Parish Book Program – 2013 Featured Offerings

2013 Featured Titles

There are now dozens of books and CDs available through the Dynamic Catholic Parish Book Program, but each year we highlight a handful of titles as our featured selections. These are usually a combination of the old and the new. Some of these titles have been bestsellers in the program for years and others are emerging as the next generation of bestsellers. Each title is selected because it meets people where they are and leads them to where God is calling them to be.

We hope this year’s Featured Selections will change many lives in your parish.

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Four Signs

The Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic

Matthew Kelly

If you walk into any Catholic church next Sunday and look around, you will discover that some people are highly engaged, others are massively disengaged, and the majority are somewhere in between. Why? What is the difference between highly engaged Catholics and disengaged Catholics?

Answering this question is essential to the future of the Catholic Church. If we truly want to engage Catholics and reinvigorate parish life, we must first discover what drives engagement among Catholics. Matthew Kelly explores this question in his groundbreaking new book, and the simplicity of what he discovers will amaze you.
Four Signs Multi Pack

Ordinary Lives Extraordinary Mission

Ordinary Lives extraordinary Mission

John R. Wood

These are difficult times for the Catholic Church and the United States of America. There is only one solution to the problems we face… saints! Becoming a saint is a choice, and we must begin choosing the saint within each of us. The biggest crisis of our time is not ecomomic, health care, or vocations, but is an identity crisis. We have forgotten our mission to become saints and forgotten our story as Catholics. We must rediscover that mission and hold each other accountable to accepting responsibility for that mission. Business as usual is not going to cut it. We need heroic Catholicism.

This book is a five step guide to choosing the saint within you. The world doesn’t need another John Paul II or Mother Teresa. The world needs you. Your ordinary life has an extraordinary purpose.
Ordinary Lives Extraordinary Mission

Everybody Needs to Forgive

Everybody Needs to Forgive Somebody

Allen R. Hunt

Forgiveness will unleash a power in your life that is underrated and often ignored. It is underrated mainly because it is underused. We fail to capture the power of forgiveness because we are afraid of it, because we have grown comfortable in our familiar wounds, or because we are sinfully stubborn. But the power is there waiting for us. This little book, and the eleven real life stories in it, will help you capture that power. Because everybody needs to forgive somebody.

Jesus Shock

Jesus Shock

Peter Kreeft

The life of Jesus Christ is indelibly engraved upon history; neither the erosion of time nor the devastating and compounding effects of evil have been able to erase his influence. Some people thought he was crazy; others considered him a misfit, a troublemaker, a rebel. He was condemned as a criminal, yet his life and teachings reverberate throughout history. He saw things differently, and he had no respect for the status quo. You can praise him, disagree with him, quote him, disbelieve him, glorify him, or vilify him. About the only thing you cannot do is ignore him, and that is a lesson that every age learns in its own way.

You can’t ignore Jesus, because he changed things. Get ready to discover Jesus like you have never known him.

Made For More

Made for More

Curtis Martin

While everything you do –and every decision you make–is aimed at making you happy, you may step back from time to time and ask yourself, “Why am I here?” and “Is there a deeper meaning to life?” To find these answers, you need go beyond the distractions of the world and be open to discovering your true purpose and self-potential. If you find your true purpose, you’ll discover that you really are “made for more” than what our culture has to offer. You’ll see life as the adventure it’s meant to be, and you’ll find that you have an irreplaceable role to play in the world. This will set you on a path toward true peace and contentment that will last for the rest of your life –and into eternity. This book is quick and easy to read, answering the question: “Why be Catholic?”

Rediscover Catholicism

Rediscover Catholicism

Matthew Kelly

Over the past 20 years, Matthew Kelly has seen more of the world than most presidents and more of the Church than most bishops. Now, in this unique and timely book, he proposes that Catholicism is not a lifeless set of rules and regulations, but a way of life designed by God to help each person reach his or her full potential. With remarkable insight, Kelly dispels dozens of myths that surround the rejection of Catholicism today and provides a profound and practical vision of what will lead the Catholic Church to thrive again in the future. Rediscover Catholicism is quickly becoming the most read Catholic book of our times. From the spellbinding opening story, Kelly grips his readers and takes them on a life-changing journey to rediscover the genius of Catholicism.

Seven Pillars of Catholic Spirituality

The Seven Pillars of Catholic Spirituality

Matthew Kelly

The content of this one hour program will challenge you to become the-best-version-of-yourself, inspire you to live life to the fullest, encourage you to act purposefully, and direct you to a deeper conversation with the Creator of the universe. Are you up for the challenge?



Chris Stefanick

Relativism is not the answer to world peace or even personal peace of mind. It is a disease that is destroying our culture and our lives.
Ready to find out how?

Becoming the Best Version of Yourself

Becoming the Best Version of Yourself

Matthew Kelly

Becoming the Best Version of Yourself reminds us that everything makes sense in relation to our essential purpose, and that, without a clear understanding of the purpose in our lives we find ourselves constantly in a cloud of confusion. Kelly then explains the meaning of friendship, work, marriage and money, all in relation to our essential purpose. Beyond that he demonstrates how understanding our essential purpose brings clarity and direction to our lives, especially in the area of making decisions. Finally, he challenges us to reassess the physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual aspects of our lives. With the heartwarming charm and humor he has become so well known for, Kelly invites his audience to make one resolution in each of these four areas… and explains how these four new habits can transform our lives.

Books Available in Spanish

Rediscover Spanish

Redescubre el Catolicismo

Matthew Kelly

Redescubre el Catolicismo nos lleva hacia una aventura de proporciones transformadoras de vida. Comenzando con nuestro común anhelo de felicidad, Kelly revela la esencia de la auténtica espiritualidad católica, al tiempo que se refiere a algunas de las preguntas más importantes que enfrentamos hoy en dia, como individuos y como Iglesia.

Confessions of a Mega Church Pastor

Conversión del Pastor de Una Mega Iglesia

Allen Hunt

Decenas de miles de adultos estadounidenses se unen a la Iglesia Católica cada año. ¿Por qué? ¿Qué es lo que los atrae al Catolicismo? En Conversión del Pastor de una Mega-Iglesia, Allen Hunt revela los tesoros del Catolicismo, de los que muchos católicos de toda una vida simplemente no son conscientes. Al mismo tiempo, demuestra el genio de la Religión Católica, nos anima a ser más partícipes y a valorar más nuestra fe. Con su toque personal, profundo y cautivante, Hunt lleva a sus lectores en un viaje que está seguro cambiará la forma en que experimentamos nuestra fe. En un momento en que muchos están desilusionados acerca de lo que es la Iglesia Católica y hacia dónde se dirige, Allen Hunt brillantemente nos recuerda que la santidad personal es la clave para un futuro más grande al que Dios nos quiere conducir, como individuos y juntos como Iglesia.

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