Best Advent Ever Resources

Everything you need to encourage others to sign up for Best Advent Ever!

Social Media Resources

Share what you’re doing for Advent this year! Use #BestAdventEver and #Christmas2017 in your posts.

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Parish Resources

Everything you need to encourage your parishioners to sign up for Best Advent Ever!

Bulletin and Newsletter Announcements

Announcements are available in different sizes for you to use in your parish bulletins and newsletters.


Pulpit Announcement

Promoting Best Advent Ever during Mass can really grab your parishioners’ attention and generate interest. We have found that these announcements are most effective when explicitly endorsed by the pastor or even delivered by the pastor himself.


Business Cards

These little cards are a simple way to encourage and remind your parishioners to sign up for the program. And they’re easy to distribute.



You can hang these 8.5 x 11” flyers at your parish or hand them out after Mass or at smaller parish events.



Print this 11 x 17” poster to hang at your parish or even at restaurants and community areas in your town.


Program Guide

The Best Advent Ever Program Guide is a great tool to give to your pastor or other parish staff who want to learn more about Best Advent Ever.


Beautiful Hope Study Guide

This year’s Best Advent Ever program is based on themes from our newest book, Beautiful Hope. This easy-to-use Beautiful Hope study guide will help groups and individuals dive deeper into the book and the program.



It’s easier than you think to invite your parishioners to sign up for Best Advent Ever. Just fill in your information below and we’ll send you an artfully designed email that you can forward to everyone in your parish.

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