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Powerfully Impact
the People in Your Parish

“I have been amazed at how passing out a bunch of books has re-energized our parish. It has been 6 months since we passed out the books and not a week goes by without someone telling me how the book changed their life.”

Fr. Joe, California

“I had been away from the Church for 20 years, but something drew me to go. On the way out of Mass everyone was handed a book, and I read it. I came back to the Church because of that book.”

Lindsey, Ohio

How It Works

You order 500 copies or more of one of our featured titles for just $1 (plus fifty cents shipping) per book. Or you order 6–499 copies for $3 per book (includes shipping).

At Easter Masses, friendly volunteers pass out the books as people come to church.

You encourage people to read the book through regular and inspiring announcements.

For months you hear people talking about how the book is changing their lives.

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