Book Program F.A.Q.

Book Program FAQ

We are excited to help you re-energize your parish!

The Dynamic Catholic Book Program (DCBP) began with a simple idea: Get Catholics reading great Catholic books!

Only 1% of Catholics read a Catholic book in 2008, while the average Evangelical-Christian read four spiritual books.

Over the past five years more than 5,000 parishes and eleven million Catholics have benefited from the DCBP.

Now it is your parish’s turn.


Q: What is the Dynamic Catholic Book Program?

The Dynamic Catholic Book Program is a way to evangelize and educate your parish. It is very easy to implement: order a bunch of books for as little as $2 a copy; pass out the books at Christmas, Easter, or Ash Wednesday; and encourage your parishioners to read them.

Q: Can passing out books really have that much of an impact?

Yes, research conducted by Dynamic Catholic showed that books were one of the main triggers that led to a conversion experience or higher levels of engagement. (See the Epilogue of The Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic for more information.) Books change our lives. We become what we read. What we read today, walks and talks with us tomorrow.

Q: How will this program benefit my parish?

Your parish will benefit in many ways, some measureable and others immeasurable. Here are some examples:

  • Parishes that have conducted the program three years consecutively have seen an increase in Mass attendance of 9.4% and an increase in Sunday collections of 9.6%.
  • Adult Faith Formation: If you hold adult education events, many people will be too busy to come. Those that come will grow spiritually, but those that don’t won’t. The book program is a mobile adult faith formation experience. People can participate anywhere on their own time.
  • Evangelization: The last three popes have made the New Evangelization the primary initiative for the Church. The book program is a simple and practical way to evangelize the people of your parish.

Overall, as your parishioners learn more about the faith, they will become more engaged and involved, which will lead to a more vibrant parish. This, in turn, attracts more people to give the Catholic faith another look.

Q: Why should a parish participate in this program?

The tide is going out on Catholicism in the America. Only 29% of Catholics in the United States go to Mass on any given Sunday. Only 17% go every Sunday. The numbers have been in decline for decades.

Business as usual is not going to turn the tide, or even stem the tide. We need bold, new initiatives that invite people to become more engaged spiritually.

What is your parish doing to re-engage disengaged Catholics? In too many parishes, the answer is, “Nothing.” The DCBP will help you re-engage disengaged Catholics and make your parish a more dynamic faith community.


Q: How much do the books and CDs cost?

Orders of 500 copies or more are just $2 per book (or CD), including shipping. Orders of 6-499 copies are $3 per book (or CD), including shipping. Available for shipping addresses within the United States. Canadian Residents: Books and CDs are available at $3 per item, including shipping, for orders of 500 copies or more.

Note: These books and CDs usually retail for between $10 and $17.95.

Q: Is it worth the investment?

If just one person comes back to church because you give them a book on the way out of Mass this Christmas or Easter, and that person is 40 years old, lives to be 80, and puts just $10 in the collection each Sunday, that returning Catholic will contribute $520 over the next year and $20,800 over the rest of his/her lifetime. That’s a $20,800 on your $2 investment.

And the spiritual benefits are priceless.

Q: Are there additional charges beyond the $2 or $3 per book cost?

No, there are no additional costs. Dynamic Catholic also makes a series of support materials available at no cost. These include study guides, bulletin announcements, etc.

Q: How do parishes usually fund the program?

If your parish has a budget for Evangelization or Adult Faith Formation, this is a perfect way to use those funds. But many parishes do not have a budget for Evangelization or Adult Faith Formation. If that is the case, here are some examples of how we have seen other parishes fund the program.

  • Individual Donor: In some cases, a single donor decides to fund the program for the parish.
  • A Group of Donors: If a parish needs 2,000 books (cost $4000), find four parishioners who would contribute $1000 each, or eight donors who will contribute $500 each. Give people a chance to do something great for their parish and many will sacrifice to make it happen.
  • Parish Groups: Many parishes have had groups within the parish sponsor the effort, such as the Knights of Columbus, Mother’s Groups and Men’s Groups.

If you find another way to fund the program, please let us know so we can share the idea with other parishes.

Title selection

Q: You offer many books and CDs through the program, do you suggest starting with a particular title?

The most popular book in the program is Rediscover Catholicism. Thousands of people have come back to the Catholic faith through this book. We suggest you start with this title.

Q: If a parish was going to do the program five years in a row, which titles would you suggest?

There are many titles in the program, and we add new titles every year. Here is a suggested five-year plan; however, there may be something happening in your parish that makes one of our other titles more suitable at a particular time in your parish.

Year One: Rediscover Jesus or Rediscover Catholicism, both by Matthew Kelly

Year Two: Rediscover Jesus or Rediscover Catholicism, both by Matthew Kelly

Year Three: Confessions of a Mega Church Pastor by Allen Hunt

Year Four: Made for More by Curtis Martin

Year Five: The Seven Pillars of Catholic Spirituality (CD) by Matthew Kelly

Year Six: Jesus Shock by Peter Kreeft

Q: Should we offer more than one book at a time?

We recommend that you offer just one book or CD each Christmas and one book or CD each Easter. This allows you to read the book together as a parish and talk about it in various forums, from informal social conversations to more formal small group discussions.

Placing Your Order

Q: How do I order?

Easy! Click one of the links below, or call 859-980-7900 and one of our fabulously helpful team members will be happy to assist you with placing your order.

Order Rediscover Jesus Order Other Titles

Q: How many books should I order for my parish?

We recommend that you order enough books for 75% of registered families. For example, if you have 2,000 registered families, we recommend you order 1,500 books.

Q: Do I have to order in quantities of 250, 500, 1,000, or 2,000?

Like all systems, our online system has limitations—you are only allowed to order certain quantities. If you want a quantity that you don’t see available online, please call 859-980-7900 and we will assist you in placing your order.

Q: Can I get a review copy of a book my parish is considering?

Absolutely. Give us a call at 859-980-7900. We will help you with your selection and send you a complementary review copy.

Q: Are the books available in languages other than English?

Yes, some of our titles are available in Spanish. Click here to see this year’s featured Spanish titles.

Q: Should we do a book or a CD?

It is a matter of personal preference. Books contain a lot more information than CDs, so if you can encourage people to read it, a book is probably better. But many parishes who have done the program several times like to use a CD sometimes to include people who don’t like to read.

Q: Can I order a variety of products available through the Dynamic Catholic Book Program and still receive the $2 price per item?

Yes. As long as your order is for more than 500 units total, you will receive the $2 price.

Q: When will my books or CDs arrive?

All orders of 44+ take 1-6 business days, and orders of less than 44 take 7-10 business days.

Q: How do I pay for the order?

You can pay for your order with a credit card either online or over the phone. If your parish needs to be invoiced for accounting reasons, please call 859-980-7900 to place your order. Payment must be received within 14 days of placing your order.

Q: Do you accept returns?

We currently are not able to accept returns except for the following circumstances.

1. NON-DELIVERY OF THE PRODUCT, due to an issue caused by Dynamic Catholic’s internal fulfillment, such as delivery of the incorrect product(s) and/or delivery fulfillment to incorrect mailing address as it was submitted and appears in “Ship To” section of the order.

2. DAMAGED OR DEFECTIVE PRODUCTS. Although our CDs, DVDs, books, and other products have been manufactured to meet highest quality standards, occasionally a product will be shipped that does not properly function, or is damaged during shipping. If you have experienced such an issue please contact Dynamic Catholic at the number below and we will coordinate a replacement of the product ordered.

Our goal is to provide dynamic resources that inspire people to rediscover Catholicism, live with passion and purpose, and bring spiritual vitality to the Church. To initiate a return or refund, please contact us at, or 859-980-7900. Thank you for your support of our efforts at The Dynamic Catholic Institute.

Q: Are e-books available through the DCBP?

At this time, e-books are not available through the program. We are looking into the possibilities for future inclusion in the program.


Q: What is the best way to distribute the books?

The best way to distribute the books is to hand them to people as they leave Christmas or Easter Mass. Parishes who have taken this approach have seen a significant increase in collections over the previous year. Why? People were given a gift that made them feel grateful . . . and when we are in a place of gratitude we are more generous.

Be sure to have a group of joy-filled volunteers pass out the books to parishioners as they leave church. This personal touch is critical to the success of the effort. Remember: This might be the only time you see many of these people all year!

Q: When is the best time to distribute books?

32% of Catholics only come to church once a year—at Christmas! This is the perfect opportunity to re-engage them.

After Christmas, Easter, and Ash Wednesday are the best times.

Many parishes do a different book or CD each Christmas and Easter.

Follow Up

Q: What if I need more books than I ordered?

Many parishes find that they did not order enough books. If you ordered more than 500 copies in your original order we will honor the $2 per copy price for 30 days after your distribution. Just give us a call and we will place your order for extra books.

Q: What follow up do you recommend after we distribute the books?

Many parishes organize small groups to discuss the book. (We provide free Study Guides for select titles.) It is also important to keep encouraging people each Sunday to read the book. This can be done with bulletin announcements or by sending out emails to your parish email list.

Nothing is more powerful than your priest mentioning the book in his homily and encouraging people to pick it up and read it if they have not already.

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