’s a retreat but it isn’t. It is a life changing experience in where you learn to be accountable for your soul. It opened up my eyes a lot and God, now lives in my life whole heartedly.

        • Sandra

          Sounds wonderful! Thank you so much!

  • Donald Marquez

    I don’t know. I think in a strange way all the things and circumstances that have brought me to this point were meant to happen. I mean I can say I wish I would have been a better husband or father or made different decisions. But looking back, I feel as if all those things–regardless of how painful–prepared me and were necessary to get me to where I am now.

  • loeloe

    I would have been less rigid about having things done my way. I would have been kinder. There was a major shift in my whole life when I started trusting God with how things would turn out.

    But I can’t change how I lived in the past. I didn’t know then what I know now. Maybe the difficulties I experienced when being so self-absorbed were what shaped me to where I am now.

    So, as another person wrote, this question is best rephrased as how will I live from now on.

  • Carl Z

    I would have not been afraid to profess my belief in God and his message to us and expressed it to others in a loving way. I can do that now knowing that God is love and that he is using me as the instrument to share that love. I have been given that gift from God and I try to share it with others each day.

  • Laura LaDue

    I would have worried less and lived more. Instead of having anxiety about the what if’s in life I would have enjoyed the present moment.

    • Faith Barton

      I’m so glad not to be alone. I’m so happy to be on this Lenten journey with you all. 🙂

      • Laura LaDue

        Glad to have you here with us, Faith. You are never alone. God is always with you.

  • Rebecca Anderson

    Wow! What a good question. I wish I would have spent less time worrying about the past or fretting about the future. And instead live each day as it is presented to me, trusting in God’s mercy, love and providence. Wish I knew my preciousness in God’s eyes sooner and had known about the message of Divine Mercy and the awesome power and transformation of the Rosary. And I was raised Catholic!

    But fortunately I know now that God’s timing is perfect and when I run back to him after I fall, he scoops me up into his arms of love. God is good!.

  • Sandra

    Everything Jack Beer said, if I died today? And if I knew I had only three years left…oh boy! Job gone, travel much, take all the chances, and who knows what else!

  • Debbie

    Three and a half years ago I was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer. By the Grace of GOD it was caught early and treated quickly. But at that time I was too stubborn to realize GOD was in charge. A year ago my daughter asked if I wanted to go back to church. This has changed my life. GOD has given me clarity filling my life with love, forgiveness and joy. I have no regrets but moving forward I would love to have a deeper relationship with GOD.

    • Tina Xinastle

      I can relate with you. Wonderful testimony!! Thank you for sharing and keep the Faith, Debbie

  • Dan

    If we all lived like we were dying – the world would be a very different place. Lot’s of good now, but the epiphany of love would really come forth.

  • Sandra

    If I died today, then everything Jack Beers said, and then some! If I knew I had only three years left, then job gone, travel much, take all the chances, and who knows what else? I love God’s earth, this life, these people! God means us also to enjoy!

  • Faith Barton

    Oh my gosh, the above video was answer for me!!!! I really reflect tooooo much on what I’m doing wrong and very much forget to just enjoy life. What a wake up call for me.:)
    Personally, I would draw on the friendships and family I have and just appreciate them all much more than I do at this point, which is very little :(. I should love them just as much as God loves them.

  • Kathleen

    Looking back and regreting what I should have done is sad and not productive for me. Looking back and finding instances where I was my “best” self helping others; well, that is positive and encourages me to do more works of kindness. Knowing I helped my others really helps me find joy and happiness. Never “I should have or could have….,but I can and I will!”

    “Thy will be done!
    And YES more … “Lord, I will!”

  • Ana Graciela Ramos Otero

    I would definitely be more willing to God’s great cause: LOVE. That is what I personally strive most today…to love my “enemies.” And knowing how much God loves me has made it a lot easier. I am so thankful for this experience with God’s love….

  • Sal_DItri

    I would have spent less time chasing the money and more time chasing the Lord. Always been faithful but not always as involved as I could be.

  • Karen Kuehler

    Nothing. That doesn’t mean I dont wish I had done things differently. It just means that I think we follow Gods plan as He has created for us and we are to learn from the mistakes we make.

  • Steve

    I thought there was a subtle, but important difference between the two messages in today’s session. The message from Matthew Kelly was “what would you do differently if you knew you were going to die three years from now”. The question is forward looking. The question from Jack Beers and posted above is different. It is “what would you have done differently before today”. It is by definition backwards looking. I find Kelly’s question to be much more positive and helpful to look freshly from this day forward versus Beer’s message which can lend itself to dwelling on things in the past that I can’t change. Moreover, in looking at the past, I am only guessing that had I made any or all of the changes I’m contemplating that I would still retain all of the things I like and thus my life would be “better”. I agree it is important to learn from one’s mistakes, but I’ll choose to focus on Kelly’s message and try to appreciate today and each future day that I’m given.

    • Kay Guffey

      Steve, I like your response. It is how we live our life going forward. Going forward, I want to get closer to God and bring my children back to the church.

    • SanctusSanctus

      The point is that no one is promised tomorrow….
      Can we learn from the past?

  • Anna

    I would have stopped worrying about what people thought of me. I would have not chased a career and rejected the love that was in front of me.

  • Cheryl Brogla-Krupke

    1.) Change the hurt I feel into a redemptive suffering for a poor soul
    2.) Pray the rosary more often
    3.) Enjoy the moment rather than planning ahead for something better!
    4.) Not live in the past and mourn what was, what could have been, or what I should have done!
    5.) Be a better listener and not be so ready to try to “fix” things!

  • Veronica

    If I were to die today, I would wish that I shared my love of God and my love of my faith differently with my family. I would wish I found a better way for my kids to connect with God within our faith. I would wish that I gave my family a better foundation…. I wish that now.

  • Alice Ann Hengesbach

    I absolutely love this reflection and agree 100% with Matthew: we are pilgrims just passing through. As my dad often told me, “RELAX!” Over the years I have been privileged to learn to focus on the now. I try to enjoy each 24! Rather than always planning for the future, I try to be open to each miracle and blessing that is available to me today. Enjoy this 24! Blessings.

  • Tez43

    I would’ve been more generous.

  • Jim Cahall

    If I were to die today, I would regret not being able to ask for forgiveness from a few people who I have wronged, in turn forgiving them for hurting me, and at last completing the work I am doing to reorder my “house”, emotionally, physically, intellectually, spiritually and yes, financially to walk humbly with God.

  • Tony Pantera

    The one thing that pops out to me about altering my past would be to have trusted more that living my life
    the way I wanted would have been ok, with those who were important to me. I would not try to live two lives at the same time.

  • Susie Avril Glascock

    I would gone away to college and played golf and tried for an LPGA spot. Regrets stink. At the same time I don’t regret teaching kindergarten for years in the Catholic school system but wished I would have figured my finances better. I love you Jesus.

  • Joyce

    I wish I had been a true Catholic from a child to now. And most I wish I brought up my children in a true Catholic Home, with pray and communication about God. I lost all that time, I pray God can forgive me.

  • Mindy

    If I were to die today some of the things I wish I had done differently would have been to spend more time with my family. And more time figuryour who I am instead of being so worried about finding my soulmate. I would have spent more time focusing on God

  • Julie Concannon

    I would have forgiven myself more, loved my family more fiercely, and left a very professional career behind to do God’s work on earth. Do I regret my life?…no, because I know now it was God’s plan for me. Do I have lots more life to go forward with God’s plan? Maybe, maybe not, but I know that God loves me and he has given me so many advantages in the world to pay forward. I will continue to seek his advice everyday on how to do that. Amen.

  • Cathi Rider

    Hands down without a doubt that is terrific advice. Your comparison made your thoughts very clear to me. I can see myself living for fear of mistakes and ultimately getting in not only my way but the Holy Spirit’s way of living in me to do the will of God. “Play for the love of the game”, Live for the love of life.
    Thank you friend

  • Mick Peterson

    Regrets…I’ve had a few…but then again too few to mention…
    The lyrics from “My Way” ring true throughout this discussion. If we live in the past, we die in the past. Sure, there are MANY things I wish I could do over, but the point is to get off the ground, brush the dust off, and proceed to make today better than yesterday. It’s what we do NOW that’s important, and it’s what we plan to do tomorrow that just might affect our decisions today. Make each day the best version of ourselves—-THAT’S the challenge God wants us to face.

  • Lilia

    Before I got sick with chronic illness, I had the privilege to volunteer for hospice for a few years. It is one of the most gratifying experience in my life; I learned so much about my own mortality. We’re all going to dye some sooner then others, but what changes you makes all the difference. My illness progressed and I able to continue volunteering. For me death is a very natural part of life, but I didn’t realize how terrifying it can be for others when they’re loved ones are ill. Two years ago my my husband suffered a psychotic break; I didn’t realize that the thought of loosing me could be so devastating to his mental health. For some time before the break he was telling everyone that I was dying, but not to mention anything because I didn’t want anyone to know. People would approach me with compassion and offering help if I needed it. It was odd to have people react with such kindness. The day my husband was admitted to the hospital one of the nurses approached me inquiring about my illness. I was in shock, he had been suffering for months and couldn’t bear the thought of loosing me, he lost his mind. This experience has humbled me and has completely changed my priorities. I needed to focus more on him and help him with anxiety and worry. He’s still struggling and heavily medicated. My purpose is to help him establish a relationship with god, in order to find joy. We go to church every Sunday and I play Matthew Kelley’s CD’s as often as possible. We need prayer and a closer relationship with God. I have faith God mercy, will help us find our way.

    • Jo Martin

      I lift you up to the Lord and pray for peace for your husband. He loves you so much!

    • Lilia

      Love and blessings to you Jo. Thank you

  • Jo Martin

    I would be faithful to meet with God every day!! To be filled with His Spirit and and emptied of my own will.

  • Therri

    We live on the brink of eternity! Eternity is forever.

  • Ruth

    I would have wished that I had not been so afraid of sharing myself more. Of not being so shy and reticent to reach out to people and interact with them, to call them on the phone or write them letters. To participate more in classrooms to ask more questions to volunteer myself more and be willing to go out and do things that scared me. Or, even to share my life more through social media, blogging, or acts of kindness.

    Part of this lent is about me opening myself up more to people so that, in that way, I can open myself up more to God by sharing his love through my love and kindness towards others. It has not been easy and it seems like it will require more time and work than lent will allow, but I’m grateful for the opportunity to recognize this fear in my life and the time to try and change.

  • Molly

    I would definitely spend more time with as many of my family members as possible. I would set my unrealistic wishes aside and realize not all of my family is going to be as dedicated to God like I am. My call to serve is my passion, yet I think too much like Jack Beers and sometimes my goals I set are too lofty for myself and I end up not reaching them in the way I would like to reach them. This ends up in failure in the eyes of others and how they think of me.

  • Donna Dingwell

    I would have devoted more time on the importance of gods love in our lives with my three sons !

  • Barb

    Jack Beers, Excellent message! You tapped into such a strong truth with a great example from your world. Thank you!

  • Tammy Schmitz

    I would have spent less time working and more time really being engaged with life & my kids when I was at home.

  • Linda

    I tell my son and my relatives that if I should die today, I am ready! Not that I want to leave this world, but that I am not afraid to join those in heaven with Jesus. I want my loved ones to take comfort when I die, to rejoice in spite the pain of loss. I think it is a gentle reminder to them to get right with Jesus. If I am not totally right, I am moving in that direction every day.

  • Jeff

    If I were to die today I wish I would have been less focused on the everyday living of life and instead focused on loving. Loving God, loving my family, loving the patients I take care of; and loving them in the moment how they need to be loved.

  • CSL

    Life is eternal in Christ – So, I think, “What will I be doing in heaven? I want to do that now.” The Lord’s prayer says it best, ” Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” I didn’t always think this way, but by the grace of God I am being set free. I know unforgiveness is at the foundation of most unloving behavior and. I have learned that there is way too much to be gained in forgiving others to bypass it – when I forgive from my heart, I gain dignity, freedom, courage, wisdom happiness – forgiveness puts God in His rightful place over my life – I have spent way too many days allowing others who were unloving to govern my life – I spent way too many days believing a lie that forgiving others would leave me vulnerable to more mistreatment.- but in Christ, the roles of victim and victimizer do not exist.

  • Maria

    In the past few years, I thought a LOT about what I wanted to do with my life. I didn’t come to college for a good time, but for a career and I needed to figure out what that career would be. I couldn’t choose anything until I figured out what I REALLY wanted to do with my life. And then God pointed me to one thing: finally writing a story I could be proud of. Last year, I managed to write it and now I’m making it into a graphic novel–something I’ve been wanting to do for years. I’m still far from done, but if I died today, I would be content in getting this far into it. At the very least, my family will have a copy of the written version of my ‘novel’, as well as the many drawings I made for the first chapter.

  • Elisa Stevens

    Smiled more… worried less… marched forward fearlessly much, much sooner!

  • Le-Nette Leveston

    I would love life more and be happy. I’m too serious about things. I’m learning to “Let go and let GOD”.

  • Cadre Aaron

    Love truly does rearrange our priorities. True love pushes us to be better human beings. Love is what binds us all. “And over all these virtues put on love, which binds them all together in perfect unity.”

    It’s feel it’s important that all who have watched this video truly heed the words, how would you live differently? How much more would you appreciate those who matter if you knew death was near?

  • Gail

    I was not a Christian when the world was waiting for disaster to happen on December 31st, 1999 (Y2K).
    What I wanted on my supposed last day on earth was to have all my family around and have a great meal.
    Now that I am a Christian, I would definitely add spending time with God/prayer.😊

  • Marilyn

    I realized that in the moments, I gave and give the best, not always the best thing and a lot of mistakes, but all in at that moment.

  • Christine

    If I had died today, I think the thing I would have wanted to change would be my inadequate ability to die to self. I would love and serve God more perfectly and completely by striving for humility and trust in every trial throughout my life. I would definitely trust more and worry less!

  • Shar

    Thank you Jack Beers! My teenage daughter’s and I were having a conversation last night. I realize now that they were “thinking too much.”

  • Christine Greene

    I would have come back to the Catholic Church earlier. I spent many years away from God and exploring other faiths and philosophies. As a result, I married a non catholic and raised my daughter in a protestant religion. My husband and daughter were baptized but not in the Catholic Church. When she was grown, I returned to my Catholic Faith. I wish I had sooner. My husband is still a non catholic.

  • JMulkey2009 .

    I actually am dying. I have cancer. I also am aging daily, so I am dying a little every day. Having cancer makes us face our own death, sometimes cruelly, because many times we aren’t ready to have such a definitive end thrown at us. But it also makes us enjoy every single day, to take life as it comes, to want to finish anything that feels unfinished, especially our faith life and faith work. It makes us want to ‘cement’ if possible, our relationship with God, to know where we are at in our faithwalk. To know (as much as humanly possible) where we stand with our Savior. As much as cancer is horrible and awful, it can also be a huge gigantic blessing. It takes something in our lives, our health, and takes it completely out of our hands. At once we realize and see that we cannot control our health. Granted we can do things to help, but it is out of our control. And hopefully, then we see that God truly is in control, that our human control is unreal, it does not exist. What would I have done differently? I would have come to that conclusion much younger in life, I hope.

    • Ann CW

      I will pray for you.

      • Howard Schuyler

        I will pray for you too, may our Lord grant you peace and consolation.

      • JMulkey2009 .

        Thank you so much. I would greatly appreciate that.

    • Lisa

      That’s it in a nutshell! God Bless you and strengthen you. Thank you for sharing.

      • JMulkey2009 .

        Thank you very much!

  • Howard Schuyler

    One of the best statements concerning death and the importance of living came from Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple computers. He told the 2005 graduating class of Stanford: “Death is very likely the single best invention of life…..Your time is limited,so don’t waste it living someone else’s life…have the courage to follow your heart
    and intuition.”

    • Lisa

      “Don’t live someone else’s life.” I like that so much!

  • Elephant

    I would like to change the last hour. I spent a beautiful morning in Adoration and come home feeling so blessed. I unlock the front door, the cats have played with the rug which is now obstructing the door from being opened. Frustration arises since I don’t like cats anyway and we have 4! Then I go to make cereal for breakfast, but there is no milk. UGH! So, I decide to make oatmeal which explodes in the microwave! Okay, I loose it and start cursing and yelling and am so upset! I am having lunch in 2 hours, so breakfast must be small, I decide on 2 slices of toast. The toaster is set to very light, which I did not notice in my tantrum. It won’t melt the butter and that is the last straw!! Where is my peace I felt? Why did I allow the evil one to get to me like this? Please forgive me Lord Jesus for not keeping you in the forefront of my life always. May your day be blessed and peaceful with the love of Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

  • Glen Arcalas

    Share of myself a little bit more. Not be so guarded. There were times when people needed a little help and at time I refused because I was busy doing my own thing. Family life for me was never small, even with my own kids, it was never really quiet but it has it’s challenging moments and I’ve noticed when we all were together and present with each other we got things done. It is true to show random acts of kindness goes a long way to make someones day even if it was for a moment good was done. Even if they might not even know of it just yet good was done. So love a little bit more.

  • Ruth

    It is very hard for me to think about my death. I so love this world. I’m going on 80 and I love Mass, helping people smile a little, hugging my grandchildren and great grandchildren. With all the sorrows and fears I’ve had, I’m a happy Catholic. I guess I wish I had felt this way 50 years ago. I wasted time.

  • CathieHeenan

    If I were to die today, my one regret would be not saying I Love you more to my family and friends more often.

  • Nancy Eikenberry

    Live in the moment! Enjoy the loved ones that God has put in my life. Stop worrying about the future and all the “what ifs” of the past. Cherish everyone minute of the day and relish in God’s beauty.

  • Kerry

    I would love more and worry less.

    • RAB-G


  • Mary

    Not to be flippant, but if I died today, at age 63 with my first grandchild to be born in the next few weeks, what I would wish I had done differently would have been to take better care of my physical body so that I hadn’t died!

  • Barbara Levich

    I heard about a man this week who made a habit of noticing good things about people, whether they looked nice, did something good or had a good attitude, and he told them. I’m sure he routinely made people’s days. I want to change to be more like that man. Maybe most especially our families need this attention to the positive they do or are.

  • Tom K

    Its like the last three days someone was looking into my soul and watching my life. This day is another very appropriate one for me. What would I wish I had done differently??? EVERYTHING….is not stating enough. I wasted in so many respects opportunities to PARTICIPATE in life by staying in the shadows and avoiding life from FEAR. Fear on so many levels for so many things. But finally just very recently after realizing how much time has gone by and what I saw when I looked back because it was all so empty I know what I missed and did wrong. It was an overwhelming realization and I needed to let go of the past and regret from that realization. The past is done and over GOOD or BAD, TODAY is a new day and reality the only day that counts and that I can control. So I focus each day to not to look back and feel bad about what I did wrong or missed; but today live not live in FEAR and learn to PARTICIPATE in life and get fulfillment in everyday I am now present in. So many parables in the scriptures relate to me but the Burying of Talents Matthew 25:14-25:30 I was that third servant. Today I try everyday to NOT bury the gifts and bring them forward and participate. (AND NOT LOOK BACK)

  • Lorry Davis

    In more ways than one death shows us how to live. When my husband passed away from cancer, and I had (then), 2 young children, the importance of living became very real. But also, the allowing others to live also became clear. I learned to enjoy other people’s lives, enjoying what they loved. Encouraging instead of controlling. Instead of saying “I don’t think”, I changed that to “of course you can!”
    I realized just how much influence we have, on other people’s lives. Is that influence positive, or negative?
    Live your life to the fullest, but help others to do the same.

  • Greg Howard

    I would have quit work a long time ago and traveled to the Grand Canyon, Grand Tetons, Mount Glacier and just enjoyed the beauty of the planet.

    • Lisa

      Snorkeling on Oahu.

  • Taryn Macary

    If I died today, I believe that I would have wished that I would have been less controlling, consciously and unconsciously, in attempting to resolve the many problems/crosses throughout my life..and surrendered much more to “Thy Will Be Done.” I would have wished that while I live a life of tremendous solitude, that I truly listened, listened, communed with Christ more deeply, and integrated every action of my humble days in honor of Him, and in offering up to others in need. I would have wished/hoped that I allowed Christ’s love/joy/consolation pour through my heart abundantly towards my six grown children and so many others. I know I was given other gifts; but that is my greatest purpose.

    I am not afraid of death. I lost my beloved seventh child, son, Nicholas, over two years ago, to suicide, which deepened my faith tremendously, through extraordinary graces and blessings from God.

  • Donna Hebdo

    I would have worked harder to save my marriage.

  • Judy

    Day 10, If died today, what would you wish you had done differently?

    I could so relate with Jack’s words. He literally brought me to tears…he was singing my song.

    I would get out of my head and not live fearfully.
    I would not let the abuses of my past haunt me. God was there; he saved me.
    I would let go of the need for perfection.
    I would let go of my protective shell and freely allow others to come into my life.
    I would let go of being very guarded, and often act like a spooked squirrel.
    I would let go of continual self-shaming and blaming.

    I would have left all these actions, behaviors, and mindsets behind…if only I would have known how they suck the life out of living.

  • Prolifedem6M

    The Lord has led me at my own pace. As I was ready to make changes in my spiritual life, he either suggested those changes to me or put someone in my life to point out the further way, I am deeply grateful for the blessings he has given me, especially my spiritual life which is pure gift. Education is the process of changing your mind under the light of new information, I wish I had learned some things earlier, but know now that I was not ready until I did learn them.

  • SP

    If I died today, I wish I could go back and stop worrying about all I had done wrong in offense to God and people I know. However, if I did that, I would negate the path and journey that God placed me on to get to know him better. I need to leave that all behind, look forward, and spend time saying I love you, thank you, forgive me, lets rejoice together. I want to bring love and peace to those around me. That is my goal for living now. I have made so many mistakes raising my children because of my own lack of guidance but I did the best I could with the knowledge I had. As I grow, I try to keep learning so I can share the wisdom I gain. If you never fall or fail, you never learn how to succeed. I am thankful to God for staying diligent and loving me. I use these lessons to teach my children now on their own personal pathway with God. They will achieve their relationships with him in their own time as well. All I can do is share information and pray. God is wonderful and Jesus is our salvation! Be blessed today!

  • Casmir Nnaemeka

    I am today I wish I would have done all that the Lord demands of me so as to be at peace that I will rest with the Lord. Also I wish I have impacted positively on my family that they will make heaven as well without the loss of anyone.

  • Denise Vega Ruvalcaba

    Caring less about how others perceive me since all of that has hindered me into growing into the best version of myself. I’m constantly worrying about others liking me, making sure I present myself in the best way and I need to just live life not worrying about what others think of me.

    • Syd

      Denise, wow, you appear to be expressing the depths of your heart. Just this direct experience of you, with no inflated notion of yourself, is such a precious truth. You appear to be striving for your true identity. What an enormous creative dance of your faith and thank you.

      • Denise Vega Ruvalcaba

        Thank you Syd. This is what this lent program is all about, seeking the truth and learning about ourselves by getting closer to God.

  • Charles Clark

    Let go and Let God. My biggest weakness I think is patience. I’m like Thomas , show me. I begin each day with saying the rosary, reading prayers from my Pieta prayer book, and reading a chapter from the New Testament. I love sitting in my quiet space with my coffee and a candle burning. Sometimes, I’ll play Gregorian chant to help. I have a small marble statue of John Paul II leaning on his cross beside my candle, and I think we as God’s people have to lean more on Christ in our lives,and not be so caught up in the ways of the world. God bless.

  • Ssamaca

    Everything, I think. But I have to move on and see if there’s still something for me to do that I can do better, or at least as Jack put it, “as good as I can”. I meditate on Jesus on the way to cavalry. He fell but got up again. He teaches us not to quit even though the outcome might be grim. It was for Him. So I keep trying, and pray that I can keep getting up and when I can’t get up anymore, I pray that He is there for me.

  • Patricia Ann Bacchetti

    I wish I would of worked on my marriage harder, and put God first. My marriage ended in Divorce after 24 years. I did go to a group at the Catholic Church after which helped me cope. I hope to have a new chance in life to do the things I didn’t

  • Niove Candida Rosario

    I would have looked for God much earlier in my life which would have helped me raise my kid knowing God as I know him now. My kids are not looking for him and it makes me sad and I feel responsible for not doing more. I have a married son and God is not at the center of their relationship and that worries me and it makes me sad. I pray someone else will reach out to them and bring God into their lives.

  • Andrea Leos

    What would I do differently? I would be more loving, a better listener and a better wife. I would strive for progress over perfection. I would become a real estate agent and make money so I can live out my dreams that god has placed in my heart. With the money I make, I would donate to Dynamic Catholic, my church and orginizations that are of interest to me. Help out my parents financially. I would let go of the past and accept the present as a gift. I would forgive myself for being human and making mistakes which were only learning lessons. Overall, have the courage to live out the dreams that I know are still inside of me. I can say, god has blessed me with a second chance now to do this. Now it’s all about taking action and having the strong faith and courage to do so. 🙏🏻💖

  • Antoinette Milano

    For me today, I seek God’s WISDOM which is so different than how the world thinks. Without His wisdom I can really mess things up. That’s why the “classroom of silence” is so important. Without this we are spinning our wheels. With God’s wisdom can become all that we can be… “The Best Version of Ourselves”

  • mae guilford

    Mae…Thank you that was great..makes you think..I am going to try and have a more prayful prayer life this lent

  • Blaise

    I will soon be 70. There are too many things to list that I wish I had done differently in my life. I thank The Holy and Blessed Trinity for letting me live long enough to confess my sins, to atone for them and to know that I have been forgiven. I now go to confession at least every 2 months or sooner. If you are like me, please know that Our Lord has forgiven us. I am a sinner and always will be but I thank God that my sins are much less severe than in my early life. I also thank all of the religious Priests, Brothers and Sisters that have had such a tremendous positive influence in my life. May God Bless them all for their vocations to the religious life.

  • Annvan047

    If I died today, I wish I would have developed a relationship with God when I was a teenager and not seven years ago, at the age of 47, after experiencing a nervous breakdown.

  • Diana

    If I were to die today, I’d wish that I’d been involved with the homeless more. I’ve done a lot of volunteer work in the past like Habitat for Humanity and St. Vincent de Paul to help the homeless but, you don’t really understand what it’s like to be homeless unless you actually personally work with them. I’ve been blessed this year to work with the homeless at a day shelter where we serve them breakfast and lunch, toiletry items, sleeping bags and backpacks, tarps and blankets. We can provide hats and gloves in winter, water in summer, and provide what we can to help them when they leave our property in the afternoon. I wish that I had known the pressure that they go through in their daily lives. We see them on the streets and we judge them, we avoid them, we pass by them. We don’t know their history, but it’s been traumatic and we can’t even begin to picture what that must’ve been like because we are so privileged. They do drugs and don’t take their medicine. They suffer from diseases and can’t care for themselves. Now I understand what Jesus meant by his parable of the prodigal son.

  • nancy

    I would have loved more, especially my children. I would have devoted my life to them and husband.

  • MaryAnne Casaul

    In retrospect….I am grateful for my life and the journey I am on. I think I would have visited the ocean more. I love my children, both adults now and living on their own. I am grateful for the trials I have gone through and believe I have learned a great deal from them. Perhaps I would not be as close to the Lord as I am now in my prayer life. I can say there is nothing I would have done differently because my spiritual walk may have been different and maybe non existent if I would have changed anything in the past.

  • Robert Martinez

    As far as to change the way this day has been up to this moment. I have to say I wouldn’t change anything thanks be to our Lord God and Father.
    Yesterday would do been different answer.
    The question should be in our minds or my mind all the time not taking anything or anyone for granted. Thank you for the question

  • Ally F.

    I love today’s message. Very thought provoking. I completely agree – I would also get out of my own head and live for the love of life. Live to spread God’s love.

  • Mary Helen

    “It is healthy to to think about death.” So delighted to hear this and have it reaffirmed! Living where death is often a taboo discussion, I can only sing in my mind “…for in dying we are born to eternal life.” Thank you!

  • Heartbroken

    I think about death everyday it’s hanging over my head (heart broken) it has been with since 2003 sudden death is a high risk. I already weep for the years I was being a cafeteria catholic . I feel so much more connected to the PASSION OF CHRIST, especially the AGONY IN THE GARDEN. I am in The Garden. Today I need prayers because I am gripped by anger that won’t let go of me. A spiritually unhealthy day. My son is going to sing at an XLT praise and worship a moment in his life I must miss because I’m stuck in a bed useless! My husband has gone for a “ride” because he’s running and me I’m in the Agony Garden failing miserably 🙏 For me as I can’t seem to today.

    • Lisa

      2003 that’s a long time to be sick. I’m sorry. Mother Mary once told a visionary that “if you knew how much good your prayers did, you would pray day and night.” That probably doesn’t help today, but maybe tomorrow will be a better day.

      • Heartbroken

        Thank you ,
        I try to offer my pain, anguish, tears to the Blessed Mother to use for whatever use they maybe to the Kingdom of God especially those who are forgotten. I just knew today I needed to reach out and ask for help. God Bless You!

    • Syd

      Heartbroken, I once again wish to respond to you. I have a cell disease that does not give my muscles enough energy, lots of exhaustion and fatigue, even my heart is in trouble. I say this to connect with you about being bedridden. You express, “Today I need prayers because I am gripped by anger that won’t let go of me.” Yes, this inability to do much of anything has also made me very angry, even full of rage. After my hour meditation God has even got a few bad words and even the finger. I have felt dumped into nothingness and as you express “….I’m stuck in a bed useless!” I am not stuck in bed and yet my acceptance of my human limitations is not always a starting point for me.

      You express, “I’m in the Agony Garden failing miserably.” This to me is the heart of the agony, failing and the chips are down. Then it appears you are seeking support from church and from family and nothing is there. That is the big problem, death is like nothingness and there is nothing there, nothing true or valuable in which to believe in. It feels empty because nothingness is a void, as you know. However, it appears you recognize this suffering with Christ and you recognize your anger. Your faith appears to be speaking here and appears to be coming up inside you like the sun. This faith, like the sun, does not seem to matter if we can achieve or not nor does it matter if we believe in the sun. The sun is still felt and your faith is experienced in you.

      I realize everything seems to be going wrong and yet I recognize the support of Presence in you, the sun. I also realize this faith has no praise and glory be to it and yet appears to me your faith and courage is drawing on an inner strength. There appears in your spirit this tremendous support and appears able to draw on qualities of Strength and Will. I realize this faith does not make everything feel fine and it may never resolves the heartbreak you feel, as I also feel a certain bitter point form within me. I just want you to know, though, your faith is felt and your faith offers this hope for me, simply and genuinely. There is no winning awards here, instead I just recognize your real value of your faith and the Sun in you. Thank you for making a difference and thank you for being simply you.

  • Carol Toney

    If I died today….I know that I would feel fulfilled and I hope that Jesus would meet me at the pearly gates with a warm welcome and a BIG hug. Perfect life, nope. Blessed, yup. Raised in an alcoholic home with 14 siblings. Married an alcoholic. Divorced. The last 20+ yrs I have been blessed to do third world mission work in Haiti, Honduras and Bolivia (just returned 24 hrs ago) and will spend the month of October in West Africa on Africa Mercy doing surgery. I am abundantly blessed. Like many others who have commented, I wish I would have ‘relaxed’ more while raising 2 daughters. Both left the church. The oldest returned and is now a Eucharistic minister. The youngest hasn’t yet returned to the church (please pray for her by name..’Sarah with a H’) but has a servant heart. She volunteers with Syrian refugees and the homeless in Atlanta. At my age (65) I am more relaxed and have a good relationship with my daughters. Like many priests I’ve talked to about my girls leaving the church, their advice….”get outta their face and PRAY”. Great advice. It’s in God’s time, not mine.

  • Margo

    I love the comments today. I wish that I could read all of them. I did have the “opportunity” to learn that I was going to die in three months. A false diagnosis. But for me I realized that relationships are what matter most to me. All accomplishments became meaningless. It has been a struggle to manage relationships, especially when dialogue is cut off. And sometimes it is me that is doing the severance. I still love accomplishing things but they have a different meaning and purpose in my life. On another note, I thought I would add that prayer is more important but again I am not as consistent as I could be. But I am forgiven:). G(ratitude), R(epent), A(wareness), S(pecial moments), P(eace). Sorry, I don’t pray for others because it gets too complicated!!!

    • Lisa

      Why does it have to be complicated? Just say, “God bless my family and friends” and call it good. Do this every day and it really adds up.

      • Linda Carmelle

        we also must remember to pray for our enemies. ALOT harder of course ,but even pagens can want good things for friends and family,Christians,like Christ desire good for all,or at least for those living in sin to come to the realization of becoming a better version of themselves too.

    • Lisa

      Yes, you know exactly what you would do if you were told you were going to die. Yikes! Thank you for sharing.

  • Anonymous

    Praying for others is a gift you give of yourself . Love one another as I have loved you . Jesus’ commandment.

    • Lisa


  • Maddie

    I would have taken my Catholic Faith and parenting more seriously…Fortunately about 15 years ago and more so after being diagnosed with breast cancer 6 yrs ago I am more than ever immersed in my Catholic faith…I always felt blessed to be Catholic…but more than ever now….my kids are doing well….maybe I did something right! Or WE….married 52 yrs…

    • Syd

      God is doing a good job, as you just expressed and clearly you recognize this. Your faith even appears to offer this inner freedom, maybe even rather spontaneous, like a child’s faith and appears to be your guide. Good for you and God calls you good also.

      It feels strange being worthy of some many peoples’ faith, but realistic faith can do no other than act in confidence, as your faith expresses.

  • Jennifer

    I would find a way to spend more time snuggling my babies and husband. I would try to be less anxious about all the rest. And I would find more time each day to be thankful to God for all the blessings he has given me. I would embrace the blessings more instead of yearning for more.

  • Seeker

    Today’s question hit me where it hurts; the source of my chronic worry & insomnia. In my early 60s I am now tortured by regrets of the roads not taken & God-given talents squandered by my poor choices. Ironically my life is great– loving, devoted husband, good health, nice house etc. It would appear to an outsider that my life is quite charmed. Only the Lord and I know the regrets I live with & the panic that I AM going to die without having accomplished all that I could/should have. Please remember me in prayer – that I can find God’s peace in the things I have done & the motivation to accomplish more with the life left to me. Thank you & bless you.

    • Heartbroken

      I have those same fears. I Will pray for you , seeker, God Bless You

      • Seeker

        Please know that your kind empathy and blessing have touched me tonight. If sleep evades me I will have the thought that a stranger wishes me well. I send the same to you.

      • Syd

        Heartbroken, the same words I wrote to Seeker is for you also. Your faith is enormous, like a creative dance, a flow or you would not be on this site. God is also doing a good job in you, so maybe allow your faith to allow you to rest in Hope.

    • Syd

      Seeker, what a unique name, which to me expresses you are seeking what is essential to your value and your faith. From my experience, this faith creates this conversion process, “metanoia” or repent, and it stripes down this need to achieve goals or to be successful. It seems this need to accomplish or to have a successful career is toward presenting ourselves favorably and is an effort to make ourselves feel worthwhile. God, though, does not seem overly concern about our success and appears more concerned with being ourselves deeply and completely. Being who we are is to understand nothing is more satisfying, no matter how many accomplishments we pile up. I know, this is downright shocking because I am recovering from being a work-alcoholic.

      You express, “Please remember me in prayer – that I can find God’s peace in the things I have done & the motivation to accomplish more with the life left to me.” Asking for peace appears as the heart of your faith and to me I really believe you are asking to feel the depths of your faith in your own heart. It appears your faith wants to liberate you from roles that you must live up to in order to be acceptable. Your request for prayer appears to be asking to be true to your faith. It seems to me because you recognize the preciousness of your faith, simply and genuinely, this is good enough. Your faith even appears to be enough to rest in confidence and even rest in hope, which may allow your mind to cease these endless agendas and projects. In other words, God is doing a good job in you and your faith is good enough and your heart appears to be telling this to you.

      I also like to add a thought from Meister Eckhart. He said, “If the only prayer you said was thank you that would be good enough.” In other words, it is not convincing ourselves certain things are true, but just recognizing the actual support of Presence. So thank you is enough and your faith is right there, nothing more and nothing less, just as you are. Again, your faith is real and there is no more need to convince yourself that you are true to it, as your faith is felt and experienced in you.

  • Susan

    I think about death all the time. I recently lost my mother and I lost a dear friend five years ago. She was only 50 and I often wonder what she would’ve done differently if she knew she were going to die at 50. Everyone thinks I’m crazy but I’m planning to make a career change into farming from being an accountant. I’ve become passionate about local food and have supported my local farmers. I feel as though I can serve God better by feeding the hungry. I’m praying for God to guide me on how to do this.

  • Sue

    I would have my Catholic faith sooner & raised my girls to love Him too. Then my granddaughters & great grandchildren would have been –just maybe–been raised to love the Heavenly Father & His Son–Jesus Christ.

  • Jenn

    As everyone else, my wish would have been to worry less and love the moment more. The extraordinary gift of today’s topic is……we are NOT dying today… every moment forward is ours to change. To me, that is my Catholic faith, my communion with my beautiful Savior gives me a new beginning again and again…..and HIs resurrection demonstrates….it is never too late. Thank you Lord, for coming to us through Dynamic Catholic and teaching this wonderful lesson through your amazing grace…..TODAY!

  • Lisa

    I noticed that when people lose a spouse they do a very odd thing. Either they don’t want anything touched; or they get rid of all the spouse’s things and 80 percent of their own as well saying either “what do I need all this stuff for” or “I don’t want my kids to have to deal with all this stuff.” When my mother and grandmother each reached their 90s, they started actively trying to find out what everyone wanted and give it to them while they were still alive. These are women who spent their lives helping other people. My grandmother’s favorite saying “We are put on this earth to help each other.” I don’t know, maybe they want to somehow be helpful even after they are gone.

    • Linda Carmelle

      Thats Beautiful! I think it would be a very nice thing to do well before getting so close to death.Giving away things that mean so much to you now and sharing the why behind it can build even more meaningful and beautiful memories to share for years to come.

  • Becky Copeland

    First of all, Jack Beers, I have been thru the Grand Canyon by raft and slept under the stars! Talk about feeling God in the majesty of his heaven and earth!! You must do it!! What a retreat from the world of busyness & technology. I too over think things, my husband always says”get busy living or get busy dying” (Shaw shank Redemption) .

  • carolyn

    This is my first Lent in the Catholic faith tradition. I was Baptised/raised in the Protestant church, and am currently in RCIA ready to take first communion and be confirmed Holy Saturday. I raised my daughters going to church sporadically and on holidays. My regret or wish for a do-over would be to have returned to faith before my children were born and to have focused my life on raising my children and being a good Christian.

  • Paulette

    Doing it: Going to Healing Mass tonite standing in the gap for laying of hands for my neighbors then all the prison inmates whom I visit to intercede for those struggling. Asking for Gods mercy, I’m showing up, to let God move my heart, even though I feel like dried up cardboard.

  • Diane

    I wish I would have enjoyed the ride more. Trusted in God and his love of me because when I feel and know his love, I do trust him and my life sings even when it is hard.

    • Heartbroken


  • Nancy D

    I am definitely taking steps now to be closer with God. However, there is one thing that I need to change and that is to be a better wife. Now, that I realize this, I need to do something about it.

  • Carolina

    I would have been an at home mom for my family and started my working life when the youngest went to college.

    • Heartbroken

      That was one Blessing my heart disease brought me I use to be a RN. But getting sick gave the gift of spending all that time with my only son. God works in mysterious ways

  • Ann Suswal

    I would have been more involved in high school. I would’ve tried harder to try and figure out a career. I would’ve moved in my grandparents house after I graduated , then maybe I would have been more self-efficient by now!!

  • Patricia


  • Sr. Maryann Kasica

    You were given a wonderful gift…the freedom of Jesus who loves you so much. Pray much and follow Him to experience the joy the world cannot give.

  • Kim Dagenais

    I would have let my son, who was killed recently, know how much I loved him. The Lord blessed me with him. Since, he has died, when I am in my Parish/Church, I feel at peace. I know now the Lord is watching over me and that my son is with him in a much better place. While I was praying the other day, out of the corner of my eye, stood Jesus himself, I actually saw a faint view of him, as I asked him for guidance during this hard time in my life. I am going to start participating more with programs at my Church. I love Jesus, now I know, through prayer he will show me the way through my new life alone. But, I am not alone, I have Jesus.

  • Amy Reinhardt

    If I were to die today, my wish is that I wouldn’t have wasted so much time worrying about the future. I’ve worried about how I convey myself to others. I’ve worried about finding the perfect job, making money, looking my best, conquering my goals… when in reality I should’ve been focusing on my relationship with Christ – the most important priority there is.

  • Arturo de la Cerda

    If I were to die today, I would not take things for granted and acted on my intrinsic instead of holding things back, thinking that it was for my betterment by doing so. I am only 29 and unfortunately had to think about my mom’s death twice before my 18th birthday, and watch my dad die when I was 14

  • Deb Durrett

    I would spend more time laughing and enjoying moments God gives me to just hang out with family & friends and less time focusing on pleasing people who do not have my best at heart. God is the one to please 😉

  • trixiie

    If I were to die today I would have not worried about the small stuff so much. I would take more time to listen and learn than worry about everything being perfect. I’m going to work on that going forward, no time like the present. I too am enjoying this “best Lent ever”, thank you.

  • Joyce Lamb

    If I was to die today, I certainly would not worry about so many things. Don’t sweat the small stuff and it’s all small stuff.

  • Cheryl Beseler

    Seven years ago I was with a friend and his family when he died – since then I have spent time volunteering for a local hospice organization. What I have noticed so many times is that when individuals realize and accept that death is near they Live Life – better, stronger and worry more about those left behind than where they are going. It’s not about wishing they had done things differently – they know that what is done is done – it’s what they can do NOW that really matters… how they will be remembered, what they can leave behind to help those who love them… how they can show others that the focus is on what is important, what makes you happy, how to show love, I don’t wish I had done things differently – I want to do them better now – live better, love better and remind myself daily that God is walking with me with a love that is Greater than the possibilities of my imagination, with a mercy that is unfathomable. I want to share this with others, pray that God ignites that fire within them and that my example will encourage and teach. Experience with death does change your perspective – and your understanding – of life. Lord, help me to reflect on Your death – and the death of others – and let me take action to live my life better, stronger and with more courage – knowing death is not the ending, but rather a new beginning!

  • Jacqueline

    I would enjoy life a bit more. Quit living in fear and would have seemed the guidance of the Lord long ago. I would have kicked depressions butt a long time ago and fought for life by seeking joy through the Lord.

  • Theresa Birdsey

    If I died today, I would wish that I would have found the true meaning of God’s love for me at a young age. I grew up before Vatican II and was brought up by a mother who taught me that God is a very unforgiving and a God that you should fear. Years later, I learned that God is a loving, merciful God who forgives us our sins and wants us to be happy. I am so glad that I found the true God and I feel closer to Him today than I ever did before.

  • Gail Smith

    Spend more time with my children and buy less things

  • Rae Mims

    I would wish that I had not been so hard on myself. That I had better self esteem. I also wish that I had started my journey into deepening my faith sooner. I was raised Catholic and went to Catholic school until 8th grade. I practiced until about my late 20s and then I went to non-denominational churches. I do not regret it because I think it really made me ponder God in my life, increased my prayer life and my Bible reading. But, I also seem to jump from church to church. I finally returned to Catholic worship full-time (I always went on holy days) almost two years ago and it really was the right thing for me. I have taken what I have learned on that journey and applied it here.

    • Seeker

      Like me you sound like a “Seeker”, Rae, always acknowledging and deepening your spirituality. Wishing you many blessings during this Lent and this precious Lifetime.

  • Christel Kiley

    I will have to think about this more before I can answer this. But I can think of very many things I would have liked to have done!

  • Louis Konakci

    Watching this video really makes me want to live my life more. I’m already productive in each of my senses especially now but I really need to learn to enjoy life and not stress out as much.

  • Terri Murphy

    Today I sat with my mother for 8 hours, watched her sleep, fed her little bites of food and little sips of Boost. I did the same yesterday. My other sisters will do the same the next five days until I go back next Friday. My wish for my sweet mother is that she is still with us for her 96 birthday on April 28. That may not happen. I should rephrase that: My wish for ME is that she is still with us …. Mom is so ready to go to Jesus. What I would do different in my life and what I work on everyday is to be as grounded in the Spirit as she has taught her 9 children to be by her example and the example of my Dad who is waiting for my Mom in heaven. They spent their lives worrying about the souls of their children and did they do enough to get us all to heaven.

  • Joey Gutierrez

    I wish i had raised my children who know the real meaning of love – a love not only focuses to self but to other people as well especially the needy. I also wish i have inspired someone in my own little way.

  • Karen Grove

    I guess just to see the world and embrace what each persin brings ti it this has been a spiritual journey for mr best lent ever

  • Arthur Brown

    I know now that I would have done things differently being an alcoholic and at times not loving my wife as much as I should have in the past. As I have moved on, now I know that I will die one of these days and the date will be determined by God as each of us have a certain time to live here. Today we put Father Eugene to rest as it was his time an this has made me understand as I have learned in the past 4 yrs. is that my time could come anytime and I plan to live for God daily and have Him lead me in my decisions as I search to always make it better for my wife and do what He expects out of us. I am glad the God is in charge.

  • Dana

    If today was my last I would wish that I would have been more present to the people around me, but especially to the Lord. I wish that I would have not have ever listened to the lies that because of my failures I am not worthy of His love nor even of conversation with Him (Such as in Genesis when Adam and Eve hid from God after they had sinned). In general, I wish that I would not have made the second things first.
    Our future, our vocation, and everything else, even virtues, are second to God; they are meant to be only a means to the end, Him. I have realized that I had for a long time made studies the end all, be all in my life: I based my happiness on how well I did, I couldn’t help but think of them ALL the time, and they were fighting God for first place in my heart! Like Jack in the second video, I now strive to “play for the love of the game,” or in other words, I live for love of God. Thanks be to God for His mercy! For:
    “The steadfast love of the LORD never ceases, his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness. ‘The Lord is my portion,’ says my soul, ‘therefore I will hope in him.'” (Lamentations 3:22-24)
    God bless!

  • Lourdes Ballara

    I would try to do more and pay less attention to do everything perfect. I would try to live more in the present and less in the future. I would spend more time loving me and others more and less time judging me and others less.

    • Karen Kotzbach McCreary

      Lourdes Ballara, you took the words right out of my mouth . I get in my way all the time ! I have been super critical of myself almost my entire life ; even as a 5-6 yr old . Perfection is for heaven. I have outlived my life expectancy by a few years (don’t know how many because it’s not important ) .I still need to do more and really LIVE in the sacrament of the moment. I also would read the Bible more. So , I will. I just dug out an older compact version of the New Testament before I opened the PC. I had no idea what was today’s lesson. Thank you for your wise comment . Happy Lent ! *_* K

  • Becky Craig

    I would live in the present as much as I could. In the present, there are no worries about the past or what will be. I would not be so concerned with what others think of me but instead just be me. I would be more attentive to God. I would develope a deep desire to spend time with him and not let the business of the day get in the way

  • Rene Ramirez

    Lost my dad last January spend more time with love one and laugh more often

  • Mike

    If I died today, I would have wished for more unity with my siblings. I have seven but due to issues that my parents had in their early years of their marriage, it really put a burden on all of the children starting from my oldest brother who is nearing 60 to my youngest who is 40. We were all young when most of the issues started and we all looked for so called happines with the rest of the world to avoid inner sibling relationships and the older ones had to work and provide for us younger ones. I see how great individuals we are and that we have it in us to be loved by the world, but we struggle to love one another. That is my biggest heart break. How is it that we can get along with everyone out there, share smiles, laughters, hugs, kisses and live Catholic life. A life of LOVE and SUPPORT that should be shared with our siblings more than with the rest of the world. A love that I know we all have it within us. If something were to happened with our sibblings, we would be forever guilty for not trying harder of letting go of the past and to Love unconditional.

    Mom was a devout Catholic and made sure that we didn’t stray far from the church. Always took us and would remind us, if I can give you anything in this life it will have to be your Catholic faith. So she accomplished that with all of us, except my youngest brother who has a hard time and questions God on many levels, from his drug addictions to life in general.. well let me get back to what I would do different, I should have done a better effort of being around for my sibblings, maybe my youngest would not have turned into drugs for happines, or use drugs to live ina false life of happiness. The drug life only stopped his emotioanl being but his being of being a true follower of God. Maybe my oldest siblings need to feel that they had to cut their your too become parents for the younger 6 siblings. I could have been more of a friend to my oldest and invited him to my events, maybe my sister’s would have been able to open up about their experiences with their boyfriends and not just marry to move out of the house and avoid the family drama. Bottom line, it is this that brin down, and I ask for forgiveness to all. Pray for my family. I would have liked being better brother, son, dad, husband and bigest desire to have Worship God more when I was younger. That may have brought more peace in our lifes.

    • GG

      I don’t know your situation obviously, but what about having a family reunion? Perhaps it would be better just with your siblings. Also perhaps, have everyone write 3 good qualities about each sibling and have them read during the event. Just a thought….

      • Mike

        Thank you for the advise. Will have to try that when we meet.

  • Neenu Tomi

    i would have write down all my spiritual experience and teaching received from jesus so that i can be helpful to my daughter to experience jesus

  • Alice

    I would have been a kinder person. I loose my patience at times and wish I could take every moment back where I was unkind to someone. I really think God wants me to take each day and help change someone else’s day for the positive. Jack Beers description was very thought provoking for me. I played it for my husband. I am a big over thinker, analyzer, mathematician. I would stop overthinking things and LIVE life to my Best and always give my BEST and not worry if I will fail. Loved this exercise today.

  • Colleen

    In the mist of talking and thinking about death and what I would do different, my nana died. She had been having pain in her chest and wasn’t sure if it was something she ate. I saw this Tuesday and all vitals were good and no pain. Just to careful I said to call the doctor. Well she didn’t for various reason. When talked to yesterday she said still having the pain, I wpas upset that she hadn’t called. We talked and the last thing I said you need to call the doctor.we said we love each other and hung. Several hours later I got the call that she has passed. You see although I am not a nurse I have some experience in healthcare. I am struggling with why I didn’t force her to go to the er. Life is so fleeting. I am feeling not only a huge loss but that I failed her. Logically speaking I know God called her home and she is blessed with eternal happiness. I can’t help but think what if……

    • Betty R.

      What if? I have asked myself that same question many times. I feel your pain and I’m so sorry for your loss. You did not fail her, she left this earth knowing that you cared and loved her. It was her time to be with the Lord and one day you’ll be able to see her again to witness that eternal joy, but for now just cherish those moments you both shared together and ask God to help you with your pain and strengthen you, he will, he’s in control. God bless!

    • Susan Henderson

      You don’t know that her going to the ER would have saved her though it may have. Tomorrow we will bury my neighbor who went in two weeks ago for a routine check up. They had said his heart sounded bad and were sending him directly to the hospital. He ended up in cardiac arrest four times and they recessitated him each time. Further testing showed he had lung, liver, and kidney cancer. They had started him on dialysis and hooked him up to life-support, but a week later after his family conferred & decided no more could be done for him, he passed away. So he went directly in when they told him to, but he still didn’t make it. Of course no one knew he was also riddled with cancer causing heart failure.

  • M Angela Stewart

    I would not have stayed away from Catholicism so long-this is the year that I started by journey back. I regret staying away so long but I’m thankful that at least I am on the road back.

  • Alf Robinson

    I would of never bought a cell phone and or a computer. The amount of time that has been sucked up in technology and social media I will never get back the looks on my grandkids faces when they had to wait a minute for my attention because I was doing something important which wasn’t really that important and of course good also has come out of it all but had I never had it I think things would of been different meaning better.

  • Paul Dadosky

    I wish I would be happier and more into the present moment, where God is, instead of worrying about other things I can’T control, or worrying about the future.

  • RD

    If I knew I would die today, I think I would just like to make another connection with all those I love. I am challenged by this. Lord, help me to make deeper connections with all those I love. Help me to reach out more, encourage more, show my love more. Don’t let anyone doubt that I love them, believe in them, forgive them, hope for them. Lord, thank you for all those you place in my life. Let me love them as you will. Amen

  • Jody Herr

    As I was driving by the church yesterday, I remembered Matthew saying “what would you do different this week if you knew you were going to die?” I thought, I would have gone to confession Wednesday night! I could go today but it could make me late for an event I have this evening. Then I thought, would I go if I knew I would die soon? The answer was yes, I want to die in the state of grace, so I went. And I was not late for my event. 🙂

  • Laura Schnizler

    As a single parent, working full time, I find myself tired and impatient. I pray daily for a reprioritization of my To Do list. If I died today, I would wish that I was kinder, gentler and more patient with all those around me.

  • Nancy Britt

    I didn’t get to watch the video until today because I was at a Women’s retreat at the church until late last night. It has really been a blessing to me. I say, I wish I wouldn’t have sweat the small stuff and been easier on myself and more forgiving of myself. Always worrying about the small things such as the house made me miss time with my husband and my boys or caused conflict between us and just stressed everyone out! It causes unhealthy dynamics in my life. I am going to do my best to take a deep breath and keep perspective. I am going to try to take the day trip instead of keep the house perfect and sit and enjoy family time together. There are so many things that take my time away and in the grand scheme of life, mean very little, if anything at all. God bless all of you on your journey with the Lord.

  • Janine D

    I would have spent more time with my dad. I’m lucky to have had 30 amazing years with him, but I didn’t realize how special and looking back, short our time together would be. He would always make time when bringing me back and forth to college to see the simple things in life, in particular a place called horseshoe curve in upstate PA. I, the annoyed “young adult” didn’t see what he saw. As an adult now, I would do anything to go back to horseshoe curve and listen to what he was saying. I’d give anything to have those moments back. So what would I do differently or what am I going to do differently? I’m going to make the time to pull over, see the world, have more patience and listen. Life is so short and goes by so fast. It’s the small moments that make the best memories and you need to learn to make them count knowing God has you there in that moment for a reason.

  • Fr. Nate Harburg

    I would have always consulted with the proper people before making important decisions. I would have read more Scripture. I would have spent more time with friends. I would have paid it forward more often. But I commend “my past to God’s mercy, my present to God’s love, and my future to God’s providence” (St. Padre Pio)

  • Mary

    I think for myself I would have done things at a slower paced, more thoughtfulness and care, I am thankful for today in trying to be the -best – version – of-self with the help of the HOLY SPIRIT! SHALOM. Happy Lent.

  • Shonne Farrell

    The past is gone there is no point in chewing that fat. I try to live each moment as it comes. My husband​ ask me every day what I am going to do tomorrow. I usually tell him I don’t know, I take each day as it comes. I get up early to read the Devine Office and morning prayers.

  • wompi

    God has taken me out of darkness and into the light from this point on i will celebrate and enjoy each new day with with a new beginning striving to do God’s Will in all that I do. For through Him all things are possible without Him nothing is possible.

  • Steven Elton

    been less selfish when I was younger and more selfless!

  • Debra Kyser

    Not have lived in so much anxiety, worry and anger. Spent more quality time with my children. Read the scriptures more regularly – consistently and not in spurts along with prayer for that too. To have had the character and fruits of the Spirit more in living out the Christian life.

  • Linda Blessing

    If I died today, I would regret not having one more Graeter’s Ice Cream cone to send me off — that was my first thought LOL. Actually, though, I don’t have many regrets. I do wish I had stayed close to my church through my 20’s. I think I wasted a lot of my middle years overusing the word “I” in everything. Somethings I did right and somethings I did wrong. I feel a lot more peaceful since reading Matthew Kelly’s Rediscovering Jesus book, going to mass more frequently and volunteering. So I guess my regret would be that I hadn’t done more.

  • Michael Ennis

    If I died today, one thing I definitely would have done different is never to have started drinking or smoking. I also would have spent more quality time with my loved ones, and I would have learned a lot more from my grandparents. That is about all I would have changed because without some diversity, it is much harder to grow. I do realize that making mistakes enhances the learning process, but there are some mistakes that just should not have to be made.
    God Bless

  • Cece ramirez

    If I knew I was dying today, I would call my family & ask for forgiveness for anything I’ve said to hurt them. Then I would call my friends & do the same. I would tell my hubby, son & his family that I lived them then pray for a peaceful death.

  • Michele McPheely

    If I were to know I was going to die in a year or two, I would want to have kids right now. So I can love them and leave my husband with bits of us to keep loving and bringing joy to his life. I would travel a ton, right now. Then I would continue teaching, because it brings the most joy to my daily life presently.

  • Rika

    I would travel more. Be more spontaneous with my family! Why not have ice cream on a Tues night or take the kids to a late movie?

  • Alicia M

    I wish I would have been a less lazy person and more devoted to god. Being more physically fit and courageous.

  • Nicole M.

    If I died today, I would have liked to put all distractions aside and just lived in the moment. I wouldn’t let the little things that bother me matter and I would focus on exactly what Jack said, just doing my best.

  • Jo

    I would have been more outgoing. I’m super introverted and I think it makes me miss out.

  • E Lier

    I would seek a job that I love!!! Where I feel fulfilled. A place where I fully utilize God’s gifts and talents to do his work. Instead of being miserable in a position that I maintain just to pay the bills and receive health benefits.

  • Barbara

    I would be less of a people pleaser.. I would care less about what people thought of me as long as I knew I was right with God. I would say what I mean and not worry about whether my opinions or comments would be accepted. When being a people-pleaser one is not really being honest with one’s self or anyone else. This reality has come late in life but it’s never too late.

  • Pat Metzger

    Not procrastinate. Slow down and be present….then all that is important to God and to me would be fulfilled. Thy will be done.

    • Linda Carmelle

      I agree 100%,Thank You for sharing your exceptional thoughts!

  • Connie

    I would have learned to appreciate and love my dysfunctional family more and been a better example of love and forgiveness to them so that they could learn to do the same. “Love, for that’s all our hearts were made for! St. Therese of Liseaux.

  • VinMack

    I would be more loving and praying to God more a lot more earlier in my life then I am currently because then maybe God would have guided me down the more righteous path sooner

  • Michelle Brayer

    What would I do differently? I would be more forgiving of myself and those around me.

  • Susan

    Not worry and trust God more

  • Cindy Rodriguez

    I would have taken and interest in God sooner. I was born and raised catholic, but I feel I was just going through the motions until a few years ago (34 years old now). I lived in greater sin than now and I strive to teach my children what I have learned recently and what I wish I would have gotten when I was younger. I did really understand much of anything when I was younger and I was not explained it either. That’s what I would change.

  • Kathleen Henshaw

    I would have been “me” and the person everyone else thought I should be. I would have followed my heart and not worried about other people’s opinion of me. I was told a few years ago that another person’s opinion of ME is none of my business. Took me awhile to understand that, but it makes a difference. I need only consider what God thinks of me. By doing this, I am becoming more outgoing, more verbal, and much happier and closer to God.

  • Barb

    Matthew Kelly, this is so on point for me personally. Buried my spiritual mentor 2013, Mom 2014, Dad 2015, and my best girlfriend of almost 40 years at age 58 just last month 2017. I am not the same person I was I can assure you of that. Just like love changes you to re arrange. Things are happening. I’m sort of afraid; I have yelled out loud for satan to get off me in Jesus’s name, I declared him out of my house, my marriage, my job, my checkbook, my brothers and sisters and all I love. Getting rid of baggage on my heart, freeing. thank you Jesus. The truth shall set you free………….good message Matthew, thank you. God Bless

  • Emmy Lou O’Connor

    If I were to die today, I wish I had been catechized better as I was growing up in a very Irish Catholic family, 70 plus years ago. Our faith was our foundation built upon the knowledge my parents were given in their formative years. If I had, and I’m not beating myself up over this, but then I would have been a better catechist to my six children. Things have benn good the majority of the time and I see God at work always in our family. Two daughters are back in the church, one fully and one needs to make full reconciliation and I think this may happen soon. I have a son-in-law who converted and another about to start RCIA in the fall. God is good and I get all the payback that I need when I see the joy on their faces. There’s more ‘work’ to be done and with His help, I’m sure it will be.

  • Susan

    Tell people more what they mean to me. That they have been true blessings and graced my life in ways that they would never have imagined. Be more open to God and His plan for me.

  • Michelle Guzzetta Pescatrice

    I would have spent more time focusing on my husband and children at an earlier age. I would also have dug deeper into my faith at an earlier age to see the richness of it. It has literally changed my life.

    • MurphsLaw

      Changed this Life for you…….and most likely the next. 🙂

  • LJ

    Someone who was very extroverted and socially oriented said to me: “you put your heart into what you do”.
    Someone else said: “you’d speak to the Pope the same way you speak to others you meet”. I am probably the most candid person that you will ever meet and probably will die that way. What would I change? I am myself and I invite God into my life daily, I accept others at face value but long for genuine companionship. Along the way
    I find disappointment. What would I do different?

  • Niecy

    I would have listened to God and His voice much sooner. He’s always been with me, but I got a bit lost earlier in my life. I lived in a way I wish I hadn’t, did things I wish I hadn’t. Regardless, I kept returning to God. Now, I live with a chronic illness, but am happier than I’ve been in many years. I love God immensely and now live in a way I wish I always had. I will always be a work in progress, but illness or a brush with death makes it all so clear. I just want to praise God, appreciate all my blessings, and there are many, and notice all the small pleasures in life. There is nothing like listening to birds chirp, for example. All those things that used to matter and made me miserable mean very little to me now. I am a lucky woman!

  • Jim B

    In early December my best friend from college had a major stroke. He is only 57 and was in better physical shape than I am. My best friend from grade school has also passed away several years ago. Does make me feel life is very random and you just really never know. I do place my trust and faith in God and my hope remains in Jesus. But I agree death, especially of someone close does make you think.

  • nicole bonnivier

    wow Jack beers you described my life in baseball and third base perfectly!!!! so glad I watched your video. your comparison resonates perfectly with me! thank you and God bless

  • Emma Spaulding

    I’m a little behind on days, but if I died today, I wished I was more out-going, made friends easier, took chances, and not worried what other people thought. Many times I would sit back and wait for someone else to answer or to go first at something, when in reality I knew the answer and or was ready to go. I let the fear or worry get to me sometimes and not be the best me I can be. I do not like to lose or make a mistake, but what I tell everyone else is “mistakes are ok, they mean you are trying”. I just need to take my own advise and next time be the first person to start the conversation and not awkwardly wait for the other person to.

  • Stacey Symonds

    I would grow as close as I could to God….in doing this, growing closer to my family, friends, and even strangers…I would forgive more….especially to the individuals that has hurt me and my family over and over again…and I would forgive myself which I’ve seen it to be a life long battle…..

  • susan

    I always want to visit other people who are suffering but I don’t make that a priority. I will begin visiting because I want them to know I love them and I think of them often.

  • Maria Cole

    I would tell every one love one another as Jesus loved us . Make a difference in this world do something each day that will make an impact on them . So they will remember you for the good soul you were and carry on your legacy . Helping the homeless is what I Loved best enjoy each day to the fullest as Tomorrow may not come.

  • tclark41890

    My problem is exactly opposite. I think about death so much often times it is crippling and I forget to live for the day. Some days are worse than others but it is always there. If I were to die today I would most definitely wish I hadn’t wasted so much time fearing and obsessing and just been in the moment more

  • Babciamel

    I would have been a better mother more patience, more yes and less no, doing more WITH my children (having fun, building more personal relationships, rather than being a disciplinarian) than FOR them (Scout leader/den mother, household chores, especially cleaning).

  • Monica

    I think I would have paid more attention to the Catholic faith my parents were teaching me by their life of service to the church. Hopefully I would have been farther along than I am by now. Also, I understand that converting or conversion is a daily process till we die. God will continue to improve us if we let Him. The harder I try to be holy in this life hopefully the less time I spend in Purgatory.

  • Therese Pribil Sprinkle

    The things I would do differently I would go on my first retreat, spread God’s word more and join a 3rd order. I love being Catholic I wish I had done thts as a child.

  • Marie Barnard

    Say “I love you!” more and complain less!

  • Barbara

    Jack, I want to tell you how this reflection has been used in my life for the last week. I am a piano teacher and an accompanist and this time is our March Madness in the music world. Kids are in multiple performances and competitions right now and I have shared your story with them and their parents in the last week and encouraged them to “play for the love of the game.” I really think it changed the way they performed in this last week. I think I’ll make a poster for my studio, so that we all remember that we need to think and work hard as we’re learning things, but in performance we’ll just love doing it and think less.

  • Lisa Peters

    I would not stress over the the little things. Enjoy what is given and give in return. Take more chances. Try to reach to others as Jesus did, starting with my family. Or at least work, love, and enjoy life not having the world make me to believe other wise.

  • Micheal Jones

    Been successful bringing my children to Christ. I have 5 children and none are practicing catholics. Three are baptized and only one is a believing Christian. She is not much on going to church, but she believes.