March 08: The Big Question

Day 7

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One of the key moments in my life was when I was around 15 years old. I was sitting in church, and I was struggling with something. And I stumbled upon the question, “God what do you think I should do in this situation?” And it really became a turning point in my life.

I call it the big question: “God what do you think I should do?”

I think it’s a question that we don’t ask anywhere near as often as we should. I think very often we ask the wrong people for advice.

When we’re struggling with something in our lives, or when we really have a decision to make, I think very often we go to people who know almost nothing about nothing and we ask them what they think we should do, rather than going to the one who has the answer to every question and saying, “Hey God,
what do you think I should do?”

If I could only do one thing, if I had to narrow everything I do down to one thing . . . if Dynamic Catholic could only do one thing, if we had to narrow everything we do down to one thing . . . I would teach people how to develop a daily habit of prayer.

It’s the whole ball game. A lot of other things will come from that, but without that, a lot of other things will never come at all. They’ll never develop.

If you really want to grow spiritually, if you really want to have a better life, if you really want to have a better marriage, be a better parent, whatever it is that’s important in your life . . . if you really want it to change, and grow, and be transformed, I’m telling you, develop a daily habit of prayer. It’s the thing. And you know what? We resist it.

Man, do we resist it. We find excuse, after excuse, after excuse, after excuse. We find excuses. We’ve got so many excuses about why we can’t pray daily, why we can’t pray at the same time every day or in the same place every day. Very often I encourage people to stop by their church—spend a few minutes. There’s something very, very powerful about spending a few minutes in a quiet, empty church.

People say, “Oh I’m real busy and I can’t do that.”

“What about once a week, could you do once a week?”

“Well I don’t know, I’ve got a lot of things going on and . . . ”

If I put a thousand dollars in cash in an envelope, and stuffed it in the song book in the seventh row on the left-hand side of the church, and told you I’d put the same thousand dollars there every Thursday, all you have to do is stop by and spend ten minutes in prayer, when’s the next time you think you’d miss a Thursday?

You see, everything’s a matter of priorities. Everything’s a matter of priorities.

We do the things that we believe are most important.

The problem is, sometimes we’re confused about what’s most important.

Prayer, daily prayer. Create a habit.

It’s different for different people. I’m not going to say you have to do this, I’m not going to say you have to do that.

I do know, if you’re really trying to do it for the first time, The Prayer Process is very, very, very powerful.

But create a habit of prayer, it’ll change your life. And it will increase your ability to fight resistance.

But, beware. You will experience more resistance around trying to create a daily habit of prayer than anything else.

Resistance will do everything within its power to stop you from establishing a daily habit of prayer because resistance knows that if you create this daily habit of prayer, resistance is in big trouble.

“The moment we open ourselves up to God’s plans is the moment miracles begin to happen in our lives.”

Matthew Kelly, Resisting Happiness

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Prayer changes everything, and nothing ever really changes until we give daily prayer a place in our lives.


Ask God for his advice. Take 10 minutes sometime today to sit with him in silence. Present to him the biggest question you are struggling with at this time in your life and ask, “God, what do you think I should do?”


God, what do you think I should do?

Today’s personal reflection features Dynamic Catholic team member Sue Zdinak. Sue is our junior database administrator, coming to us from Cincinnati, Ohio. Sue has been married to the love of her life for 40 years, is a huge Cincinnati sports fan, and believes that if there is no beach it is not a vacation.

How has prayer impacted your life?

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  • Marilyn

    Today is the 47th Anniversary of the day I married my soulmate. Eleven years ago he went to his rest in Heaven and I’m sure is with God and watching over all of us. The month after he died, our daughter suffered a miscarriage. My prayers told me my husband now had a grandchild in Heaven; then, a year later our
    daughter delivered a daughter who is the essence of my husband. She is an old soul, she looks like her
    grandfather, and I am sure their souls crossed paths. Prayer is a constant in my life and it comforts me
    all the time, but the best time I appreciate prayer is when someone asks me to pray for something in particular, because they believe I have a connection with God. People tell me I have such an acceptance of God’s will that it must be because my prayers are answered. The real answer is I do have the gift of faith and live in the Spirit every moment of every day and believe that the reward of Jesus dying for us is what is the ultimate goal of my life, eternal life with God. Daily prayer is like calling home. Call your Father often.

    • Pete


      • Patricia

        Marilyn, Thank you for this, bought tears to my eyes!

    • Denise Barbieri

      Wonderfully said! I too pray everyday in the morning and throughout the day. I feel God as my companion throughout the day. Through prayer I feel his nudging me to the path He wants for me. Over the years He has changed me oh so gently and I look back and say, “Wow I’m not struggling with that anymore.” or people tell me you are so patient, I say, “When did I become more patient? Prayer is powerful!

      • Annette

        Thank you so much for sharing your prayer life! I feel the exact same way…can’t start my day with without Jesus!

      • Maria Vaccaro-Sardos

        Thank you that’s how I feel but I’m not very good st expressing myself in words and writing them down.

    • Joy

      Thank you for sharing that Marilyn, and God Bless your heart!

      • Dorothy Cabral

        Wow Marilyn, you really touched my heart. Pray has always been A significant part of my life. I tried to pray daily and for the most part I did but not always with complete understanding of God’s will. 10 months ago I was diagnosed with stage four non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma I remember being so upset and couldn’t believe that God allowed this to happen in my life. I felt like I always tried to be a good Catholic and somehow God has let me down and allowed this disease to take over my life. I was angry to say least. I thank God that I had such a wonderful relationship with my dad, he was a very spiritual man who prayed and attended mass daily. He had such faith in the good Lord, he would always tell me no matter what dilemma I face in life that it’s “thy will not your will” and that I needed to let go and let God handle it. It wasn’t till my diagnosis that this really made any sense to me. I had always been told by many people you’re so spiritual you’re such a good Catholic you give of yourself unconditionally. my mind was flooded with all these statements and again it made me more angry than ever God allowed this disease to take over my life.
        My dad and my grandmother always told me Pray And put your life in gods hands, it will all work out, it’s his plan and you can’t change it so don’t fight it, accept it and let his will be done.
        I’m happy to say I pray on a daily basis and I could not of made it through 10 months of treatment without gods support and even though I still don’t understand why I had to go through this I just continually “let it go and accept it has God’s will and pla” by doing so I’ve been given the strength and the power to not let this disease take over my entire life. I live life to the fullest every day and I give thanks to our Lord God for giving me another day of life. I know my prayers are being answered because even though I’ve been dealt this sort of death sentence I am able to enjoy life to its fullest and make every day count and I no longer get held up and wallow in my sadness or disappointment. Prayer has given me strength to go on and I could not have done it without our heavenly father’s love and support and by letting his will be done first in my life. Thank you Jesus for another day of life!

        • Therese Tamburello


          My brother has the same illness and now lives his life in constant gratitude. He’s a different person now and God is leading him in awesome directions! Thanks for sharing your beautiful story!

          • Dorothy Cabral

            Thank you for sharing your brothers story, it provides hope and the reality that this can be beaten!

          • Therese Tamburello

            God is God and he can do anything you know…. My brother is in great peace because of who God is and how he can reverse anything. May I suggest to have people at your church pray over you for a healing.

          • Dorothy Cabral

            I have had this done and I also have a great deal of support from various parish groups tha pray for me daily. I am so blessed to have the support I have!

        • JoAnne Collins

          I too struggled with why God would let something like needing 12 hip replacements (in one hip) happen to me? But I have come to realize that we all have our cross and think about Jesus’ cross. What makes us ever think that we would go through this journey without our cross? Everyone carries their own cross but remember we carry only a sliver and He carries the rest! In my struggles it lead me to a closer relationship with Him and I pray that it has that same effect for you and for all! God Bless!

        • Mary Ruffcorn

          God bless you Dorothy! Love and prayers for you.

      • Gayle LePine

        Thank you Marilyn. I will reread and ponder your post many times. Last spring our beautiful, faith filled, spunky, sassy 8 year old grand daughter died after battling brain cancer for 6 1/2 years. So often during that journey I felt supported in my prayer life. With His guidance and embrace I was stronger than I ever thought I could be. Since she died though it feels like something innocent has died in me and I’ve had a much more difficult time in prayer. Times of that gentle peace have been few and I find myself giving into the resistance and not praying or just going through the motions. I go to a “Why Catholic” faith sharing group and say the same things as I’ve always said but don’t feel it on a deeper level. Your sharing has inspired me to try again…. open myself up. Thank you Lynn for sharing your journey. I too am “faking it” for those around me. I have to find my way back home.

    • Kj

      What beautiful sentiments! Thanks for your strength and your willingness to share!

    • Marilyn Russell

      I had a daughter die on the same day that my father died. Thank you for your post it is a comfort. God Bless you

      • BethK62

        I’m so sorry I can’t even imagine what you’ve been though.

      • Joyce Eveler

        My sister and dad died the same week. I feel your loss.

      • GreenTambourine

        I’m so terribly sorry. I can’t imagine how painful that must’ve been, but I can tell you that I care, and that you are in my prayers. May God bless you….

        • Marilyn Russell

          Really need to clarify this information, it was on the same date July 29th. My father died in 1953 and Jill Marie died in 1979. When Jill died my husband told me that a part of me would be with my Dad, in Heaven. It made the world of difference to me, these comforting words. Sorry about the confusion. God Bless you all for your responses. We all have a story, we all need to show compassion to those who cross our path for we truly do not know what the crosses are that they are being. Respectfully, Marilyn Russell

    • Denise Waszak

      I love your post. I truly love the lines ” daily prayer is like calling home. Call your Father often”. Such a loving, caring way to look at prayer! Thank you!

      • Mary

        That is the line that struck me the most as well. Thank you for that reminder.

      • Lea Novak

        I love that line too! Thank you for sharing your story…it brought tears to my eyes, it good tears…

      • Janis

        This line spoke to me too, thank you for sharing.

      • Mike

        Thank for your story, it is very touching and moved me. I will not let Resistance win. Prayer will ocure. Pray for my both parents my mother is in hospice and my father needs 24 hour care. Having said that, you can just imagine my emotional state. I’m 100% a believer that God is in controll, but every once in a while I question what is his plan for my parents. Dyanamic Catholics please join me in prayer for my parents.

        • Marilyn

          I am overwhelmed by how many people are praying with and for each other, and Mike I will put your parents on my prayer list because I know they are close to their eternal reward.
          How better to embrace life than to know by reaching out for help, you help others to turn to prayer. No Resistance in our lives!!!!!

          • Angela

            I know what you are going through because I took care of my parents when they were dying. They died 7 months apart… In reflecting on that time I realize although it was emotionally draing, it was also a very holy time. You are helping them on their journey home. Nothing could be more sacred or beautiful.

          • Theresa

            Holding you and your parents in prayer. I took care of my parents for 12 years. They went to heaven recently, only 6.5 weeks between each other.

          • Theresa

            Holding you & your parents in prayer. I took care of my parents for 12years. They both recently went to heaven, only 6.5 weeks apart.

          • Mike

            Thank you Marilyn for your Prayers!

        • Faith Barton

          We will pray! I know that God will take care of both your parents and you. God is so funny in the way His will works.

        • Agnes Brett

          Although it is a difficult time for you now, you will not regret the time with your parents. The memories of just being in their presence will strengthen you when they are no longer with you. God will bless you all!

        • Donna Reddimg

          Praying with you and for you, Mike, for God’s peace for you and your parents. His plan for them is eternal life and joy in Heaven with Him. You are giving both of your parents the beautiful gift of your love. And our God is giving you everything you need to be their loving caregiver.

        • Grace Schneider

          Will do.

        • GreenTambourine

          Mike, you’re in my prayers, and your parents, too. We’re all one family. Your many brothers and sisters are with you (including me!)

          • Mike

            Thank you.

        • Ginie

          Mike praying you feel the presence of God’s love in your life and that you know that God has your parents in the Palm of His Hands. When you relinquish your will to His will you may feel temporary pain, but I know that you will experience in some way the Peace of Christ. Prayers brother for you and your parents.

          • Mike

            Thank you Ginie.

        • Jim

          I found the article below in a book about Mother Teresa, Everything starts with Prayer:

          Medical scientists studying the effects of prayer have found compelling evidence of the benefits of prayer, meditation, and relaxation on individuals who pray. The body appears to like prayer and responds in healthy ways in the cardiovascular, immune, and other systems. But even more interesting are studies showing that intercessory or distant prayer also has an effect, even when the individual being prayed for is unaware of the prayer being offered and is at great distance from the person praying. These studies are numerous, have been replicated by many scientists, and have involved not only humans but nonhumans as the prayer recipients. This latter point is important: if prayer’s effects extend to animals and plants, they cannot be ascribed only to positive thinking or the placebo response.

          In studies of intercessory prayer, researchers have found no correlation between the religious affiliation of the praying individual and the effects of the prayer. This affirms the view that prayer is universal, that it belongs not just to a specific religion but to the entire human race. These findings sanction the importance of religious tolerance, asking us to honor the prayers and spiritual visions of other religious traditions, no matter how radically they differ from our own.

          Although personal religion does not correlate with prayer’s effects in experimental studies, there is a quality that does make a great difference. It is a fact that sounds quite old-fashioned: love. Without love, the prayer experiments don’t work as well, in fact, they often fall flat. While penicillin is powerful, penicillin plus love is more powerful still.

        • Mary Stewart

          Mike I feel your heart–my mother-in-law took care of her husband (our Dad) for over 5 years without help as he started the early stages of dementia…..during her last years she went on dialysis and needed help to keep him at home….her only wish that if something happened to her first, he be allowed to live at a certain center because they had daily mass…something my father-in-law still enjoyed. Sadly, my mother-in-law died unexpectedly from a stroke and my own mother died six weeks later. Without the power of prayer, and my husband and I being there for one another, we could not have gotten thru this time. When I called the center my mother-in-law chose to see if a bed was available for Dad (he had been on a waiting list)–there was a bed! The power of prayer. Now, two years later, he is slipping more and more from us due to his disease. But the one thing is his smile. When he sees us, he smiles as if to say–it is ok…….God does understand our pain and our worries and once we leave this to him, he will take care of us….

          • Mike

            Thank you for you kind words. I will continue praying and my parents destiny are at His will.

          • Sherri

            Thank you for sharing Mary. My parents (though reversed from yours) are going through similar situations. It is the hardest thing to watch. My Dad is the strongest and most loving husband and does an amazing job taking care of my Mom and yet he has always claimed to be an atheist – which breaks my heart. How can a man who is sooooo good not have faith?
            I just keep praying that he sees the light before he leaves us. His health is failing quickly.
            I just have to trust in God and continue to pray.

        • Joan

          I just prayed for your intentions

          • Vinnygret

            Me, too.

      • GreenTambourine

        Amen — I want to echo what Denise wrote. Perfectly put!

      • Norma Van Amberg

        Amen to Marilyn and Denise’s comments!

    • Suzzz

      Marilyn, you are so good to share this with us.
      I have come to know peace……… the peace Christ promises us……. by learning (through a long process) to accept God’s will and know that he is in charge. Your comment about prayer being like calling home really struck me! Thanks again.

    • starry13

      Thank you so much, Marilyn!

    • DJ

      Wow…I think I should memorize your line: “daily prayer is like calling home. Call your Father often”. Thank you for that.

    • BethK62

      I love this. Calling home. What a great way to think of that.

    • Donna

      Beautifully said!

    • Cheryl Beseler

      So beautifully said – thank you for sharing your story with us.. I thank God for putting the right words in the right place at the right time! Blessings to you Marilyn, as you have been a blessing to me!

      • Louise Riehl

        I truly agree! Your words spoke volumes to me as well. God bless you Marilyn and thank you for sharing.

    • Karen

      Thank you so much for sharing,you are blessing us today with a new way to think. I too also love to pray for others. God bless!

    • Debbie Stauffer

      Thank you for sharing, Marilyn, your beautiful words.

    • Marianne

      Thank You! Marilyn well said!

    • Ana

      This is so beautiful!!!! To live in the Spirit every moment of every day… Thank you for sharing!

    • Maria A Martinez

      Daily prayers keep me balanced and fills me with a soulful peace that paves the path for the day. I enjoy reading the stories everyone has shared and the impact prayers have made in their lives. God has been working miracles in our family’s life ! HE turns negative situations into positive outcomes ! HE gives us hope and strength! When worry tries to work it’s way in I chase it away with GOD’S word ! Praying daily has made me a better person! God bless !

    • Barbara Diecks

      Your post so touched me, talking about souls crossing paths and that people ask you to pray because they believe you have a connection with God. I never thought of that when people ask me to pray. thank you for sharing your thoughts. I too call my Father daily, actually calling Him many times most days, and he always answers…I am blessed!

    • Lynne

      Thanks for sharing. blessings.

    • Linda

      This touched my soul! Thank you for the line “Daily prayer is like calling home. Call your Father often”. Recently my husband was diagnosed with mildly aggressive prostate cancer. Three options were presented to us….we did ask others for some advice ….before exploring the options with the other doctors. One person said “you will know which is the right decision in your heart when you hear it” we then realized – we must asked God to walk with us at our make this decision. It was true…we finally knew in our hearts which decision seemed the best for my husband….I thanked God….and was also aware that right or wrong….God brought us to it and He would bring us through it! My husband is not totally in the clear yet…but, I know that God is sitting right with us every step of the way. A beautiful feeling….He is always next to us….every moment of every day. God Bless You!

    • Karen

      Thank you for sharing such beautiful feelings. It was inspirational and something I needed to hear today

    • Betzaida Molina De Villalobos

      Thank you Marilyn, your beautiful words touched me deeply. I am developing the habit to call my Father every day.

    • Tami Pickart

      Thank you for sharing Marilyn. You will be in my prayers today.

    • Patty Dyer

      I am so sorry for your loss, but appreciate your wisdom and faith! I pray Saint Theresa of Calcutta’s prayer before getting out of bed each morning:
      I come to thee, Lord, to take thy touch before I begin my day
      Let your eyes rest upon my eyes for awhile
      Let me take to my work with the assurance of your friendship
      Fill my mind to last through dessert of noise
      Let your blessed sunshine fill the peaks of my thoughts
      And give me strength for those who need me!

      • Grace Browne

        Thank you for sharing this prayer. I love it and will do the same.

      • joseph bremer

        I have not heard this prayer before but will pray it everyday . Thank you for sharing.

      • Susan

        Thank you for sharing that prayer. I am going to try to pray it every morning during Lent.

      • Debra Kyser

        Thanks for sharing!

      • Francis Losi


        Thank you for sharing Saint Theresa’s prayer. It inspired me to write my first morning prayer. I am returning home in late July after nearly a 9 1/2 year absence due to work in another state and military deployments. Our initial decision for me to leave home was based on dire financial necessity. After a few years we rationalized that our absence was grounded in patriotism. Upon reflection, I don’t know what we were thinking. My faith hit nearly rock bottom in 2015 when we only saw each other for 57 days out of the 245 days I was in the States in between deployments. This year I have been blessed with a billet that allows me to get home for an average of 12 days a month. This time at home each month is allowing me to re-engage with family, neighbors and friends in town. Sorry for rambling; Matthey Kelly I believe is one of God’s messengers; here is my first ever written morning prayer and is based a little on the experience of the last nine plus years:

        Dear Lord, please help me do your will during my entire day.
        When I am anxious let me recite the Lord’s Prayer.
        Please give me the gift to listen more, speak less, and smile at everyone I meet.
        Please keep me from being judgmental for everyone is carrying a load.
        Please enlighten our children and grandchildren so that they may know, love and worship you.
        Please give me the strength and dignity as I re-engage with my children, grandchildren, siblings, in-laws and mothers.
        Please give me the humility and wisdom as I embark on another work chapter in my life.
        But most of all, please open my eyes, heart, mind and soul to the moments of happiness that occur in my and my loved ones lives every day. Amen

        • Arthur Brown

          Thank you and I am on the same page as God is in control and in the center of my life and I pray to him to have Him give me wisdom from God on a daily basis to show me his will.
          God Bless you in your daily spiritual journey with God, Christ and the Holy Spirit

        • GreenTambourine

          What an awesome prayer, I will say it often.

        • Jean

          Thank you for sharing your prayer. Love it.

    • Lynn

      Thank you for your story. I too have had to bury my daughter. I want to say I went through the motions of prayer, of what it looks like to be catholic. Faking it as to do it for my children. I was angry and confused….Inside I was so hurt and didn’t behave well. It wasn’t till I went through counseling did I take a different perspective and now pray and still learn how to pray and LISTEN. In going to confession, the priest said how great it is for your daughter to be in heaven…that’s where you want them. But I was selfish and didn’t think of that perspective either. It has been 22 years and the last 4 has been a rebirth for me through prayer. I admire how you had perspective right away…I am hoping and praying I can be like you; have perspective with Christ as the center. Thank you again and I too like “daily prayer is like calling home”…..

      • Betty

        Lynn thank you for your honesty. Sometimes it is hard to share because we feel as christian Catholics we shouldn’t doubt or be angry with God. I have no idea what it must have felt like to lose your daughter and I am so sorry……I was frustrated when I watched Mathew’s video because I do ask God everyday what does He think I should do and I rarely feel like I get an answer. I sit in quiet with God at least a few minutes each day if not more and I talk to Him throughout my day even if it is just to say His name…..however I know I don’t trust God since my husband died and I have been honest with God about all of those feelings as well…..If prayer is everything then I don’t understand why it doesn’t seem to make a difference….thanks for “listening”

        • jo

          Betty, I have felt this, too. But I needed to persist and keep praying. If you’re asking for something from God, at times he says yes and other times he says no to something that won’t be good. This sounds so simplistic, but it’s true. Keep praying that you will accept God’s will for you. It will give you peace. God bless.

          • Betty

            Thank you Jo, I appreciate the reply. I could sure use some peace.

        • mjtav240

          I believe we’ve all been where you are, Betty! It seems hard to believe sometimes, but at those times, I think, “What would my life be like if I didn’t believe in God?”, and that’s all it takes. I come running to Him as fast as I can!! God Bless You – I know He hears you and islistening, too!! Trust in His promises!! You are in my prayers.

          • Betty

            Bless you mjtav240~ Yes I certainly don’t want to know how much harder it would be without God. Trusting is very hard for me right now but I am even asking Him to help me with that, I so appreciate your prayers, thank you!

        • Francis Losi


          This is how God talked to me yesterday. I have been gone a very long time from my home; over nine years. I worked in another state and made multiple deployments to Iraq, Afghanistan and Africa. Most of our children were older when I left. Our youngest was 11 when I told him that he was the man of the house and he had to take care of his mother; pretty heavy stuff to lay on an 11 year old. About two weeks ago I bought a card to to tell our now 21 year old how so very sorry I was for missing such a large part of his life. The card sat in my backpack. Back to yesterday; Sunday was my wife’s birthday; yesterday a vase of beautiful flowers, sent by our youngest child, was delivered to the door. once I read who the flowers were from I dropped what I was doing and wrote that card to our son. That was God telling me to finish the card.

          • Betty

            Francis I too have had those experiences and I know they are of God. It was so kind of you to want to reply with your precious story. How humble you are to reach out to your child like that, I know it will mean a lot to them.

        • Pete

          Lynn’s 22 years (18 persisting
          through anguish, 4 since rebirth through prayer) was a good reminder to me that doing the right things, especially when it hurts, or I don’t feel like it, or I can only do a little bit, is what I need to do. For me, the right things weekly include: praying daily to / with God for myself and especially for others; being honest with Him about my frustration, doubt, or anger; work on surrendering to God, on really trusting Him, and on dying to self; frequent Mass and Communion; Scripture meditation; counseling help at times; social and spiritual fellowship (Cursillo group for me); exercise;
          and a 12-step program. Before having these disciplines (mostly) in place, decades went by without a lessening of the pain, frustration, and worry that I regularly felt in spite of a “good” and in many ways happy life; and God seemed remote and “hands off”. He brought these right things to me through other people over the past 5 years (I’m in my 70s). I am now experiencing more and better growth in my loving relationship with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit – and with my wife and friends.
          Mother Teresa again: “We are called to be faithful, not successful” –
          the spiritual success is coming, often still haltingly, in God’s time.
          God Bless!

          • Betty

            Hi Pete, thank you for sharing. I am so glad for you that you are experiencing more and better growth. I love the quote from Mother Teresa. Bless you for your thoughtfulness

          • Lynn

            Sometimes I am good with words, sometimes not. But after reading your reply to Betty and sharing your story, the words that come to mind are thank you Pete. Your reply is spot on and keeps me focused. Thank you.

        • Margo

          Mother Theresa did not feel God’s presence in Calcutta. I rejoiced when I heard this because I often don’t feel God close to me. Yet, I know God is there. Too many times have I been reminded of his gentle hand in my life. I don’t pray nearly enough and I’m glad for Matthews suggestion on how to pray. Think I’ll do it right now!

          • GreenTambourine

            God IS there. Sometimes I don’t feel him close to me; then I think: “it’s because other people are in greater need….” God can be with all of us, all the time…. and he is, even if we don’t feel it. Isn’t that wonderful?

        • Lynn

          You are not alone in your feelings and keep praying and being honest. You are loved and He is listening.

    • Christine Ann Vega

      Beautifully said. God is all around us. In the little things, In the bigs things, in everything. Amen to you and yours.

    • Judy Shook O’Malley

      There has been a lot of unrest in our home because we have not had a buyer for our home and are struggling financially? I know this is such a small problem compared to many other issues out there but you said you most enjoy when others ask so I’m just putting it out there for you. God Bless.

      • Marilyn

        Judy, I will definitely pray for you to sell your house. St. Joseph is the Patron Saint of home buyers and sellers, so go to him in prayer.

      • Jeanette

        We too need to sell our home to get back on our feet financially. The past 3 years have been the worst for us financially since we were married 26 years ago. Needless to say the prayers became very intense as our situation looked more and more bleak. As I look back I can see where God came to our rescue at our most desperate times. When our backs were up against the wall and we simply needed money to pay something and didn’t have it, He provided from places we never thought of. We were unsuccessful in selling last summer but again God provided a way for us to make it through the holidays and winter and we are trying again this spring. This time I know that He will provide a solution for us. Whatever it will be, I trust it will be the best thing for us. Keep praying for His will to be done in your life. You never know what He has planned.

      • Nola

        Judy I will pray for you, my Son & his wife are going thru some of the same problems. I talk to God each day, but as someone said sometimes do not get his answer. How can I be more attentive to his answers? I like the idea calling home to our Father and will try to do it more. .

    • Maria Michelle Swing

      What a beautiful way of looking at prayer. Resistance won’t stand a chance if we adopt that attitude.

      And what a healthier way to look at losing a loved one. Obviously you are filled with His spirit knowing that the ultimate goal is Eternal life with God. How quickly we can become distracted with daily struggles and forget that. You are an inspiration to all of us. Thank you.

    • Maria Vaccaro-Sardos


    • Maddie

      That was a beautiful story thanks for sharing that. 🙂

    • Samantha Topino Nguyen

      How moving and so inspiring. Thank you so much for sharing

    • Christine

      That is such a wonderful statement, “Call your Father often.” Amen.

    • Eileen T. Colleton

      AMEN!!! Nuff said & said so beautifully!

    • Ssamaca

      “Daily prayer is like calling home. Call your Father often.”
      Worth repeating Thank you, Marilyn.

    • Jean Herrera

      Our 46th anniversary was a few days ago. Today we are in the hospital. My husband has been fighting an auto-immune disease for almost 4 years, in and out of the hospital. This time it was from dehydration and pneumonia and is getting better. Prayer is my constant and the thing that has held me up. It is always there in good times and bad for us.

      • Marilyn

        You are blessed to have each other for 46 years. We know life is not easy and we do one day at a time, but because everyone is praying for each other, everything is bearable. God is in the driver’s seat.

    • LJ

      Dear Marilyn,
      Pray that I may have the faith to move ahead, specifically that I may be among others and belong. You mention eternity and this life in some way is meant to be a preparation for that. When I am among others,,
      especially Catholics, I see intellectual pursuits, controversy, anything but a unified preparation for an eternal home.

      I was among a local church group on Monday night. That participation is a DVD study/discussion on the Eucharist. I seek to understand why something so central is seemingly so distant. I could articulate and itemize reasons, only I’m not going to.

      • Marilyn

        Dear LJ: It sounds to me that you are searching for some truth. This lecture series by Matthew Kelly is such a rich and valuable daily message and it lets us know we DO belong, we ARE part of a bigger story, we ARE held in God’s hands always, and knowing that, everything is possible. It’s one thing to know something, it’s another thing to believe it. Believe that you are among a loving and caring community of faith. I will pray for you as well.

      • Patti Phillippe

        I once read something a long time ago that resonated with me about our Catholic faith.
        Learn it! Live it! Love it! And you’ll never leave it! The church is a treasure trove and at 62 years of age, I have merely scratched the surface. I could never leave her. Daily prayer is key as Matthew says. God will bless you on your faith journey.

      • Francis Losi


        You wrote “specifically that I may be among others and belong” I sense that you want to be embraced/welcomed much like a family member into the Church. I recommend you “latch” on to one of the parishioners who is comfortable in the faith. They can share their faith journey with you. It will inspire you to deepen your faith. Today I had the pleasure of taking my mother and mother-in-law our for lunch. Both have a deep, abiding faith in the Lord. I “stole” some spiritually from them. My mother-in-law was the one to give me her copy of Matthew Kelly’s “Resisting Happiness” . His book is helping me work on my faith and prayer life.

      • Arthur Brown

        I belong to a monastery that I am able to get wisdom and knowledge and one of the priest has befriended me and I was protestant and now I became a Catholic because he has shown me Jesus and his love and what he has to offer. He has taken away my sin by dying on the cross and has filled my soul and spirit with his love. I am learning everyday something new that God is teaching me through prayer and asking for his wisdom and then I just go and do it. Reach out to others but remember God is there at all times and you may find that you belong with others or you may find God telling you to Let Go and Let God. Open up your heart in prayer as Matthew Kelly stated today. I also became an Dynamic Catholic Ambassador because I felt God has called me to do this. I have just read one of the awesome books and it is Everybody needs to Forgive Somebody and Rediscovering Jesus that has change my life because of who Jesus is in my life. I am now reading Resisting Happiness to get even closer to God. I recommend these books and you can get them free on Dynamic Catholic Website just by covering the cost of shipping. The Eucharist is not something distant is the being in the presence of God in remembrance of Jesus dying on the cross, taking away my sin and then forgiving me and most of all making me part of the Christian family because of the belonging to him who lets me belong to others. What an awesome gift. God Bless you in your daily spiritual journey with God, Christ and the Holy Spirit.

    • Guenever Ayers

      Wow. Thank you. Just thank you and God Bless

    • Darlene

      Thank you, Marilyn. After reading all of these comments, I’m inspired to make it my habit to call home regularly.

    • Colleen

      As a nurse, my days can be very challenging; caring for those with so many needs, sadness and over all very difficult situations. Every day, when I am walking into the hospital I pray: “Jesus, let my words be Your words and let my hands be Your hands as I care for my patients today.” This gives me great comfort knowing I have the Greatest Physician guiding me and it keeps me very humble too.

    • Ginie

      Thank you for sharing, this is a powerful testimony of reliance on God and your faith in Him. Marilyn may you continue to be blessed with your connection to God. Pax Christi

    • Debra Marra Donaldson

      Marilyn , that is wonderful what you have written . You are a blessing .

    • Amy

      Thank you for your post. It is inspiring and makes me want more. Thank you for leading me to where I need to go. Hugs.

    • NonnaBAC

      Beautifully written Marylin!

  • Jackie

    Thank you Sue for sharing your story. I too lost a child. You’ve inspired me. May God richly blessed you.

  • Elizabeth

    I am working in prayers. I talk to God constantly but men, like Mattew said, resistance is always there. I also have morning conversations with God and experience the power of been along in the church with Him, and still resistance comes in. I will pray that we all experience the everlasting love of God, that from head to toes we feel and fullfill our life with his Devine unconditional love that we carried the best us to others and shine radiance in our face for others to see and to ask us what is special on you and that we can say God is with me and I want Him to be with you my brothers and sisters. I want Him so much, and he is teaching me to persevere until I get Him. Thanks Mattew for this powerful message. Pray for me too that I take resistance away and have God in my heart 24 hrs a day for the goodness of others as I pray for all of you too.

    • Marianne

      Thank You! Elizabeth. You are also in my prayers!!

  • Pearl Brown

    Prayer has impacted my life so much I cannot get thru the day without it and when I miss prayer for that day or any day my day is not the same. I love prayer and wii continue praying as long as God gives me strength

  • Mary Beth Charles Norris

    Matthew and Sue…I could go on and on about the importance of daily prayer right along with you as I have been in the habit of setting my alarm at 4am each day before I go to work. I caught myself saying “wow” as I listened to both videos. And it’s true what Marilyn said in her comment that daily prayer is like calling home. God bless.

  • Michael Baur

    I have not be the best at praying, but when I do pray I feel better about myself. Prayer has gotten me through some rough times in my life. I will be better at praying going forward.

  • Karen

    As I start my day I pray…..
    Good morning God
    You’re ushering a brand new day,
    Untouched and freshly new.
    So here I come to ask you God
    if you’ll renew me too.

    Forgive the many errors that I made yesterday,
    And help me God to walk closer in your way.

    But Father, I am well aware I can’t make it on my own.
    So take my hand and hold it tight for I can’t walk alone.

    • Erica Salinas

      I love this Karen, quite creative and so humbling.

      • Connie McFadden-Chase

        I love it. Thanks for sharing.

    • Susie Avril Glascock

      Thank you for sharing this!

    • Maria A.

      Wow, Karen. This prayer is exactly the words I’ve been looking for. Thank you for sharing.

    • raymond martinez

      Well said Karen, when I read your post I felt as if I were reading a prayer from a 15th century Saint. What an excellent model or prayer for us all. If you’re not already please be sure to be out engaging family and friends co workers and parishoners, ask if you can pray with them or for them. Also read 4 signs of a Dynamic Catholic especially the prayer Chapter it’s powerful.
      God bless

      • Sara Backer Barber

        Wonderful prayer, thank you for sharing

      • Kathiehc

        I agree! When my husband & I read that chapter of the 4 Signs book, we decided to start praying every morning! That was about three years ago! We are usually in different rooms but usually praying first thing each day! It is just wonderful!
        Right now I’m visiting family for a few days, but I know we’re both praying this morning!

    • Joni

      Love this prayer. Thanks for sharing!

    • Nancy D.

      Thank you for sharing your prayer with us. This is definitely a great way to start the day…fresh and new with the help of God.

    • Kim M

      Thank you soooooo much Karen for this beautiful prayer. I just copied it and will recite it every morning too! Thank you! xo

    • Pat Dodd Polito

      Thank You Karen for sharing this beautiful prayer.

      • edith

        thank made my day reading about your sharings….

    • Joanne

      That’s lovely, thank you

    • Marnie Kelly

      Thank you for sharing this beautiful prayer. What a wonderful way to begin a new day.

    • Eileen Maas

      Thank you for posting this beautiful prayer. What a perfect way to start the day.

    • Jan Mangun

      What a beautiful prayer. Thanks for sharing it with us.

    • Jennifer Haeussler Brewer

      wow…that’s a great prayer Karen

    • Kj

      Excellent poem! THANK YOU!

    • Marta L. Suárez

      Thank you Karen for this beautiful prayer!!!

    • Jeanl

      Thanks for this wonderful prayer. I struggle with finding the right words when talking to God. So thank you

    • Nancy Serrot

      This is beautiful! Thank you!

    • Kelly Baldridge

      Awesome prayer, Karen! What a wonderful way to begin each day. I will try to use it to help me start my day with God from now on. I love the thought of holding His hand all day, like I used to hold my dad’s hand, in good times and in bad! Thank you for sharing.

    • Debbi H

      thank you for this prayer.

    • Eleanor Eduarte Spears

      Amen, that is a lovely prayer Karen. I cannot imagine how can I go through my day without praying.

    • Kathy

      Karen, thanks for sharing this beautiful morning prayer. Do you have a similar night prayer?

      • Karen

        I don’t have a specific prayer at night since I reflect on each day and pray accordingly. The end of my day is so much about my gratitude and the days blessings. My hubby is in Hospice and I am thankful for each day I have with him….so that is usually how I end my day in prayer…thankful❤

    • Marilyn

      I pray this same prayer before getting out of bed every morning.

    • Anne

      That is a beautiful prayer!

    • Ronda Jewell

      Powerful. Thank you for sharing this prayer.

    • Belinda Torres

      Thank you for sharing your prayer.

    • Suzanne Caracappa

      Beautiful prayer. Thank you for sharing. I am realizing more and more that I can’t and don’t walk alone.

    • Annette

      Beautiful prayer!

    • Joan Farley


      I say the same exact prayer every morning, as well. Every word means so much – it just says it all!

    • Vickie Zylstra

      Thank you for sharing this beautiful prayer. I copied and pasted it into an email and sent it to myself. Every morning after reading the days readings, morning verses, homilies… I read the prayers in my inbox. It is a great way to start every day.

    • Lynne

      Thanks Karen – I posted this on my desk.

    • TerriB

      I love this prayer too. Who wrote it, do you remember?

      • Karen

        Hi Terri, one of my Presbyterian friends gave this to me….I asked her and she said that someone gave it to her Mom….her Mom said that she got it from a friend at Bridge Club….so the sharing goes…..

    • Rachelle Gamblin

      Thank you for sharing. That is a pretty amazing way to start your day.

    • Susan

      Oh my God, Karen. I have this prayer memorized, and say it in the shower each morning. On weekends I use a different method, mass, etc. Thank you for sharing – I never tire of hearing it.

  • christine

    I cannot get through a day without prayer!
    I begin and end each day with it. And all day long I speak to him. He is always with me!

  • DDD

    My wife and I too are 4am’ers and when that alarm clock goes off we don’t resist it any more, we hunger for the word of God and guidance. I directly associate the hunger with our habit of starting the day with prayer and study. It truly is my daily bread and my shield.

  • Mily

    Prayer is the key. This topic is so true. I have experienced miracles because of my prayers and faith. Every morning on my way to work I pray the rosary and my day goes better. God will always answer our prayers. God is love❤🙏❤

  • Daniela D.

    Prayer can be done in many different ways and throughout the day. I simply talk to God, he is aware of my struggles and he is with me all the way.

  • Doug

    When I tell people I pray all day they kind of give that “huh” look, as if I’m down on my knees saying the rosary all day long. I learned how to have conversations with God…especially listening.

  • Ethel L

    Prayers changed my life 180 degrees. I’ve so much challenges in my life; name it, i have/ had them. However, God knows what you need and he provides. It’s unfathomable how much blessings I have received! God has a great sense of humor and He knows how to put your best smile ever! Pray ! Pray! Pray! It’s the most profound !!!!

  • Anna Brady

    Prayer is a very powerful thing. I would pray when I was a young girl. It’s when I was giving birth to my 2nd child that I it really hit home. We almost lost him. I had my rosary in my hand and was praying. I continued to pray for my son and our family. The doctor talked about heart transplant. I cared for him and prayed,after we left the hospital. The doctor was amazed. No transplant. That was 17 years ago. I still pray but not like I would like. Resistance gets in the way. I need to put it higher on my list (especially since I know the impact it can have)

    • Antonia

      May God continually bless you and your family, Anna. Thank you for sharing that 🙂 God is good!

  • Paula Hecker

    I am so easily distracted with life, that I can totally space out prayer so I make use of alarms, prayer apps and videos, and the local Catholic radio. They help bring my attention to mass on EWTN, the Divine Mercy Chaplet and Rosary at 3pm on the local Catholic radio network for EWTN, and use a Divine Office app to unite my prayers with the universal church. This fosters an awareness of God, and helps me to be able to pray more deeply my own personal prayers.

  • B Whitty

    I agree with Sue. Grieving for my unborn twin son eventually led to a deeper relationship with God. I read a book “Heaven Changes Everything” and it changed my entire way of thinking. Instead of blaming God for my loss, it challenged me to ask if the devil was responsible. So my thoughts of “God thought I couldn’t handle twins” was erased and replaced with “God thinks I’m so capable, He blessed me with 2 boys.” My world changed in that moment.

  • Lisa

    I am currently going through a difficulty that was brought on by my husband’s very bad actions. I live a spiritual life. I am a good person and involved in my church and work as a social worker helping people in need everyday. I also am involved with helping my dad who lost his wife 3 years ago. I enjoy living a simple life. But my husbands actions have put me in a place of constant fear. I am contemplating leaving my husband. But this thought is also frightening for many reasons. I am praying for answers. I have knelt down at Mary’s feet asking for guidance. I am praying to Jesus please help me!

    • Heidi Johnson

      I am so sorry that you are going through that. Prayer is powerful. I will pray for you.

    • beverly desjardins

      Praying for you and praying for your husband.

  • Greg Wagner

    There’s a church between you and home every day, just spend half an hour in prayer once a week in front of the tabernacle ,see what a difference it makes!

    • Helen

      One of our priest challenged our congregation to spend a hour in our Adoration Chapel during Lent. I have been amazed at how many are coming to pray during my assigned hour. He told them they could give it up after Lent. I am sure some won’t. The silence and knowing you are in the presence of God will help you with your prayer life. Nothing makes me happier than for someone to ask me to pray for them or for someone else. God bless!

      • Greg Wagner


      • Greg Wagner

        Our church, before every sun. Mass,asks that we stand introduce ourselves to someone we may not know and ask them if we can pray for something or someone in there life and in return they ask us the same . A little awkward at first but is really a wonderful thing and it builds a sense of community I love this !

  • R

    I have to say prayer is a struggle for me. Sure I know the standard prayers of the Catholic Church, the novenas, but it has turned into just saying words. If I say the right thing. I feel I ask God “What should I do?” and I hear silence. So back I go to the Our Father, Hail Mary’s I grew up with. I really want to have a deeper prayer life and feel a connection with God. I honestly just do not even know how to do that.

    • Mockingbird Life

      I think Matthew gave us a good start: God what do you think I should do?

    • Rosemary Jensen

      Prayer is good no matter where it is offered. We all have what I like to call “dry spells” During these times, I offer my inability to verbalize as my prayer. Take the situation and offer it to God as your prayer. No words are needed- God understands.

      • Miguel Angel Catano

        Thanks Rosemary. This helps

      • Rosemary Jensen

        A gift on my FB page today from the Jerusalem Prayer Team.
        “Dear God, I have no words today, please accept what’s in my heart”

    • Stacey Monzon

      About a decade ago I learned ACTS the A is for Adoration. Adore God, Lord you are holy, mighty, my rock, salvation, friend, teacher and so on. C stands for Confess what sins our wrongs have I committed : Lord please forgive me for being self righteous (ie). T the T stands for Thanksgiving. Thank God for everything. Thank you Lord for my family, my 7 healthy children, a sober husband, roof over my head the ability to walk. Finally the S stands for Supplication, this is where we intercede for others. Ask God for help or healing our direction. So, right now Lord I lift up this person who struggles with prayer and ask Lord that you will teach them! Show then your ways Lord and please Lord put someone in their path that will s set a good example and help them draw closer to you Lord! In Jesus name we pray. Amen

      • ann marie

        Stacy, I was struggling with prayer also until about 4 years ago we had a visiting priest take over for our priest who was ill and he told us, if we are struggling with praying to try this. It has worked for me, and now is so automatic.

      • RN

        Thank you so much for sharing this. I will try this approach and see where it goes. Thank you also for praying for help and guidance for me. God Bless you in all your needs and desires.

    • Laura

      I go through periods of the same “automatic prayer” desert. What I have found helps me is to turn my conversation with God to the service of others. For instance, today my prayer was something along these lines, “God, I see my boss struggling and the organization and the people we serve are being harmed by him. I don’t like the man; he’s a bully. How can I be “Christ” for him (without getting fired! 😊)?”. Then, sure enough, as I go through my day, I know I will see the opportunity to help my boss or someone who has been hurt by his behavior and I will decide to follow through on God’s answer to my prayer. I will send up a quick “thank you” for giving me the opportunity to serve Him, and I move along to the rest of my day. I have to be aware and looking for God’s response throughout the day; sometimes I will get caught up in other stuff and will miss my opportunity and not even realize what I missed until later. But I guarantee God will always give you a chance to do some good for others. Prayer answered. That is one approach that has helped me. Hope it is useful for you too!

      • Kj


    • Miguel Angel Catano

      I’m right there with you R. It’s so scripted that I feel I’m going thru the motions. Resistance is tough because the moment I sit quietly to attempt to start a conversation with God, my mind will drift and nothing happens. I will pray for both of us to find a way to be able to start talking with Him. God bless you!

    • jaime miller

      I have the same problem. I too resort to the prayers by rote memory. I struggle with prayer. My husband gave megood advice, and told me just to talk…almost like a stream of consiousness. A good start for some self reflection.

    • Pat Riley Blackwell

      R, your comments hit home with me. Last evening at a deanery Penance Service one of the sins I confessed was my lack of a better prayer life. Like you, I can recite the prayers we learned as a child. But reciting is all I seem to do. I don’t think I am really praying. When I try just talking with God, it seems like I’m always asking for something instead of offering God praise and Thanksgiving. It would be so simple just to tell Him how I,praise Him and offer him thanks for all He has given to me. One of those things for which to be thankful is my loving husband of 60 years (next month). He has cared for me in so many ways throughout our marriage when I have been ill many times. He has given us three children, and like the speaker in the second video, our oldest son is in heaven due to a heart attack at 55. Losing him was the most tragic event in my life! Without my faith and simple prayer I would not have survived these past two years. Could you please pray for me even if it’s the Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be we learned as children? I will be praying for you.

    • Delia Shuert Kavanaugh

      Prayer has been a struggle for me most of my life. I’d pray when life was troublesome for me and then when things smoothed out, prayer didn’t seem to be the forefront of my life. For myself, I found that I needed to let go of areas in my life and hand them over to God before I could truly connect with Him in prayer daily. It has been a life journey and I still have room to improve. Keep trying. God loves you and wants nothing more than to embrace you in His loving arms. Let go and let God.

    • Megan Gibbons

      R, I think so many of us can relate to what you posted. I started a gratitude journal a few years ago. Everyday before bed I would write down everything I was grateful for that day no matter how small especially if it was a bad day. Then I would end with a request: Lord please help me be more patient with my children etc. And then let it go!!!! About a year after I started doing this; I went back to read them all and I was amazed at how many prayers God had answered and I didn’t even know it! It’s very powerful and maybe this will help you get out of the rut of repetitive our fathers and hail Mary’s. God bless!!

      • Kj

        This is something I have to start! Thanks for the reminder.

    • Kj

      Maybe you have to wait in the silence a little longer….. It has been a life-long struggle with me as well, but GOD never turns away from prayer. As long as your heart is in the right place and you are making the effort, I believe God hears and will answer…. Be patient as God’s time is not ours…. Thank you for being so brave to share your struggles! Blessings. (Also, he will use what you’ve shared to touch others. It touched me!)

  • Don

    Daily prayer has given me peace to move through the day knowing that I’m not alone…and whatever happens, I ll be ok. It helps me focus on what is good in my life and opens up the realization that there is so very much to be thankful for.

    • Elizabeth Brumann

      Daily prayer is the way for me to start me day because it gives the strength and to get through the day and help me to get me through whatever happens but I know everything will be okay and to get me through the arthritsis and how to live deal, manage and cope with it and to deal with the struggles of having the condition. It opens the realization that there are many things in my life that I am thankful for and it a communication with god and it gets me closer to god. God is kind, compassionate and forgiving. Nothing is impossible with god because god is always there to guide me and to lead me in the right path and is slow to anger. God does not judge or condemn he understands everybody and all of the problems, things, situations needs and conditions and disabilities he is awesome. God helps his people. He will answer all of your prayers and he wants to be friend on the road of life and to be there to help you out in your time of need. He will listen to you. God is not going to hurt me. Prayer is conversation with god. I can tell god about my day and my problems situations and conditions such as arthritsis and other conditions and problems and struggles.

      I should not worry sleeping in the bed because that is a change that is going to take time and steps between mom and dad and I should not let it consume me and my thinking. I should just accept the explanation of mom. I need to focus on myself and my situation which is the arthritsis and the leg cramps and do things to help myself out and to take care of myself. I cannot change the situation. Six years of mess is not going to get cleaned up in a day. I cannot fix a problem that is not mine and just let it go and work on myself and change myself. I cannot worry about others and I should just take care of myself. I accept the fact that I have arthristis and leg cramps and other conditions and a learning disability with ADD. I should just give to god and let it go and work on myself. Lent is about preparation and change of one’s self and to improve me and to worry about mom, dad, Margaret, grandma or Helen because I am the most important person in my life and I should be the number one priority concern and focus in my own life. I need to be proactive in my own with the arthritis. Lent is about fasting from negative thinking and thoughts and being consumed about things that I cannot change it is about myself not about others.
      I should let go and give it to god. Lent is a spiritual journey to Easter to the Resurrection of Jesus on Easter and this preparation can be achieved through prayer fasting almsgiving reading the maginifcant mass watching the mass on television praying the rosary and meditation on the mysteries of the rosary reading the bible and meditating on the Bible passages forgiveness mercy compassion and reconciliation and working on myself and getting myself closer to god and getting better understanding of god. Prayer is the first to becoming closer to god. God is my friend and my helper. My path to a better life starts with god.

  • Michael Ennis

    My wife and I pray every day, even if some days it is just saying grace before a meal. We have learned long ago the power of prayer. When we are troubled or have a friend or family member that is troubled, we offer up prayers for guidance immediately. My mother has a group of friends that she calls the “prayer warriors” that will include any intention forwarded to them in their daily prayers. I have seen the power of prayer throughout my life, and it is awesome when I am actually cognizant of it as well. God is Great!
    God Bless

  • Mockingbird Life

    Prayer has changed my life in so many ways but ultimately the reason is because it puts me at ease knowing that “God has my back” no matter what. Be still and know that I am GOD.

  • Winnie Svikhart Supple

    When I lost my home in hurricane Sandy, my life became overwhelming . The struggle to raise 6 children, support my marriage and go to my job became impossible . But through daily prayer God showed himself to me and brought me closer to Him . I am now so grateful for my trials because of the deep and meaningful relationship I have realized with God.

  • Ershel Redd

    Prayer seems to set me free from the burdens of everyday life. It teaches me patience as I know God answers all of my prayers; but in His time not mine.

  • Steven Sisman

    Prayer is changing me day in and day out. It gives me flashes of ideas to help me in my life. My day and family’s day goes better when I do.

  • Alice

    As a child, thru adolescents, and as a wife, daily prayer was always part of who I was as a Christian/Catholic. Raised 5 children, always worked in the Church, mostly, as a musician. Then I moved on to full time working in the church as Director of Worship. I loved my work, but, in the process, lost my ability of “really” praying. I lived my job, helping others to pray, BUT, in the process, lost my ability to connect in prayer to my God. I retired, kept part time playing my music. Something was not right. I was doubting my faith, not taking my prayer life, my Mass attendance quite as seriously. Yes, I’ve been traveling that ‘dark’ road. With persistence of getting back to prayer, I’m, finally, finding that wonderful peace of ‘prayer’. Thank You, dear God, for your patience with me. BTW: I’ll be 80 years old in 3 months. It’s never too late to be “born again”???

    • starry13

      Wow, Alice. Thanks for your post! I’m a church musician, too, though younger — it’s my Medicare year. ; ) I used to compose music in part of my prayer. It’s been 17 years since I’ve written a song. Pray for me that I’ll continue my Lenten practice of improvising. I have kept up prayer in other ways, but this prayer scares me.

  • Nancy R

    Powerful videos this morning! The Dynamic Catholic email is the first thing I do before I get out of bed now. I will use this as a way to start putting the practice of prayer in my life.
    Freedom comes with the question:
    God what do you think I should do?

  • Cathy

    Everyone gets in a car many times during the day, Does the radio need to come on or the book on tape,? I learned when I thought I could not find the 10 mins of solitude to pray or talk to god, I had time when I was driving, It is quiet,am alone and I can talk aloud if I want, Try it, It is time you have every day,

    • Rita G

      A number of years ago I attended a Day of Renewal
      where I picked up a card which read “UNTIL YOU ARE CONVINCED THAT PRAYER IS THE BEST USE OF YOUR TIME, YOU WILL NOT FIND TIME FOR PRAYER”. Best advice I have ever received and I recall it daily.

  • Peggy

    I also begin and end each day with prayer but I need to set a time aside to just sit with Him. There are things I struggle with and need His direction. I do know how powerful prayer is and when my great grandson was born prematurely I prayed and prayed and now three years later Thomas is our family’s miracle from God he is just perfect and gives us so much joy. Yes, now after just listening to Matthew talk about resistance I realize that I need to make a daily prayer time and sit with a Him who can help me in all my struggles.

  • Mary Jalove walker

    My morning routine has change. I would head right to the iPad and check my FB page and start my day. I realized that this is not the way to start my day. I now Start my day “Good Morning to God and my family that are no longer here on earth. I thank God for being able to enjoy another day on earth with my husband.
    Pray is powerful and I find I am able to start my day on a brighter feeling of accomplishment and tackle anything that resistance sends my way.

  • Cate

    I feel like a pray a lot through daily dialogue with God. For sure mornings are my best time to pray and reflect. When I can’t think of what to pray for I always keep my rosary with me and usually pray it each morning on the way to work I find that to be most comforting. I really have grown closer to the lord and scripture through my church prayer group I highly recommend it.

  • Ali

    I grew up Catholic. I went to Catholic schools and went through all of the motions that one typically does when one is Catholic. I married a Catholic man and we are raising our children Catholic. I always had religion. As my second son is in the process of making his confirmation, I discovered that I haven’t had a relationship with God. The parent participation requirement for my son’s confirmation has created an opportunity for me to start and develop that relationship with God. When the new year rolled around I made a resolution to pray every day. A couple of days in, I revised that resolution. I did no know how to pray, so my resolution became, learn how to pray and practice each day. I was seeking a tool that would guide me though this process. I was specifically looking for something at a teenage level, not an adult level. I found an amazing app that changed my life and put me on the path to daily prayer. I share it with everyone I know. It is called 40 Day Spiritual Workout for Catholic Teens by Bob Rice.

  • Sherry McCollum

    Prayer wasn’t really something I looked forward to everyday until I lost my father in a very tragic way. He went to work one day and never came home. He worked his entire life to give my mother and myself a comfortable life which he succeeded at and then one day he was gone from an industrial accident at his place of business. It was very sudden, unexpected, and unforgettable and to this day it seems like yesterday which was 15 years ago. When this happened to my family, I asked God why this happened and how he could let this happen because he had so much more to give. I was the typical daddy’s little girl growing up and was really never close to my mother but when something like this happens, your life takes a dramatic turn and God leads you down a different path. Because of this tragedy, my mother and I have become close over the years and now I am taking care of her. And through praying, I come to realize that God had other plans for my father although I would have liked to have him here to see his grandson grow into the young adult he is today. but I know my father is looking down from heaven watching over all of us. Now prayer for me is like dressing in the morning, I make it part of my daily routine.

  • Ana Cecilia LaluzArredondo

    Prayer gives me strength! I pray the rosary each morning, do a guided meditation, read scripture, and say prayers during the day and at night. If not for prayears! I would feel swallowed an unfilled emptiness!

  • Lori

    There is a great guideline for individual prayer on the very last page of the Resisting Happiness book! It is a great jumpstart to a conversational prayer with God.

  • Peggy Ann Foss

    Prayer to me is like an ongoing conversation with God. Pray without ceasing. Sharing my thoughts and concerns with the one who knows me best, is the glue that holds me together through good times and bad.

  • Marea

    This is beautiful Karen, thank you for sharing it really says everything that I feel.

  • Mark R.

    7 years ago, a visiting priest from the UK spoke at a men’s prayer breakfast. He asked us and challenged us to take 20 minutes to be silent with God. Spoke on how he did it. And then sent us out into the grounds of the church to do it. I have since committed to doing this every day. And WOW! has it ever made a difference! At first it was a little awkward, but each day I stayed at it. Then, amazing things started happening to me. Some of my prayer sessions have been so amazing that I have been moved to tears as I feel God’s presence with me, reassuring me. And as I look back on the journal that I’ve kept about each morning’s prayers and thoughts, I see how God has always helped me when I’ve turned my challenges over to Him asking “what should I do God?”

  • Connie McFadden-Chase

    I struggle with how to pray. Seems silly. I talk to God, have conversations, ask for peace and courage as I deal with difficult situations, give thanks for so many blessings I have in my life. I do not have a set time to pray and do. I dont do it everyday but do find myself most often having these conversations in the morning as I drive to work and witness the sun rising. the beauty never ceases to amaze me.
    @staceymonzon shared the ACTS, adore, confess, thank, and supplication. I guess I kind of do that but I am going to use this to be more intentional in my prayer.

  • Bob Savidge

    Thank you, Karen for sharing.

  • Jessica Jokisch

    I started a daily habit of prayer only last week. My dad shared a prayer with me I enjoy and relate with.

    I scheduled a reminder in my phone at 8am right before I start working every day. It beeps on my phone and emails me so I never have the excuse to “forget”.

    This is the prayer:

    Complete Trust in God Prayer of St. Francis de Sales

    Do not look forward
    to the trials and crosses
    of this life with dread and fear.
    Rather, look to them with full confidence
    that as they arise, God, to whom you belong,
    will deliver you from them.

    He has guided and guarded you
    thus far
    Do you but hold fast to his dear hand,
    He will lead you safely through all trials.
    Whenever you cannot stand,
    he will carry you
    lovingly in his arms.

    Do not look forward
    to what may happen tomorrow.
    The same Eternal Father who cares for you today
    will take good care of you tomorrow
    every day
    of your life.

    Either he will shield you from suffering or
    He will give you the unfailing strength to bear it.

    Be at peace then and put aside all useless thoughts,
    vain dreads,
    and anxious imaginations.

    (St. Francis de Sales)

    • Erin O’Connor Killeen

      Thank you for that prayer….I needed that and I am going to copy it and share it ! God bless you Jessica!🙏❤

  • Scott Van Horn

    I I find the devil does everything he can to keep me in bed in the morning, but I press through. Sometimes my morning prayer isn’t pretty, but I continue to “show up”. I think God likes that. My prayer for you is to find the strength each day to “show up” for God! God bless.

    • Liz

      Yesterday in our priest’s homily he mentioned a quote ( something like) Anything worth doing is worth doing badly. And he said even if we “pray badly” we should still pray. God isn’t looking for perfection. He loves us just as we are and He wants to have a relationship with us.

  • Kara

    As a 2+year breast cancer survivor, I know prayer is what got me through that battle. I learned to “let go and let God”, taking each day one at a time. A particularly healing prayer for me is the following, which I continuously recited as I lay in a huge radiation machine for 33 daily treatments….
    The light of God surrounds me,
    The love of God enfolds me,
    The power of God protects me,
    The presence of God watches over me.
    Thank you, God!

  • Shirley B

    I am in constant communion with God. My prayer always starts with, “guide me God, keep me safe, and send me to help where I can.” My prayer always ends with, “thank you God for loving me.”

  • Kara

    Oh, my! I forgot my favorite line in my prayer I just posted…..(I probably can’t blame chemo-brain anymore;)

    The light of God surrounds me,
    The love of God enfolds me,
    The power of God protects me,
    The presence of God watches over me,
    Wherever I am, God is.
    Thank you, God!!!!

    • Mary Jones

      Thank you!

  • jesspinosa

    I have a dear friend, raised a Catholic but with very little knowledge of our beautiful religion, who has had an abortion and has bore a child out of wedlock, whom she put up for adoption. I am overwhelmed just listening to her describe the days filled with activities and anxious moments, having to do with her husband, who is not Catholic, their failing bicycle business, her involvement in her tenants’ group, her underappreciated job, her alcoholic brother, her health (she has polio), etc., etc. It is so sad that despite my encouragement for her to make time for early Mass or at least 15 minutes before the Blessed Sacrament, she’d rather solve things her dizzying, often futile way. I pray for her daily, and try to be a good friend to her. I hope someday soon that she would see that the solution to her problems is right there in the Tabernacle, just waiting for her to turn to Him.

    As an aside, how I love to be able to tell someone, even a total stranger, that I will pray for him/her, and how his/her face lights up when I say the magic words, “I will pray for you.”

  • Bev

    I start each day with this prayer that I came across, hope this will as meaning to you as it is to me.
    God of my life, i welcome this new day of life, it is the first day of the rest of my life.
    I thank you for the gift of being alive this morning. I thank for the sleep that has refreshed me and for the chance to began life all over again.
    Lord, this day is full of promise and opportunity. Help me to waste none of it.
    This day is full of mystery and of the unknown help me to face it without fear or anxiety. This day is full of beauty and adventure, help me to be fully alive to it.
    Thank you Lord for gift of this new day of life.

  • Kathy

    I find comfort in daily prayer, It helps me thru the day. If I’m really having a difficult time I will stop by the church and just sit quietly with God. I too, speak to him all day. I know he is always with me.

  • Eduardo Hoover

    With every breath I take I’m reminded to pray as God’s very name is repeated over and over in our breathing. I’m so bless to be able to attend daily Mass to pray the Rosary, the Divine Mercy Chaplet, for my family and friends living and deceased and the prayers of the Mass. Listen and pray from the heart every prayer during Mass and you will learn to pray.

  • Kim M

    God Bless you, Sue. I also agree if there is no beach there is no vacation! I have a friend who lost her child also. It impacts me so much. I cannot imagine that kind of pain. I know that prayer has impacted her also. I feel in my heart that God has held me/impacted me at a time when my health was failing. I feel in my heart that God somehow keeps me healthy. I do not doubt that, I know that! I started talking to God especially at that time and began a God Journal to tell God how thankful I am for him in my life. I do not write in that journal too much anymore but maybe now I will begin again! Thanks for the inspiration! God Bless!

  • Judy

    When I wake up in the morning, I say, thank you Lord for this wonderful day. When I find myself in a challenging situation, I say, God please help me. I notice that God answers my prayers. I will get what I prayed for or not, and when I didn’t, I will realize the reason why I didn’t. I am mindful of the things around me and find it interesting that I realize the reasons why I get what I prayed for or not. I just say, I know God, you are in control and knows what’s best for me.

  • Rebecca

    Prayer has impacted my life to help me feel closer to God. However, I feel as if I don’t pray enough. I am trying to have more of a conversation with God instead of asking him to listen to all of my needs. This is a struggle for me because I have always prayed to ask for God’s help or forgiveness.

  • Pat Dodd Polito

    Working at making prayer a priority. It wasn’t till I read Resisting Happiness that I started my day off every morning in prayer, talking to God throughout the day and ending my evening in prayer. Resistance does sneak in there but I’m certainly getting better at fighting it.

  • Gina B.

    I start my day alone with God. If my daily pattern gets interrupted, my entire day feels off! Stress becomes greater and more difficult to manage, my children seem to be acting in unbecoming ways, and even my relationship with my husband can be more tense. Prayer is key to my day! I am SO thankful for quiet, alone time with God! There have been times when I ask God, “What should I do?” At times he has used the words of others to answer that questions. At other times I have felt inspired to request to God that a person recommended something if it would be good for me to do. And at other times, I have to be patient and wait, and wait, and wait. A wise priest once told me to never stop praying. If you have a particular need, keep praying it, unceasingly! God will do one of two things: answer your prayer, or change the circumstances so you no longer need to pray for that particular need. This can be very difficult, but God NEVER fails! He has always taken care of us! Praise be to God!

  • Mari

    I love my time alone with the Lord. Prayer is a conversation with him. A moment to talk. A moment to listen. Overall prayer helped me to heal from the loss of a 10 year relationship. I learned to spend time with the Lord daily. Instead of talking to my ex. I would take that time to pray. I have healed. I have forgiven myself …my past…and feel closer to God than ever before. He is my best friend. comfort…my father…my healer… my priority. Best free therapy ever.

  • Mary B.

    Ever since I experienced the “bestlentever program” my daily prayer is now in the morning when I am more alert and have more time to reflect on God. It is the best habit that I have ever made!! Prayer is so important in my life and it really does close the gap with your relationship with God. I would like to share this morning prayer with all of you because I find it to encompass everything I want to tell God everyday!
    God of my Life, I welcome this new day. It is your gift to me, the first day of the rest of my life.
    I thank you for the gift of being alive this morning, I thank you for the sleep which has refreshed me, I thank you for the chance to begin life all over again. Lord, this day is full of promise and of opportunity, help me to waste none of it. This day is full of mystery and of the unknown, help me to face it without fear or anxiety. This day is full of beauty and adventure, help me to be fully alive to it all. During this day, may I be a more thoughtful person, a more prayerful, generous and kind person. Help me not to be turned in on myself, but to be sensitive and helpful to others. When night comes, let me look back on this day without regrets, and may no one be unhappy with anything I have done, or anything I have failed to do. Lord, Bless this day and for all of us, make it a day in which we grow more like your Son, our Lord , Jesus Christ. Amen
    I hope someone can find peace in prayer!

    • Rachelle Reyes

      Beautiful prayer! Thank you…

  • Mary Evers

    My challenge is setting aside specific time for prayer. I know I don’t need to schedule it, but it would help me to make it a habit. I have good intentions…. but then resistance sets in. What times work for others? Do you go to a quiet Spot? What time of day works best for You? Do you journal?

    • Syd

      Mary, I am pleased you recognize your resistance. Resistance for me is this constant churning of my machinery of my personality grinding along pretty much on its own. My mind is possessed by ever changing fears and desires, fantasies and associations that lead nowhere while keeping me out of touch with a deeper self. My mental chaos was at the extreme, so prayer always made me nervous and created this “gap” between chaos and serenity. I hated to pray as the gap was to much like nothingness. However, over time I have found my sense of nothingness are the holes in my soul and are the main cause of feeling this huge gap within. Therefore, to learn to pray I have had to practice letting go of my chaos and this constant struggle with all my reactive and automatic forces boiling up inside. When my nothingness got extreme, between chaos and serenity, God got the finger and lots of cussing. So prayer is a real struggle especially with this dark force in us does not want us to be free or aware of something higher.

      It has taken years to let go of my mental chaos and now more moments of serenity. Serenity is now my prayer, sometimes consciously chosen by being aware. So I suggest a simple letting go of chaos and this awareness of your center to remind you of deeper values. As your serenity grows I believe you will want to meditate so you can center yourself. In many ways you appear to be already praying because you are listening and cooperating with grace.

  • Char

    Every morning I start my day with “Good morning Jesus! How are you doing this morning?” I talk to Jesus about what my day looks like and what I am facing for this day. For me, it puts things in perspective and gets my day off to a great start.

  • Joey

    Prayer has impacted my life because I know that with prayer I will be happier no matter what.

  • Joanne

    Prayer at the start of my day is like a breakfast, a spiritual breakfast that nourishes my soul. The word, Breakfast, when broken down is “break fast”. It is the first meal after many hours since dinner and hours of sleep. So, prayer first thing in the morning, for me, is that first encounter with God that breaks the fast of being “away” from Him in my sleep. It is what wakes me up (well, with a cup of Jo, too!) centers me, satisfies my hunger and thirst for Him, lifts me up, energizes me, inspires me to act, and gives me a sense of peace, calm, focus, joy, and happiness.

    I can’t imagine the loss of a child. I have friends who have buried their son or daughter. I don’t know how they get out of bed everyday, but it has to be prayer and faith.

    Our prayers are always answered, and they never fail. God just sometimes says no. With God, we are always victorious, even under the most difficult of circumstances. That’s what separates believers from non believers. Jesus’s suffering, death and resurrection proves that for us.

  • Jeff

    I use the prayer process Matthew Kelly outlines and I have been doing so since last lent. This has transformed my life and my relationship with God grows more wonderful each day. I am so grateful. I need to ask God the big question, what do you thing and want me to do Lord…more often…

  • sue conway

    As Karen does I start my day with this prayer also. It is wonderful to be blessed with a new glorious day. To know that God is present in my life and holding my hand guiding me in my spiritual journey. I am so grateful and blessed.

  • Suzanne

    Wow. I know God was speaking to me through this message. Instead of giving up something for Lent this year, I decided to give my time to God each morning. I’ve encountered so much resistance! It’s been a daily struggle between doing that and accomplishing my ‘to do’ list. Something always seems to get in the way. I also recognize that it’s fear—how do I establish a prayer time? Am I doing it right? If I do it, how will I make time for it and still get done the daily chores of life? I’m starting my daily quiet time now. Thank you Matthew Kelly! I’d also love to hear any suggestions for how to keep a daily quiet time with God each day. Thank you.

    • Joanne

      Make a special designated place in your home where you can go each morning to meet God. If possible, make a prayer closet. I have one in my finished basement and built it specifically for that, but if you can’t do that, literally clean out a closet and put a chair in it where you can pray in secret and silence. I use post it notes all over the walls for all of my prayer intentions. I have Holy images and quotes hung on the walls, books and prayers, etc. if you haven’t watched the Christian film, “the War room” I highly recommend it. And, of course, like Matthew says, stop in a church for 10 minutes.

  • Susanne Conley

    I don’t often comment because my struggle is so overwhelming. I relate to Sue in the loss of a child. I use to have a joyful, vibrant relationship with Jesus and loved my prayer time. I wrote songs during my prayer time and led a woman’s prayer group for 10 years. I lost my first daughter to a drowning accident at 21. I kept clinging to God and kept my faith. Falling for the first time. The second daughter died at 21 after a kidney transplant. Clung to God and prayed incessantly. Falling for the second time. The pain was now impacting my life but faith was still strong. A year later my 20 year old daughter died in her sleep. She had spina bifida and was the most precious love of my life. Her love kept me going. Fell for the third time and couldn’t get up. I was angry and felt betrayed. I try hard to pray but it is the rote, recited prayers others mention. I thank God for Matthew Kelly’s books and this series. I want more than anything to feel God’s love again. I am afraid of God.

    • Joanne

      Praying for you.🙏🏻 May the healing and saving love of Jesus Christ penetrate your heart.

      • Ma

        So sorry for your unconscionable losses 💕 I saw the movie ‘The Shack’ the other day, might help ease some of your fear and pain. Hugs and prayers 🙏

    • Mike

      You will be in my prayers. God bless you.

      • Susanne Conley

        Thank you

    • Cathy

      I am praying for you today, and I have asked my daughter (who also suffers loss) to pray for you, also. We are praying that, while you have fallen 3 times, that you are able to finally let Jesus take your cross from you and that you find your love of God again so that you will not be afraid. Your loss goes so much deeper than what you write, I know. Your joy will be that much greater in the end. I know that, too. God bless you. Don’t give up.

      • Susanne Conley

        Thank you!!!

    • Rachelle Reyes

      Praying for you also 🙏🏼

    • Rita Sullivan

      If you are afraid of God, then tell Him so. Take the time to tell Him everything, including your more than reasonable feelings of anger and betrayal with the loss of your three precious children. God will listen to you, His child – no less beloved to Him than David, who expressed his anger and rage with God in no uncertain terms in Psalm 44. God will listen to you. Then take the time to listen Him.

    • Pat

      Susanne, your comment touches my heart. I will pray for the grief you are experiencing from such tragic losses. Truly, God must have deep graces in store for you.

  • Veda Cavitt

    My story is similar to Sue’s ,as I too lost my daughter 5yrs ago. I now have her 2 children, and has special needs. I do pray daily and find myself always asking God what should I do, and wondering foes He hear me?

  • Mary

    When my mother died my sister and I went through her Bible and found the following prayer: Lord Jesus, you came to give us life to the full and each day you fulfill your promise. Help me to accept your will for me today in the people I encounter, the events I experience and in the quiet of my heart at rest in you. May I be filled with gratitude when the day comes to its end. Amen. We had it read at her funeral mass and I have recited it every morning since then. I feel so at peace when I pray it.

    • Kj

      What a special gift from your mom!

  • Jane Strauss

    Sue Zdinak: your story touched me in a deep and profound way this morning! What beautiful trust and love you have for the Trinity. Thank you for sharing. l send prayers to lift you up and bless you today.

  • Mary

    I try to make my whole day a prayer to God. I have my routine in the morning, which I do not feel complete, ready or fortifide unless I read and contemplate on them. I begin with DC video, then my Richard Rohr daily mediation and then the scripture of the day. Before my husband and I walk out the door we take a few minutes to pray together, giving thanks to God for the jobs we are blessed with, we pray for our grown children, individuals on our prayer list and any other concerns and immediate needs. All through the day I find myself talking to Father, Son and Holy Spirit depending on my current circumstance to help me, guide me to love as God loves me and giving thanks always. I recieve Holy Eucharist as often during the week as is possible and confession throughout the year as needed. Our Pastor is currently on medical leave so we do not have morning Mass. I have to find another area Church to find a Mass.

  • Joe

    My wife and I have a good prayer life,although she prefers to pray by herself but we attend Mass together. We’ve had this habit for several years. Two years ago our 32 year old daughter, mother of 3 very young children died. I saw how the strength of our prayer life and our faith in Jesus has gotten us through these dark days. Praise be to God! I know how Sue felt losing her son. It’s difficult. Life is changed. We have a new “normal”. But if it wasn’t for our faith I believe that life would not be as joyous as it is. Thank you Lord. Prayer is the blood of faith.

  • Alice

    Thank you Sue for sharing your story of prayer. It was very impactful and gave me hope to improve my prayer process. When my dad died I was going through other struggles with work; the two combined resulting in issues with my mental and physical health.My brother encouraged me to resist and to continue fighting – I would get better. I had to pray as I felt like I was hanging on by a thread. Panic attacks consumed my life where I could barely drive at times. I prayed and learned that by keeping prayer front and center – I came out stronger on the other side. Along the way, I realized I had to fight resistance and go to church every week. If I missed once, it became a harder fight to get there the next week. I want to change and continue to grow spiritually but I am a huge believer in praying every day. Now I want to listen more and ask God more – how to handle the my issues when they come across my life.

  • Laurie Sedestrom Krell

    My drive to work is about 10 minutes……on that drive I have been praying daily. I thank God for what He did for me and all He has blessed me with. I tell him I am sorry for my shortcomings and ask for help. I ask protection, safety, and blessing on my family and friends. I beg for return to the church for those in my life who are not practicing. I remember those who are ill, having struggles, those who have passed, and anyone who asked me to pray for them. Then I move on to asking the Lord to be present in my work place……to be right next to me when I am caring for patients, to be with the staff as we begin our day, to allow the patients safe travel to us and their safety while under our care. I pray specifically for colleagues I don’t get along with as well……that their day would be blessed and that I would remain kind and professional in my interactions w them. Sometimes, I say a quick prayer right before I approach a patient, asking for help dealing with a situation or procedure. I had so much anxiety when I began this current work about 2 years ago!! This is how I started praying, asking for help with the anxiety. LOOK what it turned into!!! I find a conversation with God rather than music or morning news is very refreshing!! Thank you Lord for putting all of this on my heart!!!!

  • Rita Perii

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful prayer.

  • Rae S

    No kidding about resistance!
    I love the sharing of prayers.
    My favorite
    Forgive me for what I did or did not do
    Thank you for this day
    Help me to be the best version of me.
    And my one absolute everyday prayer… walking from parking lot to work everyday… I ask our Mother Mary to
    Pray for ( people I know, my children) that this day the gifts of the Holy Spirit will guide them and keep them safe. Then my Hail Mary. She’s such an intercessor for us!

  • JackieandMike Tressel

    Prayer for me, helps put issues in the right light and encourages me to offer it up it God. I have been transformed from a total wreck to a lesser one. I don’t feel alone anymore and finding his answers for my questions by patients and observing. In his time.

  • Diane Butler

    Part of my morning prayer routine is a prayer we were given at a married couples retreat:
    Holy Spirit beloved of my soul, I adore you! Enlighten me. Guide me. Strength me. Console me.
    Tell me what I should do. Give me your orders.I promise to submit myself to all that you desire of me
    and to accept all you permit to happen to me. Let me only know your will

  • Alexander DiMercurio

    A few years ago while going through the pews after mass where I serve as an usher , I came across a daily devotional called living faith. Included with a daily reflection based on the readings for the day, it lists the readings. This has given me the opportunityto start my day with scripture & prayer ever since. It has become a habit,at the same time helso me to encounter each day with a fresh outlook….now I just need to end each day with reflection on how my day went.

  • Mary

    I pray daily. All day long I have a running conversation with God. My prayer is always to do His will. It is just not always clear what His will is. So, I now pray for clarity.

    • Marianne

      I also have made pray an all day conversation. I currently struggle with consumerism and making God my total need. I pray daily for God to make me aware that his is my ONLY need.

  • Michelle

    My daily habit of prayer seems more like a “wish list” or a “Please God, (insert favor here)”. Yes, the adoration, contrition, and thanks do get in there a tiny bit, but the supplication is the main thing. It should be the lesser thing. Gotta work on that.

  • Jennifer Haeussler Brewer

    Daily prayer has brought me closer to God and has helped me see God in others. Thus, I have become more forgiving and understanding and less judgmental.

  • Antonette Green

    Very powerful message this morning I do pray every day but not at the same time every day this is a wake up call for me ….

  • Kristin

    How special is that prayer. Powerful words, directed words, forgiving and loving words. Thank you for sharing!

  • Dianne Barber Saltzman

    On Ash Wednesday I saw my doctor for a recent spike in blood pressure readings. He noted it was anxiety induced, related to several current problems and the recent death of a parent.

    I left his office and had just enough time to catch the last mass for Ash Wednesday. The next morning I started this series and the next day I heard about the God-sized hole.

    I had been praying. I discovered I was not disciplined in focusing my discussion and I certainly wasn’t taking time to listen.

    I started focusing on that God-sized hole. My blood pressure has been normal every day since. My school nurse where I teach, who checks it every morning, is astonished. She asked what I did. I told her I finally talked to the right guy.

    • mistymama

      Wow! I really identify with your post. At age 48 I suddenly also had high blood pressure readings. I became such a worried mess. I would take my son to school and stop at Walmart to take my blood pressure. I was obsessed. Until I kept praying about it. I had come to realize since then that the initial spike was due to a bad sinus infection. But all the subsequent high readings were caused by my obsessive worrying and anxiety. I prayed and I started running. And now my readings are actually on the low side. I decided to put all the fear in God’s hands and he has helped me so much. I feel much more a peaceful and thankful person.

      • Dianne Barber Saltzman

        Thanks so much for sharing your story with me. It helps a lot to have some affirmation, too know I’m likely in the right track!

  • Linda

    My husband of 41 yrs died 2 months ago. He was sick for a year and a half. He had many surgeries, rehab admissions, and home care. For the last year, he was totally dependent on me. I prayed every day. “Lord, show me what I should do. How should I handle this”. There were days I felt His presence sitting right next to me.
    Thank you, God

  • brosati

    As soon as I get in the car each morning on my way to work, I thank God for this day whatever it may bring. I talk to him as a friend.. That is my time in prayer.

  • Tom Brull

    My heart goes out to Sue….I cannot imagine the feeling! Prayer is the center of my life also and I know the power of prayer. This is where I get my strength as I pray to God to heal my twelve year old granddaughter who is fighting cancer, and to be with my son who is facing many difficulties in life! May God bless us all…..

  • J

    30 minutes of reading my bible (via a bible app) has been a game-changer I started Jan 1 2016 and my marriage, focus, and mental calmness has been amazingly transformed! Sometimes I just talk to God and share my intentions for others. Complete game-changer!!

  • Elaine

    In my early thirties, I was encouraged by friends to develop a prayer life. I did and it carried me through times of financial worry, but most importantly when I was 52 years old and found out that I had ovarian cancer. I told God that I would accept anyone he placed in my path, for I know he works through his people. I accepted a strangers visit that saved my life through a book that enabled me to survive. I am now 16 years free of cancer and more blessed than ever. God is Good Orderly Direction and I enjoy (and my soul feels his love through) my prayer life. I look forward to it every day!

  • Marilyn Russell

    Prayer has helped me through many difficulties and tragedies in my life and even in those times when I did not pray. God, Abba Father, and the Holy Trinity were all there to guide me and comfort me and protect me and only now through these times of prayer do I realize that the love of the Holy Trinity is so deep, so personal so healing. As I look back on my life I am so grateful for Their love, and wish that my gratitude and understanding, that moment of “knowing”, would have happened so much sooner. Trust in the Trinity always and in all ways.

  • Kelvin

    I’d like to thank Matthew Kelly and the Dynamic Catholic team for these reflections. I think this is the best one of either Best Advent ever or Best Lent ever that I’ve done so far.

  • Kathryn

    Recently I have started to read a book called “fire from above” by Dr. Anthony Lilles which a book on prayer, which has impacted me considerably regarding prayer. It isn’t a book on how to pray but what prayer is, and how our prayers are joined with Our Lord’s prayers, and how we are being invited to surrender completely to a divine plan.
    What I like most about this book is that it take small stories as well about people we consider Saints and their difficulties in prayer and how their lives were personally affected by prayer.
    Here are two quotes from the book that have influenced me greatly regarding prayer,
    “Prayer is like reason from the mouth” St.Thomas Aquinas, and a heading of a subchapter which reads ” Prayer is not an impulse to emptiness”.
    Through prayer we can reason better, and through prayer we can become more connected!

  • Steve

    On January 1, 2017 I decided to call my year “Jesus365”. I travel often and hotels and bars and being away has not always led me to make good decisions. I have often FAILED God and me.
    Part of my “Jesus365” is Daily Mass and Daily Prayer and Daily Rosary. Now when I am at home finding Mass is easy, but when on the road I spend a lot of time on the internet looking for a Catholic Church that has Mass. So far so good and now I have a new compulsion. Matthew West is so right — we are what we eat and if we eat God and Family 24/7 the rest will fall into place and life is so much better. God Bless.

  • Jo

    Sue, you are an inspiration! Your son must be very proud of you, and surely, our Father too! Thank you for sharing….God’s blessings to you and your family!

  • Bonnie Scherr

    It is nice to know that others struggle with prayer, too. I like the idea of ACTS. My favorite prayer to begin the morning with is the prayer of abandonment by Charles de Foucault. It’s beautiful way of surrendering my life over to God each and every day to do his will. I heard many of you struggle with the rote prayer and I struggled with the rosary for a very long time. After reading the book Our Lady of Fatima in our book study group, I begin to realize the importance of praying the rosary for the conversion of sinners. This has given a lot more meaning to praying the rosary each morning and I no longer struggle with it. I, too, struggle with hearing Gods voice and discerning between it and my own thoughts. I am hoping that with continued daily prayer he will make his voice more clear to me so that I can hear the answer to the question “God, what do you think I should do? “.

  • Rachelle Gray

    I am trying to teach my students the value of prayer. Our children need to have prayer to navigate through this crazy world.

  • Barb Stuart

    Since I started with Matthew Kelly daily reflections I did change some of my “habits”. When waiting for my granddaughter and great grandsons to go bye,I say Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be for all the traffic that is traveling at that time. I don’t read the internet “top stories” in the morning for they pull me down so I pray for all those top stories.I am finally learning to listen rather then speak,my body language is changing from judging to caring.

  • Kathy Pichler

    I have always firmly believed prayer is the way to God’s plan for me. I never knew how much so until I heard the words we couldn’t save your son. I felt my world crash into a wall and then raged at God that came night. I came through that rage with a peaceful feeling knowing God was with me and my son was with Him. Other times when I had no energy left to pray, I felt those who cared for me lifting me up in their prayers. Prayers work miracles of we only take the time to not only pray, but to do the 2nd part and listen.

  • Deborah Anne Breo-Donohue

    I can’t imagine a day without prayer, it would be like waking up and not talking to my husband or children that day.

  • Jim Z

    The loss of our son (another Matthew) was beyond devastating to our family. Prayer wasn’t easy but we prayed together as a family and with our faith community. Sue is spot on, “It was and is prayer that saved us”.

  • Dawn

    Sometimes I’m unsure how to prayer. I find myself just asking for things – like for happiness and health of my kids. It doesn’t seem right to only be asking. Is that prayer?

    • Brenda

      Dawn, that’s how I used to pray. I have always been grateful and thanked God, too. Yes, it is prayer. Recently, I found Matthew Kelly’s prayer process and use it. It has given my prayer life so much more meaning. I now feel my prayer is more complete. You might want to try it.

  • Brenda

    I was married to my first husband John for 25 years. John was a very type a personality and had anger issues. I remember one day going to church and sitting in silence and crying and asking God to help me find my love for him because it had been destroyed from years of abuse. It was my promise to God that I would love John and stay with him through good times and bad that brought me to church that day. It was God’s help that day that showed me how to love John again. The last memory I have of John is kissing him and telling him how much I loved him the night he went home to God. Had it not been for prayer and God’s love, I might have never had that wonderful loving last moment with him.

  • Tony

    Five years ago, I was mired in a devastating mess of Lyme disease. I was desperate and wanted to die. I had gone so far as to start asking friends if they might take my dog “in case” anything happened to me and was writing a care and loving manual for my precious rescue pet. In my desperation, I contacted an old monk who was my Latin teacher decades ago.

    I met with Dom Julian for two hours, pouring out my heart. I asked him what I should do. He said, in his rather aristocratic manner, “Tony, you’ve got to get back to God, pray the Rosary and stay close to Mary”. I rolled my eyes. Yet, I took his advice. Although I had Rosary beads, I immediately went to eBay to see if I could find some beads with a little juice to them. The first beads I saw were an Art Deco set from France, mother of pearl with gold chain and a small leather pouch. Written on the inside flap was the word “Meme'” which is French for Grandmother. My French grandmother taught me how to pray the Rosary when I was a child. Naturally, I bought the beads.

    While I let the practice go for most of my life, I always carried the Rosary that she gave me for my confirmation, even though I never worked the beads. They always hung on my dresser though, wherever I moved to.

    After my meeting with Dom Julian, I started praying the Rosary with a little help from a couple of iPhone apps and things started to change. I found a therapist and then a practitioner that could help me with the Lyme disease. Dom Julian gave me the Sacrament of the Sick at a newly dedicated Shrine to the Blessed Mother on Mother’s Day that year. I heard and felt Mary’s voice and kindness. It moved me on the way to recovery.

    While I haven’t always been perfect in my prayer, I continue with the effort. The Lyme is much better, although it took three years. I was going through a genuine Dark Night of the Soul and I don’t know what might have happened had I not sought out Dom Julian and taken his advice.

    Lent is my favorite season. And this program helped intensify my love for Lent last year. I still have my dog, Stella Blue, my little Appalachian coonhoud genetic boulliabaise. Life is still hard sometimes. But, I’m a miracle.

    God bless, all. As it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be. World without end.

  • Therese Pribil Sprinkle

    I pray all the time. When I pray I am no longer alone because I know God and Mother Mary are with me. I pray for all of you each day.

  • Karie

    Matthew, you make me laugh out loud about the $1,000 in the church.. because it is so true! I always tell my family you make time for what is important to you. I normally am talking about family but I should be talking more about prayer.
    Sue, my heart goes out to you. It is difficult to hear about your loss. I the back of my mind I fear that I will lose a one of my children before I die. I am not sure why I have that feeling but I too always pray to guide and protect my family. I love that you went to Mary to pray… I am going on a Marian trip this summer and I am excited to learn more about her.

  • Betty Buller

    Daily prayer gets me through each day.

  • Donna M. DeJoy

    Your words are so beautiful and true. Praying everyday is like putting your comfortable slippers on. If we did not feel his presence in our lives it would be so very empty. Thank You! Sister of God for your knowledgeable insight. We all have our angels watching over us and guiding us towards the light.

  • Mary Kay

    Prayer has helped me develop more trust in our God and more courage to face things I didnt think I could face. The death of our daughter showed me how much God loves me and our daughter. That has been my source of comfort, trust and peace. I make prayer a daily priority for me and sometimes I can get challenged to keep that priority. Thats when I turn to God and ask for Help with my prayer.

  • Donna

    My husband has dementia, without prayer I wouldn’t make through a day! But with prayer I feel the Lord’s peace and I know I have his strength supporting me. And I have my Blessed Mother helping me to be humble, kind and a good care giver.

  • Jacob

    Prayer have an impact on my life. By love and showing me a path. It may don’t answer all my prayer it a much needed light in my path. It show me what path to take in life.

  • Jackie

    There are so many excellent bits and pieces of all your posts and it’s hard to remember all of them…so today I have decided to take those little bits and make a notebook for myself to access daily to keep me in the spirit of this program. Just parts of sentences, parts of prayers, whatever it takes to keep God at the forefront of my day. This will go way beyond Lent..thank you all for your postings and sharing your very personal experiences and thoughts. It is so wonderful that we are all in this together…I feel truly blessed! There is a love and connection between all of us. Thank you, God, for this gift.🙏❤️

  • Donald Marquez

    I always tell my fellow parishioners that I am a modern-day Prodigal Son. But even after I came “to my senses” and was embraced by the Father, there was still work to be done internally. The road back has been long and arduous. Almost three years ago, I had a real test of faith when my cousin Danielle died suddenly at 31. Had I not gotten to know God in a genuine way through prayer, I may have wandered off again to a “faraway land.” Prayer is what sustained me. It is what has sustained Danielle’s parents and her immediate family. God allowed the questions and the anger. Last September we went through it again when my niece–who was born the same year as Danielle (1983)–died. More than the first time, I was tempted to walk away. But life without God doesn’t make any sense to me, even if some people might suggest that sticking with God is what doesn’t make sense. I still struggle with sitting still and listening. Really listening. Recently, listening to what I felt he wanted, I ended up losing a friend through that nudge. But God, like any loving parent, knows what it is good for us. So sometimes things don’t go our way or make sense, but God is always good, and is always in charge, and I would not have it any other way.

  • Patty

    Check out Pope Francis’ “five finger prayer”. It is a great way to guide daily prayer. When my kids were little, I always had them do a 3 finger prayer at the end of the day-what are you thankful for, what are you sorry for and who do you want to pray for.

  • Rosie

    Prayer has been an important part of my life, especially in those times of trial when we all turn to God. However, I have started typing medical reports for a hematology/oncology office and I find myself praying daily for those people whose reports I type. I have tried with the beginning of Lent to be more focused in my prayer life and more faithful to the God who is so faithful to me. During this week and it is only Wednesday, I have worked with both a 7th grade class and 2nd grade class of faith formation students. It is amazing how they can come up with reasons not to commit to daily prayer. I told the 2nd grade students when you get out of bed in the morning, thank God and ask Him to help you through the day especially with this being Lent. They wanted to give up some unreachable goal for Lent, like no TV for six weeks. LOL. And the 7th grade students were asked to commit to a prayer goal and write it down and try to keep their commitment and it will eventually become a part of their daily life. This is in preparation for their Confirmation in the fall. This has made me focus more on my prayer life and spending the time with God in private or Mass or Adoration. I have so many opportunities. Please pray for me today as I am scheduled for a CAT scan of my brain and have that fear in me and am trying to give it all to God. Thanks and God’s blessings to all.

  • Linda

    To me, prayer is just as important as air. St. Paul was right “Pray Always”. It makes a difference. It makes ALL the difference in every aspect of life.

  • RD

    I prayed many years ago, Lord, teach me to pray. . .Blessed Mother, teach me to pray. I feel the answer to that prayer, yet also, that I am still learning. I usually do speak to God every day. Recently, I am being confronted with making that prayer time more scheduled. I keep getting the suggestion: set aside a specific time; go to a specific place. . .the same, each day. I do resist this idea. It seems hard somehow. Lord, help me to make this special effort this Lent. Help me to wake up every morning and sit in stillness, talking to You AND listening. If this is still too difficult, get me to Church at least once a week to sit with you in stillness there. I want more of You, help me to give more of myself to You. Amen

  • Gina

    Thank you Marilyn! God Bless you for touching so many lives with your comments. What you said changed my heart. Thank you again!

  • Denise Slowinski

    When my husband passed away 2 years ago in January, I may not have been praying, as much, but I know I had lots of people praying for myself and my children. I know that’s the only way we got through the last 2 years.

  • Annette

    Since deepening my spiritual life, I now feel like I automatically ask Jesus for His wisdom and guidance on all things going on in my life! He answers me in my quiet thoughts all the time! If I don’t hear from Him, I wait and see what happens. I started a Prayer Chain Ministry at our church after watching and seeing God’s hand through a friend’s Prayer Ministry pray for my very sick daughter after delivering her first baby! Prayers to our loving Father brought peace and healing immediately to my entire family! Giving praise and thanksgiving in prayer is the number one way to a deeper relationship with our Heavenly Father.

  • Patty

    Often times I crawl into bed at night exhausted, knowing I should have given up the day sooner.
    Too tired to give rightful gratitude, I pray simply, ” I thank you Dear Heart for this day, for keeping those I love under your protection, let’s talk in the morning.”
    When restless sleep invades in a dark night, I sense someone else is struggling I turn to prayer for both known and unknown souls. When morning comes so do my peaceful prayers.
    Lately, the phrase and action of desiring to “give my first and last breath of the day ” to God gives me pause. In my best effort to glorify Him, this would thread together all the hours of choices of each day.

  • Rica

    Love the prayer Karen. I have copied it and will use it every morning to start my day. Thanks for sharing

  • Kristina

    I have a daily prayer life, although it will hits dry spells forsure…kids and life seem to get big sometimes. During lent, my challenge is a set prayer time in a quiet place, no matter what. The first day praying this promise to my Father, I was amazed at the waves of emotion that came to me. It was nothing short of amazing. The tears were so cleansing, it was similar to me as confession. I felt lifted, free, and SO loved. I truly believe his arms were around me, as to be saying, THIS is what I have wanted of you from the beginning. I’m not sure why it took me so long to get to this point, but I’m NEVER going back!!! I feel like I have won the lottery on love, and it’s amazing!!!!!!!!!! God is GOOD and GOOD is God!!!

  • Marie Nelson

    I just want to say how much more I love the reflections and video this year! And yes, the daily power of prayer- it’s incredible! Even just saying “Jesus, Jesus,” is more powerful than doing or saying nothing at all.
    Today is my dad’s birthday and I just pray that he is especially blessed and that he is able to minister to the boys going on retreat this weekend. Keep TEC in your prayers!

  • Debbie King

    Prayer is the glue in my days. It is the moments when I Give only him all that I am. And when I deny myself those moments because “I’m busy” that I lose focus in the day and the days to come. I somehow now too that it saddens the Lord when I don’t take time to talk to him. He is always talking to me – in the quiet – in the rush – in the joy – in the pain – by he awaits my conversation with him.

    As I listened to Matthew Kelly today, I realized that while I pray at home – and that is good, my heart wants to “visit” him – so today I will begin – I will visit him and only him in a chapel where he resides in the Blessed Sacrament. He’s waiting for me!

  • Darlene

    Sue I know exactly how you feel. Thank you so much for sharing. I had the same experience. My Son died in a accident working on his summer job, 2 weeks before his 16th Birthday, while we were in the midst of a huge law suit in our business. Our two mother were both very sick and we were taking care of them I was so angry with God, I wondered why this was all happening. But when things settled down, I realized I was so busy “doing” stuff I didn’t have time to pray. But his death lead me back. As all things when they start going good you slip back to old habits and true to form I did to and little by little forgot about prayer and God and three years ago my second son died of a blood clot to his heart. The day after he got engaged to be married. I totally fell apart and the struggle has been long and hard but God send a wonderful priest to our parish who has taught us so much and mostly how to pray! I can’t explain in words what he has done and taught me these two years he has been here. But most important was how to pray. I couldn’t believe how easy it really was. Adding Dynamic Catholic has increased so much for me in so many ways. And now this. A person who lost a child also. Thank you again Sue for opening your self to me. I truly understand. Prayer is the answer. Mathew Kelly was so right in his talk.

  • Tony Pantera

    This portion of the Lenten journey is in my wheelhouse. I pray, one way or another, everyday. Most often the
    prayers are ones of thanks. I feel this as an anchor in my life. The only time it has not worked out, is when
    I choose to ignore what a particular prayer reveals to me.

  • Marie

    I am grateful for this site. I have learned that I need to trust God, especially my children’s future. We are suffering right now as our daughter left home a couple years ago to become independent. She is surrounded by people that we know don’t have her best interests at heart. She’s a good girl and we know this is a trial for her and we are waiting for her return. So, turning to daily prayer has given me so much comfort – especially reading the Magnificat. I feel that God telling me “I’ve got her, don’t worry, she’s going to be fine”. God is our guardian and there with us all the time and carries us when we don’t have the strength to deal with trials.

    • Linda

      Hi Marie: I’m going through the same thing with my daughter. She was always so sweet until she got into the wrong crowd. For 3 years, I have been so worried about her as she has gotten into drugs and alcohol and is no longer living at home. She barely talks to us anymore and never comes home. I have joined a mother’s prayer group at church and also a bible study. I have put her in God’s hands to watch out for her and pray everyday that she will get better.

      • Marie


        I will pray for her too and thank you for sharing. I am also in a prayer group! And I have found that others are suffering too just like me and some have it worse. Since this is a Catholic site, I also recommend our True Devotion to Mary study by St. Louis deMontfort. It’s a year long study and now we are focusing on consecration from April – May in Cincinnati at St. Gertrude. Anyway, it has helped me to see this is as a spiritual attack and also to see how the devil is actively working against the goodness that we are born for and trying to separate us and isolate us from our family is the first step. I am sure she misses you and has some regrets – perhaps there’s a middle ground. It is very difficult to put my pride aside and reach out to her – that’s a huge humility practice for me. We have a very small middle ground with our daughter and we are hoping to regain trust from her so she will come home when the time comes. It’s tough. I hope it’s okay to recommend Unbound, Boundaries and Safe People as really good reads. I gave Safe People to my daughter as a Christmas present – she probably pitched that! But I keep trying. Don’t give up Keep reaching out to her and I have found offering a bite to eat helps out too!

  • Joanne Williams

    Amen for Sue…Bless her for her strength and example.

  • Ruth

    I have been enjoying taking some time every morning contemplating these daily videos and challenges after which I take a moment to pray and read the daily readings as well as work on my own goal of reading through the bible.

    This particular challenge brought to mind yesterday’s gospel reading from Matthew 6:8, “Your Father knows what you need before you ask him.” Sometimes I struggle when it comes to prayer, I stumble over my words and thoughts, I get distracted, I feel like I’m doing too much asking and not enough thanking, but when I read those words yesterday I took comfort from them. Sometimes the power of prayer is not in what is spoken, but taking the time to sit down with the Father, opening our heart, and letting him see where are in that moment.

  • Robin Taggart

    It’s so nice to know that I think like Matthew. Seriously, I pray constantly! God and I have gone rounds together. He tells me everything and sometimes I’m a typical woman and think I can do it better and I fall flat in my face! He gently picks me up and and we’re off again together!!

    I’m so lucky!!

  • CT

    Prayer saved my marriage from divorce when my husband was having affairs. By God’s grace and my persistent prayer we have been married for 46 years. Through prayer we got to the root of his infidelity. He was testing my love for him since he did not feel loved growing up with an alcoholic parent in a large family. He was pushing the envelope to see how much it would take to make me not love him because he didn’t feel worthy of love. God alone got me through that pain and suffering to give love and forgiveness where it was needed most.
    My first thought before my feet hit the floor in the morning is to say good morning to Jesus and pray for my family. Also to thank Him for the blessings of the previous day if I fall asleep at night before I get to thank Him. Mass, morning prayer, night prayer are my life line.

  • Milton

    Every morning when I wake up and during the day, I say a liittle prayer to Jesus. I have a relative from England who used to keep our daughter during the day. Doreen taught her this prayer: Good morning, Dear Jesus, this day is for you. Please bless us in everything we say and do! Amen!

  • Kathryn

    May I ask why you removed my comment on a book about prayer? I have read all of Mathew Kelly’s books and promote them and use them in teaching. Why take away information that others may find helpful and a book that you may want to include in your book sales?
    This is an open forum but you have the right to remove anything you like. Just asking a question. Thank you

    • Deb Daly

      Kathryn, it wasn’t removed. I just read that posting from you with the suggestion. There have just been many more postings since then so you didn’t see it. You have to hit the load more comments button to keep reading. 🙂

  • This message came at the perfect time for me. Prayer has impacted my life so often through the years and yet it is the first thing that goes by the wayside when life gets busy. I have been feeling adrift this winter and now I realize that one reason is because I haven’t had morning prayer anchoring me each day. Thank you.

  • Joanne

    I love the Best Lent Ever series, because it helps me focus every morning when I watch the videos and read the postings of all these lovely people. I have a prayer routine that I initiated after last year’s series and it helped me so much during the events of last year. It was a hard year. My added prayer this Lent is to pray especially hard for one of my loved ones–I pray that all the good I do today is for them–and I have written their name down in The Little Black Book that my parish offers for Lent. Today my day’s prayers will be dedicated to my little grandson, who is hyperactive and just got kicked out of his day care. Dear Jesus, please watch over him and help him have a good day.

  • Linda R

    Praying brings God’s peace into my heart in this turbulent world of ours. If only I did it more often! I pray for God’s grace to become a more faithful prayer warrior during this Lenten renewal. Several people on this thread have commented how memorized prayers don’t seem to be as meaningful. I find help with this by imagining I’m saying them directly to the Lord, as with the Our Father. I envision Him standing right in front of me. I do the same with the Hail Mary. The holy Mother is sitting right beside me. I see value in both types of prayer, both memorized and also “unscripted”, if you will. Please pray for me that I will be more consistent and faithful in my prayer life.

  • Cindy

    Sue I am sorry for your loss! I with you am so happy that I had a relationship with the Lord when I lost my husband. At that time I felt his loving arms around me, he helped me get through those first days so I could be ‘present’ at my husbands funeral. I do not know how other people get through life’s ups and downs without that relationship. I pray for those in my own family and all people that don’t have that relationship. I pray that they will develop the yearning for that relationship. A day without prayer is a day without sunshine and joy. Blessed be God!

  • Mother124

    I really want to develop a habit of daily prayer, but when I sit down to do it, I don’t know what to say.

    Is it OK to just say and Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be or something like that?

  • Janet

    Battling stage 4 colon cancer for 4 years, has made me wonder how people who don’t pray, get through it.
    I continue to ask for healing and a cure, but my prayers have matured to “help me to trust You, give me clarity and confidence in your way, Lord, use my suffering Lord. Prayer has transformed me spirituality.

  • Barbara E Hogan

    What a powerful message. He’s been reminding me of Mary and Martha. And He says to me often. “I can and will make the meal.” Don’t be distracted, come sit with me. Prayer is just the “sit with me” part. Thank you for sharing.

  • Emma Spaulding

    Since being at college, I definitely have prayed more and created a stronger relationship with Christ. From the summer before freshman year in college to now my second semester as a sophomore, I have created this relationship with God that has helped me through these last 2.5 years of my life. So many things have happened that have brought wonder, fear, tears, sorrow, and confusion into my life and without God I do not know how I would have made it through it all. To sum it up, my parents had a nasty divorce, my grandpa died, my boyfriend and I broke up, started college, and two sisters moved out. All this was a lot to take in, especially being a college and having to do well in my classes. I joined a Bible Study at college and that changed me. I now pray when I am feeling lost, confused, stressed out, or just need guidance in my life. The lovely ladies I met in my study are now some of my best friends and I couldn’t imagine my life without them. I know God wanted me to join that Bible study to meet those ladies and I thank Him every day for all my blessings.

  • Rebecca

    I so wish that Dynamic Catholic had a year round devotional online. You do such a good job. I look forward to watching and learning from you. You inspire me to have my daily time of prayer and to take time to just… listen.

    • Ma

      They send daily inspirations Rebecca, think you just have to sign up! Create a great day, God Bless.

  • Lorraine Marcketta

    Yes!! It was prayer that drew me to a conversion journey that led me to join the Catholic Church. Entering into prayer — into prayerful relationship with God – has felt, and continues to feel, like coming home. This past October both of my grandsons were killed in a tragic car accident. Something amazing happened when I found the courage to visit the site of the accident. It felt as though I was being overwhelmed by waves of love coming from the earth and the trees — there were three teenage girls sitting at the side of the road (praying?). I introduced myself, and in their sweet faces and through their hugs, I felt God. It was as if all the moments of prayer preceding that time had stored themselves up in me, so that at the very time at which my knees buckled beneath me, all of God’s love came flooding out, in, around and through.

    Tragedy, sorrow, helplessness – open up a space where love can pour in – and it does.
    I ask myself how I can feel and hold such abject helplessness, deep sorrow and painful memories while simultaneously knowing absolutely this great inflowing of love from all around me – see the beauty of the trees and their steadfast trust – feel the places where little feet have walked for years around me – see in the faces, and feel in the hugs, all the kindness my heart can hold.
    In all things – life and death, joy and sorrow, chaos and peace – God is present – as Life, as Love, as Being itself.
    Chance and Lance rest in ultimate love forever. – Grammy

    • Ma

      Oh Lorraine, my hearts ache for you💕 But what a beautiful story of God’s healing love for you. You are an inspiration, God Bless You and your family.

  • Katie Webb

    Hi Sue! Thank you for sharing your story. May God Bless you and wrap His loving arms around you always.
    Katie Webb
    St. Timothy’s, Union, KY

  • Betty’s Blessing

    I decided over the weekend, that during Lent I was going to hand write a personal note every day to someone that inspires me. Monday, the person I gave the 1st letter to, made her day. Yesterday, was a God moment! I wrote a simple note to my 2nd person. A person, who is the 1st person that people see at work or the 1st voice they hear when they call. After reading the note, she sent me the most beautiful note. Saying how much the note meant to her and that she will hold it close to her heart. When I ran into her later in the day, she said to me: “I don’t know if you want this or not, but I have to give this to you.” She gave me a huge hug and said, you really do not know how much your note meant to me. I have been praying to God and asking for guidance and today, I received my answer. It was in your note! We both said it was a God moment. He is SO GOOD!

  • Sharon Morton Walterman

    Prayer has been my saving grace. Whenever I am at my lowest I simply say “God, help me and lead me”. Very simple yet very powerful. I try everyday , while driving to work, to ask for protection and guidance

  • Meg M

    Prayer offers me the peace that I experience nowhere else in my crazy, busy, hectic life. Time with God in prayer allows me to access the calm beneath the surface, where I can find the confidence in myself that I otherwise lack, because I know that God is with me and acting through me. Of course, even knowing the good that can come from prayer, I still struggle with resistance and find many excuses for omitting daily prayer from my life. I want to bring that peace to more of my days this Lent through more frequent and consistent daily prayer. I pray for all of those who are attempting to do the same, and ask for your prayers as I continue in my Lenten journey.

  • JayAW

    I go through periods where I will pray very intensely and then I’ll drop off and still pray every day, but not as much. I’m going through a long stretch of being unemployed and I can’t figure out why I haven’t been able to be hired anywhere even with my absolute best efforts. I’ve gotten to the point where I’m tired of praying because I’m still in the same situation after engaging in intense prayer. I ask God what his decision is for me and no answers come to me. I’ve just about used up the retirement money that I put away and I’m being penalized by the IRS for early withdrawal of my retirement funds. I’m giving more to Caesar than I’m supposed to be giving, even though I tried to do things right in my life. I feel at times that prayer is doing nothing for me. Its hard to continue to pray when you’ve tried everything and nothing is working.

    • SanctusSanctus

      When I feel myself slipping into this mode you described, I express my “trust” in God’s will to be done in my life, on His timetable…. Then I wait and trust and “don’t worry”. When we get to the “point where I’m tired of praying because…,” then we are expecting our will and not patiently waiting for God’s will. I’ll join you in praying for “patience and God’s will be done” and thanking God ahead for His love and mercy toward us. Hold on!

    • Susan Henderson

      I often have the same experience as you do in prayer. I don’t think God always answers our prayers by fixing the situation and we suffer. Prayer I think is meant to change us not to manipulate God into doing what we wish He would when we wish He would. When God doesn’t fix our situation we lose hope in Him, we feel let down by Him and it becomes very difficult to pray. I’m with you in this. I’ve had an undiagnosed illness for four years and a year ago had major surgery to fix the symptoms. It did not. In the beginning it was actually worse. I have prayed for my daughter & sister with mental illness to be healed & they have not been. My husband will lose his job in another 2-3 months. He will be interviewing at age 62. Almost a year out from my surgery I am finally experiencing enough healing that I am well enough to finally look for work. Now I feel a bit foolish for not trusting God with this. My brother lost his job and took all kinds of work to try to get by for a couple of years. He even went to Viet Nam to work for awhile. Now he finally has a great job. He didn’t want a job where he had to travel so much but he is a pilot & 2 weeks out of the month he is traveling. But he loves the job. When we don’t know really what God wants us to do, sometimes we just have to take a shot in the dark & say, OK God, I’m not sure about this but here I go. If you don’t want it, shut the doors. If you want it, open the doors wide & I’ll keep going that direction. It is hard to keep praying when we lose hope but maybe we need to be praying more for acceptance of the situation even if the situation is causing us financial ruin.

  • M Pull

    Yes, daily prayer is awesome. I know on the few days when resistance wins, my life is confusing. I did not have a wonderful father/daughter relationship but I was blessed with strong, faith-filled husband and saying ‘hello’ to GOD in the morning is like kissing my husband good morning and giving him a hug. Sometimes, I laugh, cry or just beg for help. Thank you for your sharing…it helps a lot.

  • Claudia

    Prayer has been on and off in my life, Because of different circumstances in my life I decided to walk away from God. My life became dry and joyless. I felt lost and there was a big hole in my heart. I told myself that maybe if I was going to be miserable, may as well do it with God by my side, so I came back to the Church, to my Faith, to my God and I am so glad I did. Now I know that God walks with me and listens to me and loves me especially during those times when I feel at my lowest. Now even if its not in a quiet place, or in a church, or on my knees, we have conversations about everything all day long. Its funny how the more time you spend with God in prayer, the more your soul craves prayer and time with Him.

  • Mike LaMagna

    After listening to this dear sisters comments I remembered this verse, ITS NOT BY MIGHT NOT BY POWER BUT BY MY SPIRIT SAYS THE LORD. it’s always the Lord Jesus who answers, no one else.

  • CK Kav

    I pray every day. My biggest prayer for the past year has been for the miracle of healing for my sister who has a rare bone cancer called Chordoma that is sitting at the base of her brain. She has had 3 surgeries to fight this thing and is now going to start over 2 months of daily radiation. The tumor came back. And yet I still pray for a miracle and ask our God to Save her. I cannot imagine the loss of my sister who is my other half of my heart and soul.(with apologies to my husband) We are connected in so many ways. And so I pray every day for God’s miracle. And at the same time I pray for strength and faith for her. And I try to pray thy will be done while I struggle with why this is happening to her. And so I pray. And I cry and I pray. And I am grateful for her and the moments we share which are now more special than ever. She is 59 years old. A wife, a mother of 4, and a loving grandmother of 1 with another new grand baby on the way. So I pray. Please God hear our prayers. Please God heal my Nina. Please God comfort all of us. Please God, I love you.

  • Cathy

    Prayer has helped me become more calm. I have a daughter who lives out west. She is very independent but as a mother I always worried and felt it was difficult to help her if things when wrong as she was so far away. I also have a son who was an RCMP officer posted in northern Saskatchewan. Again I worried that if something bad every happened that I may never see him again. I started praying daily because I felt that was the only way I could help them. It took the worry away as I told Jesus that they were in his hands. When friends asked how I dealt with my son being in such a dangerous job I then said I don’t worry I pray every day. My son since has been able to obtain a position with a police force in the East which I attribute to prayer. Prayer has changed me in other ways as well.

  • Margie Suarez

    One of my best friends died recently, Dec 19, 2016. He was out of work and for 2 years I prayed that God would help him find a job. He was running out of savings and the little that he did work was not enough to make ends meet. I prayed and I cried to God to help him. Please, God, please help him find a job. I prayed the Divine Mercy, I prayed the Rosary. Everyday that went by I worried a little more. My friend was eating less, drinking more. More prayers, more nothing. Then he died. God called him home. No job. But…. I felts such a relief, like a load had been lifted off my shoulders. What happened to all my prayers? My hope is that all my prayers were used as an atonement for his sin and my hope that the perpetual light of Christ is upon him.

  • Shirley Enos Crawford

    Thank you for your story! I too love what you said about prayer is ,like calling home to your father.

  • Jan Mulrooney-Kuhn

    In listening to Sue’s story, I thought “this could be my story”. The difference only being that I have two sons that died. Until today I would say that I didn’t get through this sadness by myself, God walked me through it. Now I will add “through prayer” and realize that is actually what happened. Daily prayer is my way to live a peaceful life.

  • Janet

    In 1992 I lost my husband at the age of 47 on Easter Sunday. He was in the process of RCIA wand was to become Catholic that Easter. Fortunately he did receive the rights at the hospital. I prayed and prayed he would pull through but it wasn’t till I was driving home from the hospital with tears streaming down my face that I prayed to God your will not mine Lord I put in your hands. I know he is in heaven. I have learned so much more in my prayer life from Matthew and Dynamic Catholics I now have a peace inside me

  • Mary Gaurdia

    Sue Zdinak, your bio could be mine, married 41 years to love of my life, huge sports fan, and live in a coastal county of Ms. LIfe is a beach! That’s what I love about this discussion part of Dynamic Catholic. I see so many like minded people, that always gives my day a boost. I have a 30 minute drive to work each morning. For the last ten years I have said my rosary on the way. So by the time I get out of my car I can walk in my office and be fully present to what the day will bring. I also started an email prayer chain, I call ‘Prayer Warriors’ with several friends, not all Catholic, includes a nun who was my first grade teacher. and very dear to me. We share our sorrows and successes. I still faulter, but in these two actions I see God in my life daily.

  • Lori Brown

    I don’t know how to pray. I lost my son 8 years ago at the age of 17. I never imagined I would lose a child. I’ve come through it, but I don’t know how.

    • Jacquella Doise Manuel

      Look up Matthew Kelly’s THE PRAYER PROCESS. It has 7 steps and has helped me tremendously in my prayer life. It is found in his book The Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic. His books have helped me tremendously to become a better person and to have a meaningful relationship with God.
      I am truly sorry for your loss. My mother lost my brother when he was 19. I witnessed both my parents heartbreak and pain. Hopefully, through prayer you will find peace.

  • Craftytaxi

    What a powerful message today. Thank you.

  • Kathy

    My mother, who I was very close to, died in July 2008 and then my husband, my very best friend besides the Lord, died in April 2009. Not even a full year between their deaths. Of course, I was devastated when both died but more so when my hushusband passed as it was just sudden and my mother had been sick for awhile. Many people ask me if I was angry at God for taking my husband so suddenly and I couldn’t answer at first but then I went back to that person and told them no I wasn’t angry, how could I be knowing he was in heaven. God gave me a full dose of “Peace that surpassed all under standing”. I need that again in my life because some where along the line it seems diminished. I’m praying that Best Lent Ever will get me back into that place in tIme where I felt that overwhelming peace from God.

  • Pat

    Years ago I became involved with another man while married. My marriage was in shambles and I had become confused and actually thought Our Lord had sent the other person to me… that time I found it extremely difficult to pray. Since I had formed a daily prayer life, as dry and difficult as it was at that time, I continued on. I remember reading St. John of the Cross and about the “dark night of the soul” years previous. Without this formation and dry, dry prayer time, I would have succombed to a “lie”. The other man was not sent by Our Lord, but was sent to take me down spiritually. How duped we can become without prayer.

  • Kathleen

    I drove over one hour everyday from Nashville to Ft Campbell to care for my Army Soldiers returning from the Persian Gulf. “Wow Kathleen, one hour? What did you do? Listen to music or books on tape?” “No” I would say “I pray” ” I pray that God would give me the words that my soldiers need to hear coming back from war”
    One day my prayers were answered. A soldier told me he was mad and angry. “My battle buddy, my Army brother was killed in action and it should have been me!” Out of my mouth came words that were not mine but I believe given to me by God. The soldier listened to me, trusted me and he received the psychological support to get through his suffering, pain and loss.
    And even now, I hear from this soldier and smile…..because of the power of prayer and God’s love for me……..for all his children!
    So today, when driving to work or back to home, Call up God! He is just a prayer away!

  • Maria

    It has helped me discover who I truly am and to accept myself for who I am. It has helped me to grow as a Catholic and this helped me to grow in all areas of my life. I am more whole now than I ever was without prayer.

  • Annie Braine

    For me, I have found that I used to only ask for things in my prayers almost every time I prayed. When I realized I really was doing that and started re-wording my prayers and adding plenty of thanks, I noticed a change in my prayer life as well as in my like in general. I work a very stressful job and I have used my time on my way to work, to talk to God and thank him for everything I see and feel. It really gets me motivated to talk to him more and listen more to what he is telling me.

  • KateM

    I met with a wonderful priest after being away from the Church for many years and he gave me a booklet he’d put together on prayer when I told him I didn’t know how to pray. I have used that guide to start my prayers every morning for the past six years and although it is now a tattered mess, praying daily has healed my shattered spirit and brought incredible peace to my life.

    One of the first messages in the guide is “Prayer is less a matter of what we do, or try to do, than of what God does in us if we create a space for him.”

    Dynamic Catholic recently printed my priest’s book on prayer (Father Eamon Tobin’s “13 Powerful Ways to Pray”) which provided me with a wealth of new ideas on how to improve my communication with God. I loved the book so much I sent copies to my siblings, my mom, my children and several friends. My small faith group is studying Resisting Happiness, but a meeting doesn’t go by where at least one person doesn’t quote or read from Father’s 13 Ways book. The book is available through Dynamic Catholic and Amazon – simple, beautiful and life changing.

  • nancy homa

    Prayers got me through my cancer and God answered me with healing. His love has no end and he waits only to be asked into every area of our lives. Go with God is real. A moment with him before all else guides my daily path. If I am struggling through the day, it’s because I didn’t start with prayer.

  • Angie

    Pray Has impacted my life by praying every morining on my way to work and telling him my needs for the day. Praying the Devine Chaplet with my husband almost every night. Going to adaration. Every week at church and just learning when something goes wrong I can turn to him for prayer and he will take care of all my need. Prayer has empacked my life for 3 years my husband and I prayed Dailey the Devine Mercy for I daughter to move back home closer to us and her brother. She was living so for out of state that she was only able to come home maybe once are twice a year that was killing us she missed so many holidays with us and it was tareing me and my husband up all we would do was cry. We knew she was working, but she was also living a sinfull life not going to church and doing things that were not of the Lord, and that hurt us very much, because we knew she was not raised that way. My husband prayed the Divine Mercy every day asking the Lord to send her back home and after praying 3 yrs he brought her home. She now lives with her brother has a very good job and goes to church every Sunday and teachers the little children in children’s church on Sunday. Prasie God that I have learned to turn to him for all of my needs.

  • Mary Christopher

    In 2003 I was given 6 months to two years to live. I had cancer of undetermined origin. Needless to say, I was de vestated! But! I decided right away, I was having none of it! Get this, I changed doctors, gathered all my prayer worrior friends, got down on my knees to Mary, who I have alwas had great devotion to and asked God through her to heal me. HERE I AM, LORD! It can be done. Only through prayer, and if HE deems it. I have an idea why I was spared also. We have two of the most wonderful granddaughters, whose father is not in the picture and they need both of us, my husband and i. We are close in poximity and love. HE was not through with me and I serve HIM every day as best I can. PRAY every day and HE will bless you in so many ways.
    God bless each and every one of Mattews followers.

    • Laura

      God bless you Mary and Praise God!

  • Angie O’Mara

    Prayer has saved me throughout numerous times in my life, and although I didn’t always get what I prayed for,, my relationship with God was strenghtened….for He knew what was best for me.
    I am struggling right now , with family matters which are quite serious. I am praying to God for direction.
    God what should I do, please help me.

    • LosmanPO

      Praying for you Angie. May God reveal His direction for you and your life!

  • Joyce Belan

    I read Jesus Calling every morning A wonderful devotion

  • Mary

    I went through cancer and treatments as the single mom of an 11year old. Prayer got us through my illness and recuperation as did all the daily blessings we received by having people take over and get my daughter where she needed to gon(school sports) to strangers knock on my door to drop off a home cooked meal knowing I could not prepare one for my little family. Also while saying the rosary in front of a picture of our blessed mother and baby Jesus. The baby’s halo lit up and shined brightly before my eyes. A miracle happened that day as it was clearly shown to me they were there with me. I knew they had me and I would be okay. My prayers were answered in so many ways. God bless

  • Josie Pingel

    For me the hardest thing is to have the patience to ask God and open my heart to his will. I have always been a doer, needing to be busy working and planning. I am always reminded about my neglect to ask Him for guidance when things don’t work out the way I planned. Yesterday as I sat in front of the Blessed Sacrament, I prayed, asking God to let me know his will in my life. I had a very clear and immediate thought enter my mind. My answer from Him was, “Just get out of my way!”

    • LosmanPO

      I love that. “Just get out of my way!” How true. We are our own worst enemy at times.

  • Paul

    I think Matthew Kelly makes an excellent point today focusing on the impact daily prayer has in our lives. Like some of the previous posts, I have to remind myself it is not a list of wants I should bring to God , but to seek help in finding the right path to carry out His will.

  • Maureen

    I remember when I taught second grade that the chapter on prayer was that prayer is talking AND listening to God. I tend to do all the talking/asking. I need to listen more.
    I too have lost a son. He died from a brain aneurysm at the age of 25 almost 13 years ago – the day after Easter.
    I too prayed after the death of my son for help, comfort and healing but I think as much as anything the prayers others said for me helped me to get through the loss of my dear son Jeffrey.
    I think one of the things that we humans need to do is to go out into nature more. I personally feel a connection with God through his creation. It’s so easy to get caught up in the negativity of the world watching the news and television and Facebook. We need to disconnect from electronics and get back to nature and God. We need God’s peace!

  • colleen

    Prayer is the only way I get through my days. Little prayers throughout my day. I have 9 children, and am trying to homeschool while also battling a chronic illness. When people ask me how I do it all, I have to laugh, because I know full well that it is not at all in my own strength. I have to overcome the resistance to taking time to pray every day because it is so easy to get caught up in the “tyranny of the urgent” that is my daily existence. But I know that I need prayer more than ever, the busier I am. The work will always be there, but I can only accomplish it in a recollected spirit if I take the time for just me and Jesus.

  • Francine Flood

    I pray the rosary daily about 98% of the time. I did try to institute the prayer process daily for about a week, but I just kept saying the same things over and over again for the significant moments and awareness reflections so I became discouraged and stopped. Does anyone else have this issue and what have you done to overcome it?

  • NotoriousDJP 🇺🇸

    I was laid off from a job recently and was getting phone calls from head hunters and going on interviews week after week and not getting any bites. These were not jobs my heart was into but I need to provide for my wife and children. I had friends and associates I have met from previous jobs that worked for a company that I was interested in working in. They hooked me up with their boss and was hired that day. Funny thing is I noticed all the headhunters and phone calls and emails mysteriously stopped from then on. Almost like God had put me exactly where I needed to be. ☺️

  • Shonne Farrell

    When my baby Joseph died it was prayer that got me through that dark period of my life. Jesus was always there for me even when I was not aware of him.

  • Arelia Yanes

    Thank you marilyn for sharing your story with us which was beautifully written. it eally touched my heart. For a while now I have made praying a part of my daily life. God is present in my life every day and it’s very comforting. Your last line….call your Father often..really hit home. Thank you again

  • Beth Williams

    Prayer helped me to reach out for help with addiction, and for almost 30 yrs. God has continued to answer my prayer (often through others). His will has always been the answer (even in those moments where I’ve asked Him “Really?” or “I’m not strong enough.”) Turns out God’s will has always turned my fear into faith. To be of some help to those who are struggling like I was is a gift beyond measure.

  • Ana Graciel Ramos

    Prayer is my daily bread. I cannot live the day God has given me as a gift without hiving thanks to Him and offering myself to Him. “Tby will be done.”

  • Lori

    After getting kids off to school and running to YMCA I came home to quickly change for work and I just now am squeezing in my daily Lenten video. Today’s video hit home. I pray every day but obviously not to the extent or depth of feeling that I feel like he is saying I should. Why is that I’m “squeezing ” in prayer. Jesus and you all wonderful prayerful people out there please pray for a turning point in my daily prayer. I have so much to be thankful for yet there is soooo much I need help with. Please bring me the desire to crave meaningful prayer everyday. I’m a single mom and business owner trying to keep it all together…. I should ask for help everyday but don’t always feel like my prayers are important enough…. others need prayers more than I is what I often think. I feel like so what that I’m stressed and struggling everyday there are others with poor health, sick children, abusive relationships , etc. that need their prayers answered more than I…. but I guess that’s just it… my prayers are worthy too. Lord help me understand. I got to get ready for work.

  • Laura LaDue

    Thirty-six years ago I was lonely. I asked God to give me my soulmate. A week later I met my husband. We’ve been married for 35 years. What I found out from him is that very day I was in church praying, he was in his church praying for the same thing! I know it was God and not just coincidence.

  • Maryanne Sockey

    I’m going through a rotten time with my insurance company trying to find a doctor to continue my treatment for Depression, I can have my regular doctor continue prescribing my pills but I would like to be able to move forward, especially if I start to become immune to the pills. My insurance has a place to look up doctors but the information is outdated and when I call a place I get sent on to a new number, then a new number which leads to a dead end such as a crisis clinic or they no longer take my insurance. I’ve cried a few times from sheer frustration, but I had an “Amen” moment when I turned to God and gave my will over to him. I remembered that whatever happens is in his hands. Now paths are starting to open up such as getting a new regular doctor who may actually be able to suggest someone who takes my insurance, unlike my last doctor who also had out of date info, and since I’ve lived in Texas long enough I can get better local insurance, so things are starting to move. I feel so much calmer knowing that even though I am not in control, God has the wheel, and he’s a better driver than me.

    • Karen

      Thanks for your story. It just goes to show us that our God is a personal God. He wants to help us always, we just have to open ourselves up to Him.

  • Esther

    Their was a point in my life that was quite chaotic and without going unit detail, I allowed this to interfere with my faith and relationship with God. I was raised in the church and knew the power of prayer but I was young and naive.
    One day in despair I was brought to my knees and loudly asked God can you please help for I don’t know what to do! It was after that day that I felt a deep spiritual connection with God. I make time for daily prayer and as I get older my faith and relationship was God has grown.
    May God bless each of you!

  • Terry ❤️

    From the time I was a little girl, I would watch my grandma Clara pray at daily Mass and her Rosary during the day. Her example has stayed with me and was re-enforced with the nuns who taught me in Catholic school. My grandma Clara was always happy even through the difficulties of her life. She was a prayer warrior. She taught me to always seek God first and taught me the power of prayer. How else could I have gotten thru the difficult times my life? The loss of my husband? Prayer!! Most definitely prayer!!! One of my favorites is “Jesus help me” for I am nothing without HIM. Amen!

  • Marie

    Prayer is a gift. God doesn’t really need our prayers, He is capable of doing whatever He needs to get done without our help, yet he asks us to pray! I believe again, it is because it is a gift to us. When we pray, we are putting our trust, hope and love into our loving Father’s hands. Sometimes we don’t always get what we ask because our Father’s Will might be different then ours. Even so, prayer is.a gift. I would like to share why. My 23 year old son, oldest of my 5 children, suffered with depression, ocd and anxiety. He went through the necessary medical help that we felt could help him. I prayed constantly for him. I asked God to heal him. I placed him in Jesus’ and Mother Mary’s hands. I have a devotion to St. Therese “The Little Flower” and I pray her novena daily for many but especially my son. One of my other daughters also suffered severe depression after my mom died about 5 years before so I knew how serious this was for my son. I prayed like the “persistent widow” in the bible for my son. I trusted and had faith that my prayers would be answered. I asked God to heal him, help him grow in faith and to never allow him to take his own life because there is no comfort in the bible about people who die this way. Well God had a different plan. My son Mathew, went off to Medical School in Pennsylvania. Our family was able to go and watch him honorably receive his “White Coat” at the White Coat Ceremony. During our visit we went to visit St. Elizabeth Ann Seaton’s Shrine, and we visited the Immaculate Conception Shrine in D.C and I prayed intently with Mathew always at the top of my list. Also, before our trip I went to a healing Mass and my first intent was for him. Sadly to say, my son Mathew lost his battle with mental illness on August 10th, 2016. I remember going to my room and shutting the door and talking to God. I asked him these questions: 1. Are my prayers not good enough for you? 2. Am I evil? These two thoughts came and went quickly through my mind because Jesus quickly dismissed them but my final question was : 3. What do you want me to do with this? I couldn’t help my son, how can I help anyone else? Again, the thoughts of how my son died did not give me any comfort but then God immediately started to show His love and mercy by the many powerful events that followed and continue since my son’s death. God did not listen or abandon me, He was there mourning with me and He revealed this by the many many “gifts” He gave and continues to give! 😊 God is good! He loves us more than we can imagine! Getting back to prayer again I say to you that it is a gift to us. When we pray and trust, God is always listening. We please Him with this relationship, it shows we love, believe and trust in Him. Again, what we want and what He wills might not be the same, but I can tell you this, prayer is the greatest thing that we can do for one another. My prayers were not answered how I would have liked them, but I know in my heart that God heard them, but knew what was best. I can feel the most comfort knowing that I prayed with my whole heart and it makes it easier to accept what has been given. In my opinion, that is why prayer is such a gift to us. Prayer with loving intent, unites us with Jesus’ Love and it helps us to unite our hearts with His. We slowly learn to love like Him! What a precious gift. Thank you Jesus for the gift if prayer and love and taking care of my son Mathew! God Bless You All!

  • Betty Rae

    Prayer and a deeper relationship with God and understanding his depth of love and mercy for me came at the birth of our 5th child who was born with a severe disability and not expected to live. She is 22 today, has been totally depended and is a gift of God’s pure love to me, our family. God showed me his love and mercy through the kindness of others, through the peace and strength he gave me through this all. God is good

  • Dale R Evans

    My prayer live started when Fr Hiatsu asked if I had ever talked to Jesus like he was another man. I said are you crazy? Why would he talk to me? . . . I have been stupid and rebellious. He said your assignment is to talk to him like he is another man before our next meeting. I went to the church and felt like a stupid little boy. After awhile I asked, “Do you love me?” I feeling a tingling all over my body and words enter my soul, “More then you will ever know.” That one prayer changed by life forever.

  • Tammy Reasoner

    When I’m honest about it, the most joyous Mass I’ve ever celebrated was my father’s funeral Mass. Ironic, huh? Something about the closeness of God’s presence and the familiarity of the ritual. But mostly, the comfort I felt in the prayer, and the knowledge that my dad was with Him — and He was with me. Doesn’t that mean we’re really all together? Prayer provides incredible comfort. So why DON’T I do it more often? Please pray for me, friends, for the strength and commitment to make this a more regular part of my life!

    • LosmanPO

      Will do Tammy! The closer we draw to God, the more we want. I started praying the first thing each morning and reading one Chapter from the New Testament every day. It has worked for me because that calming feeling of peace becomes something that I can no longer be without.

  • martha cooner

    Prayer is how I became catholic. I worked with a woman that was catholic and we talked about God but I told her I was not going to become catholic. We worker at a catholic hospilal third shift after work she went to mass at the chapel in the hospital and prayed I would become catholic. It changed my life .

  • Susan

    Marilyn, thank you for sharing your story. Without the power of prayer, I could not begin to imagine how one would have lived through a profound loss such as yours. Prayer has made the difference for me between living and not living. I experienced emotional abuse from my family in my earlier life and through God-given friends, found the Catholic Church which has become my family. Prayer gave me the strength to make decisions in favor of living and making good decisions, no matter how hard it was to make the right decision and not give in to numerous temptations. God is my Father and Mary is my Mother and I am thankful for their presence in my life!

  • Therese Tamburello

    I love to pray but sometime fear what God will tell me. Can I live up to the expectations? Lord help me be in tune to your perfect will!

  • Stephen

    Prayer is a struggle for me most when I am afraid of the answer but EVERY TIME I sit in silence, God is unfailingly there and the first thing He does is thank me for coming to Him. GOD THANKS ME!! I am instantly humbled and almost always brought to tears. The fear I originally had of the answer I would get from Him disappears because He either strengthens and encourages me forward or the answer was never as scary as I thought. Because God has been so gentle and generous with me and because He has continuously proven His love and loyalty to me, I say, not my will but yours be done because no matter the outcome, He is perfect and loves me more than I love myself.

  • Ben Roelant

    I pray every day and have been doing so ever since I was a kid. In the past few weeks I have been encountering great resistance to prayer. I have been pressing on, but I feel a great dryness and a lack of desire to pray. God works in mysterious ways. My battle ties in to the same message we heard today. I brought this to confession today to my priest and he told me to spend time in adoration and ask God where this anger and frustration is coming from. There is an answer from God to all our questions. He knows why I have been experiencing this spiritual battle. I am bringing this to adoration later this afternoon to seek His answer, the only true answer. I am working to slay resistance and press on.

  • Mindy

    Prayer is definitely an area I am not consistent in. When I have asked God what I should do when I am struggling with something I always get an answer. It isn’t immediately but that is usually when things begin to unfold to give me a clear answer about what I should do.

  • Denise

    I am teaching religion at my church for the first time and it has caused me to focus on my own faith and practice as well. Daily prayer has become part of what I do and I don’t know why it was missing from my life for so long! It helps me to focus on others and on how I can help them and on what needs to be improved in my own life. I can ask God the big question and feel Him guiding my steps each day. It is amazing!

  • Carol

    That hit home as I too buried a son. During his bout with cancer, I prayed continually. When he died I felt that my prayers weren’t answered. I too, had to work through the pain and anger, this wasn’t suppose to happen. Now, 5 years later, I still pray for him everyday. Prayer has impacted my life, though sometimes I am sure God says NO.

  • Karen Kitchel

    Good to remember that prayer is simply talking to God. We don’t need to wait until there is something we need or even something we are thankful for — a few words throughout the day as if we are talking to our father can be a powerful prayer.

  • Denise A.

    I was on a walk with a friend, talking about my daughter that had been away from us for nearly two years. She was in an abusive relationship and on heroin. So many people were taken back by her path, she was the last person you’d think would be in this situation. My friend was scared of what the outcome would be and thought she should warn me, so she said some harsh words, that we may not get her back. I told her that I need rainbows and hope. My mind already wanders to the darkest of dark and as my friend, I need hope from her. My friend doesn’t even remember this event, it is very vivid for me. I looked up into the sky over my house a half mile away and repeated, I need rainbows. Months later, many prayers later, my husband pulled into our driveway with our daughter. I ran out to her, held her so tight and looked up in that same sky that I proclaimed I needed rainbows months prior… and there was a rainbow. She has been clean for years now and is engaged to a young man that she was Confirmed with. God had a better plan than I… and I pray daily to trust it more and more.

    • LosmanPO

      Thanks for that Denise. I’m glad you received your miracle and your daughter back safe and sound! I’m a firm believer that God has a special place for us parents as He is our Heavenly Father and we are his children. Your constant prayer may have amplified God’s cloak of love surrounding your daughter until she was returned to you. God bless!

  • Angela Ford

    Prayer has literally allowed me to cope with anything that has come my way. I was talking to God on my way to school the other day, and I found myself saying, “How do people do this (life) without you?” I truly do not know what I would without prayer, without my faith. That being said, I do feel like I need to do a better job of listening. I know God answers prayers, but sometimes it feels like I am just out here wondering and floundering. I am sure it is because I am not doing a good job of listening. In addition, I need to work on that “Thy will be done.” I am not very patient and sometimes, if I am being honest with myself, I don’t like his answer so I resist his will.

  • MicheleAngela

    Beautiful! 25 years ago I took up saying the rosary first thing is the morning.. I literally could not function in the morning without doing so.

  • Lisa

    My “ah ha” moment with prayer came many years ago. I didn’t get my contract renewed because of some personal conflict between myself and this other person. I tried to get other jobs and came to find out he was black balling me. I was devastated. After many rejections I found myself at church. I sat there for awhile and cried and prayed. When I finally got up to leave I literally felt like I was being carried. That night I got a call from a principal that took a chance on me even after talking to the other principal. I have been an educator ever since. That was truly God’s will. I will never forget that moment. I do pray but not on a schedule. I would like to do what Matthew said and make it the same time and place. To also just sit in silence and listen..

  • Isabel

    I felt this video was very moving today!! Both of them…

  • Annette Franco Howe

    Prayer, especially the rosary, has given me strength, peace and faith to know that it is all in God’s hands. I am in school and also work full-time, am a mother and tutor high school children. Often before a test, I am so nervous knowing I would have liked to have studied more but lacked the time. I pray the rosary on my way to a test and somehow I always make it. Praise be to God!

  • Nate

    I have recently had a few things that go bad all at one time. Great guy I know diagnosed with terminal cancer, my mothers failing heath and then a breakup with someone that I had wanted for years to go out with. The breakup has hit me the worst cause I have been divorced for ten years and haven’t had much luck finding someone and then I got the opportunity to date someone that I wanted to for a long time. Maybe the reason it hurts the most is because this was the first time in ten years that someone that I was seeing I told them that I loved them and this person has a young son that I would do anything for. I have a son myself from my previous marriage which I don’t get to see as much as I would like to and I fought for more time with him so I actually was seeing this other persons son more than my own and thats why I said I would do anything for. I have some good spiritual friends that pointed me to this Lenten challenge with Matthew Kelley and I am grateful they did that. I have started daily prayer and have been praying even before the breakup happened because there was a small disagreement that I thought we was getting past. But I didn’t know where I stood in the relationship and I started reading alot of books like the love languages books and the bible and such. So I have been doing alot of praying and wander if I am praying correctly if thats such thing because everyday is a struggle to get past all the heartache and wander. Or maybe I am expecting answers to quickly or I’m not seeing them. I feel Iike all this bad stuff at one time especially the relationship breakup is going to keep me down for a long time. Sorry for the long winded post but has anyone else thought they was praying wrong or if their prayers would be answered because at times when i just think of everything I tear up and want to feel happy again. Thanks

    • LosmanPO

      Nate, I have often thought that I was not praying correctly too. I also noticed that the more serious I got, I would sound like I was trying to prove myself to God through big words and promises in my prayers. I read Matthew Kelly’s book Resisting Happiness. This book has an excellent section on prayer and what he calls, “The Prayer Process,” which can be found on the back page. I will be surprised if we don’t cover it during this Best Lent Ever series. Besides my daily morning prayers first thing each morning, I desire to have a deep personal relationship with Jesus Christ and feel that God is my best friend. I know He is so much more, but it allows me to have open and direct conversations with Him throughout the day. I simply talk to Him as a friend. I don’t think there really is a right or wrong way to pray. You just need to find several ways to pray that make you feel comfortable and excited to keep doing it each and every day. “God, what do you think I should do?”

  • Jim

    For years I resisted daily prayer. I prayed frequently but not on a daily basis. Then my sister was diagnosed with cancer and a long battle ensued. About a year into her battle my sister in law died from a massive heart attack several days before Christmas leaving three young daughters. What do you do?

    I chose to turn to prayer because I really couldn’t think of anything else that I could do. I asked that God bring mercy to our family and my prayers were answered. I asked the “big question ” and God’s answer was to pray.

    • LosmanPO

      Jim, I thought about this a lot too. Why do we always have to take the hard road? Why can’t we just do what is right early on instead of waiting until we can’t think of anything else to do? I have come to realize that God sees us intimately in our weakness and that we can’t surrender to Him while we still believe there is something we can do to control this life.

  • Cindy Rodriguez

    Prayer has effected my life in a way that I live with little fear. I do lose sight at times and freak out, but I find that when I pray and leave everything in God’s hands, I am willing to except any outcome. I know that when I pray I am happy and I honestly do not pray enough at all. Why do I do this to myself?

    • LosmanPO

      Resistance! Resisting Happiness. We all do this Cindy. Keep fighting the good fight.

  • Connie mor

    I have been praying morning and night for god to help me overcome my anxiety fears and depression

  • Julie

    I too need daily prayer in my life to talk to our Father. In my past I had a lot of disappointment from men close to me. When I was hurt drastically by my earthly Father, it hit me like a ton of bricks that the only Father I can truly depend on is God! Ever since I prayed to him and thanked him for loving me and guiding me in all that I do. He gives me strength to get through my hard time and sends me such joy at other times. I can truly depend on him. He is my one true Father!


  • Cami

    There was a time a few years ago when I suffered through extreme anxiety. I remember having panic attacks in my room- crying, shaking, feeling as if though I was having heart palpitations, and being unable to breathe. During these times, I learned to pick up my rosary beads. I would sit, rocking back and forth, over and over again praying each Mystery until God’s Peace would come down upon me.

  • Rebecca Ruiz-Quintero

    One of my daughters tells me, “pray for me mom because God always hears your prayers” and I tell her He listens to all our prayers, the only difference is that we need to accept his response, because he gives us what we need not what we want. Therefore, we need to accept his will. This has helped her when she prays and me too.

  • Darlene

    Oh Sue, thank you so much for sharing. I totally understand the pain and agony that you talk about as I have lost two sons. It is the praying that saves us but honestly when my first son died, it was two weeks before his 16th Birthday. We had a huge lawsuit going on through our business and both of our mother were sick and in need of care. I was so busy and never had time for prayer and I was so angry with God that he took our son during all this stuff that was going on. After his death I went to counseling which lead me to a retreat that brought me back to God and prayer. But as life goes on, little by little I got so busy again and trouble started mounting I forgot about God again and the day after my second son Proposed to his girlfriend, he went home to feed his dogs at lunch and ended up dying from a blood clot. I fell apart and through counseling again found God, Dynamic Catholic and have been blessed in our parish with a new priest who has taught me so much but mostly how easy it really is to pray.
    Matthew Kelly was right the most important thing really is prayer and putting God first all the time because that is what is truly important. I have learned that the hard way. Thanks you Sue for sharing your story because it is so much easier to talk to someone who has been down that road themselves. Thanks to God for bringing Dynamic Catholic into our lives!

  • Marilyn

    When I wrote my story at 5:00 a.m. this morning, I could not have imagined that it would reach so many people who thanked me and are praying with and for me. This journey of daily prayer with everyone is uplifting and reassuring and I really feel like I am living my Best Lent Ever. God bless everyone, their pains, their challenges and their faith to walk with God.

  • Darlene

    Please forgive everyone I am new to this. I had trouble posting my comment before and thought it didn’t get posted but it did.So it appears twice. I am so very sorry.

  • Bill Oliver

    Prayer is my daily connection with God

  • Shyne4god

    My heart goes out to those who have lost a child !That’s a hard one but praying is my sanctuary! when I wake up and look at my Jesus I trust in You painting I start my day in prayer and Thankfulness ,although I do this I’m learning how to spend time in silence with God ! that’s a bit hard as my wheels start turning about this or that ! But I am learning ! but can honestly say the peace I have knowing I have my best friend besides me Always 🕇and can talk to him at all times ! Is such a awesome feeling !

  • Kathy

    Thank you for your thoughtful comments. My dad was a mean alcoholic when I was growing up. I know that it’s not right but when my friend Colleen complained about her dad dying when she was 14, I was jealous. I would have preferred a good dad who died early. But God lovingly designs our lives for us. We have to embrace his plan. Then my sensitive brother committed suicide because he couldn’t deal with how my dad treated and continued to treat him. I don’t know what I would do without God at my side. I don’t know how I would forgive. Thank you God for helping me to forgive.

  • Bernadette

    God has answered our prayers (and many friends in the community who have supported us in their prayers) by giving us the strength to help our son who wanted to end his life as a result of mental illness. Our son felt he had no worth and frequently said we would be better off without him.God has guided us and lead us to a school where our son finally has a smile on his face at the end of the school day and is the most relaxed I have seen him in years. I know we have a long way to go, especially as our son feels that he has lost his faith in this process. However, I absolutely believe that God will guide us and soften our son’s heart so that he will appreciate God’s love for us. It was a terryifying and gruelling 18 month ordeal, but we are able to look forward with joy and hope again. Thank you, God, and all those who prayed for our family.

  • voteprolife

    I pray every morning before I get up and every night before I get into bed, as well as many times throughout the day. It is usually a conversational type of prayer. As of late, I am having difficulty truly “listening” to what the Lord is trying to tell me. I have a possible job change coming up and have been asking for guidance but am not hearing clearly what God has to tell me about this. But reading all these comments below is telling me I need to regroup and continue on praying and even more important, LISTEN for the Lord to answer me. Jesus, I trust in You! May the Lord bless all who are involved in Best Lent Ever and all their work- thank you!

  • LosmanPO

    What a moving testimony Sue. Through your words of truth, I have a renewed sense of hope this day. You touched my heart on so many levels. It is so wonderful to know and be reminded that despite the pain that we all experience in life, we can always turn to God for His comfort, love and peace. Thank you so much for sharing your story. I have no doubt that your story will have a wonderfully positive impact on everyone who views your video.

  • Donna Bisson

    Our first child was stillborn on the day that my husband and I moved into our first house, on a dirt road in the middle of nowhere without neighbours and no telephone for the first three weeks. My husband still had to go to work, a 45 minute drive away and I did not know when to expect him home at the end of the day. One day in utter despair and alone I called out “I can’t do this anymore.” I felt immediate incredible warmth surrounding me and the most peaceful feeling I had ever experienced. I realized that God was with me and all I had to do was call out to him. I still grieved but I remembered the warmth and peace. That begun my prayer life which took years to develop, but it was a beginning. I experienced several miscarriages afterwards and three live births (two sons and a daughter) which were high risk; my daughter was born eight weeks premature. Prayer got us through all of it.
    A couple of years ago my daughter at the age of 19 entered religious life and again it was prayer that got my husband and I through as we grieved again the loss of a child, the loss of contact with our child, the expectation that we would continue to be her parents in the way that we had become accustom, like every other parent we had ever known. We felt the loss of knowing how she is, what she is doing, the loss of knowing when the next time would be that we could touch her and speak with her. I personally deeply missed our burgeoning friendship and the only other female voice in our home. We had an unbelievable feeling of guilt because we grieved as though she was dead but she was not and she was following a holy path to God. God answered our prayer by revealing his will in our lives and his will in the life of our daughter and we received his peace. Again he comforted and consoled us, gave us hope.
    God taught us to pray to him in all circumstances. We learnt to pray the rote prayers of our childhood more earnestly, conversational prayer, Lectio Divina, guided meditation (Catholic). We learnt intercessory prayer through Mary, the saints and our guardian angels. We learnt to pray for everything and everyone. We learnt to pray in good times and bad, to offer up prayerful petitions and prayers of thanks. We learnt to pray at the beginning of the day, in the middle of the day, at meals even with company or at a restaurant and at the end of the day. We pray as a couple and as a family.
    People send me prayer requests and sometimes I learn of the outcome, but usually I do not. I trust that God hears the prayers and the pleas of those requesting them. I pray that he will reveal his will to those for whom I pray. Sometimes I am able to teach someone a special prayer according to the situation, such as the Divine Mercy prayer or chaplet. The warmth and peace I felt all those years ago is still present when I pray now.

    Today, I pray for all those who read this, for everyone at Dynamic Catholic and for all who are journeying through Lent towards Easter in this program. May the God of all comfort and consolation warm you and bring you peace according to his will and may you have the strength to bear the cross that Christ is asking you to bear, Amen.

  • Dixie Wertz

    Prayer always makes me feel as if I am taking action. When you ask if there is anything you can do, prayer is always an option for me. It helps when I am praying for someone else, again when I pray, it makes me feel like I am doing something for the person or the person someone has asked me to pray for.

  • Barbara Churray

    I have engaged in Centering Prayer off and on for the last 20 years. Praying I can stay on, as I’ve renewed my practice in the last 4 days and am experiencing more peace, less anxiety, more contentment, more awareness of the present, more ease with myself and others. Praise God for all of His blessings!

  • Cecilia

    Today is the 31st anniversary of my dad going to heaven. I know that prayer helped me through when he died. I was 25 and I kept saying “thy will be done” and prayed that my dad would be looking upon me always. Today I celebrate him and as Matthew said in his video, I ask God what should I do? I know there is a plan for me and I know part is to trust and have patience, something that does not come easy for me.

    I have on my whiteboard – God First. I also have little frog magnets Fully Reliant On God. This helps me.

  • Celeste Lovett

    Well in 2 powerful instances prayer impacted my life dramatically. First, my 13 yr old son became sick after a 2 week trip to China, during which he had picked up a bad cold, and couldn’t eat more than a couple of bites of food. He became extremely thin, and the doctors couldn’t figure out what was the problem. I cried every night thinking we were going to watch him starve to death. Then I began to pray in desperation, begging God to help us, to save him. One day a doctor called and said that he was going to refer us to Shands Hospital in Gainesville FL, where a well known research physician was doing some work that might help. We went there and the doctor ran many tests and we repeated our son’s medical and travel history for the umpteenth time, and he was able to finally provide a diagnosis. When Kevin had caught that bad cold on China, the virus had subsequently attacked the lining of his stomach. The doctor prescribed medication that would help until, and if, the nerves in the stomach lining healed and regenerated. After a few months, and over a year after this whole episode began, Kevin was able to wean himself off the medication. He’s 26 now, and has a fantastic appetite! I thank God every day that He sent us to that doctor in Gainesville. The second time, I was really struggling with a life long addiction to cigarettes. I hated it but just could not quit. I felt out of control and really disgusted with myself. Again, finally I prayed and begged God to take this burden from me. One morning I woke up and simply did not want to smoke, and have never wanted to smoke a cigarette again since. The addiction was just gone! That was nearly 10 years ago. These experiences taught me not only the power of prayer, but also that I should pray first, before situations become desperate.

  • Denise Vega Ruvalcaba

    Prayer is an essential part of being human, to humble yourself before the Lord and ask him what you need and to thank him for what he’s done in your life. We are acknowledging that He is merciful and glorious and that he really is the one true God. Resistance makes it very hard to pray and we do make excuses often to avoid it. But when I make the time to pray and really put emotion into speaking with God, it brings me to peace knowing that he was available to listen to me. Prayer means we get to share with God our deepest fears and needs and I think our faith grows stronger the more we pray because he is listening to us.

  • Janine Chambers King

    Five months ago, I sat in Adoration and said the words Matthew Kelly asked us to pray today, “God, what do you want me to do?”. The answer was crystal clear. I have been able to leave my job to stay home 100% with my family and devote the hours that I was devoting to worldly things, to His kingdom. I now spend more time than ever in prayer with God, learning about the Church, and volunteering to help our parish grow. Thanks be to God!

    • Laura

      Amen! God bless you and your family!

  • Mary Sherman

    Sometimes I could use inspiration to guide my prayer. I’d like suggestions for things to read. This series has been marvelous, as have the discussions. I’m looking for similar straightforward reading.

  • Lydia Ross

    I have always prayed sometimes hurriedly and sometimes slowly. As a retired nurse, I prayed many times during the times that I had to be present when a mother and father were told that their child was dead and that we had tried everything. I prayed for strength when I knew that the outcome was not going to be what we wanted. Prayer is my go to every day all day long.

  • Maddie

    Prayer has given me a deeper relationship with God, and has been a way to talk to someone when nobody else would listen. It has given me an outlet for my feelings, and that’s why I love it so much.

  • Robert Mike

    I never prayed before at home alone or during each waking day, even though I’ve been a Catholic all of my 68 years. Oh, I went to Holy Mass as my obligation, but never had a personal relationship with Almighty God that I knew of. So, one day recently, I looked at my folded t-shirt on the top of the bathroom sink counter with my Catholic Medal necklace there and decided to pray before putting on the Medal. I recited the Lord’s Prayer to introduce myself to our Savior and also asked St. Mary to intercede for me. I then started my petition of prayer that my wife is relieved of her arthritic pain and that she live long and strong and healthy. And then prayed for my son for the same type of longevity. I prayed that the Lord give me strength to face whatever the day has to offer to me. And in my prayer, I thanked Him for my many blessings. These are now my daily prayers. I pray, I shave, I brush my teeth. Amen.

  • Barbara

    My first real experience with the power of prayer was when my mother was rushed to a Burn Unit 2 hours away from home. I didn’t know how to pray and then as if struck by lightening I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit deep inside me and I Knew I had to “let go.” From that moment on I prayed that she be given strength, be-it physical, spiritual, mental or emotional and put her in God’s hands. She did die 6 weeks later but I knew God was with her. I truly believe I never would have figured out how to pray on my own. This was a powerful experience in my life, one I will never forget. I have since lost my husband and only daughter and prayed the same prayer for them. We cannot fix everything. We simply have to put our trust in God.

  • Vic Bailey

    Prayer lead me to the Church.

  • nan

    It helped me when my son was injured in a work accident and they had trouble stopping the loss of blood. Thankfully God answered my prayer.

  • Cynthia Buck

    Prayer is m compass in those moments when I feel most overwhelmed. Prayer is the blanket I seek because that is where the truth is. Without prayer I would have not been able to overcome my divorce, being a single parent, seeing my mother survive stage 3 cancer, and changing my career. I recognized God in every person that held my hand. Prayer is my compass.

  • Sheri Fitzpatrick

    I am very sorry for your loss Sue. I have always been Catholic but I have never really been a good Catholic. I am older now with young children in CCD. I feel like I need to be in CCD too! I feel an emptiness inside that I believe can be filled with God. When I think of God it brings me peace but I still feel like such an outsider. I want to do daily prayer. But to tell you the truth I don’t feel like I know how to pray? Can someone please tell me how?

    • MurphsLaw

      Don’t look at your faith in terms of not being a “good” Catholic. We are all good, its our behavior that can be bad, and then make us unable to think we are good. God did not create anything “bad” Think of being the best version of yourself God wants you to be. Everyone has there moments of not being the best version they can be, though that should always be our aim. Those who aim at nothing hit it every time.

      Yesterdays Gospel was exactly what you ask about. In Matthew 6 Jesus tells his disciples how to pray. From this Gospel we get the power of the Our Father prayer. Start here, saying this prayer everyday, contemplating on every line of the prayer. The Our Father has it all – Forgiveness as well

    • Syd

      Sheri, from my experience my prayer life began with words, then attentiveness to God’s presence (listening) and now I try to be quiet for an hour. I use a mantra, “With Him, In Him, As Him” over an over, as my mind wonders off into fantasies and desires, associations and those burning anger points within that lead nowhere. So in a sense prayer is to teach us to move from chaos to serenity, like Jesus did in the desert for forty days. However, between chaos and serenity is a huge “gap” and it is extremely uncomfortable. Old wounds come to the surface in this prayer gap and then there is realization prayer is painful. At the same time a person may want to bear the beams of love to heal the wound. Then there is this realization of this self that cannot bear the beams of love and this inner conflict may cause one to feel the need to run into some distraction.

      If you can learn to bear with these uncomfortable feelings prayer becomes serenity and the beams of love become this “opening up and letting go.” So in a sense praying is learning to love, Presence within Presence, without accomplishing anything or achieving anything. Then prayer becomes this journey of inner healing, just a place to begin, from day to day, sometimes fulfilling and other times awareness is not touched. As trust or faith is built grace becomes a door, a light of awareness, and grace transforms our life, even in this “gap” of taking a risk of allowing something higher to touch the wound and heal it. Faith then becomes hope and love seems to “fall” into this Supreme Being and the gap becomes this real freedom. Real prayer begins and again it becomes just this place to begin, begin and begin once more.

      • Singer

        Thank you so much.

  • Aaron

    For me, prayer has definitely been my savior. Only recently did I ex-girlfriend say that she didn’t want to keep in contact anymore. Along with that, she asked if we could not hang out with the same friends. I cannot describe to you the pain and anger I felt towards her. It was immense. I knew that I couldn’t go on living with this pain in my heart, so I turned to God, the only one who I knew could help me through it. On a retreat this past weekend, we were told to think about times and people through which God has shown His love for us. I broke down crying, because even though the relationship hadn’t ended the way I wanted it to, I knew that for the 3 years we were together, she was an expression of God’s love for me.

  • Mary Mello

    When we struggle, we pray for God to take away our pain. We pray for direction and we pray for strength to get through the trial. Prayer impacted our life when my very confident, very strong husband went through a bought of depression. He is not a weak man and did not understand the feelings of hopelessness he felt. Praying helped him to Let go and Let God. We prayed together and it brought us both closer to God and to each other. He recovered completely with a new understanding of God and the power of prayer.

  • Samantha

    Today’s reflection really moved me. It brought tears to me eyes.

  • Taryn Macary

    Two and a half years ago my middle son of seven children, Nicholas, lost his battle to mental illness at the age of 26 and committed suicide. I had always thought that the loss of a child is something that happens to someone else, though I always had the deepest of fears as he struggled with this terrible disease for over 8 years. Needless to say, it was devastating. I was so blessed to have my son live with me for the last two months of his earthly life. (The day after my son passed away, my husband of ten years who has MS, left the home to go to the hospital, and never returned and now permanently resides in a nursing home. I had been his caretaker for years.) I am a devout Catholic (and sinner), and my spiritual/prayer life has always been deeply important too me, but I have so far to go with it. I know that I will never perfect it. I was unbelievably graced and blessed by God through moving through the process of my son’s “earthly” death. His gift of faith at such a painful time was/is truly amazing. I journal-ed my intimate experience through self-publishing a book, “Losing Nicholas and Receiving God’s Grace” a year after Nicholas’ entered into God’s loving embrace. I wanted to share God’s gift with others, and if anyone wants a copy, please feel free to send my an email at: I will send it out to. Peace of Christ…Blessings and Smiles ~

    • Jules

      Taryn, I too have a son named Nicholas and all I could think of was when reading your post would I be as strong and productive as this woman if this had happened to him? Thank you for sharing and writing your book. Your example of your faith and love for God is inspiring! 💗

      • Taryn Macary

        Thank you so much Jules, yet all thanks be to God! 💜

  • CHar Ostermann

    When my husband died at the age of 67 on the operating table..totally unexpected…we insisted we were not,leaving UCLA until we saw him( oh but he s not prepared…I don’t think you want to do that …). Oh yes we do! We were taken into the lower levels of the hospital…and they were right…he was not prepared ..tubes still everywhere…and in a body bag.We had insisted the whole surgical team be there so we could all make closure…We had told the Dr. We were sorry but God called George home on his watch…trying to give some comfort to him. There was my husband of 42 years…my first thought was…naked I came forth and naked I go back….the Lord gives and the Lord takes away..Blessed be the Name of the Lord.. the only Chaplin available was a student Jewish Rabbi…I don’t know a lot yet about your religion but I found this prayer..I could not believe it…the prayer of final farewell…may the Angels come to great you..we all bowed our heads as the prayer of final dismissal was read …a moment of prayer In my life I will never forget ! And through prayer God has been with me everyday for the last 14 years since he “called George home on the Dr s watch “


    Nearly seven years ago, I lost my husband. Even though we had time to prepare for his next journey to God, it was still unbelievably hard on the night he died. I knew he was in a better place and I was happy that God Blessed him by not having him suffer any longer. However, some days during that first 18 months or so, I truly was beside myself with grief and missing him and our life. I distinctly remember some times, I would just get down on my knees and cry through prayer. There was nothing else I could do that would help. I also turned to Mary because she buried her Son and her husband. She knew grief. Time has passed and eventually I created a new life, but I pray every day for my former spouse and have Masses said for him monthly. Sometimes, there is still an unexpected moment around special days in our lives that I still cry…..then I just pray a little harder at that moment. I have come to understand that even though you move on because you have to, your grief is still a part of your journey, just a different chapter. Thank God and Mary for walking with me through it.

  • disqus_dzsWAOLdYQ

    Ten years ago, I was in darkness. No one knew my marriage was suffering. My husband was in an adulterous relationship and threaten to divorce me if I ever spoke to him. I wanted so much to keep our family together for the sake of our small children. I prayed continually for God’s healing in our marriage. Until finally, in the depths of my despair, I cried out to our Lord that His will be done, not mine. In that moment, I gave my life to Him and trusted He would provide all I needed. And He did! He sustained me through a treacherous divorce and provided an unexplainable peace in my life. Times were not easy but He walked with me every step. He was truly a Father to my beautiful children and they know the depths of His love because of the faith we shared through this journey. Trust in our Lord! Prayer changes lives.

    Please pray for those suffering through divorce. Often people are quick to cast judgement, when what is truly needed is an example of Jesus’ love, compassion and mercy from those in their community.

  • Nicole Haboush

    It’s changed me from being the one to take the full impact to having Jesus help me.

  • Patricia Lopez

    Prayer gives me hope, faith, and self love. If I commit to prayer 🙏🏼 I can go through the challenges of my day with strength and happiness.

  • Carmen Daniels

    My church encouraged the 1% challenge, praying for 15 minutes a day. I started small and did 10 minutes per day. I kept up this habit for 3 weeks, but eventually I let resistance win and convince me that I didn’t need to pray every day. I struggle to find a good time and place to do my prayers. Does anyone have recommendations for this to help me get back on track with my daily prayer?

    • Singer

      I love to read the scriptures each morning with a cup of coffee, before getting out of bed. It feels like such a gift to me.

  • Sandra

    Sue’s story made me cry. I don’t have children, but when people lose them, I am devastated for them, and I hold them forever in prayer. When I was little, close family friends lost their only son in Vietnam. He was only 21 years old. I think I was 9 years old when he died. I remember how sad my family was at their friends’ loss and how they were there for their friends in a way that I rarely see today. My sister and I were sent to a neighbor’s home for days, so that my parents could get the family through everything–the return of the body to Dover, the identification of the body, the funeral, etc.. For years afterwards, I would overhear my mom calling her friend on special occasions to reminisce about the friend’s son. No pretending Jimmy’s absence wasn’t there–just fearless intimacy. I so admired that, and I never forgot it. So as an adult, I took my little niece to Washington, DC, and we went to the Vietnam War Memorial. Together, we visited Jimmy’s name on the wall. My little niece knew my mom’s friend, and her kind and serious little heart was pleased to take a picture of Jimmy’s name and do the tracing that so many do there. A few weeks later, I somewhat trepidatiously sent the photo and tracing to Jimmy’s mom, with a little card that said that I knew that she’d never been to the Memorial, and I thought that she might like to see her son’s name. Oh the card that I got back from her. . . I still have it. Words fail.

    Anyway, not sure why I wrote all of this, but Sue’s journey through prayer is an extraordinary testimony of God’s love through the hardest of trials.

  • Jules

    Prayer saved my marriage. I know we would not be together unless we both sought God to help us. We were both in bad places, but more so I was. I thank God he was there and worked through people to help us. Today we have an amazing loving relationship with each other and with God. Miracles do happen!

  • Marie Ann Greenslade

    I feel an important fact was overlooked in the videos.
    I do not feel we need to devote a certain amount of time, such as 10 minutes each day to prayer.
    Nor, do I feel we need to go to church as mentioned. God is right here along side me always.
    I love to talk to God as often as possible during the day.
    I call Him my CEO so each day I ask for His direction and in matters of decision making , I leave it up to Him to provide me with the guidance to do what is important and right.
    Yes, sometimes I sit and spend time in contemplation yet my days start with “Thank you God ”, first thing .
    I always try to say “Thank you” BEFORE my request as this way I pass my days concerns , even if minor, onto Him and without failure He never fails me.
    I am not without dreadful pain and suffering yet I accept what my CEO does to sustain me.
    Incorporating just talking to God to me is prayer.
    Thank you for listening.

  • Janet

    I pray when I am exercising. I pray when I am getting ready for the day. I pray at night when getting ready for bed.
    Find something you do everyday and pray at that time.

  • Joe Q

    I believe that my developing prayer life has helped me remain more calm when things don’t go as planned. I used to resort to yelling and screaming at my students the first time something went wrong. Through prayer, I believe I’ve learned to be more patient and empathetic. I still end up yelling from time to time, but I have found that it’s usually only after several attempts at correcting the same behavior over and over again. Thank you Lord for giving me the opportunities to practice patience. I’m not where I want to be, but at least I’m on the right road now.

  • Barbara Levich

    You always have time for the thing you put first.
    After feeding the dogs and making a cup of tea, I head for my chair and spend an hour reading, praying, contemplating. I can’t do without. I even travel with many books so I can do it anywhere.

    God is always calling, do we answer?

  • Mary

    iPray. I have a t-shirt that says that. I pray constantly. My life needs prayer. God answers my prayers in His time. With each decision I have to make, I put the question to God, and I am guided. I am helping my fiancé start a nonprofit to help the women and children dying of starvation in war-torn countries. I have prayed thought the development of Hands that Feed. God sent me that name. I use quotes from the saints and others each day on social media with pictures of these children and mothers to bring attention to their plight. All my efforts are guided by prayer. Without prayer I would be lost. Blessings to all the women on this International Day of Women.

    • Leah Levitt

      Bless you for your work.

      • Mary

        Thank you.

  • Rene Ramirez

    In 2007 was out of work, close to losing my house I prayed hard in silence and felt God was hearing my prayers everything worked out for the better

  • Burt K. Kruhm

    Thank you, Sue, for your testimony. Just so you know – your story really touched my heart – so very well said.

  • Patricia

    The pain of losing a child is such a deep and overwhelming one. As I lay in pain in the hospital, trying desperately to change the fate of my twin babies, coming too soon, I prayed so hard. A vision of Jesus praying in the garden came to my mind. I realized how difficult it actually was to follow God’s plan, to accept God’s plan. What a tremendous sacrifice he made for us, in the end he trusted the Lord to help him see it through. He gave it all to God and at that moment, I accepted God’s plan for me and my family and did the same. Instead of feeling like I lost them, I felt blessed to be chosen to carry two of God’s angels. It was still very difficult, but it helped me to see the different blessings that God had sent me during this journey to get me through.

  • John Sowers

    I used to have a daily habit of prayer. I prayed the Liturgy of the Hours morning and evening along with my own requests. Gradually I started omitting on prayer or the other because I was too “busy” until both were gone from my life. I haven’t had a structured prayer life foe several years now. Don’t get me wrong, I still pray, just not with any structure. Simple sentence prayers are wonderful but, to me, no substitute for daily, structured time with my Lord.
    Pray for me as I try and restart my daily prayer life.

  • Leah Levitt

    I pray every day. I converted to Catholicism from Eastern Orthodoxy. Somewhere I lost the Jesus Prayer because it wasn’t Catholic. Then Recently I read a book on prayer. What it taught me was there is no one right way to pray. The Jesus Pray is a contemplative Prayer. My mind wanders and it is hard for me to silently pray. The Jesus Prayer keeps me focused. I did it yesterday for ten minutes in our Adoration Chapel. I felt great peace and closeness to God.
    Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me a sinner.

  • Carmelita Baza

    My son was 5 months old and needed a small bowel, pancreas and liver transplant. God certainly knew what my husband and I desired; that our son would live a full life, but it wasn’t until we completely surrendered to Gods will in prayer and totally gave our son over to the care of God, that we saw His saving, healing, loving power. My son is 9 years old and in third grade. Prayer is powerful. Prayer is always fruitful. Thank you for sharing your story Sue!

  • MurphsLaw

    This was always a good way to look at prayer in keeping our engines going. (For the car guys out there……)

    “Prayer is the fuel. Our souls are the powertrain. The objective and purpose in life is converting this fuel into motion by running it through our powertrain. Thus, prayer is not the end unto itself. Prayer is the means of keeping us moving toward the end, which hopefully is eternal life in heaven. We will be judged based upon which road we take.”

  • Heartbroken

    Yesterday was one of the scariest days in my “unfixable” heart disease life! So much fear, anxiety,anger self loathing. One of my son’s friends mom came to me in my bedroom which has become my world she listened and then even though it took almost two hours because I kept having to stop moving because of symptoms I got Out . She dropped me of at a perpetual adoration chapel I use to go to and left me for as long as I wanted . It was So Powerful so beautiful, so warm and safe and it was me and JESUS,JESUS. He gave me the privilege to just Be with him. He removed every symptom, fair thought of worry. There was no sense of time such PEACE. We spent 5hrs together just being present to each other what a gift I didn’t want to leave. I had not had such calm in my spirit for so long. My 17 yr son picked me up said we could stay longer as my eyes where filling with tears at the thought of leaving, till someone reminded HE IS COMING WITH YOU MOM HE’S right there as my son pointed to my heart. He was right. Last night I had the best night sleep in weeks and nothing happened no crazy symptoms at 2-3-4 in the morning when it would feellke ok this is it I’m dying. I HOPE someone understands what I’m trying to say being with JESUS SO VULNERABLE WAS WONDERFUL AND HEALING!!!! Please don’t wait run to HIM HE WILL CATCH YOU WHEN YOUR FALLING

    • Jules

      Dear Heartbroken ,
      Your post makes me want to go out and help anyone who wants to get out to church but can’t. You have incredible strength . Thank you for your advice ! I will not wait.. I will run to Jesus everyday! God bless you and enjoy one beautiful breath of God’s love at a time. His love is in your breath!

      • Heartbroken

        you have no idea the blessings you would be bringing the forgotten it would be like gathering a big beautiful arm full of flowers 🌺 for the Lord . I will be running with you in my heart ❤️ GOD BLESS YOU

  • LosmanPO

    I have felt the same power of prayer in my life. Last May, I was in a pit of despair as my wife asked me for a divorce while we were on vacation after 27 years of marriage simply because she wasn’t happy anymore. She told me that she had met someone else at work and no longer wanted to be with me. In the moment of my greatest despair, I nearly took my own life. In what would have been my last moment of silence, God spoke to me in a very powerful way. In God’s presence, He lifted my despair and revealed to me that He had a plan for me, a plan that started with my 4 children and even included my wife. From that day forth, God has been that calming, peaceful influence in my life. This peace has been unimaginably magnified through the discipline of my daily prayer. It has also led to remarkable changes in my physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual life. I have lost 60 pounds and feel healthier than I ever thought I would at 48 years of age. I have a deeper and more loving relationship with all of my children. I experience great joy and satisfaction at work. But most of all, I feel a genuine connection with God and a deep personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I am really connected to my church and am finding new ways to serve others in my life. Although this transformation may not have melted away my wife’s negative feelings towards me YET, I know that regardless of what happens in the future that I am loved and known. I give all the glory to God for transforming me and for continuing to change me into the best-version-of-myself. God’s grace is sufficient and has empowered me to shed my anger and selfishness. His mercy has even given me the strength to forgive my wife.

    • Jules

      Wow LosmanPO your testimony is amazing. Thank you for sharing all that you have gone through.. It helps me to work even harder at my relationship with my husband. I will pray that you find a loving relationship again in your life.

  • Judy

    As I walk on the treadmill or outside everyday, I take that time to say my rosary.

  • Debbie

    I had begun a journey in the early summer of 2014 where I was introduced to Ignatian Spirituality and spiritual direction. It brought me to the Spiritual Exercises by the end of the summer where I learned a deeper form of prayer, one that I had been using but unaware of the complexities of it. By December of that year I experienced the loss of my Mother. I have to say the daily prayer time I began in the summer is what helped me get through that and continues to get me through some of life’s daily hurdles. I don’t know how people who don’t pray, truly have a time for prayer in their lives, make it through the day. Yes, it is a matter of priority, one that I give my first priority to daily.

  • Stacy Silva

    After reading Lynn’s comment below, this came to me. LISTEN as she said:

    I AM here
    Sit quietly
    Talk to me
    Encounter me

  • Aida

    After having my Father, Mother, oldest Brother, my Sistet-in-law, and my Nephew die in a car accident, the only thing that got me through was prayer. I now go to daily mass and receive communion, which fills me with peace and guides me on a daily basis. With the Grace of God, it led me to a closer relationship with him and it’s what saved me. That constant connection to my Lord helps me. It’s very painful and I miss my family so much, but the only comfort is knowing they are in heaven with our Lord and they are not in pain.

  • Ava

    Well a while back when I first told my parents about how God has called me to be a nun my Mom told me that on she was never going to talk to me again, and that she was going to send me to a convent and the Mother Superior was going to me my new mother. My mother disowned me for 4 days she would always call me “that someone” or “that stranger.” I was scared, and hurt. I prayed every day that my Mom would love me again. When I went to church that Sunday I showed up in tears. My dear and loving church family asked me what was wrong I told them. They then sat down with me after church and prayed with me. That prayer helped. But now everything is better my family mocks me still for my calling to be a nun, but I have 6 convents filled with nuns, three catholic churches, over half my town, a 3rd grade Catholic class, and many more people praying for my family and myself. I was even talking to a friend of mine who is an ex nun and she was talking to my aunt a while back and my aunt told her “I knew there was something special about Ava but I never knew what it was until I found out about her called to the nunnery. Now I know what it is and I feel so blessed to be an aunt of a future nun.” Prayer has helped my life a lot.

    • Jules

      Ava, I will pray for you! I pray you become a nun and that this cross you are carrying will be lifted once you commit and make your vows to Jesus. I am sure this is so difficult for you but it will all work out if it is God’s plan for you. Say the Devine Mercy Chaplet ~Jesus I Trust in You and you will know the path to take.

      • Ava

        Thank you Jules! I will say the Divine Mercy Chaplet. You really touched me by your kind words. God bless you!

    • Laura

      God bless you Ava! I’ve read many of the lives of the saints and many too were persecuted by their families. Some were even asked to denounce their faith and like you, were rejected for wanting to follow their call to religious life. I also think of the 3 shepard children of Fatima and St. Bernadette of Lourdes, all who suffered tremendously for witnessing to their visions of the Blessed Mother. Mostly from their own families. In time some came around, in some cases, other did not. I too will pray for you. Follow your heart and the will of God. He will strengthen you!

      • Ava

        These are very kind words. I will treasure them. God bless you!!

  • Donna Nabholz

    I am an excuse maker…Have to be to work too early, have to get supper ready, have to clean the house, have to get ready for the next day, too tired. Really? 10 minutes can’t be found somewhere? I always find time to check facebook or instagram….time to start setting the right priorities in my life!

    • Laura

      Ask the Lord. He will help you to commit. God bless!

  • Claire

    10 years ago this July, the day after my Dad died,, our granddaughter, Kaylee, was born. I’m sure God’s plan is the best plan. Prayer helped us through a long journey of health challenges with my Dad…and at the end of that journey, a new life emerged. Prayer continues to be a staple in my daily life, for without prayer, I would feel hopeless.

  • NancyB

    Daily prayer has become the corner stone of my life. My daily rosary, first thing every day, causes me to pause and place God first in my day. I am learning more and more every day to seek his wisdom whenever I need guidance. Prayer has changed my life. I wish I had found this out 40 years ago.

  • Debra

    In reading the comments on prayer, I am somewhat saddened by the thought of it being God’s will that a person has had to experience tragedy, sickness, or any kind of personal pain. I pray daily. My prayer life deepened when my mother died of cancer. I was 35 and my image of God and what he could do in my life was very immature and magical, it did not sustain the loss…so I was lead through this heart break, by prayer, to a different image and relationship with my God. Now, I do not believe that it is God’s will for his beloved people to suffer. We are living a human life, we live with the tension of joy and suffering. Each day we are at risk for disease, tragedy, and personal pain by simply being here, BUT, and it is a big BUT….He is the Strengthener, the Comforter, the Grace, and the Wisdom that walks with us through all of this struggle. What do we need to do? We need to “show up” and “open up” all of the pain, confusion, anger and resentment in our life to his transformative love and mercy. This is prayer! Our God is a Loving God and he does wonderful things! God Bless you all!

  • (dcn.) denn

    Matthew, you keep getting better and better.
    Keep up the “God-work”.

  • Sheri

    Thank you for your responses! That is a wonderful way to think. I will try The Our Father. It does seem to be a good starting point!

  • Lauren H

    I used to recite the Our Father and other prayers as fast as possible… like God and prayer were some cosmic vending machine! If I pray, then blessings would just automatically pop out. Now, it takes me 5 minutes sometimes to recite a single Our Father. Whether line by line, word by word, or even syllable by syllable, I meditate on the prayer. If I’m taking a walk, and I get to the word “kingdom,” I look around me at the amazing nature on Earth and imagine the even greater magnificence of God’s kingdom. If I’m folding laundry I very slowly recite the prayer, and it calms me and lowers my anxiety and nervousness. I guess it’s the progression of needing fewer and fewer words, and just “resting in God” as St. Augustine says “my heart was restless, until it rests in you.” However, prayer and meditation is never complete. We are never “advanced” or “experts.” Sometimes it’s a real challenge. You may even want to just sit and ponder God’s love for you (while offering up the time you spend for His purposes). God bless! Lauren

  • K

    I pray everyday and I feel that it helps me feel better and sleep better. I feel more connected with God.

  • Ruth

    After the first day of a novena to Mary, Undoer of Knots, my prayer was answered the next day. I give thanks to God during the day, for my son’s progress, for seeing geese drinking and butterflies flitting. I’d like to ask God, where do I go from here, but I’m kinda afraid to discover the answer!

  • Anonymous

    Last year I came to finally find God in my life. I had always gone to church, but didn’t have a relationship with God. My timing in finding God couldn’t have been better. I came to realize also last year that my husband is an alcoholic. This past year has been the most difficult of my life, but with God and prayer I find the strength to get through each day. I know God hears my prayers and is there protecting me and my kids.

  • Jeannine

    Although I’ve been a Catholic all my life, my true walk of faith and relationship with Jesus Christ only began to grow within the past 10-15 years or so. Prior to that, during life’s difficulties for myself or those I loved, I would always turn to prayer, the church or a specific priest for comfort and guidance. But it was only during trials. When I began bible studies several years back; I truly learned to rely on God, lift my troubles up to Him, Thank Him, Praise Him. But it was when a small group of us, got together to study the bible in a year (which took us 5 years… we were all new to learning and understanding the bible and there was so much to teach). The study was facilitated by my mother-in-law, a non Catholic but a devout Christian. She taught us so much and helped each of us to grow in our faith! We have suffered a lot of trials in our family and mine and my husbands’ relationships with his father, brother and uncle has been extremely trying in the past. But I got through it all and I know the only reason I did get though it was because of my faith, my belief , my trust in God. Payer; prayer of thanks, prayers of praise and prayers of desperation have made a huge, life changing, impact on me. That being said, I still struggle everyday with resistance to prayer. But I never give up! Because of God, I always have hope!

  • Andrea Schipper

    God Bless you Sue! Thank you for sharing your story. This is great lesson for all of us to keep praying, He is listening, and will make it all right.

  • Bud Abraham

    The Dynamic Catholic has impacted my life beyond words to describe it. As a cradle Catholic of 77 years attending Catholic elementary, high school and university (when you had to take religion/philosohy) I must say I never learned as much about my faith as I did reading Rediscovering Catholicism. It impacted me so much that I’ve read it 5 times taking copious notes on each chapter the 4th time through the book. Have all of Mathew’s book some more than once.

    Have taken Mathew’s suggestion to visit a church everyday for 15-30 minutes and as he said in the beginning I was looking at the clock timing myself. Ten minutes good I can leave. Now it is up to 30 minutes +.
    Also the same chapel I visit has Mass at noon 5 days A week so I attend as often as possible.

    Also now say a daily rosary and pray following Mathew’s prayed process, but as he says resistance makes it hard to pray. But I persist.

    I do not do any of these things to earn my way to Heaven but to help me purify myself, lose self will and become humble. And that is a major. Task.

    As the NIKE slogan states “Just Do It!”

    That is what I am doing, resisting resistence doing what I need to do to be the best version of myself.

    Bud Abraham
    Portland, Oregon

  • Lisa

    Every now and then God tells me to do some little thing. It is so little, you wouldn’t think it would matter if I did it or not. If I do it, I am amazed. If I don’t do it, I find out why I should have later. I know what you are asking “why would you ever not?” Well, our minds play tricks on us. One minute we know it is God and the next we think we are talking to ourselves.

    • Heartbroken

      Thanks for listening and resisting to question yourself and just stepping out in faith and doing!!!

  • Diane Pagano

    It was in heartfelt prayer that God rescued me while I was the main caregiver for my father. Dementia was steeling his mind from him and I had all I could do to take care of him and he was living in a facility near my home but not in my home. At my deepest moment I found myself crying and on my knees in my living room and God came to me and offered me his help and I finally accepted his love. I’ve always struggled with the biblical text where Jesus uses his saliva to cure the blindness of someone. It brought me back to my youth and my mother doing the same to me to clean a spot on my face and I couldn’t get past that. However, that morning I prayed for Jesus to slobber me with his saliva because I couldn’t, better still I no longer wanted to, carry this burden alone and he was there for me. How many times I have thought of that moment and shared it with others. God is so gracious all I need do is be present, ask for his help and be humble before him. So much easier to say than to put into practice! Thank you God for loving me as you do.

  • Anne

    Thank you for sharing your story Sue! I too lost my son suddenly almost three years ago at the age of 20. Your story touched my heart because I would not be here today if it was not for all the prayer and trust in God that got out family through this tragedy. It’s a reminder to us all not to every underestimate the awesome power of prayer!

  • Scott Sowers

    I pray many times a day. When I hear about someone that had a hardship or when I think about someone in trouble or hurting, I pray for them. I didn’t do that before. I would just think about it. Many times if I don’t have prayer on my mind, I just ask God to speak to me and I just listen. I used to wonder where my thoughts came from. Now I don’t. They come from my environment, the devil or God. I truly prefer the latter.

  • Emmy Lou O’Connor

    Prayer is such a constant in my life, so much so that whispered prayers rise with so many occasions during the day – from “Good morning Jesus, Mary, and Angel Guardian” to petitions, etc.,”…thank you for the green light” to “Keep me safe during the night and thank you for the day.” I know that He is always there when, seemingly, no one else is and I wonder how others cope without Him or prayer. Sometimes I feel that prayer may have become a little too familiar but now I know I must be calliong home to talk to my Father!

  • Genie C Balantac

    … Prayer i s my Life.

  • Trevor Pelkey

    Prayer has brought my mind to peace during many times of stress in my life. I am very thankful for the comfort and reassurance that God has to offer every step of the way.

  • Anonymous

    Hey everyone,

    I really appreciate what Dynamic Catholic is doing. Keep up the good work! As for prayer, I have often found it helpful to sit in a cozy area and close my eyes and relax early in the morning.

    I would like to ask you all to pray for my family and I. We are going through a tough time right now.

    God Bless.

  • Prolifedem6M

    Prayer has impacted my life by changing the way that I think. I set aside an hour every morning. When I devote that hour to prayer, my whole day feels peaceful and goes more smoothly. When I let resistence cut down that time, I do experience the difference.
    A lot of my best ideas come to me while I am at prayer, even while I am at Mass. It seems that the Lord is indeed speaking to me in my innermost heart.

  • J Schodron

    Prayer is very comforting. When I went through radiation I would pray while on the table. I felt his presence in the room and I felt the comfort of not going through it alone. Prayers work!

  • Heartbroken

    I just want to thank GOD and Matthew from dynamic catholic. Being shut in and alone for most off the time this opportunity has put in in the precense of so many beautiful people I will miss this.

  • Belle Perez de Tagle

    It was in 2011 when my husband and I lost our youngest son at age 29. He was murdered, and the pain it caused our family was excruciating. It was only our Faith that kept us going. We immersed ourselves in constant prayer and the Holy Mass because it was all we could do. Because of our loss, we felt our already close family become even closer than ever. Our 4 little granchildren, aged one, five and ten, came everyday to pray before the little altar I made at home. I had a Crucifix, a picture of the Blessed Mother, my son’s photograph, and a rosewood rosary in it. Each time, we would end our prayer with a kiss and a smile at his picture and pass the sweet-smelling rosary to sniff and kiss. It was our little way to heal our broken hearts and get the little children to cherish the uncle they lost.

    Four months after my son’s death, I dreamt I was walking in a very dark alley. I was very scared. Suddenly my son appeared on my left side saying: “Hi Mom, I will walk with you to the light.” We walked together silently and my fear subsided. When we got to the light, he crossed over to my right side and faded away. This beautiful first dream was to be followed by another dream that pulled the piercing knife from my heart.

    After that first dream, I dedicated myself to our Blessed Mother and prayed to her every day and night. I knew that she was the only one who understood my feelings of pain and heartbreak because she was there when her own Son Jesus was killed, so she knew exactly how I felt. One August evening just after the feast of the Assumption, I was going to bed, after having said my prayers at our altar. As I was passing another little statue of the Blessed Virgin near the foot of my bed, I felt a tug and I just suddenly turned toward the statue and offered a prayer I never prayed for before. I said I am very sure my son is in Heaven because he was a true son of God, but I would still like it if she gave me a sign to confirm that he is indeed in Heaven. I said she needn’t give me the sign right away, today or tomorrow. I was ready to wait. So I went to bed wondering if I will ever recognize the sign, if it indeed came. At around 4 a.m., I was dreaming that there was party in our house.
    My other two sons were there with their friends. Suddenly there was shooting outside the house and people were starting to run in all directions. I ran towards a room in the house to hide. As I opened the door, clearly my youngest son was standing there waiting for me, with a beautiful big smile on his face! Then he extended his two hands to me and tightly held both my hands, then he excitedly took me jumping up and down with joy, exclaiming “I’m alive! I’m Alive!” I woke up, and realized that it was the Blessed Mother’s answer to my prayer, the sign I had just asked for. What a wonderful visit from my son, reassuring me that he is exuberantly happy and that he is indeed in Heaven, alive in Christ! The Blessed Mother cannot send me a false response, that is just impossible. And the response was so instantaneous, immensely comforting. This is how I think of my son now, his present moment. This is all that matters. My son walked me to the Light in my first dream. The Light was the Blessed Mother. In my second dream, the Light brought me back my son to reveal his glory. Our whole family has now been able to move forward because of these dreams and our strong faith in the power of prayer. Glory be to God, now and forever!

    • Prolifedem6M

      A powerful story. Thanks for sharing.

  • Regina May

    I believe that loss of a loved one can bring us even closer to God our Father. I prayed for my husband’s health for 7 years while he had health issues. When he died, truly it was a blessing for him, as he couldn’t get well. I was afraid to voice that I felt I had not prayed correctly. I had not uttered “Thy will be done” because I did not want to lose him. My prayer life has grown since then, to a height never reached before. I have learned to rely on God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit for all my needs. I will acknowledge that my prayer life isn’t perfect but I will continue to fight resistance every inch of the way!

  • Koki Fitzgerald Moretti

    I do believe prayer has brought me through my darkest of times but it is also the first place I go in my joy! I have a relationship today with my God that is real. I feel truly blessed and always feel and see His Hand in my life.

  • Sandra

    Both videos touched me deeply. I pray and ask God “what should I do” to help my husband come fully into Your waiting arms, into Your mercy, strength, glory, and love; “what should I do” to help my aging parents, my father’s dementia and other serious health concerns, my mother’s frail health……I also pray to thank you Father for all the blessings I have received and all good things you have given me in my life too. You are my strength and salvation, I trust in you. Amen

  • Elaine

    Prayer calms my worries and anxiety. I turn to God in prayer like a child asking for help, and thanking him for each days blessings. It truly is a saving grace and is what is needed everyday.

  • Susan B

    Mr. Kelly. I have been watching you and your colleagues for over a year. I have received much sustenance and guidance. However, I did not care at all for your commments about leaving$1,000 each week in a pew. It was offensive.

  • Pat Burr

    Four years ago, I was diagnosed with advanced cancer and told to “get your affairs in order”. I prayed to our Blessed Mother and St. Peregrine to intercede for me. “If it be God’s will that I survive, okay; if it be God’s will that I join Him in Heaven, okay; Thy will be done.” I did survive and I know that prayer had an effect not only on my survival itself, but also my ability to get through grueling treatment with a smile on my face.

  • Margaret Wilcox

    Because I felt bewildered at the loss of our son, I tend to feel that I am the only one who’s family member is gone. Sue has also gone through the death of a son so I can relate to her message. Many times my husband and I wondered aloud HOW anyone could go on without our faith in God. He was with us during our loss & continues to be with us. My prayer time keeps me focused on God as we ask to do His will for this day.

  • Judy

    Prayer has been the anchor of my life. As a little girl I prayed knowing that Jesus, Mary, and Joseph were always with me. I knew I was being heard. Prayer carried me thru the dark valleys of growing up in a house of shame and pain. Prayer transformed me when I followed God’s plan. It wasn’t easy-nothing ever is when following God’s plan…that’s our Cross. Prayer blossoms my faith life exponentially after spiritual encounters-retreats, CRHP, and days of reflection. Prayer protects me. Prayer awaits me every morning in my green prayer chair. Prayer goes with me everywhere. Prayer has led me to a beloved friendship with Jesus, the ability to hear Holy Spirit whispers, and growing closer to our Blessed Virgin Mary. Prayer is my everything.

  • Sue

    I watched my sister go through the worst pain that cancer can bring on for 2 years. I did not believe for one moment that the prayers of her church, my Bible Study ladies my ChRHP group, never helped her pain. So this is a very important time in my life to find out Really?

  • lizmvr

    Prayer really impacted my life when I was on a Christian cruise. Right before the cruise, I had broken up with someone I love dearly who struggles with alcohol addiction. That whole cruise, I prayed that he would stop drinking, and he actually did stop drinking while I was on that cruise and subsequently suffered seizures when I got back due to the severe withdrawal. He was sober for months following that cruise. I can’t find a more direct connection between prayer and the outcome in my life, though I’m sure I am just not recognizing a lot of them. Though he has relapsed a few times, I really believe that God listened to me during that cruise, and I still pray that he watches over this person I love. I realize I don’t understand how powerful his addiction is, but I hope that one day, he’ll truly be able to overcome it and live the life that God wants for him.

  • Kyle Isaack

    Prayer has led me through everything and truly becoming the best version of myself. It helps me every day to talk and communicate with God on what my next steps of life should be through work, Church and my lovely family. I am truly blessed because prayer ultimately helped me to make that step forward in marrying my wife, Mallory otherwise I am not to sure if I would’ve jumped into marriage. Prayer is the most beautiful gift we can receive from God and the Prayer Process in specific helped me to focus my time with the Lord. God bless all of you and keep up the great work for Christ. DCI you truly are a “game-changer” for me everyday.

  • MaryAnne Casaul

    Hard to count the many answers to prayer. I’ve prayed many times for my son who has been in and out of trouble and EVERY TIME God has answered and helped his situation.The last time I thought I hadnt heard from God but instead he used a friend whom I hadnt talked to in 40 years! This person helped my son in a huge way that I could never had imagined. Only God could have timed it so perfectly! Prayers is soooo powerful!

  • Stephen Mateka

    Daily Prayer changed my life. I began a great habit of daily prayer about 4 years ago. Most days I pray at the same time in the same place. At first it was difficult to make sure I prayed. Eventually & not after long, I began revolving my day around my daily prayer. Now, if something comes up that I must absolutely do during my prayer time, I make certain I find the time, albeit in a different place, to pray. Matthew has given us so many wonderful suggestions. In my opinion, creating a daily prayer time has been the most life changing of them all.

  • John

    I’m trying to return to God’s friendship after 10 years of ups and downs in my life. Please pray for me. I will pray for you too!

  • OK. I am going “Off script” a bit.
    I am a creature of habit; I have routines for workouts, breakfast, etc. So why am I so resistant to prayer.
    It’s not a matter of time, I can find 5-10 minutes a day. I have resources to find prayers.
    What is stopping me?

    • Leslie M

      Only you can answer that question, James. Perhaps you can ask God for help. Use today’s prayer. “God, what should I do?”

  • LJ

    Prayer has impacted my life just as it has impacted your life Ms. Sue Zedinak. This is why I am at a loss. The scripture, God and the like are important pieces to the puzzle of eternity. There are presentations that need re-enacting. I am attending a DVD study/discussion on the Eucharist and am wondering why none from the youth group is attending. Perhaps you can pray about that?

  • Lisa

    I pray-often. Especially when I am driving, or folding, or dishes. I keep trying to make time to read scriptures, or book from the saints. I have so many started. They are by my bed. They are in the car. They are all over my house. Oh how that resistance overcomes me time after time and it doesn’t become a habit.

  • Catherine

    I just lost my soul mate and best friend. My husband and I were married 50 years. I just can’t believe he is gone. He was such a good person and helped so many people but I am
    so lost without him. I pray some day I will be at peace. I ask God what he wants me to do
    but have not received an answer so just take a day at a time.

  • Linda

    Sue, you just inspired me. I also lost my son, my only child and I am turning to prayer. I am just trying to learn how to pray… best lent ever is a beginning for me. You gave me hope thank you.

    • Louise

      I would like to recommend a fantastic book called “Fervent” by Priscilla Shirer. It is about forming a plan for serious, specific and strategic prayer. Almost a “how to” book on prayer. I highly recommend it.

      • Linda

        Thank youLouise I will take your advice and get the book.. thank you

  • Micheline Beattie

    Last night I had a big dose of resistance to my daily prayer habit. Today is a very busy day. I had somewhere to go from 9:30-3:30 and then again 5:30-10:30 pm. And I had to fit making and eating dinner in there from 3:30-5:30 along with changing my outfit. Where was my prayer time going to fit in? Problem is I just started doing all 4 of the mysteries of the rosary, that is 200 decades along with my other daily prayers. Usually I do some prayer in the morning, some in the afternoon and some in the evening. But that wasn’t going to work today. So, I made myself get up 2 1/2 hours earlier than I needed to so I could fit my prayers in. (I still had to finish them up between 3:30 and 5:30, but I got it done. Hurray! I know that this is going to be a huge challenge doing 200 decades of the rosary daily and I am absolutely sure I will get major resistance on this and I live alone (LOL). But, I will have to buckle down and keep my eyes focused on what is most important. Let’s face it, without God I wouldn’t be sitting here writing this so I can certainly make Him top priority. Just keep on keepin’ on.

  • Sr. maryann Kasica

    There is nothing like communing with Jesus in prayer. Prayer helps us to accept our daily life and it brings peace and joy because there is no love that compares with the love of Jesus.

  • Amber Anderson

    It is so hard to watch the people become less and less about God. People try to fix problems with everything other then the Lord.

  • Carol

    My best days begin with working out and then heading across the street to St. Stephen’s for daily mass. What a wonderful way to start my day!! I get up early in the morning to have my time with God. On the days that I can’t attend Mass because of babysitting my grandchildren or being with my Mom who has dementia, I don’t have the inner peace that I have the other days. Of course I love the time with my grandkiddos but my time with my Mom honestly is getting to be very stressful! Being the only child left, it is up to me for everything Mom needs in life and I’m feeling so guilty because, at times, I feels so frustrated. I’m on my own. Mom is in a retirement facility and I have paid ladies to help me with Mom’s basic needs but I feel such responsibility. Very seldom does a day go by without some minor crisis going on with Mom. I panic when the phone rings because I’m afraid it’s something wrong with Mom. I sound so selfish but am so overwhelmed. I’m cleaning frequently soiled Depends, washing soiled items, wiping noses, carrying heavy wheelchairs in and out of my car and we’re at the doctor’s almost every week. I pray that I can do this out of love for my Mom and that God would want me to take care of my Mom. My Mom wasn’t very loving to me as I grew up and was constantly comparing me with others. Often times telling me ” Why can’t you be like Sharon, etc.?” Kisses, hugs and affectionate words were nonexistant. I pray to God everyday to give me the strength to take care of Mom with love and a smile.

  • Sherry Hayes-Peirce

    Thank you for being vulnerable enough to share something so deeply personal with strangers. Your story touched me so deeply and your comment that when God doesn’t answer your prayer with a “yes” you submit “your will be done”. That is so hard for me to accept a “no” from God. These meditations are so helping me to take time everyday to pray and be in the presence of God. Bless you!

  • Paula Stevenson

    St Patrick’s day marks 3 years since my mom passed unexpectedly. I have never felt the depth of pain from anything else, ever. But prayers bring answers and cause you to reflect on what was really going on with her ( In Her life journey) When we say “Your will be done, ” you have to be able to expect the unexpected. God treasured my mother and took her to be with Him in His perfect time. And the timing in her life was perfect too.

  • Peggy Rowe-Linn

    Sue, my condolences on the loss of your son, who you will spend eternity with when God calls you home. When I buried my grandson, my prayer life became nearly furious and the joy, depth and expanse of my relationship with God grew dynamically as a result. So did my works grow also in proportion to my prayer life. Prayer is essential to life. Thank you for an inspirational and challenging personal revelation!

  • Rachel Gilmore

    I been praying for a better job opportunity and it happen today.. this is a Monday thru Friday job with no weekends. I am so excited that this will provide a better life for my daughter and I. I am going to continue to talk to God and listen to what he is lending me to.

  • Shel

    Prayer is something I’ve been struggling with for a while now. It’s so simple, yet resistance is tough and not always recognized. I remember when prayer was a huge part of my life. This Lent, I’m trying to get back to that. One way I’m improving is by trying to read from the Bible just a little bit every day, as I also used to do.

    I am in my 20s, and I’ve always been somewhat unsure of myself. It bothers me that I do not know my path in life. When I pray, I want God to answer me. I know unanswered prayers can be an answer. Maybe I’m already on the right track. Yet, I want to hear something more from God. I think too much about little things. I’ve asked friends for advice. Still, I’m not sure. However, I know there are many avenues to a final destination, and there’s no one “right” way. I need to be more open to such possibilities instead of thinking I need only make one decision to last a lifetime. If it is God’s will, things will work out. If it’s not, I’ll have to choose another path. God has revealed that He has a plan for me, and I just need to be patient. After all, how many young people really know their purpose in life? Timing is different for everybody. We just live on until we stumble upon it, or perhaps it happens without us realizing. When He calls, we must answer. Until then, we must wait patiently and continuously improve ourselves where we are presently and not worry about the future, for it is not a given. We must also be open and have a good relationship with God so that we are able to hear every time He does call to us.

    That is what I want now. To be patient and trust God wholeheartedly. And to not be afraid to take a step forward and see where it leads. God, help me to be closer to you, to seek you, to trust you, to grow stronger in my faith each day of my life with which you have blessed me. Be with me in every decision I make in my life. Help me to see past distractions in order to hear your call, O Lord, and give me the strength to answer You without reservation. Help me to be an inspiration to others in living their lives. In Your almighty and merciful name, I pray. Amen.

    • Shel

      With God, all things are possible. In prayer, we must truly believe and trust in the Father. May His will, not ours, be done.

  • Patty Connealy Clark

    I found out I was pregnant a few days before I found out that my mother had cancer. As my mother approached her final days, she had death dreams in which she saw her loved ones waiting for her; these dreams gave her peace. One day, however, she woke up very distraught. Crying, she told us that in her dream she saw two little girls waiting for her. One little girl looked like my sister’s daughter; my sister had lost a baby in an ectopic pregnancy, so we concluded that that’s who she was seeing. My mom said she didn’t know who the other little girl was, but kept assuring us that it was a good dream because they were both in heaven. A few days later my mom passed away. I was having some bleeding, so made an appointment with my doctor after my mom’s funeral. I was told that my baby had died. From the looks of things, it had happened about 10 days before, which happened to be the day of my mom’s dream (but I didn’t put this together right away). I was so distraught that I couldn’t find words to pray. But I remember reading somewhere in Scripture that the Holy Spirit understands our groanings and presents them as prayers to the Father for us. That was all I had, but God took that, healed me, and eventually revealed to me what my mother’s dream meant and that she was offering me her consolation before I knew that I needed it. I encourage you to remember this when you can’t find the words to pray. Just spend the time in silence, and the Holy Spirit will read your heart and provide the prayers for you. But you at least have to put in the time.

    • yo__hi

      God is so merciful and kind! He had already sent you consolation before you even knew you needed it. We have such a loving Father!
      “Before they call I will answer; while they are still speaking I will hear.” Isaiah 65:24
      “In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us through wordless groans.” Romans 8:26

    • Leslie M

      Patty, I am so comforted by your post. Thank you for sharing. Just this morning I had postponed my prayers (after listening to Matthew Kelly’s talk). I take notes on what he say and my thoughts. When I returned to my notes a few hours later to sit and pray I realized that I was resisting! I was putting it off because I didn’t know where to start. I have Matthew’s “The Prayer Process”, it wasn’t that. It was more if a matter of what to share with God first! But then I remembered that He knows my heart and my situation already and I just need to pray and be still and listen for Him. … Sometimes there’s so much noise and distraction that we can’t heat a thing let alone God answering us. It’s good to stop and be still and know that He is God and is always there for each of us.

  • mrstag

    Prayer has always been important in my life from when I was just a little girl and my mother taught me how to pray. She told me that the Blessed Mother would always be there for me and if I was afraid I could always count on her. I then went to catholic school and we prayed every day at every hour, before lunch and after lunch and at the end of the day. My husband and I try each day to say the rosary and I still pray at different times of the day even if it’s just to thank God for everything in my life and to help me when I am in need. My life would not be complete without prayer.

  • Mark Darrow

    I find this message to be so powerful. Many years ago I learned from a priest friend that having regular conversations with God would change my life. Every day I take time to ask God for his mercy and to help me follow His will. Not too long ago I took up the habit of walking, this is a great time to quietly listen to God. During the walk I pray a simple prayer, “Jesus, son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner.” I encourage you to try it next time you walk to your car… My life has been profoundly impacted since I embraced daily prayer.

  • Ruby Kaluza

    Thankful for your reminder of daily prayer. Prayer has impacted in how much I have grown and how to respond to life;s struggles. I have a habit of praying the Chaplet of Divine Mercy and have noticed it’s not affecting me in preparing me for the day however, last year I would also say the St. Patrick Prayer as soon as I got up and haven’t done that in months. I know when I said that prayer it helped me to be better person for myself and all of the people that I interacted with everyday including my family and marriage. It is because of God that I have truly grown because of him. Prayer is the constant vitamin in my life that gives me comfort and strength.
    Thank you Matthew Kelly and Sue Zdinak

  • Eileen

    I’ve had a lot of tragedy surrounding me and the people I hold dear the last 20+ years. So I pray for guidance a lot. Like Matt mentioned- there is a different feeling in a chapel or in church – it always feels so much more intimate there – even if full of people.
    I feel like my prayers are answered – whether the answer I was hoping for or not.
    There is a joke about someone being in a flood and praying for help as the water rises – and a strong man comes by with a life preserver , a boat comes by, and then a helicopter- and each time the person tells the rescuer – it’s ok – God’s got this- and then the person is in heaven – asking God why He didn’t save them – and God says – I sent a life preserver -a boat and a helicopter- what more could I do?
    Sometimes we’re the worst at recognizing our answered prayers

    I pay more attention now – to everything – once my prayer is asked – sometimes the answers are so subtle

  • Jo Lauer

    My husband and I began the habit of daily prayer well over 40 years ago. We got up early as we had young children and this was the only time our home was quiet. We pray daily, in the same place, and usually at the same time. Without this time with the Lord, I don’t know how we would have survived! Prayer is absolutely essential to the spiritual,life.

  • Annie

    I struggle with faith so much more since PTSD changed my spouse to someone who feels often like another teen. This is a reminder that prayer may help restore the faith that I feel is lost to myself, despite that my children have been blessed with their own connectiveness to God and the church. This Lent season I have to ask that the Lord brings me back to a path that is overgrown with so many other responsibilities and feel him beside me.

  • yo__hi

    I highly recommend to pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet, preferably at 3pm everyday. Please minimum pray it once in your life for you to receive great mercy at the hour of your death.
    These are the promises that our Lord Jesus Christ made about praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet as revealed to Saint Faustina Kowalska:
    1. “The souls that say this chaplet will be embraced by My mercy during their lifetime and
    especially at the hour of their death.” (Diary, 754)

    2. “When hardened sinners say it, I will fill their souls with peace, and the hour of their death
    will be a happy one.” (Diary, 1541)

    3. “When they say this chaplet in the presence of the dying, I will stand between My Father and
    the dying person, not as a just Judge but as a merciful Savior.” (Diary, 1541)

    4. “Whoever will recite it will receive great mercy at the hour of death.” (Diary, 687)

    5. “Priests will recommend it to sinners as their last hope of salvation. Even if there were a
    sinner most hardened, if he were to recite this chaplet only once, he would receive grace
    from My infinite mercy….I desire to grant unimaginable graces to those souls who trust in
    My mercy.” (Diary, 687)

    6. “To priests who proclaim and extol My mercy, I will give wondrous power; I will anoint
    their words and touch the hearts of those to whom they will speak.” (Diary, 1521)

    7. “The prayer most pleasing to Me is prayer for the conversion for sinners. Know, my
    daughter, that this prayer is always heard and answered.” (Diary, 1397)

    8. “At three o’clock, implore My mercy, especially for sinners; and, if only for a brief moment,
    immerse yourself in My Passion, particularly in My abandonment at the moment of
    agony….I will refuse nothing to the soul that makes a request of Me in virtue of My
    Passion.” (Diary, 1320; also, cf. Diary, 1572)

    9. “Souls who spread the honor of My mercy…at the hour of death I will not be a Judge for
    them, but the Merciful Savior.” (Diary, 1075)

    10. “I promise that the soul that will venerate this image (of the Divine Mercy) will not perish.”
    (Diary, 48)….“The two rays denote Blood and Water….These two rays issued from the very
    depths of My tender mercy when My agonized Heart was opened by a lance on the Cross.
    These rays shield souls from the wrath of My Father.” (Diary, 299)

    11. “I desire that the Feast of Mercy…be solemnly celebrated on the first Sunday after
    Easter….The soul that will go to Confession and receive Holy Communion (in a state of
    grace on this day) shall obtain complete forgiveness of sins and punishment.” (Diary, 699)

    12. “Through this chaplet you will obtain everything, if what you ask for is compatible with My
    will.” (Diary, 1731)

    Excerpts taken from the Diary of St. Faustina Kowalska, titled Divine Mercy in My Soul, ©1987, Congregation of Marians of the Immaculate Conception, Stockbridge, MA 01263.

  • Carolina Morales

    Day 07 Reflection

    Dear #BestLentEver Diary,

    I don’t have a good habit of praying. I want one though. I know that when I do pray, I feel a certain level of peace in my heart.

    Since day one of this Lenten program, I’ve been identifying resistence in many ways as Satan. I know he doesn’t want me socializing with God at ALL. And many times, he wins. Typing those words just now upset me. I want to win.

  • Leticia Cauble

    Prayer ❤️ Has been essential in my life. I’m so grateful I was surrounded by women who prayed so much! Without prayer I’m not sure where I would be. But I definitely know I can use growth in this area.

  • Guenever Ayers

    I have a question that I have been wondering about for a long time and finally Matthew’s discussion about prayer has finally given me the courage to ask the question. I converted to Catholicism in May 2015. I think that one can pray in a lot of ways and I know that I just kinda talk to God, Mother Mary, and some of the Saints throughout the Day. I would like to add a structured prayer time to my day. Is it okay to recite only one decade of the Rosary? When I recited one decade there are always other prayers preceding the recitation. But, is one decade okay? Some one once told me that praying only one decade of the Rosary was not allowed, would bring bad things, and made “Mother Mary cry.” Um, okay, thanks for the support. But, I feel guilty not reciting the whole Rosary which I try to do once a week. Please, tell me–is it “good enough” to pray–with meaning and focus–only one decade of the Rosary?

    • JC

      Of course saying one decade is ok. There are one decade rosaries you can even purchase, or make yourself.

      • Guenever Ayers

        Thank you JC. I wear a Rosary bracelet always. I never thought of it that way. Because usually I pray my Rosary on my full Rosary beads…duh me. Thank you so much

  • Valerie

    Before I became a catholic I wasn’t sure how to pray. I wanted to convert to become closer to God but resisted for many years because I knew my parents would not respect my decision. My father was battling cancer and I was so afraid for him and also myself because I wasn’t sure I would be able to deal with his passing. I kept asking God for a miracle. My father was given 6 months to a year and he lived five. When he left us I was devastated. I cryed a lot at night as I prayed for reassurance that my dad was okay and that he was being comforted by God. Then on day I felt an incredible feeling of Gods presence. The love and comfort I felt that day was so real. From that moment I knew my dad was okay? God was with him in heaven and I didn’t need to worry anymore. The presence I felt was so overwhelmingly beautiful,it’s hard to put down in words. That was my miracle and it came to me through prayer.

  • Karen

    Prayer has changed my life in so many ways. It started many years ago when my dad died. I was 22 years old and heart broken. I stopped going to church then, but I never let go of God during those 10 years when I went numb. God took care of me, then I moved met my husband to be, gave birth to 2 girls I adore who are now grown women. Jesus has been at my side my whole life. Prayer is a time I have had to learn to make my time. I haven’t had a smooth life by any means, my husband is an addict, my youngest daughter was diagnosed with Alcohol induced hepatitis. I have had to be on my knees so many times for their lives. They are good people who have met up evil and are fighting all the time to heal. I have had to put it all in God’s hands and just love them both to the bottom of my heart and pray God can heal them. I do love and adore God/Jesus and the Holy Spirit and I love and adore my husband and daughter. Through prayer I know God is with them both! (On a side note, I didn’t get this today at my email. I had to go to my church’s facebook page. Whats with that?)

  • Rae Mims

    Over time I have learned to pray on everything. I used to think you have to make things happen, pull yourself up b the boot straps and all that. But, once I truly started a daily prayer regimen my life changed. Sometimes it is as simple as Lord help me. Sometimes I am asking for guidance. Sometimes I am prayer for someone else. I prayed very hard for my aunt who lost her battle with cancer. I’ve never prayed so hard for someone yet she passed soon thereafter. I realized then and countless times since that you do not always get what you pray for – God’s will always takes precedence. But, he gives you what you need to make it.

  • Lenny

    At the most confusing and disordered time in my life, I was at my mom’s house, probably for a free meal, and I found a rosary. I had always known the Lord’s prayer and Hail Mary. From that day forward I made a habit of praying the rosary every day. I truly believe it saved my life.

  • Debra Fenner

    I love prayer and praying. I have witnessed the power of prayer at a very young age. My daddy’s life was spared by prayer. I have felt God grace by prayer. I too, have lost a son. I too have felt the crack in the universe. Prayer and Gods grace saved me from the edge of madness. I cannot start my day or close my eyes without praying and thanking God for His love and peace. I believe prayer to be one of His precious gifts to us.

  • Ray

    I started daily prayer 2 1/2 years ago when my twin 6 year old granddaughter was diagnosed with a brain tumor. She’s still fighting it and slowly overcoming many problems as a result of surgery followed by a stroke, 8 months of chemo, four months of proton radiation and over a year of rehab. I always prayed in the past but not like now. As long as I live I will not stop my daily prayers.

  • Nicole M.

    I was brought up with a strong Catholic background. I remember always going to church every Sunday, attending religion class, and going to church camps in the summer. I knew God was a part of my life, but I didn’t start daily prayer until I received my first devotional book a few years ago. I am a very organized person and I loved the fact that my devotional book had the date on each page and I knew that was my time with God for that day. I was actually really excited to start The Best Lent Ever. I am one of those people who has always given up a food item for Lent. This year, I wanted this Lent to mean something and I really want to become closer to God. Whenever I’m having a stressful day, I need to remember that God is always there and I can always talk to him. Not just while I’m doing my daily devotion.

    • Elizabeth Riley

      At least some of the cradle Catholic part I can relate to. The church camps that I went to weren’t just for Catholics but for all denominations and I enjoyed it so much that I now volunteer every year.

  • Lea

    I ask all of you to please pray for my son. He was religious, good student, responsible and very respectful person. One day I found him in his room crying and punching the wall, I asked him to please tell me what was going on but he didn’t tell me. He changed completely. He stopped going to church, he felt school and because he refused to get any support his life it’s going in the wrong direction

    • Niove Candida Rosario

      Count on my prayers for you and your son! I identify with you because I was in a similar situation with my now 20 year old son. From when he turned 17 to July last year he was all over the place. He was disrespectful, always angry, hanging out with the wrong people and doing the wrong things. He kept coming to Church with us but forced. During that time I felt at war with the devil and I did not allow him to win. This situation introduced me to attending daily mass; I was in constant prayer. I was continuously blessing his room, bed and all with holy water. I grabbed on to Mary and she got me through it. There is counseling through the church, which I attended with my son; he wasn’t that receptive but it helped us put some boundaries and house rules during that crazy time. A mother’s prayer is very powerful so keep getting on your knees and praying for your son. My son is now a US Marine and even though he is not attending mass and looking for God as I would like, at least his life now has a purpose and he is staying out of trouble. I continue to pray for him and my other children, and will now add your son to my prayers. God Bless!!!

  • kinderkumu

    Prayer is something I do regularly and all through the day. I have never really had one set time of day where I said “ok, this is my prayer time”. I find my mind wanders into prayers often, when I’m driving in the car stuck in traffic, when I’m in line at a store, when I’m on hold, etc. I decided during this Lent I would spend my time in prayer before I start my work day. I always get to work early so why not spend my first 10 minutes in prayer? So far I’ve missed one morning and had to do it later in the day, but it’s been relaxing and comforting to begin my work day in prayer. Mind you I still wander into prayers throughout my day, but spending those few minutes before work has made my work day seem less stressful.

  • Mary Jo Vaughn

    Wow…as a mother, Sue’s testimony hit home. I often pray to Mary as mother to mother for and about our sons… her son , Our Savior, yet human …and my own sons. And try to make sense of it and thank her for her model of faith.

  • Niove Candida Rosario

    My prayer life is a work in progress! I do the Rosary every morning, attend daily mass, listen to Catholic talks, read religious books (not faithfully). I am really trying to create a deeper relationship with God and I have faith I will get there. I have to trust more in him, in his presence in every situation in my life. I need to allow him to act and not try to do it on my own. I have to learn not to get distracted and really listen to his message.

  • Elizabeth Riley

    Prayer for me went from almost none existent to asking God to use and fill me with His Spirit to knowing that whatever I do, in word or deed, can and will be to the praise and glory of God the father. I feel that God has blessed me in so many ways because of my prayers to Him that I will find the time to spend time in prayer. This is year number five of being a lunch lady and all thanks to answered prayer. Not only that but I feel as if at times God gives me a small word of knowledge from time to time about something that is about to happen. The words of knowledge don’t happen very often but they happen enough and in significant ways for me to know that they are from God.

  • Elizabeth Lee

    I am trying to develop a daily prayer habit and I understand all the excuses that come up to prevent this from happening. Whenever I feel overwhelmed, which is often, I sing a song I actually learned in elementary school: “Lord prepare me, to be a sanctuary, pure and holy, tried and true. In thanksgiving, I’ll be a living sanctuary for you”. Once I sing it a couple times, my mind quiets and I have a sense of peace and that everything will be all right. Another go to prayer is the Serenity prayer: God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. These prayers and many more have helped me through college and are currently, keeping me calm as I apply for graduate school.

  • Sarena

    Today’s message really hit home with me for so many different reasons. All in all, I look forward to my times of prayer. My Grandmother always tells me, “no matter what you are doing, pray. ” There is no greater comfort than the comfort received in prayer. I tell my son’s to pray. I want them to know that God is the guiding light they need. Loved today’s message so much.

  • Tom K

    Wow Sue Zdinak’s video was humbling and motivating. I am not where I need to be with prayer. I prayer to often when in trouble or when things are going very very well. (highs and lows/peaks and valleys but not enough at all during the normal times…(which are by far the majority. I need to get there day in and day out ..

  • Mary

    Thank you to Sue for sharing a little of your prayer journey. We too, have lost our son at age 33-3 years ago this week. I found the only way out of the dark days was through prayer of all kinds…my faith was put through the storm and we longed for answers, but the answer for me was that there really was no answer and prayer helped me to accept what had happened and to live with more compassion and depth, and to keep close to God and Mary.

  • Susan

    Don’t forget praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet for those who are dying. St Joseph pray for us and for those who will die this day.

  • Reka Mejia

    I have never felt God speaking to me. How do I accomplish this?
    For days and days I felt that joyous fiery love of the Holy Spirit in my heart and soul and then am… it was gone. How do I get it back?

  • Karen

    Excellent reflections today! Matthew’s gave me a lot to think about and Sue’s was so powerful. Thank you!

  • Maria

    Last fall I truly realized the power of prayer. My husband threw a pulmonary embolism after being home less than 36 hours post an aortic valve replacement. He had no history of coronary artery disease and the surgery was uncomplicated and went very well. He had to be flown by helicopter to a heart hospital where he was put on life support for approximately 3 weeks. He was truly at death’s door. Upon arriving at the hospital, I was given little hope and was told that my husband sustained major organ damage (heart, lung kidney, stomach etc.) and his brain function was uncertain. His situation was dire and we were asked if we “essentially wanted to continue” any efforts to keep him alive. Together (as a family) we decided to give it 48 hours to see if there was any evidence of brain function and any hope of a reasonable recovery. We were devastated and in shock. I felt totally lost, traumatized, and reaching desperately for God to help me make the right decisions. I had to put it in God’s hands and prayed for a miracle if that was God’s will.We had a multitude of people (many denominations, and throughout various countries) praying for my husband. It was a long and tumultuous journey but he power of prayer and the Grace of God healed him!!! My husband is living proof!
    He is today a walking (and talking) miracle. The doctors and nurses are astounded. He has just started to drive again and knows that the Lord has kept him here on earth for a reason. We are so grateful for God’s mercy and love. Prayer is an amazing thing and God is so great. His love is amazing! I now pray that the Lord will lead us and show us what work he has for us to do in the remaining time he has given us on this earth.

  • Wow! Both of these videos moved me. Sue is a powerful speaker, really connecting thru her video as she shares, so inspiring and a huge thank you to her for sharing so vulnerably for our benefit and the greater glory of God. I’m “beginning again” through this Best Lent Ever as my prayer life became erratic during health problems. This is the perfect inspiration and information for me right now. Beating resistance. Beginning again.Thank you!

  • Theresa Birdsey

    Four years ago, my father Joe, passed away. I was fortunate enough to spend the last night of his life with him. As I sat with him, I prayed the Hail Mary, holding his hands asking Mary to take him by his hands and bring him to heaven. I know that Mary, our spiritual Mother, took him to heaven and is with him today. Thank you Mary for the blessings you have given both me and my father that night.

  • Mario Cannariato

    Prayer has allowed me to see God truly by my side in everything that my human senses can capture. My love of Jesus let’s me know that I will someday be with all my love ones that have gone home to him deeply in my heart. I am blessed and Matthew Kelly hit the nail squarely noting that prayer is everything.

  • Kathleen

    Pray for my husband of more than 25 years who have turned away from the church and had lose his faith. It’s affecting our marriage and we are living separate lives.

  • Arthur Brown

    Prayer is awesome and the only way to go. I have learn through prayer as Sue Zdinak has found that we no not when one’s life will end or what treasures we will receive from God. We just have to pray and listen to Him on a daily basis. For if we say let God’s will be done that is what it means and if we loose a love one, a job or other material things it is time for us to buckle down and find out what God wants us to do since He got our attentions. If God has sacrificed his Son on the cross for us then we should always remember everything we have received and we go through is from Him and many times we mess things up by doing it our way and telling God we deserve more and you need to give that to me. No that is not true. Only what God wants us to do is really the right thing and I need Him to lead me in my life.
    God Bless each and everyone of you through your spiritual journey.

  • Missy

    Ive recently lost my husband! This is the hardiest most painful thing ever, somedays I want to check out, but I know I can’t if I want to see him again! I’m learning to pray , even though my faith and beliefs have been guestionable . I do know he’s real, I do know he answers prayers!!! I do know I’m scared out of my mind and so sad that I can’t breath at times, but I’m learning and wanting to talk to God more, I mean that’s where my love is now up there with him.

  • Libby Miller

    I had a life changing event in Jan. of 2016 that turned my whole world upside down! At first I was angry & felt sorry for myself wallowing in self pity asking myself daily, “Why me?!” At some point early on in my acceptance of the consequences of my behavior, I realized that I could not heal on my own. That’s when I got down on my knees & reconnected with God. It seemed like one miraculous event after another unfolded right in front of my eyes! I survived even after losing my job, my home, the comfort of living with my two daughters & five pets, & almost losing my life! Prayer has become a daily part of my life. Of course resistance has conquered me here & there, but not enough to quit my prayer time with my Lord & Savior! This is the first Lent I’ve celebrated in about thirty or so years! God has taught me to be grateful in both the good and the bad. I am more fulfilled in my life then I’ve ever been! I thank God in prayer daily for saving my life.

  • Angela M. Williams

    I think the Dynamic Catholic Team Member Sue Zdinak said it very eloquently – it can be as simple as “God, thy will be done”. I believe prayer ensures you “let go and let God..”.

  • Melinda

    Greetings. Prayer impacted my life when I discovered I had a rare brain tumor the size of a tennis ball at the front inside of my skull. The doctors said it had been growing for about 5 years. Without prayers from my husband and friends and my church family, I wouldn’t have survived the 2 day surgery, chemo, radiation, and 6 more months of chemo. In the hospital for a month. 24 hour caregivers for 11 months. I had to learn to talk and walk again. Physical therapist coming to my house to help me to learn how to read again. Everyone has said my recovery is a miracle. I tell them God and the prayers saved my life. Believe in the power of prayer.

    God’s Peace,


  • audrey deskar

    Prayer is truly helpful to me. It keeps me centered. Resistance does go away when you pray because you are more in tune with God and living in the moment. You are more aware of Gods presence in your life. You want to pray so it becomes important and hard to forget. Not at first but eventually you desire that time. Yearn for it. If you have never prayed, I recommend downloading Laudate on your phone or computer. Go under the heading “Prayers” and see all the Catholic prayers are there. Also go under “Rosary” and see how many there are. Then just open them and start praying. Enjoy.

  • Caroline Broski

    I have been going through a difficult divorce. Prayer and my therapist are the only things that keeps me sane. I trust God has a plan for me. I don’t know the next chapter. I’m letting Him write it. It isn’t always easy. Pain and hurt can be dealt with in your head; relief in your heart takes a long time. I’m happy where I am and pray everyday for guidance and my next steps.

  • Kathy Kawa

    That is my hope this Lenten season to become a better praying person. Taking time to pray everyday does take commitment. But at the end I do feel renewed.

  • Deb Durrett

    I am so grateful for time in prayer. I learned that it’s just having conversation with the Father and it is not something I need to restrict to a particular time or place. I can do it all day long everywhere I am. I rest in Him always.

  • Asil Cassur

    Christmas 2012 my best friend gave me a book called Jesus Calling. You are to read one page a day and hopefully draw something from the message. I wanted to roll my eyes at the thought of have to do this daily and felt the resistance to do so strongly. It had been six months since my divorce and though I prayed always this frightened me. This was an actual commitment to do daily. This was different than just having a conversation or not with God and Jesus. So on January 1, 2013 I started to read daily each page in the morning. As I read I resisted. Sometimes I got mad and resisted the message. I fought against it. Then I started to find this book comforting to me and if I had to travel or went on vacation I took it with me so, I wouldn’t miss a day. What I realized is that the messages were coming from a place of Jesus’ love for us and that he wants us to feel that so we have peace and joy. His love is with us to help guide us through the tangled web of life and our broken world and it’s expected priorities. This book changed me and I have read this book starting again on January since 2013. This is the start of my fifth year. Every year I learn something different and before I read I pray. I find when I read the message for the day it is speaking to the challenge I am having. I have burst out crying in joy because when in need I am being answered. That connection is beyond any material possession in the world. Daily prayer is powerful. I hope you found this helpful and I pray for all of you.

  • Virginia Abbruscato Cambalik

    I have prayed for big and small things and have had many prayers answered immediately…from a dying Mother who made an amazing turn around over night the doctors called a miracle to praying the car would take us the next 4 miles home when it was stalling every 200 to 500 ft. It did without stalling at all in the last 4 miles. God gives me peace and I talk with him regularly.

  • Trudy Ray Parmarter

    It’s hard for me to be still long enough to listen to God during prayer as I am always asking Him for things but sometimes despite my resistance He gets through. One of the most amazing times was during Mass during the prayers of the faithful when the lector paused so the congregation could silently add their own intentions. Instead of asking God for fill my needs and wants I just listened and God told me to go visit my kids’ great-great grandma that day. I mentioned it to my husband after church and he readily agreed even though he was no relation to Gma Vunk. We spent the afternoon laughing together. I got a call the next morning that Gma Vunk had a stroke during the night and went to be with the Lord. It pays to listen during prayer.

  • Ginie

    Sue’s story is powerful. I’ve often felt that my Faith and my gift of prayer is the glue that holds me together when a part of my life blows up in my face-changes forever. Even as a child I prayed a lot. I prayed for the conversion of my dad-he was baptized in 1962 after a long process of an annulment. I prayed for my parents to be allowed to be married in the church, that also happened in 1962-after my parents 10th child was born. I prayed for happiness then looked in some odd places for it, God gave me a man to love in 1969 and we were married thirteen months later. God gave us five healthy children and 35 years and 9 months together as man and wife.
    In 1982 my mother died and that is when I really struggled. Mom left this world without telling us she had cancer, with my baby sister’s dress barely begun and such a special pattern I was losing my grip. I was the eldest of ten, the mother of five had had a miscarriage in 78 but nothing prepared me for the hole losing my mother, with whom I constantly struggled, would give me. While I tried to help my family hold it together, plan my sister’s wedding and work on finishing her dress-a special creation of my mother’s I decided to confess to my dad that I was losing it.

    He scheduled us for a retreat, but failed to mention it was a Charismatic Retreat. I was freaked out on several levels, I forgot my pain meds for my Arthritis, the first presenter was a nun, who behaved less circumspect than I expected, and I was ready to go home! Well God took care of that, I gained a greater appreciation of the Holy Spirit, the power of prayer and I was healed from my arthritis and the deep hole the loss of my mom had created that weekend. I was able to see that I should get my cousin to help with the wedding plans and the dress-I did not have to do it on my own. I learned to rely on God and trust that he would care for my NPC husband. I prayed and accepted the illness and loss of my dad, my husband and my son’s accident. I continue to pray my way through being a caregiver, because without prayer, faith in God and Trusting his infinite wisdom-I’d be so lost.
    Pax Christi

  • Diana

    Sue, thank you for sharing your experience after the loss of your son. My father died when I was as 22.
    I had begun to pray a rosary for him, that God would take his pain away. I hadn’t prayed a rosary since I was a kid and retrained myself that day. A week later he died. It shook my world, broke my heart. God did answer my prayer, just not the way I wanted. Since that time God has shown me all the good that came from my fathers death. Most of my siblings and my mom grew in faith.
    Prayer is a life line and connects us to God and the saints. Prayer was all I had during the suffering and I thank God for the desire he put in my broken heart to be close to him and our blessed mother.

  • Lori Grajek

    I’d like to share a story of how God gave me a peace that passes all understanding! (through prayer) When I was 20 I got engaged to a man who I later realized was not who God had for me. He was not a man of God. I was too young and inexperienced as to how to break up with him. I prayed and was so distraught. After praying for awhile I suddenly got a peace! It was amazing. I sensed God reassuring me that all would be well. about 3 months later he got a huge bill for surgery he had done that now the insurance refused to cover. He freaked out and broke up with me. A few days later he was contacted by the insurance who apologized. Apparently there was someone else with the same name and they had contacted him by mistake. Of course he was devestated and with my Mom’s wise advice I did not get back together with him. Now I’ve been married for almost 30 years to a wonderful Godly man who is my soul mate. Without God’s reassuring presence and peace I may have been stuck in an unhappy marriage. Praise God for prayer!

  • Stacey Symonds

    I’m definitely not perfect but I try to talk to God everyday, even if it’s in my thoughts….when I do, I feel comfort, serenity, and hope….I’m going to admit that I find it a struggle to see his answers, his signs, his advice, but I try…I will continue to pray and read my Bible and sit quietly and listen…for all my struggles….I cannot do this journey alone….I need God in my life….

  • Steven Mielke

    Prayer, communication with God, as kept me going many times during my battle with pancreatic cancer. There was one time in particular that I had a severe complication from my surgery that I knew I was dying. In my semi-conscious state I could feel his presence and I felt myself slipping away. Interestingly enough, I wasn’t afraid, but rather very peaceful and reflective and very aware of Him being with me. I was ready to go with Him if He was ready for me. Interestingly enough, He wasn’t and I’m still here. My mission in this life wasn’t complete. I am much more aware of Him with me in my daily life now and by the way I am cancer-free.

  • Amy Reinhardt

    With the impending, inevitable death of my grandma looming over us, my family has been in a really tough spot. Everyone is sad and everyone is dealing with their level of grief in different ways. Prayer has impacted this time in my life by pushing me to use intercessory prayer: praying on behalf of another. Mostly, I have been praying for my grandpa who is still struggling with acceptance. I pray that God gives him the strength to say his final goodbye to her so she can finally let go and be at peace. I pray that he recognizes all the good he still has to live for after she’s no longer here. I pray that God will give him a sign that this isn’t the end of their relationship because they will meet again someday: in Heaven.

  • Darlene Cassio

    Sue, we had a very similar situation as our son died two years ago. When my husband and I first heard about his cancer, we turned him over to God and said “Thy Will be done.”: We knew what we wanted, but understood that God was in charge. Throughout his battle and treatments and seeing him suffer, we struggled to let go and trust God. Our biggest prayer was that he return to the Church and Our Lord before he died. We did not discuss this with him at all for fear of turning him off but just continued to pray. A week and a half before his death as we were visiting, he asked that I contact a priest that we both knew to administer the sacrament of Anointing of the Sick as soon as he could and to keep his request just between his father and I (he was experiencing a lot of opposition from members of the family about returning to the Church). We were able to get in touch with the priest he requested who normally is very very busy and hard to get appointments with. The priest drove 60 miles to see Mark three days after we asked and our son died 6 days later. My husband and I were able to be there during the last 24 hours of his life and to pray with him and just love him. This incredible answer to prayer brought such comfort to us that although we were sad and miss him so much, we know he is with the Lord and could ask for nothing more. I recently learned that he had been going to Mass as many Sundays as his body would allow after his treatments stopped. Since then we have continued to develop a deeper relationship with Our Lord.

  • Mary

    I love talking to the Trinity in prayer. God reveals Himself and His plan for me in this way. I experience Peace, Patience, Perspective, Love, Humor, Intimacy and Grace in daily conversations. However, I need to ask for Discipline.

  • Donna Hebdo

    I truly believe “Ask and you shall receive”. I try to stay in touch with God several times a day. There have been many times in my life when He has answered prayers…not always with a “yes”…but with an answer that turned out to be what was better for my life.

  • Susan Konwal

    I had some big things happen all at the same time. We had to say goodbye to our adopted son who left us years ago and did not want adoptive parents because of an attachment disorder and bipolar disorder. He was caught up in the system and did not get adopted until 5 and was in too many foster homes to attach. This led me to pray deeply every day to be lifted from this pain. In God’s time he lifted this burden from me. I also lost my mother at the same time and I was able to grieve her and keeping on trusting. I pray more now than ever and I see him in my daily life more now than ever. Thanks be to God.

  • Louise

    This post is really more appropriate for yesterday’s video about prayer. I did not get a chance to post yesterday, though. If you, like me, have difficulty forming prayers, I would like to recommend a fantastic book called “Fervent” by Priscilla Shirer. It is about forming a plan for serious, specific and strategic prayer. Almost a “how to” book on prayer. It was written for women, however, men can get as much out of this book as women. I highly recommend it.

  • Cindy Leslie

    I see now how daily prayer affects your life and others. When I pray I’m closer to God. And I don’t and just rely on myself, it like God is not there in my life. I must pray and trust in Him!

  • Ralph Urias

    Prayer is the most important thing I do everyday. It gives me perspective, confidence, and peace. Thank you Mr. Kelly for reminding us to ask God the big question.

  • Deborah Watson

    I have always wondered how a person feels God through prayer. I’ve prayed all my life and have yet to feel God hears me l know intellectually that He does but have never felt it as so many people state. I know He answers prayers His way and in His time but it seems the answer to my prayers is always no

    • Mary Clemons

      Thank you for posting this. I was starting to feel I was alone in not hearing God speak to me in my prayer. I’ve struggled for most of my life to discern God’s will for me. Sometimes, in retrospect, I can see His hand in the path of my life, but in the silence of now, I am left to wonder if the thoughts in my head are of God or of me.

  • Carmen M Ferrer

    To speak with the Lord is amazing. I’m always in awe when I see His answers to my prayers and when I don’t, I keep praying for Him to show me the way and have the patience to wait and see what He has for, at His time, not mine. Love Dynamic Catholic and the Best Lent ever. Thank you ❤

  • Stephanie Ambrose Powell

    I too lost my son and without God I never would have been able to endure it. Thinking about what Mary must have gone through and knowing she understood my loss was comforting

  • Audrey

    When my daughter was diagnosed in 2000 with cancer, I was distraught. Couldn’t stop crying. I too had prayed for my children to be healthy. I prayed and prayed… That Saturday night Mass I had to go to, to plead with God to let Kristen be ok. Sitting in church with tears still coming, I had the most overwhelming feeling of peace come over me. Tears stopped, I knew she was going to be ok. I know it was God telling me he was with me. So I do believe you do need that one on one time with God to hear what he has to tell you.

  • Jean Meyer

    Wow! what a moving story. I also lost my first son to a birth defect. I prayed to St. Gerard everyday through my next pregnancy, and was blessed with 6 beautiful children in the coming years. I know with God and my little angel in heaven, that anything is possible. Prayer is the answer.

  • Mary Martella Stevens

    I lost my brother to a brain tumor last year. My whole family prayed for a miracle for Bill. We had hoped he would recover, unfortunately this was not something he was going to recover from. The night he died I realized we got the miracle–maybe not the one we wanted, but the one my brother wanted. To go home with God and be free!

  • Marilyn

    Sue Zdinak just told my own personal story when I too lost my son and where I am at today 7 years later ~
    The piata holds my my heart in a whole different realm.

  • CB Casey

    I lost my husband recently I know how you feel

  • Thomas Nofi

    Several years ago I was going through a very rough time in my career. I had finally landed a job that looked like it would have some longevity to it, but i was not performing as I believed I could and as the owner thought I should, even though I had been able to do some great stuff in my first year 2 years there. I started a daily prayer regimen every morning on the drive to my office. What a huge difference it made in my daily work and my life. Within a short time, I saw things beginning to change for the better and now 20 years later I still do these prayers and it has opened up a wonderful world for me and my family. I encourage all of you to do the same if you have not already made his part of your daly routine. God bless you all.

  • Elaine Pellas

    I’d like to share a short verse I found years ago about Prayer. ” It is so simple. It is like quietly opening the door
    and slipping into the very presence of God. There, in the stillness to listen for His voice perhaps to petition, or only to listen, it matters not. Just to be there in His presence is prayer.”

  • Julie Welling

    I suffer from severe depression. Two years ago I lost my husband. For a year or so I just wandered around crying and mooing, feeling so depressed. Then I got the”Treasured Catholic Prayer book” and the devotional Jesus Calling. I started reading some every morning and ever night. It wasn’t long until God and I started having conversations on so many things. Days started getting better. When I’m having a bad day, I go to my room (where I pray) and talk to God and tell home I need him right now and I say a quick Lord’s Prayer and I feel like I take his hand and we go together to where I was having my problem and I tell Him, This is it Lord, this is where I need your help now. And I go on with confidence knowing he is right there with me to help me through my day. So if anyone is wondering where God is, I keep him in my bedroom siting on my bed so he’s always there for me.

  • Carol

    My Mom has had 2 strokes has been out of her home in a hospital and then Nsg home/rehab.I have prayed daily that God would be merciful and take her HOME as she has endured so very very much in both facilities.(I didn’t mention she is 97) She has taken a turn for the worse this week and God seemed to be saying to me last evening “the Lord is kind and merciful” as I had on the Catholic tv network. I pray she will pass in peace.

  • Jeannine Smutny

    I think, for me, prayer from others for me has impacted my life the most. I often look at my blessings and wonder what I have done to receieve such blessings.Grace. Blessed by grace. I don’t deserve it, I owe a huge debt I can never repay.

  • rita forrester

    I so agree with Marilyn about daily prayer being like calling home. Some days when I am in oneness with the Lord, I feel like I must have been there before, my visions seem so concrete. My time spent with the Lord is so real. There was a time in my life when I did what I wanted to do and no one could tell me different. Now I let God lead the way, and I start this process in daily prayer and then throughout my day I am in constant reminder of His essence in my humanity. Thank you for this program, I am surely blessed+++

  • Theresa

    I too lost my only daughter. The only way I get through each day is with my gift of Faith and my daily prayers. God has given me Peace and He alone gives me tomorrow. I pray every morning in solitude before starting my day. But I pray through the day asking God to help me with each moment of each day. Losing someone is like no other hurt. Especially your child. Only God totally understands. He sees the hole in my heart that she took with her when He took her back Home. God alone loves me like no other and He is always with me, never to leave me. That comfort of knowing He is with me and will never leave me, gives me the peace and comfort I need. Prayer is talking to God. It doesn’t have to be a formal prayer, although I do say those in the morning to start my day, but prayer is talking/chatting with God throughout the day, as He is my best friend, and who doesn’t talk to their best friend throughout the day. He is ALWAYS available to chat. When I need a pick me up, he sends a chirping bird or beautiful butterfly, or a beautiful sunrise. He knows exactly what I need and in turn I try my best to be a better me for Him. I have always had a tight relationship with God, but when He took my daughter back Home, He gave me so many things to show me she was totally OK and happy and at peace with Him, her peace is my comfort too. Prayer and faith in God. Nothing else like it.

  • Annvan047

    Prayer plucked me out of depression.

  • Pauline Lambert Reynolds

    I love to read these comments. They are so helpful and uplifting.

  • Roger

    Although I try to pray during the day I always find time to pray in the evening before going to sleep. I find that there is nothing that gets in my way in the evening. This has been a difficult year since my daughter lost her 15 month old daughter due to congenital heart disease. I pray every evening for her family and also for my son. Hopefully time will help to heal the sorrow. I always think of my grand daughter with that beautiful smiling face even though she was undergoing extreme health conditions. She’s my little angel,

  • Natasha Harrison Brand

    I have told myself for years that I need to pray more and I apologize to God every Sunday for not praying more and taking quiet time. I just struggle with being silent and turning my brain off. Everyone in these posts are so supportive and kind to each other I hope that you please pray for me that I will indeed take quiet time.

  • Jo

    Prayer used to be a struggle, but now it’s my favorite part of the day!

  • John L. Kemmis

    I was reviewing my notes from this past week’s videos and stumbled on the need to listen again to this day’s video.

    God, what do you think I should do? How has prayer impacted my life?

    I think I will lift up these questions to Him during Mass this morning.

  • Michael D. Henson Sr

    It has helped me daily. Last year I started The Best Lent Ever as I have read many of Matthew Kelly’s books.
    He said in one of his talks to pray daily. Now I pray everyday and God has helped me thru many speed bumps of life. I also became an ambassador to help support such a worthy cause as Dynamic Catholic.
    Thanks Matt to you and your staff keep up the awesome 😎 work.

  • Marilyn

    Prayer has changed my life in every way in all facets of my life for the better . Prayer has opened my eyes to all the wrong I have been doing throughout my life and has given more joy and inner peace than I ever experienced.prayer has made me realize how ungrateful I have been for the little everyday blessings all around me along with all the tremendously Huge blessings I have been graced with . I am a much better person towards others now ,with more understanding of their needs instead of just the needs in my life ~ I choose to pray not because I am supposed to pray .

  • Evelyn

    Consistently prayer has allowed for graces to reveal itself. I am more conscience of God’s Blessing then ever before. I see and am aware of the many Graces he has bestowed upon me. Without prayer I may have experienced the same Blessings and Grace but would Not have known its source.

  • Kim Bordelon

    A deep sigh of relief overwhelming peace , It’s like I just talked with a dear friend and felt such joy and happiness.

  • Brat Ayolo

    More I pray more I get closer to God. Someone may thing that if you miss dayli pray nothing will happen but that wrong. You will miss occasion to talk to Him and chance to listing what Hi want to tell you.

  • Celebration

    I believe in prayer, I am part of the prayer ministry team at my church. I love to be in prayer about others, asking God to heal, save, bless everyone on my prayer list. But I negligent my prayers to God, I feel unworthy of receiving of God’s blessing. I believe that if I pray for other that without speaking on my behalf that God know what is in my heart for myself without me having to speak to Him directly. That is not true. How does he know my heart, my hurts, my pain, my joy if I don’t speak to him on my own behalf. I need help to change that and speak out for myself on my behalf to God, so that He can release my burdens through my prayers.

  • Donna

    Donna, Prayer is my quite time with God. It’s my time to ask for favors and to thank Him for what I have and no serious problems have risen. If I didn’t pray I think I would go crazy. I’m a mother of 5 sons and they are like their father, the less I say the bet.ter it is, so I talk to God and the Blessed Mother otherwise who knows what my life would be like. Many of my prayers have not been answered the way I wanted and some I’m still waiting on but I will always pray. I am constantly waiting to hear God’s voice and one day I will

  • Nonnie

    Prayer keeps me from “boiling over” when things are heading south-long term and immediate!

  • tclark41890

    I took a prayer class once and one of the best tools I learned was to talk to God as if he is your best friend and He is there next to you. In your car. In the shopping cart. Standing at your kitchen counter. And just talk to Him. I use this tool often and there are days I have talked His ear off.

  • Cathy Brousseau Vieira

    Lately, my daughters have been getting on my nerves, and I have been acting out in anger. I began to pray for patience and to help me find ways to deal with the situation in a calm manner. A few days after, they both came down with colds. My whole mannerism changed around them, and I realized that God was speaking to me here. He was reminding me of how innocent they are and how much they need me and my love.