April 04: The First Intervention

Day 30

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Once a year I have a physical, a checkup with my doctor. I have a bunch of tests, and I go and I meet with the doctor. He talks about different things: “Oh, you got to work on this, got to work on that.” And then he sends me in the mail a letter: “These are the things I want you to work on this year.”

From time to time, I think we also need the same thing spiritually. We need to ask ourselves, “Am I spiritually fit? Am I spiritually healthy?” And also, we need a plan to increase our spiritual health. I think it’s possible that a great many people have never in their lives had a plan to get spiritually healthy. And of course, that’s where we’re leading with this whole reflection on Resisting Happiness, with this whole journey we’re making together.

We need a plan to get spiritually healthy. There may be many, many different components of that plan. Some of them might be daily components, and some of them might be annual components, and some of them might be just things you need to do once. But we need a plan.

And there’s no one plan that I can print out and say, “OK, this is for everyone. This is the plan for everyone.” And the plan we put together for you now might not necessarily be the plan for you next year or the year after that, because there are seasons in our lives, and there are different things that need attention and focus at different times in our lives. But what I’m absolutely convinced of is that we do need a plan. We all need a plan to grow spiritually and to develop spiritual health.

I think today is a good day to ask, “Am I spiritually fit? How healthy am I spiritually?” And, “What’s going be my plan? Is it going be some daily prayer? Is it going to be some spiritual reading? Is it going to be visiting the lonely? Is it going to be getting more involved in my parish?” What’s going be your plan? Write it down.

The architect doesn’t say, “OK, I’ve got it all in my head now, let’s start building.” The architect writes it down; he draws the lines. And then the builder can take that and say, “OK, he wants that there, that there . . .”

We need a plan. We need to write it down. It’s possible that never in your life have you had such a plan. And that’s actually good news. It’s actually good news because it shows that incredible things are still possible.

So take some time today to reflect back on some of the things we’ve talked about. Sit down, write yourself a plan—not too long, not too short. Write yourself a plan and give it a time: Is this a plan for a year? Is it a plan for a month? Put yourself together a plan to get spiritually healthy. Great things are about to happen as soon as you put that plan together. Great things are about to happen.

“Have you ever really had a plan for spiritual health and growth?”

Matthew Kelly, Resisting Happiness

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What’s your plan? Have you ever really had a plan for spiritual health and growth?


How are you going to grow spiritually over the next 12 months? Write down a plan.


Jesus, I want to live the full life you have for me. Help me dedicate myself to spiritual growth.

Today’s personal reflection features Dynamic Catholic team member Taylor Boyd. Taylor is our development project lead. She comes to us from Saginaw, Michigan. Taylor minored in Italian, won her first trophy at a spelling bee, and makes a delicious tofu curry.

What is one thing that you could do to grow spiritually?

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  • Biji

    I need to remind myself several times a day to trust God… to surrender to Him. He has a plan for my life. He loves me. When I do this, I feel free. I can give up my need for control. When I let go and let God, I feel spiritually centered.

    • Ellen

      I love this, Biji. For me, it can be one of the most difficult things to do, but you’re right. When I do it is freeing. Thanks for sharing and God bless you in your spiritual journey.

    • Fran

      Oh my gosh I think the same way. I have to say several times a day “Jesus I trust in you “. I try to often to control events. I ask myself What would Jesus say? It always brings me back to praising God & giving him the glory.

      • Eaglenest

        I finally learned that it is not “what would Jesus say” but instead, “what is Jesus saying “. This can only be discerned through contemplative prayer.

        • Ssamaca

          Tell this to St. Paul.
          But contemplative prayer is one way.
          There are many ways.

          • Prolifedem6M

            God does speak to us in many ways. I find that he often speaks to me in prayer, but not necessarily contemplative prayer, though I practice it. Contemplative prayer may pave the way for God to speak to us on other occasions.

      • Prolifedem6M

        I found that in order to trust the Lord, I had to stop my interior whining–whining about the things that I want to grow in my life, the things that weren’t there that I thought should be there. I don’t much like to hear whining from other people and I have made it a practice not to whine to other people. Then, it occurred to me not only that much of my prayer amounted to whining about the predicaments I find myelf in, but also that those very prayers are an expression of my distrust in the Lord. Cutting out the interior whining has brought me great peace.

        • Kathleen Henshaw

          Well said. I have the same problem with self whining and I frequently get overwhelmed with visions of Christ suffering on the cross. Brings me up short.

        • muzzer

          This is a great practice I will also take on. Well said!

      • LJ

        Jesus would say, lay low and listen. Why? You talk too much. Be honest or continue on an endless search. I can imagine myself finally dying and arriving before a God who wanted so much to fill my need for him in this life and should I continue the way I’m going He could only say I never knew you.

        • Shonne Farrell

          I understand what you mean by being quiet. Opening ourselves to hear Jesus. Sometimes we go through a dark period where it seems that Jesus is far away. I know that he is always near us but I don’t hear him, no matter how quiet I get.

          • Debbie

            I have a hard time hearing Jesus, I am a secular Carmelite who tries to practice contemplative prayer, but I also have attention deficit disorder. I try my best. Sometimes I am hard on myself, but God created me this way. I offer myself to Jesus as I am. I trust in his mercy, but I would love someday to hear Him.

      • Cindy Leslie

        Thank you Fran for this reminder…Jesus I trust in thee. God is in control and not me. God bless you and others!

    • Anna Buterbaugh

      He does have a plan for us but today, in gratitude to Him, I will also make a plan to increase my spiritual growth.

    • Betty Wass

      Oh my, I thought I was the only person that feels this way, I always think I am the only person with fears & doubts! Bill, thank you, Thank God for your sharing! Peace!

    • Mary B.

      I am jotting this down in my book to remind myself of this – letting go of having too much control, and trusting God’s plan for my family! How comforting is that??!!

      • Emily Wilson

        This resonates with me. Thank you Mary.

    • Darlene A. Matteucci

      Very well said I love that approach to everyday.

    • Marcia

      I totally agree with you, Biji. Letting go is letting GOD be in control of our day. Truly trusting HIS plan is always the best. When I plan it doesn’t always turn out so trusting GOD’s plan works better for me. It sets me free to follow JESUS.

    • Carol

      I also am a “control freak” or Type A-squared personality. I went to confession several months back to my pastor and dear friend. My penance was, says 12 times “You are God and I am not” (I still use it. I had to go back to confession later and confess that sometimes I get it backwards…”I am God and You are not” (oopsey). He chuckled. I’m still a work in progress.

      • Kathleen Henshaw

        I have to remember that. I am a “fixer” and I always think I have to do everything so it’s right…ooohh, what is that called? Thanks you and God bless you.

        • Joanne Melear


          • Kathleen Henshaw

            Exactly…has caused a great deal of stress and mental anguish through the years. I am learning to “let go and let God.”

      • Wallace

        I’ve learned that when I’m in control – I’m out of control. Often God has taken control and I took His credit. Through prayer over the years, I learned that God was in control in my most difficult times and learned to surrender unto Him. Those are the happy times when I’m most at peace. I realize that more often than not joy comes to me in spite of me.

    • Mark B. Macanas

      I tell others when facing a tough decision to “Let Go, Let God”. I find myself in need of following my own advice MANY TIMES. I think I need to work on this more as part of my spiritual growth.

    • Barb Stuart

      Thank You so much for those words !I need to learn to listen to God and quiet my emotionsAmen.

    • James A. Foltz

      Thanks, Biji for the reminder! I have a bad problem of not Trusting God enough! I have gastritis & don’t sleep well. That churning sensation in my stomach is a menace for me. I have had people pray over me & have asked God many times to take it from me. I now feel like Paul in the bible when he said 3 times I asked the Lord to remove the thorn in me & His reply was my grace is sufficient. For the last 20 years or so that has been my saving grace, knowing His grace is sufficient. I am trying to surrender to Him more & trust Him more. I believe that Trust is the primary virtue for humans. The bible says the greatest of these is Love & it is, but if you don’t trust God, friends or family how can you love them? I am working hard on improving my trust in God & the rewards are beginning to give me a better sense of God’s Will for me on every decision. To me Trust is the Key!!! Like you said we have to let go & let God!!!!!

    • Delores

      I completely agree.

  • Doug

    3 years ago, because I couldn’t afford a Spiritual Director so, by the grace of God, I came up with my own plan. I read 4 books and subscribed to inspirational messages that I received each day. The messages were no nonsense spiritual looks at my life. Three of the books I read were by a Protestant minister….Larry Osborne. “10 Dumb Things Smart Christian Believe”, “Accidental Pharisee”, and “Thriving in Babylon” (supported by the Book of Daniel). Then came a heavy dose of scripture. I love my Catholic faith, but the self-study I did in those 3 months, helped kindle my spiritual growth to where it is now. My plan is ongoing.

    • Bethany

      I believe Spiritual Direction is free… mine is.

      • Tina

        So have all mine been. (one went to heaven, one got transferred far away). My present one too is absolutely free.

      • Sam Adams

        I’d really like a spiritual director. Do I just phone a priest and ask for an appointment and ask him to be my spiritual director? Is the information that I share with him confidential as it is in the confessional?

        • Bethany

          Spiritual Direction is supposed to be confidential. Your priest may not do spiritual direction (mostly because they are all so busy today!) but he should have some names of someone who does spiritual direction in your parish or diocese.

          • Sam Adams

            Thanks for the good advice. 🙂

        • Tini

          Sam, Priest are sworn to confidentiality , secrecy in Confession and S.D., when they take their vows when they are ordained as a Priest. Have Faith and believe, and trust in the Lord and search for a Priest that’s in your Diocese. Take advice from Fr John Garret that wrote a comment . God Bless you Sam and good luck ! I will say a prayer for you ok!

          • Sam Adams

            Thanks, and thanks for the prayer, too!

        • Carl

          Hi Sam,
          A couple of months ago, I went to confession in a neighboring parish and really like the priest and his direction. He spoke about the benefit of having a Spiritual Director. I gave it some thought and returned there this past weekend with the intention of seeing him and asking him if he might be available to take me on. As God would have it, a different priest said Mass and delivered a homily that deeply touched me. I thanked him for it after the Mass and shared why I had come there. He said that he agreed with the suggestion and, to my surprise, expressed that he would be very happy to assume the role if I desired. So, now I have a S.D.!

          Just ask one you feel a connection with. As was posted here, many of our priests are spread very thin and may not be able to accommodate you. Please don’t give up!

          • Sam Adams

            Actually, I have one in mind – a few towns away. I appreciate that parish and am thinking of asking the priest there. Thanks much!

        • AmDg

          Fees/donations will vary from place to place, esp for non-clergy directors.
          Try asking your parish priest if they might recommend a director. Diocesan priests may not have enough time in their schedule, but may be able to point you. Even a director who is not a priest should consider sessions as confidential as the seal.

          • Sam Adams

            Thanks so much for taking the time to respond to me and for the good direction!

        • Lisa

          I was really worried about confidentiality also. The way I solved it was I made an appointment for confession. I found that when you make an appointment, priests are more than happy to spend a half hour on your confession. Plenty of time for spiritual direction. Of course, you have to remember if you talk to him in passing, he will act like he doesn’t have a clue what you are talking about. Don’t do this to him, it’s not nice. You can solve it by saying, “I want to talk about my confession.” Best to keep conversations in between appointments generic and off topic.

      • Tini

        My spiritual direction is free also by a Priest. I’m not comfortable if I have to pay. For some reason it don’t feel right if you pay.

      • Mary Evers

        I have been trying for a couple of years to find someone to be my spiritual director. I really don’t know how it works, but was directed to a woman I was familar with through retreats. I understand paying a fee, though not to a priest, but to someone who has a lot of education and training in this and does this directing for her living. Her cost is very high, but she says pay what you can. I guess I am uncomfortable with that and am still searching. In the meantime I do read good spiritual books for direction, but it is not the same as talking with someone about your personal situation.

        • Bethany

          I really didn’t know much about it before I found mine, but I prayed that God lead me to someone, and I happened to walk into a conversation about Spiritual Direction after Mass and it was someone I had long admired for her faith… I asked her to be mine and she did! It was definitely an answered prayer! She did training for it too and doesn’t charge anything. I wish I could remember the organization she did her training through. Anyways, pray that God leads you to someone!

    • Kathy Hogan

      Thanks for the names of the books – I’m adding them to my list of spiritual reading for the year

      • Doug

        Even though Larry Osborne is not Catholic, the three books I read were extremely common sense.

    • Sheryl

      Hi Doug,
      Will you please tell me where you subscribed for your inspirational messages? I would like to receive some!! Thank you!!

      • Elizabeth M.

        Sheryl, I receive a daily email from The Catholic Company. It has the readings for the day, saint of the day, a meditation of the day, verse of the day, pope’s intentions for the month, etc.
        One Bread One Body and Our Daily bread also have the readings with a daily meditation that you can subscribe online or receive a booklet.

        • Sheryl

          I do get Our Daily Bread but I am enjoying the videos and getting so much out of them I would like to add one. Thank you for your suggerstions!! 😊

      • Pat

        USCCB.org has the Scripture readings of the day along with a video reflection on those readings. I always go there to start my day. They also have a lot more inspiration on their website. Check it out. USCCB stands for United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

        • Sheryl

          Thank you!! 😊

      • Doug

        Yes…bible dot com (Dynamic Catholic won’t allow websites hence the dot. There is a huge selection to choose from. What I used was:
        Joyce Meyer: Promises for Your Everyday Life – a Daily Devotional
        Select plans and search for. Enjoy (I think I may do it again.)

        • bonnie drech

          ‘Jesus Calling’ is a beautiful way to start the day, followed thereafter by Joyce Meyers Everyday Life! Her program is on several stations throughout the morning so it is pretty easy to catch her. This is a very difficult time in my life with my son fighting cancer and I am needing alot of help to keep my head above water some days (like today). This best lent ever series has also been very helpful to me. Thank you everyone!

          • Blessed

            Bonnie, I am so sorry to hear your son is fighting cancer. I am including you and your son in my prayers. God bless you both!

          • bonnie drech

            thank you! will never turn down someone offering me prayer! believing for the best outcome, hoping and praying, but i also know god is always with me and will get me through all my storms. this is a pretty big storm though…

        • Sheryl

          Thank you!! I will check into this. I so enjoy my morning wake up with dynamic Catholic, I am already wondering what I will do after Easter!! 😊

      • Carl

        Hi Sheryl,
        I too subscribe to the “Morning Offering” from The Catholic Company. I also downloaded a PDF of “Jesus Calling” that I like very much as it is presented in the first person with Jesus speaking to us.

        • Karen

          I have the hard copy of “Jesus Calling”. It is a wonderful devotional. I have given it to many people as gifts.

    • Rosemary

      My own journey to a deeper faith began with the prayers and friendship of a seasoned Christian over a five year period. Eventually, I experienced a baptism of the Holy Spirit that opened up a ‘craving’ for God in me. The first thing I read was the Bible in a Read-the-Bible-in-one-Year format. My friend also gave me spiritual books to read, books I often found difficult to understand, but which amazingly would become incredibly important a few months after I’d read them when some life experience brought me understanding. I know there is a God who loves me. My plan is to “be still”, to wait and listen for Him to speak. I know this means reflection time after reading a passage or listening to these Lenten videos (thank you for them!) so that I really take in what is being offered. And for me it means asking the Holy Spirit to guide me when I reach out to others – with a silent prayer, with the right words, with a smile, with my full attention. Whatever it is I want to hear the instruction.

  • mrcpuhead

    Having worked about eight years as an enterprise architect, I can relate to Matthew’s architect analogy. Despite that, I’m still at the stage of just having my plan for spiritual health in my head. I know daily prayer using Liturgy of the Hours (usually Morning Prayer) is a core part of my plan. Recently, I added daily mass for a couple of days a week to my calendar – knowing work needs would sometimes preempt that. During Lent, I’ve added reading spiritual books and watching Catholic-based programming (Bishop Barron’s “Catholicism” mainly). Translating all this to Godly acts is the tougher part. My plan there is taking it one day, even one moment, at a time.

  • Angelika

    My spiritual plan has been evolving over many years by the grace of God. When I reflect where it started to how it has grown it is amazing! I’m so blessed to have my husband share this same yearning for spiritual growth for he was not always participating at first. Again, I trusted God as I relflected on His word that the man of the house should be the spiritual leader which he now is. We enjoy devotion every morning together as well as prayer to start our day, daily prayer of the Holy Rosary too. Prayer has become so important to us even throughout the day. In the evening we enjoy examining our conscience from Laudate which leads to a peaceful sleep. God is wonderful!!

  • Peggy

    I’ve been on my spiritual journey for a few years now. At first it was starting my day with some spiritual reading and then ending my day with nightly prayers. My real awakening came when I put myself out and got involved with my parish. Besides having spiritual groups I attend I also help out with parish activities. This has brought more peace into my life. I also have to remind myself daily to ” Let Go and Let God” but for the first time in my life I fell I’m at peace.

    • Marsha Mohan

      Thank you all for your comments…. ” let go and let God’ easier said then done. Through a spiritual plan I believe I can accomplish the peace I feel while at Mass or sharing at bible study taking time each hour, each day to prayer to be grateful for allowing God to guide me through his words to be the best I can be for myself and others. Maybe it will be easier than I think. Having confidence and belief to “let go and Let God” Amen🙏

  • Pamela Urban

    8 years ago I started studying the Bible with Jeff Cavins, The Great Bible Adventure. It changed my life forever. I know that there will never be a time when I am not studying and reflecting on the word of God. The studying of scripture eventually lead me to an increase of my prayer life. It’s funny, now I can’t get enough information of my faith. 8 years ago I thought an hour a week at mass was more than enough time with God. Thanks be to God.

    • Mary Herblet

      I did the Great Adventure with Jeff Cavins when I was in RCIA four years ago and I loved it. Now I am with another group doing the longer version and it is wonderful. It is showing me how much I have grown spiritually in the last four years and it is opening my mind and heart to so much more. I am so glad that my initial entry into the church has started such a love for the Bible. It is a good foundation for the type of plan discussed in today’s session

      • Angela Taylor

        I never thought about writing a spiritual plan. I am currently doing the Jeff Cavin’s Bible Timeline study with a group at my church whom I’ve done book studies with in the past. We are only on our 5th session but it’s prompted a lot of questions and deeper thinking about why events unfolded as they did. I was a little reluctant to do the study since it was a more involved one than the past ones we’ve done, mainly on books by Bishop Robert Barron, which were all good–Priest, Prophet & King and The Pivotal Players. But upon reflection I knew I needed to be with that group for my own spiritual direction. Peace to all on the rest of your Lenten Journey. I’ve so enjoyed this journey with you thus far.

    • Sam Adams

      Did you do the series on your own or with a group? I just googled it and it looks like books to read. Is there a workbook with it or anything? Thank you.

    • Pat

      I agree. The Great Bible Adventure is Awesome!

  • Herman

    I am not a planner but I need to learn to be. I feel so inadaquit to make a plan when I don’t have confidence that I know what I am doing. Maybe it is too much of a fear of failure that stops me from planning. Thanks for the challenge.

    • jj

      I feel very much the same way. Actually, I’ve never thought of coming up with a spiritual plan but always make plans for other things in my life (weight loss, etc). If i can do the one, i can do this one also with His guidance. I’m going to start small and make a plan for this week and continue on from there.

  • Daniela D.

    Commitment because I design a plan but seldom follow through. I get distracted, tired with my daily obligations and then my spirituality gets pushed back and I lie to myself saying: I’ll start tomorrow. Probably this program of Best Lent Ever is the first time I have made the time to allow my faith and spiritual hunger be the priority in my life.

  • Pearl Brown

    I had a spritual plan which I followed for quite some time. I am going to try do it again and this time stick to it with prayer and the help of God

  • Jacob

    I could grow spiritually. By being bless with family and friends. I also will be bless by praying to God every night and in the mid day. If I see people struggling; I will try to lift them up. I can look at myself and see the many little problem I got, by not ignoring them but to just don’t stress over them as much. I think it will become less then a problem but for a lesson or goals.

  • Clara Turci Depko

    I guess my plan is to add on to build on. I go to daily mass and have my prayer time but seek more. I look for where God wants me and what he wants me to do. I seek to walk closer with him and I am always open to ways to find that awareness of God. I have tried reading and found that does not work for me. I do like my one on one time with the Lord when all is quite before morning mass. Just to sit and wait. I know I need and addition to my foundation but like a lot of things in my life I will only know it when I see it or feel it. When the Spirit in me rejoices then I will know that is the next path for me to follow and enlighten my spirit until then I keep looking for the right time to build.

  • Jimmy Smith

    Herman just ask the Holy Spirit to guide you trust in God just let go pray the come holy spirit prayer and relax

  • John L. Kemmis

    I am not sure if I have a plan. Like yesterday’s pilgrim prayer, I think I have a plan, but do I?

    God lets me stumble into this experience and into that wonder. And he has given me so many interests and hobbies.

    So right now I think these are a few parts of my plan and expected duration or frequency.
    * Journal homilies and reflections – doing for many years, and will continue for many more
    * Some kind of Bible study or seasonal devotion – current, only a month or two
    * Active with my Cursillo group – do weekly, for the rest of my life if possible
    * Active in my parish – as our pastor or others call on me or I call on them
    * My (new) hobby, pastel painting – unknown, doing as time permits, such a novice, not sure why I am pursuing this, nor am I sure it is even spiritual, I am letting this one just happen.
    * Writing prayers of the faithful for Mass – as asked/scheduled, just letting God write them or am I writing them, lets me think, lets me get personal with the Trinity

    There is much more but these are the highlights.

    • Kathy MYny

      John, I think you have a wonderful plan. It sounds like spiritual growth and participation in church activites is a big part of your life. I too try to do the same thing in my parish. I’m also a lay Discalced Carmelite. Studying the saints of that order in our community, like St. Teressa of Avila, St. Therese, and St John of the Cross has bee instrumental in giving my faith structure and constant growth. Lately, I’ve included several times a day this little prayer: “O Sacrament most Holy, O Sacrament Divine. All praise and all thanksgiving be every moment thine. ” I picture myself in front of the tabernacle as I say it. It grounds my day. I include visits to the church when I can.

    • Marilyn Russell

      I like the idea of a Spiritual Journal. I had one many, many years ago and I believe it would be helpful to have one again. Spiritual habits such as saying the Rosary and the Divine Mercy, going to Mass during the week. There are so many ways to connect Spiritually with God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

    • Tricia Wickers

      Good way to put it, “stumbling along.” That’s exactly what I’m doing. I seem to get redirected all the time.

  • Lynn Keiner

    I get Fr. Richard Rohr’s daily meditations as well as several of his books along with other spiritual and scripture readings to focus on Jesus’ teaching of inclusion, service to others and to identify times I am prejudice.

  • For men in the United States, Bishop Olmstead of Pheonix wrote us a plan. If you have not read Into The Breach, go google it and do so.

    • Carlos

      That is a pretty powerful exhortation. I found this to have quite a lot of parallels to the book “Kingdom Man” by Dr. Tony Evans. They use similar evidence but approach the problem from slightly different situational and theological perspectives.

      • Dallas Theological Seminary would be a very different theology indeed- not even Catholic. But yes, the same problem and same evidence is affecting all of Christianity.

  • Lino Viola

    It seems that for years I’ve been searching for the ONE thing that I could do to grow spiritually. After trying many different things which are all helpful in growth, I’ve found that starting and ending each day reading and meditating on a Scripture passage to be most helpful. God talks to us personally through His living word. Fr. Larry Richards is a strong proponent of this saying, “no bible, no breakfast – no bible, no bed.” Let God’s word(s) be the guide to your day. Be still and listen to what the Good Shepherd has to say to you today.

  • Eduardo Hoover

    If I want to be more spiritual I need cease my griping and complaining which can lead to frustration which can lead to more grievous sins.

  • AmDg

    Last fall, I started interviewing potential spiritual directors. Prayed a lot and made a decision. Just getting started with direction, which is now an ongoing part of my plan and is a good thing.

    Sadly, though, a couple of prayer peeps and I seriously over estimated ourselves for Lent and while we’re still plugging along, we are *over* Lent. One of the peeps and I made a deal yesterday to slap each other upside the head if we try to take on multiple Lenten disciplines next year…

  • John C Garrett

    What perfect timing this reflection was. I have been in spiritual direction for many years, but for the past 4 or 5 I have had a hard time finding someone with whom I can go regularly. Recently I reconnected, via Facebook, with the priest who was my spiritual director for most of the time I was in the seminary. He had gone to Rome for several years to work at the North American College, and then he was at a seminary several states away. He is now at the seminary in NJ, so less than 2 hrs away. I asked him if I could start coming to him for spiritual direction again, and he said yes. I go for our first session in years this afternoon. And working on a plan for my spiritual health is just what I will work on with him.

    • AmDg

      It is curiously reassuring to hear that our shepherds experience the same struggles in locating spiritual directors as the rest of the flock.

      • Tina

        But I think it is very, very sad. A deficiency of priests seems to be the cause. Or even a lack of holy families that provide
        the environment for nurturing vocations to the priesthood. A vicious circle?
        I suppose we should be praying, thanking God for the priests we have, and asking, begging Him for more priests.

        • Kathiehc

          We surely need priests, but we also need all of us to to take active responsibility for growing as adult Christians, intellectually & spiritually. As I read through these comments everyday I am nurtured & inspired by the openness to sharing & learning that occurs in this forum. This year as Ash Wednesday approached, I looked forward to Matthews’ words, both written & spoken, and to the insights from the DC staff but I especially anticipated being back with all of you. It is so good to hear from people who care so deeply about being true Christians. You affirm my faith in a special way.

          • Tina

            You are quite right, we do have a responsibility towards each other. I love Matthew Kelly and his words and books.
            As I see it The Cross is made up of two beams. One horizontal, that is us helping each other to rise up towards heaven.
            The other beam is a vertical beam, which I see as the priesthood, because they give us the Sacraments that give us Sanctifying Grace needed to get to God.
            We are lost or at very great risk if we cannot receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation, for example.

        • AmDg

          Spiritual directors are not always priests. When I was discerning a director, I met with several diocesan trained lay people as well as a priest and a deacon.

          I can understand a priest preferring a fellow priest , though – shared vocation and all.

          • Karen Kotzbach McCreary

            The need for priests is very real . No sooner was I about to ask one if he would take me on and be my SD than he was transferred. This happens all the time . Where he is now might as well be states away.; no way of getting there, long difficult drive for someone else etc. In my plan for the week I will be sure to include the prayer for more priests .

          • AmDg

            Absolutely agree on need for more priests. And what you described hsppened to people I know some years ago. Even if we had several priests per parish, though, we would still need deacons and lay people trained in giving direction.

        • Mary W

          I agree that vocations can be nurtured in the family. Let’s all pray for our priests and vocations to religious life and the priesthood. We are blessed to have several vocations in our parish to the permanent diaconate, priesthood and religious life. Mary, Queen of Clergy, Pray for Us!

        • Ssamaca

          A good option is becoming an Oblate. Third Order of St. Francis, Benedictine Oblates, Dominican Oblates, Opus Dei, (careful, tough one), etc. Wonderful direction as a group and an opportunity for one on one help periodically. Help and sharing from the group members, much like this forum.

          • Tina

            These are wonderful. As close to living a religious life as possible, yet having a career or family, or both.
            One does need a special calling to some. Thank you.

    • Tina

      I`m glad things worked out well for you. I see now spiritual health as so very important, specially now that I go to the Jesuits.
      This because they call it “spiritual exercises”. Just like physical exercises, training different parts or different muscles, I like to think we gain spiritual super health or holiness.

    • Julie

      Thanks for sharing this, Father John. I think it helps all of us when someone like you, a priest, writes about some of his issues. I wonder….if spiritual growth is not more difficult for you? So many rely on your words, your counsel. You HAVE to be growing just to keep up. God bless!

  • Elaine

    For me praying the rosary has centered me spiritually. It’s a time to reflect, and doing it daily during Lent has brought me a spiritual peace. I can continue this beyond Lent and find ways I can share this with others. In doing so it will bring spiritual growth to me and others.

  • Susan E

    I participate in a group at church and we have been going through Fr. Gately’s books: 33 Days to Glory, 33 Days to Merciful Love and now Consoling the Heart of Jesus. On my own I have been reading The Rhythm of Life to be followed by Resisting Happiness. These readings have really increased my spiritual life. I wrote myself a spiritual plan after reading Rhythm of Life and I really can feel the benefits. Virtual retreats like Best Lent Ever and Best Advent Ever are such a great way to connect with Catholic Community. I am grateful to writers like Matthew Kelly and Father Gately, for saints like St. Therese of Liseux and St. Faustina and for the staff at Dynamic Catholic for sharing their stories and for the many contributors to these dialogues in Disqus. Praise be to God.

  • Nancy D.

    Over the years, I have become more interested in learning about the Bible. I have read a book that was about the women of the Bible starting from Eve and working through history to Mary. It was fascinating to read how they all connected. I also read a book titled “Our First Love”, a book about Mary. I started trying to read the Bible this year, but I am not really sure how to read it. However, on another posting Doug mentioned The Great Adventure, which helps people like me understand the Bible. I am definitely going to look into this. Therefore, over the next 12 months, I would like to read the Bible, join a group, and volunteer at my church.

  • Ann

    For the past 19 years, I’ve attended an annual Catholic Charismatic Conference/retreat where I so look forward to the fellowship and sharing my faith with others. It’s during those weekends of teachings, reflections, Mass, reconciliation, faith sharing and just BEing present with the Lord that I try to rekindle my relationship with Jesus and work on my spiritual health. It has changed my life forever!💕

  • Kathy

    This series with Matthew Kelly has helped me grow spiritually this lent. I want to continue with daily prayer and reflections. Daily prayer in the morning, helps guide me thru my day . I started to stop by Church om my way to work a couple of times a week and sit quietly with God. I want to continue spending quiet time with God.

  • Mick Peterson

    I could have been Taylor’s father because I was a high school football coach for over thirty years who created so many game plans for his teams. How ironic that now I’m thinking about the same principles I used to develop those game plans – where are they strong, where are they weak, how we can hit the BIG PLAY – to create an even more important game plan out there for me. I do know this – it’s critical to have several Great 1st down plays

  • Rebecca

    I need to talk to God on a daily basis and thank him for all the wonderful people in my life and all the blessings I have. I find myself always asking God for more and not actually saying “thank you”.

  • Lynn Nguyen

    Something I can do to grow spiritually is to choose something that I struggle with, and find the bible verses where God is teaching in that area. Read them over and over, memorize them, and meditate on them. As I’m going through my day, pay attention and recognize the moments where I am being tested. If I fail the first time, try again because there are opportunities throughout the day for me to practice His teaching, and because of God’s mercy, we take the rest over and over again until we finally get it.

    • Carlos

      That’s a very good idea Lynn. By going directly to the Bible, you are getting a good baseline about your struggle before going to God in prayer and meditation. Nice!

  • Sherry McCollum

    For the first time in my life I have been attending Eucharistic Adoration during Lent. This has really heightened my quest to be closer to my faith and spirituality just sitting in the presence of God. And I do believe I am making progress to become a better version of myself. I am currently reading Matthew Kelly’s book “Rediscovering Jesus”. It is a pretty quick read but has a powerful message. I recommend everyone to read this book. Thank you Matthew and Dynamic Catholic.

  • Linda Carmelle

    Taylor’s analogy of trying to be like the coach who makes changes in the game plan based on strength and weaknesses really ties in so well with the topics we have been reviewing lately. Being able to be honest with ourselves,not even a white lie in that subject,is a huge aspect of our own pregress or lack there of. Being able to help ourselves ,if we can’t find a spiritual director right now,is crucial too.Sometimes we are the ones who can be toughest on ourselves.Being able to delay gratification while we work on improving ourselves and putting in all the time/discipline to practice is essential not only for an athlete ,but for anyone who seeks to make progress in their life. I’ve found my own spiritual life ebbs and flows,I need to be more consistant. I have take turns between prayer or action or both. Depending on what is going on in life at the moment,that often plays a role in how much I can do and offer up. There are times in life,such as being a caregiver for an aging and ill family member when I can only offer up my time to pray or even offer up only my attitude og gratitude and be in that moment to ceasingly pray as we learned a few weeks ago and then there are times like now when things are smoother and I can fit more in like volunteering at Feed My Starving Children or attend more services and church functions. Try to remain positive with yourself and dedicated to working consistantly,now that we can make our plan to so and have gained more knowledge. Consistancy and Patience with our own Spiritual Growth is much needed too.

  • Lori

    I have been thinking about going on a silent retreat to grow spiritually. To be quiet for a weekend and let God talk to me in the silence. I am a talker so this would definitely be a challenge but I feel like I need to push myself to try new adventures in my spiritual journey!

    • Karen

      Lori, I just went on my first retreat, which was a silent retreat, with the Sisters of Life at Our Lady of Guadalupe. It was amazing! Being silent allows you to really focus on opening up to God’s love and listening to him. God Bless.

    • Johnny

      That’s a good idea Lori. There is so much information, technology, opinions, and noise that sometimes I can’t hear or see God in my life. Don’t get me wrong it isn’t that I feel abandoned, just out of sync.

  • Anne Marie O’Keefe Couturier

    Over the last three years I have had first a lipoma in my intestine which we initially thought was cancer but was found to be benign after surgery, then I came down with Guillain Barre and recovered and 2 weeks ago smashed my wrist after slipping in ice – needing pins and a plate. I realized I became very centered and focused on my relationship with God during these periods and it has brought me back from being a lapsed Catholic. I have started back to Sunday Mass, listening to EWTN in the car, saying the rosary. I joke with the Lord that it is all in self preservation and then the joke is on me as He is my self preservation. Totally enjoying this Lenten journey with this community. God bless us all😍🙏🏾❤️

    • Judy Twomey


    • Michelle Ardini

      Glad you are back home in the Catholic Church. We missed you.

      • Anne Marie O’Keefe Couturier

        Thank you Michelle! Humbled to be drawn close again.

    • Just me

      God works in mysterious and wondrous ways!

    • Irene Docherty

      The Lord loves us so much… He wants us all for Himself… I’ve said often… He’ll tape me on the shoulder and do it repeatedly… if I’m not listening… He’ll give me a good quick kick in the pants to get my attention…I’ve broken bones, and had health scares, myself… the “kick in the pants”… maybe… but it works… God bless you…

    • sliderider1

      So glad that you have survived all your physical hardships. God Bless you!

    • Kathleen Spector

      Anne Marie, what a beautiful testimony of your faith journey! God bless you and heal you.

    • disqus_VOXvThxFVQ

      Anne Marie, years ago when going through many trial that we thought would never end, we found our way to our very faithful and loving Lord. Today we are so grateful for all the things that happened to lead us to where we are now. I don’t think we could have gotten here without the trials. Thanks for sharing your story and keep up your walk. It makes all the difference in your life. God is so good and our life in our church is so precious to us. God bless you.

  • Sarena

    My first step was to go back to church and there are times, I miss a Sunday. I feel better there. I still need to reflect on what I can do.

  • Linda

    I want to say that it is very inspring reading the daily comments here. I have found that video bible studies held at our parish have been helping me grow spiritually. A few years ago I began with The Bible Timeline by Jeff Cavins and it helped me understand more about the readings at mass than I ever learned in ccd growing up. I have continued with The Early Church and the Epic Series by Steve Weidenkopf. I hope to continue with a new bible study each year as well as reading a new Matthew Kelly book each year.

  • Delia Shuert Kavanaugh

    My plan has evolved over time. Take time to listen to God. He is our ultimate spiritual director. Many years ago in my parish in Minnesota, the faith formation program was looking for cathecists. I’ve never been comfortable teaching so that isn’t something I volunteered to do. The director called me and asked if I would help. I felt like it was more than her request, but God’s request. It was a great experience. More recently, I started Bible study at God’s prompting. I had thought about it many times, but always determined that I didn’t have time. One fall the study’s focus was Psalms- my favorite book of the Bible. I still was resistant but I heard God telling me to go. Best decision I ever made. I’m now into my third year of Bible study and I can’t imagine not making time for it. God has a plan for you.

    • Tricia Wickers

      Good to look at what you do seem to have time for. Spiritual development should really be high on our priority list. I’ve always felt close to God and felt him directing me but never really thought about spiritual development until I retired.

  • Aimee C

    Agreed it’s the trusting issue that always gets me into trouble when I try to control my life. I need to speak to him more through prayer daily and continually ask as others have stated Jesus I trust in you, I trust in your plan for my life I want to work through you every day

  • Penny

    Great analogy. Thank you for sharing.

  • Mike

    One thing I can do to grow spiritually would be to be to have less focused on myself and my concerns and more focused on others and their well-being.

  • Nancy R

    I’m working on a plan. I am glad it was pointed out that I should write it down. I often keep my ideas in my head and they get lost and jumbled. Writing it down keeps it focused and concise. It clears some of the the confusion from my head. Have a wonderful day everyone!

  • CindyH

    Thank you Biji for this comment, its a good reminder for each day.
    I was awakened to spiritual health a year ago at the start of the Lenten season, our Church gave out the black books with daily readings, which then I felt compelled to do more, so I down loaded the Laurate app and have been using it daily. I then wanted more, so I bought my first Bible and daily in the morning I started from the beginning.
    It had become my morning ritual and starts me off on the right foot before I head out to work. I feel calmer now although I still have a ways to go.
    I’m so glad our Church gave out the cards for this program for Lent this year. I am really enjoying it.

  • NancyB

    My plan is to work on building the fruits of the Holy spirit in myself-love, joy, peace, self-control, kindness, patience, generosity, gentleness, faithfulness. Each one of these touches on my need to be a better listener and to not think I need to have all the answers. This has been a Lenten challenge for me and one I need to work on moving forward.

    • gr8auntjo

      I’m trying to remember to ask the Holy Spirit each day for this fruit. Thanks for the reminder!

      • NancyB

        That makes two of us. Holy Spirit grant us your grace. God bless you.

    • Tricia Wickers

      I posted these on my stove and read each day

      • NancyB

        Great idea, Tricia. I will do that today!

  • JayAW

    For the last 10 years, rather than giving something up for lent like I was taught to do, I decided to read a book, reading a few pages per day until I finished the book by Easter. This has helped me grow spiritually more than giving anything up. I’ve read books by Pope John Paul, Mother Angelica, Mother Theresa, and yes, Matthew Kelley, among several others. I’m reading a book this lent titled The Seven Secrets of Confession and it has helped me to understand the true purpose of confession more than all the years of attending mass and even catechism classes have ever taught me. So when it’s getting near lent, I look for a book to read and to me, this is much more beneficial than giving up sweets or coffee or anything else. Been there, done that.

    • Sam Adams

      I really like this idea. Also, to share with my kids. Thank you.

  • Judy Tobin

    To let go and let God in unconditionally

  • Cathy

    If you haven’t read it try reading we discover Jesus it is put me on an incredible path to Joy and enlightenment and singing Christ in a new way I think this book can you truly lead you in a great spiritual path . I am in my second reading of this book. It started me reading the Bible in the New Testament and now I am re-reading the New Testament and have been reading the Old Testament as well it is truly started a great spiritual path for me .

  • Maureen Ashburn

    I nee and crave more compassion and less judgement. Thank you Lord for hearing my prayer.

    • Tricia Wickers

      I have found this Lenten season that working on patience has made me less judgmental and more compassionate. Still a long way to perfection. Lol. Good luck

  • Donald Marquez

    I could to try to make everything–even the most mundane things; yes, even the things I would rather not do–a prayer.

  • Cargal

    I had a major conversion in February of 2009 at a Cursillo weekend – a Saul to Paul moment. It truly was my Pentecost. Over the years I have read many great books (Rediscover Catholicism was one of my favorites) and I’ve attended Adult Faith Formation studies and discussion groups and I have grown leaps and bounds in my faith. Daily mass has become a constant as well as prayer and meditation. I love to go on long walks and listen to christian music. My plan for 2017 is to attend a Lenten retreat and partake fully in the Triduum. This is something I’ve wanted to do for a couple of years now and I finally get to go – PRAISE GOD! I also plan to find a spiritual director – I really need one! I will continue with daily mass, my weekly prayer group, spiritual books, studies and my volunteer efforts. One of my daily prayers is: “God, I am here to do Your will, please use me where You need me. Amen.”

  • Mary

    I made a Cursillo several years ago and it has helped me so much with my spiritual life. After the Cursillo you start grouping with a small group once a week and it helps me to stay focused and to keep God in the fore front of all my actions.

  • Angie O’Mara

    I need to grow more spiritual, of course I Pray every day, and try to live each day according to God’s Holy Will, but is that enough??
    My plan for me, is to attend Mass more frequently, and to make use of Confession more frequently. I want to show God, how much I love and need Him in my daily life.

  • Rita Gahr

    I guess you can say I have been doing this for the past few years without realizing what it was. When I moved to Amherst 3 years ago in June I joined a parish in walking distance from my apartment. That fall I joined Rosary and Alter Society to get to know people. Last year the Parrish started the Christ Life Series when the first session ended the second was not until Fall they did a short 8 week Bible Study on the Doors of Mercy. I enjoyed this so much I did the Christ’s Life in the Fall along with a Bible study. Our last session of Christ Life is this week. I am still doing Bible Study but need to do something else along with it. I think I finally need to write down a plan.

  • Rosie

    My plan for this Lent has been to be more patient with even the little things, which could set me off course. I have been able to fulfill that thus far and feel so much more connected to God. Every time I think, “why are they making so much noise”, “why are they tailgating me”, I refocus on God and ask him to help me. I know this is a little thing but it can actually change the course of a day by not showing any anger or judging anyone else. If I can continue this, I would eventually like to become more prayerful in bigger things and become more involved in growing in my spiritual life by making daily improvements and stop putting things on the back burner.

    • BettyBee

      I think you have it exactly right! It’s exactly those little things that make a difference because they happen so often in a day. I plan on being more conscious of those kinds of moments and changing my thoughts and reactions to something more Jesus like. Hopefully after 100’s of times it will become instinctive!

    • Tricia Wickers

      Patience is what my Lenten resolution is this year. I’m not totally there yet but better. Good luck to you

      • Rosie

        It’s what I’m working on too Tricia. It can be so difficult. Because every little thing that happens seems like a test of patience. It’s a good time to practice it during the Lenten season and a way to make us make a plan for the rest of the year. Concentrating on the fruits of the Holy Spirit is a good way to begin the plan. Thanks Tricia. Good to know someone is working on the same.

  • Gail

    Years ago, I realized I was angry every time I went to church because I saw our priest putting on a show to entertain us and I knew he was a huge distraction from the Holy Spirit and the sacraments. I stopped attending Mass and to this day I am angry still. My plan is to pray to the Trinity and Mother Mary to help me let my anger go and get back to a closeness with God. I can’t see myself going back to my parish but I will let God lead me where I need to go. Step 1 is pray.

    • John L. Kemmis

      Maybe consider returning to Mass?

      • Gail

        Baby steps.

    • Tina

      Hello poulingail, I was taught, one sure way to see if something is from The Holy Spirit is to see if He is leading you away from Jesus Christ and away from the Sacraments. If he is leading you away, he is an evil spirit.
      If he is leading you towards love, peace, forgiveness,
      going often to Holy Mass and the sacraments, He is definitely the
      Holy Spirit.
      Maybe you could start by asking the other parishioners how they are experiencing him(the priest). You could even talk to him and tell him how you experience him. If it is a fault he can or will change.

      • Tricia Wickers

        Don’t let one person derail your journey towards God. Even priests are only human. I have to remind myself this whenever I hear a poor sermon and that mass is all about the Eucharist and receiving Jesus.

        • Tina

          Thank you for your concern. I assure you I know my priests very well. They are very learned, holy priests, definitely human, but inspired by the Holy Spirit.
          I trust them implicitly because they are leading me to the one true God. I possess a Catechism of the Catholic Church, the Holy Bible, and some encyclicals of St. Pope John Paul II, Pope emeritus Benedict VI, so when I have difficulties following a homily (people fidgeting, children crying, etc.), I go home and look up these references.
          In my former parish we had o group study of the days Mass Gospel reading and discussed it among ourselves. Then it was much easier understanding the homily.
          So thanks again. The Homily is a very important liturgy. I pray you will be able to follow it somehow.

          • Tricia Wickers

            Actually Tina I thought I was responding to Gail and her anger. I thought your answer was good for her. Godspeed

          • Tina

            A mistake easily made.
            God love and Bless you for it all.

  • Margie Suarez

    I feel that I don’t have a plan. I wake up thank God for the day most of the time I am grateful to be alive. As the day goes by I feel the prompting of the Holy Spirit. Sometimes I will pray and sometimes I ignore. Lately, my inner voice has been asking to spend time with God. I wonder what my purpose is here on earth. I also notice that I resist in my follow through with plans to become the best version of myself. I avoid real solid plans. However, I have been faithful to this “Best Lent Ever” and if does cause a hunger within. It’s obvious that I need daily spiritual food.
    what to do.. what to do…

    • Elizabeth Brumann

      Becoming a better version of myself and letting go of the entire past.

      • Margie Suarez

        Yes. 🙂

    • Tricia Wickers

      You sound like where I am at. I’m just trying to be a better version of myself. Developing more patience is my main focus for improvement. I have found that I’m much happier when I can stop myself and think have patience. Not so many things are bugging me.

      • Margie Suarez

        I have to learn to live in the ordinary. I have to remember that living the best version of myself doesn’t mean extraordinary. Living the best version of myself is extraordinary enough.

  • Magalis Muniz

    I also need to remind myself daily to trust in God. I tend to get anxious when things get difficult in my life. I get angry and I find myself taking out my frustrations on other people. Particularly people who I love very much. I need to trust in God.

  • Violeta Golangco

    “These day-to-day encounters with God are a hundred times more important than the extraordinary grace-filled experiences that God gives us sometimes.” How true! I experienced the latter but still trying to figure out the former. V

  • Michelle

    Take the time to be fully present. I have given myself such a busy life that I live in the context of the next thing I need to be doing. I go to church on Sunday but I have been guilty of sitting there running through my to do list. I need to stop and just be present in the moment.

  • PL Deere (PLDeere)

    This year I have been good about starting every morning with prayer and meditation. I use several books as a guide. I like the challenge we were given to attend mass every day for a week. That was powerful for me even though I only made it six days. I’d like to take that challenge on and do it again. I loved staying long enough that the church became empty and I was there by myself.

  • Therese Kennedy

    I could gave what is bothering me to God and he will take care of me. I agree with biji surrendering to God all my worries can keep me spiritually centered.

  • Betty’s Blessing

    We have talked about this at work. We have a Sister here that dedicates each hour of work for a special intention. How great is that? During Lent, my husband and I have been going to the Stations of the Cross. I try to let go of situations I have no control over and ‘Let God” take over. It helps you not have as much anger in your heart.

  • Mel Babin

    The second video today is really helpful. thanks

  • Ruth

    Generally I like to change things one at a time so that I can really reflect on the changes and integrate them into my routine. While I have liked reading these daily reflections, and I’m glad to have tried it, I’m not sure The Best Lent Ever was really useful for me since it had so many different (and great) challenges and things to focus on.

    My plan for post lent includes working on my prayer practices. I don’t want to just pray daily, but to make that prayer time into the most productive prayer time possible. That might mean incorporating meditation, splitting it between morning and evening prayers, starting to say the rosary, or something else, but my plan is to go through these options and find the one that helps me feel the most connected and tuned in during prayer and to practice that.

    • AmDg

      I heard a suggestion about adopting something new, rosary, lectio divina, or whatever. Priest suggested to do it for a season, say a month or more not just a couple of days, before deciding to keep or ditch. Like any new habit, it takes time to determine if it is working. Also, you’re less likely to quit in frustration the first time you trip up and miss a day, because you have a (sort of) long term plan.

  • Sal_DItri

    I joined the Dynamic Catholic Ambassador program this week and will reflect on it to to consider my plan

  • Sandi Digras

    I think in my life I have to learn to trust others who may be the hands and feet of Jesus. Our Pastor said in his homily about the spiritually sick ” Jesus will not hand you the pill but he will bring people into your life who will”. We just have to understand these are the people who through his inspiration will help us be a better self.

  • Jean Prescott

    I find that fasting this Lent…fasting in earnest…has cleared my head and given me new perspective. You cannot imagine what a surprise that was to me. My pastor reminded me, old folks’ remission from fasting speaks to their health not just their chronological age and that fasting isn’t meant to be a diet, but it does make you feel lighter and better able to recognize and comprehend things heretofore puzzling. By no means do I suggest any sort of divine revelation, but I’m pretty sure devotion to that Lenten (and now I’m thinking lifetime) practice is a path to grace and better understanding. I say it’s more than worth a try, even in this last little bit of time in Lent…and beyond.

  • Jean

    Wow never had a spiritual growth plan and I’m fixing to b 70 yrs old. Thank u Matthew Kelly for leading me❣

  • Laura LaDue

    One thing I am trying to do is go to confession regularly. I started going back and I’m working toward a monthly visit to the confessional.

  • Susan

    Every morning, I need to wake up and thank God for my nights rest as well as the gift of another day. Then I need to ask Him to help me see what is the most important use of my time for that day. I can start my every morning off by coming to Him in thankfulness and prayer.

  • Sue

    I plan to use my quiet time with God to write down a pro/con list of my day and then record what I can do /goals to make the next day a better version of myself. I will keep this in my journal, and the copy of this plan by my calendar.

  • Elizabeth Brumann

    My plan is god

  • Tony Pantera

    Reminds me of the plan I write yearly with my principal for the coming year. I will take time to write a realistic doable plan today.

  • Christine Hamilton Ruggieri

    I just signed up for a morning prayer and reading to be delivered to my inbox each morning. Best lent ever has made me aware that a reminder to pray and thank God for life is necessary for me to become my best self.

  • jerseyangel

    I enjoy the Catholic Website “Word Among Us”. It has the three daily readings from Mass each day along with a commentary that I usually need to hear. People also can comment on the readings on that site too. You can also subscribe to their montly booklet. Great website. I try to use that site once a day when not doing This lenten study.

    • Trudy Ray Parmarter

      I too use this program. I have found I need it to continually grow spiritually. It helps me to look at God’s bigger plan for my life and our world and helps me not to just focus on the routine, daily tasks of my life.

  • CathieHeenan

    When I am saying my prayers, there are times that I can not stay focused on the prayers I’m saying. I will be thinking about what has happened in my life that I wish were different. I need to be able to say and mean the words in the prayers, so that I can be more focused on God and what his plans are for me. I have a very hard time of letting go so God can take over. I know when I can do that I will be happier.

    • Carlos

      Thanks for sharing this and for your honesty. I experience the same thing at times, especially when things are not going particularly well. When I get in this distracted state of mind, it is hard to turn it off. I have been trying a couple of things that Matthew Kelly talks about in his books. 1) In silence and solitude, closing my eyes and focusing on something that represents a clear image of Jesus (for many it is a rose, but I use the image of the cross-the crucifixion image that hangs above the alter at my church) and 2) Holding onto a cross or the cross of a rosary. Both of these things can be a help to focus our prayers when our burdens are many.

      • CathieHeenan

        Thank you Carlos, I will have to give that a try.

  • Jennifer Haeussler Brewer

    I want to hear the voice of God. I want to do His will in my life.
    So, I am going to research ways to open myself to God in order to better hear what he is saying to me!

  • Kathy

    This is really an eye opener for me as I tend to go all steam ahead and then little by little I find reasons I can’t do this today because of this or that. I received the book Resisting Happiness by Mathew Kelly and I started to read it and immediately I said this is the book I need so I can reach out and grow my spiritual journey and as usua llttle things happened so I would say I’ll read it tommorow and kept doing that each day. My plan is so simple and yet it will be a great way to keep trying to be the best version of myself. That will be my goal to read x number of pages each day. I’m not going to plan to get through the whole book in a designated period of time because I want to read it and soak up each and every word. Usually if I set a goal which is to ambitious I fail every time so I will start with a goal of reading and learning what Matthew has written and try to gain insight and wisdom that will certainly help me be a more spiritual person.

  • J Schodron

    I started reading books that help me grow more spiritually. I have found that by reading better books I live a better life because it forces me to look at myself closer and to work on becoming a better person. Taylor’s tofu curry probably would help as well :0

  • Kathleen Spector

    One thing I have done to grow spiritually is to abstain from TV: this Lent I have abstained from watching the news (I can be a political junkie!)

    The peace which has invaded my life by this abstinence is beautiful. I now read many more spiritual writers (The Imitation of Christ; The Art of Loving God; Saint Therese of Liseux) and when I talk with family members we don’t talk politics…We talk about God in our lives.

    It has been such a blessed Lent: I think if I continue on this path, of abstinence from the news, the peace of Christ will have the chance to absorb my life and I will grow spiritually.

  • Trish

    My spiral growth started with last year’s Best Lent with Mathew. Now I volunteer at church, at a local food pantry, and most important for myself, a weekly holy hour. God is great. Happy Easter to you all

  • Paul

    The one thing I can do to grow spiritually is to incorporate as many of the great habits/processes learned during BestLentEver into my daily life once Lent has concluded.

  • Mike

    I went on a guided silent retreat last year and the priests had us write down a spiritual plan and I was amazed and have to admit resistant to how much detail they wanted. I mean down to daily activities like Blessing my children each morning and listing 3 things I love about my wife, children and job. Reflect on what went well that day and what didn’t. We spent a too much time in my arrogant opinion on this plan. I didn’t have any problems in those areas, so I thought it was a waste of time.
    Well the results of implementing that plan were amazing in just the first two weeks. I realized I had been settling for okay when God wanted more (John 10:10). I still revise the plan and I don’t look at it everyday as some much of it is more habit now but it has replace my new years resolutions and is working guide to Holiness for me now. I can’t speak to how important the discipline and purposed actions has been for me.

    • Carlos

      Mike, thanks for sharing this and for being honest. I have myself similar questions, “Why do we have to focus on the details or the little things?” But I have started to realize that when we focus on the spiritual details and the smaller things in life, the larger things also come into alignment and are not as overwhelming to us. The other point that I think God is leading us to is the fact that these seemingly ordinary things are much more important and influential in our lives than we could ever imagine. This is where our focus and attention to detail can be impactful in our lives. No need to settle as we can all strive towards a life of holiness.

      • Mike

        Amen Carlos, I am often enamored and mesmerized by the big, exciting and extraordinary which is not where I live most of my life the heavy lifting happens in the day to day..God Bless You Brother

  • Dale R Evans

    This is a real good message.

  • Sandra

    It’s true! We DO need a plan. I plan out Lent like Eisenhower planned D-Day. And I get good results. After Easter, I get a little deflated because everything goes back to normal, and I don’t feel as strong a connection to God. That’s because there’s no blueprint for me for the rest of the year. I’m going to make a post-Easter plan!

  • Clare54

    Planning how to design or create and even schedule a Spiritual Plan is something I never thought about before this Lesson. “Just doing it” has become a way of life for me. When I look back at this last year and how much my life has grown spiritually I didn’t plan the spirituality out but I decided to listen to Gods calling me home and began a more obedient life. Planning my journey out makes a lot of sense. I do have a plan and will have more decision’s to make along this spiritual journey. Trusting and Loving the Our Blessed Mother and her Son more is my personal desire.

  • Maria Michelle Swing

    For me it would have to be reading the gospels. I have had the inoculation that Matthew has spoken about and felt I knew all there was to know because of course, I am a cradle Catholic and have heard these stories all my life. Boy, life really proves that wrong. Getting married, having children and now reaching retirement proves how much I don’t know. I want to know what I’m supposed to be doing or not doing at this point in my life. I want to be excited at this stage and feel like I’m making a contribution. I’d like to be prepared for meeting the Lord if that doesn’t sound naive.
    When you’re young (elementary age) you don’t know anything but you are excited to learn. When you’re in high school and early college you think you know everything. When you have children I found you get to see things through their eyes and everything seems exciting again. But I haven’t been this age before and I’d like to be excited to meet the King when that time comes.

  • Sandra Sanchez

    I think the first intervention is the hardest. To look at yourself in the mirror or really reflect and ask God where you need to change is the hardest step. I think for me I need to remember that I can always continue to grow in learning about God and making my relationship stronger with him and not hit contempt with where I am in my relationship with God. I think the first step in my plan is to pray and trust God in the plan he has for me.

    • Carlos

      I agree. We know we are to be gentle with ourselves, but we also have to be truthful about ourselves too. I want to believe that I am a very good person. I may be, but by what standard. Using my neighbor as a standard, I may feel that I’m a great person, but by God’s standard, we all fall miserably short. Reflection in the mirror of the heart, mind and soul is very important. I have found that I am unable to genuinely reflect on these things without meeting God in solitude and silence, in prayer.

  • Pat

    I believe to grow spiritually, I will need to stop negative thoughts regarding others, place them on Our Lord’s altar at the time of intention, and leave them there.

    • Carlos

      Pat, I see that too. Taylor’s message referred to identifying and correcting the things that hold us back, and I definitely feel that our negative thoughts towards others do hold us back. We are better than that. The question is what are the root causes for us thinking these thoughts. Is it our own pride? Is it our own pain? Is it our selfishness? I think once we can capture these thoughts and place them at the foot of the cross, we can put them under Jesus’ authority and have confidence that he’s got this for us! They can really be left there.

      • Pat

        Yes. What are the root causes! Thx Carlos.

  • Liz

    I start off which my prayer journal each morning, talking and listening to God. I then read my prayer books and go for a prayer walk around the park, listening to God’s voice and feeling His peace!

  • Carl

    The key for me is to actually WRITE IT DOWN! I was one of those kids who never believed it was necessary to write an outline for an essay – until about 11 PM the night before it was due. Like most things in my life, it was a lesson I learned the hard way.

    Having certain prayers (such as The Pilgrim’s Prayer from yesterday) and inspirational writings saved on my phone is probably the biggest benefit I get from having one. It is easier than a bunch of little pieces of paper and things are better organized. It also makes it easy for me to jot down my own thoughts as my plan is always evolving as I am constantly learning.

  • Carmen Daniels

    I need to develop a routine, like Matthew Kelly was talking about. I have the tendency to try and make big changes in my life and then I end up failing at them. I want to develop a routine that allows me to grow spiritually over the course of 1 month and see where that takes me 🙂

  • Amy Reinhardt

    I can think of so many things that I could add to my life to help my spiritual growth: praying more, reading the Bible, going to adoration, attending weekly Mass, going to confession more, and on and on and on. I like how this video just asks us to list one thing. I think as Catholics we get overwhelmed when thinking about how we can be a perfect Christ follower. We make a list of all the things we should be doing, and then when we see how long the list is we become bewildered and just give up. Right now, one thing I could do to grow spiritually would be putting aside 10 minutes a day to have some quiet time with God.

  • Jesse

    I believe setting aside time for 10 mins daily prayer using The Prayer Process that MK suggested earlier, is gonna help me grow spiritually. I’ve started to do this & it always goes beyond 10 mins because there is so much to pour out to God and reflect upon. My experience is that God does listen & respond in His special way. I’m beginning to like this Prayer Process more & more – it’s simple to follow, yet challenging. Thanks MK & team _/_

  • Carlos

    As I was listening to Matthew’s word’s about us creating a spiritual plan for our lives, two thoughts came to my mind: sacraments and covenants. In my understanding of the sacraments and covenants, I feel great comfort and hope in our inseparable relationship with God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, our entire Church body, the Saints and each other. The details of God’s Kingdom Plan is presented in the life of Jesus and the lives of those portrayed in the Scriptures, but the revealing of that plan for our individual lives comes through prayer and those relationships mentioned above. In this light, this plan for spiritual growth becomes more than just MY plan, it becomes a broader collaboration with God that can genuinely direct my thoughts, habits and actions. I also feel that it will impact the other areas of my life, physical, emotional, intellectual, too.

  • Michael Baur

    One thing I could do to grow spiritually is to say a prayer in the morning to get me focus for the up coming day.

  • Joe G

    My plan is to try to learn to be better at praying. I try, daily, but I have a hard time focusing and staying praying. My mind quickly wanders from wanting to talk to and hear from God, from Jesus, to the millions of other things that fill my mind. It is very frustrating. So my plan is find out how to pray, better, more deeply. I am open to any suggestions.

  • Barbara Levich

    There is much creative force in saying “I am” because it is God’s name. Tough times are with me just now and this morning I was writing “I am…” sentences to help me focus on God’s creative will. I am going to be fine because God is in charge. I am going to make the right decisions. I am going to receive God’s guidance. I am walking with Jesus. I am going to rely on God’s providence.

  • Ken S.

    I have been starting my day off each morning with Reading from the daily mass readings, Reflecting on them, and then making a Resolution regarding some virtue that I need to grow in related to what I just read and referring back to it throughout the day. Then in the evening I Review how I did with keeping my resolution. I have been doing this for about 4 years now. I refer to this as the 4 R’s of my prayer life. As a result I have grown tremendously in my relationship with God, however as I move forward I continue to uncover new areas in my life that to need improvement. This series has breathed new life in me. I will continue my daily prplan asking the Holy Spirit to show me new ways to grow in my spiritual life.

  • Scott Sowers

    This goes back to being a pilgrim or a tourist. I’m not real good with plans. I’m more spontaneous. I try to face life head on every day and trust that I am where God wants me to be and that I am touching those I come in contact with in the way God hopes I will. Does it always go well, no. But, that’s okay. My plan is to keep praying, keep learning, keep loving and keep living a life worth living. Life is short. Dance!

  • Barbara

    My plan to grow spiritually is to set aside a special time each day for spiritual reading. The best time would be when having my morning cup of coffee because that is part of my daily routine.and I’d be less likely to forget.

  • Jennifer

    I wonder if anyone has tips on how to be better at making it to Mass each week. I’m embarrassed to admit we are not good about this as a family. The kids complain about it, and everyone, my husband and I included, seems to want a morning with nowhere to go, so it falls to the back burner. I’ve suggested Sat afternoon Mass, but then we’re caught up in projects around the house, and that doesn’t work either. Has anyone encountered similar resistance? I feel I could get myself there, but I can’t overcome the resistance of all 4 of us.

    • TerriB

      We naturally gravitate towards morning mass. Our parish offers an 830 or 10am. We set a weekly deadline of everyone off devices, have eaten breakfast and getting ready by 9am. That allows us 30 minutes to have kids look for lost items, me to settle the baby and make sure everyone is in seated in car before we leave at 940. I think the routine of this is what we “do” and then come home for the rest of the day is what works to keep the kids consistent. Any time we’ve gone to Saturday mass or the last Sunday one at 1130, it hasn’t felt right and the whole day is disrupted.
      Pick a mass and stick with it. That is the best plan for success.

    • SanctusSanctus

      I’ve learned that the Dad sets the tone for the family. Satan probably delights in this family conflict and eventually wins when the Mom wears out…. It’s why the Church pews are empty so often. The Church is under an attack, and we respond by putting on the Armor (Ephesians 6). So, in theory, the antidote seems to be for Mom to continue to attend regularly and cheerfullly, inviting all, and keep praying for the Holy Spirit to guide, guard and protect the family. It’s a definite Cross to carry and I’ll be praying for you.

      • Jennifer

        Thank you for your prayers!

  • Glen Arcalas

    Being an active parishioner in church for me means that I have to plan to be there 30 mins earlier. Which also means I need to have to plan with family their time schedule and still make it 30 mins early. Part of the plan is to also not let distractions take me away from my relationship with God and that I get to make the most of my time as we celebrate mass with him.

  • Joyce W.

    I have been trying to be mindful of God throughout the whole day but this is certainly a work in progress. I have been reading books from our church resource centre instead of reading mystery novels and I have found some great books on many different topics to educate and uplift me. I think these are the two areas that will be helpful to me and perhaps guide me to some other specific things that I could do.

  • Daily prayer is my first goal. I’m still not there, but I have so many more tools now that I’ve been in the Lenten journey. God is good!

  • Anna Brady

    I need to make the time and sit in a quiet place (and think about the day ahead). I’m going to miss these short videos. I’m going to fill that time, reading some of my Dynamic Catholic books. I also plan to say a daily prayer

  • Jason Meler

    A few days ago, a book was recommended to me called Imitation of Christ by Thomas Kempis. I am going to continue to pause, pray, and reflect upon my life to keep that which needs to be kept and make changes where things need to change. Books such as this help me to plan, at least generally, by offering a model for the Greatest Architect to mold as He will.

  • Greg Mathews

    Does anyone have examples of a 12 month spiritual growth plan? Or a question sheet of what to consider?

  • Stephen Ames

    I need to pray more. I sometimes find myself getting overcome with worry when it comes to decision making and important life events when what I need to do is immediately turn to prayer. Having scheduled prayer time is something that I am going to work on implementing in my life

  • Susie Caughey

    This is one I most definitely need to have a chat with God about …. what area of my life is it that I need to grow spiritually. My spiritual growth has really evolved over the course of the past 8 years. It was never a plan I made. It was a hunger. I am well aware of my failings and that I am a sinner. I will pray for where it is God can help me grow to be all He created me to be and the best version of myself. I love this Matthew Kelly phrase!

  • MaryAnne Casaul

    Everyday I try to make time for reading the word and conversing with God. Whenever I miss this time…which has not been very often lately, my day just does not go well. My God time/prayer time is my spiritual growth time and the more I take the time out to spend in reflection and prayer the more I feel fulfilled and peaceful. In comparison to a year ago, I have made more progress in my spiritual life in how I react to others and difficult situations. This is THE one thing I need to do every single day.

  • Peggy Pigors

    I totally agree! A year ago, I walked the last leg of the Camino in Spain, 70 miles! I must have prayed “Jesus, I trust in You!” all day long. It got me up those hills and to my final destination!

    One by one, I have begun again to do things that I gave up on years ago ie. sitting in silence, reading spiritual books, re-reading the New Testament… Now, the one thing that would help me grow in my spiritual life would be to go to Reconciliation once a month. Pray for me, please.

    • SanctusSanctus

      How many days did it take to do the Camino? It’s on my bucket list.

      • Peggy Pigors

        We had 7 days to walk from Sarria to Santiago de Compestela. If you walked the entire 500 miles, it usually takes 5-6 weeks. My former secretary and her daughter did the 500 in a little over a month.

  • Prolifedem6M

    For me the plan is to find a new spiritual director. Please pray with me that I do.

  • Emma Spaulding

    I could as simple as it sounds, but to pray more. I have realized that praying helps me to focus on what really matters, talk to God, share with Him my thoughts, problems, sins, and about all the things He was blessed me with. I have realized that when I do pray before bed, I sleep better, and go to sleep faster. So I do not know why I do not do this every night. Praying is a great time to be in the moment and not be distracted by things in life that do not matter.

  • James Troska

    Peggy, going to monthly confession is a very good goal. Our Pastor is very personable & very helpful, taking time to actually be a mini S.D. I just got a new S.Director as my last one moved away. She’s a sister with S.D. credentials and the fee is set by the Diocese, I believe. It is only $45 & once a month. “The Word Among Us” is the monthly publication I use with the daily Mass readings, meditations and a few very helpful articles. Marilyn Troska

  • Lois

    Like Ann Marie, I also started to tune in to EWTN (it’s 24 hours) but on TV instead of radio. I feel this is one of the best ways to experience spiritual growth . It has Catholic News from around the world, mass and more. My most pleasant surprise “this lent” was while watching to see Matthew Kelly make a special appearance.

  • Lisa

    In the past, I have been able to connect with Jesus in prayer. Lately, I have been struggling with this. Maybe I need to focus better somehow. Maybe He is calling me to live outside of myself and help my family. I didn’t have much success with this at first and so I researched. I discovered a new, more respectful way to be active and helpful. Suddenly, I began getting better responses.

  • Rosemarie

    Mediation. 😛

  • Dorothy Huebner

    I need to remember to and make time to do Lectio Divina every day. God should be first in my life,

  • Cheryl Donahue

    I was also a really bad control freak, but God, in his wisdom, put a situation in my life that turned my ability to control(or what I thought I was controlling) on its ear. At the time, I hated it and fought against it. However, I’ve come to embrace this because it released me from trying to make my world, and those in it, perfect and predictable. Since this huge lesson, I’ve turned over many problems to God and trusted in his wisdom. Even when it looked bleak for me, He always knew what was good and needed and I always benefitted from his steerage-especially spiritually. Now I just try to be the best vessel for his works.

  • Dorothy Cabral

    Spend more time daily on reading scripture. Really read and digest what the message or meaning about and how it reflects my life and what I need to do to become the best version of myself and take the steps to get there.

  • Judy

    I already have a healthy spiritual growth routine, yet I am convinced that there is always room for improvement.

    Currently, my daily plan involves participating in a monthly Scripture writing plan from Sweet Blessings on the Internet. It gets me into God’s word. After I write it down, I do a short Letcio Divina. There are three things I want to understand: What do I hear? What does it mean? What is Jesus saying to me?

    I also journal, which includes giving God time to write back (I call it God Writing) which helps me learn to listen for Holy Spirit whispers. I have a couple spiritual devotionals I read. I work on my Bible study homework. For Lent and Advent I pick up one or two more plans to develop spiritually. I attend a silent retreat almost every year, and I enjoy when my parish runs spiritual enrichment activities, such as CRHP, and ACTS (starting in 2018).

    Although I have an active spiritual enrichment routine, it would be nice to have a spiritual adviser again. I had one more than twenty years ago, and found the process quite enriching.

    • Therese Pribil Sprinkle

      Thank you for sharing this with us. I have never heard of Sweet Blessings? I have always wanted to speak with a spiritual directer. My plane is to grow closer to God.

  • Shelley

    I need to learn to be comfortable in the quiet and to listen to God. I know he has a plan for me. I need to listen.

  • coco spell

    Taylor Boyd’s video reflection of her father in coach mode spoke to me. I feel like I do things which may please God, but other actions which must make him scratch his head and wonder. I am neither all good nor all bad, but I aspire to follow a spiritual plan that guides me to the best version of myself. I already have ideas to write down. Thank you for sharing, Taylor. Perhaps you will also share your curry tofu recipe 🙂

  • Trevor Pelkey

    I can grow spiritually by praying more and reflecting on what is going on in my life each day!

  • Alex Marquez

    I think one thing is kinda difficult with me I feel it may be more but the ones I can think of now are being patient and not being selfish and that means in everything I do with my life and with my prayers and my relationship with God most of all and above all Trust In Jesus just give it all to Jesus.

  • Sally sullivan

    Taylor Boyd…I’m from Saginaw, Michigan, too! And a couple of my kids went to NCC! I started following Dynamic Catholic at the beginning of Lent because I had read some of Matt Kelly’s books and loved them! He was so easy to read and so inspirational and motivational, too! Tonight I’ll write out my game plan for the upcoming year. What a great idea! Keep up the good work and God bless you!

  • Colleen Braun

    My plan has been Rayo start my day with mass and communion, to assist others and to eventually get them to join me in mass and communion! To say the rosary every day and reflect on the mysteries! My heart gets so full of joy when I think of how Our BVM must have felt as she looked at Jesus! She knew He was the Son of God!!! It’s overwhelming and the love just continues to grow as I pray and than in the afternoon we pray the Divine Mercy novena! I was blessed with two awesome parents who truly loved God and taught their 10 children that you need a plan to make time for God and the sacraments! Now it’s my mission to engage as many as I can to be the best person God intended them to be so we walk His path through this life to be with Him for eternity

    • SanctusSanctus

      Speaking of the BVM, today I pondered how she taught young Jesus… did she read scrolls to Him of the Pentatuch? Maybe St. Josephe did the family readings. Did young Jesus understand a Messiah was expected? Did other Hebrew boys expect the Messiah in their lifetime?

  • Joan

    I have decided to set my fit bit watch to go off every day at 3 o’clock. This is the hour of Jesus death. I take a few minutes wherever I’m at to pray prayers of thanks and praise… that he gave his life for me so that I might enjoy this beautiful life !

  • Maria

    I could call the lonely and not just think about it. Then make excuses

  • Angela M. Williams

    I have been trying to consistently increase my involvement in ministries with my parish, our Diocese and the Catholic Alumni group at our University. I have also been trying to pray the rosary daily. Sadly…it has been very frustrating…not an easy task to do without distraction…I will just continue to strive to improve.

  • Trish Matta Melnick

    My plan is to have some prayer time before work. I got away from this and so many times find myself rushing off to work instead. Back to reading Laudate Catholic app daily readings to keep in rhythm with the church. It was the peaceful time in my day and I plan to get it back.

  • Nicole M.

    I would really like to start attending daily mass once a week. I think that is a good start and then I can build up from there. Currently, because of Best Lent Ever, I started reading my devotional book in the mornings before the kids get to school. It gets me in the right mindset and helps me to reflect each morning on how amazing my life is.

  • SanctusSanctus

    Agreeing with Matthew that writing the plan out is an important key…. I also believe in the importance of a Spiritual Director under circumstances of spiritual attacks, best dealt with by an ordained Catholic priest. One thing I can do spiritually is to pray before getting out of bed each morning: “Holy Spirit, please guard me, guide me, control me….”

  • Kathleen Cranford Kelley

    What helps me spiritually is helping others. Many times I will hear someone thank me for helping them during a illness or a low time in their life. “Wow thank you, you are so kind and wonderful”
    But “NO” it is helping others that brings me joy, happiness and takes me away from “myself” and never ending problems I perceive as sad, and painful . Helping others helps me spiritually. Giving is truly a gift to me!

  • Jane Lenzer

    Same here!!! Sometimes l am so upset by some event that l forget to say ”Jesus l trust in You”. Can you imagine forgetting to do that? But, alas, it is what l do. My worry is, if l’m so forgetful about this and being upset and/or distressed makes it even worse, how do l remember? Maybe the first part of my game plan should be to ask Jesus to HELP ME REMEMBER TO SAY IT..”JESUS I TRUST IN YOU”.

  • Niove Candida Rosario

    To grow spiritually I have to learn to control my lack of concentration while praying. I could be praying and something else will come to mind and I then lose focus. I can be at mass praying and one distraction will take my whole concentration and then I am mad at myself for allowing that to happen. I need to find a way to control this.

  • Joyce Durol

    Have enjoyed every video. But, I also heed to ask…What is the diversity in the Dynamic Catholic organization? I haven’t seen one person of color. Are we truly a White Catholic Society? If so, How sad.

  • Mari

    I need to trust in the Lord. Surrender. Know that his timing is better than mine.

  • Karen Kotzbach McCreary

    Now that I finally got some OTC reading glasses I need to use them to read the stack of good spiritual reading that is sitting looking at me ! I am past my life expectancy by a few years and really take one day at a time . Plan for future : read more , and pray more . Happy Easter , soon !

  • Arthur Brown

    The best version of myself is doing what God desires for me. Unfortunately many times I may not know what it is and I forget it keep in close contact with my maker everyday, minute and hour that I am doing things in the world. It is up to me to consult through prayer and then let the prayer work in me with the power of the Holy Spirit. God Bless each and everyone of you in your daily journey with God, Christ and the Holy Spirit.

  • Maria

    One thing that I’ll always need is to learn to trust in God more each day. I heard somebody say that the way to live out trust in God is to praise Him and thank Him for the good AND the bad. Thinking back on all the saint stories I’ve heard and read, I recall that many of the saints who thanked God for good and bad seemed to have the closest relationship with God. With all this in mind, I’m trying to get in the habit of praising and thanking God out loud more for both good and bad that happen to me.

  • Therese Tamburello

    I sure miss annual retreats I used to attend. I must get back to doing this or at least have a spiritual director guiding me towards heaven! I do read good books of our Catholic faith, but having the extra boost of a retreat or spiritual director – gives me the boost to move forward toward holiness!

  • Michael Ennis

    I could go to confession on a more regular basis. I am still struggling with letting God take control at times. So I am continually amazed when I finally do, and great things happen.
    God Bless

  • Brat Ayolo

    This happend to me. Exactly two years ago. Something what’s change my life. At this time I had good, well pay job, phizycly I was fit. But something was missing. I noticed that my spiritual health needs to be improved. I said to myself I need do something about. I fight with my wife, I’m loosing contact with my kids and so on. Once I noticed that ther is so much to be improved The Holly Spirit send my help. Some strangers offered my books of Mathew Kelly. This books changed my completely and I know that with out help of the God non of that would by possible. Now I’m different man. My life got change. Las vacation I had with my family was the best I ever had in my life. My mind is full of peace and my heart is full of love. I know that I still need to work sprirytualy on daily basis but this is not problem because God is empowering me.

  • Joanne Melear

    I like to remind myself that I cannot worry and trust God at the same time.

  • Kathy Jankowski

    As a project manager, it never occurred to me to have a spiritual plan. What a great idea! Great topic! I’m going to develop this plan today!

  • Helen

    When I’m in communion through my prayer life I feel a peace and centered in my heart and mind. I sometimes as most of us find I get upset and overwhelmed with the things going in in the world today and I can see that this is not my forever home. I want to be in eternity with Our Lord. I pray for the world and often find the Serenity Prayer helps me to refocus. God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change. The courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.

  • Linda Carmelle

    Since it has been about 6 weeks I have been able to add new goals for myself too,its been a challenge because as I mentioned before I work 3 jobs and the hours rotate for 2 of them. My husband also works 2 jobs and for his primary job he must report to work at 230am . So goals in the immediate future are small to be achievable. Talk to God everyday as if He is my friend present with me. And bring my New Testament bible I received at CHRP last year with me to read a passage a day, discuss more about weekly mass with my husband after we attend.We really must make the effort to seek out a parish each week to attend b/c of our schedules,so do not take it for granted ,but consider it a privledge and speak of it as such.Those are my daily and weekly goals. But my yearly goals include combining my financial goals with my spiritual ones. The first thing I did last year was to order new checks,ones that have the symbol of the christian fish on them to show my faith. God has ALWAYS been present in my checking account so I’m able to stay afloat and survive,down to the last penny at times. So I must acknowledge that,be grateful for that and tithe back for that. I also started that in a meaningful way last year. Anytime God grants me money in any form that was unexpected He can receive any where between 10 %and 50% back from me. I’m also paying down my debt with working these 3 jobs so I can eventually tithe even more,and when my debt is gone and I don’t need to work I will give back by volunteering consistantly,like teaching catechism classes etc.
    Nothing in life can be achieved with enormous debt. I learned that when I was reading about women who wanted to join the convent/cloisters to become nuns and found they may not do so if they have debt,1st it must be paid down. You may not owe anything to anyone ,so if that is true then I must also follow that example. This will leave me prepared for whatever path God wants to lead me and my husband in the future.This year ,by August I should have an $8,500 debt paid back and another half of credit card debt by Feb 2018. We have also gone back to giving to charity in time talent and treasure,which we had to stop for awhile. But setting these spiritual goals for myself has also helped me financially too. Uniting my spiritual life with my secular life is the ultimate goal and we are well on the way now=)Thank You D.C. for being part of that too.