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At Dynamic Catholic we believe that great books and CDs invigorate Catholics and their parishes. Continuous learning and spiritual vitality go hand in hand.

Every day we receive letters and emails from people who tell us that a particular book or CD changed their life. Game changers are usually simple, and sometimes all it takes is a book to set someone’s life on a completely new path.¬†For that reason, our team and our donors are committed to getting as many great Catholic books and CDs into as many hands as possible.

We are passionate about transforming Catholics and their parishes into continuous learners. To bring this about we are offering a growing range of great Catholic books, CDs, and DVDs, by the best Catholic authors and speakers of our times.

This is how it works…

Free Copies

If you are visiting for the first time you will discover that you can request a FREE copy of any of our paperback books, or single CDs, and simply pay shipping and handling. After you finish reading the book (or listening to the CD) we invite you to ask yourself, “Who do I know who would benefit from reading this book (or listening to this CD)?” We hope you will then send your friends and family an email inviting them to request a copy for themselves. Click here to view products.

6 Copies for $18(Including shipping and handling).

If you think your friends and family are unlikely to visit and request their own copy, you may wish to order a six pack to share with them. Again, we make it affordable and easy, offering six copies of any product in the program for just $18 (including shipping). Click here to view products.

44 Copies for $132(Including shipping and handling).

If a book or CD particularly moves you, you may want to get a case, keep them in your car, and allow the Holy Spirit to guide you to the forty-four people He wants you to impact. For years now, one woman who is unable to leave home because of a disability has been ordering a box of books every forty-four days. Each day she writes a letter to someone and mails it with a book. “Just because I am stuck here at home does not mean that I can’t share these life-changing books with people. This is my ministry.” There is a lot of talk about evangelization these days, and not everyone is comfortable talking to people about their faith, but we can all pass a book or a CD along to someone.
Click here to view products.

500 Copies for $2 each(Including shipping and handling).

You may read a book (or listen to a CD) and think to yourself, “Everyone in our parish needs to read this book.” You would not be the first person to feel that way. Over the past five years more than five thousand parishes in America have participated in the Dynamic Catholic Book Program. Many of them distribute a new book or CD every year to their parishioners to drive adult education and continuous learning in the area of the faith. At $2 a copy you can afford to change a lot of lives. If you are interested in sharing a book or CD with everyone in your parish, click here.

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