Welcome from Matthew Kelly

A message from Dynamic Catholic founder Matthew Kelly.

Video Transcript

Have you ever had a Christmas where you felt like you were really prepared?

Have you ever had a Christmas where you walked into Christmas Mass and you felt focused and peaceful and ready?

We prepare for everything we consider important in life, and Advent is the time we prepare for Christmas.

For many people, preparing for Christmas includes shopping, baking cookies, wrapping presents, hanging decorations, and much, much more. Often these activities are stressful and chaotic, and they easily become a distraction from what Christmas is really all about.

Welcome to Best Advent Ever.

We want to prepare you to have an incredible Christmas this year. As we prepare for Christmas, we are going to learn how to recognize what matters most so that we can make the best choices with our time, energy, and effort this Advent.

Each week is filled with inspiring videos and testimonies that help us discover what we really want, what matters most, what matters least, how we can become the-best-version-of-ourselves, and what it means to have a fabulous Christmas.

The team here at Dynamic Catholic has brought together a group of incredible presenters who are going to make this journey through Advent with you. They’re going to be guiding us week by week to help us to have the Best Advent Ever.

The best experiences start with preparation. Choosing a specific time and place for your reflections is a great way to set yourself up for success. Be intentional about choosing a quiet and comfortable place and reserving a time in your schedule when you can slow down and reflect.

It’s really important from time to time that we step back and take another look at who we are, and where we are, and what we’re doing. And God understands that, and the Church understands that. And it’s part of the genius of Catholicism that the Church invites us to experience a time like Advent so we really can step back and reconsider where we are in our lives. I really want to encourage you to take that time, to make it a habit throughout Advent. I’m really very, very confident that when you walk into Mass this Christmas, you’ll walk in as a different person. You’ll walk in in a different way. You will have had your best Advent ever, and as a result Christmas will be something more wonderful than it ever has been before.

Thanks for joining us on this life-changing journey. By taking this step you’ve already begun to have your best Advent ever.

God bless you. Have a wonderful Advent and remember, Be Bold. Be Catholic.®