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I’ve been searching, waiting, and frankly praying for years for religious formation materials that will adequately address these two issues: for video-based curricula that will have a superstar catechist evangelize and engage the students directly and then provide first-rate interactive resources for teachers in the classroom and parents at home to help the students to learn and live the lessons. As an inner-city pastor, I have also hoped that I wouldn’t have to institute a grand annual collection in order pay for these materials.

It seems the long Advent—and for some students and teachers, the long Lent!—is over with the May release of DECISION POINT, the new Confirmation program developed by Matthew Kelly and his team at Dynamic Catholic.

– Father Roger J. Landry, pastor of St. Bernadette Parish in Fall River, Massachusetts and former executive editor of The Anchor
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DECISION POINT is the best invitation to young Catholics to accept and live their faith that I have encountered. As one who has attempted to pass on the faith I can only stand in total admiration for what DECISION POINT provides.

For all the challenges and questions we face preparing young people for Confirmation, DECISION POINT is a long awaited answer. It presents the option of faith to questioning young people in an exciting, inspiring, convincing manner.

In preparing young Catholics not only for Confirmation but for a life of faith, DECISION POINT offers a whole new, refreshing, inviting, engaging, and absolutely needed gift.

DECISION POINT is a breakthrough in helping young Catholics embrace the Faith not just for Confirmation but for life.

– Cardinal Donald Wuerl, Archbishop of Washington

Matthew Kelly is one of the bright stars of the new evangelization. DECISION POINT promises to provide parishes with an important resource for forming young people to be the “missionary disciples” that we need for our Church and our world.

– Most Reverend José H. Gomez, Archbishop of Los Angeles

DECISION POINT is a fresh and engaging resource for Confirmation candidates and their families. Following the premise that we must be evangelized before we can be catechized, this program covers very well the basics of the Catholic faith while putting into practice the approach of the new evangelization. It is parent- and parish-friendly and offers information about our Faith in a style and language that is accessible and relevant to youth. I thank Matthew Kelly and his colleagues for this gift to our Church.

– Most Reverend Joseph E. Kurtz, D.D., Archbishop of Louisville

As a diocesan bishop I am always on the lookout for effective resources to enhance our Confirmation program. The DECISION POINT program from Dynamic Catholic is the kind of resource that we have been looking for. I appreciate its flexibility and its strong emphasis on forming intentional disciples through a process of evangelization and solid catechesis. This tool will help us prepare the kind of young missionary disciples that are so important for the new evangelization.

– Most Reverend Paul S. Coakley, Archbishop of Oklahoma City

DECISION POINT is a great tool to use in preparing our youth for Confirmation. The program reminds young people of the many decisions they make—and how the commitment to discipleship is a personal call from Jesus and is at the core of their lives. The program presents our Catholic teachings in a youth-friendly and inviting way.

– Most Reverend Gregory M. Aymond, Archbishop of New Orleans

Dynamic Catholic’s DECISION POINT is an exceptional tool for forming our teens into missionary disciples. The structure of the program, the searching questions, the short videos, the use of the Bible, the saints, and a virtue all facilitate the young Catholic to encounter Jesus Christ.

The balance between encountering Christ and catechetical knowledge is very well done. But best of all, our teens are invited to integral development—to become the-best-version-of-themselves.

The simple message: Being Catholic is becoming a disciple of Christ, that is becoming the-best-version-of-yourself, that is becoming a saint.

DECISION POINT, because it is available online, allows parents to work with catechists to engage their children in an exploration of the Faith that invites true development. I find this approach and program exceptional. Our catechists love it and are very excited by its creativity.

– Most Reverend Charles Jason Gordon, Bishop of the Dioceses of Bridgetown and Kingstown

Matthew Kelly is a dynamic Catholic evangelist, with a mission to win souls for Jesus Christ. Like all of his work, DECISION POINT will bring young Catholics to a real encounter with Christ—and equip them to become his lifelong disciples. The sacrament of Confirmation is a singular moment in the life of a young person—DECISION POINT prepares young men and women to be disposed to that moment and receive the grace to live the Gospel with real enthusiasm.

– The Most Reverend James D. Conley, Bishop of Lincoln

As bishop of the Diocese of Green Bay, I recognize the need for quality, dynamic, and engaging programming for Confirmation students. Dynamic Catholic’s new Confirmation program, DECISION POINT, does a wonderful job weaving insight from the Scriptures and from the lives of the saints, as well as including the rich tradition of the Church and offering topics that will engage and challenge young people. It is a wonderful gift to the Church.

– Most Reverend David L. Ricken, Bishop of Green Bay

DECISION POINT is not only a great Confirmation preparation program. It provides a formation in discipleship, guiding young people to think deeply about their lives and to embrace their Catholic faith with conviction. It is geared to helping young people to make the serious decision to follow Christ as active members of His Church and to become true missionary disciples.

– Bishop Kevin C. Rhoades, Bishop of Fort Wayne-South Bend

As a program for preparing students for the reception of the sacrament of Confirmation, I find Matthew Kelly’s treatment of the basic tenets of our faith and liturgical life in DECISION POINT to be a remarkably cogent and effective example of evangelical Catholicism. DECISION POINT is a gift to the Church in the opening decades of this century.

– Most Reverend Dennis M. Schnurr, Archbishop of Cincinnati

DECISION POINT is designed to help engage your young people in a dynamic conversation about our Catholic faith. We all know that teenage years are the most important time in a person’s life for choosing whether to live their faith. DECISION POINT is an excellent tool to help our young people choose to live out our Catholic faith. I urge you to check it out.

– Mark Berchem, Founder and Executive Director of NET MINISTRIES

The definition of madness is doing the same thing over and over again while expecting different results. DECISION POINT is the remedy for this madness in that it has emerged out of and through solid research. I have no doubt that the results for our children will be different and that the kind of thinking behind this program can revolutionize the way we work to help our children come to know and love God in a way that will keep them in the Faith for a lifetime.

– Dan Burke, Executive Director of the National Catholic Register and Founder of the Avila Institute for Spiritual Formation

This is the best Confirmation program I have ever seen. DECISION POINT is a game changer! It fills the mind while it warms the heart. My children are asking me when we can do more. I recommend DECISION POINT, even if you have already been confirmed.

– Curtis Martin, Founder of FOCUS – The Fellowship of Catholic University Students

I received a copy of DECISION POINT a month before my oldest daughter’s Confirmation last year. I have to be honest and say that up until that point I had left her preparation for the sacrament in the hands of our parish and school. DECISION POINT gave me the mechanism to engage my daughter in some very rich and beautiful conversations, not just about Confirmation, but about the choices she will have to make as a lifelong disciple of Jesus Christ. It is brilliant, engaging, thought-provoking, and challenging. It is so much more than the gifts and fruits of the Spirit. I believe the Holy Spirit inspired this gift that will bear fruit for many years to come.

– Matthew Manion, President of The Catholic Leadership Institute

Our first class for ninth grade Confirmation students was last week. WOW, they loved DECISION POINT! We started with the video on “Navigation” and then onto the session on “Choices.” The students really got into the films and the workbook, and they are looking forward to their next class. Our 10th grade Confirmation class starts Sunday and we are looking for an even better reply. God sent us to you for a reason and we as Confirmation teacher’s thank you for DECISION POINT. It is perfect for today’s youth. This program grabs them right out of the box—it really is geared for them.

– Patricia B. (Teacher)

I am so thankful for the Dynamic Catholic team for getting the DECISION POINT program into our Confirmation classes. This week was our third class and we already love it. The program reaches the kids at their level. Total “meet them where they’re at” approach. It not only has great content, but it highlights saints throughout the lesson plans and touches on real-life issues. We are very excited to have this program and know the youth are enjoying it as well.

– Alicia V. (Teacher)

In my role, I’m doing evangelization, adult faith formation, and RCIA. I’m making use of DECISION POINT as a supplement. I have to tell you, I’ve been impressed—not only with the materials, but also with how you’ve made the program available online, and the way you’re making the materials available for parents and/or sponsors via the emailed videos, and the videos you have for trainers. No other program offers this level of support.

What I wanted to say was simply “kudos”! Thank you for the countless hours, time, effort, testing, writing, and video production and editing work that went into this program. Please know that your work is bearing fruit. The Holy Spirit is still active and moving in the Church thanks to all of you at Dynamic Catholic. As a father of five, I am thankful for it. Keep up the innovative things that you’re doing. Keep thinking outside the box!

– Tim D. (New Evangelization Coordinator and Parent)

We are currently using DECISION POINT for our faith formation at home. Having three teen sons, I love the opportunities for real-life discussions that come up as we listen and read through the program (of course we all enjoy Matthew Kelly’s awesome accent, and his ever-present smile, too!). As you know, many boys aren’t willing to share their feelings, especially with Mom and Dad. This is a true gift for us!

– Paula W.

I am the director of faith formation at my church and just received the DECISION POINT program. This is very much what I have been looking for. For the past several years, I have developed my own programs for the children because there was nothing out there that really spoke to them—where they are at—where their hearts are. Thank you for this!

– Andrea W.

This program is amazing! I wish I had experienced this when I was a teenager. God bless you for what you are doing for our children by giving us these beautiful tools to help them on their faith journey!

– Marguerite C.


I have been working with teens for over seven years now and know first-hand how desperately this program is needed. Thank you for creating DECISION POINT and especially thank you for making it available for FREE!

– Peggie W.


DECISION POINT is awesome!!! As a member of the Ambassador’s Club, I cannot think of a better way to invest in the future of the Catholic Church for our amazing young people. I’ve ordered the program as a parent of a 13-year-old who will be going through Confirmation preparation in two years. I also plan to share the program with our deacon! Thank you isn’t enough!

– Donna N.


I am so grateful the DECISION POINT Confirmation program is finally ready to be used!! I look forward to embracing it and helping my students grow closer to God through it!!

– Mary Ann T.

I am 25 years old and have watched many of my friends fall away from the church over the years. Today I watched 5 minutes of the first video—and I am already blown away. I am so inspired that there is finally a program that does justice to the Catholic faith! Thank you Dynamic Catholic!! Keep up the GREAT work!!

– Stephanie S.

I am so excited about this new Confirmation program. I can’t wait to actually bring the DECISION POINT experience to the youth of our parish and watch it transform their lives! Game changer for sure!

– Sandy B.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! As a middle school teacher, I love how flexible the structure of this program is; it will be perfect for our school, which has Confirmation preparation over a two year period. I’ve enjoyed all the videos and think the workbook is brilliant!

– Suzanne F.

I am very excited about the possibilities DECISION POINT offers to the youth of our church. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to this idea. I can already see that it is different in all the right ways. I plan to share this information with our pastor and genuinely hope that we will adopt it for our Confirmation preparation program moving forward. God bless you!

– Helena C.

I just watched the video, Navigation, and I kept thinking to myself—YES, this indeed is genius at work—the genius of the Holy Spirit of God—working through and with Matthew Kelly and his team at Dynamic Catholic.

– Donna B.

Our third child will be confirmed in the spring of 2015, so this came out at the perfect time for her preparation, and I am so grateful! Let’s just say—that the program is so great, I cried through some of the videos. The tears represent my hope for a renewal among our young people! I will do my best to champion this program within our parish and parish school. There is so much good to be gained!

– Barb T.

Wow, your hard work has truly become a great reality. What a meaningful, upbeat, and creative way to reach young people. The video quality is top notch. It really catches and keeps your attention. I am so proud of the mission you have taken on. You are taking giant steps in helping the Catholic Church turn the bend. This program will empower young people to think about the decisions they make.

– Mary Joe C.

This program is incredible! I sat down to watch it myself and then quickly called in two of my children (who are both teenagers) to watch the videos with me. They both really like the format, were super engaged by the videos, and wanted to see more! I would encourage anyone with teenagers to get this program and watch it with their children! It’s too important not to.

– Maryann O.

I thank you for seeing the need for good, accessible resources for the Catholic youth, and for addressing that need through this wonderful Confirmation program.

– Trina M.

I am so grateful for all the work you are doing to improve the Confirmation experience and increase our youth’s understanding of Catholicism. DECISION POINT will help make their relationship with Jesus personal and bring their faith into active daily living. This has been needed for so long.

– Cathy C.

This may be the single greatest thing anyone has done for Catholicism in centuries!! My 15-year old-daughter was Confirmed last year—hopefully I will be brave and disciplined enough to get this engaging content to her and her 17-year-old sister. I think it will greatly impact their lives.

– Monica P.

I am a 6th grade teacher and I used DECISION POINT in the classroom the past two weeks with great success! The first class using it elicited participation from EVERY student, even those who have barely spoke a word all year. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for all you do to provide outstanding resources for our youth and for helping teachers like me connect with our students in a meaningful way.

– Sheila M.

Our parish is extremely poor. We have been working without books for our students. Thank you for making real the One, Holy and Apostolic Church. Sometimes, while seeing the poverty I have found myself wondering about the word, “One.” I cannot begin to tell you how grateful Sr. Rosemary is for your tremendous act of generosity and love. The poor deserve good tools also. Thank you for making this possible.

– Patricia B.

The Catholic religion has been calling to me for over two years now. Your DECISION POINT program is fantastic and I was deeply moved watching the videos. I was also deeply moved when I learned that the entire program is free and available online to anyone who wants to experience it—even adults like me. What a gift! Thank you for continuing to encourage me through wonderful programs like this one. I look forward to this upcoming journey.

– Linda Carole K.

I can’t even begin to tell you how beautiful this program is!

I am 22 years old, and I have been blessed to be in the position to share my Catholic faith as a youth minister at the parish I grew up at. My first year in this role has been a lot of fun, but the most difficult thing is trying to find a lesson each week that my middle school and high school youth group and the 6th grade catechism class would find engaging. There is not much out there for kids about the Catholic faith.

My experience is that many programs just throw the Bible or the Gospels at them and try to get them to figure it out.

Seeing your confirmation program makes me want to cry. I feel like I discovered a great friend that FINALLY gives content to me that I naturally know from experience will work. You described these feelings as the “I get it now” moments… and wow do I sure agree with that!

The look of it by itself will engage the youth, and if you look deeper, the materials talk about things that are completely relatable to the lives they are currently living. I am absolutely blown away at the structure, content, and hard work that was poured out into those pages. I am incredibly blessed to know there are people out there that would do anything to bring meaning into young people’s lives, and I am incredibly thankful to play a small part of this as a member of the Ambassador’s Club and help something that is truly bigger then ourselves.

The program is beautiful and long overdue… thank goodness it is here. Please know you are making the jobs of teachers that love the Catholic faith easier and more fulfilling. Thank you, thank you, thank you to every one of you! I will make a point to pray for your work and an even bigger point to pray for our youth.

– Brad G.

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