March 15: Hour by Hour

Day 13

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Hopefully you’re finding these reflections helpful. Hopefully they’re speaking into you and speaking into your life in a really practical way. I think that’s one of the things we really strive for here at Dynamic Catholic: to speak into your life in powerful ways, but also in very, very practical ways. Ways that you can take and live today, tomorrow, and the next day.

One of the things that changed my life is the idea I want to talk to you about today. And when I say it changed my life, I mean it completely changed my life. It completely changed my approach to God and my faith and spirituality. And it’s the idea that everything we do as Christians can be transformed into prayer.

St. Paul said, “Pray constantly.” We obviously can’t go into church all day and just pray all the time. Even if we could go into church all day and pray all the time, we’d have to go home and sleep at some point. So what did Paul mean when he said, “Pray constantly”? What did he have in mind?

What he had in mind was this incredible idea that everything we do can be transformed into prayer. Even sleeping. We can offer our sleep as a prayer. It’s the idea that every hour of every day can be offered to God for a different reason.

I talk to people about this in different ways. Maybe you want to set an alarm on your clock or on your phone that just beeps every hour, and every hour you just take 10 seconds and say, “Alright, God. I’m going to offer the next hour of my life and of my work, and I’m going to offer it to you as a prayer for my friend Joe who is struggling with cancer at this moment.”

Or, “I’m going to offer it as a prayer for this couple who is struggling in their marriage at the moment.”

Or, “I’m going to offer it for one of my children.”

Or, “I’m going to offer it for my parents.”

Or, whatever. You pick any intention you want, but every day, every hour, as that alarm goes off, you just take 10 seconds to say, “Alright, God. I offer the next hour of my work, or the next hour of my life, as a prayer for this intention. It’s 10 seconds out of every hour, but it changes the way we live. It changes the way we work.

When I first heard of the idea I was still a student, and it changed the way I studied. Because, if you really think about offering an hour to God as a prayer for an intention that’s important to you, you approach that hour differently. You just approach that hour with a completely different awareness.

And I think that’s part of the problem. I think part of our problem is we’re just not that conscious as we go through the days, and the weeks, and the months of our lives. A lot of the various aspects of our Christian spirituality are just designed to wake us up, because sometimes we really can be sleepwalking through life.

So, if it’s time to do the dishes and you hate doing the dishes, do the dishes and offer it as a prayer for some particular intention. And do it well. And pay attention to the details of the work. And do it with joy. Even though you hate doing it, you do it with joy. And you offer that as a prayer. Maybe you hate mowing the lawn—maybe that’s your thing—but every moment of every day can be transformed into prayer.

And as we grow in this awareness, it changes the way we live. But it also changes the way we love. Imagine being loved by someone who’s that aware.

“Christianity is incredibly practical. It is a beautifully human invitation to experience the divine. For a Christian, everything is a prayer.”

Matthew Kelly, Resisting Happiness

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Every activity can be transformed into prayer.


Offer each hour or activity of your day to God as a prayer for a specific intention. Set an alarm to go off each hour. Take a deep breath and lift the coming hour up to God. Ten seconds at the beginning of each hour will change your life.


Lord, help me to transform my life into prayer. Inspire me to bring meaning into everything I do so that my presence in the world may elevate and transform ordinary, everyday things.

Today’s personal reflection features Dynamic Catholic team member Emma Guzman. Emma is our communications project lead, coming to us from Chicago, Illinois. Emma attended Game 7 of the 2016 World Series (Go Cubs!), has gone diving in the Great Barrier Reef, and applied to Dynamic Catholic because of Best Lent Ever in 2015.

What is an ordinary activity that you can transform into a prayer?

Let us know in the comments!

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  • Usi

    When I read the reflection this morning, I thought, what a cool idea, cause I always looked for something to involve prayer in my daily work, Although, I have a maybe silly but stupid problem: as I don’t have a normal wrist watch anymore, that gives a beep every hour, I am now looking for an idea how to get an alarm every full hour. If I use my cell phone, I have to turn the alarm off which is not possible, cause I would have to interrupt conversations with patients.
    Any suggestions or ideas???

    • Heather

      Not sure what type of work you do but you mentioned patients. Perhaps say a small prayer before or after every patient you see. 😊

      • Usi

        Good idea, thanks. I decided to make a list for every hour, and after every patient, I now check the time and take some seconds to think about/pray for the person/devotion on my list.

    • Ann G

      Hi Usi,

      If you use a computer, check out the post I just added about passwords to unlock your screen.

      Have a great day!

      • Usi

        Great idea, I just installed a new password for my phone ;-).

    • Michael Robert

      One of the things that I do on a daily basis without using an alarm, involves me happening to look at the time without any particular reason. If by chance the hour reflects 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44 or 5:55, I make the sign of the cross with the amount of times significant to the time reflected and say the most powerful prayer given to us by St.Thomas (doubting Thomas), “My Lord and, my God”. Very fulfilling no matter where I am at the time!

    • Elaine Cooper

      Can’t you set your alarm on cell to vibrate? On mine I can. This way you feel the nudge but nobody else hears it. Not sure you can on any cell, but it’s a great tool for all sorts of reminders that nobody but you needs reminding of. Good luck!

      • Usi

        Thanks, I wanted to do that, but didn’t know how. Because of your message, and the one from Lori S, I checked again, and actually finally found the possibility to turn off the sound and have it just vibrate! Cool, I’ll use that starting right away.

    • Lori S

      Just have the alarm vibrate!

      • Usi

        As you and Elaine mentioned the cell on vibrate, I looked again and finally found it. Thanks for insisting on it 🙂

    • Lisa

      Instead of every hour, every activity. Do you go into your office every so often between patients to write things down or look up something? This would be a good time for a quick prayer. Another idea, would be to say a quick prayer before or after each conversation with a patient.

      • Usi

        Resistance is there, but I’m working on it. I have cards with the name of my patients on it, and now I try to think about my intention for the hour, when I put them away. Thanks for the idea.

  • Michael Baur

    When I was reflecting on this discussion, the first thing that came to my mind is driving. So every time I get in my car or someone else car. I’m going to say a little prayer.

    • Lisa

      Sacred Heart Auto League offers up mass for your driving and a prayer to say before driving.

  • Darren Guido

    What a great idea! I am going to add a sticky-note to my computer screen as a reminder… What will I offer up in prayer this hour? With God’s help, I also want to become more aware as I go through my day to pray prior to doing something that I do not enjoy doing and offering that action up to prayer. By praying for inner peace, and offering the action as a sacrifice for others, I will create serenity in my environment.

    • Jane Deutschlander

      I have begun doing this – offering up daily household chores in prayer and love… what I am now going to add is to do them joyfully. That was a missing part and I believe it will bring a peacefulness to my heart.

  • Kathryn Bridges

    I say a rosary when I’m in the car.

    • Heidi Johnson

      Me too! I find that it makes me more mindful of driving and more patient.

    • Elzbieta Augustyn

      here same, just download app on my phone,and we pray together with nice background music

      • PatriC

        What app? Please & thank you!!

        • Carrie

          iTunes app store – Holy Rosary – Standard Edition by Joe Meineke

    • Holly Lanford

      I have an APP on my phone I use to pray the Rosary on my way to work. It helps prepare me for the day!

  • Ann G

    Here’s how I mindfully pray thought my work day:

    I work in an office with a desktop computer. There is a security requirement to lock the screen (“Control-Alt-Delete”) when we walk away from our desks, and the screen also locks after several minutes of inactivity.

    I set my password to invoke the name of Jesus or a Saint for a special intention. For example:

    JMJpfu = Jesus Mary Joseph pray for us

    ToLpfu = Teresa of Lisieux pray for us

    JesusHelpMe (that’s my favorite!)

    JesusHelpUs (my 2nd favorite!!)

    I think you get the idea…just a small way to think and live beyond the work day stresses and challenges.

    Have a great day!

    • Susan E

      I love it! What a great idea. Thank you Ann. I too am in a similar situation and remembering passwords sometimes stresses me out…there are passwords for everything!

      • Kathy Z.

        I am in the process of having to change my passwords. This was perfect timing, great idea and for as many times as I log in, it is one more time I get another chance to pray. Thank you Ann.

    • Jane Deutschlander

      I love this idea! I am changing my computer password right now! Thanks for sharing…

    • Karen

      Great idea❤

    • Milpharj3

      I have used HSURWH, Holy Spirit you are welcome here.

      • Ann G

        I like it!!

        I think you’ve given me my next password variation…thank you!

      • Cathy B

        Luv this!! Made me start humming….

        • Renee

          Me too!

        • Angela C

          same here.

      • Louise Riehl

        I love this! Thanks for sharing!

      • Renee


    • Ana Cecilia LaluzArredondo

      Love it!

    • Mary Kay

      What a great idea

    • Elayna Roberts

      That’s a fantastic idea!!

    • RAR

      I do this too! It gives me a sense of peace. I also use verses that I’m trying to remember.

    • Joe

      It is such a help. My current PW is East3rr1s34u. With all the new rules I make E a 3 , I a 1 and O a 0(zero)…. so my PW is Easter rise 4u …….. In Dec… it was Chr1stmasH0p3 Christmas Hope…… Peace out!

      • maureen cabrera

        i do this too. I am a QA Tester, in different regions of testing…so I have a variety of passwords
        JESUS143(meaning JESUS I LOVE YOU) or JESUShelp;LOVEJESUS, etc., etc.

    • Trish

      What a great idea

    • Daniela D.

      Genius! I’ll put it in practice. Thanks. Have a blessed day

    • Alexander DiMercurio


    • Margaret Rutherford

      This is a great idea. It is good to use upper and lower case letters, numbers, and symbols to a password. Hackers already know we use common phrases. God bless!

    • Charles

      What a neat idea Ann!

    • Doug

      Another brilliant idea I can steal. 🙂 (My small brain is not creative enough to come up with something as brilliant as that.)

      • NancyB

        Mine either, Doug. I appreciate all of the ideas from our Best Lent Ever community

        • Eileen

          mine either, Doug and Nancy, but I sure do appreciate learning from Ann!

      • Karen Kotzbach McCreary

        Doug, I just had to share this ! I spent 5 min. trying to understand half of what was in front of me ! I will have to be content with offering up my entire day no matter when it starts . I have a notebook with passwords written down. I couldn’t begin to remember new passwords for every day ! LOL Happy to be tech challenged. BTW , I don’t have a phone and don’t want one. I wonder what it must be like to be as creative as those with all the tricky passwords . Thanks for your post . I was feeling pretty stupid.

      • Ed

        Your mind can still develop Doug, don’t give up!

    • Kj

      Wow! What a concept! I’ve never thought of it!

    • Rhonda H

      What a great idea! I am going to change my passwords! That will also remind me to offer that time up to God.

    • Ann Marie

      What a great idea. Thank you for sharing.

    • Barbara Kelley

      Great idea! Years ago, when I started working at our Motherhouse (I’m a Dominican Sister) they suggested we use our favorite Scripture passage as our password – Matthew 6:34, about not worrying. I still worry – but the password is a good reminder.

      • Sarah

        I love this

      • Ellie

        Dear Sister Barbara, remember St. Padre Pio said pray about everything; worry about nothing🙏

        • Elephant

          Pray, Hope and Don’t worry. St. Padre Pio

      • Linda Maldonado

        I love this!

    • Anne

      That is a wonderful idea! Thank you,

    • Lara

      Thanks for sharing this idea, Ann! I will do this as well. God bless!

    • Ronda Jewell

      Perfect way to be reminded to pray. I also use passwords to remind me to pray, such as pttad4all. pray ten times a day 4 all. Love to hear others do the same. mGbyaku. May God bless you and keep you.

    • NancyB

      I love this! Thanks for the idea!

    • CK Kav

      What a cool idea!!

    • Jeffnud

      Great idea. Thanks for sharing.

    • Betty’s Blessing

      Great idea! Thanks for sharing.

    • Jennifer Lind Bourgeois

      What an awesome idea!!!!!

    • Jan Onnen

      I LOVE THIS IDEA and will use it myself. Thank you Ann G!

      • Elaine Gunn

        This is a wonderful idea! Does anyone remember when we used to put the initials JMJ on our grade school papers?

        • Joamm

          I do

          • Karen Kotzbach McCreary

            Joamm ,I do also . Who remembers AMDG ?

        • Mary Ruffcorn

          Oh yes!!! I still do that on occasion. Twelve years of Catholic school and the BVM sisters. God bless them!

    • Kelley

      With the need for increased cyber security I have switched to using passphrases when possible. My most favorite is WithGodallthingsarepossible (switching out letters for numbers and symbols of course).

    • Jose N Elia Lopez

      thanks for sharing this, I love this idea to add to my current prayer by hour.

    • Marilou

      ANN, you are awesome, at work I have like 100 passwords, I will use your awesome idea! thanks
      God Bless You!

    • Debra Barth

      My password to unlock my phone is PRAY

    • Debra Barth

      My code to unlock my phone is PRAY, which often inspires me to say a Hail Mary or chat with God.

      • Shannon

        I love this idea – my phone is protected in case I loose it but my husband and children often use it – so this will be good for me and them! I will likely get a roll of the eyes – but I will take it Lord if it means they turn to You!!!
        Thanks for this great idea!

      • Laura Smoter

        I’m updating my password right now! 🙏🏼

        • Linda Maldonado


      • Niecy


    • Barbara Huntley


    • David D

      That is great to hear others doing that. I do something similar and am forced to change my password every 90 days.

    • Renee

      I love this!

    • Kathleen Spector

      What a wonderful idea!

    • Kwisniowski

      I love this! Going to do this for sure!

    • patty g

      Great idea! I’ve also used Be Peace or Salt and Light to remind me of how I want to be. Thanks for sharing~

    • Lynne

      Thanks Ann for the great WAYS to invoke Jesus – I will get busy & change my passwords. Blessings.

    • Linda LeBeau

      Wow what a great idea !!!

    • Louise

      I love this idea. Very creative. new PW: JmmWfI2h….Jesus make my Wi-Fi invisible to hackers.

    • John Nichols

      These are great ideas for passwords, and I can see that they help remind you to pray frequently throughout the day, but don’t you think it would be wise not to share your actual passwords on the internet? Maybe all people who posted their actual passwords should consider changing them to some other, undisclosed prayerfully password.

    • Kristin Licavoli


    • Paul Owens

      Thank you Ann! Great ideas! Changing my passwords at work tomorrow!.

    • Ssamaca

      Terrific Idea, Ann. Thank you.
      So many years I wasted since my work is on the computer.
      But I’m going to pick myself up and get started now

    • Anne Studley Davis

      Thank you ! This is a great idea.

    • Kim

      Awesome idea. I am going to use it.

    • Angela C

      I will definitely have to use this. Great Idea.

    • Steven Hotho

      You can use KLS with a date that is meaningful for you. KLS – remember from a long time ago? Know Love and Serve. 19KLS70 one of my sons was born in 1970; so I split the date.

    • Jim Ziegler

      Kudos to you Ann.That is a wonderful idea.Not only will I do on work computer but I will do on my IPad at home.Just thinking about doing it puts a smile on my face.

    • Debra Kyser

      Ann – Help me Jesus is my favorite too!

    • Elizabeth Brumann

      I can turn housework into prayer by doing my chores which consist of me cooking setting the table, clearing off the table washing the dishes, drying the dishing taking away the dishes, cleaning the counter, cleaning the table sweeping the floor, taking out the trash, cleaning my room, making my bed, doing my laundary, cleaning the bathroom, vacuuming the rugs and the stairs, drying and taking away my laundary, doing errands and odd jobs around the house, taking in the mail and the packages taking messages, taking care of Cat Bert and Jimmy, Helping my parents, Helping my dad out with grandma, getting in the newspaper on Sunday, going to the corner store, helping to shovel snow and to sweep the snow off of the stairs, helping my dad with the grocery shopping whenever I am able to help and doing other random acts of kindness nicely and without being told to do it giving of my time to help out my parents and myself.

      Learning how to live cope deal and manage arthritsis and my other conditions giving an open ear to listen to my family to my mom dad and other family members and doing acts of charity and kindness for them or find away to cheer them up by just doing something small such as praying for them and all of their needs, fears, worries or concerns or for their well being and their happiness and for myself to get through all of my problems and situations. In order for housework to be a successful prayer I have to pay attention to all of the details of the tasks that I am doing.

      Mealtime can be prayer time because grace is said before the food is eaten, It is a prayer to god thanking him for putting the food on our plates and giving us the nutrition. Sleep can also be prayer because we can thank god for the many blessings that we have gotten throughout the day and to prayer for ourselves to get through our problems and situations such me having arthritsis for the courage and the strength to work with Dr. Meyer and to do what is right for myself and to learn how to use the walking stick to help myself walk again and to have the strength to learn how to cope with deal with it and manage it and to rehabilitation which consists of exercises to get my knees stronger keep my back from getting messed up again to help the leg cramps and the calf cramp and to strengthen the balance on my right knee and to keep my right knee strong and to avoid falling down and to keep my shoulder strong so that I don’t loose my grip so that I am able to do all of my housework. I can also prayer for all of my family and their needs fears worries and concerns and to find a way to listen to them and to be there for them and to help them out by just doing an act of kindness. Lent is about giving of ourselves and about helping out others and helping out ourselves by taking care of ourselves and by making things better and easier for ourselves. Getting guidance and strength to do what is right for ourselves and to help and support ourselves. It is about becoming a better person with the guidance of god. It is about turning our lives over to god. It is about letting go the past and focusing on the hear and now the present and the future. It is about preparing ourselves for Holy Week which prepares us for Easter. Lent is a spiritual journey through the desert and god is hear to get us through the Lenten season. Lent is about abstaining from negative thoughts and thinking and selfishness and other sinful things. Lent is not about cursing swearing bashing smashing judging or condemning people or god.

      Lent is about getting closer to god by doing acts of kindness and charity and helping out others by our kind and thoughtful and compassionate actions to our family and to find our meaning and purpose. Lent is preparation for Holy Week which starts with Palm Sunday, Holy Thursday, Good Friday the Passion of Jesus, Holy Saturday, Easter the resurrection of Jesus. The way in which can prepare for these events that lead up to Holy Week and to Easter are watching the mass on television everyday, reading the magnifcant, the daily missal, the daily offering and the daily reflections praying and meditating on the rosary and on the stations of the cross and going to mass on Sundays. Lent is about conversation to god.

    • Speaking as a geek. This is clever!

    • Dorothy Infante

      I love your daily prayer process, this simply means that you practice the hour by hour prayer that Matthew Kelly was referring to. When its time to change my password, I will use this approach to remind me to pray for at least 10 seconds each hour.
      Thank you for sharing. God Bless!

    • Babciamel

      What a fabulous idea. Although I don’t work anymore, I am too often on my computer. I am going to change my log on name to something that will help me not to waste time on the computer. Perhaps it will be TWNMBD=Thy Will Not Mine Be Done….or something similar.

    • Lisa

      I love this idea. I work at a computer desktop myself and always my programs close after 10 min. I am changing my passwords Monday with your idea in mind. This is fantastic and will help me keep the reminder of prayer in my day. Thanks again. God Bless

    • Ricky Bobby

      Amazingly simple and yet a powerful practice!!! Thank you for sharing.

    • Niecy

      Excellent idea! Really good!

    • Alice Theriault

      What a great idea!! Thanks so much for sharing Ann G!! Have a Blessed Lent!!

    • SB

      LOVE THIS!


    All my life my mother has told me to “offer it up to Jesus” when being tasked to do something I don’t want to do or to endure something. Obviously she was on to something but missing a critical component that Matthew hits upon. Don’t just necessarily wait to do this when you are compelled to do something, make it a point to offer up every living moment, hour by hour. How much will my attitude towards others change because of this one simple act?

    • Diana

      My mom use to say the same thing. I have been trying to remember to offer every hour up in prayer every since I read the book Resisting Happiness, setting an alarm is a good idea.

    • Ginie

      My parents used to say the same thing, when I was hurting, doing things I didn’t like…when my children were little I would pray for each of them as I folded their clothes. If my arthritis bothers me I pray for others who are suffering more debilitating arthritis or other diseases.

    • Deacon David Krob

      Matthew talked about offering up those things that we dislike doing. He mentioned mowing the lawn. As it turns out, I enjoy mowing the lawn. We have a half acre and I use a push lawn mower when it is not too hot. It is good exercise and I enjoy the beauty of the day. I offer this too up to God in thanksgiving for all the good things he has given me. I am not a great sleeper. When I do have a good nights sleep, upon waking up I offer that nights sleep to God in thanksgiving for the gift.

      • Lisa

        Good point. It doesn’t have to be something you dislike.

      • SWLABR

        I think that was the epiphany for me- why wait to offer up something that is a negative? There is so much I am blessed with in life, this is a great way to give thanks and praise God for all He has done for me.

        Incidentally, I am looking at message boards like this in a new light. I belong to a guitar-oriented website and I am shocked at how nice EVERYONE is. There are no snide remarks, it’s a very positive supportive environment. Just learned one of the members who lived in England there passed away from cancer. The news hit me like I knew him my whole life. Today, every hour I am offering up in prayer to the repose of his soul and for his family.

        There’s hope for humanity afterall 🙂

  • Lori

    I am going to relay an idea that I read about on The Dynamic Catholic comment section during a past Lent…….
    I drink a lot of tea and a “pouring prayer” was suggested by someone- it is so easy to just say a short prayer each time you “pour” something. So now I say a short prayer of thankfulness or an intention each time I pour anything or turn on the faucet.
    If I remember correctly the one I read was a version of this:
    “I’ll take what You give and give what You’ll take”
    Blessings &
    Happy pouring to all!

    • Usi

      Perfect idea! I drink so much tea every day, so I will have some more prayer times!!!

  • Greg Wagner

    When I listen to music I convert secular love songs, into love songs to Jesus! Prayer in song form is prayer twice!

    • Milpharj3

      I do too. One of my favorites is ‘Haven’t Got Time For The Pain’ by C. Simon….. I will be offering it in church during offertory…..

    • Lisa

      This message made me smile. It reminded me of a priest I know who was always singing little snippets of popular songs “You lift me up on mountain.”

      • Greg Wagner

        One song I truly cherish is Sade’s song “Nothing can come between us “,a good Vevo video also!

    • Usi

      Funny, Greg, that you mention, that prayer in song form is prayer twice.
      Since I started this program, long forgotten songs from my youth came up to my mind, that stayed with me the whole day (All to Jesus, I surrender — and a lot of other very meaningful german songs). I haven’t discovered the meaning of some of them until now. And they pop up in my mind so fittingly, it’s amazing.

  • Judy Tobin

    shoveling all the snow, Gods purification of the earth. The white pure breath taking snow, Thank-you God no matter how much work it is it is still a beautiful gift to the world.

    • Lisa

      Yes, and water for us come summer.

  • John Kearney

    I also say the Rosary on the way to work, it helps put me in a better frame of mind for the commute and the day. I am a teacher and I was just thinking, I will prayer at the end or beginning of each class I see. We have a particularly difficult group this year, so patience will most definitely be part of that prayer!

    Hi Usi, Depending on what you do, a prayer could be said before you see patients, as was suggested, clients, or customers, because sometimes you need God’s help when dealing with his children! Or a prayer could be said before or after a task or chore you have to do.

    • Ginie

      John, I used to pray the rosary on my way to work, I’m retired and don’t drive as much. I found if I was saying the rosary other drivers did not upset me as much.
      I was a school teacher, and you are so right, praying between classes is great for you and them. You can also pray as you prepare a test, quiz or project, or when you are grading-for the giftedness of one or the difficulties of another….teachers certainly have many opportunities for prayers for others and self-Jesus, Give me strength-was one of my regular ones.
      God bless you.

      • John Kearney

        Hi Ginie, Thank you for your thoughts. I think there is a special place in heaven for teachers! Give me strength, is good, I was thinking of the Serenity prayer.
        God Bless,

        • Ginie

          Sometimes I didn’t have time for the whole Serenity prayer, not that I don’t say it, but in the midst of 25-32 students……
          God bless and Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

  • Judy Tobin

    Thank-you God for the man who saw me shoveling, he came over with one big scoop and did the end of the driveway!

  • Holly Lanford

    As a teacher I plan to pray for each class every period. Also as I travel to and from work I will offer my drive as a prayer for family and friends.

  • Elaine Cooper

    My changing moment, returning to God. Was brought about thru my Father’s death this January. Dad had ALZ it had been a very trying , frustrating, sad final year. His death was my present, his 2cnd gift to my life. He brought me into the world along with Mom as a Catholic. They are the keystone to my faith, a strong foundation was laid. Even though I allowed my building to fall to disrepair.
    Every builder knows a good keystone withstands time and weathering. I was blessed to have this great man as my Daddy. He was 93 at death. I’m doubly blessed with Mom who is still here at 89. I wish everyone was so lucky. I never took that for granted. Although I pray in my head all day in thoughts and also structured prayers. I never thought of this concept. Today I will start doing that. I should also mention that I was blessed with 2 great Fathers,,, my earthly Father, and my Father in heaven. I’ll see them both one day. I hope like Dad not until very old age. I have so much to offer the world still! I’m 54 now and it’s never too late to “go home” thanks Dad. I love both of you, with all my heart.
    ; )

  • Ethel L

    Driving alone, anytime of the day is the best time for me to pray. I could show any emotion at this time. I cry, I smile, I laugh, sing, dance.God understand ,people around might not. However, this is “the” moment.

    • Louise

      I love it when I see people in cars next to me on the freeway or at a traffic light singing and dancing. It lifts my spirits and makes me smile.

      • Ethel L

        Thank you Louise! It makes me smile as well!

  • Maureen Gomes

    I start each day with a prayer another day to do better then i did the day before,i watch Net TV & join in to saying the Rosary at sever & at eight enjoy Mass.

  • Andy Mullins

    Wonderful idea. I try and spend the first 30 minutes in the office going through the Prayer Process. But beyond that I struggle with staying connected to God for the rest of the day.

    This hourly short prayer/offering is the solution I believe.

  • Sherry McCollum

    I have so much love and respect for my husband and yesterday we had a massive snow storm dropping about 18 inches of pure snow which I like to call the angel’s blanket. My neighbor got his car stuck in his driveway and after several attempts of shoveling and back breaking work, he finally gave up. Since he was clearing our driveway and sidewalk, my husband rolled over the snow blower across the street and began clearing out our neighbors driveway and sidewalk leading up to the house. Long story short, the neighbor was grateful for the job and offered to pay my husband who politely refused and said he just wanted to help. It was a real gesture of God’s love, compassion and grace and growing up I always prayed to have someone in my life just like that. I do believe my prayers were answered.

    • Lisa

      My husband does that with leaves. Finally, one day when my neighbor was blowing his, he walked over and did our driveway also. 🙂

  • Ana Cecilia LaluzArredondo

    I pray the rosary on my way to work through the Relevant radio app. I also pray throughout the day and at night I pray from different books. Currently, 33 days to morning glory.

  • Latifa

    Today’s discussion ‘Hour by hour’ brought tears to my eyes. I’m booked off six weeks because of an operation. I’m board. A friend told me that God has given you a chance to rest and stay still. It’s two weeks now I pray but every small thing by kids do or don’t want to do to help. I end up screaming and fighting with them. From listening to the discussion I am going to give up and hour to ask God to help me with patience.

    • Stacy West Taylor

      I quit working two years ago after a career in accounting. I am still young – 45 when I quit. I have struggled with it so much. I have worked since I was 12 in some capacity. My husband and I bought some land, and it has just worked out for me to be able to stay at home and try to start a small hobby farm. I have also took up painting. I have FINALLY found peace with not working. Do you know what my problem was? Over the years I wrapped my identity up in my work! Not even my role as a mother (my children are now in twenties) or even a wife (married three times) could trump my identity as a career woman. Looking back, I reget this. My identity is and should be in Jesus Christ. The overflow of this relationship should pour out balanced into the rest of my life. Anyway, I understand completely what you are going through. Savor this time. Use it as an opportunity to grow – I started reading the bible and seeking God with all I had – at the time just desperate for Him to give me peace and direction. He didn’t fail me. It has been an amazing journey on my pilgrimage.

      • Latifa

        Thanks for that. God bless

      • Lisa

        When I stopped working, I really missed the appreciation. No one says, “What a great job you did doing laundry.” Finally, I discovered prayer while doing boring jobs. Also gardening is a great time to appreciate all God has done for me.

    • Lisa

      Jesus told a visionary that when you are sick, He can raise you to levels of holiness you would not believe.

  • John L. Kemmis

    Sometimes I journal in an app called Evernote. So today I started a note titled “Today’s Notes – 3/15/2017”. And in the first section I will log and entry each hour like this:
    “5:21 AM – I lift this hour for Irene.”
    “6:21 AM – I lift this hour for those who are fasting today.”
    “7:21 AM – I lift this hour for ….. ”
    Following this section will be any notes of today..

    I am still struck by Emma’s statement, “My most prayerful meals come after a day of fasting.” She has me thinking but I am uncertain of what. More like thinking with a blank thought. Maybe I am contemplating what a prayerful meal is.

    And I was consciously aware of my joy when writing the prayer of the faithful for Mass. This is going to be an interesting day, for sure!

    Thank you Emma and Matthew!

    • Lisa

      I like the writing it down idea. I also like to offer up Indulgences for the dead. I write down each as I slowly make my way through all my relatives.

      • John L. Kemmis

        Ditto. My list is called Prayer List for My Deceased Friends. It is also in the app. A printed copy is on top of my desktop here at work. I need to update it. Thank you for the reminder!

  • Mary Kay

    I am so loving this series. And the idea of dedicating each hour of my day for an intention is absolutely perfect. I teach 2nd graders in our parish and I tell them that anything we go can be a pray. Tonight I will again share with them and pass along this idea.

    • Lisa

      That’s good to start young. I have heard “offer your work as prayer” but it took me a long time before I understood it. How can work be a prayer? Finally, I understand.

  • Susie Avril Glascock

    Wow, “imagine being loved by someone who’s that aware” that speaks to me in volumes and reverse it, even more powerful. Thank you so much for creating this for Lent. I decided to walk at 5.a.m for Lent instead of the evenings and I can’t wait to get back and soak in the videos. Blessings to all who participate in any way to give these to everyone.

    • Patricia

      My feelings also! This Best Lent Ever is the best! It is opening me up to such an awareness, I am so thankful Matthew Kelly. I also can’t wait for each day to arrive with your new message and I am awakened to all the beauty and love that is around in my life.

  • Steven Sisman

    I will transform walking our dog and working out into a prayer intention for my son and my family. When we give up something we don’t particularly enjoy to God as a prayer for something it’s like intercessory prayer/fasting.Two other thoughts came to me when I watched todays videos:

    1- I immediately hit resistance (i.e. a voice said “who has the time!” Bla Bla bla..EXCUSES ☺. I’m so happy for day 1 on recognizing resistance so I was able to pause, question its validity and get over it.

    2- I really appreciate the intention step/part when offering an activity. For a time now I have been looking for a way to live with more intention and this is a great way to start doing it. It’s funny but I first heard Oprah talk about it, power of living with intention, God works through other people (I think that was a video we did here a few days ago).

    Anyways just want to encourage others who had the same first reaction as I did (resistance) and thank the Dynamic Catholic team for their work.

    • Lisa

      It is fun reading all the things people offered up this Lent. I offered up watching these videos every day and letting them tweak my life a bit here and there. So far, it has just been a joy for me. I didn’t expect the blogs. How wonderful to read all these.

  • janet burke

    This is fabulous! I am so pumped to offer up hours for special intentions. This is a great way to keep me focused on the “prize” which is eternal life. I can’t wait to do this at work. I am a school teacher and this will be so easy. I will especially offer up the hours in which I have students who find it difficult to focus in school. These Lenten videos have transformed my way of life. I look forward to deepening my relationship with God. I have shared these videos with a young woman at school whose husband suddenly passed away. I hope these give her strength as they have for me.

  • Doug

    When people ask if I pray my response is, “All day long!” They kind of go huh?, yeah right.

    I used to think that prayer had be Our Fathers and Hail Mary…including praying the rosary everyday. In addition, I envisioned that prayer required me to be on my knees in a solemn state. I eventually found what worked for me is having conversations with God. Then I incorporated listening. Eventually my prayers were being answered.

    It was not practical for me to pray ‘conventionally’. Much like Michael explained, I offer up my prayer intentions all day long. My special time is when I take a break and enjoy some quiet time. I do have one favorite prayer that I say every night before going to sleep: “Lord I am not worthy to receive you, but only say the word and I will be healed.” That prayer has tremendous meaning to me. Blessings

    • Louise Mitchell

      Amazing that you say that same “prayer” before bed. I keep repeating it as I lie there and before you know it I am sound asleep. That verse brings me so much calm and reassurance. To me it means, Lord, I am a believer!

    • Norma Van Amberg

      For me also. I try to pray when I awake, or sometime during the day, “Lord, thank you for this new day. Let everything I do be pleasing to you.” And that reminds me to be more conscious about what I say, think or do interacting with others.

    • Lisa

      I remember the story of a saint that asked one of his brothers to come pray with him in the night. He knelt down with the saint expecting some wonderful prayer. The saint said “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus” That was it. Then he thanked the man and sent him back to bed.

    • Elephant

      I love this! Thank you for this beautiful prayer reminder.

  • Kathy

    I often have problems with sleeping at night. Once I wake my mind begins to turn on and I start thinking about whatever problems are in my life at the moment and how I can solve them. What I have started to do is as soon as I wake in the middle of the night I don’t look at the clock which is so tempting and I immediately begin repeating Jesus I Trust In You…and it helps me to not become fully awaken and fall back asleep.

    • joan Beres

      Kathy, I also do the same thing!! If it takes me longer to fall asleep still, I offer a prayer to Jesus for whomever may be struggling at that hour as well. But the Jesus I Trust in You is a powerful prayer for me as I struggle with anxiety.

  • Karen Buitrago

    Love it Ann.. mine is HisGrace17*

  • Pat lavacca

    Great idea you can use these pass words for all things and if you are like me I have to use many. I will rewrite mine therefore I will be praying all the time and especially thinking & praying for diffferent people & situations when I do what I have to throughout the day. This is a wonderful experience & I can’t wait to see t he outcome of it

  • Doug

    I forgot one thing in my earlier post. When Michael spoke about imagine being loved by someone who is aware, it made me think about how much of a creep I was as a husband, father and friend; quick temper, yell instead of being civil, stuff like that. Again, as of 5 years ago this month, I have totally morphed into the man I should have been. Often I ask my wife when the last time I screamed at her, her response is “I can’t remember.”

    • Karen

      Awe Doug so happy for you! God bless you!

      • Doug

        Thank you Karen.

    • NancyB

      God bless you, Doug.

    • Anne Mason

      Thanking God for this post. Very inspirational for my husband. Thanks, Doug, and may God continue to bless you and your family.

    • Mary Ruffcorn

      That is wonderful! Makes for more joy all around. God bless. I am a work in progress.

  • Mary B.

    Another powerful message from Matthew this morning! I truly believe I would bring more awareness to what I was doing if I offered it as a prayer! Similarly, every morning I wake up and receive the gift of joy from God. I thank God for the gift of joy he gives me each day. I tell him that I will enjoy this beautiful day and that no one will take his gift of joy away from me! I also promise to make someone else’s life brighter! I kid you not, this affirmation to God helps me control my temper when I am frustrated, disappointed or upset. It helps me not to lose my cool knowing that I am blessed with God’s joy! I go about my day with a totally new attitude, filled with happiness and love – all from God’s gift of joy, that I choose to receive each morning!!! Give it a try … I know you will have a happier day!!!

    • Peggy

      Mary, thank you for sharing this. I am struggling deeply to change my words and reactions to my husband. I love him dearly but find us both overreacting to one another and building this huge cavern of hurt between us. I am sure that we both love each other but need to change our reception and responses. As I awaken, I will thank God for his blessings and gift of joy and will continue to do this throughout the day to reinforce and remind myself of God’s gift and pray that he will change my responses to my husband.

      • Mary B.

        Peggy you could do this!!! You will be much less likely to lose your temper or get angry … tell yourself you are not going to let anyone take your joy away from you, especially since it’s a gift from God!!

  • Marianne

    When I cook I am so thankful for all the food I have and say a prayer for those w/o food especially those
    in other countries.
    I do bring food to our Church food bank for those in need.

  • Daniela Bianchetti

    I offer my running into prayer with an intention to a friend who is battling cancer. Every step is a prayer and God keeps me strong so I can run for her. Amem

  • Elaine

    Each morning I offer up my work, sufferings and sacrifices for the conversion of sinners. I offer up my sleep for my family to grow in holiness and singleness of purpose. I have been doing this for close to 30 years. This habit has given me great peace and joy throughout the day, but I never thought of offering up each hour! Because I tend to get wrapped up in my work, this will be a challenge for me. I will set my alarm on my phone to help me do this, which I think I will be able to make into a new habit! Thank you, Matthew, for the suggestion!

    • Karen

      I also set an alarm for 6 am, 12 noon, and 6pm for the Angelus. And 3pm for the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. I do this on my phone. It helps me remember to stop and pray.

  • Dorothy Cabral

    I have my alarm set multiple times throughout the day already to take medicine, remind me of appointments etc. now when that alarm goes off I will
    Take ten seconds and offer it up to God in prayer.

  • Susan s

    Thank you everyone. Got great ideas now to put my daily work into a prayer. Now I can exercise on my Total Gym and transform it into prayer.
    I would like to offer this for my oldest sister who is struggling with some kind of mysterious illness that’s baffling her doctors. Thank you Jesus.

    • Karen

      Pray to St. Anthony. He can help the doctors to find what she has.

  • Sue

    After reading all of todays posts, I decided to get the rosary app to use while I walk on the treadmill in the morning! I discovered so many rosary apps! What is everyone’s favorite?

  • Annette

    Now I will set the alarm on my phone to go off every hour to pray for a special intention! What a great idea to use for Jesus!!

  • Linda

    Whenever I wash my hands I pray “Lord, wash away my iniquities and cleanse me from my sins”.

  • Karen Hoyland Raber

    Two days ago my husband set up a new Fitbit for me. It buzzes 10 minutes before the hour to remind me to get 250 steps for that hour. Perfect!! I now have my reminder to offer up the next hour for a special intention.

  • Kathleen Cranford Kelley

    I volunteered for Pro-Life, answering the telephone for women thinking about abortion. One day a woman called crying and distraught about having had an abortion. I listened and forwarded her call to someone trained to help her thru her grief.
    That call occurred around noon that day. After that intense encounter I set my watch alarm for noon everyday to pray. I pray to the unborn soul in Heaven, my adopted angel.

  • Daniela D.

    I grew up in a very strict convent school, and one of the early teachings I remember was from a very old nun Sor Brigitte, she told us to offer our pain as a prayer, because Jesus gave his life for us, so it would only make sense to say to him I give you my pain/suffering because your sacrifice have saved us. It certainly changed the way I approach life.

  • Beth Crea

    I use my daily run as a form of prayer. Running through the trails and seeing all the beauty God has created, as well as giving me the ability to run I express gratitude! Any struggle I experience on that day will be immediately lessened by my daily run/prayer!

  • RD

    I like the idea of being more conscious of offering every activity to God. . .the problem will be remembering to do it. I am going to try to be more aware. Instead of just praying grace before meals, be more aware of the blessing my food is. I have such easy access to it. I have been criticizing myself for spending time on Facebook, as I scroll through my friends’ posts, I will try to pray for each one of them as I read their names. This truly is a new awareness. A new way to think of our daily activities. As I sign off here, I ask God to bless the work of Dynamic Catholic and all those listening to the post today. Holy Spirti guide us and help us to truly offer all of our day in prayer. God help us to see the beauty of Your love in our lives and help us to share it with others. Amen

  • Jean Walton

    I prayed for those who have no bed as i got up this morning (after watching to todays video). I am getting in the shower after brushing my teeth…lifting in prayer those who have no running water. Great perspective as I start each new activity!

  • Paula

    Today I am going to combine being he best version of my self by consciously praying prayers of thanksgiving for the ability to do every day things,,,,,,things I take for granted! thank you God for eveything!

  • Alf Robinson

    I have never prayed so cease lesslly as I did yesterday. Friday night my sister had a heart attack and yesterday her kidneys started shutting down, they called the family together it was that bad. I am in another state and felt helpless. I went up the crucifix and knelt down and begged and pleaded God save my sister. Many times because I miss mass or I swear or I don’t do things I should I feel unworthy of God’s love but yesterday I even tried to barter to save her. All day yesterday I prayed like I’ve never ever done in my life! I prayed over every little thing I did and when I forgot for even a moment I quickly remembered and went right back to it. My sister had dialysis and they turned her on her stomach and oddly things improved! She is still on critical condition but today my prayers will not stop.

    • Kathleen Cranford Kelley

      I will pray for you, your sister and your family today. God bless.

    • Ev

      I will pray for your sister and your family.

    • Tricia Wickers

      I went through this with my sister last year. My sister had other health issues before her heart attack. My prayer was God may Your will be done. Godspeed.

      • Alf Robinson

        They are going to take her off all machines and let her pass. My heart is broken, I wish I could see her one more time to tell her I love her.

        • kimisu

          You prayed to God to save your sister. His Will be done. He is saving your sister from this earthly life and a body that can no longer live so that she can join all of her deceased loved ones and wait there with them for the day that you will be saved as well.
          My sincerest sympathies. Your sister will know, through God, that you were with her until the hour of her death.

          • Karen Kotzbach McCreary

            Alf Robinson My heart aches for you . I know the feeling of being far away from a dying loved one . I will pray especially for your peace tonight . We know your sister is in Jesus’ arms and so are you . You just can’t see each other yet .

        • Louise

          So sorry Alf. I pray for peace and comfort for you and your family.

        • Tricia Wickers

          Alf, same with my sister. I stayed with her through the process. This was God’s will. I find now I take comfort and pleasure in memories of what she brought to my life. You will too.

    • Mary Ruffcorn

      I am a day late to read the posts. I am sorry for your sisters illness. I will pray for her and you. God bless. JESUS I TRUST IN YOU!

  • trysohard

    When I plan my day I plan to do the most difficult task first and get it over with. Offering that effort for my loved ones will make it even more satisfying to complete.

  • Angi Accardo

    Blessings to all who share their ideas and comments. I love how God speaks to us through our brothers and sisters on this discussion panel. I’m so thankful for the Dynamic Catholic team and all who truly put God first in their lives. And for those who are lost, I offer my day of work up for them. May they find peace with our Lord.

  • Scott Sowers

    When people talk about setting aside time for prayer, I always say that I pray off an on all day. When someone or something crosses my mind or when someone reaches out to ask for prayer for a friend or family member, I pray. I pray for God to handle my stress, remove ugly thoughts from my mind, help me fall asleep, you name it, I’ll pray through it. I do set aside some time for prayer or say the Rosary when I get a chance, but mostly I just pray when the spirit moves me. About 8 years ago I finally got to produce my first film. I have a day job, but since I was a young man I always wanted to make a movie. When everything fell into place, my wife and I did it. We had the help of so many friends and good folks. Our daughter is special needs, so we made a film called Special Needs. It was a ton of hard work, very emotional and stressful, but so much fun to finally fulfill a dream. It’s not a bad movie if you ask me. Anyway, I mention this because it was so overwhelming and I had to give up control so to speak. I had to let go and let God help me through it. I prayed a lot, no, I mean a lot, and man did things fall into place. One thing in particular were the Pennies from Heaven. I read a story about a rich man that picked up a penny, thought for a moment, said a prayer and put it in his pocket. When asked why he, a rich man, would pick up a penny. He asked, “What does it say on the penny?” The answer was, “In God We Trust.” So, when he finds a penny he picks it up, thinks for a moment about who or what he needs to pray for and does it. Someone else told me that when they find a penny it means someone in heaven is thinking about them. All I know is that throughout the shooting of our movie, I found pennies in the strangest of places and each time I would pick it up, think for a moment and each time I found a reason to pray. I still do this everyday. I find pennies at the most interesting times and they bring me pause, time to reflect on the moment and without fail, I find a reason to pray. I hope you think about this next time you find a penny on the ground. Needless to say, I have a drawer full of pennies. Sometimes I find a dime or a quarter and at a penny a prayer, that takes a while. Yeah, praying throughout the day is a good, God thing. God bless.

    • Marilyn

      You are so blessed to see the meaning in all that you are doing. I have to comment on the pennies, because I also believe someone in Heaven is thinking of us – pick up a penny, say a prayer. After my husband died, I kept finding my pennies when I least expected them, and now, for some reason, I’m finding dimes! I always look at the date on the coin to see how it coincides with events in my life. Reading your story gives me validation that prayer is connecting all of us this Lenten season and I am so inspired by everyone’s participation.

      • Scott Sowers

        Thanks. I like the date thing. I’m going to check out the dates for significance. I know we’re all connected and if all the window dressings and overwhelming evil were gone we’d be as the children we are. Have you ever seen 2 -3 year old children act like adults? No, they are pure at heart and somewhere along the line they change. Too bad for some. Blessings for a great day.

    • Linda Carmelle

      I’ve been finding loose change everywhere for the last 2 years,especially dimes and in veryout of the way places. They become so shiney for a moment a glimmer of light,to attract my attention. Sometimes I pick up the coin and find in reality its tarnished. However I always understood those moments to believe that God is sending me a message that life is about to change. My life did just that. I lost my job of 11 years,the company didn’t want to keep that department.They hired a new boss who was wretched to us,most people quit. She participated in unlawful acts as she ran the dept. We tried to let upper management and owners know. They said we should not interfere and speak about her this way. Some employees were then wrongfully terminated. I said I would help them pursue any legal action needed and act as a witness.They did not want to. I still did not quit. The last Friday in February 2016 they pulled me in the office and said Thank You for your 11yrs of service,but your services are no longer needed. I said I will be seeing you again,because I will challenge my release. I pursued a case with the labor dept. I was not able to continue pursuing this cause, because this job I lost was my 2nd job and I could not take the time needed from my 1st job to pursue the protocols needed. I had to let go and ask God to bring justice to the situation. I still continued to find loose change,but not as frequently. Many months went by,but God heard my cries. He made it so my job was now moved to another location within the same facility. The new company would now manage the employees ,not the wretched boss,she too was demoted.I applied for a position with the new company. I was employed on the spot. My former boss,who left before the new wretched boss was hired, acted as my reference. I’ve been working there now since Nov 8th. Yesterday while cleaning an area after a party I found $2.00 in dimes under the table! I had another employee cleaning with me ,she never noticed it. I know it was a mssg from God himself,because in God I did Trust=) I put all the dimes in my Rice Bowl for Lent in Thanksgiving,He also allowed me to find 2 nickles too=equals 10cents right? Our God is an Awesome God Indeed!
      I believe in being present in every moment,I believe we are all children of God, I believe All God’s Children in every age and stage of development come to teach and share something with us. Even the ones who act wretchedly teach us what NOT to do(such as that “boss”) . My 2nd job is being the Childrens’ Train Operator /Employee of a Childrens’Bounce House chain,my primary job is Infant room teacher at a chain day care center. I just want to Thank You for your post,it helped me to understand the messages I’ve been receiving from God recently. Have a Blessed Day.

  • TrustInGod4Ever

    How I pray my way through the day…

    I listen to a Christian radio station. So as I am driving kids to school, running errands, or even housecleaning I am lifiting my Spirit to God as I worship Him doing every day activities. I also listen to iCatholicRadio online and strengthen my faith or learn something new, it keeps my mind lifted to God as I do the chores I do not enjoy. It is my way of “being in Church all day.”

    My kids listen with me, and there is nothing that can make my heart smile and spirit soar as I listen to my children, ages 10-17, sing praise and worship to God.

  • Nancy R

    I love everyone’s comments about meaningful passwords! Another thing I thought would be helpful for me is to offer the things I can’t stand doing up with prayer. Matthew Kelley used dishes as an example and I laughed. I dread doing dishes but doing it with intention will certainly help give it purpose and meaning. I’ll try it!

  • Karen

    Love this! I just set my phone alarm for every hour. It went off at 8:00am, just a few minutes ago. I’m sitting in an infusion waiting room waiting for my 4th chemo treatment for breast cancer, surrounded by about 15 other patients. Offering this prayful hour up for every cancer patient!

    • Kathy

      Karen, I am a 3 year breast cancer survivor. Keep moving forward with hope. I am sending you my love and prayers.

      • John

        God Bless You Kathy! I’ll pray for you this morning and into the future.

    • Robert Stanton

      God Bless you Karen

      I will offer my morning prayers for you. By sitting in that waiting room as you prepare for your chemo treatment you remind me that there are so many people who struggle every day with challenges that far surpass mine. Yet you bring light and joy into your day (and mine) with your grateful and prayerful approach to life.

      Thank you Karen and thank you Emma for your pragmatic approach to prayer.

      God bless you both.

    • NancyB

      You are an inspiration, Karen. God Bless you, sister!

    • Marianne

      I love this and will pray for you and them Karen!! God Bless.

    • Renee

      God’s speed in getting your chemo done! I was there 6 years ago. The first 4 are the hardest. I will say a prayer for you. You are strong, you are loved, you are God’s chosen.

    • Ramona Ruiz

      Thanks for your prayers! This really hits home as I have just received the biopsy results from the Dr on my Mother in Law. Squamous Cell Carcinoma on her hand is back after amputation of her ring finger and pinkie. I offer this prayful hour for ALL cancer patients. I pray that God brings comfort, healing, and patience to all! In Gods name I pray AMEN🙏🏽

    • mjtav240

      Wow!!! Doesn’t that put a whole new light on praying by the hour? God Bless your amazing heart and free you from this affliction, Karen!!!
      What a beautiful thing to look past yourself to see the crosses of others that surround you.. Truly inspirational!! You have touched my heart so deeply. Thank you for sharing!!!

    • Mary Ruffcorn

      God bless you dear Karen. Praying with you and for you.

  • Clara Turci Depko

    I say the rosary walking to and from church when in Fl. When I am home and drive to church I say it in the car it gets my day started.

  • Jen

    I call it a prayer walk. I start by asking God to fill my mind with the people that need Him the most right now. I just start walking and every step is filled with different people. God knows best what they need, but I find that as I let them come into my mind, God opens my eyes to ways I can be His hands and feet. I should probably call it the “awareness walk” because afterwards, I find myself paying closer attention to the people around me. It’s funny, because when I started doing this, I thought of it as multi-tasking, the great enemy, right?😂 I’m still working on that one!

  • Trudy Schatzman

    What a wonderful way to stay close to God every hour of the day.Offering up my prayers will make them more meaningful. By that I mean to have a specific intention rather than a generic prayer. Thank you Mathew and the Team! I will certainly act on this suggestion!

  • Audrey

    Love the PW suggestion! Everyone washes their hands after using the bathroom, right? This may sound silly but I have developed a habit of saying the Hail Mary, for our marriage, at each hand washing and after doing it for just a week, the habit is now there and I love that I am praying for us so many times a day.

    • Brenda Barbaglia

      I too pray a Hail Mary when washing my hands. I’ll think of someone as I’m praying it; offering the prayer for them. I do this throughout the day.

  • God speaks to me in the shower. Likely because that is the only real quiet time I get. This morning, the idea of men needing a challenge, an adventure and a woman to die for came to mind, and how next Sunday’s gospel of the woman at the well was that for Jesus.

  • Kenneth Wodzanowski

    I have four children so wash, cleaning house is a daily chore.
    Instead of it being a burden I use it to pray, through music, talking with siblings on phone, just being quiet and it changes the task and me.
    I actually like the task more for it gives me time to be.

  • Ginie

    When I was a young mom it was while I folded my children’s’ diapers and clothing. When I was a teacher I prayed the rosary on the way to school-prevented a lot of cussing or angry words to myself about others. I prayed for my students daily, when I was setting out to create quizzes, tests, projects or grade said assignments….Now when I feel my patience slipping with my TBI son, I say an extra prayer for him. I had set an alarm for 8pm to pray for world peace…never crossed my mine to pray for someone or something every hour and set an alarm for it.
    Since I had to retire because of my son’s seizures and poor help I miss my rosaries, my pastor recommended praying the rosary or just Hail Marys as I walk.
    God is good, let me go talk to Him as I clean my office/guest room for my nephew’s visit.

  • Mary Salmond

    Matthew, outstanding and very reasonable clip!!! Emma’s also!!

  • Susan G

    I love the reference to secular songs and transforming to spiritual purpose. “Haven’t got time for the pain” has been my prayer for the past year, after a slow surgical recovery. However, it takes on new meaning today! Pain is inevitable, so it’s up to me, through the grace of God, to offer this burden up to Our Lord. My time is better spent focusing on His gifts, rather than earthly burdens! Thanks to all who are walking this prayer path through Dynamic Catholic. We are strangers, yet with God as our Father, we are a united family!

  • Judy

    I can definitely incorporate transforming into a prayer ordinary things that I do everyday. I didn’t thought of it. Also setting the clock every hour to be mindful of what I can do to pray. I just set my watch for an hourly alert to put this new concept to practice. Thank you.

  • Crissy

    The daily personal reflections are my favorite part of my day. They always uplift me and give me a great feeling of hope that there are ordinary people in this world who are reaching out to God to make this a more loving, kind world! Thank you!

  • Shelley Manogue Wells

    This is such a great idea! Thank you!

  • Ev

    I love Matthew Kelly’s lesson today on prayer. I read his book “Rediscover Catholicism” and in the book there’s a section on prayer and offering your daily or ordinary routine as prayer for a specific intention or for thanksgiving. I have tried to do this daily but sometimes I forget. Actually, several weeks go by; so I’m glad this was today’s topic. It severs as a reminder. We are so blessed to have Dynamic Catholic. Good day to all.

  • Erin O’Connor Killeen

    St Theresa the Little Flower also taught this same philosophy of living . Offering up even the most mundane things like folding socks or washing floors and doing it all for the Lord.
    What matters in life,” she wrote, “is not great deeds, but great love.” Therese lived and taught a spirituality of attending to everyone and everything well and with love. She believed that just as a child becomes enamored with what is before her, we should also have a childlike focus and totally attentive love. Therese’s spirituality is of doing the ordinary, with Love . I try to practice this daily , it’s not always easy but when I do it brings me peace and joy.

    • Karen Kotzbach McCreary

      Erin O’Connor Killeen , The Little Flower is my favorite saint . I LOVE that you reminded me of more of her words of wisdom . Thanks . Happy St. Patrick’s Day . Our bishop gave us the option of fasting from meat or doing some other meaningful Lenten penance. This is in TX ! In Cleveland, OH, it was always that way. The starts with Mass , too . I pray nightly for all the commenters on this site. Love to you and yours.

  • Jean Walton

    I just kissed my daughter goodbye and prayed for those who have not been able to have children. Then got in my car and prayed for those who have no transportation or no job to go to.

  • Sol

    At first after watching this video, I thought to myself, ‘What a great idea!’ After giving it more thought, I realize I have done this to some capacity in the past. I do this when I exercise; when I hear emergency vehicles; when God speaks to me to pray for a particular person or family I see when I’m out and about; and when I’m going through stressful times, I think of others who have it worse than me and they become my intention for getting through it. However, after watching this video, I know I can become a better of version of myself by doing this more frequently. Besides, every moment/every hour we have is a rare, precious and beautiful gift from God! Who am I to waste it?!

  • steve walton

    I love this so much

  • jesspinosa

    I am trying to get into the habit of making the sign of the cross before I start doing anything, whether it’s to begin writing in my journal, taking my BP, etc. When I am praying at a Planned Parenthood, I make a sign of the cross whenever a woman enters the clinic and when she comes out. When I wake up in the middle of the night, I say a Divine Mercy decade for those who are dying or whose lives are in danger at that very moment. I also do it when I hear an ambulance or fire truck siren. It is my way of offering up what’s going on around my side of the world, and making God be a part of it.

    • Elephant

      I have always prayed a Hail Mary whenever I see an ambulance with its lights on. I bless the firemen when they pass by.

      • Mary Ruffcorn

        Another good practice learned at St. Patricks school. The sisters and Priests and catholic lay teachers helped to form us into thoughtful Christians.

  • Jean Walton

    Each morning I pass a drug rehab center and pray to St. Michael the archangel to defend them on their day of battle. Then I pray the prayer to St. Mary of The Miraculous Medal. Then pray the Serenity Prayer. By that time I am in front of the Catholic Church and make my sign of the cross. Then continue thanking God for the peace in my life and reflect on the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

    At noon I pray the Lord’s Prayer- pray down at High Noon.

    At 9 p.m. our family prays Philippians 4:6-7 followed by a prayer of healing for all those we know by name that need God’s healing.

    At mealtimes I pray for God to provide for those who otherwise would not have anything to eat today. And sometimes he calls me to be the provider.

  • Pearl Brown

    When going to work each morning while driving I can talk to God or say a little prayer while waiting for the car to warm up also I can remember to thank God for a beautiful day

  • Dorothy E Ruggiero

    As a nurse entering patients into the computer I will offer a prayer of healing as I enter their name.

  • Holly

    I think praying always means to be in constant contact with God. If I am in constant contact with Him I am more inclined to check with Him in everything I do and say, having Him guide me every step of the day. When I am not connected to God I tend to do and say things my way which don’t always turn out so good.

  • Frances

    I just retired after cleaning homes for 9 years. I wanted to included a Bible verse in my thank you cards to all my employers. Found Colossians 3:23 Whatever you do, work at it with your whole being. Do it for the Lord, rather than for men. So now I have proclaimed his words every morning to start my day and offer up my day as a prayer.

    • Linda Carmelle

      On Sunday I like to review the all of the Dynamic Catholic lessons from the week. I noticed your post as I read more carefully today. This verse from Colossians really reaches at the heart of how important our daily work can be. I decided to write it on the reverse side of my work i.D.’s to remind me in the most difficult moments of the day that God gave me the ability to do my choosen work and it is by His grace that I can do it. Thank you for your post=)

  • Denise Vega Ruvalcaba

    Every time I give my baby a diaper change or nurse him I will offer it as a prayer to God

    • Jennifer

      Beautiful. These basic tasks of raising a baby can be so tedious! What a wonderful idea to help you see God in your baby. My “babies” are 9 and 12 now; the time does pass quickly. God’s blessings on you and your little one!

  • Lorie Heyn

    In recent years, I have not been having an intentional quiet time. I would still pray during the day and think and even discuss God and matters of faith. Running became my offering of a prayer these last few years though. Sometimes during my run, I listen to sermons, presentations, or debates by. Tim Keller is one of my favorite pastors to listen to, and I really like hearing John Lennox debate on behalf of Christianity. But even if I’m listening to music from the 80’s, I have dedicated my running time to God. It’s particularly easy when I run outside and can just listen to nature or the rhythm of my own steps. Since listening to today’s devotional, I believe I will make it my goal to dedicate some of the more mundane tasks, like mopping – so often during spring with a dog in the house, I have at home to being a prayerful activity.

  • Nancy

    I love that idea Ann!

  • Robin Taggart

    Wow!! Maybe praying up my meal besides the normal one will break my food addiction!!

  • Judy S

    I was really moved by today’s message. It has brought me closer to forgiveness and placed praying deeper into my life, my day. I am thankful!

  • John

    I drive for Uber every so often. Since starting this “ministry” I have prayed to drive safely, that God will bring me a few riders that day, that they will be good people, that I will get them where they are going, and that they will be open to conversation. I have taken literally thousands of people to their destinations in my car. People from around the world. I’m 64, and every once in a while, I will have a young person in the car, we will talk about something serious, and I ask if I might give them some advice. No one has ever said no. So I get to be a “dad” or “grandpa” to someone for a very short time. When the ride is over, I feel an amazing sense of joy and satisfaction that I might have helped guide someone’s life. Then I thank God for that ride and drive on. So for me, the time driving for Uber is a prayer.

    • Louise

      Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all Uber drivers were like you?

      • John

        Thanks Louise. I appreciate your response. God Bless!

  • Crystal Harris Blount

    House chores specifically my spring cleaning 🙄

  • Kathy

    This was a very insightful idea. I do my sons families laundry each week so when the weekend comes they can enjoy their children without laundry on their minds. I don’t mind doing it as after its folded and put away I feel accomplished. I can now offer all the extra things I do for them as prayer. I’m starting now as I have 3 loads waiting before the baby wakes up and then all bets are off for the rest of the day depending on his needs. I will offer up taking care of him as well. I try to start small with new ideas so they sink in and then it becomes something I do without noticing

  • Jenny

    So I started trying to do this two days ago. I really hate to run, but it is the one form of exercise that seems to help me lose weight. When I do run, I prefer to run outside, but have been using the track at the gym because of the weather. Resistance has me putting off going to the gym as much as possible each day, and once I get there I run each lap dreading the next. Two days ago I started offering each lap in prayer for someone whose age or health really prohibits them from running. I became more aware of the “older” patrons who were simply struggling to WALK around the track. I became more thankful as I ran each lap that I could still actually RUN. I even felt Jesus running along beside me encouraging me as I got tired. Don’t get me wrong….I am still not a fan of running, but changing my approach and offering my laps in prayer has definitely changed my experience AND helped the time I am exercising go more quickly! 😊🏃

  • Jacob

    My ordinary activity would have to be running. I always don’t want to do it. I rather just sit around. When I go running, I often see different kind of sign such as a cardinal flying by. I always think of my grandpa as he is with me or a blue jay for my other grandpa you also with me. I will pray for guidance in my life in the hour upon me and to watch over us.

  • Angie O’Mara

    I never really thought about praying mindfully throughout the day. Of course I find myself saying God help me, when things are not going right, and also saying Oh My God in moments of surprise or sorrow, but that is not mindfully praying. Thank you, Matthew Kelly for showing me how to pray throughout each day, in a way that shows God how much I love Him.

  • NancyB

    My Fitbit goes off every waking hour. Thank you Matthew for this simple addition to my hourly steps. So Simple!

  • Bill

    you know i agree with and like your ideas about living each moment..or offering up each action…and i wonder why none of your “prayer intentions” included the poor, the refrugees, the rejected in our society…and i wonder why so many “good” catholics voted for trump…and i am beginning to think we need an experience in our lives which transforms our spirituality more than just prayers and good intentions…somehow we need to experience these types of folks as real people as our brothers and sisters…only then will we really be dynamic catholics…paz Bill

  • Andrea Campbell

    Wow now I know how I can do my Lenten activity better I wanted to pray more

  • Betty’s Blessing

    I think a great time to pray is driving. Instead of listening to the radio, you can pray, especially if you have a long commute. I always pray to get me to get where I am going safely.

  • Patricia Ann Bacchetti

    I often see the number sequence 555-444-1111 I believe this is a God wink and everytime I see this throughout my day I’m going to say my Serenity Prayer

  • Agatha Ezeani

    an ordinary activity that i can transform into prayer is studying. I have a professional exams coming up June but at a point i feel like giving up on writing this exams but i dedicated it to God in Prayer and this act has been helping me all the way.

  • Rebecca

    An ordinary activity that I can transform into prayer is grocery shopping. I know there are a lot of people in the world who don’t have enough money for food. When shopping, I can thank God for giving me a good job to be able to afford food. I pray that those less fortunate aren’t able to find food to be able to nourish their body.

  • Beverly

    This is a beautiful way to pray. I’m going to incorporate this into my daily life. Thank you Matthew!

  • John

    Praying the Rosary while driving is multitasking, not the best idea. Better to focus on driving; turn everything else off, and just offer the drive itself as your prayer. When you pray the rosary, focus on that, don’t split some of your attention for another task. It’s not easy, but keep fighting resistance. Yours in Christ, John

  • Deb

    I am taking notes on all of these wonderful ideas. I am a teacher and have a snow day today, so I am blessed to be able to sit and carefully consider everything you all have to suggest. When I am driving, I put in a Matt Maher CD. He is a Catholic contemporary songwriter and singer. I pray while I sing along. I recently lost my aunt/godmother, and his song “Rest” brings me comfort. I pray for her while I sing. Please pray for him and his family. His father is sick, and he took some time off of his concert touring schedule to go and be with him. This is the first time I have ever posted anything in my life (I don’t do Facebook or anything), so I hope I did this right! Thanks to everyone at Dynamic Catholic for this opportunity for all of us to grow!

  • Dale R Evans

    I think of prayer as developing a relationship with Jesus. At times he was stern in correcting me. Other times incredibly thoughtful. One incident occurred when the adult men played a game of softball with the college age guys. I had never played softball. I was the first to bat. The pitch was low and outside. I stepped across the plate, swung, and started running. I stopped at first but our first base coach shouted, “Keep running, keep running.” I turned toward 2nd base and saw the ball flying high over the outfield fence. During my prayer time the next morning I asked the Lord, “Why did you do that?” “Just to uphold your dignity.” Years later when I was going through a very rough time the Lord spoke during my prayer time, “Do you remember that soft ball game” “Yes.” “If I was with you in that meaningless game do think for a minute I would abandon you now?” “No/” I cried.

  • Laura LaDue

    The one thing I hate to do is charting after I see a patient. I am going to try to do it prayerfully and see what happens.

  • Melissa

    Cooking is not something I enjoy but I do it for the love of my family. I will focus more on how this act can be offered up as a prayer to benefit those who need it.

  • Loretta

    I set the alarm on my FitBit to vibrate ever hour as a reminder to pray a short prayer over my next hour of work. Its helped me pray for a variety of things I never would have thought of before. Things brought to mind by the task in doing it about to start.

  • Rosa C

    Love this…Sometimes I find my prayer life as not making sense to God or I’m just babbling away. I believe this will make more meaningful to God and me!!

  • Sue Worstall

    I’ve used Grace2day! For quite awhile. It helps me refocus and be thankful many times a day.
    Another thing I do is try to think of helping and kindness activities as privileges (e.g., cooking and helping at funeral dinners, working with kids), and note them as such to others. It helps me and I think it helps others realize our many blessings and abilities.

  • Theresa McGuire

    I enjoy sewing. Whenever I sew a quilt for a new baby I pray for the mom who is about to deliver. I do the same when making my grandchildren outfits or whoever I am sewing for.

  • Joyce Courson

    This is the first time I have taken the opportunity to read Comments. All of you are so inspiring, kind and loving. God Bless you and keep your wonderful comments coming. Thank you Thank you, Thank you!

  • rosemary Circo

    Lesson planning. I love teaching but often get caught up in the details of this task. Dear God, thank you first of all for the love of teaching that burns in my heart. Secondly, help me to be fully present in the planning , with my Catholic eyes wide open, and help me to dedicate the time to you, with my students smile’s as a backdrop. Thank you Dynamic Catholic.

  • Eduardo Hoover

    I believe “pray without ceasing” means to persist and persevere in prayer and don’t get discouraged more than praying more often. The parallel pasages in first Thessalonians, Ephesians and the parable of the widow and the judge make this more clear however, I would encourage you to pray in whatever manner is more effective for you.

  • Jason Cabral

    Waking up joyfully without complaint or criticism. I’ve got 5 kids and being a good a role model sets the tone for the morning and up ends the notion of pop cultures easy to exclaim line I hate mornings. Being mindful before we express our distaste. Even comedy helps, singing Daniel Tigers neighborhood tune for brief silliness.

  • Maureen Daniels Ceglia

    Listening to Emma for some reason got me all choked up as I smiled deeply. Such a simple thing….eating mindfully becomes a prayer….I can’t wait for my next meal….lol. Thinking about it though, every moment to which we are present is a prayer. Now I know what St. Paul meant when he said “pray constantly”.

  • Meri Parent

    Good morning sisters & brothers in Christ. Many years ago I attended a workshop for recovering addicts. One of the host speakers mentioned in his presentation that “prayer is a stance in life”. I adopted this as my mantra sent by God. I meditate on this often.

  • jerseyangel

    When I am at my yoga class, some of the stretches are perfect timing to say God The Father, then on the next stretch, God the Son, and then God the Holy Spirit and can repeat that throughout that exercise. I do that for other types of repetitive exercise. Or I will say Jesus, Mary, and Joseph but in a prayerful way. It helps me to stay focus in the present moment and on God. I can also see our church steeple from the window of our exercise class and I love that. I do tend to talk to God throughout the day. Of course, sometimes when busy, a couple of hours might have gone by before I remember. I like the idea of setting an alarm. Thank you all for all your blessings to me. Love hanging with you holy people.

    • joan Beres

      I will try this at my next yoga class. What an excellent suggestion. My mantra during yoga is always “Jesus I Trust in You”.

      • Patricia Ellen Davis

        I also do that in yoga joan! And variations on the theme…love it!

        • joan Beres

          I am totally at peace during yoga and find that I am really focused on Jesus during that time! Kudos to you!!

  • A. Higle

    I exercise in order to pray the rosary, Divine Mercy chaplet, Mary’s 7 Sorrows Rosary, Memorare Novena, etc. I found I would be very distracted when sitting and praying these prayers. I like to run and walk, so when I do these things I also pray the above listed prayers. It does bring blessings to the activity.

  • Patricia Kennedy

    I knit and crochet for the Pregnancy Crisis Center and as I do, I pray for child and mother who will use the item I am making.

  • Lee Carr

    thank you Matthew Kelly for reminding me about taking 10 seconds of every hour to pray. I have heard this said in different ways but I guess my problem is that I am “resisting happiness” . you are opening me up to the concept with different approaches

  • Pauline Overholt-Tait

    When I wash my hands, I say “God wash away my iniquities, cleanse me from my sins.” It really helps my mind to be more positive. When Matthew said offering an intention when doing a task you don’t like, he gave me a great “idear” (sorry Matthew couldn’t resist, your accent is so cute really). I really dislike walking for exercise when its cold out. But now I will offer it up in thanksgiving that I can walk. And pray for those who wish they could.

    • Deb Santoli

      I’m going to say that also while washing my hands. Great idea Pauline

  • Dana Garrett

    On Monday, I was on my 4th mile of running and felt like I was about to lose momentum. Instantly I thought about my stepfather who is no longer with us and how life is short. I offered my last mile effort up to God and prayed for my stepfathers eternal happiness. It was my fastest mile on record! From now on, I will set an intention and offer up my hour of workout and training to God.

  • Maureen Calmes

    As I walked through the door from work I dreaded the question,”what’s for dinner?” I began to feel resentful. I knew I needed to pray about this feeling of resentment. Over time my attitude changed. I subscribed to a cooking magazine. I began to plan my meals and experiment with new dishes. I began to accept my role in the family as the person they look to for their food. I began to feel proud of that role. I thank God for transforming my resentment into thanksgiving. Thankful I have family to cook for and grateful that I have the ability to do it! All things are possible with God!

  • Marilyn Russell

    I do not like doing the dishes everyday. A dear friend, Sister Marion, reminded me that when I do the dishes it signifies that I have eaten a meal. That indeed is a blessing that I take for granted, for there so many that do not have enough food on their tables for themselves and for their family. There are the homeless, the marginalized, and those in our country and in countries around the world who go hungry everyday.

  • Angi Accardo

    I just offered an hour of praying for those suffering from addictions, God bless them. At the end of the hour, I found a penny! I love taking an ordinary activity and turning it into a fruitful prayer! Now, I will see pennies in a fruitful way. I love everyone’s ideas that only can come from our Lord! Praise be to God, to Jesus and to the Holy Spirit!

  • Michael Lennon

    Another Gem from the Matthew and the DC team! Brilliant simplicity! I’m practicing today in everything I do. I have always had difficulty getting a good night’s sleep. Let’s see what happens when I offer it up tonight! Also, I wish that these messages could come 24/7. Loyola Press has a Living Lent Daily program which does just that. Perhaps Dynamic Catholic could consider it. I know I speak for thousands when I say we’d LOVE IT! And most importantly we’d benefit from it. Blessings to all!

  • disqus_bxxZoaB4YQ

    I ask often: May the Immaculate Heart of Mary immerse me and my family in her Heart and present us to Jesus.

    • Angi Accardo

      So beautiful to ask the Immaculate Heart ❤️ of our blessed Mother Mary to immerse you and your family to present all of you to Jesus!

  • Zilla Dias

    Thank you for this amazing inspiration. I have been struggling to find joy in the mundane tasks I have to everyday in my business and at home. Now I can do these prayerfully.

  • Mary Ethelyn

    I loved Best Lent Ever 2015! I would love for it to be repeated next Lent. I’d like to do it over again. Also, I’d like for Catholics that didn’t get to do it, to experience it. It’s a wonderful reminder of how special Catholicism is!

  • Jody Herr

    I like to offer up any aches, pains, annoying tasks, stressful situations etc. for the Holy Souls or for fallen away Catholics. Helps make the uncomfortable things in life a little sweeter.

  • LosmanPO

    I have tried a couple of times to dedicate each hour in prayer, but I have found that resistance rears its ugly head, unless I purposefully set an hourly alarm or chime on my watch. I noticed that this helps focus me on dedicating this hour of my life to God, but also makes me much more conscious about what I am praying for. When I first started this habit, I noticed that I was praying for things that would benefit me. The truth is that my own selfishness was being revealed. I became uncomfortable and convicted about what I was praying for. I also felt God’s presence in these 10-30 seconds, calling me to something greater and deeper. I know that going forward this will help me to turn my eyes away from my own needs and towards God and the needs of others.

  • Judy

    Thank you Matthew for giving me a way to keep Me in God’s Presence throughout my day. I have been working on this and struggling with it. In my reading this morning I am reminded to Listen to God. By incorporating your way of prayer it will be helpful to me not only to pray but to Listen to what God has planned for me today. This I will be communicating with my God which is what He wants me to do. One of my favorite scriptures is “Be still and know that I am God. ” Psalms 46:10
    Thank you for letting me share.

  • CathieHeenan

    I find myself praying throughout the day when I am dealing with my ex husband who is very sick, but he doesn’t want to take care of himself. My sons and I moved in with him to make sure that he does what the doctor says. I pray all the time that he will stop being selfish and realize he is not living up to what God wants him to be as a father and a man.

  • Susan

    Some of the things I want to ask God’s help for can be considered “first world problems”. I can be very critical of myself which can cause me to have real issues making decisions and sticking with them. I very often end up feeling terribly guilty for even having the thought to ask Him for help making decisions like; “Lord, should I buy myself this cute $1.50 lunchbox?” or “God, please let me find a fabric to make my valences?”. I feel guilty asking my Father to help me with these things because our other brothers and sisters of this world have much bigger issues. Why do I waste His time? I FEEL SO BAD. I ball at the thought of my inconsideration… like I am right now.

    My own reality and responsibility is to be a loving mother to my own children. I have the responsibility to be a loving wife to my husband. My responsibility is to bring my family up in true unconditional love, God’s love. I have to show them what a truly happy mother and wife looks like. I cannot let myself put on a facade and deceive them. That is negligence.

    What is an ordinary activity that I can transform into prayer? I will be present to my own needs and wants. I will give thanksgiving for these needs and wants and know that God’s joy can come from fulfilling them.

    I didn’t want to buy the lunchbox because I thought someone else might need it more than I did. Immediately after thinking that, this thought entered my mind, “You’re going on that field trip with your son. You need to pack a lunch. You do not have a lunchbox. Buy it.” I am very thankful I bought it.

    The moment I had asked God to help me find a fabric, I turned a corner and found three! I picked the one that worked the best with our color scheme. I was very thankful I found one because I only knew of two fabric stores in the area and I was coming towards the last row of fabrics in the second store! I calculated the cost and believed I was going to meet my exact budgeted amount. I took it to the counter and realized that I had calculated for three more yards than I needed. I ended up saving $60.

    Thank you so much, God! I know that You want me to be happy too! I’m trying! 💗

  • Marie Nunez

    I work as a waitress in a busy restaurant and I hate it. But a few minutes before my day starts I pray for the ability to work diligently and to be a joyful servant to each guest. I ask God to help me be christ to all I encounter and to show His love through my actions.

    • Susan

      Amen and more power to you.

  • Pat Ryder

    What a great Idea, always looking for new passwords and it will mean so much more to me than to someone else. Thank you.

  • Tony Pantera

    Today I will set my clock and see what the whole day is like when I spend 10 seconds giving up as prayer what I am doing. I’ve done this before for this activity or that, but never tried it as part of my daily routine. My favorite
    ways to offer up the ordinary as prayer usually involves hiking or teaching.

  • Shirley Henderson

    Every time I was my fruits & vegetables I pray for the workers who harvested them. Writing this I realize how many more hundreds of people I could be praying for …from those who planted & tended the produce to & including those who finally got the fruits & vegetables to market. Also, since the beginning of my marriage, every time I ironed an article of clothing or folded the laundry I asked God to protect my husband (& later also our children) as the wore that article of clothing. I also THANK God for ‘indoor’ plumbing each time I clean the bathroom.

  • Joyce

    When I was teaching, here’s the prayer I said each morning as I was walked into school…’Lord, I don’t know what is going to happen today or how I will handle whatever comes up, but You know I’m dependent on You and I trust You in every situation. Even though I may forget, I tell You now, I need and want Your guidance.” What a difference it made because God gave me whatever was needed. He still does.

  • Sissy Fossett

    When I have cleaning to do, in between each job I stop and say a decade of the rosary. I also play Christian music to keep me focused while I am cleaning. And I can offer it up for different intentions.

  • JayAW

    I pray as soon as I wake up in the morning and my intention for praying is to ask God to help me to carry out his will for the rest of the day. Then before I go to sleep, I pray and thank God for the day. Some days I do pretty well, some days I get thrown off by road rage, getting mad at my cat for scratching the carpet, and getting into an argument with my wife over something we disagree about. But I wake up and pray for the intention to carry out God’s will throughout the day.

  • Elia Lopez

    I purchased resisting happiness two months ago and it has changed my life. I also purchased the audio book and listen to it during my commute, each time i learn something different! The best thing that I have learned is how to pray without ceasing, I had asked people in the past how to do this and no one could ever give me an answer. After hearing Mathew Kelly, I set my calendar and alarm to ring every hour starting at 4am to 9am to offer each hour as prayer. My list pretty much stays consistent however, I have made a few changes along the way as I listen to other Mathew Kelly audio books, like praying for prisoners and child molesters. When I go to bed at 9 I offer the 9-4 hour as prayer for the person who I thinks needs the most. so my list includes:
    the sick and weak and those having surgery that day,
    family members (some by individual and some by group),
    government leaders (city leaders, my employers, my boss),
    Religious leaders (the pope, my cardinal, my bishop, my priest, and Mathew Kelly because without him I would still be a lost catholic),
    prisoners, child molesters.
    prayer to be as forgiving as Jesus is, transformation to be a better catholic, wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend

  • Victoria L

    About 3 years ago, I listened to a computer hacker hired by Microsoft on the news about password security. He said a very safe way to create a password that is easy to remember; gives you years of being able to change it often; and you don’t have to write them down. Choose one of your favorite songs, and use the first letters of the lyrics, and if you want to add on a number that is meaningful to you or a symbol you like, that is your choice. For instance – Amazing Grace, you would begin with the first set of lyrics…AGHSTA17. When you think you should change it again, then move on to the next set of lyrics, and so forth. So, I chose my favorite Catholic hymns because I am the only one who knows my favorites in order. I have only gone through 1 hymn in 3 years because I chose one I knew all 4 verses first! I ended up with an added bonus like many of contributors on today’s discussion – after a few weeks, I realized that every time I put in my PW, I said a short prayer to God or to the Holy Spirit for something or someone.

    • AmDg

      I have started to do something similar recently. Now every time I boot-up or need to log into my computer again, the password reminds me to pause, to recollect myself, realizing that I am in God’s presence, and to offer Him a short prayer before diving into the next bit of work.

  • Glen Arcalas

    As I get ready, would be a good time. Hours of work can be helpful not only to get work done but also to focus, that’s when the most negativity seeps into my life. It’s making every hour count and doing it not only for self and better relationship with God but we can be there for others and make it count.

  • Julie Mendenhall

    I try to remember to offer up the little everyday things, but my stress and suffering is something I always offer up. Everyone has stress and difficulties throughout the day. No shortage there. I ask you all to pray for these hard times, and we will see the power of God at work.

  • Patty

    Have you ever thought of praying for those whose laundry you’re folding? Laundry consumes your time, especially for families. When my children were growing up I came up with a plan while I was doing laundry to say a quick prayer for the person whose clothes I was folding at that moment. It transformed a chore into a form of prayer in which I too was the beneficiary. I always felt more calm and at peace after this practice knowing that I had prayed for those I love.

  • Maryanne Sockey

    My nephews love when I take my dolls out to play with them, but I do not like it so much as it changes the dynamics of play from a physical and engaging activity to them just making their toys come up and explain who they are what they do and such stuff, without anything actually happening. Even if something like, “Oh no so-and-so has been captured and taken to a secret island” they refuse to actually make anything happen and have to explain how so-and-so cannot be saved in any way I suggest and we go nowhere. I can definitely offer these play times as a prayer to God since the boys love them so much.

  • Celinda

    I also have special PW mixing numbers with frases like Holy Spirit or I love God, God is love, etc.

  • Marilyn

    Today’s message triggered the memory of my Mom who went to Heaven in 1979. When we were at a red light in the car, she said it would turn green after we said two Hail Mary’s. When we heard an ambulance siren go off, she would say to pray for the people involved in the emergency. And recently, I gave a recipe to someone who asked me how long to stir the pot, and I automatically repeated my Mom’s advice, “Stir for four Hail Mary’s!” Prayer is the fabric of our lives, woven into everything. Thank you for the wonderful message and reminder.

  • Barbara Huntley

    What a great idea to pray every hour! This Christmas, I received a FitBit that I wear every day. I set an hourly goal of steps and at ten minutes to the hour, I get a reminder on my FitBit by way of a vibration and visual cue on the screen. I can easily use this reminder as a way to remind me to pray or offer an intention every hour of the day! Not only am I getting healthy physically, but I’m getting healthy spiritually. It’s a win-win!

    • kinderkumu

      I too got a Fitbit for Christmas and have the hourly reminder. Thank you Barbara for that simple reminder to use my Fitbit as a way to become both physically and spiritually healthy.

  • Theresa Trella

    I always over-promise and under-deliver when it comes to this concept. I always think I need to take on way more than is necessary to weave prayer throughout my day, like subscribing to EVERY devotional opportunity online or creating a MASSIVE to do list of disciplines that I inevitably fall short on. Today, with the limitations brought on by the blizzard here in the northeast, I felt the Lord tell me to finally catch up on these videos that I had been putting off (resistance). LOVE THEM: pithy, pointed, and powerful!

    Today’s video, Hour by Hour, confirms what the Lord has been doing in me lately: that I simply need to mindfully invite Him into every moment and ask Him what I should do next. With every shovelful of snow, I offered a prayer and set my my mind on experiencing God in the moment. With every daily task, I am making Him my manager.

    As Lord of time and space, He has got it all covered, so I for Lent am giving up obsessively looking at the clock and thinking/saying anything that puts me under the tyranny of time, and I instead immerse myself in the moment as He leads – MIND-BLOWING RESULTS SO FAR! And, now, I will add this hourly offering, too!

  • Paul

    I spend a large portion of my day driving and encounter many situations that hourly prayer could be directed to. I pray now that I may be more mindful of the opportunities I have to add more meaningful prayer throughout my day!

  • Mrs. B

    Today’s video has been my favorite so far this Lenten season. I am doing a Marian Consecration – 33 Days to Morning Glory this Lenten season and have been struggling with some of the readings, but this has inspired me to give to the Blessed Mother even more. And I also love the idea of Ann G of using the religious passwords. Also the use scripture passages as passwords are another great idea. Thanks everyone for sharing your wonderful ideas. God Bless all of you.

  • David D

    I used to work for Edward Jones as a finacial advisor (fancy title for salesman) and part of their requirements was to go “door knocking” everyday. This just means you go into a targeted neighborhood and go from house to house, knock on the door, and hope to find someone home so you can introduce yourself and the company, and ultimately get the home owner to share their contact information with you. Anyways, sometimes it was very depressing and frustrating, so I would say either an Our Father, Hail Mary, or Glory Be while walking up to each home praying for the home owner. It kept my mind off the depressing part of not having someone answer the door or dealing with someone who was rude.

  • Shyne4god

    Never thought of this password idea ! Thank you that’s another spiritual awakening for me ! That’s why my name is Shyne4god it reminds me Dailey as well as when I get in and out of my car ( cause it’s my license plate ) to remember the things I can do to Shyne and to not do the things that are ungodly ! Cause we are our Holy Gods example ! I drive Proudly always giving to those in need and hopefully driving away That they read my license plate ! Have a Blessed day !

  • Maria

    I usually take on a prayerful attitude when I’m folding my laundry. I get annoyed when I have to take 15 minutes just to get it done, but I remind myself that not only is it necessary, but it’s also fairly easy to offer up. Before I know it, I’m done.

  • Joanne Williams

    Imagine, offering up all we do, knowing that it is for God. Would we ever be wasteful, indignant, greedy again? Of course, we are human, and we’d slip and slide here and there, but, on purpose, with purpose, yes, Matthew, our lives would be changed, as HE promised. Amen.

  • Kathleen Spector

    I find my most exasperating moments in the day come when I am driving. I have begun to say a prayer to my guardian angel when I get into the car and then I pray the rosary on my journey. I am more tolerable and caring in my own attitude toward others when I engage in prayer.

  • Veronica Porter

    I download the app Caynax Hourly Chime and set the temple bell to ting quietly each hour then I say a little prayer such as Jesus Mercy. Love this reminder

  • Carol Lynn

    I read that St. Francis of Assisi practiced this Practical Type of prayer, and offered “peeling potatoes” as prayer. This was, and is, very inspiring to me. To love others through Unceasing Prayer…..Thanks for the message!!

  • Carmela Campanella Douds

    This is a concept that was widely taught when I was a child growing up through Catholic school. It is wonderful to hear it spoken of as a transformative approach to prayer to rejuvenate our faith. I dislike routine chores and can offer them all as prayer. (making the bed! Yuck!) I particularly like the idea of offering our lives, hour by hour to God. Thank you, Matthew and team for your wisdom and support.

  • Peggy

    I truly believe that anything I do I can turn into prayer and the idea of using scripture as a password is fantastic. So I now can change the time I will need to change my passwords into prayer time. Thanks 🙏

  • Patty G

    I learned some ideas about bringing holiness to everyday activities from a retreat weekend many years ago and from my mom. I can say a prayer for my family members while folding their laundry or a thank you prayer when wiping down the table for the meal we just shared. As a teacher, I can pray for my students as I begin to grade their papers or offer a class period up for a special intention. Thank you for this reminder to bring prayer to our everyday work!

  • Sarena

    I thoroughly enjoy cleaning and organizing my home. I am very detailed and I strive for that near perfect finished product, however that takes a day away and in a rush to get everything done, not be interrupted, and then not allow things to get out of place so quickly with children running around i get frustrated and short, aggravated with my fiancé for not picking up after himself that day. I can transform this activity into prayer, by being mindful of God’s presence and thanking Him for the home I have to clean, the family I get to clean for, and the health to do it at all. Last night was a similar case as I became exhausted, I noticed my shortness and apologized to my fiancé. I’m opening my eyes.

    • Lisa

      Sometimes it is hard to remember that your level of clean is important to you and not them. No one likes to clean up after someone else. It is wonderful that you thoroughly enjoy cleaning and organizing your home. I am trying to find joy in completion of projects – even the small ones.

  • Virginia Creem

    Not sure how to put this to prayer. I take my 90 year old mom to dialysis 1 day a week. It’s a long and boring process. I drive 45 minutes to get her, drive another 15 to take her and “usually” find something to do for the 3 1/2 hour duration of mom being on the machine. I usually sit with her for 1-1/2 hours. I spend two nights with her, cook, clean and do her laundry. I leave by the morning of day 3.
    If I put this to prayer, all I can say is Thank You God for keeping my mom with us for this length of time no matter how much of my personal time it takes.

  • kimisu

    I say a prayer for safe travels and for the safety of travelers every time I come up to a stop sign. I live in a very rural area and there is only one stoplight in my town. There are stop signs everywhere, though. I am pretty sure I am the only person who actually stops at stop signs in my whole county. But, here’s what “STOP” means to me: Spending Time On Praying. I come to a full, complete stop at every stop sign and take those three or so seconds to “re-collect” myself and slow down my day and my pace and my thoughts and my plans and thank God for the stop sign for keeping me safe and giving me that extra second to check the traffic and not pull out in front of that car that I otherwise may have missed. I probably drive the people behind me crazy, especially when I’m in town and there are actually people behind me, but I always hope that I inspire them to make their own full stop and be given the chance to “re-collect” themselves as well.

    • Lisa

      Yes probably. They wonder what the heck you are doing. haha Hope they’re not in a hurry. Maybe better to re-collect themselves if they are and stay safe.

      • kimisu

        If they had any idea of how great it feels to have that peace and grace of God settle back into me in those moments they would be totally jealous and stopping at all stop signs and maybe even at the yield signs, too!!! ; )

  • Carolyn W.

    Looks like we all are thinking the same thing—Great idea! Just think of all the new prayers rising up to God! What a wonderful reminder.

  • Leah Levitt

    I go to the gym and use the Whole Body Machine and Hydro Massage. So I say the Jesus Prayer. I try to be like The Little Flower and do all little things well and with joy. It isn’t always easy. I like the idea of offering it up for say a sick friend.

  • MurphsLaw

    I hate doing the dishes too- and could help out there more. Watching this reflection, I realized now that maybe my wife hates doing them too – but she does anyway, and always has.
    I think I’ll start there.

  • Amy Reinhardt

    Two hobbies that I enjoy doing are scrapbooking and blogging. I believe I can transform both of those activities into a prayerful time. Before I start a blog post, I will start saying a small prayer to the Holy Spirit before my fingers touch the keyboard. The same will apply when I’m laying out/arranging photos in an album. Prayer will make both of this hobbies more special than they already are.

  • Hollie

    Hello, I’m needing some help with this. I’ve set the alarm to go off so I can dedicate the next hour on an intention with God, but I’m not really noticing a difference to how I work as Matthew suggested in the video. Any suggestions on how to change my mindset that will carry through the hour? Or is it simply pausing for 10 seconds to give a prayer and over time I will notice it affect how I approach work consciously? Thank you in advance!

  • MaryAnne Casaul

    I love the suggestion of offering every hour for a specific intention. I have a personal prayer list and even though I do pray for the intentions on my list, offering an hour for a specific intention not only makes me more aware of the person or intention but also keeps my mind on more positive thoughts making the hour all the more productive. Love these reflections!

  • Brenda Baker

    I just set my GymBoss app to 1 hour intervals. It’s designed for fitness intervals, but why not set it for prayer intervals. You can set it to beep for multiple intervals like tabata or boot camp type intervals, 30, 60 ,90 seconds, 1 minute rest, etc. Now it will beep every hour for mindful prayer intervals!!

  • jo Solano

    Someone reminded me that every time we do something make it that as a thank you prayer. Like if I washing the dishes, I pray “thank you God for the water I’m using right now.” When I’m doing the laundry and the load is heavy, I pray “God, please help me to finish this laundry”, even if I go to grocery and I just need to walk, I pray “Jesus, please walk with me and help me to carry my grocery.” I also pray for my family members soon as they step out heading to work or school, I pray “Lord please keep them safe and protected. An every activity can be transformed into prayers….I strongly agree 😉

  • Judy

    Using moisturizer on my body. Sometimes I moisturize; other days I don’t. Doing so is a fairly new habit I’ve acquired-it’s only taken four decades to get it. Now I like how soft my skin feels, and I don’t get those annoying static shocks. On days when I want to bypass the moisturizer, I can turn that into a prayer as a reminder that Jesus didn’t scrimp when he sacrificed on the Cross.

  • Cheryl Donahue

    I like the idea of inserting prayers while going along with your daily schedule…..and doing it for a specific purpose….I will be doing this more

  • Rita Gahr

    I used to have a mantra. I lived in a very bad neighborhood for a while so waiting for the bus I use to say over in my head.”Be with me Lord when I am in trouble be with me Lord I pray” now that I no longer live there I find my self doing this several times a day. I also just say Jesus I trust in you.

  • Deb Santoli

    Every time I open my iPad I have a picture of Blessed Mama Mary and before entering my password I pray.. Also when I’m driving I have a cd of the Rosary so I pray and I have peace while driving and pray for those around me that I don’t know

  • Scripture Sister

    I use scripture also- and when it comes time to update it I look up another and learn the message. It uses the cap letters, the punctuation and numbers all in one Psalm56:3 etc- i have enjoyed chatting with tech people about it too it opens up the conversation to witness. I’ve been amazed how many people know the content of the scriptures I’ve used. It’s encouraging to find out how many followers there are out there! God Bless~

  • Mary

    Great ideas Ann and all you cool password people.
    I want to thank you for all your prayers for my fiancé, he is out of the hospital and deemed fit! He will return to active duty tomorrow. It is by the grace of God that he was not killed and made it back. Thank you. I just started putting my phone alarm on each hour while he was in the hospital. Now each hour I say a pray. Soon when I get in the habit I won’t need the alarm. I was doing the flying novena. St Mother Teresa needed a visa, she said the Memorare 9 times, then again, then again. The visa came through. This is true, I asked someone from her order. Each hour I said the Memorare 9 times. It is a powerful prayer and I say it out loud to really scare the devil.

    • Louise

      So glad David is doing so well. Thank you Lord.

      • Mary

        Yes, I am so thankful and grateful for all the love and support from this group.

  • Madonna Lenz Graff

    A poem on a Holy Card written by a Franciscian priest in the 1950’s and I never forgot it. Thank you, Father Francis Giblee O.F.M.
    I have only just a minute.
    Only sixty seconds in it.
    Forced upon me. Can’t refuse it.
    Didn’t seek it. Didn’t choose it.
    But it’s up to me to use it.
    I must suffer if I lose it.
    Give account if I abuse it.
    Just a tiny little minute. But eternity is in it.

    • Rosemarie

      I like that. Thanks for sharing!

  • Trevor Pelkey

    I can transform my daily homework into a prayer by taking a moment before getting started to meditate on its importance. I feel as though I will absorb more of what I am learning and acquire great knowledge that I can utilize as I push forward with the life that God gave me.

  • Michael Ennis

    One of my passwords is, ‘In God I trust’.
    God Bless

  • Caitlin Lowery

    WOW all these password ideas are awesome!

  • Mary Haug

    I know you can’t stand to be criticized, and will likely once again delete this, but how can you deliver this palaver with a straight face?? Consider your sleep a prayer? At the same time you’re peddling the concept of mindfulness? Come on!

    • Susan Henderson

      So my question is, if you find the concept of offering your sleep as a prayer ridiculous, what way are you using to, as St. Paul instructs us, “pray unceasingly?” Evidently you have come up with a better way? If you are being deleted, it is probably because this conversation site is intended for those who wish to share ways that they can deepen their faith, not for voyeurs who only wish to pour cold water on the topic.

      • Margo

        You have a great sense of humor!!!

  • Dominic Thordarson

    One activity I like to offer as a prayer is working out. I also like offering up any pain I may be experiencing throughout the day, knowing someone out there in the world is benefiting from it and that by my pain I’ll get to see God sooner when my time comes. I like this simple saying about this: Our pain is not in vain. Anyways, I hope everyone has the best Lent ever. God bless :).

  • pathoobin

    My ordinary activity that I transform into a prayer is being conscious of the people I meet every day. Some
    people are starving for a smile or a hug. I try and remember names. What’s more precious than the
    sound of your own name.

  • Hannah

    My schoolwork. Especially algebra. As a high school student, I find algebra to be my hardest homework. I can offer that to God.

  • Antoinette Odusanya

    Praise God for this fellowship with my brothers and sisters 🙏🏾🙏🏾
    We and trust in you Jesus Christ 🙏🏾🙏🏾

  • Sherm Kempp

    These reflections have been great. Today’s however, is perhaps the simplest, most insightful message for me personally. I’m already setting and using that hourly chime. God Bless you!

  • Connie

    You know how a song sticks in your head once you’ve started singing it? Well, I love the words to the song “Day by Day”. ” Day by day, oh dear Lord, three things I pray: to see you more clearly, to love you more dearly, to follow you more nearly, day by day”. Once I sing that verse in my head, it pops up in my mind all day long.

    • Seeker

      I too have songs that replay in my head & not always of the sacred kind. But I’m turning my love for classic rock into prayer opportunities. This week is “My Sweet Lord”. My Catholic high school glee club did a version of this song replacing the Hare Krishnas with the Litany of the Saints in Latin. Though my high school years are a long time gone… I still find that song deeply moving.

  • Nancy

    Whenever I exert much effort to stretch our weekly income to pay the bills, my husband will thank me. I always tell him I thank God for giving me the talent to figure things out. And, when there is a chore or problem I don’t want to handle, I always ask God to guide me through it and thank Him for my ability to do whatever it is.

  • Sandra

    Love this offering up every hour for a special intention. Oh, also the computer pw. Reminds me of the working girls prayer. I forgot exactly how it went. But on the typewriter or these days the keyboard, every m typed is a Hail Mary, every g typed is a Glory Be etc.

  • Sharon Z

    Practicing this today for the most part, made such a difference in my day. I ended up more positive and kept God in my life. Thank You!!!

  • Mary Looney

    A Life of Prayer

    Make my life a prayer, Lord.
    Whether waking or sleeping,
    laughing or weeping.
    Make my life a prayer.
    Baking or breaking bread,
    silent criticisms left unsaid
    offered up to you as prayer.
    Singing, speaking,
    encouraging, cautioning,
    all done in the context of WWJD?
    Make it all a prayer
    of praise,
    of thanksgiving,
    of contrition,
    of humility,
    of obedience,
    of yearning to be what you so desperately want me to be.
    Make it all a prayer.


  • Shimmer

    Mindfulness is key to doing things well. So often over indulgence is connected to not being present to or aware of what we are doing. Father forgive them. They know not what they do. How sad it must be to approach death knowing we were never fully alive. Didn’t ireanius say “the glory of Gos is man fully alive?

  • Steph

    I tried something a couple of weeks ago, and really enjoyed it. While folding laundry I prayed for whatever the item inspired me to pray for. Workshirt – thank you Lord for our jobs, to be able to provide for our family, and please keep us safe at work. Dress Pants – thank you Lord for our church community, and the opportunity to attend Mass and worship you so frequently. There were plenty of silly ones too, just can’t remember them now. But it also reminded me of so many things I am thankful for, and to remember to tell God.

    • Susan

      Love this idea! I might even enjoy folding clothes now! Thank you for sharing

  • Dean Diomedes

    I just shared these videos with my 5th period class. And here are some things they want to transform into prayer: washing dishes, mowing the lawn, cleaning my room, eating, washing clothes, getting dressed, exercising, reading a book, sleep, our class period, taking notes

  • Taryn Macary

    Like others, I started using passwords years ago that reminded me of my faith “godisgreat” “hailmary” “newlife”..followed by numbers. However, I will admit, these have become so automatic that I am not certain that I am even conscious of their intent any more. What is extremely conscious, and comes to mind easily are two actions: When I am at Mass and I cross myself, (lead by our pastor), I am very present, centered, and deliberate..hopefully transforming into prayer. Secondly, starting about two years ago, following the death of my 26 year old son, I felt called by the Spirit to close so many texts, messages, letters, cards, etc that I send to others with “Blessings and Smiles ~ Taryn” (and sometimes additional phrases if needed). For me, this ordinary activity can always be a means of expressing God’s love and joy, and, I become more deeply aware of the recipient. It has become such a joyous part of me!!

  • El

    A morning offering I learned in first grade has served me well for seventy years. “Good morning, dear Jesus, this day is for you. I ask you to bless all I think, say, and do.” It has allowed me to greet each day with Jesus on my lips. My grandchildren think it is a “cool” thing to do!

  • Pat Dodd Polito

    Often people ask to keep them in my prayers. I love the idea of setting my watch alarm hourly and specially remembering those special intentions throughout my day.

    • Usi

      I always had problems to keep people in my prayers, but with this, now I know how to do it.

  • D Fisher

    My commute feels like a waste because i am away from home and the many tasks and care are not being done and not at work. Feels like lost time even when i optimize it with a book on tape or Catholic radio. I will start to use my commute as prayer. Not just prayer time but prayer. Wonderful thought.

  • Judy

    Every day when I wake up I pray the Morning Offering = offering my prayers, works, joys and sufferings of each day for the intentions of His Sacred Heart, and also for the intentions of our Holy Father, Pope Francis, mentioning also any intentions that I have been asked to pray for.

  • Isabel Castro

    I have a timer set to remind me to drink water. Now I am going to remember that Jesus is the source of living water and offer up prayers when the alarm sounds. Blessings to all throughout your Lenten journeys.

  • Barb Stuart

    Since I am retired, I look at living differently.I must say the one ordinary chore I do and don”t really like to do, is cleaning the bathroom (s). I like the results but I just don’t like doing them. I have found that if I offer it up,I don’t mind it as much-I am grateful that I can bend my knees and move my arms and smell the cleanilyness I have done.If I think of it that way for the people that are my age who can’t do this. I truly am blessed!

    • Seeker

      Wishing you the blessing of good health (and clean bathrooms…) for many years to come!

  • M J

    In morning prayers I make my intention for the whole day is it better to offer hour by hour

  • Yvonne

    I can transform driving my daughter to school into a prayer. We get so rushed in the morning that if we pray in the car as we are driving, we can start the day with peace.

  • Mary Brokaw

    I love this idea! I believe it will help me stay focused and do a better job and get more accomplished. I am a disorganized thinker and person. I get distracted easily. Maybe I can finally offer my work and include it in my prayers and stop hating myself for not accomplishing everything I should.

  • Suzanne Hornbuckle

    My favorite “emergency” prayer is simply911. My God knows exactly what to do in a crisis.

  • Prolifedem6M

    One way is to thank God for the little incidents that arise during the course of the day. Someone says hello. Thank God for the friend. We find a bargain at he supermarket. Thank God, Someone turns the traffic light green for us by activating the sensor. We find a book that is especially interesting. We make a new friend on Facebook. So many little things happen all day long. This brings us to mindfulness of God’s presence in our life and his care for us.

  • SisterSuzanne Stahl

    The easiest activity for me to transform into prayer is exercising. I often pray the rosary while I am swimming laps or actually meditate while walking or bicycling.

    • Mark Darrow

      I agree. I pray during my daily walks. A great time to combine physical health with spiritual health!

  • Henry Altamirano

    Loved the idea. Thanks for passing it along! Have the Best Lent Ever everyone!

  • Elvie

    This has become the BEST part of my day, be it shopping, eating, going to work, taking my kid to school, driving esp waiting in a red light …simple prayer to intimately connect with GOD! “Lord, should I buy this? My cooking Lord taste awful, can you help me make it flavourful?O Lord what comforting word should I say to this grieving friend…too many happening to share to my GOD. At the end of the day, in whatever circumstances, His peace & love reign in my heart. Thank you for all your beautiful sharings!

  • Diane Prala Arcuri

    I’m retired so I have lots of free time for social media. Many Facebook pages offer scripture or prayers, so I copy them and have my screensaver as these prayers. Every time I look at my computer, there’s another prayer I can offer to God.

  • Elizabeth Riley

    I recently downloaded a rosary app onto my phone. The intention is to do some kind of prayer as I head into work in the morning. I have to find alternate ways to and from work because I don’t drive so having that time to pray helps distract me from what might happen during the day or what might’ve happened the day before.

  • Diane

    I know of a homeschooling family, when struggling with a dear friend’s cancer, who offered up every page of schoolwork for his intentions. They did an awful lot of pages so they could offer them up. They learned a lot of math during this time as a bonus. Lol!

  • Janis Kouzmanoff

    “You Needed Me” by Anne Murray is my favorite love song to Jesus. Moves me every time. Many blessings. Jan Kouz

  • Peg

    In the past I had typed up 10 points to pray for to give thanks for and for me to stay centered at work. I set a timer that would not relent until I went into the bathroom to pray Tami g just 5 minutes out of my day as a pharmacist to reset my mind and heart to His work. Then as I was eating I found myself thanking God for my food and those that prepared it and those who stocked it to be sold and those who sold it those who prepared it and then those who grew it to those who harvested to those who delivered it to the factories and those who pumped the gas and those invented and made the vehicles that allowed God to provide me with what He chose for me to eat!!! What a Great God we have Who loved me that much!!!

  • ascolta912

    I have done a similar thing with my passwords but I’m not sharing any examples publicly. 🙂

  • Barbara

    I keep a finger Rosary in my car. Whenever I am alone in the car (which is often) I pray the Rosary. As the Rosary is on my finger there’s no danger of my Rosary getting caught in any part of the car. I can usually get a half of a Rosary said on my way to where I’m going and the the other half on my return drive home. The radio is not on eitherf!!! The Rosary leaves me with a sense of peace.

  • Jan

    My husband and I are doing this Lenten study and we appreciate it very much and are learning a lot. However, I need some help with this topic. I understand the concept of praying before beginning an activity and offering it to God, but I am struggling with the idea of the activity being transformed into prayer, especially if it’s something on which you have to concentrate. If you aren’t thinking about God at the time because the activity requires your full concentration, I am having difficulty seeing how that becomes a conversation with God.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated. We belong to a non denominational church so I am wondering if we are having difficulty since we know so little about the Catholic faith.

    • Diane Matweychek Helou

      Dear Jan and Husband – try thinking of your “10 second offering” at the beginning of each hour as striving to attain and perhaps perfect the perfect balance of “Martha/Mary” (worship/service). Welcome Blessings.

      • Jan

        Hi Diane, thank you for your response and welcome. I will give your suggestion a try, I think your Martha/Mary concept will help. Blessings and peace to you.

    • Shonne Farrell

      Dear Jan God loves you and sees and hears you everyday. When you give time for a good thing or for a person who needs God’s help our good Lord knows your work is a form of prayer. Just work for him and he will bless you and who or what you are praying for.

    • Samantha

      How I interpret it is that the activity in and of itself is the prayer. The 10 seconds is acknowledging and offering the activity to God for your intention. Since the activity is offered up as a prayer so the idea is that you will do the activity with more mindfulness, more appreciation and even more love and care; you want to put your “best foot forward” so to speak since you’re offering it to the Lord. That is how I interpret it. I hope that helps.

      God bless!

      • Jan

        Samantha, thanks for clarifying, that does help. Blessings and peace.

  • Tim

    Since my workday is the most stressful part of my life I often say a quick variation of the prayer of St. Theresa of Avila;
    All things pass
    God never changes
    Patience obtains all things

  • Yvonne Macedo

    I feel blessed to be able to work in a preschool where we can pray! We pray throughout the day!

  • Sherri

    Thank you! I also set my password as a prayer Currently it is TrustinGod2day. It is a requirement to reset it every so many days. Today the notice came up to change it but I was blank as to a new prayer to reset it as. I love these ideas and will be saving them for future password changes. Thank you for sharing!

  • Marise Petry

    First, I liked the idea of earmarking each hour as a prayer for someone, something, by setting an When I think about all the years of my life, I can truly say that the life I have right now is one of the happiest times I have lived. I feel loved, cherished, cared for and closeness in my marriage; My relationship with my children is solid (so glad I worked with Martha on the musical); and my joy in being a grandmother is beyond belief. In my professional life, I am confident In my abilities and treasure meeting and connecting with each student. In my faith life I am growing, being challenged, nudged, encouraged, supported by my faith community. More than ever I feel strengthened and consumed by the Holy Spirit through Jesus in the Eucharist. The Eucharist is the food I need to face each week to live the Christian life. It is in being aware of God’s Goodness, Generosity and Love that allows me to see the goodness and happy things I have each moment of each day.. Well, my fitbit usually has a sound and vibration at 10 til the hour. Perfect time to take 10 seconds to offer the next hour for a prayer intention. Certainly, I want to offer each half hour as a special intention for whatever student I am working with for whatever their need is that week.

    I hate to bring my business books up to date. I need to make a habit of setting aside a day that I will set aside for the paperwork for my business. The time I spend on it I could earmark for a prayer for whatever is the most pressing need or my family, friends, or community. I will challenge myself to do this. To keep my promise, I will block off the time on my calendar in advance.

  • Nicole Malara

    I think driving to and from work is a great ordinary activity that I can transform into a prayer. Instead of dreading the drive, I want to be able to take it all in. I have a very pretty drive to work that I should take notice and be appreciative of. I should also be thankful I have a job to drive to. I also love listening to Christian radio in the mornings. It just puts my mind in a good place and gets me on the right track to start and finish my day.

  • Rae Mims

    Hmmm this is a tough one. I guess I can transform either going to the grocery store or doing laundry into a prayer. I hate doing both. I can buy food prayerfully because I am blessed to be able to do it and I can work to eat more healthily. I can launder prayerfully because I have clothes to wash and I like to look nice. There are also various chores at work that I do not like – maybe if I do the prayerfully and offer up an intention it will be make it better. I never really thought about it.

  • Shonne Farrell

    Dear Jan I’m Catholic and I’m having the same problem…I think of praying as a conversation with God….But God is with us always, he sees us and hears all that we do; if we do it well with the intention of doing for some good I think he knows it is our prayer😋

    • Jan

      Hi Shone, thank you for responding. I too have always thought of prayer as either talking to God or listening to Him. But either way, I am focused on Him. I know I can dedicate an activity to Him, even one in which I have to concentrate on the activity. But I am struggling with the concept of how the activity (which I have to focus on due to its nature ) can be transformed into prayer, b/c at that time, I am unable to focus on God. I feel like I am missing a piece of information, maybe I am defining prayer too narrowly. The teaching sounds really good, I hope I can understand it at some point.

    • Jan

      Shonne, I apologize for misspelling your name in the previous post, I couldn’t figure out how to edit. Thanks again.

      • Shonne Farrell

        It is okay about my name. I’ve been misspelled and named all my life because of the unusual spelling. I send my love to you for making the effort to correct the spelling.

        When you are working on something start with a small prayer of commitment which includes your dedication. Do the best job you can. Finish with a small prayer of thanks and adoration. God loves you where you are and what you do in good will. Be at peace in your heart. You are a gift to my heart. Your sister in Christ…… Shonne

  • Debra Kyser

    First thought that came to me was doing the dishes or folding clothes and making those activities turn me have a time into prayer.

  • Fr Elias Dcunha

    I must talk to Jesus everyday nd all the moments. Unless I hear him talk to me in day today events I will not be satisfied. Jesus has time for me ,do I have time for Him?

  • Donna R.

    I really enjoyed Matthew’s message tonight, and am looking forward to putting it into practice tomorrow. All of you have shared such great ideas! And as others have mentioned, I am really impressed by all of the positive, uplifting comments and mutual support. Although I’m not Catholic, I wanted Lent to be a very special time this year. And when I saw the ad for “Best Lent Ever,” I liked Matthew’s idea of doing little things to make real, lasting changes instead of just giving up a temporary pleasure. This series, and the discussions, have been exactly what I was looking for!

  • JoAnn S

    When I go for a run and I’ve pushed myself hard enough I don’t think I can make it another block or up a hill, I offer my struggle up for someone I know who is struggling. It’s amazing the strength I find in those moments spend t in prayer.

  • Elaine

    This really struck me as something I will try. There is so much I do that I’m complaining about to myself. I need to stop and this is a way for me to do that. Thank you for this perspective.

  • jim

    Great suggestion! Continuous prayer, concretely spelled out how to do it! I believe this will help me a lot.

  • Lori Grajek

    I gave up worry for lent. I’ve started praying about whatever might be worrying me instead of worrying. Now I will pray every hour for all these intentions that are always popping into my mind. I wonder what a difference in my life all this prayer will make. Maybe give me a lot more peace of mind!

  • Maria Guadalupe Moran

    My prayer at work is when I develop x-rays, in the dark room with only a little bit of red light, I do the sign of the cross and and sing the Our Father. Also when I take out the trash I have enough walk time to pray Hail Mary 5 times, this chore I hated doing specially when it’s cold out but now because of the prayer, it makes it turns into a good thing to do. Prayer can really be part of every thing we do in each day, and then become a habit.

  • Becca Stark

    Is this why church bells ring, or used to ring, every hour? To remind us to offer up that hour in prayer?! Interesting….

  • Michelle

    This is something that I have to try. Maybe it will get me to tackle some of the things that I have been avoiding – like decluttering, paperwork, exercise, and eating healthy. If I know it will be a prayer, perhaps I will put more of myself into getting it done, and done well.

  • Gloria Schmink Noell

    As a child I prayed hourly to God but somewhere along the way I moved away from that practice. I am very thankful for this series the Best Lent Ever because I am in a community of people who are striving to improve their relationship with God.

  • Mary

    Several years ago, I noticed how much of my hair falls out every day, because it is so thick. So I started thanking God for “counting the hairs on my head” and keeping me safe and in His love.

  • Jim S

    I spend a lot of the day on the phone, so my plan is to pause before each call to say a quick prayer to ask Jesus to love more like him. It’s a great way to put God in the center of my life.

  • Sherry Hayes-Peirce

    I really liked how Matthew suggested that the first 10 seconds of our day be dedicated to offering the day to a prayerful intention. This Lent I have been successful in lying in bed for a few minutes and praying for people on a list that I’ve made. I also ask Jesus to “order my steps”. It seems when I offer my day to the Lord I get more things done. When I forget to invoke those three powerful words, my day is soooo scattered.

  • Mary Ruffcorn

    I pray through out the day, when ever I think of my children, my parents and other family members and friends. I have a crucifix ,from Medjugorie, in my entry hall way given to me by a dear elderly priest before he passed away. Most times I go past it I give reverence to it and ask Jesus, our Lady of Medjugorie and Father G to pray for us. I also am blessed to have a 135 yr old Holy Water Font that was my Nana’s mothers and when I bless myself I unite my prayers with all my relatives, all the generations, in the communion of saints. The faith was protected, treasured and handed down by these dear ones and I feel like they are still there for me. Also I do pray when I wake up in the night and can’t get back to sleep, with various prayers. Lyrics to good hymns are a great way to pray too! Come Holy Ghost creator blessed!!

  • Victoria Potter

    can we offer up the good moments in our life too or does it only work when we offer up the things we don’t like to do? For example I like to play board games; before beginning a couple hours of playing them can I offer it up for something?

    • Fanny

      I consider we can offer the good and the bad. God wants us to be happy and he will accept the gratitude for our happy moments. As you play games you too are sharing happiness with someone who might be needing a break. Love and Light.

  • Cmcg

    I hate exercising, but after today’s lesson, I am going to do it and offer it up as a prayer of thanks to God for giving me life and a healthy body. I want to show my appreciation by taking care of the life he gave me in the best way possible!

  • Crystal Dasburg Marchand

    I am in the car so much a day, dropping my kids off at school, going to work, errands, picking them up, and I have started resenting all the driving around I have to do. I am going to make my car rides prayerful and involve my kids in it to. That’s a lot of time to pray for people and lift up my intentions.

  • Marie

    An ordinary activity that I can transform into a prayer would be doing the laundry. Such a trivial, but important task, and one that I complain about, laundry can be offered as a prayer. I will begin today with the next load, thanking God that I have clothes to wash, that I have a washer and dryer that works and makes the tasks so much easier. I will begin thanking God that I have a husband who’s with me, my kids when they are home from college, and my work clothes, play clothes,etc. that need to be washed. I will thank God for the water that washes these clothes. That is taken for granted every time I do them. So, beginning with laundry, I will offer a prayer of thanksgiving for each and every load, and see the difference in my attitude and life by this simple prayer vs complaining about this needed and taken-for-granted task.

    • Linda Carmelle

      Thats an Awesome way to look at the necessity of that chore=)

  • Theresa

    All my passwords for apps, etc. are prayers. One liners but something I’ve made up to speak to God always. I cha with him throughout the day. Chatting with God is prayer. I thank Him for his help throughout the day and ask for His help with everything I do. I do nothing alone.

  • Alice

    I think I could use eating and transform that into a prayer. I am bothered by eating
    Junk as I feel God wants me to eat to help my health. I wan to begin to prepare
    My meals playfully and eat slowly and thank God for all I have been given.
    I love the idea also of setting my phone every hour. I have to be realistic, I am going to start 3 times a day. Thank you Dynamic Catholic this makes so much sense to be prayerful all day. I love this idea and want to adopt it in my live.

  • Colleen

    What Matthew Kelly says here is a beautiful idea. How differently we might look at the day if we knew that each activity we were doing was a prayer offered up to God. This has really inspired me!

  • pennyd

    Why not acknowledge that the Holy Spirit is within every breath we take throughout the day as evidenced by the words inspiration, respiration, and aspiration until we take our last breath at our expiration. God left the Holy Spirit for us after Jesus’ death, resurrection, and ascension into heaven. The Holy Spirit is with us always if we recognize his presence throughout our day as we breathe.

  • Christine Overkamp

    Going for a walk outside is an activity that I can see myself transforming it into a prayer. In fact, I plan to do just that tomorrow, St Patrick’s Day….take in some of the green surroundings here in Papillion, NE. Nature is just overflowing with the gifts of God and to see them as they are in the “nature” is truly inspirational. I look forward to devoting time to this type of prayer tomorrow.

  • Diana Taylor

    I say the Morning Offering each morning as soon as I open my eyes. Offering my prayers, works, joys and sufferings of this day covers it all. You can say this prayer many times in a day- not just first thing in the morning. I love this prayer.

  • Mary Beth Kaminski

    My driving always becomes prayer time, to and from appointments.
    God Bless you! I am enjoying the daily thoughts and activities.

  • Ann Modzelewski

    Somehow a card fell out of a book and here I am at Best Lent Ever. Just caught up to where I should be on the calendar. Please all pray for me, I am searching and am very, very depressed. Yesterday I realized how depressed. I so want to die and be over with life. I am 80 and in a very bad place with my daughter as well as a friend of 76 years. The sad part is I just don’t know what I did that made them so angry with me that I have lost them forever. If you’re listening God show me the way to end this sadness in my life. Don’t know if I should sign my name but I am Ann M

    • Tina Xinastle

      I know how it feels to have someone angry with you for no reason. They must need some space, love and prayers. I hope that your friend is willing to give you another chance. Also the same with your daughter. I will pray for you, Ann

  • LJ

    Live today in gratitude to God, no matter what.

  • Emma Spaulding

    An ordinary activity I can transform into prayer would be studying. I do not always like to study and sometimes I get distracted with it. but if I would prayer those 10 seconds before and prayer for a specific intention, then that would help me to stay motivated to study. It would give me a purpose for what I am studying.

  • KT

    One of my ministries is a crisis pregnancy center; adoption advocacy, and all things pro-life. So my password is my name followed by 4life. Again a constant reminder to pray for those in crisis and a reawakening to the miracle and gift that is life.

  • Camille F. S.

    I was getting upset at work thinking that everyone of my colleagues get a day off and I dont because I am always asked to work and I never say no. I felt taken advantage of and unappreciated. I watched the video and reread the chapter and it has changed the way I look at being asked to work. This is my chance to do work and offer it as a prayer for someone I know, someone I care for and make me a better person. I am thankful i saw and read this chpater. I am grateful I am asked to work, and have a job. I am working not for the acknowledgement and acceptance of others above me in my company, but I work to pray and be given the chance to show a better version of myself. Thank you for this.

    • Linda Carmelle

      I work 3 jobs,I am trying to pay down an extraordinary amount of debt ,bt sometimes I get resentful of my co workers.It makes me especially annoyed when I observe how employees try to opt out of job duties/tasks,and expect to get paid for completing the least amount of work possible. I will now look at it differently,and try to offer up all of my hard work and role model a better example to my fellow co workers. I’m sure there will be times when I will be taken advantage of,but I will try to remember that it is a privledge to be allowed to work and I am truly serving God more than any other human being.And I can offer up the negative experiences as a sacrifice to help improve work ethics in our world..

  • Cindy Leslie

    Wonderful Ann! I have done the same thing. I would set a password that would be a prayer to God or Our Lady, etc that would be a prayer to them and that I was thinking of them. Also I would pray part or all of a Hail Mary for those who treat me rotten at work etc. praise God! Thank you!

  • Niecy

    I absolutely love the hour-by-hour prayer idea. I already do this sometimes with my Fitbit. On those days when I may be sitting for too long doing whatever it is that I do, I set my alarm to remind me to get up to walk about 300 steps around my house (or any activity, just move). Why can’t I use this same alarm to remind me to pray and offer intentions? It makes perfect sense. This takes practice. I do not do this automatically each day, but I can try harder to remember to set my alarms more often. Thank you for the inspiration!

  • Alexandra Brousseau

    Such great ideas everyone- thank you so much. I have learned and I am inspired by you all!

  • Hopeful Mamá

    I am so encouraged by the best Lent ever! Thank you everyone for your comments and for sharing your life in this forum.

    I love the idea of changing my password to words or phrases that will invoke our beautiful faith.

  • Anna Zirkelbach

    I am having a difficult time with a few peers at work. I am going to use my daily tasks as a form of prayer for them and the strain this is causing on the team.

  • Stephanie Haass

    I teach and love what I do…All accept grading papers. I love this way to make grading papers more joyful. I will offer up grading papers as a prayer for my students to build a relationship with Christ. By the way…I teach public school and we need your prayers.

  • Barb Lynn

    OMgosh. Love that idea and plan to incorporate asap. I too, am not creative enough to think of those password types So thank you! What an awesome way to make me aware of daily activities to offer up in prayer for others.

  • Alvin Schnake

    I think it would do me a lot of good to offer up my meal as a prayer. It should be easy for me to remember, since I try to pray before each meal. I personally need all the help I can get, when I’m trying to develop a new habit. I’m already remembering, (most of the time to pray) so now, I just have to add 1 little detail to the prayer. Plus this should help me to be more attentive to what I eat. That will be a great benefit to an “old fat man with diabetes). My thanks to Emma

  • John K

    When I exercise I have several pieces of equipment to use, and I try to arrange my exercising so I spend equal time on each piece of equipment. I have a habit now of saying a rosary as I walk the treadmill For one thing it helps me focus on God and the mysteries. But it also takes me about 12 to 15 minutes to say the rosary. So, I know when I am finished I have at least walked 15 minutes, and now I am going to designate a very specific offering each time I say the rosary. This will allow me to help someone or something by offering my prayers for them/it……

  • Peggy Rowe-Linn

    I am an attorney. I make listening to my client and hearing what they are not saying a prayer as much as what they are saying. I pray I ask the right questions. I try to remember each day as each hour’s alarm sings out to remember to dedicate that hour to an intentional prayer. Last month, it was the souls in purgatory, especially those souls farthest away from the light of our Lord. This month, my prayer is for each member of my super large family because it is my birthday month!