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Mary Beth Weisenburger

When we become like children, we become teachable. Moldable. Empty vessels. We don’t worry about feeling foolish and we don’t hesitate to be real and honest with Jesus.

Mary Beth Weisenburger is an author, speaker, and columnist who holds a master’s degree in business and organizational leadership. For more than two decades, she has been inspiring audiences with her ability to approach the ups and downs of life with humor and authenticity. She is the author of In the Same Boat: 55 Laugh Breaks for Frazzled Moms, a humorous collection of stories about motherhood, and Praying with a Pen: The Girlfriends’ Guide to Stress-Free Prayer Journaling. Weisenburger’s conversational style, humor, and relatability make her a trusted voice for Christians of all walks of life.

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