December 9: Beyond Control

Day 7


Hope accepts what is beyond our control.


Pray an Act of Hope (see below).

If you’re reading Beautiful Hope (40% off, limited time only), read “The Path of Hope” by Fr. J. Michael Sparough (pages 38–42).


An Act of Hope
by Fr. J. Michael Sparough

When faith falters,
Virtue fails,
And deeds of love are few,
Then, Lord, I pray
That we may turn in hope to you.

So why are we disheartened
When those whom we appoint
Reveal themselves as only human
And inevitably disappoint?

May we hope not in our strength,
Wisdom, goodness, nor our reason,
Not in our economy, technology,
Nor the latest, greatest of a season.

Turn our eyes to you, Beloved One,
Beauty, ever ancient, ever new,
Birthing hope, not of our own making
But from you, in you, through you.

Jesus, I trust your words of hope,
Cutting deeper than a knife:
“I’ve come in love for only this—
That you may have New Life!”

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In what situation is God calling you to become a person of hope?

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