The program is free.

Anyone will be able to access and experience DECISION POINT online at any time at no cost. Online access to the workbook, leader guide, and video content is available at:

Physical copies of the program will also be available to every parish. The program kit includes: the DVD series, one Leader Guide, and one Workbook. They are available for free to anyone, we simply ask that you pay a shipping and handling fee of $15.95. These materials are valued at $350.

Originally we had planned to make the entire program online, but throughout our research stage parish leaders asked us to make physical materials available and we have responded to those requests. If you elect to use physical workbooks they can be obtained at for $4 per copy. Again, if these workbooks were part of any other program they would cost $24.95.

We want to stress that the whole program can be experienced online at no cost and that nobody is required to purchase physical materials. They are simply available because so many people have expressed a preference that they be made available.

Summary of Offerings and Costs:

Online program: FREE


E-mail version: FREE

Program Pack: FREE* – Shipping and handling $15.95 per pack ($34.95 in Canada).

*This includes the 72 short films on DVD, one leader guide, and one workbook.

Workbook: $4.95 including shipping (any quantity)

Leader guide: $6.95 including shipping (any quantity)

We realize that there may be some parishes that simply cannot afford to pay anything, even the shipping costs. If this is truly the case and your parish is in that category, please contact us and we will endeavor to find a donor to cover the costs.


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From the outset, we wanted to build the most effective Confirmation program ever. We simply did not see the point of doing that unless we could find a way to make it available to every candidate making the journey toward Confirmation.

Every day we get questions about how we are able to offer this program for free. Dynamic Catholic will spend more than $3 million developing, releasing, and improving DESCISION POINT. This has been made possible by thousands of generous benefactors – ordinary men and woman like yourself. Sure, some of them wrote large checks with lots of zeros, but most of them are faithful members of The Ambassadors Club and give $10, $25, $50, or $100 a month.

In the coming years we plan to deliver a dozen programs to enrich the lives of Catholics and their parishes. It is our hope that we will be able to make all these programs available free of charge. So, think about becoming a Dynamic Catholic Ambassador.

To become an Ambassador and join us in this incredible mission, or to learn more, visit:

If you are willing to make a little sacrifice, together we can make a huge difference.

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