Clothe The Naked

Week 2 | Corporal Work of Mercy

He who has two coats, let him share with him who has none. (Luke 3:11)


By Dr. Allen Hunt

Clothe the naked.

In this corporal work of mercy, Jesus calls us to do something—not simply to talk about it, not to study it, not to establish a committee to develop a plan for it, but to do it. To really and truly clothe the naked.

Why? Because, Jesus says, when we clothe the naked, we are clothing him. In other words, we just may see the eyes of Jesus himself in the face of the person we clothe. Not only will a person find warmth and dignity in clothing, but we ourselves will also be transformed by the grace of God in the process.

Clothe the naked.

Generous followers of Jesus do just that.

How will you respond to Jesus’ invitation to clothe the naked?

Excerpt taken from Chapter 4 of Beautiful Mercy. Get your free copy of the book (just pay shipping).


What if your brother didn’t have a coat to keep him warm this winter? What would you do to make sure he got one? Well, your brothers and sisters in Christ are out there right now without proper clothing to satisfy a legitimate need.


Dr. Hunt shares three stories in Beautiful Mercy about clothing the naked, including volunteering, making clothes, and donating money. Find a way to clothe the naked that works for you.


Lord Jesus, inspire me to share my possessions with others. Help me to see what you see: infinitely valuable children of God.


Do you see the face of Jesus in other people?