Endorsements for Rediscover Catholicism


“An extraordinary book! I have been a priest for 50 years and I don’t know
a book that has revitalized the faith of more people… or brought
more people back to the Church than Rediscover Catholicism.


Pastor of Saints Peter and Paul Church in Huntington, Indiana

Matthew Kelly writes about the Church in an engaging style that invites long-time Catholics, along with new and returning Catholics, to put the faith at the center of their lives. His presentation of holiness as the essential purpose of life, and only source of authentic happiness, challenges each of us to reflect on our response to the Lord’s call.

Francis Cardinal George, O.M.I.

Archbishop of Chicago

Rediscover Catholicism is a timely contribution. Matthew Kelly identifies challenges in the modern culture and proposes anew Catholic spirituality in a way that is practical and personal. Who can ignore the call to holiness which directs one toward the “best-version-of-oneself”? Through Matthew Kelly, Catholic wisdom of old speaks convincingly today.

Justin Cardinal Rigali

Archbishop Emeritus of Philadelphia

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