Dynamic Catholic Events – Four Signs

The Four Signs

What if each day, every Catholic prayed for ten minutes and read five pages of a great Catholic book? What if every Catholic gave one percent more of their income to their Church this year and did one thing each week to intentionally share God’s message with others? The Catholic Church would be staggeringly different.

Based on Matthew Kelly’s best-selling book, The Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic, The Four Signs event delves into the four life-giving spiritual habits of engaged Catholics. Join us for an event and discover how to master the four signs of a Dynamic Catholic in your life. You will also learn how to help your parish apply the four signs in order to engage disengaged Catholics and re-energize your community.

About Presenters

Dynamic Catholic has several passionate speakers who are dedicated to bringing this life-changing event to as many parishes as possible. Attend an event presented by Dr. Allen Hunt, Father Bob Sherry, or Jonathan Fanning.

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