March 06: Life Is Messy

Day 5

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When I first started speaking and writing, I was 19 years old. I look back on those times now and I was just so naive. I’d grown up in sort of a bubble.

What you realize very quickly, I think, is that life is messy. Life is messy. And it’s sort of one of the great themes of these 25 years of speaking and writing for me, this idea that life really is messy. And I can have these very clear and logical ideas in the solitude of my writing place, but real people in real places have to live them in real ways in the midst of what is very often a very, very messy world.

At Dynamic Catholic, we invite the Ambassadors each month to submit prayers, and I get a report at the end of each week with all the prayers. It’s amazing, it’s astounding . . . I mean, I can’t even put into words what it feels like to sit in the chapel and read through those prayer requests.

I cannot get through a set of those prayer requests without tears. It’s just not possible. It just, it couldn’t be human.

And I think the lesson is that everyone’s struggling with something.

I remember when I first got cancer. I remember walking out of the doctor’s office after he told me I had cancer. My head was just spinning, and my realization was that nothing else in the world has changed. Everyone is just going around their business, going about doing their thing.

Nobody knows what you’re struggling with, and nobody knows what I’m struggling with. We’re all struggling with something. And I think it’s important that we realize that everyone’s carrying a heavy burden. It’s important that we realize everyone’s struggling with something. It’s important that we realize that everyone is fighting a hard battle. Because when we do realize that, we treat people differently.

So be gentle with yourself, because you’ve got your own struggle. And be gentle with other people, because everybody is fighting a hard battle. Because life is messy.

“Life is messy, but nobody can take your hope from you. And if there is one thing that resistance hates, it is hope. So hold onto your hope no matter how messy life gets, and share it with everyone who crosses your path.”

Matthew Kelly, Resisting Happiness

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Everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle and carrying a heavy load.


Be gentle with the people who cross your path. If someone is grumpy or rude, if someone makes a mistake or does something wrong, give them the benefit of the doubt. You never know what they are carrying around inside.


Jesus, thank you for giving me a hope nobody can take from me. Give me the courage to confront my own mess and share that hope with others.

Today’s personal reflection features Dynamic Catholic team member Fr. Bob Sherry. Fr. Bob is our chaplain and comes to us from Aurora, Illinois. He admits that he’s not very good at golf but that he can identify the bad guy in movies pretty quickly. Fr. Bob is looking forward to walking the Camino in May.

What hard battle are you fighting?

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  • Stella R-Amoka

    That the mercy of God will permeate my life, my siblings, our children and grandchildren and completely overhaul our lives from our foundations and totally trànsform us to the plan, purpose and will of God for us.
    Confident in His promise in Jer29v11.
    I have faith.
    I will not despire.
    I will hope in the Lord.
    I am assured that hope does not disappoint us, because Gods love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit who has been given to us.
    My expectations are huge.
    But I have hope.

  • Kathleen

    I am trying to have hope without expectation. My sister has been in 4 rehab centers since her stroke over 7 mos. ago; she has had many health setbacks along the way…a step forward, a few steps backward constantly. She is my inspiration and acts as a servant of our Lord, ever faithful and accepting. I am trying to accept that she may never walk again or be the same sister that she once was, but I am grateful that she is still here, on earth, a living miracle who could have died several times on this long healing journey.

  • Me

    I am battling overeating and obesity. My knees are bad and I cannot walk the way I used to. I am trying to get over the loss of my spouse through divorce but it is difficult. i do have hope that I will overcome my battle with food and exercise.

    • Jackie

      That is a daily battle for me..I have to love myself enough to take care of me! I’ve always put everybody else with health issues that could be corrected with healthy eating, I have no choice. At 70 gotta take it seriously..have hope but take action. You can do this!! Pray, pray, pray..I am with you! And don’t let the divorce mess with are a loving and loved person ..been there!

      • Patty

        I am also in this battle. Really struggling during lent trying to give up the foods that I have turned to for comfort when I should be turning to the Lord. For much of my life but now being a senior my body can not take the food abuse any longer. Help me God and lets pray for each other.

    • Arnetta Berkley Jones

      I’m in that place, but I get up and I move not matter what. I’ve changed how I eat and cut a lot of processed foods out of my diet. I cook so I know what I’m eating and not much comes from a box. I ask for help and listen. I still slip, but I get back up.

    • Elzbieta Augustyn

      my knee was so bad that couldn’t walk up the stairs, that was my call to start diet and when I put my mind in something I stick to it,now I lost 18 lb (4 months) and feel great, cutting all the starch eating veggie and fruit and drinking 2xday apple cider vinegar (with Mother)plus raw honey-work for me ,now I eat more and still losing weight, so it is not about lent it is about your health, please take care of yourself

      • Margaret Lahr

        What is with Mother?

        • KCM

          I think it is some probiotic thing but I need to google.

        • Christy Dion

          Margaret, there is a certain kind of Apple cider vinegar they sell in the organic food section of grocery stores. The label clearly says “with mother.” It is probiotic, & looks like sediment on the bottom of the bottle. Don’t shake it up!!! Excellent source of vitamin C.
          God bless

          • starry13

            Sounds like Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar.

          • Caroline Larsen-Shirts

            Why would you not shake it up? It says to shake it.

        • Lisa

          That question is wide open. Were you in too much pain to share?

        • Lisa

          Oh, sorry. I didn’t follow the chain of conversation. Now I see. It was in response to Elzbieta. Got it.

    • Cat

      I will keep you in prayer. Both food and knees are struggles for me as well. I have found great hope with battling overeating by attending Overeaters Anonymous. Once I let go of my resistance to the idea of attending meetings (mostly shame) and just showed up due to feeling so desperate about my overeating things began to change. I learned a great deal and found a closer way to walk with God. Wishing you all the best.

    • Karen

      Lifting you in prayer

    • Cynthia Rita Young

      I found relief from overeating at Food Addiction Education soon Facebook, this program was a miracle for me, I hope you find the freedom I found

    • Teresa Bringardner Morley

      I can relate. I’ve recently had some minor health issues come up – sepsis Dermatitis, neck and back pain. I’ve recently started physical therapy in an effort to be proactive about my health since I’ve messed up my body so much with my past overeating and destructive habits. Thankfully my insurance pays for the PT, but if I didn’t have that, I would be walking daily which has helped me in the past and I try to be mindful of what I am eating.

    • Maureen

      God has given you a tough battle. God must see you as a person of great faith and hope! I will pray for your success and I know you will achieve your goals! God bless you!

    • Me too

      Dear Over eating,

      I know th pains of over eating myself. I’ve battled depression my adult life, but I did not know I had it until 2008, when I was 32. It took almost 4 years to get it under control – it’s still a struggle – but getting back to you. I ate a lot of crappy foods high in sugar to “feel good” rushed and the weight came on. I joined over eaters anonymous – it helped a lot. Just thought I’d share the idea. Just like an alcoholic, OA helps with the addict tendencies of eating, which we struggle with since we need to eat to love, vs. drinking and drugs, gambling etc. which we do not need to. We still have to take out the tiger and walk he n three times a day as an older member once told me – who was also an alcoholic and drug addict in recovery – when he kicked the bottle – his addiction moved to food. Just thought I’d share.

      • Francine

        In recovery, my alcohol addiction has also turned to food. During this Lenten season, I am practicing DISCIPLINE (as one of my Religious Ed students said, “You’re going on a diet!”). I intend to keep up this practice once Lent is over……

    • Kristen Blackmar

      Bless you, lifting you up in prayer.

    • Lauren Connolly

      I struggle with food also and bad knees. I will pray for you to overcome that burden, because when you become healthy you will feel so much better and other things will also become doable for you. Good luck to you on your journey.

    • Nancy

      I am so sorry for your battle and will pray for you. Your first step is to go to your doctor and have a physical. Hopefully they can help you with an exercise and diet plan. The pool is a great place to exercise if you have bad knees. Join an exercise group for added socialization to help you get over your loss. Remember God is there for you, he has not abandoned you.

    • Karissa Rutkowski

      I am a recovering over eater. I found strength in God and through him a whole new way of eating that has freed me from that worry. If you want I can help you. I’ll keep you in my prayers. 🙏🏻

    • Patrick

      Drink lots…of water. Daniel asked for vegetables and water instead of the king’s food. “Fit for Life” by Harvey and Marilyn Diamond, not a diet but a lifestyle change. A friend just dropped 13 lbs in two weeks. Others I know, 50 to 100 and they have kept it off. God hates divorce, its brutal. God will help you overcome all of it.

      • Nikki

        Yes the Daniel diet! I struggle with my weight as well. I am doing a modified version of it (I am keeping the dairy and fish in my diet) and its day 6 and I feel great. I can already feel the inflammation in my belly going down. It’s hard, but in my moments of weakness, I turn to God.

      • Pat

        Thank you. I will look this up.

      • Your sister in Christ

        Yes, God hates divorce but Continues to LOVE the divorcee.

    • Cindy Moczydlowsky

      I had both knees replaced at the same time. I was blessed with a surgeon in Amsterdam, NY who uses Conformis Total Knee Replacement. This a custom knee replacement. They took a CT scan of my knees and sent that image to a 3-D printer which made the mound and all the tooling for MY knees as opposed to using a shelf knee! They never felt foreign to me. Three days after surgery I was climbing stairs in rehab. It has been two years and I can kneel and run. Praise God for this technology. I am not sure why anyone would do a traditional knee replacement. I would recommend traveling as far as you would have to in order to have a Conformis knee replacement!

      • Helen

        My left knee has bothered me for some time. What is the name of the surgeon who replaced your knee?

        • Cindy Moczydlowsky

          Both knees were replaced on the same day by Dr. Russel Cecil, Mohawk Valley Orthopedics, Amsterdam, NY

        • Cindy Moczydlowsky

          Dr Russel Cecil
          Mohawk Valley Orthopedics
          Amsterdam, NY

      • Julie Gentry

        Wow Cindy. Thanks for posting! I have family members struggling with knee and hip issues and don’t want to have the surgery because of possible complications. This will really give hope and hopefully we can check out a local option.

    • Ana

      Hello dear!
      I’m almost divorce too, but let me tell I found my refuge and peace of my soul through Mary our Mother in the rosary and Holy Communion, I’m so glad God prepare me to make the decision and move on, do not be afraid. It’s not easy living by myself now and I’m struggling financially month after month but I know and trust in God he will take care of me. Get involve in your church or an organization there are support groups and many people open to support you, get your mind occupied and grow spiritually.
      About your health, on Matthew’s book the best version of yourself, he said something very true… make a change in your life to improve it, only one little change and you will see the results!
      God bless you!

      • Adriana

        My divorce happened 6 years ago and was totally unexpected. God gave me the grace to see that everything happens to glorify HIM…if we dont resist it. Jesus offered HIS hand and I clung to it fiercely. Was it difficult? Yes, but I had hope things would work out for his greater glory. I have gotten much closer to HIM and have had the opportunity to join church groups. I am physically alone but NEVER truly alone for HE is with me. Now, i am planning my very first pilgrimage to Italy. God give me hope and Love. Cling to HIM and wondrous things will develop in your life. Best spouse ever!!! ❤️

        • Lorraine Doan

          Adriana, we share common ground. Divorce was not my choice either. I know exactly what you mean by placing ALL your trust in God. It was the hardest walk of my life, but I survived and thrived. I was a broken mess, but He put me back together again. Looking back, I know His plan was the BEST for my life. Couldn’t agree with you more — Best Spouse ever!!

      • Niecy


    • Blake

      One thing is clear through all of the responses you have received – YOU ARE NOT ALONE! God is showing you love, compassion and support through the people who have responded to you. Hold on to your hope, know you are cared for and loved, and take one day at a time. Tiny steps in the right direction will make a difference. Be kind to yourself and be patient! Keeping you in prayer.

    • Jennifer Haeussler Brewer

      I’ve been struggling with obesity all of my life too. I have a girlfriend that is older and said to me one day. “If I would have know then what I know now, I would not have worried about my weight. I only need to be healthy and love myself as God made me!” Those words have stuck with me. Love yourself!! God made you this way. Strive to be healthy. God Bless

    • Anita moody

      My sister was in the cycle of bad knees and obesity. The Ortho Dr refused to replace her knees until she lost weight but with her bad knees, she couldn’t exercise like she wanted and was depressed and ate some more. She finally found a compassionate Ortho surgeon who often replaced knees on overweight people with great success. Several years later, with 2 good knees and 80 less pounds she is enjoying life like never before. God bless you, your prayer family will be holding you up in prayer. You are not alone in your struggles

    • Elaine

      You can. Take one small step at a time. God believes in you so do I.

    • Maureen Blassou

      I admire your hope and courage. You will overcome. I would love to share with you some information for your health challenges if you want to contact me. I am praying for all the people posting today.

      • Me

        Thank you, I would appreciate some information.

        • Maureen Blassou

          Sure, can you

    • Dawn

      I am in the same boat, and have found hope in reading all the responses. You and I can do this. It is our struggle, or battle, but with daily prayer, clinging to Jesus in the desert, and our own fortitude, we can overcome our failures and start anew.

      • Joyce

        I am in the same boat also, overweight since my divorce which hurts me emotionally. I am thankful for family and friends prayers. I will add you to my prayer list because I have found prayers to be sooo helpful
        Have a blessed day

    • Andrea Morales-Ramos

      Don’t lose hop, you can do it. I struggled with overweight; I personally made it a spiritual journey. I did fasting every week to brake my food addiction and pray a lot. I was able to get into a healthy weight. That journey change my life, I went to college to study psychology and I have a master’s in health promotion. I am now, helping people get healthy but looking it through a Christian perspective. Good Luck and just keep going, God is with you.

      • Nancy

        Thank you for sharing. I like you, struggle now with being overweight. I am a stress eater and eat whenever I get stressed which seems like it is all the time. I want to fight this battle and be healthy. When you said you made it a spiritual journey – could you tell me a bit more about that? Thanks!

        • Andrea Morales-Ramos

          Sure, I used prayer and scriptures reading. ‘Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.'” “Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own”… I also did fasting on Fridays and use these verses as an encouragement. At the same time I worked on looking at food as nourishment. I did not exclude food I learned what type of food was best for my body. I even exercise and I used it as a prayer time and to remember the passion and all the physical suffering that Jesus suffered for us.
          I am a health and wellness professional and if you want to chat more I am happy to help. Here is my email

      • Leah Levitt

        I toomstruggle with overweight and stress eating. Thanks for your encouragement. I have started going to the gym. I eat less now, but still fall off the wagon. I like your ideas. Fortunately at 77 I am very healthy despite being fat. No Medication. Am also vegetarian which helps. Unfortunately I have a sweet tooth.

      • Michele Meinville Decerio

        I’d love to connect with you Andrea! I am a fitness coach with a studio in PA. I’d love to hear about your journey as that is something I could possibly suggest to my clients.

        • Andrea Morales-Ramos

          Hi Michele, of course, I would be happy to help and connect with you.
          You can email me at

          • Annette

            Hi Michele, I would love to connect with the both of you! I am currently an RN and in the middle of getting my health coach training. While this is a wonderful, successful program, one of the best in the US, I see that many if not most being trained have a new-age slant toward health and healing. My goal in becoming a HC is to help individuals regain their health and well-being, which means natural weight loss and vitality, while also providing pray support and spiritual enrichment if they are interested. May God lead and help us on these endeavors! Let me know if I can speak (write) to either of you. Annette

          • Andrea Morales-Ramos

            That is Awesome!!! I would love to connect with you. I am working on the same path, using my knowledge in psychology,fitness and health to bring people closer to God. Here is my email

    • Erinn

      Dear Me, last week we asked ourselves on day one, “Is this going to make me happier?” You are fighting a couple of big fights. I have started to try and constantly ask myself this question during the day as I make little decisions. If I haven’t found times when I’m responding yes, I look at it the opposite way–what should I do today to feel joy? Yesterday, I felt this urge to walk to a garden about a mile away, but I also felt the temptation of sloth telling me to relax at home and watch tv. I got my feet out the door, and they joy I felt is incredible. Once you start to accept these little joys, you seek them out and it’s easier to say yes to happiness. I pray that today, you can get your feet out the door and do something that helps you find joy. I’ll be praying for you.

      • Lea Novak

        I am constantly finding myself resisting doing things I know would make me happier than what I do instead! Thanks for the encouragement!

      • Terrill L. Volkerding Denton

        That was great post for me to read, thank you! You didn’t let resistance hold you back, I’m going to try to do the same!

      • Catherine Petrick Patel

        Thanks erinn, Very positive outlook.

      • Ronda Jewell

        Dear Me. I am praying for you. God has big plans for you. This lent is a great way to reflect not only on the messiness of our lives but on taking small steps to joy. God bless.

      • Carole DiNoto

        Very encouraging, good for you.

      • Maddie

        That is such a sweet thing to say and slmething so important to think about! Thanks for sharing!

      • Leah Levitt

        This sounds so much like me. I like the idea of will this make me happier. If the answer is yet get your feet moving out the door.

      • Leslie M

        Great advice Erinn! What a great way to reframe the question of joy and happiness!

      • Mike

        Me, remember to fill your black hole with God! Everything after that will fall in place. I’m also heavy and my wife is a third of my weight. She reminds me of taking care of the Temple God has been giving to me to care for. Through that reminder I try to make a conscions meal consumption. Also, part of my resistance is to get out and walk etc.

        • Shelley

          Great advice, Mike! I needed to hear that today!

      • Maureen Daniels Ceglia

        Love that Erinn……you have a beautiful soul. 💞

      • Lupe Powers Ramirez

        My battle is my 34yr old son. He’s made alot of bad choices in his life and God and I are to blame. He’s says if God really excite’s then why does he not show him what to do in his life. According to him he doesn’t know how to make good choices. Why does God allow bad things to happen to people. Disease, hunger, suffering, wars.

        • MaryAnne Casaul

          Lupe, I have a 27 yr old son who has made bad choices also. Never give up! I pray everyday for my son who has now moved out, has a job, girlfriend, is a believer and thanks me for not giving up and always being there for him. God has a plan for everyone. It is not our time frame but Gods.

          • Peggy

            MaryAnne, you have put that situation into a beautiful paragraph.
            I hope I remember that when A loved one is struggling with God and life.
            God never gives up on us!

          • Anne Mason

            Thanks for sharing, MaryAnne. Reading you post gives me even more hope for my daughter to come back to me and our entire family. Peace.

          • MaryAnne Casaul

            Anne, I’m glad to give you Hope. When my son was going through his bad choices I questioned my faith. I even took down religious pictures in my home. My son and daughter got upset with me for taking the pics down. They told me not to take it out on God and where was my faith? Those pics went back up so fast and I knew then that God had heard my prayers and was working! Never give up.

        • Elizabeth Thomas

          Lupe–for there to be the ability to love—God had to give mankind freewill, other wise we would be robots. From freewill came ‘bad things’ happening in this world. When sin entered into His perfect Eden—the end result of sin came into existence too. God can only watch as we His Children choose to do what is good or what is bad—but He is always there waiting and as soon as we humble ourselves–admit the mistakes–He swoops in to help. Lupe–we pray that your son is healed of all the emotional hurts of his young life that now contributes to his way of actions and choosing poorly the way to go. Remember St. Monica and St. Augustine who was about your son’s age before converting.

        • dave

          Lupe, Children are our gift from God for a time. He trusts us with them until the time they are ready to make their own decisions. You are not to blame, satan loves for you to guilt yourself into your son’s difficulty, so you can stay down and guilty, away from the person you were created to be. Sadly, my wife and I of 33 years lost our 24 year old son to addition over 3 years ago. Life here on this earth is not comfortable and easy. It is difficult and messy. My son never figured this out. Your son needs to, real soon! In my humble opinion, this is why we have our faith to pull us through the difficult times, trusting in God and his will, not ours. God knew our son could no longer live on earth and help others because he was consumed with addiction. My son’s spirit is very active, full of energy and assistance. His spirit does not hurt me like his physical body did. Your son needs to realize God is not here to excite us, He is here to guide us after we put our trust in HIM!
          God be with you!

          • kiannafleur

            I’m sorry for your loss, dave. I hope you’re having Masses celebrated for your son.

        • Prolifedem6M

          Hope you’re not buying into “God and I are to blame.” Neither God nor you made those choices. Your son did.
          You can’t make your son believe. That’s between him and God.
          He doesn’t know how to make good choices? He’s conning both himself and you. Ask him what choice he would make if he did know how to make a good choice.
          Your son is 34 years old. It’s time he accepts responsibility for his choices as an adult. It will be hard for you to cut him loose, but that’s what you have to do for both your sake and his.

        • Arthur Brown

          I have a soon to be 34 year old son that has made bad choices. Notice what I said, He has made the bad choices and you and God are not to blame. God gives us free will and it is our responsibility to make that choice. Matthew Kelly has wrote two wonderful books that your son should read. Rediscovering Jesus and Resisting Happiness. You can get them on Dynamic Catholic website for the price of shipping. His problem as well as my son is that they don’t understand the love and death on the cross of Jesus and that His sufferings freed us from our sins and He will continue to forgive us when we ask. Jesus can give your son a new lease on life but it has to be up to him to ask Jesus. If you can’t afford the book Rediscovering Jesus I have an extra copy I can send you and I also have another book called Rediscovering Catholicism. Just respond to this message and send me your address so I can ship them out to you. I am a Dynamic Catholic Ambassador and Lent is a perfect time for you to go to Jesus and your Son to reconnect to Jesus as we are getting to celebrate the death of Jesus but the Resurrection and His promise he has made to us. He will be there always to lean on and carry you when you need to be carried. As Matthew Kelly said life is a mess and even though I have burdens I see that your life and the mess that you are dealing with out ways my mess in my life. I have Jesus in the center of my life and I ask Him everyday to give me wisdom in all that I do and I thank him for everything He has given to me. Because sometimes the mess is what I have to look at in order to look up and ask God, Christ and the Holy Spirit to lift me up and guide me through my mess. I am writing this to you because God has placed these words on my heart to share with you to let you know that He loves you and will never forget you and wants to be with you at all times. My prayers are with you this night as I am in a way the same way you are and we both have to let God show us what he wants us to do and to let go and let God. God Bless you in your spiritual journey with God, Christ and the Holy Spirit.

          • ML DeFilippo

            YES! Well said!

        • Arthur Brown

          There is a book I just finished that is called Everyone needs to forgive Someone by Alan Hunt. It is a book you need to read to learn to that God forgives you so you can forgive yourself and then you can forgive others.

        • Karen Veit

          Lupe, I too have a son (39) who has made one bad choice after another and never seems to learn from them. I blamed myself for years and found it very difficult to trust that God will take care of him. But I’m finally able to “let go and let God”. I pray for him everyday. I used to think God was playing a cruel joke on me because I chose St. Monica as my confirmation name only because I liked the name and didn’t know who she was! But now I believe he led me to choose her because he knew how much I would be praying to her for my own son. God gave humans a free will and with that free will some decisions are made that cause bad things through our fault, not God’s. I pray that both of our sons will return to God and live out His will.

        • Paularn

          Lupe based on the many reply’s it sounds like many of us are not alone. I too have a son who is trying to figure it out despite friends that don’t help him be the best version of himself. It’s hard as a parent to sit back and watch someone struggle. My view is once my children are adults they are in God’s hands and I can continue to pray for them. We all make choices that aren’t always the best or make us the best version of ourselves
          but the one thing that is present is our love for each other and helping that loved one back up each time. There is no doubt life is messy but it’s how we respond to it that will make or break us. I choose to pray for my son and say Jesus I trust in you.

        • Lori Grajek

          I recommend a book by Gary Michuta called How to Wolf Proof YOur Kids. It has great ideas on how to talk with people that have fallen away. I’ll pray….

        • Lori Grajek

          Also, remember St. Augustine and his mother Monica. She kept praying for him when he was living a life of debauchery and now he is one of our greatest church fathers! Just keep praying for him.

          • Lupe Powers Ramirez

            Yes, I just got that book. It’s amazing how he did a 360. It really give me hope.
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          • Lori Grajek

            Yes I agree. It gives those of us who have unsaved loves ones hope and the motivation to keep praying! God isn’t finished with them (us) yet!!

          • Lupe Powers Ramirez

            Yes, I just got that book. It’s amazing how he did a 360. It really give me hope.
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          • Lupe Powers Ramirez

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            On Wed, Mar 8, 2017 at 11:28 PM, david ramirez wrote: Yes, I just got that book. It’s amazing how he did a 360. It really give me hope.
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          • Lupe Powers Ramirez

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            On Wed, Mar 8, 2017 at 11:28 PM, david ramirez wrote: Yes, I just got that book. It’s amazing how he did a 360. It really give me hope.
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      • Lydia

        Very uplifting, thank you

        • Suzanne Beurer Nader

          I am dealing with the same battle. I have had both hips and a knee replaced. One of the hips surguries had to be redone. The battle of the bulge is frustrating. Although I can’t solve all my health issues with weight loss, it really does help, especially with joint issues. Our bones can only take so much pressure. When we add older age to the equation, God is really saying to me, put your food choices in My hands. I will help you.

          • Carol

            Yes, I agree. I am facing knee surgery soon, and thought to eat less and lose a little weight. Instead, it is like a cannot get enough food in one day. Muncxhing here and there. It is so frustrating. .every day I ask God to give me more strength and resistance to those temptations. prayer is powerful!

          • Carolyn Miller

            I have had both my knees replaced. Try doing some exercises to strengthen the musciles around your knee. It is help you recover faster.

          • Suzanne Beurer Nader

            Carol, sometimes we eat out of stress, or just plain nervousness. Try writing down your food. Find a hobby to get your mind off food. I have found that setting the timer helps. After 15 min.if I am still hungry I will allow myself a piece of fruit, or a sensible measured snack.

      • Babs

        Needed to hear this too! Thank you!

      • Dj

        I think when it comes to food resistance is trickier. Here are a couple of things I try to remember:
        1. I may have list the breakfast battle, but I can still win the lunch and dinner battle.
        2. If I have a carton of eggs, and I drop one egg. Do I throw away the carton? No I don’t, what I do is learn from that and hold one ro my eggs tighter?
        3.the battle with working out starts with putting the tennis shoes on…put them on…

        • Carmen Villalba

          Well said! I read somewhere that a great way to avoid overeating (especially at meals) is to plan something you live to do (maybe a nice walk?) for after the meal so that you are finding happiness in something other than food. Good luck and I’ll be praying for you!

          • mjtav240

            I like that idea, Carmen!!! I’m going to try it!! Thanks for the post!!

        • Christina

          Wow, your carton of egg amplify spoke to me. I feel bc I have gained so much weight that I have let myself go to far and just one walk or workout is not going to do anything. So I do nothing! It’s a mountain to climb and I feel doomed!

          • Mary Hanrahan

            I am finding that cutting down on carbs and having very little sugar helps me not to crave the bad stuff so much. I’ve been on a lot of diets but this is the best one. I let myself have a lot of meat, cheese, and veggies, some fruit especially berries. I have some treats to like a handful of potato chips and some yummy veggie cream cheese. I found frozen chocolate treats at Aldi’s that are only 40 calories, and have no sugar. The journey of a thousand miles starts with one step. One 10 minute walk, and another can start a habit! I am asking Jesus to help you to give this to him. Hand it over to him! If he has your problem, you have great hope! Put your hand in his, and your mountain will become a smooth path! I pray that you will experience a great surge of HOPE!

          • Steven Elton

            keep your daily carb intake at 50 grams per day and you will see the weight fall off. diet is 20% exercise and 80% what you eat.

          • Barbara Levich

            It’s like getting a tan. Just a little bit builds up over time. So, just for today, promise yourself that with Jesus’ help you will do what you can.

          • Theresa

            Try the Ideal Protein. Diet. It works. Your local dietician can help. Don’t give up.

          • Mary Ann

            I watched a program with a heart surgeon that discovered that our bodies need more FAT but Good Fat! He noticed that his patients that followed a diet high in good fats lost more weight rapidly and their cholesterol dropped and those who were diabetic were able to get off their medicine. Some of the Good Fats are Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Nuts such as almonds and different seeds, sunflower, flax and others. Cutting out more of the sugars and processed foods along with starchy carbs is the best for good health also. He suggested more healthy vegetables and fruits but not processed fresh and organic if possible. God Bless!

        • Kathi

          “Put them on.” I think I’ll make that my go-to motto. Thanks, DJ

      • Mary Aguirre

        beautifully said; thank you for your prayers; we all need them! 🙂

      • Sherry Hayes-Peirce

        Me, I have such empathy for you. My husband has suffered with emotional eating as a coping mechanism for many loses and disappointments in his life. The coping mechanism had triggered diabetes, cholesterol, heart problems and knee problems. July 13th he nearly died at 56, and while they were treating him on the way to the ER I grabbed his hand and said ” Jesus please don’t take him, let this be a reminder to take better care of the body you’ve given him”. He survived and it sparked a 50 lb weight loss over three months. I call him Moses because he walks 5 – 10 miles in a day three times or more a week. He started reading books about what food does to your body and he cut out a lot of the bad stuff. He did have a knee replacement 2 years ago and it was the best thing he could have ever done. His recovery time was pretty good he was up and walking the day after the surgery then started driving after two weeks. Lastly, he watches the show my 600 lb life that helps him stay on track. The show encourages you get a therapist, but Jesus is the best counselor ever to me! God Bless YOU!

        • Jennifer Wasiak Weaver

          BRAVO! to you and your husband. Thank you for sharing and may God continue to give him the strength to stay on the path to healing both spiritually and physically. God is good

          • Sherry Hayes-Peirce

            Thanks Jennifer for your response. God bless you too!

        • Lori Grajek

          Thank God he recovered and it motivated him. I guess that’s the resistance we are learning about. (his previous struggle with weight) God bless you both.

          • Sherry Hayes-Peirce

            Thank you so much for your best wishes.

      • Michelle Peltier

        Erinn, you have such a positive attitude. I think I am positive too, but don’t always feel happy. I am going to try your suggestion and plan for happy moments in each day. Thank you.

      • Donna Nabholz

        Every time I make the right choice a say to myself “take that tempter happiness wins again!” it is the small stuff now but I see it getting a little bigger everyday. Even one of my co-works said I seemed happier! And you know what I am!

      • Maria Cecilia Lairet

        I don’t know you, but just reading what you wrote gave me an answer to a long unanswered question I had. God bless you

    • Pam Keeling

      I too am battling obesity. It is hard to even put it in writing. I lost my husband to Alzheimer’s a year and a half ago and have struggled with that loss. This Lent, I am focusing on my eating disorder and pray I can turn my health around taking it one day at a time. It is so difficult.

    • Nancy Houdek-swanson

      The message that our priest gave yesterday at mass was awesome. When a four yr old boy was asked why he did something naughty, he immediately replied. “The devil made me do it.” He suggested 2 things. Pause: how often do we make a snap decision only to rue it later. Take a moment, ask yourself if that 2nd brownie is a wise choice, or getting in the car after having that 3rd drink is a good idea. Secondly, ask who and whose you are. Answer: “I am a beloved child of God. And I can do all things through Him, who strengthens me.”

      • Terrill L. Volkerding Denton

        Loved this!!!

    • Robin Taggart

      You my dear friend are not alone. After reading a lot of replies to you I felt a hug for them. Also, apple vinegar!! I gotta try this!! My body is sooty of wack right now and I’m truly done with it!! Today is Monday and my goal is to stay focused on my new hobby…eating healthy, exercising and drinking my water!! Stay Focused!!

      PS. I’m divorced and stayed single to raise my boys!! They are almost grown!!

    • Brenda

      Be kind to yourself. Practice positive body affirmations. Start by looking in the mirror and telling yourself that you are lovable and you like your body. It has done wonderful things for you. Move on a little at a time to learn to love your body. It wasn’t until I did this that I was able to lose 70 pounds. I used to look in the mirror and tell myself what a fat pig I was. I started the positive affirmations and changed my thoughts about myself. I used Weight Watchers and a lot of patience. It did not happen quickly but it did come off over time. I have kept if off for 5 years now. I practice loving myself and my body now. Of course, I did not have to deal with divorce and I can only imagine how difficult that is for you. I did, however, have to deal with losing my husband of 25 years. Learn to love yourself. A divorce does not define you. God loves you and wants you to be happy.

      • Ma

        Nicely said Brenda, thanks for sharing!

    • MaryAnn

      Wow , I had to look and see the name, and make sure that it wasn’t me who wrote this. I got divorced after 40 years. I too struggle with food. I think might as well get some comfort so food is it. When your alone it is hard not to feel sorry for yourself. BUT you can change. God loves you so much. He sees your brokenness. I used to think there’s world hunger, and wars etc. why would God care about my pain…HE does he is God after all. You are his and he doesn’t want you to hurt in anyway. Turn to Him everyday all day. He loves you so much.

    • J Martinez

      I am in tears as a read your post. that is my battle as well. I haven’t had a divorce, but it has definitely impacted my marriage. I have hope as well, but it’s such a tough battle. I find that most are very judgemental about this battle and in turn I have become hard on myself. As Matthew says we must be gentle with ourselves to navigate the battle. I will pray for you and remember we are in this together!

    • roccobass

      Dear Lord, You are mighty in all things please help Me to feel your love for her as the one special unique lady she is in this world and feel your presence and power in her life.


    • Alice

      Hi there Me! 🙂 You are not alone. Many people have this battle. For me it’s every day. I am trying to take in to account the “Resisting Happiness” that Matthew Kelly talked about. I also joined Weight Watchers. They have a lot of support at meetings and on line. It’s sensible and you will be with others like you. Don’t give up. What helps me is taking one day at a time. It’s hard but after a good day, I really feel better. More good days than bad and if you slip, tomorrow’s a new day. Love comes your way today. Look at all of your responses. God Bless.

    • Me

      Thank you Everyone! I struggled to type my comments last night but I am so blessed that I did. Waking up to so many replies and knowing that I am not alone has given me great hope for today! God Bless to all of and I am praying for all of you also! We can achieve with God’s help!

      • Monica

        Dearest Me, By now you must be seeing how beautiful is the Body Of Christ evident in all the love and support being shared. We do ALL have terrible struggles and we all feel alone at times in facing them and that no one else “gets it” which makes us feel low and want to give up. At these times we tend to give in to other self-destructive behaviors that are not good for us either and the cycle goes on and on. Open your heart, Me, to hearing the encouragement (some gentle, some not) and rely on the Body of Christ to further transform you. Consider how Christ showed us that He, God’s Own Son, chose not get the cross to Golgotha without the help and care of men and women (Simon & Veronica). The first steps of change are so hard but little good results snowball into bigger good results. My knees were very painful and it hurt to walk but the more I walked, gave up animal food, and lost weight, the stronger the knees got and the easier it was to walk and walk farther. My prayers are also with you, Our Lady’s Mantle will be around you helping you along as you give Jesus your full trust. God Bless and Keep You!

    • Brigid Jenkins

      I so relate to what you are going through. I found help with the book “It starts with food”. I am no longer hungry and feel fantastic. I’m off statin and no longer diabetic. I’m old but lost 17 pounds so far. But the best is I say Grace again because my food is from God and this beautiful world. 53 years of dieting and finally found my answer. Hope you can too. Initially it looks impossible but it isn’t. May God bless you.

    • Debbie

      Thoughts and prayers are with you. I invite you to check out 2 books from Dr Steven Masley, Smart Fat and The 30 Day Heart Tune Up. Inspiring reads. There is also a new TV show this season: This Is Us, which has two people dealing with your weight struggles that you might enjoy.

    • Carol Cuomo

      That is a lot to tackle at once but nothing is impossible with God. Find a way to exercise that you will enjoy and stick to. Do you enjoy the water? Water is a great way to exercise especially with joint issues. The water gives you resistance in every direction you travel. I find once you get moving you will be encouraged to perhaps eat healthier.

    • Niecy

      Erinn’s words are very hopeful. I will be praying for you, Me. I am sorry you have such difficult battles right now.

    • Jeff Mere

      I have not loss my spouse but I am battling the same issue of overeating and being overweight. I will pray for your strength to be strong as I know God wants us healthy. I am trying to utilize this lent by turning to Him during my weak moments when I would normally turn to food. I know it won’t be perfect but if I maintain HOPE and FAITH that God will feed me and I go on a spiritual “diet” I will possibly heal the wounds of the past that have led me down this road whereas food as been the answer. God Bless!

    • James Troska

      This is my hubby’s site, but I’m Marilyn. I so agree with drinking a lot of water; I drink 16 oz. the first thing I awake in the A.M. It starts my body’s elimination process and drinking about 32-48 oz. daily is a great diet help. Doing 10 min. of exercise before each meal gets your metabolism up. This may take some time for you to do. My prayers are with you, Me, and also with all others in this posting. Love, Marilyn T.

    • James Troska

      This is my hubby’s site. Me, I forgot to share…my 69 yr. old cousin ate salads & beans for 3 mos. and lost 40 lbs. in 2001 & kept it off. A bit drastic, but her brother-in-law went on a week fast of only liquids, so she said to herself, if he can do THAT, I can at least do salads & beans! Marilyn T.

    • William R. McCabe


    • Fanny

      So be it my dear me. You are not alones. I am battling excess weight and health issues but my hope is stronger than these problems.

    • weedybird

      It’s so hard to lose weight! But I found a great structured diet that did not leave me hungry and changed the way I look at and use food. It’s called Whole30. Guidelines and recipes are online and does not cost anything. Once I started reading labels and realized how much sugar is in every. single. thing. that comes in a package, it was easy to stop eating that junk. Now I eat strawberries and fresh fruit when I NEEEED some pick me up. And the rest is easy, it’s actually what God made for us to eat, fresh vegetables and meats, fish and seafood, eggs, nuts, fruits, all created by himself and the best things to put in our bodies. You can do this and might avoid surgery once the weight comes off! Praying for the best for you 🙂

    • Therese Tamburello

      I understand about losing weight. I need to lose 70 lbs. whoa…one little step at a time I tell myself. There are usually good reasons why we are over weight. I plan on laying them before the Father, then exercising safely along with good eating habits. When one is overweight, the exercise part needs to be done safely, then as we lose more and more weight, we can do other types of exercises that will help us lose even more weight. I need to start out small with exercise because I am overweight.Courage and carry on by God’s help always.

    • Amanda

      Do you know about a group called Overeaters Anonymous? My dear friend is a member and raves about how the group has brought her healing. It works like Alcoholics Anonymous with the 12 step process of healing. I will pray for you. I too have struggled with an addiction to food. Surrendering myself to Christ to break the shackles of food addiction finally worked. May Jesus give you the grace to be free.

    • Mary

      Hang on to that hope and especially God in this journey. Last year I came to the same realizations that you are talking about. It is amazing with some weight loss (I am still needing to lose more) and regular exercise, my knees no longer bother me the way they did. There have been times when the temptations have pulled me back, however, realizing that I’m doing this not only for myself but to honor God and His temple of my body that he has given me has drawn me back to the discipline. I am dealing with the stress of caring for an aging mother which causes me to derail my plan. However, I realize that is an excuse, or a resistance, to what I truly need to do. Only with God’s help and the Blessed Virgin Mary’s help, have I been able to tackle these issues. Remember, God loves you and as Matthew often says, wants you to become the best version of yourself.

    • Kathleen Spector

      I will pray for you! I too fight overeating and have begun not only a nutrition journal where I plan and track my meals and what I have eaten each day; the amount of water I drink to curb my hunger, but also my prayers each day. I find when I participate in daily Mass and prayer morning and evening prayer, the Angelus and the Rosary as well as engage in spiritual reading, I allow grace to fill me up! Each day I place my desires at the foot of the cross and ask Jesus to help me carry the cross I will endure today: the burden is much lighter I find!
      May God’s grace help you today and everyday.

    • Marie Higham

      I will say a prayer for you today that through the grace of God you will be given the strength to conquer your weight issues. I know how hard that is first hand.
      I am very sorry for the pain you’ve gone through in your divorce.

    • Carmen Daniels

      Dear Me,

      You will overcome this battle of overeating and obesity! Start small by making one simple change to your diet (i.e. you eat a bag of green veggies every day or drink half a gallon of water each day). I’ve learned that when I try and change my entire eating habits or workout routine I tend to have less success vs. when I take baby steps. Try making a small change each week, and eventually you will realize how all those small changes ad up over time. Accept days when you may get off track and know that each little effort leads towards a bigger goal. It takes 21 days to make a habit, so give it time and know that in the long run this will make you feel better 🙂

    • Cassie Chandler

      Dear Me,
      When my husband died, I just wanted to crawl under the bed and stay there. The world was going on without me and it didn’t seem right. The only thing that helped me was to thank God for something before I got out of bed.
      I still do this everyday. It gives me some hope. I hope this helps you. It wasn’t a cure-all but a little something to get me through.
      Prayers for you.

      • Barb Stuart

        Thank you ,Cassie.I think I forget about who I should thank and when I should thank God. To start my day out with thanking God sounds so simple but defiently so awesome. This is so important! You have made my day.All our comments help each and everyone of us to go throught the day with a bigger smile on our faces and the cross,maybe, alittle smaller.

    • David Boff

      Dear Me – you have my deepest sympathy and prayers. After many many years i lost the 30 pounds I wanted to last year. I used a step app and made sure I hit my daily step count – for me 9000. I also limited my caloric intake to about 1800-1900 calories. I did this with a food tracking app. It was difficult but also the most liberating thing. Trust in God – count calories – even if you eat a piece of candy – make it small – and good luck. God will help you. After you get to your target weight you will be shocked at how much you can eat. God Bless you

    • starry13

      God bless you!

    • Battle-Weary

      Dear Me, I could have written your statement, only I am trying to get over losing my husband to death but it is the same grief that we share… is a loss either way…..I am filled with shame about what I have done to my body and how I can’t enjoy anything because of the constant struggles with walking…..thanks for having the courage to share….

    • Lydia

      I have also battled both of your battles, it’s a hard journey but you can get through it, those little steps make a huge difference.

    • MJ

      Me, I will pray for you. Start moving your body every day. Walk, swim or something. If you stay with it, you will make great progress by Easter. Remember you are stronger than you think. Be patient work steadily and the weight will come off.

    • helena handbasket

      I’ve been heavy my whole life. I tried lots of diets and felt lousy for having no willpower. Will power doesn’t exist. Some people have insulin sensitivities and that’s the key. Check out “The Obesity Code,” by Jason Fung and the book, “Always Hungry.” After a lifelong struggle with weight, I incorporated a little of both of these authors’ suggestions and lost 30 pounds the first three months of 2016. Good luck!

    • Joy Dauterman

      I pray for you, it’s never easy no matter your size. Know God’s love for you no matter what. You can do this, just remember to love yourself as Jesus does.

    • Anne Mason

      Hi there. When I read your comment, I could relate. I’ve been morbidly obese for almost my entire life; have one knee that doesn’t have any cartilage left in it, and the other knee isn’t too far behind. In 1994, I also went through a messy divorce and was both mother and father to my daughter (even before the divorce). The absolute only thing that kept me going was my faith. Sure, sometimes it faltered a bit; but I never gave up. Over the last 2-1/2 years, I’ve lost over 100 lbs. Still obese and at 56 yrs old, probably will be heavy for the rest of my life; but I don’t beat myself up as much as I used to. The weight loss has allowed me to move better and has relieved some of the knee pain too. Keep the faith (literally). Always remember how much God loves and cares for you. Pray for healing; both physically and emotionally, and to overcome the food addiction. With God ALL things are possible! I will be praying for you. <3 Anne M.

    • Carol

      I too lost a spouse through divorce. We were married 40 years. I was in the state of shock. I spent a lot of time walking and praying the rosary and chaplet of divine mercy, and of course speaking to God from my heart. Could you maybe begin with short walks until your knees are better? Know that it gets better and you will heal. God is good. I am praying for you.

    • Maria

      I feel you I grew up overweight, I have come a long way I lost a hundred pounds with lots of hard work and eating right most times when I was 23 but the battle didn’t end there I have battled with bulemia , achololism, and struggling with the fat monster thru the years now at 44 yrs old The struggle is real! My knees are bad and I can’t workout as hard as I used too. I lost my sister and my dad recently and it’s been hard not to fall into Great Depression and old habits .. so I know how it feels .. stay strong pray a lot!! I’m praying for you!

    • Dan

      Ok Me, listen to me, because I was you three years ago, and
      I already had a bilateral TKR which left about sixty percent disabled in one
      leg. In the last year I have lost over one hundred pounds, go to the gym three
      times a week and crush it till I’m exhausted, and I’ll be 54 in two months. And
      the only reason I’m hear is because I just met the most incredible woman I’ve
      ever known and she asked to do this with her. I’m happier than I have ever been
      in my entire life, so tell me…me, do you want to be me or stay you? Because I
      will tell you how I did it. First of all, if all you have is hope you’re never
      going to make it. You need faith not hope, hope is external, faith is internal
      and if you can find the power of faith in yourself you will never have the
      power to change. The power you need to change your life God has already given
      you, you just don’t use it. So stop hoping and praying because God is saying, “I
      gave you the power, what more can I do?” God believes in you so why don’t you.
      God gave you his power, use it. Second face your fears. We can’t win when we
      are afraid, because it is easier to hide from it than deal with it. Its easier to
      eat ice cream and watch TV than face the fear and pain that rips at our souls.
      This is where you go back and reread what you do first, because you already have
      the power to face your fears. Once you have faced your fears and dealt with
      that you will have only one thing left. Face the truth of who you are, who you
      are not, and who you want to be. You know what you do not like about you just
      as I knew what I hated about me. We all know who we are not because we all know
      we are not the people God knows we should be and can be. So decided who is it
      you really want to be, and become that person, you’ll really need all the power
      God has given you for this one. And turn off the TV. So after all that, the
      diet is a piece of cake, pun intended. No sugar, its toxic and its killing you,
      best tasting poison in the world. No processed food, it’s full of sugar. No sugar
      subs because the only differences is one is natural poison and one is manmade.
      No bread, No potatoes. If you can do that, and I know you can, God knows you
      can, for just sixty days, you’ll never be you again, and you’ll be who you always
      wanted to be. All you have to do is believe in yourself as much as God believes
      in you.

    • Robyn

      Dear Me-I also have that same battle of overeating and obesity – mine was morbidly obese. It’s been a lifetime struggle for me. I’ve tried many diets and programs including a wonderful catholic food program, but I just couldn’t do it. I’m a sugar addict and just can’t eat it in moderation no matter how I tried. The only thing that works for me is abstaining from sugar and substances that turns into sugar in my body. I’m in a 12 step program for food addiction and have lost over 116lbs and kept it off for over 4 years. It’s a one day at a time thing but with God all things are possible.

    • Susan Henderson

      I got terribly sick 4 years ago. I was already overweight & gained 70 lbs in one year! This created numerous other health problems: fatty liver disease, plantar fasciitis so bad in both feet i could barely walk for a whole year, a slipped vertebrae in my back that pinched my nerve causing great pain etc. To boot, I have an extremely rare medical condition which causes insatiable hunger. My Dr sent me for a medically supervised HMR weight loss plan through the local hospital. I still had extreme nausea when i started it & could barely exercise bc of the pain. The support i received there was incredible. My health educator & the weekly support meetings helped a great deal. I felt they could have done more with the addictive nature of obesity but i have attended Overeaters Anonymous for that as well. 3 years later, i have lost 155 lbs & am at my maintenance weight of 150. I track everything i eat, make sure to incorporate 5 cups of fruits & vegetables & 64oz of water a day. I eat at least 3 oz of protein every meal & stay away from refined carbs (flour, grains, and sugar) for the most part. I do like my daily dose of chocolate in moderation! I ask myself the HALTS questions before eating: this is an acronym for am i eating bc i am Hungry or bc I am Angry, Lonely, Tired, Stressed or Scared. I would add Celebrating to that list as well. Instead of eating when these things occur, i know it is time to pray, call a friend, go burn some stress by exercising, do a hobby or something besides stuffing down my feelings or comforting myself with food. I no longer have crazy high liver enzymes, high triglycerides & cholesterol, acid reflux disease or pain in my back, knees, ankles & feet. My mobility is fantastic-I used to have a hard time just getting up out of a chair. I am also VERY aware of the terrible things processed & fast food do to my body. Quitting the carbs ended most of those cravings. Find some good support & someone who can educate you about food, but I promise you if you do the 5 cups of Fruits & Veggies every day it will start to make a difference.

      • Karen Kotzbach McCreary

        HMR was my place of employment and my weight loss of 130lbs. It ‘s the country’s best kept secret ! The daily accountability is no different than using hope to slay the dragon of resistance ! Love to all . I pray nightly for all the people on this journey through the best Lent ever . We will be seeing Matthew Kelly on 3/25 at our church and I am really looking forward to something for the first time in a very long time .

        • Karen Kotzbach McCreary

          Sharon, The weight’s been off over 30 years so I really know the long haul of it ! Keep up the good fight ! (hug)

        • Susan Henderson

          I had a wonderful Health Educator in my HMR program who encouraged me the whole way. So grateful for her & my weight loss & my new style of eating. So glad you will get to see Matthew Kelly! I see from posts you made a year ago that you have a terminal illlness. Is this causing depression that you have not had anything to look forward to for a long time?

          • Karen Kotzbach McCreary

            Susan, thank you for your reply . I LOVED my job at HMR and was successful with many patients . I firmly convinced that their program is the Rolls Royce of weight/health management. Illnesses take up a lot of my energy and time . Other family issues really are more responsible for my depression . I firmly believe that I’m in God’s hands as is my family . It is just so hard to have to watch it all happen and not be able to do anything with or for them in the physical sense. Prayer works ! LOL (I never ever doubted that .) I’ve not been well since Dec. 3rd. I missed a few social engagements and the upcoming talk will probably be the highlight of the year. Not a bad highlight , huh ? Love and continued prayers . K PS Can I ask what city you are in ? I did the start of the program in Cleveland and finished it and then worked in Fort Worth . It was quite a drive from northeast of Dallas and I did a number on my back doing it. But, I would do it all over ,if given the chance !

          • Susan Henderson

            I am in Wichita, KS. I did HMR through our Via Christi hospital’s program. I am sorry you have not been well since Dec. I, too, have been fighting chronic illness for the last 4 years, but I am finally getting better. It is very HARD watching family members suffer & not be able to help them. My health issues & my daughter’s mental health problems plunged me into clinical depression last June. I am slowly getting better. I will pray that you are well enough to go to Matthew Kelly’s talk when the time comes. In the meantime we have a lot to offer up in union with the sufferings of Christ for our beloved loved ones.

          • Karen Kotzbach McCreary

            Susan Henderson SOO glad you’re getting better ! There is nothing fast about coming out of the black hole as I call it . After all, it’s dark in there and sometimes we bump into things on the way out . Here’s a (HUG) and a smile . Be assured of continued prayers . BTW, if you ever get to Dallas / Plano , the door is open !

          • Susan Henderson

            Karen, i have a good friend in San Antonio but I have yet to make it down for a visit. The last time I was through Dallas en route to Florida, it was rush hour and my brother in law wanted to talk to my husband who was driving about our dog escaping. I’ve been battling the depression thing my whole life but difficult life events tend to plunge me into major depressive episodes. I sometimes wonder if I had a stronger faith if this would occur. I pray you find your way out of the black hole as well. John Paul II said the essence of suffering is that events occur over which we have no control. Coming to an acceptance of a chronic health condition and the limitations it causes as you have takes time. I’ve found it helps to be grateful for the things I am able to do rather than focusing on what I cannot.

          • Karen Kotzbach McCreary

            I totally get the driving and dog thing . How nuts was that ? Dallas is one of the worst places to drive around at any time and rush hour has had books read and probably written through it ! I really do focus on the what I cans and always have things to do in the when I cans . I believe you have a strong faith or you wouldn’t be doing this ; Best Lent Ever and replying to me take not just faith but courage . You are putting yourself out there and it’s not always easy. Prayers always . *_* K

      • Margo

        Well done!! 🙂

    • Molly

      I struggled for many years with weight issues and body image. Even though I exercised daily I couldn’t outrun the food and wine I was consuming on a daily basis. Four years ago I decided to try Weight Watchers after seeing my sister lose 65 lbs. I set small goals for myself like wanting to lose 5-10 lbs and once I accomplished that I set another goal. In six months I lost 40 lbs and kept the weight off four years later. I am small framed so extra 40 lbs caused a lot of aches to my body. Four years later I feel heather and have more energy than I did in my late 20s and I just turned 50. Keep faith and you can accomplish anything!!
      God Bless!!

    • Carol Steward

      God Bless you. The loss of a loved one is never easy. Life can be very stressful and we all need comfort. Sometimes it is food that comforts us. Please reach out to friends, family and especially to God. You Health and happiness are very important!!

    • Karen

      Dear Me, I share your battle with overeating and obesity. My knees need to be replaced. I love walking and can no longer do it as I used to. My daughter also struggles with obesity but has become determined to overcome it. Yesterday I watched a video my son took of her hiking over rocks, walking upright with a pack on her back talking (she was not breathless) and laughing. It was inspirational! Sure she is 30 and I’m 63, but she showed me I can tackle this and take hold of my health. When I feel like I’m going to eat something (I am an emotional eater) I started saying to myself, “Is this what God wants me to do with my ‘free will’?” I will pray for you Me. Many of us are struggling and through prayer can support each other.

    • Lourdes Paz Kawaguchi

      Me, I hope this retreat helps you to work your way through theses hard time, like I hope it helps me. My prayers are with you….

    • Tiffany Taylor

      I too am battling overeating! I recently had back surgery & can’t do much but eat. Once I saw the scale it hit worse, it’s like I couldn’t stop… I can’t be overweight for my job, so now I worry about that….

    • Helen Lamping

      I was very obese all my life. I was going to retire in 18 months and had bad knees bad feet and could barely walk out to my mailbox. I went to a healing Mass and after a month God led me to a weight watchers meeting on Feb 5 2011. I retired June 30 2012 and by that time had lost over 100 pounds. I continued on my journey with God’s help the entire time. I reached my goal in August 2016 with a total of 220 pounds lost I continue going to my meetings and have maintained a loss of 222-228?ever since. I could not have done it alone. You can do it

    • Exgladius

      Dear Me, DON’T LOOSE HOPE! I’ve fought this war all of my life with victorious battles as well as crushing defeats. It is only with HOPE that you can triumph. call upon the holy spirit to help you in your struggle. Do as much as you can and turn the rest over to God. he is the one that can fill you, not that next slice of pizza or donuts. I was morbidly obese and in my fifties and with God’s help and a good weight loss program I’ve been able to loose 125 lbs at 55 years old. You can’t do it alone but by letting God into the center of your life and working on eliminating the resistance to being happy, you can focus on the HOPE he offers us all. I will pray for you that you will hold on to that HOPE and not let go. HOPE = TRUST

    • Praying4U

      It is not easy to do something when your mind and body resist every single thing that you need to do to better yourself. Love yourself as the Father in Heaven love you. Achieving small goals means a step closer to be at the end goal. Be in love with Him! Pray and ask Him to help you to do what you need, and to want it more than what you want. He will be there besides you as no one else can ever be.

    • dianne

      I am also battleing overeating and obesity with bad knees, and back. I have my husband, 4 children adn 7 grandchildren to live for. But this burden of weight doesn’t allow me to enjoy my family and be a part of their lives like I should.

    • Peggy

      I am sending good thoughts your way. Keep on persevering.

  • Charlotte White

    I am overcoming not loving myself and not making good choices for myself even when God gives me opportunities to change. This is the resistance I have to give up and accept the good things God puts in my path.charlotte

    • Lisa

      I to have been resisting changes that I have to make in order to be free! I am praying for the willingness! I pray for you too! Love and blessings!

  • Jennifer Morton

    Battling stage IV breast cancer (diagnosed 8 years ago at 31). I’m on my 5th different treatment and thanking God for what it’s brought to my life…more blessings and graces than I could have ever hoped for. There is definitely purpose for my pain! Praise God! Thank you Jesus! What a gift it’s been and continues to be.

    • deedee

      I was diagnosed with stage one ovarian cancer two years ago and just the start of breast cancer since then I made a choice to get close to God and stay humble I give you all my love and will pray for your wellness God Bless You !

      • Jennifer Morton

        Thank you Deedee and God bless you too! God is the best physician we have! I will be praying for you too!

    • Karen

      I was diagnosed with breast cancer 4 months ago. Thank you for reminding me that this is not a curse, but a blessing. Prayers for you.

      • Marianne

        Jennifer, deedee and Karen-you are an inspiration to all! You are in my thoughts and prayer.

      • Jennifer Morton

        My prayers to you too Karen! Are you going through chemo?

        • Karen

          Yes. I’m having 6 treatments. I’ll have my 4th one on 3/14. Then 30 radiation treatments.

  • Sara J

    I am going through a family struggle. Just recently my parents marriage hit a low, and for some reason it has been the toughest situation yet. We have been through worst, but I think it’s just the idea of having to go through it again that is overwhelming. It’s inspiring to hear your stories through the comments section,it’s easy to think that you are the only person going through something, but in reality we all do. God, I pray for everyone here, give us strength and serenity to get through our messy lives, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

  • anonymous

    I have a number of friends who do not have faith or are wavering. I pray for the right words to be a strong witness, but often I feel that I fall far short. Recently, I spent some time with close friends, and shared this very truth with them – that no matter who you are in this world or who you think someone else is, we are all fighting a battle, and we each need to live and love with compassion for everyone…everyone. I think acknowledging everyone’s struggles made my friends feel validated in their own struggles and loved in a special way. It was the first time ever, with this group, that I felt I had reached them just a little deeper than before – there was an acknowledgment that this is a beautiful way to live and kind of a wow/light bulb moment. I felt that I had truly been a witness to God’s love in a way that resonated with this group. It is interesting that you think you’re going to evangelize with discussions about the bible or the church or our history, but it was simply sharing God’s love that resonated with my friends. Even if my friends don’t immediately turn to Christianity, I know that they know the source of my way of life and love, and this is good enough for me!

    • Ruth

      What a beautiful statement! I have always loved the sentiment that Christians do their best evangelizing when they simply love, listen, and comfort gently reinforcing and sharing the love of Christ with others. Thank you for sharing.

    • notLindaBurke

      “…and shared this very truth with them – that no matter who you are in this world or who you think someone else is, we are all fighting a battle, and we each need to live and love with compassion for everyone…everyone.”

      Where I live, we used to have street corner preachers who ended up alienating passers-by. Your gentle and obviously heartfelt witness is a lot more inviting and loving.

    • LaQuita Hilzinger

      I too have friends and family members who waver in their faith OR simply don’t believe. I also struggle to find a balance between evangelization and putting them off all together. I like your story. II am inspired by the foundress of the Sisters of the Incarnate Word and Blessed Sacrament, Jeanne Chézard de Matel, who recorded in her journal that Jesus said to her “I have made you a crystal, but remember that you are as fragile as glass. You make me known because your childlike simplicity renders you transparent. I reveal myself through you like a mirror. You have seen how I have placed you like a crystal vase upon the altar…your should be a transparent crystal wherein I wish to dwell. ” I hope that I allow the light of Christ shines through me when I am honest about the role of Christ and the church in my life and living a Christian life to the best of my ability.

  • Chris Edscorn

    Hope is amazing! I’ve started writing a note of thankfulness or encouragement to one person a day throughout Lent, my alms. I’m starting to get replies. People’s lives really are very messy, yet even as they describe their struggles and disappointments, they mention hope. I struggle daily with students, 5th graders, that I teach. Their lives, many of them are such a mess. It’s hard. I love it! Our offering of mercy through patience, listening, acceptance, sometimes tough love, bring them hope, love, and transformation. Often the transformation is slow and maybe not even visible, but I know that no act of mercy inspired by the Holy Spirit goes forth without fruit. Thanks be to God!

    Be Peace, “See Me,” be Mercy, “I thirst,” be not afraid! (to reach out and see me and be merciful to me in everyone you meet) That’s what I get from Jesus every morning as his will for me each day, I suspect until I get it! Have a SUPER FANTASTIC day!

    • Teresa Roan Miller

      Beautiful, thank you for sharing

  • Alberto Francesco Rossi

    I fight a daily battle against my shyness and inadequacy feeling.
    It’s a very hard obstacle to God mercy and to a gratefulness living.

    • Elisa Stevens

      You are not inadequate, you are fearfully and wonderfully made. God tells you (Romans 12:2) Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind… I find it easier to spend time with the people in this world after spending a lot more time in my bible studies and listening to Christian radio.

    • kathy

      I also have spent most of my life with these feeling. A priest once told me,
      God made me shy. It is a gift for a reason. there will be people in my life that are more comfortable with someone shy and quiet. I believe I have seen this to be true. We are all made unique

    • Julia

      My grandmother, a woman of great faith, often said “We are all different”. I think it was her way of accepting all people, whether shy or outgoing. Sometimes I look at myself and feel “different” or inadequate when I judge/compare my life or my personality to those around me. However, my grandmother’s words ring true to me more and more every day. As I get older, I see my differences as my own uniqueness. I have gifts that others do not have. We are all beautifully made by our Creator. Please remember this.

    • Ruth

      I also struggle with this. My ‘burden’ this lent is to learn how to open myself up and share more. I have not been very successful, but every day I pray for guidance and courage and try to find at least one moment within the day to share something of myself with others.

      It is hard, as a Catholic, to feel such a strong pull towards outreach and community and yet feel so much anxiety about interacting with other people. I try to think of Moses and his fear of speaking to his people and how the Lord provided him Aaron to help him and to calm his nerves a bit. The Lord has a calling for us, just as we are, and though we may feel inadequate he will provide for us and be there for us along the way.

    • Alberto Francesco Rossi

      You’re all right.
      In Italy we have a proverb that says: ‘Those who have bread often have no teeth’.
      Well, I always see how many good things God gave to me but I often feel unable to enjoy them because of my ‘toothless’ personality. So I must win my daily ‘resistance’ and carry on.
      Thank you.

  • susan

    My failed marriage. I asked God to forgive me for not keeping my vow to him. Since the beginning of this 24 marriage I have been working on it. I know I’m not perfect but I was never a priority to my husband. He never “left his mother and father” and their horrible problems to “cleave to his wife”. Also, all the things that were important to me like my faith and my family were rejected by him. In all these years I prayed for him to come to God, for him to see that he could be happy. And finally last year I ran out of energy. Now I am in solitude but I look to God for strength and I pray for the right path in order to serve Him better.

    • Dawn R

      Dear Susan,
      I left like you were writing this about me and my struggle in life. I pray that we both find the strength and peace we deserve. I am currently still in my failing marriage with little hope and outside support. Please know that you are not alone. God bless!

      • AJG

        Susan, Kathaleen, and Dawn,
        I too left an unhappy marriage after 23 years and made the mistake of remarrying into a worse situation which I left after 7 years. As a now twice divorced Catholic I find myself always struggling with loneliness and that is ok to be alone. I pray every day for God to help me fill the void with his love and work. I am a successful professional woman, blessed with no financial strife, but yet I struggle with loneliness because I feel the pressure of society that you are only complete with a mate. I pray that we all continue to find the happiness that comes only with God being the center of our life.

        • Nancy D.

          I too am struggling with my marriage of 10 years and it is my second one. It is hard to not feel like a failure yet again. I do pray to God for guidance.

          • Linda Y

            Dear Nancy,
            Please see Linda’s reply above and God bless you.

      • Linda Y

        When our marriage was failing and I lost all hope of ever reconciling it, or finding happiness and inner peace, I turned to God and challenged him. I prayed that our marriage was a Sacrament with Him, and that I had done everything I could to save it. But if there was something I missed, I begged Him to direct me and I would try it leaving “no stone unturned” before ending it. Soon after, I read about RETROUVAILLE, a Catholic weekend retreat for troubled marriages. I honestly did NOT want to go, believing we were damaged beyond repair, but I promised God…so I explained to my husband that this was my last effort, and we went. That was 12 years ago. My husband has accepted God into his life and we have been working the program ever since. Our marriage is far more complete than it ever was. It is based on truth, respect, caring, understanding, romance, and prayer. So, YES, there is ongoing outside support of other couples who wore our shoes and know how important it is to bring God into the marriage as well as transparency and forgiveness. Retrouvaille can be found online worldwide. God bless you.

    • Donna Whodatdiva Dauterive

      I know where you are coming from, but mine left me after 28 yrs together and 24 of being married

    • Kathleen

      You you wrote my story. I also have been married 24 years to a husband who has never seen me as a priority. After I found out that he cheated on me for 8 years, I took him back. I have been trying for years to make this marriage some thing that gives me support and hope. In the last six months, he has been verbally attacking me because of the demands of my job as a Catholic school principal. I am very aware that he emotionally abuses me, but I still have one child at home. I am planning to call a lawyer today because I just can’t do this anymore, but I feel guilty about my son who has one more year before college. My experience with the sacrament of marriage has been such a negative one. I am so sad.

      • Mary Cochran

        I was married to a man who cheated on me. We had two children. I kept throwing him out and then going back to him. I went to confession and told the priest my concerns. He said to me that I did not need to be a martyr. it was a light bulb going off. I was choosing this. To make a long story short–we divorced, I dated and then said–don’t need this but seven years later I met a wonderful man at church and after an annulment ,we have been married almost 35 years. I never told my children about their father’s cheating or shortcomings just that we couldn’t live together,but they knew. They love their father because he is their father but they understand his shortcomings. Recently their father who moved out of state came back to be near his children as he is much older now and he is in failing health. I am proud of my children because they do help him. I am the one who is the real winner here–married to a man I love, close to Jesus, and having compassionate children. I feel so blessed. Don’t be a martyr. Call that lawyer! My prayer will be that your son understands–you don’t want him to grow up modeling his father’s behavior!

    • Lisa

      My marriage is terrible also. I have been married for 9 years. We have no children. In November I learned that my husband has been using drugs. He is struggling with addiction that landed him in a psychiatric hospital in January. This has been devestating to me emotionally as well as financially. This past year however I have been attending church, got involved with RCIA and will be making my confirmation at Easter vigil. I have met new wonderfully spiritual people. I have been trying to keep the focus on myself to try not to get angry with my husband. I believe that this marriage will probably end because I see my self moving in a positive direction. I am sad but I am hopeful because I know that Jesus wants me to be happy and full. I will work towards that!

      • Brenda

        I was married 35 yrs. I am a recovering alcoholic and divorced my husband 2 yrs ago. It was wrong. I asked for forgiveness of God and last Good Friday I asked my former husband to forgive me. He was living w/another woman which devastated me. He revealed how unhappy he was and wanted to reconcile. Now it’s a yr later and I was so happy for I thought we were moving toward remarriage. Just found out he’s got her back living in the house. I’m confused, devastated and not sure what Gods plan is. There are drugs also involved. I feel I’m at Calvary hanging next to our Lord. Please pray for my husband.

      • JMFishman

        I am very happy for you! An inspirational story that will be with me this Lenten season. Best to you.

      • Ginie

        Lisa praying for you that you get the support and sustenance you need. So glad you have a group of people to help you grow towards God at this time.

    • Clara Turci Depko

      I was 32 years but I know God removed me from a man who could only love his mother and self. Fifteen years later I met my soulmate who loves God as I do. God wants us to be happy and our spirits to lifted if someone pulls us down that is not of God. Believe that God set you free

  • Phyllis Baatz

    I fight a daily battle of 2 people I live with that are negative with everything. They are both ill and have no faith with anything.
    I’m still in love with 1 and the other is elderly and I respect her.
    Very challenging for me.

    • Lisa Comerford

      Pray that Saint Teresa of Calcutta will give you the strength as she did in caring for the sick who didn’t have faith but learned faith through her…..

    • Karen

      Lifting you in prayer

    • auntiquer2

      I used to be a very negative – not encouraging my children and husband, but always bring up the “What If’s” to just about every situation. We lost our youngest son Johnny, age 15, in 1989 to brain cancer. He was such a joy, kind, and so considerate of others. My goal is to be with him someday again. My vision of him is his arms outstretched and saying “Come on Mama”. Due to that vision, I have become a very positive person, always trying to see the best in others; my husband has become extremely negative – I think he never fully dealt with Johnny’s death. When you are around negativity, ask God to shield you from all negativity and actual visualize yourself being shielded by God; and always Pause and Pray. Blessings,
      Sue Ann

  • Canne

    My son and daughter in law even though they have been brought up catholic and I can speak for my son only who has had all the Catholic teaching, just do not go to church and I cannot understand it or accept it. They tell me that they love God but just do not see the reason to go to church. I am praying for a change of heart for them because I do know that they both have been baptized have received Holy communion and been confirmed so I am trusting in the Lord and clinging to Hope in the Lord that He will right the situation but this is my burden that I carry as a mother. Where did I go wrong??

    • Mary

      I too have a wayward son. It’s been years since he walked into church. I feel his life could be so much more with Jesus at his side. I also look at myself and wonder how could I have failed at this, where did I go so wrong??? I’ll be praying for our children, that God will put the right people and circumstances in front of them, to lead them back to the church and closer to him once again.

      • Kris

        To Mary and Canne: A counselor recently told me to left go of the past, and look to the future. I, too, felt like a failure to my children. But my “children” are 33 and 37 y.o. and old enough to make their own decisions and I need to let go … of my guilt/feelings of failure and move on; to give my sons the room to grow too – on their own, to become more responsible for their own actions. God bless you both (and us all!) Kris

  • Trying unsuccessfully for years to find the key to unlock someone’s cold heart. And then after seeing that the cold heart considers the locked, distrustful state vastly superior to openness and giving, not having the courage to move on and to look into the future, especially at a time where the aging process begins to take its toll.

    • Elisa Stevens

      For almost 20 years, I tried everything I could think of to unlock that heart before FINALLY surrendering that task to God. I felt an immediately sense of peace and realized that was what I should have done all along. The freedom and relief was immense.

  • Barb O

    Patience with a relative who is ill but when I am with her
    She is mean and hurtful with her words. I pray for a change of heart. I pray that Jesus holds my hand while I’m with her.

  • Lauren H


  • ShaggyBBD

    I’m struggling with how to create a new life for myself after the death of my husband 2 years ago. I feel stuck. I pray for God to reveal His plan for me — or at least the next steps! My husband was my soul mate. How do I let go of the life we planned (that now doesn’t exist)? How can I move on and yet honor the love we shared?

    • I sometimes think the phrase, “God has a plan for us” takes on a Protestant slant, like the bestseller, “Think yourself to Wealth” or that great new worldly successes await us, ” Instead, God’s plan may be to accept our own Golgotha, our own suffering, because it’s in suffering that we learn the most.

      • Maria Pane

        I think I heard this yesterday – at mass. God always has a plan but it may not be what you want to hear. Suffering is allowed because it brings us closer to God. I have been asked by more people this week to pray for someone than any other week I can remember. A lot of people praying this week and getting closer to God.

        • God also had a plan for his Apostles, most of whom died martyrs’ deaths. I’m originally from Eastern Europe, where the Communist regime put to death most of the clergy. They always went after the best people first. As you pointed out, God having a plan for us does not necessarily imply freedom from suffering.

      • Mockingbird Life

        And as written by St. Paul to the Romans…. Suffering …. produces hope <3

      • Kathryn Duncan

        I believe God does have a plan for us. We were created for a purpose. Jeremiah 29:11; but Jesus said we would have trouble in this world but that we should take heart because He has overcome the world. John 16:33. We also have God’s promise that He will not place on us a burden too heavy for us to carry. So that gives me hope that whatever I’m going through is part of God’s plan, it has a purpose and He will help me through it and I’ll be better for having endured it. Blessings to all. Btw, if you have never heard the song “Blessings” by Laura Story I would recommend you check it out.

    • Yg

      My mom lost her husband 11 years ago , she felt loneliness and empty. She ending up working part time, and becoming very active in her church. She help teach English as a second language, she volunteered on mission trips to South America, she worked her local elections. In every activity she makes new friends and also reads the Bible and attends many prayer groups. All these activities have made her rich with friends and given her a lot of fulfillment. She has taught me to always stay active and it is better to give than receive.

    • Arnetta Berkley Jones

      My husband died 13 years ago this week. I had to get up and keep going because of I had two children to take care of. They’ve turned into wonderful people. Now 13 years later I’m working on me. I still love my husband, but now I love me. I’m not actively seeking a relationship, but if there is one out there, God will point him out. I stay busy, I work, take care of my granddaughter, volunteer, I stay involved.

    • Karen

      Find a way to help others….you soon will find your new journey filled with many blessings

    • Betsyv

      I know exactly how you feel. My husband passed away almost a year and a half ago. I’m not sure what Gods plan is for me now. I also struggle with trying to guide my 20 year old daughter who lost her Dad and is trying to find her way in the path and who struggles with overeating.

    • Gramma Price

      Years ago I received great advice from a wonderful priest who told me rather sharply, “Your happiness does not depend on your relationship with a man, your happiness depends on your relationship with God!” When I began to see that that was true it set me free to really love my husband more and to love God most of all. If your husband is with God he still loves you but he loves God most of all. God gave you a great gift in being so beautifully close to you and your husband. Gratitude is consoling. Think on the wonderful gift God gave you for the first part of your Journey.

    • Brenda

      My husband passed 14 years ago. We had been married 25 years. I was devastated and lost. I read many spiritual books and went to grief counseling. With a lot of work, I was able to carry on with my life. One quote that stuck with me is “the only person with you your whole life is you. Grieve and move on.” Yes, we can make plans for our life but they change and we need to adjust. God is the one in control and He wants you to be happy. You can do this! I want you to know that you will be ok and there is hope. Trust God.

    • Betty Buller

      Will pray for you.

    • Rachelle Gamblin

      I can relate. I lost my husband last year to a very aggressive form of cancer. The 10th of Mar will be the one year anniversary of when he was diagnosed. 20 May will be the one year anniversary of his passing. Right now I’m in the process of packing up our life and moving to another state to be closer to my family. Every box that is packed rips at my heart knowing that I’m leaving our dreams behind and moving on with out him. I will pray for you.

      • Kathryn Duncan

        So sorry for your loss! Hope your new home will bring you comfort and healing.

      • Joyce W.

        Rachelle, I cannot imagine the pain of packing up and acknowledging that this part of your life is over, but I can imagine that it is really hard for you while packing, to get rid of excess stuff when so much memory is attached to the items. If you have difficulty in this area, one of the ways that can help is to take a photo of the emotionally charged but no longer needed item before donating it. Then you will have the photo at least. God bless you as you move courageously into this next phase of life. God has a plan for you that will help to ease your grief, and bring you closer to Him.

    • Ginie

      Shaggy BBD, losing a spouse and carrying on is a painful process. I lost my husband in 2005 at the same time my youngest was getting ready to leave the nest.
      Steps I recommend is:
      1. seek a bereavement group-if you haven’t already or/and a Stephen’s minister.
      2. Try to do something for yourself, especially on your’s or his birthday and your anniversary-keep busy.
      ( I would go to get a hair cut, to the doctor’s, for my nails or plan on lunch/dinner out with one of my children or friends.
      3. Pray always. I prayed to see someone who needed my help-with something God knew I could do.
      4. Give yourself time, allow yourself to grieve, and realize as my priest told me that Grief varies depending on the relationship, how long you knew the person and you. He said it might take as little as one year or even as many as ten years. I’ll admit the first three years were the hardest for me.
      Praying for you sister.

    • JoAnn

      I was a widow in 1998. I had wonderful family prayers. At my husband’s passing, God gave me Proverbs 3, 5 & 6. Let him water you where you are planted, like a Tree by Living Water. It is amazing the plans God has for His beloved, chosen and very precious child. I found Gods gift for me in a second marriage.. my husband and I are on a journey to Heaven through our wonderful Catholic Church, family, friends & community….God is Good all the time…All the time, God is Good. JoAnn

  • Ethel L

    Hope is a gift that I receive gracefully but partially. A divorced single mother for quite a while that my siblings recent, a cancer survivor, raising my 2 children for 11 years. Due to pain, I continue to block and set boundaries to my siblings . Yes I pray for them, I miss them, yet it’s very challenging to fight this battle than the previous battle I conquered. I love them, yet the pain surpasses . I pray God will give me wisdom and kind heart .

  • Doug

    I know I sound like a broken record but over the past 5 years my burdens of fear, stress and worry are gone, and have been gone. However, I still have burdens. For example, I have complete faith and trust in God. I am a much better person than I was before my spiritual conversion…and I remain humbled. So, what do I do with that? I know what not to do, like standing on a street corner preaching like a Pharisee. So I decided, until I hear otherwise, to lead by example. And it may be just as simple as that.

  • Gloria

    I struggle with my husband infidelity. I know my husband ha been involved with another woman for years. We’ve been through 3 counselor

  • Arnetta Berkley Jones

    I’m struggling with the need to change jobs after 25 years. I’ve prayerfully made the decision it’s now time to act on it and move on. How do you leave people you have worked with for 1/2 your life? How do you start over at my age and be successful? How do you not be bitter

    • Kathiehc

      Arnetta, I noticed your heart symbol! That is so cool! Did you make it?
      I’ve also noticed a number of your helpful, encouraging comments this morning. You have overcome a lot! Changing jobs is scary but it can be exciting & healthy!
      You know that bitterness will weigh you down! Try giving it to Jesus each day! He’ll find someplace to put it, maybe into a herd of pigs!😲

      • Arnetta Berkley Jones

        Thanks Kathy. I found the heart symbol online and it spoke to me. Thank you for your reply. I’m working daily to turn it all over to Jesus and believing that everything will work out the way it’s supposed to. I love giving it to something that going to run off a cliff. 😉

  • Peter Wuelfing

    Our daughter will not speak to our son and has little to do with my wife and I.

    • nevilledidit

      My brother was estranged from us for 20 years. It tore my mother up, even when she was close to death he was to busy to come visit her. I swore I would never forgive him and never speak to him again for the way he hurt our mother. Right before Thanksgiving he reached out to me that he was in trouble and I do not know why (well I do) I took the call. He has now returned to the family and is rebuilding his life and his relationships. Mom is really happy and that makes me happy. I tell you this to show that there is always hope, I know my mother has prayed for the last 20 years for her son to come back and she had given up hope and then a week before Thanksgiving he returns. I will be praying for you, do not give up hope sometimes it just takes a while.

      • Elisa Stevens

        Beautiful Prodigal Son story.

  • Kat Bell

    My biggest burden I have is controlling my anger, my envy and my worrying thoughts. These are all most displayed with my job and I get down on myself when I turn to these rather than turning to God. But this is my focus during Lent to turn away from anger, envy & worry and to go to our Lord when faced with situations that cause these bad habits. I have a plan that includes prayer, fasting and almsgiving. Maybe this is not the job for me but it is where I must be to work out these emotions to get past them to move onto where I am supposed to be.

  • nevilledidit

    Life is indeed messy but when you embrace that idea makes it a bit better. My life has been a mess, it would take a book to explain, but I have learned in reflection that the worst times also brought some of the best times. I also found paths that I would have never found without the chaos. It is a cliche but you never really know what is around the bend until you make the turn and, for me, while the turn may be tough the view is great. While I often struggle if I am on the right path I embrace the path I am on and wait to see what is going to happen. In the end “I’m still a livin’ so everything’s okay.” Life is messy but I wouldn’t have it any other way, this is my happiness and now that I have realized that I enjoy life much more and get more out of my faith and everyday experiences.

    • Lisa

      This is so true! I am amazed that just in the last 7 months of going through a terrible time in my life that when I sort through the “problem” the gifts out weigh! The greatest gifts is seeing my family’s support and love as well as my spiritual growth! Just amazing grace!!

  • Karen Kuehler

    When you are in a ‘mess’, you are in the company of the angels.

    • Lisa

      Thank you Karen for the reminder!

  • Heidi Johnson

    Feeling overwhelmed with everything that needs to get done and trying to find ways to keep God at the middle of it all.

  • Ed H.

    I once heard someone say…sometimes life gets lifey. Well, two messy parts of my life are, trying to quit smoking and learning to be a step-father. On the stressful days, or not so stressful days, having a smoke or two, or three, or ten, is a feeling of relief or reward. I pray that as my trust in God grows, I turn to him for relief and reward. As being a step-father, I believe that God is using my wife as my teacher, and presents his answers, whether or not I’m willing to hear, at mass and through prayer. I pray that I can focus more on helping others, while God sorts out my mess.

  • Reine Smirz

    Go ahead and get your hips replaced Father! You will feel better the next day! I had both of mine replaced two years ago and it was the best thing I ever had done. God will be with you. Please pray for my brother who is currrently battling complications from pancreatic cancer.

  • Bill Korber

    Battling the career blahs…..have been blessed for years with great, fulfilling work and pay. Now hitting the career speed bump on so many levels. I guess I should be thankful I have a job given my industry’s turmoil the past 9 years. For me that is not enough. I want to be part of a team that wants to be the best at what they do. Career change is a thought too, but I am at a point where I need to maximize income….mortgage, kids in college etc. I want to love work again….

    • Denise

      Hello Bill….you and I share some struggles….I too am so blessed to have the work I have though the last 18 months have been a struggle….I pray for God to show me the path He wants me to take…where can I do the most good!

    • Tina Czzowitz Zacherl

      I can relate Bill. I’ve been in a job for 16 years. A job that I love but the external factors that surround my job are bringing negativity to it each day. It’s hard for me to see past that. I feel guilty seeing the burdens that people are mentioning here because mine doesn’t seem to measure up. What do I really have to complain about? I need to pray for a clearer perspective on this and be feel happy and blessed that I have a job that I love.

  • Karen

    This really hit me because my battles don’t show! Everyone I encounter thinks I am a person without difficulties since I embrace life with such joy. But I have two very difficult battles I struggle with and ask God for help everyday. Maybe this is why so many people seek my friendship and time with me…I have learned not to pass judgements…we each have our own battle. God has given us so many blessings besides our battles…embrace the blessings!!

  • Sherry McCollum

    The biggest burden I am dealing with in my life is my mothers Alzheimer’s disease. My husband and myself are the sole caregivers and wear many hats every day to make sure she is comfortable and well taken care of. I worry every day if we are doing what is best for her and I struggle with what’s ahead of this journey with her. I worry that I am not a good enough daughter because I tend to let my emotions and frustrations come through when dealing with this disease. There are time when she lashes out at me and talks to me so nasty like I am a hired help and I know that is only the disease talking. My husband is always telling me to not take it so personal but how can I not when she is my mother. It is easy for him to say something like that because he is really not so emotionally invested as I am. This is why I am so glad I decided to do this program, and the video for today really tugged at my heart strings.

    • Nancy

      I lost my mom & dad less than 2 years ago. Mom died with Alzheimer’s and dad died 5 months later. It is such a hard road as you mourn losing bits and pieces of your mom over years. Try to cherish the time and love her through the frustrating times. As Mother Teresa said and did so beautifully, love the suffering Christ in her. I was sometimes caregiver, care coordinator, taxi…etc. while caring for my own family. I lived closest so my siblings did what they could and thankfully we got along through it. I remember praying that God would take her and spare us the agony of those late stages. He did. She had a stroke and died of that. I felt guilty praying that way but it hurts to watch! I will pray for you, Sherry. My dad dealt with many health problems too but ultimately it was likely a broken heart that took him. Life is definitely hard. My husband is not emotional,, so it is hard to connect and share sometimes. I still struggle, as I feel I don’t know my next step in life. I had so many hats but now they are gone and my kids are growing up and don’t need me the same. Parents of teens are stupid, you know!;) Dad was so accepting of others and always said you don’t know what they’ve been through. So true.

  • debbie heffernan

    My dad had encephalitis 3 years ago and it left him with some brain damage. He used to have a ton of friends. Now he he is mean and has no filter. He is extremely negative nobody wants to be around him. Only my brother and I can handle him but he can be really embarrassing in public. He is also super lonely my heart breaks for him I sometimes feel I am his only daily human contact. He calls me his angel, yet I sometimes struggle to be around him as well. He’s my daddy and I love him but I miss the man I knew him to be. I pray that god has mercy on him. And I’m me with the struggles that I have.

  • Al Etten

    I drive a patient van for a hospital picking up people and taking them to their treatment centers. These people are being treated for cancer, stroke, heart attacks, physical therapy, brain injuries, and many other serious conditions. I am constantly amazed at the positive, happy attitudes many of them have. While driving them I get an opportunity to talk to them. I ask about their children, grandchildren, where they were born, and give them a chance to talk about their lives. What a story each one of us has! Too often we judge each other by first impressions without getting to know the person we are meeting. I have met survivors of prison camps from WWII, people who have travelled around the world and met world leaders, people who have invented things, and people who, although they are suffering themselves, are doing great acts of charity for others! We all have a story. When I see a crowd of people I imagine I am looking at a library full of books. Our lives all speak volumes. NEVER judge a book by it’s cover!

    • JoAnn

      Great message Al.

      • Al Etten

        Thank you JoAnn! Have a blessed day!

    • Renny

      Beautiful message and so true! I love the library analogy!!

      • Al Etten

        Thank you Renny! Sometimes I feel like I must be on the shelf in the “mysteries” section! : )

  • Bonita

    Battling a broken family. Addictions and the loss of our Mom has put much distant between our lives. My childrem do not have relationships with Aunts and Uncles or cousins.

    • Rose

      Struggling with this as well Bonita. Prayers and hugs to you. This is from today’s daily reading from Leviticus, “You shall not bear hatred for your brother in your heart.
      Though you may have to reprove him, do not incur sin because of him.”

  • Dorsey

    My daily struggle is that I tend to be very negative toward myself. As a stay at home Mom, my adult interaction is very limited. (Besides my husband). So, I tend to beat myself up on not getting enough done, over thinking things that are totally out of my control, not happy with my physical appearance. It can be all consuming and a good portion of the reason I don’t get more done…… I sit around and worry. It then makes me crabby.
    I pray for strength and perseverance to make this change a reality. To not overthink and to just do.

    • Stacy West Taylor

      I totally relate. My mom days are over, and this time at home should be a blessing for me. I worked for so long my mind is geared toward being productive. It has taken about two years to see this as a blessing. I try to just take one day at a time. Having relationships are important. Being alone everyday is not good. Try to find someone to go to lunch with once a week. Join a moms day out program. Anything to get you some adult interaction weekly. It will give you something to look forward to.

    • Rose

      Dorsey, I can relate to your struggle having been there myself. When people would ask me “what do you do?” I used to always answer “oh, I do not work outside the home” but as my children grew I began to really appreciate my blessing of getting to be there for every part of their growth to adulthood. I started changing my answer to ” oh, I am one of the blessed and lucky few that gets to be a stay at home MOM! ” my husband and I also always made sure that we got up at least an hour earlier than we needed to to get him out the door for work, just so we had that adult time together. Even though the kids are now all grown and out of the house we still continue this practice ( of course kids have been replaced with his mother living with us). I have come to realize that one of my Gifts and Talents from God is that I am a nurturer. One way I dealt with not being happy with my physical appearance was I started doing more physical things with my children. Google exercising with kids and I am sure you will find some things that look fun. Try starting each day with a gratitude prayer, Thank you Lord for this blessing of getting to watch my children grow!
      I read this on social media: Grateful For……
      1. Early wake ups = children to love
      2. House to clean = safe place to live
      3. Laundry = clothes to wear
      4. Dishes to wash = food to eat
      5. Crumbs under the table= family meals
      6. Grocery shopping = $$ to provide for us
      7. Toilets to clean = indoor plumbing
      8. Lots of noise = people in my life
      9. Endless questions about homework = kids brains growing
      10. Sore and tired in bed = I am still alive!

      • Sally

        I was a stay at home mom for 16 years. It was hard but I loved it at the same time. I love the suggestions Rose gives btw! At times I would be so frustrated too, missing adult conversation or the constant chores. One day early on I was putting clean sheets on one of the beds, and then great mom saints came to mind. I then prayed to St. Anne, St. Elizabeth and of course St. Mary, 3 amazing moms! I continued making the bed, and just had a conversation in my head with them. I asked them to pray for me and give me support and their love. It helped me so much and made the job easy peasy and JOYFUL! There are so many great mom saints in Heaven, and may be even your own mom or your grandmother or an aunt. Remembering our saints in our busy lives always has helped me since I had that moment years ago, making a bed!

    • Jacqueline Shukla

      I stayed at home with my children, too. They are grown now. I remember how long and difficult and lonely those day could be. (Not all of them, of course). In addition to what Stacy West Taylor says to help make the days less lonely, I also learned about St. Theresa the Little Flower. It was before the talk about the mercy of God was so prevalent in Catholic culture. She wrote about how the little things make God happy. And how we are children to God. Just as we parents don’t get angry with our infants when they don’t learn to walk in a certain time frame, and we don’t punish them when they fall down, but rather we are pleased with their fumbling and falling, so God is pleased with us when we are learning to walk with God. The effort we put into walking with God is what pleases God. It helped me enormously to view God as a parent who was delighted with me at a time when I was taking care of my children. It gave me more compassion for myself when I was doing work that is very difficult. And having more compassion for myself made me less negative toward myself and others. I extended that compassion to others because I had it inside of me to give.

    • EJ

      I saw above someone stated as a response “I had to check to see if I had written this.” As those words are one of my struggles also at times. Will also follow some of the great advice offered.

  • Teresa Bringardner Morley

    My burden at this time is my own health and my daughter’s salavation. I’m feeling the effects of abusing my body for 30 years and it has taken a toll. My biggest prayer at this time is for my daughter to return to her faith and stop living life on the edge. She has stumbled off the narrow path and I’m praying for God to place people in her way to lead her back to Him.

  • Nancy R

    I have my burdens I keep to myself. I need to understand everyone may have their own secret mess and give people a pass. I will work to overlook when someone isn’t nice to me. I will work to be kind to all.

  • Denise Jarry

    I am struggling with my daughters’ self-loathing. Although my life has its’ own struggles, seeing this in her consumes me. She resists happiness all the way. Listening to Matthew the past few days has been 100% on target for her, I have got her to listen to the videos and she agrees, but todays’ really solidifies that. Her life is messy, my life is messy, I pray she can accept Jesus in her life to guide her and give her the hope needed. If only she could see what myself and so so many other people see. The pain is real

  • Virginia Abbruscato Cambalik

    I am watching my 72 year old Dad slip away with now end stage dementia.

  • Pearl Brown

    My burden I carry everyday is my children now that I have moved I do not hear from two older boys and two older girls I have eight children one who is deceased and three who I hear from on a daily basis I just pray that God will bring them back to me

  • Michael Baur

    I’m fighting being over weight. I’m only 27 and I have restarted my journey to loss weight again. I feel like I get to started and then I get few month down the road and stop for various reason. I know this time, I cannot stop. My future depends on it. I want to be there for my future kids and my fiancé when she get old.

    • Annette

      I am currently an RN and am almost trained in health coaching. So much of those receiving the training have a new-age type slant, but I know that God is the authentic author of health and healing that lasts. I began this journey, inspired by God, to help others in their journey to vitality, and hope to share the not just the possibility, but the great hope for their success. I hope to do this, not by pushing faith, but instead offering prayer and spiritual helps if they are open to it. Our hope is Christ . There are so many posts here related to being over-weight, and I truly hope I can be of assistance to those with these types of struggles. Please say one prayer for me, and I will prayer for you all also. Annette

  • Kim

    I have an employee who just does not like me. Every thing I do or say is misinterpreted and reported to our HR department. I come in each day worried about what wrong thing I am going to say today. I have been at the company 17 years my employee has been there for less than 7 months. Management seems to be supporting her over me. Some would say quit, but I am 58 at one point I thought I would retire here. I am broken, I like what I do. Why would someone want to ruin someone else.
    I know I am not dying of a disease or struggling with an addiction but to me this is the battle I struggle with…how can I make this young persons experience better. Thanks for listening

    • Stacy West Taylor

      Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. It sounds to me like the other woman might not change no matter what you do to be kind. Unfortunately, it is hard for tender hearted people to accept that not everyone is going to like them….and for no apparent reason. I was fired from a job (never happened before and never had a problem before) because I didn’t fit in. They actually said that to me. I try to see the good and be kind in everyone. It was hard pill to swallow. I cried like a baby. I felt like I was in highschool again. I realized that my identity is in Jesus Christ. I DO fit in…maybe just not in this world. My advice is to not feel burdened to have a relationship. Speak to her cordially and professionally about anything you just speak about. Anything else, keep to yourself, and it is her loss. Also, pray for her to hear you the way you intend to be heard. Pray for God to make you aware of anything you could change within yourself. I hope this situation gets better for you!!

  • Peter N. Boos

    I am suffering from severe peripheral axonal polyneuropathy. The cause is unknown and the prognosis uncertain.

  • Milinda Houlette

    I just lost my job last week, a job I loved and had for over five years, due to miscommunication. I am praying and having friends and family pray for me, too, but I am upset and scared right now.

  • stacey oleary

    I am inspired by the amazing come back stories was feeling a bit beaten up by life. For today I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Thank you for sharing your stories!

  • Mary Anne Hanley

    My husband is 67 years old and has Frontotemperal dementia which is progressing very rapidly. Our dreams of a great retirement have never been realized. He was a brilliant, kind be loving man and now needs help and direction with even the simplest tasks, very similar to a two year old. I battle most with the anger. My blessings are our three daughters who are walking with and through this horrible disease will th us. I have resisted God for a long time because he did not answer my prayers the way I wanted them answered, but I am finally letting my walls down. It does feel a little better even though there is a long way to go.

    • Beth

      Dementia: a very tough burden for the loved one suffering it and a cross for caregivers that refines our love in a fire unlike anything else I have ever suffered. Praying in solidarity with you…..although my sweet “burden” is my mother….i am certain caring for a spouse is order of magnitude more difficult and complex. I am finding help in Father Michael Gaitley’s Consoling the Heart of Jesus..

  • JC

    I am battling taking the initiative in improving my relationship with my spouse. I keep waiting for them respond and it isn’t happening (4 months). I battle resistance in the form of hopelessness and the drive to be the best version of myself and to serve my spouse, even when it is not reciprocated.

  • Rae S

    The temptation to be anxious and worry.

  • Nancy Britt

    Financial struggles is what I am battling and it is extremely stressful. Hard to keep up in life when everything costs money and you are already struggling. I pray, every day, that God gives me the strength to hold on and cope with the feeling of being overwhelmed and stressed.

  • marlene

    I have struggle with an eating disorder for years. Right now it is very difficult. I just don’t want to eat.
    I know not taking care of body is a sin. And being focused on how I look and what other think I confess this to the Lord but I can’t seem to stop. I want to hand this over to the Lord, but something holds me back. Boy do I need prays.

  • Becky Halligan

    I battle anxiety and right now I have a health problem that has come up that has me scared and pretty uncomfortable. Some moments are really hard to get through. With the anxiety sometimes things that should be no big deal have me feeling overwhelmed and scared. When something like this health problem comes up – every time during the day I feel the pain I start having a panic attack wondering how I will ever deal with this and how bad will it get. I just feel so scared and overwhelmed. And I feel this way, way too much. The anxiety makes any health issue seem insurmountable. I wish I was a stronger person and could handle things better. Wish I could keep a good and hopeful perspective instead of having anxiety. This anxiety has actually caused lots of physical health problems. Wish it would go away or I could get it under control and keep it there.

  • Jim

    I am constantly battling with myself on how to balance my work and life schedule. My job is so easy to take home, but I constantly have to fight with myself, because my wife and kids are what’s important. This is a daily battle that stresses me out and leads to other negative behaviors.

    • Ruth

      I too have that burden with emotional eating and I continue to ask God to help me with this.

    • Angel Schneider

      Hi Jim! As a wife of a husband who was in your boat, I can’t tell you how important your role as a leader in your family is. As our family struggled, my huband made it known to us his challenges and literally asked for our help. What an example to us all! Not only did he show humility, but he also showed each of us our value as contributors to his well being and to that of our family. You are loved and there is no doubt that the only thing your family wants and needs is YOU! I will pray for you! May God bless you!

  • Lauren Connolly

    I am struggling with the decision that I have to leave my job of 16 years and begin a new career in the health & wellness field because it is a passion that I have finally found at 56. Who would have thought that my own decision to get healthy would open up this desire in me to bring health & wellness to other people. Evidently God knew and put it in my path.

  • Karissa Rutkowski

    My 16-year-old daughter is having a very tough time at school. She feels disconnected and the pain of rejection. She is a sweet, empathetic young woman who can’t understand why kids can be so cruel. Please pray for her and for the kids who are behaving badly that Jesus will change their hearts. And pray for me that I will know what to say and do to ease her burden.

    • Michelle

      It’s so hard to watch your child being hurt by others when there is nothing you can do about it. I’m sorry that she, and you, have to go through this. I think my son and daughter went through a bit of this on a much smaller scale, but the bullying and cruelty in school age kids has really grown to epic proportions these days, and I worry about how kids are struggling. Hugs to you and your daughter.

  • Rae Mims

    My burden is anxiety that has flared up really bad this past 15 months. I have let worries – about work, about money, about family about the future affect me physically and mentally and emotionally. I fight by prayer and introspection and breaking down why I am feeling how I am feeling.

  • Stacy West Taylor

    I am addicted to wine. I love it. The problem is that if I open a bottle, then I drink the bottle. I just want the desire to leave me or else I want the self control to drink moderately. So far, no luck. I pray for God to help me. I think He is sitting this one out. This tells me He wants me to develop the self control. So hard.

    • Moe

      Stacy, it’s great you recognize your need to stop drinking. You may want to go further and get professional guidance to help you stop completely. I’ll keep u in my prayers.

      • Stacy West Taylor

        Thank you so much. I am attending Celebrate Recovery, and worked myself down to about 3 nights a week…but, I am tired of being enslaved to it. One day at a time I am making progress. I just wish I never had the desire. Hindsight 20/20 right?

  • tedseeber

    Life is Messy. The Church should mot be messy. The Church should be the comstant rock we can cling to in Hope when nothing else makes sense.

  • brian

    Concentration during Mass.

    • Michelle

      I have this problem too. I get distracted easily, and start thinking about an outfit I see on someone, what I will have for lunch or dinner, who I will see today and what we will say/do together, anything but what I should be focused on. I’ve started asking God to help me focus as soon as I get in my pew.

  • Claire

    One of my twin sons died from cancer almost 5 years ago. It really does not matter how long ago as the pain and grieving a parent carries after the death of a child is with you forever. I miss my son terribly. I try not to let comments bring me down like seeing my three children and assuming I only have 3. I know no one means to offend me and they do not know, but it is still hard knowing I really have 4 or telling them I have a son in heaven. I had a very rough patch struggling with my faith and am now starting to feel more hopeful. Thank you for these reflections.

  • J McCall

    My good friend Gail and her husband Bob have determined that he is to take a 3 year job in New Zealand their daughter Mary Rose (15) is our daughter Brooke’s (13)best friend.
    We have prayed for God’s will in this, but it is SO hard! 🙁

    Please pray for all of us,
    God Bless,
    Jody McCall
    Baton Rouge, LA

  • Kimbly Redman

    I’m battling cancer. In some ways it has strengthened my faith and others it has pulled me back. Is that possible? My life is different. I was the one who kept things together. Having family and friend get togethers. I don’t have the energy for these events. I’ve become so self consumed. What happen to the person who took care of everyone else? I feel so worthless at times. I love God so much, yet I continue to fail him. I wish I was stronger both physically and mentally. Each day I pray that I will pass the test and be worthy of God’s love.

  • James Chappy J Pisano

    I have been struggling very hard with depression and anxiety the past 3 years. It has been a difficult road with failed treatment after treatment and medicine after medicine, leaving me with bad side affects. Trying to be a good husband and dad is even more difficult as well as being the maintenance director for a big parish. What’s worse is being a cathecist and youth Ministry leader and teaching the kids about God’s healing love and grace, but myself not experiancing it. It’s a terrible feeling not to have joy and peace in your life while being surrounded by Christs presence. It has put a huge dent in my faith, yet I hope there is some greater good to my experience.

    • Angel Schneider

      Hi James! I know personally how debilitating depression can be! I too am a youth catechist (8th grade) and in the past struggled wIth feeling hypocritical by “sharing the good news” yet feeling empty and sad inside. Then one day, I simply decided to share what I was feeling with the kids. A couple of things happened: I felt a lift simply from verbalizing it to a group I was ardently trying to keep it from and simultaneously I gave those kids hope and understanding that, even in the midst of pain and suffering we can have hope. This life is fleeting, the pain we suffer here will not last forever and we can have undying HOPE because we know we are making our journey home to God. When I am within the prison of depression I remember St. Paul and St. Maximilian Kolbe who both ministered to fellow prisoners by singing songs of praise and joy of the life to come. Let them minister to us today by example. May God bless you and speed comfort and peace to you! St. Paul pray for us! St. Maximilian Kolbe pray for us!

      • James Chappy J Pisano

        Thankyou for your support and kind words and understanding. This is what our faith is all about , keeping our eyes on Christ in the midst of the storm.

  • Anna Cross Warren

    Seems like food is a common problem for many people. Most of us can relate on some level. Unlike other addictions, we cannot quit eating altogether so we need God’s strength to overcome. Wishing all well with their food battles and praying.

    • Michelle

      Oh, boy, can I relate. I am a food addict too. And it affects my life in many ways. It’s one of the areas in my life that I need to work on this Lent, and really always. I know that God wants us to take care of ourselves. I just need to remember to ask for His help to curb my overeating, over snacking, using food for the wrong reasons. We can do this.

  • Jenny

    I am currently unemployed. I have hd a couple of interviews, but nothing has come to fruition.

  • Dorothy Cabral

    I am in the mist of fighting cancer. I had chemo twice and it failed, I am on my third round of chemo and hoping I go in remission so I can have stem cell transplant. This has been a long journey for me . I need your support and prayers. Please pray with me for a total healing. Thank you

  • Roux

    I am struggling with finding my purpose in life. I want to do God’s work while I am here and I feel like I am hitting a dead end. I am in a job that isn’t giving me what I need and I am not being treated like a person should. I am taking a leap of faith into starting a company that will hopefully bring back a lot of hope in us. I struggle with leaving a job that provides me security and starting one that I have no idea what it’s going to turn out to be.

  • Cathie471

    I can identify with Fr Sherry in this message. My burden is my failing body and feeling like I’m a burden on my family. They say I’m not a burden, but their actions speak differently.

  • schulerjm

    I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer stage III-C in 2010 at the age of 43. I have had many surgeries and many, many rounds of chemo and live in fear (yes fear) of dying. I am grateful for all God has given me and that I am still here with my husband and daughters, but the worry is real. I have to work hard at keeping the “worry” down and not letting it control my life.

  • Rebecca

    My hard battle is finding time to be closer with God and opening my heart. I’ve been Catholic my whole life but I’ve always felt like there was something missing. I’ve gone to church every weekend and holy day but I knew that wasn’t enough. I’m still trying to figure out my faith and trying to get closer to God.

  • Ruth

    My burden is being a single mom. I moved to the best school district in the state and trying to give my best to my son. We don’t have the extra stuff bc there is hardly extra income to do things, but we make the best of it. We have had help throughout this journey and my son has been wanting a dad since I can remember and now he has made me want a husband. I was okay being single all these years and now two months ago I remember opening my heart fir someone to walk in our lives. I feel I battle finances, loneliness and emotional eating on the daily basis. I continue to work on my patience as well during this journey of mine that we call life. I stay in prayer that God take over those things in my life.

  • Allie

    From 2008 – 2010 I thought I wouldn’t make it. I had 4 miscarriages, tumor/polyp removal surgeries to no avail. My family and friends all were having babies around me and I sunk into a dark depression. My faith floundered and I was miserable. An amazing priest and pilgrimage director helped me get to Fatima and Lourdes in October 2010 and by the next August we had our beautiful daughter by adoption and in October had our son by birth!! Our “twins” have brought us so much joy and for the past 5 years I have been so happy! The one thing I still struggle with is anxiety and fear of something bad that could happen to my family. I think it is a form of PTSD from all the losses before our two children and I constantly worry and pray for their safety and health. I pray for God to take my anxiety away and trust in Him. Sometimes I can’t catch my breath.

  • Hopeful

    We had a horrendous incident come slamming into our lives a few years ago, which threatened the life of one of our kids and the reputation of our whole family and livelihood. We’d NEVER been closer to God as we relied on His help. My husband and I examined our actions and parenting and accepted that we may have done wrong… you never really know as a parent, right? We asked for forgiveness and trusted God to save us. I pleaded for our Blessed Mother’s intercession. Day by day lifelines of hope appeared. What others might see as a punishment, I saw as a gift, because I was so in tune with the Lord. Answers came that I didn’t want. I held on with hope and trust. Still I’ve never wailed so hard alone in my car begging for divine assistance. We got through everything as a family. We have scars but we also have solid proof that God is Good all the time. We are better because of that trial. It’s behind us. We all love each other more and understand Gods protection in a real way.

    I pray for all of you to Hold On! Cling to Him. He loves you more than you can understand.

  • Teresa Glenn

    My adult son struggles with depression and addiction. I pray for healing and sobriety and so does he. It’s still a battle. I know it is in Gods time and not ours but the pain is still so deep for us and the whole family. I just want him healthy again. So does he.

  • Helena Cupit

    I often feel something is wrong with my life because I don’t feel I have burdens. I have a wonderful life filled with lots of love and purpose. Yes, there are loved ones who are struggling and I pray for them but for me, I don’t feel a struggle. Just peace. I’ve recently retired and my family was worried that I would be restless and depressed since I was a workhorse. The opposite is true. I guess my only fear is that of a burst bubble. Am I naive as Matthew was in his youth?

    • Moe

      Helena it is wonderful you have arrived at this point in your life that you are at peace ! Enjoy it!! We are all striving for “peace” … and if and when struggles do creep into your life your faith and peace will help see you through. Jesus wants us to have peace in our lives. Peace will bring happiness and joy .
      God Bless You!

  • Nancy Osier

    Hi my name isNancy and my kids and husband are most important to me . My grandson suffer from Klevin Syndrome is also known as sleeping beauty where goes to sleep and doesn’t wake up unless you wake him to eat or tell him he needs to go take a shower. He can’t go to school he is only 17 there’s no cure when he comes out he doesn’t remember hardly anything my daughter seems very depressed don’t know how to talk to her she. My husband is so much over weight and he has COPD. About my work I’ve. been there for 5 years without a raise feel very disappointed because life’s get harder and everything goes up. Please pray for us. Christopher my grandson my daughter Johanna my granddaughter Alexis and my husband Mark.

  • Joette

    Buen Camino to Father!

  • Karen

    I’m 38, blessed with 4 children, and have breast cancer. I was initially paralyzed by fear but since taking cancer out of the center of my life and putting God there instead, I have found peace and strength. I am so grateful. Everyday, an invasive thought will creep in, but with prayer, God has made it easier to quiet my mind.

    • Bjones

      I love your statement —“since taking cancer out of the center of my life and putting God there instead, I have found peace and strength.”–. Substitute (the problem) for the word cancer. I will remember this. Thanks

    • Ma

      🙏❤❤ Karen it is so wonderful to hear you replaced that cancer hole with God. Keep those positives thoughts and prayers going, you got this girl! Hugs

  • Michaela Wolfe

    I’m struggling with clinical depression and GAD. Some days it’s a real fight against despair

  • Fer

    I’m battling with the fact that my Dad has recently been diagnosed with terminal cancer…almost 7 years to the day since we lost my Mom. I want to be strong for him but I am so sad & scared of what is to come. I’m not ready to be parentless 🙁

  • Sharri

    A beautiful song about trusting God in the midst of heart wrenching trials is “Even If” by Mercy Me. Maybe it will help encourage all of you. I have prayed for you all today, that I have read so far, by name. May God bless, encourage, and bring you the peace which passes all understanding.

  • Mom with Hope

    I am battling my son’s drug use. I continue to pray for his healing so that he can overcome this and someday use this struggle to help others.

  • Paloma RODRIGUEZ

    I am the youngest if 4 siblings. My brother died tragically 7 years ago, and he struggled with addictions many of us couldn’t handle. The same year I lost my husband due to cirrosis of the liver (alcohol induced). I had a very close relationship with my oldest sister and she stopped talking yo me 10 years ago because of my defendig my brother when he was having an episode of withdrawal. She has not forgiven me. My other sister has become so bitter more than a year ago and expressed to me clearly that she doesn’t like it when I say God bless you, or anything I share about my activities at church (I run the RCIA Spanish in my parish). She suddenly blocked me off social media and last time I called her she was cold and didn’t want to converse, just said an excuse to be off the phone. My struggle is the loss of the relationship with her and my oldest sister. I miss my brother dearly and miss my 2 sisters even more because they are still alive and healthy, and I pray for us to be able to hug each other and find forgiveness before we get older and it’s too late. My parents suffer with this too. I am grateful to have them (though I live in a different country and try to visit once a year), I’m grateful for my child and that i have health and good friends, a strong support in my life where I live, my parish community, a warm bed, food. It’s just the struggle of family that I put in God’s hands, for everything I’ve tried hasn’t worked (such as asking for forgiveness, and forgiving myself and them). I pray for all those with family struggles and all those of you whose comments are heartbreaking. Thanks for sharing. Thanks to the Dynamic Catholic Team for creating this program! God bless you.

  • Mary Holzum

    This chapter had the most impact on me and I am hoping will help me to change my way of thinking and viewing those around me. On the outside someone may seem fine but on the inside the battle they are struggling with maybe overwhelming. When I encounter someone who is not acting the way I would expect instead of being upset with them I need to remember they are fight a battle just like myself.

  • Patricia Kissinger

    I’m battling insecurities and aging. I feel very young and do lots of young things, but it’s difficult for me to see myself age in my face and in my body. My biggest insecurity is that some other woman is going to sweep my loving boyfriend away from me. These battles though, are nothing compared to the battles I fought a few years ago when dealing with a family member’s addiction and the fact that my husband of 32 years left me.

  • Julie

    Wow, I didn’t realize how many other people were struggling with overeating as well. It gives me hope to know I am not alone in this and there are actually places that address this directly.
    I also struggle with chronic pain…have so since about the age of 10 and I’m now 44. It wears on your soul a bit and can cause me to push away from God at times.

  • A.F

    Great point to remind everyone of! And what you may find to be not that big of a deal, maybe crushing to someone else. Everyone has their own limits

  • Frances Tooley

    I’ve retired and returned back to school and I am having a hard time adjusting to being at home and not “needed” by everyone. I struggle with focus and worry that I won’t do well.

  • rachael

    I struggle w/ chronic illness and with a big move back to my home state two years ago. I had to give up my job 7yrs ago due to the illness. I am trying to find a new path in my life. My adult son has Autism and still requires assistance with many things in his life, so my needs are usually put to the side. I live closer to my mom, she also suffers w/ health issues. She and I are involved in bible study a couple of times a week. I know this illness has brought me closer to God. He is the one I depend on to get thru each day when I am hurting and want to give up but I still feel like something is missing in my life. I have a supportive husband, so why should I feel my life has no meaning.

  • Sue

    I am care giver for both of my parents. Sometimes it is full time 24-7, depending on if they have had a surgery or dealing with a health problem. I also work full time as a nurse. I struggle with balance of time for me, with them, with my job and having an abundance of patience, empathy, peace, comfort and love. I find when I start my day with God, prayer and meditation, no matter what the day brings… I have hope, I know I am loved by the One who created me and He has an abundance of everything. It is okay for me to fill myself up first, so I can continue to give to others. When I come up short or am running on empty, I need to remember who truly fills me and makes me new again. When I get tired, discouraged, grumpy…it’s time. Thank you Matthew for giving us the opportunity to recharge, remember and embrace our Creator, His unceasing and unconditional love for us and our faith, Catholicism.

  • Carol Jantunen

    As they say I’m my own worse enemy. I can think of more reasons not to do something than if I just did them. I’m getting better since starting this Lenten journey like today I’m going to start exercising again I have been putting it off for 3 months. Today I’m joining a class and going.

  • Joanne

    I have recently finish chemonfor stage 4 ovarien cancer. It’s the 4th cancer I’ve been diagnosed with. I am now remission and thank God everyday..but sometimes I wonder what’s gonna happen next. I have to learn to be thankful for each and everyday.

  • Daniela D.

    My constant battle is to make sense of the world we live in, I feel so deeply saddened by all the things that we constantly see in the news, so many crimes, poverty, natural disasters etc.. Is really easy to give up and question your faith. I pray and my prayers are answered. I take one day at a time and try to be there for someone close to me. Putting God first makes you aware of the fact that we don’t need to understand God’s plan to be happy.

  • CJ Castro

    I battle depression and mental illness everyday. And the stigma around it doesn’t make it any easier. It’s hard to talk about when so many people just don’t understand that this isn’t just a quick fix. I pray that I can overcome this and every day I retain hope and I really think that does so much for me.

  • Anonymous

    I am 48 and have struggled with bulimia since I was 12. I sometimes eat foods that aren’t very nutritious and many give me stomachaches from food sensitivities, then I make myself vomit (only occasionally) or take laxatives and my stomach hurts even worse. This has been a pattern for as long as I can remember. Though I’m not overweight I still have low self esteem and never feel like I am enough. It’s shameful, painful, and I feel as though I’m killing myself. Last night I took fewer laxatives and I feel better today. I pray that The Lord gives me strength to conquer this very private problem.

  • Linda

    I have been battling cancer for the last year and I am still on the journey. Cancer treatment has taken away my opportunity to have another child. I feel extremely blessed for my 6 year old son but I wanted more kids. I struggle with trying to make peace with our reality, that we will not be able to grow our family the way my husband and I had envisioned. There are days where I am overcome with saddness and find myself crying uncontrollably. The physical, emotional and psychological suffering has been a lot to bare this past year. I pray and try to keep hope alive, hope that I will beat cancer, hope that there is still a chance for more children, hope that this experience as difficult as it is will change our lives in a positive way.

  • Cindy Bauman Markovcy

    Life has been so messy for my family… first a failed back surgery for my husband and then cancer for me. He was our provider so we’ve had months thinking we wouldn’t make the bills, selling our personal items to get by. Soooo many complications and other issues for both of us, but I have to say that it’s been 2 years since it started and I’ve begun to thank God in my prayers for the experiences. I know it sounds crazy, but appreciation for the bad has made me see how good life is and I’m so thankful for that. My faith has grown exponentially! My church, community, family and friends have been here for us; so many small blessings that add up to a big change of heart for us.

  • Doris Marie Kamrowski Kinnick

    I’m battling in my marriage. We’ve been married for over 25 years and it seems we’ve lost our first love. I don’t know what to do to get it back. I know it’s going to take work and it doesn’t seem like he wants to work at it, that’s my biggest burden,but I also know that God is faithful and I just have to trust him and pray and pray for my husband and get back to my first love of the church.

    • Mike

      Facing the same struggle after 24 years of marriage and with two teenage children. I will pray for both of us today. I know we will find an answer.

    • Roberrt

      20 years for us. I feel as though I have lost my wife to her iPad but I deep down know my selfishness is even more to blame. Made worse by my recent retirement and a creepy feeling of inadequacy/failure.

      Hoping to find a way to get out of this funk and that both of us can see that work is necessary and worthwhile.

  • Jacob

    I am a 24 years old . One will have to be my anxiety level. It getting better for the most part because I am decided to take golf back up and, I get up and workout everyday. I still will say a prayer for myself as well to my family who I know is also struggling with different kind of problem. It may not be much but, it all I can do for them.

  • Carol Guffey

    I’m praying for you Father Bob on your pilgrimage to Camino. I would love to follow your trip. Are you going to chart it on social media or blog?

  • Lora Breitbach

    My father passed away in September. Throughout his 10 month battle with cancer I felt I needed to be the strong one – be there for my mom, my sister and brother, as well as my husband and children. I put in my “poker face” whenever anyone was around. I had the blessing of spending a lot of time with Dad the last 10 months of his life but I was always trying to be so strong for him and for everyone. I am continuing to do that today — letting everyone know everything is alright…dad lived life the way he wanted and left this life the way he wanted. I am so sad and I miss him so much.

    • Samantha Stevens MarLett

      Praying for you and your family Lora. It may be a little soon, but I would encourage you at some point to read “Consider it Pure Joy” by Kristen Milligan. It’s a beautifully written, real-life story of a family in a similar situation. Keeping you in my prayers!

  • Michael Lennon

    I think the most important aspect of this Lenten series is that it has so far been filled with vulanerable comments/stories from authentic people – Matthew and DC team members. And because of that, what is shared is “relatable” and encouraging. I do have my own messy stuff, but it is heartening to be part of a “community” of folks who do as well and yet are forging ahead. God is good.

    • Mike

      I agree!

    • Mary Jones

      I agree as well. By ourselves it can be a lonely journey; together we realize we are all in this together and though we may not know one another we are connected with spiritual threads of faith and prayer.

  • Jennifer Haeussler Brewer

    There are too many battles in my life to mention. Some are temporary life events (two of my adult children are getting married this summer and I’m finishing a PhD that is more time consuming that I want it to be) and some are permanent. (I have rheumatoid arthritis). Each struggle gets me down now and again, but with God’s help and the help of my Christian community, these things become manageable, building character, and are bringing me closer to God.

  • Michelle

    Wow! Reading through the problems that everyone is struggling with – some really big problems, and some smaller, I am ashamed that I manage to blow my small problems out of proportion. I wish I could hug each and every one of you – and I am not really a hugger by nature. I will include all of you in my prayers tonight.

    • Mike

      I agree, it’s a great perspective builder.

    • Marianne

      I agree with you Michelle. My daily struggle is to be grateful for every second of every day and my knowledge of, and awareness of God. I need to become grateful for what I have. Please pray for my awareness of all my god given blessing! Thank You!

  • Betty18

    I am dealing with a son who is a heroin addict. He is in recovery currently but addiction is a terrible disease!!! Pure evil and our country has a massive problem. After a decade my faith has been tested but I believe God in his mercy can create healing. Lord hear our prayers.

    • Mike

      I have two good friends, fathers, with sons in the same struggle as your son. I will pray for all of you today.

  • Samantha Stevens MarLett

    My husband and I are battling infertility and recurrent miscarriages. If there’s anything we’ve learned through the pain and heartache, it’s that everyone has something hard they’re going through too. The journey has opened my eyes to the fact that bad things happen to good people, but that good people can still overcome and live joy-filled lives. And that a joy-filled life in the midst of pain can only come with the help of God.

    • Mary Jalove walker

      Pray to St. Gerard. Here is his pray for Motherhood.
      O good Saint Gerard, powerful intercessor before God and Wonder worker of our day, I call upon thee and seek thy aid. Thou who on earth didst always fulfill God’s designs, help me to do the holy Will of God. Beseech the Master of Life, from Whom all paternity proceedeth, to render me fruitful in offspring, that I may raise up children to God in this life and heirs to the Kingdom of His Glory in the world to come. Amen.

      • Samantha Stevens MarLett

        Thank you so much Mary! I used to pray his novena a few years ago and looking back I can now see that I was praying for a baby far more than I was praying for a relationship with God, but now that I’ve recognized that maybe I should try again 🙂 Thank you Mary!

        • Mary Jalove walker

          Your welcome. 🌹🙏🌹

    • Karin Blaschik

      My husband and I battled infertility as well. It was heartbreaking to watch all of my family and friends give birth and start their families. Believing that God will hear my prayers we decided to adopt. And by the grace of God we got the call out of the blue and adopted a beautiful baby girl! Our hearts were filled with joy and still are! That was 28 years ago. God had plans for us, follow him. Praying for you and your husband. God Bless

    • Maria

      My husband and I dealt with secondary infertility for years, I lost count of the number of miscarriages. I felt like a failure and had always wanted a big family. I prayed for another child and became pregnant with no help at 41 and was terrified of another miscarriage…I changed doctors because my GP said I was high risk and the nurse in the office listened and immediately prescribed progesterone. Some doctors refuse to do this ….if I would have been with my old doctor I never would have had my healthy 10 year old son…I would have had yet another miscarriage. While I don’t have all the children I wanted to have, I have a beautiful 23 year old daughter and a health and vibrant 10 year old son. Something so simple gave me the family I dreamed of having!

      I truly believe his was my miracle and I the i God everyday for giving me my children.

  • Bonnie Kremer

    I hope & pray that M.S. doesn’t completely take over my life.

    • Mike

      I will hold you in prayer.

      • Bonnie Kremer

        Thank you Mike. As I read all the others with “challenges”, I also pray for them. God is Wonderful.

  • Dani

    My current struggle is with my son. He is lost. He does not believe in God. He thinks he is transgender. My heart is broken. I do not know how to deal with any of this. I am embarrassed for him and myself. I don’t know how to help him or myself and my husband. This is a road that never even imagined. The only way I can get up everyday and face the world is to know that God is beside me. He is my strength and he will make something good out of this. I don’t know when or where….but I have faith.

  • julie lum

    ‘m 46 I’ve been married for 26yrs and we have 3 wonderful adult children. Now that our children are all moved out I need prayer, because I am struggling with the fear and anxiety of possibly going back to school. I was never good in school. I’m struggling with what if I fail, I will let so many people down. I know the lord has a plan for me.

  • Teresa Anne Sorensen

    In regards to the grumpy, rude people, a wise man once told me this quote, ” Most people don’t mean to offend, we choose to be offended.” It has really helped me to remember to give others the benefit of the doubt.

  • Ann

    I too am having a lot of trouble with my knees. Had one replaced a couple of months ago. Was doing well until I fell down and injured both knees. It’s hard to work through the depression I’m dealing with since I worked so hard, gained so much and then fell back so far. God help me.

  • JayAW

    I read today that the state of New York is looking at relaxing the statute of limitations to allow victims of sexual abuse by catholic priests to file lawsuits against the church. Then I read all the hateful comments against the church. Things like the church needs to give up it’s tax free status because it is one of the richest institutions in the world and has too much money and power, the church harbors and protects pedophiles by shifting them around from parish to parish, and the church is based on fairy tales and superstition and blinds people into believing in God. I struggle with this whole situation because yes, the church is guilty of allowing these types of abuses to go on and I also believe that the church is too powerful in that it has used money in unethical ways, such as financing the building of St. Peter’s Basilica by trading money for forgiveness and entry into heaven. But, I also realize that the church was flawed from the beginning when St. Peter denied Jesus when Jesus needed him the most. Yet Jesus forgave Peter and instructed him to feed and tend his sheep. I struggle with the holier than thou attitude by some priests and parishioners, then I remember that they are human like Peter and are as flawed as he was. I’m flawed too. Its difficult not to judge others of their flaws when I’m just as flawed as everyone. The church is run by man, and man by nature is flawed. But man also does many good things too. I struggle to trust the church at times when I hear about these abuses, but evil lurks in all of us, even priests. Maybe the church should lose more money and influence so it can be humbled and return to its fundamental mission rather than giving church leaders too much money and power to hurt those that are most vulnerable. That’s not my decision to make, it is God’s decision.

  • Jim Carlin

    We pray for you, Matthew. We are thankful for all you do and pray that God grants you good health and a long, happy life with your family. Never lose hope. Never forget who you are and whose you are. He loves you beyond all imagining and will never let you down no matter how difficult it is for us to see His plan!

  • Mike

    I am struggling with my wife who wants a divorce after 24 years. However, today’s lesson made me stop and realize that her desire to divorce comes from the struggles and challenges in her life. What a wake up call for me to think about her pain through this process. It’s a blessing.

  • Adri Nat

    My burden is my job. I am a music teacher. Sadly, my students don’t really see the value of learning music. They are very disruptive & disrespectful to the point that it’s difficult to teach my lessons at times. Speaking to their parents about their disrespectful behavior doesn’t help as the parents don’t see anything wrong with their child’s behavior. I feel bad for those kids who truly want to learn because I spend most of my time redirecting behavior that the lesson doesn’t get taught. I love what I do and I’m very lucky that I am in a place I can teach music but it’s becoming harder to maintain love and joy for my profession with the level of disrespect and disruptive behavior I get from most of my students.

  • denison

    I have a dear, dear friend from college who is deep into a struggle with alcoholism. I have never felt so helpless in my life, but I do have hope. Today’s message really resonated with me. Please pray for my friend Carrie.

  • Emily Rodriguez

    The hard battle I’m facing is that I don’t give myself any credit I have no self worth for myself and tend to be very negative as to what I can achieve or obtain for myself. I never give myself the benefit of the doubt. I tend to always say that I won’t get something or I can’t do it because I’m me. It’s difficult to handle it because psychological it takes a toll on how I see myself on a daily basis.

  • Susan Ann

    My burden is WORRY! Our only child/daughter-25 years old, is a travel nurse and she comes from a small town of 500 in Missouri and she is determinded to drive by herself to San Francisco for her next assignment. Please pray for me so I will let go and let God take care of her. My daughter has also fallen away from the Church and I am worried that, she will have a change of thinking, living in one of the most liberal cities in the US. Does anybody recommend a good Catholic Church in San Francisco? She will be living in the Twin Peaks area of San Francisco.

  • Euleen Hofer

    My burden is lack of trust in the Lird. I hand things over to Gim, truely meaning it at the time, then anxiety and worry creep in and I take back control in an effort to fix things. Before I know it I am trying to run my life again which makes the anxiety and worry worse. Vicious cycle. Lord I trust in you, help my lack of trust

  • Oklahoma nurse

    Life is messy! My life too even though I try to pretend everything is fine. I work as a nurse and I have noticed when I talk to my patients I find that their lives are messy. Not only are they dealing with health issues they have to deal with family struggles, financial concerns, some don’t even have a place to live that has running water. I told a patient that he needed to shower every day when they got home and he said he didn’t have a working bathroom. He offered that his neighbor would let him use their shower every other day. I was in shock when I heard this. Be Gentle to all you never know their struggles!

  • Eileen

    I really cannot put a finger on the hard battle I am fighting. I am not as strong or as healthy as I could be…I actually think the hard battles of others is what I struggle with and internalize. A sister who lost her son and her husband in car accidents 7 years apart, then another son getting hit by a car suffering a TBI at 35; caring for my brother and mother during their final days with cancer a year apart, supporting a neice as her 9 yo boy dies from the swine flu, assisting my other sister’s husband in his battle and loss to lung cancer. I love all of these people dearly and ultimately they are my battles too – but mine is to be strong for them… now my brother’s wife has oral cancer and she had her jaw reconstructed 2 years ago -but the C is back and they want to take her tongue … this battle is hardest to fight, to witness- she is his soul mate…and I don’t know where either of them stand with God – and that is hardest of all –
    …if this is my life – and struggles – without even sharing my personal struggles — I need to look no further than my own extended family to know –and as I walk into a hospital environment for work – I am reminded everyday – that Everyone is struggling to get through each day.
    I can not do it without God.

  • Bobbielinks

    I have the same battle. I am overwhelmed with the struggle. Overwhelmed with the effects. I see it as evil in me bacause of it. The pain of spiritual and physical failure. I can’t get passed it.

  • Maureen Gomes

    I too have lost the use of my left hand .I thank God For my right hand,for i can still go to work & this in it self ,A true blessing.God is Good

  • Maureen Blassou

    Today’s reflection and the comments has really touched me. It is such a sharp contrast to the side of social media that tries to project a perfect life, wonderful, loving relationships, perfect families and children. Satan attacks the family because it is the domestic church. I am praying for all these battles to be WON with the strength only God can give us.

  • Steffen

    Our house is nearing foreclosure, but we’re trying to short sale it to save our credit. We can’t get a new mortgage until we sell this house. The downward financial cycle all began with not being able to work full time because of trying to take care of our special needs son with severe autism. Then came my own illness that put another burden on the family. All I hope for and pray for is a modest house that can accommodate us and our three children. I have deep faith and trust that God will see us through this mess. It’s hard for my doubting-Thomas husband to foster the same hope. Most men see this kind of situation as a total failure. May God prove him wrong. And may he hear our prayers for the right house.

  • Audra Peterson

    My battles are long and deep at this moment. I am definitely not one Hat likes to burden others with my battles. Thank you for this message. Always wonderful to see Father Sherrys smile.

  • Evelyn Duffin

    After 34 years in an abusive marriage I found the strength to leave. The divorce and annulment experience were traumatic. That was 16 years ago. Now my former spouse and I are back in court, trying to resolve the issue of retirement benefits. This recent conflict has gone on for 14 months. I am exhausted and tempted to give up for the sake of my family, yet feel I need to stand up for my own rights. Even greater than my fear of losing the funds that would enable me to retire, I fear what the dispute is doing to our children and grandchildren. My heart is being torn to pieces.

  • Maureen

    I am battling obesity and trying to get back into shape. I let myself get this way when my marriage went sour, I thought If I looked like this I would be invisible and my ex would leave me alone. Unfortunately, I hurt myself by getting this way because now I am trying to like me again and its hard looking the way I do. I have always been very athletic even now but do not feel that I am in a place to move on with my life. I am afraid this has affected my daughters as well.

  • Clemence Victor Castro

    For me most of the time, I am too busy sorting out the mess, find a way through it and keeping myself intact along the process. Too busy that I am unable to see, know, feel and understand other people. Much more to see also their mess. In short, I am struggling with being self centered. Good thing I have prayer time to be able to see things through the eyes of God, who never failed to remind me to be compassionate to people…

  • Julie

    Our oldest of four children goes off to college in August. He has applied for numerous scholarships, he’s been awarded some great scholarships, but he’s still only half way there to what he needs, financially, to attend next year. There is no money set aside to help him from home. Getting his school paid for is our biggest burden right now. God is, thankfully, keeping my heart at peace about all of this. No waking in the night in fear, not yet, anyway.

  • Betty Buller

    Still trying to deal with the death of my 15 year old grandson.

  • Maria Elena

    My battle is trying to no longer be a burden to my mom. My husband and I lost our home 5 years ago and we and our two kids have been living with my mom since then. It seems that every time we take a step forward financially, we end up two steps back. My mom has been more than generous to us, but we need a home of our own.

  • Marie Lissade

    I am battling the disrespect and cursing from my husband. I wish he would stop.

  • Mat Lageman

    I’m an actor in Hollywood who is struggling to survive.

  • Lisa

    I’m fighting obesity. I’m young and greatly desire to have children, but I can’t because of my obesity and even if I were to get pregnant now it would be a very dangerous pregnancy for both me and baby.

  • Loraine Todd

    A blessing for Fr. Bob..such a gift to walk the Camino. May you bless your fellow walkers. Is there some way we can “walk” with you? Blog?

  • Brenda

    I am struggling with a family full of mental illness and drugs. My brother is an addict. He is off drugs now and I am trying to help him. He cannot seem to take care of himself and has no life skills. I struggle with how much to do for him. I have been helping him financially but it is never ending. I cannot support him. I am also surrounded by mental illness. My niece, who is also my godchild, my nephew, who is also my godchild and another niece who is the daughter of my drug addicted brother and whom I raised are all mentally ill. They all have such a struggle with life and taking care of themselves. I do not know how to help any of them and it just breaks my heart to watch them struggle. I pray for them daily. I do not understand why I am so surrounded by this.

    • Janet Maurer

      Brenda, I understand your heartbreak because I have a sibling who is mentally ill. She is 7 years older and my whole childhood I watched her never reach her God given potential. She did things to hurt everyone and to this day still does not take responsibility for her actions. One thing I finally did that helped me was to come to terms with the fact that her actions are her own. I stopped trying to help her by doing things for her and instead told her I would pray for her. We are estranged now, mainly because of my decision, but it was necessary for me to put the burden on God’s shoulders because that’s where it belongs. Praying that the Lord helps you and your family to focus on him.

      • Brenda

        Thank you Janet for your comments. I have had to cut all ties with my one niece that I’ve raised. She is a violent and only wants money from me. I realized after years of heartbreak that I could not help her. I pray for her every day and would love to have a relationship with her. But it is never going to happen. I have turned that relationship over to God. You are right and that we are not responsible for their actions. I guess I really need to turn my relationship with my brother over to God and let God help him.

        • Janet Maurer

          I know it’s hard to let go because you feel guilty, but trust me when I say, God is the only one who can help him at this point. Trust the Lord, he loves you and your family and he wants to take this burden from you. Blessings to you!!

  • Glenda Joost

    I too am battling being overweight. It is not easy to eat healthy. I am tempted constantly to get off track, eat sweets. I try to say a prayer every time I am tempted. It does help.

  • notLindaBurke

    First, this may be my favorite “Day” yet, and I’m including last year too. I know it’s the first time I’ve shared the quote on my FB page. To understand that life is messy and that we’re all struggling is leveling and elevating at the same time. There are some things about my messy life that have humbled me and changed me for the better and in so doing have also lifted me up and made me grateful, thanking God in all things. (1 Thessalonians 5-18).

    Second, this is the third reference I’ve encountered recently to the Camino and am wondering whether God is speaking to me. I’ve visited Santiago de Compostela by bus from Fatima, but would very much like to do the pilgrimage on foot. May God bless Fr.Sherry’s ambition. He and Matthew Kelly are both inspirations for me today.

  • Gail

    My burden is my adult daughters addiction. She wont admit to me she does drugs, but I see with what she does and her actions there is no doubt. She has 2 beautiful daughters she absolutely loves and had devoted her life to, but now they are second to her. I got her to move back home with me so I can help with these girls and her financial burdens. She now doesnt come home for days at a time, and when she does come home she sleeps for days, saying shes just sick. Her longtime boyfriend just died of a drug overdose along with his sister and her boyfriend, leaving 3 kids parentless. Seeing all this, she continues her lifestyle. She has a good job, which I’m afraid she is going to lose. She is using the death of her boyfriend to explain away alot of things. I pray for her but now I’m beginning to realize I need to ask for myself.

  • Janet Maurer

    The battle I fight daily is living without my mom. She died 3 years ago and a day doesn’t go by that I don’t think about her. I’ve gotten pretty good at managing because I have 3 children to care for, but some days I just wish I could put my arms around her and hold her again. Nothing brings me comfort except that I know I will see her again in heaven.

  • Nancy

    Thank you for these post, I too am battling 200lbs of excess weight and poor health.

  • Geraldine A. Aspen

    Shaggy BBD, I too can relate to the loss of a husband. We were married 42 yrs and I miss him terribly. I find that it is hard, but not impossible with the strength God gives me. I have found great comfort in a daily morning prayer routine and I try to keep busy (I am retired) during the day with helping family and friends. It will be four years in June but it hurts as if it were yesterday. As Matthew says “be gentle with yourself” is great advice. I will keep you in prayer.

  • Anonymous

    I am a revert to the faith. When I was married 30 years ago (in the Church, with incredibly lousy instruction) I wasn’t really practicing, contracepting, etc. I have changed, but My husband does not practice the faith and really seems to have no desire to know Jesus. We have 2 daughters who are now 16 and 12. I have always taken them to church and taught them the Faith. We are also homeschoolers. In the past 6 months or so my 16 year old is rejecting our Faith and I see now that no matter what I have done the influence of Dad is still strong and she sees him not going to Mass, etc and sees in her mind that he is “fine.” Please just need prayers for his conversion and for my daughters as well.

  • Donna Jajich

    My son and daughter in-law had the first ultrasound of their baby on Friday. My D-I-L had a miscarriage with her first, and it took them a year to get pregnant again, so this was a very exciting time. But instead of seeing a perfect little one growing in her belly, they discovered the baby has anencephaly, which is a very rare condition in which the baby’s brain never developed. We are all so heartbroken! The choices they have on what to do now are horrific, and I find myself having a hard time praying and not asking God “WHY?”. I know where once the kids were firm practicing Catholics, now they’re also having a very hard time praying to and including God in any of this. Please pray for all of us, that they make the best decision that they can live with, and that all of us heal from this heartache and pain, and put God first in our lives again.

    • Ruth

      My husband and I just got married and are only beginning to discuss our plans for children. This type of story makes me so sad and fearful about what I, and we, might do if we found ourselves in a similar situation.

      I am so sorry that your family is faced with this and I am offering prayers for you and them for comfort, wisdom, and acceptance. <3

      • Donna Jajich

        Thank you.

    • Joanne

      Please accept this as a suggestion that might bring you some solace in the grief of your loss. If the baby is carried to term, possibly the baby’s organs could be used to help another baby who might need a heart. . .or something else. Your grandchild could help save another’s life. That would be a blessing.

  • Rice Green Acres

    May Fr. Bob make pilgrimage to Camino pain free.
    May people we do not know have healing & relief from the messiness.
    We pray to the Lord
    Lord hear our prayers

  • Suzanne

    Hi, I can relate to you also. I have struggled with obesity for the last 30 years. I tried Overeaters Anonymous, but didn’t work for me, as I was either binging or perfect trying to give up sugar completely. God found me a different program. The Weigh Down Workshop (Is from the States & I am in Canada). For me it has freed me from the food, as they teach you to eat all food, but in moderation, eating when you’re hungry, stopping when you are satisfied, but using God as your comfort. It is a God focused program. (Look on the internet for many success stories) It takes time, years for me, to lose weight and keep it off, but this is the only program that has worked for me. Dealing with your feelings and the cause of the overeating are #1. I also am divorced and it is very painful. It takes many years to get over. Journelling and a good councillor are also essential. (My knees are also bad–I do excersises from physio & do as much as I can). I will pray for you.

  • ja

    My daughter has fallen away from the Catholic Church and attends another church. I pray she and her husband come back to the Church and the sacraments and also have their new baby baptized.

  • Andrea Morales-Ramos

    I am struggling with being a stay at home mom. I went to college got a degree in psychology and a Master’s in Health promotion. My last semester of grad school I got pregnant. My husband and I were very happy; I had only one concern, my professional career. He said that it was best to stay at home with the baby a lot of people tell me that too. I applied for some jobs but I am trying to discern what is best for my family. I have a few projects in mind to use my degrees and stay at home, I really want God to help me figure out what he wants for me. I want to be able to use my knowledge and all what I learned to help others but I also want to be able to be there for my kids. It is a mix of feelings and good days and bad days.

    • Janet Maurer

      Being a SAHM is hard! I have 3 children and worked as a teacher for 16 years until my eldest was diagnosed with severe dyslexia. I decided to homeschool him along with his siblings. It was the best decision I made, but I won’t lie- it’s not easy! The first year I stayed home was hard on me. I felt lonely and disconnected from the people and friends I was used to seeing daily. It took a lot of prayer and time to realize that I am doing just what God wants me to do. It’s no accident that you are home with your child, so try to find the joy in being where you are because the plan for your life is unfolding. As long as you keep your eyes fixed on the Lord, he will guide you. Praying for you!!

  • Pinkey

    My mother-in-law lives with us. She is mid-way through demensia, and recently I became unable to help her physically without experiencing spinal pain. The doctor told me my pain is ‘degenerative’ spinal arthritis. Along with that, my 14 year old is experiencing depression and anxiety with panic attacks, and it has taken 3 months to get her in to a psychiatrist. We go this afternoon. My husband has been unemployed for 6 years, and has a minimum wage job now, so now he is underemployed. He is depressed too. Out of 6 people in the household, 5 of us are probably clinically depressed. The 6th, our 15 year old son, is autistic and just doesn’t even notice that everyone else is falling apart. Yes, life is messy. But God is good, all the time.

  • Charles Volz

    Mine is landing a new job so I can support my family. I am at a level of experience and an age that it has become increasingly difficult

  • Arlene Fiore

    In our household growing up with 2 sisters and 2 brothers we never had our dads love or attention. He was a good man but did not know how to be a father. Never shared himself with us. As women my sisters and I didn’t have a role model to go by in choosing a.husband. My older sister (78) never married. My other sister and I are. I’ve been married 46 years and have 2 grown children with 3 granddaughters. But I do not know the love of a real husband as he is not (present) in our daily life. Once our children left home and there was just the 2 of us it became more obvious. To this day when I hear at church or even Mathew say that our Heavenly Father loves us unconditionally and only wants us to be truly happy it’s hard for me to grasp that. So my prayer request is that I will experience His love for me and recognize it when it happens. I have been a faithful Catholic all my life with 13 yrs of Catholic schools and sit in my “prayer chair” every morning to start my day with readings, rosary and Dynamic Catholic. I pray to Him daily and to our Blessed Mother Mary that one day I will know the joy of a Father’s love.

  • Maria Cozzens

    I’m struggling with my final semester of nursing school…I feel overloaded with work and I can’t seem to take a day off. Even when I take a few hours off the work is hanging over my head. I know the end is in sight but the thought of all the tests and long hours ahead of me is just overwhelming. I wish I was better at taking things day by day and trusting in God that it will be ok

  • Christine Suller St Onge

    I am battling chronic pain, low self-esteem, and being overweight. I want to walk to lose the weight but the pain is overwhelming at times. I keep at it. I get out of bed everyday and to me that is a start..

    • Becky Halligan

      Every step you take will make a difference. Keep keeping at it and you will be able to do even a little bit more each day. Don’t let any setbacks discourage you. You can do this. just said a prayer for you.

      • Christine Suller St Onge

        Thank you Becky for your words of encouragement and the prayer.

  • Abbie Mitchell

    I’m battling the fact that both my husband and 8 year old daughter have recently been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and my 7 year old son has a rare disability that requires a lot of doctors, procedures, and care. It is hard to balance it all, especially with another little one at home but I am doing my very best to make sure everyone is getting what they need at all times.

  • Patricia Beaudry Wardega

    I am discouraged. I am now retired. I worked at a job that I loved but this job has drained me. I worked with patients that suffered from dementia. I had to be patient and upbeat all the time. While at work I could control how I felt. At the end of my day I would just come home and retreat to my room and watch the tv. If my poor hubby blinked wrong I would jump all over his case. He is the kindest man and deserves better.

    I feel beaten up and overwhelmed and empty. Fears and anxiety overwhelm me. My life is very messy.

    I pray that the Lord will Walk me through this hard time.

  • Marcia Nguyen

    I am fighting “chronic worrying” about my daughter’s health. She is brilliant, kind and beautiful inside and out. Has scoliosis which was corrected by a brace, but I still notice the curvature, and worry that she will continue to worsen. She has a condition that makes it impossible for her to bear children and I worry about the day I have to tell her. (She is 15). I also have a son. I worry about him too, but in a different way. I am aware that I am incredibly blessed. My husband is a loving caring and amazing man. I worry about worrying even though I’m blessed. (I know! Shaking my own head. )

  • Marietta Ledonne

    I just LOVE Father Bob! Best wishes to you as you walk the Camino. I didn’t know much about it until I saw “The Way” with Martin Sheen. I will be walking with you in spirit, Father!

  • Kathy

    My struggle is not about me but seeing my husband suffer so much every day with RA. It is so difficult watching someone you love so much, be in so much pain some days. It has been only through the grace of God that I have hope to be there his support. Thank you Lord

  • Pat

    Deep gratitude to Our Lord to say right now I look back at some very hard battles from the past; a daughter with an addiction, loss of babies during pregnancy, financial crisis, divorce………through each, Our Lord gave me a stepping stone to stand on. Through the “brokenness”, I learned to surrender. Gratitude is powerful.

  • Alice

    Father Sherry is right, everyone at some time has a burden. I feel so blessed as my burden is self inflicted today. God has been so good to me. My burden today is feeling bad about losing my patience with a family member who lashes out to hurt us. Most of the time I can let it go and just send back love, when she was hateful to me on my birthday it was just the last straw. Just typing this makes me realize how petty my burden is today. I pray for peace and as Mathew Kelly stated – treat others gently as I don’t know the burdens others carry. I know it’s much more than my burden and I am very sorry for not handling things well. So today I want to focus on treating people with kindness even if I feel I am wronged. I want to thank God for all the blessings and use this as a way to grow spiritually. I love the song, make me a channel of Your Peace. It reminds me to be a channel of Love. God Bless everyone today and prayers for all of those struggling with something. I am sure it might be God’s way to help us grow.

  • Joanne

    Matthew Kelly’s video really got to me this morning. Picturing him in a chapel reading a long list of prayer requests made me start crying. Reading all of the problems of my fellow Lent sojourners has made the tears continue. We all have so many hard battles!! I feel my battles (financial, self-identity) are nothing compared to these and, especially, that of my beautiful, remarkably intelligent daughter, who has lost her job and is struggling to feed her family. I bring them food, but it feels inadequate. I pray for her and my grandchildren, but that feels inadequate, as well. I need to trust that God will help them, as he has helped me always. It’s just so hard to be patient and watch her suffer. Maybe my battle is being patient and trusting. That’s always been a big one for me. :).

  • Diana H

    We were told a week before Christmas, that the house we were renting was going to be sold and we had 60 days to vacate. We began to look to purchase a house in hopes we would never have to face this dilemma again. Here we are into day 81, and have not found a home yet. We have temporary housing,with most of our possessions in storage. We also have a 22 year old daughter ,who has what I call, “run away from home,” gives us very little contact, and refuses to come home to family, friends and a host of many who love her. I have an adult son who had to undergo surgery, who we almost lost, due to a complication that arose while he was in recovery, and I have another adult son, who is coming up on one year anniversary of being drug free by the miracle and grace of God alone after a 20+ year battle with heavy addictions and brokenness who also sufferes with juvenile insulin dependent diabetes for 30+ years. All while on the heals of loosing my Mom, who has been my everything all my life, to sudden and unexpected death, in which I was the one who found her.
    So when asked “what hard battle are you fighting?” I guess I would venture to say, ” Life on life’s terms,” and all the while hoping and praying to survive and rise from the ashes of life coming out as a shiny child of the great Almighty I Am, Father God after being refined by the fires of this “messy life.”
    P.s. By the way these are only my current “battles” I could write a book on all the battles I have fought over my lifetime, and there have been many, many, many. Thus the greatest victory of all of them has been, the graces and miracle of the love of God, Son and Holy Spirit, Mamma Mary, St. Joseph along with the host of Heavens Angels,Saints and loved ones from above that have marched along side of me to bring me strength, courage, fortitude, guidance, wisdom and any other tool I have ever needed to win the battle. Praise be to God. Truly I can say as witness to the truth that if He brings you to it, He WILL bring you through it!!! May God continue to bless this wonderful Catholic ministry and all who serve under it.

    • Beatrice James

      God has blessed your heart and soul! May He keep you strong and full of faith as he carries you through these ashes. You and your family will make it. Half the battle is already won, you believe this and so it is. He’s got you!!! Stay blessed.

  • Diane

    My husband of 45 years divorced me 3 years ago. He got involved with a woman he worked with and they live together. We have an annulment and I have dated other nice men but just can’t get over our marriage. I get very lonely and don’t want to live the rest of my life alon, but want my husband back but he seems happy with her. I get depressed but antidepressants don’t work. I walk through life and try and do my ministries the best I can be active , see grandchildren, but it’s the broken heart that is my struggle .
    I Give it to God but it never really goes away. I identify with Jesus in the garden .

    • notLindaBurke

      Diane, all of the things that go with the situation you described are heartbreaking, and I can relate to them. I was much younger when my first marriage ended, and my faith was shaken to the point that the only thing I could believe was the simple statement, “God is.” Rebuilding one’s faith and life isn’t easy, but you can do it, and you can do it without a life’s companion. No one knows what God has in store for you, but focusing on Jesus whether in heartbreak or hope is a lot wiser than some of the choices you could make. As Matthew Kelly suggests today, “Be gentle with yourself.” I think you’re going to make it, and I promise to pray for you and for all in similar situations. (I keep a written prayer list, and now you’re on it. :>)

  • Lorain K

    My family is divided. I have a brother and sister who won’t speak to me due to a judgement call from an overly controlling sister who wants it her way or your out!! She is the thorn in my side.
    By the Grace of God my husband has convinced me to love them at a distance.
    I can see clearly this is a generational curse and I am so thankful God has brought it to my attention so I can choose not to allow the curse to drag me down like it has my sister.
    Thank you Lord for all the goodness you have brought into my life.🙏

  • Tanya Thompson

    I’m hanging on by a thread due to panic attacks. I recently prayerfully made the decision to not take the 5 medications I have been using for over 15 years for the condition and rely on God. I had been doing well until yesterday. Today is better and I cling to hope again. Thank you for this video series! Mental Illness – the silent battle.

  • Francesca Russo

    I have been trying to get in great health for the past three years but it seems like the harder I try the more that comes up. First year I had gastric surgery to give me a chance to loose weight as I was 340lbs and after surgery it was still very hard to loose weight but I did loose about 100 lbs in the past two years. Year two my hip was found to be bone on bone so I had hip replacement and 5weeks later I hade to have knee replacement. Now I am able to walk and just really starting to feel like I am getting my life back. Now at year three I was diagnosed with cancer! As I am just a week out for being able to have my surger to remove the cancer I get a extremely bad cold! Please pray for me to shake this cold so I can have my surgery to remove the cancer!

  • Pam

    My biggest battle is patience. I tend to lose my temper quite easily and blow up at my kids and husband. Immediately I feel guilty for doing it and want to go hide away. The last thing I want is for my kids to grow up acting like me.

  • Mario Cannariato

    My burden is hoping that I am doing enough of Gods work. I continuously pray for family and friends that have shared their burdens with me that they may find relief of their conditions.

  • Sue Goulet

    It seems that we all relate to the overweight theme causing more stress on bad knees. I am impatient, if I can’t lose weight the first few days, or can’t do enough exercise to see results I get so discouraged. I am not good at baby steps. I would appreciate prayers and encouragement.

  • Jessica Parks

    I’d like to say this program is wonderful. A majority of my family members are Catholic. While I’m not, I love the message your sharing and how I see the communication between my family members flourishing during this lent season. Communication tuely creates connection.

    You’re right, We all struggle with something. Sometimes its that pause or reflection that allows you to realize it. Thank you for another beautiful teaching.

  • Mary Huber

    I too struggle with weight. My biggest battle is my ex – husband, youngest son and daughter and her family not believing in Jesus and God. I pray for them every morning and at night, even during the day. I try to set a good example. My youngest son has many disabilities and psychiatric problems. He is still homeless and hurting. He is my biggest battle. In the past I have enabled him. I am trying to change that but still be supportive. It is so hard for me not to be enabling. I pray that God will give me strength and the wisdom to know what to do and what not to do for him.

  • Ginie

    I struggle with being a primary caregiver for my middle child, age 43 who has a Traumatic Brain Injury which results in seizures-and an anger at God with each event. These duties with him limit my time to be grandmother to my six grandchildren. The second eldest, just shy of 13, was diagnosed with Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy in January. I am unable to offer much help other than a listening ear, prayers and an understanding of the fear my daughter has when my granddaughter has a seizure. In addition to that I am going back to the eye surgeon for a reevaluation of my cataracts and Fuchs Corneal Dystrophy. I keep trying to let go and trust God but it’s hard as the mess grows in a family of five children.
    But then I talk to someone else whose plate is fuller and I have to trust that God’s portion to me is manageable-with his help.

  • Michael Maldonado

    Let go. Let God!

  • TU

    I am battling depression. I can’t seem to do anything right. I ask God what to do and I am not getting any clear answers. How can you do the next right thing when you aren’t hearing what it is and everything you do doesn’t seem to make a good difference in the world?

    • SanctusSanctus

      I get this too: it’s relieved when I do something for someone else and then I’m not focused on my feeling but someone else. Praying for you dear one! Great News: It’s not our battle! 1 Sam 17:47 and that all this assembly may know that the LORD does not deliver by sword or by spear; for the battle is the LORD’S and He will give you into our hands.” David and Goliath.
      What a relief! Thank you Lord for being our Lord and taking over the battles! We love You Lord!

  • Ken

    Need help to overcome sinful habit and marriage discount

  • nancy homa

    My battle was with cancer and now I’m living with the fear of remission. I am blessed to be living, but fear creeps up with every check up. My faith stays in the Lord!!

  • Jim Michel

    I am fighting materialism to the degree it is effecting my focus on today and tomorrow. I worry about my retirement years since I had to go through a tough economic downturn years ago and because of it, I still have to work. I have a Special Needs Son, who is great but my wife and I have to take care of him even though we are approaching 70 years of age. I am not complaining about my situation as much as I am praying for direction on how to fight the urge to continue working and making some money to save for my advance age! Oh Heavenly Father, who preached about not worrying and about the “Birds of the Air” not worrying about their food or clothes. Help me to do the same. Free me from this worry, Oh Lord!

  • fe

    Life became messy when I experienced my first significant professional disappointment, a disappointment that continues to occur each time I attempt to pass a professional exam that would lead to greater professional freedom. There have been times when I have cried out because of the loss and shame I feel. Some days I am able to not think about it at all and then other days it is front and center of my thoughts. I want to believe it is not a big deal, it will happen when it will happen, but my job becomes increasingly slim in terms of the responsibilities I am able to take on given this struggle. I have helped to train many in my field who have gone on to achieve the goal I have tried for years. I feel my stomach tighten each time I receive news another former trainee has done what I have not been able to do. I feel like a failure to them, my family, my peers, my colleagues, and most of all to my daughter who I had hoped to be a role model. Believe it or not, I was told (in my professional setting) I am not a good role model because I have not been able to achieve this key component to my profession. It’s a message that plays over and over in my head at times. While this is not a life threatening something, each day it takes a piece of my life from me. I want all those pieces back! Please pray for me, that I may find peace in those dark moments of loss and shame.

  • Linda

    I am burdened by my husband’s death and trying to reinvent myself in the midst of grieving. We had no children and were attached at the hip for 23 years. How to get myself through the days without him, his love and compassion? I pray a lot and turn to friends, but some days I can barely breath. I recall how sick he was from brain tumors and am grateful that he is not suffering, but the selfish me wants him here to kiss and care for him.

  • Agnes Jackson

    I struggle with my thoughts. Sometimes negative things pop into my head and I have to be very mindful not to dwell on them. I’m constantly rebuking Satan as Jesus did:Get away satan, these thoughts are not from God or 2 Corinthians 10: I take every thought captive and make it obey Christ. During this season of Lent I strive to keep my mind fixed on Christ and the sacrifice he made for us.

  • Julie

    I’m battling chronic pain. I’ve had chronic neuropathy “nerve” pain in my right leg and foot for 17 years now and have tried so many things to reduce that pain but it continues daily and constant. Some days are better than others but I do know I couldn’t make it through each day, especially the bad ones without God and hope for a change in the future. Please pray for healing for me. I think being in pain helps me to see more what others are going through around me and to realize that everyone carries their own burdens.
    Thank you and God bless you.

  • Heartbroken

    The hard battle I’m fighting is trying to accept heart disease that has minimal treatment and no cure. I’ve been fighting,resisting,angry,greatful when I open my eyes each morning but it’s very hard to watch youself becoming weaker and weaker and trying to find purpose. No body wants to drain the joy from others because you have become so dependent and can’t plan because the disease dictates the day family siblings have stopped calling. Sometimes you already feel dead. I pray , I adore, but it’s a long dark night . I worry where will my eternity be. Did I run the good Race or miss my opportunity for being something beautiful for God.

  • Kimberly Trapp

    I recently realized with Gods help, that I needed to forgive a friend who’s friendship was lost almost 7 years ago. It became very clear to me that I have been waiting for that persons apology, which may never come. I have been holding onto the weight of the failed friendship. I’ve been carrying the burden, even to the point of trying to accept full responsibility, knowing full well that isn’t right either. So today, in my heart, I forgive this person and am giving it to God.

  • Debbie

    At this moment in time I guess it would be having an elderly parent who is in poor health and unwilling to receive the help being offered. He’s cynical and has alienated most of his children. Trying to help him without the help appearing to him to be taking away his control has been a fine line. I’d like to just take over his life, tell him what he needs to do, tell him what he should do, and especially tell him what he needs to do to “fix things with his children”! He probably knows what to do there. I was told by a priest if I asked him what he saw in the various situations in his life he’d have another view of the situation, one very much different from mine. So I will pray for the grace to accept him as he is, the grace to help him as much as he wants, and the grace of knowing the words to speak to him to make him feel he’s still in control of his life but needs help. These are the things most present in my life at this moment in time.

  • Mark

    Life truly is messy… We have a number of life circumstances that we face each day. Health, finances, relationships and pressures of today’s society, all are pulling on me. Sounds daunting to face these alone. Thanks be to our God, who loves us beyond all our expectations, because without believing in this love I would be a basket case.

  • Julie

    My daughter has been struggling with stomach issues since October and her life has been turned upside down because of it. She, along with her Dad and I have never given up hope. It has been a very difficult time but we all thank God for our faith. I ask you all for prayers of healing and hope.

  • CathieHeenan

    My burden is, I have 2 family members that are very sick, and I don’t live close to one of them. The other one I live with. At times I just feel the only thing I can do is to pray they can both get better. My family calls me the Prayer Warrior.

  • Margaret Pickett

    I struggle with the fact that two of my sons don’t attend church. My two granddaughters age 4 & 2 are not baptized and I feel like a failure. I did not teach them to love God and find everlasting peace through faith. I beg you to say a prayer for my sons and grandchildren that God will bless them and let them know and understand the peace and love they can find by going to church.

    • Barb

      I will pray for you as I share your pain as my one son has chosen to not go to church anymore. It saddens me but I try to not beat myself up. God gives us free will and with prayers and time my hope is he will return. All we can do is remain supportive and keep planting seeds while still being gentle with their souls. Friends keep telling me “He’ll be back” oh how I pray they are right. God bless you!!!

  • Ann

    My husband is an alcoholic and is verbally abusive to me in front of our kids. We have 6 children and I am too afraid to leave him. Deep down he is a good man that just needs help, but I am losing hope it will ever change.

    • TU

      I will pray for you. Please be safe.

    • Theresa

      Dear Ann ,
      I have been in that place I know the pain and overwhelming desire to fix it. I can tell you this the drinking will continue until they are ready to stop in the meantime you must remember you are not expected to accept unacceptable behavior what does that teach the children . God finally gave me the courage to get out of the way. Let go and let God. He is sober 20+ years now. Praise God but With that gift came the reality the marriage was never truly valid. I’m not saying that’s you case ,but pray for the raw courage to let God be God. If you change you the dynamics change trust God . I will be praying for you and all your family🙏. Peace of Christ be with you

  • Jo Martin

    My battle is I am recovering from sciatica. It’s so disturbing and distracting and painful. It started about 7 weeks ago(um, who’s counting). What I am aware of is it has opened my eyes and heart to what others are going through with acute pain😩. I have been insensitive in the past to those suffering with chronic pain!

  • Ariana Minton

    In the month of February, my husband was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, we closed and moved into our new home and my 94 year old grandma passed away. It’s hard to think what life was like before last month. My perspective on life has changed and I’m realizing that’s not a bad thing, it’s just life and it’s an opportunity to grow closer to God and my family. Having a strong reliance on God and abundant family and friend support has helped tremendously. Each day is still a struggle as I’m trying to be strong, especially for my husband. But I think you have to take it day by day, knowing that God is always by our side giving us our strength.

  • Lea Novak

    I am the primary medical person for my dad, and I’m often struggling to not let him see when it becomes a chore. Sometimes I really want to do something else, and I really wish someone else would take him to the doctor or run over to his house to put drops in his eyes or measure out his weekly pills. But if he feels that I would rather not do it, he will feel bad, like he’s imposing, and I don’t want him to feel that way. So my selfish nature is a bit at odds with my better nature…pray for me that the better nature wins!

  • Maria

    The hard battle that I’m fighting, I’d say, is trying to balance my life with school. For the longest time I’ve had a passion for drawing and writing stories and now I started a graphic novel and posting pages of it online. However, I have only so much time for it now while I’m in school. I’ve been able to work on my project over breaks from school so that while I’m taking classes I can focus more on studying than the project. It still gets hard to do when I get bored of studying or hit a brick wall and want to do something else. And then I think about how much I want to do for my project RIGHT NOW and have to comfort myself, saying that I’ll have my chance to work on it in due time as long as I focus on what REALLY needs to get done now. It helps that I allow myself to do a little work on the project in short breaks sandwiched between study sessions. At least it feels like I’m getting something done in both worlds.

  • Caroline McConnell

    I’m battling with forgiving my past sins that I’ve already gone to confession about and God has forgiven, but I keep replaying. I’m also battling forgiving others in relation to those past sins.

  • Daniela Bianchetti

    A battle I am fighting is accepting being a wife of an alcoholic and demonstrate my support even I have have doubts about his will power this nth time. Lord please help me to believe it is possible. I am afraid to put my hopes up and have them crashed like many times before.

    • Stacy West Taylor

      I struggle with wine addiction. It’s so hard to break the chains. A close loved one quit by a program called Seven Weeks to Sobriety. He drank every night for about 40 years – functional alcoholic. That is what I am. I think it’s the hardest to quit because there isn’t a rock bottom really. We function. Believe me, it’s a struggle. If it was easy I would have quit years ago. I haven’t tried this program I mentioned because it is expensive. Google it and see what you think – don’t substitute though – buy from suppliers that advertise program otherwise it is hard to match amounts. It is through supplements. Another book I am reading that people have sworn by is The Naked Mind, Annie Grace. I’m hoping it strikes a chord. Prayers for you and your husband. Don’t give up on him. You should seek help for yourself and how to live with it and support his recovery. You have been called to be strong when it isn’t easy. Prayers.

      • Margie Suarez

        It’s not easy. My son is an alcoholic and he did hit rock bottom. He went to detox, but he hasn’t stopped drinking. In watching him want to quit I realize that it is not as easy as we sober people think it is. His suffering is real. I pray that you may receive the grace to quit and that doing so you will be a living testament for other. God Bless you.

        • Stacy West Taylor

          Thank you Margie. I pray your son is delivered from his addiction. God bless and keep you.

  • Margie Suarez

    I often worry about my best friend that died with out repenting from his sins. I accuse myself as guilty because I did not share the Good News with him enough. It was difficult. Now I carry the burden that I should have done more. I know it was not my sins, but I can’t help but feel guilty. Why didn’t I speak up?

    • Stacy West Taylor

      Your friends eternity is in Gods hands. Did he know Jesus as His Savior? None of us are perfect. We struggle as this video and all these comments indicate. God sees thru to the heart. Sometimes it takes a while for our actions to catch up with our heart. I pray you find peace.

      • Margie Suarez

        I think he knew of God, but I just don’t know. I prayed for him often. Thank you for your prayers.

  • Koki Fitzgerald Moretti

    I am burdened with excessive pain from arthritis aggravated by this cold and dampness. It seems so little compared to what others have to deal with but it is my constant companion theses days.

  • Paulina

    Right now I struggle with how to help my teenage daughter deal with her unhappiness. She is struggling in her first year of college with personal insecurities and relationships which cause her sadness. Its hard to watch your child suffer. I try to do what I can and offer as much support as she will take.

  • Kathryn Duncan

    I’ve battled depression for many years. Sometimes just getting out of bed in the morning is a struggle. If it were not for my faith in God and relationship with Jesus I probably would not still be around. I would stay up into the wee hours of the morning mindlessly watching TV and eating junk so of course my weight ballooned and health declined. Finally I went for counseling and through clean eating, exercise, forging new friendships and prayer I have gotten my life back…but the darkness seems always in the background waiting to encroach again if I let my guard down.

  • Crystal Dasburg Marchand

    I’d say my hard battle is checking out. I made the decision to quit my job at the end of this school year (I’m a teacher) and told my boss and it’s been announced to the community. BUT…..I still have 3 months left where my students are relying on me to bring my A-game and my joy and I’m already checked out and ready to move on. I’m praying for the grace and joy to enjoy the last 3 months in a job that I love and to remember why I love it, not to just focus on the burn-out I am feeling.

    • Jo Martin

      I lift you up in prayer!!! I work with 3-6 year olds! You have 3 months left😉😉😉! Jesus is the Light of the world! He shines in love through you to those students! Draw near to Him! Do you mind if I ask….what is next for you?

      • Crystal Dasburg Marchand

        Thank you!!! It’s always nice to know someone is in the trenches too! I lift up my day and my joy to God! I actually get the blessing to stay home with my kids and (hopefully) have more. It’s a new phase of our lives and I’m really excited and a little nervous about the change, but really more excited!

        • Jo Martin

          That is good news!! I, am 60, and had the privilege to stay at home…of course I love children and my 3 have their own lives and children soooooo back to the environment of nurturing and guiding! God is love!

  • Daniela Bianchetti

    Another battle I am fighting is getting away from the business I am in to be a better mom and wife. I want to be a fun mom for my little one and I fail every time I try to spend quality time with my kid because my mind is not there at the moment but at the laundry, dishes, cooking, cleaning I have waiting for me and that I need to get done as soon as possible so it will not pile up. Pray for me so I can slow down and appreciate the time with my child before she grows up and think of me as a boring cleaning freak mom.

  • Your sister in Christ

    Dear Me, I have been there too. Be patient with yourself!! You are unconditionally loved by God and HE has a plan for you. Take one day at a time and BE STILL in His presence. HE will carry you through. Praying for you

    • Stacy West Taylor

      This was just out there – not in response to anyone that I could see so I am claiming it! Lol!

      • Jo Martin

        Me, too!!

  • Deborah D

    I lost my mother almost 2 years ago and am battling letting go of the sadness. There is not a day that goes by where I do not recall the suffering she endured as she was passing away from a rare form of cancer. My family and I watched her suffer into hospice care for over a year. I struggle most days not having my mother here to experience the joy from my new marriage. My husband only had a very short time with her, and now that we have so many positive things happening in our lives, she is not here to experience it. I’m also graduating from nursing school next year and feel very sad that I cannot have her present for my graduation. My husband and I want children, and she will not be here for that. I lost my confidante, someone who was so wise and would give me such great advice on life. Our relationship was also contentious since she never approved of my conversion into the Catholic church 7 years ago. My mother was a former Catholic and converted before I was born to a Protestant faith and never understood or accepted my decision. I wish now that we would have never had our religious disagreements and have regrets about that. I want to be free from the burden of sadness.

  • Nan

    My daughter and son-in-law are facing serious fertility issues. I find it hard when people who would be wonderful parents face difficulties in becoming one.

    • Deborah D

      Hi Nan, My husband and I are facing the same thing. We decided to not worry anymore and if it happens, God’s will be done. If not, we will consider his will that we serve him and the church in other ways besides being parents. I have a tremendous peace and no longer and worried. I pray that your daughter and SIL feel God’s love for them during this difficult time.

  • Mary

    My list of burdens is long and many times it continues to grow daily. Or so it appears that way to me.
    But prayer is what gets me through my darkest moments anytime, anywhere.
    Just like prayer “Hope” is there too. I can never give up hope.
    At night when I see the brightest star in the sky it gives me reassurance that as long as I can see that star, I will always have hope.
    I believe God will also see me through all this.
    Yes, I also have joy in my life

  • I know so many people who are carrying the cross of cancer right now and if their not it’s another issue. I just pray, Jesus Truly Present in The Blessed Sacrament of The Eucharist I believe help my unbelief and the unbelief of my friends and my family . Jesus, heal them, Heavenly Father gIve them strength, Mary our Mother pray for us! Amen.

    Life is messy that’s for sure! I know I have been a mess for a long time.

  • Paula Stone

    Unemployment in a Dynamic Catholic World. I have been a catechist, communion minister and lector how could I be on the brink of homelessness while an entire church watches. A Catholic University student project or even a confirmation class project? It is a church embarrassment. Me Paula Stone being behind in bills, a repossessed brand new car and no emergency money left oh and no medical insurance.
    “Messy” came from a very financially secure non catholic relative who was angry about My Chosen .Catholic life. I was baptized as a child with my biological father a Chicago Police Officer. I was
    Ready to be married. All hell broke loose.
    We are a largely advanced degreed denomination. No excuse for my situation.

  • Jan Onnen

    I loved this message. Three very close friends/family are battling cancer right now. I know they are carrying a heavy burden. My prayers are sent for them and I know they appreciate them. This message is so powerful and my hope is that everyone hears it. Thank you for this message.

  • Denise Slowinski

    The battle I’m fighting right now is that my family, mostly my sister with 4 year old twin girls who’s divorced, don’t understand that I’m trying to get up each day and try to live my life. A little background on me, my husband died 2 years ago suddenly due to an infection complicated by a hip replacement. So for the last 2 years my kids (now 24, 19 & 17) and I are trying to be the best possible me’s we can be each day. She’s a divorced mom and her ex has no involvement with the girls so it’s all on her and my parents, which she lives above. She wants me to take them more or at least my goddaughter more and I can’t do it. I understand she’s under pressure but so am I. So that’s my battle and I’m not sure how to deal with it but I have faith that God will direct me.

  • Mindy

    I struggle with procrastination. I avoid because I fear failure. Sometimes it is overwhelming and having anxiety I am sure contributes to the intensity of that feeling. I am overweight because I avoid exercising and eating healthy. I avoid meal planning because it takes so long and I get overwhelmed trying to organize the meals. I over think and make things more complicated than they need to be. Then quit because I can’t handle the feel of anxiety and I want things to be perfect. I am also in debt up to my eyeballs because I avoid. My student loans went in to default because I avoided opening the letters they sent. I thought I was in deferment. I finally went through the rehabilitation program to get them out of default.

  • Gail Maier

    Dear Me, as many of those who have joined this conversation, I too have struggled with divorce (x2) obesity and challenges with overeating and exercise. There does come a point of becoming almost hopeless when you know you must exercise but the knees hurt so it is difficult to exercise. I did go through bariatric surgery in 2009. It was a difficult surgery but am glad I did it, although it doesn’t solve the underlying problem – why we overeat. It seems like you must first recover from your divorce. I hope that you’ve involved in either a support group or have individual counseling. I will keep you in my prayers. Gail

  • Lynne

    This is what I have posted on my desk as a reminder – Of all the forces that make for a better world, none is so powerful as hope. With hope, one can think, one can work, one can dream. If you have hope you have everything.

  • Mary Stevens

    My husband and I have a blended family. He has 2 children and I have 1. Now that we are both retired he wants to move to NC to be near his daughter and 2 granddaughters. The only problem I have with that (as I get along well with his daughter) is that my son and 2 daughters live within 10 miles of us. I would like a compromise, but my husband can not see it or agree. We either move or divorce. Help me Jesus!

  • Mary

    I am struggling with many things. The biggie is following my great joy of creating art as an occupation, and how I can use that to be of service to others. The income tends to be extremely variable, and yet I am always provided for in every possible way. I am also struggling with a poor diet and addiction to food. I am grateful for your prayers and for this program of devotion. Thank you Matthew. You are in my prayers, as are all here and worldwide!

  • Mel Babin

    I am struggling with my relationships with those in my family and with my siblings. I did not realize just how difficult life was until my profound conversion a few years ago. My husband, three sons and siblings who have not really let God into their lives are struggling with much pain, fear and loneliness. They are not open to receive God’s blessings and I am praying for their conversions and a deeper conversion for myself. I feel their burdens and am asking God to help me to have compassion for them.
    Fr. Sherry, I will pray for you now and in May to have the strength, will and good health to make your journey.

  • Joyce W.

    I guess my challenge is to accept old age gracefully and look to God for healing of the currently undiagnosed abdominal issues and the tiredness that makes it difficult to be proactive and get more than one or two things done each day. I am due for a scan this week and I hope that this will reveal something treatable, but whatever the outcome, I know that God is with me, He is never the problem, I am!

  • Joanie Glowacki

    I battle with fibromyalgia every day. And because of all of its symptoms besides pain I become very anxious and stressed which only aggravates the fibro. I pray to God for peace and He keeps telling me it’s going to get better because he has plans for me. But I do have hope and know God will see me through this painful journey

  • Pennie

    I too have these battles. I read this everyday as soon as I get out of bed.
    I plan out each day and have it ready for you long before you arise from bed. My power flows freely into you. Refuse to wast energy worrying, and you will have strength to spare.Entrust yourself to My watchcare.
    This gets me thru every single day good ones and bad ones.

  • Amy Reinhardt

    My grandma is going to be passing away soon. She has been in hospice for over a week, and her body is continuing to wither away. This impending loss is affecting every member of my family differently, and it’s been a struggle to get along with everyone, especially my mom. Sometimes I don’t even bother. I just hole myself up in my room and try to ignore the problem altogether. I am also battling a transitory state: trying to find a job and move out of my parents’ basement. I have built-up frustration and annoyance because the job hunt isn’t going well, and I think those built-up emotions are causing me to lash out at others. I don’t know how to control it.

  • RD

    I have been confronted more and more with the dysfunction within families. I related to MK’s comment today where he said that he felt he grew up in a bubble. The family of my childhood was caring and I did receive wonderful examples of faith in my parents. I just thought everyone had similar experiences. As an adult, I learned a childhood friend had an alcoholic parent. . .it surprised me that as a child, I didn’t notice any of the hardships she spoke about, now that we were adults. I just was oblivious.

    Growing up, I didn’t know anyone divorced, and drugs didn’t seem to touch the lives of anyone around me. Now, many of my peers are dealing with divorce, and so many people my age have children struggling with addiction. The effects are heart-breaking and the sad circumstances seem to be moving closer and closer to home. “Life is messy” seems an understatement–for so many, life is truly tragic.

    I liked reading that the remedy for these sorrows is hope. “No one can take your hope from you.” I do see that the friends faring better with divorce are those that have the strongest relationship with God. The drug issues seem more complicated. I feel convicted that my generation has not given the next generation a firm enough foundation of faith. These young adults in their 20’s and 30’s aren’t turning to God, because we dropped the ball when it came to introducing them to God, or showing them how important He is in our lives. But hearing the message today, has given me hope that it is not too late. If childhood faith is forgotten (or lacking) God really can meet us anytime, anywhere. I will pray harder for these young adults in their 20’s and 30’s. Lord, help this generation know you better and better. Help them see that the love they seek is You–pure and holy love that gives them hope and makes them whole. Jesus I trust in You. Amen.

  • Pat Ryder

    I’m not really an open person, I only tell people what I want them to know. so even though they know I deal with a lot of issues they don’t really know to what extent, an I think a lot of people are the same way. Life is messy, sometimes more than people know. I can hide it well, even though sometimes i just want to scream it out loud and just be comforted, but I don’t want to burden any one else, plus I really don’t want any one to know. I guess that’s weird.

  • Nancy

    I recently retired! I have never been good at budgeting! But I need to do it now! It was always easier to pull out the plastic when I ran low on money! I need to resist that urge in my life!

  • Sara

    Today’s video and message is exactly what I needed to hear to start my day. It brought tears to my eyes …. I am struggling with relationships; my relationship with my elderly father and my relationship with my 17 year old daughter. I have been putting on my “happy face” each morning and heading out to work, etc. but lately it’s been so hard to do. I feel like I’ve hit an emotional wall and just don’t have the strength to do it anymore. “Be gentle toward yourself; be gentle towards others for we do not know what each person we meet is struggling with today.” This message is truly the most valuable gift that I have been given today. Thank you and God bless.

  • Trudy Ray Parmarter

    The comments today remind me that my current struggles are minimal compared to many others. “Dear God of Compassion, help me to reach out to others and pray for them as I know others have done for me. I ask this in the name of your precious Son who took all our burdens/struggles with him on the cross.”

  • SanctusSanctus

    Great News: It’s not our battle! 1 Sam 17:47 and that all this assembly may know that the LORD does not deliver by sword or by spear; for the battle is the LORD’S and He will give you into our hands.” David and Goliath.
    What a relief! Thank you Lord for being our Lord and taking over the battles! We love You Lord!

  • Jacquella Doise Manuel

    I am having difficult on getting a home for myself. Strange but true. I have just retired from teaching 37 years, divorced and soon to be 60. For the last 5 years I have moved into my parents’ outdoor kitchen to help my dad with my mom’s illness until her death. Now I am helping my dad, though he isn’t sick but is 87 and his eyesight, hearing and esp his memory are failing him. I need to take the step and purchase a place to live but I keep second guessing myself if this is the right time, if I can afford, but ESP can my dad function ok with me moving? My girls and their families have been but on the back burner the last 5 years and I am finding time is moving quickly to be missing Sunday dinners and traditional gatherings. I do pray to God to guide me but I struggle with the Am I making the right decision!

  • Anonymous in Pain

    I am separated and probably facing divorce of my husband of 27 years. I discovered 2 infidelities and so many hurtful things. Our kids are suffering in their own ways as they know the story. I am trying so hard not to seek revenge and to forgive this in my heart. THE STRUGGLE IS REAL AND WHAT A MESS! I hate the division if has caused in our FAMILY. GOD PLEASE HELP US ALL!

  • Kathy from Erie Pa

    My husband is fighting lung cancer and his last scan was not good. He’s on oxygen but feels well and we are taking a day at a time, doing as much as we can for as long as we can. Every day is a gift!
    My real anxiety is he says he does not believe in God because bad things happen to innocent people( he did 2 tours in Vietnam ) I try to explain free will but he feels God should protect those from abuse if he’s there. I pray for him every day- he is such a good man and very involved at our church.

  • Veronica

    My son has been spiritually attacked…he has told me he is no longer Catholic or even Christian and although he believe in a God he does not know where he fits in his life. I believe he still believes he is just pushing him away because he is not living a virtuous lifestyle.

  • Julie Bardon

    I’m in need of healing, physically-seizures, spiritually-lack of trust, emotionally & mentally. I need the strength to endure this huge cross & carry it with joy & unite it to Christ’s. And I need protection for my marriage. God Bless everyone!

  • Maggie

    Approaching a procedure on my foot to shave off some arthritis. Very anxious that my healing will be more than I expect. My hope is to follow my therapy and recover quickly.

  • Marina reed

    At this time I am a bit sad that I lost my dad in January. I battle with the thoughts of “could I have done more? Could I have been a better daughter?, ” also my children are grown and with their own families and I miss them . I want to hear from them and I do, but now that I am retired and at home I have a lot of quiet time and sometimes feel,lonely.

    • Jean s

      Marina, it sounds like we are in the same stage of life. I, too, am retired with grown children and though I live with my husband he works nights and sleeps most of the day. When he is awake he is generally grumpy and things are tense. I’ve joined a bible group of wonderful women and I volunteer at church. Please find some ways to reach out to others. You’ll feel so much better!

  • Tracy Etzel

    Wow…amazing responses for you…so great to see God working! You are dealing with some big life challenges right now but you have recognized them and that is a huge first step. Taking care of yourself is key. Motivating yourself to make changes is huge and you are on your way. If I can be bold, I would love to offer some ideas for you exercise wise as I am an aquatic fitness instructor/trainer. The water would be an excellent place for you exercise wise as it is low impact, which would help your knees. The buoyancy and resistance of the water offers you a great workout environment without beating up your body. Water walking would be a great place to start…by striding forward/backwards, sideways, etc. for perhaps 45 mins to start and then maybe leading up to 3-4 times a week would be so beneficial. You will build strength endurance and balance. Aquatic fitness classes are wonderful ways to exercise and you don’t have to know how to swim as you are always vertical (standing in about chest deep water). Another great thing about aqua fitness that I have seen over many years is that the social/camaraderie part of it is amazing— I have seen wonderful groups of women and men take care of each other and build special relationships just by attending classes together. You have conquered that first step…recognizing what you would like to do and reaching out….blessings to you as you move forward on your journey!

  • Mary Jo Uhen

    Fr Bob Sherry, I am intrigued by the Camino walk you mentioned. After having completed an amazing HolyLand tour with the Terra Sancta Jesuit ministry out of Detroit, I am wondering if you can recommend a similar spiritual Catholic tour group for walking Camino. Mary Jo.

  • Lisa

    I have 4 generations living in my house. My mom has alzeheimers and my daughter is unmarried with a daughter of her own. Plus I have 3 other children all active boys. One adopted from foster care system suffering from PTSD. I am 48 years old and finally pursuing my batchelors degree in elementary education. People always ask me how I do it all and I do it because I know others burdens are so much heavier than mine. I will make my life here on earth matter. No one said life was easy and well it isn’t. I liked the idea that we should not be hard on anyone. Have compassion it doesn’t matter how big their burden is to us, it is still a burden to them. We all carry our burdens differently.

  • Angie O’Mara

    I’m fighting a burden, that I never thought I would. My daughter’s fiancée is a heroin user, this is his 3rd time trying to recover. I fear what her and my granddaughter life wI’ll be like, if he continues along great this path. My daughter needs help to stop being given his enabler, but she is insists she can help him through love. Oh dear Jesus help me to makemail her and him see that their child deserves more, in this life, than what they are doing.

  • Tony Pantera

    Small health issues are on my mind, but the biggest burden for me now is helping my wife
    take care of her sister, who can not take care of herself. We move forward and will remember
    that our hope is a source of strength.

  • Denise LaFave

    Absolutely! Life is messy. I have made so many mistakes while trying to find my way, but through it all, there’s always been a way back to the Lord. There’s always been hope and forgiveness. I pray I can be a light for anyone lost in their own mess. A smile, a gesture, a word, a handout, whatever comes my way, I can give hope and am thankful it’s always been there for me.

  • Barbara H

    I struggle with bipolar. The biggest battle I have is acceptance. I still grieve the loss of abilities and the change in lifestyle since my breakdown and diagnosis 16 years ago. And then there is dealing with all the side effects from multiple meds. I admit I am resisting God’s help to get me through living with bipolar. Mental illness is messy.

  • Carmelita Baza

    Prayers for Fr. Bob! Ever since I saw the movie The Way I’ve wanted to take that journey. Prayers for all at Dynamic Catholic helping us all to be the best version of ourselves that God has intended!

  • Denise

    I am also struggling with food and being overweight and have struggled most of my life. I am trying to overcome the urge to eat what is not good for me and eat only what is good for me. Lent is a good time to focus! I am an emotional eater and having lost my mom in December I have been having difficulty getting back the desire to stay on track. Did someone say resistance? I have been praying much more and that has helped immensely. I was going to OA and maybe it’s time to go back…

  • KMA

    I ask for prayers for the hard battle I am fighting. (To *me* it is a hard battle …)
    Please pray for our family and all blended families and their struggles.

  • Loyd McIntire

    I’m having problems dealing with family members. Please pray for me.

  • T-girl

    I am battling the fear of my future. I work part time now and I don’t feel there is any security for me at my current job because we have new owners and we’ve already lost quite a few huge clients already. Oddly enough, It is time for me to move into a full time job as my wonderful husband is getting ready to retire and deservingly so. My other battle is that I realize I don’t have the passion to stay in the career that I am in. I want to move into the right direction and I don’t know what that is. I don’t know what my desire is. But, maybe I do and I am too embarrassed to go for it and feel selfish for trying to do so. But I feel that this is my time to live the dream the I believe I was put on this earth for. Fulfilling my true desires can only bring joy to those around me, especially my family. I also have the burden if needing healthy coverage for my family once my husband retires. There are lots of moving parts and I just pray that all will fall into place at the right time. But I’m afraid, and I’m stressed and i need to find hope in all that is to come. Doing these daily devotions is helping me find that hope. Being active in my faith is allowing me to take baby steps towards my true desire. I pray for more clarity in my life.

  • Laura LaDue

    Just found out I have cancer. It is currently not curable. I could live for 20 years with it but eventually I will have something happen. It’s the waiting that is bad. Trying to live with a grateful heart for each day I am here and not hurting or sick.

  • Nancy

    My son will not speak to me.

  • Armye

    I have a husband who doesn’t recognize he’s an alcoholic and seeing my 22 year old daughter on the same path. I do have hope and faith in God’s just remembering to trust in his plan for them and for myself.
    Best Lent Ever has been remarkable for me. Thank you!!!

  • Jacquella Doise Manuel

    I have been struggling on finding a
    home for myself. I have just retired from teaching for 37 years, divorced for 5 and am soon turning 60 and scared on making the right decision. I am living in my parents’ outdoor kitchen behind their home. I have helped my dad throughout my mom’s illness until her death and now helping him as he grows more feeble at the age of 87. I need a home to call my own but I ponder too much on moving away from my father, will I beable to afford it, what if I need to move back, etc. I have been doing this for a year and lately when I think I will go for it a roadblock appears. I often think God is telling me it’s isn’t time yet, but how do I know?!! I need a home to call my own and begin having my girls and their families over which is not feisable where I am now. I pray everyday for God to show me which way to go..

  • Barb

    Living in a house that is full of stress due to my son’s recent mental illness. My husband and I were looking forward to the “empty nest” after having 4 children. It all came tumbling down when me son had a psychotic episode. We are there for him in every way possible but it is a struggle not only for us but for him also. He tried to commit suicide a year and a half ago. He wonders why we would still want him around when he is like this. Why can we let him go. We are in counseling. Just praying and hoping things will change for him and he will be able to see that life can be good. Praying that he will be able to laugh again. That is the biggest complaint and he has not been able to laugh for over 3 years now.

  • Jessica

    I started with health problems about 15 years ago and over the years, have gotten severely worse. I’ve gone to many doctors and they all said there was nothing wrong with me & that sometimes, you just develop illnesses from nowhere. My husband was very critical too, calling me hypochondriac and that it was all in my head. I am to the point health wise now where I have chronic asthma, IBS, and food allergies so bad that I’ve almost had to go to the hospital SEVERAL times. All the docs would just put me on anti depressants and Xanax and call me good. I am hypersensitive to most medications and did not take that stuff for long because I felt something deep inside me say, that just masks the problem, there HAS to be a cause, and I feel as though I am not to be on 50 meds and not know the root! Recently my health dropped really quick and my husband finally agreed to take me to a holistic MD who did a blood test and discovered I have leaky gut and had me do a SIBO breath test and discovered I am severely infested with bad bacteria in my small intestines and that is most likely the root cause too all of my health problems…THANK YOU JESUS FOR AN ANSWER!! I’ve had so many people pray for me, over me, been to many healing prayer services, but I heard the Lord tell me that this was entrusted to me for a purpose. My father died unexpectedly at the end of this past December with lots of the same symptoms, my mom & sister have lots of symptoms as well so I believe God doesn’t allow anything in vain, I have to go through this to help others! God bless you all & let’s go into the desert with Jesus because He wants to bless us.

  • Matt Franklin

    I battle self-doubt and trusting that the Lord has me in the right place. I’m a youth minister in the Catholic church and love what I do, but my wife and I have 7 kids and I wonder if I’m “doing enough”. I love my job and the Lord has always provided exactly what I need, but there are still times of doubt.

  • Scarlett79

    My family is estranged and I have not seen two of my kids (adults) for over 4 years. I have not even met 3 of my grandchildren. The only grandchild I have known and loved was taken away from us by my daughter b/c she was making very poor life choices and we could no longer enable her. My heart is broken and I don’t think it will ever be put back together. My family was my life and now they’re gone. All I can do is pray and that doesn’t seem to take away my tears or my pain…

  • Kathleen Henshaw

    Hi Me! It is such a hard battle. As others have said, you are not alone. Even when you lose the weight it continues to be a struggle against over indulgence. I too have struggled for a long time. I had surgery as a tool, but I know almost all of the work starts with me and my attitude. Don’t let the pain from all of this get you down. Look for positives in this world of negativity. Pray. Find an outlet that takes you outside yourself…I have found that constant self focus leads me to inactivity and depression. You can overcome the pain and frustration and get done what you need to do. Divorce can be ugly. Use the time to find who you really are and work at making yourself the best you possible. Easy to say, hard to do. My prayers are with you. I believe you can do this!

  • Tiffany Rupp

    My battle. It may not seem like much and truly it’s not but its still one I’ve been struggling with. Currently 7 months pregnant with our second child. I currently work as a flight attendant but my seniority has become worse over the years and the company itself has, I feel, really changed its core and I fear where its headed. That being said… I love my job. My battle is knowing that soon I will quit and be stuck on the ground. It hurts but at the same time I know I’ll have two beautiful kids to look after. I can truly feel quitting is the right path.

  • Maria A.

    A year ago my now husband and I got married. We chose to walk the Camino (in Northern Spain…the same one that Fr. Bob Sherry will do!) and then get married at the chapel inside of the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela at the end of the walk. We decided that this would be the perfect pre-wedding experience for us as a couple on our spiritual and religious journey together. Many family members were hurt that we chose to do this, not understanding why we were getting married so far away from home. Between this and hurt feelings on who was invited to the wedding, there are multiple grudges that once close family members now hold against us. Some of them have been openly hurtful toward us, despite the time that has passed since then. I pray that these people will forgive the wrongs that they believe we’ve committed against them and that our family be reunited as it was before the wedding.

    • Mary

      Maria, you have done nothing wrong an Family should understand that you and your husband chose to do this for a reason and they should respect it regardless.
      I am sure it was a beautiful ceremony even if your loved ones were not present.
      I’ll be praying that in time they will become close to you again.

      Best wishes for a lifetime of happiness to you and your husband.

  • Seth Mann

    I carry any number of burdens at any given time. God has been so kind to me, he gives me all I need. Even in my suffering he reveals so much. What a great value. However, no matter what I go through, I must remember that there are those that are carrying much more than I. My prayer is simple, Take me Lord and do with me as You will, Your will, not mine. Please help those in need that they may benefit from Your Grace, as I have.
    Love the Day, Enjoy the Blessing

  • Paul

    I feel like my struggles pale in comparison to many of the responses. I do need to remind myself frequently in my dealings with others that they may be burdened with unfortunate circumstances and they need some leeway in their day to day life. I hope that I can be a beacon of light to those people by my positivity and patience.

  • Patricia Lopez

    Thank you Matthew for reminding us all to be kind to one another because you’re absolutely correct that everyone is struggling with something. Prayers to everyone, God bless you Matthew and your family. Happy Lent Season.

  • Pauline MenorOzoa

    We are helping our 15-year old battle daily migraine headaches that come with post-concussion syndrome. So far all the medications and treatments that we’ve tried on her haven’t been able to break her headaches. We’ve seen her hit bottom in her hope that she will be cured of her headaches, but as her parents, we understand that God heals in his time and in his way. Just when we felt that our precious child had given up hope, and we were about to confront her about her negativaty and hopelessness and lack of faith in God, something “clicked” inside of her. She’s found hope again – the headaches are still there, but her attitude has changed. She has resumed her fight against the darkness that the headaches cause. We continue to pray and have hope that she will be healed of her headaches. We know that God is healing her one day at a time!

  • teresa zebrowski

    I am battling watching a huband of 47 years dying of pancreatic cancer. Not only that each day brings a new complication and more more and suffering for him. This has been going on for two months now. I try to be grateful for what God has given us when there is good news but more bad news keeps coming. It is very hard cope and at times it seems like God is not there. I keep believing.

  • Cognitive Decline

    Financial – always financial – for the last 10 years financial.
    I got laid off for the third time in 2015. Went into foreclosure and had to cash out my IRAs. Then God stepped in to get me a good job and save the home. However now I’m faced with a huge tax bill and medical expenses for my wife’s knee replacement. I work two jobs (have for the past two years). Both vehicles finally died and I had to use the little bit of IRA money left to help offset the tax bill to buy others.
    But, you know, I refuse to live in fear anymore. I have given it to God (just like the home issue), he has always found a way to save me/us and I am confident he will come through again.
    It is very draining living in constant fear and anxiety but I know God has something better in store for all of us if we continue to believe and hope.

  • Nancy

    My daughter was molested by a family member. It’s been years since the discovery, and we have gone through therapy. But now as she enters the teen years I am constantly watching, waiting for the side effects of this devastation to rear it’s ugly head. We are a tight-knit, well-educated family; one would never think looking at us that our family went through something so sick. I pray every day for forgiveness, healing, and most importantly for God to watch over my baby girl and guide her through life. I pray all the power of heaven carries her each and every day.

  • Sarena

    I fight a constant battle with anxiety. The anxiety I have suffered through the years had caused me so much pain on an emotional and physical level that doesn’t hurt like a papercut or a broken heart but a pain that is terrible and has no real explanation. Thanks to God, I have come through it and felt comforted by Him. I’m happiest seeing other happy and smiling, seeing my family happy. I’m not perfect, I make mistakes but I find such a contented happiness seeing others smile and be happy. That I believe is God. That is the comfort God gives me in a world full of struggle.

  • Patty

    For all those in your struggle with health, I pray for you and myself and I hope my comment today brings you hope that God is working through me to give you that hope. I am a 2 time cancer survivor and the 2nd I was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer in both lungs. It was devastating but thru prayer, friends and family and God… I’m doing extremely well. I go to a chiropractor that belonged to a network called Maximized Living and it changed my life and others. Those struggling with overweight or pain or disease read her book… The Reset Factor… by dr. Mindy Pelz it has a plan for weight loss … my father in law age 74 has lost 63 lbs in a year, no longer takes diabetes medication or blood pressure meds and his knees have never felt better (both replaced). Follow her on Facebook – she help me shrink my tumors to nothing… Dr thinks miracle but I know it was God who led me to Dr. Mindy Pelz.. Here is my gift to you from God.. don’t lose hope!

  • Nicole

    I struggle to walk in to work every single day b/c I don’t know how I am going to be received by my co workers. I feel like the enemy on a lot of days and am looked at and snubbed often. It’s tough, but b/c what I do makes a difference, I press forward and look forward to the day this ends.

  • Stephen

    Pain that the doctors have yet to diagnose properly and other pain that is chronic and may never go away. A job that forces me to work overtime too often robbing me of time for family. Still I am accepting, to the best of my ability, to share in the gift of Christ’s cross in my life. I am truly blessed in so many ways that I don’t have the right to complain especially when I see others struggles way harder than my own. May God grant us all the courage and strength to pick up our cross and carry it DAILY for love of Him and our neighbors. 😉

  • MsMaryC

    Fr. Bob, I am praying for you. I have had both hips and one knee replaced. The quality of life I regained was so worth it! I say “go for it before your Camino walk”, so you will thoroughly enjoy it. The hip surgery is so refined that there’s little to no pain and the rehab is short and easy.

  • Deanna Lieser

    I will have to have brain surgery to remove as much of a tumor and then have radiation. This is my second surgery on this tumor in 31/2 years so it has been difficult to imagine going through this again, I know there will be blessing with all of this and God will help me through it all.

  • New day

    I’m battling anxiety that is slowly starting to cripple my life both my family life and my career and I really don’t want to burden anyone but I do ask god to please send his spirit to me and help me with my struggles so that I can feel confident again. God bless everyone with their own struggles let’s destroy these demons together with gods help

  • Single parent- young adults

    I’m battling single parenting my young 21 year old son. It seems since he started working at this place of work his friends there have become his friends and he is drinking more and smokes marijuana daily. He is in school and does attend his classes. He does not help out financially or even with the household chores. He is in an imitate relationship with a young woman he met a work. He spends 3 to 4 nights at her home. I am struggling with trying to have him be accountable with his life with me. Then parent him with what I notice what he is doing that can be deterrent to his health and success in school. He use to go to Mass with me but has not gone in a few years. We are arguing more and there has been yelling and I recently just told him he needs to leave. I don’t want him to go but our relationship is deteriorating and not safe. I don’t want him push further in this relationship with this girl but then I think they are already in a serious, relationship. This relationship is not what God intends for man and woman. I am broken and not sure if I made the right decision.

  • Lizzy Ielmini

    Dear me, so often I resist and do not do that which I know will bring me happiness, that which is good for my souls and body and for other. Fear so often overcomes me, fear of what others will think, fear of failure, or fear of becoming vulnerable, of letting myself go, I fear giving my hand to God and letting Him do with me as He will. God please help me to truly live the life you paid so dearly for. And to all of you with your own struggles, I am praying for you please pray for me and remember that life is not easy but life is beautiful and life is full of joy even in the greatest sorrow

  • Fanny

    Dear Lord – I pray for your favor so that all of us who are trying to become our best version can accomplish it. Love and light dear group. 🕯🙏🏼

  • Shyne4god

    Wow !! Like the father said about the notebooks (the prayer requests) and all the hurting people out their ,God Bless all the people who made these comments ! as I read them ,my problems seem so small ! Iam so Thankful to God everyday ! I spend time every morning with him , and recieving the Holy Eucarist on Sundays fills me with strength all week ! And praying the rosary helps me 🕇 Yes I have my share of prayer requests also , some im waiting to be answered ! But through God’s word and all the religious tv programs I watch Dailey , and just being Thankful Every day and night , cause those moments like when im holding my Grandchild singing and rocking him to sleep ! Those are what i am Truly thankful for !putting all my problems aside , I believe you can find so much peace in your storms if you let God be your number one resource!

  • Connie avel

    Serious marriage issues.

  • Peggy Bohland

    The main battle i am fighting with now is knowing how to react and how to respond in a way that is not harmful to my daughter. My daughter was an A student throughout her school years. She graduated with honors and received all paid scholarship to college. She never went because drugs entered into her life. I tried all i knew to guide and help her, but she was so angry with me because her father and i split up and we’re divorcing. I have never left her side through all these years. It’s been 20 years now, and she keeps telling me the devil is keeping her from being happy. She’s gone from rehab to rehap. She hears voices. 2 years ago she stabbed her neighbor and will be going to trial for attempted murder. I know she needs help, but prison is not a place for help. I don’t feel she is in her right mind. When i talk to her, we always seem to end up arguing. I’m the only one who is there for her. I don’t want to walk away from her like everyone els, but when she talks about the evil, i dont know how to respond or help her. I pray for her daily and ask her to pray also. I just don’t know if i am doing the right thing, or what else to do. She is going to Pueblo for another evaluation for competency . This will be her 5th or 6th one. They conflict with each other. All i can do is pray that the outcome is that Jesus will pull her thru and make her who she once was. Lively, outgoing, and an honorable person . Please pray for her. And pray that the decisions i make along this journey are the right ones.

  • Kathleen

    My daughter is suffering with the disease of addiction. I’m having a problem with the phrase “let go, let god”. How do you let go of your child who is sick? Praying hard.

    • Syd

      The idea of letting go and letting God is moving into powerlessness and faith in this powerlessness. It feels like dying yet offers a deep peace because faith does the talking and walking. God also seems to like to be powerless because everything within the moment is perfect and power is in the perfect moment.

  • TerryAnn Alcantar

    I have partial seizures, migraines, high blood pressure and both my parents are sick. My mom has dementia and Alzheimer’s and my dad has diabetes, high blood pressure and hepc. When mom has a bad day i getbpulledbin the middle amd havebto help calm her down because shebthibks im taking sides. I have run out of ways to get her to understand i love her

  • Laurie

    As I watched the videos today, I found myself staring at the coincidence of what happened today in our community. All schools in our small town were closed due to a missing child (16-17 year old), who may have a gun in his possession. All day I have thought and prayed for this child, because I feel for him and whatever may be his struggles. Please add this child and his family into your prayers today.

  • Rachel

    This journey has been teaching me to relax and have fun with my daughter who is 7 years old. The battle I fight everyday is my employer asking me to work other shifts due to no coverage for that senior who need our help from the caregiver. I took time this weekend to spend time with my daughter. We laughed and had fun doing something she enjoyed which was bowling. My main focus is to spend more time with her and better my self with finding a better employment job.

  • Susan

    My burden is learning how to help my son with aspergers. Aspergers is effecting my whole family, marriage and all social settings. It is the hardest thing I have ever dealt with.

    • Adriana Ayala

      God is listening. Look up support groups that can help you as well. God bless!

    • Bonny Jones

      I have a granddaughter who has autism and it very hard. My prayers go out to you. I just keep on loving her as a special child of God.

  • Bonny Jones

    I am trying to love a family member as I should. I know this persons life is hard but at the same time they will not learn from past lessons and expect you to,pick them up brush them off and put them back on their feet. Done it so many times now and in the end we were just hurt over and over again. How do I do what I need to do for this person out of love and just not because they are family. It has been 23 years of this and still going on. I am tried and also ashamed to how I feel. My heart is no longer init. I pray daily for her and my grandkids but to do more I do not know if I can.

  • Karen

    Asking for prayers. Struggling with a recent job elimination after nearly 40 years of loyal service. Need God to make it obvious on where He is leading me next and to help heal the deep hurt. Thank you & God bless

  • Monica Moreno-Mata

    I’m battling my SLE lupus and all the side effects it comes with; financial problems and letting go of my son (about to head off to college) because I feel he has no common sense but is one of the smartest persons I know and a great teen! These are my current battles. 🙏🏻💔

  • Ava

    Being happy, trusting people, crying because I never really hear the words I love you at home, people mocking me because I am not a Catholic yet so they think it is stupid that I want to be a nun, I could go on and on. I need to overcome all this. That is why I am talking to someone out side of my family who does love me. The only place I belong is at church. When I go to adoration I feel loved and I never want to leave. As soon as I leave the adoration room I know that my friend is taking me back home. As soon as I get inside my house I feel the stress and anger. I have so many battles. It would take me years to name them all and I am only 14. Somehow through it all I manage to smile.

  • Toni Duffy

    I finally found a good Catholic guy. We want to get married, but he is disabled. He is on. Ssi. If i marry him i cam get jim kicked off. He would lose jis moneu and more important his medical. So we either have to live apart. Or live in sin. We live apart now.

    • William Millet

      I’d speak to a priest. If not several.

  • Roberts

    My husband was in a fatal motorcycle accident in August so trying to figure out this empty new life

    • Syd

      I have moved into emptiness/nothingness because my cells no longer give my muscles the necessary energy. I feel like I have the flu and I am now practicing awareness. It is just a quiet prayer and being aware of the moment before my mind reacts. The desert fathers practiced this style of contemplation, attentive awareness and they were inclined to call it obedience or deep listening. Martin Laird is good source for this contemplative awareness. .

  • Adriana Ayala

    I am dealing with an identity issue. I don’t know what I truly want in life, I don’t feel like I know who I am. Is like I had a picture of myself in my mind but when I get frustrated and mad I become the total opposite. I don’t want to become my own enemy, nor the person that no one goes to because they don’t know what to expect. I just don’t know.

  • Mary Kay

    I am battling getting older and my husband getting older and his health issues. I’m trying to praying for more trust in God to carry me through.

  • Erin K.

    I am fighting constantly being “behind” financially, and the fact that I don’t manage my finances well. I took a second job two years ago and it has helped, and things have improved, but not to the point where I can stop thinking about who and what I owe constantly. It is depressing and affects me emotionally and physically. I have gained fifty pounds in three years and I look and feel terrible most of the time. i can rarely get through a day without crying. I would appreciate your prayers.

    • William Millet

      I’ve had similar troubles. My advice to you is to try a new approach. Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is insanity. Dave Ramsey offers sound help. Prayer for the ability to be open-minded as you attack your financial issues.

  • Aziza Daigle

    Life is Messy! My burden is I struggle with intimate relationships! I have been divorced twice. I have had a relationship for the past three years and we just broke up! I guess I wonder no one can love me the way I need to be loved! I struggle deeply with this! I have been single in my life.more than in a relationship or married! Every intimate relationship ends in either outright abuse or my needs not being met on any level. Thankfully God has blessed me in many other ways!!

  • Steven Mielke

    I am recovering from
    pancreatic cancer and complications from the resulting surgery. God has been amazing in giving me strength and healing and surrounding with his angels and my family and friends to get me through this challenge. 2 1/2 years now and all is good.

  • Catherine Sylvest Schaff

    Presently, I have no heavy burdens. I do have chronic sinus troubles and arthritis that is not painful; it only weakens my knees. I want prayers for family members, two in particular whom I would like to see drawn to a closer relationship with Jesus. That is my request. And for God to guide me so that I know the best way to help the poor, needy, and downtrodden.

  • Mary Lynn

    I am like the people Father Bob would ask “How is it going today?” I would say “Great, Father, thanks for asking.” I would then fill a page in his prayer request book pouring out my heart for my children, my friends, even my enemies. It is good to reflect on our struggles. Even better to realize others have struggles too and to pray for them. Our pastor has asked us to say an “Our Father” each day this week for the struggles of our parishioners. What a great way to stop thinking about me, me and me and think about others and pray for them.

  • JB

    Hello everyone. I have two battles. First, it was a bit of a traumatic weekend as I stayed with my best friend and helped care for her husband as he passed away in his home. I know that God received him, he opened his eyes minutes before his passing and was looking past us and up. That was a blessing. However, the actually passing, the pain, the sounds he made in pain, were horrible and I am struggling to put those images aside. Secondly, my husband and I are having a money and communications problem. I do not feel that my marriage is in trouble but I would like folks to pray for a bond of understanding for us both, to help us be more gracious and understanding of each other and to come to joint decisions together. Thank you all who can pray for my help in these areas.

  • Emmy Lou O’Connor

    Dear Me, I was you for so very many years, morbidly obese and in leg braces that were necessary because of what the weight did to my already genetically compromised knees. I had bilateral, very successful knee surgery as the first step and then back to Weight Watchers after finding out I could not do it alone even tho’ I had been in WW off and on for 40 plus years!! It took about 4 1/2 years for me to lose 200 pounds but it certainly wasn’t automatic. First of all, you have to really want to succeed and know you have to, as Nike says “Just Do It”. I think my best advice to you and what helped me succeed after so many tries, is to set SMALL goals for yourself and do not beat yourself up after failures that come now and then. My favorite quote that I still use is “Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes it’s that little voice at the end of the day saying, I will try again tomorrow”. You definitely will be in my prayers as you begin this journey that will change your life in so many ways. God bless you!

  • Beth

    Temptation are hitting me hard this lent. Everything I am doing for Lent someone wants to block. First my mom dies and people are bring food to me left and right and one of the thing I am doing is not eating between sunrise and sunset. Also all the communication with out of state family all wants to be through facebook and I have given that up for Lent. Then my sister wants me to eat corn beef on the 17th and I won’t because it is a Friday(and I really don’t care the the Pope say it was okay) and if that wasn’t enough my son has a concert on the first day of my Lent classes at church.

    • lizmvr

      What are you trying to gain by giving up Facebook? If it’s too often a waste of your time, as it is for me, maybe just limiting it to checking your family updates once a day for a set amount of time would work just as well. I don’t think the purpose of Lent is to cut you off from friends who bring you food to comfort you after a loss or from family; so, while it’s admirable that you want to do so much to sacrifice, it doesn’t seem to be good if it’s hurting those whom you love and who love you.

    • Peggy Mosher

      Beth, I am so sorry for the loss of your mom.

      Is it possible that you are trying too hard to “do” Lent? I don’t think God asks us or expects us to cut everything out of our lives, all at once, in order to grow in our faith and love. Right now God is calling you to live with the loss of your mother. That is sacrifice enough. God is giving you food, friendship and family love to strengthen you and to help you care for yourself in this messiness. Each time someone does something nice for you, think of them as the face of Christ coming to show you His love, not as someone sabotaging your efforts. You are being surrounded and wrapped in God’s love. Don’t shut the door on the very gifts with which God is blessing you. As the reflection for today says, be gentle with yourself. And when you go to your son’s concert, remember, you are sharing God’s amazing love with him, just as you are called to do.

  • Singer

    Spring in my part of the world…Dead looking branches are “greening.” A beautiful, small blossom opens to reveal many colors and lines inside, just as if painted. Right in the middle of the chaos, fear and tragic pain I am reading, Jesus says, ” Consider the lilies of the field and the birds of the air.” Hope is ever present. God is as close to us as each breath.

  • Karen Galecke

    I am not walking. I use a walker. I suffer from fear of falling. I can not get over living in fear. I need to get God more in my soul but I can not get into prayer.

  • Stacie Widhelm

    I am a business owner and actually offer programs that coach people and give them tools to realize how amazing and beautiful that they are….the battle that I run up against is that there are soooooo few people who are willing to trust me and become part of my programs. I guess you could say my battle then is rejection.

  • lizmvr

    I strive to be self sufficient, but because I fear not being able to meet my own needs, I sometimes hoard things and my money–I stop being as generous as maybe I should be. I worry about the future instead of trusting that God will provide what I need, and I need to learn to be happy with having my needs met rather than getting everything I want.

  • RAB-G

    Matthew, I truly understand how you felt when you heard that you had Cancer. I felt the same way when my Oncologist told me & my husband that I had Cancer. God has been good to me my whole life & I’m very grateful.
    We all have to realize that most people that we know are struggling w/ some sort of burden. It’s not always easy to share our concerns, but we need to at least let each of them know that we care & that we are praying for them.

  • 4Gdfam1st

    We are not alone. God is with each one of us and we are bound by our faith and even though we do not know each other personally we know we are brothers and sisters in Christ and He loves us mightily. As Matthew says, life is messy but we must not give up our hope to anything or anyone. We all have our concerns, we all hurt…some more than others. I will make an effort to remember each day to be gentle with myself and with those who cross my path. You are all in my prayers, receive God’s blessings today!

  • Maddie

    I’ve been struggling for a while with low self confidence. I have trouble talking to guys which makes it hard to form good relationships.

  • Ivan Jaramillo

    As life is messy and we are going through too many struggles in our own life, in my opinion one of the ways to be better is to stop criticizing others, as we don’t know their struggles. Love others as they are and help if you can.

  • Mary

    As a nurse I discovered quickly that life is messy, physically and mentally for just about everyone. I have told many patients that I will pray for them. But I have never asked them to pray for me, I need to start that, too. God bless all during Lent.

  • Stephanie Vogel

    Pray for me because I battle anxiety, depression, and painful headaches. I am struggling with stuff that happened in the past that caused me a lot of distress and I’m still healing for it. Pray for my healing process. So far I feel like I’m an even better person than I was before all of those traumatic things happened.

  • Jean

    Wow, so many comments. So many struggles. Three years into a divorce I did not want after 38 years of marriage. Depression, over weight. Most days are a struggle to just pretend everything is O.K. So far down into a hole that I pretend does not exist and do not know how to get out of or what to do to change anything.

    • Aaron

      I am sorry to hear that Jean. I know that life is tough. We all face adversity in our life and in our faith every single day. However, I want you to know that you are worthy of God’s love. And because of this, He wants you to acknowledge that you are hurting. He wants you to be vulnerable. Remember to love those who have done you wrong, because even if they aren’t with you anymore, you have to know that God put them in your life at one point in time in order to show his love for you. Have hope, Jean. You are meant for greatness, and through God you can achieve it.

  • Brandie

    The battle I am currently fighting has been one of the most difficult. My husband left my two kids (ages 3 & 5) and myself three weeks ago for another women. He has completely changed since meeting this other women and not the same man I married. He is now saying he isn’t sure there is even a God and isn’t sure that there is a heaven or hell. I was diagnosed with breast cancer a little over two years ago and have been done with treatment for one year. The cancer was extremely hard on our marriage and while my faith in God grew during that time my husband’s faith and love went the complete opposite direction. I believe in my marriage and am giving this struggle in my life over to Jesus. I trust in Jesus and his plan for me. I am learning that only Jesus can make me happy and he is the only one I can trust. I am trying to focus on God, myself and my kids and only the things in my life that I can control. These videos from Matthew Kelly are helping me to focus where I need to. Praise God for bringing these videos and words of wisdom into my life right now.

  • Belen

    Life is messy but that’s what makes it beautiful. It challenges me to be strong knowing that I am weak, allows me to exercise my moral and ethical obligations when need be, to stay faithful to Justice and most of all gives me the opportunities to carry my own cross and to imitate Christ as best as I can throughout my struggles. I have recently fulfilled a few of the sacraments as part of my Lent Preparation; attended The Stations of The Cross and the Confession/Reconciliation. I am very happy to have done these two things as it reminded me and challenges me every minute “was I there when Jesus was nailed to the Cross?” Peace be with ALL. Your neighbor from the outer universe.

  • Sam

    Regarding what was said in the video about being gentle to others: Once I traveled to a work meeting with about 80 people where we were going to have lunch while watching a presentation. This lady was sitting at my table and somehow her drink upset and spilled all over the table. She was so furious, cursing under her breath and slamming her chair around trying to clean it up. Maybe I gave her a dirty look or said Geez, what’s the big deal? Later someone told me the woman was going through chemotherapy which caused her to have a sore mouth and trouble swallowing, and that was her smoothie or supplement that spilled, which meant going without lunch for the rest of the meeting. So you never know.

  • Friend

    Everyday I have a heavy burden as I’m bipolar and deal with Hugh’s and extreme lows. Some days I don’t even want to go on with life and people don’t understand it. My own mom thinks I can pop a pill and I’m good like she does for her thyroid and pushes it all aside pretending I don’t have a mental illness but it doesn’t work that way. I am now divorced because of this bipolar and every day it hurts. Some days I can find strength through God, others not so much. This burden though has brought me great compassion for others, it has taught me that we don’t know what others are fighting because they might be hiding it like I did for years so just love everyone, smile at others, say Hi because that smile or Hi might save their life.

    • Susan

      I can’t imagine what you must go through every day. I do know what it feels like when nobody could understand what your life is like. I hope that you can keep on with the strength of God. God is the only one who can get you through each day. Take care and God bless .

  • Aaron

    Oh man, well I feel this is a very tough question because sometimes it feels like every day is a battle. However, one I find in particular is a battle for a sense of calling. Right now, I’m a college student who’s trying to decide what I want to do with my life. Not only is specializing in my major a source of constant second-guessing and anxiety, but I also find the call to religious life and the call to marriage a source of worry. I think it really stems from the fact that I want to be happy, but I also want to do what is right in God’s opinion. I have wanted to have a wife and kids for as long as I can remember, but every now and then I feel the call to the priesthood. Either way, I know we face a lot of battles. But as we continue to pray, discern, and ask God for help, I know that everyone of us will overcome.

    • Marge

      My husband always prayed “God put me where you want me and I will do my best”. I will say a prayer that you make the right choices. My brother in law is a priest and my family is his family. He always tells me in time of chaos that he knows why God called him to the priesthood. He feels he has the best of both worlds. Good luck.

      • Aaron

        Thank you, Marge. I really appreciate your encouragement and your prayers.

  • Marge

    I lost my Son a two years ago and my husband last year. One of my husband’s brothers had a leg amputated this past year and is staying with me and another one passed away in Sept, the same time another of my son’s had a stroke. I am trying to deal with this and still mourn the loss of my husband and best friend. I too am trying to battle overeating and obesity and my own health issues. I have basically kept in my own little world and only go out when it is necessary. After starting this retreat I realize that is not what I want for myself and it is certainly not what my husband would want me to do. Life is messy and I always said God has a great sense of humor. Just when I think if can’t get any messier God says watch and see and laughs at me and tells me to trust Him. I have always managed to do just that and in spite of all of my problems, I am really blessed because God has provided me with a wonderful bunch of kids and extended family to help me through. He also gave me the power of prayer. I may be overweight and have problems but there are always others who are dealing with so much more. I am enjoying this retreat so far and will continue to join in and pray and work on myself to change what I can that is wrong in my life.

    • Aaron

      Just remember you can always rely on your MBOC (Mystical Body of Christ aka the Church community)! It is more than okay to grieve; God wants all of you, not just the happiness. He wants you to be vulnerable to His love. Even though there are a lot of problems in the world, never think that your problems are not worthy to be heard and solved by the Lord. I will pray for you, and ask that you continue to place your hope and trust in God 🙂

  • Nancy W

    I live in fear of losing my husband. He has many serious health issues, not to mention a bad knee. His health will not allow him to have his knee replaced. He is in constant pain. It is so hard to watch him suffer that I many times ask the good Lord to give me some of his suffering.

  • Stacey Symonds

    I guess in a way my life has always been messy…I fight with Mental Health issues, I am a caretaker of my 24 year old disabled daughter and my 12 year old and ex husband is butting heads…I guess I’ve just adjusted to all of this…sort of….Im always looking at ways to combat these in a positive way….by taking care of myself, and having a strong, support system behind me….but I need to realize that my biggest support is God….I’ve always been the person who needed plan A, B, and C ….. I need to stop resisting God, and let him take over….Messiness is a part of life….but God can be your biggest supporter!!!!!

  • Donna Looney

    This is for Father Bob Sherry. Thank you for making me smile about the Camino this morning. Taking your burdens – or those of others in prayer – onto the Camino de Santiago will be a tremendous experience. For a pilgrim, it is a very special place. If you have the time do more than 75 miles…you can do it! I will be thinking of you. I walked in May of 2013 and it changed my life forever. I look at every day as a pilgrimage and I am enjoying my Lenten Pilgrimage with Dynamic Catholic.

  • Kim Rizzo

    I have a very rare skin condition called vitiligo. With society being the way it is, I have developed a very negative way about myself. I fear going out in public and enjoying life as I worry I am being judged for the way that I look…. I am very different then most. It has changed me and the way I live my life for me, my husband, and my 2 kids. I struggle daily to be positive and not let worry and fear get the best of me…. but it is not easy. I have hope, I have to have hope, that this Lenten journey will help me resist the worry in my life and open me up to my true version of myself…. which is to be happy!

  • Kathleen Lipp

    Dear me, I am also battling obesity and over eating. My husband of 49 years died suddenly 2 months ago. You will be in my prayers

  • It stuns me when someone I know looks happy and well — and I’m so happy for them — but then I find out they’re suffering terribly from illness, depression, grief or relationship troubles. It breaks my heart. What a reminder not to judge by appearances.

  • RootofJesse

    Yesterday someone asked me what the high and low of my day was – a pretty simple question but I didn’t want to answer it because it felt like trying to balance a scale and I didn’t care to find out which side was heavier. The question I prefer, because I think vulnerability in prayer and with the people in our lives who hold us accountable is important, is this: what is your greatest burden and your greatest joy. Even in the days and months that my burdens seem crushing, the constant joy of participating in the telling of the gospel is weightier. Let me be clear, stepping out and sharing the truth is one of the more difficult and consistently painful things I do in my life – but there will never be anything more important or eternal. Nothing more worth the risk. No greater joy. There isn’t a better story, and nothing else so finitely tips the scale to the side of joy.

  • Kelly M

    Being a stepmom. This is Year 10. I still feel like we are on page one of the foundation of our relationship. Now my stepdaughter doesn’t want to come to our house anymore. I realize she is fighting her own battles too. We have a blended family of 7 kids ranging in age from 16 to 2. We are very blessed. My husband had 3 kids before we met and I had 2, then we were married and now have 2 more girls. My struggle is being a strong catholic mother with values. I am trying to parent our children to teach them these values but I can see it just pushes them away. We want a real relationship in our home. Not a relationship with their phones/iPads that they have been given by others outside our home.
    I think the exhaustion comes from me constantly trying to wear different masks and trying different ways to satisfy their needs and mine but in the end I end up on page 1.

  • I am fighting two–at least.

    One against the scale,.I somehow, in less that 3 years have put on over 50 pounds.
    Second, against my lust.

  • KY CAT

    I am battling constant pain and many other lingering affects from an accident i was in two years ago. My Dr.s tell me I am at the best I’ll be, but how do I accept this. I am trying to be positive and try to not complain to family and friends. But some days, I feel so defeated. Before the accident I was in the best shape of my life, did anything I wanted to, but have so many limitations now it is hard to cope. I do not want to bring anyone down around me and I have fantastic support. I am grateful to be alive, but feel guilty about the difficulty of my new lifestyle. I just want to be a shining example to others. I have never been a negative person, and am just going day by day. I pray for strength and continued healing, but even carry guilt for praying for myself.

  • Linda

    I think it’s true that everyone carries heavy burdens in their lives, even the ones who seem perfect. I know I carry many burdens myself, but put on a happy face for others. I find that I get comfort from my faith. If I didn’t have that, I don’t know how I would get through life. I attend church and a prayer group during the week as well as going on Sunday. This has greatly helped me get through these difficult times I am experiencing.

  • Rosie

    I am fighting the constant battle of worry. I say I won’t worry, give it to God, then take it back and continue to worry. I think it’s hereditary, my mom is the same way. There are so many people with much more serious problems, I want to let go of my concern to worry and be at peace with God and be able to help others with their battles.

  • Nicole

    My uncle passed away Thursday and I just can’t hold myself together. My grandfather had a heart attack last Thursday and he has no idea who anyone is anymore and it crushes me to go and see him. I’m batting college, and losing loved ones and trying to lose weight and I honestly have no clue how much more I can take of this. All I do is cry and try to understand Gods will for all these things, but it is unbelievably hard !

  • Heartbroken

    How do I find my hope things seem over whelming I cant take all the stress I know I’m causeslng my family. I’ve been waiting for some direction nothing comes I pray I cry alone . I’ve recently been hospitalized even that was a depressing situation no nurse who could talk . Not even a face cloth never mind a bath in 4 days no sheets changed how are you supposed to feel hope when your almost invisible.

    • Denise Vega Ruvalcaba

      Even when we feel alone and invisible, God is always with us. He felt the same way when he was on the cross, he felt completely abandoned by his father. He knows your struggle, he knows your pain. Have faith that he will bring restoration. For now, try to have a positive outlook on life. Change in thought leads to change in action!

      • Heartbroken

        Thank you for your kind words you are right when you speak of the crucified Christ knowing my pain . I can occasionally get to adoration in the late evening and this last Friday my 17yr son took me , I didn’t want to leave HIM 😢I felt I would never get back to adore again and it’s the only place whereby I feel being before our Lord its like receiving Eucharistic Radiation of pure love peace there is no time. Just us.

        • Denise Vega Ruvalcaba

          Yes! I completely agree! I just had my son and it was great to be in front of the Eucharist and feel his love and feel at peace although it’s hard to be a mom!

  • Mariann Anzaldua

    My husband of 44 years of marriage passed away before Christmas and left a huge financial mess. No will, no insurance,company in debt .Our only child and my grandchildren live 600 miles away. I realize that I am in the middle of a huge pity party. I have good days, work helps but I just can’t seem to make myself stop crying and be able to function like I know I should be.

    • CHar Ostermann

      It s not easy for husband died unexpectedly after 42 years of marriage…my income went down by 45%. Had to sell the big house and move into a condo…14 years later I knew God was with me every minute making all those decisions..supported by family…God gives you the strength to pick yourself up…re invent your life and move forward..I still miss my husband everyday but know that he d have a fit if I was having a pity party !! It s not easy but you can do it !

  • Denise Vega Ruvalcaba

    Bringing my family closer together. We are constantly arguing and it feels that no one has anything positive to say.

  • Connie

    My life has been very messy the past few years. With the guidance of God and help from my husband and a few friends, I made it through the messiness. Thanks be to God.

  • Judy

    Body Betrayals of all sorts. Eyes, eye muscles, neurological issues, spasms in back of head, lower jaw out of place, and personal burdens.

    God can carry me, Hold me when I cry. Comfort my sorrows and loses; help me understand why things are the way they are. He’s helping me let go of resolving a 23 year old medical mystery. It’s getting old and tiring. I give up. I’m letting go of the outcomes – putting them back in God’s control.

    I’m not obsessing as much, yet some burdens feel so personal. It’s cruel. I question why God is being mean to me. I tell him I don’t deserve being treated this way. He tells me to look at it from his perspective. I know he’s right yet I feel profoundly sad with one specific personal burden. He keeps holding me thru it.

  • Donald Hughes

    I see that we all, as humans, have burdens. I also know that many of us, especially myself, and some men that I know, try very hard to keep ours private. We tend to hold up a shield, that holds us back from opening up and allowing others in to help. I recently went through a men’s renewal, and I have to say that it may have been one of the best things I have ever done. Through God guidingredients me to involuntarily lower my shield, I was able to share my burdens with guys that I had never met before. A burden, that prior to that day, only 4 people had ever heard about. What I realized through sharing my burdens with others, it relieved a lot of worry and concern about them. I feel now, that whatever burden you may have, allow God to steer you into the direction he has for you, allow those that he places in front of you to help you through, and no matter what the burden may be, someone else is carrying a bigger one that you may be able to help by allowing them to help you.

  • Lilia

    I’m struggling with resistance. My husband and son were diagnosed with bipolar last year, my son is in denial that he has a marijuana addiction. After he agreed to be hospitalized and outpatient treatment for bipolar he committed to staying clean for one year. It gas taken 6 months to find a combination of meds to stabilize him. I rejoice to see him enjoy life again. He has been going to church with me on Sunday, we also discussed lifestyle changes in order to continue his addiction recovery. He informed me last night that after his year is up more then likely he will smoke again. He’s falling back to old habits, I mentioned that seems like I want him to have quality of life more then he does for himself ; I need to stop enableing him. I struggle with chronic illness, a disabling movement disorder. I’m not able to share with my husband since he’s not stable. They are both very dependent on me, I will always be there for them as long as the lord allows me to. Throughout this mess I know that my needs come first, to pray for strength, stop resisting, asking God for guidance and surrender to his will. Please pray for us, as I will be praying for all of you.

  • Sally Wojcik

    This is so true. I was in tears this morning as I watched the video. I have stage IV colon cancer and am just 50 years old. I am recuperating from my second major surgery in 7 months and have finished 14 rounds of chemo. I am so afraid our youngest is just 17. I want to be on this earth for another 50 years. No one knows what another carries I will remember this and use it when dealing with a difficult person.

  • Jo Pike

    I love this. It is inspirational and opens your eyes. Yes, everyone has burdens. Pray for everyone and be kind to everyone you meet. Sometimes a smile and a kind word can lighten someone’s load.

  • Judy Vecchio

    I am obese also, but in the past 3 to 4 months I have loss 40 lbs. I could not do it without lifting my burdens up to God. He has given me strength and understanding of my situation. I still have a ling way to go but I love God so much that I know he is their to help me and I will be successful. Judy Vecchio Colorado

  • Unknown

    The battle of being “healthy” of good health and health anxiety hold me back from trusting from really letting go and being with God fully. My battle not many see so others with a battle what a great message to always be kind and share love everywhere.

  • Leon

    Stopped by church this morning for 10 minutes…very dark , quiet nobody else there. Went over the last page in Resisting Happiness, The Prayer Process…kind of weird but I felt a whole lot happier after I left…hmmmm

  • Michelle Molina

    Hearing from all of you helps me to hold on to hope!! I suffer from ADHD and now my son might have it and each day I think about how can I make his life better than what I had growing up. Now they do have so many more services today. There are so days I struggle to focus or focus on the wrong thing. If I stop and think about what is really important I tend to regroup and focus again! Life is very messy but I got to keep fighting!!

  • Julie C. Desselles

    Hello all, I too battled with my weight and was so very discouraged after trying many different diet plans. I prayed and prayed for God to show me the way to take better care of the body he gave me. Then I met a lady who was posting all these great transitional stories of people who lost so much weight and how their lives changed body, mind and finances. I was interested as this was not a diet but a healthy living program to help you in all areas of your life. I tried it and my life has changed for the good in so many ways. I lost 30 lbs and still losing and I’m paying it forward by helping others to do the same as their Health Coach. If you are interested and want to know more just friend me, Julie Desselles, on Facebook and send me a message that you are interested in knowing more and I would be very happy to share. I can help you find joy within yourself through God’s help as he helped me.

  • Mary Carrier

    I too struggle with overeating and obesity. I have had both knees replaced. I so want to become a better person in God’s eyes, but struggle daily. I know I am not the only one, but sometimes feel so alone in this battle. I just can’t seem to find the strength or will I need to overcome my bad eating habits. This makes me feel like such a failure.

  • Treece

    My daughter fights a daily struggle as her progressive neuro-muscular disease continues to affect her. My struggle is to keep a positive outlook even when I’m weary from caregiving or angry because this is happening to my only child. Taking time each day to watch, read, reflect and pray is helping me!

  • Lianna

    In adoration recently, I discovered how much I DON’T trust Christ to lead my life. I force things to happen in my life that may be good but are not what God is saving me for. The struggle I have is letting go of my idea of what being good and holy mean and just being open to the plan God has for me even in the tiny day to day activities.

  • K

    I have a lot of stress in my life from school to sports to not disappointing my family and to be there for my sisters when they need me to changing friendships due to life changes (aka college) to my ongoing stomach issues. When I have a lot of stress I struggle with resistance and the high levels of stress cause my stomach to bother me more. I am gluten free which limits what I can eat. I love today’s quote. It is important to understand the challenges others have because it will benefit nor only them but you as well when you are there for someone else, because just knowing someone else understands your battles it gives you more strength to continue to fight them.

  • Patricia Ann Bacchetti

    The battle I’m fighting is trying to wrap my head around why my young cousin at age 36 just committed suicide. What could of been so wrong with his life that he felt he had to end it. I know I will never understand but it really hurts.

  • Me 2

    When my legs hurt and i cry

  • Marie Morris

    My burden is my 26 yr old daughter battling her 2nd brain tumor in 18 months. She is a mother of a 14 month old and has a husband who wonders why she isnt the same as before. So i understand we all have burdens but be thankful if u have a burdon u can manage and that is not out of your control.

  • Alex Siembab

    Life is messy when i get hurt

  • Denise

    They say God speaks to you, you just have to listen. Your post (Me) hits home today. I to am battling overeating and obesity. I had a gastric bypass 3.5 years ago and lost 180 lbs. Now I have gained 40 lbs and am working hard to get it off. I see the resistance every day, but I will get this done!!! You are in my prayers, with God’s help all is possible. You gotta believe it!

  • Donna Hebdo

    My biggest battle is fighting anxiety and worry. I have several grandchildren who are either in trouble with the law or struggling to find their way. I keep feeling like I should be able to do something to save them. But I am coming to the realization that I have done everything I could, as they were growing into adulthood, to guide them toward God and righteousness. What I need to do is “pray constantly” for them and let God work His plans for them.

  • Katy Notebaert

    I will pray for you Father so you can make that trip!! What a gift!

  • Isabel Castro

    I am battling many things but what is weighing most heavy on my heart is my worry for my youngest daughter. After having served in Peru with the Franciscan Cap Corp and then working for the Catholic Volunteer Network for a year, she seems to be more distant from her Catholic faith than ever! She does not want to go to church anymore and says she is more “spiritual” than religious. I will not lose hope though. I am a prisoner of hope and I know I can count on my Dynamic Catholic community to add her into their prayers!!

  • Paula

    My hard fought battle is my job. I have a manager that does not know how to do his job and as result takes it out on me. Further more I would like to leave my current city and live a little closer to my brother. This past year when that did not happen I turned my back on God. I truly believe that God had abandoned me.

  • Christine Greene

    This has been a tough year for me so far. In January I also had a knee replacement surgery. Yes, I did find a great surgeon and hospital that use the custom knee with a 3D printer. I didn’t have any complications and am in recovery. However at the same time, my husband’s health has been deteriorating and has needed to see a neurologist for his worsening memory loss. Pray for me for Jesus to give me strength and courage to take care of myself as well as my husband. Life is messy, we need Jesus to help us carry our load.

  • Leah Levitt

    I have had cancer but have been cancer free for several years. Right now I am struggling with my weight. I am the type who,put on a few pounds a year. Being 77 that means a lot of weight over the years. I am now going to the gym pretty regularly. I also walk. Cutting back on food is the problem. Churches are really bad about helping people with these problems. Donut sales. Desserts as prizes for Church events. Our church did have one speaker on the value of keeping our bodies healthy. Our Priests are all very healthy and exercise. Obesity is pandemic in our society. Restaurants encourage you to over eat. No one would say to an alcoholic here have a glass. One glass won’t hurt you. But I am obviously over weight and am told that dessert has no calories today. Seems like our addiction is largely ignored except ro push diets on us and then tempt us with food where ever we go. And we are willing victims. I never saw an ice cream I didn’t like.

  • Bibi Demby

    Thanks Erin for sharing, my battle is my son David! God has giving him a tremendous gift of drawing, his being drawing since kindergarten, has all the notebooks. Finish college enthusiastic started to work on his dream and unfortunately when soar. Since then hasn’t even try to find a job, just spends all the time in his room drawing or playing videos. I pray constantly to our Heavenly Father to guide him. My dreams is for him to work for God to draw books targeting young adults, like a comic book 📚 all about Jesus. We’re loosing the young generation. Please pray for him. Bibi Demby

  • Steven Sisman

    I am struggling with my youngest son gaining weight, thank God for our doctors and checkups so we seem to be back on track. We struggle with my first son having a VSD, thank God he hasn’t needed surgery but we go to annual checkups to keep an eye out on any progression. We struggle with our daughters pronouncing, thanks God she is able to attend to speech therapy before she starts school. Struggling with the ups and downs/undulations of our life and schedules. Still thankful for all the blessings in our lives and for good ole fashioned hope in the present and future.

  • Holly D.

    The toughest battle I face at this point in my life is my 22 year old son who is heavily into substance abuse. He cannot get through the day without “getting high”. Most days he is using drugs three to four times. I have been told by some of my friends that my husband and I should kick him out, let him live on the street, become homeless, then he’ll come to his senses. But I disagree…. because God is love and as parents we are to love our children despite their short falls. Since realizing that God is a God of miracles and loves all of us unconditionally, I see my son’s abuse differently. I no longer see it as failure (his failure or mine as a parent) but as a sickness. Instead of being angry with him I have been having heart to heart discussions with him over this issue and loving him no matter what. Is the abuse getting better? No! But…. are we growing closer as a family and is there peace and joy in our home? Yes!!

  • Liz

    I like what Erin said I just went out walking and it made me feel better

  • starry13

    I am acting as caregiver for someone in my family with disability. Because of my lengthy past history care-giving, it’s hard sometimes not to succumb to “pity poor me.” My spiritual director and close friends have assured me that, yes, this work is mine to do in this particular situation, and that it is not a sprint, but a marathon. So i am working to discover ways I can find nourishment and support, peace and joy in the midst of this new chapter of my life.

  • Yessika Balleza Magdaleno

    I’m battling many things at this moment, my oldest son decided to move to an other state and I received news that he is making wrong choices, I’m battling that my family (husband and kids) are not praying with me for this lent season, a dear friend of mine got his older kids kill yesterday, and my diabetes. I pray to God to help me overcome this things that apart me from been close to him.

  • Judy

    After posting my response below, I came across something from three years ago. I don’t believe in coincidences, they are more like God winks. He winked on me today this prayer from Elmer Landon with Landon Ministries from three years ago. So point on still.
    I need to have faith, Lord, that You guide my steps and, when it appears that I might be losing, the losses I face may only be part of the process that I must go through to attain the ultimate victory You have me destined for. Amen.I need to have faith, Lord, that You guide my steps and, when it appears that I might be losing, the losses I face may only be part of the process that I must go through to attain the ultimate victory You have me destined for. Amen.

  • bengie

    One of the things I am really struggling with is not being good enough or adequate for others and especially my job. This translates to more than just my gifts and talents but also in my body image, confidence speaking with others, and whether what I am doing is really good enough. I have a great support of friends reminding me that that isn’t the case but that is all I can think about and believe that I am just not good enough. I have a co-worker who takes jobs from me that are my responsibility due to not feeling like I do them this person’s way. I am too afraid to say something to her or my boss because I feel that my boss will agree and/or decide to let me go. I keep praying that I find someway around this or pray that I find a way to believe in myself but it is still a difficult process. I was wondering if I could ask for your prayers too? I love this book and this program and today’s reflection really hit me.

  • Jennifer

    My messy 15 year marriage and the hurts that it has brought my 5 children. My husband is controlling, demanding, hurtful, and it has taken a toll on us all. Praying for the rest of you on your spiritual journey. God bless.

  • Jan

    I am struggling with the loss of my wonderful husband of almost 48 years of a wonderful and very blessed marriage. He was my soul mate and the love of my life. It’s so hard to go on without him so I drink every night to help ease the pain. I can drink a small bottle of wine in less than 30 minutes. I think I have turned into an alcoholic and I eat too much which has made me gain almost 50 pounds in one year. I go to mass weekly and pray daily. What can I do to ease this pain. He’s been dead for 9 months today. Oh how I miss him.

    • Leslie

      There is a group called Beginning Experience. It really helped my mom when she lost my dad.

    • Cindy

      Jan, I am so very sorry for your loss. I too lost the love of my life, and it’s tough. I talk to him, I pray for him. I believe he is still around me even though I can’t see him. I believe your dear husband is near you too, the last thing in the world he would want is for you to be in such pain. 9 months is not a very long time, and I would imagine that your pain is still very raw. Grief can be a very long road. I am sure you also know that drinking only makes you feel worse, more depressed and less focused. Try if you can to do things that are good for you, taking a walk looking at God’s wonderful creation and getting some fresh air perhaps? I am cheering for you Jan and praying that you will get through your pain. God’s blessings upon you!

  • Alex Siembab

    I am Fat

  • Margent Ditrombotorsonvile

    I am Beast

  • Shirley B

    We have free will to live in hope or die in despair. I choose to live in hope no matter how bad things get. Hope is the one thing no one can take away from you. Hope is the Holy Spirit!

  • Mary

    I pray,& struggle with, my husband’s Health in but I think I hope but what he really does.

  • Beth Koehne

    I am 51 years old and have a rare heart defect. I had open heart surgery 4 years ago to repair my tricuspid valve and close a whole in my upper chamber. I struggle everyday wondering how long it will last or if something else will go wrong. I’ve been married 31 years have 4 children two son inlaws and four grandchildren! I just want to be around for them!

  • Hope

    I am struggling with who I really am. Married 30 year and ended. I lost myself! Health problems on top of my fear of what to do where to go.
    Ask God for guidance. Hanging on to hope! God is all I have!! Ask for prayers please. Thanks!!

  • eliana

    I am struggling with hashimoto disease which attacks my thyroid and no matter what i do i cannot loose weight, I get myself out the door every single day, I enojoy the beauty around me , the creation of God for me to look at and thank Him everyday..but still struggling, it is a battle that I hope with the help of God will be able to put it under control. I do hope that i will have the will to continue walking every morning.

  • My life is over

  • Michelle

    The comments from Me’s responses earlier filled me with such hope. Enough to share my own story. I have been burdened with an eating disorder for 17 years, one which compels me to eat less and drink more. I want this Lent to be my Best Lent Ever, but i struggle to overcome my desert temptations, my old habits and never-fulfilling coping mechanisms. I ask for the prayers of everyone reading. I want nothing more than to break through the resistance and move forward with God at my side.

  • Maureen Daniels Ceglia

    It seems all at once so many bad things are happening in my family. My daughter’s husband walked out on her, our granddaughter went into rehab, my siblings (12 of us, 10 still here) are aging, troubles in their families. I could go on and on. I have learned that my happiness is not dependent on my circumstances, it comes from the inside, in my relationship with God. I know I have to sit in silence and get still, empty myself so that I can feel His Presence. I don’t do this enough….maybe all these things that are happening will push me in that direction. He feels my pain, I pray I can surrender it all to Him.

  • Foster Mom

    I am a foster mom who just found out that three of my kids will be returning to their birth mother shortly. The kids are devastated as they know it’s not safe, but there is no legal reason to keep the kids in care. Unfortunately, they have to wait until something terrible happens and I fear by then it will be too late. This feeling of helplessness and injustice is a terrible burden for all of us. I feel, as they do, that they’re fighting for their lives and it’s hard to know when it’s time to “let go and let God”.

    • Maureen Daniels Ceglia

      Dear Foster Mom, I am so sorry that you have to deal with this situation. It seems you have no control over what is happening and the question becomes….how do you deal with this? Of course you have no other option but to let go and let God and again, the question becomes… do you let go? I have learned of a technique, if you will, that has helped me to deal with pain. I can’t explain how it works but it always does. When I am struggling with something I find a place to sit (all alone) and I try to feel all the pain by bringing it all to my consciousness. I cry, feel sad, alone. abandoned and whatever I am feeling. I try to feel what it is doing to me on the inside, where in my body is the pain resting. Sometimes it’s in my stomach, my chest or even my head. I stay in that place for as long as I have to, I guess you could say I embrace it all. Somehow, in some miraculous way it takes away it’s power and I am okay. In a religious sense, I guess you could say I bring my pain to the Cross where Jesus is, feeling it with me. That may be the miracle. I will pray for you and your children. God bless you all.

    • Laura

      I have witnessed a miracle recently. The miracle of healing became possible when everyone stopped trying to control, fix, make things better, and push radical and risky medical treatments. Instead many people prayed, and did just that… let go and let God. I came to believe it is when we trust in God, persevere in prayer, and give him the space to perform a miracle, that miracles happen. This miracle took 18 months and many many prayers. It is when we get out of the way, and stop trying to be God, that God can show his glory! I will pray for you and the children.

      • paolo

        yes, this is true, but it is difficult to let go, but we must

  • Darlene Owen

    I am battling metastatic cancer and trying to stay positive and praying that the medications I am on will put me in remission. At the same time, I am praying for many friends who also have cancer and that God is with them as He is with me giving me hope. Yes life is messy and we never know what someone else is going through. May God bless all of you.

  • Erin Saunders

    This reflection today has helped me to pause and think about all the paths that cross mine through the day. I try to be gracious most of the time, but what a beautiful reminder to be gracious ALL of the time.

  • Debbie King

    How I wish I had heard Matthew Kelly’s reflection a year ago – it would have bolstered me in what I already knew – and had this framed for my bathroom mirror! I know this very well! No one will take my hope away from me because my hope is in the Lord!

    • Mary


  • Elaine

    I am helping my Husband deal with a Cancer diagnosis, and fighting the cancer with treatment and surgery. There is so much that goes along with that diagnosis, and the worry that will it be enough. I am trying to go through each day focusing on the positive and trying to give hope. I also have a grown son who suffers from addiction that I worry about and pray he gets help in time. I know God has a plan and I pray he helps me through my journey.

  • Nan

    Struggling on staying sane in this crazy times we are living in

  • Mary

    I am currently homeless. But through the grace of God and the help of churches and social services this will soon come to and end. I have found housing. God puts people in our path to light the way. I have been worried but never lost hope, although somedays it was a struggle. I pray constantly because that is my link to hope.

    • Laura

      God bless you Mary! I will pray for you.

      • Mary

        Thank you Laura

  • Babs

    I am battling a poor self image and esteem. I overeat and am obese and struggle with depression. With the help of the Lord I will get my eating under control during lent and to learn to see myself the way He sees me!

  • MaryAnne Casaul

    I too struggle with overeating. I know this is a self control problem for me and thankfully it is Lent and I have many ways to help myself through prayer and sacrifice to help me fight against the struggle. It is true God always gives us a way out of our problems. Our fight is spiritual warfare and we know that God wins the battle.

  • Laura

    After reading many of the comments and coming through many dark places myself, all I can do is thank Jesus for being in my life, for bringing light into the darkness, for the gift of hope and faith, and for his great mercy. Jesus, I Trust in You. I pray that those still living in darkness, without his hope and light, can find their way to him. He is our strength and our rock.

  • Elizabeth Thomas

    It is Monday, and due to working both Sat/Sun at the NH and very busy days—my “excited Lenten journey spirit” was aching and way low—but when we are obedient to what we are asked to do—we are given grace and renewed. I was glad to see “Life gets Messy” for I knew God was sending the words I needed to hear.
    Whoever is striving to loose weight–I am down 5 lbs giving up meat completely for Lent, Fasting between hunger—knowing miracles are coming—East slow, small bites and the amount that stomach SHOULD hold which is about the size of 2 cup soup bowl or large coffee mug. As I eat I also sit at table and think ‘God and man are set down and focus on enjoying His peace and presence. AS Our POPE told us this weekend—Open the Bible and put down the phone. (I also am fasting from the news media which is bringing much more peace in my life too.)

  • Gale

    I’m fight the battle of pain that I have been experiencing since last May. Finally in 3 weeks I will have surgery. My hope is in God that it will go well. I al also fighting the battle of helping my son get through a divorce and treatment for alcoholic. My life seems awful messy right now. The Lord thinks I can handle it, but sometimes I’m not sure I can.

  • Elizabeth Thomas

    Father Sherry—therapy pool or exercising in the WATER is best for joints. Thank God for our aquatic center here in our town. I call it the pool of Bethsada

  • Anna Marie Langley

    I am battling financial woes. Our income was enough to pay bills and have money left for groceries, etc that we needed. Then my husband died last April and my monthly income dropped from $4500 to $1600. The 1600 is just enough to scrape by and get the bills paid (after cutting out all non-essentials) but it leaves me no money for food or gasoline in the car. It is very difficult to have to depend on others (food pantries, my sons) for what I need. I feel embarrassed and humiliated. I pray about it and try to stay strong in my faith but it’s hard.
    I miss my husband so very much and am fighting with a deep depression too.

  • Sandra

    I am battling with letting go of my pass. I was in a very abusive relationship for a very long time. I stuggle with pain daily because of all the abuse. I stuggle with fear and being able to trust others. I have a difficult time letting anyone in my life. I have been healing over the pass few years because I am learning to trust in God. God is my savior,. God has been with me through out all my struggles and he is still fighting this battle with me every step of the way. God is opening doors that I need opened and giving me the strength to walk through them. My fight to get through this isn’t over, but with God by my side all things are possible. I know without a doubt God is walking this walk with me. I Love God with all my Heart! This is a great program

  • TVA

    I am sitting with my 16 year old son at the oncologist’s office where he is receiving his first chemotherapy treatment. He is in good spirits and has lots of people praying for him.🙏🏻❤

    • Sandra

      What is his name I would like to pray for him

  • BJ Jarvis

    Alot of people want to live a well organized, nice and neat life. Knowing what to expect and when, etc. My life is the messiest. Emotional mainly. Does God love me like others say he does? Or he’s just not sure he wants me as much ? I love God with all I can. Sometimes another “thing” causes interference which makes such an ugly mess.

    • Sandra

      God is Love!! He loves each and everyone of us. Our life on this earth is a product of our own decisions in life. We have freewill to choose to live a righteous life and allow God’s will to guide us , or we can choose to ignore God’s will for us and struggle trying to battle life on our own. Take the 30 day Challenge and choose listen to Christian music for 30 days. Read scripture daily you will begin to feel the presence of God working in your life. Trust me!

  • Sarah Rohrabaugh

    I’m battling physical issues. My cerebellum in my head is underdeveloped and so I have poor balance and coordination. I have to use a walker to walk. I am only 36. I also have to wear braces on my legs so that my feet will walk properly. I take medicine for minor siezures, too. I know God will heal me. I pray on it a lot and keep the hope that I will be healed, soon. Amen

  • Jo

    Sometimes I am just really really really sad.

    • Sharon Callon Schwartz

      Me too, Jo. I have struggled with depression. When I feel that way today, I allow myself 5 minutes to sit in that feeling… And I time it. After that, I make myself leave the room, take a walk, call a friend and ask about their day, or send an encouraging card, text, email to a friend.
      This has helped me acknowledge my sadness and move forward to do what God needs me to do. I hope it helps you, too.

      • Jo

        Thank you so much for sharing and for your insight. It really helps.

  • jesspinosa

    In the movie Of Gods and Men (a wonderful very Catholic film, by the way), there is a scene where the oldest priest and a younger friar were having a conversation. The older priest said something, and the younger friar, in response, blurted out a profanity and left in a huff. The older priest, talking to himself, said, “He must be having a bad day.” I think we are called to try to understand when someone is rude or angry or unpleasant to us. We do not know what is going on in his/her life, as Matthew pointed out

    Fr. Bob, I did the walk 11 years ago right after my retirement, and it has remained in me to this day. Be sure you have a good pair of shoes and that you are training with your backpack and those shoes before you fly to Spain. One of my favorite books about the camino is Discovering the Camino de Santiago by Fr. Greg Markey, who wore his Roman collar all throughout the walk, and that led to many interesting encounters with other pilgrims. I hope you would consider writing a book about your experience. I wish you Buen Camino.

  • Richard Jay Mason

    Amen to that Mr. Kelly. That is one of the things that I try to give up during lent and through out the year, the not caring about others. Not seeing others as Jesus does, as I really have no idea what they are going through in life.
    Going through CRHP has helped me in that so so very much, to realize we all have our crosses in life and being apart of the CRHP process/program really brought that to light. I thank God for him calling me after years of saying no to be involved with our CRHP program it truly is another great thing about being Catholic.
    Yours in Christ
    Richard Jay Mason

  • Sandi

    Okay…my messiness……dealing with my husband being the n South Carolina taking care of his youngest sister who has been diagnosed with AVM. He has been away for, I think, 24-25 days and I miss him m terribly……I want him to come home NOW. But I know he has to be there for her, to help her out and to be there for when she has a specialized 2-hour MRI done on March 16th to determine course of procedure for her…………and then what??? I just miss him sooo much…..

  • Stacy

    My husband and I are struggling with infertility. We have been trying for almost a year now. Just doing our best to keep remembering that Gods timing is perfect. It’s harder some days than others.

  • Tom K

    What a great and timely message. Just when you think you are a total failure you realize everyone is struggling WITH SOMETHING(s). And when I feel down about the MESS(es), I do get HOPE and realize I share this state with all. Hope through motivation by realizing I am not alone, (not in a misery loves company way) but that those who set examples and we look up to ALSO struggle in some way and find the courage and strength to not give into the mess but fight the good fight. And you realize the mess does not have to win because everyday all the positive things we see and experience still come from people who are dealing with messes (and sometimes even worse than our own).

  • Lisa

    To ask all the ambassadors for the prayer requests; that’s wonderful! Who would even think of doing such a thing.

  • Jennifer

    I battle being a good mother, feeding myself properly, keeping weight down, keeping my emotions at bay when my husband shrugs my physical affection away. (I’m very much a physical person, he’s not; his love language is service, which means often times he’s not around) I battle taking time to play with my kids because of the work I see needs done.

  • Kelly

    I am struggling with getting engaged to my boyfriend. We are scared of the financial struggle ahead but also the lack of support that may be coming our way since we are a young couple in college. My parents have already said they will not give a blessing so we are attempting to move forward without a blessing to follow God’s plan for us. We have prayed about it every day and only feel more confident in our faith and our relationship with God as the focus. It is a struggle for us and we are waiting for God to tell us when the right time is and how best to talk to my parents since my boyfriend will not be asking permission (since we’ve already been told no). We are putting our faith in God as we take this step and we focus on Him before eachother, and then eachother before others.

  • Hannah Diecks

    I’m battling with addiction, addiction to physical activity because sometimes I think that’s the only thing I’m worthy for. Or that’s the only thing that will make me happy. I battle addiction with bad habits I can’t seem to break. I battle myself financially. I battle myself with anxiety and confidence.

  • Janet Focht

    I am struggling being a loving mother during these last 8 months of unexpectedly having my 35 year old daughter living w me. She has a chronic mental illness and came home for a week end in June, not willing to return to her home. Her paranoia was untreated and I was finally able to get her on a hospital mid sept.. She is now on medicine and back to work.,commuting til she sells her house and finds. an apt… She has severe anogsognosia with her schizophrenia.. and cannot see her mental illness. So be it but won’t talk to anyone re. this for support. When she voices her symptoms it pains me so that she is going it alone. She is very strong. Her beautiful caring personality often is presents but when she talks of all of her torments it rips me up. She doesn’t believe in Jesus though believes in God somewhat ,his presence but hasn’t had the wonderful graces that prayer to Him can transfuse her. Maybe she does since she is still here. I wish so much she would believe in his healing touch and solace. I know and believe God is carrying her ,pray all the time that she will turn to Him, that she would have a friend.

  • Barb

    My husband was unfaithful to me and had a problem with alcohol. We started marriage counseling last April. He has stopped drinking and says that he is no longer in contact with the women. I am having serious issues trusting him. How can I get past this

    • Lisa

      I don’t know. Is he worthy of trust or not? For sure, lack of trust will drive him away. Okay, my suggestion is this: Sit in an Adoration Chapel and really talk it over with Jesus. Really turn this whole thing over to Him. He is the only one who can really solve problems of the heart.

  • Michele McPheely

    I’m a first year youth minister, with 250 high schoolers and 150 middle schoolers, that I am to lead. I worry about not serving them well enough. I worry about not helping them see God in their life, or not knowing how much he loves the. I worry that I worry! I know I shouldn’t! I try to hand it over to God. I want to do my best for him and them. Then I am always praying for my husband to know God loves him too, and wants a relationship with him.

    • Lisa

      This is a really BIG job. It is why so many psychologists fall apart. You are just getting started, but with some support, I am sure you will find a way to help these youth without letting their struggles translate into your guilt.

      • Michele McPheely

        thank you 🙂

  • Jo

    I am battling depression as well as trying to find a way to love my daughter because she is my daughter and separated from what she has done .

    • Lisa

      I don’t know what your daughter did; but sometimes people feel too much pain at what they did to look at it.

      • Jo

        Thank you Lisa. I am praying that that is the case and not a case of self absorption and not realizing what it does to her and to all the lives that are intertwined with her’s with a reckless disregard for it and vows made

  • Lisa

    Years ago, an old woman shared a story with me. She was in the hospital and told the nurse she wasn’t going to smoke any more. The nurse laughed because she didn’t believe she would just quit after so many years. She told me that she never smoked again. Once in a while, she would go to the drawer to get a cigarette, but then she would just laugh at herself and say “What are you doing? You don’t smoke.”

  • Shelly Verdoorn

    Life really is a mess for me right now I have a scary decision to make I’ve been marrived to a sociopath go 7 years I was hoping his calused heart would changet but it is not going to so now I’m faced with trying to get out safely send your prayers my way please

  • Sherry Hayes-Peirce

    The older I get the more I struggle with trying to maintain family relations when we are all so different in our faith journey. The pain of not being connected with a sister and nephew because of her views hurts so much. My husband is not Catholic and lacks faith in many situations that I trust to the Lord and it causes friction in our marriage. There are a litany of things. This Lent I have them written on the inside cover of my mass journal to remind me to pray for them all, because all things are possible with Christ!

  • mary Bredesen

    I’ve been struggling with my guilt over starting my son in a tutoring program last year.My husband passed away Feb 2016 , and I’m left to raise our youngest alone. He was struggling already in school and fell farther behind and still is. Been taking him to a doctor for five months and finally he has started to talk.He has directed his anger towards me regarding this.I inside know that this has helped him but the hurt sometimes is unbearable. I do go to Beginning Experience classes for myself which have helped.I truly believe in the power of prayer and could use a little extra right now. Thanks Mary

  • Let’s see, I’m unemployed and living with my parents at 32, accepting that since I’m autistic I’ll probably never marry, (high functioning, wasn’t diagnosed until 30,) and even if I did, I’m barren as a rock. Oh yeah, good chance the autism’s also why I’ve been unable to hold a steady, full-time job, despite having a STEM degree.

  • Sharon Callon Schwartz

    When others ask me what I’ve given up for Lent, I say high expectations of others and frustration / anger when things are messy. Life is messy and I challenge myself to see the face of Christ in every person, and to be kinder to them. This was a perfect reflection for me, Matthew. Thank you!

  • Elaine


  • LJ

    Rejection is my heavy load. Yes God can help me and your prayers, too. 1st Sunday in lent and God is minimized. God is seemingly the bad guy. Why? If the soul is imprisoned that is right where Satan wants us to be.

  • Jennifer

    I am battling marijuana use, depression, and lots of fights with my husband. All seem to be interrelated. Using Lent as a time to work on these things. Thankful for this program by Matthew Kelly.

    • Arthur Brown

      as a recovering alcoholic for almost 39 years I can understand this issues and I have a son that is just decided to get off of the marijuana. I found out there is clinical issues as my wife battles with her depression on a daily basis and I pray that one day that he will remove the depression from her. I had to be patient and remember that God loves us so much that he gave his only begotten Son to die on the cross and He gave us a gift of forgiveness of our sins by only asking Him. As Matthew Kelly stated yesterday, life is messy and I have to have God show me how to clean up my mess on a daily basis.. I have become a Dynamic Catholic Ambassador and do all I can to promote my faith through Matthew Kelly’s mission of becoming the best version of myself. I would recommend from Dynamic Catholic a book I just read called Everyone needs to Forgive Someone by Alan Hunt. This book will change your life. Also Rediscovering Jesus a fantastic read along with resisting happiness and rediscovering Catholicism. What all of these books have in common is to get us back on track with Jesus. Just go to their website and all you have to do is pay for shipping and the books are free. I also have an extra copy of Rediscovering Jesus and Rediscovering Catholicism that I would be happy to send to you if you respond and give me your address. Don’t ask me why I am doing this all you have to know is God has put these words on my heart to share with you and to let you know He loves you and sometimes life is hard without God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Also if you have a good parish then the priest may be able to help you and your husband to find peace with each other and you two then could to work things out together. I have been doing that with my wife for over 39 years and I have to LET GO AND LET GOD. May God Bless you in your Daily Spiritual Journey.

      • Jennifer

        Thank you, Arthur Brown. I have read “Rediscovering Catholicism” and found it inspiring.

  • Sharon

    My daughter and I have an ongoing battle of communication. She insists that an event happened when she was a little girl and I strongly do not believe the false accusations. I do not believe that she is a reincarnated Egyptian Princess, or that she was abducted by aliens who experimented on her body, or that she can levitate her body, or that she can speak in many tongues, or that she prefers living on an American Indian reservation where she can smoke paote. She has chosen a lesbian lifestyle which my husband and I accepted 25 years ago. I have not spoken to her since September. I have finally realized that our conversations are not healthy for me and like an abused wife (I am the mother) I choose to not be upset and let her give me a heart attack over the phone. I continue to pray for her soul. Her brother and sister-in-law will not accept a call from her either.

  • Anxious

    Hi. My husband died 11 months ago after a 6 month battle with a very aggressive cancer. He wasn’t expected to live beyond a few months. I have 5 kids. The youngest is a teen. My sister died 4 weeks before my husband. She had cancer, too. My niece was murdered 4 months after my husband died. I relocated out of state with my teenage son to be near my adult daughter 5 months after the death of my husband. I am struggling with living without him and with trying to be the best mom I can be for my teenage son. I’m struggling with anxiety about providing for myself and him and with fully trusting God, who has always taken care of us.

  • Adair Hibbard

    Today I went to the dentist and the hygienist asked ”how was your day so far?” Not good I said but no more. When the dentist came in he knew something was wrong and I told him, briefly, about my husband’s cancer battle. Then as I was checking out, the hygenist told me about her baby, now 4 months old that was born with cancer!!! Talk about a punch in the gut…I filled with tears over her lovely baby.
    Yes we never know what someone else’s burdened may be and life can be very messy.

  • Pen1

    Battling the life-long fallout from trauma and incest from my childhood: poverty, lack, pain, loneliness, self-denial (in unhealthy ways) and more. Right now, life looks hopeless, so thank you for this series. I will hang on to hope no matter what things look like right now.

  • Susan

    You are not alone. I am so sorry for all of your losses! I as well am a widow and know my strength came from above and in the eyes of my son. Be gently with yourself. Just writing your comment shows your strength and love for your children. I am glad you moved close to your daughter. Do not hesitate to ask for help and allow people to help you. I know we found great support through Youth Grief Services and Camp Erin. Blessings to you and your family. The sun will come through over time. Trust in that!

  • Sara Horner

    My struggle is that my husband and I are unable to have children. We adopted our son almost 4 years ago and are currently waiting to adopt again. The other night I was reading to my son about Sarah and Abraham and that God promised them a baby in their old age. My son started asking questions about a baby growing in my tummy and when I explained that it could not happen he asked if the baby could grow in daddy’s tummy because he really wants a baby sister. It broke my heart trying to explain to him that finding a baby brother or sister is not so simple. I know that adoption is not the right choice in every situation but I continue to pray that God might open the hearts of those women and men who are facing in unplanned pregancny to consider adoption.

  • Stephen Mateka

    I love this. I am forever trying to remind myself whenever someone is rude to me or to others I am around, don’tbe so quick to judge or criticize because I never know what that person may be dealing with. They could have just received terrible news or something, anything that could be extremely difficult to deal with. Thank you for today’s message. Thank you for reminding me everyone has stuff, not just me. Especially not just me.

  • Christine

    Today’s video “Life Is Messy” spoke loud and clear to me. Throughout my life of 59 years I have dealt with Hodgkin’s Disease, Breast Cancer and open heart surgery along with other health issues. How true it is to know that life is messy! I have found if you take your messiness and turn it to gratefulness it allows you to be kinder to others. We all have crosses to bear, so lets help each other carry them.

  • Christopher Jachulski

    Dear Me, I feel you on the obesity issue. I was a yo-yo dieter all of my life. I tried every diet there is including Weight Watchers. I was going to Confession with the same overeating sins so I could get absolution and go out and eat again. The priest finally called a time-out. He said I needed to go to a therapist to break this vicious cycle. I got enough humility to do it. I was evaluated and I had bee medicating my life with food from an early age. She( the therapist) gave me a list of Over-eaters Anonymous meetings. The closest one to my home was the strictest form known as OA HOW( Honesty Open mindedness Willingness). It’s been one miracle after another for me and stil is. All I’m saying in closing is if the weight came on after the divorce, this not for you. But if you’ve struggled all of your life with obesity than this well may be worth committing to. Love and Peace.

  • disqus_bxxZoaB4YQ

    Resistance at every turn for rewriting our mortgage that we need so badly, to keep our home. At every turn resistance.

  • Margaret

    Well, I have a lot on my mind. My brother died 3 years ago & I still miss him. He was 6 years younger than me, but we were soulmates.

  • Cheryl Beseler

    I battle what I call the “sometimes days” – days when what I know is not what I feel – when I don’t feel very confident, capable or smart… when I need someone to reach out and catch me – but don’t know how to ask.. when the resistance is strong, the energy is low and I’m not sure of anything. I am very grateful that I found people and resources that pointed me to God as the answer – I believe God put them on my path to teach and walk with me – to walk with God – to strengthen life with prayer and unity. Now, on those “sometimes days” – I reach out to others, take quiet time to pray and reflect on the lessons (memories) – and Thank God for the Journey

  • Anne Mason

    Like I imagine most people have; my current status means that I’m fighting several battles and have been for awhile. #1: My one and only child: my 28-year-old daughter, Lindsey. She has stopped having any communication not only with me, but with everyone in my family. I haven’t seen her in more than a year even though she lives about 20 minutes away.

    #2: My brother-in-law just took his own life on 2/18/17. His wife (my older sister), passed almost 13 years to the day that he committed suicide. I knew he had never truly gotten over the grief of losing her; but never suspected that he was capable of ending his life. My 35-yr. old nephew, George, found his father’s body. The two of them had been very close. My brother-in-law was deaf, and when my sister died, my nephew tried to fill his Mom’s shoes and be his Dad’s ears and voice. Now George is left to not only grieve his father’s loss; but also pack up the house they’d been renting for over 30 yrs by May of this year and find a new place to live. It’s not an easy job under the best of circumstances, let alone after losing his Dad.

    #3: My struggles with food addiction. I’ve managed to lose well over 100 lbs. over the last 2-1/2 years; however, my carb addiction has been going haywire; especially with the news about my brother-in-law.

    • Karen

      Why our kids.choose to not talk to us and family? It has happened to lots of us. They think they are right and donot want to be wrong. As far as the suicide and family member pray and try to help him. Carb addiction, tell yourself no and give yourself rewards in other ways to overcome this

  • H Seefeld

    My battle lately has been anxiety and depression. I am trying to continue weight loss because I was sick earlier in January and lost 8 lbs. It feels so good when I put on my jeans, pants, etc. It is a battle; however, I am hanging in there, and have lost an additional 2 lbs. Not exceedingly overweight; but just the bit I already lost makes my body feel better.
    Today I really was very curt and short with a nice lady who was in the Holy family bookstore. She only wanted to help me if I needed it; but I said curtly, “No thank you. I know what I am looking for.” Then in the check out area, I was looking at Holy Cards and again she asked if I needed help. Again, I was curt and said “No thank you. I know what I want”. How come I had to do that? I ask God for his forgiveness, and one day I will stop by and if she is there, I will explain and apologize.
    In the meantime, I am attempting to make daily Mass during Lent, with the hope that our Lord will open my eyes.

  • Donna

    My fifteen year old daughter is battling depression and suicide. The counselors tell me that she should begin to make her own choices and mistakes. I never thought Catholic schooling was a mistake. I also thought that the reason our children can’t make their own decisions was because they are minors. I have years of knowledge and wisdom and experience that I bring to my decisions. She is also turning away from God and the church because she said he didn’t answer her prayers to cure her depression. She’s also thinking of sleeping with her boyfriend. As the adult, I will be the one that has to pick up the pieces from the mistakes she makes. I have another son that has leaked brain fluid from a motorcycle accident he had 9 years ago. Four operations couldn’t fix him. Another son has ulcerative colitis that is not responding to medication. I am overwhelmed and falling apart myself. That’s my battle.

    • Karen

      Your burdens are heavy. Depression and sickness are all a lot to bear. Pray and get help from anyone in church or community place that will help you. You are holding the family on your shoulders. I k ow I have been there . God alone with Mary helps me now and then. I talk to others to help me too. We cannnot do this alone.

  • Marilynn Cholowsky

    I am a Senior Citizen and need a job desperately – they said there is no age discrimination but there is – need money to pay my bills and not for luxuries. Keep praying but feel God doesn’t hear me as nothing seems to be happening. Getting discouraged. Also have health issues and family situations – sometimes say to God I don’t see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.

    • Karen

      I would walk or drive to many. businesses in person and ask. Even assist living places need help . Try being a sitter for elderly. Anything a greeter . Depends on your skills. Pray to st Joseph

  • Victoria Bray

    I battle depression. Each day I wonder if I am sliding down. I have to make myself exercise, eat the right foods, get enough sleep, get up at 8, take my meds….

  • Kathleen Lipp

    I am currently battling self pity as well as gluttony. My husband of almost 50 yrs died suddenly 2 months ago.The whole world seems different.

  • Sandra

    My daily struggle is cigarettes.
    I have smoked since my teens.
    I smoke @10 cigarettes a day.
    You think it would be easy to quit,
    It’s not, I am 56. I continue to pray
    that I will quit one day. We all have
    daily struggles with something, but we
    must never give up hope and trust in

  • Ida

    Dear Me, there is a program called Beginning Experience that can help you through your journey of loss. It is difficult to lose your spouse – mine died in June 2015 and then my father in April 2016 and now my father-in-law in Feb 2017. It is possible to overcome difficulties, but only with the help of the Lord and others, if we let them. Life is indeed messy, but we can help each other through prayer and kindness. I will keep you in my daily prayers and anyone else who may need them.

  • Emma Spaulding

    I am battling with knowing if i will find the right guy for me. I am almost only 20, but so many of my friends have boyfriends or even engaged and I have now been single for a year. I did need time to get over that, but now I feel ready to start looking for the right guy. Along with that, another battle is stepping out of my comfort zone. I always think people are watching me if I do something that “Emma” doesn’t really do or try to be different. But if I never take the small step, how will I even change? I know God will help me through this time in my life.

    • Emily Vukson

      Hi Emma,
      Don’t get discouraged or worry about finding the right guy. I’m nearly 30 and I’ve never had a boyfriend for my entire life, though I really wish I could have. I’ve just never met or found anyone who is a mature adult or loves me back. I feel that if God means for me or you to have someone in our lives, He will make it happen on His time. The right guy may just not be ready yet. Maybe he hasn’t moved to your or my area yet. Maybe he needs time to mature before he will be “ready” to be a loving and respectful boyfriend or husband. Maybe there is a friend in your life who is struggling and if you had a boyfriend in your life you wouldn’t be able to give that friend the support or attention they desperately need to help them cope with their own hard battle, and God recognizes that. If God means for you to be with someone, trust that it will happen when He intends. Don’t be anxious or feel discouraged because everyone around you is getting married or having kids. I experience the same thing with the people around me. Just trust in God.

  • Margaret

    I have a little trick to use. Every time I use it or think it Indo better with my problems. Word(s)…, I WILL do such and such. ..I WILL!

  • Dwayne

    I suffer with Crohn’s disease, and spend most of my days feeling sick, or in the restroom. I feel like I’m the anchor in the life of so many people. I pray I can bear this quietly so no one knows how bad I feel, but I’m usually quick to complain.

  • Candace

    My husband has been unemployed for over a year and my son’s have walked away from their faith.

    • Karen

      Your husband has to take any job to pay the bills. And pray for better in future. Your sons. My kids have too. I pray and pray. St Monica and Mary and Jesus.

  • Sandra

    Please pray for me that I break my nasty smoking habit.

    • Karen

      My husband did it by. Hewing gum and hard candy. That was 1978. Just try it and never look back. Look at smoking as something bad for you. Black lungs and.breathing problems. Reward yourself with the money saved

  • Cindy Leslie

    I’ve been battling my illness for over 20 years. Plus have been harassed at work. Now I’m not working. It would seem that I’ve lost hope, but with God and family helped in some ways to get through the ups and downs of life and I won’t give up. Praise be to God and His Mother for giving me His Church and the people in my life. God bless you!

  • Donna Nabholz

    Trying to find happiness where it does not exist….In so many areas of my life I need to resist that which does not bring me closer to God. Making small steps this Lent and I am so far amazed and how much good they are doing.

  • Lisa Brogan Miller

    My burden…. I am a cradle catholic… I married a man who was not raised in any church…. we had three sons… they were all baptized in the Catholic Church… my burden is I have gone to church alone for so long… I feel the need and urge to go to church… but what am I accomplishing going alone…. my oldest is grown and left the house and I feel like I have failed as a parent to raise my boys in the catholic faith…. I have succumbed to watching church on Sunday mornings… my boys see me standing and sitting a reciting the prayers during mass….. I know it’s not enough… I just don’t know what else to do…. going to church alone makes me sad…

    • Therese Pribil Sprinkle

      Hello Lisa: I am praying for you. I am single and I go to Mass by my self. I became a Catholic almost 9 years ago. I too was not raise with any faith.

    • Karen

      You are a great example for them. Just remember we are a family at mass with all of us. Reach out to others volunteer in the church. Keep praying and invite your husband to go. You are going to mass for you and your kids. Just keep praying for him.

    • JoAnn

      If the opportunity is presented, Lisa, attend an Acts Retreat. Remember you need and feel the urge to go to Mass..that is your desire to love and please God. Go to Mass you are not alone once you are inside…you are in community with your God and your brothers and sisters. Trust God…keep your sons & husband before God in Divine Mercy Chaplet prayer, the Rosary & The Blessed Mother and her consoling intercession and rejoice…God is all around you. Love & Prayers, JoAnn

  • Diane Eagan

    This message gets me to have a better understanding that everyone is struggling with something and to treat them well even if they don’t seem to respect me. I’ll ask the Lord to help me do this.

  • K

    Life is messy they say. Two of our daughters are divorced. And changed their ways. Another son never married. Another daughter married and her and husband donot go to church. Our 2 grandsons not Baptized. There is homosexual with partners. How do we cope. God alone . Faith and Hope.

    • Jules

      Hi K,
      You cope by allowing God to be the judge of it all! You just have to love them as best as you can. Everyone has to go through their own journey to find their relationship with God.. We just have to be loving examples… Even if we may not agree with their choices or decisions know that anything is possible with God and he has his own plan in his own time. I hope this helps.. I know it’s hard .. I’ll be praying for you.

      • K

        Jules. Thank you. We need prayers. Also one of the daughters has not talked to her brother in 6 months due to him trying to open the eyes of his sisters ways. All 4 kids were close and now not. Yes. God is in control and has to fix it. Thank you for praying for us.

  • Dan

    My hard battle right now is to go through college even though im not enjoying it.

    • KAren

      Finish the college. You will be always thankful. It’s a short sacrifice to have a good. Career and education is so important for you. Pray for strength . Nothing good is easy.

  • Krista

    I just found out that I’m pregnant. I’m not married and have 2 teenagers from a failed previous marriage. I’ve been to confession and been absolved from my sin, but I still have to deal with the logical consequence of that sinful action. I trust that God has a greater-bigger plan, but I’m feeling like I’m drowning right now.

    • Karen

      Your life within you is a gift. God will give you everything you need. You have the option of raising this baby or placing that baby in a mom’s arms that cannot conceive. Pray Hail Mary’s. Rosary. You will get your answer and strength

    • JoAnn

      Krista, you are in my thoughts and prayers.

  • Gin

    My husband and I almost split up 4 months ago. I have been having a hard time living and getting along with him. I have wanted to separate, but have not because of God’s law. Now, my husband has recently had a heart attack and may have to have a heart bypass. I feel like I have to be there for him. Please pray for him and for me. Thank you.

    • Karen

      You are doing the right thing. Your vow. For better for worse. Pray and trust God.

      • Gin

        Thanks – I’m trying.

    • Liz McGinnis

      Prayers for both of you. Pray for the health care providers caring for him and ask questions as to how you can help. I am a nurse and a nurse anesthetist (CRNA). Caring for him during this health process and possibly after the surgery will bring you closer together. Prayers for both of you

      • Gin

        Thank you for the prayers and advice.

  • Maryanne Sockey

    I keep losing sight of hope and the Present, instead I think about the past and if I made the right choices, or imaginary scenarios of the future such as suddenly not being able to afford my medical expenses.

    • Karen

      We have to go forward and we have to have trust. Do not imagine bad. It’s not true. Live a day at a time

    • Liz McGinnis

      Oh Maryanne, hope is one of the greatest things God has given us. When I was in college I used to tell myself, once I turned in my exams that it is done, can’t go back and change it. Prayers for peace for you and being able to be hopeful in the future that God has created for you.

      • Maryanne Sockey

        Many thanks! ^___^

  • Liz McGinnis

    My battle is control. Consciously or subconsciously I feel as though in need to be in control of everything. I don’t see it all the time. My husband reminds me frequently. When I get frustrated that no one is paying attention to me or listening to me (kids) I yell. I know this does not help the situation but this is all I can do. My mother passed when I was 5 so I never had a female role model to learn from — so each day I am trying my best. This Lent I am working on letting GO and being more patient.

    • Karen

      Control we all think we are in control till we find out we are not. God is. Trust is what you need. Pray.

      • Liz McGinnis

        thanks Karen – did not look at it that way. I do have a hard time trusting people and probably God. Thanks for opening my eyes

  • Steven Elton

    anxiety over job decisions, marital relationship and which high school to send my son to in the fall. I have trouble giving up control and giving God the controls.

  • DebraBrunsberg

    I am sixty one years old and supporting myself. I have an 84 year old mother that I have to help out. I have a 47 year old brother I love dearly whom I do not see enough, who has been in a care center for eight years and will most likely always be there. I have a stressful, full time job in social services. I have diabetes. I have no cartilage in my right ankle and I need it fused or replaced. I can’t take the time off work because I had to use most of my time out with a wrist surgery, one in which my employer of 35 years denied workers comp, even though I type for a living (and they paid it on the same wrist 25 years ago). So, until we settle and God willing, I receive my time back, I have to walk in pain every step. The discs in my neck and back are disintegrating so I have a lot of pain. I have severe arthritis in numerous joints. I live paycheck to paycheck and can’t afford to retire. Oh, and I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma. I thank the Lord that is is just smoldering right now and besides anemia, the cancer is leaving me alone. However, there is no way to tell when it will start to destroy my bones and/or kidneys and ultimately take my life.
    I can barely keep my house up and I can’t lose weight because I can’t walk for exercise.

    Typing this out sounds like I am on deaths door or something and there are days when I I yell at the Lord. However most days, especially when I can go to daily Mass I can still find joy. The Lord is my love and my life and if I can spend time with Him and receive Him, I know I have been blessed beyond all merit. I am graced with a holy and spirit filled pastor who has helped me heal in so many ways from the wounds of my life. This month is the tenth anniversary of me finding God, or Him clubbing me upside the head so I could see Him. I have a job, I have a roof over my head, I have food to eat and clothes to wear. That is more than a lot of people in this world. I cannot fathom how I ever lived my life without the Lord. Yea, my life is a mess, but not where it really counts because my relationship with the Lord and His Blessed Mother carry me on my worst days and lift me up to float in their love on my best days. I have known mercy so I need to forward that on to others.

    • ChicagoKelly

      Thank you for the positivity of your post. I am a 35 y/o female struggling with constant (well, semi-constant) worry after a bout with skin cancer last year. Everything worked out, and going in for my year anniversary screening in two weeks, I pray that I’ll receive another clean check. I’m working on transitioning my thinking and really appreciate all that you’ve said-it really puts things into perspective.

      • DebraBrunsberg

        You are welcome. I do understand somewhat your struggle and your fears. My supervisor, a wonderful boss, wife, mother has been going for almost a year with repeated biopsies and removals of her skin cancer. This week she is typing standing up because she can’t sit down. She talks about the fear of the next “spot.” When her cancer started, she was so scared and I suggested that she bring that fear to Jesus in Adoration. She started going and started finding peace and then strength and now, she is thankful that hers have all been caught in time. I think anyone who has had cancer and then a remission always has that fear. I get it with my six month lab workup to see what is going on in my blood. It is natural. I can only say that it really isn’t ever worth worrying about what may come. If we invite the Lord into every moment, there isn’t anything we can’t weather. It may not be pleasant and it may bring many tears, but it will also have that peace that only He can bring us. The trick is to turn to God immediately or in the midst of the melt down. 🙂 Once you can get from the three days of worry before you take it to the Lord, to the one hour of worry until you turn to Him, you will have it made. We have little control over anything and as soon as we give the little we do have to God, He steps in. Truth.

    • Jules

      Dear Debra,
      After reading your post I was so inspired by your love and faith in our Lord. Especially with all you are going through. If you ever need a friend or someone to reach out to I would be happy to help you anyway I can! God bless you!
      Would love to hear from you!

      • DebraBrunsberg

        Thank you for your kind words and offer of friendship. My love and my faith in the Lord are not of my own doing, they are gifts from God and so I try to live up to His generosity to me. It is a constant struggle, but one that is always worth it. Desolation always brings consolation. The key is to remember that when life isn’t going our way. I will pray for you and your intentions.

    • Dr. Edouard Belaga

      Dear Debra, I do understand your courage and I’m in full solidarity with you on your motives to face the sufferings and to be happy under the Eye of the Lord. I’m writing to you after my and your comments in Catholic Stand on the article of Strahlen Smith. I’m seventy seven years old Jew, thrown out of Russia at the age of forty as a Russian Orthodox dissident, after two times in the psychiatric asylum. Became Catholic almost twenty years after. Lost my eight years ago Russian Jew and Catholic spouse, mother of nine, at her age of yours, after seven years of cancer. Married to a Russian Jewish widow, also Catholic, with five kids three years ago — happy that it does work, with four small children, today 5,12,13,15.
      I’m as you — just trying to do what I can.
      With love and prayer,
      Dr. Edouard Belaga

  • NCC

    I am battling the loss of my husband a beautiful soul whose weakness was loving his family above him and always giving his time to others that needed help, gave generously and was planning to retire early so that he could take cancer patients to their treatment. The reason my mom had cancer. We are immigrants and worked, worked three jobs so that we could buy a home, educate our children and just before we reached there, we lost him to a rare brain tumour. I have been struggling since, had to leave the home that my husband had loved and build and took care for over 32 years. This was reality and just when we could enjoy life, God took him away. Struggle with anger with God….how could he do this….to us…Hard to restart and yes, I keep hearing that I am not the only one, but guess what, at the end of the day I end up speaking to four walls, noone to say how are you. how was your day, or I love you…..What am I fighting you ask?

    • Karen

      Reach out to others it will calm you love others. There is so much loniliness in the world. Work or volunteer. I am sorry and to lose your home he made for you is a lot. Live for him and how he did. Continue his legacy. So very sorry. Pray the rosary.

  • Lisa

    I am fighting a life long battle with self-sabotage. The worst culprit of all of the ways to use resistance. I have been up and down so much in my weight that it is scary. I get so close to my best self and then for one reason or another I go back to my old ways. Now, I need to slay that devil that keeps rearing its ugly head. I just had back surgery and it is more important now than ever that I get this weight off and keep it off for good. God please help me to love myself and feel I am worthy to live a healthy life to continue to do what you lead me to do. 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Mary

    A daughter who is vicious. She abandoned her children for a man she knew just 1day. She moved out of her house and pushed the kids on their grandparents, yet she insists she make all decisions for them from a distance. She is a chronic drug addict. Also for 2 estranged granddaughters.

  • Elaine

    My husband has put us in debt not once but three times. He is taking the mortgage company to court,because they declined us for a modification twice then they gave us a modification one year later. They changed they amount after 3 months, we sent in our 4th month mortgage the company declined our payment it was not enough. There were other things we found in our contract that was not right. They should not have given us this mortgage in the first place. I love my husband , but I am not sure, if we loose this house that I want to go with him where ever it is to live. I don’t trust him . I try to talk with him, I get that I should not worry things will work out .

  • Dan Rosalyn Baughman

    Right now I am going thru the grief of losing my husband. He died very suddenly October 20, 2016 at age 64. He was my high school sweetheart, married 44 years. He died right beside me in our home of a pulmonary embolism. It was such a shock that he was gone so fast. I am turning to and trusting in God to help me through this grief journey and He is. I k ow I will see my loved again but it is all very raw right now for me. It was alwsys just the two of us, no children and i miss him so much. Thank you.

    • Karen

      So sorry. You had a great life with your husband. You have to grieve. There are grieving support groups available. Stay busy. Volunteer. Do as much as you can. It will help healing.

      • Dan Rosalyn Baughman

        Thank you, yes I do go to a grief support group and it does help

  • Barbara Levich

    Just recently I came across the words: Lead with kindness first. So often I leap into other modes or emotions first; I need to remember the burdens others care and begin with kindness, grace first.

    • Brittany Pataky

      I think these are some of the most powerful words. I work in medicine, at times where you see people at there worse. At times people can be very rude, ignorant or unappreciative(so it seems). But as we learn everyone has their own battles they are fighting, most likely deep down there is a reason for their actions. Leading with kindness always is the answer bc we truly don’t know what our brothers and sisters are going through.

  • Jared

    How powerful to have this reflection today! My Grandpa just passed away this morning and it was amazing going through the day knowing that most everyone else had no idea, but for my family it was the most significant event. The chaplain at the school where I teach offered Mass for my Grandpa James. Pray for the repose of his soul and for our family at this time! Thank you!

  • Dorothy Infante

    My burden is to get my driver’s license. I took the actual driving test three times already and failed – not making a complete stop, not doing head check before turning, and hit the cone on the two-point turn course – these are the major reasons why I didn’t pass but quite honestly my heart was saying that it was because I am not fully ready, and that I did not practice the way I should be. As I reflected on this message of life being messy, I think about my current struggle to have my driver’s license – it may be a very petty and simple struggle for others but to me this is so big because I feel like there are so many things I wanted to do (like going to church every Sunday) that prevents me from doing because of this transportation limitation. My prayer is to give me the courage, the time to practice more, and most importantly the confidence in maneuvering the wheels without being nervous. Please help me pray. Thank you.

  • disqus_x0QXBwbzKN

    I battle with having patients with my children. I have a 2 1/2 year old daughter and a 3 month old son. My daughter has been acting out a lot recently. I think the change of a new baby has been hard on her, especially since she used to come to work with me so we were never really apart. My son is a constant cryer who always wants to be held, which makes getting things done very hard. Some days I feel as if I am going to lose it with the crying, screaming, and not getting anything done all day. Those days it is very hard not to yell and take my frustrations out on them. I try to not let it get to me and have hope that I can be a good and loving mother with patients and understanding.

  • Ajm

    I’m battling with anger and frustration. I have little ones and sometimes they do not follow directions or do what I ask them to do. I sometime yell at them to get their attention. I truly feel bad about it. Also, I worry alot over my kids because there are so many bad news happening to children.
    Also, I do it to my husband as well. He does a lot and his best around the house but when I’m on my own with the kids I blame him a lot. I am learning what causing my frustration lack of time for myself.

  • LS

    I am battling how to let go, I mean really let go and let God handle a very hard situation with my eldest son.

  • Jules

    The hard battle I am fighting today is fortunately a lot better than ones I have fought in the past. God has helped me so much throughout my life and sadly I have turned away from him many times too. I hope to stay strong in my faith until I am with him in paradise. I would say my hardest battle right now Is learning how to love myself more despite all of my own self sabataging ways and imperfections and take better care of myself.

  • Paula

    I seem to be fighting the constant battle of patience with my kids. They are 18, 14 & 12. Why do I have to harp on them to get anything done. They don’t like to listen and i just want to hide away and not deal with them. Its a real struggle sometimes just to be open to loveing them and not be mad at them for not doing their chores without a lot of reminders and yelling by me.

    • Jules

      Paula, I am in the same boat as you but only 1 less child. Mine are 11 and 13. I too struggle constantly with being patient and not getting so mad. I get so aggrivated with the whole video game obsession and not doing or completing the homework and chores.. I just keep praying and trying… Some days it’s better than others but I’m right there with ya sista.. But I think with God and hopefully this Lent program we can make it through a bit easier!

  • Angela M. Williams

    I feel like there is just some alternate universe out there throwing battles at me to remind me that life is “survival of the fittest”; “fight or flight”; “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”; some other cliche – or just that God only gives you what you can handle. Corinthians I 10:13: “Every test that you have experienced is the kind that normally comes to people. But God keeps his promise, and he will not allow you to be tested beyond your power to remain firm; at the time you are put to the test, he will give you the strength to endure it, and so provide you with a way out.” What hard battle”S” am I fighting….Career; me and my children keeping God at the center of our lives; financial; annulment; ex-relationships; feeling overwhelmed; surrounding myself with the right people…..just trying to enhance my abilities to use prayer as a defense and weapon.

  • Sarah

    My husband lost his job in November. He is 57. We have four children. 2 in college. Please pray for us to open our hearts to Gods will. Lead us to a job. That we continue to walk in His light.

  • Prolifedem6M

    I pray a prayer by St. Alphonsus Liguori daily:
    “I love you, Jesus, my love. I am sorry for having offended you. Never let me be separated from you. Grant that I may love you always. Then, do with me what you wish.”
    One Sunday, I was praying that before Mass when the last line struck me. If I really meant it, it was time to stop my internal whining. I realized I was convicted of lack of trust in the Lord.
    This enabled me to change my attitude, stop the internal whining, and trust the Lord. Life is still messy, but I am much better at coping with the mess. It no longer sends me into a spiral of hopelessness.

  • Nancy McIntosh

    My daughter moved to Texas, I live in New Hampshire. As she is planning to start a family, she has requested that I join her. I am planning the move and asking the Lord for guidance as I begin this journey. My battle is a resistance of a dramatic change of environment and an almost hourly request for His strength.

  • Jackie

    I Am burdened with pretty
    Serious kidney iasues. I continue to pray and to keep a positive outlook on things, and enjoy each day, each
    Moment I have with my family. Please pray for
    Me! Thank hiu. May God bless us all.

    • audrey deskar

      I will pray for you Jackie. Do everything to keep yourself strong physically and Ask God to keep you strengthened spiritually. Your strength helps your family.

  • Dani

    I am in the middle of a long distance relationship and have not seen ny boyfriend in person for almost 9 months. I have 4 more months until I get to see him, and then I only have him around for a little over a months before he goes back and I won’t get to see him again for many more months. I struggle to make myself happy and at times I am really lonely, but I’ve been working to find joy in life each day, despite how hard it can be on both of us.

  • Peggy

    I am waiting on my final results from a surgery, the initial biopsy was benign so I am praying very hard that the results will be good. I also need to remember to keep asking myself “is this going to make me happier” and look for the simple things that can bring more joy into my life.

  • Carolina Morales

    Day 05 Reflection

    Dear #BestLentEver Diary,

    I’m at war with anxiety/stress that is leading to poor food choices on the DAILY! I feel the darkness of that surrounding and suffocating my free spirit. I feel like a slave to it and I want to conquer this destructive pattern because I honestly feel like my body is undergoing demolition.

    Dear Lord, please transform the break- down inside so that I can die to the temptation of bingeing, a futile means to feel better. It logically only makes me feel worse Father. I yearn for YOU to fill my God-Whole during stressful moments in life. I am weak Father. But your strength is everything. I turn to you, God. I’m yours and want to rise with you. Amen.

  • Tim Jensen

    I lost my father to pancreatic cancer 9 years ago and then also found out that his father had it, too. I resist making lifestyle changes because I feel like it won’t matter. I feel like I may not be here long enough to see my kids grow up but I don’t do the stuff necessary to give me the best chance to be here for them.

  • Bruce

    Just saw the movie, “The Shack” and the movie really can help others identify with dealing with problems, and really understand God’s love for them.

  • Wanda Sobczak

    I work in a public school, a high school. It is becoming more and more difficult to avoid frustration and anger in this “bubble” of unreality where everything is celebrated and embraced. Many things simply defy common sense and reek of entitlement while some things are completely against Catholic teaching. Short of quitting my job which I can’t afford to do, I have no choice but to choose my words very carefully – I refuse to remain silent. We are failing our young people in the name of public education driven by legislation that mandates the world’s version of truth – everything is ok. Catholic schools are being closed all the time – ours was closed last fall. We are worried our parish will be closed in spite of assurances to the contrary. I am at a loss as to how we can fill our church again (many families left when our school was closed) and have any hope of reopening our school. We have many families that send their children to religious education classes for the sacraments, but do not participate in the life and service of the parish. It’s hard not to feel hopeless, frustrated, and angry. And so I pray.

  • Ina Lampman Hohlt

    My messy life, I’ve been divorced for almost 2 years. I have a hard time moving now forward since he left me for another woman. I have fallen from church And have for lack of better words a rebound relationship. We have big isssues and my daughter comes first. I don’t know what to do I’m in the middle and just praying I can get through this messy part of my life. The anxiety is over welhming, and the drepression is getting worst… well before lent started. I’m trying to stay positive. We can’t fight if I don’t assist, I’m trying to keep my hope and make it stronger. I went to Ash Wed and Mass on Sunday. If I can get the push to go to confession I know I would feel better once I take communion.

    • Karen

      Please continue to go to church. You made the first step this lent. Join or go to activities at church. Stay strong. God is with you. He will be your rock. Keep passages of the Bible with you stY them when you are down. Sometimes even saying Jesus or Mary will comfort you.

  • Nicole M.

    This past year has been a whirlwind. I recently started my first teaching job as an elementary learning support teacher. I fight a battle every day in my classroom. I have some students who just don’t care about school and some who do not have a lot of support coming from home. Each day I continue to try and be the positive these students need in their lives and it is definitely an uphill battle. In December, my nana, who is the strongest person I know, just got diagnosed with lymphoma. It is still really hard for me to talk about and I hate seeing her sick, but I know God has her in his hands. I pray every night to keep her strong so she is able to continue this battle.

  • Mary

    I fight pride and impatience (which is also pride). My prayer is to trust God and allow him to do more while I try and choose Him rather than impatience.

  • Heather Felton

    The school where I work is closing and all of us teachers will be shifted to different schools for next year. I’m worried about my students and what this will do to them having to be bused to all new schools in the fall, I’m worried about the other teachers and staff that they will all find new jobs, and of course I’m also worried about myself and where I’ll be. I’m worried about the effect it will have on my own family and how I will fit in a new place. I’m trying to let God lead, but I can’t seem to resist ripping the reins and trying to steer. That’s something I’m working on now.

  • Theresa Birdsey

    I am carrying the very hard battle of being the caregiver for my daughter who is seriously sick. Every day her health declines a little more….pain, fatigue, weakness, stress. I also am carrying the pain of watching my mother who is 94 years old suffer with dementia and living in an assisted living facility. I visit her weekly and help her in whatever way I can. I am very blessed by God to be healthy enough to be there for both of the.


  • Dee

    I have a son who is trying to lose weight to have weight loss surgery, My youngest son suffers from anxiety and depression and has stopped attending mass. Our oldest son and his wife and children have been living with us for a year due to a work injury. They are trying to save enough to move out by June. My husband and I struggle financially. I know that God is taking care of all of these issues and all will work out.

  • Arthur Brown

    Life is messy and I know now that I need to take my mess to God because God can straighten it out for me, maybe not the way I think it should be done but the way God has decided what the mess needs to look like so that I can learn to trust him to help me fix my mess and put God, Christ and the Holy Spirit in the center and then for me to work on those items he has shown me to face and do His will and maybe I will get through my mess with the best and that is God, Christ and the Holy Spirit.

  • Cheryl Diamond

    I feel your pain. I battled weight loss myself many years ago. With presistance and prayer, I lost 100lbs. and have kept it off for 36 years. It is a struggle, but the best advice I can give you, Me is take one day at a time, and ask Jesus for help.

    Let your food be medicine and you will do fine.

    I wish you the best.

  • Agatha Ezeani

    My battle with life is going back to my old ways of life and giving up on things I started with without out actually involving God.

  • Kathi

    I like this Fr. Bob! He was funny when he said, “Should I have my hip replaced? ewww”

  • Susan Henderson

    My hard battle is that tonight i kicked my beautiful 19 year old daughter out of our home. She suffers from physical & mental health challenges, particularly severe social phobia. She has refused all our efforts to help her finish high school, will not take her meds or follow her therapists advice, will not follow her medical treatment plan & does not wish to be accountable to anyone to help her do these things. She stole her sister’s computer & this was the last straw. We pray this will be a wake up call for her & that she can get a fresh start in a new environment.

    • Becky Craig

      Susan, I will pray for your daughter as she navigates her life. It seems that she has chosen a hard path for herself but know that God is with her.

      • Susan Henderson

        Thank you. I appreciate any & all prayers!

    • Margo

      That must have been so hard!

  • Glen Arcalas

    I agree that we are trained in society to have a automatic response to the question “how are you doing?”. I like shaking things up and when someone says I’m “fine” or “good” and ask them “Why not GREAT or WONDERFUL?!?! and then get a smile and have them really look at the positive in their life. Even for me, I struggle with the idea that we gotta put on a happy face but when we are in pursuit in our own happiness we put our self last. When we do understand the seasons of our emotional state, we also have to ask why is am I feeling this way in this situation? and then move forward and don’t dwell it (and know that like most things it will change or grow). We do have a choice to see the happy and can continue to realize that we do have some form of happy. We can’t forget the daily gifts GOD provides for us and not only for our self happy but also the ability to help others be happy.

  • Jose Q

    In reading through some of the posts, I realize how minuscule my own problems are. If I do consider something in my life a struggle, it is learning how I can reach out to others in need and emptying myself to make a difference in the life of another just as Jesus has done for me. Through prayer and a closer relationship with God, I shall overcome. I feel that a good portion of the mess we find ourselves in, is a result of the poor choices we make in our lives. And God is not to blame for it because he has given us complete and total freedom (with a promise to be a just judge at the end), without which we would be slaves and not people of free will. He is always present and waiting, often nudging us and steering us gently towards becoming better beings. If only we let him lead us and hold steady in our faith, I think we will see our lives transform. But more often than we look for instant results and gratification and that kills or subdues our faith. Or you may call looking for instant results a form of resistance. May God bless you and see you through you troubles however big or small and may you have a fruitful Lenten season.

  • audrey deskar

    My husband has ipf, idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis which is a fatal disease of the lungs. He is a fighter and is struggling everyday. I’m not sure which is more difficult, having the disease or watching someone sick. I was sick for over a year with an unknown virus and it was horrible most of the time. But I got better and he is getting worse. He is going through testing for a possible lung transplant. My prayer is that he will be able to receive new lungs and still be with me and the kids. For all those bearing illness, or living with someone with illness, I pray for you and the burden you carry.

    • Becky Craig

      Audrey, may you and your husband always know the healing power of God’s love and mercy

  • Alex

    My battle (War) is within myself and I feel that most of the time I get to win some battles but the War is still raging…but I take comfort knowing that God is still in Control and though I walk through the Valley of Darkness, Resistance and Struggles..I won’t Fear or Worry because He is always by my side…and Yes, life is messy (dirty) but Jesus is the “Soap” that cleans and makes New again.

    • Becky Craig

      What a wonderful analogy- Jesus is the soap that cleans and makes New! Alex, I will pray for you.

  • Michele

    Depression and struggling to lose weight

  • Babciamel

    I have been diagnosed as Bi-Polar. I fought this diagnosis for a couple years because I did not understand fully what it meant. I fight depression every single day. Most days I lose the battle. Friends used to call me Mrs. Clean, and now my house is a disgusting mess. Each night I tell myself that the next day I will get up early and get going on the house. Each morning I sit in my chair or in front of the computer and nothing gets done. The mess causes me much anxiety, and yet, I do nothing. It scares me. Nobody in my family believes in depression, so it makes life that much harder. I do have a couple friends that understand. I just wish I could get off all the meds and live a “normal” life. I keep very irregular hours, which I know is not good; but I just can’t seem to regulate. I rarely leave my house because it is too “peopley” out there and it is so much safer at home. When interacting with others, I often get my feelings hurt. My illness sometimes causes me to explode and offend others. Most of the time I feel useless and am filled with self loathing. There are so many things I do (or don’t do) that I am so ashamed of. After starting this program, I am hopeful that if I can just put God in the center of my life, things will improve.

    • Becky Craig

      Though i can’t begin to know what you are going through, I myself have bouts of depression. The hardest part is the self recrimination and loathing. Yet with God firmly with me i try to give these feelings up to him instead of fighting them. It helps sometimes to know that he is there in my suffering, that I’m not alone. I will send up a prayer for you that you receive his healing presence today and always.

      • Babciamel

        Thank you for your kind words and prayers.

  • Lourdes Paz Kawaguchi

    My husband passed away last Monday. I’m having lots of moments of crying, deep sadness & I don’t know how I’m going to be able to go back to work or my life. I’m expecting a call from him, it’s hard knowing I will never see him again! We were married October 17, 2015….I miss him so much!

    • Becky Craig

      Lourdes, my heart is sad for you. I will send up a pray of strength and courage for you during this difficult time.

      • Lourdes Paz Kawaguchi

        Thank you

    • Karen

      So sorry. Be with friends and family as much as you can. There are grieving groups in churches. Try going to them for support. Take a day at a time.

      • Lourdes Paz Kawaguchi

        Thank you so much, God bless you.

  • Im

    I am battling holding on to my marriage. Praying for my son to stay away from drugs and stay on a good path. My friend and i were just discussing this same topic last night , how messy life can be it is not only our family with problems. .it is just life…we want to fix the issues… but can’t …I must bear my own cross…Saint Monica pray for us.

  • Debra Kyser

    After my divorce I gained some weight due to emotional eating and now years later I am still trying to get it off.I have some health issues I am dealing with. My son had an addition problem and finally now he has been clean for 5 mon.! He turned his back on God but I feel more hopeful since he is dealing with the addiction problem.

  • Gaylynn Blancett

    My biggest battle is depression. I have failed all medication attempts. The either didn’t work or I can’t tolerate the side effects. I found out about a new treatment called TMS for treating depression. Transcranial magnetic stimulation. The facilities that offer it where I live don’t accept insurance. Private pay only. I needed 30 treatment s aND managedo 20, until my migraines fLaredo up. TMS was really working, I hadn’t felt that good in years. I need to start overy ,but do not have another $8500 to complete to treatment cycle. So I stay home mostly. Cry alot. Praying and spending time with God has been my one salvation. Yes we all carry burdens and this one is mine. God Bless to all

  • Kathe

    I feel I am always battling this tremendous fear of my children not grabbing hold of their faith. I realize they each have to choose for themselves what they ultimately will believe. My son in particular is determined to stay away from the faith we raised him in. I pray daily for them, I receive the Eucharist a few times a week for them, I am doing everything I can think of, including passing on books, wonderful and easily accessible tools like this one, and they all are so far away from following God. It’s crushing me. I know it’s not up to me, and I try to stay positive and thank God for putting people in my children’s lives and for leading them in His time because He’s the only one able to know best how to reach their hearts. I don’t want to say Good Bye to them one day. I hope that one day, I can say I’ll see you soon. How awful to have an eternity without those you love.

  • Eleanor Eduarte Spears

    My marriage is at worst right now due to alcohol disease of my husband. I am hanging in there hoping that someday he will surrender his troubles to God. I completely surrendered this trouble to God. Taking it one day at time. I busy myself, aside from work, I volunteer in the church and stay healthy by walking in an hour 6,000 plus steps a day.

    • Karen

      There is an organization that you can go to help when a family member is on alcohol it’s through the AA. You need counseling too. Maybe one day he will decide to go too. Prayers.

  • cabarber


  • Marilyn Gates Garner

    Parkinson’s Disease has slowly crept up on my wonderful strong, active, strong willed husband, my rock, my go-to guy and who, at the age of 63, has aged what seems like 5 years in 5 months. He can no longer drive as his spacial judgement is severely diminished and his balance is really bad. He has fallen over numerous times and I am always patching up his cuts and bruises. When I sit at work I worry all the time about what is happening at home but as the chief breadwinner I must keep working until retirement in 3 years time. He is frustrated, angry and impatient at what is happening to him and the medical profession is of no use to him. His Neurologist simply diagnoses, while it has been all my personal research that has led me to design an exercise programme that I take him through 4 times a week but I am a novice, and there is no one to advise me. I also have 3 dogs that I need to care for, feed, take for walks, and generally give attention to as my husband no longer plays with them. My day, from 4 am until 9:30 pm is a long list of To Dos, as he cannot do the garden, the pool, the shopping and even cleaning up the house any more and my job is very demanding and deadline driven. I am trying hard not to be resentful at having no time for pleasurable things for me or for doing the simple things like my husband and I walking the dogs on the beach, or strolling around a shopping mall, going to an outdoor market. He doesn’t want to do those things anymore and I will never leave him on his own and go off and do my own thing. He spends all day at home alone, with the dogs. I have so prayed and still pray for a miracle of healing which I know that God can answer but I also know that these afflictions are sent to test us and stretch us. Its just so painful and the gnawing sense in my stomach never goes away. I know that God says at least 365 times in the bible, Do not fear, but oh its so hard when I look into the future and I ponder on my strength to deal with this as my husband gets worse and worse. I have already had two shoulder operations within a year and what if something happens to me? How will he cope? I have to trust that God will make provision for my husband should that happen but sometimes its hard to hang on to my faith.

  • cabarber

    OOPS..I hit send before I finished. I am a catholic convert, thanks to my husband almost 20 years ago. I love my faith. We have 3 kids, and I am so tired of being treated like a doormat. I struggle every day to pray and stay in our marriage. He’s usually angry at me or the kids, he’s always yelling. We try and plan a family outing and then something happens to make him mad, and he won’t go. I take the kids alone. They always ask, why won’t Daddy come? Why is he so mean to you? Why won’t you say anything? I have learned that if I try and stick up for myself or say anything that he doesnt like, it makes it worse, he just gets angrier. Then its the silent treatment, he goes to work, and usually comes home like nothing happened. He rarely ever apologizes. I get blamed for most everything the kids do wrong. I don’t even have anyone that I can talk to. I would text a friend who would pray for me, but then he read my texts and blew up. My friend has similar issues. Another friend who I confided in told me to divorce him, well, I can’t, not in my catholic beliefs. He tracks everything I spend and asks questions about it. I can’t go anywhere with friends in the evening or weekends. Once in a while, I can have a coffee or lunch with a friend, but I am usually going behind his back. We started a marriage program at church and now he won’t go anymore, he says its dumb and not helping. I am kicking myself since when we were first talking about marriage, our priest said he would need to take Anger management and the Marriage weekend class. He refused and convinced me to talk to our Priest and convince him we didn’t need it. Like a dummy..I did.. I wanted to attend daily mass and confession every Saturday during Lent and he said no..we had too many things to do and if I wanted to be a nun , I should have done that a long time ago. I have been going almost every day to mass, and he hasn’t said much yet. I can’t talk to our priest, he is way too busy, There is no one..he refuses counseling..says that everything you need is in the bible.. he won’t allow me to go either. The constant anger is really getting to me, I just want to run..I am sorry to ramble on for so long, any advice would be appreciated…thank you

    • Karen

      Your husband has the problems and needs help. I read he will not go or change. I would ask the Dr to order the counseling for you. If dr thinks it would benefit your health then your husband cannot go against the Dr . You need counseling. He is trying to control you with checking everything. It’s sad he will not go with you or kids to outings. Place a statue and prayer to St Joseph in your house.

      • cabarber

        Thank you for your advice. I am kind of stuck since my husband does not believe in any type of counseling for me or him. He will not allow me to go. He thinks the only people that need any type of psychiatric Dr. is the ones that have a diagnosis, (like he should) and need help or medications for that. He just says read the bible and everything is in there you need. I just feel trapped. I will get the St. Joseph statue and try that. Blessings to you.

  • cabarber

    Hi Marilyn, I am so sorry to hear about your husbands illness. I had a cousin with that, but I really don’t know much about it. I am also doing a Lenten prayer list, and I will add you both to that. Life is fill of struggles, we all have different ones, God is always with us, we just need to trust and believe. He won’t let you down. Keep you have any extended family that can give you a little break and do some of the household chores? I have learned that there are people willing to help, sometimes we just need to ask..maybe someone at your church that likes to garden or walk dogs? My kids would love to walk someones dogs..we lost ours a few years ago, and haven’t been able to get another one. But I know we don’t live close since I am not near a beach.. don’t be afraid to ask..Blessings to you.

  • Pat Mckee

    My mess is thinking everyone knows what is the right thing to do, knows to be kind, knows to pull into the next lane to let you in, knows to hold the door open for others, and to be so selfish just amazes me. Here’s my mess…I think if I tell them they will see they are wrong and change. It’s not for me to judge. I need to fix my mess of judging people of how I think a perfect world would be. My mess is to not judge. Not to expect everyone to be perfect; when I am not perfect either.

  • Jose Maldonado

    I am battling with indecisión and a lukewarm heart. I know what I have to do, but I see resistance getting in the way. I thank God for speaking to me through Matthwe and his team in this wonderful initiative. It is so true that life is messy. I am learning to see Christ in every person, happy and grumpy. I pray every morning to God to grant me his grace to do his Will in my life that day. I ask him: “Lord God: what is your will for me this day?”. Every one in this blog: have a blessed yat, and let’s go fight resistance!

  • Blue

    I am Messy. Period. And I am struggling with my past. Not because I didn’t forgive, but the memories are hunting me. I don’t know how I can feel that I have a pure heart but it is so hard for me to trust again others…. and more than anyone: Myself. From (with less than 16 years old) seeing my dad almost dying on the tv and visiting him in jail, to having to deal with him telling me that I am a son of b**** who should have died and requesting the maid of the house to take nudes pics of me. Rejection, bullying, eating disorders. A year sleeping on fear feeling watched by my mom’s ex husband( ex because I helped her realized how he was ruining our lives) Big episodes of depression and loneliness… etc… etc …. etc
    I been happy because God is been giving me angels these years but I still can’t left the things that hurted me behind… I guess I just need to keep trying.

  • Alexa

    This video by Matthew Kelly really affected me in a deep way. We get so caught up in our own problems and burdens that we fail to see that others around us are equally suffering. May we be more aware of others and try to help or pray for them.

  • Amy Spadano

    I’m battling trying to let go of a man I love who is a disfellowshipped Jehovah’s Witness. He’s trying to rejoin his faith and family. I know that we are burdens to each other because of how we feel about each other. Love shouldn’t be a burden. This is how I know I need to let go of him, for both our sakes. The extreme differences in our religious beliefs prohibits our being together.

  • Andrea

    Fr, Bob Sherry, look at the Nutritious Movement website and look into the book Dynamic Aging. You can help your hips and walk that Camino! I wish you the best of luck!

    My own daily battle is my self esteem and my difficulty with word finding. I fight tendencies towards perfectionism and anxiety. I am slowly winning but it is a long ongoing battle,

  • Lisa Allen

    Life IS truly messy and I am guilty of getting caught up in its web. When I do, God often falls out of the picture. I pray for clarity and focus this Lenten season and beyond to put God in the center of the chaos and allow him to guide me through it.

  • Barbara

    Ironic that Matthew Kelly mentions his cancer diagnosis. Mine came by phone one morning while I was at work when my doctor called to give me my biopsy report and tell me he had already arranged for me to see an oncologist the following day. Immediately I realized the hardest part of all of this would be to tell my husband of 40 years. I didn’t head for home for several hours trying to figure out what I was going to say t him. The following morning I looked out the front window at my two horses grazing peacefully in front of the house and thought it odd that EVERYTHING seemed the same as the day before . . except for me. Surgery, chemo, remission. Twelve years ago! Praise the Lord. Students at the school where I worked used to say: God is good, all the time; all the time, God is good. It’s true.

  • VinMack

    There are many hard battles that I am fighting – dealing with financial issues, trying to start a family and being unsuccessful going on 8 years and having trouble getting through to my wife to seek help,
    Issues with my weight and struggles to try and lose it to maintain a healthy BMI

  • Patricia

    I am struggling with the recent knowledge that my Dad has lung cancer. He is 87 and my Mom is 91. They depend on me to guide them through this journey. I am a retired nurse, so my background is helpful when it comes to healthcare. I am also dealing with this as his daughter, and my heart is breaking at the thought of him suffering. I pray that I will have the strength and ability to help them through this, as well as, the ability to handle this myself.

  • Osler Rivas

    I am waging a war against somethings and somebody that I have faced almost all my life and unfortunately or fortunately I have so little time left to do anything about them. Does one give up given this scenario? I have given up several times through the years and so far I have been able to do something about them but with difficulty. Through the years, though, the means I have used to combat against them have gradually been rendered useless or impotent until about 5 years ago. That was when I have encountered a seed, a nidus of hope, of faith that has given me strength to confront my demons with. Through prayers, through relentless belief in the Almighty I am slowly building up my defenses but what is most helpful is when I have relinquished my fighting to God. To place my fate into His hands.

  • Beth Albert-Quinley

    I am a health and fitness professional and also own a fitness studio. There are some great tools out there to aid in weight loss, exercise, etc. The bottom line is, you must burn more calories than you consume to lose weight. 3500 calories = 1 pound. 1.5 to 2 pounds/week is a solid, safe, attainable goal. A free app for your smart phone that is awesome is “Lose It”. They offer a premium (yearly cost of around $30) but the free version is really good. You basically set your goal by inputting your current weight and how much you want to lose. The app calculates a safe, attainable daily consumed calorie number and by staying within the recommended number you can reach your desired weight loss in a safe, reasonable timeframe. You input everything you eat and it calculates it into your daily program. I like this app as it is very user friendly. My sister has lost 30 lbs. in a little over 3 months by using this tool and adding light exercise. Any exercise you add to your daily routine is also calculated in. Exercise will help you feel stronger and clears our heads from cobwebs! Even parking a few spots farther from your destination helps. When I exercise I use my online prayer apps and pray rosaries, chaplets of divine mercy, listen to inspirational pod casts, etc. to get my spiritual gym time in! Good luck to all of you and may God bless your day! All things are possible through God!

  • Carol Steward

    I am battling a traumatic brain injury, the loss of a job and financial struggles. I find peace through helping others. In a way I feel selfish because by helping others I forget my own worries. I am not sure where my life is heading but one thing I know for sure is that God will get me through these hard times💞🙏🏻

  • Tricia

    I will never forget when my mom left my loving arms at the age of 16 to enter the gates of heaven. I remember the day she died I was driving in the car with one of my big brothers and I looked over at all the cars and people were laughing and going about their lives and wanted I wanted to scream out, ” my mom just died.” But yes life goes on and everyone continues to go about their business. It was a very heavy burden to carry as a 16 year old young women.

  • Marilyn

    My battle is trying to bring inner peace not only in my life but my husband and children through prayer and faith in Our Lord and His Will in our lives not our own.
    My other battle is staying the course in bettering myself and others around me by being more patient, have deeper understanding, be more obedient through true faith, trust and becoming more charitable towards others . This is a daily struggle for me.

  • TeaLady68

    Yes, I too found out that keeping a daily journal of what you eat helps. May I add that I am currently on a Low Carbohydrate 130 mg./ Protein 60mg. per day weight loss agenda. By doing this you will think twice before food passes to your mouth. To have to write everything down is a true testament of who you really are. It’s a lesson from God do you really want to eat this certain food item? Is it truly a want or a need? Losing approx. 50 lbs. over the last 9mos. & exercising on my stationery bike about 70mins. per day. Only by the grace of God have I been given the strength to help me loose this weight. Also found out that by loosing this weight my knees are much better and now I can at least kneel @ church when I pray and attend mass. By no way have I reached my final goal as I most likely have another 50lbs. or so to loose, but I will definitely get there with the assistance of God. Putting off knee surgery as long as I can as long as I continue to not experience pain or weakness. Amen!
    On this new journey I have experienced the Love of God. Living alone for the first time in my entire life since my husband died 4yrs. ago. Somehow by believing and praying only God can fill that emptiness we all come to feel. By reflecting in silence each day it brings joy to my soul. He directs you to a new path to try something different and nudges you onward. Never give up as the hill is steep, but you can do it if you keep strong. Believe and God will carry you through anything to a better tomorrow.

  • Anonymous

    The hard battle I’m fighting is my husband is an alcoholic. I never know what each day is going to bring. It’s so hard and I worry constantly about what it is doing to my kids. I’m doing my best to try to trust God to give me the strength and courage to face each day. Also for the wisdom to make the right decisions for my future.

  • My Name Card

    Usually one doesn’t want to burden anyone with their burdens. I also don’t like to look at life as a mess. I am a very positive person that is happy and cheerful most of the time. I feel like though each month there’s a little time, like three days or four days that I am in a bad mood and of course I think it has to do with my body and not with some kind of burden . But during that time any worry, like little worries, like how to pay for the car repair or how to pay for the flight to Germany to visit my family becomes a burden. But is that really something messy? I just feel those are such little worries that I’m not worth worrying about. So I thank the Lord for blessing me and my family with so much goodness, Grace and good health and everything. I am praying for everyone’s burden additionally to my seemingly little worries.

  • Elizabeth

    Thank you for this discussion.. it is very helpful to me! The other day I was with a younger person who had some tattoos and we talked about the current trend of young, especially, people covering there bodies with them. I expressed my thought. I told them that this body is Gods temple and I would do that to the temple. That the skin I had I was born with and I would die with it in the same condition. Later I had to admit to myself and ask why don’t I take care of my inner body with the same respect instead of filling it with junk and eating more than it needs! Thank you for the insights!

  • Mary

    I am 43 years old and was recently diagnosed with stage 4 metastasized breast cancer that spread to the bones. I have a husband and five beautiful young children, ages 18 months up to 12 years old. Please pray for a miracle for my family and I.

    • Karen

      Mary. Say a rosary everyday. Get Lourdes water and put it on your breast or chest where cancer is. Let others pray for you in church with a healing and annoiting the sick service. Praying for you. May God heal you.

  • Michael Ennis

    My biggest ongoing battle is my inability to give up smoking. Talk about resistance! I have, on two different occasions, given it up for 4 years, and ended up going back. If I could change just one thing from my past, it would be to never have started.
    God Bless

  • Blessed

    I am one of those “I am fine” people, but just now, thinking over my burdens and sharing them with the Lord, how much lighter I feel. Asking for prayers for our son and his family. He is no longer practicing his Catholic faith and was married in another faith expression, which he is embracing with his wife and in-laws. While we are happy he prays and cares deeply about others, how I wish I could nudge him back to his Catholic roots, especially now that they are expecting their first child and things like baptism and upbringing in faith loom ahead.

  • singing428

    Physically: fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. Emotionally: depression and anxiety.

  • Gene Honigford

    My burden is Alcoholism. I have my self backed into a corner where quitting cold turkey may kill me, but I can’t afford to miss any more time at work. Please pray for me.

  • Anita

    I’m struggling with helping to take care of my 91 year old mother who is failing. I am often resentful of the time she takes and at the same time aghast that I could think such a thing. And a constant undercurrent is concern for my youngest son, who has schizophrenia. Although he is doing well now, there is the fear that he will relapse. We will always be taking care of him and afraid of him at the same time.

  • Marie

    The loss of my son

  • Alicia Depastino

    I am battling diabeties, heart disease, depression and most of all how to deal with my mothers death. It has been 3 years since she passed and I was her caregiver for the last 3 months of her life. I have asked my siblings if I did a good job caring for her and they say yes but I have trouble remembering if I even said goodnight to her on the last evening. Did i say I love you, which is something I said everyday, but did I say it that day? I don’t know. Yes I miss her but most of all did I do enough? This is a struggle everyday.

  • seakiev

    I am desperately seeking a job.I have been unemployed for a long time. I’ve applied to be a grant writer with Dynamic Catholic, but was rejected. I’ve applied to other jobs and more rejection. I am a writer of a faith column and inspirational books. But cannot find work to pay my bills. I have prayed and prayed, but God is silent. It is difficult to hold onto hope when God is silent and constant rejection is the only feedback I receive.

    • Karen

      If you have a degree teach in a catholic school. It’s a career and you can use your knowledge. Maybe also you could use it in a Catholic newspaper or faith based communities hospitals nursing homes. You might have to do a side track career to fit this one into it. Try meeting people in faith based writing also.

  • Wendy

    Wow! Is Fr. Bob looking to walk the Camino? That’s amazing!
    My future husband and I want to walk Camino de Santiago. We hope we can make it soon! 😀

  • Martha

    This topic is so timely for me. I work as a customer service trainer at a medical center and in the classes I talk about empathy/compassion. These values/traits are so important as we care for people, not just in hospitals but all over. We all have our “story”, or our “mess” but it’s not always out there for people to see. I try to do as I teach, and try to meet people where they are, have empathy, and treat them how you want to be treated. Because we never know what the other person is going through.

  • A Rivers

    I struggle with depression. It’s an invisible killer of joy and contentment. I try very hard to do the things I know will help me, but when I get down in the “hole” it is very hard to dig myself out without support from others. However, it’s embarrassing and shameful to admit that I am struggling because I often feel that my depression stems from selfishness and a lack of faith & trust in God. I know that there are some physiological health reasons that contribute to my depression, but that doesn’t change the feelings of shame. The positive is that it’s really opened my eyes to the very real struggles of mental illness, loneliness, despair, grief in others because they are invisible to others and require a reaching out on the part of the person who is struggling. Our world isn’t friendly to those who are vulnerable in asking for help and it creates a stigma and an isolation. I hope that through my struggles I’ll be able to have empathy and show God’s love to others who are struggling.

    • Susan Henderson

      I too have suffered from clinical depression for most of my life since four or five years old. I am 52. I recently got spiritual direction regarding my depression and inability to pray and my spiritual director said that these negative thoughts are ways that the devil keeps us captive. When we feel we have a lack of faith but then feel guilty about that, that is the devil using are very real struggle against us. We simply must tell God of our lack of faith and offered to him and not beat ourselves up over it. I had also been feeling guilty over feelings of being suicidal but have confessed that, but my thoughts want to torment me. If only I had a greater faith, I never would have succumbed to those thoughts. It took a great weight off of me to know that God does not want me to feel guilty or shamed for my lack of faith or my struggles with depression. I hope at some point, I will be able to use my experience to help others within the church who have mental illness.

  • Casey Papp

    My life has been quite messy lately and this video has just related to me so much..

  • Dave Lupo

    My mess includes in a big way my Attention Deficit Disorder. I am distracted for a chunk of the day, in such subtle ways. It is like listening to white noise so much, that you lose touch of what you are supposed to do that day. I zone out to some extent, and only by making a to-do list of half-a-dozen things to accomplish do I stay in the here-and-now. Many evenings are difficult, and I begin to notice a “sundowning” effect in me when evening comes. I get grouchy, and irritable over simple mistakes I make, and take it out on myself.

    • Susan Henderson

      I agree. I have a daughter with ADD and my best friend has it and it is a hard cross.

      • Dave Lupo

        Indeed, it is. Thanks, and all the best to your daughter, and your best friend.

  • Amelie Gonzalez

    I am battling debt. My finances are not good. I want to get back on track but somethings always throws me off. I am to blame because I do not blan or budget well. I am to blame. I want to do better.

  • cabarber

    Hi again..thank you karen, He won’t allow me to go to a Dr for that, everything we need is in the bible, people don’t need psychiatric Dr.s they just need the word,,his words exactly, unless you have some type of medical I think he does, but will never admit it. this has been my battle all of our marriage, and has gotten worse. I will get a statue of St. joseph soon, thank you for that…

  • Sarah

    I am struggling with depression and have been for almost as long as I can remember. My mom died when I was 2 and I have no memories of her. This is a very heavy cRoss. I am also in a hopeless marriage. Among our many issues, I deeply desire to have more children (we have a 10 yr old daughter) and my husband doesn’t want any more. I am catholic but he isn’t; another heavy cross.

    • Susan Henderson

      I am with you. I have struggled for most of my life with depression and also have difficulties in my marriage. I pray that you will find hope in the midst your circumstances.

  • Tiffany Taylor

    My mess… we had my husbands grandson until he was 8 months old. My step daughter did a number on my emotions. I still to this day cannot forgive her. The father has the child now, & she gets 6 days a month with him which she spends going out & enjoying the nightlife. It has put such a heavy burden on my family. My husband is caught in the middle, every family gathering with her is awkward. Her actions, me not being able to forgive her had made my life messy…

  • Melissa Coven

    My battle is guilt over the suicide of my son. I feel as if I would have been a better mother, I would have recognized what was happening and I would have taken the hints more seriously. It’s been nearly 7 years and yet the pain washes over me like waves and I am trapped. I struggled with why God would let this happen. He left behind a loving wife and three little boys who loved him. Sometimes the grief is enough to paralyze me. I continue to pray that God will help me find my way out of the darkness. I am the one who says I am fine even when I am not. My husband stands beside me and we try to weather the waves together and to make sure our other children know how much we love them.

    • Kathy

      I am so sorry Melissa that you have such a very very heavy burden to carry. I pray that you find peace. I pray that you come to know that we are each responsible for our own lives & that your guilt is lifted from you. I pray you are able to be a great source of joy to your grandsons.
      May you feel God’s so very powerful love now & always.

  • Kim M

    “Be Kinder than necessary because everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle” This is in my kitchen right by the computer. It is one of my favorite little quote/saying. It reminds me to think of others. It reminds me to ask them how they are and how their day is…what’s going on with them instead of me. God Bless!!!

  • Mary Beth Schmidhamer

    I’m trying to take care of my mother and my sister. My mother walks with a walker and is on oxygen all the time and my sister is 52 and has dementia. I struggle with wanting to know if I’m doing the right thing and I still have my own life to live.

  • Tamo from Mid-Mo

    Well said…everyone has their own struggles and crosses to bear and yes, life is messy and NO ONE has the right to judge another…there is only one Judge and that is our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Just imagine how much better the world would be if people would stop judging and start praying for them brothers and sisters in Christ. What a genuine change we would see – Gods grace at work in each and every one of us. God bless you all as you go through your daily struggles.

  • kiannafleur

    God is the only way through a messy life. It took me a long time to learn the meaning of “offering up sacrifices,” it really seemed masochistic to me, but I tried. I’d offer up suffering so no child would ever be abused…but then some abuse story would hit the news, and then I realized I wouldn’t know if I were saving one child from abuse, which lowered my faith in the value of offering it up. I also had the irreverent thought that Jesus knew He was only going to suffer for that one day, and then He had absolute knowledge of the Beatific Vision — it was easy for Him to do it, not so easy for me, living in ignorance of the future. Finally it hit me: He suffered more than I can imagine, and He did it for me. The love of that act overwhelmed me. I joined my pain to His, asking to take His….purely out of love for Him, and offered up all the merits on behalf of the Holy Souls who are suffering far more than I can imagine, purely out of love. And the pain I had disappeared. Totally went away immediately. The key is love for others, God above all. It took me out of my self-focus. Part of the learning process involved times when it seemed the world should stop, but it continued as normal — people went on about their lives, some strangers even openly complaining to me about how inconvenient some minor thing was for them, when I was reeling from grief. I remember reading a quote during one of those times. It went something like, “When your world falls apart and everything is shattered, every hope, every dream you’ve had is suddenly taken away, you feel like the world should stop for you, but it doesn’t. So you go into your room and hide away as long as you can, but you have to go meet the world because you’re still alive, so you have to work and shop. And it stuns you that the world goes on as if your devastation means nothing. This is a good thing. The world continues on so that you can rejoin it when you begin to heal.”


    Hi i am battling. A few things my own heath just had a lower back surgery i was on heavy medication which i did not know i could just not stop. Drs failed to share thAT info with me but thanks to God was able to over ome that along with the recovery from the surgery itself .i am also dealing with an actively dying mom who lives 300 miles away from me and a daughter who i feel is not in a good place and unfortunately my grandson whom i love very much seems to be paying the price which is something i will not ldt happen. So if i. Can get some prayer for my family it would bs much appreciated. Thank u all very much

  • JD Cruz

    I am battling financial struggles in saving my storage unit that holds all I own. I am at risk of it being auctioned and its a burden I just can’t bear to face
    Please allow me to come up with a do able solution

  • Lori Inkrot

    I am battling family broken relationships. There is a root of bitterness that has been in the making for years between family members and I get caught in the middle but don’t know have to deal with all the pain I’m feeling because I am powerless to fix the problem. I can’t force reconciliation on others who don’t want it so I must walk in faith but at the same time deal with the pain that breaks my heart every time I think of the situation.

  • Gia Turella

    My prayer is that my mom comes home soon from rehab. She has been in and out of the hospital now for nearly 2 months. We found out that she has congested heart failure, COPD, and Sleep Apnea. It’s been taking a toll on me since the beginning with viral pneumonia. I’m the only girl among 2 older brothers. I go to the rehab center everyday. She is lonely at times because she is not at home. I will ask Jesus to heal her and hope she can come home soon.

    • Karen

      I once went through the same thing when my mom was 86. She had lots of lung issues never smoked but went into hospital very sick lost ability to walk. And she was in rehab for 2 months and rehab nursing home another 2-3 months. I moved her then into assisted living because she was walking with walker and seemed better she looked bed another 4 years. I was the only girl had 2 brothers and had 1 kid out of 4 at home and was working. Just do what you can as much as you can. I never regret it. Miss my mom so much. It’s been 9 years this year she died.

  • Claudia Franco

    I’m battling my insecurities and trust issues towards my husband. I try everyday to put that aside and leave it up to the lord and me on my burdens. I just feel it’s really hard sometimes.

  • Lori Grajek

    My Mom died in December. It was somewhat sudden. Now I am driving my Dad and helping him with his forgetfulness. While praying for my Mom’s soul I am thankfully at peace, knowing she has a relationship with God and is probable feeling much better now than she was on Earth. Part of me is joyful and part of me wants to cling in regards to my Dad. He is coping very well but I call him twice a day because the thought of losing him too is scary.

  • Paula Stevenson

    I’m fighting the battles of judgement of other. I’v been a student of personal growth for 11+ years, and On my journey of sharing ideas with others, i’v also found myself being kind of hypocritical ( I don’t mean to be). And mostly I don’t voice it, it’s just some thought that might run through my mind. I need to accept people for who they are.

    • Stacy West Taylor

      I condemn myself worse than anyone. Our Father doesn’t judge us. That job is left to Jesus Christ. If our faith in Him is true then He will judge us righteous. I struggle here as well. I tend to judge people that judge – haha. Most of us Christians are doing the best we can, and the lost don’t know any better. Love in Christ. I pray you work through this challenge with the help and guidance of the Holy Spirit.

    • Stacy West Taylor

      Also, remember this….what if you knew Paul the Apostle the day prior to his conversion and judged him? Wouldn’t you have a big surprise the next day? Haha! This is what I consider – everyone is on different points of their spiritual journey. You may be more mature than another. Encourage that person. 🙏😇

  • CatholicKath

    I know it could be so much worse and I try to remain focused on God and His promises of hope…but sometimes I feel overwhelmed…in the past four months I feel bombarded with family members and friends who are ill, accidents that could have been fatal, and tonight the eve of my aunt’s funeral. God is my anchor but sometimes I do not feel strong, even knowing He is by my side.

  • Change in 2017

    I too am fighting the battle of obesity, over eating and monsters in my head. I am my own worst enemy and have a very hard time getting out of my way. And at times I forget that others have real struggles too. I pray that in the midst of my real struggles that I remember that everyone is battling something and that I too deserve some kid gloves. Lord, help me to stay the course you have set before me and do so bravely! Yet admits my struggles, I pray for the ability to put on a happy face and portray sunshine to the world. Because my light may just make someone else’s day. In Jesus’ name I pray!

  • Beth

    My burden was that for so many years I would tell people, “I am fine”; when deep inside I was a victim of spousal verbal abuse! I kept my faith in God even when my spouse turned away from God and spoke poorly of God and church! I just recently put all of what God was telling me together, and walked away from all the negative aspects in my life! I may be alone, but always know I have God and am much happier as each day passes!

  • Carmen Lizette Padron

    Buen Camino! I walked from Sarria to Santiago last June, it was amazing. Are you using walking sticks? They made a big difference for me, I have bad knees from a fall 4 years ago. Make sure to check the Cathedral”s website for the Botafumeiro”s schedule. Please pray for my husband and our marriage.

  • G.H.

    I’m battling a divorce at this time. I ask for prayers that my husband will find God and realized that the enemy has a stronghold on him. I pray that God will open up his eyes, heart and mind and that he’s able to find his way back home were he belongs. Thank you in advance for your prayers.

  • dianne

    The burden that I am carrying around is mental illness in my family. One of my beautiful daughters is going through a divorce where there has been abuse. She sufers from mental illness, she was in recovery, but most recently depression has set in. Although it is finally getting a little better, she has 2 little children and many struggles. I find myself trying to help, my other kids say I enable. But I feel that she needs my help right now and I feel that my burden is that I take on her problems and it is putting a wedge between me and my other children. I leave it in God’s hands every day and pray for all of them to continue to love each other, as I have taught them, without judging or holding this against my daughter that is struggling. It makes me sad and emotional most of the time.

  • K. D.

    We have two sons, and at Christmas the oldest told me that he and his wife made the decision not to have children, the next day the younger son told my husband that he doesn’t want to because of problems with his wife’s health and other problems that run in her family. We felt so devastated and we still do. We could use prayers….

    • Christine Suller St Onge

      My prayers are with you. I live in fear that my girls will make the same descion and I would be wrecked.

  • Adriana

    This spoke to me on so many levels. For the past 5 years I have been struggling with my health. Three years ago I was dignosed with ulcerative colitis. It has been a difficult journey and a heavy burden at times. I can’t eat many foods that I love. I have an extremely strict diet. Whenever I don’t follow it I get very ill. God has told me I will heal but I struggle with being patient. I miss being able to out and eat at restaurants. I try to stay positive and happy but I give in to my sadness most of the time. Please keep me in your prayers. I truly need them to continue fighting for my health.

  • Caroline Johnson

    My burden(s): I try to give them all up to God so my days are filled with happy thoughts and laughter. This is what pleases God the most because he sent his only Son to take away all of our burdens and wants us to give them to him. Some days, I do a better job at letting God know my burdens than others. Most days I keep my burdens buried deep within and they end up coming out as hateful words towards the people I love the most, my family. My greatest burden right now is wrestling with the fear that my cancer will return. Who will take care of my special needs son if I die? How will my girls and husband cope? These feelings are real and I pray that God will help wash these feelings of fear away and instill more hope in my heart so that I can live in the moment with the people I love the most.

  • Maureen Gomes

    I fine myself lost in a habit of not wanting to no longer going out.yes i go to work Mon.To Fri.but my job is in the same building,at the end of my work day,I eat dinner kick back watch TV & the weekends spend most of my time in bed missing out on the beauty God has created.Missing family & friends.I pray for God in this matter & all my love ones no matter what all are going through. getting old is a blessing & yet here i am a lazy & selfish person.I think about people who are truly Ill & would love too go out.Shame on me.So too all no matter what your going through Pray for God’s strength & courage to help you.Faith Love & Trust in God.I’ll never give up.& pray all will reach out daily.for surly God will never give up on us.Amen

  • Maureen Gomes

    Thank you Fr.Bob for your words of wisdom.Amen

  • Jo B

    My burden is for those around me who are still trying to fill the hole in their lives with everything but God, and resist even having anyone suggest that. They act like these other things make them happy, but I know it doesn’t really satisfy their longing. I pray for a breakthrough, and try to be a light for them.

  • Kimberly

    Currently battling a scary 8 hours surgery for my husband on the 23rd for his back. He has an aneurysm that is also a factor. The surgeon has already told us this is a very risky surgery but my husband’s pain gets worse daily and he said he would rather die on the operating table then live with the pain. I am fearful of loosing him and being a widow alone without him.

  • Katie

    First I read the Comments, then I watched Father Sherry’s video.
    So……Here it is……Crazy….I know.
    I don’t walk because when I’ve walked for say, 10 minutes I become breathless and worn out.
    Then I have to walk the 10 minutes home.
    This has developed into a kind of phobia.
    I feel that reading all the supportive and loving comments shared here for each other, that the Holy Spirit is giving me the courage to share honestly and have the courage to try again.

  • ML DeFilippo

    My husband struggled with his weight for most of his life At 40 he was diagnosed with type two Diabetes. At 60 he passed away, but not after losing most of his foot, being dependent on kidney dialysis, and living his last nine months with gangrene fingers that could not be removed, He passed away in 2004, 6 months after my Mom. Since his passing many weight loss operations have been made available to help those with the same struggle. No one can tell another person what to do, but I do wish he had this option to choose . I miss him every day. WE have five grandchildren that were born in the years after his passing.

  • Caitlin Lowery

    Our dog hasn’t been vary well, so my Mom took him to the vet today and found out he has cancer in his lungs. After school tomorrow he will get to go to heaven. We got him as a puppy when I was three so I don’t really remember him not being here. After him being part of our family for eleven years it’s hard to say goodbye.

  • Celebration

    I am experiencing the rejection of a friend that I was in a spoken partnership with. After a while I realized that we were not seeing eye to eye, selfishness and bitterness on her part was so obvious. But through it all I felt the pressing of the Holy Spirit giving me the permission to move away and let God deal with it and that maybe at some other designated time our lives may cross again. Now she has taken a hard step and filed a suit against me and I am completely broken. I have not done anything wrong toward, not talked about her, did not spread rumors, etc, I was just trying to be her friend. In my spirit, I know that I will be OK because God is covering and protect me against this unjust circumstances, but it has really made me heavy. Three words in my spirit “Thy Will Be Done” Please keep me in prayer.

  • Cindy

    Addiction to food is like all other addictions, but I still have to eat at least 3 times a day. It might be difficult to admit, but it is not just a physical and emotional problem. It is also a spiritual problem, for I am using food as the answer to all my problems instead of taking them to God. Overeaters Anonymous addresses all 3 aspects of the addiction, spiritual, emotional and physical. I have been a member for over 20 years and it is the best way I have found to keep the wolf of my food addiction at bay.

  • Jamie Hanna

    My husband was forced into early retirement from IBM last May. In some ways it’s been a blessing because our family life is so much improved with out the stress and burden of IBM. It’s been almost a year and I am praying that the right opportunity comes his way – the one that keeps our family life that we now have.

  • Michelle

    I’m a cancer patient caregiver (wife). It’s been the roughest road I’ve ever traveled, but though it all we (and mostly he) have experienced peace and we’re closer than we’ve ever been as a couple, and in allowing God to work with us and to show us the way. We now don’t worry about trivial things or material things… we try to see the big picture. Thank you Dynamic Catholic for always providing positive and inspiring words.

  • Patricia Devereaux

    God can help me through my messy life. My burden is that I’ve become lazy and my muscles and joints are feeling horrible. My prayer is that I can truly ask GOD to help me to exercise to bring back my muscles and ability to move freely without pain and distress.

  • Leslie

    I’m trying to forgive my brother. He gave me and my family a lifetime of pain but he’s changing now. I just can’t seem to get over it. I want to be a forgiving person but right now I’m just not.

  • Vicki

    This message is for Father Sherry…..I had hip replacement surgery 2.5 weeks ago! I am completely pain free (Thank you God). It is a VERY easy surgery…..unlike knee replacement. Father, please check into it…..I think you will be glad you did!!

  • Matt

    Does anyone still have a copy of the Sunday, March 5th email message which summarizes Days 1, 2, 3 & 4?

    If so, can you please copy and paste the summaries so I can have them?

    Day 1:
    Day 2:
    Day 3:
    Day 4:

    • Linda Carmelle

      Hi Matt,
      I just figured out if you click on my posted pic,you will be able to access those dates/videos through my recommends section. Plus I think you can hit the daily reflections and all the videos should be available to you.The summary for the week didn’t have that option,but that would be a great suggestion for Dynamic Catholic.
      Hope that helps and I can still try to send the summary this weekend too.

      • Matt

        I already have the info Linda. Please do not go out of your way on my account. Thanks!

  • Joanne Vanness

    Do the Camino! It is an unforgettable experience. I have done it twice and long to go back.
    Let me be the first to say… Buen Camino (Good Journey!)

  • Linda Carmelle

    I’ve always had this intense work ethic.Lately its a double edge sword. I’m taken advantage of for it.Now I just want to give it up and say why bother? Employers don’t value it,it leads me to an unbalalanced life,I’m exhausted,I can’t mentor new employees to become valuable players because they are just in it for themselves. Then I say maybe I should be like that too,and lay the burden down of this good work ethic so I can move forward and have more me time. It doesn’t seem like much ,or rather seems easy to adjust,but I struggle with it because I’m in so much debt that I must pay down. To me its more of a sin to declare bankruptcy,thats why our country and economy fail. Because of no work ethics and the willingness to give up and be rescued. I pray to find an answer to this burden. Work is great,works of mercy for instance,but if you can’t make time to do it cuz you always have to give all your time to an employer,it leads to chaos.. God guide me to what is right and just.

  • Tired

    I’m battling the cage of sexual abuse and fighting for chastity. I’m all messed up and I’m almost hopeless. I do my best to be a good christian but i keep on failing and falling hard on my face. I’m tired and the only reason why I’m still fighting is because God wants me too. I certainly don’t want to anymore. But hey, gotta obey. I keep trusting and those who say they love me always ends up breaking my trust. Now I’m struggling to even trust in God coz i’m afraid to hurt more than i’m hurting now.

    God told me when i was younger that when things are the toughest, that’s when you know you are on the right track coz that means that the enemy is really giving his all to keep you from reaching your destination…. sigh… he is hitting me hard alright…

    • Tina Xinastle

      I have been in a similar situation. There is always hope! I will pray for you.