March 20: An Unconventional Education

Day 17

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God is constantly winning you, and building you, and sending you.

God doesn’t say, “OK, I’m going to win this person, and then I’m going to build this person up spiritually, and then I’m going to send this person out on some great mission.” He’s constantly winning, he’s constantly building, he’s constantly sending.

He’s constantly teaching us so many lessons in order to win us, and build us, and send us, but he does want to send us. He wants to send you out today to be his ambassador. He wants to send you out today to do some work. He wants to send you out today to answer some prayers.

You see, wherever you are right now, all around you people are praying to God. They’re asking God for this, they’re asking God for that. God wants to use you and me to answer many of those prayers.

We can answer people’s prayers. Not independently, not on our own, not like we’re doing it instead of God. God is doing it through us. God wants to use you to answer people’s prayers. As we become more spiritually aware, we become mindful of this. And as we scan our community or as we scan a situation, we realize, “OK, God might be wanting to use me to answer that person’s prayer.”

I have a fabulous friend who has suffered an awful lot in her life. We used to go to different places, and I would always notice that she would always end up talking to the last person I would expect her to be talking to. This happened a lot of times, and finally I said something to her. I said, “You always seem to end up spending the whole party talking to somebody that I would never even put you in the same room with.” She said, “You know, I’ve suffered an awful lot in my life, you know that. And one of the gifts that God has given me through that suffering is that I have learned to recognize when other people are suffering. People don’t have to tell me they’re suffering. I can see it, I can feel it, I can sense it. And one of the things I like to do is walk into a social situation, scan the environment, and work out who is suffering the most and just befriend that person for that time.”

I thought to myself, “Wow!” That’s an incredible thing.” That’s an astounding gift. It’s a beautiful way to approach life. It’s a way to answer people’s prayers.

For me, is it different? Are her gifts different from my gifts? Yes, absolutely. Are my gifts different from your gifts? No question. Different. But we all have this ability to collaborate with God, to partner with God, to answer other people’s prayers. And that is, I mean, that’s an astounding thing. That’s an incredible thing of beauty. And I think something that is very, very exciting and something that is very humbling, all at the same time.

So let’s get out there today and answer some people’s prayers.

“We can learn more in an hour of silence than we can in a year from books.”

Matthew Kelly, Resisting Happiness

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Life is always teaching us lessons.


What lesson is God trying to teach you through the experiences of your life at the moment? Reflect.


Jesus, your grace is at work in my life. Increase my awareness of how you are working in my life and what you are calling me to do in each moment.
Today’s personal reflection features Dynamic Catholic team member Grace Smith. Grace is our receptionist and comes to us from Rochester, Minnesota. Grace has three younger brothers, loves to hike and paint, and is certain she would be satisfied eating tacos every day.

Have you ever thought about being the answer to someone’s prayer?

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