March 31: The Secret to Excellence

Day 27

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Probably at least once a week somebody asks me, “How can I write a great book?” Or “I’ve always wanted to write a book. How can I write a great book about this subject?” Or, “I’ve been working on a book. How can I get it published? How can I be successful publishing a book?” There are a lot of questions around this sort of stuff in my life.

It’s natural for us to seek out people who have been successful at something and to ask them questions. What are we doing? We’re looking for coaching.

You see, nobody achieves excellence at anything without coaching. I say it again: Nobody achieves excellence at anything without coaching.

If I look at my own life and I think about all the people who have helped me in any aspect of my life, very rarely was it a formal coaching relationship. It was a conversation or a series of conversations. We were talking about things: “I’m working on this . . .” Or “I’m struggling with this . . .” Or “How did you do that?” Or “How did you make that happen?”

Coaching plays a critical, I mean, an absolute essential part in our lives. Think about when a woman has a baby for the first time. What does she do? She asks other moms, “What did you do about this?” Or “What did you do about that?” Or maybe she asks her own mother or her own grandma, “What’s going on here?” Or “How do I . . . ?” It’s just part of the generational experience of humanity that we pass knowledge along, that we pass wisdom along, that we pass know-how along to other people. It’s essential for excellence.

You see people say, “I’m going to do it all on my own. I’m not going to have any teammates,” or “I’m not going to have any coaches,” or whatever. What happens? Mediocrity. They make silly mistakes. They make amateur mistakes that never would’ve been made if there was any coach around or any experience around.

One of the things about the Church is that the Church is basically saying sometimes, “Don’t do these things, because I want to save you from incredible suffering. Don’t do these things, because I want you to avoid these horrible situations that will be painful for you.” We of course don’t see it that way.

Coaching is essential to excellence. Whatever you want to be excellent in your life, you need coaching—you need coaches. And of course the spiritual life is the same. Who is coaching you spiritually? It doesn’t mean, “Oh, I need to have a spiritual coach.” If you do and if you can, that’s a great thing, but it’s hard to find. And it may be that your spiritual coaches do become the saints. It may be that your spiritual coaches do become books. We have to be constantly looking for spiritual coaches because we need them to achieve excellence in the spiritual life.

Maybe the first question is, “Are we striving for excellence in the spiritual life, or are we satisfied with mediocrity? Because as soon as we start striving for excellence, we start looking for spiritual coaches.

“Resistance encourages us to take it easy and settle for mediocrity. God created us for happiness, and he fills us with great joy as we strive for excellence, especially in the spiritual life.”

Matthew Kelly, Resisting Happiness

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Nobody achieves excellence at anything without spiritual coaching.


Seek out a spiritual coach.


God, help me to know that holiness is possible for me.

Today’s personal reflection features Dynamic Catholic team member Adam Lewis. Adam is our direct mail coordinator, coming to us from Wilmington, Ohio. Adam could eat rice and beans all day, aspires to hike the entire Appalachian Trail, and would probably be a winning contestant if there was a Jeopardy for Bible facts.

Who has coached you in your spiritual journey?

Let us know in the comments!

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  • Frank L

    For me, it has been a series of spiritual coaches in different forms. The diversity of coaches and thoughts has made me grow in my journey. I think of reading about the lives of saints, daily reflections from our modern-day prophets and listening to the homilies from priests and deacons. One of the most valuable coaches is the priest in the confessional. . .I’ve learned the most from my mistakes.

    • Linda Carmelle

      I agree ,spiritual coaching will be provided by God in the form of many individuals over the years. Failure has a way of teaching us through adversity more than success at vital times in life. We should all be open to the value of the Sacrement of Reconcilliation and the power of a Good Confession. Be resiliant and always willing to try again.

    • Stefania

      happy to read Frank’s opinion………….not too men out there that want to share. Blessings to you and all who shared. Stef

  • Peter L

    Whenever I think of this question, my former HS baseball coach & Earth Science teacher ALWAYS comes to mind. ALWAYS! Thank you, Mr. Wilson. You saw something in me & others, … And you nurtured it. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    I’ve also thanked him in person, in case any of you are wondering. But, I want to do it again before he passes from this life to the next. And I want to ask him who was his mentor & coach was. I want to hear that story & continue to pass it all forward.
    Thank you for getting this all going again, Matthew. I would love to meet your mentor if he’s still alive (I’ve already met you). God rest his soul, if he is not

  • Michael Baur

    My mom has been my biggest spiritual coach. When I am down, my my mom reminds me that God has a plans and you can put your trust in God because he will never let you down.

  • Margo

    My Mom was a Spiritual Coach to All of her 10 Children! She was a perfect example of the saying, “Preach the Gospel Always; and when necessary use words.” I am so very Blessed to have had her as my Spiritual Coach and I think of her every single day as I try my Best to do the same for my 4 Children that God has blessed us with!

  • Tony M

    It was a relief to hear Matthew say “books” can be our coach. I’ve had a nagging feeling I needed to find a spiritual director, but realize I have been listening to great books on audio during my commute for over eight years. The “automobile university ” is Zig Ziggler’s words. So many great resources out there for spiritual and inspirational audio books, my favorite lately is Hoopla from our local library. The D/C app as well, fill my long commute with great coaching. Thanks to Matthew and all at D/C, Great Work!

    • Kim Roberts

      I like hoopla as well. If you are having a nagging feeling for person to person coaching maybe that is something God is calling you to do. Maybe he is calling you to be more involved with the church community. You could start by keeping an eye out in the bulletin for retreats, bible studies, or anything else that may give you time to discuss with others. I will be praying for you today.

      • Tony M

        Thanks for the prayers and advise, will certainly give some thought to your suggestions. 😉

    • Teresa Bringardner Morley

      What are a couple of your favorite books?

      • Tony M

        A few of my favorite books are Rediscovering Cathoicism, that one never seems to leave my top self, love Matthew Kelly easy to read yet hits home so often. Love Does by Bob Goff is another nice little find. Zig Ziglar another favorite authors. My favorite audio book of all time A Passion for Life, by various authors, I listen often to this while traveling, very inspiring.

  • Lori Dieli

    Adam made me cry. I send each one of my children a morning text. This morning it went alittle like this:
    Galatians 6:10 with a message-“YES! Do that today, do good! Happy Friday! I love you so so much! Mom xo ❤️ 0: )” This happens everyday. I would hope that my children would feel the same way Adam feels about his mom. I’m pretty sure they do 😉

    • Teresa Bringardner Morley

      I love this idea!!

  • mrcpuhead

    This is an area where I need help. Although I’ve had people in my life that have served informally as spiritual coaches (family members, parishioners, priests, deacons, nuns) I haven’t had consistency. Moving around throughout the years is a big reason, and coaching is best done in person. Admittedly, I’m doing better getting coaching professionally, through the Air Force mentoring program, than spiritually. And that fits Matthew’s reflection since Excellence is one of the three core Air Force values.

    • Teresa Adohu

      I have found great faithfullnessvin military chaplains and not only the Catholic chaplains. When I was in the Navy there was a Chaplain who taught me a lot in quiet moments at work. ( we both worked st a hospital. ).

    • D. Roy

      Dear mrcpuhead, I would like to share my experience relatedly. I found spiritual guidance not in one particular person, but many. If I listen and I often know in my heart the person I am with seems to have “it” all wrong, it’s insight to redirect myself to what I believe is proper. In the same way, if I listen to someone with undivided attention, I can learn more. I have been Catholic all my life, never with any intention to leave the religion, just not enthusiastic. I never read the Bible, as I found it too difficult to absorb. thus never knew our Lord, Jesus Christ. It was only while living in the Middle East that my spiritual coaches came to me in the most indirect and amazing way. The Christian ladies (not Catholic) that I once worked with kept sending home with my husband (after I retired from the position) little one-page daily reading Bible stories with reflections written by Christian leaders/authors. I thanked them and put the books aside and never was moved to read them until a year or two later. I am very certain now I was moved by the Holy Spirit to pick one up and read it. Wow! Very slowly I started to see things more clearly and understood the ways of God’s ways through Jesus Christ with His Holy Spirit guiding me. Today, I start my day after my breakfast reading about six or seven of these books (they do not take long to read); and the more I read them, the more I understand and feel just a little more enlightened and ready to face any good things or adversity that may come my way. I do not like to miss a day. Even the day we go to church, I like to know the Gospel and reflection ahead of the mass. I now go to church not because, as a Catholic it is my obligation. I go to give my outward sign of glory to God to show Him I am thankful and I do not like to miss the mass each week. I live among many Muslim friends whom I respect their beliefs, however, I am not afraid to bring up my Christian beliefs, and we have great conversations because I know a little more about our Lord through these readings. If I should notice a post on this site by someone who wishes to know more, I will respond.

      • Elephant

        I have the Laudate app on my phone. I get the daily Mass readings and there are reflections that bring it all together. It has really been a beautiful way to experience the readings and I have learned and understood so much. Have a blessed day!

    • Constance Griffith

      I recommend whole hardly to get in an RCIA class at your church. My sponsor/friend along with two of my best friends has shared my RCIA classes with me. It’s been a wonderful Journey. All three of them were cradle Catholics and going through the classes with me they have learned so much along with me. It’s amazing how much more spiritual we all are now then at the beginning of our class. This Easter I get baptized and confirmed and my friends will be with me all the way. Amen

      • Joyce W.

        Couldn’t agree more, Constance. My RCIA class was like nothing I had ever experienced, and 2 cradle Catholic friends and I continued with the next two or three after I was confirmed, because it was such a great place to learn and also to support new candidates.

        • Constance Griffith

          Amen Joyce, we too are going to keep going. I just love being a Catholic!

      • Jean

        This is true. I once sponsored an RCIA candidate, and going to the classes with him gave me a great education in Catholicism! And I am a cradle Catholic.

        • Constance Griffith

          My sponsor and friends can’t get over how much they missed growing up and how much they learn and have grown spiritually in the RCIA classes.

      • Karen

        Welcome to our family!

        • Constance Griffith

          Thank you Karen, God bless you

      • Paula Hecker

        I am a RCIA team member. This is my first year. I love it! Welcome to the family!

        • Constance Griffith

          Thank you Paula, I love it too. It’s such a wonderful journey!

    • Carmen Villalba

      I too have moved around a lot. Something amazing that happened to me was as I was reading Resisting Happiness, when I read this chapter at the end it said to find a spiritual director. I didn’t really have anyone like that in my life, so I asked God to send me a spiritual director if He wanted to. A few weeks (or days, I can’t exactly remember!) later, my mom came home from talking to our parish pastor Fr. John. He had told my mom that he wanted to introduce me to Sr. Cristina (our parish just got 4 and now 5 Sister Servants of the Plan of God) to be my spiritual director! We met and have met for almost a month now! Please pray for us! God bless

    • Michele M C

      Most areas also have a spiritual director registry of some sort.

  • Marie Gaffney

    There have been so many spiritual coaches in my life that He has brought me, just when i needed them. Being raised by parents who prayed the rosary daily with us when children , a 3rd Order nun, two nuns, and every priest with even contact of one sermon only have made such a difference. They haven’t even all been Catholic but every follower of Christ who is able to set a better example than i’ve understood is important. Imprimatured Catholic literature is so useful in Coaching the soul that it has to be a part of the morning after my rosary.

  • Ronda Jewell

    I need to give a big shout out to Aunt Rita. I was a young mother. She coached me spiritually, and I did not recognize at the time what that really meant. Over the years when someone asks me who is or was your spiritual coach I say Aunt Rita. She was patient and kind and loved the Lord. She has now passed from this world and will live forever in my heart.

    • Linda Carmelle

      You were blessed to have her=) For me it was my Grampa,he passed away in 2007,but his voice and words I still hear when I need them most. In hindsight I am even more grateful that he took the time to pass onto me his faith and examples of daily living.What a blessing to have had family such as these souls0=>

  • Latifa

    For me coming into the Catholic Faith. I want to know and learn everything. My Bible study teacher and some of the students are me coaches. I read a lot of books. I read Mathew Kelly’s books. I need to feed myself spiritually. I need the Lord in my life everyday.

    • Mary K

      I agree that finding a study like Catholic Scripture Studies, Matthew Kelley retreats, books, etc. ones that teach the scriptures. Reading the Bible is key. God will speak to you. I also believe that if You teach or assist in someone’s faith formation you will get back so much more than you have given in time and planning. Being an RCIA sponser or Stewardship in the K-12 ministry you will have surrounded yourself with people seeking the very same Spirit you desire.

  • Winnie Svikhart Supple

    I am so bless to have a pastor who walks in the Spir

  • Bob

    Fr. James Martin is a great writer, and he has been a spiritual coach to me. I highly recommended his books.

  • Susan A.

    My mother passed along her faith and encouraged daily prayer. I am part of an amazing group of women that meet monthly to pray and grow in faith. I listen to faith based radio on my commute and Tony Evans is a terrific spiritual coach

  • Clara Turci Depko

    I have been bless to have had two spiritual teachers in my life. I was once part of a prayer group which I can no longer find any to join. I now have a friend that I share the Lord with. But I search for more I tried finding books to fill me, churches, retreats but still something is missing. I want more my spirit wants more. I think having this everyday and the sharing with others is a part of the growth I am looking for. But is there more after this or does it end with Lent. Some times I think I am the only one in our church that gets the anointing of the sick almost yearly from our priest. But I believe in laying on hands and healings. God has healed so many areas of my body and I search for this gathering of people I once knew in the Catholic Church in the prayer group. In 2009 God gave me a husband who came back to the Lord and we share so many things and I am grateful that he will support me in my church and beliefs. He is also doing the Best Lent Ever and we share during the day what we learned. So I guess I am getting my spirit needs right now from my husband but to touch the hem of Jesus. So there is always more I want always hungry always searching. Fill me us me make me an instrument of your will.

  • Jane

    I think it is very unfortunate in the Catholic Church that finding a spiritual director is so difficult. Although I have asked for this help from various people, they have all been too busy or just didn’t know how to give this type of advice to another person. Listening to Protestant friends, it is my understanding that their pastors have not only time for this request but encourage people to seek it out . I often wonder what is the difference. Since I have recently returned to the Church after a fifteen year absence, I feel I really need help in this area..

    • Alice Ann Hengesbach

      Jane, I was fortunate that my aunt had a “spiritual director.” I sought out this priest from time to time. He has since passed. I, too have had tremendous difficulty in finding anyone either religious or lay who is willing to be my spiritual director. I believe we must then supply our own discipline and try to coach one another. I am praying for you. I am grateful you have let me know I am not alone in my search.

      • Jane

        Thank you, Alice; I pray that we may both find a good Spiritual Director.

        • Tina

          In the mean time you can start journaling and when a problem comes up, you can take it up in the confessional, after the Sacrament of reconciliation, and ask the priest for advice.
          If you are close to the Jesuits, you could go to ” the Spiritual exercises of St. Ignatius”.
          These are very good, because you also learn what is called “discernment of Spirits”. This is learning to see the difference between what is from The Holy Spirit and what is not. God bless you.

          • Jane

            Thank you, Tina

        • Alice Ann Hengesbach

          Thank you Jane for praying for me. I am praying for you, too. “Pray for me as I will for thee til we merrily meet in Heaven.”

      • Janice Klaiber

        There are some in the Indianapolis area. Sometimes Spiritual coaches are advertised in our church bulletins. The last one that I worked with went to classes for Spiritual Coaching at a local retreat house. I think another one I know took classes taught by the nuns and Faith Filled persons at a convent near by. Check there. Maybe the good sisters can give you leadership or network with you to find someone.

        • Alice Ann Hengesbach

          Janice, thank you for taking time to reply. I live in a most rural area with one priest for our area and the next closest priest is 70 miles south. I am open and God will provide a way.

    • cathy baier

      You can often find spiritual direction at a retreat house or spirituality center. There are religious sisters and brothers trained in this. Ask God to lead you to one. God bless.

    • Renee

      Seek out a ACTS retreat weekend for women. ACTS (Adoration, Community, Theology, Service) ACTS is across the US and your parish may have a weekend coming up. This is a weekend to turn everything off, turn to God and focus on you. The sister’s in Christ, spiritual coaching and mentoring are tremendous. You will make lifelong friends and as a,member of the ACTS Community may find more than what you are seeking. I am an ACTS Team Member, it has changed my life. God bless

      • Elephant

        Yes! ACTS has changed our lives completely. My husband went first and then told me I was going. I said why? I don’t need this. Boy was I wrong! My goodness, I have grown so much in my Spirituality. My relationship with Jesus, the Holy Spirit, our loving Blessed Mother and especially with our parish. It is a fantastic movement and the retreat is such a blessing. I am in San Antonio where it all started and the Church is on fire! It is a wonderful time with our Lord and you will grow tremendously from it. God bless you.

    • Ashley

      Look for a women’s Walking with Purpose group in your area. It is a bible study geared toward women that uses scripture and stories from the author, Lisa Brinkmeyer, to grow your spiritual relationship. It is great getting together with other women each week to learn more about God and to make connections within your parish.

      I am not Catholic (my husband is and my children may be), but I joined the group study to become more knowledgeable about Catholism for my kids. I have learned a lot about Catholism and I have grown tremendously in my spiritual life since I started last year.

      • Joyce W.

        Ashley, I pray that the time will come when you will embrace Catholicism for yourself. It was only in my sixties that i felt drawn to the Catholic Faith after a lifetime in the Anglican church. During the RCIA and following my confirmation I was thrilled to discover that so much richness was being added to my faith formation over the years. What was crucial for me was the discovery of the Real Presence of Jesus in the Sacraments of the Eucharist. It makes sense as Jesus did tell His followers that unless they eat His flesh and drink His blood they will not have life within them. He established the Eucharist at the Last Supper so that all of us would be able to follow this teaching. Proven miracles have indicated that no matter how ordinary that consecrated wafer may appear, when we receive it we are actually receiving the living Jesus! How exciting is that?

        • Mary Finnerty


      • Michele M C

        I second the Walking With Purpose Bible Study! It is fabulous! While my parish didn’t offer it as an official “parish program” two women who are members were interested in leading it and did so. Sometimes WE need to take the leap and not expect to be fed; we need to claim our faith and our church and not look at our churches in a consumer way expecting there to be programs, etc. for us.

        • Kelly

          Michele, this post really inspires me! I have been thinking a lot about how to get something like this going n my parish. I don’t think of myself as being capable of leading. Rose, whom I just met, said then think of yourself as a facilitator; Jesus is the leader! I need prayer.

      • Karen O’Malley

        Love Walking with Purpose! It will help you grow closer to Christ and deepen your knowledge of our Catholic faith.

    • Paddy Hamill

      I have surrounded myself with friends that too enjoy the spiritual journey. Where did I find them …thru groups at church that have similar interests of mine
      Trinity Threaders, Daughters of Isabella, and Christ Renews. Women share with each other and that is my base.
      I thinking that just caring about others is reciprocated. As is lending a helping hand. And again you have to prepare yourself to be open to the signs

    • Tina

      My experience of outside the Catholic Church, a lot of so called “spiritual guidance” is pop psychology or New Age.
      In the Catholic Church I have found retired priests who are excellent. They have a lot of wisdom and experience. Best of all, they have more time compared to very busy parish priests.
      Catholic religious, nuns or even Brothers, I have personally found to be very good Spiritual Directors.

    • Holly Lanford

      Hi Jane,
      I have had a similar experience when I have reached out for a spiritual director. Instead I have had to rely on spiritual books. Henri Nouwen’s books are a wonderful source of inspiration.

      • Jane

        Thank you, I will loook for Henri Nouwen’s books.

    • Janet Marusiak

      The Barat Spirituality Center in Halifax on Summer St. has religious who are ready and willing to be spiritual mentors. I did not make it to a meeting they had in how to find one that suits you and what goes on etc. but they are on the web site to check out and see if they are elsewhere.

    • Jennifer Kinard Shoffner

      I have 2 very dear friends and the 3 of us have been doing our own bible study. We all attend different churches, I’m catholic, one is Methodist and one Baptist. This has been the best experience. We have all grown closer to each other, but more importantly closer to God. We just finished a study on John through the First5 app and are getting ready to start Romans and Corinthians, it’s like we can’t get enough of Jesus and his word now. I am so thankful to have these women in my life and I pray that you can find that in your life also.

    • Jill Gelhaus

      Jane, I encourage you to pray for God to send you a spiritual director. I was raised Protestant so I understand the differences quite well. Although I have been Catholic for many years it was only four years ago through some troubled times that I really began to understand our Catholic faith. Since then I have found many spiritual directors. I find them when I go to confession, join a bible study or volunteer to help in some way. God has answered my prayer for help when I was down and I continue to be blessed by it. He gave me a deep hunger to learn more and serve him in all I do and in doing that I have made many new spiritual friends that help me along the path God has lead me down. I will pray for you! Don’t be discouraged our God will answer a prayer such as this He loves you❤ Trust in Him.

      • Diane Tomlinon

        Jill , I too was raised Protestant .I became Catholic 45 yrs ago. I Love the Catholic religion . I feel closer to God every since I became Catholic…I got upset with our Church a year ago and quit going. I had a problem with a situation that happened instead of going to our Priest about it, I quit going to church.. I have missed it so much. This is when I needed a spiritual director. I have been thinking about going to talk to our Priest about it, I keep asking God for direction. Mathew’s post sure has helped me to see a lot of things..Thank you Matthew and Jill, God lead me to your post today thank you

        • Tricia Wickers

          I think God is telling you to go talk to the priest. Are you resisting?

        • Kathy

          I was raised Catholic but was also guided by Protestant grandparents. Very supported by both, but my parish felt like home. I pray for spiritual growth for myself and my family. Will pray for all posting here, such touching, encouraging stories.

      • Kelly

        Jill, this post is really helpful. Thank you!

    • Lori Lefor

      Hi Jane
      Welcome home. I’m am so blessed to know you are back in the Catholic Church. The first thing I have been taught for seeking spiritual direction is on need pray for recognition of this spiritual director. (Prayers such as a novena…this means nine days of prayer). Ask Mother Mary for guidance to know the spiritual director. It may be surprising to learn, the spiritual director is not a priest or sister or brother of a monastery. It may be a very Holy devout lay person. This person maybe younger than you or older than you. Also, pray for openness to hear Jesus / God speaking with you in daily life. As this gives way to the opportunity to let God use the unexpected person we meet, maybe even at the grocery store. God may use one specific person but needs many to help guide us everyday.
      I will pray for you and all those today seeking a spiritual director.

    • annhb

      Hang in there Jane. I have found that you can often find guidance and the Lord’s teaching in simple everyday things. Over the years I have listened to homilies more attentively and try to take the teaching and reflect on them. Your local church may have some groups which will help you find what you need too.

    • Jack Brinker

      A spiritual director/advisor is as near as the closest confessional. If advice is not offered by your confessor then form your concern about each/any sin as a specific question. What can I do to avoid….?

      • Tricia Wickers

        Great advice

      • Prolifedem6M

        While confession is important and we do get spiritual advice, spiritual direction is a somewhat different experience. It is a sharing of our spiritual journey with a guide who helps us to sort out our spiritual opportunities and challenges. Spiritiual direction is not just about our sins, it is about our entire spiritual life. If your spiritual director is a priest, as mine have been, confession is a regular part of it. However, not all spiritual directors are priests.
        I highly recommend spiritual direction. My directors have been so helpful to me.

    • hanna voets

      Jane, If your church has a Christ Renews His Parrish retreat sign up. It will open your eyes to the scriptures and give meaning to all aspects of your life. If this retreat is not offered at your church call some of the other Catholic churches in your area. If this program is not offered seek out other retreats that are offered in your Diosese.

    • Anci

      I am involved with a charism with the Apostles of the Interior life. They are incredible and they are working with the School OF Faith in the Kansas City area forming Catholic mentors. I went thru 2 years of training to become a Catholic Mentor and the Church is really trying to train lay people in good formation in order to assist the Spiritual Directors so they can have a group to send those seeking spiritual direction to someone that can help them. My spiritual mentor and I meet via skype every month and when we can we meet in person. It is good to have spiritual friends too but not everyone is formed in a manner that is truly helpful. If you would like to learn more let me know or go onto the Apostles of the INterior Life website. They have mentors and directors all over the country and world.

    • Madonna Champagne

      Small church groups, which I’ve been involved in for 17 plus years now, has blessed me with so many faith filled people (spiritual advisors). If you are just now returning, see if small church groups are available or find a local Catholic Church that this is part of their ministry. This was the catalyst in the development of my personal relationship with Jesus, sharing your faith with others.

    • Alice

      Jane, You are not alone in wanting spiritual advice. Please don’t give up. Sometimes people we encounter at our churches might not understand our needs. Does your church have a prayer group? Also, The RCIA candidates have classes and you can learn with them. I would also talk to your priest. If all fails, visit the next closest Catholic Church in your area.

    • Jane Higgins

      Many of my friends are avid watchers of EWTN. I have learned about my Catholic faith by being a catechist. Teaching the basics of the faith to elementary school children enables one to learn without having to go too deep right off the bat. Most parishes offer bible study, classroom teachings, or DVDs. Bishop Robert Barron has many good, understandable DVDs available on Catholicism and church teachings. Matthew Kelly and Scott Hahn are prolific, accessible Catholic authors. SiriusXM’s Catholic channel has a variety of shows that teach and inform at different levels. Catholic book stores are teaming with books and religious items about the faith. The book store clerks are usually exceptionally knowledgable. The Called and Gifted program by the Siena Institute will tell you what gifts God has given you, as a Catholic. Then you can volunteer where you will find meaning. When you volunteer, you make Catholic friends who share what they know about the faith; who practice the faith. Surrounding yourself with them strengthens your ability to practice the faith more fully and deepen your relationship with God. Going on Catholic retreats is an intense way to emerge oneself in the faith. I have learned most of what I know about the bible, and its a substantial amount, from daily TV evangelists. Dig in! The Holy Spirit will show you the way.

    • Marilyn Russell

      I do agree with you. I find Spiritual coaching in many areas of my life and I need to remain open to where God is leading me everyday for in my journey He will place people and events in my life where I I never thought possible. In some cases the Confessional is an opportunity for spiritual advice but not always. If you are really serious about spiritual coaching open your heart and your soul daily. Be still, listen, the Lord is there for you. Daily Mass, the Rosary, The Divine Mercy Prayer, Spiritual Retreats. Praying for you and Welcome back.

    • Kathy

      It there is a convent or monestary not to far away, you could call and ask for names of potential Spiritual directors. The diocese’ chancilry may have a list of people who provide that ministry. If there is a lay ministry program, that is a wonderful place to get spiritual guidance. (Sorry, can’t spell today.)

    • Joan

      I was blessed in that when I was teetering on a faith crisis vs a “reversion”, I stumbled upon the Catholic channel on Sirius/XM, encountered helpful Catholics and other Christians, and in God’s perfect timing, was blessed with a spiritual director. I had asked a priest if he would talk to me about some critical things, and after we met, he actually offered to be my spiritual director. I didn’t even know what that was at the time! He guided me along my journey for an awesome 3 years, but moved away and is no longer available. I often pray for a new spiritual director. But often, I encounter a message like this, that the direction may come through books or various people and encounters. So I will wait on the Lord and accept what he provides. But Jane, I would encourage you to talk to someone in your RCIA department or someone in your diocese, or discuss it with a priest during confession. If you really need the one-on-one guidance, I feel sure that you will be able to find it. God bless you! Be open to what God sends!

    • Elephant

      Our church has started preparing Spiritual Directors for the parishioners. There are Spiritual Directors out there and I assume you could find one from the Diocese website. I have several friends who have referred a Spiritual Director to me. Keep looking. The Holy Spirit will guide you. Have a blessed day!

    • Elephant

      The difference being the Sacraments. Priests have so much on their plates it is hard to get to everything. I know our Priest will make time if we ask and set an appointment. Pray and God will direct you to the right person in the right way. God bless you.

    • Kathy

      I was raised Protestant and also find more resources there for guidance. I admit we live in a small rural area but I find the catholic community to be not so open with their faith. My cradle catholic hubby is a good example. So I use the best of both worlds to fill my needs and it works. This program is one of the best our parish has ever utilized. Thanks

      • Kathy

        To clarify I eventually converted in 1992 when our dgt was in first communion class and remain active in our parish.

    • Patty Lou

      Jane, I had never even heard of having a spiritual director until the last few years, and didn’t really think to much about it until recently, but over the last couple of years I have found significant spiritual direction in the confessional. My parish Priest and a Priest from a neighboring parish have gone beyond what was standard counseling in the confessional in years past, and I’m hoping that is a trend. I also attended a retreat like none I’d never attended before called “Come Follow Me”. I have to say I get my spiritual direction from many sources, but I don’t think that is necessarily a bad thing. Keep searching and praying I will pray for you also.

    • James Troska

      Jane, I’ve been blessed with 2 Spiritual Directors. The latest is a “retired” Sister who was recommended by our Pastor who knows her well from working at the same University. He was the “Chaplin” or S.D. of the Univ. She sees me 1X/mo. with a low set fee by the Diocese, I believe. Go to Seminars, workshops, retreats and ask around, especially from someone who already has a S.D. to recommend to you. A S.D. truly is a blessing and a help on our journey of Faith. Marilyn Troska (Jim’s wife)

    • Diane Eagan

      Don’t give up on finding a spiritual director. Pray about it and ask your Parish Priest if he can recommend someone. Welcome back to the Church. God bless you.

      • Rose

        Yes, go not give up on finding a Spiritual Coach in your coming home to the Catholic Faith. Pray for Jesus to lead you to the right person to help you on this faith filled journey! I would definitely contact your parish priest and ask him for direction, too! I will be praying for you Jane !
        PS I keep praying for our Catholic Church…we need more like. Mathew Kelly!🙏

    • Cat Downing

      Usually RCIA or going to your church bible study can lead you to meet great examples.

    • Eduardo Hoover

      Jane I am so very sorry you are having trouble finding the spiritual guidance you need. I’ve heard of dry times of the spirit when a person can’t find solace for the thirsting of their soul. These times are extremely dangerous. In Luke 11 Jesus speaks about when an unclean spirit leaves in searches for rest and when it finds none in desperation it returns to its host who has set their life in order which not only inviting to this unclean spirit but also inviting to his seven other more terrible friends. This was spoken before the Holy Spirit entered the picture. I urge you to lean the truths of the Holy Spirit and hold fast to Him praying to Him for guidance and protection and He will lead you by His strong arm through this desert time of your life I promise you. Pray hard.

    • bonnie drech

      Jane, i was raised a catholic but lately i have been searching..going through difficult times and not really finding the advice? answers? in the catholic faith. Im not knocking it down everyone, but for me right now, it isn’t quite the answer. There are many books out there, many internet sites, many excellent programs on television which I find are providing some spiritual coaching. probably the very best one though is the bible! Everything is in there and everything relates, it doesn’t matter the time you are living in or what you are living through. In the beginning it was a little hard to interpret, but there are more user friendly versions which are more understandable without losing the message. I have to thank my sister for opening my eyes and guiding me along, i have jesus by my right hand and my sister has my left! I hope i haven’t offended anyone, it is not my intent. Peace and understanding to all, God bless

      • Jane

        Thank you, Bonnie, and to all those who extended a hand to help me. I really appreciate it.

    • Ellen Saville

      Jane, My Mother was Catholic, my Father was not. They sent me to Catholic schools but I had to get to Sunday Mass on my own. The nuns who taught were my spiritual advisors. They laid the groundwork for me. As an adult, I have occasionally talked with priests. I have also been very let down by some of our priests. But, I always turn to God and Mary for advice, guidance, help and acceptance. I am now 71 years old. My husband has passed. I know that God walked every single step of my grief with me. He held me in His arms the nights I cried. I turn to Him with my fears, my needs, my future.

      • Jane

        Ellen, I am sincerely sorry about your husband. While I am divorced (marriage annulled) for many years, my ex-husband recently died and although we were not close it affected me deeply so I can only imagine your grief.
        I, too, have tried on a number of occasions to find help from priests, especially from my former pastor and although I had become a Eucharistic Minister, a Minister to the sick and had started a group within the parish, when I became too pain ridden to even go to Mass, the pastor never reached out to offer words of encouragement and/or help. Prior to that, if I had occasion to go to the office he always appeared much to rushed and busy to t talk with me. I mourn the old days when priests took the time to counsel their parishioners. I will keep you in my prayers and ask that you do the same for me that we will find a good person to help us somewhere down the road. In the meantime, of course, we must turn to God but for me sometimes that is difficult.

    • Diane Grohn

      Jane, I visited with various prayer groups until I found one with women older than me
      .They are not judge mental and share their wisdom freely. Some have now passed, but the advice and spiritual guidance is still in my thoughts. Be patient and persistent you will meet a spiritual advisor.
      Try volunteering at church in the women’s group. I just joined a women’s group with young 50-60ish women and they are very nice, kind, spiritual. It is a blessing to be with fellow travelers sharing the same values.

  • Jane Deutschlander

    I can’t say that I have had a personal spiritual coach. But on my journey in life so many times God puts just the right person in my life to provide spiritual coaching. All the way back to when I was a young child and this has continued throughout my life. I think if we are open to it – this is true for everyone. Surround yourself with people that represent who you want to be. Listen, watch and learn from them. I also am blessed to have an extremely spiritual and dynamic priest whose mass I attend as often as I can. I definitely gain so much insight and knowledge from his homily each week.

  • Alice Ann Hengesbach

    I’ve had some of the best spiritual coaches and many of them were never aware: each one has coached by example AND by having to courage to speak to me when they thought I needed to be spoken to. These individuals include my dad “whatever you do never ever give up your faith.” note: he did NOT mean religion. My aunt who chose to live a single life dedicated to God outside of a religious community. note: yes, this is a choice And thousands of others who live purposeful lives. I am honored that some have sought me out and asked about my spirituality … from one generation to the next, God speaks to us. Lovely reflection.

  • Dorothy Cabral

    I have been very fortunate to have many spiritual coaches my whole life: grandmother, father, aunts uncles and cousins. Now that doesn’t mean however that I have been a great student and a devoted catholic. Life circumstances caused me to be a bitter angry child and I hated my life as a result. But thank God my family didn’t give up on me. They continued to coach me every chance they could and the one day I began to see the light and I knew right then that if I wanted my life to be different I needed to put God first to guide me to make better choices and live in his foot steps. My family still continues to coach me but now I seek all the coaching I can get for myself as well. Books, audio tapes, retreats, lectures all help me in my spiritual journey and the best part is I my family still remains actively involved coaching me as well!

    • Paula Hecker

      This was encouraging for me to hear since I have some children that I try to coach, but they need to see the light too! I pray constantly for them!

  • Nancy D.

    I totally agree with Matthew that we need coaches in all areas of our lives if we want to be successfully. Last fall I joined a group that met for 12 weeks to cover a topic titled “What to do in the Meantime”. Being part of that group allowed me to receive some guidance from the individuals that were part of this group. I really enjoyed it. I do watch videos that are usually a video series on specific topics, and I really enjoy those as well.

  • Paul

    While reflecting on this, I recognize that my brother has been incredibly formative of my faithfulness. Not by his good example, but by his consistent resistance to God’s plan and Truth. One example was his decision that marriage was conforming to something unnecessary to starting a family. My immediate response was that whatever they accomplish without marriage will look like a complete failure compared to that of including God and marriage. As they prepared for their first child, his “girlfriend” was offended by my wife and my lack of excitement. Thank God, she had the courage to insist upon a discussion with us at our home. That is where I learned, with the guide of the spirit, that their decision had stolen the opportunity from me to welcome her into our family. I would never had appreciated the fullness of what marriage was had I not, disregarding my brother in that moment, taken my new sister into my arms with an embrace to welcome her to our family. Before having their second child, they had a wedding on the beach. In what was surely a weak moment, my brother called and said that he didn’t understand it, but that I was right. Of course, it wasn’t me that was right, but God. I was only pladgerizing His word and Truth. We can find direction from so many people in our lives. We just need to get it straight with God that He has made us slow and hardheaded (His fault 😉 ). We must beg him to kick us in the rear and get our attention all throughout the day so that we might be properly formed. Requires a silence in our prayer and an open reflective way of living recognizing our total dependence on His direction and that the person in the mirror will screw up at every turn.

    • Teresa Adohu

      Sounds like you were God in his ear tooo. Good for you.

  • Beverly

    Adam, that was one of the most powerful things I’ve heard in this entire series. “Get up and walk.” So needed to hear this today.

  • Marilyn

    First, I would like to thank Matthew Kelly for being a spiritual coach and I also would like to know what the team members are laughing about before they give us their message! They look like they just heard something great.
    In my life I have been surrounded by coaches, and I realize now that I seek out the ones with whom I share a spiritual connection. Some of my best friends from childhood until now have coached me through rough waters, and I hope I have helped them too. I am particularly grateful for the unexpected coaching that surprises me sometimes by people who are just passing by, but leave their footprints on my heart.

  • Karen Selwood

    I have two special friends in my faith-sharing group. We help each other grow spiritually. They have made a tremendous difference in my spiritual growth and life.

  • Mary B.

    My spiritual coach is a blank book that I bought at TJMaxx with the words, “Love Your Life” on the cover! It is about half way filled now with positive thoughts, notes from Matthew’s videos, prayers, interesting articles, and notes from Joel Osteen’s radio broadcasts on Sirius radio. This book is in my bag and is with me at all times! It is so uplifting and helps me if I need a pick me up or a reassurance throughout my day! It is especially useful when the bestlentever program is over because I can reread my notes anytime and get comfort from them! Quite often I send pictures of pages from my book when someone needs a spiritual boost and it is always appreciated! My book, aka spiritual coach, truly offers me joy each day!

    • Jeff K

      Great idea, consider it borrowed and passed on!

      • Mary B.

        Happy to share!!!

  • Nancy R

    The morning ritual with the Dynamic Catholic emails, Matthew Kelly, the staff videos and all of your comments have been my guides at this time.
    As others have mentioned, I am returning to the church and the Dynamic Catholic morning ritual has brought me back to an awareness of God’s presence in my life.
    I’m attending morning mass and was invited to attend a rosary group after mass. I hope to find spiritual guides there.
    I’ve volunteered for a food drive this Sunday and attended a Stations if the Cross class offered at my parish.
    What a beautiful and meaningful time to return to the church.

  • boulders124

    My grandmother was my first advisor. As a child, I sprint my summers with her and she sent me to Vacation Bible School and each day we would discuss what I had learned that day and she always expounded on it to help me understand more fully what I had learned. She was not a catholic, but years later when I married a catholic she advised me to convert to be a catholic for the good of my relationship. She stands out most in my mind, but along life’s journey there have been many spiritual advisers in my life and hopefully I have been the same for others.

  • Anne

    Until very recently I wouldn’t have thought about wanting or having any ‘use’ for a spiritual coach. But yesterday I realized I had one all along. She’s one of my golfing friends. We have made a connection and realize we love sharing our spiritual thoughts.

  • Teresa Adohu

    Most of my spirituality has been in informal coaching. My mother was my first influence; she continues to be a light. I had a great CCD teacher in 6-8 grade and some CYO and retreat directors who have kept me going. Mostly though my inspiration is those quiet folks who just daily give back to the Church who work to keep our parish strong.

  • Janet Marusiak

    Yes, I had couches in RC churches and in the past in Non-denominational churches that taught me how to form my personal relationship to Jesus and to be bold and to grow in my faith. I took many bible studies with them and when I grew and missed my own Faith returned to the RC church and took many more Bible studies from the DRE at that church who did excellent programs using books by Barron and Hahn and Kelly. Every homily said by the priest is a coaching experience.

  • Judy Schultz

    For Jane. I have found great guidance in my spiritual journey thru a program for women called Walking With Purpose. It was started by a woman, a young mother of six, who was looking for guidance also. It is based on the Bible and Catholic teaching but directed toward small group discussion . It speaks to the heart and soul of women everywhere . There are am and pm meetings . Child care at most sessions. In this time with fewer priests to spare, this is a wonderful way of providing spiritual intervention to women in our demanding , troubled world. I hope you can find a group near you….or maybe god is calling you to be the light in your area for others searching also.

  • Daniela D.

    The lovely ladies of my prayers group. We meet on Tuesdays and we discus the scriptures for the following Sunday. We also share our personal stories and support each other and also learn how blessed we are. I have learnt to see Jesus in my fellow sisters in Christ.

  • I did not advance in mt spiritual journey until I read Butler’s Lives of the Saints for a year, and suddenly realized all the answers were there. The Way of Life vs The Way of Death from the first catechism, the Didache, distills the wisdom that ONLY Catholicism has. We have such a great wealth of spiritual coaches to draw on, if we will but listen.

  • John C Garrett

    I have been redesigning the religious education program at my parish. Long story short, we will be using a “flipped classroom” approach where the students do the “lectures/content” online, and in the classroom they will do activities that underline the lesson, practice the lesson, and focus on relationship — both with Christ and with each other. I decided a couple of weeks ago that I would called the catechists “Discipleship Coaches.” This reflection was just a huge affirmation of the idea I had, that I want to coach the children in the spiritual life. That the content — dogmas and doctrines — is very important, but they have no life if the children do not have a relationship with Jesus. Reading Mr. Kelly’s book, just as he had “John” to coach him in the spiritual life, I want my children to be coached too.

  • Nan

    I have been meeting regularly with a priest for spiritual direction for many years. It has helped me immensely. It is not a counseling session, but a time to talk about the condition of my spiritual life and where do I go from here. It also often includes a time of confession and always a time of prayer. I encourage anyone who is serious about growing in their spiritual life to give it a try.

  • Rebecca

    As a child, my mom and my grandma were my spiritual coaches. As I got older they still played a pretty big part. Even since college, I have been looking for more guidance because they weren’t available to me all the time. I have now joined my own parish and have seeked out more guidance through ministries and groups. My mom is still there to help guide me but I have started to feel closer to God since I’ve gotten involved in my church.

  • Diana

    I would say Mathew Kelly is my spiritual guide. I have been inspired by every book of his I have read. The best , for me, so far has been Resisting Happyness. I have recommended it to everyone I know.

  • Elaine

    My Mother has brought me into the Catholic faith through Baptism and Catholic School training. My Mother demonstrated her faith throughout her life to me and set an example of faith. I have long connected to my faith at various times in my life, and more so of late. I am drawn to people who share my value of faith and I consider them to be coaches as well. Various Priests have also been coaches for me and I value their perspectives.

  • Peggy

    Jennifer where can I find the First5 app? I did look but not seeing.Have a wonderful and blessed Friday.

  • Jacqueline Shukla

    My grandma was my spiritual coach. She taught me to pray the rosary and told me that if I fell asleep before I finished, the angels would finish for me. We attended Sunday mass with her and she would whisper to me during different parts of the mass what was going on, or say “Can you see the angels?” It helped me to pay attention. She modeled patience and kindness to me.

  • PerspectiveGallery

    Alyson, my love, thank you for being my Super Coach at every level.

  • Susie Caughey

    My first spiritual coaches were, most definitely, my parents. When I became school age, it was the Sister of Mercy nuns/teachers in my Catholic Schools. When I began to live with my grandmother at the age of 8, both her and my mom showed me their deep commitment to the faith as they attended mass daily before doing their grocery shopping. When I moved to the U.S. at 21, it was my aunt and uncle and the priests at Sunday mass. When I moved to my current Parish in 2005, it was the dynamic priests of St. Helen’s in Westfield, NJ. Eight years ago, it was the leadership of my small faith-sharing groups, inspired in my Parish my both the Christ-life series and Dynamic Catholic. On a more intimate level, it was my love of reading spiritual books, thus the authors. I am a perpetual learner so will continually seek out spiritual coaching with a sincere desire to share this wisdom with others to try and bring them to the Lord if they do not yet know him or closer if they already do.

  • PerspectiveGallery

    Alyson [my wife], my love, thank you for being my Super Coach at every level. You encourage me for improvement at every level, my body, my mind, my spirit and soul. You have brought me back to God, and ever closer. And also you lead by a positive example at every one of those levels.
    I❤️U 😚😉😊

  • Kelly Tallent

    I’m giving a shout out to the saints. Saint Pope John Paul II, Saint Mother Theresa, Saint Faustina, Saint John, Saint Anne, Saint Bernadette, Saint Josephine Bakhita, Saint Archangel Raphael, and our Blessed Mother. These amazing people are my coaches and am indebted to them for their prayers for me and my family.

  • Angie O’Mara

    I was blessed to have many spiritual coaches in my life. First and foremost were my parents, who taught me to pray and to practice my religion in all aspects of my life. Then, my dear friend, Pat was a warrior for Christ. She was so very sick, dying with cancer, but you would never know it as she offered up all her pain and suffering for others. She showed me, that even though she was unable to walk, her voice and teachings took me to places where I could truly experience the love and joy of God.

  • Gary R Stevens

    I never thought I could get spiritual coaching beside another person.

  • Kathiehc

    I have been blessed with many strong & positive spiritual coaches throughout my life but right now I have a “team of coaches”, my Bible Study group! Right now there are nine of us who, twice a year, meet for six week sessions. We are also members of the same parish so our lives touch in many ways. But during those sessions, with the understanding of confidentiality, we open ourselves to one another! Recently I referred to a sorrow that I have been carrying & two of the group members who were aware of this chronic spiritual ailment of mine spoke up and made concrete suggestions about ways I might move forward through this issue! This was a moment of blessed coaching for which I’m especially grateful!

  • Ann

    I met a beautiful nun named Sister Carolyn at
    my church 8 years ago. During lent that year I took part in a program called “weeks of guided prayer.” Ever since then Sister has been my spiritual guide. She taught me how to read scripture and how to meditate on God’s word. By making this a daily practice I have been able to listen to how God is directing me in my life. It has helped
    me make better choices and has showed me how much God really loves me and how he only wants the best for me. I am so very grateful for Sister Carolyn’s spiritual guidance and wisdom. It has chanaged my life and my life’s direction for me and my family. Our church has several people who are qualified to be a spiritual guide. I’m sure yours does as well. Check it out! It can change your life too.

  • Penny

    Thank you Adam! The love and gratitude that you have for your mother is clearly seen in your eyes and your expressions. What a great mom you have! I will keep this video forever and use it to coach my family and especially me. Thank you so much for sharing. Have a very blessed Easter.

  • Trish

    I have had many spiritual coaches, more than one right now, including Mathew

  • Anci

    I had a spiritual coach that really helped start me on my journey towards excellence, she was Methodist and her Bible study was full of Catholics! Such a dear woman who saw hunger for truth in me! Thank you Marilyn. I have had many others but Marilyn was special. Now my spiritual coaches are with the Apostles of the Interior Life. Incredible nuns and lay people that focus on your interior life with Christ. Through them I have gone thru 2 years of mentor training and have found a joy I didn’t know I could have. My mom was another spiritual coach for me and I am hoping I am that coach to my children.

  • Jason Meler

    I enjoy reading comments after watching the daily video. I found it to be serendipitous that Mr. Kelly mentions using books sometimes as a spiritual director. A good writer can really talk to you. I had an odd hankering to use my Audible credit the month prior to Lent to get St. Augustine’s Confessions, which I had read and studied in undergrad. Listening to St. Augustine on my commute to work in the morning really got me thinking again and made me a bit happier about life. Our priest handed out the Resisting Happiness books, and I started the paperback for Lent only to get the audiobook with my next credit. This month this book is my spiritual coach, last month it was St. Augustine (whose life experiences are admittedly antiquated but whose insights are timeless). St. Augustine wrote a few books, as did St. Thomas Aquinas.

    • SanctusSanctus

      Have you ever read “Imitation of Christ” by Thomas a Kempis?

  • M Pull

    My husband. The first part of my life was ‘rough’ but my husband, who I believed ‘walked with GOD’ was extremely instrumental in the two of us growing together in the LORD. When he became ill and was given approximately 6 days to live, he was so excited ~ he was going to meet the KING. I miss him terribly but am so thankful for our journey together in Bible studies, attending Mass together, celebrating Easter in a truly joyful manner. I pray that maybe I will be able to help someone else. Thank you LORD for such a wonderful gift.

    • Teresa

      My condolences for your loss. Thank you for sharing your story. What a strong believer he was! I think you did just help a lot of other people by your post! God bless. ❤

      • M Pull

        Thank you for your kind words and may the LORD bless you ~ M.

    • Magalis Muniz

      My condolences for your loss. Thank you for sharing your story. 😊

    • Angie

      This is so encouraging! I’m now in my second marriage and it is absolutely wonderful. Like night and day! But, I want to live like you did, growing together with the Lord through study, mass and everything spiritual. He is not Catholic, but I am. We’ve already begun the spiritual journey by attending mass together. He says to me that it really does not matter where we go to him, as long as we all go worship God as a family. Sorry for your loss, but thank you so much for sharing such a wonderful experience! 🙂

    • K. D.

      so sorry for your loss…it must be so hard for you…The gift of Faith that you and your husband experienced and the knowledge learned along the way is meant to be shared…so I pray that you do get the opportunity to pass it on to others—as that is how God works—through others…and it is pure joy to know that God is using you to help someone else along their journey. Love never dies…you continue to pass on the love you have been blessed to have had in your life…love continues through you, me and all of us sharing what we have been given.

    • helena handbasket

      Not many people would get excited about being given six days to live. What a testament to his faith!

    • Kj

      Wow! What a testimony!!

    • Anne Mason

      So sorry for the loss of your husband. Sounds like he was a great gift and presence in your life, not only as your soulmate, but also on bringing you closer to God in this life journey. God bless you.

    • Ignacio

      That’s a beautiful story. Thank you for sharing. God bless.

    • Vanessa Suffoletta

      I am sorry for your loss. What tremendous faith! May God bless and keep you.

    • Ann Albosta

      How wonderful!! You are truly blessed! How wonderful to have known, loved and grown in faith together with a special man.
      I have known a few people whose presence in the room was a very special feeling, like knowing an angel. God blesses us.

    • Mary

      What a great story. thanks for sharing.

    • MD

      My thought and prayers and may he and the souls of all the faithful departed rest in peace.
      Since it is mostly difficult to find consistently human spiritual coaches I have found that over the years that when I am troubled by anything or seeking more knowledge that God leads me to a book and I think He does that simply because I love reading.

    • Jim Ziegler

      You did just help me.I always worry about dying.I hope that one day I will have a different look about dying.I would love to have your husbands outlook on dying.That was beautiful.I am sorry for your loss and thanks you for your story.

      • Evalisabetta

        Hi Jim! I’ve been in the same place, fearing death (most of us do). But I’m starting to change my view as a “beginner Catholic” (being confirmed this Easter). I want to encourage you to learn about the beauty of dying. There’s a scripture I heard that “to live is Christ, to die is gain” (there is also a song about it which i often hear on K-Love). I’m a brand new Catholic (being confirmed this Easter) so don’t know much but am learning a lot; but I think it could mean die to worldly wants and live for salvation of souls (your own and others’). I think it also could mean that when God removes us from earth, it s a BLESSING especially of course if we have faith in Him. That blessing really calls for celebration and not mourning as (naturally) is so common. Of course we miss the departed, and we empathize with others “left behind” (those not yet having had the opportunity for entry into eternal life) because they and we naturally become dependent on each other’s presence, support, and love. I encourage you to seek (ask your priest or deacon) increasing insight on the blessing of passing from earthly life to eternal life. I just said a prayer for you.

        • Jim Ziegler

          Thanks for the wonderful reply.Really brought tears to my eyes.I had a priest years ago that at the end of mass would say and now I say it all the time “God Loves You and so do I”Thank you for the prayer.

          • Evalisabetta

            Glad to hear it, Jim! God Bless!

      • Helen

        Hi Jim
        Your message hit home for me. I use to worry about dying and since I’ve walked closer to Our Lord in my spiritual life of prayer and Mass I find the secular things in this life do not appeal to me as much as the peace and joy of growing in faith. I still have miles to go but it takes a lifetime in this journey. I wish I had a spiritual coach but I found by prayer, staying close to the Church and the sacraments I am learning. God’s Peace be with you on this journey.

    • Susieq

      My husband was also one of my spiritual coaches. He taught me how to be faithful in saying the rosary and the importance of prayer. Though he battled with MS most of his life, his walk with God, made him a magnet to others. He made people feel good about themselves. Teaching them to not give up on themselves.
      He lived what he spoke to others about by example also. Though physically impaired by his MS, he achieved the level of 3rd degree black belt. Not giving in, even after being confined to a wheelchair.
      Thank you for helping me to remember not only that my husband was a great coach to me but for many others.

      • Debra Kyser

        Sounds like you have a wonderful coach even though he battled with MS. He was able to look beyond himself and help others. That is a rare thing today.

      • Diane Grohn

        A wonderful tribute to your husband. MS steals ones freedom and often one’s spirit. His faith was very strong, so glad he shared it with others.

      • Sue Neumann

        My father suffered with MS for over 20 years and ultimately died from cancer which he could not battle. He and my mom are my spiritual coaches. All the time my dad was ill he became an ordained deacon of the church and a third order Carmelite. He touched the lives of so many people. My mom is also a third order Carmelite and continues to bless people with her love at the age of 80. They inspire me, lift me up, pray for and with me. Although he is no longer here, I feel my dad’s presence every day. It’s why I’m a Catholic School teacher. God bless you! PS: My mom still calls me Susie Q:))

    • Evalisabetta

      Wow! God Bless You. I just said a prayer for your husband and you. Three of my favorite things which I find so beautiful in my new Catholic walk (I’m in RCIA) is that we Catholics can pray for departed souls; ask the saints to pray for us/another/a departed soul; and the fact that the purpose/vocation of the union of husband and wife is to serve each other towards the end of salvation. Your message shows the truth of all of those three. Wishing you an amazing day and many blessings!

    • Shelley

      I’m so sorry for your loss. My dad has the same outlook about being with the Lord and has been for a long time. I hope someday to have that much faith and love!

    • Kelly

      This story really touched my heart! It makes me cry to think of how beautiful that was and is! Thank you, M, for sharing it! Your husband AND you are a blessing to us.

    • Cindy Leslie

      So sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing your husband with us. I can only pray for a husband like yours. Maybe God will someday for me. God bless you and please pray for me

      • M Pull

        Cindy, Thank you for your kind words. TRUST in the LORD everyday, every moment and if a husband for you is in GOD’s plan, believe that HE will provide a wonderful Godly man to be your partner.

        M. Pull

  • Donald Marquez

    Man, so many people. But I would have to say right now, my Uncle Dan and Aunt Marie. They were my CCD teachers in 7th grade, back when I was a know-it-all. (I guess I still am sometimes). Three years ago, they lost their middle daughter (my cousin), at age 31. How they have handled it–at least publicly–has allowed me to remain steadfast in my own faith. To be sure, they have indirectly coached me by their witness.

  • Lino Viola

    As I think back I have difficulty in pointing to one specific person as my spiritual coach. I feel that God has blessed me with a myriad of coaches on my journey starting with my mom who brought me up in the Catholic faith. You may be looking for a certified spiritual director but God may have already provided some on your journey, As a child I’ve always been drawn to the simplicity of St. Francis of Assisi and the over the last 15 years I started to volunteer for some of the programs/ministries that the Franciscans were involved in the Boston area. I truly believe that it is only through giving that we receive. Some of my best spiritual directors were the various elderly people I served in the form of driving and accompanying them to their medical appointments. The one on one time spent with them was invaluable in the knowledge, wisdom and love they imparted to me. Who are we coaching spiritually?

  • Cherise

    What a great compliment! A son compares his mother to the Holy Spirit. And a great insight as to how He works.

  • Maureen

    after this morning’s video I thought about ‘coaches’ in my life. In retrospect there has always been someone who has dropped into my life and we clicked, or a moment of insight given to me.
    Our church has a 24/7 adoration chapel and during ‘my hour’ what is given to me stays with me.
    So with God’s love we will find everyone we need, whether or not we choose them.
    I am so inspired by the dynamic catholic team and all the personal responses. thank you all

  • Alan Schollmeier

    their are many spiritual coaches that God sends us all each day in all of our activities. for example, an old man in a grocery store, a woman in the hardware store, a child at home asking a question. the sky is the limit. Making contact and Listening is required. the Holy Spirit will fill in with simple insight.
    Alan in Minnesota

  • Alice

    Our priest told us last week in the homily that most people’s belief system is founded first on witnessing someone who has great faith. The person who has great faith in my life is my mother. She has demonstrated her faith time and time again. So she not only can give spiritual advice she lives it. When my father died I asked her “Mom, what can I do for you to help you without Dad”. She said, “Go Back to Church!” (That’s how you can help me and help yourself) And I did go back to church and that was absolutely the best spiritual advice I have ever been given in my life. Many times if I have had a problem the answer is always look toward the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit will guide you. When I retired I had about 4 things on my bucket list. One of the items was to improve my faith and understand Catholism! (Even after 12 years in catholic schools) So I joined a weekly prayer group. Now I have several spiritual mentors to help me continue on my journey. As Matthew Kelly mentioned, I need to seek out different things – like this for example to keep my journey going in the positive direction. I have a long way to go, but I am on the right path. Thank you Adam for sharing your story. I love the story you shared and will remember it. Today you coached me in my spiritual journey. God Bless Everyone!

  • Gina

    Thank you, Adam! I love your reflection about the parallel between Jesus healing a cripple & your mom saying to you when you’re down, “Get up and walk!” I will remember that and appreciate your sharing.

  • JayAW

    I used to live in a city where I would attend mass most of the time in the main cathedral for the diocese. The former bishop, who is now retired, gave the greatest sermon I ever heard one Sunday. Until that day, there was so much I didn’t understand about Catholicism and Jesus, but on this particular Sunday, the bishop said something that put everything into perspective for me. He said the reason for Jesus being here was that the people were crying out to God, “Let us see your face oh Lord!” That hit me deep inside. After the mass, I told the bishop that that was the greatest sermon I ever heard. He said that he is just the messenger and God gives him the words to say during his sermons. That was the greatest coaching lesson I ever learned.

  • margie

    Mom, mom, mom. What is it about mothers? They are given the potential by the grace of God to raise saints. I think that’s what my grandmother did with my Mom. My mom was an inspiration of all that is holy. My mother’s life journey was filled with obstacles. Dealing with a drunkard husband, caring for her elderly parents, being a caregiver for my disabled aunt. My mother gave up a lot of her life to help others. What a great life coach my mother has been to me. I will probably never reach her excellence, but I remember her words.. “If I can do it, you can do it.” Thanks mom.. I love you so much and I can’t wait to see you again. Save me a place in heaven.

  • Kathy

    When my mom and dad were alive they were the best spiritual coaches I have ever had. They were also brutally honest if they felt I was stumbling on my path to being the best version of myself. There are 8 children in my family and we are spread all over the usa. I love each and everyone but my youngest sister and myself are very close and always ask for opinions about almost everything. She is now my spiritual coach and I am hers. We talk every day and try not to make decisions based on what we feel is the best for us. Sometimes I’m way off base and sometimes she is so this special relationship is such a blessing from God that I tend not to make a decision until I’ve talked with her about it and she does the same with me. Its such a beautiful relationship and I thank God everyday for her wisdom and understanding. She is my rock so I look to her for clarity. I believe that life is different now with all the things going on in our world that without her I would be lost

  • Paula Schlotterbeck

    I would have to say that our Bible Study Fellowship teaching leader has been my spiritual coach through the years that I have attended BSF! She has been very diligent about teaching God’s truth through His Word.

  • Annamarie Kaiser Liptak

    EWTN has been a wonderful spiritual coach for me. They are available on television, radio, internet. The programming is so varied you are sure to find a show that speaks to you. They have led me to many great books as well. They are available 24/7 around the world. Please consider EWTN when you are seeking to grow in your faith!!!!

    • SanctusSanctus

      I also spend time with EWTN! Awesome resources. Did you get to see Omar Shariff in the role of the Peter movie this weekend? I got chills as he recited the OUR FATHER prayer.

      • Annamarie Kaiser Liptak

        Yes, I did enjoy the movie about Peter with Omar Shariff. It was awesome. EWTN has many great movies about the saints

      • Annamarie Kaiser Liptak

        I thought I posted this earlier, but yes I did enjoy the movie about St. Peter!

  • jddimi

    I too have had many spiritual directors, that I didn’t realize at the time, who were guiding me down this path of faith. My friend C.C. who is still guiding from a distance, got me into the Nineveh 90 group this year for Lent. It has been amazing so far. Who knew fasting and praying daily could be so transforming. Also my Priest Father George just had a 4 day silent retreat with 6 Sister’s from the Merciful Heart from Spain do a St.Ignatius spiritual exercise. I was so blessed to be able to do this the past weekend. My mother was my first spiritual director and I’m still lucky to have her to share all that I am learning and now helping her to grow even closer to God.

  • L221

    I am always surprised by this question. I had it when I was in RCIA. And the answer is no one the Lord has been it. Lets remember those like myself who have not been so lucky to have a person in their life to guide the in the faith. Not everyone has a mentor.

    • SanctusSanctus

      Would you consider the Holy Spirit as your mentor?

  • Annie Bestvina Olney

    How wonderful for you and how delightful for your mother, to know she has done good with her gifts. Give her her a big hug, we never get enough of them.

  • Francine Flood

    You, Matthew, have been my greatest spiritual coach! God led me to purchase one of your Lighthouse Catholic cds after Mass in 2009 and my life has not been the same since! Thank you and God bless you and everyone at Dynamic Catholic!

  • go4th

    Look for a Cursillo event near you! In addition to learning how to live a lay person’s life with the purpose of serving Christ, you will discover a wealth of resources and support for your spiritual journey. There is always a trained spiritual director on the weekend, in addition to small groups that meet to continue the momentum that is started on the weekend. I have been with a group of ladies that help me through questions and challenges, and gently hold me accountable when I start to slack. I am slowly becoming the person that God has called me to be.

  • Rachel

    Like Adam, my number one spiritual coach in life is my mom! In my first years of college, I was tempted to walk away from the Catholic Church in an attempt to find something more “relevant” or “exciting.” All of my friends belonged to different spirit-led denominations, and being around them made me question my own faith tradition. My mom was patient with me as I questioned Catholic principles, and she encouraged me to reconsider the beauty and “genius” of Catholicism again. I probably would have given up on Catholicism all together if it hadn’t been for my mom, and I know I would have missed out on so much spiritual richness…perhaps even missing out on this wonderful Dynamic Catholic community! I am now about to end my college experience, and I plan to teach at a Catholic School upon graduating. Thanks, Mom! <3

  • 7cathy17

    The primary spiritual coaches in my journey have been The Holy Spirit and my Guardian Angel.I didn’t realize this until I relocated to the desert in Las Vegas to be with my Now 86 year old dad.It isn’t an easy journey but one I agreed to and I find that I am in constant dialogue with them.On the human level my early years Our Lady of the Island Shrine Fr Ray Graham,Fr George Werner,Fr Roy Tvrdck.Today St Joseph’s Prayer Center whom I still keep in touch with..When consider the journey I am so greatful for the foundation that was built in me thru them ,that no matter what the fierce storm I encounter I find I have my feet firmly planted which I attribute to their guidence and teaching.This all brings me back to the Holy Spirit the teacher and my receptivity to him in the journey.

  • Seeker

    My father, whose faith was sure and solid especially during his cancer and the last months of his life. He inspired many. And the Dominican Sisters of Grand Rapids MI who taught me for 12 years. These women had a remarkable ability to distill complex theological and doctrinal concepts into age appropriate language that students could understand. (And taught us to read, write and think in the bargain!) Every year I’ve come to appreciate their knowledge and dedication even more. Their website has a wonderful daily blessing that U recommend checking out. Bless you, sisters!

  • Ruth

    I have a lot of spiritual coaches right now in my fiance, my RICA group, bible study, and church. Working towards baptism, in just a few weeks, has been such a rewarding and welcoming experience in general, but having such good coaches around me the whole time has really allowed me to define myself through faith.

  • Kimberly Trapp

    I have a couple of very dear friends, both of whom entered my life in my twenties. We have shared so much through the years, getting married, having children, and all of the ups and downs that life brings. These two women are consistent in their words, their actions, and in their friendship in pointing me to Jesus…wanting me to be a better version of myself, praying for me, and just being the friend in Christ. I pray that they feel reciprocated in our friendships and that both relationships bring glory to God. Thank you Lisa W. and Deanna F. for being my friends.

  • Maggie Duffy

    HUGE shout out to Dynamic Catholic, Matthew Kelly and the team!!!

    My spiritual coaching started from a very young age by my Mom and Dad,Grandmother, Aunts, Uncles, local Priests and friends. All of them had specific impacts on me and my journey towards the spiritual life.

    It wasn’t until I started following the journey of reading Rediscovering Catholicism, listening to Matthew Kelly CD that my spiritual life took a huge turn. I practiced daily visits to my church which lead to weekly adoration, being more engaged at Mass and practicing my faith outside the church walls.

    My local Priest noticed and invited me to join him in monthly one on one spiritual coaching…. that was 10 years ago and we still continue to this day.

    Huge gratitude towards Dynamic Catholic, Matthew Kelly and the team for inspiring and changing lives.

    Take the step towards coaching you’ll never look back and regret it ❤🙏

  • Judy Twomey

    Uncle Rene’, never married, lived humbly with his sister, across the street from a Catholic Church. He lived his entire life as Jesus. In the forties he anonymously paid down the tuition for I and two sisters to attend the local Catholic girls’ high school. This set the foundation for my entire life. Every reunion I witness the Catholic virtues of my classmates. What joy it continues to bring.

  • AB

    I have had many spiritual coaches over the years in family members and friends. When I look back on the events of my life I often wonder where I would be if it hadn’t been for them. I thank God for having put these people in my life when I most needed to have coaching! Later in life I was fortunate enough to have a spiritual director who helped bring me closer to our Lord and Savior. Now I need to be open to coaching again….

  • Jean

    Another good second video also👍🏼

  • trysohard

    A genuine seeker discovers wisdom everywhere and opens up to it. Getting past the worldly delusions and distractions is essential. Honest human contact is not easy to establish but it is worth the effort. Talking about our habits and beliefs. . . sharing our fears and disappointments . . . accepting criticism as well as encouragement . . . learning to accept and seriously consider moral challenges . . . always guided by the Catholic catechism . . . is spiritual direction. We need each other.

  • Laura LaDue

    I’ve had several spiritual coaches over the years. These coaches were the priests of my parish. Some of them seem to reach right out and talk to me during the homily. I find that not all priests or all homilies do that but there are a few that touch my soul.

    • SanctusSanctus

      A great reason to pray for our priests! Come Holy Spirit….

  • Joni

    As I go through life, God sends me spiritual coaches as I need them, and sometimes they are so unexpected, yet they truly help me to get back on my spiritual track in life. Growing up, of course, they were parents. Two years ago I had chemo and am still dealing with side effects. But God was watching and put a special spiritual coach named Michele into my life. Her positivity and support, along with special links she sends me on email have kept me going. I am so blessed.

    • SanctusSanctus

      I love that you receive what you need from God! Awesome!

  • Anita Moody

    I recently attended my parish’s CRHP. I see this as an excellent way to deepen my spiritual journey through relationships with other women who are seeking Christ. I would recommend seeing if your church offers Christ Renews His Parish and attend a weekend. It has given me a much needed boost in my spiritual life.

  • Tony Pantera

    I’ve had a string of spiritual guides beginning with my parents. Along the way, when ever I was ready to understand more, there would be different individuals who were there. At one point it was a girlfriend, another time was a coworker. Currently it is my wife. For me, it is like the old saying, “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.”.

  • Kathie Brater

    I read a lot of books, and have read nearly every book DC has to offer. Started many years ago after I heard Matthew speak at a YMCA function in Cincinnati. I especially like Dr. Allen Hunt also. My former pastor would give classed during Advent and Lent. We discussed the Catechism and different books of the Bible. Knowledge is important. We can always strive to be more learned about our faith.

  • Betty’s Blessing

    My mom has started the spiritual journey and many people have helped along the way. It has been friends, family, church family and even co-workers, since I work at a Diocesan Office. It can be a struggle at time, but we can always do a little more.

  • Peggy

    I started my spiritual journey a couple of years ago when I joined a group of women who were meeting on Monday afternoons to watch and discuss “Catholicism ” by Robert Barron. This group have impacted my life and made me a player in my faith not just an observer. Now instead of attending Mass on Sunday and holy days because that’s what I’m suppose to do, I actually participate and stay in the moment. Meeting this group of women happened right when I felt there was a void in my life. In all my life I never encountered a feeling of being so welcomed and loved. I now attend a Bible study group with them and I definitely consider them my Spiritual Leaders. God know what I needed.

  • Janet Revheim

    The Authentic Catholic Woman by Genevieve S Kineke really helped me return to Catholism and apply my faith to my daily life. I highly recommend this book to all Catholic Women.

  • Ginie

    Spiritual coaches in my life varied with the era. Right now I’m getting a lot out of the Best Lent Ever, the Wild Goose Program at my church, last semester the Alpha program and of course books, the saints, pastors, nuns. But in the early days it was my mother and my father, who was converted when I was 5 and Baptized when I was was 13 after a lengthy effort to get an annulment. Dad’s tenacity and spiritual searches impressed me at a very tender age and help me grow to the woman I am, and helps me to continue to try and grow spiritually.

  • Lea Novak

    My mom provided spiritual direction and guidance until she died (young, at 52!). My husband provides good example of how to show your love by your actions, and I have found a few good friends who provide counsel and are good sounding boards. However, that is not always enough…sometimes I have questions specific to my current state. Sometimes when I go to confession, the confessor helps, but I don’t generally think to ask…I will have to remember that. I have also found books to be great sources for finding inspiration and knowledge of the faith, but you can’t ask a book a personal question and expect an answer.

  • Diana Patulak Ross

    I laughed when I heard Matthew Kelly ask who was “my” spiritual coach because I shouted out “YOU ARE”. And he is one of them as I see my spiritual coaches as the Priests I listen to at Mass and other Holy people who I can learn from even if they don’t realize they are teaching me specifically. Thanks Dynamic Catholic staff!

  • Pat

    As I ramble on life’s journey, I find that Our Lord has given me spiritual coaches in each stepping stone of my life, and for this I am most grateful. Deep gratitude to each and all who listened and gave me their wisdom. May I forever return the blessing.

  • terri crespo

    M mom was a big spiritual coach. Also I started to listen to Fr. Scott Seethaler on the internet a few years ago.
    He has help me with my prayer life and got me through some tough times.

  • Linda Seager

    I feel very blessed to have so many spiritual coaches from my mother, grandmother, and several friends past, present and now.
    This is so true in having the best version of yourself to have spiritual coaches in your life. Thank you for this reminder at Lent.

  • Bethany

    I read about Spiritual Directors and I didn’t know if we had anyone at our Church, so I prayed to God that He lead me to somebody. In the next couple weeks, I walked up to a couple friends after Mass– one who is older than me and who I always admired for her gentleness and great faith. She was telling the other person about how she does Spiritual Direction!!! So I asked her if she could be mine and we’ve been meeting for two years– it’s been the most wonderful thing I’ve ever done! My spiritual life has increased and gotten so much better, so much more intentional– between working through personal issues, to doing Scriptural prayer readings between meetings, to just having someone to share the stories of my life and have her point out where she sees God working that I may not have realized! I highly suggest to everyone to contact your church to see if you have Spiritual Directors there or if they can put you in touch with someone. Everyone needs one!

  • Christine Deacutis

    Growing up the Felician sisters back in the 50’s. Later it was Fr John Randall and the people he linked me with. My mom through her example and my sister through her love. My daughter through her experiences and my pastors through their homilies. My confessors with their compassion and insight. Then all the books …but even more so Christian musicians like Roger Grenier, Jon Polce, Mark Mallett, Matt Mayer and the #Vigil people.. They always bring me to more understanding, deeper and higher places.

  • Elephant

    There have many people in my life who have been able to direct me spiritually in the knowledge of the Church and what certain things mean. But, honestly, the best Spiritual Director I have had has always been the Holy Spirit. He is always the One I turn to and He is the One who has always answered me and guided me in the right ways. My brother tells me I need a therapist due to our upbringing, but my response is I have the best therapist on Earth. Thank you Holy Spirit for your faithfulness.

  • Margaret

    My Spiritual Coach was my mom Helen, she was my coach not just spiritually either . She was the most positive person in everything . My 14 brothers & sisters would all agree. Becoming a widow at 45 and raising 11 children on her own, my mom always looked for guidance for everything that had to do with our family as we all struggled with the sudden loss of my dad, with prayer and guidance from God and the Blessed Mother. As we all grew up and set out in our own , all of us continued to call, visit our mom for our coaching. Sometimes it was coaching for everything going on in our personal lives. And no matter what it was we needed coaching in my mom always brought in how much God loves us and that prayer was so important in ever aspect of our life. To pray the rosary was very important too. Something my mother never failed to do in the morning and evening. I was my mom’s caretaker the last years of her life and I will treasure those years I was blessed to be with her and I will always treasure all the spiritual coaching she gave me every day. I know I am no where near the person my mom was spiritually but I get up & try every day. And if I let myself be quiet I can hear her speaking & coaching me.
    My mom passed at 84 and I was blessed to have her call me that morning, all she said was Margaret. I was at her home 15 min later and she was so peacefully at peace with God in her favorite chair with her rosary beads.
    I miss my mom even after 15 yrs but I talk to her all the time and believe she is still my spiritual coach.

  • Helena Blackowicz

    I did not have a spiritual coach during my first few decades of life. However I experienced many small and not so small miracles in my life that led me on a journey of faith. At about the age of 38 I met a priest who helped me out of despair and started me on saying the Rosary. He helped me out of financial and emotional problems and learning to trust God. I am still on that journey, still experiencing small miracles and growing closer to God through my daughter as well as Bible study and just plain life. I’m not there yet but am on my way.

  • jerseyangel

    I, too, have been looking for a spiritual director for the past couple of years. I have been going to Bible studies, read the Bible, am in a Bible STudy, but it is not a Catholic one. I want to find a spiritual director whom I can talk to, share my faith with, have honest discussions with out judgment. I was involved in a wonderful ministry at my parish while my kids were growing up and I taught CCD for years. All those things have helped grow my faith and my relationship with God. My parish seems to have things during the day and I work during the day. I have started to look outside my parish and most likely will have to go in that direction. The Protestant Bible Study I am in is a home study group. Not only do we study the Bible, but prayer for one another, do things together, do service together. My husband feels comfortable going there, especially since he is not Christian but has always been very supportive of my faith. I want to find something like that in the Catholic church again. I find I not only need the spiritual advice, but the fellowship and acceptance.

    • Tina

      Please, may I suggest something.
      I understand your position. I come from a very Protestant country on the other side of the Atlantic. They interpret the Bible very differently from the way we Catholics do. I wish you could find a few Catholics who live not too far away. Invite them home and sit together with The Catechism (book) of the Catholic Church, and with a Catholic Bible having a lot of explanatory notes. This can be bought through EWTN.
      The catechism book is full of biblical references, so you have no risk of going wrong. Then you can take turns in hosting your Bible study group. This way you make even closer friends. God bless you.

      • jerseyangel

        I so agree with you Tina. That is why I have been trying to find a Catholic group. The funny thing is that most of the people in my group were former Catholics who did not get proper teaching on many subjects. I am currently in another Bible Study at my parish. It is interesting, but very, very academic. Good but doesn’t take care of social and community building

        • Tina

          Normally, when a group with a common goal gathers, socializing and friendships develop almost automatically. I see the dilemma, where academics tend rather to hurry home to their books.
          You still have a lot of options.
          It`s quite possible you may find one in this academic group who likes teaching and explaining things. Seek her or him out. They are usually kind and patient, only too happy to teach and explain.
          Or you can get even one or two of those former Catholics, invite them home for a coffee. Show them the Catholic Catechism book which is full of biblical references. This way you all get to learn the doctrine of The Church. This way you are a saving apostle getting them back.
          Another alternative would be for you to volunteer as a teachers helper, in a Catholic school (of the parish), at a level you yourself would find what you are hearing at that academic level you are attending.
          Wish you all the best. I`ll pray for you. Hope to keep in touch later on this Lenten retreat to hear how things are going for you.

          • jerseyangel

            Thank you Tina for your suggestions. Thanks for your prayers. I so appreciate them.

  • Pat Harris

    My husband and I are fast becoming the oldest members of our family. We are evolving to be the coaches. I am finding it harder to be refreshed as my mentors, coaches, supporters die. Thank you for the suggestions to look in the retired community to find someone to become a spiritual director. I think I need a friend and what a great way to find one!

  • CathieHeenan

    I am truly blessed to have many people to be my spiritual guide. First I had my mother and grandmother growing up. They both taught me right from wrong, to always think about not just myself, but all the people around me. Since their passings, I have all my siblings and my whole entire family, aunts, uncles, cousins, last but not least, my children. My sons guide me in the right direction.

  • Taryn Macary

    I have had many coaches in my spiritual journey: many priests and nuns from two different orders, one a Benedictine monastery, and the other, the Franciscan Sisters of the Eucharist, many, many spiritual books, sharing my spiritual growth and relationship with Christ with my grown daughter, etc.. Ultimately all of the coaching that I have received and will receive is from God, as we are all members of His church/body.

  • Drew Conneen

    I’d like to think that Mathew Kelly has been a spiritual coach through his books and blogs.
    Thank you.

  • Charles Rausch

    Sometimes we don’t realize who are best coaches were. For me certainly it was my father and my mother mom is 90 now and dad passed away last year at 92. They never missed Sunday mass, insisted that we all go while we were living at home at least. Insisted on peace in the family always brought some joy to our lives even when times were tough. There are 12 of us all still alive all enjoy each other’s company we all can still laugh together. Praise the Lord.

  • Emily

    How do you look for a spiritual coach? I’ve been praying about this for a while now and can’t seem to find someone who can direct me spiritually. I’m usually on my own and wish to find guidance in my life.

    • Kathleen Cranford Kelley

      Emily, Is there a person in your life who “believes and loves” you? Not just in the good times but is there for you in the bad times? Who tells you to “Stand up and walk”? That is your spiritual coach.
      If your answer is “no” then you can be someone’s spiritual coach by your love and example. Is there someone in your life who is sick (physically and/ or spirituality) who needs your friendship and love? Your actions as a coach will bring you great joy and inspire others to coach.
      Emily, God Bless you in this enlightened season of Lent!

  • Shonne Farrell

    I never had a person as my spiritual coach, not personally. Books have been my spiritual coach, and Matthew Kelly’s videos. It is hard for me to talk with strangers about my beliefs . I love God and I frequently write him letters in my journal. I have written letters to Jesus and the Father since 1983. I’ve filled over 8 journals. This is how I contemplated on God.

  • Rita Gahr

    In grade school I would say the Sisters of Mercy, in high school the priest and Feliciano Sisters, it was in college that I lost my way and life took a u turn. Most of my adult life was without direction, but I still managed to raise my kids in the Catholic Faith. It wasn’t until 9 year’s ago my life got back on track and I came back to the Church. I decided to meet people in my new Parish by signing up for the Christ Life Series, now I am doing Bible Studies and it just all finally clicked for me.

  • Michelle

    My Husband has been the closest to a spiritual coach, but I would say we have shared that position. There have been times when I have needed him to be that, and he has. There have also been times when that position was mine depending on the circumstances in our lives.

  • Patricia

    Having been blessed with many excellent sources of spiritual direction in my life (my Mom 92 yrs.young at the time first turned me onto Rediscover Catholicism -5 years ago) A deceased Aunt was a huge inspiration in my life mostly the way she lived our faith, I.e. joyful, loving, forgiving and when attending Mass with her, before leaving we tidied up church, replacing all prayerbooks and hymnals in the proper spots. To this day, I try to carry on her example. Two of my greatest directors have been my sister and her adult son who now live together managing his Huntington’s disease.Their faith, trust in God, love and joyfulness for each other and their neighbor, near and far, are so remarkable that words go hollow in an attempt to describe their goodness. My take: It’s God. To those seeking spiritual direction, follow Kelly’s plan, try daily Mass, get to Confession, keep eyes and ears open– see and listen with your heart. Thank you to all in the Dynamic Catholic community. To borrow the words of our pastor “You’re the BEST”.

  • Rosie

    I have had the opportunity to be very involved in my Church and have been comfortable communicating and sharing with the associate pastor in my parish. Even though they change every so often, I have been able to continue a good connection with them and have had many opportunities to get spiritual guidance on any particular subject. My brother, Rob, who has passed was instrumental in my growing in my spiritual life by his actions and just talking with him. Watching him struggle in life and accepting his struggles became a source of inspiration to me also and taught me the value of staying close and building my faith and continuing to grow in all areas of my faith. I still look to him by praying to him and asking him for guidance especially when things become tough because that is what he was best at.

  • Lorann

    For me, one of my spiritual coaches would have to be the Best Lent Ever daily videos and reflections. I know that the daily reflections are helping me to become a better version of myself, not just during this Lenten season, but hopefully as I continue my journey in this life.

  • Magalis Muniz

    Looking back my coaches are my mother, and my friends from work. My mother has always been the voice in my head deciding what right from wrong. My friends, Mercedes and Tom are people who encourage me at work to be the best version of myself. Sometimes I take them for granted but realize right now how blessed I’ve been to have people looking out for me . Thank you God for the people in my life!

  • Kathleen Cranford Kelley

    My childhood pastor, Father O’Dell Heimmer.
    When I was young and my parents got a divorce, Father Heimmer saw goodness and worth in me when I couldn’t.
    Now I think I have certain individuals, who are placed in my life who help me “stand up” in my sad and lonely times. I call these friends, my Angels!
    Adam thank you for sharing your story about your mom, your Angel!

  • Priscilla Connolly

    Since 1988, I’ve been blessed to be part of a church run by the Paulists. Every Paulist priest helped me get closer to God and passed on amazing tools to live life fully with Christ at the center. The Paulists are filled with incredible gifts of the Holy Spirit. I thank them for their devotion to passing on The Good News of Jesus Christ and for helping the community in amazing ways.

  • Pam

    My father was my spiritual coach. He was a man of little words but his actions spoke volumes. He loved to work hard. And he loved to involve everybody in his work. He loved to attend Mass and he loved to involve everybody in his prayer time. He loved family dinners and he loved to involve everybody at the table. When he napped, he loved to get us all in the same room to do just that. Even in his death, he gathered us together and shared his love. What made my father such an extraordinary coach was that he actively sought out others to be with him and he always loved… no matter the situation or circumstance.

  • Dale R Evans

    I have been thinking about this and believe it is complicated. The American culture is dominated by comparison. You can’t be smarter then me and I can’t be smarter then you. I read an article about a women who was an expert on gifted children. They inevitably had a difficult time in school. The journalist said, “They eventually realize and express their gift don’t they?” “No,” was the answer. When I was a little boy and would get into the car with my father to go to the Post Office he would say something like you are smart but not smarter then me, or you have a high IQ but not as high as mine. It drove me crazy as a kid . . . why does he keep saying this? He had graduated from a top university and entered their law school. Both in 1929. The stock market crash and eye problems forced back to the little town of my youth. He never reached his potential. And it seemed our relationship was permanently wounded. Many years later my sister called me and said if I wanted to see Father before he died I better get up there fast as he was in a comma. That Saturday I stayed by his bed and prayed for him. Late in the afternoon he abruptly sat up and began talking and talking. I felt angry he did not seem to even notice me. I felt something like a smack on the side of my head and the Lord said, “Shut up and listen.” I really listened to my Father for the first time in my life. He was making a confession. About something that had happened when he was a young man. It wasn’t the stock market or his eyes. Now that I am an old man I realize how difficult it is to see your children eclipse your accomplishments. Suddenly you are not as important in their life as you had been. The same rule, I think, applies to priests, professors, and coaches.

  • Joy

    My parents, who sacrificed to afford their kids parochial education. Who modeled their own devotion by always going to weekly Mass and participating. Who have always given their all to their family and to lend a hand to neighbors cheerfully. And for supporting our country in call to duty to help democratic freedom prevail and church doors to stand open.

  • Sue

    My Mother was my “Spiritual” coach & I not only did not know it at the time — I resisted it . I left home when I was 17 — so glad to get away from all that “church” stuff. My dad was a Baptist preacher. Being the preachers family we had to be at church every time the doors were open. I know the books of the Bible — I can quote scripture — but I rebelled against all of it. Now — in my life — I have found my home — the Catholic church. I have found God’s love & the teachings of my youth, being raised in a Christian home means so much to me now. I loved my dad — but it was my Mother who taught me so much. My biggest regret is she did not live long enough for me to finally realize what a wonderful “Spiritual” coach she was in my life.

  • Jimmy Smith

    I have several spiritual coaches my men’s prayer group my fiance my preist and other friends and so forth I’m hungry and inquisitive

  • SanctusSanctus

    My “spiritual coaches” include everyone the Holy Spirit has ever used to inspire me!
    My Bible is alive with the Living Word of God, and is therefore speaking to me everytime!
    Have a geat day everyone!

  • Colleen Braun

    My parents who raised 10 children and attended daily mass! They put all of us through Catholic school from grades 1-12!!! We sat down as a family and prayed before and after meals! In good times and bad they taught us by example and prayers to always turn to God and everyone in heaven!
    The priest and nuns at our parish who were always willing to listen and counsel us!
    Religious people at our parish!

  • Sue

    Actually there have been many over the years. When my self-esteem was at its lowest a beautiful young Sister saw potential in me. Sr. Helen encouraged me and asked me to be the CRE of our parish. Through the process I learned from her guidance and example and my life turned around. Every priest I have encountered has contributed to my spiritual growth.
    About 10 yrs ago another Sister, Sister Francis, create a study group of women, all in their mid-fifties. We called ourselves Women at the Well. She challenged us, encouraged us to delve deeper in our spiritual journey.
    Recently I participated in the CHRP experience. As I went through formation our spiritual leader kept me on track with daily emails, and reminders to read the daily Scriptures and to pray alway.
    This is just a few examples of spiritual coaches that have made a huge difference in my Spiritual Journey. I continue to be open to the opportunities the Holy Spirit lays before me that I may move further along towards excellence in my spiritual life.

  • Maryanne Sockey

    I’d say my dad is my spiritual coach, he is the custodian for the National Pilgrim Virgin Statue of Fatima so he is away a lot, but when he is home he has amazing stories to tell, often also about his troubles along the road traveling from church to church, such as needing manpower to guard the statue while he gets a break. Always he talks about praying for help and God and Mary have provided in some way. When I start getting panicky because things are spiraling out of my control, I think of my dad’s faith in God and Mary, and how much more in control they are.

    Something powerful he said to me once happened one winter when I slid into a ditch on the way to my favorite class. As I slid towards it I shouted at God, “Don’t you dare let me fall!” But I fell. After venting my frustration with God to my dad when he came and got me, he said, “Remember, Aslan is not a tame lion.” That always sticks with me when I want things to happen my way, but God clearly has other plans for me.

  • Ed Graveline

    Father Terence Reilly, OP was my spiritual coach. He taught me about love. How to love. How God IS love. God rest his soul. I miss him and all the talks we had for 40 years.

  • My friend Maria — and a priest in Novosibirsk, Russia. I’ve been very blessed with a series of spiritual coaches in my life! When there’s not a specific person coaching me, spiritual reading and Confession carry me through.

  • K. D.

    If I look back on my life, there have been many…what a blessing. My best advisor now, is a humble 92 year old friend who has suffered through illnesses, loss of three children and her husband, yet she insists that God spoils her! She is absolutely walking a close walk with God, and her insights are beautiful, her stories touch my heart and inspire me. I have learned so much about what a “living” faith looks through being around her. She thinks in her humility that she has nothing to offer, she has lived a simple life and is no different than anyone else…not true! She has such a grateful heart, a gentile, loving spirit…when I am with her, I feel as though I am sitting at the feet of a disciple. I am so thankful for her warm presence in my life and for her “coaching”…

  • Maria

    Ever since I’ve started college, I’ve been a part of a university parish that works for the spiritual formation of college students. I’ve gone there for several years now and participated in many of its events. The people there provide a safe and encouraging environment for anyone seeking to grow in the spiritual life. It recently received some FOCUS missionaries for the first time to reach out to more students. I am very happy to be a part of such a parish and ALL the people there have helped me grow in my spiritual journey while in college. I’m always glad to be a part of it.

  • Paul

    I feel that my spiritual coach was a priest who taught me in high school. He was the first man to be ordained in a wheelchair. Even being a quadriplegic could not keep this man from achieving his goals. Even after his passing, I still pray to him often for the strength I need to get over life’s hurdles. The process of canonization has begun for him, and I pray that it continues to his sainthood.
    Thanks for your continued support Fr. Bill!

  • Phyllis Tubbs-Gingerich

    Will you continue to publish videos after Lent? These daily presentations have been so enlightening that I don’t want them to stop. I watch these in-between seeing patients at my Lymphedema and Cancer Care Clinic. They help me help my patients through the worst days and times of their lives. Thank you for helping me help them.

    • Dynamic Catholic

      Hi Phyllis,
      We’re so glad you’re enjoying the program! We won’t have new, daily videos after Lent, but these videos will remain up for a while so you can re-watch any that you find particularly inspiring. Also, we do have daily reflection emails that consist of an inspiring message which go out each day when we aren’t in the midst of a program like Best Lent Ever. You can sign up for them here:

      Thanks again for your feedback. If there’s anything else we can do for you, just let us know! We are here to serve.

      • Tina Xinastle

        Thank you!!

  • christol murch

    A source of coaching for me has been from many sources, but spiritual speakers and books have proven to help me the most. After listening to Robert Wicks during a retreat, I purchased a great book, “Everyday Simplicity, A Guide to Spiritual Growth” which I have read and reread many times.

  • seakiev

    Please pray for me! I have searching for a writing job for over a year with no luck. I have made it a matter of constant prayer but still remain under-employed, I have a part-time job but not full-time. I need a job for the practical obligations such as rent and food and bills. I know that God hears my prayers and I trust in his wisdom and love, however, I need full-time employment very badly and feel discouraged. Thank you for your prayers.

  • Paula Hecker

    My grandparents were a tremendous influence in my spiritual life. They included my sister and me whenever they volunteered for the church. When we spent the night, the first thing in the morning they would have the morning news on silent, and be praying the rosary together! They never preached to me more than encouraging me and celebrating when I received the sacraments, but their actions spoke volumes! May they rest in peace!

  • Marlene

    First on the list is Fr Rober Bauer (Fr Bob) our parish priest in the Archdiocese of Detroit. The next is the wonderful people involved in the Cursillo movement of the Detroit Archdiocese. In Cursillo we openly discuss our faith as it relates to our study, piety and action through grouping. Then there is Debbie Read my God parent and sponsor who guided me through RCIA and that difficult neophyte year. There is also Catholic Answers their radio and books, Dynamic Catholic, cds books and currently watching movies about saints. Finally, I can not say enough about the spiritual direction achieved through reconciliation.

  • MaryAnne Casaul

    Over the years my spiritual coaches have varied. My grandmother when I was a child. Certain priests. Sometimes a friend. Currently, I have been reading spiritual books to guide me through my daily struggles. Reading the bible and letting God coach me through the Holy Spirit has been my main source of assistance. This Best Lent Ever and daily reflections has also helped me. I’m grateful to have been led to you!

    • OntheFritz

      What books are you reading? I’d love some recommendations as I love to read spiritual books and look to books for guidance and coaching. Thank you!

      • MaryAnne Casaul

        OntheFritz I am currently reading Power Thoughts a follow up book to Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer. I would suggest Battlefield of the Mind first if you have never read any of her books. In her Power Thoughts book she provides twelve strategies by using bible verse and recommends daily bible study to assist and positively affect every area of life. I was never one to watch evangelists on television, but one day I was flipping through and I couldn’t get myself to switch the channel. I bought Battlefield of the Mind and it went on from there. I can say that her books have definitely helped me get more in touch with the Word and helped me to practice it in my everyday life.

        • OntheFritz

          MaryAnne thank you for the recommendation!

  • MCE

    For me going to mass and listening to the homilies. We have an awesome priest at Christ our Light church. I have recently returned to the catholic church after many moves. I am always shy and afraid to go to a new church by my self. My children have all grown and my husband is not catholic. The first time I went to this church I felt very welcomed. I also started to go to the church in our snowbird town in Florida. I picked up a couple of prayer pamphlets and the Divine Mercy Chaplet. The one booklet I picked up was called the “The Wonders of The Holy Name” by Fr. Paul O’Sullivan. I get a lot of spiritual direction from reading this.

  • Sherry McCollum

    I would not think I had just one spiritual advisor in my life but I did not even know they existed until I became Catholic. My entire parish is my spiritual coach where I have learned more about my faith just attending mass and meeting people and sharing the Word of God. When I read to the congregation, I can only hope that I am their spiritual coach.

  • Joyce Roy

    Thank you so much for this great inspirational videos. Thanks to Matthew Kelly my husband and I went to Mass everyday his week, on the prompting of Matthew. Love Matthew’s videos.

  • Lisa

    My best friend seems to understand my husband. I’ll say I think I will do this or say that to my husband and she will say something like, don’t be surprised if he says this. Then I think about that and maybe change up what I planned so it works out better.
    As for strictly spiritual things, I like to think Jesus is guiding me. I will find people or books at the right time. I remember wanting to be baptized in the spirit and asking Him how to do that. At the back of the church was a poster for a Life in the Spirit seminar. I can go years spiritually charged on one thing and then it starts to wane and I look for the next thing that will keep me connected to God. Currently, I have “the Best Lent Ever”. It was exactly what I was looking for just now.

  • Marguerita Guerra

    Nancy and my Dad have been spiritual coaches for me. I met Nancy two years after graduating from college and she invited me to ST. Martha’s church in Kingwood, TX. My daughter did her first communion and confirmation there, my husband and I married at St. Martha’s. We are still members. Nancy also assisted me in praying the rosary daily. My Dad always referred to the Bible when we discussed issues or occurrences. He was so kind and compassionate and I try to model his charity and giving heart.

  • J Schodron

    My parish priest is the key and then there are a couple other parish members that are very active in the church and encouraging in times that I need a boost. There are simply too many to name. As I have told my kids, you need to choose good people to associate with.

  • Michele M C

    I am beyond blessed to be in a vibrant and spirit filled church. Our pastor and staff are constantly feeding us, leading us and challenging us to grow in our faith. There are innumerable people that I have met through my small groups, bible study, ministry work, and missionary work that lead me spiritually.

  • Steven Sisman

    My wife is my great coach and encourager. So is my Mom and friends from Curcillo. Attending daily mass during the week is a coaching experience where I feel a sense of joy, hope, renewal and perspective that good coaching relationships provide as well. As Matthew said in today’s video, there are so many people who coach us without it being an “official” coaching session. Watching today’s video reminded me of all the people who have helped me or put in a word of encouragement and perspective when I needed it. I hope to do the same for others.

  • Lou Stasny

    I attended Catholic school for 12 years but, I was a Baptist during those years. I learned a lot about all things Catholic, then less than a year later I entered the church. In my early childhood I was close to my grandmother and she enstilled a lot of the Bible in me, then there was my mom who did the same. Some other important coaches have been, making a Cursillo, making retreats and hearing some wonderful speakers, working closely with the team on RCIA for five beautiful years until the priest was transferred. Since then a group of us meet in our homes once a month to discuss a chapter we have read in a spiritual book. We choose the book together and discuss a chapter. Books can be wonderful coaches too. I have been blessed with many coaches so thank you for help in remembering and calling to mind each of them.

  • David Winslett

    I converted to Catholicism late in life and RCIA

  • NancyB

    I have two spiritual coaches who coach me by example. One is my mother-in-law, and the second is my deceased grandfather. I remember my grandfather sitting in his favorite chair every night, praying his rosary. Grandpa was a quiet man and did not hear well as he aged, but I am filled with joy when I think of him in his chair. Thanks, Gramps. My more current one is my mother-in-law. She is our family prayer warrior. I look to her as I become the best version of myself as she is a wonderful role model. I have told her often through the years, that I married her son, to become part of her family. I am blessed. My pastor, Fr Ron, is my spiritual coach who walks with me on my faith journey and helps me follow the past to Jesus every day. He challenges me in so many ways. I am so grateful that he came to our parish several years ago. God bless you all on your journey.


    Anyone that needs a spiritual director and lives near Overland Park KS can contact Apostles of Interior Life. Their charism is Spiritual Direction and they do a great service to people in that area and many others as well both in the US and Italy.

  • RD

    I related to having the saints be our spiritual coaches. The spirituality of St. Theresa the Little Flower has impacted me for many years. Her “little way” of trying to make every act, (even routine and mundane chores or interactions) acts of love is a beautiful teaching. Uniting our sufferings to Jesus’ sufferings; and actively taking into our hearts, the mercy Jesus offers to the world, from the cross, are two more of her teachings. Contemplating these things and trying to live them, draw us very close to Jesus. They open our eyes to the people around us who are broken-hearted or feel far from Jesus, and encourage us to reach out, or at least pray for, these souls to try and help them understand–Jesus loves you. We are all called to be holy–called to get to know God’s love, embrace it, and then share it with everyone around us. Reading the writings of the saints is wonderful coaching, telling us concrete ways to do all of these things. St. Theresa, pray for us.

  • RAR

    Spiritual Coach….hmmm? I guess I would have to say Matthew Kelly with his first book and many that I’ve read after that. I admire his spiritual insight and his drive to help other people along the journey. I have been traveling with my job for several years and have had to depend on books to feed me and fuel me and keep me grounded in faith. I am a medical provider and have been traveling to American Native Indian Reservations to treat patients for the past eight years…. it’s tough being so far away from family and have needed my faith.
    Thank you Matthew Kelly and Dynamic Catholic.

  • Luis Teto Alvarez

    Soooo many people! I have been blessed to share my life with tons of “spiritual guides”, from my parents to my wife, and inbetween there are teachers, priests, fellow church movement goers, choir directors, friends, exgirlfriends.
    To be more accurate, the person that has had a bigger impact in my life, has been my father. He is not a saint, none of us are, of course, but he had a much rougher time getting close to God. Nowadays he is still no saint, but he has found a way to provide me with the tools to find God “on my own”, surrounding me with the correct people, giving me a catholic school education, teaching me to go to mass every sunday and receive the Eucharist (even if he would not receive it himself), showing me readings and practices that would encourage and enrich my spiritual life.
    Thank Dear God for my father!

  • wompi

    My Spiritual Coach is my mom. My dad is Native American and my mom is of French decent and a Catholic. My parents we married by the Justice of the Peace and did not have their marriage blessed until 25 years after they were married. There are three children myself, my sister and brother we were all baptized and brought up catholic and received all the sacraments. As a child mom enrolled us in Catholic School and attended Mass every Sunday she did not receive the Eucharist because of her marital circumstances. At 80 years of age my dad became a catholic my brother was his RCIA teacher. I left the church for a very long while and a tragedy in the family drew me back to God and participating at Mass with mom and teaching First Communion with her for a few years. Mom is now 87 and still faithfully attending Mass and receiving the Eucharist and dad is 91 and suffers from Alzsheimer Disease. Mom helped me to understand the importance of having God and the Sacraments as part of my live. She is my Spiritual Coach.

  • Sarena

    My Late-Father, My Mother, My Grandmother, My Great-Grandmother, Friends/Neighbors, and the Church.

  • Trudy Ray Parmarter

    My husband and I discussed this and both of us feel that different friends and clergy throughout our years have been our spiritual mentors/coaches. We also “coach” each other and have mentored many teens and young adults ; some who lived with us at times. God has truly blessed and enriched our lives through all these experiences. We are very grateful.

  • Michele

    Adam, thank you for your video. I’m not sure what it was (I will need to reflect more), but it moved me almost to tears when you said you hear your moms voice telling you “Son, get up and walk.” Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  • Ann Albosta

    First, I want to say your mother has reared a most thoughtful, introspective man! To be compared even in the slightest way to the Holy Spirit is a supreme compliment! God Bless your Mom as he has blessed you!!
    Then, I whole heatedly agree that my Mom was my most notable “life coach” to me and my brothers. She showed us, she told us, & she discussed many issues that have influenced big decisions that have altered and challenged me in my life. Thanks to the Holy Spirit who guides and challenged those who listen.

  • Amy

    I haven’t read all of the comments, so maybe someone else brought this up, but what about godparents or confirmation sponsors? I think the Catholic church sets up baptism and confirmation with godparents and sponsors to act as spiritual coaches. I’ll admit I haven’t sought out these people in my life for direction, but I think they are there for this reason.

  • Prolifedem6M

    There have been so many, I may not mention them all.
    First, were the wonderful Franciscan nuns who gave me such a firm foundation in understanding the faith.
    Next came my experience with the Legion of Mary which renewed my faith when I was about to lose it.
    Then, there was a marvelous “Folk Mass community” with is “special liturgies” and home masses with dialog homilies that could last an hour and a half. These certainly showed me what real faith is like.
    Then, there have been several spiritual directors who were willing to take their time with me,.
    I have been most fortunate in finding coaches and I praise God for his goodness in putting them into my life.

  • Pearl Brown

    My mom and Father Murphy. My mom is gone now but I can still hear her voice. She loved Lent it was her special time of the year. Father Murphy his homlies really hit home in my life

  • Renee Hill

    R Hill
    Matthew Kelly. Wish I would have know about him earlier in my life.

  • Renee Rina Cauchi Bowman

    I have to say that my husband was one of the best couches for me. Although he is not catholic or attend any other church, he is one good man and always wanting to do what is right. I always admired his honesty and never want to hurt anyone. I also loved how he always backed me up with teaching the our kids the catholic religion.

  • Suzanne Beurer Nader

    The Lord has blessed me with many coaches as I journey through life. In my younger years I leaned on my mom. Then I began to seek different coaches, both spiritual and personal in terms of my career goals. I have always been quite introspective and I have a special closeness to St. Therese of Lisieux. She was so endearing to the child, Jesus, and the Eucharist. Her health was not strong, but she dedicated her entire life to pleasing God. She prayed for missionaries and felt she could help change the world in her “little way.” I chose her name at Confirmation. I have always loved flowers, and I am drawn to signs and symbols. When my prayers have been heard I often receive a rose in some way. I know then that St. Therese is intervening. I can surrender to God’s will in my life.

  • Peg

    Adam, I truly sensed the closeness and love you have for your Mom and it warmed my heart! God Bless You!

  • Sandra

    I have had many spiritual coaches in my life. My mom, dad, sister in law,aunts,uncles,cousins,friends,priest,husband, faith community. I’d like to add Matthew Kelly to my list. God sends so many places to find
    spiritual direction. Thankyou ❤

  • Jane Lenzer

    My first spiritual coaches were my Mom and Dad, but mostly, my Mom. She is gone now and l have depended on scripture readings, and Jesus’ Holy Spirit for wisdom. l’m very sad to say that, as a cradle catholic, l’ve never heard of spiritual coaching in any parish where l have lived. l will say that l would be willing to coach anyone one here who feels the need/call. l don’t know everything, but l have lived through more than you could guess and come out still loving Jesus. Every best wish!

  • Susan Henderson

    My first spiritual coach was my confessor/spiritual director at the Newman Ctr where I went to college. A priest who was an alcoholic & addict in recovery, he gave me the tools/help to overcome my own addiction. I give many thanks to God for him. Other spiritual mentors came in the pro-life movement, particularly a couple who were parents of 10 children 2 of whom had CF. I was able to see that rejecting children was a rejection of the gifts God wanted to give. They helped me to be open to life, to trust God with NFP, and to really examine whether there were serious reasons to postpone another child. These people were poor, but trusted God in everything, and they had a happy home life. They, along with others, both Catholic and Protestant, taught me to pray. Scott Hahn has also been a powerful spiritual example & mentor through his talks & books. I also am very thankful to the women of Regnum Christi who came into my life when I was ready to bolt out of the Catholic Church, and who have been companions in the quest for holiness, spiritual examples, and friends who have been with me through the best and the worst that life has to offer. They have kept me grounded and always have helped me to seek excellence in the spiritual life.

  • Sandra

    I’d like to add to my earlier post that my most profound Spiritual direction
    comes from God himself ❤

  • Judy

    I went to a spiritual director during a very turbulent time in life. A Redemptorist priest friend connected me with the, then, co-vicar for Women Religious in my diocese. I learned so much, especially about peace in the moment.

  • Nicole M.

    Ever since I was little, my grandma has always been my go to when it comes to a spiritual coach. Any time I had a question about anything, I knew she always had an answer. I’ve been blessed with a family who is active in our religious lives. It’s a good feeling to know that I can always count on God, but also my family.

  • Daniel Spieker

    I love and miss my Uncle Gregory. He was a good male role model to me. He would encourage me to attend confession, do good works, and many more things. He passed over year ago from a heart attack. He helped molded me in what a Catholic man, father, and husband should be. He was a great coach.

  • bob brand

    My wife has been my spiritual coach for 43 years, but I didn’t earnestly listen to her until last year. While I am ashamed of my resistance, but it proves the point that you can always turn it around and become a better version of yourself.

  • Cat Downing

    My parents, great books of the Bible and saints, great confessors, Matthew Kelly books and videos, Scott Hahn, mother Teresa, all the popes books and writings, I never let a single day go by without prayer and spiritual reading, our church has an extensive library. If I’m suffering that day from illness I offer it up with some prayers, Time spent just being kinder than necessary to every one I meet that day especially family all helps me be closer to God and increases my happy meter x pi😌🙂

  • Arthur Brown

    Thank you for your story. I have been able not to concentrate on me and through praying and living for God my marriage has benefited now we are on 40 years of marriage and have known each other for 41. My wife has been very sick and God has put prayer and patience in my life to help me love my wife more as a human being we never know how long we have left before we leave or leave others behind to be with God. I try to have God teach me everyday and fill me with wisdom to do His will. May God Bless you on your Spiritual Lenten Journey with God, Christ and the Holy Spirit.

  • Eduardo

    I belong to a 12 step group, In it I find spiritual coaching, through my sponsor ,and the collective wisdom inspired by God that has been augmented for over 20 years of weekly meetings. I thank God for this precious unconditional love that I find in this group. I wish the Catholic Church would adopt some of the pricipals that are practiced in these groups, where broken men and women give hope and help eachother find a relationship with God. This is a true blessing.!!

  • Zoe

    Wow! I honestly DON’T KNOW! I suppose….The Holy Spirit, and Saint Clare of Assisi. She’s my Patron Saint. I DREAM of actually taking Holy Orders one day….Entering a Franciscan Convent, maybe. If I am ever able to realize this dream, and be accepted into an Order, I hope to be known as Zoe Clare!

    I KIND OF have sort of….CHOSEN an OLDER SISTER. I don’t think she knows it though. I think, if she actually KNEW the level of esteem I have for her, and how I really FEEL about her….I think it might scare her; but I look to ALICE as my BIG SISTER in the faith. I don’t see her very often, because she spends only PART of the year in my region, and goes….somewhere ELSE for the other part of the year, and I miss her terribly, when she’s gone. I never known, when I’ll see her again.

  • Roxanne

    the following books have been extremely helpful to me in my spiritual journey: The Spiritual Life by Father Jean Nicolas Grou, My Other Self by Clarence Enzler, Live Today Well by FR Thomas Dailey, Navigating the Interior Life by Daniel Burke and Holiness by Dom Hubert Van Zeller. God bless

  • Alice Ann Hengesbach

    Thank you for taking the time to respond. Blessings to you during this 24.

  • M Pull

    Thank you everyone for all your wonderful comments. I pray my husband’s courage touched each of you. I praise GOD everyday for HIS faithfulness to me. Some days are difficult but really, I know GOD is with me. My husband would have loved everyone of Matthew Kelly’s books. Enjoy today and breath the breath given you today,

  • Roxanne

    Almost forgot the bible. The books in the bible that have been especially helpful are:
    Old Testament…Sirach
    New Testament…James

  • Niove Candida Rosario

    I have a friend who is very spiritual and who has been my source of strength in many difficult times in my life. She will recommend novenas, prayers, will pray with me, sends me books, CDs, pamphlets, and everything she believes will help me. I don’t consider her my spiritual director but I am blessed for having her in my life. I started going to regular confessions at a parish near my job where I was going for daily Mass and I love Fr John. My job moved in January and I have not been to confession since as so far he is the only one I see myself confessing to. I will make a point to go to him on Saturdays even though he is far from my home. I miss going to confession.

  • Dawn Holsen

    My parents were both my best coaches, but my mom taught me from little on that you can’t get smart on your own. At a time when people were very narrow minded about their religion, I heard my mom telling a neighbor about a prayer I was saying in kindergarten. The woman said it wasn’t any good because it wasn’t a Catholic prayer. My mother replied that any prayer to God is a good prayer. So wise! Dawn H.

  • Rosa

    Adam Lewis touched my heart. He reminded me my relationship with my daughters. They are married and living in U.S. However, I hope that they remember like Lewis does they spiritual roots. Also follow God’s path.
    Thank you Lewis. BLESSINGS

  • Susan Budak Runne

    Adam! I love that… Get up and walk. That is my message for the day. I have a dear friend that coaches me. He is a deacon at our church. He has a prayer he got from his mom. Simple. Here it is- Lord Jesus son of the living God, have mercy on me a sinner. It reminds me that I am a sinner and to be humble.

  • Kathy Berryman

    Mathew Kelly you have been my coach and mentor thru all of lent by your inspirational videos! Could this continue every day you are changing my life!!!

  • Paula Gregory

    Matthew Kelly

  • Amy Reinhardt

    One of my best friends, Mary, is the most spiritually driven women in my life. She lights up every room with her love for Christ and desire to better herself as His follower. I love our conversations because they always lead back to our shared faith. She is in Hawaii right now, and she’s been there for a couple months now, and I miss her physical presence so much. But even though she’s hundreds of miles away, she still takes the time to check in with me and make sure I’m doing okay. She is definitely a guardian angel of mine. When we’re together, one of the things she always asks me is, “How’s your prayer life?” This shows me that she cares about my path to Heaven and she cares about the choices I’m making to get there.

  • Regina

    Since 1985 my husband and I have been involved in the music liturgy, in choir, 3 different ones actually. Through the music directors and the music we became more deeply connected to the Mass and all aspects of our faith journey. I also have to say besides my parents, I remain ever grateful to all of the priests and nuns who’ve played a huge part in my deep sense of faith and my spiritual journey. I am uplifted now by many sources and one important factor now is my connection with the Cursillo group. Many people as well as the Holy Spirit have directed my spiritual life.

  • Jeannie Meeh

    Matthew Kelly! and Scott Hahn and C.S. Lewis and several other authors of Christian themes. Also I’ve been blessed to have several wonderful pastors who are very insightful. And quite often, I believe Jesus and Mary coach me as well.

  • I’ve had many spiritual coaches via books over the years, St Theresa of Avila was the one who introduced me to the interior life when I read her Life. I’ve also been blessed to have a living and breathing spiritual director these past 7 years. It seems like God always provide the spiritual coaching/encouragement that I need at the moment. Right now, the Best Lent Ever is my spiritual coaching for Lent.

  • Debra Kyser

    I had spiritual coaches when i was a young evangelical Christian. I do not have anyone right now and I miss it. I no longer have a family, as my children are young adults themselves and have their own families. I am divorced and have some health challenges.

  • Kathleen Cranford Kelley

    From Pope Francis’ Daily Homily, Pope Francis concluded that the Lord tells us to take hold of our life, be it beautiful or difficult and move on “Rise” “Do not be afraid, go ahead carrying your mat”

  • Francois

    Your husband was so excited because he was going to meet the KING. Wow! That is so beautiful! I can relate to that… God bless your husband’s soul. God bless you and your loved ones.

  • lizmvr

    Bob, one of my brother’s friends, has been helpful recently to me in my spiritual life. He’s given me ideas on how to talk with my brother, who is currently denying God, and Bob has also just encouraged me to pray. I’m really grateful for him and his wife, whom I know Bob consults before giving me advice too.

  • Ava

    My soul sister, church family, priest, nuns, an ex nun… I could go on and on. I have friends in many places because some how word has gotten around about my calling to be a nun.

  • Julie Concannon

    Oh this is such a relevant topic for me. My whole life, I have sought out spiritual coaches. Some of the best writings have come from Mother Theresa and St. Catherine of Sienna. My dream has always been to be able to talk comfortably with a spiritual coach on a daily basis. I know that is nearly impossible, but I keep praying for it each day.

  • Lydia

    Mother Angelica has been the coach to my spiritual journey. It was because of surfing TV shows that I happened to land on EWTN when Mother Angelica was speaking about God being loving, merciful, and able to forgive any sins. I obtained courage from this show and entered into a church, two years later I realized through more knowledge from EWTN that I knew I had to become Catholic. I entered the RCIA at St. Paul. I was anointed into the Catholic church two days before Mother Angelica returned to our Father. I wrote the sisters and thanked them and the network Mother had created through faith for journey.

    • Chris

      I have just started tuning into EWTN this Lent. Wow!!! I love to listen to Dr. David Anders on Called to Communion, incredibly bright answers. The Journey Home show has great conversion stories. My favorite app for my iPhone and iPad is Lauderate, it’s free. The prayers and interactive rosary and divine mercy chaplet are wonderful. Check that out!

  • Michael Ennis

    My parents, my grandparents, and God Himself have all coached me in my spiritual journey. Currently my wife and God are my coaches.

  • LJ

    Early on in life I had coaches, now I look for a soul mate and cannot even find a friend who has integrity.

  • Chris

    My favorite priest introduced me to the thought of really studying our Saints. So I would say our beautiful Catholic Saints are my spiritual coaches. If you haven’t heard of Padre Pio please read about him…talk about amazing!

  • Leah Allen

    I feel blessed as I have had spiritual coaches come and go all my life. As a child my parents did not attend church . The elderly lady is Tinsley across the street from us was my spiritual coach as a child and had given me a Bible . The receptionist at my moms office was another spiritual coach along the way . As a teenager it was a dearly loved friend who has passed away now . Then it was the neighbor across the street when I was a young mother . Then it was A friend of mine he was a preacher and then my sponsor when I became Catholic. I was a youth leader and had a spiritual advisor as well as the most wonderful priest ever, who has also passed away. The mini you I thought every three years cosched me as well. It then became an older sister of a school friend I grew up with and now it has become my friend of over 30 years. God has blessed my journey so far! I know He will always provide!

  • Kim Bordelon

    How truly wonderful you were able to share that with him, if only for a short time.How important it is to appreciate the time you have with loved ones.I applaud the Matthew Kelly team as I listen to them as they share their stories, I’m in awe to see how strong they faith is, to look at their devotion they don’t look any different than I do, but have a welcome genuine spirit that I can connect with .They are truly my spiritual mentors.Thank you team thank you.

  • There are but only a few people who have come and gone through my life that I would identify as spiritual coaches. What that means is that I haven’t sought a coach and have relied on situations to merely present themselves. This was such a wake-up call for me, to not only seek a spiritual coach, but to be one to my daughters. What a great spiritual foundation Adam received from his mother.

  • Francesca Rehal

    My mother is my spiritual coach. She has always been that for me. She is such a beautiful person, both inside and out. She inspires me to this day, at the age of 88! I am so blessed to have her in my life. I follow my parents’ example and strive to live with spiritual excellence.

  • Lori Grajek

    So many people/groups have helped me in my spiritual walk. First my parents and grandparents, then my church youth group, then some Christian musicians like Keith Green inspired me, then my husband and friends who led me to The Church and most importantly the Holy Spirit who has been behind it all! God bless us all as we continue to grow in Christ!

  • Linda Carmelle

    My spiritual coach was my grandpa, he role modeled how to pray,read the bible,write prayers,both his own and find to copy ones by hand from others. He did all of this with only a 3rd grade education. I still kept all his well worn prayer books and photo cards,and papers,the picture of the alter he had in his room etc. I didn’t always know and appreciate him at the time ,but hindsight and having all those memories sure helps me now. I miss you Grampa,you are in my heart and on my mind,Thank You for guiding me! I <3 U!