1. What are the goals of DECISION POINT?
The goals of this program are: to prepare young Catholics for Confirmation by presenting the genius of Catholicism in a compelling way; to demonstrate the relevance of Catholicism in every aspect of their lives; to help them develop a personal relationship with Jesus; to give young Catholics an appetite for learning more about Catholicism; to engage them in a dynamic conversation about our faith; and to convince them that no matter what happens, they should always give God and the Church a central place in their lives.
2. How is DECISION POINT different from other Confirmation programs?
The DECISION POINT content is like nothing we have seen before for Confirmation prep. Dynamic Catholic was founded on the idea of “meeting people where they are . . . and leading them to where God is calling them to be!” With this in mind, DECISION POINT covers everything we would traditionally teach in preparing young people for Confirmation, but the program also covers a series of life issues, helping to make a powerful connection between preparing for Confirmation and the candidates’ everyday lives.

It is also unique in that it is the first program to be rigorously tested before release. Over and over we have tested the materials in the program to find out what works and refined the content accordingly.

DECISION POINT is dynamic in every way. One truly unique aspect is that it will not be static. We will be continuously improving our materials year after year based on the feedback we get from participants, DREs, priests, parents, and sponsors. This is a first for any Catholic program. Most programs are developed and then don’t change for seven to ten years. Ours will be improving constantly to better serve today’s young Catholics and the generous volunteers and staff who prepare them for Confirmation. If something isn’t working, we will improve it.

Here is another first: All DECISION POINT content will be available online free of charge, to anyone who wishes to use it.

We are honored to serve you and look forward to dynamic collaboration with you, your parish, and the young Catholics you are preparing for Confirmation.

3. How is DECISION POINT structured?

The program is structured around seventy-two short films that present the genius of Catholicism in a way that is compelling and accessible. Each of these films has been designed to ignite a dynamic conversation about our Catholic faith.

Since every diocese in North America approaches Confirmation preparation differently, we have built you a program that is infinitely flexible.

The material is organized into twelve sessions. These sessions are modular, so that they can be broken up and used to fit any parish or diocesan structure. For example, if your parish meets with candidates twelve times—once a week for three months, once a month for a year, or twice a month for six months:

One session = one 2-hour class = 12 classes total

If your parish meets with candidates twenty-four times—once a week for six months or once a month for two years.

One session = two 60-minute classes = 24 classes total

Each session is made up of six parts. Each part begins with a short film and is followed by either discussion questions, interactive exercises, or both.

The program also includes: opening and closing prayers for each class, Bible quotes and references, crossword puzzles, inspirational stories and quotes from saints and Bible figures, quotes and references from the Catechism of the Catholic Church, interactive exercises, discussion questions, journal questions, and much more.

4. I’m having technical issues, what can I do?

Thank you for your patience. It may sound remedial, but first try refreshing your web browser, making sure your volume is turned up, restarting your computer or try to visit our website using a different web browser or computer. The most common issues we have found people are experiencing is that they have an outdated browser and this is causing them difficulties viewing our content or placing an order. If this is the case, please try to upgrade your web browser to: firefox 13 or newer, Safari 3 or newer, or Google Chrome.

If you are still having issues, please send us a detailed email explaining what you are having difficulties with to Confirmation@dynamiccatholic.com and a member of our team will contact you to help troubleshoot.

5. Why is Confirmation so important?

Confirmation is important because it is our last formal chance to make a case for Catholicism. It also occurs at an age when a young person is capable of responding to God and making an informed choice for Christ and the Church.

The truth is, most young Catholics have never had the genius of Catholicism presented to them in a way that is practical, inspiring, compelling, and attractive. It’s time to change that.

Over the past decade, 85 percent of young Catholics have stopped practicing their faith within ten years of being confirmed. For generations we have said, “They will come back!” But they have stopped coming back. An increasing number are not coming back to get married or to baptize their children.

We want to change that.

Let’s stop worrying about how to get them back and instead present the faith to them in a way that makes them never want to leave.

6. What topics does DECISION POINT cover?

DECISION POINT covers everything required to prepare young Catholics for the sacrament of Confirmation . . . and more.

The twelve sessions are as follows:


1. Life Is Choices

2. What’s Holding You Back?

3. The Jesus Question

4. The Prayer Process

5. The Bible

6. Relationships

7. The Eucharist

8. The Holy Spirit

9. The Church

10. Confirmation

11. Made for Mission

12. Holiness Is Possible


Keep in mind that each session is divided into six parts. For a more complete look at what is covered in the program, we suggest that you review the entire program by visiting here.

7. Does DECISION POINT have Church approval?

Yes. DECISION POINT is faithful to the Church’s teachings. The program has received an Imprimatur from His Excellency Archbishop Dennis Schnurr of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati and will have all necessary approval from the Church. Our mission is to collaborate with the Church in a way that is faithful and dynamic.

8. Who should experience DECISION POINT?

Anyone over the age of twelve will enjoy DECISION POINT and find it engaging and relevant. However, we essentially developed it for twelve- to sixteen-year-olds. And yet, one of the most common responses in our focus groups with adults involved in Confirmation preparation has been, “Every Catholic in America needs to experience this!”

The biggest difference will be the conversations you have with different age groups. The same question will lead to a very different conversation with eighteen-year-olds than it will with fourteen-year-olds.

Evangelization is a great conversation. We hope DECISION POINT helps you to ignite that conversation with the young people in your parish.

9. How much does DECISION POINT cost?

The program is free. It can be accessed online at anytime, by anyone, at no cost. Online access to the workbook, leader guide, and videos is available at DynamicCatholic.com/Confirmation/Preview.

Hard copies of the program are also available to every parish. The DECISION POINT Program Kit includes: the DVD series, one leader guide, and one workbook. These materials are valued at $350. They are available for free to anyone; we simply ask that you pay a shipping and handling fee of $15.95.

Originally we had planned to make the program online only, but throughout our research stage parish leaders asked us to make physical materials available, and we have responded to those requests.

If you elect to use a hard-copy of the workbooks, they can be obtained at DynamicCatholic.com for $4 per copy. These workbooks would cost $24.95 if they were part of any other program.

We want to stress that the whole program can be experienced online at no cost and that nobody is required to purchase hard-copies. They are available simply because so many people have expressed a preference that they be made available.

Summary of Costs:

Online program: FREE


Email version: FREE

Program Pack: FREE* – Shipping and handling $15.95 per pack ($34.95 in Canada).

*This includes the 72 short films on DVD, one leader guide, and one workbook.

Workbook: $4.95 including shipping (any quantity)

Leader guide: $6.95 including shipping (any quantity)

We realize that there may be some parishes that simply cannot afford to pay anything, even the shipping costs. If this is truly the case and your parish is in that category, please contact us and we will endeavor to find a donor to cover the costs.

10. How are you able to give this program away for FREE?

From the outset we wanted to build the most effective Confirmation program ever. We simply did not see the point in doing that unless we could find a way to make it available to every candidate making the journey toward Confirmation.

Every day we get questions about how we are able to offer this program for free. Dynamic Catholic will spend more than $3 million developing, releasing, and improving DECISION POINT. This has been made possible by thousands of generous benefactors—ordinary men and women like you. Sure, some of them wrote large checks with lots of zeros, but most of them are faithful members of The Ambassador’s Club and give $10, $25, $50, or $100 a month.

In the coming years we plan to deliver a dozen programs to enrich the lives of Catholics and their parishes. It is our hope to make all these programs available free of charge as well. So think about becoming an ambassador. To join us in this incredible mission or to learn more, visit DynamicCatholic.com/ambassador.

11. Can I use this program in conjunction with other programs or books?

Absolutely. Perhaps you have a program at your parish that you are required to use because it is mandated by your parish or diocese. Don’t let what you can’t do interfere with what you can do. None of those programs have film content, so perhaps you just want to use our films to supplement that program. Or maybe you simply want to go through our program yourself to better prepare you to lead your Confirmation class this year. Or perhaps you just want to encourage your class to use the app to watch a film each week for homework. Or maybe you want to encourage the parents and sponsors of your candidates to sign up for the email version of our program.

There are a hundred different ways to use DECISION POINT. We hope it can help you inspire your Confirmation students in some way.

12. How do I request a FREE copy of the program?

You can view the entire DECISION POINT program online for free by visiting here.

There are three ways to get your copy of the program:

1. Online: Go to DynamicCatholic.com/Confirmation/View-Program and follow the instructions.

2. Email: Go to DynamicCatholic.com/Confirmation/For-Parents-and-Sponsors and sign up.

3. Hard copy: Go to DynamicCatholic.com/Confirmation/Order and order your copy today. Please note you will need to pay a shipping and handling fee for a hard-copy version of the program.

13. Do I need to be a part of a parish Confirmation program to order or use DECISION POINT?

No. Anyone is welcome to use DECISION POINT at any time to enrich their understanding of our faith and how they can live it every day.

DECISION POINT was specifically created for Confirmation preparation, but much of the content can be used outside of a parish Confirmation program and we hope anyone who is interested in DECISION POINT will find a way to experience it.

Maybe you are a homeschool mom or a parent of students who have already been Confirmed and would like to do the program with your children, or maybe you are a youth group leader, or involved in an RCIA program and would like to share this with your group, or maybe you are an individual who is wanting to learn more about Catholicism and deepen your personal faith, we encourage you to use this content how ever you can and in whatever way makes sense for your situation.

14. I live outside of the United States and Canada, how can I get DECISION POINT?

All content is available online for you to view and download. However, at this point, we are still working out exactly how we are going to deal with shipping international orders. If you would like hard copies of the materials, please send your shipping info to confirmation@dynamiccatholic.com, and our team will contact you when the program is available to ship to your country.

15. Do you have any tips about how to teach DECISION POINT?

The leader guide is filled with step-by-step instructions along with invaluable tips from veteran teachers and catechists.

The biggest thing we have learned from our research of our program materials is that it doesn’t work to just dump a bunch of information on the students, you have to create opportunities for engagement and dialogue. This is when they make the content their own and real life change can take place.

Engaging them is therefore the first step. Until they are engaged, it doesn’t matter how much information you share with them; they simply will not absorb it and make it their own. Evangelization is a great conversation.

We hope all the DECISION POINT materials help you to ignite that conversation with all the young people in your parish.

16. Do you have a Spanish version available?

DECISION POINT has not yet been translated into Spanish, but we do hope to do this in the future. In the interim, we encourage you to sign-up on our updates list so you are contacted when this becomes available:


17. How does DECISION POINT involve Candidate's parents and Confirmation sponsors?

DECISION POINT has been designed to ignite a conversation about the genius of Catholicism between candidates and their parents, sponsors, catechists, teachers, peers, and priests. In fact, as you get into the materials, you may have the same reaction that many Confirmation leaders had in our focus groups when they said, “Every Catholic should experience this program—not just teens preparing for Confirmation!”

In response to this feedback we made two significant changes to the program. First, we abandoned the idea of having separate workbooks for parents and sponsors and decided that candidates, parents, and sponsors should all have the same workbook, and that we would make the content that’s unique to parents and sponsors available online.

Next, we decided to develop a version of the program that would be available in the form of emails sent twice a week. In this way, parents and sponsors can have an incredible adult faith formation experience alongside the candidates as they prepare for Confirmation. To sign up for the email version of DECISION POINT, please visit DynamicCatholic.com/Confirmation/For-Parents-and-Sponsors.

18. I am so excited by what Dynamic Catholic is doing with DECISION POINT, how can I get involved?

We are grateful for anyway you are able to help further the mission of Dynamic Catholic. Here are three ways you can help us today:

1. Support. DECISION POINT has been made possible by generous donors to Dynamic Catholic. There are two ways to give: a one time gift or a recurring monthly gift. Make a one time gift and we can touch and change lives. Join The Ambassador’s Club by becoming a monthly donor and together we can transform the Catholic Church in America. Please pray about becoming a monthly donor.

Whether you make a one time gift or join our monthly giving team, thank you for your generosity. It is fueling one of the great emerging Catholic stories of our times.

2. Pray. We would be grateful if you could pray for all the people who will use and lead the program and all the young people who will participate in it.

3. Share. We believe good news should be shared and we would greatly appreciate your help in spreading the word about DECISION POINT to your parish and other Catholics that you know across the country.

19. What if I have questions, comments, suggestions?

We want to partner with you to create a powerful Confirmation experience for the young people in your parish. Please email any questions, comments, or suggestions to: Confirmation@DynamicCatholic.com

Good news should be shared.
Please consider sharing DECISION POINT with everyone in your circle of influence.