April 12: World-Changing Days

Day 37

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Sometimes when you read the Bible you can think, “Oh, I’ve read this before.” That’s why we need new ways to focus ourselves.

Sometimes I’ll read a Gospel—maybe Matthew’s Gospel—with just one thing in mind. And maybe the thing will be patience. I’ll just read Matthew’s Gospel, and I’ll just explore the theme of patience: Who was patient? Who wasn’t patient? Where do I see patience playing out? Where do I see impatience playing out? How does it affect people’s lives? How does it affect situations? How does it affect history?

Matthew’s Gospel opens up with the genealogy, and what do we see first? We see that the Jewish people have been waiting patiently. The world has been waiting patiently for the Messiah. And then, here is Jesus.

Other times I’ll use another theme. I’ll maybe read the Gospel of John and think about gratitude. Who’s grateful? Who’s ungrateful?

I think as we go into the Triduum, as we go into these world-changing days, it’s good to approach it with something in mind. And maybe one way to think about that is, “OK, who are you going to be in the next four days?”

Maybe place yourself in the scene and say, “OK, in the next four days I’m gonna be one of the disciples.” And so over these four days, the disciples experience just incredible shifts, and swings, and emotion, and incredible experiences. And so by placing ourselves there, I think we experience it differently than just reading it on the page.

To top off our experience of our best Lent ever, we have these four days to experience the life-changing events that happened two thousand years ago in a way that we’ve never experienced them before. I think that’s an incredible opportunity. That’s an opportunity, I think, we waste some years. I think that’s an opportunity we let slip through our fingers other years. But I think you have a mindfulness this year. You’re in a place this year to experience the Triduum like you’ve never experienced it before.

“Through the brokenness of the world, the imperfection of other people and situations, and even our own limited humanity, God wishes to speak to us.”

Matthew Kelly, Resisting Happiness

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God wants to speak to you throughout the Triduum (Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Holy Saturday). Are you ready to listen?


Reflect on Matthew’s invitation to pick a word to define your Triduum experience. Choosing a word will bring focus and intentionality to the next three days.

During the Triduum, Matthew’s videos will be shorter so you can spend time reading the Gospel for each day. Use the word you chose to explore each Gospel reading.


Jesus, open my ears and my heart to you as I reflect on your passion, death, and resurrection.

Today’s personal reflection features Dynamic Catholic team member Katie Ferrara. Katie is our Catholic Moments coordinator, coming to us from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Katie is a licensed Zumba instructor, has not found a food she does not like, and would love to be a professional hugger.

What word will define your Triduum experience?

Let us know in the comments!

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  • Usi

    I first thought, I should take Peter as a person to follow through the coming days, cause I can feel so well with him how he struggles.

    But I looked through the words again, that I had to look up in the dictionary during those reflections and I decided to focus on one of my “new” words: encounter.

    I am curious to live through the coming days with the readings I have already heard so many times in my life concentrating on this word.

    My life has already changed and is still changing through what I read and did throughout this lent, and I am very gratefull that I have been able to transform my faith as a child to finally a faith of a 41-year old women. Resistance used to be very strong in my life, but now I am stronger. I missed two days the last weeks starting my day with a prayer and those were the worst! And concidering a whole long day, how little are those day-changing 30 minutes in the morning?

    Thanks a lot for any input I got from whoever on this page! You changed my life and the life of a lot of people I encounter!

    • Kj

      Great words, and blessings on your journey in encountering Christ this week!

    • Mary Jo Wilder

      Encounter is an interesting word. I recently did a commentary on the Gospel reading about Zacchaeus’s “encounter” with Christ. I used the word Encounter as the grace from that reading. I looked it up in the dictionary and was astonished that the first definition was, “To come upon an enemy unexpectedly!!” I thought that is not where I had planned to go, but upon pondering I realized that is exactly what happened to Zacchaeus! He “encountered” his own sin and repented!! This opened my eyes to a whole new meaning of how Christ “encounters” us!!

    • Johnny

      “Peter followed at a distance.”

      In Matthew’s gospel recounting the Passion, it isn’t Peter’s best moments. He cuts off ears, denies Christ, and “follows at a distance”. In my mind I was critical of Peter. How could he do that? Wasn’t he there for all of these miracles? Transfiguration? Lazarus? Dude!

      “Peter followed at a distance.” Went right through me this past Sunday. I am Peter.

      • Christine Haymes

        I have always found hope in the fact that Peter could repent and stay close to Jesus after all of his mistakes. I pray that I too can be a disciple who repents after all of my mistakes and weakness and follow Christ throughout my life.

        • Johnny

          That’s my hope as well! I don’t think Peter was chosen by Jesus because he was perfect but because he was flawed. Jesus saw the potential. Gives us all hope!

        • kimisu

          At Bible study last night, my priest pointed out that Peter recognized Jesus as the Messiah. And Jesus recognized that the only way that Peter could have known that was through the Father, who had to have revealed that truth to Peter. So God connected with Peter. That’s powerful. We who believe are all Peter, because we recognize Jesus as the Messiah through our Father God, but we also have human weaknesses and shortcomings that keep us striving toward holding on to that recognition and willingly working to be like Jesus every day.

  • AJG

    Gratitude is the word that will define my next four days because I am so thankful that Jesus died for my sins so that I could reconcile and ask his forgiveness each time I stray from His commandments. This Lenten journey has taught me how to pray and ask for God’s forgiveness. It has also taught me how to pray for others and be at peace with some of life struggles for which I cannot control. I am so thankful that this Lenten Journey has taught me how to start each day with prayer and reflection. The prayer process is prayerful and gives structure to my daily conversations with God.

    • Karen

      I too am grateful for this journey…beautiful words AJG!!

    • Tony M

      Gratitude sounds like the perfect word. I just heard a beautiful quote yesterday from Sarah Ban Beckwith, “Gratitude is Love” it really struck my heart.
      Great choice-Gratitude!

    • Helen

      Thank you for this. I am learning more about being truly grateful to God for each new day and I begin each day now thanking God in gratitude FOR this new day and new chances of living my life in a more meaningful way.

  • Karen

    Thankfulness. God has shown me the way to thankfulness!! I just got to bring my hubby home from the hospital yesterday after a week in….a man who is in Hospice and still has been given another chance to come home. Thankfulness both my sons/wives could travel home to see their Dad and voice their love and share their time with Dad. Thankfulness that throughout this journey as his caregiver, I have been given time to share my love and voice my love in words with him. Thankfulness to God for giving me a “peaceful heart” in knowing when He calls my hubby to his eternal home….he will be ready. So many blessings….thankfulness!! The Best Lent Ever has been a part of each day throughout Lent…wonderful!!

  • Michael Baur

    The world that will define my Triduum experience will be rebirth. As I gone through this Lenten season, I have watched and listen to every video. I have also posted in every discussion. This is the first one I have done this since signed up for the Best lent ever. For this Triduum I’m going to focus on rebirth of my Catholic faith. So I can become a better Catholic.

  • David B

    For the word this Triduum I first thought of gratitude hovever I love Katie’s story of cracking open the nut. So I will go with Transformation.

  • Pearl Brown

    Reflection is the word that would define my Triduum experience I want to reflect on these days deeply and passionately and come away with a deep feeling of what Jesus went thru for us

  • Tom Holland

    My word for the Triduum is steadfastness. I need to be true to God EVERYDAY of my life. This has and will be my challegene in the days ahead. John will be the person I follow during the Triduum. He was the apostle that LOVED Jesus. I need to strengthen my love for my Saviour.

    • disqus_VOXvThxFVQ

      Dee-I think my word for this Triduum will be commitment. 100% no holding back. I pray with the Lord’s help I can totally let go and release any last vestages of me that I am holding on to. Please Lord I want this to be my best lent ever. Amen

    • Kj

      Great word, Tom! I will pray steadfastness for you!

  • mrcpuhead

    We went to see “The Case for Christ,” based on Lee Strobel’s book about his conversion from Atheism to Christianity. Fantastic film! Based on that story, and the image I started sharing on social media during last year’s election – Faith, Hope, and Love – my word for the Triduum is the greatest of these…Love.

    • Cheryl Keller

      I want to see that movie !

    • Kj

      I want to see this as well! Thank you for sharing and reminding us that to love means to be Christ to others!

    • Pat Pud

      Our pastor gave a copy of this book to the entire congregation as a Christmas gift (2015). I read it and thought it was great! I look forward to seeing the film!

    • Angie Ahlemeyer

      I think love is my word too. It’s what the world is lacking, and what God pours out for us without end in Christ. Just imagine how different our world would be if everyone knew how much God loves them. This Triduum I want to focus on being open to the powerful, transforming, unconditional, and infinite love of God in Christ so that maybe this life changing love will flow out of me and touch the lives around me.

      • JoAnne Collins

        Thanks everyone for sharing your toughts with us. I too believe that my one word for the Triduum wll be love! No greater love there is then to lay down one’s life for others. Thank you sweet Jesus Christ for showing us that it wasn’t 3 nails that kept you hung on the cross but it was your great love for us/me! Happy Triduum!!

      • Patricia

        You know Angie after reading your words I am able to come in touch with what has been happening to me during this Best Lent Ever, thank you for helping open my eyes, God Bless and Blessed Easter to you and to all !!

    • Mel Purdy

      Thanks for the review, I hope to see it this week!!

  • Tina

    I would like to make my word Resurrection.

    • Kj

      Tina, I live in the Midwest and as I’m posting to you, it is 6:44 a.m. According to your post, yes, it would have been about 5:30 here, in the Midwest, when you wrote this morning. I suspect some of us are early birds, but the beauty of this whole Lenten experience is the fact that we are able to communicate, not only countries away, but in ways that thirty years ago, would never have been dreamed of. God works so mysteriously through knowing what has come before and what is yet to be, that it is often incomprehensible to me…. Maybe, your word for Triduum is “TIME.” Blessings on you this Holy Season!

      P.S. What a wonderful experience to be in Rome at Easter!

      • Tina

        Thanks for your reply that cleared up the mystery.Yes God is truly Great!
        A thousand thanks too, Kj, for your brilliant suggestion that my word for Triduum is “time”; that elusive, mystical gift from God. The sad part is , the only thing I have in common with Rome is the time zone. I`m far, far north. Easter will be cold with mixed rain and snow” but then it is “springtime” . And it is my “best lent ever”.
        Wishing you, and all at Catholic Dynamic, a grace filled and glorious Easter.

        • Kj

          You are so very welcome, Tina. And remember, God makes good in all situations. I will definitely be thinking of you on Sunday!! You are on my prayer list. I thank God for the sense of community He has created through this Lenten experience…. 🙂

    • Lea Novak

      The wonders of the internet…the day starts in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, so people over there see it first, I guess. I know that when we post artwork for an online challenge, the folks in New Zealand get to post a full day earlier than we do on the East Coast of America! I don’t know when Matthew’s email is sent…the time stamp on my email from Dynamic Catholic is usually around 3 AM, but it may be an automatic thing based on your time zone, which would mean everyone gets it at around 3 AM their time?

      • Tina

        Truly Lea, the “wonders of the internet”, other computerized systems, help me see that we are indeed, made in the image of God. It will be stunning to see the “new man (and woman)” in the coming kingdom of God.

  • Clara Turci Depko

    For days all I have been saying is I have been renewed so for me my word is RENEWED I feel like the apostles must have felt when the Holy Spirt came down upon them. This experience has giving me so much food for my spirit I was hungry and searching for so long and I have been feed and Renewed. What a Lent it is truly the Best Lent Ever one I will never forget.

  • Maureen Schlosser

    Perseverance. I consider myself a non-practicing Catholic. I’ve not gone to church regularly since we moved back overseas eight years ago. This program has helped me pray daily, and I hope to persevere with my faith going forward.

    • Kim Stambro Roberts

      I’m praying for you Maureen. It is difficult to change habits.

    • Rita J. Joyce


      One step at a time, one day at a time. God sees your desire: He will give you the perseverance to become a sincere practicing Catholic year round…find a local Church that will feed this yearning. I will be praying for you during the triduum.

    • Jackie

      How wonderful to have made that first step! We are all moving forward and in different places in our journey! How happy God must be that you are making this effort to get to know him better. It is so easy for us to get comfortable where we are but God wants us all to keep moving forward. I will pray for you and ask that you will pray for me as well. May God bless you and may this Easter bring you joy!

    • mbs

      Maureen, the Mass is so powerful. I have grown to love it more and more in my adult years. Get the know the Mass, part by part. Enjoy the jouney!

      • Diane Grohn

        Great idea. Is there a book you can suggest to learn the Mass piece by piece?

    • Kj

      We are all praying for you, Maureen!!! You’ve taken the first steps….

    • Teresa

      Maureen, I was where you are many years ago. My teenage stepson’s faith was my nudge back. When I received Holy Communion the first time after all those years, I literally felt a weight come off and joy enter my soul. God bless you.

    • Mike K

      I will say a prayer for you. I left the church for a while and studied and prayed my way back I am so thankful and amazed at the beauty of the church once I took a deeper look. There is so much love inside of it if you have the courage to search. Peace.

    • Connie

      You are not alone. I am hoping that this Easter will be my return to Mass after years away. I made it to Confession last night, so I am on my way!

      • Lea Novak

        Good for you! Keep moving forward! Easter is a perfect time to come back to Mass! I will keep you in my prayers during the Triduum!

      • Judi Rodriguez

        Connie, you are a daughter of the most high God and I’m sure He rejoices at your return! May you be filled with the peace and joy of our risen Lord!

      • Be Rudloff

        God bless you! I am praying that you will continue to grow in your faith. Please pray for me and my family. As children of God, we are all struggling to get to heaven. We are all carrying our own crosses. There is comfort in praying for each other.

      • Anita

        Welcome home!

        • Lorraine

          That is the name of a program we have in our church…”Welcome Home”. It is geared for anyone who has been away from the church or anyone who wants to re-energize their faith and become more active. It is a six week program led by members of our church. As one of those members….I rejoice with any of you who have found you way back home and I, too, say, WELCOME HOME!!!! The first year we had this program (after a year of weekly meetings, study and prayer) we had 25 or more attend and Father said at least 20 made appointments with him asking how to come back. He said you have already done it by coming here. Just go to confession. That is it!!! We wonder how many just quietly were led to go to confession and start coming to Mass. God is amazing.

      • Toni

        Connie, I am a returned Catholic and like you I started with small steps. I am so excited for you to receive the Eucharist again. Welcome home!!! You are what the Best Lent Ever is about, what Dynamic Catholic is about. Remember that 1 sheep Jesus went after. Always keep that picture on your heart for Jesus is truly celebrating your return.

      • disqus_VOXvThxFVQ

        Connie and all who are returning to church this year. Those of us who read your words rejoice at your joining your brothers and sisters in this blessed season where we all recognize the forgiveness of our sins and the endless love of our Blessed Love of our Lord and Savior for each of us. We are all part of each other and of Him. When we venerate the cross during the Triduum, remember your sins are no longer on you, once confessed, they are on the cross with Jesus. He died for each and every one of us so we might live, Praise God and Happy Easter.

    • Deanna Morgan

      I’m so happy you’re continuing to persevere with your faith life! I truly believe that without that church serves no purpose and has very little meaning if your relationship with God is non existent.

  • Mary Lehett

    love every day of this series. I learn more each day how to move through resistance with discipline with the grace and love of God and I am most grateful!

  • Linda R

    My word is renewal. I feel I’ve been renewed in my Catholic faith through the BLE series. Instead of looking forward to Facebook or puzzles when I get up in the morning, I now look forward to prayer and my quiet time with Jesus. If I don’t have that each day, my day just doesn’t go as smoothly. It’s like something is missing. The person I will concentrate on during the Triduum is Jesus’s mother, Mary. My parish has had a wonderful Stations of the Cross during this Lent, that being Jesus’s walk to his death as seen through the eyes of his mother. As a mother myself, I can only imagine how difficult that must have been for her. I pray that having this perspective will finish out my Lenten experience in a good way. This truly has been my best Lent ever! Thank you, Matthew Kelly.

  • Patty

    Perseverance will be my word as I celebrate the Triduum. One of my students wrote in an assignment reflecting on a Station of the cross (Jesus falls the second time), “Dear Jesus, thank you for getting back up… teach my family and me strength and perseverance like you showed that horrible day.” There are so many tasks and deadlines on my plate right now; I want to show perseverance and strength so that I can enjoy the celebration of Easter and know that everything will get done.

    • Kathy Hogan

      I share your amazement at the early birds. While I am doing this usually at about 6:45 am “my time” in Colorado – I am enjoying the comments and inspirational thoughts shared by people from hours ago. It is a wonderful blessing that we can have a community of people who touch each other’s lives and hearts in this way even though we are separated by thousands of miles and may never see one another in person.

    • Jane Deutschlander

      I love the quote from your student… we will all stumble but getting back up in faith allows us to continue our journey. I am pretty good at perseverance. I will focus on joy this Tridium. I want to find joy in the little moments day to day. Unfortunately, I am having surgery tomorrow and I won’t be able to participate in the Tridium in my typical way. I will seek another way to participate. Through prayer and reading scripture I hope to be just as fully engulfed in the most beautiful time of our faith.

      • Patty

        Jane, I hope your surgery went well and that you are on the road to recovery. Happy Easter!

        • Jane Deutschlander

          Thanks Patty – surgery was successful and I am now on my way to recovery

  • Lisa

    I began my journey with RCIA last May. I have been totally involved with this Best Lent Ever. I have taken action in my faith. And truly my life, my thoughts, my soul has transformed. I feel the power of God in my life like never before. My life has changed and is changing. My actions in my life have changed and are changing. I am not so fearful. I trust the process. I have let go and let God. Amazing Grace. So, it is appropriate for my word to focus on the next days as “transformation”. Thank you Jesus.

    • Arianne

      Hi Lisa, I will be received into the Church this Saturday also! Matthew’s comment about the disciples going through so many emotions during this time period of the Triduum totally matches my Lenten journey with all the emotions that I have been going through. My word is “rebirth” because that is what I really feel will happen to me when I emerge from the font 🙂 I will be praying for you over these next days until the Vigil. Congratulations!

      • Lisa

        Yes, “rebirth”…very true! God bless you and congratulations. I will be thinking of you at Easter Vigil. 😇

      • SanctusSanctus

        Happy Birthday!

      • mbs

        Welcome to the Lord’s Supper, Arianne.

      • Kj

        Arianne, your post touched me in such a peaceful and grateful way, that I am choosing the word “RECEIVED.” I had the pleasure of witnessing two of my friends come into the Church, two years ago, this Saturday. It was beautiful. I pray that you and all of us who continually struggle to follow Christ, understand that whether or not we are new Catholics or life-long Catholics, we are RECEiVED in love by God through his Holy Son, our Lord, Jesus Christ.

      • Ed

        To the both of you I just want to say; Welcome Home We’ve Been Waiting For You.

        God Bless You Both.

  • Agnes Jackson

    Trust will be my focus word. During this Lent season, I have been learning to trust God more and more to NOT lean on my own understanding but to just trust God and pray when I feel doubt trying to creep in.

    • Sandy

      Agnes, that is the word I chose also. I am leaving my job as I feel strongly that is what God is telling me. I am afraid, so I need to TRUST,

    • loeloe

      That is the word I need to focus on as well. It is a recurring weak spot in my heart that pushes God out to the edge when I try to place my will ahead of His.

  • Rita J. Joyce

    My life is one of repentance…repentance for all the sins of my life and that of all my loved ones. I so want to be joined with Jesus, Mary and all my loved ones in eternity to forever sing the glory and praise of God… AMDG! My word of reflection is definitely REPENTANCE!

  • Herman

    My word is perseverance. As Jesus stayed the course for me, I want to persevere through this triduum and beyond.

  • Fawn

    Family is my word, as I think about how Jesus and his Father worked together to save the world, I realize that my Family are those who share my faith and help change our world.

  • Eduardo Hoover

    The word arduous defines this Triduum for me. I am in the choir bombarded with music to learn. I like to sing but so do the birds but most of them only have very few tunes to know how to sing. I’m overwhelmed. I think of how overwhelmed Jesus felt in the agony in the garden, in the brutal beating He must endure and carrying the Cross. I hope others will help me carry this cross I’m bearing this Triduum.

    • Trish

      I hear you brother! I am in the same boat. We have a new choir director this year. We have been introduced to 4 days of new music to learn, 2 weeks ago, on our own through dropbox, 4 rehearsals (1 for each day, Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday, and Easter Sunday), and each rehearsal lasting 3-4 hours!

      That being said, my word for the Triduum is a toss up between Trust and Mercy. Trust, that all will turn out to glorify God, and Mercy because I have lost my joy and as a result don’t show much mercy to others! Jesus didn’t waver on his way to the cross, and neither should I! 🙂

      • Kj

        Trish and Eduardo, I too do music at my church. In fact, I have done it for 30 years. Try to take your worries and overwhelming feelings and make that your prayer to God, going through this week. Music Ministry is such a blessing to our churches. It is a special way that we can offer ourselves in worship. Pray that the arduous feelings you have don’t overshadow the real reason for celebrating this season! I will hold you both in my heart this week.

  • Peggy

    There are so many words that I could use for my Triduum experience, gratitude, forgiveness, thankfulness to name a few but the one that I’m most drawn to is patience. Like AJG, my journey has taught me that I cannot control others or fix all their problems or what I perceive to be problems. My journey has taught me to give the Lord the things I struggle with and pray that His Will Be Done for He knows best.

  • Gabriel Fundora

    My word is Holy. The principal definition of Holy is “exalted or worthy of complete devotion as one perfect in goodness and righteousness.” But one of the other definitions of Holy is to be “set apart for the service of God.” My prayer is that God make me and all of you holy, that He set us apart so that we may do His will. He has a plan for all of us and it is a good one!

    • Kj

      Thank you for this!

    • Kathryn

      Thank you, Gabriel You helped me find my word “Holy” and appropriate definition, “set apart for the service of God”. I have been praying this lent for God to teach me what more he wants me to do to serve others, and what he wants me to learn in my disappointments (i.e. unanswered prayers). I want to walk with Mary and learn to be Holy like her, and look for Holiness in the people portrayed in the readings during the Triduum.

  • Kimberly Seurynck Brown

    My Triduum focus will be “surrender” because there are so many people and things I need to surrender to my Lord and Savior. If I can but imitate Jesus’ complete surrender of His will to the Father’s, I will experience a resurrection like no other Easter before. Thank you Dynamic Catholic for bringing me closer to my Life Source!

    • Barb

      I like that! I thought about my word and came up with “forgiveness”, but I think “surrender” is much better. It’s more encompassing of many things going on in my life right now. Thank you, Kimberly!

  • Adrian

    Thanks Linda I feel exactly the same way. BLE and Mathew ‘s commentary have also renewed my journey with Christ and Catholicism. I was going to use the word conversion but renewed seems to fit better.

  • Susan E

    My words are gratitude, love and trust. For God so loved the word he gave his only son. In addition to BLE – I am in a study group reading “Consoling the Heart of Jesus” I have been concentrating on the line “Behold this heart that loves so much yet is so little loved.” I see myself as Veronica in the crowd – following Jesus as he moves through his journey and waiting to wipe his face and comfort him. I will stand at the foot of the cross and I will not turn my eyes away. I will stay with his mother – our mother and comfort her. I love Jesus with all my heart and I want to console him and thank him for who his is, what he tried to show us when he was on earth and what he did for us. And in spite of who we are, in spite of how we act, what we say – he loves us so deeply and so completely. And for this I am truly grateful. After everything I have been through I am now coming to fully understand, that the only way I can truly show Jesus how much I love him – is to trust him deeply and completely.

    • Anne Brady

      That was beautiful. Thank you.

    • Lea Novak

      Love = trust. Somehow, I never thought of that. Thanks, Susan!

    • DeEtta Jones

      My word is TRUST as well. I need to learn to trust God in all things. I’m a worrier. Once my most recent worries are extinguished, new worries present themselves. I know I need to lay my worries at the feet of Christ and trust Him. His will be done.

  • Cate

    My first thought was I will see myself as a follower in the crowds in Jerusalem and walk with Jesus. Feeling the overwhelming love and soulful desire to know Him better but confused and sad by all that’s happening that seems unreal. Then emerged the word faith. Trusting whatever it is He will lead me through it. I want to end this Lent with a stronger deeper faith in God the Father Son and Holy Spirit.

  • John L. Kemmis

    Surrender. I picked the word surrender. I think it is a verb, an action.

    My plan is to surrender everything the next 3 days to the Triduum. And I am starting now since we are still in Mass. We left church on Sunday in silence. No benediction, no announcements, no closing hymn. The Mass continues. So I am going to surrender to this Triduum.

    Maybe I will learn to spell, pronounce, and gain an understanding of that word, Triduum, through surrender.

  • Nancy D.

    It took a lot of courage for Jesus to face his death knowing the amount of physical and emotional pain he would have to endure. Therefore, my word will be COURAGE. I need to know that I have courage to make changes in my life that will fulfill God’s will. So, I want to read the Bible to inspire me to be courageous.

    • mbs

      I’m with you on COURAGE. I think of the apostles during such a fearful and confusing time.

    • Lea Novak

      Ahhh, yes! Courage! Facing up to the people who think you’re crazy for believing in the whole truth doesn’t sound like a lot, but to someone who really wants approval, that is hard!

  • Tony Kerigan

    Just focusing on faithfulness during the next few days and how much I am like Peter,protesting that I will follow Jesus but then going the other way when the going gets tough

  • Judy Tobin

    What a beautiful reflection. Thank-you Katie

  • Laura

    Faith. The world is disturbed now in so many ways. I feel that I am in the middle of culture wars as a public school administrator. Our youngest is about to go to college (yea!) but we are going to be empty nesters (sadness). Our oldest is moving farther away from home. The middle one is probably going to get engaged soon. I feel that everything is shifting under my feet. But I will hold on to Faith: God will use these frightening times to His Glory. I will be able to help schools help kids. My husband and I will still have fun. My oldest will not have a nervous breakdown and the middle one will be choose wisely a life partner. I just don’t want to mess this up by not looking for God through these changes. So, I don’t have problems; I have opportunities to turn to God. I have Faith He will be there for me, for my loved ones and for this world.

  • EstherElizabeth

    I often have a quote on my desk…usually from Scripture…..that I say during the day as my mantra….
    last week it was “Be stouthearted and trust in the Lord”. The actual quote is “Be stouthearted and wait for the Lord” from Psalm 27. I tossed in “trust” instead of “wait”.

    I need to open that up and find out what it really means as I walk through these Holy Days.

    Thank you so much for this Best Lent Ever….!

  • Cathy Marie Gallo

    My word (or words) are “dying to self.” I am going thru a season in my life where I feel like God is moving me in a different direction with my life. Not easy. I am going kicking and screaming but at the same time, wanting God’s will for my life more than I want my own comfort. I will be moving to a different country with my husband where he is currently working. I will be leaving my grandchildren, family, friends and a job that I love. The unknown is always scary but I’m also very excited to see what doors God will be opening in my ‘new life.’ So I am choosing to ‘die to self’ in order to experience the abundant life that Jesus called me to! Please pray for me and my family!!

  • Mark

    My word will me appreciation as I have been conquering fear in the recent past. I have read that it is you can combat fear with appreciation. I thought I have always been grateful for the many blessings God has given my family and I, so why recently have I been over taken by the fear? I plan to focus through the Triduum on a deeper appreciation of the sacrifice our Lord went through for us so that we can share eternal life with our ever loving God.

  • Cindy

    My word is Obedience. Christ accepted the Father’s will for him to die on the cross. All for love of Him and us. To save us from our sins. Such a mystery I struggle to fathom and accepting His will for myself and those around me. Giving Him everything and letting go.

  • Sherry McCollum

    The word that is really transforming me is “strive”; During this Lent I have strived to become a better wife, mother, daughter, friend, co-worker and coming to the end of Lent, I do feel I have become a much better version of my former self both spiritually and emotionally. I have been waiting for these Holy Days and cannot wait to attend Easter Vigil mass, Jesus has resurrected things in my life in ways that I did not think was possible. I am forever grateful.
    Thank you Best Lent Ever…

  • Alice Ann Hengesbach

    My word for the Triduum is: personal. In 2008 I attended the Palm Sunday mass at a small community in Maryland/metro DC. The celebrate’s homily has stayed with me ever since. “This will be the shortest homily you have ever heard. If you were the only person in the world, He would have still died for you.” We then sat in silence while this overwhelming truth started to sink in. I want to look into the eyes of Jesus, the heart of the Christ, the soul of the God who died just for me.

    • Lee Dorrance

      Wow! That was truly powerful. Thank you, Alice for sharing!

    • Andi

      That is powerful Ann. It brought tears to my eyes to read, “If you were the only person in the world, He would have still died for you.” Thank you.

    • Mariana DeJesus

      What a powerful and moving homily that was!1 I am in tears after reading your comment.

    • Leanne Gomez

      Very moving! Thank you for sharing.

    • Theresa Young

      Thank you for sharing this story of Palm Sunday …it moved me to share a recent experience I had going to confession. As I prayed with the priest, he asked me to meditate on the cross and how Jesus suffered for me and gave his life for me. I was struggling with feeling worthy and allowing this world to define me and my value. God shows his love for me by allowing his very son to suffer for me and give me incredible hope for a new life each day through his resurrection. I am worth it, and he reminds every time I look at the cruxifiction. My word for the next three days is love.

    • Ronda Jewell

      Alice, I am overwhelmed by your post. Just 16 words that can transform a person, a country and the world. My word for the next few days is transform.
      God Bless you for sharing and have a Blessed Easter

    • Lea Novak

      That made me cry when I tried to read it out loud to my husband! What a great homily!

    • Kelly

      I am also shedding tears. What an overwhelming feeling!

    • Norma DeLeon

      Alice, what a wonderful, wonderful homily! It literally brought me to tears. I hope you don’t my sharing this beautiful homily. God bless you and again thank you so much for sharing.

    • Michele Heinz

      Wow! Thank you for those words. I think without a doubt I will be reflecting on that homily throughout the
      Triduum. Imagining be the only person present and having to help Jesus carry the cross, wow its already taking over my thoughts. Thank you and have a blessed Holy Week and Easter.

    • Karen in FL

      Best homily ever! Such a simple, yet deep thought.

    • Gin

      Thank you, Alice. That quote reminds me of the same thing I had heard before. And, in the same way, it struck home with me. I had heard that if for some reason anyone had been left out, Jesus would have gone through his Passion, Death and Resurrection again for that one person. What Love is this!!!

    • Michelle Guzzetta Pescatrice

      That truly sums up the entire Triduum in one short sentence. I choose “soul” as my word. I like what Katie said “Let Jesus crack open my soul” and fill it with HIS will.

    • Diane Grohn

      Wow! Thank you what a new perspective. Now I will ponder that.

      • Alice Ann Hengesbach

        Diane, I will be taking you with me throughout this Triduum and into the Great Alleluia! : )

    • Jim S

      Hi Alice Ann, my daughter recently moved to the Rockville/Bethesda area and is searching for a church. It sounds like your celebrant is pretty special… I realize this is a big stretch (as the area is huge), but by any chance is this parish nearby?

      • Jessica C

        Hi Jim, I happened to notice your comment. I live in the Rockville area, and there are a lot of awesome parishes and Priests in the Rockville/Bethesda area! I’ve gotten involved with youth ministry, which has allowed me to interact with several parishes. I’m sure your daughter will find one that feels like home to her. Also, encourage her to get involved with a ministry she is passionate about, and God will open many doors.

    • Karen Kotzbach McCreary

      Alice, dear Alice, You really are very dear and special to me . My word is , “Mother” . I want to try to “be” Mary watching, thinking praying, etc. Iam sure I’ll be in tears as I already have tonight, Holy Thursday. (On my husband’s computer) Mine needs to rise from the grave ! I will never forget Aunt Alice, you, or your “homily” . Love and Easter blessings to you and yours . *_* K

      • Alice Ann Hengesbach

        Thank you, Karen. Your sweet connection has been joyful. Please feel free to keep in touch.

    • Cindy Leslie

      Beautiful. I agree with you. God bless you!

  • Jude Hessman

    My word is joy. I have spent the bulk of Lent in a hospital with my 82 year old father. His journey has helped me to see first hand the suffering of Jesus through a body I’ve known all my life. The uncertainty of our existence now gives me joy through the tears of possible separation. I have received Communion alongside my father rather than at Mass. I have witnessed the peace he’s gotten from this special gift. Joy defines my world each and every day we have together remaining.

    • mbs

      Jude, your post brought tears to my eyes. The time I spent at my father’s bedside in his last days is one of the greatest gifts I have known, in so many ways. The memory is a great comfort now. May the Holy Spirit extend you the spiritual gifts you so need at this difficult time.

    • Kj

      What an incredibly beautiful post, Jude! I will pray for you and your father…. How difficult and yet unbelievable this journey for you both has been…

    • Patricia Ellen Davis

      Dear Jude, I was moved to share this with you. In January Matthew asked a question (actually 13 of them) in a Dynamic Catholic newsletter. Question #5 was “What are 3 of your biggest achievements to date”. I was surprised to discover that my #1 was being there for my Mom at the end of her life (she was in hospice for a lengthy time, and in declining health before that). Here are some of the words I wrote: “Bringing her joy & love, being loved & welcomed by her always, being trusted and valued by her, accompanying her on her journey”. What a blessing to deepen the love ❤️ and intimacy with my sweet Mother while I had the opportunity. May God bless you & your Father as you journey together. 🌷🌷🌷

  • Mariana

    My word is Trust. I need to let go and let God. I turn my children over to Him and I need to Trust Him to heal them in His time, not mine.

    • Karen


    • Jenny

      TRUST!! I try so hard to trust in His plan but find myself still trying to control/plan things especially for one of my children. I have LOVED this BLE journey and pray that I will learn to trust like Mary did when the angel told her she was carrying Jesus. Heading to confession today…the first time in many years. So blessed to be on this journey.

  • Laura leah Yarbrough

    Life…A gift from God. It is up to us to unwrap it , appreciate it, take care of it and above all live life to the fullest. Being the best version of myself has encouraged me to become more patient , kind and listen to others. I pray often for patience and am thankful when I resist reacting to a situation and listen to the message I need to be aware of at the moment. Rejoice in the days ahead!

  • SanctusSanctus


    • Carlos


  • Net


  • Karen

    My word is Thankful! For DC. For Mathew Kelly and all his people! For all of you! Mostly because of Jesus and His sacrifice! Have a Blessed Triduum!

  • Daniela D.

    My word should be “Listen” not literally, but meaning to stop, focus and understand. I usually go too fast when reading the gospel and I don’t get the whole message. I have discovered so much in the scriptures this last year by participating in a Faith sharing group/ Bible study compared to a lifetime of just reading without analysis.

  • Ron

    Myself and my wife are around 60 and would like to open ourselves to how God wants us to serve him. We are empty nesters and have the ability to serve him maybe in a mission opportunity here in the US or abroad. I pray for openness to what god wants for us and the wisdom to recognize the direction and journey he is guiding us to . Hope this makes sense and I wish everyone a very blessed Easter. I am so proud and grateful to be in a relationship with the risen savior. CHRIST HAS RISEN !

    • Kj

      What a revelation for you! I will pray for discernment and openness towards what the Lord wants for your lives. Blessings on your Easter!

  • Angie Mo

    Determination is the word that immediately came to mind for my Triduum experience this year. All that Jesus did and went through he was determined to finish this journey. Many times I start with good intentions, but soon fall short or give up.
    Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for being beside me always and throughout this journey of Lent this year. Grant me the determination to finish my journey especially throughout the Triduum, but throughout my life. You know what battles I face, what struggles internally I go through even before I can put them into words. Help open my eyes during this Triduum to see not only the determination you have for me, but all those involved. Give me the determination I need to not only start but to walk daily and to finish. Amen.

  • Paula Hecker

    My grandson saw a portrait picture I have of Jesus hanging on the cross. He asked me, “That’s how God died, isn’t it Grandma? Isn’t that how God died? And his hair is full of snakes!” (Crown of thorns!) His comment on the picture helped me to realize that for Easter celebration this year I need to put into perspective that Easter should focus more on the profound element of Easter, salvation, than getting all focused on the preparations and decorations for Easter. I usually get extremely into those elements of Easter, then am too exhausted to enjoy the holiday. This year, though, I just received the responsibility for the care of five of my grandchildren age 3 months to 7 years old! I’m all of a sudden involved with school issues, a birthday preparation for one of them this week, and Easter baskets! My grandsons comment helped me to stop and put things into the proper perspective, and focus on the gift of salvation that Easter celebrates, and not get too overwhelmed on less important details. My circumstances will require me to simplify things quite a bit! I look forward to that!

    • Jane Hurley

      God bless you as you take on this most important role and I pray that you have many friends who will help you embrace your new role. With Christ at your side, take one moment at a time, and breathe so you are not overwhelmed.

  • Thomas Signa

    My word is Transformation. Thank you to Dynamic Catholic and Matthew Kelly for osuch a great program. Through this Best Lent Ever, my life has been transformed from watching on the sidelines to getting into the game. While not great, my prayer life has increased. My awareness of prayer during the day. Taking the minute or two to pause and Praise God and Thank God for a success, or more importantly a challenge, has opened my heart and soul. I find myself less tolerant of gossip and make more of an effort to help change the people involved to view these opportunities to grow with someone as opposed to being frustrated with them. Isn’t gossip just a way to deal with people we don’t really understand? Anyways, thank you all for your words of love, encouragement, praise and grace. My you all have a blessed Triduum, a joyous Easter. He has Risen!

  • Maria

    My word will be “service.” I am hosting Easter for family. Sometimes when I host company over a religious holiday, I become a little bitter that I am losing out on time for contemplation and prayer because I am so busy. Martha is my kindred spirit in the Bible. 🙂 When I asked God this morning what I should do about this challenge, I heard in my heart, “The challenge IS the mission!” So, I am going to walk the Triduum with Simon of Cyrene, Veronica, Mary (who was then given her service mission of being our mother), Joseph of Arimathea, and, of course, Jesus to see that serving others IS what Easter is all about.

    • Kj

      What a beautiful and heartfelt post, Maria! And, don’t forget, your name is also Mary!!! Blessing on you this week AND I will be praying for a wonderful celebration on Sunday for you and your family!

      • Maria

        Thank you, Kj! You will be in my prayers this week as well!

        • Kj

          You are so very welcome. This Lent has given me a sense of community like I have never experienced before….

    • Stella Romaine-Amoka

      Making meaning out of your calling.
      The resolve strengthens u inside & ouside, physically and Spiritually.
      I pray that your joy in serving others will overflow.
      God be with you and bless the gathering.

  • Virginia Garcia

    How to choose? These are all so profound ! Transformation, rebirth, renewal, perseverance, gratitude … They all speak to me as well. I think will all the progress I have made this year and as far as I have come in my journey , I still wish I could SURRENDER completely to God and all He wants for me . I don’t feel like I have truly surrendered to his plan for me . I still meet resistance . I still struggle with letting go completely to Jesus and find myself clinging to the things of this world . I want to learn to completely surrender to Jesus; my soul, my desires, my faith, my every day . I want to give it ALL to Him and trust that he will take me where I need to be.

  • Marilyn Russell

    I choose the word hope and I choose the Blessed Mother Mary as the person I will walk beside over these next three days. Praying the Rosary, walking through the Stations of the Cross with her, and standing at the foot of the Cross, Mary never lost hope. When despair enters my heart and soul, I will pray to Mary. We celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Fatima this year. May we all remember the Immaculate Heart of Mary and celebrate her presence in our lives.

    • Barbara Carnes

      Great idea Marilyn. Your words about Mary are very powerful, especially that she never lost hope. Thank you, thank you, thank you. 🙂

    • SLC

      Hello Marilyn, Have you ever seen the booklet “Stations of the Cross through the eyes of Mary?”… or something like that! The ladies in our parish lead Stations of the Cross on one of the Fridays of lent with that meditation and it is an amazing experience. Heartbreaking, humbling and inspiring at the same time. On every station Mary finishes her description of what is going on by saying:”… but then I prayed, because I knew this had to be…” What a testimonial of faith!

  • Jacob

    Gratitude would be the word that I would go for the next four days. Love everyone around me and trust. If I show love to everyone and even those you deserve love during these four day. It can be a smile, wave, saying “good morning” it can make there day so much better. We don’t know what is happening behind everyone door. I will show my love to everyone and trust writhin anyone.

  • Cathy Weisenbeck

    As for what Mathew Kelly said, when I read or listen to the stories of the Bible, I often reflect on who I would be or what would I have done, would I have been a believer when Jesus actually walked the earth? I would like to think after witnessing His miracles I would be. Would I have been on the sidelines or would I have been an involved friend?
    i.e. when Simon was made to help Jesus carry the cross. Would I have been mad, embarrassed, honored…
    I always enjoy Dynamic Catholic videos. MK doesn’t just teach but he gives you visions of what something might look like to help you reflect on your life. That is most helpful for me.
    Thank you to Mathew and the Dynamic Catholic team.
    Have a wonderful Easter.

    • Kj

      Oh Cathy, I have often wondered these same things!

  • Bonnie Killar

    Transformation…truly the Best Lent Ever!!!!

    • Kj


  • Liz C

    What a great topic to ponder as we enter these highest of Holy Days! Without going into detail, during a recent Reconciliation, after describing my ever-present procrastination and work/home imbalance, the priest told me to not strive for perfection but to “bring it to completion” as God did with Jesus. My theme for Triduum will be that: “Bring It To Completion”. I’m looking forward to how that will transform me.

    • Kj

      Beautiful, Liz!!

  • Rebecca

    My word is observance. I want to more fully observe and understand the readings. I want to put myself in Jesus’ shoes so I can fully understand what he went through. This will help me have a deeper connection with him and be able to feel his glory and love for me. It is so extraordinary that someone would go through so much pain and suffering for me. I need to remember this when I resist helping someone because deep down, I know I have no excuse.

  • Robert

    I’ve chosen “mercy”. Not sure where it will take me but I’m looking forward to the contemplation and the weeks ahead to apply the learnings of this series. God Bless to all.

  • Mike

    Trust. Trusting that God has me. Trusting that I can let go and release the illusion of control I have in my life to the true control He has. Trusting in those around me, my family, my friends and even those I don’t know. Trusting that everyone is really doing the best they possibly can with whatever trials and challenges they have and that we all have this in common. Trusting that this is a journey to a final destination that is not of this world. Trusting that I am loved.

    • Maureen

      I love how you put it. “The illusion of control ” Letting go of fear and control and trusting God 100% is hard for me. I will pray for you.

      • Mike

        Thanks, I will do the same for you.

  • Nancy McGee Perda

    My word will be “available”. As Matthew Kelly wrote ” How available are you to God at this time in your life? Twenty percent , 50 percent, 75 percent, 96.4 percent?” I have been thinking about this a lot…. I sure need to improve my availability…. but honestly I find it scary . 😳

  • Dorothy Cabral

    My word for the tridium is Awakening”. I have truely enjoyed Participating in My Best Lent Ever. Through this experience I have searched my soul and have grown spiritually and have started making changes to transform and become the best version of myself. I chose the word “Awakening” because there is so much to be aware of , so much to learn through relieving the steps of Jesus death and reserection and I pray that I will be full of the Holy Spirit and live my life in the image and likeness of the lord.

  • Carol

    FOCUS is the word I chose to define my Triduum experience. Focus on every word without being distracted.

  • jesspinosa

    Easter Triduum has always been a special time of the year for me. I always look forward to attending a silent Easter Triduum retreat in my favorite retreat center. This year, my Easter Triduum will be different. I will be a pilgrim, a stranger in a strange land, full of anxieties but also full of expectations for many graces and mini-miracles. I will be in Poland, where I do not know anybody, do not speak the language, and do not know much about the culture. I will be placing my life totally, without any question, in the hands of our Lord. Just imagining visiting places related to the lives of St. John Paul II, St. Faustina and St. Maximillian Kolbe as well as the sites where the Divine Mercy devotion started, already lifts up my soul. Sometime ago, I have already started praying for people I will meet on the plane and everywhere I go. When I do meet them, I will know they are the answers to my prayers. I have asked God to send me good people who will direct me when I get lost, interpret difficult, unpronounceable Polish words for me, and perhaps be my friends for life. Since I know for sure that God is in charge, I also know for sure that all will be well. Wasn’t it in this very country that Jesus taught St. Faustina the prayer, “Lord, I trust in You”? Thus, the word that will define my Easter Triduum is – Trust!

    • Kj

      Blessings on your journey to and through Poland!

  • Cynthia

    Restoration is my word to focus on. When we go through hardships and sufferings, we must keep the faith. Don’t lose sight of the Holy Trinity. The Triduum is reminder of His love for us. Restoration is for us all.

  • Rita Gahr

    I am finding this challenge difficult today. Trying to find one word to follow when so many have come to mind. Trust, humility, love, faithfulness, dependant. I am going to listen to hear what God is saying to me today and reflect on this throughout the Triduum. Take the time and spend it wisely. Love reading and absorbing what everyone says and I will miss it when lent is over.

    • Kj

      Here, Here! (Or should I have said, “Hear, Hear”? 🙂

  • Andy

    My word is balance. The balance between my spiritual life, my family life, my work life, and my life as a father. A balance where in all I do I put God first.

  • Erin

    My word for the Triduum is obedience. I regularly flounder in my commitment to God and want to be more obedient in prayer, service, confession – in all areas.

  • Bill Rumback

    I am focusing on humility during the Holy Triduum. We know the Apostles all reacted differently than each other and even differently during each portion. Matthew, this has been the best Lent ever for me! Thanks to you and your incredible staff!
    God Bless you all!

  • Kathy MYny

    My word or words is going to be, “balance through faith.” The idea came to me from a reflection book I read every day. With balance, through prayer, I hope to continue to help the people in my life, especially my children and close friends, in ways that are really meaningful for them.
    The events of the Triduum are so powerful, I pray that by meditating on them, I can become a better version of myself, a better instrument for him to use.

  • Mike K

    I picked the word hope and since this is spy Wednesday I thought of Judas and his false hope and how he thought he could be better than God/Jesus and take matters into his own hands . this will be interesting to ponder the word hope throughout the tritium. I also ponder Mary and what type of hope she had throughout the next 4 days.

  • bob brand

    Faith is what I will focus on over the next four days by placing myself in Peter’s place. While my confirmation name is John the Apostle, my life has been more like Peter’s. My ego and arrogance have gotten in the way of my faith more than once. There was a time when I thought I was in control and I was the master of my destiny. Since August 2016 when God and Jesus chose to visit me (literally) and speak with my I have, I hope, finally realized that my faith has to govern my life. I have to trust God, that’s it, just trust Him. Life hasn’t been any easier since that day, but it has been more peaceful and I have been much happier. As I write this, I am thinking of Peter’s denial of Jesus, and reflecting on the countless times I have as well. I pray I won’t deny Jesus again, but my faith tells me that even if I do, God will forgive me when I get back up, get back in the arena, and slay resistance. Thank you Matthew Kelly for literally the best Lent ever for me, and I hope my wife, my soulmate. God Bless, you all, Happy and joyous Easter

  • Kj

    Thank you to ALL OF YOU! I went through all your posts and wrote down all the words you have chosen. When I thought about what word I would choose, I had no idea. Thanks to you, I had plenty to choose from AND plenty to use going forward in reading the Gospels. Thank you, thank you, thank you, my brothers and sisters in CHRIST! Blessings to all this Easter!

    • kimisu

      Maybe your word is “thankfulness.” =)

      • Kj

        Maybe…. 🙂

  • Brenda

    My word will be patience. I am going to start babysitting my two grandchildren, one 15 months old and one three months old, in two weeks. I will need all the patience I can muster up to be able to care for them. I pray that God gives me the patience to take very good care of them.

  • Claudia

    I chose the word ‘grace’because that is what it is for me. I’ m still not where I want to be on my way to a better “me” but I am confident and feel so blessed that God will continue to lead and guide me. I take the opportunity of the coming Triduum to become again aware of God’s amazing grace that he constantly showers me with so many blessings.

  • Julie Calderon

    Humility. Last time I took part in the Sacrament of Reconciliation. I came away feeling loved, supported, embraced, and humbled. I am humbled by God’s mercy each and every time I am absolved. I am humbled by the many blessings in my life.

  • Lydia

    Thank you everyone for your wonderful insights. I have been pondering what my word should be.

    My words are obedience, repentance, love and fasting. While I am fasting on Good Friday, I will remember that Our Lord also fasted during this time and offered it up for the salvation of non believers.

  • Cindy Bushinski

    I read through many comments asking God to let me know what word he wanted me to focus with and had been leaning toward transformation. But the I went to my daily reflection with Mary and the word Simplify came out at me as how I need to focus. The message within the Tridium really is simply that Jesus did this because he loves us.

  • AnnMarie

    SURRENDER- For me this word is all encompassing. So often I feel like a neophyte in my spiritual journey – seemingly beginning over again and again so I am continually surrendering to the will of God. He loves me no matter what I do or how many times I fall. I identify with Peter. Even though he failed many times Jesus chose him, the rock, to build His church. How great is my God and I surrender to Him each TODAY that I live.

  • Lee Dorrance

    What an amazing journey this Lenten season has been! I began my RCIA journey last year and as I’m nearing the end of the path this weekend I find myself realizing that it’s not really an ending but a beginning instead. Today’s messages from Matthew and Katie definitely struck a chord with me. Pick a word that will define your Triduum experience. As I’ve scrolled through the comments you all have posted I’ve seen some truly excellent choices, many of which I would find applicable to my life: Rebirth, Transformation, Renewal. But one word has really stuck in my mind since it was mentioned by Matthew a week or so ago: Mission. I want to focus on finding my Mission and how God wants me to use the gifts that He has given to me.

    Thank you Dynamic Catholic for providing the vehicle for such an amazing experience and thank you, fellow travelers for your words of encouragement in your posts and comments. And thank you, God for all that you have done for us, all that you are doing for us, and all that you are going to do for us!

    God Bless

    • Mary B.

      Mission is a strong word! I too want to focus on finding my mission, spreading the good word and not being embarrassed to process my faith!

  • Diane

    This has been the ” Best Lent Ever ” for me. I had resisted going to talk to my priest on a issue I had with our church for over a year. After reading these transcripts from Matthew, I knew God was telling me to go !! I was not looking forward to going (not knowing what he was going to say) Well I Went! Father Eric was Wonderful ! He made me feel so at ease, nothing like I assumed was going to happen of course. We solved my issues. When I got up to leave, I felt this peace come over me, like I never felt before. I am definitely going to experience the Triduum this year. ” Peace “is the word that defines my Triduum experience!!

  • Caroline Guresz

    My word I “willingness”. I think I am open and listen, but I am not always willing. I pray to be willing.

  • JayAW

    I’m focusing on the word forgiveness. About three weeks ago, a woman in my hobby group was in a bad mood and she was looking for an outlet for her anger and it just so happened that I was her target. I had done nothing wrong to her, but she was verbally abusive to me and said some nasty things in front of the rest of the group. I was extremely angry with her for doing this and I left the meeting. I’m still very angry with her, but I was told that she was going to apologize to me at the next meeting. I really want to berate her just like she did to me, but I’m trying to look at this as an opportunity to use grace and forgiveness, if I am capable of pulling it off. I may let my anger get the best of me and use vengeance to get back at her, I may say nothing at all, or I may say that I forgive her. I don’t know at this point what I’m going to do, but I’m going to give mercy and forgiveness a try and see if I can actually do it. A prayer sent my way to help me would be much appreciated.

    • Joyce Gagnon

      I will pray for your willingness to succeed! And for God to transform the moment into something wonderful for you to experience and possibly the other person too! God bless and may the Holy Spirit guide you.

    • kimisu

      Remember that she is a child of God coming to you with a contrite heart. And pray about your anger, so that you can find it in your heart to forgive her for being human and succumbing to sin even before you see her again. May God’s peace be with you.

      • JayAW

        That’s how I’m trying to see her, as a child of God and also as an imperfect human, just like me. But there’s also another lesson and that is to make her realize that her behavior is not to be tolerated. If she gets away with it and no one corrects her, then she will do it again. I’m thinking of ways to express forgiveness while also making it clear that her behavior hurts everyone, not just the person she verbally attacks.

        • kimisu

          So put yourself in her shoes. Suppose you were the one who said the spiteful and hurtful things, not because they were warranted, but because you were having a bad day. And she walked out. And you immediately thought to yourself, “that was not very Christian of me!” Would you be glad for the opportunity to be forgiven, only to be told that your behavior hurts everyone, not just her? If she wants to apologize to you for her bad decision, my guess is that she recognizes that everyone there was hurt by her decision to lash out, not specifically and directly at you, but at the first person who afforded her an outlet for her anger. She wants to make amends. There was a lesson here, and you walking out was a powerful teacher. If you get your revenge, what is your lesson?

          • JayAW

            Her bad behavior towards me was the result of her not getting her way with someone else at the meeting and she bullied him into backing down. I had nothing to do with that part, but then shortly after that, she was still angry about the first incident and she tore into me about a verbal report that I gave to everyone at the meeting. It had nothing to do with her personally but she felt the need to jump on me because she needed an outlet for her anger from the first incident. If she truly is sorry for her behavior and it doesn’t happen again, that’s fine, but she also can’t be allowed to bully people if she doesn’t get what she wants. Maybe you don’t agree, but I have boundaries and do not tolerate bullying or intimidation from anyone.

          • kimisu

            You know her better than I. If she’s a bully, then she needs to understand how her bad behavior affects others. If this incident was completely out of character for her, then I would guess that she had a bad day and she learned her lesson and I would leave it at that.

    • Carlos

      The Bible directs us to forgive people, especially when they repent and ask for forgiveness. That may mean someone offering an apology. The question remains for us what to do when people don’t apologize, don’t repent and don’t ask for forgiveness. In the light of the grace God has extended to us, I submit that God is asking us to forgive others whether they ask for it or not. I think this also shows God our character and that we are living according to the spirit of the Gospel. Your anger and resentment may end up hurting and costing you more than this other person. Vengeance is the Lord’s and the Lord’s alone. Don’t let something like this put a stumbling block between you and God.

  • Donald Marquez

    Love. I have had a very interesting Lenten experience this year. I even said in my prayers last night that although I have wanted to suffer with Christ this Lent, Christ has not allowed me to. I almost laughed as I said this at the silliness of it all. But then I looked at the last two years (2015 and 2016) and my Lenten experiences–because of great losses–were very much about suffering. It’s almost as if Christ said to me this year, “You get it, and you have had enough.” Jesus has demonstrated his love for me in so many different and powerful ways this Lent, and he is inviting me to demonstrate that love to others, in a parish and community that so desperately needs it.

  • Kathy Stenard Burns

    What a fabulous suggestion — be someone in the passion narrative for the Triduum. Ignatian meditation. I’ve always been drawn to the Station where Veronica wipes Jesus’ face. Maybe I’ll be her-observing the drama, heart-breakingly helpless yet grace allowed her charitable act. Would she have gone home with the treasured cloth or followed Him ALL THE WAY?

  • Alice

    I love the idea of focusing on the transformation of my FAITH. I have visualized what my life should begin to look like and it does involve transformation. A transformation of my faith. To have a stronger FAITH in all that I do will bring about many changes for me. I love this today. Thank you Katie and Matthew.

  • Karen Stronk

    My word is humbleness. It is amazing what Jesus has done for us. In spite of ourselves.

  • Joyce Gagnon

    Self control. In areas of my life I have lacked self control and blamed situations for my in ability to be on time for anything…ever. this has been since childhood and I have just learned to accept it as part of how I am. I’ve tried figuring out why i am late and found that I stop to do what I need to be ready on time, to do for others. Not a bad thing, but it still requires a need to be bold enough to say no and to determine if the need is greater than my own to be punctual. I am still mixed in my feelings for this but am developing more self control so I can.possibly be ready early enough so if somethng comes up I am ready for it.

  • Sam Adams

    My word is action. I need to take all of this information and put it into action. God Bless all of you, as these posts are truly inspiring.

  • Angie O’Mara

    I would choose the word follower, a follower of Jesus. Watching, praying and loving Him for all that He has done for me. I would like to be among the woman of Jerusalem who weep at the injustices that are heaped on our loving Savior. To be able to follow Jesus to the cross and remain there with Him during his agony. I would like to believe that somehow I could express to all, how wrong this is to crucify Jesus who came to show us love and compasession for all. I want to be a follower of Jesus, until my own death.n

  • Mary B.

    My word is JOY. The word joy has taken on a whole new meaning in my life – I receive the gift of joy each morning from God. I thank him for another beautiful day, and how I will be happy, enjoy the day and make someone else’s life brighter! It sets the tone for a great happy day and most important you will receive the gift of joy from God! Taking care of your body and spirit creates a synergy that will make it more likely for you to deal with the events of the day in the right mindset and attitude! This lent helped me realize this JOY is always available from God – all you need to do is receive it!

  • Rosie

    Acceptance will define my Triduum experience. Accepting what I have been given as gifts or trials as the disciples did and our Blessed Mother Mary did, doing it without worry or concern but praying to achieve the wholeness and oneness with Jesus Christ. Learning from the Bible teaches me so many areas of acceptance by so many different people in both the Old and New Testaments. I am going to try for the next four days to be accepting and aware of the many gifts and treasures I have been given as well as the sufferings and trials to help me to be able to grow in my life as a whole but especially in my spiritual life.

  • Mario Cannariato

    Welcome back Jesus needs you. Words that have become ingrained in me upon starting my 4th day after my Cursillo weekend. Coming back to Church after leaving for many years was fulfilling a void I hadn’t realized completely. Upon leaving church with my mom on Sunday’s left me with a knowledge that this is truly the right thing to do. As result I was expierencing the consolation of a spiritual high I was longing for. My mom went home to Jesus 19 years ago leaving me with the memories of having gone back to church with her. I went to church with her for seven years before she went home to Jesus and no one can take that beautiful feeling away from me.

  • Paul

    My word to focus on will be service. I would like to follow the path of Simon within the passion of our Lord. What a transformation, to be forced into service of the Lord and bear part of his burden . To walk so closely and witness his willingness to suffer with a love that is palpable. In that moment, he must have become aware that this act is what he was created for- spending himself in service of this stranger.

  • Janice

    Obedient! Jesus was obedient through false accusations, ridicule, pain, and utimately – death! So I am making my focus during this Tridiuum, “obedience” – with courage to do the things I am called to do even when I fear ridicule for it, and trust that Jesus will carry me through it!

  • Lilia

    On Thursday courage, Friday surrender and Saturday gratitude are the words I need to focus on. It is a changing world, I need to strengthen and renew my spiritually on a daily basis. I’m humbled to have had the opportunity to participate in this dynamic BEST LENT EVER. Thank you all, you have touched my life with your objective and inspiring post. Thank you Matthew Kelly and your team. Love, prayers and blessings to all.

  • Hildegard Clare

    Although I cannot confine my projected experience of Triduum to a word, I can put it in a phrase: the reflection on the pain and necessity (to God realization) of ego-detachment. Finally, Easter is the ultimate exultation and freedom from ego-life. Jesus did it; he accomplished this tremendously difficult task so to show us that we, too, can detach from materialism and worldliness and, in all Holy humility, surrender to God, to virutuos, balanced, loving living.

  • Bobby Orr

    Katie, a very powerful video and thank you for truth shared

  • ReeceK

    The word I will choose to reflect on during this Tridium is Persevere. Resisting Happiness has given me some fresh insight into remembering how much we are loved by God, and that while resistance is strong, if we persevere and ask for God to show us the way, that road will lead us to Him. I have been active in the church for most of my life, but as the parents of two beautiful little girls, my wife and I have a difficult time finding the energy to foster our own relationship with God, pay attention during mass, etc. Our 3 and 1 year old are a constant gift, and reason to be thankful, but it is tiring 😉 May God guide my reflections in this Tridium, and guide me to persevere as a faithful father, husband, brother, and child of God.

  • Kelli Schneider

    Service or serve! I want to really reflect upon who served Christ throughout the Passion; how and why they served. How am I called to serve – in these days and in the days to follow? Wishing this community a blessed Triduum!

  • TerriB

    Trust is my word for this Triduum. I think I will look at the gospels through Peter’s perspective. He was so confident in his ability to follow Jesus but messed up and denied his Lord. I have this same great willingness to lead and follow Christ and can fall just as hard if I do not trust Jesus in control of my journey.

  • Kathy Stewart

    The first word I thought of was Empathy. Rather than assuming that the challenging people I encounter are just mean or annoying, I’d rather see them with empathy during this Triduum. You never know what a person is going through and maybe showing a little kindness (instead of just avoiding them or saying something I shouldn’t) could really make a difference in their day. I think empathy also makes us more aware of the suffering of others, giving us an opportunity to do something to help.Veronica showed empathy without anyone telling her to do it. She was able to recognize Jesus’ suffering and reached out with the simplest gesture of kindness. And couldn’t we all use a little more kindness in our day?

  • Will Wilson

    Trust. As a lifelong Catholic I still find it difficult to accept that Christ loves me completely and unconditionally. My head understands the desire to accept His gift, my heart fears to do the same. I want to overcome that fear and fall into Christ’s embrace.

  • Janet Marusiak

    Obedience is the word I will look for. Today no one wants to be obedient. The young think it is a negative like being submissive to others. I mean obedience to the Word, to God to what is all good. Obedience makes us free. I wish I was obedient in my younger years as my life would not have been so hard and depressing then. Abraham next to Jesus of course are the perfect examples of obedience. We have to be obedient to the Ten Commandments and to the Church and to our own conversation we have with Jesus in us and the Holy Spirit. I will see in the Tridium all that showed obedience and who did not and how that affected them.

    • Duscha Ross

      Thank you, Janet, for perhaps a better expression of a desire placed upon my heart as well. God Bless.

      • Janet Marusiak

        You are so welcome, glad I was of help. The Holy Spirit works in mysterious ways. It is so exciting isn’t it. No one knows where the wind blows but the spirit.

  • Javier Geronimo

    SACRIFICE. How much more can one practice humility, charity, and love than through SACRIFICE. Thank you Jesus.

  • owjw

    I am amazed at how many aspects of our faith Matthew and his staff bring to our attention!! Thank you so much for helping us grow so much in our faith!! Wish I could remember 1/2 of it!!

  • Kathleen Cranford Kelley

    Discovery. During this Triduum I am on a journey to discover the best in me and discover ways God wants me to be better! Life is filled with calm waters,but also turbulent seas. That is my journey….discovery!

  • Duscha Ross

    My word is OBEDIENCE, and I pray that this season continues to nurture the fire and prayer God has placed within all of us to be obedient to His will and plan for our lives. I pray that I may continue to grow and listen for His voice, so that I may respond to the gifts of the Holy Spirit on my journey. I pray that we all seek and find the narrow path through an honest and obedient search for the living water. Thankful for this space and this community, may God continue to bless you all. Prayerfully, Duscha.

  • Christine Deacutis


  • jim

    Coconut is a great analogy. It is a tough nut to crack! First you have to get it down from the tree. It has to be ripe, not green. The husk is a challenge! Need a machete or similar and experience helps also. Then the inner shell isn’t easy either! Then the meat sticks to shell, and the juice is sticky and messy. Yes, it is the story of a soul, my soul.

  • Maggie Ciskanik

    Where can you see the Case for Christ?

  • Paul

    I think I will choose the word ” forgiveness”. When Jesus is on the cross, and has endured incredible suffering, he still has the presence of mind to ask for forgiveness of those around Him. Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do. This can be applied more in my daily life as I encounter difficult situations.

  • RD

    I read through some of the comments and was impressed by the different words that are coming to mind for everyone–God really does speak to us individually and has all kinds of lessons for us to learn in different stages of our lives.

    My word for the Triduum this year will be Mercy. I have been drawn to this mystery all throughout Lent and want to focus on where I will find, and better understand, mercy during my prayer time over the next three days. First start: I looked up the definition: Mercy is compassion and forgiveness; shown especially to an offender or to one subject to one’s power.

    Lord, help me to understand better your great mercy toward us during these next three days as we relive your Passion, Death and Resurrection. Amen

  • Kathy

    Chosen. Jesus chose to save us. Mary was chosen to bring Him human life. The Apostles were chosen by Jesus to hear His word and share it. I was chosen to be a Godmother by our RCIA candidate this year. Every choice I have made in my life has brought me to this moment, this day, this Triduum, this Resurrection.

  • Rose

    The first word that came to my mind was “grace.”

  • Alyson


    Knowing God’s love. Walking alongside his love. Experiencing his love and receiving his love during the Triduum.

    Prayerfully that all hearts may be open to fully experience and receive his love.

  • Jillian

    My husband and I welcomed our first baby in August; a beautiful, healthy, happy little girl. We are beyond blessed. I went through a very mild bout of postpartum, but didn’t recognize it as that until after the fact. In December, our church gave out Resisting Happiness as a Christmas gift. When I took the book I didn’t realize it would have had such an impact on my life. I began reading, and allowed the words on the pages to really sink in. I reflected, and took time to let each chapter guide my week. As Lent approached, I knew I wanted my journey to have more meaning that just giving something up. Although there were days I did not watch the videos and resistance took over, I still feel this has been the best Lent ever. Each day is such a blessing and I couldn’t feel better knowing I have Jesus as my rock and God putting me on this path.

    So, I want to leave this post with my favorite bible verse: psalm 118:24
    “This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad!”

    • Patricia Ellen Davis

      Dear Jillian, Blessings to your family and your new baby daughter as you head into your first Easter with her. May joy abound!! It sounds as though you have carried the cross of depression…one that I have experienced in my life as well (as many of us have). It is wonderful that the Holy Spirit was with you in inspiring your engagement with Resisting Happiness. I just wanted you to know I hear you & I am so happy for you & with you! 💜🌷💜🌷💜🌷

      • Jillian

        Patricia, thank you so very much for your kind words! 😇

  • Stella Romaine-Amoka

    All the comments here are always so enlightening, inspiring and encouraging.
    I am particularly soothed by the offers and willingness to pray for others.
    God bless everyone.
    My word for the TRIDUM meditation is “GODS WILL” .
    In this Lenten journey I have come to the stark realization that as much as I do pray, I have always focused on my expectations and desires.
    This often leaves me anxious or upset & sometimes disappointed.
    During this season I focused on praying for a “TOTAL OVERHAUL OF MY LIFE FROM MY FOUNDATION”
    The journey has been worthwhile, still on it, but one thing is sure, there is NOTHING that I can expect or desire that can compare to GODS WILL for me.
    I now have a deeper appreciation of Jerimaih 29v11.
    Glory to Jesus!
    I surrender.
    Gods will alone be done always!

    • Clare54

      Jeremiah 29: 11-14. This is my favorite scripture! I was began a transformation the week before Easter of 2016 and I was given this scripture to read. It has changed my life forever! I love your post Stella. For me praying with other’s is such a beautiful gift. God Bless You!

      • Stella Romaine-Amoka

        Thanks a lot Clare54.
        God bless you too and all the contributors on this platform.
        Everyone is a blessing.

  • Clare54

    “Obedience” is the word that came to my mind when listening to Katie. I never want to leave the Lord again! Coming to understand how My Dear Father has been guiding me my entire life and I have resisted Him would have saved me a lot of anguish and given me so much more love. I realize how much better my life could have been. I never want to deny Him the love I have for Him. I need to see Him in everyone I meet everyday. I want to serve Him forever. Grow closer to Him and Trust & Love Him more each day. What a miracle of life and love this program is. Matthew you are enriching the Genius of Catholicism!! I cannot thank you enough!!!!

  • Cindy

    As I reflected on today’s Best Lent Ever, the word that came to me was “surrender”. Earlier in this program, as part of making a plan, I’d decided to begin each day with the words, “Thy will be done”, and so surrender is a good word for me. I am excited to use it to ponder the holy words and sacred actions I will hear and experience during the coming days of the Triduum. I also just remembered a song I’d chosen for my testimony at a CRHP retreat many years ago – a song by the group Selah, in which the refrain is “I surrender all of me”. It will be mantra going forward all the days of my life!

  • Cathy

    Preparation (It’s just not for Advent). I saw preparation in Monday’s gospel when Mary anointed Jesus’s feet. I’ll see it tomorrow in the Last Supper as the disciples prepare the place for Passover as well as Jesus’s prayers in the garden. Friday, Joseph of Arimathea will prepare Jesus’s burial. Saturday, we prepare for Easter, the Resurrection. Our Candidates and Catechumens have been preparing for the Easter Vigil for many months. Personally, I’m in the midst of all kind of preparation. Selling our house. Moving to a new town. Finding a new dwelling and a new job. Leaving my ailing parents (this is a tough one, and has been my Lenten focus). I will look towards the scriptures these next few days for acts of preparation that will help give me the best guidance along my spiritual and earthly journeys.

  • Mdblu1

    Change.That is the word for me. The very first day of this program, Matthew talked about resistance. Since then I have thought about that word on a daily basis, and of ways I can “change” to make life less stressful, and to enjoy it more. To get out of bed without hitting the snooze 5 times. I was struggling with a co-worker who was making my job more difficult, and it was really hard to not bring the feelings I had towards him home with me. I thought about it constantly. Two weeks ago, he quit without notice. I am on vacation this week, so when I return to work next Tuesday, I will have a new co-worker. It seems very fitting to me that I will be starting a new life, just as Jesus began a new life. I think that this is God telling me that he has given me new life, and I need to listen to him, “change” myself, and go live the great life he has provided.

  • Maria

    I think I’ll follow humility. Humility is easy to shirk from, but it’s the one we need the most. I remember so many times that I’ve felt humbled and it was uncomfortable, but I also remember that those moments helped me to grow as a person. Perhaps I’ll follow humility in how it leads to growth in the Gospels.

  • Dixie

    I am looking forward to the next four day with anticipation. My son gave me your book, Resisting Happiness and we have been reading and discussing daily your words. Reading and through thoughtful consideration, has helped me realize how much I have to be grateful for. When you look at what is going on all over the world it is easy to feel overwhelmed, but with your words each day, it has helped me see what I can do for others each day. My gratitude for what I have grows daily.

  • John S.

    While speaking on the topic of confession, particularly frequent confession, I heard the priest say “A person doesn’t HAVE TO sin!’……That simple small, but yet powerful comment is so true, and it has changed the way I think and the way I want to try to live my life, by choosing God’s ways and not having to give in to my “pet sinful impulses”. This Triduum, I want to understand more the horror/gravity of sin, and the immense love of God for mankind!

  • Kenya Crisantes

    I think I will look for commitment. It is where I struggle the most. To commit to something and finish all the way through. When in stop to ponder how committed Jesus is to His mission and to us no matter what. It helps me to focus and realize that with that commitment and love I can do anything if I hold His hand through the process.
    Thanks to everyone for this wonderful experience reading your comments has helped me focus and grow this lent season.
    God bless you all.

  • Laura LaDue

    The word I would choose is gratitude. I am grateful to have God in my life. It is mind blowing what Jesus did to save me!

  • Joy

    My word is commune. While I am seeking and learning ways to effectively share (evangelize) the good news of Jesus with people, this Lenten series has helped me to better understand why it is important to pray for those who do not yet understand or embrace our Lord.
    So I can commune with those who do embrace, at church or such as among all of you here, and silently commune in prayer for those who do not know or hear the good news of the Resurrection. Including people very close to me. I can commune even with strangers on the street through prayer.
    I can also commune with the saints, apostles and my loved ones in Heaven.
    And, for the hunger within my soul, I can commune privately with Jesus especially through receiving the Eucharist, and through prayer.

  • Debbie King

    I choose the word ‘hope’ – personally, locally, globally, and most importantly, spiritually! In the messiness and sinfulness of this world, the Triduum is the lived example of hope – from hosannas, to betrayal, from death to resurrection! I want to embrace that hope through the triduum and carry it into the new day that is Easter! We are indeed a resurrection people!

  • Charlotte

    My word for the Triduum is Love. God’s love for me is overwhelming.

  • carolyn

    I am focusing on the word “loved.” Matthew Kelley talked about looking at it through the eyes of someone in scripture so I chose loved through the eyes of John who refers to himself as the disciple that Jesus loved and one that actually was at the foot of the cross.

  • Peggy Pigors

    I think the word for me will be “trust.” How do I trust and not trust God? What happens when I trust completely and what happens when I worry too much about a situation? This is the word that popped into my mind.. How about you?

  • Janet Revheim

    Yesterday I was talking to my children, 7 and 5, about God and why we do the right thing even when it doesn’t work to our advantage. We talked about how you can’t earn your way to Heaven, but we do good deeds because Christ loves us and died for us and asks us to love God and to love others as He loves us. I was humbled to see how this effected my children, that they were able to grasp it’s essence and significance. I often struggle with explaining the Faith to my children and was humbled that God helped me simplify it for them and myself. For this reason I will be using the world “Love” over the next few days, in my readings, in my prayers and in my deeds.

  • Kathleen Spector

    I feel called to experience Mary, our Blessed Mother, throughout this Triduum with a focus on forgiveness.

    I think of the petty things I find difficult to forgive in the moment: the driver whose unkind behavior impedes the flow of traffic.

    How does forgiveness enhance and bring new life to the disciples in these upcoming days? How might seeking forgiveness have changed the life of Judas? How can I better imitate the forgiveness Mary experienced?

  • Amy Reinhardt

    During the Triduum, there is an extensive amount of pain and suffering. Jesus’ crucifixion was nothing short of unbearable. But the reason He chose that road of suffering is the same as the word I will be focusing on this week and that is love. The love Jesus has for his disciples and for all of us. I am eager to dive in and focus on how love comes into play throughout the next few days.

  • Cindy

    My word is GRACE. Grace has helped me get through the tough road I’ve been going through these last few months of the unknown. Trying to figure out what is causing my husbands fatigue and shortness of breath, going through test after test and still not knowing. I thank the good Lord everyday for our life together, and pray that it will continue for a long time to come. I think without the Lords help of GRACE, I would be a wreck!

  • Pat


  • MarthaGrace13


  • Bill S

    I went to reconciliation last Saturday and the priest gave me a very short prayer or mantra to use. “God, change my heart”. And so I have been focused on asking Him to change my heart. So far, so good. I hope this will continue through the Triduum and past Easter Sunday.

    • Jane Hurley

      Than you Bill S for sharing this…have made this into a little personal banner for myself to use with the transformation prayer from the other day.

  • Steven Sisman

    The word that will define my Triduum experience is “Trust”. I trust and have faith God is in control; He is just and merciful.

  • LJ

    Failure-Impetuous Peter was picked, why? Matthew’s ideas are good, do you think Peter’s impetuousity was for the story? After all that weeping and then the trial. In real life there is no time for prayer, is not that a reason for religious houses? Can we remember? God took Israel by the hand and yet the leaders of His time did not care about Jesus? Why? This reality,,,is certainly real in my life.

    Before Jesus came to earth God took Israel by the hand. I get the picture of sin and vigilance. Then comes the shepherd who is talked about as one who cares enough to do war. That brings us to today. Who is Jesus? He is not modeled in any places that I have been. Religious people wanted me once in ny youth, but not in my poverty now. What is that about, encounter…defined as: “To come upon the enemy, unexpected”.
    Why? “Will there be any faith on the earth upon His return…people seemingly are without vision and have works, via way of programs, become a substitute?

  • Joyce W.

    My word will be faithfulness – who is faithful, who is not, who is struggling to be faithful, what is standing in the way of faithfulness.

  • Paul Butler

    I love the best lent ever program… I think I’m on my third year of doing it and this year is the best ever of the best ever… my focus will be coming from contribution… Which for me being an almost 62 year old husband father and grandfather means being a servant leader, sharing and giving in everything I do. Thank you dynamic Catholic and Matthew Kelly… For helping us be the best version of ourselves And for helping us to glorify God by what we think say and do on a daily basis…

  • Larry

    I am so inspired by all of your comments today. We are called to inspire each other as we journey through life. Let our prayers and our actions be an inspiration to all those we come in contact with, especially during our Tridium experiences that will begin tomorrow. Our world needs to be inspired and awakened to God’s Love. Let it begin with each of us. A blessed Tritium to you all.

  • Anita

    I’m going to use humility. One of the definitions from Catholic Encyclopedia: “A quality by which a person considering his own defects has a lowly opinion of himself and willingly submits himself to God and to others for God’s sake.” I’ve read that humility is the source of all the virtues, so I’m going to read the Triduum readings with that in mind. Who is being humble? Who is not?

  • Margie Suarez

    Lead me to the cross.

  • Arlene

    I am going to let the word sacrifice define my Triduum experience. I want to be open to the will of God in every aspect of my life. I want to be selfless as Our Lord was. During this Holy week, I want my light to shine for others to see. I want to bear witness to my children as I actively participate in the celebration of The Lord’s Supper, Passion and Resurrection as lector and Extraordinary Minister. I want to die to my selfish ways and be born into a life of service and sacrifice.

    • Nathan Hall

      Beautiful Arlene, I will pray for you to be successful and the better version of yourself!

  • Niove Candida Rosario

    Acknowledgement is the word I will use to define my Triduum experience. To acknowledge God’s presence in every situation in my life no matter how dark it may seem. I need to stop going insane when something happens thinking it is the end of the world when at the end God will always resolve it in some way.

    On an end note I want to say THANK YOU to Matthew and his faith-filled team for going through this journey with us. Your books are such tools that have helped me greatly in my journey of trying to become the very-best-version of myself. God bless you.

    • Sandy Morris

      Hi Niove! I know EXACTLY what you mean about thinking it’s the end of the world when anything bad happens! I feel a bit like a stalker- I read your other insights/comments and have concluded that we’re kindred spirits 🙂 May God bless you during these Triduum days.

      • Niove Candida Rosario

        We are not alone in this journey. May God bless you too.

  • Judy

    Walking…walking with the Blessed Mother, Mary thru these days. Days she knew were coming yet never anticipated how deep the anguish would go. Unconsolable. She pours out her soul to God. I want to walk beside her to experience her Triduum.

  • Maritza

    “Focus”. On Him, on the experience and as I do that, He will lead where my “Focus” should be.
    I so appreciate the access to Best Lent Ever. It is so helpful.

  • Dorothy Huebner

    My word will be love. The Apostles loved Jesus, but they let their fear for their lives get in the way of being with Him when it really counted. I love Jesus but I let sin get in the way of remaining faithful to Him. Like Usi I like Peter and can relate to him because I have many of the same traits he did.

  • Michele


  • Jeannie Meeh

    Before I watched the 2nd video, my word was Gratitude. But I was so impressed by Katie’s choice.

  • Nathan Hall

    Obedience, I have come a long way in terms of spiritual growth this Lenten season, however one thing I continue to struggle with is obedience to all of Jesus teachings. There remains within me an element of self that wants to do what I want to do, my will, not God’s. I will experience the Triduum focusing on obedience and I as I pray for all your intentions I ask that you pray for me to continue my new daily habit of prayer and strengthen my commitment to be obedient to all of Jesus’ teachings and do Gods will, not my own.

  • Scott Sowers


  • Cindi Westendorf


  • Leah Levitt

    My Saint is Mary Magdalena. What an awesome idea to experience Easter through her eyes. There is a legend that she wrapped her arms around Christs legs during time on the cross and wept bitterly. So my word will be Love.

  • Nathan Hall

    I am participating in the first Christ Renews his Parish in Nirthern California and part of the prayer said at the begging god if each meeting is the saying:

    “May our lives be a prayer of praise – a song of hope, so joyful, that it leads others to be renewed in You.”

    This calls out to me and I wanted to share it with everyone.
    Thank you all for this blessed Best Lent Ever experience.

  • Yvonne Fuller

    I’ve chosen the word Humble. Jesus was incredibly humble throughout the Passion. Mary was humble in accepting God’s way. Peter, my compadre, was humbled with his human brokenness. God Bless each of you.

  • Cat Downing


  • K Graham

    My word will be Trust and I will try to place myself as The Mary’s who accompanied Jesus on His journey as I read the gospel.
    This is a beautiful idea to close out this Lenten journey, thank you Dynamic Catholic, Matthew Kelly and team. May you have a blessed experience over these next few days,

  • Emily Wilson

    I loved Katie’s talk. I was thinking either committment or loyalty but a word stuck out as I was listening to Katie: faithful. Faithful describes my triduum.

  • MaryAnne Casaul


  • Lydia Ross

    In my faith experience, I have discovered in my walk with Jesus that like so many others I want to identify with Peter, Mary, Martha, John, the Blessed Mother, but a few years back I was reminded that no one wants to identify with Judas, his betrayer. And in that homily or talk, I heard the voice of God reminding me that every time I do not allow My Saviour to take and do what is best for me and to trust in the Holy Trinity and demand that they do what I want, I am a bit like Judas. Ouch, that really hurt and then the Trinity showed me what I could do to stop that pain of being like His betrayer. I could trust and “Let Go and Let God”.

  • CSL

    My word would be “grace” – In a time where it seems a virtue to raise an offense (rather than overlooking an offense or turning the other cheek), grace seems rare and precious. I am learning to view myself with the grace of God, not trying to eradicate every opportunity for God to express His mercy for me. In receiving His mercy, I grow in mercy and grace towards others.

  • Carlos

    I will focus on the word Forgiveness. Throughout this year I have experienced God’s love, mercy and grace in a very powerful way. I am in the midst of the greatest trial of my life. God watched me fall and has been there all along to pick up the pieces. He saw me at my lowest point and loved me anyway. He not only picked me up and dusted me off, but also restored me to new life. I think that most of humanity has a problem with forgiveness. We talk about being merciful and we will say that we forgive someone, but our actions show otherwise. When people hurt us, something inside us want us to get even and to return the favor through vengeance. I am truly grateful for receiving and gaining insight into God’s grace. In the light of His grace, I will always choose to forgive others, even when they cannot forgive me. In the end, I choose God and I choose love.

  • Jane C

    The first word that came to my mind was “faithfulness”. I’m not entirely sure why, which makes it all the more interesting. I am trusting that God will reveal that to me over the next three days. Peace!

  • Sue

    awareness. I want to be aware of God’s presence in every part/person of His plan for me. I want to experience sights, sounds, feelings, tastes, even smells of my everyday life plan as His presence.

  • Mag

    This am at Mass the priest said (paraphrased) Judas and Peter both betrayed Jesus. The only difference is that Peter returned and said he was sorry. The priest said that Judas would be revered as ‘St Judas of Iscariot’ today if he had done the same. I am profoundly awed by God’s MERCY (my word–mercy). Bless all of you.

  • Karen in FL

    My word is prioritize. For the Lenten season, I have given up Facebook, and made a priority of reading the various bible readings, reflections, etc. I start the day with them, instead of reaching for my iPad when I first wake up. What a blessing this Lent has been because of my prioritizing, and I’m not feeling the stress that negative posts often cause! I will definitely continue after Easter, with limited Facebook time. It’s shown me I was misplacing my priorities.

  • Elaine

    I am always moved by the word Grace. First because it was my mothers name and since she’s passed I always take notice of it. I like the word for its meaning and will focus on it for the experience.

  • Tony Pantera

    Not sure what word I will use yet. Change had popped into my mind before watching the 2nd video. Not so sure now. Perhaps wisdom or will.

  • Prolifedem6M

    I have used this Ignatian exercise in making the stations of the cross. How did the various figures associated with the events of the Gospels. My most memorable experience was as Simon of Cyrene. The worst was as the Jewish leaders who wanted Christ dead. The most insightful was as the Apostle John.
    These exercises greatly opened my eyes and deepened my faith.

  • Patti

    My word for Triduum this year will be EXPERIENCE. I have never attended the mass of Holy Thursday , Good Friday. I have only attended Easter Vigil and Easter Sunday. After following Best Lent Ever I feel the need to Experience the entire program from beginning to end. Thank you for all the inspiration Matthew Kelly.

  • Mark B. Macanas

    I picked “faithfulness” as my word. I want to see who stuck with Jesus through the entire passion. First person comes to mind is Mary Magdalene.

    • mjtav240

      Interesting that you would bring up Mary Magdalene. I had decided that that’s who I’d like to follow through this Triduum. I think about her absolute adoration of Jesus and to imagine the heartbreak and complete devastation as she watched Him suffer and die….. But then her indescribable joy and jubilation when she met up with him that first Easter Sunday!!!!! Wow!!!
      Incidentally, my word for this Triduum is LOVE as well as many others have chosen. What kind of love is this? I want to know that love and give it away as Jesus did for me!!! Thank You, Lord!!

  • Sherry Flemming

    My word is CHANGE. When we encounter Christ personally, He changes us. Everything around us becomes changed because we have been given the grace to see things more as they truly are. Lord, give me and all the world more grace this Easter to see everything more clearly; to see as You see so that we may love You, everyone we encounter, our lives and even ourselves more unconditionally. Amen

    • Stella Romaine-Amoka


  • Vicki Passier

    Compassion is my word to focus on in the next 3 days. Compassion is much needed in our world and it is a contagious type of offering. I have found that when I show it to others, they invariably pass it on to another.

  • Antoinette

    Life-teen youth group at my church has had a tradition on Good Friday what we call The Cross Walk. There’s a gathering of at least 50 people, young & old. We recite the stations of the cross and/or walk with a smaller cross. Everyone takes a turn to read and/or carry the cross. Singing along with a simple song, this is arduous journey traveling up hills and dirt roads really places us in the mindset of what our Lord and Savior went through.

    I have actually visited Israel many years ago so it’s something special to place myself where Christ died.

    Towards the evening I watch The Passion to really place myself there. Instead of popcorn I have loads of Kleenex.

  • Regina

    Father Anthony in his homily this morning brought alive to us the scene at the Last Supper and Jesus telling everyone that someone would betray him. All of the disciples, one by one, said is it I Lord? Except Judas he replied is it I Rabbi? Judas had not accepted Jesus as Lord. I have decided to use the word “acceptance”to live through the Triduum. I pray for acceptance of my station in life, acceptance of all that the Lord places in my life in the service He expects of me and most importantly, acceptance of the people He places in my life.

    • Stella Romaine-Amoka

      Hmmmm… Judas DID NOT accept Jesus as Lord, consequently he had no moral justification to be loyal.
      May God HELP us in our eternal journey and open the eyes of our hearts to behold Him in His word, His ways and His works. Amen.
      May you find fulfillment in your Tridum Word Choice. Amen.

  • Robert Stanton

    My word will be courageous

  • melanie fernandez

    I am breaking the bonds of resistance… so I am writing
    I am breaking the bonds of criticism… so I allowing Grace to guide me
    I am breaking the bonds of feeling lesser than… so “Transform” is my word
    I am breaking the bonds of silence… Thank you for sharing your words… I was drawn by “personal” ,”encounter”, “Follow” and “Worthy”. As I carry them with me sending blessings on your faith journey as we enter into the Triduum this 2017 Thank you all at Dynamic Catholic for all the inspirations through lent. God Bless.

  • Tina Xinastle

    Confidence is the word I will focus on during the Triduum.

  • Barbara

    “OPEN” is the word I choose for my Triduum experience. I pray to open to the messages in the Gospels, to let them sink in and embrace them.

  • Mark Darrow

    My word will be forgiveness. How many times will I hear the words or actions of how Jesus forgives during his Passion??? I’m learning that Jesus’ time on earth is less about forgiveness and more about salvation.

  • Francine L Spinner- Kelley

    To Alice Ann Hengesbach thank you for sharing this, I will carry this thought with me during the 3 days and beyond. “This will be the shortest homily you have ever heard. If you were the only person in the world, He would have still died for you.” My word will be Passion, Passion for Christ and the Will of His Father.

  • Francine L Spinner- Kelley

    …also the apostle that I would be is Peter… even though he had Doubt and insecurities Jesus still picked him to lead his church. Powerful.

  • Trevor Pelkey

    The word, love, will define my Triduum experience. During this time, I wish to ESPECIALLY show love for my friends and family, putting them before myself!

  • Margo

    I am so grateful for the opportunity to grow in my faith in this Lenten pilgrimage . I have not been so much transformed as beginning to heal. I did not know that it was healing that I was seeking that I was yearning for. Thank you Matthew Kelly. And thank all of you who have participated in this journey. From the bottom of my heart I am greatful to God for his patience with me.

  • Angela M. Williams

    Love that she wants to be a professional hugger. I think that says a lot about the word “transformation” she selected to define her experience.

  • Gary

    Patience. Just patience. A middle school teacher. Patience.

    • Kj

      I can totally relate! I have been a middle school teacher for 32 years (7th grade). Blessings!

  • Maria Nowak

    My word will be Resilience

  • Andrea Leos

    For myself, the word I am going to use Is butterfly. I feel as if I have been a caterpillar for so long. Learning and growing and trying to allow God to transform me, heal me and make me strong again. This lent season I feel it is going to be a very special one for me. I feel as if it’s going to be time for me to expand my wings again and fly. This is such an amazing feeling for me. I am so overwhelmed with joy and thankfulness because I could not have got this far in life without my faith and god and being catholic. To really experience what Jesus has done for me, just makes me feel so special. To know that he loves me and I matter. I want to ask god to take whatever fears I may still have, and flaws, and any junk that I don’t need anymore and transform me into the beautiful butterfly I was created to be. Thank you god!

  • Trish Matta Melnick

    I am choosing judgement,… judging myself, judging others… others judging me.

  • Darrell

    My word this grateful. Yesterday we had the funeral for my mother–she was 90 years old, and lived a full life. During the two days our family spent making funeral arrangements, I was mostly occupied with caring for the needs of my 97 year-old father, who is still living in his home. Because I missed the funeral service preparation, I did not have an opportunity to express my desire to give a personal tribute to my mother. On the day of the funeral, I asked, but it was too late–the formal ceremony had already been set, and couldn’t be changed. I have been feeling a crushing sense of regret, because my mother was such a wonderful person and I wanted to let everyone know how grateful I am for her. So, as a consolation, I would like to share with you what I would have said during her funeral. . .

    For anyone acquainted with my mother, their memories of her are
    likely to be that of an exceptionally friendly and kind person. She
    had such a gracious demeanor that made others feel comfortable
    wherever she went. She was unfailingly sweet with impeccable southern
    manners—and she believed that if you can’t say anything nice, it’s
    better not to say anything at all. But, as sweet as she was, she also
    had a tough side. When we were growing up, my siblings and I were
    not always sweet little angels——– and Mom could certainly handle
    us when we got out of line, but she had an extraordinary sense—a
    wisdom to tell the difference between the times when we messed up and
    needed a stern word, and when we ourselves knew that we had
    messed up and needed a word of encouragement and reassurance. Either
    way, she made it clear that she always had our best interests at

    Her sense of humor was delightful and surprising at times. One time,
    after she had knee replacement surgery some years ago, someone asked
    her how the recovery was going and she smiled and said something to
    the effect of, “Getting old isn’t for wimps”. It was this
    positive attitude that won the hearts of many, especially those who
    helped to care for her as she met the health challenges she was
    confronted with in recent years. To those who were fortunate enough
    to be her long-time friends, she was faithful and thoughtful, always
    willing to help in any way she could. And to those of us blessed
    enough to be part of her family, she was the person whose love for us
    was steadfast and unshakable; always our biggest fan and most
    enthusiastic cheerleader.

    If you are familiar with the author Shel Silverstein, you likely know
    his work entitled, “The Giving Tree”, which came out in the mid
    1960s. It is a short but poigniant book that tells the story of a
    boy who makes friends with a tree, and the reader is given the
    opportunity to observe, mainly from the tree’s perspective, the
    development of this friendship over time. Each time the boy came to
    visit, the tree was excited to see him and eager to give something of
    itself—it offered shade in which to cool off; branches to climb; it
    offered the boy it’s bark to carve his initials in, and finally, even
    at the end of its life, it offered a stump to sit and rest upon. I
    imagine this little book has made an impression on countless people
    in a variety of ways, but for me, it has always been a representation
    of my mother as a “giver”. She was such a generous person, who
    would give anything and everything that she had to those she loved.
    I’m not talking primarily about material things—although she did
    always try to fulfill our wish lists on birthdays and at Christmas
    time— but what she gave the most was her love and encouragement—her
    time and attention. And I believe these are the things in life that
    have the most value. These are the things that constantly conveyed to
    me how much she loved and cared about her family. And these are the
    things that shaped me as a person,and enriched my life beyond
    measure. I told her on more than one occasion: “Mom, the best
    evidence that God loves me is that He selected you to be my mother.”
    It’s been said that there is a test to determine whether or not your
    mission on Earth is finished—if you’re still alive, it’s not
    finished. This certainly applied to her—hers was a lifelong mission
    of serving and loving others.

    Just a couple of weeks ago, I was rummaging through some old personal
    items that I had stored away, and I came across a letter that Mom had
    written me many years ago. She had always been diligent about
    maintaining correspondence, and I had received dozens of notes and
    letters from her over the years. But this particular one had a tone
    that was more reflective than most. In the closing portion of the
    letter, she wrote, “I have loved you as much as a mother
    could possibly love a son.” And looking back on it now, I’d have to
    say that I agree with you, Mom. And for that, I am eternally grateful.

  • Jacinta Freeman

    This Lent has indeed been the Best Lent Ever for me. It has been a grace-filled season in my life. I’m already 46 and never have I felt so recharged, focused and moved during Lent as this year. In the past, I was always busy with work or ministry to totally give of myself to what God has in store for me even when I followed Matthew’s reflections. But this year, through circumstances not always of my choosing, I have a new job and took a sabbatical from ministry work as I was really burned out. And in spite of whatever difficulties I now face with family situations, I feel the Lord speaking to me in ways I never had before.

    As I was praying about what to focus on this Tridiuum, I see God has already placed it in my heart some time ago, just for me to come to this realization now. As a worship leader in my ministry, one of the few songs that I use quite often is ‘I will seek Your face O Lord’ by Noel and Tricia Richards. Most of my prayers, personally and for the community, in the past year has also been about the desire to seek Him. And this year, I’ve been inspired by yet another song, ‘To See Your Face’ by Terry Macalmon, as well as St Anselm’s ‘A Seeker’s Prayer’. So, for these coming three days, I will try to Seek His Face through the eyes of those who were with Christ those last few hours.

  • Susie Caughey

    My word is “guidance”. I feel I need rebirth in my life or change. I will open my mind and my heart in the next 3 days to listen to the path it is God wants to take me next. Many thanks to Matthew Kelly and the Dynamic Catholic team for their guidance throughout this Lent and to those who commented and shared their stories. I was very inspired by the posts also. May you all have a blessed Triduum and Easter.

  • Mary

    My word is “listening”. Truly actively listening to the scriptures, journaling points in my book to help me to remember the high points later. Listening to God telling me where I need to focus and who I need to reach out to. This Lenten journey has helped me to focus upon arising on “being a better version of myself” and letting God speak through me. I am a nurse. One of my regular patient’s was upset about her decline in health today and I listened to her and told her to pray to God about some big decisions she has to make. She told me I was “a gift from God”. I had to hold the tears back and told her that is why I am here to spread God’s love. God is good!

  • Joseph Marvil

    Forgiveness – It is the primal manifestation of God’s love and of our journey to find eternal salvation. This may seem ostensibly only for ourselves, but is possible only when we readily and exuberantly do so for those who trespass against us. Forgive so that thou might be forgiven. One’s eternal life with Jesus rests in great part on our ability and ultimate practice of forgiving others.🙏

  • Maritza Acosta-Pinon

    I think my word will be “BEGIN” I want to begin a new and improved relationship with God, a prayerful relationship, I want to begin to share with others that burning in my heart for the our Lord. I’m so thankful for these wonderful videos and all those that worked hard to put them together. Have a blessed Tridumm

  • Arthur Brown

    Triduum (Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Holy Saturday). I am ready to listen and act. I never knew the meaning of the Triduum before today. I have observed and went through the Triduum but did not know the meaning. I know now it is to look a Holy Thursday as a servant of God as Jesus did washing the feet of his disciples. God Friday as Jesus died for our souls to place all of the sin our His shoulders. I just had a thought and an understanding at the moment that Jesus said God why have you forsaken Me. I know God hates sin and it is hard for Him to see sin. Maybe as He looked down upon His Son He saw the sin of the world on Jesus and at that very moment it was even hard for God to bare and he looked away because of the sin was even unbearable for Him. It is just a thought that crossed my path. But it is the time to recognize the Jesus died for me and others so we could inherit our salvation to get to Heaven to be with God. Then Holy Saturday of examining my soul in remembrance of Christ who On Holy Saturday the Church is, as it were, at the Lord’s tomb, meditating on his passion and death, and on his descent into hell, and awaiting his resurrection with prayer and fasting. It is also a time for us to get ready for the celebration of Christ resurrection.

  • Marise Robinson Petry

    This is for Darrell below. For some reason this he must have removed it, as it was marked inactive. So, Darrell this is for you wherever you are.

    RHi Darrell. What a beautiful and loving tribute, thank you so much for sharing. Your Mother was with you as you cared for the person she loved the longest. She continued her giving ways by giving you the opportunity to be her hands and heart to her husband. In being there for him you are a tangible tribute to who she was and who she taught you to be. I would encourage you to spend as much time as you are able with your Father. After a spouse dies, the one left behind must find another way to go on. Spending time allows you to better know the gift he was to her and she to him. I am touched deeply by your experience of loss. Tonight my rosary will be for you and all who mourn. This Triduum will provide you an opportunity to mourn her passing and your family’s loss with the hope that Easter morning brings. I am sure she is so very proud of you and would say that your action of being responsible for Dad means more to her than any words of praise for her could express. You were Mary and chose the better part. Thank your siblings for allowing you to be her hands of comfort. Peace and aLove.

    • Darrel

      Dear Marise,
      I am not sure what happened to my original post, but your encouraging response gave me peace and joy. Thank you for taking the time to respond so thoughtfully, and for your willingness to dedicate a rosary in honor of those who mourn. I am a recent convert to the Church, and am awe-struck by the thought of being a part of the body of Christ, and by the intersessory prayers offered by righteous persons. May God bless you and keep you…

      • Darrell


        • Marise Robinson Petry

          Peace be with you. Welcome to the community that is the Catholic Church.

  • Letty

    The person I will reflect on this Tridium is Veronica and the word is compassion. Going through chemo the last few months I have felt that others have “wiped my face” through their prayers, food they provided, taking me to doctors visits etc. and my hope is one day I will do the same for others…

  • Magalis Muniz

    The word I choose for my Triduum experience is Transformation. I see the change in me listening to these videos these past weeks. I want to transformed into someone who loves Our Lord and share that with everyone I meet. Jesus, open my ears and my heart to you as I reflect on your passion, death, and resurrection.

  • William Wahlers

    The word willing came to mind. What are we wiling to do for God and others. What were the disciples willing to do and think? What would you be willing to do if there? Are you willing to let the Lord in?

  • Ellen McKeown

    Years ago when I practiced contemplative prayer, my word was shalom. I am so much happier when I practice and somehow I have let it go by the wayside. The word shalom means completeness, fulfillment, well being, harmony, a concept usually encapsulated by translation in the word peace. It often refers to conditions related to peace: safety, health and prosperity of individuals and nations.

    • Tina

      How very interesting Ellen! because where I come from we too have two different words for peace. One word for internal peace and another for external peace. I suppose Shalom is a far better deterrent to disturbance of outer peace than nuclear weapons and such like horrors. Glorious Easter.

  • Christine Trcic

    Katie, What a wonderful start to your post graduate year- I’m also a Zumba Instructor in AZ and how cool to scroll down after your video today to discover you are too! Zumba love from Arizona and Triduum Blessings!

  • Linda Carmelle

    I think my word should be Resilient,I work with infants and toddlers and see how important resilient attitudes are to moving forward in life. I have learned so much from those young souls who have not yet even spoken a word! We learn more because we are willing to never give up and face failure time and again until we achieve our goal.I am a child of God,always,and want to continue learning His ways on a path He sees fit. I just need to have that ability to recover from shock without any permanent after effects,just like young children do. They do not dwell or get stuck in the moment,they keep moving forward. Thank You Lord for letting your little children into my life.

  • Therese Tamburello

    A priest told me that Christ suffered more during His agony in the garden more than being crucified. After all He wanted this cup to pass away and He sweat blood. While many events happened that night, I can’t help but think how Christ stuck to His mission, against all odds. The one word that will define my Triduum experience is perseverance in my life and soaring to new heights with Christ!

    • Kj

      I know! I feel the same way!

  • Donna R.

    My word for the Triduum is trust. I’m thinking about the trust Jesus had in His Father, knowing when He broke the bread at the Last Supper that His own body would soon be broken on the cross, yet trusting God to be glorified through His death and resurrection. Mary, in spite of her intese mother’s grief at seeing her son in such agony on the cross, trusted that He was fulfilling the mission He’d been sent to accomplish, and trusting she would be provided for, which Jesus did by entrusting her into John’s care. And right now, I’m trusting Him to lead me in this next phase of my life, to show me where He wants me, what He wants me to do, and how, especially in the area of living out my faith in closer fellowship with him. I would appreciate your prayers.

  • Zoe

    FAILURE. I’m being dropped from College. I’ve been accused of having missed a class. I DIDN’T miss EITHER ONE of my classes, but this FACT is immaterial, apparently. This was my LAST CHANCE to got to COLLEGE and GET A CAREER! THIS was my LAST OPPORTUNITY to GET OUT OF POVERTY. I’m feeling suicidal. FAILURE.

    • Tina

      Hi Sweet Zoe!, Please don`t feel like this. It is like heavy, heavy weight, that drags one even lower. By the end of Easter Sunday, proof will turn up. Call on your classmates to vouch that you were present at each of the classes.
      I will pray for you. God is holding you in His Hands. I think it was St. Therese of Avilla who said: God treats those He loves this way (experience pain), to which she replied “no wonder You have so few friends, if this is the way You treat Your friends.”

      • Kj

        Great suggestion.

    • maria

      Zoe, please don’t despair. Tina gives good advice. In addition, if you have any notes, handouts, or other work from class that you can show as proof of your attendance that will help as well. I’ll be praying that this is resolved quickly. Remember that God loves you very much!

    • Kj

      Zoe, Thank you for coming here to share your despair. I am an educator and there is never a last chance. Yes, maybe you don’t have the resources to pursue another college, but there are many, many jobs out there that offer training as you work. Go to the job resource center in your city OR find one in another nearby town, online. You are as beloved by the Lord as anyone and He does not accept failure. Not one of God’s creations is a failure. He wants to turn failure into success for you, just like he did with Peter, Paul, and Matthew. Matthew was a successful tax collector, but a failure in faith until he allowed Jesus to touch his life. Turn to prayer in this time of need and I will be turning there with you….

    • JD


      Things may seem hopeless right now, but through God, all things are possible. You are loved.
      O Christ Jesus,
      when all is darkness
      and we feel our weakness and helplessness,
      give us the sense of Your presence,
      Your love, and Your strength.
      Help us to have perfect trust
      in Your protecting love
      and strengthening power,
      so that nothing may frighten or worry us,
      for, living close to You,
      we shall see Your hand,
      Your purpose, Your will through all things.

      By Saint Ignatius of Loyola

    • Sharri

      Zoe, I too am praying here, now. These people have great suggestions. Don’t give up. These prayer warriors are fighting for you!
      Then your light shall break forth like the dawn, and your healing shall spring up quickly; your vindicator shall go before you, the glory of the Lord shall be your rear guard. Isaiah 58:8
      In other words, God had your back!

    • Maria

      Zoe, I’m praying for you right now! Look to see if you have an ombudsperson at your college. They may have some suggestions to help you prove your case. Also, please talk to someone you trust – a family member, a friend, or a priest – about your suicidal feelings.

    • Blaise Burkhard

      Please know that the overwhelming feelings you’re having will pass over time. Yes, T-I-M-E becomes a four-letter word in essence. Pray for patience and grace. Seek help from the hands and feet of Christ; we’re all here to serve each other! We need each other. You are NOT alone! I’ve been struggling with major depression for over 25 years. I’ve had multiple episodes. I promise you that what you’re feeling will pass. I’ve also learned that failure is fundamental in the learning process of life. Through failure, we learn and grow. We were born in God’s image, but we aren’t omniscient. Mistakes are evidence of action in the arena (Teddy Roosevelt) of life. Don’t let these critics you’ve encountered rule. Challenge them. Pray for the perseverance to take the tiniest step forward and the grace to recognize the new path in your mission.

  • Heidi Johnson

    Gratitude will be my word for this Triduum.

  • Elisabeth Young

    Coming in late, but my word will be “intentionality”. I will work to be present at all times, not letting the days slip away. I will keep my focus on Christ and not the myriad of tasks and other issues of the world which are facing me.

  • Barbara Hermes

    Last summmer I attended Mass in a small rural church and the priest was so welcoming, but it is one sentence in his homily that will always stay with me. When it is your time to meet your Maker there is only one question to be asked: Have I loved enough? LOVE will be the word that defines my Triduum experience.

  • Lisa

    Adapt. Beginning with Ash Wednesday, things have been happening that changed my plans. Each time, I had to choose how to react. I could get upset or angry; instead I stepped back and made the decision to try to see what Jesus wants from this.

  • Jeanne

    Like so many of us, I want to control my life, decisions, outcomes etc.
    But recently I’ve been feeling so stressful and weighed down . Matthew Kelly has stated many times , that God has plans for us that far surpass anything we could ever envision for ourself . The words ” let go and let God ” keep popping into my thoughts as I settle down at night and try to go to sleep . I did some research on that statement and I tried to find one one that I could use this Triduum. I settled on the word surrender. It sounds negative,like giving up, but I feel giving God the power in my life is a positive experience. I still have work to do, he will not solve all my problems. The mission or purpose of my life will be able to shine through if I do the work that God calls me to do. I will surrender and keep my eyes and ears open our Lords call.

  • Sarena

    Transition. I feel that through this experience I have been placed through a transition in my life that I didn’t think would ever happen again. I’ve learned so much and have gained new insight. I feel that transformation coming, and I pray that it brings me closer to the peace of God.

  • lizmvr

    Hmmm, this Lent has really helped me in a lot of ways so far. I feel healthier. I know I’m not perfect, of course, but I feel like this Lent has gotten me started in good habits. It’s difficult for me to choose one word because I feel like God has blessed me so much. He provided a new job with a company that allows me time for Mass more often, prayer, eating better and exercising. Seriously this new company is currently running a wellness challenge, and for points one week of the challenge, we’re supposed to do nice things for others. Everyone I’ve met at the new job seems kind and fair. Also, He has helped me clarify the relationships I want in my life and He’s allowed better communication with people I’ve missed and new people that I’m getting to know. I feel like even in disappointing interactions with others, He’s giving me strength to be respectful of myself and of those other people. I think I’m going to choose Love as my word. I want to share with others the Love that God has shown me, especially through this Lent.

  • Emma Spaulding

    My word for the Triduum is eye-opening. Never before have I actually deeply know the events that lead up to Easter and what Easter meant on a deeper level. This year I have stayed true to what I said is was going to do and followed the Dynamic Catholic journey for these 40 days. It has been eye-opening to the things I am missing, the things I need to work on, and the things I can grow in. These next fours days will be ever so great as I await for Easter and to experience the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

  • Rae Mims

    I really had to think on this one. I think my word is passion. I want to find the passion in my life – for my faith, for my family, for my job, for my future. I want to go deeper in my spiritual journey and deepen my faith and deepen my prayer life.

  • Nicole M.

    The word awaken will define my Triduum experience. These next few days are going to be filled with prayer, fasting, family, love, knowledge, and reflection. My soul needs to be awakened and spiritually, I just want to let go of all resistance and feel joy. I need to remember that Jesus died for my sins and saved me. That is amazing. I don’t want to waste life. I want to be awakened and willing to give all I have to God.

  • Marie Patterfritz Reinhart

    My Triduum word will be… love. I have spent this Lenten Season reading Matthew Kelly’s book Rediscovering Jesus along with watching these videos. The two have inspired me to be more active throughout the Lenten Season by attending my granddaughter’s 6th grade class re enacting the Stations of the Cross, then I went to the celebration of the Last Supper and today I attended the Good Friday service. After the Holy Thursday celebration Fr. Miller carried the Holy Eucharist into our small chapel, placed it on the altar and lit only candles in the chapel. He kept the church open for us to visit the chapel until 10:00 p.m. Sitting their in the quietness with Christ’s presence was so incredibly moving for me. Throughout this season I have felt the great love God and Jesus has for me. I have been moved to tears more than once feeling this love knowing I am a sinner who is trying so hard to be a good Christian. I thank God for loving me in spite of all my flaws and sins.

  • Kim Bordelon

    Trust … with my personal struggles and God’s support TRUST is my defining word.