April 15: Holy Saturday

Day 40

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On Saturday, Jesus is in the tomb. What are they thinking about? They’re thinking about, “OK, well he said this.” Or, “He said that. And when he said this, did he mean that? Or did he mean this other thing? Or was he speaking literally, or metaphorically, or . . .” They’re trying to make sense of things, right? On Saturday, they’re trying to make sense of things.

And then of course, on Sunday Jesus rises from the dead and starts appearing to people. And if you were disoriented on Friday, and you were trying to make sense of stuff on Saturday, and then all of a sudden Jesus shows up, risen from the dead . . . in one sense you’re disoriented again. In another sense, you’re happy to see him and you’re filled with an incredible joy. You realize, “Wow! It really is true. I didn’t place my hope in the wrong person. I didn’t place my faith in the wrong person or thing.”

And so, over these four days, the disciples experience just incredible shifts, and swings, and emotion . . . and incredible experiences. And so by placing ourselves there, I think we experience it differently than just reading it on the page.

So get out there and experience it.

God bless you. It’s been fabulous being with you. And remember, Be Bold. Be Catholic.

“God created us for lasting happiness in a changing world and eternal happiness with him in heaven. The happiness he wants for us in this life is a rare kind of happiness that is not dependent on situations or circumstances.”

Matthew Kelly, Resisting Happiness

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What will tomorrow bring for you?


Reflect on your Best Lent Ever journey, and think about the habits presented in this program. They are life-changing, tried-and-true methods that can help you master resistance. In order to stay focused after Lent, we encourage you to choose one way that your life is going to be different.

Holy Saturday’s Gospel Reading: Matthew 28:1–10

After the sabbath, as the first day of the week was dawning, Mary Magdalene and the other Mary went to see the tomb. And suddenly there was a great earthquake; for an angel of the Lord, descending from heaven, came and rolled back the stone and sat on it. His appearance was like lightning, and his clothing white as snow. For fear of him the guards shook and became like dead men. But the angel said to the women, “Do not be afraid; I know that you are looking for Jesus who was crucified. He is not here; for he has been raised, as he said. Come, see the place where he lay. Then go quickly and tell his disciples, ‘He has been raised from the dead, and indeed he is going ahead of you to Galilee; there you will see him.’ This is my message for you.” So they left the tomb quickly with fear and great joy, and ran to tell his disciples. Suddenly Jesus met them and said, “Greetings!” And they came to him, took hold of his feet, and worshiped him. Then Jesus said to them, “Do not be afraid; go and tell my brothers to go to Galilee; there they will see me.”


Jesus, help me celebrate your resurrection with joy this Easter, and help me carry that joy with me always. Let it inspire me to choose the happiness you created me for, and to never stop striving to be all that you created me to be.

Today’s personal reflection features Dynamic Catholic team member Maggie Marsh. Maggie is our executive assistant to Matthew Kelly, coming to us from Fort Thomas, Kentucky. Maggie recently started drinking coffee, enjoys boating and sand volleyball, and once swam with dolphins in the Bahamas.

What will tomorrow bring for you?

Let us know in the comments!

We encourage you to comment on this reflection. All viewpoints are welcome, but we ask that you remain on-topic and respect other members of the discussion. Please remember that we are trying to help each other become the-best-version-of-ourselves. We reserve the right to make editorial decisions regarding comments, including but not limited to removal of comments. Be Bold. Be Catholic.®

  • Michael Baur

    What Maggie said in the video struck a chord with me, I know that I can rely on my faith and my church. As for tomorrow will bring me, I think it will bring me joy. I have a lot of life to live. The Best Lent Ever has help grow in my faith and made me a better version of myself.

  • Mike C.

    This was my best Lent ever. I have gotten better at sensing God in the world, living my faith, and sharing it with others. I am resolved to continue improving. I would like to thank Matthew, all of you, and, most importantly, God for inspiring this transformation. I love you all!

    • Janet

      I also share the same thoughts as Mike C.–since taking this journey with Dynamic Catholic and Matthew, this has definitely become my Best Lent Ever! I too have gotten much better at sensing God in this world and living my faith. I pray that it continues.

  • Diane Jenkins

    This whole Lenten experience has helped me to see the richness of our Catholic traditions more clearly. No one else celebrates what Jesus has done for us like we do. I want to learn more and more so I can appreciate his sacrifice and be closer to him!

    • Mary Herblet

      AMEN! I look forward to a similar journey of learning and I wish you the best with yours.

  • Clare

    Tomorrow will bring me strength. This strength in myself, my faith. I am a better version of myself after this Lenten journey. I am so blessed to have been part of the Best Lent Ever. I have renewed faith and moving forward, I will continue to pray, reflect and praise God. Thank you, Dynamic Catholic for being part of my journey of re-discovering myself and my faith.

  • Kathleen Spector

    Tomorrow will bring a deeper trust in the will of the Father. This Lenten journey has encouraged me to trust in the will of the Father and hope in spite of contrary evidence. All the grace will be provided: trust.

  • Marie Ralbusky

    I hope this wasn’t my best Lent ever. I hope each and every Lent I get closer and closer to who God wants me to be.

    • Michael Robert Picard

      I love and agree on your take with how we can continue to get closer to God and become the “best-version-of-ourselves” transforming ourselves into His plan for us. Your acronym for BUSY just moved me so much that this will definitely be part of my daily “NOT” by ensuring that Our Blessed Mother intercedes for us through our prayers to live a holy life. May you and everyone else enjoy the light of Easter as “He makes all things new again”

    • J Schodron

      Absolutely Marie, may this only be the start of a closer relationship to our savior.

    • danap

      I too agree on your acronym of BUSY. That is what I battle with every day, we all do. Thank you for your post and we do need to pray for each other so we can continue on battling resistance and being the best version that our God wants us to be. Love and prayers and have a very Blessed and Joyful Easter!✝️🙏🏻✝️

    • Marie Patterfritz Reinhart

      I like your acronym for BUSY, I wrote it down in my journal to remind me to slow down.

      • Liz Eby Alvarado

        I just did the same and will share with friends and family! God bless you and yours.

  • Karen Hale

    Tomorrow will bring hope, joy, love. A continuance of growing in my faith and bringing me closer to my God. With His guidance learning to be all that he wants me to me. And a better understanding of how to be in a hurting world by sharing Jesus with others.

  • Dan Shaughnessy

    Maggie’s comments resonated with me as well. I feel so blessed from my experience of Holy Week and Lent in general that there is a part of me that is afraid and uncertain about what tomorrow will bring – but Maggie is right, God has strengthened me in the faith, surrounded me with the love and support of the Church, and promised me joy and peace in this life and the next. While I know challenges will come, I am confident in the power of his infinite grace and mercy. Jesus, I trust in you! ❤️

  • Katherine Harris Szerdy

    In part because of this study and the work God is doing through your ministry, I have had the best Lent ever! The scripture focus and quotes, the daily encouragement via Matthew’s talks and those of his staff members made the message real for me. I especially appreciated the daily exercises as they gave me something practical to do each day. A former Protestant, I went through RCIA this year and experienced confirmation and my first communion just two weeks ago. Now I am celebrating my first Lent and Easter as a Catholic! Although as a Protestant I had attended every Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter service, I have never experienced Lent like this! And I am a better person because of it! Thank you for your excellent work! May God bless you and your staff!

    • Jeff Lawler

      Welcome to the family Katherine! Clearly you’re on the right path, with Dynamic Catholic to encourage you, fellow believers to lift you up in prayer, and a Risen Lord to walk every step of every day beside you until He calls you home. Happy Easter!

    • Jesse

      Welcome home, Katherine! I’m so happy for you 🙂 May God continue to bless you in your journey. Tomorrow brings me a lot of HOPE because Jesus has conquered death through His Resurrection! Special thanks to Matthew & team & also the entire family of this BLE. I have learnt so much from all your sharing. God Bless and Glorious & Joyous Easter to all !!! _/_

    • Diana

      Katherine, welcome to the church! It is wonderful to hear that there are young people coming to the church. I have always thought about volunteering to do the RCIA program so I could learn more about the religion I grew up in. Maybe God is calling me to do this. Did you have someone you knew be your sponsor or did they assign 1 to you?

    • mbs

      Katherine, welcome to the Lord’s Supper.

    • dcepa

      Welcome home, Katherine! Be blessed.

    • Phil McGarry

      Welcome to full communion in the faith Katherine! Scott Hahn made this conversion a long way back. If you haven’t already, you should get ahold of his conversion story (Lighthouse Catholic media); you might find some common ties in your experience.

      My wife was a non Christian when I first met her. Out of her love for me she attended mass with me and saw how important it was to me. God had been calling her for a long time. She finally opened that door and walked through and her world changed. I can only thank God for giving me the grace to provide enough of an answer (or lack thereof to push her to research) when she asked and needed it. As a cradle Catholic, I got to relearn, learn and experience the true joy someone can have going through conversion.

      I am truly happy for you. Happy Easter and Peace be with you and your family.

    • Margo

      I, too, was a Protestant for most of my life. Interestingly, my mother is a catholic and I was raised with the holy mother constantly watching me. All my cousins were raised catholic and I went to church with them during the holidays. Frequently I would go into a Catholic Church by myself and pray to the holy mother. Three years ago I decided it was time to come home. It was clearly the right decision. The grace of the Lord has blessed me in so many ways and walking in his love continues to strengthen me daily. Not that I did not know that the Lord love me before, but I feel the love more strongly during Mass especially during the Eucharist. May your journey be as wonderful as mine.

  • Tina

    Tomorrow brings me Hope. The brightest of lights at the end of a dark tunnel. He was really dead. His murderers made sure of it. They pierced His Heart, draining every drop of Blood, every sign of human life. He was in the tomb 3 days stone cold.
    The light of His Resurrection, must have been greater than the light “The Big Bang”.
    To me this is hope, just as I see, fabulous coloured flowers, unbelievingly popping out from under heaps of pure white snow, as a sign. Today, tiny little green buds on bushes that had totally naked branches yesterday.

    • Lynn Nguyen

      Tina, you must be a gardener! My love for gardening and plants started 8 years ago and so much of it reminds me of God and his beautiful creations, the amazing transformation from season to season is fascinating to me! Good bless you!

      • Tina

        Thank you Lynn. And just as we are his gardeners here on earth and He is the Gardener of souls, I see this makes us truly His children. Children of the Light, so nothing for recycling.
        Happy and Glorious Easter.

    • J Schodron

      Tina, during this time of the year I also notice the fresh new start as the snow melts and new life begins. I recently started splitting some of the plants in my house and starting my garden plants indoors. God allows us to be stewards of his earth. What a great opportunity he gives us. Too often we miss the beauty of all the things he gives us.

      • Tina

        So true. We are both, blind and deaf. We ooh and aah at the mountains and fail to see our own beauty and grandeur in being His stewards. We also fail to hear His loving tender care for us.
        Happy and Glorious Easter.

  • Ray Towle

    To me, tomorrow will bring our celebration of the greatest gift ever given. Going forward, I know that Christ is counting on me. And it is for that single reason, that I am counting on Christ. + + +

    • Peggy Rowe-Linn

      Are you a Cursillista?

      • Mary Jo Wilder

        I thought the same thing as Maggie shared that in her video!!

        • Peggy Rowe-Linn

          I didn’t hear Maggie say: “Christ is counting on you! And, I on Christ” which is the Cursillo closing. That’s what Ray wrote. That’s why I asked him.

          • Mary Jo Wilder

            Some of
            the Crosses distributed on our Cursillo weekends say, Christ is Counting on You! That is what Maggie said that I was referring to!!

  • Charlotte

    Tomorrow will bring me joy and God’s love. I pray that His love will continue to strengthen me.

  • Karen

    Tomorrow brings hope! Hope in our fallen world. Hope that we all need to bring to people as God places them in our lives. Hope in His great love for us. Thanks to all of you. Especially Matthew Kelly for all you do. May God bless all of you! Happy Easter!

  • mrcpuhead

    Like Maggie I was worried that I may slip from the habits I established during Lent. But the fear of losing the joy and meaning those things have brought into my life will actually motivate me to keep it up. Easter is a time of great joy, so surely I don’t want to lose that!

  • Clara Turci Depko

    This Lent was a very spiritual growth for me. My husband and I have been in Fl. on vacation for three months. During that time we have searched for a winter home something to be a yearly. After three falling contracts and much disappoint we both came to understand that the prayer of God’s will was working. He was showing us where not to be. After two months we changed area’s and in one week found the house. It was a journey that God has taken us on. Our search spiritually to know his will where he wanted us and knowing we will be serving him when we get there. We had to wait on him, trust in him, listen and not give up. All the time we were both devoted to The Best Lent Ever. This experience connected to bringing us closer to God and seeking him in everything. Now that Lent is over I am sadden that this series is over. I wish there was more there is so much strength, power and encouragement, and growth in these series. I would pay to be a daily member and receive them everyday to feed my spirit and walk with God. God Bless you all and may we all go forth better Catholics serving our God to His honor and glory.

    • Lynn Nguyen

      Clara, not sure if you’re aware but Doug who is frequent on this forum is starting a blog to continue these types of conversions so it could be ongoing.

    • Patricia Ellen Davis

      Hi Clara! You can sign up to receive daily reflections from Dynamic Catholic (they were paused during the Lent program). Also, consider becoming an Ambassador for DC. (I have been since 2014). It’s fantastic & you will get more than you give (which is your choice). If you haven’t seen Matthew in person, check the schedule for your area. Also, Dynamic Catholic has pilgrimage trips…I was blessed to go to France (Paris, Liseux, Lourdes) last August. Feel free to call and speak to the staff about so many exciting opportunities available! God Bless You & your husband/family this Easter! 🌷🌷🌷

      • Lisa

        I looked for daily reflections but can’t see where to sign up for them.

        • Patricia Ellen Davis

          Go to The Dynamic Catholic website. Scroll down to the bottom of the home page. The section is a dark gold color. In the 2nd column you should see “Free Resources”. I think that Daily reflections are the 6th down. Hope this helps! 😇

          • Lisa

            Found it. Thank you.

      • Clara Turci Depko

        Being new to this and only knowing about Best Lent Ever how do I sign up for the daily reflections?

        • Patricia Ellen Davis

          Go to the Dynamic Catholic website. From that home page scroll down towards the bottom which is a gold color. I think it is in the second column that you will find Free Resources. I think that about 6 down is “Daily Reflections”. You can sign up through that link. You will find alot of other info…like under “Give” it tells about the Ambassador program. You can view free books (you just pay shipping). They have a limited number of offerings in Spanish if that is a need in your parish. Have fun exploring!! Hope your Easter was full of hope & joy…hope this info helps! 😇

      • Clara Turci Depko

        Thank you for your great input I was able to find the information and I really feel this is a blessing. Thank you for taking the time to reply.

  • Marcia Siefring Marhefka

    Thank you Matthew and the Dynamic Catholic staff for helping to deepen my faith and to help me see how I can change for the better and to get out of the rut of my old ways. You all are true blessings. Thank you for praying for me and I will pray for you all that you can continue to find amazing ways to help people find Jesus!

  • Gigi H

    This Lenten journey has really been a learning experience for me, it has truly giving me the love of God and me wanting more.

  • Susan

    Tomorrow brings hope. The gift Jesus gave us and the promise he made gives me hope. My 24 year marriage was a battle. Last year I decided I had had enough. I was planning to leave my home when my mother passed away . My whole world fell apart. Since my mothers home was available, I stayed there and prayed and spent time with God every day for the last year. No matter what happens I know God is with me and my future will be spent serving God. I know Jesus died for my sins so that I could be reunited with my mother in heaven when the time comes.I know Jesus died for my sins so that I could be reunited with my mother in heaven when the time comes.

  • Peggy Rowe-Linn

    This was my best Lent ever. I was resisting happiness by bearing grudges I had even forgotten why I was bearing. I have called each person and met with each person I was estranged from this Lent. I have asked for forgiveness. It was freely given. It’s going to be an amazing Easter!

  • sandra digras

    Thank you for making the Lenten journey more meaningful and focused. The take away for me is using the key words and thoughts throughout the rest of the year. Each time I come to daily mass and listen to the readings I will listen for one word or phrase that will be my focus for that day. Blessings to the Dynamic Catholic team for sharing their thoughts and ideas.

  • Yomisma

    If I have to define this past 40 days in a couple of words it will be “driven by grace”. Grace in the big sense and grace in the timely help sense. We have received in my community a miracle of grace: a mother of six was in a bad cardiac arrest followed by five days in a coma, and the she woke up and is recovering. Amazing grace. And from then on we are more aware of the timely help grace all around. These videos of Best Lent Ever have helped me appreciate that limitless grace we have received and receive each day. I’m trying not to resist it, to open the doors to grace. Tomorrow will bring what we already have: resurrection.

  • Margie

    I thorougly enjoyed this program. I wake up each morning and look forward to seeing Matthew and the daily message. I’ve also been impressed with the young Dynamic Catholic staff members who have shared their journeys and insight. What a clever way to bring a fresh new way to celebrate Lent. I will miss the daily program. What I hope for tomorrow is “to be the best version of myself.” God bless you all.

    • Mary Herblet

      Well said! I will miss the insights as well. I too am very impressed with the Dynamic Catholic staff members. Their enthusiasm and openness has inspired me. I hope through this medium their positive energy will spread. Thank you Dynamic Catholic, and thank you Matthew. Also, God Bless all of you who shared this journey and especially those of you who are baptized and/or confirmed this Easter season.

  • fosgrove

    This series has an incredible blessing to me…..so many amazing messages, reflections, and new ways of looking at things. This Lent instead of giving things up….I have tried to take things on…..more prayer, Eucharistic Adoration, Daily Mass (where I could), additional spiritual reading, and quiet meditation. The result has been probably the most blessed Lent experiences of my life…..deep and meaningful and I am hoping (and planning) to continue these practices on as a regular part of my prayer life. It’s incredible how God had lead me to people, prayers, books, and opportunities to grow closer to him (like this Dynamic Catholic series). I left the Church for 14 years….came back 12 years ago….and I look back to see how much I have learned…..what I am reading….how I am thinking about things……how often I celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation…..the journey has been nothing short of a miracle for me. Without God and the love of Jesus….my life would be meaningless. With God and the love of Jesus….my life has meaning, purpose, focus, with the centre of my life being Jesus message of loving one another (and forgiving). My journey has a long way to go…..tons of things for God to fix in me along the way but I am grateful for where I am, for who I have in my life, the progress I have made, and for the unconditional love and forgiveness of Jesus in my life. Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter.

  • Kay

    Thank you for this journey. It really helped me to take time to pray everyday

  • John L. Kemmis

    What will tomorrow bring for me? I hope it is hope and joy.

    I tend to live in the past. At each Mass this Triduum, we sang a song that brought back memories of the Gospel Quartet I sang in with my best friend, Denny, who died 25 years ago. Seems like yesterday. I cried and prayed for him.

    This Lent, this journey, has changed my focus to center on God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. To look more towards the future and recognize the past for what it is. And the Best Lent Ever had strengthen my journaling and added pages of notes to refer back to. Even after so many Lents and Easters, I am still discovering and adding to my journal. It has also helped me to observe, to recognize people around me and to recognize those I interact with. To love them.

    Two joys I was given during this journey are quotations. I am going to start by using them as reminders. I placed them on my drawing board. Some call them a support, for it supports the paper I am going to paint on. The quotes are:

    “…to let go and be at peace with the uncertainty…”

    “Your next work will be a failure, and become art. So today, let’s pray, then paint or sketch toward that end and enjoy the journey.”

    May your tomorrow fill you with hope and joy. Enjoy the journey!

    • Seeker

      Thank you for this great testimony, John. As a museum professional my career is “living in the past”. But too often I wallow in my own past — people I miss, roads not taken, etc. I will take inspiration from you to be more forward looking as I travel “Eternity Road”. Glorious Easter to you!

  • Jackie Deibel

    Thank you to Dynamic Catholic and to all of you. I have read each post throughout Lent, but have never commented. Tomorrow brings me hope and happiness.

  • Lisa

    I began this Best Lent Journey with no expectations. I am so amazed how much my life has changed. I have taken steps to rid a negative relationship that has been draining my joy and serenity. I had prayed to God to change the situation to change the person who was harming me, and as I listened and learned I suddenly realized that I had to change. I began to listen to that inner voice. I began to hear Gods intentions for me through what Matthew and his colleagues reflected on. I began to hear God speaking through those in my life that have my best interest at heart and love me. I realized that God wants top shelf for me and then the transformation began. And when I truly let go and let God, it was so easy. Everything fell into place. I have no fear (well maybe a little anxiety at times) but when anxiety creeps in I pray. I have been to all the offered masses this past Holy Week. I went to confession. I will celebrate my confirmation at this evenings Easter Vigil and I am looking forward to continuing building my faith. I am HAPPY! I want to thank Matthew and those who helped bring this Best Lent Ever program. I want tot thank all who have shared with me and pray for me! God bless you all! Let us reflect on joy peace and love!

    • J Schodron

      May God continue giving you strength and guidance! Amen God is love.

    • Janet Marusiak

      Congratulations and thinking of you and so happy for you. The angels and saints and God and Jesus and Mary and all your loved ones will be watching you as you get confirmed. You are a sign to the whole body of the church of God’s love.

    • Theresa

      Amen Lisa! I am so happy for you and know you have my prayers tonight as you receive your Confirmation. May you continue to be open to Gods blessings and may the Holy Spirit shower you with many graces tonight and always.

    • Rita Gahr

      Congratulations and may God bless you tonight and every night Lisa, stay strong and be not afraid, you have been on an incredible journey. Be joyful.

    • Robin

      thank you, Lisa, for sharing so much of your story in this forum, it has been a great encouragement to me and I know to others. One year from today I will be where you will be this evening, and I am already looking forward to it! God bless you in your journey forward.

    • Marsha Mohan

      Lisa, Our prayers and happiness are with you as you are confirmed this evening at the Easter vigil. God bless us all as we continue to reflect on the daily messages of Matthew, his staff and the comments from all giving us the hope through prayer and God’s word and love ❤️ to allow us to be the best version of ourself as he wishes for us true happiness in our life for ourselves and those to whom we can share that love and happiness Thank you all.

    • Kim

      Congratulations Lisa! Keep pursuing the truth in God. He will never fail you. I will pray for you at my parish’s Easter vigil Mass tonight.

    • Elephant

      Lisa, I just prayed my rosary this morning for all who are coming into the Church this evening. I know it will be a very special evening for you and for all. God bless you and may your journey continue to uplift you and bring you the joy and happiness you so deserve.

    • Zack Hohenberg

      God bless you Lisa! Powerful transformation 🙌🏻

    • Lori Andre

      I understand you so will I also place myself in GODS hands. For the same reasons and yes he has transformed my life into a great way that yes I lost every penny I had in my bank account but I am so rich in GODS amazing grace that material things are not good for us at all. So thank you for your words also Lisa may GOD keep blessing us all.

      • Maureen

        As a life long catholic I may be missing the intense joy of discovering God as an adult, but He still gives me what I need when I need it. I am sorry for your financial loss, I will pray for you to recieve what you need during this lifetime. thank you for sharing your faith.

        • Jean Walton

          If you want to experience God in an intense way, read, reflect and re-read Jesus Calling, Enjoying Peace in His Presence, by Sarah Young each morning before you do anything else. I am a cradle Catholic, and through intentional focus it was the most intense relationship I have shared with Jesus/God. Listen to Him and be ready to be inspired!

    • Teresa

      Amazing!! So happy for you 😊 God bless you on your confirmation! I will be praying for you and your continued joy this evening at vigil mass. Sounds like you’re ready to spread christs joy to others 👍

    • Genny/Peregrina

      I have been there too, thinking the other person has to change! No, Dynamic Catholic and everybody’s comment make me realized I HAVE TO CHANGE, Jesus our Lord help me see if He loves me that is all I need, He is holding my hand and His words shining my path, indeed I am changing for better and glory be to God! I pray for a continue walk to heaven, we are all passing through as pilgrims! Thanks to Matthew Kelly his staff and his great book! I will miss you all, may God bless us and keep us strong, bold and be great Catholics!

      • Debbie Bahrychuk

        Yes…I loved his final words of wisdom….be bold be Catholic! God’s choicest blessings on you and all who have shared this Lent with us♡

    • Bill Cook

      God bless you, and thank you for sharing your journey! What an inspiration you are for all of us!!

    • BethK62

      Welcome home!

      What an honor it has been to send this Lent with all who have shared here.

      Thank you Matthew and the entire team at Dynamic Catholic. I too feel that this Lent has been different for me too.

      Our God is an Awesome God!

    • Lisa

      You really made the most out of this program! I am happy for you.

    • Della Nestor Garrity

      Thank You Maggie,Matthew, Lisa & all who shared.I have slipped a little too but am back on track (I think ?). Good news – when I visited someone today, they offered some books.One was a Bible so now I can start reading the Bible as Matthew recommended. Wishing all of you A Blessed and Happy Easter with Love to All,Della

    • Toni Shea

      God Bless You. You are an inspiration. With God’s help you CAN do anything! Happy Joyous Blessed Easter

    • Cindy Leslie

      Thank you Lisa for saying this. I too have to change and will. Thanks Matthew Kelly for showing us all on how to change.

    • Kathy Altomaro

      Congratulations on your Confirmation🌟 The gifts of the Holy Spirit will empower you in ways that will surprise you! Ask Him for strength &. favors, it’s a wonderful habit to get into💪🏻✨. We are soooo blessed to be in our Catholic family, we all pray for each other& support each other but I for one have vowed to BE BOLD & spread my love of my faith without fear! I hope you will join me😍 BLESSED EASTER🐣🐰💐🙏🏻✝

      • Margo

        Kathy, I am hopeless at sharing my faith. I probably need to change a few things in my life. Many of my Christian friends only associate with other Christians. I remember I want to and once in a job that I worked in who was filled with the spirit of the Lord. I wish I could be like that woman. I will try to be more like her. I will lean upon the Lord to help me shine as she shone before all those around her. She had a big cross that she wore every day. I will pray that the Lord gives me the grace that she had.

    • Paz Bingham

      Thank you Lisa for sharing… just like you and most of us in this forum, it has been life changing and the future will be bright and full of happiness ..
      Small changes and big changes… anxiety creeps in and I am quick to pray, most times, but I’m working on it.
      I have been a catholic from birth but I don’t remember living my faith like I did this lent.
      Thank you Mathew and team..
      I still have a lot of work to do to become the best version of myself , so I pray for strength since I have some big changes coming to my life .. The uncertainties create that anxiety, but I can say fear is not there anymore …
      God bless 😊🙏🏼🙏🏼

    • Paula Hecker

      I can’t wait for the sequel, “The Best Easter Ever!”

  • Ronda Jewell

    I so enjoyed this journey. Thank you Matthew and Dynamic Catholic. I saved all Dynamic Best Lent Ever in a folder on my iPad. I will continue this journey by going back and listening, reading and remembering. So I will call it Best Lent Ever 2. Then 3 and so on.
    God Bless you and have a Blessed Easter. He has risen. Amen.

    • Linda Carmelle

      Yes,I saved them in a folder on our P.C. too. I contacted the Dynamic Catholic team maybe 2 weeks ago to ask if we would still have access to the program ,even after Lent is over. They responded with a Yes ,there was no plan to take it down so it will be available for review. I feel like I want to participate at least through Pentecost in review,thats about another 45 days or so. It will help to keep those new habits in place and allow me to receive messages that I may have overlooked the 1st time.Thank You to Dynamic Catholic for providing this opportunity and to the Christian /Catholic Community members who participated sharing their experiences,wisdom,resources,support ,and prayers. This has truly been a memorable Lent for me.

  • David B

    Maggie thank you. this has been the Best Lent Ever! I too was afraid that after the program I would go back to old ways. After your words I realized I don’t have to.God is calling us(me) for more.
    Tomorrow will bring peace and happiness that only comes from above.
    God bless all of you who have posted on this Lenten journey.
    Thank you Matthew thank you Dynamic Catholic God Bless

  • Daniela Bianchetti

    This Lent season has taught me a good habit of prayer and gratitude. I also know God has a plan for me in this life which I still don’t know what it is but I will be preparing to with daily prayer and helping others. I have a lot to improve before I become the better version of myself but I have hope I will get there.
    Hope everyone feels renewed
    After this Lent season. Matthew Kelly and his team Did great job guiding us towards the best Lent ever and I am grateful for the experience.

  • Annette

    A week ago my husband Rich was diagnosed with a rare form of bone marrow cancer. Through this program I have learned so much. Particularly to be aware and trust in Him. I have a heightened sensitivity to live more passionately, deeply and meaningfully. I have a certain calm, peace and belief that (I don’t know I would have had at this point in time if it were not at least in part for this program/BLE experience) everything Will be as it should be. My prayer is to ‘Keep (the) Faith and (to) Carry On!’. Thank you and may God bless you this Easter and always.

    • Robert

      Strength and peace to you and your husband. May His grace be showered upon you and bring all that you both need to return to full health.

      • Annette

        Thank you!

    • Seeker

      May you and your husband strength for the journey in the promise of the resurrected Christ. Thank you for sharing.

    • Kathy

      God bless you and your husband. Hold onto the many graces poured on you this lent. Know that God will continue to hold you up as you walk through this next journey, even if you don’t always feel his love surrounding you. Lean on the prayers of others if yours feel inadequate. Except help offered, this is from God. I wish I could meet you for coffee to offer my ear and my heart. Find someone(s) to talk to, you will need your own retreat from time to time. You are in my Easter prayers.

    • karenlewis

      God Bless you and your husband.

    • Patricia Ellen Davis

      Blessings and love to you & Rich. As you journey on, may you be amazed at the incredible support & loving care that will come to you both. I believe that God will never leave us alone…You will be in my prayers with all hope that you feel God’s presence each and every day! 💜🌷💜🌷💜🌷

  • Mick Peterson

    Ca-ching Maggie! She hit it right on the head. The ;light at the end of the tunnel is much brighter now. This Lent has brought me a renewed confidence that resisting God’s plan must be overcome with hope, prayer, and daily practice. I can do this…we can do this. It’s been a great Lent, and now let’s all join in the happiness that comes with the message of the resurrection! God bless!

  • Patricia Ferry

    Thank you! This enhanced my morning prayer and meditation routine!!
    Matthew Kelly you are a gifted minister.

  • Mary Dolan

    Participating in this series has helped me in many ways. Starting each morning with prayer & reflection does set a “happiness” tone for the entire day. Focusing on the resurrection of Jesus helps gives me peace that my mother’s death (as painful of a loss as this is) is truly a passing to eternal life.

  • Elaine

    Easter Sunday will be a reminder to celebrate God as he has come to life and is with me….us and will be forever, Amen

  • Robert

    Tomorrow brings another chance to live my life in a manner worthy of the gifts I’ve been given. Tomorrow brings another chance to celebrate His glory.

    So happy for the many lessons shared in this program. So looking forward to continuing my growth by applying what I’ve learned.

    • Jim

      This really has been my best lent. My prayer life has changed and I thank God every day. Thanks to Matthew and the staff for changing my life and helping me become closer to God.

  • Judy

    Thank you to everyone at Dynamic Catholic! You’ve helped me get my prayer life back on track. It’s been the best Lent I’ve ever made in my life! My soul is at peace. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Hope all of you have a fantastic Easter.

  • Pearl Brown

    The last forty days has been so enlightening and a soul searching experience I will pray to God that what I have learned this Lent will stay with me and make me a Dynamic Catholic Thank you Jesus

  • Heidi Johnson

    Tomorrow will bring renewal and hope. Renewal of the baptismal promises and hope that I will continue to trust in God’s plan for me to be the best version of myself each and every day.

  • Marie

    It has brought me acceptance of God’s will – something I was longing for over the last few years.

  • Carol Jantunen

    I too will miss my morning ritual of seeing Matthew with my coffee and watching the videos, reading the comments and listening to Christ’s message to me. Thank you all for sharing your insights and hopes for a brighter future and you all have been an inspiration to me. HAPPY EASTER

  • Madzi

    I began this Lent 2 weeks beforehand, on Septuagesima Monday. I participated in a strict fast, as explained to me by a Benedictine monk. No sugar, eggs, dairy, meat, fish with spines, no bread made with eggs or oil and (the hardest for me!) no oil! I also only had one full meal a day. 31 pounds later, here I am on Holy Saturday, waiting to break this fast tomorrow with joy. But if losing weight was the only goal, I failed. Instead, I gained, through this “Best Lent Ever” series, as well as the Ninevah 90 discipline, which will end with my re-consecration to Our Lady, and intense prayer and self-examination, a new love for the sacrament of confession, a realization that HE is all that truly matters and that in and of myself, I am nothing. I am using Matthew Kelly’s prayer of transformation to offer myself to God, to do with as He wills. As Bishop Robert Barron says, “It comes down finally to this: if Jesus was not raised from death, Christianity is a fraud and a joke. But if he did rise from death, then Christianity is the fullness of God’s revelation, and Jesus must be the absolute center of our lives. There is no third option.” May God bless all of you with a joyful, happy Easter and Easter season, and may we meet again before the Lord!

    • mjtav240

      Wow, Madzi!!! That is the culmination of our faith!! Thank you for sharing your pilgrimage with us!! I pray I can get to the point to be able to give myself so diligently to our Lord Jesus! As Easter arrives, I pray that I will be more committed to every moment, every opportunity, every gift of service that I am able to give. The key is to recognize the opportunities when they arise. I don’t always see them for what they are!! Thanks to the Dynamic Catholic program BLE, I believe my eyes are opened just a little wider and I, too, have been blessed to be more intense with prayer and spending time with Jesus. It’s been really an amazing journey. Happy Easter to all, especially those of you who will be joining our Church tonight!!! How exciting for you all, and for us!!! Praise to the Risen Lord, who saves us all!!

      • Madzi

        What a lovely response, mjtav240. There are so many blessings that came from this particular Lenten journey, but I wanted to share one of the most spectacular, for me. Jesus Himself tells us to fast and pray. The saints speak to us of the efficacy of fast and prayer, as have our Holy Fathers throughout the millenia. But until a solitary monk came along, one who is not even of my particular Catholic Church (I am Roman Catholic), but of another, I didn’t think I could do this. His support and prayers helped me tremendously, as well as his sense of humor throughout these Lenten days. As a matter of fact, his example is encouraging me to continue on what used to be known as Ember days (Wednesdays and Fridays). Along with intensified and dedicated prayer, I have reaped so many blessings. But fasting has pared me down, spiritually; cleansed me in that manner so that I can feel my hunger and thirst for God. For the first time in my life I know WHY fast and prayer is so important! If you haven’t tried it, please consider it. Talk to a priest about it and take the plunge. With His grace, we will continue to grow closer to the risen Lord!

  • Maria

    Tomorrow will bring growth. Jesus helped me to grow throughout all of Lent and he will help me to grow afterwards as well.

  • Trevor Pelkey

    Tomorrow will bring holiness! I will be “set apart” from our mainstream culture and be living out, or at least more so than ever before, the word of God. I will be working, slowly but surely, on becoming the best version of myself!

  • Mario Cannariato

    When the light from the new Year Easter candle fills the church tonight at our Easter Vigil I will be singing and praying for our beautiful new Catholic Church. I will be praying that we overcome our resistance open our door to Jesus and let his happiness and light fill us with only one the joy he can give. I will be praying for all those courageous Christians that are being denied our faith around this world who have suffered and continue to die for the love of our Jesus Christ. May he bring all who love him to peace comfort and true lasting happiness. Thank you Jesus for Matthew Kelly.

    • Alice Ann Hengesbach

      Beautifully and sincerely said. Thank you, Mario. Blessings, Alice Ann

  • Katherine Egan

    Thank you Matthew Kelly and Dynamic Catholic for an amazing Lenten program. It truly was a best Lent ever for me and helped me transform my life!

  • Joy

    It has been truly rewarding to share Best Lent Ever with this community. i have each day looked forward to not only the new messages from Michael Kelly and his team, yet very much also to the messages posted by the team of fellow believers. Truly special and inspiring to know we all exist. Believers who are not afraid to claim and embrace the mystery of faith. And to live it. Thank you all for enriching this Lenten season for me.

  • Mike

    I joined this community at the suggestion of my parish priest. Through these 40 days I have shared my challenges and fears as well as joys and insights. Through your replies and up votes I have felt loved and supported. Thank you all for the gifts you’ve given me and each other in reading these posts, offering your prayers, support and love. It is the Best Lent Ever.

  • Diana

    Have any of you done the 33 days to morning glory? I am going to do that with a group the end of April. I’m hoping it will be as rewarding as this program has been. I also have just finished a program call The Second Greasted Story Ever Told. By Michael E. Gaitley, it was a wonderful program about Divine Mercy. If you ever get a chance to see this are even read the book it was fantastic.

  • Verna Metzger

    This is my first comment in these 40 days. I don’t know how to thank all of you at Dynamic Catholic. I just want to say a huge thank you to Matthew for his words each day…thought provoking and he helped me to realize more about God.
    I am truly amazed that it took me this long to really understand how to pray. Believe me I am not an expert but I am challenged and want to have a wonderful relationship with God.
    It has been one of the most amazing lents for me, I have spent much time in church which is not a norm for me except for Sundays. I have been touched by all of the rituals in our church and have come to feel part of that community.
    God bless all of you as we all continue on our journey.
    We have so much to be grateful for…
    Thanks be to God.

    • Mary Ann

      Verna, I, too, have spent more time in church than ever before and I have thoroughly enjoyed being with and talking with God. I want more of it. I feel so peaceful when in adoration with Him. I not the best version of myself yet, but I’m working on it. Although I have not commented either I have enjoyed reading others. They have been helpful. Thank you for sharing and thank you Matthew for your generous heart. I needed this forty years ago. Better late than never

    • Jim

      This is also my first comment during this incredible journey. I also did not know what to expect, but listening to Matthew, absorbing the readings and listening to the message delivered by the staff, helped me become closer to God. Thank you all so much for this wonderful experience!

  • Maria Alcorta

    Thank you Matthew and Team! This was a great pilgrimage to the Cross. I hope we can do this again.

  • Dave

    The one thing that has really opened my eyes again is the fasting and praying and how it really works. When Jesus sent them out by two to heal and they couldn’t cast out the one demon it was by prayer and fasting that it was done. Jesus gave us the solution to overcome all our problems. Thank you Jesus! He’s alive hallelujah!! Peace be with you.

  • Marilyn Russell

    i do not know what tomorrow will bring to me and to my family. I pray for Peace, harmony, and a sense of tranquility and hope. I trust in the Lord for He has taken care to me throughout my life, through good times and bad, through loss and discovery, There are times I feel the presence of the Holy Spirit working through me and there are times when I feel alone and wonder where to turn for the presence of God my Father. It has been a beautiful experience reading all the comments through this Lent and I thank you all for your blessings.

  • Jean

    I am also afraid of losing all that I have learned and became because of this daily time with Matthew Kelly. I have read your book, listened to you daily and have gained so much a feel I’m a better person. Tomorrow will bring a new hope for me because I know my Lord has truly risen.God can not be outdone with his mercy, forgiveness or generosity. Praise the Lord Jesus.

  • Lydia Gautreau

    Tomorrow brings me happiness. I am so thankful for Dynamic Catholic and all who have shared with us. So many of your comments have helped me to be a better follower of Christ. This was my Best Lent Ever, till next Lent!

  • Robin Havrilla

    This has been the best Lenten experience of my life. I looked forward to every single day. I was filled with encouragement, hope and joy and truly feel I am on my way to a better version of myself. Thank you for helping me to get there. May God bless everyone!

  • Peggy

    Thank you Matthew and all the Dynamic Catholic team members for guiding me to definitely have my Best Lent Ever. I will continue to carry this experience with me and although I will struggle with resistance from time to time, I know My faith is stronger. I purchased the book Resisting Happiness and will continue on my journey using this back. Everyone have a blessed Easter!

  • Denise Brezinski

    Tomorrow brings me to the first day of the rest of my life with God leading the way ! “Thy will be done”! has become my mantra! During this Lenten journey , I learned to let God be in control. I gave Him all my life issues and simply asked that He take over. I saw such miracles over these past few weeks. My daughter came safely home and started her life over; my homeless alcoholic brother ,without a job for 2 years, flourished in God’s love and is fully and happily employed; my son and daughter-in-law “became pregnant”! The joys of this life have truly overwhelmed me knowing how much the Lord loves and cherishes me. Happy Easter to all!

    • Alice Ann Hengesbach

      WOW! I learned to “put God first” in my day … a simple and powerful change. I delight in the miracles you share … you have been open to all of them. My mantra is a version of your own “God is God and I am not!” : ) Enjoy the coming 50 days of Easter as never before. Blessings.

  • David Coe

    Matthew and All at Dynamic Catholic, Thank you for a wonderful 40 day Journey becoming the “Best Version of Myself”. It was wonderful, I looked forward to it every morning . Gong forward, I am challenged to change those habits that I dont need, improve those habits I do need.
    Happy easter to you all.

  • Rebecca

    Tomorrow will bring me joy. This is one of my favorite times of the year because we have grieved for 40 days and felt Jesus’ suffering and now we get to celebrate his resurrection. This is so spectacular to me.

  • Robert Stanton


    I made my confirmation 11 years ago after being away from the Catholic church for 40 years!!

    My 40 years in the desert. …

    Enjoy every minute of your confirmation mass.

    Welcome home 🙂

    Happy Easter to all and Thank you Matthew and all those remarkable Dynamic Catholic staff members who shared their stories through videos.

    God Bless all my fellow travelers who have shared this Best Lent Ever journey.

    Tomorrow morning…..Christ has risen

  • Lori H.

    Tomorrow brings joy, joy in Jesus’ love for us. I’ve paid more attention to the readings this year, and love the poetry of the prayers we will say tonight. A friend who is not a practicing Catholic came to the Good Friday service yesterday. Her favorite part was the 10 prayers for the people of the world.
    My favorite part of the series this time was the videos from the staff members, especially the one I know personally. Thanks to everyone!

  • Mercedes

    This has been a Lent like no other in the sense that l never realized that l resisted happiness. I see things in such a different way. I have and know that l will be always working with resistance, but not like before l can with power say l will not let resistance win . With great gratitude l thank all who got together to do this amazing deed especially Matthew Kelly. God is an amazing awesome God!!!

  • Rick

    What was different about this lent for me was the realization that lent is a short gift that enables me to get rid of the clutter of life and make more room for God and that each lent should be in a sense connected to the previous one in the fact that we can build upon the progress of last year. Yes, Easter brings our lent to a close(well really Holy Thursday evening) but it is my prayer that when lent comes around next year that I will still be a better version of myself and continue to move forward in this spiritual journey we call life.

  • J Schodron

    I am with Maggie, I have increased my prayer life and my study through reading and reflecting on my faith. I pray that I do not fall after lent has passed. I have become a better person through all this. May God continue to guide me on his journey making me an even better person.

  • Anne Marie O’Keefe Couturier

    I echo those who will miss seeing Matthew and his staff each morning! I went to confession for the first time in about 30 years and Father said “Welcome back” ! I left sobbing with relief…I’ve been praying each morning and find myself praying under my breath all thru the day now. I also turn on EWTN rather than the morning news and on the radio to listen to Mass on my way to work and to recite the rosary on my way home. It’s wonderful to know you are all out there sharing in the journey. My sadness is that my husband is not a part of this. I ask for your prayers for him – he is a good man ( I’d just like to see him be better❤️) Blessings to all tomorrow and thank you to Dynamic Catholic!

    • Mary Jo Wilder

      Jesus loves him more than you do! He will work on him in a way that will bring him close to his Heart! I have seen that in my own husband’s life! It was not my way but God’s way!!

  • Donna Marouski

    I am so very grateful to have started each of these last days 40 days with real,meaningful, deep thought provoking words. I began my day with such a helpful mind set. Bringing about conversations with others, an excitedness message to share some days. However, I must admit, I’ve been thinking slot in this last week or so … how much I am going to miss it. Just having each day begin as it should, focused on the path I should be walking, not on mundane day to day first thoughts of how i.e. what I will get all that I need to accomplished. Focusing calmly, on being the best I can, my best self. Seeing Michael Kelley,s passion, insight, conviction of sharing the purpose of our core. Helping to discover and embrace it. I thank Matthew and all of the team members adding to my day, to help me to stop resisting happiness.

    My hope is that someday to have this ongoing , everyday of the year. I’m sad it’s over, there’s so much more to learn. We have only skimmed the surface. It is in Christ we live, move and have our being. Praise Jesus the Lord.

    I thank Matthew Kelley for sharing his God given talents.
    May we meet one day.
    Wishing everyone at Dynamic Catholic and all who have made this best lent ever together for all all over the world, a blessed and joy filled Easter
    Donna Marouski
    Mansfield Center, CT

  • Constance Griffith

    Today I know I what to be Catholic! Today I get baptized and confirmed as a Catholic. I don’t know what tomorrow will bring but I do know for sure what ever it brings, it will bring it to a Catholic! Bring It On! I have my armor on and I’m ready for battle!

    • Susan L

      Welcome Home!

    • Theresa Yamasaki

      Welcoming you with open arms. Enjoy your walk of faith. I am so very happy for you!

    • Alice Ann Hengesbach

      Powerful! I love your attitude Constance … blessings!!

  • Mimi Mayberry-White

    This has been an amazing journey and though I have not commented, I have read all the comments and have grown from your insights. I hope the folks at Dynamic Catholic will take Matthew’s videos and those of his staff and make a Resistng Happiness DVD! I would love to be able to go back and watch these again. Thank you for giving me my Best Lent Ever.

  • Dorothy Cabral

    What will tomorrow bring for you? Tomorrow will bring a new beginning for me. An opportunity to take the transformation I have experienced over the last 40 days and make it a daily way of life, out with the bad and in with the good. Like Matthew says “Be bold, be catholic” and I’m ready!

  • Karen in FL

    During this Lenten season, I changed my daily routine. Upon waking each morning, I watched these videos and read the comments made after them. I felt so connected with people who, like me, wanted to become the best version of myself. Putting worldly distractions aside until I had put God first has made such an amazing difference. I found that, taking more time for reflection and prayer, I wanted more! I had my best confession ever last week. I’m a happier, more content person. When I consider whether I might slip back into my old ways, I know without a doubt I won’t. It’s like being shown the glory of Heaven and turning away…why would I ever do that? Thank you, Matthew Kelly and your team, for changing lives. May we all enjoy a wonderful Easter and meet again here in a future study.

  • Dorothy

    Tomorrow brings New Life and Amazing Grace☀️
    I’m filled with the “Peace of God that surpasses all understanding.”
    I can enjoy life knowing I am never alone, and that “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”
    We are an Easter People and Alleluia is our song! 🎶🎶☮️💟💫
    Blessings and thanks to this DC community ✝️

  • Beth P

    Not an end, but a beginning. As I was sitting here thinking before reading discussions today, I didn’t want this to end and fall back into old habits, I realized, it’s time to apply these lessons and take them into the world. I’m making a list of the things I’ve come to understand through lent and what needs to change in my life…even the ones I failed at during these forty days, which really was the lesson after all. So to new beginnings. Happy Easter all, He Is Risen! 🙏🏻💐

    • Lisa

      Well said. I failed too. Which is exactly what this “Best Lent Ever – Resistance” was about. To new beginnings!

  • Angie O’Mara

    Tomorrow brings Joy, Renewal, Hope, and Love!!! Jesus died for us, and rose again in Resurrection that we may experience and feel all these sentiments. He has transformed us, and through all that we have learned with Dynamic Catholic, we are ready to feel these sentiments each and every day of our lives, not just on Easter, but every day!!!! I want and need to pray the Transformation Prayer, to help me achieve what I have learned from Matthew Kelly and the Dynamic Catholic team members!!!

  • Jeff Peck

    Think back where you were before this 40 days of Lent began – and look how we all have grown more. We at some point and I personally will be facing a deep struggle on Monday but this program has allowed me to look to God much deeper, trust more, love more and live better knowing that in Jesus all things are possible. The question for me my whole life at 64 is how could I have thought any differently – there is only one obvious way. Much Love Peace and Grace to you all. You have all made this a wonderful journey. “In Christ Alone”

  • mbs

    Every morning for the duration of Lent, Matthew, his staff and all of you have filled my cup to the brim. I’ve enjoyed this journey with all of you. Be Bold. Be Catholic. I’ll see you all again for Advent!

  • Pat

    This lent is special for me. Filled with happiness and sadness. This is my first Easter with out my parents. My dad has been gone for 3 years and my mom will be a year in June. I miss them this lent. But through this series I have found happiness in God and the church. We as a church can do a lot. Alone we are good but as a church we are better. Singing in my choir helps me with expressing what God wants us to feel. Through music I can show his love for us. Happy Easter Thanks for the last 40 days

    • Alice Ann Hengesbach

      Pat, I can guarantee you that your parents are so very proud of you. They are paving the way for you, for me as they have always done. With blessings, Alice Ann

  • Janet Marusiak

    Be Bold Catholics! I think that is a great message and heard it some years ago and why I am not afraid to speak in public, with friends or co-workers in the past or strangers about the Gospel. Other faiths do it all the time but sometimes us Catholics are too nice and we don’t want to push ourselves or beliefs onto others. When we are called to spread the good news after each and every Mass that is what we are suppose to do, go out and boldly announce the gospel of Jesus Christ. Now more than ever is this so important as our churches, Catholic and Protestant are emptying. It is up to the lay people now too to spread the news or how will they know.

  • LaDonna

    BLIND BUT NOW I SEE. You’ve probably all seen one of those videos on the Internet where someone who is color blind puts on a pair of those special glasses that makes colors look “normal” or the way they are supposed to look. There’s always so much emotion. The glasses go on and they almost immediately come off as the person is overwhelmed by the beauty they are able to see clearly for the first time in their life. The glasses go back on and then back off as they are overwhelmed again and again…That’s how I felt this Lent and especially during the Triduum. I’m almost 50 years old and I don’t ever remember attending the whole Triduum before. Each Mass during Lent has felt different, like I’m seeing it’s full beauty for the first time in my life – so beautiful – so relevant. I’ve started going to daily Mass too whenever I can. I feel God speaking directly to me through the readings and prayers. I have to hold back the tears as I’m overwhelmed with emotion. It’s really difficult to put into words but I feel like I’m seeing something for the first time as it’s truly supposed to be seen and experienced – like seeing it in full color for the first time.

    • Mary Jo Wilder

      I experienced that many years ago! “Behold, I make all things new!!”

    • Ann

      Thank you for sharing, LaDonna! I’ve experienced these things as well!

    • Lisa

      I have never heard of these glasses. I’m going to pass the word on to a color-blind person I know. They say heaven has colors we don’t see here. It must be like being color blind and then putting on those glasses. Earth must be the sampler box and heaven filled with so much wonder!

  • Adrian

    Thank you Dynamic Catholic. I echo what everyone is saying about BLE and Mathew Kelly and the team member reflections. BLE has changed my life and yes I am anxious but looking forward to what will happen after Lent. For me everyone’s comments was the real highlight of BLE as it helped me to relate to my renewed faith on this journey. God Bless and thank all of you.

  • Victor stearns

    First a huge thank you to Matthew Kelly and your team for your ministry! Your work here has brought a deeper awareness of our Lord and why we need to be quiet so that we can listen and hear Him. This is really a challenge in society today to know that I need to stop, pray, and listen; everyday. I also know that when I do this I am a much better person This is most likely one of the very best Lenten experiences for myself and my wife. It was always interesting to know that we came together in the evening we discussed what we each had received from the days message. We are truly blessed this Lent by these messages, thoughts, and reflections. I so look forward to reading the book again so that I can extract even more nuggets of my faith. And look forward to the next great work from Matthew.

  • Laura Pustejovsky

    I have enjoyed this entire series although I missed several during a trip to the Holy Land. I plan to catch up on those in the days to come but these messages coupled with the opportunity of seeing scripture come alive in my mind have and will put me in a place of happiness, love and joy through new habits and prayer that I know will impact my life. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and wisdom and for being a beacon for Catholics everywhere.

  • Maria

    Thank you for your leadership Matthew Kelly and staff. I enjoyed the daily videos. Thanks to everyone who contributed to the daily comments as I also enjoyed reading them and seeing similarities in my own feelings and thoughts. It was reassuring to know that we are all on the same journey and we will get there together.
    I went to Good Friday mass yesterday ( not something I always did in the past.) Young children were acting out the stations of the cross. For the first time in my life, I was moved to tears when hearing about Jesus’ last few hours on earth. I do believe it was because this was “my best lent ever.”

  • Debbie

    I’ve taken away from this Lenten journey that you must continue to do the things you know keep you focused on God, to be around those people and things that keep you grounded in the faith. When you are on the downward side of happiness, have a Scripture passage to go to that will help remind you of that which you KNOW to be true! I’ve learned to post these snippets of Scripture in places where you will see them when you get up in the morning, places you’ll see throughout the day to encourage you. I’ve been shown God answers prayers in His time, to never get discouraged, to continue to trust in His plan with things you still are praying about. Tomorrow will be a joyous day! Tomorrow I’ll have family back in the church they grew up in, to hear the “Gloria” and the “Alleluia” sung. After “40 days in the desert”, I’m ready! I’m ready to go out and proclaim “He is risen!”

  • Sandra

    For me tomorrow will bring hope and great joy. I would like to thank Matthew Kelly and the Dynamic Catholic team for giving me my Best Lent Ever. I’m glad I did not give chocolate again. I would like to thank all those who joined In the discussions.
    I was touched by all the comments.
    I’m sad these 40 days are ended.
    I will take what I’ve learned and put it into practice in my daily life. Looking forward to Advent. God Bless!!!🙏🙏

  • Janet Marusiak

    Yes, I must say this is the best lent I had. I made more Masses during the week and adoration on Thursdays and they were done so beautifully by Fr. Raymond. Holy Thursday was beautiful, the music the washing of the feet that was so powerful as always and Good Friday was packed and so nice to see all the people in one place and ones I have not seen for some time and we felt like one. People around me all commenting on how beautiful it was. YOu felt the Holy Spirit moving about. I keep my journal now and write in it what stands out in the readings and homily and on the topic of obedience I had lot to note. So rewarding to see so many youth come out and be obedient to be there. When Jesus died was the beginning of Passover and soon we will celebrate the Rising and we will be able to shout, “He is truly Risen” again.

  • Joseph L Martin

    Thank you first Father Perkins for offering “Resisting Happiness” to us the Sunday before Lent. Because it was the last mass and there were plenty of books left I decided to take 2 more to share. Well I started a long distance relationship (over 1,000 miles & 34 years) last year and decided to send one book to Princess so we could read it together during Lent. She received it on Thursday evening after work and was so excited that she shared it on her Facebook right away. I did the same when she told me what she did. When we talked that night she took my suggestion one step further and said let’s read it to each other. We set a time for 10:00 e.s.t. each night and took turns reading a page of that chapter. What a rich and rewarding experience we shared!

    Even though we have been involved with each other’s lives for 34 years we learned so much more about each other by exploring our faith and supporting each other. It has grown our relationship during the longest time we haven’t seen each other and replaced the opportunity for loneliness and eased the missing of each other

    The readings and videos and your comments have been so inspirational to the point that I am a much better version of myself than 40 days ago. Thank you Matthew and the Dynamic Catholic Family!!! May you continue to be open to the Blessings that God has waiting for you each and every day!!!

  • Ellen Sweeny Kaufman

    What a beautiful best ever Lent this has been for me. I am so looking forward to new beginnings in my life for me who has lived many many years of Lent (I’m 76 yrs) this gives me new hope to begin a fresh start again. Thank you Matthew Kelly and your staff, you are awesome. I want to live the rest of my life not resisting happiness, continue these habits of prayer times and to start using the Mass Journal . Believe me it’s never too late to be able to start new habits and choose happiness and become the best version of yourself. Be Bold Be Catholic. Happy Easter

  • Sharon Sheldon

    Refleecting on resistance is a key learning for me. Thanks for an inspiring Lenten devotional! God bless you all.

  • Susan L

    Hope! As I concentrate on what’s really important, I can see hope in our World !
    As we all enjoyed this BLE series together – let’s also notice the burgundy DONATE button on the top right of your browser. Please donate to help keep this wonderful ministry up and running so we can share another BLE together. I called DC a few weeks ago to make a monthly donation, the person on the phone was overjoyed and so thankful and asked how they could pray for me. I won’t go into details but there was a small miracle that day. Blessings to all.

  • Ed

    Tomorrow will bring me a great opportunity. I pray I will take advantage of such a great opportunity that God presents. Because of this Lenten season, I now have the tools for such an opportunity. Thank You Dynamic Catholic! May all of us rise to the occasion with our Risen Lord. Amen!!!

  • Stephanie

    This has been one of the most, actually probably THE most fruitful Lent I have ever had! As a child/teen and even young adult I used to see Lent and dread it. Ugh… had to give up something, no meat on Fridays, extra masses to attend….sadly those were my thoughts back then. As a mom now and a wife I look forward to the work God is doing on my heart during Lent and love being surprised by Him and the big plans he is carefully revealing. I sent these videos every morning to my husband after I listened to them and we would both talk about them together. Not only did it become a very fruitful Lent for him but I noticed that he took extra care as a father for his children’s faith. It brought he and I closer together as well! I am incredibly grateful for ALL you are doing at dynamic catholic. We have 5 children and you are giving us many priceless tools to help better bring our children up in our beautiful faith and to truly know and love Jesus!

  • Alice

    Tomorrow will bring happiness that Jesus has risen. I will not be afraid but happy. Happy that I have learned how to begin to cope with resistance of happiness and Jesus. My goal will be to be happy and to increase my time with Jesus. I have struggled and resisted Jesus more than I ever realized before this program. I will begin to be more of my authentic self. Not afraid to show people, that I am happy! I will begin to have 15 minutes a day to listen to Jesus and what he is telling me. I want to be more aware of what Jesus is telling me all day, every day. Recently my priest said, give 15 minutes to Jesus. It struck me that Jesus is with me all the time. I loved when Matthew Kelly said, Yes, means yes and No means no. I am going to trust my instincts with Jesus. God Bless Dynamic Catholic. The reflections were well thought out, sincere and impactful for me. I will be Bold, I will be Catholic!

  • Rachel Winter

    I LOVED the best Lent ever. It was life changing in so many ways. Starting my day with Matthew Kelly’s words and a small prayer set the tone for my day. I really enjoyed the second videos also and the little bit of information about each person. Thanks to everyone At Dynamic Catholic for this fantastic program. Onward to a life of prayer and happiness.

  • Maggie J

    Reflection, inspiration, prayers,focus on the power of transformation, encouragement, challenges, peace, and love pouring forth this Lent….that’s my Lenten journey this year with Dynamic Catholic! Thank you Matthew and all the staff at D.C. your work and efforts are so appreciated every day. God’s sweetest blessings be evident in your lives! This has been my best Lent ✝️💕

  • Eduardo Hoover

    This Lent has been good but it won’t be one to remember it seems at the moment. Lent 2013 will probably be my most memorable Lent as it was as bitter sweet as a Seder dinner. My wife died on Ash Wednesday that year during which time I became oddly homeless for a time but was given a room by a friend of my parents which had a nearby Catholic Church to which I now have my membership. I hope this Easter will bring me something positive to remember but it already did some 2000 years ago and maybe that’s all I need to remember.

  • CathieHeenan

    The one word the comes to mind for me is ” Peace ”. May God Bless you all.

  • Susie Caughey

    Tomorrow will bring celebration, gratitude and joy for me. I can celebrate some great things that happened over the course of Lent for me: good Confessions, clearing of the air in an ongoing family matter with no anger … merely stating my feelings and truth, having the experience of working the Bread Line in NYC, being asked to become a Eucharistic Minister and accepting (a ministry I would never have touched prior, feeling so unworthy), bonding closely with my daughter after the loss of her friend – all grace-filled moments. God is kind and merciful. I will be celebrating at my aunt’s with all those I love and my 2nd family/home here in the U.S. May we all look to tomorrow with incredible joy and gratitude for this beautiful faith we share as Catholic. Thank you Matthew, the entire Dynamic Catholic team and all you with whom I journeyed through Lent. Feeling so blessed.

  • Brian J

    Thank you Dynamic Catholic Team. Much love and prayers from my family to yours.
    Although I have been wrestling with myself for years about what to do and how to sacrifice for Lent. This Lent I worked hard in a way I never had thanks to a recommendation from a priest to try Best Lent Ever, and you the team who created it. I truly believe the Holy Spirit is working with you. Hard to put my feelings into words.

    Thank you.

  • Kathleen Cranford Kelley

    Recently my life changed. My life was abruptly shaken. Never do I want to experience being so scared and so alone again. Parts of that painful experience still remain. It was so frightening that I questioned “Why Lord?” I remember sitting on the floor crying “Where are you Lord, when I need you?”
    But God WAS with me holding my shaking hand and saying “Get up and walk.” Now I am on a journey, to be a better person, to love my neighbor and try to forgot the pain and the fear. This program has been a great source of clarity and joy. Thank you! Happy Easter! God bless!

    • Judi

      Happy Easter blessings to you! God bless you!

      • Kathleen Cranford Kelley

        Thank you and Happy a
        Easter blessings to you!

  • Rachelle

    I found Best Lent Ever when I was searching for Lenten devotionals online and remember thinking that the moniker was a bold claim, so I signed up out of curiosity, feeling fairly confident that it wouldn’t live up to its name. I was wrong. God has used Best Lent Ever throughout this 40 day journey to transform my relationship with Him. I have been praying for some time that I would return to the passion of my first Love, but had been going through a dry spell in my spiritual life. However, I knew that God would restore my sense of His presence, if I persevered in seeking Him. I know that our walk with Christ is not about feelings, but I had a hunger and thirst to feel God’s presence and power in my life once again. Along with some other circumstances the Lord used Best Lent Ever to fill my life with a renewed enthusiasm and energy for my journey. I have prayed for intimacy with Jesus for so long and that prayer has been answered. The irony is that I thought it would happen and life would be all butterflies and roses, yet God’s plan was so much greater. During Lent I learned that my mother has an advanced stage of cancer. We live on different continents so that made the news even harder. Somehow, going through Best Lent Ever and feeling my intimacy with Jesus restored, I have been able to face this news and respond with such peace, as well as knowing that God’s greater plan includes relational and spiritual healing in my family. I am getting ready to go and be with my mother this coming week. I don’t know what is ahead but I know with Whom I go. Thank you for Best Lent Ever. Thank you for challenging us to be the best version of ourselves (such an interesting way to look at our sanctification journey). Oh, and by the way, did I mention that I’m not even Catholic? I honestly don’t put too much importance on denomination, because I believe that all believers who hold to the core tenets of the Christian faith are family, however, God has (for whatever reason) raised me in the Anglican tradition. So I wanted you to know you haven’t just blessed Catholics with this devotional. I have a renewed respect for the Roman Catholic Church and pray for God’s blessing on Dynamic Catholic as you seek to bring renewal and transformation to your tradition.

    • Stephanie Rodriguez

      Prayers for you and your mother, Rachelle. God bless you. And I loved this line: “I don’t know what is ahead but I know with Whom I go.” So inspiring. ❤

    • Sharri

      Thank you for responding and sharing, Rachelle. May God bless you and your mom. I also love, love the line, “I don’t know what is ahead, but I know with Whom I go.” With that in mind, all will be well.

    • Joyce W.

      Until 12 years ago tonight, I was also an Anglican, and my parents and in-laws were 3000 miles away, and there was dementia and cancer to deal with. God was always there for me throughout many trials over those years before I converted to the Catholic Faith. We are indeed all family in the Christian Faith. It just happened that He had a surprise for me, calling me to a denomination I would never have dreamed about! I’m so glad you have been blessed by following Best Lent Ever, and I hope you will continue to join in other devotionals with us. I pray that you will be able to bring God’s comfort and love to your mother and other family members at this time of her need.

    • Margo

      Rachelle, I also used to be an Anglican. LOL 💖 I am smiling as I remember a day when a Presbyterian minister came to one of our Sunday gatherings and after the sermon raised his fist and yelled at us ,”You are nothing but a bunch of Catholics!”

  • Donald Marquez

    “Get out there and experience it.” What a great send-off. So often our faith can be reduced to words on a page or it stops as soon as the Mass is over. (And somehow we dismiss the words by the priest or deacon who says, “Go out in peace to love and serve the Lord.”) Our faith is to be experienced! Just as the apostles experienced it and later passed on. So that’s what tomorrow will bring. The experience of his Resurrection. Not a cool story from 2,000 years ago–but the Risen Christ. Here. Now.

    • Alice Ann Hengesbach


  • Daniela D.

    Opportunity to serve and to keep improving my relationship with God. God bless you all, Happy Easter!

  • Olga

    Thank you Dynamic Catholic for the best Lent ever. I will certainly miss Mathew ,his staff and all of your comments. I learned so much. Happy Easter and may God Bless all of you with much peace, love and joy.

  • Ann

    Maggie, you took the words right out of my mouth. I, too, am/was scared to lose all I have gained during this BEST LENT EVER! I learned so much about my Catholic faith … more than I ever thought possible … and I’m a “Cradle Catholic”! I have to admit that I’ve become dependent on the daily messages from Mr. Kelly and the team at Dynamic Catholic. They have truly helped me Be Bold, Be Catholic. God bless you all, and the work you do. THANK YOU for sharing yourselves with us, and helping me learn how to grow my relationship with the Lord. Words cannot express the love and gratitude in my heart. I shall miss hearing from you every day.

  • Mike Moran

    Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God, continue to make your presence here in our world and in our lives known and felt through the Team Members who have brought Your Spirit to us.

  • Linda

    I’m somebody who consistently works on my faith life. This program was a help because it was nice to have a specific “go to” message each morning – it is shorter than the Liturgy of the Hours, and many times, more relevant to my life. For me, I’m going to continue some of the Lenten practices I started. I only hope and pray that our pastors who encouraged us to do this program will read the responses people have written and let the comments guide them in how they minister to us in the future, as I have personally found, quite often homilies are out of touch with the regular person in the pew….so I hope pastors find this as a help to their ministry. In short, I hope they followed the program on a daily basis too and that their lives and ministries will be impacted as well as ours.

  • Donald Marquez

    I wrote my first response before watching the second video (oops!) I can totally relate with Maggie. The last two years, I freaked out when Lent ended. I was so in tune with God during those 40 days and I assumed–correctly–that I would go back to my old ways. (Talk about missing the point of the Resurrection!)

    But like Maggie, not only did I push away bad habits this year, I replaced them with good habits–and it will be those new and good habits that will sustain me, and allow me to continue to stay in touch and glorify the Resurrected Christ. I want nothing more than to please him, and the best way to do that is to keep him at the center of all things, even the insignificant and mundane.

  • Theresa Yamasaki

    Like many have said… I too agree that this has been an incredible uplifting and life changing Lent. Reflecting on what I have learned has helped me see my own resistance. It’s been a really great journey and it’s helped me to see how far I have come in my faith journey and hopeful about the road ahead. Fear/resistance as held me back from starting a sewing business which is something I have always wanted to do. Now I need to ask God to help me come up with a name for it. Through this BLE I have come to a deeper realization of God’s total and complete love for me. It’s been truely life changing. Happy joyful blessed EASTER SUNDAY TO ALL AND WITH GODS HELP MAY WE ALWAYS STRIVE TO BE BOLD CATHOLIC S AND THE BEST VERSION OF OURSELVES…EVERY…. SINGLE….DAY!
    Love to all… 🙂

    • Stephanie Rodriguez

      Now I’m trying to think of sewing business names… 🤔 Best of luck with your new endeavor!!

      • Theresa Yamasaki

        Thanks Stephanie. If u think of one . …pls text to my cell at 505 -688-2407. Happy Easter!! He has risen!!!!

        • Stephanie Rodriguez

          Mustard Seed Sewing
          Stitched with Faith
          Sewn with Love
          Theresa’s Little (Sewing) Shop (like the little way of St. Therese?)
          I don’t know why mustard seed came to me, but it did. Not something I say often but it popped up in my mind!
          Other words: beloved, blessed, saintly, joy, joyful, peace, etc. + a sewing term … you know more than I do here… and maybe something will click!!

          Happy Easter! ✝️

    • TerriB

      How about “sew blessed”? Praying for your journey!

      • Theresa Yamasaki

        Great idea. Thx sew much. Lol. :).

  • Paul

    Tomorrow will bring for me the realization that the title of the program BestLentEver is true! In the past for me, the focus was on the negative (things I was giving up for Lent) rather than the positive. It all started with receiving a gift. I was given the book Rediscovering Jesus by Matthew Kelly. In that book it mentioned about the BestLentEver program. The timing could not have been better. Different from past years, this year’s goal will be to incorporate the new habits I have started, into my daily life. I pray today that I continue to battle resistance with strength and courage going forward. Thanks Dynamic Catholic for showing me a better way to “celebrate” Lent!

  • Barb Stuart

    God bless you all! I know you will have blessed Easter,more so because of the daily reflections and sharing we have heard, read, and shared with each other.I know when I receive the Lord this Easter, my eyes more open, my heart pounding stronger and my hands reaching for his presence.As Matthew Kelly and his staff have told us to be bold and be catholic.

  • Jean

    Thank you MATTHEW KELLY, for my most interactive Lent ever❣️Second videos also inspired me. I truly have received ways to b the BEST VERSION OF MYSELF thru these 40 days. Prayer and happiness❣️👊🏼

  • John Bridges

    Tomorrow will bring me the gift of another day. Hopefully and God Willing. May Gods will be done through me in a way pleasing to Him!

  • Adam

    I heard about Best Lent Ever about a week into it from my friend Michael who used to date my sister. I have never experienced Lent like this. It has helped me to quit smoking when I had been a smoker for 25 years and tried to quit numerous times(which was my Lenten sacrifice). I’m praying the rosary once or sometimes twice a day when I never used to pray. I had to learn which mysteries to say each day and I hadn’t prayed the luminous mysteries ever before. Then I also completed to Marian Catechist beginner course and plan to teach ccd at my parish school next school year! Thank you Michael, Mathew and your team and everyone involved!

    • TerriB

      How amazing! Praise the Lord!

    • Patricia Ellen Davis

      Fantastic Adam! Happy and blessed Easter to you! 🌷


    The joy that will come with Easter Sunday (and beyond) is compounded by the Lord’s Passion on Good Friday. When one really stops and thinks about what Jesus went through… having our sins- all of our sins, all of us placed squarely on him out of love for us, how can anyone not weep at this thought? How can anyone not be joyful at His Resurrection? This more than anything keeps me focused but I also know that I’m human and I will fall along the way but Christ lives and he will always be there to help me back up (as long as I ask Him to be there for me).

    A blessed Easter to you all!

  • Lydia Ross

    I started this Best Lent ever journey and took it one day at a time, trying to live in the moment as Matthew encouraged us to do. It was difficult to not think and fret about all the things that were waiting for me to do but I really tried to concentrate on the here and now and it has helped. I still drift away sometimes but it is helping when I start my day with prayer and when I find myself drifting in that “what if” boat I say to myself “God is great”. I do have this to share . On March 31st, I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s and my mortality and future were staring at me in the face, and as I was panicking at the thought of tomorrow, Jesus said to me, ‘Lydia, have I not been with you always? Trust in Me! I will never leave you” I now take my moments and revel in them. This journey has started me on some really great habits and there are more great habits to come. I will continue to trust in my Saviour. Happy Easter, everyone!!!

    • Judi

      Yes, trust in our, loving and almighty God. He will never leave us orphaned. Peace and blessings to you and to all of the faithful here at Best Lent Ever and throughout the world.
      ” Jesus, help us to celebrate your resurrection with joy this Easter, and help us carry that joy with us always. Let it inspire us to choose the happiness you created us for, and to never stop striving to be all that you created us to be.”

    • Kathleen Cranford Kelley

      Lydia, thank you for sharing your journey. “Trust in me” I needed to be reminded of that! God is always with us holding our hands through life’s journey. Happy Easter!

  • Marie Patterfritz Reinhart

    I like your placing different things around you to remind you to pray, to stop and take time for prayer. I am going to put a few extra things around my areas to remind me to continue to take a few minutes out of my day to pray.

  • Rita Gahr

    As I sit here this morning with my windows open, listening to the birds serenading me, I feel joyful. I have been reading “Thirsting for God” St Teresa of Calcutta’s daily meditations each morning since the 1st of the year. Today’s was short and to the point. “Serve God joyfully. Let there be no sadness in your life: the only true sorrow is sin.” I hope to continue every morning with my hour of prayer and reflection, thanking God. Then living each day joyfully in the Lord. May God Bless all of you this glorious Easter Sunday and every moment after.

  • Bill powers

    These messages keep getting better!! What will we do after Easter??

    • Alice Ann Hengesbach

      As the disciples did “follow Him.” Thanks for a stimulating question, Bill. All the best during the coming 50 days.

  • RD

    “Together as a Church, we can do this.” My heart smiled when the woman in the follow-up video spoke those words. Easter is here–and I truly feel joy about it. The difference for me, when I think back to other Lents and Easters. . .Before, I looked at spiritual growth and experience as exclusively personal. This year, I am tuned to the spiritual growth and experience of our Church–the Body of Christ. The resurrection is for all of us; the calling is for all of us, and. . . “Together as a Church we can do this.” We can live the resurrection! Jesus I love You. Jesus I trust in You. Alleluia!! Happy Easter, everyone.

  • Sharri

    Adam,may God bless you on your new adventures with Him!

  • Alice Ann Hengesbach

    Unlike those who were present during the powerful “firsts” we know the great mysteries of Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday are leading us to the Resurrection. We now have the personal mystery of these historical events which repeat daily in the here and now. Here … now … I am miracle of the Living God. A God who has prepared me to KNOW that each bit of grace, each little death, each moment of solitude/quiet is leading me to my personal Resurrection … eternity with God. With gratitude to each and every person who participated in “My Best Lent Ever.” Be on the alert for your Resurrections … they happen daily. With love, prayers and blessings, Alice Ann

  • Christine Overkamp

    This has been an incredible Lenten journey with you, Matthew and your staff. Thank you so much for the daily reflections and sharing. Also thank you for the daily question that each of us were given to ponder and see God’s love for us. I really enjoyed these past 40 days looking forward to your posts. God bless you and your staff.
    Chris Overkamp

  • Lynn Nguyen

    This has been my BEST Lent Ever! Thank you to everyone here who has shared comments, your life experiences, your hearts. That has been what has made this journey so special because we are connecting with real people who are all on the same journey, seeking God, on our way to our home in heaven.

    Thank you Dynamic Catholic for making this all possible!

    Tomorrow means there is a light at the end of the tunnel, even though we may be surrounded by darkness, if we continue to seek God in our lives, he will provide the light and the path.

    He promised, “I will never leave you or forsake you.”. Deuteronomy 31:6

    Happy Easter everyone!

  • Diana Buono

    Thank you Matthew and you’re amazing and awesome team at Dynamic Catholic for truly making this my Best Lent Ever!! I have learned so very much from your thoughtful wisdom and insight into so many parts of my inner life that yearn

  • Gayle Colucci

    Thank you Matthew Kelly and Dynamic Catholic for this Lenten journey. It has truly been inspirational and enlightening! Easter Blessings to you!

  • Walt Romano

    This Lent I once again consecrated myself to Jesus through the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Mary is my mother and with her love and affection for me, I have become so much closer to her Son Jesus. Thank you all at DC for making this the best Lent ever. So much better than giving up chocolate!

  • Dixie

    Diana, I want to encourage you to volunteer for the RCIA program. I was raised as a Protestant and married in the Methodist church. My husband was raised in the Catholic Church. His mom was a practicing Catholic. His father was raised Protestant. He did not attend church. I continued going to the Methodist church. My husdand did not join me in attending my church nor did he attend the Catholic Church. When we moved to New Orleans we enrolled our sons in a Catholic school. As a family attended St. Andrews Catholic Church, where our sons went to school. Our sons were baptized at this church. I begin to study the faith. My sons celebrated their reconciliation when they were in the second grade. I decided it was time for me to become a Catholic. I joined the RCIA program and became a Catholic that Easter. I was fortunate to get a volunteer sponsor. Ann was the perfect sponsor for me. We became close. I got so much from this program. The next year I volunteered to be a sponsor myself. It was a beautiful experience. The next two years I became the head of the RCIA program. I learned so much. I encourage you to volunteer to help others on their journey to becoming a Catholic. You will learn so much in your role as a volunteer. I will pray for you and wish you well.

  • Ginger Coreil

    I have really embraced Matthew ‘s videos and messages this Lent. Last Easter , my dad died on Holy Saturday. I really did not cry very much or do much talking after . It has been only in the last few months that I have felt myself breaking down the resistance to grief and letting go . I do cry very easily – especially when attending mass or watching these videos.
    I think this is God’s way of leading me to working through grief. I truly appreciate this Lenten journey and will do my best to continue with prayer and thoughtful reflection. I will do my best to be a better person , mother and physician.
    God Bless !

  • Lynda D. Wilkie

    This has been the most incredible “Lenten” journey for me and I am so GRATEFUL for Matthew Kelly and all of the Dynamic Catholic family. I feel that I am forever changed. I too felt a little fear of what would happen next. I reflected on that and realized that I have been given so many tools to keep myself on track. I recently finished listening to Matthew’s CD called “the 7 pillars of Spirituality.” Another amazing group of ideas to keep me centered. Thank you to ALL of you who shared their comments. The thoughts and feelings shared were so moving and eye opening. I truly feel that my family of support has infinitely grown. Dynamic Catholic has so many incredible resources and I can’t wait to read, listen and share all of them. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  • Paula Stone

    God Bless You! Be Bold Be Catholic! Thank you Dynamic Catholic for this wonderful journey lent 2017 as we prepare to celebrate Christ is Risen!

  • TerriB

    “Together, as a church, we can do this!” Yes, we can do this. Happy Easter, resisting resistence dynamic catholics!

  • maryvee

    Thank you for this beautiful series and reflections. I had to “let go” of a very beloved cousin this Lent. I just sat by his coffin for 7 hours and waited until they sealed him into the crypt. The Masses and condolences from others were incredibly beautiful and joyful and helped in the grieving his family experienced. I felt like the woman at the tomb and how they must have felt . Your series has helped my journey and continued to open me to grace and love…and helped me to grow closer to my Jesus. So many thanks. Be not afraid !

  • Cshelley

    I’m going to miss these daily reflections but am encouraged that I have learned from them and will strive every day to be a better version of myself. Peace!

  • Laura LaDue

    I am surprised that this journey went so quickly! I looked forward to the message of the day. I believe that tomorrow will bring gratitude. Gratitude for all that God has given me and that He loves me unconditionally.

  • Greg Hall Jr.

    God Bless everyone.

  • Zsuzsa Starita

    Tonight is my third year of being a Catholic! It has been a awesome journey and it continues for the better. Years ago I was an ambitious woman in advertising. I did not know God or Jesus and all I cared about was success. God sent his Son to me when I saw the man I was living with kneel in front of his wife’s casket. He is a Mensa and it shook me out of my ignorance. Now I am married to him in a Catholic church and my most joyful times take place iat the Mass.

    Matthew’s Lent series caused me to search for a way to give back. I am disabled by a horse accident and believed that I could not find a way to give. I was at an auction dinner when a man sit at our table 2 seats away. So I said hello and he moved over. I found that he just moved to my town to live near his mother who lives in a nursing home. He was planning to bring her to the club and sit with her on the balcony. THE HOLY SPIRIT CAME TO ME! I said may I come and sit with her and chat. He was elated by my offer! He said she is a worldly woman and a Catholic who no longer believes. and that I could never change that! I will not try and push but pray that I can do something to give joy to her life.

    I have not met her, yet, but called the son to confirm my intention. He was very happy so I know that this is my mission from the Lord. Any advise on my attitude and actions is welcome.

    • Elephant

      Just be yourself. Pray to the Holy Spirit before going in to see her and be open to His promptings. Don’t try to push anything on her, just let it happen naturally. God will direct you and you will know what to do. Thank you for listening to Him. I have no doubt He will bring good from this for all. God bless you.

  • Cardec Sa

    I’m not from the United States. I’m Guatemalan and, I thought until this lent, I’d been, a “good Catholic” for many years, but I hadn’t been able to become a “better version of myself” as I experienced during this lent.
    I’ll really miss every day’s reflection, but I now have many different habits to work on each day. From reading the Gospel, which I had stopped doing, to meditating and helping others to have faith by transmitting it to them in different ways…
    Faith was the word I used to start, enter, the Triduum and I found this I want to adopt as mine… “Choose FAITH over doubt, Choose FAITH over fear, Choose FAITH over the unknown and the unseen, Choose FAITH over pessimism”, and I will add
    Choose FAITH over myself.
    During my “Best Lent Ever” I confirmed that my call is being a teacher (I’m an English teacher in Guatemala) and through teaching I can also teach students to live a better life, to help them become “a better version” of themselves.
    I thank God first, my brother who shared your site with me, Matthew who lead us through this lent, and all of you “NEW Catholic, happier siblings”.

    • Robert

      Very well said Cardec. Thanks for sharing and here’s to all of us Choosing Faith throughout all our days.

  • Dale R Evans

    This has been a wonderful experience. My wife and I were married on Easter Sunday 46 years ago. Many thought it was a silly and inappropriate decision. It is only today that I see the beauty of it. Marriage in many ways parallels the life of Christ. We give life to our new born children. Love them. Teach them. And when they reach the fullness of their being we give up our life. Our life together has been filled with deep meaning. What more can one ask for?

  • Sue

    I would just like to thank Matthew Kelly and Dynamic Catholic for the incredible gift you have shared with us through this Lenten Journey. It has truly enriched my Lent and has been a blessing. I have shared some of the reflections with my freshmen and sophomore religion classes and with the administration and faculty I work with. As I walk the journey of faith, I have come to know my thirst is never truly quenched and my hunger never fully satisfied because as St. Augustine states “… our hearts are restless until they rest in thee Lord…”. Thank you for helping me always in my restlessness to feel Jesus’ loving embrace and encouragement! God bless you all and may you and your families have a blessed Easter!

  • Kim

    Holy Week and Easter Sunday bring a humble gratitude to my heart. I’m so glad that God can see my heart because I do not have the words to express my gratitude for the sacrifice of His son. I recently came across a video where the speaker proposed I consider who I would give my life for. Then she took it one step further, proposing I think of who I would give my child’s life for. Contemplating that scenario hit me hard. I thought I understood God’s sacrifice before, but now I understand on a much deeper level. His love is truly amazing.

  • Therese Tamburello

    I want to thank you Matthew and staff for this incredible journey! I have created two new habits: bringing a journal to Mass where I can write my reflections down on the page. The other habit is to go to Mass twice a week. Thanks for rejuvenating myself and the church as a whole!

  • LJ

    May God let His face shine….upon YOU. May He fill YOU with His peace.. I believe this is what He wants for YOU, for ME.

  • Judy Bagg

    Thank you so much to Matthew Kelly and his wonderful staff for this Best Lent Ever series. I looked forward to watching the videos. I missed a few days so I hope the videos stay up for a bit of time so I can catch up.
    I am a cradle catholic and my husband went through RCIA right before we married 13 years ago. He told me about a year ago that he was now an atheist which almost destroyed me! He stopped going to church and I’m afraid he is influencing my 13 year old son in a negative way. He’s told me that my son needs to see both sides of this issue so he can make up his own mind about whether to believe or not. I have been praying for him constantly and saying rosaries. I have asked God to humble me and give me grace to deal with this situation because I’ve been trying to reason with him and have gotten no where. We moved into a new house a while back and he won’t even let me hang anything religious on the walls – no crosses, pictures of Jesus, Mary. So I decided to make my closet my “war room”. If you’ve seen the movie you know what I mean. 🙂 Anyway, I’ve learned that I can’t change my husband, only the Lord can. I have finally surrendered this cross and this whole series of videos has helped me to do that. Thank you so much Matthew and crew!

  • Dan

    Tomorrow brings a new perspective. (How could you not after watching this series?)…Christ is counting on me. Wow! So glad to catch this from Maggie’s video today. And certainly Gratitude from really really realizing what The Three Persons have done for us.
    It’s so great to pick up “little things” from various people here. As it’s been said, it’s the the little things that add up. The acronym BUSY. Being Under Satan’s Yoke. Thank you for sharing! Because here I am, I’ve spent a goodly amount of time here this morning, praying, journaling which includes my To Do list, watching video and reading. So I’m now getting antsy to start my day/tasks, and I think it’s time for me to share. Perhaps there is something I can add. But what? It can be intimidating as so many folks are so eloquent with their thoughts & words. So I pondered & He reminded me of another acronym that is pertinent. ..
    EGO. Edging God Out.
    We’re asked, What does tomorrow bring you? We all have our own answers. Tho I pray tomorrow also brings us the slaying of Ego.
    Peace All.

  • Jim Cahall

    Wow! What a Lenten journey it has been for me and everyone who have tuned in to this fabulous, inspiring and challenging program by Matthew Kelly and Dynamic Catholic. Thank you for helping me through a particular desert experience this year to keep on the path of becoming a better version of myself, secure in my faith in the sacred Trinity and Catholicism, to get on with what God is calling me to do. Alleluia!

  • Vicki Passier

    Thank you Matthew Kelly for bringing us this wonderful program!! And thank you to all the churches that spread the word about it. It has helped me have the best, most focused, prayerful Lent that I have ever experienced. Tomorrow I will be HAPPY! And I will carry the Light of Jesus to all those I meet. I will miss this message each day but I will pray each day with more focus and more love in my heart.

  • Kathiehc

    I have loved every part of this program: the book, Matthew’s talk, the videos from the wonderful Dynamic Catholic staff, & the faith sharing with all of you. Thank you for your witness! May our lights keep shining! ☀️

  • Prolifedem6M

    The Lord only knows what tomorrow will bring, but I look forward to it with happy expectation. With the Lord’s help, I can deal with it.

  • Jim

    I have really enjoyed these videos, thank you very much and Happy Easter! – Jim

  • Gale Kovach

    For me this has been a process. At first, I had to force myself each day to watch the videos, reflect and pray. About 10 days in, I realized I am not taking this seriously, so I started writing myself little notes about the lesson of the say on a post it note and put it on my desk. Around day 20, things started to sink in. By day 25, I began to look forward to my daily reflections. And then I began really relating to what Matthew was teaching and what was happening in our parish and directly affecting my spiritual growth. I went to Confession for the first time face to face and it had been years since I had even gone to Confession.
    It was the best experience I ever had in the Confessional box. I attended our parish’s Lenten Mission each night with happiness in my heart and a pen and paper in hand to take notes. I sang the Mandatum on Thursday and venerated the Cross yesterday with a deeper understanding of what everything meant.
    Today I sit here with tears in my eyes. I will certainly miss my emails but I am so looking forward to tonight’s Easter Vigil. My heart is full of joy. God Bless all of you and I pray you have an amazing Easter season. 💜💜💜

    • Clare54

      This is beautiful Gale. Happy Easter!

  • Clare54

    Thank so much Matthew for listening to the call Jesus had in store for you! Your insight, your love of Christ and His Church will bring many people closer to Christ. This program has taught me how not to resist happiness that the Lord has provided for me. This 40 Day journey has helped me to understand the Passion and how much Jesus loves me. A few weeks ago I thought I didn’t want the program to end. But now I know it is just the beginning of a new awareness! A new fresh start with a love in my heart I have not known before. I know, that it will get better, richer as I continue obeying God’s call for me. Thank You Again Matthew Kelly. Thank you to your Team! Thank You Dear Jesus for loving me so much you died for me! Thank you to all the people who commented and those silent who may have prayed for us. May the Love of Christ fill our heart’s forever!

  • Shirley

    This has been the best ever Lent. I have so enjoyed this every morning, helps to get my morning started. Thank you, Matthew Kelly.
    Wishing there would be more!

  • Heather Bullinger

    I’m completely overwhelmed with how THIS Lent has changed me! THIS program has changed me! Thank you for the Resisting Happiness book and these daily videos and messages. I’ve created a habit of starting my day each morning with prayer. Resistance beat me a few days when I hit the snooze on my alarm, but I still made the time to start even those days in prayer. For the first time in my life I read the gospel of Matthew from start to finish in one sitting and you’re right… it was amazing! I felt Jesus there so close to me that it brought me to tears! I attended daily mass at least 3 days each week and it has now become my most favorite mass.
    I’ve also gone to confession which I’ve only done twice in 18 years. I plan to make it a monthly habit now. Those are just a few ways that this amazing Dynamic Catholic program has helped me. And Maggie’s video today is exactly what I’m thinking and feeling… I’m scared that now that Lent is over that I will fall out of these new habits I’ve created! It was great to hear that someone else has that same fear. I know that Jesus is with me and he’ll help me each step of the way so I CHOOSE HAPPINESS and to live the happiness on earth that He wants for me! Easter blessings to all of you and thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your work!

    • Clare54

      So awesome Heather! Happy Easter!

  • Sherry McCollum

    When I started my Lenten journey, I was open to changes that would hopefully occur in my life. And today as I listened to the last video I can say that I am a better version of myself then I was 40 days ago. I have become closer to my Catholic faith, I pray every day driving to work and before I go to bed every night. I have a Sunday Missal that I bought just after last Christmas which I take to church with me every week. Growing up you hear stories about the Passion and Resurrection of Jesus but this Lent I actually read the entire story in the books of Matthew and John. I want to say thank you to the people who responded to my posts and especially to Dynamic Catholic for steering me in the right direction with my faith. I am so happy right now, words just can’t describe it. And tonight my family will be attending the Easter Vigil mass as we look forward to a blessed Easter. God Bless.

  • Diana C.

    This has been my best lent so far in my life. Have returned to the church after a 50+ years absence. Have gone to confession and love my new life in the church. I will miss the daily messages from Matthew, but have kept a journal from each of these 40 days. I plan to review and pray so that I can learn what is next in my life. I need to find my “mission”. Thanks to all who have been part of this DYNAMIC 40 days of Lent.

  • Sherie

    BEST LENT EVER was energizing! I looked forward to listening to Matthew and team every day! Thank you for sharing yourselves and your prayers. I LOVED the positive messages! 💝

  • Connie L Harris

    This has been so much more of a journey than I expected when I first signed up for Best Lent Ever! I am grateful for the insights, sharing and the grace that went into this series. My favorites were all of the videos done by the Dynamic Catholic team–you are wonderful to share so much of yourselves! God bless you all and thank you so much!

  • RAB-G

    As the song goes . . . “The sun will come out tomorrow” you can bet your bottom dollar on that. Jesus will give us a happy, bright & hopeful day w/ peace, gratefulness & faith in his message of HOPE & LOVE 🙂 Let us continue this journey to remember to love one another as Matthew & all the members of this team have taught us during the Best Lent Ever! Thank you for this precious gift.

  • Andrea Leos

    Today is my birthday and I have to say, that this is one of the best birthday gifts I have ever received. The gift of having The best lent ever. To see, that I am filled with lasting hope and happiness. That god is here with me and I am going to fulfill my dreams. Not to be afraid anymore. God doesn’t want me to be afraid. I am going to receive all the gifts today that god has in store for me. I have been praying and praying for this gift, and today god has answered my prayer through the Dynamic Catholic. What an amazing journey this has been. What I want to say is Don’t ever give up on your dreams. Be persistent and persevere. Even when you feel like giving up, don’t. God will give you that little bit of strength to keep on going. He has never given up on me, so I am never giving up on god! I pray and hope that everyone receive hope, love, and everlasting peace this Easter season. Thank you dynamic Catholic and Matthew Kelly for being bold and courageous to put this amazing program together. You have helped me so much. God bless you all and BE BOLD, BE CATHOLIC!

  • Jackie

    Along this 40 day journey, there have been now three instances where the 2nd video has been especially timely. I feel the same way that Maggie does. I am sometimes afraid I will return to my old ways. That maybe I will stop listening for the Holy Spirit. As a returning Catholic, I have spent the last year and a half re-connecting with God-deepening my relationship with Him. I drifted away from the Church in my teen years and now as an adult, realize that there is so much more to this wonderful Catholic faith than I realized. When I began a year and a half ago, I just wanted some motivation to regularly attend Mass on Sundays. Now, I am so full of love for Jesus. In my teens, I did not realize that being Catholic is more than a set of laws and attending Mass on Sundays. Now I know it is all based on being in right relationship with God. The rest will follow. Even though I am afraid at times, I ultimately have faith that I will continue on this spiritual journey. Thank you to everyone here for posting your comments during this series. Thank you to Matthew Kelly and all the staff at Dynamic Catholic for creating such a useful tool, for someone like me, to really, as an adult, begin to appreciate the full meaning of the Passion. I am attending the triduum services for the first time in my life. I have never felt closer to God in all the three persons than I do right now. I wish everyone a very wonderful Easter!

  • Sue Adamson Fritz

    I want to add my thanks for the Best Lent Ever. I have followed this (and Best Advent Ever) for the last couple of years and they have been life-changing. I also read from one of several of Matthew’s books each day through-out the year and learn something different for or about myself each day. The work at Dynamic Catholic is amazing. Thank you again!

  • Susan

    I realized at the beginning of lent that Satan tempted Jesus AFTER Jesus walked in the desert for 40 days. In the past, at the end of lent I have always gone back to my “old” ways. This year, I realize that lent is preparing me for the rest of the year. The new habits that I have tried to put in place shouldn’t END when lent is over – they need to continue. Satan will tempt me to stop praying and reading the Bible. I need to be aware of this and stay strong.

  • Maryanne Fraunces Odom

    Love, love, love The Best Lent Ever- my life is so much richer thanks to the Dynamic Catholic ministry. Thanks for helping so many of us Be Bold. Be Catholic❤. Happy Easter❤

  • Magalis Muniz

    I also started this Best Lent ever with no expectations. I thought to myself to keep my mind and heart open and see what this journey will bring. I realized my weaknesses and strengths but I am afraid of going back to old bad habits. I realize resistance is a struggle for me because I don’t trust enough. I’m so much like Peter and like others who fall when fear gets in the way. Constant prayer as help me stay focus and I’ve seen what is good in my life and what is bad. Constant prayer is the key for me because it helps me conquer that fear of feeling I’m not good enough. I’m good enough because God loves me! I know this is a journey but everyday will be a constant reminder of that. Thank you! Jesus, help me celebrate your resurrection with joy this Easter, and help me carry that joy with me always. Let it inspire me to choose the happiness you created me for, and to never stop striving to be all that you created me to be.

  • Colleen

    Thank you to Matthew for this BLE program, I will miss your daily talks and I too enjoyed the real life videos of his staff and the conversations below. I have been changed by this series more than the other 3 I’ve experienced, I think because it has challenged me in practical ways on how to grow closer to God and become a better Catholic. As a new empty-nester (who has struggled emotionally since Sept. over it), the extra time I’ve had to devote to this series and to prayer and the need for emotional stability has helped me to be more open to the lessons Matthew presented. Next I am going to start reading his “Rediscover Catholicism” so I can continue to be edified by his lessons and rejuvenated by my Catholic faith, and I am totally committed to continuing the good habits started this Lent! Thank you again!

  • Diane Fiore

    I converted nine years ago. These ensuing years, crushed by my family’s rejection of my faith, the annulment I went through, my new husband’s illness; my faith has been severely challenged. This year, he has overcome his demons, I have renewed faith, no longer carrying the burden alone. Praise God in His glory for our own suffering which brings us closer to Him. Thank you, Dynamic Catholic for accompanying me in this Lenten journey to deeper faith and wholeness.

  • Rene Brown

    Thank you for all the sharing, and this special Lenten Journey. I also have had some uncertainty about returning to my same bad choices. But, praise God, Easter gives us renewed hope, not just on Easter Sunday, but everyday! So I will continue to work daily to slay resistance!!

  • loeloe

    I have more hope since I see every day that God is in charge and works things out better than I could in my wildest scheming. I pray not to waste so much time focusing on what I want and how I want it.

  • Pat

    Tomorrow will bring gratitude. This year I became more aware of Jesus’ gift. It is hard for my little human mind to wrap around how powerful His gift really is. Through your sharing and honesty; and allowing me to share and be honest, I feel we all have been given many graces. Thank you Dynamic Catholic for your gift of bringing us together and guiding us. Lifting all of you in prayer tomorrow at Easter Mass.

  • Jackie

    I encourage everyone here to Google “Heart to Heart Catholic Ministry.” I have been watching weekly Lenten video reflections put out by Fr. Michael Sparough. These are AMAZING and very insightful. Click on the banner at the top “Easter-Drawing Grace.” This will take you to the latest video. The banner rotates, so you will have to be patient. Fr. Sparough has a way of making Scripture personal. These weekly videos will be continuing through the Pentecost. So, if you are looking for a way to extend the season, this would be a really great way to do that. I would also recommend that you watch the previous videos from recent weeks during Lent. There is always more to meditate on. If you end up at “Heart to Heart International” you are in the wrong place.

  • Nancy

    I just want to thank Matthew and all the people who contributed daily! This has definitely increased my faith and been the best lent ever! I will continue on working on being the best version of myself!

  • Makiko Morelli

    This is my first time noting my comment. This Lent was the first time I watched BEST LENT EVER video and read many comments from all over the world faithfully and daily. I especially appreciate the idea of Transcript so that I can revisit, and copy & paste the parts struck my heart on to My Faith file. When we use technology according God’s will, like BEST LENT EVER, the fruits that bring to our lives are endless. I sincerely thank Matthew, his staff, and YOU!

  • JayAW

    During past lent periods, I did things that were a big sacrifice to me and I managed to go the entire lent period adhering to those sacrifices. I was successful at giving up certain things, praying the rosary every day, attending weekday masses, donating more money to charities, things like that. But I noticed myself slipping back into some of those old habits soon after Easter. In going to put more effort into not letting myself slip so much like I have in the past. I will slip, since I can’t always catch myself, but I’m going to give more attention to keeping myself close to Jesus as much as I can.

  • C. Valenti

    Thank you for the many thoughts and blessings you have shared these 40 days. I will miss my daily e-mail contacts. Your ideas are thought-provoking and I will use the Mass Journal idea throughout the next years. Thank you, Thank you, Matthew and staff!

  • Pat Thomas

    This has been an unusual Lenten season for me. The reason being that I went to be with my granddaughter in VA while her, mother my daughter, attended a work related conference. I felt at first that my Lenten intentions had been interrupted and I needed to back on track. Then, something nudged me and told me that my Lenten intentions are being directed in a different way then I had originally intended. My daughter has had an extremely stressful two years in her life with her marriage, the children and health issues contributed to the stress. This nudge reminded me that I was here to give her my love and assistance. And I did. This time a year ago my granddaughter, who is now 17, was having a terrible struggle in her life. Her mother made arrangements to send her to Timberline Knolls, a very reputable rehabilitation center, outside of Chicago. This experience made such a difference in her life. My visit with her this time was a complete change from a year ago. God is transforming her into a loving, caring and much kinder individual. God thank you for changing my Lenten journey this year I am aware it has been my best Lent ever.

  • Julie Concannon

    Jesus rising from the dead tomorrow reminds me that my own faith has risen from the ashes of mediocrity to one of sharp focus. My prayers have been answered this Lent in so many ways. I have let go of some of negativity I have carried for so long, prayed to Jesus for forgiveness, and welcomed a very special person into my life again. I have found a passion for helping refugees this spring. So often, when I sit in church and listen to the announcements, I hear myself saying “I want to do that but…” This Lent I have committed to action. My excitement for Easter comes from the fact that I am standing next to Jesus….not looking at Him with longing.

  • Joanne Williams

    This has been a stronghold for my faith and attention this Lent. Bless you all for helping me reverently through this incredible journey.

  • Virginia Lopez Duran

    Thank you for this amazing lent program, it helped me to see where my priorities were and how I wasn’t living the life God wants me to live. Now God is first and I have made daily prayer habits and also listening in silence to Him. Pray for me please so I can keep becoming the best version of myself.

  • Dave

    I have learned that who I spend time with, what I listen to, what I watch – where I spend my time, I am influenced by. I have learned that the secular world competes intensely for my attention by falsely promising me pleasure, and the elimination of my pain and suffering. I pray that I be always on guard. I pray through this lent, my faith and hope and charity – my heart, mind, body and soul be in harmony with Our Lord and Savior. I pray for authentic and evergreening transparent joy affect all those I touch.

    I pray, that I trust completely in My Lord and God, and achieve what St. Francis achieved – Trusting in God completely for eveything.

    May may this 2017 Easter be the one day that transformed our lives – knowing what the suffering, death and Resurection of Our Lord Jesus Christ truely means, a day that completely transformed my your lives – through the intercession of our Blessed Mother, pray.

    P.S. Thank you Mathew Kelly and all at Dynamic Catholic. We pray to the Holy Spirit for your protection, blessings and grace.

  • Stacey Garcia

    Thank you Matthew for the best lent ever. 🙏 For all to feel Gods greatness and love. God bless

  • Laura Sherman

    I have been so inspired by this program, and I have been able to share this book and program with close friends. Like the song and Maggie’s personal reflection…Be Not Afraid!! I am determined to take what I have learned, share it with others, and strive to become the best version of myself. Happy Easter to All!

  • Kathryn Huey

    This too is the first time I have made a comment. This Lent has been an awesome experience for me. I am privileged to be a sponsor for a friend who will be confirmed during the Easter Vigil and going through the RCIA program had taught me so much that I had forgotten as a cradle Catholic. I returned to the Church 8 years ago after many years away and have been on a life saving journey ever since. Thank you Dynamic Catholic for being part of this journey and thank you to everyone who have shared their stories. I know now that I am really one with Christ and that He loves me. Blessings and love to everyone this Easter and always.

  • Leah Levitt

    I tried picturing myself as Mary Magdalena starting with Holy Thursday. It must have worked because tears were flowing as I sat with Christ in the Garden. I am hoping that Inwill feel the Joy as Mary did when she sees the Risen Lord.

  • Debra

    I am so grateful for this program. I was feeling so sad that it is over, but Maggie especially helped me to see the Hope in our Risen Lord! Thank you Matthew and all of Dynamic Catholic for blessing me with your presence in my life each day!

  • Veronica

    My brother in law Curtis will be confirmed Catholic this evening during mass. What a wonderful Lent it has been praying for him.
    Big hurray God moment it will be!!

  • Jennifer

    Maybe this is a dumb question… will there be an email and video tomorrow, or is today the last one?

    • Claudia Ann McLean

      I’m not sure. . .
      I participated in Best Lent Ever last year and I can’t remember! (Me not remembering something Is not unusual in itself)! My best guess is that there will be another tomorrow.
      Happy Easter!

      • Jennifer

        Thank you, Happy Easter!

    • Patricia Ellen Davis

      I heard there will be an email message Monday. You can sign up for daily reflections from Dynamic Catholic (they were paused during BLE). It’s a good question Jennifer!

    • Carl

      Hi Jennifer,
      No, sadly, this is the last video. I (along with a number of others) asked if this Forum could be kept going last year and the same request was made after the Advent series as well.

      However, you can sign up for a daily inspirational email. I look forward to them, but do miss this Forum.

      You may want to consider sending in a request for it to be continued. I can understand that it may be too much for Matthew and the Dynamic Catholic staff to put together a video every day, but don’t know how labor intensive it would be for them to keep these discussions available.

      Have a very Happy and Blessed Easter!

      • Jennifer

        Thsnks, it just seemed like Easter would be the last day, not Holy Saturday. Thx for your response!

  • MaryAnne Casaul

    Tomorrow brings happiness and hope for me to new beginnings. This was my first best lent ever and it was very inspiring. Thank you all for sharing and may God Bless you all on your journey. Blessed Easter to all!

  • FiftySevenRambler

    great series……

    • Lisa

      haha for a “Rambler” two words! Two was all you needed. Yes it is a great series.

      • FiftySevenRambler

        not that kind of rambling…
        I prefer back roads and wide open spaces…..

        • Lisa

          Oh, that’s fun.

  • Christine


  • Cynthia Arellano

    I want to wish everyone a blessed Easter tomorrow. Continue your journey towards Pentecost Sunday and keep The flame burning in Jesus. Thank you Matthew for your daily inspiration and your team have made this Lenten journey One that I have never experienced. I wish you Jesus today and always. Love and peace

  • Sherry Flemming

    Just wondering if there is a study guide available for Resisting Happiness. I have been keeping a journal of sorts as I have been going along with this program and have found that it is more like a study guide that I will be reviewing until all the golden nuggets that have come out of this program have been implemented and solidified in my life. Thank you Matthew Kelly and your team for all the work you have done to impart God’s truth and love to all of us! May God continue to richly bless you all at Dynamic Catholic as well as all of us in His Holy Catholic Church!!!

  • Lisa

    Thank you so much for putting together this wonderful program – for free. I can’t even imagine how much work went into it.

    I also thank all of you who shared their lives in these blogs.

    This program has really made me come to terms with how much resistance rules my life. On Good Friday, at the 3 o’clock hour, I prayed the Divine Mercy and asked for self-control. What else could I do? Now, when I hit the wall of resistance, I will say to Jesus, “I know you are going to give me self-control so – let’s go!” I can already see myself getting into gear.

  • For me, it is not what will tomorrow bring. But what will Monday bring.
    These reflections have made me realize that I have been resistant to my spiritual health and development. Much as I have done with my health and intellectual pursuits, I need to make time for my spirituality.

    All this talk is great–it’s a matter of me making it so.

  • Jacob

    Happniess, love, joyful, gratitude, and grateful.

    I have so much negative feeling before; it would suck the joy right out of me. I wasn’t as positive as I should be. I know I am not perfect. I have learn by watching these quick messages to become closer to God. I need to show more loves or toward other as well. I want to be able to see joy in everyone eyes. I want to be grateful of all the people, who surround me everyday of the way. This is what tomorrow will bring to me.

  • Lisa

    I love Matthew’s comment: if you don’t bring a notebook to church, you must not expect God to speak. When I first heard him say that some years ago, I started taking a notebook to Adoration each week. I recently took a look at the first inspirations I wrote down. It really does help to write things down. Life goes on and we forget these mountain moments.

  • Niove Candida Rosario

    It has been a great journey and it will continue for me! I have to work hard on implementing some changes in my life. I have purchased Matthew’s top ten books. I am almost done reading Rediscover Catholism as recommended before starting the top ten books. I will try to start a mass journal. I will continue going to daily mass and will work hard to continue to grow spiritually. I also need to beat resistance and find time to exercise. I had accomplished a lot with exercise but when they moved my job in January this year and I had to get up earlier to get to work on time; I lost my rhythm and I need to find the right time again to exercise. The next 5 months or so will be challenging for me to say the least and I need to get myself ready. Oh and I also want to be a Saint so there; a lot to do. 😀

  • Peter

    Thank you thank you, Matthew, your team and all who have responded during this Lent season. I send our grateful wishes from UK across the Atlantic to all our friends in the US. It’s been a great journey with you and I am so grateful for sharing my faith and celebrating the Resurrection with you all

  • Rae Mims

    Tomorrow will bring the culmination of 40 days of true reflection on my life, my faith and my spiritual health. I will rise just as we celebrate Jesus rising from the dead. I feel like a snake shedding it’s skin,. I realized through this Lent – which has been the best ever – that while I may have work to do, I am moving forward. I am learning and growing. I started things this year that I never would have done – ministry. This Best Lent Ever has helped me to go deeper than just giving up coffee or chocolate for Lent.

  • Loveroflife

    Maggie, what a beautiful testimony of your journey during Lent. It is truly a blessing that Matthew Kelly and the staff of Dynamic Catholic has taken on the love to support Pope Francis revitalizing the Catholic Church which was the first Church founded by Jesus Christ. I say, Love, because as we fulfill the will/desires of God the Father is truly an act of Love and mercy. As we read the scriptures which manifests within us makes it so clear of the hope to come. “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for by the evidence of things not seen.” By faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God. , so that the things which are seen were not made of things which are visible.” Hebrew 11:1,3
    As for myself, I look forward to rising with Christ with a clean heart, renewed Spirit and a new life. That’s God the Father’s promise that we can look forward to. John 14:15-21, 23-28; 17:20-26 Not just for myself, but for ALL. Just as Matthew shared, “…it is a wonderful experience of the hope we have…” This wonderful feeling that we experience is God’s Spirit in our hearts.
    Imagine, “the blind will see, the lame will walk…” Luke 7:22-23 There’s hope of peace among nations, church and race. There’s hope of eliminating exploitation and oppression of children, women and the poor. There’s hope in the conversion of sinners. And, much, much more. All because of the body and blood, death and resurrection to come of His son, Jesus Christ. We could never fathom the tremendous LOVE He has for each one of us. But, I always tell my daughter, Cherise, I’m His favorite!!! Yet, she begs to differ that she’s the favorite!!! (Hehehe, just wanted to place a smile on your face!!!)
    God Bless, Vaya con Diyos and may you all have a joyous Easter!!! 💕💖💕 May God be Praised!!!

  • Sue Smith

    Maggie, I am so proud of the woman you have become !!! My heart just beams with with love and joy for you !!! I am so thankful that you have found your peace & happiness and you know God’s intention for you !
    I remember the days when I thought you guys would never grow up, all of the giggling, late night talks, & fun you had !! I thought you guys would never go to sleep . Wow when I think about those days I remember all of our great talks , and asking you young teenagers to tell me about 5 good things that happen today !! You guys never ceased to amaze me with your answers. I am very thankful for you !!! And Very Proud !!!
    Love Always ~ Sue

  • Jackie

    I encourage everyone here to Google “Heart to Heart Catholic Ministry.” I have been watching weekly Lenten video reflections put out by Fr. Michael Sparough. These are AMAZING and very insightful. Click on the banner at the top “Easter-Drawing Grace.” This will take you to the latest video. The banner rotates, so you will have to be patient. Fr. Sparough has a way of making Scripture personal. These weekly videos will be continuing through the Pentecost. So, if you are looking for a way to extend the season, this would be a really great way to do that. I would also recommend that you watch the previous videos from recent weeks during Lent. There is always more to meditate on. If you end up at “Heart to Heart International” you are in the wrong place.

    • Tina Xinastle

      Thank you for sharing the info, Jackie. Have a wonderful Easter!!

  • Father Christopher G Gillen

    Matthew and Team,
    Thank you for an awesome Lent 2017! Deeply appreciate the sharing, and the stepping stones to further spiritual growth in Hope. A Blessed Easter to You All! Shalom, Father Christopher G Gillen- Canada!

  • Joyce W.

    This really has been a very special Lent for me. The winter has been brutal and isolating, and there were health problems for a while too, but God has seen me through depression and pity parties and blessed me through the Sacraments, including confession, and I am awaiting Easter with joy. Early on in Lent I was thinking how I will be able to get back to those things I have been withdrawing from, even thinking it will be good to relax with a crime novel again, but you know, I’ve read such great books from the church library that I’m thirsty for more. Some of them have been hard to put down! I want to maintain the momentum of the best of our Lenten observation from now on, and draw close to God every day. I want to try to be the best version of myself with His help!

  • Michael Ennis

    I want to thank everyone who participated in this program, especially those who responded to my postings. I also want to thank Matthew Kelly and his team for making these programs possible. God Bless you all. Happy Easter everyone!! God Bless you all as well.

    • Tina Xinastle

      Thanks Michael! God bless you too. Have a blessed and joyful Easter!

  • Tessa Watkins

    I’ve had one of the best Lenten seasons ever. Thank you Matthew and his team for being my Jesus with skin. Many blessings & Aloha, Bob and Tessa

  • Tom

    Thank you to the entire team at DC. The Best Lent Journey has been wonderful. I had first read resisting happiness which added more meaning to the videos each day. Much like you Matt 14 years ago I was diagnosed with cancer and came back to going to mass every Sunday. Even while traveling I have found a Catholic Church. New York, London, Netherlands, Italy, just to name few. I have only missed mass a few times in those 14 years. In addition I have gone to mass everyday during LENT in those 14 years and given up alcohol on top of it however even with all that something was missing. I felt like I was going through the motions to keep this streak of going to mass alive and not really focusing on my relationship with Jesus. The BLJ has created a whole new perspective for me as a Catholic. I wake up everyday and pray to Jesus that he’ll be my guiding light to get me to be the very best version of my self. Before lent I gave out copies of the book to my family I’m not sure they read it however I continue to be a spiritual leader for my family. I’m almost done reading your other book “Redisover Jesus” which has help add even more clarity to my spiritual knowledge of Jesus. I’m going to miss not getting your daily video next week. I’m HAPPY of the new me and looking forward to continue my journey to walk with and eventually meet Jesus. Thanks again. Tom

  • Amy Reinhardt

    I am so grateful that my aunt sent me a text about this program. This Lent has been different from every other Lent I’ve experienced. I feel closer to God, and I feel more joy and excitement for Easter. A lot has happened to me since this program started on March 1st: my grandma passed away and my boyfriend of 14 months broke up with me. Both of these things had a huge effect on my life. I think if I hadn’t been committed to this program, I wouldn’t have been able to get through the suffering. I have a certainty now that God loves me and he will always get me through the difficult times, and because of this my life will never be the same. I feel happier and stronger than I was before, and that is the source of strength that will help me continue to combat resistance today, tomorrow and for the rest of my life. Thank you Matthew Kelly and Dynamic Catholic!

    • Tina Xinastle

      I agree it’s a wonderful way to face your trials and sacrifices. Your optimism is awesome. My condolences for the loss of your Grandma. May Our Lord continue to bless you and bring you Joy!

  • carolyn

    My hope is that tomorrow I will be able to continue to put into practice the things I have learned during this program. Thank you Dynamic Catholilc! Best Lent Ever.

  • Dorrie

    What will tomorrow bring? Continued growth in faith and trust, using the tools offered in this program 🙂 Beginning with identifying resistance – as Matthew said, just giving it a name helps to defeat it!
    Holy Week is always fraught with emotion for me, and I must admit I actually feel so relieved when Good Friday is over! Today we rest in peaceful anticipation; tomorrow, we rejoice!
    Thank you, Matthew and team and all who have shared here. I felt a kinship with all of you. God bless!

  • Jean

    What will tomorrow bring? I can’t lie……there will be some sadness..I am going to miss sitting quietly each morning with The Best Lent. I am changed because of all of you.. I will miss the daily visit. Thank you dynamic Catholic for my best lent ever!

  • Lora De Blasio

    I’m still unsure. I’m broken, fight and resist. But have a whole lotta love in this heart of mine.

  • Mark Darrow

    Jesus Christ has risen today! Alleluia, alleluia…

  • Paula

    Thank you so much for this amazing journey!!! I can’t tell you how happy I am that i have shared this with you. I looked forward to this every day and I am really going to miss this!!! God Bless you all~~ He Is Risen~~~P

  • Cindy Pearlstein

    Thank you for the daily reflections during this Lenten journey. It has grounded me and kept me focused on what is truly important and to not get caught up in the noise of current day society.

  • Ann Galligan

    Be bold, be Catholic. I never thought I’d professed my faith and realized what Easter meant until I lived my faith. All my friends said how “sick” they were about on all the media about “this pope-stuff when St. John Paul died. In that moment I professed my faith and knew what Easter really meant. I’ve never understood who I really was until I with out a heart beat professed my faith and knew what Easter really meant. These 40 days reinforced it.

  • Patricia L Sullivan

    Thank you folks at Dynamic Catholic for all of your wonderful inspiration these past 40 days. I will never forget them!

  • Kenwyn

    This has truly been the best lent ever! Thank you to Matthew Kelly and the team at Dynamic Catholic. And when I say the best ever, it’s not because I’ve done all I could or should this lent. Far from it! But, this series has truly inspired me and changed my prayer life and the way I have approached lent. As Matthew suggested one day, I ask God daily for “the desire to want for myself what God wants for me.” And like Maggie said today, I’m a little afraid that my progress will fade away now that this program is finished. But I truly yearn to better my relationship with God. Please pray for me and I will pray for all who have followed this series. I look forward to more from Matthew and his team! Have a happy and blessed Easter!

  • Ann Lee

    Best Lent Ever has inspired me to identify resistance and upgrade spiritual habits. Thank you, Matthew Kelley for articulating the genius of Catholicism. Thank you for every practical idea. You are an eternal life coach. Easter blessings to one and all in this faith community.

  • Sandy Zabierowsky

    Matthew Kelly and all of Dynamic Catholic,
    Thank you for being here to guide us, teach us, share your ideas and help us grow into the, ” best version of ourselves, ” I believe this journey might be one of the best, some of the best thought provoking questions were presented to us. Of course my favorite is “Be Bold, Be Catholic, ” I’m looking forward to whatever you have in store for us.
    Thank You, Thank You, Thank You,

  • Nancy D.

    I have abosolutely loved this video series. I have added daily prayer to each morning. Today I have a better understanding of what to look forward for and how to fix it, when I am not doings God’s will. I am going to miss this.

  • Maria Nowak

    To Matthew and the rest of the team,
    Thank you for such a wonderful experience and truly the Best Lent Ever. Your daily videos and reflections will be missed. I can honestly say that I do look forward to next year Lent because, thanks to 2017, it has become a very special time of the year. I look forward to being BOLD, being Catholic, everyday.

  • SanctusSanctus

    Tomorrow will bring the resurrected Christ. He’s my “go to” Lord for all my problems. Hopefully I hit the “re-set” button for another opportunity to imitate Christ. Thanks to all. Please Pray for me! I’m recalling each of you in my prayers also.

  • Margo

    How have I changed? Mainly by being encouraged in my Christian faith I knowing that there are so many people out there that share my outlook.

  • Arthur Brown

    I am happy and sad at the same time because God has given us a great gift this past Lent. Matthew Kelly has brought us to look at ourselves daily and to remind us to give up resistance and give all to God and He will change our lives by His love and give us a since of who we are and who God is and how we can be the best version of ourselves. Tomorrow we will celebrate Jesus resurrection and we will focus on the gift of salvation that God has given us. The real issue is, will you go out into the world after Easter celebration and continue your Lenten practices everyday or will you get back in the world and wait a whole another year to say why did I do what I did this past year and why did I not put into practice what God wants me to be. God Bless each and everyone of you in your daily spiritual journey with God, Christ and the Holly Spirit. I also want to thank Dynamic Catholic for the Best Lent Ever and the ability to be a Dynamic Catholic Ambassador. Now all I have to do is do what God wants me to do. I wish this was a daily event and not just Christmas and Lent. I guess that what makes it special.

  • johnnyt

    This has been my best Lent ever. I retired in December and have spent more time this Lent with the Dynamic Catholic team and loved the videos. Short but really made me think of what I should be doing to get closer to our Lord. thank you Mathew Kelly and all your team that contributed to this Lenten season and your videos. Really made a difference in my life.

  • Cari Baez

    This lent was so bad!!! 🙁 I was so doomed and very bad spiritually. ;-; I am not a well Godly person. I am a little secular and I doubted in God a little bit, but because of my love and faith i have for the Virgin Mary, I ask her to take care of me and help me bring my faith in Jesus. There are times I miss Jesus so much and pray the Holy scriptures but I am still hanging.. I get lazy and don’t want to. I am so sad because I get attack as a catholic so much. I love being a traditionalist catholic but some people aren’t with me. They don’t understand. May you please pray for me? Thanks. God bless.

    • Kathleen Cranford Kelley

      Prayers to you, Cari, for love, vision, understanding and forgiveness!

  • Nicole M.

    Tomorrow will bring happiness and love. I am going to spend tomorrow praising Jesus! I know and trust that he has resurrected and is my Savior! I am going to put aside anything that will distract me and spend time with my amazing family tomorrow. This lent has taught me so much and I can’t thank Dynamic Catholic enough. It might have been a small change in my life, but it was much needed. I pray that I can continue to reflect and keep taking steps in the right direction. This life that God gave me is beautiful and I am going to live it to its fullest. <3

  • Kathy Altomaro

    I have so many mixed emotions,( as I do every year after Easter Vigil) because I am happy/sad that Lent is over. It is especially sad that my daily habit of watching ” Best Lent Ever” is over😢 It is the most life-changing Lenten journey that I have ever experienced & I plan on re-watching the entire series again & again to learn more & more of what God wants of me! It is exhilarating to see the wonderful experiences that God has brought about thru this series and you Matthew & your team!!!!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU …..PLEASE do another series soon🙏🏻 I’m ordering your books & contributing to your mission, God bless you & yours…..He has BIG plans for you. May the Holy Spirit guide you & bring you every success in your endeavors ✝ BLESSED EASTER 🐣🐰💐🙏🏻🌈✝

  • Kelly

    The best thing that came about for me this lent was that this best-lent-ever has been a vehicle for my husband to join me in contemplation and prayer! Thank you DC!
    At first I was vigilant doing this by myself. Half way through lent my husband agreed to join me and so I felt I couldn’t do it until he came home from work and after dinner. So many things got in the way at that time of day, so we frequently missed it. I felll behind and have yet to catch up. By the time I was able to do a day I had missed, the blog had all happened without me. One time I actually viewed a day message before my husband got home because I didn’t want to miss. Then that night I thought that if he thought I had alteafy seen the message, he wouldnt want to do it with me, so I pretended I was seeing it for the first time. That felt so wrong its actually what I confessed in confession. Its been a battle within me, but I am grateful for the support you have offerd for us to at least occassionally do some meaningful prayer time together this Lent. Thank you!

  • Olliefu

    Thank you Matthew and the entire crew at Dynamic Catholic. HAPPY EASTER!!! It was an awesome 40 days!

  • Donna R.

    Like another poster, I’m not Catholic, though I have family members who converted when they married Catholic spouses, and have attended Masses in the past with family and friends. I have a very varied religious background that has involved membership or close working ties with a wide number of denominations. After my husband and I married, he was ordained a Baptist minister (though he was raised Catholic, and was even an altar boy), and we have primarily served the poor, homeless, and recovering alcoholics for over 35 years. When I became disabled, I had to give up all of the activites I was engaged in both in religious and secular life. I have a very strong faith in Jesus, but felt I wanted to go deeper and grow deeper with Him during this Lent. I could not have imagined 40 days ago the impact Best Lent Ever has had on my life. I bought Matthew’s book Resisting Happiness, and plan to go through it again. I have also been watching special programs on EWTN (Station of the Cross reenactment, the Stations from the Coliseum in Rome with Pope Francis, who I deeply respect, the Easter Vigil Mass with Pope Francis, etc.), and a few programs on EWTN’s online app.

    I want to thank Matthew Kelly and everyone at Dynamic Catholic, for this wonderful BLE program, and all of you for your warm welcome and all of the things you’ve shared. Please pray for me as I ask God where He wants to lead me in this next phase of my life, and I will be praying for all of you.

  • Nanci Johnston

    Thanks Matthew, for this wonderful program. I am keeping all 40 days of videos so I can replay them throughout the next year. I hope this will help keep me focused on my walk with God and that I will be a more fervent and happy child of God. Happy Easter everyone 😇😇🌼💐🌻🌸🌺🌷🌹

  • Rosie

    Every week, our staff meets and discusses goals and what is going on for the week upcoming and what went on the past week. We begin with a scripture and reflection and sharing. When it was my turn to share, I never failed to mention in a big way whatever I had viewed on Best Lent Ever. It was so easy to deliver the message of the day and then have all share what importance the message had to them. At the end of our meeting, we discuss a book we are all reading together, dealing with the traits of a healthy spirituality. It has been very eye opening and so easy to share with each trait. Short chapters and questions at the end with a prayer for the week made it such a easy read and focus. Now as we approach the end of the book with three chapters left, we are looking for another book to focus on. I am going to suggest Resisting Happiness as I think it can help us all to grow as a team which is so needed in parish work. Thank you to all and especially to Matthew Kelly. Been watching for those Sacramental programs for Reconciliation and Eucharist, also trying to lead my pastor to Dynamic Catholic for Confirmation program. You have so much to offer to others and God knows we need a dynamic leader. God’s blessings.

  • Margie Suarez

    I pray that tomorrow my faith will be stronger, my resolution to live out my Catholic faith, and to be a light to all who see Christ in me.

  • Kathy

    My words exactly…could not of said it better. I have been resisting happiness due to my circumstances but Matthew has helped me so much to see that you can walk with grace and joy with the love of God. This has been my “best lent ever” and am so grateful for my amazing family, friends and fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. Thank you to all who has helped me on this long journey.

  • Lynne

    Happy Easter to All at Dynamic Catholic! Thank you for sharing all your time in helping us become the Best we can be – or at least getting on the road to being the Best. Thanks for All who shared their paths – Blessing to you all.

  • Rosa Chacon

    Happy Easter and Blessings to you all and as I continue my Easter journey I want to thank Mathew and all his team for helping me on my Best Lent Journey.

    Welcome home to all those who have been received into the Mother Church!!!

  • Terrah

    If you thought this was intended to re-energize the American faithful Mathew, I bet you were wrong because for the past 40 days, deep in the heart of Africa I listened and meditate on all the messages you and the Dynamic Catholic team shared and I am so grateful. My life will never be the same. The only thing I am struggling with is how I am gonna get your book “Resisting Happiness”, from my understanding it is readily available to those close-by but I do hope I will get my copy sooner or later. I haven’t forgotten my fellow Catholics who shared their experiences on this platform provided for us by Dynamic Catholic team, sometimes I failed to get what Mathew had shared but it is through your input and deliberations that I would then understand. May the Blessings of the risen Lord be upon all of you. I have come to realize the genius of Catholicism and I am so proud of being a Catholic. To everyone, Be Bold. Be Catholic.

  • Anne

    Thank you Matthew and the Dynamic Catholic Team!!! You have been an inspiration to me this Lent and everyday….. God Bless You

  • Richard

    May God bless the anonymous donor who purchased several boxes of Resisting Happiness for every adult in St Anthony Parish; Casper, WY! Looking forward to reading it on the heels of my Best Lent Ever…! Thanks for all you do

    • Lisa

      That’s how I got mine. Different town. I think our pastor paid for ours. How wonderful.

  • Susan Geisel

    Tomorrow brings contentment and determination. God is good! All the time!!

  • doubtingthomasaquinas

    I love the beauty of this series and these people who, as they seek to follow God, find his love and light coming into and shining out from their lives. It’s what always happens when the people of God say, ‘Here I am, send me.’ that’s when God shows us more. This fun beauty of these people is a testimony of what God wants to do in all of us, and is the best advertising for the Church and Faith the world can see. Take what you have gained here, cultivate it, and watch it change people around you as he changes you. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • Margo

    I don’t know when the comments will be closed and if they will be removed, but I have so enjoyed the opportunity to share with everyone. It is a bit of an escape I know, but there is so much anti-Cristian sentiment that at times all I want to do is escape✝️

  • Glen Arcalas

    Knowing that we can start again. Sometimes life pushes hard. Do I fight it? or move with it? will it bring out the best version of myself? God’s plan my not be seen right away, I just need to keep him close and thank him for all the gifts Jesus brings.

  • Annette

    Thank you. Happy Easter!

  • Emma Spaulding

    I decided to do this “Best Lent Ever” journey to try to figure things out in my life, get closer with God, figure out the things in my life that I need to quit or continue doing, and stay true to my faith. This journey I would say did all of that. I did my best to watch the video every day, and when I missed a few, I would watch it the next day and continue with the videos and book and not give in. I am truly blessed to have had this opportunity to share my thoughts with Dynamic Catholic and let things I have been keeping in out. Lent is a time to find your way back to Jesus if lost in places and remember all that He has done for us! I was reminded of so many things and I hope I continue with daily prayer or other things to keep my mind focused as it was for about 90% this Lent. This was the best Lent ever and tomorrow (Easter) will bring peace to my life and know that God is there and will continue to be there and guide me down the path He has for me.

  • Alcide Bouchard

    Thank you Matthew and all my beautiful brothers and sisters for a loving and enlightened effort to bless God’s people!

    I am one who isn’t changed by a presentation unless I read or watch it five or six times, and then start putting into practice.

    In this case, though, because there were specific focus-action-prayer guidelines, I was able to quickly contemplate the lesson and how it applies to my desires, dreams, habits, weaknesses, etc…and start putting it into practice.

    What’s more, the progress that I’ve made, being aware of resistance, and battling resistance in a few little things gives me hope that I may never have to fight the big battles when I may be tempted to rebel against God.

    I was also able to quickly share with others, who don’t really know much about lent, the real purpose and genius of this season! It’s comforting that we’re not alone in our struggles, and that the blessings that conversion brings aren’t confined to any season. Alleluia!

  • Sarena

    Easter Sunday brought me a feeling that the past, the negatives have withered away and with Jesus rising a door has opened. I feel as though Jesus opened and walked through this door and it is our duty to follow him through it. I feel like the past and negatives died and on Easter Sunday, we closed that chapter and we have begun anew with Him. It’s a refreshing feeling. God Bless everyone, it was wonderful to share this journey with you and is been very reflective and helpful. I’ve learned so much.

  • RobCatherine Gwinner

    What a gift these emails have been!! Thank you Matthew Kelly and your entire staff that spent countless hours creating, editing, improving and praying over “The Best Lent Ever” series! I’m looking forward to the next series…maybe the “The Best Advent Ever”??? Interestingly my takeaway today comes from Matthew’s video. His comparison of the apostles’ reactions on Good Friday and Holy Saturday immediately reminded me of how I feel sometimes. I choose to follow God and walk through my own Good Friday experience – I’m sad, alone, frustrated, scared and incredible fearful of what the future will hold. But then…then comes my Holy Saturday experience. I’m on the other side of God’s answer to my situation. I see WHY I had to go through the difficulties, I understand WHY I had to struggle, and I am GRATEFUL that I clung to God because He always has a much better plan for my life than I do. Now I think I can look at the dark times in my life as a Good Friday experience knowing that Easter Sunday WILL come and my heart WILL be filled with the joy of Jesus’ loving care for me!

  • Agnes Brett

    The Dynamic Catholic Lenten program was greatly inspiring to me. I feel it has changed me and I pray that I can continue on this path. I am greatly appreciative to Matthew Kelly and the team for offering this program. Thank You!

  • KDL

    I got sidetracked a little bit, and am just finishing up the last 3 videos now. This program has been such a blessing to me. I am working toward improving my prayer life. I also went to confession for the first time in years, which was one of my biggest goals this Lent.
    One thing that this program helped me to do was acknowledge my restlessness, and in so doing, I have decided to make a huge shift in my career. I am quitting my current job tomorrow morning.
    To all of you out there who have gone through Best Lent Ever, I pray that you find true happiness the way God desires it, and that you beat resistance daily. Please pray for me as well.

  • Diana

    Matthew, you have surrounded yourself with some amazing people! I have so enjoyed my Lenten journey, and have truly enjoyed the second videos by “regular people” so much as well. If they can do it, we can do it! I will try to be the Light.

  • Kim Bordelon

    I as well had great hopes for this particular season of Lent ,with so many struggles in the past year ,my prayers were being answered by people that I didn’t even know.People that were struggling along with me .But I found such joy more than I bargained for with this series .I am so very excited for what the next few month of applying what I’ve learned to begin and implement it into my daily life. I look forward to next year and the Holy Season of Lent.

  • Linda Carmelle

    I gave myself a do-over ,a 2nd chance at he program. There was so much valuable advice and lessons packed into the Best Lent Ever program that I know I missed out in due to a variety of reasons .This experience was more than I ever expected it to be! I know the development I’ve made spiritually will be extraordinary in life. It takes me quite awhile to develop new habits and not revert back to old ways. I NEEDED to participate a 2nd time. And because God also believes in the power of 3(like the Father,Son,and Holy Spirit, or the Easter Triduum experience for to name a few.) I will review my saved videos a 3rd time to continue strengthening my newly formed habits and continue transforming myself in this world inspite of this world. Thank You Dynamic Catholic and I look forward to next years Lenten Series!