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“It is a simple way to give something to parishioners that may help them in some way. And they, in turn, may help someone else by sharing the book.”

Kerry, Iowa

In 2008 we had a crazy idea: pass out books at Christmas Masses as a way to re-engage disengaged Catholics. We have offered some great books over the last nine years through the Dynamic Catholic Book Program, and thousands of people have come back to church as a result. But it’s not just about passing out any book or CD. Giving people the right book at the right time can be life changing.

Resisting Happiness is that book. It was written to specifically re-engage disengaged Catholics and to increase engagement among those who are at church each week but don’t really get it. It is light and inviting—there is nothing deeply religious about the cover or the table of contents. The short chapters were designed for busy people. And resistance plays a powerful role in each of our lives every day. In a deeply personal way, Matthew Kelly’s new book helps readers discover that only by unmasking resistance and defeating it in their own lives can they really experience the happiness God created them to experience.

“Our parishioners were so inspired by the book they received at Christmas that they are attending Mass more regularly and giving more generously. Our weekly collections are the highest they’ve ever been!”

Father James, Texas

About the Book Program

How it Works

You order 500 copies or more of Resisting Happiness for just $2 (includes shipping) per book. Or you order 44-499 copies for $3 per book (includes shipping).

At Christmas Masses, friendly volunteers pass out the books as people come to church.

You encourage people to read Resisting Happiness through regular and inspiring announcements.

For months and months and months you hear people talking about how Resisting Happiness is changing their lives.

A Book for All Seasons

Our 2017 Best Lent Ever email program will be based on Resisting Happiness. And the program is available to every Catholic and every parish for free! Sign up to receive daily emails with short inspirational videos from Matthew Kelly and the Dynamic Catholic team during Lent.