Choices Design Our Lives

Week 1, Day 2

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Hi! And thank you for choosing to stay with us.

Do you realize that we choose a lot throughout our day?

We choose what clothes we’re going to wear. We choose what breakfast cereal we’re going to eat. We choose what ice cream flavor we want.

You know, we choose so often, and a lot of times it becomes second nature to us. We don’t even realize it. But we have been given this power to choose. We have way more freedom than we realize.

No matter what happened in our life, or what we’ve all gone through, we can still choose the good. We can choose to live in joy.

I know Christmastime can be very different for everyone depending on the memories and things associated with this time of year, but we can choose to make it a joyful and beautiful Advent season.

Like I said, our lives are made up of choices, and we have the power to make our life more wonderful than we even really know. By using your power to choose, you can choose to journey through this Advent like you never have before.

You can choose to make this Christmas one that will forever change the rest.

You have the power to choose to see life as the gift that it really is.

Christmas reminds us of the beautiful mystery that awaits all of us.

Our lives were meant for something wonderful, too, and we all have the power to choose that.

We choose, and in doing so, we design our lives. Every choice, every decision that we make, either helps us achieve our dreams or takes us away from our dreams. We have the power to truly be ourselves, and to experience the Christmas and the life that we have imagined.

To go deeper into this topic, check out Part 1, Chapter 1 (“Everything Is a Choice”) in Matthew Kelly’s book The Rhythm of Life.


Life is choices.


Think about the choices you make today. Will your choices help you achieve your dreams for Christmas and the life you want to live?


Jesus, help me to master the moment of decision so I can live a life uncommon.