Eliot Morris

Eliot Morris

Eliot Morris is a gifted singer and songwriter who shares his talents for a greater purpose. He has met and toured with artists such as John Mayer, Counting Crows, and James Taylor and currently plays his soulful music nationwide at Dynamic Catholic’s Passion & Purpose Live Events.

Eliot grew up as one of six children in Mobile, Alabama, and can distinctly remember the day his father brought home a CD player and a Motown compilation. It was this day that sparked Eliot’s interest in music, a spark that would eventually lead him not only to write and create music, but produce and sell albums throughout the world. However, during his college years, Morris chose practical study over a passionate purpose and traded his love for music for a degree in Finance at Auburn University. Even still, his budding desire to write and sing ultimately turned into a career for Eliot.

In 2002, Morris was discovered by Gary Gersh of Strummer Records, a label that unearthed other famous musicians such as Nirvana, Counting Crows, and Mars Volta. Eliot recorded his first album in October 2004, titled What’s Mine is Yours. One of his singles, This Colorful World, was used in a Crayola commercial. Despite his success, industry reorganization caused Strummer Records to drop Eliot from their label. Morris continued to grow as an artist, and in 2010, he finished his second album, All Things in Time.

Today, Eliot resides in Memphis, Tennessee with his family and spends his time writing songs, performing his music, and creating art.

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