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Day 14

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In my mid- to late-teens, I started reading the Bible. I tried to develop a habit over time of reading just a chapter a day, looking at some particular point or lesson in that chapter, and reflecting on that chapter.

I’ve gone through periods of success and failure with that. And I think that’s the humanity of trying to establish any great habit in our lives.

The last thing I want to do is sit here and pretend that all of this stuff that I’m talking to you about is stuff that I’ve mastered, because that absolutely is not true. I think that the people who get to be around me every day, the people who know me, would tell you that. I’m struggling with this stuff as much as you are struggling with this stuff. And one of the things that I really have struggled with over time is to keep this habit of just reading the Bible for a few minutes each day.

When I’m reading the Bible regularly, when I’m reflecting on the Word of God in a meaningful way, on a regular basis, I just tend to make better decisions. I’m a better decision maker.

When you think about how important decisions are to the foundation of life, how our decisions affect who we are and where we are today, and how our decisions will affect who we are and where we are a year from now, ten years from now, and beyond . . . making choices is one of the great building blocks of great lives. So we should be constantly honing our ability to become phenomenal decision makers.

I think God wants us to be phenomenal decision makers. I think it’s one of the reasons he gives us the Bible. Because as you go through those stories you realize, “Wow! Some people make great decisions.” And, “Wow! Some people make phenomenally stupid decisions.” And, “Wow! Some people made some great decisions and some phenomenally stupid decisions, even though it was the same person.”

I think it’s a great theme to explore the Bible with: Who made great decisions? Who made poor decisions? When was the same person making their best decisions, and when was the same person making their worst decisions, and what was different in their life at those different times?

Are you a good decision maker? Do you feel like you’re a really good decision maker? Do you feel like your yes is a strong, passionate, purposeful yes? And do you feel like your no is a firm no? Or do you feel like you say yes to some things for the wrong reason sometimes?

It’s an extraordinary thing. The point is, we say yes to a lot of things for the wrong reasons, and we say no to a lot of things for the wrong reasons, and God wants to rectify that. He wants you to become a phenomenal decision maker.

So here, the practical takeaway that you can start living right now, today: Read one chapter of the Bible each day. For how long? For the rest of your life. And on days when you’re struggling to do it, force yourself to do it. Break through resistance. And offer it for me, so that I might do it that day, because I’m probably struggling to do it as well.

“Every Sunday we hear a reading from one of the Gospels. But in some ways that is like seeing highlights from a movie each week and never seeing the whole movie. There is something very powerful about reading one of the Gospels from start to finish.”

Matthew Kelly, Resisting Happiness

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People who regularly read the Bible make better decisions.


Set aside a few minutes each day to read and reflect on a passage from the Bible. Begin with Matthew, Proverbs, or Psalms.


God, I know the Bible can give me incredible insight. Guide me as I read your word.

Today’s personal reflection features Dynamic Catholic team member Brian Florin. Brian is one of our mission partners, coming to us from Granger, Indiana. Brian writes right-handed but plays sports left-handed, listens to hip-hop music from the 2000s on a regular basis, has attended a Taylor Swift concert, and enjoys long walks on the beach.

Is there a story in the Gospels that has inspired you?

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  • Mary

    At this point, I don’t really have a particular bible story that comes to mind. I have started a “Read the Catholic Bible in a Year” program. What has amazed me is that other things I am reading/hearing at Mass have tied in to exactly where I am in the Bible, allowing for more insight and understanding. It is like puzzle pieces fitting together, and it is helping me understand and grow in my faith. God is amazing! I hope that when I finish my Bible at the end of the year, I will find that story that speaks to me and allows me to connect with God in a more intimate way. Blessings to all!

    • Jane Deutschlander

      Where does one find the “Read the Catholic Bible in a Year” program? It sounds like a great way to go about this.

  • Maricar Umayam Harris

    What a great perspective on the story of the Good Samaritan. A familiar story, but usually a story of “Are you going to be the one who helps or ignores?” used to motivate service toward others. I like this paradigm shift and I’ll think of this story a different way: on the side of the road, broken and battered but God never leaves you alone — Thanks Brian!

    • Patricia Prescott

      I felt the same way! It really stuck me and moved me to think differently. Thanks for being vulnerable and brave, Brian.

    • Dawn Smith-Mansfield

      I agree! I like the paradigm shift too and will definitely think of it differently as well… God never leaves you alone… Amen

    • David B

      Maricar, I agree I have heard that story countless times and never thought of it like that. Thank you Brian

    • Jules

      Yes, I also agree with the others! Thanks Brian for your reflection! I have never thought of identifing with this parable in that light before. I feel so much more connected to it now…. I love it and will use this example in my ccd class! Thanks!!

    • Marsha Mohan

      Thank you all for sharing your posts. I have joined my first bible study class and it has been great! Faith not Fear is my love of God’s word and how we should live our lives… yesterday breaking each hour into offering a prayer was a great suggestion…keeping your spiritual life close to God. I did not pray every hour but hope you make it a habit. We are fortunate in our church to have a fabulous pastor have a blessed day! Marsha

    • Linda Oneil

      Well good morning Maricar! Loved seeing your post and I agree with you.

      • Maricar Umayam Harris

        Hi 1/2. Hope you’re having the best Lent ever.

    • Mike

      Ditto to the comments below. It is nice to have a new perspective on a familiar story.

    • singit1

      Wow – I never considered the story of the Good Samaritan this way, and when I heard Brian speak, I cried.
      I’ve often felt like that – alone, left at the side of the road as others passed me by. How wonderful to realize that with God, and with those who love God, there is always someone willing to pick me up and help me.

    • DavidL

      Totally agree, Never i have thought about this story in this perspective. I needed this today. Thank you Brian.

    • Lea Novak

      Yes, this is a great paradigm shift! I particularly liked the thought of learning to accept the help of others as the help offered by God. So many of us need to learn that accepting help is nothing to be ashamed of…

    • Elizabeth Brumann

      This is a great perspective of the Good Samaritan because it sounds very familiar to me because I had a former friend who had been thrown out of her house by her mom and I had brought her into my house to help her out but it did not work out. Instead it had created a past for me that had left me battered and broken and I had lost everything but with god I am not alone because god never leaves his people alone. He is always there to comfort his people and to get his people back on their feet again and god has forgiven for the past and he has released from the past and I have rebuilt my life again. I am back up on my feet again, God did not abandon me when I had felt down and out he had healed up all of my wounds and had released me from my past.

      God has helped to rebuild a new life for myself now and I don’t have a past anymore. I now have a present and a future. God has taken away all of my anger, pain, hurt, abuse and suffering it is no more. I am free and clear of my past and I now have a new life now. God lead me to a better life. I am now on the right path now. I am free of the past and I have started out totally fresh and anew.

      I have a new obstacle in my life and I always have it for the rest of my life and it is arthritsis but god is there to get me through it and god gives me the strength to live everyday to the fullest. God comforts me through the pain and releases me from all of my aches and pains. God has forgiven me for all of my sins and has taken away all of my darkness and has given me light. God has given me strengthen courage and hope and he is here for me to guide me through the adventures and the journey of life. God is hear to guide me through all of my obstacles and my roadblocks. I have a new start and beginning with god because everything is possible with god in my life to lead me and guide me along the way. I am hear again stronger then ever. I am not defined by my past but for what I am doing now. My entire past is gone and all of my suffering is gone and all tramuas and injuries are gone all of my stress and anxiety is gone my emotional breakdowns and throwing spells are gone my acute stress and panic all of my past worry abuse, grief, and all other feelings are gone. God has taken away a huge burden from me. God has taken all the abuse that I had endured in my past and all of bad friendships and relationships and all of my other shortcomings errors faults and mistakes and all of my bad behavior choices and decisions and all of my negative thinking and feelings. God has forgiven me for everything that I have done in my past and has absolved me of it. I have forgiven myself for everything and I have given myself a brand new start. God has given a new start and beginning in my life. A day and start have come for me. All my sins and burdens have taken away. I have started my life over again with grace and the help of god. God is my father in heaven and he is hear to guide me through the adventures and journey in my life. God is kind and merciful. Lent is about praying fasting almsgiving kindness mercy reconciliation acts of charity meaning and purpose and helping out ourselves and others and making a path for god in our lives and conversation
      and preparing ourselves for Holy Week and for the season of Easter.

      • DeAnn Wilson Townsend

        I am so happy for you that you made it through the dark times and found the light. You are strong, and very loved! Keep looking for him in everything and everyone you meet. God Bless!

        • Pam Aqui

          This happened to me when I first surrendered my life to God. Over and over, day after day, I read the same paragraph. I said to myself, I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t understand simple words. I begged the Holy Spirit to open my mind and understanding. He did (after about 4 days of reading the same lines). Pray for understanding. After all, He wants that for us.

    • Norma DeLeon

      I completely agree! What a great take on a familiar story, Brian. It’s these takes that make familiar stories new and thoughtful. Thanks to all for sharing!

    • Jean Prescott

      I agree wholeheartedly. Brian makes me eager to go back and examine other stories I thought I knew and understood, though I suspect even then I will still be a Martha, not a Mary. I’m counting on every woman out there to know what I’m talking about. Peace and grace, all.

      • Lisa

        I know what you mean, but I actually enjoy the story of Martha because I can relate more to her “humaness” I think Jesus gives us the story of Martha and Mary not so much to chastise Martha, because what she was doing was very important also, but to remind us to be open to Him in our busy lives, to bring Him along, to sit with Him and to give Him glory while we go about our day.

        • Jean Prescott

          On a day that’s gotten more and more scrambled with each hour, your replies are a huge lift. I know Jesus loved Martha. I know he loves me, too. Sometimes I just have trouble remembering that Mary isn’t better than Martha, just different. Such a human thing to say and feel. All of us, we are works in progress.

          • Cecilia

            I like that: Mary is not better than Martha, just different. It helps me understand me(sometimes Mary, sometimes Martha)

        • Angela Fieler

          Wow – talk about a different perspective! I just made a journal entry about the story of Martha and Mary and my part as Martha. Thanks, Lisa for helping me to see the role of Jesus in my life, regardless of my “Martha” tendencies.

        • Karen Kotzbach McCreary

          Lisa, very well said ! To bring Jesus along with us every step of every day . Oh, for one perfect day of doing that . I guess I’ll have to be happy with getting lots of practice ! I always loved the story about the lepers Jesus healed and only the one came back to thank Him. I am always very conscious of saying thank you whenever it is deserved . *_* K

      • Pauline Jackson

        Jean (Martha) if you can’t help doing the dishes, get them to bring the conversation into the kitchen so you can have the best of both worlds.

      • Cheryl Donahue

        I am so very much a Martha…as lead Eucharistic Minister, I tend to focus on what has to be done instead of being Mary and just listening-I will work hard to be Mary

        • Jean Prescott

          As will I. Thanks so much for sharing.

          • Pat

            Thank you for the reflections on the different perspective of the Good Samaritan; it is beyond awesome! To those of you who want to have an empty nest?? Nooooo, no good! they leave, but you still have their problems!!! and their spouse’s (or ex’s) Noooo, better when they are home and you still can tell them: “brush your teeth and go to bed, good night, love you” That is home, now I have an empty house!

      • Patricia Kirner Baker

        Yes, Jean! I know exactly what you are talking about! I would have gotten up and said something to Jesus. Tell Mary to help me get dinner on the table!

        • TerriB

          Haha. I totally understand. Sometimes , I feel like a Mary trapped in a Martha life. Oh, how I’d love to spend hours at the Blessed Sacrament. Instead, God has placed me as a mama to 6 amazing kids whose laundry pile is never empty, but my pantry always is! There are days were my soul longs for some Mary time. I’m thinking empty nest sounds about right.

          • Mom Fuka

            Dear TerriB, You’ll always be a Mama! The nest never fully empties. Sure, they’ll grow up and learn to do their own laundry. They’ll fill their own pantries and cook and share their food with you. They’ll bring their own children to you to soak up your love and wisdom and knowledge. And maybe one of them will be a priest and bring you Jesus,

          • TerriB

            Aw, how sweet. This is a wonderful vision for my God willing grandma years. Thanks for this! 💖

          • Ann Portele Graesser

            TerriB – I totally understand. There’s never enough of me and so many of them. I am immeasurably blessed…and yet I’m a former Martha who has slowly morphed into a Mary just from all the demands of motherhood. I crave hours of quiet time to just hear from God. I am several days behind here after spring “break” – haha! Thanks for your words of encouragement. It’s nice to be able to identify with others and know I’m not alone!

          • TerriB

            Oh, wow. Thanks for your comment. We’re not on break until Easter. Don’t want to think about that yet. I’m learning to make the best use of my late evening time now that baby is sleeping better. Yippee. Hang in there. 💖

    • John Schlick

      Completely agree. I love the viewpoint from the beaten man versus the good Samaritan. I have never thought of this story from this perspective. It allows us to learn even more from a story I heard over and over. And Brian, you never know where God will make his presence known to us, you just need to be open to it as you stated in the video. God bless.

    • Madonna Champagne

      Exactly what I was thinking! Again….the importance of sharing our faith, different ways we interpret scripture all with the desire to know and love Him more.

    • Teresa Allum

      Teresa Allum
      My most inspiring story is The finding of Jesus in the temple. After three days of searching Mary and Joseph found Jesus in the temple. He then went home with them. I pray that Jesus, Mary, and Joseph come for me and mine.

      • Michelle Guzzetta Pescatrice

        Although not my favorite story in the bible, that particular story has taught me so much about our Blessed Mother. The way she reflected on this and “held it in her heart”. I know that I would have been absolutely terrified and not known whether to hug and kiss him or throttle him. Every time I read this story or hear it, I am reminded what a great role model for motherhood that Mary is.

      • Cecilia

        Found Jesus in the temple… people are “temples” of God. May we always “look” and “find” Jesus in them…

    • Maureen

      I also never thought of this story from this perspective. We may not always be in position to help, but at times be the one in need. We need to be open to the aid given us. Thank you.

    • Pat Riley Blackwell

      Maricar, Brian’s reflection caused me to put myself in the walk of the nan beside the road and how God takes care of ne in different ways. I am on kidney dialysis 3 days a week. This puts me in the place of the man on the road. The techs and nurses who take care of me were God sent just like the Samaritan. Without their care I wouldn’t be alive. I. Will give more thanks for their care.

    • WisdomSeeker

      Thanks for giving “kudos” for a new perspective of this story! What a great reminder that God’s Word is new everyday and in every situation! I totally agree. Thanks, Maricar & Brian!

    • Crystal Martinez


    • Maria Guadalupe Moran

      I totally agree 😊

    • Kj

      I thought so too!

  • Jean

    My biggest obstacle is that I don’t know how to interpret the Bible…I can read the words but not understand the meaning many times. I know it will help me be more familiar with the verses, so that when I hear them again at church I can say ‘ah yes, I know this passage’. This one is a challenging one for me, Matthew Kelly, but I will try! 🙏🏻

    • nevilledidit

      Jean, I could not agree with you more. I always have trouble with interpretation. Even if I think I understand it then I worry that I am not understanding it correctly. I even worry if I think it is is correct that I am misleading myself into thinking it is correct when I am way off. To be perfectly honest reading the Bible stresses me something fierce. I strongly suspect I am overthinking it, I do that with most things, and no matter how much I say it is not going to happen it always does. I have to figure out some way to read the Bible without stress and that is a huge problem for me. Perhaps taking entire books in at a time or even entire chapters will help, I am willing to give it a try.

      • Shannon

        Heidi hit on a very good point. I have found through the years…I could read the same verse or chapter and depending on what is going on in my life, God speaks something different to me. I have also been in bible studies where the same thing happens. The group may be asked to read a verse and then share what it means….10 people could have 10 different answers. It doesn’t mean there is a right or wrong answer…it just means that God meets us where we are in our spiritual journey. That is just how AWESOME He is!!

        • NancyB

          Love your point of view, Shannon. Thanks.

        • Jerri M

          Shannon, you are so right. God speaks to us individually in different ways through the Bible. I believe that’s because His Word is “living and active”, not a stagnant lesson in ancient history, but a now Word for His beloved. I love your statement that “God meets us where we are in our spiritual journey”. I have found that to be so true many times in my own life. God is like that; simply awesome!

          • Louise

            You hit the nail right on the head Jerri. The Bible is the “LIVING” word. The Holy Spirit speaks to us differently during our lifetime and guides us to those scriptures we most need at that time in our journey.

        • Ma

          So very true Shannon. I have had the same experience in my Bible studies through out many years! That is HIS awesome-ness! 💕💕

        • Pauline Jackson

          I agree Shannon. Before I start to read the days readings I pray “Holy Spirit open my heart and my mind to the love and understanding of Your word.” I too have found different meanings to the same readings depending on where I am at or what He wants to show me on a particular day.

      • Casey

        The gospels also stress me out and sometimes I e d up thinking there is no way I’m getting to heaven. I use the daily readings from The Word Among Us and their daily reflections to start my day. This tends to keep me on the right track and not lose hope in the Loft.

        • jerseyangel

          I love The Word Among us. When I’m not doing Matthew Kelly’s series, that is often my go to each morning to start my day. God often speaks to me there or through the commentary. There is one priest who comments each day, Fr. Jan Rose I think, and his commentary’s offer very good incites. I do like what God is trying to tell me best. I keep a journal while reading and write down anything that stands out to me. I can’t explain it but when I start to read God’s word, the Bible, I get so excited and can’t wait to read it. When I haven’t read it for awhile and return to it, I ask myself why I stayed away. I hope you will enjoy spending time in God’s word too.

          • jerseyangel

            Oh, and I have been to many Bible studies throughout my life, so maybe that’s why I can enjoy it so much.

      • Jude Ndeloa Asonganyi

        Nevilledidit, I completely agree with you when it comes to stressing about reading the bible and it spills over to even my spiritual life that I am worried if I am doing anything right. I worry so much about whether I am doing things the way God intended or I am misleading myself, this led me to stop reading the bible because I felt like they are so many translations and what if they had it wrong from the very beginning? what if we are all following the wrong doctrine? But from what I have read from others here, I will get back to reading the bible chapter by chapter and pray to the holy spirit before I start. God Bless

      • Joyce W.

        I’m sorry to hear that reading the Bible stresses you, but I do find some books a lot easier than others! I formed a habit of reading a little most days (being honest here). I base this on the arrangement of scripture during Sunday Mass. I start with a passage from the Old Testament, then with a psalm, then gradually work through Acts and the epistles and Revelation, then the Gospels. When I finally finish Malachi, I start back at Genesis; when I have finished with all 150 psalms, I go back to #1, when I have struggled through Revelation, I start back with Acts, and when I have read the last passage in the Gospel of St. John, I start back with Matthew. Some days I really get a lot out of part of my reading, other times I am tired and dull of spirit, or the readings that coincide don’t appeal to me, and I feel a bit grumbly then! Some readings are favourites and I go on further than a paragraph. There are some wonderful stories and prophetic writings in the Bible. I don’t know how often I have worked through the Bible. I hope you will be able to find your own way to dip into the Bible without stressing. I think perhaps you need to remember how much God loves you and that He is not waiting for you to make a mistake! If something doesn’t speak to you, that’s okay. But I pray that you will find passages that make your heart soar and comfort you with the knowledge that you are the Father’s precious child.

    • Jane Deutschlander

      I agree… it would be so helpful to have someone with great insight to discuss them with. That is what I love about weekly Mass – my priest helps me understand the message and how to apply it to my life. Perhaps the more I read the Bible the more I will be able to understand. When we read only a snippet from a book it is hard to find the message but when we read the whole book it makes more sense. I don’t know if that is true but it is worth trying. And I believe that in trying I will somehow grow spiritually through God’s Grace.

    • Scott Staelgraeve

      Jean, I pray a simple prayer before reading scripture. Spirit of the living God, speak to my heart your Word. I find asking the Holy Spirit to help me beneficial in my understanding what God is trying to say to me. There is also a great series of books called Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture that I would recommend.

    • Heidi Johnson

      Agreed. But I also know that even Biblical scholars disagree on the meaning and maybe it is ok to just try to figure our what it means to me on the day that I am reading it. I am going to focus more on the fact that I am spending time with God by reading His word instead of worrying whether or not I am interpreting it “correctly”.

      • Doug

        Be assured Heidi, no one has ever read THE bible. All any of the scholars have read are translations. I hope that helps. It helped me when I heard this in a homily one Sunday.

        • Prolifedem6M

          The scholars have read the originals. They have studied Hebrew and Greek for that purpose.

      • Sue

        What a fantastic approach Heidi. Thank you so much for that and thank you Matthew for all your sharing.

      • CindyH57

        Thank you Heidi, I feel the same way, I even felt confused about the versions of the Bible, New Revised Standard Version versus NABRE version. I purchased the NRSV and have come to enjoy the time I spend reading it.

      • NancyB

        Good point, Heidi. I try to read something from the bible daily and when I don’t get the point, I will think of your comments. Thanks for your perspective.

      • Eileen

        Thanks, Heidi, I also feel I don’t understand or know how to interpret the Bible, and so I appreciate your thought of focusing on the fact that I’m trying.

      • Jennifer Lind Bourgeois

        I’m with you on this Heidi! I’ve learned that every time I read a (familiar) passage in the Bible, it means something new to me, depending on the circumstances of the day!

        • Therese

          I agree! I believe God, through His infinite wisdom, makes us discover new meanings to the scriptures every time we read them. As I read Brian’s perspective on the story of the Good Samaritain, another perspective came to my mind. Remember that the Jews and the Samaritans were considered enemies. Yet the Jew at the side of the road trusted and accepted help from the Samaritan. What about when we too are the Jews in need of help? Would we trust even our “enemy” to come to our aid? This takes us further to the bible verse where Jesus is telling us to “love our enemies…”

          • Johni Komisak

            Thank you Therese for sharing your insight on Jews and Samaritans being enemies and would we trust our “enemy” to come to our aid? More importantly would we aid our enemy who is stripped and beaten? It is always interesting to read every ones comments because there is always a word or phrase that speaks to my heart. Encourages me to read a verse or chapter again with different perspective.

      • Genny

        I love to read everyone’s point of view, for me “the woman at the well where Jesus tells her about her 5 husbands…. “‘ He is not judging her but offering true happiness from His water! His love! Thank you all and may God bless us!

    • Linda

      Persevere in reading scripture. Ask the Holy Spirit to enlighten you when you read the word of God and keep at it. Eventually you will start having a greater understanding . Start with reading the New Testament first or the Psalms because I think those are the easiest to read for beginners. Pray right before you start reading the scriptures and then when you are done ask Jesus again to help you understand. Persevere!!!!!

    • Mary Charlotte Shannon

      I am with you on this one, Jean. Interpretation is difficult and I don’t know where to start. But thanks to the “action” suggested above I will try starting with Matthew.

    • Doug

      Try bible dot com. Its really helped me and you can choose a translation that is easier to understand. I use the NLT translation. It does not have words like thou and willst.

    • Lori

      Jean… Go onto the Catholic Company site… Not only do they have the daily mass readings and a homily but they also break down the Gospel into layman’s terms -which really helps me to focus on the message. There are also daily prayers & meditations and descriptions Of the saint of the day which are always inspiring to read .

    • Kristin

      A study bible can help. There are many publishers of study bibles. I personally love The Ignatius Catholic Study Bible and the many Ignatius Press study guides for individual books of the Bible which are fabulous for diving deeper than just mere reading.

    • Mary Kay

      I know what you mean, this challenge today is for me to push myself even harder to read and take in what Jesus is telling me in the Bible.

    • Nicole

      I use the Laudate app each morning to read the daily readings and there is a reflection section that provides additional insight and guided questions that help me understand the gospels better and apply them to my life.

      • Bill Woods

        I also use Laudate app.

        • Yvette

          I use the Laudate app on a daily basis. It does help translate bible verses.

      • Lee Allen

        Yes I as well …. Reading John’s gospel currently as per parish priest ya know

      • Megan Gibbons

        Thanks Jean. I use the Laudate app as well. I didn’t know there was a reflection part after each daily. I will look for that. Thank you!

      • Marie

        The Laudate app has really helped me understand the daily readings so much better! I stumbled across it a couple of years ago, and now start each day with it! Anyone who struggles to understand the meanings of the scriptures – give thid a try, you will love it!

      • K. D.

        thank you, for the advice. I just downloaded it and know that I will use it!

      • Steven Hotho

        What is the “Laudate” app and can you put it on a tablet?

        • Karen Kotzbach McCreary

          Steve Hotho I have the same question. I just have a little Acer tablet, I think . Is the Laudate app able to be put on mine ? This will be quite an adventure for one so tech challenged !

      • Mrs. B

        I have a desktop computer, a laptop and a HD Kindle Fire can I download this app to any of these? I do not own an Iphone or Ipad. Thanks.

    • Roe

      Morning Jean! I too had this problem of not understanding the Bible so based on the recommendation of friends I bought a teaching bible and what a difference! It’s Life Application Study Bible (NIV) version and I love it. Also sign up for a bible study class. There nothing like the support of other believers to open our eyes❤

      • Louise

        I have that same study Bible. I, too, have found it very helpful. I have been in a Bible study for several years and I find it a true blessing to study and pray with my sisters in Christ. We just finished The Armor of God by Pricilla Shirer. I highly recommend it.

    • Mike Maszka

      Purchase a Didache Bible. It includes explanations of bible verses and also points you to the catechism

    • Maureen Bacchetta

      There is a type of prayer called Lexia. You read a passage and just listen for the verse or word that speaks to you. What is God trying to tell you in tat phrase or word? Read the passage again. Did a different word pop out? Did it stay the same? What is God trying to say to you? Finally read the passage a third time. As many have said the Holy Spirit will talk to you. If you are reading the Bible you are doing more for yourself than you are thinking. You are beating resistance. Maybe resistance is saying , you aren’t doing it right.

      • Kathleen Talkington

        There is no “wrong” way to read the Bible. 15 minutes, 30 minutes, start with the Gospels, start with Psalms, make sure you’re in a quiet place, read in the morning, read before sleep…..the only “wrong” way to read the Bible is to NOT read it at all. My husband and I use Lexia each morning in our devotional time. We choose one of the short passages that are part of our devotional to reflect upon. It’s been a game-changer in our personal lives and in our marriage.

      • Angi

        Thank you Maureen for that suggestion. My husband and I start our day with “coffee with God” as we listen to scripture readings from Laudate.
        I’m loving the idea of lifting someone up every hour in prayer. Yesterday I lifted up converts and reverts and found 2 pennies! I thanked God for his wonderful sense of humor! Blessings to all!!🙏

    • Delia Shuert Kavanaugh

      Reading the Bible is not an easy task. I’ve struggled with it all my life. It wasn’t until I started going to Bible study that I began to have a deep appreciation for the Bible. The Bible was not written in English. Interpretation is linked to the translation and what the meaning of the words were at the time. Which leads to another important factor in understanding the Bible is understanding the culture and customs of the time. If you have the opportunity to participate in The Great Adventure Bible Study, it is a tremendous help to understand the Bible. God bless.

      • Rita Gahr

        I agree reading the Bible is one thing comprehending it is another ball game. It was not until I started to go to Bible study that it made sense to me. I try to read it everyday even if it is just one chapter with the Bible study I am doing they give references to look up in the Catechism of the Catholic Church. It really does help.

    • Mary B.

      Totally agree with you Jean! This is going to be difficult for me as well for those exact reasons! I pride in remembering familiar verses but reading and interpreting for me is very difficult! Where do I start????

    • Kelly Pistohl Landstrom

      That is the beauty of God’s Word. Even when I read the same scripture at two different times in my life, the Spirit will reveal God’s message in very different ways according to what my situation calls for in my life.

    • Ally

      I’ve found a study Bible incredibly helpful. The footnotes are sometimes longer than the text, but it’s definitely worth it.

      • Kathiehc

        Yes, my husband gave me a Study Bible. Learning why a particular book was written is crucial to understanding it & learning from it.
        Our parish has offered Bible Study twice a year for many years. Right now we are using a series from Loyola Press called Six Weeks with the Bible. I love what we learn and the the discussions that we have!

    • Karen Hoyland Raber

      Try The Better Part by John Bartunek, LC. It gives a commentary of a daily passage as it goes through each of the four Gospels. You will totally understand what you have not understood before. Changed my life. I now give it to people. Order it today.

      • Allen Hunt

        Good stuff, Karen

    • Mary

      Dear Jean
      Use good Catholic aides like the Word Among Us, which offers the daily scripture and a one page reflection. I like the free app Laudate also. Lectio Divina is way that St. Ignatius taught us to read scripture. We put ourselves in the reading visually, feeling the heat of the sun, sand between our toes etc.
      What message, feelings, thaughts that come to you during your experience in scripture is what God wants you to ponder that day. We ask ourselves what did I hear?

    • Pamela Cosseboom

      Jean I just finished a Bible Study called Follow Me Meeting Jesus in the Gospel of John with Edward Sri. This was a wonderful study and Dr. Sri really helped me to understand the Gospel of John he breaks it down to layman’s terms.
      Just wanted to share this with you.
      Peace and Love

    • Kelly

      I think most people struggle with interpretation. I use the Laudate app daily readings as well (also has a link to the New American Bible, so you’ll always have a copy with you if you have your smart phone), and have found that the Walking With Purpose Bible study group in my parish has helped tremendously. Some of the books in the Bible are more difficult than others. Perhaps browse around until you find one that is a bit easier for you to digest….speaks to you, draws you in, and go on from there.

    • Patty Dyer

      Easy for me and my husband to do each morning on my iPad app of “Laudate”…maybe others can try it, too? Laudate gives the daily readings, reflections, and a short prayer for each day. The “reflections” part helps me to decipher a reading that may be difficult for me to understand. Also has stations of the cross and many other prayers you can say wherever you are at the time!

    • Nancy Ammons

      Say a prayer for God to speak to you before you open scripture. Honestly I pray and randomly open scripture. God speaks to me every time. I look forward to what He has to tell me.

    • claudette Archambault

      Hi Jean I feel the same way you do. I was given a bible years ago that offered layman interpretation. I have to try and find it. I like Nancy’s response to you as well. We are all a work in progress. God Bless

    • Jo Ann Davis

      One thing you might try is to go to the USCCB (Us Catholic Bishops) website and read the Mass readings for each day. Then there is a short video homily that goes a little deeper into the reading. I do that each day when I can’t go to Mass. I also read the daily devotional from the book JESUS IS CALLING. It has a couple of scripture references each day. Instead of just reading the one passage I will read the whole chapter to put into context. the devotional gives me a glimpse of what the scripture is telling me. As you do this, you will start to feel more confident in reading the bible on your own. I really cherish my quiet time each day in God’s Word. I hope you will, too. God bless.

    • DavidL

      one thing i use to when i resd the bible is Lectio Divina

    • Lea Novak

      Jean, there are many great books out there that can help you interpret the Bible, in particular the ones by Scott Hahn…just be sure you’re reading one by a Catholic writer. I find these books written by Biblical scholars to be so helpful, partially because they know what the original words in Greek, Hebrew, and Latin mean, but also because they know more about the culture of the time, and so can provide great insights into the meanings. I recommend Scott Hahn because I think he is very readable…he doesn’t speak way over my head.

    • Cheryl Biermann

      Jean, I’ve read so much more because of going to our adoration chapel at church, one hour with Jesus a week really helps the understanding. Also you can get the daily mass readings and there are bishops who will give a gospel reflection on the reading. Sometimes they are in line with what I was thinking other times I see another whole dimension! Also, we should be asking the holy spirit to help us with this! I often, actually , almost always forget to do that.

    • Cathy

      I agree with you, Jean. Purchasing a student Bible which is used at our local Catholic High School for the religion classes, has helped me better understand it. There are sidebar explanations, etc.

      • Steven Hotho

        Which student bible? there seem to be several.

    • Kathy Hogan

      My secret is that I have a very good youth bible — it has lots of annotations that give the historical context, and lots of explanatory material. I still can’t claim that I “know” what any given passage means – but these things aid in guiding my thinking. I also think the word of God may mean different things to different people at different times. Maybe its not like a math problem – there is not one single correct answer for the interpretations of any of the passages.

    • Phil

      Jean, I agree that it can be very difficult to read the Bible on your own. I would strongly recommend a good Catholic Bible study. It has helped me immensely with starting to understand the Word of God and all of the meaning and significance behind it.

    • CKB

      Jean, I can relate with you. Also Matthew Kelly, I am a very slow reader but I will begin to read the bible, I have read some passages but like you Jean I do not know how to interpret it as well. I am now retired and have attended a bible class, only to drop out because everyone else knew the bible well and explained things but when it came my turn I was lost for words. I have vowed to read The book of Matthew as Matthew Kelly said today in Chapter 14, thank you Matthew for inspiring me to go on.

    • Jenny Gonzales Brady

      Hi Jean, might I suggest the book Walking With God: A Journey Through the Bible by Tim Gray and Jeff Cavins. It “walks” the reader through the Bible starting with Genesis. Such a fantastic and insightful book!!

      • Christina

        Thank you Jenny for suggesting this book. I’m going to look into it.

    • Elisa Stevens

      Jean, I was in my late thirties before I understood the difference between the Old and New Testaments! That was 17 years ago and I’ve vowed to read ‘THE WHOLE BIBLE’ as many New Years Resolutions since then. I started and restarted and struggled many times. I finally finished a few months ago only to realize that it never ends and I never want it to end.
      God is my heavenly father, the bible is His Word, and he speaks to me through it. Each day I get new insight and meaning depending on what is currently going on in my life. (I think I struggled trying to ‘make something happen’ until I remembered that these are His words and I needed to listen to his side of the conversation. )

    • Pat Langevin

      I felt the same way. I wanted to get closer to God but reading the Bible I would read the stories and think in my head I know this story. When challenged in Matthew Kelly’s book “resisting Happyness” I decided to read the Gospel oh Matthew again. I’m not sure why but it was different this time. The book said to read until some line so sentence strikes you. I was reading about when Herod had all of the young male children killed. I stopped and thought God if I was one of those mothers I don’t think I could get past my child being killed in front of me I wold totally miss that Jesus was present in the world. Even many years latter as I may hear about Jesus preaching I don’t think i would listen I wouldn’t go hear him I would be lost. This made me look at how I push God away when I get hurt instead of running to him. Wow a lot of prayerful discussions came from that one line. I hope that I’m not sharing too much I guess I just wanted to show you how focusing on one line at a time brilliant something hits you. Then stop and think why does this line speak to me. This my give you a different experience. I am continuing to try to trad the Bible some weeks it is just a story then there are days that something speaks to me.

    • Louise

      I suggest that you purchase a study bible. I have two on my Kindle. If you have a kindle I recommend that version. They are much easier to read and the quick links in the notes take you to other bible passages in both the old and new testaments that back up each other. There is also lots of historical information.

    • Jesus I Trust In You

      I had the same problem Jean but everything changed after I attended JEFF CAVINS’ 8-week prog called Quick Journey Through The Bible….. followed by a 24-week prog of The Bible Timeline: The Story of Salvation.

      Every word in the bible came alive & I could understand how the Sunday readings tie to each other ie 1st reading, psalm, 2nd reading & the gospel. I always had problem making sense of the Old Testament (OT) and The Story of Salvation delves into how it all began from the OT (Genesis) all the way to the NT (Acts of the Apostles).

      The Great Adventure Catholic Bible Study by Jeff Cavins is HIGHLY recommended if you wish to have a deeper understanding of the Bible. God Bless _/_

    • Alfred

      I am convinced that God will send you the message you need to hear at that particular time when you are reading the bible. Don’the worry about interpretation…What your heart hears is the right interpretation, always. Say a prayer before reading, asking the Holy Spirit to open you heart and mind to allow you to hear God’s message to you.

    • Connie K

      Several years a go my friend let me borrow a Catholic teen bible…I loved it, for the first time I could read a story and understand what was being said. The first book I truly understood was the book of Job. What an awakening for me! It finally made sense and totally related to what I was experiencing at that time. I went out and purchased my own and read it every chance I got. It wasn’t until a year later that I realized I didn’t purchase the teen version, I purchased the children’s version (kindergarten age, I was in my 40s at the time )…that made me laugh then and it still does today. Thanks be to God, I have graduated from that one but I still refer back to it when I am in a difficult time and I highly recommend a children’s Bible to everyone, regardless of age. Sometimes we must be taught in the same way we teach our children in order to “get it”. Don’t give up and most of all, don’t worry if you don’t understand everything right off the bat. I have learned that when God says it is time for me to understand something, He will make it known to me. When He says it is time, it is amazing how I can understand it and immediately relate it to what I needed to hear at the time and what I need to change. Connie

      • Karen Kotzbach McCreary

        Connie, and now we are back to “The Four Words”. Thy will be done . BINGO !! <3

    • JJ

      Each morning I get out my Bible and my notebook. Gotta admit, it’s not EVERYday that I write something in that notebook, but I know that God knows I tried…I read the chapter, maybe I just didn’t “get it” that day. But, no worries, tomorrow is another day and another chapter. I’ll try again!

    • Joe

      Heidi, let me suggest downloading The Bible Apple on your tablet or phone. It’s free and offers an abundance of plans where you can read the Bible and get translations that help you understand and ultimately practice your faith in Christ. I do many plans but the one that I’ve done for the past four years is “The Bible in A Year”. It’s structured so that you can read the entire Bible in one year. It’s by Nicky and Pippa Gumbel. It’s a wonderful way for the reading every Book in the Bible, one that I actually look forward to each year. Good bless.

    • Kj

      There are plenty of “scholars” (deacons, sisters, and priests) around to help you understand what you read; however, don’t forget to take in account that in every chapter of every book in the Bible, there is something God is personally telling each and every one of us. Pray to be enlightened and led to understand what you read in the Bible. Blessings on your endeavors in reading the Bible.

    • Sam Adams

      I heard a story once about a grandfather telling his grandson to move a pile of wood each day. Every other day he would move the pile to the place it just was the day before. The grandson was very frustrated, not seeing any progress. However, the grandfather saw something else. He saw his grandson staying out of trouble, obeying, developing a work ethic, and growing strong. This is how it is with us when we read the bible. We don’t always see our growth, but it is there. God sees it. Just trust Him.

  • Greg Wagner

    The story that inspires me ,is, as jesus is being tortured and he is forgiving his torturers …How can I not forgive . He humbles me into forgiving anyone who offends me.

  • Karen

    LUKE 6:37-42…..Judging Others
    37 “Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven. 38 Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.” 39 He also told them this parable: “Can the blind lead the blind? Will they not both fall into a pit? 40 The student is not above the teacher, but everyone who is fully trained will be like their teacher. 41 “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? 42 How can you say to your brother, ‘Brother, let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when you yourself fail to see the plank in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.

  • Ann G

    A Bible story that inspires me is “David and Goliath”, First Samuel, 17.

    Specifically verse 37: “David contiued, ‘The Lord, who delivered me from the claws of the lion and the bear, will also keep me safe from the clutches of this Philistine.”

    Total Trust in the Lord.

    A stone.
    David battled a Giant with a stone.
    Shepard boy vs. warrior
    David trusted.

    Humbles me and reminds me to do the same.

    A secular tie-in is a book written by Malcolm Gladwell titled “David and Goliath”. It’s a good read.

    Blessings to all 🙏

    • Doug

      Great post Ann. This total trust in the Lord is everything I hoped it would be.

    • Linda Carmelle

      Yes that one helped me at work this week when I had to find the courage to speak up against our area managers and corporation for wrong doings I observed happen at a local level. I’m still in the process,but need to pretty much go it alone,since my co-workers are to afraid to speak up.I pray God make the words come from above when in need of them,be with me always!

  • Elaine Cooper

    John 6
    The disbelief and skepticism that people feel about trusting Jesus. Everyday as I pray I put my trust and love into the sacred Heart of Jesus. My mom taught me to. Wether my day went horribly wrong, which creates doubt frustration and sadness. Or the day becomes one that seemingly can’t be followed by anything as great. I find it went just as planned, not by me though. One loaf can always turn into several if there’s trust. Child like trust is required. As adults we become skeptical. Try to remember what it’s like to be a kid. Did you worry about your next meal? No, because you knew your parent would handle that. John 6, is just like that. Trust your Father.

  • Doug

    This is a repeat as my original post is being held for editing by Dynamic Catholic. (I learned last year that they do not want website address in our posts until they can verify the site. It certainly makes sense.) Just in case it gets held up, I am reposting………………..

    I have read the New Testament 3 times. The first 2 times, outside of the gospels, I got nothing out of it and began skimming through remaining books. Last lent I made a commitment to read it for a 3rd time and really spent time with it. It was then I discovered my favorite book…James. In the Old Testament it is Proverbs. Outside of the gospels, I now pattern my life, not just spiritual, from those two books. Am I able to quote or even able to recall exact locations in each book when I need it? No way. But I know where to go. One site that really helped is a website bible dot com. You are able to select one of numerous translations. I use a non-Catholic translation (NLT – New Living Translation). That translation just makes it much less difficult to understand for me and my teeny brain.

    My favorite story is when the woman is about to be stoned and Jesus comes to her defense. We all know the line about those without sin cast the first stone. There is so much power in that story. It took me a few years but I have gotten to the point where I do not judge. (I also like to think that what Jesus was writing in the dirt with his finger…was the 2 greatest commandments.)

    • jessie

      this is my favourite story too, doug 🙂 i particularly love the verse jn 8:11 – “she said, ‘no one, sir.’ and Jesus said, neither do i condemn you, go your way and from now on, do not is again.”

      a priest who was giving counsel for those struggling with sexual sins spoke on a catholic radio some years ago, explaining Jesus’ reply with 4Cs: Jesus did not CONDEMN the woman but neither did He CONDONE the action (adultery). Instead, He showed her COMPASSION (by His forgiveness) and gave her a COMMANDMENT (not to sin again).

      when i first heard it, i thought it was so beautifully put 🙂

      • Doug

        I really like that…thank you for sharing Jesse.

  • Ellen

    For me, I have always been touched by the story of Mary and Martha. It always somewhat bothered me that Martha was rushing around, doing all the work to prepare dinner for our Lord and others, and she never got any credit. Mary did the better part by listening to Jesus. That was turned on its head one Sunday when our priest did a marvelous homily on the passage. Instead of stressing that the only way to look at it is that we are constantly fighting the worries and “stuff” of this world instead of listening to God, he pointed out that we can do both. We need the “Marthas” of this world to continue to do the drudgery of life (laundry, dishes, watching little ones, etc), but instead of whining or complaining, the focus of each task should be, “Who am I doing this for?” By concentrating on that thought and praying for the individual for whom a task is done, even laundry can take on a whole new meaning and turn us into a “Mary.” And I love that Martha learns to look to Christ first later when Lazarus dies. It comes full circle to show her devotion to Him. I strive to have a “Mary” heart while listening and looking to Christ while completing everyday tasks like Martha. I love that!

    • Marianne

      Thank You for thoughtful sharing Ellen. I love this idea and will attempt to this with all my daily house work! Love this idea. God bless you!

    • NancyB

      What wonderful insight to that story. I too struggled with what appears to be a rebuke by Jesus of Martha. What you share makes so much sense! Thanks and God Bless you.

  • David B

    The story that stikes closest to me is parable of the protical son. As some one who kinda of turned away from church seeking lifes pleasures that story gives me great hope.
    When We first started using decision point for confirmation in fall of 2015 I took the challenge of reading Geniss Psalms and Mathew. And kept reading. However slowed down. When i read resisting happiness I took Matthew’s challenge and started reading the Bible a chapter each day when I miss I can tell the difference. So Mathew when I read this morning I will offer for you and all that are following “The Best Lent Ever”

  • Mary Evers

    I started with “Read the Catholic Bible in a Year” and was amazed at all that is in there. A great way to become familiar with it. Now I use The Word Among Us every day. It has the daily Mass readings and then a short reflection on one or more of those readings. My struggle is in finding the right time of day to read and reflect. It can’t be the very first thing I do as my eyes and mind take some time to fully wake up. But I am guilty of getting on the internet or watching the news when my intention is to start out with Scripture. I need structure and a plan.

  • Richard Lynch

    I’ve tried to this habit B4, where do I start, from page 1? That’s what may have led to failed interest.

    • Nancy D.

      It is not recommended to start from page 1. However, there are reading guides online that help people like you and me figure out how to read the Bible, especially as beginners. Good luck!

  • Alice Ann Hengesbach

    Love Brian Florin’s comments and view of “The Good Samaritan.” Before I always focused on the “helper” and not on the one who needed help. Thanks, Brian. P. S. One of my favorite chapters in the Bible is Matthew Six.

    • Margo

      Yes, I always focused on the helper,too!

  • Emily Massarella

    The story of Mary and Martha in Luke’s Gospel is a constant reminder for me to choose the better part and make sure I spend quiet time with the Lord each day. This will fill my cup and allow me to accomplish what gen wants me to do each day and not get caught up in the chaos that life can bring.

  • Bob Wondolowski

    Once I sat down to meditate on the rich man and Lazarus. I had a foregone conclusion that I was Lazarus. But as I pondered I began to write down my blessings, taking nothing for granted. Very soon I realized I was the rich man. Time to rethink! Take nothing for granted and write down your blessings. Witness a remarkable change in thinking and living! Bob

  • Clara Turci Depko

    The first time I opened the bible and read it was Job and it touched me and inspired me. I learned if we put all our trust and faith in God no matter what the world said and what happened he would renew us. Over the years I try to hold on to that at my most difficult times and I always come through just like Job.

  • Susan Coppin

    I find this a challenge as well. I would like to try the online bible dot com but was faced with the decision of which version to choose. I would like a Catholic, simple, modern edition. Suggestions? There are so many listed on the site.

    • Laura

      Building on that, my most quiet time is in the car during my 30 minute commute. I wonder if there is an audio Bible that I can listen to during the drive? Does anyone have a recommendation? (Might keep me from saying a few choice words to crazy drivers on the highway as well! 😊)

  • Susan E

    My favorite stories have to do with the apostle Peter. Peter always tries to get it right- but sometimes falls short: 1) When he sees Jesus walking on the sea of Galilee (Matthew 14:29) and he begins to sink. 2)The Transfiguration when Peter eagerly wants to build a tent for everyone and finally 3) When Peter denies Jesus three times. Peter loved Jesus so, so much – I always think about how he must have felt when he heard the third call of the bird. Especially since Jesus said Peter would deny him and Peter vehemently said he would never deny Jesus! Very powerful! I like to listen. I try to listen to the USCCB (United States Conference of Catholic Bishops)when I can. They present the readings of the day. You can read them or you can have them read to you and follow along. Also they have a reflection by lay or clergy that explain the readings.

  • Nancy D

    I started trying to read the Bible this year but became distracted with other things and stopped. After this video, I do need to pick it back up again.
    I can’t say that I have a favorite reading because I don’t know enough about the Bible. However, I do like listening to videos from various religious leaders and how they extract various passages from the Bible to support their understanding of what we need to do in certain situations. The Bible definitely has information that we can use in our every day lives, but we also need to understand the Bible readings as well. When I was trying to read the Psalms, some of those are difficult to understand.

  • Colleen

    Join a bible study group at your church. I have read the Bible cover to cover, but my understanding never went too deep. What amazing things can be learned spending 2 hours on a chapter and finding all its meaning! I love this time each week, and am getting so much better at getting meaning out of other parts of the Bible too!

  • Michael Baur

    I have never really sat down and read the Bible. I’m a going to try read a chapter a night.

  • Mon

    The two most important things I have dicovered from the Bible are 1- The Old Testament reveals the desperate cry to God for the Saviour which continues in the hearts of man today. And 2- The answer to that prayer comes from the New Testament which when read frequently, becomes imbedded in our hearts, so that when our hearts bleat out to the Lord our heart will hear and recognize the Word made flesh and follow Him. “I know Mine and Mine know Me.” John 10:14

  • Kathleen Talkington

    The story of the Prodigal Son has inspired me. Not because of the lost son who returns, but because of the father who waits and then runs to greet him as the son returns beaten, fallen and repentant. This story reminds me that God, my Father, loves me so much that his arms are always open for me no matter my spiritual, physical or emotional state. All I have to do is turn to Him. God is good all the time.

    • SanctusSanctus

      I also think of the Prodigal as inspirational for me as well. Our Father waiting for us to return. So many “family” issues…. bad boy returns and repents… good boy jealousy needs to repent as a result. Hey! Where’s the Mom? A Blessed Mother praying for the rest of us! Have a great day ya’ll !!

  • Kathy Stenard Burns

    As I was listening to Matthew talk about decision making in the bible I immediately thought of Moses and Pharaoh. Each man in a very different place in their lives; one working from humility and the other from ego. Ego, bent on revenge and anger, loses his chariots and charioteers to the Red Sea. Humility stands breathless on the opposite shore and looks back while the water splashes his feet. Trust.

  • Nick Rizzi

    Hi all! I have tried to develop this habit over many many years, sometimes good and other times not so good. One tool I use is The One Year Bible. It is the New Living Translation of the entire bible broken down into 365 daily readings. You can use any number of ways, but what’s important is that it helps organize and focus my readings. Although I’m not sure that this is a Catholic translation, personally, im not sure that really matters. Hope this helps. Good luck and God Bless!!

    • Stacy West Taylor

      I like NLT for reading through. I haven’t seen this bible and will check it out. I am currently reading ESV which is supposed to be the most literal translation. I really like it. It does not include a few of the books only held in the Catholic version (Apocryoha), but neither does NLT so keep that in mind.

      • Stacy West Taylor


  • Ethel L

    Great reflection! I usually focus on the kind hearted, unconsciously I’m the one that needs help most of the time.This is inspiring! I’m grateful for all of your help!

  • Nick Rizzi

    Btw, currently spending a lot of time in Matthew and Proverbs. And although I have read through both several times before, am finding this reading during Lent to be a treasure trove and incredibly enlightening.

    • Susan McInerney

      I was going to suggest starting with Proverbs as there are 31 chapters (one for each day of the month). When I was in 5th grade (at an Evangelical Christian school) our teacher lead us each morning by reading a chapter corresponding with the day of the month, as we read along. We did this all year! Sometimes when I don’t know what to read, I will go to the chapter for that day as a start. God bless you!

  • Jon Baxt

    I go to daily mass. You get a lot of gospel reading and I take away the message in the morning homily. Not necessarily interpreting each line, but enough to capture the teaching and message. With any new subject, if you keep it up you will learn.

  • Sherry McCollum

    Last night I sat in church and read the Gospel of Matthew; Passion and Resurrection of Jesus. Growing up you see movies and stories about the Passion but reading it word for word in the Bible puts it in a different perspective. Just reading the profound words in the Bible has touched me and opened my eyes to gain a further understanding of my faith and spirituality.

  • Darren Guido

    There are two passages that I think of frequently.

    (1) Matthew 6:26- “Look at the birds of the air: They do not sow or reap or gather into barns — and yet your Heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?” This reminds me of God’s infinite love for me.

    (2) Isaiah 40:31- “Yet those who wait for the LORD Will gain new strength; They will mount up with wings like eagles, They will run and not get tired, They will walk and not become weary.” This reminds me that God has a plan for me, but it’s up to me to make good choices to fulfill that plan. When the path God has for me get tough, I need to push through, with His help and strength, to continue.

  • Denise Vega Ruvalcaba

    The moment the disciples were on a boat during a storm and Jesus was sleeping. They were scared and then Jesus woke up and calmed the storm. Jesus questions their faith in him. Every time I read it, it reminds me that there is no need to worry tremendously since God is watching over me. He’s got life all figured out for me.

    • SanctusSanctus

      I love this passage also because the guys in the boat panic and they were the ones the “woke” Him up!
      How many times I’m yelling out for His help! Wake Him up!! Nice to know Our Lord doesn’t panic when I do!
      Eventually I can rest as He does! Have a great day!

  • Laura

    One of my favorites is Jesus’ first miracle at the wedding. Mary realizes the couple is running out of wine and tells Jesus. He responds that it isn’t the right time. She then calls over the servants, looks her son square in the eye, and tells the servants, “Do as he says.” Of course, he has to turn the water into wine then. It warms my heart to see the normal human interaction between Mary and Jesus. In my life, that would be, “I told you to make your bed. Don’t give me lip; get it done before you leave.” In her world, it is, “I expect you to perform a miracle and be polite to our hosts. Is that clear?” I can see Jesus rolling his eyes, sighing, and saying, “Yes, Ma.” He was fully human, just like me. And she was a normal mom, just like me. It reminds me that God can be found in even the most simple, human activities. We are never alone. Awesome!

  • Jon Sarta

    I love the story of King David. He loves God with all his heart, soul and mind. He screws up badly many times but never leaves God and asks to be forgiven time and again. God never abandons him and rewards him for his love and faithfulness. It is such a great relationship and it gives me hope!

  • Chery Weideman

    I have been reading the Bible pretty much every morning for the past 21 years. I spend about and hour and a half every morning with God. I am so blessed to have this time with him. I use daily devotions to guide me and then I also read a chapter every morning. I am on my 4th go around with the New Testament. Some mornings, It is if I have never read these words before because every day is a new day and every day God has something new to share with me. The crazy thing is, as I pray to the Holy Trinity before I begin my studies, I talk about what I feel I am in need of that day. For instance, today I was talking with God about my trust in him and at the same time thanking him that he helped me in overcoming my recent moments of darkness that I had struggled with. And as usual…the reading of the day talks about this same thing and in the end helps me to see more clearly the way my Father in heaven desires me to see. I am in awe of how he works in my life. I was just introduced to this website last week by my massage therapist who I have gone to only twice. I have been Catholic all my life, she is a convert. I love that God has directed me to a new means of study in the morning by placing someone in my life that gave me the insight to visit Dynamic Catholic.

    • Laura

      Wow, what a great blessing to take that much time. You are a great example of prioritizing your faith!

  • If you are like me and you have a busy, busy life, adding one more thing can seem huge. I committed to reading from the Bible and one other spiritual book each day. But what I said to myself was no more than 1 page a day. I figured I could stick with that. The first year was part of a huge turning point for me! My first non-Bible book took me over a year to read!!! But I stuck with it, and what I read each day was very impactful and inspiring to me. So for me, my most inspiring thing is what I read that day and the fact that I am alive and have eyes to read, and something inside me called Holy inspiration!

  • Stacy West Taylor

    I have so many favorite bible stories, but one that I truly love is John Chapter 21. Jesus is hanging out on the beach with a few of His disciples and He made them breakfast. It was such a tender moment – with Peter especially, as He restores Peter to His purpose. To me this is the Jesus I identify with – a loving, forgiving God.

    • Laura

      I love that story too! Simple things are so important!

      • Stacy West Taylor

        Yes ma’am! They are usually the things that provide such joy.

  • Frances Tooley

    Today’s message spoke to me in several different ways. I have in the past tried reading the bible and at times found it inspiring and at other times frustrating. I think frustrating because I could not find the “right” meaning in what I was reading. Today, Brian shows me that there may be many meanings of what I read and that I have to trust that God will reveal his message if I am open to it. It may also be that the message is different for me during different times in my life.

  • Daniela D.

    I participate in our parish bible study, we read the scriptures for the next Sunday and discuss on how each of us interprets what we read. Is very surprising how through the view of someone else, or yourself, the words become alive. There’s wisdom in every single word. It helps me to pray before I read.

  • Latifa

    The story on the Gospel that inspires me is the heamoraging woman. Who touches the tussles os Jesus’s cloak and is healed. She had been bleeding for years. I was like that woman all lost trying to find my way. Until I found Jesus the day I decided to turned Catholic. I try to read my Bible every day. Some days it is easy to understand. Other times understanding is not easy. I pray that our Lord helps me to understand and interpret the Bible passages more.

  • Anita Moody

    Reading the Bible as part of our pray each day should be prayed with the heart, not so much with the mind. To better appreciate the Bible a good study of the culture of the times will add layers to our understanding. I also recommend the Great Adventure Study by Jeff Cavins or Scott Hahn’s Our Father’s Plan. Both are based solidly on Catholic interpretation and cross reference the Catechism and Church Fathers.

  • Mick Peterson

    The irony in the Good Samaritan Story is that the ones who passed by the victim were people that should have known better, should have done something to help, but did not want to “get involved. Instead, it’s a Samaritan, a person from the group disdained by Jews in Jesus’ time, who gets involved, who does the right thing, who goes the extra mile to help this victim recover. I need…we need to be like the “one who took care of the victim.” When God calls, we need to say, “Here I am, Lord.”

  • Carolina M

    Thank you for being an outstanding examples of humanity committed in God, through Christ, with the Holy Spirit flowing through you and through us, bringing the Word, with clear examples and a call for awareness and action. I LOVE all of what you guys do and how you do it. Thank you again for all you do! Blessings,

  • Gary R Stevens

    Reading the Bible is a huge challenge for me. I am starting today by stopping the March Madness in my life by not filling out a NCAA basketball bracket. I feel relief and joy that I am not going to consume my time checking and thinking about the results. Here is today, doing my best to make the best version of myself! Now onward to time with my Bible.

  • Learning

    I read a devotional by Sarah young . She gives three scripture verses. I go to the Bible and read the whole chapter . My bible is a NIV on one side of the page and the message on the other. It is easier for beginners thanks

  • Diana

    My gospel story is The Prodigal Son. I am the 1 who stayed home, but I don’t feel jealous of my brother when he returns. I just have never left the church. Some people say you have to leave for awhile to really appreciate what you have, but I don’t feel that way. I have grown much in my faith over the years. Thank you Lord for letting me stay with you & to keep growing with you.

  • James Chappy J Pisano

    The Book of Job. Being I have suffered tremendously over the past 2 years with anxiety, insomnia, and depression. Being in mental pain for so long can put a heavy dent in your faith, but Job teaches us stay focused and faithful to God- and He will restore you.

  • Arleme

    Delia, I love the Bible Timeline Study by Jeff Cavins. It opened a whole new understanding and desire to read the Bible for me.

  • Angie O’Mara

    My favourite story of the Bible is The Good Shepherd, where Jesus exclaims I know my sheep and my sheep know Me. How inspiring that Jesus knows is all, even with our faults and our transgressions, and He still tends to us and loves us. How awesome is Our Lord, to take the time to tend to our needs.

  • Mimibelle

    I grew up in a very faith filled family. But as a Catholic, bible exposure was pretty much limited to the gospels and epistles read at Mass. There were no bible study classes. This has all changed, and I have been in a bible study for the last 10 years. I still struggle with interpretation, but one habit that has made a strong impact on me is this … when I sit down to read and study a passage, before I begin I ask the Holy Spirit to enlighten me, and to open my mind, body, and soul to what it is that God is trying to convey in His message. The results have been amazing! I have greater clarity, and truly feel enlightened. The gospels are a great place to begin, as well as the psalms and proverbs.
    Thank you all for sharing your faith experiences through this Lenten reflection.
    God bless ……

  • Karen

    My favorite story is the book of Tobit. It shows how our Lord is always beside us helping us along the way.

  • Mary

    I read the daily scripture each day using a free app ” Laudate.” It is put out by the USCCB. It also has a very shory video Reflection.
    My 2 favorite scripture passages are : the woman who has been bleeding for years and knows if she can just touch the hem of Jesus’ garment she will be healed. When she touches Jesus he stops and asks ; “who touched me” much to the ammazement of his disciples because of the large crowd. Jesus tells them that energy, the spirit went out of Him at that touch and the woman knows that at that very moment she is healed.
    My second scripture is of the paralytic that has two friends. Jesus is preaching in a house in Capernaum and they can’t get close, but the friends know if they can get their friend to Jesus He will heal him. They open the thatched roof of the house and lower the friend down.
    Jesus is amazed at the friends faith. To me this is such an empowering scripture for all of us. It tells me that we can be intercessors, and pray for our loved ones and friends and our Lord will answer our prayer requests.

  • Joyce

    I literally was on the side of the road. I fell and broke my ankle while walking with my girlfriend. 2 cars and 1 motorcycle went right by me while my girlfriend went for help. Then my 2 angels came, who were parametrics, set my angel, took me to urgent care and waited till I was seen. My best friend drove me home. Always believe.

  • Mike

    My favorite is the gospel passage where Jesus asks Peter, who do people say that I am and then asks Peter who He is.

  • Geraldine A. Aspen

    I let the scriptures “speak to me” as opposed to interpretation. If I do come across something that is unclear to me I will go back later in the day and reread, usually It will “click” for me at that point.The Holy Spirit enlightened me at a time that He felt was right. “Thy will be done.”

  • Linda

    John 6: 53-58 Then Jesus said to them, “Most assuredly I say to you, unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink His blood, you have no life in you. Whoever eats My flesh and drinks My blood has eternal life, and I will raise him up on the last day. For My flesh is food indeed and My blood is drink indeed. He who eats My flesh and drinks My blood abides in Me and I in him. As the living Father sent Me, and I live because of the Father, so he who feeds on Me will live because of Me. This is the bread which came down from heaven – not as your fathers ate the manna, and are dead. He who eats this bread will live forever”. This is why I am a Catholic. Because of the Real Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist, Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity.
    Then go to John 6:66. From that time many of His disciples went back and walked with Him no more. (Note the reference 666).

  • Rosie

    Of course, the angel Gabriel visiting Mary has inspired me. Mary had fear and faith and she acted on her faith in God. Sometimes, fear rules, but Mary and Joseph too put their fear aside and both did what they were called to do with fear but also with courage and happiness. To be able to put the faith ahead of the fear resulted in Mary’s Magnificat and Joseph’s acceptance of Mary from a dream. If not, where would we be? How I would love to put my faith first and draw upon it to make decisions like Mary and Joseph.

  • Sherri Ford

    I get down on myself too, for not reading the Bible or really even understanding it all the time, until I was much older. After attending a Christ Renews His Parish retreat and receiving an issue of The Word Among Us my faith really started getting exciting! The Word Among Us explains each reading of the day in a way that helps me understand and live life differently . Reading the Bible now is a true blessing. Thank you Dynamic Catholic for inspiring and motivating me more each day ! I love the smiles as each one of you speak! I see joy! God bless each of you !

  • Susan Amann

    It is the story of Jesus inviting Peter out of the boat to come to him across the water. How many times in my life have I faced impossible challenges? When I keep my eyes on Christ, it seems I can do things -extraordinarily difficult things – with the strength of my faith and support of my faith community. It is especially striking when I look back on those time. I often think, “How in the world was I able to get through that?” It was through Christ!

    • LosmanPO

      Great story Susan. I pray that we can all keep our eyes focused on Christ!

  • Bobby

    I recently changed jobs. It was a tough decision for me — should I leave a 16 year position where I was well compensated but where there was a lot of chaos, or should go to work for a start-up, with really no security and a payoff potentially years away? One of the questions I asked myself in this situation was: Am I running away from something or am I running to something? Honestly, I struggled answering that question. I ended up taking the new job, and I have found that it has its own chaos, its own uncertainty. There is no sure thing. But I am allowing myself to be embraced by strangers (my new co-workers) and I’m asking for help and trying to allow myself to be treated by Good Samaritans. It has taken me out of my comfort zone, my bubble — my security blanket. It feels a little raw at times, but I know that I need to ask for help and accept help — and it is creating a greater intimacy and vulnerability — and allowing me to feel welcome and appreciated.

  • Aileen

    I have never thought of the story of the Good Samaritan that way. What a blessing scripture gives us to hear the beauty in every angle of the teachings. We are all still learning!

    • LosmanPO

      Aileen, I felt the same way. I picked up on one of Matthew Kelly’s points about reading scripture and reflecting on each person’s perspective and finding ourselves in every person in the Bible. The power of this was not reveal to me until I heard Brian’s story. This video was a blessing to me as well.

  • Nancy R

    I have so much resistance with this one. I usually write a comment first and then go through the comments others post. To be honest, this time I had nothing to say because reading the Bible feels way too overwhelming to me. I want to stay open minded and try suggestions so I downloaded the Laudate app and I will explore this approach. Thank you everyone for the thoughts and suggestions.

  • Beverley McClure

    For years I have been reading the daily mass readings and reflect on them. It not only gives me a chance to read the word of God every morning, but it connects me to the global community of faith knowing that as mass is being said all over the world, others are reading the same scripture passages. I use the USCCB link for this.

    • Mary

      I love that USCCB link too, use it daily!

  • Kathy

    One of my favorites was today’s gospel by Luke. The rich perfect man, so he thought, would leave Lazarus at his door begging the arogant man for just some table scraps and he gets nothing. The rich man dies and is sitting in hell with his beautiful garments looking over to Lazarus in heaven and he begs Lazarus for water. I believe that if Lazarus could have he would have pitied the man and gone to give him some water but he couldn’t. This man realizing that he would be in hell for eternity begs for his family to be warned so they would not end up like him. I have many friends andfamily up in heaven and if they could they, especially my mom, would visit me to tell me what I’m doing right and what I’m doing wrong. The simple fact is that we have free will and if we are making a good decision with are free will it just feels right. When I wonder and worry about a decision I’ve made with free will, it’s inevitably a wrong decision. I’m human so I will make some great decisions and some bad ones but if I can really let myself feel the decision I’m making and what effect it will have on me and others I would probably be in the good decision territory I long for. This gospel every time I read it has a profound impact in my life. I know for the next few days it will be in the forefront of my mind and I will strive to really weigh each decision I make. The hard part is when that message starts to leave the forefront I need to read it again for then I will hopefully make better decisions

    • LosmanPO

      Isn’t it amazing the timelessness of the Gospel. The parallels that are presented are uncanny. Everything happens for a reason. I am finding that the answers to my daily questions are very often revealed in my daily scripture readings. Thanks for pointing out your observations from today’s Gospel reading.

  • Martha

    I love the story of Mary (not the mother of Jesus), when she weeps at the feet of Christ. She washes his feet with her tears and dries them with her hair. What love! What humility! There are times in my life when I feel such sorrow for my sins and such pain in how much I have hurt my relationship with Jesus through those sins, and there are times lately that I just feel no sorrow at all for my sins even though I know in my mind that I have done wrong and hurt my Lord…. and I often feel the desire to do just as Mary did and weep at the feet of Him. I often see the image of that scene in my mind while I am praying over an examination of conscience, and I pray for that Mary’s intercession during those times. She loved Jesus so much while they were here on earth…. I desire only to love him that much.

  • Maureen W

    One of my favorite stories is the Parable of the Persistent Widow
    Luke 18:1-9.
    -Teaches us to pray always and not to lose hope with injustice.

    Which leads me to another powerful passage in Matthew 7:7-12.
    -Ask and you shall receive. Seek and you shall find. Knock and the door will be opened for you….

  • Jacob

    There are so many favorite Gospel. I can’t pick with one but, I do try to make them into reality as a daily problem that I go through. I will tell myself it will get better. Just by showing my strength.

  • Shirley Enos Crawford

    Reading the words in the Bible is a challenge for me to understand and interpret so I can apply to my life.
    Thank you Matthew and Brian for the insight.

  • Barbara Kelley

    I’m inspired by the story of the Roman Centurion who had such great faith in Jesus’ power to heal that he didn’t even need him to show up at his house. We all have the grace of Jesus’ presence daily in our lives, but I forget that so often and don’t have the enormous trust that the Centurion shows. I have been working at being more trusting, and the centurion has been a good example to me.

  • Donald Marquez

    I would have to say the Prodigal Son–because I am a modern-day version of Him.

  • Elaine

    I think the Bible is hard to understand and interpret sometimes. However, reading it in increments is probably a good idea. I will try again.

  • Leah

    Good morning everyone. I’m a religious person, but I don’t do more than go to Sunday mass and say my prayers every morning and night. So this lent I decided to do a little more, it’s why I’m joining this group. I’m also reading 5 minutes with the Word Lent. I’m glad that I’m joining this group because every day I read something that really hits me and help sees things in a different way. I take a little from Matthew and I little from the discussion group to apply during my day. I’m reading 33 days to morning glory, I offer my prayers to Mary, I give Jesus my day, I pray for my husband and kids to become the best version of themselves and yesterday I tried to pray for 10 seconds every so often, uh that didn’t go very well but I did try. Please pray for me so I don’t give up.

    • Mary

      Leah, you have a great plan of prayer. You are in my prayers. Try as Matthew said yesterday to make each part of your day a prayer. Offer up laundry, grocery shopping, etc.

      • Leah

        Mary, thank you so much for your support. I’m very quiet person, but now I don’t feel a long. Good Bless you

  • JayAW

    The problem that I have is with different priests and how they interpret various biblical stories. Some priests are great teachers and really help you to understand the point of a story. Other priests either blather on and on without really getting to the heart of the story, while others use those stories to berate people for not being right with God. There’s so much confusion about the meaning of the stories in the Bible. I can read and interpret my own meaning but then a priest will say that this is really what Jesus meant and then I’m left questioning which is the real meaning. For example, the way I have come to understand the church is that it has been flawed from the beginning because St. Peter was deeply flawed. Peter ran away from Jesus during the trial and crucifixion but then later Jesus forgave him and told him to feed and tend his sheep. Jesus knew how deeply flawed Peter was yet he didn’t chastise him for running away. I think so many priests preach about being perfect when even Peter himself was far from perfect. I’m deeply flawed, like St. Peter, but I try to come back to Jesus even when I fall to sin and temptation. Perfection isn’t possible and the church is nowhere near perfect either.

    • Katie

      One thing to remember is that the Bible is the Living Word. It is alive and even the same person will reread the same passage and get something completely new from it because of where they’re at in their journey. Also, priests are human too, but we hope they are steeped in the Holy Spirit and are trying to lead their parishes to the best of their abilities. The people in the church are human and therefor prone to sin, but the Church is guided by God and the Holy Spirit who is perfect. The more we listen to the Holy Spirit and try to conform our will to God’s the better our Church will be.

      • Eric DePoto

        Good point

    • Susan Henderson

      Saints are only sinners who keep getting up after each fall & coming back to Jesus. Jesus did tell us to “be perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect” but an overly rigid interpretation of this can lead to scrupulosity. And God himself is the only one who can make us perfect. We are, as you say, all flawed. I think it was St. Therese, the Little Flower who even offered her failures to God in prayer. As for the interpretation of scripture, most priests in their 10 minute homily don’t really get much into understanding the background, the religious traditions, the audience being written to, and a solid interpretation of it. Also many scriptures can be understood on many different levels so two different interpretations might both be correct. I have learned the most about scripture from Scott Hahn, both his books and Bible Studies from the St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology (google it). You are on the right track. You want to learn and understand more and more deeply and keep repenting and moving forward. I think this is very pleasing to God.

    • Eric DePoto

      Jay, a different way to look at this is that the different ways of interpretation aid in furthering your knowledge.

  • Pam Franklin

    I love the story of the woman at the well. In so many ways I am that woman, and Jesus sees me for who I am. He knows, and he loves me as I am, but He also wants me to be the better version of myself.

  • Joanne

    When Jesus is tempted in the desert by the devil 3 times. That story has such an impact on me for 3 reasons. First, Satan knows God’s Word. He quotes it when trying to persuade Jesus. We can be easily fooled by the evil one. Some person, thing, or activity may look and seem fine or even Godly on the surface, but under the surface, it aims to destroy us. The devil craftily sneaks into our lives over time. Secondly, Jesus fights the temptation with the Word of God. It is the armor and weapon to conquer the devil and his empty promises. Like MK said above in the video, we make better decisions when we read the Bible everyday. Lastly, Jesus, after the third time, names Satan. He uses his name to address him so that the devil knows that Jesus is fully aware that this tempter is the king of darkness and that he can’t be fooled by tempting promises that will end up in a path to hell. I see that as an example for us. We must learn to recognize and name those “devils in disguise” that try to destroy us and the way to do that is by reading God’s word and being able to see what is trying to pull us down into darkness.

    • LosmanPO

      Very nice summary Joanne.

  • Debra Simpson-Buchanan

    I am writing a so-to-be blog on the Good Samaritan. The most be bewildering characters are the priest and the Levi who were on their way to the Temple (church). Both didn’t have time to help, but also begs the thought did they take time to pray before the journey. Thanks for sharing your thought!

    • Susan Henderson

      I believe (so I’ve heard) that touching the Samaritan would have made them ritually impure and thus not able to enter the Temple. Segregation from gentiles and half-gentiles like the Samaritan was very strict for the Jews.

  • Lisa

    I have never really read the bible much. Can anyone tell me a good place to start? Or just start at the beginning? Thank You!

    • Holly

      I would start with the Gospels. Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.

      • lisa

        will do, thank you!

    • Katie

      Do not start at the beginning. There are some great stories at the beginning but then it is easy to go bogged down in books like Leviticus. Some parts of the Bible really need a history buff to really understand what they’re going through. But I agree with the others; start with the gospels.

      • lisa

        ok thank you!

    • Penny

      Matthew K suggests Matthew, Proverbs or Psalms.

      • lisa

        thank you

    • Susan Henderson

      The biggest mistake people make when they start reading the Bible is starting off with Genesis & trying to read right through. When they get to Leviticus which details all the laws of Israel, they give up & quit. Start with the 4 Gospels. If you want to start understanding the Old Testament, Jeff Cavins has a Bible study called the Great Adventure which gives a great overview of Salvation History. Typology is also VERY important in understanding how the New Testament fulfills the Old. Scott Hahn’s Bible Studies through the St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology (google it) are excellent and can be studied for free although donations help them create new opportunities for evangelization.

      • lisa

        thank you!

  • Constance Griffith

    I’m going through RCIA and will be confirmed this Easter. This has been the most wonderful Journey. I was the woman on the side of the road broken and alone. My God has taken me In and is healing my brokenness and showing me that I’m never alone. AMEN

    • Katie

      Yay! Welcome to our family! We will be praying for you.

      • Constance Griffith

        Thankyou Katie and God Bless

    • LosmanPO

      Congratulations Constance. I also welcome you to our heavenly family. Continue to place God first in your life and Christ will point the way towards your eternal life and to joy, happiness and peace in this life. We will be praying for you and all the Candidates and Catechumens.

      • Constance Griffith

        Thank you for your prayers and encouragement, God Bless you

    • Patricia Ellen Davis

      I am full of joy with you as you join the Catholic family. Wonderful & such a precious gift! God is good.

      • Constance Griffith

        Thankyou Patricia, becoming a Catholic is a wonderful gift indeed. A gift that just keeps giving. And just keeps getting better, and better!

  • Bebe

    I enjoyed Brian’s feedback on the Good Samaritan. I teach 3rd grade PSR and that’s my favorite to teach.
    Reading the bible gives you a good start of your day. It guides you to know that Jesus is with us in every part of our day. I always know how my day will be if I didn’t spend time
    reading his story that’s meant for us.

  • Kathleen Campbell

    Why is it that Canadians have to pay for the book, Resisting Happiness. The download of the book study program is free, but , you need the book.

    • Mog

      Have to pay in the U.K. Too, but worth every penny. Matthew has to make a living too.

  • Marilyn Russell

    my favorite book of the Bible is Job. In spite of all the suffering, all the loss, and the criticism of his friends he keeps the faith, and bares his cross. I also love Psalm 139, and reminds me that the presence of God is all around me. When I doubt the choices I am making in the my life, I remember that the Lord is always with me through all my choices, good and bad. He will see me through.

  • Dr. Monique Marrow

    I loved todays message and reflection. Looking at the Good Samaritan not from the perspective of the Good Samaritan but from the one in need. WOW – it is hard to accept help many times even when we really need it. I think in that we also rob the other person of the opportunity for service which God calls us to perform and it robs us of the opportunity to be regenerated so that we can be of better service to others. My daughter has Multiple Sclerosis but is a real trooper – Mama taught her that but in teaching her that I also have made it more challenging for her to ask for and accept the help and support she needs. She prays daily and I am so proud of her for her spiritual walk. I pray that we both and many of you learn to be better receivers of the service of others and that we therefore provide better service to others.

    • Mog

      I too have M.S. What a wonderful thing you have taught your daughter. I struggle so much with asking for help, especially from my husband! I am slowly accepting help & support of others as I need it more & more. I was very interested to think of the other perspective of the Good Samaritan. Thank you for your comments, I will pray into it all.

      • Dr. Monique Marrow

        Yes asking for help is hard but it is so needed. M.S. support is such an important element for health. M.S. awareness month MARCH – is a great time to think about allowing others to serve :).

  • Kristi

    I find clarity in the reflections here. I never thought of this – one of my favorite parables from the perspective of the man needing help. I have a difficult decision to make and I wonder if I’m making the right one. I ask for your prayers. I am, indeed the man on the road.

  • Thankful

    A perfect subject and analogy for my college kids!!! And Brian my daughter writes right handed and plays sports left handed and loves the beach!! 👍🏻

  • NancyB

    One story that I reflect on often is the visitation with Mary and Elizabeth. Two pregnant cousins sharing the joy of impending motherhood. It reminds me of the emotions around each of my pregnancies and helps me to relate to the personhood of both our Blessed Mother and of our Lord, Jesus. Elizabeth recognizing that Mary’s child is special reminds me that Jesus came to us in human form to help us relate to him, as a person. Sometimes I can become overwhelmed by the magnificence of God our heavenly father, whom I can barely comprehend. But by Jesus’s personhood, my brain can grasp on to him. That is considerably more comprehensible for me than an almighty, all powerful, supreme being. Thank you, Brian, for your insight into the Samaritan story. As I read the bible, I will make a point of putting myself in the perspective a different character, maybe just a bystander in a crowd….God Bless.

  • I love the ACT part where you begin with “Matthew” nice one. ☺️

    My twins are making their first communion this May and the oldest kid a bday present. For one of their gifts, I found online a catholic bible where I can personlize it. I wrote: Jesus loves you very much! Read the Bible daily. God is speaking to you. Listen for His answers.

    I only had 5 lines to write and limited characters. I can’t wait to get them next week.

    I think they’ll keep forever as it was a “special” gift as they are special.

    I am trying my best to do the work “now”. It’s not easy, but every day I’m reminded “they are God’s children and I need to treat them as such.” (Fr. John Simone)

  • Doug A

    Thank you Brian for your thoughts on the Good Samaritan. I have reflected on that story hundreds of times and never once thought I could be the injured man as opposed to those who fail to help him! How self-centered and self-important we (I) can be! What a great dose of much-needed humility!

  • Michelle Welsh

    conversion of Saul, aka St. Paul. Very powerful !

  • Kathy

    I have been reading my daughter’s Catholic Youth Bible that she got through the Youth Ministry at our church. I love this bible because it has explanations and discussions of the stories written for the kids/teens to understand. I like it broken down like this; it makes it easier for me too. Problem is I don’t read the bible often enough (Resistance!). it is one of my goals: to read it more often, preferably on a daily basis.

  • Cheryl Biermann

    I like the comments about the paradigm shift. I think that’s one of the reasons, as Matthew Kelly points out, we should read more of our bibles. The more you open the word of God, the more you notice the nuances, the more you think about being in another person’s shoes.

  • Judy Twomey

    Thank You, Brian, I needed this especially today. Never alone. God always a long.❤

  • Angie

    My favorite reading in the Bible is in the old testament Jeremiah 29:11it reads. For I know the plans I have for you says the Lord: Thoughts of peace and not of afflication so that I may give you patiance and an end.

  • Heidi Lloyd

    I commit myself to reading the gospel of Matthew this Lent to begin a habit that I pray will make me a better decision maker.

  • Rosemary

    Never saw it that way……I think I will be thinking of it on that perspective all day and see how different things will end up. Will comment tomorrow about it.

  • Rose

    One story that has always felt like it was written for me is the story of Martha and Mary. I so often found/find myself, like Martha so busy with the worry and chores of taking care of the household duties that I forget to ‘choose the better part’ and sit at Jesus’ feet and listen to his word. I have been working on this goal and one of my Lenten goals is to read the Bible daily. And yes I am reading Matthew 😊

  • Dorothy

    Matthew 19:14 Jesus said, “Let the children come to me and do not stop them; for it is to such as these that the kingdom of heaven belongs.”
    We don’t have to be scholars, just keep our childlike sense of wonder and awe at the miracles God reveals when we open the eyes of our hearts.❤💫

  • Joel Schodron

    1John1:5 walking in the light. This inspires me to remember to keep the lord my savior happy in my life at all times. Sometimes even when I feel that he is not with me he actually is. If we just walk with him everyday he will save us. God is so good if we just let him into our lives!

  • Kathleen Cranford Kelley

    “My friends, consider yourself fortunate when all kinds of trials come your way, for you know that when your faith succeeds in facing such trials, the result is the ability to endure.” James Chapter 1. 2-3

  • John

    Thank you Brian. Your comment was just what I needed to hear. I have been struggling with recovering from an injury that has taken much longer than expected. 8 week recovery has turned into 8+ months and 7 surgeries with no real date as to when I can start trying to walk again…some days I have felt left for dead and alone…other days I have been lifted and carried. Your message is a great reminder that we are not alone, not left for dead….Thank you.

  • Pasquale

    A story in the Gospels that inspires me comes from Luke 19:1-10. It is the story of Zacchaeus the Tax Collector. The story begins with Zacchaeus who is a wealthy Jewish tax collector living in Jericho. He is despised by his fellow countryman because he was employed by Rome who was considered the political and economical oppressor’s of Judea. And because tax collector’s were known to skim a little of the top when collecting taxes. In fact skimming was culturally acceptable in those days by those who imposed it so if you are the oppressed your hatred for such professions would have grown at a fever pitch especially when taxes were raised. The story goes on to say that Zacchaeus heard Jesus was coming to Jericho and he was so desperate to see Jesus that he ran ahead of him and climbed a Sycamore tree to see him. Imagine the embarrassment he could have felt being a grown man running to climb a tree in front of the crowd gathering to see Jesus but he felt no shame. Zacchaeus was on a mission to see the Christ and no one’s thoughts of him could persuade him to not seek Jesus no matter how desperate or embarrassing it may have appeared to others. The part of the story that really hits home to me is that Jesus saw him and said, “Zacchaeus, come down quickly, for today I must stay at your house.” Jesus knew this man’s name. He knew exactly where he was among all that were there around him. And most importantly Jesus tells him “…I must stay at your house.” Jesus said this in front of all gathered and he too felt no shame being seen or associated with a despised man. Then Zacchaeus experiences a conversion instantly. He tells Jesus that half of his riches will go to the poor and that whoever he has cheated in the past he will repay 4 times what he took. Zacchaeus wanted to make things right. He wanted to hear Jesus and for his effort he receives a personal invitation from Jesus to enter his home. This reminds me of the words we recite before the Eucharistic meal; “Lord, I am not worthy that you should enter under my roof, but only say the word and my soul shall be healed.” Though this saying is inspired by another story in the gospels it applies here and truth does just that – it applies to all aspects of our lives. Jesus is that truth and I try to remind myself as often as I can but sometimes in my humanity I have fallen short of receiving this. I too have climbed, knocked, and searched for our Lord and he has always met me wherever I am in life. Praise be to God that he has sent a savior who knows who we are and where we’ve been. Who knows a heart yearning to see him and to accept him into our homes and lives.

  • Diana Patulak Ross

    No one is alone as Jesus is always there and our fellow Catholics are there. I find myself hoping Brian isn’t actually alone (as far as family) and am going to add him to my prayers. I know others do the same for people they don’t really know. Many of us pray for the souls in Purgatory for the same reason.

  • Laura LaDue

    I am inspired by any story that involves Peter. He is the rock of the church and Jesus loved him. Yet, he was constantly doubting and making mistakes. But Jesus continued to love him and put him as the leader of the church. That gives me hope that I can mess up and Jesus still loves me.

  • John Sowers

    One of my favorite readings is the 21st chapter of John’s gospel where Jesus meets the disciples at the seashore. After he feeds them he walks with Peter and asks him three times if Peter loves him. I see God’s mercy and love in this. As Peter betrayed Jesus three times, Jesus parallels that with forgiveness and a mission, “Feed my sheep.”

  • Rachel Doyle

    Well that hit home today in the second video. He first asked about a Gospel that inspired you and the Good Samaritan popped into my head immediately. When I was 12 my uncle passed away and the Good Samaritan was read at his funeral and for a specific reason. About 2 years prior to my uncle’s death he wasn’t feeling well one day and he was running errands so he pulled over and took a nap. A man drove by and saw and thought it was kinda weird but didn’t stop. Hundreds of other cars drove by and I think it was an hour later the first guy who drove by again became concerned that he was still there so he pulled over and ended up having to call 911. Not long later my uncle was diagnosed with a hemoblastoma on his brain they gave him 6 months to live. They were able to remove the tumor and he was cancer free for a time but it came back. He beat their odds and lived for another 18 months. If it wasn’t for the Good Samaritan who pulled over to help my uncle I don’t think we would have gotten that long. I wish I could thank him but I don’t know where he is now 16 years later.

  • LosmanPO

    As I was listening to Brian Florin’s video and reflection on the Parable of the Good Samaritan, I experienced a deep understanding of this story like never before. I have always only looked at this story as a call to service, that we are to be the ones to off help to others. His story has allowed me to see this from the other perspective, from the one in need of that healing. In my stubbornness and self-sufficient tendencies, I need to learn to accept the help and healing that Jesus offers to me through others. Today’s reflection has also taught me to go deeper in my reflections, so that I spend the time to peal back each layer that God is trying to reveal to me through scripture.

  • Mary

    The Our Father is the best of all prayers because it is the Lord’s Prayer, taught us by Jesus Christ Himself, and because it is a prayer of perfect and unselfish love. See Matthew 6:9-13 for the Lord’s Prayer.
    The Our Father is a prayer of perfect and unselfish love because in saying it we offer ourselves entirely to God and ask from Him the best things, not only for ourselves but also for our neighbor.

  • Susie

    I have to say my favorite gospel story is Jesus revealing himself after the resurrection first of all to Mary Magdalene. (I like it as it is a woman He reveals himself to at first. Sorry guys!) I can place myself in this scene so well and imagine how much I would be struck with awe and overcome with joy as Jesus said my actual name ….. Susie. I often hope that the second coming will be in my lifetime so I could have this same experience. I love to dream big. I dream big in Jesus.

  • Leah

    Rachel Doyle, include the good Samaritan in your prayers and try to be a good samaritan too be helping others that is a great sign of appreciation. Thanks for sharing your story. Blessings

  • Rebecca

    A bible story that inspires me is the story where Jesus rebuilds the temple. I love the thought that you don’t need a fancy space to gather and praise God. God is present everywhere and he is always listening.

  • Peter

    Matthew talks about being a good decision maker. I spent all my working life in school management having to make decisions. When I retired I was so glad not to have that responsibility any more and to let my family make all the decisions and I go along with it. Am I alone?

  • Christine Suller St Onge

    I too have thought of the story of the Good Samaritan as whether I would help or ignore. I like the perspective Brian shared. I feel beaten down and looking at that the way Brian does just might help.

  • Julie Nelkie

    There are as many insights and interpretation as people who read a Bible passages because GOD speaks to each of us as individuals. The more you read,the more cultural background of the time,and the more one learns of the language translation difference the greater the understanding. The same verses have revealed different meanings for me at different times and places according to what is happening in my life. The psalms were a great comfort to me through my collage years. I have read the entire contents of the Bible and now through a variety of religious programs and prayerful reflections I am gaining more insight. A daily work to the day I leave this earth.

  • Bill S

    I don’t think I have ever looked at the Good Samaritan passage the way Brian did. Rather I always wonder if perhaps I passed by an opportunity to help someone in need. Our pastor is always providing messages that we as Christians are called to help those in need. For me, Matthew 25 has always been a great inspiration to feed the hungry, help the homeless, visit the sick, etc. In spite of what tasks I may do that help someone, whether it is writing a check for a charity or visiting a sick friend and bringing them a meal, I always feel that I can do more.

  • Tony Pantera

    I like the idea of reading the Bible more frequently than I do now. However I will not commit to a daily habit, as I think I would be setting myself up for failure. I will read it more frequently and then it may come to pass that it does become a daily practice. As far as inspirational Gospels, the one where Jesus washes the feet of his disciples is the most inspirational to me. Humility is never out of place.

  • Maria

    Man, there’s so many of them…
    Oh, I guess I’m limited to the Gospels. That narrows them down. One that’s inspired me is story of Mary visiting her cousin Elizabeth soon after she becomes pregnant with Jesus. Elizabeth had been pregnant with John the Baptist and at the sound of Mary’s greeting, the baby leapt in her womb. She is so moved with joy at Mary’s arrival, knowing instantly who Mary was carrying in her womb. I really like this joyful encounter. It seems so ordinary, yet it’s such a blissful moment in Mary and Elizabeth’s lives.

    • Lisa

      I have a lot of respect for Elizabeth in this story because she is inspired to know that Mary is carrying the Messiah and yet she doesn’t talk herself out of believing it or waiting for Mary to say something, she proclaims it at once. Unlike her husband who had to “think about that one” (his wife being pregnant in her old age), and who wouldn’t, Elizabeth accepts it at once and is joyful.

  • Chris Hayes Pittman

    I also liked the shift!! It’s always amazing how different we see things!! Love to get different perspectives!! Helps me to go deeper into my prayer life. Thanks!!

  • Margie Suarez

    My favorite story is when Jesus goes to eat at the Pharisees house and the sinful woman come and anoints Jesus with expensive perfume. I love that Jesus knows this woman’s heart. I love that he knows what the Pharisee is thinking. My favorite line 7:47 For this reason I say to you, her sins, which are many, have been forgiven, for she loved much; but he who is forgiven little, loves little.” The reason I love this phrase so much is because when I was a teen I understood the phrase, “Little is forgiven to the one whose love is small.” I grew up thinking if you only have little love, you are forgiven little. In my young mind I felt that I had to learn to love because if I didn’t love I would not be forgiven. It had a great impact on my spiritual growth.
    My eyes were open to the true meaning of this verse in my adult life when I experienced Gods great mercy, love and forgiveness.

  • Hector Farela

    Excellent passage😊 There is so much to learn from this passage. I learned that we all are on that road to Jericho and we are called to help at different stages in our lives. I pray that I always say yes when our Heavenly Father calls me to serve others.
    The passage that inspires me is Luke 15:11–32. The Parable of the Prodigal Son.

  • Paul

    I like the lesson that speaks of a double set of footprints that then goes into a single set of footprints. The person walking with Jesus assumes that the single set of footprints represents when Jesus abandoned him. Jesus corrects him and says, ” Where you see a single set of footprints is during the time I carried you.”

  • Ivy Ward O’Malley

    I can relate best to Moses, especially the time in his life when he is called by God to free the Jewish slaves in Egypt. He did not see himself as a confident speaker, yet he became one when God needed him to. My faith has given me the courage to step out of my comfort zone in order to do His will, (such as public speaking.)

  • DewoftheSea

    Lent 2017 will go down in my history book as one of struggling. I’m taking this time to make an either phenomenally smart or phenomenally stupid and maybe even selfish decision. I regularly read the Bible. In this decision struggle I am drawn to the psalms. I wish I had the zeal for my job that I had 10 years ago.

  • CT

    I too like Brian’s insight into the story of the Good Samaritan. As a daughter, sister, mother, grandmother and aunt I am used to taking care of others. I always felt that I was the one who had to help not be the one who needed help. Age, wisdom and the gospels have taught me that I need to be humble enough to ask for help when I need it. That’s why I think I like the “Servant Song” so much. It is a reminder to be helpful but also humble enough to ask for and accept help. A lot of my favorite Gospel stories involve Peter. Wow I can identify with Peter and his imperfections! One of the stories that touches me the most is when Peter denies 3 times being with Jesus. Jesus then sees Peter and looking into Peter’s soul, Peter instantly feels convicted and weeps for his sin against the person he professed to love. That just reminds me so much of what a blessing the Sacrament of Reconciliation is. God is Good! All the time!

  • Susan Gioia

    My favorite is in Matthew, when Jesus is in the boat with Peter after an unsuccessful night of fishing. Jesus tells Peter to throw his net off to the side of the boat. Peter, kind of gives Jesus the old, “ya’ know we’ve been doing this for a while and we know when it’s time to quit.” He kind of humors Jesus, and says, “well, okay.” The nets are full to the point of breaking! I love this story. When the “experts” are so sure they are right that they don’t hear Christ, or they what he says because “he just doesn’t get it”. I know I’m guilty of this sometimes, and I am always surprised when I catch myself resisting and I do the right thing. Even reluctantly, or grumbling, it has always paid off.

  • Jennifer Kinard Shoffner

    I have the You Version Bible App on my phone and am currently using the plan Reading the Bible in a Year. I absolutely love this app. Keeps me on track with daily reminders. There are so many plans for every topic you can think of.

  • Katherine Moore

    Great talks! Might be nice to greet your audience before you begin your talk: “Good day, Mates! Hope you are well!” Something like that…

  • Kathy

    I try, I really try, to be a kind, giving person. However, I find that people take advantage. I really struggle with my gut feeling to help others – and a feeling that maybe I shouldn’t be so helpful. I have lost thousands of dollars (I didn’t really have), trying to help people in my life. Now, I’m nearing retirement age, but I cannot retire anytime in the foreseeable future. I’m still digging out of the debt I went into to help others. Fortunately, I have my own business – one I love – and it’s something I can continue to do as I age. And, I’ve worked hard to grow the business and pay off the debt. But, it’s a real struggle to continue to be giving when I must be seen as an easy mark. Any advice?

  • Filomena Dias

    Whoa!, I love to hear your words this morning!! Of the Good Samaritan. I feel many more imesthat I’m alone and their is no one yo turn to. That was so helpful to hear you speak of the story of the Good Samaritan, the way that you did! Thank you Brian, for the words of encouragement!! God bless you!!

  • Mixed Chick

    Great insight! I have felt so alone at times and felt that no one was there for me. Actually there were people who were trying to reach out to me all the while and I couldn’t see it. Gradually I came to the realization that they were there and I began to heal. We never know who is trying to be there for us and we never know how much it means when we reach out to others.

  • Kim Bordelon

    God is my personal Samaritan ,He helps me, cares for me and will always be there when others walk away..Thank you God .

  • Teresa

    I love Jesus’ parable to the pharisees to be the first to cast a stone at the adulterous woman; he who is without sin. His words are very humbling and reminds us not to be judgmental toward others.

  • Eduardo Hoover

    I try to live pragmatic but some descission I have made through the years have been little more than a learning experience that sometimes have boredered upon insanity. Bible study does tend to help live more rational granted I don’t misinterpret passages or fail to understand the context. It’s very easy to do and can cause great problems even schism or scandal. Sometimes the best decisions are made when we admit we don’t know but seek someone with the authority to understand like a priest.

  • RD

    Stories that powerfully speak to me in the Bible are the healing of the blind. One man calls out “Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me.” I was just so touched by this whole encounter, and continue to be. I think I relate to the perception of being told to quiet down when I desperately want to have Jesus touch my life. I relate to Jesus asking, “what do you want?” (I thought it should be obvious, the man wants to see. . .hearing this question makes me realize God wants us to talk with Him, pour our hearts out–don’t just assume He knows our handicaps, so we don’t have to talk to Him about them.) There’s another story where the blind man is healed away from Jesus, because Jesus puts mud on his eyes and sends him off to wash it away. The line where they later run into each other, and Jesus asks the healed man if he believes in the Messiah, blows me away. The beggar asks, who he is, that he might believe, and Jesus replies, “You have seen Him, and He is speaking to you.” It’s just such a testimony that we can miss that Jesus is at work in our lives, when He is literally standing right in front of us. I guess I love these stories because I can often be spiritually blind. I find joy in knowing Jesus heals this blindness and the stories remind me to tell Jesus once again, “I want to see” and I do believe in the Messiah because I have seen Him and love when I hear Him speaking to me.

    • Margie Suarez

      That is profound.. …We can miss Jesus working in our lives, when He is literally standing right in front of us… Thank you.

  • Karen Bumstead

    I never considered this story from the view point of the man on the side of the road. I will never read that story the old way without also considering the man on the side of the road … thank you!

  • Mario Cannariato

    Brian’s story of the Good Samaritan completely relates to me in my life when as Matthew Kelly describes I made the decision to remove God from my life. That’s when I was in need of a Good Samaritan to show me the way back to my Jesus to mend my life. I have been given opportunities to be a Good Samaritan some I have taken and some I have not. My prayer is that I continue to ask Jesus to lead me in the direction he has chosen for me.

    • Sharon Callon Schwartz

      God bless you on your journey, Mario.

  • Betty’s Blessing

    The Vocation Director in our Diocese writes a daily blog on the Gospel that day with a reflection. Anyone is able to subscribe to his blog. It is a great way to start the day and reflect on the readings. During Lent my husband and I go to the Station of the Cross. The Sixth Station, I have always been drawn to at a young age: Veronica Wipes the Face of Jesus. The version my parish is using has this thought, which really has stuck with me: My most beloved Jesus, Thy face was beautiful before, but in this journey it has lost all its beauty, and wounds and blood have disfigured it. Alas! my soul also was once beautiful, when I received Thy grace in Baptism: but I have disfigured it since by my sins. Thou alone, my Redeemer, canst restore it to its former beauty, Do this by Thy Passion, O Jesus. I repent of having offended Thee. Never permit me to offend Thee again. Grant I may love Thee always, and then do with me what Thou wilt. Very powerful!

  • Davanne

    Gospel story with the greatest impact on me is the story of the Canaanite Woman’s Faith, the story where she approached Jesus for deliverance for her daughter tormented by a demon. It says that Jesus ignored her, and sometimes I feel like Jesus is ignoring me when I pray. However, the Canaanite Woman decides to be annoyingly persistent, so much so that she impresses Jesus with her faith and he grants her request–her daughter is healed. This story has helped me take persistence to my prayer life. Thanks, Dynamic Catholic, for your Lenten reflections.

  • roniquebreauxjordan

    ..making choices where you are gaining and giving respect…this is becoming increasingly important. It is great to be liked…really, it is…, but not to the point of being self deprecating…#beintheworldnotof

  • Susan

    The Gospel story that I come back to over and over is Luke 12: 22-34 Do Not be Anxious. It always calms me and reminds me that Our Father in heaven knows our needs and takes care of us always! O Jesus, I surrender myself to You, take care of everything

  • Amy Reinhardt

    One Gospel reading that I’ve always enjoyed was Luke 15:1-10: The Parable of the Lost Sheep and The Parable of the Lost Coin. Both of these readings contain the same message: there will be more rejoicing over the repentance of one sinner in Heaven than a bunch of righteous ones who do not need repentance. I love these readings because they highlight God’s unconditional love for each one of us. His love is the true definition of unconditional because He never stops loving us. Ever. Even if we sin against Him, turn away from Him or hate Him. He will continue to love us, and when we realize our wrongdoings and run back to Him… He will be there to embrace us with open arms. That is why I love Luke 15:1-10.

  • Judy

    Woman who courageously reached out to touch the hem of Jesus’ garment.

    Matthew 9:20-22, Mark 5:25-34, and Luke 8:43-48 all recount the story of this woman. Yet it is Mark 5:28 that touches my heart the most. …because she thought, “If I just touch his clothes, I will be healed.”

    I have had much to be healed from. Like this woman, I too was in the same situation. I truly believe that visualizing this verse has healing powers from the Holy Spirit. It certainly has healed me many, many times. Only by the grace of Jesus.

    Nicole C. Mullens dramatizes this line of scripture (check YouTube) and it is powerful – it is straight from the heart of Jesus.

    • Adri Nat

      This is the bible story that has I think about most often. I will look into the YouTube that you suggested. God bless you!


    A revelation that has come to me during this Lenten season is just how much God wants to love us and how he wants us to respond to him when we are down, broken, and in pain. Jesus wants a constant exchange of love between us and him. Everyday all day long. A constant I love you which flows back and forth.

  • Marie Morris

    Never thought abt the parable as it applies to my life. How am i hurting? Suffering through the betrayal of a child and the illness of another child. Trying to bear my sufferings knowing that God has a plan for me. Trying to find that elusive “peace”.

  • Peggy

    There is no doubt in my mind that I do not always make the best decision. What better self help book can there be than the Bible?

  • Toni Duffy

    Sometimes the people who have helped me the most were. Unchurched people. Or other churched people. Some Sundays I go to mass. No one smiles. As a single Catholic Sometimes our church can be so cold. I sit alone and no one welcomes me. Sometimes an unchuched person. But I have gone friendso Churches. You are welcomed thanks for coming. Sit with us.More time for fellowship.

    • Sharon Callon Schwartz

      I know what you mean, Toni. And I’ve found that others feel just as awkward as I do when I’ve made the bold move to say hello with a smile. A lovely couple in their 90s stands by the door greeting people – they began doing it because it needed to be done. They didn’t ask for permission – they just started doing it. And it’s made a difference for everyone.
      I hope you’ll consider trying that for a few weeks at one Mass… You might be surprised at how much you are appreciated.

    • Lisa

      It is true that other Christian churches are all about singing and social where as the Catholic Church is all about God and prayer. Occasionally, a priest will mention that we need to be more welcoming at which point I look around and think, “How do you tell who is a guest and who is not?”

      • Toni Duffy

        My problem was that I was going to the school mass. Because I work after church. It was the only time I could go. So lots of kids and families who know each other from school. I started going to another Catholic church. They we more welcoming to a stranger without kids. And there is hospitality after mass. So I could meet with other Catholics

    • KateM

      Hi Toni – wish you lived near me so you could come to our church. Not only do we have people greeting you at the door when you come into Mass, we are also asked to stand up and greet those around us before Mass gets started. After Mass, we have donuts and coffee – another way to connect with people. You may want to talk to your pastor and share a few ideas. Our church has a quarterly newcomer’s breakfast to introduce new people to all that our parish has to offer – lots of activities for people of all ages to grow in faith, community and fellowship. Have you checked your bulletin to see what is available to help you get more connected?. If your parish offers Christ Renews His Parish, I highly recommend you attend – great way to build a “faith family”. Sometimes it takes someone like you being discontent to get something important started. Good luck and God bless you.

  • Weebyb

    My favorite Bible story is when Jesus invited Peter to leave his boat and walk on water to him. What a reminder of how many of us believe. Strongly sometimes, but when we loose focus, doubt causes us to falter. This has been a story I think about often because I tend to loose focus as well, much as I don’t want to.

  • Sharon Callon Schwartz

    The parable of the prodigal son moves me because I long to reach out my arms in welcome return to my son. We have been estranged for 5 years and I do not know my granddaughters.
    I’ve purposely worked on becoming a prodigal parent – a person of openness, love, forgiveness, reconciliation, and acceptance – in preparation for his return. The prodigal father is prepared to offer his son full and complete reconciliation – without argument or need to express his own pain. That has been an important change for me, and I hope to share that change with my son. This parable has helped me see my son’s pain, accept my part in that, and pray for him with hope – not expectation – of reunion.

  • Mariann Alcorn

    The woman at the well.I also follow two other little books that were given to me as gifts….Jesus Calling” by Sarah Young and “180 Prayers for a Woman Of God” Printed by Barbour Books. I love both of them.

  • Jim

    Oh yes….there is a story from the Bible that inspires me, several in fact, but let me just share one of them.
    The story of King David. He wrote most of the Psalms…if not all. Wonderful! Right? Yes, but……
    He also had Uriah….murdered–erased….by sending him into a battle that David knew he would be killed in.
    And so he was. David was now free to take his wife, Bathsheba, that he had lusted after…as his own wife.
    Wow! What a story. Jesus is part of the line from David; of the House of David.
    It is so inspiring to me….that one such as King David who did such an immoral thing…yet repented for his sin…and again….turned back his life once more to the Lord and was….forgiven! His sin…erased by God because of his remorse and contrite heart. Wow! How great was the mercy of God….and how great God’s mercy is also for us…for our sins….if we also repent, (to turn around), and turn back to…our Saving Lord. Amen??

  • Scott Haner

    The Gospel story that is the focus of my ministry is 1 Peter 4:8-11 where Peter tells us to be fervent in our love for one another, because love covers a multitude of sins, to be hospitable and to use our God-given gifts to make a difference in the world. We’re to do this not for our reputation but that God may glorified. God has blessed me abundantly, this gives direction on how I might give back to Him for those blessings.

  • Barbara

    I don’t like admitting that what is lacking in my life is a sense of discipline. I promised myself I would do “The Best Lent Ever 2017.” So far, so good! In Bible study I am beginning to realize how the New Testament is foretold in the Old Testament, no a coincidence, it’s the hand of God. I am intrigued by this and am seriously thinking of making the Bible my daily meditation guide.

  • Lisa

    Queen Esther having dinner with her enemy, more than once, trying to get up the nerve to tell her husband in order to save her people.

  • christol murch

    Chapter 17, verses 11-20 of Luke’s gospel have inspired me to be continually grateful for what God has provided.
    Jesus cures 10 lepers but only a Samaritan, a non-Jew, returns to thank Him. This gospel is a constant reminder of Christ’s mercy and my need to be grateful for His mercy..

  • Mary Blair Cunningham

    Good perspective! I have been the one on the side of the road many times in my life as well. Praise God for always being my Good Samaritan!

  • lizmvr

    I had children’s books that told the stories of Jonah being swallowed by the whale and the Good Samaritan when I was much younger. I do think having those at home really helped me want to be close to God as a kid. I want my niece to have that desire to know God, too. My brother is currently denying God; however, he and my sister in law did have my niece baptized and asked me to be one of her three sponsors during the baptism. I feel a sense of responsibility for my niece’s spiritual wellbeing. I think that knowing what I had as a child, I should be giving her those stories and tools to know Him, too.

  • Dawn M

    The gospel story of Jesus, then Peter walking on the water (Matthew 14:22-33) inspired me yesterday as I reflected on this passage. Peter calls out, “Lord, save me!” which made me think about my great need for a Savior, MY Savior, Jesus Christ. Also, I thought about all the times I take my eyes off of Jesus, as Peter did. Usually it is my pridefulness or my insisting on controlling the situation that causes me not to seek His will, i.e. take my eyes off of Him. Keeping my eyes on Christ takes effort and is a constant reminder to seek Him daily, especially in prayer.

  • Hannah

    I always liked the story of the Prodigal Son. I just like stories about people returning to goodness. It reminds me that no matter how far you may roam, God will always be waiting for you.

  • Mag

    Other suggestions–On Relevant Radio (there is an app but I listen over the air) “Fr. Simon Says” show–he always starts with info about the readings of the day and I have learned SO MUCH from that. I also get a daily email from Bishop R. Barron ( see Word on Fire website) with comments about the Gospel of the day. That is what is so wonderful about the living Word–it meets us where we are—-and that (where we are) keeps changing and the Word keeps on inspiring…..Thanks Be to GOD.

  • Joyce W.

    Brian, you made me think that it is not always the obvious beaten people that we are to look out for. We need to be sensitive to others that may be “on the roadside” and not always noticed, except sometimes negatively. Sometimes they may be suffering inside, rather than obviously hurting. Their story may even be a tough one that we never would have imagined. I see this as a call for me to work on getting rid of the critical and judgemental spirit that rears up from time to time.

  • MaryAnne Casaul

    In reading Matthew where Jesus gives the keys to the kingdom of heaven to Peter and then Peter denies Jesus three times later on when he is pressed by the world to acknowledge Him. I can so relate to this because of how many times I have fallen in my journey with the Lord. God is so loving and forgiving! It is refreshing and inspiring to know just how much He loves me after reading this in Matthew. If God can forgive Peter who holds the keys to heaven and still denied Jesus, I know God forgives me also. As Catholics we are fortunate to have the sacraments to help us especially the sacrament of Penance and the Holy Eucharist. We can be forgiven and then renewed!

  • Joan Kurtz-sowell

    The gospel story of the raising of Lazarus in John 11 was meaningful to me. The sentence in vs 3. ” So the sisters sent word to him, “Master, the one you love is ill.” . This became a prayer for my Dad who is ill.

  • Jim Bahen

    There is a bible “The Daily Catholic Bible” which is a 20 minute daily reading from the Old Testament and the New Testament, so in a year you will read the entire Bible !! The translation is the NAB so it is easy to read and if you get behind you can catch up easily !! It is a daily reminder of what happened thousands of years ago and how similar we are to the Jewish people in the way we act today !!

  • Jo

    Jonah and the whale.Thank God. That God comes after us to do his will even when we try to run away from Him.

  • Andrea Youdontneedtoknow

    My favorite story has always been the story of the widow that gives only a couple of coins to the temple treasury vs the large amounts that others gave. Oftentimes I don’t want to give more of myself to God than whatever time/money/energy I have left over from the rest of my life. I put the rest of the world and my earthly obligations first, then donate what’s left. But this story reminds me that I have it backwards – God should come first in my life. I should donate myself wholly to Him and only then, with His help, should I be addressing my obligations. It’s such a tough lesson for me, what with 2 jobs, school, and a household to run. But I find myself really needing to make a stronger effort at placing God in the center of my life. These daily reflections are really starting to help me do that.

    • Crystal Dasburg Marchand

      Thank you for reminding me of that as well.

  • Crystal Dasburg Marchand

    I have always been drawn to the story of Mary and Martha. I have always identified with Martha more and am jealous (gasp, I know) of people who can be more like Mary. I want so badly to sit and just listen to Jesus and be with Him, but get swallowed up in my responsibilities. A few months ago, when this reading was the Gospel at mass, our pastor made a great point. Yes, we always say how great it is that Mary put Jesus first and went to be with Him, but we overlook the fact that when Martha was overwhelmed, she came to Jesus. He said that that was just as important as being a “Mary”. I felt much more comforted. I know that I will always be a “Martha”, but I’m trying this Lent to add a little more “Mary” to my life as well.

  • Steffen

    My favorite gospel reading is John 20.11 when Mary Magdelene encounters Jesus after he has been risen from the dead. In particular the passage 20.15, “Woman, why are you weeping? Whom are you looking for?” Supposing him to be the gardener, she said to him, “Sir, if you have carried him away, tell me where you have laid him, and I will take him away.” Jesus said to her, “Mary!” She turned and said to him in Hebrew, “Rabbouni!” (which means Teacher). Jesus saud to her, “Do not hold on to me, because I have not yet ascended to the Father. But go to my brothers and say to them, ‘I am ascending to my Father, to my God and your God’.” Mary Magdalene went and announced to the disciples, “I have seen the Lord;” and she told them that he had said these things to her.

  • Jackie Waugh

    I like the road to Emmaus because so often we become distracted and don’t recognize Jesus when He is walking right beside us. And by the time we realize it was Him, He is gone.

  • Mel Babin

    Yes, the lost sheep. I was lost, but now am found. I was kneeling before the Blessed Sacrament and I felt in my heart to go to confession and empty myself of all of my past. Since I have been there, my life has changed so much. I have made so many wonderful friends from daily Mass, Rosary groups, and going to Catholic events. I count my Blessings and am very grateful.

  • Kendal Huntsman

    One of my favorite passages is in the gospel of Luke. Where the sinful woman washes Jesus feet with her tears, drys them with her hair and annoints his feet with the expensive oil. When life gets hard and I no longer can bare whatever it is i’m going through alone I turn to Jesus humbled and in tears. I am a sinful daughter of the most high God and yet he calls me beloved. Thank you Dynamic Catholic for what is truly the BEST LENT EVER 🙂

  • Marie Wedge Horgan

    Brian, thank you for your insightful words. I needed to hear this…I have been struggling with thoughts and feelings of worthlessness. One of my goals this Lent is to be kinder to myself by treating myself with the love, understanding, and acceptance I try to give to others. I am also beginning to realize that it’s ok to accept help from others and the Lord! Bless you for sharing!

  • Jessica

    I want to be a Good Samaritan, but sometimes am torn with helping people who continually make poor choices and don’t learn. Should I always help them regardless or am I doing them more harm than good by continually helping it’s frustrating and I struggle with this.

  • T the C

    My favorite story is in Mathew 25. This parable mirrors judgement day as Jesus returns and says to those on his right, “Welcome to My Father’s house” for when I was hungry and you fed me, thirsty and you gave me to drink, when naked, clothed, when sick or in prison, visited. When asked to explain, Jesus says, when you did this to the least of these, you have done so to me. Then turning to those on his left, he says, “Go to the pit of fire” (or something to that effect, I am writing from memory only, so forgive). Then he continues, when you saw me hungry, you fed me not, and so on. When questioned, he replies, when you did this to the least, you did it to me.
    In a way, this is similar to the parable of the good Samaritan, but with more detail. If this doesn’t inspire you to help others, nothing ever will. Please, try to look at every person you meet as if that person is Jesus and treat them as you would treat Jesus. I believe this sums up all of the Gospels.

  • Diane

    My favorite parable from scripture is, The Prodigal Son. Like the father in the story, I had a daughter who made poor choices (due to Bi-polar) and a son who questioned my choice to continue helping her, picking up the pieces only to be disappointed again and again. The parable gives me a glimpse of the tremendous love our father in heaven has for us despite our failings and that the same tremendous love is showered on all of us – God has no favorites. My daughter now is enveloped in His love in heaven. My son has a greater understanding of my choices.

  • Allison

    A few years ago, I finally started reading the Bible, and I was pretty clueless except knowing there were more books in the Old Testament, and the gospels were in the New Testament. I don’t remember the specific question I had, but I kid you not, I opened up the Bible to a random page, my eyes went to a specific paragraph, and WOW! I found the answer to my question. I was utterly and completely overwhelmed. I cried for probably a good solid five minutes. God is amazing!

  • Pearl Brown

    I will try and read the Bible each day I always said I wanted to do that but never got around to it. I would love to read King Solomon and the two women who each claimed the baby was theirs what a wise king he knew what to do

  • Donna

    My husband and I listen to the daily readings from the USCCB (united states conference of Catholic bishops, with audio meditation. It is a perfect way to start the day with scripture and listen to the Word spoken. You can even read the Word if you prefer.

  • Bernadette McConnell

    As I began to think about answering the question, the word “inspired” struck me. I have thought about “favorite” Bible and Gospel stories but after much contemplation I discovered my choice. The story in the Gospels that has inspired me is the The Parable of the Sower. I’m sure that at some points in my life I have allowed the word to fall on the path, the stones, and among the thorns, but this story has inspired my to receive the word and let it grow within me so that I may pass it on to others.

  • Prolifedem6M

    Is there a story in that inspired me: the story of the man with the withered hand. What strikes me in that story is Jesus’s determination to heal that man, no matter what, The Phaisees are all worked up over Jesus healing on the Sabbath, as they so often were, He heals the man anyway.
    In a sense, we all have withered hands. Jesus is just as determined to heal you and me, if we but let him.

  • Kitty

    One of my favorite stories in the Gospel is taken from Matthew. Jesus says you cannot serve God and mammon. My favorite part of this is not to worry about what you will wear. Look at the way the wild flowers of the fields grow. They do not work or spin, but not even Solomon was clothed as splendidly as they. This has always had a lot of meaning for me. Do not worry about tomorrow for it will take care of itself. I used to worry a lot about where the money was coming from, but everything always worked out if I trusted in God.

  • Adri Nat

    One of the stories in the bible that has inspired me is the woman that was healed from bleeding when she touched Jesus’ clothes in the busy market place (Matthew 9: 20-22 and Mark 5: 25-34). This woman had suffered a great deal and had such strong faith in Jesus that she believed with all her heart that by touching Jesus’ clothes, she would be cured. Her unshakable faith cured her and “He (Jesus) said to her, “Daughter, your faith has saved you. Go in peace and be cured of your affliction” (Mark 5:34). I want to have faith as strong as this woman. I’m making a more conscious effort to include prayer in my everyday life. I want to grow closer to Jesus and allow myself to grow in faith and allow Jesus to guide my actions and decisions. I want my faith to grow so strong that it will also heal the afflictions that bother my mind, heart, and soul in addition to the physical ones.

  • Lisa

    It has been suggested to me, that each time you read a bible, think of it from the perspective of each different character in the story. I think of the story of the prodigal son often. Sometimes I am the prodigal breaking away because I want to do it my way. Others I am the brother that stayed home and struggling not to be jealous or angry with the one who has returned because they screwed up so badly when they left. Sometimes I think of the father. Lately I am wondering how the father acted while his son was gone. Did he look for him, did he send letters? Or did he just wait it out, hoping and praying? What would happen if the son decided to leave again?

    • Lisa

      Hey we have the same name, and what a good name it is too.
      One priest thought the story was about the brother comparing him to the pharisees.
      Another one I thought was good was the brother, being the oldest and the one who would inherit the land, had the responsibility to do the planning and give the orders to the workers; but the older brother didn’t want to do the mentally hard work of planning and let the younger brother do it.

  • Wanda Kirk

    I am an avid reader. Yet, I have never read the bible from Genesis thru to Revelations. I am currently studying the book of John. John writes about the good shepherd who knows his sheep…All his sheep have a name…And, His sheep recognize the good shepherd’s voice He protects his sheep from harm, and at night, he lies down at the opening of the pen to keep any predators from hurting his sheep. He administers to their wounds, births, and leads them to nourishing pastures. The sheep follow the good shepherd. They are not herded. Our heavenly father is that good shepherd. God knows each one of us by name. During the summer, I did a class on Intercessory prayer. Prayer is so important. To have a close relationship with the Father…You need to set aside time to talk to Jesus about your joys, your concerns, give him praise and thanks. Listen. I have memorized verses. Here is one that I say in prayer: The holy spirit knows our weaknesses because we do not know how we ought to pray, but the spirit, himself, intercedes for us in wordless groans and he who searches our hearts understands the mind of the holy spirit because the holy spirit intercedes for all God’s people in accordance with God’s will. I appreciate this prayer because when you first begin to pray, It is not easy. Then in time, prayer becomes a necessary part of your life.

  • Tom K

    I think the parable of the Prodigal Son from a time of a very early age impacted me the most. For many years I totally took the side of the OLDER son totally understanding why he felt the way he did. I just could not understand the Father who appeared to be insensitive to the loyalty and service of the older son. It took many years of trying to get to where the Father was coming from to realize the great gifts of LOVE ACCEPTANCE AND FORGIVENESS are so much greater than being recognized and acknowledged. It is from that I have learned in many situations being right about something does not always make you or your actions correct or best.

  • Jennifer Haeussler Brewer

    The story of Peter inspires me. Jesus said Peter was the rock to build his church on and yet Peter made boneheaded decisions. He was not perfect. Peter was a sinner just like me!

  • Rae Mims

    I always liked the story of the woman who had been ill for 10 years with a bleeding illness and thought “if I only touched the hem of his garment I will be healed.” Jesus felt her touch HIm among the throngs and stated to her “woman, your faith has healed you.” I remember a coworker had her second child and the she had to be in NICU when she was born and she responded to my text asking about the baby. She just asked me to pray for her. I said I have already done that and our faith will heal her and reminded her of the woman. Today, she is full of mischief and spunky and three years old. I loved that the woman had so much faith that if she only touched the hem of Jesus’ garment she would be healed. I too want to have that kind of faith. Abraham faith. Noah faith. David faith. Ruth faith.

  • Ed

    On the way to EMAUS. Jesus was right there with His disciples. They missed HIM BECAUSE they were caught up in the buzz of their lives.

  • Marise Petry

    For me it is the Annunciation to Mary through Joseph accepting her in marriage. Mary says let it be done to me as you have said. Wow! And, Joseph says yes to marrying Mary, even when she is bearing a child that does not belong to him. Wow! Accepting God’s will for their lives without doubt, without fear, without arguing or demanding their own terms in exchange for their obedience shows a remarkable leap of faith. Lord, show me your will for my life, and grant me the faith to follow.

  • Ruth

    My fiance and I are leading a bible study through lent within our church about the seven signs of Jesus in John. It has been such a great experience to sit and talk about these often difficult and deep passages with people and hear so many perspectives and thoughts on them. One of the veins we are discovering throughout the stories as we compare John’s gospel to Matthew’s and Mark’s is how each characterize Jesus in different ways highlighting different aspects of his journey and personality.

    Tonight we discussed the multiplication of the loaves and fishes. There were so many good discussions comparing the breaking of bread in that story and comparing it to communion during mass. As a soon-to-be Catholic this particular discussion spoke to me and made me so eager to be able to take part in that communion at my Baptism in a little less than a month!

  • Laur Anne

    I just taught about that parable to my kindergarten class, and they loved the story as a practical way of seeing how to help others. Thanks for the adult perspective of how it relates to our lives though, Brian. I never thought of it that way. I’m glad I listened to your clip today.

  • Bob

    completely off topic, the handedness thing intrigues me, Brian did you go to a Catholic grade school?

  • Terri-Kill Lanuti

    Matthew 6:25-34 – Look at the birds in the sky; they do not sow or reap, they gather nothing into barns, yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not more important than they? This passage assures me of God’s love and care for me….always.

  • Tim

    As a father of a son, the parable of The Prodigal Son has inspired me on a number of occasions. Now in his 4th year in college, there have been occasions when I feared I was losing him as he pushed away and made less than great choices. Each time I read the story the son always returns and the father always celebrates. The story lifts me up and reminds me that parenting is a struggle but one I wouldn’t trade for anything. A struggle with great rewards.

  • Dorothy Cabral

    The Prodigal Son is the story that first comes to mind. I can remember reading it throughout my life several times at mass. It is such a powerful lesson and I have told it to my own children many many times in their life as well. It has help me and my children realize that no amount of money or parting can bring you the happiness,love and acceptance of family. It also was a difficult lesson to the brother left behind as well and has help my children, as well as me, learn you shouldn’t do things and expect to be rewarded for them because, if that’s the case then you weren’t doing them for the right reason at all.

  • Brian Delaney

    I never wanted to visit the Holy Land because I did not want my imagination to be ruined by visiting the actual places Jesus walked. Well I finally did last Fall and now many stories in the Gospels inspire me more than I ever could imagine! The Sea of Galilee is very much like it was over 2000 years ago. If it were here in the USA it would probably have a few major resorts and condos plastering its shores or a casino. Thankfully some places where Jesus preached, teached, and performed many miracles are still pretty much the same landscape as they were back then, and most have a Church now. I will never forget beatuful and unusual Mount Tabor where the Transfiguration took place. I will never forget having Mass in one of the caves the Shepherds stayed in when the Angels came and told them to go see newborn baby Jesus. I will never forget the ruins of the synagog in Cana where Jesus performed his first public miracle of turning water into wine. I will never forget renewing my baptism in the Jordan river. If you want more Gospel stories to come alive, visit the Holy Land with a Catholic priest and a local Christian guide. It is truly worth the sacrifice of time and money. I had no idea! I am tearing up as I post this.

  • Vivienne

    Matt 7
    If you then , who are evil know how to give your children what is good how much more will your Father in heaven give good things to those who ask him!

    For me this is reassuring !

  • Nicole Malara

    I love the above quote, “Every Sunday we hear a reading from one of the Gospels. But in some ways that is like seeing highlights from a movie each week and never seeing the whole movie. There is something very powerful about reading one of the Gospels from start to finish.” I’ve gone to church almost every Sunday since I was little and I sit and listen to the Gospels, but with this question that is asking me what my favorite is, I am truly at a loss. It has me wondering, am I really listening? So starting tomorrow, I am going to make it a point to read a chapter every day so I will be able to answer this question later on down the road.

  • Joyce Lamb

    My favorite story is “The wedding feast at Cana”. Mary telling the servants to “do whatever he tells you” inspires me to trust our Lord. He exceeds our expectations too. Imagine the bride and groom”s surprise at this second batch of amazing wine.

  • Mich Smi

    we should pray for those road-side folks… that’s the least we can do

  • Mich Smi

    JMJ + Ok I just thought of a Gospel story that inspired me… you know the one about the woman who lost her precious coin and was so happy when she found it that she told everyone and they rejoiced with her? Well, I couldn’t relate to it for the longest time… cuz I don’t have the same things she had (I was thinking ordinary pocket change like the kind I can get from recycling, but that’s not what it was about… and also I have at times lost a precious saint medal, but I never got it back, so I couldn’t totally relate)… but then for me, something else precious would be rosary beads that I’m working with to make rosaries… sometimes they fall off of my work space or right out of my hands — and I gotta find it… and it’s not always easy… I’m really glad when I do find it! Sometimes I have even dropped a whole bunch and they roll everywhere and I gotta pick them up and hope I got them all hehe. I don’t go tell everybody… unless it’s at one of our O.L.R.M.’s meetings and they can see my clumsy mistake in front of their very eyes. So in modern day personal parable analogy terms, hey I can kinda relate to the Bible story. Recently, I even had just ONE more bead I needed to completely craft that one rosary, and there were no more beads of that color in my supplies… but I was checking for where any single beads may have dropped and hidden in my stuff… and finally I checked my baggy or assorted extra beads… and there was ONE more of the kind I needed! Perfect! That was a blessing from God, I tell ya! 🙂

  • Bud Abraham

    The story that has a lot of meaning for me is the story of the Prodigal Son, however I focus on the Prodigal father. That story tells me that no matter how much I love my children and how much I want the best for them they will make decisions that are not good for them, as did the Prodigal Son. But what did the Prodigal father do? Nothing. He let his son make a bad decision and fortunately when he was “down and out” he realized his mistake and went back to the father. And what did the father do, but welcome him back with love and certainly no admonishment. Isn’t that what our God does for us?
    As parents we cannot force our children no matter the age to do what we want, they must make their own decisions and live with them. The worst thing we can do is not let them suffer the consequences of their actions.
    And, what of the Prodigal Brother? Are we like the Prodigal Brother who was terribly upset with his father for welcoming his brother back with open arms. He was envious and jealous and full of resentment. Do we do that?
    A very great story full of excellent meaning. I would never know that if I had not been reading the Bible for the past 26+ years. A cradle Catholic that had never read the Bible until a Bible-Believing Christian friend of mine gave me a Bible in 1993 at Christmas and I have been reading it since.

  • Glen Arcalas

    A lot of the people in the bible are regular people just like you and I. When God plays a part of our life extraordinary things happen. Even if we try to run away, it seems like God is not there but he is and no matter how many times we try things on our own we need to realize that God has a plan and we have to accept it. Taking the hour to set a prayer every hour helps me be in the moment of things. When I go to daily mass it truly make a conscious effort to be open to what God has planned for me.

  • Zoe

    The Bible story that inspires ME the most, is the story about the desperate Mother who appealed to Jesus for HELP with her CRAZY (demon possessed) Daughter. I don’t think I’m POSSESSED, but I AM my poor Mother’s BLACK SHEEP. I am her disappointment and disgrace. I know she’s prayed for me, and I’ve spent my WHOLE LIFE, trying to do BETTER ~ trying to win her approval and her respect. I am the one, appealing to Jesus, praying that he will somehow DELIVER ME, from mental illness and all my FAILINGS and shortcomings, and MOLD ME into the kind of Daughter my Mother deserves.

  • Agatha Ezeani

    The gospel that inspires me the most is that of the Parable of the prodigal son. How he turned his ways from the right path and aslo after realizing his mistake, he came back to his father for forgiveness. With this it tells us that no matter our sins our heavenly father will forgive us if only we show true repentance.

  • Angie Freeman

    To limit this assessment to one story is such a task. I started to think of Mary, as I have a deep devotion to the Blessed Mother. I started to think of the Nativity, which led me to meditate on her Seven Sorrows, which led me to ultimately choose the Passion of our Lord as my favorite story. My birthday is Christmas Day, so the Nativity is a natural for me, but ultimately I had to look at the other end of the spectrum, and I guess maybe this being Lent has something to do with my choice. I love Lent and Easter as much as I love Advent and Christmas. I love to meditate on the Way of the Cross and on the Resurrection. I love to pray the rosary and to meditate on the Sorrowful Mysteries. My Lord and Savior died for me, for us, and I love to honor that by reflecting often on His mercy.

  • Carol

    Brian, I really had to concentrate when listening to your message because you started out with, “One of my favorite gospel stories is…” It was then that I realized I could not come up with one of my own and that thought was unsettling. With all of the knowledge I have of the Bible, I would be hard pressed if someone asked me which is my favorite story. Time to start reading with my heart and not my head! Thank you.

  • karen Bednarz

    the prodical son, how many people have strayed from Jesus, and they come back to him,or he brings you back to him, like the son who went away and diisobeyed and came back repenting and Jesus takes you back.

  • Justin Spector

    I have read all of the Bible, and apocryphal books. Funny how some books barely made it and others barely missed the Canon of scripture. The Apocalypse of Peter has always been one I am fascinated by.

  • The bible is like a good movie every time we read it’s stories the more we notice is there that we didn’t before.

  • Sharon Stiles

    Thanks Brian. Great insight. I am happy to hear your reflection. I think all too often we feel we are suppose to be perfect if we are ” followers of Jesus” and yet as much as I love Jesus I Fall all the time in my courage and hope and even depth of love in trusting God. So it’s helpful to hear I’m not alone. It gives me courage to get up and keep walking and trying each day. Thank you. I’m sure there is a scripture for this too. God bless. Sharon

  • LJ

    You gotta know the story. It’s all about us. Over and over again, it’s all about us

  • There are several, and most of them concern the sort of “Rebel Jesus”; The driving the moneychangers out of the temple, confronting the Pharisees who are about to stone a woman, the Samaritan woman at the well, etc.

  • Barbara Levich

    God has given me the gift of love for His word so I don’t struggle reading every day. In fact this love of the Bible runs in our family from my grandmother to my dad to me. It is the first thing that I do each day. I subscribe to a little magazine called The Upper Room and there is a Bible passage which goes with each reflection. A while back I decided that instead of reading just the few verses, I would read the whole chapter. Before I begin, I always ask for the Holy Spirit to teach me from it. Then I read a Psalm or a chapter from one of the other books of the bible that I am working my way through.
    Fr. David Knight has a suggestion for those who find it hard to get around to reading the Bible: Keep your Bible on your pillow and read it every night. When you are finished, put it on your slippers and read it again in the morning before you put them on. “You always have time for the things you put first.” -one of my favorite quotes.

  • Jo

    As a child my favorite was the story of how all you need is the faith the size of a mustard seed and then you can literally move mountains.

  • Kevin Schmittgens

    My favorite story is the Prodigal Son, but not in the way that everyone thinks. I believe the story is about the Older Son, a character that I more identify with. Jesus is such a masterful storyteller. He leaves the ending open. Does the Older Son go into the party or not? The fact is, each and everyone of us has to finish the story in our own lives. We finish the story according to how we forgive others.

    • Steffen

      Beautiful insight!
      Thank you for sharing.

  • Annigan

    I just have a question: why is this talk called “Interesting People”? Wouldn’t it have been better to call it “Good Decisions” or “Reading the Bible”? Matt never once mentioned interesting people, and I didn’t hear a theme of it, either. So I’m just wondering that. Additionally, I think that sometimes a chapter is too long of a section to reflect on all at once. I tend to read and try to digest the Word paragraph by paragraph. Although, then you don’t want to miss the forest through the trees, either. So there is definitely merit to reading larger sections. But for instance, I read/listen to the Daily Mass readings every day, and because there are three separate passages, I think I don’t spend as much time thinking about it sometimes as I would if there was only one passage to focus on.

  • Lisa

    One story I always find amazing is the one where Jesus tells the woman he won’t help her because she isn’t an Israelite. First she crawls after Him, then walks, then runs to catch up. Finally, she says “Give me the scraps.” Jesus then gives her what she wants. I am sure it was a good lecture for those in the village who must have been treating her like a wild dog because of her problems and because she wasn’t an Israelite. Jesus took her from feeling like a wild dog wanting to be treated like a house dog to feeling like a child of God. I am sure the villagers treated her better afterwards as well.

  • Linda Herbstreit

    i don’t know how you have a relationship with Jesus without reading His word. i read the churches daily reading each day. One of my favorite gospel readings is luke chapter 17 11-19. its where Jesus heals the ten leapers and only one comes back to thank Him. i don’t always see the healing the Lord does for me in my life every day. i find myself like the nine leapers who did not show there gratitude to Jesus. stories like these remind to be grateful and thank the Lord for His many blessing i receive throughout the day.

  • Michelle

    Decision making…..I’ve always had trouble making decisions. Even when I’ve prayed about them. And I always second guess myself later. I guess I need to pray about my lack of confidence. LOL!

  • Michelle

    I’m also inspired by the story of the Good Samaritan. From a slightly different angle. First, I would hope that I would be that good Samaritan, and offer help if I saw someone in need. And second, I see that help often comes from those you would least expect, instead of from those we have put up on pedestals.

  • Emma Spaulding

    To be honest, I really do not know many stories off the top of my head, but I do like the good Samaritan story because sometimes I feel like I am the good Samaritan and helps others without excepting anything in return. I just have a heart to help others and find a joy in putting a smile on their face.

  • John E B

    Caleb faithfulness, steadfast, gifted

  • Magalis Muniz

    I have no particular story I the Bible that has inspired me yet. I started doing the daily readings each day before I start work. What has touched me is that whatever the readings of the days are, they express what I’m feeling. It relates to what I’m going through.

  • Babciamel

    The story (book) of Job is one to which I have often related. Job falls upon some very hard times, as have I. Job teaches me to never lose faith in God. Although he questions God as to why he must suffer so much seeing as he has always been a good and faithful servant, he never for a minute denies Him. So, when I fall upon a particularly hard time, or see a friend suffering, I may question The Lord, but I never doubt that there is, in fact, one true God.

  • Cindy Leslie

    Thanks Brian! The Good Samaritan. Sometimes I feel that I’m on the side of the road and others helping me to get up. I see God in these people and I say get up! Persevere! Help also those in need. The Good Samaritan reminded me of this. Stand tall thank and praise God and help others.

  • DanaMari

    My friend invited me years ago to read the bible in a year with her and I will admit it was amazing to do. Some of the parts were painfully dry – Judges, Kings, Deuteronomy and Numbers to name a few. Other times we had to make sure we did not “gloss over” parts that were all to familiar to us because we had heard them over and over growing up in the faith. The other thing that was interesting was she is not Catholic so was using a Protestant bible and we’d get to certain sections or books and realize either she did not have the book in her bible OR my version (New American) had either more or less verses in a given passage. But the most important thing was we kept each other going each day in our reading and shared each week what the section we had read meant to us, what God spoke to us in that section and how much it blessed us both to be able to share God’s word to us.

  • Kim M

    Thanks Brian, I too never really thought of this parable in the way you have expressed. I appreciate your insight and I will reflect on this in a different way! Thanks!

  • Bobby

    Are Samaritan Jews? I listened to the priest say this at mass and I was surprised

  • Elaine

    I would love a “class” offered to help go through the New Testament on decision makers. Having a guide would help me to read it. And I may get behind like I am now, but I still will work on it!

  • Debbie

    Is there a version of the Bible that is easier to read or that has meditations along with it?

  • Ann

    I am at a very low n lost point in my life I’ve lost everything I own and now the roof over my head in a short time My family has turned their backs on me n my husband n just when things were at there worst someone was there out of know where with more than a helping hand God sent this Good Samaritan to us to help make a difference in our lives n he reminded us of a time many years ago when we were there for him at a time when he needed someone. We had long forgotten the incident but I’m guessing thatGod didn’t

  • Linda Carmelle

    1 Corinthians 12:13 One Body ,Many Parts is one of my favorites. I always enjoy hearing it interpretted for both childrens’ mass and adults…but there are many others too,especially Jesus and the Money Changers and in Jeremiah about Knowing the Lord has plans for welfare and not evil, those are all the ones I look forward to hearing over and over again. I like the woman at the well too who is drawing water mid-day,one of our priests recently pointed out in homily that Jesus must have been there to see her based on the conversation they had,b/c of the time of day it occurred and both being there independently w/o others. I had overlooked that so many times before,but it makes sense Jesus would speak to her privately about her situation and lifestyle. Jesus was always willing to meet people wherever they are/were in life.