April 08: When God Looks at a Résumé

Day 34

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Sometimes people will say to me, “Matthew, I want to do what you do.” And I might say, “Well, what do you mean?” And they’d probably say, “Well, I want to be a speaker.” Or, “I want to be an author.” Or, “I want to start some great ministry like Dynamic Catholic.” And of course their next question is, “How do I do that?” Or, “Where do I start?” Or, “How did you get started, and what can I learn from that?”

It’s a really difficult question to answer. In fact, I think it’s a question that’s impossible to answer. I can certainly tell people how I got started. But if I was setting out today, I wouldn’t necessarily start that way. The world has changed. The way we relate through technology has changed. But the thing that I know for sure is sort of the internal disposition.

When God looks through résumés looking for someone to send out on a mission, what does he look for? He doesn’t look for education; he’s not interested in where you went to school. He doesn’t look necessarily for experience; it doesn’t necessarily matter what you’ve done in the past. God doesn’t necessarily look for who you know, or who your contacts are, or that kind of thing.

You see, when you look at the people God has used throughout history—people that God has sent out on great mission, phenomenal mission, to do incredible things—he almost never picks the people you would expect him to pick. He almost never picks the most likely people. He almost never picks the people in positions of power and authority. He almost never picks the people who are most educated, or best educated.

So what does God look for in a résumé?

I think when God flips through résumés looking for someone to send out on a great mission, he’s only looking for one thing. It’s a little bit like the loaves and the fishes. He’ll bring everything else, just bring the little bit you’ve got. He’ll bring everything else.

What is the one thing that God looks for in a résumé? Availability. That’s all he wants from you. Availability. He wants you to make yourself available to him. What type of people does God use? He uses the people that make themselves available. People that pray a prayer of availability, a prayer of surrender, that come to God and say, “God I’m 100% available. I’ll do whatever you ask me to do. Take what you want to take, give what you want to give. Everything’s on the table. I’m not holding anything back . . . just lead me, direct me. I’m 100% available, and I will do whatever you ask me to do.

Those are the people God uses. God answers that prayer every single time. Never once in the history of the world did God not answer that prayer. That’s a prayer he answers.

And so the question for today: How available are you to God at this time in your life? 20%? 50%? 86%? 96.4%? And what’s stopping you from making yourself 100% available? And is it really worth it? I mean, is it really worth it? When you think about what you’re missing out on from making yourself 100% available, whatever it is you’re holding on for, is it really worth it?

“How available are you to God at this time in your life? 20%? 50%? 75%? 96.4%? Make yourself 100% available to God and incredible things will happen.”

Matthew Kelly, Resisting Happiness

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Make yourself 100% available to God and incredible things will happen.


Pray this prayer of transformation every day for nine days.


Loving Father,
I come to you today to make myself 100% available to you.
I lay everything I have and everything I am at your feet.
Take what you want to take,
and give what you want to give.
Command me in all things.
I will do whatever you ask me to do.
Transform me and transform my life,
so that I may become the-best-version-of-myself
and lead others to you with my life and my love!

Today’s personal reflection features Dynamic Catholic team member Catherine Troll. Catherine is one of our copywriters and comes to us from Somerset, Pennsylvania. Catherine enjoys ice skating and playing piano, is fascinated by grammar, and was an excellent broomball player back in her day.

How available are you to God at this time in your life?

Let us know in the comments!

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  • Paz Bingham

    Just like Catherine on the video, I have struggled with my availability to God through my life..Right now I must let God in in all given the circumstances that I am in… The prayer will help “take you you want to take and give what you want to give.”..Transform me and transform my life so I can become the best version of myself..Yikes!! very powerful…I will continue to pray for strength to be available to God… Not so easy …🙏🏼

    • Mary B.

      Praying along with you Paz! My comments were so similar to yours!

  • Frank L

    I’ve gone through phases of availability to God in my life. I think it’s helped me when i include in my daily prayers “not thy will but thy will be done” and when i add “Jesus, I trust in you. . .I trust in your divine mercy.” Lately, I’ve been reminded that I need to be humble, I’m not being asked to do it on my own, so I’ve been praying to Mary to help my have a humble heart.
    The next question, is “how do I know that I’ve been successful making myself available to God?” It’s when i’ve seen God at work in my life. Recently, I struggled with a temptation; it’s not important what it was. I prayed while I was being tempted, and despite my prayer I was tempted even more. It was difficult, the temptation led me to the very brink of acting, but I didn’t fully act. After a couple of days, the temptation left. That stumbling block I’ve had in my life is now gone. My prayer was answered, since I’m more healed now that I faced the temptation than if the temptation never occurred. God understood better than I did, as always.

    • That’s wonderful Frank. Temptation…thank you to God for helping us get past it.

  • BR

    Although we should give 100% of ourselves to God everyday, this can be intimidating to many people. So why not start by making yourself available to God for some portion of your life…every day. When you do that, you will begin to feel Him working in your life and the amazing feeling it will produce. And guess what…all of a sudden you will be giving more and more of your availability to God. As the saying goes, “the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” So why not begin giving Him today what you can…and soon you will be drawn in giving more and more…and then you will be giving God 100%

    • Heidi Johnson

      I like this idea and it seems like a great way to start. Being 100% available feels a little overwhelming…

    • Diana

      What a fantastic idea” I will start today. Thanks

    • Lisa

      Wow that’s perfect.

    • Carla

      BR this is wonderful advice! You make it so simple! Thank You!

  • I concede that it is so much easier to devote 100% of my time to God since retirement. When I get up in the morning until I go to sleep at night I think about God, pray to God and thank Him for what I have…not materially but spiritually. During the day, I make sure that the TV is off as well as music…unless I’m doing my workout or in the car. I enjoy my quiet time.

    When I started the inspirational website yesterday the motivation was to provide a mechanism (mylordandme dot com) where we could continue discussions beyond the Best Lent Ever series. It will be a challenge but will also help me make sure I am devoting 100% of my time to our Lord.

    • Laura McGivern

      Doug- I have been following your thoughtful and encouraging responses all through this Lenten program. I used to attend St Matt’s in CLT but live up near Winston Salem now. Recently there was an article in America magazine and I also heard on the Catholic Channel on Sirius radio about St Matt’s being the biggest parish in the US. How fortunate you are to have so much available to you with ministries and program.

      • Yes, I did rad that article. We were there on the first Sunday and have watched our little country parish really grow (understatement). Thank you for the kind words.

    • Lynn Nguyen

      Doug, I’ve saved your website to my favorites and look forward to it! I think you are the answer to many prayers BC I’ve heard many comment about wanting to keep this going, ever after Best Lent Ever. I look forward to hearing your stories.

      • Thank you Lynn. I’d like to think of it as OUR website!

    • EstherElizabeth

      Doug, Please mention your website, again. Thanks!

      • Yes…it is (Dynamic Catholic blocks website addresses so I have to spell it out.) mylordandme dot com

        • Karen in FL

          Leave no spaces in between, if anyone is having problems getting to Doug’s site.

    • Bethany

      I thought we were not allowed to state a website address… I did but my post was removed.

      • Yes, Dynamic Catholic does block them, but it is only a button tat they check. It automatically rejects them. That is why I had to spell mine out. mylordandme dot com. I hope that helps. (On my site, I have the option to accept web addresses and if ok I let them pass.

        • Bethany

          Thanks Doug… I did do that. I was just sharing about using my talents for God’s work but they keep deleting my comments.

    • KMN

      Hey Doug — I just subscribed and looking forward to visiting/reading the inspirations daily! Thanks again!

  • Lynn Nguyen

    The last time I really prayed the prayer of transformation consistently, day after day, for months was last summer. The top 3 I remember specifically asking Him to transform was my career, finances, and relationships. At the time, I felt like I had nothing to lose. I was on the verge of quitting my job, I was living paycheck to paycheck, and I had just moved by myself to a new state, and didn’t have any real friends.

    Wow! Did God answer my prayers in ALL these areas, especially my career! I was working for a multi-billion dollar corporation at the time and I wanted out after 6 years. I was miserable, crying, begging for God to help me every day. In September, my boss gave me the news that the company was restructuring and my job was going to be eliminated in 1 month. Although this would be awful news to most, it was God’s answer to my prayers. A burden was lifted from me immediately and I can now breathe. I now work in a job where I can help others, really make a difference in people’s careers, and I work with a wonderful group of people!

    Regarding my finances, before I knew I was going to lose my job, I had finally signed up for Financial Peace University at my church, and for the first time in my life, I am able to create a successful budget and stick to it. This will be a work in progress but I’m definitely headed in the right direction.

    Regarding relationships, I don’t make friends easily so this would be a challenge. But God sent me an acquaintance from home, we’re both new to the state, we were already Facebook friends, but weren’t real friends at the time. I’ve gotten to know her and spend time with her and her family since last summer, and we’re now good friends, we can talk about problems, give each other advice, or just explore the city together.

    I’ve also reunited with a childhood best friend and mending relationships with family members, and God is constantly sending me wonderful people into my life regularly. He transformed and softened my heart, which transformed the relationships in my life.

    To anyone who is scared to say this prayer of transformation and really mean it, I encourage you to make yourself available to God. Even if you have a great life already, pray it and watch God do wonders you’ve never imagined! Prayers to all.

    • Mary Brennan

      Iynn, very inspiring great story in what God has done in your life, “Jesus I trust in you”

      • Lynn Nguyen

        Thank you Mary, yes I also said that often. I don’t know why this is happening, but I trust in you Lord.

        • Mary Brennan

          I just finished the book The Discerning of spirits by Father Tim Gallagher very interesting I thought it would be a good one to read God bless bye bye🤗

          • Lynn Nguyen

            Thank you Mary, I made a note and will look for the book.

          • IrinaPC

            I need much discernment at this point in my life. Thank you for the title.

      • Mary Miller

        Jesus, I trust in you have mercy on me is a prayer I often recite to recognize that Jesus has the wheel and I am just a spoke in His plan. I pray for the courage to follow the plan.

    • Joanne

      Thank you Lynn for your beautiful witness to God’s hand in your life.

      • Lynn Nguyen

        You’re welcome Joanne! Prayers and God bless you!

    • David B

      Thank you for sharing these events. God bless

      • Lynn Nguyen

        Thank you David! Prayers and God bless you!

    • Michele Szewczyk

      Thank you, Lynn! I appreciate your willingness to share specific examples of how this act changed your life. It inspires me to act!

      • Patricia Morris

        Me, too!!!

      • Lynn Nguyen

        Thank you Michele! Acting on it is, the key. Prayers and God bless you!

    • Diana

      Lynn, your story is very inspirational! I started to pray that prayer 6 mo. ago, but then got side tracked. I am going to start reading it again today. I have put it in a place I know I will see so I will remember it. Hopefully I will memerize it like all my other prayers. Thank you Lynn

      • Lynn Nguyen

        Thank you Diana! Prayers and God bless you!

    • muzzer

      Awesome. Inspiring Lynn. I’m definitely ready to pray this prayer of transformation!

      • Lynn Nguyen

        I’m excited for you and things to come! Prayers and God bless you!

    • Janet Marusiak

      Yes, all is good. Things like that happened to me too and there are no coincidences as God does answer our prayers who are faithful to Him.

      • Lynn Nguyen

        Amen! Prayers and God bless you!

    • Mary Kay

      Amen amen, let go, let God is my prayer. Blessings to all.

      • Lynn Nguyen

        Thank you Mary Kay! Prayers and God bless you!

    • Darlene A. Matteucci

      Thank you Lynn…You are an inspiration to us all that God does work in our lives. Good luck in your future and keep your friends close.

      • Lynn Nguyen

        Thank you Darlene! God does truly work in our lives! I wish I can get this through to some close friends and family and save them from suffering, but they’re not ready. And this is a personal journey each one of us have to do for ourselves. No one can make that commitment to God for you but yourself. I’ll just keep praying for them.

        Prayers and God bless you!

    • Connie Dolezel Bolander

      Thank you, Lynn. I have copied the prayer to One Note on my computer and made an appointment on my calendar to say it daily! All the responses from believing people on this site are inspirational to me. God Bless you all!

      • Marsha Mohan

        Amen 🙏

      • Lynn Nguyen

        Connie, that’s a great idea! As Matthew says, our lives change when our habits change. Prayers and God bless you!

    • Lynne

      Many continued Blessings.

      • Lynn Nguyen

        Thank you Lynne! Prayers and God bless you!

    • Susan


      • Lynn Nguyen

        Prayers and God bless you!

    • Margie Cazares-Ortiz

      Thank you for sharing your story. Today, I pray it for the first time. And I too am very miserable at my job. I want to help people and live a simple humble life. I so desire to attend Daily Mass to receive Christ Daily. My only worry is not having insurance. I’m 52 year’s old. No children but married. I want to give God 100 percent. Let go and let God.

      • Erika

        You should check out the Christ Medicus Foundation. It is a health sharing ministry my family and I are members of. It is a Catholic Christian alternative to health insurance and a beautiful ministry at the same time! Praying for you!

        • Margie Cazares-Ortiz

          Thank you Erika, I will keep that in my notes to checkout. God Bless you all. I enjoy Dynamic Catholic and it has really helped me to get deeper into This Roman Catholic Faith with true devotion. Last year, I started to wear a veil. When I attended my first Marian Eucharistic Conference.

        • Lynn Nguyen

          Erika, is this comparable to major medical? Based on your experience, would you recommend this to a senior citizen? My mom is 68 and refuses to retire mainly because of insurance.

          • Erika

            Hi Lynn, the only concern I have is preexisting conditions are not shared. We have only been members since January. I would definitely encourage you or your mom to call them (their number is on their website). They are VERY helpful. God Bless!

          • Lynn Nguyen

            Thank you

      • Lynn Nguyen

        Margie, Continue praying and surrendering to God. I used to attend daily mass but it’s not possible with my schedule now. God will find a way and will provide for you.

      • Diane

        What is the prayer of transformation?

        • Elisa

          Look under “Pray” in the Focus, Act, Pray section above. The prayer is there. God bless you.

          • Kathiehc

            It is also at the end of Chapter 34 in the book, Resisting Happiness.
            In that chapter Matthew challenges us to say the prayer for 9 days in a row (like a novena) but, of course you can say it as often as you want!

            I love being part of this community. Thanks to each of you & I pray you will have a blessed Holy Week!

        • Margie Cazares-Ortiz

          Hi Diane,it’s a prayer in one of his books. Too long for me to type, but try to search on his website. It’s from Dynamic Catholic.

      • Cindy Leslie

        I too Margie to let go and let God take the reigns. The fear of being hurt is one of the problems I have as well as not sure of what direction to go. I will pray 100% for God to direct me, you and others who struggle like you and I. God bless you!

        • Margie Cazares-Ortiz

          Thank you Cindy for your prayers. Dynamic Catholic had has helped me so much to grow deeper in my Catholic Faith. I also started Ninevah90, and starting 33 days to Morning Glory on 4/10/17, ends on May 13th. God Bless you all this Resurrection Day. My Husband David Ortiz going in for surgery this Holy Thursday.

    • Diane Belz

      Thanks for sharing your surrender and journey. I feel God is calling me to surrender 100%. I know at times I give Him some, but not all of my life. Your story inspire me to let it all go to God. Praying it will last longer than the moment I typed this response!

      • Lynn Nguyen

        It took me getting to a very low point and very distressed to pray it every day. Now I make sure to thank God every day for my blessings, not forgetting Him once I got what I prayed for.

      • Lynn Nguyen

        I’ll pray for your journey

    • Kathy

      What an amazing story. I’m sure many of us wish we could trust and believe in God enough to let him lead us. I know I try hard but then I get back to the free will time and usually make a wrong decision to bring me back and start again. I will remember your story so I can forge ahead

      • Lynn Nguyen

        Kathy, real change started happening for me when I started Eucharistic Adoration 4 years ago. It’s a weekly commitment. Maybe start there 😊

    • Sarena

      I have been enduring hard times for a while on/off, to the point I’m afraid when anything goes well. My Mother keeps advising me to just let go and give all my troubles to God. Since she had done so herself, she feels the weight of the world has been lifted. I can seem to relax or release control over everything. Reading your story reminds me of what my Mom has been saying to me, and gives me hope that things can change in my life and that I can be of help to others better. How do you say the Prayer of Transformation? This is possibly a new prayer to me. Thank You and God Bless You.

      • Lynn Nguyen

        Sarena, my prayer of transformation goes something like this:

        Dear God, I am tired of trying to fix problems myself. I know that You are the only real solution so I am submitting myself over to you. I am ready for a complete transformation that only You can do. Please come into my life and transform it, transform my career, my finances, and my relationships and any other area you see a need. Please help me let go and give me the courage and strength to put my total trust in You. I know you have beautiful plans for me and I want to make myself 100% available to you so that You can reveal Your plans in my life. Thank you for all you’ve done in my life. I love you and ask all of this in Jesus’s name Amen

        • Sarena

          Thank You so very much for your help. God Bless.

          • Lynn Nguyen

            You’re welcome. Prayers!

    • Jeanne M

      Thank you so much for sharing Lynn! Your post is very timely in my life in regards to my career. I will keep you in my prayers!

  • Pearl Brown

    I would like to be 100% but I know I am not. For this I need to pray for everyday and pray hard. Lord help me to give 100%

    • Janet Marusiak

      Yes, he will help you. I keep praying, increase my faith. It works.

  • Eduardo Hoover

    I’m pretty much worthless in giving my availability to the Lord. I so easily abandon Him, drag my feet, fear the consequences. I put my hand to the plow for a while but eventually turn and look back. I binge on Christianity for a while but when the road gets arduous once more I abandon it. It is only by Grace I cling to the Lord and when that moment of Grace is gone it is only when I realize I must return to it I go to the feet of my Lord and God I give my availability. I can’t even fathom giving 100%. Good for you if you can you’re changing the world for the better. God bless you and keep up the good work.

    • Marilyn

      It sounds to me like you are really on God’s radar and He is giving you amazing awareness of your struggle. Remember the prayer of Footprints – you walk with God and see two sets of footprints,
      then all of a sudden there are only one set of footprints – God answers that those are the times He
      carried you. Amen

    • Alice Ann Hengesbach

      Eduardo, welcome to the human race. Keep coming back … God asks for our love … not perfection. Your story sounds a lot like my own. Just be available … as best you can on this day … at this moment.

    • Mary Pat

      One of the most amazing parts of this journey has been reading the experiences of all of you. Thank you for sharing so much of yourselves to help everyone reading these messages find a meaningful advice and alignment to wherever they are on their journey. I began this Lent by praying for a transformation. So many things have happened in my life and I will admit they are not unicorns and rainbows. They are hard and scary and have me questioning the very fiber of who I am and where my life is. As I was in deep insecurity and sorry this past week for some of these things I realized (I am sure through the Holy Spirit) that this was all part of God’s answer to my prayer. I am not sure where all of this will lead but having that peace and understanding that God is hearing me and carrying me through this makes the journey not scary (still hard) and I am filled with great anticipation as to where it will lead.

      • Eduardo Hoover

        I give this prayer,

        Lord, lead me each day to a closer relationship with you and help me to appreciate your coming among us as a little child. By your grace, Lord, I will accept the trials you send me, knowing that your comfort and strength will accompany them, so that they do not overwhelm me. Amen

        St Padre Pio

  • Winnie Svikhart Supple

    I am 100% available to God for the things I enjoy to do. Going to daily Mass, teaching catechism, working in the church office or inviting others to gatherings at church. When it comes to things outside my comfort zone like ministering to the difficult people in my life I find myself running in the opposite direction. After watching this video I feel God calling me to do some serious work in my own domestic church. Come Holy Spirit and please give me the wisdom, strength and fortitude to help those I love most move closer to God. In Jesus Holy Name I pray. Amen

  • Terry

    My biggest obstacle is fear. Fear that God does not want what is best for me, fear that God will take what I love most. I know, that’s a terrible view of God. But the fear is real. if I said it wasn’t there, I’d be lying. I remember giving Jesus “carte blanche” in my life; my life was turned upside down. Maybe the only thing that will work is to give myself to God, fears and all, to give my 20% or 40% or whatever I’ve got. Then God can work with that . . . .

    • Ally

      Remember that what you love most needs to be God, not anything else or anyone else. Meditate on the cross and the person of Jesus and then once He’s the source of your significance and meaning- He’s what you value more than anything- you can rest assured knowing that He will never leave you. You have total security.

    • nevilledidit

      Terry I totally get your fear. I experience that myself, in addition to the fear of “what if I misunderstand God and do it all wrong.” I have not overcome it but I have found by doing little things it slowly starts to minimize. I got talked into doing a book study this Lent on the Forgiveness book. I really did not want to but I found a place in my schedule and set it up. Then a weird thing happened. Every week I have had only one person, a different person every week but one person. However, that one person and I ended up having the most fantastic talks and everyone of them has told people that I am a great listener (really I am not) and that the 90 minutes changed their lives. This from a person who is called “Spock” in my family because I have no emotions. If this was not from God I do not know what is. The point I want you to see is sometimes it takes 90 minutes to change a persons life. I wonder if we fear 100% means every minute of our day should be doing something God asks rather than just being available for those little things, like spending 90 minutes listening to a mother who needs to forgive herself because her son died and helping her to see that after 30 years. Try just being available for what comes your way and see what happens. I could not have planned this but it has been great.

      • Lynn Nguyen

        Nevi, thank you for sharing. God bless you

      • Lisa

        “what if I misunderstand God and do it all wrong.” bothers me also. This morning, I pulled out my prayer journal and started reading. An old entry read:
        “Spend 15 min. a day just listening. In this way, you can practice hearing My voice.”
        I haven’t been doing that lately. No wonder.

    • Lynn Nguyen

      Terry, God loves you more, has a beautiful plan for you, and wants to reveal it to you more than you know. But he cannot give you what you are not ready for. He wants the ABSOLUTE BEST for you, more than you want it yourself. Trust God, even if it’s 20%, 40%, he can work with that. But progress will be slower.

      Pray, God help me to trust you more, to put my doubts and fears aside. Give me courage, help me seek you more. I trust you Lord. I ask in Jesus’s name. Amen

    • Janet Marusiak

      I think it is all or nothing. You have to have complete trust in Him and you may be surprised that all your fears will evaporate. Look at Abraham and being so old to finally have a child Isaac and then told to offer him up and what happened, God spared his life.

    • Andi

      Terry, I understand that fear and experienced it too. When I reflect on my reasons why, it was silly~ did I really trust God to take care of me?
      During the times that I have trusted God and gave 100% (when I ran out of ideas) my life was turned upside down AND He took care of me. Wonderful blessings were overflowing~ very different than what I would have planned!
      Now I move forward in life doing the best I can with what He brings. Perhaps His love in me will spillover to the other person and I can be a blessing and agent of God in some small way.
      Thank you for sharing your real thoughts Terry, may you have peace.

  • Rita Gahr

    I find myself more available to God lately than I have ever been before. I am starting to enjoy my quiet time more. Just sit back turn the TV off, put down the social media and thank God for what I have to give to others. Sometimes it is listening to Catholic radio while I make prayer shawls. Sometimes it is being in awe of the world around me. This holy week I am going to try and make myself 100%available to God.

    • Linda Carmelle

      Yes! We have so many options on how to spend our spare time,sometimes we just need to eliminate the ones that have questionable themes…turning off the t.v. is a great example. For others it may just be changing the channel or viewing of the program . Turn off anything involving scandle or temptation or other sin and turn on Eternal Word Television Network instead . I love your idea of listening to catholic radio while making prayer shawls! That really is using both your time and talents wisely,you multi task well! Keep up God’s Holy Work and have a great week!

  • Mary Evers

    How does one make themself available to God? What does that look like in reality? I need some examples to understand. From the prayer, I am thinking it means to ask for God’s direction in everything you do and offer all you do as a prayer.
    I teach an exercise class for women that is the Christian alternative to yoga. Each posture stretch is linked to a Scripture verse we can meditate on. I may start the class feeling tired or not into it, but by the end I feel refreshed in both body and spirit. We offer our workout to God. I felt led to teach these classes after I experienced the power of linking prayer with movement, and believe me, there was lot of resistance and roadblocking on my part. Many times I mess something up or forget a verse but I have come to accept those things as a lesson in being humble. In days past I might have gotten very frustrated and down on myself.
    Anyway, I’d like to hear about, and specifically, ways to make myself available to God in other areas of my life. What does that look like in relationships? In your job? In retirement? In going about your daily tasks? How do you do that?

    • Yomisma

      Put yourself in the presence of God and ask Him. He’ll suggest you in very specific ways in your life, to give a bit more of yourself… and keep doing it. It doesn’t look so much in the outside things you do as in the inside prayer and relationship with God you have.

    • Janet Marusiak

      I just gave Him permission to lead me and trusted in Him to show me. That was when I was 40 and I am 59 now and I have been blessed over and over even in difficult times. I do things, think of things and say things that are pleasing to Jesus and if not I would feel uneasy and not do that again. I tried Yoga as I was going to physiotherapy and they suggested it to me and found a yoga instructor in my condo here and well it made me not only feel uneasy, but I ended up with more pain as muscles I never used before became strained. I felt uneasy as it was not suppose to be spiritual in their origin faith but I felt uneasy when they did certain postures and actions and felt like it was a religion that was not honoring our faith? I may be so wrong but the uneasiness made me not go again. Offering up prayers of our faith may be perfectly fine but if you are unsure, maybe that is the Holy Spirit trying to tell you something. You know when you are pleasing God even when you are not conforming to others. Your conscious will bother you and best thing to do then is to go to Confession and discuss it with your priest as I have done and He always gives you the answers through the priest.

    • Lynn Nguyen

      Mary, great question! And I think one that alot of people have.

      How I made myself available to God in my job, especially parts of my job that I don’t enjoy, is offering it up as a service to God, serving God’s children. When I’ve been staring at my computer for so long and my eyes are soar and I feel like stopping the task to do something else, I ask God for help and strength, knowing that by completing this task, I am completing His work and helping those in need.

      In relationships, I thank God for the wonderful people He has brought into my life. For the difficult people, I ask God to help me see how they are part of His plan. Of course it’s easy to love those who are kind, gentle, humble, and generous, but for the people in our lives who are rude, annoying, or negative, it’s hard. In those relationships I seek God’s will. Maybe you are the only light in their life, or the little hope that they have, or this is God’s way of helping you grow in the area of loving all others. Love your enemies, that’s a really hard one.

      In my daily tasks, I take God with me everywhere I go. For example, I’m not a fan of doing dishes so I use this time to meditate, listen to Christian music, listen to preaching on YouTube. I actually enjoy doing dishes now. Or sitting in the doctor’s office. No one likes doing that. I use that as an opportunity to practice patience, maybe make small talk with others waiting. Because we’re all there waiting already, none of us like it, so might as well enjoy it. Who knows, you might make a new friend.

      I hope these examples were helpful. There are so many practical ways of being available to God. We just need to put it into practice. Prayers!

    • Joyce W.

      Mary I realize that we do need to stretch, for our health, so I love the idea of a Christian exercise alternative to yoga, as I have read that many yoga positions are actually offerings to Hindu gods and detrimental to our well-being as Christians. God bless your ministry.

      • Mary Evers

        Thanks Joyce. The creator of the exercise I teach, called PraiseMoves, was a longtime yoga instructor who, when she became a Christian, said she realized the potential harm in an essentially Hindu practice with new-age influences. So many young women are attracted to yoga and it can influence one’s worldview. Why not exercise in a way that glorifies God? Rather than emptying your mind, fill it with God’s Word. That’s what I have felt drawn to do the last 4 years.

        • Joyce W.

          I wish there were more “PraiseMoves” classes around. It bothers me that I see advertisements for yoga for children! I have a dear friend who used to be a yoga instructor for years, before and after I first knew her, and I suspect this is what has drawn her away from a sound Christian faith to an undefined spirituality. Prayer for her is all I can do, and wait for the right opening to share the details of my faith.

    • Clara Turci Depko

      Mary you sound much like me when I am trying to learn something new I over think it. Just let it happen tell God here I am use me. Nothing more and he will use you in ways that are good and easy for you. It maybe to help someone after class to talk to that is having a bad day. It maybe to help someone who is struggling with exercising that is needed in their lives. Everyone has a different talent but that does not mean one is greater then the other. For when you use it to God’s honor and glory and it touches someone it makes a difference in their lives. It may seem like a small matter to you but could be a big matter to them. Just be open and see what comes. Let go and let God he may already be using you and you don’t even know it.

      • Mary Evers

        Thanks Clara. Simple and food for thought.

  • mrcpuhead

    From an IT systems perspective, technically and practically, 100% availability is impossible. 99.999% is the gold standard. But there is a way to measure availability that does allow 100% to be possible. If you exclude system down time events outside your control, you can reach 100%. With people, though, it seems much more difficult to be 100% available to God. I’d offer that, as with IT systems, it really amounts to how you measure availability! It doesn’t mean thinking about God every waking moment. I start each day with Liturgy of the Hours Morning Prayer, and the Dynamic Catholic reflection, to hopefully set the stage for high availability for that day. I’m inviting God to be with me in all my actions and words throughout the day. If nothing else, this has raised my awareness of the times I stumbled. But as with an IT system that fails, you recover as quickly as possible, capture lessons learned, and move on!

    • Jane Deutschlander

      Thank you – I was struggling with the 100% availability – I also begin my day with this reflection and prayer. I ask God to use me in whatever way is needed. I don’t know if that is 100% availability. But I do know that I am willing …

      • Tricia Wickers

        I’m with you Jane. I say every day God’s will be done, but don’t know if I catch all his cues for me to intervene. I hope I do.

    • Marilyn

      I don’t think you need to be so technical – I’m not a measurer and I find it hard to accurately calculate things like time, money, fabric measurements (I’m a quilter), but I estimate and it serves me well.
      Believe it or not, sometimes I’m 110% as some people have observed! God understands our intentions and I don’t think He uses measurements all the time. Just sayin’

    • SanctusSanctus

      Would being “available” be equal to desire to “just show up”?

    • Linda Carmelle

      Thats a great analogy! Thank You

  • Carolina Morales

    Reflection-Day 34

    Dear Best Lent Ever Diary,

    I’m experiencing resistance to making myself available because of fear. I attended a parent meeting with my husband at my son’s school and we sat in the last row so that I wouldn’t be a distraction because I had to sign the presentations for my husband, whom is deaf.

    Next day, the pastor of our parish saw me and said, “I didn’t know you could sign.” And from that statement…you know what’s coming…he was inviting me to become available to start a ministry for the deaf in our community.

    Immediate thoughts.
    I’m not fluent.
    I’m not certified.
    My hands aren’t in the best physical shape and sometimes hurt.
    I can’t do it alone. I’d need help.

    But another thing happened throughout our conversation.

    While Fr. Raymond was speaking to me, there was a desire beforehand to be involved at my parish in some way. I just didn’t want it to be ASL because I didn’t feel competent enough to do it.

    But then…

    If I could interpret parts of the Mass and homily…even if just a little…it’s better than nothing. If I can at least help bring Jesus and the gospel into their lives in a little way…that’s 1000% better than the deaf community having no way to understand any of it.

    This week’s theme in BestLentEver has been epic. In fact, EVERY week has been incredible and I am blown away by the ways in which this program has touched my life. I look forward to introducing it to our pastor and having our faith community join in next year.

    • Lynn Nguyen

      Thank you Carolina! How inspiring! God bless you

      • Carolina Morales

        Thank you Lynn. I appreciate your words sis. Blessings to you as well. xox

    • Jane Deutschlander

      Beautiful – I love how God spoke to you and you accepted. He will provide you with all you need to bring God’s word to the deaf.

      • Carolina Morales

        Thank you Jane. I look forward to being able to reach out and letting God do His thing. All my love.

    • Alice Ann Hengesbach

      Oh my Carolina! I’ve got chills just thinking at what God has called you to do. I have deaf and severely hearing impaired people in my life. Your presence at Mass will shout “inclusion” and “you are fine” and “God loves you” to those who are in the deaf community. PLEASE have the courage (you already do : ) ) to override your human desire to be perfect: you already are. PLEASE sign for those who are ready to “hear” the word of God even more deeply. I am praying for you … NOW. You are a true saint. Really … <3

      • Carolina Morales

        Alice!!! I’m definitely going to benefit from those prayers so THANK YOU SIS! Your kind, encouraging words are greatly appreciated. All my love and affection <3

        • IrinaPC

          Carolina, you are such an inspiration!

      • Kelly Sweeney

        Alice, your comment brought tears to my eyes. You wrote, “If I could interpret parts of the Mass and homily…even if just a little…it’s better than nothing. If I can at least help bring Jesus and the gospel into their lives in a little way…that’s 1000% better…”

        This may be what is holding me back… the idea that I feel I can’t “do it all”… this statement made me realize that I can make baby steps in the way that God calls me. The “little” that I can do, I know will be a blessing to others.

        I think “perfectionism” can hold us back from praying and desiring transformation.

        God bless you, Alice.

        • Carolina Morales

          Thanks Kelly! I appreciate your comment because it hits the nail on the head for so many of us.

          I’m going to be so rusty at the beginning of this ministry, but over time I’ll progress and get better with signing the readings.

          I’m scared. But that’s life. Doing something out of our comfort zone (even if slightly) makes us close the door…but I’m opening mine sis. I’m nervous to walk through…a little anxious too…but I’m walking through.

          Thanks again.


          • Kelly Sweeney

            Take your baby steps, Carolina. I love the idea of choosing certain parts of the mass to sign. I’m wondering if your priest can provide you with a written copy of his sermon ahead of time– or a general summary of what he will be speaking about with some specialized “vocabulary words”. This would help you feel a bit prepared. And put aside perfectionism. God will bless your ministry. I’m excited for you and am praying for you 🙂 Please post us updates!

        • IrinaPC

          Your words are a guiding light for me at this time to discern what is holding me back. I believe you are right, “perfectionism” is holding me back.

          • Kelly Sweeney

            Thank you, Irina. When I had such a strong emotional reaction to Caroline’s post, I knew I had to comment. After I commented, I later thought that perhaps MY post would resonate with someone. Great how this works. Domino effect. What a great forum!

    • MartyW

      Carolina: this is a wonderful ministry, and will add so much to the lives of those you serve. I got a taste of this recently. I’m deaf, but I do not sign. I hear pretty well through the miracle of Cochlear Implants. Hearing in a large space like a church is difficult. My last parish did not have a hearing assist, so I heard very little. For that and several other reasons, we changed parishes. The new parish has a hearing assist. I hear perfectly. This has made the Mass much more meaningful to. God bless you in your ministry.

      • Carolina Morales

        Thank you Marty. Yea, my husband has told me the same thing about large spaces being incredibly difficult. He was born 90% deaf and does not have the implants.

        It’s AWESOME that you found a parish where you can better appreciate the liturgy and overall message from the homily. Something you can take back.

        Reading and understanding English is extremely difficult for those who are profoundly deaf and use ASL only. It’s so different from the English language in how sentences/phrases are put together and that’s where I let fear come in because I sign a mix of English and ASL.

        I’ll do the best I can though and God will do the rest.

        Thank you for your words brother. All my love. God Bless.

    • Patty Dyer

      God is so Good!! I must keep remembering that he answere my prayers and your prayers all in His time, not ours!! So happy for you Carolina! Thank you for sharing your story and not “hiding it under a bushel basket” 😄

      • Carolina Morales

        Thank YOU Patty. Your words are appreciated sis. All my love!

    • Joni

      Carolina…at my church there are no deaf parishioners but there is a lady in the choir who knows how to sign and every service she steps down from the choir and signs The Lord’s Prayer and some of the songs. I LOVE to watch her sign. It’s beautiful even for those of us who can hear. You have a gift and I think you may find that everyone will benefit from whatever you can share. Let Your Light Shine!!

      • Carolina Morales

        Ahhhh yes Joni ♥. I used to get LOTS of hearing people come up to me in other parishes (where I used to sign with another close friend) and they’d get emotional telling me how beautiful it was and how much they loved it. It’s so rad that this visual language has the potential to evoke beautiful feelings during the best celebration on earth…Mass.

        Sometimes I need to contain MYSELF from crying while interpreting because I see the wonderous and inspired look on people’s faces and the Spirit moves me tremendously.

        Thanks again sis. All my love.

    • Kelly Sweeney

      Caroline, your comment brought tears to my eyes. You wrote, “If I could interpret parts of the Mass and homily…even if just a little…it’s better than nothing. If I can at least help bring Jesus and the gospel into their lives in a little way…that’s 1000% better…”

      This may be what is holding me back… the idea that I feel I can’t “do it all”… this statement made me realize that I can make baby steps in the way that God calls me. The “little” that I can do, I know will be a blessing to others.

      I think “perfectionism” can hold us back from praying and desiring transformation.

      God bless you, Caroline.

    • Susan Henderson

      Carolina, we have someone signing the Masses at our church. It is so beautiful to see people signing the hymns-people for whom they otherwise would be inaccessible. Most of the signed Mass parts can be learned prior to the actual Mass so you are not “on the spot so much.” Ditto if you can get your music ministry to give you the hymns ahead of time. The homily may be the challenging part, but I think people would be so overjoyed to have the rest of the Mass signed that they would cut you some slack until you can get up to speed😊. You are reminding me of the guitarist at our college church who said, “Yes, in the beginning we were quite pathetic…” Between the two guitarists, they each played every other chord because they weren’t fast enough to switch chords for the songs. Honestly, I had no idea that that was going on. Between them both, the songs were played!

      • Carolina Morales

        Hahaha to the guitarists 🎸Susan. Getting the hymns in advance would definitely be great! I used to do that at our prev parish and it makes things a lot easier. They display the songs on an overhead projector, so it’ll help some♥.

        Thanks for your encouragement sis. All my love.

    • mjtav240

      Hi Carolina! I am a teacher for the Deaf/HH and completely understand what you are saying. I also agree that something is better than nothing. I was just sharing with a co-worker that it breaks my heart that very few of our students understand who Jesus is nor anything about God, at least as far as I can tell. A few have asked me over the years and I’ve tried my best to explain important points (in my best ASL, which is also not certifiable), but what a wonderful gift you could give them!! What state are you in? Just curious…..

      • Carolina Morales

        Hi sweet MJ! I’m in SoCal. Even with certified interpreters its hard to explain biblical readings. We used to gather afterwards outside of church to answer questions bcs on occasion, they were horrified by the readings.
        “Must pluck eyes and cut hands/feet if cause me sin?” And so it’s not just interpreting the readings, but staying afterwards to make sure they understand the general message and big picture…as basic as possible. It’s an incredible challenge.

        • mjtav240

          I completely understand your challenges Carolina!!! I applaud you and admire your perseverance and commitment to this amazing mission!!! A co-worker and I were having the same discussion just the day before your post. She had invited a group of Deaf co-workers to her church and was able to secure a few volunteer interpreters. As it turns out, one of the guests was so enthralled and now wants to come to her church all the time. She doesn’t know what to do because she can’t get those interpreters back as they have their own churches to attend. As a result, she can sign, but now she is taking religious sign classes to help her reach out to this hopefully new community of believers. I pray that you will be blessed with success in your mission of bringing our precious faith to your husband and all who hunger and thirst for the Lord in your community. Blessings and peace to you and your family this Easter!!!

    • Tina Morris

      Alice, I recently started studying ASL and as a person who loves learning languages, I share your fear “of not being good enough.” I currently belong to a Facebook group, “Christian American Sign Language”, a wonderful group of people dedicated to helping each other with sharing God’s love through ASL. They can help with difficult or tricky translations or offer support during difficult times. They are VERY supportive. Check them out if you can, they are not specifically Catholic, but do share our love of God, Christ and ASL. Prayers, blessings and love, T

      • Carolina Morales

        Thank you Tina! I have ASL books for each of the three Litergical years (A, B, and C) and they very helpful. And thank you for the reference sis. It’s great to get feedback and then tweak things a little here and there to make sure it falls in line with Catholic doctrines. I appreciate your kind words. All my love.

    • disqus_VOXvThxFVQ

      Dee to Caroline
      I still have to ask God all the time what He wants me to do. Over the years He has placed me in many different ministries that at the time scared me so much,but I was so blessed by them. Over the years God moved me around to different things and I felt scared with each thing, but again very blessed. Now with multiple health problems I feel like I don’t do enough for the Lord I love so much, but a lot of the things I do seem to be talking to our fellow parishioners on the phone who are experiencing health or some sort of issues of their own. I do believe God does have a plan for each of us. Our dear Blessed Mother said yes when asked to accept her mission and I guess whether scared or nervous, that is all we have to do too. God really does take care of the rest. God bless you Caroline and I believe you will do fine with your new ministry. You will help a lot of people and you will all be blessed.

      • Carolina Morales

        Thank you Dee! It’s beautiful and inspiring that you were ready to say yes and open your heart to different ministeries. And the one you are currently involved with is fantastic. It’s beautiful that people can pick up the phone and call you for guidance and prayer. Thank you for all you’ve done and continue to do sis. Blessings and love,


    • Janet Marusiak

      Wow, great. Saint John the Baptist Church use to have the deaf community and we had a few that signed for them and it helped us all to learn a little too. Please come forward and you can bring others to our Mass as some miss coming to our church. You are truly a blessing and any help is better than none at all and they will understand better than without you. Moving your hands about maybe painful but keeping them active will keep them from getting worse. Do not fear as the Holy Spirit will help you, just pray to Him beforehand. When I read any pain in my back or vertigo I have seem to vanish. This happens to me often so I pray you too will be blessed. God does not look for perfection but people who are willing and available.

      • Carolina Morales

        Thanks Janet. I really needed and appretiated your words…as well as everyone elses here in this thread. I used to sign at St. Peter Chanel in Hawaiian Gardens and it was really cool because the deaf ministry there had (at one point) about four interpreters and so we alternated and were able to do more like retreats, confirmation classes, natural family planning, and anything else the deaf community was interested in attending. I loved it very much. I pray that I can get our ministry to be able to do the same. Thank you so much for displaying such kindness. All my love.

  • John C Garrett

    I heard a slightly different way of what God looks for, and it makes me smile. God looks for people who are FAT: Faithful, Available, and Trainable.

    • Praying4U

      Father, I think this is funny and clever, but maybe non-FAT people feel guilty to respond. I am definitely Trainable, working hard on the Faithful and Available always!

    • Jacqueline Shukla

      LOL! I love this. It will help me to remember it.

    • Janet Marusiak

      Love that and shared on my FB.

    • Constance Griffith

      Cute John!

    • Marilyn

      Hi Father: I can relate to FAT! I’ll remember that and put it to good use. Thank you.

    • Julie N.

      Father: thank you for finally giving me a positive version of FAT. I will work on memorizing this. I happen to be overweight as well, so this can give me opportunities to express this idea of FAT. I have some clients at the shelter where I work who don’t see themselves in too positive of a light. I will share this with one person in particular. Thanks for the idea!

    • Linda Carmelle

      Awesome,especially the trainable part=)

  • Jacob

    I try to make time for God; by praying. There are day which I will not pray or forget to pray. I do want to be in control or try to fix my problem myself. It seem it not working at all. I realize I was distancing myself from God. I didn’t like that. I like that I can pray to him even those he doesn’t answer my prayer. I can always find sign knowing that he is here with me.

  • shutterbug1971

    Years ago I made up this simple prayer: “God please give me the gifts you want me to have and keep me out of your way.” One of the gifts I received is advanced stage cancer. So many wonderful graces have been given to me on this journey. The best gift is that I finally FEEL that I love God instead of just believing that I love God. Additionally, I have learned to use pain and suffering as a kind of “currency ” to offer to God to put toward His will to be done in the world. I am so blessed.

    • Lynn Nguyen

      I pray God will give you continued strength during this journey. What a positive attitude you have given your circumstances. God bless!

      • Mike

        I agree with Lynn. I will keep you in my prayers as well.

      • shutterbug1971

        Thank you. I know the prayers of so many are bearing such welcome fruit along the way.🙂

      • shutterbug1971

        Thank you Lynn.

    • Karen in FL

      I love how you’ve turned even your cancer into a blessing. Life is uncertain, but if we stay close to God, we have nothing to fear. May He always hold you in the palm of His hand.

      • shutterbug1971

        Thank you Karen.

    • Marilyn

      Wow you have really reached the epitome of accepting God’s will and making it your mission. I will remember how you use your “currency” when saying my prayers. Thank you and God bless you in your challenges with your diagnosis.

      • shutterbug1971

        Thank you Marilyn.

  • Mick Peterson

    The most important “ability” we possess is availability. It doesn’t matter what our talents are; if we aren’t available when those are needed, then what have we accomplished? In our relationship with God, we can’t turn it on and off like a light switch, when WE think it’s important. A great lesson today…going into Holy Week.

  • Janet Marusiak

    When I became a born again Catholic, I gave permission and wanted to give all of me. I opened myself up to anything in church and said, “yes” to any call to action, most of the time. I can reflect back and see my health interfered with some of that but I did my best and that is all He wants from us. I can be hard on myself as priests have told me so I do say, No when I have to when asked to do something that causes me physical pain or stress. I am always willing to talk to others of my journey and hope something in my experience helps them. I love to read spiritual books by good Catholic authors and pass them on to others. I love this site and happy that Doug plans to continue this discussion platform in the future. I have not worked for over 3 years now while on Long Term Disability and now that has stopped in September so I am a home body and this gives me something to connect with everyone else in the world. I feel connected here.

  • Alice Ann Hengesbach

    I like sports analogies. Being available to God is like being the player who at this moment is on the bench … that athlete needs to be fit, be ready, know the game and have an attitude of confidence because at any moment that player can be called in to the game … called to make the difference. I like to think that I am 100% available to God. Catherine Troll’s remarks made me realize I need to train better. : )

    • Lynn Nguyen

      Alice, I love this analogy! I agree, training is really important in preparing for what God will call you to do next. God bless!

      • Alice Ann Hengesbach

        I know the Holy Spirit brought this to me. “Availability” is different than “doing.” We just need to be ready … and nine years ago He brought me kicking and screaming into home healthcare. I even actively work to get into a different field. He wants me here … I don’t; He does. And the fact is: I am good at working with individuals in need. I am asked to be ready, to continue to train. I am now being more open to expanding my world while still being in home healthcare.

    • shutterbug1971

      Great analogy!

      • Alice Ann Hengesbach

        Thanks. Your positive comment brought a smile. The Holy Spirit is powerful.

    • Alice, whenever I use sports analogies my wife gives me a hard time, her not being a sports fan. I really like how you phrased yours and oh so true.

    • Joseph L Martin

      Alice, thank you for offering up an analogy that helped me understand my responsibility – especially with baseball just starting again. I realize now that when I’m assigned a mission and “come off the bench” in someone’s Life, it’s because God chooses me and knows I’m ready vs. if I think I’m ready. Thank you for sharing and may your batting average keep improving as you continue to be a clutch player on God’s Team!

    • Constance Griffith

      I like that Alice,
      I’m in training now to get in the game (RCIA)and next Saturday I get to HIT A HOME RUN!
      Praise be to GOD!

      • Alice Ann Hengesbach

        So happy to have you on our team (the human race) and that the path God has chosen for you has helped you cross mine! All the very best as you enter fuller participation in the Catholic Community … Alleluia!

    • SanctusSanctus

      In baseball, the batting average (BA) is defined by the number of hits divided by at bats.

  • Mary B.

    Believe it or not, the Prayer of Transformation scares me, especially the line, “take what you want to take, and give what you want to give”! I love my life and feel so blessed with everything God has given me, and I don’t want things to change! I guess I am afraid of a radical transformation. I am afraid that God will give me something I can’t handle! However, I truly believe that by praying a wholehearted Prayer of Transformation, it will bring miracles! I am going to continue to pray for the grace of God to let myself become 100% available without fear! I know my life would be so much better if I do so!

    • NancyB

      Wow, I share your fear. Thanks for having the courage to say it out loud. Blessings

      • Mary B.

        Thank you Nancy – it did take a lot of courage for me to admit that, but I feel like I’m on my way to try and change! Blessings!!!

        • Tim

          Hi Mary and Nancy, I have the same reservations. My biggest fear of surrendering my life to God is that it may consist of pain and suffering and I’m not ready for that. I’ve been following the Dynamci Catholic Lenten journey and this is the first time I felt the desire to write in.

    • Prior to my Epiphany 5 years ago I had the same fear and struggles. Once I realized that I had complete Faith and trust in God, I became whole and complete with Him. I know it’s easy for me to say but it did save “a wretch like me.” I wish you peace.

      • Mary B.

        Thank you Doug for the support!

  • Mike

    I really struggle with this concept of availability. My life feels overwhelming, I feel like I have more to do than I can possibly get done on any given day. So I pray for guidance and direction and the grace to let go. To date I still feel no closer to understanding God’s plan for me. I may be waiting for the burning bush experience, for God to tell me directly what to do. I know it doesn’t work that way so I am just trying to keep my communication channel as open as possible. I welcome any suggestions people have. Thanks.

    • NancyB

      Mike, if you can find that quiet moment in your hectic life and can turn your brain off to just be quiet, God may offer you a glimmer of his plan for you. As simple as that sounds, most days it seems impossible, especially the turning my brain off part. But when I have those moments, God does truly nudge me. I am sure he is waiting to nudge you too, but it might be a whisper instead of a burning bush. God bless your Easter!

  • Rebecca

    I struggle to make myself 100% available to God because I’m scared of what he is calling me to do. I have always thought I could have a plan for my life and that I am in control of how my life plays out. I am trying every day to become more available to God and helping out in the church. I think there is still part of me that thinks if I help out in my parish, God will reward me. But after I have started getting more involved, I am starting to feel like it is what I am called to do.

    • NancyB

      I relate to what you say, Rebecca. Thanks for sharing.

  • NancyB

    Catherine says it very well. My availability fluctuates on a daily and sometimes moment to moment basis it seems. However, I will continue to pray to let go and let God 100% of every moment of my life. She’s right, when I do let God lead, my life is so much better. What stops me from enjoying that feeling 100% of the time? I guess it is me. Lord, remind me to let go and let YOU!

  • Dorothy Cabral

    How available are you to God? A year ago I would of said I’m 60% available to God
    And was proud of that. But was I really, I mean I shared my time, talent and treasures with him but I have to be honest it was on my terms not his.
    What I need to do in order to follow him
    Up 100% of the time is give myself up completely and follow his lead, answer his call and do his will not mine.

  • Trevor Pelkey

    I think that I am moderately available to God at this time in my life. I may not be 100% available to God yet, but I am closer than I have ever been before. Throughout Lent, I have truly witnessed the transformative powers of God and his grace. I have been strengthened spiritually, and I feel myself getting increasingly closer to God. I hope that someday soon, I can be 100% available to God and truly let his grace fall upon me, so that I can spread it to others.

  • Rich Sarge Pena

    Excellent videos and I am embarrassed to say, I could be a “poster child” for this topic. I will one day write down all my excuses for not be available for our Lord and I will call that “Situational Availability”. As husband, father , grandfather and now a “retired” Police sergeant, I can recall so many times I made myself available(pray) to our Lord, when it benefited me, not necessary our Father. I am a work in progress and I want to be the best I can be. Thank you for keeping me and others accountable not for us, but for our Savior, Lord Jesus Christ.
    I love and repeat everyday, “BE BOLD. BE CATHOLIC”.
    God Bless all my Brothers and Sisters in Christ and all those who are looking for peace through our Lord.

    Rich “SARGE” Pena
    Catholic Men’s Fellowship in CA

  • boulders124

    Your message is one that should help each of us make ourselves 100% available to God. We all need something to push us to the very best version of ourselves.

  • Just me

    I think fear keeps me from letting myself go fully to go- the fear of that will happen after I do.
    I did once and then my marriage seemed to be ended right after. After praying and honest communication w my husband, we got back together. But then my cross become family and friends haven’t forgot about my hubby and mine “icy patch”. So they don’t believe I am happy or don’t exclude me. Now that is harder than the icy patch.
    Just hard to understand the lessons and what God’s will is. I asked a priest “why doesn’t God take thru burning bushes like he used it?!” 🙂

  • John L. Kemmis

    I caught myself while watching the second video not paying attention. In fact, I have been watching these videos several times each morning. Today, is no different. During the second time through I found I was not making myself 100% available. I was taking notes and missing something.

    So I listened again, vowing to pay attention. Ha! This time my mind wandered back to my days in college when she mentioned her senior year.

    So I listened again, vowing to pay attention. I noticed the light shining from her glasses and I wondered about that for a minute. How could I miss that the first 3 times. Now what did I miss?

    So I listened again, again vowing to pay attention. And the smell of the coffee brewing distracted me. Hey, that isn’t even in the video!

    Then I thought and asked myself this question. Am I like this throughout the day?

    I am. I cannot replay my day like this video. I bet I miss way too much. Hopefully I am getting what God wants me to get, and not missing those moments. His moments. And hopefully I am leaving the rest for another time.

    Catherine is right. I struggle with this. With making myself 100% available.

    Thank you for bringing this to my attention today, Catherine and Mike! I am starting to change.

    • SanctusSanctus

      In baseball, the batting average (BA) is defined by the number of hits divided by at bats.
      Somebody, possibly teacher Matthew, said to “just show up”?

  • Miriam

    God bless you Lynn and thank you for sharing. I always wanted to be available to God. I wanted to go back to school. I wanted out of my job. I was afraid of not being able to serve God. I did not know if I was able to help my husband with the finance’s in going back to school. I pray on it. I pray on it for along time. The hospital I am employed got sold to a corporation. I pray to God to help me and guide me and open the doors. God did open the doors. I started school 3 years ago. I took one class at a time. I had to continue working full time. I continue to pray. I am at my last class now. ( I am a LPN). It is difficult but I have God I continue to move forward no matter what. I got excepted in the RN program. It is a one year program. I thank God so much. So in that note I am giving my all to God. I decided to stop working. I sat discuss our finances and my husband said ” God will take care of us. We do what we can do and God will do what we cant.” I am bless to have Jose (married 32 yrs). So I want to serve God with my ministry as a health professional. I want to use my nursing to touch peoples lives. I want to give them courage, strength and that God is with them. So my availability is to use nursing like God intended it to do. I do love that about being a nurse. God open the heart of my patients to hear Him. Praise, God. Amen.

    • Karen in FL

      You will touch many, I’m sure. God bless you!

  • Ruth

    Recently I had a sleep study test for Apnea and discovered I stopped breathing 89 times in an hour–is that even possible! They called to schedule another sleep over to fit a breathing machine. The appointment was for Thursday of Holy Week. I said I had plans for that evening, they offered to call if they got a cancellation. Two days ago, I was thinking, “What’s a few more days, I should have asked to wait til the week after Easter.” A short time later the phone rang and it was the Sleep Center saying they had had a cancellation, and could I come next Monday instead of Thursday? I think God had a hand in MAKING me available!!

  • Steven Sisman

    Just saying this prayer lifts so much pressure off of my shoulders. It’s like my Brother and Lord Jesus Christ is telling me again “my yoke is easy” give me your yoke and take on mine. (Matthew 11:30).

    This question is hard to ask because it makes me look at myself and realize I am not 100% available right now but know how being that available in the past changed me. It motivates me to be 100% available again and everyday.

    It’s a powerful prayer that I pray I will (and we all will) remember to pray every day.

  • Peggy

    Yes, I want to make myself 100% available to God. This is also intimidating to me but I will start by praying the transformation prayer for nine days and hopefully being a 100% available to God will become who I am.

  • Laura

    I want to walk with God, but I also don’t want to become overwhelmed by imagining I see God’s purpose when I stub my toe or take a wrong turn on the highway. Being available also means discerning, right? Sometimes I just miss the exit and it doesn’t mean anything other than I was absent minded. I think I might have a different perspective on 100% because our daughter has scrupulousity, a form of OCD that can really be debilitating in that every action is seen as a “right or wrong” according to Church rules. She is actually considering medication because some days she can’t function she is so paralyzed by her hypersensitivity to 100%. So, yes

  • loeloe

    I was up most of last night worrying about my son and his future. I finally said “God, please take care of him, because he is becoming a man and needs to make his own choices. God, you are in charge, not me.” I hope by letting go of my need to control I am more available to God. I got the inspiration that my mom worried and prayed about me, but did not tell me how to live my life. She used to comfort people by saying things always work out. Many people related such memories of her to me at her funeral. If she was that open to God, trusting in Him, then she was a fine example to me.

    • Trudy Ray Parmarter

      Thank you Ioeloe for this reminder that we need to be a continual example to our children and grandchildren. That is how I believe God wants me to be available and I need to trust Him to show me how. God’s blessings to you for sharing.

    • Karen in FL

      I have had a couple of very tough times in my life. One was when my teenage daughter went “off the rails.” Another was when my mentally ill sister refused to even acknowledge her condition. It took a while…counseling and acceptance on my part…but now I see I am called to only love them. Not to advise, not to worry, not to take them on as a problem I must solve. Just to love. Many years have passed, and now I can see God was there with me in all of this all along. I still worry about them, but I realize now that He is perfectly aware of them. My job is simply to love them.

  • Cathy R.

    Is God calling me? He calls all of us, but I get the feeling that God is calling me to be some kind of evangelist. My first response was, I am too old – yet God called Moses at a pretty advanced age and look at how old Mother Angelica was when she started her TV station. My second response was/is I do not have a degree in Divinity/Pastoral studies – the church looks for these things….but historically this was not always what God chose (my patron saint is Catherine of Sienna.) I am also scared of financial security and I always seem to have a resistance to God being totally in charge… I need to pray this prayer. Right now I am teaching CCD on the 5th grade level. I will prayerfully give more time to the preparation for this and see where God leads.

  • Daniela D.

    I am failing, I want to be 100% available but life gets in the middle and I quit trying.

    • Carlos

      When you say that you are failing, that indicates to me that you are trying first. We all fall, many, many times in our lives. We stop trying, we get lost, but He always calls us back to glory. Continue to pray and ask God to work in you to give you the strength to make yourself more available every day. It may take baby steps, but I’d ask you to keep striving to achieve that goal of 100%. If God is with us, who can be against us!

      • Daniela D.

        Very true, God is all we need!

    • LJ

      “I” would have to fail when God is in charge. Giving up is not an option because we come from God and are going back to God. Surrender can happen. You can explore John 17 to see if that helps. The best bibles I have found are the student editions, such as St. Joseph’s edition, the one I used for my prayer this A.M. is in an adoration chapel. This chapel is at St. Mary’, Bangor, ME and the school is right there. God never gives up on his children. I am glad you are here and hope that you may find the peace your creator wants to give His child. Highly recommended is what I have done myself, get a chronology. Set a goal and get through the whole bible.

      • Daniela D.

        Thank you LJ, very wise advice. God bless!

  • Jean Walton

    Last year I really opened myself to conversations with God – and I had visions, insights and callings like never before! But what am I doing with that now? I have pulled back. Where do i start on these new missions? Where is the time? the courage?

    Please pray for me to stop making excuses and truly make myself available to God and the callings already placed on my heart.

    Thanks to all. God bless!

    • Trudy Ray Parmarter

      Sending up a prayer right now that you follow the light our gracious God has given you.

  • Suzzz

    I pray and meditate on the Serenity Prayer often. And when I really “absorbed” the meaning I found peace. Letting God take charge, making myself available to my severely alcoholic son while letting God lead the
    way has given me tremendous relief. I no longer despair and no longer feel I have to fix things. I no longer
    blame anyone but allow God to use me to bring comfort and encouragement without feeling resentful.

  • Trish

    What does it mean to be 100% available to God? We work, take care of our families, volunteer to help others, but what does 100% mean

    • OntheFritz

      To me it means to set aside the ego. To be vulnerable. Open . Humble. Listening always. “What does God want me to do today?” Being 100 percent available doesn’t mean a grand and showy plan. It could involve watching sunsets, smelling dandelions, running in the grass, humming a prayer while driving to get groceries, helping others at work, getting coffee ready after church. Divine Simplicity.

    • Margie Suarez

      It means that your heart, soul and being is for God, with God. This 100% helps you to be the best version of yourself in your work, family and in life. He will move you in and where you are in life.

  • Kurt Hertrich

    Like the Catherine I used to think God gave me a brain to do my thing, he is doing his. I was very successful in my work but made many bad choices in my personal life. Then after my wife died and left me with 2 children, I got so depressed I knew I needed serious help. The Lord in his goodness led me to a grief support group Beginning Experience. I was the lost sheep, there I turned back to the Lord. John Powell, author Fully Human, fully alive, said, “when you say YES to the Lord it is like writing him a blank check, he fills out the amount. I did and he called, to many ministries, including prison ministry. It has brought me so much joy that I want to give him 200%, but in his wisdom he tends to hold me back. I always wondered how mother Theresa and her sister have so much joy, now I know. To me now, there is no greater than to serve the Lord.

  • Elaine

    I like to think I’m 100% available to God, especially at this time in my life. My loved ones are struggling with big issues and their issues affect me. So I pray everyday for them and myself to have the strength and wisdom needed to endure. I also know I need to give more, and look beyond myself to give to others what I can. I’m not sure how my resume would stand up to God. I can only do what I can and know God understands.

  • Scott Sowers

    I believe that if you think God is with you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, then you must be available to him 100%. That being said, are you conscious of him 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year? Knowing he is there and being conscious of him are two different things. If presented with a situation where someone was in need of help, would you respond or walk away. There’s a TV show called “What would you do?” I’ve seen it a few times. The producers use actors to create a life situation to test people to see if they would intervene and help or not. I’d say 40% actually intervene. Of course these events are staged and they do reveal to the people that they are on a TV show after it plays out or gets serious. They ask the “hero” what made them get involved and the common response is that it was the right thing to do. Does God put us in life situations to test us? I don’t think so. Does God give us a bad grade if we walk away? No, I hope not. But, where we are every day is where God wants us to be and it’s up to us to decide when and where to get involved and those are the times when yo have to decide if you are available 20%? 50%? 75%? 96.4%? Make yourself 100%. God Bless!

  • Margie Suarez

    100% in Him and with him, mind, body and soul. You don’t have to go looking to do His work.. He will be there helping you to touch people, help people, inspire people. We have to be available to God in our ordinary life and He can make our every day life extraordinary by His Grace.

  • Sandi

    When I retired and moved miles away from the life and friends I had. I asked God to use my time and talents in whatever way he felt I could contribute.
    Wow he really wanted me involved in my new parish because I was asked to serve in many different ministries.
    It was a eye opener experience and after 15 years am still asking God the same transformation questions.
    How do you want to use me now?

  • Clare54

    Wow Lord! This video has struck my emotions early this morning, It makes me sad to be aware of how unavailable I have been to you for so much of my life. Dealing with everything on my own, not being aware of how important it is to be the best version of myself so that other’s can see you in me. I am grateful, so very grateful for this Lent and to have this fresh new awareness. You are waiting for me to stop resisting you so that I can give my everything to you. I love you and Trust You and Your Mother so very much.

  • Diann Poret

    I use my husband as my reason for not making myself 100 %available to God. When I think about this now, i5 see how ridiculous that is. God would never ask me to do anything that would jeopardize my marriage. I am at a crossroads in my life. I will pray the prayer of transformation beginning today. Pray for me. I need courage and trust. I always say God provides, but I realize now how little faith I have. It’s easy to give advice, but not easy to act on it.

  • Laura LaDue

    I, too struggle with this one. I like being in control of my life. However, I do have moments of clarity where I stop, take a deep breath and say Thy will be done. Letting go like that is difficult but once I do, my life is so much better. So why don’t I just do that all the time? That’s the million dollar question. I guess because I’m a broken human like everyone else.

  • christol murch

    Faith and Grace is what is truly needed to help us approach 100% availability to God.
    I truly believe that God is in me at all times, and that all things are possible with God.
    I ask each day for God’s grace to help me get rid of mind clutter so that I can hear what He wants of me.
    Then, of course, comes the sometimes difficult part-doing His will.

  • Magalis Muniz

    I admit this what I struggle with daily. I’m not 100% available to God. I wanna be but sometimes my insecurities get in the way. It’s that feeling of not being good enough stops me. Especially when I make a mistake and just tell God I’m not worth it. “Why bother with me”? But now I know now that is not the case. I’m here’ 😊Loving Father,
    I come to you today to make myself 100% available to you.
    I lay everything I have and everything I am at your feet.
    Take what you want to take,
    and give what you want to give.
    Command me in all things.
    I will do whatever you ask me to do.
    Transform me and transform my life,
    so that I may become the-best-version-of-myself
    and lead others to you with my life and my love!

  • Bethany

    I have a problem with Dynamic Catholic always going down the guilt path… as a full-time mom who volunteered for everything, it seemed that nothing was ever enough. I put everyone first and whatever I felt God wanted me to do. Unfortunately making myself available to everyone stopped me from seeing the obvious path that God set me on way back in my childhood. It’s easy to feel like you should be doing things just because Matthew does them or others are doing them… it’s better to know what you were created to do because that’s the only way God truly uses you … and not by laying a guilt trip on you!

  • Michael Dunn

    I have joined Best lent ever i’m Maureen not good with the computes & find my joining didn’t happen.How ever am able too tune in.i write message on the subject of the day & except the fact they may not go through,Most important i get too express to God my faith love & trust for i can not get through a day with out reaching out & Thanking God for another day too do better then the day before,another chance to abide in His Wishes & all the blessing through life He has carry me through.I know i lack when it comes to 100% & Pray not only for my self but for all for strength.I know for sure if my thoughts does come in print i know God hears me.God Bless All.My son Michael as we share on FB brings up his page & thats OK Need not i say more.God is Good God is Just God is Watching over us Amen

    • Linda Carmelle

      Hi Maureen! I found Dynamic Catholic in the church bulletin this year, and like you I have poor computer skills. I prefer writing letters ,doing journals etc over the computer any day. I also have to admit I don’t do ANY social media,I do not see the value in this form of communication and “virtual” friends. I have seen 1st hand the damage it can do when you are not living in the moment and in the light truthfully,this format seems to encourage boastfulness and bullying,pride,etc. etc. etc.
      However,for Lent this program seemed like a true sacrifice for me,a way to break free from my own thoughts,limitations,prejudices,and comfort zone or lack there of.
      I found with the correct spirit and community I could learn much from this experience,and value all the components of the program.
      You did a great job with figuring out the system to have your message go through=) BRAVO!

      Continue on your mission,think of yourself as a Child of God,sometimes children don’t have the attention span to focus 100% for a very long time period. He knows us better than we know ourselves,and realizes each of us has a different learning curve and path.Just be in that moment for as long as you can,God can do so much within that time! The more we practice this the more our skill will grow,and if you continue to practice daily think of what you can accomplish by this time next year with God’s Grace. Have a Blessed Day!

  • LJ

    And so…I,I,I and I do this or that too!
    Well who is God? The life of the Christian is the word who walked this earth, He was given a name and given to us.
    And so…beauty is something and the beauty of the real self is Gods gift. It sounds to me like whomever I have read does not know Him yet. When I ask any question, do I really expect an answer and I am already too full of my heart felt answers that are with or without him? How can I hear a very lowly someone speak? The author of Truth is among us.

    • SanctusSanctus

      This forum has asked for members to give their responses. To see a response begin with the word, “I…” would seem to indicate the writer is trying to respond to the question the Moderators have asked. One need not conclude that the writer “does not know Him yet”.

  • RD

    Loved the sentence, “I’m praying for the grace to let God in.” This is the idea I am going to ponder today. I know that God is in my life, yet have I let Him in to the fullest extent possible? I sense that I have not. What does this mean? I will try to think more about God today; to praise Him for all His goodness and thank Him for all the countless blessings He has given me. To seek Him, and be available to comfort Him, and ask Him to show me how to comfort others. I love You, Lord Jesus. Keep me close to You always. Amen

  • JayAW

    I ask God every day to show me what he wants me to do and I become very frustrated when nothing happens. I feel like my life is wasting away. I don’t feel the need to go out and do those volunteer things like helping elderly people or helping kids or anything like that. I don’t feel the desire to do any of those things. I treat everyone with respect, I offer to help anyone that needs help, I pray and ask for guidance, I try to teach people the things I know, and I share my life experiences with people. Maybe that’s enough and I’m not seeing that as being enough with God. Maybe that’s where I’m at fault. I don’t know.

    • Carlos

      JayAW, God is calling us to serve our unique mission. We are all on a journey and I believe what Matthew has said is true, that we just need to take the next step that God reveals to us in our lives. There are so many opportunities to serve others inside the mass, as part of our church and even outside the church. I have chosen to make myself unavailable to service in my church selfishly, but that is changing. Because betrayals and rejections in my life, God is leading me towards the fellowship of my church. He has presented this as a safe haven for me and as a way to turn away from myself, my hurt by helping others in my community and church. This is what my life needs. I think you just need to continue to talk to God and he will reveal your mission for this phase of your life. God bless!

  • Angie O’Mara

    I ask God to help me to live my life according to His Holy Will, each and every day. I love this prayer of transformation, and will incorporate it into my daily prayer life.

  • Marilyn Russell

    This is a prayer that was printed in our bulletin and I believe that God will use any person necessary to fulfill His Will. “I have a dogmatic certainity: God is in every person’s life. Even if the life of a person has been a disaster, even if it is destroyed by vices, drugs or anything else – God is in this person’s life. You can – you must – try to see God in every human life.” Anonymous writer.

  • Bethany

    Yes, keep deleting my comments…. this is why I don’t monetarily support you anymore. Ridiculous!!!

  • Cindy Pendleton

    “… Here I am, Lord. Is it I, Lord?
    I have heard you calling in the night.
    I will go, Lord, if you lead me.
    I will hold your people in my heart…” Daniel Schutte

    The hymn says it all.

    • Carl

      It certainly does. So much a favorite of ours that it is one of the songs at our wedding!

      Thanks for sharing it.

    • Linda Carmelle

      Yes! I actually heard that song in my head when I watched the video this a.m.=)
      I wasn’t sure how my day would unfold , so I also opened up the New Testament to a random page to let God speak to me.It landed in 2 Corinthians.He had alot to say to continue sharing with me through Paul’s letter on this topic today!If I allow myself to accept his friendship and understand He is a God of Yes I can become a new being and the old being is gone.That is a very powerful message indeed! I’m glad He helped me receive an even clearer message today and just want to say Thank You to God for helping me understand your intentions by directing me in my thoughts,actions, and prayer life today.

  • Rosie

    I know God continually calls us to Him. I know I try but am I always available to answer by opening my heart? I have to say “no”. This is where the beat me up part comes and sorrow enters in. Although God knows we will fail at times, to keep on trying is where we have to be.

    • Carl

      I think I learned this from one of the readings in “Jesus Calling.” I can relate with the beating up of self until a passage that pointed out how we, as you already stated, are not perfect and will fail – and God knows this. It went on to state that God may send us difficulties to remind us how much we need Him and that He is always there for us and rejoices when we remember that and return to Him.

      A priest at confession recently conveyed: “So, you believe that God has forgiven you. Good. Now all that is left is for you to forgive yourself.” Judgment is reserved for Him – and that includes our self-judgment.

      • Rosie

        Thanks for the reminder Carl. Things do have a tendency to be carried on and questioned. TRUST is the key word.

  • Kim Bordelon

    I am very much afraid of giving my heart ,body and mind up to God. What will that mean how will he protect me from my fears? Resistance has such a hold on me. I pray I will have the strength…

    • Lynn Nguyen

      Kim, don’t let uncertainty stop you from submitting all of you to God. When I lost my job, which was a blessing in disguise, I was worried after 3.5 months of job search. I actually turned down a job offer which was more money than I previously made because it didn’t feel right. I knew in my heart I was going to be miserable again if I took it. I literally had to trust God with my job search and with my finances. His timing was perfect. Maybe that’s His way of giving me a break. And during that time, I got to spend a lot of time with Him that I wouldn’t have been able to otherwise. Prayers!

    • Carlos

      Kim, I understand your fears. I think we all have to deal with the repercussions of our decisions. I have lost and gained friends and family because of my faith. I have struggled to understand why so many people are threatened by Jesus and the Gospel. I think it really stems from the fact that most people are selfish and just want to please themselves. They really believe that they are in control and that happiness can be found in possessions, money, power and pleasure. None of us believers wants to feel ostracized by those around us, especially by the people we consider important in our life. I think this is what Jesus meant when he said that we would experience suffering and division. I cling to the fact that God is working for the good of those who love him and that our lives and the lives of those around us are made better when we strive to live lives of holiness.

  • Leah Levitt

    I am not sure how available I am to God, but I know I would like to be more available. I am going to pray this prayer and see where it takes me.

  • Sue

    I used to tell my Mom– when i was young & my dad was a Baptist minister, “If I could be a Nun, & always be in the church environment, I would be a much better Christian. Because as soon as I walked out of church & had to face the “real” world, I fell right back into the mode I wanted to be part of the “In” crowd. Of course I really never “fitted” in, because I could not believe the things I had to do to become part of the “In” crowd. But now, years later, so many years, It has taken me so long to realize how unimportant that was. What is holding me back now– is the guilt of not bringing up my girls in the environment of Christianity. Thank Heaven they were both Baptized & so was my husband, but there was so little follow through. My husband was baptized because if he wasn’t, we could not date. My girls were baptized because at that time in my life I was very involved in the Baptist church. But I was not content. I felt there had to be more. I did not find it until I found Holy Family Catholic Church. But now the more I want to dedicate my life to Jesus Christ, the more resistance I am getting from family. Am I strong enough to sacrifice losing that relationship with my family? The answer right now is “No”. I am only praying they will see the change in me .

    • kimisu

      The discussion from earlier in the week about going out and proclaiming our faith was an epiphany for me. I have been holding back for so long with my family, waiting for God to put the right words in my mouth so my resistant/questioning/nonbelieving family members wouldn’t push back on my faith and beliefs and God-given peace. But, truly, we’re short-changing Jesus if we don’t just speak what’s in out hearts. We just have to trust that what we’re saying is driven by God’s will and hope we plant the seeds and help our family members be led to know God for themselves. So I will be silent no more. I will try to lead by example through my faith, and I won’t remain quiet about who I am and what I believe.

  • Michele M C

    To me being 100% available to God doesn’t mean spending 100% of our time doing typical “Godly things” like Mass, prayer, scripture reading, etc. Being available is being aware of God’s presence and being ready when we are called. It’s being mindful of knowing we are children of God and ready when God “rings us up” with a request. I have a home to manage and practical things to do, but I can do laundry, financial management, cooking, cleaning, etc. as a service to my family – with joy. (I CAN do this, but don’t do this nearly enough!) Available (to me) means ready to act – being kind in the moment when you interact with others, stopping to pick up a piece of trash, not rushing about and ignoring those around you, all of those little things that identify us as God’s own children.

    • TerriB

      Great words to think on!

  • Prolifedem6M

    I have long prayed that God make me his instrument for whatever he wants to accomplish with me, He has answered this prayer in various ways through my life though sometimes I have resisted because I did not see his hand in what was going on in my life.
    For the past 20 years, I have been doing what I can to bring about the end of abortion. I am the president of our state chapter of Democrats for Life, have been active in our local Right to Life group and use the Internet primarily to pass on the pro-life messages. It’s my sense that this is what God is calling me to do right now, but if he has another mission for me, I am open to that..

  • jerseyangel

    Love all the inspiring stories of making oneself available. For awhile now, I have been thinking I need to some how get involved more in some type of ministry or volunteer for something on regular basis. I did teach CCD for a long time and do little things once in awhile, like help with meals for a women’s shelter. But it just occurred to me as I was watching Matthews’s video today that look at where you are now to serve. I teach high school and try to bring my best, positive self. I am in a program where I teach one-on-one with each student. I try to pray a quick prayer before each meeting with a student and make myself completely present. God has been reminding me not to do anything else, but just listen. Some of these stories the students share with me are hard stories, or they can just be drama. I try to remember to pray, and God has been coaching me more, to let it not be my words, but God’s words as a reply or comment to these beautiful young people. Even though my 4 children are grown, I feel God is calling me to be eve present in these four young people’s lives. They all seem to be in various stages of their relationship with God. I pray everyday that Jesus calls them to himself and show himself in their lives. But I also pray what can I do to help them realize that God is the most important thing in their lives. I do say I am 100% available, but then I feel like I’m holding back somehow. Thank you all for your beautiful stories. Hope we can somehow continue this journey together . I am going to check Doug’s site out. Maybe that can be a vehicle to keep us together.

  • Mary Brennan

    I would like to become the best version of myself what a challenge I think I have made it and than I get mud in my face, I try a new every day, this is the first pray I say in the morning, The Fiat of the Eternal Father. My beloved Father thy will be done on Earth as it is in heaven be thou my Father be always my Eternal Father, do not leave my soul, do not leave me out of your sight, my Father, for I am your child whom you have created to please you, to adore you , to honor you, living my days as you have given me the license to live it, and with the prayer that Matt gave us I hesitated even though I want to belong to God totally and completely, I have written down the prayer and I hope to say it for the next 9 days! God bless us all and give us the gift of perseverance! 😊🤗

  • Maria

    I am very easily distracted. I’ve learned how to sit still in class and in church for long periods of time b/c my mind is so prone to wander. I used to think I was a good listener maybe I was, but I always struggle to focus on God when I don’t feel up to it or when I’d rather be thinking about something else. One thing I’m trying now is to mentally prepare myself to focus on God a short time before Mass, adoration, etc. That is, instead of just going and sitting there while everything goes on around me, I try to remember why I’m going before I get there. Perhaps giving a little more time and effort to prepare for Mass, adoration, etc, will help motivate me to get more out of those things.

  • MaryAnne Casaul

    Availability. This is a scary question for me. I want to be available, yet it is hard to completely let go of everything and let God take over. I get caught up in my life and the everyday routine that I don’t want to change anything. Yet at the same time I want to grow and in order to do that I need to trust Him and allow Him to take charge. I’m not quite there, however, I pray I will move closer to letting go completely. Baby steps for me.

    • Carlos

      MaryAnne, I think we all experience this in our journey. Some overcome it early, but some, like myself, wander a bit until God brings us to our knees. Catherine’s discussion about how we are so much more available in the storms of life has been true in my life. It is then that we realize how small we are and that God is the one in control and who knows the plan. Deep down, I know that if I can overcome my delusion of control when things are going well (or my way), that I can make myself 100% available to His mission for me. Making myself 100% available begins with denying myself, pushing past what is comfortable and selfish.

      • MaryAnne Casaul

        Thank you Carlos. I have been through some tough times with a family member and God got us through it all. I feel stronger because of going through it and now I am finally in a peaceful place. I guess I am fearful if I open myself up to God to totally surrender all I may lose this peace I have and right at this time I am enjoying it so much. I know God gives and takes and I don’t really own anything. I do trust God and am thankful for all He has brought me to so far in this journey. Prayerfully I will eventually let go to let God and maybe do it afraid.

  • C. Valenti

    I know what it is like to give over 100% to God. When I did that in my career, it took me to new heights helping people statewide see the value of a Catholic higher education.
    Now that I am retired, I need to pray this prayer to see where God would like to take me. I have so much to give, but I need His direction and help again. Thank you for this prayer today. I think it is heaven-sent for me.

  • Anne Mason

    Catherine’s video sounded too much like my own issues with being 100% available to God. I’m a control freak. It’s something I’ve struggled with for a very long time. One would think that after so many years of trying to control my own life and seeing how things quickly go from good to bad, I would more easily turn over 100% of my time to God knowing that only He can lead me where I need to be and when. Going to pray this novena prayer for the next nine days.

  • Paul

    A quick response to the question is “very available”, but when I start to think deeply about it I know I am holding back more than I should. The fear is where will my family fit in if I give myself over to God completely? I know deep down that God would not want my availability to Him to crowd out my family. But without vision to see God’s plan, I must have faith that He will provide what is best for all of us. I pray today that I be given the strength and grace needed to give of myself completely!

  • Barbara Niesel

    I fell into a fabulous nursing career literally by accident (an auto accident). But I was very young (only 18) and scared. I went back to see my high school English teacher who was a mentor for me to seek her advice. She did NOT tell me what to do but she pointed me in the right direction. She told me to pray every day to God; to recognize my strengths; and make a plan. Her advice helped me carve a path for my education and my nursing career. I went to a Jesuit University which really helped my goals. It has been an incredible journey. There were many miracles and very spiritual experiences i;n which I knew they were not just from my interventions but from God Himself. They were so much above the human experience. Giving oneself 100% to God made such a difference in my entire life. Now, I was not perfect at this. There were many times I fell off track but when I got back on track and put everything I had into the action, knowing the Lord was right there beside me, I was amazed at the results. I was (and still am) humbled and so appreciative of the many blessings the Lord provided for me.

  • Judy

    I want to believe I’m fully available to God at this time in my life, yet, I am human, after all. Each day I give at least two hours to God in various forms; writing Scripture, journaling, listening, meditation books, Bible study, etc. I have a nonstop conversation with God all day. It’s part of my DNA-God created me this way. Thank you God!

    I believe there is always room for more availability to God. Yet something gave me a hesitant pause while listening to Matthew speak in the video. What is that nudge in my heart? Obviously something I need to discern. Come Holy Spirit, help me to be still for listening to your soft whispers.

  • Susan Henderson

    I have been afraid to make myself 100% available to God because I am afraid he will ask me to do something that will be very stressful. I have had pretty severe social anxiety in the past and I have pushed myself out of my comfort zone but sometimes the stress is quite high doing this. I have to be careful with stress affecting my health. This spring semester I have pushed myself to start/facilitate a book study on the Resisting Happiness book. I had excuses, the main one being, “no one will show up…” The other one was “what if I get a job and can’t finish what I started?” Bulletin announcements were ineffective in promotion. The members of my Regnum Christi team personally invited people and this worked better. We have 14 people who are coming but some of them are very sporadic. However, I just felt like God was pushing me in this direction to step out in faith and see what happens. To take the next right step. Some weeks we only have 4 or 5 people coming but as one member pointed out to me, the discussion is always fruitful. It can get pretty animated in the weeks we have 8 or 9 people attending. One member has said it has facilitated a lot of discussions outside our group with other people who are reading the book. We may end up being part of the Mass revolution when we all show up to Mass with our Mass journals!

    • SanctusSanctus

      Jesus Alert: Oh my how I see your “light shines”! Awesome!

  • SanctusSanctus

    I am interpreting the “availability” as my constant desire “to just show up” and leave the rest to Our Lord. Seeking to be in His Presence always would make me “available”. I have the desire to respond… hoping I get the Message clearly.

  • jim

    what a great way of putting it! Available. I am going to try to remember that I want to be available. What happens, is God sends me a mission, and I just think it is a big problem I don’t want. I forget who is in charge, who sends the mission, and his missions are not always pretty and easy. Sometimes they look like train wrecks, but if I could just remember at that moment……. here is my mission!….. maybe that would me have the right attitude.

    • Carlos

      I think you are right Jim. We are so used to be comfortable that when God presents us with our mission, we turn away from it because it may set our convenient life on its head. It’s like the young rich king…we think we have so much that we can’t lose, when the fact is that it all belongs to God regardless of what we think. God is and always has been available 24/7. I also need to remember that the problems of my life may be teaching me something important about the mission God is calling me towards.

  • Zoe

    Hmmm….Wow. God has been working such a TRANSFORMATION in my life ~ just LITERALLY from the beginning of this year! At the beginning of this year, my 75 year old Husband and I were LEAVING OUR HOME. We had lived in the SAME APARTMENT for 17 years and, effective January 1, our RENT was about to JUMP from $1000/month to $1,090/month! This was HORRIFYING, because we lived on a FIXED AMOUNT of only $1,118/month. We weren’t really living. HOW can ANYONE LIVE on only $118/month? That was all we had LEFT, after THE RENT was paid.

    MIRACULOUSLY, we were able to LEAVE that apartment on DECEMBER 31st! We MOVED INTO our NEW HOME. It’s LOVELY! It’s so WARM in this little place! It’s 2 bedroom (which means my Husband can have HIS STUDY again). It’s IN THE SKY. We’re on the 2nd floor. We have a wonderful BALCONY, outside our front door. It’s only $250/month. No, we don’t have a DISHWASHER anymore. Now, since I’ve been doing dishes THE OLD FASHIONED WAY, my NAILS have been GROWING! BELIEVE the PALMOLIVE commercials! LOL! My nails are SO PRETTY now!

    We no longer have a WASHER & DRYER in our home. That’s O.K. For about $20/month, I take our Laundry to a communal Laundry hut, in our apartment complex. If my Husband comes with me, we bring our SCRABBLE GAME! We now SPEND MORE TIME together ~ as a COUPLE ~ PLAYING SCRABBLE in the Laundry Room! Sometimes, if he doesn’t come with me, I bring my PORTABLE DVD PLAYER with me, and watch BUFFY, THE VAMPIRE SLAYER episodes (I LOVE that show! I’ve got ALL the episodes on DVD!), while polishing my nails, in the Laundry Room!

    ALSO….My Husband and I have lived in poverty for years but NOW, I am ATTENDING COLLEGE on a GRANT! I am attending ROGUE COMMUNITY COLLEGE on a SOHOPE Grant! SOHOPE ~ Southern Oregon Health Occupations=Poverty Elimination! My region has been economically depressed for about 30 years. I am studying in a special PROGRAM. In less than a year, I will be fully trained and CREDENTIALED as a MEDICAL ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT! My Husband is 75. I’m hoping whatever time we have left together, will be better. We love each other, but the years have not been good to us, until now.

    Honestly? I’m not sure how AVAILABLE I am to God….All I know is what I BELIEVE. I BELIEVE we are LIVING in HIS WILL at this time. I BELIEVE that the DESIRE on my heart, might be HIS desire for our lives. I BELIEVE that HE might want me working for a CATHOLIC PEDIATRIC CLINIC soon (The PROVIDENCE HEALTH SYSTEM is GROWING, in my region). I PRAY that THAT is what GOD WANTS ME to do soon!

  • Dolores Sofranko

    I tell God I’m available and I mean it at the time. Now I realized I put many conditions on my availability. I say. “Well, I’m available but I’ve got some conditions I need you to know. For one thing, what you want me to do better be simple and I tire easily and I have so many other things I’m doing right now that if I take this on…well, I’ll need more time than most people take. They say that if you need something done, ask a busy person. but I think God wants me to be available for too many things. How do I put the skids on what God wants from me. I want to be totally open to whatever God wants of me but some time I think he’s talking to the person standing behind me.

  • Carlos

    When I think about availability, the first thing I think of is empty space or time in our lives. The world see us as a resource, something to be used, but God sees us as so much more. He wants so much more than simply our time, talent and treasures. He wants our bodies, hearts, minds and souls. Through reflection like this Best Lent Ever series, I am seeing availability from a totally different perspective. This availability extends to all the areas of my life, home, work, church, community, etc. For me, to be 100% available to God involves giving of myself freely so that I let His light shine through me in the lives of others through love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. May we all strive to be 100% available to God and to those around us.

  • Glen Arcalas

    I have been doing my best this Lenten season to follow and put more meaning in things with Jesus. There are times when I do forget to bring him with me especially in fights. I let my mind figure the battle it may not be physical but it’s a habit I’m building up to and feel it’s little more ham 50%. I tent to loose it more when I’m in an particular situation and run in my mind the many times the argument. Then get stuck when I don’t bring Jesus to be with me. More so I do what I can to learn and keep from staying in a fight in my mind.

  • Nancy D.

    I am in the middle of trying to transform myself. I will say this prayer for nine days and be sincere about it. It is a bit intimidating to think that I will completely let go of my control and give it to God. Yikes, I’m scared! But like Catherine, I need to let this happen because it is so worth it. Here goes…!

  • I tend to think to myself that I’m available (anytime, anywhere, God!), but in fact, I’m not. I know the difference between the times when I really am available and when I’m just saying I am. I need this prayer, this week!

  • Asil Cassur

    God has been speaking with me for a long time but I didn’t know it or realize it. I would say things, or notice things but didn’t know why. Over the years I fought going back to church particularly mass. I wasn’t present so why should I go but I loved being in a church. So, I would go in the am with the “Hail Mary Crew” This was my name for a group of elder folks who did the rosary every morning. I loved the low humming of their words as they prayed together and I felt peaceful. I wanted this feeling at mass. I wanted to feel peace and absorb the words and get something out of them. Instead I was distracted by someone talking or what someone was wearing or something else. I wasn’t present. I was being self centered and judgmental. I was not being a good Catholic. This is not what God wants me to be. He wants me to honest. As I came across Matthew Kelly’s books they helped me start to realize this along with other things I read. I started to pray more and allow God in and attend mass. What I began to realize as I noted at the start is that he was speaking to me all along and answering me, but this time I was listening. It is not always easy but I try everyday. Ten minutes in the am to pray keeps me almost on course everyday. Some days are better than others. I found the more I practice allowing God in my life I am feeling more confident and not afraid to face whatever challenge comes my way. I ask, ok God what is it you want me to do in this situation, stand up for someone, help someone in need, be firm but be constructive. Please guide me and help me to continue to be aware of your presence.

  • J Schodron

    I have been working on being more available to God for the last three months or so. I went to confession and the priest asked if I could give 15 minutes each day to God. He continued stating that was only1% of my day. Since then I have not only been working on that but also working on praying to him in thanks for all that is good as well. Not that I am at 100% but I am getting closer every day.

  • Amy Reinhardt

    I’m on a confusing and frustrating journey right now. I’m a new grad who is actively (desperately) seeking employment while living in my parents’ basement. This journey is taking an adverse toll on my self-esteem and interactions with family and friends. It’s been hard to make myself available to God when I feel so alone and talentless. I’ve been praying for guidance, but maybe I need to start praying for availability in my heart.

  • Ruth

    When I think about being available to God I think about the many opportunities that come in a day to interact with the divine, to feel the presence of God, and to share that, in some way, with the world around me. Of course, even though I believe that those opportunities are endless it takes practice to be able to recognize them all and to truly appreciate them. For me, practicing includes prayer, reading scripture, and journaling. Those acts (especially when done at the start of my day) keep me mindful of my goal to be a better version of myself and to see all the times and help that God offers me throughout my day to achieve that goal.

  • Arthur Brown

    Making yourself a 100% to God is waking up in the morning and saying thank you. Pray a small prayer to do His will when, where, why and what is up to Him. By doing this everyday and at the closing of the day I keep in touch with God and He then instructs me to do His will as sees it. God bless each and everyone of you on your daily spiritual journey with God, Christ and the Holy Spirit.

    • Jeff K

      Starting every prayer by thanking God and giving him glory is always a great idea!

  • IrinaPC

    I have a son in the Autism spectrum and need to be completely available to him. Unfortunately, less available to my husband and to myself as i work full time too as a teacher in a catholic school. I have been for a while now considering working part time or even changing careers or activity. Even thinking about having a personal business to replace my salary.
    Interesting enough, a few months ago, I got in contact in a very unusual way with a nice lady who introduced me to her business and have been in association with wonderful people – non catholic though – They are all independent distributors and are building an MLM using very solid self improvement methods, besides the typical commercial and business techniques to build their businesses. I feel much attracted by that system and how everyone edify each other and genuinely help each other. However, what i am worried about is that it will take extra time (at least until it picks up) out of my busy schedule with our son and somewhat out of my family. That is what precisely is holding me back from going forward and follow the steps necessary to start successfully this type of business. Is that the answer that God sent to me?
    Thank you so much in advance for your feedback.

    • Jennifer

      I am not sure, but I would suggest that you pray about this, and God will help you with clarity in your decision.

  • CSL

    Being available to God doesn’t always mean that we are doing something on His behalf. That is what I used to believe. I am learning to be more open to Him by knowing what availability to God means. It is a challenge for me to transition to this type of relationship.
    Jesus washed His disciples’ feet and said that they could not be a part of Him until He did this. Being available to God is letting Him treat me the way He wants me to treat others – allowing Him to teach me, minster to me and be my role model.. We learn to serve from His service to us. I used to shut Him out, believing He was an insensitive and demanding authority. I would be involved in things that I was ill prepared for.
    Being available to God is letting Him love me first (not me trying to perform for Him or to appease Him to win His love). Being available to God allows me to discern His spirit which moves me in acts of everyday love.
    Being available to God is about,being in an authentic heartfelt relationship with Him and that means I can tell Him “no” – Jesus said that the follower who told Him “no” initially and then softened and changed to a “yes” was considered righteous. Being available to God teaches me to have Godly boundaries and to go willingly, not compulsively.

  • Susan Budak Runne

    Loved this video Matthew! Availability is my focus today.

  • Kevin Clark

    I’m at about 80% almost there. I want to be at 100%. The unknown in my son’s future is holding me back. I want to truly trust more but it is a little scary. My son is 7 and hehas some learning disabilities. He struggles to keep up with the school work in class. We are in the process of getting him tested to see if has dyslexia. I pray daily to be the best father to him i can be. I said the prayer of transformation this morning.
    I asked God’s will be done my life and my sonso I can be a true witness how much he loves us.

  • Angela Williams

    I don’t try to control everything in my life – I learned very early on….”that ain’t happening”; but – I completely relate to the Dynamic Team member Catherine Troll – reality just comes with anxieties, procrastination, distractions, the need to sleep, the requirements and demands of a family, career, academic studies….it can really take some effort to ensure I am 50%, 75%, 100% available to God at any given time – not just seasonal like for Lent or Advent – but all the time.

  • Matt

    Does anyone still have a copy of the Sunday, March 5th email message which summarizes Days 1, 2, 3 & 4?

    If so, can you please copy and paste the summaries so I can have them?

    Day 1:
    Day 2:
    Day 3:
    Day 4:

    Thank you.


    • kimisu

      I couldn’t copy so I wrote them out:

      Day 1: Resistance stands between you and happiness.
      Day 2: Find out what really makes you happy.
      Day 3: It is only by placing God at the center of everything that we can make sense of life.
      Day 4: When we resist God we resist happiness.

      • Matt

        Thank you so much!

        • kimisu

          I was glad to help. Especially since I never delete emails from Dynamic Catholic. =)

          • Matt

            Ha! I didn’t sign up until day 6, so I missed Days 1 thru 4. But I have all the rest!

          • kimisu

            I still have those…send me your email address if you’d like me to forward them to you. Write it out, though, as “at gmail dot com” or whatever instead because Dynamic Catholic kicks the websites and addresses out, I think.

    • Linda Carmelle

      Hi! I have it,but mu computer skills are very poor,and being able to cut and paste is not a skill I have …. I will try to have my husband show me at the end of the week. We both work opposite hours and 2 jobs so it takes awhile to coordinate. But if you are patient I will work on it.

    • Linda Carmelle

      Click on my photo to visit my recommends section,you will get access to the dates you need there.If you hit on daily reflections it should take you to everything ,even from the beginning.Hope you can access the summary/recap too.=)

  • Lisa

    I read this, thought it was worth sharing:
    God is good.
    He who is good, grants.

  • Diana Patulak Ross

    This was a good reminder to me as I just started a new job and do not want to “forget” God each day while I am busy trying to learn.

  • Gene Honigford

    I pray that prayer daily. 100% available!

  • WisdomSeeker

    A wise quote shared by a friend who learned it from a friend who was incapacitated by a serious injury and had to spend more than a year on bedrest: “God made us HumanBEINGS, NOT HumanDOINGS.”

    Something that I have learned over the past 3 years (not easily, I might add) is that “being available” to God does not necessarily denote a clearly visible action (to those who surround you).

    After 33 years of living and growing in the same little Arkansas community, my husband was given the opportunity to continue his career in a different State. It has been a wonderful option to which we have both agreed with the intent of returning to our home State (children, grandchildren and friends) after retirement.

    An extrovert throughout my life and very involved in raising our family and becoming an active part of our community, I found myself unsure of how my time would be spent in our new home.

    Never having the intention (nor the talent) of being a full-time homemaker, I anticipated that I would one day return to the work force to pursue employment in an area of my particular interest. Due to the special needs of our youngest child, I never saw this vision come to fruition. Unprepared for being home full-time I, nonetheless, found strength in knowing that I was doing what was most important for our child. God was my constant companion and guided me through those challenging and uncertain years.

    Our youngest daughter had progressed through those difficult years but I found returning to the workforce less and less likely as we became grandparents and my role expanded into being a Grandmother. So when we left to begin our new adventure, I had no concrete idea about how I would spend all my free time in this new “Season” of our lives.

    Surprisingly, I found that God did not lead me to a vivacious and active new beginning. Three years ago I began searching for where God would lead me and my journey continues with a quiet day-to-day existence. God has been teaching me: how to spend the passage of time without ongoing activity to surround me, getting to know myself after so many years of loving and seeing to the care of others, learning how to “be quiet” (I’m a “talker” and find interaction with others interesting, informative and energizing).

    From a very young age, I have always believed that my “purpose” for God was to teach others about His love through thoughtful action, friendship and service. Always active in some form of service, whether to my children, church, community or friends, I had spent very little time developing “hobbies” or focused self-service. So, finding myself alone without established friendships or community involvement found me a bit lost and searching for direction.

    It was often difficult and disheartening as I struggled to find a firm sense of what God’s intentions were for me. It has taken much prayer, reading the wise words of other Christians, and even times of just “being” to lead me to a place where I have finally found peace and comfort. With the realization that, contrary to what others might see from the outside, we are DOING just by BEING in the silence with God.

    I have often joked, when talking with friends who know me well and with whom I am still in touch, that I have never been so QUIET in my whole life! I would never have believed that I could learn to live a life filled with so much alone time. But when we trust, we will find that WITH GOD, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.

    My basic personality is unchanged and, I believe, is being made fuller and better by this special time of “being apart”. God is never finished with us; with His Peace and Guidance I am becoming a better version of my old self as I have now learned, and continue to reap the blessings of, how to spend time in the quiet and solitude with my heavenly Father.

    We will one day return to our Arkansas Home and Community and, by God’s grace, be better equipped to serve family, friends and community once again. So, my personal experience has taught me that “being available” might even be experienced in a prolonged solitude of seeming inaction as God transforms us into a better version of ourselves. Praise be to God!

  • Niove Candida Rosario

    I am working towards being 100% available and stupid as it will sound “what holds me back is that I am afraid of what he will ask of me”. Will I be able to do as he asks? Regardless of my fears I do see it happening in my life, I will get to be 100 % available soon.

  • Barbara

    I have found that when I step back and let God take the lead that life is much smoother. My instant Serenity Prayer is ‘Let go and let God.” Even in a crisis, I find when I surrender to God, with His hep, I find a sense of peace.

  • Debbie

    This is one I’m struggling with on two fronts. First, what does being 100% available to God mean? What does it look like? If I were observing someone 100% available what would I see, hear, observe happening?
    Secondly, how do you know if God is asking you to do something?

    • Alcide Bouchard

      When I started reading the Bible daily and asking God questions about my life and how He wants me to live (about 11 years ago), certain words and verses started to ‘jump’ off the page. My senses were heightened in an effort to receive God’s advice & loving direction. I waited and prayed about important decisions for a while, getting confirmation from a few sources; and never following a direction that is contrary to the scriptures or what the Catholic Church teaches (as a whole). Then I made decisions based on what He was showing me. Be careful about following any one priest, bishop, or deacon’s advice. They are human, and do make mistakes.

      A disciple of Jesus is faithful to Him and accepts hardship when necessary in order to serve Him. We learn to be faithful and flexible; not holding on to our own expectations, so that God can use us for His purposes.

      I think that being 100% available means that many things we do are adjusted, little by little, to help build God’s kingdom. His kingdom is one of Peace, Hope, Love, and Faith, so anything that is threatening to take away my faith is discarded if possible. I make efforts to pray for those who hurt me, so that by God’s power, I am able to love and forgive them and remain peaceful. When something is threatening my ability to hope, I cry out to God for His intervention, and so because He is faithful and merciful, He comes to my aid.

      By God’s grace, He maintains our souls; helps us to humble ourselves so that we can receive His many blessings. Confessing our sins to priests is a humble effort we make in order to repair any damage done to our relationship with God, and then God does His part; heals our wounds and empowers us.
      He allows us (encourages us) to participate in building His kingdom as we learn to do things His way; as we learn to love Him and our neighbor as we should.

      We discover, develop, and share the gifts that He has given us, guided by the Holy Spirit and strengthened by the grace we receive through the sacraments.

  • Tony Pantera

    I will say the prayer for nine days. I will make sure my intent matches the message.

  • Emma Spaulding

    I would definitely say that sometimes I put God on the back burner in my life because I have so much to do and do not have time to pray or talk with God. But that is the opposite of what I should do. I have come closer to God in the last year or so, so I would say I am about 60% available to God at this time in my life. Some things I know I should not do, but that temptation is too strong and I do it anyway. In those instance I should turn to God, ask for forgiveness, and pray the prayer of transformation. I know at times I just need God to help lead me in the right direction in life, but first I have to invite Him in my life at the time and not be distracted by other things. I try to be more available to God, and a place I started doing that was making sure I did this Journey entry every day and read “Resisting Happiness”. I will miss this once Lent is over, but I hope I will continue to find time for God and find another spiritual book to read.

  • Patricia Beavin

    Is total surrender possible when you have family to care for? Perhaps this is what God wants me to be doing?

    • Dennis Whittington

      Perhaps caring for you family is what God is calling you to do at this moment. We often confuse family, job and other responsibilities as being the priority or perhaps preventing us from becoming better Christians. We box God into Sundays and other convenient times that fit better in our lives as we try to bring order to them. Also, keep in mind, that what is your will or your understanding may not be what is God’s. Family is of crucial importance to God. Order all things in your life towards Him and He will guide you including your family.

      Sometimes, Gospel readings like the parable of the sheep and goats leaves us with some perplexing questions like how can I do this and live my life like it is? Jesus isn’t asking us to give our lives up totally but rather to treat others with kindness and love with every opportunity presented to us. That can be a family project for you. At my parish, we will on occasion have priests from various missions around the world visit and ask for sponsorships for the children in their care. The cost usually isn’t a lot. If you can afford it then sponsor a child for each of your children and have them correspond with them. There are probably parish sponsored dinners for the poor and homeless at your parish that you could participate in as a family. There are fun things as well. Easter is coming up and most likely your parish will have an Easter Egg hunt. Pet blessings on St. Francis’ Feast Day is another.

      You do need to surrender but your family is part of that surrendering. God has called many women after their families were raised. Perhaps you will get a different calling after that is done. In the meantime, teach your family the ways of our Faith. Let go and let God as they say. I will pray for your discernment. God Bless.

  • Eliud Greco

    I available to God 90o/o . I want to give myself 100 o/o . Pray for me that one day I have courage to give myself 100 o/o . I was born in a catholic family, but I never experienced God love until I got married in 2004. Jesus transformed my life, and I want to do good for people, but sometimes I feel that I am not ready, I am trying . Pray for me please. Thanks.

    • Anthony Bee

      I am praying to the Father for you. Peace always, Tony

  • Suzanne Schwichtenberg

    I look forward to these short visits everyday! ThankYou for sharing your heart and being “available”… God Bless!

  • Nicole M.

    I do know that Best Lent Ever is bringing me closer to God, but I am still striving to make myself more available. Just like Catherine, I too prayed constantly for a job out of college. Now that I have it, that shouldn’t mean that other things in my life should take preference over what’s most important. If that’s the case and I’m too busy maybe I need to take a step back and look to see what’s truly important. I pray that I’m available and ready to let go of all distractions so I can lay it all out there for God.

  • Sarena

    Thank You for your kindness. I’ll keep you in my prayers as well.