March 14: Living Soulfully

Day 12

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There are a lot of different ways to think about life. There are a lot of different ways to think about living. I was reading something about music a couple of years ago, and I saw the idea of this soulful music. And I thought to myself, “What does it mean to live soulfully?”

When I think of living soulfully, I think of something sort of unique and handmade, not mass produced. But I think we can stop living soulfully. I think we can start living in a mass-produced way. And when we do that, we actually lose ourselves.

God has this incredible dream. He wants you become the-best-version-of-yourself. It’s an astounding dream when you think about it. It’s the dream every parent has for their children. They want them to reach all their potential, to become all they can be, to become the-best-version-of-themselves.

Of course, every day I make decisions that don’t help me become the-best-version-of-myself. I wrote this stuff—I write this stuff. But that’s the struggle we have with our humanity, right? You’ve got your things you’re struggling with, I’ve got my things I’m struggling with. And guess what? Every single day, I do things that I know, when I’m doing them, will not help me become the-best-version-of-myself.

And sometimes when people want to change something in their life, they’ll focus and focus and focus on the behavior they want to stop doing. And that tends never to work. Bad habits need to be crowded out of our lives with good habits. So if there is something you want to stop doing, you’ve got to crowd it out with other good things that do actually help you become the-best-version-of-yourself.

And I guess it’s probably important for us not to assume that you want to become the-best-version-of-yourself. It’s probably important for us to pause and think about the question today: “Hey, is that important to me? Do I want to become a-better-version-of-myself today? Do I want to be able to look back a year from now and say, ‘I’m a-better-version-of-myself today than I was a year ago’?”

The reason that I think it should be important to us, well one of the reasons (because there’s obviously many reasons), but one of the reasons I think it should be really important to us is because when we’re striving to become the-best-version-of-ourselves, we tend to be living soulfully. You know when you’re living soulfully, and you know when you’re not. But when we’re striving to become the-best-version-of-ourselves, that’s when we’re most fully alive.

Jesus said in John’s Gospel, “I have come so that you may have life and have it to the fullest” (John 10:10). Do you have that kind of life? Do you feel like you’re having life to the fullest? Do you feel like you’re experiencing life to the fullest? Do you feel like you’re becoming the-best-version-of-yourself, to the fullest? Because that’s what God wants for you.

And I think deep, deep, deep down, none of us want to live a sort of generic, manufactured life. I think deep down, all of us, every single one of us, want to live soulfully, in a way that is really beautifully handmade, and unique, and just us. And guess what? God wants you to live soulfully like that as well.

“Every moment of every day, every situation, every person we encounter is an opportunity to become a-better-version-of-ourselves.”

Matthew Kelly, Resisting Happiness

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Some things you do help you become the person God created you to be, and some things don’t.


In each moment of each day choose the-very-best-version-of-yourself. Ask yourself, “Is what I am about to do going to help me become the-best-version-of-myself?


Jesus, I want to live soulfully. Help me approach each day with energy and enthusiasm so I can become a-better-version-of-myself.

Today’s personal reflection features Dynamic Catholic team member Ben Skudlarek. Ben is our design manager, coming to us from Alexandria, Minnesota. Ben will do pretty much any outdoor activity (especially if it involves snow), enjoys playing games and wrestling with his four children, and loves all food.

In what area of your life is God inviting you to become a-better-version-of-yourself?

Let us know in the comments!

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  • Sandeep R

    I think God wants me to let go of this feverish worry and anxiety and be filled with his peace and joy. He calls me to give a hundred percent in whatever i do whether it be work, family life, sport, church or any other activity. To make each of these aspects of my life a pathway leading to God.

    • I feel similarly! I think God wants me to trust in Him and stop trying to control everything to no avail. 😉 Anxiety is so difficult. Hugs to you.

    • Ann G

      Definitely agree, Sandeep! I had the same worries and anxieties until 2007 wyen I discovered Divine Mercy. It has taken the last ten years, yes ten years, to fully Trust Jesus!! And guess what: I am happy as a result! May God bless you!

    • Linda

      Sandeep, well you are giving 100% to the things you mentioned don’t forget to give 100% to caring for yourself as well. As far as anxiety is concerned I am a pro at that hahaha. I think one of the best ways to counteract anxiety is to have silence around you. Cut out the TV and the technology and the radio and just have silence around you during your day. Also of course quiet prayer before the Blessed Sacrament is essential as well as keeping yourself motivated by listening to positive things. One of the things I do is listen to positive Talks on YouTube either from the TED Talks or a motivational Catholic video, or a book. The devil loves to make us anvious so we have to counteract that with lots of positivity etc…God bless you.

      • Marianne

        Linda, I agree with your post. I struggled with anxiety in my past -especially related to my job. I turned to God due to this. I have found that prayer, no media, and filling my life with positive interactions helps. I feel that this was God at work in my life and I attempt to seek his advice in all decisions.

  • Karen

    I know God wants me to work on my patience and compassion….my hubby of 44 yrs is now in Hospice and I am his caregiver. For anyone who has had this experience….. you know what I mean….I’m trying to take care of the “caregiver” so I can care for hubby. God is helping me but a challenge.

    • Tom Brull

      Prayers for you and your husband Karen. God will provide….God is good all of the time!

      • Darren Guido

        … and all the time, God is good!

    • NancyB

      God bless you. I have not walked in your shoes yet but the day will come. A prayer for you and him is coming your way.

    • Ethel L

      Thoughts and prayers for you and your love ines Karen. Huggzzzz

    • Heidi Johnson

      Thoughts and prayers with you, Karen.

    • Laura

      Prayers for you and your hubby, Karen.

    • Mary Cochran

      Yes it is so important–but hard–to care for yourself so you can continue as the caregiver. My prayers and Mass today will be offered for you and your husband.

    • Diana

      Karen, I will say a prayer for you & your husband. I have not gone through it but I watched my sister care for her husband dieing cancer then her second husband taking care of her. She has Alzheimer’s. I pray for all caregivers.

    • Marianne

      You and your husband are in my prayers.

    • Kj

      I pray for both of you!

    • Mary

      Gods blessings to both of you. Caregiving is exhausting but also very rewarding. As a retired nurse I can empathize to a degree because of caring for my mother when she was in Hospice. Caring for a spouse requires an entirely different skill set. My heart goes out to you. Let others help when they offer and remember to take care of yourself.

    • Lindsay McCoy

      I’m in a similar situation Karen. My husband is being treated for lung cancer, and it’s been a long haul. I too am learning how to take care of the caregiver, so I can be a better version of myself for both of us. God bless you and your husband.

    • Patty Dyer

      Praying for you and your husband today, Karen…may God be with you every step of this “journey” !

    • jesspinosa

      Karen, whenever I have friends who are taking care of their sick spouses, I tell them that they are so lucky because God is giving them a chance to live up to their marriage vows, taking care of each other in sickness and in health. I hope you have someone to spend time with for coffee and donuts, a short walk, a few minutes of Adoration and rosary because it is important that caregivers should also care for themselves. Prayers coming your way, Karen.

    • Jim

      Karen, Turn yourself and your husband totally o

    • 13footballmom

      Karen, my prayers for you and your husband.

    • Terry Gannon

      I can totally relate to you. I just lost my husband of 44 years in October. He was at home on hospice for 5 weeks. It was a beautiful time of sharing and praying together and with our family. Friends and neighbors came from all over the country to say their farewells while he was still here. Instead of a “wake” we had an “awake”. When the time came, there were no words unsaid, there were no regrets. (I knew all his passwords). He knew he was going to be with Jesus and we could not have asked for anything better for him. Relax, pray with him, enjoy the quiet time with him and the middle of the night anxiety time with him, and love him through the care you give him. Take advantage of the hospice people. They are wonderful and can relieve you. Then at the end you will have the joy of knowing you gave him every ounce of love you could and there will be no regrets. My prayers are with you Karen. God will give you EVERYTHING you need.

    • Marilyn

      Karen, God bless you and your husband as you travel this journey together. I have walked in your shoes and consider the experience God’s hand in my life and the life of everyone who held our hands and our hearts and souls in prayer for many years. I’m reading everyone’s response to you and it is proof that we are all sustained by praying for each other and for spreading the Word.

    • Christine Zygmont

      Prayers are with you and your husband. I neglected myself when I was in your shoes as a caregiver and it was not good it took its toll on my health. I got angry with God and fell away from my faith. But he wouldn’t give up on me and now my faith is stronger than ever. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and keep praying for strength knowing the dear Lord is always with you especially in these hard times. God Bless.

    • Fran Gizzi

      In September 2012, I lost my husband of 56 years. Throughout a long journey of doctors, tests, etc. God showed his face in many different ways through people who came into my life, through emails that spoke to me of God’s love in all circumstances, through pennies that seemed to show up and reminded me “in God we trust.” I learned to be open to the present and to remind myself of how God brought me to where I was in spite of myself. Many times the present was where I didn’t want to be and it was only God’s grace that helped me endure what was the inevitable. Ours was a difficult marriage with many financial problems, but God unexpectedly took care of even that. Presently, finances are again becoming problematic, but I recently read something that helped me greatly and I often reread it to deepen it into my soul and keep me from fear. “If you live your life too safely, you will never know the thrill of seeing Me work through you. When I gave you My Spirit, I empowered you to live beyond your natural ability and strength…the issue is not your strength but Mine, which is limitless” (Jesus Calling-Sarah Young.) None of us are ever alone in our struggles – a thought that continues to sustain me. Fran

    • Pauline Jackson

      Giving care and love is a hard combination, but so blessed when they can come together. God bless you and your husband Karen.

  • NancyB

    Today, I need to pray that my kids and husband become the best version of themselves instead of praying that they become some version that I think they should want to be. God’s plan for them is infinitely better than what my plan could ever be. By doing this, I will become a better version of myself by trusting in God more fully.

    • yvonne

      So true, Nancy. We only want the best for our children and family. I need to work on me and allow God to do His thing.

    • Margaret Conrad

      Nancy, I think you have hit chord in me, I have been told to let God in so that He can do the work on me & not focus so much on other’s problems.By letting go & letting God take care of the details, this is an important part of being a better version of myself

      • Kj

        So true, Margaret!

      • Jackie Cleary

        Yes I agree Let go and Let God why is that so hard.

        • John

          I find that difficult!

      • Lynne

        Oh Margaret you hit the nail on the head – letting go & letting God take care of the details is what I am working on & it is very hard.

        • Christine Zygmont

          Lynne you are so right, I am also having a hard time letting go and letting God take care of the details especially when it comes to my family members.

        • Paz Bingham

          Thank you for sharing!! I find the letting go and let God really difficult right now..!!! I have struggled with that for years… I will keep working …so so hard…

          • Josie Stegemann

            I think it is a matter of trust. I remind myself with these phrases. If I pray, why worry? If I worry, why pray.

          • Dianne Talty

            Wow, that really hit home for me.

      • Gabrielle

        Thank you Margaret for your comment “to let God in so that He can do the work on me & not focus so much on other’s problems”So To look inside myself first, ask God to heal what needs to be done, And only then may I better help others and be a good example and love them even more

      • Debra A Harvey

        Margaret, your comment has definitely touched me. I need to let go and let God take care of others around me, instead of trying to fix everything. I have to focus on asking God to work on me in certain areas so that I can become the version of myself that He wants me to be. Thank you!

    • Monica Moreno-Mata

      Same here Nancy! 🙏🏻☝🏼👼🏼

    • Diana

      I never thought of it that way, Nancy. In stead of praying that they change I’ll pray that they become the best version of themselfs. Maybe they already are and I just don’t know it. Thanks.

      • Patti

        Diana I am guilty of the same thought. Maybe they are the best version and yet I see so much room for improvement but I can’t change them. Or is the improvement my expectations of them and not Gods?

    • Elaine

      Nancy beautiful said. I need and will pray that way. God bless

    • Tere

      This statement is now posted on my prayer board in my own handwriting…it has changed my perspective on praying for my family. Thank you Nancy!

    • Kj

      Wonderful sentiments, Nancy! Thank you for sharing!

    • Mary

      We can never change others. By praying for others and changing our own reactions, we can trust God to change others.

      • John S.

        Bingo Mary!!!!! “By praying for others and changing our own reactions”….that’s something I definitely need to work on! Best advice I got all day! Thanks…

      • Pat

        I really needed to hear that Mary. I get very resentful and hurt by others actions. I just have to let go and let God and pray for them and try to change the way I react to them.

    • Michele Crull

      Thank you for sharing this bit of wisdom! I’m going to do this as well!

    • JMR

      Thank you for sharing this Nancy! You have turned my thinking on this completely upside down in a very good way!

    • Momof3

      Nancy, what a beautiful prayer! I think we all need to pray that way. If I may add to your prayer, I think it’s important to FIRST pray that we allow God to mold US into being the best versions of ourselves . THEN we pray to RECOGNIZE what WE need to change in order to allow our husband and children to become the best versions of themselves. Speaking from experience, no matter how much we think we are doing the “right” thing, God has a way of humbling us, so now I always ask God to show me what I need to change FIRST. God bless you and your family Nancy!

      • Dorothy Ohr

        I like what you said”that no matter how much I think i am doing the right thing ,God has a way of humbling us.
        Thank you i needed to here that.
        I pray that God will show me the areas that I need to change to become the best version of myself.

      • NancyB

        Thank you for that insight! I will add that to my prayers!

      • Mary Brokaw

        You are so right. I worked so hard to do what I thought was right and what was best for everyone to make everyone happy. No one was happy. I wasn’t happy. I now lift each person up to God in prayer and ask Him to be merciful and bless each one with what He knows they need. He made each of us and He can fix us.

        • Lynn


        • Debra Kyser

          A good way to pray for my adult children to be a better version of themselves. That does include me too, as I need to be less emotional about things to be a better version of myself.

        • Elizabeth Winnard

          So true I wear myself out by trying to solve all the problems at home and at work that I get to beautiful so tired I don’t know what I was doing I was scrappy and angry I have to pray to let God guide them and guide he to he example not tell what to do

      • Diane

        Thank you for your thoughts.
        You have helped me so much. I will change my prayer too,

    • voteprolife

      Amen sister! This is very timely for me right now. I have been trying to do this very thing for a while now but have been struggling due to some choices that have been made. This was a great reminder for me- thank you;o)

    • Christina

      I guess I never thought of it that way. We often have a plan for our children and spouse instead of seeing that God has a better plan for them. I also will work on becoming a better version of myself by trusting God more fully. Thank you and God Bless.

    • Robin

      Still working on letting go and trusting God completely for my college aged kids. So true, that God’s ways are better than mine! Beautiful prayer, Nancy!

    • Connie O’Malley

      Amen to this! So true! This is exactly what I’m going through. Need to pray for this too : )

    • Emily Beggs

      Absolutely true Nancy! Thank you for saying this! I struggle so much with controlling other people in my family and I’m really working on just praying for them that they’ll let God into their hearts to become the best versions of themselves.

    • Karen Burke


    • Jo Lumpkin

      What a great thing to pray for when praying for loved ones! Thanks Nancy!!

    • John

      Thank you. I need to Trust in Jesus and His way.

    • Robert Stanton

      “Thy Will Be Done”

      Why is this powerful and essential element of my faith so difficult for me to fully embrace!!

      In the movie Rudy, the priest answers Rudy’s urgent question (Have I done all I can ?) with this response (I paraphrase) “In thirty years as a priest I have come to know these 2 important truths, their IS a God AND I am not him”!!

      What I need to strive for is a better understanding and commitment to God’s response to me “Bob, I want YOU to be the best version of yourself I created you to be” When I fully accept and embrace God’s will for ME, I stop trying to nudge other people along on their individual path. I think God has that covered 🙂

      • Ma

        Amen Robert! That is my mantra for the day or few, lol! “There IS a God AND I’m NOT him”

      • Angela C

        Amen to all you have said. Thank you for your reflection.

      • Christine Zygmont

        Amen Robert! I need to remember I’m not him and concentrate on myself and let Him take care of my family.

      • Babciamel

        I also have a tendency to try to “fix” my adult children. It took a very long time for me just to learn that every thought that pops into my mind does not need to come out of my mouth. A dear friend, that passed away many years ago, gave me a matted and framed bit of wisdom, which hangs in my kitchen to this day. I would do well to listen to this advice.
        “Good Morning Babciamel.
        This is God.
        I will be handling all of your problems today.
        I will not need your help.
        So relax and have a great day.”

    • Betty’s Blessing

      Nancy, I have to pray for my siblings as well. Both my parents became ill around the same time. My mom, is now in a nursing home. I get angry sometimes, because I feel like I am carrying most of the load, with taking care of my parents. I would get mad at my siblings for not doing more. I finally came to the conclusion that I can only do so much. I do for my parents the best that I can. By not getting upset about what other people are doing, I found peace within myself. I know when the time comes, I will have no regrets for what I have done for them, the others will. I do for my parents out of my love for them. They appreciate it and they know I love them.

      • NancyB

        God bless you and your parents. They are fortunate to have such a loving daughter.

      • Diane Grohn

        Amen Betty!
        I lost my Mother last year, and she lived with me 4-5 days a week for three years as the Alzheimer’s progressed Monthly. I am blessed I took care of her. I took her to many special events the first two years, before she could no longer attend. Mother and I attended an Itzhak Perlman concert and that evening during dinner she asked me “Where in the World do you need to go before you die?” I thought she was being funny, as usual, and told her “I need to climb the Great Wall” and she said book it soon, bc I do not know how long I have. We took the China Viking River cruise 5 months later. We did every activity. It was wonderful! I was so pleased to have her with me bc for years I had seen very little of her. I have great memories!
        Mother and I said I LOVE you often. I sit daily by her Chair and remember holding her hand as we watched MASS daily. She loved that!

    • Jane Austin

      Before we try to change others, think of how hard it is to change our own ways. And we don’t get to live in their minds. We can’t even control our own minds.

      • NancyB

        Good point! We cannot always save other’s from making the mistakes we make. God bless you.

    • Thank you for sharing what was not at the surface for me…but what is truly an obstacle to my “best version”.

    • rocar

      A beautiful thought, indeed!!!

    • Carl

      Amen Nancy! A very wise and spiritual friend advised me years ago (when I would pray for specific things) that he “was not aware” that God had told me what His plans were. He suggested that I simply “love them and ask God to Bless them with whatever they need.”

      Knowing this and actually doing it are not always easy – especially when I see someone I love struggling, so Thank You for the beautiful reminder!

      God Bless!

      • NancyB

        Thanks Carl. A very wise friend indeed.

    • Daniela Bianchetti

      Well said Nancy!

    • Anna

      Thank you for enlightening me with new perspective!

    • julie


    • Delia Shuert Kavanaugh

      Wow, you just gave me a whole lot to think about. My kids are approaching the age that they will take charge of their own lives. I already see choices that will be made that don’t align with my faith. I’m wrestling with that and how I’m going to handle that. It’s their journey and they have to find thei own best-version-of-themselves. I will continue to ponder.

  • Darren Guido

    I, too, think that I can become a better father. I think its easy to become frustrated with the ones love the most as I know that they will always love me. But, if I can be calm when facing a struggle or be compassionate when I am hungry or tired, I will have a more positive affect on my children and how they respond to challenging situations. I think my role of a father is to lead by example and show my children, through my words and actions, how to love my neighbor.

  • Ethel L

    I can relate the comparison to be a “better version of me ” . At times I’m unconscious of it. Part of me is convincing that, and evil noise in my head is telling something else what I had seen somewhere . I need to learn how to block that noise smoothly, without anxiety. Grateful heart , grateful mind! Happy Tuesday everyone!

  • Daniela D.

    God is inviting me to be a better version of myself every day,in minimal ways and in big ones. I just have to listen to him and remember that I am not alone to make these changes, he is with me and within me all the way.

    • Doug

      Listening…that is probably the biggest component I had yet to conquer. You are so right!!!

    • Roberrt

      More and more this program is having me focus on those small things, small outcomes, small choices. But they are bringing me small successes and doses of happiness throughout the day which is just what the doctor ordered. It is good to have the feeling of His presence in everyday matters. Thanks for sharing your post.

  • Doug

    Aaaah…this really touched my heart today. Like all of you, although I am whole and complete with God who provides me the strength I need, I continue each day to be the best person I can possibly be. The Holy Spirit burns inside of me. It used to bother me, that some might be taken aback by my sharing that they might construe it as trying to be a type of authority. Then, after reading Paul’s letters, I saw that we do have the authority to spread God’s word and share just what and how the Holy Spirit burns in my soul; just be cautious the way I do it. I don’t want to step over the line into Pharisee land.

    So when I insistently speak about my faith and trust in God, which eliminates the anxiety, worry and fear, I do it to help everyone…doing it as humbly as possible. Recently I had a neighbor ask me if I was afraid of dying. Immediately I said no. He said that he thought as much. I don’t make many guarantees, but I do guarantee everyone would feel the same way. (I never considered that it would ever come to this, but by the grace of God…it did.)

    I’m often asked how it happened. Prayer and prayer and prayer…then one day…it just happened. My eyes were opened. God Bless

    • Stephanie Rodriguez

      I hope to be like you (and Paul!) “when I grow up” 😉 Thanks for sharing!

    • Louise

      Your posts are always uplifting, Doug. Continue…

  • Suzanne E A

    Please pray for me. I have been applying for jobs, but continue to be rejected. I have prayed and sought God’s guidance, but received silence. It has been over a year and I am desperate.

    • Penny

      Suzanne, you will be in my daily prayers. I remember the fear and desperation when my husband lost his job. God will give you the strength that you need to continue your search. Know that I will be thinking of you.

    • Angela Taylor

      Suzanne, God bless you and feel you with hope today. I am praying for you now.

    • Jennifer Fulbright

      Praying for you Suzanne E A

    • Jennifer Fulbright

      Praying for you Suzanne

    • Jeff K

      The teacher is always silent during a test.

      • Shirley

        What a simple, but yet profound statement Jeff. It hit me like a ton of bricks. God is always there to listen, help, and guide, but I have to take responsibility for listening to, and learning from, our Teacher. Thanks

        • Jeff K

          I watched God’s Not Dead 2 yesterday and that quote is from the movie. It struck a chord with me as well. Lent is a great time to watch faith-based films!

          • Louise

            Did you know that “A Case for Christ” is coming out in theaters in April? Lee Strobel was an avowed atheist who set out to disprove Christianity and in the process became a Christian. He testified in the movie “God is Not Dead 2”. I’m anxious to see it. I also recommend “The Shack”.

          • Jeff K

            Yes, looking forward to it. Thanks!

    • Sandra Blanford

      Suzanne E A I have asked the Holy Spirit to lead you to the job that will fulfill your life. Stop, and listen to the whispering of the Holy Spirit.

    • joan Beres

      I will also keep you in my prayers today. I know the anxiety of keeping your spirits and thoughts up in the midst of a job search. I’ll also pray for others who are also searching for jobs.

    • Ruth

      I will pray for you! I am about to start applying for jobs and I know the anxiety of rejection has made me keep putting it off. I will pray for courage and patience for us both. =)

    • Mary

      Suzanne, we will be praying for you. My husband has been in this situation in the past and when thoughts of God not listening overwhelmed me, the simple prayer ” Jesus I trust in you” helped. Also, the ending prayer to the chaplet of Divine Mercy is very powerful. “Eternal Father, in whom mercy is endless and the treasury of compassion is inexhaustible, look kindly upon me and increase Thy mercy in me, that in difficult moments we may not despair nor grow despondent but with great confidence submit ourselves to Thy holy will which is love and mercy itself.”

    • Louise

      Praying that God will lead you to the job that is anointed and appointed for you, And discernment and wisdom to lead you there.
      “For I know the plans I have for you” , declares the Lord, ” plans for welfare and not for calamity to give you a future and a hope.” Jer. 29:11

  • Cate

    I think I think too much and worry about what others think or need or want or expect. I think God wants me to let go of that and appreciate who I am and the gifts I have been blessed with. That added pressure gets me lost sometimes I pray I can become more aware and Let Go and be.

  • Laura

    There are just so many areas in which I can improve! I scatter from one to the other and don’t seem to accomplish any progress. What is the right order of operations?

    • David B

      I completely understand. I try to get quiet and follow what God has placed before me.

      • Laura

        Thanks David. I hope I can gain your focus!

    • Stephanie Rodriguez

      Like math? Parentheses, exponents, multiplication…

      No, Laura, I know! I feel the SAME way. I will say for me my biggest improvements have been like Matthew said, when I let the good stuff push out and overcrowd the not-so-good stuff.
      If I’m “on my phone” all day and distracted, instead of beating myself up for doing it, I just put it down and do something else instead. Good job self, now you’re folding laundry and praying instead of scrolling Instagram. On to the next good thing.
      You’d be surprised how little changes (and thanks for leading me that way, God! moments) can help you make those bigger changes you might be seeking.
      Hope that helps! 🙏🏻

    • Ma

      What helped me Laura was doing a brain dump. When I write all the stuff in my head down on paper 📝, first it free’s up my brain and takes away that overwhelming feeling, then when it’s down on paper I can prioritize and move to my goal. Brain dump might take a day or two, but look at all the room God has then!! 💕💕

  • Kathy

    Being the best version of myself, I pray that I will know who God wants me to be. You see, I’m an adapter. I had some really bad things happened to me when I was a kid. I learned to adapt or mask who I really am to hide my true self. My prayer to find that person who God wants me to be and become the best version of myself.

  • John L. Kemmis

    God is inviting me to become a-better-version-of-myself in my prayer life. Some time ago, I started to study, study scripture through a Bible study group. And recently the study has morphed into a study the Mass. Before the study group, I was asked to write the prayer of the faithful for Mass. Ha, as if I could write. Lately, that writing has become a huge joy to me because God does the writing for me. And then very recently, He has plunged me into art in the form of soft pastel sticks and more recently pen & ink. Maybe God thinks I need more color in my life? Or maybe I need to be more creative and expressive. Who knows. I never was aware or wanted to admit to becoming a-better-version-of-myself. But in reflection, I never have related these choices to each other or related them in this context so why would I? These and other experiences have enabled me to live my prayer life more fully now. And to realize how boundless prayer is in everything I do.

  • Glen Arcalas

    Best version of myself- is knowing when God is with you and not denying him in my life. I can’t be afraid to be the catholic I am and hide the fact that I do go to church almost everyday to thank Jesus for being a part of my life. And that does not mean I forget about him even when I am at work. The best version of my self is letting everyone know that I am a Catholic and there are blessings every day I gotta recognize them as God’s presents.

  • Denise Vega Ruvalcaba

    God is inviting me to be a better listener, a better communicator and to not be so self-sufficient and learn to ask for help when necessary. I get carried away and want to seem “strong” but I need to know that God put people around me for a reason and asking for help is important. I’m not going to be able to do everything on my own. There are things I need to learn from others. I want to be a better communicator of my needs.

  • Pearl Brown

    The area in my life that could be a better version of myself is letting little things bother me especially on the job. I really need to work on that and ask God for help. I can’t make a good Lent if this stands in my way. Help me Lord

    • Stephanie Rodriguez

      You can do it, Pearl! (And I love your name) ❤

  • Ev

    God is inviting me to have more patience with my granddaughter asking me to take care of my great grand dhildren. We’ve moved closer to be with them but I didn’t realize we’d see them everyday. It’s an adjustment.

    • Joyce W.

      Ev, loving your granddaughter doesn’t mean letting her use you. It is important that you do not become so indispensable in child caring that if you are unable to continue, she is left with a huge problem! In addition, you do need to have a life of your own, the opportunity to make new friends in the area you have moved to. Can you set reasonable limits to the amount of time you spend caring for the little ones? Can you ensure that you have days which are free? There are times which are important for her needs when she wants to have the children looked after, but if the reasons are frivolous, then you need not feel guilty if you are not available. Of course young Moms need time off to enjoy, not only for time to work or go to the dentist, but you can ask God to give you wisdom regarding how much you comply with her wishes. After all, it is His will which is important, not hers! God bless.

  • Scott Van Horn

    I believe that God wants me to become the best version of myself by being more loving to those around me.

  • Pasquale

    After much thought I feel our Lord is inviting me to be a better-version-of-myself in my marriage and as a father. Our Lord has blessed me richly with a loving family which has always been a desire of mine to have but I put so much pressure on myself in trying to be the best provider that some where along the way I have lost focus on looking towards my provider. I have been carrying myself in a way as if I have the ability to make myself whole. However, I find myself depleted. So much so that I can feel myself dying on the vine. And today I woke up this morning and turned to the Lord in prayer after a long absence from practicing this simple act and after watching today’s video discussion I just had a moment of clarity. The answer couldn’t be more simpler. I just can’t walk this life alone and I can’t heal and replenish myself. So I confess to you my brothers and sisters that I’ve allowed my ambitions to become my obsession and my focus should be placed simply on him. I think it is time for me to humble myself and not try to be this super husband and father on my own. I think the Lord just wants me to be his bride and his son and allow him to shape me to be a better-version-of-myself this day and all my days.

    • Kj

      Beautifully put! Than you for sharing…

    • Stephanie Rodriguez

      This quote: “I put so much pressure on myself in trying to be the best provider that some where along the way I have lost focus on looking towards my provider.” Beautifully stated – and I know how you feel! Thank you for putting it into the right words.
      And by acknowledging this feeling, Pasquale, you are already on the right track! Best wishes + prayers to you and your loving family!

    • Donna Melton Reed

      How precious this discovery is! Praise God he revealed this to you…happiness is on its way to you! How exciting!

    • Euge

      Pasquale, what an awesome moment of clarity you had! My children are now married. How I wish I could go back. I was so concerned back then with having them neatly dressed, house clean, etc. I fear my kids will always remember me fussing at them for not picking up, instead of loving them. One day I read one of Mother Teresa’s quotes. It said, “Children spell Love T-I-M-E”. It hit me. I needed to spend more time with them. Time playing, being with them in the present moment. I think Mother Teresa also said that the best thing gift a father can give to his children, is to love their mother! Prayers for you!!!

    • Elaine Cooper

      Just remember along with being that good provider in the money department , to also set aside some time for your wife and kids. They grow fast, and wives get lonely for you, more than the provisions. I know I do. If you come home and clock out saying you did your job today, your forgetting something. Your most important job is in another room hoping you clock back in.

    • stephen jacques

      “I’ve allowed my ambitions to become my obsession and my focus should be placed simply on him. I think it is time for me to humble myself and not try to be this super husband and father on my own.”

      Well done, Pasquale….that stung me! Thanks for sharing; I needed that medicine.

    • Ma

      Beautifully said, and The Lord is already working in you! Bless you and your family 💕

    • rocar

      Pasquale, you will be in my prayers! Great thought: Let go and let God!

  • Eduardo Hoover

    I urge you therefore brother’s, by the mercies of God, offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God, your spiritual worship. Do not conform yourself to this age but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and pleasing and perfect. Romans 12: 1-2 a paradigm of St Paul.

    The problem is as a living sacrifice I have the means to crawl off the alter at any whim and conform to this age, meaning the secular world. Stay on the alter and be transformed by the renewal of your mind, the best version of yourself.

  • Rebecca

    God is inviting me to become a better version of myself by talking and praying to him more. I have struggled with this because I always ask God to help me instead of having a conversation with him.

  • Michael Baur

    God is inviting me to be better version of my self by open up my heart and listening to him.

  • Kelle M

    Nancy, that was so beautifully put. I second that thought. God bless

  • Rose

    As a caregiver, I’m praying for patience, love, strength, forgiveness and peace in my heart for my older, sick husband and our 34 year marriage. I married not equally yoked. I take the blame. He would not join me in my faith. He controlled and squandered all the money over the years, and I must do everything now and try to make ends meet on SS with little other resources because he wanted to “live along the way” and not prepare for the future (now). I’m trying to quell the resentment I have that he would not listen to me on money matters and big decisions. I wonder why I stayed m, (I made a vow) and now feel trapped. I’m beginning to experience some of my own health issues and my daughter and grand daughters live far away. His children don’t care and live far away too. Please pray for my discernment. I know these are my trials and hope I can withstand them, but I want to be happy, laugh and live again before my life is over. . Please God help me.

    • Monica

      God bless you Rose. Your happiness will be measured by your struggles and commitment here now and given to you in heaven. Hang in there and don’t be bitter. Lamentations 1:12

    • Paula

      Rose, I’m praying for you. My daughter, only married for 4 years, is in the same type of situation with the man she married. Our hearts are broken and we are continuously in awe of how selfish her husband is. We begged, pleaded, tried to tell her, but she had to marry him. I don’t even know how to pray for their situation. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

    • Mary

      Rose, my heart goes out to you. Remember, you have something infinitely precious that your husband does not: a relationship with God. If you choose, you can look at your husband as a lost child of God, and maybe that will help you see him in a different light so you don’t feel so resentful. Ask God to help you with this. I know it is a lot easier said than done. One thing you can do is every time you are struggling, stop and take a moment to thank God for any blessing in your life, even the smallest. It helps to have a more positive attitude. Ask around for any groups/associations that can help with caregiving so you have some breaks to rest and re-energize. Spending time in Eucharistic Adoration might help. Finding a priest to talk to is something else to do. I learned something from my mother before she passed away from Alzheimers (I was a caregiver). It was her favorite saying: Let go, and let God. Every time something in my life starts to get scary and/or overwhelming, I remind myself that God already has the plan in place and I need to trust and be patient as the plan unfolds, always on HIS time (the hardest part). I will be praying for you. I pray that first God will help return some laughter to your life, as it makes all our burdens easier to bear when laughter is a part of our day. God bless you, Mother Mary hold you in her Immaculate Heart.

  • Monica

    I always find myself deeming my life by comparing it to everyone elses’. If it is someone I admire , myself and my family never stack up. If it is someone I dont admire I take comfort “oh well, we are better than that. I resent that about myself and have to constantly regroup. No one is without good qualities and no one is without negativities either.
    Help me, dear God, to keep focused on Your example and let that help me learn to be Your unique patch on Your divine quilt.

  • Kim Burrell

    I need to let God lead the way and realize that my 21 year old son will be fine. While I’m heartbroken and somewhat disappointed in his choices he is still finding his way. What I want for him is not as important as what wonderful things God had planned for his life. I need to pray for patience and acceptance.

  • Halo

    Quite true Nancy . It speaks for everybody . I myself will do the same for my kids and for my husband to pray harder to become the best version of themselves 🙏

  • Maureen Gomes

    My Prayers for all no matter what there going through.I know there are times when a mountain is before us & hard to clime but truly believe God is with us always & has & always carried us through..Faith Love & Trust in God,For He will always guide all.Reaching out is a constant in my life.& pray.Amen

  • Annette Cherry

    Powerful message that reall spoke to me this morning!!!

  • Mary

    I need to be a more active listener. In the past, I have struggled with being a “right” fighter and speaking my mind whether it was helpful or not. I have been praying for a discerning tongue and to be a better listener before I speak.

  • Pat lavacca

    I like what Nancy B has to say, especially. I pray for my son & family, grand children to go back to church, but can see that God has his plans for them. Therefore I should just pray for them, leave god to take care of this situation & just do what I should with my own life. Thank you Nancy for helping me.

  • Mary Tarara Cholock

    Motherhood for sure is where I need to strive for betterment. My boys are my biggest blessings and my biggest challenge. I like Ben am competitive and want to succeed, but I also have an all or none kind of component to my personality. When we have a morning filled with challenges and I lose my temper, I often feel like I need to give up. I’m not great at this. I get angry, frustrated and disappointed with myself everyday. These videos reminded me to keep trying. Make a better choice next time. One failure is not the defining moment of my Motherhood. Thanks for this message!!

  • Mike

    I feel that God is asking me to be more present and aware in every moment of every day. I love Matthew Kelly’s lesson a couple of days ago that encourages us to stay in prayer throughout the day no matter what we’re doing. I’m working on that now.

  • frank wardega

    Pentecost Moment. Yes. I am one of the hundreds of thousands of people who had their personal Pentecost Moment on a Christ Renews His Parish Weekend. On that weekend, I met Jesus as an adult man. Jesus had been offering me his friendship my whole life – I was already a minimal member of my parish – but on that weekend, I truly met Him personally, one on one, in the midst of other parishioners. Forty-two years ago. My life changed and got better. It is still even more true in 2017. The weekend was not about becoming a member of a club or family called parish in a greater way. Yes, that happened greatly, later, as a result, an outgrowth of that newly alive relationship with Jesus, my Lord and Savior. To this day, I smile inwardly and outwardly when I think about it. This personal relationship with Jesus was the start of becoming a better version of myself. From that Pentecost Moment, Scripture became alive and personal – Eucharist was an intimate encounter with the God who loved me – sharing Him with people around me became normal life. And for all this, I am grateful.

  • Kimberly Trapp

    I am a wife and mother, the roles I have known were part of my calling since I was very young. I am Mother of three young adult children. While I will always be “Mom”, my role is transitioning as my children are becoming more and more independent and making their own way out into the world. Their needs of me have changed from 10-15 years ago and will continue to change. I just pray that they too seek to become the best versions of themselves, through Gods direction.

    I feel God’s presence every day and believe He is calling me to something. I don’t know what it is but I am confident that it is part of me becoming a better version of me. I’m tuning in and actively participating in the journey. Please pray that God gives me discernement along the way and wisdom to recognize the directions he gives. There is a lot of movement and stirring going on and I am so excited for what God has planned.

    • Stephanie Rodriguez

      Praying for you!

      • Kimberly Trapp

        Thank you for your prayers. I pray that God is pulling you towards Him and fulfilling his purpose for you too!! God bless you!!

    • Catherine

      Kimberly, I am on a very similar journey to you! My role as “Mom” is changing and I too am excited to what God has planned for me. I will pray for you that God shows you the way and that you remain energized to follow. I hope you will also pray the same for me. It’s nice to have some company along the way!

      • Kimberly Trapp

        Thank you Catherine. I get the feeling there are so many women/mothers on very similar journeys. May God bless your journey as well and may we all live the life God wants for us!! 🙏🏼❤️

    • Jenny

      I could have written this exact post! Our roles are constantly changing in our families. I am working on trusting God’s plan for my life and those I love. I have always been a “fixer” or a control freak (as my kids could attest) and am working so very hard on trusting that God’s plan is infinitely better than anything I could conceive. Our son had been struggling with depression for the past two years and it has been so difficult. Recently, I have joined a new parish and am becoming more involved in the faith community. Surrounding myself with people of strong faith is so powerful. I know God has a beautiful plan for my kids to be the best version of themselves It helps me to remind myself of how very much I love my kids and that God loves each of us a billion times more than we could ever love them. That is very humbling.

      • Kimberly Trapp

        Jenny, it is extremely humbling and it sounds as though we live very similar lives. I have done a few things recently that are proving to be of great help to me personally and spiritually. One of which is going slowly through the book, “Find Your Calling” (for her) by Dale and Veronica Partridge It’s a 21 day Journey but I am going very slowly through it and letting it sink in. God bless you!! 😉

  • I have had some difficult parent disappointments and worries. My kids have made some bad choices lately and have some hard consequences. It has crushed me as a Mom. I realized that part of the reason is I want them to be the best version of themselves and they are not right now. I see so much more in them. Yet I also realize that I am not becoming the best version of myself and best mom when I wallow in this worry, compare my kids to others and feel sorry for myself. Dear Jesus, help me to focus on You and Your will knowing You will bring good out of hard. Accepting and living Your will makes me the best version of myself. Amen.

    • Stacy West Taylor

      Being a parent is so hard isn’t it? Watching our children struggle is infinitely harder than walking through a struggle ourselves. Have faith that God is working all things to the good for those that love Him. My son also had struggles and made some decisions that altered the course of his future, but it woke him up. He has rallied beautifully and handling the consequences of his decision in Gods grace and mercy. Sometimes God must break us to make us better to serve our purpose for ourselves and the world. Just keep on loving them through the hard times. It’s going to be okay :). Prayers to you.

      • JBE

        Thanks Stacy. I have faith all will be well and my kids will be stronger. Just hard stuff. I so appreciate your prayers and support!

  • Familyof five

    From snowy NY this video will help me to best the best version of myself in every situation which I def. need improvement
    I will also pray that my children become the best version of themselves and not not to compare.
    Nice inspiration to wake up to!

  • Jacob

    I need to be a better person listener. I think this because I am always trying to do it myself without listening. I need to be a better person of being true to myself.

  • Elaine

    I agree with all these sentiments. I need to let go of all the reasons that have put me where I’m at in life and trust that God led me to where I am and I must do my best to make each day a gift that allows me to be the best version of myself. Of course it’s a work in progress, and I pray each day for guidance.

  • Mary H

    Today I will become a better version of myself by using Matthew Kelly’s advice to “crowd out”. Matthew reminds me of my Uncle, who uses “crowding out” to make a healthy law. Uncle J does not put down weed killer. He puts down more grass seed and keeps on doing so until the weeds have no where to grow and he has the most amazing healthy lawn. Today I will “crowd out” my mind with good thoughts; starting with John 10:10.

  • Dorothy Cabral

    I have always spent so much time trying to make things better for everyone else that I lose what is important for me to make my life better and become the best version of myself.i do this with my children, with friends and coworkers,I always feel the need to help them be their best selves and I somehow always thought this is what God wanted me to do! But know I look back. At my life and I kissed so many opportunities to improve myself because I feared failure! I was brought up in a disfunctional family and was continuously made to feel I was a failure. But some how at a very young age I realized that doing good for others brought me complete happiness and peopl began to say nice things about me and that made me feel good inside. So I spent most of my life doing for others and now I feel. God is telling me to focus on myself, to let go doing so much for others and work on myself now.

  • Debbie Montavon

    Very touched by todays message! Nancy I love your prayer. I needed this very prayer! Thank you and may God bless you!

  • Marina Reed

    I want to,pray that my husband and children become the best version of themselves. I want to pray I become the best version of the wife wants me to be. I tend to preach to my husband to do this and that to improve our relationship and it does not work all the time. I need to accept that he needs to want to improve himself and I need to accept and work on myself and pray. And trust God is working on them and me.

    • Robin

      I, too, am guilty of “preaching” to my husband. I am working on not being so controlling and recognizing that the only person I can change is myself.

    • Stacy West Taylor

      We can only change ourselves. I have found that the more I concentrate on my own spiritual journey and my own physical and mental challenges that what I thought was someone else’s problem – turns out it was probably mostly MY problem. If not, I am an inspiration to those around me to also be better people.

  • Marie

    I believe trusting God’s plan is the best way but for me, yet it’s the hardest for me. So, praying for strength and wisdom and patience to let God do His thing is the key right now for me.

  • jesspinosa

    Matthew mentioned mass-produced way of living. Well, how about Mass-produced way of living? I am thankful that I live in a part of our country where Mass is available many times a day in many churches, thus making it possible for me to go to daily Mass. If one wants to make this part of his/her day, it can be done, no excuse not to do it. Mass is the most powerful way that one can be the Best-Version-of Him/Herself. Graces and blessings overflow from it.

  • Maureen

    The 12 Step programs tell us to Let Go and Let God. Not only for myself but for everyone in my life. I catnnot assume to know what is best for anyone but myself. Sometimes very difficult for me to step back and pray.

  • Angela Saba

    What if you don’t know what area God is calling you to be better in?

    • Robin

      Pray, pray, and pray. And then listen even more!

      • Angela Saba

        I’m praying. Thank you.

  • Trevor Pelkey

    God is inviting me to be a better version of myself within my community. He is inviting me to connect with people more and love them more than I ever have before. He is inviting me to break out of my shell COMPLETELY, get out there, and spread his word.

  • Amy

    I need to pray for the strength to be a good role model to my children. Putting God truly everyday as the center of my life, and transforming myself to the very best version of me! I also need to understand that my children will be uniquely a better version of themselves and not necessarily the version that I may envision for them!

  • Robin

    My husband and I were just discussing (disagreeing about) “comparison”. I see it as dangerous, and he sees it as a good thing (probably because he is super competitive). I have always believed that you can only compare who you were yesterday to who you are today always striving to be that best version of yourself. This way, I am only in competition with myself, for it is only I that can overcome my weaknesses with the help of God’s grace.

  • nancy homa

    To be a better version of a wife, praying that my example of my best self improves and nourishes our family life.

  • Donald Marquez

    I think for me it’s in the way I respond to those little interruptions or nuisances. I often preach about being present, but practicing it is another thing. I find myself wanting to present, but too often it’s on my time and at my convenience. In most cases the opportunity to be present will come when I am in the middle of something or when I’m tired. The challenge then is to be present and welcoming and loving in those moments.

  • Debbie King

    Especially in the people and moments that challenge us. When we can make each moment – no matter the circumstances – a moment that makes us a better person we are inching toward that holiness that is the goal of every Christian.

  • Stacy West Taylor

    I LOVED this video message!! Love soulfully! It is such a beautiful invitation! I read from another author something similar in regards to moving through challenges in our life. If we are in a storm of life and we see the storm we are thinking with the mind of our flesh and bones, but if we are moving through the storm and see Jesus then we are seeing with the mind of our spirit/soul. I have been mindful of this. I guess I always just thought walking in the spirit should just be a natural byproduct of being a Christian. I am beginning to change the way I think about that. I believe the Holy Spirit is here to help us, but I think it requires the addition of our faith to enable Him. There is a paragraph in Galatians where Paul writes about the works of the flesh and the fruits of the spirit. “But, the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self control; against such things there is no law. And, those who belong to Christ Jesus have crucified the flesh with its passions and desires. If we LIVE by the SPIRIT, let us also KEEP in STEP with the SPIRIT.” Galatians 5:22-25. (Emphasis is mine.). So, I think we must make the choice, in faith, to walk IN STEP with the Spirit in order for the fruit of the Spirit to be evident in our life. Guess what? Sometimes this isn’t easy. Sometimes the action that requires keeping in STEP is too hard or requires a sacrifice of a desire. I think this is where we pray to our Father to continue to help us make progress toward abundant life. For example – I must maintain self control (fruit of the Spirit) by not drinking too much wine (in my case as an alcoholic – no wine) to reach the better version of myself.

    • Stacy West Taylor

      *live soulfully

  • Mary

    I want to start my day and ask God to help me become a better version of myself. I get busy and all my best intentions are gone. It is similar when Matthew tells us to find one thing in the Mass that resonates with us. I cannot look to change my whole day. Perhaps I need to slow down and let God’s plan work in my life. 4 words ~ Thy will be done.

  • Sherry McCollum

    I told myself since starting this program that I wanted to become a better wife, mother, daughter, friend & co-worker. This video was just another stepping stone so I can make that happen. I look at my surroundings with more open eyes and what I see is God leading me to become a better version of myself. Just typing my post I feel so elated and happy now that I put God at the center of everything. I am truly blessed and full of gratitude.

  • LJ

    It is personal. Unlike a puppet I live and inviting God into my life makes this possible.

  • 13footballmom

    I loved when Ben said that when you compare yourself, you are settling for someone else’s standards! Comparing myself to others, especially to determine my success and failures, is something I struggle with every single day. To the point of distress. It takes away so much inner peace which disrupts my whole life….externally as well. I am very insecure and working on it, constantly. I offer my struggles up to the Lord and will continue to work on being the best version of myself, each day. Please pray for me. Blessings to all.

    • RD

      It is difficult not to compare ourselves with others. I know I can look at someone else’s accomplishments and feel inferior. On a good day, a voice reminds me that I am focussing on something that should not be so important to me. The best remedy is for me to look at my blessings–the biggest one being faith. God is with me. God loves me. I am His child now and forever. All my worries or feelings of failure are passing. When I remember these things, my energy comes back. I thank God for this moment and look to Him to guide me forward. It is the only way to find peace.

      • 13footballmom

        Thank you, RD. I will use your strategy to help with my feelings and I will persevere. God bless.

  • Sandi

    I feel called to be a better person in my role as wife. A better friend, better listener, better lover. I’m called to see my husband as the man he is and to be selfless in my giving. I am blessed with a wonderful man whom loves the Lord. I suspect my rewards will be great as our God is loving and merciful. He wants and loves nothing more than a couple rooted in Him.

  • Marilyn Russell

    Thank you Nancy for your comment. I also need to pray for my husband and my children. I can become consumed with the effort to change them in the way that I think they should be. I need to let go and let God. Remove the blank from my eye before I try to remove the splinter from the eyes of others. What would our Lord do in a certain situation?

  • Dale R Evans

    Before I understood my need for God I was consumed with heroic fantasies of myself. Trying to become that heroic version of myself was self destructive. The turning point came when I understood the need that birthed those fantasies and turned to Christ. So the important thing in life is understanding and accepting that need. My primary responsibility as a father is to teach my children, primarily by example, that they need God and responding to that need constructively is the only route to a meaningful life.

  • Kira

    I am praying for you Nancy- letting God be in charge of the the outcome relieves you of that job!! You can focus on being God’s loved child. I so enjoy trusting God with myself, my husband and my children – following instructions is so much easier than creating them!

  • Marvin H

    I always pray to be a better husband and father today than I was yesterday, but sadly I always seem to fall short in some way. One of my biggest issues is worry and not allowing “Thy will be done”. When I worry about things I become stressed and irrational and that always gets me in trouble. I never give up though, I am always looking to be better every day!

  • Ruth

    I often feel caught up in comparing myself to myself and becoming anxious about how much or how little change I see there. I need to work on redirecting that internal focus and worry to the outside and start thinking about how the way I interact with others has changed and ways that I can improve my relationships. My newfound relationship with the Father has inspired so many good things in me, but I still have to work on ‘letting myself go’ to fully accept the self that is my potential and calling.

  • Rosemarie

    I have always struggled with the belief that I am not smart (not stupid, just not smart), and I’ve always compared myself to others. I always struggled in school as a child and just had the believe that I just was not smart. You can imagine what this did to my self confidence (or I should say, lack of). As I got older, I grew in many ways and accomplished many things. I found myself divorced with three children, was able to pull my life together to take care of myself and them financially, I even obtained my bachelor’s degree at 50 and moved on to better positions. And yet to this day, I still feel like I am not smart. I still compare myself to others. I still assume that I am the one that is wrong in certain situations. I am struggling with this now in a relationship I am currently in. So this is clearly an area where God is inviting me to become a better version of me. I am being counseled with this right now and it is exciting to know that it is just not true (that I am not smart). I am smart. I just have to believe it. Prayer….

  • Lisa P

    I overcame resistance this morning. I stopped watching the videos on day 5 because I got too busy, lol. I just caught up and I have written little notes in on each day’s video. Today is a new beginning!

  • Mary Huber

    Oh yes I totally agree. I feel the same way. I need to let go and give it to God. I want my family to be happy and self sufficient and my youngest son to take control or let God take control and have him get off drugs and rely on God and Jesus to help him be the best version of himself not what I want him to be. I need to stop enabling him and getting in God’s way. i must trust in God because he loves my son and family way more than I do and they are my life. Thank you for sharing.

  • JayAW

    For decades, I’ve been trying to improve myself in whatever way I can. Sometimes it becomes exhausting because you work so hard to get yourself to a certain goal and then something happens that’s beyond your control that throws everything you’ve done out the window. Then I wonder to myself if this is what God wants, for me to strive for something only to have it taken away. If this happens once or twice, you can deal with it and move on to something else, but if it happens repeatedly, then you wonder again what it is that God wants you to do and you begin to lose hope that you’ll actually receive that message from God. That’s where I am, I’m stuck not knowing what to do because everything I’ve worked so hard for has been taken away from me and I’m left wondering why I even bothered to do any of it.

    • ChurchGirl

      JayAW, I heard an expression once that helped me through a stuck place. It is “The obstacles in our way are the way.” How we move through the inevitable set backs of life is where the growth happens. Some of us get knocked down more than others. God alone knows why. Remember it’s a beautiful morning to start again.

  • Jacki Tescione

    stop judging the people I work with. This hits home for me – I judge them so I can say – see, I am better than you and therefore I am worth more at my job. I know it’s a sign of insecurity and low self worth, and it’s the wrong way to overcome these feelings.

  • Peggy

    I am always praying to be able to “Let Go & Let God” but always find myself praying for what I think is best for my children & grandchildren. So I also will start to pray for my family and myself to become the best version of ourselves. By doing this I will truly be Letting Go & Letting God because I will be taking out the “me”.

  • Nicole M.

    I’d like to become a better daughter/granddaughter/sister. With everything that life has me caught up in, I sometimes find myself feeling distant and not spending as much time as I can with my family. My family has always done so much for me and now I would like to wholeheartedly be there for them.

  • Leslie

    A better grandparent is even harder sometimes because you want to “correct” two generations- God help me become a better grandmother by seeing the best in both generations.

    • Trudy Ray Parmarter

      Leslie, Thank you for these thoughts. I pray daily that my kids and grandkids find “God’s will for their lives” but often wonder if really what I am praying for is “God, help them to find my will for their lives.” I need to focus on being a better version of me as an example to them.

  • Karen

    Nancy thank you. I have been praying to be the best version of myself. I have felt something missing. I know what it is. I will start praying for my husband and children to be the best version of themselves and to remember that I can pray for them but cannot make them into what I “think” they should be. Have a blessed day

  • Nancy R

    I want to be a better version of myself. I am working on it. I get so frustrated when my children compare themselves to others in school, sports and appearance. I need to show by example and be patient with them. Life is good and I want to live soulfully.

  • Bethany

    One thing I’ve learned that I should have focused more on is being a better wife to my husband for my children’s sake! Being a better mom was always my priority and making the kids a priority is pretty obvious. Loving and supporting my husband teaches them so much about love! Now they are in college and starting to think about their own relationships seriously and they look to my husband and I as examples for this. And now I am alone with my husband, so the times we tried to be better for each other are paying off in our friendship now. I just lost one of my best friends to a tragic death. This year I am trying to be a better friend and not take the other people in my life for granted. You never know if that day will be your last to tell someone how much they mean to you!

  • BJ Jarvis

    Faith and a Healthy intimate relationship. These are two in one for me. I am having spiritual warfare over a “relationship” with a man over 5500 miles from me. He is married, I am divorced. God says it’s wrong. And I believe Him (God) and Satan is saying Go for it! What do I do when God wants me to be my best version of myself but am being strongly tempted with something, a relationship I’ve been wanting all my life? I hate being alone. No one seems to have any interest in me except the man at a distance?

    • Euge

      GOD is madly in love with you. He is not at a distance. He is alive and aching for you to love him back! Give God your empty heart, your loneliness, as He is the only one who can give you the living water who will keep you thirst-free. A sinful relationship will only get you farther from Him. Find an Adoration Chapel, go visit Him, cry your eyes out and ask Him to let you fall in Love with Him instead. If it is His will, He will put along your path a single man with whom you can have a holy relationship. Nobody can love you more than God does, and yes He adores You, just the way you are. Reconcile with Him and a new version of yourself will emerge!

      • BJ Jarvis

        Thanks Euge. I went to God on Saturday and did just that, cried my eyes out. I was forgiven by the priest. I am still in contact with this man. It seems to be dying.( The intimate part of the relationship. I hate being alone and God seems absent most of the time, unfortunate for me cause I really do have the love he desires from us. Then the spiritual warfare comes to play. Devote my whole self to God and be punished by Satan. Vise versa. So sad

        • Euge

          BJ, the enemy wants you to think God is not there, but He is always there. As you are being attacked, make dates with Jesus daily. Go to the chapel often! You will feel His presence! Ask Mother Mary to hold your hand in those moments of loneliness. Remember that we are just passing through this life. So just go find Him in Adoration when the cross feels unbearable. Ask Him to give you the grace to love your present situation knowing that He is with you, weather you feel His presence or not. Constant communication is key here. Satan does not stand a chance against Jesus and His Mother! You know the end of the story. Hold on to that! Also, say the Rosary daily. Mama Mary will protect you! Trust me!

  • SanctusSanctus

    Self-control of myself in order to “let go and let God” manage the problems….
    Thanks and have a great day everyone!

  • Kathy

    I’m going to age myself right now and say that I struggle with guilt. I grew up in a large family when back In those days they never to focused on the fact that guilt comes from Satan not from God. I went through 12 years of Catholic school and that’s just how it was back then. We had to memorize prayers and teachings of the church but when all you do is memorize you lose that bond with God not really knowing what’s acceptable to think and do. So I still struggle with guilt, not as much, but more than I should as when I feel guilty I know I’m not the best version of me. I always go back to my grandchildren because through their eyes I see no guilt just pure happiness and joy about God. They are better versions of themselves than I am. I’m fortunate to be able to help take care of them and as much as I’m supposed to teach them the wonderful gifts God gives us they are teaching me. So this lent I really am focused on rebuking Satan when I feel that guilt and asking God to help me through.

  • Laura LaDue

    I believe that God wants me to slow down and be in the moment. I keep hearing this theme in my life so I believe this is what God wants for me.

  • Susan A.

    I have been a family micro manager for a long time. I need to let my husband be head of our household again and let God work through us and for our son who is wandering through life. Let go and let God is my daily mantra

  • Michael LaMagna

    We should all read Psalm 139, and Jerimiah 29:11-13. And Romans 8:28-29. What the Lord wants for us, ,He made us, The Potter are the clay. Hallelujah. Psalm 62, WAIT UPON GOD OUR EXPECTATIONS ARE FROM HIM

  • Barb Stuart

    good morning everyone. You are all in my prayers and in my thoughts. My way of thinking has changed somewhat since I retired. I feel I am preparing myself to meet the Lord.My children have moved onand don’t need my intervention, but that’s okay.I need to focus moreso on that path I need to be on.I need to be strenghtening my whole being to be guided and feed his love.You all have given me food for thought that I know will be in my thoughts throughout this blessed Lent.

  • Paul

    God is inviting me to be a better version of myself in my dealings with others. When I ask why did God put this person in my life?, it allows me to search beyond the surface of the people I meet and not to judge them. When I compare myself to others, I am judging them and that should not happen. When I work on becoming the best version of myself that I can be, it takes the judgment of others away.

  • Cheryl Beseler

    When I think about this question – really think, in that quiet place of my mind, and listen – really listen to what God is inviting me to do – I know that I am being asked to be more present in my actions – and to ask God for help at those times – before I open my mouth, before I make a decision. God is calling me to take time – to take action rather than react to situations. To choose with intention, knowing that God is with me, beside me, cheering me on – and pay attention to how it feels afterward – that feeling of peace and gratitude – that knowledge that accepting God’s invitation with conscious intention that we are in this together – God and I – is the road to happiness.

    • Debbie Maurseth Ishii

      Thanks Cheryl, I really love your comment about taking action instead of reacting. I so need to continue to be reminded of this also. To talk to God first before responding or taking action.

  • Maria

    I think God is inviting me to become a better-version-of-myself when I’m around other people. I tend to keep to myself, especially when I have a lot on my mind. I’m trying to challenge myself to let go and talk to other people every now and then.

  • Jennifer Haeussler Brewer

    This video left me speechless. I don’t know how to become a better version of myself. I am stuck on the question ‘do I want to be a better version? Do I feel worthy?
    So my prayer today is that God shows me how worthy I am and how to become a better version of myself. Amen

    • Joyce W.

      I think I understand, Jennifer, because I pray every day to become a better version of myself but I’m not so sure I’m getting there! I know that living in the moment is important, but sometimes a lot of time can pass without my thinking of God. There are times even in prayer that I have to fight rambling thoughts that get in the way. But I will continue to try to grow closer to God and to grow in trusting Him. I know who my best Friend is.

  • Jesse Bourque

    Definitely in the civilian workplace… because the past 10 years have resulted in me falling victim to the toxicity and defeat that originate from working in large institutions where other people have become toxic and defeated. It’s my biggest struggle these days; and not necessarily to rise above others’ behavior and attitudes, but to rise up to how GOD wants me to behave and where He wants my attitude to be.

  • Angela Ford

    I think God too is calling me to be a better mother and to be more present when I am with my children. I am constantly focusing on what is next instead of enjoying the moment. The struggle seems to be just doing it. In my head and in my heart I know what needs to be done, but for whatever reason I still do not do it. It feels like I need a vacation or a break. These videos and the book are amazing and they awoke something inside of me that has been sleeping for quite sometime, but to wrap my head around all of this. To truly become the best version of myself, I feel like I need a pause button….and I don’t know how to do that.

  • Pete Gutierrez

    I need to focus on letting god speak to me and listen to him so I can become a better person. I need to learn to calm down in stressful situations . Take a deep breath and let God speak to me .. ask my self “now before I get worked up is this the better version of my self “? Clam down and relax .. that would make me a better version of my self ..

  • roniquebreauxjordan

    ..being the best example for my children…they see more than we realize…#bestversionofourselves

  • okpatty

    Thank you for that wonderful reminder. We can not
    change others. We can pray for them & change our
    reaction to them. I like to arrive fifteen minutes before
    Mass begins so that I can have quiet time with the Lord. Unfortunately other folks are having social time
    which only increases my level of frustration. I will try
    praying for them & for me.

  • Kim Bordelon

    Thank you Nancy B ,I couldn’t have said it better myself….

  • Mick Peterson

    What a cool word…”soulfully.”
    Being full of soul should be our goal every day…just gotta let God in

  • Carol

    Wow! This was a powerful video for me. I am dealing with my Mom and her failing health. I love my Mom dearly but because of all the “noise” in my life, I find myself not always being the patient loving daughter that my Mom deserves. I have just visited with Hospice and Mom will be starting to receive the services to make her remaining life as comfortable as possible. From here on out, I promise God that after my husband, my Mom will have most of my time and attention. This is what God would want me to do and what I want to do. Please give me the strength to be there right by my Mom’s side through the next 6 months or so. May I forget that it’s not about me! I read the end of life pamphlet on what to expect and it’s so sad to know what is ahead for my Mom BUT my Mom is very spiritual. She is not afraid of the end of her life because she knows that it’s only the end of her earthly life. So many times she has said that she’s ready and wonders why God has not taken her. I tell her that God has plans for her and it’s all in God’s time. Please help me to be there for Mom and make her end of life a restful, loving experience. It’s Mom and I together til the end. God bless her!!

  • nicole bonnivier

    love this… in order to stop doing the behavior that is bad for you start doing ones that are good.

  • Aileen

    God is calling me to be a better version of myself! And play in the snow right now! Snow angels!

  • Pat

    I completely related to Ben’s statement about being competitive. This usually leaves me wide open to comparison which, for me, is usually the death of any works of grace Our Lord is bestowing on me.

  • colleen

    God seems to be inviting me in this last year to grow in humility, to lose myself in Him with the realization that I can accomplish nothing worthwhile in my own strength, but only by relying on His. He is also inviting me to be more compassionate, to see others with His eyes, to recognize that everyone is carrying their own burden, often unknown to others. The best place I can practice this is in my own home, with my husband and children. When I want to react, I need to instead pause and remember that their behavior is a reflection of whatever burden they are carrying. I also need to erase my own agenda when it comes to what I believe is the best version of them, and instead pray for them to discover what God has to say about that. I have my own best version of myself to be working on, and the closer I get to that the better example I am for them.

    • Louise Riehl

      Colleen, thank you for sharing. It has spoken volumes to me and has reminded me that I have always believed in teaching by example and I, too, need to pause and remember that there behavior is a reflection of whatever burden they are carrying. In a world of broken families there are to many children hurting and I need to pray and trust that God is with them and working in my grandsons lives.

  • Shyne4god

    Yes I agree with Nancy ! My prayer for my family is “to awaken the Holy Spirit within themselves , and to find love for God ! I feel if we can do this He will do the rest ! Only through listening to God in silence I can do this , that’s the hard part for me I Love That Let Go, Let God ! And I feel so much joy in my Heart when aim reaching out to someone in need !! So that’s the area I want to be a better person !!

  • Sandra B

    Dear Pearl Brown,
    I can relate to this. I too focus on the problems at work. The gossip, the nit picking, and all the little things. Work is where I need to become a better version of myself. I too will work on this. Pray for me. I will pray for you.

  • Therese

    I really hope and pray there is a better version of my husband, I hope and pray that by my example, he might get a clue. He just has no clue… I will trust and pray in God and Jesus that this may change

  • Scott Sowers

    I believe God wants me to be better in all aspects of my life. Everyday I wake up is a blessing and I thank God I’m still here and ask him to guide me through the day. This question reminds me of the “WWJD” movement that took off years ago. When confronted with a choice or a situation, you were to think, “What would Jesus do?” and try to do that. But, if I ask myself. “WWID, What would “I” do to become a better version of myself?” I guess it would be to do better than I would have done before. The key for me is the “do”. As long as I “do” something, hopefully it will be what God wants for me. If not, I learn and keep “doing” until I become a better version of myself. I have come a long way and still have miles to go. So the progression is do, doing, done. And if all is well, “Thy will be done.” God bless.

  • Joseph Lori Augusino


  • Ed Geraci

    I just watched Ben’s video(3/14). One of the most impactful ones I have seen in the DC series!!
    I loved the explanation of what happens when we compare ourselves to others

  • Emilie

    I Pray for my whole family and putting them in Gods hands.

  • Toni Duffy

    When I eat better. Take care of my self better. Forgive myself. Then I can serve others better. But I hear the other voise say you will never be as good as your brothers. Or others around me. That some how i am less then them. I know this isnt true. But i still hear the bullies from my youth. I am 40 and they can still hurt me

  • Christine Deacutis

    “Beloved: Bear your share of hardship for the gospel with the strength that comes from God.
    He saved us and called us to a holy life, not according to our works but according to his own design and the grace bestowed on us in Christ Jesus before time began…” (note: HIS OWN DESIGN)

    -2 Tim 1

  • Mireya Gutierrez

    Today I will pray for my family to become better believers and to come back to be Catholics again. I pray for their faith to grow each and everyday

  • Elizabeth Brumann

    God is asking me to become a better version of myself by enjoying life to the fullest and to focus on the true meaning of life and living life to the fullest and to have peace in your life. God is not asking for you to put culture or recreation in your life he is asking you to give your life over to god and to know and understand him. God wants me to let go of the past and to forgive myself and other and to accept me for me for my learning disability with ADD and arthritsis and all of my other conditions and just to be present in the moment everyday. Lent is about making that change and that journey to a better person abstaining from negative thoughts and thinking. It is preparation for Holy Week and Easter. It is about praying fasting and almsgiving reading the magnifcat the daily offering and reflection watching the mass on television praying and meditating on the mysteries of the Rosary reading the bible and missal and going to mass reflecting on the stations of the cross. God wants me to change my attitude and my thinking. God is our father up in heaven. He will guide me down the right path and give me the right direction that I need to change my life and choose what is good for me be it friendships getting a job helping out my family forgiveness mercy and reconciliation of the past and self care help and forgiveness of my entire past and all of my sins.

    • Julie

      Elizabeth, I really admire your statement, your belief that “He will guide me down the right path and give me the right direction that I need to change my life and choose what is good for me.” I have been out of work due to several health issues for almost 3 years, the entirety of which I have spent researching and attempting to obtain the medical treatment such that I will be able to function, both psychologically and physicallythat will allow me to

      • Julie

        Sorry, I’ve never posted to a discussion board before!

        Anyway, I left off at “that will allow me to”, intending to continue with “live my life according to God’s plan”. But then I realized that I have no idea what that is, nor am I waiting to reach some arbitrary point regarding an improvement in my health status to begin. I’m not bitter about my pain nor current circumstances; I believe it is all part of God’s plan for me, but, again, don’t know how or what.I One major thought keeps repeating in my head- I need allow myself time to LISTEN, so that I may learn what God wants me to do. Not only when I am more “able”, but in every moment of every day, But I continue to not take time to spend with God. Although one would think that knowing one’s plan that God has for them would alleviate so much anxiety and uncertainty, I think I may be afraid to learn what God’s plan is for me- today or 3 years from now. My greatest desire is to obey His will; it doesn’t make sense that I wouldn’t want to know what that is. I’m not saying that what God calls me to do will be easy, but I believe that anything is possible through God. I would gladly exchange MY pain and emotional struggles for every spiritual struggle I may encounter in attempting to live according to God’s plan for me. I just don’t know what is preventing me from learning what that plan is.

  • Lisa

    When meditating on today’s message I heard that I need to continue building a more positive support system with the people that have my best interest at heart. Like you all who have been sharing from an honest place, sharing your experiences, strength and hope. Thank you all for sharing, caring and praying for me and for each other. I pray from my heart and with honesty for blessings to you all. The best version of myself is not to be self centered but self caring and not missing The Message! Love to you! God bless!!

  • Sharon Callon Schwartz

    At a recent meeting, I was amazed at people’s skills and abilities – and intimidated. I found myself comparing their methods and results to my work, and I came up lacking. I felt like giving up. Today’s message really helps me see that I was comparing myself to others’ standards instead of asking God to guide me and give me energy to do His will.
    God works through people, and those people showed me tools and methods to apply them. That’s a great gift! I am not to compare myself, but to learn and grow. Some days I will forget it and fall down; others I will remember and step into life fully. I’m so thankful for this video series!

  • SusanC

    I have to remember that God loves my children even more than I do. I need to get out of His way so He can do His will. Let go and let God.

  • Taryn Macary

    About 40 years ago, a male friend of mine who was already extremely spiritual and centered in the Catholic faith (I had not converted yet…I would within a few years) said to me, “What we resist most is being who God called us to be!” His words have stayed with me, and I have recalled them many times. God has called us to be “the best version of ourselves.”

  • Leah Levitt

    I think it is in my interactions with other people. I tend to want to save people from themselves. Only God can do this. I have to try to be a good example and just love people. And pray to God for things I need and things other people need. When I know someone is dying I pray for their recovery, but I think more importantly I pray that they will accept God and die in peace. And that they will be with God. I need to pray that Gods will be done not mine.

  • John Peternell

    skudlarek did a better job of making the point than Matthew

  • A

    Ben, thank you for helping me, a fellow competitively-natured person, better understand that line in Max Ehrmann’s poem, Desiderata. The line is

    “If you compare yourself with others,
    you may become vain and bitter;
    for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself.”

    What you helped me understand is that in comparing yourself to others (something I’m all too good at), you either sell yourself (and God) short by giving yourself an excuse to give up or an excuse to be satisfied with someone else’s standard and not the potential that God gave you, which may be a higher standard. That line always resonated with me, but your video helped to bring it into sharp focus. With a much more profound grasp of that line, I’m better equipped to focus on myself and becoming the best version of myself — which is what God wants. In my case that means being more fully focused on the present with my family instead of always thinking about the next thing. I need to focus on just being in the moment with my kids so that I can really LISTEN with my heart to what they are trying to tell me, not just hear the words they are saying. If I can do that, I will be a better version of myself tomorrow and the next day than I have been today.

    Thank you.

  • Amy Reinhardt

    I think God is calling me to become a more patient person. I take after my Dad’s short temper when I’m put in certain situations. These situations cause me to yell and curse to express my pent-up frustration. Of course, yelling and cursing don’t help the situation, they just make it ten times worse. I think by working on my patience, I will be able to handle those same situations with more grace. I believe an increase in patience will increase my ability to love, to listen and to pray.

  • Arthur B

    I see that I need not worry about the anything that God is in total control. I need not worry like I do I am a terrible worrier. I have experienced the death of my wife (lung Cancer) 18 yrs ago and now my son Oct 22nd 2014 buried him on his 40th birthday Oct 25th (massive heart attack) I have a daughter left 37 not married and I am worried that she will get some illness. So I worry what I am trying to do this Lenten Season is to trust more if the graces of God.
    I thank you for these reflections they set the theme for my day. God Bless you and your ministry.

    • Singer

      Dear Arthur,
      Your experience has been traumatic. When reading of it, the 23rd psalm came to mind :
      “Lo, though I walk through the Valley of Death, I fear no evil, for You are at my side with your rod and your crook, which give me courage.” The God of the entire universe is right beside you.
      Prayers for you….

    • joan Beres

      I too am a worrier. I find when I cannot stop my cycle of worrying, I keep repeating the phrase, Jesus, I trust in you. Sometimes I will also add the Memorarae. God bless you!

  • Jay Cooper

    I think God wants me to be more forgiving.

  • Carmen Daniels

    Recently I have been trying to break a lot of what I consider to be “bad habits.” I gave up dairy, I gave up caffeine, I tried giving up sweets, and T.V. I also tried meditating and volunteering for less things so that I reduce the amount of stress in my life. I’ve spent so much time recently trying to make myself this “better person” and feel like I’ve lost myself along the way. I think God is inviting me to become a better version of myself by encouraging me to add better habits, like prayer and awareness, into my life. These habits will help me decide what is truly important in my life and allow me to live in the moment :).

  • John Kissel

    Galatians 5:16
    This I say then, Walk in the Spirit, and ye shall not fulfil the lust of the flesh.

  • Janet Daly

    In relationships, I need to think before I respond, pause before I act, put myself in others’ shoes before I speak.

  • Mary

    I am asking for your prayers for David, my fiancé, a soldier and doctor, who was severely beaten during a trip from Damascus in Syria. I do not know the extent of his injuries. In a brief communication he thought he was going to lose his life. He has a young son. Please storm heaven for him. I have put my trust in our Lord and have rallied every pray group near and far. All you cursillistas, please add him on your prayer lists. Thank you to all and God bless you.

    • Johnston Marlene


      • Mary

        Thank you Marlene

    • Brenda M.

      Prayers are going up to Heaven for David’s health.
      May God bless and strengthen both of you in His most
      holy and perfect will.

      • Mary

        Thank you Brenda

    • Stacy West Taylor

      Mary, I had to read this several times for it to digest. You must be so undone. I am so sorry and pray for you and the life of your fiancé. May God have Mercy. Love to you my sister. In Jesus, Stacy

    • Louise


      • Mary

        Thank you Louise

  • Marian Cummins

    I tend to not be a better version of myself when I am tired or do not feel well. For a long time I felt almost guilty asking God to help me simply feel better; to give me the energy to be the best version of myself. But this Lent I have been praying for just that. Yesterday I realized how great I felt and how much energy I had toward the end of the day! I immediately said a prayer of thanks!

  • Casmir Nnaemeka

    I am always temperamental. I think God wants of me to control my temper.
    I am gradually controlling it,it isn’t totally off but he is helping me subdue it.

  • Pierre Blancard

    I surrender myself to you o Lord…Take care of everything!

  • Christine Overkamp

    Ben, what anon-target sharing you just did. It really hit the nail on the head for me, the wanting to comparie myself and my actions with those around me, wanting to “copy” that persons path? God did create each of us as an special, unique individual to carry out God’s plan for our individual life….who am I to mess with God’s plan for me??? As I reflect, that is just blatantly BOLD on my part, not at all what I want other people attach to me. Thanks for your heartfelt sharing. God bless.

  • Ellie

    Yes. I want to be a better version of myself

  • Barbara Moitoza

    Well I think God wants me to get out more as I live by self and I have come to be accustomed to being alone. Yes I pray my Divine Chaplet and my rosary everyday but something is missing and I don’t know how to find it.

  • Ha! I just saw this video after wasting hours doing mindless, useless things on the computer. That’s something I wanted to better control this Lent…looks like I’ll have to crowd it out with some better habits.

  • My husband and daughters have experienced my physical and emotional decline over the last couple years. Physical pain has limited my activity, ene3rgy and enjoyment. The loss of my father and his struggle with ALS left me empty, lonely and emotionally sad. Those two things have been my excuses for being less than God calls me to be. Even now, as committed as I am to this journey, every morning is a struggle just to want to get out of bed, both real and emotional. What matters is that I don’t succumb to the concept of perfection, but instead celebrate every small step towards a better version of me.

  • WJS

    My attitude could stand improvement. Can someone help me figure out how not to be judgmental and not compromise my faith at the same time? Do we ignore poor choices and wrong thinking to avoid judging – you have to make a judgment to determine such things; or do we stand firm in our Catholic faith? For example, one of our children (my stepdaughter) who was baptized and raised Catholic has a license (online program) to perform marriages and has even “officiated” a marriage a ceremony between two men. My husband and I agree this is wrong, but he thinks it is not our business to say anything to her. She even had her son, our grandson, participate in the ceremony. My husband and I were not invited to the wedding, thankfully, because the couple knows we believe marriage is a sacred union between a man and a woman, as well as a sacrament of the church. And so I say nothing, but inside I am appalled and angry. I realize I can only express my concerns, but no matter how gently and lovingly they are expressed, I am always the one who “doesn’t get it.” I feel persecuted by members of my own family. This is only one example of many. This daughter truly thinks there is nothing wrong with what she does. Where she will completely ignore anything I have to say, she might listen to her father, but he will say nothing. I can only leave it in God’s hands, but it doesn’t change the way I feel.

  • Genie C Balantac

    … I want to live soul fully!

  • Sarah Rohrabaugh

    I want to be the best version of myself by becoming a better mom and teacher at work. I want to be a better role model with patience and love for all my kids.

  • N. T.

    I find myself having a hard time controlling my temper. I can be happy one second and completely irritated and angry the next. I also let worry fill my day from the smallest of things to large things that I do not have control over.
    I know God wants me to improve and become a better version of myself and therefore be a better role model to my children.

  • Christine Poganski

    Lent is provinding me the abundant opportunity to be a better version of myself!

  • Patrick

    Ben, I swear that is exactly my issue and concern regarding fatherhood and being that best version of myself. How not to be we selfish in my actions, words and thoughts… to be the man and father and husband God created me to be. Can appreciate I’m not alone in this struggle.

  • Greg Kaczmarek

    When I was a cancer patient 10 years ago I embraced the idea that life truly is a journey. I may have been in a tunnel but I knew it wasn’t a cave. God wasn’t done with me. Now today I know that I am exactly where I am supposed to be. With daily joys and struggles like everybody else. I know my journey continues trying to be a better version of myself in a day full of opportunities and challenges. As I try to live our Gods plan for me, not my plan. I sope that every day I do something to make God smile……..sometimes more than once,,,,,sometimes I can even
    make Hom lol !!!

  • Jim Crants

    I am definitely called to be a better father. If I compare myself to others, I guess I’m not too bad, but I need to be more patient with my son when he starts trying to help me without stopping to hear what I need him to do. I need him not to see me lose my temper over small things, like the microwave oven not stopping when I hit the stop button, so spaghetti sauce explodes all over the inside of the microwave right when I least need one more chore to stand between me and dinner. I mean, that’s annoying, but I don’t think the best version of myself starts yelling at the microwave when that happens.

  • Mary

    I think all of us try and control our lives. We forget that we are not in charge but God is ultimately in control of our destiny. I always find that when I just let go and finally ask God to take over for me and put my trust in him then everything in my life runs so much more smoothly.

  • Mary Blair Cunningham

    Well stated! I feel the same way. God has a plan for all of us. He says so in Jeremiah 29:11!

    • Jo Martin


  • Karen Bumstead

    I like the comment Matthew made about crowding out bad habits. It’s intriguing to me. I have recently spent 4 year
    care giving for my brother, when he passed I realized I had developed many bad habits with regard to taking care of myself. Not eating right, no exercise, no quiet moments, and a lot of mindless days going from one activity to another with care focused on everyone else but myself. I like the idea of crowding out the bad by filling it with good. I am going to pray for God’s help to crowd out the bad and fill it with what he wants.

  • achrisa

    Today, I pray that my adult daughter will accept the Lord and try to become a better version of herself, the one God wants her to be, as she starts life after detox. And I pray, Lord, for you to make me a better version of myself by not trying to make her into something she is not.

  • Christina Lefua

    God is calling me to be a better communicator and have better relationships with God and others! That will help me to be the best-version-of-myself not only for me but for my family, friends, co-workers, students, church members and anyone I meet because everyone especially God deserves the best-version-of-me! Thank you!

  • Judy

    I truly appreciate Matthew Kelly’s admission that, like me, and so many others, he makes choices that are not helping him be the best version of himself. This is humbling, and so human. And when I’m making those poor choices I’m talking to God while I’m doing it…that being eating more than I need, emotional eating, just because eating, etc., ad nauseam.

    This is an area where the evil one really creeps in and steals my ability to resist. Granted, he’s not putting the food in my mouth, rather, he has a stronghold on my actions, behaviors, thoughts, and I succumb to the subliminal message that “It’s okay!” But it’s NOT okay.

    When I take my focus off of Christ, I’m robbing myself of the highest caliber of quality that only God can provide. I deserve the best God has to offer me. Why am I so resistant?

    Today, during Bible study, my friend shared a visual lesson about staying connected to Christ. We go about our day interacting with Jesus. Then when temptation comes by, it’s as if we’re placing Jesus off to the side and telling him to “stay,” much like a dog command. Only when realizing the error of our ways do we go back and make things right with Christ.

    In what area of my life is God inviting me to become a-better-version-of-myself? To stop putting Jesus off to the side, and telling him to “stay” until I’m ready.

  • Lisa

    I love that prayer “Help me approach each day with energy and enthusiasm”. My mom 91 years old will get very enthusiastic about the things she does. I would like to be as enthusiastic about ANYTHING as my mother is about cleaning out a closet. Really – God help me approach each day with energy and enthusiasm.

  • Mary Ruffcorn

    I believe God is calling me to be a better wife. Being that our three adult children and grand daughter live in other parts of the country, we are alone, together in this house where once we were five! I am more than a wife but this is where my sanctification seems to be right now. (= Pray for me!!! Forty years of marriage to a good agnostic, I need to step up my game.

    • Jo Martin

      I’m in the same boat, Mary! We just need to take Jesus hand and trust Him♥️

  • Amy

    What things do you do (big or small) to live more soulfully? Soulful life hacks?!? 🙂

  • Mary Ruffcorn

    I found this today in Prayers through the Laudate App
    Common Sense Reflection
    We are not called upon to do all the good possible, but only that which we can do. Occupy yourself less about yourself and more about God. It is not enough to acknowledge our faults; we must correct them. Profit by the experiences of the past for the future. You will be happy in making others happy. In the accomplishment of good we must show forth in our every act a perfect justice. Do not require of everybody the same virtues and qualities. Bear with the defects of others. Endeavor not to cause others to suffer and you yourself try to endure the little annoyances which are unavoidable in the necessary relations with others. Charity does not consist in loving one or two persons and being indifferent to all the rest. If we love our Lord with our whole heart, if we serve him faithfully, we shall be happy even in this life. To love in the right way is to accomplish the whole Law; it is to begin that happy life which will have its perfection only in heaven, where we shall live forever with a holy and perfect love. by Mother Theodore Guerin (1798-1856)

  • Colleen

    I know that God is definitely calling me to be a better wife and mother. I need to begin making better choices and creating better habits so I can push out my inability to be patient with my daughter and allow myself to connect more with my husband.

    • Jo Martin

      I’m being called to be a better wife! Our kids are all adults and it’s a call of my heart❤️Please pray for me and I will pray for you!

      • Colleen

        I certainly will!!!

        • Jo Martin


    • Jo Martin

      Colleen, I’m in the same boat. We just need to take our Lord by the hand!

  • Zoe

    I’M GOING BACK TO COLLEGE! I have been waiting 14 YEARS, for this opportunity! I WAS in College, 14 years ago, and I achieved a 4.0 (my ONLY 4.0 EVER, so far), so I WAS AWARDED a $900 GRANT to CARRY ON! Now, even though MY HUSBAND WASN’T having to pay a DIME for me to attend College, HE STILL was able to STOP ME IN MY TRACKS, with the threat of DIVORCE, if I dared to accept that grant and continue. HE slammed the door. I had to turn away the grant, and we continued to live only slightly above poverty level.

    NOW, 14 years later, our Daughter is 22 and no longer living with us….She lives with my parents and MY MAMA is making sure SHE gets to go to College….Her Daddy and I recently had to MOVE OUT of our home (where we lived for 17 years) and we had to move into a COUNTY SUBSIDIZED apartment, because of our level of POVERTY; but recently, I WON a kind of LOTTERY….This LOTTERY is actually a COLLEGE GRANT, so….

    I START COLLEGE THE 1ST WEEK OF APRIL! My Husband is now 75, his health is not so good, and he’s more aware of how much he actually NEEDS me, so….He probably wont be divorcing me (we’ve been married for almost 25 years). I’m 54 and I’m GOING BACK TO COLLEGE. I’m going to be studying to be a MEDICAL ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT, and I am THANKING GOD for THIS INCREDIBLE MIRACLE!

    With the INCOME I may one day make, as a MAA, we will be able to DO MORE, to live life to the FULLEST, rather than just living to somehow PAY BILLS WE CANNOT AFFORD TO PAY, while we eat food paid for by THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT (SNAP). God is so good!

    I started my day, today, with a HUNGER STRIKE ~ I went BEYOND merely fasting and REFUSED TO EAT BREAKFAST, until I was allowed to PRAY THE ROSARY. My Husband knew NOTHING ELSE would get accomplished today, until I had BREAKFAST, so….I got to pray the ROSARY! THAT is my idea of RADICAL CATHOLICISM! Wow! It’s PAST 3 PM! I’ve got to pray THE ANGELUS! Bye!

    • Jo Martin

      ❤️Be bold, be Catholic! Thanks be to God!

      • Zoe

        Thanks, Jo! <3

  • This is becoming a recurring theme, I fear.
    I think I am being invited, pulled, etc. towards making prayer a habit.

    • Jo Martin

      Go for it, James!!

      • Once I figure out what in me is stopping me

        • Jo Martin

          Resistance stops me! With a name like James, well, Jesus is so near!!

  • Mark Darrow

    When I feel “no one is watching”, I allow myself to succumb to wrong behaviors and thoughts. It’s then I must pause to ask “will this make me the best person I can be”.

    • Carmela Campanella Douds

      When I recognize wrong behaviors, thoughts or attitudes cropping up (often!), I’ve been making the Sign of the Cross or just saying it in my mind. It challenges me to ask, am I living in the Name of the Father, and of the Son….? Bringing God into that moment in this simple way has been helping me. Lenten Blessings!

  • Jo Martin

    I am being called to be a better version of myself as a loving wife!! My husband and I have been married 39 years and 2 months . I have 2 dear friends who are widows. I am very aware that our days our numbered. I fall very short in patience and kindness with my husband! Jesus , Mary and Joseph pray for me🙏

  • Faith T

    I let go of God and I think that reading the Bible will help me get closer to God.

    • Jo Martin

      Your name is the answer😉😉. He is hearing your ❤️!

  • Karen

    Today’s topic was meant for me. I just suffered through a busy day & caused others to suffer because of me. I have lost my joy & enthusiasm! I see now that I can decide not to let that happen.

  • Michelle Welsh

    Oh my gosh, what I love most about this is how much “positivity” there is & how much everyone uplifts each other. You all inspire me to be a better version of myself!

  • Michelle Inlow

    He is asking me to let go of past hurts and place myself in his loving embrace so I can accept the love of others and more fully love.

  • Liz McGinnis

    I need to be a better version of myself by being a better mother. My mother passed away when I was 5 so I am just doing the best that I can. There are times when I wish she was here to help guide me through difficult times. When I feel a little lost, I just try to step back and ask God and Mary to guide me. I am definitely a work in progress. I just pray that my children will grow to learn what a loving mother is like.

  • Sandy B

    Hello Ben..I am from Alexandria, Minnesota..i like the comment to be a better version of myself today than I was day at a step at a time..small changes accumulate over time into big changes

  • Michelle

    As my faith grows stronger, I feel God calling me to help others who live in the world to see HIM and focus on him. This Lenten seaason is one of prayer. I pray with others in prayer requests, and I feel how it is changing me, bringing me closer to God.

  • Daniela Bianchetti

    Spend more time with my daughter. Give her my full attention. God calls me to be the best version of a mom I can be.

  • Karen Kotzbach McCreary

    By handling 3 .big disappointments and not blowing up like I normally would’ve , I realized that some of my efforts are paying off . By not giving in to unbridled anger I just went along and kept trying to get things right . Number 4 is on deck for tomorrow. The victory far exceeded the failures . God will give us everything we need . We just have to be aware and ask for the help and enjoy living soulfully . Thank you again, Matthew ! Here’s one for our side .

  • Rae Mims

    I think God is inviting me to become a better version of myself in my relationships. I tend to keep people at arms length or cut them off based on a perceived slight without having spoken to them about it first. I think he’s calling me to be more patient, more compassionate and understanding. I can be very blunt and quick to get irritated. I also think God is calling me to go deeper into my faith and my spiritual journey – to seek him out more fully and to engage him on a higher level.

  • Lro

    Thank you for this encoraging focus. I will pray and pray upon it.

  • maria torres

    I find that when I turn my eyes away from the Lord I struggle with everything. On the other hand, when I focus on God and spend time with him no matter what struggles I am going there, He makes them bearable so that I through Him can handle them with His grace.

  • Elizabeth Riley

    I think that in all things God has given me the gift of service. At work or in a community setting I like to serve other no matter who they are. In being the better version of myself I am a better server today than I was a year ago and will be a better server tomorrow than I was today because I am learning how to change or keep the same how I serve or bus my section. In all things community related I am learning to love others more than myself and be a better person for that as the days and weeks go by.

  • Arturo de la Cerda

    I feel God is inviting me to be a better part of myself buy taking any negativity and encouraging me to make it a positive.

  • ChristineS.

    I pray that God helps me become the best version of myself spiritually. Life can spin me often with its demands in work and family life that I get distracted and lose being spiritually centered. I need to remember that God is in all that I do in every aspect of my life not just when I pray at night, go to church on Sunday or pray before meals, God is with me always

  • Lynn

    You know at almost 70 I have no idea what God wants me to do. I am clueless and don’t seem to know how to move into this last stage of my life. I still have a adult child to care for, she is special needs and lives with us. But as far as Church involvement or community I am at a loss. Hopefully God will show me the way during Lent.

  • Pauline Jackson

    At a Thanksgiving dinner table where I was a guest, someone asked me, rather cynically, why older people get more religious, are they trying to hedge their bets for heaven? While, to be honest, that is partially true, I wish I had been able to reply that as we get older and have the time to work on it, we try to become better versions of ourselves. If we haven’t come to that realization earlier in life we realize as we get older that it’s never too late to try.

  • Mich Smi

    I wish we had the option to “Like” each others posts too! 🙂

  • Mich Smi

    oh! ok apparently we can share someone’s post on facebook (and then like it there?)

    • Cindy

      Just hit the up arrow for like, or the down arrow for dislike on the left of the reply button. Have a lovely God filled day.

  • Shonne Farrell

    Lynn I can relate to your desire to learn what God’s wants of you. Just because we are getting old doesn’t mean we don’t have these questions. Every day has its issues and we have our physical pains, getting old is not easy. If we are Christians we continue to seek God in our lives and in our world. God bless you my sister in Christ!

  • Barry Dupre

    I believe that God has opened my eyes to see that where I am lacking most is in the Corporal Works of Mercy. Faith without works is dead. He is calling me to be the Best Version of Myself through an active Faith. To see Christ in everyone, and in humility to serve my brothers and sisters, especially those less fortunate.
    So, I am joining a Brother in Christ in prison ministry.
    I pray for strength, courage, and wisdom. God’s will be done!

    God bless you all !!!

  • Brenda

    I would have to agree that I need to start doing the same in regards to my husband and kids. Mostly my husband. He and I are complete opposites which was endearing in the beginning but has proven to be most frustrating as the years go by. Instead of praying for him to be a better version of what I would like him to be, I need to trust God’s plan and pray for him to be the best version himself that God plans for him to be. In turn I will become a better version of myself trusting God’s plan for him and our marriage.

  • Diane Marie

    I do want to live soulfully! My family, after a long absence, rejoined the church yesterday. It was a beautiful experience! We made our confessions, bonded with Friar Mark, met new and old friends and can’t wait for mass on Sunday. I am filled with hope.

    • Cindy

      That is so wonderful Diane! I am excited for you!

  • Paula

    There is a God and I am not him……….great reflection! Retirement from work makes one search for a meaningful version of self. Add to that loss of a spouse and that version of self is even more challenging. Who am I? I am exploring for choices that help me be the best version of a new self…..and just what that is remains to be seen.

  • Lori Grajek

    This may sound funny but I gave up worry for lent. Now that my 3 sounds are all young men making their way in the world I have had times where I worry that I wasn’t a good Mom. When they have problems I blame myself. Now I will pray that they become the best version of themselves through God’s help. It takes the focus off me and gets my eyes on God. I love how he tells us that “all things work together for good to those who are called according to His purpose.” It gives me hope.

  • Cindy

    I crowd things out in prayer. I have found, for me, change comes really from above. I have been astounded at the changes that have come to me, and not by my own hand. I am thankful that the Lord has truly shown his guiding hand in my life. It amazes me when I look back on things I used to do, or say, that have simply vanished from my life. Thank the Lord, he is good all the time!

  • John

    For me, the Serenity Prayer helps me to work on myself. It was written by Reinhold Niebuhr (1892-1971)

    I’ll share it with you:

    God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change;
    Courage to change the things I can;
    And wisdom to know the difference.

    Living one day at a time;
    Enjoying one moment at a time;

    Accepting hardships as the pathway to peace;

    Taking, as He did,
    The sinful world as it is,
    Not as I would have it;

    Trusting that He will make all things right
    If I surrender to His will;

    That I might be reasonably happy in this life,
    And supremely happy with Him, forever, in the next.


    • Barbara

      Thank you, John. With this question I hit a roadblock. I have always loved the Serenity Prayer. Acceptance is what I need to work on. In the last few years I have lost my husband, daughter, sister and two very close friends. This has changed me. I need to learn to take life “one day at a time.” Thank you for the reminder. God bless you.

      • John

        Barbara, I’m sorry for your losses over the years. You know, God loves you and to Him your life in all it’s seasons is as precious as those you have lost. I’m sure you are a wealth of experience in these matters and what a blessing you might be to others who are going through the same experiences now, or in the recent past. They are hurting, just as you have hurt. Perhaps in your church, service club, or other organization, you might be able to make yourself available to help those going through such difficult times. It will help to heal you and you will be doing God’s work to help others. Perhaps you might pray about this and hopefully, God will guide you to a path of helping others overcome their life adversities. God Bless you as well. John

  • jim

    I really like the idea of crowding out bad habits with good. That makes a lot of sense! I am going to try it.

  • Pat Thomas

    Thank you Mary for that comment. I have finally learned that when praying for my grown children, growing grandchildren or any adult, my prayer for them is similar to yours. And I pray also that it be God’s will for them. My son always teases me and says, ” Don’t ask Mom to pray for you because I have found it comes true.”

  • Mario Cannariato

    God invites me to see and spend time with the elderly of my parish St Thomas the Apostle. Jesus places these people that need someone to share some time and love with them in my life that I may realize my need to be a soulful man. After I complete a session with someone I make the sign of the cross and say a prayer of thanks that I may have been the body the hands the eyes and the feet of our loving Jesus.

  • Vivienne

    God is calling me ;In who I am ,as a parent/friend/family/neighbour and in also in what I do ,at my work, the people I meet,talk to, the daily situations that present themselves …if all these are reflective of Gods greatness and love then I would be on the path of finding How God wants me to be and hence the the best version of myself.

  • Matt

    I’m not sure I understand what the best “version” of myself is? The word “version” sounds superficial to me – when I hear the word version – I tend to think of the latest or most up to date version of Windows or Microsoft Word. How many “versions” of myself are there? and which “version” am I at Church and which “version” am I at work and which version am I at home…. ? Maybe I just don’t get it.
    If there is a “best version of ourselves” isn’t it when we die to ourselves and let Christ live in us and through us as St. Paul teaches us? (Gal 2:20)
    And when we learn to continually (and always) surrender and trust ourselves completely to our heavenly Father’s will as our blessed Mother Mary did when she prayed, “Behold I am the handmaid of the Lord, may it be done to me according to your word. (Lk 1:38)
    So the “best version of ourselves” if there is such a thing is when we learn to embrace our heavenly Father’s will for our lives and forget about me / ourselves and this is most definitely the work of God’s Grace, Love and Mercy in our lives!
    As I heard Fr. Stan Fortuna say “F.A.M.I.L.Y means Forget About Me, I Love You!!”

  • Jennifer vojacsek

    Thank you to Matthew Kelly and his team. It’s 7:12 am and I’m choosing to trust God that today is the first day of the rest of my life.

  • Emma Spaulding

    I believe God is calling me to become a better-version-of-myself in the area of being a sister. I was the “good kid” growing up, listened to my parents, rarely got in trouble, and got good grades. My sisters especially would say “Emma you are so perfect and never get in trouble”. I really did not like when they said that because I am not perfect. I make mistakes, but most of them they did not know about. So now since being at college, I am come to realize what kind of person I am more, how I actually help people, and am aware more of my mistakes. Because of this, when I go home for the weekend/ holiday, I am more of an open-minded person, listen more and not interrupt, and be the young women whom God wants me to be toward my siblings and dad.

  • Rose Gaddi

    I would really like to help people discover more of God in their life which actually happened to my own life. I struggled to change my life geared towards God which I know God assisted me so much in my journey to the right path. I continue to seek God everyday in my life and would very much want to plant a seed to those people who need help. Change is possible as long as it come from the heart of every person who would want to live their life for the honors and glory of God. I know I an a better version of my life compared to 12 years ago and I am still making a better version of myself continuously.

  • Dorothy Infante

    Like Ben, I am a very competitive person but I always find myself thinking that I am less than someone else. This has been my struggle for the longest period of time, and I feel that I am being hard on myself. Ben is right, we should try to compete with our self to become our best version. It is very hard, but with prayer I know I can do it.

  • Victor Manis

    Ben thank you for that clip. What an enlightening moment. It is amazing what can actually be put into a minute and a half. Words, and a prospective to live by and enact enormous change in a person’s life, thank you sir.
    Just goes to show, that although we’d like to, or think we need to spend hours per day in prayer, which prevents us from doing it sometimes at all…it can take a minute and a half, or less really, to take a moment to be in the presence of God. That minute and a half puts us in the presence, and then God takes over from there, all we have to do is listen, open our hearts, and be aware of His presence, and from there anything is possible.
    You are in my prayers sir.

  • Cindy Leslie

    I need to pray I become What God thinks the best version of myself should be and not me. To trust God more and not myself and to rely on Him and not what I think but what God thinks. Please pray for me.

  • Marie Barnard

    To live soulfully, to be a better version of myself, I need to give it to God…Let God’s purpose guide my life instead of trying to navigate my own way. For starters, I need to be a better wife, to be a good listener. I noticed, and so have my family members, that I tune out after awhile and revert to my own worldly thoughts and not fully listen to what my husband has to say, to not be engaged in the communications between us. That needs to change now. My prayer is simply this “Dear God, Please make me a better listener and engage my mind on my husband during his attempts to communicate to me whether it’s his difficulties of the day, his ideas for the day, the week, the month, or his simply discussing us! Make me become the listener you intended me to be in order to respond,communicate appropriately, communicating love not just words back! Amen!

  • Aurmelia Lovato Decker

    God the Father through His Son Jesus is inviting me, and i have accepted, to become a better version of my self, by letting go of my ego, by clinging onto His love, and by recognizing where I am like rebellious Barabas.

  • Linda Carmelle

    Sometimes I think I know the path God wants me to take to become the best version of myself and somedays I think I will never catch on! I need to find the happy medium and listen only to God. I must figure out ways to dicern the difference between God’s will and my own to make it happen I think!