Asking Big Questions

Week 2, Day 4

Jennifer Rey is Dynamic Catholic’s Web Content Team Leader, coming to us from Midland, Michigan. She enjoys swimming and playing and watching sports. Jennifer is super excited to take her first trip out of the country on a pilgrimage to Lourdes.

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I feel like when I was younger, doing God’s will meant that he knew what he wanted and that I just had to jump on board. Anything that kind of happened, I’d go, “Well, it’s God’s will. God knows best.” You go along with it and sometimes make the most of it.

Since I was about 11, I’ve had skin problems. I prayed for healing because it was something that was painful a lot of the time. I knew that if God wanted to heal me—if that was his will for me—he would. But eventually I stopped praying for it because it didn’t happen.

I think what I wanted was somewhat inconsequential. I could want something but it didn’t really matter, because all that mattered was what God wanted. I didn’t ask for really anything. There was something missing and I felt it within me, and I knew that I wanted more.

That was God calling me.

As an adult, my skin got worse than it had ever been. So I started asking for healing again. And you know, I’m not fully healed yet. I think that I have found some healing, and some of the healing that I have found isn’t necessarily physical. Some of it is more emotional. And it’s deepening the love that I have for Jesus, and realizing that he is holding my hand and guiding me through all of it.

What I’ve really found is, following God’s will is not just taking marching orders from him. It’s working together, hand in hand. It is a dynamic collaboration in every day and in every moment. He’s a personal God. He wants to be in close relationship with us. And he wants me to be alive and thriving, and joyful, and happy.

There are dreams within my heart that are things he wants to satisfy. And we both know that’s only possible with him.

God knows the best way for each of us to live, but he doesn’t want to simply tell us what to do. God didn’t come into the world at Christmas to control us, or stifle us, or manipulate us, or force us to do anything we don’t want to do. God came because he loves us, and he yearns for a dynamic collaboration with each and every single one of us. He wants to help us discover the best way to live.


God wants to have a dynamic collaboration with you.


Consider how God is calling you to the best way to live.


Jesus, help me to realize how you are speaking to me through my dreams and desires.