March 03: Making Sense of Everything

Day 3

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Let me ask you something: What do you want? What do you spend your days thinking about? What do you spend your days desiring? What is it that you want?

You see, God gave you the ability to want for a reason. God wants you to want. But he wants you to want things that make you happy, that really make you happy in a deep, deep, deep way. And he wants you to want things that will help you become the-best-version-of-yourself.

When we think about the things that we want, very often we want things because we’re trying to fill something within us.

We feel restless. We feel that we’re not content. We feel unfulfilled. We feel hungry for meaning in our lives. So a lot of the things we want are in response to that.

In our spiritual journey, one of the things we’re called to do is to recognize, “Ok, I want that thing, but why do I want that thing? What’s the motive for wanting that thing? What is it in me that wants that thing? And what am I trying to accomplish?”

You see, you’ve got a hole in you. You’ve got a hole in you, I’ve got a hole in me.

Pretty big hole.

When we’re little kids, we try to fill that hole with different things.

As little kids, we think, “Oh, if I get that bike, then I’ll be satisfied, then I’ll be fulfilled, then I’ll be content.” We get the bike, and it doesn’t work.

A few weeks later, we’re not fulfilled—we want something else. We think, “Oh, if I get those running shoes!” And we get the running shoes, and that doesn’t work either.

As we grow older, we tend to develop these desires around social connections. We tend to think, “Oh, if this person is my best friend, or if that person is my best friend, then I’ll be fulfilled, then I’ll be satisfied forever.” And of course that doesn’t work.

As we grow into adolescence, we tend to turn our attention towards pleasure and the idea that, “Ok, if I had this pleasure, or that pleasure, or this other pleasure, or maybe all the pleasures at one time, then I’ll be fulfilled, then I’ll be satisfied, then I’ll be content.” And of course that doesn’t work either.

As we come into early adulthood, we tend to turn our attention toward accomplishment and the idea that, “If I can accomplish this thing, or that thing, or the other thing, or all of the things, or something great, something notable, then I’ll be happy, then I’ll be fulfilled, then I’ll be satisfied.” And of course that doesn’t work either.

At that point, what most people do is just cycle back through the same cycles again. Things, people, accomplishments, money, just more, more, more.

See, we’ve got this hole. We’re trying to fill this hole that we’ve got within us. The problem is, it’s a God-sized hole. Only God can fill it. All that other stuff we’re trying to fill that hole with, in some way, is saying we haven’t allowed God to take a big enough role in our lives. We haven’t allowed God to have a big enough role in our world. And all of that is an invitation to explore that.

If you feel confused, if you feel a little bit lost, if you feel just even a little disoriented in your life, chances are something other than God is at the center of your life right at this moment. So the question becomes, “How do you get God back at the center of your life?” Because when God’s at the center of our lives, everything makes sense.

What we tend to do is say, “Ok, God I’ll do whatever you want, I’m a hundred percent available.” And we put God right at the center of our lives.

And then little by little, we take everything back from God.

Little by little, we just sort of move God over a little bit each day.

And then we realize we’re back at the center of our lives, or something else is back at the center of our lives.

And so this is a great time for us to say, “Ok, what is at the center of my life, and what do I need to do to to put God back at the center of my life?”

I’ll give you a tip: A great way to do it is through your decisions.

When you’re making decisions, ask yourself, “Am I putting God at the center of this decision?”

“The desire for God is written in the human heart because man is created by God and for God; and God never ceases to draw man to himself. Only in God will he find the truth and happiness he never stops searching for.”

Catechism of the Catholic Church, 27
(as cited in Resisting Happiness)

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It is only by placing God at the center of everything that we can make sense of life.


Place God at the center of the next decision you make by choosing not what you want or what is most advantageous to you, but what you honestly feel God wants you to do.


Jesus, I yearn for happiness because you created me for happiness. Help me to accept the happiness you offer each day by putting you at the center of my life.

Today’s personal reflection features Dynamic Catholic team member Jessica Amsberry. Jessica is one of our graphic designers and comes to us from Tarpon Springs, Florida. Jessica enjoys grocery shopping, a good cup of tea, and horseback riding.

In what area of your life do you need to place God at the center?

Let us know in the comments!

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  • ceswala

    I find that I often need to re-frame the window I look through to view what I do each day. It seems that as I move God more and more to the side instead of keeping Him at the center, He becomes an extracurricular activity in my day instead of organizing the activities of my day around Him. God should be at the center of LIFE so that He is as present and common in my day as eating and breathing are. God is not “extra” or “in addition to” the rest of my choices throughout the day, He should be the focus, the center.

    • Pattie Meli

      Wanderlust… I’m near retirement and can’t get it out of my head that when that day comes I will be happy living somewhere else. I’m not happy with the changes that are taking place in my community and yet down deep I know this is my community. I have lived here all my life. It is sometimes all I think of. I will have to dig deeper and ask myself truly what does God want and am I listening.

  • Aleisha L Boutte

    I will just say WOW i just spoke about this in my last discussion. I need to learn to stop putting god on the back burner and focus more on him in my life. maybe i will be able to stop doubting my skills i have. i do focus too much on the things that i have no control over, i can never just relax and go with the flow of life, i always have to know what is coming so i am prepared for the good or the bad. So starting now all that i do i am going to add god to the equation and just go with god and watch all the good that he will bring to me.

    • Mary B.

      I couldn’t agree more, I feel like I always have to be in control. I need to trust in the Lord and know he has a great plan for us!

      • Kathiehc

        One of the “Bumperstickers” of 12 Step programs is: Let Go! Let God!

        • Ann Flood

          That little thought has saved my sanity many a time. Without God in my life I feel adrift.
          It is a comforting thought knowing God is in charge–not me

    • Jo Lumpkin

      I feel the same way. I need to make God the center of my life! I need to fill my God sized hole with God not shopping not material possessions! I also worry about the things I really have no control over and today I have to let God have my worries! It has always been a struggle for me to put God first in my life–praying this lent I will put God on the center front burner!

  • Staci

    In control – I feel like I have to be in complete control all of the time. Being in control consumes me and doesn’t allow me to enjoy myself; I live in a constant state of worry, fear and anxiety. It’s not about being in control of others or even at work but in control of me and my life and it’s not working. It doesn’t matter how tight of a grip I have or how I police my little world, I’m still in complete and utter chaos. I need to just let go, surrender, and let God be in control.

    • Darren Guido

      I agree, Staci… that’s my challenge, too.

    • Susan E

      I am with you on this…I need to resist the addiction to be in control! It doesn’t always serve me and I know this – but yet – it is so difficult to give up some days!

  • Michael

    This is a tough one and the discussion by Jessica is so laser-like focused. To some extent, I need to reflect on this more but ultimately believe too often I do what I want and don’t put God a the center of my decision making. And it all ties together with Happiness Paradox and Resistance. I have really appreciated how the days tie together, this is a really special Best Lend Ever and I’m happy to be a part of it.

  • Yolanda

    I think I need to listen more and speak less. I have been avoiding talking to my Mom because she is so negative and often says things that hurt me. I need to keep my boundaries with her but not cut her off completely. She is doing the best she can with what she has, the same as I am. Also it is not my job to change her or anyone else but rather to accept my self and others. That to me, is a reflection of love along with patience and kindness. That’s the path I believe God has chosen for me.

    • Jackie

      Yolanda..I have a friend who is 100 yrs old.. I stopped visiting her a few months ago because she was so negative. It affected me! Well with trying to be a better person I have decided to start visiting her again. It is a good Lenten deed not only for her but for me. I will feel better about her my time will make her happy.
      And you are right! I always said my mother and grandmother worked with what they had ..they did the best they were capable of doing. I will get closer to God today.

    • Liz Eisenhart

      Oh how I relate with your situation. I am a grandmother with a heart that is hurting. Would love to hold and see our new great granddaughter but because of misunderstanding our family is divided. My prayers are much like yours, strength to let go and let God. Please have strength to keep family strong. We are all need help to build good healthy spiritual lives and this program, I believe, will help us. Your family situation will be in my prayers. Will you keep me in your prayers to. God bless you 🙏

  • Mary

    I’m retired and obsessed with things beyond my control. I will worry endlessly and by the end of the day I have accomplished very little. I went from a high stressed job to literally standing still. This Lenten series seems to have been produced just for me and I am taking it all in. I’m putting God back in my center!!

  • Michael Baur

    I am having difficulties putting this topic into words. This topic really is making me think about all areas of my life. I think that God needs to be in the center of my relationships.

    • Lisa

      I agree with you Michael. It is difficult. I am going through very tough time in a relationship. I feel that I give more and worry more about keeping this relationship then the person is concerned with how his actions or non actions are affecting me. In other words I keep people pleasing then letting go. This is causing me great pain and anxiety. I feel that God wants me to be the best person I can be but am I allowing myself to be put in harm? I am not sure how to put God in the center of my relationships…

      • Joy

        Lisa, thoughts and prayers to you as you work through the challenges. I’ve been through that pain/anxiety cycle and like you, sought to improve and grow closer to God. It is hard to let go as you say, however whatever you decide, as you continue to build on your relationship with God, your heart will remain pure. All of the giving you are doing is giving your love and you will always find peace in knowing you gave of yourself.

  • Bernadette

    I try listening and talking to God each day. Especially when I am worried. And I know that worrying is the work of the evil one. So then I say Jesus I trust in you. And it seems to help me get past the problems of the day. Jesus I trust in you!!!

    • Mary B.

      Bernadette I say, ” Lord you are my rock and my Saviour, without you I am nothing”

  • Darren Guido

    I need to place God at the center of the “day to day” control of situations. I tend to try to be in control at all times and many times this fruitless work… in traffic driving, when the weather is not what I want, in line at the supermarket/ big box store, etc. In those situations, I will work to keep God at the center (or in the car with me, under my umbrella or next to me in line) and relish the time that I get to spend with Him. Instead of being upset about what I can’t control, I’ll focus on what I can… mainly my reaction.

    • Maria A.

      I really appreciate what you wrote here. My friends and family have always described me as a control freak and it’s something that I’ve wanted to “work on”, but never quite knew how. Putting God in the forefront will certainly help remind me of how little in life I can actually control on my own, but with His help, I can understand how to handle situations and react more as He would.

      • Debbi H

        Maria, Thank you for putting into words what I can now pray for….”His help….so ….I can understand how to handle situations and react more as He would.” I realize that often my inflexibility and frustrations in my management position is likely due to thinking it’s always my way as being the best way. I have to work on this. Thank you for helping to enlighten me to this.

        • Arthur Brown

          Before I became a Catholic and an ambassador for Dynamic Catholic I was always searching what would be best. I often knew what would make me happy but I forgot to ask God. Why because I knew better, I knew what God wanted for me and I knew what was better for others in my life. Guess what usually they never work out or they created problems that I was not aware would happen. Then I did just what Matthew Kelly said, put God in the Center not just in my life but the center of my life. My thought on a daily basis is when I die I can’t take anything with me materially but what ever I did while I was on earth will be presented to God to have him evaluate my life and deeds on earth. To be truthful I am ashamed of some of the deeds and choices I have made in my past but there is an answer that I knew but once again God has shown me through Alan Hunt’s book Everybody needs to forgive Someone. In the book it reminds me of why we are going through Lent. God gave his only begotten Son to die on the cross for who you guessed it you and me. This is another step in happiness that God give us as a challenge to live our lives as he would expect us to do. I have already made this comment this morning but I thought it might be important to know about the book I just read from Alan Hunt. It is a powerful book that makes me realize God forgiveness. God Bless each and everyone of you in your daily spiritual journey with God, Christ and the Holy Spirit.

          • Kathryn Duncan

            Beautiful sentiments, Arthur, thanks for sharing.

          • Mary Ruffcorn

            Thanks Arthur. I will check into that book. As I get older, I have I am realizing more and more I need others to forgive me and now I have found it easier to forgive others,

          • Elizabeth Brumann

            I need to put god in my life to help me cope, deal, live and manage arthritsis by letting god guide me to do what is right and to give me the strength and the courage to live, cope, deal and manage the condition to help myself and to make the improvement that I need to make with the arthritsis and to make a better life for myself and not let it consume me day after day and week after week and month after month and to just work through it. Just to let god lead me and guide me in the arthritsis journey and to strengthen my spirit and to never give up on myself. To help me to learn how to use the walking stick and not to be afraid to use it. To work with Dr. Meyer to help myself get better and to achieve my goals and objectives. To accept the treatments and not to feel sad and depressed and just to be happy do whatever I can do to help myself and be proactive in my own life and recovery from arthritsis and leg cramps. I going to let god come up with a plan for me. I will just let god guide me on this journey and to help me to use the walking stick and my right knee without being afraid to do it. As I embrace arthristis I realize that I need help from Dr. Meyer but I also need to help myself. I need to do more things in general to help myself out and to embrace the change with an open mind and the grace of god. God will get me through it because anything is possible with god. As I get older I realize that I need not only others to forgive but I need god to forgive me and I need to forgive myself and remember that it is not my fault that I have arthritsis and I did nothing to cause it and it had just happened on it’s own and it is just a part of age and it does not know age it just happens to anyone regardless of their age. It is just a part of life that I just have to accept and embrace and move onward and forward with bravery, strength, determination, hard work and courage. Lent is a journey to Easter for the resurrection of Jesus and Lent is about becoming a spiritually strong person that has determination and courage and it a season of change spiritually and emotional and to embrace the teachings of Jesus by reading the Bible the daily offering the daily reflection watching the mass on television and by going to a mass at church watching the stations of the cross to better understanding the suffering and the resurrection of Jesus at Easter.

            Arthritsis is a journey that I am on for the rest of my life and it will have its ups downs, highs, lows, good, bad, ugly, happy and sad points but there is always a way to be happy to spite having the condition just turn the condition over to god and just let guide me on this adventure with strength, bravery and courage and to gain knowledge and understanding of the condition with an open mind and a fighting spirit and with loads of strength and courage and to let god pick me up and help me to move on physically and spiritually and to help me to think positive and happy.

            Give me the strength to make through the 1 year anniversary of the diagnois of arthristis from Dr. Meyer and from the regular doctor last November and to do whatever I have to do to help myself take care of myself and make improvements each and every day and to grow stronger and stronger with each passing day. Happiness is about how you make things whatever you choose to do with the rest of your life. It is in your hands and you choose the road path and the direction that you go in your own life, It is a plan for you. It is what you want to do with the rest of your and how you accept things such as a learning disability with ADD a mental disability and arthristis a physical disability and it is about being stronger than those two disabilities it is about my attitude and that I want to be happy and I choose to be happy and not sad and depressed. I choose recovery strength bravery and courage everyday.

            You control your happiness and your destiny in your life and future and this goal starts today with you and your choices about how you want to handle things and situations that occur in your life. I accept the arthritsis and the leg cramps and I will help myself to get better and do whatever I have to do help myself and to take care of myself. I embrace this challenge and I will live with it deal with cope with it manage and it and do everything in my power to help myself and learn how to live with the arthritsis. Lent is a season of change and I will keep making these changes through out the season of Lent and work my way to Easter and the resurrection of Jesus.

      • Suzzz

        I thank God for All-Anon whose way of life I try to follow. In an odd way, I am grateful for alcoholism in my family as it has brought me to realize what Maria A. just posted; we can control very little, especially in the lives of others, but we certainly can control our reactions. By turning things over to God and putting him in the centre of my life, I am finally at peace, regardless of the chaos sometimes surrounding me.
        Thank you Matthew Kelly for all you do.

        • Pat

          Yep…….let Go….let God. I thank for Al-Anon too.

    • Kathleen Spector

      Darren, I too can relate to your feelings about control. I find if I pray the rosary while driving, I envision all the other drivers and pedestrians as children of Mary: we are all doing the best we can. Like children, we can be inconsiderate or lacking in knowledge or experience, but nonetheless, we are trying our best! This practice has helped me extend courtesy and live while driving. I feel less in need of having to be in control (at least where others are concerned) and more in company with those I use to feel quite exasperated with 😄

      • Kathiehc

        That phrase you used, “more in company with,” made me think right away of the word Solidarity, being with others, not over or against them!

      • Rachelle Gamblin

        Kathleen, I say “Hail Mary” a great deal when I’m driving. It is better than counting to 10 or yelling and screaming at the other driver. I need to start saying the rosary when I’m driving though. Thank you for sharing.

      • Leah M

        The Mary Foundation has free DVDs of the rosary, often your church will have them. I listen to mine each day driving to work. I actually had to get a new copy, I listened to the tracks so many times.

        • Jeanette Powell

          Thank you so much for sharing about this. I went to the site and ordered the rosary CD and also their new one about Knowing Jesus. I am a convert and would like to start saying the rosary, so this will be a great help.

      • Betzaida Molina De Villalobos

        Kathleen what a wonderful practice!! Thank you for sharing with us!!

    • Theresa

      This is where I am. I need to give it all to God. Some things are just too big for me. My almighty God must take control, but I must leRn ho give my troubles to him and not take them back.

    • Rachelle Gamblin

      Darren, how true. We think we are in control of everything and we are not. We are only in control of how we react to situations. Sometimes our reactions are not good so we can control them and make them better. When we are angry we are not in control of the situation. We can’t let whatever it was which made us angry take over, we must back up and regroup. I like your statement of how you relish the time you get to spend with God.

    • Angela Fieler

      I just wrote a journal entry about this exact thing. I get frustrated – for me, it’s with my husband and my mom – when they don’t do what I want, when I want, how I want. And my frustration shows in my word and tone. I wrote that I need to put God between my thought and my words. That’s where I have to start today. Then I need to work on putting God in my relationship with those same two people, who I love most dearly on earth. Thanks for helping me make the connection, Darren, and Dynamic Catholic

      • CK Kav

        Thank you for that.. me too! Similar situation.

      • Tracey M

        Love this – putting God between my thoughts and my words! Thank you for sharing.

      • Charlyn Cajipe Davis

        What a wonderful way to put it! “Put God between my thoughts and my words.” Yes, I need to do this too. Thank you for sharing.

        • Ana K

          That is so awesome! The “God-sized hole” hit me hard, so right on but I was struggling to move forward with that…Your words, Angela Fieler, “I need to put God between my thought and my words” gave me the direction I need to go…thank you!!

      • Shannon

        You nailed it for me too!!! I am going to work on putting
        God between my thoughts and my words today!!!

      • Mary Ruffcorn

        I hear you Angela! Reminded me of the saying, Put your arms around my shoulders Lord and your hand over my mouth!

        • Connie Bland

          i love your reply Mary. I’m going to give that a try, sounds inspiring.

          • Rita DeSantis

            Thanks to all of you for sharing and helping to fill my own God sized hole. It is nearing the first anniversary of my mother’s death. A deeply spiritual woman, she was the best role model I could ask for on earth. I cared for her physical needs but could have done a much better job of listening and caring for her emotionally. I also lost a sweet pet, and retired from I job I held for 32 years. Rather than concentrating on all the loss and change, I must embrace and celebrate those precious gifts God shared with me. I find myself often asking Jesus to take away the pain. I need to fill that hole with joy.

        • Saul Perches

          Mary this a great quote I will definitely use this when I get frustrated with my family. Thank you for sharing & God Bless.

        • Ruth Rocker

          One of my favorite morning prayers is:

          Dear Lord,

          So far I’ve done all right.

          I haven’t gossiped,

          haven’t lost my temper,

          haven’t been greedy, grumpy, nasty, selfish, or overindulgent.

          I’m really glad about that.

          But in a few minutes, God,

          I’m going to get out of bed.

          And from then on,

          I’m going to need a lot more help.
          And some days, I need more help than others 😀

          • Mary Ruffcorn

            Yes, indeed! Guess we need to try and get up on the right side of the bed! (“

      • Barbara Levich

        This hit the nail on the head! We will be held accountable for every careless word, so where should God be but there?

      • Thank you for sharing this, Angela. You are speaking my truth, too. I am far too controlling and far too impatient with my husband and my mother, and the way I speak to both of them shames me. If I were them, I wouldn’t want to be around me. I need God to fill the hole only he can to give me the grace to find the humility and patience he wants me to have with them – and to stop being so controlling so I can get out of his way and let him be in charge.

        • mjtav240

          Oh, I like that Robin!! I, too, need to get out of God’s way and let Him be in charge!!!!

      • Lisa

        I like that. “Put God between thought and words.”

      • Rose Dorsey

        As I read these comments, my thought process was “how do I put God at the center of my day to day existence?”. When you said you need to put God between my thought and my words, that really helped me to grab on to a tangible action I can put my hands on. Applying that method is a good start. I have good intentions at the beginning of the day but end up in the weeds before the day is over. Hopefully, this will keep me in check throughout the day. Thank you!

      • Therese

        Thanks Angela! I heard myself saying the same exact thing, with same two most important people.!

      • michele giordano

        Thank you, Angela. I really need to work on the same thing! Sometimes the people we hold most dear are the people we are the most impatient with. Something i need to work on and i need God with me to do it. I haven’t done too good on my own.

      • Marie

        Great quote, “I need to put God between my thoughts and my words.”

      • Mary Ruffcorn

        Angela, I now have a post- it on my kitchen cupboard to remind me to put God between my thought and my words! Thank you and God bless.

    • Anna

      Omgosh….this is brilliant! I’m going to practice this because I’m always in need of more time with Him and the day presents so many opportunities that I’m letting pass me by!!

    • Julie Javorka

      Thank you for sharing this. I get frustrated too over things I can’t control and that are so insignificant. I really struggle with this. One prayer that I always like to pray when I feel this way is the Serenity Prayer.

    • Eileen Pintz Pesce

      When my son with Down syndrome was born, I was a mess. Yes, I was always in control – the weight of the world on my shoulders. Now what? A very wise new friend brought over a quote and stuck it square on my refrigerator door – “let go and let God” I was a worrier growing up. I still fight it today. But I have learned in those moments to let go and let God. It has changed my life. God has cured my anxieties.

      • Kathryn Duncan

        A friend once told me that when I am tempted to worry, pray instead. God has much bigger shoulders and He invites us to give our burdens to Him. Blessings to you and your son.

    • Trudy Ray Parmarter

      I too am very task oriented and think of my time in line or in traffic etc as a waste. Thank you for the reminder that I can use this time to Praise God and to listen to His voice.

      • Kelly Houp

        …….and not use that time to pick up our phone and look at fb, instagram, check email, whatever it may be, spend that time with God!

        Thanks for that thought!

    • Ruth Rocker

      Someone once told me there are only 2 things you can control in life. One is your actions and the other is your reactions. Everything else comes from outside ourselves, the actions and reactions of others around us. It is impossible to make traffic any better, lines any shorter or other people behave better. All we can do is manage how we react to problems and what actions we take. And if God is at the center of our lives, our actions and reactions will be better for everyone, including us.

  • Christie Wessel

    This reminds me of the book I was reading called Made to Crave. It focused on how we were filling the void of having Hod present in our life with food.

  • Ronald Rader

    Wow the two together help one focus clear on what we need to do every day. It is a shame that putting God first is almost always shoved back and back.

  • David B

    This is a good one for me. Currently I am working to build a business along with full time work. Even though I pray I find myself praying to God asking for this to happen or that to happen. Honestly a little afraid place God in the center because I don’t want to do the work I do any longer. I only do it to pay the bills. My fear is that if I place God at the center will he keep my in a place I do not like.

    • Marc W

      David. I too was in the place you are at. Working a job I hated just to pay the bills. Then I finally made the step to go to nursing school. In short, I failed out, decided to put my faith in my wife who God was working through and was getting ready to quit my job and return to nursing school. A month later of making that decision, my company announced they were laying off employees which I was one of. I got a severance, benefits, unemployment, and finished school. Found a job after I helped my father in law with a project, and landed in a place where I am happy and content. All of this was possible because I made the leap of faith. Its not easy but looking back it was worth it for me.

  • Yolma

    I worry too much and pray too little. My life is consumed trying to help others put their lives “in order”. I need to put God right in the middle of my anxious desire for controlling the actions of those He has put in my life. “Be still and know that I am God” Psalm 46:11

    • Joanne Horton

      I agree with you. I am always worrying about something and don’t turn to God for his guidance

    • Bob Thompson

      Yes, I find myself doint that too. With 6 children, 4 of whom are adults now, I find myself worrying about the direction of their lives, trying to make them maybe into my image? I need to let God do that, because they need to be His image.

    • Suzzz

      That is a favourite of mine too: Be still and know that I am God………..

  • Brian J

    I’m not a good writter. But God love you all for your thoughts. My prayers are with you and Dynamic Catholic.

  • Marise Petry

    Matthew Kelly suggests looking at our decisions when exploring this idea. I keep coming back to procrastination, deciding either to put something off, or deciding not to decide. The path of least resistance is just let life happen and then react to it. I am not sure where to go from here, or how to put God at the center. Does He want to motivate me to action?

  • Dave McCormick

    I like to begin my day with praying the Invitatory and Office of Readings prayers from the Holy Sea. They seem to calm me down a bit and help me plug back into God-centered thinking. I want to see myself as a supporter of others, rather than man-thinking as a problem solver.

  • Teresa Adohu

    My favorite Lenten hymn is The Servant Song. “Will you let me be your servant, let me be as Christ to You.” It speaks to me of letting go and being Christ. I’m not always good about this.

    • Kathy Groth

      You are so right Theresa I need to listen to and meditate on that song today.

      • Anne-Marie

        I’m french, I did no know that hymn. I went to youtube and listen to it. It is so beautiful, Thank you Teresa Michelle and Kathy.

        • Ma

          Thanks you also, I just listened to the song…beautiful melody and the words are simple and powerful…

    • Michelle Turney Fishbeck

      That is an amazing song thanks for the reminder.

    • Emily Beggs

      We sing that song in choir and it always reaches down into my heart and soul. It aches with so much of God’s love and blessing.

      • Mary Kate Ferry

        we sing that song in choir too. i just love it!

    • Jeanette Powell

      We just sang that song in our ChristLife class at church this past Wednesday. It is a beautiful reminder of whose we are and our purpose. Thank you for reminding me to add it to my music list.

    • Mary Kate

      I just listened to the Servant Song after reading your comment, and there was line that struck me:

      “Will you let me be your servant

      Let me be as Christ to you

      Pray that I might have the grace

      To let you be my servant too.”

      As you can see, the first line struck me as it did you; however, the following two lines are what really hit home. Not only are we called to be God’s servant, but we are also called to let God be our servant as well. I have the propensity to feel like I have to do everything on my own, but as the Servant Song beautifully elucidates, having God at the center of our lives not only requires us to serve Him, but to let Him help us too. I have been told all my life that we need to cast our burdens on God; however, I don’t think it was until this moment that I truly understood what that meant.

      • starry13

        Wow. Father José, a priest for our parish, spoke on that recently. ” ‘Am I my brother’s keeper?’ The answer is, ‘Yes.’ But we must also accept the love that we need from our brothers and sisters. We must let them keep us.”

      • Marie

        I have sung this song many times and thanks to your analogy I now have a broader understanding. Thanks

      • Erin Way

        One of the most powerful rituals (for me) that we have in our Church is the washing of the feet. Most people think that is washing the feet of others that is the difficult call, but I think actually it is letting our own feet be washed. Letting your self be washed by others, your needs served by God takes more humility than I can sometimes muster.

    • Michelle Hubbard

      Thank you for sharing this hymn – one of my favorites. I looked it up on YouTube and have listened to it 3 times already. so beautiful and a perfect reflection for today!

    • Dianne Barber Saltzman

      I keep this hymn in my YouTube favorites and listen as my nightly devotions most frequently. You have given it an added meaning. Thanks.

  • Ethel L

    This is a tough topic, nevertheless, my daily decision depends on the situation. However, it must be depending to God. I can only do so
    Much and God must be the center of me. Guide to my decisions; is it kind? , is it fair?, will it hurt someone?

  • Cheryl

    Everything Jessica is me. I allow myself to be totally consumed with my work. Always pushing myself to unrealistic goals and hating myself if I don’t exceed. Sometimes to the point of sabotaging the project because I also strive to be perfect and refusing to accept anything less, resulting in wasting time in questioning every little detail. In the morning I pray that God help me to remain calm and to do the best I can and leave it at that. But when I am in the middle of my self made chaos I haven’t over again and God is out of the picture. This Lent I want to give up my self importance and rely on God

  • Marla

    I for one have the tendency to look back on my past always dwelling on the hurts of my life. I have the overwhelming thought that everything I do will end badly. Confidence in myself is tested in everything I do. Praying that God can open the right door for me. So that I can be the best I can be.

    • Francine Flood

      Maria, have you ever read the book Return of the Prodigal Son by Henri Nouwen? It is on Matthew Kelly’s list of 10 must read books. I remember thinking “I know the parable, why do I have to read the book?” when I saw the title. I was a very low point in my life at that time and had vowed to follow any recommendation/suggestion that came from a good Catholic source, so I read it. Can’t explain to you what this book means to me; it changed my life! I think it might be helpful to you as well. Warning, it is a little slow in the beginning, but persevere it will be worth it! God bless!

      • Molly Lamson

        Do you have the link to the recommended reading list? I’d love to have it!

    • Arthur Brown

      One thing about putting God in the center of your life is that your past is what it is and God has forgave us for all of the bad things we ever have done. This is the time to give all of your past over to God and let Him deal with it for you. God loves you and the is proven when he gave His only begotten Son to die on the cross for your sins and past transgressions. I just read a book called Everybody needs to forgive Someone by Alan Hunt. It is available and it is free or pay a price of $3 from Dynamic Catholic. This book help me even more by putting God back in the center of my live because how could I not when Jesus died for my sins and is there to fill my void when I need it with his love and compassion. I asked God on a daily basis to give me wisdom in all that I do because many times I do not make wise decisions and with the guidance of the Holy Spirit the decisions will be what he wants for me to help me fill the void and give me the happiness that God wants for me.
      God bless you in your daily spiritual journey with God, Christ and the Holy Spirit

  • Dorsey

    This was a great eye opener. Just thinking about how conversations with my five year old daughter can escalate into arguments so quickly sometimes…… between her busy little mind being exhausted at the end of the school day and how I’m at whits end about how little I accomplished during the day. Man… if I could only focus on keeping God in the center and making better decisions on how to deal with these bumps in our day. That would add so much happiness to our lives.

  • Lori

    I have a tendency try to please others which I never can actually do and that makes me sad. But if I would concentrate more on pleasing God that’s what makes me happy. He already loves me, faults and all.

    • Theresa

      Lori, I can relate and agree with you in it’s when we focus on pleasing God, we are happy. God bless.

    • JJO

      Lori, yes! I needed to hear that. I am a people pleaser too!

  • beverly desjardins

    Wow Jessica, Thank you for your message! Im pretty sure that was me delivering that message. It would have been identical! While God is not in the cenrer of my to do list, I always looked to Him to help me make it happen. Thanks for your important message in helping refocus! I never thought if it that way. I will be a newer and better version of myself with this reflection, actvity snd direction!

  • Heidi Johnson

    This made me wonder, what does a life with God at the center look and feel like? He made us to have certain desires, but I often feel that it is just what I want, not what He wants. One of my great desires was to be a parent and that has happened, but how do I keep God at the center of that? I will keep working on becoming the best me that I can be.

  • Arlene Boright

    When I’m frustrated and overwhelmed by being unable to keep my home tidy cleaning up after hubby and almost 5 year old who creates lots of “projects”, I need to put God in the center and remind myself how blessed I am to have my beautiful family.

  • Bryan Cunningham

    Basically I feel that I cannot place God in the centre of my life. I feel that I have to win his attention first because I feel ‘I am not worth ignoring’. So I really do try and run the juggernaut of my life myself and it’s not working. I can start by following this programme – wasting time to find out what matters and find my way better on the journey. Thanks

    • Rose

      Hi Bryan,
      Have you ever tried starting your day with the Centering Prayer? I find it is a good way to bring God to the center of my day/life and when I feel I am losing my focus I can just think of my word and again pull My Center back to God.
      If you are not familiar with this prayer here are the steps:
      1. Choose your sacred word. ( mine is Peace )
      2.Sit comfortably. Settle in. Be still. Eyes closed. Silently speak your word in your heart. Rest within. God is there in the quiet.
      3. When you find yourself thinking of something else, say your word again, slowly and silently, in your heart. Let your other thoughts float away.
      4. Six minutes. That’s how long the journey to your center, with God, takes.

      God Bless

      • Mary B.

        Thank you!! Will definitely try this

  • Holly Lanford

    I need to place God at the center of my life in all areas. One way in the past that has helped me do this is by going to Adoration. I am going to begin doing this again. I cannot put into words the peace I feel at Adoration.

    • Theresa

      Holly, I agree!

    • Babciamel

      Adoration is available at my parish. I used to be on the committee that made sure there was someone present with the Blessed Sacrament. The peace one can achieve is extraordinary when making a Holy Hour.


    I love how Mr. Kelly addressed the fact that many of us try to fill the “hole” in ourselves by buying things, or doing things. When he used the words “we all have a God-sized hole” it hit me like a brick. We need to center everything we do around God and our “holes” will be filled. We will never feel empty. I will strive to put Him at the center of my decisions and daily life.

    • Alice

      I felt the same way Janet. I am aware of the “hole”. I just need to put God around my decisions.

      • Elizabeth

        I agree and I even ask Him several times in the day to remind me that he is there for me at 24 hours. Now I depend on Him at every moment. Still working on my transformation and talking to Him to make me ready and that I am patience in waiting for the moment because He is the Only One that know when should I be ready.

        • Alice

          Thanks Elizabeth- I appreciate your thoughts and bringing me back in thinking about God.

    • Emily Beggs

      His God-sized hole statement hit me too! I started getting really emotional because the whole time he was talking about the hole we all have, I kept asking myself, what is mine? How do I try to fill it? I can’t believe I didn’t see it coming and now it all makes sense.

    • Mindy Pfaff

      Yes, that comment also hit home for me. I try to fill my “God sized Hole” with many other things like my child, busy-ness, shopping, texting, etc. you name it….and I realize that nothing, not even my child, can fill that hole, until I let God fill me and give everything to Him. EVERYTHING! That’s my challenge, is giving EVERYTHING to Him and letting him complete me and fill up that space in my heart! Thank you Matthew Kelly. God bless you and your work at Dynamic Catholic.

      • Carol Carpenter Lichten

        And once you allow Him to fill that God-sized hole, Mindy Pfaff, you’ll find that those other activities, tasks, responsibilities, and loved ones are taken on with a deeper love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self control. That’s the fruit of the Spirit that God guarantees us will grow when we trust Him.

        • Mindy Pfaff

          Thank you Carol for that message! Have a blessed day.

        • Connie Bland

          I agree, I am feeling it more and more each day as I put[ me trust in the Lord and hope the Sprit leads me each day

        • Gilberto

          I agree Carol. We can ask if God is at the center of our decisions & actions. Can also ask what would Jesus do in a b c situations. But we also need to know if we R moving forward, and the fruit (manifestation) of the spirit in our lives can certainly help — are we experiencing love, joy, peace…?

        • Della Nestor Garrity

          That is Beautiful………..Thank you.

        • Sylvia

          Very well said

        • Barb

          Beautifully put. Thank you.

      • Lynn

        Totally feel what you just replied. Staying super busy with things instead of simply being still to feel Him. Thank you all Matthew Kelly and all who reply because we are here for each other. Thank you…

        • Leah Levitt

          I also find myself trying to stay super busy. And I often manage to do this by not doing what I really need to do, like housework and cooking meals.

          • Shelley

            I agree. I stay “busy” even when I don’t need to be. I need to find quiet time to listen and to allow God in.

    • Amy Carmichael Hummer

      I wrote that very same statement on a small piece of paper…”A God Sized hole = He needs a bigger role in my life.”

      • Olivia Tanyadji

        Thank you for this statement. I am stealing it.. Have a blessed Lent!

      • Pattie

        I’m putting that in big letters on my refrigerator

      • NancyB

        I agree completely. I too am sharing your statement! Thanks

        • Angela

          Yes, things run so much better God is at the center.

      • Ray

        I got away from God and just recently found Him again and started putting Him in the center of my entire life, everything I do. Let me tell you, what a world of difference. I feel so much better every day and it just keeps getting better.

        • LMS

          Ray – share with us examples of how you do this

          • Madeline Nance

            Hi everyone,
            I have to do physical things to stay in touch with my spiritual desires and intentions. I. E. When I’m trying to focus on prayer and remembering the presence I like to light a candle as when I see it I remember to praise and pray. Recently I was ask for prayers. I could not find a candle … I did find a tiny battery powered tea light. So using that I realized it was even better. It lasts longer and I can even take it in the car. Soon I hope to be able to be consistently conscious with or without the tool of light.

          • Shannon Aguilar

            I like this idea!! Thanks for sharing!

          • Jane Lenzer

            l LOVE this ”prop” for prayer!!! Thank you Madeline for sharing!! xooxox

          • Lori Lefor

            Hi. But one never needs to get rid of the tool. That’s one of our constant reminders. I have candles in various places real and battery…do not always have to light them to have a reminder

            Lord God always wants us to go toward the light

      • Michelle Guzzetta Pescatrice

        Love this idea!!💝

      • Maria Hinojosa

        yes! great one! I will write it down and share with all my friends and family!

      • Dianne Fox

        I wrote that one down too! I don’t want to forget how that one statement impacted me!

    • Lynne

      Oh I felt the same way – I need to put God in the center of my life – decisions will be complete.

    • Irene Docherty

      I totally agree… Matthew Kelly hit the nail on the head with this one… I’m always “chasing after something”…but never feel content… I MUST PUT GOD at the center of my life… I’m trying, I’ll try harder.

      • Carmen Daniels

        I completely agree with you! Matthew Kelly has shed light on the fact that I do have this God size hole in my life….just breaking a lifetime habit of not including God in all my decisions is a little difficult. I’m trying to do that…but like you said I need to try harder too.

      • Carrie Labinski

        Love how you said “chasing after something”.

    • Peter Bibbo

      Agree! The problem of the “God-sized hole” is a brilliant analogy. The popular notion of “let go and let God” is among the best advice we can obtain, but what courage that takes!

      • Patricia Kennedy

        Another favorite saying of mine is.”Be still and know that I am God.” At times, this is so hard to do.

        • Gumbo Lilly

          I really like that as well, Patricia. We live in such an incredibly noisy, busy world that silence and quiet and calm seem foreign….yet that is what we need so we can give Our Lord a chance to speak to us….and so that we may hear.

      • Rita

        Let go and let God is what a hospice nurse told me when my Dad was dying … now ESP when times are tough I try to listen and really hear and live that phrase,…

    • Sarena

      Agreed. A lot of what he said opened my eyes. I too often feel over-consumed by things and I find where I crave just that peace that God gives. I’m guilty of pushing it aside, I need to bring God center to everything in my life.

      • Genny Moguel

        Hello Sarena
        I love reading everyone’s opinions, it makes more sense to me! Now I know why I’m so empty and unhappy thinking I need love, attention, care and so on…when I have everything to be happy about…and still complaining…it must be the great hole that needs to be filled, I need God 24 hours a day …what a discovery!

    • jane Mackey

      Amen to that. Hit me like a brick too. There is a big hole for a big God to fill

    • Mary Hayes

      I too was struck by the God Sized Hole. When I really think about it, I can see that the things that have made me the most happy in the past; the most genuinely happy, have been the simple things like sharing a kind word, a touch, or a hug with someone who really needed it at that moment. The satisfaction and happiness those moments give me are so pure and powerful. I really need to pay attention more often to those “Godly Signposts”….He is showing me how to fill up that hole!

    • Maria Hinojosa

      Wow! yes when I heard those same words ” God Sized hole” It hit me so hard I felt the tears coming down my face! it literally made me cry.

    • Michelle Peltier

      I completely agree.

    • Pat Mckee

      Matthew Kelly was spot on about ‘A God size hole’ I go from project to project…TV to opening a book.i never finish because I’m searching for the feeling of completeness, fulfilment, that feeling of being satisfied. I know know to fill the God hole with prayer and the Bible.

    • susan

      you couldn’t have said this better. it was perfect. For years I bought things, received them at the doorstep and was so very excited to open it. it was like a present to see what came in the mail today. But looking at that beautiful sparkling ring was a moment, a moment of pleasure, of happiness and then it was over. It was over for the day until the next few days and them again only a moment of happiness. I realized that things didnt make me happy. My heart has been yearning for sometime more. For God. But I always seem to put other things first. Next it was all the things I packed for moving now have to be unpacked or stored away in boxes because we decided not to move. Concentrating every day on cleaning up the boxes. It is still in my thoughts but yesterday I prayed first in the morning. I said the rosary. I used to say 3 rosarys a day but somewhere along the way I was turning to other thoughts and God waited and final I have turned back to Him. I cant say this is easy. My thoughts go to the same thoughts that I have been thinking for years but……….. now,…….. again I said the rosary almost first thing this morning. I am happier but not filled. Not yet. I know that God is what I have been missing for the last few years. I will pray again tomorrow because I want to be with Jesus. I love to be with Jesus. Thank you Jesus for this day with you.

    • Donna Arroyo

      Yes, I agree. And a great scripture to back that up is Proverbs 3:6 (TLB) “In everything you do, put God first, and He will direct you and crown your efforts with success.” One of my all time favorites! : )

    • jlmiller

      I share the feeling: “we all have a God-sized hole.” Couldn’t be more truth in that statement!

  • Nancy R

    Dynamic Catholic is bringing me back to faith in a different, new and refreshing way. A video as opposed to reading a passage alone is a wonderful way to invite us into the discussion and spark a thought for us to carry through the day.
    Last night I was racing down to present a product I sell to a complete stranger I met at a library function. I was filled with fear and my head was racing with negative thoughts. I remembered the discussion about resistance, stopped myself and talked to God instead and it was fine.
    I don’t know if I made a sale and don’t care. I felt great after and thanked God for joining me and helping me through.
    I need to place God at the center of my goals and dreams. I need to keep the lines of communication open in order to remember I am not alone.

    • Kim Mohr

      Great job inviting God in to help calm your fears:)

    • Francine Flood

      Such an easy thing, yet so difficult to remember and do! I hope the more often we are able to do it, the easier or almost second nature it will become.

    • Ann Feehan

      thank you Nancy R! I needed to hear this today!

    • Jean M Trefz

      Yes Nancy I agree that Dynamic Catholic is bringing people back to the TRUE FAITH and I thank God for Matthew Kelly and his Staff for their ministry! We are Blessed with many people in our lives past and present that God sends to us through Divine Intervention to help us on our journey here on earth and lead us to a stronger FAITH, teaching us to NEVER give up HOPE, and to LOVE till it hurts (knowing that LOVE NEVER hurts so we keep on LOVING). I am a mother of 11 and a grandmother (Nonni) of 16 (which 2 are adopted and 2 in heaven) and I have always taught my children (as Matthew Kelly has said on this 3rd day Best Lent Ever) to make God the center of your life because that is TRUE HAPPINESS! We should strive to please God and not Man, do everything for the Glory of God, and with that thought you will never fail in life because God knows your heart and where He is in your heart and He has an unconditional Love for us. What better gift is that! I also tell have told my children and those I cross paths with to “Let go and Let GOD”, to go with the flow and not worry because worry is not trusting in God. When we start to worry and resist, as you mentioned Nancy, stop yourself and talk/pray to God, the Holy Spirit, to JMJ (the Holy Family) to give you Strength and Peace of Mind and Heart. I will tell you this that Our Blessed Mother Mary is my refuge, she is the GREATEST MOTHER OF ALL, and Her Son gave Her to us as our Mother, She will lead you where you need to go and to become closer to Her Son our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! I tell people, “I hang on the Blessed Mother’s Mantilla, and She takes me for a ride and I dare not let go!” hahaha! It’s an AWESOME Journey! God Bless You Nancy and God Bless America and the world! Yours in Christ, To God be the Glory! Jean M Trefz/JMJ

  • Susie Avril Glascock

    I need to place God in the center of my prayers which often are derailed by worry about my children and financial future.

  • Chris

    Last couple of work related webinars featured a gentleman by the name of Simon Sinek. He is apparently one of the popular leadership “gurus”. His biggest message is asking “why”, why do I want that bike, why do I want that promotion… When you tie in that question with Matthew’s video, it clicks for me. Why does God want this person in my life…

    • Eileen

      Chris – I like that -thank you for sharing

    • Anna Brady

      I agree. Great way to think Chris. I believe we need to slow down sometimes and ask that question. We go so fast sometimes that we miss things like that.

    • Jesse Bourque

      Reading “Start with Why” right now. Got hooked on Sinek after reading “Leaders Eat Last” some time ago. Powerful messages.

    • Alice

      Excellent point Chris. Ask the WHY – Thank you.

    • Shawn

      Wow Chris that is powerful. …… why do I want these things really does make me question my intentions and makes me realize I have wounds to be healed and by the grace of God will have that hole filled with his love and compassion. Thanks for helping me rightly order my desires.

    • Susan Keogh Helten

      I stopped into a store to pick up two specific things and then starting to pick up other items. Reflecting on what God wants of me I started “in-shopping”, which I am getting better at all of the time. I have always shopped for clothes when I am depressed. Recognizing that need as a “God-size Hole” changes the impulse. Wish I had learned this years ago.

      • Kim

        I think so many of us can relate to this. No amount of new clothes, shoes or whatever will ever fill that hole. Thanks for sharing Susan!

        • Leah Levitt

          With me it is kitchen gadgets. Think I need to start asking that question when I shop.

      • Lisa

        “in-shopping” What’s that?

    • Leah Levitt

      Good question. If we asked it I’m sure we wouldn’t do a lot of the things we do.

  • Molly

    Jessica’s video really hit home with me as a fellow list maker. Her comment to put God in the center of my list was very impactful for me to hear. Thanks Jessica.

  • Karen

    Placing God in the center of my life? Yes…I need to start right now! With my hubby in Hospice, I have been praying for him to have one more pain free day, for him to find one more day of peace & love….for him? Really? I guess it is really for me. Placing God in the center of my life EACH DAY…letting our loving Father guide me to His loving care each day….this is where I need to be. This would be my happiness!!

  • Susan E

    Wow,Jessica really hit the nail on the head for me! I work two jobs – and there is a lot of moving pieces in both jobs…and then there is the house, the yard, the dog and life in general. I am a list maker and I most definitely define my self worth with out productive I am. The problem is when I don’t get everything done or when I fear I will not be successful – I am filled with self doubt and self loathing and my sense of worth and worthiness plummets. Oh Lord – help me to always keep you on the list at top of that list. Guide me, inspire me, enlighten me. Amen.

  • Maria Yactayo

    Since I got married 3.5 years ago, I have strived to place and keep God at the center of my life. We desired children and within a year of marriage we were expecting our first. Shortly after our first was born we got pregnant again! What a great surprise. Only the second pregnancy and baby were much more challenging. Not to mention we now had 2 babies to take care of!!!!! Although my husband and I felt we were done having children. I kept God at the center of my marriage and remained open to children (as I had vowed), but very careful as to avoid pregnancy. Welllllllll….. God had other plans. I am currently 11 weeks pregnant with my third! Although I was open to Gods will, when He revealed it to me I was upset, angry, and full of worry! The irony, no? I need to place and keep God in my marriage. I need to trust His desires and will for me and my family. Thank you for this great Lenten tool!

  • Michael Ennis

    Truer words rarely spoken. My wife and I constantly allow stress to balloon to a point that is out of control. At some point it hits us what is happening, and we stop to say to ourselves that we just need to put this in God’s hands. Next thing we know, the things we were stressing about have passed, and everything turned out all right. God is great!
    God Bless

    • Mary B.

      I too find comfort in putting things in God’s hands … thingi always work out for me when I do!!

  • Cate

    I like the idea of being God into my decisions because it’s good practical way to keep in touch throughout the day. My intentions start out good but as the day wears on I can get consumed in the day to day and I lose touch. I try and call on the Holy Spirit to be my source of wisdom and guidance mostly for difficult or big things. But after today’s message I see this can go further in my choices I make hourly big or small.

  • Adriana Ayala

    I feel that i need to put God in the center of my career. I feel that my need for control and like the video said the needs to finish my lists and due dates keep me away from being the better version of myself.

  • Darcy

    As a college professor I have students everyday who need my help to master the information they are learning. They are important – and they are right there – physically – asking for my time. I love what I do – but I often let the immediate gobble up all the time – and I don’t leave room for the important – for quiet – for prayer – for worship – for God. I need God in the center of my work – I need God in the center of managing my time.

  • Theresa

    I need to place God at the center of my life in my desire to be loved. I’m single and I’ve always “believed” that marriage or being in a relationship will make me happy and fill that void. I clearly can recall the moment when God spoke to me and told me the love I was desiring was something He could only fulfill. I still struggle with my desire to be loved and I know when God is the center of my life each day, that desire is filled.

    • Jana Porter

      I was single until I was 41 and put much effort and desire into finding “love” and specifically the love of a man. Likely in part due to my parent’s divorce. When I finally got married it still did not fill the “hole” and I struggled for three years to get past my unrealistic expectations of what a man would bring into my life. After six years of marriage and after listening to Resisting Happiness where it spoke of 10 minutes of prayer a day I found the Prayer Process on DCatholic’s website and am going to use this to structure my prayer time! Also, my Lent goal is pursuing a deep sense that I am loved by God for all that I am and finding hope in Jesus, regardless of my feelings and negative habits of mind. May our time with the Father heal and change us both.

      • Theresa

        Hi Jana! I’m glad to hear how God is guiding you and touching your heart. I pray that He continues to heal and change us both as well. Thank you for taking the time to share your story. God bless.

    • Francine Flood

      Theresa, I just posted this comment for someone else, but I think it would be helpful to you as, I believe, it would be extremely beneficial for everyone. 🙂

      Have you ever read the book Return of the Prodigal Son by Henri Nouwen? It is on Matthew Kelly’s list of 10 must read books. I remember thinking “I know the parable, why do I have to read the book?” when I saw the title. I was a very low point in my life at that time and had vowed to follow any recommendation/suggestion that came from a good Catholic source, so I read it. Can’t explain to you what this book means to me; it changed my life! I think it might be helpful to you as well. Warning, it is a little slow in the beginning, but persevere it will be worth it! God bless!

      • Theresa

        Hi Francine! Thank you for the book recommendation! I have not read that book, but I will strongly consider purchasing a copy soon! God bless.

        • Francine Flood

          Happy to help! God bless! 🙂

    • LaQuita Hilzinger

      As a single person I’ve always felt like others judged me for not being in a relationship. I’m working to accept that perhaps my vocation in life is to serve as a single person. To allow god to use me to support and assist the family and friends around me in ways that wouldn’t be possible if I was committed to a spouse and/or children. I hope to truly take to heart the realization that God’s path for my life was designed in His love.

      • Prolifedem6M

        God may also be calling you to serve other singles. Loneliness is the most prevalent problem among singles. We are the unrecognized vocation within the Church and servicess to singles are few, especially when compared to those for married folks and families.

        • LaQuita Hilzinger

          I’ve always lamented that there are almost no services for singles. Everything I’ve been able to find in my local parishes has been for those who are widowed, divorced OR “mixers” for those who are looking for spouses. Any suggestions on ways to support those with a vocation for single life who are in their middle years (not teens or twenty-somethings)?

          • Prolifedem6M

            It’s a common problem. I headed such a group for about 18 years. We served all ages and varieties of singles (never-married, widowed, divorced/separated) in four counties. While we had a few 18-year-olds from time to time, practically speaking most were 30 or older. Our program was mostly social, dinner at a local restaurant in any of the four counties or day trips to local places of interest within an hour or so’s drive. We car-pooled for these. We did have a yearly singles retreat and a yearly visit to one of two nearby shrines. We emphasized fellowship rather than match-making, but did have a number of weddings come out of the group.
            We were a relaxed group. Rather than formal meetings, while we had officers, we found conducting an informal conversation at each event about what the group wanted to do over the next few months worked better than formal meetings. We had a newsletter that came out 3 times a year with the events scheduled for the next 4 months listed. We passed the hat at events for funding.
            If I were to design such a group (rather than inherit it as I did), I would add a more robust spiritual program (maybe bi-monthly lecture/spritiuality sessions) and an annual community service program.
            I really grew to love this ministry. I met a whole lot of very lovely people, had something to do every couple of weeks and got to go a whole lot of places that I wouldn’t have visited otherwise. Also made some good firends. My ministry to singles was unique in the diocese.
            If this interests you, talk to other singles you know who might be interested in working with you. Let your pastor know. He may have ideas and help for you.

          • LaQuita Hilzinger

            Thanks for the great ideas.

      • Theresa

        Hi LaQuita! I can relate to your feeling on singleness as a vocation and agree that God uses our “stages of life” for His love. God bless.

  • Laura Wilson

    Wow Jessica! I feel the exact same as you and have my entire life. Thank you for sharing. I’ve been trying to fill my God sized hole with my to do list accomplishments for 48 years. Starting today, things will be different. Love, joy & peace to you.

  • Tom

    A lot of times life seems to be going just fine and then all of a sudden it’s not fine. This is when I continue with God by my side and things usually start to straighten back up. I feel so much more relaxed when I’m not trying to manage it all by myself. Thanks God.

  • Francis Xavier-Joseph Ramsey-P

    I’ve been a Catholic for about five years now, and it’s always been a struggle, trying to keep God at my center. I’ll do exactly like Matthew said, I’ll put God at the center, then I’ll slowly work Him out again. Yet at least for the last few days I’ve been doing better at relying on God. Part of my Lenten practice is giving up social media, and it’s been amazing at how much time I now have for God. Not that I didn’t have the time before I just hadn’t been using it. I’m looking forward to continuing this Lenten practice.

  • 1 sinner

    My hole isn’t filled by things, people, money or accomplishments but rather in seeking physical pleasure, which is often sinful. The crazy thing is, I fill worse after the pleasure is obtained. My goal this lent is to resist just a little longer every day.

    • Ann

      We are all sinners. Try reading Manual for Spiritual Warfare.
      God Bless you

  • Bill Korber

    God needs to be at the center of my finances. I constantly worry about having the means to afford a good life for my family. I have felt this way for as long as I can remember. This desire to make money and have stuff has consumed me. I guess growing up with less made me want more. Along with wanting more has come an almost paralyzing fear of not being able to maintain my life. Careers and industries swing high and low. If you are not prepared “over your skis” as we often say at work the consequences can be dire. Lately I have started to feel that it’s only money. Maybe the notion of less is more is more meaningful now. Clean out a garage and the pile of things you had to have ends up on the curb. I have spent a lot of $$$ trying to fill that God sized hole.
    As a parent have I been to quick to give my children what they want? Are they entitled? Thankfully they have been coming out ok despite my best efforts to overindulge. I have been blessed with a great spouse. Lately I find I want them to have God in their lives. Maybe I’m finally on the right track. It’s so hard not to get distracted and veer off the path.

    • Mary B.

      I can totally relate to you! I have this great desire for my children to find God in a more meaningful way and not just church on Sundays! I sent them both links to this website and just pray that they will find comfort, peace and joy from Matthew’s videos! My life has certainly changed since I started bestlentever last year!

      • Bill Korber

        Yes, thanks! Put it in the “family chat” so far it’s only me, but I am talking it up!!

  • Judy S

    My life is still sorting through the whirlwind of escaping an abusive marriage.I am reminded daily where God needs to be in my life. It has been an amazing journey to feel God returning to my core, each day I know I am stronger, each day I am thankful for this renewal of my faith and everyday life.

    • Becky Jaracz

      Judy, I am grateful the Lord delivered you, to this place. You are a strong, beautiful woman.

  • Becky Jaracz

    My hole is emotional. I have a sense of “I am not enough for those I love”
    I put God into my hole every day with prayer and conversation. I use music a lot to center my prayer. I am so grateful for the Joy, God gives to me, that I want to give it to those I love. I am awakening to the realization that they deserve to discover it for themselves.
    God is good, all the time.

  • jesspinosa

    With old age comes the ability to surrender one’s self to God more than when one is younger, full of ambition, with many dreams. I think that I have surrendered 95% of myself to God, and He has become the center of my life. The highlight of my day is going to Mass and spending a Holy Hour with Him. At this point in my life, there is nothing I want more than to be with my Lord. I am not the suicidal type but when I read about what’s going on in the world – the politics, the fake news, the back-stabbing, the killings, the wars – and in my personal life – health issues, being forgotten by loved ones, having to deal with such mundane tasks as doing taxes and vacuuming the floor – I yearn to rest in the arms of my Lord for all eternity. But this did not happen without my first falling in love with Jesus. He is my All, He is my Beloved. In prayer, I ask Him to let me finish whatever missions He has left for me, get it over with, and call me back to Himself.

    • JJO

      And that is where I want to get…exactly where you are spiritually. I’m still fearful and fretting, and my life is pretty crazy with two jobs, two grown children still at home, a husband who travels way too much for business and it is killing him, and 9 grandchildren. I love Mass and holy hours and want to spend much more time with Him, but it is difficult. And I worry about everything. God bless you!

    • R. Formano

      Beautiful! That is a blessed life. An honest life.

    • Hunter

      I am 13 years old and still trying to be the best person I can be at this age and I am trying to follow the path and life God wants me to live. I hope that I can live a Holy life just like you have. God bless

      • jesspinosa

        Tell Jesus that you want to do this for Him and He will guide you. More young people like you should have the same objective in life as yours. I was born and raised a Catholic but my loving relationship with Jesus started when I was in my 30’s after some big trials happened, and I consider the years before that, years without Jesus, to be wasted years. You are young enough to be my great-grandson and you gave me such joy with your message. I will pray for you. May Jesus immerse you in His Divine Mercy.

  • Elaine

    My relationship with my loved ones causes me confusion as to who needs me and who I give my attention to. I need to put God before anyone else and let him guide me. I’m taking time this lent for more prayer and asking God to show me the way.

    • Lisa

      Elaine I feel where you are coming from. I am married with 3 school age boys at home. One adult daughter and my 1year old grand-daughter and my 76 year old mother with alzeheimers. I am often torn where do I put my attention and energy. I find I do a lot of praying because I know only he can guide me in every decision I do. I also know it is exhausting.

    • JJO

      I can relate to that, Elaine. Excellent idea! I’m going to do the same.

  • Tina Czzowitz Zacherl

    My work can be quite negative at times. The ironic thing is that it is also so rewarding. I need to focus more on the wonderful opportunity I have at my job and less on the negative situation that is surrounding it.

  • Sherry McCollum

    My mother has Alzheimer’s and her ability just to do small things really takes a toll on my life because my husband and myself are taking care of everything for her from finances to landscaping. Basically, I am running two households, working full-time and getting ready to send our son to college and I need God to be at the center of this everyday obstacle of dealing with this disease and caring for my mother. This is one of the reasons I want to be closer to God and make him the center of my life to help me with this daily struggle and to do the best I can for my family.

  • Valerie DeMato

    An area of my life that I need to place God at the center is in worry. I worry about not having lessons done on time; I worry about classroom observations; I worry about whether I will be good enough; I worry about whether people will like me or accept me; I worry about past mistakes, and on and on. But the times that I have reached the point of utter desolation–realizing that I will never be good enough–and simply dropped out of the worry and cried out to God in my desolation–those are the times that I have found the strength and the stamina and the ability to carry on, come what may! And then I see that I try my best, but allow God to take it from me as an offering, to mold and create anew. And I am often so surprised at the things that God has wrought! This process of giving it to God in humility will be a life-long practice of placing God at the center of my life.

  • Sandra

    I am so opposite of being productive, I give in easily to laziness. .resistance…I today will pray to God to be more focused with God at the center. I loose focus .God please guide me.

    • Linda

      I feel the same way, I am pretty much existing, I hope I can get God to guide me to be more productive

      • Sandra

        I am with you on this prayer.

  • Erin Carter

    I really liked that Matthew mentioned that we all have a hole in us that can only be filled by God. The times in my life when I really need to focus more on God being at the center is when I worry, I’m tempted, or when I’m going through a rough time in my life. It’s these moments that I tend to stray away from God but I realize that his plans are greater than mine and that I need to fully rely on him instead of myself because he knows exactly what I need to do and go through to get to heaven. Lately I’ve been thinking of the Israelites who wondered through the desert for forty years knowing that the promise land was right there. They didn’t trust God enough and he needed to build their trust in order for them to experience the promised land. I think of this whenever I think of my times asking God why thing had to happen certain ways. It makes me realize that during these times I didn’t fully trust God and something happened to bring my trust back. When you trust God and make him the center of your life wonderful and amazing things will happen!

  • Jtp

    I have the same exact situation as this young lady. I am always trying to prove my self worth by what I accomplish in order to feel valued by my husband; which never brings the result I want, my children, family and friends. I would like to overcome this with God’s help. I’m hoping to learn how because I think this might be codependency and I don’t know how to break it by myself.

  • AB

    I am amazed at how readily and honestly the reflections, the self evaluations, come to people. How do I get there?

    • Stacy West Taylor

      Not sure what you mean here. For me, the suggestions he is making in his videos this far resonate with me. In other words, I realize that if I took his wisdom that my life might begin to follow a path of greater peace. I don’t necessarily agree with the happiness aspect. I believe as Christians that suffering is part of life as the bible tells us, but I definitely believe we can have peace thru Jesus Christ – a supernatural peace found in walking in alignment with His Word. This is what Mr. Kelley is basically indicating. I think to tell people they can be happy is not all together fair because he doesn’t know what circumstances we are all walking. We CAN have peace and SHOULD have peace and contentment with our lives, and moments of happiness. I will say too, that we should have a joy about is as Christians, that no matter what we are facing in this life that our eternity is where our hope is. Keep our eyes on him. For these reasons, Mr. Kelley is giving good advice. We tend to get bogged down with life and tangle it up way more than it needs to be. I also believe until you truly have a relationship with your Savior that none of this is really going to resonate. The way you solve your daily issues and see your challenges will probably not include your spiritual self at all. So, the first step is to do a self check – does Jesus abide in your heart and mind as the Savior of your soul? If not, pray that He will open you up to receive all that He has to offer, and then seek Him with all your heart. He will open your eyes to see things in a whole new way. God bless you today! I hope you are filled with peace and joy in Jesus name.

    • Roberrt

      Good question. I am having the same struggle but I am finding value in the contemplation I am having on the daily topic. After all, if it really so easy, don’t you think you would have thought or known “the answer” already? Delight in the journey, today and every day.

    • Joan Fithian Quintana

      AB, Maybe just give yourself permission to take this slowly. Persevere despite the fact that you don’t sense that you are “getting there.” You are. My best guess is you’re seeing comments from those of us who had a big moment of clarity but there are many, many more who are not commenting, perhaps because they too have not yet found clarity. Just keep trusting that God is and will continue to speak to you in the way you need as you continue to seek Him out this Lenten season and beyond. Clarity on anything is a rare gift but especially so when it comes to matters of our sacred hearts. Take a deep breath and know that He is with you, speaking to you, and ask the Lord to help you hear and know. He will hear your prayer and answer in just the right time. I’ll pray for you as well.

  • Tish

    This was so powerful! I read Resisting Happiness in January and it Changed My Life! Matthew is so right when he talks about thinking having certain things will make us happy. I always thought ” I want a bigger house,” and that it would make me happy, but since reading the book and having a closer relationship with God and making him number 1, I feel very content and peaceful!!! Thank you, Matthew for writing this incredible book and sending your daily messages during Lent!

  • Sarah R. Johnson

    This is where I struggle the most. I am a worrier. I feel that I have to take care of everyone and everything. I am a mother, a nurse and a student. Where does God fit in? I truly need to take this time to intentionally put God in the center of all my life. I talk to my patient’s family about having faith in God and praying to Him because He can truly create miracles. I need to take my own advice and have faith in God in my own life.

  • Nicholas Zrallack

    There are many times that I engage in my tasks without beginning the task with prayer. When I start with a prayer, I find that I feel more satisfied both during the work and after the work is done. I know this, yet I often jump right into the work. At the suggestion of a friend, I set on prayer on my chair each time I get up from my workspace. I have no choice but to move the paper when I go to sit back down. Picking up the paper triggers me to say the prayer before I begin my work. In that simple action, I now engage in prayer throughout my entire day. It has helped me to put and keep God in the center of my tasks.

  • Nancy D.

    I have been watching some videos about “what do we really want”. Like Matthew Kelly says we may think we want the things we want, but if we really think about it, these things may not be in line with what we value. How do we know what we value, in one of the other videos I watched an exercise was to write a eulogy about ourselves from the perspective of the people in our lives, like partners, children, bothers/sisters, friends, etc. It is interesting what we want people to remember about us…it will not be about the job we held, the things we bought, the house we lives in, etc.
    It is interesting that it sounds so easy to put God in the center of our lives, but in reality, it is the most difficult thing we need to do. I know it is very hard for me, but I keep trying.

  • John F

    Hiw true this . God wants me to be happy. My witness is
    I am self employed. Every quote I do I ask for his wisdom at pricing the job. When I have written the quote I place it in his hands and go to sleep. Sometimes I have increased the cost and have got the job. They are always the happiest and calmest jobs I have.
    Thank you Lord .for this.

    • Jake Newman

      John, I am in a similar spot. I am a loan officer and I need to ask God more about what is the best loan for this person. I feel like I do what is best for my employer or myself before I do what is best for the person in front of me.

  • John F

    To add to this. PSALM 150 is my header to all quotes and invoices.

  • Joyce Reynolds Lopez

    I need to put God in the center of my interactions with others! With my children and some of my clients so I don’t lose patience with them. With my husband so that I can be more attentive to him. With friends and neighbors so that I can be a better friend and neighbor to them. And with people in general so that I smile more and judge less.

    I am always telling my kids (15, 13 and 10) that they are trying to find happiness in things and they will never be satisfied. They are constantly “shopping” the Internet for theses shoes, that skateboard or bike, those clothes and makeup! It makes me crazy!

  • Theresa

    Hi, I’m a little late in my response, I’m still learning all this tech stuff. My name isTheresa. The first day wow what do I resist. I was diagnosed with a congenital heart disease at 42 I’m still resisting that even when I can’t make it up a flight of stairs
    My favorite bible verse Phil 4:13, I can do All things thru Christ who strengthens me. So with shame I say I am resisting THE CROSS. What will make me happy,to know I carried it well. I’m afraid I’m failing. God is always on my mind and the Passion of Christ. Iam scared I ache to hear well done good and faithful servant, but fear I might hear I don’t know you! I use to be an oncology nurse and felt so privileged to be a part of that. I need your prayers because I can’t figure out what my role is in Gods plan, and don’t want to miss it!

    • Jacqueline Shukla

      Theresa, I also love the same bible verse and I repeat it throughout the day. I am also a nurse. We have a lot in common. I think that we all resist the Cross. I am afraid every day, too. In Philippians 4 just a little before our favorite verse, we are told, “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. The peace of God, which passes all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” These verses are 4: 6 – 7. When I have an anxious time, I ask God to grant to me this peace. When I receive it, I have some solace in my worries. I hope that you will sometimes experience this same peace, as well.

  • Kathleen Spector

    Care giver for an adult disabled son often challenges me: when I offer all that I do each day for and to God’s glory, I find the patience and perseverance I would otherwise fail to experience. The days which start with Mass are the most peace-filled. Let God be God so that I can be Mom!

    • Jacqueline Shukla

      I am a caregiver for my mother who has dementia and other health problems. I have been run down by the work and worry. I love to see that you offer each day to God. I find myself repeating, “I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me.” Presently, my siblings and I have been looking at a skilled nursing facility for mom and I have been nearly paralyzed with guilt, worry, etc. I will put God at the center of my decision making about the situation with my mom and I will strive to attend Mass as often as possible like you do. I wish you well in your journey.

      • Carla Marceau

        You and Kathleen Spector are heroes. You are doing one of the hardest jobs there is. The worry and guilt don’t end when you find a nursing home–mine sure didn’t. Do remember to take care of yourself physically, emotionally, and spiritually. The nursing home will help with the work and you can be there for your mother with love and attention.

      • Kathleen Spector

        Jacqueline, I will pray for you and your family. Peace be with you all and know when accusations haunt life’s decisions, the evil one is often at the root. Our loving Father is caring for you.

  • Linda H

    My focus in life for the past year and a half has been on a friendship that has gone sour. It has consumed my thoughts, my feelings, my motivation, my everything. Sometimes I get so mad at everyone involved who contributed to me losing this friendship. It was a situation where I was put in the middle of an argument and in the process of trying to keep the peace I ended up losing the most of everyone. I’ve run through scenarios in my head of how I’d like to tell this person or that person off. In the past couple months I’ve slowly been starting to accept that I don’t need this friend. I will survive even if I don’t have a best friend. It hurts so bad some days but I don’t think it’s so much that I lost the friend, I think it’s because I’m the one left out. I’m the one not included and not invited anymore. It’s lonely. I’m sure everyone is tired of hearing about. Sometimes I feel so silly to be grown woman obsessing about a friendship. It’s like high school drama all over again. BUT today as I got up I asked God “So, who is my best friend? Where is my best friend?” Then I started reading from Resisting Happiness” and watched today’s videos. I think the answer is pretty clear–God is my best friend. I just need to let him in. I need to put him first. I’m sure I will resort back to yearning for this lost friendship and replaying all the hurt over and over again. I just need to remember to pray to God when I’m feeling that way and trust he will lead me to happier days.

  • Pamela Dupont

    Even the most well
    Intentioned goal can become lost in the doing: relying only on human effort. It will always fall short or fail if we forget Thy Will not mine, Lord be done.

  • Anna Cross Warren

    Wow! This video really spoke to me. So many nights I lie awake in my bed thinking about my “to-do” list for the next day or even the next week. And I feel like I am getting nowhere. This Lent I want to begin my day with God and put Him at the top, middle and end of my list. Only then I will I feel that I have accomplished something.

  • Brigette Gallagher

    Thanks for posting these earlier in the morning!

  • Catherine Van Scoy

    I need to put God in the center of my life in regards to my family.

  • Patricia Byrne

    I’ve always loved this quote that I think was paraphrased from St. Augustine: We were made for Thee, O Lord, and our hearts are restless till they rest in Thee.

    • Patricia

      Just Beautiful, love this phrase also!

  • Rick Heit

    Right smack dab in the middle of my work to remind me how important He is in keeping my focus where it needs to be. Thank you!

  • Rebecca

    Too often do I find myself putting my needs before what I know God has intended for me. I need to open up to God because I know he has a plan for me. I find myself trying to get what I want but it might not be the plan God set for me. I need to learn to put God before myself and make him the center of my life.

  • John C Garrett

    As a priest, it seems that my to-do list is always long, and it is being busy about God’s work, but Jesus even told the Apostles to go with him to a quiet place to rest. I am very good about taking that time in the morning to pray. Where I need to put God in the center is in my body. I just do not take the time to exercise as I need to. I have to constantly remind myself that exercise is also an important part of doing God’s work, for I need to be healthy to minister to my people.

    • Mary Jones

      I need to follow both disciplines you are talking about…prayer and exercise.

  • VinMack

    I would say that my whole life I would need God at the center and I have not been doing that?
    I know what I want to be happy and honestly because it is not happening I keep getting upset at the world. fate, life and God as well. Only now that I realized that I need to put him at the center of my life and not worry about the crap around me. By the way I love this website and idea of emails every day – it gives me renewed focus and vigor towards my faith and God himself I hope that after this I will come out a better person and God will see me and now make me truly and forever happy.

  • Shelley Marie Weatherspoon

    No snooze for me today! Jessica’s video hit hard for me today! Is it my list or God’s plan? Good morning sunshine, it’s a brand new day!

  • Rebecca Stritt

    We are moving soon to another state (husband is in the military) and I am giving the house finding process to God. I am giving him my feelings about it too. I’m also giving him my worry, especially when it comes to my sweet babies. I’m also giving Him my marriage. Every time I decide something with my husband or about him, I will ask God what He wants from me first. Also, my friendships. A lot of my energy goes to my friendships, and while I feel it is good to be a good friend, I know I should focus more of my energy on my husband and family and less on my friends. I feel that is a message from God to my soul. Treat my husband like I treat my friends. Amen.

    • Lisa

      We moved a lot a few years ago and I have to tell you a story. I too was having a hard time finding a house we ended up renting a house. A year later we moved again. You see if we bought a house my family would be separated again when I tried to sell it and he started at his new location. Things always happen for a reason. Trust in God.

    • Dawn

      We are a military family moving this summer as well. The last time we moved it was so stressful to find a house and I was complaining to someone at church.. She just grabbed me by the shoulders and asked me why exactly I was stressing… that I needed to just give that stress to God and that he would take care of it… I instantly burst into tears feeling so relieved that I hadn’t actually thought about doing just that. 🙂 I’ll be praying for your house search and ask that you do the same for me 🙂 God Bless!

      • Tim Morgan

        Dawn and Rebecca, Thank you for your service. I cannot imagine moving as often as you nor the stress that goes with it. I pray to today to share your burden and your stress for what you and your families are doing for mine. Know that you are loved!

  • JayAW

    I have put God in the center of my life, but then I can’t say that I’m happy. The feeling doesn’t last. We live in the real world where there are countless things that eat up our attention. Its exhausting trying to keep your focus on God because so many things happen that take I away from that place. For example, yesterday was a pretty good day, then my wife came home crying and in a bad mood because her boss instituted a new plan that at work that has the whole office in an uproar. My wife’s foul mood permeated the rest of the evening and it was difficult to appreciate my good day. So if God wants to be at the center of our lives, why are there so many distractions thrown at us that take that away from us. Its exhausting.

  • Ana M. Bonilla

    Jessica I loved your reflection and relates deeply. Thanks for sharing and for helping us place God at the core center of our actions. Bueautiful day!

  • Michele Dietz Chynoweth

    I am finally trying to fulfill what I believe is “God’s call” in my work by working full-time as an author, writing contemporary novels based on Bible stories…but I still often get frustrated (usually with God or myself or both) that things (book sales, etc.) aren’t happening fast enough and the money I saved to do this has run out and I don’t even spend enough time writing because I’m trying to do odd jobs to make ends meet…watching today’s video put a little hope back in my heart because when I just focus on the fact that writing these books fills my “God size hole,” I can have faith God won’t let me fail in this, if I just stop worrying and being scattered and frustrated. I know about this “hole” as a recovering alcoholic…we talk about it in our program. I used to fill it with alcohol. Now I know I can fill it with God…sometimes it’s just easy to forget in our busy lives. So thanks for reminding me! I really love this program! I feel like it set my whole day right today!

  • Mike

    I’m not sure if I have God in the center of any part of my life. For this lent my focus will be to place God in the center of my relationship with my wife. She wants a divorce. I struggle with the thought that getting divorced is God’s will. How can God want me to leave someone I love and care for? How can God want us to break up our family? How can God want us to be apart as we raise our children? But then again, why do I think I know better? In need to let go and place this challenge in God’s hands and see where that takes me.

    • Peggy

      I’ll pray for you and your wife

      • Mike

        Thank you.

    • Ann

      God does not want to break up your family. He loves you, He has a plan for you. Sixty years a go I prayed to God for a favor. The outcome was not what I asked for but, I was much happier than if he answered my prayer. He has a plan for you, just be patient and trust in Him.

      • Mike

        Thanks Ann. I know you are right and I am praying to let go and let God take control. I just want to make sure I can hear him or see the path I’m suppose to take. My wife is so unhappy it hurts my heart.

  • Doris R Noriega

    Putting God at the center of my “to do” list what a great idea to keep God at the center of my life. Sometimes it feels like my list is the most important thing in my life. I am putting God as #1 in my list!

  • Steven Sisman

    I need to place God in the center of how I see myself and others. When I do my day goes better. One way I put God in the center of my life is to think of God the Father as my Daddy/Abba as Jesus put it in the Lord’s prayer.

    I am a father myself and love my kids, are there for them, and want the best for them. How much more does my Father in heaven want to fill me with joy, happiness, and self worth as the perfect Father.

    Remembering to feel and imagine that He is my Daddy puts a shield around me of God’s providence and destroys my illusion of control over things and others, that lasts until the next day when I need to re-center and ground myself.

  • Lisa Allen

    I struggle to allow God to fill the hole in my life and I let resistance take over in my work and social life. I pray to the Holy Spirit for help to refocus this Lenten season and beyond to always keep God first in completing my life.

  • Mary Holzum

    I felt very moved by this video today. It seems like such an easy thing to do putting God at the center of my life but I struggle every day with this. I think we are taught to be strong and independent so it is difficult to let go and let God. Hopefully all of us will gain this one insight so our holes can be filled and our lives can be truly happy!

  • Mary Kay

    Love what Matthew said today because I too am a control freak. I pray to let go and let God. What a wonderful series this is for me. What a great Lent this will be.

  • Carla

    Jessica and I must be sisters. Accomplishment is my berometer of how worthy I am! I am a personal trainer so I think it comes with the territory. I have been is a very bad place lately, I have found that I want something for a client more than they want it for them self. I want them to succeed so badly that when there is a slip and weight gain I judge myself and think that I am a failure. When I know truly that God is calling me to love them rate where their at. Thank you Jessica for your video, you have helped me in a profound way today! Dynamic Catholic and the team , this program is a daily blessing! God Bless, Carla S.

    • Lisa

      Matthew talks about this in his book chapter 4. I too struggle with this with my children.

      • Carla

        Yes I just started the new book! Very awesome. I relate to you Lisa as a mom. I did the same thing. I did however conquer it when my daughter married, thank you Jesus! Sincerely it has been a blessing and I am enjoying my new granddaughter so very much. And what a blessing to see my daughter as a mother. She is amazing. I have to laugh because I raised her to be a CEO or the first female president you see! But what God gave me was even better. Love & blessing to you and your family.

        • Lisa

          That is so funny I always teased that my daughter would be the first female president because she was born in Presidents’ Day.

  • Mary Beth

    It really hit me when Matthew talks about how we put God at the center and slowly each day we move him over until he is no longer at the center. It reminds me that I constantly through out my life am going to have to work hard at refocusing on keeping God in the center.

  • Elisabeth Young

    I so appreciated this reflection – it wasn’t until 7 years ago that I finally realized the aching in my heart, the feeling that there had to be something more, the exhaustion of trying to be filled by the things of this world – people, pleasure, achievements… were really indications of my yearning for the Divine. As a friend explained to me at that time – “You can’t fill an infinite hole with finite things.” I remember this some days better than others today – and the reflection today was a powerful reminder to put God in the center of all my decisions. Thank you.

  • Marilyn Russell

    As i grow older (75) i find my desire for God growing more and more each day. His Presence at Mass, His Presence in others, His Presence in what I do even the most trivial of tasks but the hole remains. I long for Him. Don’t get me wrong, I am at Peace, but I long for the Presence of God, up close and personal. His Will in my life His Will in the lives that cross my path each day. My soul will not rest until I rest in Him. Amen

  • Tiffany M. Castellanos

    I really appreciate the message that God truly wants us to be happy. In my family many family members struggle with depression and I always felt guilty when I was happy. I felt who am to be happy? Then as I grew older and became aware of all the suffering in the world my heart grew even heavier and I felt that I didn’t deserve to be happy when so many others were suffering. But now I understand that God wants us all to be happy including me. And not only that he wants us to be joyful in all that we do. That is something I am striving for and while not there yet I have finally let go of my guilt when I do feel happy.

  • Sandra

    I need to place God at the center of the various things that I am now worried about–those things that return to me over and over again as worries. I need to trust that He will steer the ship, that He is the project manager of my life, that the answers come from Him. Amen!

  • Karen Frances

    This reminded me of something a priest asked of me. I was having trouble with a coworker and the priest asked me, “How about making God your coworker?” This made sense to me and so I have tried to pray each morning for God to help me turn to Him as my co worker. It has helped me be more aware of turning to him for help with those wants my job creates in me and my “God size hole”.

  • Judy

    I say this prayer almost daily :
    Hello Father, Jesus and Guardian Angel.
    I am going to be out and about again today. If there is anything I can do for you, please allow the Holy Spirit to work through me. Let me be the one to say the words that need to heard, to do the deed that needs to be done. Please Lord let me be the one to foster your love and promote your will.
    Please keep me from having odd thoughts in my head.
    Please know that I love you and I hope someday to see your face. Please tell Steve (my late husband)that I love him.I hope that he and I can stand together to do your Will.

    • Stacy West Taylor

      This sounded a lot like my grandmother :).

    • Susan

      Thank you for your beautiful prayer. I, too, have recently lost my husband. I hope you don’t mind that I copied your prayer down to say it, too. I’m going through a lot of changes in my life right now, and this prayer touched me.

  • Peggy

    The more I try to do anything myself the farther I get to the result I am thinking I want (did you notice all the ( i’s ) I really can’t do anything.

  • Denise

    I struggle with putting my value in what I can do for others. I’m only valued if I can do everything for everyone who ask. I’m only loved if I can do everything I’m asked. Lord help me feel valued and loved because I’m yours.

  • Gina B.

    God size hole! Yes! If I remind myself that my longing for some THING is really superficial, and my TRUE longing is for God, it helps to reduce superficial desires. I am very grateful to our Lord that he allows us to experience moments of joy and happiness from people and things, but keeping things, like project accomplishments, school accomplishments, and bargain buys in perspective and remember that they are just things, can sometimes be tough. When a project is done, or a good decision is made, I try to give that glory right to God for I know that without his grace and wisdom, none of my work could be done. I will make decisions today with God at the center of every thought, word, and deed. Thank you for the Best Lent Ever!

  • Michelle

    I’m a list maker, like Jessica. I make lists about EVERYTHING! And the things at the top of my list are usually the paintings I want to make, how well I’ve stuck to my diet today, and how much exercise I’ve gotten (or not gotten) today. But, I sort of feel that God wants me to make those paintings – he gave me the talent, and every time I see a landscape or flower or color that he created, I want to re-create it in my work. And I know that I had neglected my body for years, and that he would want me to repair the damage by eating healthy and moving more – so I know that focusing on these things is not a bad thing – but how do I know when I’m keeping God as my main focus, and whether I’m doing these things for God or for myself?

    • Cooper Remkes

      You and God together can make a powerful team. God wants to use your talent to make you and those around you into the best versions of yourselves. Discernment is hard, but consider the Act portion of today’s session and truely try to discern what God wants you to do, and then do that. Also, consider the advice of someone near to you who has your best interests in mind and they might be able to give you a fresh perspective on how your choices for spending you time and talent are affecting you. God bless and best wishes

  • jane

    I don’t want to be but I know I am resisting happiness. For about 14 years now I have let depression control me. I have prayed and talked to God. I just can’t get past the guilt that I feel about things I did when I was a teenager! I am 42 now. I have a 19 year old son and a 16 year old daughter and a wonderful husband. My faith is strong and I really believe the devil is working so hard to keep me unhappy. Whatever I do doesn’t seem to help. I feel like the guilt is making me crazy.

  • Cooper Remkes

    I’ve got a family member that seems to be trying to fill a God sized hole in her heart with risky relationships and lot of activity. The problem is, she doesn’t believe in God. So I worry for her because I think that she’ll keep searching and searching and never finding what she is really looking for. I don’t know how or even if I should approach her about my concerns. I don’t want to push her away, I don’t want her to feel judged, but I’m worried about not expressing my concerns at all. Any advice? Thank you and God bless.

  • Terry Irving

    At work I need to work harder to put God in the center of it all!!!!!

  • Kim Mohr

    Loved the discussion today. I do start each day with prayer and talk to God at points during the day, but Mathews advice of thinking of Him with each decision is powerful! Regarding negativity, and allowing fear and worry to get in the way, I also tell myself “only love today” to stop these thoughts in their tracks, or when dealing with a negative person where you want to respond in a different way.

  • Daniela D.

    I need to place God at the center of my every day, because I feel I can’t be who God wants me to be because of my past mistakes. I need to see myself as God sees me and love myself as he does.

  • Dawn

    I’m a military wife and stay at mom of 3 kids with another on the way. I start each day thinking about the things that I need to get done, laundry, dishes, groceries, dinner etc. But somewhere in the day I get way off task and end up wasting so much time in front of the TV. I’m so overwhelmed by my daily tasks that often I don’t even want to face them and would rather find “happiness” by escaping to some movie or show. Then when I’ve run out of time I run around trying to accomplish the days long chores in a just a few minutes.. leaving myself completely stressed out and disappointed in myself. I’ll even wake up in the night worrying about all the things I need to do but then not use my time wisely. I decided this Lenten season to focus on having God at the center of my housework. Instead of giving up chocolate or snacks I decided to give up TV. This series has already helped so much in my daily struggles… facing resistance head on and really thinking about what makes me happy. 🙂

    • kimisu

      Unplug that TV. So, even if you hit the power button, nothing will happen. =)

      Also, if you reached for that remote, when you’ve got it in your hand, remind yourself to pray. And, just like that, you’ve brought God back to the forefront of your mind.

  • Lauren Connolly

    I have a bit of difficulty in this area. I want to put God at the center of my life, but I also know that there are things that I need to do and accomplish just to survive. I have people who depend on me and I have a passion and goal that I want to fulfill. How do I know it is what God wants for me? I think it is because for the first time in 56 years I feel a passion for doing something past raising my family. So then is it ok for me to focus on that passion and believe that it is truly what God wants for me and from me? I hope so.

  • Mary Jalove walker

    God is truly the center of all. When something was going wrong or having a problem I needed to deal with I turned to God. Then once i felt comfortable. I returned to my same way prior to visiting God. Finding God is a new experience for me through my brother who is becoming a Deacon, being around him started me to listen to what he says and how he says it. He has God as his Center and he is pulling the lost sheep back to God and I am one of them. My heart is open to God and finding the peace I have with it. I have learned that my center of life is a gift from God and I need to take care of it, my private morning prays with him is my gift to him to make him welcome into my center of my heart once again.

  • Ann

    Sometimes illness is overwhelming not only for the ill person but for the caregiver. Feelings of loneliness and helplessness creep in and for the caregiver wanting to “fix” things. Financial burdens, worry, fear take over That is where placing God in the center changes everything. Sometimes we forget. I will stop whenever those feelings creep in and make a better effort to place God in the center of it all.

  • Mary

    I need to think at each decision, what would make me a best-version-of-myself? Then I will do the will of God and not my will. You might see claw marks as I let go of the control. But this day I will make a conscious effort to have God as the potter of my clay.

  • Michelle Turney Fishbeck

    After Jessica’s brief talk it was like looking in a mirror I am the exact same way. I love to make a list and I feel accomplished checking off each task that I had done. Yesterday my list was very long and I stayed up late trying to do as much as I could. In the end I wasn’t able to complete everything on that list. I felt I let myself down wow I can’t believe that this video was here for me this morning. I am worthy and loved by God no matter how much I get accomplished on my to do list. I need to remember to place God center in my life every moment of every day and not beat myself up on these little things. Thank you for this reflection it is exactly what I need this morning.

  • Moji Cardozo

    Good morning I thank God for the opportunity to move closer to him. I need to put God in my business life, I worry a lot about it for fear of failure. I need to step back and let God take the reigns.

  • Susan Budak Runne

    Wow! Jessica was speaking to me! I do what she described.

  • Susan

    I feel it is like leaning back on my husband and the end of a trying day. I know he loves me and will help me in any way he can. God is telling us “lean back, I’ve got you”. I try to say little prayers during the day when things are hard or even when things are good. It is my way of acknowledging that God is ALWAYS there for me.

  • Yoli

    When I started this I knew I needed to change the priorities in my life and I have started to realize that I’m taking the wrong approach in things. I thank you all for your comments I feel like every time I read one I connect and it helps me know that I am not alone. I also realize I need more work than what I thought, and it helps. I’ll continue to to put God first and make him the center of my world especially when I am feeling alone I know he is always the first one with me no matter what.

  • Eduardo Hoover

    Thank you for sharing Jessica. I think maybe if I were in a good marital relationship or maybe if I’d join the monastic life I would finally be happy but the reality is neither fit what is the priority of my life at present. My purpose now is to take and serve my elderly parents. Besides my relationship to them I should be in deep relationship with Jesus. There my happiness lies. God alone satisfies.

  • Tracy Wingenroth

    Today’s reflection is an “aha moment” for me. Thanks Dynamic Catholic for helping me to see why I have felt discontented over the years and how to remedy that, by place God at the center! So very grateful!

  • Julia Oaks

    Loving this Lenten series. I find in myself that striving for perfection is a waste of time. I do the best I can in the time I have and give thanks to God for blessing me with my husband, family, and friends. When I become upset, I immediately take a deep breath and say “Jesus I trust in you”. Always helps me to stay focused in what is really important in this life. Our Lord loves us and all our imperfect ways. He knows our heart.

  • stacey oleary

    I like the idea of the God size whole and I get that. I just have to practice more and understand how God walks with me everyday and trust in him. God help me know you better.

  • Anna Brady

    Several years ago I came up with a saying. Your not the driver of the bus, just the passenger. You can help guide it but God is the driver.

  • Chris

    It occurs to me to place God at the center of our grief, pain, fear as well. Jesus wants to stand with us and in us
    and bring us to joy and happiness even if it is through tears.

  • BJ Jarvis

    I need to put God in the “hole” of temptations. I am having serious temptations, which I look forward to. However I am in need of redirection at those times. God is probly my only hope of salvation. I am unable to follow through with The Sacrament of Reconciliation only because I must be sorry for my sins.

  • Frances Tooley

    One of my thoughts as I listened to Mr. Kelley, was remembering the wristbands that had the WWJD on them….what would Jesus do….but I think the better question is ….what would God have “me” do…..changes my perception…..I will ask what God would like me to do as I make decisions today.

  • Maria

    I remember realizing that the “hole” inside of me is not the problem, but how I go about filling is. I’ve tried many times to fill it with pleasure and it left me feeling more empty. In the the times that I let God fill it, I felt so WHOLE and SOUND. Right now I’m working on trying to trust God every minute of the day, because I really believe that He is the only thing that fills me. I need Him at the center of my daily, ordinary life.

  • Dolores Para

    Mr. Kelly’s words today hit home even more than the words of the two previous days. How often have I tried to fill that large hole in my life with so many useless things? Too often! God is the only answer – the only way to fill that hole.

  • Mike

    Doesn’t God want me to make my list? I can include Him in it.

  • Denese C

    I raised five wonderful children – which I saw as my calling in life. Now I find myself lost because all the activity and craziness that use to be in my life is gone. I also have fears around money as I grow closer to retirement. It makes a huge difference when we place God at the center of our lives. When most of your life has been consumed with crazy busyness, it is hard to make the transition to “Be still and know that I am God” Psalm??. This has been a major message God has been sending me for many years…..and now I am at a place where He is forcing me to “Be still”. I must say it is very uncomfortable. Being married to someone who is a huge over achiever makes it even more difficult to “Be still” and wait for God to direct my path. Jesus I trust in you! Show me what you want me to do, and command me to do it.

  • Karen B

    I need to place God in the center of my life particularly at times when I am being critical of others. Not too long ago I was really being hard on my husband, who is a wonderful guy and great father, and I was picking on him for little things. I finally stopped and realized that I was expecting him to be perfect and that what I was really craving in my life was the perfection that only God can be. I was hungry for God in my life in a deeper and more complete way. No human person can ever satisfy this inner longing the way God can. When I remind myself of this on a daily basis, my “critical” thoughts about my husband and those around me start to fade.

  • Suzanne

    I too, like many others who have already commented today, must put God at the center of my decisions. I must remember that He is in control. I like to control things and sometimes get frustrated when I cannot. Maybe this frustration is God’s way of reminding me that He is in charge – not me!

  • Evelyn Duffin

    Never in my life have I heard anyone describe my own situation like Jessica Amsberry did in this video. Word for word, that is me.

    • Michelle Turney Fishbeck


  • CathieHeenan

    I need to be thinking of God when my mind keeps wandering. When I am trying to focus on praying or doing a project, my mind wanders to something I think I need to do. What I should be doing is focusing on God and what he wants me to do.

  • Mary Jo Pagano-Isler

    I too was hit hard with the words ” God size hole” and it was an eye opener! I feel i do many little thoughtful things for others as a way of life, but realize I need more time to get closer to Christ. Love this series with Michael K

  • Holly

    “O, Lord you are the center of my life. I will always praise You, I will always serve you, I will always keep you in my sight.” Paul Inwood’s beautiful refrain says it all.

  • Gustavo Goetten

    Awesome videos Mr. Kelly! Greetings for this inspirational work you are doing from Brazil!
    Gob bless you all!

  • Margaret Conrad

    I need to remember that my accomplishments are not a reflection of who I am, that my relationship with God is a reflection of who I am, thatt a God centered life brings true happiness.

  • Jacob

    Where God need to be in the center of life? Is what I want to accomplish such a career, which I truly love. I am trying to figure out how I am going to accomplish but then I try to fill the hole with other thing, which don’t seem to work. It don’t make me happy it just make me angry. I got just to look at God and look at how he would rather me accomplish. Let me see the sign such as being in different places as I am at.

    God at the Center = accomplishment, my goals in life, and still being happy with the people around me.

  • Theresa Yamasaki

    Sometimes lately I find myself feeling helpless because I lack time to call my legislative representative. I tell myself how important it is to let my voice be heard especially when I know that my child’s public education could be at stake due to budget cuts. I have great fear about that andany other things regarding our political system in our country. Then I ask myself is it really worth it to let it consume me. It’s like thinking and worrying about everything is an attempt to fill up that hole. I want to just breathe and trust. Trust that God is in complete control. I need and want to put God instead of politics in the center.

  • Allison Eddyblouin

    Putting God at the center of my daily life at home–homeschooling 4 of our seven children. We’ve been faithful to the rosary for two days now! Woohooo!! It helps so much to re-focus us on what is important–though the 12 year old was making snarky faces at the 9 year old during the rosary yeterday–but I have more grace and patience in dealing with normal kids stuff.

  • Patty

    “God-sized Hole”, what a perfect concept! I will try to focus on that each day, putting a sticky note on my desk to remind me. This will remind me to breath and recenter when I get overwhelmed as there is nothing I can do without Him!

  • Marilyn

    I have a rich prayer and spiritual life, but I recognize that I do waste time and talent from late afternoon until bedtime every day. That is when I spend time with my spouse, and he enjoys watching television. I do not particularly like the same activity and find myself working puzzles on my iPad. That is where I need to place God.

  • Kristian

    I love this reflection because it makes me realize that I need to put God as my center instead of me trying to do everything the way I want it. For example, this week i have been worrying about how I’m going to be preaching to the young kids at prayer group and I think to myself what am I doing I don’t deserve to be preaching to them and i won’t know what to say. But thanks to dynamic Catholic I was able to realize that I need to put God in the center to all my problems.

  • Deborah LRoy

    For the last few months I have been in a spiritual slump. Father, (my priest) said, continue to go through the motions, I have. I feel I am getting my mojo (joy) back, and that I do try and make God center of my life in everything, BUT, when everything/everyone in my personal/family life are not on board with God, that is a hole in itself…OR am I trying to fill other’s holes….Thanks Dynamic Catholic for the insight!

  • Rachelle Gamblin

    I think, no I know I need to place God in the center of my life as I prepare to move to my new beginning. I just need to stop and listen to what He is telling me to do. I need to “Let go and let God” sometimes that is the hardest thing to do. I’m going a hundred miles a minute trying to organize everything and I just need to stop and take time for God. That is why I love this Best Lent Ever series because for me I can’t wait for the next video. It makes me stop and take time for God and his wisdom.

  • Peggy

    Mr Kelly certainly sums up everything for me and seems to simplify everything by these few words “make God the center of your life”. I have God in my life but now I realize by having him in all my decisions I will really be making him the Center of My Life.

  • Matt Gruemmer

    Exactly the same area. I’m an extreme lost maker and when I don’t check all the boxes I feel like I’ve failed miserably. I feel if I ask God to bless the work I’m about to do is a great start to any future project. Thank you for the insight and God bless.

  • Jesse Bourque

    After I made my Cursillo a few short weeks ago, Jesus kicked me in the head and I re-centered myself on the correct azimuth. Roughly a week or so after returning from a visit with family, I spent 5 days at a planning conference for the military. After returning from the conference and being acutely aware of the laundry list of things that I need to do (as well as the things that are not my responsibility, yet I feel obligated…why?…topic for another day, maybe), I felt the anxiety starting to rise again – maybe this is my body’s way of communicating to me that I am veering off course again? Is the increase in anxiety merely the visceral response to the God-hole not being filled with the grace that was once there?

    • Laurie D.

      Congrats on making Cursillo!! What a game changer!!

  • Chad Cordell

    last night while putting my little girl to bed we got to talking about who leads who in our lives. She asked… who leads her and i said mommy and daddy and Jesus she asked whose leads bubby (brother) I said mommy and daddy and Jesus, then she asked the same about mommy and then about me. When i said the Jesus leads daddy so that i can lead our family it really made me stop and think and today’s reflections and post further encouraged me that i truly need to stop letting other things lead me as they have been, work for example is my biggest distraction and ultimately it doesn’t full fill me unless i let Jesus be my driving force. I like what I do and my job, but I’ve certainly not been listening and making the efforts to pause and talk to Him like i used to. i suppose He can’t lead me if i don’t let him

  • Santos Baiza

    I spoke about this in yesterdays discussion about having that feeling of something missing in my life and turning to God. How amazing how God works within us when we let him into our hearts. Things work out so much better when you put God first and let him take control.

  • Shirley B

    With God at the center of your life you
    become selfless not selfish. When that happens it’s amazing what you
    can do to help others.

  • Jeanne

    I am a bit of a control freak. I know that I need to place God at the center in all areas of my life. However, it is hard letting go more often than not. In order not to be overwhelmed, I am going to attempt to stop and think before making choices in my life. Does God want this in my life? Or do I want this in my life?

  • Marla R.

    It is hard to put in words but I need to believe that God is at the center of my family’s needs. I should trust that my prayers are being heard and that God is in total control of when and where our son will receive his Spinraza treatments. God has it, and only He knows when the time is right and God is who I need to focus on. I have been focused on what the insurance company hasn’t done, what the doctors haven’t scheduled, etc.. If this is my focus then I’m not truly trusting that God is at the center of my life. God knows what my son needs more than I do.

  • Alice

    I am a lot like Jessica described her last weekend. A big list maker and when the list is checked off – I feel like I am a better person for accomplishing something. Wow. I love how Jessica said – God needs to be on the list and it’s ok and we are still valuable if we don’t accomplish a big list of things. I need to place God in my everyday life. I pray each morning, go to Chuch on Sunday but there are other pulls – I ignore from God. This lent I want to answer the pulls from God, where God is trying to get back to my center. God Bless!

    • Leslie M

      Yes, as a constant list maker this is often how I identify with accomplishments too! Now we need to ask ourselves if God is at the center of what we do.

      • Alice

        Agee Leslie!

    • Laurie D.

      Lol! I’m wanting to make a list of all the suggestions. I will pray for all of you and I ask you to pray for me as well!!

  • Betty Buller

    My life took on meaning when I let God take over. It is so much easier to let him make my decisions.

  • Leslie M

    This one hits me hard today! Lately I’ve been so focused on my volunteer works that, although I feel good about what I do, I also feel like I’ve spent too much time on those projects which have taken me away from my family and certainly God! Here I am thinking “I’m doing God’s work!” But am I truly doing God’s work. In some ways yes, but in other ways it stressful. What I need to do is limit the amount of time I spend on these other tasks and find a better balance, ask for help to allow these tasks to be an opportunity to be a blessing to others as well. I will ask myself if God is at the center of each decision and hopefully I will put Him there, little by little, God in the center of my life.

  • Erv

    Lord, help me to let go and put You in control of my life

  • Jim

    I struggle with the same issue discussed in the second video. I feel like I must be as productive as possible. If I have a day where I get stuck in the minutia and I don’t complete my to do list, I feel like I’ve failed my employees or my family. I need to put God in the center here. I do have self-worth. I am a success, as long as I’m putting God and being the best father, husband, and man I can be first.

  • T Jones

    I have struggled with the idea of how to put God first in my life as a working wife and mother with all the time that requires. I would get stuck thinking that the only way to make God the focus would be to spend all day doing “traditional prayer” or spiritual reading which is not realistic when trying to manage a job and home. Thinking of it this way, putting God in every decision, really opens my eyes to how I can make God the center of my life.

  • Robin

    As a newly retired full time mom (empty nester), I find it hard to see what value I have now that the kids are away at college. I guess that speaks to the idea that maybe I put my self worth into being a mom. This is where I need God in the center of my life. Letting go and moving on is so hard!

  • Karla Perez

    This is so true. I read a book called “Search for Happiness” by Oscar Lukefahr. I highly highly highly recommend this book. It opens your eyes to the true meaning of happiness. Talks about the 4 different levels of happiness body, mind & will, heart, and soul, and how we as humans reach each of them. Body being instant like buying yourself something, mind & will like graduating college, heart like getting married, and soul reaching that happiness when your are at peach with God and with yourself. I loved this book, and I give it a 5 stars for sure!

  • CathyPhil Gorski

    I would have to say that I need God at the center of every part of my life. I couldn’t pick just one. Yesterday’s reflection threw me. Pick 3 things that I think would make me happy? I struggled with that one, especially because I met with my faith sharing group and in reflecting on the Gospel I kept hearing that I needed God to make me happy. And then today’s reflection came and “ah-ha!”. All I know is that my life is not as God centered as it used to be. But I do know that when I truly was God Centered I was the happiest I could ever be. I remember thinking “how could I be so happy”? I need to get back to that place.

  • Caitlyn Anderson

    Yikes. Today’s videos hit close to home for me. I am also a list-lover and I have been feeling like something is missing lately. I need to put God in that empty spot!! Gah. I’m loving this series so much already.

  • Cathy G

    I am always looking for my purpose in Life. what is my purpose? to love? To be loved back? I get this from my pets, totally. People don’t love unconditionally. It is always not enough, or you don’t like what they do or say or treat you.!!! God does love us unconditionally, I am trying to believe that and be content, hard to do.Cathy g

  • Barbara Marrin

    My daughter. My daughter has a neurological disorder. I’ve provided all kinds of various therapies, treatments, all have failed because SHE resists them. Won’t take medication prescribed. I’m trying to give this to God, have been since she turned 18, I end up feeling hopeless. She is such a gifted person, I don’t want her to waste the gifts God has given her. All I have left is prayer.

    • Christian

      Barbara – I know the feeling. I have a cousin who rejects treatments for her illnesses and it makes her even worse. There is a self destruction feeling/impulse in us where if we have a problem, sometimes we want the problem to destroy us – I’ll pray for you Both

      • Barbara Marrin

        Thank you for your prayers, I will pray for you and your cousin also. My daughter resists the truth about her disorder, claiming I’m the ‘crazy’ one. After 5 years of therapists, treatments (that she refused) and her therapist tell me ‘it’s not your fault, things happen in utero’ I have to let it go, let her make her own choices.

  • Christian Baird

    I need to place reminders around my life – work, kitchen, front door, bedroom, even on my dashboard- would God make this decision?

  • Ann

    Suzzz, I too went to AA and realized that I had to let God do more
    In my life. My favorite saying from that program was “Let go, ”
    Let God. It constantly reminds me that I need to put God in the center of my life and then I can handle anything with His constant help and guidance.

  • Craig

    I have always wondered why when I get what I want it is not long before I want something else. Thanks for the whole. I will try to remember this through out my day.

  • Tammy Reasoner

    Putting God at the center of my life in a CONSCIOUS way — that is my greatest downfall. I like to think that I’m following His will and doing things “right” (for the most part!), but without being consciously aware of it, I’m missing out on all that potential for filling the “hole.” I pray for strengthened awareness this Lenten season, and have invited several of my coworkers to participate in this Best Lent Ever journey to better facilitate just that. I hope that our journey together makes it a more lasting and engaging experience. Matthew 18:20: “When two or more are gathered in my name, there I am in the midst.”

  • Jenny

    I lost my job a few months ago. It was a job that I knew was not the right fit, but was afraid to change because of the financial benefit it provided. God took matters into his own hands and provided the financial safety net while taking the job away. It has been a hard journey, because I had money in the center of my life and not God. This is something I struggle with every day. I am trying very hard to focus on God and trust that he has this. After 4 months, I am rested and at peace – finally. I am ready to take on whatever the new job opportunity it is that he has in mind for me. And yet, I still struggle to keep God at the center every day. Since reading Resisting Happiness I have more self awareness and am really making a conscious effort. But boy is it hard!

  • Joel Schodron

    So very true how we try to fill that hole with things. Very sad that it takes many of us so long to realize that “stuff” is not what will fill that hole. Always better when I put God into my daily activities.

  • Thomas Behan

    Thanks Dynamic Catholic for bringing inspirational messages of faith in a modern world. The video is a modern forum to practicing religion in a secular world. It is the perfect way to start your busy day.

  • Doug

    Prior to 5 years ago, when my spiritual life took a drastic change (for the better), I constantly failed to make God the center of my life. Sure I went to mass on Sundays and…hmm, that was it. It’s so very hard to explain but with much discernment and prayer, God provided me with the wisdom to put Him in the center of my life by having complete faith and trust in Him. I went years not understanding what faith was. It sounds so easy to talk about having no stress, fear, or worry. Sure it was a journey but if you knew me prior to 5 years ago, like me, you wouldn’t have bet on me. God bless you all!

  • loeloe

    In my frantic moments I feel I am not worthy if I am not useful, if I am not doing something. I hear long-ago parental voices telling me I am lazy. Keeping busy takes me away from sitting still with God, who loves me no matter what. Overall I feel content and blessed and thank Jesus many times throughout the day for little things like suddenly seeing a bright red cardinal in a winter-gray tree. So this busyness will be what I will focus on this Lent.

    • voteprolife

      Thank you for putting into words much of what I do… keeping busy takes me away from sitting still with God,… My goal is to fight that resistance to the quiet time, and let God in more deeply. Have a blessed Lent.

  • Angie O’Mara

    I find myself trying to fix things in my life, my family, and I realized today, that I can’t always do this. I need to let go and let God. With God all things are possible, without Him nothing is.

  • Adriana

    That’s what I need to place God at the center of my decisions.

  • Pat Dodd Polito

    I have had this feeling of emptiness of yearning for something more. My “God -sized hole often feels like a crater”. I do need to place God at the center of my life. Starting my day off now in prayer and quiet refelection has helped a great deal in closing that gap. a good starting point. Now all I need to do is remember to put Him at the center of my life!

  • Ryan Bieshaar

    I need to make God the center of my schedule and of my rushed mindset. When I’m going from one activity to the next, I’m almost always rushed and somewhat frantic about getting there as quickly as I can, and I brush past the people I encounter (or don’t really encounter, as a result), even my wife sometimes, without actually seeing or hearing them. If I could come down, be calmer, and put God at the center of my mindset, then I think I could be a more loving person.

  • Jackie

    I am reminded of my life with what Matthew describes the “hole” as a sink hole that can not be filled until something of full substance is added that will not wash away. ” God”

  • Like Tuggle

    I have gradually matured in my Christian faith, even though I am a ‘born Catholic’. Then, approx 3.5 months ago, my first grand baby arrived. Having moved into the home with my baby, I easily pushed God aside neglecting my devotion time. Yes, I would thank Him frequently for this gift; however, i kept appeasing my conscience that I was too tired to spend time with the Giver of this gift. I also rationalized that helping the parents was a priority- charity begins at home. I felt drained and robotic. The past few weeks, He is back to being number one, the baby and parents next. I’m full of life and energy once again. KEEP HIM THE CENTER…and all these things will be added unto you besides 😇😀

  • Charlene

    Thank you Jessica for your message. I am 67 years old and still a list maker. i sometimes feel I have wasted the day unless I get a certain amount of my “list” accomplished. In the last couple of years I have also tried something else. I try to see in each day the moment God is using me to reach others. It may be just a smile and friendly encouragement to a frustrated clerk or sometimes a moment when a friend asks for prayer and instead of saying of course I will pray for your intention…I actually say, “let’s say a prayer together now.” Now I measure my worth and day by those God moments.

  • Barb

    Jessica’s commentary resonated with me. I have been in an administrative position in local govt, scheduled and busy from early morning til after the last meetings at night. I fell into the ‘hole’ of measuring my worth by my productivity and stress. Recently retired, I have to remind myself that we are more than our checklists.

  • Susan Geisel

    God… fill me!!

  • Lisa Huetteman

    The paradox of the God-sized hole: When you start to fill your hole with God, the bigger that hole gets and the more you want and need God.

  • Jane Warren

    I want to put God in the center of my life always but right now my job is consuming my thoughts and my worries. I am a widow and I need to have this job but the job is getting more and more complicated and it’s more than I feel I can absorb at my age. I wish I could quit and devote all my time to God and family but that’s just not possible right now. I need everyone’s prayers to help me focus on God and give my worries to Him. Your video made me cry. I love this lent thing and I hope it helps me stay focused on the God things and not other unimportant stuff.

    • Leslie M

      Jane, I pray you find balance.

    • Carl

      I have a card that has a saying on the back that my wife and I truly believe. Lord help me to remember that the nothing is going to happen to me today that You and I together can’t handle.

  • Anne

    Please help me to know how to do this…to do what God wants me to do and not me. I’m a stay at home mom/wife with two teenagers so most of my daily decisions involve deciding what to eat/feed my family for breakfast/lunch/dinner, what to buy at the store, should I exercise today/what should I do for exercise, what time to go to the store, etc. Am I supposed to be looking for Gods desire in all those things too? That seems too simple, or like, why would he be involved in that…? I know I have other things in my day, that mostly involve my decision of how I react to things that would be good to go to Him for, so I need to seek His guidance for those, but what about all my mundane decisions? I feel that I won’t be putting Him at the center if I don’t look for His desires in those decisions, but they just seem too simple. Is there something else I need to be doing? I was struggling with that as I was reading “Resisting Happiness”.

    • Leslie M

      Taking care of family is what I do too. I have a teen daughter and feels she needs me now more than ever! The decisions you make in caring for your family are not mundane. You could choose to feed your family pizza every day, their bellies would be filled but that would not be nutritionally ideal for your family. As a stay at home mom, I feel that my job is to serve my husband and daughter. And by honoring them I am also honoring God. …at least, that’s how I look at it. Thoughts?

      • Anne

        That’s a very simple, but profound statement, Leslie! Thank you. God has blessed me with this vocation of being a wife and mother and I thank Him everyday for it. You’re right-I could be choosing to feed them unhealthy things, or letting them do things that are morally unhealthy, etc, so I must be leaning on God more than I realized. I do know there are definitely times I need to think of Him before I react to things my kids/husband say or do, and that would help put Him at the center. Thank you for sharing your view! You put it in a new perspective for me.

        • Leslie M

          Also, by the choices we makes each and every day we are living by His example, a great lesson for those around us (especially our children!). God bless you and all those you love! 💖

      • Deb Daly

        I will also add that you are setting an example for your children. As a mother myself I have always tried to honor God through loving and serving my husband and children. My biggest struggle is my oldest daughter who stopped going to church when she went to college. I feel like I failed her and I failed God. She went all through Catholic schools until college. We prayed at home and went to church and she was very involved in her youth groups at church. I didn’t see it coming. I wonder where I went wrong. Did I not pray enough with her? Was it all too much?
        I pray for her to come back to the church. We have always had a good relationship and are close. I don’t judge her or say a lot because I don’t want to push her away or make her resist coming back more. I just pray. But it is an area of struggle for me because I feel like I failed in my duty as a mother. But then I have to realize that just as I am not responsible for her actions as an adult now, I am not responsible for her spiritual decisions either. That is on her. But it is easier said than done.

        • Leslie M

          Deb, I agree 100%.we do live by example. You sound like a wonderful mother. I have no doubt that you’ve planted some sound spiritual seeds in your family. I once heard that we are each on our own path or journey in being one with God. Picture a sketch of a Christmas tree 🎄 where God is the trunk and we, as usual, are the branches. the branches start off wide at the bottom of the tree and come close then go wide again, and with time passing we grow closer each time when hopefully we end up very close and one with God at the top. You planted the seeds with your daughter and she is on her own journey. Even questioning our faith can be cathartic and ultimately bring us closer to God in the end. Have trust in yourself and in God that those seeds you planted in her will sprout and take strong root in God, because they will! Bless you and all those you love.💜

          • Deb Daly

            Thank you Leslie. Good points. I need to let go and trust God more on this. ❤

    • Syd

      I suggest you center your attention on awareness and this enormous dignity I feel in your awareness. This awareness may help you into your center and be this new force entering the world. Awareness could possibly offer you profound contentment and then your faith will shine. Also this awareness, consciously chosen, may give you high tolerance for stress and irritation, relaxed and tranquil, then possibly the simple can become this unmistakable innocence. Hey?

  • Dede

    I have been struggling for years with my weight and overall wellness. It is a very difficult battle I rage with myself everyday. I know what I need to do but I just don’t do it. I resist it everyday. I have recently determined that food is an idol for me. I always am thinking about food or what I am craving (usually sugar). I know that if I give this internal struggle to God and pray diligently about it that I will get the help I need to overcome this battle. This is where I need to place God at the center.

  • Ronald Woosley

    Jesus tells me that if I love Him I will desire to keep His commandments! His first great commandment is to love Him with my whole being! That is His will for me!

  • Grant North

    To help keep my head in the game, I pray for increased awareness of the presence of God in my life, and the grace to follow and trust. The Divine Mercy Chaplet helps.

  • Sherry Bush

    I need to place God in the center of my relationships!

  • Debbie

    I am a returning Catholic. I am going through RCIA as a refresher course. It is overwhelming to me how much I don’t know and how much I could be reading or watching in a video. I am a widow who has to do everything by myself so I don’t have all the time in the world. I feel like I’m failing by not being able find the time for reading and watching.

    • Deb Daly

      I feel like that a lot. I’m not a good enough Catholic or Christian because I don’t spend enough time reading my Bible or meditating on scripture, etc. But, I think the point is that we are placing our self worth on those things and taking God’s job by judging ourselves. What is important is what is in our hearts and we can pray while we are doing other normal day to day things. You already put God first by returning to the Church and taking the time to go through the RCIA. God knows what your situation is and loves you. If you desire more time to read and study the faith out of a yearning to be closer to Him, then God will help you find that time. But if you desire more time for that out of obligation or feeling like it’s what you are supposed to do to be a better Catholic, the focus is now about you and not God. I think that is what these two videos were about. At least that is what I took from them.

  • Linda

    I remember thinking that if I get this or that, then I will be happy, but then I wasn’t. I always felt an emptiness. When I talked to my mom about this years ago, she said that is because no one is truly happy until they are with God and then you will find true happiness.

  • singit1

    This made me think about the small things I worry about all the time – is the laundry done? is the living room neat? – all the little things that in the big picture shouldn’t matter so much – and that I should be worrying more about living the life God made me to live. I know I will still care about getting these little things done, but I can’t let them determine my happiness.

  • Jenny

    How do you know? How do you know when you are making a decision that the decision you make is what you want or what God wants?

    • Stacy West Taylor

      Don’t you wish God had an email or something?

    • Deb Daly

      That is an excellent question. Sometimes I’ll feel peaceful, or things will just fall into place and I’ll know that was God. Usually if I force things my way, things don’t go so well and it becomes obvious. But other times it isn’t as clear and I really wish God would just send me an email or something as Stacy said.

  • Mark Trokey

    Mr. Kelly, I can’t imagine a more “productive” use of my time than watching today’s video. It’s a perfect message for lent and for the modern era in which we live. Thank you!

  • nancy homa

    I have a God sized hole in the center of my marriage and our family decision making. If we pray together first and listen for God’s blessings, life would be easier, peace would prevail. So I pray for awareness when God has slipped out of my center.

  • Jeanette Powell

    Just like Jessica, I have been a list maker all my life. Today, however, I realized that I do see my worth as well as others by accomplishments. If I didn’t accomplish as much as I felt I should have, then I would stay up later to “do” more so that I could feel better about myself. This became a vicious cycle because then I would hit the snooze button the next morning (losing my first battle to resistance in the new day). Thank you so much for sharing this insight with all of us on this journey. From this point forward, my goal is to put God at the center of my life (and my “to do lists”, and that I should “rest” in Him and “do” all things only at Hs bidding and through His power. Only then can I be relaxed, happy, and fulfilled. What an encouragement to be reminded that my worth comes from who I am in Christ and not what I accomplish in my name.

  • Rita Gahr

    I have been reading “Thirsting for God” Daily Meditations of Mother Teresa since the first of the year. It was a Christmas gift from my Parish to all the Parishioners. In it Mother Teresa speaks of being joyful in all you do as a way of praising God. I have been trying to do this for Lent as a way of getting God into my daily life. Remembering to be thankful and Joyous for all I have and do.

  • Janet Revheim

    I started to notice the cycling of longing yesterday, when I was reviewing one of my plans for accomplishment and I realized that even once I accomplish this huge undertaking, it still won’t be enough for me, I will still want more. I am an all or nothing person, when I set my mind/heart on something I pursue it to the exclusion of all other things. I started running this year, when I started my goal was simple, yet after a few weeks I started pushing myself beyond what was reasonable for my body and neglecting all of the other areas of my life. When this “accomplishment” started to drain me I cycled to purchasing things. Then my relationship with God. I don’t want to move him out of the focus of my life again, I want balance. I only know how to run 10 miles or not at all, focus solely on God, or not at all. Becoming aware of the cycle is eye opening and hopefully will help lead to the balance I desperately seek in my life.

    • lizmvr

      Oh my gosh, I was just thinking about how many miles I did yesterday! I train with a team to do half marathons, and there are times when I feel guilty about not doing enough and other times when I feel guilty about going faster than teammates and being upset that I’m not getting all my miles if I wait for them or slow down. Thank you for being a clue to me as to where I need to put God at the center!
      I hope you find your balance. I know that I don’t know how to do lots of things, but I need to ask God for help in knowing what He wants me to do, even if what He wants me to do is nothing but trust in Him right now.

  • Julie

    The Summons is also a good song about following God’s plans for us.

  • Trish Malone Bugg

    My daily focus has been trying to find a job so that I may once again, contribute to the well being of my family, for my children’s college, and for us to buy a home again. Daily I find myself saying “what is wrong with me? Am I too old? Is it because I’ve been off work for awhile? Why don’t people appreciate my experience”. I need help understanding why God is making me struggle to do this. How can I put Jesus in the center of my job search? I know he has a plan….but I need prayer and strength to help me realize that I just haven’t found the right opportunity yet. I am grateful and blessed my husband has a job indeed, but I need help understanding how to shift my focus to putting Jesus first in my job search!

  • Paul

    I need to put God in the center of my life when dealing with people. One of the previous comments asked the question “why did God put this person in my life?”. I need to explore that question more deeply when I encounter people that on the surface seem different than me. I need to take the initiative to open the door to happiness by sharing a friendly greeting and see where it goes.

  • Annalisa Senapati

    I believe the area of my life that I need to place God at the at the center is my worry and anxiety about the future. I need to constantly let go of all the worries and trust in God’s love and most especially mercy. I need to remember that God is past, present and future all at once. This is not to say that you should not plan for the future (you should with the knowledge and understanding you have in the present time), but beyond that I have to learn to place God at the center and trust in his plan for me. He desires only my good. When I find myself in doubt and having increased anxiety for the future, I remember the Divine Mercy image and pray, Jesus I trust in you.

  • Agnes Brett

    Jessica hit home for me. I consider a good day to be when I accomplish a lot. I need to balance work with rest . She made me undestand that.

  • Karen Bumstead

    For a very long time I have tried to feed the hunger for happiness by buying new art supplies, stocking in multiples of things to make sure I would always have something on hand that would satisfy that hunger. When I couldn’t afford that or ran out of room for the supplies I would eat the unhappiness away and I would cycle back and forth between the two and the cycle at times could be exhausting. It is a strain financially and literally was making me fill sick not happy. I have been aware of this for a very long time. I have tried therapy. My family has given up on me and basically gives me just a small allowance and restricts what food comes into the house. This has made me feel like a criminal in my own home. After today’s video’s I think what I am really looking for is love and acceptance, something that for me seems unattainable by earthly means. I think I might need to put God at the center for both that love and acceptance and hopefully the rest will be fixed, and I might find happiness in what I have and not what I can attain.

  • Teresa

    Thank you, Jessica. I have been a little stressed over the same idea and your guidance is spot on!!

  • Heather Fitzpatrick

    I think I have put my job at the center of things quite often throughout my life. So that’s an area where I’m hoping to replace my need to accomplish something that I consider to be “worthy enough” with God’s presence and love.

  • Kathleen Bettyas Waters

    Oh wow. I could have written Jessica’s script! That is so, so me. I spend so much time writing and obsessing over crossing off tasks on my lists. I never thought that could be a bad thing but I will have to work on being content even when my lists are not completed.

  • Katy Notebaert

    Jessica, You are so spot on! I make lists and add things to the list just so I can check them off. I lost my job about a month ago. God did for me what I couldn’t do for myself. I was doing the same sinful actions over and over. Gossiping and judging. Fear of the unknown would not let me leave that job. For me it was a horrible humbling experience. One month later I am still looking for a job but the fear is gone, my trust that God is leading me by the hand is strong. Would I like a job? Yes but maybe this is the time for me to reconnect with our Lord. I picked up the Nineveh 90 day challenge, I go to Mass a couple of times a week, I pray several times a day and I sit and listen. God is so good even when we are devastated by what happens to us. I pray I never forget the lessons I have learned and continue to learn through this experience.

  • Cindy

    My honest desire everyday is to have a closer relationship with the Lord. I want that more than anything else. And here comes the but …. I lost my husband and business partner. I have a hole as large as the world. This loss has upended me and I am going through the motions of creating balance. Balance in the work at my home, in my business and then balance for me personally and spiritually. I get up each day giving the Lord my day, my work, and everything else. Then the day happens! It seems that once my feet hit the ground I am running, and by the end of the day I am exhausted and hit the pillow hard. I do find time to pray everyday, do spiritual reading, and give Him as much time as I possibly can ~ knowing I am nothing without him. But I still feel that when each day happens I am not doing enough to let him in. I move through my day reactively and impulsively. Taking care of this, putting out a fire there, etc. When I make decisions I do them from the hip, and from knowledge I have in my industry that has worked for me. I do need to bring God in more for my decisions, and let him steer me so that I am not zig zagging, ducking, through my day. That is something I need to work on! I desire that Lord, help me to put more trust in You!

    • Dee

      Cindy, I’m so sorry for your loss. Your comments about “taking care of this, putting out a fire…” hit home with me. My daughter has a serious anxiety disorder that became very difficult a year ago. Since then, I’ve spent a lot of time helping her work through her anxiety and take care of her family. I realized that, as you say, I was making decisions from the hip as to how to help her, relying on my own knowledge of her situation only, and that wasn’t working. I started asking God, at the beginning of each day, to help me to do and say what He wanted me to do and say, throughout that entire day. It helped. Blessings to you.

      • Cindy

        Thank you Dee! And God Bless you! I certainly am trying to let ‘God steer’. I have to admit I am not a very good passenger. I keep finding myself grabbing the steering wheel. 😉 I need to stop more often through my day and leave the steering wheel alone. Have a wonderful Lent, and thanks again!

  • Amy Reinhardt

    I agree with what Jessica said about placing God in the center of her To-Do list. As I mentioned in an earlier post on Day One, I am currently job hunting. The number one struggle I have been having is resisting the desire to attach my self-worth to whether I have a job. I know that I have so much to offer, but after receiving a handful of rejection emails from applied positions, I always start to feel doubtful and worried about my future. I want to put God in the center of my job hunt. I know only He can provide me with the patience, perseverance and trust I need.

  • Joan Fithian Quintana

    Matthew’s message hits home – again. I read of this idea it in the book but having him speak it is powerful. Then, sweet, humble Jessica comes out with her struggle with lists and it broke me. Jessica, you spoke to my heart today. Thank you for sharing. You’re so right…our worth is in no way associated with the number of items checked off the to do list. I don’t know how many times I said these very words to other women. And, of course, putting God at the center of the decisions we make about what matters and what we should just let go is exactly the right way for me to begin to recognize how much my striving gets in the way of just letting the Lord guide and support me in all things. Your message brought Matthew’s message home for me. I’m grateful.

  • Richard Figiel

    I’m very fortunate that twenty + years ago I learned about the God sized hole.trying to fill a happiness on my own, fortunate I say because from time too time I go back to an old version of me,and foul things up. Forgetting who is in charge. At this point I have learned all the things in the world will not make me happy,something that has to be worked on,to learn to love each and everyone of my brothers and sisters;all my neighbors,and have started to realize that eternity is much more important to those I love to help getting them there

  • BobD

    Jessica, I’m a list maker too. Thanks for sharing.

  • Paula Stone

    Constantly turning away from sin when distractions persists in being a disruption from the path God has chosen for me.

  • Brigid

    Are you the best version of you? Wow. I try to fill the whole with what others think I am. So powerful. If God is the center I can be the best me. That’s so important to remember.

  • Laura LaDue

    I used to fill the hole in my life by working hard all the time. I didn’t want to feel “lazy” and for others to think that. I am slowly trying not to do that anymore. It is very difficult and I find myself getting busy with work when I could be staying still and praying or just resting and enjoying my life. Sometimes I even feel like I should “busy” myself with God but that’s not what He wants for me. I know he wants me to slow down and enjoy the gifts He’s given me.

  • Scarlett79

    So many bad things have happened to me and my husband over the past 5 years and I don’t
    know what to do. I’ve prayed, and prayed. I guess what I’m most thankful for is me and the husband are still happily together (38 years) and healthy. Two of our children went there own way and we had to let them go learn on their own and two are still part of our family. I pray that we will all be together again some day but I can only control my actions. I pray that God is watching over them and their families. I wish I knew how to fill my hole.

    • Katy Notebaert

      Sometimes not trying to fill that hole does the trick! Silence and becoming one with all the gifts of nature around us that God gave us so lovingly helps fill that void naturally. Mass, adoration all things that require to be. Just be, without doing. Bless you my friend!

      • Scarlett79

        I totally agree with that sentiment…Thank you for your kind words, blessings to you. You reminded me that I have adoration today at noon.

  • Arthur Brown

    Before I became a Catholic and an ambassador for Dynamic Catholic I was always searching what would be best. I often knew what would make me happy but I forgot to ask God. Why because I knew better, I knew what God wanted for me and I knew what was better for others in my life. Guess what usually they never work out or they created problems that I was not aware would happen. Then I did just what Matthew Kelly said, put God in the Center not just in my life but the center of my life. My thought on a daily basis is when I die I can’t take anything with me materially but what ever I did while I was on earth will be presented to God to have him evaluate my life and deeds on earth. To be truthful I am ashamed of some of the deeds and choices I have made in my past but there is an answer that I knew but once again God has shown me through Alan Hunt’s book Everybody needs to forgive Someone. In the book it reminds me of why we are going through Lent. God gave his only begotten Son to die on the cross for who you guessed it you and me. This is another step in happiness that God give us as a challenge to live our lives as he would expect us to do. God Bless each and everyone of you in your daily spiritual journey with God, Christ and the Holy Spirit.

  • bluehen95

    Interesting post and comments. My thing is, “let go and let God,” could be taken as sort of “letting us off the hook,” if you interpret it a certain way. The reality of it is, we DO have control over some aspects of our lives. We don’t have control over what happens when we make a decision, or how others respond, etc., but we DO have control over how we react when presented with a situation. Placing God at the center of our lives to me means recognizing that God would never put us in a situation we don’t have the tools to handle, and asking Him for guidance when presented with an opportunity, a challenge, or what have you. But we have control over whether we believe the first part, and whether we listen to the second part. It’s on us to grow in faith, wisdom, and courage.

  • Teresa Dolezal

    This question is difficult for me. Literally everything else but God is in the center of my life but right now my daughter is the main center of my life and I guess one of the big things I’m struggling with is the feeling that my religion requires me to put her second to God. Like the story from the Bible about Abraham sacrificing his son.

    • bluehen95

      God would not have given her to you if you weren’t to love and care for her. That is your vocation. If you put God first, that means you are leaning on Him for the wisdom, strength, and courage to raise your daughter in His footsteps. That’s a pretty close “second.”

    • Katy Notebaert

      I have a daughter that occupies a lot of my time as well. She is so far from the Church and God it breaks my heart. I know though that I can not show her and give to her what I don’t have. I need to love myself enough to let her go so I can learn and grow to teach. The commandment: Love your neighbor as yourself means you must love yourself or you can not love others. Fill yourself with God, fill that hole and trust that the rest will follow. Pray for me and I will pray for you! I have a daughter Teresa so I will remember you my friend.

  • Mindy

    I tend to avoid things I do not want to deal with. I distract my self with other things. God is sometimes who I avoid. Avoidance is my resistance. I also base my self worth on relationships and my Job accomplishments. God is not usually at the center of these things. Love this video! Thank you for all you do Dynamic Catholic!

  • Kristina

    God equals happiness. God needs to be the center of our life in all we do. I need to put God at the center of my work day. Many times I fear doing a certain task. Fear is the devils work. If I place God at the center of those task, God equals strength and I know I will get it done. God is confidence. It is too easy to forget all this. Today on my desk will be a sign “place God in the center” as a reminder.

  • Shy MVP

    The line that, “my self worth is not determined by how productive I am” really struck a cord in me. I realize I had been doing this and worse been angry and disappointedly with myself these past few days for not doing the best I should or could whether it’s with work, life, or prayer life. But my worth comes from being a child of God, made in his image. Amen

    • Mog

      I love the same phrase shy, having got more & more disabled these past few years, I have struggled with not being productive, even having to rely on my husband. He doesn’t seem to understand where I come from, how it affects me. I really do try to understand his difficulties with me. I love your phrase ” my worth comes from being a child of God, made in His image” that is what I needed to hear, that I had some worth! Which hopefully will lead me towards happiness.

      • SanctusSanctus

        I was looking for my spouse to meet my needs and disabilities until I realized that what I really needed to do was MY very best to be independent for taking care of my daily basic needs, taking the pressure off my spouse and praying for my spouse.

  • Shannon Brown

    I need to place God at the center when I talk to my children and give them life advice. They are all older now and it is so difficult to always know the right words, the correct answer. I need God right next to me to give me those words.

  • Margie Suarez

    I really need to put God in the center of my conversations with my friends. Pope Frances has asked us to stop gossiping. I have surrounded myself with wonderful Christian women, but we even slip and gossip. Though it starts out as just a help conversation or a venting conversation.. I think I’m justifying 🙁

  • SanctusSanctus

    I believe every area of my life that feels sadness/depression is an area I need to “empty” out and “fill-up” with Our Lord. I’m not good at emptying on my own; prayer begins the process. I’m thinking of just asking God to “please empty me to fill me up with You?”

  • Atlas Educational

    Accomplishment usually goes into my God-sized hole. It’s left me restless for years. I’m beginning to understand why. Thank you for this #BestLentEver!

  • Denise R.

    The Servant Song is one of my all-time favorites! I also love to listen to the”Summons”. I sit and cry while I listen and pray to let God fill me with His love and follow in Jesus’ footsteps.

  • Shyne4god

    Placing God in the center of my life !!is really my ultimate goal! But I tend to sway away when it comes mostly with my Marraige !I ask how do I get God back in !!I need him everyday !! I will pray this Prayer asking God to help me !! Because I really need to make sense of my being !Thank you Diana Dynamic Catholic !!🕇

  • Terry ❤️

    From the time I awake and open my eyes every Morning, I invite God into my life first by saying THANK YOU LORD for this new day of life you’ve given me to live and I ask the Holy Spirit to direct my mind, thoughts and decisions I make during the day to be pleasing to the Lord. I especially ask our Lord to walk with me at work to help me to think, speak and learn as He would want me to and this huge whole in my life and heart isn’t as HUGE as it once was. As a recently widowed woman, the hole in my heart, the loneliness I feel time to time,is bearable thru God’s presence in my whole being. What has helped me most is that I make a daily decision to invite God into my life, to be so in me, that I may share HIS goodness and love to everyone I meet.

    • Patricia

      Thank you Terry, I am in the same space, a recent widow and yes the loneliness sometimes seems unbearable. I find speaking to God and passing it to him helps unbelievably. God Bless!

  • Karen Kitchel

    I’ve often wondered how to pray, other than saying the prayers we learned when we were young, during which I find my mind wanders when saying them. Someone suggested to remember that God is my Father and if I were spending time with my own father (who is now in heaven) I would probably just be telling him about my day, what I’m thinking and he would be thrilled to hear about it, just as I am to hear from my adult children. Today I’m reminded to constantly tell Him about all that’s making me happy in my life. Because he is a Father, he will be pleased to hear it. Thank you!

  • Nicole Miller Landreneau

    “A God Sized Hole” … that’s important to remember. Nothing on this earth is going to fill us as completely as a relationship with God. I’ve been incredibly blessed in this life – even through the trials – to know and feel that God is with me. I can be content with where I am and with what I have. God ALWAYS gives me what I NEED. Giving up what “I” want and being open to what God finds good for me to have brings peace. And it’s a peace nothing in the world can give…or take away. Of course I have ‘wants’ … but experience has taught me to present to God what it is that I want, and why. And I leave it there. In His hands. If He desires me to have it, then it will happen. If not, then He usually replaces it with something better.

    On a side note … I think Jessica Amsberry is my twin. Same line of work. Same passions (horses!!). Same hurdles. That all consuming LIST (and sense of ‘failure’ when it all doesn’t happen because some projects take longer than expected)! 🙂 Thanks for sharing, Jessica, good to know I’m not alone.

  • Mavis Jacob

    I am like Ms. Jessica, because my days are filled or my “hole” is filled with all of my crochet projects and deadlines. Usually I purchase or am given yarn and I will make scarves, blankets and just give them away, but I made the mistake of posting a huge blanket and poncho I made for my granddaughter (my very first) now I find that people want these things. I am making the first of two blankets for twin beds for family members and they need to be done by the week before Holy Week so they can be shipped off, then the next two projects (a crib size blanket and an adult poncho) that need to be done by the first week in June when she comes to make her annual visit. I also have a daughter graduating from high school in June, she has a trip to Disneyland in April and I will be going with her as she has Intellectual Disabilities. My “hole” has also been filled with helping her raise the funds via school fundraisers for her to be able to go. My “hole” has also been filled with thinking about a vacation in July to visit relatives.

    I need to read the Bible more and study more.

    • lizmvr

      It sounds like you have a really cool talent! Do you enjoy all of the crocheting? It also sounds like you are very involved with your family. I think God is probably in these activities and relationships, but I hope you find Him and feel that your “hole” isn’t just about the mundane things and to-do lists. You’re really touching lives with what you’re doing. I do hope you find some rest and peace, though, too!

  • Audie

    For me, I need to specifically put God in the center of my relationships, with my spouse, my children, my parents, my friends, all relationships! Because I tend to take it personally when things doesn’t go the way i expect them to be. I get too consumed trying to please everybody, trying to be the best person to them. Today, I am reminded that I just need to be what the Lord calls me to be, and to remember that He is everywhere..even in relationships, that I need to yield to Him because He is also part of those relationships, that He is the main reason why I am in a relationship with all of them.

  • Debra Burgower

    As a professional recruiter I find myself feeling as you do, somewhat of a failure, if I’m not making placements every. I do stop and wonder often, even if I am not making money, could I still be in the right business because I’m helping someone with their resume, letting someone vent over their frustration of not finding a job? I think maybe so.

  • Amy Carmichael Hummer

    This video comes at a time for me that

  • Kristi

    For me, I begin a prayer program or an online series such as this one and I’m enthusiastic and committed…for awhile. Then little by little I forget to “let go and let God”. I stop beginning the day with prayer or Mass. It’s just so easy to take my will back. I need my prayer to be let me being God-centric become the core of who I am.

  • Janice Bittner

    I pretty much need to keep God at the center of ALL areas of my life. My past hurts and hang-ups have shaped the woman I am today, but all too often, I let my past control how I see my present or how I wish my future would turn out. I never seemed to get the things I wanted as a child, and I struggle with constantly wanting more and more possessions. I never seem to have enough money, and barely survive paycheck to paycheck, so I’m constantly harping on money issues. My husband had an affair, and despite everything I tried to keep our marriage intact, and despite how he said he wanted us to stay together, he ended up filing for divorce. If there is one thing that is guaranteed to send a person into a tailspin, it is to have someone you love, someone who said they loved you, betray you. I pray constantly for God to restore my marriage but I need to learn to accept that this may not be what God wants for me.

  • Abbie Mitchell

    Everything! God needs to be at the center of every choice and decision I make. My family has been spending some time rethinking or day and home to make sure that God is at the center and not a million other things.

  • Catherine Petrick Patel

    What a powerful message today, Dynamic Catholic and thank you for the many wise comments, which I always find just as powerful as Matthews’s message. I try to journal while doing the daily lesson, and I wrote down so many great messages from the comments that spoke to me today. Thank you all for this blessing today!

    • Cathy Flanagan Guadagnoli

      I agree Catherine. I was taking notes also as I was listening to Matthew. I will try to keep that focus throughout my day and my decision making.

  • Julie Campbell

    This is going to be the best lent ever. I do have a hole unfilled, but i have never been able to describe it as well as Mr. Kelley described it. My daily pitfalls seem to be with getting my 3 yr old ready to get out the door, traffic on the road, working with the auditors at my job (because how dare they question my work 🙂 ) . I can work at putting God in front of those conversations, and make getting ready for the day a game for my daughter, instead of a chore. And keep praying when im on the road.
    Thank you for this every day process to keep me God centered.

  • Elizabeth Hayden

    Thank you Matthew & Jessica. In my current season of life I am struggling in my new role of a homemaker in order to be able to travel out of state for long periods to assist my elderly and ailing parents. I have been in the workforce for >30 years, and to not be out there “earning my keep” has been a tremendous identity struggle for me. My heart knows that I simply need to be PRESENT to my husband while I am home and to be PRESENT to Mom & Dad while I’m with them and to leave the rest to God, however I continue to struggle with this. I pray to God to help me understand and appreciate this time to be a caregiver; that I am valued, productive, and moving towards who He is calling me to be.

    • Syd


      I appreciate your sincerity and I appreciate your faith. You express, “I pray to God to help me understand and appreciate this time to be a caregiver; that I am valued, productive, and moving towards who He is calling me to be.” From my experience this “God-sized hole” makes a person feel nothing true or valuable. It creates the sensation that there is nothing in the world with which we can identify with and nothing true. The hole is threatening, unpredictable and ultimately meaningless. However, it seems to me if we can enter this hole with powerlessness, even a point of no achievement or no accomplishment, faith becomes real. This hole, within faith, seems like the realization of our value without reference of anyone or anything. Yet this shift feels hopeless and then God becomes an intolerable idea, even this stumbling block. Yet if we can enter into this hole with powerlessness it seems to allow this ability to ride out this storm and the awareness of faith becomes stronger.

      Please understand I write more in a question than with an answer because I am sick-an-tired of literally dying my slow death. So it seems to me, faith and awareness seems to be the only satisfying quality, a new depth, and allows us to walk off the edge of the world. Also please understand I am just trying to touch the supportive presence of your faith, your inner strength within your faith, and your faith appears as the sun. She is your guide, even in your struggles, and yet you are deeply a part of it. Your faith, believe it or not, is enormous and appears to be the center of your awareness. Truly your faith is your gift, real, and it is experienced from you. Your faith is your gift, unshakable, and it seems to be profound. Thank you for your presence and Presence of your faith.

  • MikeF

    After having given away hundreds of copies of Resisting Happiness this last Christmas, we are meeting monthly to go through and study the book. This Best Lent Ever series is an excellent reinforcement.

  • Julie Quillo

    I work for the church, and I spend my days trying to help others fill their “God-sized hole” and forget about mine. I realized that I need to be aware of my own God-size hole.

    • Sharon Callon Schwartz

      Hi Julie, I work for the church, too. I totally understand your comment! May you, I, and all of us in the vineyard fill our holes so we can help others. Bless you!

      • Julie Quillo

        Thanks Sharon. You are in my prayers! God bless

  • Angela Ford

    Oh my goodness! The second video was totally meant for me to hear. I am so task driven and God needs to be the center of my life and my every decision! Thank you Lord for allowing me to hear this and thank you Jessica for sharing your story!

  • Annie

    I have a new perspective on the hole in my life. As an empty-nester, I felt the hole was the space or vacuum left by my children being gone and I have been constantly craving time with them. I have repeatedly told my husband that the hole left by the children is one that he cannot fill as my husband. I now realize it is God calling me to fill my “God-sized hole” with him. I am so grateful for this BestLentEver program.

  • Joanne Vavoso

    I need to place God in the center of my life at each waking moment, before any actions or any decisions I make.

  • Rachelle Gray

    I love both these videos. I am going to show my students Matthews message about a God shaped hole that we all have!
    And Jessica. I can truly relate to you. I judge myself and my self worth based on what I accomplished in a day. But it is so good to be reminded that God loves us regardless. Thank You! 😊 Rachelle

  • Katie

    How do you know when a decision (like moving to a new home or changing jobs) is what God wants vs. what you want?

  • Julie Concannon

    I love the fact that Matthew talked about being disoriented. So many times in my life I have found myself disoriented by all those other things we fill our lives with. I have to admit, I fell into all those categories as I aged. Now I am in that searching mode for God’s grace. I want to fill the whole and center my life with Him.

  • Mary Huber

    My one thing I desire and would bring me happiness is for my youngest son, my daughter and her family and my ex-husband to believe in God and Jesus and have salvation. My prayers every day is for me to be instrumental in bring them to God and Jesus. I want and need this desperately. I want to be in heaven with my whole family. That would bring me true happiness.

    • SanctusSanctus

      Oh dear Mary! I understand what you have said because I often feel that way…. Then I let go and let God since He’s the Divine Problem-Solver. We put these Isaacs back onto the Altar, and then we remove them and the cycle continues. God knows the desires of our hearts and we shouldn’t have to “worry” right?

      • Mary Huber

        So true

  • Alan Klesh

    Wow! What a powerful phrase…Put God between by thoughts and my words. I pray after receiving communion that our Lord be present in my every thought, word and deed. This phrase will help me to live out my resolution. Thank you.

  • maryvee

    Through your decisions….Am I putting God at the center of THIS decision? Thank you Matthew…for these words. This helps so much. Bless you.

  • Teresa

    I have a tendency to want to always be in control. I need to put God in control in ever situation and trust Him with the outcome.

  • Liz Lota Myers

    This was awesome! I needed this especially today. “Oh Lord, you are the center of my life, I will always praise you, I will always serve you, I will always keep you in my sight.”

  • Yola

    It is to place God during first moments in the morning, kneeling if possible to acknowledge who He is and honor Him.
    Set up a time to thank Him for another day, for the gift of life and health and to consagrate my heart, actions, work and decitions. And set prayer time thru the day.

  • Maryanne Sockey

    I should put God first definitely in the hour before bedtime. I try not to do computer during that time so that it’s easier to fall asleep, but I almost always end up staying on the computer. This makes it harder to fall asleep and be calm, instead all the negative things in my life come boiling up and I can’t relax. Perhaps if I gave that hour to prayer and meditation I would be better prepared to receive joy and relief from God.

  • Angel

    How do I know when making decisions that it’s what God wants and not solely my desires? :/

  • PapaTCO

    I think I need to place God in the center of the daily little crosses, little burdens, little pin-pricks … it’s easy to forget Him in those areas, and get caught up thinking I only need to put Him in the center of the “big things”.

  • Debbie Brush-Garcia

    First let me say that I love this series and was actually lookin forward to Lent so I could do it again. Last year was my first year being introduced to Matthew Kelly. Matthew, I enjoy your works. I find your practical approach really speaks to me and I feel your love for reaching out to all of us. This series I especially like that it follows your book Resisting Happiness. My church gave us all copies at Christmas. I also found that another church in my area is also studying it. Today I love what Jessica had to say and this is something I struggle with too. Today I will begin to practice not worrying about my list! Hugs and
    Thanks, Debbie

  • Mel Babin

    Lent is a great place to regroup and ask ourselves “Why isn’t God at the center of my decisions?” What is the root of why I am not surrendering myself to be filled with all of the graces He has bestowed on me. What am I filling myself up with today? When we let go of what is bad and fill it with good, we are striving to fill the emptiness with God. He can fill us up if we let Him.

  • Susie

    I’ve had the pleasure of having already read “Resisting Happiness” prior to knowing this would be the theme of Matthew Kelly’s, “Best Lent Ever”. I have to say that, if I were to summarize the book in one sentence, it would be that you will only ever accomplish happiness by filling that “God-sized hole” first. Your happiness will revolve around it. The first book I read by Matthew was “Rediscover Catholicism”. What I took away from that book is a message I repeat often (in trying to evangelize): “We cry out to God. Show me the way to happiness my heart yearns for. He answers, “Walk with me. Be all I created you to be. Be the best version of yourself.”” That will only happen if you make him the center of your life in every moment, every hour and every day. I have to thank Dynamic Catholic for so much inspiration in my life.

  • Dorothy Huebner

    Starting today I will fill the hole in myself with God, by putting Him first in my life. I will start my day with prayer and end with prayer.

  • Brandi Jodoin

    I need to put God at the center of much of my living depending on the day,hour and minute, but the one I wish to share is parenting my children. See? my children, Our children, My husband and I have 11 children, As a devout catholic mom, i find i can get caught up in my children’s salvation I mean when the kids especially the older ones make a mistake especailly a habitual one, I am anger becasue it endangers their relationship with God or is it It endangers MY idea of their relationship with God ? my proof that I AM a good parent. I need to take myself out of the equation and simply guide my chidlren

  • Richard

    Hello brothers and sisters. I feel I need to place God in the middle of my career. I have been with my company for while and can’t seem to get any promotions or higher jobs that I apply for in the same company. I have seen newer employees get hired most by me and they have gone up higher than me. Makes me wonder why I’m stuck where I’m at or why they don’t approve me for a higher position. All I can say is God must want me in this position for a reason. And I need to trust that reason and also be the best I can where I am. That can be hard many times that you see others passing you by. God bless you all

  • Kelly Flores Baca

    Blessings to all of you for your cognizant actions of wanting to bring more of God into your life. I am a sinner as well and I know when I am being very human and wanting my pleasures met. I try to focus more on what God wants and I try to be like him as much as possible. Decisions are a great way to do this endeavor.

  • Carol Carpenter Lichten

    I need to place God in the center of my resistance that we read and heard about on the first day of Lent. Once God has set up camp, the power of His Holy Spirit will direct me through that resistance and on to obedience. And if that isn’t fulfilling, then I don’t know would be.

  • Kathryn Duncan

    If we have a “God-sized” hole no wonder we can never hope to fill it up by the things of this world. Just think about how “BIG” God is! Having grown up in an “approval-based” home I have always striven to do everything well, if not perfectly, in order to gain the approval of others. Now I am starting to understand and realize that no one or nothing can give me the satisfaction in life that God can. Like Jessica I am also a list person. I make lists for everything and have separate calendars for everything; and most times God got pushed to the side. I am committed to placing God at the center by making this devotion the first thing I do and don’t make up any lists before I have spent time with Him and heard from Him how He wants me to spend my day.

    Blessing to all

  • Bill Duffy

    When I was a young adult, I spent way too much time being actively involved in chasing practically everything that I now recognized was absolutely meaningless. I am so sorry for all the time I wasted and all the pain and suffering I inflicted on my family because of my selfishness. This haunts me.

  • Margaret Rudolf

    After watching these videos, I realized that although I do pray before making big decisions, most of my day is made up of making little decisions. Most of these little decisions are made without a lot of thought or prayer. They are simply reactions. Instead of reacting instantly to everything I need to back up a bit and pray more, to become active rather than reactive. It should decrease my frustration level significantly.

  • Emma Spaulding

    I really like the statement of the “hole being a God -sized hole and so only God can fill it”. I do try to fill that hole with other things, like acceptance of others, pleasure, food, and just trying to have something to do everyday. Instead I need to reevaluate what I am doing and see if God is the center of it and if not, change it. I need to realize that it is okay to have a day where nothing is planned, and instead focus on myself, my relationship with God and see that God alone makes me happy.

  • Sharon Callon Schwartz

    I have now begun my day focused on giving myself completely to God and doing his will for me. I am going to stop and pause throughout the day to day a quick prayer “thy will be done, not my will” to keep my focus on God and doing his will for me.

  • Rachelle savoy

    Striving to put God first in my life to fill that hole and everything else will fall into place….God is Good and has shown me today in more ways than one that He wants me to have Him in that hole. I cannot be more thankful for the gift He gave me today.

  • Estela De La Garza

    This resonates with me so very much.

    As a child, the two things that I desired more than anything was to go to school and church. If I was given a consequence for not doing one thing or another, my mom would keep me from the things that made me happy. I recall days where I ran to both even at the risk of getting in trouble.

    You see, I was always searching. I was always longing. I immersed myself in the life of the church I attended as a child. At one point, in middle school, I was participating in worship at three different churches. If I was invited to a service, I would gladly attend.

    As an adult, I still find myself searching. Not searching for God, but searching for ways to share in the blessings I have received. Some days I think I could not be happier, but guess what? There is always a new blessing. There is always something more to fill my heart.

  • Katy Maxwell

    As a college student, it’s hard not to get lost and wonder who you are. I’m still trying to discover who I am for the first time. Looking around you see people who seem to have their lives together and you start to want to become them. So I need to put God in the center of my life. In order to become the women he asks me to be.

  • Patti Casino Ryan

    My marraige comes to mind. I want to feel God’s presence in everything I do and say. I have to work on this big time. But I will start today.

  • Rosemarie

    Wow, these videos today really hit home for me. Matthew talks about how we put God at the center of our lives and little by little, we take back everything from him. I do this all the time and don’t even realize it. But what I loved was Matthew’s tip/suggestion about putting God in the center of each decision we make. I talk to God all day long, but I can’t honestly say I put him in the center of each and every decision I make. I can do this.

    It’s wonderful to identify what needs to be done differently, but even better for me when I am provided with a way to help make a change. Thank you for this, Matthew. I actually cried after listening to these videos today. I’ve been struggling the last few weeks with something and have been praying so hard. God always answers me and he answered me (so simply) today in your video. 🙂

  • cary silva

    I loved today’s focus on happiness it was right on point…we are focused on finding what makes us happy that we don’t realize who gives us joy…I need to bring God more into my family!!!

  • Ray Towle

    I do believe that every thought that enters my mind, and every feeling that I experience within body, also directly effects my immortal soul. In that reality, I realize the best and worst of myself. My world gets instantly brighter and then dimmer depending on which of the two I realize within the moment, the here and now. That said, sometimes I feel unsure of what what God wants of me next. Any suggestions for “listening to God?”

  • Judy

    In my need to feel valued and loved. In thinking about this I have realized that God made me in His own image and likeness. Why would He have done this if He didn’t love snd value me? I think in making God the center of my life, that hole will start filling up.
    I am trying to make God be my constant companion daily and moment to moment and always be thankful for His love and blessings.

    • LJ

      We live and we die for Him Judy. Our parish life needs to reflect this reality of hope and healing. To do it we need to know and be known.

  • LJ

    Dear Jessica Amsberry-here’s a heads up, I’m just like you are and if you want to see some of my work plug in to my website:
    Know that my self worth is shot. Why? Tenacity in the wrong place? Is it possible that the good God wants me to see His face? We do need one another because of the nature of the Mystical body, right? When I fall and someone can put a scripture,(in a genuine way), to address reality in that time and place then we’ve faced God…
    “before you were I knew you, I have called you by your name and you are mine”.

  • Michelle Anderson

    Awesome message, hit home, in that God Sized hole.

  • Dave Mayer

    If I have God at the center then not matter what I am doing it fills the hole for”my soul rest in God”.. St. Augustine. He uses mostly from. St. Augustine

  • Marilyn

    I need to place God in my life more often through out my everyday…I feel his presence in the morning and and night when I pray but as my day gets busier I find I don’t turn to God enough for His guidance when making decisions and when this happens and I relied on myself, to often I find myself saying ” if I had only stopped long enough to ask God to help me in a situation… would have turned out better ! “

  • MJSoy

    I am a “re-vert” to the Church. I lived approximately 20 years of adulthood away from the Church, and tried to fill the God-sized hole in my heart with all that Matthew mentioned – accomplishment, relationships, money, possessions. Truly, none of that worked. I thank God that He drew me back to the Church, and to worship of Him.

  • Julie Welling

    I will be going along my day and something is just off and I realize, I don’t have God in my thoughts or my being. I just get busy doing my thing that I leave him out. When I feel the emptiness, I literally go back to where my prayer book is and say. “I’m so sorry God I forgot to take you along for our ride today, lets go”. And I feel like I’ve placed him in my heart and we are thgether in thought and prayer the rest of the day. I even talk to him throughout the day. One day I was leaving the bank on a beautiful day and I said out loud Isn’t it a beautiful day God? We finished our errands lets go home and take the dog for a walk. I’m sure if anyone heard me they thought I was a little nuts. But I like to talk to God throughout the it makes me happy.

    • Cathlynn

      Wonderful! I can relate.

  • Rosanne Composto

    I am loving all your comments. You all touch my heart and fill me with courage and strength. Thank you all for being Christ for me and helping me to fill my God-sized hole. I will never forget this phrase… it has taken on such meaning for me.

  • Katrina

    Jessica Amsberry’s comments hit me smack in the face. I am a list maker and feel horrible when I can’t cross something off the list. I need to make sure God is on my list. Thank you Dynamic Catholic for always seeing into my heart.

  • Cathlynn

    I had to feel God’s love for me before I learned to love myself. I was in my late 40’s before this happened. I am now 61. In this process I discovered my God hole or I like to call it my God Well. I need to have it full before I can give to anyone else. For years I did not feel worthy of any kind of love or happiness due to childhood trauma and it’s repercussions. I fell in love with Jesus when I was 4 years old, through this I have moved from survivor to thriver. Thank you Mathew and folks with Dynamic Catholic. My resistance lies with my perception of self.

  • Diane Ramos Kratochvil

    Everyday struggle to keep God the center of my life!!

  • Dale R Evans

    I love his comment today. The most important event in my life was the day I realized . . . I was shown . . . I needed God. Up to that experience I had pursued any number of imaginary images of myself. All heroic. All delusional. All those heroic versions of myself were nothing more then an expression of deep need.

  • Christine Flynn

    I can relate to what Jessica said. I don’t think I deserve rest until I’ve accomplished enough in the day. However, I am grieving my husband this lent so inactivity seems to be what’s on my agenda. And, speaking to God. I pray for guidance and then don’t take the time to listen or if I do listen I don’t believe it could be that simple.

  • Barbara Juntunen Burkhardt

    I am feeling a God-sized hole in my relationships right now. God needs to be the center of my relationships. I feel I have to be friends with everyone and the everyone should like me. Whoa! Pretty egoistic. I need to let God guide my relationships-to help me understand I don’t need to be everything to everyone and that everyone might not be the best thing for me.

  • Olliefu

    That’s a good one….that God size hole. Hoping that everyone’s hole is filled with love & peace in days & years to come.

  • Tony

    This BEST LENT EVER video series of Michael Kelly is, after THREE DAYS… NOT FOR ME!! I’ve been Catholic all my life. He’s ALMOST negative and speaking to someone else, in my opinion. IF this is supposed to help Catholics or people in general… Well, I don’t think so. I’ll keep this site BEST LENT EVER coming to my email address until this coming MONDAY and IF it doesn’t get better, more positive, more encouraging, more UP-lifting, then I’m OUT… and will only “unsubscribe.” Thank you for your attempt.

    • TerriB

      I’m intrigued. What did you expect to hear from Matthew Kelly? (I’ve been Catholic all my life too. Still practicing as well. )

    • Jules

      Tony, that is awesome that you are being so honest about how you feel….But before today and weekend is over, give this decision up to God, and he will lead you where you need to be this Lent! 🙏 He will never let you down!

  • Jules

    Yes, this video from Jessica absolutely hit home for me. However, I am not organized nor do I write lists, but my desire to accomplish many things in a day can sometimes leave me unfulfilled. I am starting to speak to God more through out the day but often times than not I just find myself thinking about him and not talking to him. I need to talk to him and bring him closer, deeper, into the center of my life so that my hole can be filled up by him!

  • Sandra

    I give it all to God each week on Sunday and by Tuesday I have taken it all back. I am going to work on praying before each decision and stopping to listen to what God wants. I like the comment yesterday about waiting to get up in the morning until I have prayed and given the day and all its work to God.

  • Scott Sowers

    I’ve worked hard my whole life, I’m a sinner, not as much so as I was when I was younger, but a sinner still. At 60 years old, I have changed my choices for the best, I hope. I try every day to put God more in the center of my life these days and in doing so it has led me to works I didn’t think I would ever do. We have raised a daughter with Special Needs and have worked with that community for many years. I chair the Special Needs Ministry and volunteer with others at church, I sit on the Disabilities and Special Needs Committee at the Archdiocese of Atlanta, I’m a Stephan Minister Leader and to try help folks where I can. I’m a firm believer that the older we get the closer we get to God. I continue to look towards God for answers and Mary for grace. In doing this, the things that make me happy have changed from material to spiritual and life loving. We went around the table of our book club one morning to introduce ourselves. We were reading Dynamic Catholic. When it came to me, I rattled off the list of ministries, special needs committees and other “good” things I’m involved in and one of my friends remarked, “That’s quite a resume.” To which I replied, “Not a resume, an obituary.” Yes, I got a laugh, another thing I like to do, make people laugh. I wish I would’ve have gotten this message many years ago. I always was spiritual and believed in God, but it wasn’t “cool” to be religious. You see, I was a product of my environment. It has taken a long time to shed that skin. Matthew, I hope your message gets out to young people here and around the world. It’s important. They really need to know what it takes to fill that God size hole. It will save them many years of grief and confusion. I think it boils down to eight words. Four I learned as a child and four you brought to my attention, “God is Great, God is Good and Thy will be done.” Thank you for all you do and I will continue to spread your messages, so keep them coming. God bless. Scott @ St. John Neumann Church in Lilburn, Ga. Come see us.

  • Linda Krasowski

    I took the Facebook app off my phone for lent because I realized I was scrolling the Marketplace many times a day. Always looking for something I might want. Nothing that I needed, but something that’s missing from my life. This missing thing is God’s presence. God’s presence in the real things that make me happy.

  • TerriB

    I put so much pressure on myself and my to do list. This season that I am in isn’t very productive on paper. It’s the mundane tasks that I do accomplish each day that wear on me and keep me from focusing on the bigger items that I want to accomplish. My trenches of motherhood are long as a mama to 6. My youngest is only 5 months old and it’s challenging to balance the small amount of time I get every night, after little ones bedtime. Tackle another cleaning chore that got pushed off another week, read a devotional, hang out with my older kids. How do you find God at the center of an overwhelming season of motherhood?

    • Jules

      I totally understand Terri, I have been there and still sort of. My kids are 11 and 13 now so it’s a lot easier to find time but it’s still consuming with them and work and the house… Just say a prayer or talk to God when you are doing whatever things you are doing in the moment and things will flow a little easier at times… Not all of them but most moments will be better than others with him on your mind.

  • Regina May

    We all know that it takes 21 days to have “something” we want to make into a habit. It has taken years for me, rather than 21 days to make God be the center of my life. He was always there, I didn’t always remember to make Him the center. After walking these past three years without my love, my husband Ed, by my side in sight, I realize him at my side. Daily now, I walk and talk with Ed and God at my side daily. I am more apt now, to remember to bring God into everything I think, say and do. It’s a joyful triumph for my life!

  • Denise Vega Ruvalcaba

    I worry about everything. I need to place God in my thoughts and remember that He is taking care of everything. There is no worry to big for him. I need to remember that he won’t leave me and that he’s given me enough.

  • Sue

    This Lent it has come to my attention how very self centered I am. I buy things I do not need, I seek first my own comfort. I don’t totally ignore the needs of others, but sometimes it seems inconvenient. So I let things slide. I need to unclutter that God sized hole, place myself around it it instead of inside it, and ask God to fill it.

  • Nancy Arroyo

    I too need to fill that hole with God. I pray for God to enter my mind whenever I th I k of these other things in my life . please let evertythink always begin with him.

  • Christopher Jachulski

    I need to place God in the center of my finances. I’m 5 years from retiring. I am 65. I’m in this race to retire debt before I retire holding down two jobs making it tough to do what I love and that’s singing in a spiritually led Chamber Chorale.

  • Laura Krippner

    Psalms 46:10…Be still and know that I am God. This verse always centers me. Even though God has proven to me time and time again that He is in control, I still let my mind wreck havoc with my emotions when things seem out of control. I am good at looking back and thanking God. Would love to better at finding peace in the process.

  • Cat Downing

    God sized hole … I feel it, know it, now filling it, focusing on that today to try to maintain God in the hole and not STUFF that has no place in God’s hole.

  • Sharon Seguin

    I need to place God in my daily decision making. I’m always helping others and tend to over do it. In so doing, I’m taking God completely out of the center of my life. I need to ask God how He wants me to spend His time instead of taking matters into my own hands.

  • Liezl Resente McLeod

    I know that I need to put God first in everything that I do. But there are times that I’m impatient and I couldn’t wait for His decision on what is best for me, so I usually end up with frustration because what I think was best, were not really what He wants me to do. Putting God at the center of my life will really satisfy me I know that for sure. I need to be consistent and be patient.

  • Norlns JM

    yes, this was truly profound today. I agree with all of your comments. I share many of the same realities and feelings. thanks for your contributions as we make this spiritual journey to be renewed this season.

  • Kevin Flensted

    First time on the journey, yet I am fascinated that all of the lessons to date have struck a deep nerve. Each topic I am guilty of, generating lists, how I value myself, how I define happiness, excited to be on this new journey this lent and hoping to continue to find my way back to God.

  • Karen Burke

    Definitely very similar to Jessica. Also, I need to make a couple of big decisions soon and as I am considering all the pros and cons of each I have also been asking myself how these decision will help me us the talents God has given me.

  • Donna Hebdo

    So true…the things that we think will make us happy are never enough. I am trying so hard to bring God into my life. I need Him to help carry my burdens, and when I prayed on this, I felt as if I had been filled and calmed by the Holy Spirit. I am beginning to pray at those times when I feel anxiety and worry beginning to creep into my mind. I call on my Rock and my Fortress, and the load is lightened!

  • Carmen Daniels

    After watching Jessica’s video I have to agree with her. I am the type of person who makes lists and I only feel good when I have accomplished a lot on my list. I will make it a goal to include God on my list….hopefully it will help put my busy mind at ease.

  • Paulina

    I love this. It is so true. Most of us want to be in control of situations that affect us and we want it to go our way. Focusing on what he really wants us to do will hopefully eliminate filling the “hole.” I will pray for this grace.

  • Gale

    When it comes to pain I need to always put God at the center of my life. I offer to give my pain to him for the saving of souls. He allows me to use my pain to make good for others. My pain has a use and purpose. I also need to put Jesus at the center of my life when it comes to exercising. I know he wants me to take care of myself but I can not seem to do it with out his help. This series is also helping me to put God in the center.

  • Louise Desmond

    Too often I stress myself out to the point of chronic exhaustion and worry, just because I feel as though I have to do as much as I possibly can during the day, and to accomplish those things ‘perfectly.’ Watching Matthew Kelly’s video reminded me how if I remember to put God first at times like these, I will not feel so hopeless. I have to realize that chasing perfection is just another way for me to try to fill this hole.

  • karen Bednarz

    I struggle with this one everyone needs money and when i put God first it works out and when I don’t it doesn’t. God said WE should put God, Family and than money it’ll all work out. Fill the money hole with God at the center,

  • Susan

    I agree!!! Of course it doesn’t sink in til you been there trying to fill that hole with things or even empty emotionally things too like one bad relationship after another. The only real relationship is with GOD.

  • carrie

    I realized after much reflection that I have not placed God in the center of my life when making such critical decisions for my family and myself. This is something I want to change and become more focused on placeing God first in my life and centering my family’s life around God.

  • Leah Levitt

    I too was struck by the God Size hole we are trying to fill. I fill mine with eating mostly. Also with endlessly staying busy. It is hard for me to just be quiet and let God fill the hole. I think I also buy things I don’t really need to fill the hole.

  • Lisa

    I have been working on this for quite awhile now. Resistance keeps rearing its ugly head. I recently made a big move that has really changed my daughter’s and my life. I was in a state of depression for a few months after the move. I was wanting all these outside things and working on those instead of the inside. I am now working on fixing the inside and knowing that once I start to make improvements there, it will impact everything else in my life. God has made it easier by showing me my daughter’s happiness.

  • Joyce W.

    We have a great little charity shop in our town and it is only open a short time each day so I don’t get there too often, but I often find myself wanting to go there just to see what I might find. Mostly, though, I make the effort when I have a few things to donate, and then reward myself by looking around for “goodies”. When I find something that I really like, I come out feeling great, and I am amused at how this little thing is temporarily filling the “hole”. The other day I really scored, though, because I found two Christian books and one has spoken to me in a special way this Lent. God even uses my need for a charity shop “fix”! I guess He looks down on us ruefully, but with great love, as we go about looking to fill the hole without Him. What poor little children we are! All He wants is to fill us and bless us and we go running around like squirrels after nuts instead!

  • Christine Suller St Onge

    I need to place God at the center of my ife in everything I do

  • Prolifedem6M

    Our former pastor gave us words for the triple signing of the cross at the Gospel: “The Lord be on my mind, on my lips and in my heart.” Those are three great places to put my Lord at the center.

  • Heidi Guevara

    God does need to be the center of my life. I know he will give me great joy. When reading this reflection I kept remembering myself as a teenager, after attending an Antioch weekend, I would go around school telling everyone to smile because Jesus loved them, simple, not taking in all the extra negativity the world has. But then I say to myself, what is wrong with that simple statement. I can smile because Jesus does love me, the Father will care for me and God TrueType does love me. Nothing else should matter. He does need to be the center of my life.

  • Marie Mariott

    I finally met the resistance head-on and have caught up to today. I am reading all the comments and thank all for them. I am struggling within myself with so many things that I feel selfish because I am blessed with so much. This might not be the right place but I selfishly ask all of you to pray that I make some break throughs during this lent and following this path with you.

  • Victor Frauenfeld

    When God is in the center of my life true happiness envelops me. I am in a state of bliss. Nothing bothers me, I know nothing can stop me.

    I often wonder why I always move away from that happiness. After I move away, I realize it and ask myself “what are you doing?” I know I want God in the center of my life. Why as humans is it always so hard?

  • Jeannette Wittman

    This hit home for me. Most often I find I’ve put ME in the center of my life…not God. Looking back I can see that when I put God in the center, even when things don’t go smoothly, I feel more at peace and altogether happier!

  • kate

    My best friend and I always try to remind ourselves that we are not supposed to be driving our bus in life. We need to get out of the drivers seat and get into a seat in the back of the bus and let God be our driver, our center.

  • Jennifer

    I need to place God at the center of my marriage.

  • Ershel Redd

    There is not one area of my life that I need to place God at the center of; its every facet or area of my life that I need to place God in! If He is not present in every area of my life, I could see myself beginning to neglect Him over time.

  • J Phon

    I often have to live my life in baby steps because otherwise I feel overwhelmed, so I’m goingn to focus on the suggestion to make each decision not because of what I want to do, but because of what I truly believe God would want for me. Thinking about taking these single steps towards a God centered life seems possible. I think this is why I try to fill my “hole” with productivity or accomplishments because they are here and tangible, while allowing God to fill me takes faith in the unseen.

  • Liz

    I made the choice to leave an all consuming well paid job to be able to go to daily Mass. Instead I have added more volunteer things and lost the perspective I had. Nothing is more important than my relationship with Him. I have recently cut back after work obligations.

  • Sandy Venneman

    I so enjoy Mr Kelly’s talks as well as the team member’s. I am sending the link to this program to my 4 adult children because I feel that they will benefit from it and also to share it with their older children!
    Thank you!!

  • Marion Everhardt Hebert

    I to feel that no matter how much I do I still feel like I should have done more. During Lent I have decided that I need to sit quietly and ask God to show me what is important. This is something I know I will do even after Lent. Asking God to fill that hole for me at the start
    of the day is something that I will do because it is that important to me.

  • Myriam Larkin

    I guess my question is how do your have God fill that hole. I try I am going to bible studies I go to church I try looking at things optimistically but I still feel sad. Sad that my son is not going to get married in the church Sad that my relationship with my husband is not where it should be and that I have settled for fear. Sad that I am still grieving for my mother who death is over 10 years. I will continue to keep faith . I am reading this book Resisting Happiness along with this program in hopes that I can make God my Hole filler.

    • Adetola Adejo

      I pray that you find happiness in God

      • Myriam Larkin

        Thank you for your prayers

  • Kathryn S. Mazzara

    I don’t walked away from my faith 30+ years ago. Just last spring I returned to my Catholic faith. In that time I have been really studying my faith to deepen my faith. I’m loving Eucharistic adoration and all the studies and retreats that I am in. The biggest area that I need God to be the center of, is my decision making. I need God’s discernment and guidance.

    • Chad Mayer

      Welcome home!

  • Steven Elton

    Pascal could not have said it better. I personally need to place God at the center of my business decisions amd family decisions. Be blessed.


    My happiness laterest depend in how my husband feelings are in that moment, I mean if he is happy so do I, if he is angry me too. I can not longer depends of somebody else feelings, is time to stop and Give God the place of honor in my heart and in my live.

  • Kim McBain

    I was really able to relate to Jessica’s reflection because I also have an issue of determining my self worth by the accomplishments I’ve been able to complete our not complete. This is exhausting as I feel I’m never living up to the expectations I’ve set for myself and am always chasing after the next item on my list. I’ve learned this also robs me of experiencing pleasure and joy as I complete a task. The lesson I’ve learned today is to keep God Center in my life and hand him the reins to guide my day.

  • Chad Mayer

    I know for me I think if I had a relationship with a female then I would be happy but that is not completely true. I must be satisfied with God and Him alone first.

  • Adetola Adejo

    Anxiety is something I am dealing with. So I worry about the tiniest issue. I then want to control everything so as to be able to predict the outcome and possibly know it. By putting God at the center of everything in my life, it will reduce my desire to control and in turn my anxiety and worry. Truly, it is with God we find peace. Thank you Mr. Kelly

  • Ann

    Wow, this had so many meaningful thoughts wrapped up in such a short video. It was great!

  • mrstag

    I guess I am fortunate to feel like I have God at the center of my life. There are times that I do feel empty and need to fill that “God sized hole,” but I always come back to the realization of how blessed I am and I will pray about it. Through prayer I am always forfilled. I really enjoy participating in these advent & lent reflections and I enjoyed reading Matthew’s book, “Rediscovering Jesus” and have ordered “Resisting Happiness.

    • mrstag

      The more I thought about this, I began to reflect on this song:

      Centre of My Life

      O Lord, you are the centre of my life:
      I will always praise you,
      I will always serve you,
      I will always keep you in my sight.

      Keep me safe, O God, I take refuge in you.
      I say to the Lord, “You are my God.
      My happiness lies in you alone;
      my happiness lies in you alone.”

      O Lord, you are the centre of my life:
      I will always praise you,
      I will always serve you,
      I will always keep you in my sight.

      I will bless the Lord, who gives me counsel,
      who even at night directs my heart.
      I keep the Lord ever in my sight:
      since he is at my right hand, I shall stand firm.

      O Lord, you are the centre of my life:
      I will always praise you,
      I will always serve you,
      I will always keep you in my sight.

      And so my heart rejoices, my soul is glad;
      even in safety shall my body rest.
      For you will not leave my soul among the dead,
      nor let your beloved know decay.

      O Lord, you are the centre of my life:
      I will always praise you,
      I will always serve you,
      I will always keep you in my sight.

      You will show me the path of life,
      the fullness of joy in your presence,
      at your right hand,
      at your right hand happiness forever.

      Psalm 16
      Paul Inwood

      You can find it on youtube, it’s beautiful.

  • Holly

    I want God to be at the center of my thoughts and what comes out of my mouth. I am lead by emotions sometimes and I really want to be lead by the Holy Spirit!

  • eliana

    I have a big God-sized hole and I need God to fill it. I used to do mission work and bring food to the poor and it filled the hole because God was in it, I served the poor and that made me very happy, joyful because God was everywhere, I saw God in everyone i encountered. I need to put God at the center of my life again and put Him at the center of my decisions, I am ashamed to say that most of the time I don’t.

  • Carolina Morales

    Day 03 Reflection

    Dear BestLentEver Diary,

    Listening to that second video with Jessica prompts me to ask, “What consumes my thoughts” because if I identify that, then I’ll better know where to plant my Jesus. What’s on my mind most is getting on Instagram to blog. I soend so much time there that I lack in all areas of my life…then I worry about financial instability, a cluttered home, bingeing and gaining weight, and not taking care of my family like I should. Not going on IG and focusing inward on this spiritual journey during Lent is magnificent and we’re only on Day 3. I cannot wait to see how my heart, body, and mind progress by practicing to put God at the forefront of every decision I make.

  • Tony Pantera

    I find it hard to not be constantly busy doing something “productive”. Whether that be doing chores, creating something new, etc. I will look at why I feel the need to be always engaged and let God be there to help me keep a balance in “doing” and “not doing”.

  • Lydia Ross

    I am enjoying this Share Lent series and today’s videos are challenging me to set my priorities and to look at what I have allowed my focus to be.

  • Matthew Wasilewski

    When I made a decision in the past, the words: “will this decision help me to become the best version of myself” would cross my mind. However, many times I “push to hard” in one area of my life while other parts are sacrificed. For example: exercising to be physically healthy – one can exercise a few times a week and improve physical and emotional health, however, trying to get in 5,6,7 workouts a week in order to be in peak physical form will definitely improve the “physical” portion of being the ‘best version of yourself’ but what is sacrificed? spending time with loved ones? spiritual health? the list may go on. After reading/watching today’s reflection, I am modifying my decision thought to: “will this decision help me to become the best version of myself as God would have me be?” My hope is that it will help me ‘place God at the center’ first and then work on “becoming the best version”.

  • Michael Thede

    Jessica, thank you for your kind thoughts.

    I am a Graphic Designer as well so this struck me personally as I tend to do the same. Making lists, trying to get as much done as I can on the list each day, and feeling badly if I don’t accomplish as much as I think I should have. Beating myself up over it.

    What I’ve begun doing, and having some success at, is each day saying a brief prayer asking God to be with me that day. That his will be done, not mine. Essentially saying I am going to put forth my best effort and with God’s help and grace the day will go as it will. Whatever I accomplish, or don’t accomplish, in any given day was God’s will for me and that is enough, so long as I have put forth an honest, positive effort.

    Anyhow, thanks again. I wish you all my best in your faith (and design) journey.

    Peace be with you…

    Most sincerely, Michael Thede, President & Creative Director, Michael Thede Design LLC, St. Charles, MO (suburb of St. Louis).

  • Genie C Balantac

    … Today’s message hit home to me: Tears in my eyes.

  • Laura

    His “God-sized hole” made me think of St Augustine’s “Our hearts are restless until they rest in you.” I thought finishing my doctorate in Accounting would fill that hole, getting tenure-track position, etc. would fill that hole. I was at the reader stage of my doctoral dissertation proposal when I got slammed by a severe case of Trigeminal Neuralgia. I get some pain relief from high doses of anti-seizure medication but I can’t function normally to do the job I absolutely love as a full-time lecturer in accounting (I’m not bragging; students keep asking when I’m coming back). I tried Gamma Knife Radiation Surgery in Summer 2015 and after waiting several months had some short-lived relief. This past summer 2016, after the unbearable pain returned, a underwent brain surgery. That was unsuccessful. I have had to resign from my doctoral program and my job. Talking too much (teaching) hurts too much and the medicine I take affects my word recall, ability to think about complex thoughts. I realize now I should have appreciated what I already had. I have a wonderful 31-marriage to my college sweetheart who has taken great care of me through all this; our oldest son is a FOCUS missionary; our youngest son a college freshman and his faith has grown much stronger in college with great CSO ministry and FOCUS missionaries – he goes to daily Mass and Adoration at least twice a week! I guess my point is why was I worried about some stupid hole? Why wasn’t I appreciating the great gifts God gave me? This may be off topic so I won’t spend time on it but I’m learning a lot about redemptive suffering. Letting God fill my hole gives meaning to my pain so it makes more bearable. Now, when it hits hard , I say “Thank you, Lord. Please use this where you need it” or sometimes I say “Please give me pain so some child at St. Jude’s doesn’t have to suffer it.” Do you know who taught me about taking on pain for someone else? My youngest son who learned about in his Bible study at college. Is that beautiful, or what? He said to me “Mom, have you ever thought maybe God let you have this pain for a reason? Not because he wants you to suffer but he has some plan for it.” What a gift. I felt like God was speaking to me through my son and filling my hole. I apologize for long entry. I very seldom make such comments but felt called to do so.

  • Anna

    I think where I feel I struggle the most is trusting that if I put God at the center of my life, God will be enough–more than enough!–to fill that hole. I have to constantly remind myself that even when I don’t feel like that hole is being filled, even when things get tough and I’m in a place of desolation, faith is not based on feeling alone. It’s based on the truth that only one thing–one person–can truly fulfill what I most desire in life. And I have to trust that God wants to do that for me, and that He will be enough.

  • Rosie

    My prayer life is sorely lacking. I love what I do, but don’t seem to make the time for prayer and work consumes me. I have two jobs and I feel like all I do is work, eat sometimes and sleep. I’m trying so hard to make the change during Lent but as of this third day, I still have work to do. Stations of the Cross tonight will be a start.

  • Stanley Deiling

    Eleven years ago I was recovering from Prostate Cancer Surgery and my dear Wife suggested that instead of giving up something for Lent, why don’t we take up Daily Mass for Lent. By the time lent was over, daily Mass became a permanent part of our daily life. We are retired, so it’s a bit more convenient to do, but in our Parish the pastor moved a lightly attended 6:30am Mass to one at 6:30pm. Now many more working folks are making daily Mass more frequently part of their lives. Now I hunger for Mass, and I’ve learned to thank God for this most Sacred of our Sacraments, and at the consecration I ask Him for the Strength, Wisdom, Patience and Courage to live my day as Jesus would have me do. My soul is finally being as well fed as my body always was. Try it if you can. If you make it happen during this Lent, I bet you will put daily Mass a priority to attend whenever you can.

  • Donna Slauenwhite Price

    The God shaped hole is not a new concept for me; however, I still find myself daily not putting God in there. I have begun memorizing scripture to remind myself to make Godly decisions. I started with I Corinthians 10:31 “Whatever you eat, then, or drink, and whatever else you do, do it all for the glory of God.” It puts even the every day decisions into the hands of God.

  • Chris beahan

    Last two years I truly had an empitness in my life. Two years ago my mom passed away from cancer. I was angry with God for taking her away from me. I had huge hole where God was suppose to be but I didn’t allow him. I was depress and finally I had a conversation with God. At that moment I finally admitted I need God in the center of my life. Once I told him to come back in, I felt that emptiness was gone.

  • Janine

    I have to laugh a bit now, but I actually started to defend myself while watching today’s video. We have 7 kids, I’m pregnant with #8, my husband works from 8am to 10pm every day and schedules his busy days around daily holy mass, prayer and the sacraments with all of us and we live with a very saintly priest in the same house, so in a way I started arguing with Mr. Kelly in my mind “No, I have Jesus at the center of my life, I can hardly live my life as I want due to my many children, what more should I do to put Jesus in the center?? We are giving up so much, what more should I do for HIM??” But honestly, that is not all. Even surrounding yourself with holy people and going to daily mass does not mean that you are automatically filled with HIM. And everyone on earth is bringing sacrifices, in one way or the other. I’ve always struggled to take time every day to spend time with Jesus personally, alone in prayer. Of course, one could say I have every reason to excuse myself, but that is not true. I’ve been spending much time on the internet lately – in the evenings I always find time to do “what I want” 🙂 For some reason I’ve always had the tendency to put my personal time in prayer with the Lord off, “later, maybe later”, first in every free moment was always my fun, my pleasure, watching little funny videos on the internet. I would like to change and put Jesus first. It seems a really small thing, but for me it is like having to climb a huge mountain and I feel much resistence in me. Pray for me, everyone, that I can make a change this Lent! God bless you all who are on this journey.

    • Laura Nelson

      Praying. My two are grown and in college and I can remember the days when going to the bathroom was the only time I got any peace. You talked about living with a Priedt and going to Mass every day. Listen, Priests handle the Blessed Sacrament every and Idventure to say several of them are not allowing God to fill that hole

      • Janine

        thanks for your prayers and inspiring sharing, Laura! God bless u

    • Blaise Burkhard

      Motherhood is a calling from God. God trusts you to mother EIGHT children, so I think he anticipates NINE times the resistance on your part!!!!!!!!! Pace yourself on this journey and trust that His plan for you includes time for yourself. I will be praying for you!

      • Janine

        Thank you for your prayers, Blaise!

  • This immediately brought to mind the song, “God Shaped Hole,” by Plumb (Released 2009). I don’t know if they wrote the song, but they were the first artists I heard perform it. There has been a God shaped hole in me for 11 years now. That was when the pastor of my parish died on Christmas Eve and we found him on Christmas Day. It was a struggle for me to continue on with my ministry for the remainder of the school year as I was so deeply depressed by the loss of a man who was my spiritual leader, my boss and mentor, and my friend. He showed me God as Father because I had no father in my life and nothing on which to base God in that way. I crashed in the summer when all the work was finished for the year, and then the church consolidated with two others in the area. They didn’t need three people in my position, so I was let go. As I tried taking steps back into the church, climbing out of my depression, I realized it wasn’t my church home anymore. I bounced around, but never felt comfortable anywhere until this year. I’ve been searching all this time, but I think I was “too busy” to really hear God’s call beckoning me to come back to him. I’m still not in a good place right now, but I know God needs to be the center of my life again. I’ve found a new parish home and I’m going to get involved in ministry again. I know where I need to be with God at the center of my life.

  • Joan

    Very nice Jessica. Our daughter is very much like you. High on her corporate ladder in a man’s world; her life is dictated by lists and she evaluates her self worth on these lists and through the eyes of her male counterparts. Then she starts in on herself and her lack of self confidence, and the cycle continues. I will share your video with her, and maybe, it just might spark a desire in her to make her lists centered around God first, and not man. Col 3:23

  • Judy

    By far, I need to place God at the center of my decisions. I keep choosing things that are not in my best interest. If I consult God first, even though the answer may not be something I’m delighted about, then I know it’s he best decision for my life. At times I can be impulsive; other times it’s hard to make a decision. Both have consequences. I can eliminate the consequences if I bring God into the center of my decisions.

  • Babciamel

    Truth be told, I need to put God in all facets of my life.

  • Heidi

    I’m married to a man who is not a Christian and has little faith…. I often feel that he depends on me to fill his God sized hole. That’s too much responsibility, so I disconnect which isn’t good for the marriage either. Any advice?

  • Kim

    What hit me wasn’t necessarily the God Sized Hole, it was Jessica’s video talking about how she measures her self worth with how busy she is and what she can get done in a day. That was a wake up call, because that is me to a tee. I wish she would have kept talking.

  • karen teter

    I agree – so I taped Joyce Meyer on TV, a spiritual teacher, and I watch her and listen to her while I am working out. So I have my spiritual message while I am working on God’s temple, which is my body.

    • Louise

      Working on the body and the soul. Great time management. Joyce is awesome isn’t she?

  • Erin Saunders

    I believe that I trust God with my life, it when a “speed bump ” or difficulty comes along, I go into solving mode instead of letting God show me the steps to take. In His grace, He has been there, though my choice needs to be to ask Him before solving things on my own.

  • Lisa

    I like that “God wants us to want”.

    At the center of what we want is God. God is really what we want.

  • Anna Marie Langley

    I know that I have a God-sized hole in me and I try to fill my days with staying busy to keep my mind off the loss of my husband. I try to turn it over to God but sometimes the loss just overwhelms me. I try to pray and can’t even say a word for the tears streaming down my face. I do know that I would not have made it this far in my grief journey without God but I also realize that instead of worrying about my finances, housing, meals,etc. I need to just turn it over to God and leave it there.

  • Terry Colton

    I like the idea of trying to fill the ‘hole’ but I prefer to think of it as the ‘whole’.

  • Cindy Rodriguez

    I need to place God in the center of my parental and love life. I do not have a “love” life. I feel that always wanting to have one could be the hole Mr. Kelly was talking about.

  • sarah

    I have taken many years to write a book about my Catholic faith journey for my children and grandchildren.
    It is finished and a family member printed it for me and I have given a copy to each of them. I am wondering if it is something that many other Catholics might find helpful in their relationship with GOD, but publishing a book is vey expensive. I find that I am placing this in GOD’s Hands to where I go from here if I am to do so. I have thought of just blogging but that is a challenge at my age and little knowledge of such things. My older children have offered to help…SO. I stand back and see where it goes from here with GOD’s help…if that is GOD’S WILL. GOD has been the center of my life for years….sometimes I may have disappointed HIM, but we have such a merciful, understanding and forgiving GOD.
    GOD is not capable of being anything but loving…GOD is immutable.

  • Betty Amnah

    As a mother of 3 adult children, I have the opportunity to come up with activities for our families that place God at the center of these activities. God, please let me do your will.

  • Mary Shelley

    We used to own a bakery and my youngest daughter always felt cheated with her donut until I gave her a donut hole. Now as a metaphor I realize I’ve cheated myself by not filling my vacancy with the same sweetness.

  • Carol Brill

    Wow, did Jessica’s comments about being productive strike a chord with me! A favorite song of mine has a refrain, “There’s a God-shaped hole in all of us…only He can fill.” As in the story of Mary & Martha, sometimes it is okay to sit at the feet of Jesus. Neither busyness nor laziness produces good feelings and is probably not what God wants for us, but listening for God to speak and following His voice can give us true happiness. Perhaps that is why we were created with a capacity for positive emotions. And, we are human beings, not human doings!

  • Trevor Pelkey

    I need to put God in the center of the academic area of my life. I worry often about my grades in school and – like Jessica – how productive I am. I have great goals, but I now realize that maybe I let them consume me more than they should at times. I need to stop putting myself down over stuff like this and keep God in mind!

  • Jean Walton

    Read and relect on Phil 4:6-7.
    It is my daily prayer.

    • Louise

      One of my favorites. These verses taught me to always start my prayers with praise and thankfulness to the blessing God has given me.
      P…praise God. Give gratitude
      A…ask. Be personal and specific
      Y…”all of God’s promises have been fulfilled in Christ with an aftounding “YES”…Pricilla Shirer

  • Brenda Weiskopf

    I get Jessica’s comment about having to put God in the center of my to do list. I’m afraid I just take for granted that he’ll always be there but then he gets pushed further and further down on my list of things to do. I need to stop and think before I make decisions on what God would want me to do instead of just living in the moment and reflecting on the consequence with God after.

  • Britt

    The area of my life that I often have trouble with is how easily angered I can get at something that’s ‘so small.’ I’m hoping that with the help of God, I will be able to place him at the center of the given situation and remind myself that He is ALWAYS there beside me; that I will be reminded how He is SLOW to anger and RICH in KINDNESS.

  • Julie Mendenhall

    Recently my brother passed away. I decided to join a grief share support group which is Christian based. At the same time I got into a Bible study group. I am well aware that I have a giant hole in my life. My hope is to fill it with God. I’ve seen the scriptures work for people in far worse shape than I’m in. I would like the scripture study to continue in my life. To welcome God in to fill the void that only He can fill.
    The people in the study group are definitely a part of this. God works through them too. His Word is eternal.

  • Pat Burr

    Jessica said something that really hit me, being defined by how productive I am. I plan to step back and see how much of my productivity is a quest for gratification of self rather than a gratification of our Heavenly Father.

  • Tom

    I have found as I get older that prioritizing what needs to get done works. The most important things first and what does not get done moves to tomorrow or the following day. The first priority of course is God and how the list relates to Him. At the end of the day what has not gotten done is saved for another day. In summary live for the moment with the focus on God. What we stress over in not getting done probably does not matter in the big scheme of things.

  • Donna Looney

    I need to put God in the center … of my relationships. Especially the relationships with those I most love.

  • Shonne Farrell

    I’m like Jessica. I allow the projects rule me instead of relying upon the mercyful loving God to help me through the project and my day. I love the gift of art that God gave me. I use it to creat gift cards and holy cards that reflect Jesus and Mary as well as different saints. I sometimes put to much on my agenda, commiting to more than I am able to çomplete. Then I feel such guilt for failing to come through on what I promised. I’m learning to say no when I cannot follow through on a proposed project. I àm praying to God. For God ànd waiting for his guidance.

  • Kathy Landa Archuleta

    My finances. I make poor choices

  • Savannah

    Right now, I’m putting my novel at the center of my life. Not the act of working on it. (After all, God helps those who help themselves. I can’t ask for a miracle bestseller without a finished product to show for it.) I’m gently going through it right now, proofreading ten pages a day. But I spend more time thinking about getting it published. That is to say, I worry about getting an agent in a timely manner and publishing it soon.
    But why would God have instilled this urge to create stories in me since childhood. Why would He have made my attempts at nursing and massage therapy plummet if He didn’t want me to come back to this life purpose, to this one thing that makes me so happy, that I would do it for free anyways.
    So, right now, I struggle to let go of the results of this project. I struggle to just pass the baton to God and let Him find the perfect agent who will go the mile for me.

  • Ann Hook

    This is difficult. I recently went through a time where I had offered to assist with a missionary endeavor but the message I received from my family was that I was too busy already and my relationship with them was suffering. I kept praying “Lead me; Guide me” and felt God could only want me to do more. I realized I could not take on more and that my first responsibility was to my vocation of marriage and my family. Sometimes doing more is not the way to fill the “God-sized hole” but being and loving in our present reality is.

  • Colleen Michelle Amos-Mezinze

    Oh do I love today’s message! Thank you Matthew and Jessica! I come from a family of productivity “junkies” I must confess God has not been the center. With this season, and with your daily messages, I want to change that, please pray for me. I am at the time of my life where I am in a cycle of “I’m not good enough” even though I have been through so much diversity and God has guided me through each and every moment. I want God to be my center, not like a drive thru only when needed… but with every possible moment the Center. Bless you for your work..

  • Tara

    I love this. But I sense the allure of “God and….” The God shaped hole, I believe, needs to be filled not just by adding God to what we do or decide. I think the happiness (or blessedness) we are called to can only happen when we are filled with, content with, consumed with JUST God, Himself… to sit at His feet and learn from Him…the one thing needful that Mary sought.

  • Anna

    Matthew Kelly goes right to the heart of the matter. How often have we wanted something thinking that it would make us happy and once we get it, it really doesn’t satisfy. I do have a big hole in my heart and it got bigger after my husband died. But if I hadn’t prayed so hard or asked God to help me through this passage in my life, I never would have survived. I know that God is with me every day and I thank Him every day, because without Him, I would die.

  • Dana Synoski

    I definitely need to place God in my life when i feel the urge to buy something, or get mad or annoyed at something so foolish. My materialism can often get the best of me and if i dont keep up with trends or have the nicest newest things i often get mad at myself. it is in those moments that i need to remember my God and that he doesnt need me to have all the newest things in order to love me, he loves me all the same.

    • Crystal Dasburg Marchand

      I feel ya on that. I buy things and then realize that I don’t feel any more filled than I did before I had the things I thought would make me happy.

  • Tom K

    Mr. Kelly is hitting a note that I have come to feel more and more as I get older. Where is God placed in my life. I don’t often enough stop and ask where is God in my actions and what I am doing. Worldly accomplishments don’t fill the need or the hole deep within. I need daily to invite God to fill that hole much better than I do now.

  • Ruth Major

    I have always felt there was a “hole” inside me only God could fill. When I tried to ignore it, I found no peace.
    As I get older, I try to fill that hole but I realize it will only be truly filled, when I am face to face with Him, For now, the Eucharist is my food and what fills my life with peace.

  • Mark Darrow

    For years I’ve been looking for something to satisfy me… not everything I chased was pleasing to God. Now, I’m weeks away from leaving corporate America and I have this incredible desire to do something that will help those in need. I haven’t figured out what it is I’ll do yet. Every day I pray to God to help me follow His will. I’m sure that is the hole I’m looking to fill.

    • Mary Frances Schramp Horton

      As a retiree, I find myself always searching for what God wants me to do in this part of my life’s journey- How to share my talents and fill my days productively. I pray and read the daily readings, read books to widen my knowledge of my Catholic Faith. I need to get better at listening and stop resisting taking steps toward opportunities that are presenting themselves to me.

      • Louise

        So true Fran. My biggest weakness is listening for God’s voice. I would love to have that connection.

  • Carla Nielsen

    Wonderfully said Jessica! You expressed beautifully how many of us feel. The culture tells us that our self worth is determined by how well we can master our to do list instead of realizing that the Master needs to be the center of our to do list. Thank you!

  • MA

    I’m putting God in the center of what I want when it comes to Volunteering.

  • Anne Mason

    Wow! How could anyone not relate to having a “God-sized hole” and not feeling complete, happy, at peace until we fill it with God?! Since becoming disabled several years’ ago, I am constantly measuring how productive I am throughout the day. If I haven’t accomplished the host of “things” I think I need/want to accomplish, then my self-worth for that particular day bottoms out. I have tried filling my God-sized hole with food, money, ill-fated relationships, clothes, jobs, you name it. Nothing compares to allowing God to become the center of my life. When I do (and it’s not every day, but I am a work in progress!), I feel much more at peace, happy, and fulfilled than when I try to fill that hole with the wrong “things”. Thank you, Matthew Kelly and Jessica Amsberry. Today’s vids/reflections made Day 3 of Lent the best day yet! ; )

  • Isabel

    Matthew really hit the nail on the head for me, when he said that things come up and we push God over. Then we find ourselves empty again.
    This lent, for me, is about keeping God in everything. And for God to remain my main focus regardless of situations around me.

  • Pearl Brown

    Mr Kelly really brought me to where I need to place God I have noticed where some of my prayers I used to say faithfully all the time have taken a back seat I am going to try and make God and my prayers forefront in my life going forward

  • Karen Richmond

    This really shouted out to me, God sized hole, i struggle with overeating, so im filling that hole with unhealthy food rather than God. I also just retired March 1st so my self worth will not be coming from my job, a great opportunity to put God first.

  • Fran

    From today’s Catholic Company Morning Offering (a daily email service) Adds to our disscusion.
    “This God of all goodness has made those things easy which are common and necessary in the order of nature, such as breathing, eating, and sleeping. No less necessary in the supernatural order are love and fidelity, therefore it must needs be that the difficulty of acquiring them is by no means so great as is generally represented. Review your life. Is it not composed of innumerable actions of very little importance? Well, God is quite satisfied with these. They are the share that the soul must take in the work of its perfection.”
    — Jean-Pierre de Caussade, p.7
    Abandonment to Divine Providence

  • Barbara Walker

    I just want to say so far theses are making me “think” … answers? not yet… but by the end of Lent I hope there will be answers, holes filled and hopefully a better relationship with God. thank you…

  • Elizabeth Thomas

    Just returned from quick trip to a back specialist with my husband–tiring and stressful—and even though we ate just 3 hours ago a big meal for the day—after the stress of the trip—my emotions are saying “oh just get a little snack”
    my ‘angel’ me is saying “no you are not hungry” and I come to open today’s lesson and find what I needed to remind me—“seek you first the Kingship of God and let Him give you the grace necessary to be calmed and still to KNOW how much He wants to help me breakthrough my habits. The first day of Lent –the author of Word Among Us made the statement that FASTING BRINGS MIRACLES and Breakthroughs. Yes it does. So we keep on keep on and put God first in all of our life.

  • Guest

    God and all of Heaven are front, center, and on the back burner of my life. The pursuit of happiness or the lastest running shoes are not on my list, rather the struggle is to make this gift of property God gave our family a place for people to come to pray and meditate. It is taking forever! The buildings are structurally sound, yet require an enormous amount of work, as do the many gardens. It is somewhat impossible to convey what needs to be done to unwilling workmen. St. Teresa of Avila understood this! She and St. Joseph are in charge an are interceding constantly. Our parish Priest is aware of the obstructions and says to keep moving forward, that it will get done. Please pray for this, our wish is to make God happy. Guest, OCDS

  • Elizabeth Thomas

    Just listened to Jessica–and first thought in just looking at her youth—“she hasn’t lived long enough to become wise by experiences—WRONG–I saw myself in her—feeling guilt because I may have wasted time or not accomplished productive –using my talents–etc Thank you Jessica for sharing –you are wise beyond your years– “Oh, I remember someone saying that to me before I was 20, of course I was just sharing my Mom’s wisdom back then.:)

  • Marilyn Montoya

    Father Richard Vera says it best: “There is a temptation to see Lent as a time of self-improvement, during which my focus is on myself. Let our focus be not on ourselves, but on Jesus. Let us turn toward Jesus Christ and beg for a renewed experience of his presence. He is the one who saves me from my miserable condition: it is his merciful gaze which awakens and transforms me.”

  • tahoemom

    I was introduced to Mr. Kelly by my counselor. I am trying my hardest to put God first, but my husband is making my heart hurt. We are going through a very difficult time and I am the one struggling with my emotions I cry all the time. I open my heart to God, and it helps for a bit, then my husband brings me down again. I feel alone, I have no one to talk to when I feel down.

  • What area do I not need to may be a better question.

  • Cynthia Steisslinger

    It sounds so simple – yet I struggle everyday to remember God needs to be in the center of everything and all decisions. This segment was a good reminder for me!

  • Jeanette Powell

    Just like Jessica, I have been a list maker all my life. Today, however, I realized that I do see my worth as well as others by accomplishments. If I didn’t accomplish as much as I felt I should have, then I would stay up later to “do” more so that I could feel better about myself. This became a vicious cycle because then I would hit the snooze button the next morning (losing my first battle to resistance in the new day). Thank you so much for sharing this insight with all of us on this journey. From this point forward, my goal is to put God at the center of my life (and my “to do lists”, and that I should “rest” in Him and “do” all things only at Hs bidding and through His power. Only then can I be relaxed, happy, and fulfilled. What an encouragement to be reminded that my worth comes from who I am in Christ and not what I accomplish in my name.

  • robert hemhauser

    I think of the song : be not afraid”. I listened to this for weeks after my wife passed. I have to get back to not being afraid and following Jesus

  • DanaMari

    Wow, that’s me as well! A list maker and the judge myself at the end of the day by how many items I could check off as done! It’s endless and as Jessica said, exhausting. This was a great wake up call for me. I definitely need to start putting God at the center of my daily to do lists 😀

  • Angela M. Williams

    My word – every day – and this program has only been communicated for the past three days – a scenario that is mirroring these personal reflections is occurring in my world. And, Mr. Kelly’s God-sized hole analogy really spoke to me as well. I strive to be a daily “productive/accomplisher” also; and I feel even more tested with these challenges during Lent. My confessor priest said: “Place God at your Center” during Advent. He used a visual and tasked me to focus on the baby Jesus and every event leading up to, and every action at his birth. I guess for Easter it would be to focus on Jesus’ 40 day journey, crucifixation and resurrection – and the impact these events had on those nearest to him. Your heart may always be in the right place; but it is those intentional actions that is required to obtain the ability to place God at the Center in everything. Definitely a growth and maturation process.

  • stephanie cin

    When thing go wrong at work.I judge myself and almost punish myself. My self esteem hits the bottom. I I’m only human and learn from it but I still but myself done.

  • Carolyn

    Wow. This really spoke to me today. I definitely find myself consumed with my projects and my to do list. I need to find the way to put God in the center of it all.

  • Kay Nederostek

    Making sense of everything has hit me hard. I am so confused about my life, focusing on God and filling the god size hole puts it all in a different perspective. Thank you all for sharing. Peace be with all of you.

  • Tammy Endlish

    When I read this chapter of “Resisting Happiness” and now while watching the video, I keep thinking of the song “Hole Hearted” (Extreme): “There’s a hole in my heart that can only be filled by you”. Funny how many of the pop radio love songs could be Christian if you think of them as being directed toward God.

  • Michelle Hubbard

    As a teacher, mom, and wife, I find myself constantly comparing myself to others. Oh, she’s so organized, she’s so physically fit, she’s got it all together, and so on. I never give myself a chance and become so defeated. I feel I’m so busy comparing myself to others that I don’t give myself a chance to be me. I try to be someone else, but in reality, I only see what’s on the outside of these people and don’t know their day-to-day struggles. I need to work on who I want to be and need to be. What is Christ calling me to be, who does he need me to be? I need to be the person Christ wants, and live my life for HIM.

  • Trying to fill up the hole with accomplishments…..guilty. I need to place God at the center of my ambitions, dreams and decision-making, FOR SURE.

  • Grace Cintron

    I can truly relate to what the young lady , Jessica said about how satisfied I am when I feel productive at work and how my work; little by little, can consume my thoughts. The same thing will/ can happen if I get too obsessed with keeping my house perfect or spending long hours on others activities that are not really worth it. Like she said …my self – worth should not be defined by how productive I am .
    When I allow this to happen, it takes my time from my reflection, daily prayer and other important personal and family matters.

  • Eric DePoto

    Is it me or do the videos make you feel like they are personally talking to you specifically. Here we are again and yes I do that. I feel my life has to have so much productivity in it everyday for self worth. Thank you Jessica for pointing this out. And you’re right, I have self worth!

  • Jennifer Smith

    I loved Jessica Amesberry’s video and how she talked about her to do list not being done. I’m a busy working mom and I have a list for everything and I get upset sometimes because I’m working so hard but my list is still not accomplished. It makes me feel like I’m failing. I loved how she said I need to put God right in the center of the list.

  • Phil Sweeney

    God needs to be at the center of my social activism…What is God asking me to do?…How would Jesus address this social concern…How can I act humbly and with no desire for personal recognition or gain?…How can I labor each day to assure that my faith is more than just words?

  • Jesus Castrellon

    I tend to think that having more friends and being popular will bring me the happiness that I am looking for. I always worry that if i’m not popular enough, i’m lonely. How can I change this?

  • Peg

    Since losing my husband last April 29th, I find myself trying to keep “busy” … rushing from one event to another; joining group meetings, etc. and find myself, in the evenings, lonely and watching tv waiting for bedtime! I need to put God in those times and we can share our time “together”. Perhaps having Him with me I won’t feel the need to stay so busy and frantically travel from one activity to another hoping bedtime arrives quickly so I can go to sleep and cross another day off my list of life. I truly believe God has great plans for me; things for me to accomplish; however, if I don’t rest and share time with Him how will I ever know what He is trying to tell me.

  • Osler Rivas

    “Dear God, I commend my whole life into your care.” There is a culture in Asia that believes in the concept that when you owe somebody something it goes without saying that you owe him back and you repay him with the exact thing or something not any less than what he’s given or done for you. God has saved me, repeatedly given my life back to me, it is time to offer my thoughts, my actions, my words, and whatever is left with my life to Him.

  • Sarah

    Decisions, decisions, decisions…. OH MAN DID THIS smack me in the head! This is what I call a God wink ;). Literally 2 minutes before watching this, I have been obsessing about a pair of hiking shoes that I “should” have gotten at the mall today. Looking here and there for the best deal online, for far too long. These tends to be my area I need the most for God to be placed. Goodness, shopping, decisions, EVERYTHING! God I want you to fill that GIANT hole!

  • Arleta Zarycki

    I love the videos! My family made a promise to watch them together after dinner every day and so far even my three young children have listened to them with great interest. We pray together using the suggested prayer for the day afterwards. This is such a great option for us considering it would be difficult to attend Lenten services with little children. Thank you Dynamic Catholic for the wonderful services you provide!! God Bless.

  • Susan Williams

    Placing God at the center of my next decision….can’t wait to give it a try!

  • Erika Layton-Reynolds

    I need to place God at my center when I interact with family members. It is sometimes difficult to put the needs of family before your own.

  • Kathy

    I am finding lately that I want to keep things simple. Traveling to 2 other homes besides my own. “Letting go” of my pets, friends at my home base has been hard. Putting God in the center and ask for His help — I have to do everyday.

  • Liz

    Thank you Mr. Kelly for your words of encouragement. I was faced with the decision to stay warm on my couch or get up and go to adoration. After listening to you I put God first and got up and went to adoration and my God sized hole was filled. Praise the Lord.

  • MaryAnne Casaul

    The older I get the more this is relevant to me. When Mr. Kelly mentions how we repeat the cycle of wants, it reminds me of going around a mountain. Until we go through the mountain with God, we will continue to want. Learning to let go of our own desires and allowing God to work in us will fill in the hole. It has taken me many times around the mountain to finally realize what I think I am missing is really something I already have and need to be thankful for. This lent I am trying to be more aware of my many blessings given me by God.

  • Dave Lupo

    I would say the same. God must have my self-value, self-confidence, self-esteem place. These are problem areas for me. I don’t value myself as much as God values me. My self-concept is overtly negative. I need God to remind me that “I am fearfully and wonderfully made” (Ps. 139). I do not experience that myself. I need his Spirit to help me experience that.

  • Nicole M.

    Just like Jessica, I have an on going list of things to do that I can never seem to get accomplished. Most of the time, it consumes me as well as other small areas of my life. I would like to place God at the center of it all. Most importantly though, the greatest things that impact my life on a day to day basis: my job, my relationship with my boyfriend, my family, my friends, and activities. I truly do need to start basing every daily decision through HIM.

  • Carolyn

    It seems I have this recurring hole and now I know why. I get so distracted and overwhelmed with basics in my life and I need God to clear my clutter so I can accomplish the daily projects and He the center and my focus point. Thank you Jesus and I pray I can stay focus as you guide me they the days ahead . Amen

  • Cindy Leslie

    It was like I also got hit with the brick. I agree with Mr. Kelly. If we don’t put God in the center of our lives we will cause us more heartache and pain. Do we love and trust God 100% or are we or should I say to myself, love and trust God 100%? I think God is trying to reach out to me today. Thank you Mr. Kelly.

  • Kreikemeiers

    Our family all had different answers. We need to place God at the center of our leisure time, sports, daily duties, and friendships.

  • Grisel

    I have found myself struggling more, spiritually, than ever before and I know that it’s because … I didn’t put Christ first in my day, I didn’t put him or made Him part of my trials and I didn’t put Him as my main focus! I enjoy these videos and reflections. I hope that through them, I’ll become closer to God and allow Him to truly fill my emptiness/ my “hole”!

  • Paula Gaub

    What do you spend most of your thoughts and desires on really hit. I really need to place God in the center of my job and career.

  • Connie Wax Crosbie

    I need to place God in the center of my brokenness. I am ill, living with my son, left my career and home in Massachusetts behind, left my daughters and 8 grandchildren behind. I need to put God in the center of my mess so He can show me how to deal with it in a healthy holy way. This Lenten Journey for me is to grow from self-centered to Christ-centered.

  • Ester Carreiro

    I Need to put God in the center , when I’m at work. It becomes difficult sometimes if I don’t inclued God in my life.

  • Jennifer

    My motherhood.

  • Amelie Gonzalez

    I really cannot narrow down to a specific area because it is as it is stated in the video, God should be at the center of any decision that I make. I think that is the problem that I have right now. I am the person that is described by Mr. Kelly looking for fulfillment in the wrong places and I have a God size hole. I am really enjoying the videos. Thank you again.

  • Barbara Clancy

    When listening to Matthew Kelly talk about my God Sized hole I at first thought ” He is the center of my attention , but in saying that I realize that my mom – who is 100 and I am loosing has been my center with God my strength . I just realized that when she is gone – which will be sooner than later that hole will be huge. Thank you for putting this need for filling my God hole now and not waiting till she’s gone .

  • Fran

    I was recently faced with a difficult decision. I ran the problem over and over again in my mind. I kept asking God what I should do. He gave me the right answer that allowed me to keep my integrity. Praise God!

  • Gia

    At this point in my life, I need to put God in the center to heal my mom. She was diagnosed with COPD, respiratory failure, and sleep apnea. I feel that I am taking on too much after 6 weeks of her being sick. Making decisions with the doctors and such. I need to LET GO & LET GOD!!!

  • Maria Hinojosa

    no wonder I always feel an emptiness no matter how hard I try to fill it!! God Sized Hole !

  • Samantha

    Wow, what great reflection. “What is at the center of my life?” When Mr. Kelley said, “look at your decisions”, that’s when it hit me: I care too much of what other people think. And that is where I need to place God at the center.

  • Gary Moose

    I totally agree with Mr. Mathew Kelly that I get consumed with trying to accomplish more badges of success and if I would just let God decide what I will accomplish I would not be so worried and overwhelmed with guilt about not getting my next badge. I also know God helps those whom help themselves so we must not keep trying to succeed but just allow God to have the overriding authority of what we accomplish. I believe I will be content and happy when I learn acceptance through God’s eyes.

  • Marge

    I too am always searching, moving, being distracted-need to be peaceful and fill my God sized hole this Lent.

  • lscherzem

    Going back on a previous devotion, with resistance. If we think about listening to the videos and wanting to deepen our faith but it isn’t the right moment in life, would that still be considered resistance or waiting to be in the right mind set for that day?

  • Donna Whodatdiva Dauterive

    About 6 years ago I had a God sized crater in the center of me when my husband of 23 years blindsided me with the fact he was divorcing me. I was so loss and confused that I turned to God who I had been away from for years. I found out he filled the hole much better than all the yeArs with my ex, because we never truly put God in the center of my marriage.
    Now my mother has pancreatic cancer and I have turned my worry into prayer and have given her life to Him. I’m there to care for her but to do God’s will first.

  • Ml4

    As I think about placing God at the center of my life I realize that on most days I just randomly do what comes along and as a result many of my days are what I consider to be wasted. I need to begin each morning with my prayers and ask God to help me accomplish one special goal. I always feel so much happier when I can identify what I have accomplished during the day

  • Jennifer Brewer

    I feel like God is at the center of my life, but so am I ! We talk or more acutely, I talk to God and expect that he listens.
    I love the reference to we put God in the center, but we slowly creep back in and take over.
    It is my thought to ponder today.

  • Wanda Sobczak

    I need God at the center of my words so they don’t just remain words, but drive my actions even as they reflect my relationship with God. I need to avoid actions that have nothing to do with God instead of wasting valuable God-given time.

  • Arthur Brown

    On Friday [1], Isaiah tells us that the fasting desired by the Lord is
    releasing those bound unjustly,
    untying the thongs of the yoke;
    Setting free the oppressed,
    breaking every yoke;
    Sharing your bread with the hungry,
    sheltering the oppressed and the homeless;
    Clothing the naked when you see them,
    and not turning your back on your own.
    I watch something on TV and it was about millennials leaving churches because it just does not fit their life style or a belonging. We need to change to show that God never has change and there is a happiness that fills that hole of desire that is never filled by material things or sometimes relationships. We need to find out why they are leaving the Church and then we can have God show us how God’s love will fill the void. Let us ask God this Lenten Season to show us how to motivate us in the church and then continue throughout the year of bringing those to Christ through God’s wisdom and the power of the Holy Spirit. It is time for God to release the Holy Spirit onto us so that He will give us wisdom to do God’s will and change the world.
    God Bless each and everyone of you on your daily spiritual journey.

  • Tiffany Taylor

    What a powerful video. Made me think about the hole I have & how I feel it. Some days I waste time, when I could be spending it talking with God. Makes me think when my importance needs to be focused!

  • Christine Overkamp

    I am really enjoying the daily video’s …..great things for me to think about and use to improve my relationshiop with God. Resistance. I have been sick with some sort of bug all this past week and all I seem to want is to get rid of the headache, chills, and fever. I decided to put this mess to better use and offer up my feelings and discomfort for all the souls of the faithfully departed, they have completed the race and hopefully, God’s embrace at their finish line was AWESOME!! My sister passed away on CHristmas day this past year she was 10 years younger than me and it hit me really hard. SHe had a lot of medical issues in her life and now those issues are over and her husband and two boys and her sister are left to figure out if she was comfortable inher last days at her home. I think she was, he husband was with her as were there adult sons! I wonder how often she asked God to take away her pain toward the end and if she felt the love and warmth of her family that surrounded her that Christmas morning. Was that really important?? I would think all she needed was God’s open arm embrace welcoming her to eternal life! That is my way of thinking. I also want to comment about my Risistance this past week. I just did not want to get up for mass this week….I know how important that is in my life but I allowed the headache to be an excuse not to get up! I feel deep down that I had gotten up and went to mass, I would have received so much race and love thru the Eucharist that the headache would have taken the backseat! Why did I resist going? Feeling sorry for myself? Maybe. I have a new plan for the coming week, I will not give in to my headaches this week and instead offer that pain up for the poor souls most in need of God’s Mercy. That way, the headaches really become the loser becuase they are being offered up to help others who are in need?? Makes sense to me. I look forward to my inbox each morning during Lent….Thank you Matthew Kelly

  • M Harmon

    Too often I think of my home as the center of an endless to-do list: cleaning, cooking, laundry, organizing. I have trouble just “being” without feeling guilty about what I “should” be doing. I know my faith is deep and my family centers around our faith, but do my decisions and actions in my home reflect that peace?

    • Syd

      You express, “I have trouble just “being” without feeling guilty about what I “should” be doing.” Guilt usually means love to the ego and it could create self-consciousness and feeling alienation. It appears to me God is asking you to drop all “guilt” and even feeling guilty when you cannot drop off feeling guilty. It even seems God wants you to be independent of all guilt and paradoxically offering you a place to a new depth of loving yourself. I suggest you feel proud of yourself and your abilities, acquire a new depth, and let love have a dynamic affect on your soul.

  • Glen Arcalas

    At work…even if I may take little prayer breaks during my day and go to daily mass. I do it quietly, fearing judgment, I know I don’t have to evangelize, I can do things and include Jesus as part of my work day.

  • Joyce Lamb

    Wow! I too am like Jessica. I usually have satisfaction only if I’ve crossed all my things off my to do list. Putting God at the center of that list means that nothing else matters! At the end of the day, God IS present at all points of my “list”.

  • Natasha Field

    It does take a great discipline to keep God in the center of your life. I keep working at it (and failing) constantly. This is also a reason i so love lent, advent and the sacrament of reconciliation. These gifts that are freely given to all of us, his people, that quite like the Israelites, keep stumbling.

  • Diana, Child of God

    Recently we had to move from our rental home. The owner took a new job with a relocation package from his employer that included selling the house we are in. Today, we had to put all but a few necessities into storage since we are looking now to buy a home and have not yet found the right one. We are due to vacate our rental home by the end of March. But suddenly,the Lord revealed the words, “leave everything behind and come and follow me.”
    My choice at this point was are you going to answer the call or not? He did not ask me if I wanted to, He gave me a command, so now my choice is obedience or not? Only one answer comes automatically to me without doubt or fear, ” yes Lord I will follow you, yes Lord I will obey You Lord, I love you Lord. I give to you Lord, my “Fiat” as Mamma Mary did.”

  • Momma Babs

    I need to place God at the center of deciding when to end the day. If it is up to me, I will decide to add to the list of all the things I have accomplished by doing more. This results in me going to bed later and later and not taking time to evaluate where God has been part of me throughout the day. It becomes a vicious circle that I create.

  • Deb

    This is amazing! And it totally speaks to me. Even being Catholic my entire life I had my conversion some years ago – I call conversion because that was the moment I was lost, I found God and I fell in love with Him. I’ve been walking with Him all these years, but some days (even knowing that God is my everything and I am nothing without) I still struggle with having Him as center of my life since this world has so much to offer to replace God, values against God, the materialism, selfishness .. and all that contaminants our thoughts, our hearts. But by God’s Grace and by God’s mery and love I am able to see when something is taking the place of Him in my life – I just feel that things don’t go right, I feel the pressure of world, I feel no peace, insecure – and that’s the moment I go back to Him, worship and pray harder.

  • disqus_VOXvThxFVQ

    I get frustrated with my limitations, due to health reasons. I need to accept that I can not do the
    things I used to, but God teaches us to be useful in other ways. I need to put God in the center of my limitations.

  • Eduardo

    Every morning I NEED to put God at the center of my life…It helps me focus and prioritize cron what I can try to accomplish during the day, and not get anxious over what I may think I should accomplish, but, can’t get to it. I need to TRUST God, in that I will be OK, and allow myself to enjoy doing the task at hand.

  • Tonja Couch

    Wow, Jessica. Your comments really resonate with me! As a fellow list maker- I too feel the need for accomplishment in my day. Thank you for your thoughts of putting God on the to do list- smack dab in the center.

  • Kathy Kawa

    A light bulb just went off after watching Mr. Kelly saying that we all have a “hole” we are trying to fill. Couldn’t have been said better. It is exactly right that we need to put God first around the choices we make to fill that “hole”. Some days it is very easy and some days it’s a challenge. That is what I will work on this Lenten season.

  • Brittany Foti

    I need to place God at the center of my life when it comes to both school and work. I always try to be perfect when it comes to both school and work and I always have to have everything done within a certain time frame, however sometimes I forget that God is there and instead of praying to him for help I tend to get angry and not believe in myself.

  • Tessa

    Jessica, thank you for sharing! I’m a list maker also, and you are so right, it can be exhausting. I thought my list making was a way to stay organized; however, I often feel enslave to the list, frustrated and defeated. I need to put God at the center of my lists and find my self worth in my Heavenly Father!! Thank you!!

  • Myra

    I really see this cycle in my past… I’ve never been able to put it all together in such a way… but how very true…this self awareness will definitely help me make better decisions in the future- thanks guys! Great post today

  • LaurMor

    My family is going through a very emotional week. My daughter wants to go to Catholic high school and we can’t afford it. We applied for financial aid, and were awarded $500. I was thinking they would give us at least $5000. If they gave us $5000 it still would be a struggle. But we’ve been praying about this for two years and she feels called to the school. I’ve been crying all week and last night I finally told her and she was devastated. I am so sorrowful. My mom & MIL both said “you asked God to open or close the door, and He closed it. It’s obvious she should go to the local HS”. But I’m thinking maybe we’re just not showing enough faith that God will provide?? I thought i could squeak out $3-400/mo. This would be $1266/mo. Please pray for us. Im having a hard time figuring how they can possibly think we can afford that and also why the best choice isntvfor her to deepen her faith at a Catholic school! Heartbroken.

    • Dorothy

      Laura, My mom always sang us a song, “que sera sera, what will be will be…” Please, sit with your daughter, pray together, and let it go. Show her what it feels like to have faith that God provides in the Best way for us. Public schools offer resources and community outreach that encourage students to help those in need. Maybe your daughter’s faith can grow in ways you aren’t seeing now. Feel blessed in any outcome. Keeping a positive attitude and faith during what seems like a disappointment now, may be the greatest lessons she learns.

  • jennifer

    “Anyone who loves their life will lose it, while anyone who hates their life in this world will keep it for eternal life.” John 12:25. I get worried when I start to enjoy life because I am afraid I am being rewarded here and won’t be in heaven. I have desires: To own a home near my parents so we can visit on weekends, to be able to plant a garden and tend it, etc. I worry that if my dream comes true, I will be receiving my reward on earth.

  • Anne Kivela

    Its a great statement…God size hole, center everything we do around God so he will fill that hole, however….how do you put that into practice

  • Betty Buller

    I need help with what to say to help my son return to God.

  • cjheis

    Thank you Jessica for sharing! I deal with that issue also. Hopefully you have raised my awareness so I can effectively change that pattern of thinking. You have made my day!

  • Juanita Brewer

    I need to place God at center of my life and do not sweat the small stuff. I woke up very early this morning planning to to do other things. Instead I was draw to draw to God and done a great amount of quiet reflecting that I have not done in many years. Wow. I am blessed. A great thanks to the Father.

  • Mindy

    I am not sure which specific area I need to place God at the center of. I would say all aspects of my life need Him @ the center. My job maybe be one place where I have not let Him in.

  • Stacy West Taylor

    I agree with you. Very interesting information about the differences in happiness! I appreciate you sharing and explaining this. It makes perfect sense.

  • Tara

    Wow! I could not agree with Jessica more. I am a new mother… baby girl will be 7 months in13 days! I find myself chasing my to do list. Trying to keep her stimulated and on the track to hit milestones. Trying to take her to fun events and secret places. Trying to keep the house in order. Trying to keep up with the laundry. Trying to make sure food is in the house and prepared. Trying to keep up with my full time job. Trying to just get ‘caught up’. I need to place God in the center of the chaos. My baby reminds me so much of God and I see Him in her. Her example of JOY that was in yesterday’s second video is so empowering. I have so much to learn from her! I feel myself saying that i can enjoy serenity once the work is done, but it seems like I am chasing the sun trying to find it.

  • Mary Brennan

    Thank you I will try to make God the center of my life in all of my of decisions, I try to live in his Divine Will, and ask for the grace to make right choices and to except things as they are.

  • Monica Fichtner

    I quit making lists many years ago – it was always so depressing as I crossed off items there were always more items to add – made me feel discouraged. So now I only make lists if I NEED to and happy to say I’ve let go of that defeated feeling I haven’t done enough !! 🙂

    To fill my “God-sized hole”, I read spiritual literature, reflected/wrote/underlined on it each morning. To set this routine, I went out for my Starbucks coffee 🙂 then sat in my car looking out at a park to read and reflect – no one could bother me and I was not distracted by things to do in my house, computer etc…This was very effective for me !

  • Waiting Patiently

    Like the second video on this one cause it kinda hits home. I am a creative person, leisurely and I often dream of making my living doing something creative for God, or working for God somehow. I came to a place about 1or2 years ago where I just decided to dedicate everything to God. The love for my wife, how I raise my kids, how I work at my day job, wether I am writing poetry, a book or songs, I would write them for God. I have found a ton of happiness that I haven’t ever known before in my life, but I guess at the same time I am ready to “level up”. I guess I need to be happy where I am first before I try and move forward. I need to step back and focus on thy will before my will.

  • Lynell Hymel

    I am a list maker and couldn’t rest till all was accomplished. Then I learned to move part of the list to the next day if I didn’t complete it now my list or shorter. But it’s an effort for me to look back at my day and feel worthwhile and that I have accomplished something because I still look forward and see the things that I didn’t get done. These were good tips

  • Marti Dayton

    I need to put God in the center at all times…I need to remember that I am here to serve Him and advance His agenda…not my own. In doing this, I know I will be personally and most importantly spiritually satisfied knowing that I am doing what God will and growing closer and closer to him with each passing breath 😉

  • kinderkumu

    I often forget to keep God in the center of my day when I am having a rough day at work. Yet I know that is when I need Him to be at center the most. Help me to keep God the focus especially during the rough times.

  • sharon

    Jessica you nailed it, I too associate my productivity with my self-worth, I do know that directed work is prayer too and often you get caught up in what you have to do. At am Mass, often I try to get a game plan together, which would go much better if I let God steer, thanks.

  • Alicia M

    I need to place god in the center of my heart when it comes raising my child and distinguishing them to know right from wrong.

  • Joyce Paulinho

    This truly hit home!!!

  • Twist

    I have a God-sized hole. My 2 daughters, almost 21 & 18 now, left with my xW over 4 years ago when she divorced me to pursue a lesbian life. The girls were clearly brought into their mother’s confidence, something I was never graced with. With the wall of secrecy between us, my children have chosen to avoid me, I have seen them now for less than 20 hours in the last 4 1/2 years. I pray for my children every day, that God will bless them with awareness of my love, that they will be able to accept that love, and that one day, in their time, they will be able to reflect and return my love. Happiness has been stolen from my soul and I struggle daily. I attend Mass daily now, even have my favorite priest who I meet with one on one. But I struggle daily.

    • Ginie

      Praying for you brother. My son’s buddy is undergoing a similar pain as his AW and four daughters no longer have contact with him.
      May God be at the Center of your life and may your daughters one day turn to their dad.

  • Tom

    I too keep getting older, soon to be 79. It seems there is no end to concerns about all that is around…, health of my closest family from the oldest to the youngest, concerns about our country and our church. This may sound crazy but sometimes we may be placing burdens on God that He (She) might rather we handle ourselves.
    God is my friend and next to my wife my closest companion. As I try to make myself the best person possible is it fair of me to unload all of my cares and woes on my friend? Like I said, this may sound crazy.

  • Susan Hall

    I need to place God at he center of my grief for my mom. She was my best friend and I miss her dearly. I know she’s with Jesus and I know God will let me with her someday.

  • Deborah Kelleher

    Such a great reminder to fill our emptiness with God and not more todos.

  • Syd

    The hole, holes in the soul, is nothingness. It feels like being gripped into the downward spiral of death. It makes me feel insecurity and powerlessness and yet faith in the insecurity/powerlessness is security and power. It is like the paradoxical nature of God, life and death, then finding faith right in the middle of the paradox. The hard part for me is finding faith in the nothingness, in the hole, and the realization of my value without reference to anyone or anything. Powerlessness seems to be the heart of this faith in this hole, like the Christ on the cross, and the living paradox of God.

  • Kathy Wichser

    I liked the statement in the beginning, “God wants you to WANT things that will help you become the BEST version of yourself. We need to desire things that will help make us a better person so we can be a light to others. This makes me think about the THINGS that I want and to change what those things are so help me make myself the BEST version of myself. So when I think of something I WANT, I am going to stop and think, how is that going to make a better version of myself and I might have to start WANTING different things!

  • Shanna Kreps

    I need to place God in the center of my mornings and evenings. Beginning the day with Him and ending the day with Him needs to be my main focus. When I do this, I feel so much better during my day. Also like Jessica, in the video, I am a list person. So #1 on my list from today on will be to start filling my “God sized hole” everyday and start having better days. I am the only one who can control how I feel everyday!

  • Emily

    I need tha place got at the center or my role as a mother. I need to remember I am enough.

  • Ginie

    GOD SIZED HOLE! Why do I keep taking control back. Just as Matthew Kelly said, I give it all to him and then proceed to reclaim all…..all of nothing if God is not the center.
    This morning He woke me up-too early. I awoke at 3;58 and tried to go back to sleep. At 4:20 He was saying to me “Come spend some time with me”….me: Okay God, I’m up. (as I roll out of bed) I’ll spend time at Adoration before the 7:30 am Mass, I just need to get ready for prayer group afterwards. ….I realize at that point I’m being a Martha. Okay, never mind Lord. Keurig coffee it will be. I quick dress, brush my teeth, grab my Keurig coffee and go out the door. At 5:07 I’m in the Adoration chapel….and I am so Glad I went . Praise God for Knocking so loudly on my wooden head. A week end with out the son I care for turned into a full cup of love from God…Thank You and Praise You God.

  • Patricia Brady

    I definitely can relate to what Jessica is saying. My job is very fast paced, and I can never seem to remain caught up with the daily demands, especially paperwork. I need to step outside of this and realize that everything in life is temporary, including my job. But God is the most important part of my life, deserves to be front and center, and will be there forever.

  • Michael Ennis

    The God-sized hole in my life right now has to do with working at a job that pays only half of what I used to make, and finally making the decision to do something about it. I thoroughly enjoyed my work in social services, and was quite disturbed to find myself unemployed a second time due to funding cuts. As I have mentioned before, I tried several different jobs to keep money coming in before “settling” for my current position. Now I am going to take steps to get back into my field, and it is as if a weight is lifting from my heart. I pray everyday for God and Jesus to open my ears and allow me to listen for their guidance. Getting back into my field will help to fill my God-sized hole, and get me back to helping people in the way I enjoyed most.
    God Bless

  • Kristin

    Late have I loved thee,
    O Beauty so ancient and so new;
    Late have I loved thee.

    Where shall I go,
    Beyond the bounds of heaven and earth,
    That God may come to me,
    Since He has said:
    Heaven and earth do I fill.

    Thou hast made us for thyself
    And our heart is restless
    Until it rests in Thee.
    —–St. Augustine

  • Quiet Tom

    In reflecting on the question about where I need to place God at the center, the first thought was at work. I always feel like I could and should accomplish more. When I them watched the second video, it was as if I was walking in tbe same steps! I often find Friday the hardest day of the week as I leave thinking of all that I didn’t accomplish during the week. Monday is a good day as it is a chance to begin again, but as the week goes by, that feeling creeps in again. I have definitely filled that hole with work, and finding myself valuable when I work. I used to work a lot on weekends but have forced myself to not work one of the days, usually Saturday. So I have at least recognized that trap. But try as I might, I need help seeing my worth and somehow puttiing God at center. It is a nice idea but I am lost as to how to do this.

  • debblumenstein

    OK, so Matthew really hit home today. This “God-sized” hole – which I don’t quite understand – & what Matthew shared made me cry. I’ve lost some very special people lately (including my dear Godmother) & heaven looks really great right about now. There is so much confusion, violence, pain & evil we face in our world. We hear & see the cries of parents & children. Even in my own family there is misunderstanding, hurt, etc. I pray & pray, especially to our Mother Mary for solutions, consolation, understanding. Am I just not listening? Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me, a sinner. May I bear my crosses with Your guidance. Help me to discern Your most holy Will in my life & that of my family. Amen.

    • Peggy

      I often feel the same way, especially lately as our 4 adult children left the church and have been so negative towards our Catholic views. We started arguing on Facebook in public about our political differences. It got nasty as they called us naive and then told us they don’t want to hear our opinions. Then I remembered a phrase “Let God”. I asked myself ‘Let God what?”. He spoke to me, Let God be in charge of these words and feelings, let God enter into the situation. So I got quiet, on Facebook, in our discussions with our children, in my thoughts of how the family will be split apart. Now things are quieted down. I know God is in charge of this country, of my family, of children and grandchildren’s faith.
      Keep praying. And then be silent. Let God into that hole that seems so huge now. It’s huge because God is huge and He will feel it with love and understanding.

      • debblumenstein

        Thank you, Peggy. “Let God enter into the situation. So I got quiet…” You are reiterating what some others have told me about the family situation. Let’s face it. WE are not in control. God is. Things happen (or don’t happen) in His time. May we be watchful, prayerful & hopeful – for our God is an awesome God.

  • Jonathan Chew

    I also need to place God in the center of my To-Do list and still feel worth and accomplishment even if I don’t because it’s not about achieving things, it’s about filling that hole that’s in the center of my heart that only God can fill and that’s what I haven’t been doing. I need to place him right in the middle where he belongs!

  • Kim Cook

    Wow! Jessica and I share this feeling, I don’t desreve rest until I accomplish everything on the list. I am exhausted! Dear God, Help me let go, help me place you at the center!

  • carol

    Whenever, I start the day , talking to God, or reading a daily devotional, I always feel better. I have many times, worked on getting my list done first and putting God on the back burner; no more. I saw that those other things will get done, if you put Him first, and if they don’t get done, then they are not important. He always makes time for us, and I want to live in His light, so making time for Him, gave me that peace. It is amazing. And sometimes I fail, I guess because I resist, thinking those other things have to be done now, so thank you, Matthew, hopefully, will get stronger and resist less, as Lent goes on.

  • tjbowen72

    Placing God at the center of my marriage & motherhood has improved them both 100%. God makes me a better wife and mother everyday. But with these roles added to the other hats I wear: employee, friend, neighbor, daughter, niece, cousin, etc… I start to get inundated with to do lists and projects like Jessica mentioned. I too stop feeling my worth if I haven’t accomplished “enough” each day. I need to put God at the center of everything. Any other choice is foolish for me to entertain.

  • Melissa

    I have a major decision to make at work. A promotion was offerd and I was flattered. However, in my heart, I do not want this high level of responsibility and time that is warranted. I feel like I have to take it because they are counting on me and it would help my family financially. I have prayed about it and waited for God’s answer. This weekend I found Best Lent Ever and I believe God is showing me the way with this decision and others. I ask myself the question “Are you happy? Will this allow me to become the best version of myself?” I don’t think so. I ask for your prayers, that I may put God in the center of this decision and find the answer and His peace. Thank you.

  • Maureen Gomes

    Finding this page my brother shared with me a true blessing I tune in daily.Thank you Gene.God Bless All

  • Sabrina Rivera

    I need to make God my center my focal point! I’m always saying I’m going to do my bible study then get distracted and focus on something less important. I’m constantly feeling that hole but I’m feeling it with all the wrong things. I need to start filling it with God! Putting God first and I believe more will get done.

  • Mary Anne Hanley

    For the past three years, I have felt that God had abandoned my husband and me. He had always been the glue in our marriage. Then my husband was diagnosed with dementia and the last two years have been pure hell and getting worse. Prayers, it seemed, went unanswered and I felt abandoned by all and especially by God. To the point that I stopped praying and anger took over and not accepting our life. Recently, through the love and urging of our beautiful children, friends and family, I am beginning to see light again and God’s presence in our life. I was resisting, emptied my “hole” of God’s presence in our life, and wouldn’t let anyone into our, my, suffering. The burden has been unbearable. I think of the poem, Footsteps in the Sand, and wonder how big of a burden I have been to my husband, family and friends and to the One who has been carrying me.

  • Michele Geraghty

    Jessica, I loved your thoughts! I too am a list maker, and attach my worth to accomplishing all those things – big or small – that are on my list. My list contains not only those things that I think I should be accomplishing, but also all those things that I think other people think I should be accomplishing. I will try this Lent to put God at the center of my to do list, and realize that if something doesn’t bring me closer to Him, I should cross it off the list.

  • Augusta McGowan-Hass

    God needs to be the CENTER of everything in my life

  • Luis Lopez

    I simply need to place God in the center of my life at work. I feel like I am not productive if I am not making money so I need God back in my life to fill this hole. I just need some daily disciplines

  • William Wahlers

    These video talks tell us things we should really know and understand in our hearts. I pray for me to get myself out of my own way to happiness. I am feeling or should I saw allowing myself to in darkness lately and know the Lord’s light is there. I know that jobs and money are not the answer to happiness, but am in a place of feeling out of place and not where I should be financially and what I do for a living. I know God is my answer and I am not alone. I pray for more faith. I feel if I had the faith I should, I would not feel the way I do. Thank you and God Bless

  • Joe

    Hey guys,

    What do you think is a good way to let God take a bigger role in my life. I’m just an ordinary Joe, so anything would help.

  • Jane Lenzer

    l feel very much lost and even perhaps wondering in the dessert lost. A severe injury took me out of the classroom where l could witness for God 5 days a week and now my God sized whole is empty again. l’m struggling to carry out the thing He’s put on my heart, because l’ve never done it before and afraid of Failure. This is something l hope l can overcome this Lent….

  • Anna Cross Warren

    I am learning how to be present. I used to dwell on those thoughts at night, but now I turn to prayer instead. It calms my inner self and centers me on my relationship with God. The prayer process has helped me.

  • Stacey Symonds

    All my life , this hole has been falsely filled with temporary, negative, and sadly dangerous fillers…and it all just come back to the same feeling….emptiness….and I do really believe it is a God size hole….a spirituality hole….I have these hurdles with my relationship with God, I need to take the time and effort to let him in and in time, fill that hole solid….it’s tired of being empty……

  • Cerita Young

    How does this fit in with “Do what you will-and love God”? Especially when the issue is morally neutral?

  • Karina

    Loosing my Sweet Brother and Father in the past 3 months has left a big hole in my life. I’ve been trying to see that God’s Plan is better than the ones I make. Lord fill my Heart Hole 🙁

  • Katie

    Jessica, WONDERFUL! ‘I know I have value and worth, regardless of what I accomplish in a day’ (hope I got that close enough). I really needed to hear this; as a portion of my family believes that if you are not bringing home a huge paycheck, you have little worth/value/success. Matthew, the notion of having a “God-sized hole”, really resonated. As many, I take on too much…I need to place God in the center more often! Blessings

  • SK

    I like how Matthew Kelly notes that though we finally decide to let God “fill the hole,” we may still try to have it our way again, all part of our human nature. At this point in my life, I know that our Lord is not going to let me stay down for long so I will continue to get up and move on as He did while carrying the cross for us.

  • K

    I need to work harder to put God in the center of my decisions. Right now I feel confused and lost quite often due to the pressures I put on my self due to numerous changes and stresses in my life. I just started college and I feel that I am comparing myself to others more than I did in high school. I am always think about the future in how certain things are going to make me happy or if I had made different decisions I would be happier. I think I need to focus more on the good things in my life that God placed there for a reason instead of always look at what could be.

  • Belen

    “God sized hole” indeed! What if I feel content? I truly feel this way. If God takes my life tomorrow, I would be happy-not afraid of death. I have had near death experiences, seen that light appearing at the door but I prayed and talked to God saying, “not yet God- what about my husband, my son, and the people who are depending on me, my loved ones? I’m not ready yet. I still have my mission to do.” I truly feel that God wanted to know if I was ready. If anything- perhaps the reason I’m still around is because like St. Peter- I am perceived as the Rock, “the last domino piece standing” as my son sees me, carrying out what God’s want me to do. Please pray for me to have the strength, stamina and fortitude and patience to Love. Peace be with ALL. Your neighbor from outer universe.

  • Hannah Diecks

    I too always think I’ll be happy once I get a particular thing or reach a certain level. But to matter of fact is that this is all a journey. It’s not if or when I get something, it’s how I feel in the process of earning that tangible item. I need to place God in the Center of myself every single day knowing that each day will be a bit of a challenge but no matter what I’m right where I’m supposed to be if I have God in the center of my life every single day.

  • Julie

    I need to place God in the center of my worries about my teenage child and the decisions she is making. I need to have faith that God is with me and her and has a plan in place. Worry less. Have faith. Place my worries at the foot of the cross.

  • Kristen Schneider

    I’m like Jessica. I need to put God in the middle of my to do list. I teach and have a toddler. My days are hectic. I’ve got to learn how to put God in those days.

  • Tim Jensen

    To be honest, I’m not sure yet. I feel resistance to this. I am not, by nature good at being in touch with God. I am afraid to let go, and let God guide me. Almost as though, I am afraid I won’t hear it, it will just be my underlying desire overriding it. I need to trust the process and let God be my pilot.

  • bal

    I need God in the center all the time, but when work gets hectic I have to pull back and let Him take over my thoughts for me.

  • KRF

    I focused on the question: “What do you want?” and was surprised at the internal dialogue. It went like this:

    “What do you want?”

    ~I want to be loved.

    “You are loved…Don’t you feel it? You are loved by God. Isn’t that enough?”

    That last thought was so shocking to me. How could it not be enough? Imagine not having His love. How would you feel then?

  • Paula Stevenson

    I tell people I’ll pray for health, sorrow, good luck, congratulations those prayers are there even as fleeting thoughts. I need to more spend more time intentionaly praying. My priest told me he was glad I was at mass because he could tell ” I pray deeply “. I feel I need to match his comments.

  • Mary

    Today… a start over day… catching up on and reviewing previous Lenten reflections. I, just like Jessica like to feel I’ve accomplished something and place self worth in that effort. Today… my to do list waits and takes a day of rest, a needed day of rest in spite of the undone list. Thank you Jessica and Matthew for your words which help me to refocus on the priorities of getting closer to God, letting God speak, getting closer to family, listening and being present in the moment… not what’s next on the list.

  • Cathy Brousseau Vieira

    I too find myself constantly thinking of more things that need to be done in a day. I end up putting things on my list that will better myself at the end, and then hardly ever get to them. One of those things is reading. I think if I take more time for myself, I can become the best version of myself. This will not only benefit me, but my family as well.

  • Melissa

    Great reflection. I took a job this summer, and now thinking back, I took it because it offered security. I work about 6 months at a time because with the Park Service it is all seasonal. I have to find work twice a year. This is stressful. I wish I would have asked God about it before taking it, because now I question if it was His will at all. My greatest desire is to go home and this doesn’t allow for that. I can hope, though, that if I place this decision in God’s hands, even now, that He will work out something greater. Oh, Christ my redeemer, redeem my faulty decisions. Amen.

  • janeyt

    this side of eternity is difficult and hard even when you do everything
    according to god and your heart hole is filled with god. The real truth is; that the hope of eternity and
    knowing that the difficulty(evil) will be banished is what carries us through. This hope is what fills our hole in our heart.