April 17: Never Get Discouraged

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Happy Easter!

It’s been great being with you in the journey through Lent. I hope the team and I here at Dynamic Catholic have been able to serve you powerfully as we made this Lenten journey and explored the topic of resistance.

How did you do? I mean, were there days when you didn’t do it? Were there days when you blew it off? Were there days when you said, “Oh, I’ll catch up tomorrow”? Were there days when you experienced real resistance even in this program about resistance?

I’m sure there were, and that’s part of life. But I do think it’s really powerful—it’s really important—for us to be mindful of the concept of resistance, to name resistance, and to develop an awareness of, “OK, when am I beating resistance, and when is resistance beating me?” And to continue to hone our abilities to recognize resistance and to overcome resistance, to break through resistance, to realize that resistance is not helping us become the-best-version-of-ourselves.

At Dynamic Catholic, we spend our whole lives trying to develop game changers for Catholics and their parishes. We hope that this program has been a game changer for you. I invite you to become an advocate of Dynamic Catholic, to go out and tell people about the work we’re doing, to invite people to experience our programs, come on pilgrimage with us, read a book, or to pass your books around. You’ve finished your book now . . . pass it on to somebody else, or grab a few copies of the book and pass it on to people.

It’s amazing how something as simple as passing someone a book or inviting someone to experience a program like this can change their lives. We’re made for mission. We’re in this together.

I don’t think of the Dynamic Catholic mission as my mission. I often tell the staff, “I don’t like us internally to refer to it as our mission because we’re all in this together.”

We’re all trying to help people to live better lives. We’re all trying to help people become the-best-version-of-themselves. We’re all trying to help people to take one step closer to God today. And so I invite you to become part of the Dynamic Catholic mission so that we can go out and do great things together.

God bless you!

Again, happy Easter to you and your family. And remember, Be Bold. Be Catholic.

โ€œEvery moment is a chance to start anew, a chance to turn it all around.โ€

Matthew Kelly, Resisting Happiness

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  • Ed

    The journey continues. Where do we turn when things get tough? We turn to Jesus we turn to prayer, We reflect on the scribbled reflections in our journals. We turn to scriptures. All things are possible in Christ. He is risen, Alleluia

    • Patricia Ellen Davis


    • Mike K

      And let’s all go to daily mass. The readings are so great the next several days. Peace and joy to all.

  • Patricia Ellen Davis

    Good Morning to everyone! I am on the west coast & happen to be up super late…so it seems I am one of the first to “reflect” here. I wish to all the hope & joy in knowing we have a risen Lord & Saviour. ๐ŸŒธ Happy Easter! ๐ŸŒท๐ŸŒทI invite everyone to sign up for the daily reflections sent by Dynamic Catholic (free). I was so inspired when I discovered DC through a priest in my area (who told us how to get the free book “Rediscover Catholicism”) in 2014. Since then I have become an Ambassador (love it!) and have been on a pilgrimage trip to Paris & Lourdes. No, I am not a paid or official spokesperson….just an inspired person. I truly love being Catholic & feel so blessed to have discovered Matthew Kelly and his important work! I am grateful for this community and wish everyone a very inspired Monday and week to come. Love to you all!! ๐Ÿ’• Patricia ( P.S. To sign up for daily reflections, go to the Dynamic Catholic website.)

    • David B

      Thank you Patricia.

    • J Schodron

      Amen Patricia. May we alll forward this into the best year ever.

    • Joline Pequinot

      I ‘m with you Pat…..before being introduced to DM….I would pray byt off and on ….but since DM …every day I look forward to to reading Matthew K message
      Thank you so much

    • Christine Murphy

      Thank you Patricia๐Ÿ˜Š

    • Lori Andre

      AMEN ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ Patricia, may we all be able to continue our most wonderful journey for the rest of our lives. Yes we will have some bumps and bruises on the way but as long as we can remember all that we have learned we will be able to get up and rejoice in GODS name for ever. AMEN

    • Carol

      Happy Easter Patricia! I am starting Rediscover Catholicism today! Our parish gave us Resisting Happiness on Christmas and I read it right away. A friend had given me Rediscover Jesus last year and I had decided to read it this Lent, a chapter a day. I saved the last chapter for Holy Saturday–I didn’t want it to end. If you haven’t read Rediscover Jesus, order it today! To top it all off, we have tickets to see Matthew on May 19th.

      • PatriotGal

        Carol, Happy Easter to you and your family. We, too, have been reading Dr. Matthew Kelly’s books in our Teams of Our Lady group. Last year, we enjoyed a lecture given by Dr. Kelly which cemented our love for Dynamic Catholic and him. You will LOVE his lecture. He is an amazingly humorous, humble speaker who loves our religion. We so enjoyed the lecture, my husband and I became Ambassadors for DC and we so believe in its work.

      • Diane Kieler Konshak

        If anyone has 2 tickets for the Green Bay presentation and are unable to use, we will purchase them. Can’t believe how fast Matthew’s presentation sold out! Love how a simple, yet profound explanation of our faith can make all the difference. Thank you to all at Dynamic Catholic

      • Monica Schroeder Cancienne

        After following Dynamic Catholic and Matthew Kelly for years I finally got to see him in person on March 12th. We were with over 2000 others and I wish I had gotten to this event before. He is amazing. Just him and the empty stage in front of you. I hope you enjoy the event and go away as inspired as I was in March.

      • Mary Christopher

        Congratulations for getting tickets to see and hear Mattew! You will love love him. I guarantee it. He is delightfully humorous and full of love for Christ and all of us. I heard him several years ago when he came here to Columbia, S.C. and would love to be in his presence again, if he comes in the near vicinity.
        Also,this has truly been my Best Lent Ever thanks to the DC staff and Mattew, of course. What an outstanding program. I can’t leave out all of you prayer warriors either. He and they bring out the best in all of us. God bless all of you in this blessed season and all of this next year. Until we meet again next Lent, May God hold you in the palm of His hand and keep you close always.

      • Patricia Ellen Davis

        That’s so wonderful Carol! I was very blessed to see him Dec. 2015 w/my beloved Uncle & his wife in Rancho Palos Verdes at their parish. We were in the 1st row! It was very valuable…he will have you laughing and then there will be silence in that you can hear a pin drop. I absolutely loved RJ and gave it to many others (even a few of my hospice patients). Happy Monday to you & may God bless you!! ๐ŸŒธ ๐ŸŒบ

    • Lisa

      I received a Matthew Kelly book at midnight mass at a church I was visiting several years ago and have been hooked ever since ๐Ÿ™ I was just confirmed 2 days ago and I feel so blessed to be on this amazing journey. Dynamic Catholic has made understanding Catholicism so much easier for me. Blessings to all!

      • Terry Kennedy

        That is great news. So happy for you

      • Cheryl Rossi Davis

        Blessings and congratulations.

      • Kathryn

        Congratulations on your Confirmation, Lisa. May God bless you always and keep you in His care. And may you always be as faithful or more in your beliefs of the Gospel and our risen Savior as you are today!

      • Lydia Ross

        Welcome to the Catholic Church. Very delighted for you!!

      • Cindy Leslie

        Congrats Lisa and DC! Thanks so much for inspiring Catholics and others in their journey. God bless you Lisa and others and D.C.!

      • Lisa

        Congratulations on your confirmation and welcome to the Catholic family. I am a cradle Catholic and am curious as to which Matthew Kelly book to first recommend to my non-Catholic husband. I want to inspire him to genuinely learn the faith and maybe one day embrace it as his own. I am new to study and am currently reading my first MK book, Rediscovering Jesus. I also have Rediscovering Catholicism and Resisting Happiness and have the DC app on my phone. Lisa, what inspired your decision to embrace the faith? Thank you and humbling thanks to Matthew Kelly and the entire DC staff for your inspiration, sincerity and love throughout the BLE series. God Bless! K

        • KW

          I highly recommend Rediscovering Catholicism, it’s Kelly’s best.

        • Gina Sandmann Verduzco

          We love Matthew’s books! Here’s just another idea: My husband Doug decided after we got married to go through RCIA to learn what our kids would learn about Catholicism. That was about 16 years ago. I NEVER pushed him or really said anything about him conversion, mainly because he said he never planned to, but did pray that God would inspire him. But for Christmas the year he was in RCIA , I found a book by David B. Currie called Born Fundamentalist, Born Again Catholic. I decided it might be a good gift since he was learning more about Catholicism. He says this book played a big part on helping him make sense of many of the issues he had with out religion and that it was a big part of his conversion. It’s amazing how his conversion has made me, a cradle Catholic, so much more interested in and such a big fan of, as Dynamic Catholic puts it, the genius of Catholicism! Good luck on your journey!

      • Kj

        I have been paying for you! Congratulations!!! I will continue to keep you in my prayers as you continue through this Catholic journey.

    • Janet Zoltan

      Tell me about being an ambassador? I am inspired by these videos and want to do more.

      • Patricia Ellen Davis

        Hi Janet! I am happy to. You can go to the website and scroll down to the gold section. Find the column that says Give, and I think Ambassadors is under that. To be more personal, my heart was totally moved to support this work, so I believe God called me to support DC. You make a monthly donation (your choice) and when I started in 2014 I understood it to be a 5 year commitment. I feel the church needs the youthful energy, the enthusiasm, the language that Matthew is gifted to bring. For me, I felt I was a “lifer” (lol). As an Ambassador you will be included in a monthly conference call w/Matthew or sometimes Alan Hunt. You will receive advance copies of new books & a gift book at the holiday/new year time. They will send you a packet of items when you start (for example, a mass journal). If your heart is so moved, I welcome you as a sister Ambassador! Love to you!! ๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’•

        • Janet

          Many thanks. I pray that we can inspire others.

    • Mary Blair Cunningham

      Well said! I have loved this Best Lent Ever with Matthew Kelly! It really has been my best Lent ever! I look forward to my journey with Jesus even more! Thank you, DC. God bless you all and may you be blessed with God’s abundant love and grace every day!

    • Nellie Silva

      Thank you Patricia! I also have become very inspired and bold about my Catholicism. Journaling before Mass is helping me to be more attentive and my journey toward a better version of myself. All Glory & Praise to the Lord Jesus Christ!
      Happy Easter!

    • Annie Chermak

      I’m so glad DC has daily reflections, Patricia — thank you for sharing that! I really looked forward to my daily time with DC this Lent and I’d love to go to one of Matthew’s events someday. In the meantime, though, I can look forward to a morning inspiration in my inbox!

  • Joseph Marvil

    Resistance seems to me to be caused in great part by a lack of focus, commonly characterized as distraction (s). Such are the flippant and undisciplined meanderings of the mind not reverently and astutely attuned to the Word of God.which transcend worldly and demonic interference with notable tribute to our true calling.

  • Yoyong Magdar

    I enjoyed this reflection. It is not the usual kind of reflection that tends to tear out the hearts of a pensive and somehow confused faithful. It provided simple but powerful techniques of managing one’s journey through life and keeping focused on the ultimate objective – to be one with the Lord. Thank you, Matthew.

  • David B

    Matthew and Dynamic Catholic Team thank you this has been an absolute blessing to follow this best lent ever. To the people I’ve share this with we have thought deeply more about lent this year than ever before.
    I teach confirmation my Parrish and we us DC’s Decison point. That’s when I got into learning about the work being done at Dynamic Catholic. I have now read a few books from Matthew including Reasisting Happiness. I too have become a DC ambassador.
    Our Parrish gave Made for More this Eastet. Thank you for the work you are doing.
    So I too invite everyone to join with us and Be Bold Be Catholic

  • Fran Dzicek

    Thank you Matthew! I did this last year and thoroughly enjoyed it, and was so very grateful to experience this year’s reflections. The theme of resistance was so appropriate during Lent. I’m proud to say that both my husband and I looked forward to watching daily along with meeting people on the Dynamic Catholic staff with their short videos as well. It is my sincere hope that this continues next year. May God bless you Matthew, and your staff for helping to make this Lent so meaningful! Happy Easter!!

  • Karen

    Thanks for a wonderful Lenten program. This is my second Lenten journey with D.C. and enjoyed each day. God’s blessing for all.

  • Richard D’Amaro

    Thanks Matthew and Dynamic Catholic team and I enjoyed your inspirational videos and prayers each day during lent. I will continue to do everything I can to beat resistance and let go. Happy Easter!

  • Cathy

    I really enjoyed the daily reflections and I feel it has helped me become a better version of myself. THANK YOU SO MUCH TO THE TEAM AT DYNAMIC CATHOLIC.

  • Laurie Valle

    This was a wonderful way to enhance the Lenten experience, thank you! Does Matthew offer other such programs?

  • Linda

    Thank you Matt and team. …..for caring about us. I pray that our priests and bishops participated in this process as well. Keep up the good work.

  • Marilyn

    I am so grateful to the friend who introduced me to you Matthew, and to Dynamic Catholic. This Lent has been such an awakening for me. I found myself floating in prayer so often that it diminished the impact this crazy world has had on me. I thought I was a positive person, but it has been noted that I am “gloom and doom” because I tend to repeat all the bad news I listen to during the day. My resistance has begun in earnest. I will replace gloom and doom with prayer and sacrifice. I know it will be a daily struggle because of all the necessities of life and the constant powerful reminders we have of a planet in crisis. Jesus is alive and well and will walk with me and I will try very hard to share His message. I am not a leader by nature, nor am I a public speaker, but I will definitely try to show by example my new truth.

  • Cindy Beyer

    Since the Christmas of 2013 when I was handed a copy of Rediscover Catholicism, I have followed Dynamic Catholic. It has inspired me to read more Catholic books and learn more about my faith.

    This August, we welcome Matthew Kelly to Denver and I look forward to meeting him. Our parish handed out the book “Everybody Forgives” and the thought of the book even if it changes one life, brings tears to my eyes. I encourage you to continue this journey of rediscovery or perhaps this is a journey of continuing to discover the beauty of our Catholic faith. Whatever your path, enjoy and learn!

    God Bless!

  • Susan E

    Thank you Matthew and the staff at Dynamic Catholic. This is the second year I participated. I look forward to this and to your Advent series. A great start to the day! Some great tips and practical ways of practicing my faith and connecting with like minds.

  • Gail Maier

    Thank you for this series. I particularly enjoyed the videos and thoughts from the staff – a very committed group of people. Gail

  • Rosie

    I have totally enjoyed this Lenten journey. Each day I tried to take the message offered to me and spread it to those in my office, in my ministry, in my life. I believe that is what we are called to do as disciples of Christ. Matthew Kelly you and your team are disciples of Christ and I thank you for your teachings and sharing’s each and every day during this holy season of Lent. I have each video transcript and will continue to reflect on them and share them. I will continue to try to be the best version of myself which is a daily effort and share the good news with all I who I come in contact. Gods blessings to you all and a happy, holy and healthy Easter season.

  • Mary Theresa Baker

    This has been powerful, and has been a game changer for my Lenten experience, which I will carry on to change those areas in my life that need changed. Thank you for this.

  • J Schodron

    Thank you for an awesome journey through lent. Also a jump start to the rest of 2017. May I continue with my daily prayers and allowing God to work through me. If he intends me to be in a relationship great, if he intends for me to be single and an advocate, that is great also. For it shall be his will. We all need to have the strength to trust in him as he can make us the best version of ourselves. I will pray for everyone on their continued journeys.

  • Michelle

    Thank you for the wonderful Lenten experience. I am going to miss my daily emails and videos I really looked toward them each day.

    • Lea Novak

      Me too! I want them to keep coming every day! They have become an important part of the start of my day!

    • Debbie Scott

      I agree! I’m going to miss getting those wonderful messages every morning! This has been my best Lent ever! Some how the whole “giving something up” thing almost feels selfish….And this Lent I actually felt united to all Catholic’s moving closer to Christ! Thank you Matthew and all the dynamic Catholic s out there!

  • Elizabeth

    Thank you all for being there as a community to encourage & support all in daily prayer not only during Lent but as we walk toward Jesus.

  • Heather

    Thank you dynamic catholic and all the people who posted regularly for a very life changing lent. I am really inspired to keep slaying resistance and be the best version of myself!

  • Nick Rizzi

    Thanks so much Patricia! I was not aware of the daily reflections option. Your enthusiasm (and faith!) is both obvious and infectious!! God bless you.

  • MartyW

    Thanks so much to Matthew and everyone at DC. This has been my best Lenr ever. Your messages help me to become a better version of myself – but I still have a long way to go to become the man God wants me to be. One thing that added to the experience was to take the time to read all the comments. So many of them were so inspirational! God bless you all!

  • Lisa

    Thank you to all! This experience has changed my life. I stopped resisting my happiness by making a big decision that I had fretted over for many months. I am so grateful that God led me to Him by first going to Catholic Mass, then joining RCIA so I could receive my confirmation,which led me to meeting wonderful and committed group of people, that opened my eyes and heart, that led me to this program. Through this program, the comments of you all, prayer and my commitment to transformation I discovered my resistance was blocking me from being truly happy and I didn’t want to continue fighting the truth. There is still work to be done but I am faithful that now that I have unlocked this door and waked through I will only get better and be free! Receiving my confirmation at Easter Vigil was incredible! I thank you all who prayed for me and shared with me! I felt all of the support when I was being confirmed! It was overwhelming and I am so grateful! God bless and Happy Easter! ๐Ÿ’ With love, Lisa Mary!

    • Alice Ann Hengesbach

      Lisa, I was thinking of you and praying for you during the Easter Vigil! It has been a pleasure and a joy to make this journey with you. Enjoy all the days of this Easter Season. With love, Alice Ann

      • Karen Kotzbach McCreary

        It has been a wonderful experience to connect with you and ALL the pilgrims on the journey with us . Holy Week is the highlight of every year for me and has been since I was a kid. Each one becomes more meaningful than the last . I love my Catholic faith more than words can express. Thanks, Alice Ann , for responding to my questions . I look forward to sharing with you on Facebook . (When I get a new PC ! Mine died a long slow death and will get one soon I hope . ) Much love and all good wishes this holy season . *_* K

    • Bill Dehlinger

      Great story ๐Ÿ‘ Enjoy the journey!

    • Marsha Mohan

      Lisa, your happiness and joy was a
      Blessing to each of us who shared your confirmation with you! As we also reconfirmed our baptismal vows.

    • PatriotGal

      Lisa Mary, welcome to our growing community of Catholics. We are so thrilled you chose to listen to God. May you always remember the joy of your first sacraments. I do ~ received my First Holy Communion on May 8, 1948, and every year on that day, I celebrate. May you do the same always. Welcome and Happy Easter ~

    • Joyce W.

      Lisa, it is now 12 years Easter Saturday since I was confirmed, and I can tell you that it doesn’t get less exciting. Over these years there have always been new surprises and blessings and this is still happening, with our church giving out copies of “Rediscover Catholicism” Christmas 2015 and then “Resisting Happiness” last Christmas. On Palm Sunday we were offered “33 Days to Morning Glory” by Father Michael Gaitley, so that if we wanted we could begin this personal retreat the very next day and end it on May 13, the feast day of Our Lady of Fatima! This would have been too soon for me 12 years ago as a converted protestant, but now it is something that I am ready for and very happy to participate in.

  • Paul

    Thank you to Matthew Kelly and the entire Dynamic Catholic team! You put together an excellent program for all to get involved in. I pray to God that I may continue my journey using all of the insights I gained this Lent.

  • Mark Duguay

    Matthew has a special ability to talk to your heart. Through the Best Lent Ever series he brought my wife and I on an amazing journey. We will be forever grateful to him and his staff at Dynamic Catholic for making our Lenten journey one of deep reflection and great contemplation. It would be awesome to have a message from Matthew and his staff every day of the year. Thank you Matthew, your staff, and the Holy Spirit for strengthening us all and drawing us closer to Our Savior, Jesus.

  • Mike Lanclos

    Thanks for the Lenten program. Worked out perfect since I had just started reading the book also. It definitely opened my eyes to many things and will help me to be the best version of myself that I can be. Thanks again Dynamic Catholic!

  • Brian Beaton

    Thank you DC this was my first year listening to the program each morning. A great way to start the day. God Bless the DC staff and keep up the wonderful work.

  • Diana Helen

    I just posted today’s quote to my Facebook feed since it has been so inspiring for me these past 40 days. This journey has indeed helped me become a better version of myself. Thank you to everyone at Dynamic Catholic and to all my fellow pilgrims who went through this process as well. Happy Easter and blessings on all our next moments and beyond!

  • Linda Carmelle

    I’ve saved all of the daily series in my folders on our p.c..I’m hoping to review each day again at least til Pentecost. I’d like to be able to miss any lessons I missed as I wasn’t always focused the first time around. I’d also like to share more of what I learned with others and have the opportunity to converse boldly about these topics everyday. I feel I did learn so much during Lent from Dynamic Catholic and all in the community ,that now I’m better prepared to share and discuss lessons more openly with others. Thank You for helping me develop these new/better habits!I’m already looking forward to next years program! Keep up the wonderful work and God Bless all of our participants too!<3

  • Tim Kuzma

    Thank you for a great experience.

  • Aidelisa Lopez-Carrasco

    Good morning everyone. First time joining the discussions. I am so greatful for DC. The reflections have helped me a great deal, although I must say my journey is a long one. I’m currently reading Mr. Kelly’s book on Resisting Happiness and Working through some things. Blessings for all of you and the DC team.

    • Ronda Jewell

      Aidelisa, God bless you on your journey. He has a plan for you. Prayers for a wonderful day and success in overcoming resistance.

      • Aidelisa Lopez-Carrasco

        Thank you Ronda

    • Kelly

      Good morning Aidelisa and everyone. I feel very grateful as well for DC inspiring Lent program. It has been my encouraging friend during the last 40 days. My husband and adult daughters, which comprise my family are resisting happiness by not immersing themselves into our faith, so I plan to continue praying for them and keep Dynamic Catholic as my ally by signing up for their daily reflections. Please pray for me and my family’s conversion. Thank you all and God bless!

      • Margaret Hesdorfer

        Hi Kelly~I find myself in a similar situation. We have 2 adult children who have not been practicing Catholics for 4-5 years now. It makes me sad, and I do blame myself even though I know they are adults, free to make their own choices. One says it is not interesting and people there don’t seem happy, the other disagrees with the politics of the church itself. While I do not agree with all church teachings either, Pope Francis has given me hope that change CAN happen, albiet slowly ! If we are not attending mass or practicing our faith, we can’t be part of the solution. Pray for conversion in my family too, as I will be praying for yours.

  • Melissa

    Happy Easter. Thank you Matthew Kelly and your staff for a wonderful Lenten journey. โœ๏ธ

  • Joan Klimski

    Happy and Blessed Easter! D.C. For me was a good way to center myself during Lent, even when I was tired and said to myself I’ll do it later. I found myself keeping to my morning time

  • Nancy R

    Thank you all! This has been a wonderful experience. I pray for the strength to continue working on becoming the best version of myself and not give into resistance.

  • Karin Blaschik

    Thank you DC! This has been my best Lent ever. God Bless everyone in this conversation, I’ll miss you all.

  • Lori Dieli

    I was so excited every day to see your video and then to see you this morning! What a blessing! You have made my Lenten Season amazing! I have grown so much spiritually I can’t thank you enough!!!! 2 examples would be: I went to reconciliation for the 1st time in 30+ years, the day you said you need to go! It was unbelievable and freeing. 2nd I started going to mass in the mornings on Tues. & Thursdays before work. What a way to start the day! Thank you ALL at Dynamic Catholic you helped me break through the “resistance” so many of us hang onto!! Thanks for being inspiring and being there every morning! I was always excited to open up the videos to hear what you had to say. You’ve truly changed my life. I gave up Facebook for lent. This morning when I got on to do my Happy Monday post, I mentioned you! Matthew Kelly and the Dynamic Catholic! Be BOLD, Be Catholic! ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿปโค๏ธ

  • Laura

    I was sad waking up this morning thinking there was no video waiting for me when surprise! There was one!! I need the best year ever! Come up with a year long program of videos like this!!! Loved it and will truly miss them. My mornings have been transformed and my days are better because of it. Thank you for the best lent ever!!

    • Donna

      I felt the same way this morning. What a pleasant surprise!

    • Anne Marie O’Keefe Couturier

      I felt the same way myself! What a great thing to receive Matthew’s email and to find everyone here commenting this morning. I started Rediscovering Jesus so I can keep learning to slay resistance. Walking my dogs earlier I was reflecting that even my supposed disappointment at not having an email today could be resistance looking to regain traction! I will need to sign up for the daily reflection! Thanks to everyone for participating and being BOLD enough to share the experience and God bless DC!

  • Carol Steward

    Thank you for the Best Lenten Experience with Rediscovering Jesus and the Dynmamic Catholic! If has opened my eyes, heart and soul to what was missing in my life. What I need to do to keep my relationship with Jesus personally. This past 40 days has given me a foundation and a map of where I need to go spiritually in order to live a life worthy to serve Jesus!! God Bless!!!

  • Margie Hricovsky-Rembowski

    I have never felt so good during Lent and looked forward to Matthews daily video. A friend just bought me the book and I am busy reading it. Best Lent Ever is a wonderful program and I intend to become the best version of myself! Thank you Matthew and the whole team at Dynamic Catholic and I look forward to one of your workshops!!

  • AJ Yozzo

    I’m in Kalamazoo, Michigan DC was a great “Lenten
    Experience” it helped me get through so long days as a Hotel F&B Manager. Now it makes me want to use this as a platform for my daily huddles with my team.
    I feel DC has something very special to offer each one of us.

    Happy Easter

  • Daniela D.

    Happy Easter! He is risen, he is risen indeed! Blessings to all.

  • Mick Peterson

    I think I’m going to miss our daily video messages. For the past six+ weeks, my day has begun with the Dynamic Catholic messages – both from Matthew and staff members – who once again did an amazing job in arousing my thoughts and ideas. Thanjks to all of them…snd to sll of the message givers here as well. We may be one step closer.

  • ShaggyBBD

    What an inspiring series! I work at Catholic Charities, and I am (brace yourselves) a Lutheran. I stumbled upon Dynamic Catholic during a Google search when it was my turn to offer an opening reflection at our Executive Management Team meeting. I shared the Day 1 “Best Lent Ever” video that day, was completely hooked and managed to share with other staff, the minister at my church and nearly all my friends — believers and nonbelievers, alike! Yes, it’s a game-changer. And for that, I thank you and the DC Team!

    • PatriotGal

      Shaggy, wonderful! We always need to share what helps us draw closer to God. Blessings to you for al you do to help others through Catholic Charities.

    • Joyce W.

      Thank you for sharing with the others and joining us here. We are so happy to have you all with us.

  • Alice Ann Hengesbach

    With love and gratitude to one and all … and with gratitude to our Risen Lord who brought us all together! The Great Mystery of Easter continues each 24! Enjoy this one … Alice Ann

  • Kate Malek Sloan

    Best Lent Ever WAS a game changer! My husband and I did the journey together. We reflected last night that it definitely DID change us! Thank you Matthew and the entire team at DC!

  • Oreida Quiรฑones

    Thank you so much at everyone at Dynamic Catholic. I heard of this through a friend that suggested it for Lent. I am so happy God led me to this program. It is inspiring me everyday to try to be the best version of myself, reminding me to concentrate on the important things in life, the love of Jesus, and to share it with others. Everyday we are going to fight resistance, some days we might not be as strong but I know Jesus is by my side no matter what. Thanks again!!

  • Jeana Bicknell

    Thank you Matthew Kelly for being with us during Lent to give insight hope and encouragement! It seems intuitive to want to be better versions of ourselves but it is incredible how much we need to be reminded that our Lord is with us as we journey through everyday life. Be Bold. Be Catholic!

  • Kathleen Spector

    Dedication and commitment to resisting happiness is now my goal: every moment. This journey has helped me realize the importance of being on guard to the habits which do not draw me closer to holiness in every day life.
    May the joy of Easter continue throughout the journey forward and may we all be blessed with the grace of knowing each moment offers a new beginning.
    Thank you Dynamic Catholic and all those who have shared their journey these past weeks. God bless!

  • Mel Babin

    Thank you to Dynamic Catholic for this series of reflections. It was very inspiring to me because it showed me that transformation of myself through perseverance of trials big and small can change my relationship with God. This relationship with God has helped me in so many ways to have the desire to grow in holiness, to love more, have more compassion and see others as God sees them. I also have a better relationship with my family members and 6 siblings. I have written in my journal throughout this series as well to see where I am and where I want to grow in my faith. I will look back on it in 6 months and then a year to see what I accomplish.
    I know that none of this would not be possible without God’s love and mercy which I have sought and found this Lent through daily Mass and weekly confession. I have worked on silence this Lent. Trying to say less and listen to God in Adoration, through prayers and when others speak to me. May God bless each and everyone of you.

    • Marsha Mohan

      Mel, beautifully said! I believe it describes what each of us have to be thankful for and our continuing journey to become the best version of ourselves. Look forward to continuing our friendships made during The Best Lent Ever!! ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ™ God Bless us All!

      • Mel Babin

        Thank you for your kind words. Amen!

  • Michael D. Henson Sr

    It was a awesome program pleas paid it forward and share your experience of what you have learned we are in uncertain times with the world don’t waist it be a good catholic and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. God Bless all at Dynamic Catholic for being such great material to minister our souls.

  • Lisa Ermis

    This program inspired me to resist doing the same thing I had done for the past few years at Easter. This year, I experienced the Triduum at our parish in its entirety. The Lord’s Supper Mass on Thursday, live stations and veneration on Friday, and the Easter Vigil on Saturday, were my priorities. Realigning my priorities with what God was calling me to do, opened my heart to receive His graces. And by entering into His Passion, I more fully experienced Easter. May God Bless and Happy Easter!

    • Kj

      Beautifully put, Lisa!

  • Susie Caughey

    For me, I have to say I really looked forward each morning during Lent to participate in this program. I absolutely loved it. Resistance never came into play. The videos and reflection were so powerful. The posts were so encouraging and those posting showed so much empathy and support to others’ trials and tribulations. However, I still did not master breaking through resistance with that snooze button on my alarm clock. It was short lived. Maybe, I need the word “Resistance” to show up on my phone screen to instill in me what I am actually doing in hitting snooze. Tomorrow morning will make all things new. In the meantime, I will make the best of this beautiful day and try to be aware of what else I may be resisting throughout it. Thank you for this “surprise” Dynamic email! ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Patricia Ellen Davis

      You are not alone! I admit I have not mastered the snooze button either. At least we are aware of it! God bless! ๐Ÿ˜‡

  • Lois Corcoran

    This is the first time in my life that I didn’t want Lent to end. (I hope it’s okay to say that!) It truly *was* the “Best Lent Ever” in terms of finding ways to feel closer to God. These videos have helped me make the most of that 40 days, and I want to thank you, Michael Kelly, and your staff so much for putting them together. Happy Easter!

  • Janet Marusiak

    Yes, Loved the book and have passed it on to someone who is struggling with a decision. Hope she reads it and gets the courage to be the happiest person she can be. Easter Mass was so powerful this Sunday and he talked also for us to be bold Catholics. He Baptized a baby and it was so powerful as he laid her on the altar after carrying her down the aisle with her family following. I had goosebumps. I thought of Abraham at that moment offering Isaac to God and here was the priest offering this baby to be a child of God and become our newest member of our church.

  • Elaine

    Thank you Matthew Kelly for this daily session o a thoughtful Lent.

  • Angie O’Mara

    I started this Lent with a heavy heart, weighed down by family problems….each day in the beginning of Lent I found it hard to concentrate on the messages and posts. My mind was so filled with what was going on in my life, that I felt there was no hope or help for me. Oh I prayed and did the little exercises that Matthew spoke of, even though I felt they could not help me, but then I realized about the 2nd or 3rd week of the program, that God was with me from the first day when I felt so hopeless. This Lent turned out to be a very good journey for me, for I saw firsthand that God is with me through all things. Happy Easter to all!!! Be bold, be Catholic!!!

    • Kj

      Good of you! Blessings! I will pray that your family problems become bearable, if not solved..

      • Angie O’Mara

        Thank you very much, may God bless you throughout this Easter season!!!

      • Angie O’Mara

        Thank you so very much!!! Although the problemsame are not solved, I feel that God is steering them in the right direction. Blessings to you and your family this Easter season!!!

  • Robin Havrilla

    Dynamic Catholic has brought a profound change to my life and by extension to some of my family members. I cannot ever thank you enough for your wisdom and guidance. God bless you all!


  • Steven Sisman

    Thank you the Dynamic Catholic team for the best lent ever/beat resistance program. I has been my best lent ever this far in my life because I got to share this experience with my wife of almost 6 years. Thanks!

  • JayAW

    Our Lord is risen and that’s what I desire to keep my eyes on whenever I experience resistance. I just have to keep reminding myself of this whenever the evil one tempts me to look away from our Lord. I wish everyone the power and love to keep looking at our Lord, who is risen for all of us.

  • Janet Marusiak

    Can’t wait to read your next book Matthew. You are so gifted. Maybe some instruction on how to choose a mentor. I have been told to get a spiritual mentor. The Barat Spirituality here in Halifax had a session on this but I missed it but I am sure they will again but for us or me that do not go out at night and like to read a book about this important job, I would like a book talking about how we mature more into the faith and why it is important to have a mentor and what they can do for us.

  • Karen

    Loved the way program was presented. Many ideas on how to fight resistance in my life. Our parish is presently having a discussion group each week studying Matthew Kelly’s book on resistance. We have lively discussions and learn so much about ourselves and others. Thanks for all you do for our Lord.

  • Elizabeth Roeding

    Just want you to know that Dynamic Catholic has had a great influence on my life and those in our parish. Our previous pastor gave out copies of your books to our parishioners at Christmas and Easter. I am still giving copies to others when given the opportunity. Love the daily messages and find inspiration for each day. Thanks from your Canadian cousins.

  • Charles

    Matthew, I wish this could go on forever. I have enjoyed every session. Perhaps it was extra special for me as I was preparing to be confirmed in the Catholic Church this Easter. And yes, I was confirmed on Saturday! May God Bless you and your team, Matt. Best Lent Ever!

  • Jean

    Thank you so much for bringing me to a greater awareness of God’s love for me. I have been blessed.

  • Mary

    Happy Easter to all! I have to ditto so many of the comments already written. This series of videos and discussion has been so very inspiring and made my Lenten journey so much richer. I am truly going to miss the daily messages. God bless all of you and thank God for Matthew Kelly and DC!!!

  • Denny Hennessy

    Thank you for such incredible messages every day this Lent. I have recently finished reading Dynamic Catholic and I’m also an ambassador in Dynamic Catholic. I love being a part of such an incredible mission and please know how much better it is with all of you!!!

  • Marguerita Guerra

    This truly has been the Best Lent Ever for me. Initially, I was so reluctant to participate in this program because I thought I was a very happy person. Thank you Jesus for allowing me this experience and to share it with close friends. Because of this program, my relationship with God has grown. Furthermore, I was able to visit my ailing mother in law in NYC and attend Easter mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral with Cardinal Dolan. It was beautiful!. It was uplifting to sit next to young people who were so excited about being Catholic. When I visited my mother in law, she dozed in and out of sleep and would pray or look at me and smile. She is such a wonderful role model. My new saying is Be Bold, Be Catholic.

  • Jim

    I am very grateful for this wonderful lenten program. I want to mention how refreshing it was to hear from another member of the team each day. What a great bunch of people, and what inspiring messages. I intend to focus on working with the Holy Spirit to bear fruit through me this year. Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

  • Eileen C

    Happy Easter everyone! What a team you have! This was the most wonderful Lent I’ve experienced. I’m 61 years old & I must say I looked forward every morning to start my day with you all. AWESOME! Thank you! ๐ŸŒท๐ŸŒท๐ŸŒป

  • Alice

    Thank you to Dynamic Catholic for your mission to help us become closer to God. I am in to support Dynamic Catholic and to BE BOLD, BE CATHOLIC!! I was so happy to see one last video. This program has done so much to help me and my husband. God Bless!!!

  • Bonnie Killar

    Best Lent Ever was a game changer…My first thought when I awoke this morning was i WANT to get up and start my day in prayer and reading a verse in the Bibie…2 things I didn’t do before starting my Best Lent Ever. I was happy to see that there was yet another email from Dynamic Catholic helping me in my quest to deepen my relationship with God and reminding me that we are called to help and support others in their spiritual journeys. Thank you Matthew Kelly and may God bless your efforts.

  • Barb Stuart

    I thank you all for sharing your journey and I am totally blessed by this program/inspiration/meditation/prayer/ meaning of what our lives are to be-joyous/happiness/reaching/sharing/growing/feeling in His Presence.Peace and love to you all! Thank you Matthew Kelly, I want to be a bold Catholic!

  • Shannon

    Sharing this program with my mom prompted her to go to confession for the first time in my life (24 years old) plus some more years. God is truly working!

  • debbie butler

    Happy Easter. I have prayed for my youngest daughter for years. She essentially left the Church the day she left for college. She left it again when she married and she’s left it three more times since then at the birth of each of her children. It has been our most fervent prayer that she would return and have her children baptized in the faith, and raise them in the faith. Thank you to the Dynamic Catholic team who has joined me in this prayer for over a year. I’m happy to tell you that on the Saturday before Palm Sunday, her three children were baptized at our Church. Yesterday my daughter Abby and her oldest daughter Meara attended Easter Sunday Mass in their new Parish that they joined this past week. Happy Easter. We received an additional Easter miracle this year. Thank You, Matthew.

    • Nancy Roach

      Oh Debbie, this is wonderful! I too have a similar prayer for my son who also left Catholicism and his relationship with us and his siblings. He has a wife (married by a justice of the peace) and two little boys (one baptized Catholic and the other Episcopalian). I would so love to have you and others join me in prayer that he will return to his faith and reconcile with us.

  • Jimmy Ritchie

    This has clearly been my best lent ever and I thank you all at Dynamic Catholic. I come from a family of 10 siblings. My father has passed but we still have our mother. we followed the Lenten series with Matthew and Dynamic Catholic and would take turns sharing each days message on a conference call first thing Saturday morning. We have always been a close family, but this help create a even tighter bond. I was a like a child on Christmas Eve every Friday night. Could not wait till the Saturday morning conference calls so I could hear what was shared and the challenges made by family. We are continuing the Saturday morning conference calls and hopefully will continue to share our faith journey at a level not experienced before in our family. Thanks to Dynamic Catholic for the inspiration to all of us to become “the best version of ourselves”.

  • Gena

    I did resist the resistance emails some days; but I always went back and caught up. And I realize I can faulter but I do need to catch up, complete, finalize etc. no longer saying, oh, I didn’t do that; or oh I didn’t finish…… not okay.
    Everyday get caught up on something, finish something and start something in the name of Jesus.
    Thank you Dynamic Catholic

  • Donna Hicks

    I enjoyed the videos so much during the Lenten season! I am a bold Catholic living in NM and Matthew Kelly really helped me draw closer to Jesus during this time. Thank you Dynamic Catholic for the work you do. It really is changing lives.

  • Ellen

    Matthew, I have to say I will miss my virtual morning coffees with you and the Dynamic Catholic team. Your Best Lent Ever really made my Lenten journey so wonderful and brought me closer to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I will be working hard to be steadfast to continue with my daily prayer and to live my life with the generous heart that Jesus wants me to have. What you are doing is powerful! What you’re doing is showing the absolute beauty of the Catholic faith! What you’re doing is bringing so many of us closer to Jesus Christ! Thank you for all you continue to do to re-energize Catholics and encourage us to be bold about our faith. May God continue to bless you in your mission. You are always in my prayers.

  • Joan

    I liked this program a lot. Having two short reflection videos each day was a good idea! Maybe next Lent you could incorporate scripture every day, not only during the Triduum. I think many would appreciate that because often we experience resistance to opening the Bible. It would be really neat to reflect on some part of the daily readings for Lent each day. I try to do this on my own every day with the Magnificat or daily Mass when I am able to go, but I can always use more help in this area. Thank you!

  • Peggy

    I am definitely signing up for daily reflections. I don’t think that some morning I will wake up and say “Wow, I am finally the best version of myself” no my journey will be a continuous journey. I feel so blessed that I will be able to start my day with Dynamic Catholic.

  • Lauren Hawse

    โค๏ธ Dynamic Catholic…nothing like it in the world.
    Thank you Matthew Kelly.
    You make me “happy” to be a Catholic!

  • Kris

    I’m 50 years old and for the first time in my life I am reading the Bible! That was my goal for this Lenten season. Resistance was there many days but I fought it and won most days. Now it is a habit which I look forward to everyday. Have to say WOW what a story what an inspiration it has been for me!!

    • Kj

      Amen! Kris, I will pray for persistence for you in reading the Bible!

  • Mary Hallinan

    Thank you to Matthew and Dynamic Catholic. I really enjoyed these daily inspirational videos and hope that there will be more for Advent. Happy Easter!

  • Dolores Sylvia Eberly

    We loved being part of this Lenten mission, God bless all of you for making this our BEST LENT EVER!!

  • Amelia Malek

    I went and saw Matthew Kelly maybe 25 years ago when he came to our church and was immediately smitten, but after the initial year of following his books got back into life as I had lived it.Now, don’t get me wrong I have led bible studies and gone to them for 35 years,and I am a cradle to grave Catholic.But this study to me,& this book were beyond magnificent!!I NEVER missed a day,& so looked forward to getting on my smart phone to see what the next day would bring.I told my five children and anyone I knew about it, because it was so inspirational,& really helped keep me centered.When you have material like this,& a man like Matthew Kelly,& a fabulous team,& the most important A THIRST FOR CHRIST, you can ONLY move forward!I thank you because it has truly been MY BEST LENT EVER!!And I have an extensive library.I look forward to receiving anything he writes to start my day.A long time ago I decided to make Christ my best friend,& it was the best decision I ever made, for He has never let me down!!God Bless you all and HAPPY EASTER!

  • Cindy Minton

    Thank you for this Lenten journey. I teach senior Religion at a Catholic high school and each class period during Lent we started with the day’s “message from Matt” as my kids called it. We were able to talk about what Matthew said and make connections to things we talked about in class and things they experienced in their lives. It was truly a blessing!

    • Judi

      Cindy, as a teacher myself, I totally relate to using those daily lessons so inspiring personally and to use whenever possible the opportunities for those “teachable moments”. I think you must be one of those truly affective teachers. Your students are fortunate to have you as their teacher.

  • Bootswill

    Enjoyed this journey this Lenten season. I have a question that perhaps some could help me with. We brought our children up in the Catholic faith but as adults they do not attend church and although our grandchildren were Baptised in the Church they are not attending church or CCD. What can I do to bring them back other than pray for them–they do not live near me or I would encourage them to attend Mass with us and expose them to it in a small way. Have othgers had this experience in their life and how have you helped? Thank you.

  • Tami Bowen

    Every week at PSR, we write on the board “Become the Best Version of Yourself”. We teach 7th and 8th graders. One week we didn’t put it on the board and one of the students got up and wrote it for us. Yay because it’s a good way to teach young adults and older kids how to avoid the negatives of the world. We posted your signs at Church that said Don’t Give up Chocolate for Lent. It was a joy to be able to share about the website and that I was using the program to start each day. I will continue to tell others about the wonderful books at Dynamic Catholic. Thank you Matthew and team. May peace of Christ Our Risen Lord be with you all today, tomorrow and forever.

  • Arelia Yanes

    I truly enjoyed this daily inspirational messages. It made a big difference during my Lent. Thank MK and all your co-workers for their inspiring and thought provoking messages. Thank all for your personal stories that were so touching to read. I learned a lot from them. God bless you all.

  • Christine Suller St Onge

    Good morning, I hope everyone had a happy Easter. I started yesterday out by going to7 am mass. I was feeling pretty good. Then everything went south from there. I let resistance ruin my day. I got upset when my daughter did nt come home for our traditional easter breakfast. and the negativity just tainted everything for the rest of the day.

    • Dorrie

      I can relate to that, Christine! I will pray for you. Please pray for me, too. We need to stop resisting happiness ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Christine Suller St Onge

        I will keep you in my prayers. I want to be happy.

  • Christine Deacutis

    I so enjoyed starting every morning with these messages. I’m going to miss them and Matthew Kelly! Thank you for a simply spoken profound daily refection.

  • Judy Wyzlic

    This program was better this year than in the past! I liked that it wasn’t just “be the best version of yourself” over and over, but gave specific ideas each day to work on. We ordered the prayer cards, and gave them out for Easter gifts to family, and just gave them out to friends. Thank you for this wonderful program- gave me my best Lent ever!

  • Dorrie

    I was very happy to find another video in my in box this morning! I had been feeling a bit down because the program had ended and I felt like I had lost a community of encouraging friends. I actually thanked God for the gift of one more “visit”. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thank you, Matthew and all, for keeping me company on this leg of our journey. May God continue to bless us all and help us to live according to His wonderful will!

  • Clare54

    Ah! What a nice way to wake up to another morning with Dynamic Catholic. They say it takes 21 days to break a bad habit. I’ve never really believed that statement because I believe there is much more to it. When I started reading “Resisting Happiness” and reading the very first paragraph you had me at turning off the alarm clock in the morning when its time to wake up!! You captured my mind and touched my heart deeply to know that when I resist anything at all I am resisting God. Through many years of my life I have always resisted something that sparked an interest that created excitement. I can spend hours reflecting on a new idea, knowing that something good might happen and then not follow through and talk myself out of it. I have been given some wonderful opportunities in my life that I literally ran away from. These 40 days have magnified my desire to get closer to Christ and build a better personal relationship with Him. I pray to never forget that Our Father gives me all good ideas! It’s part of the journey He has planned out for me. I never want to deny Him. I have only one thing to do and that is to follow through with His ideas and His Plan for my Happiness. Happy Easter!

  • John Bridges

    Thank you Matthew and friends at Dynamic Catholic.

    Peace Be With You!

  • Colleen

    This was the best Lenten experience I have ever had due in large part to starting my day with Dynamic Catholic. Thank you. I look forward to new experiences in growing in my faith.

  • CT

    The Best Lent ever program helps to keep me focused on what Lent is about. It also helped me to be more aware of those resistant moments or days. I was better equipped to bring myself back from the edge of resistance most of the time. I have sent the links for the Best Lent and Best Advent Ever to family and friends. It is good to be able to share the experience with them. My Small Cursillo Friendship group is a big fan of these programs and of the Dynamic Catholic books. We pass them around our group all the time. My Dad is 87 and he became an Ambassador after the first time I got him signed up for the Best Lent ever. He enjoys your books. Decision Point for Confirmation Students is awesome. My granddaughter is engaged in that program right now with her RE class. I have been following along most of the time with my copy of it. Can’t wait to see what the Reconciliation & First Eucharist program is going to look like. God Bless You and Be with all of you in your mission to spread the word of Christ. Happy Easter!

  • Jo

    What an inspiring series!! Happy Easter to all! I just don’t want this to end so I’m selfishly hoping you’ll keep sending messages every day going forward. This gas been a wonderful and fulfillling lent thanks to you and your staff and I wish you all the very very best year ever! Keep it coming!

  • Charles Douglas

    Thank you so much to the team at Dynamic Catholic. Best Lent Ever was such a gift and a wonderful learning experience.
    I have passed on my copy of Resisting Happiness and introduced my Parish to Dynamic Catholic. I hope your/our mission grows and grows! Thank you.

  • Kenny Wodzanowski

    Happy Easter!
    We made it?
    Not really as Matt said but the last 40 days helped me to focus, to notice as St Ignatius would say.
    Now I need to continue and choose daily reflection and prayer.
    I look forward to the challenge and the fruits and pits that surely will come with it.

  • Myayi

    Thank you DC! It was such a pleasant surprise to find a new message from Matthew today! It is the first time that i join the forum.This program brought me to my Best Lent Ever this year, although this was not my first time going through the journey, this year’s journey really pierced my heart and stayed there. Thanks to all who comment in this forum. Taking the extra time to read your comments has made a difference. Thank you to Matthew and the DC team.

  • Danielle

    This program was awesome, and I wish I still had videos every day post-Easter. It felt like I was getting a mini-Homily during my mornings that set the tone for the rest of my Lenten days. Thank you!

  • Trudy Little Adams

    This has been my best Lent in a very long time. I am so grateful D.C. And Matthew Kelly. I was introduced to Matthew’s books a few years ago and his books and CD’s have deepened my spiritual life. I am going to miss these videos everyday. I am glad I also get the encouraging word. Have a blessed Easter Season.

  • Larry Lara

    Thank you for this increatible journey during Lent. Helping so many, including me to get closer to our Heavenly Father and understand the love of Jesus! Your daily messages were a pleasure to listen to and read. I pray that we can continue to live the word of the Lord daily and blessings to all. Happy Easter!!โค๏ธ

  • Nancy B

    Thank you for this journey. I am blessed to be a part of it.

  • Beth Ryan

    I have been following DC for several years now, and my husband is now a DC Ambassador, after our experience of seeing Matthew Kelly and his team last March in Birmingham, AL. I was faithful to this program, but as Matthew reminds us in today’s summary message, we now have the knowledge and tools to know when to “slay” resistance and to continue to embrace happiness for ourselves so we can continue to do the mission of Jesus Christ in our churches, work, schools, our homes, and in our communities! I was lucky enough to get extra copies of the book to pass on to people. I hoped they were as blessed as I was. The message is clear it’s our choice to continue to experience and spread happiness because that is our true “Joy” , in Jesus. Thanks again, DC for another great Lenten journey!

  • Kenwyn

    I have truly enjoyed Matthew Kelly and DC team. This really has been the “best lent ever”! I am very proud to say and be Catholic and I feel this program will, could, and has helped others to energize their faith. I am very glad to know DC offers daily devotions. I can’t wait! Thank you again Matthew Kelly and team. Happy Easter and may God bless you all!
    I am bold. I am Catholic!

  • Mariann Calcaterra

    I have been signed up for the daily reflections. Now Best ever is over will my daily reflections continue?

    • Carl

      Yes. Unless something has changed (I was pleasantly surprised to see this video this morning!), we will receive a reflection, but no video or Forum.

  • Joy

    So happy to see this message in my mailbox today. There is a lot of info to be found online from non-Catholic Christian resources. All wonderful yet it is really fulfilling to find Dynamic Catholic, a team of people who understand and speak Catholicism in ways anew. Thank you so much Matthew Kelly!

  • SteveVH

    I have been a fan and following Matthew for almost 18 years. I can’t quote you everything he has ever said, but all of his messages have been wonderful and truly inspiring. I believe this latest message titled “Resisting Happiness” is one of his best ever! I believe we are all inspired to some degree and WANT to do better at becoming our “best versions”. I think calling out this aspect of humanity that somehow distracts us from walking that journey diligently will be of great help to many, as it has been to me.
    May God continue to bless Matthew and the entire team at DC for there ever-important, soul-saving work.

  • Kathleen Cranford Kelley

    “Be Bold. Be Catholic!” Yes I fought resistance and won! I set aside time in the morning to watch a video, hear the message and research the Bible.
    Thank you Dynamic Catholic Team! Did I give up chocolate for Lent? No Did I defeat resistance and listen to the program daily and grow spiritually? YES! God bless!

  • Robert Stanton

    What a blessing to find another video from Matthew this morning !!

    I hope you all had a wonderful Easter day, now let’s all support each other spiritually to keep this Easter season in our hearts.

    With God’s hel, I am going to continue to be bold and model my Catholic faith for myself (I need to walk my own walk not just talk) AND for my family (non- catholics) My 4 year old grand daughter is especially interested in talking with me about Jesus and Mother Mary.

    Now that seems like a very good place to start don’t you think ๐Ÿ™‚

    Christ has Risen….alleluia

    Happy Easter season to all.

    • Kj

      I know, right???

  • Michele Dailey

    This TRULY was my best Lent ever.

  • Louise

    Thank you Matthew Kelly!!! I enjoyed each day listening to you every day. I look forward to anything you do in the future like this. This has definitely brought me closer to to God! Thank you!!!

  • Cynthia Arellano

    I am truly blessed to have learned about dynamic catholic thru my best friend Enrique we have made our journey to follow Jesus and dynamic catholic has been one of the best tools. Happy Easter Monday. Blessings to all as we continue to seeks Gods word daily. Thank you Dynamic Catholic.

  • Martha

    Happy Easter. It was a thought provoking Lent thanks to Matthew Kelly and team at Dynamic Catholic. Besides reading the video transcripts I read Rediscover Jesus daily. I recommend this book to all. One chapter a day…so easy to do Am now reading Resisting Happiness. So grateful to Matthew and his team.

  • Laura LaDue

    One of the things this journey did for me was to bring me back to confession. I have gone twice and will continue it. I’ve always looked at it as like going to the dentist. Now I look at it as meeting with God in a more intimate way. Thank you for that Matthew and team.

    • Kathleen Cranford Kelley

      Wow me too! Going to confession was like going to the dentist! (You need to or you’ll lose your teeth…..You need to or you’ll lose your soul) That is exactly how I felt before this wonderful journey!

      • Kj

        What a wonderful analog, Kathleen!

    • Mary Ann Zabinski

      I am a cradle Catholic. I didn’t like or really understand Confession. It took me many year, but now I think its the best kept secret of the Catholic Church. It has helped me and our marriage so-o much . Rediscover the Sacrament of Confession!

  • Mary

    Happy Easter to all. Like Pat, I too have been on a journey with Matthew Kelly. He came to my church in northern NJ for a 3-night mission when he was 29 and a member of our church bought Rediscovering Catholicism for each family, about 500. I went on a pilgrimage to Assisi, Florence and Rome with Matthew and became a member of 1000 Friends and even took a trip to Dynamic Catholic. First I received Mustard Seeds, the early version of the Daily Reflection. The signup for Daily Reflections is right up above this discussion. I make it a habit to keep a stock of Rediscovering Catholicism and Resisting Happiness in my car. You never know who might need a bit of inspiration. My relationships have improved as my resistance was conquered. Still need daily work on this. May you all receive the grace of God to continue your faith journeys. See you at Best Advent Ever

  • Linda

    Happy Easter to you and your family and friends.

  • Geralyn Mead

    I have absolutely loved this 40 day journey with Matthew Kelly ! I have the book from our church, but truly enjoyed listening each day to him speak and listen to his staff give their experience on the daily topic. I have passed the web site to friends, and gave the book to my sister in law this weekend. I have re-started my new journey with joy and peace !!

  • Julie Orbik

    This has been an incredible Lenten journey. I’ve tried to slay resistance on a daily basis, sometimes succeeding and sometimes not. The Best Lent Ever series has taught me how to battle everyday and I’ve seen the difference it has made in me and how I interact with others. I’ve tried to bring Christ to some very difficult situations and I know He was right there with us giving strength and comfort.
    I pray we can all continue this journey throughout the year to be the light in these dark times.
    I am proud to be Catholic and to be an ambassador of DC. Thank you Matthew Kelly and staff for this beautiful series!

  • Sarah

    I thoroughly enjoyed this Lent. For the first time in a while I connected as a Catholic should to our Lord these past 40 days. I shared it with two friends who passed it along to others. Thank you and I pray for your whole teams’ continued success in bringing Catholics back to the church.

  • Delaine Shay

    I am a Lutheran/Catholic by which I mean I was born into and practiced the Catholic faith. Through my adult years I have had the privilege of participating in a number of Catholic programs: divorce support group (Beginning Experience), grief counseling and the Spiritual Directors I have seen were/are nuns. And this wonderful Lenten devotional. I feel very blessed.

  • Ginie

    I have loved the program and had invited several people at our Wild Goose-Holy Spirit program to join me, and those in my Small Church Community got a copy of the book with a business card in it inviting them to the program. I’ve done almost every lesson on time, I think I missed one totally and “caught up” on three. My sister connected me to Dynamic Catholic when I told her I was reading a Matthew Kelly book. This has been my second Lent with Dynamic Catholic and I am ever so grateful for a meaningful way to prepare for Easter and the program for Advent. Thank you, all of you at Dynamic Catholic.
    Happy Easter!

  • John L. Kemmis

    I think I felt like the disciples the past 24 to 48 hours. Disoriented. I became so accustomed to watching the video and jotting down notes in my journal that I have been at a loss of what to do each morning, yesterday and today.
    And this follow up appears, in the nick of time. Thank you Matthew!

    In yesterday’s homily, Father Mike mentioned these phrases. Maybe one will catch your attention.
    – It is similar to something I experienced.
    – We lepers! We sinners!
    – The real treasure.
    – St. Paul admits/recognizes his sin throughout.
    – No perfect ones.
    – A damaged world.
    – A damaged reality did not hold him (Jesus) captive forever.
    – Jesus rose.
    – We have the message of Jesus to share with others.

    Again, thank you Matthew and Dynamic Catholic!

  • Little Rose

    Why not actually name resistance as “temptations by Satan and his minions (demons) to drive and keep us away from God and His plan for our lives”? Why is it necessary to whitewash reality with the word, “resistance”? I like Matthew Kelly’s work, but there’s a bit too much candy coating of the spiritual realities for me, personally.

    • kimisu

      If you want to call a spade a spade, why get impatient with somebody else for calling it a shovel? It’s doing the same work…

    • Mike

      Hi LR,
      I noticed the same thing(s) in Matthew’s books and the way he addresses the faith. I also believe him to be a practical person with a pulse on what is going on in the Catholic community thru his dealings as a seemingly pious person, speaker, author and researcher (he gathers lot’s of data) and personally I have noticed (right or wrong) when talking to people today, Catholic or otherwise about the church’s teachings. I have more engaging and effective conversations when I actually say ‘ let’s leave Jesus out of this and look at this from a scientific/civilized/logical perspective’ non-Catholics and Catholics love to see how critical thinking and even science all point to what’s best or what we all somehow intuitively believe to be good/right. It also shows where science and critical thinking alone fall short because there are only certain questions that can be addressed or explained and that someone (Prime Mover, Big Banger, Intelligent Designer, God…take your pick) must defines what is right and what is wrong and people seem to better to relate to how important morality is when approached from what is believed to be a ‘preachy’, self-righteous or fictitious perspective

      Jesus the Devil, burning bushes, etc. are hard for people to accept at any given time and especially all at once. I don’t know for sure but I think Matthew’s approach is to keep it simple and plain and attract as many people as possible, becoming ‘the best version of yourself’ is easier for today’s culture to relate to than becoming ‘Holy’ and banging someone over the head with the a message that they cannot relate to does no one any good. Resistance is easier to acknowledge than ‘Satan’.

      LR people like yourself will always recognize ‘resistance’ for who and what is is and being a better version of yourself for what it really is, but if we want to gather more people in the boat we have to cast a wider net and meet many people where they are just as God did thru the old testament and contiues to do today.

      I don’t personally know Matthew but I can see the effectiveness in the ‘meet people where they are’ at the most basic level approach and just assume this is what he is doing.

      We are called to mature our faith but we all start from somewhere, we just need to make sure that our faith does in fact mature and not be left adolescent and watered-down.

      At least that’s my story and I’m sticking to it ๐Ÿ™‚ Blessings LR

    • Patricia Paine Martin

      Little Rose, you have touched on a worthwhile question similar to one that I had early in the 40 days. Just what IS โ€œresistance?โ€ Near the end of Lent, however, I came to understand that there is a very deep spiritual reality here. Resistance is an ongoing dynamic coming out of my fallen nature, sin nature, or whatever term I use. Satan is a person outside of myself, and temptations by Satan and minions would also come from outside of myself. Particular temptations or taunting by the devil may occur continually or only on occasion, and in each of those moments I will either choose the way of Life or the way to death. Sometimes I choose Life and refrain from gossip or eating the foods that cause distress to my body or watching television instead of praying a Rosary. I am weak in those areas, however, so I often give in to my own desires to do what I want and not what God asks of me. I RESIST God in order to please myself, and I am always resisting. It is only through Jesus that I can overcome resistance, I know this; but I turn my face away from Jesus, and resistance prevails. Thatโ€™s why I love and need Confession.

  • Monica Schroeder Cancienne

    I first heard Matthew Kelly on a CD about 12 to 15 years ago. I have shared his love for the church and our faith for years now. Some have listened others have not. I am still amazed that people do not know about Dynamic Catholic and Matthew’s ministry. Keep sharing and hope everyone enjoys the journey this Easter season. Remember we have 50 days to celebrate His resurrection and get to Pentecost Sunday.

  • Holly D.

    Thank you Matthew Kelly and the entire Dynamic Catholic team for making this Lent one of the greatest experiences in my life. May you be richly blessed in your personal lives and with the work that you are doing at Dynamic Catholic.

  • Shy MVP

    Never get discouraged. Funny how this is exactly how I woke up feeling. Like ok this big experience of Easter I worked up to is over, now what. The same problems with work, family are there, the same questions and concerns are there. Jesus is risen. But I still feel I’m here just waiting.

    There was such a blessing of Easter for us yesterday, but that Easter “high” is easy to lose if not rooted in more than just feeling. And you know I realize this was exactly how the apostles felt, this discouragement after he left.

    I was lacking in hope this morning, not wanting to get out of bed and face the day. But I forget that I’m in the season of joy where my Lord is risen and the promise of him uniting with me each time I bear my cross(es) with love and right spirit gives me the hope I need.

  • Rose


    Thank you Mr. Kelly and team!

  • Gerry Lagasca

    Thank you Matthew and the whole crew of Dynamic Catholic for providing us the “Best Lent Ever!” It has been the best every year. May the risen Christ bless this ministry all year long.

  • Lara So

    Wishing you all a happy and blessed Easter!

  • Sandy

    Resistance, invades every part of our existence. The team has woken me up to many different forms of it. I’m grateful for the sharing of all viewpoints. I’m 74, and still yearn for more. This is a Special Easter in more ways than I can mention. I don’t know what’s ahead in my life, but listening to everyone and sharing my thoughts will be the bright part of my world.

    Happy Easter, He is Risen, ENJOY

  • Marilyn

    This has been one of the best Lenten Seasons I have ever had. My journey each day with Resisting Happiness has been overwhelming. I am 68 years old and it is never too late to start that deeper relationship with the Lord. I am so filled with the Holy Spirit and pray that my journey continues and is better each day! It is so emotional and inspiring!

    • Kj


  • Connie Dolezel Bolander

    Thank you for sharing this program with the world! Keep it up – your encouragement touches more people than you can ever imagine. You have inspired me to tackle Revelation and understand the importance of symbolism taught by our faith. Happy Easter – Jesus Christ Is Lord.

  • Stephanie Finch Bartkowski

    I would LOVE to see this program be something I could download and do over and over not just during Lent. It has had such an impact on my life and has become an important part of my day. I will miss watching the videos each day.

  • Maria

    The Lord is Risen! Hallelujah!
    Have a great Easter!

    • Kj

      Easter Blessing on you!

  • Amy Weiler

    So inspiring! I am really going to miss my mornings of Best Lent Ever!! I’ve decided I’m going to rewatch the daily videos and keep journeying. I have the book Resisting Happiness and will be reading that ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you Dynamic Catholic. Thank you Matthew Kelly. God is truly at work! Happy Easter! God Bless

  • Larry

    This was without question, my best Lent ever. To say that Matthew and the DC staff are inspiring would be an understatement. Having the short videos from the staff this year was a great addition to the program. You can sense from their short talks how sincere and how alive these DC staffers are in their walk with Jesus. Thank you to the entire Dynamic Catholic team for your unending effort in helping us grow in our faith and our love for Jesus. You are an inspiration to us all.

  • Carl

    Thank you Matthew, the entire Dynamic Catholic team, and all of you in this Forum who added to the experience for yet another wonderful journey – and for this “extra” video today!

    I would also like to extend the gratitude to you all from some non-Catholics. I work as a therapist and am always looking for positive/inspirational messages. It has been my privilege to witness the resiliency of people over the years. I used to ask how they managed to get through whatever difficulty (sometimes quite horrific) brought them to therapy. By far, the number one answer has been Prayer – regardless of their faith.

    Since I have often “borrowed” inspiration not only from Matthew and the team, but also from the wonderful people who shared their comments in this Forum, I just want to say “Thank You All” for helping US become a better version of ourslelves!

    Happy and a Blessed Easter!

  • helena handbasket

    To answer your question, Matthew, I never “blew off” the daily emails. Sometimes I didn’t see them in time to be on the corresponding day, but I went through every single one.

    I encountered no “resistance” in watching the daily videos and reading lot of the comments on each. Every time I thought of “resistance,” I thought of his other name: Satan! I notice that Westerners no longer refer to “Satan” or “the devil,” whereas more traditional areas of the world have no problem admitting the names. Why is that?

    We have a deacon who came to us from Africa more than 20 years ago, and he often mentions Satan as a viable, daily presence we must fight against. I just think it’s important to call him by his name.

    I enjoyed the program, esp. the Dynamic Catholic staffers, who often recounted personal experiences and outlooks. Some of the comments were thought-provoking as well. Thanks to all, and a joyous Easter season!

  • Liam

    Thank you Dynamic Catholic and Matthew Kelly! Between this program, the 5,000,000 rosary challenge, and a discipleship group at my parish, this really has been my Best Lent Ever. Keep up the good work!

  • Celeste Robichaux

    This has truly been my best Lent ever! The hardest days were Saturdays, when my routine was different. Sometimes I forgot and caught up on Sunday. Overall, this program has changed me. I see with new eyes and hear with new ears. Thank you and God bless you!

  • Kathleen

    Following this Best Lent Ever program has filled me with an appreciation of all that I have been given through the love of our heavenly Father. While sometimes resistance may have won a battle, I can’t help but feel I am a better person and child of God. Thank you to everyone who has shared through this journey. God bless and keep all of us connected through Jesus Christ.

  • Miriam Ruiz Girotti

    I just want to take a moment and thank you Mathew and all of the dynamic catholic team. Your work faith and effort has help me strive to become the best version of my self, and to want that for everyone around me. Your book The rhythm of life change my life!!! And I thank you and God for it. May God continue giving you and the team all that you need to continue this mission that is saving lives and generations.
    Much love and respect
    Miriam Girotti

  • Maryanne Sockey

    I am sadly full of resistance, I’ve been following Best Lent Ever for about two-three years and I rarely take on the challenges, but I persist in hopes that repetition will make it sink in. This year I’ve felt my resistance give a little and I’ve done better than usual, though I still have a long way to go. It was hard though to keep up as I am now Nanny to my three nephews so sitting down and watching the videos doesn’t often happen until I’m off in the afternoon and the day and my brain are shot.

    For some years I was so sickly that I stopped giving things up during Lent like food and sweets because I needed everything I could get and I had no energy to spare for anything. Also for several years my Mom as part of her Lenten vow to serve the family would make more deserts than usual, so I had to stop giving up sweets so that I could show her I appreciated her hard work, it was cheating, but I felt I ought to give on that front. Now that I’m doing so much better health-wise I find that it’s hard to get back into the habit of giving up even an extra bite of food. I struggle at “tea time” with the nephews when I give them some cookies and I want to snitch one as well. I feel like I’m a kid again and have to work at the small things before tackling the bigger ones, but I’m slowly moving that way day by day. I’ve also at last decided, and started, to read the bible cover to cover which I will continue on even though Lent is now over.

    He is Truly Risen Alleluia! See you all next year! Or maybe during best advent ever!

  • Sue Newago

    A great program! I was especially pleased to have the video transcripts to help me really get it all and sometimes take notes! Well done!

  • Flo Hart

    Best Lent Ever for sure!!! I don’t want the videos to end. Some days were so rich and moving!! Thank you Matthew Kelly for encouraging me each day and for my Best Lent Ever!!

  • Simone

    I will miss Matthew Kelly’s daily messages. He is a great speaker and I looked forward to listening to him everyday and his wonderful enlightening messages! Thank you, Mr. Kelly for all the help throughout these Lenten 40 days.

  • Yolanda Chao

    Inspired by the daily Lenten reflections each day and I hope that continues on a daily basis with just reflecting on God’s LOVE for us.

  • Patricia Thomas

    This Lent did end up being the Best for me ever. When Lent began, I had a plan of things I wanted to accomplish during my Lenten journey. It went along as planned and then my daughter, Twylla, invited me to come and be with my granddaughter, Meghan, while Twylla attended a required professional conference for a week. My daughter and granddaughter live in Virginia and I live in Montana, for me this is a long way. My immediate thought was, ” Oh no, my Lenten plan is going to be different than what I had planned it to be. I hope I will continue. Then something nudged me reminding me that Twylla had been through two extremely stressful years, causing her to experience health problems. And God was directing me to change my Lenten journey to put focus on my daughter and her needs. I did not resist and I was able to provide Twylla with love, pray with her and do many physical tasks she needed assistance with. Plus spend time with Meghan and realize how much she had matured in this last year. Because this time last year she had addiction problems and spent three months in Rehab. Thank you God for changing the path of my Lenten journey. And thank you Matthew and your staff for this wonderful program.

    • Kj

      Wow! God graces us, doesn’t he? Thanks for listening to Him!!

  • Michael

    I’ve struggled with OCD since I was 10. Then when the stresses of life got worse when I was 40, it spread to anxiety and panic attacks. Since then, the past 11 years have been up/down. Until I hit my head about 3 months ago. Then, things became unraveled. It wasn’t until my wonderful wife started sharing these videos with me at the start of lent and that I read Rediscovering Jesus that I was able to get myself back on track. I was dreading lent and these videos coming to an end. Then my wife amazed me yet again by getting me the Resisting Happiness DVD for Easter. After that, I plan on reading Rediscovering Catholicism. For the first time in my life I feel like I can separate my OCD thoughts from my own thoughts and faith and that I came back to life with Jesus yesterday. Thank you Matthew Kelly. You are truly a man of God and we’re all very blessed by your videos and books. I hope someday I get an opportunity to me you in person.

  • Stan Blackburn

    Thank you for this engaging Lenten program and all you do to keep our faith, and our Catholicism, front and center… I can’t seem to get out of my mind that perhaps in one sense “Resistance” really goes by another name… Satan. As a friend recently reminded me, one of Satan’s favorite and powerful tools is seeding and supporting our mindset that “I’ll get to that tomorrow”! God Bless you all…

  • Cat Downing

    Happy Easter

  • Marti Minogue

    I absolutely LOVED participating in the BEST LENT EVER! I was getting ready to use my fall back “giving up chocolate” for lent, when I received the little card about this program. What a better experience I’ve had this Lenten season! I even shared it with my spiritual guide (and 80 plus year young woman). I highly recommend the Dynamic Catholic books, CD’s and web pages. Thank you for sharing so generously your time and talent, and making being Catholic something we want to pass on.

  • Mixed Chick

    It’s been so nice being with you all.

  • AnnaInAlaska

    Thank you, Matthew Kelly & everyone at Dynamic Catholic. For me, this was my first, & best Lent ever!
    In Sep 2015, after 28 yrs in the Mormon church, I made the decision to leave it. I spent the next full year praying & reading through the Bible, but I knew that I needed more – I needed a deeper relationship with God. So, I looked into nearby churches near our home in the interior of Alaska. My son suggested the Catholic Church, saying “Mom, try the Catholic Church – they were the first church.” After watching a few Masses online, I decided, in Oct 2016, despite my fears, to open the doors of the Catholic Church, & open my heart to God, through the Catholic faith.
    From the moment I first heard & saw the presentation of the Eucharist, I knew that I was in the presence of God, & that I had to do everything that I could, to become Catholic, so that I would be able to have Him with me, & in my life forever. I started RCIA classes immediately, both through the local church & online & prayed & studied the scriptures like they were brand new to me.
    It was my wonderful RCIA instructor who introduced me to Matthew Kelly & Dynamic Catholic – through his books, which I basically inhaled!
    When Lent began, she told me about his Best Lent Ever program. I was already reading through his Rediscover Lent book, & added the videos to my daily reading. They were so inspiring! I would share different things I had jotted down after watching the videos, & my RCIA instructor & I would study & ponder on them throughout the week, then talk about them when we had our class again.
    I was baptized & confirmed a Catholic on Apr 15, 2017, & all I can say, & have been saying over & over again, is thank you. thank you, thank you! Thank you to God, for calling me home, to the Catholic faith, thank you to my amazing RCIA instructor, Barb & all of the incredible people in my new family at Holy Mary of Guadalupe Catholic Church, in Alaska, & thank you to my family at home for supporting my decision to become Catholic, & thank you to Matthew Kelly & Dynamic Catholic for being there, through your encouraging, inspiring books & videos!
    This is just the beginning of my journey, & I am so excited to be an active participant in serving in our Church here in Alaska, witnessing to my family & others, &, letting people everywhere know, that no matter what the world throws at you, God is good, all the time! Be bold – be Catholic!

    • Susie Caughey

      What a beautiful testimony you shared with us. I believe our faith is so complete in the Eucharist. I feel so blessed to have been baptized into the Catholic faith and I am praying I too can bring a few who are near and dear to me into our faith. Sometimes, I feel stumped at questions I get asked like, “How can you believe when you’ve never seen?” I do my best to respond but it’s difficult to get through to those raised in communism with no faith and having not been baptized. I don’t want to come across as being superior to people neither because of my faith and love of Jesus. I continue to pray I can bring people closer to God.

      • AnnaInAlaska

        Thank you so much, for your comments, Susie. I get asked hard questions, too, mostly by family members. Many times, they are more ‘statements’ than questions.
        Even with reading books by Catholic apologetics, I feel I give inadequate answers.
        I suppose, though, it’s like how it was with my journey into Catholicism – until I was really ready to have my heart & mind open to to listening, learning & accepting the faith, I would have closed myself to truths that were right in front of me. When I was ready, it was all just so clear to me.
        I love my family, & even when their questions can seem harsh, I know that they are loved by God, & he is calling to them – they just aren’t quite ready to hear yet, but He will never stop calling out to them, & loving them, & neither will I.
        So, we keep praying for them, & we keep loving them &, God will bring them home when the time is right. ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Susie Caughey

          I bought tickets to bring my best friend ever to Matthew Kelly’s event this Saturday in CT. I am hoping this will help him become a 100% believer and open the door to a new life in Christ for him. (Also, that it may answer some questions for him that I have difficulty answering.) Please keep him in your prayers. I need to be patient in this and remember God is in control and will do what He must in His own perfect timing, not mine.

          • AnnaInAlaska

            That sounds so wonderful! I’ll be praying for you & your friend!

          • Susie Caughey

            Thank you so much. That means a lot to me as you understand this experience.

  • Barbara Lizana

    Thank you for making this Lenten journey available.. Resistance, as defined in your videos & book is, of course, part of a bigger “malaise” which, if not overcome, becomes actual blasphemy of the Holy Spirit. (Blasphemy: refusal to accept salvation.) This seems a bit drastic, but when dissected, the six parts of this blasphemy are: 1) Despair, 2) presumption 3) impenitence 4)obstinacy 5) resistance (to Divine Truth known to be true); and 6) envy of another’s spiritual welfare. I can’t think of a single one of 5 of these elements that aren’t interwoven with resistance. Thank you very much for the clarity provided on resistance as well as the tips to overcome it, because, if we do not overcome, we are lost. Happy Easter and blessings to you and your staff for a job well done.

  • Jane

    I’m 67 years old and had never fully experienced the Triduum. I had chosen which services I would attend in the past. At your challenges and urgings I fully embraced every aspect of my
    Parish’s gatherings. This truly was my best Lent ever. It was HOLY. It leaves me wanting more, having fallen in love anew with our crucified Christ. I want to thank Matthew Kelly and the entire Dynamic Catholic team. You’ll never know how you blessed me. My prayer is that God will abundantly bless each of you. He has risen! Alleluia!

  • Anci

    I actually did pretty well with the daily emails. I wanted to find a way to do my devotions everyday and I was getting side tracked but this really was a great way to get back into my daily meditation. I love DC and the messages are really what I need to hear and easy to pick up on and really reflect on.

  • Cheryl Rossi Davis

    This has been a true Blessing. Can’t believe the 40 days is over. Wish there was something for every day of the year.
    May the Blessings of our Risen Lord surround each of you throughout the coming year.
    Thank you ‘Dynamic Catholic’ for your inspiration and encouragement.

  • Mike

    You Guys have really Pissed Resistance Off !!! ๐Ÿ™‚ God Bless You All and keep up the good fight !!!

  • Patti P.

    For me I take away from this Best Lent Ever 3 vital lessons. First, the phrase The Genius of Catholicism was a profound statement. At every turn and every prayerful inquiry of why, when, what, and how, I find a source within my Catholic life to help me find the answers or wait with patience and trusting Godโ€™s will for my life. Second, naming my resistance as a source of being pulled away from happiness creates a daily measure of how my free-will choices affect my happiness. Lastly and from my reflection on a personal struggle, I will focus on what my particular talents and gifts bring to a situation rather than who I think I need to be to achieve anticipated outcomes. God has put me in this situation for a reason and although I may be working towards an anticipated outcome, God may be affecting a different or several different outcomes as I honor my gifts and talents in my work.
    Thank you!

  • Reta Westbury

    I thoroughly enjoyed and have benefited from this Lenten journey. Thank you for making this series available. I wish you had a series based on scripture just like this that I could listen to and watch daily. Are daily reflections available? If so, I want to sign up! This Lenten series has been the bright spot for me each morning during Lent. Happy Easter to you, Matthew Kelly, and your team. Great job!

  • Laurence Jackson

    With Humble Thanks,
    Now that Lent is over, is there a new offering yet for daily inspiration?
    If not I really will miss it.

  • Ann Dowling

    I was so grateful to my friend that sent me the link a few days into Lent. It was instant gratification and I looked forward to seeing and hearing each day with just a small but powerful message. I was attending daily Mass but i started to listen and take home a message everyday. There was an inner joy that I cannot explain. Thank you for DC and I will be coming back for the daily reflections as we certainly do need this in our lives.

  • Jodi Anderson

    Good Afternoon…..I have just listened to the final comments from Matthew and I just want to say…..”WAIT”…!!!
    I am not ready to give up his inspirational messages now that Lent is over!! You truly did make this the BEST LENT EVER….but, I want more. You should consider a daily, keep on track with life, self, GOD message every day! Matthew, you are so blessed to find the best version of yourself is helping us. God has given you a way of communication, your mannerism, style that can not help but pull you in…..make you think….meditate on it and ultimately cause you to act. Really enjoyed this series!!! And feel that I am so much closer to becoming the best version of myself because of it. Much closer to my CREATOR! Please consider my suggestion….daily. And from the bottom of my heart….Thank you for making this the BEST LENT EVER!! I am being Bold and Catholic now!
    Love to all of you at Dynamic Catholic….you have been the BEST!!

  • mrstag

    I enjoyed this program very much and I did keep up with it each day. I did find at times toward the end and most important days, that it was hard to keep up with all the readings, prayers and rosary each day. I did attend the Holy Thursday, Good Friday and, of course, Easter service at my parish and found them very rewarding. I thank Dynamic Catholic for bringing this progam to us, as well as the Advent Program. I look forward to hearing from them throughout the ordinary seasons. God Bless you all in your ministry and service to us all.

  • Jodi Anderson

    Well….I feel like an idiot…..I see that there are Daily Reflections!! I’m signing up!!

  • Pat Burr

    I got so much out of Best Lent Ever, that I gave “Resisting Happiness” to all the members of my Faith Alive group as an Easter Gift.

  • Jim Christensen

    First I wish you and your loved ones a blessed Easter Season to everyone who reads and has listened to Matthew Kelly’s “Best Lent Ever” this past Lent. Second, Matthew Kelly, you and Dynamic Catholic are doing good, God’s work. You are striking chords in many of us with your video’s, books, and CD’s. Thank you! My wife and I look forward to seeing you in June when you are in the Chicago area. Your books, CD’s, and videos are very helpful. We will grow the next 1%! Go with God,Jim Christensen

  • Jim Christensen

    Welcome, Lisa and congratulations!

  • Stephanie Rutter

    Our pastor encouraged all parishioners to participate in the Dynamic Catholic Lenten journey. I’m so glad that he did. I passed it on to family members. I hope they took advantage of it. My husband and I started the day with the daily emails. Thank you for the spiritual encouragement. This Lenten journey has been very special. Our prayers go out to you, your team and your mission. HAPPY EASTER!

  • Shirley Mott

    Thank you for the daily reflections. I received so many new ideas and insights. Happy Easter to you all at Dynamic Catholic. Great job.

  • Agnes Jackson

    This has literally been the BEST Lent ever for me. I told so many people about this and as a Catholic I am very happy that there is something out here to bring us through our Lentan journey. A friend recommended it, I’ve done the whole 40 days and have save each day to my phone to reflect on. My faith and trust are stronger than ever along with my prayer life. Thank you so very much.

  • Nicole M.

    The Best Lent Ever program definitely hit home to me. I struggled with resistance a few days through the program, but I made sure to turn around the next day and start anew. I am now able to recognize resistance and the things I need to be doing in my life to beat it so I can be the best version of myself. Thank you Dynamic Catholic for putting this program together and Happy Easter!!!

  • Pamela J. Van Tuyl

    I am sending a huge thank you for all the team at Dynamic Catholic! All the work you do is very fruitful and I have been exceedingly blessed along with many, many others. The march goes on and we strengthened by your ministry! Our God is truly awesome!

  • Pam

    awesome program loved listening to you and your staff, you are truly a blessing from God, keep up the good work….

  • desert_traveler

    Today’s reflection brought me to tears because it was so true of me, yet it brought me a lot of hope. This particular Easter did the same and I have never felt about lent and Easter as I did this year, hopeful for my life and wanting to “work with Christ” on doing His will. For a long time now it is the only act that brings me true joy. When I am unhappy I tend to focus on worldly actions that I think will make me happy. They never do and I learned that this lent through listening to the Holy Spirit and dynamic catholic. Thank you so much.

  • Theresa Booker

    My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed this series! What a blessing it has been to us and all those who shared in it. Thank you Dynamic Catholic for your good work. We can’t wait for Lent next year ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy Easter everyone!!!

  • Terri

    I truly enjoyed the best lent ever! I struggled but I kept pushing daily to not resist! I have not read book completely but I am enjoying it so far! I also purchased by first mass journal and am anxious to begin my mass journal. Thank you Dynamic Catholic for being bold! Will continue to follow this mission and help spread the good news! May God bless you all!
    Happy Easter!โœ๏ธ

  • Helen

    He is Risen! Happy Easter Everyone.
    My journey to finding Dynamic Catholic first came to me when my sister bought me a book by Matthew Kelly. Rediscovering Jesus. I was inspired to by more of his books and then came upon this website before lent. I have followed along listening to Matthew and the others in their videos and got alittle behind , maybe by 3 days but caught up to the end. I can honestly say it was an eye opener for me. I’ve cried through some of the lessons and I’m prayed to let me let go of stuff that keeps from from becoming my best version of myself. I know Jesus loves me and I know He has a plan for my life. I realized that when I stop trying to control things and stay close to my prayer life I’m more at peace and secure in God’s love. I’m a work in progress but I want to thank Dynamic Catholic for presented this program and to Matthew Kelly for his mission to strengthening our lives in faith. I will work on Being Bold and being Catholic:)

  • WisdomSeeker

    Thank you, Dynamic Catholic, for this beautiful, life-giving experience!

  • Lydia Ross

    I have shared this with my FB people as well as two friends on my journey to pray together how amazing this program was to aid in my Lenten journey.

  • Bob D

    I too just discovered DC and Matthew Kelly this year, as part of our parishes Lenten journey, and feel blessed to have engaged in the Best Lent Ever program. It truly has been my best lent ever and DC and this program is a big reason. Along with FaithND daily email readings and reflections, at the age of 65, I’m more deeply rediscovering our Lord, myself and the true blessing of being Catholic.

  • S Stinson

    Thank you so much Matthew Kelly and the Dynamic Catholic Team. I have been to the DC conference 3 times and each time take away more pearls for living the Best Version of my life…my self…This has been the best Best Lent Ever! I so enjoyed Resisting Happiness, each chapter was chock full of teaching and inspiration. I hope the next Lenten season is connected to a book, as this truly cemented the reflections and the teachings, and helped me to get through an entire book in a short period of time! I loved the story of the woman who could not leave her home to evangelize, but ordered 100 copies of a book and sent them to family and friends who were no longer practicing their faith or who had no faith…what a wonderful way to evangelize and support the mission of DC simultaneously! God bless you all at DC and hope to be able to share in the evangelization through your book ministry in the future. Happy Easter season!

  • Joanne Williams

    I have learned so much about resistance~ I have learned to recognize it, embrace it, and act against it, because, when I do, I feel that weight being lifted so I can be lighter and more involved in other things, in bringing Christ’s light to the world, unfettered by “stuff.” Thank you all so much, Dynamic Catholic. It was easy to be with you every step of the way during Lent.

  • Francine L Spinner- Kelley

    Hello Everyone and Happy Easter!! I started off the Lenten Season with reading the Resisting Happiness book and when I signed up for Matthew Kelly’s daily reflections it really did sink in to my soul. I also loved the additional video with the staff. Awesome Job guys! As a result of reading and listening for 40 days I now know when I’m resisting and when I have beaten resistance. I’m so much happier and productive when I’ve beaten resistance and it is in all areas of my life. Be Bold, be Catholic. Love it.

  • Lenys Klumpp

    Extraordinary. I relished every clip and looked forward to my inbox! I will surely miss the powerful messages and meditations. I can say that this has been my best lent ever and for the first time I felt like I moved forward in my journey towards a meaningful relationship with Christ. Thank you and may God bless you and keep you strong!

  • Gin

    My church was giving out free copies of “Rediscover Jesus” last year and I signed up for “Best Lent Ever” last year and read Matthew Kelly’s book “Rediscover Jesus”. I also have been receiving the daily inspirations and when I received the invitation for this year’s “Best Lent Ever”, I just had to sign up again. I received a copy of “Resisting Happiness” from church and plan to read it, too. This and last year’s Lent have been my best ever, thanks to Matthew Kelly, Dynamic Catholic and all the wonderful comments and inspirations from all you wonderful people. God bless everyone and wishing you all a Holy and Happy Easter Season.

  • Cricket Arjil

    Thank you Matthew Kelly for guiding me through a committed and rewarding; though excruciating Lenten Season! I don’t want it to end- I’ve come to look forward to your daily Video messages and challenges to slay resistance and remain encouraged on a very real and painful journey in my Life right now. Thank you and Thank God for the lessons before me.

  • MaryAnne Casaul

    Thank you Dynamic Catholic, Matthew Kelly and your whole team for this program. This was my first Best Lent Ever and it truly enhanced my lenten experience with reflection and prayer. God Bless you all on this awesome mission and Happy Easter to you all!

  • John

    Yes, I definately resisted God, have done so nearly all my 50+ years; yet with conversion, confirmation, bible study, Alpha and Dynamic Catholic’s books and video series (only my second Lent), I can feel a change in my outlook towards life and everything/one in it!
    Don’t wait, do it now: Jesus thirsts for you, go to Him!

  • Tom Daener

    I don’t think I did as well as I could have. There were times when I missed 3-4 days at a time and there were also times I didn’t even do the reflection activity. However, at Easter Sunday yesterday, a parishioner walked right up to me the second I walked in the door and handed me a copy of Resisting Happiness. It was just a sign that God wants me to keep persevering in becoming the best version of myself. This really made my day yesterday.

  • Teresa

    I have loved Best Lent ever since it’s beginning! So many daily inspirations be things to be truly aware of that brings us to a better version of ourselves. The one thing that will stay with me is this quote, “every time I sin, it is like Jesus being struck again on his way to save us from our own sins” – now that’s powerful!

  • Joyce W.

    I am so thankful for the inspiring messages during our Best Lent Ever. I really did feel the benefit and the encouragement to try keep up the momentum that we all start with on Ash Wednesday when we are going to “do better this time”. It has been a beautiful season and a wonderful Easter Triduum as a result.

  • Magalis Muniz

    Happy Easter to all! I truly enjoyed this Best Lent Ever journey. I learned a lot about myself. I admit it was a struggle at times going through this journey, but I’m a better person. I realize that everyday is a choice to let resistance beat me or not. I know Jesus loves me and that I’m enough. Constantly pray for his help and to know He is in charge. Thank you Dynamic Catholic!

  • Good Afternoon, first and foremost I want to say that this program and journey have lead to my Best Lent Ever. I grew up Catholic, but to be honest it was only until this Lenten season that I was able to fully grasp and embrace Jesus’ love for all of us. Your program was a game changer. And I was able to make changes in my daily habits, such as going to daily masses, fasting on Wednesday and Friday, spending more time reading the bible etc… Watching your videos every morning became part of my early morning rituals. And I was sad when it stopped on the 40th days. It has been an amazing journey. And I inspired many parishioners from my men’s club to read Resisting Happiness. Your program helped me unveiled the most important piece of my upcoming book. It helped me see all the time I resisted happiness and more important God. So Thank You. I am definitively in. Merci

  • Judy

    I received my first Matthew Kelly book 2 Christmases ago while staying at a Ronald McDonald house in Raleigh, NC. Our grandson was experiencing pulmonary issues and was admitted to the hospital for over a month. I was there to assist my son and daughter in law while they never left our grandson’s side. The local parish was such an inspiration for me. Confession, daily mass, and the book, Rediscover Jesus, kept me going during a very difficult and stressful time. I have since read 4 Matthew Kelly books and just completed the Lenten series. I feel I had the best lent and Easter in a long long time. Thank you Dynamic Catholic for inspiring me to try to be a better version of myself. God is Great!

  • Niove Candida Rosario

    My first Matthew Kelly book was rediscover catholism which I got from my parish; however I did not finish it (I guess resistance won that time) but I started to read it again now and will beat resistance this time. I read rediscover Jesus (which I loved), and now Resisting Happiness. I now have Matthew Kelly’s top ten books with me and will start those as soon as I finish Rediscover Catholism. Dynamic Catholic has been a blessing and a great help in my spiritual development which is still a work in progress. THANK YOU Dynamic Catholic for existing. THANK YOU Matthew Kelly and his team. God bless.

  • Sharon Callon Schwartz

    This Lent was focused and powerful. An reading Resisting Happiness now… Our parish gave them away on Easter Sunday. No matter what, I am determined to experience joy in Christ!

  • Lydia Padilla Henry

    Thank you for the “Best Lent Ever” because I needed this. I used to give up something every year but wasn’t rewarding. I looked forward to this time to reflect on my faith and what I need to do for a better relationship with The Lord!

  • Christopher Jachulski

    It was a battle and continues through Easter to be a battle with Resistance. Some days were good some not so good. Despite all that I can still experience Easter Joy that death has been conquered and I need not fear it. I’m still learning the joy of the cross. Christ redefined joy on Good Friday. Holy Saturday was the only day my atheist friends could claim victory in the darkness of nothingness but then a gain for them the entire year is one big Holy Saturday for them, Dark. Ah yes! Easter! The empty tomb. Angels shining brightly! Women spreading the word like they’ve always done. God knew what He was doing! Incredulous Apostles shaking in their boots! John outsprinting Peter but yielding to his authority! Pharisees paying off soldiers and Pilate that the body was stolen. Yeah right! Not worried about being 65 years old and getting a little creaky. I will get a resurrected body if I stay Faithful to the end. Yeah, I’ve had some coffee today! Happy Easter!

  • Patricia Tersigni

    This has been an amazing journey. I have learned so much and I feel I need to learn more about being Catholic, learn more about being the best version of myself. Thank you Matthew Kelly and staff Please repeat this again next year

  • Patricia Paine Martin

    Within a week or so after Ash Wednesday I began to feel that โ€œThis is going to be my worst Lent ever.โ€ I realize today that it has been the BEST. Several copies of โ€œResisting Happinessโ€ had been lying on my dining table for months, but after reading a few chapters I had put off finishing the book. Still the word โ€œResistingโ€ on the bright yellow cover continually caught my attention. By Ash Wednesday I had begun to recognize places of resistance in my life, and as I began to identify even more (with the help of Best Lent Ever) it didn’t seem as though I would reach Easter having had a โ€œgood Lent.โ€ But as I kept recognizing resistance in new places I realized also that I was overcoming resistance in others. Things came together for me during the Triduum. Realizing on Holy Thursday that I didn’t like the idea of Jesus washing my feet, I understood that when I reject the efforts of others to help me I am rejecting Jesusโ€™ ministering to me. On Good Friday I understood clearly that if I continued to reject the truth Jesus shows me about myself โ€“ my areas of resistance โ€“ I am rejecting Jesus. Could I really say that I belong to Jesus if I consciously choose not to listen to him in small matters? Today on Easter Monday I realize that Joy came during the Easter vigil and morning Masses as I finally realized that I am the great sinner, the hardened sinner (as Sts. Teresa of Avila and Faustina talk about) and I truly believed that Jesus would have died on the cross just for me.

  • Pat Ryder

    after reading Matthew Kelly’s book resisting Happiness I could see that I was resisting things, It made me more aware of what I was doing, but even though I knew , It took me awhile to change and listening to the video Best lent ever it just fortifyed what I had read. Its an experience I won’t forget and I look forward to more. I hope everyone had a great experience.

  • Claire Thomas

    I absolutely loved and enjoyed this series! I noticed my sister hit like on this upcoming series on Facebook, I thought hey Ill sign up and see what it’s about, I was intrigued and hooked from day one. Every day it seemed it was just what I needed to hear, a message from above! I thank God for Matthew Kelly and his team for their inspiration during this lent, their daily messages were so down to earth and real it was a pleasure that I looked forward to. May God’s peace and blessings be with you all today and always!๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ™

  • disqus_VOXvThxFVQ

    Thanks so much to Matthew and his staff for this series and for Fr. Ed giving the books out to us at Christmas to the whole church. I do not believe I have ever had a Lent that was anything like this one. It was such a blessing to come in everyday and listen to the talks and then read the postings of all the beautiful people, plus I reread the chapters that went along with the program before hand. I was so blessed by all I read and heard. I hope and pray we can continue on this journey and that this can become a regular Lenten Journey. God bless all who took part in it and may all your journeys continue to bless you too!!

  • Jan Monheim

    Hello to all who have experienced the Best Lent EVER at DC! I want to thank all at Dynamic Catholic for loving us enough to put this Lenten video series together! I couldn’t wait each morning to join up with my family at DC. I laughed, cried, got called out, but most of all grew as a 56 year old woman. I will miss our daily encounters and your valued words of wisdom. I loved the stories by your staff and their honesty. Matthew, you have touched me like very few people have in my life time. I thank God for you and staff. I especially loved reading the bios about each person giving their story of the day. I felt closer to them just knowing these bits of info about them. Bravo to all of you! May God continue to touch all of us who share in this DC family.

  • Maureen

    Dynamic Catholic and these emails from Matthew Kelly have sincerely helped to change my spiritual life. This past year has been a year of major change for me. Pain and loss ultimately catapulted me into a deeper faith with Jesus. I’m so grateful I found Dynamic Catholic Thank you! In May, I will be reading Resisting Happiness with a group at church. You have really touched my heart and helped me continue on my faith journey. God Bless all of you!

  • Jennifer Haeussler Brewer

    My husband and I bought several books from Dynamic Catholic last week in order to continue our faith journey and to avoid resistance.
    Thank you for a wonderful Lenten program. I have enjoyed it and have become an advocate for Dynamic Catholic.
    God Bless

  • Michael

    I enjoyed Best Lent Ever very much. A few years back, can’t remember when exactly, I found a copy of Rediscover Catholicism after Mass one day. It energized me. God Bless your mission even if you prefer to say our mission. Michael

  • Stacy

    Matthew asked if there were days when we blew it off or said we’d catch up tomorrow with the daily videos of Lent. I want to say that, for me, it was the opposite. I made them a part of my morning ritual and felt inspired every day. I will miss the videos, reflections and messages that helped me see more clearly what is important and who/ what to give my attention to. Thank you Dynamic Catholic.

  • Elizabeth McGaughey

    Thank you for following the Lord’s call and doing these devotionals for each day of Lent. I feel I am closer to the Lord then I was before Lent. You guys have done a wonderful job!

  • Bud Abraham

    Hi, I am an Ambassador and cradle Catholic in Portland, Oregon. Rediscover Catholicism has changed and improved my life as a Catholic. Took me two years to read it after receiving it from a parish in a town on the Oregon Coast and since then I have read it 5 times, taking copious notes on each chapter on the fourth time through. Still have not grasped all of the wisdom in the book.
    Have been visiting a church/attending Mass as daily as possible since reading the book, have been saying a daily rosary and have been faithful in daily prayer, but there is so much more.
    Hope to put together a chapter by chapter study group in our parish and others on the book. Developing discussion questions as I write. In my opinion it is only by studying the book, chapter by chapter can you absorb all of it’s wisdom.
    God Bless and hope to hear from others.
    Bud Abraham

  • Judith Vecchio

    Our church gave all the parishioners a copy of your book Resisting Happiness for Easter and they are doing small groups, to study this book. I am very excited to do this class because of this Lenten study that you had this Lent. Thank you so much for your reflections on this book. It was very rewarding to me.

  • Sandra Austin

    Thank you Dynamic Catholic and Matthew Kelly for a wonderful “Best Lent Ever” Program. By participating in the program, I have been inspired to work hard and strive to be the “best version of myself”, to be bold, be Catholic for the glory of God and my eternal salvation. I have shared the program with my adult daughter and my teenage daughter!

  • SisterSuzanne Stahl

    Thank you very much for the meaningful messages throughout lent. I will miss them. You encourage me to keep on keeping on! God bless you!

  • Patty Lovell

    Thank you, Matthew Kelly, and the Dynamic Catholic staff, for your support and encouragement during the 2017 Lenten season. It was an awesome journey for meโ€ผ๏ธ

  • Jim Ruetz

    I am a cradle Catholic now living in SoCal. I have been completely inspired by Mathew Kelly and his Dynamic Catholic’s Best Lent Ever
    Daily videos. I didn’t miss a days video during lent and watched them every morning before 8 am mass. I’ve
    Ordered many of Mathews And DC’s
    Books and drop them off in our Adoration chapel at church once I’m
    Done for others in the parish to read.
    My favorite is Resisting Happiness.
    Keep up the great work Mathew and I pray we can bring fallen away Catholics back into the fold. Bless
    U always.

  • Kathy

    Our priest gave each parishioner and visitor a book on Rediscover Jesus for Easter. We are to read one chapter a day and next Sunday he will base his homily on those chapters. I have started the book and love it. It really helps you question and challenge yourself. Can’t wait to read more.

  • Lynelle

    Thank you Again Dynamic Catholic. I made it thru the 40 Days of Best Lent Ever. Have I Conquered Resistance completely??? No. Do I still have struggles In my life??? Yes BUT…….Am I a better version of myself??? Definitely YES. I have a long ways to go, it is a life long journey but that’s ok. God knows me, completely – better than I know myself. My Prayer is that I continue my walk in life, becoming a better version of me, for my community, for myself, but Mostly for our Lord, who is all deserving of our love and service. Thank You Matthew Kelky for reminding me if this again.

  • JOAN

    I am an old lady. My life is drifting toward eternity and I long for my Father in heaven. Dynamic Catholic has touched my heart and brought me so much closer to God during this Lent. Thank you to Matthew Kelly and the crew who works with him. All my life I have loved being Catholic, and this year your intense and uplifting words and efforts seem to resonate in my heart. Thank you. May God be with you in your work always. I do want you to know that I could barely wait each morning for the day’s plans. I read and re-read “Resisting Happiness”, a chapter each night before I retire, then some meditation. Somehow the Holy Spirit touched me as never before. All of you at DC must surely feel His presence deeply and it is my great good fortune to learn from your commitment to this cause. Thank you for everything. I have saved each day’s “talks” in my Drafts. My heart is with you in your endeavors. Please pray for me as I pray for you.

  • Lynelle

    Thank you Again Dynamic Catholic. I made it thru the 40 Days of Best Lent Ever. Have I Conquered Resistance completely??? No. Do I still have struggles In my life??? Yes BUT…….Am I a better version of myself??? Definitely YES. I have a long ways to go, it is a life long journey but that’s ok. God knows me, completely – better than I know myself. My Prayer is that I continue my walk in life, becoming a better version of me, for my community, for myself, but Mostly for our Lord, who is all deserving of our love and service. Thank You Matthew Kelky for reminding me if this again.

  • Sarena

    I hope everyone had a lovely Easter and is enjoying this Easter week. I was so surprised to see my Mom sitting in the pews of our very filled church this past Sunday. It was wonderful. God Bless!

  • Catherine

    Thank you Matthew Kelly and your entire staff for the creating, improving, editing and praying that you did to make this video series happen! It has been a joy for me to add it to my prayer time and more importantly it has helped me grow closer to God! So thank you for that! My comment today is based on Matthew’s commentary. His comparison of the apostles’ reaction to Good Friday and then Holy Saturday reminds me of my own reactions to life experiences. I walk a similar journey on my own Good Fridays when I follow God but am struggling, sad, alone, scared and fearful of the future. But then comes my Holy Saturday and then Easter Sunday! I’m on the “other side” of that difficult life experience and I am filled with the joy and happiness that only God can bring. I know that God is always walking with me through my Good Fridays and will always provide me with an Easter experience. It may not come when I want it or how I want it, but it WILL always come. And God has an infinitely better plan for myself than I do! So my job is to hold fast to the love of God through my Good Friday experiences knowing that Easter and Christ’s resurrection will ALWAYS occur! God’s blessings on you all!

  • Jeff Peck

    Just wanted to say it was a pleasure to be with all you this Lenten Season – Let us begin to be Game changers from this point on. Let us go out and make disciples of all nations. 195 in all.

  • Lisa

    Thank you for the program. There must have been a team praying for all of us because from the beginning of Lent to the end, I was aware that something was different. Thank you so much for your prayers.

  • Lisa

    I signed up for “Decision Point” on the home page. It’s so awesome. “God created a path just for you.” Wonderful! I think it might be geared to youth?? I’m going to try to get my son to watch it.

  • Tina Daley

    Matthew Kelly … what a true inspiration you are! Thank you to you personally and to God for putting you in our lives. My parish gave me one of your books a few years ago and then again last Fall the “Resisting Happiness” book and I am hooked. Your enthusiam, professionalism and general over all character inspire me each and every day. Thank you, thank you !

  • Rosanne Composto

    Happy Easter all! I have so enjoyed this program and especially all of the discussions. This has been the best Lent ever for me, and I pray that I receive all the grace I need to fight off the resistance that keeps me from being my best self. Thank you all!!

  • MD

    Thank you for helping me in my Lenten journey with love from Nigeria and Happy Easter.

  • Wendy Scholbrock

    We started The Best Lent Ever right on schedule — excited for the opportunity to share the videos and the information on a daily basis. At the same time, we found ourselves on a journey with my mother-in-law — a journey toward end of earthly life. As her Hospice nurse called it, her “birth into eternity”.

    The first week of January 2017, we were informed that Mom had Stage 4 lung cancer, a non-smoker’s lung cancer. The first week of February 2017, we were informed that there were no treatments available for her cancer — as my husband put it, “mom wasn’t a mutant”. Her cancer didn’t have the mutations that allowed for the new wonderful treatment opportunities now available for some lung cancer patients.

    We started our journey with hospice and we treasured EVERY moment of EVERY day. At one point, she told us that “there are no secrets, and if you want to know, ask….this is your last chance!” So, we did! We took the opportunity to ask every question we could imagine, talk about all of the unknowns, to just BE with her. It was the most wonderful gift. God had a plan and we were so blessed we were a part of it! We truly believe that God gave us this opportunity to learn how to live in His plan, to slow down, to take the time to BE, rather than to DO. We spent as much time with her as possible — my husband has 3 siblings. We were the only couple who had available paid time off work, so we were blessed to be her primary caregivers for most of the last 3 weeks of her life. It was AMAZING! She was an amazing lady!

    She gave me the greatest gifts ever — her most wonderful, faith-filled son, her love and so many life lessons. We have been together 35 years, married more than 29. My husband is currently studying for the Permanent Diaconate — we are in our 2nd of 5 years. This amazing woman taught him to trust God, live in His way, and to follow His plan for life, whatever that may be. We are sad that, God-willing, we complete this journey to ordination, she and Dad will not be with us in body. We KNOW they will be with us in spirit — for that we are grateful and SO VERY BLESSED! Mom was so excited about our Diaconate journey and often assured us that we are ABSOLUTELY doing the right thing!

    Dad passed away Feb 20, 2016. Mom passed into eternity on March 24, shortly after midnight — very peacefully. We were all with her. Once again, our hearts are broken and sad that we no longer see and touch them; we KNOW they are together with our Heavenly Father and they are at peace!

    Our parallel journey — The Best Lent Ever and Mom’s end-of-life journey — were the greatest lenten experiences we have had in our 35 years together. Our spiritual growth has just begun!

    Thank you for the light during a difficult time! God bless you all Dynamic Catholic!

    Wendy Scholbrock <

  • Kim Bordelon

    What wonderful season I had good friends getting confirmed sharing Holy week with other friends how special.And the best part was enjoying this series with all of you.Have a blessed Easter