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Everybody these days says their team works with “passion.” At Dynamic Catholic, we actually do. We’ve assembled a small, tightly-knit team of talented people who have the courage to follow their dreams. You could say that at Dynamic Catholic, we make dreams a reality. We dream of friends and family rediscovering the beauty and power of Catholicism. We dream of people living rich lives, full of passion and purpose. We dream of a renewed spiritual vitality in the Church. In short, we dream of seeing what really matters become real. We’re looking for people with the courage to follow their dreams.

What it takes

Engagement. Dynamic Catholic team members care about the future of Dynamic Catholic, and are willing to invest discretionary effort in the success of the Dynamic Catholic mission, our purpose. You have to embrace the reality that the future of Dynamic Catholic and your potential are intertwined, and bring with you an attitude-of-gratitude. We are looking for high-energy performers with a sense of can-do grit and perseverance. The Dynamic Catholic mission is too important for anything less.

Perks & Benefits

Our standout benefit—other than working with a world–class team of hard–working, resilient and fun people; generous health coverage; and, a dream office in which to do our work—is intimacy with God. We foster an environment in which your work can more readily be transformed into prayer. We encourage one another to transform our ordinary daily activities into noble tasks. We live a life uncommon in the midst of common circumstances.

Dynamic Catholic. More than just words.

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