March 21: Tuesday Nights

Day 18

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Well we’re halfway through Lent. Congratulations for making it halfway!

I’m always amazed that in this age of technology, we can tell how many people stop the program and when they stop. We can tell if people watched twenty seconds of a video or all of a video. We can tell what percentage of people watch a whole video versus what percentage of people tune out of a video. We can tell how many people last seven days through the program, how many people make it halfway, and how many people make it all the way.

Resistance will slay a lot of people along the way, but resistance hasn’t slain you yet. So, I want to congratulate you for making it halfway. We’re praying for you. Make it all the way through Lent on this great, great spiritual journey we’re having together, to create the best Lent ever.

One of the central experiences of our faith is the experience of Mass.

I fell in love with the Mass on Tuesday nights. There was a Mass every Tuesday night in our parish, and my spiritual mentor really challenged me to go to Mass one weekday each week.

I am not a morning person at all, and in our parish, Mass was at 6:30 every morning. I used to have to get up to go to that as an altar boy when I was a little kid, but certainly when I was 17, I wasn’t getting up for the 6:30 Mass. So I used to go Tuesday nights. They used to have Mass at 7:30, and there were probably only, I don’t know, a dozen people. They had it in the big church—it probably held 800 people. It was a very intimate experience, and in that intimacy I experienced the Mass differently.

But I think the big thing is, I started to listen differently. I listened differently to the prayers. I listened differently to the homily, which was always just this one-minute homily. Our priest would give this one-minute homily—it was just one thing to think about. It was beautiful. It was powerful.

I used to listen differently to the Mass on that Tuesday night. I don’t know what that was . . . I don’t know if it was intimacy, I don’t know if it was the absence of all the distractions. I don’t know what it was, but it was different for me, and it really had an enormous impact on me.

I got a challenge I like to give to people. I like to challenge people with this because I think it changes their lives. I think it transforms their faith experience. I want to present that challenge for you today, but it’s a challenge that is not necessarily for today. If you want to lift it up for today that’s fantastic, but it doesn’t have to be for today.

The challenge is this: One week in the next year, I challenge you to go to Mass every day for a week. One week, sometime in the next year. It can be any time you want. The one thing you probably could do today is put it on your schedule.

Go to Mass every day for a week, and reflect on how you are different. Just reflect on how that affects you. Just reflect on how you see the Mass differently, experience God differently through the Mass during that week, because there will be differences. And you will find that the Mass nurtures you in new and different ways.

It’s a great challenge. Will it be easy? No, it absolutely won’t be. Convenient? Absolutely not. If you want convenience, you should stop trying to be a Christian right now. There’s absolutely nothing convenient about Christianity. Christianity is inconvenient because Christianity is love. And love is not about self, it’s not about us, it’s not about what we want. It’s not about those things. Love is about getting outside of ourselves, laying down our lives for other people . . . and that’s difficult and inconvenient. That’s love, and that’s Christianity.

But I promise you, if you make the effort to go to Mass every day for a week, your life will be different in wonderful ways.

“The prayers of the Mass are both ancient and fresh. They speak of yesterday and apply to your life and mine today. I fell in love with the Mass during weekday Masses, because it was there in those intimate experiences that I really started to understand it.”

Matthew Kelly, Resisting Happiness

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Once you understand that God has an incredible dream for you, once you grasp that God wants you to become the-best-version-of-yourself and help others to do the same, and once you start to listen to the prayers of the Mass with all this in mind, you very quickly discover that there is genius in Catholicism.


Go to Mass twice this week, Sunday and any other day you like. Pay attention to how it focuses you and fills you with peace.


Jesus, thank you for inviting me to spend more time with you. Fill that time with your grace, love, patience, and peace.

Today’s personal reflection features Dynamic Catholic team member Sheryl Wood. Sheryl is one of our accounting associates and comes to us from Denver, Colorado. Sheryl has played the piano since kindergarten, learned to scuba dive in Hawaii, and has been on two pilgrimages in the last three years.

How has daily Mass impacted you?

Let us know in the comments!

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  • Michael Baur

    I normally do not go to daily mass. There have been a couple of times when I went to Saturday morning Mass with my fiancé and a groupie of church friends. The mass itself was great wat to start your day, it really help you focus.

  • Mary Lehett

    there is an absolute intimacy in the daily mass. I attend daily mass 2-4 times a week. Thank you for these Best of Lent devotional. I enjoy reading the transcripts so I can take notes.

  • Karen

    I don’t remember the first time I went to daily mass as an adult but it affected me deeply. I find thirsting for opportunities to attend (our parish daily mass is at 8:15 am which makes it hard when you have to be at work by 8:30).

    I was on spring break last week and attended daily mass every day. I love the intimacy and peace I gain from attending daily mass. It is a real treat. I love it.

    • Jean

      My challenge is the same…I have to be at work and it is too busy of a time of day (at work) for me to take my break and go. I do go whenever I have a day off, but those are few and far between. Someday, after I retire, I plan on making it my daily routine because I,too, feel so much peace from it and it just starts the day off ‘right’.
      In the meantime, I am going to attempt to get there once a week…Matthew has challenged me! 😀 If nothing else, maybe I can start using my break to go to adoration…which can be done anytime during the day. Please pray for me.

  • Darren Guido

    Prior to Lent beginning this year, I mentioned to my kids (13 and 12 years old) that one of the sacrifices I would make this year was to attend one daily Mass each week. Without missing a beat, the 13 year old said, “I was thinking that, too!” Each Friday, my family attends morning Mass (at 6:30am!) and driving my kids to school, we have a chance to talk about the Mass and how the readings and homily relate to us that day. I know my day starts on the right path because of the Mass and I hope that they find the same peace and comfort as they begin their day. Last Friday, I told them that I was going to continue this practice after Lent, too. Neither one said anything… but the idea has been planted.

    • Sheri CW

      You are a wonderful example to them! Don’t pressure them but tell them how much Friday mornings gave meant to you to share such a special time with them! It’s truly a gift to celebrate mass a family! God Bless…


      • Karen Kotzbach McCreary

        Darren Guido After Lent you can always tell them how much faster the ride goes or the car , etc LOL .No pushing just tell them you miss them being with you . They at least get one more hug than if they don’t go with you. “My arms really ache when I don’t get to hug you at Mass.” I can almost hear the groans and see the eye rolls . HaHa !

    • anneb76

      This is beautiful. It is so refreshing to see young people embrace their faith.

    • Jennifer Haeussler Brewer

      That is so wonderful to hear that your children attend daily mass with you. I started attending daily mass after my kids had grown up. I wish I had started when they were younger.
      God bless you and your family.

    • Kj


    • Bob Ackerman


    • Muppy

      That’s wonderful. God bless you and your family.

    • Lea Novak

      That’s wonderful! Especially that you talk about the Mass, the readings, and the homily and how that will impact your day. Good job!

    • Marilyn Russell

      When I was a child my father took me to daily Mass. In so doing he implanted a seed in me (through the power of the Holy Spirit) that weekday Masses are indeed, different, inspiring, and create a community different than the Sunday Mass. Now that I am retired I have returned to this “habit” and once again the seed has blossomed and I am grateful to my Dad, and to the Holy Spirit for their guidance and love.

      • Frances Deneen

        Thank you for sharing, Marilyn. My experience has been exactly the same. My father got us all (5 kids) up for daily Mass during Lent, before he went to his job in the City. It made a big impression on me and I always tried to go to Mass during the week, when I was able. However, now in retirement, I am blessed to be able to attend Mass almost every day and receive the Eucharist as well. It continues to make a huge difference in my life, enabling me to do things I never would have been able to do on my own. My life now is not easy but I feel quite content and I know this is God’s grace.

    • Rosemary

      Wow! that is fantastic….I hope they do the same when they grow up, you have planted great seeds in them.

    • Duscha Ross

      That is fantastic; great work at being their ‘first teacher’. Go Bless and keep you and yours.

    • Pattif

      When our 4 kids were in grammar school and high school, one of the stocking gifts we would give them at Christmas each year was a Mass being said for their intention on their birthday. It was a sacrifice to get up for the 6:05 Mass, when school didn’t start until 8:30, but we all went to Mass together, and I would make a nice breakfast afterward. They are all grown now with kids of their own, and I can’t say the tradition continues, but they are all good kids and grandkids, and mostly faithful to Sunday Mass.

      • Angela M. Williams

        Great idea.

    • LMcKenzie

      This is beautiful to read!! Despite the struggle is real with little ones at daily mass, I still love it…I hope and pray mine have the enthusiasm your 13 year old does when they are at that age <3

      • Karen Kotzbach McCreary

        LMcKenzie If you keep up the work you are doing now, my guess is they will ! Blessings to you all .

  • Ellen

    I have attended mass most mornings since lent began ,It is truly a beautiful way to start the day .Thank you Lord for enabling me to attend the Mass.God bless you in in Christ Jesus Amen.

  • Doug

    I seem to go in spurts. I’ll go to daily mass for months, and then I drop off and won’t go for months. I honestly am not sure why that happens, but it certainly doesn’t diminish my love for God and the church (us). I wake up everyday in thanksgiving and say good morning to our Lord. I am at such peace.

    For me, the biggest difference between daily mass and Sunday mass is the reverence for the Eucharist. I absolutely cannot fathom how people receive communion on Sundays but don’t seem to get why they believe what they believe. Daily mass is totally different.

  • Bob

    I joined a That Man Is You group that started attending Wednesday morning Mass during Advent. I have continued because it is a more intimate experience that starts the day right.

  • Sandra

    I’ve been lucky enough to have a church close to my work that has mass every day at 12:10. I started attending regular about 5 yrs ago (although I’ve missed days here and there) I found the experience amazing. The readings are some times different than what one may hear at Sunday mass, so I started to get to know the Bible. I introduced interesting stories in the bible to my young nephews, which in turn engaged them. Receiving Holy Communion everyday brought me peace and helped me copy during the week with situations at work and with caring for my mum suffering from Alzheimer’s and others who are sick in my family. I started to see changes in myself. I felt much closer to God and developed an openness to Him. I developed a great thrist for God, which lead me to retreats, Life in the Spirit, listening to Catholic radio, attending Catholic events, devotions, pray groups, among other things. I started to learn and understand my faith. I started to move away from secular thinking, which was not easy, to following the ways of Christ. My whole spiritual world opened up. My pray life increased and became meaningful. I knew I found a treasure and was beginning to understand the “gift of God”. I wanted all those I knew and didn’t know to have this gift from God. This has not been easy. I have had a bit of success within the family but continue to work on this. I thank God for these gifts.

    • Bev Moore

      God bless you on your journey.

      • Sandra

        Thank you Bev. God bless you too Bev.

  • Susan Homan

    In this world of distraction I find daily mass a means to keep in touch with my ever changing vocation. I am also reminded of the call of the gospel and how it is always meeting resistance in our world.

  • Scott

    I had been urged by the Holy Spirit to attend daily mass for the past 1.5 year or so but always had an excuse. I relented, haha, and started attending in Oct 2016 every day, and sometimes even when I travel for work. I can honestly say as a result of attending daily mass, after being Catholic all my life, that the Mass, our highest form of worship, has changed my life forever. Not some huge 180 turn or anything like that, but in subtle ways. I now love Sunday mass with a packed church and crying or screaming little ones around. I love the music more and the readings. I love being with my wife on Sundays. Not only do I look forward to Sunday Mass because these things are not present at daily Mass, but because I see that Jesus came to give us the ability to praise Him, worship Him, and adore Him as a family, as one church, as one body. Daily mass has increased my awareness of the prayers and posture of everything within the Mass. I received a daily Mass missal for Christmas and being able to read along with the Priest and see the words of the various Eucharistic prayers has tuned my ears, and mostly my heart, to this beautiful outpouring of our Lords love for us and our love for Him.
    The quietness, attentiveness by everyone there, the solemn responses, and as Matthew says the intimacy of daily mass has brought alive the words and actions, the offering of the Priest for us and upon us, and the short daily ways we can incorporate this mystery into our daily lives. I am not sure how I lived without it.
    Christ’s peace.

    • Kj

      Thanks for sharing, Scott!

      • P.

        Scott, I love how you bring out the community aspect of the Mass. As Matthew says it is intimate but if you are only intimate with God and miss your brothers and sisters at Mass you are missing half of the Mass. We are intimate with all as we celebrate this meal, this sacrifice together. This ultimate prayer of the Church, the People of God.

        • Kathy Caceres

          one of the things about daily mass for me is the community we have there. What a great way to start the day with our brothers and sisters in Christ. Our faith is deepened when we share it with each other at this greatest prayer of praise and thanksgiving. My plan this Lent is to get there daily and it’s been a real blessing!

    • Elaine Cooper

      Beautiful reflection , I was drawn myself. Your right, it’s very different than Sunday mass. It does make the screaming kids enjoyable too 🙂

    • Louise Riehl

      Thank you Scott and Matthew Kelly for reminding me how important daily mass is and how life changing it can be and was for me. I will take the challenge Matthew because I, too, remember the intimacy and life changing moments of daily mass. It truly saved my life.

      • Brandi Rowland

        Perhaps a smaller Mass may help me feel included.

        • kimisu

          Brandi, is there anyone in the RCIA program that you would consider a mentor? I feel like you need someone you can talk to and ask questions of so that you can have a better understanding of being Catholic. I wish that I lived in your parish because I would want to bring you to Masses with me and help you through the process so you could see why we do what we do at each one. Also, the Eucharist is an important part of the Mass but don’t feel like it’s the only part. I was baptized Catholic but, due to family circumstances, I didn’t attend a Mass again until I was around 8 or 9. A lot of it was very confusing and strange to me and I had nobody there to explain it to me, but I do remember the sense of peace I had walking into that church and feeling loved. Don’t give up on us. We love you. We just have to remember that you don’t know our rituals and we have to get you there. Work with us. Together, we can make this happen.

          • BR

            I stopped RCIA because I already know Jesus. I know the Bible. I needed to more understand the traditions and liturgy. I also chose someone who wasn’t the best choice for personal reasons. I guess I will try again.

            I’m very overwhelmed at how evangelical your attitude is. It’s heartwarming that you want to share your faith. It truly means the world to me.

            Like I mentioned in a post that I deleted accidentally that you likely saw is I often feel like Catholicism is a secret society. I went and spoke to Father X. He just said I needed to come to church. He almost interviewed me I felt. I asked at the end if I had been “cleared” to become Catholic. I wasn’t being funny. I really thought I had to be recommended almost.

          • Karen Kotzbach McCreary

            BR or Brandi, I feel exactly the same way kimisu does . I am so sorry that you had that experience . It seems sad to me , really .Don’t give up is the main thing .A lot of people there would love to welcome you and walk by your side while teaching and explaining things for you . As others have said , check out the RCIA program , get a name, and tell someone what you’ve shared here . I feel certain there is some special person waiting for your call. My prayers for you are promised . I wish you were my neighbor ! We could share a lot; Mass would just be the beginning !.There’s a lot of fun had at parish events, too ! Easter week or Holy Week is so special . I am urging you to attend and follow the booklets provided.These are the highlight of the year for me ! REALLY !! (((HUGS)))

          • BR

            I wish you were my neighbor too!! My young sons would love to be included in more events too. Hugs back and thank you!!!

          • kimisu

            I remember the struggle I had with “learning the routine” and I was so young and mostly on my own. I know that other people must be experiencing the same thing but I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. Another suggestion might be to try another Catholic parish that is smaller and has more of a family feel. My parish is relatively small and that’s the feeling I get when I am there. And, as with any church I walk into, I get that sense of peace and being loved every time I enter. God is with me. I’m glad Karen KM mentioned crossing your arms over your chest in the communion line in order to receive a special blessing. That’s another one of those things we automatically do as Catholics that someone outside our faith might not know about and we need to remember to share that. I see several adults who choose to receive the special blessing in the lines each weekend – it could be that someone needs to participate in the sacrament of reconciliation before receiving the Eucharist once again (in order to be free of sin so as to accept Jesus), or it could be that they are not a Catholic. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that they’re there to share the love they have with Jesus. Peace to you! I wish you great spiritual joy on your journey.

        • J Schodron

          Brandi, The smaller Mass was more beneficial and personal for me. Try it some time and you may just be amazed.

          • Brandi Rowland

            Thank you for caring enough to reply.

        • Frances

          Yes! A small Mass helped me to focus. Sitting up in front really helped. I could block out all distractions but the Word and the Eucharist. But remember, dear Brandi, Mass is worship and worship is a verb. 😉 We are there to do something, not so much to see what we can get or how we feel, but to see what we can put into it as well.

          Its what we put INTO it that then yields. What helped me was, seeing if there was someone there that I could then include and welcome. That took my view off needing to be included. (I used to be critical of parishes that were not welcoming.) I got my eyes back on loving Jesus through being the welcomer and then worshiping with a happier, more secure and joyous heart. I’m not judging you. Just sharing what worked for me in my experience, in small and huge masses. We have both out here on the edge of the planet.

          A smaller Mass also let me overcome my own shyness and awkwardness so I could get to know one neighbor at a time. I started with a shy smile and a wave. It grew from there. Christ’s peace and warm loving welcome to you, Brandi! xo

          • Treva McPhedran

            I totally agree with Frances. I have been going to daily mass for almost a year now, and I can put so much more into it when there is a smaller group of people. It is so personal; I almost always leave totally fulfilled, and ready to start my day.

          • BR

            Thank you for your care! I will use your advice and adjust my attitude. I’m going to go looking for Jesus and see what He shows me.

        • JLO

          Brandi, go on line a find the teaching mass by Father Mike Schmitz. My husband was not catholic but said he became catholic because of him.

          • Vicki

            Thank you, JLO, I will google The Teaching Mass now 🙂

          • Vicki

            JLO, the YouTube of Father Mike Schmitz is excellent!!! I learned so much, and he is so entertaining also!! I will recommend this to everyone!!

          • JLO

            Awesome! Glad you liked it.

          • Brandi Rowland

            I will absolutely do that.

          • Angela M. Williams

            Love watching Fr. Mike – his video lessons in combination with the “Best Lent Ever” program has been so insightful and educational. Topics I never even thought of, but definitely need to know, as a Catholic Christian.We have Fr. Brandon that is pretty amazing at Mass in-person at our parish as well. He is one of those “welcoming priests”…very non-judgmental approaches.

          • Leah

            JLO, what exactly I should type to get the teaching mass that you mentioned before. I would love to see it.

          • JLO

            A Roman Catholic Teaching Mass
            You can find it on YouTube
            Father Mike Schmitz is also part of Ascension Press he has tons of great things to watch

          • Diana

            Father Mike Schmitz is amazing! I follow Ascension Press on Facebook because he often presents there. Like Matthew Kelly he helps us see the church teachings from a different perspective.

        • Arthur Brown

          I am very luck because I go to the Monastery of Ascension I Jerome, Idaho. Every Sunday we have between 25 – 50 persons attending mass and then afterwards we have visitation and that also includes the Monks at the Priory. I also have attended mass at the St. Jerome Church but I don’t like it because of the echo of the church. The people are great and the priest is great as well. At the monastery I can focus totally on God, and the presences of Christ in the mass. I also know the only way one feels included is to get involve. I have become a Dynamic Catholic Ambassador to enhance my faith through giving of myself monetarily and physically by what God wants me to do. God will always help you to feel included, it depends on how you listen to God and to do his will as you have heard from the mass. I also have a mass journal that I fill out every time I go to mass. I just put in a thought of what I heard at mass to help me look back on what was God telling me through the homily. As a ambassador I have a extra copy of Rediscovering Jesus by Matthew Kelly that I laying around that I will be happy to send to you. Just respond with your address and full name and I will send it to you. I found this book very helpful for me to understand what God wants me to do because of Jesus died on the cross and I can celebrate the happiness of the resurrection of Jesus Christ who continually removes my sin and forgives me on a daily basis. God Bless you in your daily spiritual journey with God, Christ and the Holy Spirit. God loves you and wants the best for you.

          • BR

            I tried to reply to you as you were very inspiring to me. I don’t think it went through. It said it was pending approval by Dymamic Catholic. I gave my email address. Maybe that is why?

        • Diane

          Agreed, Brandi. I’ve often thought that the large numbers of people who used to attend Sunday Mass made for a less personal experience. We went through the motions, so to speak. When it was over we walked quickly to our cars often without speaking to anyone and drove away. It was as if we completed a requirement that we could then cross off our list. Sad.

          • Brandi Rowland

            Becoming a “Catholic” has not always been the friendliest experience. But, I have learned a little with these discussions, and I think I need to adjust my attitude and see it as about me and Jesus.

          • Paul

            Good point

          • BR

            Thank you Paul.

          • BR

            I apologize. I’ve learned a lot. I’ve learned that people do care. That is very, very inspiring.

          • Karen Kotzbach McCreary

            BR, So happy for that !

          • Beth Brough

            I can relate about the feelings of attending Mass and it not being friendly at times. Especially when you move to a new parish. We relocated from the parish of 35 families in a small town to a parish of over 3000 families in a suburb. I found that by becoming involved in a special interest group of the parish and a Bible study. I felt more at home. I still remember the first time I recognized one of the Extraordinary Ministers of Communion up on the altar. It was a good feeling, I think that’s because Mass is meant to be a communal experience. We are part of a community of those who were made to worship our God who made it even more possible through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior! I know the days I make time to attend daily Mass ALWAYS seem to run more smoothly with all my kindergartners! 😀 THANK YOU MATTHEW FOR THIS PROGRAM!

          • BR

            But, I’m Baptist, and I’m excluded from the most Holy parts. It is a sanction to me.

          • Prolifedem6M

            Yes, it IS difficult to be excluded from “the most Holy parts.” Until you’ve been received into the Church, you can make a “spiritual communion” while the congregation is processing to the altar. Simply tell Jesus that while you can’t receive him in the form of bread and wine, you want to welcome him into your heart. Ask him to come and transform you into the best version of yourself (as they put it in this program). That’s a prayer that the Lord always answers, though the response might not be obvious to you at first.
            Also, if you are not currently involved in RCIA (the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults), you might look for it in the fall. It usually starts in late August or early September. This gives you the opportunity to get your questions about Catholicism answered. For most people that ends with reception into the Church on Holy Saturday, but no obligation or expectation that you do that is placed on you. Virtually every Catholic parish offers RCIA.

          • BR

            I do understand. I feel as though RCIA is a bit primitive for an adult who knows Jesus and has a relationship with Him. I will continue to attend Church but may continue as an Episcopalian so I can be a part. I was Baptized many years ago. Thank you for your discussion. I wonder how many Catholics understand Protestant ways of doing things.

          • Debra Kyser

            i remember sitting in a college Catholic Mass for 2 yrs. before i joined the church. I so wanted to partake of the Eucharist, but had to wait. that is why to this day, I love the Eucharist.I went to RCIA and was very ignorant of Christianity as a whole back then. My sponsor at first was real devoted to the church, but then got a boyfriend and drifted away. In the mean time I moved and got married to a non-Catholic. We went to Evangelical churches. One time i went to a charismatic praise Mass and loved it and ended up back in the Catholic church again. We have a monthly discussion group at my current parish and can ask the priest any questions. It is away to learn more about Catholism. I have known Jesus since being in evangelical churches, but there is always more to learn in a relationship with him. I understand Protestant ways of doing things, so much confusion with all the different brands.I do read the bible daily Mass scriptures more regularly than I did at evangelical churches, only when researching something, but not consistently everyday like I do now. Give RCIA another try!

          • Margo

            I was baptised a Presbyterian but always went to a catholic church during the holidays with my cousins. Throughout my life I went back and forth between the two. There was not a great difference between the two churches for me. what finally brought me back to being baptised as a catholic is that my love for the holy mother needed to be regularly acknowledged in church by me. For me the holy mother deepens my love for Christ by bringing another dimension of love, namely motherly love. I read somewhere once that Protestants emphasise grace while Catholics emphasise Love.

          • BR

            I do see that. Thank you for that aspect. I often ask Mary to pray for me.

          • Karen Kotzbach McCreary

            BR Almost all the people in our RCIA are adults who know Jesus. They are there to become a fully participating member of our Catholic church and receive “the most holy parts”. While you may not receive the bread and wine, you may go in the line for the Eucharist , cross your arms over your upper body and the minister will give you a special blessing. You may feel less excluded. Other sacraments are important too .You would not be baptized again, but Confirmation and Reconciliation are also waiting for you to have the full experience . If married, your marriage could be blessed. When you need it , the sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick will be there for you . Just give it a chance. This is not a “quickie” deal, it is a process that may take time . I just wouldn’t give up on it yet .Becoming a Catholic could be a lot easier for an Episcopalian than you might think . XO

          • BR

            Thank you for telling me I can go and receive a special blessing. No one has ever encouraged that except for the Episcopal Church.

            My sons wait anxiously for their blessing at the altar. But, in Catholic churches, we just sit and watch. I had no idea that was welcomed. Why don’t people tell that I wonder. I always feel particularly awkward in not participating. I’m a Christian, just not Catholic.

          • Karen Kotzbach McCreary

            Brandi, I don’t know why you haven’t been invited to come up to receive a blessing at Communion. There seems to be a lack of information, communication or just a very overworked priest . None of these reasons are truly a good answer . I am trying to figure this out with little to work with. I can say this with certainty , you really are in the right place by being a part of Dynamic Catholic .Find an RCIA person in charge and tell them what you’ve shared here. I could do so much more if I was your neighbor ! (Big smile). There are also a squillion people on this Lenten journey with you who would help you if they could . How many replies have you received ? Big smile #2 ! If you’d like my e-mail address I can give it to you . I’m not sure of the best way to do that . Let me know and I will figure something out, as techno-challenged as I am . LOL As crazy as this sounds, I am hearing M, Kelly on Sat. PM , but I know I’ll never get near him ! XO *_* K

          • SanctusSanctus

            You raise an interesting question of “Catholic legalism” here…. I want to ask, ‘what would Jesus do’? Would Jesus have denied the Bread of Life to someone not “catechized by RCIA”? The desire to be in Union with Him who loves us is my understanding of being prepared to receive along with sincere sorrow for sins. This is biblical and not totally Catholic. The Catholic Churches most important sacredness is that the Catholic continues the apostolic tradition as instructed by Jesus Himself to “take eat…” It really is His body and His blood that sanctifies us with living grace to continue to love one another. These are His words. Best wishes on your quest!

          • BR

            I don’t know what Jesus would do, but since He wasn’t “religious,” I think He would have welcomed me. I think He would have never turned anyone seeking Him away. That is just a humanly opinion though?

          • SanctusSanctus

            Definitely agree with you that Jesus would do with each of us as is written in the Bible: He’d probably lead us to an “examination of conscience” (the woman at the well as an example), then He’d be presenting His Truth as the Light of the world, the Living water, the Bread of Life…. I believe Jesus was religious in that He did follow the prescribed Hebrew rituals of His day: the Sabbath, the Meal, Temple readings, living the 10 Commandments.
            He has welcomed you as a Baptist and sounds as though the Mass experience you had previously mentioned was another invitation to Holy Mass to develop a new and different, more intimate relationship. I hope you follow that as a possible prompting by the Holy Spirit. Have a great day!! PS: among my non-denominational buddies, they tell me they do a “communion service” monthly and they wondered why it wasn’t more often as in a Catholic Church. We spoke of the distinctions of belief of the Eucharistic meal; the Catholic truth is following the absolute Truth of apostolic tradition when Jesus Himself gave out the instructions: “This is My Body… take eat…” He didn’t say this is a symbol of His sacrifice; He’s actually inviting us to “re-enter” mystically as often as we can to be in Union with Him.

          • SanctusSanctus

            Just found this post to reply several days later… sorry!
            Jesus was definitely religious in that He followed the prescribed rituals and Hebrew practices of His day as Temple attendance, worship and study. Remember how He went about His Father’s business when His parents found Him teaching in the Temple and all were surprised at His wisdom? He also brought forth a new law: and so we love God and neighbor.

          • Prolifedem6M

            As an Episcopalian, you are not going to get “the most Holy parts.” Since they interrupted the Apostolic Succession, their ordinations are not valid, nor do you actually receive the Holy Eucharist, the body, blood, soul and divinity of Christ. The Episcopal eucharist is just a wafer, a piece of bread. You will also still be a Protestant. You must decide for yourself whether that is important to you.
            Since the Catholic Church recognizes Baptist baptism, and that of most Protestant denominations, as valid, you will not be rebaptized. Instead, you will be received into the Church as part of the Holy Saturday Mass, receive your First Holy Communion, and be Confirmed. (Two sacraments instead of three,) You will also make your First Confession, but not as part of the Holy Saturday liturgy. That will be privately done.
            If you are talking about “cradle Catholics,” probably not very many know very much about Protestantism. If you’re talking about converts, most come from that background.

          • BR

            I have tried it. I felt as if it was Sunday school as a Baptist.

          • Prolifedem6M

            How long did you stick it out? It is the designated way to get to participate in “the most Holy parts” of the Mass as you desire. Maybe you need to give it more time.
            I am not familiar with what Baptists do in their Sunday Schools. I presume they feature a heavy emphasis on Scripture study. As does RCIA. But here, you are going to get the Catholic interpretation of the Scriptures, very different than the Baptist perspective in many areas. There is also study of the catechism, again with some overlap with the Baptists, but again very different in some areas. You’re going to learn what really goes on during the Mass, which is very different than a Baptist or any other Protestant service. You’re going to learn how all of that relates to the Bible., You’re going to learn some of the history of the Church (different from the Baptist version) and about the great men and women we call saints along with their contributions to what we do. You are going to learn to prepare for the Sacrament of Reconciliation (confession), absolutely different from anything in the Baptist fatth.
            Before you take part in “the most Holy parts, ” it’s extremely important that you understand exactly what you are doing. What you see us receiving as we go up to the altar is not just a wafer. It is Christ, body, blood, soul and divinity. That cannot be taken lightly.
            So do give RCIA another go. I and all the people who read these posts will be praying for you.

          • Diane Grohn

            Hi BR, RCIA, a course to prepare to receive the Catholic Sacraments. It begins in September and ends at Easter Vigil Mass on a Saturday. A beautiful Mass and the next day is
            Easter Sunday. You sound like you are ready to become Catholic. Welcome!

          • BR

            Thank you for your care. I appreciate the comment so much!

        • Bev

          It is very important to feel included–that you are important, that you are enough. Try this experience. Remember that Jesus is always right beside no matter where you are or how large the attendance. God bless you!

          • Brandi Rowland

            That’s a great way to look at it. I’ve felt in the presence of God in Mass so often. Lately, however, perhaps I’m too focused on being alone. I will adjust my attitude and keep with it. Thank you for the love.

        • Barbara Barger

          I think the intimacy of a small group at a daily mass is moving and helpful spiritually.

          • BR

            I’m going tomorrow. I’m nervous and feel strange, but I am going tomorrow. Please say a prayer for me. I don’t even know the rosary. I’m just a Baptist feeling moved at mass.

          • LMcKenzie

            Praying for you and your time at mass with Jesus…I fell in love with daily mass when my oldest child was little and was there this morning visiting him (and with our younger three) during his weekly school mass. Daily mass transforms my day. Come Holy Spirit…

          • BR

            I’m carrying your thoughts and prayers with me tomorrow. Thank you for the encouragement.

          • LMcKenzie

            How was mass this morning? Prayers and thoughts have brought me back here 🙂

          • BR

            I chickened out. I am going Sunday. I read today’s video transcript. I wasted those days. I have some social anxiety, but I know God is bigger.

          • Mary Simpson

            Wow. That’s amazing! We love non-Catholics at daily mass. It makes us apprecite what we have.

          • Fran

            Take a bulletin/newsletter home with you to see the times for the services during Easter Week. Or check on the church’s website. They are very beautiful and moving. On Saturday evening you will see the priest baptizing and confirming people joining the Cathic faith.
            I hope you will reach out to a staff member in the parish office or to the priest after mass some day if you are interested in learning more about the Catholic faith. All are welcome.

          • Mich Smi

            i didn’t learn the rosary till i was 18 🙂 before i officially joined the Church, i would attend daily Mass, just to practice going, and to hear the Word of God, and learning the Rosary after on Saturdays… if you can get a very scriptural version of the rosary as a booklet that may be a helpful prayer aid 🙂 or it’s online like that too 😀 you can really meditate on anything in the bible like that, it’s a beautiful way to meditate on Scripture…to share in the joys & sorrows of His Mom… to try to understand how she felt…to imagine ourselves in the bible scenes…to rejoice with her… to get to know her Son, our Savior, better. I loved when the Luminous Mysteries were added to the traditional Joyful, Sorrowful, & Glorious Mysteries. 🙂 and i like to think of what other mysteries could be prayed over… like the Miracles of Water (Water from the Rock, Changing Water into Wine, the Woman at the Well, Walking on Water, Blood & Water from His side…)

          • BR

            That helps me to understand. I wasn’t sure if I should read various prayers with the Rosary or what. That sounds silly, but I only know a few by heart.

          • LMcKenzie

            Continued prayers BR! I’m so glad that the missal and USCcb website was helpful 🙂 I hope your parish is wonderfully welcoming! Daily mass is such a blessing if you get the chance– keep asking questions when the Holy Spirit guides them. I am inspired as others explore the beauty of the Church 🙂

          • Karen Kotzbach McCreary

            BR You are having more prayers being said for you than you can imagine . If you are feeling “moved at Mass”, than you are more present there than a lot of Catholics . Your next step will make itself known to you, I promise. My prayer is for your full initiation into the Catholic faith so you can participate fully and receive the sacraments especially the Holy Eucharist or Communion. You are so loved . *_* K

          • BR

            Your kindness made me heart flutter. Thank you for caring so much. I’ll take your prayers with me always. You take mine with you.

          • Karen Kotzbach McCreary

            BR You can be assured I will never forget you . *_*

          • BR

            Me either. I promise.

          • Winnie Svikhart Supple

            You are in my prayers. Open your heart to the Holy Spirit and He will guide you. 😘❤🙏🏻

          • Gloria

            That’s great!! I said a prayer for you. Our daily Mass was very crowded today–so good to see! I hope you were able to go today. You can do a youtube video or just do a google search for the info

        • Cindy Leslie

          BR I found the Latin Mass truely amazing in the Catholic Church. I’ve been a Catholic all my life and when I went to one it changed the way I looked at God in the Mass. I still go to the English version of the Mass on Sundays and I love it too. I just can say that receiving and being in the presence of God at the Mass no matter in English or Latin is the most beautiful thing one can experience. Look into it. God bless you

          • BR

            A Latin Mass in France 19 years ago was why I wanted to become Catholic. I felt more moved there than I ever had before. It was amazing. I understood nothing and everything.

        • 1downrivermary

          Whether or not you”feel” included, please for God’s sake, KNOW that you are included. He gave YOU the Eucharist, He died for YOU and would do it if you were the only ONE!

      • Ana Julia Pena

        What about listening to daily mass in the Catholic radio? I started to do it since two years or so in my way to work and really enjoy it. Some days I watch it in TV at EWTN.

    • Karen

      Thank you, Scott. I went to mass this morning, before I even watched this video! It’s not a regular occurrence, though. I have 4 kids, 2 in elementary school, 1 in preschool and a one year old. Mass was at 9am, right next to the Catholic preschool my daughter attends. I had my baby with me, and sad to say, but it was a hard decision to go, as I knew the baby would be “excited” to be in God’s house and would surely make some noise. The quiet room was close but we stayed. Even though we were in the back by the baptismal font and she did let out a few squeals of joy, I was able to connect in a deep way with God. Afterward, there was no crowd to fight as I made my way to the book for sick intentions. I added an acquaintance’s name, another young mom with the same stage breast cancer at me, just at the beginning of her journey. So much good happens at Mass. I need to remember that, as I’m worrying about the distraction my kids may or may not cause (most of the people smiled at Gabby as we came back from Communion). We are welcomed with open arms!

      • Barb

        Karen, I’m so sorry to hear you are working through breast cancer! I have two dear friends who are going through the chemo, radiation & surgery stages right now and another dear friend with colon cancer who had her 10th baby right before her diagnosis. I will add you to my daily prayers for my dear friends! I will pray that God’s healing hands helping you through your sufferings.

        • Karen

          Thank you so much, Barb. I will keep you and your friends in my prayers, as well.

          • Diane Grohn

            Karen, I will pray for you also. I too have a friend who has had her surgery and will start radiation. Definitely worth the pain to get a Mammo annually. God bless you for having the courage to raise four children.They are your blessings.

      • Karen Kotzbach McCreary

        Karen , you remind me so much of my life 50 yrs. ago ! You just keep on bringing the babies with you, for such is the kingdom of God. I was told that once because I was concerned about others . Three and the oldest was 3; then two more came . My illnesses were many then but not as serious as yours ,your friend’s or what is going on now . My faith has saved me from so many things ! Yours will do the same I am sure . It practically glows on the screen ! 🙂 You know I pray for you nightly . ((HUGS)) for all !

    • Anne Mason

      Beautiful testimony! Thank you for sharing!

    • Frank

      Sooooo True. I need to start this challenge.

    • Elizabeth Brumann

      I watch the masses on television and I read the book and watching the mass on television has increased my awareness to prayer and I adore the mass as worship of and adore him as one church and body that is being communicated through television and it has increased me in the watching of television prayer every day and this has turned my heart to god and this is a good thing to incorporate into our daily lives. It is about Christ’s word of peace into my daily life.

    • BR

      For all of you who encouraged me to go to Mass and try to feel included, I did. I even went up to receive Eucharist, and since I can’t yet, I crossed my arms. I received the sweetest smiles and felt so at home. Thank you for your prayers and encouragement. This series was life changing for me. What made it particularly special was having all of you with me in Christ. A million thanks and love. Peace be with you. Answered prayers!

      • Karen Kotzbach McCreary

        Brandi, I’m SO glad to know you are hanging in there with us all who love and care for you so much ! I am crying tears of joy right now . So very happy for you ! There are no words . Feel free to contact me anytime on Facebook .I would love to hear how your journey is going . Peace be with you and yours ! ((HUGS)) *_* K

  • Susan E

    I have attended the 11 am Mass during difficult times in my life – but it has been a while. Looking back I remember how it brought me comfort. Thank you for this challenge!

  • Tom Brull

    I am blessed to work in a Catholic Hospital and am able to attend and participate in Mass every Noon hour during the week! This is my time with God and it is such an enlightening experience. I can get myself grounded for all of life’s challenges.

  • nevilledidit

    I will never forget the first daily Mass I attended. It was in a very small church and there were only 6 of us there for the Mass. The priest (who was wonderful) invited us all up to the altar and did Mass right there in front of us at the altar. It was the most moving experience I have ever had. It really linked me into what was really happening at Mass. It is hard to ignore something when you are standing less than a foot away from it. Since that time I have attended daily Mass many times but none has ever touched me like being right there “in the thick of it” so to speak. I go to a large church now and I know that would not be possible and I am thankful that I can pull that memory out whenever I need it.

    • Kj

      What an incredible experience! Thanks for sharing! We don’t have daily Mass at my parish at a time that is conducive to my work. However, being a teacher, I will look into daily Mass this summer!

    • Lea Novak

      I would love to be able to do that! Talk about intimacy!

    • Brian

      I had a priest in college that did this each week. We circled the alter and then each gave communion to each other. I served as an UM in high school, but this personal approach to communion really hit me hard. Each member of the church was serving a role, and gave us a structured time to devote our faith and literally pass it to each other. I guess someone didn’t like it, after a year father was reassigned. It was never the same after that.

      • Joyce W.

        I am happy for you and Neville that being close to the altar at a daily mass, and in your own case, communicating each other, was a blessing. Ironically it was these two very things during midweek communion when I was an Anglican, that eventually drew me away from that church, as well as what I was sensing was a lessening of overall reverence. For me since converting to our Faith, it is essential that I remain mindful when receiving the Host, because I am receiving the Real Presence of Jesus. If I was busy serving the next person with their sacrament, I might just let this reality slip by me. We are all different in our spiritual needs. God bless.

  • Ann Bridges

    I started to go to daily mass a few years ago whenever I wasn’t working. I am a school teacher, so could not attend a 9:15 mass. But about 8 months ago I started going everyday to daily mass. I took a medical leave and was home, and it felt good to go everyday. Healing me inside ,as I healed on the outside. It is what God wanted for me. Going everyday is hard,but such a blessing to walk with Jesus and intimately know Him. This Lent has been chaotic due to the sudden decision to sell our home of 20 years. But, daily mass helps me to focus on what is most important. For this I am at peace.

  • Mary Beth Krupski

    The thing that is so precious about being Catholic is that God is actually present in Communion. I have Christian friends who get support from readings, homilies and studies but they don’t have God in the Sacrament. We are so blessed. We are especially LOVED.

  • Jacinta Freeman

    I used to actually go for mass during lunch, but my work schedule changes every half a year and I found it difficult to continue. Then even when I had opportunities, I started getting lazy. But since Lent began, I decided to go for daily morning mass instead. I must say that I never really thought much about how differently I feel going for daily mass as opposed to the Sunday obligation. But after reading Matthew’s sharing and hearing Sheryl’s, I started to reflect on these past three weeks of going for daily mass, and I realized that there really is a difference – more so now than ever before. The quietness of the church and the simplicity of the daily mass have helped me focus on the Eucharistic Celebration much better. It allows me time and the environment to sit quietly after mass to listen to the Lord. The masses I usually go to on the weekend always seem more busy and friends want to catch up and fellowship after mass, leaving me with little time to ‘pause’. I have now gotten to cherish going to morning mass. It helps me start my day by asking the Lord to guide me in the challenges that I might face at work. I feel that I’m more connected to God and I become more aware of the feelings of those around me. Thank you Lord for getting me out of bed all these mornings, even though I still struggle with it.

    • Darlene Matteucci

      I go to mas during the week at least once but sometimes twice and your message of reflection has moved me to go more often and talk with God and Jesus more without the fellowship that doesn’t really allow you to do that personal reflection. Thanks for the inspiration.

      • Jacinta Freeman

        Hi Darlene, I”m glad that my sharing helped. Indeed, since I’ve gone back to daily mass, He speaks to me in ways that I was never aware of before. Rather, I think I listen more. He probably speaks to me quite a lot, but I’ve been too busy focusing else where. I’m sure that you will discover that for yourself too in time.

    • Lea Novak

      Sometimes I don’t set my alarm clock if I’m really tired when I go to bed. I just ask God “If you really want me to go to Mass tomorrow, please wake me up in time!” And usually, He does! Occasionally, he lets me sleep…

      • Jacinta Freeman

        Hi Lea, you are so right. There are times when I’ve already hit the snooze button or shut off the alarm, but He is so good to wake me up when I actually desire to do so.

  • Joan

    I’m blessed to live where I have several opportunities each day to attend mass, so really, I SHOULD be able to do it every day, but when my work schedule is heavier or we’re just busy in general, I sometimes slack. But I find there’s something missing when I don’t attend daily mass. As others have commented, daily mass brings peace and appreciation for the Bible and the beauty of the text of the entire mass. I’ve also gained an appreciation for the members of the body of Christ who have also come to worship and receive the Lord in the Eucharist. I have been encouraged by seeing growing numbers of people attending daily mass during the past 5 years. Sadly I’m home sick with the flu this week. But hey, Matthew, I’ll catch up on the videos I missed in the past several days! 😉

  • Anne Marie

    Daily Mass is a blessing to me. I enjoy the intimacy and having more quiet time to just pray and think. I am our parish organist, so I play at our weekend Masses. While that has its blessings too, it is a very different experience. I am thankful for both.

  • Patrick

    I have been attending daily mass since January 2016. I have noticed two things mostly. One is that since the congregation is smaller I get to know almost everyone over time and it becomes a wonderful community of believers. Secondly, the more I receive the Eucharist the more I want to receive an it has become more and more important in my life. Also my wife has started to attend regularly and this has made it even more special.

  • Pat Dodd Polito

    I so look forward to attending Mass. My daily schedule conflicts with our parish daily Mass times which doesn’t give me that daily opportunity. However, I can attend on a Saturday morning and on my days off. I would love to start each and every day off with morning mass. My Sunday Mass gives me such Peace, a feeling of family united with my parish community and an intimate presence with God.

  • Holly Lanford

    When I go to Mass during the week, I experience a deep spiritual awakening. Our daily Mass is in the chapel which makes it very intimate. I have not been recently, but I am going to push through the resistance of being tired after a long school day and make myself leave school in time to attend daily 5:30 PM Mass one day this week.

  • Cindy Beyer

    When I was growing up, my parents would take us to one extra mass during the week. It was not always easy to work it in during the week with so many kids and the farm chores but it meant a lot to be able to do that. Years later in law school, we were challenged to go to Mass every day during Lent and I had the opportunity to do so. That was one special Easter!

  • Mike

    The people attending daily mass all stay until the end of mass when we pray the St Michael Prayer. I started daily mass in Nov of 2010 when my son went into the army. He came home safe and sound. Thank you Lord. Now I pray daily for others. There’s never a lack of someone to pray for.

  • Heidi Johnson

    I will work on this, typically I am at work during daily Mass, but will work on seeing if there is at least 1 day a week that I could attend.

  • David B

    I started attending daily mass once a week during Advent 2016. I’m bless that a church near work has a 12:10 service as well. I find that during the busiest of my day I can find peace. The great part of it it hat the church is neat fields and farms. In the wooded property of the church you can always see God’s animals rest especially the deer.
    For me I will find a way to do as Matthew suggests I will schedule time to attend mass everyday for a week.

    • Trish Byers Larcomb

      What a beautiful setting to share the Word and the Eucharist! In my college years and early adulthood, I was a youth minister to a group of high school students. The parish priest at that time happened to be an avid outdoorsman, so we frequently took our students on retreat in the beautiful hills of southern Ohio. Mass there was incredibly intimate and I always came away from those experiences, as the students did, feeling blessed by celebration our faith in the midst of God’s creation. I believe I am forever changed because of those experiences. What a blessing!

  • Sherry McCollum

    Since being Catholic, I have attended a few daily masses and I will admit that they have impacted my life in ways I didn’t think was possible. Just hearing the Word of God puts a sense of calmness and joy in my life. I don’t think I could really function during the week without hearing God’s word. And there are times when I get the chance to stand up on the altar and read the Word to the entire congregation. It is really something that God called me to do and I just love it.

  • Deb

    I have waited for years to go to daily Mass. I found out that there was a daily Mass when I was a teenager and wanted to go, but couldn’t drive then. When I went to college, I was able to attend each day. I met my husband there. It was a great experience sharing time with God. We have 4 kids. Things got so busy. As I sat in the parking lot of one of the Catholic schools my kids attended, I noticed that people were coming out of the church. I told myself as soon as I could, I would go. Then my work schedule changed, and I had to be in earlier. When my youngest graduated from high school last year, I found that there was a 7:00 Mass at the church near where I work. I started going last October. I have gone almost every day. It is a different atmosphere from Sunday. I am in 2 music groups, so I’m a little more preoccupied with that on Sundays. I love daily Mass. I GET to go! I have to leave now to get there!

  • Helena Cupit

    I have been a daily mass attendee for the past 15 years. I can’t begin to express how incredible that experience has been. My days seem to be brighter, more fulfilling and more peaceful when I go. In fact for the past ten years my husband has joined me for Saturday morning Mass followed by breakfast at a local eatery. We call it our weekly date. We spend that time reviewing our week and planning the upcoming week. I recommend couples try to attend a Mass together outside of their Sunday one as often as possible.

  • Nancy R

    I can’t say I go to daily mass so I have no words of wisdom to share. I’ve enjoyed reading all of your experiences and listening to the videos. My next step will be to look up the daily mass schedule at our church and attend mass.

    • Mary B.

      Doing the same Nancy!!!

      • Lori McAllister Flanagan

        How about asking your priest to do a special early morning Mass just for Lent?!! Our parish does that, and you would be amazed how many people take advantage of it!

    • Robert

      And the same here. I certainly understand how it could bring “more” as a voluntary special,use of our valuable time. I enjoy the early weekend or low masses that have been offered at the parishes I have attended over the years. The solitude and simplicity has been the draw. Similarly, the practice of adoration allows some of the same benefits.

      As I was reflecting on today’s discussion I began thinking of the people who I’ve known who were regular daily mass attendees. And what did I realize? That they were special, insightful, loving, peaceful people.

      Pardon my English but “I need me some of that” 😎

      • Nancy R

        That’s funny Robert. I began reflecting about people who are regular mass attendees as well. I definitely came to the same conclusion! 🙂

    • Lisa Allen

      I will be doing the same! I have been contemplating doing so, but have not. Today’s reflection has prompted me to “just do it” and open my heart further to the Holy Spirit.

  • Herman

    When I was dating my wife (700 miles away ) we went to daily Mass when I would visit her. Twenty years later we have a wonderful relationship and eight great kids. My work schedule doesn’t allow me to go to daily Mass but I certainly could more than I do. Thank you for the challenge.

  • Karen

    Daily Mass brings me an inner joy & peace….the more I go…the greater the gift is to me.

  • Charlie George

    Some of my favorite memories as a child are of attending weekday Mass with my dad. My mother was not yet Catholic and my sisters were too young to want to go. It was a special, personal time for the two of us, the priest and a handful of other parishioners to celebrate the Eucharist together. I agree that there was an entirely different “feel” at a daily Mass – more intimate, more peaceful. Because of distance, Dad and I attended much less frequently when I was an adult, but there was still the special experience each time we were able to go together. Since his death, I both miss him most and feel his presence most intensely when I, on rare occasions, attend my hometown daily Mass. His faith has had the greatest influence on my life and I cherish those memories. The 100th anniversary of his birth will be in October and I have already scheduled a daily Mass for his intention on that day.

    • Jacqueline Shukla

      What a special memory! Thank you for sharing.

  • Marie

    I’ve been attending daily Mass for over 35 years now . And I have to share that each day I’ve become more aware and more in awe of the presence of Christ in His word and Eucharist . When I miss a day of daily Mass it seems that I miss that intamacy with Jesus. Daily Mass gives me peace comfort strength and hope to meet the challenges of the day with grace and love .

    • Ana Martinez

      I went to daily mass for about 12 years after dropping my youngest daughter off to school at a time in our life that we were facing many challenges in our family. The daily mass is what gave me the strength to face each day with a complete trust that Our Lord was in control of every detail of every financial and work challenge we were facing. I felt a tremendous interior peace through out the entire day which aloud me to share with my husband and family the calm and yoy that I felt in spite of the circumstances. I stoped going to daily mass after a surgery and not much energy afterworse but the messsge of today is challenging me to start going again, thank you for the encouragement!

  • Sal_DItri

    This is so true about attending a morning early mass. Need to find that early bird mass in my county and attend .

  • Diana Harmon

    This is something I have wanted to do for a while now and my work schedule seems to get in the way. I am retiring in May. In today’s message Matther challenged us to a week of daily Mass. I put it on my calendar for the first week after I retire!

  • Karla Hart

    It’s easy to see from the comments how powerful daily mass is. My home church has daily mass in the small chapel. It’s close, it’s intimate and God is there. While on the road I miss it very much!

  • Mick Peterson

    Daily Mass has become part of my mornings since last November. Best move I’ve made in a long time. My “spiritual One-a-Day vitamin.”

  • John C Garrett

    The value of the Mass struck me in new way, but kind of doing the opposite. Let me explain; I am a priest now almost 13 years, and I pretty much celebrate Mass every day. Occasionally, perhaps on vacation, I miss but the Mass is a daily part of my life. Last year, I went into the hospital for a routine, overnight procedure but due to complications was in the hospital for 26 days. Even when I got home, I was too weak to celebrate Mass for another 2.5 months. About 10 days after getting home, I was able to attend Mass, but mostly could just sit there. But I needed to do even just that because the Mass had become such an important part of my life, that going a month without it was so painful. It was like going without food — well it was, without the Bread of Life. Take seriously this challenge. It will change your life.

    • Christiane

      Daily mass is life changing indeed. I made that commitment after a Cursillo weekend in 1986. Wile still working full time it was a challenge, especially in our region of the South where Catholics are the minority. Inevitably “resistance” showed up in schedules, where my job took me on any given day, illness or surgeries. But daily mass was my lifeline and even if I missed several in a row, I got back on track. Now, we’ve moved to a more rural area with even fewer Catholic churches. My only options are Thursdays and Fridays. I’d have to travel 20+ miles one way to make it daily. With a disabled husband and mass schedules that are not always compatible it’s a struggle. This has been the biggest cross our move has brought. And mass on TV just doesn’t bring me that feeling, that peace, that environment. I grieve the loss of my parish of 30 years, my friends, and I struggle to regain my spiritual footing.

      • Lea Novak

        God bless you. Remember that He is with you, especially in such times as this. I will keep you in my prayers, as I’m sure others will in this little online community, so you will still be a part of a community, even if it’s a virtual one…not as good as reach-out-and-touch, but still a community.

      • Trish Byers Larcomb

        Praying for you, Christiane. My hope and prayer for you is that as you come to be more familiar with your community, you may find others there who will be your church family and that this journey God has taken you on will show its purpose to you, filling the void that you are feeling. Our God is so faithful and He certainly wouldn’t bring you to this place without also providing food for your spirit. For now, lean on the Holy Spirit, our advocate, and this community for support. You are loved.

        • Christiane

          Thank you for your prayers Trish. This recalibration of my spiritual life here is the central crux to our relocation. I fear that I resist in many ways through my attitudes. Our parish was very orthodox and traditional with all the bells and whistles. I don’t care for “feel good” music, lack of reverence, quirkiness. Or 40 minutes disjointed homilies done off the cuff. A lot of work for me to “bloom where I am planted.” This too shall pass, as the saying goes.

          • Trish Byers Larcomb

            Hi Christiane,
            Sorry for responding so late! Sounds like quite a culture shock for you! Let this be a challenge for you. The Lord obviously brought you to this place for a reason. Whether it is to give you new perspective on the diversity of our beautiful Catholic faith and that different doesn’t mean “less than,” there must be good reason for you to be there. Perhaps, you are there to teach others of the more traditional ways of the church. I believe the more we stretch ourselves and find adventure in understanding others, the more depth and meaning we bring to our own lives.

            Just, remember, “For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” Matthew 18:20.

            With much love and prayer,

      • Karen Kotzbach McCreary

        Christiane, my heart aches for you . I’m afraid we might be facing the same thing and dread it . I pray every night for you and the others .What you have done is huge to me . I know there is something there just waiting to be found ; just don’t stop looking. <3

        • Christiane

          I know there is as well. More than once I have felt the Holy Spirit reminding me to “bloom where I am planted” and I know that I am resisting. My stumbling blocks are of my own making I fear because of my attitude. I have to work through that. Thank you for your prayers! Trust me, this was huge to me! I had been praying for 2 years over whether to move closer to our one son still in our state. I knew that my husband’s dementia would progress to the point where I may no longer have the option to move. I could write a short novel about how all this came about quite suddenly in early July last year, and I knew that was the answer to my prayers. I trust that I followed the Divine Will of God and He’s brought me here…. I’ll get through. Thanks again.

          • Karen Kotzbach McCreary

            Christiane, you are being sent all the love you will need to endure .*_* K

      • SanctusSanctus

        MASS via computer; suggesting EWTN as an excellent opportunity to intimately share in spiritual communion. Benefits of homilies that are well-prepared by very reverant Franciscan priests. See the altar up close for really feeling as you are there in “re-entering” the Holy Sacrifice in union with Jesus, our bridegroom who loves us.

    • jesspinosa

      Fr. John, I found this prayer to pray when I am not able to receive Holy Communion. It is basically asking my guardian angel to go to Mass on my behalf. Here goes:

      Prayer to My Guardian Angel When I Am Unable to Go to Mass
      Go, my Angel Guardian dear, to church for me, the Mass to hear.
      Go, kneel devoutly at my place and treasure for me every grace.
      At the Offertory time, please offer me to God Divine, all I have and all that I am.
      Present it with the Precious Lamb, adore for me the great Oblation.
      Pray for all I hold most dear, be they far or be they near.
      Remember, too, my own dear dead, for whom Christ’s Precious Blood was shed.
      At Communion, bring spiritually to me, Christ’s flesh and blood my food to be,
      To give me strength and holy grace, a pledge to see Him face to face,
      And when the Holy Mass is done, then with His blessing, come back home.

      • Teresa

        That is a beautiful prayer; I have never heard it

    • Karen Kotzbach McCreary

      Fr. John, After many monthly hospitalizations over the years, the thing I missed most was going to Mas on Sunday . That was in spite of receiving Communion very often ,sometimes daily . However, some of my dearest friends now were “my” Eucharistic ministers ! I k now it really is like going without food ; now I care little about food but Communion is something else .

  • Paulina

    I too have been attending daily mass more deliberately since lent. It brings a sense of peace and does change you. You become more aware of the things that matter and less of the trivial things. You fall in love with your faith a little more each day.

  • Brenda karpinski

    I am the dietary supervisor for a Catholic school. One of the real high lights of my week is going to Mass when the children go. I love to hear the children sing, pray and give responses. They are so free with sharing their love for Jesus. On the days that I go and the children don’t, I enjoy the intimacy of being with Jesus. He is so real and near to me.Sometimes the sun will be coming through the windows and that is such a beautiful sight.

  • Net

    The only time I can go to daily mass is when I am on vacation. One of the first things I do when looking for a place to vacation is the availability of a Catholic church and the mass schedule. I love attending mass in the early morning but unfortunately the churches where I live do not offer daily mass, not even in the evening. My church on Sunday does offer a 7:00am mass which I love to attend. There is something very special about this mass than the later services.

  • Eileen gorman

    I have attended daily mass one or two days during the week but this lent I decided to attend daily mass. It has changed me to feel so much more joyous and content. I have even made some new friends who I can share my Catholicism with. It has made me so much closer to God and given me peace even when stresssful situations occur. I feel so blest that God has put me in a place where I have the opportunity to worship him on a daily basis

  • Daniela D.

    I have not tried to go to daily mass, but I have the experience to participate in retreats where the chapel is open 24/7 and we have done adoration. The experience of starting your day in a sacred place and ending it the same way makes you realize that you can’t ignore the power of God, his mercy and the strength it gives you to be close to him.

  • Marsha Mohan

    Regaining my faith at a point in my life
    during a stressful time, first returning to Sunday mass and then began attending week day mass as often as I can has brought me peace and strengthened my love of God, acceptance of myself, understanding more clearly how much his love for us helps us not only get through tough times but through prayer and receiving the body and blood of Christ we can be grateful for his gift and sacrifice for us allowing us being a part of sharing that gift of love and happiness with ourselves and others
    knowing how it can enrich and change their lives as it has mine. God Bless! Thankful for being introduced to the ” Best Lent Ever” and sharing with each of you. Marsha

  • Nancy D.

    I have never attended a daily mass, but I am up for the challenge. This morning I did a search to find a mass that fit my schedule. All masses that I found start while I am at work. However, I did manage to find a mass that starts at 7 p.m. on Wednesday night in a town about 30 minutes from where I live. I am challenging myself to attend this mass tomorrow night.
    When Matthew Kelly said that being a Christian is inconvenient, he was speaking the truth.

  • noniroo

    I used to attend daily Mass ten years ago when I was homeschooling my daughter. When I reentered the work force, I began to believe I didn’t have time for it anymore. Now I’m back in school and I’m being nudged to at least examine why I think this way. I “heard” a question run through my mind this morning, What if the grace and blessings of going to Mass in the morning GAVE you more time to do what you need to do every day? God Bless you all and have a wonderful day!

  • Carol Jantunen

    I have been going to daily mass for about 5 years now. This starts my day and receiving Christ every day is such a blessing.

  • Rebecca

    Over the summer, I went to one daily mass almost every week. At the time, I didn’t think it was a big deal and I was just going through the motion. I did do a lot of praying at this mass. I think that church is the best place to pray. I am going to try and go to daily mass again.

  • Jesseechev

    What a wonderful celebration of reaching the halfway point during lent. I think that Matthew nailed the meaning of choosing Christianity and how we are choosing to love and how it’s not about the self. The second video also spoke out to me since I’m walking on a journey to help a close friend understand Christianity and how getting to know God could change the way we do everything. Thanks for sharing your experiences!

  • Jennifer Haeussler Brewer

    I attend Wednesday night mass. Its at that small mass in the day chapel of our church that I can truly sit with the Lord. Its quiet, peaceful and calm.
    I started going to weekday mass a few years ago as a Lenten promise and have not stopped yet!
    I work at a Christen school where there is daily chapel. I attend most days, but am looking forward to Matthew’s challenge of attending mass everyday for a week…. I’m not sure how I will get up that early, but I’m going to try.

  • Marion

    I started going to daily Mass this lent and it is amazing how in just a few weeks I find that I really look forward to that sacred time with God. I used to get up early and read in the morning and was hesitant to give that time up (recently retired) but now that peaceful time at Mass has replaced that. I have even started to walk to Mass and listen to the rosary on my phone on the way there! I am sure I will continue after lent.

  • Elisabeth Young

    When I attended CRHP in 2009, our family was dealing with a number of issues-the growth from the retreat was gradual, but led to one of the best decisions I have made…to attend daily mass. At first I thought I would try once a week, but the more I went, the more I wanted to be there. I never in a million years thought I would be one of “those people” :-). As was discussed, God spoke to me in the intimacy in ways I couldn’t even imagine- at times it seemed as if the readings, prayers and homilies were tailored specifically for me! What hasn’t been mentioned is the wonderful community I was able to join- generally older, these folks have provided such wisdom and texture to my life- again, God working in my life. I heard that day mass, even if once a week, is like recharging your spiritual battery in the middle of the week, so you don’t wear out the battery you recharged on Sunday. Our mass schedule has changed at our parish (fewer priests) but I still am able to attend about 5 times a week. It is such a blessing- our issues weren’t removed immediately, but through daily mass, I have received the guidance I needed. I would highly recommend adding daily mass to your routine if you haven’t already.

  • Alice Ann Hengesbach

    This reflection and the challenge highlight our need for extending the sacrament of the priesthood to one and ALL in the Catholic/catholic church. I love the Mass. I had great examples for generation after generation in our family … grandparents, parent, aunt were all daily Mass attendees. In my part of the world (coastal North Carolina) we do not have Mass every day. And on those days when we do have Mass it is at 9:00 am which is not a great time for working people. I WILL search for other places where daily Mass may be celebrated although they are at least 50 – 100 miles away. Pray for us who do not always have access to daily Mass. Blessings to all.

    • Debbie

      A later post mentioned someone who worked in a hospital and could attend there. Perhaps there is a hospital near-by that will have a schedule that works or a retirement home for clergy?

  • George

    A year ago in a homily at mass on the Sunday before Ash Wednesday… the pastor of our parish challenged us to do something new for Lent.. rather than giving up something, proactively do something. One of his suggestions was going to daily mass during lent. I took that challenge last year and succeeded, and I am keeping that as part of my Lenten sacrifice this year as well.

    I find it very rewarding and a wonderfully calming influence in my life. It has helped me reach out to others while outside of mass and look for opportunities to truly be a disciple. Additionally like any other new habit, it gets easier with practice and I find myself looking forward to going each day. Mass starts in 30 min.. so I have to start getting ready.

  • Clara Turci Depko

    I enjoy the daily mass over the Sunday mass. Perhaps it is because it is more personal, people are there because they want to rather than because they have to meet a requirement. But I find it different. When at home the rosary is said after the mass so I like to get there 45 mins prior and sit in the quite of the church. I learn more from the priest some talk about their life struggles or the saint of the day but there seems always a lesson to learn. Living at the shore I am blessed with many churches and opportunities for different schedules. On Friday’s I have early meeting off shore so I attend a church in Somers Point some days I am blessed for my grandchildren attend that school and the children will come to mass. Daily mass is putting God first in the day. It is like starting a day with your cup of coffee. When I cannot attend I feel different I need that peace. I find it is a blessing each time and I thank God that I was able to attend and he blessed me that day. For not everyone has that opportunity and the thing is you don’t know what you are missing until you try it. You don’t know if God is going to use you in that time or speak to you.

    • Karen in FL

      I agree with so much of what you say, Clara!

  • Alyssa Lerma Brown

    It’s funny I should tune in to this one today. I started attending daily mass when my youngest started kinder. What better way to prepare for my day? I had planned to start the year with bible study but for some reason they didn’t offer one. I was frustrated that my plans were being changed but suddenly one day it hit me out of nowhere that I should go to daily mass! Even better than bible study! I got there 10 min late but from then on I hungered for it.
    This year I’ve started feeling things drawing me away. I think it’s resistance. I KNOW I encounter the Spirit of Christ there. I went to mass yesterday and every prayer of the liturgy spoke to me as though Jesus was in each moment. “On earth as it is in heaven.” It was something more than mass, I felt Jesus there, and it was complete peace and love.

  • Level UP

    It was daily Mass and the Rosary that spurred my spiritual conversion. It took about 2-3 weeks. My father taught at our local university that I attended and he asked if I would join him on MWF for Mass and the Rosary and then we’d go to lunch after. A few weeks later I felt an interior change, one that I had not felt before. I felt like I gained a 6th sense, a way of looking at the world that I had not been able to do before. I lived in a town that was 90% Catholic and have since moved to the bible belt where the nearest Catholic church is 20 minutes away. That may not sound like a lot but with three young children and a full time job it’s difficult to make daily Mass. I sure do miss it.

  • Linda

    If you start going to daily mass it soon becomes an automatic thing and then it isn’t a difficult thing.

  • Erich Wallace

    These comments are so encouraging. The fact that we have these resources like “Best Lent Ever” truly blows my mind with how blessed we are. I am thankful for the “genius of Catholicism,” for Matthew Kelly, and for all of the Dynamic Catholic team members who work diligently to make these things possible. Truly incredible.

  • ann cole

    I accept the challenge as I have not been to daily mass for years. I can tell you that mass has a HUGE impact on my life. It grounds me and gives me a close relationship to God. Due to circumstances in my family, my kids who are teenagers and I have not been able to go to Sunday mass. It has made a huge impact in our lives. You can tell that something is missing and that there is a huge void in our lives. It makes us appreciate the beauty of the mass even more when we are able to attend.

  • Lisa Graves

    I started going to daily mass after 911. I felt so helpless. I didn t know what to do. Well when I started gong to mass each morning before work, I didn t realize how much it would be changing me. Also I m blessed to live in a parish with 2 morning masses and 2 other parishes who are close by, also have morning mass. The other blessing was, in July of that same year, I was asked to fill in, temporarily, for an hour of Adoration at our parish. Well over 15 years later, i find other parishes with Adoration, and go as often as possible. As Matthew says, “they were game changers”. I encourage everyone to make the effort to get to a daily mass or find an Adoration Chapel. You will not regret it. You will not believe the change in your thinking. You will not believe the change in your life.
    God s Peace to all

  • Eduardo Hoover

    There is nothing so wonderful as the daily breaking of bread and receiving Jesus through it; oh what grace! If you are contemplating attending Mass prepare for receiving grace more fully and more often in confession.

  • Linda R

    I hope those of you who have the opportunity to attend daily mass realize how lucky you are. I live in a rural area, and my church offers mass only one morning a week. When I was a part of the working world, I worked in a bigger city and the opportunity for daily mass was there, though I seldom took it. I must say that on the occasions that I did attend noon mass, it brought a peace to my day. Matthew is so right about Christianity being inconvenient. I am challenging myself to attend daily mass on the one day a week it is offered where I live. I will have to get up earlier, but I will give it a try. I pray that God gives me the strength to overcome resistance.

  • Katie Webb

    Challenge accepted…going to put in on my calendar now and also Adoration once a week. Thank you Holy Spirit for allowing Dynamic Catholic to be the nudge against my resistance. Yours in Christ, Katie

  • Deb Koetzle

    God does speaks to me more at daily Mass , it is difficult to go to Sunday Mass but am trying to slay resistance on that. Daily Mass keeps me going and is better at keeping me away from slothing.

  • Teresa Anne Sorensen

    We started attending daily mass when our last child graduated and we no longer had children to get off to school. It has been such a great way to start our day. Are their times we want to sleep in? Yes but my husband says the most beautiful thing, are you ready to go witness a miracle?

    • Seeker

      Your husband’s comment is the essential fact of our liturgy!! If we approached Mass as opportunity to participate in a miracle we would eagerly attend in awe and wonder. Blessings to you both, Teresa. Good day and good lent!

    • Karen

      Wow! What a way to describe the Mass! So true!

    • Diana VanWinkle

      What a beautiful point of view. And so true. I have become complacent, and forget that it is a miracle!

    • Trish Byers Larcomb

      I love it! How beautiful! This reminds me of the words a friend uses for Sunday’s and Holy days. Instead of Holy Days of Obligation, he calls them Holy Days of “Opportunity.”

  • Elaine Cooper

    I got that call recently, found myself at daily mass. The gospel was about Noah. It spiked my interest because I love birds. I’m obsessed with them as spirit guides. When my brother was dying in a hospital, a red tail hawk sat outside his window everyday. He was there for a month. After his death whenever I saw a hawk I thought of him. Next thing I knew, I could will them to visit me. I even started going to the Hospital parking lot to see if that hawk was always there and I was imagining it. He was not. I never saw the hawk there again. I went for months too. Looking to poke holes in my theory. I started to tell my family, look for Bob. Call on him and a hawk will appear. They found too, I was correct. That daily mass about Noah. Spoke of the 7 birds. Being a birder , I guessed what they might be. I was then drawn each day just to hear it at mass.I was wrong in my choices of birds. The story held great interest for me. I had to hear it daily, the continuation of Noah’s journey. I could have Googled it, but I wanted to hear it at mass. I went to mass that entire week to complete the story. It was very meaningful to me. Different birds appear to me in odd ways since the red tail hawk 4 years ago. The masses only came about this year after my Father’s death. Dad was a proud WWII Navy Vet, a firefighter and my hero. After his death in January, my family asked me, should they look for hawks, for Dad? I said no Dad will be an Eagle. Dad Loved eagles. Sure enough before we buried Dad an Eagle was seen by my fireman brother, who is just like Dad. Of course Eagles can be seen if you care to look. But this one was in an odd place at an odd time, near the facility Dad died at. I’m still waiting for my visit. Noah and the 7 clean birds, called me to mass. I hope to see Dad’s sign soon. If I don’t it’s okay. Dad is in my heart everyday. So is my brother.

    • Sue

      Good morning and God bless u, Elaine. God bless us all!

      • Elaine Cooper

        Thank you Sue, I’m better today. Your words helped me yesterday. Many thanks. ” I get by with a little help from my friends” God bless you for caring.

        • Sue

          Happy to hear, Elaine. I know it must be tough. What a beautiful opportunity to read, learn and share. I hope your Lent is the best ever. God bless us all ♡♡♡+++

    • Kathy

      God meets us where we are and uses what we love to open our eyes, our minds and our hearts. Thank you for reminding me that God is bigger than the box I put him in!

  • Cate

    Several year ago, I had moved countries, (willingly and privileged to do so), and my family rented a lovely home from a young woman who challenged me by saying, “I go to Mass every day during Lent”…. I remember thinking WOW, she does this voluntarily, willingly and privileged to do so! The next Lent came along, my family had bought a home not so far away from this rental home. I ran into this woman at the weekday Masses that we attended. I thanked her for the courage to stand up for her faith, for being an example to me and told her that I wanted to try to do the same. This year has been a bit of a challenge getting to Mass every day because of extra-ordinary circumstances, however, in the last couple of days, I was able to catch up and take note of ALL the Best Lent Ever videos, and this week I am able to attend Mass every day.
    I find myself wanting, eagerly to go. Daily Mass has brought me a peace that I could never have obtained on my own throughout all life’s difficulties and challenges. I have experienced the same intimacy that Matthew Kelly speaks of. I am drawn to the Eucharist, Adoration, and the celebration of Reconciliation on a regular basis. I have experienced a healing and a support that this world cannot give. I urge us all to continue to seek this intimacy with the Lord and to share this intimacy with others . God bless us all. Thank you for being my companions on our Lenten journey.

  • Mike

    There is a 5:30 Thursday evening mass each week at my church. I can make that so I’m starting there.

  • Holly

    I love daily mass! It is very intimate and very spiritual for me. I recommend everyone go if u can.

  • Holly

    The daily mass near me has 2 early morning masses. The church is usually packed. I especially enjoy that afternoon 7:30 mass they have adoration until the 9:00am mass starts. Love this time of solitude. When unable to go I long to be there.

  • Marie Starns

    I have been attending daily mass for over 10 years. There are occasions when I may miss a few days but I try to go as much as possible. Something that Matthew said in his video really caught my attention. He said he listened differently to the prayers at daily mass. I discovered this when we pray the penitential act. When we pray ” I confess to Almighty God and to you my brothers and sisters that I have greatly sinned”…therefore I ask Blessed MARY ever Virgin, all the angels and saints and you my brothers and sisters to pray for me to the Lord our God”. Until I started attending daily mass I never really thought about the fact that I was asking my fellow brothers and sisters at mass to pray for me and that I would pray for them because they are saying the same prayer. I happened one day to notice a friend of mine who also attends daily mass with her husband… When they prayed this prayer they would look at each other when the part of the prayer being said was “pray for me my brothers and sisters “. I thought this was a beautiful act and it has stayed with me ever since. So now when I say this prayer, I look around at everyone attending mass and know that I am praying for them and hoping that they are praying for me!

  • Kenwyn

    I love daily mass yet, I do not attend regularly. There’s that resistance! I’m going to get ready and go now!!

  • Greg Clary

    Soon after my ACTS retreat in 2012 my wife and I started going to Adoration on Thursday mornings from 6-7 am. It just so happens that daily Mass is at 7 am so we naturally just stayed for it. Wow! Just like Matthew says in the video, it is a whole new refreshing different experience than Sunday Mass. It is intimate as there are no more than 20 people in the church usually. Additionally, our new priest, Fr. Jason, is an excellent homilist and can take that two or three minute homily and challenge you with a take home that makes you a better version of yourself not only for that day but for the week and beyond. Now I cherish my daily Mass experiences and feel certain it was in God’s plan all along…he just had to get things arranged for me!

  • Kate McLoud

    During the four months I was deployed to Afghanistan I attended daily Mass whenever I could. There was a handful of us who attended regularly. It was a welcome break from the stress and craziness of living and working in a war zone and necessary reminder that even in that scary place God was with us always.

    • Jeff K

      Thank you for your service to our country!

  • Jeff K

    I made a commitment to attend a weekday mass almost two years ago and it changed my prayer life. Where as the time before Sunday mass tends to be a social hour at our parish, the time before a weekday mass is perfectly silent. I am able to focus my prayer on special intentions to God (recently including the short sale of a home, financial burdens, death of a family member, family disputes) and I have seen many prayers answered. Now I look forward to every Wednesday morning at 8:15 AM as a chance to recharge my spiritual batteries and receive the blessing of our Lord’s host as fuel for my journey.

  • Theresa Trella

    I am addicted to daily Mass!!! As a music minister, my focus is more on supporting Mass on Sundays with our ministry. While that is an incredibly rich experience, daily Mass is a completely intimate and powerful dialogue with God, being like Mary sitting at Jesus’ feet. Truly the better portion!!!

  • Cindy Bushinski

    This will be a real challenge for me because the three churches around me all have daily mass at 8:30 in the morning and my work schedule doesn’t allow me to attend at that time. The few times when I have had the opportunity to attend daily mass I have felt a difference and wish that I could attend more often.

    • Ethel L

      Cindy I’m with you. This is a big barrier for me too!

  • Winnie Svikhart Supple

    I retired 2 years ago and am so blessed to be able to attend daily mass. Listening closely to the words of the prayers has changed my life. I can’t live without it and the graces it sustains me with. Thank you Jesus for this beautiful gift.

    • Ethel L

      You remind me of my grandmas and great aunts. Daily mass and hours of prayers at home is their routine. Amazing!

  • Peggy Rowe-Linn

    Best spiritual practice EVER is daily Mass. There is no substitute for the REAL THING because the REAL THING is not a thing at all–it is JESUS CHRIST in all his passion and glory, right there, available in the flesh and blood for each one of us at daily Mass. We are perfected by the grace of receiving Him daily. Daily Mass is more important than any other ritual you will every do–more important than eating, exercise, brushing your teeth, sleeping, anything! Why? Christ multiplies your time, the more you spend it with Him! Just taste and see! The difference in your life is amazing!

  • Dorothy Cabral

    There was a time in my life when daily mass was part of my routine. I worked a job pack then that allowed me the opportunity to attended mass before going to work . I remember there were days I struggled with going but, I also loved how when I did go, because it set the tone for my day. I loved the friendships
    I built with the handful of parishioners that shared that daily mass each and every day. I was the only person there my age, everyone else was retired but they were so eger to share their love for God and I was ever to
    Listen, it set the tone of my day. I was much more in tuned with God and it reflected in my daily life: I was more patient, I responded with love, understanding and kindness both at work and in my personal life. I lived a better Christine life.
    Work hours change and I no longer was able to attend daily mass and life without it became a daily struggle. I loved that Matthew said he went on a Tuesday might, I think I will suggest this to my church in order to give the working class an opportunity to at least have one night to enrich their/ our lives with God as well.

  • Cecilia

    I have to really pray about this challenged​. I live in southwest Virginia. Few Catholics and fewer priests. Many priests serve two parishes. My own parish has a weekday Mass only on Thursday. The two neighboring parishes have more weekday Masses, but neither has daily Mass. I would need to drive ~45 minutes one way to get to these other Masses.

  • Evelyn Duffin

    I am blessed to work in the rectory of a Cathedral and have the opportunity to attend noon mass each weekday. Before that I was living at a remote monastery and was able to participate in the liturgy of the hours several times a day. We had a visiting priest who celebrated mass twice each week. Although my daily prayer is now in solitude, I doubt I could find words to express what a difference these spiritual practices have made in my life. “Best Lent Ever” has encouraged me to be more attentive to prayer and to not yield to “I just don’t have time today.”

  • Pati Morel

    When I lived in California I was blessed to be close enough to our church that I could go to daily Mass and still get to work on time. One year I decided to go to daily mass every day during Lent. I just want to tell you that It was really the best Lent I have ever experienced. I felt so much peace and joy starting each day with Mass.

  • Angela ‘Bailey’ Zimmerman

    I heard a talk by Mother Angelica about 10 years ago and she mentioned that Lent isn’t about giving up something you are going to go back and do as soon as Lent is over, it is about starting a new habit that helps you grow. It was that Lent I decided to attend Wednesday morning Mass with the school kids (we had two that age at the time.) I did make it a weekly habit after Lent, the kids (all five) would attend Wednesday morning Mass during the summer too, great time for them to learn how to serve. I know when I miss that midweek Mass, I don’t feel as complete.

  • Ethel L

    When I was in college I could do this, daily mass at 5:30am prior school, however, with work/ kids at this time is a huge barrier. God help us who are in this situation.

  • Maggie Corson

    I’ve been working seven days a week for at least six hours each day on the weekend and about 10 hour days on the weekdays. My mom went into a nursing home last August and I was not getting to see her at all. So for Lent I told the office not to assign me any outside of the home jobs on Mondays and promised God I’d take my mom to mass at her facility every Monday. The first week she slept right through the mass, which she does a lot. That’s one of the reasons it’s so hard to get myself over there. She has dementia and cancer and she doesn’t know who I am or what is happening around her. But the second two Mondays she was awake and was able to receive Communion. And that made her smile. I also love the other residents who are there celebrating mass with us. I can see me continuing this past Lent and past my mom’s time on this earth even. And it all started with a homily about imagine if we spent as much time as we spend on making money or exercising so we can look good on our relationship with God. I wasn’t doing that and it really made me put things in perspective. So when I thought about my mom and how I was letting her down, I thought what better way than to visit her and take her to the mass. This way I wasn’t just sitting watching her sleep and mumble words that made no sense. I was spending time with her and God together. And it has introduced me to a way that I can continue to spread my love for Him with others who are often “alone” in the nursing homes

    • Robert

      Thank you for sharing Maggie and may your efforts be blessed with much grace.

    • Debbie

      Maggie, while your mom may not recognize you, she does still feel the love you share.

  • Peggy

    I to am not a morning person so I attend mass on Saturday night. This past year I have joined with a friend to lead the parishioners in saying the rosary a half hour before the mass each week. This may not seem as a big deal to some but for me it was a commitment to arrive at church early instead of 5 minutes before mass began. So now I usually arrive at least 45 minutes before and this added time that I am at church has given me a closer relationship with Our Lord.

  • Dina aka Faith Brown

    I think of daily mass as some might think of the their morning cup of coffee- a real boost to start the day!

  • Gail

    I love going to daily Mass, the peace I feel there is like none other! Every time I receive eucharist it just makes me smile, I feel so blessed!

    I started going because I was treated so badly by the priest at my parish that I couldn’t hear the Word when he gave the homily because I could only think about my hurt and how he didn’t practice what he preached! So, I started going to a different parish for weekday Mass and the experience was amazing for me. I didn’t know any of the parisioners but they were welcoming and friendly.
    One day a priest that I did not know came to me after Mass and said you have such a sense of peace about you, can you please pray for me right now! You cannot imagine how that effected me but I do know that the peace came from being at daily Mass at that church!

  • Magalis Muniz

    I have not gone to daily mass since last summer. I went every morning before work and it had a wonderful impact in my life. I felt calm and I was able to do my work in a more patient way. I was more happier. I will start again soon.

  • Debra

    I love going to daily Mass, and for the life of me I don’t know why I don’t go more often. I agree that I get so much more out of it than Sunday Mass. It is more personal with its own sense of community. There are fewer people there who truly want to be there and not there for the “obligatory” Sunday Mass. They are all actively participating. It’s a beautiful, peaceful start to my day.

  • Twist

    After my petition for nullity was granted last year, I have been attending weekday mass almost every day. I have always been a holiday Catholic, Sunday mass and the rare drop in for prayer and to light a candle. I can’t emphasize how much the simpleness of daily mass has helped me reclaim my faith. Stripped of the ceremony and social aspect of the “popular” weekend masses, it just seems a purer experience to me. The majority of the congregation attend alone, like me, and I feel a much stronger connection with God. I speak to my mother, others who have gone before me, and I pray for my children. And the more relaxed setting has let me build personal relationships with several of the priests, it has been one of most positive developments of my life.

    • LosmanPO

      I agree. I not only feel a deeper connection with God, I also draw on those who are also there with me in the intimate setting of our smaller chapel. While I still can’t understand why it is so different from Sunday Mass, I can feel the genuine compassion and desire to be close to God during each daily Mass. It is real and it is tangible.

  • Janelle Caire

    I appreciate the solitude of daily mass. I attended daily mass frequently last year as my 3 month old grandson approached open heart surgery. I experienced a very close connection with God and he answered all my prayers. I am also going more frequently during Lent.

  • KJ

    I am living proof that morning mass will change your life!

  • Diana

    In college, I attended Mass four to five times a week on campus. Throughout my adult life, I’ve tried to maintain going to daily Mass at least once a week. Sometimes it ebbs and flows. The quiet and simplicity of daily Mass brings me to a deeper awareness of God’s love, the Eucharist, and provides a space for pause. I always feel refreshed and grateful I attended the Mass when I do. My husband and I now try to go twice a week, sometimes as a family for daily Mass with our 16-month old and other times we switch to give each other the space to be alone with Christ – a rare gem as new parents. While I don’t have the chance to attend as often as I did in college, being able to go to daily Mass once a week still brings me solace.

  • Julia Pohlman-Moore

    On Wednesday and Thursday’s the elementary kids at our public school have the opportunity to attend morning mass.(Religious Ed and mass are built into the curriculum by extending the school day. If you are not Catholic you can still attend mass, attend a non denominational religion class or go to study hall) These masses are my favorite because it is a children’s mass where the kids say petitions and our priest speaks to them during the sermon at their level. I was born a cradle Catholic with very little religious education while growing up, church and religious Ed, where motions that we did every week. I have learned more about mass, the bible, and myself on the days that I am able to go to mass, than I did in the 10 years I went to religion class. I am very blessed that my children have this opportunity to attend mass during the week, and to have a loving and caring priest who gets down to their level.

  • jesspinosa

    When I was a young office worker in Manila, a church was located between the bus stop and my office building, so going to Mass daily easily became a part of my weekday routine. But at that time, God was, to my mind, not that important. In 1971, I moved to NY where, with the many churches within walking distance, continuing the practice of daily Mass was possible, but still no impact. Then, as it is true with life, many changes and challenges, big and small, came, and that’s when daily Mass took on new meaning for me – receiving our Lord became my anchor, my source of hope, comfort, strength and joy and I finally accepted Jesus’ invitation to a closer relationship. I said “OK, Lord, here I am.” Retirement brought freedom from worldly obligations, and daily Mass is now accompanied by Adoration that started as a Holy Hour and now has grown to a Holy Hour-1/2, more spiritual readings (my Kindle is filled with nothing but!) and an indescribable peace and joy. The highlight of my day is entering a dark, empty church, long before Mass begins, leaving the din and distraction outside, and being surrounded by my dear friends, the saints (hi Tony, hi Frankie, hi Cathy, Paulie and Petey), and there, next to the familiar and comforting red light, is my Lord, patiently waiting for me. Then, in a little while, my Lord and I are united in Holy Communion. I ask the Lord to allow me to do this till the day I day. Daily Mass – highly recommended, ten stars!!!

  • KK

    I sing funerals, sometimes 4-5 a week. It can weigh on you, But I consider it my way to honor the person who passed. I always get so much out of those masses because it’s smaller, intimate, I’m sitting on the alter without distractions of my little ones next to me. It surprises me each time how much I get out of it. It changes my day.

  • JayAW

    When I was a kid I would sometimes go to Tuesday morning masses with my grandma. I can’t say that I remember having any kind of good feeling. The only thing I can remember is how this other woman that attended those Tuesday morning masses would say the prayers really fast and it threw me off when I would respond at my usual speed. During past lents I have attended mass during the week. Again, I can’t say that I had any kind of life changing experiences other than meeting an occasional guest priest that celebrated the mass that day. I guess it all depends on each person and what they experience.

  • Mj

    I started attending daily Mass about 12 years ago. I happen to stop in one Saturday morning to pray for my daughter to do well on a test. I was so moved by the Priests sermon that I went back the next week & started attending daily. It definitely was the Holy Spirit nudging me to go. The priest’s preaching was something I had never heard. He talked of the great love Jesus has for us & his great mercy for us. One day I asked to speak with him when he had some time & he must have known that something was bothering because he said wait I’ll see you now after I say goodbye to the people leaving Mass. Well I felt compelled to confess that I had an abortion 4 years prior that day! I was literally dying inside from my awful sin. He was so compassionate & spoke the most gentle prayers over me. He then helped me to get help & healing through Project Rachel. It was by far the best thing I have ever experienced not only in my faith life but also in all of my life! Jesus wants us to go to him with our sins to make us whole again! I continued to go to daily Mass for quite a few years then schedules & resistance got in the way. I have been able to attend this lent & feel so blessed to be there! I go to 4 different churches depending on what time works for me. That wonderful Priest is another parish over 50 miles away however he is one of my dearest friends & a great family friend too! Please pray for all our Priests.

    • Wendy

      Thank you for reminding me to pray for all our priest and nuns too. They have changed my life too.

    • Pat

      I too had an abortion; in fact, two of them. I was so totally messed up, confused and my life took on many negative aspects because of what I had done, most especially a depression which was ever present. Confessing my abortions and later, as I was able, speaking up about what I had done in ways God called me to witness, all depression and negative oppressive thoughts left. It was totally God. Now, I consider it a total gift to go to daily Mass and pray for those making some of the same decisions I faced when I was young. By God’s grace, may they choose life.

      • Jeannie Olsen

        We have been blessed to send four of our children to a Catholic school. I always make it a priority to attend mass with the schoolchildren on First Fridays, Holy days and once a week during Lent when Mass is offered. I especially want my children to know what a gift we have been given(the Mass) and develop an appreciation for it. I especially enjoy attending daily Mass when we offer it for the intentions of another – when a loved one has passed or when we wish to celebrate something special, like our 25th wedding anniversary! I’m already thinking of when I willattend every day for a week – maybe Spring Break!

  • Wendy

    Going to daily mass has blessed me so many times. After mass you have a new perspective of things and your day is blessed with beauty, opportunity, and is full of grace to get you through any difficult time in a security of peace that you know that only God can provide. Answered prayers manifest in surprisingly awesome ways that you know you are his child and he really does hear you and cares about you and your life. You feel loved and grateful for a Magnificent And Beautiful God who deeply loves you.

  • Cathy Witczak

    I can honestly say that going to daily Mass during my Freshman year at college is what brought my husband and I together. No, I didn’t meet him there at church, but because I loved this daily connection with the Body of Christ, I continued the practice of daily Mass at home during the summer months. It’s a long story, but that commitment led to our meeting. We will celebrate our 50th anniversary of marriage this year. I am very sure that the strength and beauty of our love comes from the faith we’ve fed over the years with regular attendance at Mass. Were we always daily communicants? No, but we went as often as we could and now that we are retired, we go together every day. It is one of our greatest joys to receive communion standing side by side like on our wedding day.

  • Donald Marquez

    I have to admit that there is nothing inconvenient about attending daily mass (based on my current work schedule)…and yet I still only make it every Wednesday, for our school mass. Difficult to hear God when there are 150 students gathered at the same time. I went to Mass yesterday for the feast of St. Joseph, so this lesson comes at a great time (as lessons always do!) because it is inviting me to go all the way. But it is also inviting me to listen differently and more intently. Something I struggle with. Couple that with the mass being said mostly in Spanish, which I have a limited grasp of, and it’s even more of a struggle. But that’s just an excuse. And so I will make the effort not only to attend but to allow God to reveal himself to me during this time.

  • Bobby Orr

    I am Blessed to be able to say I started daily Mass over 20 years ago, and it is the best part of my day. I look forward to the peaceful imtimate time I get to spend with my Savior. I changed it up a few years ago and on M-W-F I go to St. Johns Hospital chapel for noon Mass, and on T-Th to St.Josephs home a local nurseing home. Its ectra special to pray with the sick and the dying. Finally a segment of the “Best ever Lent” that I have achieved. Thank you all for this ministry. Bobby Orr Springfield Illinois

  • Tami Bowen

    I go to morning mass (6:30 a.m.) several days a week. My best weeks are when I go every day. It starts my day in the best way, with the Lord. I highly recommend that you take Matthew’s challenge. It is a life changer. May you all reach to be the Best Version of Yourself today. God Bless…..

  • Sheila Ludolph

    I have been Catholic all life. Two years ago, as my grandmother was slowly dying I taught myself to pray the Rosary. During this time, I also had been laid off from my job as Mental Health Therapist due to budget cuts. While this seemed a tragedy, it allowed me time in our adoration chapel and the time to participate in daily Mass. It was through this intimate time with our Lord that I came to forgive others and allowed God’s mercy to rekindle my Soul! The Mass helps he to stay connected and thank Him daily. It has also guided me to be a better and more available mother to our two children. Thank you Jesus…

  • Bill

    Your experience of Mass on Tuesdays is what it should be…intimate, interesting , challenging…but your challenge should not be to attend masses all one week…your challenge should be to the priests and leaders of liturgy …lets face it…masses ARE boring, homilies are worse, celebrations are not that at all, and millions, millions of people are leaving our church . Yes the Mass can be uplifting, supportive, intimate and it should be …but it isn’t! Paz Padre Bill

  • Annmarie

    I have three girls – ages 9, 5 & 2. Sunday Mass can be, at times, very challenging but rewarding for us as a family. Daily mass is a gift for me… sitting alone, being able to meditate on His word. I embrace the much needed peace!

  • Rebecca White Hamel

    I’m not Catholic. I’m Protestant. I would really love to go to Mass, however I’m not really sure what to do if I were to go. Any suggestions on the best way for me to do this and not feel like a complete outsider?

    • Amy W

      I am a returning Catholic, after many years in Protestant churches. I have only been going to daily Mass, 2-3 times a week so far. I don’t know all the words or gestures and do feel a bit lost at times, but the best advice I can give is to just observe. Sit towards the back so you can see what other people are doing (sitting, standing, kneeling), and just listen. Just being there is the important thing. 🙂

    • Joanne

      Just go. Many churches have Mass booklets in the seats so you can follow along. There probably will be hymn books if you feel like singing and many of the hymns are the same ones you would be used to. You can follow the actions of the other people there regarding when to sit, stand, or kneel but going to communion is not permitted until you become Catholic. Hope this bit of information helps.

      • Rebecca White Hamel

        I went today. Latin Mass, 7AM. Small group but they were very helpful. I did have a booklet to guide me. Thankfully I had four years of Latin in school. 🙂
        Thank you. I did enjoy worshipping in a different way. I will go back.

  • Tammy

    I also stared attending morning Mass last year as something new to take up during Lent….my parish has it at 7:00 am on Wednesday and Friday and it is just down the strer from my work so it works great. It has now become a place I look forward to going every Wednesday and Friday. There too are only about 12 people….almost always the same 12 and it almost feels like family. It is a wonderful way to start my days and it has helped me on strengthenin my spiritual journey.

  • Karin Coll

    My Lenten commitment was to go to Mass as much as possible. I am currently unemployed and I need to focus on Christ. I have been hitting 90% with life getting in the way with children or my husband, but I keep going. It has brought such joy to my heart, so cleansing and nurturing to my soul. I feel restored.

  • Deb Colson

    I used to be amazed and wonder how people could go to Mass everyday. As a child in Catholic school, it was not something I looked forward to but endured. When I retired a year ago, I felt drawn to try it out once or twice a week. What a blessing and surprise! The closeness I feel to God and the small intimate group that is there with me have opened my heart and mind to truly experience the Mass in every word, every detail. I go every chance I get now; I take each one as a gift.

  • Gina

    I attended daily mass every day when I was pregnant with my daughter. I had a very difficult time getting pregnant and just felt the call to attend mass more frequently. She was born healthy, we thought, but winded up in neonatal intensive care for 5 days with a life threatening blood disorder. My family would sit in the waiting room and say the rosary for her. I put a Miraculous Medal pin over her bed. The physician brought in to care for my daughter was a specialist in neonatal care. He was Muslim. We did not know him. The day after her admisssion, she became stable. He came to my husband, mother and I and told us the good news. He said “your daughter’s condition has greatly improved. I don’t know who the pin is above her bed but she definitely had someone watching over her. When I first saw her, she was very sick. But she was still showing signs of unbelievable strength.” I will never forget those words. I always thought that I would love to return to daily mass because it gave me such a peace throughout my pregnancy and then dealing with her illness. Thankfully, she recovered after that week and we are celebrating her 22 birthday today! Thank you for letting me share this story.

  • Julie

    Daily Mass has always been so important to me! However, we moved about 7 years ago to a home where going is not as convenient as it had been for over 35 years. Daily mass has been a great loss in our lives! Thank you for reminding me of the importance and benefits! God bless you!

  • Matt

    YWeekday Mass has been a part of my day for a good part of my adult life; and honestly when circumstances are such that I cannot make it, I feel that a huge part of my day is missing. For sure it has become a ‘habit’, but an awesome one at that. While I don’t know everyone by name, the faces become so familiar and we are all like a family of sorts. I certainly echo the thoughts expressed by Matthew with regards to the daily Mass vs the Sunday Mass. it seems more intimate; less distractions for sure, plus you feel that everyone there is present because they want to be and not out of obligation. Daily Mass has helped me on this journey of life we are all on; being in the Lords presence and giving myself over to Him; putting myself, my family, in His hands. Honestly, I wouldn’t know what to do without encountering Him daily!!!!!!

  • Bob Ackerman

    For me, experiencing live 8 am Daily Mass many mornings on EWTN (Eternal Word Television Network) for the past 10 or more years has changed my life and has inspired me to go deeper into the Catholic Faith that I was borne into but didn’t appreciate nearly enough. This is one great example where modern technology has been a much valued blessing to me. Many thanks to Mother Angelica for “Saying Yes” to God and starting this now Global Catholic Worldwide Network. This is another way to experience Daily Mass for us who may not always be able to attend in person.

  • Jan Onnen

    This is something I should start doing. I will put it on my calander.

  • Kelly

    I started this program late. Everyday after watching the daily reflection I will watch another that I missed. It has been amazing. The topics will related to something that I am struggling with at that moment in time. I am starting to feel Gods love again in my life and I am so grateful for that.

  • Aileen

    I have felt tugged to daily mass lately. I just haven’t gone! There’s always an excuse! No more excuses! I will go tomorrow and commit to keep going as much as I can over the next week and God willing I will make it everyday! Pray for me.

  • Kathleen Hogan Troy

    Good morning does Matthew Kelly have presentations on the Eucharist. ???? Kathy

  • Rebecca Stritt

    I love daily mass on Thursday mornings. I’ve met other stay at home moms, connected with my Priest, and reset my eyes on Jesus for the rest of the week. I am not yet a full fledged Catholic, but I am a Candidate and will complete RCIA soon. I can’t receive the Eucharist, which used to sadden and frustrate me, but now- I say the “Lord I am not worthy that You should enter under my roof, but only say the word and my soul shall be healed.” prayer and long for the day (coming soon) when I receive for the first time. Daily mass has focused my eyes on the Lord, gave me time for reflection (as much reflection as my toddlers allow hehe) and has gotten me ready for my new life as a Catholic.

    • Rebecca Stritt

      *given* not gave 🙂

    • LosmanPO

      Rebecca, Welcome to our Catholic family! Receiving the Eucharist for your first time is something to cherish and look forward to always. This time of reflection and anticipation is meant to draw you closer to God and to help you understand the real presence of Jesus in the bread and wine. Our prayers go out to you and all the Candidates and Catechumens preparing to celebrate the sacraments this Easter season.

  • Since I’ve been going to daily Mass, I am in tune with the Church and the rhythm of her prayer life, feast days, and daily intercessions. There’s nothing more important than the Eucharist and my day isn’t the same unless I receive Jesus in the Sacrament. That’s where we meet him. He wants to be one with us and the best – most intimate way to do that is through the Eucharist. Come to the table all you who are weary! He longs to be with you.

  • CindyH57

    Thank you for all the great responses. I have not had the opportunity yet to start going to Mass during the week, but will soon. I also plan on making it a part of my week once I retire in a couple months. I have greatly enjoyed this series thus far and am grateful that our parish gave out the cards for this program, it has enriched my Lenten journey.

  • Lea Novak

    I was working at a University when I went to my first daily Mass…my boss was a devout Catholic, and he and his wife would often go to daily Mass there, and he encouraged me to go. Mass was held at lunch time, in a side chapel of the larger church building, a very intimate setting. The students and staff who attended would voice their intentions out loud during the prayers of the faithful. I never got comfortable enough to do that, but the whole experience gave me a new appreciation of the Mass. I think that the original Christians probably experienced this intimate connection with Jesus and with each other. I wish we had enough priests to have Sunday Mass in this same intimate environment, but maybe we don’t because God is calling us to daily Mass! It was at a daily Mass one Lent that I truly felt in my heart, for the first time, the sense that Jesus was truly, really there in the Blessed Sacrament…and since I had eaten lunch right before Mass, I couldn’t receive Him. I was so sad, but at the same time, so in awe, that God comes to us this way, to us, who need Him so much!

  • Maureen Daniels Ceglia

    I’m reading through all the posts hoping to hear from someone who does not attend Mass such as myself. I have not been to Mass in over two years. For whatever reason the desire was taken away from me and I got to the point of just embracing this non-desire. During this time I have developed a relationship with our Beloved in a way that I never had before and know that He loves me unconditionally whether I attend Mass or not. All that being said, something is stirring inside me as if I’m being nudged very gently to maybe give it a try again. The fact that my sister told me about this site, having ordered and received Matthew’s book “Rediscovering Catholicism” (which I haven’t started to read yet) and other signs. I thought I’d start with going to a weekday Mass and see what happens. I keep putting it off and there’s that resistance thing again….lol. So….friends I would ask that you pray for me that God’s will be done here. Thank you and God Bless us all. ❤️

    • kimisu

      Lord, be with Maureen and let your Holy Spirit guide her to the peace that her heart yearns for today. Give her the newfound knowledge that her intimate time with You will increase exponentially as she attends Mass. Let her feel as though she has “come home” in the truest sense of the words. So be it.

    • LosmanPO

      Maureen, I am praying for you. I stopped participating in weekly Mass for about 2 years, making every excuse in the book. I know now that it was a combination of resistance and my own sinful selfishness. This period spent outside the church was a spiritual desert for me. Returning to the Catholic Church this past year was the best decision I could have made. I would ask you not to ignore those feeling stirring inside you. This was the same way in which the Holy Spirit spoke to me. I would also recommend that you read Matthew Kelly’s book. It has invigorated my faith and helped me to turn towards God. By replacing my bad habits with some of the wonderful habits that Matthew recommends, my whole outlook on life continues to change in a positive way as Jesus Christ occupies more and more of my heart each day.

    • Bev

      Maureen, The stirrings you are experiencing is your Beloved calling you back to mass. Those first steps getting to mass may be challenging but you can do it. I believe that once you get there and get set down that you need to close your eyes, take a deep breath and be open to the peace surrounding you. God bless you!

      • Maureen Daniels Ceglia

        Thank you Bev. God bless you too.

  • Brad

    I’ve been attending daily mass at 6:30 am for almost 2 years now, every day of the week before work. It’s changed my life and brought me closer to God and my Catholic faith! It’s very intimate. I even alter serve a few times a week which I haven’t done in 25 years. My journey has been a rollercoaster, but it’s smooth sailing now since I’ve been going to daily mass. Receiving the Eucharist is the most important part of my day. And I thank my wife for giving me the opportunity to go with an infant at home. I encourage people to do it, you won’t regret it!

  • Joyce Cagle

    When I was in 4th grade, way back in the 70’s, our current priest challenged the children to attend Monday daily Mass at 4:00, just enough time to walk from school to the church a few blocks away. I lived in a very small town, so if there were even 10 people at Mass it was a busy day. There was one other youth and myself who were there on a regular basis. There were no altar servers and females on the altar was not an option. Father had me come to the vesting area before Mass and get the bells and paten, and I assisted him by sitting in the front pew, ringing the bells at the appropriate times and then holding the paten during the distribution of the Holy Eucharist. What a blessing to have been not only able to attend Mass but to be a part of it.
    As life tends to happen, those days came and went, but the Lord pulled me back to daily Mass with my children for many years. I’m at a point in my life right now where it is no longer working for me to get to daily Mass often, but I miss it with all my heart and have replaced attending daily Mass with morning prayer, the daily Mass readings and night prayer. So while I’m not sacramentally receiving our Lord in the Eucharist daily, I am able to spiritually receive Him, another amazing gift our church has for us.
    These are the basis, or foundation, of what I attempt to do to live out my vocation as wife, mother, and daughter of Christ.

  • Paul

    Recently when I was out of work I made it a point to go to daily mass, and I am glad that I did. I share the sentiment that many of the previous posts state, about a kinship with the folks you are sharing that time with, the quieter setting, the feeling of doing something extra for your faith, etc. I also enjoy when I am traveling to look ahead to what Church I will be staying near, and to see the mass schedule. I always take something away from the experience of being in a church for the first time. Each church seems to have slightly different nuances that make it unique. I like Matthew’s challenge and will plan it for a vacation week I have in the near future.

  • Jules

    I have attended a daily mass here and there but never consistently because of work, or my own resistance, however I did enjoy it when I did attend. After watching the video’s this morning with my husband he suggested that we will go together this Friday morning. I am excited, almost feel as if we are going on a spiritual date! Thank you Dynamic Catholic for this wonderful program.

  • John Bridges

    I have been attending Daily Mass for awhile now ( I know how long but spouting that is just my ego looking for approval). Best habit I have ever developed. God has a plan for all of us. We need to listen! And act! Go forth and let the world see Jesus in YOU!

    I love your book, been showing up early to listen for 10 minutes each morning…boy is that hard! My mind flits about like a little skittish bird. Help me Lord, May Thy Will be done through me today in a way pleasing to You!


  • Marianne Lesieur

    I felt being called to attend daily Mass about 12 years ago. For 2 years I came up with excuses on why I could not attend… I am too busy, too tired, too everything. But the primary excuse was I did not want to make the time. I home school my 8 children, and am very involved in parish life. Then I committed to attend one daily Mass the week after Christmas 10 years ago. I found it peaceful and intimate, and to my surprise I found I had more time in the day when I started the day with Mass and prayer. Now 10 years later, i attend daily Mass every morning. My children take turns altar serving, and my husband joins us on Wednesdays. He calls it his mid-week refueling. Daily Mass places our whole day into His hands.

  • Susan S.

    My husband and I went to Daily Mass for many years. When we retired and moved our new place only had Daily Mass three times a week and we thought we could live with that. Since then, the priest shortage has affected life radically. We no longer have a parish priest and our lucky to get a sacramental priest on Sundays. Many are the Sundays we just have a communion service. So I say to all of you – please go to Daily Mass and experience that joy. And please pray for us that long to be with you.

  • Gerry

    During this Lent I decided to attend a weekday Liturgy. My prayers pale in comparison to the prayer of the Mass. And receiving the Body of Christ, well how much bigger gift could one receive? My choosing to go to Mass already has put me in a different frame of mind. I guess I feel that since I have chosen this, that as something I desire, it is filling a need. I know it is.

  • Euge

    Attending daily mass is the best gift we can give to ourselves. This is when Heaven comes down to Earth. Our favorite Saints and relatives who have gone before us, all come together as we praise God. Impossible to put in words what happens to our souls…as someone said, it is that subtle change that purifies us. We receive so many graces! When Heaven opens up, can you imagine the graces that come down on us? Personally, I just love the Peace that I receive. It stays with me all day!

  • Patty Dyer

    For many years I worked Mon thru Weds. And decided to start attending mass on Fridays at 12:10. There IS something about going to a weekday mass….not as many distractions….I can focus better on our celebrant’s actions and prayers…my mind doesn’t wander as it sometimes does for Sunday mass. It’s an “extra” mass to be able to offer up for friends, family and loved ones. Mass is the “perfect” prayer 🙂

  • Kathy

    I remember a long period of time that I went to daily mass. Sometimes before work or before going to the gym. Listening to Matthew today reminded me that getting that Grace from God had such a profound impact on my life I need to figure out why I stopped. Sometimes it was do to a work schedule change and mass was at 8.30 or 9 so if I went I would be late for work. I think about it today and really understand now what’s missing in my spiritual life and it’s that daily dose of Grace for my soal much like a good shot of b12 to get your body going. I babysit my 6 month old grandson so morning I can’t do but we have 2 night’s a week that mass is held. It may be in Spanish or latan but I know the mass well enough that even if I don’t hear the words in English I know what is being said so there is no excuse for not going. I’m taking on Matthews challenge as next month my son and his family will be gone for a week and I can go then. I wonder how many of us will meet the challenge as in my opinion it’s the least we can do to repay the spiritual give that this program gives us. May God bless everyone today.

  • Susan S.

    For many years my husband and I attended daily mass. When we retired and moved we checked that we would have daily mass three times a week which we thought we could live with. Now because of the priest shortage we no longer have a parish priest and are lucky to have a priest on Sundays. Many times we just have a communion service. So I say to all of you – please go to daily mass. And please pray for those of us who long to be with you.

  • Margie Suarez

    I try my best to go to a daily mass once a week. There really is a different kind of peace and joy that is deposited in ones heart. I feel it and I can see it in my husbands face when he goes too. I have been thinking of going twice a week to daily Mass.. but ya know.. resistance! Have a blessed day, everyone.

  • Chris Kondrat

    I have been going to daily Mass for about two years. I started when I was in a deep clinical depression and it was something to occupy my time and keep me going each day. Now I have continued not making the whole week but between 2-4 days. I love the intimacy and small community. It’s like family. The short homilies are great. It’s also very affirming and inspirational to see these Catholics going when it’s not required. To witness their faithfulness.

  • Burt K. Kruhm

    As one of three leaders of a 6:30 AM Daily Word Service (all of us lay people), I can attest to the power of hearing God’s word and praying together as our first experience of the morning. Christ brings us together in community to experience Him in a way we cannot do without this Service. Thank you – and Matthew Kelly – for this truly inspirational and awakening ministry!!

  • Mary

    I began attending daily Mass as a young child with my grandmother. She walked everyday to Mass early in the morning. The first Mass of the day, it seems to me it was 6:00 AM maybe 5:30. It was so many years ago. I go occasionally today but not often. It’s a beautiful way to start the day. My Grandmorher has been gone 43 years. But it’s part of my fondest memories to get up early and go to morning Mass with her. I will try to go for a whole week once during this year.

  • Sean

    In my last job, I worked at a Catholic University for about three years. Daily Mass was at noon in the main chapel on campus. During that time, I was able to attend daily Mass whenever I wanted, and I did for a while. Unfortunately, I found it was difficult to attend… Difficult because on a campus with more than 10,000 students and roughly 3,000 faculty and staff, it seemed like there was less in attendance than what might have been at my small parish with only 400 families. Difficult to turn down the invitations to go to lunch with my colleagues, almost all of which were not Catholic. Difficult because I enjoy Sunday Mass with my family and my parish family, where there I was alone. Difficult because the priests were either so academically theological that I felt like I needed to be a Ph.D. student to keep up with the homily, or so radical that I thought I wasn’t listening to a Catholic homily. Looking back, I suppose all those reasons are selfish, and there are days now that I wish I could step away and attend Mass, or even just have an hour of Adoration.

    Matthew has a saying that some people spend the first half of their lives saying, “I’m too young for that,” as an excuse not to do something. And then, when they’re older, they spend the last half of their lives saying, “I’m to old for that.” Part of me feels that “I’m too young” for the daily Mass and adoration hour…that I just can’t work those 7 hours a week into my schedule that I already feel so exhausted keeping up with. I think that’s resistance.

  • A. Higle

    Going to Daily Mass has allowed me to receive the Eucharist which I consider as my daily multi love vitamin. I could not survive well without it. It keeps me spiritually healthy!

  • Kathy Taylor

    I tried to do daily mass, but (I know this will be just an excuse) but here at our church daily mass is at 8:00 am the school kids mass. I find myself looking for my grandkids more then concentrating on the Mass and messages. Any suggestions on trying to avoid this problem. I do attend daily Mass when they have spring break and summer and Christmas vacation. And those times are so meaningful.

  • So true. Mass during the day is so much more intimate then Sunday Mass It has a whole different feeling with little distration.

  • Deb Santoli

    I attend daily mass. Starting my day with mass gives me peace. To receive the Sacrament of Holy Communion everyday into my soul is so special. I go to different churches and hear different priests homilies and it’s amazing. Another thing that touches my heart is during the week children attend the mass and I love to hear them do the readings and listen when they sing. As Mathew says you will be blessed in a special way to attend mass during the week.

  • MD

    I can testify to this for over twenty years I and my husband have been attending morning masses except for cancellations etc. and I can say it as helped both of us despite our short comings to remain focus even in the midst of trials and challenges. The fruits of the Mass is what keeps us going.

  • Deb Daly

    My grandfather went to daily Mass. I remember my dad taking me sometimes on his day off to join my grandfather for daily Mass. It was a very special experience and feeling that stayed with me. I attended Catholic school and during lent, we were allowed to attend Mass during our lunch period if we wanted to. I remember going and feeling more prepared for Easter as a result. As an adult, it was that example that my grandpa set, that made me decide to go back to daily Mass when my oldest started school. I took my younger daughter with me and we dropped her sister at school, then attended Mass together. From the age of 2 until she started school, my youngest and I attended morning Mass together and she would discuss the sermons with me afterwards, My dad would join us a lot of the time too. I had to go back to work when my youngest started school to pay for their catholic education. That put an end to my daily Mass experience. But that pull is always there. My dad and I try and attend daily during Lent. I still feel that peace, intimacy and specialness of daily Mass when I go. I’m looking forward to retirement in the next couple of years so I can once again attend more regularly.

  • Amber Aiello

    I converted to Catholicism in 2004 at a rather large parish in the suburbs half an hour from Atlanta. I was on fire! I got very inlvolved in church life: bible studies ,a st Francis de sales group , and a Familia study on a Pope John Paul II encyclical on family;the ladies guild and moms group, teaching CCD, working with RCIA and once even got suckered in to heading up the Vacation bible school! I hadn’t really thought about daily Mass and then one day, after my youngest started Kindergarten, I decided to try it out. As I was getting ready, the door bell rang. In my front step was a little girl from 2 doors down,who had just missed the bus on the first day of school. I asked her if she needed me to call her parents – they weren’t home. I then asked her if She was ok with me driving her to school – she said she would.Needless to say, I didnt make it to Mass that day. And I have to laugh cause I thought back on how excited I was about going to Mass and could you imagine if I had told that poor little girl ” Sorry , I have other plans!” And closed the door on her. Oh, Jesus would surely have been shaking His head at me and thinking ” This girl just. Doesn’t. Get. It.” 😂 It was a lesson in knowing I can find Jesus in everyone and even more powerfully , show Jesus to everyone. Soon after this , we moved to a much smaller, rural parish in the North Ga mountains. I had looked forward to what I could get involved in or started up here. I started attending daily Mass and even adoration. It was there that I felt God telling me that while all I did for the church was great- I needed to turn my focus to my family. My oldest daughter was in middle school and having a really rough time. Through prayer, I discerned God wanted me to start homeschooling my girls and open my marriage to new life- we had 2 little boys over the next 3 years. I would love to say I kept going to daily Mass- but with my new babies and homeschooling, ( along with lack of love of mornings!) I don’t make it. My boys are now 8 and 5 and we are attempting one or 2 extra Masses a week. When they ask why we *have* to go to Mass again, I say we don’t *have* to, we are lucky enough to be able to attend Mass any day of the week and receive the precious gift of our Lord in the blessed Sacrament!

  • Laura LaDue

    I have not gone to daily mass. The thought never occurred to me until now. Since I am not a morning person, this would be tough.

  • Roz

    About 6 years ago when I was trying to figure out something to do for Lent, a young man who worked with me suggested we both attend morning mass. I wasn’t sure I could do it, 6:30 am comes mighty early but I went ahead with it. I got hooked. After Lent I was still going and then I added a few minutes of adoration after. The whole process gives you a completely different view on daily life, keeps you centered on God, and connects you to a wonderful support group of people who are there each morning too.

  • Donna Looney

    My Father used to go to daily Mass. I remember that so well. Occasionally I went with him. What a blessing I did not realize I was being given. This reflection today made me think of my Father and his early Masses – when he retired he would be the driver for his more elderly friends and they would all make a morning of it. I am sad today I did not appreciate the gift he was offering me but his example, and this reflection, have inspired me. I will go to daily Mass this week. I will do my best to continue. Thank you.

  • Deb Durrett

    I have not been to a daily mass. I’ve been to weddings and funerals. My Father grew up Catholic & my Mom grew up Protestant. I’ve been part of a few different Christian churches in my life, but am not Catholic. I’ve always been intrigued by Catholicism and appreciate the sacriments and liturgy of this and other Faith’s. I’ve pondered converting knowing there is much to consider and pray about before making such a decision. God’s got me either way.

  • Colleen M O’Neil

    I use to go to morning Rosary with my Dad and we’d stay for the Mass, it was held in Lower Church, Mary’s Chapel. So quiet. So peaceful.
    One of friends who use to go passed and my Dad stopped going, but he never stopped going to Church. I on the other hand was on a journey that eventually led me back to Church and making my Confirmation last year. While I usually go on Sunday mornings, I have gone to a few Sunday evening Masses.There are not many people, only one person singing and our Priest makes everybody in back move closer to the front. Going back to Daily Mass seems like a very good idea.

  • Susie Scoppa

    Daily or almost daily Mass is my nurturing time. Weekends mean I am in service to the altar. My focus is making Mass good for others. Daily Mass is good for me because my focus is on the sacrifice and sacrament. Both have merit, and I cannot do one without the other.

  • Buffy

    Daily Mass is a gift, a beloved opportunity to experience the miracle of Holy Communion. It also provides a more private, more intense opportunity to be in God’s presence and meditate on our blessings and needs.

  • Euleen Hofer

    I try to get to as many daily masses as my work will allow…when I go I feel more centered in my life, more focused and peaceful. And boy do I know it when my schedule causes me to miss a whole week. I am more scattered, more reactive to the normal everyday irritations of life and often more depressed.

  • Sue

    Because of a shortage of priests our priest has another parish and serves also in the Diocesan office, therefore our parish does not have daily Mass. We only have one weeknight, Wednesdays for an extra Mass. I used to make a habit of daily Mass one or more times a week. I have fallen out of that practice since belonging to my current parish. During Lent an extra Mass has been added on Monday mornings, followed by Bible study, Lectio Divina. I am committed to attend. I have found it very special.

  • Karen

    I am fortunate to live in a small community. Our priest has 3 parishes and we are blessed to have 2 daily masses at our church each week. I really look forward to the time spent with our small group. There are about 10-12 people at mass on those days. I feel so much closer to the people who attend regularly as I do. We have our own special time together each Tuesday and Thursday. As Matthew said, I do feel that I have a more intimate feel for these daily masses. I am blessed!!

  • Brandi Rowland

    I’m Baptist and have wanted to convert for years. I started RCIA but already know Jesus and have a relationship with Him. In the Catholic Church, with Mass, I feel so left out. I can’t participate in the Eucharist. Catholicism is almost like a secret society into which I’m trying to “break.” It’s become so frustrating that I have started attending an Episopal church. Is Catholicism supposed to be that way? Is it supposed to be so difficult?

    • Brandi Rowland

      I feel very left out and almost excluded.

  • Angie O’Mara

    As a teenaged I attended Tuesday night Mass with my friends. THE Vietnam Nam War was at its heyday, and the Mass was for peace. I throughly enjoyed these Masses, feeling the love and comfort of God, while praying for our military people. I’ve grown out of this attendance, but I thank you, Matthew for planting the seeds for me to attend more than just Sunday Mass, I seek God’s comfort and love always!

  • Debbie E.

    I fell in love with daily mass many years ago, when I severly broke my leg and was home from work for several months. Daily mass became part of my healing, much like the physical therapy of learning to walk again. Because of work constraints, busy life schedules, I was unable to continue daily mass. I have really missed it. This year on Ash Wednesday, as part of my Lenten practices, I decided to make efforts to attend daily mass as much as possible. I attended daily mass for a week, just as Mr. Matthew Kelly urges. I fell in love again with daily mass! Last week I was unable to attend everyday and I felt like there was something missing from my life….I was a little less focused, a little less fulfilled. I REALLY missed that daily connection. I urge everyone to go to daily mass for a whole week. It truly is life-changing!

  • AnnaRose

    While a teenager in the late 50’s I attended daily mass before school. I was doing it for a “sacrifice” for Lent. But then I started thinking….it shouldn’t be a sacrifice , it should be a joy. Later in life after children were grown I started to go to daily mass twice a week. Last year when I lost my husband to cancer I started going daily. I’ve always enjoyed going to daily mass because it was in the chapel of church, more intimately, the homily was short and to the point and with people who wanted to be there!

  • Michael S

    Thanks for reminding me about the total mass. I’ve been using Magnificat to get the liturgy and learn about Saints and think about amazing meditations, and using sources like Matthew and Creighton’s online ministry to get a perspective, “homily” which has transformed how I feel when I go to Sunday mass. But as was said, that’s only half the mass: the other half is the community. I’ll try and figure out a way to get to daily mass this year. I’ve made a few Tuesday masses during Lent because I have physical therapy at a big Army hospital, and its been great.

  • Cheryl Smith

    I’ve never been a daily mass goer, but I will try to accept Matthew’s challenge. But I will start slow, maybe one day a week?

  • Tom

    It was 10 years ago that I decided to add daily mass to my Lenten process. Our parish had a 530 pm mass each day during lent.

    That 40 days changed everything.

    I have gone daily since that and even when traveling on business or pleasure seek out one of the local parish to attend daily mass.

    My best description is that when I miss a day there is a void in my life that day.

    Go it will change you life.

  • Debbie King

    I would have to agree with this wholeheartedly. There was so much that I learned through daily Mass attendance – and there were so many ways I was strengthened for what the day to day life journey in the secular world. My favorite was an English/Latin hybrid on Saturday mornings that began with a Holy Hour and Benediction followed by Mass and breakfast with friends. It was a beautiful way to begin the weekend.

    Sadly, I let the secular world interfere and the counsel of clergy to convince me to attend less – and daily Mass became a thing of the past. While I understood in my head what was being said, my soul knew otherwise.

    However, that was then and this is now – and while the “daily” habit has not yet been reformed, this time away from work is helping me reform it. I once again find the beauty and strength that worship outside of Holy Days provide – for every day is a holy day!

    Try it! Just pick 1-2 days outside of Sunday and attend daily Mass – or watch it on EWTN! What a gift!

  • Brandi Jodoin

    over the last 20 years of our conversion, our daily mass has waxed and waned due to the circumstances of our family life. there were times we were unable to manage daily mass due to distance and little ones, sometimes it simply was neglected due to our own choices, sometimes we would go almost everyday and sometimes only once after Sunday. But this is the constant: I love Christ more, He is more present, He is more real, My faith is much easier to live IF I attend once more a week other then Sunday. It is a quiet time of reflection,a moment of simple worship, where the Mass is stripped down to the BASIC , THE ONE TRUE GOD and us there to receive him. The magnificence of his gift, the awesomeness of him being confined to something so little is so more apparent in the humbleness of daily Mass. We are very blessed in our parish to have every tuesday adoration ending iwth daily mass at 630 pm. this allows our whole family to soak in the prescence of Christ and have the Eucharist .

  • Gene Turner

    Going to mass in a different Language has most deeply affected me. I was a seminarian for the archdiocese of Atlanta and went to Saint Joseph Seminary College in Saint Benedict Louisiana. one weekend The only mass I could fit into my schedule was the Spanish Mass. The Mass is the same no matter what language it is celebrated in. it is just translated into a different language. I guess that maybe the fact that I was struggling with Latin at the time may have played a part.

  • Lynn

    I struggle to this day with going to Mass-I hate it! I find it boring, repetitive, very difficult to understand the Priest, etc. I’m just being completely honset and throwing it all on the table; not sure where to go from here.

    • kimisu

      A positive attitude starts with more positive thinking. So think about the Mass: there is a routine, a ritual, about it. Imagine if you walked into church thinking it was going to be the same boring repeat of last time and someone decided to completely flip it and offer it in reverse. What a confusing and strange thing that would be. Appreciate the ritual for its consistency. Go to Mass and find peace in that routine. And go with a sense of wanting to connect with God. Pray to Him intensely while you sit and stand and kneel. Stop feeling such a sense of obligation and dread about being there. Meet God halfway. Thank Him for the opportunity to spend time with His Holy Family, to live with Him, laugh with Him and love with Him. Thank Him for his Son and the wonderful gift that He was to all of us. Say a prayer for your deceased loved ones – tell them hello and about how much you miss them. Be open to “hearing” His Word. It doesn’t even need to be in the readings or from what the priest is saying. You’re there in His house. Give him a chance to greet you.

      • Lynn

        This is so beautiful kimisu. I’ve never thought of approaching Mass like this. Thank you kindly. I will soldier on! ❤

    • Terese

      Lynn – I so appreciate your honesty and I think everyone has been where you are at! I felt that way you did as well but then I fell in love with the eurcharist. Once I understood the importance of the eucharist and what if provided for me – I saw the mass in a whole new way. I have now learned I don’t go for the music, the priest, the people in the church – I go because the eucharist nourishes, strengthens and heals me. Going to church would do nothing for me without it! That is the greatest gift that Catholics have – and only Catholics get this special gift. I will keep you in my prayers!

      • Lynn

        Thank you Terese! Your thoughts are inspiring and I greatly appreciate your time to send them to me. God Bless! ❤️

  • Kathleen Spector

    I have the privilege of participating in daily Mass and it is most rewarding because it sets a tone for my day. Throughout the day I recall the Gospel and the key message in the homily for that day. We are blessed with good priests who nourish us with God’s message in our lives. Daily Mass inspires me to respond to God’s call in my life. Days I am unable to attend are off kilter! I am less focused, less patient and less purposeful. Daily Mass is a wonderful gift!

  • Joan Petro

    That was SO COOL that you congratulated us on ‘making it halfway’!!! That affirmation really cheered me up!! I am enjoying your series. I’ve read your book and am about to start Resisting Happiness. Thanks for all you do in your ministry.

  • Mike Pusatera

    I know exactly what Matthew means about weekday Mass. I discovered weekday Mass in college. I enjoyed it so much that I stopped going to Sunday Mass regularly. I would go to Mass 2-3 days a week but only go on Sunday every 3-4 weeks. I would have arguments with my friend John that I an not meeting my obligation. My parish does have a silent Sunday Mass at 7:00 am. But that one seems rushed. Weekday Mass is still my favorite structure of the Mass. Unfortunately I only get to go about once a month. But I do recommend it. For my it is sad that Choirs have taken over Sunday so much you feel as if you are at a bad concert instead of Mass.

    • Joyce W.

      I would really miss going on Sunday. It is the high spot of my weekend! But I understand how the music can get in the way, I love to sing hymns and sacred songs, but I find it so distracting to have hymns sung while we go up to receive and after we return to our pews to give thanks quietly. I personally think that ideally we need both Sunday and weekday mass, because the quieter masses build us up for the lovely family scramble, crying babies and all, on the Lord’s day. If I had my way, there wouldn’t be a day go by without attending mass, but it just doesn’t work out for me as an elderly person in a rural area where sometimes our priest isn’t available in the week.

  • Joyce W.

    A few years ago we were living in a Catholic country, a 5 minute walk from the church where I attended Sunday mass. My husband was working, so most mornings I would walk over after he left and attend 8 am mass before my breakfast. If I didn’t attend, I would sometimes find a midday mass in the city. The blessing of being able to do this was enormous, and although I struggled with the language, mass is the same everywhere. I think it was daily mass as well as Sundays that made me sad at leaving behind this church family that I had been part of for 3 years. Now I have to drive out to go to mass, and months of extreme winter weather don’t help, also I’m a lot older, so attending a weekday mass happens very infrequently. I do miss it.

  • Terra

    This is not about the daily Mass, but instead about what you wrote. I loved what you said about Christianity not being convenient because Christianity is love. Would you mind if I quoted your paragraph “If you want convenience, you should stop trying to be a Christian right now. There’s absolutely nothing convenient about Christianity. Christianity is inconvenient because Christianity is love. And love is not about self, it’s not about us, it’s not about what we want. It’s not about those things. Love is about getting outside of ourselves, laying down our lives for other people . . . and that’s difficult and inconvenient. That’s love, and that’s Christianity.” It truly got me. I write the bulletins for the parish I attend. Our numbers are down….I mean way down. We have had three priests in the last four years after having one for twenty seven years. It is and older parish who are set in their ways and they do not like change, and change is “inconvenient”. I am not going to call any one individual or group out, I just want to make them think.
    I also wanted to say, I love the daily reflections. At our parish we hand out the “little black books” for Lent. We also have the little books for Easter and Advent. I have a hard time keeping up with them I admit. But with this I read and reflect every day, (well, sometimes I miss a day and then catch up the next.) I Think being sent to my email really helps as I have to check my email for work every day. Thank You For This! God Bless!

  • LosmanPO

    From 2000 to 2003, I attended the University of San Diego and my family and I were parishioners at The Immaculata church. I was in the middle of a military career and this was my chance to get a college degree. Little did I know the impact that this experience would have on my life. My family experienced a number of wonderful blessings during this period including the birth of my youngest daughter, her baptism, my Confirmation and the Confirmation of my wife. We became fully immersed in the church. One thing that I vividly recall from this period is that I had a lot of anxiety. The demands of my personal life, professional life and school were at odds constantly. To be honest, I felt like I needed to be three people and that I needed to have 36 hour days. Time was not my friend. Time was something that I couldn’t afford to waste. God answered my prayers by directing me to start attending daily Mass as my schedule allowed and by spending time in silence and in prayer at the school church or chapel daily. In dedicating this time to God, He provided me with a clear vision of the important things that I needed to attend to in order to meet the demands of my day. God granted me the peace that I needed in that moment and showed me that when we give our time, talent and treasures to Him, His blessings flow freely.

  • Rich Koop

    It’s ironic that went to 8:30 mass today which I don’t normally do, then I come home to watch this video. There was only 20 or so people there and it was a shorter than usual mass but Yes , I did see and feel it differently today. I look forward to more week day masses at Saint Frances deSales in Vernon NJ ✨🙏🏻✨

  • Pat

    Brandi your comment of feeling included stuck me. I’ve been part of my church for 20 plus years. I have not always felt included but what has helped is getting involved. It doesn’t have to be in big ways, small ways also make a difference. Everyone is nice and welcoming given the opportunity. God Bless
    Scott your reflection was so inspiring. Thank you.

  • Maureen

    I also get more out of attending daily mass because it is more intimate & I’m going because I want to be there and not just fulfilling my Sunday obligation. It’s like my own special time with God and makes me feel good the rest of the day, so I should do it a lot more often!!

  • Terese

    Just reading through everyone’s comments – it just puts such a yearning desire to be able to have that opportunity to attend daily mass. I live in a very rural area where we are lucky to get Sunday Mass. Some towns are able to have an additional mass once a week, maybe – but probably the closest daily mass is 90 miles away. So continue to pray for the vocation of priests because more areas could become like ours! So embrace the beautiful blessing that most of you have!

  • Leslie Brennan

    As a kid going to Catholic school and having 2 working parents, my siblings snd I were often dropped off at morning Mass before school. I fell in love with the intimacy and peace of the Mass. I struggle at times with the noise and music of Sundays only because I know and prefer the difference. Everything Matthew said about the joyful experience of weekday Mass is spot on!

  • Jim Cardano

    I go to mass Mon-FRi for the past 20 years. It is a grate way to start each day before work. It helps me get through the tough days Knowing He is there going through them with me. Things have not been very good lately and I could not even imagine how I would of gotten this far with out His help!

    I also have grate devotion for Mary his mother. You know Jesus can never say NO to her, like the the wedding feast in Cana. So a good idea to invoke Her help!

    It dose work for me

  • Nancy johnson

    When I was going every day I couldnt always go at the same time so I have gone to many churches in my area, 7am,8,8:15,12,12:10,5:30 and 7 pm. What an awesome eye opener to experience the different priests and all the people who do attend daily mass. What a blessing to be able to worship daily. Life happened and I got away from daily Mass and there is a difference in my life. I was more focused, more in tune with Gods will for me. I need to return to daily Mass thank you for encouraging me

  • Debbie Maurseth Ishii

    I have not been able to attend any church for the past few years. I have very bad asthma that is triggered by strong fragrances. Between the flowers and the different fragrances that women and men wear and the recirculation system in the church mixing them all together I had several bad asthma attacks. I do volunteer work and spend time with fellow Christians but miss the time at mass.

    • Mary Lynn

      Try EWTN – Mass three times a day – no awful fragrances – downside: you only receive a spiritual Eucharist and not the real presence.

  • Lynn Searles

    Thank you, Matthew! Your series is so inspiring, and the comments from others so encouraging. I agree about daily Mass and will try your challenge!

  • pat thompson

    Although I don’t attend daily mass on a regular basis, I find it much more peaceful & inspiring, I was attending at least 1 daily Mass a week but stopped because of an illness & never started up again.
    Our church is very large & most Masses on Sunday very crowded thus there is alot of hubbub on Sundays. The daily Mass is so much more intimate & quiet, easier to really concentrate on what is happening on the altar.
    After today’s lesson I am definitely making an effort to get back to a least 1 daily Mass. Thank you for waking me up to this great experience.

  • Penny Lund

    Brandi, I was so saddened that you were finding the Catholic Church difficult even though you are attending RCIA classes and have a relationship with Jesus. You may not be able to receive Jesus in the Eucharist now, but surely the anticipation of knowing that you will when you join will help. Ask your questions in RCIA and you should get answers. A difference our Catholic faith has, is that we believe Eucharist is THE BODY AND BLOOD of JESUS, not just a symbol as many other faiths. Therefore, the church allows only those who are Catholic to receive. We are not a secret society, we only follow God’s way. Please ask questions in RCIA.

    A comment to Bill who said Masses are boring and homilies are worse, please listen to the words of the Mass. They are right from scripture. Many are Jesus’ words. If you believe, they can’t be boring. Perhaps the priest is, but we don’t attend Mass for the priest. We attend because we anticipate receiving THE BODY AND BLOOD OF JESUS in the Eucharist and feeling His loving arms around us, giving us peace and love.

    I have not commented before, but have done both the Lent and Advent sessions with Matthew Kelly for the last couple of years and have taken many book titles and bible verses and ideas from you all and put some to use. I have thoroughly enjoyed and benefited by all the comments. Thank you all.
    My life situation has been like many others, I am a widow of 3 1/2 years after caring for my husband for 7 years. I have found going to daily Mass very healing and comforting. My husband was not Catholic, but was never in the way of my faith. However, I look at His death as God’s gift and His way of saying, OK Penny, now you can get on with your faith. It has truly been a gift. My love for God and Mary has grown, as well as my prayer life. Working with God now to bring my girls back to the Church now and am encouraged by the fact that my oldest grandson has come into the church and now his fiance is taking RCIA classes and plans to join the Church. God is good!!

    • Elephant

      Prayers are being answered. God is good all the time. All the time, God is good. God bless you Penny!

  • Ssamaca

    I was living in Connecticut and the pastor said morning mass in his living room (converted to a chapel) at 7AM. A friend invited me so I started to go. Tiny altar. We sat around on folding chairs as father said mass. One of us would pick up the book and do the readings and pass it to father for the Gospel. Then he sat down and gave a short homily – more of a chat. At the Eucharist he left the chalice on the altar and distributed communion. If you wanted to take the Precious Blood you just took the chalice on the altar. The sign of peace was very meaningful, as you can imagine.
    My whole day was changed — my whole life for sure at that time. It was a wonderful time and I miss the country parish and the friends I had there — mostly gone now — and dear Father M.

  • Beth Seman

    Have been attending daily Mass … every day … for over 15 years. The peace, calm and love I feel there has gotten me through the most difficult chapter of my life … the death of a child (complications of leukemia at age 26). When I miss a day, for whatever reason, something is “off” in my day. So thankful to God, to our Catholic faith, and our parish … my lifesavers!

    • Elephant

      God bless you!

  • Anna

    The first time I attended daily mass was when I wanted to talk to our parish priest about changing our wedding date! Ulterior motive, absolutely! But I ended up finding so much peace in it. I now have 4 kids 5 years and under and still try to make it to daily mass when I can, maybe once a month. It is definitely NOT convenient, but I always leave with a better perspective. And the intimacy of daily mass is so nice. Someone always offer to help hold a baby or wrangle a wayward toddler. One day, my son walked right up to the altar and sat under it like it was a fort. I was mortified, but no one else seemed to mind, or even notice. Thinking about packing up my brood and heading there for 12:15 mass today! It’s been a rough morning – maybe this is God’s way of calling me to mass. Thanks to the Fynamic Catholic team for a great Lent and helping us through the resistance!

    • Anna


  • Toni Duffy

    I don’t know if it counts but I go to adoration as often as I can. I work all weekends and nights. I can barely fit Sunday mass. And if I went to 8am daily mass I would sleep though it. But on my day off. Some weeks I only get one. I go to adoration

    • Lisa

      Good for you! Life changes from year to year. I go to adoration once a week and it is a wonderful hour for me.

  • Christine Deacutis

    My pastor gives wonderful homilies and every week one line sticks to me like glue. He suggested in order to get closer to Jesus we should do more than just attend Mass on Sunday. I was already going to Adoration every Friday so I added Wednesday daily Mass. It is not easy for me bc I have a ruined back from age and a cancer drug I had to take. But I found I could stand during the weekday Mass when I was supposed to and it didn’t hurt bc there was no music. That gave me a side of Mass I could not experience on Sundays when I mostly sit through all the standing parts. So my posture at different times became meaningful. There are no other drastic changes that I am aware of…just that I feel like one day a week I’m going to spend some extra time with my friend because I want to not because I have to. That is refreshing.

  • Elephant

    Wow, the Holy Spirit is really working this morning. I keep crying reading all of your posts! I was very blessed to be able to attend daily Mass. Our church was new and we didn’t have our own building yet, so we celebrated Sunday Mass in a school cafeteria. Due to this, daily Mass was at our Pastor’s house. It was wonderful! Such intimacy, such holiness. The core group of people who attended got closer and we got closer to our Pastor. Then, the big church was built. Daily Mass was now said in the Chapel. Then, my husband and I opened a restaurant and I went to work. I told my Pastor how I would miss going to daily Mass. He agreed. After about 8 years, I quit working inside the restaurant (I do the books) and was able to start back to daily Mass. What a beautiful gift. I realized the peace I had and the joy I had. Receiving Jesus daily is such a blessing to my whole being. Now, I babysit our granddaughter and my daughter takes my car to work, so I am home bound not attending daily Mass. I am joyous to be able to take care of my grand baby, but I really miss going to daily Mass and it shows in my attitude and I know something is missing. Then, I said “I am attending Bible Study one day a week. Work it out.” So, we did and on that day I get to attend daily Mass and am so grateful! It makes a huge difference in my life. I have gotten to know more of the people in our church and seeing them on the weekends is just an added blessing. I thank God for the gift of His Son. God bless.

  • Sandi Digras

    I started attending daily mass several years ago and when I retired I became a sacristan. My connection to the liturgy and God is much more intimate at daily mass and my chance to share my faith with others more immediate than Sunday mass. Our Pastor gives us wonderful homilies as food for contemplation. Daily mass is my breakfast for my soul.

  • ann hart

    I have been going to daily Mass for many years. It has become part of the fabric of my life. When I get lazy and think I will miss I feel guilty because the Church is a block away.I would encourage anyone to try it and it will impact your life immensely!

  • Joan

    Because I am very old and disabled the share for today made me or let me feel so less than. I want to be glad for those who can get to mass and I want to accept me.

    • Rita

      God bless, Joan. Something about your comment touches me the most.

  • Shelley Heberle

    Admitting this will be a challenge!

  • Amy Reinhardt

    It’s been a while since I’ve been to a Mass on a weekday, but it’s definitely something I want to do more of. I crave the intimacy that weekday Mass provides. There are so many distractions during the weekend Masses because that’s when most people go. An example was this past Sunday night. I went with my family to a 5 p.m. Mass. It was in the 80s that day, and I believe the church’s AC might have been broken so all the windows were open. During the course of Mass, the air kept getting warmer. There were two young children sitting in the pew in front of us who would not stop fidgeting and whispering. I could feel myself becoming more and more distracted. I was struggling to pay attention, and after communion I knelt and begged God to give me the strength to get through the rest of Mass in one piece. To say it simply, this was not the best, most fulfilling Mass I’ve been to. I think attending at least one weekday Mass in addition to the weekend will help me gain more intimacy with God with minimum distractions.

  • Rosie

    Mass impacts me whether Sunday or weekdays. I have tried to go to daily Mass and did for awhile, however, it started to become work, as with lecturing or being an EM. Even though, those ministries are a gift from God, sometimes, it is nice to be able to just lose myself in the prayers and actions before me. However, I am going to try one day a week and then a full week and hide in a quiet space to be able to participate fully. I do know that Mass is a family celebration but focusing on what is going on has become very important to me and I do share in the prayerful actions with others.

    • Lisa

      I guess this is why some people go to mass twice on Sunday – once when they do all their “jobs” and once just for themselves.

      • Rosie

        Makes sense Lisa. that could work too, but the daily habit of Mass makes more sense to me. Thanks. Rosie

  • Ellen

    I loved these reflections and the comments. I haven’t had a chance to read every one, so please forgive me if I repeat what someone else has suggested. Perhaps some may find it helpful to check out area nursing or assisted living homes or convents, in case they offer a daily Mass or at least a weekday Mass. This has helped me find some that fit in my schedule, as well as being small, loving communities.
    Thanks for everyone’s encouragement!

  • Nellie Silva

    Daily Mass for me is the main meal of the day. Jesus strengthens me and guides me throughout the day. I feel so connected to God and everyone else there.

  • Virginia Gaulke

    I can say that after my conversion in 1984 going to mass with all my young children was life saving. People used to say to my how do you do it and I would say I couldn’t do it if I weren’t going to daily mass. I got so many graces from my attendance and I truly believe it made all the difference in helping me in those years as a young mother. Was it easy? Some ldays… But other days I was grabbing the youngest out of his crib and hurrying to mass with him in his pajamas praying his diaper wasn’t too wet! Those were glorious days and the graces I received far outweighed the inconvenience.

  • ron woosley

    Daily Mass is different then Weekly Mass for many reasons! The differences is for you to explore!

  • Carolyn Witek

    I began attending daily mass shortly after my husband of 58 years passed away. Some days it is a struggle to get up and get going, and sometimes I think maybe I will skip it, but then I decide I really want to be there so I go. I wish we had done this together while he was alive.

    There are days when my schedule makes it impossible to attend, but I remind myself that I can go tomorrow, God willing, and that gives me peace for the day.

    After reading some of the previous comments, I realize that something is missing even though I am attending Mass each day. These comments are encouraging me to attend “more completely”, focusing more intensely on the Mass. So, tomorrow I will try to be more “in attendance” when I go to Mass. Thanks to all for the encouragement to be more focused.

  • DanaMari

    I graduated from Catholic University of America in the 80’s but was not really committed to my faith. A cradle Catholic, I was definitely just going through the motions. It was during Lent of 1987 (a year after I graduated) that I decided, since I had currently lost my job, I would attend daily Mass. I threw down the gauntlet and gave God a challenge – He had the 40 days of Lent to convince me to stay in the Church, that HE wanted me there and it was not just because I had be raised in the faith. Pretty brash I know, but I had to know that it was real for me and it was something I was making a conscious decision to live as an adult. At first there was no real difference. Yes, daily Mass was nice, but nothing really was changing. However, in the 2nd week of Lent that year, while there was no “burning bush” or voices, all of the sudden, it I realized in the readings and homilies, that God HAD picked up that gauntlet and was speaking directly and personally to me. It was as though up to that point all the Masses I had attended were in Latin and I could not understand them, but NOW they were in English and being directed right at me. Needless to say (and giving all thanks to God), I have stayed in the faith and come to truly love and cherish it. I still go to daily Mass as often as possible, and notice, immediately, on the days I am unable to attend, the day has a few more bumps to overcome!! Daily Mass – think of it as the best invite you’ll ever get to start the day off with your best friend!! pax – Dana

  • Josephine DeCook

    I started going to daily Mass at the invitation of my friend over summer break last year. Since then we have both continued to find ways to go. I’m homeschooled so it is pretty easy for me and I go to an 8am Mass. My friend goes to school and I thought it was really awesome when they told me that they were going to a 7:30am Mass before school started each morning! It has become very important for us and we have grown in our Catholic faith so much through this and the conversations it has inspired. Now mornings without Mass feel incomplete. In the beginning having a friend to hold each other accountable was a great way to build this amazing habit.

  • Fanny

    Just a few words to express admiration to those committed to attend Mass on weekdays. I will try to do it as Mathew suggests and choose one weekday to start. I am very happy to have enjoyed all the 18 sessions and resistance has not played a trick yet. Love to all.

  • Pat Higgins

    I used to attend morning Mass every morning for many years but now due to age and ill health don’t have that opportunity and do I miss it, you bet I do! I only get there on Sundays when I have someone to take me, but that is better than not going at all!

    • Mog

      Like you Pat, I was a daily Mass goer for many years. I used to joke if it wasn’t for my disabilities, I wouldn’t have had such a wonderful opportunity.. I found it really kept me going & started my day off so well. I too only get to Mass on Sundays, very occasionally in the week. I can’t get up & dressed in time, because of my disabilities. I try to watch Mass on TV EWTN when I can, but also to be aware my husband, may not want it on all the time. I can’t explain how much I miss it & yearn for it, but try to offer it up & accept it’s not what God wants for me at this time. I find it hard when people come up wanting to talk as soon as mass ends, I want to savour every precious moment there, having just received Jesus.

  • Nancy Ritzke

    My excuse for not going to daily Mass was that I worked when Mass was offered. One day as I was walking, I heard “but what about on your day off?” Hmmm, got me there. So on my days off, I try to attend Mass. Today I attended Mass at the nursing home where my mom is a resident and she leads the rosary before Mass. Mass starts my day on the “right foot”.

  • Amber

    Daily Mass has impacted me in a very special and intimate way. A few years ago I was struggling in my life: my husband was in jail, I was trying to work, to go to school, and hold everything together, and all the while trying to do anything and everything to get my husband home. I use to work for the Church and be active in parish years ago, but situations at this Church left me “with a bad taste in my mouth.” In fact I never thought I would be able to go to Mass and not feel these bad feelings. However the Holy Spirit called me to go to daily Mass at the Cathedral and they have a Mass at Noon. I started to go and from the opening prayer to the closing prayer I would cry, the Spirit would move me and the tears would come. This happened for about 3 months everytime I would go to Daily Mass. One of my mentors told me “these were moments of when Jesus was washing away all the hurt and healing me with the Mass.” To this day sometimes I go to Mass and the tears come, but so does my smile that Jesus is holding me in that moment. Six months or so after this started to happen, a dear friend lost her Mom, and I was invited to the Memorial Mass, at the Parish I use to work at. Now believe me I was very anxious about going to this Church, but I went. Quite a few of the parishioners that knew me were still there, and the blessing was the outflowing of forgiveness, acceptence, and God’s love. Daily Mass holds a very special place in my heart as the moments that Jesus healed my broken heart and held me in his hand.

  • Karen S

    As a child going to Catholic school, every day started with Mass. In college, Mass was more often at noon or 5PM and I was part of the choir so we were right up near the altar. MASS was a very personal experience and community building event. Ober the years myMass attendance has been speradic. Some places daily Mass is celebrated in a small chapel, where there is a greater sense of community and your presence or absence is noticed. Other Mass is in the same space as Sunday service and attendees are invited around the altar for the Eucharistic prayer. Others you are just part of the crowd. I find I need these different settings at various times in my week. Sometimes I need a quiet centering space and others I need a reassuring community.

  • NancyB

    I need to make this a priority for me… though I cannot attend daily, I can certainly add one daily mass to my calendar. Thanks for this gentle reminder, Matthew.

  • Glen Arcalas

    At work there is a lot of negativity, and going to daily mass helps me stay centered in doing my work. When I don’t go I still need to get out of the office and pray about things. It is tuff sometimes when not everyone you encounter or work with is a practicing catholic. I’m more at peace and don’t get as upset cause I know there is a plan for me even in the uncomfortable.

  • Regina May

    Different times during my life, I have committed to going to daily Mass when my schedule afforded it. My love for the Mass started when I was in grade school at Blessed Sacrament, in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We were singing everything in Latin then but also learning what it all meant in Religion Class. Every morning at 8am we had Mass with the whole school grades 1-8. When going on to High School at Maywood Academy, Grand Rapids, Michigan morning Mass was made available to us every morning, our decision and I attended Mass many times, I felt it was a privilege and I took every advantage. When at college in Northern Michigan, I was able to attend the church was just across the street and it was at the end of the day, I felt blessed and better able to deal with my life far away from home and the happenings around campus. Whenever there were dorm discussions, usually late at night they would invite me in as their “resident Catholic”. I do know that I was better able to answer their questions by the Holy Spirit giving me the wisdom necessary for each topic. I was engaged to a non-Catholic and my husband did go to classes at his university and became Catholic just before we married. There was a very difficult time for many years, even after we married but especially for the time before we married. I rode with my Father to work, and he had to be to work before I did. I asked him to drop me off at the Catholic Information Center, for Mass every day and then walked many blocks to work. I know that the very ugly times were combatted by the strength and love I’d received going to Mass and receiving the Eucharist. There were many other times during my life that daily Mass fed me all that I’ve needed. I now attend not only daily Mass but also morning prayer prior to Mass and I have received so many blessings as well as strength and wisdom for my life now after my husband for 48 years has passed. The people are my very special blessings and have become “my people”.

  • Julie

    I have not joined in much of the discussion during this series but today I feel compelled to respond. I love attending Mass, it strengthens me and helps me to know how powerfully the Lord is with me and I with Him. While I do not attend Mass everyday, I do read the daily Scriptures and spend time in reflection. When I do go to Mass I am aware of the closeness of all of Heaven. At the Holy, Holy, I am powerfully aware that all of Heaven is joined with us and the presence of the Communion of Saints is overwhelming. I feel is Great Company! I am deeply humbled that our Lord accepted Humanity to show us the way. This Lent I concentrate on Forgiveness and today’s Gospel speaks to that so well. Our Blessed Lord from the Cross forgave us, and loved us. Help me Lord to learn to forgive as you did.

  • Sue

    I did try to go to a different morning Mass. But the daily Masses at our parish are lead by the children because our Catholic school is adjacent to the parish. I was very disappointed because I could not understand one word the children said as they read the readings. They were cute. I was very happy they were being taught about Jesus, but it was not for me. After hearing the message today, I am going to attend the Mass we have at different nursing homes through the week.

  • Deacon Chris

    I started daily Mass attendance gently by adopting a practice of First Friday Mass attendance; then as Lent rolled around I thought, “I should try to go every Friday through Lent.” Then as Lent ended, I realized if I could go every Friday why not go every day? Sometime later I entered formation for the Permanent Diaconate. I have been a daily Mass-goer now for over 7 years. It has changed my outlook on the world. I am so much more patient with my coworkers and others; I find myself being more prayerful during the day and more at peace. I can’t imagine not having daily Mass. On the days when I am unable to attend because of work or illness, I feel as though something is missing in my life all that day. Daily Mass feeds me in ways I never imagined.

  • Pearl Brown

    I started daily Mass awhile ago and it has impacted me tremendously so much so that I feel I am not the same when I miss at least one day. I often stay after for a while just to talk with God I love Mass

  • Elizabeth McCabe

    I find that I am kinder to others if I attend daily mass. It keeps me focused on the Lord and makes my whole day more peaceful and strengthens my faith.

  • AmDg

    I began participating in daily Mass months ago and it has changed my life. Mass is an opportunity, not an obligation.

    I usually make it to the morning Mass at the local parish but if life interferes and I need to shift to an evening Mass, I can literally *feel* the difference. I have more difficulty in handling unexpected stresses, in being patient, in showing the Father’s mercy to others.

    If I could recommend only one spiritual practice to another Catholic, I would recommend daily (or as close as their circumstances allow) Mass. If they could make only one Mass during the week? Pick the one on the day the parish has Eucharistic Adoration and visit for a while. Seriously life-changing.

  • Frank Forest

    Daily Mass impacts my total perspective on the day in front of me. Daily Mass humbles me and helps me to think and act with a servants heart. Daily Mass is truely a gift. It makes me very thankful that I live in a country, State, and City that is fortunate enough to have the necessary human and financial resources to provide Daily Mass.


  • Crystal Dasburg Marchand

    I am amazed by all your beautiful stories about attending daily mass! I admit that I don’t go to daily mass and use the excuse that I’m a teacher and have to be at work too early and need to make sure my kids are all ready for school in the morning too. I do love going to mass, though. There’s something so beautiful about the the Paschal Mystery and peaceful. I am going to try to find an evening mass somewhere.

  • Denise Vega Ruvalcaba

    I don’t attend mass daily. But I try to go at least another day of the week along with Sunday mass. When I do go during the week it really changes my attitude and it helps keep my focus on God. So many times I am lost in my own world, trying to get everything done on my massive to-do list and going to mass during the week takes away that anxiety at least for the evening. It helps bring me back to life and rejuvenates me.

  • Michele Dailey

    Today I laughed right out loud at my desk at work while listening to Matthew’s message. He was talking about making a commitment to go to mass every day. Now it’s not that I think that’s funny but his straight-between-the-eyes delivery was. He said it won’t be easy or convenient. Then he said (brilliantly by the way), ” If you want convenience you should stop trying to be a Christian, right now.” Yes. If I want my faith journey to have value. If I want to be who God wants me to be…. it won’t be easy. But oh so worth it. I’m making a list of weekday masses in my area right now. With a smile on my face. Thanks

  • Jean Tschosik

    My sister and her husband went to daily Mass and that became my aim also .When I retired from 40 yrs of nursing in 1998 I started this wonderful beginning to my day. The benefits and experience are awesome and helpful . Highly
    recommended .

  • John L. Kemmis

    During my recovery from heart surgery to repair my mitral valve, I was fortunate to attend daily Mass. It was a joy and so intimate. But when I returned to work, daily Mass bacame a thing of the past. But reflecting back on that experience, I think it prepared and encouraged me be active and intimate at Mass on Sunday

    God stretches me when I participate as lector, comentator, or Eucharistic minister. When I approach the alter, I invariably mumble an instant prayer turning myself over to Him. I feel so unworthy and unprepared.

    And the most intimate time is allowing Jesus speak through me when I have the opportunity to write the intentions for Mass. The Prayer of the Faithful. And today’s devotional video is right, it is such an inconvenience! I printed out the Mass readings for Palm Sunday and Easter. Pages and pages of readings! Ok, ok. I’ll read those readings and just let your words, Lord, roll off the pencil point and onto the paper. Time consuming but very mysterious to me.

    Such as my experience of the Mass continues.

  • MaryAnne Casaul

    During a difficult time I had been going through with my son, I was drawn to the daily mass. I found in it the peace I needed to really connect with God and hear His message for me. The daily mass was shorter than the Sunday mass and so I seemed to listen more intently to the readings and the homily. After mass in our church we would recite the Holy Rosary. This helped me tremendously through the bad time I was having dealing with my son. Many times I cried during the rosary but afterward in the quiet time I would spend in church after the devotion was over I found the peace with the Lord in the silence that helped me tremendously get through that period in my life. Reflecting back, I know I would not have had the strength to deal with the depression and sorrow I felt in those days. I gained strength to make it through because of the time I spent in daily mass and receiving the Eucharist daily.

  • Mary

    When I was working, I tried occasionally to get to daily Mass, but usually they were scheduled when I had to start work. Now that I have been on worker’s compensation for 3 years, I have been going to daily Mass. When I miss it for some reason, not always a legitimate one, there is an emptiness in my life, a real yearning for more. My father would rise very early in the morning, 6am, leave for New York City, go to 7am Mass, get breakfast and go to work, every day of his adult he went to daily Mass. So I had a good role model, he was very Christ-like. This helps me in my journey to become the better version of myself.

  • Mary Lou

    What a wonderful way to begin the day–with God.

  • Lynne

    Ok Matthew – I will except this challenge . Could some one in your office please tell me what the caption in the picture frame behind you says? Been trying to figure it out

  • MaSungula Poppy

    honestly I’ve never attended mass during the week unless its required, its something I’ve always wanted to do and am challenging myself to attend at least one or two masses during the week before the end of lent. and not just for lent but for the rest of mylife.

  • Barbara Niesel

    WE live in a very rural part of SE Arizona. Our small parish has only one priest. So there are many times there is NO daily Mass. Daily Mass is not very realistic for us in this parish However, we travel to Phoenix for medical appointments several times a year. There we are able to attend daily Mass for several years now. I can tell you from our experience, that the “intimacy” of that Mass is very real. Both my husband and I have experienced a closer union with our Lord. Not just thru the Mass itself (which has taken on a whole new meaning for us) but with the people that attend that Mass. There seems to be a spiritual connection shared with the people attending that Mass evn though we are not there every week.So now where ever we attend Mass it has inspired us and given us renewed strength to deal with the many challenges we face day today.

    • Winnie Svikhart Supple

      Our parish has an early morning prayer service with Gospel readings and an extraordinary minister dispenses Communion. Maybe this is something that could be considered in your parish

  • Karen Kuehler

    I try to attend all the liturgies during Holy Week. The first time was an overwhelming experience. It was not something I thought of on my own. I was the parish cantor and had to attend. Through this, I felt the richness and depth of each Mass/Service. Also, being the Environment and Art creator for our church, the planning and execution of creating a space for worship in the church was both tiring and beautiful. The Holy Spirit was in total control. I would step back and be amazed at what he created through me. I miss that closeness, but will never forget. Those days.

  • Amy McGraw

    I attend Wednesday morning mass with my granddaughter each week. What an absolute joy to look down and her and share that “God bump” moment with her. There is one moment each Wednesday that she will look up and me and I know that I see God right there in her eyes! Thank you God for allowing me to see you more clearly through our weekly mass together, all three of us.

  • Jennifer Patterson

    I couldn’t agree more with Matthew! I feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to attend daily mass in the chapel at the small Catholic high school where I work. We offer mass every day prior to school except for the day when we have all school mass. I rarely miss a day and when I do, I really miss it. It has changed my life in so many ways its hard to even express them all. Daily mass is so very different from Sunday mass and yet so much the same. I guess that’s the beauty of the mass. Some days there could be 3 or 4 of us attending mass, other days there might be 30 or 40 of us in that chapel. It’s such an amazing experience to come together with students, faculty, parents, and other community members to worship our God as one faith family….really no better way to start the day. It’s so easy to get caught up in the hustle of life and all the “to-do’s” of the day, making the time for mass just sets the right tone for the day. After all that God has done for me, I think I can give Him 30 minutes at the start of my day and ultimately I get so much more in return.

  • Tony Pantera

    I have participated in a perpetual adoration group at a church that I previously attended. I have since moved, but still remember those late nights (I had the 1 a.m. to 2 a.m. shift once a week) and how fulfilled I felt. This Summer I will dedicate a week to daily Mass. I’m sure it will be as rewarding or better.

  • Adela

    I had been going to daily mass for about 5 or more years. Then this year I stopped because I was getting to work pretty late. But I felt a difference and I didn’t like it. So I started going again a few weeks ago. Not every day but a few times a week. I think the Holy Spirit prompted me because I felt an emptiness or a void of some kind. I think I was missing receiving Jesus in the Holy Eucharist too much and I am glad I went back!

  • John

    I also agree with everyone’s comments on how the daily mass enhances our religious life. When my wife became ill with the onset of copd about two years ago I began praying to God more which led to attending daily mass once a week. I felt a real bond with this smaller group which has really enhanced my faith in many ways. I now feel more of a unity with others now with others at Sunday mass than I did before.

  • Carolina Morales

    Day 18

    Dear #BestLentEver Diary,


    That is what I have when I go to Mass and I’ve been feeling it more so during my Lenten Journey.

    I’m blessed to be able to have my 3 year old in PreK at our parish school

    One of the things I felt from the start, on Ash Wednesday, was to sit in our chapel before the blessed sacrament.

    I’m naturally kind on anxious due to different stress factors in daily life stuff that MANY of us deal with…bills, maintaining a home, caring for elderly parents, and the list carries on forEVERRR.

    Being in the presence of my bff, my rock, my eeeerrrrthing, Jesus, in the chapel…smh…nothing compares.


    Jesus instills a calm within that surpasses any 5 star spa massage. Okay, fine…it’s close. Hahaha. No but really…I’m grateful to spend quality time with my main man. My Jesus.

    On Fridays, I’ve been going to Mass in the a.m. and join in on the Stations of the Cross afterwards.


    I must say (in case any readers made it this far, and btw, you get a trophy, haha)…I’m 41 and this is the FIRST time I’ve tried BestLentEver. It is also the FIRST time I’ve ever done Friday Masses, Stations of the Cross with fellow parishioners, and Daily Adoration. I highly recommend it. I legit canNOT say enough about the immense graces that come through.

    Absolutely sensational.

    Thank you Lord.
    For the Peace you bring to my heart, mind, and body.
    I love you.

    Thank you Matthew…for giving us that high-5-pat-on-the-back-fist-bump for those who have been consistent with viewing these outstanding Dynamic videos. You guys rock my world!!

    p.p.s. If you’ve read this far…you get aaaaaall da trophies!!
    AAAAND if you’ve stopped the program for a while and you’re back…WELCOME. The fact that you came back is sensational and the rad thing is you can continue it right here, right now. Enriching yourself is so rewarding. Blessings to all my bros and sisters.


  • jvm

    Daily Mass has blessed me by improving the intimacy of my relationship with God/the Holy Spirit/Jesus.

    I attend Mass daily during Lent and Advent. In those times I find my prayer becomes very simple but very meaningful with longer periods of silence. I also appreciate having more opportunity to say the rosary before Mass in the peaceful beauty of a quiet church… and the line for Confession is much shorter. The thing I like best is that I find that knowing I will be going to Him daily, I am more prepared for what I need to put at the foot of the cross and I always feel loved and strengthened when I leave Mass.

    I promise that Daily Mass is worth whatever inconvenience it might bring. Blessings to you all. I will pray for all of my fellow Dynamic Catholics. xo

  • Mary Ann Young

    Two questions about Mass, I need suggestions!
    We have a priest from Africa. I can not understand him when he gives his homily.
    We also have the pastor that waves to everyone and will give 35 minute homily that is all over the map. Then he interject his thoughts throughout Mass. Even during he concentration?
    How can I get more out of Mass than Frustion?

    • Linda

      Mary Ann, I know it can be very difficult when you are unable to understand what the priest is saying during his homily and/or having a priest that is a celebrity instead of a celebrant. Do you have the option of going to a different parish? If not, try to focus on what you bring to God at mass rather than what you get out of it. Follow the prayers in the Missal (if none is available, get your own or subscribe to Word Among Us). Then, during the homilies, pray. Ask God to help you to understand the readings. Reread them if you simply cannot follow the homily. And pray for you priests.

      • Mary Ann Young

        Thanks Linda
        The other church close to us also has priest that you can not understand!
        Where we live, most of the churches have priest from other countries!
        I will start bringing my rosary and praying!

  • Shannon Brown

    A few thoughts…first, I think just going to mass in a different place or at a different time immediately takes it out of the realm of “stuff we gotta do.” I always find the Catholic church around where we’ll be on Sunday during a vacation. My kids always grumble at the idea before the fact but it has always wound up being one of the best adventures of the trip–new environs, different priest, different parishioners, etc. I think when I try the exercise Matthew is suggesting, I will choose a different parish in my area each day. I’m lucky there are many to choose from within a short drive! Second, I laughed when Matthew mentioned early morning mass because on one of these vacations, my husband and I were in Ireland and it was the week of Ash Wednesday. We were in a pub (of course) in a small town the night before and asked the bartender about mass times at the local church. I think he said there was one at 8:30 or 9–I don’t recall exactly. I just remember my husband is very much a morning person and especially on vacation he likes to get up and go! I politely inquired if there were any earlier masses, like 6am or 6:30 to which the man responded (in a really thick Irish brogue) “Jaysus doesn’t get up that early in Ireland, miss.” LOL!

  • Lydia Ross

    I too seem to have no problem attending daily Mass on Tuesday but any other day besides Sunday seems to be an issue. I find it much easier to concentrate on what is said in the Gospel and what Father is saying in his homily on my Tuesday. And it just makes me feel alive and joyful. It also helps when We have choir practice afterwards. Thanks for the challenge, Matthew. I will be taking you up on it!!

  • Maria Michelle Swing

    Born and raised Catholic, I thought after you received all the sacraments that you were on your own. By age 30 after my third child and not working outside of the home, I needed More. A neighbor recommended a Healing Mass. Didn’t know if I needed healing (duh, three kids, a husband and living on only one salary) but I needed more. Most mothers do need adult interaction. So every Wednesday I would go at noon. I remember starting out in the back of church afraid my son might make too much noise and every week I’d move up several rows to hear better. My son was perfect. I’d feed him well and he’d sleep or one of the other members would help entertain him while I’d go up to communion. Those were great days. Couldn’t wait for Wednesdays. Fr. Somers was fantastic. Always had homilies that spoke to all the things I needed. I’d get to socialize for a little bit then it would be time to pick the older two from school. Eventually other ladies suggested a prayer group to say the rosary. We would rotate houses and now I had two days to drench myself in prayer. I don’t know how I got everything done to allow myself the time to go but I always did. Or at least the most important things. I’ll never be accused of having a spotless house. The regulars that would always show up became a very caring support group. We were all there with our brokeness looking to be healed. I miss that.

  • Linda

    I have been trying to attend daily mass as often as possible during Lent for several years. Then about 4 years ago at the end of Lent I asked myself why I would want to stop. So now I attend mass on a daily basis throughout the year whenever I can. No, it is not always convenient and sometimes you may have to attend masses at different parishes to coincide with your work schedule. On days that I am unable to attend, I try to watch the mass on EWTN. It is broadcast four times every day (7:00am, 11:00am, 6:00pm and 11:00pm Central Time). If these times don’t work for me, I record it and watch it as soon as I can. But being physically present at mass to receive the Eucharist every day is my greatest desire!

    • Deb Santoli

      Amen Linda ! I too try to attend everyday and receiving Jesus everyday is also my greatest desire. Also on Sunday I bring the Eucharist to an elderly friend and we watch the mass on TV and she receives Jesus during mass. God Bless

  • Johnny

    For me, I am much more alert and attentive during daily mass than most Sundays. It could be there aren’t as many distractions, but I am much more engaged. Going to mass on Sunday and Holy Days is expected. When I decide to go to daily mass, it is more on my terms so I am 100% there. I know that sounds bad but maybe my decision to go to mass in the first place was at the urging of the Holy Spirit. What I do know is when I go to daily mass, I feel better. So I go as often as I can.

  • Jo

    Last summer I had the amazing opportunity to attend mass every day for a week after getting this suggestion from Dynamic Catholic. It was life changing. Loved it. IT gave me a new appreciation for the mass and an enthusiasm I didn’t know I had. so thankful.

  • Vera Olguin

    A memory I have as a child is of my grandparents going to daily mass, and when I wasn’t attending school they would get me up to go with them. As I grew up, daily mass was a part of my Catholic School program until I graduated. While in college I still attended Sunday mass, but daily mass became a thing of the past. After I graduated I went to Medical School and had a religious nun as a teacher, and she became a mentor at the Catholic Hospital where I trained. I eventually was hired to work at this same hospital and Sister Jean Clare was still there guiding students. I realized that I could attend mass in the chapel daily, if I found the time, and I tried my best to attend whenever possible. In time Sister Jean Clare asked me if I would like to take the Holy Eucharist to the patients, wow, what an honor. It was a blessing to take Our Lord to the patients and to share a few minutes with them. The Laboratory I worked for eventually moved from the hospital area and the time for daily mass became scarce. I did become a Eucharistic Minister at my home parish (thanks to a wonder Deacon friend), and I also became involved in other ministries, but I missed going to weekday mass. Eventually, I transferred to another Laboratory and was able to work part-time with Friday’s off. I started going to mass on Friday’s, but I still felt at a loss. In 2013 I retired from 40 years of working and I stepped back into my daily mass ritual, and found out why I was at a loss before. I needed to place God first in each day before my daily life began, then the day fell into place as God willed it to be. Was I resistant to start this daily mass routine, yes I was, but I fought that urge to stay in bed and I made myself get up and go. Now, I still feel resistance at times, but I also know that I NEED God in my life first thing before I start my daily tasks. I know that as long I as start my day with God all things that come my way will be fine, because God is there and we will handle them together. Life is not easy, and there are many valley’s that I have had to deal with, but because I start each day with mass and a rosary, I have been able to weather those storms because I have the faith that I am not alone, God and Our Blessed Mother Mary are always with me, and I have an awesome Guardian Angel who is always at my side, keeping me in check. My two sons have separated themselves from our Catholic Faith, they still believe, but don’t attend mass anymore, and that to me was so painful. I have learned through my mass attendance to give them over to God and to pray for them. A priest once told me to never quit praying, that I may never see their return to God and their faith, but God will. So, I pray for healing for my sons, husband, family, friends, enemies, strangers, and all humanity according to God’s will, not my will. My greatest joy is to remain after mass and visit with the Blessed Sacrament, I try to do this as often as possible. This has brought me back to my childhood days of attending daily mass with my grandparents, this has brought me back home.

  • Linda

    For those of you who are close to retirement, I encourage you to not only attend daily mass as often as possible, but to volunteer to be of service at the masses (as a Reader, Altar Server, or Eucharist Minister). It is a great way to avoid resistance when you don’t feel like getting up and around in the morning because you are “retired”. Making that commitment not only to your church but especially to God is truly rewarding. I still don’t like getting up and around but it is worth it once I arrive at the church. Also, on the way to church in the morning, I pray and thank God for the beautiful picture he painted in the sky for me to enjoy. It is an awesome experience that I am so happy God chose me to be a part of.

  • Annette

    I love attending Mass during the week as iI truly feel an intamacy to God and His Word during the Mass as Matthew Kelly said. I feel like God knows that I’m happy to be with Him celebrating Mass instead of doing something else at that time!

  • Paula Stevenson

    When my mom was alive I used to go to the state she lived in and every morning she went to mass I would wake up on purpose and go with her. It never cease to amaze me, in her community , how many people did go to morning mass. She was in a little group of women who met there every morning said the rosary went to mass and then afterwards they all met at McDonald’s for a cup of coffee they called themselves the M and M club. (Mass and McDonald’s. )The greatest part of that for her children who didn’t live in the same state , was we always knew that if she didn’t show up one of the women knew where she was or they all know where each other were. Somebody was always reporting on where each person from the club was. anyone was invited to the club it just happened to be all women. I think it would be amazing to start that same type of club in my church. But I haven’t yet😕

  • Karla

    Within the past year, I lost my best friend in a tragic accident. Looking for comfort in the only way I knew possible, I decided to attend daily mass….Never have I felt so much peace!!!!!!! I considered the people that attended my family! I didn’t know them personally but at the same time they felt apart of me— as a family! Unfortunatly due to a change in work schedule, I am not able to attend, however I am left with pure gratitude of being able to experience the wondrous peace I felt going to daily mass. Sundays have never been better!

  • Clara

    It was my sophomore year in high school. My mom and older brother were having a bad argument first thing in the morning. I was very sensitive to conflict and felt like I had to get out of the house immediately. I planned to just head to school really early but something inside of me said, “you should go to Mass.” At the time I didn’t know where this idea had come from; it certainly wasn’t my idea (thank you, Holy Spirit!). I only knew about the daily Mass because I walked through the church parking lot on my way to school and had to watch for cars backing out. So I went to Mass that day and was filled with such a deep sense of peace. I went back for daily Mass a few times that week and intended to keep going. Well I can’t say I kept up going to daily Mass in high school, but that prompting from the Holy Spirit had a profound impact on me. I got back into going to daily Mass in college and continue to go often as a young adult. We are so blessed as Catholics to have the opportunity to receive Jesus on a daily basis!

  • Colleen Braun

    Daily mass is something that I learnt from my parents and Catholic grade school! I always have felt Gods presence at mass and than throughout my day !! Receiving daily Communion means Peace, Joy and Gods Love I my body and soul every day!! It has gotten me through some of the toughest times in life and I am at Peace when I start my day with mass!!

  • Connie Wax Crosbie

    I think that one of the reasons the daily mass is so important and has such an impact is because it’s not mandated. I know that I have to attend Sunday Mass but daily Mass is voluntary and when I attend daily Mass it’s really solely for love of God and Holy Communion. That’s not to take away from the importance of Sunday Masses because obviously it’s very important and it would be a mortal sin to miss but I believe the importance of a daily Mass is because you reflect on how important God is to you and how much you’re willing to give Him every day not just Sundays.

  • Patricia

    I am ever so thankful for given the opportunity of attending daily Mass for over 20 years. My 7 children were mostly raised with the youngest in high school. One day it occurred to me that I had more free time from all my chores of chauffeuring driving to appointments etc. a friend of mine had a young son who had been diagnosed with cancer. I thought how can I help. Prayer was my answer and Mass was the ultimate. So I started attending daily Mass at 5:00pm. It worked perfect for I was home in time to finish preparations for dinner and the arrival of all the family. Soon my husband who passed the church on his way home from work started joining me much to my delight. It felt so good to have him kneeling next to me. That is how it started and continued after he retired from work and continued until a few weeks before God called him home. Time has passed and I no longer am able to attend daily Mass as I am elderly now and do not drive. I miss that daily connection but am so grateful for those precious years I had. So make hay while the sun shines. You never will regret it . PS the young boy survived and is happily married.

  • Kyle Isaack

    Mass in general is a “game-changer” as Matthew would say, but I would agree that going daily has changed my life. I had started going every day about 4 years ago and it truly fills you with an immense peace and helps you to recharge or exercise your Spirit that is within each of us. It is kind of like going to God’s gym. I appreciate and thank Matthew for encouraging me to do this 4 years ago. Enjoy going to daily Mass today.

  • Nancy

    I have been a Wednesday morning lector for many years. When we are in the chapel during the summer, the sense of closeness to God is heightened. During the winter months, we move to the church for the winter visitors and the intimacy is somewhat lost. It may be the distractions of the crowd. However, it is still easier to concentrate on the weekdays even in the large church.

  • Laura McKenna

    I have been attending daily mass consistently for 5 years, and inconsistenly for 15 years. I now wonder why more people don’t attend, to receive Jesus. To see the King of Kings, our Savior.
    I’m so blessed to be able to receive him in Holy Comminion daily.
    Prayers, Laura

  • Stephen Mateka

    I go to Mass every Saturday & of course, Sunday. The Saturday Mass is at a different parish than Sunday Mass. The best thing about Saturday Mass is it takes place in The Chapel as opposed to the Church. It is so intimate, so spiritual, so peaceful yet extremely powerful. Also, prior to Mass, we say The Rosary! The feeling I have when I leave The Chapel is the most joyous & peaceful feeling I experience every week. Please take Matthew up on his suggestion regarding attending a weekday Mass. It will change how you engage at Sunday Mass as well.

  • Beatriz

    I started going to Morning Mass several years ago, I felt that Sunday Mass, although I’ve never complained, you have to go. I felt that I was there taking care of my kids, sometimes didn’t even heard what was said, when I started going to Morning Mass, by myself, no kids, it felt it was more for me, I started loving it and listening more. I don’t go every day, work doesnt allow me to go to 8:30 Mass in my Parrish, but in the Summer I go most days. I always go on Saturdat Morning and I love it!!!!

  • Judy

    I haven’t attended daily Mass since grade school. I recall, albeit 50 years ago, that there was a gentleness about attending Mass. Very early on, my spiritual journey began. Would I like to go to daily Mass? YES. What’s stopping me? ME. That’s the issue. I am standing in my own way. Sometimes I have doctor appointments when Mass would take place. Other times, I sleep in because of fatigue. My sight issues prohibit me from driving at night or I’d attend the Tuesday night Mass more often. So many barriers, predominantly self-imposed barriers, are the obstacles I need to overcome. I need to get out of my way and focus on what Jesus wants me to do…to grow closer to him in communion.

  • Karen Shannon

    I am going to thank you Matthew and Sheryl! I join you in challenging everyone! God loves you, and want to see you–every day! I have been blessed to attend daily Mass nearly every day for the past 6 or 7 years. As a convert in 1999, Jesus took hold of me and continues to lovingly pull me deeper! I pray this happen to all of you, too!

  • Lydia Gautreau

    A nearby Parish has a Tuesday evening Mass. I’m going today! Thank you Mathew!

  • Jo-Anne

    I started attending daily Mass as a Lenten sacrifice 2 years ago. Giving of my time made me feel as if I was offering thanks for all the Lord had done for me in my life. Daily Mass has become a quiet time to place my petitions and my prayers for friends and family before God. I like to start my day in this special way. It seems to be a more intimate way of connecting with Jesus than attending Sunday Masses because on Sundays I sing in the choir, and that is a totally different religious experience. I think because there are fewer attendees on weekdays, I feel closer to God. Daily Mass has become a really valuable habit. I always feel that something is missing if my regular life intervenes and I have to miss a day.

  • Anne Hill

    I will begin, again, to attend daily Mass. I am very blessed that I have 2 parishes nearby. One offers 2 morning Masses and the other offers morning Tuesday – Friday and evening Masses Monday – Thursday! And a Saturday morning at 8:00. So, no excuses. Blessings.

  • Lindsey

    Thank you for sharing your story, Sheryl. You have inspired me to go to daily Mass more!

  • Cheryl

    What I appreciate most about the Mass is the Mass is the Mass wherever you go. I’ve been to Mass at the Vatican while visiting St. Peter’s. In Durnstein, Austria the Mass was in German but I knew it every step of the way. Wherever I’ve traveled and attended Mass it has always been constant. At 72 I’m even old enough to remember the Latin Mass. This Lent we are singing the Kyira, Hosanna, and Agnus Dei in Latin and I still remember the tunes and words without referring to the hymnal. Yes, the prayers of the Mass are both ancient and fresh.

  • Bev

    I lost my job 7 months ago due to a “reorganization” at my employment. The translation for that is that I was too expensive. I have struggled with the way that I was dismissed because I tripled my department, chaired leadership organizations, and always had excellent evaluations. My employment was a religious organization that preached love & mercy. I find that very hypocritical now due to their treatment of me & many others. I am struggling discerning the voice & direction of God. I’ve been contemplating attending daily mass because I have attended weekly mass, pray alone several different times at the church, attend Lenton activities, etc. and still have no job or income. Self-doubt and a feeling of worthlessness haunt my thoughts and self-esteem.

  • Terri Engsberg

    I started going to Monday morning Mass when I started working at the church because I needed to meet with the money counters after. That was 6 years ago, and I now attend daily Mass 4 times per week regularly–have for 5 years. It has changed my life. I am a morning person so it is a way for me to put God into my day first thing. Our pastor is a wonderful homilist, and on the weekdays his message always seems so much more powerful. There are generally around 50 people that attend, and it has been great getting to know those people on a more intimate level. It is worth waking up for!

  • Grace Carrubba

    Does listening to the mass from home count lol?!

  • Mary Klivickis

    So much to the good that now with a handicapping physical condition that crept up out of almost nowhere I can’t go to Mass I can’t drive I can’t walk hardly I’m starved for the Mass and all The Sacraments in the family life in the church family. I was forced to sell my house move to another state and start over and lose my job and income because of my physical condition still The sense of peace and normal place in my life and daily routine has all been taken away except for my saving grace of EW TN and I DVR.
    Thank you God 👍🏼😎

  • Deborah

    I go to Mass three times a week, there is a 7:00 am Mass Monday and Thursdays close to where I work, I love starting my week with Mass. It is powerful, yet peaceful.


    I have been attending daily mass for about one and half years. If i do not attend i feel I am missing my time with Jesus. I seem to need to connect with Jesus in the Eucharist daily and love watching the consecration part of the mass. I look at the cross and try to comprehend what Jesus did for me and can focus much better than at mass on Sunday, It is such a blessing to me also I feel more at peace no matter what is going on and seem more able to turn to Jesus for consolation and comfort and I think this is due to going to daily mass.

  • Gina Del Vecchio

    I love attending daily mass. I recommend to everyone to add one daily mass to the week. It is so peaceful and intimate – at least the small group I attend with is!

  • Willie

    I saw a miracle start to happen in our parish about 5 yrs. ago. Like you, when I’d go to daily Mass there were only about 10 people there. Today when I go on any day the church is full, almost as much as on Sundays. Everyone knows and responds out loud to the prayers of the Mass even without missals. Thanks to your books and Scott Hahns’ which our pastor distributed at Christmas, it has brought many of us to the miracle of attending daily Mass. God bless you!

  • Leah Levitt

    I have been attending Tuesday night mass for a couple of years now. Afterward we say a Novena to Mary. I generally spend twenty minutes before Mass in Adoration and say three decades of the Rosary. It is the most attended Weekday Mass. I think everyone likes it because of the Novena. It is awesome to pray with a hundred or so people. I always thought before that anyone who went to weekday mass was really Holy and gung-ho. Now I really look forward to it. It has definitely changed my life for the better. I recommend it.

  • Mary Proctor

    My goal once school ends to do Wednesday mornings. I know last summer I enjoyed it and it was a midweek ritual.

  • MurphsLaw

    “Give us this day our daily bread”…….we know what we have been given…..and yet,,, resistance.
    The comments here are very inspirational.

  • Nan

    There was one thing I noticed that was missing from the comments and it is very
    important to me. One reason we go on Sunday is to build community and to share our meal with our neighbors and friends as Jesus did. I think it brings us closer to each orther and to Jesus. I also love weekday Mass for the same reasons all of you do.

    • Antoniette Sandoval

      Thank you for your comment

  • Antoniette Sandoval

    I start the day out right…. focus on Jesus the love of my life. I can then have my entire day with God on my mind. It happen little by little prayer to God. I then can have strength to go on with life’s trials and rewards. Mass helps me to listen to God’s word.

  • Michele

    Over ten years ago, I decided I would try to attend mass once or twice a week during lent. I had to go to a church nearby to where I worked, so I would get to work on time. This meant I had to leave the house everyday by 6:30 to get to 7:00 am mass. Mass usually lasted 30 minutes at most. The sermon only being 5 minutes, so I was able to get to my job (teaching) by 7:45. The following year I decided I would try to go daily and I did. When Lent was over, it seem silly to stop going. it was something I enjoyed, so I have continued to go everyday throughout the year since then. I agree with Matthew. I often feel I get more out of the weekday mass. It is more intimate and with less distractions. Sermons are shorter, but more to the point. I have since retired so i don’t have to go to 7:00 am mass any longer. I live in a city with several Catholic Churches, where I am fortunate to have my choice of times to go throughout the day. This practice has definitely brought me closer to Jesus and my faith.

  • Millie Hynes

    When my three children were toddlers, I took them to Mass at a nursing home where I worked swing shift. Mass was at nine. The reverence the older ladies exhibited at Mass settled my kids in and they were always quiet, attentive and not their usual active selves. As I was reminded of this by the presentation today, I am comforted that although my two remaining children do not attend any church as adults, they did have that experience. Thanks for sparking that memory.

  • Arline Plante

    we are a very small church and only have one Priest who is off Wed. and Thurs. but the other three days we are a family of about 80 people who wouldn’t miss Mass. Our Priest was in the Air Force and brings a habit from there of having a TIGER MASS. the Fridays of Lent. That means you are tough as a Tiger and can make it to the 6:00 A.M. Mass. But we love it so much that some of us just stay over for the 8:00 A.M After Mass you get a tiger tail for being there. If you collect at least 3 tails you give them back at the end and all get a tiger stuffed toy.. I guess that comes from having such a wonderful Priest that makes it all so meaningful and such a wonderful Church family to enjoy it with. Please follow Matthew’s advise for daily Mass You will wonder how you ever did without it.
    St. John the Baptist Church Laughlin, Neveda

  • Maureen

    The summer after my dad passed away, I began going to daily mass. (As i type this i realize what a big deal this was as I had a very hard time going to Sunday masses after he died, I would just cry through mass) My dad use to go to daily mass, and originally it was a great way for me to connect with my dad. I have his daily missal, with all his prayer cards from friends and family the have passed away. I cannot tell you the gifts i have recieved by having his missal. I now believe that this was 1 more lesson my dad taught me. That daily mass was a gift, and as Matthew says you can learn so much from those intimate masses.
    I cannot go everyday because of work, but I do make 6:30 mass 3 days a week. Those masses are a part of my schedule and an amazing way to start my day.

    • Trish Matta Melnick

      That is so true that it is your connection with your Dad. God is so good! Thank you for inspiring me!

  • vee115

    I also try to attend Mass during the week, at least a few. The changes that happen spiritually are remarkable. Look around, you will probably be able to find a Tuesday night Mass at one parish, and a Wednesday evening at another.

  • Trish Matta Melnick

    I remember one year during lent I attended daily mass on Fridays as part of my “doing something extra for lent” with my daughter who was in Catholic grade school at the time. It was in the chapel and just a handful of people attended and it was so intimate and special and I felt so blessed that my daughter came with me. It was early in the morning and I remember how peaceful I felt. I felt so close to God. Another parishioner told me she was inspired when I told her of the early mass and why I was going. I was glad I had the experience and saw how God was working in my life. Another part of the journey! You want everyone to experience it!!

  • Dave Powell

    I went to morning Mass because my grand niece had died of Brain Cancer at the age of 12. I was an excommunicated catholic because of a remarriage, my 2nd wife had died but I didn’t return to church. My grand niece died in all saints day and when I heard it my 1st thought was dying on all saints day meant she went to heaven, then I thought maybe I should go on all souls day and pray to her and I did. I brought my rosary (I don’t know why) and got to church 1 1/2 hours before Mass. What to do it had been 32 years since my excommunication and then I remembered I had the rosary and I remembered the main prayers. I got out the rosary and started praying, then I swear I thought someone hit me in the back of the head but there was no one near me. After Mass even with its changes I just felt good and decided to go the next day and haven’t missed a daily mass except if I was in the hospital. I’d have to right a book to try to explain how it has changed my life. I used to be kind of a loner now I have so many friend in the church, people I really care about. I got involved within the church activities and haven’t quit, I now spend most of my time doing for others and I have never been happier. I thank the Blessed Mother for the hit on the back of the head or maybe my guardian angel. Don’t really care I am just grateful my life has change so much for the better. I pray that you will try daily mass I gaureenttee you will change.

  • Meilyn

    It’s amazing how going to daily mass impact, it’s a truly blessing feeling the invitation of our Lord to daily reinforce us. My experience start going for 9 days for a novena to St Jude that required to leave at the church copies. I wanted to start my novena,but my first question was: how can I make it? If I work, and after many activities during the week, I don’t have time, I said! … but I prayed about it and I asked God help me to find the time, and I started waking up earlier and i start going to the 7 30 mass for the 9 days of the novena, which last day was on Ash Wednesday, so guest what! That jump me to continue going to mass every day during this lent … there are not enough to describe how amazing it is… May God bless you all

  • Angela M. Williams

    I was very fortunate to have an occupation that allowed me to attend daily mass during the week before Christmas and Holy week for about 3 years. I also remember being very little and walking to daily mass, before I was in kindergarten, with my Great Aunt, and sometimes my mother – because my Great Aunt’s son also attended the school affiliated with the parish and was an altar server there. My mother had also graduated from the Catholic high school affiliated with the parish – and she and my Great Aunt still wore gloves and lace mantillas (lace veil headcoverings) – even in the summer – everything had to be covered (arms, legs, hands). They also did not accept the Eucharist in their hands – but directly on their tongue. I also remember attending daily mass in Catholic elementary school. I do not have the opportunity to always go to daily mass now unless it is a holiday (usually a Monday), but it does seem more reverent, solemn, peaceful and tranquil. I noticed there is little more formality, although the dress requirements are more casual – and the sermon is shorter – as Matthew Kelly states. But, in our parish now – they also combine this time with formal prayer 15 minutes before mass; and for some that includes lighting a prayer candle and kneeling to pray in front of the candle. I like to go Saturday mornings which is similar. They will do the formal 15 minutes of prayer – sometimes with prayer candle lighting, and they meet to do rosary prayer right after as people line up for reconciliation that is offered.

  • lbam723

    I have had a lot of trouble playing your videos and this week I can’t view the second video. That could affect your data collection. 🙁

  • lbam723

    During Lent I’ve attended mass every day so far! I can’t get to the whole mass every day since it begins during kid drop off in the morning, but I am loving it! Life changing!

  • Steve Neitzel

    I have attended daily mass throughout this lenten season and have been focussed on journalling one thing that resonates with me. And then reflecting on that one thing, I feel God’s stirring within me, calling me to say “Yes” to him in very different ways. This year has been my BEST LENT ever! Steve

  • Candace

    thank you for keeping me on track with your encouragement. I will take up this challenge to go to extra masses during the week, although the daily mass for one week in the year would probably work better in the summer with my schedule. I do keep my time with the Lord in the Blessed Sacrament twice a week which give me strength for the Journey.

  • Jo Martin

    I am in need of prayer! I am longing for Mass and married to a loving husband not willing to go to Mass. He was not raised Catholic. Please pray for me!

    • Teresa

      I will pray for you and your husband. I gather that he would not prevent you from going(?) Were you married in the Catholic Church?
      (Wondering if you discussed this in marriage preparation)

      Anyway, I encourage you to go without him and offer it for your relationship. Your husband will see a change in you that will draw him in. I have heard this works so many times. In this case you will be the leader.

  • Bridget Kramer

    The best way to start each day is daily mass for me. After going to daily mass for almost a year now, I get very protective of this time. It’s my time – no one else’s. Not my family’s, not work’s, not my community’s, it’s all mine. It makes me a better me by re-orienting my day towards God. I guess I need this reminder on a daily basis. It’s like Matthew says – intimate. I don’t want to think of a day in my future without being able to attend mass. I highly recommend trying it out – goodness follows.

  • Rae Mims

    I must admit, I have never attended daily Mass unless it was a fest day/holy day of obligation or I missed Sunday Mass. We have a Monday night Mass and I have attended that once or twice.

  • Marija Maros

    My older son is almost 4 years old, and my 2nd son is 10 months old. As soon as my youngest son starts walking, i will go to church with them everyday for a week. I walk with a cane and cant carry my sons, but if they can walk beside me, we will go to church together!! AMEN!!!

    • Elizabeth Riley

      It’ll be a blessing to all of you when you are able to attend mass with your sons. And also a good witness to them as they get older.

      • Marija Maros

        Thank you!

    • Karen

      Prayers for you!

  • Elizabeth Riley

    I’d love to get back into the habit of going to daily mass again. I have the opportunity to go to the school mass once a week at school but I don’t make it a priority. Same with morning mass at my church. It was easier when I lived a couple blocks from church because I’d walk over whenever I wanted to. But I do have the desire to go again to daily mass more often.

  • Peggy

    I have such a problem with even Sunday Mass. Although I do attend nearly every week, it is so painful because only one of our priests speaks English as his first language. I have belonged to this large parish for over 40 years. We have always had a priest for whom English was his second language, but now all but one have English as their second language. I concentrate and listen carefully, but more often than not, I miss the message because I cannot understand them. It’s getting so that I dread going to Mass, and I never know when our pastor will be celebrating. They rotate, which is probably normal. Frankly, our Deacons give the best Homilies, but not very often. I guess there is no solution to this problem, but it’s not getting easier for me. I find my mind wandering, and then guilt sets in. I’m not getting much out of it, but I won’t quit. I guess I could look for a new parish, but this is my home where my kids were baptized, went to school, and got married. I’m not so good at change. Thanks for listening

    • Teresa

      We too have many priests from different areas of the world.
      I attended a conference some time ago that really helped me understand better the gift of being at Holy Mass. perhaps it will help you.
      When we go to Mass, the priest, in persona Christi (in the person of Christ) is presenting us to the Father as He (Jesus)has atoned for our sins.
      Aside: (This image demonstrates why having the priest face the altar and not the congregation makes sense)

      The only necessary attitude we need to have is to humbly present ourselves and be open to the graces Jesus has gained for us and that the Father wants to give us. This IS our active participation in the Liturgy.
      So while it is good to sing and respond to the prayers and listen to the homily, it is more important TO BE PRESENT to receive Gods grace.
      Therefore, knowing the Mass parts, concentrate on their meaning rather than how the priest is pronouncing the words. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you know what you need to hear then pray through the readings while the homily is given.
      I purposely go weekly to a Spanish Holy Mass so that I have to rely only on the Holy Spirit and focus on listening
      Hope this helps!

  • Jim Bahen

    I know it’s a cheat but the Daily Mass celebrated on Dynamic Catholic Pilgrimages with a group of strangers is what makes that group a family in those few days. The focus is then on the places we all see and the fellowship we shared !!

  • JoAnne Ruth

    I love going to daily Mass. I started during Lent some 10 years ago and have found myself going ever since. I go to different churches and I watch or listen on Ewtn if I can’t physically go. My missal has pretty duct tape on the binder from frequent use. Mass is so important to me. It has deepened my faith. Thank you Jesus. Amen.

  • Anna

    What helped me to really enjoy the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass was the way Scott Hahn presented it in his book,
    The Supper of the Lamb, The Mass is Heaven on Earth. This is truly a well written explanation of why, how, when
    and where we can and should “see” the Mass. I highly recommend reading this book. By the way, I am a “cradle
    Catholic” who now attends daily Mass and feels lost if I miss a day. But thanks to EWTN, Mass is televised when
    inclement weather does not permit me to attend in church. (read the book)

  • Donna Skwira

    Amazing that this came up. One thing I wanted to do during lent, was to go to mass one more day each week,so that I could experience during the week what I do when I go to mass on the weekend. So I picked Wednesday morning. I have loved it so much. So many new experiences has happened to me this lentin season. I am blessed and thankful. This journey through The Best Lent Ever has been AMAZING!

  • Prolifedem6M

    As a kid in a Catholic school, Mass was the “first class” of every school day. From the 5th through 8th grade I was a member of a choir which was the only choir in the parish at that time. So, we sang at the high Mass on Sundays. I learned so much from that experience.
    As an adult at various times in my life, I have been privileged to attend Mass daily. that certainly Deepened my faith. I grew to love it more and more and to love the Lord more and more.
    Currently, on weekday a week is all I can manage, I do look forward to it. It seems that there is something that speaks to me where I am in every Mass. It might be a phrase or passage from the readings. It might be something the priest says in the homily. It may be in my reflections before the Eucharist.
    I would dearly love to assist at Mass every day. Right now, that isn’t possible.

  • Jo Pike

    When I got to go to Mass 6 days a week, I loved it. Even the people that I worked with told me, You are always so joyful and calm. I was very much at peace. I really enjoy The Best Lent ever. Mr. Kelly is awesome and you can tell that he is Full of the Holy Spirit. I thank God for learning about Dynamic Catholic. God Bless.

  • Dorothy Infante

    Mass impacted my spirituality in so many ways, I always feel the sense of freshness ang lightness whenever I hear mass. When I was still living in my country I hear mass 4-5 times each week, and like what Matthew have said there is a different kind of feeling during weekday masses. However, when I came to the US I do not go to mass as often as I wanted to. Even Sunday mass is a challenge, not because I don’t want to but because time and transportation limitations. I really wanted to go back into this habit of hearing mass at least twice each week to start with and eventually every day. Please pray for me to pass my driver’s skills test and get my license in order for me to be able to go back to my old habit.

  • Gloria

    I love the daily Mass and I try to go Mon thru Friday as often as possible. I have the luxury of being retired but my parents went to daily Mass all their life and now I am trying to do the same
    It is different and I am not sure how, perhaps smaller group, I have been doing it several years so you see the same people and you get to feel like you are sharing something very special–and you are. I always thank God that I am able to drive there and be a part of something so special
    I am so glad that Mathew has mentioned this today–I think everyone should try and attend for a week as he suggested. I doubt you will ever regret it. I love to really listen to the words of each prayer–if you really try and listen you will hear how beautiful the Mass is. Oh, I have distractions like we all do, human nature but I just try and refocus and accept that it happens to all of us

  • Teresa

    I have been a daily mass attendee for many years; it is an awesome privilege and blessing to hear God ‘s Word and receive the Holy Eucharist everyday. One day a friend told me that he stopped going daily because he felt it had gotten to be just a routine and did not want to offend the Lord; he began going a few times a week to try to really appreciate the gift of the Holy Mass. This made me think about how I pray at Mass and helped me to be more attentive to the prayers as well as to avoid distractions as much as possible. I also have the blessing of attending the Divine Liturgy in the Greek Melkite and Maronite rites. These liturgies have chants and prayers different from our Latin rite and have given me a deeper appreciation, not only for the universality of the Church, but also for the beauty and holiness of this great gift God has given us .

  • Tom K

    Mr. Kelly: I have made it through the mid point and it is because I find you refreshing and a friendly 5 mins I have just found to enjoy and be comforted with the ease of the message in such everyday terms. Thank you for them.

    As to mid week Mass…I would have to agree that it is always a SPECIAL quiet reflective time that is so much more intimate time with God. As the Catholic Church over the years has stressed a much more fellowship oriented environment (which make no mistake is good) but; be frank … Sunday Mass has gotten so much louder and more distracting than in the years gone by. I can remember when you enter into the Church itself your voice automatically became a whisper, today the outside voice (not our inside or more reverent whisper voice ) when in the Church itself is much more common among fellow parishioners right up until Mass starts. Its almost hard to get a prayer and a rosary in over the ambient noise level. Daily Mass Parishioners I think seem to be there more for the private time. Just my impressions but I know I connect so much better with God than during the Sunday Mass I think. Our Parish Priest has also commented more than once he himself found Masses during those days other than Holy Days of Obligation and Sundays to be the most special Masses, because WE SIMPLY REALLY WANTED to be there as opposed to we’re supposed to or expected to be there (most recently this past Thanksgiving Day he started his sermon with those very comments…).

  • Cat Downing

    Going to daily mass has been such a blessing The graces received have provided power to battle against temptation to sins that without those graces before the fight was just such a terrible struggle. It changes me every time and effects everything I do that day and every one in my journey that day. Gods graces are truly amazing

  • BR

    How many Catholics have been in a Protestant church and understand the process of accepting Jesus? In the Catholic Church, should that not be the first priority and then knowing the traditions and rituals second? Isn’t accepting Christ being equated to dogma? That’s not what I’m seeking.

    • Teresa

      You are correct! Knowing Jesus is the Way to Salvation. A personal relationship with our God is critical and desired by God himself. It is in knowing Jesus, who leads us to the Father with the Holy Spirit, that we believe in the dogmas and follow the Tradition of the Church. Jesus criticized the pharasees and saducees for following the letter not the spirit of the law.
      God has revealed His Truths to us through the prophets and apostles. Down through the ages the Truth and Tradition has been passed on and upheld. From Peter to Pope Francis, a chain of authority (if you will) has been passed on by Jesus Himself when He “built His Church upon Peter”.
      The order of the Holy Mass was set and can be found in Scripture; rituals vary between the different Rites, but all are in Union with Holy Mother Church.
      So often the Catholic Church is seen as just an institution filled with “rules”; however, when one understands the meaning of these “rules”, which are all Scriptural, then the real beauty of the Church is seen.

    • Mich Smi

      i think of John 6 when Jesus heard folks saying that He had just given them a hard teaching to accept (regarding Him being the Bread of Life / Eucharist/ Communion — although He didn’t explain it completely there, and so we have to go by both Scripture AND Tradition for it all to make sense historically as to how the Early Christians celebrated “church”)… you wouldn’t want to leave Jesus right? 🙂 You want to fully accept, follow, obey, & love Christ Himself, yes? 😀

  • Adriana Mrizek

    Actually I read this chapter about a week or two before lent. I started going to church Monday thru Friday to morning mass and then Sunday mass. I haven’t stopped going. I actually out of place when I do not go. The weekly mass is small and very intimate and there is such a different focus. I love it. Thank you!

  • Dawn

    I used to go to daily mass with Dad during Lent. When I was in college, after I married and after that marriage dissolved, I continued this Lenten devotion. Even after leaving the Catholic church, when working out of town, daily mass was still a choice for me. It seemed that there was a strong desire in the participants to do more, to learn more, to serve better. And what a great start to the day! I’m really missing that tonight!

  • Barb

    In addition to attending daily mass more often, another way to still obtain an intimacy even in a larger sunday mass attendance is to sit right up front (no matter what large group setting, most just hate sitting in those front rows). I started to do this a few years ago because of another issue that forced me to sit real close, but now it’s the only place where I want to sit at any church/mass I attend. Your eyes are more fixed on the cross, or on the altar, or on His Holy Presence. I am less distracted by others, can focus better on what is happening at each part of the mass and really take in the beautiful significance of it all. I actually talk to God more. I love going to mass more than ever and I hope to see you up front 🙂

  • Pat Burr

    I have attended daily Mass a good part of my life and cannot imagine my life without it. I now am a Eucharistic Minister at 9 AM morning mass and it has deepened my love for the Church even more. Attending daily, for those who don’t yet attend, will bring you in contact with people who dearly love Our Lord and make Him the center of their life. It can help you along the path of your spiritual journey. Thank you, Matthew, for bringing this out.

  • Monica Mandri

    I find that there is less spiritual and physical distraction in daily mass. People that attend daily mass are like minded and living a lifestyle of abiding. These people help the congregation lift up the parishioners and the parish. They become the lungs of the parish. In terms of individual experience I find that a close knit bond is formed by the parishioners that attend daily mass. People will know if something is wrong in your life and begin to pray for you unconditionally. At the end of the day these parishioners bring an elevated spiritual realm to the parish. We are truly blessed by daily mass and The Lord repays us with His favor.

  • Deb

    I have attended daily Mass for a very long time. Currently, I am not able to attend because I have to babysit with an infant granddaughter. This has been a much more difficult penance, especially during Lent, than any other I’ve experienced in the past. I miss the connection with the other “daily Massers” (as we call ourselves), and know that they must be praying for me in my absence. I know that the time will come again when I can resume those early morning Masses spent in my parish and with my parish family . . . but for now, it is very difficult.

  • Debra Kyser

    I try to go to daily Mass once a week except when it is cold out. I find even though i get up a little earlier, I seem to accomplish more and do not feel so tired.If I am at home I read the daily Mass readings everyday. It has given me more regular reading of the scriptures than I use to.

  • RootofJesse

    I started going to daily mass after college, I had just moved 10 hours from home to take a job in ministry and became a member of a local parish – I started attending mass 2-3 mornings a week on my way to work and fell in love with the community, depth, and celebration of the liturgy. Ive since moved back, but I’ve been thankful for weeks in the last year that I have been able to go to mass every morning especially in times of deep brokenness. I rely so much on the liturgy daily and delight in the absolute joy of receiving eucharist! I am thankful for the community I have found in morning mass, people who greet me and care for me when I have nothing to give. By nature of being in ministry I am accustomed to continuously pouring into others, I am thankful that my brothers and sisters in Christ have felt called to pour into me at mass.

  • Niove Candida Rosario

    I have been going to daily mass for over a year now. A situation with my middle child prompted me to attend and now I feel I cannot properly function without it. The only day I don’t go to mass is Saturday. I have been with my husband for almost 25 years and after a huge argument where I seriously contemplated divorce he then started to attend daily mass and I am praying he continues to grow in faith and we continue to grow together as a Christian couple. Daily mass is more intimate as many have said and I feel a stronger presence than on Sundays when I feel there are more distractions. God bless and hope many follow Matthew’s challenge to go to mass every day for a week and get hooked as I did.

  • Acsa Gregory

    I came back to the church in Jan this year after being absent for a long long time. when I sat in the church for the first time, which I hadn’t planned on doing, I felt like I was home. This Best Lent Ever has been fantastic. But have to tell you that I have been going to mass 6 days a week since my first day back. I love being back and participating. I am also afraid of not going, that I might fall away again. I love the mass, can’t exactly pinpoint one part I like best. I love all of it. Maybe when we all pray together you can hear everyone saying what you are saying or singing as one family and knowing that this is happening all over the Lord’s kingdom is awesome.

  • Marissa

    I like to go to the 8 am mass on week days that I am off because it is very solemn and make me reflect the readings and the homily. the Holy Spirit touched me in a way that I can’t explained but just make me happy and grateful. I am able to listen to the words of God and I want to understand more of His message to us. It fills my heart in a profound way. What a great way to start my day. I really enjoy it! I pray that more people will have this same feeling I have and spend even a short time only of our busy day. It is such blessing! The miracle of faith, is hard to explain but I am a strong believer. Thank you, Lord. May God bless us all.

  • Karen

    This past year and a half, I began to attend morning mass on a regular basis. It changed me – the messages from and of God has spoken to me in a truly personal and intimate way. Though I feel this more deeply on an individual level, the mass is shared with all who are present, and even with those who are not. Morning mass has blessed me in ways I never realized were possible! I am so very grateful for this difference in my life.

  • C

    After losing my mother almost two months ago, I have faced a lot of resistance in my spiritual life. I work an irregular schedule that requires overnight work and working every other weekend, which makes getting to mass on Sunday an exercise of discipline and sacrifice under the best circumstances. Recently though, I began revisiting daily mass after my night shift ends and have found greater comfort and solace in that intimate time with God.

  • Milena Rojas Aristeguieta

    Going to mass every single day is the most beautiful blessing we can have, receiving Jesus in the most Holy Sacrament transform our live, help us to be in the path of the best version of ourselves. God created us to be peefect as the father is perfect, we can’t do it ourselves, but with Jesus help, we can because he is our strength, our support and our hope, with him in us our hearts we can change.

  • Karen Kotzbach McCreary

    When I was in grade school, I was able to go to daily Mass for a few years and I loved it . As I got older it was too difficult because of taking 3 buses to and from my Catholic high school. College was even worse distance -wise . Buses,light rail and at the end of the line another bus and at least a half-mile walk . Daily Mass was no longer possible for many more reasons than that . Many years passed and all the things that come with it . I fondly look back to the time of daily Mass and I know that’s where my love of the Mass started. Now, illness and Drs.appts. practically rule my life . Daily Mass for my husband of 53 yrs. and I would be an unbelievable if not impossible undertaking . Infusion days rule out a LOT off things . Now , I know why my Sat. or Sun. Mass IS so meaningful to me in spite of all the distractions that used to bother me . Somehow now they don’t and the words of the entire Mass are even more meaningful to me now because of the love of the Mass developed all those years ago when daily and the occasional weekday Mass were a part of my life. When holy days roll around we try to go the evening before . That is difficult enough but we usually can manage it .So, while you have age and health on your side , accept the challenge Matthew presented us. Do it while you can. The day you can’t , Sundays as distracting as they can be may find you not even hardly noticing them . ( When the EMTs arrived one Sunday, even FR. noticed it ! We prayed for a few seconds and Mass continued. Person was AOK later. With 8 Masses on a weekend , schedules can get tight ! THAT is a good problem though ! ) I feel so blessed to have the Catholic community that we have. *_* K

  • Margo

    I really like the Advent and Lenten studies by dynamic catholic. I cannot imagine people not listening to the short video all the way! I am most appreciative of Matthew’s caring and effective message. Not too preachy.

  • Pat Sepeda

    I am not able to watch video so I read the transcript, I love daily mass I am so blessed to be in city where I can go to mass at noon or 5:30 .

  • Marla

    Last year I went along with my Priest to Africa for two weeks. While there we attended Mass everyday, which in the beginning I thought, really, but as the days passed I so looked forward to that time spent in Mass, sharing Gods love with the people of Africa. I’m retired and so enjoy the time spent at mass during the week. Our parish has Mass on Thursday nights and I’m so disappointed that more of our congregation doesn’t attend. Now with Lent we do the stations of the cross on Tuesday nights. I feel we are so blessed to have the opportunity to attend Mass more than just on Sunday’s. What’s the saying, ” try it, you might like it!”

  • Teresa

    When I was in college I went to Mass at least twice a week. I went to a Catholic college and we had Mass in our dorm on Sundays and Monday evenings. I never experienced Mass as fun or casual before. It helped make my faith more accessible to go to mass in my slippers. Thanks for the suggestions to go online for daily Mass as I live in a rural area and daily Mass is during my workday here. Blessings to you all.

  • Rose Marie

    Daily mass has had a huge impact on my life( doing this for about 3 years).. apart from the peace and satisfaction that I know that Mass is the highest form of prayer, and that I’ve started the day by giving that to God.
    The greatest benefit though is my knowledge of scripture, that I get from going year by year through all the gospels and Old Testament readings.It was much easier for me to get into reading my bible.I understand liturgy more completely also.We have an Adoration room, so I’ve learnt to converse with God for a few minutes after Mass….that’s huge also, as I never did growing up.
    I still struggle with the psalms of morning prayer, but I’m working on it.
    I’m a morning person, so it’s a big sacrifice to go then, because I have so many other things to do, so when I feel overwhelmed, I don’t go.I don’t ever want it to be a ritual, I want to do it, because I love Jesus, and because he wants to come to me in a special way in the Eucharist, and give the best breakfast!!

  • Kathy

    I note that you said that you know how many people watch video. I read the transcript every day. It works better for me, as I often reread parts as I go along. Do you keep track of that, too? I go to daily Mass once a week and you are SO right. Different and so intimate. Homily short, but so thought provoking. I do not miss unless I have to.

  • jim

    Being a Christian is not convenient, that phrase really struck me this morning. How true! it is messy! But I have tried not being a Christian, too, and although immediately convenient, when life throws the hard balls, it is more convenient to be with Christ, with less mess following.

  • Karen Juszczak Schroeder

    If you ever want to experience a tryly intimate look intobthe prayers of The Mass, attend the Latin Mass. It makes you focus on reading them to yourself in English as it is said in Latin. This takes away from the distractions we often face and the prayers are truly beatiful!

  • Monica Moreno-Mata

    I have a friend who is guiding me to daily mass. I wasn’t even aware of the times our church held daily mass. Shows how well I read our bulletin ☹️. Do I attend daily? No but do go at least once a week depending on how I’m feeling from my lupus illness that day. Sometimes it sucks the life out of me but I do have to say going to mass rejuvenates me and fills me with a sense of peace.

  • Linda Pershing

    Since the first of the year I have been attending Mass every Friday morning. It often is the school Mass, but other weeks it is small and held in the chapel. This has now become the best part of my week. I feel so connected to God and use this special Mass to pray for all the people in my life. I am truly blessed and grateful for having this time to spend intimately with God.

  • Susan

    My daughter encouraged me to give an hour to Adoration during Lent about 6 or 7 years ago. After I began that, I start staying for Mass on that Friday morning. Slowly I began coming to Mass on other days. About 2 or 3 years ago, I started to go to Mass everyday (except Saturday. I need one day to sleep in :)). I absolutely LOVE daily Mass and Adoration. I now can’t imagine my life without it. I wish I had started going much earlier in my life. It is a very intimate experience and it not only brings you closer to God, but closer to your parish community!!!!!! I have a friend that is Protestant that began coming to church just to pray a few years ago. She now comes to pray and goes to Mass. She loves how Catholics can come to church everyday, not just Sundays!!!!! Love our faith so much. Love watching the Holy Spirit movin and shakin!!!!

  • Bud Abraham

    Because of Matthew Kelly I have been visiting a church everyday. At first is was 10 minutes and then it became 15, 20, etc. Now I go and say the rosary and follow the prayer process.
    Recently I discovered this chapel in what we call the Sanctuary of Our Sorrowful (Grotto) has a daily Mass at noon and I have been making a concerted effort to attend everyday. These things are done “not to earn my way to heaven,” Jesus has already done that by His death and resurrection. But to purify myself, to help me become the best version of myself and I hope it is working.
    I guess, time will tell.

  • Judy Schultze

    I love going to daily mass. It really changes your life.

  • Cathy Juley Ledvina

    I too have been called to go to daily mass, but I have had excuse after excuse (not being a morning person). I hope to try yet in the next week, if not the morning mass, then the morning rosary/prayer time. I feel challenged by Matthew, so I think that I will be able to accomplish this at least once in the next week.

  • LJ

    Thanks for the congratulations: As a girl I loved the “Religious’,” life meant daily Mass and prayer meeting and ministry. Now I’m thinking that Mass annually will be plenty, because I am totally disappointed on walking alone. My back is against the wall for seven years of walking alone. Worship is based upon a promise from Jesus, I think. Specifically, “I have come that they may have life and have it more abundantly”. A sleeping giant, daily communicant or not, is not the abundant life.The walk is not meant to be alone.

  • Kelly

    Question for fellow rural Catholics:
    I live in a small town that unfortunately does not have a Catholic church. The closest is a 50 minute drive. How do you stay active in a parish community (daily Mass, volunteering, etc) when you don’t live in the community? It is something I’ve really been struggling with and not being able to attend daily Mass has been a challenge. Any tips? 🙂

    • Shirley Mott

      See if your TV has a station for daily mass. Maybe your radio. Check out an app on your phone to see if has the readings of the day. You may not receive the Eucharistic, but you can say the spiritual Communion prayer. There has to be a way. Google it-ask your priest. I’ll be praying for you Kelly. Blessings always

  • Annie

    Attending daily mass is special to me in so many ways. The prayers of preparation get me “ready” and excited to be there, like going to a musical and before it begins the orchestra starts warming up and playing music and the excitement builds. I love the relationships with people who make daily mass a part of their day. We all seem to have special places to sit and if we notice someone is missing, you think about them during your day, pray for them and hope everything is well for them, and you’re glad to see them back when they return. I love the quiet time of prayer after the mass ends, the stillness and “private time” with God and you can feel that he is right there with you.

  • chibibarako

    Daily Mass is very different from Sunday Mass; possibly because nobody HAS to be there.

  • Theresa S.

    I’ve gone to daily mass since I was in high school – not necessarily every single day, but at least two-four days outside of Sunday mass. And I’ve always loved it. Loved the intimacy, how it drew me to God and helped me focus on Him and receive Him concretely each day.
    For the past two years, between health concerns and a rigorous work schedule, I hadn’t been able to attend daily mass. Maybe 3 or 4 times a month outside of Sunday masses. This was a big change from the two or three or four times a week!
    Even as my health improved, the rigorous schedule of a new job made daily mass still near impossible.
    I knew I needed a change. The complexity of life and demands of work were growing too burdensome for me and I knew I needed something different to be able to have the time and space to foster the relationship with God that had changed so dramatically by taking mass out of the daily equation. I prayed hard, asked others to pray, and shed many tears as I strived to seek new work.
    God blessed me very recently with a wonderful new job that I love, closer to home, and allows me again to attend mass a few times a week.
    How has daily mass impacted me?
    It has been such a part of my prayer life for most of my life, but as I look at this question, I see it as ‘how is daily mass impacting your life right now?’
    Well right now, I have to say that I have quite a new appreciation for the gift of daily mass and don’t take it for granted as much as I perhaps had in the past, because I know what it’s like to go without it. And I am so grateful that I can have a more frequent experience of Christ in the Eucharist again!
    I praise God for this gift and pray for all of you who may be in similar situations, or just struggling to be able to go to daily mass for whatever reason, that God will open doors for you to show you how He can draw you to Himself through the gift of daily mass.

  • Sharon

    Being Catholic is not convenient. The more inconvenient it is for you, the more joy & peace you’ll have in your life is by overcoming it. Going to Mass more than on Sunday AND going to Adoration AND spending some spiritual time each day no matter how much or little will make a difference in how you look at life & how you handle your life – joy & peace.

    I hadn’t really thought about my spiritual & prayer life as being inconvenient until this chapter. So, here goes. Just 5 years ago I moved from upstate NY to a town in Texas, aka “the Bible/Baptist belt” or the “you name it church belt”, or “l don’t go to any church”, etc. Far from what I was used to back home. My parish is 12 miles one way from my home on the highway under construction for the past 2+ years & expected to take another 3 to complete maybe. St. Christopher & St. Michael protect me & for the better part of each day accessibility is impossible. Smaller parishes are in towns even further away from my parish. One priest possibly allows for those parishes one extra Mass a week & maybe an hour of Adoration if any.
    INCONVENIENT for many like me & those others further away.
    No matter the 2 daily Mass times, the 24-hours of Perpetual Adoration daily, Adult Scripture & Continuing Education classes, Children & Teens Education classes and every Ministry, etc. – inconvenience is not used in the same language as Catholicism.
    Love and Prayers. From TX

  • Alice

    I haven’t attended daily mass but I want to do this. This is going to push me to do this and I am sure it will be good for me. Heading for my calendar now to plan it.

  • Maria

    Daily Mass helped arouse my motivation, my desire, to participate in Mass more. I desired to pay attention more in every Mass and try to offer it for someone.

  • Leah

    JLO, Thank you so much.

  • Michael Murphy

    The daily mass allows for a chance to celebrate lesser known saints and their stories and their influence on the church. The short homilies are succinct and push us to live our lives as Christ would would want us to.

  • Nicole M.

    In my whole life, I think I’ve been to daily mass once. It was a mass celebrated for my grandpa with his passing. My grandma attends daily mass regularly. I would really like to try to start going with her. Even if it is one weekday out of the week. I think it would help me through the week and impact my life in many ways.

  • I really miss having access to a daily mass in the evening after work. There used to be one at 6pm but they moved it to noon. I miss that and adoration everything is during the day it’s sad. The working people get left out 🙁

  • Judy Tobin

    It works wonders in opening our eyes to the Love God has for us and in the direction he is leading us, Thank-you God

  • Jane Strauss

    The Spirit has been urging me to attend daily mass for many years. And resistance had a stronghold. This past year, the call became much stronger and I could no longer resist. I surrendered on January 1, 2017 with a New Year’s resolution focused on spiritual development rather than weight loss for a change – to begin forming the habit of attending daily mass every weekday. I am still working toward sustaining the habit but I am moving in the right direction and committed to winning against resistance. Why? Because it is already changing my spiritual life. And I want/need more. So much of Sheryl’s witness resonates with me.

    -Brings peace and comfort
    -Directs the paths of everyday life
    -If you allow God to use this time, He will bless you immensely

    I am a cradle catholic but sponsor to a dear friend who became catholic and it was the RCIA experience with her, the leader specifically, that began deliving the message to me about daily mass. Thank you Sheryl! And thank you to Matthew and the whole Dynamic Catholic team for yet another amazing Best Lent Ever! Today’s message (I’m a couple days behind and I read the chapter in the book prior to the videos each day) is affirming! You are all in my prayers today!

  • Katy

    I started attending daily Mass this past November. I’d read Rediscover Catholicism last spring during lent after many years of not attending even weekly mass on a regular basis. There was so much in that book that was truth and full of inspiration! It woke me up and struck a chord. The author was right, it did change my life. I’ve since given copies of that book to some family members and even a co-worker. It brought my mom who is turning 70 next month back into full communion in the church. My friends and family tell me this past year something about me has changed and I know what they mean, I know I’ve changed inside too. It’s great to see how the Holy Spirit works. Attending daily Mass is truly a highlight of the day! I am blessed my church offers them.

  • Lea DR

    I didn’t realize how much I miss attending daily mass, what it meant to me until I changed jobs and it was not as easily available. I found a sense of comfort attending our 11:30 mass at the pastoral center. Working in downtown Chicago, it’s easy to take for granted the masses one can go to…11:30 at Quigley, 5:15 at the Cathedral, St. Peter in the Loop I think has 6 masses M-F. I can even do the Stations of the Cross during Lent because the chapel and Cathedral were open all day. Now that I work in the suburbs, it’s hard to go to a morning mass, let alone find an evening mass after work. I experience a sense of comfort and get the “inspiration” I need to get through some difficult days, at mass. God must realize how much I need the mass and receiving the Eucharist because I found the Shrine of the Little Flower close by that has an 11:30am Mass, last Ash Wednesday! Finding a mass around lunch break is hard here in the suburbs (of Chicago)! I just have to try squeezing in the drive and the mass in my 45 minute lunch break. How’s that for God knowing our needs and giving it to us? How awesome is that! Now it’s my turn to receive and make use of this gift…

  • Emma Spaulding

    I start off, I do not go to daily mass. My excuse is because my college life is so busy and I do not have time to go. But when I experience Mass on Sundays, it is a wonderful thing. I get this sense of joy, love, quietness, and just being there with the Lord. Especially when I go by myself, I can focus more and not get distracted by my family/ friends. Within the next year though, I do plan to attend Mass every day for a week and see how it changes me.

  • Justin Spector

    I try to go to daily mass as much as possible! It is the greatest way to start the day! We only get the most important readings at Sunday Mass but at daily mass you get to celebrate solemities which aren’t Holy Days of Obligation, Feasts, and Memorials of Saints. It’s amazing and I feel Catholics are missing out! And yes there is something special about daily Mass.

  • Barbara

    I used to go to daily MASS but have gotten side-tracked and desire to resume the practice of going to daily Mass, I remember feeling refreshed and thinking this is a wonderful way to start the day, I had a sense of peacefulness as drove hoe from Mass.

  • Dado

    Now, I envision Jesus standing at the altar inviting me during the Liturgy of the Eucharist. I imagine myself being there with the desciples when the Christ invites me to “eat His body n drink His blood.” A very humbling yet exciting experience.

    Thanks to Matthew Kelly, I now log my insights at every mass into my Mass Journal.

  • diane caird

    I am so fortunate to work downtown Washington DC just a few short blocks from St. Patrick’s . I go as often as I can during the week. It is always so lovely.

  • Babciamel

    Back in the 80s, friends of mine (husband and wife) went to Medjugorje to experience the apparitionsOf Blessed Mary appearing to five children. They came back with the message of praying the rosary and attending mass daily. Because they were very close friends, I knew their message came from Mary and was not distorted by hearing it second or third hand. Our parish even started a Thursday night prayer group where all three decades of the rosary were prayed and a Bible passage was shared. The Lord made it very easy for me to attend daily mass. There was a church just one block from where I worked, and they had at daily mass at 12:10 p.m. Knowing many of the attendees were on their lunch hour, the priest kept the homily short. When I decided to leave that job and go to college full time, I attended mass at my own parish at 7:30 a.m. and then headed right to school…again, easy. Once I graduated from the Community College, I received a scholarship to a near by Catholic university, which also had a daily lunch time mass. I never scheduled a class for that hour. All of the daily masses were wonderful and most were held in the parish chapel, so there was a sense of intimacy. If one is allowed to play favorites with mass locations, the university certainly was mine. We spoke our petitions out loud, if we chose to do so. It made the regular attendees so much closer as we had an glimpse into each others’ personal lives. Each prayer during the mass seemed more meaningful and I could not help but to internalize them. During my attendance of daily mass, I had a much more intimate relationship with God. I have thought of starting again, but like Matthew, I am not a morning person. The church downtown, where I started, still has the 12:10 mass, but gas is costly and even 12:10 is early for me these days. I know, deep in my heart, that it would be worth the effort, and I would see blessings a hundred fold over my effort. Here I could say that I will start attending again; but I know that I won’t. I realize that this is a sad situation, that I am allowing my mental health issues to drain me of all motivation….even that of becoming more intimate with God. But the seed has been planted, and I am already thinking about how going to 7:30 a.m. mass and then just across the street from church is Curves where I need to return to exercise. Who knows? Maybe this seed is already starting to sprout!

  • BR

    That helped a lot. Please pray for me.

  • Sarena

    We go to Mass on Sundays. Being in a new state in 2014, I really didn’t know if it would be different going to the church here. My fiancé took us with him one Sunday in 2015, and I found a lot wasn’t much different and I found that peace you feel there. Last year, after ensuring a rough time I stopped going altogether, but then my Grandmother spoke to me and I have been going since. We have missed some Sundays but we still try.

  • Katie

    I have always loved the feeling of being present at daily Mass, but the resistance has always been stronger. My children attend Mass every Friday with their school and so I have been attending the Friday Mass with school for the past 15 years. It is wonderful being there with the children and listening to their responses to Father’s questions during the homily. As great as it is to be a part of these school Masses, after watching the day 18 video, I’m reminded of how nice the smaller more intimate daily Mass is. I am going to work extra hard on fighting the resistance and add another daily Mass to my week.

  • Lori Grajek

    It’s been awhile since I went to daily mass. One summer I did this with my grown son and it was great. I can’t remember specifically but I know it was beneficial. I’ll have to do it again. Thanks Matthew Kelly for giving me the push I needed.

  • Kurt K

    I took Matthew’s suggestion to go to mass during the week and it changed my life. It happened in 2014 when I was faced with near tragedy in my life: my 29 year old son was likely going to die before his 30th birthday because of self destructive bad habits borne of addiction. Try as I might, there was nothing I could do to stop it. So I followed the prompting of the Holy Spirit through Matthew and started going to daily mass. I found the 7:15 am daily mass at our church to be quite instructive. It invited reflection in a way Sunday-only mass could not – perhaps it was the quiet of the atmosphere, the focus and brevity of the homily, or the fervent desire I had for God to answer my prayers and save my son. Then one morning it happened: God “spoke” to me in the quiet of my reflection of Eucharistic adoration which immediately followed the mass that morning. It wasn’t an audible voice but one I “heard” in my soul. The “voice” said, “I’ve got him – I’ve got your son in My hands”. Immediately I felt the burden of worry lifted from me. God was going to care for my son in a way I could not. For my son is His son – my brother in Christ – and I understood at that moment that God’s will was all that mattered. My son is alive, sober and healthy today because God indeed had him in the palm of His mighty hand. And it was in the quiet of a morning weekday mass that I was blessed to know that God indeed was working in my son’s life. I have rarely missed a daily mass since, even when traveling on business. It has so enriched my life and has shown me how God is with us, individually working in each of our lives…even when we don’t “hear” Him.

  • Kara

    I don’t have to confess that I stopped watching the ‘B L E’ video’s by Day 10 because Matthew told me he already knows that!! I kept putting it off because I wanted to watch it when my husband was in ear shot of me watching so I could ‘share’ it with him…why I didn’t just ask him to watch with me is beyond me!! Anyway. I am now binge watching which I don’t recommend but I am still enjoying every minute.

    Daily mass was such a part of my college experience. They had 11 PM daily mass. I started going as a freshmen and never stopped through the 4 years. It was so intimate in this tiny little chapel — the lighting even drew me closer to the Lord, I was in darkness and one light illuminated the altar and I will always remember how the Eucharist, when elevated by the priest, was such a bright
    white – just like I imagined the Transfiguration. While most college kids were watching ‘Late Night with David Letterman’ — it was at those ‘late night masses’ that my faith was transformed.

    • Linda Carmelle

      I know what you mean,I never stopped watching ,but would sometimes adjust the time I watched. Partly because I work 3 jobs so fitting this into my routine had to be flexible,but also b/c I too wanted my husband to have the advantage of listening in. I invited him to participate ,but he had other ways he chose to fulfill his lenten promises and 2 jobs of his own to schedule. (we work so much to pay down enormous debt,which I truly believe is a great sin as it inhibits us from doing many things we would like,even need to do spiritually.The faster it goes the better we know it will get so we work hard to rid ourselves of it).
      I hope someday to attend daily mass to continue transforming my faith life tooHave a blessed week.

  • Pat

    I know God has forgiven me as I went to confession. It is sometimes hard for me to believe that God would forgive me such a grevious sin(s), but He says He does and He does not lie. We know who is trying to lie to us and tell us we may not be fully forgiven. Do not buy that! I have also prayed and asked for my little ones to forgive me and Our Lord to Baptize them. We will see them in glory one day.

  • Jesse Bourque

    I attended daily Mass for a month after I got back from a deployment in 2011. It was definitely part of my post-deployment recovery. I am catching up on my Best Lent Ever videos, but I hope to be able to persuade my wife to go with me this Tuesday morning.

  • Sally

    Daily mass has always been a part of my spiritual practice from my faith formation in Catholic school (Thank you Sisters of Mercy). I don’t go every single day year round but I go to daily mass during Lent and at critical times in my personal life – bad and good. I am grateful for having learned to participate in the prayers together with the priest and enter into communion through them.

  • lizmvr

    I do love going to daily Masses. They do often seem to be more intimate to me, too. While I like going when there are fewer people, I also like going to the Catholic school Masses sometimes. The kids can be inspiring and they also remind me of my Catholic school experiences and what I was taught there. I have a different sense of community at daily Masses, and that’s comforting to me in a different way than the Sunday mass sense of community is, though that is comforting as well. Sometimes just remembering what my childhood held brings me back to a feeling of innocence and hopefulness that I still need as an adult.

  • Vivienne

    Daily mass is intimate ;the liturgical prayers really come alive!More so the homily/readings directs your day if you allow it and speaks directly to you:what your are thinking and sometimes answers your question! It used to be scary but now I know is the Lord so I make every effort to go!

  • 1downrivermary

    Daily Mass if Food for the journey!

  • Nett Lacsamana

    Wow, had to pause you there pretty quickly before moving on, so i can say what i say before i forget about my thoughts, reactions, etc. And from checking to say what point of this video i had hit pause, its only at 00:54. Not even a minute into getting back to listening to you yet, already your message is strong! I mean, wow, congratulating us for getting through halfway thru Lent. Reminding us that RESISTANCE is really there! And yes, I had challenges as to why I failed to continue the way normal people would, which is everyday, but here i am playing catch up- stopped at Day 17, now picking up from Day 18 to be upto date to today- it is now April 1st, so i don’t even know what day today falls under. But nevertheless, you took the time to explain that y’all have a way to monitor if one finishes through a whole video, or just half a video. So now i know that you can tell, I failed to be consistent in watching, reading and listening to y’all everyday! SO much for accountability! I wanted to take this time to thank you, for creating this concept, project and making available to us this online access, so we can go at our own time, and at our own pace. I have my own challenges yes, but the point of being able to access this Best Lent Ever feature was to help me understand LENT better with the way you and your staff/ team and pioneers have created this concept. I am a single mother of a now 20 year old, God-centered, daughter, who is crazy inlove with Jesus our Lord and is just so full of passion for serving God and because of her stronger faith than mine, I am even more encouraged to continue to be even stronger myself. I am thankful to our extended family friend from church Chrstine Chancoco-Black for introducing me and inviting me to this Best Lent Ever avenue to help me experience my Lenten Season this year, to a whole new level, through the power of this technology we call internet, or for short, the Web! So, yah, i shall comment more later as i continue on, and I do intend to finish this all the way through Easter, so once again, thank you! God Bless and more power to y’all!

  • Maria

    The best part of my day is daily Mass. It gives me a push for the day. I suffer from depression and when I’m in Mass I feel Jesus is holding me up.

  • Virg

    Yes, I agree wholeheartedly! This was the first Lent after retirement for me. The night before Ash Wednesday, I made a spur-of-the-moment decision to try and go to Mass each day. It has been one of the best decisions I have made in a long time. I do feel that intimacy that you talk about, and truly look forward to that morning ritual.

  • howdoulikethemapples

    I can personally attest to the change going to daily Mass will make. I now have a whole new appreciation for the Mass and attend Sunday Mass with a different frame of mind. Daily or weekday Masses are a Beautiful thing!!

  • John

    I started going to daily Mass in December, just because I wanted to structure my life more. I continued attending in the following February I had a life threatening medical emergency for which I was hospitalized. After being diagnosed and treated, I believe the Grace I was afforded by my attending Daily Mass by God was the reason for my recovery and sustained continuance of regaining my daily life, again.