Why Mercy?

19 JUN



By the Dynamic Catholic Team

Pope Francis has called for an extraordinary Year of Mercy. He is inviting each of us to spend the next year with mercy as a focal point of our spirituality. This is a tremendous opportunity to make yourself available to God.

I think Pope Francis has called for this Year of Mercy because he wants us to connect on a personal level with God’s mercy. But how do we do it? Fortunately for us, there is genius in Catholicism. The Church has given us the works of mercy to help bring the love of God to other people. How beautiful is that?

The works of mercy are broken up into two categories: the corporal works of mercy and the spiritual works of mercy.

The corporal works of mercy are concerned with meeting the physical needs of others. They are:

The spiritual works of mercy, on the other hand, are designed to meet the spiritual needs of others. They are:

Over the course of the next seven weeks—during this Summer of Mercy—we will explore these corporal and spiritual works of mercy. The simple yet powerful messages you receive each Tuesday and Thursday will help you experience God’s unconditional love so you can share it with others.

Adapted from the Prelude of Beautiful Mercy. Get your free copy of the book (just pay shipping).