Allow Yourself to Dream

Week 1, Day 1

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Hi, I’m Christine, and I’m so happy to be here with you, to walk through Advent together. And I say walk on purpose because I want this to be a journey.

So many times, Christmas, I feel like we’re all just running . . . running to Christmas Day, and then it’s done and over with.

Advent is a time to wonder and to anticipate again and to remember the magic that is in Christmas.

When I was younger, I don’t think I slept the whole month of December because I was waiting and I was anticipating. I was so excited for Christmas.

And I want that again.

And I want that for you.

Many times we do get caught up in the hustle and the bustle—if it’s shopping or baking, or parties, and all these things are good. But we rush to Christmas Day and we forget to just walk, to walk patiently and to wonder and to build that anticipation again for Christmas.

What do you really want your Christmas to look like?

Do we want it to be like the rest?

Or do we want it to be the best one we’ve ever experienced?

Just like when we were little, to have that excitement and that wonder again . . . we can make it that way again.

So what do you really want out of your Christmas?

In all of our lives there is a great danger in believing that what we do and what we have is all that there is. But there is more. This Advent, we want to encourage you to stretch yourself, to search for more, to dream. Ask yourself: What do I really want out of Christmas and out of life? There are no right or wrong answers. Simply allow yourself to dream.

To go deeper into this topic, check out Part 1, Chapter 2 (“Do You Really Know What You Want?”) in Matthew Kelly’s book The Rhythm of Life.


An incredible Christmas—and life—is possible.


Think about what you want from this program, from Christmas, and from life.


Jesus, open my heart this Advent, and help me to dream again.