April 13: Holy Thursday

Day 38

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So here we are. We’re ready to enter into the Triduum.

The vast emotions that the disciples go through is astounding. Thursday night you’ve got Jesus washing their feet. You’ve got this God-man, who they believe to be the Messiah, washing their feet. What did the disciples feel? And what were they thinking?

I think it’s a great area for us to reflect upon in our lives.

What would it feel like to have Jesus wash your feet?

“God is constantly inviting us to immerse ourselves in the present moment so we can be with him.”

Matthew Kelly, Resisting Happiness

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God wants good things for us, but, like Peter, we often resist him.


As you read today’s Gospel, reflect on your life and ask two questions. First, how is God trying to love me? Second, how have I resisted God’s love in my life?

Holy Thursday’s Gospel Reading: John 13:1–15

Now before the festival of the Passover, Jesus knew that his hour had come to depart from this world and go to the Father. Having loved his own who were in the world, he loved them to the end. The devil had already put it into the heart of Judas son of Simon Iscariot to betray him. And during supper Jesus, knowing that the Father had given all things into his hands, and that he had come from God and was going to God, got up from the table, took off his outer robe, and tied a towel around himself. Then he poured water into a basin and began to wash the disciples’ feet and to wipe them with the towel that was tied around him. He came to Simon Peter, who said to him, “Lord, are you going to wash my feet?” Jesus answered, “You do not know now what I am doing, but later you will understand.” Peter said to him, “You will never wash my feet.” Jesus answered, “Unless I wash you, you have no share with me.” Simon Peter said to him, “Lord, not my feet only but also my hands and my head!” Jesus said to him, “One who has bathed does not need to wash, except for the feet, but is entirely clean. And you are clean, though not all of you.” For he knew who was to betray him; for this reason he said, “Not all of you are clean.”

After he had washed their feet, had put on his robe, and had returned to the table, he said to them, “Do you know what I have done to you? You call me Teacher and Lord—and you are right, for that is what I am. So if I, your Lord and Teacher, have washed your feet, you also ought to wash one another’s feet. For I have set you an example, that you also should do as I have done to you.


God, help me to receive everything that you are pouring into me and learn to simply be with you.

Today’s personal reflection features Dynamic Catholic team member Jenna Greiwe. Jenna is our Mission Team leader, coming to us from Lima, Ohio. Jenna enjoys watching The Golden Girls reruns, was featured in a Skyline Chili commercial, and is quite proud of the office prank she pulled off for April Fools’ Day.

How have you resisted God’s love in your life?

Let us know in the comments!

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  • Pearl Brown

    I try not to resist God’s love. I pray every day that He will hold me and keep me in his love even when I am not having a good day. Thank you Jesus

  • Cheryl Aronson

    Wow! I cried on this one. What a special moment revealed.

    • Teresa Bringardner Morley

      I get the feeling the next few days will be filled with so much emotion. More for me this year than in the past.

  • Eddie

    Jesus washed all of the disciples feet including Judas’. Knowing that Judas would hand him over just hours later Jesus still chose the actions of a servant and washed his feet. We are called to serve everyone not just the easy but the hard. This has been the defining idea for me this Holy Week so far for me!

    • Linda Carmelle

      O Yes what a profound example! And as much as I try I admit I am unable as of yet to achieve that level of compassion and servitude. If only everyone could achieve that goal our world would be a much better place…..Lets all pray for the ability to encourage and develop that growth in ourselves,as well as in all of humanity .

      • Lea Novak

        I have trouble serving those I love, never mind enemies! Pray for me…I really need humility, although I cringe at the form those lessons are likely to take!

    • Sandy

      I agree, Eddie! I read this passage many times, but today is the first time I really realized that. What an impact!

    • Diana

      Eddie, thanks for that insite. I never thought about that Jesus was serving even the difficult ones. I knew he was for all of us but never thought about him washing Judas’s feet & how hard that would be for him.

    • Mary Jo Wilder

      I had this thought as well! I have been resisting loving my “enemies”!!! Help me Lord to see how to do this!

    • Maria Vaccaro-Sardos

      Thank you Eddie for your post.

    • Linda Carmelle

      This afternoon a situation arose at work,our center will close unexpectedly tomorrow due to turning off of the water main in the village. All employees were told report to another location to work at our normal time. If we are not there it would be considered a no call no show and an aotumatic write up. There are 16 employees and about 3 positions for work only. Many of the staff have visited this location in the past and DO NOT want to work there as they have asked us to perform tasks against state regulations and safety standards. This is a child care center. I feel this is a decision God is presenting to me on Good Friday as the minority of Christian/Catholic faith. Everyone is asking me what will I do? I told them I will pray about it and listen for God’s Voice tonight. According to company policy in our handbook it states we must give a minimum of 1 hr notice if we are going to be late or absent.

      So I ask do I go in and serve God’s children tomorrow,even when I’m being required to perform tasks against the law OR Do I take the consequences,stand on principle and NOT GO?

      I am praying to hear God’s voice tonight,If any Best Lent Ever friends are reading this please feel free to offer me guidance and perspective. Thank You

  • David B

    How have I resisted God’s love in my life? Too many ways to count. The words of Peter to Jesus “Master part from me for I am a sinful man” are echoing with in me now. One who turn his back on his faith seeking the worlds ways. 25 years ago I could no longer ward off the grace of God and came back to the faith.
    I feel blessed and overwhelmed following this journey. I still resist His love after all this time. I still resist happiness this journey has taught me that I no longer have too.
    Thank you

    • Anna Brady

      Welcome David. I think a lot of people resist. I think the important thing is to see that and try again not to resist. May God Bless You

    • Arianne

      David, your comment really struck a cord with me. I turned away from God for so long because I thought I could not totally live a good moral Christian life and so God wouldn’t want and accept me. But I always felt called to come to him. Finally I could resist that call no longer and joined RCIA, thank the Lord! It was through my journey in RCIA that I learn that I don’t have to be perfect – God loves me just how I am. After 20+ years of thinking I had to be sinless before I came to God, this realization that God just loves me is OVERWHELMING! I will be baptized and received into the Church on Sat and am so grateful 🙂

      • kimisu

        I am happy for you and for our church that you will be receiving the Water of Life. =)

      • David B

        Arianne, God Bless you welcome to church.

    • Kj

      Beautifully put, David!

  • Dorothy Cabral

    How have I resisted God’s love in my life. wow, there are so many times I have resisted his love in my life but, what comes to my mind first is every time I take my life in my own hands I am resisting God. When I think I have all the answers to everything and I move away from God and do things my way……I am following my will not his will …..I am resisting Gods love for me.

    • Kimberly Seurynck Brown

      Thank you for that insight! Your post opened my heart to realize that is exactly how I resist God too!

    • loeloe

      This Triduum I am concentrating on the word “trust”, and you have exactly expressed the reason why. Thank you.

      • Dorothy Cabral

        Trust has always been an issue with me as well. Your not alone. Let’s pray that through this experience we both may learn to put our trust in the Lord and follow his will not my will! When I’m having difficulty with this I close my eyes and repeat ” let go and let God handle it, I will follow”, it’s amazing how wonderful this works. Try it. Happy Easter

    • Tracy Hayden

      Thank you Dorothy- I couldn’t have said it better! 🙂

    • Jenny

      My focus for the Triduum is also TRUST for the same reason. I was explaining this to our priest at confession yesterday (first time in many years) and his penance for me was “Let Go and Let You”. When I feel myself resisting, I repeat that prayer over and over along with THY WILL BE DONE! God’s plan is so much greater than anything I could conceive. Thanks Dorothy

      • Dorothy Cabral

        It’s amazing how this simple but meaningful statement “Let go and let Gods will be done” can get us back on the Lords path. Thank you for sharing.

  • Benita Ross Words

    On this Holy Thursday morning, Jesus love for me is such a real thing. Letting myself accept this love, without feeling guilty is my challenge. Come to me Lord Jesus, me a sinner. You are always there for me, I just have to join with YOU!

    • Kj

      Beautifully said!

    • Kathleen Spector


  • Lisa

    This past Lent has brought me to a place of really focusing on God’s love for me. I have truly come to a place where I can sense my resistance and sense God’s will for me. It’s brought me serenity that I haven’t felt in a very long time. I took action last year by going to mass weekly, something I have never done in my life. I joined RCIA and will be confirmed this Saturday. It’s been an incredible journey with so many gifts! I am looking forward to continuing on this path. I feel the Lord’s embrace. I have made good decisions the last month that has set my soul free to love and TO BE LOVED! I thank all of you who have shared with me your prayers and kind words. You have helped me beyond any words could express – I mean this – thank you and remember God Loves You!

    • Susie Avril Glascock

      God’s Blessings to you and Welcome !

    • Anna Brady

      Welcome Lisa, Wishing you all the best on your new path. May God Bless You. I’m so glad you decided to join. Will be thinking of you and all those entering the church this Easter season.

    • Pamela Urban

      Welcome to the Church. May you feel Gods loving embrace every morning you open your eyes, every time you receive Jesus in the Eucharist. He is so loving and merciful, enjoy this journey with him and his faithful disciples.

    • Monina Shaughnessy

      Lisa I maybe far from where you are but my thoughts and prayers will be with you this coming Saturday! Congratulations and let’s us thank God for the best gift that He has been pouring on you. Monet

    • Eleanor

      Enjoy these next few days as you are welcomed into the church and receive all the gifts and graces the sacraments have to offer!!!!

    • Lyndsay Sullivan

      Lisa, may God bless you abundantly. I was received into the Church 11 years ago and my life has never been the same! I hope you continue to learn and grow in His ways. I will be praying for you and all the candidates during the vigil.

    • Christian

      Welcome Home Lisa!!!!! The Church is Going to be even better for having you in communion! Happy Easter!

    • Rita Gahr

      Welcome to the Church may God Bless you on your Confirmation day and everyday day after.

    • Shelly

      That’s wonderful Lisa, it is an awesome place to be, but remember God never stopped loving you – He has been by your side the whole experience. Embrace!!

    • Mark B. Macanas

      Lisa: Welcome to the Church! It has been an awesome Best Lent Ever for me. I’m still dealing with a lot of stuff (loneliness, past hurts, depression, etc.) but I always turn to God to lift me up.

  • Mary Lehett

    Wow, I am humbled to tears.

  • Nathan

    Wow!!! As I wrapped up the video and was getting into the reading, my 8 year old daughter came into the room at 5:00 a.m. And I realized how much love God has given to me through my 4 beautiful children. I run a small business and I allow the anxiety of the business to overwhelm my life sometimes. As my precious daughter came and sat with me for a second I was reminded of how great our God is and the many different people he uses to speak into our minds and hearts. I will reflect today on his blessings and do my best to see each person that God blesses on my path today as an opportunity to see his love and give that same love right back to others.

    • Kj

      This is an amazing post. God is peaking through you!

    • Teri Treece

      I love this. Thank you for sharing it, Nathan.

    • George Diedrich

      Nathan, I know where you are..I have been there having had 4 children and a wonderful wife and a business. Concentrate today on the blessings you have been given in your family and pray that you never allow the demands of business to take preference over time and attention needed by your family. It’s easy to rationalize that you are working hard to provide (materially) for your family. Pray and strive for balance. Enjoy the Easter season with them. Praying for you and all in your BLESSED situation.

  • SanctusSanctus

    I’m a crybaby here too this morning!
    Oh that spouses could know Christ in each other… the marriage Covenant.

    • Carlos

      I share your sentiment, especially regarding the closeness and examination of a love that never fails!

  • Alice Ann Hengesbach

    “Now” … this moment. This is all we have. God is always present. God is in the now. We breathe deep and feel our breath … this is God. Blessings to you all who are making this journey with me … enjoy this moment. Love.

  • John L. Kemmis

    I resist God’s love by focusing on me in the activities I do instead of focusing on Him in those same activities. Surrender is the word I picked the other day. I need to surrender to Him.

    • Kj

      Nicely put. Thanks for sharing!

    • Maria Vaccaro-Sardos

      Yes, me too. I picked surrendered and trust!

  • Maureen Ashburn

    I am in awe right now and very humbled. Beautiful just beautiful. Lord help me to accept your love.

  • Liz C

    Jenna, even though I am probably 30 years older than you, I feel like we are soul sisters! Besides sharing a penchant for Golden girls reruns ;-), everything you said about stress and anxiety and resisting God’s love and mercy is exactly what I go through every day. I am slowly learning to let go and to just accept and believe in God’s love for me. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.

    • Carlos

      These are the life defining moments that we sometimes miss in the busyness of our world and in our own selfishness. I am so glad that Jenna recognized this as God speaking through her husband. It really showed me two things, that we need to accept God’s love and we need to be God’s love to the others in our lives.

  • SanctusSanctus

    I’m probably resisting God’s love anytime I’m reviewing past sins with guilt instead of gratitude.
    I’m probably resisting God’s love when I fail to love my neighbors in some way. Romans 5:8, But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.”
    I’m in need of Resurrection….

    • Kj

      Beautifully written! Thank you for sharing… I do the exact same thing.

  • Rick

    Yesterday i received the Sacrament of Reconciliation for the first time in 8 years. It’s the usual story of divorce and a civil remarriage which distanced me from God. We now both have received Annulments and are on our journey to sacramental marriage. My wife, who is not of our Faith has agreed to honor celibacy until we are united in God.
    I thank her for that. Through the the power of the Holy Spirit I have been praying daily and attending Sunday mass the entire time. Today I will receive Our Lord for the first time in 7 1/2 years!
    This has been the “Best Lent Ever” for me. My focus word for the Triduum is “TRUST”.What I lacked all these years is to truly trust in God. Please pray for me,I will pray for you all.

    • Kj

      Blessing on you, Rick. What a journey. Thanks for sharing with us! I will pray for you and your wife…

    • Karen

      What a Happy Easter you will have! Praying for you and your wife! Beautiful! God bless you!

    • Karin Blaschik

      God Bless you Rick, I will pray for you

    • mbs

      Rick, such a journey of faith, bringing you right back to your Home. What a testimony. I can’t imagine how it feels to be estranged in the way you were, but I know there are so very many more out there who just need to start taking these difficult steps. Welcome home.

    • dcepa

      How wonderful that you have answered God’s gentle call to return home back to Him. Welcome back! Happy and Blessed Easter!

    • Eleanor

      wow, very powerful message Rick. Good for you and your wife! Holding you both up in prayer!!

    • Be Rudloff

      Congratulations! I am so happy for you and your wife. Continue to pray to the Holy Spirit. He will guide you and help you to trust. Prayers for both of you!

    • Dee

      Blessings to you and your wife, Rick. I will pray for you.

    • John

      How beautiful. How wonderful. Will be thinking and praying for you on this Holiest of weeks. God Bless you both. 🙏🏻

    • Deb

      Wow! I admire you for your efforts. This truly takes trust, as you said, as well as perseverance, love, faith, courage, and so many other qualities to get through this. I watched for years as a man at my parish who was divorced and remarried brought his son to church every week by himself and raised him in the faith. His new wife was not Catholic and would have nothing to do with it. The man could not go to Communion, but made sure his son did. Your wife must be a wonderful person. I also pray that my own parents would get an annulment, as there is no question that they never should have married. They are both married to others now. It can be a tangled mess to get out of this and back to the sacraments. I know my mom misses being able to participate fully in the Mass, but she seems to be scared to go through the process of annulment. I am offering this hour to you and your wife in prayer. I will continue to pray for you. Would you please also offer up your suffering to those who are in a similar situation? Welcome back!

      • Lisa A

        I’m curious about this. If your parents were to receive an annulment, would that make you illegitimate?And how would that feel? I’m asking because my own mother was never told that her parents were not married when they had her. Her siblings found out years later but never told her. They did not want her to feel the pain of finding out late in life, that she was illegitimate.

        • Helen Luce

          Our priest addressed this recently & said that any children from an annulled marriage are legitimate because the annulment process is not the civil proceeding, that is the divorce. So any children conceived within the legal marriage are always considered legitimate.

        • Deb

          This is a common misconception (no pun intended). The Code of Canon Law (canon 1137) says that. When people enter into a marriage in good faith, they assume the marriage is valid. Children conceived under the assumption of a valid marriage are considered legitimate even if the marriage is later determined to be invalid. I wouldn’t care if I was considered illegitimate anyway. I am concerned for the salvation of my parents. I am sorry that it caused confusion and concern in your family. Thanks for asking. I hope that clears it up for any who were wondering.

          • Lisa A

            I don’t think you need to worry about their salvation. Jesus died on the cross for them. An annulment has nothing to do with that precious assurance.

          • Tina

            I hope I am not misunderstanding your statement to Deb, Lisa.
            I too would be worried if my parents had remarried and had not received an annulment from any previous marriage, because it would mean that the second marriage is not a valid marriage in the eyes of The Catholic Church and before God.
            That means they are breaking the 6th. Commandment of God .
            Jesus also said “If you love Me, keep My
            Commandments.” Jesus definitely did die for our salvation, but It does not guarantee us entering Heaven, if we offend God seriously,( through breaking any of the Commandments,for example), without putting things right first.
            Annulment, Sacraments of Penance and Reconciliation, and Sacramental Marriage are some ways of putting things right.

          • Lisa A

            You are not misunderstanding. We will never be able ‘to put things right” on our own. ( that’s what makes Christianity different from Buddhism, Hinduism,etc) That’s why He paid the ultimate price for us. The sacraments are part of our sanctification and yes we are called to be obedient. But God knows we will never be sinless. My salvation is not questionable for me. Maybe their first marriage was a mistake. A bad choice. God has forgiven them. An annulment doesn’t mean it never really happened.

          • EddieW

            Please don’t get too legalistic and worry about breaking the commandments, we are no longer under the law, but are under Grace!!!
            Most of the books of the Bible are written for the Jews Only!! The Gospels! the Old Testament, We are under Paul’s gospel!! He is the Apostle of the Gentiles…that’s us!!!

          • Susan Migliore

            Actually we are under both. See Matthew 5:17

            “Do not think that I have come to abolish the law or the prophets: I have come not to abolish but to fulfill. For truly I tell you, until heaven and earth pass away, not one letter, not one stroke of a letter, will pass from the law, until all is accomplished. Therefore, whoever breaks one of the least of these commandments, and teaches others to do the same, will be called least in the kingdom of heaven; but whoever does them and teaches them will be called great in the kingdom of heaven” (Mt 5:17-19).

          • Sarah

            Eddie The Bible was not written for only the Jews, but for all people. God inspired the evangelist to write the Bible because God knew it would be used even today, 2017. The Bible is for everyone.

          • EddieW

            The Bible was Written for the Jewish people only! They were under the law…nobody else, yes we have come under the law too, and under the commandments, and the Bible is very useful for us as it is God’s word, but Grace has freed us from the laws of the jewish people, the laws of what you can and can’t eat, we are not under the law of circumcision!! or really any of the 600+ laws they had..Pick up a stick of wood on Sat. and you die!! We are freed from that!! The 4 Gospels were written for the Israelites only!! not for the Gentiles, it is good we have adopted it, but we are not obliged to obey all the laws of it!! Paul is the Apostle of the Gentiles, sent by God for us! and with the gospel of Grace!! Sure it’s good tor read the old testament, and accept the reproving it gives us, and the Gospels also! for the teachings and reproving, but don’t leave out Paul’s writings, they are explicitly for us!!

        • pat thompson

          Lisa your story sounds like mine except my parents died when I was in my early 20’s & I never found out til my oldest sister passed away & her son found my parents marriage licence, this was about 45 yrs later!! It was quite a shock & still bothers me that I was never told & there was no one living to tell me the circumstances..
          The marriage certificate was dated several months after my birth & apparently a civil ceremony. My mother was a divorced catholic & my father was a protestant, they did marry in the church when I was in grade school after er first husband died..Of course this was at a time that divorce was never discussed no matter the circumstances.
          Thank you all for listening to my story.

        • Ann Flood

          an annulment does not render children of that marriage illegitimate. It is a religious process, not a civil process

        • Danielle

          “No, legitimacy does not apply in the case of church annulments. Children are a gift from God,created in His image and likeness.They are entitled to love and support from their parents as well as from their faith community.” This is out of a pamphlet from the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas.

      • Lea Novak

        My sister started the annulment process, but the questions she had to answer brought back such bad memories, as she said, it made her crazy. She has since remarried a man who is a non-denominational Christian. They attend Mass most weeks, taking our dad who can’t drive himself, but she has cried when she could not go up to receive communion. Yet she won’t try the annulment process again. Please pray for her! I’m afraid that her husband is drawing her away from the Catholic faith…he blames the church for her pain. He reads the Bible faithfully every day, so I am praying that he will come to the Catholic Church as well. He’s a good Christian, but has authority issues with the church, I think. Anyway, I’d so like to see them both in the Catholic Church and in a valid Catholic marriage! Please pray for them, as I will pray for you and yours, and all who are struggling with annulments.

        • JeannaC

          Tell your sister not to give up. It took me 15 years and four tries to complete the necessary paperwork to get my annulment. Just like her, the questions took me to a place where I did not want to go. It took me many years of therapy to get over it, and now I had to go back. My final effort was a process where I would look at a question and write a word or phrase that first came to mind. Then I would start crying. I could only manage a couple a day. After writing something for each questions, I then went back and SLOWLY could write more until I was able to completely answer each one. It took me months, a lot of tears and a lot of prayers, but I made it and received my annulment. She can do it. It is not the church that is causing the pain, it was the first marriage. Perhaps when she completes the process, she and her current husband can fully return to the church together. I will keep them in my prayers.

        • Susan Benyi

          Please encourage her, that God wants to heal these memories. HE helped me thru my annulment 10 yrs ago. The process is Beautiful! Ask her to think of it as a deep confession of her marriage.

        • NancyB

          Prayers for your sister. The incredible healing power of the annulment process, as painful as it is, is so worth the discernment it takes. God bless.

          • Charles Goss

            NancyB, so, so true. I’m 11 months into my annulment petition process. At this point, I obviously do not know whether or not it will be granted, but I have to agree that it’s been a healing process for sure. I’ve had the opportunity to communicate directly on the phone with my advocate at the Tribunal office, and it’s been therapeutic, and it’s been a blessing, regardless of whether or not mine is granted. Peace!

          • Diane Eagan


      • NancyB

        Prayers for your mom. May she find her way to the church’s annulment process. We did, we have 5 beautiful adult children between us. Annulment is so worth the pain of reflection. It’s healing power is incredible. God bless you all.

      • Lydia Le

        Deb, If your parents were to get an annulment, that would say their marriage never existed, and that would mean you were born out of wedlock? Maybe there is a reason your mother is not seeking an annulment. I question the wisdom of annulment for couple with children. It could be painful for the children.

    • Nighten Gayle

      How awesome! God bless you, Rick! After God called me to the Catholic Church, I waited 2 years to be in Full Communion because my husband had to undergo the Annulment process. He was a cradle Catholic who had been away for over 35 years and he came back to the Church. The verse that God used to speak to me was Proverbs 3:5-6, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight.” God is good…all the time! All the time…God is good! Prayers for you and your wife in your continued journey.

    • Stella Romaine-Amoka

      May d Lord enlarge your trust for Him & keep on increasing your faith as u walk wit Him. Amen.

    • Mary

      The most powerful message of love and trust in Jesus I’ve ever heard. Prayers for you and your wife for perseverance in your journey! A very blessed Easter season to you.

    • Christian

      Your courage and love are so beautiful!!!! Your wife sounds like a kind and supporting woman. The Church needs people such as you and your wife to show others that it is possible and true to seek sacramental marriage. I am so happy for you to receive Our Lord again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Diana

      What a wonderful story. Yes I will say a pray for you & thank God for bringing you back to the church. Welcome home.

    • Carol

      Oh Rick, your story brought tears to my eyes and touched my heart. Once again, my favorite verse from the Bible holds true “for nothing is impossible with God”.

    • Rita Gahr

      May God bless you and your wife today and always.

    • Pat

      Welcome back!!!! I also was away from the church for 10 years and came back. It was the best thing I could have done. My life has been back on track with God coming first. Praying for you and your wife. Thank you for your story of faith. Happy Easter

    • GIA

      TRUST is KEY!! I’m learning it myself. You’re in my prayers during your transition. God bless you and Happy Easter!!!

    • Danielle

      I am so happy for you! I am going through the same at the moment. Trust is exactly what I said I needed to do when we turned in our paper work for annulment. My husband was sad, and questioned whether it will go through. I am waiting and loving God as I wait. Trust is what I have to have! Thank you for sharing.

    • Mike Fitz

      Awesome Rick and it seems like you have a great relationship with your wife. May God’s Amazing Grace be with you two always!

    • Javier Geronimo

      Thank you for sharing. I have a friend whose wife is going through the annulment process. It has been so mentally hard on his wife that he dropped out of RCIA, this year, since he had hoped this process would have been completed before Easter Vigil. However, he is staying the course and continuing to go to mass and be actively involved with the church.

    • Liezl Resente McLeod

      Congratulations to you Rick and to your wife. God is really amazing! Please pray for my husband that he would one day accept God as his Lord and saviour.

    • Phil McGarry

      Rick, How incredible your story is. God is truly blessing you. As many others have already stated – Welcome! What comes to me now in sharing the hope, pain, joy and feelings you must have is this. As you look for trust, there will be times when you feel the failure of your prior marriage. There are those that will try to prey on you. Reactions to this are many: pride, excuses, despair, etc. What I will tell you is this my brother: Pray to St. Peter. He knows all too well what it feels like to fail in something important; He can help you. God is blessing you abundantly and as long as you (and we all) stay focused we will not sink (remember the walking on water ;-)). Peace be with you and your family.

      • Joy

        What a meaningful way with words in this message, Phil.

    • Sue Jurski

      God Blesas you and welcome back. We have been waiting for you Pray for my son he has been away fpr 17 years -he and his wife attend her Lutheran church.

      • Lisa A

        Maybe your prayer should be for God to bless your son in whatever church he chooses to attend. Being a Lutheran at this time might be the best choice for his marriage. God loves all Christians!

        • Sue Jurski

          The problem is he is loosing out on the sacraments. The choices he and his wife make are not always for the greater glory of God. I have put them in God’s hands and pray for them always. I know they are loved by God. But he goes farther and farther from God.since the Lutheran Church he attends is more secular in theology. I am hopeful looking at Scott Hahn’s story in Rome sweet Rome. I just asked for prayers Lisa.

          • Lisa A

            I think you nailed it…putting them in God’s hands and accepting His will for them. As parents we often think we know what is best for our children, but God may have different plans!

        • Toni Shea


      • Maria Payne

        it’s wondeful that he and his wife are not only at least attending a church, but they are sharing in that together – as many marriages can/have failed due to separation of religion – I know, I’ve been there – so prayers are always wonderful, but support and constantly sharing the love of the same GOD is always good. Sometimes it could take children or grandchildren sharing in the Catholic faith to bring them back – so maybe that is a course that can happen for them. Happy Easter!

    • Dominick

      How wonderful Rick! I pray for God’s continued blessing for you and your wife, and a happy and blessed Easter to all!

    • Mike

      You are a wonderful example Rick. Bless you for your trust in Him and for showing many others how that is done! God Bless You and Happy Easter. Mike

    • Marilyn Russell

      God Bless you both as you continue your journey together through life through the Grace of the Holy Spirit.

    • Amber

      Your story brought me to tears! May you rest in the warm embrace of our Lord as you receive Him body, blood, soul and divinity today!!! Your marriage may not have been sacramental in the eyes of the church, but it is evidenced in your and your wife’s selflessness in choosing celibacy that it was blessed indeed!

    • Norma DeLeon

      Rick, your story is soo wonderful to hear and what a wonderful wife you have. You two will definitely be a force for our God. Welcome home – the heavens are rejoicing for the lamb that was once lost is found!

      • disqus_VOXvThxFVQ

        Rick, God bless you and your very loving wife. We try so hard to get everything right, but fortunately God in His Love and Wisdom has it all covered because He knows our hearts and our intentions. I believe because the two of you and so many others are trying to do everything right, God will make it all work out for you. As for any children in a marriage that has been annulled or in any other way not quite right, I do not believe that my Loving God would ever take it out on the children. If they believe and cling to Jesus, they will be with Him just like the rest of us saved by His Precious Blood. I wish you all the best and many blessings.

    • Amy Drick

      Wow! So inspiring and awesome. Thanks for posting your story.

    • voteprolife

      I am so happy for you and your wife. What an awesome story and know that you will be in my prayers. I often say the short but huge prayer: Jesus, I trust in you!!

    • Rita J. Joyce

      What a wonderful testimony! I too can relate somewhat to your journey. Having been a religious sister for 22 years, I found myself questioning my vocation and asked Rome to be released of my vows. After a year and a half I met the man I believed was the answer to my prayers; however, he was divorced and the father of 4 beautiful children. He proposed to me and I said yes if he would get an annulment. He agreed, but the next year was excruciating for the two of us for many reasons. We finally got his annulment but were not allowed by one diocese to marry in the Church. We did everything this diocese asked of us, including getting married outside of the Catholic Church and waiting a year “to see if the marriage would last”! During that time we continued to go to Mass every Sunday…but we could not receive the Eucharist. That was our greatest sacrifice. Before the year was up we went to consult with our home diocese and found out that they had ratfied the annulment and that there were no impediments to our marriage being blessed in our Catholic Church. The Vicar immediately wrote a letter to our Pastor ordering him to bless our union. Eleven months to the day, we had our marriage blest and the rest is history. We once again became very active members of our parish community. My husband passed away in 2009. We had 35.5 years of wedded bliss. It was all worth it. My stepchildren are very close to me though physically miles apart. Hang in there, Rick. God bless both you and your wife.

      • Sara Williamson

        wow, what an amazing story Rita!! what a wonderful journey…how blessed your husband and step children to have you in their lives! My brother is going through the 2nd attempt at an annulment and it’s so very hard as he found the woman he wants to marry, several years after his wife of 25 yrs left him. Happy Easter!

        • Rita J. Joyce


          It is worth the wait! However, today it should not be as it was back in 1975. In our Diocese of St. Petersburg, FLorida, there is no longer any charge for an annulment and it takes less than a year to obtain it unless there are impediments on either side. I will pray for him that he may find peace and a favorable answer. God Bless and Happy Easter to you too.

          • Sara Williamson

            hello Rita,
            here in the state of Wisconsin, it depends on which diocese you’re in, its pretty expensive and the original diocese took over a year and refused/denied it. he’s hopeful this time will be positive, as she got her annulment and they want to get married in the catholic church. Thanks for your prayers!!

          • Rita Joyce


            I will pray in a very special way for your brother’s annulment this evening at the Easter Vigil. I am privileged to be sponsor for a young woman who is having marital problems, but determined to go forth with full communion in the Catholic Church. I will pray for both throughout this day and evening. Happy Easter!


    • Bonnie

      What a testament of your faith and your love for the Lord! Congratulations and best wishes on your renewed relationship with the Lord and your marriage.

    • Andrea Leos

      You are doing awesome Rick. I am also learning to trust again and hoping that during this lent season god will fill me with all the gifts he is ready to give me and I am choosing to trust him. I now know, that god is a great and loving God. How can I not trust him. I will pray for you.

    • Julia

      Rick…your story made my day. Not only is our Good and Loving Lord working through you and allowing you both so many graces, but you sharing your story is blessing so many others. As you now realize…when we trust in Him and follow His will in Truth, His graces multiply and spread far like ripples on a pond. Thank you for your faith (you had to trust to get this far)!! I will certainly pray for you both, that your trust grows even deeper and that, through your fidelity, His Love works through you ever more! The heavens rejoice for your “Best Lent Ever!” And I wish you and all out there a Blessed and Holy Day on which Our Lord instituted His Great Gift of Love!

    • Sally Fong

      Your story is so awesome – thank you and God bless you and your wonderful wife!!

    • Jan

      this is totally awesome Rick……..and to have a wife who truly understands this is a miracle in its self. May God always bless you and her as your make this journey and unite yourself to church and to God. My prayers are with you and thank-you for sharing this……..”the Father will never abandon you”

    • Gloria

      Dear Rick
      God Bless you and your wife. Thank you for sharing your story and commitment to your faith. I finally figured out how to write something on this site. Senior citizen here!
      This has been the most wonderful Lent watching and reflecting on this Best Lent Ever
      When I go to Mass –almost daily it is only us ‘old folks’ in attendance. And when I watch the 2nd video each day I am so encouraged by how many young people are voicing their opinion and their Catholic faith. I have such hope for the future now of our beautiful faith God Bless and Happy Easter. I have truly been blessed with Cath faith and parents who were deeply commited to it. It is the greatest gift of all

    • Beth Brough

      Bless you Rick and your integrity. Thanks for sharing your awesome wittness. Yes this has been The Best Lent Ever! Best wishes to you and your wife

    • NancyB

      God Bless you and your wonderful wife! Happy Easter.

    • Colleen Braun

      Praying for you and that through the examples of your life your wife will find Jesus, Mary and all the Saints to be too loving to not join you in our Catholic faith which is the complete package!!! May you two grow together in Gods love

    • Jeffery Turner

      God bless you, Rick! You and your wife are bound for greatness in the Lord! Happy and blessed Easter!

    • Laura

      Rick- I admire you and know what you are experiencing. Tony & I are have been living a chaste life for 2 years now awaiting his annulment. It was approved recently and his ex spouse had 15 days to contest the decision. Well she has decided to do so- so our annulment has been sent to a higher Tribunal for review. We were so close to having a Catholic wedding. We continue to pray daily that the new Tribunal will approve the original decision. If she continues to contest this it will go to Rome next. I ask for prayers of all of you. On another note- when there is no expectation of sexual relations- your relationships grows in wonderful ways, trusting it will all be worth it. It’s very difficult some days but we overcome that. I would never jeopardize Tony’s immortal soul in any way- that is how great our love is. Praying for you Rick.

    • Kim

      Hi Rick, I have come back to the church after being away for around 12 years. My husband and I were not married in the church and he is currently working on getting two annulments from his exwives so that our marriage can be blessed. I was struggling with how everything was going to work because he wants no part of the Catholic faith at this time. I came across a book named “Together but Alone” by Donna Erickson Couch that you may be interested in reading as it helps those of us who have spouses that are choosing not to walk in the faith. It is definitely helping me to accept this walk with God by myself and not be upset and resentful towards my husband for not wanting what I consider to be a gift from God.
      I will pray for all of you. May God continue to bless each of you during this beautiful Lenten season.

      • Elyse

        Hi Kim, I, too, am married (my first, his NOT) to a Christian but not a Catholic. I don’t rea;;y know where to begin the process but have been praying about it and will reach out to my parish’s family ministry. I will also look into the book you’ve suggested. Thank you and happy Easter.

    • Karen Kotzbach McCreary

      Rick, you will continue to be prayed for every day, just as I have this past Lent . I know it your best Lent ever ! Doesn’t it feel great just to be able to say that ?!

      Welcome home, again . Easter blessings on you and yours . ((HUGS)) *_* K

      • BR

        I sent you a friend request on Facebook. Thank you for responding!!

    • jlmiller

      What a strong witness. God bless you.

    • Gumbo Lilly

      Oh my, Rick, your story made me cry for joy for you and your wife. Blessings as you journey forth. Stay close to him

    • Cindy Leslie

      Hi Rick and thoughs who have come back to the Church! Mine and others I know who have prayed for conversion of sinners and for especially Catholics to come back to the Catholic Church have been answered. Praise be to God! I’m still praying for some of my nieces and nephews to come back but it is truly a blessing to see others come back. My prayers will still go out to you all.

  • Gabriel Fundora

    I have resisted God’s love whenever I have not allowed myself to be in the present. This happens dozens or hundreds of times throughout the day. This Triduum I am asking God to make me present. I want to live in this moment and not ruminate on the past or worry about the future in a way that paralyzes me in the present.

    • Kj

      I’m praying for you!

      • Gabriel Fundora

        Thanks, Kj. You are a blessing. I’m praying for you too.

  • mrcpuhead

    Beautiful reflection Jenna! I wish I could be as eloquent as your husband in similar situations as you described. The hug part I have down! As for resistance, looking back I can identify many times in my struggles with my illness or problems at work in which I stubbornly thought I could fight through it on my own…only to discover the hard way I needed the Lord to carry me. Blessed Holy Thursday, everyone!

  • Diane Belz

    How strange to ask how we resisted God’s love! Yet I have so many times, and that resistance is called sin. Whenever I have resisted God’s love is when I chose what I want (sin) over the love (His will). It is both in the big and the small choices I make. Out of fear I want I my way. Out of love God calls us to His way. Please Lord let me continue to pray the Surrender Prayer every day of my life so that I can accept Your will for all the love that You want to poor into me. My acceptance of Your love is the greatest gift I can give to You. In Christ’s beautiful name I pray. Amen! Happy Holy Thursday to all!

  • Sosayin

    I struggle with lack if self confidence and low self esteem, carefully disguised as perfectionism. I have been working hard this Lent to focus on God’s love, but the wall of hurt and rejection from others , and the own bricks I have laid, is high. I need God to bust through that wall this Lent. We have stones rolled over the doors of our hearts too, and sometimes they are heavy. I believe God can roll those stones away too.

    • Robin

      thank you for sharing this. I have had many of the same feelings as you and have realized that there are real barriers that I have put up out of fear, against people, but also against God, to prevent their love from reaching me. The image of the stone over the door of your heart is particularly moving and I pray for both of us, and for all who feel this way, for God to roll the stones away and enter into our hearts in a powerful and yet tender way.

    • Donna

      Wow, I am overwhelmed with these powerful statements of hurt, wall of rejection, not accepting God’s love, self esteem, self doubt & lonliness. If we only realized how much God loves us and is there for us would we then have true joy!
      Thank you all for sharing and showing me true love and helping me to acknowledge my pain. Perhaps this lent O can convert the pain to God’s love.
      God bless you all!!!!

  • Elisabeth Young

    I can think of so many ways – the biggest – like Peter – thinking that I am not worthy. I am always judging every part of myself – how I spend my time – how I interact with others – I don’t really have any talents to give – even how I look and then the fact I worry about how I look! I go to church and Resistance whispers to me that I am not really in the same relationship with God as the other women with whom I have contact – that somehow – my reading isn’t enough, my devotion isn’t sufficient, that my faith is somehow less than theirs. On good days – when I keep my focus on Christ and his message, I can remember and accept God’s love, but sadly there are so many days I feel like I don’t measure up – I worry that who I am just isn’t good enough. Like the speaker’s husband, I have a friend who also said – “Stop talking about my friend like that – would you say the same things about another person?” I knew I wouldn’t – so I know I need to trust God and His Love and Mercy.

    • Dorothy

      The book, Code to Joy, by Dr. George Pratt, shares simple techniques for getting rid of self limiting doubts. It’s time to let go and let God✝️💜💫

  • Mily

    Wow. Today topic has me in tears .. but tears of joy. Two years ago I went to church on Holy Thursday and a gentleman approaches me and hand me a piece of paper and for my surprise I was choosen that night so my feet can be washed. I was confused saying to myself why Me?? I never understood the meaning of it till today.. God has been calling me and I have to say this been the best Lent Ever. I have learned so much and Im hungry for more.. God has touched me and the feeling is amazing. Have all a blessed Easter . 🙏❤

  • Karen

    Like Jenna I also struggle with anxiety, its hard sometimes to wait on Gods answer or to know what is the right direction we need to go in. But he wants us to live in the moment. God is so good He will wait for us, like the little children we are.

  • Nancy D.

    To apply my word to today’s reading, it takes a lot of courage for Jesus to bow down and wash the disciples feet including his betrayer. Jesus sets an example for us to treat evil with good. Thinking about the situation if it were me in Jesus’s place, I may have bypassed Judas’s feet or washed them with a lot of force to show my disapproval. However, I bet Jesus was gentle with all these men’s feet, especially Judas’s feet. Again, that takes so much courage. I need to be reminded of this act moving forward.

    • Eduardo Hoover

      Thank you Nancy for pointing out that Jesus even washed Judas’ feet. So many times I am such an unlovable person. It’s good to know even then His love for me is unconditional. I don’t think I will ever fully understand that. So many times I’ve experienced great remorse which I wouldn’t have if it had not been for God’s love for me. The words, “I absolve you…” will be even more merciful to me.

  • Kathy

    What a moving message. It made me realize that I too resist God’s love when I worry. I need to accept his love and presence in my life and trust he is always with me. and present in everything.

  • Mick Peterson

    Today is the day that we should all look for ways to “wash someone’s feet” – that is, overcoming resistance and serving another’s needs. Following God’s will involves the giving of ourselves…totally to His wishes. It’s tough…but yes, we can…

  • runningbearful

    Thanks for sharing. This has been my struggles also. I get very fearful and filled with anxiety. I worry and let the negative thoughts take over instead of letting go and giving it to God. I resist all the time. I am now trying to think more positively and I offer my day to God. I pray every morning “let Your will be done not mine and help me to accept whatever that may be. I put my life in Your hands.” Saying this prayer has brought me some peace when I start my day. God is Good!!!!!

  • Fawn

    Mostly, times of lent have been one of giving up something, but this year I changed my focus- not about me, but about what God wants me to give! I am amazed, it all started with him loving me, and as I have chosen to give, he has given to me an amazing love for others. I cannot believe how I have been able to see His will for me in a whole new light- full of encouragement and able to see others with His eyes- through the filter of love, not my eyes-with criticism and judgement! Praise Him on this Holy Thursday for washing my feet, so I can truly wash others.

  • Jacob

    How have I resisted God’s love? I know one thing is that I resisted God by not seeing his sign that he is giving me. I don’t see the ‘love’ within God. I am always stress and don’t see it. I talk so bad about myself that God got something for me, which is right in front of me the whole time. I want to turn my stress into trust, love, or friendship because God wouldn’t put me in wrong way. He want me to into a positive aspect of life. I will see many sign and go for it.

  • Michael Baur

    I have resisted God’s love in my life when making descions with out praying to God. Letting God helping in my decision making process.

  • Frank L

    I resist God when I give in to pressures from people around me even when I know God is asking me to be patient. I do what the world asks, not what God asks. I listen to the judgments of the world or even judgments of those around me, instead of the messages in my heart that I know come from God. The best things have come to me when I’ve let things unfold and not been in control. . .when I’ve let my feet be washed.

  • Lynelle

    This experience over the Lenten Season with our Best Lent Ever 2017 sessions has been such a wonderful morning ritual for me. Thank You Matthew Kelly and all the Dynamic Catholic team who have come together and inspired us and reminded us that we are here in our short life to Live for God, with God, and to Serve for the sake of God. I don’t always get it right but God already knows that and He is saying to all of us: keep doing what you can to become the best version of yourself. I am here to guide you and care for you. You are here on earth to help me by serving, loving, and living out your daily life through me. Continuing your walk with God no matter if we make a mistake is what God asks of us. We are becoming better versions of ourselves. Thank You Matthew Kelly and Dynamic Catholic for reaching out and serving us to do just that❤️

  • Monica Robinson

    How do you let God love you when you never felt loved? How do you give back that love?

    • loeloe

      Try to notice small flashes of beauty throughout your day – the new colors and smell of spring swelling in tree buds and greening grass. Those were put there for your joy, and you have God-given senses to take them in. That it touches you in some way and lightens you is a spark of love.

    • Casey

      Lisa, Just give yourself to others in little simple ways. Keep smiling as you go. You may not feel the love from others but you will feel your love going out. God loves you for that. I know how you feel. I felt like that too for many years. But in looking back I know I was doing what God wanted. Therefore I am loved even if I can’t feel it. May God bless you this Easter season.

    • Karen in FL

      Start a list of things you’re grateful for…add to it every day. Soon you’ll see that these are all blessings from God. He loves each one of us so very much. Start to see how you can share that love in small ways…a smile to a stranger, a word of encouragement for someone…there are many possibilities. That takes the focus off the negative and puts it a positive, helpful way of thinking. I’ll say a prayer for you, Monica.

    • Carlos

      Monica, for me it all comes down to the source of love. We all want to love and to be loved. This past year, I was rejected and abandoned by my wife of 28 year because she felt unhappy and wanted to pursue a relationship with another man. Throughout those 28 years I felt genuinely felt loved by her and for it to be taken away in a blink of an eye was devastating. How does one recover from this hole in your heart? God, that is how. God is the source of all love. If you ask, seek and knock on His door, you will find love. Father, Son and Holy Spirit will help you love Him first, love yourself and then love others completely. You will feel true love, which may also lead to experiencing the deep love from others that surround you, whether it be romance, friendship or fellowship. God bless you. Live forgiven, always choose love and never stop striving to be the best version of yourself for the Glory of God!

  • Delia Shuert Kavanaugh

    I can so identify with Jenna. I too have anxiety issues. I’ve spent so much time caught up in worry and stress. I failed to realize that letting God in and embracing His love would melt away the worry and stress. Thankfully I’ve learned that my worry and stress carries no power except to make me miserable. Wrapped in God’s love, I can do all things.

  • mbs

    Jenna, who wouldn’t want a love so courageous as what your husband showed you? Thank you for sharing.

  • Barb Stuart

    Good morning everyone, we are having a blessed day in His presence. He is present in our lives and we need to remember to reach up and say YES LORD. thank you so very much. Peace and love to you all!

  • AmDg

    I’ve prayed with (Ignatian imaginative contemplation) the thirteenth chapter of John’s gospel several times in the past few months. In the unfolding of events, Peter could not see beyond the horror of his Master volunteering to perform a task even the lowliest of Jewish slaves could not be forced into doing. Even though we know how the story ends, what a temptation to say with Peter, “no way, You can’t do this!!”

    As I have returned to the scene, though, I’ve seen how the meditation has gradually changed each time, as I have begun to see that submitting to Jesus’ ministrations is allowing Him to love me the way He wants to love me.

    I have also begun to see that in the directive “do for each other,” in addition to the call to serve others, there is a call to allow others to serve us.

    I had an opportunity to see this in action yesterday evening. I was unloading stuff from the car at church and another parishioner asked if they could help. My first instinct was to say, “nah, I’ve got it” – I was actually starting to say exactly that when I remembered this meditation, and I changed my answer to “yes, please, thank you”.

    If I had insisted on doing the task alone, I would have denied someone else the opportunity to serve. A person who is always told “we don’t need your help” is going to give up volunteering to help. If I drive that person away from helping, am I denying that person an opportunity to grow in holiness?

    Side benefit: we got the job done in half the time.

    • Claudia Ann McLean

      Hmmmmm. . .
      I never really turned around the thought of serving others the way you expressed. You are right, I believe, that it is also a call to accept the service Of someone especially when it is offered. My knee-jerk reaction would also normally be, “No thank you I’ve got it.” But when my husband says that to me I always feel rejected and you have shed some light on this situation. And I thank you for giving me a good bit of insight and something to chew on and think about. Have a blessed Easter.

      • AmDg

        And you!
        This was hard for me to wrap my head around, too. It is easier to “do” than to “be” sometimes, no?

        • Claudia Ann McLean

          Yes, exactly!
          I will remember and CHANGE that!

    • Tricia Wickers

      You got me thinking. I refuse help all the time.

      • AmDg

        I think we all do! 😇
        Seems that we often focus so much on the “do” that we forget that sometimes we aren’t asked to “do” – or at least I do 😉

  • Robert

    Oh let me count the ways I resist. So silly of me, but why do we continue to do so day after day, year after year. Addictions, misplaced priorities, selfishness, lack of self confidence.

    Shoo, I say.

    I am so grateful though that for every useless trait I have been endowed, and for every failure I endure, He gives me the strength to get back up, open my ears and heart, and feel his presence.

    I’ve loved this best lent ever journey and have learned so much. Thank you.

  • Daniela D.

    Usually I try to recognize all the signs of God in my life, like the answers to my prayers. Sometimes I do not have the words to defend my faith when confronted by close family members struggling with their own faith, and I feel like betraying God and he is so good to me. I resist his love by not letting my own love for him speak by fear of sounding silly or not having enough knowledge to answer the questions I am being asked. My personal relationship with God should suffice to prove that God is good and loving.

  • Eleanor

    Wow Jenna, your example of your husband’s love and God’s love, through your husband’s comment (of not talking about the person he loves like that ) really hit me.. This was the most I’ve been moved this Lent through the daily DC videos. THANK YOU for letting God use you to remind me of how much he loves me and how I need to stop criticizing myself and stop resisting HIS love!!

  • Elaine

    Jeanne, I couldn’t have said it better myself. You spoke for me and I too need to rest in god’s love.

  • Deb Durrett

    I remember the first time I took part in a foot washing ceremony; how humbling it was indeed. Jesus shared how the messenger is not greater than the one who sent him humbling himself to even the one who would betray him. What a lesson. Not only that but Jesus cared for them(& us) so much he wanted to serve rather than be served and wanted to make sure we knew we would also be blessed by following this example. I still struggle at times with being cared for in this way, but also think back to that first time I experienced foot washing. A dear friend showing the love of Christ in such a manner that I was not even self conscious in those moments. I just received it gladly feeling the source shine through. God is so faithful and I’m grateful for his sacrifice for me.

  • LarryandAnne Favero

    Dear Jenna, I can give you a visual from your comments this morning on your stress and anxiety of the past ,and also the stress and anxiety when you worry about the future.When our Lord was hung on cross he had two thieves on either side of him .Consider the thief on the right as the thief of the past ,all the should of ,could of and ifs that he robs you of peace in your mind and heart .The thief on the left is the thief of the future that causes the stress and anxiety that robs you of your joy and happiness .Stay completely focused on Jesus on the middle cross he will provide everything in this world that you need.Keep your eyes and heart wide open.Blessings Larry

    • Lyndsay Sullivan

      That is a beautiful metaphor! Thank you for sharing this!

    • Carlos

      I like that perspective a lot. Very healthy…puts me at peace.

  • Mike

    For me, resisting God’s help through others often comes from a place of pride, insecurity and self-doubt. I don’t want others to ever see me as a person who needs help. I want to be perceived as in control and self-sufficient. But like everyone, I do need help, I can’t do this alone. By resisting help from others, I take away their ability to show their love for me and for me to receive and except the grace that comes from their love.

    • Carlos

      I think we receive this message from the world. People are respected for being self-sufficient, self-made and independent, but it is all a façade. We all need God and others in our life. We cannot do this life on our own. If we become more aware of our limitations, God is the one who provides these gracious people in our lives to meet our need. From eternity’s point of view, we are all helpless because we cannot bridge the gap between us and God. Only God can.

  • Cathy Marie Gallo

    My word yesterday was “dying to self.” This morning I was reflecting on the small ways I had died to self yesterday. But what really struck me was one of the comments I read this morning. I realized I have rolled a “stone of hurt over the door of my heart” because our oldest son converted to Islam to marry the girl of his dreams. I pray each & every day for our son to return to faith in Jesus Christ as Lord & Savior and also for the conversion of his young family & extended family. And I know that my job now is to just love them and continue to pray for them. But sometimes (many times!) my hurt gets in the way and when I visit them (they live across the country) I feel very sad and just want to cry. My prayer today is that God would roll away this boulder from my heart once and for all and allow the love and grace to enter.

  • EAV

    I am so happy for you and your wife, Rick. Tears of joy are welling in my eyes. I will be praying for you and your wife especially these days ahead and hope that you continue to see the blessings God will unfold for you and your family. How encouraging you are to all those hurt through relationships. So glad you came back to the church. May God bless you always and all those who share in your circumstances!

  • Alice

    Like Jenna, I struggle with anxiety and stress. I often resist God’s love by creating problems that don’t exist or getting upset over things I can’t change. Yesterday when this happened, I remembered Matthew Kelly talking about focusing on the new word – and remembering gratitude. Jenna’s video went straight to my heart as I have the same issues. I never thought about it resisting God’s love. Good Insight.

  • M. Manion

    Jenna, your discussion with your husband has open up my eyes as I have always put myself down. My husband is always praising me and I many times think I am not worth his praises. But you have shared with us that perhaps it is God speaking to me through my husband and telling me not to be so hard on myself because he created me and will always love me for who I am and for all the gifts he has given me. Thank you so much for sharing.

  • Kathleen Cranford Kelley

    “Rest in The Lord’s loving embrace” how beautiful!

  • Colleen

    Jenna I can 200% relate to your struggle with anxiety and self criticism. I felt like I was watching myself talk in your video sharing. The best part of our struggle is that through our weakness we become strong and God uses that to keep us close, relying on Him to overcome. God bless you for growing His Kingdom.

  • Joe

    Jenna, what a great message. Thank you for sharing this. It really hit home.

  • Donald Marquez

    I just don’t sit still enough to be with him and let him love me. Even when I find time away from the world my mind is still on the world.

  • Rebecca

    I find myself always worrying about something. Whether it be a job interview, my finances, or my family. Whenever I worry, I start talking to God. I ask him to help him to keep me from worrying because I know he has a plan for me. It has been really hard for me to mentally and spiritually put my life in Gods hands. It does make my life seam a bit easier when I don’t feel this burden as much.

  • Lyndsay Sullivan

    Thank you Jenna for your honesty! Resisting God’s love for me looks like a lack of trust. I’m in recovery from a serious mental illness (smi) and when I feel the inclination to do something different than what I’ve done before, I am resisting God’s love for me and His promises to be ever present for me. I resist reaching out to my friends that love me in whatever state I’m in. I have sometimes resist God by not practicing adequate self care, ignoring doctors’ orders, allowing myself to be drawn into other people’s messes that I have no business being involved with and finding excuses to do maladaptive coping because it’s easier than the other option.
    I often tell myself that I am not good enough to receive God’s love and mercy and somehow I deserve this illness and other problems associated with it. I know that this is a COMPLETE lie and yet there are days where I am unable to reach beyond that lie to trust God and know that He loves me as I am, not the way I think I should be.

    • Carlos

      Lyndsay, please remember you are a child of God who has a glorious inheritance. I am praying for you to break free of these chains that bind you. I would ask that you pray to God about this daily and find your worth in scripture. You are wonderfully made, a unique and precious gift given to us from God. He has made you with a purpose and for a purpose. Ask, seek and knock and He will find you. He can and will transform your life if you will only surrender all that troubles you. Place all of it at the foot of the cross. You are so much more than this illness or your circumstances. You are who God made you to be and can become all that God wants you to be…perfect!

  • Gia

    Sometimes I play the role of doubting Thomas. I feel that God can’t love me because of all of the wrong I have done: either good, bad, or indifferent. I hate putting God at arms length and it scares me. On a daily basis, I submit myself to His Holy Will, to help me do the best that I can to love and serve Him, even if I get mad, fall, or lose my temper. He STILL LOVES ME regardless……i need to just LET HIM DO IT AND TRUST HIM!!

  • John Kowalski

    I belong to a team that ministers to people at a drug and alcohol rehab clinic. Many of these people are people who really can’t feel any lower about themselves than they already do. Because of their addictions and their actions, society has cast them off. In most cases their families have cast them off as well. They’ve lost possessions, friendships, dignity….they literally have nothing left – except God. Today I will join my group and we will wash the hands of about 75 people at the facility. This may seem to be an insignificant effort, but for people who think that the whole world hates them, it is huge. To actually have a group of people come over and talk to them – much less touch them and wash their hands – is deeply moving to them (and to us as well). There are always many tears shed. The most moving part however, is when we ask for them to wash and dry our hands. Imagine what it would be like if Jesus had told Peter “I have washed your feet. I now ask you to wash my feet”. I wish you could all be there to witness the beauty that I am blessed to witness today.

    • Carlos

      That’s a wonderful mission you and your team are on. Building people up!

  • Magalis Muniz

    I also feel that I am Peter as well. I have resisted God’s love in my life by not feeling worthy enough. I have a difficult time forgiving myself on things I have done in the past. I dwell on them and and filled with anxiety. I don’t want to do this anymore. I went to penance and I want to start over and allow God’s grace and mercy in. God, help me to receive everything that you are pouring into me and learn to simply be with you.

  • Joseph Molter

    I needed to hear this. I have been feeling so down and guilty, because I haven’t managed bad habbits very well and let my insecurities get out of control this past week. I feel unworthy to move on and celebrate easter. But God loves me even though I am not perfect, so I need to accept his love. It’s hard, but I’m going to try.

    Things go sharply downhill If I let guilt get the best of me. I think I will make an examination of conscience, ask god for forgiveness and stop worrying about it.

  • Lisa Diedrich

    So i remember trying to understand how this would feel, Jesus washing my feet. I have to go to a sense of a person that was here on earth, so I chose Mother Teresa. Walking into her space meeting her and allowing her to wash my feet, i would feel resistance. Why me, there is tears, there is a grappling with trying to understand, I need to serve others, to find His joyfilled peace.

    He is the beginning, the 1st born from the dead. Corinthians

  • Isabel M. Carrillo

    I believe that every time I bring back my past life style that it really hurts to remember (because was full of disobedience towards the Lord); I am resisting his love and forgiveness. Thank you Lord for today, that I am here full of life, energy and receiving your unconditional love.


  • Rita Gahr

    I was raised Catholic, catholic grade school, catholic high school. I started to question my faith in college, raised to children on my own, never married because I knew they would only end in divorce. Struggled to send my children through Catholic school and made sure they went to church every Sunday. Then I had a lapse in my faith and resisted God’s help. I was away from the church for eight years it wasn’t until my first grandchild was stillborn that I realized I needed God back in my life. I went back to Mass every Sunday after a month I went to confession the following Sunday I went to communion and felt the solace I was looking for. The last 8 year’s have not been easy, I have not had a job for more than a year at a time right now I am unemployed again but what I have done was place my trust in God and not have lost my faith. This lent I have taken an hour every morning for Prayer it helps, I think of God’s love often, I try to reach out to others, I share what little I have, this has been my best lent ever. If God can forgive a sinner like me anything is possible.

    • Kathy Hogan

      Rita – you are a beautiful example of strength and perseverance.

  • Angie O’Mara

    I read the stories of the Saints, and I wonder why can’t I be more like them! They are so holy, so pious and so worthy of God’s love. I am my own worst critic, I always feel I am not worthy of God’s love, I’m not holy enough, I’m not pious enough, I have not suffered enough….how could God love me? I need to step back, and see and feel God’s love for me each moment, each day, and rest in the beauty of His love. Please pray for me, that I allow myself God’s beautiful gift of His love.

    • Carlos

      You are in our prayers Angie!

      • Angie O’Mara

        Thano you, Carlos!!! God bless you!!!

  • Diann Poret

    I recently participated in a retreat. One of the events was foot washing. I had no idea the effect this experience would have on me. I was humbled immeasurably. My heart became full and I will never forget the impact it had on my life. I hope you all have a chance to experience it once in your life. Have a holy Triduum. This is my most anticipated time of the liturgical year in the Church. If you haven’t experienced all the Church offers in these 3 days before Easter, I encourage you.

  • vzfp

    What a beautiful testimony of hope for those who come homecoming to the Catholic Church. I pray for you and others who shared their stories.
    As a Catholic from birth, I have struggled to see my adult children not practice their faith. I have a daughter who has been separated for over a year but struggles to consider divorce. I have two war veteran sons who struggle with PTSD but refuse to admit they suffer. I constantly pray for them.
    Among these struggles in life, I have chosen “I will be with you” as my Triduum focus phrase. God bless l if you’ve for taking time to share.

    • David B

      Prayers for your loved ones

  • RD

    I think I resist God’s love, because I want to understand or have an explanation for all that is going on with my life. When reading John 13:1-15, the verse that spoke to me was 7: “Jesus answered and said to him (Peter), What I am doing you do not understand now, but you will know after this.”

    I think God is asking me to let go of my need to understand confusing circumstances and experiences in my life. Just trust in Him. God is doing something merciful and good and holy. It might not seem to make sense, yet it is part of His act of saving us. I need to allow it.

    With my cooperation, this experience can even allow me to copy the mercy and goodness and love hidden inside this confusing event, this washing of my feet by God.

    • Carlos

      Very good insight. We hear about blind faith, waiting and trusting in God. But is it in fact blind. I say NO! There is nothing blind about the truth and the love and faithfulness of God, which never fails, can be trusted above all things. I know that God will reveal things on His timeline and that ultimately, He is working all things for good.

      • RD

        “There is nothing blind about the truth and the love and the faithfulness of God”. This thought fills me with hope. God sees. God knows where all events are headed. His timeline begins and ends with salvation. God loves us and God saves. We really need to understand nothing else.

  • Harriet

    I tend to not accept help from anyone, independent to a fault. Neighbor once told me I would give but not know how to receive. That must mean I don’t lean on God either. Did not see myself that way. Now at 73 I give more time to myself and to the church, understand that I need to talk to God and never understood that my prayers were asking for his help and guidance. I am grateful for the insight I get from this program, Mr.Kelly.

    • Lisa

      Learn to be a gracious receiver – even a grateful receiver. Would you want to be the only one helping others? For every helper there has to be a helpee. How do you want people to treat you when you are the one helping? I guess it bothers me because my parents are 90 and live on a ranch. A ranch is too much for them now, but they are both givers and are extremely uncomfortable receiving help from their children. I understand, but it does make the work more tiring.

  • Jill DeMasi

    Jenna thanks for your testimony. I can totally relate to what you go through. This is just what I needed to hear today

  • Gonzalo

    I have been struggling to give my self to Jesus, follow his teachings, asked him if there is anything he wants me to do?, and then walk through life relying on his love. This lent season and “the best lent ever” is helping me to keep moving in this direction and fight resistance

  • SHoJJaM

    We are the body of Christ, our hands are now the hands of Jesus. Today wash the feet of the ones you love and allow them to wash yours. It is very humbling!

  • Mark Darrow

    I tend to see myself as a sinner, not worthy of God’s love. I know that thought is silly because numerous times we hear that Jesus came to earth to be among the sinners, showing them love and mercy. I need to look past the sin and know that God loves me, regardless.

  • Ralph

    I am thankful for Jenna’s witness. How true– we can enslave ourselves to past sins and to anticipatory anxiety. Jesus came to break those chains, He continues to break those chains and wash us, soothe us, encourage us with the Holy Spirit, each and every present moment. May we welcome Jesus’ washing our feet, and, like Jenna’s husband, be faithful in following Jesus’ example.

  • Steven Sisman

    How I resist God in my life is apparent when I imagine Jesus Christ washing my feet. Staring into the eyes of our Lord and Savior, creator of the Universe, Alpha and Omega, perfect being, I want to look away, say I’m not worthy to be looked upon by you or wash my feet. Say what Peter said in Luke 5:8: “Go away from me, Lord; I am a sinful man!” (Luke 5:8) But then He looks up at me with kind and loving eyes.

    With kindness he says ‘stop resisting me. I want to wash your feet if you let me. I love you in spite of your sin, I died on the cross so you can be free of it. I loved you first, before you were born and when I knit you in your mother’s womb I loved you, stop pushing me away and rest in my peace and love. Stop worrying and stop fearing but rest. I am the Father in the prodigal son. Fall into my embrace, my lost sheep or my lost coin for which I rejoice because I have found you.’

  • Mary

    For Fourteen years I have resisted in Gods love through the feeling that my husband has resisted my vocation to motherhood – For me that is giving up my career and staying home with my children and fill the house with children, love, and laughter with an enriching Christian mindset. Sadly because I have always felt this push from my husband I struggle with the feeling that I now really messed up the path of raising my kids. I have tried to do both and it does not comfort me. My kids are turning out fine actually better than fine and I am grateful for that but what I fight against is the loss of the way I wanted my kids to experience childhood through young adulthood. The loss of what I wanted my kids to be able to look back on to see a mother that was committed to them. The loss that my kids feel they can turn to me to get anything done still today. I really hate the fact that I have this feeling that women who choose to stay home to be committed to the family are not seen as doing valuable work equally and there is this underlying pressure to have some level of career that would be better for my well being in the long run. I believe “commitment to family” is a career and that carries an incredible value to our future and to my well being. I believe there is no right path women choose but there is an answer to what God asks us to do through discernment. I have been fortunate of career opportunities but I keep asking God why does he keep opening these doors, what is it he wants me to do and accomplish through these doors when really I thought the door I was to walk through was commitment to family. As I walked into my last job interview I remembered saying to God – “if this is what you want me to do have them offer me a position it not I am totally happy with my present position at home”. I was offered a position and it has been a challenge to balance it all – Is my overwhelming confusion. loss, and resentment – Resisting God’s Love?

    • Euge

      Mary, I read a lot of ” i wanted and I thought…” on your post. I am woman, and I am a control freak. I have fought many battles because things did not go they way I Wanted them to go. Things started to change the day I said, Lord, if you will it, let me will it too. Trust is a big issue for me. As a matter of fact, this Lent, I have been working on spiritual patience, as I want answers yesterday. The Lord showed me it was all due to a lack of Trust. He lead me to beautiful readings that reminded me of the power of His Grace. As a matter of fact, Bishop Barron brought up God just showing up, uninvited to Peter’s boat. That is Grace uninvited! The question is how do we answer to His grace?
      It seems to me that His Grace has covered your family in spite of your own plans. Embrace the path you are on. He has placed you there for a reason. Trust Him and His Grace will allow you to find balance, gratitude and joy! Regarding the past? Can’t change it! He wants our present and our future. Have a very blessed Easter. Let Jesus take your regrets down with Him on Good Friday and rise up on Easter renewed with Trust and Grace!

    • Joyce W.

      Does your husband really understand how you feel about this? Have you ever discussed your feelings with your priest? Do you need the money you earn to help bring financial security to your family or is it just for “frills”? Is your career something which brings honour to God and help to others? The worldly view about a woman having a career often centres on the fact that she is bringing in money. I was a stay-at-home Mom and did a lot of volunteer work over the years, which was valuable to various organizations in the community. No money, but plenty of satisfaction and more flexibility than a career. I hope that you will be able to find peace in this situation, and that God will bless you as a family.

    • Lisa

      Is there a different career or job that would use the special gifts/talents that God gave you that would balance everything? Since we are all children of God, God entrusted you with HIS children. That is the biggest and most important job of all. I always thought most people knew that. It could be your work friends don’t express that because they are working.

  • Laura LaDue

    I am a worrier. I always want to be in control of my life and will forget that God is in charge. I identify frequently with Peter. I have learned to take a deep breath and let God take the wheel but it isn’t easy.

  • A few years ago, our Pastor invited members of the St. Vincent de Paul Society to participate in Holy Thursday by allowing him to wash our feet. He is a man I greatly admire. I wanted to say no because the notion of this holy man washing my feet made me uncomfortable. Than my husband reminded me that that is the point. It was the most humbling moment of my spiritual journey. The experience reminds me in my “secular life” to be mindful of this amazing model of servant leadership. It also provided the perspective of what the people I try to help through my work with SVDP might be experiencing…that feeling of unworthiness. We are all worthy of God’s love.

  • Clare54

    I’m still emotional about Matthews question, “what were the disciples feeling when Jesus washed their feet”? How would I feel if Jesus were to wash my feet? I continue to reflect on the many times, the many year’s that I have resisted God’s guidance for me. That everything I have resisted in my life career ventures, relationship’s…guidance on how to deal with life situation’s…everything was God speaking to me. God was giving me his guidance and light and so many times I did it my way. I walked right by Him like the homeless man or woman on the street corner. On this very Holy Thursday I pray to be more open to God’s endless love for me.

  • Danny Centurioni

    I have said it once and I will say it again, Dynamic Catholic team members are such a wonderful inspiration to me. Normal everyday Catholics struggling just like you and I do.
    What a blessing you are to all of us in the world who are trying to do our best to accept God’s love and mercy and then share it with others.
    I can’t wait for DC’s RCIA tract to see what they do to help us who walk the journey with those who are coming into the Church..

  • Pat

    I am resisting God’s love through fear and pride. I am afraid God will ask too much of me and my pride fears I will fail. I fail to recognize my acts of kindness to others are good enough or pleasing to God. It always has to be more or better. Well, how prideful is that?

  • Christine Fontana

    Thank you Jenna for your message. I too am a pretty strong self critic and friends have said to me what your husband said to you, but I haven’t always truly heard or listened to them. I love the straightforward way he said it – “stop” is a powerful way to get attention. Your saying this today was like God speaking to me through you and I am so grateful. Thank you.

  • Robert Stanton

    What a blessing it has been to share this “Best Lent Ever” journey with all of you 🙂

    I have chosen the word “courageous” as my focus word for the Triduum. I have also selected John as my apostle to visualize and follow over these three days. How courageous is my Lord, to accept the cross for my sins!! How courageous is John to be the only apostle to stand with Jesus at the foot of his cross!! How courageous is “Our Lady” to stand with her son amidst an angry and hostile crowd as they put him to death!!

    I pray that I will be truly courageous and fully aware of the blessing the Lord has bestowed upon me when he said “Behold your mother AND woman behold your son”

    I embrace my Holy Mother fully and am truly blessed to take her into my life forever. Happy Easter to all and may God Bless.

  • Peggy

    Thank you, thank you, thank you to Matthew and all the Dynamic Catholic team for giving me the insight so I can have the Best Lent Ever. During this Triduum I am focusing on “Patience” as I know that this is what prevents me from being present in the moment. I have chose Mary Magdalene as my person to follow because for me she exemplifies forgiveness.

  • Rosa Chacon

    Hi Rick, welcome home! Will pray for you and all those who have fallen away🙏🏻

    God Bless You

  • Loraine Cira

    Thank you Matthew Kelly and Staff for these wonderful messages. During this Lenten Season I am having to sit silently and watch my mother’s health decline. I reflect on the Blessed Mother how she had to walk in silent and watch her son be crucified and accept it was God’s plan. Thank you for the daily comfort and hopefully I am becoming the best-version-of-myself.

    • Linda Carmelle

      Your reflection and analogy is profound. Prayers for you and your mom .God be with you.

  • J Schodron

    So often I miss those moments when I should have said the right thing but didn’t want to seem like I was interfering or where I didn’t do enough. I know I need to work on my ability to be open and natural and to reach out when I can without being afraid. Often it is me not accepting God’s message or sign. I need to just let God show love through me. To see his message.

  • Thomas Adam

    The washing of the feet is such a powerful message! It tells us no matter how high our title in this world is, no matter how rich or famous we become, no job is beneath us in the service of the lord. after the washing of the feet Jesus says: (John 13:13-15) You call me “teacher and Master” and rightly so, for indeed I am. If I therefore, the master and the teacher, have washed your feet, you ought to wash one another’s feet. I have given you a model to follow, so that as I have done for you, you should also do.

  • Tony Pantera

    When I am selfish and manipulating my personal world to fit my idea of reality. That is how I resist God’s love.

  • Bob

    Congratulations Rick and may God Bless you TODAY as you receive Jesus and for the remainder of your life!

  • Paul

    I think I have resisted God’s love in the past when I miss opportunities to serve and help others. I know that God would reward me tenfold for what help I can provide to others, or what love and happiness I can show to those around me. It seems like I keep finding excuses not to help, or waiting for the absolute perfect scenario to present itself. I need to act in the spur of the moment when called by God.

    • Carlos

      Paul, I feel that same pull/resistance too. The situation doesn’t have to be perfect. If it’s uncomfortable or even inconvenient, I still need to do it. I need to learn that God answers prayers through the people in our lives. In these moments, I need to keep in mind that I could be the one answering someone’s prayer. I wish us both the best as we strive to push past ourselves.

      • Paul

        Thanks Carlos! I think I underestimate myself as possibly being the answer to someone’s prayers. I need to be mindful of this in the moment to draw closer to God.

  • Carlos

    If I’m being honest, I have resisted God’s love by placing his Gospel message in a box. Over my lifetime, I have read and heard the gospels countless times, but each time I failed to listen, ponder, experience and really try to understand how all of it is applicable to my life. I have used parts of the message selfishly as a way to heal my own hurt, but somehow missed the bigger picture and the powerful impact that comes with unwrapping the genius in the details. I guess this resistance never allowed me to grasp the Word as living water. Today, because God has helped me to prepare my heart and soul throughout Lent and allowed me to make myself available, I really felt the love of Jesus in the words, “…as I have done for you, you should also do.” I have always struggled with humility, but to know that our Savior humbled himself to serve others in such a way, rocked me to my core. I long for that inheritance and know, that through God, I am being transformed completely.

  • Bill S

    Up until the time that I was married, I had never attended the Mass of the Last Supper. My wife told me it was her favorite mass of all. And so we have been faithfully going to Holy Thursday mass and Good Friday services for some time now. I am always in awe as I contemplate the love Jesus poured out for his disciples and told them “Do as I have done for you” after washing their feet. There have been too many countless times that I have failed to see and accept God’s love for me, but when I celebrate reconciliation, a tremendous burden has been lifted and peace comes over me. This has truly been another great Lenten journey with all of you during this Best Lent Ever!! Peace & Love to all.

    • Lisa

      Once I got off work at 11 pm on Holy Thursday and decided to go over to church. I was surprised when I arrived at the number of cars. When I walked in, it was all dark except for some candles and I could hear the sound of a small fountain. I looked inside and was able to see some ferns and palms. It felt like a little grotto. As my eyes adjusted, I could see that there were many people there praying. I began to pray too. I was in awe and wondered how I never knew they did this. About midnight, the priest came and got the Eucharist and we all followed him to the parish house where he put it in a little tabernacle there. We were allowed to stay and pray briefly and then we had to leave. I felt like Jesus was arrested and taken away!

      • Bill S

        Exactly! I never knew either. My wife and I always joke about her Catholic school education vs my public school education. I missed out on so much. My wife also has reflected about how Peter and the disciples all fell asleep in the garden while Jesus left them alone to pray. How could they just fall asleep? And then I say to myself, ” how many times have I been asleep and missed the message intended for me by God?

  • Char

    Like Jenna I frequently suffer from anxiety. That sate perpetuates itself to terrible self defeating proportions. I have learned through Dynamic Catholic to turn the anxiety over to God and find that He always helps it dissipate. I have also stumbled in the lesson and cling to the anxiety state to the point where turning it over is nearly impossible. Gods love is always waiting and there is an obvious resistance to His love by simply not turning it over. Bigger yet I believe that I resist God”s love in forgivemsss. I know that He forgives me for my different ways of doing things, often menial, and “beating myself up”. And how sad it is that the time spent in self defeating behaviors would be so kindly spent in acceptance of His love and forgivemsss and performing acts of love kindness and freedom to be. This is a battle I want to win and can only do so with the constant reminder to be as good to myself as my Lord. Oh there are others too. I won’t belabor. Want to share by simply saying that Gods love is all around and I feel it all the time. I just don’t let myself love me like He does

  • Kathy Gorham

    I pray every day for those Catholic who don’t feel welcome in our church anymore. They are the ones who don’t have the stamina to go thru all the years of hierarchy bylaw. I wonder how Jesus would handle these cases. “Go and sin no more your sins are forgiven” Maybe???

    • Lisa

      Jesus has the wonderful advantage of being able to see into hearts. Really cuts the paperwork. I read a prophesy that in the future when God calls someone to be a Catholic, there will be no waiting. The book is called “Staying in Place” by Anne a Lay Apostle. There are so many wonderful things we can do in our churches even today that will make our parishes more welcoming.

  • Amy Reinhardt

    I think, like Jenna, I let stress and other trivial thoughts distance me from God. But this Lent has been different, and I know a big part of that is because of my participation in Best Lent Ever with Dynamic Catholic. By sticking to this program for the past 38 days, I’ve had a little time each day to reflect on God’s presence in my life. Yesterday, my boyfriend of 14 months broke up with me. We both knew our relationship had run its course because we both wanted different things. Despite this, my heart is still hurting. So last night I attended reconciliation with my brother. The priest assigned me a unique penance. He told me to sit and stare into the eyes of Jesus on the cross for five minutes and think about what He is trying to say to me. As I began to stare, I couldn’t help but cry. I thought about the pain I felt over losing my boyfriend/best friend, but then I thought about how Jesus’ love for me is stronger than the love I could receive in any earthly relationship. I could hear Him say, “Everything is going to be okay, Amy. I love you.” As I sat there I felt a profound sense of peace. I know my heart will still need time to mend, but Jesus’ love will help me through it.

  • Fran

    Jenna’s story struck a chord with me as she described my mind games that lead to stress. Your husband’s support and love brought tears as I too saw Jesus through his support and care for you. You are fortunate, Jenna, to have this man in your life! Give thanks daily. May we all feel God’s tender, supportive love encircling us daily.

  • Dan

    Skyline chili yum!!!

  • MaryAnne Casaul

    I’ve resisted His love by not accepting forgiveness and thinking I wasn’t worthy. I realize when I think this way I am allowing the evil one to control my life and stop me from receiving God’s love and goodness in my life.

  • Calla Gibson

    Sometimes when l am upset l do not always turn to God. Perhaps l should let Jesus come and catch me.

  • lizmvr

    I definitely don’t go to Confession as much as I should. I still stress that I’m not fully forgiven after Confession, too, though. I think sometimes I’m also shy or wary about interacting with others for fear of their rejections or harsh negative judgments of me, which aren’t necessarily to be expected I guess. I really think, however, that I want to work on being open to loving others the way God has loved me. He really does provide for me, and I should be less afraid to give materially to others at times. I should really trust in Him, since He’s not let me down so far anyway, and believe that if I give stuff away, He’ll make sure I’m not really wanting after that.

  • Jamie Tenshaw Mullins

    Jenna thank you for helping me see how being such a perfectionist is keeping me from fully accept God’s grace. Like you I have an amazing husband who has often told me he loves me and encourages me to not be so hard on myself! Seeing this from another perspective will help me be the best version of myself. Thank you!

  • Eddie Dickow

    I’ve resisted God’s love in my life because of my scrupulosity. I am always worrying about if I committed some type of sin that day by what I did and I always struggle to just remember and believe that God isn’t counting every single sin and He just wants me to be at peace in His love. Please pray for me my brothers & sisters to believe in Jesus’ amazing love and to overcome this!

  • Michael Coons

    So all day yesterday I was thinking about what my “word” would be for the Triduum. I came up with a list of 8 or so but still had not decided. I shared with my wife at the end of the day and she immediate said “Acceptance”. My first reaction was dismissal. Like my wife knew what I needed. So if you want a perfect example of Resisting God.. there it is. After a few minutes I realized that all day I was praying to God to help me pick a focus and when he replied to me through my wife, I reject it. Apparently “Acceptance” is EXACTLY what I need. I need to accept his guidance, I need to accept that he loves me despite my faults. I also need to learn to accept myself. So.. I resist God by not accepting….. I am going with a major change of heart and learning in the next 4 days how to “accept”.

  • owjw

    Rick, I am so happy for you and your wife!! Prayers for you and your family always!

  • Susie Caughey

    The first thought that came to mind with this question was several years ago when I resisted an apology that came in the form of flowers to my job. I told the FedEx guy he could keep them or give them to his wife! I can’t believe I did that! What a stubborn Irish woman! Thank you, God, for bringing me this far, even though I rarely get flowers anymore!

  • Suzie Dennis

    My parish priest picked me to have my feet washed tonight at Mass. I feel so humbled. There are weekends I choose not to attend church because I want to do other things. So why me? Why not someone who is faithful when it comes to attending Mass? Feeling emotional.

    • Susie Caughey

      How beautiful! I believe God wanted you to know that you are just as special/loved by Him as the regular attenders. May you hunger for more of Him.

    • Linda Carmelle

      God invites everyone to His banquet,He excludes no one. God was speaking to you through your parish priest. We are His Chosen People. He Chose many of us who would have been stoned or persecuted,the tax collector,the woman at the well,and more. God is Love right?

  • Lisa

    St. Augustine must be one of your favorites. Perhaps, it feels like a comedy of errors to you, but to me, it is obvious that you were getting continuously closer to where God wants you to be – and – best of all, God isn’t finished with you yet.

    • Leah Levitt

      I hope not. Thanks.

  • Nathan

    George thank you so much for the advice and prayers. I will continue to do my best at becoming the best version of myself and know that it is by learning from great people like yourself, growing my relationship with Christ and striving each day to give God the glory for the life that he has blessed me with.

  • Michael Lennon

    I have never had such a “full” lent – full in the experience in the Spirit. And a big part of that has been the daily BLE messages. Today, the Holy Spirit spoke such practical truth and encouragement through Matthew and Jenna. I’m so proud to be a DC ambassador and a fellow laborer in the work of revitalizing Catholics here and everywhere – and in sharing the love of God to all (John 13:34). The story message of the “last supper” is coming to life in such a fresh and powerful this year! Resurrection blessings to all!!

  • Lisa Murach

    That was absolutely beautiful! Jenna’ s words touched my heart. I think we all have moments like these… We are way too hard on ourselves and need to stop and enjoy life more. These are the moments we need to remember God is always there and speaks to us through our loved ones. I will be at Mass tonight, and I am always so humbled by the foot washing. Looking forward to bringing my heart closet to God☝.

  • Trevor Pelkey

    I have resisted God’s love – like Jenna – by worrying too much about stuff, especially in social situations. I just need to let go of this worry and have trust in God’s grace.

  • Fran

    My husband and I dated and on our third date we hiked and after the hike we were tiered.
    My date, boyfriend, then, when at rest on top of the mountain, he took my shoes off and began to water my feet with love knowing how good that would make me feel. I was always self conscious about my feet but felt his true love from that moment till today, thirty years later. A memory I will never forget. Thank you God.

    • Lisa

      How lovely. Because of that experience, you must understand the love of Jesus when he was washing his apostles’ feet more than most. I think about washing my son’s feet when he was a baby and try to equate it with that.

  • Judy

    When I go to Confession, and make up with Jesus, I walk out of the confessional as if I’m walking on air. Then over time that euphoria feeling dissipates. Yet again I’m clenching on to that sin again…the one Jesus forgave me of, yet I failed to release my grip on it. The thoughts haunt me and I start picking on myself again for such a dumb choice, decision, action. I need to trust God that when I pinky swear with Jesus after making up, that I don’t need to hold on any longer. Jesus took me off the meat hook in the Confessional. Now it’s time for me to do the same.

  • Anne Mason

    Hi Rick. Your post was beautifully said. Congratulations on finally receiving your annulments. I was touched by reading that your wife and you are remaining celibate until your marriage is blessed in the Church. Your story is a similar one to my husband’s and my path. I was the person who was divorced with a 12-1/2 year-old daughter.

    I’d become a Christmas and Easter Mass person. As a divorced Mom, I felt left out of our parish life. Then I met my husband. As a baby, Ken had been baptized into the Catholic faith, but his mother left the Catholic Church and their family was Baptist. When I met Ken, I told him that I wasn’t looking for him to convert to Catholicism. I felt that was a decision only he could make. Besides, we were just beginning to date. I was glad that he had accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. After we’d been dating a couple of months, Ken said he wanted to go to my parish and attend a Mass. He had never done this before. Afterwards, he told me he had really enjoyed the Mass and asked if we could begin attending weekly Mass. Once we began talking about marriage, I began the process of an annulment. Ken came to me and announced that he wanted to begin the RCIA Program and make his First Penance, receive Communion, and make his Confirmation. I was thrilled for both of us! After a year and a half, my annulment was finalized and our marriage was blessed in the church on April 14, 2003. So, tomorrow will be 14 years that we’ve been married in the eyes of the Catholic Church.

    God bless your wife and you with many happy, healthy years together and may you both continue to grown in faith. A*

  • Mary Brennan

    Jenna thank you for your share it touched me sometimes things get overwhelming for me and I used to always worry about what people think , and say, I like it when you knew God was loving you through your husband, Happy Easter

  • mjtav240

    I’m afraid I can’t always recognize how God is trying to love me. I know that seems vague, but I feel so shallow when it comes to Him, and I want to be so intense!! Having said that, I’m beginning to realize that not every moment will take my breath away and I need to recognize God in the ordinary moments of life, rather than looking for the exraordinary moments that may never come. I can really identify with the need to stay in each moment, but that’s hard to do sometimes, and other times, I don’t realize that I’m not actually present. I truly pray that God will bless me to start paying attention and being in more moments of every day until I don’t miss any moments at all!!! God bless all of you in this beautiful season of renewal and joy!!!

  • JayAW

    Each day, I nail Jesus to the cross through my sins, and each day he forgives me and loves me. As hard as I try, I can’t be like Jesus, which is why I need him, even if I don’t deserve his love.

  • Maria

    I have resisted accepting His mercy and forgiveness.

  • Nicole M.

    Like Jenna, I resist God’s love with worrying and comparing myself to others. I always worry if what I’m doing every day is right. I focus more on making people happy instead of truly being happy. I compare myself to others by how smart they are, how pretty they are, or if they are doing a better job than me at work. Sometimes my strive for perfection can turn into a disaster. I lose focus on all the good that’s happening around me. It’s through little comments that my parents make that God is showing love for me, or the long talks that my boyfriend and friends sometimes have with me that give me the realization to let go and let God. No more putting my guard up or putting walls up. I just want to let love in and let Jesus wash my feet.

  • Toni Shea

    Difficult to imagine the love Jesus has for us and His washing our feet is hard to imagine. Yet if we do not try to imagine that love and think we know better how deserving we are or are not; it is almost as if what He did for us, was not good enough!! God Bless you all and a Blessed Easter. I will miss you all and this amazing “Best Lent Ever” program.

  • Kathi

    This was one of my favorite video posts by Matthew. Short, but sweet. The Gospel verses with musical accompaniment was very nice.

  • Arthur Brown

    I am on this deep spiritual journey and a thank you to God above for all things he gives me. I know he loves me and gives me what I need and God knows how much trails I can manage at one time. Just yesterday and today I found out that after paying enormous about on previous credit cards that my wife had expended an know find out she has done it again and now is when I find out I have to still be loving and caring to my wife as God has done for me. I now have to leave it in his hands and ask forgiveness for getting angry and feeling disgusted at my wife’s actions of not being a partner in our marriage. I am glad God has instilled in me the faith I need to believe and during this Triduum I will take my trails as Jesus has done and go to my cross and ask God to forgive me for all that I have done wrong against God and think of only one thing and that is to thank God for Jesus dying on the Cross for me as I have only my sin to take care of, Jesus accepted his cup and died for all of our sins. God bless each of you in your daily spiritual journey with God, Christ and Holy Spirit

  • Marise Robinson Petry

    How have you resisted God’s love in your life?

    I have resisted God’s love by being satisfied. By that I mean content with being where I am spiritually and more apt to give advice than to seek advice. I allow myself to be okay, that I have enough answers to life’s questions and have no need to grow further. I began following “Best Lent Ever” out of curiosity almost daring Jesus to challenge me to take up that cross, repent and follow Him further than self satisfaction would allow. Well, He once again broke through my comfort zone and convinced me that I still need Him in my life, perhaps now more than ever. At age 67, I am starting into that stage where friends are becoming seriously ill. Some have died. I am being challenged to face my own mortality, to walk the talk as we used to say. Explore the questions Do I Believe?, What exactly do I believe?, Does my life reflect that belief? If not, What do I need to change in myself? My prayer, Lord I believe, help me in my unbelief.

  • Lilyam Paola Malagón

    Jenna, I had the same experience with my husband’s hug, just yesterday. I’ve been praying God for a mission in my life, and through my husband’s hug, God answered to me that I am precious to Him, and that all those thoughts of fear and insecurity were not from Him. Immediately, I could felt His immense Love and Peace within me!

    I don’t think this is a coincidence, but I just started my Consecration to Jesus through Mary, and the prayer for yesterday was “Come, Holy Spirit, living in Mary. Help me to reject Satan, and to follow Christ closer”

  • Vanessa B

    thought I would share this. Wrote it back in September and it rings true in Lent especially as we enter into Good Friday tomorrow.

    Help us to get there, Lord.
    Help us to get to a point where we can glimpse Heaven in our everyday lives.
    Help us to get there, Lord.
    Help us to feel You more and love You as You love us.
    Help us to get there, Lord.
    Help us to come into Your presence always and feel Your love.
    Help us to get there, Lord.
    Help us to see You face to face in others.
    Help us to get there, Lord.
    Help us, help us, help us.
    You are all we need.
    Help us to believe that Lord.
    Help us to get there, Lord.

  • paul bilodeau

    For those of you that are “afraid” of the Annulment Process… try to keep in mind that your fear/hurt/anger or whatever comes up will only be temporary and that once you’ve been through the Annulment Process you have forever to enjoy the mass, penance and communion. Just do it!!

  • paul bilodeau

    one more thing… I’m curious – would Jenna please share her April Fool’s prank!!

  • Stephanie Rodriguez

    Jenna’s words (well, her husband’s!) made me weep! “Don’t talk about the person I love like that.” Wow.
    So much negative self-talk over here, which I tend to blame on baby hormones but still. I don’t resist it. I’m always wondering if I’ll ever be a “good enough” wife or mother. Forgetting daily that I can rest in His arms. He’s probably been saying the same phrase to me for a while now, I just haven’t listened.
    So, so powerful. Thank you.

  • Niove Candida Rosario

    I do know he is there trying to love me everyday but I allow the things of the world to interfere and I hate myself for that. Now that I am truly working towards a better me, I hate myself even more because I catch myself all the time sabotaging the process. I do have faith that in my quest for a better me I will, hopefully soon, learn to control the outside forces that negativity affect me. God I trust in you!

  • Richelle

    I have struggled with anxiety and low self esteem since I was a teenager, even several bouts of depression. I am never smart enough, pretty enough, ambitious enough, brave enough, a good enough mother, not worthy of being loved. The list goes on and on. I also have battled chronic migraines since a teenager which only adds the battle of feeling worthless.

    Because of all this I married at 19 a man who was only going to use my weaknesses to control me and push me deeper into anxiety and depression. A man who was 7 years older but not wiser and definitely not closer to God or able to love the way God meant in a marriage.

    After one baby, a gift from God, and three years of reading every verse in the Bible about marriage and love. I finally had the courage to leave to make a better life for my child. Not me but for her.

    Many years later, a wonderful man enters my life. A good man. A man who loved and respects and encourages me, our children and our marriage is always put first in his busy life. He loved and cared for my daughter as his own which she looks back on now with appreciation and love for him.

    He truly is a gift from God. But… I still fight feeling worthy, competent, capable. I still fight anxiety and some days wonder if the harm I do when this dark part of me rears its ugly head is too much for my kids and husband. Why can’t I just feel love and give love and trust that I am worthy of my husband’s love and God’s love?

    It’s a battle that always brings me to the Bible or to church or to His word in some form. I have come to realize that God is showing me his love through my husband and my kids and I have got to stop being so stubborn. As much as I think I am not capable of Handling this life or worthy of being loved, He thinks I am and He is right here with me if I will open the door and let him in. Embrace the gifts he had given me and ask for help when I am too critical and week. We are all different people and that doesn’t make me all of the terrible things I label myself when I am in the midst of anxiety. I have got to trust and give it up to Him.
    “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Phil 4: 13

  • Kathiehc

    Rick, I’m so happy for you & for your wife! In my second marriage I experience such a great difference from my first marriage! In my sacramental marriage of 22 years I sometimes feel what Jenna described, the love of Jesus in my husband’s arms!
    May you & your wife experience many years of happiness journeying together in the Kingdom of God!

  • Emma Spaulding

    I have resisted God’s love in my life from time to time. I know He wants me to be open with my friends, have a happy heart, worry less, and not beat myself up for sinning because He has already forgiven me. I know I should go to confession to feel my sins being lifted off me and having that sense of love, peace, and being forgiven; but I resist it and do no go. God loves me for who I am and not for the sins I have committed. I need to accept the fact that I am loved unconditionally by God and will always be forgiven.

  • Rae Mims

    I think I have resisted God’s love by not believing that He is within me and that gives me a power that I do not tap into in my daily life. I struggle with being “good enough” or “pretty enough” or “smart enough.” But, if I just realized that he has equipped me for all I need – as he has brought these tests into my life – I would be so much better off. But, I resist. I also resist God’s love by failing to see/believe that I have something to offer other brethren in the faith.

  • William Ford III

    This has been a great journey. I am not Roman Catholic, but I do consider myself a catholic Christian. At times I do attend the Roman Catholic church. If there were more dynamic Catholics like Matthew Kelley and his staff it would be a much better place.
    I am looking to the word “purpose ” for this Lenten season and this year.
    Today we see one of the purposes of Jesus. He came to serve and not be served. He also sends out,His disciples and us to do the same.

  • Sarena

    I resist God when I give in to my fears. That is a huge struggle for me and I am learning to place my fears in God’s hands and just trust that everything will be well, because God is always there.