March 07: Something Is Missing

Day 6

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Do you ever get the feeling that something’s missing in your life?

It’s good. It’s good that you get that feeling. It’s good that we get that feeling. It’s an expression of dissatisfaction.

And I think, in a lot of ways, we’re taught that to be dissatisfied is a bad thing. I think in a lot of ways we’re taught to not necessarily talk about our dissatisfaction.

The problem with that is that it prevents us sometimes from really looking at our dissatisfaction.

Dissatisfaction is a powerful voice that God uses to speak to us at different times in our lives. And so today, what I really want you to look at is, what is missing in your life?

When you think about your life—when you think about what’s working well, what’s not working well, what do you like in your life, or what don’t you like in your life—what are you dissatisfied with? What do you feel like is missing in your life at this time? Or, what are you dissatisfied with, and what is God saying to you through that?

God speaks to us every day of our lives in a thousand different ways. And part of our spiritual journey is about recognizing the different ways.

St. Ignatius was an incredible champion of awareness. In his spiritual exercises he talks about how God speaks to us even through our emotions. So if you get really happy, God is saying to you something through that happiness. But if you get really mad—you want to throw something, or kick something—God’s saying something to you through that as well.

So yes, God speaks to us through the Scriptures. Yes, God speaks to us through the life of the Church. Yes, God speaks to us through other people, some of them wise and some of them not.

God sends unlikely messages at unlikely times through unlikely messengers. But God is constantly speaking to us, and he speaks to us through our dissatisfaction.

So, at those times in your life when you feel like something is missing, don’t ignore that. Don’t push that aside. Don’t skip over that. Don’t pretend that’s not there. God is speaking into you. God is speaking into your life.

So what do you feel is missing today? What are you dissatisfied with in your life today? And what do you think God is saying to you through that dissatisfaction?

“If you sense that something is missing in your life, stop ignoring it. Start paying attention to it. God is trying to tell you something.”

Matthew Kelly, Resisting Happiness

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It’s time to start listening to what God is saying to you through your dissatisfaction.


Don’t pretend to be happy and satisfied when you are not.


Jesus, I am restless. I know something is missing in my life. Help me to hear what you are trying to tell me.

Today’s personal reflection features Dynamic Catholic team member Michael Flanagan. Michael is our webmaster and comes to us from Independence, Kentucky. He enjoys coaching youth basketball for his son, served as a U.S. Marine, has saved three people from drowning, and has ridden in an elevator with Hulk Hogan.

Has restlessness ever pushed you to become a-better-version-of-yourself?

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  • Matthew Lajoie

    I find myself right now in a battle of my own restlessness and resistance. I know, I am completely unhappy with my secular job and have had a feeling of god calling me to serve more in our parish for some time however, I often find myself pushing harder in the secular world trying to make the better version of myself there instead of allowing God to work through me and not really allowing me to see what he desires for my life. Well that started to change this afternoon We had heard through our parish website there was an open position that suited my skill set exceptionally well, through some talks with my Wife (Katrina, a completely amazing supportive woman by the way) about my direction in life and some great time in prayer I went into the parish office Resume in hand and made an appointment with Father to discuss the opportunity whether I get the position or not is not of consequence what is I am not going to let my restlessness be at the center any longer that place is for God and all I need to do is have faith in him to find the right direction.

    • David C

      Bless you, Matthew. I found your comment “whether I get the position or not is not of consequence” particularly inspiring. Twenty years ago, in a prayer to ask God to reveal what would fulfill me, I was given the word “teacher” – a word that inspired me and spoke to my deepest desire, even though I was not a teacher at the time. I’ve spent my time since then exploring that vocation, both at work and in my parish. Many of the doors I’ve pushed have been closed (or, at least, not opened in the way I expected them to be!), but I have been blessed with some wonderful opportunities to share my faith with others in relatively small ways in a parish context. I still have a sense of restlessness and struggle to achieve a balance between engaging with this vocation and allowing God to work in His own time. I pray that God will continue to guide you as you seek to use your talents in His service and ask for your prayers on my behalf in the same regard.

      • Donna C

        Prayers for you!

      • Matthew Lajoie

        David good luck on your Lenten journey you are in my thoughts and prayers

    • Karen

      Lifting you in prayer

      • Matthew Lajoie

        thanks Karen

    • Elizabeth Brumann

      I dislike the fact that I have arthritsis and leg cramps and a mental disability a learning disability with ADD and I cannot have any friendships or relationships and I cannot hold down a job and my test scores were not high enough for me to go to a university and pursue higher education and I will never find a boyfriend get engaged married and have children. I will always be single for the rest of my life. I like the fact that I am Social Security Disability because I can support myself be self supportive and reliant. I dislike the fact that I am unable to go out and have any fun or culture but that is okay because my calling is to help my family this where I am supposed to be and this is my purpose and calling in my life. Helping my family is my calling. This my meaning and purpose in life. I am glad that I can do this and I would not trade it for anything in the world because my job in this life to help myself and my family. Lent is about doing an act of charity helping others taking care of myself and making myself a better person. It is also time of fasting from despair and negative thinking it is about mentally and spiritually preparing myself for the resurrection of Jesus on Easter.

      Lent is about prayer, fasting and almsgiving works of mercy doing acts of kindness and helping out others and about mercy and forgiveness and finding the right path and direction to Easter the resurrection of Jesus,

      • Blake

        Elizabeth – we all can find purpose in this life and amazingly, despite your numerous challenges, you are doing that. Instead of giving up and saying “I can’t,” you are choosing to try and focus on what you can do. Your family is blessed by the gift of you and it is wonderful that you desire to share that gift. Keeping you in prayer.

      • Ellen Marie Dumer

        What a grace filled attitude. I find it hard to follow God in the little ways. I find it hard to just “be” who God created me to be, instead of trying to figure out what to “do” next. You have found the secret. God bless you!

    • Donna C

      Thank you so much for sharing! I find myself in the exact same boat. With my current secular job, I feel like the proverbial square peg trying to fit into a round hole, and have been trying to force things. I feel I have often done this in my life, but have realized just because I CAN do a job, doesn’t mean that I’m supposed to. It has much been on my heart to reflect upon the gifts and talents God has given me, and really look to find out how I can best use those for him. I have been praying hard about the situation, and have just come across a position with Catholic charities, that very much seems to fit what I am feeling called to, as well as my qualifications and gifts. I’m preparing my resume and applying this week! Whether or not I get the position (excellent point you made), I know that this is the type of position I am supposed to pursue.

      • Matthew Lajoie

        Donna I wish you the best of luck in getting the position

    • Carl

      Thank You Matthew! I have been feeling the same way and have been praying for guidance and direction. Your words – and your ACTIONS – have provided me an answer!

      • Matthew Lajoie

        Thank you Carl best wishes my prayers are with you

    • Isabel Hernandez

      Matthew, thanks for sharing. I find myself in the same situation . I have had the same carrer for 20 years as a hairstylist . I always worked for a company never made time for church because of my demanding work schedule , and I wasn’t unhappy but the pay was good .. until they moved me to salary and wanted me to move to another location that was the last straw ..I finally took a leap of faith an quit my job and started working for myself and believe me if was hard but it was then that I got a situation presented to my husband and I to take my teenage goddaughter in To live with us and im is thankful to my beautiful mother in law for her advice to start attending a bible study called Real Life at our church to get ourselves involved and help our goddaughter involved in church and church activities . Even though at first I felt like a failure to my goddaughter because it didn’t work out with her living with us and she needed more help than we could give her . I know God put her in our path to bring us back to church . Now my dilemma Is finacially I slowed down a lot at work and need something more stable and I find myself not happy with my carrer . I enjoy socializing and evangelizing to my loyal clients but the work itself of being a hairstylist no longer is my passion and want to do something completely different like working with kids or caregiver but I have no experience other than helping with our youth group ministry and occasionally I volunteer with our bookkeeper at the parish office .I really can’t afford to go back to school. I’m just praying to God to reveal to me what I should do , what direction I should go from here ? Lord may your will be done, not mine

      • Matthew Lajoie

        Isabel, thank you for sharing with me I am not sure the direction I am headed in very similarly but with God at the center I know, my family and are in the right hands. Bless you

  • Sandra

    Yes: this past Sunday after Mass, I approached the “information” table- I wasn’t sure what I was searching. A tall man asked “how can I help you”- I proceeded to tell him I was new in the area and was going on a trip but wanted to be involved in the parish once I came back. He introduced himself and said “we have a prayer group in Spanish and they really need new people”. My plan is to join this prayer group since I believe God led me to that man . I had been feeling restless and was not sure how to best get involved .

    • Darren Guido

      I am amazed at the opportunities that God presents to us! I pray for a safe trip and that your participation in the prayer group is fruitful for you, the group and to those for whom you are praying.

    • Joe

      That is great Sandra. God is very near!

    • Kathy Groth

      I too feel called to do more in my parish and this past Sunday sent my pastor a note about organizing and leading a small group. If this is God’s will for me He will make it happen. If it is not I have asked Him to continue to call and lead me.

    • Allie

      I also feel restless in my church life/lack of involvement. Before children, I was so involved at our old church: lector, EM, choir, EM to the sick, Bible studies, PRE teacher – you name it. Since we moved several miles south and now attend a closer church to home, I am not involved in anything at the parish. I say it’s because I have two little ones to attend to, but it’s resistance pushing me back from getting more involved. I have decided just now to not let this happen anymore and to answer the bulletin post about volunteering to lead children’s homily. They need more volunteers and I felt called to do it but i ignored it at first. Thanks for motivating me to do this! I need to become more involved again in my parish.

  • Darren Guido

    Not liking the quick to temper responses I had been exhibiting at home, I looked for a daily Lenten reflection in which I could participate. One of the first website links that popped up was Dynamic Catholic’s “Best Lent Ever”… and it has been. I look forward each day to the videos and reflection questions and I’ve shared the link with my family and co-workers. But most importantly, I’ve been calm in the face of adversity and have looked to see God in the day to day events of my life. A prayer by Fr. Mychal Judge helps me to remember that I have a great opportunity and a great responsibility to do God’s work all day/ every day; “Lord, take me where You want me to go, let me meet who You want me to meet, let me say what You want me to say, and keep me out of the way.”

    • Sandie

      That’s a wonderful prayer. Thank you for sharing it.

    • Theresa Edwards

      I love this prayer and need it posted everywhere I go

      • Ev

        This is a lovely prayer.

      • Claudia

        Copied/pasted and sent the prayer to my email so I have it!! 🙂

    • Jackie

      Darren..I am writing that one down! Perfect prayer! Thank you!

    • Elisa Stevens

      There are some great contemporary Christian musicians who speak to this… Casting Crowns, ‘Jesus Friend of Sinners’ includes the lyrics…Jesus, friend of sinners, the truth’s become so hard to see. The world is on their way to You but they’re tripping over me’.
      Or… Colton Dixon – ‘Let them see you in me’ or…Brandon Heath – ‘Give me your eyes’
      Consider changing your radio station to/from work for the rest of Lent.
      This has helped me find peace and humility and keep my focus on Him.

      • Ann Marie

        I too have been switching the station and every once in awhile tears just flow because I want to find the way to live without resistance to be happy,and know I deserve it for all the sacrifices Christ has made for us.

    • Denise Barbieri

      Thank you you touched my heart. I can relate to the quick temper! You’re in my prayers 🙂

    • Mary

      Beautiful prayer. Thank you

    • Anna Brady

      God Bless you Darren. I’m glad you found Best Lent Ever and Dynamic Catholic. Beautiful prayer Thank You

    • Louise

      Thank you so much for this lovely prayer. I am going to copy it into the inside front cover of my prayer journal so I see it every day.

    • Leslie M

      Love this prayer, Darren. Thanks for sharing! …I stumbled upon Dynamic Catholic after a web search of devotions on Ash Wednesday and have been enjoying this Lenten journey ever since. I even got my husband and daughter to follow along in the evenings. It’s been such a blessing for us.

  • David Buck

    Here if late my life seems full of restlessness. We have some some serious challenges going on right now and I’m struggling daily.
    I like how Matthew said God speaks to us through emotions of happiness and anger. I’ve been promoting the best lent ever series at church and at work. It seems this is the only way I’m hearing God’s speaking right now.

  • Doug

    Absolutely, something was missing. I was an emotional wreck, mostly due to the unemployment episodes I encountered. I destroyed relationships and had many a pity party. I had an emotional affair with a co-worker which became the dumbest thing I had ever done. It really hurt my wife.

    I speak in the past tense because 5 years ago, this month, I found what was missing. I wasn’t allowing God to be the center of my life. Speaking in the past tense is something not a lot of people can comprehend. They just can’t figure out how that works, and it’s difficult for me to explain how I changed my life and am the happiest I’ve ever been.

    On 12/20/2012 I received a message from Jesus, through a man I’ve never met and it came out of the blue. The message was, simply…”everything is going to be alright.” Prayer and commitment to finding our Lord…I’ve never looked back. God Bless.

    • Karen

      God often talks to us but you have to be able to hear….I’m glad for you that you heard and found your way.

  • Pearl Brown

    In the morning my day is planned to include God as my first priority however sometimes it does not work out that way. So lately I have been asking God to show me the way and to always allow me to put Him forefront in my life and I continue to pray and its working

  • Waiting Patiently

    This topic is difficult for me, only for the fact that how do I know my dissatisfaction is just or not? How do I know when I am wanting something that God wants and not just what I want. Like, I’m dissatisfied because I want more cheeseburgers in my life, okay yeah I know I’m being silly, that’s not from God, but how then do I reconcile my thoughts on career? Is from me or God, or both? I love writing, poetry and music as well as teaching. I have a job that lets me pay my bills and has good benefits, but am I to stay or pursue something more? I point all my talents and desires towards God and give them back to him as much as I can, but also at the same time am I letting him down because I am not doing more with my passions and talents? I know the answer, pray, and I have and do. I know, have patience, and yeah I am trying. I pray for help with that each day too. Sometimes I just feel like I am at the gas station, the car is on empty and I am waiting for the clerk inside to clear the pump so that I can start filling my car. I am waiting. I am waiting patiently, or at least trying to. I want the mustard seed. I study, practice piety and try to execute as best as I can, but I feel like I am my own worst enemy most days, and that’s all I got to say about that. 🙂

    • Kim

      Answers do not come in waiting. They come in action. And believe me, you are not letting God down. You’ve got this! Hugs!

    • Heidi Johnson

      This really spoke to me. I, too, struggle with whether it is something that God wants for me versus the dissatisfaction just being my whim or even temptation. I am trying to pray and focus on listening to God. Perhaps just the fact that the dissatisfaction is present should prompt me to re-evaluate and work on figuring out where God is leading me.

      • Kathy Groth

        Yes Heidi I too struggle with is it God’s call or my whim. Prayer, faith and trust a powerful combination.

    • Christy D

      Patience and humility are the two key virtues that sort of unlock all the others so yes waiting paitiently may be exactly what you should be doing. Remember God is bigger than your view of yourself. He knows far more about you in every possible way than even you do. You sound a lot like me: you over think most everything. I have spent years in two minds about nearly every decision I have made but I realized that it is the evil one who divides and tries to keep us in two minds. I had to begin to believe that I was exactly where I needed to be. If I wasn’t then God would throw up a road block or two to make me change course. Trust Him to direct you. His voice is louder than your inability to hear. If you’re willing to listen He will direct you. I pray a simple pray such as “Come Holy Spirit” or “I believe! Help my unbelief.” when I’m unsure of my own decisions. Peace.

    • Elisa Stevens

      The bible has so many references to God calling out for artists and musicians… definitely not a skill I have been blessed with. But after listening exclusively to Christian radio and hearing Sidewalk Prophets, Casting Crowns, Brandon Heath, Matthew West, Danny Gokey, Mandisa, Colton Dixon… and so many more… I appreciate this type of ministry more than I ever thought I would. Right song at the right time? Absolutely. If this is your skill set and your passion, then you need to take a step to meet Him in fulfilling His plan for you. Pray about it… listen for his response… move ahead fearlessly.

  • Ethel L

    Indeed restlessness and meeting what’s missing could lead us to success and ultimately happiness. Big or small! I struggle with restlessness on my daily decisions, however once I conquer it then I find peace within me. Happy Day!

  • Beth

    I grew up Catholic and have practiced my religion my entire life. I did it mostly because that is what my beautiful family gave me as my roots. This fall I came under a lot of stress in my workplace. I could not hold it together anymore. Our priest mentioned a book called Mother Teresa of Calcutta. I read it seeking help managing my stress. Then at the beginning of advent our priest purchased copies of Matthew Kelly’s Resisting Happiness. It has changed my life for the better. I have shared this book with as many people as will listen. I have also grown spiritually by my own choice and with God’s mercy. Thank you Dynamic Catholic for helping me fill the hole to make me whole.

    • Jill Schmidt

      I want to recommend another Matthew Kelly book, Rediscover Jesus. I found this in my daughter’s apartment and she shared it with me. I have enjoyed the daily readings and the contemplation these words have brought to my life.

      • Beth

        Thanks Jill! I just finished that one too! I am starting a discussion group at my work on Resisting Happiness. I am hoping to bring God outside of the church and into daily lives.

  • jddimi

    I indeed had much restlessness in my life. I felt called to serve God and the Church more. I talked with my Pastor about it when I had 4 small children at home and the desire to do God’s work was making me feel I wasn’t doing enough. He told me my most important job, was the domestic church at that time. To raise my children with and for God. As the children grew I was able to become more active in Church, even when surprised by my 5th child at 43 yrs old. 3 yrs ago I was feeling called to share my faith with other’s and became part of our Parishes evangelization committee. I had heard of St. Paul’s Street Evangelization and started the study classes on-line. I brought the program information to my Pastor but was put off. This past August I was handed over the Chairman role for the Committee. I was feeling a little overwhelmed but jumped in. I tried and succeeded in getting a Basic Evangelization Training Workshop at our Parish in October and now go out monthly Street Evangelizing at our local Friday Fest. It is truly inspiring to see how God uses us to do his will and how the Holy Spirit gives us the right words to speak to People’s hearts. That relentlessness did not end until I spent several hours each week in Adoration and was able to do what God was calling me to do. I now am not afraid to share God with my co-workers, family and friends.

  • Nancy R

    I feel like something is missing and I am alone at moments throughout my day. I become restless often. I will start to use these times as opportunities to invite God in.

  • Diane Jenkins

    Yes! Restlessness or a prompting has pushed me to read a spiritual book, attend a retreat, join a bible study and even say yes to becoming president of Our Ladies Sodality! It’s a yearning to understand God more and more and to be useful.

  • Mily

    This topic is very touchy for me because Im always saying something is missing. It seems that nothing I do feels up that emptiness. I have started looking more into God .. I feel he will is calling me and sometimes I feel confused and I should just let myself go into Jesus and not be afraid since he loves me and I know he will feel up that emptiness. I keep praying everyday for God to guide me 🙏❤

    • Nancy D.

      Mily, your story sounds very much like my husband’s story. As Matthew Kelly says and I believe, God does speak to us in different ways, but we need to be paying attention to it. Maybe today, you can try to focus on things happening around you and words spoken to you and see if there is any meaning to any of it. You might be surprised that the answer has been there right along, but you could not see it or hear it until now. Good luck and bless you.

      • Mily

        Thank you so much and yes you are right I will pay more attention and open up my heart more to God. I have alot to learn and I know God is calling me . God Bless 🙏❤

  • Susie Avril Glascock

    I have been resisting a career change from teaching after 25 years , Resistance tugging on my Catholic guilty heart….Show me the plan Lord!

  • Cate

    I am feeling restlessness about my current work and living situation. It has served me and my girls well. But my family lives about a 5 hour ride away. They make little if any effort to visit which falls on me and that’s getting old. The work has changed due to leadership which appears to have little interest in caring for the underserved so it goes against my passion and live to serve. I have been on this path. Before and seen Gods plan as he open doors for me in an amazing way. So I am praying mostly because I don’t know where to start. Trusting Him and thinking I may be resisting in taking some steps but commit to doing that today.

  • Kim

    Wow – I just spent a few minutes reflecting on today’s message and went back and re-prayed the prayer for the day asking God to help me hear what he is trying tell me. I left the Dynamic Catholic page and went to my email where a daily inspiration had just arrived in my inbox. It read, “”Remember, you have been criticizing yourself for years and it hasn’t worked. Try approving of yourself and see what happens.” (Louis Hay) Okay God – I HEAR you loud and clear and will work on not being so critical of myself (and others).

    • Ev

      That email was a God wink. God speaks to us in small ways and when we are open to hear his message, everything becomes clear. Sometimes doing what we hear from God is the hard thing.

  • Wendy Hauser

    I am also a new Catholic. Baptised at last year’s Easter vigil. I am still restless about my children and husband not going to church. I do things and go places with my prayer groups and have guilty feelings because I’m away from home more now than before. I think if they were involved more then we could make it a family thing. But I keep it in my prayers that this restless feeling goes away soon. I want to be involved and want them with me!

    • Pjc1959

      I want to get more involved in the church service. My husband does not. I would like to this as a couple. I am restless about leaving him behind.

    • Lori

      Your small spark of faithfulness and Christian example may ignite a flame for your family.
      Continue to light the way for them!

  • Meredith

    So I think sometimes God takes our lives in a direction that isn’t the way we thought it should go. When my father and father-in-law died several years ago, my husband and I became caretakers of our mothers. This is not what we had planned. When I spoke to our pastor about the burden and the negative feelings we were having about this new direction our lives had taken, he simply said, “You are where God wants you to be”. Simple, but very reassuring when I become overburdened with duties I do not want to do, or I start to think how life might be if… I get peace and solace and can be there-where God wants me to be.

    • Mary B.

      What comforting words Meredith!

  • Macia

    My husband has dementia, and I am his caretaker. When I ask myself what is missing, the answer is my life! His care has overtaken my life and settled on us like a noxious, all-encompassing cloud. This has obliterated any semblance of a normal life I used to have. What’s the message, God?

    • nevilledidit

      Macia, sometimes it is hard to see the message. I have a son who is autistic and I have spent 30 years asking Why? However, on reflection I can see that I needed to slow down and enjoy the flowers more (so to speak) and having and autistic son definitely did that for me. You cannot go fast ever with him. While I still agree that I have not had as much life as my cousin who has 3 “normal” boys I have also learned to be grateful for the little things (which she still has not learned) and to really appreciate the good things. How many people get excited over a 23 year old male child who learns all the steps to shower themselves? We had a special dinner that night I was so excited and so proud of him. I know that your situation is different in many ways but I pray that you can see at some point that this allowed you to develop in some way that God was asking you to develop. You may not see the message for many years but please know God does not do anything without purpose. Believe me that first morning I did not have to bathe him or check up on him afterward was so special I could almost forget all the mornings I had to struggle to shower him (by the way he is 6 feet and I am not even 5 so it was quite the challenge to shower someone that much taller who really did not understand how to help). You also might look at respite care I know in my state they will provide someone a few hours a week to help out in these type of situations. If nothing else take a long walk by yourself and enjoy the outdoors. I will be thinking of you and hope things get better for you personally.

      • rachael

        I too have an autistic adult son. I had to quit my job several years ago and we moved back to my home state a couple of years ago so he could have a better quality of life. I am fortunate he can do most self care by himself, but it took a lot to get him there. I only have one child. I see my friends w/ their kids going to college, getting married, joining the service. I grieve for the child and children I never had. I grieve for the job I had to quit after 15plus years because of health issues. Since I moved back to my home state, I moved closer to my mom who is in her seventies and dealing w/ health issues. She belongs to two bible studies and got me involved as soon as I moved here. I now celebrate the relationship she and I have and the relationship w/ God I walk w/ everyday. I have learned to slow down and take life one day at a time. I pray more. Even though I don’t have the friends I had that walked that Autism walk w/ me, I know God has yet to reveal the plans he has for me here. My son is at a nonpaying apprenticeship 3x a week, so that I celebrate. I have to deal w/ the long drives to get him back and forth but it is worth it. So as w/ special needs children or sick elderly parents, this is where I need to be at this moment in my life and I thank God everyday that he has given me the courage and strength to get out of bed and be a strong force in my son’s life. He is truly a blessing.

        • Karen Kotzbach McCreary

          Rachael, Your son really is a blessing and the source of so very much love. We can’t even imagine all the “lost love” the world has endured at the hands of abortionists . This love is why we don’t kill our unborn babies no matter what the genetics say or an ultrasound may show. Love to all on the journey .

      • Erika Studdard

        I’m so excited for the independence your son is showing! It’s a BIG deal, and I get it. My sweet son, Jack, is 12 & has Autism. I still ask “Why” – it’s painful. However, I’m starting to move away from “Why”, and ask “How” – “How can we make his life better?” It’s our purpose. We need to have extraordinary strength, hope, and encouragement to make it all happen, for sure.

    • Jan

      Oh Macia, I’m praying for you today. That you find strength. That God shows you the tremendous importance and beauty in the sacrifice you’re making. And that He gives you rest in Him. I believe that the work of caretaking for a loved one has eternal significance.

    • Fran

      I was in the same place as you are in when my husband was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. after feeling like you do for a couple of years, I finally let go of wanting my old life back and accepted that I was his lifeline connecting him to everything including God. I found joy in the little things of daily life we could still share and happiness in discovering new things we could do together. We even made new friends who were experiencing the same challenges. He passed away suddenly & unexpectedly a few months ago & I take some comfort in knowing his last months were very happy ones because I changed my perspective from grieving the loss of what I considered my normal life to living in the present with him. I now cry during the Lord’s Prayer at mass because he is not by my side, holding my hand, & sharing a kiss as we expressed peace. Please seek God’s help through respite care from family, friends, & the Alzheimer’s organization. They will help you get your life back. It will be different but it can be happy.

      • Denise Waszak

        Fran- I believe you have really embraced God’s plan with your response to Macia. Many times our hardships are tools to look at life from a different perspective. Bless you

      • Anna Brady

        God Bless you Fran. What a wonderful thing you did for your husband. It makes me think of wedding vows. In sickness and in health. In good times and in bad. Sometimes things change and they never return to “normal”. I remember Matthew Kelly saying something like don’t keep saying…It will get better when this happens. You just need to adjust. Find a new normal and make it work.

      • Ri

        My husband of 63 has early-onset A and it’s been a constant struggle with our changing lives, our marriage, our relationship, what we “can” enjoy together. As his caretaker and self employed, I handle it all it’s very often overwhelming. I do miss my life and sometimes it takes hold of me and I want to run away. But then, I realize this is where I have to be right now – hard as it is. I pray for God’s mercy that this good man won’t suffer long, lose his dignity and be spared some of the cruel side affects of this disease.

        • gshimer

          Remember, he will never lose dignity. The human condition is a journey that God has given him and you will be at his side seeing it day by day. Always respecting his life and dignity.
          You will find happiness.

        • Mary Ruffcorn

          I am very sorry for your hardship. I will include you and your intentions in my prayers. I hope you find support in family and community. God bless you both and give you the grace to take each day as it comes, trusting in the Lord.

      • Jane

        God bless you for your insight into providing your spouse what he needed during his journey. I know what you mean when you describe how you wanted your old life back. I have been in that place several times – and it goes no where. Moving forward is the only way to go – and God walks with us. He does not look back, nor should we.

      • Beth

        This was one of the most beautiful things I have ever read.

        My mother fought vascular dementia for years. We lost her November 21, 2015. We had a miracle right before she passed. She was totally mom for about one hour when my sisters and I were able to be together with her one last time. We prayed together and the last prayer we said was the Memorae. We left her for her transfer to hospice but she was so god we questioned whether we were making the right decision. The following morning my brother went to see her at the new place and she was already in a deep sleep which she never woke from.
        As much as I grieve her loss and regret we weren’t closer in life and have many tears as I’m crying as I write this still that was a gift from God. I have since read that these moments are somewhat common as part of the dying process. I know only what I experienced though and in that hour I lived a miracle with mom and my two sisters and truly that has carried me past many very dark moments.

        My father passed away in January of 2014. It’s been a tough time for my family. It’s slso been a time of more losses than gains but at 55 well that’s the reality of my age. I too am resisting this change and in wanting things to be like they were and wanting to turn back time to when my house was full with my two children and my family was almost whole that isn’t going to happen.

        Your post spoke to me in a way I cannot even express. I thank you for being the messenger God used for me today. It’s all so much not about what we are dealing with in life at all but how we chose to look at things that matters.

        I too have a child who has left the church and it breaks my heart but all I can do today is to live the Gospel to the best of my ability. Most days I feel I come up so short.

        I too have struggled with addiction but have been blessed with many years of sobriety but like those of you in the grip of it all I can offer is that it truly is one day at a time. One minute at a time. One second at a time. The precious present.

        There is nothing you cannot endure for that one second. I know it’s hard. I also know it’s not anything I was ever able to do on my own. That was the hardest lesson I e ever had to learn and yet once again reading your messsgd I am reminded I have taken back the control of my life and once again it isn’t going to end well unless I turn it all over to our Lord.

        • Mary Ruffcorn

          I share in your pain Beth! My mom has had vascular dementia for the past few years and it is so hard on everyone. Feeling so helpless and not being able to rescue her from this terrible condition. My dad is 100 and has watched his wife disappear. Like you, I find myself yearning for the past, kids at home, our folks healthy and able. It can be quite painful at times! I am very blessed at 64, to have had my parents for this long. I pray for their release from this world but mourn their ultimate passing. You are right, turning it all over to the Lord is the answer. God bless you and all in these posts are in my prayers.
          PS Take away…appreciate the present, it’s a gift! Take nothing for granted, be grateful. Note to self.

          • BethK62

            Yes. It’s a gift that’s why we call it the present!

        • Diane Grohn

          Beth, You touched my heart. My Mother passed from Alzheimer’s 6 yrs. after her diagnosis. Eleven days before she passed and she had been none verbal for many months. I told he what a great Mother she had been and that we three were all adults and that she had raised us well. Suddenly she hopped out of bed seeming half asleep to me. She started screaming at me “I am The Mommy” and then i told her I would pray for her at prayer group and she seemed asleep again and I left. I think that might have been a miracle that she was verbal at all. She passed February 19,2016.
          I miss her so much! I feel she is in heaven with her Mother and other loved ones.

          • BethK62

            Diane Grohn yes that was your miracle.

            I am so very sorry. That must have been heartbreaking and yet beautiful as well. I too miss my mother even though in life our relationship wasn’t the best one of the blessings of her illness were the times she said what was really what she felt. There were times it hurt me to my very core but there were also times where it was clear that she really did love me and she really did understand and regret the times in my life she had been very harsh to me. I remember one moment in particular when she was on a geri-psych ward and she looked at me and told me she had no idea when I was in a psych unit twenty years earlier what it was like for me and how she wished she had understood it at the time and been more supportive. I had held onto that resentment more than I had ever realized. In that moment of Grace there was a healing. That moment changed everything for me and I do believe as I even now write this though tears that God was very present in that movement and in all the other moments of pain and yes even triumph over the long course of her illness. My mother was very much a roller coaster as there was also a mental illness component along with her dementia and it’s hard to explain it wasn’t just a downward spiral it really was amazing.

            I’m still angry she is gone though. I’m still struggling with how much she suffered. It still seems unbelievable she is gone. I still wonder what I could have done to get her better treatment even though as you probably know it’s very hard to do that with the current system.

            Once in a while it will come in a very clear reminder from God that I am just not that powerful. It was her time to go home to Him. I pray she also went home to my father and my brother who died so many years ago.

          • Diane Grohn

            Beth, these chemical imbalances in the brain causing “mental illness” are so often un-diagnosed. I think it is genetic in nature. I believe my Mother had a miserable childhood working at 11 yrs old and wo a father to help raise her. The predujudice being German descent during WW2, had her abused by the Nuns and other children.
            We can only help our Mother’s so much. you are correct alot of care is in god’s hands
            I am sure your Mother did her best to raise you with the Love she had to give
            . Mother’s like us are only human. The unconditional Love of a Mother is irreplaceable.
            I now know what she meant when she often told me how she never stopped missing her Mother. At least we know our Mother’s are in heaven, our angels watching over us, and they are filled with Joy!

          • BethK62

            Oh yes I realize more and more she did her best. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could understand more in the present instead of only realizing when it is too late to make a difference in a relationship?

            I’m trying for acceptance. It’s hard as we know. I’m trying to fight against the resistance that has been central to this Lenten program.

            I just finished Rediscovering Jesus. I haven’t read a book in so long and a spiritual one in who knows if I ever got through one. That book is amazing. I love how Matthew Is able to speak so simply about our faith and how to live it. It’s simple. It’s not easy right.

            Here is to our Angels watching over us. I hope one thing for mom is they have coffee up there!

      • Mary Ruffcorn

        God bless and comfort you Fran. Thank you for your wise words. I need to appreciate where I am and not take anything or one for granted. You are a beautiful example of what a Christian marriage should be.

      • Diane Fiore

        Thank you for these thoughts. My husband has bi-polar and requires great attention and support to maintain emotional stability. I am grieving my ‘lost life’ or what I had imagined our life together would be. Your perspective helps me today, acceptance will become my prayer

      • Jackie beautiful. You are a special person and all who are struggling with this terrible disease affecting their lives should take note. But not only in the case of dementia, but all other things in life ..I really needed to read your posting today. Thank you so did a wonderful thing for your husband. Blessings to you.

      • Lee Anne Morgan

        Fran, I am so touched by your response to Marcia. It goes beyond her/your issue, reminding me of what I need to do when I slip into “unwanted” depression, or am indulging a whining tantrum about very silly things. I know being in the moment; bringing sacredness to each task we do; resting in God…though challenging at times…really do shift the mood and renew the heart to give again. And give more. Apparently, you have this spirit. It is the divesting of my own self-centeredness and releasing God’s energy within towards someone/something else that needs attention, care, and love that soothes frustration, and diminishes ‘resistance’ to what it is. Thank you and God bless~
        Lee Anne

      • Lisa

        Thank you for this. The last 5 years of my Dad’s life, while I had young children, I was the one who -mainly- took care of him. He was strong and able to do a lot on his own until the last week. Now it is my mother’s turn. My kids are teens and young adults now. I have gone back to work and I love it. My mom now needs more attention. Her issues are more mental deterioration. I find myself often resenting what is being asked of me yet again, while my older siblings, whose kids already have families of their own continue on with their lives. I struggle to change my perspective and appreciate the time I have with my mom while I can. I struggle to accept that my siblings are doing the best they can too.

    • Paul

      My wife and I are nearing retirement age but God threw us a curve ball by bringing a young boy into our lives that we are now raising. It was comforting to read Fran’s response because I have to remind myself to look for and enjoy the little things we can share with him and the things he has taught us to appreciate and enjoy. I am a life long Catholic but have only in the last few years have I started to try to live my faith. When things are difficult I look at people like Mother Teresa who as amazing as her faith seemed to us spent many years in darkness with her faith.

    • Jacqueline Shukla

      Macia, I take care of my mother, who has dementia.Remember to take care of yourself because if you don’t then you can’t take care of your husband. I have learned to ask for help and to look at all the options that are available. We are currently preparing to move my mother into long term care because I cannot meet her needs. This is not a failure. It is an opportunity to let her get more care and an opportunity to let me have the rest I need so that I can give her what she needs from me. I urge you to speak with an eldercare attorney or a social worker to find out what options are available and to remember that getting help is wise and loving. There are so many options available to you that you probably wouldn’t think of on your own. Prayers to you all.

      • Joyce W.

        Jacqueline, your advice to Macia is good. While praying the Sorrowful Mysteries, I realized that even Jesus needed help in carrying His cross when He was too weak to continue to do so alone. There are times when we too must receive help in order to fulfill God’s plan for our lives. God bless.

        • marylamb72

          I never in my life thought of that Joyce! Thank you so much. I am passing that on to all the caregivers in my life and will remember it myself. Asking for help is SO hard because we think we can do it and if we “can’t” we do not love enough. Thank you!

        • roniquebreauxjordan

          ..our deacon mentioned the rosary Sunday…your comment saying “even Jesus needed support in carrying the cross”…wow..very well written. I sit and look at Mary holding Jesus (that’s the statue we have at the parish) during the homily and think, “she” is our example. As hard as sacrifices are, that is our example as Catholic Christians.
          My mom has had two replacements (hip/knee) over the last 3 years…pain before that, so it has been tough…now…she is on the mend and gaining independence daily. My sons are young men in high school….the balance of it all has been challenging as their father and I have divorced.

          • Joyce W.

            As a convert from protestantism I have a lot to learn about Mary but a short while ago I just found myself avidly supporting her when I read an International Women’s Day FB posting, from Franklyn Graham no less, mentioning the important women in Jesus life yet not including His Mother! My goodness, I just had to respond to that! I hold her as the most special woman in the Christian Faith and in all history. She bore God the Son so that He could redeem us all.

    • Kris

      I’m praying for you, Macia. I don’t know God’s message to you, but I know you are doing His work!

    • Barbara

      I understand – totally. I lost my husband to Alzheimer’s 18 months ago. I was his caretaker while trying to work, balance home and everything else. I don’t know what the message is from God, but you are called upon to do as much as you can while you still has your husband in your life. I long for more time with my Paul everyday! Yes, I have good memories and awareness of overcoming many struggling times.

      What you are experiencing is anticipatory grief . . . watching the slow decline of someone you love. Once he passes, you will then deal with the grief and lonliness that follows. I, too, am not sure what message God is giving us, but we do the best we can under the circumstances. Life is never the same . . .

    • Lisa

      Marcia thank you for sharing! You are inspiring! When my step mother was diagnosed with ALS several years ago I watched my father love her through to her end. It was extremely difficult for my dad. And at times so trying on him. His life changed. Now she has been gone for three years. I realize that we had that experience to become a stronger family with stronger faith. There were many gifts. Keep your eyes wide open for them…

      • MotherGinger

        This is true love – self-donation for the good of another. There is no greater love, or greater preparation for Heaven, than totally giving yourself for someone else.

    • Kathy

      Macia, I am in a similar situation, only with my 94 year old father. My mother passed away three years ago, and I am the only one of my siblings in town. I have had pretty much all responsibility for my parents now for at least the last five years, with the last three being the worst. My dad has become completely dependent upon me even though I have a caretaker that comes in twice a day. He calls me as much as 30 times a day and seems unable to realize that I have a family and husband that I am responsible for also. I am 69 year sure old and becoming more and more resentful everyday. I love him dearly, and I feel guilty because I just want it to be over. I feel as though he is sucking my life from me. I still go there everyday pretty much and am responsible for everything. Never a day of freedom from it. I feel like a bad daughter. I could use some prayers and will pray for you also.

      • Lea Novak

        I hear you! While my dad doesn’t have Alzheimer’s (that we know of), he is forgetful, is legally blind, has hearing issues, and is diabetic. As the only retired sibling, it falls on me to take care of him, which, since I don’t live with him, takes me away from my husband, and limits what we can do together. One of my sisters lives with him, but works from 9 or 10 to 7, so she can only help him at night (mornings are too rushed for her to help him then). Currently, I am taking care of all his doctor visits (including several recent surgeries), plus his bill paying and banking, and I’m the one he calls when he loses things or can’t remember things, or can’t read something. And he doesn’t seem to appreciate that I have to drive over there to take care of things for him. But I love him, and I don’t want him to feel like he’s imposing on me, so I try not to complain. Unfortunately, that doesn’t help me to not feel resentment… I will pray for you…please pray for me!

        • Kathy

          Thank you, Lea. I know there are many of us I need this situation. It helps to know others understand the mix of emotions we go through. I’m constantly wondering what God want she me to learn from this. God bless you on your journey.

        • Kathy

          Lea,, you have no idea how I understand how you feel. I feel the pull of resent everyday. Thanks for sharing, so good to hear from someone who is where I am. We will pray for each other!!!🙏

          • Lea Novak

            You bet!

      • Joyce W.

        Kathy, my heart goes out to you in this situation. Obviously your father’s dementia makes it impossible for him to realize that he has already talked with you 20 times and he just keeps on picking up the phone. I think you need to decide whether or not it is necessary to go and visit almost every day. I imagine your husband is retired. Can you take a day out together once a week away from the phone so that you can relate to each other? Your husband is probably suffering as much as you are from the daily phone invasions and the diminishing of your time together. If you also have a cell phone, you could switch it off (just for a while) on those days when you go out together. Also, as some here have suggested, would your father be willing to go to a day care one day a week and be with other people, have lunch out, etc.? I pray that you will find a creative way to cope with your situation, and don’t even dare to think that you are a “bad daughter”. You are obviously doing the best you can under appalling circumstances. Is there any chance that one of your siblings could help with a visit sometimes? Do they realize how much you have taken on?
        God bless.

        • Kathy

          Thank you for taking the time to answer. It helps to get understanding from others. God bless you!

      • MotherGinger

        These are terribly difficult situations. It helps me to remember that my parents for many years cared for me 24/7 and had to operate their entire lives around *me*. Is it totally fair for me to resent doing the same for them?

      • Susan Henderson

        Kathy, this is all so normal-these feelings of being trapped & weighed down by all this responsibility. And wanting it to be over? Of course you want your life back-it is not bc you don’t love your dad. I cared for my terminal mother in law in our home for 5 of her last 6 months while also caring for a newborn & doing daycare for my brother’s 2 kids so his wife could get through school. The worst thing was not having the privacy to talk freely to my husband. We once went for a walk only to come home & find his mother was stuck on the toilet. She didn’t have the strength to get herself up off of it! We also had to change our diet to match her low fat, low salt, diabetic diet & she was a picky eater. We had to get up in the middle of the night to put her back to bed after using the bathroom bc her legs were so swollen with fluid she couldn’t lift them into bed herself. My newborn had colic from 10pm to 2am every night & daycare started about 6:30am. I got so exhausted. It took me a whole year to recover physically from the exhaustion after her death. I’m glad i did it, but we did have to put her in a nursing facility her last month.

    • Matty

      As hard as it is, you will never regret the time you spent with your precious husband for the time remaining that you have together. I cared for my dying husband with cancer for two very hard years. He was a terrible patient, and I alone was his caretaker. The sacrifice of my time, emotions and hard labor was worth the cost as he died in peace. This is your new normal. For this time. I am praying for you, Macia!

    • Chriss Esser

      Praying for you. My mother in law passed away 2 years ago from Alzheimers. Watching my father in law care for her unril the end was a beautiful thing. He was adamant that she be kept at home in his care to keep things as normal as possible for her. We did our best to support him. When she passed, I saw relief flood over him at first but then depression. His life of caretaking had become his new norm and suddenly he didnt have anything to do and his whole world was gone. Please allow those around you to help and seek out respite services if you dont have family to help. But look for the joy in these final moments, they are there! Blessings to you, caretaking is a most difficult calling but God has called you and he wouldnt give you anything you couldn’t handle with His grace and help!

    • Cheryl paul

      Macia, we are experiencing the same thing with my mom. Dad passed away 5years ago & he was trying to compensate for mom more than we knew. At first I was like you caring for her everyday & my home life suffered then we found an assisted living facility. One thing was that phone calls three & four times a day to my mom my best friend stopped. Suddenly I realized I was not only mourning my dads death but also my relationship with mom. There are no more phone calls of confiding in her & her listening to me. Now however I try to make each visit with her as normal as possible & to spend quality time with her! It has helped. So part of you may be mourning the loss of your relationship. But just try to make the time with him quality time because you will never get that time back.

    • Kay

      Macia, please look into local adult Alzheimer’s daycare that will take your dad and engage him for the day. Or look into long term care. We placed my mother in a loving nursing home and she has blossomed from the last dormant 30 years. We even attend mass at the home once a week! Glory to God!

    • Suzanne McBride-Pezzullo

      Hi Marcia, I cannot completely understand your situation as it was my father with dementia and not my husband. And my mother-in law who had alzheimers and not my husband. My husband and I decided to place them into beautiful assisted living facilities with dementia units. We did this for two reasons. One so we could have our own lives and still enjoy every moment we visited. And we visited often. We took them home for the day, out to dinner or lunch, or to the beach. Each visit was a blessing and they were taken care of when we needed them to be. Second, we did it so they could have a better quality of life than we could provide. Friendships, socialization, activities, housekeeping, food preparation, laundry done for them. I realize this may not be in the cards for everyone financially, but my point is seek whatever support there is for yourself out there so you can have time for yourself, alone. There are also places with respite care… where your husband can go for a day, a weekend, a week, where you can take a break! Maybe go on a retreat, visit a friend, do anything you don’t have the time to do now. I don’t know your situation, but I do know that sometimes we feel like we have to do it all ourselves and that is not the right thing for us or them. God bless you.

    • Lisa Insunza

      I understand how you feel. I watched my husband become but a shell of the person I had married, had three daughters with and laughed at silly things, including our baseball rivalry (Padres v. Dodgers). He was diagnosed with ALS 14 months after our youngest graduated high school – a time we looked forward to as our time to travel and live life more for us and less for our kids. Looking back, I believe God’s message through the worst 18 months of our marriage was to appreciate the little things. One day, my husband was sitting outside, soaking up the sun and looking at the sky and trees. I was inside doing some tidying up inside and glanced out to see him enjoying his time in the sun. I stopped what I was doing and watched him. I felt such a feeling of love and appreciation for God giving me this man for whatever time we had left. It’s so hard watching someone you had made plans far into the future with deteriorate into a helpless human being, but God always has His plan. I miss my husband every day, and as it approaches our 33rd wedding anniversary in a little over a week, I thank God for the time He gave us together and I also thank Him for not letting him suffer any longer. What got me through was praying the Rosary and really concentrating on the word “Thy will be done” when praying the Our Father. For all the plans we had made, it was always secondary to God’s Will. I’m so sorry for your loss. No matter how strong your faith, this time will be difficult, to say the least. Lean on those in your life that want to help. Let people take you to lunch or stay with him so you can get a manicure or go to a movie. And lean on God for strength while you travel this road.

    • Mary

      Dear Marcia
      This paragraph below was from a daily meditation put out by Fr. Richard Rohr a Franciscan Contemplative. His latest book is the “Divine Dance”. It is all about the Trinity. I just felt that this last paragraph was meant for you today.
      …”Please don’t hear me as adopting a fatalistic approach, as though you can’t work to change or improve your situation. Quite the contrary—you can. But I am saying that what first comes to your heart and soul must be a yes instead of a no, trust instead of resistance. When you can lead with yes and allow yourself to see God in all moments, you’ll recognize that nothing is ever wasted. Trinity is in the business of generating life and light from all situations, even the bad and sinful ones.” Richard Rohr March 7 2017.

    • Judy

      I was in your shoes but with a husband who had many medical problems. He used alcohol and pills to help him through his day. I cared for him for many years but finally came to the conclusion that I had to start taking care of myself too.
      I couldn’t control the choices he made and I realize that it is different with dementia although his turned into a type of dementia. I had to turn my life over to my God and ask every day for his guidance and the willingness to accept it.
      I couldn’t take care of him if I didn’t take care of myself. He passed away this last year and I know he is in a better place.
      I will keep you in my prayers.

    • Maria

      My mother was my father’s. When she asked our pastor to be relieved of her church duties he refused and explained to her that this was HER thing! Inasmuch as my brothers and I helped she needed outside assistance and she finally broke down and hired live in help. She still had to be hands on but when someone called her to go out to do something she was able to go. I pray for you! GOD bless!

    • Sheila

      Accept all the help you can receive. They are there for you through God. You are blessing them with the joy that comes from giving when you accept their help. Ask God to send you help and you will be blessed.
      You are a wonderful person for all you are doing. May God bless you with the gifts of patience, perseverance, grace and peace.

    • Ana

      Marcia, I have never been in your shoes but I can only imagine how demanding, physically and emotionally that must be. My parents are physically healthy. However, emotionally and spiritually they need lots of healing and caring. My brother’s life is also a mess. I feel as I am their spiritual caretaker. I pray unceasingly for them. There are times that I have resented this situation. I feel like it should be the other way around. My parents should be my spiritual parents, they should be the ones forming me. The enemy wants you to feel exhausted, tired and resentful. God, on the other hand, is there to give you the love and the strength you need. Offer your suffering to God, and ask the Blessed Mother to help you obtain the graces you need to see the beauty in your suffering. Praying for you! You are not alone!

    • Monica Woodson

      Marcia I am in the same situation. My husband has frontotemporal dementia and this school year I have left teaching to take care of him as a full-time caregiver. I have struggled and understand what you are experiencing. My husband was diagnosed with dementia in 2013. Significant cognitive decline began in his early 50’s and it has been a bitter journey. I see myself in transition to where Fran is. The love of my life needs me, a loving caregiver who knows him best. A question to reflect on that helps me is, “What is the most important thing?” Your life has changed. Has it really changed for worse? I have found that when I let go of my plans, my desires, my disappointments, my fears and just let God work in this – even in the pain & bitterness of the cross of dementia- joy happens, miracles happen, the witness of our life embracing dementia allows grace to touch our extended family and others. Let joy happen. I will be praying for you. Please keep me in your prayers too.

      • Vince Heaton

        I don’t usually have or take the time to read these daily comments but I could not help myself today. Everyone of these messages was filled with emotion, love, support, pain and redemption, in one form or another. I learned from my mother what caring for a dementia patient entails (for my father). My Dad has passed on several years ago but my Mom still grieves him and misses him terribly. She would gladly have a few more months of having him back in her life, even as a dementia patient. I truly believe God uses evil, pain and suffering for good an valuable purposes. Seeing others take up their cross, every day, w/o complaint (and even with a complaint…this is normal, human) gives strength and provides much needed example to others. We never know how many lives we touch with our example. The key is do we set more good examples than otherwise!

    • Corie

      My father in law has dementia I know it is so hard on the caregivers. My mother in law joined a prayer group where they are actually studying Mathew Kelly’s books. She says it has really helped her to cope . I will keep you in my prayers.

    • Betty’s Blessing

      Dear Macia,
      My mom has dementia as well. We found out around the same time my dad had emergency heart surgery. At some points, they were both in the hospital at the same time. We were trying not to tell the one about the other. We struggled with caring for my mom at home, while trying to keep my dad healthy as well. It was very overwhelming. Although I have siblings, each have their own responsibilities. Trying to juggle both parents, working, and getting married all at the same time was difficult. I had to see the doctor for my own health as well.
      Looking back now, a few years later, I am at peace with what I can do. For my mom’s well being, as well as my dad’s well being, my mom is in a nursing home. Although she would rather be home, she adjusted well and enjoys the people she is with. People with dementia need to have a routine. They now longer can enjoy the things they once loved, but that’s ok. I loving take care of my mom, wash her clothes and do for her, like she has done for me growing up.
      My suggestion for you is to find a support group in your area. Take joy in the little things. If he still remembers who you are, that is a blessing. He will forget something you told him a minute ago, but just lovingly say it again. When you were little you would ask your parents many questions over and over and tell stories over and over and they listened. You now have to do the same.
      There is a great movie you can watch “Still Alice”. I suggest you watch it. There are many people who are dealing with the issues you have. You are serving Jesus.
      God bless you!

    • Bill S

      Macia, I can relate to your situation, as my wife suffered a stroke 3-1/2 years ago. It has left her disabled and I was forced to retire to become her full-time caretaker. As many others have stated already, the Number 1 thing is to take care of yourself, which I know is difficult to do. I am lucky in that there is a group of ladies from our parish who come to visit my wife so that I can get away and have some time to myself. Very important. I share those same feelings of life changing, never going to be the way it used to be. We have both cried together over what has been lost. We never thought or dreamed that our retirement would be like this. Yesterday’s gospel reminded me that when we care for those who are ill, we are doing this to Jesus. When our lives are over, he will be waiting for us and say these words, “Well done my good and faithful servant”. God Bless you and all those on this site who are full-time (or even part-time) caretakers for a loved one. It isn’t easy at all but we are fulfilling the vows we took so many years ago when we promised to love and cherish in sickness and health.

    • Teresa Anne Sorensen

      I think it is possible you may need help – whether that is from others or his placement at a loving long term care. A beautiful book I read that has helped me with my mother’s dementia is “Creating Moments of Joy” It had great advice on ways to find joy in her care and also very applicable in life in general.

    • Bobbie

      I tell people all the time Normal is a setting on the dryer – what is Normal – for me my normal is having a 33 year old daughter with Down Syndrome and major health issues – my normal changed 33 years ago and as my husband and I look at our lives we realize that we will never have that alone time – Just the two of us, empty nesters as they say – It’s not what happens in our lives but how we choose to handle it – not an easy task changing the dream of what your life was or would be to actually what it has become but God has been there at every moment with Joys we might have never seen, people in our lives that are family now but started out as a nurse for our daughter – count em all Joys for they truly are. I will keep you in my prayers

    • Betty’s Blessing

      Alzheimer’s Poem
      Do not ask me to remember
      Do not try to make me understand.
      Let me rest and know you’re with me.
      Kiss my check and hold my hand.
      I’m confused beyond your concept.
      I am sad and sick and lost.
      All I know it that I need you to be with me at all cost.
      Do not lose your patience with me.
      Do not scold or curse my cry.
      I can’t help the way I’m acting,
      Can’t be different though I try.
      Just remember that I need you,
      That the best of me is gone.
      Please don’t fail to stand beside me,
      Love me till my life is done.

      • JoAnn

        To Bettys blessings, WOW!!

    • Kathleen Henshaw

      It is a very difficult time for you…you are losing the husband you have known and loved…he is becoming a different person to you. Mourn your loss, but try to ensure that his dignity is maintained and that he will know the love you have for him. Change your life. The message? God is telling you change is inevitable, that you need to change with it all. Keep God in your life, keep Him in your husbands life.

    • Samantha

      I’m sorry you’re going through this. I want to share, have you ever contacted the Area Agency on Aging? You can look up your local/state chapter online. There are resources they can help find including Respite Care. All caregiver’s need time for themselves. You can even call 211 on your phone, its toll free and it will get you connected to local resources as well. I’m a nurse and talk to many people in similar situations and I always give out those resources. Please ask God for strength and guidance. I’ll pray for you and your husband… God bless

    • Marie

      God’s message for those of us caring for a loved one with Dementia/Alzheimer’s (D/A) is found in Proverbs 3:5-6 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, on your own intelligence do not rely; In all your ways be mindful of him, and he will make straight your paths.”

      This has taken over a year for me to learn and yes, I am still learning to follow this. It is a
      hard one. But know that …You are not alone!

      Find a local Alzheimer’s/Dementia Association for advice, tools, techniques, and even people to help you care for your loved one. I have been to some classes or support groups through our local county association.

      One thing that was said at one gathering was very eye opening and inspirational for me and changed the way I view things. “Those who have D/A live the best life.” What? I thought she was crazy! But she
      continued —
      Because they live in the moment – it is all that they have;
      they cannot hold a grudge – because they don’t remember it;

      they can remember the good times from their past (usually) when triggered.

      In other words, they live like a child again. When I heard this the first thing that I thought of is when Jesus told the Apostles to “Let the children come to me; for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.”

      My mom with D/A stills lives with my dad in assisted living since a year ago. I still go and care for both
      of them and have learned – albeit slowly – to leave the crazy, busy world behind and to enjoy the moments while I am with them. In particular, I learn from my mom as dad gets impatient with repeating things and she simply continues on her path of what she is doing. She doesn’t get angry
      back. So I often reflect on how I can try to do that – without losing my memory, but rather by letting it go – to God. Offer Him your “cross” and He will raise you up. A hard lesson to try and follow. But then it is Lent, so perhaps we can try.

    • Golf Tickets

      I was in a very similar situation. The 24/7 care of my mother-in-law was affecting my health and I could not do this alone without risking that I myself would become ill. My husband was still working full-time and I had recently retired when my mother-in-law moved in with us. We love her dearly and had a great relationship with her but the care required daily was overwhelming. Fortunately, I was able to find the most wonderful person who was trained to work with patients with dementia and I hired her five days a week from 8:00-3:00. If it is at all possible, please seek out some help. I can tell you that I had a total attitude shift and was able to work on keeping up my own strength and health. This went on for three years before my mother-in-law passed. She was well taken care of and when I was on duty I was able to give it my all. My husband shared in the nights and weekends and made her care very manageable.

    • Kathryn Caputo

      Ten years ago my husband required a double knee replacement. During his pre-testing for surgery we discovered his kidneys were failing. He was unable to return to his job. I took up the reins of bread-winner, homemaker and caretaker. Six years ago he received a new kidney, only to discover 6 months later that his transplanted kidney had cancer in it. It was not detected prior to transplant. Millions of prayers later a cryo-ablation of the cancer in the transplanted kidney was done, I pray and hope that each annual visit to his doctor shows that there is no sign of it. During this period, I saw an ill father pass away and an ailing mother continue for several years and then pass away. I don’t know how I did what I did. All I know is my prayers and more than likely the prayers of many, many more people has brought me to where I am now. Many time my prayers turned to thoughts of how the Blessed Mother must have felt taking care of St. Joseph when he was ill. A few hours away helped. If you can find someone to help you for more than a few hours, don’t feel guilty. You will come back calmer and able to handle the situation better. Most of all believe that the Lord knows your suffering and is there next to you. You will be in my prayers.

    • Teresa

      Macia I take care of my elderly mother who needs complete help. It is hard because I work and manage my home by myself. While we have caregivers help, the bulk of the responsibility is mine. I do get lonely sometimes and miss my life before she came to live with me. I constantly beg Jesus to help me and I believe in His love in situations like ours. When I get overwhelmed I hire someone to help so I can get away for a few hours. Just a break from the routine can really help

    • Rich


  • JorgeN

    There was a point in my life where I was working at an insurance company. I had graduated with a BA in English, and as the song from
    a Broadway show goes, “what do
    you do with a BA in English?” So, I had this job at this company, and I was not satisfied…..for 8 years. I would walk during my lunch hour and pray to God on many occasions to help me get out. I did make some life long friends from the experience, but ultimately felt I wasn’t making a difference. I didn’t have the courage to quit, but a day came when I got excessed. That is when a door was opened and I decided to get my Masters in Education. As it turns out, the company I got cut from hired me back, but I returned on condition that I work 4 days so as to give time to my studies. I got my masters, landed a teaching job, and now I’m teaching for 16 years.

    God is good!! It took a while for things to go the way I wanted, but ultimately it’s on God’s time that things manifest when the time is right. My job is not an easy one, but there isn’t a day that I don’t feel I’m not making a difference.

    I pray daily that Jesus walk with me and guide me through situations. Life isn’t always peachy, and I make mountains out of mole hills, but it’s good to know that I can turn to Jesus to help me shoulder some of the burden.

  • Deb Durrett

    I love how God speaks to us in so many ways and has wired each of us with one or two ways we seem to best understand what he is trying to teach us at any given moment. I am grateful for the dynamic Catholic ministry for speaking to my heart through Matthew Kelly and so many gifted servants. God is so gracious.

  • Sherry McCollum

    I have been a Catholic for about 17 years now where I went through the RCIA program at my current parish at the time. I was born Episcopalian, We go to church every week, every Holy Day and do feel fulfilled with my faith. When our son was born, I was not Catholic and was pretty much banned from taking communion although he was baptized Catholic and raising him as such. My restlessness came from the church we were attending and where I became Catholic. I also felt like I was looked upon as an outsider to my faith and parish. Needless to say, we left that parish and joined a Roman Catholic church closer to home and where we truly have a second family. I love going to church and being involved as is my family. Our son is an Altar Server & Sacristan for our parish and I have become a Eucharistic Minister as well as a Lector and Commentator. When it is my turn to speak to the readings at mass, I feel so empowered being on the altar and reading to the congregation. It is really nice when you walk into church and everyone knows your first name…We are truly blessed.

  • Lisa

    A year ago I quit my full time job and enrolled back in college to pursue my batchelors degree in elementary education and took on a part time job as a paraprofessional at my children’s school. Best decision I ever made. It takes a lot of time juggling to fit homework in and money is tight but I no longer have that feeling that I was dissatisfied where my life was leading. I’m still a ways off from ever being a teacher but I am where I’m suppose to be now.

    • LD

      Lisa, some states have a program where professionals can train to be substitute teachers with a relatively short amount of training. guest teachers, they are called in PA. This may be worth looking into for you. i subbed for 15 years after completing this training and was able to work while my five children were at school and share their days off. After being a stay at home mom, which was my most fulfilling vocation, I experienced much joy through this avenue God led me down. May God bless all your endeavors.

  • Barbara Barger

    Nothing is impossible with God.

  • Rachel Mahmood

    I feel so unappreciative…I have everything I need, but yet I desperately want a baby. We have been trying and I feel like there is a hole missing. I’m trying to pray into that and see what God is trying to teach me and teach us. Patience? Trust? Remembering that God is in control and knows the desires of our hearts…what we can and can’t handle. That’s what keeps resonating back with me. Still doesn’t mean I’m not aching to grow our family, but it also makes me think I need to be nurturing the family I do have…my relationship with my husband.

    • CC

      Open your heart to other options of becoming a family. Continue to pray for Gods guidance on your becoming a family journey. We have 2 beautiful adopted boys that have more than filled the restlessness and emptiness. I pray for you and your husband that he guides you in closing that void in your life. A very wise woman told me during my struggles with infertility “God created trees to bear fruit and other to provide shade. You are a shade tree”. That has always stuck with me. Many blessings and prayers.

    • M Harmon

      Oh Rachel, We also struggled with infertility. It is a difficult road to travel and I hope you share your heart with the Lord. Trust that he does have a plan for your life! For me, the difficult part was learning patience while He revealed His plan. Blessings to you and your husband. <3

    • Marie

      I was in that spot earlier in my life too. It is a struggle to be patient & trust Gods will. Keep praying – keep the faith. In Gods time, thy will be done.
      I will pray that you can grow your family🙏

    • Jackie

      Rachel..many blessings on your journey..but let me add that 48 years ago I gave my son up for adoption..and I did it because I wanted him to have a better life than I could provide..the times were against us.I had no way of providing for him. He would have been called names, etc. Thank goodness all that has changed. I was comforted in knowing that whoever adopted him would love him and care for him always because they wanted a child so much they were willing to become parents to another’s there are options, but God will take care of you. Trust in Him..all will be just as it is meant to be. ❤️

    • Theresa Yamasaki

      I felt that way too years ago when we were trying to grow our family. Yes it felt like a huge hole until the day someone told me that God gives us babies in more than one way. A year or so later we were on a plane headed to Hubei China to adopt our 11 mo old Malia. She is now 11 yrs old. We love her so much. It was a tough road back then but Malia helped me …And still helps me to heal. Rather I should say God heals me through Malia. God bless. Trust and be open. 🙂 Love Theresa

  • Chuck Havers

    It sounds so simple but dedicating myself to increasing my prayer life has completely changed my life, it has connected me closer to Jesus. He has always been my teacher and savior but also has become my dearest friend. When thinking of the Holy Trinity, I think because Jesus was one of us, a human being with doubts and questions, I can relate to him so easily and when we speak I feel he is like that very best friend who wants to help you when things are difficult in life. Matthew’s book provides such simple and important lessons towards being happy, so please try talking with Christ throughout your day to bring peace to you. God Bless

    • Jackie

      I admire you for where you are..I totally see your point with Jesus..never thought of it that way. It gives me a whole new perspective.
      Thank you for that!

  • Pat Dodd Polito

    I get caught up in the events of my day, sometimes runnning around in circles like a chicken without a head. As busy as my day is there was still an emptiness and questioning “is this all there is and “Dear Lord , where are you.”Listening to Matthew’s message today I now realize God has been there all this time, always present and Making himself known in those unlikely times, unlikely places and events. It is time to slow down and put God at the center of my life so I can be the best version of myself.

  • Jacob

    I do find myself restlessness in my job because I think I can do better. I try to push myself to become something by trying to be successful. It the direction where God wants me to go. I want to follow to become better in something. I don’t want to give up and not show God that don’t care.

  • cdf

    I’ve been an insomniac since I was a teenager, total night owl. I’ve always struggled with getting up “early” for a commitment for fear of being too tired and sleeping late and missing it. Made a million excuses, just not a morning person. There’s been a lifetime of resistance in this space. But something has always been missing. Our Church offers 24 adoration during Lent and someone is having to get up in the wee hours so the rest of us can sleep in. This year I signed up for the 4:00A shift (up at 3:20 this morn) to spend an hour with our Lord. It was amazing and I’m so thankful that God has pulled me to him, enabled me to get past my hang up. This Friday we’re leaving for Haiti to deliver some meds for some needy children at MOP in Port-au-Prince, will be needing to get up at 12:30A for that one. Lord Jesus, I trust in you.

    • Jackie

      Wow! Good for you! You are obviously doing God’s work. Thank you for inspiring me today. Be careful in your travels!

    • Joseph Jay

      Sounds to me like God is meeting you where you are. It seems like your propensity to be a night owl is not a detriment as you might’ve always thought, but fulfills a number of His needs. Kudos to you for allowing yourself to be led!

  • Suzanne Flint Malloy

    Thank you I needed this today!!!!!! I have not been looking at dissatisfaction as a way God is speaking to me.

  • Jackie

    One thing is for sure today..I am going to Mass this morning and I am going to ask God to help me see what I am missing most and guide me in fixing it. My first response is my grandchildren..8 of the 9 live in other states. Very difficult for me since I feel they are my life..seeing them or hearing from them regulates my happiness. And then of course my childrens’ happiness affects me too. But outside of that I feel very fulfilled in my nanny job..I love the trust the children have developed over this last year and how I can substitute for their parents at times and they are ok with that. Warms my heart.
    But there is a part of me that wants to get back to the volunteer services I used to do..I got away from it because I told myself I was too tired from my nanny job …I’m 70.. and it was more important that I rested when not working. That’s a lot of baloney! Getting back out there will fulfill me..I know that from past experience. So I am asking God to guide me and be a bigger part of my life..there is an unfulfilled part of my heart that only He can occupy. I pray for all of us today..

    • Michelle

      I’m not surprised that you were too tired from your nanny job. I’m sure you needed that rest. (I am almost 72). Yes, we need to make God a bigger part of our lives, and you may want to get back to your volunteering, but take it slow and don’t over-extend. You want to feel fulfilled – but not exhausted.

      • Jackie

        Hahaha..Michelle, thank are right! Can’t overload myself..or then it will turn into a resentment! I will pace myself..have a super day!

  • Greg

    Although I thought it made me happy, my restlessness with smoking pot for over 25 years finally led me to admit my weakness and need for God’s help. It took many prayer groups and eventually spiritual direction, but I finally heard God tell me it would be OK. Still struggling with the emotions I was hiding all those years, but that restlessness led me to find my authentic self. God bless all who struggle with this addiction that is being normalized in our society. Being numb for so many years, I now feel life as God wants me to and am working to become that best version of myself.

    • Maria

      Dear Greg,

      Congratulations! I commend you for all of your hard work! I have a dear relative who smokes pot regularly. Even though he functions with a job, I see how unhappy he is. I wish you the best and hope that this new and positive experience will find you joy and inner peace. Best to you!

    • Jennifer

      Fighting a similar struggle myself. It does numb us from out true feelings, doesn’t it? I’d never really realized it before. I think that’s part of what makes it so enjoyable. Thank you for sharing.

      • Carl

        Dear Jennifer,
        I love what Matthew said about God speaking to us through our emotions. Like you, there was a time when I wanted to escape from my feelings until i learned that they are never good or bad, right or wrong – they just are! A dear friend made this observation: If Jesus could get angry, then what makes you so special?
        God Bless!

        • Jennifer

          Thank you, Carl

        • Micki

          Thank you, Carl. May I borrow your quote about Jesus? It hit home.

          • Carl

            Of course! Glad to hear that it helped.

            I am very happy to see how this forum has grown since last year. There were quite a number of times where the perspective shared by another forum participant “hit home” more than the video by Matthew or the other Dynamic Catholic staff member.

          • Mike

            Thank you Carl

          • Lisa Fox

            Yes, I agree Carl!

          • Ana

            Carl micki Jennifer and to all… guys should listen to deacon dr bob McDonald on topic anger and forgiveness he speaks on emotion and how God gave us emotions it help me greatly to understand my emotions and what to do with them and how wonderful they are God gave us emotions as a gift even anger for us to become better people just like Matthew speaks here on how God speaks to us through emotion

      • Babciamel

        I have used pot to calm myself when very upset. I never really looked at it as numbing before as I have used it for recreational purposes as well. I would give it up for lent every year because it was the thing I enjoyed doing most. This whole thread has been very enlightening for me. Thank you, Greg, for starting the thread and to Jen for your comment, as well as everyone who commented on this. God Bless Us, Everyone!

    • Cesar

      I am and will always be a recovering addict. People who meet me now would never guess. But recovery translates to so many other things in life. I was restless bc i knew that their was more to life than getting drunk and high and trying to hide it from everyone. I’m still restless because i can’t ever rest on my laurels.

      • Jaynne Metscher Seeburger

        Cesar, try to remember that everything you do is through and with God and that “your laurels” are not yours alone because they are done with God. Praise God in everything you do and your restlessness will, too, go away.

      • Suzzz

        Congratulations on growing so much! You are right in not resting on your laurels…… keep vigilant! God loves you and cares for your struggles!

      • Holly Day

        Being busy can be an addiction too. We always think we have to “do”. Sometimes God just wants us to “be”.

        • Niecy

          I love that. Thank you!

          • Holly Day

            You’re welcome! I heard a priest once say that God made us human beings…not human doings.

        • Judy

          Holly, this is just what I needed to hear. Thank you.

        • Freed1972

          Amen. Why do you think he created the Sabbath ;P

    • Brigid Jenkins

      Dear Greg,
      Congratulations! You are The Prodigal son! My son (28) smokes…And denies God. Was there a turning point for you? I pray for his return to God, but is there something else I can do?

      • Gman

        I would like to say it was due to many rosaries and a Cursillo retreat. But it was so many resources to which I was drawn because of my dissatisfaction with my life. But it was not until going through therapy to understand what deeply seeded emotions I was hiding. When I was able to deal with issues from childhood; to speak them and allow myself to be forgiven/healed, I became desirous of even more clarity in my life. My analyst says its at middle age where the old ways quit working.
        Hope that helps. Be patient and keep praying. – Greg

        • Brigid Jenkins

          Thank you and God bless you!

        • Tina F.

          Love the analyst’s statement. Thanks for sharing, Gman.

        • Jackie

          Greg..kudos on your fight! I have a food addiction..constant fight to get healthy and stay healthy. I use food to numb myself whereas others use drugs, alcohol,and any other number of things for numbing. I am a work in progress but finally doing very well. I am using Lent to help me and this program and these posts are helping me more than I ever could have imagined. I am so blessed and so thankful that I saw this in the church bulletin. Yes, praying..keep praying..thank you for your postings. I know you’ve helped me today.

          • David

            I came to the conclusion that my weight was due to addiction to food. I often pondered why people could not cure their alchohol and drug addictions. Just simply stop hurting themselves. Then I challenged myself to fight my own addiction before I could help others. Beam in your own eye first. Understanding the enemy and eating what god creates for us has helped me. I’m confident I will win this fight with my wife in it with me as well. I have tried many times before but not understanding the nature of the problem., I have thought a lot about the word Eutheos in the New Testament, which often describes what Jesus is able to do. It means immediately. While I don’t wish to discount therapy as that is gods gift too,I know that God can cure you immediately through His grace. Understand your addiction is from the devil to harm you and know that god will help you be healthy if you turn your challenge over to Him to help you. Eutheos. You can’t do it by yourself. therapy helps to support you through God, but don’t forget God as your strength. Say prayers for me and my wife please for health and happiness and I will for you. Padre Pio is praying for us all. Gods blessings to all.

          • Jackie

            David..thank you so much for your post..your words had a lot of meaning to me. Over the years I’ve tried everything imaginable including therapy. God is my only solution..praying and praying for all who have this addiction that can ask God to help us. I have a lot of health issues that can only be held in check by my eating healthy. It sounds so simple to some, but it is a constant battle for us. I am turning my day over to God today..asking him to show me how to love myself and to accept the wonderful feelings that being healthy brings. For some reason I can’t be happy for too long..I sabotage myself. I have to see myself as deserving of the good feelings because I AM deserving.
            Prayers for you and your wife..we are all going to have a great day today! With love….

    • Patty Dyer

      I am happy for you as I know what the effects of smoking can do to one’s body ! I have a brother who has smoked (still does) for over forty years. He has been on oxygen 24/7 the past three years. It pains me and my family to see him struggle to breathe. God bless you! I will include you in my rosary today, Greg, along with others who are struggling with nicotine addiction. God bless you!

    • Melita

      Thank you for sharing as I have struggled with the same addiction for over 30 years!! I truly believe that my devotion to the holy Rosary and the intercessions of our Blessed Mother helped me to finally find the courage to eradicate this sin from my life FOREVER!! Praised be Jesus, and the Immaculate heart of his mother!

    • Maria

      GOD BLESS! Stay the course. GOD is ALWAYS with you!

    • LJ

      Nice job Greg! May God let His face shine upon you, May He grant pardon and bless you with peace.

      My prayers

    • JJ

      Greg,as the mother of a (former?) teen pot smoker, I think it’s sinful that we, as a society, are willing to normalize something that will hurt so many so badly. I cannot imagine the strength it takes to let go of a 25-year-old habit. Surely God has his arm across your shoulder, with you every step of the way. Blessings to you as you continue to grow toward Him!

    • Mathe Bojalil

      I will be praying for you!

    • Keptinymyheart

      Wow. I can’t tell you how God has the Holy Spirit working through you with this message. First my husband like you struggled for years. I told him one day our kids would figure it out. They did. He finally quit. Our sons 18&19 are addicted. And because of the normalization you reference they are absolutely convinced it is ok. They have both had legal problems as a result and have spent time in jail and one has experimented with other drugs and I suspect he is addicted to other things too. Plus even my husband admits that pot is so much stronger now plus our sons do that thing called dabbing where they extract the thc so it’s even stronger. Thank you for sharing your story. I think my husband like you was a very restless soul but aren’t we all as St. Augustine said our souls are restless until they rest in you Lord.

    • Arthur Brown

      as a recovering alcoholic I struggle for so many years trying to do it my self. I have learned to lean on God. Be thankful for Jesus death on the cross and then the resurrection and our celebration to break free of our sins. I didn’t do it by myself, I did it with God in the center of my life. I have been successful in not drinking for almost 39 years. There have been and will be struggles in my life but it doesn’t matter as long as I keep my focus on God. Remember Let Go And Let God. I am a dynamic catholic ambassador and I would encourage you to read a book I just finished called Everybody needs to Forgive Somebody by Alan Hunt. You can get it on Dynamic Catholic website for the shipping of the book. Also look around there are other fantastic books and another one I recommend is Rediscovering Jesus and Resisting Happiness by Matthew Kelly. They will change your life and put it on the constant road to recovery with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. God bless you in your daily spiritual journey.

      • Pat Riley Blackwell

        Art, thank you and others for youcomments. I especially thank you for the books recommended. They will be included in a care package for my son. He recently received chip # 20! We are very proud of him knowing it is an hourly struggle. He needs God in his life, but seems to only reach out to him when he is needy frgetting the daily praise and thanks that are due. May God continue to strengthen you.

        • Arthur Brown

          Thank you and tell him all things are possible with God and congratulations.
          God Bless Art

    • Zoe

      Atta boy, Bro! KEEP FIGHTING! You’ve got the EYE of the TIGER! <3

    • NancyB

      Congratulations! He will always be there for you when temptation strikes. God Bless you,.

    • Nancy

      Greg, I am proud of you! I dont know you but I want you to know that reading your post made me smile. I have never used drugs but it breaks my heart when I see so many people destroying their lives with drugs…I always think that those who have been slaved by drugs are people who have a big mission for God in life and the enemy bounds them to keep them from fullfiling that mission. Keep on going my friend and be proud and grateful for breaking those chains!

    • Freed1972

      Thank you Greg for sharing your story. I gave up smoking for Lent. And this time it’s been a trial. So many emotions, pains and wounds have come up. Who would think that smoking could mask such a multitude of issues and pains. Hang in there. You aren’t alone.

    • Chris

      Wow. Thank you for this. I have been smoking for 28 years and I am only 40. It is hard for me because I enjoy it so much but I wonder what my true authentic self is. I think about St. Augustine when he said, “Lord, make me pure, but not yet.” Heard he was a ladies man. But I digress…again, thank you for this.

    • Annette Butler

      May God continue to bless you, Greg, and show you how he’d like you to live your life in His glory! He wants us to be dependent on Him alone, not other vices or addictions. 🙂

  • Mona Pierre

    I am restless and torn. I need to right a wrong and I don’t know how it will be received or where to start. It seems the more I cling to God, the closer I get to Him, the harder the struggle. Please pray for me.

    • Kathy

      Mona, I will keep you in my prayers, righting a wrong is so very hard to do, but in the end it is so freeing once it’s done. Continue to cling to God and know, the closer you get to Him, the harder the struggle is because He wants you even closer. Without a struggle we will continue on our own and not even think of Him.

    • Mike

      You will be in my prayers today. Have faith.

    • Cyrus Cormier

      God I pray for Mona that she finds the strength and courage to move forward with her desire to right a wrong. Lord we know that both strength and courage as well as compassion and forgiveness comes through living and believing in your Word. Give Mona the grace and mercy that she needs.
      I too have may wrongs I need to right and have no idea how or what to do other than Pray to God that first he forgives me, and secondly HE shows me the way.

      • Leslie M

        Amen for you both!

  • Rebecca

    I was raised Catholic, went to church every weekend, and went to a Catholic school. I always felt like I never got anything out of mass or the teachings in religion class. It hasn’t been until recently that I started opening my heart more fully to God. I have felt like there was something missing so I decided to get more involved in the church. This has really helped me grow stronger in my faith. I know there is still more for me to learn and I still don’t feel like I’ve completely opened my heart to God but I do think I have come along way.

  • Connie McFadden-Chase

    I was raised Catholic, attended Catholic grade school and high school. My children are baptized and both received their first communion. I am not a stranger to the Church. Through the years i drifted away from God and the Church. I would only attend on holidays and then quit even doing that. And this was despite having an extremely powerful experience of God in my life at one time.
    Over the past four or five years I have felt that restlessness that something was missing. About five years ago my husband, who was not raised with religion, and I visited a few churches feeling out what fit us. I then realized that being Catholic was right for me. Then four years ago we bought a new house, our dream home, located across the street from a Catholic Church. For the next three years we attended church functions but I only attended mass pence in a while, really very seldom. Two years ago at Christmas a friend gave me the book Rediscover Catholism. Last year at Lent I subscribed to the Best Lent Ever. But I was still feeling restless and felt like I was standing outside the circle not sure of how to cross that threshold. Last August, a friend asked my husband to attend an RICA information session. We agreed to go. I have continued to attend and have gained a regeneration of my faith, a deeper relationship with God, became a member of the parish, read at masses, and feel much less restless!!
    Listening is important but also know He will continue to guide you and show you the way.

    • Karen Stronk

      Connie, I loved reading your post…I am about a year behind you. My husband is currently in RCIA program and I have been attending with him. This has been a wonderful spiritual journey we are making together. I am almost done with reading Rediscover Catholicism. We have been happier than ever. I can’t wait for Easter, when my husband will become a full member of the Church. I encourage anyone, especially those who are Catholic, to continue his or her religious/spiritual education. Learning about our Lord and the Church is so different when you are older and have life experience compared to when you were a kid.

  • Alice Ann Hengesbach

    The “restlessness” and the “dissatisfaction” is about ME and not about others. I am not a tree; I can move. As my emotional response to my secular job increased during the past week, I came to realize that I will most likely have a better opportunity to “be my best self” with another employer. Now I can relax, do my best EVERY DAY ALL DAY and the opportunity will present itself: God will see to that. Blessings to all.

    • Mike

      Love the tree analogy. You’re right!

  • Michael Baur

    Restlessness has pushed be to be a better version of myself. When I was in high school I never went to church. Until my mom forced me to go on a young adult retreat. The retreat had open my eye and made me realize what I was missing in my life.

  • Linda Daly

    I want a like button! Your comments and sharing makes me very happy. 😊

    • Rose

      The little up arrow next to reply at the bottom of each post is the like button. So many of these comments and sharing fill me with joy also 😊

      • Maureen Daniels Ceglia

        Thank you Rose, I was wanting a like button too!

    • Maureen Daniels Ceglia

      I agree Linda.

  • Lisa

    I am praying that that is happening now. I recently made a life changing move and it isn’t working out exactly like I wish it would have. In this time I have turned turned to God and the church to help with this restlessness. I am now back singing in the church, which I LOVE ❤️ to do. It fills a place in my heart that only music can do. I pray more, although I need to work on that 10 minutes consistently and I speak openly and often with my daughter the power of God. I am still restless and not sure where God is leading me, but with doing these things again I am feeling more at peace.

    • Mike

      Singing is the best way to pray. God bless you. You will find your way.

  • Nancy D

    I often feel like there is something missing or I am tired of being tired. I know I need to make a change, but I am worried that I will make the wrong decision. So, by listening to a video series like this, I become inspired that things are going to be ok and I start to feel peace. Things will work out and I need to let God work through me. I may not understand why I am doing something or saying something, but I know that God sees the bigger picture and I need to have faith in Him.

  • Lee Allen

    SF! Mike Peace of Christ be with Y’all

  • Daniela D.

    I have come back to my faith and is infinitely better than it was. Knowing that is ok feeling that I can’t do things by myself and I need God to keep going makes me feel safe and in the right path.

  • Elly Weber

    I needed this message! I feel like I am sometimes the happiest-depressed person their is around! I have a great family and a son going to be ordained a Catholic Priest in a few months.
    All is or should be great! Jesus, God and don’t forget the Holy Spirit….are here to be with and guide me. I needed this message to learn to go with the feelings God needs me to listen more to my feelings,He is talking to me and I need to be quiet. ( I do like to talk ).
    Blessings, love and much JOY to all!

    • Maureen Daniels Ceglia

      Elly your second sentence made me chuckle……the happiest depressed person. Congratulations on your son’s Ordination…how wonderful. I think you are going to be okay. God bless you.

    • Leslie M

      I can relate to your post! …I too like to talk and find it hard to just stop and listen. I often need this as a reminder! …
      “Be still and know that I am God.” Psalms 46:10

  • Chris

    I took an early retirement and am so lucky to be able to afford that. My health is good and I lack nothing. I prepared myself for this transition by volunteering in my church and community. In so many ways I am ready. Those things are undoubtedly gratifying. My greatest excitement was starting a new service in meditation and mindfulness. But now I am asking myself if I really want it and for so long I couldn’t wait for this day. I am surprised by this self doubt. I don’t know if it’s fear from developing this new service or recognition that, as a former professional, my ego self had to have something else to seem important. My personal meditation has deepened my spirituality and I was thinking I wanted to provide this outlet to others. I am confused.

    • Roberrt

      All will be well Chris. If this venture is not the right one something else will take its place. Give it time and don’t fret. From all indications your heart and mind are in the right place.

      Our backgrounds appear similar and I am having the same struggles although I think you are a few steps ahead of me in terms of preparation. Having my share of bad days and am looking for best way to apply myself for both sell fulfilllment and to “give back” (not to mention to keep out of my wife’s hair).

      My best to you and all your future successes, there will be many.

      • Christine

        Thank you, Robert. I do need to keep this in perspective. I need to give myself the liberty to see it through or change my mind. Writing and praying about it in this venue is helpful.

    • Ellen Marie Dumer

      Chris, this is a familiar feeling. I left a good paying management job some years ago to become a pastoral counselor. It is a grace-filled vocation and also one that can make you weary. I am in private practice, so it’s me and my clients (and God) in the room. There are many days recently that I miss the “important bustle and exposure/acknowledgement of my work by others”. My job change has allowed me to take care of my grandchildren and help others to heal emotionally and spiritually. BUT, Satan creeps in disguised as my ego that needs to be fed with “importance”. It is always on my list of sins in reconciliation. Some months ago, a wise confessor at a retreat, said he had a simple, but difficult penance for me. It wasn’t any Hail Mary’s or Our Father’s. He told me that I am lacking true gratefulness for what the Lord has given me…whoa, that was hard to hear!! I had been developing what I thought was a deep spiritual life and had taken on leadership of some wonderful programs at my parish. What this showed me was that God needed me to go even deeper and see myself in humility so he could reveal the weaknesses that would bring me closer to Him. Of course, I thought I was thankful! But, this wonderful man of God, speaking with the grace of the Holy Spirit, showed me I was sorely lacking in a place that would bring me contentment and peace. It is still a struggle. I think what was revealed to me was the “thorn in my side”, the thing I will always have to watch out for. I wish you peace and the joy that God wants for you.

      • Maureen Daniels Ceglia

        Ellen I loved your post because it reminded me of what is so important to have…..true gratitude and humility. Sometimes I find myself thanking God for this and that, but deep down I am not feeling it. I know that sounds a bit ridiculous but in those moments I find things to be truly grateful for and it makes such a difference. I think it opens us up to even more of God’s grace. As far as humility, I pray for it every day of my life…..I believe it is the most important Spiritual characteristic one can have as it is the door to loving. God bless you and thank you for your post.

      • Chris

        Thank you, Ellen. It is the best insight that is the most difficult to accept. You’ve hit a sore spot. And that’s good.

      • JoAnn

        Ellen, thank you for sharing, especially the wise confessor and the penance part, I realized this posting may be God speaking to me about Him being the Center and me acknowledging Him as Lord with all my weaknesses with a truly grateful heart and receiving His Peace and being content. Exciting to behold. JoAnn

  • I suspect in many situations, we can’t hear the message until well after the event has happened. When I am struggling with something that makes no sense, I think about Mary on Good Friday and the misery she must have felt watching her son die such a painful death. It must have been an awful weekend for her, filled with doubt, sadness and anger. I wonder if she was mad at God? Yet the purpose of the suffering was revealed on Easter. To those struggling, I wish you less pain than Mary and your own personal Easter message!

  • Kimberly Trapp

    Restlessness is currently pushing me, God is pushing me. Towards what or for what purpose I don’t yet know, but Im surrendering and letting God take me on this journey. I know God has plans and a purpose that will help me bring him glory!!

  • Angie O’Mara

    I’ve talked on here about my daughter and her fiancée and his addiction problems. My restlessness lies here, what is she seeing by being with him, that I am not. She says he’s in a program to stay clean, but do I believe this?, I don’t know. I know I need God more than ever to help me to overcome my doubts, my fears and to help me carry this heavy load of worry. What are you trying to tell me, Lord…is it patience, is it to ignore what is happening, or should I let go and let God. Please Lord come to me and help me to understand and do Your work for them.

    • Syd


      Addiction is a sickness as you know. This sickness is at its worst when there is denial, dissociation and defenses are used to create normal functioning. Addiction creates a shocking suffering and pain, as you also know. So as hard as it is, it seems God is shocking you into awareness and this shock is compelling you to choose a meaning it is for you. Choosing a meaning for this suffering, only if it is faith in your suffering/pain, may help to create you and your response to God. Your response may just be this boiling anger and may feel the need to scream at God. The key is expressing your awareness and I believe will gradually give you a place to choose a meaning for your experiences and your faith. Also the meaning in your faith may feel empty and unfulfilled, so it may be at this point you allow yourself fall into the unfairness of it all. I suspect you will find God in the falling, like walking off the face of the earth. Faith then becomes your center, awareness becomes your faith and then a stillness unfolds, so i assume..

      Please understand this part of faith is down right mean and God is no father here. Yet it is okay because faith cannot be harmed or lost. I believe God is teaching you the center point of your faith, serenity and it will feel helpless. I believe your faith will be at a new depth, gut wrenching, but the paradox of falling makes faith real and satisfying, even when everything else is also falling apart. When all is said and done, your faith is your gift and this gift is there for others, just as it is for your pain and suffering. Your faith is strong and is full of deep strength, so let it effortlessly work for you, okay?

      I hope I did not make you feel more lost, as we naturally want answers, but faith has no answers. Faith is letting things BE, do your best in it, curse God a little, and in your tears let go where you find God in the serenity and falling. Therefore, it seems God is calling you to let the river take you where it leads then to walk on the ocean water —- lost but grounded in your faith.

  • LongRifle

    In my work I have identified a few steps to help me deal with Restlessness. First, I look back upon the key positive decisions I have made in my life — when I have made them – then I outline the specific steps I took to reach those decisions — there long term impact on my life — and the most important lessons from each of those decisions. This helps create ‘awareness’ that I CAN make positive decisions in my life and TAKE ACTIONS towards there accomplishment. Then I look at the key decisions I need to make now — I write down the steps I need to take — what the benefit/impact on my life would be if I made this decision (and took action) — then I rank my courage to take action on a scale of 1-5 … 1 hoping 2 wishing 3 wanting 4 committing 5 going to any length. Then I rank them as to what would be the most impactful decision I could make. Then I get busy.

  • Betty Buller

    Missing my 15 year old grandson who was killed in an accident last Oct. Still trying to understand why.

  • Carey Montz

    My and wife and I experienced a bit of unrestlessness and dissatisfaction when we moved two years ago. We were starting to really become more involved in our church parish, but were outgrowing our home as the kid were getting older. We moved about 25 miles away from our church parish due to a number of varying reasons. On trying to find a new church parish that would truly fulfill our spiritual needs, we were coming up empty. After about a year of bouncing between a couple of different churches, we made the decision to make the commitment and rejoin our old church parish. The downfall is that the kids had sort of adjusted and still question why we drive out of the way for mass. But I feel in due time, they will realize what my wife and I realized a year ago. We are very happy to be back in our old parish and have been more involved their than we were when lived five minutes away.

  • Bernie

    Three and one-half years ago God spoke to me. I left my corporate job as V.P. of Operations and am now an active full time volunteer in the Catholic Church and am in the fourth year of my 5 year formation program to be ordained as a deacon in my diocese. I and my family have been greatly blessed by this decision. God does speak to us in the “ordinary” events and days of our life.

  • Patty Dyer

    Yes!! I was restless and bored one February about four years ago. The doctor had said that I herniated two or more discs in my back (from helping my husband move a chair). The pain was intense to say the least!! I started to say the rosary each day and asked Our Lady to heal my back. After about 10 weeks of physical therapy and many rosaries later, my back is healed completely! I continue to say my daily rosary and encourage others to say for peace, understanding and unity in our world.

  • Linda

    My Restlessness comes and goes I call it a yoyo effect but each time God keeps calling me back and each time my Love and understanding grows stronger .

  • Mary

    I commend all of you that have shared. My restlessness has been just recently the last year or two just coasting through life and my job. Not being the best version of myself. Just getting by, there are many reasons none that are acceptable. I have been in prayer and prayerful reflection during this period in my life. I never felt that God abandoned me, He was just lovingly waiting for me to wake up. Not putting 110% forward is very much for me more exhausting without the reward, which is just knowing you did your best regardless of the out come.

  • MW

    Betty, I lost my 23 year old brother to a fire when I was 15. Not only did I want to know why, but I spent many years asking God why my family had to be so dysfunctional after his death. We never mentioned his name again in my house because it hurt my mother too much. I was angry at God for my lost childhood. Finally after about 40 years, I realized I was wasting life being upset about my past instead of living life and remembering the great times with my brother. I know you hurt, you never get over it, my prayers are with you to help ease the pain and for God’s gentle arms to be around you at this time. God Bless you.

  • Mike

    I keep beating myself up for mistakes I’ve made in raising my children. I’ve been the typical A type and just regret the times I attempted to control the situation or tried to force my will on others instead of searching for God’s will and having the patience to be able to just sit and talk with them. I think harmony describes what I’m missing in my life, just not sure how to get there.

    • Bernie

      Consider making an Ignatian retreat. Seek out a Jesuit center where these are offered. It will help you get in better touch with God’s will for you and that sense of inner peace. It was invaluable for me. God bless you!!

  • Maureen Daniels Ceglia

    There was a point in my life that I’ve felt this restlessness, that “there has to be more to life than this” kind of feeling. Ironically it was at a time when everything on the outside seemed perfect but this restlessness feeling was very strong. I paid attention to it and my life changed completely because I began a search inside myself for something that I couldn’t find outside. It was a search for God and the only thing that would fill all the voids. I’m still on this journey and thankful for my sisters who are on this journey with me. Life is grand even when it isn’t.

  • Kathy

    I am feeling restless all the time recently. I let things like getting my car registration and inspection done or doing my taxes and the nervousness moves in. I’m am praying that this lent and doing this program will set off a small bomb in my head to start trusting in God more instead of trying to do it all myself.

  • Jan Onnen

    Thank you, Greg, for sharing. Addiction is powerful and has stripped so many people of the joy of God. I pray every day that those suffering from addiction can get the help they need to overcome it.

  • Rene

    After 30 years in the pharmaceutical industry, I retired. I felt restless for the lad to two years I worked, even though I had what some would consider a “cushy” job. Although, it was great financially, I have felt like I was called to something else. I have battled depression since retiring and have been praying for God to help me figure out what is next for me. I am still restless, trying to figure it out, through prayer, bible study , and volunteer work. Please pray for me to know when God speaks to me! I need a lightning bolt!!

    • Debbie Maurseth Ishii

      Rene, I find when I feel really in need of hearing God’s voice I tend to do to much of the talking in prayer and not enough listening. I tend to try and push Him into to answering or acting. He speaks to me in stillness and when I surrender. “Be still and know the I am God.” I will pray for peace and stillness in your life, a stillness that will give you answers and peace with God’s will for you.

  • Faith Barton

    In response to this question, when I feel restless, I think and wonder. I am not so old as to have made many huge decisions, so I haven’t really made a purposeful life decision that left me dissatisfied. But when I do feel dissatisfied, I look for God in my current situation: am I doing His will to the best of my ability? When I see that I am fulfilling His will at that moment, then I find a piece of the satisfaction I am looking for. I am so grateful for the Catholic Faith that gives me Faith, Hope, and Love!

  • Leonard Bernardo

    When I fall out of my work out schedule , I begin to feel restless. I realize that feeding my body with food is as important as feeding my body with exercise. If I can allow just 20 minutes to do a short work out I find myself refreshed and refocused. I can be more and do more and be a better version of myself. I find that whenever I am in a cash lane and I begin feeling frustrated, I use that time to pray to, to reflect , to be grateful. In this way my anxiety is calmed.

  • GreenTambourine

    In April of this year I will celebrate five years as a Catholic. Restlessness pushed me to convert to this amazing faith and it was the best thing I ever did. I am still joyful just thinking about it.

  • Pam Cissell

    I was just diagnosed recently with conversion disorder and through my weakness with this disorder I see Jesus become stronger in me and in others wow what a great God we have

  • singit1

    After retiring from teaching in 2004, I constantly felt like I was missing something. I did not want a full time job, and I certainly didn’t want to return to the world of paperwork that teaching had become. I found myself seriously considering teaching Religious Ed, but didn’t do anything about it. A short while later, my niece became our Parish Catechetical Leader, and in the midst of my ‘missing something’ and considering religious education, she asked me to become a teacher. It was a wonderful decision, and I often wonder why I waited so long!

  • Jill Muise

    I’m dissatisfied with my relationship with my husband. As I have grown spiritually, my life has changed so much. I find myself wanting it for him but he isn’t at that point in his life. I try to convince myself that he will get there too, but I feel that we are truly lacking so much that is built around faith. I have dropped little hints but I don’t know what else to do. I feel like I’m judging him constantly and I try not to but it really all goes back to the point I’m dissatisfied at where he’s at in his faith journey and the lack of truly sharing everything about God and even our existence.

    • Ana

      Jill, pray for him and try not to judge him. He is resisting his own happiness as well. Let go and let God. Greatest miracles happen through prayers. He will see the happiness in you and hopefully he will want it as well. In the meantime, grab that rosary and ask Mama Mary to help you wait and to soften his heart and give him the desire to grow spiritually. St. Cecilia, through prayers converted not only her atheist husband but his brother as well.

      • Jill Muise

        Ty. Didn’t know that about St. Cecilia my patron saint. I will continue to pray especially to my Mama Mary. I was consecrated to her and we have that connection.

    • Sherry Bush

      Jill, continue to pray for him but more importantly continue your faith journey. We can’t fix anyone’s relationship with God, only our own. Your example may be what moves him.

  • Jenny

    I am always looking for the “next thing” and not being satisfied with what I have. I struggle to live in the present and enjoy the day. I have always described myself as a “planner” and have thought of that as a good trait. But it creates this constant restlessness in me that there is always something better out there then what I am currently doing or have now.

  • Rebecca

    I am joining the church this Easter because of my restlessness as well. I’m so ready to be in full communion with this church that I love so much. I am also restless for another baby. Lol. But that’s another story.

  • Don Sparling

    “Has restlessness ever compelled me to be a better version of myself?”

    Indubitably it has. Some 28 years ago I felt a restlessness and a voice that God wanted me to serve Him and His people. We were living in North Dakota at the time and my wife and I had two small children. My response to God was a request that He put off the call for a while until my children were older. About 12 years later I again felt an overwhelming restlessness and kept hearing the words “I’ve given you everything you need, now its time to serve” and the message that came through was to be a deacon. To make a long story shorter I applied for the diaconate program in Washington DC and for some reason that I still cannot understand, I was accepted. I’ve been a deacon for over 16 years now and feel tremendously blessed by the ministry.

  • Sherry Bush

    I experience restlessness in my relationships. I was orphaned at a year old, now I am in my 50s and am realizing that I try to control every relationship out of fear of abandonment. I am learning to be patient and take time for God to reveal his plan for me.

  • Christine Poganski

    The restlessness & dissatisfaction instantly creates questions to ask myself, and courage to make choices. Come Holy Spirit!, fill me the virtues needed to Make changes.

  • Mel Babin

    Good relationships with family members are missing from my life. Our family(siblings) is very dysfunctional, as well as, my own small family of my spouse and sons. I think that God is asking me to be the one to bring us together. That is a large task, but not impossible through His help and grace.

    • Ana

      Mel, how beautiful would it be if it is through your prayers that God brings all of your family to Him? Nothing is impossible for God. Put your trust in Him. The Holy Spirit will lead you and give you the wisdom. And please, don’t forget Mama Mary! She rocks! Start praying the rosary every single day for your family! You will see miracles starting to happen right away. She is awesome!!!!!

  • Daniel Mahoney

    God is so good. I am a freshman in college. Dissatisfaction has been on my heart throughout this whole school year. God has pushed me into seriously discerning the priesthood, and has challenged me to live in a way that is in total service to Him. I was recently interviewed to be a part of NET ministries. Above all I want to do God’s will. Please pray for my vocation.

    • Dorothy

      Prayers for you, Daniel! A close friend is a Redemptorist, and a wonderful example of following God’s will in service to Him. Peace and Prayers as you discern your life’s mission☮️🙏

    • Morevets

      Difficult question for every man to answer! Congratulations on being open to it!

  • Mindy

    My first thought to this question was No. That was before I watched the second video. I am not sure why I had such a strong negative emotion to this question but after watching the second video it reminded me that the answer is really YES! It brought back the feelings of pure happiness I had when I joined the Catholic Church on Easter Vigil in 2012. It also made me think about other times in my life when restlessness caused me to make changes in my life. Sometimes for the better and sometimes not. I realize that the times when the change was not for the better was because I wasn’t listening to God. My life is always so much happier when I listen and allow God to work in my life. Dynamic Catholic thank you so much for everything you do. This message really hit home for me.

  • Maria Thall

    Thought I had it all marriage, home, retired, successful son, what more can I ask for, yes, I realized that something was missing, connection with God, going to mass every Sunday isn’t enough, I needed Him more in my life to fill the emptiness and to reassure me that ever thing I do is with his approvable, I know I should get involve more in helping other but being a care giver for my husband 24/7 drains me to the point I just want to cuddle up with my Yorkie and cat and lock out the day. Please God help me to focused on what it is you want of me.

  • Doug

    I always set goals and had big plans on where I wanted to be at certain points in my life. However, it never turned out as I planned.
    What a blessing living for the moment truly is. I have come to realize that God blesses us always, and will tomorrow also.

  • Celeste

    My husband and I were estranged for over a year. He recently moved back home at Christmas is a last attempt before divorce. In the yr. he was gone I only survived by turning my fear into faith. I had a great spiritual director, family and friends even counseling. I really notice Christ in my life. I study daily and give a lot of worry and frustration to Christ to carry. Yet I am not receiving love, intimacy or real communication from my spouse. He doesn’t seem to want to grow emotionally or spiritually. As I said, I’m turning things to Christ. This has dragged on for over 2 yrs. Is Christ saying to leave? He is very resistant to me.

  • Eduardo Hoover

    Being disatisfied has two propensities first, to better one’s self and second, to partake in shameful acts to alleviate the pain of disatisfaction. Adam and Eve were disatisfied in there place in creation and ate of the forbidden fruit. They thought they were bettering themselves according to the serpent’s words but they soon found themselves in deep shame. If only they would have told the serpent, “Sorry Sir Serpent but we are quite satisfied and pleased with what God has blessed us and need not patronize your advice.” I’m sure some disatisfaction is healthy, however many times contentment is a far better option.

    • Pat

      Thank you Eduardo. Your message surely resonates with me.

  • Jonathan Chew

    Yes, I think God has been speaking to me through my recent dissatisfaction saying that it is He who I need to fill my aching heart, who will take away my pain and suffering!

  • Laura LaDue

    Right now I have a good job that I should be grateful for but I find myself looking and applying for other jobs. I have been declined on all of them. I believe that God is telling me to stay where I am. I am missing fulfillment and I believe instead of leaving, I need to find that fulfillment there.

  • Marina Reed

    Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and think about things I should do or should have done. For example : call that old friend, spend some time with a grand child, make sometime to send a card, help someone that could use the help…. even exercise, or take care of myself better…. this prompts me to decide that when I wake up ,whatever was bothering me will make my list that day.

  • Debra Marra Donaldson

    I seem to be always pushing myself to become a better me. But yet I know that God has a plan for me and thoughI am living a fulfilled lifer I know there is something more I am supposed to do.

  • Trudy Ray Parmarter

    When I get dissatisfied, restless, and anxious I take a moment to ask God to show me why. He always does. Then it’s up to me to choose to act on it.

  • Richard Figiel

    Yep restlessness sure has pushed me to the edge God sized hole in my heart taught me that God alone gives me everything I need and I learned to control myself to thinking I need more,being restless is a great gift when you understand that’s what it takes to let go and let God and I know I’ll never find true happiness unless I breathe easy knowing God is in control

  • granny983

    I also have a smoking addiction..I have smoked for 65 years. Problem is, I hate to admit that I am healthy…not a cold or flu or anything. I had stopped for 3 years and got all kinds of sickness..bronchitis etc. Unfortunately, I started to smoke again when with smokers in my family. Never got that kind of sick again. I live alone, don’t drive anymore…and lost my husband of almost 60 years 3 years ago and a year ago lost my son.(I had 9 children) so, smoking decreases my tension and anxiety…gives me a relaxed feeling…but I do want to give it up for Lent for the Lord. Please pray for me…

    • Aaron

      Praying for you and your family!

  • Denise Vega Ruvalcaba

    Absolutely. We always try to find happiness in the wrong places we looked for it in the wrong people and material things and we’re just not gonna find it because only God can give us that unconditional love that we are looking for and longing for that will in turn lead us to happiness. For a long time I focused on other people to bring me happiness and I was just never satisfied because I’ve been missing God. I kept putting other people before God thinking that these other people are more important. But they weren’t going to bring me happiness if I’m not putting God in the center of my life

    • Aaron

      I felt exactly the same. I used to get really sad or frustrated with myself when a social interaction wouldn’t go the way I planned or felt hurt when no one wanted to hang out. I was trusting that these people would bring me my total happiness and that “Oh, if I could just be friends with this one person, I’ll be good, I’ll be happy.” I hadn’t really put God first in my life, but now that’s what I’m trying to do.

  • Julie Concannon

    You know when I was young, restlessness pushed me into becoming a Peace Corps volunteer. One of the best things I ever did with my life. It opened up awareness of the world for me. I witnessed Catholicism in Africa. I am now in my late 50s, and I am feeling this restlessness again. I want to dedicate my later years to refugees here in the U.S. Everyday, I feel that restlessness and longing for God. It pushes me to be a better version of myself.

  • Andrea

    I was restless from 2003 till my X abandoned me and my two children. He and his family and our mutual friends had abandoned us too, they all followed him, the doctor. It took me awhile to put the picture together the reason why I was restless and “unhappy” as he had told me. He made me lead a Life I did not agree with morally, ethically as a Christian.
    I had to figure out everything after he had left us. I went from being a homemaker to a divorcing parent with high school age children. Moved twice in two years. Yet I found out the reason for my restlessness. He had forced me to do something in 2003 and that made me to despise him, but stayed in the marriage as I was taught and made myself forget what he made me do. There were many other things I did not agree with, but I did it to stay as a family. It took a divorce to shake me up and figure out what had caused my restlessness. I still have to confess a lot. He is a Catholic, but he doesn’t lead the life of one. The loss of the family is a tremendous loss, but I am not restless any more, I am myself now and live as I am: honest, ethical, have a great moral sense, and I am not involved with crooks.

    • Melissa

      One day, all will be exposed. Nothing will remain hidden. All that matters is that you can hold your head up high as a true servant of the Lord. His Love for you remains constant and never waivers. I will pray for you in the pain that you have suffered.

  • Matthew Gray

    I think St Augustine says it best in his confessions. “You have made us for yourself, O Lord, and our heart is restless until it rests in you.”

  • Aaron

    Right now, I am dissatisfied. I feel like I don’t have a calling in life. I am continually torn between the priesthood and married life. I want to serve God but I also want to be happy. But in the end, I know God will love me no matter what I choose. I know that he works in mysterious ways and will his time. I ask that you pray for me that God may quell the fears in my heart and will help me to move along the path that will satisfy his will.

  • Terry ❤️

    I priest once taught me to ask the Lord….”What are you trying to teach me thru this struggle, or issue Lord?” Stopping to ask this question focuses my attention awareness that HE is with me and will direct my footsteps. Then Pray to be attentive to HIS answer. AMEN!

  • Joanne Williams

    So true, only in God is our soul at rest, and joyful and loving and open and sharing….I can’t imagine life without God, yet, sometimes, I live that way. Lent is helping me to see that I made that choice to shut him OUT, usually, when I needed Him the most. Community helps me realize HE is there if I only open myself up and interact with others in this amazing journey.

  • Paul

    I was restless prior to the start of Lent, not looking forward to the negativity associated with the denial of some of life’s simple pleasures. Then I was given a book by Matthew Kelly. It suggested the Best Lent Ever program. I look forward to it everyday. I try to utilize the principles in some fashion everyday. It’s not that the self denials are not important, but they seem to take a backseat to the more proactive role of seeking happiness. I was actually disappointed when I went to sign in on Sunday and there was no new video. But it gave me the opportunity to revisit the lessons learned in the first few days.

  • Sue

    I am still restless & confused. I think I must be deaf to what God is trying to tell me. I have asked myself for years–What would make me happy. I am involved in Bible Study classes, I help with funeral dinners,etc– but the “lost ” feeling is still here. Why?

  • Meri

    I am restless n struggling for a right decision. May sound dumb but I need to decide to leave my part time job, for a full time job, I am 60 n not sure if i want to take this on at my age. I always worked ft until 2 years ago. I have prayed asking for a sign of what to do, maybe I missed it but I can’t sleep n when I do I wake up I am thinking about it. It’s in my thoughts always I must make a decision by tomorrow. Any advice??

    • kimisu

      When you wake up, go with whichever thought is on your mind. If you’re saying “I can do this and I want to”, then take the full-time job. If your mind is telling you “I would rather stay in my part-time job” then stay. And thank God for putting the decision in your thoughts while you sleep. 😊

  • Lo

    I am always doing for everyone else. Years ago I quit my career to do home childcare & be home with my son. He only has 2 more years and he will be driving & then a few more and off to college. I’m turning 50 this year & continually find myself asking then what?

  • Tammy Reasoner

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the message of embracing the restlessness! Instead of my usual way of seeing it as my own shortcomings turned emotional, today’s message alters my perception of what that means, and in turn opens my heart to listening! I’ve invited several coworkers to participate in the Best Lent Ever after feeling like something is missing in our workplace– we meet for the first time on Friday, and each day it gets closer, the more I’m looking forward to it!

  • I have been restless in my life for a long time. Getting better now 🙂 Thanks be to God he has always answered my prayers.

  • Mary ann Smith

    Hmm in pondering this question, it hit me. I don’t feel good. That’s what’s missing. I’m tired, I hurt, stomach upset. Then God who is in every feeling with us brought to my mind. My body is a temple,His temple. Keep it clean,well maintained and holy. I’ve tried to be holier with daily mass and spiritual reading and praying but I e neglected the physical. So I need to go to bed earlier, eat better and move. No wonder I feel so sickly. Thank you, Sweet Jesus.

  • Lianna Rivera

    I think it’s true that people are trained to not talk about disatisfaction. We are trained to not “complain”. Because of this, people struggle with trying to make things work when they aren’t actually God’s plan. Recently I closed my performing arts business and went back to teaching piano under my own name. I did this because the team I had at the performing arts academy had me restless and struggling to make things work. For almost 2 years I pushed the feeling away. At the end, I let the emotion and frustration be examined and I realized that I couldn’t stand behind supporting the other team member’s ways of life. After closing the school and focusing on what God is asking me personally to do with my life, I’ve found everything to come more easily. And on this new path, I feel I am becoming a better version of myself!

  • Robert Altieri

    I am no different than any other. I miss my wife of 56 years who God took home July, 2014. His will has been to give me enough time to rest and pray, to seek the path He has chosen for me, to learn (finally!) that life is meaningful and sustainable by helping others. I had no idea I would be where I am today – a very different person since being without my Life Long Love. I look back at how much she taught me and try to emulate her goodness… which I can only attempt to achieve, believing He will “reassemble our family in heaven.” I will continue to work towards that end drawing ever closer to our glorious reunion and everlasting joy. Peace to all.

  • Jackie Waugh

    Being restless has made me want to be more involved in the Cursillo movement. And that makes me a better version of myself.

  • Pauline Overholt-Tait

    How do you post without your name

  • Tony Pantera

    It occurs to me that while I do my best not to dismiss my student’s emotions, I find myself doing that
    with my own. Lately, my dissatisfaction with leaders in our government is moving me to be more active
    in politics in my area. I may even run for an office.

  • Kris

    For the past two years I have been lost, searching for meaning and purpose in my life. My two children are in college (empty nester dislike that label) and it’s just my husband and myself most of the time. I have turned to my faith more than I have ever in my life. But I still feel lost, still feel lonely and ask myself what is my purpose?

    • Syd

      Kris, I appreciate you turning to deeper place in your faith. Real faith seems to cause this lost feeling and within realistic faith we seem to need to be lost. Faith and the value of faith seems to have no reference point to anything or anyone other than just the Divine. This faith makes many shifts, up and down like waves on the ocean, then it creates this stability and security. Courage and faith become this high achievement then again it feels like no achievement. It seems more paradoxical, like life and death. So it seems to me if you are feeling no purpose your ego may be drying up and you are beginning to tap the inner springs of faith or courage, which can feel like a faithlessness. Only this time the faith may seem more secure, comfortable, a self-confidence, and then the real shift is seeing all this good in others to the point their hidden faith is dynamic on your faith. Your purpose then may become this spiritual event that takes place moment to moment, difficult to observe and describe directly. Real, nonetheless, and faith becomes the center of awareness.

  • Carmela Campanella Douds

    “My soul rests in God alone, from whom comes my salvation.” Ps 62
    My dissatisfaction comes from my unrealistic expectations whether they are of myself or others.
    My dissatisfaction steals my joy and I believe that God is asking me to put all my striving, my controlling, my worry, my trying to figure it all out and rest in Him. Live in the moment, see the goodness, take in His grace and “Be still, and know I am God.” Ps 46

  • lizmvr

    I struggle with restlessness being a push toward being more sinful than better. It goes back to that feeling of a hole needing to be filled; so, if I’m restless, I’ll start doing things that are not really healthy for me like getting more stuff or doing things with people. It seems easier for me to find stuff to do or get than it is for me to find God.

    • Joy

      I can totally relate!!! The only difference for me is I trust absolutely NO one for GOOD reasons, and I am struggling with MANY things!!! I am newly married for the first time (a little over 1 and a haf years), my husband is gone at work for 50-60 hours a week between OT and the drive to work, which is roughly 2 hours give or take depending on traffic, running errands, etc. The stress of his job is adding stress to my life, and I don’t know how to deal with it, because I have been battling with my own issues of being disobedient to the Lord and NOT doing what He has been telling me to do for the past year. My marriage is falling apart, I’m struggling with doing what God tells me to do, I struggle with letting people in, due to past hurts, I’m a recovering drug addict. But, what I struggle with the MOST lately is turning to God with ALL of my struggles, because I find it to be challenging for me to actually believe that God really loves me and WANTS to spend time with a wretched sinner like me, even though I know the Bible states otherwise!!! I have NO problem believing that God loves EVERYONE else, but when it comes to me, I have serious doubts!! This is harsh, but I recently told God to leave me alone, yet He continues to pursue me. I tend to push Him away too, because I have a very dim view of God, and I find it challenging to trust Him and REALLY LET HIM IN!!! I know my life won’t get better until I REALLY let Him in and DO what HE tells me to do, yet I keep resisting Him, which seems foolish!! And, due to the fact that I have been hurt on a VERY deep level by MANY people, I feel so alone, which just keeps me isolated!! Therefore, due to my loneliness, I often turn to food (especially junk food), my phone, and shopping online to occupy that God sized hole!! I do whatever I can to bottle my negative emotions and ignore them, rather than deal with them, which just creates bigger issues in the long run, not just for myself, but my marriage as well!! Most days I just want to give up, and run away, but I know that’s not an option! Besides, I know that wouldn’t solve anything anyways!! Ugh!!

      • Joy

        Oh, and I forgot to mention, I have absolutely NO ONE to turn to, because I literally have NO friends!!! Its not just because I have serious trust issues, but EVERY friend I did have, or so I thought, stabbed me in the back, so now its just me, myself, and I besides my husband who is gone more often than not!! I have NO family to turn to either, and even though I’m an introvert, it can be VERY lonely at times!!!

      • Syd

        Boy Joy, you appear overwhelmed with guilt and possibly overwhelmed with fear. It seems to me because you recognize a spiritual dimension in your life this is good enough. I suggest you release yourself from all guilt and all fear, regularly, and allow this to be your prayer. Gradually I believe you will feel something holy about life, fall on your knees and give thanks. The wonderment of your faith seems incredibly rich, broken trust issues I understand, yet your faith still feels not just a apparent good but a real good. Hidden in you appears to be this faith in the essential goodness of life and it is rightfully yours. Thank you for allowing me to be worthy of your faith, to support and to be supported, and your faith is not against external difficulties as it seems against inner doubt.

      • lizmvr

        Did you give up anything for Lent? I know this might sound weird, but I deleted dating apps from my phone. They really were wasting my time and if I did get involved with anyone from them, often the “relationship” wasn’t what God would want for me. Maybe you could block the sites from which you shop online? Then remember each day that you don’t shop online, you’ve done something really good! When it gets difficult to not shop online, pray. Just talk to God.
        Having said all of that, I need to follow my own advice when it comes to things in addition to the dating apps, too. I’ll pray for you!

    • Joy

      Oh, and I forgot to mention, I have absolutely NO ONE to turn to, because I literally have NO friends!!! Its not just because I have serious trust issues, but EVERY friend I did have, or so I thought, stabbed me in the back, so now its just me, myself, and I besides my husband who is gone more often than not!! I have NO family to turn to either, and even though I’m an introvert, it can be VERY lonely at times!!!

  • Consuelo

    As far as I can remember God has always given me what I wanted, and needed. He filled my cup to overflowing with what the world presents as must haves only to prove to me the hollowness of my pursuits. The need for God grows like a force that makes everything else come apart like Lego pieces. His presence in my life is really all that matters. He has allowed my journey of emptiness to lead me to Him.

  • Michael Ennis

    I was a heavy drinker for almost as long as I have been a smoker. I allowed alcohol to let me reach the bottom of the barrel. The morning after the Detroit Tigers won their 1984 World Series, I awoke and couldn’t figure out what was going on with me. It was that day I decided I had to get busy living. After my head to started to clear, I began to see how God was giving me direction. I have been alcohol free ever since. I did not even drink on my wedding day.
    My current struggle is with smoking and with my weight. Like most people, I am finding it is much tougher to keep the weight off than it used to be, especially in the winter when I essentially hibernate until the weather breaks.
    God Bless

  • Mary Kay

    Yes, we were making more money, the economy was good, we increased our family from 4 to 7 overnight when we added a family of 3 siblings to our family tree. We knew we would have to stretch in many ways. It was a long and twisting road with joy, laughter, love and many growth opportunities, suffering and loss. We leaned into our Faith to survive pain we didn’t know existed and we grew in gratitude and acceptance of life in a new dimension.

  • Karen Burke

    I am struggling with restlessness right now in my life. I have a good job but, I think God is calling me to be closer to home and become more involved in my life in my community instead of spending 4 hours a day commuting. I want to be able to do things on weeknights, spend more time with my daughter, volunteer, do community activities. I have a job interview today, that if I get it, it would help me do all of those things. I don’t know if I will get the job and I am upset that these plans may not come about. Trying to let go and let God but, that is very hard for me as well!
    I do like what Matthew said about everyone thinking that if they are dissatisfied there is something wrong with you.

  • Amy

    Matthew – in 2009 my children and I became Catholic for exactly the same reasons you describe in the short video – there were others too, but there was a gaping hole in our spiritual lives and I knew that I had to work to do something about it or I was crafting a life for my children without God. My husband who was Catholic from birth, renewed his faith after 18 years away from the Church and we began our spiritual journey again together. It has been an unbelievable gift.

  • Anna Krystyniak

    My restlessness if right now as I am a stay at home mom of two boys but yet can’t find myself. I tried to fill it with a great part time job last year at a non profit that I loved, however, my family suffered and I suffered. I gave it up to stay home again, but there is still something missing for me in between the school volunteering, cooking, cleaning, teaching, parenting, etc. I am hoping that my time getting back into the catholic church will help.

  • Carmen Daniels

    Like Michael (the man in the second video) it would appear from the outside looking in that I have the “perfect” life. But I definitely felt like I was missing something. I began my spiritual journey 2 years ago when i started attending all different churches, of all different religions, with the hope that I would find a good fit for me. I finally returned to the catholic church this last year and have had no regrets about it! At Christmas time our church gifted us the “Resisting Happiness” book and it has truly opened my eyes. Restlessness lead me back to the church and the more I commit myself to God, the happier my life becomes :).

  • Barbara Levich

    How I pray that God would put a holy restlessness in my daughter and her husband. My daughter does not practice the Catholic faith she was raised in; her husband is Mormon but is anti-religion of all types. He sees them as hypocrites. I pray daily for them to experience metanoia.

    • Joyce Gadbois

      i understand the feeling. Stay strong cry less And we will cont. to pray for them!

  • Katy Notebaert

    Ya Micheal!!! Welcome!! I feel restless a lot. My pastor tells me it is my longing to be home with Jesus and I should be greatful.

  • Tina Rieffer Doeller

    Yes, and this is why I decided to do this program. I haven’t been as close to God and that is what is missing in my life. I’m on my way back!!!

  • Joyce Gadbois

    i felt that feeling for someone I met.We told each we loved each other,were happy but I am catholic,he no longer went to church. He joined my church.All was well until recently he quotes he wants to be born again,my catholic church is evil and hypocrite. He follows Tomorrows World and other political hateful sites on facebook. I can only pray he wiil see,feel otherwise. I dont understand the born again my cathoilic church is evil talk.

  • wade

    I have felt a dissatisfaction/missing sensation for some time. I think today I found out a central part of that comes from a desire for more intimacy in my relationships with wife, children, family, coworkers, and the Lord. I have became increasingly more busy with more success and most things I touch turn to Gold with more people wanting something, good things, but many things have become a box to check on my TO DO list. Including those relationships. I greatly appreciate the insights all along this but today’s seems to challenge me in a wonderful way that I can start taking action on which confirms I am on my path to the best lent ever regaining a better version of myself!

  • Lydia Ross


  • Sherry Hayes-Peirce

    Michael – welcome to our Catholic Community and a great benefit is you are never alone. May God Bless You and your family!

  • Leah Levitt

    I am a convert. I was a Protestant and then Thank God found Eastern Orthodoxy. I then found the Catholic Church. I knew my life was missing something. I never completely lost my early faith but there were many years that I didn’t practice. Fortunately I never feel into addiction, unless you count food. However I engaged in sexual misbehavior. After my first marriage failed I was single for over twenty years and had many lovers. I rationalized this away as not being that bad. I felt used by men in a society where as a woman you are just there for sexual gratification. Fortunately now for over twenty years I have had a loving husband and have found God again. I still have problems but they are manageable with Gods help.

  • Alice

    Yes, Restleness has pushed me to become a better version of myself. I have learned that when I give something my all and it aligns with my personal values that takes me for a moment in time to the best version of myself. I am at that place again where I need to make the right decisions to become the best version of myself. This series is helping me get there. Thank you to Michael for sharing his story. What a bold move to become Catholic. This makes me ponder on what bold move do I need to take to make myself better and answer my restlessness. I know God is in the plan and I am spending each day in lent trying to change my life in small ways so in the end – I have my road map.

  • Dominic Thordarson

    Early on in my “re-conversion,” when I started coming back to Church, I struggled a great deal with scruples, whether or not some minor thing I did was a sin. My pastor would say, “Don’t beat yourself up,” but I continued to struggle with it. One day, I’m not sure when, I got the answer I needed to help this sort of inner restlessness of mine. I thought something along the lines of, “If I’m not certain about the sinfulness of something, I can offer it to God as an uncertainty. He knows whether or not it’s sinful.” It’s not up to us to list every sin of ours. That’d drive us crazy like it did me. God is happy to forgive us, and He appreciates our contrition.
    I still struggle with scruples in my own way, but it’s definitely better than it was before. I pray that all my brothers and sisters in arms will have the Best Lent Ever. God bless you all 🙂

  • Shannon Brown

    Years ago I was restless in my job. I found myself constantly complaining about how bored I was and how I knew I had more to give. Being in higher education, I knew I wouldn’t be able to move ahead if I didn’t work toward my Master’s degree so I finally discussed it with my husband and took the plunge. Three years later, I was two courses from finishing when a job opened up in my department. My boss allowed me to apply because she trusted I would finish. I got that job and finished the degree. Just a few years later, my boss took a position elsewhere and now I am in an administrative position that never would have happened for me if I hadn’t took the initiative to better myself through an advanced degree.

  • Crystal

    I have no story of trial or tribulation. Just one that makes me think of the restlessness to do more with my life. To be more to stand for something. When I felt that restlessness, although it took me a while, I decided that maybe this is a call to become an apostolic catholic sister. I need to go out and preach God’s love in my life with others. While on this journey I find myself in challenges that push me to grow as a person. Sometimes living in community with other women is difficult. We all have opinions and we all know what is best. As a young person I sometimes find it hard and that I am not going to be just like them. I don’t have the same experiences as they do. Religious life looks way different than it did 50 years ago. It is interesting in the initial restlessness or call to religious life I was unhappy with where I was in life. Now I am very happy with where I am and although there are challenges it is a chance to learn and grow together in community. Even when I am resistant I find that sometimes I may have just stopped listening and I need to take that moment to listen. To stop. To pray. Then speak.

  • MurphsLaw

    What often goes missing in my life, and I’m sure a lot of peoples lives, is the Wonder and Joy people like Michael and his family, experience as they come into the Church, embracing Catholicism with such excitement. What a great reminder for us long time Catholics. These conversion stories I read or hear should serve as a wake up, as wow , THIS is a big deal to be excited about. It causes me to think where is my excitement for our Catholic faith at. I need to make the effort to not allow that to go missing anymore. The inspiration for it is always there, and people coming into the Church are proof that wanting a Christ centered life is exciting.

  • Ginie

    Early last year I was so dissatisfied with my life as it had become-primary caregiver to an anti-God, demanding 40+ year old son who suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury in a motorcycle accident and lost more than his mobility, ability to converse and drive. He lost his property, his independence, his ability to go out whenever and wherever he wanted. The accident was not his fault, but the results are the same.
    In2012 to rely less on care-givers who were not meeting his needs, I still have part-time help and my children try to give me a break-it’s not consistent but they do help. I lost myself, my new-normal after losing my spouse was gone. I was cut off from so much because except for the times he goes to PT I was with him, or had to be at home for him in case he had a seizure. So last year our church handed out Rediscover Jesus at Christmas-that got me thinking. I started reading it and it helped see my disconnect. I finally volunteered to host a Small Church Community in my home. We followed a program, and I also did the Best Lent ever last year…but by hosting a group in my home I felt reconnected to my Parish family… Now I also host a prayer group at my house and do not feel estranged. No I can’t go to all the evening meetings, I can go to some but it’s limited but I no longer feel deprived all the time. My new normal serving my son with a glad heart-a Jesus heart and the prayers that some day he will no longer be anti-God.

  • Amy Reinhardt

    In past relationships, I always felt slightly restless. I knew that the person I was with couldn’t push me the way I needed to be pushed. They couldn’t help me continue to strive to be a better person, a better girlfriend, a better Christ follower, a better Catholic… and so on. But now I am with someone who wants to become a better person and wants my help to do it and will reciprocate that help. It’s nice to be able to focus on the growing part of a relationship instead of the restless part for once.

  • Kathryn Duncan

    My restlessness stems from the realization that for most of my life I have settled for a mediocre life. Because of fear and procrastination I have not developed potential and skills which God has given me because of laziness and procrastination; and I’ve let many opportunities for growth and advancement slip away because of fear -fear of failure as well as fear of success. A depressing though as I head into my senior years – but I know even now God can do fantastic things in my life if I am surrendered to Him and cultivate the fruits of self-control and self-discipline.

  • Stacey Symonds

    I can relate to Michael Flanagan….I too feel very restless and dissatisfied and that there is something missing from my life….I’m very confused of how to whoever heartedly allow God into my life….I pray, try and attend church, read the bible, and be a good person….but there seems to be that missing piece…I will continue to pray…….

  • Liz

    I want to be a better Catholic I believe this program is helping

  • Terri

    About 20 years ago, I heard a priest give a life-changing homily about Lent. He told us to think of Lent as a time of spiritual renewal; a 40-day Spiritual Retreat that we get to experience with the entire Church; and because retreats are meant to be a special time of grace and intimacy with God, that is what we could hope to expect for our Lenten Journey as well. The only thing that is required is that we do “our part” in order to receive this blessing – we have to give him our five loaves and two fish.

    This priest told us that the grace that God offers each one of us during Lent is the grace to grow in pure love by rooting out vice and growing in virtue. The means to this would be through a deeper intimacy with him. He suggested the following 3-Step Action Plan:

    1st Step: Spend some time in prayer asking God what it is that he would like to eliminate from our life – something that stands in the way of loving him & others more selflessly.

    2nd Step: Choose a virtue to work on that would help us in the battle against this vice or weakness.

    3rd Step: Choose one way to deepen our intimacy with God so that we could lean more on him for strength during this struggle.

    The priest also told us to “offer up” to God, as a prayer for others, the discomfort we experience as we struggle to eliminate this vice or weakness. This makes our struggle fruitful in two ways. First, when we “offer up” a difficulty to God – instead of succumbing to it – it is as if a wall has come down in our heart and we are giving him access to an area of our life that he was not able to come into before. Because he is present there now, we are not on our own and can draw from his strength and power to fight the difficulty. Second, now that he is present, so is his self-sacrificing love, which we can tap into in order to offer up the difficulty as a prayer of intercession for others. In other words, He is present in our difficulty – we are now yoked with him – so that we can not only bear it patiently, but, we can go even further, and offer it up as an act of love for others.

    After hearing this, I knew right away what God wanted me to do. I was a smoker at this time and I longed to be free of that addiction because it was definitely interfering in my role as a parent; but I also knew how difficult it was to quit. I had quit twice before only to start back up again.

    As Lent was approaching, I begged the Lord to help me with this. I made the resolution to grow in the virtue of self-denial and to attend daily Mass as often as possible because I knew I would need to stay very close to God in order to kick this habit. As the priest suggested, I also made the resolution to “offer up” each craving as it came, for a specific person.

    I will never forget what happened on Ash Wednesday. After I received Holy Communion, I had a thought enter my mind: “Your cravings will only last one minute.” I knew it was from God because up to that point I felt overwhelmed by the prospect of quitting because I thought that I would be craving cigarettes 24/7 for the rest of my life. The thought of each craving only lasting one minute gave me so much hope. As each craving came, I would watch the clock and, sure enough, each one was no more than 60 seconds; to top it off, the cravings came only about every 1.5-2 hours, which meant that in real time, I was craving a cigarette for a total of only 12-24 minutes each day instead of 24 hours continually.

    I wrote my prayer intentions down in a notebook and as each craving came I would mark an X on the calendar and offer that specific urge to smoke up for a prayer intention on the list. It was hard at first, but by attending daily Mass, I was strengthened in my resolve to persevere. So many of my prayer requests were answered in obvious ways and I knew that God was using my “suffering” (my unsatisfied cravings) as intercession for others. It was a living sacrifice (Hebrews 12:1). This brought me so much joy.

    Additionally, at the beginning of Lent, getting through each craving, one at a time, was all I could handle. I did not like the thought of never having another cigarette but by the end of Lent, I was thrilled by that prospect because God had even changed my desires. It has been 20 years and to this day, praise God, I have not had another cigarette. In John 8:36 he tells us that: “If the Son makes you free, you will be free indeed.”

    I don’t know for sure, because I am not a scientist or a medical professional, but maybe other addictive cravings that we experience are short-lived. Wouldn’t that make the prospect of breaking a bad habit or rooting out a sinful vice a little less intimidating?

    In summary – My 3-Step Plan for Lent (in 1997):
    Vice to root out: addiction to cigarettes (Fasting)
    Virtues to grow in: self-denial; intercession for others (Prayer & Almsgiving)
    Means: Union with Christ through frequent reception of Holy Communion; Redemptive Suffering (Prayer & Almsgiving)

    The Lents that have been the most fruitful for me personally are when I follow a 3-step plan like this instead of just a 40-day fast from something I will enjoy again when Lent is over.

  • Susan Henderson

    My main dissatisfaction has been going on for many years. It is the terrible loneliness of not having emotional closeness or intimacy with my husband. I have tried many means and ways of trying to improve our marital relationship but nothing really changes. I go through periods of making the effort in our relationship and i go through periods of giving up. We have been married almost 27 years. I have mostly gotten my emotional needs met through women friends who will talk on a less superficial level. Lately I have just been praying to find ways to be a better spouse. My husband is a not an unkind person & we work well together in the logistics of daily family life. And yes, he has been told multiple times. I have always felt it would not be fair to not tell him how i feel since i have heard so many divorced people tell me that they never knew it was coming and they thought everything in their marriage was fine. We have had some very stressful years since i got sick 4 years ago and had major surgery a year ago. We have had a daughter with mental & physical illness who has sapped our time & attn. I am hoping that now she is out of the house that we can get some marriage counseling.

  • Terri

    About 20 years ago, I heard a priest give a life-changing homily about Lent. He told us to think of Lent as a time of spiritual renewal; a 40-day Spiritual Retreat that we get to experience with the entire Church; and because retreats are meant to be a special time of grace and intimacy with God, that is what we could hope to expect for our Lenten Journey as well. The only thing that is required is that we do “our part” in order to receive this blessing – we have to give him our five loaves and two fish.

    This priest told us that the grace that God offers each one of us during Lent is the grace to grow in pure love by rooting out vice and growing in virtue. The means to this would be through a deeper intimacy with him. He suggested the following 3-Step Action Plan:

    1st Step: Spend some time in prayer asking God what it is that he would like to eliminate from our life – something that stands in the way of loving him & others more selflessly.

    2nd Step: Choose a virtue to work on that would help us in the battle against this vice or weakness.

    3rd Step: Choose one way to deepen our intimacy with God so that we could lean more on him for strength during this struggle.

    Redemptive Suffering – Allowing God to use our discomfort to help other people

    The priest also told us to “offer up” to God, as a prayer for others, the discomfort we experience as we struggle to eliminate this vice or weakness. This makes our struggle fruitful in two ways. First, when we “offer up” a difficulty to God – instead of succumbing to it – it is as if a wall has come down in our heart and we are giving him access to an area of our life that he was not able to come into before. Because he is present there now, we are not on our own and can draw from his strength and power to fight the difficulty. Second, now that he is present, so is his self-sacrificing love, which we can tap into in order to offer up the difficulty as a prayer of intercession for others. In other words, He is present in our difficulty – we are now yoked with him – so that we can not only bear it patiently, but, we can go even further, and offer it up as an act of love for others.

    After hearing this, I knew right away what God wanted me to do. I was a smoker at this time and I longed to be free of that addiction because it was definitely interfering in my role as a parent; but I also knew how difficult it was to quit. I had quit twice before only to start back up again.

    As Lent was approaching, I begged the Lord to help me with this. I made the resolution to grow in the virtue of self-denial and to attend daily Mass as often as possible because I knew I would need to stay very close to God in order to kick this habit. As the priest suggested, I also made the resolution to “offer up” each craving as it came, for a specific person.

    I will never forget what happened on Ash Wednesday. After I received Holy Communion, I had a thought enter my mind: “Your cravings will only last one minute.” I knew it was from God because up to that point I felt overwhelmed by the prospect of quitting because I thought that I would be craving cigarettes 24/7 for the rest of my life. The thought of each craving only lasting one minute gave me so much hope. As each craving came, I would watch the clock and, sure enough, each one was no more than 60 seconds; to top it off, the cravings came only about every 1.5-2 hours, which meant that in real time, I was craving a cigarette for a total of only 12-24 minutes each day instead of 24 hours continually.

    I wrote my prayer intentions down in a notebook and as each craving came I would mark an X on the calendar and offer that specific urge to smoke up for a prayer intention on the list. It was hard at first, but by attending daily Mass, I was strengthened in my resolve to persevere. So many of my prayer requests were answered in obvious ways and I knew that God was using my “suffering” (my unsatisfied cravings) as intercession for others. It was a living sacrifice (Hebrews 12:1). This brought me so much joy.

    Additionally, at the beginning of Lent, getting through each craving, one at a time, was all I could handle. I did not like the thought of never having another cigarette but by the end of Lent, I was thrilled by that prospect because God had even changed my desires. It has been 20 years and to this day, praise God, I have not had another cigarette. In John 8:36 he tells us that: “If the Son makes you free, you will be free indeed.”

    I don’t know for sure, because I am not a scientist or a medical professional, but maybe other addictive cravings that we experience are short-lived. Wouldn’t that make the prospect of breaking a bad habit or rooting out a sinful vice a little less intimidating?

    In summary – My 3-Step Plan for Lent (in 1997):
    Vice to root out: addiction to cigarettes (Fasting)
    Virtues to grow in: self-denial; intercession for others (Prayer & Almsgiving)
    Means: Union with Christ through frequent reception of Holy Communion; Redemptive Suffering (Prayer & Almsgiving)

    The Lents that have been the most fruitful for me personally are when I follow a 3-step plan like this instead of just a 40-day fast from something I will enjoy again when Lent is over.

    • Susan Henderson

      This is very excellent and what I will do.

  • Patty from Cedar City

    I am very restless & I ask all who read this to please pray for me🙏🏼✝️ I know God has a plan/purpose for me. Pray that I will listen, that I will be still & discern Gods will/plan for me…
    Amen ✝️🙏🏼
    Patty from Cedar City

  • Rebecca Leitman

    My first job was an Emergency Medical Technician (or EMT) with emergency services where I live. As much as I liked the work, I was having trouble adjusting to being around so many people, and eventually had to leave for a less stressful job. Just to get more experience working with people. I found part-time work as a CNA and in spite of some rough shifts, I enjoyed it. Almost a year later, I had to leave the CNA work for a full-time job elsewhere, and have been unhappy with it since. After a lot of thinking, prayer, and talking with friends and family, I’ve decided to renew my EMT certification and look for work in the medical field.

  • Today’s video kind of depresses me, honestly. I’ve felt restless and dissatisfied for a long time, but I can’t figure out how God is calling me through it. I feel stuck.

  • JayAW

    I’ve been unemployed for close to six years and haven’t been able to get hired anywhere. I’ve rewritten my resume many times over, took time to write a cover letter customized for the specific job I’m applying for, provided samples of the work I’ve done in my past jobs, secured the recommendations of high level references, and still I haven’t been hired for any of the hundreds of jobs I’ve applied for. Whenever I’ve had interviews, I’ve been told that I was a great interviewer, but someone else was chosen for the job. I went through a six month program to become a certified project manager, I’ve been gaining experience in public speaking, and still nothing has been working for me. Ive been praying and praying and talking to priests and still nothing. I’m beyond restless.

  • Erin O’Connor Killeen

    I am a empty nester and a mother of 4 adopted children . I feel very restless ,I don’t really know what my purpose is anymore. My children live in different states and don’t keep in contact with my husband and I very much at all. My daughter hasn’t been home in 2 years and won’t call or answer texts . My oldest who has two boys won’t even let me Skype or talk to my grandsons unless I beg. It breaks our hearts and that as parents not to be able to enjoy family gatherings or holidays and special times with our children . I volunteer and go to daily mass and try to keep busy but I just don’t feel fulfilled and I yearn to have contact and be a family again. . I thank God for my husband of 34 years and my faith in God but sometimes I just don’t know what it is God wants me to do with the rest of my life. I stayed home with my children and never had a career to go back to. Sometimes I feel lazy and that I should be doing more. I keep praying and asking for guidance and I have tried to let go and let God …. its a struggle .

  • Julie Welling

    I suffer with severe depression and 2 years ago my husband passed away. I had falllen away from the church. I changed parishes and love my new church. But when I lost my husband I lost a lot of friends (we had our own business and I sold it and people were mad at me for doing so) and what few friends I had left I pushed away. My new church is very large and I feel lost in the crowd. If feel so alone. I even yelled at my dog last night “I’d rather be dead than a widow!” He looked at me as though I lost my mind. I’ve read “Resisting Happiness” but I think I’m resisting life. I don’t want burden my kids with my sad feelings and my psychiatrist is working with me, but some days I don’t know what I’m doing. Some days I literally forget to pray and ask for help. I think I’ll put up PRAY signs on my doors to remind me to ask for God’s help more often during. May I ask for y’all prayers too?

  • Charles Shepard

    I really identify with the feelings Michael and his wife felt when they decided to join the Church. My experience with joining the Church started more precariously. I spent the first 58 years of my life denying God’s presence in my life, despite Him showing me me time and time again that He was watching over me, was speaking to me, and constantly forgiving me. Seven years ago, after a divorce and an annulment, I met the girl — a lapsed Catholic — who would become my wife and we began to share a house together. Everything was wonderful in our eyes.

    But something was missing and one spring Saturday while out working in the yard, it struck us both what it was: God. At that very it was as if He sent us message and asked us to take action: go to Mass the next morning. And we did. And it was a wonderful, loving experience. She was welcomed back to the Church and I was welcomed to join. In the process of talking with Father, however, it became obvious that we were living with each other even though we weren’t yet married. Father asked what seemed to be the impossible of us: be chaste for the year prior to our wedding. I was stunned at his outrageous request and totally dissatisfied with Father and the Church and with God, too. We assured him we would meet his request but, in my mind, I railed against his counsel and wondered how all these initial great feelings about coming to the Church could have turned into this frustrating situation. I began to think that maybe we just had started off with an overly restrictive Priest. Perhaps a more realistic Priest would see our predicament and be more reasonable. It took me several days to realize that the Priest was actually not asking anything of us but, rather, God was. God was actually reaching out and giving us an opportunity to not be dissatisfied with ourselves. God was letting us know how much we would regret and be dissatisfied with ourselves if we made decision to put each other’s earthly desires ahead of our spiritual aspirations. I realized how happy I had been at my very first Mass that God loved me and took me in — and how unhappy I would be forever if I turned my back to that by resisting God’s wish for us to be a best version of ourselves couple in His eyes. We did just as Father asked and had the best and most spiritually intimate year ever. We grew to know each other even better, respect each other even more, and at the end of the year, we had the most special wedding possible.

  • Steve

    I am lost and have no idea why… I go to Mass every Sunday and Wednesday night. I am very active in our Parish Ministries (Eucharistic Minister, RCIA, etc). I do sit with the Blessed Sacrament as often as possible and try to open myself to what the Lord is saying… but yet…. here I am… Lost and VERY RESTLESS! I read the comments and there are some with real issues that they are overcoming… I have the best wife a man could ask for… my job is lacking any real pleasure, but that is just my job. How do you overcome the restlessness?? Looks like this “Best Lent Ever” is exactly what I need this year…

  • Karen Juszczak Schroeder

    My restlessness is with my job. I keep thinking…there’s got to be something more than what I am currently been doing for the past 17 yrs. My job is very physically ans emotionally demanding and I keep thinking ” How am I going to survive this until I retire?”. This has been my great prayer for Lent. To hear what God wants me to .

  • Steve

    I am lost and have no idea why… I go to Mass every Sunday and Wednesday night. I am very active in our Parish Ministries. I do sit with the Blessed Sacrament as often as possible and try to open myself to what the Lord is saying… but yet…. here I am… Lost and VERY RESTLESS! I read the comments and there are some with real issues that they are overcoming… I have the best wife a man could ask for… my job is lacking any real pleasure, but that is just my job. How do you overcome the restlessness?? Looks like this “Best Lent Ever” is exactly what I need this year…

  • Peggy

    I keep thinking of what my life could have been if I made different choices way back when but I am working very hard on my relationship with God. I know I need to live in the moment and be happy. I thank God for all he has given me.

  • Andy Bunting

    I was in a job for 13 years where I felt restless. I remember once being sent on a course and the only thing I remember from it was one of the course leaders saying that if you are not happy with the way an organisation works, you’re unlikely to be able to change it and the only thing to do was get out. I prayed that God would lead me to something more fulfilling and He did, and I’m sure He will for you too, Karen!

  • robert hemhauser

    The something missing in my life is my wife. She passed from cancer 7 months ago today and tomorrow will be our 37th wedding anniversary. I wish I knew what God wants from me

  • Erin Saunders

    I had a restlessness in my soul that led me to discover my birth family–I’m adopted. I discovered my father and two full brothers! It has been such a fulfilling journey–completing a piece of me! Only with that restlessness could this blessing have happened!!

  • Kathryn Caputo

    My husband and I married almost 41 years. We are childless. No reason found after several years. We were told he with another woman and me with another man would be a different situation. We immediately agreed that we would be the best couple we could be. If God wanted us to have children, they would come. After we purchased our first home, we became involved with our church. It was a busy time, but we felt like second-class people. Everyone had children. We soon faded away. I went back to school. We spent more hours working, finding things to do and being with friends and family. Our only time with our Church community was Mass on Sunday and it was no more than in or out. Restlessness was part of our lives. Vacations, movies, dinners–nothing filled the void. Finally as we neared the new century, our parish began a Renew 2000 program. We were invited to attend. We attended with much reservation, but found ourselves with a very mixed group of individuals who were loving and freely exchanged their thoughts and views of their lives and faith. We slowly found ourselves longing to become involved in our parish community again. My husband found a men’s group and I found a ladies group. Before long we were involved in co-ed parish projects. Our restlessness faded and our parish community became our loving second-family. We recently retire and moved out of State. While our time right now is settling into our new environs, we are slowly becoming involved with our parish community. I see the restlessness starting up again and I find myself asking God “Where do you want us to be? What do you want us to do? Who do you want us to help” I have complete faith that God is slowly leading us down the path where we should be.

  • Trevor Pelkey

    Throughout high school, I have been restless over how shy and antisocial I could be at times. Deep within myself, I had this desire to connect with the people around me and be a leader in my school. Instead of ignoring this restlessness, I decided to take action. I stepped out of my comfort zone and became the more outgoing person that I wanted to be. A meaningful relationship with the people in my community was missing, and now that it has been found, I feel so much more fulfilled. Do I still need to keep working on myself? Of course! However, I am one step closer to being the person I know God wants me to be, and that means a LOT.

  • Steven Sisman

    I feel restlessness when I get home from a day at work, do everything to help out with the kids and family and feel like something is missing. In the past I’ve tried to fill that feeling with food, TV, or more work but always feel empty and get to sleep only after exhaustion.

    Going through this lent together with my spouse has made me realize my heart is and will be restless until it rests in you Lord. When I overcome that resistance towards resting with God and spend time with Him at night, I have no trouble getting to sleep and find it easier to feel at peace about, well everything. And my restlessness subsides.

    That’s how restlessness pushed me to become a better version of myself.

  • Babciamel

    I was a single parent with two teens and just a high school education. As a result was stuck with minimum wage jobs and needed assistance from Social Services (Welfare) At the time that I was a data entry operator, a job that was so boring that they allowed us to wear headsets and listen to music if we had the equipment. All day long I entered code numbers and credit charges that were sent to the bank by merchants. I worked 3 full days a week and supplemented my income by cleaning houses on Thursdays. After six years of this, I decided I would go stark raving mad if something didn’t change. A friend that worked for Social Services told me that I could go to college and get full Welfare benefits while I completed a two year degree. So, I quit my job, and started at our local Community College. I graduated with a 4.0 GPA and was offered a Presidential Scholarship from a local Catholic University. Social Services required that I go in for a job readiness interview with them, as they only allowed a two year degree. When my interviewer saw my transcripts and saw my scholarship award, he said he would burry my work requirement while I attended the university. He said there was no way he could justify “the system” holding me back from my full potential. Yes, I put in an extreme amount of time; but I figured since I had quit my job, being the best student I could be was now my job and obligation. Once again, I graduated with a 4.0. This opened up a whole new world of opportunities for me. It always amazes me how God blesses me far more than I could ever deserve.

  • Ron

    Missing in my life a lack of another person a spouse to share time, talent, gifts, prayer, faith, joy, happiness, brokenness…you name it.

    • Gumbo Lilly

      Be patient. God has a plan for you. Allow him to lead you…..

  • Barbara

    I have recently lost my husband and several close family members and close friends. It is easy to put on a happy face to the world and just as easy to wallow away my time (when alone) grieving the loss. I made up my mind (with the help of God) to put my heart and soul into making this the “best Lent ever” by taking the focus off myself and focusing on God to be a better person and recognize that I am still here for a reason–God has plans for me and it’s my responsibility to find out what they are and stop feeling sorry for myself.

  • Lisa

    I caution my children over and over how addicting these computers can be. From social media to stupid mind-numbing games. I, too, find myself grabbing that stupid piece of technology when I can’t settle my mind and worries are taking over. The restlessness in my mind would be better served by speaking with God in prayer and then doing what he is prompting me, instead of vegetating in my chair.

  • Rae S

    Restless about balance. Things get sideways and resetting makes me restless.

  • Nicole M.

    My restlessness comes from being too distracted and too busy. I am constantly on the go and when I’m not, and I have a couple minutes to spare, I find myself indulging in social media. I want to be able to use those extra minutes of my day to say a prayer to God or talk to a family member or friend. My ultimate goal is to spend as much time with God as I can, because I know with him in my life, I become a way better version of myself.

  • Cindy Leslie

    My restlessness has been not being married and being loved back by a nice guy. Since I’ve never been married before and being in my fifties I felt this to be difficult over the years. However perhaps God has other ideas for me or maybe he wanted me to wait. I don’t know. I will continue to pray and discern. Please pray for me.

  • Amy

    Yes, I can recall a time it did. I was in the midst of my separation and divorce from my husband. I did not like the person I had become. I was empty and like the gentlemen in the video, God was not in our lives. We believed but did not act on it. I attended an ACTS retreat and that was the moment it changed for me. I am looking for that again.

  • Fred Del Guidice

    My Restlessness revolves around having the desire to promote the healing sacrament of Reconciliation but not knowing how to get the message out. I have had the opportunity to do talks as a team member of Catholics
    Returning Home but believe God wants me to do more and I desire that too. I was away from the Church for 27 years but desire to bring as many folks back home to the Lord as possible!

  • Jeannie

    Thank you for expressing dissatisfaction is good and through emotional moments good or bad God is speaking through those moments. What’s missing in my life or dissatisfied is going to church and connect with believers. Also I’m oldie find myself financially worse. I don’t have the energy for 2 jobs because I have to have time for my own recovery addiction (meetings) fellowship and helping another suffering addict. However we are suggested to always thank HIM every night for what HE has provided that day. When I look back GOD always been with me dude by side. I like to just commit connecting with HIM reading scriptures and applying them to my life.

    • Christopher Jachulski

      Amen from a member of OA HOW. 10 years of recovery and thinking about starting a meeting. God bless you in your recovery!

  • Arturo de la Cerda

    I am 29 year old cradle Catholic with quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy. I’ve been blessed to go beyond many doctors expectations, including going beyond a community college education. Starting in 2014 my power wheelchair started to die and this took a tremendous toll on not just my academia, but self-esteem. This occurred as I was also in my senior year at university, preparing to graduate with my B.A. in Political Science. I was eventually disqualified from attending my university after the spring 2015 semester. The university allowed me to appeal my disqualification, but unfortunately it was denied. Six months later I was told I can go back to the university, if I provided proof that I had circumstances beyond my control that lead to my academic downfall. At that time I was still without a functioning power wheelchair, and decided not to attempt to get back into the university until I had a new power wheelchair. I prayed day and night that I would receive a power wheelchair soon. I thought once I got my new power wheelchair this sense of emptiness and distraught would go away once I received a new power wheelchair. On Feb. 28, 2017 I finally received my new power wheelchair, yet I still had that emptiness and feeling of distraught in me. Tomorrow (March 8, 2017) I have a meeting with my university’s department chairman I will present him with the evidence that I was told back in 2016 I would need to enroll back into the university to finish my units towards my B.A. in Political Science. Thank you for listening, God bless.

    • Jules

      Arturo, God bless you for not giving up!! I wil pray for you tomorrow that your meeting will be a success!! Your amazing!

  • Sandy Zabierowsky

    Who can rest on their laurels Cesar ? As the mother of an addict, you have accomplished a monumental choice of life over substance. You know what struggle is !!! You know what freedom is and above all, You’ve put yourself in God’s Hands. Congratulations!!! You are in my prayers.

  • Emma Spaulding

    Lately I have felt like I can do better things with my spare time especially. That is why this Lent I gave up Netflix and have a goal to do more productive things and grow in my faith. I always had this feeling that something was missing in my life and tried it fill it with Earthly things, but those are only temporarily and I am looking for something that is going to last. That is why I will continue watching these videos during Lent and find that something missing within Jesus.

  • Mary

    I have been married for 50 years. He went to the bar every night and I raised three kids and got them thru college. They are married now and I adore my grandkids. Back to the start now he is home and sick and I have a hard time listening to him put everyone down and everything is bad. I hate being with him. Please give me strength

    • Christopher Jachulski

      If he’s still drinking may I humbly suggest Al Anon meetings. They helped me with my son. God’d peace be with you.

  • Eileen

    I am in a constant state of restlessness – asking God – what is my purpose here? I was an RN – and felt a certain degree of sacrifice to the need of the sick – and it felt like a calling or a purpose – Gods plan – I get called the glue of my family – and sometimes think that’s my purpose- I am a liberal amongst conservatives – and sometimes I think my mouth is Gods plan … but I’m 54 and travel weekly in Clinical Research-and see friends and family on weekends, fit charity of spirit and $$ in everywhere I can – but still am restless waiting for some kind of sign … and I think I’m being shown – I just don’t know it … what does that mean?

  • Judy

    Has restlessness ever pushed you to become a-better-version-of-yourself?

    In early 1982, I went to see a priest because I thought something was wrong with my marriage. I needed direction. After listening to my story, and asking me deeply personal probing questions, he learned I was in a very abusive marriage. He told me to get a divorce before Mark killed me, my daughter, or both of us. Stunned, I ask him, “Are you sure you’re a priest? I didn’t think that was part of our religion.” He assured me he was a priest. He told me God created me to enjoy life, not live in fear of it. When abuse controls the environment, everything becomes toxic. Still, it took my nine months to put his plans into action. That was November 20, 1982. God has since led me on an incredible journey of self-love, redemptive healing, and amazing spiritual growth. And when I was finally “approachable” in God’s eyes, he had Dave enter my life in April 1989. That was an incredible 28 years ago. We will soon celebrate 27 years of sacramental matrimony in the Church. God keeps me on an untiring journey of self-discovery, deepening relationships with him, his Son, the Holy Spirit, and our Blessed Virgin Mary. I see God’s fingerprints all over – in the goodness of my life and the heartaches too. God is love, and he created me to be the best version of myself with his loving kindness.

  • patti hager

    Yes, I want to do more in the church. I want to help people fine God again.

  • Karen

    Greg, my husband is the pot smoker in our family. He has done it and many other things in our 26+ years of marriage. He even got fired from a job he had for almost 19 years for smoking pot. It does mellow him out at times, but I know it leads to other harder drugs with him. Because this stands between us, I know there is something missing. I have finally just put it in God’s hands and try to make it not my problem.

  • Osler Rivas

    The state of restlessness has been the dominating factor for majority of my life. This has made me into a person who had no long-lasting relationships, and resulted to enormous problems in my life which I never saw coming or never paid attention to it. Because of these I have been through stretches in my life where you’d never expect a reasonable person to be mired into. Just as restlessness has pushed me into a disastrous life it also opened up a room of hope, which was utterly new to me. This only happened after I have reached the very bottom of despair. At first I could not tell whether it was despair I was feeling or was it something else. I started to talk to God even if He did not seem to respond to me. Instead, it was during this time that I have lost my parents in a span of 1 year. It was rock-bottom. I stopped all my religious exercises. Then, a new Christian minister came into the picture. In retrospect, I realize that it was around that time that restlessness was pushing me further away from my self-destructive life and into one of solitude and peace, into God.

  • Tom Daener

    One thing I really get unhappy with is my singleness. I hate it. I’m 29 years old and can’t undersand why God hasn’t brought a girl into my life. I’m sick of seeing everyone else around me so happy and in love..especially when they’re alot younger than me. I get so mad that I just wanna hit someone right in the face. It really make me angry

    • Jules

      It takes a lot of guts to write how you truly feel. It’s great to hear that you want to have a girlfriend to share your time with. Perhaps God’s plan for you is to discover your best version of yourself through this lent project and lead you to a woman who is the best version of herself so you can both live out his amazing plan together. God is great and I will pray that you find a beautiful, loving companion like yourself.

      • Tom Daener


  • I think it is now–restlessness with a sense of justice. I seem to be being driven by an urge to resist what I see happening in the United States; the bigotry, the hate, etc.

    People forget, Jesus was a radical for his day.

  • Rae Mims

    It’s funny because I always thought that being dissatisfied was bad. I was supposed to have joy and be positive all the time. That just really is not me. I will say that restlessness has made be push myself in alot of ways. I can say for sure at work. I sometimes feel the need to prove myself so badly but also I feel like I want to do something else. I am restless about how I look/my body. I am restless about where I live – though very nice it does not have enough room for my needs – a bigger kitchen, a separate dining room to invite people over. I am restless about not being able to see the world due to finances. It does spur me in a way. It makes me work harder.

    • Jules

      Rae, I love your honesty! I always felt that way too, that it was bad to feel dissatisfied. But I guess we can look at it a whole new way now! Thanks gor your post, it really helped me. God Bless.

  • Della Nestor Garrity

    After reading responses( which I truly appreciate) I need to”live in the Moment”, not in the past and not so concerned about the future….. Live in the present which is said, That is why it is called “The Present “

  • M

    “Our hearts are restless, until they rest in You.” St Augustine

  • catherine

    I just lost my dear husband of 40 years. I am at lost ,
    I do not know what to do? I pray God to find my way. I am broken i do not know where to start please God help me!

    • Elizabeth Riley

      It’s tough losing someone that you love. Especially after you’ve been together for so long. God is always by your side and reaching out His hand to you. You just have to look and see it in the little things.

    • Laura

      I’m sorry for your loss. You will get through this and God is with you holding your hand. I find at difficult moments, it helps to repeat the words Jesus gave to St. Faustina, “Jesus, I Trust in You” (to help me through this). God bless you. I will pray for you.

  • Elizabeth Riley

    Being restless with not having a job or sitting around all day doing nothing I felt restless. But turning to God in my greatest need has helped me settle down and recognize ways I cannot live without Him. There are times when I am still restless because I have nothing planned to do but in those times I can do a worthwhile project like rosaries or just sit in the chapel at my school where I know that I am welcome to enter.

    • catherine

      Dear Elizabeth Thank you for kind words God bless you always

  • Jules

    Yes, being restless has led me to being the best version or becoming a better version because recently I have been asking God to show me what path I need to be on. He has led me to deepening my relationship with friends and family, giving me this amazing lent program, and my new on fire desire to be with him 💯%
    I just hope I can stay on track consistently !

  • Tom K

    I have been restless (bothered0 in recent times that I simply am missing something by not participating in my parish the way I should. After so many years of remaining an isolated individual, I have been feeling I am not living to my potential to join in and give more of myself. It will be hard but I am taking steps and need to keep pushing myself more and more into opportunities.

  • Maureen Dritsan

    The Church is so fortunate to have Michael Flanagan and his wife as members. I was particularly moved by this reflection. What a beautiful sharing of a young couple making the decision to address their restlessness and yearning for something more ~ thank you for sharing this personal spiritual awakening. I’m certain your decision will positively impact many others. God bless you and your family.

  • Dorothy Infante

    When I came to the US in 2011 and started working here, I must say that it drastically help my family back home from an economic perspective. However, on a personal note I feel that I lost connection to the world where I used to live in. The physical presence of friends, the everyday trip to the Blessed Sacrament, the simple conversation in the hallway of our work building that created everlasting friendships. I have a wonderful family, near or far but I still feel that something is missing. My daily routine consists of waking up in the morning, say my little pray, 10-minute exercise, breakfast, shower, and then go to work. Back home in the afternoon, tend to household activities, do my homework for my school and then sleep. Everyday I do this and I sometimes I asked myself why am I doing all these and what is in store for me for doing these? But at the end of the day, as I lay on my bed with my dead tired body I feel God’s embrace and this embrace is an assurance of Him saying “good job, my child you will always have my back, so please do not worry”.
    Let us open our hearts to the Lord and surrender him all the pieces, it may be cliché sounding but I guarantee you it is all worth it, He will carry your heavy load.

  • Fr. Bob

    Have you ever wondered who preaches to the priest? You do. Even though you are each at various stages of your journey every single comment above is a sign of God living in you. Sometimes I get almost overwhelmed at the quiet holiness of God’s people. May God bless you for you in your have truly blessed me. Thank- you from a small town pastor.

  • Mobo

    Restlessness to be the best version of myself. As I sit and think about that I get tears in my eyes. It makes me wonder who am I? Who does God want me to be? What am I supposed to do with my life? I do feel restlessness but I’m not sure why or what I’m supposed to do. I dislike working where I work. I wake up in the morning waking up with dread that I need to go to work again. I drag my feet getting ready and sometimes get angry with my children. I 💖 What I do, but hate the little respect that I get. Somedays I leave with such a headache 🤕 and others I leave wanting to cry. So, how do you change this? In my career choice finding a job is difficult. So, what is God trying to tell me?

    • Thomas

      I was the same way. When I started a new job back in Oct 2015 I liked it. After a year and a half I began to hate my job. So I finally did something about it. I’ve got a new job lined up starting this April. Just remember God is with you through everything, the good times and the bad. He will never leave you astray. Just listen to him and he will show you the path.

  • Cecilia villalva

    I have metastatic breast cancer that’s has spread to numerous areas in my bones. For a moment I cried to God and kept asking him why me? What did I do to deserve this again? Just when I lost my faith in him, he answered my prayers. I now know he gives me the strongest obstacles to challenge because he knows I will somehow pull through.

  • Pat

    Life is precious and beautiful;certainly at times very difficult. But having Jesus in our life is amazing and makes our journey able to endure regardless of the challenges. As a caregiver and working woman, it is not easy care for elderly Dad suffering from heart disease and not able to let go his alcohol dependence. I pray to Our Lord, St Jude, Our Blessed Mother and Our Lady undoer of Knots so I may find strength each day and that my Dad can turn his dependence completely to Jesus and not give up on hope ever. This Lent I feel Our Lord is certainly who is carrying my Cross down Via Dolorosa. All Glory and Honor to Him! Thank you Jesus!

  • Margo

    Whoa! There are 366 comments. The ones that I have read deal with care for the elderly or special needs children. It seems the previous Best Lent Ever offering dealt with this a great deal as well. My situaltion is different. I do rejoice and appreciate the things that make me happy like my job and sports. But like many people, I have family issues that are like fingernails on a blackboard. And these family members are church going Christians, too!!But I will think about a previous entry where Matthew talks about “possibility”. It is my only way of coping, to believe there is a possible solution. Perhaps not one that is 100%, but a doable one. What is missing is complete trust in God. Not always easy. I will keep my eyes peeled for those “possibility” bubbles.

  • Kim M

    Yes, Michael my restlessness has moved me to be persistent. To be the squeaky wheel! The Holy Spirit was in my heart and my heart cause this persistence to exist for something I felt a need for deep in my heart. That feeling is Real! Don’t ever ignore that feeling! It is powerful and from God! God Bless!!!

  • Theresa Birdsey

    I struggle everyday with a longing to find peace with myself. Because of being my daughters caretaker, I find it difficult to attend mass regularly and participate in many opportunities my parish offers to become a better catholic. I miss mass and feel empty without regular attendance of mass. God helps me with this void by helping me understand that at this time I am doing what He wants me to do and I know that this is for now and not forever. I love you Jesus!

  • Mary

    Restlessness has led me to stop being afraid of discerning vocation to religious or consecrated life. Watching brothers and sisters around me, feeling so connected with their vocation stories, and just being involved in social justice and service in general always made me feel like i needed to discern. I ignored the feeling for 3.5 years in college, but it was restlessness that drove me to a mission trip in which i finally got the support group, the prayer tools and the spiritual direction I needed to start discerning. I dont know if this is the life I will live in the future, but finally giving it a try has made me more at peace, more aware of my emotions and even more involved in my home catholic/social justice community given the relationships I have formed with sisters and consecrated people I have met. Overall, my life has honestly become more wholesome since I started discerning even though I don’t know yet if this is my true calling. And i think this goes for everyone in general. Discerning is an everyday thing we as Catholics should practice. Listening to God’s will for our lives is for everyone, regardless of the vocation we feel called to. Building this intimate relationship with God is critical for our essence as practicing, dynamic Catholics.

  • Zoe

    OH, THIS is…..WOW! The past 24 hours of my life has been MISERABLE. So….Here’s a brief timetable, for anyone who will INDULGE me….Check this out! So….I was in our local BARNES & NOBLE, about 4 hours ago. I went in, after I saw a lady go in, with a DOG. My passion is animals….I went in, in the hopes of petting the dog. I ALSO went in because I was getting REALLY COLD. I had been out in the car for TWO HOURS, waiting for my Husband. I chose to wait out in the car because I was TIRED and I was actually grateful for the quiet time to pray and NAP! I asked God to speak to me in my dreams. He didn’t, but when I woke up and I was COLD, I saw the lady with the dog…..As I was walking through the store, looking for the dog and hoping to find my Husband too (eventually), I SWEAR, I found myself saying OUT LOUD….”Something is missing. Something is missing from my life….I think it’s my DAUGHTER. I really miss her.” Lately, I’ve been feeling so much RAGE and depression. What could God be trying to tell me, in my rage and depression?

  • Glen Arcalas

    The restlessness helps me break the norm for myself and try new things. It’s a constant reminder of who I am and when I move into areas of uncomfortable I realize who I am and add more to know I’ve tried and gave life a chance to see if that is a part of me. so every so often move to answer the calling and pray that it is GODs will to learn and grow.

  • Scott Sowers

    Sometimes through darkness and comes light and answers.

  • Carole

    I am restless about my church community. It could be so much better. We are in the midst of many changes, but we don’t know if these changes are actually meeting our goals. There is a huge Desire for community, but the “inner circle” still rules, without input from the community.

  • Laura

    When I’m feeling restless or anxious, it usually means for me that Jesus is calling me to a closer union with him. I’m fortunate that my parish has 24 hour Eucharistic adoration. I spend the time in prayer and gratitude, and sometimes just sit in silence and welcome his presence and peace. Thank you Jesus for calling me closer to you. You said to your apostles, “my peace I give you, my peace I leave with you”. I always find peace in you.

  • Julie

    Restlessness has pushed me to grow closer to God in the last year and I am forever grateful for it.

  • Maria

    YEP. I’ve felt many times that I wasn’t putting enough effort into growing in my faith. I felt particularly dissatisfied that I hardly made any time to read more books to help build up my knowledge of the spiritual life. When I finally took the first step to satisfying this desire, I’ve felt more and more whole inside ever since. Some days it feels like I’m bubbling up with joy and peace and I think to myself, “Why did I not do this sooner?”

  • K

    yes, restlessness has pushed me to exercise more and to push myself through tough workouts.

  • Carol

    Didn’t receive today’s email? Anyone else missing day 7?

  • Lori Grajek

    Recently when my Mom died (December) I was devestated by the thought that I hadn’t been very supportive in the last 5 years. I had been blind about her declining health because she was always busy taking care of others and never asked for anything for herself. While I wish she had been more assertive, I feel God showed me that my busy-ness in helping everyone but her was my way of :helping” her. It made me much more eager to read between the lines with other friends and family so that next time I won’t miss the signs. It was a very humbling experience.

  • Debra Kyser

    After feeling like something was missing for months about 2 yrs. ago, I encountered a book called Searching for Sunday. This Episcopal woman goes through the Sacraments and it gets me thinking, just maybe it was the Eucharist I was missing, as I had been going to an Evangelical church. Sure enough, it was just going to the Catholic church once and I knew. It is important to listen to listen to what your heart is telling you. Interesting how the Lord used a Episcopal woman’s book to let me know what was missing, and then I acted on what I read.

  • Stanley Elfrink

    Are hearts are restless until they rest in you, Oh Lord!

  • Lauren Edelen

    I was unhappy for a long time after my husband and I got married. I thought for a while that it was him or our relationship. There were times that I thought, maybe I was not meant to be married. I grew up in a very faith filled home. I had a relationship with Jesus and I prayed often and loved going to mass. Then one day I remembered that I had a book called Rediscover Catholicism. I started reading it and everything began to make sense again. I felt happier because my attitude and my prayer life changed in remarkable ways. I changed my way of thinking and began reading spiritual books about my faith constantly. Now about a year later I can say that I feel transformed as a Catholic Christian. My faith is alive in me and I have been able to love my family and my husband better.

  • Sarena

    I can remember times when my Mom would be driving with the radio on and for some reason, a particular lyric would catch my attention. The lyric would just stand out no matter what and if would match up to what I was going through at the time. I always believed these were God’s messages to me. I believe really placing my faith first was what was missing and I’m learning to do that more. I believe strengthening that part of my life will help me live my best life and help me be the best overall person I can be.

  • Kay

    Sometimes I cannot name what that restlessness IS – I just know it is there. Sometimes I try to fill it with material things but it only temporarily satisfies things; What will REALLY satisfy that restlessness and how can I discern what it is?

  • Angela M. Williams

    Restlessness pushes me to try to learn something new….I still don’t know EXACTLY what I am restless about – but I know I start to feel agitated, annoyed, irritated, indifferent and intolerant very quickly. In the past, I always returned to school for an academic degree or certification to calm my restlessness – but – it seemed to still leave that God-sized hole….so – this time – when my ex started trying to ruin my life again – I immediately thought – what could I do with God’s blessing to purge me of victimization. I REALLY thought I would need an exorcism my ex is so evil…we were not married in the Church – and maybe that was the blessing and the curse – but I felt the first step was to petition for a declaration of nullity. I have encountered some frustration and barriers that are making me restless – BUT – I also am dedicating my Lent to truly purge and purify. This “Best Lent Ever” program is a first step, I moved to a beautiful new city by the beach, became a member of a new parish and have renewed my energy and spirit for reconciliation, rosary, Adoration prayer and journaling. In just a few short weeks I have met some very understanding and supportive clergy, I am being introduced to some ministries to become more involved in and I have even met some really nice new people at work.

  • Michele Garces-Warner

    I feel restless with our struggle with infertility. My husband and I have been married 9 years and even though we continue to have hope and faith that God will bless us with a miracle, its hard for me to completely shake the restlessness and fear that it may never happen for us.

  • Theresa DeGraffenreid

    I love the little nuggets of personal info you give us about the staff members lives! Thank you

  • Jessica

    God called me a while back to start my own business, but I was working outside the home plus we have 2 children still at home plus housework and cooking still needing to be done. So I put it off. I thought to myself, as soon as I am able to quit my job I’ll pursue God’s calling. I get reminded of His call to me daily! Well, Dec 30th of this past year was supposed to be my last day at work and on Dec 28th, my dad died unexpectedly. Then, my health started going down and I am still reminded every day of my calling. I know life isn’t going to stop so I can get a grip on things or I’ll be able to fully catch up around the house from it being neglected for so long, BUT, I can’t seemake to just go for it as God has called me. I KNOW that if I just trust Him and do it, things will work out and I will receive the blessings He has for me there, and this is the dissatisfaction of my life at this moment.

  • sandra hamilton

    I am restless in my career and really want to devote my time and talent to service.But of course am struggling with letting go of all the years and energy I put into my business.I am having a battle with letting that go and also the income.I am hoping this restless will push me to a better version.

  • Anne Parry

    I am a recovering alcoholic and have 30 years of sobriety. I stay sober a day at a time with God’s help. Through prayer and meditation I can talk to God and ask him to help me with my problems or whatever is going on in my life.. Also writing and talking about it with another person you trust can help you. Alcoholics Anoymous, a 12 step program, helps me stay sober. Working with other alcoholics on staying sober and working the 12 steps, really helps. There is also a Narcotics Anonymous program that is also 12 step related.

  • Chantelle

    This year I signed for so many things, that now I am stretched much to thin. I felt restless, so I translated that (incorrectly) into boredom. I now realize that I wasn’t listening to God’s plan, I was just making my own, and in doing so I’m so busy that I fall into bed each night so tired from the days events that I often don’t pray. I am slowly listening to what God’s telling me more and more, and I realize exactly how much he talks to me, if I only listen.

  • Brett

    This lesson hit me hard today. I’m in the process of moving, and I’ve been asking all around for opinions and advice – friends, parents, co-workers, job recruiters, etc…. guess Who is the only one I haven’t been asking?

    Independence and self-sufficiency have their place in a person’s life, but if their worth becomes greater than God’s worth, they become a stumbling block.

  • Patricia Zeferjahn

    Becoming a better version of ones self doesn’t rest on what we can do. It’s all about who you are and who’s you are. If we are looking to please man we will always be striving. If we are looking to please God we will rest in intimate relationship with him. Everything else flows from that relationship.

  • Alcide Bouchard

    The good Lord has freed me from addictions, but I know that I’m still only ‘mostly free’ from those destructive habits. I’m only as free as my willingness to serve Him according to His plan for my life. I’ve come to realize that my happiness is linked to a sincere effort to introduce others to Jesus. As long as I do that EVERY day, I am filled with peace, love, and joy, and I enjoy my work and relationships and volunteering etc… When I give in to resistance, like giving in to small cravings like food, movies, sleep, I start to feel dissatisfied, and then I start to crave the more serious addictions again, which makes me run back to confession.

  • Jo

    I like the part about not pretending to be satisfied if you’re not.

  • Maureen Gomes

    There are many forms of addiction we all deal with and or.Yes happy in the moment.Turning to God in Prayer i feel is the best step one could take.Reading the comments truly shows faith & love of God.Continue to reach out for God help.Strength & trust & pray for our Lord will guide all.God Bless

  • Jim Crants

    I’ve been restless about my job for years, and I’ve assumed that meant I needed a new job, which I planned to pursue as soon as I had enough achievements in my present position to be able to find something better. Today, I saw Jack Beers’ video (Day 10) about playing for the love of the game versus playing out of fear of failure. I think my dissatisfaction at work has to do with that. It’s not that my current job is bad, but that I’ve been too cautious and afraid to take initiative in doing more in this position than what’s expected of me. I’ve been doing what I need to do to check all the boxes to avoid failure, but I haven’t been playing for the love of the game and trying to do anything risky and exciting and beyond the job description.

  • J Schodron

    God speaks to us always. Even during the times when we feel broken he is sending a message. I have found that by spending more time in prayerful thinking I realize what I need.