What is the meaning of life?

Week 1, Day 5

Christine Simpson is a co-founder of His Own, music and ministry for girls and women.

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Thanks, y’all, for joining us this week. You are well on your way to having the best Advent ever.

This week we talked about many things, but some are:

  • What do we want from this life?
  • Dare to desire for more.

We also talked about how our life is choices; we have the power to choose how we want
our life to be. Our life has a unique purpose.

We also heard Joe’s story about discovering his purpose.

We have a lot of time left before Christmas, so I want to challenge you now to take just a few moments in your day and just to sit in silence, because that is where it begins.

That is where we start to live. We just stop existing and we start to live.

In the depths of our beings we all yearn to know the answers to these five questions:

  1. Who am I?
  2. Where did I come from?
  3. What am I here for?
  4. How do I do it?
  5. Where am I going?

So start asking these questions and I think you will be surprised about what you’re going to find.

So enjoy the rest of your journey, and have the best Advent ever.

In the absence of a genuine understanding of the meaning and purpose of our lives, our lives can become shallow and superficial. Christmas is a prime example. At Christmas, we are celebrating Jesus coming to earth, God becoming man. And yet, it is so easy to focus on the less important things. Whether we are aware of it or not, our whole existence is searching for that deeper meaning. We want to know how we fit into the big picture. Any search for meaning in life can be boiled down to five questions.

  1. Who am I?
  2. Where did I come from?
  3. What am I here for?
  4. How do I do it?
  5. Where am I going?

To go deeper into this topic, check out Part 1, Chapter 6 (“The Five Questions”) and Chapter 7 (“The Meaning of Life”) in Matthew Kelly’s book The Rhythm of Life.


Whether you are aware of it or not, your whole existence is searching for a deeper meaning.


Take time throughout the weekend to ask yourself the five questions above.


Jesus, help me to know that you give meaning and purpose to my life.