Becoming the-Best-Version-of-Yourself Is the Surest Way to Happiness

Week 3, Day 2

Dominick Albano is Dynamic Catholic’s RCIA team leader and co-founder of Arise Missions. Dominick enjoys playing baseball, going to the beach, and eating burritos. He and his wife live in Kentucky with their three young children.

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I love Christmas. I can’t help but get a smile on my face as I think about the sights, and the smells, and the sounds, and the songs, and all the stuff that just go into what a great Christmas means to me. And I know exactly what I want out of Christmas.

Simply put, I want to feel joy with the people that I love.

That’s it. I want to have great joy and happiness with my friends, and my family, and my wife, and my children.

It’s not complicated. But still I manage to overcomplicate this every single year.

You see, I get caught up on, when are we going to do the cookies? And, when are we going to see the light show? When are we going to go to Mass? What’s the schedule to get from house to house, and party to party? And so I just find myself getting confused.

I think all this stuff is how I’m going to magically create the joy that I’m longing for. But the truth is, I’m just chasing after happiness.

When I slow down, I remember that happiness isn’t found in any of these things. The surest way to happiness is for me to become the-best-version-of-myself. When I strive to be the best dad, and the best husband, the best son, the best brother, and the best friend that I could possibly be, I don’t have to go chasing after happiness. Happiness finds me.

If you want to choose happiness this Christmas, choose to be the-best-version-of-yourself.

Your ability to experience happiness will be limited only by your ability to grasp the meaning and purpose of your life. This is true now as we prepare to celebrate Jesus’ coming at Christmas, and it is true after the decorations are put away and we go back to our everyday lives. In every decision, we can choose to be happy by choosing to become the-best-version-of-ourselves. Happiness is a by-product of the journey.

To go deeper into this topic, check out Part 3, Chapter 2 (“Choosing Happiness”) in Matthew Kelly’s book The Rhythm of Life.


Becoming the-best-version-of-yourself is the surest way to happiness.


Dedicate yourself to the journey. Develop a strong, uncompromising commitment to becoming the-best-version-of-yourself.


Jesus, help me to stop chasing happiness and instead embrace the potential within me to become the-best-version-of-myself.