March 01: Resistance

Day 1

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So the alarm clock goes off in the morning, what do you do? Do you get straight out of bed, bound out of bed, with fabulous energy? Or do you slap the snooze button and roll over? You slap the snooze button, you roll over, you think, “I get a few more minutes of sleep.” What just happened? No big deal, right? You just slapped the snooze button. You just took a few extra minutes of sleep.


Resistance just kicked your butt.

Okay, that’s your first decision of the day. It’s your first victory or loss of every single day. And resistance just kicked your butt. That’s what resistance does to us.

Resistance is that sluggish feeling that stops us from doing the things that we know are good for us. It’s that sense that, “I don’t want to do that,” even though we know it’s the thing we should do. Sometimes it’s the sense that, “You know what, I’m going to do whatever I want even though I absolutely know it’s the wrong thing to do.”

That’s resistance too, and resistance is a big part of the reason why we often feel like we’re our own worst enemy. Resistance is a big part of the reason why we often feel like happiness is just outside of our reach.

Lent is, I guess in some ways, sort of a funny time to be talking about happiness. But not really, because it’s important to understand that God created us for happiness.

Open up the Catechism of the Catholic Church to the first point in the first chapter, which I think turns out to be point 27 (because of the preamble): God created man for happiness. Man’s greatest desire is for happiness because God created us for happiness. You got to remember that what happened on Good Friday was designed to restore the possibility of happiness for you and me. Not only in this life, but in the next life. Not just for you and me, but for every man, woman, and child in every place and every time. Because God does have this enormous desire that we experience the happiness that he created us for. And resistance absolutely gets in the way of that happiness. It gets in the way of us accomplishing our dreams. It gets in the way of us doing what we know is good for us. It gets in the way of us being the-best-version-of-ourselves. It gets in the way of almost everything that’s worthwhile. And what I want to help you discover in the days and weeks ahead is that resistance is real.

It’s not just a concept.

It’s not just a theory.

It’s not just a figment of imagination.

But it is something very real.

We do encounter it every single day—and many, many, many times throughout the day. And it is critically important that we learn to recognize resistance and that we learn to conquer resistance, in those moments of the day, one moment at a time, to learn to conquer resistance.

“Resistance is a slayer of dreams.”

Matthew Kelly, Resisting Happiness

Share this quote.


Resistance stands between you and happiness.


Write down every time you encounter resistance this week.


God, I invite you into my daily battle with resistance this Lent. Give me the courage to name, define, recognize, and overcome resistance in my life.

Today’s personal reflection features Dynamic Catholic team member Brennan Hehman. Brennan is our Parish Champion team leader, coming to us from Erlanger, Kentucky. Brennan met his beautiful wife on a blind date, enjoys annual trips to Disney with his family, and once won a golf contest by driving the ball 385 yards.

What is one way that you have encountered resistance?

Let us know in the comments!

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  • Michaela Bell

    The one way I have encountered resistance is when I didn’t want to do my homework or get out of the bed in the morning and it just put me in a bad mood that was not the best version of my self. I have now started to be better with not resisting to do my homework or getting up in the mornings and it helped me to become the Best version of my self.

  • Patty Topper

    The one way I have encountered resistance is by getting in a defensive stance when I see one child after another in my PE classes coming to me with tattling, whining or an issue for me to handle as a teacher. I want to shut the constant barrage of drama out and have quiet peace in my classes. The truth is, I need to welcome each encounter as a teachable moment and be the best disciple I can with each and every child, to be patient, a good listener, and a care giver. I pray this Lent will be a time for me to take up these daily crosses and embrace the challenges instead of wanting to run from them….

    • Lori Rice

      I will pray for you today to have the patience and the right words for every child who needs your guidance today!

    • Renee Kling

      I SO needed to read that today! I’ve been struggling with this a lot recently with my high school students. Whether it’s repeating directions I just gave, or dealing with those students who want to talk your ear off when you’re trying to focus on something, I can literally feel myself tense up and the frustration rise! Thank you for the reminder of how to handle those situations!

    • Kathleen

      I find my struggle in the parents of my students. When I need to find balance, I visit the PreK classes. The 3 year olds truly are the best versions of themselves. They are genuine, honest and loving.

  • Meghan Gornick

    Sitting down in prayer. I always think I’m going to have time and then suddenly everything else is more important and prayer gets moved from the first thing on my list to the last.

    • Michael Maldonado

      I will pray for you.

    • Rachelle Gamblin

      Meghan, I understand what you are saying. I have my prayer book right beside me every morning but I get on the computer and start reading emails, or get on the dreaded FB and suddenly the morning is gone and I have to get started taking care of my daily activities. I don’t know why it is so easy to sit at the computer rather than do my morning prayers.

      • Mary Evers

        Exactly what happens to Me! I can’t seem to pick the right time to read Scripture and pray. Overcoming distractions and resistance is a constant struggle.

        • Tricia

          Fighting distraction is my biggest problem. Glad to see I’m not alone.

      • CathyYM

        May I suggest to USE the computer to start your morning prayer?
        There’s a great app called “Laudate” (in Latin means “praise”). The app has the daily readings, all kinds of prayers, reflections, etc.
        With a little discipline, you can get into the HABIT of going to your prayer app BEFORE emails and FB.
        I’ll be praying for you!

        • Rachelle Gamblin

          Cathy, Thank you and I do have that app. Sometimes the easiest things we make out to be the hardest. Thanks for the smack between the eyes. I’ll be praying for you too.

        • Jane Puckett

          I agree with you CathyYM! I’ve been much better about using technology in my devotions. The first email I read is “My Daily Devotion” from the Catholic Company. It’s wonderful! I have also used “Laudate” and think it is terrific as well. I really like using the Laudate app when I take a walk. I can pray the rosary or listen to the daily readings as well. My only suggestion is to use earbuds as it really helps take away all of the other distractions in the house. Sometimes it’s hard to find a quite place and the earbuds have been a wonderful solution.

        • Marylyn

          Thank you for the app suggestion.

          • Christine Brophy

            Another great app is sacred space. Meditation and prayer.

          • Terrie Munger

            thank you I forgot about that one!

        • Traci S McKeon

          Another great app is PAYG….which stands for Pray As You Go. It is a recording of one of the daily readings with music and reflection questions. I use it nearly every day on my commute to work.

          • Brenda Shope

            This is a wonderful app, I have used it for years as well! I also like Sacred Space.

          • Alexandra Christiansen

            Thanks for the recommendation Traci! I just recently discovered podcasts and this would be a great addition to get some prayer time in. When so much time goes to driving, it is great to find a way to give that time to the Lord. In a safe listening type manner that is!

        • Evie Bradley

          I use the Laudate app also. I love it.

          • Donna M.

            Thank you for the suggestion to try the Laudate app. I will.
            Today, for the first day of Lent I am planning a 40 day program of Praying, Fasting and Almsgiving.
            I will pray DAILY at church ~ either by attending Mass, going to Eucharistic Adoration, doing the Stations or lighting a candle for someone special; I will Fast 1 day per week; and I will begin 40 days of cleaning my house by donating one large bag of unwanted items (like clothes, personal items or household items to needy people.

        • Christel Ford

          there, someone said it! Discipline. FB, Pinterest, the TV news. all distractors. WE have to decide when to use them. limit their use and not get sucked into that vortex of waste.

          • Terrie Munger

            I agree .

      • Susan

        That sounds like a good plan. I’m going to try putting prayer first in the morning. No Facebook more devotions throughout the day.

      • Kj

        I totally understand! What I found revolutionized my prayer life was God leading me to switch it up. I used to always attempt prayer at night, because that’s how I was taught–to think of God right before going to sleep. But in the fall, I decided to switch it up and bring God into my mornings. It’s not perfect by any means, but so much more consistent! Maybe you just need to switch things up?

    • Virginia Bayer

      I am the queen of saying I don’t have time. I completely understand. This Lent season I’m trying to make it a priority to make my first Priority. Pray for me and I will pray for you

      • Anna Brady

        I use to say I don’t have time. Just recently I read something and it said we all have the same hours in the day. It’s what we do with them. It hit home with me. I’ve been working on that.

        • Kathy

          Anna, I love this! I will share these words of wisdom, often. Bless you.

    • Sherri Caouette

      I struggle too with this, and have “given up” facebook for lent….but what I am really doing is reclaiming that time to pray…..

      • Holly Lanford

        I just deleted my Facebook App from phone to give it up for Lent, too! I was checking it constantly and wasting so much time I should have been doing something productive.

        • Michele

          I decided to do the same and put my energy into The Best Lent ever…

          • Suzanne McBride-Pezzullo

            I love that! I’m going to do it also…right after I post the daynamic catholic website and the Daily Reflection! 😀

          • Jennifer Bourgeois

            I’m “limiting” Facebook. I’m fasting and giving up alcohol. I’m also adding prayer at certain times annd reading “True Devotion To Mary” by St Louis De Monfort

          • Barbara Cook

            I applaud you for all of the wonderful things that you are doing for Lent, especially limiting Facebook and giving up alcohol. I’m trying to do that as well. But if you don’t mind, I’m going to make a suggestion that might make your reading a whole lot easier. I tried myself to read “True Devotion To Mary, but found it to be lengthy and tedious. When I heard about Fr. Michael Gaitley and the book he wrote, “Thirty-Three days To Morning Glory “, I went right away to the bookstore to purchase the book. Father Michael will also tell you in some of his posts that this book was born out of the decision to make consecrating oneself to the Blessed Mother a whole lot easier and a whole lot more joyful. It is a fantastic book, I thoroughly enjoyed it and embraced consecrating myself to the Blessed Mother through this book. I hope you will consider this for Lent, it really is a joyous way to consecration. God bless 😇

          • Joseph

            Thanks for the input Barbara. I have the “Thirty-Three days…” in my nightstand. I’ll pull it out tonight and look at it. Have a blessed Lent

          • Beth Lengel

            I absolutely agree…..’thirty-Three Days to Morning Glory” was wonderful….manageable for me as a “new Catholic”…I came into the church last Easter 🙂

          • Stephanie Scholz Kilcoyne

            Welcome … and happy anniversary this Easter season!

          • Connie Bland

            I’m going to try and get this book

          • Joyce Lamb

            Barbara, I agree wholeheartedly. I too read Thirty-three Days to Morning Glory, twice! It is a remarkable book.

          • Christine Fontana

            So many testimonials to Thirty Three Days to Morning Glory – I’m going to buy it now! Thanks all of you who chimed in on that.

          • Gary Roys

            I agree with Barbara about the 33 days to morning glory. It’s was giving to me by my pastor. I have since (2 years now) pass this book on. Sharing is good also.

          • Lori Bisser

            Third mention of this book for me… this week! Guess I need to get it!

          • Carolyn Orsi

            I started reading this book and completing the workbook each day almost 2 weeks ago. While I didn’t have trouble finding the time to do this, I struggled with the concept. I don’t know if it’s because I’m a convert to Catholicism (I was Episcopalian.), and I’m not familiar with “indulgences”, “offering one’s self up”, and other practices that I had never done in my former faith. I converted when I was 18; there was no RCIA; I just met with the priest each week and we discussed various topics. While Mary has had a great impact on my life, I’m not ready to use her as the conduit to Jesus. And I should mention, I am out of town and unable to attend the weekly Small Group Discussions where some of my doubts might be alleviated. I have put aside the book for now. I’m thinking of waiting to begin the retreat when I am able to be participate fully.

          • Carla van Ingen

            Carolyn, I’m also a convert to Catholicism😊
            I converted in my 30’s and have recently entered my 60’s. Like you I struggled at first with what I was reading. I recommend finishing the book as it explains how our consecration to Mary leads to a closer relationship with Jesus. Of course this is only my opinion but wanted to share. Blessings to you.

          • Carolyn Orsi

            Thank you for sharing. I have had so many helpful suggestions and blessings.

          • Lisa

            Start each day with this prayer “Jesus, I give you my day.” Then ask Him to show you the answers you desire. They will show up.

          • Ray

            Lisa, I end every day with a prayer that gives my heart and soul to Jesus to keep me safe through the night and then thank him first thing in the morning for doing just that. That’s when I feel good enough to ask him to guide me through the day, giving me the wisdom to make the right decisions and live like he would. Sure enough it happens everyday! Thank you for sharing.

          • Marsha

            Lisa, what a simple and beautiful way to start your day🙏 Thank you,
            Marsha Mohan

          • Carolyn Orsi

            Thank you for your suggestion. That’s a good habit to get into.

          • Joan

            I am also a convert from and Evangelical background. I struggled a lot with Mary initially but asked her and asked Our Lord Jesus to help me. It opened my heart more to a relationship with Mary and things started changing with that. it wasn’t instantly, though.

          • Carolyn Orsi

            Thank you, Joan. I will pray for patience.

          • Lorraine

            Hi Carolyn,
            My study group used FORMED online along with the book ” 33 Days to Morning Glory”. It has Fr. Gaitley’s study sessions for the book and they are beautiful in the way he explains everything. I hope this helps.

          • Carolyn Orsi

            Thank you for your suggestion. I haven’t heard of FORMED, but I will definitely check it out.

          • Arthur Brown

            I have converted to Catholicism and have gone through RCIA. I have also became a dynamic catholic ambassador where I have learned to give part of me away to others and I have been so blessed by the monks at the Monastery of Ascension where I attend Mass and I am being mentored by them. I have learned to heal. I have believed in enhancing my vision of God and Christ by trying to read a Christian book every two months. I read rediscovering Jesus and gave them out at Christmas. Because of the love of God and what he has shown me this Easter we will be handing out Everybody needs to forgive Somebody buy Alan Hunt. I just finished the book and believe you me if you want to conquer forgiveness read this book and you will realize that we have accepted forgiveness from Jesus from removing our sins then why should I not forgive someone else because I have been forgiven because of God love, compassion and the sacrifice of His Son Jesus. I might recommend Rediscovering Jesus, Resisting Happiness and the latest book I just finished called Everybody needs to forgive somebody.
            You can get these books at the Dynamic Catholic website for the cost of shipping. I also have a copy of Rediscovering Jesus that I would be happy to send you if times are hard.
            God Bless you on your daily spiritual journey with God, Christ and the Holy Spirit.

          • Vicki

            Thank you for your witness and review of that book. It’s sittin on my husbands desk right now unopened. I am going to start reading that today. I am a stepmom to 4 girls….their mom passed. I harbor resentment in the ways they have treated me and the devil just feeds my fire. I want to love them unconditionally but have let all the bad things keep me from seeing the good. Thank you again!

          • Addie

            Based on your comments, I firmly believe reading and rereading Everybody Needs to Forgive Someone and Rediscover Jesus will help you and your step daughters. It has helped change my life. In Rediscover Jesus, I read one so easy chapter a day through the 40 days of lent; the messages and suggested Ponders have been such a great help to me. I have struggled with depression since I lost my most precious guardian angel of a husband. He lead and guided me while with me here on earth. Now, I need to find my own way, it is very hard to do; these spiritual readings have helped me on my journey to understand that Jesus is the Way, Truth and the Life. God Bless.

          • Lori Grajek

            Thanks for sharing. I will get that book for my Dad who just lost his wife of 59 years.

          • Rose

            It is difficult being a step parent. I went through the anger with a step son. It wasn’t until he became an adult and joined the service at 24 that he knew I was the one who loved him and guided his life; the one who got him “churched”, baptized and confirmed Catholic. Sadly he died 4 years later at 28 but I have the letters, cards and small gifts telling me he loved growing up.

          • Heather

            I find it so difficult being a mother of 2 girls (especially the teenage daughter). I can’t imagine being a stepmother to 4! The devil is powerful, that’s for sure. But Jesus is so much more powerful. I’m reading Resisting Happiness now, and look forward to reading Everybody needs to forgive Somebody next. I believe every effort to be closer to Jesus does wonders. Good luck to you, don’t give up on a relationship with those girls!! They will surely love & appreciate you one day. I’d also regularly ask Mary for help. God bless you!!

          • Beth Walsh

            I would suggest that you read the book Motherless Daughters by Hope Edelman. It may help you understand the issues your stepdaughters are dealing with. If there is a support group for this book in your area, you might explore it. Or, there is a workbook that you might want to purchase and, if the girls are old enough, work through with them. You may find that the way you are being treated has nothing to do with you personally, and, is, in fact, their way of remaining loyal to their mom. If so, helping them acknowledge and work through the issue would be a blessing for you all.

          • Grandmama 16

            My grand daughters have been motherless daughters for over 10 years when my daughter died of very aggresive Br cancer at 41. It almost destroyed the dad, whom we love and have been close to. He has done a great job but I have to give credit to the support of his church, which is mormon, that has great programs. That said, I am totally Catholic and my heart was broken when she converted before meeting him and forgiveness was a long process, but am thrilled that he’s marrying again this Thurs. We’ll be at the reception Fri. The temple wedding is closed to us. His girls are happy but it’ll be an adjustment. The oldest,20 is in college so lives 80 miles away. The 2nd, 18, will too this fall but then the 3rd, 15, will be at home tho the others will be home for the summer. I hope that helps them all adjust. I wonder if the book mentioned would help their new step mom. She seems like a great gal, no kids, never married. Is it a secular oriented or Catholic book? My 2nd daughter is a step mom to 2 girls since 2008, 20 and 15 thru divorce, annulment, so aren’t motherless. She has 4 kids too but they are on their own now tho still are a close family. It’s not been easy. I’d advise to accept your own feeling but don’t let them control you. I did for too long many years ago.

          • Margo

            It must be so trying for you. God bless you, Vicki

          • Carolyn Orsi

            Thank you for your suggestions, your caring, and your prayers.

          • Ben Smalberger

            Dear Carolyn
            Don’t be afraid to “use Mary as a conduit to Jesus”. Turning to Mary for help doesn’t mean you can’
            t go straight to Jesus as well, it is just extra help.But she is like any good mother – she loves you so much she wants to help you do what will help you the most. Everything about Mary is geared to bringing you closer to Jesus, so you don’t need to have any fear about trusting her. Good luck!

          • Carolyn Orsi

            Thank you so much for caring and for commenting.

          • Stephen R.

            I am a crattle catholic of 57yr, A few years ago I started a devotion to mary
            It has completely changed my life

          • Sharon Hampton

            I find when I “think” I justify whatever I am resistant to and make myself “right” in the decision. Try instead to “not believe everything you think”, and be open to feeling uncomfortable. I know it is hard to even consider how that would feel, but first pray to the Holy Spirit to guide you through this difficult time of learning how to not think, but follow where The Spirit leads. God is good at encouraging us along the way with small signs. There’s Something About Mary” really. If you can just think of her as the perfect “mother”. Always nurturing, understanding, and supporting us in our struggles with her prayers to her Son, Jesus. Then you can come to her in any struggle and ask for her to ask her Son to heal your heart of all hurts or help with what troubles you. Mary is like pouring gas on the incense of your prayers to God. She is the Mother of God, and Jesus gave her to all of us to be Our Mother, at the foot of the cross. “John, behold your mother”.

          • Carolyn Orsi

            Thank you. Mary has already come to me many times with struggles, and she has been a great comfort.

          • Bev

            I believe, if it would be of help to you, that you can participate in RCIA at any time to get some of your questions answered.

          • Carolyn Orsi

            Thank you.

          • Maddie

            Scott Hahn has a book titled “Hail Holy Queen.” It goes through the passages of the bible that pertain to Mary and gives histories, discussions, and explainations on the dogmas of Mary. That might be a helpful place to start in understanding who Mary is and to help you build a relationship with her. The St. Paul Center for Biblical Studies also has a bible study with a workbook and 30 minute video series with this book as a guide. I went through it this Advent and I found it very easy to follow and very rewarding.

          • Carolyn Orsi

            Thank you for your suggestions and taking the time to post them.

          • Karen Araguz

            Maybe you could go thru RCIA classes at your church. I learned so much there. I used to be a Baptist. One eye opener for me was a chart that demonstrated the beginning of many of the Christian religions and what was going on in history at the time each was instituted. The Baptists didn’t come along till about 400 years ago.
            I did not realize that Jesus Christ Himself instituted The Church. That timeline was invaluable to me.

          • Carolyn Orsi

            Thank you for your suggestion. I have thought of doing that but have encountered my own personal “resistance”. When RCIA rolls around next year, I will give it a try.

          • helenme

            Carolyn welcome to the fold! I think of our Blessed Mother as the perfect example on how to offer up all our trials & tribulations on earth, that never seem to end, until we reach our heavenly home. She shows us the way with her trusting consent ” let it be done to me according to thy will”. And she knows He will never let us down. Jesus, Mary, Joseph pray for us!

          • Lisa

            Carolyn, as a convert, I also had (and have) some difficulty in the concept of using the Saints as intercessors. It is quite a change in paradigm if you have been raised in any protestant belief, or it least it was for me. Mary has been the exception. Once I became a mother (29 years ago), I began to feel a bond and an understanding of her. She is still the only intercessor I pray to. I understand your struggle. But my relationship with Mary has been worth it.

          • Angie Freeman

            You won’t be disappointed. I went through RCIA in ’15, and we didn’t discuss Marian devotion at all. We did watch Bishop Robert Barron’s Catholicism DVD on Mary, and I’m grateful for that, but that was it. Though I already knew how to pray the rosary, I was surprised that instruction wasn’t included either. But when my parish offered 33 Days to Morning Glory, and I participated in the small group discussions, I jumped at the opportunity. (Another parish in the area had a retreat with Fr. Gaitley, and I met him. He is simply an angel on earth, as are all the members of the Divine Mercy Parish Mission.) Now I’ve joined the Legion of Mary and so enjoy taking the Eucharist to and praying with patients at our local nursing home, along with our prayer time together.

          • Martha

            Carolyn, don’t be discouraged by the challenge of being able to view the Blessed Mother as more than Jesus’ mortal mother. As a baby-boomer cradle Catholic, we kids weren’t really educated as to the complete catechism regarding Mary. It wasn’t until adulthood that I learned/comprehended (ie: allowed myself to see) that Mary is THE epitome; & God’s model for all; of a loving & devoted mother. And as with any loving mother, She wants all of her children to achieve their greatest good. So she has always been directing us to her Son as WHERE & HOW to accomplish that end. And how cool IS it that in her rosary are we given a “holy mapquest” to use all of life’s “deserts”. I don’t think we ever truly stop learning & trying to grasp a that our Church has for us in our journey…. at least not in this lifetime. God bless you

          • MaryB435

            I know of a great resource for you. Look up Kimberly Hahn on you-tube. She’s also a convert. She has so many wonderful talks available, and had struggled with so many of the same issues with Mary, and the idea of “offering it up”. I think you’ll find this very helpful. I did.

          • mariamgal

            Carolyn, I have been Catholic all my life and had a devotion to Mary that was OK but not too deep. When I prepared to do the Consecration to Jesus through Mary, I began to read many books to understand what it really meant because I was not sure that it was the right thing for me. The Consecration was a life-changing experience. I did it 7 years ago and have renewed it every year.

            One of the thoughts that impressed me the most while reading about her, was meditating on the fact that it was God’s idea to choose Mary to be the mother of Jesus, to bring it to us and to the world. So why could we not think like God and choose Mary to help us to get closer to her Son? Think about it, “No Mary, no Jesus!” No one has ever loved Him as she has. No one.
            Loving and trusting Mary is doing the same that Jesus did all His life, and if we open our hearts to her, she will ALWAYS point to Jesus and say, “Do whatever He tells you!” And she will help us to do just that… God bless you. +

          • pogborn

            Unsubscribe me please. Thank you.


          • Cheryl Hardy

            I am also a convert. The Marian concepts troubled me, too. I had a hard time because I was afraid of blaspheming the Holy Spirit. This past few months, I joined a group, the Daughters of Mary. We studied a book called Mary: Virgin, Mother, and Queen by Father Mitch Pacwa. I am just finishing up writing up my notes. I think doing this study helped me understand the Biblical and traditional views of Mary and how much more important she is to God’s redemptive plan than Protestant teachings.

          • Dawn Cabana Sysyn

            Thanks for this excellent advice. I’m going to check Amazon to see if they have.

          • Annette Silva

            I got my 33 days book from Amazon. It was supposedly used, but didn’t seem used. Its very good and doable. Giving up FB sounds like a good move. God bless us all especially during this time.

          • Peggy Menker

            This book is very easy reading. In 33 days I had a better understanding Mary’s greatness.

          • Joan

            I like that book too. I am going to do it starting April 10, though, instead of Lent so that the consecration happens on the day of the celebration of 100 years of Fatima. That is an idea I got from the neighboring diocese.

          • Peggy

            Thanks for the inspiration for me to re-consecrate myself to our Lady beginning on April 10 th.

            I too have done 33 days to Glory. Will do it again for extra grace this lent

          • Joan

            Great! I hope you have many blessings this Lent!

          • Niove Candida Rosario

            I did the consecration using that book and it was grea. I recommend it.

          • Alicia Moranville

            This book sounds amazing! I am going to have to pick it up. Thanks for the recommendation

          • Mary Rhodes

            I agree the “Thirty-Three Days to Morning Glory”” is a great easy book. I try to re-dedicate myself to Mary every day. Also I must add how glad I am to have subscribed to Best Lent Ever. God bless all!

          • J Fisher

            Yes, Fr. Gaitley’s book is great but True Devotion to Mary is an amazing book that I hope won’t be overlooked. Maybe the time has to be right but I wouldn’t give up on it. It has a depth that can’t be matched easily.

          • Jennifer Mai

            I have done both and loved both. There is something beautiful with the daily meditations on St Louis de Monfort and Fr. Michael has loads of zeal. I recommend doing both!!

          • Pamela Parrish

            True Devotion vs Fr Gaitly’s book is partly a matter of introvert vs extrovert – I did both and the classic pray at home works for me.

          • Maryanne DeGrasse

            I’m reading this and love it!

          • Mary Collins

            Hi I agree I did both books but got so much more from 33 days to Mary. A lot of my sisters have read that book and did the total consecration. I am trying during lent and hereafter to let people find there way and not push to much on religion. One priest told me I have to let the Holy Spirit work on them. It has helped me feel free and will continue to pray for everyone

          • Kathleen Henshaw

            I am limiting time on a game I play online as well as the money spent on that game. I am increasing my offerings to the church with this. I have joined in Bible studies at my parish, “A Biblical Walk with Mary” and the “Thirty-Three Days to Morning Glory.” I have rejoined the Faith this Lenten season and I plan to attend Mass as often as possible, receive the sacraments, and join in with the church activities, such as the Friday Fish Fry and the Lenten Reflections. People always talk about “giving up” and not about what to give of yourself to the Lord. I agree with you Barbara, the season is about finding your best way to be of service to our Lord and community.

          • Sue L

            I agree. 33 Days to Morning Glory helped me to love Our Blessed Mother even more than I did.

          • Angela Richardson

            Yes do the consecration! That is an absolutely beautiful thing to do for Lent. Give it all to Mary!

          • Trevor

            Great reading. YouTube has:

            Published on Dec 2, 2012

            Lectures on the St Louis de Montfort book True devotion to Mary. The 6th lecture in the series covering chapter 1 paragraphs 49 to 59.
            Going through the book and the lectures at the same time, may be something to consider.

          • Tami Scime

            i am on my 2nd attempt to finish that book. it’s not light reading, that’s for sure!

          • Maryanne DeGrasse

            Jennifer I like the idea of “limiting” my Facebook use, but am finding myself resistant to even doing that. I am always using the excuse that it’s my main way of staying connected to friends and family back home; even though I know this isn’t 100% true. Like Brennan has in the past, worrying often takes the lead in my life. This Lenten Season, I’d like to change how I spend most of my free time.

          • Hi Jennifer. I too am reading through St. Louis de Monfort’s True Devotion. I break it up into 7 sections per day and read those seven devotionally. It is a deep read, but worth the time and effort. 33 Days to Morning Glory is also a valuable devotional. Like you, I have stepped away from Facebook to reclaim some time. God bless your Lenten journey.

          • Dianne

            Two years ago I read Thirty-Three Days to Morning Glory. Since then, two authors in the book, Pope John Paul II and Mother Teresa have been declared saints. On July 16, 2015 I consecrated myself to Our Blessed Mother. Daily, I renew my consecration to her and it has made such an amazing difference in my life. Since 2015 I, too, have given up my daily glass(es) of wine during Lent and have followed the Daniel Fast, written by Susan Gregory, which I highly recommend. This combination has brought such joy and peace to my life, despite numerous hardships and trials that have come my way. God bless you, Jennifer.

          • Julie

            A wonderful , beautiful book

          • Kathiehc

            I had to delete the Solitaire Ap a couple of years ago! It was always something I could do “and then I’ll……..?” I also had a hard time stopping once I started! So, by the grace of God, I deleted it! Actually I miss it sometimes, but I know I can’t handle it now any more than I could back then!

          • Sally Warner Amatucci

            Kathie – I did the same thing. Solitaire took over my whole day. I finally got up the courage to delete it!

          • an ordinary old retired guy

            Whoopie, I gave up Spider Solitaire too!!! Do people understand the sacrifice, almost through Day 1, praise the Lord.

          • LVB

            Have you heard of the app Laudate? Wonderful Catholic App with Daily Readings & Saints of the Day, Liturgy of Hours, Order of the Mass, Calendar, Daily Prayer, Daily Bible Verse, Rosary and Chaplet, Stations of the Cross, Prayers, Latin Prayers, Confession, Catechism, Catholic Media, EWTN, New American RE Bible, etc.

          • Lori Robertson Trainer

            downloading it now, thanks!

          • Bev Mabry

            that sounds wonderful and I’m going to put it on my kindle!

          • Lisa Abramson

            Oh thank you for this! I was just asking someone after Mass this morning how to get the daily readings on my phone! This app looks wonderful.

          • Emmy Lou O’Connor

            I have had Laudate app for a couple of years and absolutely love it! I especially use the Bookmark feature to add the prayers that are most meaningful to me. The app has many prayers you might choose but also has a feature that will search for a particular prayer, One of my favorites is “Take a Moment for God” which is thanksgiving prayer for another new day and petitioning for His help to get the most out of this new day.

          • Susan Hanson

            Thank you Emmy Lou for the suggestion of the Take a moment for God prayer. I have the Laudate app but added the prayer at your suggestion. It is a beautiful morning prayer. I have given up Facebook for Lent and am going to try to devote time to prayer.

          • donna

            LVP, I use the app Laudate every day, it is “wonderful” as you say. I took public
            transportation to and from work so it was easy to say the rosary on the train
            with it. thanks for sharing. blessings, donna

          • Kathiehc

            Yes, Thanks! I have that app!

          • Pam Kubit

            Love the ideas. I am spending time at Eucharist Adoration and reading a book by Allen Hunt about forgiveness. Keep up the amazing Lent. We will be bold and Catholic.


          • Junnie Winters

            I’m going to read that book too as part of my Lenten plan!

          • Suzanne McBride-Pezzullo

            I’m reading that book and Resisting Happiness (I like to read more than one book at a time lol). Ironically I’ve had Resisting Happiness on my night table for two months with only one chapter read! Talk about resisting! 😂

          • donna

            BRAVO ladies! Blessed lent

        • Allison Baskin

          I gave up fb a few years ago for that same reason. I wasted so much time comparing my life to others by checking out everyone else’s lives. I have been fb free for 5 years now and happier and have much more time 🙂

          • elaine spears

            I like what you did, I will still use my fb to share this Best Lent Ever and other evangalization tools but hide all those politics notes.

          • Kathryn Duncan

            Seems like too much FB, like too much of anything (except God) can be a resistance to happiness.

        • Suzzz

          I considered giving up FB for lent…… but don’t think I can manage …….

          • Denise Brennan

            I’ve given up FB and social media and will read the Pope’s Amoris Laetitia, The Joy of Love, instead. It’s only 40 days and you’re worth it. Resist!

          • Kathleen Norkus Armstrong

            after seeing Matthew Kelly this past summer, I made “the prayer process” part of my morning routine. Naturally, the Facebook thing went to when I have other priorities taken care of. Now it’s more of an evening thing while relaxing a little etc. no notifications etc. still In touch and Informed but when it’s right.
            Balance things out it will be fine 😊

          • Kathleen Norkus Armstrong

            Humor here… I had to log into FB to use DISCUS

          • Michele M C


          • John

            Well put Kathleen! Balancing one’s life is key!

          • Elizabeth Brumann

            Balancing my life and letting go of fear, worry, stress, anxiety, grief and concern and live for today and give it to god and pray to god for guidance, strength and courage to survive conditions such as arthritsis to help myself and others. Lent is about prayer, fasting and almsgiving and getting oneself ready for Easter the resurrection of Jesus. Lent is about devoting ourselves to god and working to make ourselves better for Easter and the resurrection of Jesus by going to church, praying the rosary watching the masses on television reading the daily offering and the daily reflection the Bible, meditating, watching the stations of the cross doing acts of kindness and by saying something or by doing something nice for someone. Lent is a spiritual journey to prepare for Easter and the Resurrection of Christ. It is about being nice to others and helping others out. Lent helps us to get closer Jesus by reflecting on the teachings of Jesus, prayer, faster and almsgiving. Lent helps us to prepare a path for Easter. Lent is about preparation for Easter. Lent is a desert and we are being guided through this desert by god. Everything is possible with god. Let us prepare ourselves for the resurrection of Jesus on Easter Sunday. We just have to balance everything out.

          • B. Kennesaw

            If you can’t totally give up Facebook, perhaps try limiting yourself. Shut it down except for certain hours of the day that you stick to. For example, you could decide to check it before breakfast, before lunch, and before dinner, and have it turned off all other times. You might be surprised how much time you’ll regain by removing its *constant* presence in your life.

          • JMFishman

            I can attest that limiting is possible and you can “use social for social good” — share or post items of interest or support to others, for example. Stir their minds and hearts 🙂

          • Marie Benoit Sesher

            Totally agree! Be the good!

          • John

            That’s how I use Facebook and it’s interesting to see what people respond to.

          • Sarah

            That’s exactly right! Share the Word 😊
            I felt like I just set myself up for failure. No matter how I tried and then I would beat myself up about it. Now we give, serve, share more during Lent and beyond. Peace and blessings all.

          • Arthur Brown

            If you remember Lent should only be the beginning our walk with God, Christ and the Holy Spirit and it should continue through out the year everyday. Christ died for our sins and forgives us daily. I make my daily commitment to make every day a Lenten Day to serve Christ and remember daily to say Thank you for all You have given me and let me live my life with wisdom everyday that you put it in my heart, mind, body and spirit. God Bless you on your daily Spiritual journey with God, Christ and the Holy Spirit.

          • Bev Mabry

            I share a Catholic item once a week. anything more and people will get annoyed. I try to do one socially conscious post a day.

          • Anne

            Such a great idea! I will do this! Thank you!!

          • Pat Mckee

            That is the best idea. I am doing the Nineveh 90. No TV, no movies, no social media, no music…nothing that takes away time from Christ. All these are allowed if they are about God. I’ve been doing this since February 13 till May 13th. I have found spending more time with God is peaceful. Spending more time in prayer is energizing. To stay on track of my reply. Limiting the interference of Facebook will soon leave you with what’s most important in your life. God, family, and friends; plus helping the people in need.

          • Lisa Kepich

            My phone is my biggest form of resistance that I battle. (as I use it here…lol) It is so easy to give in and get lost in social media, news, games…before I know it, I look up and the day is gone. And while there are genuine reasons for me to be on Facebook, I need to limit my time to just those needs.

          • Betsy

            I agree so much with you. I’m actually looking into “upgrading” out of a smart phone into an older model so I can finally get rid of the temptation. I have a computer so I’m able to still use the internet and connect with others, but I find it takes away my time from God and my family.

          • Bev Mabry

            we can always sense when our media time is more like “addiction” than use. good to put limits on yourself. I used to get lost in games too, but for some reason, I’m just not that into them lately. I did add a half hour of prayer time to my day just a few weeks ago. It’s working out very well too. Sometimes I’m tempted to skip it, but, if I can make an hour or two for media entertainment, I can certainly spare 30 minutes for prayer! Good luck staying un-addicted!

          • Shyne4god

            I really like this Pat I don’t do face book and would rather spend time in the prescence of God !although I do like shopping on the Internet ,that’s what I’m giving up ! And yes love spending time with loved ones ! And definetly helping people in need Thank You for the reminder and Happy Lenten Journy

          • Bev Mabry

            not quite the same for me. my primary more contact with out of town relatives and friends is via FB than any other method. I do not consider that a waste of time at all.

          • Francis Xavier-Joseph Ramsey-P

            Did you mean Exodus 90? It sounds very familiar to the program I’m doing. I had been debating whether or not to do it for sometime, and about two weeks ago I went to Mass and wasn’t able to receive communion. When I got back to my seat I was so, I don’t know, outraged I guess that I decided that I would suck it up and do Exodus 90 for Lent this year. This is my first day, I’m looking forward to it.

          • Suzzz

            OK . That’s a thought…… maybe an hour at breakfast and half hour lunch and later in the day. I tried just an hour in the a.m. but can’t seem to manage. Perhaps knowing I can return for a short time later in the day, I can do it. Thanks for the suggestion!

          • Jennifer

            Setting the timer on my phone helps me put down FB when time’s up. Good luck!

          • Deb Santoli

            Last year I gave up Facebook during Holy Week. Spent more time in prayer.

          • Catherine Petrick Patel

            I think this is a better plan for me. Some activities I am involved with require FB reminders so I was wondering how I would check the event timings and give up FB for lent at the same time. Thank you

          • Bev Mabry

            I thought about giving up FB but that seems too harsh. I’ve already limited my FB and game time (finally!). I don’t do much t.v. at all so these are my solo entertainments. I just decided to add 1/2 hour of prayer and contemplation to my daily schedule. I already do a half hour, but now I’ll have two half hour sessions, one a.m. and one p.m. I do my p.m. one at 10 instead of watching the local news!

          • Linda J Johengen-Siclari

            Try I have lay few years it gives you time with Christ

          • Dolores Para

            I don’t believe it is wrong to connect with family and friends. Sometimes, we get a little carried away and spend too much time on FB. I know I do, and I will be working on that.

          • Sherri Caouette

            Oh I don’t think it is wrong either…..but for me, staying off Facebook will mean more voice conversation, maybe even cards on the mail to connect 🙂

          • Dolores Para

            Thank is a very good point, Sherri. I used to send many cards, but that has dwindled to just a few.

          • Molly Meehan Kershaw

            I’m going to send out 40 hand written cards to people in my life during Lent. A way to let people know that I am thinking of them and praying for them. Plus, it’s always so nice to get a friendly piece of mail that isn’t a bill or junk

          • Joseph

            Great idea Molly! Something for me to ponder…thank you and have a blessed Lent.

          • Carolyn Orsi

            What a lovely idea.

          • Christine Deacutis

            I gave up facebook twice in the past 5 years but for a mobility impaired person I lost touch with humanity so I decided not to give it up again but to limit my time there to maybe 5 minutes at a time a few times a day. I don’t ever watch tv anymore…that was a natural occurrence as it became worse and worse. I don’t use my cell phone unless I am meeting someone for tea or another outside activity. I gave up “wasting time” this lent and here is a video on resistance. Ha! Perfect start. I do plan to catch up on my spiritual reading and writing several letters to some people who will be surprised to hear from me but have a place in my heart. Hope we all can all ‘just do it”! Just trying to love better.

          • Dolores Para

            What a perfect and beautiful way to word a goal all of us should have – “Just trying to love better.” Thank you, Christine!

          • Mog

            I too am mobility impaired & fb can be contact with the outside world. We have similar outlooks, I gave tv up except EWTN years ago too. I fast from Facebook wed. & fri. Like we are asked to fast by Our Lady. I intend to cut down my time during lent On fb & concentrate on my new book, resisting happiness…

          • Christine Deacutis

            Am reading same book! 🙂

          • Bev Mabry

            I’m “late deafened” so social media is my primary way of staying in touch with out of town relatives and friends, and connecting with the world. It’s proven that people are happier with more social involvement so there is no way I want to give up what is a valid source of joy for me. I’m a very social person, but it’s nearly impossible for me to communicate in the noisy world, so I take what I can get.

          • Bev Mabry

            as a “late deafened” person, FB is my primary way of connecting with out of town relatives and friends. Thank God for it! They do not write letters and I can barely hear anyone on the phone. 1 out of 10 Americans is hearing impaired – and these tools are great to stay connected.

          • Dolores Para

            It certainly can be a blessing!

          • Dana Tasset Howerton

            I recently got off Facebook and got it off my phone, so much negativity on it!! Can’t believe how much more positive I am personally without it poisoning me….. replaced it with the Laudate app where I can read the daily readings since I can’t always attend mass and it allows me to learn about our Saints.

          • Bill S

            Excellent idea. I agree with the negativity, it was also causing me anger so it’s gone, replaced with this program and my daily Living Faith readings.

          • Mary

            I did exactly that!!! More than 5 years ago, No FB since.. and I feel Im Totally blessed!!.. I only communicate with the ones that bring positivity and bring me closer to GOD

          • Nanette

            I was just going to mention Laudate!! After I get back in the car after dropping off my kids, I sit and read the daily readings and then check the Saint of the Day. I end up getting just as sucked in on that app as FB, Twitter, Instagram, etc. but it’s all in learning more about our faith. And if I have to go to work that day, I’m still able to get the readings in before I pull out of the school lot and the drive is so much more enjoyable! Sometimes I’ll even use the Holy Rosary app to say a rosary as I drive. Takes all of the work tension away!

          • Connie Bland

            I’m happy for you

          • Bev Mabry

            I’m spending a lot less time reading news and especially public comments! they really bring me down and I’ve realized my comments do not change other people anyway. lol

          • Becky Tamte Peterson

            You can always just limit it to checking it for 5 minutes a day!

          • Jackie

            It’s easier then you think. The trick is to have something in place of it . For me it will be praying and reading.

          • Janelle

            Last year for Lent, I decided that every time I opened FB, I would say a prayer for someone who posted. It became a really meaningful time for me, and I found myself looking at posts and messages in a new and much more positive way. I plan to do this again this year.

          • Ginie

            Janelle, what a great idea. I think I’ll apply your idea to my “Lenten limited time” on FB. I don’t want to cut it out completely because I keep in contact with family all over the world through FB. It’s more cost effective for sharing pictures and birth & engagement announcements. Thank you for giving me a way to put a positive spin on my time there.

        • Coleen

          It’s so hard to give it up, right? I am keeping it for now, but my Lenten observance is to stay off the phone when I’m at home with my kids and husband. If I find that FB is too tempting to keep this observance going, then I’ll delete it.

          • Lisa

            I like that idea. I think we miss so much of the now because we have our faces buried in our phones for a number of things. I think you have just given me my Lenten abstinence. Thank you.

          • Kathryn Duncan

            So glad to hear you say so. I fear we are losing our ability to relate to real people on a personal level because we are so mesmerized with technology.

          • Missy Parungao Ocampo

            Omg that’s exactly what I’m doing too! I did it last year and realized just how much I was using it in front of them. It’s no wonder they get hooked on media devices.. they see it in the examples of adults (including me) around them. I’ve since been much more conscious about it but I’ve fallen off the wagon. Gotta get back on and be a good example of living in the moment with who I am with.

          • Jessica McCarty

            I’m giving up Facebook and social media when I’m with my daughter as well.

          • Olliefu

            I do this every year for lent. It allows me to focus and reflect during this season. Clears your mind and it allows you to spend your time elsewhere (like prayer, hang out with love ones, etc) I totally recommend this for everyone.

        • Christine

          I also chose to give up Facebook for Lent, I feel like there is so much negativity on there, and I want to focus on the positive, and as you said Holly, be more productive in my life. Sherri — I like the idea of using prayer during the time I would be spending on Facebook, I am curious to realize how much time praying I will see! Happy Lent to you all!

        • Ginie

          I have decided to limit myself to no more than an hour daily to FB. I have the App on my phone but don’t like it, so I usually don’t use it. My downfall is playing solitaire instead of being productive. So I soon as I get help I will remove it from my phone.

        • Jennifer Veit

          I too deleted Facebook for Lent. It is a time sink.

        • J costa

          Im do the same

        • Laurie Duquette McGinley

          I like that idea! I enjoy Facebook, but what a waster of time…minutes in the day that can add up to an hour! You’ve inspired me…

        • Jennifer Burton Brannon

          I did the same last night! Facebook sucks up too much of my time. I already feel more free, although I know I will struggle with not being able to be ‘connected’ online.

        • dckolb

          Just deleted the FB app from one too. Now I need to work only my habit of worrying too much

        • Psquich

          I deleted mine too. The venom and anger on fb has become overwhelming

        • Kathy Groth

          Deleted Facebook too and hasn’t been as hard as I thought.

        • Olivia A Dayton

          Likewise, partially for extra time to dedicate to lent but, I also feel an unkindness on Facebook. I’m praying about wether or not to rejoin after lent

        • Joy

          I did the same and I feel I have more time to do other things.

        • Geri Mulvihill

          I have always been irregular with FB and am using Lent to reconnect with people more deliberately and trying to spread the richness of the Lenten Journey.

      • Celeste Darensbourg Ellis

        Keep devotionals handy to make it easy to spend a few minutes in prayer or reflection instead of scrolling through Facebook. I have done this for the last 3 years and it really makes for a more meaningful Lent. Good luck!

      • Sylvia Roy McCormcik

        That is an excellent idea! Facebook is a big “resistance” factor and I am going to greatly reduce it during Lent by using that time to read and pray.

        • Constance HIllmann

          I gave up FB for lent last year and did it again this year. Just delete the App off your phone. Use the time to focus on prayer or meditation. You can add an app that is more focused on prayer if you like to help you fill the void you may feel.

      • Educator Commentary

        I have “given up” Facebook for Lent for many years. I know that in the long run, it is not good for me. I find myself comparing my life to that of others’ lives; getting angry over political, social, and financial issues; and just falling into the abyss. This year we made a list of 40 people. Each of them will receive our prayers on their designated day of Lent. Now there is an urgency for the family to do those daily prayers/rosary because someone we know and love depends upon us.

        • Teresa

          Love your idea of picking 40 people, one per day, to pray for during Lent. I’m going to make my list right now. I gave up social media for the first time last year and it was a liberating experience and did not go back to my old ways of being constantly connected. Thank you for helping me to make my Lenten experience more meaningful.

          • Melina Ailin Mendez

            Love this idea! Started it today!

        • Jennifer Messina

          Wow! I love this idea. I will also make the 40 people prayer list, and do this with my husband and kids! Thanks!
          (We’ve never been on Facebook.)

        • Vickie Zylstra

          Great idea! Thanks for sharing.

        • Erin Augustine Molstad

          I think the 40 person prayer list is an awesome idea! It makes each daily prayer more intentional and focused. God will bless your life and the person whom you are praying for!

          • Margaret

            I did something very similar 3 or 4 years ago. Each day I would take one of the 40 names and write that person a note / letter and tell them how they have touched my life and inspired me. It was absolutely my best Lent so far! 🙂

          • Ruth

            This is a wonderful idea and I think I will try it out this year. Thank you for sharing!

          • Janice Anderson

            What a wonderful idea. Thank-you.

          • Leah Levitt

            Love this idea. Think I’ll start today.

        • John

          This is a GREAT IDEA!!

        • Cheryl Wiechman

          We are doing something similar with the 40 person prayer list. We are taking our Christmas cards and praying for one family each day.

        • John Rieg

          Thanks for sharing. What a wonderful idea. I am thinking of having a DRAFT format with my wife and 4 children. Each person has a slot and chooses 1 person per round until we get to 40. Thank you again.

          • Gina G.

            Love this idea !!!

        • Kathryn Duncan

          What a wonderful idea!

        • Diane

          I love this idea. Something so positive and easy to do.
          Thank you!

        • Jan Rybnicky

          Love the idea, 40 different intentions sounds like a great idea to me!

        • Patty Godier

          That is a wonderful idea. I think we tend to use social media as a barometer for our own lives and it becomes a very negative thing. I have stopped looking at Facebook more than maybe once or twice a week or when one of my kids shares something with me. I have also given up internet games for lent as they waste my time and provide a way for me to procrastinate from doing the things that are really important.

          • Jeremiah

            8th commandment is Bearing false witness against your neighbor. Fake news is a direct violation of the 8th commandment. Believing what you read on social media binds up your soul and keeps from having a clean conscience. Many people who are of the devil’s tongue, are completely ignorant of what they do and the damage gossip or slander does to others. People believe what they read on Social Media and when. You read it, you become automatically judgemental. Stealing grace

          • Bev Mabry

            nobody has to read everything posted on FB. I certainly don’t! I skip over most political things because I’m so sick of the nastiness. But I have friends who post inspirational things daily.

          • Deb Santoli

            What I have been doing is when I’m at a stoplight I pray for the people in the car next to me.

          • Prolifedem6M

            Facebook can also be used in positive ways. I use it primarily to spread the pro-life message, to put out positive messages and to counter the negative arguments. I see this as a ministry.

          • Miriam

            I agree, FB can be used in a positive way. People ask for prayer request. I’m a member of a closed prayer group and it is very uplifting someone is always there to pray for you when in need. It also helps me realize that my problem that seems huge is nothing compared to others. Peace and God Bless to all.

        • Rhonda Gilbert

          The 40 person list is wonderful! Thank you for sharing.

        • Chenoa

          I love the idea of praying for someone each day for 40 days! I’ll make my list today!

        • CHar Ostermann

          Thanks for reminding me to do that…had forgotten to list it. I think it s important to include people you struggle with and don’t necessarly like also.

        • Giselle B

          love this idea!!

        • Bev Mabry

          I love the 40 people idea. FB is a huge blessing to me though – my primary way of staying in touch with out of town people.

      • Brenda

        I have also given up Facebook for Lent. It consumes too much of my time. There are such better things to do with my time than spend hours reading nonsense.

      • Ina

        I have given up Facebook every year since my family joined the Church for the same reason. <3

      • KC

        I did this last Lent and it was such a time saver!!! Certainly left more time for prayer. I am doing it again this Lent!

      • Claudia

        Hi Sherri, I also removed Facebook from my phone and all electrical devices, but I did it two weeks ago because I wanted to start preparing for Lent. Now I find myself thinking about other things instead of what new post is on there!

      • Christina Fransua

        I gave up Facebook a few months ago and it was the best thing I ever did!! I really don’t miss it at all. It was bringing me down and wasting my time. I suggest everyone does it.

        • Bev Mabry

          if you were Deaf or seriously hearing impaired you would not say that! I can not have a good conversation with anyone on the phone, so FB is my primary way of staying connected to a lot of people. 1 out of 10 Americans is hearing impaired. FB is a great tool.

      • Christine Rogers

        I struggle with the same thing. I feel like I am always quickly saying little prayers and not putting the importance that I should be putting into my prayers. Giving up Facebook is a great idea. Thank you for sharing. I am doing it too!

        • Christel Ford

          i don’t feel that “quick little prayers” are a negative thing. i believe you are realizing God has an active part in your daily life. When you are small you seek out your mom for advice and help, then your friends, then your spouse. God is there all along, waiting for you to speak to Him. I thank Him and my angels for a decent parking spot, reminding me of an important appointment I need to make, keeping my kids safe on the road…Just remember to keep that quiet time when you have time and attention to listen when He speaks back to you.

          • Christine Rogers

            Thank you so much.

      • Kathy Willie

        Me too! I took it off my phone but left it in my apps. I think I’ll just do away with it for the rest of lent

      • Mary Lu

        I gave up FaceBook several months ago and I can attest it was uplifting to no longer be exposed to so much negativity and false personas. I value my time spent with family and do not miss it at all.

      • Laurie Scofield Craig

        I am also giving up facebook for lent. I think that is my biggest distraction that keeps me from prayer time. Once I’m in facebook, the time flies then there’s no time for prayer and giving God my time.

      • Jeremiah

        Facebook is a drug and thorn in out society. Everyone makes excuses why they use it, always say to themselves I am going to post or check one thing and spend hours, even forgetting the original purpose they use it. People are worshipping Facebook and not realizing it. Turn to God more often and stop worshipping Facebook. You will be more peaceful and have more time for those around you! Truth hurts, when people realize that Facebook is the most addictive drug on the planet the sooner our home lives will return to those who matter the most! THOSE AROUND US! yes it’s nice to keep in contact with people you NEVER SEE! But what happened in your house! Your children are growing up around you and you don’t have time. Because of the worship of a false God! Food for thought!

        • Bev Mabry

          FB is a tool just like anything else. It depends on your point of view. It is a blessing for me, severely hearing impaired and can not have a good conversation with anyone on the phone. Are you aware that 1 out of 10 Americans is hard of hearing? And that does not include the Deaf community. FB is a blessing for us.

      • Marie Patterfritz Reinhart

        I have thought about giving up Facebook for Lent but I like having the contact with my family and friends to help encourage and inspire them through my Lenten journey.

      • Michelle

        Hi Sherri I have also because I would rather dedicate my time to studying scripture and meditating on the life of Jesus through the Rosary

      • Mary

        What a good idea! I have to carve out some time to pray.

      • Robert

        I gave up Facebook last year, it was really nice. I didn’t realize how much time on it I spent. Replacing Facebook for reflection was a big boost to my lent.

      • Barbara Levich

        Me too!

        • Bev Mabry

          great idea! I try to post one socially conscious news article or inspirational thing each day, and once a week a Catholic item for those who might be curious. And I un-followed a couple friends who continuously post political items.

      • Rebecca Dettloff

        ‘reclaiming that time …’ I like how you put that Sherri, I try to reclaim time as well, for the attention I should be giving to prayer, to God, and so forth – good luck, and God bless!

      • Monica CampoBasso

        Agreed! I, too, took it off my phone and haven’t missed it yet!

      • Robert Gauthier

        I deleted Facebook about three years ago.

      • Dolores Jackson Aasen

        I also gave up Facebook to focus on Lent>

      • Terrie Munger

        good for you!

      • Mrs Common Sense

        I also deleted the app from my phone. Having difficulty when others in the family are still super absorbed in electronic devices instead of personal relationship, but am leading by example and reclaiming how I spend my time . . . restarting over and over again. A continual metanoia.

      • Melody

        I too gave up Facebook for Lent and am amazed to discover how much more time I have.

    • Brittany Foti

      Hi Meghan,
      I have found this too! I will pray for you that you are able to focus more on prayer and that those more important things can wait! May God continue to bless you and may you have a blessed Lent!

    • Jessica Piña

      That happens so often to me. I came to work in an area where I felt closer to God. For two years I have found the joy and took the time. Now, (as I prepare to go home this year) I don’t take the time for prayer in the morning nor read the books offered by the church and turning to sin. I pray that I may overcome this and move forward to go home a better person in the eyes of God.

    • Karen S

      Like many of the others who replied, I’m trying to make time for prayer and devotional reading by fasting
      from Facebook during Lent. In the past I procrastinated about
      reading and ended up doing it either very late at night when I was too tired, or just skipping it and going to bed. This year I’m going to do it as soon as I get home at the end of the work day, and I’m going to do it BEFORE I have dinner and watch the news.

      • Kathryn Duncan

        For me, starting my day with prayer, even just a few minutes on my knees, sets the tone for my whole day and helps me accomplish more and stay calm and focused.

    • angkembra

      I struggle with this too. I have been working on going to prayer time in between other things. Like a break from life to connect with God; wether it is prayers of Thanksgiving or intercession prayers or asking for a need.

    • Lisa

      I too find the same happens to me. Not only does it get pushed back to the last thing on my “to do” list, but lately I’ve been overwhelmed that I am struggling to pray at all. It saddens me, but am determined to restore what I have lost.

    • Phyllis Sandusky

      Just a suggestion. Last year I decided as my New Year’s resolution that I was going to build on my relationship with God. I love to read but not necessarily religious type books. Someone gave me a book titled “Jesus Calling” by Sarah Young. The book is about 4 x 4 (very small). It is a page a day. At the bottom of each page it has 3 or 4 books of the bible and you read just a verse or two from each. I enjoyed it so much and can actually see God working in my life, that I bought another one for this year titled, “Always Jesus”, same author. Since I don’t have a lot of time in the morning during the week, I usually read tomorrow’s the night before to prepare me for the coming day. Never thought I would be doing this. One last thing; it keeps me focused on God throughout the day and has helped me to stop worrying and learn to trust God more. Have a great Lent!

      • Kathryn Duncan

        I also like the “Jesus Calling” Devotional. It is small but powerful and because each day’s devotion is short resistance tends not to get in the way as it would with a longer devotional. I look at it as “salt” to season my day and keep me focused on what is ” true, noble, right,” etc. as in Phil 4:8

    • Jen Smith

      I also struggle with this. I can pray on the go, in my mind as I work and such but the minute I want to sit down to do spiritual reading or pray the rosary or… Life gets in the way.

    • Gale

      I can understand this. I have the same problem!! And really when I think about it what could be more important than prayer?!

    • Jennifer Burton Brannon

      Boy can I relate!! I am trying to work around this by praying as I walk the dog or shower… because the longer I wait, the sleepier I get and less likely I am to pray at night!

    • Babciamel

      That is a wonderful conformation for me. Just last night, I was thinking about how much time I waste on fb and how sometimes it other peoples’ posts bring me down. I thought of giving it up for lent as well, but decided not to do so. Maybe next year. However, I will take a baby step and limit myself to two hours a day. I can’t abandon my watch on April, the giraffe who is about to give birth. Thank you all so much for this idea of limiting. God Bless you all with your “Best Lent Ever”

    • Rhonda Gilbert

      I struggle with this issue also. Even today this program was my first plan for the day, but it got pushed back several hours. My Lent commitment just got stronger!

    • Suzanne Hauser

      What about looking at it from a different perspective? I like to post inspirational songs, quotes and even videos that proclaim my love of the Lord. It is not popular with all my friends, I’m sure, however, I feel it is spreading Truth that I am called to do. Plus, among my friends, we often ask for prayers for each other. That said, I am not a huge FB fan. I already limit my time but if I have a few minutes between projects, it is a place for me to remember the people that I have claimed to be my friend and me theirs. If I cannot feel safe sharing Jesus, then I need to modify my “friend” criteria. Of course there is negativity, but I try to use that to pray for peace and cooperation instead of the division. And to heal some of the hurt that causes great people to lash out at others….My two cents!

      • Bev Mabry

        FB is a blessing to me and the primary way I keep in touch with out of town friends and relatives. I’m very hard of hearing and can not do phone conversation anymore.

    • Crystal Dasburg Marchand

      I need to do this too. I am trying to schedule the same time every day so I can’t make the excuse of “It wasn’t on my calendar” 😀

    • Brenda Weiskopf

      I have that battle too. It’s always on my mind but I let the day to day get in the way thinking I’ll do it later. Later usually doesn’t happen, or I try as I’m heading to bed and pass out asleep in the middle of my prayers. I need to make more effort to make it a priority in my day to day goings on.

    • Pamela Gard Castellana

      That was a struggle for me. I started praying every night that God would wake me up by 6:30 so I could have time with Him. You know what? I wake up every morning between 6-6:30 now. And I recently read a book which taught me to task a Focusing question constantly “what is the one thing I can do right now such that if I did that everything else would become easier or unnecessary?” Now I crave that time. It’s grown from a quick 10 minutes to almost an hour. My husband and I listen to a prayer podcast together, then I go to another room for my private devotional.

      However I struggle with praying for others, or really praying fervently at all. That’s my resistance. So…I’ll pray for that-

      • Bev Mabry

        love it!

    • Maria Nguyen

      I try to start the day with the prayer of abandonment, pray before every meal, and pray before bed with my children. Meals are often so hectic with two toddlers I often forget! When I do pray it’s not always the conversation with God I would prefer. I’m also trying to be more intentional with how I pray and not just going through memory prayers.

      • Bev Mabry

        what is the prayer of abandonment? I’d love to have the habit of praying at meals. I bet God understands you’re busy with children and appreciates your efforts.

    • Sharon McGraw

      I do the same. I love to paint but never make the time to do what I enjoy. I always feel like I have to get the chores done first and by the time I’m done with a full day of work, dinner, housework, laundry, etc. I’m too tired to paint. A beloved priest who passed away last year once told me sometimes we need to put aside our chores and use the time to do something that we love like our hobbies. He said doing something that makes us happy and makes us feel alive opens our souls to positive energy which then, in turn, gives us more energy to do the chores. I wish I could say I always follow his advice but last night I wanted to paint and instead dozed off on the sofa after getting my evening chores done. This Lent I am trying to find balance in my life between responsibilities to my family and responsibilities to God. I figure if God gave me the gift to paint then how dare I not make the time to use my God given talent.

      • Anita


    • Catherine Knipper

      When I wake up before I jump out of bed I pray. It is a great way to start your day!

    • Carol S.

      Satan strikes! He hates us praying!!!

    • Becky

      This happens to me too! So in addition to Best Lent Ever I’m adding just 5 minutes of prayer. Maybe it’ll grow to be a daily habit!

    • Maria J Rivas

      I can relate to this too….I find myself checking emails, making to do lists, wondering what I need at the market…..all before I should just sit down & pray.

    • Daniela Bianchetti

      Same here but I am trying to get prayer into my life. It helps me to pray right after my morning run. I sit at the gym Chapel and pray from 10-15 min. Praying for you to win the battle against resistance.

    • Gramaann

      I used to pray my Rosary faithfully every single morning before I even poured the first cup of coffee. I got away from it and I don’t know exactly when or why it happened. Life threw a few curve balls at me, but those were the times I should’ve kicked it up a notch or two and prayed MORE; instead, I prayed less and less until I stopped doing it regularly. This Lent, I am going to strive to get back into the habit of daily, regular prayer. I miss it and feel arid.

    • Marie Sayour

      I am guilty of this too. I’m going to start by making prayer the most important thing in my life. I need to make prayer like an appointment and make it a priority. With God’s help, I know I can succeed!

    • Danielle Jewell

      I find myself with the same struggle and I too find myself on Facebook. I will be working on my desire to resist the things that don;t have much meaning and working on the things that do. 🙂

    • Nancy

      I do the same thing. I resist the prayer time, when I want it first. I get busy, busy busy, with distractions from the most important and necessary part of ny life, a relationship with Him!

  • Theresa Baiza

    I am beginning to recognize the resistance in my life. I am trying to overcome it. Sometimes I fail. I am disappointed in myself when I realize that I gave in. I want to be the best version of myself but it’s a daily struggle

  • Cameron Gross

    Devoting the first part of my day to prayer has always been my goal and ever so difficult to make a habit. For over a decade I have gone in and out of trying different methods to devote time while balancing work and exercise. Reading through Resisting Happiness after our parish gave it out to everyone, one of the things that resonated with me to help make a new habit was writing down the 4 most important things to do every day. The top of my list is prayer and second on the list is telling my wife that I love her. Exercise actually is number 4 now on the list and some days I hit my goal, others I don’t, but it’s amazing how writing it down in order helps me to ensure that my top two occur before I leave the house for work.

    • Laura Asseff

      Love this. I should get his book.

    • Allison Baskin

      I also find resistance when carving out time for personal prayer. I pray with my children on the way to school, before each class with my students, but I lack the drive for personal one on one talk and prayer with God. I also find time for exercise, reading for enjoyment, cooking and other important activities. This lent I am not going to hit snooze! I am going to wake up and battle resistance with this daily Lenten video/discussion group and make time for my relationship with God!

    • Michele Pullano Mellstead

      Thank you Cameron for the great idea. I too have been trying to devote the first part of my morning to prayer. I start out strong and then resistance jumps in and I become distracted with other things and I find myself running short of time without getting to my prayer time. I am going to try writing down the 4 most important things to do every day with the #1 being spending at least 15 minutes in the morning with my God. Thank you again for the idea and God Bless you.

    • Peggy Pauley

      Cameron, God bless you! I too am a list maker. What a wonderful idea!! You have inspired me to do the same. Thank you for posting.

  • Michael Maldonado

    I find so much resistance in making time out to read and find it so easy to sit in front of the television for hours at a time. This is the day, withbthe help of the holly spirit, I will feed my hunger knowing my God better by doing one hour of readingevery day. This will be my best lent season ever. Please pray for me.

    • Laura Asseff

      Praying for you, Michael!!

    • Mireya Montoya Lumpkin

      Michael, about a year ago, I read a book called the Miracle Morning. It changed my habits for good and one of those habits was reading daily for 15 mins. It was a small step and has since made it easier to keep it up. I will pray for you to overcome your resistance.

      • Helen Brooks

        Good idea!

      • Dan S

        The Miracle Morning is a great read, and I have also enjoyed it’s influence on my daily morning routines.

      • raymond martinez

        Miracle Morning! absolute habit changing book. You sharing that is going to help people this Lenten season

      • Michele M C

        Just finished that book! Matthew Kelly is often quoted in it. I have tried to fuse the ideas in it with being more prayerful. The first step (getting out of bed early) is SO hard for me!

        • Kathryn Duncan

          I am not a morning person either, but I make it harder on myself by staying up late at night. I realize I can’t have it both ways. If I want to accomplish more during the day, I’ve got to sleep more during the night.

    • mrcpuhead

      Right with you on that one! The past few years I’ve countered that resistance by giving up TV in favor of reading during Lent. My 12 year old son even noted that I shouldn’t use the movie loophole this time. It won’t be easy, but we can do this!]

    • Tori

      Michael! This is your long lost friend Tori from Ohio who now lives in Omaha . I still live in Omaha and lost your number . I am doing this retreat to. I am sitting here with my new baby and doing this retreat and scrolled down and your post was first. Divine intervention at it’s finest. Almost crying. I hope you’re not someone with the same name but if you are I will pray for you. Reply to this and we will figure it
      A Deseret way to share info. Miss you since last
      Time I saw you was our weddding.Love you!

      • Michael Maldonado

        Tori, God is good all the time. I dont believe that we ever met, but as my sister in Christ, i will be praying for you. I am happy to hear that you have a baby comming. You are a special child of God and he has rewarded you and blessed you by giving you a child. I will have you in my prayers throughot lent seadon. God bless!

    • Mari L Sadkowski

      That is exactly how I feel. I feel bad that I don’t read the Bible every day, even though I do go to a Bible Study. I can come home from work and sit in front of the TV or computer, then why the resistance to read the word? That is my Lenten journey this year, to read the Word fro 15min or more each day. Pray for me as well, I will pray for you too.

      • David Boff

        Mari – I signed up for DGO (Daily Gospel Online) – it is the daily readings with a small commentary. About 2-3 minutes. It comes to my email so I have it on my laptop or phone. It is a great way to read the bible in transit – at a red light – or to start my day. Hope this helps

    • Lisa MacWilliams

      Micheal, I too agree with you. After working all day, running the kids to sports, faith formation or whatever else my three kids need me to do I just want o sit down and do nothing, I find resistance in find/making time to read the scriptures.

      • Lisa MacWilliams

        I will pray for you, if you could pray for me too.

    • mary

      I am with you on that resistance… Come Holy Spirit come!

    • Level UP

      Same here, I’m not a reader of books by nature, but I can read all day on the internet. Weird. Coupled with a busy life and three kids aged 11, 5 and 3, and a wife who doesn’t read (but said she used to years ago), it’s hard to overcome these resistances! I buy good, Catholic books on Catechism, the Sacraments, the holy lives of Saints but they just go up on the shelf. Electronics are our addiction, all of us. Steve Jobs wouldn’t let his kids use an iPad. That tells me something. We have to identify these time robbers, admit to ourselves that we have addictions to these things, and make a firm resolve to choose other, better, healthier ways to spend our time. I was told by a psychologist that electronics and video games give us instant gratification and release dopamine. We are so used to that “fix” that it keeps us where we are. I pray for all of us that we find the time to just be in the presence of the Holy Spirit and let the spirit guide us. Amen.

      • Kathryn Duncan

        You are so right about the addictive nature of our electronics and our kids are exposed at very early ages. It makes it so difficult just to be still and read/meditate on God’s Word and listen for the Holy Spirit’s promptings. Blessings to you.

      • Patty from Cedar City Utah

        Michael I totally agree with you👍🏻 & so many of the other comments👍🏻 I firmly believe that if satan can’t have us or win us over then he will do whatever it takes to distract us & keep us from precious time with God & dedicated prayer life ✝🙏🏻 What better distractions then cell phones & all the things we can connect to with it, the Internet, FB, TV… Anything that puts a wedge between us & God is a distraction. I’ve been lazy in my prayer life & meditation time before the Holy Eucharist ✝ My commitment this Lent & hopefully thereafter is more prayer time, less distractions. I do say/pray a daily rosary & I will do random acts of kindness everyday, even if it’s just a few kind words to strangers in my path. I will make myself more available to those in need whether it be my time, treasure or talent. I will ask God daily to please lead/guide me to the path He has chosen for me & to bless me with all that I need to know, love & serve Him better each day & those He puts in my path…Amen !
        I will keep you all in my prayers🙏🏻✝
        God Bless !

    • raymond martinez

      I will include you in my prayers at Mass today Mike

  • janet burke

    I am wondering if procrastination is the same as resistance? I also never thought of worry as resistance. Lately i have been praying aloud in the car about my worries and it has helped me immensely. I will become more aware of the daily resistance in my life.

    • Gina Lynn DeLucia

      I guess worry would be resisting your faith and belief that God has this….I actually had to ponder how worry would be viewed as resistance. Good luck on your journey-

  • Trisha Brandtfox

    On this day of fasting, I am uncomfortable with emptiness.

    • Mike

      Thank you for your honesty… I am also

    • Michele

      Thank you !……Emptiness….fear of my needs not being met, when I clearly have seen God’s hand in my life work miracles and he is trustworthy…..few words but extremely profound…..

  • Michael Baur

    I encountered resistance when I start to learn different thing. (I.E a different language, playing the guitar and studying my for my state board). I start the a project but I never finish the project.

  • Darren Guido

    I encounter resistance when I am tired and life does not seem to go my way… I am quick to anger and judgement of others. This Lent, with the help of the Holy Spirit, I will work to overcome that resistance and experience happiness throughout the day.

    • Lee Ann

      I am the same way. This lent is going to be the one that helps me control my exhaustion in a positive way and give me patience that I struggle with these days.

  • Doug

    The resistance I encounter is from those who I have conversations with about what it’s like to have an intimate relationship with God. I certainly don’t preach but I do mention verses from scripture that shows us how to turn our lives fully towards God. I don’t get frustrated but saddened as they seem to disregard what God is trying to tell us.

    • Deborah

      Hi Doug. I feel like I have found my long lost friend. We shared comments last year. I have two thoughts for you. 1. I am not one who finds it easy to remember bible verses. A friend of mine told me that I may be the only bible other people read. Because of that, I decided a long time ago that I would pray for those whose lives I affect and try to ensure that I live the scriptures to the best of my ability. From your comments last year, I know you are a faithful man with a steadfast love for God. People hear you. 2. I recently saw a Christian movie called WarRoom. It expresses that sometimes the only way to affect others is to go to your quiet room, and ask the Lord to intervene and take charge of the situation, all the while praising Him and all he as done for us. You provide the prayer, He does the healing… even if it takes a while. He hears you.

      • Doug

        Hi Deborah. Of course I remember you and it is so good to hear from you.

        Like year, I’m still trying to figure out what my mission is. The election brought out a lot of true colors in people. For example, people couldn’t understand why I voted for Trump. I told them I voted with my conscience…abortion. I’ve had many “civil” discussions with folks. I’ve learned to stand up and proudly profess my faith while still being humble. Blessings!!!!

        • Deborah

          I too voted for President Trump. I was not popular among my friends and there was a silent decision to just not bring the topic up. But I still believe I made a great choice and when confronted will always profess my faith as well. Looking forward to following your posts this year. God Bless

  • Lisa Valencia

    Procrastination,,,,,,my pet peeve is now something I do daily, offering little time for prayer and family. I talk myself out of good and have just gotten lazy in everything in my life right now. I need guidance and repentance doting this Lenten season.

    • ml

      Procrastination…is also my biggest form of resistance. Procrastination keeps me from living in the present because whatever I am procrastinating over doing weighs on my mind the whole time instead of just getting it done and then truly being able to focus on the present and enjoy God’s blessings.

  • Marie

    I encounter resistance in making decision alone. I always fair something will happen

  • Peacemaker

    I resist my own needs by being more in tune with what everyone else should or shouldn’t be doing & feeling guilty or responsible for making them happy/unhappy. I lose myself… my boundaries 4 meeting my needs… and try to be everything to everybody at the cost of my own emotional/physical/spiritual self. I allow my happiness to be defined by everyone else being happy even if what they are doing goes against everything I stand for. I lose the confidence in myself to believe what I think & feel is real & ok.

    • Nora

      Amen on that one, Peacemaker. I understand what you are saying. Ironic, I suppose, because rather than writing about my own resistance first, I scrolled through to see what other people had written (therefore to be in tune with what others felt, rather than my own feelings). Hmmm…. 🙂

  • Ray Wilhelm

    Procrastination is my encounter with resistance. I’ll do it later. why do today what you can put off until tomorrow. the problem with that is I don’t know how many tomorrows God will allow me to have. I will put off procrastination NOW!

  • Suzanne

    I struggle with sharing my beliefs with others because I am afraid that they will think less of me. There is so much discord in today’s world and people are not tolerant or respectful of others. I pray for all of us to accept each other’s viewpoints and realize that good people can disagree.

    • Roberrt

      Well said. For me I am not so much sure that people will think less of me but perhaps that I lack confidence in my ability to communicate and persuade people. I’m also very respectful of Other’s positions so I do not want to offend or assume my view is superior, we all have our own circumstances after all. In the end if we are just sharing and not judging, than what harm can sharing our views do? Easier said than done.

  • Margo

    I have never really thought about resistance in my life before. I think this Lent journey will be the perfect opportunity to explore this part of my personality and how I can be a better version of myself. Thank you Matthew.

    • Sandy

      I agree! I have never thought of resistance in my life before.

    • Stephene Bavouset

      This is the first time for me to think about resistance in my life too.

    • Ellen Dalton

      And it’s nice to be on this journey with others! 🙂

      • Dolores Para

        This is so true! Sharing and listening are so important to growing in your faith.

    • Mog

      I am the same. I love this new concept to me. I think I have resisted happiness all my life! Now I am trying to think, what am I resisting?? What am I scared to let go of? With Gods grace I feel I will be enlightened this lent & it will make huge changes to me, my family & most importantly my relationship with God.

  • Rachelle Gamblin

    Since the loss of my husband in May of 2016, I’ve been resisting a lot of things. The reality that he is actually gone, and happiness. The one thing I can say I’m not resisting is the grief I feel. I experience it every day when I wake up and every night when I go to sleep without him. This Lent is going to be a new beginning. I’m selling our house and moving away. I am moving closer to my family. I will never forget our life together and the things we shared but the pain is just too great to stay here. I know God has a plan for me and I believe his plan is for me to reconnect with my family as well as cherish the family we shared together.

    • Rachael Amos Johnson

      what courage! I hope your move brings you some glimmers of peace and joy. I will pray for you!!!

    • Nicole Marie

      Know that you are not alone and that you are loved. Thank you for sharing your loss and difficulty with us. When you share a burden it will be distributed among the people you share it with and if you share it with enough people even the heaviest burden will become light as a feather.

    • Susan E

      Rachelle, I understand. My husband passed suddenly at age 55 – there were days when it felt like I was adrift in the ocean. There were moments when the waves were huge and overtook me – and some days they were small and they just carried me along. It is a very personal experience. It does get easier at some point. I will keep you in my prayers.

    • Sue

      Rachelle, my husband of almost 47 years also died last year so I understand. Thanks to prayer and support from others I have learned to let God fill the hole in my heart and soul and have allowed Him to share the burden of my suffering. Although I continue to grieve daily I have been able to find true peace in my heart and soul and am able to smile. You will be in my prayers.

      • Rachelle Gamblin

        Sue, I will pray for you. This time right now is very difficult for me because last year at this time he was alive and well. He was diagnosed with cancer on the 10th of March and he passed on the 20th of May. Sue thank you for your prayers and your words of encouragement. I know this too shall pass it will just take time. That is why this Lent I’m starting my new life without him being physically here, but he will always be in my heart.

        • Sue

          My Brian was diagnosed on May 16th and passed away July 11th. We are soul sisters. It won’t pass but with the Lord’s love, guidance and support we will be whole again

          • Rachelle Gamblin

            Sue, I pray you are doing okay. Yesterday a friend of mine was helping me clean out the attic ( a job i had been dreading) Of course I came across some of my husband’s stuff. I had to make a decision as to what to do with it. I decided that the stuff I found before we were married I would offer to my two stepsons to see if they wanted it. If not then it was gong to be thrown out. The things that we shared together I would hold them them and if I didn’t feel anything then I would discard them as well. This has been the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. God Bless

    • Anna Brady

      I’ll keep you in my prayers Rachelle

    • Barb Hoffman

      I too moved away after my husband died in 2014. I couldn’t bear staying in my house after the devastating loss. I will pray that your move goes well and that your new start helps you follow God’s plan for you. I found an amazing group of friends at a bible study at my new church. Going to retreats and social events with my new friends helped me. Also volunteering at my church for funeral luncheons was a good way to keep busy and serve others in their time of grief. I pray that you will find comfort in your family and rediscover yourself in the process.

      • M. Pull

        I also lost my husband in 2014 in 6 days. Unreal is all I can say and yet he was so looking forward to meeting the KING. I wish I had his deep faith. Next month will be my 3 move since 2014 and it is frustrating, scary and hard. I pray that this is the last move until the LORD calls me home. I really want and desire this to be a fruitful and meaningful Lent. Thank you LORd for this study.

    • Patti Goolsby

      Prayers for you and your new beginning. May your faith continue to provide you the hope and strength you need to carry out your courageous plan!

    • Nancy McGee Perda

      My thoughts will be with you today. I hope you find peace 😃

    • Eleanor

      Lifting you up in prayer today Rachelle. It hasn’t even been a year for you since your husband’s passing so I imagine the grief is still there with you everyday. I lost my husband 9 years ago. I had 3 young children (ages 9-13) and so I didn’t even begin to grieve till a year in. With time, the grief lessens and you will begin to notice God’s beauty around you. I’m glad you see Lent as a new beginning. As we head towards Easter with all it’s Glory and Beauty, I pray you are lifted up with the Lord’s love and the love of family and friends.

    • Stephen McCollum

      Rachelle, your honest sentiments mirror what I’ve been experiencing since my wife passed away 17 months ago after a long battle with COPD. Ironically, I’ve also been considering selling my home and moving (from PA to FL) but that would require leaving my daughter and four grandkids, one of whom lives with me. Bottom line, I, too, need to make this the best Lent ever since, despite continually seeking Him, all I’ve experienced these past few years has been grief, guilt, regret and shame. These next 47 days need to be the defining moment of my life as I attempt to move forward without the woman I loved for 28 years. Let’s attempt to truly lift each other up and seek our Saviour. I/we can’t do it alone.

      • Rachelle Gamblin

        Stephen, I will pray for you and lift you up in prayer. Something I’ve learned the last few months is I have to take care of myself and do what brings me peace. I have two step-sons and five grandchildren who I adore and they have been there for me. I’ve asked for advice and permission on some things I’m not sure of, but at the end of the day I have to do what is best for me. Moving was a very difficult decision because I’m leaving the people who have walked with me throughout this ordeal. But I am moving closer to my family who I have been away from for over 20 years. This Lent is a new beginning for me as I begin the next chapter, like you without the man I loved and lived with for 26 years. You are right we can’t do it alone.

  • Kate McLoud

    Since I first read Rediscover Catholicism 3 years ago at this time of year I’ve been trying to make positive changes in my life. Some of them I’ve been able to accomplish but many of them I have not because of resistance. It has come in many forms, “I don’t have enough time”, “What will people think?”, “I don’t know how to get started”.

    This lent I’ve chosen one big thing and I’m going to try to slay my resistance and implement that change. Wish me luck!

    • Nora

      Good luck!

  • Again

    I encounter resistance regarding donations. While I am not stingy with my money, what I tithe is less than i should. I always rationalize the amount of donations across the board is sufficient however carry some guilt because i know my tithe is less to the church directly then it should be.

  • Nicole Marie

    Thank you so much for this video! My biggest restance is being comfortable. I will keep doing things even when I know it is not the best thing for me because I am comfortable. I will even stay if it is making me miserable.
    I am in the process of making monumental life changes because I know that these changes are nesscary to become the best version of my self. In the past 2 weeks I have made huge steps to change the things that are holding me back and it has been scary but I know that God is leading me to greatness.
    This video was the best affirmation I could have received that I am on the right path. Thank you!

    • Kelly O’Connell

      Nicole, I agree, being comfortable is so tempting. I have been trying to make changes in my life too and I’ve noticed that when I concentrate more on adding things that are good for me (going to Mass, praying, meditating, eating right), and not obsessing about my bad habits, eventually, there isn’t as much room for the bad habits I want to change.

  • Flavia Miiro

    Praying as soon as wake up. Most times I pray when am on the road.

  • Mary Culbertson

    I worry every minute of the day. I do not know how to let go..

    • Terry Bock

      I’m with you, Mary. I just try my best to turn my heart to Jesus and ask Him to fill me with Faith and ask Him to help me feel His presence.

    • Mary Ellen Baert

      Mary Ellen Baert
      I also worry a LOT. I agree Mary C. that I do not know how to let go and let God help.

  • Chuck

    I have lots of resistance after wwatcthis program I realized that worrying is probably one of my worst.

  • Heidi Johnson

    Praying the rosary but getting distracted by all of the things that need to get done. Always trying to re-focus 🙂

    • Barb Burke

      This also happens to me when praying the rosary. I have to concentrate on each Hail Mary in order to be fully present in saying the Rosary. May you and I find that focus during this Lent.

      • Heidi Johnson


  • Karina

    Waking up at 5am and doing my prayer while the world is still asleep. It’s been a hard getting up and making the decision to getting up and starting the day having an encounter with Jesus Christ!

    • Nora

      Agreed! And now (per the video) I never get to use my snooze button again! Great 🙂

  • TrustInGod4Ever

    My resistance is letting go of control and trusting that God truly is going to take care of it…my family, friends, the faithful….may His Will be done!

  • David Chara

    I find resistance when I fail to live in the moment and think too much about things from the past or into the future. It’s good to reflect and plan but not when your thoughts do not help you grow to be the best version of yourself.

  • Kathleen Talkington

    I have never thought about worry being resistance until watching the video. But I see that it is. Resistance to being fully open to God’s complete and perfect will in my life. Like Brennan worry has made me tired and kept me from becoming the best version of my self. My Lenten sacrifice is to give up worrying. I know this will be accomplished by God’s grace. Happy Ash Wednesday!

  • Amy Rose Robinson

    Like, Brennan I worry about everything and I really feel it takes over my life and keeps me from enjoying and honoring the things that are really important. It also makes my imagination take hold and think of absolute worst possible outcomes. God helps me find my way out of those moments yet I would like be able to let go more easily and conquer resistance before it conquers me.

    • Diana

      Imagination with worse outcomes. Exactly my problem. I read somewhere to say “I trust you Jesus. I trust you” several times a day. Some days are good, sometimes I forget. But I keep trying. Lord, I trust you! You have wonderful plans for me today. I trust YOU!

  • Maria Cozzens

    I struggle with resistance in the form of wanting control over my life and not “letting go and letting God”

    • Christine

      This is my main resistance also, giving up control and giving over 100% to God. Just spent all night reading Resisting Happiness and got some great ideas on how to work to conquer this!

      • Maria Cozzens

        I read that book over Christmas…loved it! What were some of the ideas you saw?

    • Cindy

      Me too! As I was thinking about Lent last night, I realized that while I’d realized I needed to “let go and let God,” I was even trying to control that! I have so far to go… My prayer throughout the day when I encounter resistance is “Jesus, I trust in you.” I’m retiring in a few months. While on the one hand I’m excited about this new chapter of my life, I don’t know what it’s going to look like yet. My role is not clear to me like it was when I became a mother or went back to work when the kids grew up. Jesus, I trust you with this that you will heal the burden on my heart and make it all work out for good according to YOUR plan. Amen!

      • Maria Cozzens

        Cindy, that is such a good and yet simple prayer! I try and control everything too, but it only causes me more stress. I’m also facing the unknown right now…I’m in my final semester of nursing school and for the first time in my entire life I won’t be a student and my future is not set in stone. It’s exciting but really scary because I’ve always known what comes next but now I have no idea what to expect. I’m going to try that prayer this lent and just give the future to God. Im sure that he is taking care of you and has an amazing plan for your life that will unfold in time!

    • Kathryn Duncan

      That’s a problem as old as the Garden of Eden. God is not a bully. He will not grab the controls from your hands. He waits for you to trustingly hand it over then see what He will do in your life when you surrender to him. I’ve discovered that this surrender has to be a daily exercise. Will keep you in prayer.

      • Maria Cozzens

        Thank you so much for the prayers!! I agree, we have to surrender but he will never force us.

    • Shayna Bartels

      I CANNOT let go. I have to control everything in my personal and professional life. And if I am not in control then I feel like I am loosing control.

      • Maria Cozzens

        I feel the same way most times. But we can’t fool ourselves into thinking we are in control because God ultimately is. It’s just scary

  • Ann

    Anxiety, worry, negative thinking is my resistance sometimes it feel heavy other times it feels like the devil calling me to think about the past or the negative stuff in life…I need to find a way to fight against this. Suggestions welcome I am tired of not enjoying life and being tired all the time.

    • Nicole Marie

      I struggle with the same thing. I have found comfort and happiness in simple things like playing with my friend’s baby or actively taking time to enjoy sunrises and sunsets. It helps me to overcome the worry and anxiety of life. Also yoga and meditation really help me. I hope that helps. <3

    • Michelle Zinn Solak

      I too struggle with memories of my past & it’s mistakes. God is a God of the present so I continually remind myself of this. When I find myself mentally reliving & replaying a sin or hurtful moment of my past, I stop & say out loud (mentally or physically), “Jesus, I pray for ______ and I ask you to please heal this memory

    • Dolores Para

      Dear Ann, I have had the same problem you have throughout my life. Spiritual reading and prayer have changed things for me greatly. There are so many wonderful and inspiring Catholic authors out there. Sometimes just a few words to Our Lord or Mary can help turn that moment around, also.

  • Arlene Boright

    Thank you Matthew. This video was exactly what I needed to hear since my big struggle with resistance is waking up early as part of my daily routine before my family does and giving the first-fruits of my day to the Lord in prayer. In rare instances it’s happened and I’ve felt on top of the world. It’s amazing how much better my day flows and my attitude is when I put God first. I’m not a morning person but really desire to be. If I’m awake early, reading emails or the news takes priority over prayer. Then once my family is up I take care of their needs. Before I know it the day is gone, it’s time for bed and I’m kicking myself for not praying the way I should. Please pray for me that the cycle is broken this Lent. Thank you and God bless all of you.

  • Sally

    I encounter resistance by always putting other people’s needs in front and eventually get to my personal needs. Most of the time that eventually never happends. This lent season I’m going to be a better version of my self

  • Rachel Mahmood

    I really appreciated this highlight on resistance as we begin Lent today. I actually was faced with this last night and even this morning…and it’s only 6:13am ET. I procrastinate constantly with my Master’s Degree homework and don’t put my best effort into the readings and assignments sometimes. Not only that, but I do struggle with just lying in my bed right when I get up after my husband’s alarm goes off and I instantly hop on my phone to social media. I find there is a lot of things I should do, but I really don’t want to do. I guess it’s having the prudence to know when to stop worrying, stop procrastinating, and be present.

  • Jesse H

    I think of my resistance as when my flesh is pulling, pushing, or almost forcing me in one direction, but the Spirit of God is telling me to go the other direction. At that moment we get to make a decision that has a domino effect on the rest of the day. May God help us all with the little pulls of resistance that bombard us throughout our day. When you walk hourly by the Spirit, you will not fulfill the daily desires of the flesh.
    Glory be to our Lord Jesus Christ.

    Helpful Scripture
    Galatians 5:16-26
    Romans 8:1-13

  • Nora

    For me, resistance comes a thousand times a day, in the form of doubt, that manifests itself as procrastination. For example, maybe at work there’s a phone call I need to make, but then I hear the shrill voice of resistant doubt telling me I don’t know the right thing to say or interacting with the person on the other end of the phone will somehow go badly, so I put off the phone call for another time.

  • Shelly Verdoorn

    Really never thought about resistance holding me back before now that it has been brought to my attention I will definately start paying more attention during this lent season and work on doing what is right thank you for you teachings and words of inspiration

  • Angela Mathison Glahn

    My greatest resistance is worry. I worry about everything. Since my husband lost his job at the end of December, I worry even more. However, this Lent, I want to make the change for the better and hand it over to Jesus. All the worry. This will be hard for me, but with prayer and reflection I can do it.

  • Sherri Caouette

    The way I encounter resistance most is in not caring for myself…..I focus on making sure that home, work, my husband, my dad, my brother, my neice,my friends all have their needs taken care of and what suffers is my physical, spiritual, and mental needs. This lent I want to break this cycle of resistance to become a better version of myself, which will help me take care of others even better.

  • Jeannie Ferguson

    Anxiety and worry are two things that I battle daily. I’m learning to give things to God and praying not to take them back! I hadn’t seen this as resistance until watching this video. I’ll be watching today to see when resistance tries to creep in and steal my joy…I’ll be praying to turn to God instead!

  • Kasi O’Brien Haines

    I let worry over take my life to the point I can’t even function. I have been really reflecting on my trust and letting my fears and worries go and know that god has this. He will provide and prayer is a more effective way of dealing with my worries than letting them spiral out of control.

  • Allison

    Brennan speaks my thoughts. I worry about my health…not a day goes by that it doesn’t come into my head and drag me down. I worry about my kids safety-my sons are 19 and 16. They’ve told me it’s crazy how much I worry. On the few occasions when I lift it up to God I do see a difference. I have to find a way to let it go for good.

  • JC

    Unforgivingness and selfishness rank as the top two happiness slayers in my life. It’s hardest to forgive those who either do not even know that they’ve hurt you, or reject reconciliation. Then selfishness takes over: if you will not GIVE me what [I think] I need, I will TAKE it. Refusal to serve (non serviat).

    It is time for me to lay down my life in these areas and stop “protecting” myself and hiding behind resistance. Time to realize how sacrifice and denying myself can actually lead to happiness.

  • Monica Roy Maglich

    Resistance for me starts with getting straight out of bed and getting on FB and before you know 1st hr of the day is gone. Nothing productive came from it so for Lent I have given up FB, took it off my phone and will use this time to pray and do my Lenten workout! I will pray for all those on here, to have the best personal Lent ever!

  • Eduardo Hoover

    I have attended functions and even worship services at Protestant churches were my Catholic faith met tantamount resistance as anyone could face but when I awoke this morning I realize the evangelical encounter I had given in these instances by the power of my testimony being twice a widower and the manner I cling to my Catholic faith; certainly someone must have taken notice. The funny thing is I never saw these opportunities as a venue to elvangelize nor the resistance I faced a stepping stone to this cause: if anything I saw it as a great stumbling block until now.

  • Erika Strupp-Martin

    I haven’t given resistance any thought until now. However, I’ve come to realize that resistance crops up in me when I isolate myself from others more than I should. I will make more of an attempt to connect with others this Lent and beyond. I’ve already started by paying a visit to one of my elderly neighbors (in her nineties) just to sit, chat with her, and give her a hug. I have also been resisting making time for prayer and meditation, and to speak out about social injustices, as I’m sure Jesus would have us do. My goal is to offer the prayer of service to those in need, beginning with my family but also making sure I go beyond by creating a larger circle around those who are not immediately in my small circle of family and friends. Today, I will call two friends whom I haven’t talked to in months and wish them a reflective and meaningful Lent.

  • Rick Heit

    I worry about work a lot and really need to focus on not worrying in order to move towards those things that really matter and i can change. Don’t worry about tomorrow, it will take care of itself.

  • Cate

    Worry and fear drive my resistance and delay making choices I would prefer. The amazing thing is 9 out of 10 times when I finally face the situation it’s not nearly as bad as it was in my thoughts and usually I get frustrated then when I recognize what I have done to myself. I hope and pray this lent I can learn to trust God more to stop this silly pattern

  • Colette Burroughs

    The first thing I do in the morning is turn on the television…I need noise, confusion, because I realize that it is a form of resisting what I know I should do and that is talk to God. Pray. Start my day with Him…but I always fall back and just turn the TV on…it is just easier…but it doesn’t make me feel better and and I want so much to be happy; to feel I have a connection with God. I want to start my day with GOD first. Please pray for me.

  • Matthew Butti

    I encounter resistance everyday by thinking self-loathing thoughts…

  • Susan E

    I encounter resistance when I choose to self-isolate. Since I my husband passed away and now that my daughter is off at school – it becomes all too easy to resist socializing. My husband and I always teased each other about how we would grow old together. It has been almost 7 years. I miss laughing, I miss joy and I still miss him. Good reminder today that I need to resist isolation and get back in the game of life. I blame work – I think I need to be more accountable to my choices. 🙂

  • Traci Bastuba

    Letting worry myself take over! To the point of experiencing anxiety attacks. I choose resistance now! I choose prayer! I choose God!

  • Connie Avel

    I resist laying my life down for my husband, family and friends

  • Elizabeth Hall

    I find resistance in keeping to my schedule time for my time with prayer, I hope that this something I can over come and have the best Lent ever.

  • Meredith Gardner

    I find resistance right before bed each night. I want to pray and talk to the Lord about my day; my high points and low points and tell Him how thankful I am for the blessings He has given me. INSTEAD, I find myself laying in bed, scrolling through my phone looking at unimportant or worldly things that fill my thoughts until I’m exhausted, turn out the light and fall asleep. I’m even thinking as I am doing this that I need to put my phone down and pray instead, but usually don’t do it. This Lent, I want to change this habit for good, so that I will end each day with God’s goodness on my mind and in my heart. Please pray for me.

  • Denise

    I am a huge snooze button user…..have been for as long as I can remember…wonder if I am afraid to face the day and what I cannot control. I have struggled for some time to let go and let God, trusting the plan He has for me is the one that will mean happiness..most recently I am struggling with the decision on when to retire from my work…struggling to see God’s plan for me, not what I want but what He wants me to do….hoping this Lent journey will help me to see the answer clearly

  • Elisabeth Young

    The largest area of resistance in my life is lack of follow through. I have the best of intentions, I honestly do, but then something gets in the way… or rather I allow something to get in the way. Whether it is something as mundane as taking care of my body through exercise and proper diet or more importantly, serving others as I would hope to do, maintaining daily prayer and spiritual reading or even paying attention in Adoration, I am always falling woefully short. today is a good reminder to not try to handle this alone, turn it over to God and ask that he help me serve HIm as He sees fit.

  • Joyce Paulinho

    I find resistance in my confidence. I question myself all the time with the decisions that I make. I often don’t voice my thoughts for the fear of not being right.

  • KellyAnn Mcgroary

    I am often overcome with having so much to do that I worry and do not focus on the really important things-my family and my relationship to God. I resist taking the time to do the things that would restore me and bring me joy.

  • CJH

    Please God help me to always do your will. Whenever I encounter resistance I will make a conscious effort not to turn and run. I have been weak for many years and it is time to put my trust in you! I’m exited to be on this journey during lent. I want to be the best version of myself for you….

  • PJ Ernst

    Discerning God’s will for me. I feel called to the Priesthood, and I know I have to put in the time to LISTEN to God in prayer, but my prayer has been very sporadic lately. I’ve found that when prayer is my number one priority of the day, I am AMAZED at how much easier my day goes. Everything seems to flow better that day. The act of listening itself is very tough for me because I want to hear audible, clear instructions, but I’ve come to learn that God doesn’t always work that way. He works gradually for me, slowly revealing step by step His plan for me as long as I invite Him into a relationship with me every, single, day. Mary is a perfect example of listening and doing His will. Her Fiat, her yes to the Lord at the Annuncation is an excellent example of learning to follow. Lord, please help me follow you like Mary said yes to you to be your Most Holy Immaculate Conception. Help me to listen with the eyes and ears of my heart during this Lenten season. Amen.

    • diana


  • Beth

    I think resistance shows up in my life as fear. So many times I don’t try my best because I am afraid I will fail. I resist trying my best because I am afraid it won’t be good enough. Sounds a lot like I resist trusting God to take what I have and make it enough.

  • Maria Gonzales

    I find resistance in maintaining my status quo. Not challenging myself to be better, not allowing myself to grow closer to God. I say my daily prayers without much focus. I attend Mass. I go through the motions without a full recognition of the potential effect of a better relationship with God.

    • Steve Femminineo

      You hit the nail on the head Maria, I feel exactly the same way! I feel like I am one of those “luke warm” people Jesus said he would “spit out”. I will pray for you to overcome your resistance, please pray for me to do the same…

  • Lisa Harmon

    I also struggled with consistently praying. Now that I have prioritized it and do it every day, my life is so much more balanced. I am so much happier. Getting up 20 min. earlier is the best investment in my life because it brings me peace. I read and then journal my thoughts on my iPad.

  • Mia Dela Cerna Darnell

    Resistance to me come in many forms. Number one is worry, second is control, and third is patience. These three are the topmost areas I need to work on. Time and again the Good Lord has prevailed in many challenging occassions. Unfortunately, inspite of these manifestations, I still worry and lose patience. This Lent, I will be working earnestly to improve on these areas.

  • Nanna

    Trying to quit smoking. I know it’s bad for my health, but recently I’ve realized that it’s also Satan’s work. I’ve got to learn to trust that only God can help.

  • Elaine Welsh

    I REALLY IDENTIFY WITH Mathew’s comment about hitting the snooze button. I always regret those minutes later when I am a few minutes late for work. And I love my job. I am 68 and still cannot bring myself to retire.

  • Lara Bergstrom

    It seems everywhere I turn I’m encountering resistance from the moment I hit that snooze button in the morning….I used to get up every morning and do my prayers to start my day out right. Now I find that I barely get in two minutes before something takes me away from that important part of my day.

  • Gary Moose

    Thank You for all you Dynamic Catholic members. I pray for all you to find the least path of resistance to Happiness which we all know comes from our Heavenly Father, Jesus Our Savior, and the Holy Spirit. God Bless You All.

  • Donna

    Well, I hit the snooze button almost every day.

  • Scott Van Horn

    Resistance is something I’m finding to be more of a challenge every day. I’m hoping that God led me to this discussion into the best line ever program to help me through some of those things that I’m resisting of my life. Please pray for me.

  • Diane

    Being able to start over in my life after the love of my life walked out to marry and start over with someone else. Just getting the strength to put myself out their to start over. That is my resistance that prevents me from moving on.

  • Jeanette

    The older my children get, the more I worry about them. I want so much to protect them from this world! Sometimes i get so overwhelmed when I think about how much responsibility lies on mine & my husbands shoulders when it comes to raising them to be compassionate, loving, functioning adults. I need to stop & remember that we are not in this alone! Prayer is my most powerful weapon we have! Thank you God for your unfailing grace❤️

  • Joe Kennedy

    I love how God continues to surprise me and find ways to unite me in fellowship with other believers. I thought my resistance comment about prayer was going to be unique, but a lot of us struggle with it. I find strength knowing that we struggle together.

  • Sheila A Palmer

    WoW, we are truly in the same boat. I push the snooze button, I don’t take time to pray as I actually love to but darn I check facebook. Wow – I’m resisting life and I need to take this time to wake up with the alarm and begin life. Thank you Dynamic Catholic.

  • Mireya Montoya Lumpkin

    My biggest encounter with resistance is through procrastination. I have battled with it since college, perhaps before, and I’m now in my 30s. Anytime I have a writing assignment at work, I struggle to just start. I still have issues and I pray for God to help me this Lent to battle resistance head on.

  • Colleen Sabino

    I resisted my divorce any paying off my husband who walked out. I prayed very hard for many years, 6.5 in total but it was gods love and strength that gave the the courage, I let go of resistance and let God run the show! I am at Peace’

  • Barb O.

    My biggest problem is not resistance, but procrastination. That is why my prayer time is very early in the morning since I’m a morning person. I’m praying this Lent to find my real self, the person that is deep inside where God lives within me and responding.

  • Colleen Harris

    I have over time sat in the morning with my time with the Lord. I read my readings daily. I try to also read at nite. But the hardest thing I rally have a hard time with is the worry. My son is the same way also so helping him not to worry is helping me. I offer it up to God because I know that he has brought me here he will also help me through it. But it is still a daily struggle.

  • Dolores

    discourage for me is my greatest vice, and I do feel I put a lot of things a side because of this, I remember a few years back I was more active in everything that I am now, I don’t know at what point I started to not care much anymore, right now I’m starting slowly to pick myself up, starting with my prayer life and focusing on my work.

  • Jules

    Hello, thank you Dynamic Catholic for this opportunity to learn and grow with all of you! I resist so much in life, but for Lent I have decided to break some habits like hitting the snooze button, not taking care of my body and working out, eating right, gossiping, sitting down and reading the Bible… The list goes on..So help me please in this journey of during Lent to be the best version of myself!! I am open to change, through Christ our Lord!

  • Deb

    My husband and I are giving up television for Lent…he had time to listen to these Dynamic Catholic videos with me this morning and he’s ready earlier than usual. More time together, to pray and with the dogs – what a blessing already!

  • Susan

    For me the resistance has been in the form of being lazy. Telling myself I don’t need to do that now. It will be here tomorrow. I’ll do it then. Most of the time this doesn’t work. It is a waste. I recognize that and still I do it. I know God is calling me to more. I think I’m afraid of what he is calling me to do.

  • Jen Belden

    I resist saying or doing many things out of fear of criticism or disapproval from others. Please say a short prayer for me that I might overcome some of these fears over this season of Lent. I will pray that this Lenten season is meaningful for each of you.

  • Susie Coomes Lucas

    I’ve never thought about resistance like this before. I’m inspired

  • M. Teresa Todd

    I always say I’m going to pray the rosary and I never seem to make time. This lent I’m going to make time.

  • Brittany Foti

    Hello my name is Brittany. One of the biggest ways which I have encountered resistance is when I am asked to do something and I don’t and with my alarm clock as I always seem to be shutting it off. I really have the desire to grow stronger in my faith this Lent! I also gave up the facebook app as I feel that it was too much of a distraction. I pray that everyone has a blessed Lent! God bless!

  • Beth Crea

    I, too, experience resistance through worrying about everything. It has become debilitating and takes away from all the good things in my life. I also deleted Facebook from my phone and am going to focus more on prayer and putting things in God’s hands. Prayers to all of you doing the same!

  • Kimberly Trapp

    Resistance in the snooze button, in not completing daily house chores/tasks, and in pursuing/achieving goals/dreams that I have for myself. But likely the resistance I desire most to conquer is the distractions/busyness that pull me away from having my daily quiet/devotion time. Today is the beginning of change, the beginning of overcoming resistance.

  • singing428

    Wow, Resistance! I guess it is something I have forced upon myself because I do not want to look like a failure or a quitter. I know that sounds weird, but it is true. For years I have had this immense calling for ministry work, but have not put forth the time and effort to take the courses required to become a youth ministry or pastoral associate. Part of that stems from the fact that about 10 years ago I changed careers, went to college to become a high school English teacher. I am fortunate that I ended up in a Catholic school which enables me to talk about Jesus in my classroom and help with our vibrant retreat program. But still the tug on my heart is there that I am supposed to be doing more. During the next 40 days I am going to pray fervently that God really speaks to my heart about this possible career change and guides me on the path he has placed before me.

  • Deacon Cy Will

    I am not one to express my feelings very well but I want to thank you who do share. Your comments are helping me become a better version of myself. What I here you all expressing I’m saying to myself, hey that is me, I do that. Thank you for sharing.

  • Sandra

    Procrastination is my name. I am happy to see resistance is the 1st item of acknowledgement in this series. I need help. I do not make extra efforts and I know that inner struggle but I give into resistance. I don’t know why.

  • Erin Carter

    I find resistance whenever I try to sit down in prayer. Lately I’ve filled my time with Netflix or mindless games and social media instead of spending time with God. This Lent I’ve made a commitment to turn off the television for the last 30 minutes prior to bed and to also start my day with a devotion.

  • Delilah Sanchez

    Going through a very difficult time in my life right now…The ending of 13 yr relationship with my boyfriend and the reality that he has moved on… I embrace the beginning of Lent, For the opportunity of a new beginning…. One thing that I can say is that I am not resisting my family’s or friends love or support…. I am welcoming it!

  • Megan

    I find resistance in procrastination. I am constantly thinking, “I will get to that later.” Electronic devices enable resistance and I am trying to step back from them this lent. I also struggle with resistance when it comes to “me time”. With a family it is hard to find time for myself. I need to take care of myself, so that I can be a better person for my family.

  • Steven Sisman

    Resistance sometimes comes to me in the form of “I don’t have to do that now, I will do it later” where later doesn’t happen.

    Thanks for pointing out the Catechism says human beings are made for happiness. “The thief comes to steal, kill and destroy” that happiness (John 10:10) and Jesus came that we “may have life, and have life abundantly” (John 10:10).

  • John

    I totally agree with Matthew’s point on “Resistance is the Slayer of Dreams” and that resistance is the enemy and that we fight a daily war which is trying to prevent us from being the best version of our self, the version GOD has for us. Not trying to be a contrarian, but I also see Resistance as being a friend, in that resistance, or some might call it developing our self-discipline, can prevent us from doing those bad things that gets in the way of us being the best version of ourselves. Resistance from getting up from the table to get that extra serving of food, from getting that extra glass of wine or bottle of beer, or thinking negative thoughts on what’s going on in our lives or gossiping or being judgmental of others. By resisting these things through self-discipline in conjunction with resisting the procrastination and other points that Matthew mentions can help us work towards being the best version of our self.

  • mrcpuhead

    I must admit the first thing I thought of about resistance is that which I’ve experienced at work. I’m a strategic dreamer, but also a practical engineer. Through the years, I’ve tried to gain support for grand ideas – significant ways to affect positive change. But usually there’s just not enough support in the chain of command to turn the ideas into reality. I’m persistent though, and will keep trying, making adjustments based on lessons learned. The Serenity Prayer really helps in these situations!

  • Pat Dodd Polito

    So many little things to do, always busy running around to tend to the needs of my family and resist taking time out for myself. I need to resist that urge in the morning to hit the ground running and start off my day quietly in prayer and reflection. I need to make it a priority

  • Jacqueline Schumacher

    This is going to be my best Lent ever! I am using this program to get myself away from my food addiction. Way too much time is spent in thoughts of food..even though I may not eat it, it is always on my mind. That time can be so much better spent in doing good deeds and learning to respect myself and love myself as God wants me to do. More praying..I do pray every morning, but need to expand that to more parts of the day.
    I am going to Mass today ..a good start to Lent.

    • stacey oleary

      I here you about the food thing takes up way much of my time. Enjoy mass!

      • Jacqueline Schumacher

        Thank you, Stacey!

  • stacey oleary

    I have a good schedule with prayer every morning first thing, then I take care of elderly mother, and then work. The difficult part is I don’t fit in taking care of me! I’ve gained weight and have become so sedentary. I’m just looking for the balance.

  • Liz

    I am self employed and find myself worrying about debt. Five years ago we had three sons in college and when they graduated we found ourselves $90,000 in debt. Little by little we have cut the debt to $7500, but because of health issues cutting into this debt seems to be harder and harder. Please pray that my does not keep me from honoring my debt obligation, that God will show me that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

    • kimisu

      Up to this point, I would guess that your deep worry about debt is why you’ve been so ambitious at paying down your debt. You have paid $82,500 of your debt in five years! That’s $16,500 a year! That’s remarkable! Through God, all things are possible. If it takes you another five years to pay off the remaining 8% of your debt, then so be it. And what word means “so be it”? AMEN.

  • Maureen

    Watching Neflix, so I’ve given it up for Lent.

  • Eileen

    Fear of failure and fear of not living in God’s plan for me is my biggest form of resistance. I am going to try the strategy of writing down goals and things I am grateful for and things I have done well today to recognize that perhaps, after all, I am doing a reasonable job of living God’s plan for me. Reading the daily mass readings helps with that — usually in the morning on the computer. Let’s all let God help us be our best

  • Carrie Ann

    I experience resistance all through the day. I am a homeschooling mother of 5, have moved 7 times in the last 8 years and have my last move to hopefully happen in the next few months. We are military and have recently retired. I find that I experience resistance all day long. When I first wake up and choose to get a bit more sleep, which ends up being too much and I start my day far later than I should. This puts my whole day behind in regard to keeping the house in order, getting the kids ready and going through the day. We often do not accomplish the amount of school I want them to an it is simply my fault. I don’t exercise in the morning even though I have my exercise clothes hanging on the door…because I didn’t get up before my children. I don’t pray with my children the way I would like because I am harried and frustrated all day because we are behind. We have too much stuff and it paralyzes me to inaction because I don’t know what to do with it right then at the moment. I have been trying to follow Fly Lady for years, but my own resistance keeps me from following the basic routines that I know make me happy. I have been successful for short periods of time and then something happens to get me out of my routine and I’m done for months. I want so badly to change. I truly am my own worst enemy! I believe it’s spirtual warfare. If I would get my butt out of bed, pray, exercise and wake my children in a cheerful manner and stay that way throughout the day, turning to prayer with my children throughout…I know the fruits that would come from that…and I believe the Devil knows it too. So he uses my own weakness, and I continue to let him. I want to stop resisting happiness and be the person God wants me to be so I can be happy and teach my children to be happy as well. Please Pray For Me.

  • Mary

    I pray as I’m driving to work or the gym instead of listening to the radio

    • stacey oleary

      Thanks mary I have to get more creative and.flexible with my time

  • CJ

    I find resistance in procrastination. I make a conscious choice to do something else over what I should be doing and it causes me stress when I don’t accomplish what needs get get done and I know that I could have gotten so much done but I didn’t because I chose not to. I chose to do something else mind numbing.

  • Mario A. Limaduran

    Uff. What a concept. Never thought about it this way; just thought it was laziness. But I do encounter resistance in so many ways throughout the day. From waking up immediately, to praying the rosary on my way to work instead of listening to music, to reading daily instead of wasting countless hours on my phone… and even at work, getting that one extra thing done. It’s a constant battle.

  • stacey oleary

    I just got a rosary cd going to try to pray in car

  • Chad Fussy

    When I was young I was in great shape and played sports. I swam, played baseball, basketball, football, whatever I could do to stay active and busy. I even made it to college sports, which is a big accomplishment. As I have gotten older my body has begun to fail to me. I get injured very easily, I’ve even had back surgery. I always seem to bounce back by the grace of God. But recently I found that my body hurts constantly and that I keep pushing myself as I did in my younger years. I can’t do the physical things that I am used to doing. I get frustrated and resist the fact that I need to rest and take care of myself. This resistance causes a tremendous amount of anger and separates me from my relationship with God. This effects my outlook on life, it puts me in a dark place. I have to remember that I need to accept my limitations and take care of myself if I want the gift of happiness from God. This Lenton season I am going to challenge myself not to resist what my body is telling me so that I may become a better version of myself.

  • Tracey F

    I battle mental illness so resistance is a big part of my life. I struggle just to get the day to day chores done and the felling of failure when I don’t. I thank God every day for my supportive husband and loving teenage children

  • Stephanie Nicolini-Borem

    Yelling at my children in the morning. It’s such a stressful time of day, but instead I’m calmly telling them what they should be doing.

  • Roberrt

    Selfishness in the form of resisting to commit to things (charities, friendships, etc) in the fear that doing so will limit my “freedom” in the future. Somewhat of a leftover anxiety from a busy career but still haunts me as I begin retirement and look for new adventures & purpose – too obsessed with controlling “my time”. 😖

  • Sharron

    I find it easier to watch. I sit on the sidelines. If I make a decision I keep it to myself. I have become more of a loner as I gotten older. I guess I am resistant to life outside of the familiar and that does make me tired all of the time.

  • FB

    I experienced resistance yesterday during a fight with my boyfriend. Instead of opening up to him and being fair and respecting his point of view (which I KNEW was the right thing to do), I chose to be selfish and shut down. It turned out to be not all bad – we had a long talk later in which we discussed many things calmly and in-depth – but what I really regret is resisting being kind and loving to him in that moment.

  • Jean Prescott

    I recognize every comment I’ve read this morning. So I’m not the only one! I believe ditching fb is a fine place to begin, and the priorities list is right up my street. Thank you, all you lovely people out there for this generous support.

  • Denny Hennessy

    Loved the video! I have encountered resistance in many areas, from going to the gym, to making the phone calls to prospective clients to going to church on Sunday. Consciously recognizing those times will be a big help in overcoming that resistance.

  • Lenys Klumpp

    Although I pray the rosary most mornings. I find i fall to procrastination throughout my day. In several areas. I guess resistance is a form, or is, procrastination. I pray that i find the courage to make some important decisions. Looking forward to this journey…

  • Deborah

    I recently came to realize that my resistance is my time verses God’s time (and isn’t it all God’s time). I am a schedule person. Everything I do is based on “scheduling”. It’s not like I have a busy life ether. I am retired, I have set times for prayer, starting dinner, vaccuming, dusting, when to leave for church to be at Mass so that I can have my 15 minutes of quiet before Mass. Any appointment I have I arrive 15 minutes early so that I won’t be late. When did I begin the pattern? I don’t know. But it seems that when something occurs where I need to provide some assistance to someone unexpectedly, my first instinct is “it is not on my schedule…” I eventually work with God where he is calling me, but I am disturbed that I have allowed this upside down order of importance to happen. It is a pattern I am working to break.

  • Sue

    I too meet resistance when it comes to my prayer time. I go along committed to a specific time every morning and then comes the inevitable morning when I am too tired or become distracted with something else and then that resistance can lead to days or even weeks before I get back on track. The importance of prayer can not be overstated. Jesus said to pray constantly. There is tremendous power in prayer. I know this is all true – so why do I have such a problem being consistent in prayer? Resistance – the last thing Satan wants is to see me praising and talking with God. One of my goals this Lent is to stick to my prayer time without fail. I can not do this without God’s grace and the prayers of my companions on this journey. Please pray for me & I will pray for all of you

  • Candie Hazelton

    I am in awe of the kindness and love I feel as I read through everyone’s comments. What a beautiful fellowship we have. Blessings to each of you for an inspiring Lenten season. Thank you for sharing yourselves.😇

  • Celia

    I started devoting just a few minutes every morning to prayer a few years ago. It was during a time of great stress, when I needed someone or something to help me deal with the loss of my spouse. Gradually, the time lengthened as I discovered how powerful and healing prayer was for me. I read a daily passage from the book Jesus Calling, which has instilled in me the need for trust and gratitude. Every time I begin to feel overwhelmed, I think of all the blessings God has given me and the day gets brighter. The rosary has become a large part of my morning prayer, along with several other publications and the daily message from Dynamic Catholic.

  • Karen Brucker

    I meet resistance when I feel I need to control things. Whether it is the expectation of how the day will go or the desire to “make things better” I pray the Holy Spirit will fill me with an awareness of when this is happening and help me step back and take a breath.. and be In The Moment…

  • colleen

    I encounter resistance everyday as you have mentioned. God has blessed me with the wonderful gift and talent of beings an artist but I allow resistance to stop me from creating art. I always allow other things priority from household chores, helping family, actually anything to stop me from creating art.

    • Diane

      So schedule a time every day and make it a prayer to God. Create art in His holy name.

  • Patricia Lackey

    Fear causes my resistance-fear of being wrong, fear of an idea not being good enough. or just not being good enough. This fear i have recognized stops me from doing lots of things, as silly as it sounds it prevents me from being the best version of myself…It is sort of funny but I never thought about this way.

  • Joyce Reynolds Lopez

    My resistance comes in laziness and procrastination. Not dealing with tasks in a timely manner. Whether leaving the pots in the sink until morning or not giving my kids, mostly my youngest, the attention and time he craves🙁. Also putting off prayer. Before I know it the day is over and I have not said my rosary.

    • Molly T

      I have a terrible time with dishes as well! My goal is to have a clean sink every night.

      • kimisu

        I heard or read once that doing household chores is an excellent time to multitask in the form of offering your work/service to God through prayer. Just think of how many prayers could be said while you wash those dishes! And you can thank God when you’re done for having completed a task you don’t particularly care for (always the best reason for putting it off!) and for giving you time for prayer in your day.

  • Julie

    I too, am a worrier. I fight it, though, by telling myself that “God is in control. Things will work out how they’re supposed to.” This often works and I can go back to sleep. :} Brennan is correct, I’ve got better things to do than try to do God’s job in my life. I need to do what God wants me to do. I’ll keep fighting that worrying.

  • Laura Dicas

    I’m like Brennan. I have let worry and stress take over my life. As I thought about it over the past few days, this is what I’ve wanted to focus on during Lent.

  • Suzzz

    I am addicted to Social Media. Literally spend HOURS on the computer throughout the day. I know I should be doing this or that, but procrastinate because of Facebook. I’m beginning to dislike myself.

  • Bryan Cunningham

    Thank you for the encouragement for today. First step to challenging resistance. Just a bit frightened. All in the sign of the cross

  • Teresa Elliott

    I resist going to bed at night until I pass out in my recliner. I always think I can do, watch, or read one more thing. As a result I rarely get enough sleep. I want to work on that this Lent.

  • Mindy Hamilton

    Wow, never really thought about procrastination or laziness as being resistance but it makes sense. Resistance rears its head on a regular basis throughout my day. Facebook, TV, Google, Pinterest etc. are some of my biggest resistance barriers at the end of my day which takes away time with my family. Not to mention the barriers faced at work during the day. This Lent will be different than ones in the past…….instead of giving up chocolate like we did as kids, I’m going to each day try to win the battle with the alarm clock barrier. No more snooze button. Maybe this will cause other resistance barriers to be conquered if I start the day out right.

  • Velma Garcia

    As I sit and reflect on the video, I become aware of the many the times resistance enters my daily life. It’s a snowball effect and by the middle of the week I haven’t really accomplished anything, not even daily prayer. This Lent, actually today, I am committed to buy keep a 365 Days of Prayer on my nightstand and reach for it first, even before the coffee cup! Thank you for all your wonderful suggestions and support. I already know today is going to be great!
    Velma Garcia

  • Molly T

    I have found myself stuck in an unhealthy friendship. This Lent, I am want to define which relationships compliment my path to happiness and focus on those.

    • Susie Caughey

      I have been struggling likewise. I decided to make a peace offering for any unintentional hurts I caused the person and forgive them for the pain they caused me. They used it to hurt me more – claim I was guilty. I talked to a Spiritual DIrector and Franciscan Priest. I received the same one word response – “disengage”. Some friendships are not everlasting. I hope this helps.

      • Molly T

        “Disengaging” I find to be the hard part. Lots of prayer will be had these next 40 days. Thank you!

  • Susie Caughey

    Oh my! I hit snooze twice this morning. Double whammy! May this awareness help me slay resistance twice over throughout this day by the grace of God.

    • Victoria Warren-Mears

      I did the same thing and then listened to Matthew. I had never thought of that as resistance or disobedience. Looking forward to think about this more.

  • Kim M Smith

    Everything you have all shared is so true and I love your ideas and I too will pray for all of you and we all will have the best lent

  • Rena OHara

    So what’s the first thing I did this morning? You’ve got it; hit the snooze and rolled over. I struggle throughout the day to complete tasks I don’t really want to do. I usually push pass this but at time subcomb to the resistance. This Lent I’m going to offer up these moments and do the tasks for Jesus! Lord, Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me a sinner.

  • Leona Gamerl

    Resistance, said another way, is procrastination. That’s how resistance is reflected in my life. I always meet a due date, but in waiting until the last minute, I create more stress and that’s not happiness.

  • John Vogel

    I read all the comments and found 99% to be in our world DISTRACTIONS. Last thing before going to bed is Prayer, Praying for Family, Friends, Strangers, by name, yes it takes time but I sleep without distractions. At 5:00am I wake and go directly to Prayer, not getting out from under the covers but by saying Thank you to God in on Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be. If belief is constant encountering resistance then Prayer, personal, caring, thankful Prayer is the answer.

  • NorthShoreCoach

    Great Video! I will be praying for all of us during this Lenten Journey…..

    For lent, I am unplugging….I will use the computer at work for email, etc., but no Facebook, Television, or excess time on my phone. I feel resistance from our entire culture. I feel pulled into politics, unneeded entertainment, food or too much of it, etc.

    Time to dive in head first for a great 40 days of spiritual reading, the bible, prayer, and time with family…….

  • David Die

    Getting married has calmed us both down… We look to the Lord for his guidance through our daily lives with our children and grandchildren to bring them back to the church…

  • Christy Martinez

    I loved the videos, thank you! Resistance takes many forms for me with the biggest being making unhealthy choices about food. I know what foods will make me feel good in the long term yet choose what looks good right now even when I have the back and forth conversation in my head I often choose the junky, immediately satisfying foods. I end up feeling bad physically and spiritually. I want to be the best version of myself and it will start today. I pray I recognize resistance, name it, and make a choice that glorifies God. Please pray for me. Thank you.

  • Mary

    I tend to second-guess my major decisions. I play many different scenarios in my head and come up with excuses why I shouldn’t follow through. What I feel is a time of discernment becomes a period of procrastination.

  • Robin Flannagan

    I resist putting off exercising even though I belong to a gym. I know how much healthier and energetic I feel when I work out, and I know I could accomplish many more positive things.

  • Kim

    Sacred Space is another great app for daily prayer

  • Jesse Bourque

    I encounter resistance when I take credit for the things that go right and the broken things that I fix, rather than thanking God for those things. When things go wrong, I resist the opportunity to see that there is a bigger plan that God has, and that I should ask Him for the serenity to gain acceptance of that bigger plan.

  • Traci S McKeon

    I get overwhelmed by my to do list and wind up shutting down and doing virtually nothing, which only compounds the problem.

  • Maria Carto

    Each night I promise myself and my husband that I’ll get to bed at a decent hour. Most times I fall asleep and wake up at 1,2,3 in the morning. I really can’t figure why I resist but I know I do.

  • Shannon

    I laughed when I watched this first video. It’s as if God, who had already pointed me in the direction of self discipline for Lent, picked this video just for me, just after I hit that snooze button! It’s easy as a outside/inside working Mom of 6 with a police officer husband to feel tired, overwhelmed, and as if she “deserves” to watch the television and not fold the laundry, all the while knowing that I could easily do both. But the resistance is in the choosing to do nothing when I know there are lots of somethings. It’s easy to worry about hubs while he is away. It’s easy to want to believe the kids when they say they don’t have homework but I know they do. A million times a day there are little resistances, and sometimes I choose wisely and some days I give in.

  • Robin Flannagan

    After reading some of the comments below, I realize I actually put too much time into reading, even though it’s devotional or theological. I need to start listening to books more so I can move! I’m excited and prayerful to make this a true time of becoming a better spiritual warrior for Jesus.

  • Kay

    Yes I too love Laudate every morning! I pray to overcome joining small discussion groups in church because I fear getting vulnerable and emotional in front of others. Anyone share this too?

  • Gia Turella

    I find myself resisting by wasting time of not taking the time to pray. Just recently, my mom has been sick…in and out of the hospital and Rehab. I’m a worrier mostly now because of her health. I have put her name on prayer lists and such. I haven’t been faithful to take the time to thank God personally. I guess that I’m afraid of what may/may not happen down the road.

  • Educator Commentary

    Three years ago I was diagnosed with Lupus. I think that the diagnosis was the catalyst for my resistance. While the symptoms were true and palpable, I gave in and found myself in a state of deep, dark despair. The things that I used to love, like exercising and spending time with my husband and sons, no longer appealed to me and I just wanted to sleep and wallow in the pain. It wasn’t until I saw what it was doing to my marriage that I knew that I no longer wanted to give it. I wanted to live my life, not simply exist. I made the choice to ask God to give me the strength every day to work on myself, my marriage, and my relationship with my children. I am happy to say that today, I am in remission and know that God’s Grace is guiding me back to a happy marriage and a healthy me.

  • Linda Norb Leska

    Procrastination and worry are my battles. Need to lean on the Lord and trust.

  • Jose Tarango

    Since a year ago this month i had both my parents and my father in law diagnosed with cancer. My mother and father in law were given months to live. My father in law passed away n September and my mother is still fighting the battle with stage 4 cancer. Instead of staying close to God and the church I used all this bad stuff as an excuse to drift away. I have been resisting being the Christian that my parents taught me to be and the Christian I was. I recognize this resistance now and with the help of my lord I will fight it and get back to where I used to be!!! God bless!!

  • Janine Christensen

    I have deleted the FB app from my phone and am not going to watch tv this Lent. I do have prayer apps on my phone and plan to use those more as well as spend time reading from the Bible. Even after I deleted FB from my phone Last night, I could feel the pull to want to check it. I didn’t realize it was such a big resistance in my life. Happy Lent everyone!

  • Tommy Wilcox

    After my retirement in 2008, I realized how my prayer life and my spiritual reading really needed to be improved. I really began a new life where I try and put God first in every thing that I do. I made a list of actions to takes every day like daily mass and communion, adoration time, frequent confession, and a daily rosary. I quickly felt much more connected to Jesus, Mary, the Holy Spirit, and my family and friends.
    Before retirement, I had time to improve my prayer life but just procrastinated. Now I do not waste time watching television, doing FB, etc. Now I am trying to improve my exercise time but it is very difficult because I expect quick results and become frustrated.
    Another area where God has led me is helping other people so I do volunteer work and other various activities. It is wonderful sharing my talents with people in need.
    Other than some medical problems that I have my life is very rewarding

  • Jackie Zuern

    I find resistance in depression, anxiety, and the temptation to just sit and veg out in front of the tv or social media.

  • Holly A Lawson

    I encounter resistance by getting caught up in the minor details of the day; the “to
    do list” and forgetting to pray. That is my goal for Lent, to set aside time each day for prayer without distractions!

  • Kelly Long

    The closer I have come to Jesus and my faith in the last few years the more resistance I have encountered especially in my own family. I get opposition to so many teachings of Christ and our Catholic faith. Some don’t believe Jesus was even real. Others tell me that I can’t be certain that the Bible is even the word of God. At first I was shocked and I didn’t even know how to respond. I am fearful that I now feel doubt creeping into my heart. Are they right? Do they know something I don’t? I hate this but I honestly don’t know how to get back to where I was. I used to be so stable and grounded in my faith. Now I feel like I’m somewhat out there blowing in the wind.

    • Janice

      Kelly that is when you cling to Jesus even more!!! Rebuke this doubt in the name of Jesus Christ and ask God to fill that empty space with His assurance, His Peace, His love and a greater faith in Him and not in what other peopled say. Unfortunately the evil one uses the people we love and respect the most to stunt our growth. Pray to the Holy Spirit to give you the right words and stay in your Holy Scriptures and make an extra Mass or two a week if you can, read up on the Saints and their struggles. You are NOT alone!! Nothing can separate you from the love of Jesus!!

    • kimisu

      St Michael, the Archangel, defend us in battle. Be our safeguard against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray; and do you, O Prince of the heavenly host, by the power of God cast into hell Satan and all the evil spirits who wander through the world seeking the ruin of souls.

      Any time I sense the presence of the devil, I pray this prayer. I don’t have it memorized yet, but I do my best with it when I don’t have it written down and in front of me. And sometimes I am moved to tears and feel God’s presence when I say it and I know that, once again, God’s got my back and the devil doesn’t get to insert his slime into my life.

  • Camille Schultz

    I encounter resistance every morning when I don’t get out of bed when my alarm goes off. Then I miss my time alone with God and am a hectic mess the entire day. This Lent I am going to change that, so that I have time for daily prayer to start my day off on the right note.

  • Rita Perii

    I struggle with resistance daily, at work, home, physical exercise etc. Thanks for sharing the book suggestion and the app. I pray for all today as well.

  • Christi

    This lent I have decided to pray and read my bible first thing in the morning and the last thing before I go to bed. It is something I have long desired to do and realized through this first video that I have been struggling with resistance. So many things steal my time. I am going to pray to be more aware of those “things” and “set my mind” to drawing closer to Christ, with the help of the Holy Spirit.
    Thank you so much Dynamic Catholic for this wonderful program!

  • Sheila Adams

    I am a worrier. I worry about my life, my husbands life, especially about my kids life and I worry about everyone I encounters life! I want to battle this resistance during Lent and give it all to God. Knowing he is the one who will take care of it all in His way if I just let him.

  • John

    Why are you judging me for using my snooze button in the morning? If I’m lazy, you eat to much. This is not what I’m looking forward to.

    • Angel Schneider

      I think you may have missed the bigger point here. I sense no judgement from Matthew, rather a man who only desires to help build the body of Christ, you and me. Perhaps what you are sensing is a conviction of your heart, a tinge of wisdom that is quietly whispering that growth is needed somewhere within your life just like the rest of us. May God bless you during this Lenten season.

  • Brenda Pellegrini

    Resistance … I am consistently inconsistent. I am working on doing my miracle morning in respect to the book I am an early bird but sometimes I wake up and turn the TV on which that sidetracks me. Instead of the snooze button… I turn the TV on that is my snooze button.

  • Angel Schneider

    Matthew’s book, Resisting Happiness, really resonated for me and was a huge factor in my ability to make changes and break free from a self-imposed prison. When you push past the resistance that is holding you back, something unbelievable happens… you find hope and faith in the power of God’s grace. May God bless all of you on your Lenten journey!

  • Gayle

    I have to pick one thing at a time to work on. Not hitting the snooze button might be out of my box for now! However, I do worry too much. Nothing is solved by worrying and so much is lost. I must trust Jesus more. Let go and let God.

  • Rita Perii

    I struggle with resistance everyday at work, home, physical exercise, reading, etc. Thank you for sharing the book and app suggestions. I am praying for all today as well.

  • Joanne

    I too have given up Facebook for Lent. Now I need to make time for morning and evening prayer. I also want to attend daily mass during this lenten season.

  • Veronica Kent Figueroa

    I try to control all aspects of my life. I need to just give God full control

  • Michelle C. Merigillano

    Like Brennan, I too have a lot of worry that runs through my mind daily about things I cannot control. I pray that I can overcome my worries and live in the now more than ever.

  • Sharon

    The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops or is a wonderful website. I use it to listen to the daily readings. They also have a short video component where you can hear someone’s thoughts about what you just read. I have found it to be helpful when I am too restless to sit down and read.

  • Anita Moody

    I have been using an email site called “Pray More Novenas” for several years. They post novenas several times a year so that thousands of people can pray for personal intentions and for each other. They are offering a Lenten retreat which starts today so there is still time to sign up and all they request is a free will offering if you can afford it. This is an easy way to use the cell phone or tablet to enrich instead of enslave us. God bless everyone doing The Best Lent Ever

  • Martha

    I too experience resistance through fear. It manifests itself through control, worry, and self condemnation. Lord, please reveal those times throughout the day when I am fearful and help me to turn to you.

    • nancy arroyo

      Fear is also an issue with me as well. I will pray for you . please keep me in your prayers for the same thing this Lenten season.

      • Martha

        I will Nancy 🙂

  • Dannel Rodriguez

    I find resistance in hitting the snooze button EVERY morning instead of just getting up to do my morning routine of prayer and reading…

  • mary

    A constant battle with food … overeating. I hear the little voice inside saying no don’t eat this; you are not hungry. I resist for a moment but give in 8 out of 10 times, I give in. This is resistance in my life.

    Lord help me become steadfast in resisting temptation in eating access food this Lent in hope it will continue as a lifestyle after the season is gone. Amen!

  • Lisa Allen

    I battle multiple resistance in my daily life. Prioritizing my spiritual and life needs and accomplishing those daily will be my forward goal. I pray for all on their Lenten journey!

  • Jane Crager

    I find resistance in self-care and taking time out for myself. I get so caught up in x, y, and z that my wellbeing mentally and physically fall through the cracks and gets pushed to the next day and the next day. I hope this Lent season I take time for myself and work for a loving relationship with myself that I can then turn outwardly onto others.

  • Dave

    For weeks I have been pushing myself to lose weight and take better care of myself. Every night I tell myself Ill get out and exercise tomorrow. Tomorrow never seems to come. I’ve never been one who prayed much. I am happy to say I have gotten back in the habit of going back to church, something I always resisted doing. While at church last Sunday I came across this website and signed up for the program — a first for me. I look forward to putting this program to work as I strive to overcome resistance and change my mindset and lifestyle.

    • nancy arroyo

      Dave I feel that same way. I too have recently started going back to mass on a regular basis. Excercise is hard for me to commit to because I’m afraid of failing and not continuing what I started. My health is depending on me to lose weight . high blood pressure and diabetes being the issues.

  • Susanne Conley

    Worry!!!! That hit a chord. After raising a big family is adopted sick or abused kids that Inthought God was going to heal worry took over. I think the older I get the more I realize I have no control. I want to get to the place where I trust God and accept His will. What a battle.

  • Angela

    I feel I most frequently encounter resistance through denial and giving in to self-defeating thoughts. So I quit before I even start instead of drawing mental strength from Christ and the saints. This Lent I’m giving up TV and am going to use that time that I would normally waste is going to be spent reading, doing online Bible study, and truly working to meet God. I will be praying that everyone across the world that is participating in The Best Lent Ever.

  • nancy arroyo

    I was diagnosed with diabetes about eight months ago. Although my eating habits have improved tremendously I have yet to start physically moving more I know I need to be up walking and taking care of that part of my body as well I thought about walking and saying my rosary at the same time I guess that’s where that resistance comes in because I have yet to do it

  • Karin Blaschik

    I have missed these discussions so much! Welcome back Lent.

  • Sherry G. Morgan

    I can see now that I have definitely been a resistor. Just giving it her name is empowering. I welcome the opportunity that you are giving us to focus on that this Lent. I know I’m going to have a really great Lent this year because I am focusing on a number of things. I will pray for those who are on on this journey with me and hope that all of you will continue to pray for me as well. In the morning when the alarm goes off, I will take my first step toward resistance Annihilation

  • Wade Talley

    Resistance for me and so many adults and kids==== The Fear of Failure! It keeps us from enjoying the Challenges and Dreams that God has given each of us!

  • RD

    The resistance that comes to mind for me is procrastination and lack of discipline. I have things I want to do, yet I find it so easy to become distracted. I know I spend too much time with electronic devices, yet I don’t set any limits. I always find myself surprised by how much time went by reading facebook or watching a television program. Lord, help me this Lent to give you control of my time. Work in me to use time so I don’t feel guilty or discouraged after it passes. Help me give more time to you and your desires for me. Stay present in the moments of my day, so the things I do, I do WITH You. Lord, bless the choices of what I do with my time so that I am happy at the end of the day. I love You and want to know You, love You and serve You better and better. Moment to moment, be with me and show me how. Amen.

  • Gerri Wetherhold

    I find so much resistance in saying the rosary daily. I start out with such good intentions and then just become too lazy. I worry that Jesus will become lazy with me. I pray to do the right thing and do what is right for eternal soul.

  • msgraciey

    Every year I say that I’m going to do better during Lent on the things that really matter. Giving up those foods that are a comfort to me is one thing, but the habits are another. While these past 4 years have seen me grow in my relationship to God, in other ways I have let myself go-I’m a procrastinator in so many areas. So as this Lenten season begins, I am praying that I will work through those resistance areas so that I may be on the way to being the best version of myself and subsequently be more healthy, less anxious, and content.

  • Maria

    Worry is definitely a big one for me, especially as a college student. It’s made it hard to really dive into the content of my classes, which causes me to worry even more when I don’t do so great on a homework, quiz, or test. It’s a vicious cycle, but I’m trying to face it with a positive attitude. I’m hoping that this Lent will help me with that.


    My resistance is feeling I no longer need to pray. My life is good. I try to be a good person. I do daily thank God for the good things in my life. For lent I will add prayer to my evenings.

  • Elaine Marasco

    I can relate to Brennan Hehman and have a hard time resisting worry. Prayer helps, but sometimes I resist that too. Pray for me.

  • raymond martinez

    kind of funny… my alarm clock went off this morning and I absolutely considered calling into work today and “doing house chores” but I remembered from resisting happiness not to be slayed! I actually repeated don’t be slayed! With 1 eye open i looked at the flashing alarm clock and said not today! It’s going to feel even better with that ash Wednesday TUNA sandwich! Pray and fast empty yourself and full up with Jesus. Btw resisting happiness is an absolute read

  • Alice

    Brennan’s video spoke to me in volumes. I am a chronic worrier! (If that’s a word!) Anyway, I have been worrying since I was a child. As I aged, the worries expanded always looking to control some outcome. I just started reading Resisting Happiness by Matthew Kelly. I find it enlightening to finally understand that we have the power over resistance! I really didn’t even realize until today’s video that worrying is a part of resistance. Now it makes total sense. I look forward to learning more about this during lent, conquering it and grower closer to Jesus. Let’s do this together this lent!

  • Caitlin

    I’ve read the “Resisting Happiness” book twice and still struggle with overcoming resistance. I have a quote in my bedroom “and I, I took the road less travelled.” I wish I could say that I slay resistance by trailblazing my own way but unfortunately the road of least resistance wins. This Lent, I choose to be conscious in my decisions and choose to overcome resistance!!

  • Micheal Hayden

    My biggest struggle with resistance is my self confidence. It causes so much doubt in my life and keeps me from even trying things that I want to do. I stay in my own bubble fearing I’m never good enough and not giving myself the credit I deserve when I do something right. Instead I tell myself that I could have been better or look at it from a negative perspective. My hope is that through this Lent, with Gods help, I can battle this resistance and finally slay it once and for all to start truly living in happiness.

    • Level UP

      How old are you and do you still rely on your parents? If you do, the best thing for self confidence is to pour yourself into your career and do the best you can at it. You will find that you will do that well and then you will move into other areas of your career or even a different career and then do your best at that one. Then in a few years you’ll look back and say to yourself “I can do anything!” At least, that’s what happened to me. I relied on my folks too much and for way too long. Once I decided to do things on my own I became a different person and this was before I got married. Of course, keep your prayer life up, as well. But the best bolster for confidence for me was self-reliance, and doing well at your career. I think that’s part of the reason why God wants us to work.

    • Cassie Chandler

      Michael, this is my biggest struggle also. I know the devil knows just which buttons to push to keep me in so much self doubt. Pray with me to St. Michael–the St. Michael prayer. I will pray for you this lent, I hope you will pray for me

  • Michelle E

    Thank you for this message.
    I find that I’m resistant to exercising and eating /drinking healthy. I used to get up daily and walk – and while I was doing that I found it was a great time to pray. I had the best connection with God during this time. However – lately, I have not made the time to do that – I find every excuse: I’m too tired, I have too much to do, it’s too dark outside, I can’t find the right time…the list goes on and on. Consequently, I feel horrible – both physically and spiritually.
    This lent – I have decided to give us all drinks except water, desserts, and to pray the rosary every day. I’m hoping the water and the desserts start to help me physically, and I know the rosary will help me mentally. In my daily prayers – I intend to ask God to help me find my way back to daily exercise.
    Please pray for me in this journey.

  • Ann Owens

    Like Mr. Hehman, I, in the past seven months met my resistance in worry. In spite of thanking God for His protection and provision for me and my family, I let worry about my husband’s first, and pending, second shoulder replacement surgeries and subsequent financial burden overtake my peace of mind. I became depressed and physically ill because of it. I talked to God and the Blessed Mother every day asking for their help, because I didn’t know what was wrong with me. I questioned my involvement in my ministries in my parish. God answered my prayers by giving me an opportunity to counsel a Sister in Christ who is going through a life changing event with her family. The Holy Spirit prompted me to tell her something that I knew deep in my heart. I told her that God is in every aspect and detail of her situation, and for her to trust Him to carry them through. As those words came from me, in the back of my mind, I was asking myself, “Are you listening to the words you are saying? You know this!” Every day since, I know God is in everything, as I continue to fight my resistance. By His grace, he will help my unbelief.

  • Julie Billetz

    I have found resistance in my prayer life. I vow to make this the best lent ever. I just ordered The Miracle Morning. Please pray for me.

  • Lauren Wendes

    I relate so well to Brennan. I worry ALL the time. I have a 3 month old son (our first) and you can imagine the worry that builds on a mother who was already a worrier to begin with. I, too, recognize it and know it’s not from God. I hope this season of lent helps me to tackle worry and place my trust entirely in God. I appreciate this dynamiccatholic team so much for their work in this ministry. It is one that has helped me so much in recent years. Thanks to the team for all you do.

  • Sarah Gomez

    I am live with bipolar disorder and when I am well, I pray and meditate daily. When I am ill, I turn inwards and let my illness instead of God become my focus . I turn away from God when I need him the most . I am praying for the strength to amend this is my life.

  • EAV

    I think it is easier to plan to wake up in the morning earlier, maybe just by 15 minutes. I start with my coffee and then read for about a half an hour. This habit started with 15 minutes of reading each day. On days when I did not get up early, I did not beat myself up about it. I simply made sure I started again the next day. That is how I started my habit. It has been years now. It helps me to have a great day and a great Lent. God bless all of you.

  • JayAW

    I’ve been going through a period for about the last 10 years where I’m just exhausted. I don’t have that fire in the belly like I had at one time. I’ve worked so hard to do good things with my life only to see everything fall apart. I don’t know what to do anymore because most everything I’ve tried has come back empty. I’ve been asking God for help but nothing seems to work for me. I don’t blame anyone and look at myself, asking what it is that I’m doing wrong. Everything I try, I get the same result. So for me, I’m exhausted and I ask myself what’s the point of even trying. For anyone that comments about praying more and trusting in God’s plan, I’ve prayed every day, have done 56 novenas, attended nine consecutive First Friday masses, prayed the rosary every day, and I’m tired of praying now too. I don’t want to feel hopeless and I’m still trying, but I’m tired of working so hard and not getting any results. I’m just tired.

    • Laurie

      This is an issue we struggle with also. Health issues just piling one on top of the other gradually taking away more energy and abilities that we use to have whether for doing work, chores, or hobbies. It is so confusing when it has always been possible to do all that is necessary to provide and take care of your family and suddenly that is gone. I think ‘this will pass’, ‘things will get better’. But then another health problem rears its ugly head. I know praying for people is important and I do and I’m glad others pray for me but sure do wish the prayers would physically help because when they don’t, faith gets very wobbly. I will be praying for you and yes, wishing there’s some one that will help you.

  • Tom Nolan

    My resistance rears its ugly head in not doing the tasks that I do not want to do. I have raised procrastination to an elevated altar at which I worship each work day. I quickly complete the tasks I like doing, while necessary tasks that I don’t like doing stay on the “To Do” list for weeks.

  • Catherine Earley

    My resistance is in the form of procrastinating. From hitting the snooze button in the morning to scrolling Facebook, just to check something , waiting til the last minute and claiming not enough time to do what I should’ve done. This Lent is the time to beat resistance! Start my day and end my day with deliberate, reflective time with God. I will be keeping all on this Lenten journey in prayer

  • Cheryl Aronson

    I have a huge resistance to losing weight (much needed). So for Lent, I’m adding a daily 2-mile or more walk. I’m walking for Jesus everyday while listening to Christian music and reflecting on Jesus’ sufferings.
    This is difficult for me because of my resistance and pain in feet. But I will do it for Jesus.

  • W2LJ

    “I’m so tired of being tired.” That is my life right now.

  • Joanne Jackson

    I find resistance every time I need to exercise and find excuses not to. I won’t have time to get ready for work, it’s too late at night, I have to change clothes because I can’t exercise in my work clothes.

  • Martha Fruge

    Come, Holy Spirit, into my mind & my heart everyday! Fill me with your wisdom as I continue with my walk of faith! My resistance is my fear to cause more physical pain by changing my daily routine to healthier eating & to exercising more!

  • John Lichius

    I have struggled with what has been called “stubborn resistance” for most of my adult life. It has caused me to lose my marriage, many jobs and challenged my faith. This past Sunday I was inspired through our priest’s homily to make overcoming resistance my Lenten sacrifice not knowing this was the best topic of this seasons Best Lent Ever. Last night I went to confession and prayed for help in overcoming my resistance. You can imagine my joy when opening up this morning’s video!

  • Patrick

    I think my biggest struggle of resistance is when I have self doubt. I doubt that I am not on the right career path, that I should be pursuing something more fulfuilling, but I hesitate to act because of the risk of losing job security or starting over.

    I am excited for this journey, thank you!

  • Edward Kremer

    I come home at night and just want a break. I go to my bedroom ASAP and just lay on the bed for most of the evening. I do not want to get up or try to help my family around the house.

  • robert hemhauser

    I lost my wife 6 months ago to cancer. This grieving thing really hurts and I know I should spend more time with Jesus but don’t do it enough. that is my resistance . I sit and cry rather than talk with God.

    • Lori Rice

      I am so sorry for your loss. I can not possibly know how hard it is for you, but I do know that God does not give us anything that we can not handle. Trust in Him, he can get us through all things. He has a plan for us, we do not know what it is, that is why we have “to walk by faith”. Please ask for His help through this time in your life.

  • Sophie Hafer

    Procrastination-we all do it sometimes but I can say I’m a CHRONIC PROCRASTINATOR! It’s my resistance. I put things off for so long, and then when I finally can’t take it any longer, usually because of some event or approaching due date, I feel rushed and don’t do the job the best that I might have if I wouldn’t have procrastinated. Work in progress

  • TolkienLover

    I need to take more time to pray and understand what God is calling me to do. Resistance won last night but i am going to fight back harder! #bestletever

  • Evie Bradley

    I almost resisted commenting here. At first I thought, well, I’ll just watch the video. Then I realized I wouldn’t be making a full commitment to having my best lent ever.

  • Lisa Wenzel

    The Holy Spirit prompted me to stop reading secular books and start reading spiritual books. He told me that I should start a Catholic book club to keep myself accountable. We have been going strong for almost two years! So far, people in 6 states are reading along! You are welcome to join us! I gave my members a copy of Resisting Happiness, and then our parish gave each parishioner one for Christmas. We don’t usually do “studies” in our book club, but The Holy Spirit prompted us to select this book and daily emails with Matthew for our March selection. I am grateful to be on this journey with all of you! Happy Lent! P.S. I literally just received a message that the young daughter of dear friends of mine had a falling tree crush her head during a storm in CA. This is the most wonderful Catholic family you could ever meet. I ask you with all my heart to pray for Theresa Johnston’s complete and miraculous healing. In Jesus’ Holy Name. Amen 🙏🙏

  • Coleen

    I am trying this Lent to resist the temptation of using my phone when I am at home. My children and husband deserve to have me fully present, and they can’t get my total attention when I’m checking social media or responding to text messages. It is so hard to resist, but I must try!

  • Nancy Houdek-swanson

    I’ve never considered resistance to be the source of angst in my life. Now that the spotlight is on it, I realize it makes complete sense! What a waste of energy and feelings of guilt. I feel so positive about my lenten journey. Can’t wait to reap the benefits of the best Lent EVER!

  • Laura

    I was resisting getting divorced for years for obvious reasons–mostly being Catholic.
    I woke up every morning not wanting to be married anymore. I read Matthew’s Resisting Happiness and realized that I felt stuck in this marriage, not being happy for so long and I needed to get out so that we could both be happy. I feel so much peace with my decision. Seems ironic to me that praying for years and years to be a better wife and be able to get along better with my husband (and years of marriage counseling) that God’s answer to me was divorce? His ways are hard to understand. I was worried about getting divorce and I just needed to let go.

    • Sandra

      I feel I am that cross road. Making each person lives miserable. Advice?

  • Tracy Brown

    I deleted my FB account a month ago-I was resisting time to spend with my husband after we got home from work. We have been married 29 years and I owe it to myself and him to honor our time together-we aren’t promised tomorrow. Thank you, Michael Kelly, for Resisting Happiness-you must have known my heart.

  • Ina

    Mr. Hehman really spoke to me today. I am a worrier and it really gets in the way of me being present in my life.

  • R. Formano

    I guess I’m on the opposite side of the facebook issue. I’ve decided over the 40 days to write 40 letters of meaning to people who have made me more appreciative, grateful or wise to what I have, am and can be. I’m trying to not take the direct route in doing this either. I’m looking for the people in the corners or periphery of my life; perhaps not the “every day” people. I’m trying to unearth the value in those who have forced me to acceptance differences, and therefore, how to embrace empathy.

  • Jennifer Kreps

    Resistance has been my companion in several areas of my life. From exercise to getting my degree, resistance has convinced me that the hurdles are too high and too many and I accepted these falsehoods as the truth. This year I am still battle resistance but I am not seeking an all out war, I am winning small battles, finishing small tasks that I can check off a list and smile about because I did them. Someday, with God’s help, I, like the country I love, will win my independence…from Resistance 🙂

  • Danielle

    I find that I am so busy with so many “responsibilities”-between school, work, and family/household responsibilities, I run out of time. All of a sudden it’s the end of the day and I have spent no meaningful time with my children. But when I stop to think about it, those things are unimportant when compared to my children and their happiness and my families happiness. I can always load/empty the dishwasher, so the laundry, sweep the kitchen after they are in bed…that time when I usually flip on the couch for a few hours of downtime before bed. But what am I really getting out of that? Not much happiness comes from watching tv all night long under the guise of “relaxing”. This lent, I am going to focus on the important, my family, and if the dishes don’t get done until tomorrow? Well I guess they’ll have breakfast in paper plates!

  • Douglas Winston

    The snooze button conquers me almost everyday. I used to be better. Jose Maria Escriva ( founder of Opus Dei) calls it the Herioc Moment. But after battling with cancer and financial problems, i just don’t want to get up out of bed. Once I am up its ok, but to get up takes quite an effort. I thought I was prepared for Lent and had my list of fasting items and extra prayers all ready to go. Then BAM! Matthew starts off Lent reflections with the snooze button. Today was a good day, i think it was only 4 times i hit snooze button. Tomorrow, I pray it will be less. I could really use that 1/2 hour, with prayer, family, quiet time, etc.
    Well here is to a happy Lent. God Bless Everyone!

  • Angela Katoch

    I encounter resistance when I decide to get up a half hour early every morning to do my Ignatius spirituality exercises and when the time comes a half hour of sleep seems more enjoyable and even more important because I can do the exercises later. Later comes and I regret not getting up early.

  • Donna N Neal Hoelting

    Wow! What a great way to start day 1 of Lent. This is my struggle everyday especially when it comes to worry. I already planned my focus for this Lent to be more prayful and doing my best to hand it over to God. I plan on committing time to adoration at least twice a week so I can have that personal time with Jesus. Listening to the videos this morning was God speaking to me confirming my need for him more than ever right now in my life. I want to conquer my worry over the things that are completely out of my control. Thank you to Mathew Kelly and the Dynamic Catholic team for a great first day of Lent! God is good all the time!

  • Lesa Myers Reeves

    I’m a “stay-at-home-mom” with two kids, one who has CP. I feel like I should have plenty of time to get everything done while they are in school, but with my health appointments and everything else I am trying to get done, I find myself still busy when they get home. I feel like I am not really present in their lives, and most of my interactions seem to be in the car on the way to therapy and doctors appointments 3+ days a week. I want to be present with them, and am struggling to do everything during the day so I am free once school is over or therapy is over. Please pray for me to pin down my resistance and become the mother and wife I want to be. I am holding hope this program will show me the way.

  • McCartney Joan

    This is an amazing way to begin my Lenten journey. Thanks Dynamic Catholic!

  • cdf

    For me it’s going the extra mile, putting in that little extra effort (to complete a rosary, to put ten more minutes into learning to play guitar/bass, or putting in the 15 more minutes in my workout) but succumbing to the “… ah, I can do that next time, or I’ll finish that later…” there are SO MANY more examples with me. Today, for this day, I start anew. Lord Jesus guide my thoughts, increase my belief and faith in your love and mercy for me.

  • Mike B

    Resistance, for me, often gets in the way of simply doing the next right thing throughout the day (be it small or large). That thought, “I should _____; well, no. Perhaps not.” Lent can be a time to let go, stop resisting and simply do the next right thing over, and over, and over . . . all day long.

  • Kristen Bader Troy

    Resistance- the fear of failure, anxiety, constant tiredness that keep me from reaching my goals, doing what I know I can, what everyone has always told me but that I can’t always see or get the energy to drive forward to do. I wait for the prayer line: “protect us from all anxiety (or distress) and fear” and pray so hard each week that I remember by letting it win I am really not letting my faith in God win. Anxiety, fear, laziness, they are all signs of a weak faith. I only started looking at it like that recently after a homily and it made me stronger in the fight because I then knew my enemy and I knew who had my back. I’ve never called it Resistance before but now I have a name for it and this could not have been a more perfect way to start Lent.

  • Theresa Yamasaki

    Because I resist the happiness that God intended for me, I give into fear and anxiety and bitterness especially because of the current political happenings in our country. I get really scared and let my fear take over. Instead of praying or meditating I just want to zone out which leaves no room for happiness. My short prayer for today is that this Lenten season will give me new prospective. Goodbye Facebook. Hello Lord.

  • Shelley Manogue Wells

    Your video today really spoke to my heart Matthew–an answer to my prayers. I frequently avoid doing what I know is good for me–why do we do that? I look forward very much to this Lenten program. Thank you.

  • Patti Lavini

    Fi am kind of resisting this program. I signed up because I thought it would be an easy thing to do for lent, and something I could do. Thinking it was just an inspirational video with a little extra prayer. I don’t have the book. I hope to get stronger in this Lenten journey as the days go on. Tomorrow I will not hit the snooze button!

    • mary

      I’m with you! I’ll say a prayer for you today!!!

  • Wendy Strong

    I have horrible eating habits. My eating negatively impacts both my physical and mental health. I encounter resistance every time I eat or drink something that I know I shouldn’t.

  • Toni and Tom Hovel

    Facebook, home and work emails, get in my way. So,often I pick up my IPad to do something with good intent, only to realize time has passed me by. I got caught up in social media and can’t even remember why I picked up the I pad to begin with. Focusing on this program will be my goal this Lent.

  • Joanna Wright

    I have trouble always understanding the readings and things I read. I have been going to morning mass for about 10 years and if I don’t my day just don’t seem to go like it should. I also agree that FB is a bad habit to get into. I read my FB in the morning after breakfast and in the evening before bed.

  • Alana Wendel

    I could be wrong but I think part of my resistance is I feel like I always have to be busy. I seem to fill every minute with something like work, checking my phone, cleaning, anything but then I don’t leave time for prayer and to spend quiet time with God

  • Donald Marquez

    The very second I read, “Write down every time you encounter resistance this week”…I resisted.

  • Sandra

    I have given up Facebook for Lent, and it gets easier each time. Now on to other resistances!!

  • Jimmy Poore

    I encounter resistance daily when I allow negative thoughts of the past, and worrisome thoughts of the future to rob me of the present. I hope that diligent prayer and mindfulness this Lent will help reduce the time wasted on negative thoughts.

  • Kim D

    Last night I read the chapter on fasting from Matthew Kelly’s book Rediscovering Catholicism. I realize from that video this morning and that reading last night I constantly battle resistance from my body. I let my body decide what I feel like doing, eating, sleeping or working out. Rarely am I the one “in charge”.

  • Cathy F

    I gave up Facebook for over a year now! Do it and you will never regret it! It allows me to be present to ea h day and do the things He wants me to do. I’ve also given up television but I have an awesome radio that I can listen to Catholic radio on.

  • Tracy Dowling Pifer

    Procrastination. Saying, I’ll do my daily walk later. It’s good for me, it’s time alone with God in the world he created for me to enjoy, it’s opportunity to practice being mindful. However, sometimes, later turns in to tomorrow!

  • Sandra

    It’s interesting to think of worry as resistance. When I’m worried or anxious, I over-do things or avoid them altogether–definitely resistance!

  • Charles Schroeder

    This hit home. I didn’t get up when my alarm went off. This resistance has been a problem most of my life. With a recent health issue I need to get back into shape and I resist the best time for it. The start of the day. I’ve resisted good foods. I used to be first to try new things. Be the first in line to learn new things. I will write my resistance down daily and hopefully improve my life. God bless

  • Melissa Presser

    Fear. I have realized that fear breeds distrust in God and that in turn causes anxiety. Lord Jesus, rid me of myself, I want to belong wholly to you. Rid me of fear and the fears in my brothers and sisters in Christ. Amen.

  • Meg

    My worrying or “resistance” started in 2009 after both my parents passed away within three months of each other. I find that I am worrying about everything, including not even knowing what I am worrying about. I find it keeps me from my children (adults) knowing who I really am. I pray for the Lord to help me carrying my burdens to lighten the load. Would you characterize worrying as anxiety? Are they interested changeable?
    During Mass I prayed for some of this weight to be lifted. I have a beautiful life and I am the only one holding myself back.
    This Lenten Season i hope to discover the person I so desperately miss, the person my husband fell in love with and the person my kids would love.
    I’m ready for my journey 💕

  • Drew Crossman

    First, let me say thank you to Matthew Kelly and the Dynamic Catholic team for providing the Best Lent Ever series. It is something I’ve been looking for and hope to use it to its fullest potential. Resistance for me comes in the form of lists. I’m forever making lists of things that need to be done; but I rarely follow through on more than a couple of items. With God’s help, I hope to be able to start tasking more action.

  • Bakes3000

    Worry and fear influence my daily actions and cause me resistance throughout each day. I plan to understand how frequently I resist God’s plans for happiness for me with my own concerns about the direction of my life and work to pray for God’s guidance and trust that He has a perfect plan and is in control.

  • Joan Eckroth-Riley

    Our son has been diagnosed with schizophrenia. I struggle with feelings of helplessness, worry about him and lack of funds to manage his illness. It is difficult to really “Let go & let God” when your son is alone and homeless.

  • Angela

    I did the opposite I have took lent to Facebook to share with others to make this the Greatest Lent Ever . I’m not one that checks it all the time I do not get notifications true I miss a lot but really what am I missing .

  • Nina Sivula

    Procrastinating doing daily chores and allowing my worries to stop me taking the next step. I do love the idea I AA to do the next right thing which when practiced makes the day more manageable.

  • Maripat

    I think way too much about the issues going on in my life. I give them to God and then I take them back. I do pray for others but it always come back to me. I don’t want to be selfish with this. I have to trust that when I give God my thoughts and prayers I can let go. Then hopefully I will learn to service others.

  • S. Vose

    Remember: Yesterday is history; tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift. That”s why they call it the present. (Eleanor Roosevelt) Don’t waste your “present” from God. Enjoy it in His presence. FB is not a gift but a diversion. Ask God to gently guide you through the day. God bless.

  • Camille Kauffeld

    Starting the day in prayer is a Lenten goal for me. I too think I will “get to it” when things settle down which never works. I heard something recently about Saint Mother Teresa. She and her sisters had a very rigid schedule and were heavily burdened with all the things they had to accomplish in a day. When things were really hard and they didn’t think they could get everything done she would ADD and additional hour of prayer to their routine. Amazing!

  • JJO

    Right now, resistance is my single most frustrating sin! I didn’t see it as resistance, though, more lack of faith or just plain sloth! Frustrating.

  • MS

    I seem to focus on all that I must do, get done, or accomplish and I end up not
    completing any one thing well. This lent I plan to focus on each task with my
    full attention be satisfied with what I can complete and not feel guilty for
    what is left for tomorrow.

  • Joell Calcagno

    My resistance is making time for prayer. I’m too busy, I’m too tired, yadda yadda.

  • Karen Belich

    when Im at work and the day is going less than ideal and I start complaining. That has to be confronted immediately to bring peace back in again.

  • Amy Pennington

    I find resistance with not believing in myself. Being raised in a very negative home has carried it’s way into my adulthood. I never think that I am good enough or doing the right thing. I have to learn to resist to constantly second guess myself.

  • Emigdio López-Sanders

    Resistance in my life takes the form of mini distractions from something I need to accomplish. I tell myself that the impact of the distraction is minimal and that by its own merit, it’s worth it. My prayer to Jesus is to help me me to keep my eyes on Him.

  • Pamela Cosseboom

    I never considered hitting the snooze button or worrying as resistance. I ask my Lord daily to help stop worrying about finances.
    I am off FB for 40 day’s.

  • Donna Rakers

    The Catholic Company also puts out “Your Morning Offering”. Which has a devotional, prayers, as well as the daily readings. The USCCB also has the daily readings and a short homily that you can have sent to your email every morning. I will also try limiting FB and computer time in general. Blessings.


    I encounter resistance daily because I allow other things and activities to become more important than my relationship with Jesus. In reading through some of the comments I suspect many of us have the same issue with distractions of social media and the sheer busyness of life. I pray this Lent will be a time for more prayer and quiet time with Jesus my beloved.

  • Deborah

    💡went on!! Twice already I’ve experienced resistance! Once, by rolling over, AWAY from the clock this morning, then secondly, which I now recognize thanks to today’s video, by beginning to worry about a potential problem tonight with my husband while I’m helping and spending some time with my Granddaughter. Good News! I decided to give it to God and trust he has the PERFECT solution!! Many Thanks!

  • Katie Linkhauer

    I’ve always struggled with procrastination, and it’s hitting me hard this week since I put off grocery shopping and meal prep, so now I have to spend extra money on food that is not as good for me. I’ve also been putting off prayer, when my morning bus commute is a great time to do it.

  • David Speranza

    Knowing we all have only 24 hours each day can be a blessing or a concern dependent upon one’s perspective. How do we fit “everything” we need, should and want to do in? In order to overcome certain areas of resistance, I have personally subscribed to joining the 5:30 AM club. Yes, I actively sacrifice some sleep to get the time needed to spend with my Lord and Savior. On the days I have elected not to awake on time, I find it difficult to dedicate the time to pray and read sacred scripture with a clear focus; I find that it weighs on me periodically through the day. I have noticed that when I make the effort to get the day going early, my overall production in many areas of my life seems to be enhanced exponentially.

  • Barbara Prata

    I am so afraid of my failing health…of being incapable of caring for myself. I meet resistance from that moment I awake. Will it be a good day? And so, I limit what I accomplish each day.

    • Catherine Van Scoy

      I know exactly what you’re saying. It can be so debilitating. I will pray for you to help you focus on God when you feel this way.

  • Maria Wheeler

    My Facebook page is being in a challenge if sharing bible readings for l LOVE’S God in February, now I will all this month sharing a gods passages from bible with quotes,pictures etc and reducing my time on it too.

  • Jan Hopman

    Resistance is opportunity lost. When we get caught up in non productive things, we are missing opportunities that God has given to us…..the view of a beautiful sunrise….the opportunity to visit an elderly neighbor…the time to watch the wonderment of a new baby. Don’t just say “some day we will do this or that”. Let this day be the day. This Lent, fight the resistance. Do more…do better…do have the best year ever!

  • Ann Feehan

    I love this comment section! After reading MK’s book Resisting Happiness, I deactivated my FB page and I have been happier ever since. Too much time wasted, too much political/social anger/arguments, too much silly posts. I didn’t ‘announce’ it, I just left. Anyone of the 100’s of ‘friends’ who I TRULY care about can call/text/email me. And they have. It is great. And now to get into a habit of replacing that ‘time’ with prayer, worship and meditation. This WILL be the Best Lent Ever!!!

  • Sharon Marshall Battaglino

    I, too, am addicted to FB, and say I don’t have time to read but devote a few hours each day to scrolling FB. I’m determined to devote more time to God & prayers this Lent, like signing up for this program, going to our weekly interchurch Weds. talks, and being more active with my parish & limiting FB to short amts of time in morn & evening. Will look into these other apps & emails mentioned in all your repliez too–thank you for sharing.

    • Therese Pribil Sprinkle

      I have the same problem. I am starting this lent cutting down on FB. I need to spend more time with God. I will pray for you. Please pray for me too.

  • Susan

    Worry…..i worry for my adult children. I believe but worry and need to get stronger in the belief that God will take care of it ALL.

  • Robin Taggart

    My resistance is to food. I’m diabetic and changed my medication in November. I’ve gained 13 pounds and I was heavy to begin with. I want/need to lose weight by eating less and I can’t do it! For Lent my desire and goal is to stay on the diet that I gave chosen and train for the Rugged Maniac.

    I just told a friend last night that I don’t know why I’m resisting this change and The Best Lent Ever starts out with it!!! Wow! God really did hear my prayer!!

    Let’s do this peeps!!

  • Laura Vargas

    I feel very blessed having to listen watch and read about resistance. I’m going to start write down my resistance for this lent time, I want it to be different and I can not wait to share what I learn and share this email with my friends and family, specially with the people from church.

  • Amy Keary

    Daily reflection and prayer. And physical health. I think it all comes down to taking the time I have and using it for something positive verse something brain numbing. Since this is time I have at the middle or end of my day I am mentally exhausted and don’t let myself be reenergized by prayer/reflection/exercise.

  • Patricia Puliafico

    Someone just reminded me about giving up Facebook for Lent. Thanks! I did that last year. I encounter resistance by being easily distracted. – Gonna work on thatQ

  • Donna Wilkey

    I decided that for my almsgiving I would list 40 people I want to reach out to in love and/or gratitude. One each day. So here I am resisting making the list. But I will do it!

  • Donald Hughes

    I don’t want to say that I can’t give up fb, because everyone can. All of my family is at least 3 hours away, so I use it to post pictures of my kids, and to kind of stay in touch. However, as lent has been approaching, I have noticed that I have involuntarily cut way back. I am not Catholic, but have began the RCIA program. So, in my desire to learn and build a stronger relationship with God, I have been spending my “fb time” reading The Little Black Book, daily reading from the USCCB, and staring today, The Best Lent Ever. Although it has only been a few days so far, I truly believe that my days have a completely different feel to them. Filling my time with the positive word of the Lord, rather than all the negativity of the world of social media.

  • Lee Dorrance

    First day of Lent. First day of Best Lent Ever 2017 and the topic could not have been more appropriate. Whether it was not wanting to get out of bed this morning or the thunderstorms and tornado warnings that were raging across our area, Resistance was a big part of my morning today. I wanted to put off the readings and video above because of the scramble for the school bus and getting ready to leave for work after the storms passed through. But after my son’s bus came I took a few minutes and said to myself “No, not on Day 1. No way.” I’m glad I did as I needed it today!

    As a side note: I had grabbed our copy of “Resisting Happiness” to begin reading at lunch today and after I had finished reflecting on Michael’s video message, I reached into the pocket of my car door to grab a business card to use as a book mark. I placed it inside the front cover of the book and poking out the top, in plain view (albeit upside down) was the word written at the bottom of the card: RESISTANCE. God sure has a great sense of humor! I took a photo and sent it to my wife and had a good laugh all the way to work. What started appearing as a pretty dismal day was turned around in an instant. God is Good! He loves us and He is always helping us when we least expect it.

    God Bless

  • Lori Taylor

    Thank you so much. I am a student again at the age of 49 at a university. Your book, I obtained at Christmas, as gift from my catholic church. My unviersity will have priests that administer Ashes today.

  • Grant Schultes

    I connect with this reflection a lot. Frequently during the week I am unable to control my anxiety and worrying. I have a lot of difficulty with offering this up to God.

  • linda

    I worry about everything .so a lot of times it stops me from doing things I want

  • Nancy

    I too have given up Facebook for lent, I would sit and waste time not accomplishing much in the day. I started January 1st reading the catholic daily bible, it is in chronological order. I am also doing the 40 bags for 40 days…and making an effort of walk the dogs daily for health for all of us. I’m already excited about this program, it nailed my first lenten challenge on the head.

  • Rachelle Mountjoy Parker

    I could absolutely relate to Brennan’s struggle with worry! I have never thought of it as a form of resistance! Wow! I can feel that resistance when I know it would be good to pray but instead I turn on a mind numbing show on Netflix. (Thus, giving up TV during Lent) I’m so excited about surrendering my will this Lent and allowing God to bless me abundantly as I know he can and desires to do!

  • Lacey

    Wow! This really spoke to me. I realize now that I start my day with an overwhelming amount of resistance by hitting snooze on my alarm clock several times per day. I procrastinate and wait for my daily work out or grading papers until I’m sometimes too tired and just go to bed. I also am a know worrier and struggle to make decisions. I’m a huge ball of resistance. I will write down my times of resistance this week and focus on lessening and completely eliminating them. How powerful.

    • Robin Taggart

      Lacey, I’m with you!! Reading your post was like reading me!! I’m a teacher too and struggle with food!! You are not alone my friend!

  • Jody

    This struggle is real. It’s everywhere. I struggle making adequate prayer time. Self control with food,drinking, language.

  • Angela DeGaetano Shearer

    Two major areas that have plagued my adult life: food, and prayer. I have been able to prove to myself, per se, that I can eat well when I need to. But unless I’m pregnant (and that’s no longer a possibility!) I am constantly encountering resistance in the form of eating things I know I shouldn’t. In fact, sometimes I out-and-out rebel against myself when I remind myself that I shouldn’t have a cookie, or even a bowl of cereal, at 10:00 at night. Prayer is similar, but in reverse. I deeply desire to pray the Rosary daily, and to pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet or the Stations daily at 3:00pm. But I seem to let any and every little thing stop from doing either, or both.

  • MW

    I just wanted to say I finished reading this book and immediately started reading it again and am almost done for the second time. It has been, and continues to be, life changing for me.

    Thank you Dynamic Catholic, I’m so excited that it’s the book for our Lenten journey!

  • cindy kennedy

    I find resistance in going to confession. It’s been several years for me now. I want to go but keep finding excuses not to.

    • Robin Taggart

      Oh Cindy…it’s really easy to approach the Priest today. The nice things is you don’t have to be correct. Just go and tell the guy it’s been a long time and he will guide you through! It’s such a freeing feeling when you walk away!! Good luck making the choice to go!!

  • Stacey Symonds

    I too hold the resistance to pray….to give myself to the Lord….I will have quick conversations with him, but to really place myself in a position where I can read the bible, pray, and listen daily….

  • bal

    Most resistance in my life is self imposed based on uninspired habits, and facing life head on. I also have found that my resistance is lower when I am away from God. I often think that coming to God is most prevalent when I am in need. The very human part of me get’s tired of thinking i need help, then I resist the spirit, and start the cycle all over again.

  • Cindy

    I have been a snooze button hitter for the last couple of weeks. My intent was to get up at 6am to pray The Angelus, well I have missed the mark a bit on that. I guess putting the alarm clock across the room may be a solution for me. So to beat my resistance on this issue I will have to get that taken care of today! God Bless you all this Lent and always!

  • Judi Almaraz Sele

    Giving up Facebook is good but what I struggle with is what seems like a lot of us do is concentrating when trying to pray. Staying in the moment and visiting with God. I try to find quiet time and it is not easy. Has anyone out there been able to accomplish this just a little?

  • M Angela Stewart

    I have given up FB for lent and want to use that time to pray, to reflect and to read the Catechism. This is my first Lenten season as a Catholic in 17 years and I want to make it my best.

  • Marise Petry

    My resistance right now is in the form of getting my items together to do my taxes. I own my own business, and every year I vow that I will set aside 1-2 days each month to recording all the pertinent information. Every year March comes around and I am looking at 11 months of information to input. Followed by more resistance and feeling overwhelmed.

  • Sandi

    I encountered resistance this morning by laying there in bed and telling myself, “You can go to the 12 o’clock Mass instead of the 8:15 AM Mass this morning. So…I stayed in bed until after 8 AM. Like Matthew said, I should have jumped out of bed at 6:30 AM and got ready for Mass. I’m still a work in progress. The good thing about waiting until noon though is that I can spend some time in prayer and reading the Bible this morning.

  • Christine Haas Hair Artist

    Facebook has actually been a blessing for me, and brings me business, but just like anything it takes moderation and self control. Worry is one of, if not my biggest resistance, it feels like it cripples me. I am looking forward to following this through lent, soul searching and building my trust in God.

  • Marianne Sanders

    Resistance…good topic to think about and ponder. The first thing that comes to mind for me is playing games on the computer….delaying or not having time to pray but having time for games and other things. I pray this Lent will be a time of healing, prayer, and returning to the most important thing in my life, Jesus.

  • shaymark

    My resistance occurs when I don’t detach enough from the things of the world as well as when I resist really knowing my interior self in order that I can turn away from sin.

  • TerriB

    “I’ll do it later”.

  • Linda

    I plan to walk every day, and I put it off. I feel good when I do it but don’t make it a priority. So I go to bed at night feeling bad and telling myself I will do it tomorrow. This lent I plan to make it a priority.

  • Amy Rodriguez

    I struggle with finding time to exercise regularly. I’ve not done anything for the last 2 years and it has degraded my health to the point that I’ve strained my muscles too much at work that I had to go on workmans comp to heal it, but even then, the only way I don’t really think about exercising is when I go to karate, but I can neither find the time or money to be able to make it work. Working out by myself is horrible and lonely, but if I don’t do something now, this problem will only get worse, and I gotta be able to work to live, etc.

  • Claudia

    I have always been shy about sharing my prayer life with others, its not that I am ashamed, I just have never been one to pray one on one with anyone. This is the reason why prayer in my family only happens on Sundays, at mass and the rest of prayer is private. I think I have resisted the joy of seeing the many blessings that come from praying with family, especially now that we are parents. I hope that this is one of the things I will be able to overcome.
    Have a blessed one everyone!

  • Ana M. Bonilla

    I was kicked by resistance today when my alarm went on, I snoozed and rolled over!
    Thanks for helping me create conscience about unconscious resistance!
    I will do my best to be alert about unconscious resistance and self sabotage, so help me God! Amen!

  • UNC 15

    I encounter resistance in my battle to get up and work out in the morning, and take care of the lovely, healthy temple God gave me.
    I beat resistance today! 🙂 I dug in and started off Lent well, and will pray through my fasts, and am excited to sacrifice more boldly for God to honor and prepare for HIm and His great sacrifice.

  • Connie Drummond

    PROCRASTINATION on everything!

  • Pat Fontenot

    I show resistance in my life by not wanting to participate in anything that takes time away from me.

  • terrence morris

    For me where I meet the most resistance is giving time freely to help others when I have something else scheduled. This includes giving time to my family and friends.

  • Lorie Heyn

    Resisting seems to be most prevalent in my life when it comes to trusting God, in that, I feel like I need to be very involved in my life. Struggling for that kind of control leads to worry because so often, life’s most significant matters, parents’ health, life and death, job security, are beyond our control.

  • Katheryn

    I struggle with the thought “I don’t want to” and so I don’t do it. I’ll see dirty dishes and think “I don’t want to” and they’ll remain dirty another day. I know I need to write another blog post for my business; but again the same thought emerges and it doesn’t get done.

    Lord please help me overcome the resistance in my thinking that prevents me from doing your will, in my everyday tasks, with joy. Amen.

  • Cari

    Goodness….one way that I have encountered resistance? How can I pick just one?! 🙂 An example from yesterday was skipping my workout. I told myself the house needed cleaning instead. I’m feeling that sluggish feeling strongly today. But I’m motivated by these videos to conquer resistance and turn a new leaf and get back on track with the things I know I need to do. I need to stop making excuses!

  • Marisa

    Not making time to sit down as a family for dinner. As a mother of 4 very active boys, I use all their extra curricular activities as an excuse to justify just “grabbing and going”. One eats in his room, or we eat on the way to practice, or pick up take out afterwards. I want to share more family time with my boys and just put the phones aside, sit down, and talk about our day. That’s why I challenged all of us this Lent to give up Social Media, & eating out.

  • Linda

    As soon as my kids start to resist me I get a harsh authoritarian tone of voice and it doesn’t help our relationship

  • Jennifer

    I am very resistant to god right now. My daughter experienced a trauma by the hands of others and I can not get over my anger towards god for allowing this to happen. I am unable to do anything to help my daughter which is the absolute worst feeling in the world as a parent, so I am taking my anger out in anything and anyone. So this lent season is about me dealing with my emotions instead of resisting or deflecting them.

  • Laurie

    Procrastination. Can’t give up fb since I have an internet based business but love all the app suggestions for daily centering on Jesus. Thank you.

  • Renee

    Im with Brennan in that mine is worry and distraught….I’ve been trying to give it to God, but I still struggle…

  • Euleen Hofer

    Resistance come in the form of intrusive thinking which interrupts my conversations with God with stupid worries and negative comments. Lord please help me to focus on you this Lent and to actively reject all things that get in the way of my trusting you with my WHOLE being

    • Nancy


  • Marvin Hayden

    I messed up right off the bat today. Hit that snooze button 3 times!

    • Marisa

      I do it every morning, although I set the alarm 15mins earlier, to allow myself that time to hit snooze and slowly wake up. Tomorrow I will set it for the exact time and get up with the 1st beep.

    • Melissa

      Rolled out of the gate losing this morning….alarm went off and laid in bed awake since I did not have to make breakfast today. Would have been better off spending moments with family members.

  • Keri Johannemann Capicchioni

    Well, Brennen just said exactly what I feel. I try to start every day asking God to help me trust him. My anxiety has held me back every day of my life. My most prominent fear is inadequacy. I try to tell myself if I try something and fail the worst I will suffer is embarrassment. I have not yet found a way to get past my fears. I continue to pray.

  • MaryAnn Simone

    I gave up Facebook for advent and it really was not as painful as I thought it would be. I have noticed since the election with all the negativity on FB I have become more anxious. I have decided with Lent here this would be the perfect time to give it up. When I grab my phone to check instead I am going to pray.

  • Sam Jones

    Reading the comments, one can’t help but notice how many people are “giving up” Facebook for Lent, and I had to wonder what it would be like if all Catholics stopped using Facebook. Would other Facebook users take notice? Would they ask us why we weren’t posting? Would it give us the opportunity to witness to them, to tell them about our faith? Would we provide an example for people of other faiths?
    It sounds like a grand experiment! But should I first post something to tell my “friends” why they won’t be seeing me there? Yes, I think so.

    • Gumbo Lilly

      I did, and my adult daughter and her girls, led me… give up Facebook for Lent. Last year I looked on Sunday (cheating sorta) so this year…NO Sunday looking……I announced that I would see my Facebook friends after Easter. I am dedicating that time to spiritual readings on my Kindle……first thing in the morning (retired so that makes it easier) and…..choosing spiritual books to read. Thank you, God, for my eyesight!

  • K. Dalton

    I need to make the time for prayer, for Mass and not let tasks and or laziness keep me from it…Same with taking my walk (which is a very prayerful time for me)…I need these things in order to feel grounded in Christ. Knowing that, why do I allow myself to drift away from doing what I know I need? Going to give it a name now: Resistance!

  • Janice Bittner

    I encounter resistance every time I try to begin a healthy eating plan, or try to not eat something that I really enjoy but really isn’t good for me. Decades of teasing and nasty comments about my weight have taken a toll on my self-image and my self-worth. Through various and sundry people that God has put in my life, and the Bible studies I have participated in, I am slowing breaking the hold that negative past has had on me. But I’ve got a long way to go. Now if God could make vegetables taste like chocolate, this might be a whole lot easier. 😉 But, He didn’t, and He won’t, for His own good reasons. So I have to pray for His strength to eat healthier.

  • Gregory O’Brien

    Defending my faith. As a Catholic, I have become used to hearing other Christians speaking up for their faith and defending their views and at the same time bashing Catholics on any number of issues. I resist speaking up and adequately defending the Catholic Church. I need to break through my resistance and learn to evangelize.

    • Angie Medow

      I feel the exact same way! I need lots of help breaking through my resistance and learning to evangelize! Thanks for sharing. I will have to work on this this Lent!

  • Catherine Lambie

    Having cancer you always worry about ever three month appointment. You say the rosary every day hopping that it will keep the worry away. You know you have to put on a happy face for people around you. I pray to God everyday for me to be the best version of myself. I wish I had the answer for this not to be happening for myself, family and friends.

    • Marisa

      Remember the Lord gives his toughest battles to his Strongest Soldiers. He will guide you and carry you through this difficult time. He will never leave you nor forsake you.

  • Catherine Van Scoy

    I am in pain from physical ailments and I say to myself “You’re in too much pain. You’re useless. Guess you will just spend another day in bed.” It feeds my resistance to get up and do something, however small.

  • Elaine Fellers

    My time alone with God is important to me but I find myself resisting it because other things happen, need to be done, etc. I need to work on not resisting and trust God all times. I am so glad God showed be the dynamic catholic best lent ever

  • Julia Curiel

    Procrastination ! The old lie: there’s always tomorrow for me to start doing …….” there’s comfort in that thought- at a superficial level. But it doesn’t last long. Today I pray for the strength to fight resistance and I know God hears me:)

  • Patricia Walshe Downing

    I stress over my job to the point that it invades almost every moment of my life. I need to learn to let it go and that not all problems are mine to solve.

  • Keegan Langford

    Funny – I decided to give up the snooze button for lent this year & that’s how this morning’s video started! Sign? I think so. I love sleeping & it’s always been a struggle in the mornings for me to get motivated and get going. I’m usually rushing out the door just to make it to work on time… This lent my goal is to leave my alarm set at the same time & instead of hitting snooze 3 times or more, to get up on the first alarm and get ready. Allowing myself time to reflect and pray in the mornings to get my day started the right way!

  • Ben Benoit

    I have noticed I have been resisting doing what God ask me to do. I seem to continue following my will and not His. This lent I am going to be more attentive to His voice of direction and giving up my will. I am also going to improve my human interaction. More time face to face. Going to visit people and use those guest soaps and towels everyone has in their house gathering dust. May the Good Lord bless every one of you this Lenten season and always.

  • Griselda Cuellar Diaz

    I have encountered resistance in how I worry about what people think of me or if they are mad at me. I try and please everyone instead of taking care of myself and giving the rest to God.

  • Bobby Ferreira

    Sometimes I experience resistance by not taking care of myself as I know I should. Cut down on drinking, exercise more, actively helping those in need and being more focused in prayer. I’m very much looking forward to this Lenten season to help me with so many things, including resistance! God bless us everyone!

  • Stella

    I’ve met resistance in many forms .. Procrastination is a large hurdle for me. I tend to get overwhelmed with anxiety and then put things off fearing I won’t do them correctly. This must change and Lent is a perfect start. This is a great series .

  • Duscha Ross

    In preparation for Lent, I began looking for a way to incorporate reading The Holy Bible into my day, as part of my practice, so that it became a habit. I discovered Daily Audio Bible, and it has been very helpful in guiding me through at least one passage from the Old and New Testaments each day. It is not matched to Holy Mass homilies for each day, but it does allow me to hear more of The Word each day, in addition to morning mass on the EWTN app/YouTube channel, and I can listen as I take a walk at lunch time or as I drive to or from work. I’d like to encourage those of you who are looking for a supplement to/replacement for FB and other more addictive social media to give it a try. While it is not a Catholic resource, I find it provides me valuable time with The Word. God Bless, and I wish you all a wonderfully prosperous Lent.

  • angkembra

    It seems like every time I am starting something I get interrupted by another person who is asking me to do something or they need me to listen etc. Of course I then stop what I am doing and help, because that is one of my greatest desires- to help others. But it is getting in between me and accomplishing my goals and even causing me to not do some important things. I need to find a balance.

  • Kathy Sigurdson Lepore

    I find myself sitting in my chair in the family room for too many hours each night, looking at things on my iPad, Facebook, Pinterest, Amazon.

  • Amy Lynne Heiks

    I resist just about everything that is is good for me….from cleaning my home, doing laundry, working out and prepping meals to be healthier. I tend to do well for a while, but then I succumb to resistance. I get home from work and I am tired and “sluggish”. It becomes all too easy to resist the things I know are good for me and will ultimately make me happier.

    I have given up processed foods for lent. I will not make it easy for myself to grab whatever is available, but to plan ahead and think about what is best for my body/mind. I have also dedicated myself to following lent through to the end and spending time in Gods word.

  • Maryeslatt

    It’s less about Facebook wasting your time and more about the focus on virtual relationships rather than real people on a daily basis. I believe every Lenten denial should have an accompanying act. What about making the conscious choice to put down your cellphone or log off your computer whenever in the presence of a real live person? Picking up the phone and calling a friend requires much more personal involvement in evangelization than posting something on Facebook. Explore your resistance-is it because real people contact takes longer and demands more emotional involvement? Isn’t that what God calls us to do? Use Lent to focus on personal connections rather than virtual-that is the act of both denial and grace.

  • nancy lagerson

    I pray when I get in bed at night and my mind tends to wander……

  • Linda

    My son passed away 2 years ago on March 30. My resistance is to start doing something with all of his things. So far I only donated 3 bags of cloths. In 2years, so so much more to do.

    • trysohard

      Start by taking pictures of things someone else could use and save the picture with a note about how you were able to let it go .

      • Linda

        Wow that is a great idea…when you put it that way, I probably could do that..thank you, Linda

  • trysohard

    I encounter resistance when I allow myself to expect a perfect setting. Life is messy and I have to be humble and flexible. I have to allow for dysfunctional circumstances that I can’t control.

  • Cheryl Beseler

    I reflect on the times when it seems ‘easier’ to see the negative than look for the positive – not putting the focus on those gifts from God but allowing the negativity of the world to creep into my being. When I find myself just going with the flow of a conversation and resisting the opportunity to change the direction to a more positive topic – pointing out the positive while respecting the choices of others. Fear and worry are ways that resistance holds me back – being aware and naming help to bring things back into perspective and reduce the power it has. I love the prayer above – “God, I invite you into my daily battle with resistance this Lent. Give me the courage to name, define, recognize, and overcome resistance in my life” Thank you, Lord for the wisdom of words

  • Debbie Germano

    I, too, am a worrier. It seems like I constantly worry about things that I have no control over, even things from the past. It is definitely standing between me and happiness.

  • Hannah Diecks

    Resistance comes to me in the form of addiction, anxiety, and worry. I’m really looking forward to my best Lent ever. I’ve recently started going back to church, both on the weekends and some weekdays and it’s making such a difference for me. I’m plan to share my journey with as many as I can because I know for sure I am NOT the only young woman who is struggling to find her faith. And If I can help at least one young girl find her way back like me it will all be worth it.

  • Lydia Meyers

    When I woke up this morning and went downstairs to workout, at first I didn’t want to even start.But with that first push at resistance of the weights I felt better.I guess I never thought about resistance as a way of making me stronger, not only in my workout, but in my life.

  • Dianna

    Food and anxiety for me are the 2 issues I struggle with in regards to resistance. I know I should put healthy foods into my body for fuel that my body needs to operate properly. I can’t seem to keep fear at bay either and my anxious thoughts get the better of me. During lent and hopefully afterwards I will write down my resistance struggles in a journal and pray to God to help me in that moment.

  • Elizabeth

    I do not have a FB account but I do have a snooze button membership! That’s actually what I have up for Lent… hitting snooze. It’s so much harder than I thought. I had a very hard time this morning. I’m always rushing in the morning and do not spend any time with the a Lord because I over sleep. I’m trying to make this Lent the most fruitful, Christ centered and prayful Lent ever.

  • Peggy Martin

    Brennan your words hit home for me, I definitely am a worrier. I am always worrying and I guess you would say trying to control everyone around me. I will say I trust Our Lord to know best but than I take it back and try to have things my way. Thank you for labeling this for me and as I move through this Lenten season I will definitely try to stop resisting and totally let go and let God. Thank you!

  • Sonya Jones

    I don’t know if this is resistance but this is today: So got ready for 7 a.m. Mass at my church. I listened to Dynamic Catholic’s Day 1 on the way . Still trying to decide what to give up or what to DO during this lent. For sure I was going to show my husband Matthew’s video today. That was a start. Got to church and noticed no cars. Our priest covers 2 churches in town.(bless him) . I see a girl , I figure a college student waiting on the steps. I get out and ask if there is mass. She said shethought so but doors were locked. She then says it’s at the other church. So I tell her and another student I will give them a ride. So we get there during the gospel. But we made it! Now I know what I will DO this Lent. Have a blessed day, everyone.

  • Cheri Tews Sheehy

    I like everyone’s thoughts on FB. I too will be deleting it. I actually prefer Instagram which I have filled with all positive meaningful people to follow. I struggle with making time for prayer and reflection which is silly quite frankly because I had placenta of time to scroll through fb. I will be using my time to read the stack of books I “just couldn’t get to”

  • Bolognaone

    Each day worrying about not doing the best thing for myself has caused me to avoid doing anything.

  • Anne

    I struggle with the work that I do. Is this the right position for me? As well as prayer time. I set aside time but do I really listen to what God is saying to me?

  • Michelle Ardini

    Never contemplated resistance before as it has never been brought up in the context of sin or virtue. Am eager to learn more.

  • Lisa Novelli

    Yes. There is always tomorrow.

  • Donna Elifson

    Is it a coincidence that I received a copy of Matthew Kelly’s book “Resisting Happiness” at Christmas Eve Mass and that I “resisted” reading it…..and that today I picked up his book to consider making it part of my Lenten spiritual readings before I registered for Dynamic Catholic? The Holy Spirit works in amazing ways. I am excited to make this part of my Lenten obligation and look forward to my daily emails from the Dynamic Catholic. However, I’m still giving up chocolate!!!

  • Bill Wilson

    The choir at St. Michael’s Church in Auburn, AL, which I have just joined goes out to lunch after singing at the 10:30 Sunday liturgy. The first time I was invited by the generous, welcoming singers, I made an excuse and went home to my empty apartment. The next week, last Sunday, I said, “Yes,” went to lunch and had a wonderful time. No big deal? Maybe not. But I’m the kind of person who reacts to invitations and requests this way: If it’s something I want to do, I automatically decline. If it’s something I don’t want to do, I automatically accept. In either case, I usually end up regretting my decision. Resistance? You betcha!

  • Diane Kieler Konshak

    I struggle with negative I good enough, do people like me, I’m weak, am I loved, respected, etc. Trying g to work with how much God loves and made me in his image.

  • Isabella

    I am an 18 year old whose who life revolves around social media instead of prayer. I gave up all social media for lent and I know it will be a huge struggle, but it will naturally give me more time to pray and become closer to God. No more resisting sitting down to pray.

    • 4Gdfam1st

      Isabella, I will pray for you, pray for me.

  • Barbara F. Bordelon

    I resisted to listen to the second video thinking I’d read it later. I gave in and listen. I resisted writing something. I gave in and am writing. I all ready feel better but have the whisper in my brain that this won’t last. I will resist resistance. God have mercy on all resisters this Lent.

  • Linda M Wheeler Trenn

    When I pray I lose my words and get tongue tied. Especially when I’m given the opportunity to pray for or with someone else. I get nervous and my words escape me

  • Jane Almanza

    I will limit my time on Facebook. Maybe once a week or not at all during Lent. Sometime when I’m praying my daily rosary I get distracted and stop and do the thing I was thinking about. I’ll do my best to stay on track when I’m praying.

  • Jenny Gonzales Brady

    I have always struggled with that “alarm clock” moment. However, I am now a stay-at-home mom caring for my one year old daughter. I haven’t used an actual alarm clock in a year because she is my alarm clock. 😉 There were definitely times when I felt unrested and tired due to lack of sleep, but I had to get up to care for my daughter; I could not hit the snooze button. Being a mom has forced me to change many aspects of my life and the snooze button has been one form of resistance slain for me.

  • Barry Dupre

    Striving to spend at least an hour a week in adoration with my Lord in front of the Blessed Sacrament, I have yet to complete an hour. Whether I cut it short 15 minutes or 2 minutes, this is resistance. Should I not desire to give more than required as our Lord taught? Especially to my Creator who loves me like no other. When pressed into a mile, shouldn’t i go two miles. I pray that I may recognize this resistance in all things each day, and for the strength to overcome!!!

  • Dorothy Acosta

    I encounter so much busyness in my life, I tend not to take full advantage of my few precious free moments of the day. Prayer is usually hurried and done in the car – so, many times does not have my full uninterrupted attention. This Lent I want to slow down in the presence of the Lord.

  • Carey Montz

    I often struggle with allowing my mind to wander during my daily prayer time. If I’m not constantly speaking words during my prayer and just trying to sit and silence and meditate and reflect, my mind drifts too often. It’s one are where I encounter a resistance of that active listening part of prayer.

  • David McCormick

    I have an image of myself that places me in certain projects or activities that I think people within that image should do. I hesitate to engage in the activities that might make me really happy.

  • Jennifer Salvador Thomas

    Hi, my name is Jennifer and I find myself encountering resistance by holding into negativity, especially when my day does not start off on the right foot

    • Lpius

      I experience the same. I feel like if I don’t start the day as planned that all is lost and I can’t find motivation to pick up the pieces. Instead I procrastinate, hoping that tomorrow might be better. This is a huge resistance for me. I need grasp that progress does not equate to perfection. Despite your day not starting off as planned, the rest of the day is still yours to conquer. Even if the day is not perfect (and they never are) you will still have accomplished something. You can apply this to whatever you do. Even if you miss the prime time morning hour to pray and reflect, you can still do it in a break, during lunch or after work. Starting off imperfectly is better than delaying starting altogether in the hope that there will be optimal conditions later. The best time is now!

  • Jan (Allett) Reinhart

    For the past several years I have felt something has been lacking in my Lenten observations. I have watched today’s videos and read many of the comments, and I already feel more hopeful for this year. I feel that the usual “giving up chocolate” or “giving up…..” isn’t really helping me spiritually. I have found many helpful suggestions from many of the comments I have read. Thank you.

  • Kris Gonzales

    I find that early morning is the best time for prayer, our minds are clear and we have not yet encountered resistance. If your family rises at 6:00 am set your inner alarm for 5:45.

  • Mel Babin

    I have encountered resistance through negativity in my life. I am a shy person on the inside and don’t speak up enough when I someone hurts me. I want to be more truthful in my words and let God through the Holy Spirit guide me to speak up with words of truth.

  • Mark

    I have constantly battled resistance in the form of laziness. I know I should exercise, but find myself just sitting around checking Facebook, watching tv 📺 and playing games on my phone. I’m determined to be more active, lose weight and conquer this area of resistance in my life this Lent!

  • Theresa McGuire

    Anxiety and worry have always been a part of my life. Repeatedly I have told myself that GOD is in control and I pray HIS will not mine and then I worry about the outcome which ironically says to GOD that I don’t trust in his decisions. This lent I want to give up worrying and fear that can stop me from doing things…just like the video said, resistance.

    • 4Gdfam1st

      I do the same thing Theresa. May God bless you.

  • Melanie Sellers

    I think I resist out of fear ! Fear of not being perfect! I pray to God that I accept imperfection. Mainly that if I don’t do it perfectly, that it won’t be the end all! This is a big reason for my procrastination.

    • Jennifer Martin

      I, too, suffer from perfectionism. It truly can be crippling when we fear making mistakes. I finally started becoming more free from this when I adopted the mantra “progress, not perfection.” I also noticed that some of the things I like best about others are their quirks and flaws, so now I allow and welcome those things in me. I think I am a much more authentic and better version of myself these days.

  • Bill Duffy

    For me, the most important part of this Lent is going to be to restore order and discipline to my life. To eat less (fast), to waste less time on social media and TV, to read more spiritual reading, to pray more – these are my hopes for Lent. To overcome resistance – to be a better manager of time.

  • Jeanne P

    Anger towards working more and seeing less in my paycheck. It is one thing to be frustrated at times; it is another to allow it to occupy one’s mind as much as I had been doing since October when my healthcare premium went up to over $600/month. Guess what I am giving up for Lent, and beyond Lent! Bottom line is, could it be better? Sure! AND, when something catastrophic does happen, there is coverage, and for that I am thankful, beyond thankful! There are also wonderful free programs by hospitals such as Holy Name in Teaneck, NJ that for Saint Valentine’s Day and the month of February ran a “Love Your Heart” program. I believe this was partially in response to President Donald Trump’s dedication of February as American Heart month or like title? I got my rear end over there on a Saturday morning, and gave up some income to attend the second half on a weeknight. I could have used resistance to say, “Why bother?” I am so glad I attended! Thanks be to God. The people were really nice, including a “pay it forward” story I could include here, but it would make this writing longer — when it is probably already beyond a “comment.” The EKG at my routine physical no longer covered by my healthcare insurance provider was GIVEN to me and to many people. I stood on line for 90 minutes, and as I told the staff as I was departing, I would stand on line for another hour for that EKG and the opportunity also given to sit with a doctor and talk after everything was complete. I also met a nice lady on the line, and we had a delightful conversation. They had a Thai Chi demonstration and a cooking station. I took home a recipe for Cauliflower Fried Rice that was delicious.

  • Gordon Speir

    I, like many people, find myself getting caught up in certain things in life that really don’t matter if I really think about it. I need to concentrate on the important things that really do and work on those.

  • Trudy Ray Parmarter

    I am trying to define the path God has chosen for me in retirement. This Lent during my devotional time I am especially going to focus on the obstacles/resistances that have hindered me on this journey.

  • Joni

    I have given up Facebook for Lent. So many wasted hours on there. I am dedicating my time to The Best Lent Ever.

  • Paula Vorisek

    My resistance does start the minute I wake up. It is just stopping and sitting down to prayer. I try to do it before I even hop out of bed but some mornings the auto player in my brain is running on overdrive to line up the days, projects, goals, and events. Trying to turn it off so I can have some me time with God is VERY HARD. Stopping to ask God what he wants me to do first is a biggie.

  • Margie

    I am going to take at least 15 minutes each evening as soon as I get home from work to sit quietly alone in the living room with the light dimmed in an attempt to shut out the distractions of life.
    …I am going to use this time to reflect, pray, and listen to the Holy Spirit. I think if I do that as soon as I get home, I will be less likely to “get too busy” (my usual form of resistance) and never get back to those quiet moments of calling God into my life..

  • Susan Ertl

    I am not giving up FB for lent. Being 700 miles from my family, it is my dynamic link to them. I WILL spend more time in devotional prayer, participate full heartedly in this Lenten transformation, and keep a daily journal (hand-written, not typed) of my reflections and applications in my daily activities. I find that when I write rather than type, my mind is differently engaged, and ideas seem to flow more organically.

    • Lpius

      Technology is a necessity and it is not always practical to give it up entirely. I think the important thing is what you use it for. If you are using social media to keep tabs on everyone and consume a lot of information that is unnecessary, it can leave you feeling empty and distracted.

  • Deborah Buschman

    A thought on “resistance”: I had the privilege of being taught for 12 years by Dominican Sisters. These women had the ability to distill complex theological & behavioral concepts to forms that children could understand & teens could relate to. It occurs to me that what we are calling “resistance” the good Sisters may have simply called “the Devil”. They taught us that the force of evil personified as Satan, Lucifer, the Devil et al, is as real as God and that he nudges us throughout our days to be less-than-our-best. His enticements are often not to dramatic unmistakable evil but rather to laziness, wasted hours, apathy, indeed anything that distracts us from our God-given purpose. The Dominicans also taught us that Satan gives us no temptation that grace cannot overcome. Please keep me in your prayers; I will do the same for you. Good Day. Good Lent.

  • Peggy Margaret

    Sometimes I get the feeling that whatever I am doing, it’s not good enough. I start to pick at how I could be a better mom, a better wife, a better employee….but then when I think about putting God at the center of my life, things change. When I ask myself why I want to be better, it’s because I selfishly wanted to do it for me. Deep down, there is a longing for me to be acknowledged by others. But when I put God at the center, I ask myself, “What would God want me to do?” It sounds cliche, but when I focus on doing things as a servant of God, my heart is filled with love. That love gives me the sense of happiness because I am putting Him at the center of my life. Receiving recognition becomes less important. Knowing that I am helping others at work, caring for my children, and being a good friend to my husband for God keeps me away from constantly criticizing myself and thinking that I could have done better….because really, wouldn’t you want to give God your very best effort? And in the end, though we aren’t perfect, He loves us just as we are.

  • Doug Sellers

    I too, encounter resistance daily in the form of “worry!” I worry about my family, especially in the society that we live in today. People, of all ages, have very little disregard for what tomorrow may bring. Meaning, they do not think about consequences. They act and do things that lead to violent acts without thinking about what could happen.

    I worry about health. I’ve had some health concerns in my most recent past and every time that I have to go for my annual wellness check or visit with my specialist, I worry about what the results will bring. Years ago, my wife contracted Viral Meningitis and was in the hospital for a number of days. Every time she gets a headache or a muscle ache, I worry if it is related to something more or deeper. Same with my kids, every time they have a stomach ache or headache, I worry that it could be more than it is.

    In my current professional role, I work off of commission. It’s a 100% commission job and I absolutely LOVE what I do!! I can work from home, so I’m here when the kids go to school and home when they return. I can be here when folks need to do repair to or within our home, or deliver packages that require a signature. I can do laundry and other household chores while my wife is at work. However, being the man of the household and not receiving a steady stream of income as of yet, is very hard and challenging to my pride. Colleagues of mine says it takes between 3 and 5 years to really get a portfolio of clients built-up to where there is steady income that you can survive off of. I worry and think about often “what if it doesn’t work out for me”, and the thought of having to go back to an office, and spend a great deal of time driving to and from work, and having to report to someone (I work for myself basically) is very worrisome.

  • Colleen

    I am interested in seeking other forms of employment. I feel resistance to change and don’t follow through. I hope Best Lent Ever will help me unpack what is stopping me and to move forward.

  • JP

    Worry is one dominate form of resistance that I experience. I find it paralyzing in the abscense of action. Once I finally recognize it and address the reason for my fear I feel better and empowered.

  • Pearl Brown

    When I pray the devil trys to put other things in my mind other than prayer. When this happens I say get behind me Satan walk in front of me Lord.

  • Annette Henley

    In my career days my resistance was often my stubbornness. I would know there were things I should be doing, changing or not doing but it was so difficult to follow through. I would see it as admitting I had been wrong and a weakness that I wasn’t willing to admit. Now being retired I have less interaction with people on a daily basis but I’m less concerned about what others think about me. Too soon old and too late smart!!

  • Christina Fransua

    Happy 1st day of Lent friends!! Stay strong and focused the next 40 days and beyond. Keeping you all in my prayers!!

  • Mike Hall

    Electronics, phones, iPads, Facebook all create resistance in my life. While some of it is needed for work, I find in other times I may just be filling “downtime” with it. In those times I am going to either pray or at least prioritize that time to faith, family or fitness; my 3 main life priorities.

  • Cindy Smith

    Thanks all for your suggestions. I deleted FB a month ago in preparation for Lent. Have so much more time to devote to positive prayer and family. I challenge all to try it….just for 40 days and decide how much better you feel about yourself and those around you. Just added the Laudate app thanks to you all.

  • John

    I have always struggled with resistance to getting things done I know I need to do. I divert myself with other tasks I find more enjoyable at the moment, thinking I’ll get to the “other” task tomorrow. This has to do with things like pulling weeds, cleaning up my office. I am happy to say that after a bad car accident in 1999, I committed more consistently to daily prayer, thanking God for another day of life to enjoy my oldest son going to college that fall and being around to bring him back to college each fall, seeing my second son play sports in high school, enjoying his high school graduation, go to college and graduate as well and now as empty nesters, i can enjoy retirement with my wife, since 2014. We both still work, her substitute teaching and me with volunteer work and a consulting business.

    I awake each morning and read from five devotionals and recently I’ve started reading the Bible each morning as well. It can take from one to two hours. I get up between 5:00 and 5:30 most mornings and prayer is the first thing I do. I believe in “pray without ceasing,” so over the years I have developed a running conversation with God during the day. I drive for Uber and listen to Catholic Radio while driving. I don’t always agree with the approach of the various radio hosts but it focusses me on our faith and I have learned things I never knew about being Catholic and what that implies.

    Lastly, while I still struggle with resistance in my life, I do recognize more often how I am resisting and can consciously choose how to handle that situation. I believe Our Lord, in his infinite patience, is guiding me to recognize more and more where resistance plays a part in my life and is giving me the strength and ability to deal with it more head on.

  • Michele M C

    I received the book, “Resisting Happiness” from three different sources =) I guess I was meant to read it! Read it the first week in January. I think our battle with resistance is our spiritual battle with Satan; he works in those subtle ways to keep us from worshipping God and giving God our best selves and time. I TOTALLY get that hitting the snooze button – such a struggle! When I start my morning off with prayer and devotional time even if it is just a few minutes I have a much better day than if I think I can do it later (and am either too tired or get caught up in stuff) I think of the morning devotional time as giving “my first fruits” to God. Looking forward to this 40 day journey with you all!!

  • Ronda Jewell

    The first day of lent and already resistance is here. I said I would start my Lenten journey by praying the rosary first thing everyday. I was up at 6 and finally prayed the rosary at 8:15. I felt so good after the rosary was prayed. Tomorrow first thing! Matthew Kelly put resistance in a whole new light for me. God bless him.

  • Beth Bryan

    I also am a worrier. Resistance has been with me most of my life, from what to become in life, to how to mother my children, friendship and especially faith. It has cripppled me. I want to experience life without worrying and resisting anymore. So I begin my Lenten journey with the help of my fellow christians to become the best version of myself. Please pray for me. Beth

  • Ann Flood

    I wanted to put off listening to this video. I felt too tired. As you can tell the video is just what I needed to start my day.

  • Imelda

    I don’t think this is about Facebook. It is about becoming aware of how we sabotage our happiness by worrying about things we can’t control instead of working on the things we can control, if we work on our faith.

  • Mary Welsch Most

    Yes resistance is all around us. Today my goal is to figure out what mine are.

  • Joanne

    Oh my gosh-I woke up SOOOO cranky today!? Barely cognizant & the resistance was there…found this prayer & will rinse & repeat often today:

    Gracious God, today begins a period of inner reflection and examination.
    The days stretch before me and invite me inward to that silent, holy
    space that holds your Spirit. This special time beckons me to see my
    life through Christ’s eyes and the truth and reality of your love
    incarnate. Give me the grace to enter the space of these days with
    anticipation of our meeting. And, when I open my soul to your presence,
    let your loving kindness flow over me and seep into the pockets of my
    heart. I ask this for the sake of your love.

  • Treva McPhedran

    FOOD, is my biggest resistance right now. I’m going to try real fasting, not just giving up chocolate, sweets, or soda. I plan to fast for 24 hours, and then maybe give up 1 meal a day, 3 times a week. We’ll see how it goes.

  • Kathy Willie

    What about forgiving yourself? I have a very hard time with that.

  • Mary Stewart

    Brennan I appreciated your video this morning–worry is another way to say I have to be in control. And most of the time we are not–let God handle the day and enjoy everyday–thank you!

  • Christine

    I often struggle being present with my children and prayer. I have decided to give up Facebook for Lent and hope to use the time I wasted focusing on being the best version of me for my family.

  • Mitch Ferraro

    This is a great way to start off Lent. I did this last year and it was my first encounter with Dynamic Catholic. I have to say it really opened my eyes to the Lent season. To think of it as DOING SOMETHING instead of giving up something was really powerful. I encounter resistance everyday with worrying. Just like the video I feel like I worry about many things that I really have no control other than how I THINK about the certain situation. This Lent I’m going to look to God and ask for his help and courage to take away those worries and put my trust in His hands.

    I also love everyone’s idea of either deleting facebook or limiting themselves to facebook. So with doing Best Lent Ever this year I’m limiting my time on facebook as well. I’ve deleted it off my phone and will only go on through my desktop for 30 minutes a day. I hope everyone has a great Lent season and I look forward to discussion with all of you.

  • Skip North

    My wife and I are on a journey. She has stage 4 ovarian cancer. I experience resistance in dealing with the fear of losing her. I am troubled that turning to trust in the Divine Mercy associated with her death, erodes my hope for her continued life. Perhaps denial of her death is my source of resistance….
    We so need to share unconditional trust in the Lord.

  • Brigette Gallagher

    This was a great way to start thinking about Lent this week. Thank you! If there is any way that you can have the daily emails sent out a few hours earlier so those of us who must rise very early in the morning can get our daily boost before we head out the door, I’d be most grateful.

  • Karen

    I have made a commitment to make my prayer life the first thing I do each morning during lent. I plan on devoting at least 15 minutes each morning to God. That way I know it will not be last on my to do list or not happen at all that day. I hope this daily habit will become a life long habit not just something I do during Lent

  • claudette Archambault

    I am so grateful for my Pastor for bringing the Resisting Happiness book into our church. It was with much resistance that I read this book, and boy I was glad I did. Brought so much awareness into my life – why I have been sabotaging myself – starting something worthwhile, never finishing … why? that is something I plan on addressing this Lent. God Bless all!

  • Shannon Brown

    Every time I get an idea my mind immediately counters with fifteen reasons why I’ll never bring it to fruition–I’m too busy, I’m too tired, my kids need me too much, my husband needs me, it won’t work, I’ll do all the things when I’m retired…etc. etc. I am, in many ways, my own worst enemy.

  • tess

    It is hard not to worry when faced with a major illness of a loved one. I try to put my faith in God and prayer and sometimes it helps but the worry is always there.

  • mistymama

    I check emails and facebook in the morning while having coffee. But I tend to get caught up in playing a few of the games on there. So I am giving up all the games for lent. Spending this time watching these videos and reflecting on them.

  • joe

    Well said Imelda….work on things we can control…like ourselves and our action/reaction to any given situation….and the ability to see Christ in the person front of us! I have to slow down….and start listening.

  • jen1979

    I have a hard time discerning where to focus my energy when I’m presented with multiple good things and then end up feeling guilty if I choose one and worried if I choose the other. Part of it is because I feel like, when two goods are competing for my attention, the one I prefer is the one I shouldn’t choose exactly because it’s the one I prefer. So if I’m trying to decide whether to get the critical work email sent out (something I enjoy) or throw in a load of laundry and do the dishes first, I’ll feel guilty if I choose the work email even though it’s necessary and multiple people are waiting on it. This becomes worse during Lent when I’m trying to focus on doing the right thing at the right time.

  • Nancy O’Toole

    I struggle with getting myself into my exercise routine I quit in December. I come up with to many excuses not to do it rather than going and doing it.

  • Jeremy White

    I think I have encountered resistance many times, now that I think about it. A big one is planning on going to confession, then something inside me changes my mind.

  • Jim Lyons

    Instead of giving something up I am going to do something for others. I’ll do it instead of listening to music or watching tv.

  • Denise Slowinski

    Agreed. I too decided to delete my Facebook App from my phone. I would check Facebook before I got out of bed and while I was in bed at night.

  • Cyndi

    I would say picking up my phone after I get up and not spending my time with God. That is going to change now!

  • Sue Anson

    I encounter resistance seems like all the time; church activities, phone calls that should be made, paying bills, Bible Study, and the list goes on. I tend to procrastinate, which adds to the resistance. I’m looking forward to this!

  • Snydermom

    Sitting down to do school with the kids, if something distacts me, I tend to let it because homeschooling is hard, and I find an “excuse” to NOT do it, I do have plenty especially since we are remodeling our little home and I can’t stand to not work on it, but I know at the end of the day if I give my best effort, my kids and I will be happier and they will have a great education.

  • Judy

    I seem to encounter resistance when I worry also. I am learning to be aware of the worry, accept it and then take action. The action I am trying to take is to talk with God and ask him to guide me in my thoughts and to help me make good choices. The resistance part is that I don’t always do this I need to be more aware of God’s Presence in my daily life.

  • Janet Pfeifer

    I fail in my time with meaningful conversation with loved ones. That includes Jesus. This lent is about putting my phone down to me. And encouraging my kids-who are parents themselves now-to do the same just by my example. And I’m putting a phone box out when they come to visit. They can only get them
    Out when they ring or we have to catch a picture of my perfect grandkids….

  • Shirley Johnson

    Starting my blog idea that God has blessed me with. I am afraid that after all that hard work and putting it out there for others to see, that it may fail. I am resisting the concept that God gave me the idea and nothing with him will fail.

  • Kathy Gwyn

    Starting today, i created a list of goals… POSITIVE goals… not just giving up something.

  • Kathy Anderson

    I like to play games on my phone. Thanks for the discussion. I’m giving up games for Lent.

  • Kate

    I think my addiction to having the television on all the time contributes greatly to my resistance to doing housework. That is why I give up TV every year for Lent and I get so much done, including, housework, prayer and spiritual reading and sleeping more. But, I go right back to it after Lent is over…

  • S. D. Peck

    I wrote a book and have never tried to get it published. I paid for a self publishing company to publish it but never sent it in. I wanted s Catholic company to publish it but when I got the courage to send it to one, they sent it back saying they don’t accept books in the form of a CD. I have never made the effort to print it out and send it back. I know I need to but I “forget” to do it.

    • Imelda

      I just edited a book for a friend in your situation. I edited it a year ago and had given up nagging him to DO it. I finally got the book this week. HE took the leap of faith and published it and it is wonderful. YOu can do it too.

  • Mike

    I don’t do FB and have very little interest in doing it. When I wake up in the morning the first thing I usually do before I get out of bed is say a little prayer like the Glory be or something like I give my whole day to the Lord. My bigest resistance is taking the time to do my daily devotionals. I say the liturgy of the hours, rosary and chaplet of Divine Mercy every day plus a daily bible reading but some times find that I push a lot of it to the last hour of the day. My body tells me i need to do something else while my heart is tellimg me I need to do my devotionals, so I fight with myself and tell myself I am going to listen to my heart, not always easy.

  • Vern Moschner

    Procrastination – fueled more now by social media! That’s it no social media during work hours – committing right now!

  • Mark Sojda

    Prayer, especially thanking God for all that is good in our life

  • Kathy Landa Archuleta

    Mine does start every morning. Getting out of bed is hard. Follow through is another.

  • LauraM

    At noon each day my phone alarm sounds to remind me to pray- mostly its 5 sentences or so long. This lent I will set an ending alarm and not resist expanded time of daily prayer and more time with Jesus.

  • Linda

    I also started worrying about everything after taking care of sick parents,sick children-I feel like I’m always one step away from another disaster. Never thought of it as resistance. Must give up the control that I think I must have to survive. I must put it in God’s hands.

  • Kelly

    I feel like i have been living a life of resistance. I see what I want to be, but I do not work to make it happen.

  • Tammy

    I struggle with resistance in my love walk with people I don’t want to be offended by what people do but learn to turn the other cheek.

  • Renato Bacani

    Prayers are the best weapons to fight resistance.

  • J.K.

    My biggest resistance is being truly honest. I need to feel liked, and find myself making sure that what I present is REALLY liked, even if that means not being truthful. I find sometimes I will be dishonest about others to portray myself in a better light. I know this is wrong, and I am resisting Christs’ presence in my heart by doing this.

  • Martha Peelor

    Thank God FB is not an issue for me as I spend very little time on it…too old to get caught up in it. But the Snooze button? Now that is an issue. I take my dogs out first thing in the morning, eat breakfast and then we all go back to bed. I lose the whole morning! For Lent I’m giving up going back to bed. It will make it much easier to get to daily Mass as well. So far, so good on Day 1!

  • Laura LaDue

    I am a worrier. I worry about everything. I am working hard right now to trust God and not try to control my life. This is my biggest resistance.

  • Monica Moreno-Mata

    I can totally relate to the pushing snooze and feeling sluggish example. I can also relate to too much Facebook time which I had already started working on lessening by trying to make it more positive in posting daily bible verses. Especially with so much hatred being posted. Instead of giving up Facebook, I have chosen to post about what I’m learning during my journey. I also want to continue posting bible verses daily. Sometimes our posts can reach someone’s broken heart and/ or mind. I know I’ve read posts that I needed that day. Best wishes to all on this Lenten journey! 🙏🏻☝🏼

  • Melissa

    I struggle with making the time to do the things I want to really do.

  • Sharon Brozovsky

    I do start my morning with prayer …. I read a devotional for the day, the Bible and tnen prayer process …. but then I check my FB and spend entirely too much time reading posts …. it is my procrastination to begin the tasks that face me for the day …. I am not giving up FB completely for Lent … but will not go to it immediately after prayer and but begin the tasks of the day … and when I take a short break, I will read family/friends FB posts for a limited time. I am trying to break a habit so that it remains with me after Lent.

  • Denise Vega Ruvalcaba

    Getting stuff done! I’m a huge procrastinator. I intentionally make a to do list but only tackle the easy tasks. I want to get my priorities taken care of first. But resistance….

  • S

    I feel like I resist a lot in my life. I get caught up in the social media, Facebook, on my phone, TV, reading… I need to spend more time in prayer and the presence of Jesus Christ in my life. I have decided to delete Facebook from my phone but keep it on my computer so I am not tempted constantly by wasting my time and resistance on social media.

  • Nancy

    I often find myself rushing through my spiritual time to get the chance to do “something else.” This Lent I am making my spiritual time a priority and the “something elses” will be put on the back burner!

  • Pat Ryder

    I stopped face book during the elections, way to much negativity, I am rarely on it now and I really don’t miss it. I to like a lot of you find i am resistant a lot ,esp when I need to do something that i should be doing. After reading Matthew Kelly’s book on resistance,I now know how to change it of course that is easy to say but I am using what I learned and it is getting easier. This truly is going to be the best lent ever.

  • Guilty! One way I encounter resistance is through procrastination. I *think* I need to do A, B, and C first before I can do whatever it is I set out to do. In truth, I’m only trying to put off doing what’s really important.

  • Marilyn

    I am giving up Facebook as I find it depresses me as I tend to compare other peoples lives with mine and I don’t “measure” up and/or I am missing out as I want to participate more, but there is always that “resistance” in my life

  • Shannon Blank

    Instead of giving up something up, I have decided to work on my relationship with God. I have decided to become more involved in my church and m y community. I have resisted meeting people and getting close to my church community for years. I want to be closer to God and my church.

  • Camille Lloyd

    As an old “newer” nurse I fear, not knowing enough to do my job perfectly. First of all, who does anything perfectly? I am a great person with huge compassion and the knowledge to know, what I don’t know. This has allowed me to take risks and try new things that I might not be ready for, today. I do know my limitations, I am willing to learn and work hard, and I am not afraid to admit defeat. That doesn’t mean I failed but that I don’t have the experience, yet. It is ok to ask for help or to know when to shift my focus on something else.
    I am blessed to have found a career late in life that can support me. Life changes so fast and the path we may have been on can detour in a moment. Being happy with who we are and how we act will help us through any of life’s barricades.

  • Teresa

    My biggest resistance has been worry over sick family members. I try to help care for my elderly parents, to no avail some days. Very defeating!
    This Lent my goal is to spend more time in prayer, and let go of trying to control / help the things I have no control over!
    Don’t have FB, but I can appreciate those who commented on giving it up! My husband loves his FB.

  • Michelle Brooks Soulliere

    I’m realizing that my life long battle with depression also manifests itself in resistance. Depression is real. I have had it since childhood. I now know what it is and can deal with it effectively because I have named it, recognize it, and take positive steps to overcome it, which includes prayer, medication, exercise, frequent confession, and healthy diet. Although I will always have it, ( going off medication has proven to be disastrous), God has helped me to manage it and be empathetic with others who have it. That first battle of the day is a major symptom and struggle for many of us who suffer from depression. This Lenten program and the book are another effective tool for management of my depression. Thank you.

  • Jaime Scheid

    I struggle to allow myself to be vulnerable which blocks deeper relationships from forming. It’s based off of my fear of rejection. I’ve got to work on that because the one person I’ve truly let in has proven that I am worthy of love, praise, gratitude, you name it. We are all worthy and it’s high time I allow it into my life. I’m giving up fear for Lent and allowing myself to be vulnerable all while giving the glory to God. I’m also donating 40 bags in 40 days to our local shelter. I am pretty certain my house will be empty by the end of Lent! lol And yes, posting this is VERY difficult for me because doing so makes me vulnerable! big sighhhh I’m going for it!

  • Bea Colletti

    I start each day with reading my devotional. Today’s daily reflection really touched me, I waste numerous hours worrying. For Lent I will focus on what’s truly important, God, my Husband and my family. Also to not have my phone with me at all times so I don’t miss the important daily interactions with my loved ones. God Bless you all!

  • Kerrie Sterken Loyde

    Similarly with others who have posted, I struggle with wasting precious time that I would otherwise have as quiet time with Christ. It doesn’t feel in the moment as time wasted, but in my heart, I know there is a reason for the procrastination. Differently than some others, I don’t see phones, tablets, social media platforms or games as the root cause or issue. I struggled with this before these tools were so prevalent and will continue to do so until I address the real issues that keep me from resisting Christ, resisting happiness. Sharing these thoughts with this community is a step forward.

  • Renee Christine Blechner

    I’m going to stop hitting snooze so to say. Side affects of a bone marrow transplant cause great bone pain for last 20+ years. It has consumed me and I turned to bad things for relief instead of to God. NO MORE hitting snooze I’m going to live, love and have faith no matter what.

  • Barb Morrocco

    I worry……and I worry all the time. About things that are out of my control and things that I cannot change. Now that I’m aware of this being a form of resistance I’m going to try and pray more and give my worries to Christ.

  • Lea B

    Spot on.. that is me. Constant worry / anxiety is but one of my many battles. I am currently reading Resisting Happiness for the second time but this time with a highlighter in hand.

  • Kitty

    I think my biggest resistance is to prayer. It has always been that way my whole life. I once confessed this and the priest said to concentrate on the readings for the next Sunday and this gave me something to follow. I subscribed to The Word Among Us and started studying not just the Sunday readings but the ones for daily Mass. Sometimes I am lax, but I am trying.

  • Leann

    I feel my biggest resistance is starting something and not finishing, because I am afraid of failing.

  • Monica

    Everywhere. I try so hard to pray and something always gets in my way, the devil is everywhere. I’ve decided to stay off my Facebook and limit my time looking at my iPad, checking mail, playing games, watching tv shows and really try to focus on the gospels during lent. I just spent 9 days in the Holy Land on a pilgrimage and I need to slow down and reflect on the greatness of that trip.

  • Norma Van Amberg

    As the Nike ad says, “Just do it!” if the Spirit nudges you to act. I recently completed a Christ Renews His Parish weekend at my church. It was the ninth such weekend for women, and that is how many invitations I had received to participate. I was resisting, being lazy. It turned out to be another blessing on my spiritual journey.

  • Dorsey Egan

    Fb was deleted from my phone last night. As a stay at home Mom, I’ve been using it as a crutch to have some form of adult interaction. But, honestly it just keeps me from being present. Deleting it from my phone, and staying off of it for Lent has opened up the time for me to be here and that’s what I truly need. To reconnect with my faith and family. Wishing each and everyone of you……the best Lent ever!!! 😊❤😊

    • Gina

      I deleted FB from my phone as well and it has been wonderful! As a mother of 3 I felt I was taking too much time for that and not enough for my children. Glad to hear others are doing the same! ☺️

  • Ninette Kondratowicz

    My resistance involves food. I resist eating in a way that will be healthful….instead I look to food to offer immediate gratification. As I journey through lent I will delay gratification and fill the space with offering that time to God.

  • Carmel Delaney

    Turning from worry would make me loose control …!so I think, ..I wish to learn to not give in to my worries and turn them over to God…to do my best, then leave them at His feet! Brings peace me Jesus to let You ‘take over’

  • Cara

    Brennan, you spoke to my heart! I am currently dealing with months of worry and working every day to leave those worries at the feet of Jesus!! Refreshing to hear it can be done!

  • Kathryn Duncan

    I’m not on FB and I don’t have a TV but I do spend (too much) time on the computer. Most of this revolves around youtube, surfing and games – a lot of wasted time – time away from God and from doing what I know I should be doing. To make this truly my best Lent ever I am going to decrease time on the computer and increase time with the Lord, starting with this daily devotional on Resisting Happiness. I’ve set my phone to alarm at various times during the day to remind me to take “God breaks” This will help me become a better steward of my time which also will make me feel happier.

  • Lacey Naiberg

    My resistance lies also in prayer time….specifically I want to make sure to get the daily readings in every day… well as have a special time with my kids everyday to just discuss their relationship with God and encourage their continued growing in faith. This lent I am adding a special time with the kids everyday and to do that I am taking Netflix out of my life…..having the next episode right there always gets me!

  • Tammy H

    Taking the time to take care of everyday life issues. I have a tendency to ignore them and hope they do away on their own. It hasn’t worked out to well, so I’m going to try and conquer one day at a time, and find time to give more to God.

  • John F

    Like most of us something always comes in the way. I came across this”busy ” theme a while ago and slowed…busy stands for

    Slow down and let Jesus take the strain. I’m using lent again just for this.

  • Michaela O’Shaughnessey

    Matthew Kelly made a great point talking about how many of us start our day out with resistance by hitting snooze first thing in the morning. What we do in the morning sets the tone for the rest of our day! This lent I will strive to challenge myself by NOT hitting snoose on my alarm in the morning but rather by sitting up in bed and spending the 5 min I would’ve spent “snoozing” in prayer/conversation with God. Wishing you all the best lent ever as we join each other on this journey & strive to throw resistance to the curb.

  • Jami Nordmann

    I know cookies are unnecessary for my body, but eat them because “I want to.” I know exercise makes me feel great, but delay it with meaningless tasks until there’s “no time to workout.” Confession frees my soul, but something always comes in the way and I say “I’ll go next week.” Resistance is real!

  • Karen Bumstead

    I am the ultimate snooze button hitter. Averaging at least 3 hits per morning. I am going to give that up this lent and give give the time to God instead. Thanks Matthew for pointing out my resistance.

  • Gwendolyn

    Taking good physical care of myself. Poor diet choices, poor exercise choices.

  • Lisa

    Right now my biggest battle with resistance is self-sabotage. Every day I have a choice on what to put into my mouth and evil is winning more than losing. I say “Oh, I’ll food prep tomorrow or I already made a poor choice so why not another, even better- I am cooking this for my family and they don’t like what I really need to fuel my body in a healthy way.” I wake up everyday with the mindset to change, but that self-sabotage gets in the way😡

  • Virginia Abbruscato Cambalik

    Fear and worry are my resistance. The fear of taking on too much and feeling overwhelmed. Worrying about my children is another big one for me. I have to remember it’s not just my hubby and me raising them but also God because he is in their life.❤️

  • Patti Franchino

    This video totally spoke to me. Never looked at worry or hitting the snooze button on my alarm (which I do daily) as “resistance.” There is so much resistance in my life. I have a hard time focusing on one thing, there always seems to be a million things going on in my head, the kids, our business, the house, the bills. I want to give that all to God, but truly have the hardest time with letting everything go, and giving it all over to God.

  • Maria

    I’m having a hard time understanding what resistance means… I thought I knew. Can someone please explain it to me?

  • Jessica

    I don’t understand what he means by resistance?????

  • Jan Koehler

    I had been struggling to give up Facebook for lent since it is how I get to see my niece & nephew’s children. Thanks to all of your suggestions, I have taken it off my phone. I also like the idea of putting the phone down when I am with my family.

  • Tasha King

    Resistance was profound in my life but, not through help prayer and meditation I take things one day at a time. Let go and let god.

  • Lori

    I too have trouble with finding time to stop and do my 10 min. With the lord.

  • Mary

    Started BLE with a bang! 1. TOTALLY busted as a snooze hitter! 2. WORRY is and understatement! I know God is speaking to me through these gentle nudges! Here I come Lent……

  • Sue Goulet

    Not following my goals. I’m going to write them down and post them where I see them repeatedly. Then I will pray the simple prayer posted here. I also pray that everyone here has a special Lenten season in the way they wish!

  • Christine Overkamp

    So sincere and to the point. I have been given a gift to explore my own resistance. Thank you. Looking forward to tomorrow’s topic. God bless each of you for putting this together.

  • Viola Hale

    Well hop on the Bandwagon because I too have given up FB for Lent. Every morning I was tuning into the daily news while my husband continues to sleep. I decided that that was my own personal time and decided to pray the rosary. Then I’d look at FB, but not until Easter for now.

  • Rey Mireles

    I struggle making a commitment to daily prayer. I make an excuse each time that I think about praying. Always on the go. I’m mindful of God with me yet I know it’s not enough. This lent I will do my best to pray each day at the same time with no excuses.

  • Maureen Shannon Robertson

    Boy does this hit the nail on the head! I find myself encountering resistance All DAY LONG, from the time I hit the snooze button to the time I lay my head down on my pillow with the intention of ready God’s Word. Either I’m too tired, too busy, too distracted. Definitely something to work on this Lent!

  • Matthew C Harvey

    How do I encounter resistance? the very beginning of my day in not getting out of bed right away. Not be fully energized and ready for the day. I am committed to starting with this one very important area to have my Best Lent Ever!!!!!!

  • Margaret Gualario LaFiura

    I struggle with making time for adoration and resistance to exercise!! i know its two totally different things but i will use Lent to recognize my struggle with resistance and make a conscious decision to sit with our Lord and to get on the elliptical ( no matter how much i hate it) I will also stay OFF of social media!

  • Worry and self doubt leads me to fear. These are my resistants. I believe God loves us and wants us to be happy and our best selves. Constant prayer, meditation and letting go are my tools when I feel fear! In my humanness thru my circumstances is where my worry …. Too much worrying about my future and not enough trusting all my needs will be met today. Peace and Blessings for a beautiful Lent. Thank you for this series.

  • Mark

    my video isn’t working. Any ideas on how I can fix this. I wasn’t able to hear Brennan & couldn’t find a transcript.

  • Kathy Fish

    If there was a prize for procrastination, I would come in first place. These videos opened my eyes today. Thanks for sharing and God bless you all.

  • Kim Bordelon

    Taking this challenge commiting to strengthing my prayer time taking time to become the best version of my self because God has a plan for me.

  • Harriet Wetherell

    Sorry about others prevents me from action for things in my life. I do not make plans in case the phone will ring and my family needs me.

  • Magalis Muniz

    I have encountered resistance in my life when I am doing something knowing that is wrong for me to do but I do it anyway. I know is wrong, but I’m afraid of being disliked. Afterwards I feel terrible and I wish I was strong enough to say no.

  • Arizona Gma

    Lent is all about learning. Learning how to be more honest with ourselves. Learning how to be a better person, a better spouse, mom, or dad, or friend, son, or daughter, a better Christian. Learning what or who should be a priority in our life and striving to put that effort into action. Learning how to be more intimate with our Savior, Jesus Christ. I am starting right now, to put Jesus first by beginning each day with prayer, and this program. Goodbye snooze button!

  • Agnes Brett

    It’s suprising to see so many responses involve social media. The first thing to come to mind for me is resisting exercise when I know its so important to my health.

  • Peggy Sam

    Instead of giving up something for Lent…I am going to give to others by sharing my Blessings!

  • Barbara

    I was resisting the urge to sit down and pray first– I’ll just put this load of clothes in the washer and then I’ll sit down. Oh wait, I better check my email…… on and on it went. God must always come first, after all, isn’t He always there for us?. I’m looking forward to beginning my Lenten journey with this series.

  • George Schewe

    Old guy reflection – never been on facebook. Hear about it all the time. So hoorah for those abstaining from it. Now you can start dreaming and praying again. And do not forget to listen. Now if I could only take my own advice.

  • Jeff Matthews

    My goal is to do more this lent, not necessarily take away. I will interact with God and my faith on a daily basis. I will do the things that I have come to resist daily – jumping out of bed when the alarm clock goes off, going to the gym on a regular basis, spend time writing daily. In doing so, I hope to also be an inspiration to my children – an example of how to live life and honor God.

  • Cynthia

    Hello, I’m so excited to join The Best Lent Ever again this Lenten Season! I have plans to help me to stop
    Resisting Happiness such as: setting a certain time again in the day for prayer time and journaling. When I faithful to doing this before, I experienced wonderful things in my life. I see that some have chosen to give up social media. I think it is an awesome idea so part or all of that time spent on social media may be devoted to God and your prayer life. For those who may want to give up social media for Lent, but find it hard; you can do it. Pray about it if it’s something you really feel in your heart to do. I’ve deleted my Facebook for over six years. So, it is possible. I hope and pray all of you have a successful Lenten Season.

  • Ziggy Moschetto

    I have decided to commit to this BEST LENT EVER project daily during the LENTEN season to help me bring more awareness to my short comings and try to be more loving and understanding and seek inner happiness

  • Olivia Ortiz

    Just this morning. My plan was to wake up early. Which I usually do and attend 6:30AM Mass for Ash Wednesday. I wanted to come to work with my cross on my forehead. But I didn’t get up. I laid in be another hour. I plan to attend 5:30PM Mass anyhow. But I really wanted to go to the early morning mass this morning. I was lazy. And I feel guilty.

  • Jan Rybnicky

    Finding time for Daily Prayer is a hard one; everything associated with media is a time thief. Recently I have eeked out time in the morning, turning off the Pop radio on my way to work in favor of EWTN and then turning that off after 15 minutes to say decades of the rosary and have as much quiet time with GOD as the traffic will allow. Resistance Alert, I broke 2 different rosaries this way! EWTN suddenly goes static! Be committed find a way, keep going, welcome the quiet and talk to GOD. More Ideas; Recenter several times during the day with a quick prayer and Offer your tasks to GOD.

  • Bev Moore

    I too, am a worrier! I’m trying very hard to focus on today and focusing on the blessings & gifts in my life and trusting God to handle the re st. God is good . . . all the time.

  • Jean

    I have resisted happiness by making excuses for why I should not return to the Catholic Church.

    • Gina G.

      Same here ! But I went today and I’m glad I did

      • Jean

        I’m going to get ashes tonight for the first time in over 20 years…

        • Gina G.

          I was 20 min late and sat in my car debating on wether or not to walk in alone. And I did. And I’m so glad. Have to start somewhere right ?

  • Celeste Robichaux

    Definitely the snooze button!

  • KatieRose

    Taking care of myself in a meaningful way. Praying or meditating daily to take care of my heart and spirit.

  • Janet Daly

    I am one of those who do not get out of bed first thing in the morning, I say I want to listen to the news before I get up. That’s my excuse, I guess. But the main way I resist happiness is to get out my cell phone and play solitaire when I know I have to do something I should but don’t really want to do. I waste my time that could be better spent on the things I need to do.

  • Julie

    I had to laugh at the first video…my alarm clock went off and I shut it off and stayed in bed a little longer…Resistance….yup! I want to spend time in prayer and reflection this Lent. May blessings abound for all of us as we listen to God’s plan for us and strive to be the best version of ourselves. Happy Lent everyone!

  • Mary Kay

    I finished the book last night, and now Day 1 of slaying Resistance. Putting things off, procrastination is the name of one of my resistance issues.

  • Paul Foisy

    I often face resistance in my volunteer work. I often feel overwhelmed with what I have committed to do which results in inaction. Overtime, this just builds up.

  • Captwww

    For me resistance is when I ignore what the Holy Spirit is trying to urge me to do. I always regret it, and when I obey, nothing bothers me. When I obey, I can go about my day and tackle the next thing. But when I ignore His urging, I can’t stop thinking about why I didn’t obey, what was I thinking, etc. So over the years, I’ve learned that obeying quickly leaves me with no regrets and no dwelling and that’s God’s reward for me. But I still have a long way to go. Someday I pray I’ll have the humility and obedience to immediately do what I’m asked.

  • We gave up ALL technology (tv, video games) for Lent as a family. We will be helping with the less fortunate during the Lenten season and spent a lot of quiet time with each other and with God.

    We. Need. Silence.

    Satan just loves noise. Even the grinch didn’t like noise if you recall “noise, noise, noise!”

    It is in silence that we will hear and receive what God is telling us.

    I miss the 70s/80s specifically for the lack of technology and the silence we had. How blessed I was to be a part of that generation.

    I have my children write In their gratitude journal daily upon their reflection that specific day. I also encourage them to thank Jesus for ALL the blessings we receive. Even the painful ones. The lessons are taught in that pain.

    It is my duty and vocation to lead my children to heaven with the work now. I am planting Jesus seeds of His Love for them so they may remain faithful to Him when I am gone.

    I am doing my best to help others as well with the gifts He has blessed me with.

    We. All. Have. A. Purpose.

    Know His purpose. And Live His purpose.

    It is NEVER to late. Ever.

    Many blessings. ~Victoria

  • Marie Morris

    I am not a worrier but i have failed to find peace in my life….i think mostly through my own decisions. I work hard to b prayerful but could always improve. Regarding everyone quiting fb for lent, fb has turned into more my newsfeed than social for me. Not only regular news but i am on many catholic sites that i get news on abt the church that i cant find anywhere else

  • Shannon

    I have now read “Resisting Happiness” for the second time, realizing on each page that I still have a lot of work to do. I still struggle with the getting up immediately (it’s improving), but when I do, my whole day changes, I am more focused on each task all day long from getting in shower, getting breakfast and lunch ready, getting each job done more efficiently during the day, etc., to climbing into bed at night. I am convinced that it all happens because God is giving me more moments to devote to Him, in Mass, in service, and in prayer.

  • Anne

    I worry constantly and it takes away from the present joys and from getting started on new chapters in my life and my relationship with Christ. I want to trust more and slay resistance!

  • Linda Lange

    Learning to “let go” To let go of expectations, ideals, opinions and control. Resistance rears its
    head constantly when I choose to hold on tightly to these things. Today, I choose to “Let Go and Let God”

  • Lisa

    I will definitely be more aware of where resistance raises its ugly head in my day today. I too dumped my Facebook last night. I do it each Lent and Advent, so I am not expecting too much “resistance” (unless I’m bored, and crave it…). But my biggest struggle with resistance is saying no to food. So my guess is that will be my biggest battle this “Ash Wednesday fasting” day!
    Bless you all as this Lent begins!

  • EasternCath

    Fear. It has to be fear. Every time I find myself resisting something (like sending that email I’ve been meaning to send to a possible employer, reaching out to someone new, etc) it’s always because I’m afraid. Of what? Of being uncomfortable or having someone stomp all over me while I’m in a vulnerable state. I have to constantly remind myself of a quote I heard in a movie about a year ago: “You have to choose: love or fear.” It’s kicked me in the butt once and will continue to kick me in the butt some more until I learn to lean on God and be brave enough to choose love every time.

  • Art

    Self-doubt. Fear of failure. These are things that hold me back at times. I am trying to get past these things to be the best version of me – starting with Lent and then beyond!

  • tibbie

    One way I’ve encountered resistance is watching too much Netflix. I work 12 hour plus shifts, alternating 2 shifts one week and 3 shifts the other, I’m 57, and I’m also working part time on my RN to BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing). What I really want to do is to write things (fiction) but I feel like I’m too old and that it doesn’t matter.

    I crave rest and feel I don’t get it.

    Saw some of the other comments about Facebook in the thread below. I’ve closed my Facebook account a couple of years ago because it seemed like everyone was trying to look like they had a more important life than everybody else and I thought that was such a waste of time. That’s not why we’re here.

  • Rachelle savoy

    I find resistance in my life daily. The anxiety at times takes over. My goal this lent is to avoid those things that cause anxiety and resistance to make me happy about what I do daily in my life and w/ my family and children. I agree w/ Sherri. Giving up FB too since this too. It has definitely affected me spiritually and in other ways too. I pray I find peace this Lent in all I do w/ my faith and my family. This is what truly matters.

  • Amelie Gonzalez

    Hello, Thank you for the opportunity to participate. After watching the video, I know that I am where I need to be. I already let restance take over when I hit the snooze button about 4 times this morning. I let resistance take over through all my worries (I battle this daily). I allowed resistance take over when I spend a whole day watcing TV and the day has gone and I did nothing valuable. I have had this on my mind and for some reason I feel this lent season, I really want to focus and take it seriously. I want to live and be happy and not just live to exist. I want to enjoy the day instead of worrying. And, like you, I am tired of being tired. My gosh I just said that yesterday and to hear you say it too, I know the Lord wants me to listen and learn. I want to focus this lent season on my relationship with the Lord and learning to push aside those barriers I put up that keep me from that relationship. I pray that I stay committed and learn to be happy. Thank you.

  • Mary L Mazzocco

    You must have my number. I experience resistance and procrastination daily. I really am good at rationalizing not doing what I knOw will really make me happy. Romans 7:15.

  • Ann Mack

    Worry is at the top of my list of things to worry about! Now that is just crazy. I am worrying about the amount of worry I do because I have come to see it as a lack of trust in God. Lenten resolution is to worry less.

  • Gina G.

    I woke up this morning sad … crying … angry. Having financial problems just like the rest of the world. I dropped my 3 kids off at school and drove to church. I haven’t been in awhile. I actually sat there being I was 20 min late debating on wether or not to go in. But I did. Alone. Listened and prayed. They gave us this book as we walked out. I only have read the back but I has tears streaming down my face. This was exactly what I needed!!! It’s amazing to me how the lord comes through. I haven’t felt this in a long time. Resistance is what I’m giving up !! Can’t wait to read this book. thank you Matthew Kelly.
    ~ a mom and wife that needed this today.

    • Janet

      God bless!

  • Mary Lovee Varni

    Like the guy in the second video, I also encounter resistance in the form of worry and anxiety, especially in the need for other’s approval and acceptance. I find myself being overcome by this so strongly sometimes. My prayer this Lent is that with God’s help I will find to strength to let that go and trust more completely in Him.

  • Monica Morin

    Saying “yes” to things that are meant for someone else. Friends and coworkers ask me to things and I love to solve their problem or help them out by saying “yes, I can do that.” or “yes, I would love to help you.” I then take an experience away from the person that opportunity is designed for or I become so overwhelmed that I am not doing anything well. So really I encounter resistance to stopping and prayerfully considering an opportunity and discerning if it is was God is calling me toward or a task in which I should say “no.”

  • Gale

    I just deleted SnapChat from my phone. If I have time to waste on that then I certainly have time for prayer. I also like the FaceBook Idea and I’m going to give it up this year. I’m so glad I read these posts which gave me the idea! I also am going to use an alarm clock to get up at the same time each morning. I am retired so I don’t have to, but that will help me to notice the resistance I have to getting out of bed and make a change.

  • planman

    As I read through the comments I noticed that there are very few men making them. What’s up guys Step Up if we aren’t leading then we’re following ended up a minimum we should be the best partner that we can be to the women that are in our life. I am self-employed and work at home. The biggest problem with that is prioritizing things and I sense the resistance when I should be doing work that brings money in for my house. I plan on making an extra effort to understand this resistance thing and I will share with you my efforts and successes. God bless

  • Barbara Ower

    I’m a perfectionist. Perfectionism leads to almost constant resistance since things are never quite “good enough.” This Lent I pray that God will give me peace at the “okay” level of the world, and help me to achieve perfectionism only in the spiritual things that bring me closer to Christ Jesus.

  • Geordie

    My resistance is negativity and gossip. My resistance today was not getting out of bed this morning and taking the dogs for a walk. I was just too tired.

  • Rick

    I tried to find a way to completely delete the FB app but couldn’t find it so I deleted the icon instead. I found I was spending too much time on FB and didn’t want to have FB as a constant source of distraction so I deleted the icon.

  • Emily Beggs

    In the past, like Brennan, worry was one of my biggest forms of resistance. I’ve tried really focusing on “Letting God . . .” because He will take care of the worries I place before him. But still, sometimes I catch myself back in the resistance. I worry about not exercising my dog enough, I worry about the house being messy, I worry about how my husband feels about me, and so on. I need to remind myself about the point that God made us to be happy.

  • Mary Recoskie

    Like Sheri, I choose to leave Spider Solitaire out of my life and replace/reclaim that time to pray the Divine Mercy chaplet , do spiritual reading ,give the rosary its due time instead And do this while I am rested not too tired too keep awake .First things first – resistance – no more kicking me in the butt!Happy Lent everyone – for this we were

  • Steve Nelson

    I spend a lot of time worrying as well. My Lenten Promise this year is to spend more time each day in prayer. More time each week in adoration… and to continue to push and grow the future Catholic that I am sponsoring for Confirmation.

  • Daniela D.

    I bookmarked this page and I am going to try to be more active as a Catholic. I have found resistance today, I was letting myself boycott my fasting, but I didn’t break it.

  • Mike

    Resistance for me occur when I need to work out and to pray. I want to do these two more frequent so that I can feed my soul and take care of my Temple. I find exc6uses and of course FB does not help. For that reason I am going to remove the social media part of gossip and just descipline myself to article’s or feed related to the word of God. If I can’t do that I will remove FB from my phone for lent. United in Christ!

  • Anna E. Silver

    I plan to make time for praying every day, then before I know it it’s time for bed. This lent I am going to make sure I save a few minutes in the morning and evening to spend time with God

  • Amy golden

    I encounter resistance every day with my OCD about my daily routine. I am trying to pray more and more and hopefully get to the point where I can do more.h

  • Daryl

    I resist just giving in and trusting God.

  • Angela Ford

    I too struggle with worry. It is horrible. When I was growinh up, I promised myself I was not going to be one those people that worried all the time, but this winter has been challenging and now I am on a downward slope of worrying constantly. I am also so task driven and I think I experience resistance in the menial tasks that I believe need accomplished instead of being in the moment and enjoying the wonderful gifts God has given to me.

  • Sherry McCollum

    I am a resistance junkie which in my heart and mind is my downfall and I have given up Twitter for Lent. I am going to leave the app on my phone to really test my resistance and hopefully I will succeed with God’s love and guidance. Since becoming Catholic many years ago and learning all I can about my faith, I feel I am a better wife, mother, daughter, & co-worker because of it. I have also become more involved with my church which makes me happy giving back to my community.

  • B Thometz

    Definitely my phone LOL. Checking the news, checking my email, checking my texts. All keep me from prayer, working out, cleaning my house etc.

  • Patty Godier

    I identified immediately with todays video as I have found myself wanting more sleep every morning and escaping with the excuse that I am tired. Not a very positive way to start the day.

  • Jackie

    It is amazing to read on just the first day about how many have been addicted to facebook and realize it with the intention to lessen the time and add in prayer time

  • Louise

    The major point of resistance in my life is, “I can’t do that because I’m not smart enough, not creative enough, not enough money and on and on it goes. I’m not enough unless I trust in God. A lesson I hope to learn this Lent.

    • Barbara Juntunen Burkhardt

      I understand how you are feeling. I use the same self talk about creating art. I wonder how all these creative people can get their stuff out there and I can’t seem to. I say the same words, “Not good enough, too old to start an art career, not enough money, no time.” I feel like I have lived my whole adult life planning for what I think I want for the future without spending any energy on the present. Why does that happen?

  • Julie Ann Osborn

    I never really believe that God’s blessing in my life will ever come to pass. Although I constantly trust in Him, my belief for me is almost nonexistent. God, I invite you into my daily battle with resistance this Lent. Give me the courage to name, define, recognize, and overcome resistance in my life.

  • Anita

    Getting healthy, staying healthy. I can do good for a couple months and then I fall into old habits of fast food, overindulgence and no physical activity. It’s a real battle. This will be the first time I call upon my Lord to help me with this, as odd as that sounds…He is already showing me signs since I’ve decided to give it to Him. He brought me this forum 🙂

  • Roman

    How about getting out of bed early once a week to get to daily mass? At my parish, it starts at 7 and usually ends by 7:30. How about resisting an hour long lunch in favor of a noon mass nearby or a short visit? Quit buying Starbucks, they support Planned Parenthood. Resist their coffee, give it up or drink another!

  • Gracemarie Serafina

    Figuring out how to get my book published. Seems I help others get things done but who is there to direct me to be able to accomplish this goal? I get exhausted and then more months fly by. So I am going to put it out there to anyone who my be able to lead me to a publisher to accomplish this goal . My book is called: Girls with Grace…Grace at a Glance. It is I suppose a handbook. It is a 101 to social graces and empowerment. I feel the perfect time for a book like this as we can all be reminded of etiquette and manners. Then,I will have another book ready called,Guys with Grace…grace at a Glance. Thank you in advance to anyone who can help,Gracemarie

  • Louise DeFalco

    I will give time to exercising more and when walking, take the time to meditate on my relationship with God. There is every excuse to be too tired to get out and exercise, but I won’t resist.

  • Mary Gaurdia

    You know lent is also about doing something more. Maybe if you give up some time on Facebook you can add a phone call to a friend or family member you only text or hear from through facebook, especially if they are home bound. I believe that is what it has taken away from so many people’s daily lives, hearing another persons voice, a pleasant greeting goes along way.

  • Teresa

    Is FB really the only resistance anyone has? I have never had a FB account and don’t plan to start one. But I meet resistance every day-getting up is one. I totally relate to the “snooze”. My plan is to get up early and complete my devotions and prayer time. Yet a warm bed is so hard to get out of-especially when it’s gray and dark outside!
    Working out is another-isn’t chasing after my grandson all day enough of a work out? Ha! Here goes another cookie-I’ve earned it right?

  • Sherri

    The snooze button comment really got me. I told my daughter yesterday that I was giving up my snooze button for Lent. 🙂

  • Renee Glogowski

    I find it is hard to be out with friends when are in your presence are so connected to their technologies that you lose the beauty of the moment – I want to limit my use of technology especially while with my kids.

  • Michael Lally

    I have encountered resistance in facing another day of enormous rejection involved in a new job search. My job was eliminated in September 2016 and I have been looking for my next position since that time. As an older professional I have found resistance at every turn while seeking new employment. It has made me search for my real strengths so I can present myself in the most positive way to a new employer. I find inspiration in what Jesus said: “Ask, and it will be given to you; search, and you will find; knock, and the door will be opened for you.” Luke 7:7. You see He is the ultimate career counselor too. With Jesus you can overcome resistance in your life. Don’t give up give it to Jesus to guide you. He’ll carry through it.

    All the best, Mike

  • Maryann

    I have a problem with overwhelming myself thinking about a task and often put it off if I feel I can’t do it “right” or “perfectly “.

  • Carol Valent

    Expectations….of myself and others. When they’re not met, I give up sometimes.

  • Michelle Marischen

    Resistance is my need for control.I never realized I was such a control freak about certain things.

    • Michelle Marischen

      I am glad that I am not into social media so that is one problem I don’t have.

  • ps

    I have never joined FB because I was afraid it would suck the time/life out of me….it seems like a true addiction….and after reading all these comments, I am so glad I didn’t. I still face resistance though in doing what’s best for my mind, body, and soul and living in the present every moment of every day. God bless us all with a transforming, best version of ourselves Lent!

  • Rebecca

    I encounter resistance by worrying. I am a recent college graduate and haven’t found a career in my field. I worry that if I don’t find a job soon, that I will look bad to potential employers. I also worry that if I don’t get health insurance and other benefits, that I won’t be able to support myself and my future family. I need to learn how to put more trust in God and let him take me under his wing to help me find a job. I know God has a plan for me, but I feel impatient waiting to find what I think I am looking for. Maybe the problem is that I’m searching for something that isn’t in the plan God laid out for me.

  • Barbara Juntunen Burkhardt

    With a diagnosis of depression, I feel I encounter resistance daily and everywhere. Emotionally, I want to be able to live a life off of medication, but intellectually I know this is not a safe choice for me or for my family. Living my life either way, with medication or without, make me feel inadequate, defective, less than.

  • Donna

    Time like water is precious…I find myself checking my e-mail before prayer time…it was NEVER that way…my mornings always began with spiritual readings and prayers ..prayers I wrote from my own words…that changes today..FB is going on the back burner for lent and hopefully longer…I’ve been waiting for lent .to get my ducks in a row..I have some spiritual housework to do…although I am the couch since yesterday..hit with a terrific cold.there is much resistance happening..but on the other hand I am reading beautiful material on how to make these40 days life changing for me….I wish everyone a blessed successful Lenten season …

  • Samantha Velasquez

    I will post the status I wrote on my fb page after mass today…..
    “Today is Ash Wednesday, the first day of the Lenten Season. Most of my close friends are aware that I don’t ever “give up anything” for Lent. Father John once stated, if you are giving something up only to indulge on Easter Sunday, it’s not a true “Sacrifice”. After listening and truly grasping the mentality behind his words which were stated to me roughly 3 years ago, I decided I would no longer, ” give something up”. Instead I do my best to improve my heart. Dynamic Catholic’s, “Best Lent Ever” has been inspirational and I encourage all my Catholic friends and family to sign up for it. I will attach the link. Have the best day ever and remember that YOU hold the key to your own happiness! Become the BEST version of YOURSELF! 🙏🏼🙏🏼”

  • Ashley Bose

    I resist exercising and eating well. I know that’s exactly what my body needs but I continue to make poor food choices and resist exercising.

    • Carmela Campanella Douds

      When it comes to exercise and eating well, I find that a stumbling block is how many voices there are out there trying to guide my choices and making the issue so complex that I don’t act. Simplifying the issues and making some simple rules to follow has helped me move toward my goals. God bless your Lent with good eating and exercise!

  • Patricia Tardi

    I thought Matthew was speaking directly to me about resistance. I felt so convicted. I’ve been going to daily Mass since 1992, but after my Mother died, & then my Husband died 2 years ago; when my alarm sounds in the morning; Instead of getting up, I shut it off, roll over, and I sadly no longer go to daily Mass.
    This has been a heartbreaker for me, as I am so use to receiving Jesus on a daily basis & starting my day with His Joy! I miss receiving JESUS daily so much. I feel like I’m locked up in a box; hard to get out, hard to explain.
    The night before I would go to Mass, many times, I’ll look over the daily Mass readings & even lay out my clothes, because I always have a terrible struggle getting up.
    ( I always go to Sunday Mass, thank God. And I do go to Confession at least every 2 months. )
    But, I’ve been praying that our dear Blessed Mother will help me & I believe Her help came in one very important way hearing Matthew’s talk on resistance today on the First Day of Lent. ( Ash Wednesday) Thank you Matthew.
    So please pray for me, as I will keep all of you in my poor prayers. Thank you. May God bless us all abundantly with a Holy Lent.

  • Joyce

    When Matthew talked about hitting the snooze button, I do that. When my alarm first sounds, I wake up a turn on The Rosary app on my phone so I can say it to start my day. But sometimes I do call back to sleep, hence the snooze. Matthew made me rethink that perhaps I should set up and kneel and say my Rosary.

  • Diane Lasco

    I’d never thought of ‘worry’ as a form of resistance. But I see it now – it negates my trust that God will provide. I’m going to need lots of paper when I think of documenting each time ‘worry’ steps in if I want to overcome this. Maybe replace it with ‘I place this ____ in your hands, God.’ and let it go?

  • Dorothy Huebner

    I am giving up playing computer games. I can’t just play one or two games, but lots and lots of games. I have wasted most of the afternoon or evening doing this. This Lent I want to spend more time in prayer.

  • Judy Corcoran

    I decided that I would write to people on the sick list at Church to tell them that I am thinking of them and praying for them. If I know them personally, I want to tell them how much they mean to me and that I am praying for them.

    • Maddie Aichinger

      That is such a sweet idea. I’m sure that would mean a lot to the people you are writing to. I want to try something like this.

  • John L. Kemmis

    Did I catch this correctly? Write down the resistance I encounter this week?

    “Resistance gets in the way of almost everything that is worthwhile.”

    Does the Evernote app have enough memory for all of mine? LOL! Should I worry about that too? Oh, my…

    Ok, I’ll try to report them to my journal in the Evernote app. It’s only about 4 days worth, no?

  • Sandy

    I have faced resistance at work for many months now with a much older female employee. This week she came back at me with more and I resisted. I went to the boss to express my feelings of being micromanaged and asked him to have a talk with her. I know this will continue at work because of her I seecurities but I will continue to resist and stand up for myself!

  • Alice Heath

    As a fairly recent widow, married 57 yrs since I was a teenager, I find I have lots of resistance in my life, starting with getting out of bed in the morning. Sometimes I don’t get up until 10, 11, 12:00. I do say my prayers before getting up, and I check my emails on my Kindle. Ironically, I was still in bed this morning while listening to Matthew’s video. I’m trying to downsize and the house is full of clutter of things I’ll eventually dispose of, but I look at it, think ala Scarlett O’Hara, “I’ll think about that tomorrow”, and stick my nose in a book instead. Since my husband died, I’ve been inundated with paperwork, and I’m resistant to “getting on it”. Then when I do finish some of it, and think I see a light at the end of the tunnel, it turns out to be a train and I have to backtrack. Today especially, I’ve been considering not going to Mass, which starts in 30 mins. So I’m going to resist the resistance and get going.

    • Maddie

      I’m very very sorry for your loss. I will pray for you on your journey of resisting happiness- just keep taking baby steps like deciding to go to church! That is a very good start!

    • Katie

      My family will be praying for you. One idea that has come across social media is to find one thing each day you can donate to others who are less fortunate. Maybe that will help with a small step each day to reaching your bigger goals.

  • Therese Hernandez

    I resist honoring the gift of health by lack of exercise and poor food choices.

  • Cathy Bolling

    Last year for Lent I unfollowed practically all my ‘friends,’ keeping just close friends and family and Catholic pages. We live far away from my family so that’s one way I like to keep tabs on especially the newest family members.
    Other Lenten ideas-I keep buying all these great books from Dynamic Catholic and never read them! So, will read 10 minutes a day for starters.
    Other Lents I have made a daily prayer list of those people on my mind and heart, put in my path.
    And I have also made a list of children to pray for- Godchildren, our own, neices and nephews, kids at risk we know, family and friends kids, and recite each name saying, “Keep them safe and give them wisdom.” My, how the list has grown! We are now adding great-neices and nephews!

  • Mike Wallis

    Making time to pray not only for me but for all my enemies. I need to stop my own resistance and do it! Many Blessings to all on this journey!

  • Roxanne Barron

    Prayer. I always say later. I’ll pray later and than I’m sad because later just passed by.

  • susan cobo

    I will do 40 list this lent what a wonderful thing this made my day hoping someone will put me on their prayer list

    • kimisu

      Susan, I don’t know you and you don’t know me, but I just said a prayer for you today. =)

  • Babciamel

    Keeping up on housework. My friends used to call me Mrs. Clean or Crazy Cleaning Lady. Now my home is always trashed. The clutter muddles my mind. I will not let friends come to visit because I am embarrassed. I hate it, yet don’t seem to be able to motivate to get it done. I do suffer from depression, (lack of motivation is common) but I know if it was cleaned up it would help to make me feel so much better.

  • Beth

    I encounter resistance every time I think about spending more time in the moment with family, I always think about the chores that need done, etc

  • Jean

    Thank for the good suggestions. Over 10 years ago our priest at that time said something that has stuck with me since then. He said “Do more! Don’t give things up you become crabby and we don’t want that.” He said the last part in humor but it is so true. Since then I try to do more. The suggestions about picking 40 names to pray for or send notes to fits right into his thoughts.

  • Joyce

    Mychal’s Prayer
    “Lord, take me where You want me to go. Let me meet who You want me to meet. Tell me what You want me to say. And keep me out of Your way”. Fr. Mychal Judge died 911 at World Trade Center while on rescue mission and this was his prayer. I copy his prayer on business cards and my goal is to share it with at least one person daily during Lent. I give each person 2 cards, one to keep and one to share. Amazing.

    • Jeanne

      Love this! Thank you for sharing!

    • Mary Ruffcorn

      That is a wonderful ministry! God bless you. Fr. Mychal inspired you and now you have inspired me!

  • Colin Stapley

    I’ve considered removing from my daily routine that which uses up hours per day in frivolous activity during the lent season, but I have already given up dairy and meat and anything ending in “ose” (coffee is the worst without hazelnut creamer), but I can only do one thing at a time. I’ve always had issues with false goals for myself and have been told that I will fail with this current one as it is too lofty, apparently. Resistance will make me fail. I am blessed to have been invited into this program at this time. I plan on winning this time!

  • Kathleen

    Last week I saw a woman standing in the rain holding what looked like all her worldly possessions–backpack, bundles, bedspread or comforter. At first she looked like she was waiting for a ride. Then she started walking and changed direction twice. My first instinct was to ask if she needed help or directions. Then I told myself, keep walking to my car. I was afraid. I didn’t know then, but the name of my fear to do the right thing was resistance.

  • N Costello

    Getting up when the alarm goes off for the first time!! SOOOO HAARRDDDDD!!!!!

  • Patricia Grenquist

    Worrying over much about things out of our control leaves us with a spirit too overwhelmed to encounter God. My Lenten goal is to give my fearful worried mind over to God and be in his Presence more.


    I think that we may not even always realize that we are resisting something, especially perhaps the little things in life, yet they are important. They too can make a difference in our lives. I am now alert to looking for what and how I am resisting tings, big or little.

  • Michael

    I go through my day not even realizing the resistance that I encounter or put upon myself. This may sound rediculous but just trying to put effort into thinking and identifying these issues is a huge resistance for me. I love to view these videos and read what dynamic catholic sends me because even if it’s only for awhile dynamic catholic helps provide me with some perspective and focus. Something I lack so much of. Jesus says that his people die because they lack vision, that’s me. At least for today I pray for the conviction of heartbto put effort into overcoming today’s resistance.

  • Jacob

    One thing will have to be not praying. I always think I need to pray but, I just have other thing in my mind or I just forget about such as being tired.

    One thing I will do is pray every night and letting my worried to become a goal.

  • Chrissy

    Staying off the Internet! I feel like so much of my life gets sucked into social media and online shopping and I’m missing opportunity with my family and friends and I’m not living in the moment.

  • Jeff Mere

    Wanting to explain to my young children what “resistance” is. Curious as to some of your ideas on a very simple, elementary way you may would explain this to a young child. 🙂

  • Cheryl Corcoran

    One way I’ve encountered resistance is knowing in my heart I should do something or say something and then don’t because I start wondering what others will think and that stops me from action.

    • Maddie Aichinger

      I have the same exact issue. I’ve heard it said so many times to “not care about what others will say about you” but it’s easier said than done. I will try to be better about not worrying about others, and I will pray for you to do the same so that you can reach out to others without worry.

      • Cheryl Corcoran

        Thank you Maddie! I will pray for you as well. I’ve been trusting my heart (where God speaks to me) more and more with other decisions, I know I will overcome this worry soon and you will too! Have a blessed week!

  • Steve

    I have rationalized that I don’t need to go to confession regularly. Once I get past that resistance and go, I always feel better and more prepared to receive Communion.

  • Margery Hood

    Not being able to stop worrying in the process of not overcoming debt. losing our home thru bankruptcy due to medical bills and a prior loss of job, despite of now having a full time job. I love Your Lord, help me to trust in your ways.

  • Ray

    Resistance- indecision, procrastination, anxious, worry, fear of failure & success, watching too much utubes, self-doubt, laziness, fail to act -the list continues. Thanks to Matthew Kelly for reminding me that resistances are always there and tamable. I win this everyday battle with Jesus, who helps me find my happiness.

  • Sandra Roque Theodoredis

    I battle resistance to making correct choices being nice to all outside of my family circle to avoid confrontations, be accepted, go with the flow.

  • Tammy Reasoner

    I tend to let the culmination of the latest issues pile up and overwhelm me to the point where I lock myself up and do nothing. Funny thing is, the resistance doesn’t go away, and the problems/issues don’t get resolved. I’m going to try and meet things head-on during Lent and deal with them as they arise with the knowledge that God is at my side. This will go a LONG way in helping me become a better version of myself!

  • Laurie Brennan Manning

    I find resistance in allowing myself time to pray. I work at a church and could go to Mass at least 3 mornings a week, yet, I don’t always allow myself that Grace.

  • Mary

    I can totally relate to what Brennan was saying in his video about constant worry. This is a hard thing to overcome. I’m excited about doing this 40 day lent program. I like the idea of prayer for 40 different people. My husband and I pray the rosary pretty much every day so this will be a wonderful way to start lent. Thanks for the idea!

  • lulu

    I’m claiming victory first thing in the morning as he suggested by getting up at five – I have been called to this for a very long time but have RESISTED. I am overcoming this and fasting from too much sleep! I love the early quiet mornings for prayer, for walks, for getting a head start on the day but I have refused to give myself that gift! That is what I resist most strongly right now.
    I’ve set my alarm and it’s ready to go for in the morning. First victory of the day.

  • Marie

    I struggle with housekeeping…I want an orderly home for my family but often feel overwhelmed in where to start to tackle it to make the progress I desire and so then I give up in the plans that I have made to regain control of the clutter! I am once again making my domestic life a Lenten focus!

  • Maddie Aichinger

    I have trouble speaking my mind because I’m afraid of what others will say or think of me. This keeps me from meeting new people and being myself.

  • Elizabeth W.

    I guess my biggest struggle is not being completely satisfied with my spouse. I constantly find myself complaining to myself that he’s not living up to the catholic standards I have in my mind for him. Whenever I realize that I am silently cursing him in my own head, I am going to change that thought into a silent prayer for him. This is the one thing that I have been resisting for a long time. Instead of having bad thoughts, I’m going to change it into prayer.

    • Mary

      Good idea! Watch the movie “War Room” it will help you pray for your husband and your marriage

      • Elizabeth W.

        Yes…I have seen it…in fact we own it. My daughters love the movie..especially the older gramma. 🙂 yet I still struggle.

  • Jennifer Turner

    I believe my greatest form of resistance comes in the form of procrastination mixed with fear. I let the fear of other people’s judgments and opinions get to me. Then it stands in my way of me being the best-version-of-myself, I allow those “perceived” judgments/opinions slow me down, before I ever even encounter them.

  • Savannah

    One of the things that I plan on doing for lent is getting up on the
    first alarm. I decided this even before I saw this video! It makes me
    think even more I’m making a good choice. Additionally, I’m going to go
    to a weekday mass every week as well as the weekend. I think this will
    be good for me because I struggle with the resistance of
    procrastination. If I put more designated time frames of God in my life,
    not only does that make him a greater priority, but it allows me to
    manage my school work in an orderly time frame.

  • Rosie

    I worry about everyone and myself. If I could only let go and let God. Give it to Him and not try to take control back the next day. I only think I have control. God is still in control. I only have to pray and let Him be the boss. Lent is always difficult for me, and I tend to “dry” in my prayer life. I am going to be positive and realize that I only have to let go of that resistance.

  • Andrea Hewitt

    I sometimes fail to live in the present moment. I will find myself getting impatient and just need to remind myself to enjoy what I am doing at that very moment and forget what is coming up.

  • Paul

    I encounter resistance when reflecting on the events of each day. I tend to think first about the negative aspects of the day instead of the positive. I need to more proactively seek out positive items each day and recognize them in the moment.

  • Jane

    When I feel the inspiration to pray, and then don’t because of……fill in the blanks!

  • Jeanne

    I chuckle when thinking of only one way I have encountered resistance. I can name many ways that I encounter resistance on a daily basis. I have a lot of self doubt. I am constantly comparing myself to others. I tend to sit back and not volunteer for various opportunities that present themselves at work. This overlaps and seeps into many areas of my life.

  • Irma Torres

    I find myself making excuses or getting distracted with unimportant things when it’s time to kneel and pray at bedtime. This lent my plan is to fight those temptations and pray for God to give me the strength to follow thru. Please pray for me.

  • Vinh Nguyen

    What are my priorities? If I think about it, my priorities are obvious as Mr Kelly pointed out. It is that first minute gut reaction that I must change in me to have God first. Good or Bad situation. In Good times, first is to thank God for the Grace and Blessings he has granted me. In Bad times, first is to ‘I am sorry’ for my sins, ‘Please forgive me Father, and help me with this situation….’ I find that when I apply this to all situations in my life, I am much happier. Have a great Lent and may God Bless you and those you Love!

  • Christina Holmes Broadwell

    I encounter resistance in the form of wanting to control situations or wanting to fix things and therefore not trusting God’s plan and His perfect timing.

  • Emily

    I loved the idea of praying for 40 different persons/families, one each day. And the Christmas Card idea was a GREAT place to start. Thanks and God Bless everyone’s Ash Wednesday and each and every day we share during this Lenten Season 2017.

  • Gerry Judge

    I am starting Lent on a smaller scale by giving up all forms of electronics from 12 pm – 3 pm, ending with the Chaplet on EWTN at 3 pm.

  • Linda Nelson

    Taking time to pray every day. I am getting better but still resist it on occasion because I am tired. No excuse.

  • Trish

    Mine is self-doubt. I’m not good-enough, or strong-enough, witty-enough, creative-enough, smart-enough, well-organized-enough, or whatever enough, for what the situation calls for, so then I’m frozen from moving forward.

  • Mary Ellen Moran

    Mary Ellen – I am in my 80s and have tried, all of my life, to make a good confession. I have succeeded, at times, but lately I am encountering resistance. I want more than the usual litany of venial sins. I want to share with God my deepest, heartfelt sorrow for the many times I have failed to be who God intends me to be. I want to overcome this resistance and know, deep in my being, that I am forgiven.

  • Laura K

    Procrastination…I always tell myself that I will get to it when this show ends. Before I know it, the day is gone.

  • Dan Cwiak

    I have felt truly blessed in my life, but have had the same resistance crop up which Matthew spoke of in my life.
    Those close to us sometimes suffer through this because we drag them down by our resistance. My
    Lenten offering is for those whom I make suffer by my resistance and pray that they will remind me of it each day, so I recognize that it holds back the me from being the person I need to be for Christ.

  • Katie

    One thing that comes to my mind and heart is figuring out the line between “I should pray for them” and actually saying a prayer for them. Prayer has always been a bit of a stumbling block for me. I always feel like I’m not praying enough. I’ve tried all kinds of different types of prayer and I enjoy journaling and contemplative prayer especially in adoration. The rosary is kind of my fall back especially when I can’t sleep. But I’m not a morning person and making the time to be alone for contemplative (real deep) prayer has become almost impossible since our first child was born 6 months ago. I guess one of my big questions is “what is the difference between thinking (about praying or talking to God) and praying”. Does it have to be “a prayer” to count? I don’t know if this makes any sense outside my head, but thank you for giving me a place to express it.

  • Janet

    In reflecting back on previous lents, and reading your comments about finding time for prayer, I realize how much help previous bestlentever programs, and my Christ Renews His Church retreats, have helped me. I have a horrible time getting out of bed in the morning … forget the snooze button! I just didn’t bother setting the alarm at all. I wake up early, but would just go back to sleep for a couple of hours. I’m definitely not a morning person! Since I set my own hours and am up late, I just gave in to not getting up in a timely manner. And I could have written so many of your comments about resistance to prayer … no time, how does anyone pray for hours – what do I say? (Just listening is not one of my strengths either.)

    After my retreats, I started using prayer as my snooze button. I started by reading through the Acts and Gospels while laying in bed. (It’s so different to get the entire story the writers were trying to convey instead of just in bits! ) Then I signed up for some emails … Dynamic Catholic, of course, and The Catholic Company, and the USCCB daily readings and reflections. I keep my Kindle next to my bed, charging overnight, so I can just grab it before I’m even fully awake. Suddenly I find spending time with God first thing in the morning and last thing at night, is easy. I still don’t get up early, but at least I’m spending my time well. This Lent I’m going to return to reading through the gospels again every evening. I stopped when I started the emails, and I miss it.

    Now my resistance: when my husband died a couple of years ago, I started playing games on my Kindle to “shut down” and recoup. Those games are definitely getting in my way now of being the best-version-of-myself, sometimes taking over the whole day. I have an almost physical need to sit in a corner and shut down with them. I’ve stopped playing them in the morning, but am having trouble keeping to that commitment. Today has been especially bad. I almost gave in several times … but I determined to spend my time with you guys instead. So I’m writing this in hopes of sharing ideas that might help some of you … and to get your help in tackling my latest resistance.

    Thanks for being there!

  • I love this holy season of Lent. We have so many opportunities to grow closer in our relationship with Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who beckons us to pick up our cross and to follow. There are so many good books and apps that we can rely on to help us “to do” and aid us in breaking our “resistance”. What I am not seeing in reading the comments is the need to go to the Sacrament of Reconciliation. I find as a priest there is such resistance because people today are so caught up in the secular and material world. Do you want to have a great and holy Lent? Stop resisting His unfathomable mercy and love and make an appointment or go and get in line. You and He will be so happy that you did!

  • Prolifedem6M

    Strong one for me: putting off making necessary phone calls. I’m always “going to do it later.” Then, it’s either “too late or “too early” the next morning.
    Actually, resistance is involved every time I make a dumb decision.

  • Sharon Callon Schwartz

    I’ve encountered resistance with procrastination and this feeling of wanting the busy world to stop so I can get a handle on it. Ugh… and, resistance does begin with my alarm clock. Lots to think about. Thank you!

  • Michele T Snyder

    I would say work. It is sometimes easier to just keep my head down and continue to work as though nothing else in life (especially my home life) is happening. Busy myself with work to hide from reality! I could continue with so many more now that my mind has slowed down to reflect on it! Thank you!

  • Joann

    I worry about things that I cannot control. Not putting those things that I cannot control into gods hands and the will of God

  • Victor Hernández Jr.

    I understand the way you all feel. It always seems like I’m rushing to do or finish something and place my prayers on the back burner. I always seem to get them done, but not without being interrupted or being distracted by something. This Lent I’m going to pray that I have more motivation to find solitude so I can pray more fervently and get closer to Jesus. I’ll just have to get up everyday to pray my Rosary 30 – 40 minutes earlier. It’s the most logical way I can think of having the solitude and calmness to get closer to Jesus. I pray everyone’s lent is productive and that we all get the what we want from it. God Bless.

  • Dan S

    For me it’s resisting the call to throw down all the distractions (sports, party’s, work, projects) and carry his cross.

  • James Salas

    My resistance is not allowing God to be a co-creator in my projects. I end up trying to do everything myself and be super self reliant. My plan to break this cycle is to once in a while stop and ask God what he thinks and really listen for an answer.

  • Claudia Martínez-Hernández

    We are 4 people at home so each of us has 10 names to think about, then we make 40 crosses in construction paper with different colors, we write the names, mixed them up, and hang them close to the breakfast table with the names on the back of the cross. Each morning one of the kids pick one (no peeking because God knows better who need the prayers that day!) and then we pray and keep that person/institution (church, police, government etc) in our prayers until bedtime. Kids love it!!

  • Nikki Moren

    I encounter Resitance every morning I have Chronic Pain from a Arthritis called Ankylosing Sponditis & it comes with Depression & Social Anxiety so every morning is a struggle & dread for the day that I resist getting up till the last possible second & it the same when leaving the house in the afternoon it robs my joy & cause disasters all day long:( Thank You Mathew Kelly & Brandon for naming a It I felt I was the only one that that struggled this way & so mad at my self for being lazy. The Lord sent this my way as My word for the year is to “Trust” in him & God is sending me these messages to help me trust & let go of Risistance & control so I can Trust him more🙏

  • Arelia Yanes

    Making time for prayer is one for me. I always think back and regret that the day went by and I did not make for a meaningful prayer. Thanks for these posts I got the idea of giving up Facebook during Lent. I’m ashamed to realize that I always had time to be on Facebook. Thank you for your helpful comments and God bless.

  • Leah Levitt

    I spend too much time playing computer games and on Facebook. This leaves me with less time to do important things in my life like saying the Rosary.

    • Amanda Primacio

      Do the Rosary first before anything else. Set a timer for any task you need to do. When the timer goes off that’s it your done and on to the next thing! You can do this, I have faith you can overcome these things that are your resistance!

  • Kris

    I have encountered resistance in many ways, one of which is how I take care of my body – the temple of God. Eating healthy food in modest quantities, getting enough water (and less beer), exercising consistently, turning the tv off and getting to bed so that I can rest and be ready for a productive day. All of this also can impact and influence my family as well. This lent I signed up for a service project in a nearby parish and am looking forward to trading tv time for something productive and not for me.

    • Amanda Primacio

      Take your family with, they need the lesson too. I pray for your resistance issues and stand prayerfully with as you experience this Lent season. I am working through building my temple up too! I have been through chemo and trying to push through to a well body. I am in need of a balanced diet too and tons of water. Praying for clarity for you too.

      • Kris

        Thank you Amanda! I will be praying for you as well. I have lost about 20 lbs recently by eating paleo, sticking to a caloric budget and taking at least 10,000 steps per day. Lots of work to do but I’ve started. I’ve found that resistance seems to be easier to overcome by perseverance to the point of small success and then establishing routines. Work in progress.

  • Jo Marie Maederer

    I have been physically changed due to an injury. I was so angry for so long never thinking that it might be exactly where and how God needs me to be.

    • Amanda Primacio

      Funny me too. I have titanium plates and screws in my face 12 to be exact! I rolled my car 5times, it’s truly miraculous I survived. Had amazing medical teaching school intervention back in 2001. I have a scar on my face. It’s harder than usual now because I have chemo head. No hair so you can see all the scars on my head. Wearing a wig for now. It’s a lonely place to be when your tired and finally decide to fight. Our Father came when I called!! I drug my feet about turning to him. What happened to you Jo Marie?

  • Tim and Terri Weber

    I resist living in the present. I’m always in the near future, thinking about what I need to do or in the near past, beating myself up for everything I didn’t get done. Which is everything, since I’m never in the present, doing stuff! I am reading Practicing the Presence of God by Br. Lawrence. Learning to live in the present and be aware of God’s presence.

    • Amanda Primacio

      We all can have this resistance. When my house is not tidy and clean then it is harder for me as well. When I am at church or anywhere really I try to engage people to connect,share,understand the people around me. This is how to be present.
      A smile, a compliment, a small kindness. Ask for what you need. Being present is free. It is something that blesses you as well. I have been ill with cancer and have not attended mass regularly for years now. I do not guilt trip myself but I miss the gift of gathering. It feeds the soul. I would say this is my resistance right now not attending mass.

  • Holly

    I resist discipline. I give in too easily to the things I say I will not do. Things like eating too much, drinking too much, gossiping, etc. I pray that I can be more disciplined this Lent and not give in to pleasures that lead to misery and to grow closer in my relationship to God.

    • Amanda Primacio

      I am with you Holly! I do understand your resistance. Replace drinking with eating too much candy and sweets. So let’s rank these you brought up –do one of them instead of all. I think the fasting of food gives your body the best opportunity to come closer to God. When you fast you are clearer and Our Heavenly Father will guide you….and you will have ears to hear! Praying for your discipline. Most sincerely, AmandaP

  • Elizabeth Medina

    I think for me is that I worried to much about things and that stop me for doing a lot of things, for myself, my church, my husband.
    I will say to make the time to read my Bible more often and meditated, not just feel good because I go to church on Sunday.

    • Amanda Primacio

      Be kind to yourself and give yourself room to grow in holiness. You are a lovely woman taking care of what God has given. We are not perfect–but God is. Give yourself permission to try even fail. Moving forward is better than staying stuck. I know you can do it.

  • Laurie Tietjen

    My resistance has been to committing to organized religion. I was deeply involved in church in my youth and young adulthood until I had a bad pregnancy that resulted in a badly deformed baby that lived only 11 months. After he passed away, I went into a deep depression with anxiety that lasted 7 years. The primary cause was hypothyroidism that wasn’t diagnosed. God was there for me throughout this period, imparting unconditional forgiveness to me and encouragement when the moments of every day seem to be eternal. He delivered me from that extreme suffering, but I still suffered from two failed marriages. I know God loves me and forgives me, and I have received a profound release from His Mercy. But I am fearful of coming under the judgment of those in leadership in organized religion.

    Recently, I have been inquiring into having my former marriages annulled. I have currently been married for ten years to wonderful, God-fearing man, and with us both being Catholic, would like to make our vows in the Church. But, the annulment process is terrifying to me, as it takes me back into that horrible, dark past. As a result, I am experiencing paralyzing resistance to the annulment process as well as joining a church.

    • Amanda Primacio

      I understand your fear of the annulment process but it is a healing process. You should take the opportunity to consider what happened in your marriages. Maybe there are similarities. God wants to bless you and help your broken heart heal. I will pray for clarity for your particular resistance. If I were you I would write it all down it becomes easier to digest your truth when it comes from you. Most sincerely, AmandaP

    • Robin

      Dear, Sweet Laurie, Did you get married in the Catholic Church either time you got married before your present marriage? If you were never married by a priest the annulment process is very simple. I’m pretty sure there isn’t any formal paperwork/investigation. Only the full annulment process if you were married by a Catholic priest. Amanda is right! It is often very healing to have a marriage annulled. I hope you can find a priest to help you. Faithful priests are compassionate! I will pray for you! Robin

      • Laurie Tietjen

        My first marriage was in the Catholic Church, but not the next two.

    • LJ

      Healing can happen when you tell God you are ready. I can recommend bible literacy as a way for you to better know the love story is your own, Rejection is not of God. There is only this moment with God, this moment is new and nothing ventured, nothing gained.

  • Kim Valentiny

    I too am on my phone too much during the day and since I don’t work, this sometimes interferes with my responsibilities at home. But my biggest resistence is worrying. For lent I am focusing on prayer, fasting and alms giving.

  • LJ

    Looking for the ah…ha within those Catholic circles that are geared for doing Catholic things ain’t where God is. I realize now that a sacrificial life is waiting to be discovered. Do something. Anything that you can put your whole self into, as the prophet has said: Seek Him and you will find Him.

  • LaTuana Mooney

    This is my first lent and I was reading other ideas below with FB. I agree with the idea but I want to take it in slightly a different path. For lent I want to take everything I use online and not use it for me but for God. That includes any music, movie, literature and even FB. I guess by giving up the “me” in all of this and making God the goal I will prayfully be able to continue this afterward. I get in my way everyday and its time to give that up. I hope this makes sense. God Bless. 🙂

  • Jeanne

    I totally hit the snooze button this morning and then was rushing to get ready and get out the door. There are so many excuses that fill the day and it is my choices that inhibit my freedom to be happy. I just have to get out of my own way. My prayer through Lent is to make just then next right choice and be free.

  • Leticia Cauble

    I encounter resistance in my life when I don’t stay on task. Many times, I don’t finish what I start. I give in to distractions. It’s very frustrating. I’m hoping and striving to finish this devotion with all of you. God bless.

  • Patricia


  • Melina Ailin Mendez

    Can we get it in Spanish?? 🙁 🙁 🙁 I want to do it with my mom and family members but I know they all would prefer it in Spanish since we attend Spanish Mass. I teach Sunday school to children in English but still go to Mass in Spanish xD 🙂

  • Marie Patterfritz Reinhart

    Making a commitment to do something. I hesitate, think of a few reasons to refuse and then end up usually not doing it. This video really helped me recognize just how often I do resist things in my life. I will keep this pray close by and ask God to help me with this.

  • Crystal Dasburg Marchand

    I allow myself to be so overwhelmed by my to-do list. I look at everything I need to do and realize how much it is and completely shut down. I hide behind being tired and irritated that my home is not exactly the way I want it to be and end up doing NOTHING. It’s really frustrating when I want to come home to a sanctuary and have time to myself, but feel like all I’m doing are chores. I am going to focus on a little bit at a time. If I can get ONE thing done on my list for that day, it’s a success. Then maybe I can get 2 things done, and so on.

  • Melissa

    I have been thinking this morning what I will give up. Then I read Pattys comments about giving up the games and that was it and what she said is so true. They do create distractions and procrastination which equal resistance. Also love the 40 day prayer for people in my life and the note writing idea.

  • Adel

    Brennan and anyone else out there – remember – worry has never changed the outcome of anything. Just a waste of good time. Go to pray instead.

  • Mary Aguirre

    I have let resistance rule my life! I constantly doubt myself, do not believe in myself, carry guilt from long ago still with me but with God’s help I will put this all past me and move forward to true happiness! I know this is what God want for me!!

  • Emily Rodriguez

    Setting time aside to pray in the evenings and to self reflect on the day. I also do not take time when I do pray to thank God versus just always asking for things. I’ve found that I let any excuse be my excuse to not pray daily. Something I’m trying to work on this Lenten season.

  • Heidi Guevara

    It seems like resistance is the sabatoger of our happiness. Why is it that we sabatoge our way to happiness? Is it laziness? Or is it Spiritual warfare? Is the devils greatest weapon to get God’s people depressed and break away from God because of lack of time and laziness? We know if we devote time to prayer, reflection and service we will Spiritually thrive and the joy of Christ will emanate from our body for all to see. But do I do it. No. why? Is not doing it sin? Does it separate me from God? Do I say I just don’t have the time? What could be more important than Christ himself? Am I making other things idol gods, things that I make more important than God? Do I ” seek ye first the kingdom of God and His Righteousnessa”?

  • Tom Sapp

    Reflecting on the videos brought me back to two movies that depict Jesus in the garden. First the devil mocks Jesus for thinking he could save mankind. Your torture and death will not matter in the end. Next Jesus is presented with the easy way out via a poisonous snake appear offering the easy way out.

    It doesn’t matter and the easy way out are very powerful forces to deal with especially at Lent.
    I find the best way to deal with these thoughts is to know in advance they will be there and have a plan to deal with temptations.

  • Audrey McElyea

    I resist daily prayer. I have such a skewed opinion of myself that I don’t think God cares to hear from me (even though I know better). It’s hard to fight those feelings of “not good enough and unlovable.” I often feel that I shouldn’t be wasting God’s time with my problems when others out there are struggling more than me.

  • Michele Neale

    My phone doesn’t need to be an extension of my hand. It can sit there until I need it. I hit the snooze button every day. Since I’m unemployed right now my “snooze” minutes have become hours. It’s time to jump out of bed and take advantage of the opportunity. Filling my time with more productive activities including more prayer. You can never pray too much 🙂

  • Trish Alfatemi

    I resist confession out of fear and shame. I am my worst enemy. Forgiveness may come from God, but I can’t let it go.

  • Marguerite

    Self doubt has been my resistance shell. It leads to procrastination in the process then the thing I’ve been called to do, doesn’t get done. I’ve learned to let go and let God. It takes practice to shed the shell that has bound me to myself but life has become so much lighter thanks be to God. I’m a work in progress…

  • Carol Rosenberg

    Just starting my morning. Getting out of bed and getting active when I wake is a struggle. That leads to not accomplishing things I supposedly want to do. So I am unhappy asne disappointed in myself on a regular basis. Surely not what God had in mind for my life!!!

  • Terrie Dillane

    I can really relate to hitting that snooze button! Starting today my am going to keep track of my resistance moments. Thank you Dynamic Catholic team!

  • Olliefu

    One example for me is not taking care of my Type 2 Diabetes these past couple of years. I resisted in taking care of myself or I would tell myself “Bah! I am a-ok…I feel great….This Donut is Awesome!” Until last December, I saw my A1C sky rocket. 🙁 During that time I was reading “Resisting Happiness”, I realize I am resisting my current and future happiness. I needed to take charge of this. I am happy to say I been watching what I been eating (no more donuts) and running again. I want to wish you all a great lent. Reflect. Pray. Love. Peace.

  • Kevin Klingerman

    Similar to you Brennan.
    Worrying about events that may never happen, hurting my ability to be present and live in the moment.

  • Christine Suller St Onge

    I suffer from chronic fatigue and it is so easy to slip into mind set that I am too tired to get up and do something.

  • Joni

    I “Worry” all the time……Worry about our finances, worry about my husbands health, strength, business…..Worry about my adult children. I KNOW worry does not add a day to our lives……. I worry that God is tired of me…….

  • Mary Porter

    Worry is one of my encounters with resistance. I tell myself “pray and trust God” but it’s easier said than done for me. I just received Matthew Kelly’s book, Resisting Happiness, and I am looking forward to growing in happiness this Lenten season.

  • Anna

    OLOG church in West Babylon NY gave us Christmas gift of Resisting Happiness book. This book is wonderful, comforting and joyful. It has brought God closer in my life. We get caught up with things in life and forget why we are really here.

  • Cindy Rodriguez

    Overeating. I have tried to do diets and it always gets the best of me. I know that eating better foods and exercising is better, but I love the taste of pizza and one slice is just not enough so 3 or 4 slices is satisfying. I feel the same way in many other areas of my life.

  • Ellie

    I do worry all the time, i need to trust in God more knowing that He will take care things for me. I give my problems to God to take care and then I take it back……thinking that i can do better, is taking energy out of me and my peace. I pray that this Lent for total trust in God and recognize resistance and i just uninstall facebook. Lord help me to stay off of it .

  • Jacqueline M Vick

    Thank you! I encounter resistance in worry and anxiety over the future, but I never thought of it as resistance.

  • Duncan McCrann

    One of my flaws is that, when I encounter a person for the first time, I am negative and judgmental. This happens in my head not so much in my behavior but the negative mental reaction lingers. My negative first reaction is a deep thing with me probably defensive in some way. Trying to change that behavior is not working. So, I am asking God to help me train myself to bless every new person that I meet. And be grateful that we are meeting. This Lenten action is in the form of doing something new instead of stopping and old habit. Prayers are welcome.

  • Diane Fiore

    Last year I gave up alcohol, and rarely have a drink anymore. I know The Spirit did this for me. Today I have the same resolve regarding Facebook, and woke up with the familiar Support

  • Leslie A Luna

    Worry is also my resistance. It’s been a constant struggle throughout my life. I’m praying that I will overcome this as I continue to get closer to God.

  • Michelle

    I resist eating healthy and at times feel like St. Paul doing the things I do not want to do and not doing the things I truly desire to do. I am looking forward to slowing down through this amazing Lenten program to gain a much deeper appreciation of the things I can do.

  • Karen Burke

    Hitting the snooze button is one of my first things I do. That is my resistance right there. Also, today just trying to get to church for Ash Wednesday is going to be difficult because of my daily commute.

  • Gretchen Heyman

    From hitting the snooze button in the morning to worrying about tomorrow!

  • Elizabeth Brewer Brown

    Reading the comments on here about giving up FB; what I did last year was made a vow to myself to hat I would not look at FB until I had said my morning prayers. And it is a habit I still practice today. If I don’t get to my prayers til afternoon then no FB til afternoon. Lent for me is about changing bad habits to good ones. Any tiny step we can take that makes us closer to God and the best we can be is what it is all about. Yes, I hit the snooze this morning–about 4 times. 🙄

    • LaQuita Hilzinger

      This is a great idea. Thanks.

  • Patty Glasser

    Now started to get rid of things I have held onto for years and giving them to the church
    for the church’s flea market

  • Sharon Richey

    My main resistances are worry and anxiety about getting through each day. There are so many activities with the kids that I have to plan it all out so everything gets done. In this, the housework seems to suffer as does “me” time since it’s all used up and I’m completely spent. I too am tired of being tired.

  • Allister Timmons

    Resistance is my own worst enemy. I struggle with an anxiety disorder and depression. That said, I tend to let the disorder dictate the way I feel about others (e.g. what are their “true” motives, I better have a contingency plan in place in case A, B, or C happens), and in doing so I come off as rather self-centered. I have made a solemn effort to Christ and to the Blessed Virgin that over the course of this Lent I want to turn my inward self outward. I want to focus on the beautiful gospel passage this past Sunday written by Matthew and “..not worry about tomorrow; tomorrow will take care of itself.” There is something worth preserving in each and everyone of us; something lovable. You miss out on the “perfect balance” between beauty and complexity that God has designed for each and everyone of us to encounter in our everyday lives. I’m not supposed to know what tomorrow brings. God has a perfect plan for each and everyone one of us. So for this Lent, I am opting to resist self and focus on humility! With courage and temperance, I want to be there for others’ needs for a change, rather than my own!

  • Psquich

    Worry is my greatest resistance. I have gotten so sick from worry I ended up in the hospital. I am 65 and always embraced life. I have seven Little grandchildren and feel like I am running away from life because I worry about unknown things. I want to trust God but this resistance is my greatest obstacle.

  • Michele Garces-Warner

    I feel resistance in myself with prayer. Not that I dont want to but in yet distracted. I gave up facebook a couple of weeks ago. Its been nice but now I feel like I need to focus that time towards prayer and reflection .

  • Simone Spears

    My encounter with resistance starts like he said at the snooze button on my alarm clock. By the end of my day I realize I haven’t accomplished anything and feel like I’ve wasted the entire day. I want to be conscious of resistance and concur it. I will make the effort to recognize it today.

  • Mary

    I am not diagnosed with any attention deficit, but when I start to pray, I can lose focus, resistance, and it impedes my prayer time. I’m not sure what to do.

    • JunieSpoonie

      Saying the Rosary online or with a CD helps me stay focused. I say many rosaries while driving my car praying out loud along with a CD. The Devil is terrified when we say the Rosary out loud.

      • Mary

        Thank, I will do that. I want to be the person that when I get up the Devil says, oh heck she’s up!
        I have all those apps, Rosary and Chaplet on my phone. Watch out Satan.

  • JunieSpoonie

    It is very well to give up something for Lent. However in addition to giving up your favorite things in sacrifice, it’s better to do something positive for others daily.
    Don’t forget the Holy Souls in Purgatory!
    They cannot help themselves, but we on earth can help them to be released to Heaven through our Prayers (Rosary), Masses, Holy Communion….
    Have mercy on these Holy Souls! Don’t forget your deceased family and friends in prayer, and the forgotten souls in most need. Holy Ash Wednesday to all!

  • Michael Hoffman

    Best hopes for you all this Lent.

  • Marisol

    My biggest resistance is to study for an important exam that I would like to past but I’m afraid to fail ,Again. It’s funny before I have time to read a great book about God or be on meditation and now it’s like time is never there for that or if I try , I remember to do something else , I feel tired and now I understand that I’m just resisting to do the right thing . I have a new my mission during this lent . Thank you .

  • Desirae

    Wow! I guess Facebook has been an issue for a lot of us!! I have given up all social media for lent and replacing that time with prayer and journaling and hopefully even some quiet time to hear what God is saying to me. I resist this the most. I am in auto pilot and seldom let go of control. This book is speaking to me. I am very excited for this lent season!

  • Cathy

    I just get up a bit earlier and pray and read with coffee quietly.

  • Weebyb

    I have a tendency to let my day rule me instead of planning out my time wisely with the right priorities. I am not tied up with social media, but I get too involved doing things for my kids and grandkids and then run out of time for my husband, exercise and prayer. Instead of giving up things for Lent, for the last couple of years I have made the commitment to pray daily with my husband in the morning and say the rosary with him in the evening. It gave us more time together but more importantly created a bond with us, Mary and our Lord.

  • Mairead Lee Gosnell

    I seem to encounter resistance all the time. I feel overwhelmed with all that needs to be done and then I don’t know where to start. I feel that sluggish-not wanting to do things-feeling all the time. I want to kick resistance in the backside and win!!! That’s my prayer for Lent. One of many.. 😉

  • Gina Lasso

    I got rid of cable TV. I have a lot of friends who are so positive and post such inspirational messages on Facebook that it compensates for the negative.

  • Robert

    Today’s message is wonderful. I have low self-esteem and am always telling myself I cannot do things, this is my resistance. I forget that God can help me. My resistance is feeling that I don’t deserve happiness. For Lent I am only drinking water for liquids, no coffee, no soda, nothing. This should give me many points throughout the day to think of God. I hope I make it, I am going to try my best.

  • Nado

    I am trying to encounter resistance to my fears of taking a risk in my life. I have been a stay at home mom to my two kids since they were born (12 years ago). I had married my best friend of 21 years and came to the US in 2003. He filed for divorce 6 months ago (after 14 years of marriage) because he had met somebody else and gave up on us. I have been traveling this nightmare with God by my side yet I am still afraid and worried about making it on my own. God has given me the talent of art, but I am afraid to pursue that path. Yet I know this is what will bring me joy… I hope, through my Lenten journey, I can learn to depend completely on God and through prayer, I may be able to discern what path God wants me to take in this next phase of my life.

  • NVMaster

    My life is changing, and I’m resisting—to my detriment. My wife wants to help her folks, but they live in another state. She wants to live there, will move there. I don’t want to move. Ultimately, the choices are two: move; split up. Why do I resist? I guess I’m in my comfort zone and am resisting change. What’s wrong with moving I ask myself? Well, I’ll leave long time friends and activities behind. Why not move, and gain new adventures and expreience new things? Pray for me.

  • Estela De La Garza

    It was somewhat of an awaking to listen to the Resistance video. Woah! Why do I resist so much?! I struggle with morning wake up. In all the 30 minutes of snoozing, I could be awake, praying, reading, spending more time with Our Father. In all the day to day, how can I resist blessing someone, giving words of encouragement, etc? It’s time to speak life!

  • Susan Sacher

    Going to bed at a reasonable hour so I can get up in time to be able to go to daily Mass.

  • Dorothy Rock

    My big thing is that when I want to or have to do something i fear the results won’t be good enough so I put off doing it until it is no longer an issue
    . I’ve disappointed many a person doing this.

    • Lisa Cramer

      I am a procrastinator too Dorothy. I guess I fear the process rather than the results. I don’t want to be uncomfortable. It’s funny though…when I do something God calls me to (and actually finish it) I feel so good!! When will I learn? There is a great song by Casting Crowns called, “What if I gave everything?” You should go to YouTube and watch the version with the lyrics. Very inspiring!! (if I was a computer person I would attach the link) Also, yes, we may disappoint others and ourselves because we put things off…but the one I worry about most is Jesus. How many times have I disappointed him??

  • Mary

    I’m not a Facebook junkie and hardly ever go on it but I do watch TV during the day. I have decided to take the time to pray and say the rosary everyday and move prayer to the forefront.

  • Ted Leon

    Definitely worry! It freezes me. It prevents me from doing the things that would allay my worry! What a vicious cycle. This Lent I’m giving that worry to God and just getting on with life!

  • Barbara Levich

    I majorly resist change. I hate it. I procrastinate and drag my feet. I think it is really born of a lack of trust. Would God ask a new/different thing of me if it were not in my best interest? Absolutely not. “I believe. Help my unbelief!”

  • Barbara Horutz

    I want this Lent to be like it was when I was a child. I remember being in Catholic School and going to Holy Mass on Ash Wednesday. Getting ashes was a special thing to me, it meant I was not only showing that I was a Catholic, but that I am doing penance for my sins and I am wiling to offer my life to God through fasting and prayer. I was happy saying the Rosary every day because it pleased the Blessed Mother, and giving up something that I liked to eat everyday for poor souls in purgatory. Being childlike is what is invaluable to me this Lent, recapturing that little girl again, that is my goal this Lent 2017. God Bless everyone during this Holy Season.

  • Jo B

    Procrastination! I have a million excuses why I can’t do whatever right now, or even when I have set aside time for it. I just don’t feel like it right now… But when I can get past that, I feel so good about crossing it off my list. Then I am energized. Sometimes I have built the task up to be such a big deal, and when I tackle it, it was really not such abig deal, and easier than I thought.

  • April

    It’s so easy to have life supersede spiritual contemplation. After the inauguration I started to pray the rosary more feverently for faith, hope and charity not just on our country but the world. In order to ensure this happened on a daily basis, I started setting that am alarm 25 minutes earlier. This was a struggle initially because I leave the house for work at 6:55 am. I don’t do anything until I’ve prayed the rosary. It’s become a nice way to wake up and reflect on the day ahead afterward. Maybe this is way for some of you to carve out time in your busy day. I was tired at night and regardless of how well meaning I was my resistance was always at its lowest!

  • Judy Schuth

    I just finished the book “Resisting Happiness” yesterday. It took me some time to go through it and think about what was presented. I have found it has made a big difference in how I approach each day and I look forward to gaining more insight through this series.

  • Sharon

    I experience resistance every time I wake up and worry about my adult children. Or when my mind resists accepting the fact that they are responsible for their own actions and choices. That’s a tough one

  • Jackie Waugh

    I am like the guy in the video. I tend to worry and resist trusting in God.

  • marlene

    I don’t understand why, but I feel as though I an resistance to Gods love for me. I don’t feel as though he is happy with me and this cause a distance between us.

  • Kathleen Duron

    I struggle with resistance from my own body. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia about two years ago and spent two years before that going through tests to determine a diagnosis. This only gave strength and power to the resistance already present in my life. Matthew Kelley’s example of struggling to get up in the morning was almost like it was directed at me. Every morning I hit the snooze button about four times and then spend about 15 minutes giving myself a pep talk, because I have to fight my way out of a never ending fog of fatigue and I know my body will ache the minute I move. So this Lent, I plan to pray for extra strength to combat starting each day giving in to resistance.

  • joanne

    I am giving up mind sweeper, the computer game, for lent. At the end of the day when my son watches a cartoon I’ve taken to playing the game and zoning out. I can still be up in the space with him, but show him that there are other things that can be accomplished in that time, rather than zone out myself.

  • Jessica Ruthsatz

    Thank you for your awesome witness Brennan! My resistance is doubting my strength, and when I temporarily forget about God’s will, it gets in the way of making decisions. I will continue to fight this resistance with God by my side!

  • Brenda Weiskopf

    My resistance has been staying up waaay too late after my kids and husband go to bed. I started doing it to just have some “me” time after teaching all day at work, and then coming home to be wife and mom, but I did not use the time well. Mostly to catch up on shows waiting in the DVR which led to later and later bedtimes, scrolling through Facebook, and eating way unhealthy as I didn’t have it in to me fight the late night snack attacks. Then I’d get to bed, start saying my prayers and find that I passed out asleep mid-prayer! I should have been using that quiet time to reflect and pray, and get to bed at a healthy hour so I didn’t have a further battle of resistance when I find it so hard to get up and moving each morning. I hope to turn all of that around the lent.

  • MSE

    I like this idea of conquering ‘resistance’ – a good word – I call it I’m ‘putting on n the brakes’ I have to face the music at work in a big way this Friday – and every day – and really in all of my commitments in life – personal, professional and spiritual. Not ‘being able’ or just matter of factly – being resistant to getting out of bed and, more precisely – NOT GOING BACK TO BED – and starting even the first breathe and step and second step and third and fourth and keeping going forward with the day has caused me more problems and job losses in life than I can count. Time to stop the self-sabotage and lean into life that turn my back on it… and not living fully and doing the things I need and want to do to be happy responsible contributing member of society. Happy first day of lent. All.

  • Kathy Groth

    Doing a bread and water fast today and every Friday during lent. It’s the first time using fasting and prayer. Put a photo of Jesus wearing a crown of thorns as my iWatch photo when I feel weak I am reminded of His suffering for me

  • Tim Stokes

    For me, the biggest resistance is to letting go. Whether it is “stuff”, people, or habits, there is a great resistance. Perhaps it is fear of losing what once was or fear of not remembering the past, but I need to learn to “Let It Go!”

  • Shonne Farrell

    I’ve struggled with resistance all my life but did not know what it was until I read ” Resisting Happiness”! I’m 68 years old and I’m learning how to live as a daughter of God. He loves us and wants us to share his love and live his love every day.

  • roxsp

    I RESIST giving up things! Always have, and I always fail. Every Lent, I ADD something to my prayer life. I like how Matthew mentions “hitting the snooze button” in the morning is the first RESISTANCE of the day. I make myself stay in bed for a few minutes, pull the covers over my head to block everything out, and offer my day to God, asking Him to guide me through it all. I will say some prayers for my children or people He puts on my heart. Then, after rising, I let HIM move my heart to what I am supposed to read; scripture, devotionals, or whatever. I find HE never fails me in what I need to see, and I ask for the grace to keep it all with me during the day.

  • Ann Wells

    One way I have encountered resistance is to overly focus on all I have to do instead of just living in the present. Often I get very little done because I spend so much time avoiding what’s in front of me. I also struggle with worry. Adoration has helped me to let go of worry and focus on Christ with thanksgiving for his love.

  • Tammy Schmidt Muto

    Greetings! Happy March 1st, happy Lent, happy day! I find myself feeling very inspired about the Lenten season today. We started our morning at mass as a family which was both beautiful and meaningful on this special holy day. I spent most of the hour in church searching my soul for that thing that I could do, or not do, that would help me truly “experience” Lent this year. Giving up things for Lent sits right next to New Year’s resolutions for me. For me, there needs to be something more than the obligatory action, so I was thinking of what that could be for me personally, and for our family. Then as I sat down to read Matthew Kelly’s first installment over lunch, my personal area of focus became quite clear. See, I have this opportunity to attend mass pretty much every Thursday morning, but my good friend (or should I say nemesis disguised as good intention) “RESISTANCE”, more often than not, pushes me to get into the office an hour earlier instead of attending mass with the kids. I negotiate with myself something like well, I am really busy this week, I am traveling this week or next, there is that hot request I need to get to, and the list goes on as I negotiate away the opportunities to be present with my children AND my Father at the same time starting the day in church. This is a gift! A gift I resist and take for granted at the same time. And, this is only one of many areas where resistance is keeping me from my blessings. So thankful for this journey to begin breaking down those bad habits that are robbing me of fully experiencing our Saviour, my family and the joy and happiness my Father intends for me! I am still searching for ideas for our family Lenten focus. I would LOVE to hear what you do with your children during this beautiful season. Wishing you all love and light on this journey!

  • Sarah Hunt

    It’s so hard for me to pin down one place in where I experience resistance. In every aspect of my life I come head to head with this battle! Chores, prayer, love for myself, healthy eating just to name a few. I have decided that for lent I will delete the FB app from my phone, no more novels, complete at least 2 chores a day and pray with my children every day. Every lent I fail 🙁 I ask for prayers that when I meet up with resistance that I can succeed!

  • Janay Barfoot

    I think above all, I self-sabotage. I resist putting all my trust in God to do for me what I think only I can do for myself.

  • Shonne Farrell

    I want my Lenten change to be something permanent. I’m increasing my prayer routine and finding ways to help in my community. I’m giving up sodas which I am addicted to. I want to make each day a closer walk with Jesus.

  • Kathy Wendlandt

    Scripture reading is so hard. I seem to find something more important to do always. And Like Brennan, worry is a huge part of my life.

  • MaryAnn Josten-Dalgleish

    I have given up facebook as well for Lent. I also struggle with prayer, every night I have a plan for the next day and it never seems to happen. It always gets pushed down to the bottom of the list.

  • Apeil

    Clutter and emails I need to review and delete deplete my energy and focus.

  • Sherry Flemming

    I tend to set goals for all areas of my life but get distracted by other less important things (resistance) like getting stuck in perfection and agonizing over decisions for things like what to serve guests coming for super, how to organize and set things up throughout the day, responding with the perfect email, etc. It ends up that I either don’t reach my goals or have trouble with consistency. I believe this lent God will continue to deepen the understanding and awareness that He has already given me about how I am getting distracted from priorities. Starting my day with heart-to-heart time with Him is the key so that I can listen to His truth and allow myself to be lead by Him. This is my desire but I have encountered much resistance to consistently do this as well.

  • Allan Darish

    Resisting the calling to do something you have never done before. I have felt a calling to write. Catholic materials, themes. I have 4 projects that just came to me while at adoration during prayer. I do a lot of writing for work, but never something like these projects. Two novels, an inspirational/motivational compilation relating to intercessory prayer, and a screenplay. I too waste a lot of time – Facebook, computer games. I have slotted prayer into my commute time, and need the initiative to push these projects forward and the other stuff to the curb! But something about it holds me back – with minor exceptions i have done little to move these forward. I know with God nothing is impossible – is it my doubt of this? Why is it so scary? I do not want the embers for these ideas to die out, as I feel the Holy Spirit placed them within me. I need to find a way to nurture them and make some progress. Prayers and ideas appreciated.

  • Joan Curtiss

    I am resisting pointing pointing out anything that I know will upset my 40 year old son. I must stop this resistance.

  • Stephanie Bennetts

    In the daily distractions of being a mother. I always have the best intentions to have quiet time each day, however, if I don’t do at the beginning of nap time, it doesn’t happen.

  • Heather Fitzpatrick

    My area of resistance is getting stuck with thinking something is going to have to happen a certain way for it to be considered “legitimate.” So, if I have it stuck in my head that my reflection time or exercise time has to include certain activities or have a certain duration-and it’s just not possible-then I’m not doing it at all. I’m trying to embrace the fact that while God loves a desire for excellence, He’s also just excited to see me moving toward Him with whatever I have to offer at the moment. Grace!

  • Nina Feldman

    Attending mass on a regular basis….since my husband doesn’t really support that on a weekly basis i struggle with it all the time and with my children

  • Renae Montez

    So many thoughts are going thru my head about the resistances that I face everyday and how I can use the Lenten season to face these resistances. Not being so lazy in the morning and actually going on walks are my two first goals. God, thank you for being patient with me…I know I need to do my part too 🙂

  • Jennifer

    Oh gosh…there are so many…
    I’m a mother, I resist happiness many times throughout the day because I resent my childrens sleeplessness. I resist enjoying the little moments with them because of all the have toos. I resist exercise when I know I would enjoy it, but I just want to sit and not be bothered. I resist happiness when I’m wound up from the day and don’t take the time to welcome home my husband. Finally I resist taking the time for God. The time to truly develop an intimate relationship with him.

  • foxoverhill

    I encounter resistance in my “to do” list. I have lots of things on it and will do many small items rather than the ones I know are most important relative to becoming the best version of myself. It’s a “convicting” feeling when I’ve accomplished a lot on my list but have a gut feeling that I didn’t do the right things.

  • Barbara Renner

    Hello and Good Afternoon~On this 1st day of Lent I had decided to get up early, go to MAss receive ashes and than come home and read my booklets I have for LEnt but NO, INSTEAD I slept to after 1:00PM because of pure laziness and figuring I had nothing to do anyway since I am elderly and retired BUT this is a rut I have gotten myself into and I have got to ask God for the graces to do what I had promised to do during Lent and that is limiting my time on FB, going to Mass everyday and reading Lenten Reflections and having the Best Lent Ever!!! God Bless Everyone and please pray for me as I will pray for you on my nightly Rosary~~~

  • Melissa Wyland McGuire

    Hi I’ve decided to give up Ebay for lent! Praying more and spending less time buying things I don’t really need!!! I find my resistance started when I hit the snooze 😇

  • Bridget Kramer

    I encounter resistance when I say, “It’s not my job. It’s someone else’s job. Why should I do their job?”

  • Maria Nguyen

    My resistance is in idleness and procrastination. I spend more time “rewarding” my small daily accomplishments by spending time on the phone or in front of another screen. This lent I’m limiting my screen time, limiting my idleness, being more intentional with my kids, increasing prayer and meditation, and making an effort to capture the moments I often miss throughout the day. I’m hoping that will motivate me to be more engaged even after lent.

  • Ken Messick

    I tend to bring the burdens of work home with me. This in-turn negatively impacts my family.

    • Lisa

      My husband does that. I thought it was perfectly fine until one day when my daughter mentioned that Dad says the same thing every day. It made me realize he was losing her respect. Now I encourage him to talk about his successes.

      • Ken Messick

        I realized it was a problem when my 3 year daughter told my wife “Papa is always grumpy”

  • Pamela Gard Castellana

    I’ll add that I choose not to give up facebook, because I choose to be a force for positivity. I have found so many lost family and friends via facebook that I see the almost limitless good it can be. Today I shared that for Lent I will be seeking out people who use their social media to lift others. I don’t have a problem with personal opinions on the issues of the day-I look forward to them as long as they are TRUTHFUL, and not with the intent of hurting the reader. I recently corrected a priest on his poorly researched “share” of an untrue “story” I like facebook, just like I liked public school for my kids. Many people cited “peer pressure” as a reason to pull my kids out but I reminded them that my kids could (and it turns out would) be peer pressure for others and make their school even better than it would have been without them. Can’t run from everything.

  • Amy

    I’m comforted that we can name “resistance” and work toward undoing the bonds that it has in life. I, like the young man Brennen in the second video, am a epic worrier. I worry about almost every aspect of my life and other things that I cannot control. This morning I put a verse on my office wall – “God will carry you through the storm.” Isaiah 43:2 I intend to be purposful in my work in this area of resistance throughout Lent.

  • Lisa

    My great grandfather was over a hundred and my grandmother almost a hundred. When you think of old people, you think of them sitting. Neither of these centenarians sat down much. If we would all just stand up, we would probably get off our computers and suddenly think of the things we could/should be doing. Oh, this is my problem too.

  • Henry Moscicki

    Resistance with family time. There always seems to another meeting, another thing to do.

  • K

    Stretching. I always find something else to do rather than stretch or workout on my own. So for lent this year I am giving up sweets and going to require myself to workout every day. I know that I will feel better if I stay away from sweets and use exercise as a release for stress instead of just sitting around doing nothing. However I am going to allow myself to have a treat on my sister’s birthday during lent.

    • Lisa

      It’s so funny you would say that. I have been meaning to do yoga for a long time now. I always make the excuse that there isn’t room on the floor.

  • Patricia Kennedy

    I’m not on Facebook that much but I am addicted to some games. Need to Limit them. Really need Best Lent ever. Pat

  • Lisa

    Worry was a big problem for me in the past. I overcame some of my worry by saying the Divine Mercy prayer, “Jesus I trust in You”

  • Mavis Jacob

    I have encountered resistance by worrying. I worry a lot or used to, now I find myself telling everyone to “give it to God and let Him handle it”! Because when He is in our lives, we have NOTHING to worry about!

  • Francine Tarantino

    In so glad to have signed up for BEST LENT EVER. it’s only day one and I feel like this was Gods way to show me how to move on after losing Mom a year ago to cancer. My resistance is packing up memories and selling our family home. It’s time by Easter house will be up for sale. Prayer and daily mass is what I will do for lent.

  • Susan Hoffman

    Eating healthier….truly caring for my body….a very beautiful gift from God….yet I give into poor habits the same day I make good habits…

  • Pam Kubit

    One way I have encountered resistance is to write in the Mass journal. Also, being able to listen to Jesus by quieting my mind. It helps to close my eyes and concentrate on breathing softly.

  • Marian Cummins

    I too am giving up Facebook as well as Twitter. I will use the time I save contemplating the words I hear and read in Best Lent Ever emails.
    I might also add that I found the endless negativity in some Facebook and Twitter messages was NOT helping me to be the best version of myself! In fact, the negativity has been weighing me down mentally and emotionally.

  • Regine Monestime

    I think I am encountering resistance in my life as we speak. I just feel defeated, very unhappy. I am alive but not living. I am tired mentally, spiritually, and physically. I pray this Lenten season that God will hear me and place people in my life to help me pray through this season of feeling just blah.

  • Angie Pierce Lingenfelter

    Resistance: Exercise & praying the rosary. Solution: For Lent, I’m getting up half an hour early to pray the rosary as I walk on the treadmill. My goal is to continue this practice long after Easter.

  • Sarena

    I have encountered resistance in my battles with anxiousness. Often times, I want to do something but I decide against it because of my fear; fear that it is a wrong decision, that it won’t work out, or that I personally won’t fit somehow among them. It’s held me back from many things. I’m ready to learn to live my best life and stop resisting what’s good for me.

  • Chad

    My resistance is getting up in the morning. Also getting over my depression that plagues me at times and has already begun.

  • Catherine

    I never thought about worrying before as resistance, but I worry about absolutely everything… and then I find myself being really overwhelmed and in the end I don’t accomplish all that I want to.

  • Abbie Mitchell

    I have let fear and anxiety take over. I have let judgments and comments from others dictate decisions. I am also my own worst enemy.

  • Ann Hook

    At first I didn’t think i had an issue with resistance and the more I reflected the more I realized it entered into many areas of my life…putting off prayer…setting wrong priorities…and even putting things off that I enjoy like sewing because I felt there was someting more important.

  • Kristin

    Wow! So much encouragement. Just started a new bible study last night, and was saying how I need more accountability, that my prayer life has gotten pushed back so far, starting the mornings thinking about doing it and after one more load of laundry, before I go to work I will sit down. NOPE! I LOVE the idea of getting rid of Facebook for Lent! I am all over this!! So much wasted time for me. I am in an accountability running group through Facebook, which I will be posting my weekly miles on once a week, but am limiting my “Facebook time” to that only. Replacing wasted time with intentional time with our Lord! Thank you for the idea!

  • Martha Lugo

    I encounter resistance everyday. I constantly procrastinate because I don’t manage my time correctly. I get caught up in the little details and forget to complete the real task at hand. I’m hoping that this year’s lent will be different than previous ones in the sense that I will be able to create new life long habits that will help me get rid of procrastination and get in the routine of daily prayer. I hope that my relationship with Our Father will have grown ten times by the end of these 30 or so days of lent.

  • Mercedes Bautista Gutierrez

    Resisting to give God a special time in my day. I’m always to busy during the day and at night I’m too tired

  • Dani

    I struggle focusing on prayer and making myself get things done that I know I need to throughout my day.

  • I just started to read about the Saints of the Day. I’m really into reading internet news as soon as I wake up and so I’ve transitioned to starting with reading about the Saint of the Day. I have slowly come to the realization that the culture that I’m immersed in has become trashy and it doesn’t have to be that way. I can elevate the culture that I personally am immersed in so I have chosen to learn about people who have struggled to live saintly lives.

  • Norma

    I am notorious for worrying and thinking of the worse case scenario that 90% of the time never happens. I waste so much time being anxious and upset of the things I have no control over that I almost lost all my joy. I am hopeful with the help of Best Lent Ever that I can rekindle within God’s light and increase my faith and focus on His blessings and not on the negative. I am making that my goal for the next forty days and hopefully it will roll over into a daily thing as it can only help.

  • Ashley

    I struggle with this every day. When I get up in the morning instead of devoting that time to to the Lord, I pick up my phone and browse the internet. Even throughout the day I seem to forget to pray. I feel so guilty for this. Please pray for me to stop resisting the Holy Spirit’s guidance..Prayers for all as well. Have a blessed Ash Wednesday!

  • Laurie Sample

    Going to mass. Often the desire to sleep in, have a late breakfast, and spend time with my family wins out over getting up, getting showered and dressed, and heading to church.

  • Trevor

    I encounter resistance when I am trying to be more outgoing and connect with the people around me. I used to shy away from these social interactions, but I am now learning to overcome the resistance and do what I truly want to do. Ever since I have gotten closer to God, I have found myself with more strength to overcome daily resistance.

  • Joe H.

    I find that fear of failure is a very large resistance for me. Being too attracted to the safe and secure rather than taking a chance and possibly grow from the experience.

  • Rich in California

    I had known my wife for over 30 years. She seas a good friend of my first wife and I was a good friend of her first husband.
    They had moved to the east coast where they lived for about 20 years. During that time we learned that her husband had died. She moved back to California about the time my wife was losing her battle with a long illness.
    At my wifes’ funeral was the first I saw her in quite a while. My son saw the attraction but I insisted she was only an “old family friend”.
    After many incidents that only God could have orchestrated, I got the nerve to raise the subject…
    I resisted and procrastinated (didn’t want to risk losing a good family friend, blah blah blah)
    How many times does God need to put his plan before you before you realize that it’s His will?
    We are so. Blessed today and we devote much of our time doing good works for others.
    Resisting God’s will, His plan for our life, was clearly out of fear and uncertainty. “Be not afraid…”

  • Martha Renfro

    For this Lent, I am going to try to pray the complete Office every day instead of hitting my snooze alarm repeatedly in the morning which is one of my areas of resistance. 😇

  • Sara Auciello

    Ugghhhh the moment he talked about hitting the snooze button…I really struggle with getting up at the time I set for myself in the morning.

    • Chad

      That was the first thing that got me as well

  • James Troska

    Committing to 20-30 min. of Listening to God most days. I am blessed–do not want a smart phone & let my hubby tell me what the kids in CA posted on FB. He puts pics of the kids in our photos.. When I occasionally went on FB, I waste 2 or more hrs.! Marilyn T.

  • Martha

    Resistance to prayer is huge in my life and I’ve struggled with it for many years. I always think that if I read another book on prayer, or buy another prayer guide or, or……… Nothing ever seems to change, though! Can resistance be in our minds and keep it constantly spinning so that it’s almost impossible to focus on God. The sad part is that the resistance serves as an excuse with one more “I can’t” I can’t get up in the morning, I can’t pray. I worry that Jesus may say “I couldn’t die on the cross for you” Does anyone know a good book on prayer? Just teasing. God Bless All and hope this Lenten journey is amazing for us all!

  • Ramon

    I also have a hard time praying in the morning as well. I am trying to pray in the morning before going to work and getting the day started. I do a good job of praying at night before bed with evening prayers but praying in the morning is such a struggle when all I do is want to sleep. Someone yesterday gave me a rosary with my name on it so I am praying that I can recite one decade of the rosary each day!

  • Erin Saunders

    One way I recognize that I have encountered resistance is letting myself keep busy with daily tasks so that I don’t find time for the more difficult things I am called to do.

  • Deb Daly

    I’m not big on giving up things for Lent. I like to do something extra for Lent, like attend daily Mass. I know that it is a Catholic tradition, and I’m not saying it isn’t a good thing. But I also view it the same way I view New Year’s resolutions. While it is important to make these changes and do some good, why limit it to just Lent? Maybe Lent is the impetus for cutting back on time spent on electronics, or eating too many sweets or imbibing alcohol, but it is equally important to continue after Lent. If we can spend more time in prayer, give more money and support to the needy, live healthier lives, be kinder to one another, etc. during Lent, then surely we can and should strive to continue it even after Lent has ended. It’s not easy to do and I fail miserably, but I don’t wait for the next Lent to try again. Lol! It’s a daily struggle and a daily decision.

  • Mercedes Cedeno

    Well , I am giving up watching TV. Spend too many hours and truly not being productive. Feel that my prayer life needs attention. I have a great desire and will act upon it to live an authentic true Lent. I thank God for such wonderful people who work for Him. People who care for others.

  • Anna Marie Langley

    I have a problem with the resistance that Matthew mentioned. Ever since my husband Chuck died 10 months ago, I find I can’t get out of bed. When the alarm goes off I turn it off, roll over and stay in bed for hours. I actually get up about noon every day. I can’t say it’s depression as I’m taking several antidepressants and seeing a Christian counselor through Catholic Family Services. I’m going to start setting the alarm for 8 am and getting up when it rings, using that time to study the Word and pray.

    • Chad

      Sorry about your husband. My condolences.

    • Jo

      I will be praying for you. I hope you have an amazing Lenten journey.

  • LVB

    I have a hard time resisting social media. Often times the first thing I look at in the morning and last thing before bed. I have deleted the Facebook and Twitter apps from my phone. Instead, I am exploring the Laudate App.
    Wonderful Catholic App with Daily Readings & Saints of the Day, Liturgy of Hours, Order of the Mass, Calendar, Daily Prayer, Daily Bible Verse, Rosary and Chaplet, Stations of the Cross, Prayers, Latin Prayers, Confession, Catechism, Catholic Media, EWTN, New American RE Bible, etc.

  • Monica

    Brennan’s video made me break down in tears. I realized that is my resistance, worrying. It is exhausting and I am going to work very hard to change that this lent. Thank you.

    • Darby Logan

      Monica, I share this struggle too. It is hard work to let go and let God be in control . I will pray for you!

      • Monica

        Thank you, I really appreciate that and I will pray for you too!

        • Darby Logan

          Thank you, what a wonderful way to begin our Lenten journey together in prayer. ox

  • Cathy Juley Ledvina

    It happened this morning. I hit the snooze, just like Matthew talked about today in the video. This message from Matthew was a “wake up call” for me (no pun intended). I pray that I will be able to get up on the first alarm’s ring. This will allow me a calm, not rushed, time with God. I am looking forward to seeing the changes that God can allow in me during this season of Lent.

  • Barb Sando

    Long job search with weak returns. You start to think, am I good enough. I’m I delusional.

  • Amy B

    I resist loving with my whole heart…God, husband and children. I am not free to be. I worry that I should be doing better, doing less, doing more; did I offend, did I ignore, did I do wrong by God? And thus I don’t allow those I love to just ‘be’. I resist being happy.

  • Darby Logan

    My resistance is the struggle with the grief over the loss of both of my parents in 2015. I have not been able to overcome the grief. I feel like I walk daily in the muddy waters of this resistance. It’s terrible.

  • Sally Bailey

    It is so difficult for me to resist worry and to trust. Yes for me one moment at a time. I must resist WORRY. When I worry I am not trusting God.

  • Christina Lefua

    Using the magnificat to pray this morning, the resistance was the television, people around me, and the radio. All of this noise was trying to keep me from praying. My attention was resisting praying and trying to pay attention to all the sounds around me.

  • Karin Coll

    I find all the little things in the day to day world get in my way. I say I am going to pray, read the daily readings or something. Many days, by lunch, I realize I have failed to do this. Some days, as I lay my head down to sleep, I realize this has happened. This Lent, I hope to focus more on prayer and scripture.

  • Regina May

    I too am giving up Facebook time for Lent to claim it as prayer/study time. I sit down to check on email and before I know it, I’m on Facebook and allowing it to rob me of special time.

  • Tonia L

    Brennan, my husband is a worrier too…this past weekend we listened to Matthew’s gospel “don’t worry” and it was such a great reminder to trust in a God that He will take care of us. I am beginning to realize after 40 years of marriage that my job is to encourage my husband to trust rather than worry – I resisted this in the past and now see this is the way.

  • Ashley

    I always make these grand plans to get coursework done ahead of time, and then I let all kinds of things get in the way, instead of sticking to my plan. So, instead of getting started, I procrastinate just a little more…which then leaves me to miss out on the things I actually care about later in the day.

  • David Wright

    Today I encountered resistance regarding sleep (to nap or not to nap) and then later upon waking to my alarm. For lent I have identified the time I wish to pray and I have done so, while also meditating upon a few parts of the Mass that stood out to me. Another factor that enthuses me is why I am offering up these prayers, fastings and almgivings.

  • Linda Krasowski

    I do something worse than hitting the snooze button. I get up with my alarm, easy breakfast, and then…go back to bed for another hour or so. I’m retired so I don’t have an immediate need to get up and get going. However, I feel guilty about not doing something useful with my day.
    Thanks to the comments of others, I did remove the FB app from my phone. I wasted a lot of time on the FB Marketplace looking at the things others were selling, and only thinking about the things that I need to purge.
    My difficulty with resistance keeps me from getting things done.

  • Judy

    Sacrificing-putting myself aside and offering up temptations so others can benefit from my sacrifice…a sacrifice I want to connect with the supreme sacrifice Jesus made on the Cross. I really don’t need that chocolate or purchase “in the moment,” but I resist.

  • Joseph Thompson

    Fear causes my biggest resistance in life. I know fear is a lack of faith, but knowing this and having faith that life will work out as God planned it if I will only let go and let God is not always easy for me. Simple, but not always easy.

  • Dawn

    Totally agree with Brennan…worrying about imaginary situations is such a waste of time, solves nothing and leaves me anxious. When I really can’t stop I ask God to take it away. I want to always feel that He will take it away. I want to stop worrying period.

  • Barbara Diecks

    I was doing so well getting up early and enjoying 10 – 20 minutes of prayer and quiet time then I got sick and used that for an excuse to go back to bed each morning. Lent is my time to start getting up again and giving myself prayer time. I’ve also decided to turn off the tv during the week to give myself time for prayer and reflection. I am literally giving myself 3 – 4 hours of time a night! I am excited for this Lenten reflection and the start of developing good spiritual habits in the next 40 days

  • Stacy West Taylor

    This was great to hear! It have heard surrender **fill in blank** to God, and I have always had a problem with this. People let it roll off the tongue as if it is such an easy thing to do. This message, however, is so much simpler to grasp and seems like something that is possible. Essentially, I would say resistance is the opposite of surrender. It helped me to “see” my issues that need surrendering. I resist in so many ways! I know it is interfering with my spiritual growth. Thank you for this message. It is something to really grab hold of.

  • Teri Digges

    I have never been a fan of “giving up something for Lent”. God put us here to give ourselves for others.Quote” You own yourself, to give yourself away to become yourself” unquote. It means you are responsible for using whatever talent God has given you for others. You then become the person God intends you to be. Once we give ourselves over to God, we must be like Him and imitate Him.

  • Jo

    I think I also encounter resistance through worry, or more stress than worry. I get all these things I have to do pile up and I work so hard but it seems like the list gets longer and longer and I can’t get anything done. Then, instead of working on all it is I have to do, I sit there and worry about all I have to do. I need to stop resisting and start doing.

  • Mary Farrell Gardner

    As always, Matthew Kelly has a way of conveying abstract ideas in an everyday language. I like to think I don’t resist, but then I see the examples he gives, and I realize how guilty I am

  • Paul

    One way that I see I have allowed resistance to win is failing to take action based on one of my deepest prayers. each night I asked God to help me to center my life around him! I now realize that God wants that to but as much as I already do’ I seldom take it further. Telling myself I’m doing good and never taking it any further. Letting resistance win. So for lent this year I’m not giving anything special. instead I’m Picking UP. Picking up the Rosary at Midnight each night, Picking up The Bible and reading one chapter of the Gospel each day. Picking up the Rosary and reciting a chaplet of the Diving mercy at 7PM each night. You get the idea. If I truly want to center my life around God I must take the first step and then keep walking.

    • Judy

      Get perspective shift…from Giving Up to Picking Up

  • Christie Wessel

    Resisting to exercise even though I know it will help relieve stress and make my body healthier.

  • Rebecca Miller Johnson

    My struggle with resistance takes so many forms – not making time for daily personal prayer, spending too much time on FB & YouTube, properly caring for my home, choosing quick & easy foods over healthy foods, not exercising regularly and going to bed way to late for no good reason. I’m a mess. My Lenten focus is to detach and focus on daily prayer, eating clean healthy food and moving more. Also, cutting back on FB so I can have the time for my home. Please pray for me. I’ll pray for you! God bless!

  • Susan Wallace

    I too, have encountered worry and stress. Then one day, I was at a little shop and there were these rocks with sayings on them for $2. My eye was drawn to o