March 28: Hungry

Day 24

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You know in our, our modern world world of comfort and convenience we don't experience necessarily physical hunger that often. We can deal with our physical hunger fairly quickly in most situations in our modern experience.

But we have a lot of different hungers and we have obviously spiritual hungers, and emotional hungers, and intellectual hungers, and, and so this hunger’s around every aspect of the human person. And getting in touch with our hunger is one of.. one of the great spiritual gifts and it's.. it's actually a derivative gift, from the gift of awareness, that we spoke about earlier, you know. How aware are we of what's going on around us. How aware are we of what's going on within us. And do we know what we're hungry for? Do you know, do you know what you're hungry for at this time in your life?

You know, we read about the scriptures, or we read in the Scriptures: Jesus came to . . . to feed the hungry and to heal the sick. And obviously a very literal reading of the scripture could say: well, I'm not hungry and I'm not sick, but we are. We are hungry, we are sick. Do we know our hunger, do we know our sickness.

I was talking to a friend of mine couple of weeks ago and he was reading the “Resisting happiness” and he just got done with the chapter on hunger. And my friend is a professional athlete . . . a very very successful professional athlete. And I said to him: so, what did you work out? He said, you know to be honest I’m hungry for community, he went up basically to say that being famous as a sporting figure and being wealthy as a sporting figure, are both impediments to authentic community. And I think we all yearn for that. We might not have those impediments, but I think we all yearn for that community. We all yearn to belong, you know. Why do kids go off and join gangs, why do people go off and join cults, why do people get themselves into these situations? Because we have this yearning for community, we have this hunger to belong.

What are you hungry for? Maybe you’re hungry for community, maybe hungry for something else, but we're all hungry for something. And Jesus, He came to feed the hungry.

“Every yearning is in some mysterious way a yearning for God. While we are searching for him far and wide in this world, he is waiting for us in the very depths of our souls.”

Matthew Kelly, Resisting Happiness

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We are all hungry for something.


Write down everything you are hungry for at this time in your life.


God, I need you. Give me the patience and awareness to let my hunger for things of this world lead me to the deeper need and yearning that I have for you.
Today’s personal reflection features Dynamic Catholic team member Aurora Patag. Aurora is one of our mission partners. She comes to us from Cincinnati, Ohio. Aurora has lived in seven states and three countries, speaks Tagalog fluently, and worked as a chef for six years.

What are you hungry for?

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