Catholic Moments

Catholic Moments

There are some moments that are quintessentially Catholic. At Dynamic Catholic we are committed to producing world-class learning systems for each of these moments. This work began in 2009 with an assessment of all current programs and the needs of the Church in these areas. At that time it was determined that the largest immediate need was in the area of Confirmation. Each year one million young Catholics are Confirmed in the United States. 85% of them will stop practicing the faith within seven years of being Confirmed.

In May 2014, we launched the first of our major programs for Confirmation. This program is unique in many ways, from its engaging content, high level production, and the use of technologies that have never been used in Confirmation Preparation before. But it is also unique in that this program is available to every parish in the United States for FREE. This is made possible by the incredible generosity of our donors here at Dynamic Catholic, especially the Ambassadors.
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We have two other programs in development at this time: First Communion & Marriage Preparation.

These moments are central to the Catholic experience. They also provide the perfect opportunity at critical moments in a person’s life to present the genius of Catholicism in practical, inspiring, and relevant ways. If we are able to present the faith in this way we will engage Catholics in a life-long commitment to their faith.

The Catholic Moments are key moments in the life of an individual, but they are also the heart of the life of the Church. So much of our time, energy, and resources as a Church are spent on these Catholic Moments. This is why at Dynamic Catholic we chose to focus such a large part of the mission on them.

People often ask us how they can help and participate in this great mission. There are three ways we would like to invite you to partner with us in this work:

  • 1. Pray for our work.
  • 2. Be generous financially.
  • 3. Help us discover what content is needed.

Thank you for your interest in our Catholic Moments initiative. We are excited to serve your parish in powerful ways by putting world-class resources in the hands of the men and women who volunteer their time to bring these moments to life in your parish.

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