March 27: Attempted Murder

Day 23

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You probably don’t like being lied to. Most people are not that comfortable being lied to. Most people wouldn’t say, “Oh yeah, I don’t mind if my friends lie to me. I don’t mind if my spouse lies to me.”

It’s interesting, I think, to see how casual our relationship is with the truth sometimes. And of course, like anything, it starts in small ways. We think, “Oh, just a little lie here, or a little lie there.” And then little by little it begins to unravel, and we end up with a really casual relationship with the truth.

Of course, that’s where our society is right now. And worse than having a casual relationship with the truth, we actually live in a culture that’s trying to murder truth.

You see, the culture hates truth. The current culture doesn’t believe in objective truth. What does that mean? It means that the current culture doesn’t believe that anything is true for everybody. The current culture is preaching the idea of, “Oh, well you’ve got your truth, and I’ve got my truth. What’s true for you is true for you, and what’s true for me is true for me. You live you’re truth, and I’ll live my truth. You do whatever you wanna do, and I’ll do whatever I wanna do. You leave me alone, and I’ll leave you alone, and we’ll all live happily ever after, in our own individual truth.”

That’s nonsense. It’s absolute nonsense. Some things are true for everybody.

In a culture thats trying to murder truth, one of the casualties is wisdom, because truth and wisdom are intimately connected. Wisdom is not the amassing of knowledge. Wisdom is not even just an elevated form of knowledge. Google doesn’t have any wisdom. It’s got all the knowledge in the world, right? It’s got all the information in the world, but it doesn’t have wisdom. And the reason is because wisdom is truth lived. Wisdom is actually not knowing the truth, but living the truth.

So as our culture tries to murder truth, guess what? You see a lot less wisdom in our culture. And if there’s no such thing as truth, as our culture would like you to believe, well then there is actually no such thing as wisdom: You’ve got your own truth, and your own truth equates to your own wisdom; I’ve got my own truth, and my own truth equates to my own wisdom. So really, if everything’s wisdom, then there’s no such thing as wisdom.

And of course, the biggest practical casualty in this war against truth is the good decision. When you look around daily life, you don’t see many good decisions being made. As our culture tries to murder truth, wisdom becomes a casualty. And as wisdom becomes a casualty, really good decisions become a casualty.


Our culture doesn’t believe that there’s any such thing as a great decision. Our culture believes there’s no such thing as object truth. And if there’s no such thing as objective truth, every decision becomes equal. Some decisions are better than other decisions. Some choices are better than other choices. What makes them better? How closely they align with truth. And decisions that align with truth, well that’s wisdom.

And so the great challenge for you and me on a daily basis is to align our lives with truth, to reject the causal relationship with truth, and say, “You know what, I’m gonna take truth seriously. I’m gonna start to speak the truth in all situations. I’m going to start to live the truth in all situations.” Even in the little things that seem insignificant, because they erode your relationship with truth.

And as Christians, we’re called to have a serious relationship with truth. We’re called to take truth seriously, not just to have a casual relationship of convenience with truth.

“We cannot be happy separated from the truth; we cannot be happy in a world of lies.”

Matthew Kelly, Resisting Happiness

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Our culture is trying to murder truth.


Give truth a place of honor in your heart, mind, and soul by telling the truth. Next time you catch yourself about to tell a lie, pause. Ask yourself why you are lying.


Jesus, I know you are the way, the truth, and the life. Inspire me to speak the truth, live the truth, and celebrate truth.
Today’s personal reflection features Dynamic Catholic team member John Sherman. John is our director of development, coming to us from Chicago, Illinois. John produced the first hypo-allergenic baby shampoo, hiked part of the Appalachian Trail, and tore his achilles tendon twice—in the same leg.

What does it mean to give truth a place of honor in your life?

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