April 07: Made for Mission

Day 33

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Have you ever tried to use a lawn mower as a dishwasher? Yea, doesn’t really work that well. You put the dishes into the lawn mower and you turn the lawn mower on and . . . things go bad pretty quickly. You see, certain things have a certain purpose. And when we use something that has a certain purpose for something else, things tend to go wrong pretty quickly.

Our God is a God of purpose. He does things on purpose, with purpose, for purpose. He’s not sort of like, “Oh, just do this, we’ll just do that.” No, he’s a God of purpose, and he created human beings for a purpose, with a purpose. Working that out, working out who you are as a human being—something we all share—and who you are individually, is really, really important to living life to the fullest, to experiencing the incredible joy that God wants to fill our lives with.

One of the things I think most people can spend their whole lives ignoring or their whole lives and never really discover, is that human beings are made for mission. You and me, we’re made for mission. We’re not made to be served, we’re made to serve. And when we ignore that, at best, we get frustrated. At worst, we become really, really miserable. Because any time you use something for something that it wasn’t intended or something it wasn’t created for, then it’s like using a lawn mower as your dishwasher. It just isn’t going to work.

So you’re made for mission. You’re made for mission, and what does that mean? It means that God has placed you on this earth for some specific reason, for some specific mission, and he wants you to carry out that mission. I think when we think of that, we think, “Whoa, that’s heavy, that’s big. How am I going to work that out?” We work it out little by little. You work it out by taking the step that’s in front of you today. You work it out by realizing, “OK, how can I serve other people today, even in small ways?” And the more we serve other people, the more our mission becomes clearer to us.

Sometimes we’ll spend a year doing something or three years doing something, and we might even think that’s our mission. And then God will pull our life in a completely different direction. Ten years later we’ll realize, “Oh, God had me doing that other thing because he was preparing me through that for this other mission over here.” That’s how God works sometimes. Just take the next right step. Just do the next thing that you can do to serve other people.

You see, what I know for absolute certain is that when we get all caught up in ourselves and we turn inward, things go bad pretty quickly. There’s not much joy in that. We don’t find the happiness that God created for us in that. We find that happiness, we find that joy, by turning outward toward others and asking ourselves, “How can I serve the people around me powerfully today?” Because we’re made for mission. And the more we serve the people around us powerfully, the clearer that great mission God created us for will become.

“What are your talents? What are you really good at? How is God calling you to make the world and the Church better through those talents?”

Matthew Kelly, Resisting Happiness

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You cannot be happy focused on yourself. You were made for mission. It’s deep within you. Only by serving others in a meaningful way do we truly discover the happiness we yearn for so unrelentingly.


What mission do you think God is calling you to now in your life? Don’t get caught up in what he might have been calling you to in the past, or what he might call you to in the future. Just write down his invitation to you today as you can best discern it.


God, I want to serve you powerfully. Which talent do you want me to focus on at this time in my life?

Today’s personal reflection features Dynamic Catholic team member Jennifer Rey. Jennifer is our web content team leader, coming to us from Midland, Michigan. Jennifer enjoys quilting, has only two stops left on Kentucky’s Bourbon Trail, and hopes to someday win Dynamic Catholic’s fantasy football league.

What mission do you think God is calling you to now in your life?

Let us know in the comments!

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  • Pearl Brown

    To be more focused on the needs of others. Not just family

    • Virginia Abbruscato Cambalik

      I agree with this for myself as well. I take care of my family much better then I take care of friends and my community. I’d like to reach out to my community more.

      • Lisa

        Family comes first and you should take care of them better than friends and community. God gave us our families for a reason. No worries. You are doing it right.

    • Tricia Wickers

      I have the same struggle. I do so much for family I don’t feel like I can commit at this time to volunteer work in the community. The best I can do is be observant to the needs of others in doing spur of the moment acts of kindness.

      • Lisa

        Pope John Paul II was asked “What can we as parents do for the church?” He answered, parents raising children probably don’t have time for anything else, this is their job for the church right now. If they have time left over, maybe they can do something. (He sounded a bit tentative about that last part and offered no suggestions.) Your idea sounds good, be alert for random acts of kindness. We should all do that.

  • Pam Warburton

    I am being called to move back to the east coast while my husband volunteers his time for a year. I hope to be active in my new parish community. I am scared to leave the comfort of my home for the past 12 years and hate to leave my friends, especially my bible study group, but I try to remember that without change there is no growth.

    • muzzer

      Prayers for you!!

    • Janet Marusiak

      I am going through the same thing Pam. I have been in Halifax now for 14 years and have made some great friends at church and have been involved in ministry from the start but never had that in my home of Sydney. I am returning once I sell my place and to be back with family there and hope my old parish of ST. Mary’s Polish church will allow me to participate as a lector and to help in other areas and have been told that I would be welcomed back so change is hard especially as we get older but I am thinking of it too as a exciting time to reconnect with old friends and to take what I learned here back home to be of help there. Keep praying and the Lord will be with us in our journey.

      • Cindy

        iI, too, am experiencing a move back to a northern state for my husband’s illness. He wants to be back where he feels he can get good medical care and close to his children and grandchildren. I am having a hard time letting go of the home I have made here, my family (both relatives and friends) and my church. I continue to surrender to Jesus for I think this move is part of my mission–the work He wants me to do is in following my husband back north. I am forever grateful for the spirituality I have learned here and will continue to search out for the same type of church and friends. One day at a time, the first step.

  • Doug

    Today’s message piggy backs on yesterdays message. However, I kind of think this should have become yesterday’s message followed up with “What’s holding you back?” I know my mission is to spread my experiences so that others may achieve the same level of faith and trust In our Lord. But I have to do it the right way. (Matthew 23:12 (NLT) But those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted.) I know it would be a sin for me to keep this to myself.

    That said, I had an idea yesterday. I have a website where I intended to write faith based blogs based on experiences in my life and how the Lord helped me get through them. I just never got started. (I did this once before for a month or so, but I was afraid I came off too authoritatively. So I stopped.)

    I spent yesterday afternoon trying to figure out how to attach Disqus to me website, for discussions such as we do now. I got that working. The next thing I want to do is set up a dedicated email address. I also want to make sure that the website is clean and simple. For this to work I have to have it done before Easter.

    What I’d like to do is provide audio for the theme of the day. It would be much like what Dynamic Catholic does here. It would be short. The site is……mylordandme dot com. (Dynamic Catholic doesn’t allow for website address, hence the dot.) I’ll keep you all up-to-date if I’m able to pull this off. After much prayer and discernment I now believe that this is my mission.

    • Winnie Svikhart Supple

      I would love to see what you come up with. I think the name for your site truly is wonderful. I will be praying for you as you share your experiences and help lead others to Christ. God bless you in your endeavors

    • Ronda Jewell

      Doug, this sounds like the perfect ministry for you. I already wrote down the web address. I pray for success for you and for all Christians. God bless.

    • mrcpuhead

      Awesome post, Doug. I love the scripture passage – particularly since I’ve been sharing the idea that only through Humility and Simplicity can we achieve Unity – no matter what the group or purpose. And oh boy did I get a lesson in humility this week at work! Your online mission is a great one, and I pray you succeed in reaching many souls in need!

    • Marilyn

      Hi Doug: Wow – you are shining your light! As I wrote to you yesterday, I will definitely access the website and join your efforts to connect with one another to follow our mission of understanding and spreading our faith. Thank you for your leadership and commitment.

    • Alice Ann Hengesbach

      Go for it! Blessings

    • Clara Turci Depko

      Wow I think this is great and an answer to my prayer. I was praying for more of this and I think you have hit on something or should I say you are being lead in the right direction with the Spirit. I will look forward to following you………..

    • Brenda

      I’ve just subscribed to your blog and look forward to it!

    • Angie O’Mara

      Doug, what a wonderful mission for you!! I would very much like to become a member of your group, and read of your wonderful experiences you have to share!!!

    • Diane Belz

      Doug what a wonderful idea to share your experiences with others to help them in their faith journey. Nothing helps more than sharing stories. Jesus taught us all with parables. I always learn so much more from others struggles then I ever learn from their expertise! We need more wisdom and insight. Wisdom gives us hope that we who still struggle will also come through the struggle not battered and bleeding but whole and healed. Good luck with your blog and in spreading the love of the Lord.

    • Peggy Dillmeir

      I tried to find the site but it didnt come up. Is it ready yet?

      • Doug

        Hi Peggy. It its up but I’m in the process of readying it. I will be making minor changes and you might have hit while in an update mode. Please give it another try.

        • Barbara Meiring

          Doug, I just signed up for your blog. So looking forward to your insights, etc.

    • Kj

      Excellent idea!!!

    • Margaret

      Doug I think that is a great idea. For awhile now I too have thought about starting a blog. I grew up in such a wonderful Christian Catholic home that I would like to share that with others in order to help others and their families. I have only gotten to the initial thought process on this, however, I am retiring in June and hope with Gods grace and direction I will begin a new journey of blogging!

      • Doug

        I think more contributors instead of just me is something I’m considering. Let me figure out how I want to do it and I would welcome any contributions! Thank you.

    • Tamara

      Doug: Can others write their “God-moments” on your website as well? Your website is a fabulous idea. Congrats!

      • Doug

        I think that’s a great idea and one I was going to suggest. Once I figure out how I want to do it I will let you know. I’m thinking of putting a link on it for those who would like to contribute. Thank you.

    • Mario Cannariato

      Placed address in my resisting happiness book. I will be praying for your mission to get this blog up and running benifitting all that share.

    • Christina Carrara Mortillaro

      Congratulations! I will look forward to your updates. You gave me encouragement to start my blog combining my faith based experiences and “wisdom” about adoption and learning disabilities. Resistance has a good grip on me. I feel that I am getting stronger and will just take that one step at a time. Blessings and Happy Easter!

      • NancyB

        Please do!

    • Janet Marusiak

      Great work.

    • NancyB

      I think this is great too. I was looking for a place like that to continue on this spiritual journey since this DC program ends with Lent, I believe. Thanks

    • Kat

      I’m currently hosting Acoustic Faith Sunday at a local restaurant where we provide 2 hours of faith music one Sunday afternoon a month. All are welcome and every time we have it, I feel completely filled with joy! So, for now, that’s my mission and I thank the Lord for this incredible gift!!

    • Lynne

      Thanks so much Doug – will give it another try.

    • Joyce W.

      This is exciting and I pray that God will bless this ministry through your blog. The internet isn’t always kind but it can be used to spread love and encouragement to unknown numbers of people.

    • Joyce W.

      Just a thought, a blog friend of mine always checks comments before publishing them on her blog. I think it is rare that she ever has had to turn one down.

      • Thank you Joyce. I wasn’t going to, but the more I thought about it…I did.

    • Toni Shea

      Doug, How wonderful ! First that you know your mission and Second that it sounds so wonderful! Will be visiting for sure. There is such a need in today’s world as our faith is under assault to spread the Good News! Good Luck, God Bless

  • Jane Deutschlander

    I have had a mission for the last ten years serving the youth in our inner-city. What jumped out at me today was, “Don’t get caught up in what he may have been calling you to in the past …” I have no intention of stopping my current mission, but perhaps God is calling me to add something else – I think it is to become involved in a parish. I haven’t done that in years for reasons I don’t care to go into… I will pray and hope that God will show me how to open that door.

  • John Vanseters

    I’ve been at my parish for a year looking for ways to serve. Spoken to the Pastor about what I’ve done in the past there’s nothing there where I would fit. To me, it seems like a parish ” just getting by”. There is another Catholic Church in town ( different parish ) I’d like to try but won’t because I feel obligated to stay where I am because it’s the closest to where I live.

    • Ronda Jewell

      John, sorry to hear your pastor said there is nothing that would fit. How about starting your own mission. Start visiting the home bound and bring communion. Also, in my opinion, as a Christian you can serve others in other capacities. What about soup kitchens, how about food banks that serve communities. How about ringing the bell at Christmas for the Salvation Army. Join the Knights of Columbus. If your church does not have a Knights council! Join the one closest to you.
      I will pray for you. You have a talent and a mission and God is working on you. God Bless.

    • Joseph L Martin

      John, unless there are transportation issues, please don’t hold back. My church had structural problems and had to be torn down and we’re rebuilding. We moved to another church about 5 more miles away and I go there and to another church that is closer by the beach. I now feel I have 3 church communities and I am all the richer for it with the new parishioners I’ve met. When I attend the church close to the beach I am blessed by walking the beach afterwards and it has brought peace to my Spirit many a time. I was led to both churches because of a foundation problem at our 1860 church. Continue to be open to the Blessings that God has waiting for you each and every day!

  • Lisbeth Klebba

    “Just take the first right step.” What a fabulous reminder! I often get too wrapped up in trying to figure out His will for me, when all He is asking me to do is walk forward from where I am. Not from where I think He wants me, or where I wish I were. From here. Now. When I look backward over my life I can see how He has always given me the resources for future steps, even when I could not for the life of me understand why I was “having to do X” or “needing to learn Y.” I just couldn’t see that he was bringing me to Z where all those talents would be used. Currently, my life feels static, like He has me in a holding position for another change, something else to learn. What I need to remember is that I am, right now, where He has placed me, and be present here. Not wishing for something past or future. Here. Now. With the I AM.

    • muzzer

      I feel the same. Stuck. Today’s message has given me some hope.

    • Julie

      Yep, that’s me, too. And it’s ok with me. I’m trying to be my best me while I wait to see what God is going to do next. Maybe, I’m learning to wait?

      • Lisbeth Klebba

        God has spent countless hours (even if hours are our invention) teaching me to wait! I never should have prayed for patience! He has given me far too many opportunities to learn it! Yet, I still struggle. 😉

        • Struggling

          I feel the same way! I realized a couple of years ago that perhaps God made me a teacher so I could learn patience. There are certainly many opportunities to practice! As my mom always said, be careful what you wish for…you just might get it! 🙂

        • Constance Griffith

          Lisbeth, I to prayed for patience was was given way to many ways to learn it. But I stopped praying for patience. Actually I stopped praying. I never advanced in my life, I worked went home watched TV, went to bed, got up worked ect… then I retired and moved to a 50-plus apartment. There was need everywhere. Take Kathy to the doctor, take Peggy to the store, help Vera with her walker. If anyone needed anything they would call me. Then I went to my senior center for financial assistance. They helped me so much that I wanted to give back. Now I volunteer at my senior center for Meals on Wheels, I teach jewelry making, I assist in the office when needed. Those so many people to love. During all this busyness I have gained a Catholic friend who invited me to church with her. I realized that God has been calling me. With all my busyness I started going to RCIA and next week I get baptized and confirmed. My ppint Lisbeth is, I believe God led me to this by giving me patience and making me strong so that I can help others. Amen

          • Kathiehc

            Constance, congratulations! My husband has been involved in the RCIA program in our parish for many years, so I’ve been going to the Vigil Mass! What a beautiful experience. I’ll pray for you on Saturday!

          • Constance Griffith

            Thankyou Kathie, for your well wishes and prayers. It’s been a wonderful journey and I’m so happy, and so excited for my confirmation! God is good!

          • Sharon Marshall Battaglino

            Wonderful things you are doing and it’s so great you realized that God was calling you back! Congratulations on your confirmation to Catholicism -savor every minute of that Easter Vigil Mass…we all experience your joy with you. God bless you on your mission.

          • Constance Griffith

            Thank you Sharon for your blessings, may God bless you

          • Kathy

            God is amazing! God bless you, Constance.

          • Constance Griffith

            Thankyou Kathy and may God bless you

          • Lisbeth Klebba

            Congratulations, Constance! I, too, am looking forward to Easter Vigil (always, but especially) this year as a sponsor for a new Catholic.

          • Constance Griffith

            Thanks Lisbeth, for your well wishes. I’ve been so blessed through RCIA, not only did I have my sponcer/friend but 2 others friends came along to RCIA for support. How we four have grown. God is so good!

          • Kathleen Spector

            Constance, you are in my prayers for fulfillment this Easter as you enter into full communion with the Catholic Church. Welcome!

          • Constance Griffith

            Thanks Kathleen for your welcome and prayers . God bless you

          • Kay Washburn

            You just gave me goosebumps along with a cheer of joy, God bless!

          • Constance Griffith

            Thanks Kay, may God bless you

          • NancyB

            WELCOME!!! We need Catholics like you! God Bless You.

          • Constance Griffith

            Thanks Nancy, may God bless you

          • Mike

            God bless you Constance – what a beautiful example you are! May the Easter Vigil you’ll be a part of this weekend be full of joy and happiness for you. I went through RCIA and was part of the Easter Vigil 14 years ago. I still vividly recall the Holy Spirit’s presence on me and in me that evening. It was nothing like I’ve ever experienced before. Welcome home Constance! Mike

          • Constance Griffith

            Thanks Mike for your beautiful words. God bless you

          • Gene

            Thanks for sharing your experience at Easter Vigil. I went through RCIA last year and was baptized and confirmed. I remember being filled with the Holy Spirit during the Vigil and it was something I will never forget. I use that experience as a reminder that God is always with me and has a plan for my life and that I need to surrender my own view of life to the one God has for me.

          • Mike

            Hi Gene – what a great experience you had at the Easter Vigil! Yes, fully trust and acknowledge that He is guiding our path. Surrender is so difficult for those of us who feel the need to control things. For me it’s starting each day with prayer and thanking Him for whatever or whoever will cross my path. I try my best to have full trust – that whatever I experience today is God’s will and and that I can be thankful for it and consider it joy. He wants nothing but beauty for me… He knows what I need, I don’t. God bless Gene! Mike

          • Lynne

            Well said Constance – & Congratulations – enjoy every minute of your Easter Vigil. Blessings.

          • Constance Griffith

            Thank you Lynn for your blessings and may God bless you

          • Sherry Hayes-Peirce

            Constance welcome to our Catholic Family and thanks for your comment!

          • Constance Griffith

            Thank you Sherry and God bless you.

          • Beth Brough

            Amen! So happy for you Constance! Congratulations!

          • Constance Griffith

            Thank you Beth and God bless.

          • Mary Brennan

            Nice going,God our Father keep on blessing you, one of my favorite Psalm is 91, I think it could be yours to,😊

          • Constance Griffith

            Thank you Mary for your blessings and scripture. That is a beautiful passage, however let me share mine. I had just started RCIA and a friend gave me a beautiful Bible. I took it home and opened it up to take a look and the book that I opened it up to was the book of Ephesians. Now I had no doubt about becoming a Christian but if I had they would have all been washed away by reading Ephesians. It was my sign from God that I had made the right decision. God is good.

          • disqus_VOXvThxFVQ

            Dee —Welcome Constance, One thing I have learned over the years is that our God does not make mistakes. We may not understand what He is teaching us at the time, but He is always preparing us for what He wants us to do and where He hopes to lead us. God bless you on your wonderful walk and this coming week of blessings.

          • Constance Griffith

            Thank you Dee for your insightful encouragement and blessings. May God bless you

          • Karen Kotzbach McCreary

            Constance, I am so excited and happy for you ! I wish I could be with you and see you as you receive the best gifts God ever gave man .You also have won the bonus and it came first…your Catholic friend ! Happiest wishes for you as you have the best Easter ever after having had “The Best Lent Ever “. (((HUGS) *_* K

          • Constance Griffith

            Thank you Karen,
            For your beautiful sentiments and your blessings. And your so right about my friend. after I posted here I texted her to let her know that I loved her and was grateful for her friendship and for her leading to the Lord. She thanked me for letting her sponsor me as she has come closer to the Lord as well. We’re triple blessed! God bless you

          • Anna Brady

            Constance, Congratulations! How exciting. It sounds like God was calling you. What a wonderful thing to help others. Keep it up. Sounds like a win-win. God Bless

          • Constance Griffith

            Thank you Anna for your well wishes. God bless you

        • JoAnne Collins

          There really is no reason to wait for patience. . . it is a fruit of the Holy Spirit. All you need to do is ask for the fruit of the Holy Spirit everday. Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, generosity, faithfulness and self control. Ask and it is yours but you have to ask. Learning this has truly been a blessing to me!

          • Diane Grohn

            Nicely put I just wish I could remember all the fruits at once.
            How do you remember them?

          • Karen Kotzbach McCreary

            Diane, I had to laugh as I remembered having to memorize them during my childhood years while preparing for Confirmation, especially . Love, was called, charity .Gentleness was meekness, etc. So, now I’m memorizing the new wording. It is just plain brute force .No easy way, and I believe Charity came first for a reason. It is the greatest ! But, we can’t achieve real virtue level without practicing working at all of them. We were given the fruits as a means to live life fully, as a Catholic. At Confirmation the seed was planted .We make it grow by how we live our lives . You can take each of the fruits and look at them that way . Now I have to memorize the “new” list .Not a chore in sight ! ))))) those are smiles for you making me think ! Happiest of Easters !! *_* K

          • JoAnne Collins

            Allen Hunt with Dynamic Catholic wrote a book with the fruit of the Holy Spirit. The ‘Nine Words’, Walking you through the fruit of the Holy Spirit. I reccomend it highly!

        • Clara Turci Depko

          I learned at an early age about praying for patience. I worked in a food store in the express lane and wanted patience. For some reason thought I would wake up one day and have it not I was tested and tested and tested and I thought I would never have it. Then one day a customer said to me boy you have patience. I never prayed again for it and I always told people you don’t want to pray for that. It is like anything in life we need to work at it to get better and something we do get better but don’t see it unless someone points it out to us..

        • Lynn Nguyen

          Lisbeth, yes God will give you what you ask Him for. Ask for patience, and God will give you many opportunities to learn patience. Until you do. Prayers and God bless!

      • Patti

        Julie that is so true of me too! I have come so far in this Best Lent Ever program.. I need to absorb all that I have learned and not reflect on past or future.

    • Lea Novak

      That is deep…and a good reminder for me, especially since I have no idea what He is calling me to do. There are many things I think of volunteering for, but then mostly I don’t…am I missing opportunities and calls from God, or are those just not the right thing for me to do just now? I can’t tell, but I try to remind myself to be open to the call of God.

      • Christine Deacutis

        I learned about 40 years ago while attending a small pro-life workshop that when you volunteer for something make sure it is something you love to do so you won’t burn out. That has kind of been my MO all these years and the thing I love to do has changed with the passing years but has served me , and hopefully God, well.

        • Karen Kotzbach McCreary

          Christine, that is how we really do become the BVOM, also. I’m sure you have served God beautifully ! *_* K

    • NancyB

      Such wise words Lisbeth. I needed to hear them as I let myself become anxious on a new mission I am excited about. Here. Now. And He will show me the way.

    • Karen

      Lisbeth, I totally agree – if we are present in the place we are right now then we are where we should be and when the change does come we will be better prepared to accept and answer God’s call.

      • Karen Kotzbach McCreary

        Karen, you just reminded me of a phrase I hadn’t thought of in awhile. The “Sacrament of the Moment”. It always makes me REALLY think .It’s sort of like ,”Carpe Diem” in a second by second time frame . All we have right now is this moment and we need to seize each moment as if it was our last .I think that is how we get to be the very best versions of ourselves . Great reply ! *_* K

    • Emma Spaulding

      I really like what you said and I am similar to you. I tend to think about other things and not about what is happening right now in my life. I love you last saying: Here. Now. With the I AM. I am part of a group called Cru and we sang the song “Great I am” last night and your quote reminded me of that. It is a great song and every time I sing it, it brings joy to my heart. So I suggest you to listen to it and see how it makes you feel.

    • Michelle Walters

      Exactly! I can look back and see how God allowed me to go through a season of hurt, so I could find healing in Him, and so I could have the tools necessary to go through what I’m facing now. If I had skipped all of that previous stuff, I’d be completely broken. Instead, I’m broken with hope and purpose. AND I can now give hope to others in my situation. What a blessing to have had others help me, now I’m able to pass that on.

    • Lisa

      Yes! My life feels static too. Like I’m missing something. It never occurred to me that God just wants me to be with Him for a while.

    • Sherry Hayes-Peirce

      Lisbeth Klebba thank you for your comment! I struggle too with my impatience, humanity and drive to get on with what my “Big” mission is for being here. As I get older and the “Big” mission hasn’t been revealed that maybe it’s something that is really small in my thinking, but huge in his plan. Do you pray a certain prayer or do something in particular to help you be more patient? If so, please share.

      • Regina

        I pray everyday asking God, to fill me with His Love, Kindness, Patience, Understanding, Wisdom, Strength, Humility, Humbleness, Truth and Light.
        Once I told a priest I pray for patience all the time, he then said it isn’t something zapped to us from God, instead God provides opportunities for us to choose patience. This gave me a new perspective and when I feel I am becoming impatient I take a deep breath and make the choice to be the best version of my self and be Christ like…most of the times, and when I fail I ask for forgiveness.

        • Sherry Hayes-Peirce

          Thanks Regina!

        • Karen Kotzbach McCreary

          Regina, what a terrific comment ! Thank you ! *_* K

      • Paul Schexnayder

        My mother had dementio. It was hard for me to visit her
        When I did would catch at lunch. When walked in cafeteria my was always in
        The front of the room. I try to walk to visit her but I was stop ped by another woman that thought I washer son. I had hug her tell how I miss her. Then I walk little further I an woman would think I was her husband who came to see her, I had hug her tell I love her
        I finally can mother who I the helped to feed her lunch. God gave the ability to help all these other people who also ha dementia. God is good. God is great.

        • Diane Grohn

          Paul, that is so sweet and generous that you let these people with dementia receive comfort from you. My Mother suffered with Alzheimer’s. At first she kept telling me how afraid she was and then she started telling me “I Love You”, but who the hell are you? I would tell her I am her oldest child. She had a room in my home for three years. She was so confused and sometimes told me, I was wrong and then would hug me anyway. Mother was multilingual and cultured . It was horrible to see her brain function deteriorate until she could no longer speak etc. She suffered 6 years.

          • Karen Kotzbach McCreary

            Diane, me again, Karen. You were practicing patience on “saint level” . God bless you for also showing us true charity in action. That was your greatest mission at that time . Now you are doing other things that will lead to a greater virtue. Love. It’s all about love ,isn’t it ? ((HUGS)) . *_* K

    • Rprobus

      Great comment and points. Thanks

    • Clara Turci Depko

      I find that to be the hard part of his waiting his holding position. When he starts to remove me from things because he wants me to do something new something completely different. I am seeing this now in my life he has me in that holding position and I really don’t like it (LOL) I just want to keep moving. He has gently removed me little by little from things in my parish and is moving me into Florida. But that is not easy since for the last two months we don’t know where he wants us and now my heard spins. I pray once Lent is over He will allow us to push forward. It is the holding back that is hard but we know that once he lets us go look out it become a gush of running water. So like they say get ready and hold onto your hat because when it come it will be fast and fun.

    • I❤️Teach

      Thanks for sharing. You just helped me put into words just what I’ve been feeling! ! I know in my heart He is preparing me for something bigger, but I used to struggle with trying to figure out His purpose for me. I have realized that it is in His time and not my time that He is changing me and molding me into whom He needs me to be. My daily prayer is “God, I trust in Your process” and this helps me stay focused on Him and how I serve His purpose, whatever that may be, without worrying about what that purpose is. I must be in a “holding position” as you said, because I almost feel like an outsider looking into my own life, walking amongst the chaos, but feeling safe and open to whatever comes. God bless!

    • LUC

      I love this! I think you are receiving His message perfectly!

  • Peggy

    In September my parish will host the “Our Lady Of Fatima” statue on what is her 100th anniversary. Starting this spring we will be constructing a shrine of Our Lady of Fatima on our parish grounds. I think my mission now is to be an active participant in this celebration.

    • NancyB

      “Our Lady of Fatima” statue was at a parish near us a few months ago. I attended and experienced a life changing moment as her cloak was spread over my shoulder. If anyone has the opportunity to pray at her Fatima Statue, please do. It may be life changing experience for you too. Peggy, your parish community building this shrine is awesome. God Bless you!

  • Diana

    A few weeks ago, I was in a conversation and the person and I had a similar insight mentioned in the video today: a mission may only last a few years. For the longest time, I thought when I chose the vocation God was calling me to, that this meant for life. My life’s mission is to follow Christ and to serve as I have been served by God’s self-gift. Currently, my mission is to foster the spiritual health of our L’Arche community. Whether or not this is what God will always call me to, I won’t know, but for right now, this is where I belong. What I’ve discovered is even if one day I’m called elsewhere by God, the spirit of L’Arche will always live in me and I can apply that mission anywhere in life.

    • jesspinosa

      Diana, when God wants you to move on to another project, you will know, or rather, He will let you know. In the meantime, enjoy what you are doing, all for the glory of God.

  • Dona Nobis Pacem

    I been struggling for some months with this question. I feel like God is calling me to leave my current career and move to something in the non-profit area. However, I’m the primary breadwinner in my family and can’t just take a huge pay cut without impacting my family. So, I’m working on getting the financial side of things in order so that I can make a career change in a few years.

    In the meantime, what can I do to prepare in other ways? Is volunteering the answer? More education? What’s that next right step?

    • Caroline

      I think, you are doing the right thing right now. Your family needs you and depends on you. However, when I was in a situation where I wanted to help and volunteer but didn’t know how, I simply started praying to God every day: Lord, help me to use my talents. Please Lord use me.” And it helped: I am now the head of a church ministry and involved as EME and sacristan. It feels so good and I worry less because I know the Lord is using me and my talents.

  • Daniela D.

    I have been working with the youth group in my parish and also volunteering at any opportunity I see fit. I did a workshop called “Called and gifted” where we discovered the charisms or gifts from God, it was very interesting to know that I was wrong on what I thought it was my calling, but thinking deeper into it I really agree with my call and I will never turn down an opportunity to use it for the praise of God.

  • Dee

    I am a CASA (court appointed special advocate) for foster children. I read about this volunteer position several years ago and found it very interesting, but could not fit it into my work schedule. Last year, I saw it advertised again on a HUGE billboard! It was a sign 😁 I am working toward the current goal of reunification between a mother and her three children. I try to be a good role model for their mother, as she strives to be stronger and tries to get her own life balanced out. I help when she asks, without enabling her. All of my work has been centered around families and children. It is where my talent lies, and I believe God has me using my talents as my mission, here on earth.

    • jesspinosa

      Very important mission especially nowadays when the threat to break down family units is getting pervasive in our society. Good luck, prayers coming your way – whoossshhh – did you feel it?

      • BettyBee

        loved that ‘whoosh’ of prayers!

    • Heidi Johnson

      Best of luck and prayers coming your way!!

    • Diane Belz

      I love that Big Road Sign! We all want those pointing us in the right direction.

  • jesspinosa

    In Luke 4:18, Jesus reads “”The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he has anointed me to proclaim…freedom for the prisoners.” I took that message seriously, and although I am not capable of proclaiming freedom for the prisoners, I have found a way for them to at least have freedom from loneliness through an organization called Christian Prison Pen Pal Ministry. From that organization, I obtained names of inmates in different prison systems all over the country and sent out Christmas cards to about 30 of them with a short note. I was surprised at the response. Of the thirty, half wrote back, profusely thanking me for taking the time to send them the only communication they are likely to receive. Many of them have been abandoned by family and friends, and they were full of joy to hear from someone, a complete stranger, outside their small world. Thus began a new mission for me. I have learned about their personal lives, their yearnings, their repentance for their crimes, their looking forward to being paroled. One of them was Vinnie, a lifer for aggravated robbery. He was raised Catholic but has taken several correspondence courses on the Bible and the Christian faith. He has sent me copies of his diplomas and certificates of achievement, and he is now a licensed preacher. He has started putting “Rev.” in front of his name. Another inmate is Roger, whose innate brilliance, shown in his carefully written letters, embellished with high falutin words, deeply impresses me. The rules of the pen pal ministry warn about getting too personal with the inmates but I do share some information about myself such as the coming of my grandson, my favorite movies and books, but always watching not to let my guard down. One important element of our relationship is sharing my Catholic faith with them, even if some of them are of different religion. Roger, who is not Catholic, has asked about saints, so I sent him a book about them; another inmate admits he is an atheist!. A few years ago, I wrote Vinnie about the rosary rally I was organizing for the feast of Our Lady of Fatima. I made an off-handed remark that maybe he could organize one in prison, and to my surprise, he did! It attracted twelve other inmates, as well as a few prison guards, who asked him many questions about Our Lady and why we pray to her. Some of my pen pals are looking forward to be paroled soon, and I’ve asked them to let me know once they are out and I will treat them to a nice dinner. I only have time to write them every two months or so, but I make sure I do because I know how important is my letter to them. In each letter, I assure them of my continued prayer.

  • mrcpuhead

    As part of the continuous quest for good “work-life” balance, I’ve come to see that talents God has given me for work can be of great use in life. For example, I can see relationships among many technical details in a given problem, and associate them with the strategic objectives of our organization, which leads to more impactful and enduring solutions. God has shown me how I can apply this outside of work – at my parish, my son’s school, and for family and friends going through similar struggles with brain disorders. Patience is critical, and something I need God’s help most with!

  • Eduardo Hoover

    My primary calling is to take care of my aging parents in Florida. I hate it here. There are many nafarious people waiting to lure the elderly into traps to steal their fianaces like vultures stealing the kill from a weak and easily distracted predator. None of this is against the law as it is capitalism at its worst. My parents have been duped several times and have out lived their retirement. I’m here to stabilize the situation as my brother financially helps to keep my parents a float. It very depressing to see my parents so vulnerable and see a side of capitalism that is as deadly as communism but a silent killer as people like my parents can’t afford the medications they need because someone has made a profit off their feebleness. My mother has diabetes and my father refuses to take his medication because he can’t afford it but it is not as crucial as my mother’s insulin. I’m doing the best I can but I can’t wait for the day I can leave Florida.

    • Jacqueline Shukla

      Eduardo, I will pray for you and your family. My elderly aunt was also taken advantage of. I think that there is a special place in hell for people who prey on the elderly. That being said, I also pray for the person who hurt my aunt because Jesus calls us to do that. Fortunately in our situation, the person was caught and sent to prison so perhaps it is a little easier to pray for her because I have a sense of justice being served. I hope that your family is able to come through this ordeal spiritually stronger and more united than ever.

    • Laura

      I am so sorry to hear this. My husband’s mother recently passed and we are now trying to settle her affairs. We have found so many scams that she had fallen for. None as devastating as what your parents have had, but people were taking advantage of her through one way or the other. Although I agree hyper capitalism is awful, I see this type of situation less an indictment of capitalism and more an indictment of the individual human heart. People have been taking advantage of the elderly or the weak in society for ever. When society stopped encouraging children to care for their parents or take them in during their final years, it just opened the door even wider to the wolves. My mother in law had refused to move in with us and would not share her financial situation, so she was vunerable. You are an amazing son and must come from a great family that trusts each other. That is so great. You are doing what is right in the face of so many obstacles. You are such a strong man of faith! I will pray that God sends your family the resources they need to face this.

    • Cathy Lavallee

      Those “businesses”, and the scrupulous people who run them have the choice and responsibility to act with integrity. Sadly, they chose not to. Unfortunately, greed and power don’t discriminate. We can find these sinful traits in all societies. In my opinion, they are more dangerous in communist societies because there’s no recourse if greed and power have corrupted the government…we’re stuck. Capitalist societies have more freedom. The same free will granted by our Creator. That is His gift to His people He loves so much. Consequences of free will can be dark, but without that choice, perhaps, your brother wouldn’t have the financial means to help or your parents wouldn’t have had retirement investments to begin with. Most importantly, our free society gives us the greatest opportunity of all…to worship, pray, and receive the Holy Eucharist. Todays’s Responsorial Psalm: “In my distress I called upon the Lord, and he heard my voice.” Eduardo, our Lord hears your distress. May He bless you abundantly as you care for your loved ones.

      • Eduardo Hoover

        Yes it is truly a blessing of religious freedom in the USA but even it has it’s limits as well when it come to the public education system. Maybe free enterprise should have limits when it comes to the unborn, children, aged and others that are hurt by it. We definitely need to keep our nation in prayer especially by the intercession of its patron saint. Holy Mary Mother of God pray for us.

    • NancyB

      Eduardo, you and your brother are wonderful blessings to your parents. God loves you for your compassion. So many parents do not have this kind of support from their children. Bless you.

      • Eduardo Hoover

        Thank you Nancy. I also minister to the shut-in elderly widow next door who children live in Texas and sadly have little to do with her. Her name is Ramona.

  • Sherry McCollum

    My mission in my life at this very moment is to take care of my immediate family. My mother especially; My husband and I tend to her every need financially and emotionally. There have been strife’s in my mother family where siblings don’t speak to each other from something that happened years ago. And now this family will probably go to their graves with unresolved issues. And I feel that I am stuck in the middle of everything. I pray to God every day to help this family and myself. I just want the time my mother has left to enjoy life but sometimes hurt and resentfulness cuts really deep with no way out to forgiveness. This is why I depend on church so much and keep myself involved in my parish community. At least I know my church family will always be there for me not matter what. I can only hope one day my biological family will wake up and do the same.

  • Joanne

    It has been in my heart now for many years to minister to the imprisoned. Over the years, I attempted to get involved with that ministry but something would always get in the way.

    The opportunity was posted in my church bulletin recently. I cut out the info and taped it on a ledge above my desk as a reminder to make the phone call. During Lent, I’ve been trying to say yes to the many ways that I can serve in my parish or take advantage of the spiritual events to go deeper. By eliminating those things in my life that have wasted time and have distracted me, God has allowed room for all those things.

    I made the call, filled out the volunteer application and am now on my way to the mission I’ve always wanted, to serve the imprisoned. I have no idea what to expect or where this new journey will take me, but I know God planted it on my heart for a reason, and in His time, gave me the opportunity to do it now. He blocked me from it on the past for a reason, maybe I wasn’t ready, maybe He knew I had to focus on my first vocation as a mother, etc, whatever the reason, I’m so excited to finally embark on this new purpose.

    Apparently, the prison ministry in our diocese to the county jail has exploded recently. There is a nun who has been the catalyst for it. Every church she visits to talk to people about it, ends up with many who want to volunteer. Also the leader of my Divine Mercy Cenacle introduced the message and the chaplet to the prison and i was told that the entire atmosphere in the jail has completely changed. God is so good! Praise Him!

  • Clara Turci Depko

    I have served in many ways and it seems the Lord is pulling me back from many of my serving and I questioned why Lord. However, last night I realized that my son is going through a separation and has two children a 16 year old girl and 11 year old boy. My son has his daughter living with him and between the two of the I seem to be giving comfort and building them up. They reach out to me for strength and last night after speaking to my grand daughter and helping her realize she is safe and will be alright I felt this is my calling right now. This is my purpose right now. Yesterday, had a different purpose as it changes. I know as we grow in the Spirit our purpose grows nothing stays the same. When I was young I would go to the prison and visit women, then I would visit the nursing homes we change and the purpose we have changes. I am grateful to God that he uses me to help my family to be the rock they need the shelter in the storm. That does not mean I will not serve in other area it just means right now this is my purpose and I have been shown that a family is in need. Perhaps this family will learn that the strength I give them is really the faith of God that I share with them.

    • Mary B.

      How lucky you are that you realized that your mission is ever changing and that God is supporting you every inch of the way!

    • Joyce W.

      Often our mission is under our nose so to speak and the help you can give to your family at this time is a real ministry of love.

  • Mary B.

    Share my faith with others when the moment arises – every time I help others through pep talks I feel like God always comes up in conversation!

  • Mark Slavsky

    Thru an unusual set of circumstances I have become the owner and operator of a huge log Lodge on the Pine River in Michigan that I rent out as a vacation home, and it has been successful for the10 years. Often we rent to large (23+) church and youth groups and those experiences have been wonderful! I want to do much more of that, and maybe figure out a way to turn it into a Christian Kids Camp in 3 years when I plan to retire. I think it would be awesome to get some underprivileged kids up there to teach them the word of God as well as the ways of the outdoors (which I am good at). Although I have no idea how a charitable organization pays its bills, which I have tons of. I feel God calling me in that direction but I really have no idea how to get there. I pray he will show me the way and bring the right people across my path. I know I can’t do it alone. Anyone interested in knowing more you can Google Edgetts Lodge. I welcome any and all suggestions. God Bless.

    • Diane Belz

      What an awesome calling! Love how Godnisnusing your gifts of the outdoors to bring His message to others. Non-profits pay their bills by inviting others who believe in your mission to support the efforts – fundraising! Best of luck in bringing your calling to these kids.

      • Mark Slavsky

        Thank you Diane for the words of encouragement! Some days it is hard for me to discern the the difference in my plans and God’s plans, and where the 2 intersect. I plan to keep trusting in Him to show me the way. God Bless.

    • Laura

      Mark, Camp Covecrest here in Georgia might be worth investigating. It attracts kids and adults from all over the southeast and seems to be solvent. There is another camp that specializes in service to specials needs kids, but I will have to find that name and send it along. How exciting!

    • Laura

      Ok – Camp Tien Lakes hosts Toni’s Catholic Camp. The sight serves a bunch of different faiths, it appears. Covecrest is just a Catholic experience. Hope this helps!

      • Mark Slavsky

        Thank you Laura! Seeing how others have achieved my goal is a great idea. I would even be interested in becoming their northern branch. God Bless.

    • Constance Griffith

      God bless you on your endeavors. God is good Mark. Mother Angelica started her TV station EWTN in her garage and look at it now.

  • Diane Belz

    My mission is to help people discern their gifts and strengths to get back into the workforce – a career coach. I have prayed on my own mission and purpose and it is to help others to be all God created them to be. What Matthew says is so true. When we are using our God given gifts and talents for His purpose and will there is an inexplicable joy. By serving others with our gifts we are planting seeds. My seeds are full of hope for those stuck and struggling with their career. What a joy to set a soul free to be all that God created them to be!

    Where do you get joy from serving others with your gift? I love to hear stories of how God uses what He gave us for the good of those He has called for us to serve.

  • Michael Baur

    I love today’s message. I have always said that God has plan for us. Right now I think that God is calling me to the married life. My fiance and I are getting married on June 17th.

    • NancyB

      May you grow into married life creating another wonderful Catholic family.

  • Angie O’Mara

    I don’t fully know where my mission will take me, but I pray for God’s guidance and help. I think my most God given talent, is my ability to speak to others, to help cheer them, and to let them know they are not alone. Maybe I could talk to my pastor about ideas for this mission, in dealing with the sick, the infirmed, or to a new Mom who feels so overwhelmed. I need to pray that God sends me in the right direction.

  • Annette

    I do not yet know what will come of this. I feel compelled to act on an idea to corporate resources to help break a multi-generational cycle of poverty. Hopefully transforming one life, one family, one community at a time. I have 40 hours of paid volunteer time I am going use to research, identify and hopefully connect the right influencers and decision makers.

    • Theresa Yamasaki

      Omgosh. Fantastic!! Prayers being said right now. You are amazing and have a great plan. Thanks be to our loving God!

      • Annette

        Thank you!

  • Magalis Muniz

    I think God is calling me to get more involved in the church. I have been approached about becoming a lecturer. What’s holding me back is fear that I would not be good enough. Fear is such a big obstacle in my life. But I’m realizing I have to stop being afraid. God, I want to serve you powerfully. Which talent do you want me to focus on at this time in my life?

  • Elaine

    At present my mission is at home helping my loved one in his battle with cancer. I am retired and also have volunteered my service at our local hospital to help wherever I’m needed. Though it’s a minimal amount of time I’ve given, I realize the importance of what I’m doing and believe it’s my mission to aid people in need.

  • Philip Petitti

    In 2002 I died from a heroin overdose. Much as like in the movie GHOST, I saw the black spirits taking my soul. But then God put me back, with a feeling that I had a purpose to serve. I didn’t know what that purpose was until recently. I have been clean and sober for 15 years now. My wife and I moved to the country and started a not for profit horse sanctuary. It was really her passion and not mine. Even though we do have some help, we still do chores 24/7 , 365 days a year. We have had the sanctuary for 11 years now, and I used to have a resentment about all the time and money the operation takes. But recently I came to realize that my purpose right now is to care for the animals that have been abused and neglected all of their lives. I now do my chores with a completely different attitude. These are Gods creation and deserved to be loved and cared for. That is my purpose in life right now.

    • Theresa Yamasaki

      What an amazing story! Philip thank you so much for sharing. I think what you are doing to care for animals is soooooo wonderful. I loved reading your story and glad you are healthy!!!!!!!!

      • Philip Petitti

        Thank you😊

    • Tricia Wickers

      I bet your lot happier now too. A good attitude makes all the difference. Godspeed

    • NancyB

      Philip, congratulations on overcoming your addiction and bless you for your care and compassion for God’s horses.

    • Constance Griffith

      And God looks down on you with a smile and says “well done good and faithfull servant.” God is good. God bless you Phillip

    • Tina

      Am really moved by your story. Animals are my passion too (besides human beings).
      I understand the hard work it involves, but the love one receives in return makes it all worthwhile. It`s as though they (the animals) too are very grateful.
      I shall pray to St. Francis of Assisi to watch over your shelter. God bless you and your wife and those that help you.

  • mdp

    There are many missions in our community and parishes. I believe that God does prepare you for things to come. About 11 years ago, my 21 year old daughter nearly died from a ruptured aneurysm. There were 3 hospitals and 2 life flights that night. During that time, I felt God holding my hand and watching over us. She did survive but during this had a stroke and disabilities from the stroke. We learned about strength and we learned that there are many people sitting in that ICU waiting room needing a friend. I become involved in support groups for acquired brain injuries, started a support group for Veterans and become an advocate for kids that have concussions. Now, I am on another journey my brother was in a car accident and has been in the hospital for 6 months. I am not sure what will happen at this point but I know that God is walking with me each day. Again, there have been many people that have crossed my path during this time where I have reached out to them All I can say is listen to God and he will guide you and help you through each day. I am truly blessed to be a Catholic.

    • NancyB


  • Rebecca

    I think God is calling me to Eucharistic Ministry and taking Communion to the home bound. I recently started doing Communion at mass. I had someone reach to me to last week to see if I wanted to take Communion to people in the nursing home. God has really spoken to me and I know that this is a Ministry that I need to get involved with. My grandma is currently in a nursing home and she always looks forward to receiving Communion on Sunday. I want to be able to provide that for others as well.

    • Madonna Champagne

      I’ve been doing this for years, nursing home every week plus homebound, and have been blessed a gazillion times by those I visit. Do not hesitate.

  • Erin

    To love & serve others

  • Madonna Champagne

    I bought a shirt the other day from the Christian bookstore that has three lines:. Wake-up, Serve, Repeat. I remember one of Dr. Hunt’s talks encouraging this attitude so, of course, I bought the shirt! Now Matthew reminds me of that again today. Can’t wait to wear it to encourage others!

  • Jacob

    The mission I am being called on is helping families and friends. By giving back to them. Helping them in tough time or lost of love one.

  • JayAW

    To a certain extent, I disagree with today’s videos. Yes, everyone has a mission to serve others, however, you have to be careful and he aware that your mission may be taken advantage of by others. I call this let no good deed go unpunished. I had this happen to me many times where I would volunteer to do something, then more work would be dumped on me because someone recognized that they could use me in that way. At a previous job, I did whatever was asked of me with taking on additional duties, only to find out that my supervisor was simply unloading some of her work onto me and then blaming me for things that went wrong. There are opportunists always on the lookout to take advantage of you even when you are doing your best to serve others, so you also need to be aware of those people that are looking to use you for their selfish purposes that takes you away from your mission to serve others.

    • Laura

      I can relate! When this has happened to me at work, I see it as my mission to love my boss enough to show them (carefully because I don’t want to be fired!) how good Christians honor others. I had one boss who first yelled at me and called me “mean spirited” because I respectfully addressed his pattern of taking advantage of others. It was very intense and uncomfortable for almost a year, but I kept a positive attitude and kept loving him in spite of it. God wore him down finally! Although he has since been fired, I think he has really had a change of heart. We meet for lunch still on occasion, and he seems to have turned over a new leaf. In my experience, my mission sometimes has less to do with the “chore” or “activity” and more to do with the spiritual work taking place underneath the activity.

    • Pat

      It is true there are many who are out to “use” those who are willing to give of themselves. Finding out we have been used is always painful. I suppose we need to ask God to protect us in our vulnerability.

  • Maria

    I think the mission God is calling me to now is to study diligently. I’ve gotten a lot of work done this past week as I did my best to constantly keep working on something meaningful, even on break from studying. Not only am I feeling less anxious about school, but I’m also reducing the size of my load as I keep working on it. As a sister once said to me, school is my vocation, my calling, right now. I give glory to God by doing it the best I can.

  • Lydia Lowry

    This could not have come at a more poignant time! I’m always amazed when then happens, and I shouldn’t be since I know God is in control and hears my pleas for His help and direction! Just yesterday I had a meeting I called, with my superior, my principal at the Catholic cool where I teach. I prepared and practiced for it and when we finally were able to sit down, I stated my case. The issue or topic was something heavy on my heart and something I had been criticizing and complaining about for a while. During Lent, as I’ve prayed over this situation, I realized that I could be proactive instead and suggest some solutions and situations to change what I felt were not good practices in my schoo. I could do this without comparing now to what was in the past, or without criticism and complaint. As the conversation moved forward, I realized I was not getting a “no”but was I was also not getting a full “yes”. I left the conversation a little bewildered and frustrated. I’m still excited about what I see as positive changes I can bring about I’m and seeking God’s help in making these things happen, and today’s videos just reinforced this for me. Thank you! I know what my mission is and I’m going out there and doing God’s will!

  • Carmillie Belgraves

    Go for it Doug! I am interested. I will be praying for you. If God takes you to it, He will take you through it.

  • Kathy Pichler

    Thank you for both of these videos. A few years ago my parish started a prayer shawl ministry and I jumped on board. At the time my husband was going through health issues and this was something I could do to help others through the healing process and still be present for him at the hospital or nursing home. He has since disdained I have struggled praying those stitches, so fewer prayer shawls have been made by me. After hearing this today I realize that opportunity was placed in front of me to help me through a tough time and in the process help others through their tough time. I started making baby caps for the hospital nursery a couple of months ago and find the same joy in doing that for the newborns as I did making the shawls. Instead of feeling like I turned my back on one thing I am actually praying those stitches for a new life.

    • Kathy Pichler

      Should be died and not disdained sorry I didn’t catch that before I posted.

  • Bethany

    I used to do design & illustration in advertising for clients like Wendy’s or the State of Ohio’s Governer’s office, then I became a stay-at-home mom to raise my children. I also worked at a small Christian publisher right before my oldest was born here in Pennsylvania! I have always done illustrations for children (even illustrated things for my religious ed classes as a catechist!). My family came into the Catholic Church in 2004 and it’s the best thing we ever did! Now that my children are in college, I’ve begun to pursue my career again but this time I really feel like God has been calling me to use my talents for building the faith. I want to contact Catholic publishers. I’m working on illustrating a book right now to show as an example! In the meantime I’m also helping to renovate our sanctuary and was just helping to touch up the corpus which we just installed for this Sunday! My website is bethanyhissong dot com.

  • Cynthia Wilcox

    There is a saying that I love and it is “God does not call the qualified, He qualifies the call”. There are so many things I feel God is calling me to, but my fear keeps me from answering so many times. That’s why I love this saying and use it as my mantra over and over. Have a blessed day everyone!

  • Mary Butrym

    This day 33 talk spoke personally to me. I know God is calling me to work in the field of death can dying. I just do not know in which direction He wants me to go. I have taken “baby steps” in that direction. Those directions included painting boxes for parents whose newborns have died. The boxes allowed the nurses to begin the discussion of grief for these parents as items from the baby in the hospital were placed in a box hand painted for them. That lasted 3 years . Then I started volunteering with hospice one morning a week. I met a beautiful lady and visited with her for 3 1/2 years in a nursing home till her death. I continue to pray for her. I now volunteer in the Hospice House supporting the nursing staff and touching patients families while the spend the last days of their loved ones life with the support of nursing staff.
    I now find myself reaching out to friends in their grief journey as they struggle to walk that very difficult journey. Through this lent God has called me to more of a relationship of prayer for these patients as i move forward in this call to be the arms and legs of God here on earth. I have wondered if i am doing enough or moving fast enough in saying Yes to God. Thank you for helping me see that loving those people God places in front of me today is enough. He will call me deeper into His plan as i am ready. Both these talks today speak personally to me. Thank you for being a instrument of God today.

  • Laura LaDue

    I think my mission is to help others with terminal or at least chronic illness. I have been diagnosed with an incurable disease and suddenly I found others needing support for their diseases. I am now counseling those who need help working through their illness.

  • Robert

    Another toughie for me. As a recent retiree I am doing quite a bit of soul searching as to how best to apply my new found time. But the magic bullet is not obvious.

    I am really going to take todays first step words to heart and listen for what the second step might be later.

    I am volunteering for a wide variety of activities and have joined a couple of boards to see if leadership or fundraising might be my calling. Still facing the resistance internally of some of my bad habits. Prayers need here.

    Just hoping I can bring some joy and good to this world in some small way.

  • Janet Marusiak

    Just finished the last Lenten series study at my home and it was very informative and hopeful for the future of our small church. We have many ministries I was not even aware of. The Council has been working hard and there are a few ministries I am interested in signing up on. Communication is so important among the ministries so I thought of doing a quarterly newsletter to keep everyone informed. I like to join one for the seniors with a few retired nurses in a ministry that is being developed to assist our elderly to being social and active too. I also loved teaching in the past and have offered my help with the school program with the parents. I am a lector and love reading the Word and hope to always be honored to read. I was so shy as I kid and never thought I would be doing that in my future but it was a talent I did not know I was good at until a priest told me some years ago after I read for someone missing, that I was going to read. That is all it took. One person saying I can and I did. I conquered my fear of speaking in groups as I had a safe place to develop that skill. The more I participate in the Mass the more real it feels, Heaven on Earth, just as Scott Hahn said in one of his books.

  • Dorothy Cabral

    This is a funny question “what mission do you think God is calling you now to know in your life?” It is something I have been asking myself for a while. Our church like many other has seen such a decline of active parishioner. Having served on parish council for 12 years I am well aware of areas that need improving. After serving on parish council for so many years I now was questioning myself about what I could do to stay involved, what or where dose God want me to serve?
    Well the answer came and I sit on the pastoral core team. This team is looking at the parish and taking steps to implement programs to strengthen and build our parish up again. In the process of our work I discovered a strong urning to promote Social Justus. I truly believe God called me to serve on this core team as a way of leading me into this new role!

  • CathyYM

    I really feel that my mission is to preach. I feel a great “pull” to the diaconate. However, I’m a woman. I love my Catholic faith. The Sacraments are so important to me I could never leave the Church.
    Until women can enter the diaconate, my mission is to complete a degree in theology. I hope I’m young enough to wait it out. I believe out will happen…someday.

    • Laura

      I hope so as well. I know it is being discussed so I am praying that God’s will is done (and I can accept whatever is decided.). However, don’t let an organizational void stand in your way. There are so many avenues for you to preach without the title of deacon. And you might be more powerful in the lives of people without that harness of the Church hierachy. I don’t think Matthew Kelly is a deacon and he is certainly spreading some good news!

      • CathyYM

        Point well made, Laura. However, I have been a lay minister in the Church 14 years, and yet, still have this unquenchable thirst.

        • Laura

          I see. Then I will pray that you find peace and that your desires will align with God’s through his Church.

    • Janet Marusiak

      I believe it too and brought this up as women should be allowed to become deacons for sure. I would love to go back and do what you are doing. I have health issues that keep me from that now but who knows in the future. If we cannot get more men to enter the religious life they have no choice but allow women. I agree that women should not be priests but when no men become priests that is another area that may have to become flexible. I love our Traditions and Jesus did not have any female apostles but The Blessed Virgin Mother Mary was the first disciple and apostle of God so maybe we can be an order of Mary as Peter and everyone since came from the order of Melcheizidec. sorry spelling is wrong. Anyhow, this may sound so foolish but will leave it.

  • Loveroflife

    God the Father is ever so wonderful, loving, amazingly forgiving. Blessings Jenneifer for it is written in your heart for your purpose here on earth. With God’s word from the Bible and prayer we will truly come to know our true purpose here on earth. He truly is amazingly wonderful. May you excel in all that you do for the glory, honor and praise of the Father.
    As usual, Matthew is on point. We were created for God the Father’s purpose. Yet, He will not interfere with your “Free Will”. 💖

  • Mario Cannariato

    May we as Christians be opened to accepting the missions placed in front of us praying for strength to take the actions necessary. If I cast aside my resistance Jesus will guide me through around and over all obstacles.

  • Pat

    My mission is changing. It appears that I am moving from a mission of being active to one of prayer. This is somewhat difficult for me in the fact that I have no evidence of my efforts. I am amazed that over the years I have evolved in this direction. It is definitely a behind-the-scenes type of action.

  • Kurt

    I’m looking to do something simple like being an usher. Our 12:15 mass is always light on ushers.

  • Mary Hallinan

    My husband has many illnesses and ailments and it’s been a struggle getting the proper care for many years for him. Recently a coworkers husband came down with one of the same illnesses that my husband has and is on two of the same medicines that is prescribed to him. Since I’ve learned a few practical things from one of my husbands caring, knowledgeble doctors, I have been talking to my coworker and suggesting ways for her husband to take the medicine more effectively. I’ve also tried to console her when she was upset and near tears because her husband was reluctant to take the medicine. I feel so good that I am able to help her through this hard time and am glad to do it. I feel God put me in this situation for this very reason.

  • Nick Rizzi

    It really is such a great messag in its simplicity. We can either spend too much time trying to figure out exactly how God wants to use us, or focus on trying to discover that great earth-moving cause to help the masses, that time slips by and we do nothing. I’m classic case of that. I spend so much time thinking and praying for what God wants me to do…for some reason, I make no progress. The takeaway for me from today’s message is just take that first step and DO something/anything with the mindset of serving others, and your mission will become more apparent to you.

  • Margie Suarez

    I’ve always wanted to be a shaker a mover, but I think.. I feel, that God Father wants me to learn humility to learn to be quiet. To do His will would be to be mindful of the needs of those in my home and those in my life. His will is for me to fulfill my duties with cheerfulness and to stop thinking that my life is humdrum.
    I have burdened myself so much by always asking that question, “Why am I here? What is my purpose?

    God’s will for me is to do my duties cheerfully, to respond to those who need me, to be prepared to take on what God Father has put before me this day. Be joyful and stop wasting precious time on foolish things.

  • Monica Radey

    There is a delicate situation here when it comes to serving. Serving the world and serving God are two different things. We must serve our vocation, but stay healthy in mind, body and soul. I have become very ill by being a “yes” girl. Be careful, as the evil one can even take our good works to limits we cannot meet which takes our eyes off God’s will for us. Prayer and peace.

    • Trudy Ray Parmarter

      I agree with you Monica. We can over commit and spend so much time caring for others and even serving our parish that we neglect ourselves and God does not want this. We are called to do God’s Will and finding out what it is, is not always easy. God’s peace to you.

    • Constance Griffith

      Good advice Monica, God bless you

  • WOW! This really has been my ‘best lent ever’ using your daily messages. Each day listening and reading each reflection I’ve received confirmation on my path to living my best self! Thank you!

    I have shared the message everyday on my Facebook page and in an email to several close family members and close friends with a little synopsis of my own, sharing a bit more about me personally and my relationship with God and the Catholic Church. Thank you for the support and encouragement to live my mission/purpose. I feel called to share more of faith with others. I’ve prayed every day for years asking God to use me through my thoughts, words and actions. This past year has been a truly awakening and openness to allow God to take me to the next level!

    This Easter I celebrate my 30th Anniversary of becoming Catholic. I have learned and grown so much over the past thirty years. I love Dynamic Catholic’s tag line “BE BOLD. BE CATHOLIC.” I’ve done this every day for thirty years. Thank you for being a part of my faith journey. Peace and Blessings to All!

  • Mel Babin

    I think taking time to sit in silence wherever you are able, in Adoration, at home, during work, etc. to hear the voice of God calling you to something new. In the silent moments of your life, you will discern what you are called to do. “Silence is God’s first language.” St John of the Cross

    • Jeff K

      Amen! My favorite silent place is a long walk through the woods listening for God’s voice.

  • Jacqueline Eizensmits

    I have been struggling with that question and I am so glad that this was discussed. I don’t know yet.

  • Ruth

    Every year or two years for the past 5 years because of school or work I have found myself not knowing what I will be dong the next year. I have had to move, find work, find friends, adjust to a new school and a new schedule. I am tired of not begin grounded anywhere and it has been hard to see a ‘mission’ in it all. I don’t doubt the importance of any of those changes to my life, but I am looking forward to being able to stay in one place for a while and to take the time to really appreciate what all those changes meant.

    Right now I am in another ‘in-between’ year and I am asking in my prayers for courage and peace during another transition, but also for right now because if I keep telling myself “I’ll be happy when…” there’s a good chance I’ll never actually enjoy my life and find a purpose in it.

  • Michael W LaMagna

    Phillippians 2.13

  • Betty’s Blessing

    I work full time for my Diocese. I also help my aging parents. I hate to sign up to help, unless I can give 100 %. We go to Mass each week, so you can always be a Greeter, Usher, Reader or EM. My husband and I are both EM’s and it is something we both enjoy doing, that really does not take much extra time out of your normal routine.
    A little way you can help, that doesn’t take much time away from you is well is donate. If there is a Bake Sale, donate baked goods. I know in our diocese they have many opportunities to give….clean out your closet and donate items you no longer wear to charity. Donate items to your local Crisis Pregnancy Center, diapers, wipes, etc.
    A small act of kindness will make someone’s day and give them HOPE!

  • Deacon David Krob

    This past week here in the Davenport Diocese we received the notices of the Priests who will be taking on new assignments as of July 1st. As we all know, each and every Priest has his own gifts that he brings. As they move to a new parish, their mission is to share their gifts begins anew. I pray for those Priests who are moving, for the parishes they are leaving and for the parishes they are going to. God is calling them to a new mission. And God is calling all Catholics to be welcoming and to be open to the gifts that a Priest brings.

  • Sue Burdine Seidling

    First of all, I have enjoyed sitting back and reading all these heartfelt words from you all! But, today iam called to participate. I have 5 children and 14 Grandchildren, all of whom are the BEST BLESSING EVER!!! Two years ago God presented me with his plan, one that I DID NOT ASK FOR OR NOT SURE I COULD OR WOULD WANT AT 56 YEARS OLD,!! He wanted me to be a parent again! Our youngest daughter who battles with addictions, relationships, and life in general, was pregnant . She knew and has known for along time , she could not parent a child. She asked us to be this babies legal guardians , which I knew meant, be her parents!! WOW GOD I DID NOT SEE THIS ONE COMING! Through many tears and conversations with God, He choose me to raise this baby, something I might add, I would not have chosen ! Boy was this the GREATEST GIFT BY FAR, to be given another opportunity to be a Mom/ Grandma again! God has given this little Angel, now two years old the gift of unconditional compassion. She is healthy, (no effects from drugs or alcohol ) happy and so loving. My prayer to God is that He lead her to a Holy life, to do his work! God saw and still sees somethings in me that I am still working through! GOD IS SOOOO GOOD! Prayers and Blessings to Everyone!

  • Kathleen Spector

    As the caregiver for an adult disabled son, I feel this is my primary ministry; however, during a recent ministry fair at our parish, I prayed asking God what else He calls me to. I volunteered to be a sacristan in addition to my Extraordinary Eucharistic Minister duties. I can perform these duties for our 8am morning Mass daily without infringing on my primary duties of mother and caregiver.
    It is wonderful to spend time with God as I perform my sacristan duties of preparing for the Mass.
    We are prayerfully considering the prison ministry. Please pray with us as we discern God’s call for us. Thank you!

  • Michael Lennon

    Well, today’s BLE offering about is another winner. A tremendous emphasis on what we were made for (eg. the son of man came not to be served but to serve and become a ransom for many – Mark 10:45) I think that this series should morph into a 365 days a year “Best Life Ever” series. You can still use the Church calendar – but the sharing from Matthew and DC team members is just to valuable to stop at Easter… Just my two cents 🙂

  • NancyB

    Normally this is a gym class morning for me. I usually listen to Matthew then head to the gym. This morning we had a level 2 snow emergency on our roads so I went to mass as my church is close by. After yesterdays discussion, I was becoming more excited about finding a women’s group in my parish where I could find faith sharing and fellowship. Finding that my parish does not have an active group, I reached out on Dynamic Catholic and found other women who yearn for a women’s group in their own church. I also “met” a fellow DC pilgrim who has offered me her parish group’s format as a place to begin! What a blessing! Today at mass, I ran into a high school friend I rarely see, and I asked her if she might be interested in forming such a group. She teared up as she said she had just lost the leader in a bible study group she attends at a local shrine. Her elderly friend died last week. We are planning to meet for coffee soon. God, did you call her friend home to you and send us snow today? As I said my rosary today, I felt our blessed Mother’s smile on me. I know that I have found my mission. God grant me strength to follow through.

  • Ava

    I live in Kansas. I am not a Catholic yet. I am a Methodist. I have had visions of Jesus and Mary. I am a freshman in high school but a few weeks after I graduated 8th grade I was with my grandparents and we were coming back from a square dance, and I asked myself “What do I really want to do with my life?” so I began praying. A few minutes later God said to me “Ava, I want you to become a nun.” I am not Catholic, I am a Methodist, but as soon as my Mom lets me take RCIA, I will. But when God told me he wanted me to become a nun I felt this happiness that I never felt before. It doesn’t end there a few months later I was out at my aunts house talking to my brother when I decided to look up and I saw this beautiful lady well I went to church the next day and I described her to my pastor and my pastor told me I saw the Blessed Virgin Mary. I have seen her a few times since then. When I told my friend who is an ex nun about her appearing to me she was so happy and she told me that she could see God’s glow around me. Now 2 days ago right after church my Mom picked me up which is weird because she never goes to church, so I knew something was up. Here is the conversation:

    My Mom: Are you still planing on becoming a nun?
    Me: (I knew right there I was dead) Yes
    Mom: I am no longer your mother I am now Mrs. Tatro and Allen is Mr. Tatro. Since I can’t send you to a convent, you will live like a nun. When we get home you will take out all clothes except the ones that are black. You can only have one pair of shoes, your old ones, you will only have one dress for church, your black one. You will not have your phone, you can’t go to movies, no more sleepovers. I am now just the person who takes care of you until you graduate. Then when you graduate you will go directly to the convent. Speaking of convent you will no longer be attending the Methodist church you will be taking RCIA to become a Catholic. You will no longer have friends. I this clear. When we get home you will clean out all the things out of your room that are not nun related.

    I did cry a lot. The next day I went over to my neighbors house. When I walked out her house Mother Angelica appeared to me and smiled!!! She warmed my heart and returned my happiness. I went back over to my neighbors house smiling. She said Ava, why are you glowing and smiling? What happened? Just a second ago you were crying.” I told her “Gloria, I just saw Mother Angelica. She was smiling at me.” Gloria was now beaming she said “Oh my prayers have been answered! I have prayed that Mother Angelica would help you!” I feel as if I am called to be a nun

    In Mary’s Heart,

    • Anne

      Wow, Ava, I am very moved by your story! God is calling, and you are answering! I will pray for you! I hope you will seek out a priest or nun who can advise and help you as a spiritual advisor. God will lead you to the right people, but maybe your neighbor can help? God bless you.

      • Lynn Nguyen

        Ava, thank you for sharing your story! While most teenagers are out doing teenager stuff, you are seeking God in your life. God bless you! I pray for your journey.

    • Tina Xinastle

      Thank you for sharing your amazing story of courage and faith, Ava. I will keep you in my prayers. Stay strong! May Our Lord and our Lady bless you and keep you.

      • MurphsLaw

        Ava…..you did not mention if you have talked to the Parish Priest about your desire to search for a religious life. He can guide you on what your path needs to entail. Your mother has misconceptions about convent life. It is not like joining Scientology….. You are not ” ex- communicated” from your family- just as Priests are not.
        Your Goal is a worthy one. Because of your age though – you NEED TO discuss this with a Priest first…..he can help you begin your preparation and make sure you are evaluating the mission properly.
        God Bless.

  • Sandi

    Before I volunteer for anything at my Church I ask God to help me focus on my real reasons for saying yes. Is it to give my time and talents or is it to please my Pastor or others. When I am sure this is truly a call from God I always say yes.
    This had led to chairing our Refugee Sponsorship committee, starting a bereavement group and setting up a website among other things.
    God does work through us we just have to keep our spiritual passport ready for a new mission.

  • Therese Tamburello

    I have served the church for four years directly using mass communications, but that was a long time ago. And while I’ve been active in every parish I’ve been in, right now I’m not serving. I need to pray about this. Now, I’m teaching ESL to students from other countries and helping them get into college and I do feel I’m making a big difference! But I want to do something for the people of God. I need to pray about this….

  • Susie

    I am blessed to belong to a vibrant Parish with over 40 ministries. I am very involved in our Women’s Cornerstone Ministry which has been running in our church for 28 years. I attended the annual Cornerstone Renewal/Retreat weekend back in 2009 as a candidate and signed up to be on team the following year in order to try and give back the very empowering spiritual experience I had received. This team became my first small faith-sharing group in this country and we still meet on a regular basis to read scripture and/or a spiritual book, reflect on it/discuss and pray for our needs and intentions. We have gone through so much together over the years that we serve each other being a source of comfort and strength when the need arises. I had a very tough time raising my child through her teen years and have always thought about how great it would be to have a Parental faith-filled support ministry in our church. Just like Jennifer, I believe you can serve best in an area where you have gone through that or a similar experience. I feel this is my next upcoming mission.

  • Sue

    At this point in my life I am unable to discern a specific mission. What came to me in this reflection was “companions on the journey”. I am 70 years old. I have many friends who are 65-85 years old. We are strong in our faith and many of us are suffering ill health, facing loss of loved ones, or facing other challenges. How do we push on through the difficulties of old age? Together! I love these women. Sometimes I think I love them too much because I know at some point I will grieve their loss. But the fact that we have been companions on the journey will give me solace.

  • Jose Luis Crespo

    Sometimes someone sees what your mission is, before you do and they point it out to you in different ways. Those are promptings of the Holy Spirit, working through that person, your friend. A critical point of our lives comes when we need to eventually make a choice: listen to those promptings and take action or ignore them. I thank the Lord that I had such a friend and that the Lord inspired me to take action. I did not see things clearly at the time, but now I know I made the right choice and that friend’s promptings brought me to the mission I was destined to be in.

  • Teri

    I have always wondered why I was put here. I still don’t have any idea, but most times I feel I’m here as a whipping board. Are we all here for the good deeds or CAN we be here to bare the brunt of life? I am so confused

    • Eric DePoto

      Teri, sometimes I feel the same way. Other days I feel that I am here for so many reasons that I cannot put my finger on one or the other. When I am confused, first I slow down, even sometimes stop. Second I sit in silence with God and even pray. You have a purpose, this much I KNOW! Why? Because God made you, just like he made all of us….for a purpose. Food for thought.

      • Teri

        But is possible that my mission IS to be a whipping board?

        • Eric DePoto

          I would say no, however, like Matthew Kelly says, “Our lives change when our habits change.” I have found that so often people continue to repeat their acts. Change something within the chain and be observant to the outcome.

          • Teri

            That makes sense. I didn’t look at it from that prospective before. Thank you so much!

  • Diane Fuchs

    I think God is calling me to be part of our prayer shawl community , making prayer shawls for the elderly, terminally ill and homeless. Also I am trying to help others by sending positive texts and seeking out how I can help my friends who are hurting , especially through losses of family members.

  • Nett Lacsamana

    Wow, God is speaking to me through this Day 33 “You were made for a Mission” Topic today~ ! After what I just revealed from Day 32 discussion thread. Wow! I will think about, and talk to God to figure out what else I can do. Besides Dance, I love hosting events, and cooking and planning for parties. I love it! Will see how I can contribute with this avenue of a nother Passion that I have.

  • Kat

    I’m currently hosting Acoustic Faith Sunday at a local restaurant where we provide 2 hours of faith music one Sunday afternoon a month. All are welcome and every time we have it, I feel completely filled with joy! So, for now, that’s my mission and I thank the Lord for this incredible gift!!

  • Kathleen Cranford Kelley

    Jennifer, What a beautiful ministry for you. My mother recently died and of course friends consoled me. But I know if a young person like yourself was there it would have been so endearing! God bless! K

  • LJ

    What do I know? Jesus was condemned to die and he stood before Pilot, even then, free. Freedom is awesome and sometimes overwhelming is the human condition. Do I thank God today or burden myself with myself? That is ? #1 and #2 is do I trust God today with my day and with me in there, why or why not?

  • Karen

    I have tried to understand what God’s mission was for me over the years but never could really know if I was in the right place where God wanted me to be. I believe that my most important call was as wife and mother and always tried to put my family first…as my children were growing up I wanted a Catholic education for them so took on many part time jobs to help pay for tuition….. part time turned into fulll time for a Christian home health staffing registry and I thought God was calling me to help with the home health care needs in scheduling health care workers for hospice patients, nursing homes, and critically ill patients needing home care – also going to school myself part time thinking that God was calling me to be a preschool teacher someday – then another opportunity presented to me in being a Life insurance/ Financial Advisor which offered substantially more financial compensation so I accepted this position which I did for 10 years – during this time I had the opportunity to work my own schedule allowing me to be present at so many of my kids special events and also meeting with so many wonderful people and helping them plan for the future- I felt this was where God wanted me to be- then my Dad became very sick and spent months in the hospital before he passed away and because my schedule was flexible I was able to spend my days bringing my Mom to the hospital and spending time there before going on to work – then shortly after my Dad passed I was in a car accident which injured my neck and back and I couldn’t continue with all the driving my profession required …. my husband was laid off from his job and could not find work – I was trying to recuperate and get better and finally after about 8 months was able to find work at a answering service where I stayed for about a year before movng on to a mortgage company and then to a bank and now have been working in internet sales for a auto dealership for almost 10 years- my children are all grown and my grandchildren are the light of my life- I only wish I had more time to spend with them – I don’t know if this is where God wants me to be but I will keep trying to be present in each moment as Matthew tells us, and try to stay open to what God’s mission is for me. I would love to volunteer at so many great organizations but I just don’t have the time now with helping my Mom out who is elderly, and work and having the grandkids often for weekends but I do agree that God has a plan for each of us and if we let “our light shine” wherever we are we are helping fofill God’s plan

  • Evan Keal

    You all are the best. Just keep doing this.

  • Emma Spaulding

    I think God is calling me to let go of the past and focus on the present and the future. I tend to be thinking about the past, all the good times I have had, think about how I was feeling in those moments. That is when I get caught up in the past and miss the opportunities that I have right in front of me. I feel like I have this calling to be a leader in some way, either to be part of an executive board of a group, lead a game night and or teach my siblings about why I love God so much and why they should continue to as well. I go to these leadership conferences and meetings, but afterwards I do not really change into the leader I want to be. I know God has amazing plans for me and when it is my time, hopefully I will know it and step up to be the leader I know I can be and be present in the moment.

  • Herman

    My family volunteers at our parish and elsewhere :music director, choir, parish religion teacher, lectors, Eucharistic ministers, servers, visit the elderly,etc. Sometimes I still wonder what I should really be doing with the talents God gave me,but I am continually reminded that my ultimate mission right now is to be the best husband /dad I can be as my wife and I attempt to direct our 9 children on their path to eternal life. Don’t let the desire to do “greater ” things get in the way of this.

    • TerriB

      Yes. I feel the same in the trenches of motherhood. I know at some point ny husband will enter the diaconate, and I will be studying along with him. But for now, we do best to raise our 6 children while they are still little. I’m just at the point where little seeds are being planted to either nuture and take root or pull up to make room for something else. It’s exciting to see what the next 5 years will look like.

      • CT

        Your husband considering the diaconate is awesome. What a huge commitment for both of you that will be. God bless you in that effort and in raising six children.

        • TerriB

          Thanks, CT. It’s something he knew he could do when he decided to marry me instead of going to seminary. 😊

  • Martin Hanson

    In our busy, busy world I found myself drawn to interacting to the two age groups that have most seriously been neglected and who need attention. I have in the past and currently involved with Big Brothers/Sisters, children in/out of the foster care through CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates for children in/out of the foster care system) and Guardian ad Litem (GAL). There is currently a very strong need for advocates to interact with younger people and try to assure them a safe and stable home. I still remember those adults (school teachers, social workers etc.) who paid special attention to me when I was little. There are thousands of young individuals in our country who need adult attention and support through individuals who will mentor, interact, and advocate on their behalf.

    I also recently have joined and involved with my parish Ministry for the Sick and Homebound. I remember when I was young being dragged by mother to a nursery home to visit those who were lonely and were unable to leave their bed. Now I thoroughly enjoy these visitations and interacting with such wonderful people who have so much to offer.

    This daily reflection makes me want to do more. I also encourage others about getting involved with both the young and older individuals who dearly need our support. Advocating in support of the young and old are wonderful missions to get involved with.

  • CT

    We have moved around a lot due to my husband’s job. So every time we
    move and join a new parish I think I am going to get involved in the same
    ministry as I was at my last parish. God has other plans. I have ended up
    doing some things totally out of my comfort zone. God is persistent with my
    resistance to respond sometimes. I have taught Religious Ed to first communicants,
    taken Eucharist to the homebound, been a team leader for Catholics Come Home.
    I am currently volunteering for St. Vincent de Paul as a home visitor, taking meals
    to one of our homebound parishioners and have been on a Women’s weekend team for Cursillo.
    God is using the talent he gave me as a good listener in each of these cases. At least that is what I have been told. God continually surprises me with what He wants me to do for Him.

    • TerriB

      That sounds awesome!

      • CT

        It is awesome after I get over my fear of stepping outside my comfort
        zone, saying yes and trusting in God’s use of the talents He gave me.

  • Vicky

    I’ve been following and working on the daily prompts, but this one struck me , I worked for 14 years as a teacher in a catholic school and now I see clearly how God was preparing me for my mission as a CCE teacher for my kids to meet and learn about God’s love !

  • PaulDT

    This is exactly what the Siena Institute’s Called and Gifted Workshop and their Catholic Spiritual Gifts Inventory and discernment process is designed to do….as Paul points out in 1 Cor 12: 4-11
    There are different kinds of spiritual gifts but the same Spirit;
    5 there are different forms of service but the same Lord;
    6 there are different workings but the same God who produces all of them in everyone.
    7 To each individual the manifestation of the Spirit is given for some benefit.
    8 To one is given through the Spirit the expression of wisdom; to another the expression of knowledge according to the same Spirit;
    9 to another faith by the same Spirit; to another gifts of healing by the one Spirit;
    10 to another mighty deeds; to another prophecy; to another discernment of spirits; to another varieties of tongues; to another interpretation of tongues.
    11But one and the same Spirit produces all of these, distributing them individually to each person as he wishes.

    For someone to whom the Holy Spirit has given the gift of mercy or healing, it is such a waste for that person to try to mold him or herself into being an administrator or a teacher, and visa versa…We must stop trying to force volunteers into particular jobs just because the job is vacant. Why not find out where the Holy Spirit has given the person extraordinary gifts and let the person excel in that area?

  • Paul

    I made a radical change in my employment just about 1 year ago to give me more free time to explore other opportunities. I don’t know for sure what my purpose is right now, but I will keep praying for the vision to see what I can do to move down the right path!

  • Peg

    When I was young I thought I knew my mission in life. At age 20 I entered a Franciscan convent in MA and was very very happy! I took first Vows and was even more happy which didn’t seem possible! Then my father had a major heart attack and was one of the first in our country to have open heart surgery. 2 months later he returned to work. The next year I was transferred to another convent and began my studies to become a teacher. That fall my dad had another heart attack and he was pensioned off. My mom had never worked outside the house and there were still 8 brothers and sisters home. I was the oldest and felt as if I had been spoiled.. my own room great food, no chopping and carrying wood for heat …etc. So asked to be dispensed of my vows and went home to find a job and help support my family. But no jobs ,,,ends up joining the Army…meeting my husband during a visit home…have 4 children , 11 grandchildren and 1 on the way have lived in 8 states and the longest was 22 years in Alaska! God had us in musicinistry. Lector Eucharistic ministry in teaching CCD and I look back and see That Our Mission was to Love Jesus in everyone He put in our path

  • Lisa

    Okay, Matthew got me today. I sit in bed and wonder what God wants me to do today. When I can’t think of anything for sure, I say to myself, well I know for sure I need to get out of bed; and then probably I should get dressed, and then the next thing, and pretty soon I’m off and running.

  • jellojenna6

    This was good to hear today. I get so confused about what God might want me to do in the future, when I have a mission to do today. Today I volunteer at a library and work at a math tutoring place, so I will focus on that.

  • Kathy Van Dokkumburg

    Such a great reminder. Sometimes I feel like I need to hold my breath while waiting for this big thing that I feel that God is preparing me for and I forget to be present in the mission He has for me today. That’s when I start to focus on the ‘I need’ or ‘I want’ instead of continuing to serve – that’s my daily mission. Thank you, Dynamic Catholic Team! God Bless

  • Andrea Leos

    Right now I feel as if God is calling me to focus on my studies and take a new career change into real estate. I have been a stay at home mom for 7 years and before that was a hairstylist and worked in the fashion industry for 12 years. I have served the public in many ways with the talents god has given me. I have also been serving my family by being a stay at home mom. I am seeing how god uses each of us for different things. It wasn’t until I read Resisting happiness that I realized that god wants to use me as a source to make money so I can giveback. I felt so bad in the past for wanting to make money because I have heard that it is the root of all evil. I don’t agree with that. I am a good person and I will do good with the money god will help me make. Money is only evil when you do bad things with it and make it the wrong way. My goal is to give back to my community, church, family and and also have freedom with the money I make. I would like to start my own organization with the gifts and talents god has given me. Don’t know what that is though. Now looking back at everything that I have gone through in my life, god was preparing me for my career. I have always felt like I was a business woman at heart, and now that business woman has her chance to do what god is calling me to do. Thank you god! With god, all things are possible.

  • RFK

    I am in health care. I am a giver by profession and in my heart, but I can be so giving that I don’t take care of myself. One of the challenges for me was trying to find ways to be a Christ-like giver without totally deleting my cup of energy. I finally realized I needed to give from my charism, that innate gift that God gives to us, and that would be energy-giving, not energy-giving. My charism is “encouragement,” so every day I deliberately look for someone who needs a note/word of encouragement. You might be surprised to know that some doctors/nurses rarely hear words of encouragement, only the neediness of others. So every day I start my day praying that God will lead me to one person who needs His encouragement. Whenever possible, I hand-write a short note for them, other times it is an email, text or voice mail. In this way I am giving, and my cup is filled also. Charisms are the things that seem to come naturally to us, seemingly without effort, and people around us always remark about how good we are in that giftedness. For some it maybe encouragement, for others it maybe helping someone with tasks they cannot otherwise accomplish, such as mowing the lawn, or creating a spreadsheet for expenses. Others have the charism of arts and crafts and they crochet beautiful gifts for others, such as prayer quilts and bags, helping the receiver know they are a in another’s prayers. We all can be givers, and when we give from our charisms, we grow towards our mission and our best version of ourselves. Thanks be to God!

    • TerriB

      I needed this today. Thank you!!

  • Amy Reinhardt

    A mission I believe God is calling me to right now is a mission of self. He wants me to focus on myself and learn more about who I am, what I want out of my life and how I can grow closer to Him.

  • Cheryl

    I think we have many missions throughout life…that our mission changes as there is need. Right now my mission to be the primary caretaker/assistant of my 96 year old dad who has his own apartment within our home. His health for his age is very good…will probably make 100…but strength, stamina, and memory are diminishing and we can not be away overnight without coverage. Fortunately I have siblings willing to come stay once or twice a year. It gives them personal one-on-one time with dad and gives us a chance to take a short trip or two. Other than cooking (we eat together as a family) we are blessed that he is still able to care for his personal needs himself. Dad and Mom always cared for and supported me and my siblings throughout our lives. Their love was unconditional even when we missed up. It is my/mission to give back. Some day this mission will end. I will be sad but happy that Dad and Mom are together again. And then, I have no doubt, there will be a new mission.

  • Nancy D.

    Thinking about what I am being called to do right now, I realized that my young adult daughters need lots of support as they transition into adulthood. However, I also feel that I want to do something at church. So, after tax season is done, I may look into becoming a greeter. I feel this would be a great opportunity for me to meet new people.

  • Linda W.

    I think through the years I have figured out that God just wants me to be available so I can say yes. As opportunities arise I can jump in and help, even when I’m clearly not the best or most qualified person for the mission. I just have to remember to say yes!

  • Dee

    Several of my children suffer from serious anxiety disorders – one had anorexia a few years ago. I’ve learned to be patient and understanding about things that were completely beyond my comprehension. If someone had told me 30 years ago that someday I’d have to do this, and I’d have what it took to do the job, I’d have said that there was absolutely no way I could ever do it. But God is so good – He gives us the graces we need in the moment that we need them. Now I try to be supportive to my family members, but also to other parents going through similar difficulties. This is soooo far away from what I thought my “talents” were – after all, I was a STEM girl before the term had been coined. I don’t know what God has planned for me tomorrow, but I’m learning that it’s enough to take care of what HE places on my plate today. Tomorrow, He’ll let me know what’s next.

  • MaryAnne Casaul

    My mission has been to take care of my mother in law over the last few years since my father in law passed. My husband helps too, however, during the day he works and I am the primary person to take her to doctor appointments, etc. She lives alone and I check in on her. I didn’t particularly want to be involved, however, like Jonah, I pretty much have no choice since God has led me to this service. Somedays it is frustrating because I feel I want to just take care of me and my house and I know that is selfish. Especially after watching Matthew’s video about how we are called to serve. I have to admit I have selfish days where I don’t want to serve anyone but myself. However, I still submit to God and even though I may not “feel” like doing something that day I do it for the Lord and it gets me through the difficult time. I know this too shall pass and one day I will look back and be thankful that I had the opportunity to serve.

    • Joyce W.

      Sometimes you do need to take time for yourself in order to recharge. God is not a slave-driver. Jesus said
      “take my yoke upon you and learn from me for my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” If you can fit in a little time for something that will refresh you and perk you up, you won’t have to feel that you are putting your life on hold for years. If you and your husband need a break, perhaps there is somewhere that your mother in law might go for respite care for a few days. It is not selfish to care for yourself, a broken down donkey can’t bear a load!

      • MaryAnne Casaul

        Thanks Joyce. Actually my mother in law is very blessed with great neighbors! They do help out greatly. As I mentioned she lives alone and still drives too. We help her with cutting grass, doctor appts..things she can’t do for herself. Yes we do take time for us. I appreciate your reminder . It is important to take care of ourselves too.

  • Sandi

    I spent a large part of my life completely miserable. I also wondered why I couldn’t be happy. I worked so hard to but all the things I wanted and to give my kids all the things they wanted. I just couldn’t get it why I was so sad and unhappy. I have 5 kids, the oldest is 23 followed by a 19 YO, then three more aged 9,6, and 1. The second round of kids taught me a different way to love. It is not about the things you can give them to make them happy. My oldest two have a very poor relationship with their dad and I, they make poor life choices and never really seem happy. I realize now that is all a result of my poor parenting choices in their childhood. They needed time with us not just stuff from us. I never stopped to listen to God speaking to me or consider the vocation to motherhood He was calling me to. Recently I have come to understand motherhood as a vocation and a privilege. Viewing it this way is so rewarding. I get to take care of my husband and children, not I have to take care of them. I pray for healing in my relationships with my older girls. They have moved out of our home and we see them rarely. When I do see them I try to have only positive conversations with them and not criticize. It is hard because they are both out of the church and have no moral standards anymore. If anyone is reading this and you still have kids at home, I beg you! Raise them for God and not for the world. Don’t give in to all the pressures of what your kids think the have to have. God Bless!

    • TerriB

      Thank you. Still raising mine. Praying for restoration for you and your girls!

    • Tina

      Hi Sandi, Don`t be too hard on yourself.
      I find it is the culture that dictates, consciously or unconsciously. It ( through strange psychological theories, women`s lib. political agendas, etc.), undermines the self confidence of good parents. So the parents feel damned if they do and damned if they don`t.
      It is the Evil one`s way of destroying families.
      I`m glad you see God`s gift of motherhood and the power of raising children for God.
      Thank you for sharing and for your good advice. I pray and hope your eldest daughters will soon “grow up” to understand and appreciate.

  • Ed Graveline

    I had a great job for 20 years. New management came in and fired all the regional sales managers. I was devistated. I got another job in sales that paid even more that the one I just left. 4 years later, I got fired and it wasn’t my fault. So the next five years, I got a job selling stone and tiles, then yellow page and internet advertising, then newspaper advertising and then timeshare. Why? I asked God! Well, I know why now. My pastor was approached by a guy who showed him some beautiful Parish magazines. Yes, I said Parish magazines. My pastor told the young man to call me, because I lead the St. Paul Street Evangelization team. The reason for the magazine is this. Our parish has 1600 people who go to Mass on Saturday night and Sunday. That means that there are about 400 to 500 families going to Mass every weekend. But we send out envelopes to 2230 families. That means that there are 1800 families not attending Mass every weekend. The magazine will be sent to them once a month. This is how God prepared me. I sold advertising for both Yellow pages and newspapers. Now I will be selling advertising for our Parish magazine. It is published by Lighthouse Catholic Publishing and it is perfect for me. Thank you God for getting me fired from those jobs so I could learn and get experience selling advertising. Amen.

    • TerriB

      Wow. How awesome is that !!

      • Ed Graveline

        Yes it is. God is my pilot and my rock and salvation. He is the author of my life – in fact, everyone’s lives. This job pays even more than the two I had that I first listed. I will be able to give more – to not only the charities close to my heart, but also to Dynamic Catholic. Can’t wait.

  • Vicki Passier

    I especially liked Lizbeth’s entry. Helping at a Senior Center feels right to me too though I have helped in church missions on several fronts through the years, but now my husband and I attend Mass regularly and contribute food each week for the church food pantry and that’s about it. For now I do the Senior center group and it seems right for me and my husband volunteers at several places. I also help my 87 yr. old Aunt by shopping for her, doing little things around her home, and we take her out to dinner on Fridays. She loves that. We also help friends and other relatives with rides to the Dr. and other places. Vicki

  • Joyce W.

    I sometime feel that God has called me to encourage others, as this often comes naturally, and intercession is also important to me. As we live out in a rural area with tough winter conditions, this, combined with age, now limits me from committing myself to regular activities where my absence would cause a problem. But I love to sing in the funeral choir and it seems that usually when this need arises, I am free to go and serve in this ministry. I have been pondering for a while that I might offer to help with maintaining the church library, and I need to find out who is already involved. It is the kind of quiet little job that I enjoy, and would not be dependent on a particular time.

  • Rosie

    My call has been many and varied as I approach a stage in my life where I thought possibly I could relax a little. But God is still calling me to conversion and catechesis and evangelization. My job is working with children in the faith formation and sacramental preparation process. At this point, I am being called to work more with the parents of children and to guide them with their children. I feel like we have lost a couple of generations of parents and subsequently, their children. I used to think reaching the children would help to reach the parents and it does to some extent, but since parents are the primary catechists of their children, I will know be embarking on an educational process to help bring the parents back to the Kingdom and to help them realize they are the best teachers and first teachers of their children and to help them realize how important that role is and how important guiding their children is.

  • Karen D

    What a powerful message to focus on what the mission is today and keeping our mission focused on what we can do for those around us. I frequently get caught up in myself, what I need, what I am dooing, how things are going for me – and also with what will come next month, next year….so today’s “little” message about turning eyes to the needs of those around me and just focusing on what I can do today to be my best self in carrying out God’s mission for me, even if I do not fully understand what that is, is a great reminder and a call to prayerful action.

  • SanctusSanctus

    The mission I think God is calling me to now in my life is to love those who do not know and love Him (and others).

    • LJ

      Dear Person,
      That is a gift to love self in a constructive way and God shows us how to do this. Psalm 139 vs. 14 shows us His masterpiece and then Genisis 1 shows us that what God made is good. He asks trust and only way to that is step by step.
      I think beyond the parish. Sharing my spirit is important for the whole mystical body of Christ includes even those who are without a home, that is if you believe that prayer of Christ. He came here to die for us so that we may live and he prayed a prayer so that we may be one. You can find His words in John 17. To do this I go out to any homeless shelter. 1st God, then others, then self.

      • SanctusSanctus

        Well I thank you for your reply, but I am not sure you understand what I expressed.
        I do love God first, and in doing so, love my neighbor….
        My point is that there are many who do not know God or the love of God, and that is what I feel called to do. Further, there are persons within my own circle unable to love me, (and others), that I chose to continue to love, expecting nothing in return. It is considered as “altruistic love”; it is “self-less”.

    • SanctusSanctus

      Well I thank you for your reply, but I am not sure you understand what I expressed.
      I do love God first, and in doing so, love my neighbor….
      My point is that there are many who do not know God or the love of God, and that is what I feel called to do. Further, there are persons within my own circle unable to love me, (and others), that I chose to continue to love, expecting nothing in return.

  • Laura

    Wow lisbeth, you were writing for me. Right now my life is in a holding pattern. We live in a place I do not like. Everyday is the same routine. I live to leave here. The tv has become my best friend. I do donate some time by collecting supplies and money to help animals in the Rep. of Panama where I grew up. But I only go there twice a year. However, this lent I have grown and have started going back to church and confession. I feel god is asking me to grow and be on solid ground before things change for me. So thanks god, that’s what I am doing. One day we will move but for now I will keep growing into a better version of myself.

  • Caryl Sinnott

    I’m nearly 75 years old and throughout my life I have volunteered at my church. I feel God is telling me at this stage of my life to help those I meet in my daily life. I have a neighbor who is lonely that my dog and I visit about 4x a week. I try to help whoever needs help in our neighborhood and bible study. I pray for many friends intentions. I do worry though am I kidding myself and I should continue a church ministry? I wish I could just call God up and know for sure.

  • LJ

    I think beyond the parish. Sharing my spirit is important for the whole mystical body of Christ includes even those who are without a home, that is if you believe that prayer of Christ. He came here to die for us so that we may live and he prayed a prayer so that we may be one. You can find His words in John 17. My earlier post must not have been clear.

  • Susan

    I have NO idea.

    • LJ

      Dear Susan,
      May I suggest that you ask God? Then trust that He’s workin on it and next read a wee bit of scripture.
      John is a really good place to start. What do I know? Jesus was condemned to die and he stood before Pilot, even then, free. Freedom is awesome and sometimes overwhelming is the human condition. Do I thank God today or burden myself with myself? That is ? #1 and #2 is do I trust God today with my day and with me in there, why or why not?

  • Dale R Evans

    This is a very good presentation. Since I am an old man I can say our Lord has always had an assignment for me. Each time I completed an assignment I was given a more difficult assignment. I think our Lord works this way to block any feeling of pride or superiority.

  • Feelin’ Froggy

    I literally can’t stop smiling…I feel like God really spoke to me in today’s message. I work, full time, in the marketing department for my company, and I volunteer as the High School Youth Minister at my parish. I’ve just had this feeling recently that God is about to make some big changes in my life. A full time(paid) Youth Minister position just came open at another Catholic Church that’s actually closer to where I live, and I’ve seriously been considering it. Of course, I know it will be a big change, and I’m a little nervous to take that leap and completely trust God with my life. It will be a cut in salary and require some sacrifice on my part, bu the reflection today spoke to my heart and soul. I am happiest when I am helping the youth of our church learn about their faith. I’m single, but I have nine siblings, so I’ve just always been around kids-coaching, teaching, volunteering. I think they are my mission 🙂

    • Lynn Nguyen

      Feelin Froggy, I think you should go for it! I recently took a job that was less pay, less flexible, 5x’s the commute, has fewer resources, but is totally worth it! I think my mission is to help people in their careers, and I now work in a place that provides career services to those who lost their jobs. God’s plan is perfect.

  • Anne Mason

    I think God has allowed me to be more available to talk with those who may be lonely, sad, or just need someone to listen to them. I have always been outgoing and extroverted, so this seems to be one of my God-given talents and I try to use it to bring God’s message and love into peoples’ lives. Ironic that no longer working, being a two-time cancer survivor, having a permanent problem with memory (a/k/a Chemo Brain), and a host of physical issues has turned out to give me more time/opportunities to reach out and be a part of peoples’ lives when a friendly word, gesture, or prayers is just what they need. God works in mysterious ways! Out of my physical challenges, He gave me so many opportunities to do His will, to be His eyes, feet, ears, and voice. Praise you, Lord, in the good times and in the storms. <3

    • Lynn Nguyen

      Anne, God bless you! I was shocked and saddened when reading the responses of so many people who are lonely. This is an area that God needs more servants in, to serve the needs of the lonely.

    • I❤️Teach

      Amén! God is continuing to bless you… as you continue to be at His service.

  • Stephanie S

    Having recently become a mother for the first time, I decided to volunteer at a local crisis pregnancy center. I want to offer support, and, being an educator, I want to help women to take steps to further their education and also help with career planning, like creating resumes or conducting job searches. I also donate money to assist them financially. Having my son has shifted my perspective enormously, and has shown me how our society needs to embrace the culture of life, supporting women, children, and families. Lift up the family, lift up the society.

  • Cheryl Biermann

    Jennifer, great idea! I am part of a group that provides luncheons to bereaved families, I can’t tell you what it means to them. But what we give seems small to the grace that comes from them to us! It’s a great ministry. You’ll get to bless people in ways you can’t anticipate.

  • Prolifedem6M

    I have been using the Internet to spread the message for life, to educate people about life issues.

  • I am being called to build a just society, perhaps in the spirit of folks like Dorothy Day, the Berrigan’s etc.

    Jennifer’s reflection reminds me that I need to sign up for a program on prison ministry.

  • Sue

    I think God wants me to continue to touch the lives of my baby sitting children. I also think He is calling me to be more involved in my parish. I have volunteered for Father’s new pastoral council. We will see what the Lord has planned.

  • Judy

    I had an idea of my mission, my purpose, when I was working. Even the first few years of when my sight problems sidetracked my life and made me retire, I had a purpose. For the past five years I have hosted a bible study in my home. The group has dwindled down as other’s lives changed and could no longer attend.

    There is still one woman who cherishes our bible study day. As do I. My purpose, my mission, is to be the conduit for this woman to have a place to come talk about her faith every week, and become friends in the process.

  • Niove Candida Rosario

    I am just going to pray and ask “God, I want to serve you powerfully. Which talent do you want me to focus on at this time in my life? because I don’t know. I do know he is part of my life and is currently guiding towards my next step in life.

  • Arthur Brown

    God has had a mission that I realized many years ago of help out with the churches I have attended, teaching Sunday School when I was a protestant and now helping and volunteering at the Monastery of Ascension when they need me. I also have became a Dynamic Catholic Ambassador about a year ago. Spreading the word about Dynamic Catholic and passing out religious material to my friends and family and being available to help those that God calls me to do.
    God bless you in you daily journey with God, Christ and Holy Spirit

  • David Cavilla

    I wish I knew…

  • Maria

    This evening I met a young woman,who is an actress. We spoke at length about her father committing suicide and how she’s had thoughts of the same. I’m saving this day’s Best Lent Ever to show her when I see her again because I so believe in life and have believed that GOD puts in the right place at the right time to be there for others and I also want her to that GOD is there for her as well.

  • Linda Christy

    I thought I was blessed with patience. I was a school teacher – that takes a little patience, lol. My mother also had Alzheimer’s. And that was when I learned what patience really is. And it was so hard! Life is a journey and we bloom where we are planted. I just wait for God to plant me somewhere else. God bless you all, it has been a wonderful journey with everyone this Lent.

  • K T

    I’m a mom of four and a retired early education teacher who’s always been drawn to the pro-life movement. After a brain tumor ended my career quickly, I was hesitantly drawn into being a mentor for young parents at a crisis center pregnancy center. It was an opportunity to love unconditionally and non-judgementally. Then God switch gears and I ended up in another state. Again hesitantly I was drawn into Bible jail ministry. And all of my background as a parent, teacher, and Crisis Pregnancy worker came into play in my newest mission. God is a fabulous planner and I’m slowly learning to trust His plans. Open your heart to taking a risk and ask Him to guide you in it.

  • Kathe Barnes

    For so many years, I’ve been teaching because it was the next opportunity that arose when I was looking for a job some 19 years ago. I did it because it’s what was available. Only recently have I realized that teaching IS my mission. I get to work in a Catholic elementary school in 2nd grade! I get to prepare children for 2 sacraments! I get to teach what I learn about my faith everyday! I am fulfilling my mission!!! This realization has put such a tremendous energy into what I do! I’m more excited to continue. It used to be just “a job”, but now I understand – IT’S MY MISSION!!! Thank God!

  • LUC

    I have been listening to and reading Dynamic Catholic mesdages everyday during Lent. It’s been amazing and grounding on many levels. Lately I struggle with “what are my talents God gave me to use?” “How better can I serve?” I listened to how this Dynamic Team member opened herself up to the bereavement team at her parish. Inspiring. I love serving. I am also a mom to three small children and a wife. Still I think everyday, “What is my passion”, “When they are all in school what should I do as work to contribute to my family?”. I do rest knowing God has that plan but then my mind lingers to the above questions and without answers I sway to the side where I’m insecure. Make sense?

  • Mary Brennan

    I try to wait on the Lord, some how when I don’t some thing is off, I am out of His timing, 😊🤗be with me Lord, be with me, or I am surely lost!

  • Rae Mims

    I am not really sure to be honest. I have been attending my church for almost two years after having attending other faiths/non-denominational for many years. I always went to Mass on Holy Days but not regularly since childhood. So, last year I realized I had gained so much within that first year I should give back. They needed helps with CCD and I am still on the fence with that one. I am not sure why God called me to that one. LOL. But, we are almost done for the school year and our 10th graders were confirmed in February. The Eucharistic Ministry for the homebound has had me going to visit once a month since January. So far so good. Neither of these are what I would have chosen for myself.

  • Denise

    I changed parishes this year and, as usual, I joined the choir. That has always been my way of getting involved. But this time, on Catechist Sunday, the leader of faith formation announced that she needed more catechists for the afternoon sessions. Well, having recently retired after 32+ years of teaching, I knew that God was calling me to a new mission. After all, who can teach in the afternoons? Not working people. Retired people!! So I found myself teaching a class of sixth graders once a week. It has been very fulfilling for me and has helped me to focus on my own faith as well as teaching it to the kids. I feel I have grown spiritually and am looking forward to continuing this mission next year. The Lord works in mysterious ways and we have to be listening and ready to accept His call. I am helping others, but it has helped me as well.

  • Miriam

    At this moment, my mission is to listen to others and give them the shoulder they need. I am called lots to get medical info and recommendations given my medical history. I truly enjoy listening to others and being able to give moral support. Lending that ear is many times worth more than material support. As I go along this path, I will discover day by day what comes next.

  • Angela Williams

    I have always liked working with young children. They are so inquisitive and eager. I became an elementary religious education Catechist at the parish I grew up with. They had a very strong youth focus and are very motivated to support their Catechists with religious education certification and continuing religious education units. I can’t believe some of my pre-K/K elementary Bible school and summer vacation Bible camp attendees grow up so fast and I see them prepare for Holy Communion and Confirmation.This led me to start volunteering at vacation Bible camp, our annual Fiesta at the game booths, and at the Religious Education Congress in Southern California – always focused on the youth. I relocated, changed parishes and returned to school for my advanced degree. At our University Catholic Center – it was more focused on the college age population, homeless and detention ministry. I became involved with a homeless ministry in my County and then relocated again after graduation. I have found a new parish home and they are really dynamic as well. I was welcomed and I was able to jump right in with helping with our Lenten Dinner and “Feed the Hungry” ( international) ministries. From these two ministries – I was recruited to be a Parish “greeter”. Through some discernment, because I do still like to uplift, motivate, educate and empower youth, and to continue my religious and spiritual education – I came across the Detention Ministry information on our Diocese’s website. The Orientation was enlightening as well as alarming and distressful. But – it was an entre into understanding the Catholic faith at a different level and from a different perspective. What about youth who have lost their freedom and can’t attend parish services or vacation Bible camp or Sunday school? What about the youth who have been placed in foster care because they have lost their parents to incarceration? In one two hour orientation presentation I was given more knowledge about restorative justice, Catholic Social teaching, the sobering statistics of incarceration and scripture {When I was in prison you visited me (Matt 25), Remember those who are in prison, as though you were in prion with them (Heb. 13), We are our brothers’ and sisters’ keepers, wherever they may be (Catholic Social Teaching – Theme #6)}. I am currently going through the Diocesan Restorative Justice/Detention Ministry interview process to do administrative work, Bible Study, offer Communion, facilitate one-on-one visits and/or sacramental preparation. I feel this is an elevated level of God’s calling for me and I am open to do “God’s Will”.

  • Nicole M.

    I always thought my calling (or my mission) was my current teaching job. Consistently day in and day out I have tried to be there for my kiddos. I want to be the one to somehow make an impact on their lives. I know that teaching takes up a lot of my time and I don’t want it to be an excuse, but sometimes I feel like I can be doing more. Maybe this is my mission for now, but just like Jennifer, I want to be able to make people feel better and help them when they’re in need. I want to become more involved at my church. Maybe my next mission is to just pray right now and ask God to lead me in the right direction.

  • Anna Brady

    Back in 2008 I lost my full time office job. I started trying to find myself. I started helping Seniors. I’ve been able to earn some money this way. I’ve been able to help them and they have helped me. I believe God was guiding my path. I have a saying. I’m not the driver of the bus… just the passenger. God is the driver. God has a plan, we just have to stop and listen. We need to have faith and trust.

  • Barbara

    I believe God wants me reach our to others. After the death of my daughter, husband, sister, cousin and dear friend, I turned inward, That is a lonely place to be. I feel better about who I am when I reach out to others by making them a meal, listening to them with my heart or sining in the choir at a funeral.

  • Tony Pantera

    I will go out today at work as a school teacher and remember today’s focus. I think my patience with the students will be even more pronounced.

  • Sarena

    I don’t know what my mission is yet, but I believe God wants me to focus on “letting go.” This message keeps returning to me and is something I have the most difficult time doing. It’s not because I don’t trust God; because I do, it’s because I am afraid. I am afraid to misstep. Sometimes the burden I have placed upon myself is so great and I want very much to place my worries in God’s hands and rest.

  • Cindy Leslie

    I think God is asking me to be patient wait and learn. To most especially pray to Him for His will in my life and to prayer for others wether I know them or not. Most especially to trust in Him completely. I guess I’ve been afraid to. I must put my trust in God and seek His will.

  • paolo

    Wow, Amazing, how a Methodist mother, accepts her daughter will be a nun, only God has put that in her mind, yes, Ava your mother is preparing you because it will be difficult, I know you have passion in your heart and are determined, so bear with it, just like all the Catholic Saints did, She probably feels sad too, and doesn’t want her daughter to be a nun. But the fire in her little heart will not go away. I was surprised that your aunt is an ex nun, how did that happen and why an ex nun.
    God bless you Ava,

  • For years I struggled to discern my mission, my purpose in life. Others seemed so certain, working fearlessly for one cause or another. I’d join in, hoping this would be “it”…Only to find that wasn’t it. My heart wasn’t fully init. This year I participated in a Walking With Purpose Bible study called “Opening Your Heart”. The very last message Lisa, the author, challenged us with finding our mission. What’s breaking your heart? She asked. Immediately, I knew the answer.For years I’ve been vegetarian and thought that I was helping lessen animal suffering by my small part of not eating them. Then I learned that by eating dairy and eggs, I was still causing animals to needlessly suffer & die for my pleasure. I became vegan and it’s been so liberating, knowing I’m not causing another creature to suffer, just for my palate. I didn’t think this could be my mission, though, because in the challenge, the person challenging us (e.g. Matthew Kelly & Lisa B) always states to find humans that need us. But through much prayer & speaking with dear Christian friends, I have been encouraged to make Animal Rights my mission! Now, rather than my heart breaking, it feels so full of love, just knowing I’ve identified my mission field, and I’m so excited to begin working for a new Garden of Eden here on Earth, where we ALL (animals included) are at peace with each other, and secure in the Father’s love.

  • Judy

    Thank you Lisbeth! I needed to hear Matthews message and your post catapulted me into a much more confident space where I am taking action! You are a beacon!

  • Linda Carmelle

    I had trouble last time formulating an answer and I’m having trouble this time too.I am passionate about working with infants and their families at the day care level. However the time is coming to find something else. Financially this field does not offer many perks and as I see how difficult the work is as I get older!Ive been prayin God leads me to a new passion for a new mission,in his time frame.Of course since I work 3 jobs is difficult to volunteer for missions. please Lord help me make the most of the time I have and be able to find the new mission soon!