Good News About Christ Renews His Parish

There Is More to Life

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At some point, we all get the sense that something is missing in our lives. As someone involved with or interested in Christ Renews His Parish, you know that CRHP is an experience that helps you discover what’s missing in your life—and what to do about it. Most people want to work this out, but they have no idea how or even where to start.

As you are already aware, Dynamic Catholic is in the midst of a pilot program for CRHP. We are looking for ways to best serve parishes with world-class resources and systems so CRHP can have the biggest impact possible for individuals and parishes.

Since absorbing CRHP in 2015, one of the most common things we have heard is that the greatest challenge facing CRHP communities is actually getting people to go on the weekend. As we began exploring this challenge, we realized that many people go to Mass, but don’t necessarily feel welcome or part of the parish family—they don’t feel part of the community. And as we began to think about how to help parishes invite people on the CRHP weekend, we realized that, most importantly, we want to welcome people into a community that will help them answer the question “what is missing?” For this reason, we are calling this updated version of CRHP, “Welcome.”

We want to welcome people into this journey, and we believe Welcome will have an incredible impact on the Church in America.

Please continue to pray for us and the parishes involved with our Welcome Pilot Program. We will continue to send you updates on what we are learning. God is good!